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Jr 1 " -N C 1' 'I-S ::Li1.4ff'u krfikh w-,- ,,., EDICATIU J '40 I 'V'- ' J Y if 4- 1 F run!-wr. 1 rv v', . 4 9 0 0 p Aa: f Xi X s I A -. ' 1', . 3 . -' v - V- ' 4- A. .X ' f , 1".,i-,TL . ,f lfvlx K 1 ' ' ' 'i1h-' x N- A' . . -',":,. , , ,E Y. ', :M 5 .W ' , ,,, " ,,,,.'f nf ' X' ' P- - f x-fs' ,f 1 X,'-,ngqfy-5 1- ' .-.V - ,J .Iv As AW ,JV . ---V " :muy A -' A: ,haf , .H , ' ' X y' J LAN -'t N I Ji.-. -gn, 3 1 J , K l. I,-. -. V - ' ,'.-..!,-,' All' ul- 9' 1 H - K A - I, .,,, f M'-. H gi I if Lg' , . - f -. ' 55- r I ,..,,f -,, , -4 f ,- ef - ,I-1 , ,fi-35' jf, , 'A V . 'Iii' 1 g . 'fwf5P'1 .- W ' 1 V A -' mf,-' J' .' ' . 4 ' . ,, , N wg 1. ' - , ',.-f ff"5l '7 1531" gf' ' , -fl ', ' 4- Y.-'V-L':1j1,"'fA1 -nl. ,R - . "jff, , . I ,...,.f:,f . .f " ' ' 'L N. , JA rf'x4,'--.H , . .-' .." Q -'HU' , ,'qf-Al-'gn' "'g',',.F .,a"'! RIN" :'L ' ff' ,r"'jf!':'.?'qA v RN , -f ' '-7.1, ',gf:,:,'f5-ew . x ff 1394, -J' -- f',, 45, . 'fy fw-.'.j-4, V 4- 1 ,-.- j,N',,Xl" 0- fl 1., ' 1 . , - gjG1 .l. -N .A . .,,, in 1 H1 , .A - fx' . ' aff. J . -. ,v wi' ,f .f - 1 - f as .:- . ,1 4 -' v- 4' 'A jp K., ,VZ ' 'W ,-I ' -"iv 'lf mx-I M511 'I if 'w x -gr' .-' ,' Y - --,N .j .' . "--., yl 1? , . V - X ' g g i . -y -' a 1 '51 ' ' 5- - . , ,, , ,ff -' xx-. f ' ' n g',,Q! 'U ' 431 1 N ' - : sf V ""'--Ah ,.,-' w' MT .141 r-w 3'-xi' O vnnb to Gro 4 4 4 . tn ml rn ' P o 1 :lr . F P" , . T f the"1E4." , , 1 ' Sinn ly ieiizv- ' 's twelf' ' ' . :Z ' 6 '!F'.'L.9. zfli. ' . , 11' ., 'vlo Us X .26 yf-'N fewn J v-I-FJ' 9f'L'i'iert 1:14 '.:,"r'1vf a'1-t3:' For Lx. 'levzzm "1r"1 iC'.1-3'1 mi -vi.-w is "1w'1"i ,gr Cn r' -,-:'iz1 '1 14 . '-"lj W, .'r'1't jr 41 'H'-'N' f-11 ,. tx, .V NEV A HIGH SCHOOL SONG Once again, here as schoolmates assembled le fain would lift our hearts in so , our High School, our dear Alma later, le'd with gladness the m ments prolo are proud of our lads and our lasses, Of honors vox ir days gone by, here's a cheer for our old High School For our old High School, Nevada High, CHORUS! Here'l to our classes, here's to our lasses, Here's to the lads they adore, Here'e to the Seniors so mighty, Juniors so flighty, Freshie and Sophomore Let mirth and gladness banish all sadness, And as the days go by, You'll find us ready and steady, Boosting Nevada High Soon for us will the school days be ended, The dreams of youth that fade so fast, But we know that the heart oft grows fonder, In memory o'er scenes that are pastg They are joys that will long be remembered, In friendships true that ne'er can die, Then here's s cheer for old High School For our old High School, Nevada High W K'-"H'lHw4!" I' I1 ph ,Ill Q "Hy H AJHM ' 'W 'alll H ' ' ,NH ! -I' 'I "N"H'iVf. I "W7h , ,, wn"I-IlII1'w"MH will rr ,Pg -,b- ul !!.!l'l lU'fr,, HE H" 'I E" 3 wlwm 'nl rw li 1 I 'll Ill' I QSM ,I ,I A l ""l, US To ng. 'O So A , 2 AC TY ,,n I,'I X ' f. Iv V. 1 IN I' f. I-I fl .Ili ,X I,I,I ,. ' gli V C.'.J , .1 ,-if '- , V Ning ,. ' .iiwp-5 Y , I-1' 1- Y-'S "ff V :F ,I QI' QI I1 I I wI:.'I. .I - .'f.- .IJ II ,III-, I 1 I: I 1 . ,.f,- ,g.,.Ij . I ,If1I.. III 1 Ie, --z,,-- , . I .IIN . " WWI K, .I I I, - , - 'r' ' .' ', 4 ,' ,II .1 ' I I, .IIQ I I:I., , ' IfI .I - , . ., 1 ,- . ' I 1 -ng. 'ZQQ t... ROW an Jam vu M v.. 6 ,- 13x 4'- Q! if-K Good SCFCCL EOA We can be verf prrud of the following wen who have holped to make the school fficient, and we take great pleasure in attending a school of such high standing . Law ence Mr Lawrence fills the position of president of the school board Grove r Grove was elected to the postion of vice president Hoover Rev Hoover was appointed to the position of clerk of the board Homer Markley Mr Markley was again re elected to the board of education BUS DRIJURS Number l bus is under the very able managment of Ernest Forquer. He is known most of us as 'Ernie Number 2 bus is being driven by Forrest Disher de is very popular with the students who ride on bus umber 2 Number 5 bus still has the old familiar form of Virgil King behind the wreel every student knows Ir King as Si Si is also assistant janitor the scnool house Anew bus came to our school at the beginning of the term carrying stu dents from the wyandot district we were proud to make the acquaintance of Arch ie Sheaffer, driver of that bus. L N 'RL V ' J L . A SQ R I' " 1 5 5 Cp Ve " N o ' 0 L g C Q ' Q L I - , , - , H. A. Peterman- Mr. Peterman became a prominent member of the board this year. v 1.4 to I H 0 0 v TU AA -I I A . Y' , A Iv . H H ' H H at - O L. . . "J , ' ' - U NYY? y .- 'Thie is be t::P,. ' T11 gF we sN'1"1 ' r 'U H- 1 '1 f "ra 1.9116 if , .' " v L4 -, 4 K . . 1--v.... ..... --... X "1 ' -1ir:fr------ -1"-rv '-1" 1z'--- ' .r ,.,.:.,,'- '-1j1gxp------.--- g3--..-.---------- ,. , K . 5- -.. ........ ---. 1 Q vparLf.--,:f,------- 1'u,'2w:15'L ,wg----- tugrgpigy.-.'.---.--- . 1 1lj:.5.i'.1..'.p---.---- fer' RAIIUATE .au gg TN-r ,- U a,4 CABYOI gY7NxYH,f CY .nom AYdov1 rw Pa ul P Beizfffe Kenneth F-nh K I 'nanny . , l ' is sf. ,- 'J' . ff-'fix i N I" ,r N .. 3 pbfoff' h'P'fn Q s. qs A Y 5 - F. Ap g ' 'E sf ' 4 F Q 'G -ss 'i L P Qi f If Q il K 4TfnNusTTE HEAL3 my 'Yet I ,MH 'Y W 4. Zhmov- Km Makin Il. Kltlllu 'M . 6 Y s al.,- 'ft Q' 1 X in ,'4 ' J U N vi 'Lu isg ' H1571 ' Xx ' ' -, K3 , I . Q . hsln 7 H' if Ralph Nu-klqy R. Roben' .fmath .fhutfl George Ruhr, Mnltw Jnolgvass G Q Mufti' fx rj 9 - X 1 A 5 I f'RaZPhiQ.'N '5l"l5" i- - -. R ' V ' ' Q ' 1' I AN JG QQ .!. 40' ?e.H 'I -rv-ov.+1msvv glo L4 e'VS TC' J' MES w s rv Im R0l7CYtZnmw1erma,n Z P f 'A V 4 N XS vs . N A ' .Z I ,Q il .. . V y 'T x A H . n H f, R frlfgr -Turlfp A h IAL o W . n I Richard Armbruster Basketball Manager Class Play Basketball Track Newshound Annual Glee Club Orchestra Mixed Chorus Naomi Newshound Annual Class Play President Liberian Mixed Chorus Glee Club Sextette Orchestra Pep Band Bardon Margaret Keltner Secretary Treasury Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Orchestra Newshound Annaul Class Play Cheerleader Liberian Sextette Junior King Basketball Glee Club Mixed Chorus Class President Baseball Manager Boy Scout Class Play Newshound Annual Student Council Paul Beattie Basketball Manager Baseball Annual Kenneth Fritz Basketball Class Play Annual J981'1116tfJ Cheerleading Mixed Chorus Glee Club Newshound Annual Class Play Treasury Secretary Vice President Sextette Orchestra Liberian Pep Band e Healy -4 Milton Kuenzli F Annual Ralph Markley Glee Club Mixed Chorus Basketball Manager Baseball Manager Annaul George Rohm Class Play Annual Robert Smith Basketball Class Play Annual Vice President Track Baseball Milton Snodgrass Annual ' l 2-5-4 1-2-3- 5-4 1-2-5- 5 1-2-5- 4 2- 5-4 4 3- 5-4 3- 4-H 1-2-5-4 1-5- 5- 5 4 1-2-5- 5-4 1-2-5- 4 1-2-5- 2-5 1- 1-2-5-4 5-4 3-4 5-4 4 4 Student Council 4-H 1 F. . A. 4 5-4 4 F. F. A. 2 . 4-H 1-2-5- 1-5- 1-5- . l-2-5 1-5- Fe Fe Ao 2'3 5 4 F. F. A. 2-5-4 1-2-5-4 l-2-5-4 5 4 5-4 5 l-2 5 5 4 4 F. F. A. 3 2-4 . 3 5 4 5 4-H 1-2 Betty Troutman James Wilson Glee Club Mixed Chorus Annual Clase Play Secretary H01 Cheerleader Glee Club Orchestra Pep Band Newshound Annual e Walter Student Council Class Play Annual Robert Basketball Baseball Boys Glee Club Mixed Chorus Class Pla Track Newshound Annual Vice President President Student Councl 1 Zimmerman 5- SENIOR HISTORY le the class of '45' started our small but mighty career as high schcd. students and Freshman Greenies under the able guidance of lr. Immel, our class advisor and Junior King, our President We chose as our class colors, Purple and Gold, and for our banner, the motto 'Victory is our Goal ' The main event of the year was being admitted to the High School by iniation We started our Soph more year with 17 pupils W again elected Junior King as our president and had as our advisor, Mrs Kuenzll During this year we chose as our class flower the 'Yellow Rose Back in another year, but as Juniors this time, lies Edwards became our advisor, and for president we elected none other than Robert Quite a few things were on our mind that year, among which was the the newshound Ie elected our staff and did our best to make it We also gave a cery successful class play known as 'The Whole Truth refreshments at the basketball games in order to raise money to give a delightful evening at the Harding Hotel Zlmmwrmmn. printing of interesting le so d the Seniors In our last year at Nevada High, we, 'the class of 45,' were under the guidance of Hr DeGood le chose as our officers, aomi Harden President, Jeannette Healy Vice President, Betty Troutman Secretary, and Helen lalters Treas UTOI' Friday, October 13, was the day of our lives for we initiated the Freebies and also welcomed the new teachers in an odd sort of way. On the 29 of April we proudly put on our last group program of the year by giving the play 'Too lany Relatives, in which we did very well. As, we, the proud sixteen, look back on our school day we think of the many happy moments we had that will help us to gain high success in the future, Wise Sayings There were just as many careless drivers 40 years ago but you see the horses had more sense. Hb who thinks by the inch and talks by the yard should by dealt with by the foot. l-2-3 4 1-2-5 4 5-4 4 4-H l-2-3 n 1-2-3-4 l-2-5-4 4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 l-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus l-2-15-4 Crches tra 2-5-4 4 y 4 4 l-8-I 4-H l-2-5 I-8 3 4 4 l-2 l 3 3-4 3 . e O . . 1 C Il NEW YORK TIMES ll The star reporter of the New York Times writes the p ophecy for the Seniors of Nevada High School at Nevada, Ohio Ten years from now I see the Seniors of the lass of n45H doing the following things Paul Beattie is the world's greatest comedian and will appear at one of the largest theaters in New Vork Naomi Bardon is an internationally known Metropolitan Opera Star in Cleve land Ohio Ralph Markley has become also internationally famous as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome, Italy Robert Sm th has become Secretary of Agriculture and has his headquarters at the Department of Agriculture in Washington D C Margaret Keltner is the personal secretary to Robert Smith She takes die tation at the rate of 250 words per minute James Wilson is surrounded by a group of hula hula girls in Honolulu, Hawaii He is an Admiral in command of the Pacific fleet of the United States Navy Helen Walter is one of the greatest beauty experts in the world She has Robert Zimmerman has beco e the greatest brain surgeon of all times H now is at the Mayo Clinic In his spare time he plays first base for the New York Yankee's team At the World's Fair I find a girl with very pretty red hair It's Jeannette Healy dressed In a gypsy costume and is the fortune teller Richard Armbruster is one of the most famous trumpet players in tne world Pe has his own orchestra and is now playing at the Stork Club in New York Milton Snodgrass has become a popular song writer and also a famous bari tone singer Virgil King, Jr Will be the most honorable King of England He will b holding the office for sometime to come We find George Rehm as a great actor, he is a combination of Tyrone Power Clark Gable, and Van Johnson His latest picture is nTh1rty five Reasons Why Betty Troutman has become superintendent of nurses at the Home of the Feeble Minded in Pawtucket, Rhode Island The Seventh Day Adventist Church of Peoria, Illinois has a new church organ ist It is Milton H Kuenzli He has been playing the organ ever since he left high school Kenneth Fritz is the new head of the Fuller Brush Compary At this time they are having their January clearance sale So ends the prophecy for the class g aduated in this year of Our Lord Nine teen Hundred and Forty five rr , e I O ,. - 0 O . 0 " O A D O her main shoppes in Hollywood, California. V g . e I O 0 , I . O L .1 ' O l g . . . e O '1 - 'n' O O , a o n l A O O . " O A S S W I We, the Seniors of the Nevada High School, about to leave this school want to leave dirt which awhile and the faculty in peace the Janitors, we leave the full wastepaper baskets, and all of the m de. the Juniors, we leave the job of ordering the Freshmen aroung for wish them success next year. the Sophomores, we leave our ability of causing the teachers to worry and to annoy them To the Freshmen, we leave our ability to skip school and not very often get away with it To the Seventh and Eighth Grades, we leave our ability to bother the Janitors and to throw paper wade and erasers We hereby bequeath our personal attributes to individuals of the High School Richard Armbruster, bequeath my speed to Eugene Hoover. Naomi Bardon, bequeath my soprano voice to Helen Eier Paul Beattie, bequeath my shyness of girls to Arnold Gregory. Kenneth Fritz, bequeath my perfect attendance to Lois Armbruster. Jeannette Healy, bequeath my smiling blue eyes and golden blonde Margaret Keltner, bequeath my ability to play with my chewing gu to Miss Edwards Junior King, bequeath my ability to get along with everyone to Jean Ann Grove Milton Kuenzli, bequeath my ability to aggravate the teaehers in class periods to Jimmy Hahn Ralph Markley, bequeath my love for studying to Jack Steinhllber. George Rehm, bequeath my ability to drive at my own risk to Wayne Gerber Robert Smith, bequeath my cute smile and dimples to Loyd Stevens Milton Snodgrass, bequeath my ability to ride a motorcycle safely to Jim Frost Betty Troutman, bequeath my nursing interest to Mary H Croneis. Helen Walter, bequeath my happy go lucky disposition to Joyce Burnside James Wilson, bequeath my black wavy hair to Kenneth Kissling Robert Zimmerman, bequeath my tall romantic stature to Charles CShortyJ Jacobs. C L L L To we To 4 we To I. I, O I. I. I, ' hair to Maxine Snodgrass. I, I. I, I. I. I, . I. I, . I, - - I, . I. Proceesional Hymn Invocation Music scripture Sermon Hymn Benediction Receseional Processional Invocation Talk Music Talk Music Address Baccalaureate Services Sunday Evening, May 13, 1945 Kenneth Kiesling -Congregation Rev Glenn O Bennethum Mixed Chorus Rev Glenn O Bennethum Rev J H Patterson Congregation Rev Glenn O Bennethum Sixty Fourth Annual Commencement High School Auditorium, May 18, 1945 8 OO P M Kenneth Kiesling Kenneth Kiesling Rev Glenn O Bennetnum Class Orator Richard armorueter -Girls Glee Club Claes President Naomi Bardon Class Trio Rev Tennyson Guyer Presentation of Claes of 1945 Supt K C DeGood Presentation of Liplomas President of Board of Education S R Lawrence Benediction - Rev Glenn O Bennethum Recessional Kenneth Kiesllng I -------------------------------------- ..-- ---- , , ------------------------------------------------ . . ----------------------------------------Q------------- , , . - .......... ----------------------------------- , , I 2 e e Ovepture--------------------Q------------------------------------------Orchgstr. ----- .-.. ---- -..- ------ ..-.-- --------- .... ----- . . - -.------ ---------------------- -.-. ---------- .... ----- . - ..... -...- ------- --.-. ---------- . , . xx iiiiili i111 . ' N - ..... ---- ----- .... -------------------------- . . v Je. ,, 1 -. ,. Sk., 1 nr Q N-have ,Y ., ,,,. f"N L4 'I x f -.. If .,- A ,,-4' -.. 'KN xXX . , f '.-r-vi xl .r - -- . --ug-'f-"fx-1, -.-352: : iii-'-fi."-w'.1 N ry- ' .f .:,?Q2?Ei1' .v 1' ,.1"l,ff'HQ g,..-4-11-,r 1, . -V '--N,7-:1.- EJ . .A L .M ,:.,,,,. - js-, -,V-: f-1 .' Q ff. .7-'frfwiv I ' ,411 'EQ - 4- Q.: J - 'f .-.X . .1 55-r .bij L W' . -L-I--, - "1--gflx' ., ,C"S 2' ,11- :-gl X gg' if , ' f - - F-W f . 1 A. S 41- :in L ff-,fl iff? "TL, -1? - 'xr 2 wif, .ju 1 - . .'.f.',1r .- l5li4"J'f . JF?-J f 11+ Q 2' 1 'fb : ar?-if ' "'5fiQ7T - L xia' W7 6. 1 , ,jg Y- '- , KI, If 5 5 35,5 - x iff. , -.-- - ir", .L , .J A ,if-,. 1.6 , --.7 ,-ff. NA-. . . fi -Y-V-,.l.v,-fi, -5' - ,Igj-Vg. :la ,,gjj-'.,ifj,1'f".5'i". rf- V'-ah, ' .-xg' -,FV v Y ' ' 1-7,5 I", ' ' .fgkf ' ' -1 X 4 A A- - C ' .E ff'-'iff 11 1: if--2f'1z?.".'z ,' ,-4- - ,- , ,: A b in . 0, , WL' J V Aifff-"V , ' ,7Q3.w.:, .H if - K ' .3 K 1-ff 5Q5Z'3'f . A x .. 'iff ffl N -f.. " Nl. . H' V v . F x V " . yr 1, 1 ' ' . -f 1 -' I "1 ' ' . 1 . 1 . l I dl N E 5, n a JUNIORS Top Row---Jim Walter, Virgil Carr, Dale Beamer, Arnold Gregory, Albert McElhaney Lewis Gilliland, Wayne Gerber, Eugene Hoover, Edward Doty. 2nd Row---Mary Joe Creger, Donald Reed, James Frost, Gene Jacobs, Loyd Stevens, Mary Alice Kinsey. lst Row---Miss Edwards, Pearlleta Motter, Lois Gilliland, Mary Harriet Croneis, Shirley Grubel, Mary Ellen Heinlen, Patricia Steinhllber. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY We started our Freshman year as Greenies with four long years of High Sched. ahead of us. We elected the following officers. President-Eugene Hoover, Vice President Patricia Steinhilber, Secretary Edward Doty, Treasurer Arnold Gre ory We chose Royal Blue and Silver as the colors for our class banner and ' FLECT YOUR KNOWLEDGE ON THE WORLD' as our motto Mrs Lawrence was our class advisor We started in our Sophomore year with twenty pupils Our class was well rep- resented in sports and other activities We elected the following officers President Eugene Hoover, Vice President Patricia Steinhilber, Secretary Pear lleta Motter, Treasurer Arnold Gregory For our class advisor we had Hrs Roth We are now back asihniors We have the pleasure of printing 'THE NEWSHOUND this year We elected the follwoing officers: President Wayne Gerber, Vice President James Frost, Secretary Eugene Hoover, Treasurer Donald Reed In order to raise money we sold sandwiches, pop, popcorn, and ice creanxst the basketball games We presented a ve successful class play 'Adam's Evening' under the direct ion of Mrs Mary CCoongY Kleckner We have recieved our class rings and are very proud of them We have several good basketball players in our class and two of our girls are cheerleaders The main feature of our Junior year was in giving the Senior Reception We all hope to be back next year as the greatest class ever to graduate from Nevada High School NEWSHOUND STAFF Editor Wayne Gerber Production Mgr Patricia Steinhllber Circulation Mgr Pearlleta Motter Arts Virgil Carr Proofreader Mary A1139 Kinggy Music Shirley Grubel Humor James Frost Scholastic and Community News Edward Deny S0Ci9tU Arnold Gregory Grade News Eugene Hoover High School News Assistants Kenneth Kissling and Jack Steinhilbur - , e - e . . 8- , RE- . w SPOPVS -----'------- ----------------- -------- - ------------- Dale Beamer ------IIIIII"'ZIIZ2jI1'"""'""""---------Donald Reed X SOPHOMORE Top Row Donald Markley, Myron King, Kenneth Kissling, George Snodgrass, Jack Steinhilber Darl Fritz, Gene Keller lst Row Mrs. Roth, June Kuenzli, Jean McClain, Norma Jean Jacobs, Ruth Zim erman, Jeannette Swartz, Donna Marie Larick, Annabelle Armbruster CLASS HISTORY In the year 1945 44 we, 20 new Freshman, entered High School eager to join in the activities. The class officers were as follows President Jean Jeannette Swartz Mrs. lawerence was our advisor We were greeted by the Seniors who initiated us in the traditional manner We decided that our class flag should be red violet and white. Our motto is nOne Step At A Time But Always Forward.n Our class flower is the white carnation This, our Sophomore year, began by selecting our officers They are President Jack Steinhilber, Vice President Donna Larick, Secretary Annabelle Armbruster, Treasurer Ruth Zim erman Mrs Roth is our advisor We also regret to say that one of our members, Martha Beamer, left our class Since our class flag was not to our satisfaction, we changed our class colors to red and white and sent for a new flag We also have sold Basketball pencils and made a fair profit. We hope to use this for our betterment in the future of the Class of 047. FRESH AN Top Row---Richard Morris, James Beattie, Bill Morgan, Bud King, Richard Frost, Charles Rehm, Dale Markley, James Hahn, Richard Holt, Charles Jacobs 2nd Row --Joyce Burnsides, Carol Monroe, Barbara Bardon, Carl Ross, Donald England, Charlene Alezander, Wanda Cover, Lois Armbruster lst Row- -Mrs. Kleckner, Marilyn England, Maxine Larick, Ethel Beamer, Janet Gerber, Emily Cadwell, Jean Ann Grove, Maxine Snodgrass CLASS HISTORY We, the Freshman Class, started this year as greenies, with twenty- seven members. The officers for the year are: President--Carl Ross, Vice Pres- ident--William Morgan, Secretary--Dale Markleyg Treasurer--Charlene Alexander. Our class advisor is Mrs. Mary Kleckner. We have decided upon our class flag, which is to be Green and Silver with the motto 'Forward Ever, Backward Never. The class flower is the red car- nation. McClain, Vice President--June Kuenzlig Secretary--Carol Bennethumg Treasurer- ll Eighth Grade Top Row left to right Darl Markley, Richard Daiber, Bruce Rhoden, William Adams, Kenneth Eachtell, Kenneth Montgomery, Robert Carr, Charles Hoffer, George Bunk Bottom Row left to right Dorothy Jacobs, Marylin McLaughlin, Mary Motter, Viriginia Church, Sally Hahn, Jane Kissling, Sonja Christensen, Mr. McBride Officers Presidents Bruce Rhoden Vice President Kenneth Montgomery Secretary Richard Daiber Treasurer William Adams Seventh Grade Nancy Walters, Rosemary Monroe, Betty White, Alvan Markley, Vernon Speigel, Arnold Pell, Dorothy Armbruster, Dolores Conn, Marjorie Mathews, Eugenia Bell Bottom Row left to right Carol Kuenzli, Katherine Rhoden, Marlene Starner, Virginia Beattie, Marie Adams, Mary McClain, Wanda Beamer, Velma Fritz, Mrs lawrence Officers President Dorothy Armbruster Vice President Mary McClain Secretary Rosemary Monroe Treasurer Dolores Conn Top Row--left to right: X- UP 3rd lst lo, ru 2nd s Row Row ow HOW I' OW OW U' Grade 5 8 6 left to right Marjorie White, La Verne Church, Dorothy McCarty, June Markley, Imogene Kuenzli, Marilyn Fackler, Gladys Monroe, Doris Downing left to right Ann McClain, Joyce Heinlen, Gertru e Miller, Carol Jacobs, Edith Church, Irene Bachtell, Joyce Reed, Lois Whitmeyer, Mrs. Kissling left to right Gerald Schenk, Harold Schenk, Rovert Morgan, Wayne England, Francis Pfleider, Melvin Hall, Ronald Klink, floyd Musselman, Robert England left to right Freddie Markley, Harold christensen, Donald McElhaney, Max Spiegel, Chester Lahr, Robert Hahn, Wayne Beamer, Richard Parker, Billy Stover Grade 3 3 4 Donald Walter, James Markley, Willis England, Noel Williams, John Pfleider, Thomas Creger, Billy Rhoden, Bert Adams, Francis Conn, Arden Monroe, Thomas Stover, Robert Best. left to right Eugene Reed, Dick White, John Suter, John Eier, Clifford Alexander, Earl Adams, Joel Klink, James Steinhllber, Jerry Wilson, Dick Larick Wayne Spiegel left to right Mary Alice Pell, Wilma Church, Wilma Armbruster, Patricia Best, Jane Traxler, Joyce Cover, Shirley Scott, Janet Christensen left to right Doris Beattie, Carolyn Mctlain, Natalie Jo Coons, Jeannette racklel, Rachel Musselman, Norma Monroe, Miss Aten 'Fo -- ' : 2nd R -- : l.' Bowne : msn J -wleft to right: 5 ' T' -- : 2 R -- : . l t R -- : FIRST JRADE Top Row Left to right Ollie 5m1th, Jerry McClain, Crville Rhoden, Donald Holzwart, Jack Moore Glenn Montgomery, harles Gilliland, Dwight Spiegel, Bobby Gatchell Marvin Nonroe, Kenneth Conn lst Row Evelyn Smith, Patty Ann Wlnegar, Cerlvon Moore, Sarah Jane Kerr, Rose Marie horris Martha Jane Hatthews, Janet Speigel, Margaret Rose Alex ander, delen Creger, Ellen Markley, Maxine Pell, Betty Jacobs t lr picture Richard uerber, Suzanne Sweney SECOND GRADE lon now Mrs vooers, oarv Caldwell, Marvin helnlen, Charles Denzer, Rooert Aten Delbert Conn, Charles Ross, Darrel Beamer, Eddie Whltmeyer, Curtis BelL Arthur Nilliams, Vilford England, Allen Culver now Jane honroe, loria Dinkle, Juanita Best, Lucille Musselman, Anna Marie Scott Dixie Lee Everhart, gloria Klnsley, Marjorie Miller, Beth Trax ler, Shirley rfleider, Janet Kellogg ot ir pi ture Sraron Holt, alenn Speigel 'Y 1' , V N. I l AA . A f , ' 5 1' V - Y U Ro l I N 0 'l'-Z1'-'l'4'iH5'if'l"li'i1'4i-4f'4fi1"!i'iI"31-'!'r6l-X'-N'-ii-",1--3'f4H"!i"l'4'l"3I'i4"li"ll"l1"31' ' L Q- -- , X ' A U v ' v Q 1 ' I . lst ' -- 5 3 ' ' 9 O 1 " C H A 3 5 . A , 4K 7114 MY! 1' uf J 0 K E S Hilton Kuenzli 'When I fall in love it must be the real thing. Smitty love it will have to be a woman 'Not mo. When I fall in Silence 1sn't always golden some times it s just plain yellow Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go. Mother in law 'My that little tree has grown a foot since I was last here ' Son in law 'Yes, and I hope the next time you visit us you'll be able to sit in its shade ' There were just as many careless drivers 40 years ago but you see the horses had more sense. 'She told me you told her what I told you not to tell her 'Oh isn't she mean? I told her not to tell you I told her ' 'Well why don't you tell her I told vou she told me. follow ycu9' George 'Well, that depends are you man or mouse?' Before I rearf the doctor te 1, The danger of a kiss, I had considered kissing you Th nearest thing to bl1ss But now I know biology, An sit and blush alone million bacteria And I thought we were alone ow I lay me down to snole Insured for S5 OOO or more, If I should die before I wake My wife would get her first real break 'It 1sn't so much the rationing, Or taxes or talk of inflation, The problem really worrying us Is this thing they call the durat ion. A little boy stood up in school one day and told his teacher that his sister had the measles. 'Well, that's too bad, von go right home Johnny,' said the teacher, and don't come back to school until your sis er is wel1.' Johnny left in a hurry. After he had been gone for a few minutes a little girl held up her hand and said 'Teacher, Johnny's sister that has the measles lives in Milwaukee Bus Driver 'ws are packed like sardines in here Can anyone think of any rellef?' Twirp 'Certainly Number off the passengers that have the even nun bers breathe in while the odd nun bers breathe out ' Petro Sandrette took little Tekevich to the pictures. The attendants warn ed them that unless the child kept quiet, they would have to leave, but that their money would be refunded. Just before the end of the film Petro turned to his wife and whisper 'Rotten, replied Sandrette 'I think so, too, agreed Petro Pinch as baby S1 'What drives a man to dr1nk1' Smitty 'It's the salty pretsels you eat that does it ' Dick 'Do you know that every river has a mouth?' 'Then 1t's got to have a head ' Dick 'leahl The mouth is bigger than the head ' H.H 'Geel That's what teacher says about me. Betty 'Do you know why fireflies have fire in their stomachs?' Zip 'Bo D you?' Betty 'Sure. They eat their food raw and that's where they cook lt.' It a1n't good to eat when you're hungry' cause it makes you full. 1 . - g .L ev 'H I .U u U : - .n In ' I Si--'Is it bac luck for a cat to ed: 'Vbel, vot do you think of it? 1-1 O 11 U . I .ll . 1 I 3 , ' 1 2 0 -h e 0 a - ' . Six l.H2 . . , . N - : . 3 e 0 9 THLETIC fs, : Varsity Basketball The Nevada Bobcats really went to town' this season They finished the league in sevond Dlace this year with eight wins and tvo losses When it came time for the tournament our boys entered with the determination to fight to the end and in doing so we won the championship by defeating Scutch 55 to 52 We are very proud of our boys since Nevada hasn't taken the tournament since 1928 It was done by team work, good coaching and excellent support from the com unity By taking the county tournament we entered the District Tournament with a record of fourteen wins and three losses We are wishing our boys the best I luck We hope they can go as far as possible The games are as follows Opponents Score Opponents Nevada Score Eden Wharton Kirkpatrick Salem Scutch Harpster Caryy Sycamore Wharton Salem Eden Scutch Melmore Harpster 4 Salem 4 Scutch 44 Rawson 444 Wharton avi Old Fort +44 55 St. Wendelin 444 4 County Tournament 44 County Championship game iii District Tournament games Cheerleaders The cheerleaders, Margaret Keltner, Jeannette Healy, Helen Walter, Pearl- leta Motter, Shirley Grubel, have done a splendid job cheerleading this year, and have extended their thanks to the cheering section for their co-operation. n 0 . O 56 52 27 26 44 48 28 50 44 49 29 55 50 Marseilles 59 25 52 26 49 28 57 55 41 28 45 28 54 50 59 18 50 28 44 52 55 41 55 59 45 57 25 41 " 3585 R334 I BASEBALL September games Nevada score date score Alumni Eden It Zion Salem- Sycamore November games 5 Marseilles 6 Salem! 13 Harpster The baseball team finished with a perfect record of nine wins and no losses this fall They worked hard and put all efforts into each game And as a re sult they won the county baseball trophy The boys finished with eight runs scored by the opponents to 148 runs scored by the team RESERVES The reserves played 14 games durlng the basketball season, and won 9 of those played We were proud that they had lost only 5 games and were looking forward to them going a long way in the tournament, however bad luck seemed to be with our boys and they lost their first tournament game which was with Whar ton The scores of the season's games were as follows Nevada Eden 16 Nevada Sycamore 14 Wharton Wharton 28 Kirkpatrick 21 Salem 53 Salem 20 Eden 15 Scutch 17 Scutch Harpster 14 Melmore 14 Marseilles Wharton 26 Carey 18 TRACK In 1944, Nevada, for the first time, went out with a real track schedule. They participated in 3 meets and the county tourney I the first meet we plao ed 3rd with 2 other teams participating In the 2nd meet with 4 teams partici pating we placed lst The 3rd meet was with Upper Sandusky and we were over scored by them In the tournament we placed 5rd Wayne Gerber set a new discus record, Brandt, Darl Fritz, P Gerber and Dale Cover set a new mile relay record Robert Zimmerman placed 2nd in the Mansfield District Tourney and was intltled to go to Columbus in the state This years prospects are good in that nearly every team man returned from last year STUDENT C OUNC IL The Student Council has been in operation for a period of six years It is composed of the President of each of the four classes Its purpose if to re present the student body and to aid the teachers in planning school activities. The members this year are Left to right, Carl Ross Freshman, Jack Stelnhil ber Sophomore, Wayne Gerber Junior, Naomi Bardon Senior, and lr DeGood raculty Advisor Naomi Bardon served as Chairman 15-------,,------,----- 8-Q :nuances cncn anaucousooaosa-Q4 15 ,-,, - -,,.- ---,--,,---laura nqnn u nononu cancun-oavuouousnsug 23:3 nubsnuu Qlnonbhhnnnc cs DHCOCCDU CDC' CPCPCU 0-0-0-9 4 ,.--.-,,-,- ,, .,., ----26-n -ggQ-Qpggqqqnnoqcnuqnusanunl ssaoquhuuuuuunsutesco-H2211 mucous unanu caucus-caucus--0 52----------------- ...- 2Q--Scutch------ ------- ----v--------0 Snuouuonncconwe asnn dung can oo unno qauouaos susu :sumo 9 pgqgunqnqq 9 uqoqnun nas an 00:0 CDCIIIIIIIIUDC U !l" -'il 12 -.-- sauna nqqa QQQQUUQD sa Q ucnnsn an-:cuss :nuoq amass? -35 - -30 - H -19 - so H -29 - , H -29 - H -zo - H -1s - H -42 - H -2s - H -se - ll H -27 - H -ev - H -ze - 31 H -24 - " -25 - e n ' 'w H I, 1 JU CTIVI IES 4 -, '-1,11 A .wi Q W. L... 5: W Lil MT. , Vfrzfllf fit-1'.?f:, 4 "'-ff..-'.',' .', ,I I V 1' ,.7Y,,i.l,t .A,,g'.,b1i, F,- ' 1-f'IfL.' A-.:'Uf"E"'x' I--flfvl . 3.15-w ,, -,.',... ,,f ,,f-,gf-r J .wi ijt, ,V ' :gk4Kjr,lIv yn'--. ,srflw A v'1.,' '1 ".v,..,,f.' -, rf". 1 X I-fu fx "T '.".' JL' . ,--Un. .Q f., vii -,-7-'ff-za 'Q 'Aw g,n,-- 'rl 1.5, , 1. 3 4 v ',f ,I A 3-1 ,'X',.,',."'T :'f 'A-, L' ,.,y,, 1-- X 1 J L. w .," 1' f ' V , 'r .',",- ',C' .- ' . I," , .'v,"' ' 1-'1'Q gg rx: I,,f' - -r.fa'j-,s -"J: X , ,fj,fLH " ,H ,,,1. The Nevada FFA has had a very prosperous year of 1944 45 There are seventeen boys enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. The program of work is plan ned ahead of time and each year it has increased in size The boys do the plan ning with the aid of Mr Grimm The officers see that the program is kept going and the assistant of ficers respond very good when called upon The FFA purchased a new sprayer which enable's us to handle more trees and help the community. A machinery trailer is being made for the purpose of helping to defray some of the expenses. A potato crop is being planned and will financial standings of the Chapter. The boys participated in the annual county judging tour, although they d1dn't win any banners they had some experience seeing the different kinds of livestock. They also participated in the parlimsntary procedure contest. The Parent and Son banquet was held and proved a big success. It show ed our parents what we were doing in FFA We have lOOZ membership in the FFA The scrap book is proving to be helpful to us It contains pictures of the boys of different things they were doing All members helped carry out this program for this year and plans for a bigger and better program for next year are being made Liberary Staff The liberary staff was organized at the beginning of the school year umder the caperble direction of Mrs Kleckner The following students assisted in keeping the liberary in order, and books signed out to other students They were as pictured left to right Top Row Lois Armbruster, Jean McClain, Ruth Zimmerman, Betty Troutman, Mary Ellen Heinen, Mrs Kleckner, June Kuenzli lst Row Janet Gerber, Barbara Bardon, Maxine Snodgrass, Jean Ann Grove, Mary Harriet Cronies, Norma Jean Jacobs. F. F. A. be carried out. The FFA has cut some wood for the purpose of helping along t e I ORCHESTRA The Orchestra consists ef sixteen members There are five violins, three trumpets, one clarinet, one E flat alto, one trombone, one tuba, one snare dru , one bass dru , and one piano Members took part in the County Musical and also played at various school affairs PEP BAND A Pep Band was formed this year to help support the basketball team There are eight members They played at most of the home games GIRLS GLBE CLUB The girls glee club has thirty two girls Besides music for school pro- grams, members of the glee club took part in the County Musical and several school programs BOYS GLEE CLUB The boys glee club has thisteen boys They too took part in the County Musical and school activities MIXED CHORUS This year there are thirty eight members in the chorus, twehty six girls and twelve boys Th officers for this year were President Robert Zim erman, chorus gave an Operetta, entitled 'Top of the World ' Several members of the group took part in the County Musical SEXTITTE This year the sextette has three new members along with three of the ovlg inal members from last year The girls are Sopranos Naomi Bardon and Shirley Grubel, Meszo Sopranos largaret Keltner and Ruth Zimmerman, Altos Jeannette Healy and Lois Armbruster They sang at the Eastern Star Lodge and at several school programs TRIO ne Trio was made up of the following people this years Soprano Shirley Gruoel, Alto Ruth Zimmerman, and Bass Robert Zimmerman. They sang for sev eral school programs. Vice President 1 Margaret Keltnerg and Secretary - Annabelle Krmbruster. The September October November December 5 23 1 January February 13 SCHOOL CALENDAR School opens Baseball game Baseball with County Fair Baseball game FFA Officers Baox to the old brain factory with Alumni We won Eden Again, we win Everyone ees to see the monkies with Mt lon Whoopee we win Training School set the bat boys Baseball game at Sycamore Seniors have a class party at Maggies' house We're off to a baseball game at Salem 'B' team at Eden Baseball here with 'Scutch Baseball Tournament We play marseilles and win Baseball Tournament We played Salem and won Does my hair look alright?? Is my tie stra1ght?9 Senlors go to Tiffin to get their pictures taken Nevada wins County Baseball Tournament We sure are good Fresh men Reception is in the evening My, the Freshies sure were scared FFA boys go to judging contest Gee, that's good I don't like mine S6n10rS get their picture proofs back Grades present Operatta The Magic Beanstalk FFA boys have Greenhand Iniation Oh Boyl' No school Teachers went to Toledo for Teachers meet Seniors sign their names Picked out Commencement Invitations and name cards Cheerleader tryouts Congratulations Margaret, Twirp, Daisy, Bee, and Sh1PlQY Junior play Adam's Evening Really was good FFA Banquet What a feed'l Seniors sign their names as they wish them to appear on their diplomas We gc to Wharton for basketball game They won Thanksgiving vacation Turkey and all the trimmings Seniors take T B Patch Test Basketball game at Kirkpatrick We won Salem here for basketball game We won again Basketball game at 'Scutch Won again We beat Harpster in a basketball game Wow"' What a game! Christmas Parties Seniors at Ceorgies Basketball team goes to Marseilles for game and loses Santa Claus is coming Christmas vacation Carey here for basketball game We won Too much ice and snow, buses can't get through Gives the students a much needed rest Basketball game at Sycamore and as usual, we won No school because of ice and snow Hurrahl'l We're ahead of Salem Eden here again and won as usual We win again 'Scutch here Melmore here Still winning No school Government request Thank You Mr Neemyer shows bird pictures Beginning of Basketball Tourney County Tournament and we play Harpster We are still winning eam Mr Schlosser here for Boy Scout picture show Another game of County Tournament 8 I I ll . . 14-15 . . 18 I E I 0 19 . 22 G . . 26 O 0 29 . 5 . ' . 6 . ' . 10 . 13 e e ' 17 . l9 . . 20 . . 25 , . 27 O O O 5 . - e ' e e . 14 . . 16 Eden wins basketball game. Non-league game. Goody, goody. 21 23-24 . . 27 O I O 28 . . l . . 8 . . 15 O 0 I I 20 a ' e 22 . 2 . . 2'5 0 5 . 12 16 . l7 24 26 . . 31 . 2 . . 3 . . 5 C O O 7 . . . 8 . Fee ua y Another game was won at the expense of Salem Final game for Nevada at the County Tournament Nevada wins Winning trophies presented Gee, Nevada really got a nice look ing trophy Smile now l 2 5, picture taken for the reflector Consumer class decorates store windows Say, they look pretty nice March District Basketball Tournament at Bascom We play Rawson and won What, Wharton aga1n?9??? Play another basketball game with Whar ton and we won as usual Seniors show how smart they are???1" Senior Scholarship Tests at Upper Sandusky Do, Re, Mi, County Musical Oh Gee Whiz Every Pupil High School Glee Club show 'Top 'O The Worldn Eighth It's super colassal!'!'! Relatives ' Also District April at Sycamore Tests Again off Present operatta by the name of graders take State tests It's The Senior Class Play 'Too Many State Scholarship tests Ohio Weslayan R lays Home ru District Baseball Tournament Gee, isn't she pretty!" May Day We crown the queen Junior Senior Banquet at Shawan Hotel in Tiffin Wow, what a jointI1llU O K Now Seniors don't smile Baccalauerate The team is off again to the District Baseball Tournament May The Beginning of the End Don't forget to turn your tassel and shake hands Commencement Exams and last day of school Goody, Goody Seniors are exempted from exams H U M O R Bee 'So you're reading a book about a farmer! What's Daisy 'Life with Margaret 'So you huh? How much is Naomi Eleven Margaret nNope Naomi 'Twelve the name of it?' fodder ' think you're smart six and four? Try again ' ine thirteen n Margaret 'How about ten'n Naomi nYou can't fool me that way! Five and five make ten George nYer old man said you gotta be back by nine tonight or he'1l close the door on you. Smitty: 'Don't worry I took the door off and hid it before I left Mutt 'Do you know what the sugar said to the box as it was being pour ed out?' Paul, 'No What?' Mutt 'I'm gonna bowl nowl' I Miss Edwards 'Who is the lazlest one in your c1ass?' Milton I dunno. Miss Edwards 'Oh yes, you do know When everybody is busy a studying and writing, who sits idly in his seat and watches the rest work? Tell the truth now ' Milton The teacher Moron I was so sick my mother had to call Dr Coffin to examine me. Goon nYou'd have done better with Dr U N Dertaker But tell me, did you finally get better?' Moron law I died ' Ralph 'Why does the river boat make that terrible noise with its horn? Kenny 'That's to let every one know 1t's going to start.' Ralph 'If I felt as bad as that I wouldn't go ' 'r r 15 . 21 . . 24 e ' 27 e . ' ' , e 28 . 1 ' . 3 . - 10 ' . . . 23 ' . "" 0 15 . 27 "" o e . ze ' . ' 10 . . - 11 l Q I I 12 " e 15 . . ' ' ' ' ' . . 17 . 18 . 25 - . . 2 . z n nl 2 n V : If .H 2 I 3 4 W- e .N 2 U e .N 2 I . . n ll : ll -- . e an ' . ll 'T xp' -ill' 1 Nl CE AQTTQ, MhR6 i .A- '1 L. P1 rc!-lsr! 1- CATcHER ohhhff 11p 'surf SMILE' Phu L. B -4. FHRP7 CREW oua LITTLF DAQ'-7 SHORT SITMHTIDN 0 THE Moulvp HUGH If up 11,H'l' GIRT WHAT A QANJ .A BAE Lug" 'Y ., 'wfnewf we cart' 'Sz' 'JU . ' V' I ' - - '.L VQ u. , V ' - " - , .Nw -5 w --f v S- .W . . ' ---:fd . , V ,, .A M , A "SH . : ' . Al . 1. kv L:-L IQ o 1 1, ' "QT, H . av I I -, ----1 7' 1.4 I 4 I- Q 1' 5' A ' 1 4-4 I "H . ' fl ' ' ... Q - -f' ,- , ' 7 iff' -2 . w L n 4 f v , l ' 'x' Off Q 1 ...I F , . 1. . - r ,. N v 0 . ,4 051 I RIDE EM cow:-:og pf BETT MHR6 ENNJ MH ,gn afg I A' vs. fx K -,- 'll- pfo you.. GET Ang SCRAP SLHW BEL xi? 'wow 5ENl0F Gyms A UATE SfvfaffE? 5 A IN T They MH VV fl 1119 ues IN THE Mmy Now PMNIS AND JIM WILSON PA:-cues H A 3 - i f JI ff--Q f U. 5 1 1, Q 5 V be O - ,UA-, Q Q Q ' .In - U ILC, n . ,Z-O? . 'V 6,0 V , . . 1- W . . ' xfz V'- L I A ju, gg : .u , ,'- f ' ' j 44- "J ' r AA - ' feb P ' - 1 . ' , - ' ' 1-' 5 1. ' ,, -- 1 .' - -.1.:- . ah 4 ., ' f Q-, , I X5 ' ' 'g 1 .. -x V - A '3' , .f - ff 1' L . -' .L l'? ":' ' " - I, ,H I?-, W-ik , s 'gx rv I HI H ' . Z A I , ffjl 4,-:5Qg1,zx - 5. ., -ywiie . a f - -'iifhk - . 9 ll . W 1 gs, H U 'IT ,T i L1 ' XD Y , . xt H . ,, 4 . 1.52.1 .MIHVH + JUNIOR CLASS PLAY On November lOth the Junlot Class presented the comedy nAdam's svenlng It was put on under the capable direction of Mrs Kleckner The comedy is all about Mr Adam, who stays out all night till four o'clock Everything would have come out alright if his wife hadn't come home the next morning unexpectently bringing her mother with her To solve the problem Mr Adams tells a lie that sounds like the truth but really gets complicated His mother in law doesn't help matters any but all comes out well in the end The characters were Mr Adams Jim Frost Mrs Adams CH1s wife! Shirley Grubel Mrs Bean CHis mother in law! Pearlleta Motter Casper KH1s colored servant! Eugene Hoover Gertie CHis colored maid! Patricia Steinhllber Dr Fra oni CFamily doctor! Dale Beamer Rosita ?The doctors wife! Mary Alice Kinsey Elmer Green CMan who wants to die! Wayne Gerber Mr Cokee CMan who should be dead! James Walters Mrs Cokes CH1s wife! Mary Harriet Croneis SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Seniors of '45W put on a hilarious 3 act play entitled 'TOO MANY RE LATIVES ' Presented in the Nevada High School Auditorum, April 27, under the a ble direction of our advisor, Mr DeGood The characters were as follows Mabel Savage CH1s wife! Jeannette Healy Mrs Donnelly Cthelr landlady! Betty Troutman Gracie Evans CMabel's sister! Margaret Keltner Jasper Wilkins Kher bashful beau! Robert Smith Officer Butterfield Ca policeman! Junior King Lucy Ca maid! Helen Nalter Ermintrude Evans CMabel's aunt! Naomi Bardon Otto B Savage iHarry's uncle! Richard Armbruster Smokey McGee Ca desperate criminal! Ralph Markley Other members of the class helped to put over our play by helping in the following ways Milton Snodgrass and George Rehm Stage Managers Paul Beattie and Kenneth Fritz Ticket Salesmen Milton Kuenzll Advertising , . ll Harry Savage ia wrlter!----- ---- ---- ------- -Robert Zimmerman L Ml woumrn TMS 7 V gPN'?',Jig A 'X '-X IX 'QQ 5 fL'X""'wx f N' f X g ,wg x X T XJ Nqfqxfllkfxwf T kj CL X if 'MSN- W ' J , V. "1ifi'-f- , ' 3" - ' p ,fsijiififi 1' 5 . . ,-ig ,puff-vias f ' Q ' M, .- ',j'ivf51'4m?ffI 7fij,',,ii, 1 39" ' ' 'C 5 . ,Q ' 'X A 'Q Q T A .V iff V . 1 I Q, Lapljmb ,, fi KI R 5, N , I I x ---f J 'L 7 ,Vs I if ,Qi M f' , A ffl , f ,eg -. gy., tgr V ':-.- v v. ' 1. X .Al.l,igf,fg151 ' "-' .V " ' ' V!'?'3Fz ' QF- x - ' f , wx Y - x V A 'Q E x 1, A . Q .1 I K ' Jw 7: nj. f xx' I' - L . " 1 - ' 5 0- X 1 A -'gn A x vffffifik, , " ,v-'L'E?5L Ml' , .-7 ,Lf1,?,f,, -V vidv ,Q J: sl-Q ' ff 3 ,.,f A A .A rw J ' ,' . ff A i'Tl,',Nv - 4 , ' ,a , A ' , ., y ' f ' x'f'3,551,"f- LMN ll 4 f f 1 x 1. , . f ..,,, lg L .N X 'nf1fT Zf' ct N --f- .- 4 ,K 'J . 'f . U fl V W" 'M Q K' bhp! Z ' t . X -- .1 I ' 4' X 'f' L x ' ' . X ' 'J ' f'-L:-:S-L 5 1-- .',"7'l'ff'4 , ..--im..,.g,,. .. .,,,, W N ,A A V Man-y V V. h ,I I A iz"A1'2"'2" 315'-"-2-.-.Lu4Az:L.4'. - , lwigmf L' """' '--g if-,1-. ,gf dw ffm-Qu , x Y C Cr +--1 A J 17 X 7549 C xxk. ACWX N 1 f f ,fly ff ff! , , E 4 f ,lf 1 P c infffxxx 9 4, ?i,2.f 1 W5 Q gf, , f 1 I' 5 ff' C- ' ,, f - F ,54:f Q ' -LX r 1' 'fc Y ' fx X Z1j5ff'5""'3,A '2X7Pi"XV4' """'5 Y 1 Q, Q, N- ,ga Yi H V fly, NA. -fx qi , X xx , f X, ,f , I B , x ,A 1 , R C fff' ' V ' ' XZ, V3 xx K- ,ffQ,V.AX-XKK , K, X! .X , ,fin ,fri f . n gf f' .C X ff Q17 NA F d xx xg 5!, Q V V TL - 1 f X A , , H - , MTN ,E , x X ,-, By' X .NEQRJXK5 x ' 1 4 ' HMI 1 ' N f' gf K X I 1 l x N 'W xg 'X " I '31 'q , x 'ml I 1 X xx f X I y x x X, N X A. r X ' 4,79 fffif f k X , ,W f,7'!,f ff x Q! f, , X 1' f ,f x M7171 ,nfl f ,f ry ff df, fff' f X .x P 1' XS' ,ff 'I ff f "qQ"!, ,f ff ff If If , I X411 I 'X If f" If ,Ll ,, . . V i --47 T f f C Q1 J . ' ,X , ry! ff A vi X f-, --ff' ,If ff' In f V V W Y ,. Y XL ,, Coon's Tire Store Nevada, Ohio Pfeifer naruvare Implement Co Upper Sandueky, Ohio Nueme1eter's Bakery Upper Sandusky, Ohio Forrest mobilgae Station Nevada, Ohio Jacobe Storee Nevada, Ohio Nevada Furniture Store Nevada Ohio Boot'e Cafe Hart R Snyder Jewelery Store Upper Sandusky, Ohio W E Miner Upper Sandusky, Ohio Harvard G Gutherie Upper Sandusky, Ohio John H Neate Upper Sandusky, Ohio Wyandot Packing House Wyandot, Ohio Mack'e Barber Shop Nevada, Ohio Steve'e Barber Shop Nevada, Ohio Fred Youman'e Gas Station Brush Fidge, Ohio Starner Service Station Brush Ridge, Ohio Nevada Deposit Bank Nevada, Ohio Clover Farm Store Nevada, Ohio Martin Brothers Grocery Nevada, Ohio Nevada Resturant Nevada, Ohio Nevada Farmer'e Grain Aesln Kellogg Implement Store Nevada, Ohio Nevada Wrecking Yhrd Nevada, Ohio Gross Quality Hatchery Nevada, Ohio Forquer Service Station Nevada, Ohio Schanke Mobile Station Nevada, Ohio Vuenzli Hardware Co Nevada, Ohio E I Orvilera Grocery Nevada. Ohio Nevada, Ohio Nevada, Ohlow

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Nevada High School - Reflector Yearbook (Nevada, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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