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E vi ,.....---f--4'-" R M36 ,. . - ik.-,Neva ' Pbologfapb by LARRY FARRELL THE PRO PECTGR ff"'- , ubzifbed by the NEVADA UNION SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL . 27 , , Grass Valley Z fl .,,72'ijD California Nevada Cit 1233 , , Y x I N . ' Y a fu 'KJ 1'xmf1,.Qf.qw by LARRY FARRELI. .WA 'F' f . 4 -fm A, Z ff , L V1 ,Lf ,bff '45 'K' 1 , f . k 4, 'f1l'4f' 14 V ' ' ' L' lilfi f F I V I 1 . ,, 1 ' f I -y -' if' ll f P -'Riff I 1'1"-" 5 , ft 4 4 , , A ' j 1, !'r" ff nl r V 'ff' 1 "i I 9 f H K f V V 'ji 1 fe 4 . 1 ' , f , 1, K if I , ,f , f fl f L, ' .JJ-ff:-1' CW' f' , " f 4 -- 1 , .' f I K ' ,' Ad ,-bf' X! , fd!!,.f17J-14. , .HL,Ap, ,f ,ff .-.Q b Af ,,, 'V . ' ,-,L f 'J '-"" ,' f,"'. 1 ' - A , Q U r""44,f Q.,-Y4f'r-'l . 1 ' f". 0 ,C4 Vt ' lf! OC' 'V f' . ' I I , -I XIQUI K L Q . , 1 jr i A W l ' pg , r T Cl 'APU K L M' K jp rf' 'N X X , I . , ,f . , , , t ' " "I - X , ff 1' ' ll' ' ' ' ' iw ' 5 Lf, it , ,I all i 'JJ , WAX-X if 'fly Ulv iff 7' le l lc few E 101119 l. .ff I . V 1, vi ,fl f , " ll I, J . it V tv fr, I lf' L s- af ri' x -1 if l, L , i ' JP t e ' l ,y , Our- Prospector has tried to record some lf of ymielthhirgs that will be fond lmemories when- ,ijjiaafijpwaafdt X! Mg, Wea: ygllylml ' Nil Www t llilllv i 1 N ever we think of the year 1956-1957. We know that, 5-10-20 years from now, styles, hairdos, shows, cars, etc. will seem very comic to us fand our childrenlj when we gaze upon these pic- tures of what seems so "high style," modern, wed advanced to us now. It has been an exciting year in so many ways -much history has been made, so many things have happened, so much experience and learn- ing has come to us that only a small part of it can be encompassed in this book- .lfe , 11,0 We U3-fauuxslm Q3 Ubvlleflov'-Alva' JBMQMX r?y1mQ,.A,w0vvvx,vvmrd- HJ eel ,Li Crlwv-fKl2l , r blluzleocfgmfvc www eg JMLQJR Q fwel wel M Ce l W . ip lfvmellwww K, 9 t y ti i My ly! Qty 1 Mlliiyl X PCR ivdwe shglnl all remember the year 1956-57 . it It ll N ll L ,Mi My il MMU f K ' n N ,V lgivlllnllli Qlddlvl -N Qyff fl. V . - in RN .-11746314 ff r Q K 5 in ,J .. 1: 4 f2?,"p '- ' ' M' .A f Ml I , ' 4 5 , 4 .bag , ,Lp e- if 5, , 75, 1 , L" U ." 1, ,f r .vs . sx , . lf. , I 4. gf! 45 'f , 4 I Jr ' '- s Q 'fu ,l JD" fi. Plwmyqmpb by LARRY FARRIEU. To the "days of our years" . . . may we make the most of them, for they arc "the stuff life is made of." JFABLFMQMCGN ENTS ,HWflf6W,jf4,i R Title Page I X" s Foreword KCC ' 0 gk, . - X54 ' Dedication ' ' 1 ' E23 -J Q 4 , F ,131 ,.. .,. 4 X 4' Table of Contents ' gygu 5-I 4' S-F . I be 51:1 ig if V "" " si ADMINISTRATION , 4 7 Board of Trustees I Superintendent " Principal Facult Mr. Rlush W Nurse's Office, attendance, librarian, CQNFIY Q xi? P- '- cg s Q, 4 Q X71 student books, ticket sellers, cafe- teria, bus drivers, custodians, stu- dent body officers, student council. CLASSES Senior officers, ,indi- viduals, awards, cabinet, junior of- ficers and class, Sophomore officers and class. FALL Counsellors, Mr. Snortland, Salk vac- cine, TV, choruses, band, orchestra, Sophomore tea, fashion show, majorettes, drum corps, cheer- leaders, songleaders, football, cross country, "C" and "D" basketball, girls' state, boys' state, girl scout round-up, 4-H national, junior prom, fall conferences, and assemblies. ff CD WINTER dramatics, Girls' Lmgue, F.I-I.A., C.S.F., Prenursing, Tomorrow's Teachers, Christmas program, G.A.A., Block "N," boxing, basketball, pep assemblies, popularity pages. SPRING conferences, G.A.A. awards and champs, speech class, ,, , staff, cartoon calendar, Spring '56 avr section, and Lovis' C 1 - ' Es f sm M x f , TENDER ADVERTISING fy THE NEWS OE OUR YEAR The year 1956-57 was a stirring one in the news. On the international scene, the Far East problem faded somewhat, and the Near East loomed up. First, with the seizure of the Suez Canal by Egypt's Premier Nasser, and second, the Arabs forming an active alliance. The United Nations was relied upon as never before, and U. N. troops, in- cluding men from many countries, were used in the area contended for by Israel and Egypt. "Ben Gurion," "The Gaza Strip" and "Aqaba" became household words. In Europe the courageous rebellions in Poland and Hungary against Russian domination stirred every lover of freedom. Although not entirely successful, Poland made some progress toward nationalization. Nationally, a presidential election was decided between President Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson. The immediate problems are race segregation Qheightened by last year's Supreme Court decisionj, private vs public power, conservation, growing pains feduca- tion with its teacher and housing shortages, especiallyj and the relentless persecution of rackets, whenever and wherever found. In medicine, the Salk vaccine for polio is a triumph of research. Romantically, Grace Kelly married the Prince of Monaco! In athletics, college football subsidies were items of interest in the news. Statewise, California's problems seem to be water, education, highways, housing, and preparing for the Olympic snow sports at nearby Squaw Valley. Our state's rapid growth has made it second largest in the nation, as it is first in our hearts! GERALDINE FRY 1. PAUL BERGEMANN QMRS. ORVIN P. FRYJ Clerk Chairman gg i A .C x C. R. MILHAM ROBERT PAINE HAROLD J, GEORGE, SR THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES The students of Nevada Union are grateful to the Board of Trustees for its civic-minded work for the betterment of our school. OUR TIMES The enduring values and great opportunities for education which are afforded by our schools cannot be full told in terms of hooks or trades or courses taught. This Prospector's theme, "Our Time," reveals this fact and preserves in picture form what are perhaps more lasting mem- ories and greater values of school lifeg our great ideals, friend- ships formed, the things we did and lessons learned-"the truth and error of the past." WILLIAM M. WILSON District Superintendent PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Perhaps in no year have events been so mo- mentous-, scientific advancements so phenome- nal, international affairs so encircled by a pow- der keg, as the 12 month period of 1956 and 1957. Today's students of yesterday's history are seeing chronicles for tomorrow's review written before their eyes. In our very neighborhoods is the picture of communities and county caught in the high tide of California's growth. A major problem is edu- cation in all its phases, from school housing and facilities to the seriousness of rising school- cost upkeep. California . . . charging ahead to become the No. 1 population state in the Union . . . is in the midst of turmoil arising from a north county group's desire to form its own state. The reason? Water rights-as jealously guarded to- day as the '49er guarded his creek with a Win- chester rifle. Nationally . . . Vlfashington battles the threat of inflation or deflation. In one of its greatest eras of prosperity, our country must assume world responsibility. Abroad, nations are seek- ing freedom, and dictator's power is being challenged. The year has its problems. But they are not unsurmountableg many already have been con- quered and forgotten. I am confident, through close personal work with today's young Ameri- cans, that through humility, Christian teaching, constancy toward high ideals, these boys and girls are capable of this leadership so demanded, so expected, of our nation in this dynamic, excit- ing, fast moving world. BILL GEORGE Vice Principal ART HOOPER This is the first year that we have had a full time Vice Principal. THE fr ff 1 ii A A. A Q. L. Emery, World History, 1 U.S. History, English, Business Arithmetic, A, Worrell, Civics, U.S. History, Boys' P.E., Miss g D. Dyke, U.S. History, Art, - Mrs. G. Terrell, English, World History, U.S. History, K. Poulsen, Biology, Wixrld History, U.S. History. S .3 ii , Qlv All lk , N t R f X11 L, x Y, J it K W G. A. Peavy, Band, Driver Training, Mrs. H. Libbey, Cho- rus, Music Appreciation, F. H. Luschen, Orchestra. W, Hendrickson, Agriculture, Forestry, Biology, Algebra, K. Stevens, Plain and Solid Geometry and Trigonometry, G. Tennis, Chemistry, Physics, Mrs. H. Liotta, Homemaking, Arts and Crafts, J. Luckinbill, Auto Shop, Metal Shop, R. Frost, Girls' Craft, Wood Shop, Cabinet Shop, G. Ellsworth, Algebra, Drama, C. A. Rush, Mechanical Drawing, Electrical Shop, Architectual Drawing, Photography. H. Ostrom, Boys' P.E., D. F. Payne, Boys' P. E., English, World History, 'Mrs. M. Gor- don, Girls' P.E., Mrs. K. Bag- ley, Typing, Girls' P.E. FACULTY F. K. Meyers, Typing, Clerk Sales, Bookkeeping, W. H. Thornton, Counseling, H. An- drews, Counseling, World His- tory, Mrs. A. Elliott, Typing, Steno ra h ' Mr. E Stevens 8 P Y, ' , f Civics, Speech, Senior Advisor, Mrs. D. Mulcahy, Stenography, Counseling, Office Practice, Typing, Mrs E Reid Hubbard, Spanish, English, Latin, Miss E. Corr, English, Spanish, French, Miss M Sleeper, English, Counseling, Mrs. M. Stevens, Algebra, Spanish, English, Mrs. R Cardin, English. M -X MR. C. A. RUSH IS HONORED Climaxing 42 years of teaching, 37 in our own local system, Mr. C. A. Rush re- tired this year. His faithful services to our school, his friendly helpfulness will be remembered by his many students as an inspiration for many years. The Annual Staff has long been in- debted for his invaluable assistance in photography. We all wish him every joy in his retire- ment years. ' EX N QT, M 1 i -ze i nd-M V -f 2 il H' ' ,.ff-fwl l I . ,A , w Q fa, ,fJu,.,.5 . . J -- 'qw Tim ,?5wLy'-ihpwfi Af-A, Q Q OUR OEFICES MRS. DALLAS FELLERSON MRS, LOIS O'LEARY Secretary, Registrar School Nurse MR. ART HOOPER Vice Principal and Attendance Officer yt MRS. FRANCES STEELE Q Attendance Clerk Ticket Sellers MR. FRED MEYERS Advisor .MN f .ssxk 1 . K MRS. MARGORIE AMICK Librarian W' fs mit kb su L MRS, BERNICE HARRIS School Accountant GEORGANN FOLCK Student Business Manager CUSTODIANS . LL. BUS DRIVERS pL - E1-' 5 AAS L. Pascoe, W. Alpers, and F. Carter. B. Roth, D. Malcolm, D. Miller, J. Defillippe, and S. Novack. Not pictured: H. Rowe, E. Phelps, H. Hoar, W. De- laney, F. Butz, T. Smart, and R. Lyon. CAFETERIA MANAGER AND ASSISTANTS J l 1 4 1 A K. Wasley, Manager B. Flynn, and A. Uren. CAFETERIA CREW "WHEELS" These are the people behind the scenes who keep our school running smoothly. Without our custodians, what would our school look like? Our bus drivers transport us over moun- tain roads and get us here on time. Mrs. Flynn and her assistants practically work around the clock preparing savory meals. Remember those turkey dinners! Y! I R. Caster, B. Smith, R. Buschman, J. Henslee, B. West, R. Fluke, R. Garner, W. Prentiss, H. Sexton, D. Drievold, M. Martineau, D. Moore, L. Lindley, B. Clanton, L. Arbaugh, j. Kistle, and C. Cicogni. 1 SIZCQUND SIZMIZSTIZR N. Hlsworth ,, ,, . , , ,Vvft'c' l'1'v.s'idL'11l G. lfulnk .,,,..,, BlHflIU,l'.l' Aiamzgcr HuH'mon ,,,, , ,,.. . SUn'vlm'y I., Aryguw ..,Y,,4 l'rc.ridw1l 1 5.-Q 5 2 STUDENT BODY OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER G. Folck ,,,,A,,,,,,.....,,,,, ,,,,,,..,,,,,, B fafizleu M.1m1-qcr L. Merrill ,,,,,, , . ..,, ,, ,, ,Svn'vl,1r'y B. Bishop .,,,, ,,,,,, V ire Prw'iffe11l B. Moulc ,,,,, ,A,,,,,,,,,, P nuidwzl Second S E M E S T E R 1 Hr- ke. . . . N ss . , . .5 ,,h,,,. ,,,,.,,, ,, , .1 WW ..,.t W Y .N ,. M., ,. we , E . 'yy FlI'St S E M E S T E i R First row: L. Angove, B. Bishop, B. Moule, L. Merrill, G. Folck, D. Boom. Second row: B. Mullis, G. Scofield, J. Pendergraft, R. Grenfell, M. Huffmon, K. Faulkner. Third row: S. Brodie, J. Erickson, B. Winkle, C. Eden, N. Ellsworth, R. Brooks, B. Woods. STUDENT COUNCIL i K--f 1 T ,f . 'ff . 1 04495 -' 9,40 fx 45 Z . , , ,z.c.. -- , - V f A 74, Af-21-I f'f'Msff ffe , . ' f' --' . QL- ' ' ,f ' X' J ca 70 , I, ac!! : jfghf - f ,, ,f,4,,2,i.-4--14-"X --A' 'H F n ,C 4 Vf "' " A' L V ,f' 1 ,0L,.:,,f fd 'G " " I , , f' Ar -L MP- " ' --A" B all ff' ff, if f- W 1 f-1ff'4f2"f"V" WILLIAM C I, I J., La, Liu C ,f.,,,1.-k -- . GEORGE fldffff-4"d"L Adrirrn' ,, z 7 I VJJL A, ,LL6-6 - U I f if 1,444-'Z6 -rv 171 cf First row: B. Moule, N. Ellsworth, L. Angove, I-luffmon, G. Folck, B. Bishop, W. Faulkner. Second row: K. Faulkner, L. Merrill, A. Hansen, L. Lusk, R. Grenfell, M. I-luffmon, J. Erickson. Third row: S. Brodie, B. Mullis, B. Winkle, C. Eden, B. Lowe, B. Woods, F. Chan. P if nv CARS This is the "age of wheels." Every teenager-nearly every-has some sort of transportation of his own. Parking space is assigned the car, whether jalopy, hot rod, or recent model. Drivers' Training is required of every student. The dream cars are ones like the Thunderbird in our picture-or like the Chevrolet Corvette, jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac convertible, or even the smaller sports car like the M.G. The "Flying Clutchmenn ffor boysj is headed by Dick Tremewan-rumor says the name is being changeed. In the name of "Hot Rod" magical changes are made in cars. Do you remember dual carbs, pipes, mold, headers, heads, three-fourths cam, full house, full race, racing pistons, Mallory ignition, light plywheel, four-barrel carbs, lead manifold, quick change rear ends, Zephyr transmission, mud flaps, light valves, stroked crank, Cadillac "V" emblem, polished ports, lowered, channelled, degoed, chopped, sectioned, racing tires, Buick portholes, hooded headlights, decked, all interior parts, chromed, whitewall tires, striping? X X l I "" f --X but if'1 """' 4 N J '-1 CC XC? wmv- 6515? 5' 0 O 12226 '4 U cw . I . u-l"1 -, X ffhhe ef,,,e., X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Semester Second Scmcstcr LARRY ANGOVE ,..... ,,.... P rexidenl Y,v,,,,.. ..,,.,. B ILL MOULE DAN BOOM ....Y,,,YYY,,V,,.A,,.... Vice Prefiderzl .....,Y..............,., BRIAN BISHOP KATHERINE FAULKNER.,Secretm'y ,,v,,.,,,.........., WARRENE FAULKNER NED ELLSWORTH ..........A. B11,riz2e.s'f Mamzgerf ,,.,,.,.,,,, ARLENE HANSEN KATHERINE FAULKNER LARENE MERRILL AdUfI07'.f MRS. TERRILL MR. WORRELL MR. ELMER STEPHENS ln-... VON RAY KINAMON PHYLLIS EDWARDS DON HOFFMAN MELVA MENZIES DAVE LUCHESSI ARLENE HUNNICUTT KEN BUCK KATHY HALEY PRESTON CLEMENS BARBARA GEMMILL DON SMITH SUE BEDWELL BILL SAMMONS HELEN DOUB CARROLL THOMAS 6' lil W 1 of N 5 5 A 1 '43 ., 1 lg JACK STRICK DARLENE EDDY KEITH DENIZ SHARON SAMPLE RONALD BRYANT SUE BROWNING NED ELLSWORTH VIOLET RODDA ALFRED CUNNINGHAM GRETCHEN CADDY MELVIN PROWSE PEGGY MORANDI LARRY SAMPLE EMILY COUGHLIN BOB JONES CAROL LEE CICOGNI JAMES LANYON COLLEEN LAGUE BILL DAVEY DONNA DRIEVOLD KEN DAVIS SANDRA ENGLEEIELD PETE EDWARDS CARLEEN BOUNDY MIKE AIRINGTON EDITH MELLOR BOB I-IOLMAN SANDRA PLAUTZ DAN BOOM MARLENE BIGGS E R T 435 X 1. 5' J V - , M . S k ' S . 3 - -cv- S 1 , I I Q0- d 3 'lk . J 1 X f-ff A 1 TA M A IEA iliill I Q 'W r f X l .Q WK 1 s? 4 9' 5 1 Q . I Sw., M, J . T A iea 1 .IE sf' .ff ff- f' . fx, " r fi? I LARRY ROBERTS MARTHA ANNIN BOB BROWNING JANE DE VAULT BILL KOLSTAD JUDY GORDON DOUG BALMAIN MARION BLACK ED CARNEGIE JUDY MILLS JOHN QUALLS CAROL ADDLEMAN CLINTON GRICH DEL ASIIBAUGH JIM LOLLICH JOSEPHINE KENDRICK MARVIN HEATHER ANNABELLE BERRY DON SANDERS SANDRA SWENDSEN JIM PRICE WILMA MOTT CURTIS SMITH CARLA GREENWELL HAROLD COVINGTON SANDRA ECKENBURG DICK TREMEWAN TERRY MLGUIRE CAROL TEMPLE TOM PRICE Q 6' :LIS f .1 .QQ x ,XII ' '41-'fu - ff wx ggsfsz'-5:8251 f s 1 Xfausuu fwemxisfxxi I ' fiffffffsms , . ' ' W lfvak 'MSE E, ,, 12:2-. 44" iw, L if w V I S , .X Z? 'M 1 QS! Q ' il. fx It S .Ji gs ,I 5, N . Q' I ' f - .V -I , 1 ' 5 S, g is I SHERWOOD CADDY ESTER MALAGLIATI JERRY WASLEY DEANNA KNUCKEY MIKE MARTIN GEORGANN FOLCK KEN SMITH SHIRLEY KIRK JERRY PINGREE MARY ELLEN SMITH ERIC BECK SALLY KIRKHAM TOM MCGUIRE MARYANNE DITTRICH DON FRANCHI MADALINE FOOT BRIAN BISHOP LONIE FIELDS 'IERRY KYLE MARGARET KNAPP ROBERT WILEY BARBARA ROBBINS EDDIE PITTSENBARGER CO NORMA PAGE DAVID ELSTER FELICIA SCHAPPS DON FRIANT LA RENE MERRILL TOM WHITE BEVERLY jESSEE SAMMY RAMEY KATHRINE F AULKNER PETER ORZALLI PAT THOMAS JOHN OAKIE PAT AMICK BILL MOULE BEVERLY WILLIAMS KEN BARNES MARILYN COMSTOCK GENE CARTWRIGHT PENNY HENNIG KEN HICKS JUDY BROWN BOB FORBES DUANE NIESEN ARLENE HANSEN IAMES AEBERSOLD CAROL TOY BOB GASSAWAY RENATA THOMAS MEL THOMPSON DOLORES BRIX ROY CASTER GRACE ANDERSON DICK EARL MARILYN MARLOW BOB FISCHER MARY Jo PATE GAYLAN STENGER KE Q -X g X,Y, ygx ig kwa ' X A 2125? -ix, ,x . . 1 , 3. -ffssiwgig Hg , . Q' N. 'li' .wl y V . 137' Q 5 I '4 F1 3. ' N s- E-7 xv, it 3 wx . 'fs 2 K '22 , ,s ,I 5 Sf A 14 I A "' ff xf HAROLD HUMMELT TER1 WOOD JOHN LYNN CAROLE WAXNER BILL O'HARA CAROL SAUDER ROBERT SMITH LYNN WEXELBERGER BILL YOUNGMAN DORENE MCCONNELL CLARK DAVIS WARRENE FAULKNER JAMES STOKES LOLA ALDERMAN BRIAN CORBELL DALLAS RENNER DE ANNE MATHEWS DON WOODS ,IOANNE HUFFMAN LYNNE BRUST MARILYN MOORE HOWARD BERRIMAN GAIL WELSH STEVE BRODIE BARBARA CLARKE ROBERT MCDANIEL KATHY CHRISTMAN LARRY ANGOVE WINI GREEN HAROLD HOUSER 1 Q 3 'Y Niiux ww, X N Q M uv- ? Sk EQ: Q , K X .i 455. - 1 :,, X ' fu - . SQ gf x R X is X? L LL,L Q: 3 Sf , .48 g Ez., ' " L X . ' -I. ' jf r A ' 1 X L , TLS.SS f 2 .13 in -3 ix? 0 Q xi A E 'Q .Q i WAS- f 15? X L 2-4 ,ik :,, fy .. . IN A Q' A 3 Xxgfmrf' v ..,v 'Z , 1 WE t Hb ,J f . ...- M35 wwf! I fs .. , E A 3 J DAVID BUNNING JUDY GWILLIAM RALPH WASLEY KAY ARCENEAUX WASLEY BILL GOLLUB LYNDA BOST FRANK LOPEZ NANCY TERRILL JAMES FORD CARLEEN CALHOUN BOB USSERY SHERRIE LEWIS MICHAEL DUGGLEBY DOROTHY HURLEY GREG ENOKSEN DENNIS DUNNETT DELORES GARNER JOHN RICI-ILAND HELENE MINGUS GARY WILLIAMS JENNIE KISTLE RONALD BUSCHMAN ANNABELLE O'DELL THOMAS OSBORNE JO ANNE WHATLEY TENNELL LORN JENKINS CAROL ANN FULLER Camera S11 y LEN HOVAN MARGARET HADDY MAJORIE KIRBY JUANITA ROMERO TOMMY THOMPSON EDDIE ELLIS KELLY WORRELL JUDY CHILDERS BOB GOOD DON SCHAUER SAM DAVIS -X SS A4 4 f' JUDY YOST LEWIS JONES AWARD WINNERS Most of the awards and scholarships are given to seniors after the yearbook has gone to press. However, the Bank of America awards have been given to Deanna Knuckey for Liberal Arts: Terry McGuire: Science and Math, Duane Niesen: Vocational: Kathy Haley: Music: Martha Annin: English: Bob Fischer: Languages: Sandra Eckenburg: Busi- ness, and Marilyn Comstock: Social Studies. The first three are plaque winners. Our school has an outstanding record in distinctions earned by its graduates. Some of these honors fwe regret our inability to get a complete listj include: University of California: joel Franklin, Joanne Lee, State Scholarships, Lee Miller, Phil Thompson, Phil O'Young, Bradley Memorial, Phyllis Penaluna, Alumni, Jan Stevens, Golden Bear, Lorraine Hamilton, Phil O'Young, Radcliff. Stanford: Darrelyn Moore, Alumni and B.P.W. scholarships, jan Stevens, Beards- ley, Law. Chico State: Ann Holt, B.P.W.C.g Darlene O'Rourke, State Scholarship. San Jose: Don Steger, Senior Class '56: Cotey College, P.E.O., Mary Louise johnson, Santa Clara: Bob Hall, Radcliff, Mike Kirrene, California State. Harvard University: Douglas Norby, David Haley, Harvard Club, S.F.g Harvard Medical, Lee Miller. M.I.T.: Simi Lyss. Phi Beta Kappa-highest honor in the scholastic world-awarded: Phyllis Penaluna, Leo Cummins, Wm. Peard, and jan Stevens. Countless other honors and awards have come to local graduates. Research would undoubtedly show that we have more than most high schools our size. 51.4 4-.mqiell 'Q--. K' Second row: Mr. Stevens, Advisor, A. Hansen, B. Corbell, D. Tremewan, D. Smith, B. Fischer, T. Wimiwd, S. Brodie, B. Davey, D. Balmain, D. Hoffman, L. Merrill, J. Oakie. First row: C. Christman, D. Ashbaugh, G. Welsh, D. Eddy, j. Mills, J. Kendrick, W. Faulkner, M. Moule, B. Bishop, K. Faulkner. SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR CABINET MEMBERS EIRST SEMESTER Second row: Mr. Stevens, Advisor, B. O'Hara, L. Hovan, H. Hummelt, T. McGuire, P. Edwards, B. Bishop, S. Brodie, C. Greenwell, L. Merrill, D. Knuckey, L. jenkins. First row: G. Welsh, S. Swendsen, M. Annin, M. Dittrich, K. Haley, K. Faulkner, L. Angove, D. Boom, N, Ellsworth. Y.-.A J' I X-N-sqx l5""?NX if df" 4 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester CHARLES EDEN .....,.. ....... P refideni ,....,.. ....... C HARLES EDEN BOB WINKLE ..,......,.......... Vife Prexident ...... ........ B OB WINKLE GEORGE SCOFIELD .....t.... smemfy .....t........... ..., LEANNE LUSK BILL LOWE .,.,,......... ....... B u.s'ine.f.f Manager! ....,...........,... BILL MULLIS BILL MULLIS Ad vimry JUDY PENDERGRAFT MISS SLEEPER MISS DYKE MR. HENDRICKSON six A ami .-.n....i..,. -A q Fourth row: CQ. Hunnitutt. N. lluum, l.. Burg. B. Caddy. I.. Evcrlmrt. D. Hamilton. nl. Bcrtnnfini l lfllllx llnrd row: -l. Crow. R. llnrpcr, li. Llxlflfllll, S, Brmlduk, S. Buttman. li. Burk. S. Allen, li. Haydn-n LI. llill. tl. llurttslwy. SL-mnd ww: ll. C'l.u'lu'. K. Gllfillgtn. A. Davis. l.. licrntlulis. A. Andcrsun. C. Conway. B4 Alklvfm-111 INT. lftluudn. K. llII'.lDxl0l1. First row: A. lhmk, D. Asttignr. D. Dodson, A. Hmlgc, D. liccrlwl, P. Hudson. lf. Hill. .l- GUIUUIT UNIORS CLASS OF '58 Pourtlm ruw: bl. Cunplwcll, Al. Cullum, Clmsttnan, -l. Curnuw, R. Holt, j. Harris, W. Hooker. ,I Davis. A. Howe, ll. D.n'is, li, Cunnan, 'l'l1i1'd row: lf. llcitz, l.. Duntpln. P. Grcgmy. F. Gcrlin. H. Guvrgc, G, Frost, D. Barnes. ll. Crcclc l"t.lllII1, Cf. Hilpn-rt. Suuml ruw: K. Hornsby, 0. Hanson, C. Eden, B, lioundy, G. Costa. H. Browning, R. Anderson 'lf llLll1l.C.fll.lfll. First ww: B. lilliut. W. lirouks, CE. Cummins, B. Bauer. nl. Hcnmlcc. B. Carman, R. Olson. I.. Hunt 9, K Thiul row: D. Millmm, D. Kinch. R. Mendoza, W. Moore, AI. Kirklmm, I.. Mnyworm, B. Knuckcy K. Iuhm. D. My-Jlyn. M. Lame. Scmnd row: R. Millhousc. AI. Kemp, R. Niclmus, R. Lewis. R, vlnnwn, II. Minarimlu, R. Kitts. R Marin, -I. Lusk, II. Montgomery. First www: G. Millur, B. Lowe. I. -I.It'kSUI'1, M. Miller, C. May. H. Mnnizm, C. Ingram, D. Marin. f'dlZf74J1,4,afu.Ju A XL fda. CL! fff7 I My Il 1'9l0'0'ff"w"06145c 40 " X flud. 'I'l1ir1I mwi A. I.nmmun, VI, McKenzie, D. Kimrcy. I.. Mclick, P. blonns, CQ. klonlnn. Swuml row: I.. INI.1guni,a:4lI. C. In-nkim, C. M41tthf'wQ. S. I.ccpcr, I. Icnscn, S. INILI5urm'v. First row: M. I..1mh. AI. McC11L1ln'y, IZ. INI4CnuIcy. D. McCauley. I.. Lusk. D. IxI.1I'5II.III. M. Alum, """ 1 Fuurtli row: N. Phillips, S. Ronningcn, R. Tolcils, I.. Perry. K. Phelan, I. Xwillinms, D. Williaiiis J. Vigml, T. Summers. 'l'hirtl row: Fl. Ch.1rbonnc.1u, F. Rirc. E, Pugh. S. Richlin. M. Pcrsfmini. M. Visciu, S. Xwilson, A Rnmcy, J. Rogers. V. Thompson. Suomi row: A. Wliitc-, M. Nelson, R. Wlizitlcy, M. Pcmhcrton, J. Siindow, C. Olson. VI. Pender graft, M. Pearson. D. Ritlingcr. First row: E. Pcnrtl. VI. Reid, S. Little, C. Quinncyx D. Stcvunson. l.. Sfhomlwrg. -I. Riulcr, G 'l'rt-mcwitn. F ,cn C un Y A X 2 J ' . ' 'Q' Q" 34? 5 N 464 'QC1s'W:x , -. - 9' N "'Q,QN , , xg: ez D Fourth row: G. Riclmixlsun, nl. Sparks, E. Shcrmazn. B. Hngdnrn. C. Wiillc-n, D. Ranks, B. Sthuhaiucr N. Pvtcrson. F. Stahlschmitlt. H. Payne. Thirtl row: B. Filler. K. Casper, VU. SL'rilvnci', J. Peters, B. Wclst, D. Olson, J. Willis, F. XW4-hlx-in A. WR-st, L. Phillips. W. Nm-htmim. Scmml row: IT. Brischill, G. Stephens, B. Nxlclch, M. Maison. G. Scofield. bl. Punt, G. T.1mhlyn, D Willsiwn. B. Tmnklc. C. Wlieclcr. First ww: C. Osborne. B. Smith, B. Penn, P. Penrose, E. Roddy, G. Vfinncy. D. Polglasc, C Strohm, G. Stokes. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First Scmcstcr RICHARD BROOKS JOHN ERICKSON ., ROSIE GRENFELL .. MARGIZ HUFFMON BILL WOOD MR. LUCKINBILL MR ANDREWS I:UllI'II1 row: R. IInmIIC'm.1n. S. IInII1r1gxI1n-.1-I. II. Chnrgu, M II.lI'INUI1. II Iluxlwn. I' Ilummin IIuttm.m, II. I4r.1mI11, N. Cf.1r.1t.xIn. C.. lhum l'l1irII ww: VI. Ik-il. A. IDcg1.II'c-rw1'14'-I. I.. AlI7.IIlIQI1, lf, Chltu. S. Iiulmu-I, A. linux 11, S. CQ.umx N IIQIULULIQ, II. c:I'L'f1I-CII. Q-1unII mu' M C14-ux'I1LgS Ij.II.lIY.l, II. I7.nx1x.C Chulxxmll Ii Ckrmx-In M Alul I Ihnkx I L1 rncr. Inst row: M.C,.1u, IS. Iwldv, M. Iimwr1111g,C1. Dlttrulm, IU, Arulvxwn, R Cnlwwn, I , I'munCIx. CLASS OF 1959 I'ULII'IIl mu, R. I'sl1xm'II. A IJLIIQID. N. IXIICICINUII, ,I IILIIIIXHIIII, CI. C I.1x, Cl, IIIINXCI. XX. Hem c.l5I'C'I', D. I3unII1Iw, IJ, C.x.lIwIlu'. Ix. Duns. IIIIICI mu: II. I'emv1Im', I. I7.Im1x,C1 C.I11In'sIu. D. Ij.lXlN, R. I91'mvIxx, I' CILIII, M. Ihxy, M,CwI1mm I.. C,.um-r, R, AICIVIIILIII. 9uumI nm: I, DIIIIAV. D.C'l1.1pm.m.C9. D.1xix,VI. Iflukwn. R. C,I1.1INpxII. QI. C.unIxIin. VI. Allyn. Inst nm, D. liuuwxt, II. Alum. N. Amlu-xxx. II. C.I1.1pIwII. VI. AINN, R. Cflllwrt. 5. Iinnuu I IIISUIIIIUXN rr, I'. Ci.uu'tI1. 1-'.I 1'-13 . V X v,' Z r 'lilurtl row: A. Garrison. I.. l.anc, C. Mathis, M. Lum, T. Mc'Connc'll. S. Kuhficltl. H. Ivy. M. Pcartl. N. llvslufr. Sc-mml row: A. Olson, D. Moore, L, Lintllcy. B. Mitltllc-ton, G. Lawton, D, KNOX. M' MJlUflC'Y- S- Malmafty, li. hlUl'.ll1. E I 1 Firxt row: K. Oakic, C. Newton, F. Lytlc. N. Kcntlall. -I. joan. lvl. Miller. K. Kwik. S. Kaam, X You can always tcll 21 Sophomore, - but you can't tell him much! Iwurth row: M. Mitchcll. J. Marlow, G. Hoyt, B. Lohckcr, R. Kcnnctly. O. Fry, B. Gilfillan, 1.04-pt-r, J. Gray, N. Fassino, li. Lohcll, S, lrgatc. DI. Hollmer. lhirtl row: ll, Millvr, D. Holman, I.. Forhcs, F. Huss, B. Frantz, H. Kirk, A. Kcith, M, Howe, F. Lrnligtlon, H. lluglmcs. P. Hcnslcc. Stwntl row: VI. Miller. j. Laruc. W. Gammon, B. Fvans, B. Falwni, D, Evans, A. Forrest. C. Hol- lantl. Cf Gregor, lliiwr row: ll. Cyranholm, ll. Garner, R. I'lukc, D. Harris, R. llaywartl. ll. Ilclwig, F, Hall. A Ciallc-7, D. lWathiwn, ll. lltmpcr. D. O3 xl-Kg 'las .f , TFA' rr -1 Fourth row: R. Stidhnm, N. Ricker, J. Vesley, N. Rickel. G. Wcmrth, C. Sanders, R. Martin, N. Stephens, I.. Pingree. L. Thurber. B. Wilscmn, P. Williiims. G. NX'elkers. Third row: B. R.imey. K. Schindhelm, D. Reynolds. J. Sthwgirtv. K. Rolph, J. Valdez. S. Sodolski. J. Robinson, P. Shiiifea. P. Weir, B. Pepper, Kyle. Second row: M. Qugills, C. Plumtree, B. Veresketti. L. Struckmnn, L. Streeter. B. Pendrnck, N. Wlmiting, R. W'ilrox, D. Wiltler, D. Wfoods, L. W'ilIowhy. First row: A. Rose, B. Troxel, Tompkins, S. Pendrilck. W. Wliitiiker, P. Wright, B. XX'olfe, M. Shaner, li. Vaughn. if-QQQQVK' -'S J L W Ear: H EX S 123 I L.- , 1 .Jr Fourth row: W. Patterson, Suponch, C. Young, C. Simms, L. Stevens, I.. Strutton, H. Sexton. C. Pearson. G. Wen-ks. G. Tanner, W. Prentiss. Third row: B. Stenger. J. Vlfadsworth, B. Meyers, D. Milhous, W. Morgan, J. Phelan. D. Murphy, B. Wfood, A. Mink. J. Ryherg. Second row: M. Taiuer. C. Novak, H. Stewert, T. Smith, B. Tgimietti. J. Martin. D. Porter, B. Thomas. J. Saul. R. Porter. M. Pattengnle. First row: T. McGee, R. Tobiason, B. McHugh, D. Terrill, B, Xwetlieriill, R. Turner, M. Strom- herg, G. Sparks. I-I rf' ,V gui 1 L--'W' M ' 4. -, - - .. You who read these a f' , p ges ive, ten or twenty years from now I wonder how you wear your hair . . . ln this great year, we felt very neat in the pony tail or the bun. There wasn't really any set style, but the girls wore long, medium or short hairstyles, whatever suited their type. As you see, flowers were often worn for fun and effect. wifi 5Y"""" a.......w"" FALL SE v 1 QW 1 Qkf CTIO BEGINS .md men They must am area e with so many van Most popular is tmp Boys - ' - are v' ' 'turesl b , ' 'ations ' hairdo. ' or flat c . ha in the crewcut, which sometimes longer hair careful combed on the sides, you can see in the pictu HERE S ly 35 fl? Nr. Robert Snortland of North Dakota is the new faculty member who took the place of Mr. C. A. Rush, who retired in January. AROUND SCHOOL This is the first year we have had a full time counselling staff. Mr. ll, Andrews, Miss M. Sleeper and Mr. XV. Thornton are doing a won- derful iob helping students with their various problems. In addition, Principal W. George is always available. Mrs. D. Mulcahy, Vocational Advisor, and Senior Advisors Mr. Stevens and Mr. Wforrell help with many matters. lfurther- more, every teacher plays an active part in coun- selling, because usually the student goes to the teacher he knows best. At midterm Nlrs. lilizabeth Reid Hub- bard resigned because of poor health. Evs eryone will miss her cheery presence and all of us wish her health and happiness in her retirement years. On February 5 and March 5, students received free. their first and second polio vaicine shots. Doctors R. Conant, j. XV. liallou and D. li. McMartin worked under the direction of Dr. G. Foster, County x X Health Officer. Approximately 450 stu- dents were iminunivcd. Mr. W. Hendrickson and George Scofield appeared on a TV Conservation program on March 3, "Under the Capitol Dome," on Channel 3, KCRA-TV. QXSQ v 'Sli e 'W f Sr U05-Q, f' . ,X HURU, A Ngmiisi ts WAS i, K1 Ai H as MEN AND ANGELS SING Our choruses and their director, Mrs. Marion Libby, have done L1 wonderful job, as usual. They have been almost everywhere . .. special assemblies, music festivals, service clubs, P.T:A. Convention, Christmas L'21I'OliI1g .. . et Cetera, et cetern, et Cetera. fEt cetern 7- 77' FT 3 'Vi "1 - - 3 -J :4 , 0 7: r: I2 I-I 3 C.. - 7-F CII :A 'NC O 'Z C... 54 3 H. 77' D - e 2 sl 7r'l COMBIIXJIZD eHoRL's 'P V is Q-5 5 A 'Ui X, N 'infix x I XX Xi, , ' qi Aid' ?g, .4 Jr .1 '1""r 'E' pf' vu 5:5 I - , ffl , xlvslh .3557 +01 " -ff' 1 '- '. W. ' Q 1. .,,,ff' 1 K , W ,QR ' ' . ' . f"" ,- 1 ""- F ' W g 1 I. . Q 5 ,, I Y A 1 Y X 'V Q' X U I X g Af' F 1 19 64 Q 4 't - X I -'Q NX .- , Q1 . ff- x . . 44',', 's - v . 'Q' ' N 1 .1 .al lx 'Y . fi' , fi V U- . 1' Q fi- ""-P 'Q -' A 5' 1 5' E 3 '- ix - . - , I A ' I ,, 1 A ' ' r ,D -' ff? :X .- ' -V V I Ai? ug' ei ' -1 X ' I' ' . 'A - , , J' ,V ' M , ' , if qmyf ' 'A Q AKW 1? in 1 Q 35 N' f . f - -N n ' ' - - C2 - - ' Jn 'fx V - xg ' ' ' 1 , X gg S gi gl Q, 1' K xg A . A K: pf' ,HQ aug s f ,.. .,.ff Q if ff, K' xxh I K K .' L -'-0. LGHFF Vg" "'.7':' 4, !vL'vff Trtr. LR-qu 5 1 ' x W ' ' - L - "" L A ' A ' A ' Lu - 1 Q I-flx ' 'Q ' 1 W' . 3 -i -- I ' - . xl 1 I ,. Lv 4 A 4 L I' N L S 5 We 1'-'Yip 41,1 'vllmno fig! TIL. f . L - W -E., L .., L L. L L LJL L L L -pf V' ,L K f U -- 7 5 - K .ff Q '. . ' . f V, -f ,L LL -S...L.fL . b W! as , LL 1 . . 3 ms 4 1' i XJ ,L A ' wifi X-"L'fx. ' K 4 P --Je 5 I L' 'A- V L f , it Lf, .T ..-. '-e . L - L LL 1- L .A 1 f 7'1 , Wx KJ Q N lg. if 4 "3 and I ' FN n N 4 , C45 ' x Q K , Wk: lifiw' t ' , A - s "SX , if 'Y f ' L L , . sw L CL- fx L4-L,-. LLL, ' K - , . . ...x L L L L. Pai, 5 -L 1- L 'f"".v.' VV! 'WI'-:..""f-'f-"'.1- "a.."!' mv'-fevwnszl ns' rf i Sw-we j ir' 6 +-'vu-, gg' L. LL X. L N 'T' , 1 M H "L A , s VL." ' L L f V41 " .J I ' .aw ,' 'f NH-Eggs? Q, M - 5 . 1 L, ' -Vfvzyx "3 . - -H ' ' fl . L I ' 1, ". vs' ,L y ' L Q 5 L ,uf : I L QPF- -' JL S-. ' LA..- S . ',' . L ll 'VL ,' I .kjjizb Q 'L W ' L L . 1 - .. , LL L. 0- ,L 5 L I ' L f . .' L. 6' . . QLLJP L W A hifi' 1:1 Q13 :Ls - N lib ' 1, ..... - ., ---,-- gl L, jqL.,f--My . 1- 'L f-'Hy . Us 'M LL L 3. """,,,, .5 J.. - . fx 9 A . ' 'A L " .A 'F L- A L,....., 1- lx, Y' ' . L mr . f' 'Y ' W mu- L 1"N""' "'3' m' 'elif' L ' .fi : '4'f""'? .I--.---- 1.-.Munn-lr 1 'ffff Q 7 in .ara pai? .L- . 5,0 '..,... A .L A A LW., me L L...a",LL?'7' I ..,--1 -nv ..,.. H.. ' ,.f,-- JL 32, - -f ' L Lxx-115- - L -0--"' , ' ,L L,.5LLALL LN ,,,,',,"'-...H ... L' K , L- ' ,L .,LLvLL,,B3,,,X,.K:l ,LL L y .rm-'..,.-Q ,,,, L V , LLL- Q , .L L up--af-. , -fur - L L ,, . , " . ' L M --L" L M - , A 'NNN 49,3 ,L 44457 LL. LQ-.x. gf.. L-,fy A A an LL.,LL::LL.T?LL I A- A-L, .af --:'14wL-" ' ov 'ff Qian., ,,.+2' i us: NYT:"' "' ,. Lvff f- 4, "' 1 .-f .' "N" ' ' T f " 5:25 if' Y' "1cg,9' T A' .w 1-fZ"Lf41'f1.?f , ' ' -L LL . L L LW. ' L L L L bfi Qffy'-ds --vi K' 'L I as 3 LLL Q, 'f"?',,,.g5::",,..1 ,mf Z1 54" ' " , ' H . L L, W L L L, , LH L.:"'Tf5T" - '. , . 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N 'QL f 19 ' 1 A Q . ,L :Ls 1. Q X-Lryk, I. , L, ' X X. xi -f? . f ' 5-Q , A 5' ' 'fig xfhxyxf , QA B ix Y L: ' 'ki 1' I myxs- L A VL 5 Li 'L in ' ' X '. ' N Y 'L fri-L : L L 1' 1 L4 tu X' XXL - ,J LA-L L. e 5 ,Q " L f A I-Y-I I-I-I I-1-1 I-1 En I-1 P11 ,. , , ,ws I -4 v"? l I fr L. .4 A L1 LI I 11 5 Q1 E .I 6 f M CJ fr M In 3 1, ..J '+: I C ,, r.. ... , A 4 3 .H 1-A 5' 3 3' c: J 'I 7 L. F3 -'vi .r Q' -1 ... f , ., U 5 ... , rd C - .2 f ' c: 3 Q.- O L 7s 3 fn 3 'A f '1 C 3 f. by Mr George coached .15 XV kr S The and Classes OIIL1 elen Li I-I Ellsnvortlm Mrs. u.: 'TJ 'C In n.. +4 A .., C E GJ 'U F5 'TJ C2 Yi va ru P! J C U U 'rx SOUL" A ELL T DONT IT, SK QL ,AAU O-:J ,JCI fC L-4 UU 'QE O.. mf 'C vi 'U . F-E ,-137 A-El? In :gc 25.5 C++? ml. 0 . fi U--4 'J CI EO' :x... mo Q22 50 5- . Pit "U Us 3'-III 58 Vu 21 4,42 ::, ': Q. EE IU P-ID-4 RLS ' GI If L T IT I L 3 if L. .zz . ZL E F SL E E I. 1.1 .:: .. ur: -U Q C u '-U I A ,-.. TJ r: '71 NU In c: fi nl nz' 'U :x If i ll , LJ .2 I. Q arhcrinc Faulknc K Tcrrill. n Q' Na un, rd G Judy rung To Mc. B el J c: U M CJ C LE 9- .1 an 'R -'i aj E CL C L2-I '31 r 'J' C E ,E LD Ib. 'J fl 4 Q :: 1: al L1 D L3 IIIIS, Judy IN Anderson, Cirarc Berry. Annahcllc Faulkner .IIICTIC 5 ,si .Z -. TX TOUCHDOWN F ASHION S FUR MODERN MISS 1. ' 'girs ...Q.4-4-N' s ll' New this yt-nr was thc full fashion show put on with the to-operation of thc Al-H. A pattern unu- pnny supplictl thc fashions for thc show, Mrs. Helen Liottn and Miss Frnntis Head were sponsors. This if was fun! X S 3. 'A U S ' -"5 4? Mix V o I ' " N I X 9,3 T 4: ,A pu Q 'sig sd ' . Sa 1 , Q, ' -2 M"' s.. - V Q , W 'Q lu si. , , Q. I 1' r : .1--an-1-I .f t A X? 'k Yi.. . MW' V. I. 'N x . is 1 I 1, - 'ZR - 4. K ik. L,-. A 1 1 A mi V L M, A 4 M ui TM A a,, i,7i1 , , .--ws.-v -' ,- L, ,, . 2: I ,- A mi , .1 If ' RCW 5 Q, 54 gs. vm Q , 5 ., ,-V, AK . . A- W -W4 A K I A Q H -.,-I "'-. , 4 WM'--.: ' - 1 ., 9 3 5 ky iw T W I I 0 was .., 4 . 'L' ,F ,, A.., I n ,,...,,- ,:.A..,. X A '- It --uno J" A THE HUSTLE, BUSTLE GALSH VARSITY CH IZERLEADERS Geurgnnri Folek Wgirrenc- Faulkner Sonja Runningen Sue Beilwell Kzitlirini' Faulkner W it it i Al V , g E, rf' ! f K Kdff NV!!! 16,3 ,4 - i . 'I' 4 7 , K, , na Q 1 by gfjfjjikz A if ,kg K ,ffiflf QC 7 X f 1 7 , ff , K6 If , J. V. CHEERLEADERS I!! Z 8 C 5 -f' , X' - f. rf: f' V , Roselyn Martin- Yfjlbt Lt 'tiff L CL 7 0 Gail Wfurtll f gllrilkff 4, -Kg Carolyn Newton fm Nz R' 'lc 'l 7 'my 'L L sence ,L 4404 M ,' 2 mf 3 vi,f LL These girls and the song leaders have the great responsibility of keeping our school spirit soaring sky high at games ginil pep assem- blies. Always with the latest tech- niques and routines our "pep-lez1d- ers" have Hdone us proud!" R.E. .-.K W. BROOKS L.E. .p u .1 R' ' , L. JENKINS L.B. ' Q B, PENN L.H ik R.H. F.B. Q 'L .4 ' X 36 D. HAFELFINGER B. BOUNDY Q.B. VARSITY B.. ,A 'iwfgv M. MILLER R.T. R.G. C. 3 ,. 14 Lf H ,. . N Q:-" X ., A. HOWE J. MOORE G. CUMMINS LT. M-G. 0' 13 ji! M ' E S ,X X . W J. JACKSON B. MOULE L.B. K. BUCK S. -. W. SCRIBNER 1 '75 D. BOOM L.H. L. ANGOVE LG. L.T. L.E. f I 'V 5 , 0, .-4 V RE 171 fm - . -' J. KIRKHAM B. LOWE P. PENROSE R.T. R.E XXI: I -- D. BALMAIN E. RODDY L.B. RAC B. GOOD R.H. .. Q- B. WINKLE D V r F' i mn g If 4 I . . 5 F 1 . . l - . -tw ,-"w ,J Y. :Q i -2 O . in "Ji" , ' I f f mr.- M'1f7 if f fi ' .l, 'I' E V 35121. 3,4 1 g I .,..t' L.H. Fullbacks RH- if ' A J .4 X CHAN CONKLIN GILFILLAN FREY Quarterbacks k V i ABA5 CHAPPEL HUSS Line Backer Honorary .. M Captain I . HENSLEE BROOKS CHAPMAN Ends Ends '-3 ,i " K in ,. 1. ,I Q -A bg C E rv I 3 I I '7 BENDER COX GRAY PHELAN LOTZ MUIh'HY ERICKSON Tackles Tackles L 11 l 1 '-v nvlx 1 I 1 SX Ol Xi GREGOR HOOPER GAMMON FRANTZ MORGAN Guards .. .N 1 TAMIETTE ERAMOUSPE CARVETH Centers Assistant Coach SMITH rf: S Coach AL WORREL LEEPER 41' -gr' l .. Y., MEYERS ,JJ iv NY, F3 ff? A iq S M , iff 1 - wt f... 'T , 19' 0 fm M F-1 Aim! zkgv xx su m 1 1' Bl Q' L "' P Vw ' ' XX' 1 fv. K I 0. N-, .ff-fb W -- me " ,I A, to E I ui! m X L 49 ' U-I x, as - .1 -X. , QM ,, .4,. N U. 'f bl - A, 'Q f ' 'E l Xxx! 'H nfwvk is 'T' . W Q A Q . i hx s Q. K , w , lifvfiixgi mx ' L if h 'f' 3 ' 'K Q ...K 5 ' 5 lx W 9 - is .' u md: In fb is ,M Us '19 sim! lx 'fl Www Q L uv OROVILLE VS Balmain goes for long gain around left end, assisted by good blmk from unknown player. NEVADA U. V Jamie ur : 4,19 x ' Angove skirts right end for 'l'.D. I 'l'l1z1t's the way to go, boys? NEVADA U. OPPONENTS Nevada U .Y,,,,, ,,.,,,, 1 9 Chico .Y,....,,, ,,,. , ,22 Nevada U ..,i,,, .,...., 2 0 El Dorado ..,., ,,,, , 6 Neviula U.,,, V M19 Marysville 7 NCX'1lLlLl U .,,,,,, ,,,, 1 J San juan ...,.. ,,,,,, 2 0 Nevgulii U ,,,,,,, i,..... 2 5 Roseville .,..,,l5 Nevailii ll. ,,., Y,,Y,,, 4 0 Placer ..,,..... ,,,, , , 6 Nevada U .,,,,.. ..,,,,, 1 4 Yuba City .... ,i,... 7 Nevada U ,,,,,,. ,..,,,, 1 4 Oroville ..i., .,.,.. 7 COACH COACH O5'l4RUlNl PAYNE 'Mwst .1 mainly-""' A K in STRATEGY CORNER lfe,fi,fn,li1inl1lL'l Winney Olsen Campbell Steele Jansen Duncan Covington Mathews CROSS COUNTRY Beitz Webber Sanders jones Duggelby Kennedy Tellam Chapman Miller Davey Lewis B. Thomas. j. Xwiirlswnrrli. C. Holland. j. Allen, j. Ryberg, B. Lewis. Not pictured: Ray jones, Ken Iohns. Hollis Hill. B A S K E T B A L L G. Brewer, j. Marlow, C. May, R. Turner, R. Porter, J. Sahl. N.U ....r........ N.U ............. N.U ............. N.U ............. N.U ....,.r...... N.U ............. Marysville ...... Yuba City ...... Oroville ..,..... Marysville ...... Oroville ....... Yuba City ...,,. MR. LUCKINBILL nldufkyu COACHES MR. POULSEN 4 l 1, , lf""N f Q, C C C A .J Marysville ........ Yuba City ........ Oroville .......... Marysville .,,..... Qroville .......... Yuba City ,..,,... A l. i K . RN 1 e 1 Deanna Knucltey GIRLS' STATE BOYS' STATE Bill Moule Terry, McGuire Bob Fisher Ned Ellsworth Our school has been represented at state Q and national conventions . . . 4-H CONGRESS jane March Penny Weir , 1956 GIRL SCOUT SENIOR ROUNDUP Ann Ramey 4 4 ii VE EA E LU YB Q! 5.l-1 N as IE. Ed -0.245 .Emi Siu L-4553 0-2 N-tp-gg, L00 self if-QQ' 95.2 M53 'AZ cd ,U -o zxgg lh LE.:g i-ME: GS "Svc V5 V3 E o fu ... UD cu .E X E V1 .2 eu I-4 ce V5 I-I O .2 :w 'U ed ll! V7 cd -. U .M -U L,- KU D. d o V3 I-I -U c: CU III E E ... -4 si 2 'U r: N U. A-: 5'- Q 9'- .rx .. O 54 o Q E E CO-CHAI Yvonne Kennedy .LJ -----E111 ,Fifi '-S W . 5 5' 5 , ew Sierra lfuntliill I S Stuilvnt i I.t'.ltiL'I'S Cmmfclrnfc Nut Picture-J: , W li, Gwrgv, Advisor FALL CONFERENCES N0 Louu Q 'mmmb in THE LIBKUKY Fu Ricligmlsun Springs Planning ' :E IKH ,A. Planning Conf:-rcncc rlikllllkf Truckcc Confcrcncc C3 'M Tahoe 'l4I'llCkL'C' Panel Not Pictured: E. STEVENS Adi iiar N ufw-iw x 2 2. V 05 Confc-rcntc X ,"""""t"- 1' , .7 h . U 3 1 5 f ' fl Z 0 S g XJ n - "X ..o.. " ' " V 4, fF,s 3? ' J' , ar, ,yn L Plf A I , A 5' 1 ' Q45 !' 9' X s k Q ' Sd: gli K x A fff f ' f J '51 ' ' n il 5 I X 5 ""z- 4 1ffm,wf,f'f In 1.Amu' lfARRlil,l, This icy fuiryland of grass, like our winters, has sparkle after a storm. ? 3 Q , .1--ff-ff r-. Q S-fix .1 - .xv-K, 2 is ai ,Q rf, TV - BOOKS - MAGAZINES We watched TV . . . this year, every type of show: Perry Como's leisurely paced music, Hit Parade's cleverly set songs, science fiction, Edward Murrow's "See It Now," famous documentaries, Ed Sullivan's and Steve Allen's comedy varieties, Lucille and Desi's "I Love Lucy," Phil Silvers' "Sergeant Bilko," quiz programs galore, police tales, the Big Story, Groucho Marx, name bands, Ernie Ford and many other singers, and some spectatulars like Maurice Evans' production of "The Taming of the Shrew" and the London Old Vic Company's version of "Romeo and Juliet." We read books . . . loved paper back bindings: Science fiction was tops-Westerns continued to be popular, and nation's critics, librarians and booksellers praised fand many of us readj "The Single Pebble" by Hersey, "Green- willow" by B. J. Chute, "The Last Hurrah" by O'Connor, "The Nun's Story" by Hulme, "The Philadelphiann by Powell, "Profiles in Courage" by Kennedy, "Roosevelt" by Freidel, "The Organization Man" by Whyte and "Gift from the Sea" by Anne Lindbergh. We read magazines . . . news, adventure, fashion, sports, movie, science fiction, and, especially, "Seventeen," ew .4 . 1 Scenes from NU "Time Out for Ginger" Beginning Class 3 A' 23'-"ff 4 Dramatics B i Nl ev X fxg . 4 "' I . swf:-1 V +- .5 e. -'AK C3 A.a"2li Mr. George Ellsworth, dramatics teacher, has had much experience in drama at Sacramento State College and in the Little Theatre. His classes have presented assem- bly skits and a play, "Time Out for Ginger." He plans to do "Arsenic and Old Lace" this spring. Advanced Class -.... I FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OE AMERICA President, J. Huffmong Vice President, D. Ashbaughg Secretary, S. Allen, Treasurer, C. Greenwellg De- grees, D. Brix, A. Hanseng Advisor, Mrs. H. Liotta. GIRLS' LEAGUE FIRST SEMESTER-President, J. Huffmong Vice President, W. Faulkner, Secretary and Treasurer, J. Kendrick. SECOND SEMESTER: President, D. Ashbaugh, Vice President, K. Haley, Secretary and Treasurer, J. McCauley, Representatives, M. LeGate, G. Caddy, P. Morandi, S. Wilson, C. Greenwell, S. Leeperg Advisor, Mrs. A. Elliot. FIRST SEMESTER MEMBERS Nut Pictured: Balmrn Hill S.1mlr.x Sollolski II.1rry Osborne -V A :tgp .. 1 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS Pff',fidt'?if BOB FISCHER vm- Pwridarzl TERRY MI-emma ffdffqfvf-f smffmy JOANNE HIIFEMAN MRS. STEVENS, MISS CORR Prufidwzl Vin' Prefidwzl S :'rrvlary Sevgqamll-111-Ar1r1.r SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS TERRY MCGIIIRE PAUL PENROSE ARLENE HANSEN BOB PENN Not Pinturcll: Barbara Hill SECOND SEMESTER MEMBERS lflg 3 . i TEACHERS OF TOMORROW This large group of lively looking girls and boys plans to teach. Right now. we'll need all of them with the present shortage of teachers. Mr. H. Andrews is advisor of this group. FUTURE NURSES CLUB The girl on the table gives you an idea of what nurses in training go through?!! These future nurses will use real instruments some day soon. With their advisor, Mrs, D. Fellerson, they are active-mostly listening to speakers and taking trips to various hospitals. Not pictured: Sue Brown- ing, Prcsidentg Susan Bechaud, Elinor Cates. 'Y I 5l.....,. L' Xu gs lm W ni 1 ll! Yu 'T' CHRISTMAS wtf , Mit 5 ' ' f Q' PROGRAM The combined choruses under the direction of Mrs. Marian Libbey presented an interesting evening program. Christmas songs were illus- trated by very effective scenes. Vera Thompson and Harold Covington were the soloists, and . Tom White played the piano accompaniment. Sw J 45 ., , fi 1 if all 1 542 i lT'ieici'li 9' -4 X i . if a lso ia ihglgx .HX ri , .. k,.,n 5 9 5' G rite 9 a rr "rg 9 R! Q . W ' F fm f Atflfurjr' MRS. GORDON OFFICERS G. A. A. OFFICFRS First Semester Second Semester P1't',lfdt'IlI SUE BROWNING WARRENE FAULKNER First Semester Second Semester Vjfg P,A,5j,1cf,1, Pfvfidwff GRETCHEN CADDY NANCY TERRILL BOB VUINKLE DAN BOOM 5,,,L,,,,,y Vin, Pwffdffff WARRENE FAULKNER GRETCHEN CADDY DOUG BALMAIN XVALLY BROOKS p,,f,,, R,f,,,.,1,,. Svffvf-IU ARLENE HANSEN SUE HROWNING WAl.LY BROOKS DOVO BALMAIN x IE? J fvxfjwx BLOCK N Bmkezbull Mamzgef DEL ASHBAUGH X fltfllfllf IN R OSIROM Seniors, three years or more Not pictured, john Oakie Boxing, when conducted on the high school level, is a safe and instructive sport. Recent developments in safety equipment have made boxing one of the safest sports in the high school curriculum. It makes positive contributions to emotional adjustments, in- creases self-confidence, and develops a high degree of physical fitness. It is a sport where the smaller boy receives equal recognition. It is with these points in mind that we have presented a boxing course at Ne- vada Union High School. HOM ER OSTROM C oath X I niors, two years f AM: Q w ' , A " 1 Fit Q79 NWS 'f Aww COACH MR. WORRELL CAPTAIN HAROLD HOUSER Richard Brooks made the All-League Team. N.U .,...... ,A.,.. 2 9 Q! 99 Marysville Yuba City Placer ...... San Juan ,.7... ....... Roseville ,,,,., ..,,,, Oroville ,,,,.... r.,.... Marysville Yuba City Placer ..,... San juan ....v, i,i,,,c Roseville 7,,7,, r7,,,,, Oroville .. B BASKETBALL C. May, F. Chan, J. Allan, H. Chappel, M. Miller, G. Costa, D. Boom, J. Wasley, H, Houser, C. Osborn, R. Lewis, R. Brooks, G. Cartwright, E. Montinari. 35 30 42 28 48 50 38 43 28 49 53 41 -14 A12 36 62 44 50 SO 63 57 ,47 ,59 Marysville Yuba City Placer ....,. San juan . Roseville . Oroville Marysville Yuba City Placer .,,,. San juan . Roseville Oroville A BASKETBALL Harold Hummclt was onc ot thc five players who made All-League Team H Hummelt, P. Penrose J jackson B Penn D Sanders B Fischer K Hicks D Hoffman K Wcmrrell, J. Qualls, N. Ellsworth B Winkle D Bunnin 11. V ' on 4.1-,Lv 'V' Wywsf "M J.. .Q-" I ' . - J-N I - v.,,,, Q E F. '- J ' ' , Ln-num-,MQ " U . 7 4 I 7 A I LT X Q ,X sl Aff s f 1 sf ff YH" lar l Q xi v 1 V. K QQQKXQ' ' x 'ly' X' 5 X' Y ,N A fr 4 , .V g y 1 . 'I , ' I - ' " Q X ' l T W. -Q . I 1 if Q 1 'E T' 51 .ff 5. ' , Tv' 5g",,ig'Qgf tL TQ N . , . I 0,22 J' R' 'Q' , -, 79 -.ll Aff! ' l snqnwurlli 4 I . -W -.f'Lu,5.-5fTiyg5 ? if I V i s K7 L 42 PL M f A 'ww Q H. - vi M .1 1 . '-,-- 1 - M ' k'.L ' if X 2 'LQ 5? . , Egg. - 1' 4 Q2 E I f 4 V! f 1 n f X 3 I2 'xi Q - "x L Y. -'- A ll, A Q Jigga 93' BASKETBALL ASSEMBLIES Many students worked hard to put on Pep Assemblies, which were clever and amusing. Here are some of the results. :mc 1 ww - B m9 HCI a Bi RUNNERS-UP Georganne Folck Harold Houscr Don Terrill ishop , j if his .4335 X, If QR NJ' J W X 4 x v 3 V . "ll 'v , QQ' 9 BEST ALL AROUND gg E 5 is "N-....., S . I 5 L K A x 3 ,f 4 is! X :W 4 3 1 sq Q x' z 1 s x Xia HX f N dx ZW, B' LN Q' st J .X 5 Y :ry Kathflhne F aulkner, Bill M 01116 RUNNERS-UP Ioanne Huffman Dan Boom Y' BEST ATHLETE fbi 351 'J tr? if' 1 ., fm, . 3552 . wa ma, 5533? , A U, fg as V . S ff? -4 X X051 Que Brown LM W Amlovc' ' RUNNERS-UP Carlccn Boundy Doug Balmain '5 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED K arhy Hafcy T 1 C'I'1'V MCG RUNNERS-UP Deanna Knuckey Harold Hummclt ll 1.1-Q ,. Myst: qwqfi A . , vw, 5,?'iSlg?3 . CM . P KC ole TOY' vm Y RUNNERS-UP Marilyn Moore Bill O'Hara BEST LOOKING Z' BEST DANCER TCU' Wood , G ar? Wfimams RUNNERS-UP Nancy Terrill Wally Brooks Dc , Mlftxn x Ashbauilh' M' L RUNNERS-UP Gretchen Caddy Dick Tremcwan FRIENDLIEST BEST SENSE OF HUMOR E, X., 1 24 E Carole Wax nffl Bob Fischer RUNNERS-UP Judy Gordon Ken Buck 1 ,ff ii, 3 -nu. k f if 1 K 1 Ry , S' swf Q31 , ' .ff .. A Af ' M M- A 22 - iff? . fr '1 ki' 551:- ii . ix E 'E . w Q. , . 'J-1 K J ,E S Q i ...J I' ff Q-1 ,X Mr' fi . Q? S KN S Q X . ,S Q gg C,'fn1f4'rw1z'e .NUI PlK'llH'z'd.' CSF. Conference nt Ill Camino High Ricliimlson Springs Older Girls Conference no School .ni Sacramento Journalism Conference qw.-......-.--, SPRING CONFERENCES Sacramento Student Leaders' Conference Berkeley journalism Conference ffl' Y f L.. K f, ix , 1. . P a S Y g s if wig Q ' Q- ' Ig Q Q gi 9 1.9 NS X ' A I E f wf X Q ' K 1 JN 'N . . Q- C gg! N -. wif-D in 'W 3 M 5 ii? 'li Q ,X ,G r is ,.,.-1 x , vu. il J x 1 -'-,,- ....--4-""" 5 Q. G. A. A. CHAMPS X 5l'I1iUFf.II.IIl1PN Vnllcyball Cflmmg s V. N K I X 1j4,ffjl1-,mpg X-X. , SUPIIUIIIUF1 u "' 1 QW Y' A 1 K Q. A v A 'A ji'.,., ,, , A A 5-5 OUR AMAZON S 'Q' G36,Y5,'V 40 S? PRO flffofl, POQQP Gia X, El.K'S SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS Beverly lessee Gmac Anderson -r-- ' E GTG I.ION'S SPEECH CONTEST WINNERS Arlene Hansen Sucmza' Pl.m': Brian Corbell ,fian- An assembly Slut was put on by the Spncch Class for the Prospector, Everyone in the Clnss took part. We even had our own Elvis Presley! The Speech Class has voted sec- ond period as one of the most popular as well as useful classes offered to Senior students. Thank you, Mr. Elmer Stevens! 1 '1 yr - ,.' THE PROSPECTOR There were timer we llwnghl we Il'Ull!l!II fm! we finally gal if dom' Il frank 11 fo! of affnrf but we bud cl lol of fun-- fyllflfkljj Photography in this hook hy Larry Farrell, C. A. Rush, Bob Payne, john Oakie, and 'l'yler's Studio. The Staff: lftlitor, Deanna Knuckeyg Busi- ness Manager, jutly Gwilliamg Pllotogrnphy Ed- itor, john Oakieg Advisors, Mrs Stevens and Miss Dyke. l. Lynn, C. Thomas, C. Wz1x11er, P. Edwards, j. llul'l'm0n, lf. Mtflluley, I.. liverhart, T. Wfuotl, A. RLHIICY, McCauley, D. Brix, D. Willi'1111s Cx Cicogni F Mellor 'llldj Baadc ' I -ur' . x s. Q. .1 us tally! sisllml 1 I If 'm ff xl "N f W ll a f J Scwoou. ovens ' da v H . fr' cRoss Couw'rRY Q E9 gli QP My ig - X gxgi HFAVAV A A 1 K9 TIME our FUR" an U if A Q Q 5 of -1 rumen Dwom YW Comm if Qs X f GI ,,, an Foovsm, SEASQN -I, 5935333 I Ag ' PSSSEAM ,Q f x Q 1 7 ' In XM 4 Q, Q2 ::T!2g2l1' ,Q ,Q 335' :' Elia' ,, 'EW Bgixzzsm rj' D Se M251 sn mos X BQXHQG CAQNWAL G F , Q fly 'K CHRISTMAS VACATION SE Nx0R BALL 2: 94 gf, 72 Sewsiyvmo ' i if Qgifflx, K 1' GRAD!-l ATKON " f Yvonne Keuknedy JAMES Dill I n v 'Dill HIC! ICNII' MOVIES This year the trend has been toward long movies, most of them lasting over two and one half hours. "The King and I" made a hit with everyone-no one will ever forget the colorful scenes or the beautiful music. Yul Brynner made a hit in both this movie and in "Anastasia," not only with his talent, but also with his famous "Bald Hair Style." "Giant," a story of Texas, all-star includ- ing james Dean, was another sensation. "War and Peace" was a truly stupen- dous production of the Tolstoy novel. "Lust for Life,' another favorite, was filled with color, as it told Van Gogh's' life and showed the actual paintings. "Friendly Persuasion" was a Quaker story that touched the hearts of everyone who saw it. Of special interest to teenagers were "The Young Stranger," and "Rock, Pretty Baby." S I . "xr X X SPRING 1956 A new plan was begun last year, whereby the school activities that come after the yearbook has gone to press on March 15 are included in the Prospector of the following year. Work on this part of the book is done by a spring staff who decide the theme of next year's book and do much of the groundwork, making plans for the next year. Spring Staff: Deanna Knuckey, Editor Judy Gwilliam, Gretchen Caddy, Sally Kirkham, Gail Mann, Sandra Swensen. Table of Cozzfenfr Tennis Exchange Assembly Music Festival Carnival and Election Baseball Richardson Springs Twerp Week Spring Fashion Show Senior Banquet and Breakfast Commencement SPRING AND SUMMER Suntanned jeanne McCauley was one of the girls who helped adver- tise our Nevada County Fair. Bob Penn, winner of the Tennis Singles Tournament of Sierra Foot- hill League, was awarded his medal by Mr. Immel. Bill Westbrocnk and Lynne Brust played first string doubles for us last spring. This is the art display which was shown at our Parent's Night during Public Schools Week in April, 1956. lil Ill fi- . 'l yy, SPRING BRINGS AN EXCHANGE ASSEMBLY WITH PLACER lr l ,li ,VI, re Tum Wliitc did his version of ai Lgulics' Club Chairman Will Smith acted as M.C. ll " gl it inf 4 Y l l ,. W, , , I I A Y if Mil I , 5 mix is Q g,..,.x rf" .fi i' i .. . .. The Starlighters bebopped with their usual umph. 3... Carmen LeDuc and Herman George in "HC, Shtf, Zlflkl It" The Girls sang "Got Along Home, Little Cindy" fx I 63 0 Q I ll' This year we were the host school for the Spring Music Fes- tival. Ou-r music groups received high commenclations. O61 IN THE ... SPRING to my 8 Then, Mrs. l.ibbey's choruses, Mr. Peavy's band and Mr. Franc I.uschen's orchestra presented a delightful evening concert on May I6 of such numbers as songs from "Oklahoma!," the popu- lar band novelty "Copa Cabana," the orchestras "Tres Jolie" by XValdteut'el and many other delightful numbers. Members of the orchestra, who also played the accompaniment for several choruses, were: violin: Nancy Scholefield, Carole Lee Cicogni, Lc-Roy Mack, and David Olsen: oboe: Ann Tamblyn: bass violin: Kathy Haley: cello: janet Huggins: Clarinet: jerry Lusk: piano: Mr. Franc Luschen. R A rig AQ X' X ww lil' . uf . 6 at v K 1 ' 0 il Q., 7 i +3 , I H lf ri llc! I Q... ... .. CARNIVAL NIGHT Carnival Night. to misc money for studvnt body activities, proved to hc .i gin-at success and a good time was cnioyc-ti by all. IZLFCTIONS The stutiunt hotly vlctrtions were matic intrivsting hy mgmy postcrs Lirgc tmtl Small, Cvcn "hat siluif' .MM ffv 'YJ- FT -wr-,Q r::I-'-T-'R 1'Y"! X-me K M I,- Q: W ' 'N H.. Lil To A f Bishop batting, with Bill Lowe behind plate. VARSITY SCORES San juan Marysville Roseville Oroville .,,... Yuba City ..... Placer .,.,....... Marysville Yuba City Oroville ,,.,.. San juan ..l.... Placer .,.. San juan Marysville Roseville Oroville .. N v-ftilt Nevada O 3 Nevada 0 5 Nevada 0 1 Nevada 0 4 Nevada ,......11 Nevada 0 ....,..13 Nevada 6 1 Nevada 7 .......13 Nevada 4 ...,,.,12 Nevada 0 David Bunning sets for a long throw, jerry Wasley sliding and J. Qualls tagging him. Baseball was like this in Spring 1956. fSquad pictured in 1956 annual.j After a slow start due to bad weather, the N. U. Miners managed to stay out of the cellar by beating Yuba City twice. Ed Underwood and Gerald Davey shared the pitching chores and turned in several good efforts on the mound. Roger Thompson led a rather spasmodic hitting ball club with an average of over .35O. J. V. SCORES ....... 14 Nevada U ....,........ 13 Yuba City ,,,,. ,,,,.. 0 Nevada U .......... 4 8 Nevada 4 Marysville 6 Nevada 4 1 Nevada 0 Yuba City 3 Nevada 1 2 Nevada 3 Oroville .......10 Nevada 6 ....... 5 Nevada U .,.......,,.. -1 San juan .,,...,. .,.... 6 Nevada U .......... 1 Although the V. squad had a lot of spirit they only managed to win two games. Warren Scribner and jim jackson had many good performances on the mound this season. GlCf h Sus, RICHARDSON SPRINGS CONFERENCE AT CHICO May 4, 5, 6 PM 'Q K. s. Th I dfly h y lky dhOld To and Twirp VCR-ck last spring, thc GAA. put on the Mardi Gras Diimc. ii mstumc hall. They iliusc Boh Stcgcr as the king, and als the -lunior and Sophomore prinrcs: Huh Fischer and Bhck Pcnrosc. 23" -J, MARDI GRAS DANCE X Biff, i '53 'mf f' H 'W Q. 1 Q fig - - 1 LL, ,A " 'sw v Wx ' W w i Jw -N "If f H ' ' y., .JN ' -- aww M W 54 in-A ' I, Even the famcramun was excited K, Hm-m-m SPRING FASHION SHOW AdI'i.fl1?' MRS. LIOTTA x 1 T 1 'S ,S Q5 Q T . K ,yn , ' P.. What! not proposing already? Wonder who the lucky guys arc? V -. . ,. ,- -1 uf a 'S S ' 9 . 'Ng 4 - fn- f X' x , N, 1 ,s - A . . - -lo .mower F ' I i' Y i ' , ' , M N " f JO, i' .. -s , , 1 ' A delightful banquet at the Gold Nugget was one of the features of Senior Week. The following morn- ing the P.T.A. mothers prepared a special breakfast in honor of these graduates. SENIOR BANQUET AND BREAKFAST ol!-1 4 X f I ..g.: ' Glu- ' ' I ft l if 4 u I ' A Q ff "I 1 mlliaxigiwizaaw, ' XJ ' K ' X A . ,F R mi N I r xX ' at ' ll! 1 A 1 A A ,., " vw. ,-, I N 5 E511 ffggfg -1 we r ,432 - 3 Q ' 'Wt ' - is ' ,E t ' 2 vii, A xo l Q , O-s W f iirj ' rp "1 nm 56? ,ipfk N' V,,,!,. GRADUATION Both smiles and tears were seen at the gradua- tion ceremony of the Class of 1956 on june 8. One hundred and eighty-two graduates received their diplomas alter speeches on the theme, "Atomic Power-Our Key to the Future." ff 155: i'Q'9f-8,33-r'-it gp, ltd: - ' nazi I ff 40311 fa t - t ,pl-R-,fi ay, , QA, ,ff si i ,DUKE r'-"fm ' as ,MQ I ' nd - n--1 'x4'o.'l,' qs.-4, s. ,rs rig. 7. BACCALAUREATE SERVICE For the Baccalaureate Service, traditionally, the Ministerial Association of Nevada County furnishes the program. It is always an evening of inspiration in quiet reverent mood. ss ft X L . V E 5 s s l l rv, -v, .A , K . 1' , .W .Q r , rf Y 4 THESE SONGS WERE POPULAR We must not forget that popular songs come and go very fast and by the time you are reading this, the songs we mention here will no longer be our favorites. Do you remember Harry Belafonte's "Banana Boat" song and his Calypsos, and all his wonderful albums? Other song styles popular this year were Pat Boone, Elvis Presley, Guy Mitchell, quartets like the Hi Los, and groups like the Walter Schuman singers. Lawrence Welk's orchestra was a national sensation. "Love Me Tender," "True Love," and "Singing the Blues" were some of our favorite love songs. Others that we sang and danced to were: "Walking in the Rain," "Green Door," "Petticoats of Portugal," "Moonlight Gambler," "Friendly Persuasion," and "Blueberry Hill." We are very grateful to our advertirers. LUMBER COMPANY IDA CAL .c .9 I : .D : 4 i c L O Et T O I: L : -D :a 4 x Q.. 131 Y ' J 2 3 rv 34, xp! mx, Xxx' , Nix N Q5 if W .ji Q. .Me 051'- .ga- 9 M". U 'W 6. YS .-su v wi' 4 .x - ' W Lx R 8 ' g ' '- -. 1 C' , .,..,f U ' -. f . ' K Xw mg , A yi 4 1 Z i I is f Q -if K 3, E fl fr, Q P 'E f fn: 'ru W' . ', . ., an I A ,, 1-QL. .X A" f 'J' 1 'Xxx x Q,,,,:i' A Q' ' x' ' 5' K 5 - . Y LX W, if A ga X i A K L .7-. M . yn t . up ga..-r U. ,,:-an :Q 'gs -V . ,vw '..' . ..,r.,. ' i 5 w9f12"7"" ff?" ' ' N" 'wxfgv "'-gwarq' x MEKQ, 'lf - 'W f V fx 8'-f V 'f I ' " . . . . ,T-.R 1553, . at ',?3 if LL , , W. f .jx -gin". .4 , - rlil.-.s-:grey Q Aff' . .W ,Q wi? 1' " ffw' 1 -'W -V I A x .1 V- . g .- ,mt 'M'3ff,..5i.f . ' '9 'N f . MT' X ' ,fa K1 f V 6,4 - A qt" --V' fic., A . 1, Y ' Maxx N T AA V . " . , ' , , x ' x Q , K ex ' gh, ' ,ef . 5 '-,"'1Y4" g ' W ,' uk ii' 1 X 2 1- -o i 4' - :S QQ in '-Ju fr 1440 ' A. , A- I A., ,. I , - LM .. L , - :ig ,fl 5 - fm .1 M k Lf ,F , 5 4 1155 1 ,g,,--,,'w1,. Q, v-f -' :Q- M -z ' xii 1 Z. X. X. S Q i Lfm, I Q Z' 3 .,. .1 ' , Q as ,-M., tv ' v. 'Q ':"" ah 'V 7 1 X? Jn ff ,. ff ,W if R r""'- Af' me 793' QT? Q'5!'r' 4' 'Wg su' ,gr 4' I' " 4 -,QQ ,..a-1 2 5, :rr 5' -1-Q! if , lf' ,- '1 5 45,-.,,, sg 8-A-J-J --..-Y CARLTON G. THOMAS, Insurance ISI Mill Sfreel' Grass Valley .Iv I 22212 liwllczr ::::: Aww Jai. Z A . V121 SEARS ROEBUCK 8: COMPANY I28 Eas+ Main Sfreef Grass Valley in-...K - ,. ,M-"""""' , pf , A JI l, '5 M. y v""T", N. F. THOMPSON, HEATING AND PLUMBING Hills Flaf Grass Valley + Q 'E .y y illllgfx K an 4 Rhazrggyia . lllllliw - ' yimdw. l guinghgcmm M!MM,,g.,PiV3... J, Q 6 2 'll T C-il -.W A M .Sh D 5 Grass Valley ARCH'S AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Nevada Cify Highway 5+ 2+-is-i is A X , , , I -. fi K- . fx-:EA - in g 'sv ' in-X . v Q 'ii 5 , .-03 ll Q Q . ' V, ,QJQ ,fix . i K4 an f. W .A 5, . -- Q' 5 W vm as :-J,,. v- L' an t .,x,M4nk . s Q ,af T 0 i sg ,K f 1 S. is MATSON FOREST PRODUCTS Hills Flaf Grass Valley J' I X , ,W N A 5 ,.., lim K 4 I , X Q . X MILLSCRAFT TV AND APPLIANCES Marysville Highway Grass Valley ' ...mi MODERN HEALTH FOOD STORE Mill Sfreei' GRASS VALLEY GRASS VALLEY DRUG STORE l24 Soufh Auburn Sfreef GRASS VALLEY L WEE 2--1 " ff 'f A A-S-A l.,,. L 'TA'2"Ee My TUPPER'S l55 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY Inq ! I lf -W ur. - D S- ,Q I DIAMOND MATCH COMPANY 205 Easi' Main S+ree'I' GRASS VALLEY .TIT STEELE SUPPLY I28 Sou+I1 Auburn SI'reeI' GRASS VALLEY . F' GRENFELL INSURANCE 2I0 Neal S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY gt Eg WY GRASS VALLEY FURNITURE 256 SouI'h Auburn S+ree+ TAI WAN RESTAURANT I35 Soufh Church S+ree'I' GRASS VALLEY GRASS VALLEY 7- ' . v 41 .vw Hx Geo. F. Raddue, Jr. MOUNTAIN CHEVROLET 3l4 Wesl' Main Sfreef Grass Valley l 'S 7 "l M . A , ' 3 'T--uv' .. I '. M 'NN Orland--. . MOULE PAINT AND GLASS Hills Fla+ GRASS VALLEY COLLIER'S SHOE STORE I26 Mill Sfreel' Grass Valley , A 'v , V .,. , 1 - T lr.: 12 I 5 1 I 1 XII A"E".. lxms W az . -:A ' w-.,.,"'7- 3?3f1"Sf'. 1Q,f,, gf 'M-..., 13' P fill wi.: TRI-COUNTY NEWS Main Sfreef Grass Valley J. C. PENNEY CO. ll5 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY fi ihirst-quencher KYLE MEAT - WHOLESALE Bank S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY feeafwliesiel fi 'F , 3-E Pj'-x'fl""!'fa ,M RSP DEL ORO SWEET SHOP 203 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY HARTUNG'S JEWELERS I24 Mill Sfreei' GRASS VALLEY 8 I I ' V: GOLDEN RULE Q ig ff STORES, INC. Y I50 Mill SI'ree+ . xg ' -' .-..,, v -- Grass Valley CHUCK'S TELEVISION 81 APPLIANCES I 0 I Mill Sfreel' Grass Valley CONWAY'S I38 Mill S+ree+ Grass Valley VALET CLEANERS 42I Sou+h Auburn SI'ree+ Grass Valley Km 2 K IPX G 81 H PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY 22I Broad Sfreei' Nevada Cify muy JOHN L. BEITZ JEWELER I67 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY LEAVITT DRUGS IO6 Mill Sireel' GRASS VALLEY E I u.f..,u,..,, U 1. I 5 N-l v l .S -My Y' tt -it Sul ...Eg 123, ' -Q! I A lvl! I v lr ll M lf h X Vvf Ll MA Lf' lkillf :IJ ,J 'G Q ' ' Ll, I Lf ufyf EHf'N'J,, S la sew '21,-,l? A MJ V Ll' Sirleei' 'L J. Q JVGEASS. LYALLELY 4 ,ff Q' ' gf , if ,VL ,w V A 'VV' ,VA . 51 I, L1 -mai: N, STENNETT'S MARKET 3l7 Soufh Auburn Sf. Grass Valley lf 4 x ,A W CRAG CREST KENNELS Vlfl Ridge Road V A Nevada Cify i 'S 'Y Liga nfl. X '- 'QQ ya ,:' , . Q, V I ll u J I A If 1 :nfl rl f if A ll PHOENIX DRUGS I48 Mill Sfreef GRASS VALLEY 'nz . Pl fl-'Pi I , . , 'pew M . ' 1 f , N. -X My ,, V QQ- xx enivqiifl fi 5X :f.,, , ..,. , , X 1,3 , 'VX L 'I . f , , if 4 ,, 41 ,, ky . . EAS?-Xu: A C' f Q TYENOKSEN SELECTRIC II2 Bank Sireei' Grass Valley Eff PfY"1 llvl fe is -A 'VII' .Z .: I gif ilg ,1 V , I2 .x- Z I - 1 5, ,...,,,,4h j' hw- U:- . r Mill E ' """' N V ' -s-mg., ,, """"""'-' ul-.. ..l.',5l-...l ,, il s sn . 4 V 5' I' l voun A' XX E X l' flu "" :SLN M lfiff 4 I l filfliillg f,f, ,,., 1- 'W 4 M A 7 V- L as Q ln 4525! K 5 .----""""" f -W4 NEVADA CITY BOTTLING WORKS Washingfon Sfreei' NEWS AND NOVELTY SHOP 3I4 Broad S+ree+ Nevada Ci+y Nevada Cify WANDA'S BEAUTY AND GIFT SHOP I33 BenneH' Sfreei' Grass Valley T -gif KNEE'S RADIO ELECTRIC 230 Broad Sfreei' Nevada Ci+y 'N-uriWl"v"""""' x. rm E -of-L-Q DON'S MOTOR SALES I20 Nor+h Auburn Sireei' Grass Valley- ellis-wx lknisa TESS' GIFT SHOP l45 Mill S+ree+ GRASS VALLEY THE LOOSER COMPANY 2I9 Wesi' Main Sireei' Grass Valley QQ f fa., - , A 'few' 4 Q K " . , 'Q -N- 2 0- FLO'S BEAUTEE SHOPPE I27 Neal Sfreel' Grass Valley .nl Mx. , " VZ! 2 f jr GU 45 ....r5.i rd, LLL MCCORD FLOOR COVERING II2 Church Sfreef Grass Valley -TH NEVADA couurv TIIRESERVICE my RECA?PING 8 REPAIRINGQ' UNION SERVICE STATION III Easi Main Sfreei Grass Valley 0 l I NEVADA COUNTY TIRE SERVICE Auburn Highway Grass VaIIey ALEXANDER'S RUG AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANERS CRENSHAWS 40l Eas+ Main ree Grass Valley l'llLLS FLAT PUBLIC MARKET Hills FIa+ Grass Valley BEN FRANKLINS I ll Mill S'I'ree+ Grass Valley R-U CRAMER S Hills Flaf Grass Valley , L f 1 - ,,..w I' ,5mm'8.w-ZssE.'1:3"B-E N' A g'f"v""'i'i' . -. , , ,. KAW x " .-'., ..,1--a-,qv--flee, , fe-fi f . ff' 'F ' jr' i, " "HLA , f- K J. .1y:f"JiI3'...ivi" ' ,sauna-av. .qgqlfrgg W, . "fx..,,:..R' 1. We ' EARL COVEY'S GARAGE I43 E. Main Grass Valley BANK OF AMERICA 300 Broad S+. Nevada Ci+y LIDILL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Hughes Road GRASS VALLEY "Your Fufure Home a+ Couniry Club Terrace" GRAHAM SAWMILL Glenbrook Grass Valley H. S. THOMPSON 81 SONS Ridge Road BUILDERS 81 CONSUMERS LUMBER CO. Glenbrook LOLMAUGH JEWELRY lO8 Mill Sfreei' Grass Valley X..,,.f ITIOIQ gffer befor.: HUNNlCUTT'S MEATS 754 Zion S+ree+ Nevada Ci+y JD' TALK OF THE TOWN Beaufy Salon I39 Mill Slreef GRASS VALLEY ..,. M o bi M MOBILGAS SERVICE STATION Auburn and Neal S+ree+s Grass Valley ALPHA HARDWARE COMPANY ALPHA HARDWARE COMPANY 2I0 Broad S+ree1' 204 Wesi' Main Sfreei' Nevada Ci1'y Grass Valley , . 3 Af is S 'K' AMA Fi ' if 'E ' x 1. L, -..i. RAMEY BROTHERS P. o. Box 566 'ill mn unm YUBA RIVER LUMBER COMPANY Town Tall: 4- 5 Q! 1 '- Q 1 ' E i Auf" WA 5 A ' rm rf W Q' gli -V ,.! R 4 in W' ' VI f BENNETTS BOCTERY 3l5 Broad Sfreel' Nevada Cily Nevada Cily HELBACH MOTORS Hills Flal' Grass Valley SPONSORS PAGE Aney Real Esfale, Nafional Holel. Tel. l22. N. C. Angelini Brofhers. 320 Sacrarnenfo Sf.. Tel. II2, N. C. Ari"s TV. Radio Hospilal, 20I Mill Sf.. Tel. 984. G. V. Associafed Service Sfafion. Auburn and Bank Sf.. Tel. 72I. G. V. Bank of America, I33 Mill Si., and I26 W. Main Sf., Tel. I2I0. G. V. Bref Harle Resfauranf In Founfain, N. Pine Sf.. N. C. Breuer. Vic. Men's Wear and Shoes, I43 Mill SI'.,- Tel. I258-W. G. V. Brigg's Disfribufors of Pefroleum Producfs, 403 Soufh Auburn Sf.. Tel. 4I2, G. V. Broadway Beaufy Shop. 308 Broad Sf.. Tel. 376. N. C. Brown's Fuel Company. I49 Park Ave.. Tel. 476. G. V. Bryanf's Richfield Slafion. 250 S. Auburn Sf.. Tel. I080. G. V. Barb's. I54 Mill Sf.. Tel. l735. G. V. Bob's Richfield Sfafion. Sacramenfo SI.. Tel. 502. N. C. Bon Allure, I4l Mill Sf.. Tel. 3l0. G. V. Cafe Royal. 67I S. Auburn S+.. Tel. I485. G. V. Casey's Resfauranf, 202 Mill Sf.. Tel. I073-J. G. V. Chafferbox. Main Sf.. G. V. Colfax Fruif Growers. Hills Flaf. Tel. I57. G. V. De Marfini Rexall Drugs. Broad Sf.. Tel. 2.25. N. C. Dodini. Herberi C., C.P.A.. I23 Bank Sf.. Tel. 766. G. V. Eisenhower Barber Shop. Main Sf.. G. V. Gan:-bIe's Weslern Aufo Supply. I I0 Pine Sf.. Tel. 442, N. C. Gaf's Toy and Variefy Shop, I2I Neal Sf.. Tel. I390-W. G. V. G 8: H Aufo Painfing, Auburn Highway, Tel. 342, G. V. Gold Bowl Beaufy Shop. II7 E. Bank Sf., Tel. IO99. G. V. Gold Bowl Resfaurani and Alleys. II5 Bank S+.. Tel. l230. G. V. Golden Empire Markef. I05 Empire Sf.. Tel. I44. G. V. Haddy's Shell Service Sfafion, Main and Nevada Sf.. Tel. 590. N. C. Harmony Shop, The, I25 Mill Sf., Tel. 6l, G. V. Hafch. Bill E., Plumbing and Heafing Repairs. IO7 Clark S+.. Tel. 436-M, N. C. Hilperf's Pei and Garden Supplies. IIO N. Pine Sf.. 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Washingfon Grocery. 4I6 Washingfon Sf.. Tel. 804, G. V. Wesfern Aufo Supply. I05 W. Main SI.. Tel. 464. G. V. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Ballou, John W.. M.D.. I52V2 Mill Sf.. Tel. 952. G. V. Berryman. Melvin. D.D.S.. I29 Neal Sf., Tel. I225. G. V. Coffon, Norman. D.D.S.. Auburn. Tel. Turner 3-532I. Auburn. Calif. Conant. Roberf F.. M.D.. Hill Flai. Tel. 99. G. V. Frey. Jerome, M.D.. 205 N. Pine S+.. Tel. 400, N. C. Fry. Orvin. M.D.. l04 S. School Sf.. Tel. 630. G. V. Hawkins. Walter. D.D.S.. 3I2 Broad S+.. Tel. 95. N. C. HummeI+. Bernard W.. Physician and Surgeon. 400 Broad Sf.. Tel. 395. N. C. Labbe, Joseph. Physician and Surgeon, I23 E. Bank Sf.. Tel. 678. G. V. Lang, Dwighf F.. D.D.S.. I38 S. Auburn Sf.. Tel. 900. G. V. Lang, Oscar F.. M.D.. Communify and Clinic. I38 S. Auburn SI.. Tel. 900. G. V. Mullis. Walfer, D.D.S.. 435 Zion Sf.. Tel. 283, N. C. Padgelf. Vernon W.. M.D.. I29 S. Auburn Sf.. Tal. 72. G. V. Pafferson. C. O.. Opfomefrisf, 20l S. Auburn Sf.. Tel. 764. G. V. Reed. 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Suggestions in the Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) collection:

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 131

1957, pg 131

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 30

1957, pg 30

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 48

1957, pg 48

Nevada Union High School - Prospector Yearbook (Grass Valley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 103

1957, pg 103

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