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f f' ' THE REFLECTOR P bl h 11 By Class of 1954- u is c Nevada High School Dedication MR BRUCE MARTIN We, the class of 19515 dedicate this yearbook time and effort to raise the social and svholastic etandinge of Nevada High School 2 to Mr.Bruce Martin who has contributed much of his ADMINISTRATIUN Superlntendent Board of Education FIRST ROW: Forrest Disher, Paul Suter, Jean Golling, Superintendent Lust SECOND ROW Lester llarkley, Richard Bare, Carey Rittersnach 3 LUTHER B. LUST -x F' ,,f"f5 'Q W RUTH WJEIYZLI EDWIN RITTERSPACH TARY RODVRTS Engllsh Latln Jr Pugh Soclal ':tUd1BS Home c FITIS' Phvs Ed p.L...,5 pg-.aff 1 F-IPRTJAN KEAR VANCV CRQUSP BRUCV IARTIN Commerclal Agriculture History Bus Png KWH! ,K 'W W' I9 'D A fir." R AL 'IN BUCKBYE VARY LO' FY-'TTERS Cormerc al Bovs' Phys d Algebra Music 4 SENIUHS WG 'T Assay' UNI' 1 1-J? -gp-wwf Q ggpn wfwzgwnw' 52 f44'4 "UQ 5 ykne i .A 'r1rre of eace rls lee Club l1X6d Chorus Wuartette Cberetta L CFBFIBR ewsbound Staff I' as Re or PT lass Qecretarv lass Plav nf!LL at onal Uonor Societv Soeecb Club knnual taff L SFI G.L Class Play 9 ech C ub JANLS Boys Glee Club 'ixed Chorus Octette Band Oneretta Basketball Baseball rack Cla s Play Sneecb Club Newsbound Staff SFIC SHARON ALEAN Girls Glee Club Qand Operetta Class Play Cla s Treasurer ANITA irls Clee Club U1XBd Chorus Oneretta Class Play Pr1nce of Peace Llbrarian Newshound Staff STCVER BYRON VDuTl 1 N Baseball Basketball Track Manager Boys Glee Club Mixed Chorus FFA ............ Sentinal .... Class Play ..... Annual Staff... Newshound Staff.... S T' 35'- Io-'W Q-v', ,img I ,g,f'f H . my 55 . Q' ,, a,s.r ! is Vsqf, 3, : fvf. , AJ wx C r rf' bw? r' -.r 5 EVA MAE HZISTAND Girls Glee Club .-........ l-2 Mixed Chorus ...... .... 2 Class Play . FHA .. President . Class Treasurer . . Oneretta LAR ARET SCHILLING GITIQ Glee Club Nixed Chorus Bard Office Uelc Class Flax FHA H109 Presldent Operetta JAMLS STEINHlLBLR Boys Flee Club Mlxed Chorus Octette Band Easketball Baseball Track Class vice Presldent Operetta FFA Sent nal THOMAS SVOVEn Basketball Track was ball Boys Glee Club Paws Pperetta Class Dlax Speech Club e shourd taff JOYCE CCVLR FIYIS Glee Club Vlxed Chorus Cneretta Glas Plav Sveech Club FFA hem hound Sta E3.W F1T1S Cl e Cl b N11 fhoru Junwor Cho r One etts Sreech Club C as P ay eehs CAA 'enshound Sta FUA Secretarv 6 A- .0 wages' YEYEKFE 'us 'Q-'fr 'ggi' an-. nirx QV?-" CA CTYW MCCLA N Cirls Glee 'lub ixed fkorls Sext tte FU Class Play Oper tta OH! SJTLR Claes President Class Vice President Boys Glee Club Lixed Chorus Octette Basketball Baseball Track Manager Student Council Treasurer Class Play Band National Honor Society Scholarship Team Annual Staff Operetta BERT ADAMS NATALIE JC COCNS Sucevh Club Pres dent Class Play G1rls 'lee Club Nixed Chorus Sextette Pand PPA Student Council Pres1dent Annual Staff Newshound Staff C as 1ce Pr dent cholarsh Team ARDITH YOUNG G1YlS 'lee Club Operetta Soeech Club hewshound Staff Class Play KARL DILLEY Boys Glee Club Mixed Chorus Class President Secretary Student Council Class Play Sueech Club Nat1onal Honor Society Annual Sta'f Scholarsh1p Team ...... Newshound Staff. ...... . Qasebell anager. . . ..... Basketball Statistlc1an. . 7 W wwf gf,v13 -eu egg 13-ffij C' i,a. . ' I.' ' W J C .......... l-2-3-4 Y C. 1 ...... ...2-3-4 e ........ ...... 4 MA ......... . ...2-3-4 J . a ..... . ......3 e .... . ..l-5 J Q ' ' ......... ....3 .... ......2 . ....... ...1-5-4 I .... ...1-5-4 , ........ ...... ...4 -V ... ....l-2-3-4 . 4 ....... .... 1 -2-3-4 f Ci .1 "' ... .... .....2 ' ... ..... 2-4 'A' .... ....4 ............ ....3 .................... ....1-2 .......:5-4 ...........1-2-3 VW,Qff?Ti?Z,f C V .......... .... 3 -4 l,al at M .............. ....1-3 Qmf?', Prince of Peace .......... 1-2-3-4 - . ..... . ......... 4 ' i . .... ......... 4 . ........ ......... . 5 V ' ' .... .... l-2-3-4 .' .... ..... 2-3-4 ......2-3-4 ........... . .... 1-2-3-4 W, A ............... ..... ..... 2 ' fxnlvw .. ... .... 2-4 7 ww. ' . ' ..... .... 4 ' f l f ......... ...... 4 El " '71 . V. ........ .... 3 -4 V n , VV V 1 r 'V esi .... ...... 3 X ' V H S . ir ........... l-7-3 ' ' U ......... .... l-2 V .......... .... 1 A ........ ...4 ' .... ...4 e ........ ....5 ...........l-2-3-4 , ' . ...... ...1-2-3-4 V - 1 ... .... ...2 ...,..... ......1 ............ ...3 W0 V ............. .... 4 ' A . ....... 5-4 , ............ .... 4 , ' . . l-2 A . . . .. . 2-3-4 . .. .. . 3 4 E 4 ' . 3-4 ' -Race 'Era' 4? rnlHlClA 3CQL1lS Thesnian Club FA! Hand Mixed Chorus Glrls Glee Club Oneretta Class Play Prlnce of peace FV Class V1ce Pres dent Tewshoand Stapf Cl ss Treasurer Annual Staff 'at onal Fonor Soc etv MA Y PLLL Glrls Glee Club Mixed Chorus Operetta Cla s Ulav Lwbraraan HA Newshourd Staff HOBhnT AEST Baseball Basketball Track RICHARD LARICK Basketball Baseball Track Manager Boys Glee Club Rand Clas Plav Sn ech Club Class Pres dent Studs t Councll 7106 Pres dent CLLTABELLL EYESTONE Cirls Glee Club Vxxed Chorus Rand Class Dresldent Class Ulay Sneech Club 1ce PT6S1C8Ht HA County 1ce Ures dent Annual Staff Tewshound Staff SALLY NINIER Latin Club CAG TFA Cheerleader lewshound Staff Soeacb Club Sec etarv Cirls Gl e Club Prmrce of Peace Class Play Offxce Weln Student Councml Secretary 8 Neg. R" 'NS' WIN' r 5663. Class Hlstor As we enter d our Freshman year in high school, our class increased with several new students comlng from Pden and Wvandot R1chard Iarick, J1m Ste1nhilber, and Sharon Alban were elected as our officers Maroon and gray were chosen as class colors, and 'Life is a picture, so paint lt well' as our motto. In our Sophomore rear Karl Dillef, John Suter, J1m Stiver, and Jeannette Fackler were chosen as our leaders Our project for th1s year was selllng basketball schedule pencils to make money for our treasurv New we are Juniors, wh1ch is the eginnlng of a verv busv year John Suter was elected president Natalie Jo Coons, v1ce president, Patricia Roberts, treasurer and Jeannette Fackler, secretarv The big event of the year was the Junior Senior Prom A beaut1fu1 Ind1an theme was chosen as the setting for the big occaslon Muslc was furnished by a band from Heidelberg College We sold refreshments at baseball and basketball games The class snonsored a 'Halloween Dance and a Sweetheart Dance Ne gave YI N two fine plays, The Inner Willy and strictly Formal Cletabelle Eyestone, Patrlcia Roberts Jeannette Fackler, and Eva Mae Heistand make up the offlcers who lead the Senior class A whlte year have been d1rect1ng the Freshmen initiation, seonsorlng a Christmas Dance, and publish1ng 'The Reflector we are look1ng forward to Bacc alaureate, Commencement, And our trip to Washlnton D C and New York Class Prophecy After snend1ng ten long vears in Durone, it was good to be back in Nevada again It has grown considerably slnce I left 1n 1954 when I graduated from high school w1th a class of twenty four students Being overjoyed, I was anxious to find out about the peonle and the new additions tothe town, whlch had a pooulation of approximately 900 when I left After resting from the long and weary trip I had gust completed, I decided to venture around a bit As I went on I thought I was dreams , but it was no dream at all I was now finding out the success of every classmate from my greduat1ng class While visltlng my neighbor, I plcked up a newspaper which was not familiar to me Its t1tle was 'The Nevada Gazette , edited 'y Karl Dilley As I skimmed through the headlines, I notlced the Nat1onal Golf Tournament for Wbmen,he1d at Lincoln Hills Golf Course, had wust ended and Sharon Alban had won the trophy, she certe1nly must have pract1eed dur1ng the time I was away I contlnued through the paper and noticed an advertisment of a vacancy 1n a Lady's Rest Home, w1th its matron be1ng Ard1th Young On the social page an article was written about Wayne Spiegel, new a famed orator After read1ng the newspaper, I decided to journey through town 9 O ' J w . ' ' . 1 . , O ' E ' ' K , 3 . 0 I - . . . . v C 'v nk n i ' . 1 N I N . l D rose has been selected as our class flower. Our activities so far this . N. 1 C - l O Q Av I . 'ng O . ' rv' I C . Q . . ,. 0 u A s 0 As I walked past the Methodist Church, I not1ced something strange about the blllboard outside, strangely enough the minister's name was Yoyce Cover I continued on down town and met Tom Stover, soon to be married who was now employed at the Eyestone Supply House and his future wife, Cletabelle Eyestone, was its proprietor QShe still supplys anybody with anyth1ng I I then asked Tom about sons of the other classmates He mentioned that Eva Mae He1stand now owned her own modelung school and Margaret Schilling was doing all of her dress designing for her He also mentioned the fact that Richard Larick was now our diBtT1Ct representatlve 1n Wash1ngton D C , hoplng someday to be l1ving in the Whmte House as a bachelor As I walked along, I noticed we now had acquired a theater in Nevada, and it had a great billing on a former classmate of mxne Natalie Jo Coons was soon to be here on her personal appearance tour for the b1ggest role of her career It also told of her agent accomnanv1ng her, Patrlcia Roberts, CLowella Parsons Jr was the wonderful person Next I went to the school house, now a much larger project than ever I first V181t9d the elementary grades, where I found Sally MIHIBP teaching After talking with Sally I found out that Jim Steinhilber is now engaged farming and ra1sing a large famlly, after serx1ng his t1me in the servlce Sally also told me that John Suter 18 now head basketball coach at one of the largest unlverslties in Oh1o After leavlng the schoolhouse, I had just enough t1me to meet Anita Stover at the alrport She was about to land after a three weeks trlp over the countrx, serving as a stewardess on the N E V A D A lines Speaking of flying, Jim Stlger is certalnly going in for speed these days He is piloting the largest jet everbuilt Speed also rem1nds me of another classmate, Robert Best, who is still competing in the world olymplcs, always com1ng through as a winner Next I walked over to the beauty parlor, I discovered a friend of m1ne was the owner, none other than Carolyn McClain Vhen I returned home, I sat down to watch TV and soon found that Bert Adams was a technical director for Byron Edgington's program No, he is not a comed1an, but a popular s nger, now taking crooner Eddie F1sher's place The sports news came on next and it was very interesting too The commentator announced that Mary Pell had received the most valuable player award for 1964 She plays for a very famous g1rls' baseball team After a good nlghts rest, I went to visit a close friend of mine, who was in the hospital when I arrived at the Bucyrus Cltv Fosnutal, I was surprised to find that Jeannette Fackler, now a registered nurse, was supervisor of nursing As I continued to talk with my friend, she said that Thena Terry was now a dental assistant, and was about to be married When I returned home, I still seemed to be in dreamland and I hope will always be that wav I0 ' I 07 Q. , in it Class Wlll le, the Seniors of Nevada High School, uoon denarting from our beloved school, herebv leave our last w1ll and testament AR I To the school in ger ral, we leave everything which we have not destroyed ART To the faculty, we leave our greatfulness in heloing us through these nest twelve veara of educatlon ART the janitors, we leave the marred gymnasium floor to be revarniahed ART the Freshmen, we leave many worn out dict1onar1es and library books ART the Soohomores we leave our ability to have good athletes the Juniors, w leave our abilltv to ret along well as a cless ART the follownnr classmates, we leave our most treasured oossessions Bert ldams, well my huge stature to Raymond McCl1ntock Sharon Alban, w ll mv title of Miss Barney Oldfieldn to Robert Aten Robert Best, will my ab1lity to have a beard f1V8 davs of the week to Dale Bare Natalie Jo Coons, will my love for oublic sneaking to Tom Creger Joyce Cover, will my ability to Slng to Martha Matthews team and headaches that go w1th lt to Jerry Caskey Byron Edg1ngton, will my notor1ous nickname to Robert Aten Cletabelle Fyestone, will my height and strength to Mart1n Foover Yeannette Fackler, will my love for red hair to Marcia K rn Eva Mae Heistand , will my ab1l1ty to stick to one boy to Janet Kellogg Richard Larick, will my long, lean, and lukewarm frame to Marvin Fe1nlen Carolyn McClain, will my dark brown hair to Anna Scott Sally lmnier, will my cheerleading nositlon to anyone who wants bruises sore muscles, and no voice Mary Pell, w1ll my many tT1PS to Uooer Sandusky to Gloria Kinsley Patrlcia Roberts, will my dramnt1 abllity to play an elderly aunt to Shirley Lawrence Margaret Schilllng, will my natural curly hair to Beth Traxler Wavne Spiegel, will my ab1litv to get along with oeonle to all the stude ts in school James Ste1nb1lber, will my abllity to throw the shot to Dick Myers James Stiger, will my abillty to run the 100 yard dash to Walter Oliver Anita Stover, will my ability to zo steady to Nancy Tschentz Tom Stover, will my abllitv to run track to James Cheney John Suter, will my lnlmitable shuffle on the wav to school to Lowell Eier Thena Terry, will slim 'igure to Doris Ard Ardith Young, w1ll my ability to wr1te letters to servicemen to Shnron Ault Il o T. . , .e . . . Il - . . . 111 To ' K . . IV To ' ' . . . V To , , . ART.'H To e ', . . ... VII To ' . - : I, U L . K. . ' . I, ' i w W . I, . ' ' . I, . I, ' . . I, Karl Dilley, will my oosition as stetistician of the basketball I, Q . 1 . l, . , ' . . 1,1 e . 1. ' ' 1 I, . . I, . I, I' , I, ' ', , . I, . A .C . I, . ' . I. . ' . , I' . - . . . I, ' t I, , , - I, ' N , . . I. . . i I, 1 . I, . . is 1 STANDING Natalie Jo Coons, Jeannette Fackler, Cletabelle Eyestone, Patricia Roberts, Karl Dilley, John Suter James Gilliland, Byron Edgington SEATEDs Mr Lust Editor ........... Assistant Editor .... Business hunger ......... Assistant Business lsnager Photography Manager ... Activities Manager ... Circulation Manager ... Advertising Manager ... Advisor .. ....... Jolm Suter ... James Gilliland . . . . . . Karl Dilley .. Natalie Jo Coons . . . Byron Edgington . Jeannette Faokler .. Patricia Roberts Cletabelle Byestone . . Hr. Lust LASSES Juniors FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW! THIRD ROW: ABSENT 'The B1shop'fs Man 1 ' Apt 5- Merle Pi Nancy Tschantz, Janet Kellogg, Carol Stover, Anna Scott, Juanita Beet, Donna Goodman, Jane Monroe Milton Matter, Robert Aten, James Gilliland, Curtis Bell, Arthur Williams, Eddie Whitmeyer, Marvin Heinlen, Thomas Creger Martin Hoover, Gloria Kinsley, Theora Disher, Eileen Corfman, Doris Ard, Mountie Dyer, Beth Traxler, Gary Caldwell, Mr Martin Glenn Spiegel, Gloria Dinkle 'Mr' Fo Vi" I3 w U, 4 I ' . I 4 , G L ,, , I , I , . ' te' ' , ". ,-...L gg' , ' 2 ll i-I fi' 1 Sophomores Q FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THIRD ROW ABSENTx Helen Creger, Audre5 Stover, Nancy Ollver derle Goodman, James George Collet, Janet Marvin Monroe, James Moore, Jerry Caskey, Mr Buckeye Kenneth Conn, Rose Norris, larybelle Manhart ellen W Helen se carefll, OJQ li' Abbott, ellen Marklsy, Sarah Kerr, Rita Case, Richard Gerber, Charles G1ll1land, Spiegel, Anita Stalder, Martha Matthews Baehr, Dwight Sniegel, Ray Hyatt, Jack Jerry McClain, Maxine Pell, Joan Schi1l1ng, I2 this J1ck??? 0 'P' -312- 1 -1' 3 h , , N . . : I n . ' ' . C O , A O H - , b . H! V - v -7 if . bl 5 ., Q, 'S ,. ,. S Q - I' . f -' . if .y 1 ... I , 6 'I , v , C , 4' F! I4 l v Freshmen FIRST ROW Jean Stiger, Mary Jane Stover, Sh1rley Ol1ver, Darrel Matter, Judy Kellogg, Joyce Case, Shirley Lawrence, Jan Kuenzli, Richard Myers, Howard Gilliland SPCOND ROI: Sharon Kinsley, Glen Montgomery, Donald Wilson, Tom Miller, Gale Bryant, Glen Kuenzli, Larry Hits, Wilma Diaber, larilyn Heistand, Riley Moll, Roger Abbott, Sharon Ault, Wmily Starner THIRD ROW: Marcia Kerns, Mary Lou Suter, Leora Bell, Sally Nordyke, Bill Terry, David Youmans, James Baublitz, James Ahmann, George myestone, James Cheney, arolyn Chance, lr. Crouse ABSENT Dale Bare E S H M T I bend my knees in agony, Upon th1s schoolhouse floor O worthy Senior, I bow To serve thee evermore down I5 1 R 'A V F H ' E N I N I I A T I O J , , 'rr-" , " SQ 5 'vi I u - 3, A , , 2 Elghth Grade SECGLD ROW THIRD ROW ABSENT V'RST ROW: SECOFD ROW: TWIRD ROW: ABSENT: Nancv Sp1tler, Phyllis Nordyke, Roger Moll, Hershel Johnson, Lowell ler, Julla Norris, Ruth Ann Adams, Dorrle Pell, Mrs Roberts Kenneth Bell, John Stalder, Larry Cheney, Margaret Turn1n, Carol Terry Edna Zornes, Robert Coons Calvin England, Ollie Smith Seventh Grade ' 1 Ruth Ann Stover, Jane Gmll, Judy Cheney, Karen Schwartzkoph, Evelyn Smith, Donald Kuenzli, Tom Houston, Eddie Martin, Larry Bowser, Mervxn Walter. David Monroe, David Bucher, Betty Dyer, V1o1et Traxler, Sandra King, Lorrene Markley, Larry Winchester, Robert Terry, R1chard Gregg, Tommy Cooper, Jerry Bamlin. Jerry Gill Walter Ollver, Riley Stover, Ronald Oiler, Richard Roberts, Eugene Caskey, Llnda Filllnger, Mr. Rittersnech. 16 I ? r -Q 'I y U . R FIRST ROW: Suzanne Suter, Mary lee Kerr, Betty Jacobs, Raymond McClintock, , V 5 3 IW A Q I. A - .V Q Jg.' y X'A I V Slxth Grade FIRST ROW SECOLD ROY THIRD ROW AHSRNT Curtis England, John Kellogg, Betty Bare, Vargie Jacobs Garland Johnson, Elwood Smlth, Verl Markley Patrlcla Baker, Nancy N1ederhauser, Lucllle Collet, Marie Gerber, Sharon Bacher, Ruth Ann hotter, John Clayton, Tommy Trish, Mr Mcwvoy Nancy Baehr, Patty Nordyke, Mary He1stand, Larry Snodzrass Bobby Adams, Vergene Marklev, Susan yCC11HtOCk, 'orma Starner Juanita Long, Judy Rldgeway, Sarah Coons, Anna Marie Zornes Flfth Grade ,515 .1 FIRST ROW SECGND ROW! THIRD ROW! ABSRVT Jimmy Ross, Clifford Conn, Ramona Stout, Phyllms Osborne Eileen Karg, Linda K1ng, Mary Niederhauser, Fddie Moore Abey Swartz, Gary Foldcraft, Norman Adams, Helen Dyer, Marilyn Nordyke, Paula Davies, Harlena Vimmenger, Billy Gill, Jxmmy Williams, Jimm Baker, Mrs Klnsley Sandra Trish, Nancy Kerr, Linda Thomas, Susan Hiller, Connie Kinsley, Thomas Caskey, Larry Parker, larry Daiber, Frankie Traxler, Jack Spitler Jimmy Hayden, Bonnie lawrence 17 - . L 4 P i I! P i . is . ' . , I x tx , . . . . , . I , E : . . . V . I , I l -J U . . : - . ' 5 , ' V . . .. . . . . . . ,. . , . . ,.fj'1J',sj.,a" I 3 Ziff? ,' aw 477 , ,Y 4 A ma. ,, I ' A fr af A ' fwnq . - , - - Q . . . ' 9 3 O ' U l . Q ..4.- 1 g Fourth Grade ll V FIRST ROW Phyllis Gill, Bonnie Lee Hamlin, Thomas Kerr, Ronnie Martin Cecil Caskey, Judy Oiler, Janet Conn SRCOND ROW: Kathleen Norris, Gary Hornak, Joyce Kissling, Ilene Staats, Ralph Thomas, Dale Conner, Ronn1e ucher THIRD ROW: Bonnie Monroe, L1nda Larick, Brinda Dyer, Marsha Schwartzkopf Tommy Young, Jlmmy Huston, Barbara K1ng, Juan1ta Springer, Jean Spiegel, Mrs Gilliland ABSENT: B1lly Best Third Grade FIRST ROW Teddy Caldwell, Judy Whittington, Kay Kellogg, Janie Niederhauser Barry Jacobs, Gerald Logan, Michael Wol'e SRCQND ROW Norman Boggs, John Baker, Ronald Scott, Robert McLaughlin, John Baehr, Jimmy Adams, Miss Aten THIRD ROW Rugene Thomas, Blain White, James McLaughlin, Shirley Moore, Linda Dver, Michael Smalley, Tommy Nordyke, Edward McLaughlin, Cheryl Reinhart ABSEIT largorle Barlck, Billy Clinger, Alice Hyatt, Carol Tulliss, Charles Cover I8 5 , ' . T V .. I yi . f A ' , , . fl V ! .1 . ., ,3 J 1 7 a . . . . 2 . I i O . ,ge -,1. I 2 Q FY 5 2 E 2 R W f ' me M . 1 y I. 1 5 W , ' ,J V A 4, X , . ' l I ' . N y f A -My ' -4 , J 1, 1.4 ' A, 5 1 . L . 4 g -C . : I X . a , ' ' . FIRST ROW SECOND ROW THI RD ROW ABS ENT 1 Second Grade Darrel Hamlin, Ann Reistand, Ronald Golling, Mildred Armstrong, Neva Springer, Mary Ellen Fritz, Donna Rittersnach, Marlo Hill Melvin Goldsmith, George Himminger, Karen Heidemann, Hubert Dyer, Gene Blair, Lortta Collet, Clarence Emick, Carole Grove, Ricky Mo Iaughlin, Mrs Stelnmetz. Sandra Lawrence, Mary Armstrong, Elaine Thomas, Ronnie Suter, Cheryl Cover, Richard Vent, Jo Ann Gerber, Donald Norris Pam Hayden, Edd18 Staats, Betty Kay Moore, Gloria Alban First Grade FIRST RCW: SPCOND ROW THIRD ROWx ABSENT Jessle Moore, Jean Goll1ng, Patricia Ritterspach, Marilou Huston, Michael Thomas, Janet Knapp, Linda Kellogg, Jean lhitmever, Ronald Whittington, Cheryl Houk Donald Chance, Ronald Chance, Dwight Dairy, Allen McLaughlin, icki Clayton, Ruth Ann Starner, Judy Hornak, Douglas Gregg Freda Dyer, Carolyn Rmick, Judy Scott Bryan White, Dennis Sniff, Vicki Tullls, Beverly Adams, Connie Young, Margaret Ross, Douglas Bardon, Allen Parker, Donald McLaughlin, Harry Zornee, Terry Nordyke, Patti Healy, Miss Schwebel Mitchell Alban, John Karg 19 S I ' , 1 A ' 1 A , , 4 - . O . e . O . I 0 , , W I 5 , J 3 Q K . ' l 2 3, ,' . y e .J 2 wr ' I .J C O 2 . . an R Sw P ON EI' FPLEF SI1mIhG Bbpl LAST YLAh'S MAY Uhhh MR CO ED sUkIY FC? Wilt if: WR VILLY' T1-is cisco K ID v- . .M 20 ACTIVITIES Band Drum Major And Majorette Ann Heiatand, Janet Kellogg, Fancy Tschnntz, Jin Stigor 21 Qifl fl lXltit1l! l S Glee Clubs 1' '8' F357 22 Nl ned Chorus I D011 ttf Jerry Caakoy, Marvin Monroe, Ray Hyatt, Eddie Whitmeyer, Jim Gilliland, Jim Stiger, Jim Steinhilber, John Suter 23 - , .- . q ' ' A ' ' J - . 6' ' A 1 : . Z D . ' - Y V Q . 1. I f Sextette McClain, Donna Goodman uartc lie Nancy Tschantz, Juanita Best, Jeannette Fackler, Jane Monroe. 24 Carol Stover, Natalie Jo Coons, Eileen Coffman, Gloria Kinsley, Carolyn F. F. A. FHA 25 PRINCV OF PEAFP VUNEH N Qi if Natalie Jo Coons First Place in District First Place in State Semi Finals Natalie Jo Coons E5-19011 C01'f'm8Yl First Place in County First P1809 in COUIWY PRINCE OF PEACF CONTESTPNTS ri FIRST ROW Mary Jane Stover, Marilvn Fughey, Jane Yonroe, Jeannette Fackler, Carol Stover, Janet Kellogg SECOND ROW Sarah Jane Kerr, Natalie Jo Coons, Joan Schilling, Eileen Corfman, Anita Stover, Anita Stalder, Marvin Monroe, Mr Martin 26 , - 'SRS . -V ff Q . :,, Q X. X f 2 E fi-. ef ' 1 N g i -V E i . . . in? I I S , - V 4 S7 I m N S ' Q", 4 , fl V n Q 5f- R 5 O O C Studs-nt Cuunvil Y"' u. 1 X SEATED Linda Fillinger, Sally M1nier, Eileen Corfman, Mary Lou Suter, Betty Bennett, Nancy Spitler STANDING Mr Lust, Beth Traxler, Natalie Jo Coons, Miss Fetters, John Suter, Ray Hyatt, Gale Bryant, Mr Crouse, Curt Bell, David Monroe, John Stalder S ,lanltor Harold Fritz, Kenneth Fritz OFFICV HFLP Jane Monroe, lr Lust, Sally Minior, Anne Scott 27 - f 1' " 4 .11 ' I r ' -71 . X2 X . - 5' . fl , Q V' ' , x, 1 K I . . 0 . 0 I I - O . .J , , ,. I ' 4 I I I -'-frrr... 4 .I . I NAA' ,, V , K .V A, y AK M., - b A - , K , 4 " 1 . '. I l New spaper Llbrary 28 0 3 WHLETHB F i E W 1 Cheerleaders JOPN SUTER hST JIM STIC.m TOM ST lp fr l I JIM uASL .ILT IS-LOTTE DI CK GEHQEX' CQ1 DLLL I f A, DICV. LARICK E , 4 g EH um '.--g.Q 31 XdI'SltN Basketball Team W Wi STANDING Jim Steinhilber, Jim Stiger, Dick Larick, Milt Motter, John Suter, Curt Bell Jim Case, Dick Gerber, Tom Stover, Bob Best KNEVLING Jerry Caskey, Karl Dillev, Mr Buckeye, Coach HLSEKVL ASKLT ALL TLAP FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW Darrel Motter Mgr., Marvin Monroe, Gale Bryant, Riley Moll, Glen Kuenzll, Larry Hite, Tom Miller, Jan Kuenzli, Hr. Buckeye. Martin Hoover, Glen Montgomery, Charles Gilliland, Jim Baublitz, Merle Goodman. Jim Gilliland, Jim Ahmann, Dave Youmans, Ray Hyatt 32 5 ,f ' . , . V f . 'E f lfv X, ,X , -. v v ,. . 'N J X I Q N X '- . it . x . A xx . Q' 1 2 f Q 'L ' I s I A z , L .4 I Q e ' e 'X' I'Nm E F Ex A A 9 2 Qu xf 2 . A Q I I I' Baseball FIRST ROW SECOND ROW Glen Montgomery, Jim Gilliland, Dick Gerber, Byron Edgington, John Suter, Jim Stiger, Tom Stover, Ray Hyatt, Riley Moll Mr Buckeye Coach, Gale Bryant, Bob Best, Curt Bell, Jim Steinhilber, Dick Larick, Jim Case, larry Hite, Karl Dilley, Dave Youmana Track FIRST nom nay Hyatt, unc ML-Mer, .nm sce1nh11b.r, Jim sugar, Tom Stover, Curt Bell SECOND ROI: Dick Lariek Mgr , lr Buckeye, Byron Edgington Mgr 33 2 5 A ,y W3 Q - x - 5: , x v - if I. J. 1 I k FK' ' ff K If .'- ' M , 5- ... 5, r y ,K gym, - 4,111 ,4 y ' : . , - . 5 N, .54 N. jf. .Hg , A 9.-Q - ' J 6 X - A Q12 , ,f ' ' I 9 Sports BASUB LL For the second consecutive season, the Nevada baseball team caotured the runner up trophy 1U Wyandot County, by vlrtue of a 4 won, 2 loss record in lea ue bla , the Bobcat diamondmen earned the r1,ht to comnete in the dlstrict baseball tournament held 1n the snrinf of 1954 Seniors who will be lost to the 1953 54 squad through graduation include: John Suter, Jim Stiger, Tom Stover, Bob Best, Barney Edyington, Dick Larick, and Jim Ste1nhilber BASKETBALL The Nevada cage souad of 1955 54 was the finest slnce 1945 In gaining a District Tournament berth the Bobcats hung up a f1ne record in winning 15, loslng 8 The county runner up tronhy cantured by the local cagers is the first won by a Nevada cage squad in nearly ten y ers In flrhtlng their we to second place, coach Buckeye's charges whinoed Marseilles, won a hard fought thr1ller from 'Scutch, lent down f1pht1ng before Champlon Sycamore, and l1cked 'Scutch again to even up the score for two regular season loosers to that ball club The Cats also won the Chamnionship trophy for the Hol1day Tourney at Bloomvllle In the Dlstrlct Tourney Nevada edged out a scrappy Sycamore qu1ntet TRACK The l955 54 track and f1eld squad's record of cantur1ng slx tro hies s eaks for itself. The Nevada thlnclads ran over all C0mD6t1t1OH in winning the county meet by a large margln In ga1n1ng the county tro hv for the second stralght year, the Bobcat runners cantured ten of twelve events The local trackmen won second olace 1n the Clyde Relays and grabbed the thlrd olace tronhy in the Oh1o Wesleyan Relays In 8dd1t1OH to w1nnlng the Upner Nlght Relays, the local clndermen showed their sunremacy in convlng the Class'B D1str1ct track tronhy for the second consecutive year, bv no means an easv feat aga1nst very keen competltlon 34 . 6 - '. ' Y Mt. Victory team, 59-58, only to fall before an undefeated, highly rated, Sept Nov Dec Jan Feb March Ma CAL'NDAR OF 'V N78 Back at the old bra1n factory Baseball game w1th Marseilles Win 6 off to the fair for three davs 'Scutch here Too bad Nevada 14 5 Watch the bird1e Sen1or pictures at Fostoria Nevad beats Barpster A shutout bv Soavv Band Boosters' supper Salem there lin 6 4 Sycamore here Bad day for Nevada Nevada beats Wharton to win second place Grab your partner Band Boosters' Dance Nivhty Sen1ors rule roost Freshmen In1tiat1on Happy Day Teachers meetlng No School Congratulations Boys! Glrls SDOHSOT Halloween Party Co Edu First basketball game Nevada w1ns over Melmore here 49 46 Nevada opens league schedule at 'Scutch Pdged out 68 64 Harpster here Nevada loses 4 6 Junlors put on two flne plays 'Bishops Mantel' Salem there Bobcats win a thriller Wharton falls before Bobcats 83 65 Sycamore there Tough luck, boys 81 6 Nevada wnlloos Caledonia 96 66 Grade Operetta Senlors give Christmas Party Back to school 'Scutch here No defense by Nevada Lose 64 74 Harpster theraa Nevada gets revenge 57 55 Senior scholarship tests Congratulatlons John and Karl Salem here Nice game, boys 70 59 Wharton there Nevada wins nerve wrecker 68 64 Heidelberg Concert Choir performance Sycamore here Bobcats go down 75 60 Nevada loses at Mt Zion 5 4 Community Institute Marseilles there Nevada wins last league game A close one Junior Class Valentlne Dance Bobcats w1n first tournament game Beat Marselllea 61 53 Nevada fxghts way to win over 'Scutch A 62 60 thriller Bobcats fight, but Sycamore wins tourney championship B7 61 Congratulations team and Mr Buckeye Jim Stiger sets tournam nt record as Bobcats galn runner up trorhy First dlstrict play since 1945 Bobcats bow down to Sycamore 's great five Band Boosters' nO1d Fashioned Box Social Work hard kids Solo and Ensembl Contest at p61dS1b9Pg Hove your guesses aregood Every ounil tests County musical at Sycamore, Out for a good t me Study hard Distrlct Scholarship test at Ada May Day Enjoy yourself Seniors Juniors are giv1ng you a Prom Baccalaureate Commencement Live it up Seniors New York and Washington D C , here we come 35 e 8' . 12- ' - -4 16- . 25' a ' ' - 28- ' ' . ' n n 29- - v . ,- 5O- ,. Oct, 2- . - 6- . 9- ' . 10- ' . . 15-4 O ' l 23" e . ' ,,. ii.- 3O- ' ' . - - ' ' : ' WMr. - 17- . ' - 20- o . . - 24-. . . 1- . 4- - 11- . - 6 15- . - 16- 18-Marseilles here. we win! 76-68 23- ' . 4- 8' e e ' 15- - 16- . ' 19- . - 22' e ' ' 24- 29- 0 " . 2- , 5- . . . . 12- H ' . 16- ' . ' - 18- ' , - 23- . , h - 26- . . . . 8- . 12- , 19- H 20- . e ..' 25' e e 26- i . y 1- - ' 7- 15- . ' 23- 26- 30- .. V . . Activities msc: or mc: Fifteen contestants of nevada High School entered the local Prince of Peace Declamaticn Contest last fall Natalie Jo Goons and Eileen Corfnan were the two local winners, with Joan Schilling and Janet Kellogg being their alternates. Both Natalie Jo and Eileen won first places in the two county contests. Natalie Jo then went on to receive number one honors in the district and state semi finals This enables her to speak in the state finals later in the school year lb of Nevada High School are very proud of Iatalie Jo and wish her the best of luck in her future contest. NATIONAL H NOR SOCIETY Out of the Class of 1954, four students are members of the National Honor Society They are: John Suter, Karl Dilley, Patricia Roberts, and Jeannette Fackler. Students must rank high in character, scholarship, leadership, and service in order to become a member of the society The members of the Junior Class have not been chosen at the time gf this printing AND The Nevada High School Band now consists of fourty-eight pieces and is new going into their fifth year It has made grand appearances all over the county, district, and state. The band gave a concert last fall which was a big success. Because of the great effort and splendid direction of lies lary Lou Fetters, our school is able to have such a well known band OCTETTE The Octette has appeared before many people this past school year The Ed lhltmeyer, second tenors, Jim Stlger and Jim Gilliland, baritones, and Jim Steinhilber and John Suter, basses Three of the boys will graduate this year SEXTETTE The sextette organized this year with three new members. These girls have sung for many occasions The girls ares Gloria Kinsley and Eileen Corfman, pranosg Natalie Jo Cccns and Carol Stover, second sopranosg Carolyn McClain and Donna Goodman, altos Two members will graduate this year. QUARTETTE This is the second year for the Beauty Shoppe Quartette which consists the same members as last year, Nancy Tschantz, first soprano, Juanita Best, second soprano Jeannette Fackler, first altog and Jane Monroe, second alto This group has sung for various entertainments One of the girls will graduate this year. 36 O O B ' e group includes: Jerry taskey and larvin Monroe, first tenors, Ray Hyatt and . sc- of ADVERTISING Complete Auto Service ourteuus Service EMICK'S SOPIO Nishes the clas of l99U the best of eve Jtllng Also wishes to thank the faculty, custodians and ras drivers for a Wob well done Paul Emick, Prop Compliments of THE NEVADA FARMERS GRAIN ASSOCIATIOJ Nevada k Lemert Alfred P Eler Manager Prone Nevada 2713 Phone Lemert 3784 37 C r' ' 5 ' Fl F in the years to come. ' ! Y Jn Jn. .-m3 Cvne ADTFPM Kuen 11 Q91 r rtc 8 Tir Jw hrpcker Service Q9a79W W Srrdc Iron Metal me , 1 PAT uxhlpnn wOCLnY Q .LAT .A1K rx pre tetdvles Aoz' J, 2179 ee Delivery 38 C5:'1i:Pnt2 if RLY 'HHLCLIHZ E'i UR ' 'L , ' es HGH. Toving ' , , , , ' Ft A IA 4 .-A - 1191 Nevada, Ohio Cr-9 nvr,2 of E. W. hi" ' P Sf "W N." A. in ET A' FL Tw 'P 4 F' in F Ads lift' in, 14.10 E4'xf ' , Fr 1 1 G L II TMS HAL L nu F Ucncl1mentQ of TH FIwS FIT Zfv: NATIONAL Nevada Upper Sawdu xy recfln n Sav1n5Q Acc Jn Vrfc Q Class, anl loanQ ll k1n's e eral De Inu p P Q J, J 39 Ccmp 139.25 of C'L 13 -' Q-"C' 'AESVY r' r nA V '.E f T - I -Y' ' . BANK 1' . 9' CX ,K 5 a d ' N- 0' ts, CM -xtmau " . ' L of a M . i posit Aurance 3 t, mln 29' Ccrpliuents of JENT BODY COMPANY orner of Center and Main Street Nevada Ohio Complivents of hyaniot Owio P one xevaee 2739 40 u Y' r STIGEH EUHIAL VAULTS vf , Compliments of D H BOUOFER Oeneral Building Contractor Oorpllments of THE S COMMISSION CO Phone 200 Upper Sand kv or o Prone Sycamore 23041 Ncfutcnenville Ohio 41 NJ O.. U. . ' . HWe Serve To Sell Agalnn ' -- us V, .1 x -Al.: V , Compliments of BOWLMOR LANES Bowling at its fine V A Mrs Stanley Smith Phone 17 Sycamore Ohio Compliment of Fldpm NATIONAL BANK c o e O 42 ll . ,. S I Mr. . I , s nThe Bank of Friendly Service Sy nz r , nlo ' , en A S C gn 9 97 Crpans rlawos, Band Inqtrlments L00 1 Res 9 Pntative G N Klns y Compliments of DICK N AND NONDEHS STUDIO 121 Pe ry Street Fo tor a Orlo P oto rapners For Tre neflec or 43 Vom'l1m ts if SHELLHCRJ Q 5CN'5 'J I STCiE 163 South .Jain St. Liarlon, Ohio Ph 9 Q-- lj Q' , ' . - '- .Q I,.Y,5. -- . . ' le I J 4 , r , S 1 , X h g l H ' E . Compliments of Compliments of JACOBS S ORE NEVADA DRY GOODS G SHOE STORE DRUGS 'For The Best In Clothe SCHOOL SUPPLIES Nevada, Ohio King Bros LUNCHEONS JACOBS FdnNITJRE STOnE KUENZLI HARDWARE Nevada Ohio Nevada Ohio 44 I all Compliments of Compliments of Plumbing k Heatin C 11 t f Umm men S O Dee, k Shallow Nell Nafer Sys e s Roofing 6 Spoutln Sipplies Tnatal1a'ior Service Used Parts And Tires CECIL I HEINLEN Phone 21231 713 N horrison St Nevada Ohio Nevada Ohio Compliments of Compliments of KNAPP'S CLOVER FARM STORE MARTIN BROS GROCLRIES k MEATS Groceries Q Meefs Phone 2211 Main Street Phone 2592 Nevada, Ohio Nevada, Ohio 45 MAHKLEY AUTO WRECKING COMPANY H li en 5 A T'S .L C RIC Pkllco Dealer and Service Phone 2033 Nevada, Okie on linen Q NEVAJA CLSTCH SLAW'VT POJSL U1 n muallty Meate .holeeale Retail Phone 9291 Nevqda, Onlo TIFrIN EJSIhES5 UNIVEMSITY A prove For Veferan Train nl Aut'or17ei mo Confer De rees Vie t Write or Telephone 905 For Infermqtion Tiffin, Ohio Compliments of KUENZLI wdnnilnb COMPANY INC COT? 11 Of C np C. of 'H T E F- ' M v 'Q '-3n.ER I ' ' A H' A M 5. K M electrical Supplies . T , U -- , 'r- y ' ' C l . . - , , , H A A i i U A .1 T . - 4 A X l 7 5 A , , ,L , ' V ny .-. wf 1 . f A I , 46 Cowplinents ol o plimen Q of CHI r DAIRI r OUJCTS C KIiLEY JA Rf Upper Sandlsky, Ohio re flneet 11 a tuerlzed PHONE 2v7 'Always r tre aryet wllk Upper Sandusfy Ohio 8 cream Corpllmentq Q Best Wishes To The Compliments Class Of '54 WALTON GRAIN bTVPHAN LUMBEH CO Dealers in Crain 8 Seed Phone QQO Upper Sandasky Ohio Up er SawdJ kj Ohio 47 A 4' V' vw 0- K1 Al. - A A 1- TF p . -D .3 . H -. O . w ' ' T. . . C Q , , - W milk and dairy proiuPts.N ' ' 1. X- m 1 for M . ' ' ll A C Y .A 4. ., of . ' CO. ' - . . , ' rw , 1 1 , ' p A 1 S - , ' Compliments of Compliments of SCHECKIS QIGAJ SUPER EVERGiEEN'S RESTAURANT MARKETS Upper Sandusky Ohio Shop At Scheck's And Save Phone 262 Bucyrus And Upper Sandusky Compliments Compliments of WYANDOT TRACTOR 0 IMPLEMENT COMPANY PORFMAN GRAVEL COMPANY Upper Sandusky, Ohio ashed Sand A Gravel Quality Remains Long After the Price is Forgotten - 6 541 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Model R lD1eselr 48 of W -t 1 ll I Q at I , ll rl f J F6 i 9 . 'Q . - KJ' Compliments of W. D. MUSSEH Buyer of H 8 G GROCEHY 8 RESTAURANT Poultry Eggs Sycamore Ohio Bucyrus Phone 5 2127 Dressed Poultry A Custom Dressine SYCAMCAE MIL1 8 SUPPLY Dealers in Fence Feeds Seed Grain Purina Chong Nayne Feeds master wlx Feeds Bell Phone 97 Sycamore Ohio EAT vORE BEEF ortyorn Brabmas nereford Black Ari s Wyandot County Cattle Feeder' Assoel tion , : A ,, .. N J ' ' M Geo. W. Eyestone - G. LL Kieffer 7 I 1 - ' V Sh .. . U , - l x'f'J ' n , s . 1 a 1 I 49 Compliments of THE JIM DUGAN CLOTHING STCAH Marlon, Ohio North Central Okie' Largest nen's and Boy's Complete Clotking Store Compliments of O. F. KIME LULEEn COLPA Eucyrue, Ohio 'Je Serve To bell Agein Let Us Help rl n Your Home Comoliments of DON'S EA1EEH SHOP Nevada Ohio A Compliments 'S Bn1BEn S Kev da Ohio HCP e C aee of 'ev1da, Ohio K 1 V e nf- f- f I 4-, . A S U A of ' T M'CK 'T Y . , . , 3 I Epgt Wieh s 1 ,, 5+ F. M. XEfH ZELLER'S GARAGE SERVICE Heating Q Ventila in' A 5 . Nevaia, Ohio 50 OC D 1 3 O L O 9 Q CE FGQT ec al U ll 1 A aehe s U S OTP on li ertc o Nevada C11 Co plimente DO TS n J D Cd nevada, Ohio TCM VO1 S 'For Cour e us Service Gam 5 C11 Route BO IN P one 3796 Compll erts f WILSON ROZEN FOODS Nevada, Rural Route 2 Pkone j75b NORRIS BROS C Q 8 Electrical Welding Machine Worr Blacksmithing N Trector Repairing Phone 2121 Nevada, Ohio Compliments of BLNDHR LU'4S FUNL1AL HOML Pkone 3338 Nevada, Ohio OFFICU MACFINES Vernon E Householder Typewriters Adding Machines Repair and Reccndltlon Pkone Zopl Nevada, Ohio C X' TITS ST'R' C L .. f P H 5 :ode Cfniy W I T. fn , W L. W. SHAVELY old trier AAC a.ces-Maytag J r Lovest Prices Cn All Makes Of Tires V A C , . X , . - Me.' W . Clothing . SRT T m. . of ' 2 5 W ' O 'IC' UT I . M . Hn A O ' JE., , , xv -' 7- 7 J.. . C 1 1 51 Compliments of F. E. DISHER INSURANCE Phone 25156 Nevada, Ohio KELLCGG IMPLEMENT CO. Case Farm Equipment Genuine Case Parts - Repairing Phone 5252 Nevada, Ohio HALL'S CITIES SE1VICE Cities Service Products and Accessories Nevada, Ohio SYCAMOQE IMPL MENT STORE Dealers in International Equip Phone 37 Sycamore, Ohio SYCAMORE FROZEN FOCD CENT A He dqu rters For Freezer 8 Locker Supplies phone 77 Sycamore Ohio THE SYCAMORE LEADER 'Quality r n ng At Fa r Pric Typewriter Ribbons Rubber Stamps Lade To Order Sycamore, Ohio Sycamore Ohio Wall Paper notion School Supplies horn Clothes SAILOR'S SE.VICE FVJTEn Tires Batteries Acoessorle Gulf O11 Product and S camore Orlo A Thousand Q One Other Items . , , Ee ' . P 1 tl ' A 1 .SS 8 3 . I , H , . IMLER VARIETY STORE , 1 1 2 'S V e L' 4 , A 52 HL I T'S D LJ S L ev 11 utor ,camore C io onyli emte of MORRE 7 DCND rL J Sycamore Oklo h CR1CULT'inL LIML Stone vel, Land Sreec Shearlne omplimente of THE LIT STAR OIL FO Petroleum Products onplimente DR C B SCr'CLFIfLD U per Sandusky Ohio Compllmente of rl L1 tle EAGLE NLSL r mf? RY Upper Saniuskv, Ohio Compliments of N EY S oultry EF s Cream Upper Sandusky Ohio Comollrents of L W A R I S wANCF Upcer Sanduefy Orio E1'L E HTS 'TCE' C no m r . The R ,a T e , J ' YH FINEEL Lil SH 1 'h T f . , . 1-X 'v-1 rw IX' Q. U . , Gra , . ', 5 ' X A , . R.F.D. Sycorore, Ohio Upper Sandusky, Ohio C . of ' " Eh Z , v V- m p ,.W . .nL.1.L1.. P 1 , . xv. ETCNE HM! V F H. . L NL. N J- - AGL Y P n - jg - .. . '-,- 1 .1 I 53 'IIC P1pLcoc Nc 'nn .nu V Fleafo Ywuw f',,, U,mp11:ents of KvEHLEn'S CAELLECUELS IHC. F19vQrQ For Every Phowe Q9 Ipppr Srxiusky Cccasizn 1 L..-4 x""" ,-P-n .1A.LC3 S' ALES -pper Sa dusky, Ohio C'1f , M J Area Wide Deiivvrv x'S SC IC DMR Jopvr Sanducfy Crio Our Service .anec You Comylimentc 'T' J D OTFL ILC Jcyer wduQAy O 1 an' Fo Come Exvf NYAN DC J. LAN HS onlin g Snacx Har Jpper J nduqk, C io For A bpypr SawiusAy t' JIPL 'S t'ona1lJ S IZJ' Aivvrticem rand PA -Dsuh L F3 C I' O'e1Q ui O"1 OT 1 C C 'XFN L er Dani QKJ C o xcr, ,Q f JIN H ' 'VLTICE 'F . , of T- "xx" SJ f- v--F v v -- JAUSC A . AS v . ll W 'ln Sa. '-' , H o W, . ' ,... 1,'f ' V m 'ff ISC. In -- ' ', . .1 .X -- I S E ' , -- ' ' f ' 1 E .nEN' ?W'.R V na b.U, h 'a A . ' ', V,F E Compllxentv cf C M 1 L. is of P CI'h "'S FLCYLH SELF ,U . M , .Nm A nf - - - -V -Ln.-D . C ' nv C lf S .jp F 33515 ny, CL1O ' ' A X V '1 m ', Cf D1St1nP'- . 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Hazel Street Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK Upper Sandusky, Ohio The Bank With A uDr1Ve-In Window The Bank Of Complete Service NEUAEISThhS Upper Sandusky, Ohio Eatmor Enriched Bread 8 Pastries Compliments OATES JEAELRY STORE Upper Sanduskv Ohio Coroliments of THE DAILY CHIEF UNION U Der Sandusky Ohio Lomollmerts of HUFFMAN SHOE nEP AWNING SEiVICE Upper Sandusky, Ohio owpllments f S P N I SA ES Phone 3500 lo E Per y t Tiffin Chi F Howa d Lawson FAWI W Tl INSURAICE nar1cn Ohio Q 'L ' . of , , . ,, 1 .Q . ..- V ' x ' IC' AIR 9, I Q C J . o ' 4 F Henry L. 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