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5: W Fur, V. X ,. lf! 4 Twelve years ago Miss Jean Schwebel came to Nevada School as a first grade teacher. Her knowledge and patient teaching has helped in every field of study and has been a guiding influence to those whom she taught. To Miss Schwebel we dedicate this publication of the 1951 Reflector, and we sincerely wish to congratulate her for her friendliness and guidance throughout the last twelve years. Z LUTHER B. LUST Superintendent We, the Seniors, wish to express our appreciation and gratitude to Superin- tendent Lust. With his cheerful smile and ready advice he has encouraged and inspired us during the last several years in the Nevada School. Board of Education Superintendent Lust Ray Gilliland Richard Bare Paul Suter Ianitors Jean Golling Mr Fritz Lester Markley Mr. Markley Forrest Disher 4 MARY LOU FETTERS Music RICHARD FRENCH Agriculture TWILA DROLLINGER Girls' Physical Education Home Economics n 'gs 'vu 1' Q .,,...,,, fi ? .Sv Q ik-an I Q I 3 . 7 TAY V .-' T Q .. . A mgv , X A 1 ' K gg. fx - 'NSG' Z2 g-:fig fviiiwilxii . kai ROBERT STREIGHT RUTH KUENZL! BRUCE MARTIN American History English Histcry Junior High Latin Social Studies M 'if 6 -'X The Senior Class wishes success, MILDRED HAI-'EY lgck to Mr. Ritterspach in LEON NEEB Commercial 5 'my steer' Boys' Physical Education Science 5 Reflector Staii FIRST ROW: Mr. Lust, Joyce Heinlen, Carol Jacobs, Alice Mosman, Mary Ellen Dilly. SECOND ROW: Donald Corfman, Eddie Clevenger, John Tschantz, Ronald Klink. - " ., Z X f, , E 9' -Lb. 4 w. K 'U-R Boo! X Editor ........ Assistant Editor .... Business Manager. . . Assistant Business Manager .... Photography Manager. . . Advertising Manager .... Circulation Manager .... Activities Manager .... 6 si? . . John Tlchuxts Mary Ellen Dilly . . .Joyce Heinlen . . Alice Mosman . . . Carol Jacobs Eddie Clevenger .Donald Corfman . . . . Ronald Klink ff! 4 HOMERGILLILAND F.F.A.. ..... ............ ..... ..3 Boys' Glee Club .... . . . l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus .... . . . l-Z-3-4 Class Play ..... ........ 3 Baseball ...... . . .3 Basketball .... . . . 3 Track ....... ..... . . 3 RONALD KLINK Basketball .......... . . . . . . l-Z-3-4 Baseball ........... . . . l-2-3-4 Class President ..... ...... l -3 Class Treasurer .... . ..... Z Ouartet ......... . . . 3 ClassPlay... ......3 Annual Staff ..... ....... 4 Mixed Chorus ....... . . .1-Z-3-4 Boys' Glee Club .... . . .1-Z-3-4 Band ............. ...... 3 -4 Operetta ........... .... .4 Newshound Staff .... . . . A CAROL JACOBS Home Economics. . . . . . . . . . I-Z-3-4 Class Play ........ ...... 3 -4 Operetta .......... ........ 4 Girls' Glee Club ..... . . . I-Q2-3:-4 Mixed Chorus ..... ...... 3 -4 Annual Staff ...... ...... 4 Newshound Staff. . . . . . 4 Speech Club ....... . . .3 Class Reporter ...... . . .3 Scholarship Team ........ . . . 3 Vice-President of Home ' Economics ............ . . . 3 Girls' Glee Club Secretary ..... . . 4 IRENE BACHTELL Girls' Glee Club. .. . . . .... l-Z-3-4 MnxedChorus.................3-4 ClassPlay.... .... ...........3-4 Home Economics Club. . . . . . . l-Z-3 Operetta.............. Newshound Staff..... ...4 Scholarship... .... ...l CHARLES MOSMAN Basketballn... .... ......--.l-Z-3 Baseball ....... ........... I -Z-3 Track ........... ........ 3 Boys' Glee Club. .. . . . l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus .... . . . l-Z-3:4 Quartet ........... .... l -Z-3 Class Treasurer .... ...... l Vice-President ....... .... Z -3 l-'.F.A. Reporter ........ . . .l 1-'.F.A. Vice-President. . . . . . 4 Class Play ..... , ..... ... ...3 Annual Staff .......... . .... 4 NewshoundStaff.................4 DONALD McDLHANEY Basketball..................l-Z-4 Manager ........... .... . 3 Boys' Glee Club .... . . .l Newshound Staff .... . . .4 Mixed Chorus. . . . . . . .l F.F.A. ........ . . . l-3 Baseball ..... .... 3 -4 8 JOYCE REED Home Economics. . . . . . . . . . l-Z-3-4 Class Secretary .... ..... Z -3 Girls' Glee Club. . . . . .l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus .... .... 3 -4 Class Play ........... ..... 3 Speech Club Play ....... . . . 3 Speech Club Secretary. . . .... . . . . 3 Home Economics Treasurer. . . . . . Z MAX SPEIGEL Boys'Glee Club .......... ...l-2 Newshound Staff .... . . .4 Manager .......... .... l Basketball ....... .... Z -3 F.F.A. ..... . . . 1-Z BILLY STOVER Basketball... ......... .... l-Z-3-4 Baseball .......... . . . l-2-3-4 Boys' Glee Club .... . . . l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus .... . . . l-2-3-4 Class Play.... ....3-4 Newshound .... ...... 4 Operetta .... ........ 4 Track .... . . . l-Z-3-4 I0 ANN JURY Girls' Glee Club. . . . . . . . . . l-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus. .... ............3-4 Class Vice:-President .... .... Z Class Secretary ......... .... 3 Speech Club Treasurer .... .. . 3 Operetta .............. . . . 4 Class Play ............ . . . 3 Home Economics Club. . . . . . l-2 Newshound Editor .... . . . 4 Scholarship ....... . . . . .2 MIRIAM C GIF MAN Heine Economics .............. Z-4 Mixed Chorus ....... . . . l-Z-3-4 Girls' Glee Club ..... . . .1-Z-3-4 Newshound Staff. . . ..... . . . 4 Class Play ..... .... Z -3 Sextet ........... ..... 4 Class Reporter .... . . .l Class Secretary... ..... ...Z Class President.................3 DONALD CQIFMAN Basketball ................ l-2-3-4 Baseball ........ ........ . . . l-Z-3 Track ............. .......... 3 Boys' Glee Club .... .... l -Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus ..... .... 1 -Z-3.-4 Quartet ............ . . . l-2-3 Class President .... ....... Z Vice-President. . . . . .1-4 Class Treasurer .... . . . 3 F.F.A. President. . . . . . .4 Class Play ....... .... 3 Prince of Peace .... . . .l-3 Annual Staff ...... . . . 4 Operetta .......... . . . 4 Newshound Staff .... . . . 4 9 STANLEY GOODMAN Basketball..- ...... ........ l-Z-3 Baseball....................l-Z-3 Track............. .........3 Boys' Glee Club. ... ...l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus .... Octet......... Class Play .... . . . .....Z-3 ......4 .....l-3 ....S-4 Newshound Staff. . . . . . . 4 Operetta......... ..4 R OBERT MORGAN Basketball.......... .... ....Z-3-4 Baseball.......... ...... ...Z-3-4 Boys' Glee Club .... ..... l Vice-President .... .... I Track .......... . . . l-Z Mixed Chorus. . . . . . l-Z Newshound. .. . . . . . 4 ALICE MOSMAN Home Economics. . . ..... ......Z-4 Mixed Chorus ...... . . . l-Z-3-4 Girls' Glee Club. Class Secretary. .. ...l-Z-3-4 ... ...l-3-4 Class Treasurer .... . . . . .2 Annual Staff. ...... . . . . . .4 Class Play. . . .... .... Z -3 Cheerleader. . . . . Newshound Staff, . . ... .. .... .2-3 ....... ....4 Girls' Glee Club President. ...... 4 JOYCE HEINLEN HomeEconolnics..............l-Z ClassPlay...... .... ...........3 Girls' Glee Club .... . . . l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus ..... ...... 3 -4 Annual Staff ....... ...... 4 Newshound Staff ...... .... 4 Class Secretary ....... ..... 1 Class News Reporter .... ...... 4 Scholarship Team .... .... l -Z-3 Band ............... ..... 3 -4 Accompanist ...... ..... 4 Librarian ....... ..... l -Z Honor Society. . . . .... 3-4 EDDIE CLEVENGER Basketball.................. l-Z-3 Baseball.. .... ............l-Z-3-4 Track. . . . . .... . . Boys' Glee Club. . . Mixed Chorus. . . . Ouartet........ I-'.F.A........... Class President. . .. .....l-Z-3 ... l-Z-3-4 ... l-Z-3-4 ....l-Z-3 .... l-3 .. ....Z Vice-President .... .... . .3 Class Play ...... .... . . . . . . . .3 JOHN TSCHANTZ Prince of Peace ..... . . . . . l-Z-3-4 Boys' Glee Club. ..... ..... l -Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus. . . .... l-Z-3-4 Quartet ....... .... l -Z-3 -4 Honor Society. . . ..... .3-4 Class Play ...... ......... 3 Cheerleader ...... . . . 1-Z-3-4 Class President .... ...... l -4 Class Reporter ..... . . . 2 Class Treasurer .... . . . 3 Annual Editor ..... .... 4 Newshound Staff .... .... 4 F.F.A. ........... . . . l Operetta ........ . . . 4 . A R' 10 Class History September, 1946, two little trees, the Classes of 1951 were planted, one in Nevada High School, and one in Eden High School. Little did any one think that these two trees would ever unite in the future. As Freshman Classes these little trees thrived, the Nevada tree 'having 16 leaves, and the Eden tree having 7 leaves. At Nevada the biggest leaf of all was Wayne England, while the biggest leaf of Eden was John Tschantz. Next carrie the Sophomore year and the trees grew and flourished as all trees will which are given the excellent opportunities that these little trees were given. All the leaves showed added improvement, but the top most leaf this year at Nevada was Eddie Clevenger, with Donald Corfman holding this position at Eden. Another year, the trees are getting quite large. They now are Junior Classes A very important position as all class trees well know. Ronald Klink was chosen as the main leaf of Nevada, and Miriam Corfman as the main leaf at Eden. Under Ronald's leadership, the much talked about all night Junior -Senior Banquet was staged in the Nevada auditorium, while at Eden under Miriam's capable guidance a similar banquet was held at Sandusky. Now it is 1951 and the space between the two trees has grown so small that the two trees united to form one tree. The once little trees are now one very wise and grown up tree. The number of leaves is eighteen. From these, John Tschantz was chosen as the leaf to lead the rest. Donald Corfman, Alice Mosman, Eddie Clevenger, and Joyce l-leinlen were elected as his helpers. These leaves, like the rest, did not stay long, nor will the tree get any larger. The Class of 1951 has gone on, seeking new worlds to conquer. ll Class Will We, the Seniors of the Nevada High School, upon this 22nd day of May, 1951 do hereby agree to the following document, and do bequeath upon the following classmates our most highly prized traits and possessions. Article I: To the faculty members as a whole, we leave all our paper and pencils which we so often forgot to bring to class. Article ll: To the Junior Class we leave our battered and beat-up books including and scribbling and wrong answers they may find within them. Article III: To individual members of the high school we leave the following: I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I Irene Bachtell, will my bashfulness to Mary Ellen Dilley. Eddie Clevenger, will my homely face to any sucker. Donald Corfman, endow to Miss Fetters my conduct in music class. Miriam Corfman, will my position in sextet to any one who wants it. Homer Gilliland, bequeath my cute smile to Jim Disher. Stanley Goodman, endow my Nash to Frank Sipes. Joyce Heinlen, will to Ardith Young my position as majorette. Carol Jacobs, endow my soprano voice to Mary Pell. Jo Ann Jury, will my Cadillac to any one who wants a good car. Ronald Klink, will my position as drum major to Dick Weaver. Donald McElhaney, bequeath my red hair to the handsome Merle Mathews. Charles Mosman, will my A's in F.F.A. to the Future Farmers of America Alice Mosman, endow my natural curly hair to Martha Mathews. Joyce Reed, endow to Ruth Ellen Schilling my ability to stay home from school. Max Speigel, will my girl friends to Roger Monroe. Bill Stover, bequeath to Fredrick Clinger my ability to high-jump. John Tschantz, endow the Senior Presidency to any one who wants to commit suicide. Robert Morgan, bequeath my Mohawk to Milton Motter. 12 Class Prophecy DEAR nnuw Dear Diary January I0 I read in the paper that EddieClevenger is one of the pilots of La Guardia Field. Dear Diary February 24 Today I ran across Alice MosmaninParis. She is a dress designer there. Dear Diary February Z4 While visiting Ohio State College today, I met Charles Mosman. He was teaching Agriculture. Dear Diary March 6 I was very pleased today to hear that Joyce Reed is married to a five-star general, George Snodgrass. Dear Diary May I0 l attended a football game at Heidelberg today and do you know that Ronald Klink is their drurn major? Dear Diary May 16 While attending the theater in Manhattan I found that John Tschantz was playing the lead in "The Small Hours." Dear Diary May 19 On visiting one of the most fashionable down town night clubs in Chicago, I found Miriam Corfman as the head waitress. Dear Diary May ZZ ' As I was walking down the main street in San Francisco today a name on an office door caught my eye. It read "Max Speigel Attorney at Law." Dear Diary May 31 I just receivedia letter from Irene Bachtell and she's a beautician in New York City. Dear Diary June 9 I went to Cleveland to see the Indians play the Yankees today and to my sur- prise Bill Stover was catching for the Indians. Dear Diary July 6 Diary you won't believe it. I saw Robert Morgan driving a racer at Indianapolis Speedway today. Dear Diary July IZ I just returned from California and who do you think I saw in M.G.M. studio? None other than Carol Jacobs. She's starring with Clark Gable in one of M.G.M. biggest movies. Dear Diary July 12 I went to Minnesota to visit a friend at Mayo Clinic and I ran into Joyce Heinlen. She is the head nurse there. Dear Diary July Z6 Diary guess what Jo Ann is doing. She's an old maid school teacher at Nevada High. Dear Diary August 18 I heard Donald Corfrnan singing on Arthur Godfrey talent scouts this morning. Dear Diary August Z8 I was visiting at the White House today and I met Homer Gilliland. He is now one of the president's privatesecretaries. Dear Diary October 30 While touring Pennsylvania l came across the Donald McElhaney's duck farm. Dear Diary December Zl I saw Stanley Goodman's Nash sales in Detroittoday. Boy what cars. 13 Um-x ' I IJ l me FIRST ROW: Ruth Ellen Schilling, Imogene Kuenzli, Shirley Craft, Lois Whitxneyer, June Markley Gladys Monroe, Marilyn Fackler. SECOND ROW: Roger Monroe, Mary Ellen Dilley, Joyce Heistand, Ann McClain, Rose Ann Sales, Onalee Stover, Jacqueline Reber, Harold Christensen, Mr. Bruce Martin. THIRD ROW: Dick Weaver, Dick Sipes, Richard Parker, Fred Clinger, James Disher , Fred Markley. ABSENT: Wayne Beamer. 15 i 4 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: Wffmf '-"k E?'QfS9'?57'. ' WW QQ, Q. L S 3 .... nh' Mlm-PX P X f Z 3 Ark Q 5 of i Y Q-A H' 'f fi Reynolds, Ianei Christensen, Jane Traxler. Shirley Scott, Patricia Best, Mildred Traxler, Wilma Armbruster, Patricia Donald Walter, Donald Ekleberry, Robert Sortland, Norma Monroe, Jean Heistand, Martha Gilliland, Shirley Fletcher, David Schilling, Kenneth Jacobs, James Mar kley, Miss Haley. Mathews, Joel Klink, Earl Adams, Frank Sipes, Noel Williams. 1811105 Westerman, James Nordyke. if . we f 4 Kg W' J . ff. VW 'i 5 5 fel Mflkvl X fi Ronald Pfahler, Arden Monroe, Paul Motter, John Eier, Dick Tschantz, Merle " ,gg . 5? -I f'S4a'E9:: U -'S . f ,n k 35 1151 - 7 . 'fi ' ., L yifflififiiiil H-- 16 .Q .Em ,gi-. bl Q ae S Q, - 251125-1 f , If fi f E R 2, si - wr i if le W 55 N' 1 S ,Q , X N w Lax N X H xl: v F 'M X dp lf 5 N I -Q L N an WIA X' J' ,S 3 fa T FIRST ROW: Eva Mae Heistand, Carolyn MCC lain, Cletabelle Eyestone, Anita Stover, Joyce Cover, Ardith Young, Jeannette Fackler. SECOND ROW: Karl Dilley, Earl Baker, Sharon Alban, Natalie Jo Coons, Margarei Schilling, Mary Pell, Johnny Suter, Richard Suter, Mrs. Drollinger. THIRD ROW: Torn Stover, Robert Best, Jaxnes Steinhilber, James Stiger, Wayne Spiegel, Richard Larick, Bill Slavey, George Gatchell. ABSENT: Bert Adams, Jerome Wilson. ' 3 'J W .mln mi um "' FS,-vwwvrfi-4 ,Q 17 -FJQ 1 L f Fx Sf. F FIRST ROW: SEC OND ROW: THlRD ROW: ABSENT: FIRST ROW: SEC OND R OW: THIRD R OW: ABSENT: Rita Stover, Sarah Kerr, Ellen Markley, Rose Marie Norris, Janet Spiegel, Anna Pell, Martha Matthews. Helen Creger, Jerry McClain,' Robert Gatchell, Richard Gerber, David Stull, Anita Stalder, Mr. Streight. Kenneth Conn, Dwight Spiegel, Charles Gilliland, Marvin Monroe, Jerry Caskey. Carolyn Moore, Jack Moore, Delbert Conn. Janet Kellogg, Nancy Tschantz, Gloria Kinsley, Beth Traxler, Shirley Pflieder, Jane Monroe, Anna Scott. Gary Caldwell, Wilford England, Juanita Best, Mountie Dyer, Gloria Dinkle, Robert Aten, Marvin Heinlen, Mr. Neeb. Glenn Spiegel, Willis England, Darrel Beamer, Milton Motter, Thomas Creger, Curtis Bell, Eugene Reed, Edward Whitmeyer, Henry Johnson. Donna Nordyke, Norma Staats, Dolly Staats, Sharon Holt, Arthur Williams. 18 J 2 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENTI FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW THIRD ROW: ABSENT: i i ? H C 'gi l we YJ- '25 V W 55? ky! 39. mi? Suzanne Suter, Mary Lee Kerr, Nancy Spitler, Evelyn Smith, Phyllis Nordyke, Betty Jacobs, Julia Norris. Robert Coons, John Stalder, Doris Pell, Margaret Rose Turpin, Rosie Staats, Peggy England, Larry Cheney, Mrs. Kissling. Raymond McClintock, Vaughn Reed, Robert Staats, Leon England, Herbert Conn. Ruth Anne Adams, Kenneth Bell, Lowell Eier, Larry Gongwer. Sally Nordyke, Leora Bell, Sharon Kinsley, Mary Lou Suter, Shirley Lawrence, Judy Kellogg, Emily Starner, Wilma Daiber. Elton Harmon, David Youman, Tommy Miller, James Graber, Chester Probst, Robert Baker, Hershell Johnston, Mrs. Kinsley. Jan Kuenzli, Riley Moll, Glenn Kuenzli, Howard Gilliland, Darrel Motter, Georgie Holt, Ollie Smith. Dale Bare, James Cheney, Calvin England, and Roger Moll. 19 FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FIRST ROW: SEC OND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: Margie Jacobs, Linda Thomas, Patty Nordyke, Susan McClintock, Sarah Coons, Juanita Long, Vergene Markley, Mary Kay Heistand, Betty Bare. Barbara Chance, Barbara Snavely, Norma Stax-ner, Marie Gerber, Nancy Niederhauser, Brenda Chance, Patricia Baker, Dixie Gault, Ruth Ann Motter, Sharon Bucher, Miss Aten. Verl Markley, Tommy Trish, Richard Sheaffer, John Kellogg, Dewey Wilson, Robert Adams, Gary Holdcraft, Curtis England, Garland Johnston. Lola Gill, Ruth Ann Stover, Lorrene Markley, Doris Gattchell, Sandra King, Judy Cheney, Karen Schwartzkapf. Elwood Smith, Donald Kuenzli, Tommy Cooper, Richard Gregg, Eddie Martin, Eugene Caskey, Tommy Huston, Larry Bowser, Mervin Walter, Mrs. Reed. David Monroe, Larry Winchester, Ronnie Oiler, Riley Stover, Jerry Gill, David Bucher, Larry Snodgrass. Sharon Parish, Violet Traxler. 20 FIRST ROW: SEC OND ROW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: FIRST ROW: SECOND R OW: THIRD ROW: ABSENT: Judy Oiler, Janet Conn, Bonnie Monroe, Phyliss Gill, Patty Cassidy, Marjorie Gongwer, Marsha Schwarzkopf, Barbara King, Cheryl Heistand. Juanita Springer, Jean Spiegel, Joyce Kissling, Marie Pfleider, Nancy Baker. Linda Larick, Kathleen Norris, Peggy Snavely, Miss Schwebel. Eugene Thomas, Ronald Scott, Tommy Kerr, Cecil Caskey, Tommy Young. Billy England, John Pollock, Gary Hornak, Ronald Bucher, Ralph Thomas, Dale Copper. Billy Best. Jimmy Huston, Ronald Martin. Ilene Staats, Sandra Trish, Romona Stout, Linda King, Mary Niederhauser, Paula Davies, Bonnie Lawrence, Susan Miller, Mary Ann Sheaffer. Billy Gill, Jimmie Ross, Harlena Himmenger, Connie Kinsley, Marilyn Nordyke, Norman Adams, Bobby Creamer, Mrs. Steinmetz. Larry Parker, Larry Daiber, Jack Spitler, Jimmie Williuns, Jimmie Baker,Thomas Caskey, Clifford Conn, Curtis Harman. Nancy Kerr, Frank Traxler, Ronnie Holt. aw. -kfiawg' Z A Z1 I-III Star i Varsity s Y 'Y A DONNIE JOEL C3 Q ' 15- f'siQ-iii ' 1, .1 N sz ff 23 A. I' K 1 fait Q V I KR N 'ff i w 1 I ,fx , 5 RONNIE ' I A " tv A ,Q a - K " If A ' N . , V , 1 M, 6 9,22-'51 X" K 1 X- f '5 ' BOB X01 F gf i 4 S? if Xi BUCK CHRIS RVHQ! 33 I 555, 4 'Q -52 E1 I 4 4 A .4 Reserve Basketball lr. High Basketball F3 'NI Q X Zia, Z W' Baseball Future Farmers of America C5 5 2 S Z5 Cheerleaders ze 1 AN Z7 Calendar oi Events Sept. 5 When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for school to start ------ School starts. . Sept. ll Marseilles baseball game .... 13-3 .... Won. Sept 12-13 Wyandot County Fair .... Sept 18 Sycamore baseball game .... 16-Z .... Lost. Sept Z1 Salem baseball game .... 9-Z .... Won. Sept ZZ Welcome Eden by high school dance and party. Sept Z5 Senior's chose the Dicken's Studio. Sept Z6 Scutch baseball game .... 2.0-0 .... Lost. Sept. Z9 Junior's chose their class rings. Oct. Z Paul Lenard. . . Whistling Expert. . . . Oct. Z Wharton baseball game .... 7-6 .... Lost. Oct. Z Operetta try-outs .... Good luck .... Oct. 6 Harpster baseball game .... 15-8 .... Lost. Oct. 10 Senior's have their pictures taken .... Smile pretty. . . Oct. ll The Three Vagabond's .... Very good .... Oct. 12 Senior's get their proofs .... Oh Brother! Oct. 13 "The Freshman Initiation." Oct. Z0 The Senior's hayride .... Hmmmmmm. Oct. 24 No school ...... Teacher's meeting. Oct. Z9 F.F.A. hayride. .. . . Nov. Z-14 Sell those magazines. Nov. 4 F.F.A. Green hand initiation. Nov. Students hear Senator Taft speak. . . Nov. 9 WMRN .... Operetta .... Nov. 15 Hunting .... No boys .... Nov. 16 Operetta at Eden .... Nov. 17 Operetta at Nevada .... Nov. Z0 Wyandot County Teacher's Meeting at Nevada .... Nov. ZZ Harpster basketball game at Eden .... Lost. Nov. Z3-Z4 Thanksgiving and vacation ..... Nov. 2.5 . F.F.A. roller skating. Dec. l Basketball game at Salem .... Lost in spite of new uniforms. . . Dec. 5 Basketball game at Eden .... Lost to Tiro .... ' Dec. 7 Every pupil tests .... Oh my head! Dec. 8 Basketball game at Marseilles .... Lost again. . . Dec. 15 10 short days until Christmas .... Dec. l6 Sliding party .... F.F.A. Dec. 19 Basketball game at Harspter .... Lost. Dec. 2.1 The Christmas program by the mixed chorus .... Dec. ZZ Last day of school for 1950 .... Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Dec. Z8 Basketball game with Mt. Zion. . .. . We won. . . . Jan. 2 Oh! No! That school bell again .... Jan. 5 Sycamore basketball game .... Lost. Jan. IZ Wharton basketball game .... Lost. Jan. 17 Band Concert .... Look at those snappy new uniforms. Jan. 19 Basketball game with Scutch .... Lost. Jan. Z3 Basketball game with Whetstone .... Lost. Jan. Z6 Basketball game at Eden with Salem .... Lost. Jan. Z9 Vaccinations .... Ouch! My sore arm! Jan. 31 Junior Class Play at Nevada. Feb. l Junior Class Play at Eden. Feb. Z Basketball game .... Marseilles .... Won. Feb. 6 Basketball game .... Melmore .... Lost. Feb. 9 Basketball game .... Scutch .... Lost. Feb. 10 Senior Scholarship Test .... Feli. 15-17 Tournament Qtoo bad Nevadal. Feb. 23 Order invitations for Commencement .... Z9 X Mixed Chorus 6 il If X '1 1- :I X Q-. T: 1 w a 1 1 ' 402 I J Y 'WF' QW ' Band 30 Girls' Glee Club Boys' Glee Club 31 Basketball Although the 1950-'51 basketball team did not blossom forth with numerous trophies and laurels for Nevada High School, we are proud to claim the title "A highly improved team", which has been given to Nevada High School. The squad has shown wonderful improvement if not many victories under the capable training of Mr. Neeb. But then "Rome was not built in a day" Several Seniors will be lost by the squad next year: Robert Morgan, Donald Corfman, Donald McElhaney, Ronald Klink, and Bill Stover. Baseball Only two games were marked up for Nevada this year, but the team must be given credit for their earnest effort. Ronald Klink, Robert Morgan, Eddie Clevenger, Donald McElhaney, and Bill Stover will be lost by the team, but there are other players to fight for future victories. Prince ot Peace Fourteen members turned out for the Prince of Peace this year. Two contests were held, one at the Methodist Church. The winners were Natalie .To Coons and John Tschantz, and June Markley and Shirley Craft were alternates. We were proud to have Natalie Jo and John win second place in the county con- test. "In Grand Old Switzerland" The operetta "ln Grand Old Switzerland" was presented on the 16th and 17th of November under the excellent direction of Miss Fetters. It was the first operetta since 1945. The operetta was also given over WMRN with parts being somewhat altered but was given with great applause. In the operetta there was a constant quarrel between Herr Bolliger, a clockmaker fBob Sortlandj and Herr Nops, a famous guide and mountain climber QRonald Klinkl. Herr Nops' son Juli Uohn Tschantzj and Herr Bolliger's daughter Trudi Qlmogene Kuenzlil were greatly attracted to each other much to their father's dismay. Then tourists frorn,America, Mrs. Miller KMarilyn Facklerj and her son and daughter, portrayed by Donald Corfman and Patty Reynolds, caused only more complications, all of which made for a surprise climax. Then the two old men became very good friends. Other supporting characters were Hedwig and Fritz portrayed by Miriam Corfman and Charles Mosman. The rest of the cast was composed of the mem- bers of the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. "Clementine" A most entertaining class play was given this year by the Junior Class. The play "Clementine" is a cleverly written story of a tom-boy who finds that boys just don't go for girls that can beat them at football. To land her man Clementine becomes a refined lady by taking elocution lessons. lt all ends happily as good plays should, but it has a lesson by which we can all benefit. Swell Job Juniors. 0 32. Sexte! Martha Gilliland and Miriam Corfman, second sopranos, are the two new mernhers of the sextet this year. The other members are Imogene Kuenzli and June Markley, first sopranosg and Gladys Monroe ind Onslee Stover, Altos. This group sang at various entertaimnents. .X a LWISQQ? S NX on 0 . 'I' Bdthlhese organizations would not have been able to give their grand performmzes without the capable and splendid direciim of Miss Fetters. The Seniors. as well no the others, are very thankful for her wm- derful help. Ode! This choral group began its singing this year for the first time. They have sung for various entertainments. The group consists of John Tschantz, Donald Corfman, Charles Mosman, and Eddie Clevenger, tenorsg and Ronald Klink, Stanley Goodman, Joel Klink, and James Disher, bass. Q 1 i7 5 5 5 4 Q PRINCE OF PEACE WINNERS PRINCE OF PEACE CONTESTANTS 34 .Q- ii National Honor Society Office Secretary 6f!ice H eip Libwy Staff 3 5 ,fQ1, Q ,A.h r m 6. l Z. Horne Economic 3. Study Hall 4. Typing Classes 5. Physics Class 6. Schools Oui . Home Economic sl sll 1 l '1 7 1 i X i w- Y Wi" I 38 CLASS OF 1882 Grace Shay CLASS OF 1883 lda Pease CLASS OF 1884 Gertrude Young Margie Smythe Esther Agnew CLASS OF 1885 Nellie Hopp Fred Gregg CLASS OF 1886 Tillie Klinger Orpha Todd Agnes Pfisterer CLASS OF 1887 Victor Knapp Nora Lambright Harry Huston Lillie Muchelksnaus CLASS OF 1888 William Balliet Jessie Scott Marie Agnew Ella Kieffer Mattie Russel CLASS OF 1889 Elva Cook Norby Lea Hattie Pease CLASS OF 1890 Esther Scott Winnie Todd Minor Keltner Tillie Lydle James Hennessy CLASS OF 1891 Millie Hughey Harry Goodbread Edmund Tompkins Clarence McCauley CLASS OF 1892 Bina Beaver Cuba Myers Alumni Mabel Todd Fred Tompkins Adrian Aten Tom Aten CLASS OF 1893 Minnie McDermott Maude 1-lughey CLASS OF 1894 Lettie Fraise Mertie Miller Frank Masters Homer Woolsey Frank Morris CLASS OF 1895 Sue Fraise William Williams CLASS OF 1896 Lillie Williams Maggie Mattimore Gladys Morris Gertrude 1-lauff CLASS OF 1897 Donna Souder Benjamin Blaser Henry Traxler James Grove Fred Ritterspach Charles Aten Seley LaDow Jasper Markley CLASS OF 1898 Josephine 1-lennessey Nellie I-lennessey Georgia Ritz Mamie McHaugh May Alban Lucille Gilliam Albert Pfisterer Ross Hagerman Robert Williams CLASS OF 1899 Myrtle Aten Nina Blair Clara Coon Gratia Sawyer Lila Smith Eldon Dolbeer CLASS OF 1900 Bess Gillam Bessie I-lauff Bessie Lilley Cora Markley Abbie McCarty Lessie Masters Harry Burke Will Grove John Hauff Alonzo Miller Arthur Pfisterer CLASS OF 1901 Plphal Caidwell Della Swartz Raynor Dolbeer CLASS OF 1902 Charles Burns Richard Cosgrove Gertrude Kinzly lrene Pfisterer Velma VanAtta Valerie Ritterspach CLASS OF 1903 James Smalley Daisy Morris Louise McLaughlin Goldie 1-lughey Ray Kauble Grace Beiter CLASS OF 1904 Althea Williams Delta Eckert Nelson Kinsly Rita Kinsly Flora Gregg Lilliam Morris CLASS OF 1905 Grover Traxler Ethel Grover Archie Johnson CLASS OF 1906 Mabelle Albert Ethel Albert Bernice Armstrong Della Suter Carl Anderson Sherman Anderson Harry Martin B eatric e Young CLASS OF 1907 Alice Kuenzli Kathryn Irmer Ross Kinsly Robert Blair Fraude Brown Cora Lilley CLASS OF 1908 Ruth Kuenzli Rhea Ritterspach Bernice Lamb:-ight Blanche Kissling Charles Spaythe Floyd Wynkopp CLASS OF 1909 Rhea Golling Edith Kuenzli Rhue Wilcox Rollin Swartz Charles Coons Clyde Riley Ralph Wynkoop C LASS OF 19 10 Helen Johnson Rollin Tur ney Bonnie McLaughlin F red T raxler Fred B aublitz Carleton Lilley CLASS OF 1912 Ralph Young Wayne Palmer Ferris Brown Aleta Bowers Elizabeth Baublitz Harold Johnson Cudahey Kinsey Walter Abnett CLASS OF 1913 Raymond McLaughlin Russel Traxler Byron Turney Ross McBeth Geneva Kinsly Ralph Ankrum Stanley Gingery Hazel Martin Lola Brown Marion Armstrong ' Hazel Krichbaum Iva Garten Iva Smalley CLASS OF 1914 Ralph Johnaon Paul Wolverton Unola Bever Esther Wilcox Lester Kuenzli George'Wolverton CLASS OF 1915 Jean Golling Esther Kuenzli Helen Stuckey Gladys Armstrong Irvin Kuenzli Allen Wynkoop Waldo Krichbaum CLASS OF 1916 Carey Barrett Mary Barrett William Creger Opal Albright Kathleen Carr Velma Hahn Harry Garrigues Jamie Johnson Hubert Creger CLASS or 1917 Imo Mclaughlin Maxine Pfisterer Fred Rapp Ogden Wolfe Ruth Wolverton Mabel Bresby Brian Hilborn Paul C roneis Rowena Bretz Basil Carr CLASS OF 1918 Mona Maskey Irene Hilborn Bernice Larick llsie Palrner Robert Grove Dwight Gingery Alumni Isabella Dwire Florence Snodgrass Virgil Masters Estella Klink Ross Martin CLASS OF 1919 Isabelle Eckert Robert Knapp Carl Weidenrnire Cameron Williams Allen Baublitz Marjorie Wolfe Edward Young Fern Imler CLASS OF 1920 Arthur Barrett Carl Johnson Alene Mahley Maurice Guthrie David Creger Wayne Young Bernice Winter Blanche Steinmetz Helen Miller Vera Ehmann Arthur Snodgrass Idel Blair Thelma Golling CLASS OF 1921 Qrland Maskey Creston Roth Walter Turney John Hahn Henry Schilling lrene Bolyard Ruth McLaughlin CLASS OF 1922 Winona Beamer Gail DeJean Eleanor Hollett Emma Fry Fay McLaughlin Ruth Steinmetz Bernice Kuenzli Roma Swartz Elsie Steinhilber CLASS OF 1923 Wilbur Rider Winona Sheaffer Mildred Watts Frederick Kuenzli Lyell Williams Colonel Hahn Arthur Mahley Gertrude Roth Arthur Orewiler Paul Eckert Esther Failor Homer Kuenzli James Womer CLASS OF 1924 Milton Barrett Mary Markley Eugene Rider Pauline Bachtell Merrill Turney Miriam Failor Charles Barrett Juanita Burwell Monnett Smith Viola McLaughlin William Graetz Mildred McBeth Velmar DeJean Marguerite Bolyard Vance McLaughlin Marie Wyss Robert Jacobs Blanche Balliet CLASS OF 1925 Curtis Kuenzli Geraldine Graham Martha Burwell Byron Lininger Margarete Gerber William Roth, Jr. Luella Eckelberry Harold Suter Geraldine Fox Dorothy Miller Thaddeus Kuenzli Gwendolyn Schwartzkopf Robert Winter Belma Swartz Norma Swartz Leo Keller Dorothy Smith Ronald'Golling Edith Corfman CLASS OF 1926 Max Zeigler Bernadine Schwartzkopi Rollie Hite Flossie Chatlain Everett Kellogg Rosanna Steinhilber Arley Swartz Mary Troutman Andrew Kuenzli Kathryn Klinger Homer Failor Velma McLaughlin Dean Barrett Rowena Baublitz CLASS OF 1927 Esther Aten Pauline Berkley Hoover Blair Paul Creger Grace Creger Ruby Dirmeyer Mitchell Foster Milton Gucker Myers Jacobs Miriam Keller Grace Larick Esther Markley Wilbur McBeth Anna Jane Miller Hazel Miller Marguerite Schindler Virtue Winters Delight Smith Paul Suter CLASS OF 1928 Eunice Fox Alice Frost Colleen Golling Alice Sarah Harris Lavere Healy Florence Klinger Wilbur Kuenzli Edith Larick Judson Lininger Dorothy Miller Helen Racheter Raymond Croneis Edith Comstock George Eckert Evelyn Failor Kenneth Williams Elton Scott Everett Shaffstall Maurine Smith Edwin Steinmetz Robert Althouse CLASS OF 1929 Grace Bachtell Cora Bolyard Tom Blair Pauline Bender Theresa Bucher Robert Case Williard Daiber Clifford Dirmeyer Rosamond Eckelberry Charles Kellogg Ruth Neiderhauser Bernadine Pool John Racheter Hildred Schwartzkopf Tressa Spiegel Ira Swartz, Jr. Dwight Winter Marston Wolfe Winona Keller Juanita Keller Clair Keller CLASS OF 1930 Charlotte Aten Glen Blair Robert Bucher Bessie l-lollett Ruth Keller Hubert Kuenzli Ruth Larick Clarence Racheter Robert Roth Faythe Shroll Marjorie Wickiser Wilma Zeigler Mildred Shroll CLASS OF 1931 Marjorie Armbruster Carl Case Blanche Chatlain Martha Golling Minor Keller Evelyn Keltner Twila Klink Martha Jane Knapp Louise Kuenzli Alumni Milan Lahr John Miller Miriam Stasser C larence Stansberry Clifford Suter Avonelle Wilcox Wilbur Wolfe F loidie B ardon CLASS OF 1932 Janet Aten Martha Maskey Robert Miller Elwood Miller Merle McClintock Carl Moser Josephine Osburn Margaret Orwiler Lillian Rapp Lola Mae Traxler Persis Williams Wayne Wolfe CLASS OF 1933 Merrilee Adams Arabelle Bardon Milton Bucher Harold Bardon Evalina Chance Joseph Coons Gerald Eckelberry Florence Kauble Macine Keller Phylis Kissling Dwight Klinger Ruth Klinger lrene Markley Ruth Markley Tom McVay Byron Pool Elwood Spalt Kathryn Swartz Mary Alice Winter CLASS OF 1934 Persis Bucher Dalton Campbell Roberta DeJean Mildred Doty Thomas Hauff Robert Kellogg George Klinger David Kuenzli Robert Lawrence Eunice Markley Charles Martin Betty Maskey Marie Roth Rachael Shaff stall Thomas Smith Maxine Snavely Reed Suter Wanda Swartz Naomi Trish Julia Olive Vent Mary Mae Williams Donald Wolfe Maxine Williams CLASS OF 1935 Pauline Bardon Orville Barth Stanton Swartz Othella Carr Valeria Dinkle Beulah Eckelberry Richard Gordon Mary Jane I-lilborn Donald Jacobs Junior Keller Mevin Kinsley Noland Kissling Quenten Kuenzli Albert Markley Eileen Markely Dolores Mollencop George Rapp Lorenna Schindler Mary Shaffstall Ruby Smalley Paul Stansberry Myron Berkley CLASS OF 1936 Robert Alban Sarah Aten Kenneth Carr Annetta Disher Walter Eier Dorothy Graham Jack Hauff Dale Heistand Montana Jump Isabelle Klinger David Larick Wayne Lewis Betty McClintock Mildred McNeal Earl Monroe Glenn Neiderhauser Eleanor Snavely Dorothy Spiegel Bernice Williams Edith Williams Robert Wolfe Edwin Ritter spach CLASS OF 1937 Naomi Dotts Mildred Trish Vera Markley Martha Jane Klinger Geraldine Fritz William Shock Stanton Gongwer Dale Suter Dale Kissling lvan Markley Cletus Daiber Robert Snyder CLASS OF 1938 Carol Alban Margaret Balliet Gilbert Bucher Mary Coons Dorothy Day Betty Hauff Mary Graham Armand Hoover Richard Keller Mervin Keltner Clayton King LeVerne Lawrence Ralph Kuenzli Fern Lewis Orpha McNeal Helen Monroe Byron Smalley Donna Swartz Robert Swartz Wayne Swartz John McCutcheon Fred Trish CLASS OF 1939 Ivan Chance Martha Jane Creger Mary Daiber Eleanor Eier Paul King Hazel Kissling Roma Klinger Richard Kuenzli Martha Lawrence Virginia Markley lrene Maskey Richard Neiderhauser Cary Ritterspach Ray Schwartzkopf Liona Shaffstall Virginia Sheaffer Rosemary Smith Henry Vent Jack West Edwin Wolfe CLASS OF 1940 Mary Armbruster Richard Grove Muriel Vent Dee Stauner James Eich Evelyn Stemen Evelyn Bardon William Frost Daniel Miller James Smalley Gerald Dible Joanna Spiegel Beulah Fritz Harold Kinsey Richard Reinhart Estella Williams CLASS OF 1941 James Eier Phyllis Adarns Margaret Beattie Lewis Kaiser Jeannette Alban Dorotha Alice Creger Beulah Cover Robert Markley Emily Benson James McClain Ruth Jacobs Van Lee Ritterspach James Morgan Peggy Jane Gilliland Allene Eich Fred Schend, Jr. Betty Mollencop Richard Snodgrass Lucille McConahy I-llumni Marjorie King Clarence Spiegel Robert Wilson Wilma Starner Paul Wolfe Donna Monroe CLASS OF 1942 Robert Frost Betty Bachtell Robert Armbruster Tom Golling Paul Daiber Mary DeJean Eugene Larick Elsa Rehm Marjorie Eich Wilbur Alban Virginia Grove Bud Keller Nelda Starner Doris Larick CLASS OF 1943 Earl Croneis Richard Healy Andora Christensen Roy Balliet Priscilla Wilson Donald Hoover Milton MCC onahy Lucille McLaughlin Lee Markley Pauline Upham Doris Snodgrass Marjorie Carpenter Robert Benson Annabelle Swartz CLASS OF 1944 Robert Brandt Bevvie Wilson Helen Armbruster Grove Welch Betty Winbrenner Robert McClain Pauline Bachtell Dale Cover Eunice Kissling Cedella Kaiser Dale Christensen Maxine Starner Thomas Frost Paul Gerber F aythe Vent CLASS OF 1945 Ralph Markley Richard Armbruster Kenneth F ritz James Wilson Margaret Keltner George Rehm Milton Snodgrass Robert Smith Betty Troutrnan Naomi Bardon Helen Walter Jeannette Healy Junior King Robert Zimmerman Paul Beattie CLASS OF 1946 Patricia Steinhilber Pearleta Motter Shirley Grubel Arnold Gregory Mary Jo Creger Donald Reed Lloyd Stevens Mary Ellen Heinlen Lewis Gilliland Virgil Carr Dale Beamer Eugene Hoover Mary Harriet Croneis Edward Doty Wayne Gerber Lois Gilliland James Walter Mary Alice Kinsey James Frost CLASS OF 1947 Helen Eier Gene Keller June Kuenzli Jean McClain Jack Steinhilber Mary Lucille Jacobs Annabelle Armbruster Carol Bennethum Myron King Donna Larick Kenneth Kissling Ruth Zimmerman George Snodgrass Darl Fritz Norma Jacobs James Morris Jeannette Swartz CLASS OF 1948 Richard Frost William Morgan Charles Rehm Ethey Beamer James Hahn Jean Ann Grove Wanda Cover Emily Caldwell Lois Armbruster Barbara Bardon Janet Gerber Richard Morris Joyce Burnside Mae Dolly Spiegel Carol Monroe CLASS OF 1949 Ted Breitigan Sonja Christensen Richard Daiber George Frank Wendell Garber Dale Markley Darl Markley Marilyn McLaughlin Kenneth Montgomery Mary Motter Bruce Rhoden Shirley Ross CLASS OF 1950 Kathryn Rhoden LeRoy Jacobs Marjorie Bardon Mary McClain Nancy Walter Ted Frost Dolores Fletcher Alvin Markley Marlene Rarick Marie Adams Dorothy Armbruster Vernon Spiegel Rosemary Monroe Donald Logan Marjorie Matthews Carol Kuenzli cgufog uzfzfi 'A ,Qi mn.,..,n.aAn-may, lusworm -annum I-u.p.u...u.s.L 5, COMPLIMENTS OF Nevada Wrecking Yard 24 HOUR TOWING - - 'WRECKER SERVICE DEALER IN SCRAP IRON -METAL PHONE 3191 NEVADA, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF Dicken Studio FOSTORIA, OHIO PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE REFLECTOR BILL WONDERS - MANAGER Jury 81 Son WYANDOT, OHIO NATIVE LUMBER - - CONCRETE DRAIN TILE GENERAL HARDWARE 8z BUILDING SUPPLIES PHONE 2743 NEVADA, OHIO WEAVER GARAGE Body 8: Fender Repairing Wyandot, Ohio Phone Nevada 2742 TOM FORREST "For Courteous Service" Gas 8z Oil Compliments of BENNETT'S SUPER MARKET Wyandot, Ohio Phone Nevada 2741 ART'S ELECTRIC SHOP Electrical Supplies Appliances 8z Services Route 30N Phone 3726 Phone 2653 Nevada, Ohio COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Nevada Deposit Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NEVADA. OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF The U. S. Commission Co "WE SERVE TO SELL AGAINH PHONE 205 -- UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO PHONE SYCAMORE 23041 -- MCCUTCHENVILLE, OHIO COMPLIMENTS OF The Nevada Farmers Grain Association NEVADA 8z LEMERT ALFRED P. EIER, MANAGER PHONE NEVADA 2173 PHONE LEMERT 3784 WYANDOT CO. FARM BUREAU Compliments of COOP' ASS,N Electric Home Equipment KUENZLI HARDWARE A Complete Line of Farm Machinery 8z Shop Work Nevada, Ohio Upper Sandusky Phone 244 Carey Branch 53 Compliments of F. E. DISHER Insurance Telephone 2716 Nevada, Ohio Plumbing 8z Heating Deep 8a Shallow Well Water Systems Roofing 8z Spouting Supplies Installation Service CECIL M. HEINLEN Nevada, Ohio Compliments of JACOBS DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 9581 Nevada, Ohio Compliments of E. W. ORWILER GROCERY 8z MEAT MARKET Fresh Vegetables 8: Frozen Foods Nevada, Ohio Compliments of MARTIN BROS. GROCERIES 8z MEATS Phone Nevada 2211 Nevada, Ohio Compliments of M. E. BOWEN Oliver - Dunham - New Holland DeLaval Milkers Phone 610 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments 8z Best Wishes to the Class of '51 STEPHAN LUMBER CO. Phone 250 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of THE DAILY CHIEF UNION Upper Sandusky, Ohio l. l l CHIEF DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Upper Sandusky, Ohio "Always In the Market for Milk 8z Cream Compliments of THE LITE STAR OIL COMPANY Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of HART'S JEWELRY STORE Upper Sandusky, Ohio CARROLL'S Jewelry - Watches 8z Diamonds Silverware - Glassware 8z Novelties Of Smart Design Sz Traditional Quality Displayed In Modern Surroundings 172 W. Center St. Marion, Ohio Compliments of SCHECK'S SUPER MARKET Groceries - Produce Self Service Meats Phone 301 W Upper Sandusky, O. STARNER'S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Groceries Phone Morral 52141 RICHARDSON FLOWER SHOP Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Funeral 8z Wedding Designs 114 N. Warpole St. Upper Sandusky, Ohio LOREN E. SPIECE TYPEWRITER COMPANY Typewriters - Adding Machines Office Equipment Bucyrus, Ohio BEIDLER HARDWARE Paints - Glass Plumbing Supplies Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of WALTHER HARDWARE Bucyrus, Ohio Say It With - - NORTON'S FLOWERS Artistry In Flowers Since 1882 Bucyrus, Ohio Compliments of LORD'S JEWELERS Marion, Ohio STIGER BURIAL VAULTS BUDD'S ELECTRIC Universal Appliances Wyandot, Ohio Wiring Contractors Phone Nevada 2736 Phone 4012 Bucyrus, Ohio BUCYRUS RESTAURANT HOME OFFICESUPPLY CO. "The Best" Office Supplies - Greeting Cards Air - Conditioned School Supplies George Davis, Proprietor 107 E. Rensselaer St. Bucyrus, Ohio STAN SHELLEY CLOTHING THE BAUMOEL STORE Bucyrus' Store for Men 8z Boys Quality for Hart Schaffner 8z Marx 64 Years HECKERT BROS. Shoes for the Entire Family A Fresh Meats 8z Groceries LONGS SHOE STORE Phone 5013 Bucyrus, Ohio On the Square Bucyrus, Ohio WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Tires - Batteries - Hardware - Athletic Equipment - Fishing Tackle Electrical Appliances M. L. Sturm Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of ARMSTRONG CLOTHING STORE Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of BERNARD FURNITURE STORE Upper Sandusky, Ohio DR. C. B. SCHOOLFIELD Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of UPPER GREENHOUSE Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of DR. D. J. BAUER Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of KNAPPS CLOVER FARM STORE Groceries 8z Meats Main Street Phone 2592 Nevada, Ohio Compliments of BOOTS 8: DUTCH Nevada, Ohio Compliments of NEVADA FURNITURE STORE Open Every Night Our Low Overhead Saves You Money Compliments of NICKS HAMBURGER SHOP Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of MACKS BARBER SHOP Nevada, Ohio COONS TIRE STORE Homemade Candy 8z Ice Cream Electrical Appliances Men's Work Clothing Lowest Prices On All Makes of Tires Compliments of L. W. SNAVELY - TIN SHOP Nevada, Ohio Compliments of SAVE-RITE MARKET Oceola Phone Bucyrus 22926 NEVADA BARBER SHOP Next To the Bank Nevada, Ohio I Compliments of EMICK'S SUPER SERVICE Nevada, Ohio Compliments of WYANDOT TRACTOR 8: IMPLEMENT Phone 311 Upper Sandusky, Ohio OATES JEWELRY STORE Diamonds - Watches - Silverware Upper Sandusky, Ohio HALM MOTOR SALES Pontiac Sales 8z Service Upper Sandusky, Ohio HSee!7 JOHN H. NEATE "First Dodge - Plymouth - Oldsmobile Dealer Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of DIBLE'S MEN'S WEAR Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of IRAM,S FLOWERS 132 East Wyandot Upper Sandusky, Ohio NEUMEISTERS Upper Sandusky, Ohio Eatmore Endriched Bread 8z Jastries Compliments of STUBBS BROS., INC. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of WALTON 8a MEYERS ELEVAT Upper Sandusky, Ohio OR Compliments of MOTOR PARTS COMPANY Glenn Grundtisch, Prop. Engine Rebuilding Our Specialty 135 East Fairvue Avenue Upper Sandusky, Ohio KINLEY'S DAIRY Pasteurized Dairy Products 8: Ice Cream Phone 825 Upper Sandusk y, O. U. S. CONCRETE PRODUCTS Phone 342 Upper Sandusky, Ohio R. M. ROSSEL - DENTIST 216 South Sandusky Avenue Phone 323 Upper Sandusk y, O. Compliments of ARTZ BROS. Dry Goods - Carpets Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of VOGEL'S SHOE STORE Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of ECONOMY GAS SERVICE Pyrofax Bottle Gas Distributor Upper Sandusky, Ohio Compliments of A. J. HALLIWILL IMPLEMENT NORRIS BROS. Gas 8zElectric Welding SALES Machine Work John Deere Sales 8z Service Blacksmithing 85 Tractor Repairing Phone 5553 Bucyrus, Ohio Tel. 2121 Nevada, Ohio MELODY SHOP All Kinds of Musical Instruments Sheet Music Phone 21931 Bucyrus, Ohio OCEOLA GARAGE General Repair Work Sz Lubrication Phone Bucyrus 22760 JAY'S TOGGERY Bucyrus, Ohio "If your clothes are not becoming to you- -you should be coming to us." KELLOGG IMPLEMENT CO. Case Farm Equipment Repairing - Genuine Case Parts Phone Nevada 3232 LEY,S JEWELRY Orange Blossom Diamonds Watches 8z Silverware Watch Repairing 302 N. Sandusky St. Bucyrus, Ohio SCHENK MOBILE STATION Gas - Oil - Accessories Lawn Mower Grinding 8z Service Nevada, Ohio Compliments of KUENZLI QUARRIES COMPANY, INC. Compliments of The Diamond Store of Marion MAY JEWELRY COMPANY Established 1919 120 W. Center St. Marion, Ohio Compliments of WYANDOT POPCORN COMPANY Phone Office - Marion 2-3621 Plant - Morral 5-2224 TIFFIN UNIVERSITY Accounting 8z Business Administration Executive Secretarial Stenographic Courses Tiffin Ohio Compliments of CORFMAN GRAVEL CO. Dealer In Crushed Gravel 8z Sand Phone Sycamore 65L1 Upper Sandusky, Ohio -xx,

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