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N. . -'R JE. aff' , pegm' ,'L ,fps A-a'q:f.a.-V, S., L" 1 :Zi 5 , f" if Cn ,,, ls , L 3. ' ,,s . NK !'L"5 gf 4- I . .,, ' ,, , 9 ,1 f ' 2 y ' V? . '. ' ' ' -. I V 'a Ht4 I . ff" ' . .qw A - s.7f':-'. TE:-.. , 5:1 , , A Q, , . 1 1 A ,,, f'f N -my 0. V 11-1' ' ,, " ,, , , if ,f .3-, Q! Tw H V www. v 4 ng ' . X, W : f ,. r " ' M Q , 1 M ', .- f f. ' . ' - 111. , ., . 1, "I" VLH .ifgrvv M' ., W V' . uf, ,'h'ga'sQv:"Lfvf!l'?'9A,.,'g':, - '21 Y W , W, 'M 'U :MA LW' 453 " 19? "W ' -'fl Y S. , A -, ' V , If ,K . Q , , 1 '. H' -. ,., 'v , A , V N ww J , . . , . if A 3 1 'r'f"1 1,:1.- 'M , I 4 A . , . v .. I . f .. .., ' .M A - W ,,,,.1 v . . . 4 A Fw 1 g, -: : A I , ' 1 K' wk . ' , fy. .1.-fx-,,, ' ' 1 -1, ,V VL , . A e., V, , Y A fax, , V, -' , 9 K 3, YMJW hy, ,W .. .., .Q ' - Sky", rw .,- ' . A -. ' I M, H 1 uf ... 4 hgw. .ugly j' , Y-,W , K 1 '- X ,W M : , 5 I ,g,,U,W,:o . , ' ' Q ,, 2 .-.Mb AM fx X 1, .wen ' ,--, F . 1, ,- . ,,,,-x- 1 , u x. K V, . ww + , ..W,ur ,mf1 f fm, M P .fn M ,... amd - Jf ' 'P lm M! 3 f ' ' F uw . .J , ,,. .J l f s f .-, M i 1- ", . ,4- ,H , , 15,4 .- A X f x A . . V, N. i, W- F.. n l. h vw ' ' W' A W ' 'W ' A cv' 2 ' , ' ,. p Wx" - -W , ' ' , Y ' If ' Nw Huw ' 5 g L , r . . ' v , 1 J , w Q ' A 1 I x ,M ., A 1 , Vg M . , M 1 Q N , 9 ' Y K 4 ' . I 4 ' 7 '-if 5 , . 1 , , AN - , Q g vwfww YA -I X v , "H , . s A A ' M , 1 ' . ' n . ,' L I , K -Q X v, X 1 v s 'a'-ff, . -, . MC jffbfdiu MJLLLL Wzukyww Umm!! 414,056 797 wwf? jwwcugdkd GL wwf? M WWZWMMM M MMM 06 V1M24,fff2vL'!,,ff'9 25 QWM My QW . Myjfjafjyjww , , , M A AM Ji? fm K M4 f- L94 Q7 J C, 424, . M My X XQQWW ff JQ90X3Dw7m ' ly fs is N tw? SX XJXQSWSJQLA tk ,1 ..x 'A QXW THE U Q4 A Q fm XQSIQQ N53 H - 1 . ,.- , , . ,, , , , , ,,,,,,,. .,....A.nx...-,. , , , ..4.A,, ,f!- mfwwf' ' - Y may W ' VW?" L, ' my . M f ?,,,.,ff,4 , Y, f,.,m,,w f54,,, w iam ,wifi ' -' ' " " WWW ,, -f 5, , , -gpm, -, -13. fff, fr H ,V ,i,s,.W-Q , ,f,f f :f,,,- f :g,qfw,,-A ,,,f:mf.z, ww ' 1 'L'i.f:E':n,'U wKw:',-fa wk: w.:,x?ffsas,fw. f'zz'1a25Qzw,-'ww 22 5 f' ' f5L'L?'M ,wx dj, f A f ' M ",, f yi? riff vf MD -MM v 9, x,f' qw, f Mr Q f ov gf MM QW wif? 19 V YA w 9 WXQQvWu IIGVHIIIG I I Nl ' .Q9 YV- I9i1f1evada,m1ss0ur1 3 M65 59 -SQ F X . A, IQ CX A as X f ' ,Qi Cf' , lg l FSQX 5 go Ex G 656 A , rg B X , fi iff!!! N5 CTC fi? fm j ex aw - us, f, WEB W lt? W l Ml U., ,V bmi? Wlglll N, ily Z X .,l tl , I f i' Table ot Contents Faculty 12 Activiti 26 Org 48 Athl t 82 Cla 102 Adv g 'I42 J .4 Md7 p Foreword MLW! ff g - The Nevamo staff proudly pre- sents the 1964 NEVAMO, in the hopes that this book will reflect your interests and activities, your friendships and memories of 1964. We have chosen for our theme "The Spirit of N.H.S.", for we feel that school spirit is much more than supporting the team. lt is the feeling that encourages us to do and give our best in all phases of school life. It is the feeling that sparks our interest and enthusiasm to learn and serve, and to contribute our time and talents for the good of the school. This is, we feel, the true meaning of "school spirit", the meaning we hope to exemplify in the 1964 NEVAMO. ZW , I 9 pf 2 11 , Q M , 5 Z Zi .m School Spirit l 4 3 5 H S .1 Spcirks Enthusicism In Student Activities . . ,, ,...-mg-M ,, i, if-1 The voried octivities of N.H.S stu- dents cure o vitol port ot school life. They not only contribute to the spirit of the school, but more often be- come on expression of thot spirit, The success of on octivity or event, be it on donce or 01 community service, is determined by the enthu- siosm of the students. It is this enthusiasm which exemplifies the spirit of N.H.S. A Lively ln'reres'r In The Mcmy x'Aw .. !K'f if And Varied School Organizations The progress and success of the school's nineteen organizations is wholly dependent on the participa- tion of the students. The contribu- tions they make, sparked by school spirit, further not only their own enioyment, but also serve to broaden the horizons of learning provided by the school. Building of Character Through Porticipotion ln Sports . . School spirit is generally thought of in connection with cheering sec- tions ot othletic events. But even in sports, the spirit of o school goes much deeper than thot. lt is the building of strong minds, bodies, ond the involuoble lessons of teom cooperation thot ore more impor- tont thon the fincnl score. Good sportsmanship in both ployers ond spectators is o reflection of the spirit of the school. sswvfdf Ancl An Awareness ln The Importance The most important part of any school is the atmosphere of learning which prevails. This at- mosphere can only exist where school spirit encourages students to take advantage of the oppor- tunities for knowledge offered to them. The determination of both students and faculty to make full use of their minds and talents, as well as the school's facilities, fosters the spirit of scholarship at N.H.S. Of Scholarship ..,,.ff LW? ,wrvnf--Vg -- "4" "74 l'W-dmv mmwmMn wwwwwwbqwwf ,.wm-fW.Mu-..w.WWMf, V,,,, , ' ,f ,Ae mgwwvwdiwr fcsculiy C.H. Jones, Jr,, superintendent of the R-5 school district, is a busy man. Along with supervising four elementary schools and the Junior-Senior High School, he directs the work of approximately one hundred fifty school em- ployees. He has the responsibility of schooling several thousand students and creating the necessary qualifica- tions to keep Nevada the triple-A school system that it is. l Administrators The members of the R-5 School Board perform a valuable service to both the community and the school. Through their skilled guidance the school district has realized increasing excellence. They strive to strengthen the community by strengthening the school. Members of the School Board this year are, from left to right: Mr. George Logan, Rev. John Nichols, Mr. Lester Ogle, Mr. Morris Nunn, Dr. Roy Pearse, and Mr. Donald Russell. ' :'iZ,.., Form Backbone Cf School Few realize how much the capability of the secretaries contributes to the smooth operation of both the district and the school. Mrs. Ruth Weltmer and Miss Kleetis Wirth, sec- retaries to Mr. Jones, work with affairs through- out the R-5 School District, while Mrs. Virginia Wilhelmson, in Mr. Keithly's office, capably manages the records and paperwork of the high school. The principal of Nevada High School, Mr. W. Garland Keithly, has many duties and responsibilities. But even with his full schedule, Mr. Keithly takes time to be an under- standing friend to each and every student. The door of his office is always open to provide guidance and advice to any student who needs it. ...N if JY' A T-sd 15 Mrs. Velma Allison CA.B.l Commerce and Psychology Mrs. Martha Armstrong fB.S.J American History The forty-five members of the faculty of Nevada High School work in their various departments not only to promote the academic aspects of the students' lives but also to teach the importance of courteous behavior and the responsibility of accurate work. English instructors strive to give students an appreciation of literature as well as a mechanical knowledge of the English language. Since more and more emphasis is being placed on mathematics and science today, these departments endeavor to give students a broad base for future work in these fields. Making students more aware of changing history and how it affects them is the duty of the history department. Spanish and Latin, offered by the Language Department, will be valuable in communicating with other nations as the world grows ever smaller. The Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Commerce, and Agriculture depart- ments give practical training in skills which will aid in future vocations, while the Speech, Drama, Art, and Music departments encourage students to develop their abilities and perfect their talents in these fields. Though the subiects taught are many and varied, the faculty is united in its effort to prepare students for college and for success in adult life. Faculty Prepares Students Mrs. Bernice Ball CB.S., M.S.J MVS. Helen Bwliell i545-, M-5-l Senior High and Eighth Grade Vocal Music Seventh and Eighth Grade English and Literature. Mr. Joe Barone CB.S.D English II and IV CF' STATE OF THE SCHOOL . . , is the topic for this morning's discussion. Mrs. Butner and Mrs. Rombach can frequently be seen before classes at the door of Mrs. Butner's room. For Future Challenges Mr. Ray Bennett CB.S., M.S.J Cooperative Occupational Education Mr. Leon Briggs fB.S., M.S.J MV- R- l-- Br0wr1iB-SJ Seventh and Eighth Grade Industrial Arts Senior High lf1dUSffiGlAffS 59" 'fv x F X? : COMPILING CUMULATIVE TEST RECORDS , . . is a task seemingly without end for Nevada's counselors, Mr. Reed and Mr. McKinley. Mrs. Marie Butner CB.S., M.S.J Citizenship Students Receive Inspiration and Mrs. Louise Chapman lA.B., B.S.J MV- DUN Cl0pf0r1lB.S.J I-min and Spongsh Physical Education and Driver Education J! 4 " ' 4 , 43 47. Q21 wb. fig, A7,cd,0 fovvwv ""f'4'f"' ' , 4 , ,. Q C .Qoyuyjglfifbap OWL, ,Qao dfaxu, pl fr '-- . ffiiunfcocu f - fi 0, ,,V,,,,, C4f42ci76ffn . f siaQ23Y is W F-1 E f -if , X, Napueieem. Mrs. Ada Cole lB.S.J Mrs. Olga Dahmer lB.S.J Mr- Des Dehon fB,S,, M,5,j Eighth Grade English Eighth Grade Social Studies Personal Typing Gnd Driver Training Guidance Mrs. Omeda Erickson lB.S.J Junior High Homemaking ,fr 4 , . Mr. Sam Fine CB.S.i Mrs. Mary Fisk fB.S.i Junior High Science Librarian 2, K ,fy WJ ,, iv, Mr. Don Ferguson CB.S.J Economics, Sociology, Geography, World History, and Missouri History Mrs. Myrle Fraser fB.S.i Art l, ll, and Ill Mrs. Bobbie Gregory CB-S-, M.S.J Mr. W. R. Hamblin,Jr. CB.S., M.S.l Mr. Bill Hires CB.S.l Biology Eighth Grade Mathematics Mrs. Katherine Howard fA.A., B.S.J English lll Facully Gafhers For Mrs. Gail Kehhly fB.S.J Mrs. Agphi,-,Q L,-,edy qB,5.y Bookkeeping and General Business Junior High SpeciQIEdUCQ1i0n QW 'L ir WW" ,mm 'V-Q., Mr. Robert Litle lB.S.l Mrs. Gail McGehee lR.N.J Mr, John McKinley CB.S., M.Ed.J Instrumental Music School Nurse Guidance Counselor Conversation and Coffee Q. LUDICROUS, RlDlCULOUS, AND EVEN OUTLANDISH . . . are the words to remember when selecting an outfit for the faculty basketball game, ex- plain Mr. Briggs and Mr. Litle to Mr. Nelson. Mr. Jock Nelson CB.A.J Chemistry and General Science Mrs, Lucille Pettibon CB.S.J Eighth Grade Language Arts Mrs Myrtle Pickens CB SJ Mr Albert Quick CB SD Mrs. Lucille Quick CB.S.J English l Senior High Mathematics and Geometry Seventh Grade Social Studies Teachers MEDlTATlON AND MAIL . . . seem to fit together as Miss White and Mr. Barone pause in the office to check their mail- boxes and plan the day's activities. ll Mr. Wayne Reed KBISUJ Mrs. Vera Rombach fB.S.J Health and Counseling Algebra l and ll Encourage Development of Character QQ yi f S . 3 1' Exim cf ,J Vrlf , S ,M?3 Mr. Chris Schwanz CBA., M.S.J Mr. Jim Shepherd fB.S.J Mrs. Marcia Songer CB.S.D General Science and Physics Physical Education and Driver Education English I and ll Mrs. Bernice Teel CB.S.p M.A.D Seventh and Eighth Grade English and Lan- guage Arts Mrs. Ruth Vincent CB.S.J Girls' Physical Education ' Miss Dorenda White MVS- Nell T0lle lB-5-J M-5-l Mrs. Deanna Vale lB.S.J Vocational Typing, Shorthand, and Secretar- Vocational Home Economics ial Practice Continuing to lmpart Knowledge Students often fail to appreciate the great re- sponsibility teachers have of setting good examples to be followed by the students. Bringing out the best aspects of the student's personality and helping him develop the qualities not only of a good leader, but also of a good follower, are undertakings to which teachers are devoted. The purpose of Nevada's fa- culty is to prepare students for college or future oc- cupations. and to further the betterment of today's youth. The tragic accident which took the life of Miss White on March I6 caused great sorrow at Nevada High School Her quiet charm and gentleness made her beloved of students and faculty alike and the high standards she set for herself served as an inspiration for all with whom she associ ated Though we are saddened by her death our lives have been made richer by the knowledge and enthusiasm she has guven us Remember me when I am gone away When you can no more hold me by the hand Nor I half turn to go yet turning stay Remember me when no more day by day You tell me of our future that you planned Only remember me you understand It will be late to counsel then or pray Yet if you should forget me for a while And afterward remember do not grieve For if the darkness and corruption leave A vestrge of the thoughts that once I had Better by far you should forget and smile Than that you should remember and be sad Christina Rossettr W . . . . . . , . , , Gone far away into the silent landg T I A ' f , J 2 f J , - ""' l mem.-s,,s., , , sc, The great responsibility of transporting half ofthe high school students to and from school is entrusted to our competent bus drivers. Pictured after the completion of their routes are, first row: Stanley Butner, W.W. Mc- Donald, Rex Scoles, Howard Hocum, Guy Headley, Edward Riggs, Gene Smith,Arthur Null, and row two: Roy Householder, Gerald Reece, E.A. Woodington, F.A. Nichols, Cecil Leer, Doyle Johns, LeRoy McVicker, C.R. Neas, Bill Shaw, Harley Mills, Mrs. Olson, Carl Cox. Service Staff Deserves Praise Students seldom realize that they could not do without the custodians. The cleanliness and orderliness ofthe school are the results of their diligence. Carrying out the day's tasks are LeRoy McVicker, Arthur Null, Ed Riggs, James Hackney, and Mrs. Homer Miller. Cooking for over seven hundred people each day is no small iob, and to put both variety and nutrition in menus takes much skill. Pausing in their luncheon preparation are cafeteria personnel Mildred Attebery, LaMerna Wood, Louella Fellows, Gladys Burris, Virginia Fletchall, Geraldine Ogle, and Lucille Holcomb, A 'N'-ww.. 4 . ss Y S. my I , 4 W 2 , , 0 Q qw fe . Ugg ' ,JA msn-qM...,,.,,,,N,m , ,V M-f ,Www , , W , ,W AL 1, .f 7. w it? J s gs 1 , X fa ,lv 'Q . - ve K1 ,mis . by ,z . K. 5 A 1 M wh, V M M M N. A 4. Q .. , , ,, W' 5: at ff 'E QQ ft., 1 4 1 M . .1447 'ww Z, 1. '4 g Wi 5 I H I fr gd ww 4-wq..., activities Mike Merrell Nevomo King ff Gerry Hendrix Nevcnmo Queen ww- wffffyww' ,mf.,,2r M?fW fx 29 Jim Spencer Nevcimo Reigns Cver Jim McCann Butch Cummings N Royciliy Sign Night Jonef Atkinson Donna Pascoe Cyndy Allen RALLY 'ROUND THE FIRE . , . as the cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers to stir up enthusiasm forthe Home- coming game. The large group present showed the spirit which made the rally a big success. Preparing For The Big Night "THE ONLY WAY . . . to win this game," says rally speaker John Bussinger, 1960 alumnus, "is to have complete team co-operation and full support and enthusiasm from everyone." "HOW'S THAT?" . . , asks Timmy McCann of Dianna Dougherty, Sharon McAdoo, and Sue Dougherty, as she places a pennant on the wall for their inspection. Carolyn Erickson Junior Homecoming Queen 3 5 N Homecoming Festivities . . . Martha Dailey Dana Legan Junior Senior Attendant Attendant RADIANT ROYALTY . . . reign over the 1963 Homecoming dance. Shown left to right are Martha Dailey and her escort, Mike Merrell: Queen Carolyn Erickson and her escort, Butch Cum- mingsg and Dana Legan and her scort, Jim Sp EHCEI' r,,,,,,,,.N.W,. aicr, M iyi. cccrqc it mmyc Vi l 1 1 all Honoring Alumni ancl Royalty "YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN" . , . may well be Tl1eTl1erne of the 1963 Hornecomwng Dance as These couples dance to the catchy sounds of the band. TI A HEARTY WELCOME . . . is extended to alumni Norman Gorton, Mr. and Mrs. Denny McLaughlin, and Rex Behrnby Mr. Barone, as they sign The guest book at the Homecoming Dance. Y x ,M :- Larry Stevenson Eighrh Grade Anti-Van Prince Anti-Van Gary McGinnis Senior Anti-Van King SEQ 5 Royculiy Judy Bell Senior Anti-Vcm Queen mir Sydney Pascoe Eighth Grade Anfi-Von Princess nufe:gmmassless:ssesszsfs.s.s-. gglgmwfit an sive sf' A A s I ' M 555' Tf2f!l'2: '-f'- C 5 ,, ,, K 3..sQzr.r3ph!1Qig:' ,X -- "ft'Af S, HARVEST MOON ROYALTY . . . Body President, Denny Jadlot Fred Fowler, Senior High Student and Judy Gordon, Juniors, Patty Hendrix, Crown Bearer, Charles Jadlot and Bette Hendrix, Sopho- rnoresg Larry Stevenson, Prince, Judy Bell, Queen, Gary McGinnis, .-an L-nie - -H iff--5955655555557833iX35355E553il5!ilii3357533 uiiimimiinnnmuimarttsrifwiyzlijiiiilifi 4 . ,, ,N -. K . "7fsr!efm..sf-QQ f f ' ,T kv5+ssIfSfmQgQl-glig gggj "-.. I tr lliiiliisislf' W?" Mm" 5' ,X H' elsif? if Q .Q MM. ,xr 1:1 -- -.T............ mt. ,ff :fa King, Sydney Pascoe, Princess, Mary Susan Brown and Steve Jadlot, Seventh Grade, Danny Todd, Crown Bearer, Mory Burroughs and Sarn Foursha, Freshmen, and Doris Hillier, Junior High Student Body President. Harvest Moon Shines Over Royalty FIRST DANCE , , . is enjoyed by Anti-Van Royalty Judy Gordon and Denny Jacllot,Judy Bell and Gary McGinnis, Bette Hendrix and Charles Jadlot, and Sam Foursha and Mary Burroughs. We as "PASS IT AROUND' ',,. says Sheriff Charlofie Norwood to her bunch of desperadoes. Her pris- oners ai the Uncle Van party seem to have found an enioyable way to pass Their Time in iail, Uncle-Van Fun For All STRAINS OF MUSIC . . . could be heard coming from the gym after the follies were over The Belanres pro vided music from nine till twelve for many dancers. S "iii Sxfv, Q4 A J vii fifiulr- -- lllf'-- fiilmgff llllullg- -. X-.Ain-.ffl flllglilflsflgiilglslggigllljlagl,mn. , l it 5tlll2li!i'llll'lilili' Wifi 'Illn- f tl - ii rl Milli i' -. ll .. 'SUM Ur: 5i!fi!ligr"3l1llnl' lllllllu llviliigiif liglgllfila flllrslilg llllliig- lllilzl?1'l3!':3i'!iir Eli' f!1+-13l"fi-- ' '.4:,5-wi! gn l - F il Q :scsi 147, , llliliilf y l, , llg 5 ,QI it ! .hibx C ggi Wg, glwgwg iirlmfga REAL BEAUTIES . . . are these Rockettes, portrayed by Steve Eitfert, Richard Goates, Jed Powell, Tom Strasser, Clint Kraft, Stan Jones ond Fred Fowler. "COLOR IT GREEN", . .sings Laurol Fuller, as she gives a fine rendition of "Coloring Book". Follies Provide Since its start in l946, the Anti-Van Follies has grown to be one of the important events of the school year. ln the beginning it was simply a talent show, but now consists of an hour and a half of singing, dancing, and humorous skits under the direc- tion of the speech and music departments. The Fol- lies ore climaxed by the crowning of the Anti-Van royalty. "l SEE BONES" . . . mimics Steve Eiffert, as he does a take-off on the popular song "C'est Si Bon". Entertainment "I AM WAITING" , . . soy these beotnicks, Us they lounge in the Greenwich Villoge skit. After explaining the various things for which they eternally wait, the for-out crowd song "We Shall Overcome". "TI-IERE'S NO BUSINESS . . . like show business" is sung out by the entire costin the follies finole. "NOW, HAREL . . . these people are your friends," Nickie Geary ossures Wayne Gootes during the psychiatric skit. 4 FACING THE DILEMMA . . . of the lce Age are members of the Antrobus family and their maid. Characters left to right are: Sabina Uudy Gordonl, Henry CDavid Hilll, Mr. Antrobus QLarry Tuckerl, Gladys lCharIotte Norwoodl, and Mrs. Antrobus QSylvia Kelsol. Junior Class Presents The Junior Class presented "The Skin of Our Teeth" by Thornton Wilder on December ll, 12, and I4 with great success. Under the direction of Miss White and Mr. Barone, the class handled all phases of play production, including set construction, costuming, and make-up. The story centers around the members of the Antrobus family who have endured the Ice Age, the Great Flood, and a tragic war from which they emerge victorious. The unusual situations arising during the play created much interest and thought among the audience. "The Skin of Our Teeth" represented a departure from the usual type of class play, and was one of the best-produced plays ever presented at Nevada High School. "The Skin of Our Teeth" URGlNG THE CANTANKEROUS MISS SOMERSET . . .to accept her responsibilities is an additional problem to be faced by the Antrobus family and the other members of the cast, From left to right are: Larry Tucker, Sylvia Kelso, David Hill, Mary Jo Lasley, Jim Griffith, B.F. Weir, Charlotte Norwood, Mike Holmes, Bill Caylor, Judy Gordon, Ruth Burroughs,Joe Whisler, Linda Pursley, Rodney Rasmussen, and Larry Sheridan. 4 2 N "The Mouse That Roared", a two-act comedy by Leonard Wibberley, was pre- sented by the Senior class on March 12, 13, and T4 under the direction of Miss Dorenda White and Mr. Joe Barone. The play deals with the tiny Duchy of Grand Fenwick, whose chief export is a wine which an American firm has duplicated at a cheaper price. In order to prevent bankruptcy, Fenwick declares war on the United States, planning to be defeated and thereby bee come eligible for foreign aid. Fenwick invades the United States, steals its top secret Q-bomb, thus becoming the most powerful country in the world. These and subsequent events combine to form a hilarious comedy. "BUT WHAT CAN I DO?" . . . pleads Jim Rasmussen fTullyJ to Lynn Brown CBenterJ and Saundro Rasnic lGlorianaJ as they discuss plans for going to war. Seniors Star In "The Mouse That Roa d" ASPIRINC1 ACTORS AND ACTRESSES are the members of the Senior play cast While not on stage they study their lines, homework, or lust sit quietly Varied Extra-Curricular Activities ,ff- sf l "ML w., ' if Throughout the school year, extra- curricular activities besides the annual special events are offered the students. The activities include performances by musical groups for various causes and organizations, dances of all kinds-sock hops, "twirp" or girl-ask-boy dances, and victory dances-a hobo-style Uncle-Van party, and there is always a crowd at Tiger Town. These activities enliven or relax students after a long day's work. REFRESHMENT TIME . . . is here as people gather around the bar where cokes are served. This active group takes o break at the Valentine Dance held at WHAT'S GOING ON? . . . wonders Royce Disney as he clutclces hi- head, while Tom Pettibon, Jim Cox, and -Glenn Longworth seem to be giving their attention to other matters. These boys are part of a large group who enjoyed o party at Tiger Town. Tiger Town. SO THAT'S HOW lT'S DONE . . . muses Joe Whisler, as he watches Glenda Jackson and Linda Mouser kick up their heels. The girls were demonstrating their version of the can-can at a sock hop in the gym after the last home basketball game. Add Color To The School Year LET'S DANCE . . and Dianna Barnes as they enter into The fun at Tiger Town. JUST ADD MUSIC . . . and everybody dances. These couples are part of a large group who are enioying this sock hop and have enjoyed the many dances and parties throughout the year. . urge Nancy Quarton X 1 SHALL WE? . . . seems to be the question of Marsha Martin and Bill Davis, and Fred Fowler and Karen Neimeyer as they enter the atmos- phere of the Roaring Twenties. X. g . . Junior-Senior Prom THE LIVELY ONES... are seen dancing up a storm to the snappy music of the band. These couples are among the many who enioyed the evening of dancing. The Memories Linger On IN TUNE WITH THE TIMES . . . is the Eddie Barnes band warming up for the next number, The bandstand lends color to the setting by representing one ofthe cars popular in the i92O's, "SHADES OF AL CAPONE' '... exclaims Dana Legan, as she, Jim Spencer, Junior Class President, Doug Breen, Senior Class President, and Jo Ann Brown discuss the events of the twenties. OH YOU KID! . . . might be the reaction of those who observe Tom Haynes, Bette Hendrix, Linda Mouser, Vickie King, Gary Yurk, and Tom Thorpe arriving on the scene. rv," It EV? l 47 W9 PM V43 5 ' M 1 aw Q 1, . Q n K 1 3 5 Y 1 4 meh fx ff 4 gf y in 1 organizations FR x bm x ,f First Row: Judy Bell, Sue Dougherty, Linda Hill, Debbie Reed, Lou Dougherty, Judy Fletchall. Row Two: David Ewan, Cyndy Allen, Connie Johnson, Carolyn Erickson, Martha Dailey, Kay Spencer, Marilyn Wade, Janet Atkinson, Sam Foursha. Row Three: Tom Thorpe, Chris Whitehead, Glenda Jackson, Bette Hendrix, Gerry Hendrix, Jean Edwards, Steve Ogle, Marvalee Collins, Judy Gordon, Ruth Ann Burroughs, Gary McGinnis. Row Four: Fred Fowler, Tom Haynes, Steve Pyle, Jim Spencer, Steve Howell, Mike Merrell, Charles Jadlot, Butch Cummings, Tim Wysong, Brent Mendenhall, Ralph Klumpp. Junior And Senior High Student CHECKING THE CALENDAR . , . to make sure that time and events ca-ordinate are Senior High Student Council officers, Miss Gladys Radford, sponsor, Mike Merrell, treasurer, Judy Bell, secretary, Gary McGinnis, vice-president, and Fred Fowler, president. The Senior High Student Council pro- motes the general activities of the school, tries to improve the cooperation between the students and faculty, and aids the administration whenever possible. Some projects of the council are Anti-Van activi- ties, sponsoring assemblies, carrying on school elections, and sponsoring a benefit basketball game for the March of Dimes. A new proiect, selling paperback books, was undertaken by the council this year. To insure the school of a better council, each year delegates are sent to state conventions and workshops, while the president attends the National Conference, and the vice-president attends Camp Cheley in Colorado. Under the sponsorship ot Mr. Bill Hamblin, the Junior High Student Council seeks to improve the Junior High by promoting good citizenship and encouraging student participation. During the school year the council sells pencils, helps with Anti-Van activities, conducts Junior High assemblies, and attends the district student council convention. A PAUSE IN PLANNING . , . is taken by hard-working Junior High council officers Sydney Pascoe, treasurer, Bill Mische, seventh grade president, Larry Stevenson, reporter, Doris Hillier, president, Margaret Todd, eighth grade president, Mr. Harnblin, sponsor, Pam Nicodemus, secretary, Eddie Emery, vice-president. Councils Develop Future Leaders First Row: Bill Mische, Pam Nicodemus, Doris Hillier, Eddie Emery, Sydney Pascoe, Larry Stevenson, Margaret Todd Row Two: Paula Fellows, Teddy Abele, Julianne Kennedy, Becky Milster, Steve Jadlot, Cindy Fecht, Kenny Shupe Joyce Flynn. Row Three: Doug Harris, Eddie Peterson, Kayanna Pace, Boyd Gordon, Lois Cavanaugh, Tim Scott Marilynn Baucom, Leo Hard, Row Four: Theresa Newton, Robert Johnson, Mary Susan Brown, Doug Gundy, Wayne Cowan, Nanette Braswell, Kim Vincent, David Bever, Joyce Ogle, l 5 1 'M 4 ii gn 'p six 1 L Nevada's Pep Club, the Tigerettes, is open to any girl in grades nine through twelve. Meetings are held every Thursday at which time members discuss their different activities and practice cheers. The first activity of the year is to operate a book exchange. Other proiects include decorating for dances and operating part of the concession stand at football and basketball games. At the end of the year awards are given to those girls who have worked the hardest. Tigerettes Cheer Teams ACTIVITY PLANNERS . . . for the Tigerettes are Patty Bain, parliamentariany Sylvia Kelso, vice- president, Kay Spencer, historian, Dana Legan, president, Mrs. Keithly, sponsor, Madge Swear- ingen, treasurer, Donna Pascoe, reportery Glenda Jackson, secretary, Betty Neimeyer, assistant secretary. BOUNDING B'S . . . Marilyn Wadeg Becky Spencerg Peggy Nelson T V. 1. Karen Svetlecicp Sally Kraftg Laural Fullerg Paula Stafford, captain O , Bette Hendrix. M52 f iii lg! POURING IN . . 1. to obtain their books for LAN' BQ' the coming year are these students. The book Y ff, exchange, operated each year by the Tiger- ettes, makes it easier for the students to pur- chase the textbooks they need. YEA-A-A TIGERS . . . yell "A" cheerleaders Linda Bernhardt, Charlotte Norwood, Nancy Quarton, Linda Pursley, Linda Wilson, Gerry Hendrix, Jolene Goodin, and Karolyn Perkins. A's Add Spirit SECRET CONFERENCE . . , is being Carried on between Nancy Quarton, assistant All-school, Rajah Khan, team mascot, and Charlotte Nor- wood, All-school Cheerleader. ..,, sqm: Junior High Pep Boosters One of the most octive orgoni- zotions ot Nevodo High School is the Sweater Club. The members, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Teel, not only ottencl othletic events, but olso perform worthwhile services for the community such os porticipoting in tog clay soles. At the end of their eighth grode yeor, members who have clone out- stonding work in Svveoter Club ore oworded on "N" letter. SPARKING SPIRIT. . .for Junior High gomes ore cheerleaders Tonyo O'Quinn, Corolyn Nichols, Lois Covonough, Cothy Keggers ries, Dione Dickoson, Shoron Rose, Deonno Corlini, ond Angelo Ames. Yearbook And Newspaper 13:33 Q. L A SPLIT-SECOND BREAK . . . is taken by these staff members, Martha Dailey, B.F. Weir, and Clint Kraft, as they stop to study a design for the yearbook cover. -..., Beginning work on the Nevamo early this year proved to be a big help to the staff members. During August the staff sold adver- tising to businesses throughout town. Senior pictures were also scheduled at this time, When school started, the iobs of planning pictures and pages, drawing lay-outs, writing copy, and proof-reading became routine. Probably the hardest decision made by the staff was choosing a theme. Trying to find a theme that all of the students would like was a difficult task, but finally "The Spirit of N. H. S." was decided upon. Using this theme, the 1964 Nevamo attempts to present the many kinds of school spirit that the students of Nevada High School display. 'Q 'T' CAREFUL CONCENTRATION . . . as shown by Fred Fowler while working on a page lay- out as Janet Atkinson and Linda Mouser type and index student cards, PLENTY OF PROBLEMS . . . must be met by Madge Swearingen, assistant editor, Cyndy Allen, editor, and Mrs. Ginger Swearingen, sponsor, as they plan work on the Nevamo. i Staffs Serve Students "Get that Story!" is a familiar phrase tothe members ofthe Crim- son and Gray Staff. Most of the copy writing, typing, setting up the pages, and proofreading must be done before and after school, since the staff does not have a des- ignated school hour for its work. During the summer several staff members and the sponsor, Mrs. Marie Butner, attended a publi- cations workshop at Columbia, where they gained valuable know- ledge and experience. As a result, this year's paper has been one of the best to be published. WJ CHECKING THEIR HANDIWORK . . . are Crimson and Gray Co- editors Marty Phipps and Saundra Rasnic, and Mrs. Butner sponsor. ASPIRING JOURNALISTS . . . are Crimson and Gray staff members Tom Thorpe, Steve Pyle, Glenda Jackson, Linda Hill, Roger Ewan, Carol NichoIs,James Arthur, Judy Bell, and Donna Pascoe. M...-...Q Thespians Display Dramatic Talents First Row: Pam Berry, Pat Koehler, Lois Demaree, Saundra Rasnic, Donna Pascoe,Janet Atkinson, Cyndy Allen, Karen Neimeyer. Row Two: Kay Bunn, Kathy Harlow, Mary Jo Lasley, Judy Bell, Madge Swearingen, Janet Phelps, Sheryl Bryant, Judy Gordon, Allan Palmer. Row Three: Miss White, sponsor, Steve Eiftert, Johnnie Wolfe, Jim Rasmussen, Wayne Jackson, Tom Strasser, Dick Lawrence, and Lynn Brown. DISCUSSING PLANS . . . for this year's Anti-Von are the Thespian officers and sponsor. From lett to right are Donna Pascoe, reporter, Saundra Rasnic, vice-president, Miss White, sponsor, Sheryl Bryant, President, Judy Bell, secretary, and Wayne Jackson, treasurer. The National Thespian Troupe T349 is devoted to the advancement of dramatic arts. A student must earn ten points to quality for membership. Points are earned by appearing in school productions and working on stage crews. The troupe is responsible tor the many activities in connection with the production of plays, such as make-up, costuming, and the build- ing of scenery. An annual activity of the Thespians is to plan Anti-Van. The DeBarr Club is a group of students it with a common interest in art. The purpose of the club is three-fold-service, study, and social. The club serves any school organization with its time and talent tor advertising and decorations. Study proiects include visits to the Nelson Art Gallery, reports on famous artists, and educational films. The clulo also meets tor coke parties, mixers, and cookouts. A meeting with the Osage Valley Art Guild in January high- lighted the DeBarr club's year. MEETING TO PLAN ACTIVITIES . . . for DeBarr club artists are Theresa Smith, secretary, Martha Roush, president, Saundra Rasnic, reporter, and Mrs. Fraser, sponsor. Marsha Martin, vice-president, is not pictured. Creative Activities Are Experienced By DeBarr Club K X is 2.1! First Row: Martha Roush, Eva Sue Wehmeyer, Paula Harper, Mariorie Klotz, Theresa Smith, Jackie Wales, Everett Conway, Betty Jo Neimeyer, Carol Nichols, Peggy Perkins, Kathy Pauling, Connie Grace. Row Two1 Connie Carroll, Emma Burdick, Glenda Hulse, Judy Baker, Nancy Bishop, Theresa Payne, Linda Pearson, Marsha Martin, Jim Curry, Jim Mesplay, Jo Lynn Comstock. Row Three: Jim Colton, Bill Crawford, Claudia Howell, Saundra Rasnic, Vickie Curtis, Roy Brown, Craig Beeman, Linda LeMasters, Johnny Flynn, Kay Mc- Laughlin, Gary Weatherly, Kay Bunn. Mr. Quick, sponsor, Dick Lawrence, Bill Coylorg Tom Strauserg Gene Bullock, Madge Swearingen, vice-president, Joe Whisler, Sheryl Bryant, secretary-treasurer, Bob Nlcodemus, President David Hill is not pictured. EXAMINING A BATTERY . . .and its chemical reactions are chemistry students George McCormick, Joyce Janes, Claudia Howell, Velma Atteberyg Bill Coylor, and Mr. Nelson, instructor, Under the supervision of Mr. Albert Quick, the Math Club endeavors to pursue more fully the various aspects of mathematics. To be a member of the club, a student must have had three pre- vious years of math or be presently enrolled in the third, and attained an "S" average. Math And Science Wi 'hier' 'is 'im- Q4 N-sqm. WL., "sv- '-sq Loretta Brown, Bonnie Shopper, Loren Bruns, Gary Worrell, Jim Owen, Mr. Jack Nelson, sponsor, Jackie Payne, Kent Sterett, Lary Knoblauch, Bill Caylor, David Hill, Joe Whisler, Larry Tucker, and B.F. Weir, Stimulate The Mind Through the Science Club, members are stimulated to make advanced scientific gains. Begin- ning its fourth year at Nevada High School, the Science Club is fast becoming a most popular organi- zation. The club, under Mr. .lack Nelson, performs many services for the enioyment and education of the student body. WHAT'S THIS? . . . ask Bonnie Shopper, secretary-treasurer, and Jim Owen vice president, of President Larry Tucker. in Qui. Under the supervision of Mr. Des Dehon, the Auto Safety Club strives to promote education in the art of safe driving. The club is comprised ot all members of the Sophomore Class, and takes part in many activities. Using films, books, lectures, and by driving, this group learns the essentials of being a good driver. Auto Safety Club Learns By Experience PREPARING TO PARALLEL PARK are Doug Allard and Jarrel Swan under the supervision of Mr Dehon Qs: anew: .1 W-. 4 J X R Photography And Commercial Clubs Strive For Better Understanding J 1 ADMIRING NEW EQUIPMENT . . . are Mr. Schwanz, sponsor of the Photography Club, and members, Gary Worrell, Mike Wilcox, Gary Moore, Johnny Wolfe, Kathy Hayes, Jed Powell, Marsha Martin, Gary Davis, and Pam Berry. The Commercial Club, sponsored by Mrs. Nell Tolle, increases its knowledge in business education and prepares the members tor their future vocations. Lectures and field trips provide members with an insight into the business world. All students enrolled in secretarial courses are permitted to ioin this club. Through the Photography Club, students learn how to take pic- tures and develop and print film. Mr. Chris Schwanz, who organized the group three years ago, is the director ot the club. Activities include interesting experiments and lectures to further members' knowledge and skill. First Row: Judy Longworth, Carol Rapp, Eva Wehmeyer, Rosemary Harpel, Donna Roby, Laura Peters, Maude Trosper, Florence Holland, and Mrs. Tolle, sponsor. Row Two: Virginia Curry, Lynn Cavanaugh, Sharon Blak, Linda Fellows, Pat Colvin, Margaret Wait, Jo Lynn Comstock, Vivian Fisher, Beverly Lamb, Emma Burdick, Karren Mitts, Judy Baker, Linda Eador, Rosemary Perrin, Margie Smith, Barbara Tillery, and Jane Lutes. -WM I i Front Row: David Ewing, Betty Jo Neimeyer, Maria Perkins, Connie Eslinger, Everett Conway, Martha Roush, Jackie Wales, Bonnie Shopper, Ginger Gladden, Gary Davis. Row Two: Mary Shopper, John Olson, David Ephland, Roger Ewan, Judy Gordon, Martha Dailey, Connie Johnson, Mary Rhyne, Cyndy Allen, Linda Hill, Barbara McReynolds. Row Three: Pat Place, Janice Adams, Pam Peterson, Stan Jones, Janet Phelps, Mike Merrell, Bill Stevenson, Ronnie Bishop, Jo Ann Brown, Judy Bell, Donna Pascoe. Future Teachers of America Aim For Advancement Good organization is a chief fac- tor in making the Future Teachers of America an active and successful club. The Chapter elects officers for the coming year in the spring in or- der to be able to begin the new year without delay. By attending the district and state meetings of Future Teachers the members gain valu- able information about the teaching profession and other chapters. Some of the activities of the club besides going to the state and district meet- ings are: a public installation and induction of officers and membersp a Future Teacher Recruitment Week, and a social for the members. IMPORTANT lTEMS . . . are discussed in an impromptu meeting of the Future Teachers officers, David Ephland, Treasurer, David Ewing, Parliamentariany Linda Hill, Reporter, Judy Gordon, Vice- President, Mrs. Erickson and Mrs. Fraser, Sponsors, Cyndy Allen, Secretary, Jo Ann Brown, President, and Stan Jones, Historian. 3 lim it lille is W'-"s"' ws . sw s N. --wan-at ,W,' il was Q so Qs-Q Cooperative Occupational Edu- cation consists of cooperation be- tween the school and a business to give a student education in the classroom and experience on the job. In doing this, the school ioins with the business world to prepare the student tor the work he will face after graduation. ,, ,K At the Logan Field concession stand, operf ated by C.O.E. members, are Vicky White, Don Hammontree, and Cheryl Payne, C. O. E. Links Home, School, And Community First Row: Gary Diggins, Denny McKenzie, Billy Barker, Danny Hensley, Belvin Legleiter, Phillip Thron, Jim Hopkins, Kelly Jones, Terry Miller, Gary Jones, Larry Harper. Row Two: Danny Hogan, Bill Yordy, Leon Bowles, Dennis Smith, Larry Thomas, John Hagerman, Steve Vaughn, Kermit Pritchett, Lynn Welch, Marshall Wood. Row Three: George Clark, David Ewing, Ross Yordy, Larry Heistand, Frank McGrath, Jim Hilton, Scotty Doolin, Ed Marquardt, Jack Mclntosh, Bill Amick, Karl Range. Row Four: Varian Gorton, Bill Herren, Bob Adams, Lawrence Daniels, Gary Smith, Rickie Headley, Morris Klotz, Everett Sikes, John Fritter, Mike Kutina, Row Five: Ed Barker, Jan Longstreth, Richard Bozworth, Blaine Griggs, John Spillman, Ronald Crosswhite, Leslie Campbell, Vernon Shaw, Ronald Blackmore. Row Six: Richard Wiegel, Rodney Loomer, Henry Webb, Marvin Carlson, Claude Daley, Dennis Allen, Jim Harper, Lee Pike. Future Farmers Achieve Goals First Row: George Clark, president, Billy Barker, parliamentarian. Row Two: Eddie Barker, secretary, Mr. Hires, sponsor, David Ewing, vice-president, Gary Diggins,reporter,KellyJones,1reasurer, Belvin Legleiter,sentinel. W' The Future Farmers of America is an organization designed to further knowledge gained through agricultural skill. This year the F. F. A, will take part in many out-of-town events, including the Youth Fair, the National Future Farmers of America Convention, and the American Royal. REV? .Q ,"!' Interest ln Homemaking Thrives Left to right: Mrs. Vale, sponsor, Judy Fletchall, secretary, Marilyn Hensley, vice-president, Peggy Pettibon, president, Judy Franks, treasurer, Harva Brenner, reporter. First Row: Kay McLaughlin, Judy Fletchall, Marilyn Hensley, Judy Franks, Peggy Pettibon, Harva Brenner, Donna Carpenter, Sheila Saothott, and Mrs. Vale, sponsor. Row Two: Joanna Crawford, Paula Stafford, Marjorie Lukenbill, Marilyn Hogan, Kerry Boucom, Norma Falor, Linda Dukes, Loretta Brown, Mary Burroughs. Row Three: Arlene Kutina, Viola Bowker, Judith McVicker, Helen Hill, Debbie Lessen, Pam Peterson, Julia Bishop, Mary Lee, Annabelle Jones. Row Four: Sharon Eador, Connie Bever, Billie Clark, Timora McCann, Donna Spillman, Paula Peterson, Marjorie Klotz,Joann Holland. The Future Homemakers of America is a club designed to teach new skills and better tech- niques to those who will manage tomorrow's homes. Members are given the opportunity to serve at the various community dinners held at the school. Recreational activi- ties also play an important part in the club year. The main event of the year is planning and helping to prepare the annual banquet tor the Future Farmers of America. HM' ' xii x F l as? W' f ,, : .-..:.: R555 S .ty if :: ' .. 35 A as f - And Concert Band Community's Pride With each year the Nevada High School marching and concert band displays added skill and poise. Organized in 1927, the band has grown to be one of the largest groups in the school. Mr. Robert Litle directs the group. The activities of the marching band are not limited to half-time entertainment at football games, but include many other events. Among these are participation in pep rallies, parades, and a number of social gatherings forthe group. The concert band is a source of great satisfaction to the entire school and com- munity. The group's presentation ot a Christmas concert at the state hospital, as well as other recitals, adds to the admiration and pride Nevada feels for the band. ... A I l . C ,Jigga gg , . .ms . It . 1 E., t . -. N Cul ,,,. 4 .ny tt.. Front to back: Gary Davis, Marsha Martin, Norma Crouse, Pat Colvin, Linda Alexander, Lois Demaree, Kay Spencer, and Anne Pearse. Mr. Robert Litle, director ofthe marching and concert band, checks arrangements for a forthcoming performance. .We .of Q 7 . Experience and training received by Eighth Grade Band members enable them to contribute much when they ioin the Senior High Band. This group has the stage presence and proficiency required to present several concerts, as well as to participate in Junior High Assemblies. Seventh And Eighth Grade Bands Train For Senior High Demands members give intense attention to techniques, and have opportunity to display their increased skills at several Junior High assemblies. Under the direction of Mr. Litle, the Seventh Grade Band strives to gain both new abilities and a keener appreciation of music. Band -,..-.-- Q-H1""""'S ' " i in we ..,. . Small Singing Groups Produce Fine Music The small singing groups, chosen from the Senior High chorus, provide many hours of entertain- ment and pleasure for Nevada High School. Their close harmony and fine music techniques greatly benefit from their extra training during participation in various concerts and festivals in the area. Their fine voices serve to enrich and enhance the entire chorus. x if A -.S SCANNING THE MUSIC . . . for an approaching program are occompanists Marvalee Collins, Jed Powell, Karen Neimeyer and Marsha Martin. CRESCENDOS . . . First Row: Jean Edwards, Kathy Hayes, Connie Stone, John Merrell, Scotty McClain, and Sharon McAdoo. Row Two: Karen Neimeyer, Pat Ireland, Steve Eiffert, and Kelly Jones. Row Three: Sylvia ., mv Q S r Sl Qi it N it' Kelso, Sam LaDue, and Bill Minor. Row Four: Helen Arnold and Janet Phelps. S xx A A I 'mm' .vs-.awp Mrs, Bernice Ball, director of the Senior and Junior High choruses, urges perfection in a rehearsal. Junior And Senior High Both the Senior and Junior High Choruses, under the di- rection of Mrs. Bernice Ball, have had a successful year, one rewarding to both themselves and the entire school. The Senior High Chorus demands much of its members. The programs presented at assemblies and the Anti-Van Party, as well as the Christmas and spring concerts, require continual practice and preparation, and great attention to detail and perfection. But the hard work the chorus performs is more than off-set by various trips to contests and concerts through- out the year, and by the rewards of creating beautiful music. The Junior High Chorus devotes its interests and energies to study- also participates in Junior High assemblies, and does some concert ing the fundamentals of music. Under Mrs. Ball's direction, the group work. is is if' 7 4-f ii fig 4 C C f -T . 1 f s x .sr H tt - J J , .' ,J ,, gg N ,g r . ,ii-r s ' N f l . J. 2' . W W 'if . . . , 2 K ,S ,sk I . 5? V 4 Q g, rx ,J V 1 XJ .,., .1 J 5 M K Q at gg is Q xii I F Y ' E, , f . A .tt it K 1 I !!1'I!S!!!5!l!l!t!l!l!l!l!l!!!l!!!l!l!l!t!l!1 '3i'l13'il'I''l'5Ul'1DiYlUl!!!El!3!l!3'!!l!'3!i!! inigiuigisyT3Qt11iitWQtr1pysqqsspl3s1ll2flI'!t fire ii ,tif-iiervtistiwffi if it 5113:-2 fs. fer 1 . . s4a.n1wnuwm qw 7 rn f up ,qs Q, . 1, il tJi1itFn!itR31l5!shs!1hv11bvqghg!1hgY1m!:in mfi?iSf7!iS5l1??1!H?F!i"ilikx'!3135'-Qiiuili .,, Q..1...-ss.f2..stx.tslit-ttiqtstkmi . , .,,. ..w'su:i!virs- nts.-x.lii1i1fi1uWng'5Q Choruses f Provide Entertoinment With Melodies 5 fir? gl liiz iihiiifiiiif f V' "" "" ' WQWSQISQS WM L ss -' i 4. jim-1.3, .. S.. ,s:L.sss,gz.a1ss4.s:s f swswt r Ei: ' , -s..ss1ieiSMss.ts:s. Q.. we - gli, 511551 l ft 'E r ' mf' Q ias:'rgff:"lsgS3:ffl32, N- t rim 'fl' l F fjliiahlw wx ug 'r-iirrhnnt ' .x - r- ..,k:: ---:: ' -,V - One hundred seventy voices ore skillfully blended together to form Students must devgfe even more fime to pfepomfgonl The resulf of the Senior High Chorus. This is,by fGf,Tl'l9 QFGOTSS' mlmbef Of Singers this increased time spent is cn pleasure to the entire student body ever to porticipote in the chorus program, ond, os o result, the s f i S P' ngsnn firitxn fwv !l!l!l!I!!!l!!l!l!l!l!l!lE!!l!l!l!l!l!l!IE. -aftezsfftvwissmlwt-missesswvwiwfm i'ti1"'flEf7mzxitsi'l'B"l'u"sf"Fl""ww: Fas ?u.sali1iv1i:z13m-my is, . 1 Qi!!Eifiill!1'!!l?1?'l!i:'i:flhiii- ss ss Ii Hit!!-f!lYl!1""'lEs!l4-'li . N. 'L Q fu. 'I El"1!l!iJl!1'fl'1t!l!i 'ififsflviivftfr 'till iwzeluiiasitnffzatufi-'iyi. K, . 1 .V-L' tzpwsf-smut-tsesgggggg,Q-.sift 14 399 ' n af.,sl-.5is.Sliiilitilililililililililililj f'iiil'11ihi!ifei1iMSWi!xixi1i!-iSiS-iiiltiiilzl 31'?Z'1!1'1!T'E'!I'ElI"ififi'!i!Qi'if3!?'1"!i ,. ,V 2. 'svi!ifli'1it-ill--,ami : ,X si.-.'n,tt,-51...-es. 3iLsi5'3WfiTiiCii4liQ ,,. 5... 35, -Q. t.. iii ,iw-i'5f-ililig nssfilutiistii..1Uffisstfnililtliiffiiilihqh mimmrrirg 729-lssfiiiiiivifvt' - gm ggfiggtq. ,,,. 2,M,,M,3ii.i!.:..1.s...-NLR .A- .NN x x 'Q' X 4 f we Q . X Mike Merrell LSLL 1 i Friendliest , 'N g . Gerry Hendrix l . -M, A . X W .WA . . 5 ,, Most Athletic Donna Pascoe - Butch Cummings -, -.,, wr. H- '- '- 51 XS XQX X xN1xS S Wx Xl X Q gk x I N xx wg WK X H ? XX :X A me Q ? Q N Q w X Q so ,, X, , N rllqiiixwsw-5 S -Q.-:QYQQ -HNNK X g g i, X gm? M ffm .... Q Q 5,4 S: :gp N Most Popular f ., Dona Legon Jim Spencer vazfxzf Class Clown Noncy Quorton Jim Reisfcid ms-run. , . . we i. big? Y Most Likely Fred Fowler Senior E E Q2 To Succeed Judy Bell SupeHoHves if? Most Talented Morshcl Martin Tom Strasser Best Looking Janet Atkinson Lynn Brown Most Versatile Cyndy Allen Gary McGinnis Peppiest Jolene Goodin Fred Weber E LEADING SENIORS . . . in the extremely close-ranking class of T964 were Marsha Martin and Judy Bell. These students, combining hard work with natural ability, earned the highest grades and became salutatorian and valedictorian, respectively. Students Realize The HIGHEST RANKING SENIORS . . . in the class of 1964 are, Row One: Rosemary Harpel, Dana Legan, June Woods, Marsha Martin, Judy Bell, Fred Fowler, and Cyndy Allen. Row Two: Rosemary Perrin, Jo Ann Brown, Barry Reed,Sheryl Bryant, George Clark, Roy Martin, and Madge Swearingen. Row Three: Lynda Eaton and Beverly Lamb. Not Pictured: Joyce Janes. Row One: Cyndy Allen, Marsha Martin, June Woods, Karen Nei- Kelso, Martha Dailey, Connie Johnson, Fred Fowler. Row Four: Tom meyer, Janet Atkinson, Saundra Rasnic, Lynda Eaton. Row Two: Haynes, Bob Nicodernus, Beverly Lamb, Nancy Quarton, Madge Donna Pascoe, Rosemary Harpel, Joyce Janes, Peggy Nelson, Swearingen, Mike Merrell, Barry Reed, Roy Martin, Gary McGinnis, Linda Hill, Linda Mouser, Dana Legan, Ginger Gladden, Carol George Clark, Mike Wilcox. Not Pictured: Judy Bell, Jim Spencer, Nichols. Row Three: Tom Thorpe, Glenda Jackson, Janet Phelps, Karen Svetlecic, and Kathy Hayes. Jean Edwards, Martha Phipps, Sheryl Bryant, Jo Ann Brown, Sylvia Importance Ot Scholarship A CAREFUL STUDY . . . of their parts in the installation ceremony for new members of the National Honor Society is given by these installing officers, Fred Fowler, Cyndy Allen, Donna Pascoe, and Dana Legan. Character, Service, Leadership, and Scholarship-these are factors which are taken into consideration when members of the National Honor Society are chosen. These students must have at least an "S" average to be considered for membership and are rated by the faculty on the basis of their con- tributions to school life. ON THE JOB . . . through the summer were Fred Fowler and Gary McGinnis, president and vice-president of the Student Council. Fred attended the National Association of Student Councils convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Gary represented Nevada at a student council workshop at Camp Cheley in Colorado. EUROPE BOUND . . .is Gary Davis who was selected as one of seventy-five American students to tour Europe this summer with the Band of America. In order to raise the needed money for the trip, the Senior High Band sponsored a car wash and the fine arts department gave a benefit per- formance. PREPARING FOR THE ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE . . . to Jefferson City is Sophomore Carol Nichols. Among the activities in which she will participate are a tour of government buildings, talks with government officials, and a visit to the General Assembly. Worthy Students BOYS' STATERS . . . Mike Merrell, Gary McGinnis, Barry Reed, Dick Lawrence and Butch Cummings reminisce about the week they spent in Warrensburg last summer. UlikGFi Yi ii S my mx' GIRLS ON THE GO . , , are Girls' State delegates, Cyndy Allen and Judy Bell. These girls spent a week on the campus of Stephens College last summer learning practical mechanics of governmental procedures. Receive Recognition SERVICE AND SCHOLARSHIP . Selected by the faculty as the Cyndy Allen and Fred Fowler. STATE REPRESENTATIVE . . . Judy Bell who was selected to represent Missouri in the Williamsburg Student House of Burgesses will meet with representatives of all the states and a number of foreign countries to discuss current events and world problems. . . are the criteria for selection of class leaders. outstanding members of the class of T964 are "l PROPOSE . . . this solution," states Mayor Roger Ewan to councilmen Mike Merrell, Lynn Brown, and Butch Cummings. Not Pictured: Donna Pascoe. Sponsored by the Senior High Student Council, The Mayor for a Day Program has become an annual activity enjoyed by both students and city officials. This pro- gram gives students an opportunity to see and to take part in the mechanics of city government for one day. Students file for the city offices and then are appointed by the city council which is elected from the student body. During the day students ob- serve the activities of their city counter- parts. In the evening all students take part in a city council meeting. At this time they pass bills and ordinances which pertain to city business. Although it is impossible for all students to have a city iob, everyone has an opportunity to run for the city council or file for an appointive office. Students Manage City Government Row One, left to right: June Woods, Dana Legan, Janet Atkinson, and Cyndy Allen. Row Two: Glenda Jackson, Judy Gordon, Madge Swearingen, Roger Ewan, Royce Disney, Lynn Brown, and Ted Weber. Row Three: Tom Thorpe, Tom Haynes, Gary McGinnis, Butch Cummings, Jerry Haggard, Mike Merrell, and Jim McCann. 1 1 Conventions play an important part in the extra-curricular activities of Nevada High School students. Organizations take advantage of these opportunities to ex- change ideas with their counterparts from other schools and learn new ways of solving problems and presenting material. ln ad- dition to this comparison of methods, in- dividuals also make new and often lasting friendships. Thus, conventions contribute much to the development of students' minds and personalities. GOING NORTH . . . to Columbia for the Missouri Association of Student Councils convention held at Missouri University are Margaret Todd, Doris Hillier, Glenda Jackson, Fred Fowler, and Steve Howell. Not Pictured: Judy Bell, Conventions Develop Capable Leaders FlNAl. INSTRUCTIONS . . . are given by Mrs. Fraser to Judy Gordon, Connie Johnson, Martha Dailey and Linda Hill at their de- parture to the state Future Teachers of America Convention in St. Louis. Connie, as state President, presided over the annual meeting, at which time Judy was elected state Vice-President for the i964-65 school year. I Z athletics '9 fs.Q....: ..,..kiQ.L ll ll 'ti . L -ss BREAKING AWAY . . . for a big gain is Gary McGinnis, the Tigers' fast, hard-hitting fullback. TTD .sw vs -e-yi Tigers Tie For Sixth Starting the season with a victory, the Tigers appeared to be a maior conference contender. This, however, proved untrue when the team was defeated in its next three games. The first of these defeats was at the hands of powerful Aurora, who ended the season in a tie for first place. Mt. Vernon, led by the throw- ing arm of Bill Beckemeyer, brought the second loss to the Tigers. Lamar handed the Tigers their third defeat of the season in the traditional silver tiger game. After these losses, the Tigers began to turn the tide on their opponents, winning four of the last six games. The highlight of these games was the defeat of Monett in the Homecoming game. This victory moved the Tigers into a tie for sixth place with Lamar in the Big Ten Conference. "TOMORROW NIGHT'S THE GAME' '... remarks Head Coach John McKinley to Assistant Coach Larry Shepherd. The hard work of these men helped to bring Nevada into a tie for sixth place in the conference. During his first coaching sea- son at Nevada, Mr. McKinley developed a hard-hitting, vic- tory-minded football team, xi Pima' 9 X fi'1Ff-ef L by S , 3 , K L SSX he S A X - L gaiiikwige '- Lg. K TX x Q K. ti Nevada 5 S i Nevada ii Nevada Nevada Nevada E Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada N eva d a L L L N e va d a N ev Q d Q a ks. L ,LM A Ap. Nevada Kaiba +1 . I ,L . L Nevada L A., 5, A K LL' -vi, L,,fNL, ,Na-HL Nevada In Big Ten Conference Seoson's Record "A" TEAM 39 7 6 7 O 27 13 57 20 1 non-conference "B" TEAM Bolivar Aurora Mt, Vernon Lamar Webb City Neosho Cassville Carthage Carl Junction Monett El Dorado EI Dorado Ft. Scott Stockton Lamar Carthage Front Row: Jim McCann, Ron Hubbard, Roger Ewan, Steve Pyle, Bob Williams, Bob Young, George Current, Keith Campbell, Ed Oyer, Bill Bowker, Mike Merrell, Row Two: Coach McKinley, Tom Thorpe, Bob Nicodernus, Butch Cummings, Gary McGinnis, Butch Wolfe, Stan Jones, Jim Reistad, Roy Martin, Buz Adams. W-22, X . ,f -. is i .. 3, Q, in sl 9 ,aj-. in ' I E- i K s N ,, if .3555 5 X ff g,3igq1gH , Q 1 X 1 QQ ,5.E: L if : i ii il is 'E Xa ,fx X i I 2 I ,S ff .. 1 S- QI,aL:.s4f -lm--.le X we 'vilsiiflgk ' X 3 N S . S is .,.,.. l in " X 3 5 QMSQ lj , f 5 1 x li i Buz Adams Senior Bill Bowker Senior Keith Campbell Senior Butch Cummings Senior Roger Ewan Senior Ron Hubbard Senior alliflies Twenty-Nine Il- sf' S . f . 5 QW K . 'K ' l S df . ,ls x Y ,r is Y Q 7 gifs f S Siem is 'V' i .i., , . X X , 0 I .. x ii :Ii X fi S . If .. 55- -+ -w: i . we pw we I I K I , md' in Wiee '- - ' S Q- N S 4, Roy Martin Senior Jim McCann Senior Gory McGinnis Senior Mike Merreli Senior Steve Pyle Senior Jim Reistod Senior Jim Spencer Senior Bob Young Senior sg Q9 SX ' S 'X -. ' ix or i 1? X Z IL X E " Fighting Tigers Le'r'rer Jim Gresham Junior Denny JOCJIOT Junior George Current Junior 1: . 1 .EW vw E.. , i '1,-:: :'- - wk 2 3 .Q K J , we--1 we 5 1 i 5 I. .Q N i Q A f- u Jaime, X i Q f X - Ng., ' iff' r- at H 5 ' .' K K A on Y K 1. Y Y' i on Q o b - ? J J to i A J o o g,:.f1g,.Q, ,E X M ,i A K V5 Sli i 'J A . .-,1 .-.i: A m1'.L.L if i iigw e J A 'ik x .Q fo :-' 'L r A in Bob Triplett .X K S N Junior A ' e5..,E ::,: X' Gary VonMoTer f- 5 Junior L Qb, .. ,+ Q se nr 'M M g J iv iio o S , . . . X.. g 'o i o i n if . . 5' T - . 5 J VLV .Q Q x . ,kj xai EX Fl M16 4k" 'Q .wa .. 'Www..XX.. 4. i ' Bob Willioms Junior Butch Wolfe Junior Q' Bob Nicodemus Junior Ed Oyer Junior Torn Thorpe Junior n Leftermen J , V I .lim Arthur 4 U i i 'V V. S h Y Y f' op omore ,g 'E 1 1 , Jim Barnett , Sophomore 'I Mike Hoggcms M, A A in Sophomore , 1, 4, W A in li 4 if "' 1' " i iff 4 A? W f mv W l mi W ff si e Will Return Next Yecir i sitsiiiii f 3 f QrA hf i WOLFE IS TACKLED. .offer picking up valuable yorduge for the Tigers. l Front Row: Regar Todd, Leland Householder, Jim Arthur, Denny Jacllot, Mike Haggans, James Gresham, Jim Barnett, Bolo Triplett, Mike Metzker, Bill Thorpe, Row Two: Coach Larry Shepherd, Gary VanMater, Chris White- head, Steve Whaley, Doug Pettibon, Jim Olson, Charlie Jadlot, Leon Crawford, Mike Wilcox, I B Team Displays Much Ta lent SCORE, SCORE . . . is the chant, as Stan Jones, senior halfback, breaks away for a long gain. ei. 199,53 me QSM- fe MX 14 e.d8 42 Q 32 1 , M ,, . J . o C Qfld ,L Ms.. V sc'- Front Row: John Merrell, John Sullivan, Larry Stevenson, Steve Ogle, Larry Dobson, Larry Householder, Sam Foursha, Richard Gregg, Mark Nicholas, Bill Olson, Eddie Emery. Row Two: Jim Earnest, Roger Tyer, Randy Fellows, Fred Bishop, Steve Whaley, Jim Olson, Lowell Pryor, Doug Pettibon, Larry Kerr, Tim Wysong, Don Crouse, Ellis Spencer, Coach Jim Shepherd. Junior High Produ Front Row: Dennis Renfro, Ronnie Sloan, David Adams, Charles Cook, Bill Mische, Darrell Adams, Terry Caldwell, David Jackson,Joe Burgess, Mike Miller, Row Two: Mike Crowe, Jim Gregg, Roger Howell, Mike Bradham, Gregg Arthur, Bruce Rice, Jim McVickers, Leo l-lord, Randy Wallace, Mark Whaley, Terry McConnaughey, John Russell, Myles Mitchell, Victor Wolf. Steve Jadlot, Kim Vincent. ces Winning Season arry Stevenson Randy Emery, Bill McDermott, Chris Barrett, Ed Peterson Larry Rasnic, Bill Olson, Gary Urner, Terry Arthur, Jim Novak John Haggans, Bill Neil, Vic Powell, lkey Richmond, Lar Testman. ry Kerr Coach s '93 Tigers Face TIME OUT . . . is called by the Nevada Tigers as they plan their strategy for the last quarter of a hard fought game. JUMP, MERRELL, JUMP . , . As the action ofthe second half resumes, the Nevada team renews its Tiger spirit and pro- ceeds with enthusiasm. OYER! OYER! HE'S OUR MAN . . . chant the Nevada sup- porters as Ed Oyer gives Nevada two valuable points in the victory over Carthage. Stiff Competition ln Big Ten Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Cassville Neosho Diamond El Dorado Springs Pleasant Hill Mt. Vernon Carl Junction Noel Aurora Webb City Stockton Neosho Cassville Carthage Lamar Carl Junction Buffalo Monett After placing third in the Carthage Invitational Tournament, the Nevada Tigers won their next ball game and seemed headed for a good season. However, the Tigers encountered dif- ficulty in the first conference game which they lost to Mt. Vernon. In their next conference outing, the Tigers fared better, defeating Aurora 51 to 45. Nevada's next three conference games proved to be stumbling blocks, with the Tigers losing all three games. Snapping back from these defeats, the Tigers then defeated conference opponents Carthage and Lamar. With the season drawing to a close, Nevada was defeated in their last two ball games and tied for seventh place in the Big Ten Conference. "A" TEAM , . , Row One: Ralph Klumpp, Manager, Gary McGinnis, Stan Jones, Butch Wolfe, Barney Fisher, Tom Haynes, Fred Fowler, Steve Sparks, Manager, Row Two: Mike Merrell, Jim Gresham, John Mooney, Jim Barnett, Tom Pettibon, Ed Oyer, Jim Spencer, Jim Shepherd, Coach. Thirteen Spirited Fred Fowler Sion Jones Senior Senior Gary McGinnis Senior Mike Merrell Tom Peffibon Senior Senior Jim Spencer Bcirney Fisher Senior Junior James Gresham Tom Haynes Junnor Junior N aQ aa B TEAM . . . Row One: Fred Bishop, Jim Olson, Steve Whaley, Jim Leigh. Row Two: Richard Carpenter, Bob Nicodemus, Doug Peftibon, Doug Jackson, Lowell Pryor, Denny Jadlot, Coach Larry Shepherd. II II S-C-O-R-E . . . is The chant as Jim Barnet? goes up for a basket against Lamar. B Team Displays Promise Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada H Dorado WeasanTHHl AAL Vernon Aurora VVebb Chy Stockton Neosho Aurora Canhage Cassvme Canhage Lamar Lamar CarlJuncHon Buffalo AAoneH .ar l NINTH GRADE TEAM . . . Row One: Randy Emery, Fred Bishop, Steve Whaley, Larry Householder, Jim Leigh. Row Two: Richard Carpenter, Robbie Holmes, Doug Jackson, Doug Pet-tibon, Lowell Pryor, Jim Olson, Coach Larry Shepherd. Freshmen Are Undefeated JUMPING HIGH . . . for two points against Carthage is John Mooney, as Ed Oyer and Butch Wolfe stand in re- bound position. Coached by Larry Shepherd, Navadcl High School's Freshmen basketball team swept to an undefeated season, winning all nine of their ball games. The baby bengals' closest game was with Fort Scott, which Nevada won 42 to 26. The Freshmen combined height and speed in achieving their record. This year's Freshmen team also played a large amount of "B" team basketball, giving them valuable ex- perience for the future. i EIGHTH GRADE TEAM . . . Row One: Wayne Cowan, Don Curry, Marvin Chrisenberry, Tim Scott, Doug Gundy Bob Garner, Boyd Gordon, Guy Jackson. Row Two: Coach Leon Briggs, Jimmy Nichols, Lorry Stevenson Billy Neill, Eddie Emery, Jim Novok. Junior High Anticipates Bright Future SEVENTH GRADE TEAM . . . Row One: Don McQueen, manager: Steve Saathaff, Kim Vincent, Dennis Renfro Terry Caldwell, Vic Wolfe, Bruce Rice, C. F. Cook, manager. Row Two: Coach Larry Testmon, Bill Mische Randy Wallace, Terry McConnaughey, Steve Jadlot, Leo Hord, Mark Whaley, Not Pictured: Miles Mitchell Roger Howell, Jim McVickers. On each Saturday during the basketball season, the Nevada High School gym reverberates with the action of Intramural Basket- ball. The eight participating teams play each other twice in a series of sixteen games. Whether in vic- tory or defeat, members enioy the competitive spirit of athletic rivalry. Intramurals are composed of any member of Nevada High School who is interested in basketball. JUNIOR HIGH WINNERS . . . Row One: Eddie Trosper George Range, George Lavender, Row Two: Richard Carpenter Dwight Belcher, Sam Foursha. Intramurals Promote Good Sportsmanship SENIOR HIGH WINNERS . . . Row One: B. F. Weir, Wayne Goates, Steve Pyle. Row Two: Leon Crawford, Joe Whisler, Steve Howell, Kelly Bradham. W 100 BREAKING THE TAPE . . . in the 880 yard run are Tiger tracksters Bill Stevenson and Ron Layher. EIL Y f , f f Tigers Strive To FLYING HlGH . . . to first place in the high hurdle event goes Jim Gresham with Bill Caylor following close behind, giving Nevada extra support. TRACK LETTERMEN . . . Row One: Coach Larry Testman, Dudley Divine, Ron Lahyer, Ted Weber, Sieve Sparks, David Sievenson, Stan Jones, Gary McGinnis, Fred Fowler, Butch Cummings, Bob Nicodemus, Row Two: Bill Stevenson, Buz Adams, Bill Caylor, Denny McKenzie, Jim Gresham, David Hill, Ed Oyer. Achieve Perfection ,nur UP AND OVER . . , goes Bus Adams as he clears the high-iump for the Nevada Tigers. In this event participants develop condi- tioning, speed, and corordination. 10 classes O4 "S-E-N-I . . . " shout enthusiastic Seniors as they chant the traditional yell of the graduating class. Senior Year Goes Buz Adams Cyndy Allen WZ , A ,. 2 f mm Af naw? 7 55 xx Q , ,PQ ?'15'l Mfzistfiw 1-UMW Paul Ames Janet Atkinson Suzanne Bailey Judy Baker Sharon Balk Eddie Barker Diana Barnes Judy Bell Pam Berry Jerry Bobbett Bill Bowker Kelly Brodham Harva Brenner Jim Brown Jo Ann Brown Lynn Brown Sheryl Bryant Gene Bullock Emma Burdick Earl Caldwell By Too Quickly www -as N X 7' Ns qt Ns ,rum-. .R A .4 1 A , .. , X. 'f sw--ef' - - .. Q1 .1 ,, .,,, . ii, ' 3' ' C Q ' 5 X , r use g 4' L 54' C wi W uou,, . , N Keith Campbell Connie Carroll Donna Carpenter Lyn Cavanaugh Elizabeth Charles George Clark Bill Collins Jim Colton Pat Colvin Jo Lynn Comstock Lonnie Cox Norma Crouse Marvin Cummings Jim Curry Virginia Curry 10 0 yncla Eaton Linda Fellows Vivian Fisher Fred Fowler Allen Fox Sharon Franz Claude Daley Bill Davis Lois Demaree Gary Diggins Royce Disney Linda Eador WJ "LET'S GO!" . . . Excitement fills ihe air as Roger Ewan, Steve Pyle, Fred Fowler, and Clint Kraft prepare to leave on the Senior trip. Seniors Take Time Phil Edwards Nancy Ellifrifs Roger Ewan David Ewing F 'if ,ji X2 "A-'W 1 15' ' ff ,fiil if . f,,, V, , 4 i Richard Frazier . I Q. Elaine Fuller Varian Gorton Wayne Goates we Jolene Goodin Connie Grace Harold Gragg N. .- . wr F Larry Hackleman I R M llr, H' f ri. .fa. Nw NX ,, X Jerry Haggard Don Hammonrree Kathy Harlow Rosemary Harpel From Studies To Relax gr, fl. '45 3:2 Paula Harper Bobbi Hartel Clayton Hayes Gerry Hendrix Danny Hensley Danny Hogan Marilyn Hogan Florence Holland Claudia Howell 08 Ronald Hubbard WoyneJackson Joyce Janes Virginia Johnson Stan Jones Karen Kelley Emory Kiger Mike Kimberlin Pat Koehler Clin? Kraft Sam LaDue Beverly Lamb Dick Lawrence Ron Layher Dana Legan Linda LeMasters Don Lowry SENIOR OFFICERS . . . Gerry Hendrix, treasurer, Butch Cummings, president, Jim Spencer, vice-president, and Janet Atkinson, secretary, hash out plans for skip day. Seniors Develop 43 Leadership Kenneth Mitchum Karren Mitts Gary Moore Bennie Nall Karen Neimeyer Arihur Null Norma Nunez Tommy O'Toole Donna Pascoe Cheryl Payne , ' ci 2 fm? 15, f, 5 29? SL Q Sue McCall Jim McCann Mike Merrell Wyethia Meyers Bill Minor Wanda Mitchum th' Gary McGinnis Denny McKenzie Lewis Mell 2 we f ll wa, eiy .A f-.- Margie Lukenbill Jane Lufes Joe Malcom Marsha Martin Roy Martin I W 34h i -QQ, 3 1 10 O 'WI QI? Dewey Piotrowski James Pippin Tom Peffibon Vicki Pettibon Janet Phelps Martha Phipps Charlie Perkins Karolyn Perkins Rosemary Perrin Laura Peters Peggy Peffibon High School Years Will Pat Place Don Prcm' Nancy Pritchett ff as. WM Steve Pyle Linda Quackenbush Nancy Quarron Mary Rackley Carol Rapp LISTEN CAREFULLY . . . seems to be the thought, cis seniors receive instructions before taking the ohio Psychological Test. Always Be Remem bered Jim Rasmussen Soundro Rcisnic Jim Reistod Donno Roby Mortho Roush Stephanie Schwenck Foy Scott Gary Shindier Bonnie Shopper Gloria Shopper James Simmons Morgie Smith Deonnc Rotterree Borry Reed 'ww 2 Stanley Soukup Jim Spencer Tom Strasser Madge Svvearingen Gordon Talbot Betty Taylor Judy Thomas Cynthia Thompson we ,i,z,,Mm ,,,, ,J,,,, ,, if ,,,, rf 5+ 5, f f 4 Xa., .. eww, , rr,, , ,xir V 2,,,, ,, ' m 423.15 ff, ,ewgf , af, T e rrzr . I ryy. , Barbara Tillery Ronald Tracy Sharon Troegle Varied Activities Are Maude Trosper Louis Troyer Marguerite Vaughn Ed Wade .f ,ffl Margaret Wait Cheryl Walker Rollin Wallace Fred Weber Ted Weber Evo Wehmeyer Vicky White Richard Wiegel Mike Wilcox Mork Willmon Morsholl Wood June Woods Esther Wooldridge Bill Yordy Bob Young -ff av x 1 1 l l-' l -v ' w , .4 l t 3 14 . ,J I was 2 ,...., .,. fi il ix .,f'W fin, A vs- ll 25 mil William Biggerstaff Nancy Bishop rx X' ..-. A "w,.,,, Velma At-tebery Billy Barker Carole Beaver Linda Bernhardt Myra Abele Jackie Adams Janice Adams Tom Addington Arvin Armstrong Danny Arnold lT'S RELATIVELY SIMPLE.. . Bob Pickens points out, as he explains the electoral college to Ruth Burroughs. But Vicki Curtis and Barney Fisher are too engrossed in their own last minute preparations forthe Constitution test To listen. W " W ,myp Tom Bound Carleta Bowen Leon Bowles Donald Brown vm, fl 33 v- ,f Donna Bruns Glen Buenning Kay Bunn Ruth Burroughs Kenneth Butterfield Pat Callahan Benjie Campbell Leslie Campbell William Carpenter Johnny Cartwright Bill Caylor Tom Chandler Linda Clark Helen Cleveland Chris Coffman Jerry Colton Everett Conway Leon Crawford Norma Duncan Gary Eaton David Ephland Carolyn Erickson Colin Fairchild Norma Falor Barney Fisher Mary Kay Flafen Johnny Flynn Judy Franks Gary Garner Howard Gast V5 9',.A fs , 7 '37 ... f -iw I f . . H .u N 351 , 'ffm ,Q H-f, ' :ll , if ll ,Q 1 , AJ' K 2, 'ar' L George Current Vickie Curtis Sue Dahmer Martha Dailey Gary Davis Dudley Divine Gerald Dobyns Dianna Dougherty Okey Dubray Linda Dukes . f X .A , J we rl J A' it in f F rr., -- 'aww " ,A r f, V r 1 ,., if 2-. J , Eg ,X rr rib? J Z W., ,515 y if . 'TRU x ff JH J' 'li ' , f fx A L: Z VI if 0 ' M ,ld . , - H 3 95' 3 M ' at i an A J ' 1 o Juniors ,,. W 'H ar 5 4 V' 2 N .-k we ., sh vi i I, v , 09 Y V A n 4 v 4 ki riff -B ' away, .1 A' , , fx f rm , Z, U vv N ll' 11 N- -,ff fail X839 , in 3' -- Q35 -is E Q Q? ' Q 'Qs .1 s as EM . N Vg G V are G . xy . , Aw ' .. sf-.. il' f ir, ,. W" J - 3 KEWJSQ - if -, 49"-P ts' ' bgE5ifzi.f -1- ,- we we - , K 9 1 X ' ':. L is , wer -5: of -2 -ff ,- ,fswxfyg 3 .Q K f s is Judy Gordon Charles Gosseri Jim Gresham Jim Griffith Keith Hammonfree Barbara Haner Larry Harper gy'-.Z Gif: -we ':'f ..:Lnw N Q Q LuCre1a Harper .il is . W vm K is Ronnie Hurpold fN"A 'il +73 In 'my 5 Tom Haynes Q - "' 'J -I - Marilyn Hensley Q, 5 3 - V If Larry Hiestand ki ' 'Jil . . JJ' J O J r Ji ik s RL 1 .. --Q-.. s y pa- 53 ,-4' 2 A 'Q' 1 .fwgl AR' 1 is is fo' ". -.55 a . J ' Eg" -.W --M i David Hill Linda Hill Sherri Hobbs Vicki Hoeper Mike Holmes Vicki Holmes Jim Hopkins Dick Hovey Glenda Hulse Pat Ireland Glenda Jackson Denny .ladlof Connie Johnson Gary Jones Kelly Jones Sylvia Kelso Vickie King Marjorie Klotz 'A ' A',L ,, V 3 Q ' ,I - ,M ,,,,, 7 gf wiv . J? VOICING THEIR OPINIONS.. .onthe selection of the class rings for the Junior class are members of the ring comminee Mariorie Klotz and Mary Kay Flaten. Belvin Legleifer gn K Eugene Lighiner E K ., X Connie Locke X ' .Iohn Loomer E f Q N' Charlotte Lyon wr-. vi 'f 1 a X -. I Marsha Madill V. A 3 im L 5 James Manes if igh L . :L QQ. Betty Jo Marlow L Q -J Ed Marquardt . 5 I I Q George McCormack If Regina McDermott In - K 1 Frank McGrath ,N 52' 'iq' I ,fx or-X . . 'W I - .. , iw' ,J I I Ardis McVicker -3 ,,:...,, : jx LaFayef1e Mell an if . . U . gg : I cmhse Miller is F ' . 5 I , Lindo Mme' I f l so - 111315 . if ff' 'V . ' 352' ff he -f Terry Miller Pam Mitchell Charles Mitchem John Mooney Jerry Moore Lindo Mouser N Ae- A vs-A , K , can ...av I, I ,JS '95 is X Q 4 .A 'Eff' Y' iz ,R S 5 1+ Z i Marvin Klofz Lary Knoblauch Mary .Io Lasley . Q iq. .vs A A p -'den -avr? , ' I 1 M is ff?-'x 4.-.X I 41, K fm - T -MW., Q- FT :-'Q""""X Q X ka Gi x 5 F? - ,-.' 'Ya 5 ,qv- I i i If A-if EFFICIENT EXECUTIVES . . . of the Junior class Tom Haynes, vice-presidentg Glenda Jackson, presidenty Linda Mouser, treasurery and Judy Gordon, secretary, pause in discussion of plans forthe Junior class play. 5 fi, 'Q wx I 5 A . QR P P C rrr r l l A 'I-." iiiiii J 5 li 8 1 M14 fig X A. Buddy Murphy Bob Nicodemus Jim Norris Charlotte Norwood Edward Oyer ..iy 'K J 'ii - gym? K fs., QQ er ' fs Q ' . is S we sssr gil, --Q gg Theresa Payne Linda Peterson Pam Peterson Sharon Pet-tibon Harold Phillips Bob Pickens Jule Pike Karen Preston Donald Pritchett Bob Pryor Edith Pulliam Linda Pursley Jo Anne Rabon Judith Radke Karl Range Rodney Rasmussen Mary Rhyne Frankie Richmond ,JG X 'X l H T S l W. 7 it wad: fd' i' ,igifffse l of 1 iifbvri A ! Gary VanMater Jackie Wales Linda Weber B. F. Weir Bob Williams Elaine Williams Joe Whisler Fayleen Wiegel Linda Wilson Barbara Wolfe Butch Wolfe Gary Yurk nm 427110 Juniors R x fx.. , E , . P I...-r 5 5 3' ,Q my Rig' - Dennis Sanders Charles Scott Vernon Shaw W! 7 A ' I Marcia Shearer - Sharon Sheets wi X Larry Sheridan ' , .v 1 T " 2 'xf it .K lid 1.x-ax!! :L :,.,r X ZQZ , . ' . if r :mr 13 Q Regar Todd Connie Tow Bob Triplett Larry Tucker X ,sag uf - - if rv? . " Tom Thorpe Phillip Thron ,YW Linda Turpin 53 l nfs: ' fb ,v airy. k N . W e ss. .2 Ralph Shumaker Mary Shopper Donnell Shutters Carol Sieberns Gary Smith Theresa Smith Kent SM- '-Q' Bill St car: on Steve Strulce Susan Swagei' .gf 'Z' dw. ti? x s f S "'- is if 5? if , if S, ., I Els K? 'Qi . T -' , Fa uw - "'-- iv tw l llf:""l , M"1'..""S L, ,L K 3,-1 K J, 3 M .... , , t vi t 1 J 11 120 Z 12 N3 E i X X ss. . E ,. Barbara Adams Bob Adams Franklin Agee K pf I ...A . ,A-. k i Linda Alexander -vm K unix in fel Q Doug Allard MAC 5 A '13 Larry Allen Billie Amick :Mi Tit: CW lf: in Y f W ,. A' :rx fs 5' 'f we-f YKQTTM s is one xt S sy I " R gi S X i if Jim Bastow Kerry Baucom Craig Beeman Bessie Biggs Hanna Brawner Marty Brittingham Roy Brown Phyllis Brown Catherine Carpenter Linda Carroll Harold Chrisenberry Billie Clark Bryant Cochran John Conway Richard Leroy Copp Terry Covington Sophomores new N X . A 'Q.'g :as " "C-Yse.,',?, -if fs-4'.:s.s"s-M s ' 1 s -' ' -CM. Nancy Armstrong Helen Arnold James Arthur Terry Baker Jim Barnett in J C 'NP-. i sr ' 'fees , S l 9 fr- A f sf . L j x i Hsu- f i, 7 ...sf , . . F- mg: gg, - - as ffvf J 1 or B f sal' sf M. I -: ,. .ik ,I ,jr :i w.,gs.?.sfl in 1 I if 23 46 Q... N may K .5 -rf! :E Gerald Cox Joanna Crawford Ronnie Crosswhite Marilyn Cruce Steve Culbertson David Curry Judy Fletchall John Gaither Nickie Geary Ronald Gilliland Ginger Gladden Richard Goates rn,-fi 1 -A lx Coby Curtis Scotty Doolin Louie Dulier Mike Duncan Jean Edwards Steve Eiffert Judy Ellis David Ewan Nancy Falor Ronald Farmer m e 'Pe F53 CY C H ni E5 if . . J. . .sg --a 't' . 3 M , .i Q Vx 'K' 'bi:5f?,p. e N. 5 6 3 .5 ms 2 rin' . .K ik ,ia .--J Sf . 41 "" gi: .pqi a J QD' ..-f' L Q.-v , me--, .d'3?'i'ig?'ZKSz6A ' ' if J. . S. -sa ,X M, .. + r 5 Qi E fs 1 M i i :sn esac s' - . i X . s .QM or 5. Yagi ff TRYING TO TEACH . . . can be exasperating, Mrs, Songer knows, as she hopes that some ofthe English she teaches will soak into these intelligent sophomores. 122 W-aww TAKING A NEEDED REST. . .the Sophomore class officers, Peggy Nelson, treasurer, Steve Howell, vice-president, Bette Hendrix, president, and Jean Edwards, secre- tary, take a few seconds out of their busy schedules to discuss future plans. Kathy Hayes Bette Hendrix Jim Hensley Stephan Hergert Helen Hill Joann Holland Donna Hoover Linda Hornecker Leland Householder Steve Howell Judy Hubbard ., SC1ndra Kay lnloss lf 'N' Charlie Jadlot MikeJenkins y :::,. Judy Johnson - Terry Hackworth Mike Haggans Jim Harper Carol Harpold . 'uv 5 'N of P I if Q R sk X X C lf.. -ff l- 1' . A 'Mg in ,s y , . 'lk '3 X3 l Annabelle Jones A L ,tr ss...-wk K "'N .pw-. fi-xr I 2 :qv N ii ll me fs... 'Nav xl X A s- if -r.: .W - - ew-'H ,ti t VS a ff- . sf, r' , X. K A g 5 " la L, 5 f ri 'qi L- A 33 A 'S ,g -is gow so ,k, 1 if, VW Phyllis Malcom Mike Marlatt Scotty McClain Rayburn McClellan Jim McConnaughey Jack Mclntosh Kay McLaughlin Richard McNeece PeggyJean McNeley Barbara Mclleynolds Judith McVicker Jim Mesplay Mike Metzker James Miller Cody Mitchell Diana Moberly Shirold Moore Walter Moron Glenn Longworth Mike Longworth Jerry Love Joe Loy Mary Lukenbill 1 E JN.: - ffvr- X X l V' N ,. K e,.,,m.1 3g,,.j3,v, Q Mk Fl " 1 ' Sophomore-s Nick Ketterrnan Ralph Klumpp Stan Knoderer Dorothy Koder Mike Kutina Beth LaGuire Mark Leedy Debbie Lessen .qv f ir .,,. K S . ss .Qi t . - 1 Q 5 . 'J fi--1. . sf' i ' - f f fi lava. Q K 3, X .J get . uf J jx, f 5 i QQ l T if E X "x if 5- 'Z 'ahh' nit? -A iii -Q X it 1 'J Si if if M, P ,J-'Ne "3"" Q sl if is 5 , .ll '41 X .1-Mg gawk-,J N ,Q iii ' a 4 r -4 ,, .1 J FSU, ' pri , Y' E t a is , ' J, , is fic 1 r x if- :pr - r'd"f aim 2 2 COMING OUT OF WORLD HISTORY. . . Peggy Perkins, David Stevenson, and Mike Duncan sigh as they know that they have only tive more school hours lett in the day. Alan Olson John Olson Dennis Overton Allan Palmer Betty Neimeyer Peggy Nelson Sonny Newton Donna Newton Leon Newton Carol Nichols A 1 ..x'- , if-sf V ijfif aosf fy 3' W4 - MJ W Q if Q55 it Q si lil 5253 Q gal J ' 18 X. at--. H.. . Ei, . .if sg -. g X, s i ,1:::i:s2?.s ' f E iw iss Q 5535 o ...Q . , ll' K 1 lt ??"Y 4132 E Q 'Elk xr xl... X : i 3 get , i 1- .NjF' fa V. '- ,Sv - Suzie Pascoe I 1 P 'P z Kathy Pauling 1 " Anne Pearse F: Linda Pearson I 1 Peggy Perkins il L 5533 J r ..: i A. to gghhl V Vicki Pettibon in if I V . H 1 Joanna Phillips ' - Q j u, " QF , '--- ,sg Joe Phillips .6 K 'A 5 'W' Lee Pike - - N 5 ., Jed Powell fi K 5 K K Q . ffl Qkifiii Mike Price if 7 K XR T, Q - i - - . -' I ff lt R fi- 1- 'i 'ls . ,Q N .l .il Patricia Price My " I A Ronnie Rasnic is ss L i 5, 'A 5 John Reed gy, 'ff K, Lester Remington ss's I S s Debbie Renfro ,AXR Q? .- 5 ,xl Vivian Rhoades 1 if s .?.'ggg'? ffl? J , K ig. Siaiisigbxlif' 135112 tili 31" i. 515 l . Ng Q -ii 2 5. ., i is l ig, Y QS s.. . fi P ig, J "2 ,ik - D. i:.y 3 by X. ev I - if iw., 'B , -M... x I Ng .... . s, . if E S is A N ,if s. W SNK QE'f-bf 5 TQ Jerry Riggs Bob Roberts Elaine Robison Ralph Roby Sheila Saathoff Y at -in J Sophomores Steven Sparks Melba Jo Spencer Kay Spencer John Spillrnan Paula Stafford David Stevenson Connie Stone Karen Svetlecic Jarrel Swan Ronnie Swan Charles Thompson Bill Thorpe Curt Trainor Roy Underwood Pam Vincent Judy Wales Lawrence Walton Charles Waltz Helen Scott Pat Scott 9 , . W ,-- V - - fa I wma' i Raymond Shumaker , i .l'l' 4 fi V 'i' r f ,V I , ha , J , ,. 156 , 4 ' 'SWE It S fl ,Ai k .,.,. V Q r A ,hi Q yyry ' , , 'A :iwfffx ', 4 -9 lf iinlgkb . . I Bill Ware Gary Weatherly Ernest Welch Chris Whitehead Jack Williams Mike Williams Velma Williams Roxana Wilson Ronnie Withrow Johnnie Wolfe . M.. s ,K 01' M! 4 42 f jg, , f KL - iii? YV r i f -A , ' ,445 : ml 4 5 X, I , fv- lt? Hz, A I N, asf S W .K :Z 'shi ,jg V ' ii ,' i ,r w H , ,ef AA Q A ' - lg sw ,V 'W-nv , 'W ' .gtk We 9 Yr 11,1 f I f ff QF.: 4, at ff- f..'3 4 , A ,ill 2?'1?f9 i,f i V N it 55' W 1 x ,wi ffl 3911 S 5 2 as 2 4 i f 1 : 1 J K5 'il iii' . uw an " f wi if 5' ii 2 12 QT! 's ,i i w. 1 Q ,,,.. ' M , Z w M i! . . -fav' e. ,Mem f I 1-vw'a . 5 f 9l1lvl9lnvninif' 'r---was-.42 uulllsxia.:-a Larry Burdick Mary Burroughs Deanna Carlini Marvin Carlson Paul Carpenter Richard Carpenter Kenneth Cartwright Laura Cartwright Donald Chapman Gary Cliffman Tim Coffman Larry Collins ' Meryl ,J ,i fi? 'St' of f 5 fl , 4 ggi 1 , v fl "Q if IQ Wifi. l ' it ll 1 f is l qnnl qiir L y yyyl 7, J! AZI, ,,,. " l l ff " Ruby Burch I , as l X W B .r.ri ,X A' 5' Larry Brooks Betty Brown Loretta Brown Loren Bruns Jody Bryson Freshmen gu- Rita Allen Patricia Bain Donna Beck Dwight Belcher Mariorie Best Connie Bever Fred Bishop Julia Bishop Ronald Bishop Ronald Blackmore Gary Bloom Nina Bolton William Bolton Viola Bowker Richard Bozworth Gerald Breen Mickey Bright Clarenita Brooks i f 1 NNW f:f-f fi,. ' X ":.':, ii? 'K RN s Y K is QM s my Q-XX Q Af xx cg A ,, . 'E T XY S' W egg? W-1 X "li" jg RQ,-as-rf .A .,, -,YL N ' ,M . "WHATS UP?" . . . asks Wanda Turley of Loretta Brown, Townie Thorpe, and Steve Whaley as they discuss the coming school day. Marvalee Collins Larry Copp James Cox Bob Crawford Verner Creek Norman Cross Don Crouse Joseph Crowe Bryan Cruse Greg Dahmer Lawrence Daniels Julia Denning Deena Divine Larry Dobson Martha Sue Dougherty Mary Lou Dougherty James Dunfield Sharon Eador Randy Emery Judith Emery Kathleen Emery Connie Eslinger Weldon Evans Kurt Fecht it il X O A K , K so x Y J A-. . Je ' ' sa l ksgr, s fp' ' KL h ff 3 f tr., . . . -1 DRY 1 J l Eg :W jj, ' ii X 3, E E sir z 3 1 -1 it 1 .zu-"fr 5i 2 28 Freshmen Billy Fritter Laural Fuller Kathleen Gardner Donna Giger Richard Gregg Blaine Griggs Gail Guffey John Hagerman Richard Harp Glenda Harper Rickie Headley William Herren Cheryl High Jonalee Hilt James Hilton Randy Hirschman Linda Hagan Robert Holmes Frances Hord Ellen Houdeshell Larry Householder Shirley Hurley Douglas Jackson Sharon Jacobs Dora Jean Johnson Sherril Johnson Robert Kerr Morris Koltz Sally Kraft Arlene Kutina Bill Latferty Janelle Lamb Patricia Land George Lavender Mary Elizabeth Lee James Leigh Randall Fellows Judith Flynn Sam Foursha Rebecca Frazier WA! W i 5,5 f 5 A- .lin Fu is 'ig ' s X ,:,. lf' i sd i L p F i L J 1 5 if .' 'ffl5"7fN A - K f, . , -K . .5 .QV .2 . .Q ., 1-Y Q5 gm. 2 f-3 f V 1 i Q. Gi +A, ,W .. L., ' 3,-ist LQ -Q ci F 5: .g ,E 1 ff -egg? fx my .r 5' 1 ff: ffm' ,v it gk ge lx' ip . L , -.gif fy ck 'wi S. .- ii ir been IE X 5 A 3 -at .A his i 5 s S W lr? X X Q La. . xx ima: . L F Mi? 'ir e ls' it ki' l S .M is 1' Q 12 . X.: .:. ' L? 2 i x is gd I if i .qi 135: L J.. . i X '- ' -i, , it LL-L . an . , A I X F L... ,gc A 4 .QS .. g K we l is his N W' if ,323 'r :-. I A ,V 1. ii nl f f ' if if , X f,g y'i, a J? i fy 1" ..,-v 'A Joy Leigh Dennis Livingston Jan Longstrefh Janet Longstreth Rodney Loomer Larry Maclill ,4 f , ffg 49- 'Cl' S ,ji .i. HF ses L Axim, si- Q' Q f 'XM ai KSN or-M it ,gf e 'ii . gwssqleiii l 33' F.. ii S 3Ei3s"ii' X . BUSY, BUSY . . . are the Freshman class officers, Brent Mendenhall, presidentg Tim Wysong, vice-presidentg Sam Foursha, treasurerg and Becky Spencer, secretary. Joyce Manes Barbara Marlow Sharon McAdoo Timmy McCann from M fm fm , -bmw I 73,1 'sn'- mlm ,mc 5.49 MQW? Glenn McMullin Walter McNeece Brent Mendenhall Sheila Meritt John Merrell Nancy Milford Sheila Miller Ferman Milster Houston Mische Bradley Mitchell Wade Mitchell Connie Moberly Shirley Moore Nancy Nall Connie Neill Darrell Neil Billy Newton Mark Nicholas 12 O N. livin? ' S ex I 'Y A 'ii xl? .i S r.: ln: 1 Q' 4 rl . v ,fi . .. n4':nilv1'f .."' A slzsse' P"i ,lava i ' ' 4 . -' n..... . I . as rr f ' J-. X- ye E .ee . mn ' 14 QL? I ' N ' of g -.. . " .- . I J. . - J N K if 'ffr' ' P ffl xii P X P . ... P fr -"- ' P fi I, 'ff . ig - K, L - X '- - KL:': z i :-" 5 gy, .e ga 2 if Rx. EE S ffl in ff WQE1 . N Everett Sikes L. x'- i Linda Shepherd Albert Shopper POSTER PLANNERS. put finishing touches . . Randy Hirschman on their art work. li 'kvyy li David Simon f W Nlllll . 4 , , U u ,zilczhiii J J 'l ,,,..-.iw Steve Ogle James Olson James Owen James Pace Linda Page Jack Payne Maria Perkins Doug Pettibon Joseph Pettibon Kay Post Kermit Pritchett Lowell Pryor Diane Quakenbush Raymond Quakenbush Nancy Ramsey George Range Pauline Rapp MoryJane Raiterree Deborah Reed Sharon Rose Shirley Scilkil 'Robert Schlyer Tommy Schlyer Willa Schnoebilen , Cheryl Smith and Clarenita Brooks gy it Q, S J if - 1, f , 'mah 'Suki :sn-K4 se 'ii Tw., A is vi Q 'Q so 9 Y , sy, Q :sg .-4. 3 if ...Q S ik il. S Q l s o it is? A ,ar K ' it 1 K . W W5 X is Q x als so . . xx A Cheryl Smith Dennis Smith Gary Smith Henry Smith Kenneth Soverns Rebecca Spencer Donna Spillman Sharon Spivo Gregg Srereft Douglas Stiles Leslie Stone John Sullivan Andra Sunon Grace Talbott Larry Thomas Townie Thorpe Ralph Tillery Eddie Trosper Wanda Turley Roger Tyer Janet Vaughn Orville Vaughn Steven Vaughn Marilyn Wade Freshmen Q . A ' B 3 1 4332 fi A 'QS A Q3 ggi: it ,i5xii'.ySq.. 11: 4 s:'. ' g- Tffef' 2 -,?f!5!E!3H:.:-r A fu: .x rigs X 1 of ' ,ik ' g 2' -:A .K W X -K David Walker Faye Wallace , H ii kin 'ii Mable Waltz 4 k I Y William Wardin Henry Webb N : Michael Weber "' N 7 'g :fx Linda Wehmeyer E ' i Q' Stephen Whaley k Larry Whiteside ' " i' Linda Wiegel W it l Berta Wooldridge Connie Woolverton Gary Worrell Tim Wysong Ross Yordy Louis Young I 3 'Q' . 'rss' Ti ii ,rffsfff-N-'L Q Ni.-if Q X Wx 'kb 'i ssv11g1' 1."5.'e1 wifi?-'fi - 'N sw-,m V we X mf,i,i , .sw- ,f'w..g,, . ,,..:x LN - it . 335 N..,,,,Mw:'-fic.. MW.X.,,,. ww 'K F . Q., nf- wf:::glfIZ2"""i 4-WH X 7 MLK .fl l A ig? 2 : . an as Si i . K up it may ' Q, X ,K 5 its Fi 13 if Lf if Q., A,--1:13, ' .-sv if i ' r -I, L ,V I ,.. :.- . ,K K .,:. x R' Q. N '03 W kk V X xg., , My ff" Lew are -K , rwf' wi'!s"'ws. - mfg 9 - K ,INF ii -we fX -. ,f wr wi W or dsx Q E2 it -- 2 -- f M T i - -v 12 ,ix l r gg ' 'lf L Eighth Grade Brenda Agee Terry Allen Toni Allen Richard Armitage Terry Arthur Chris Barrett Marylynn Boucom Kenneth Beck Dwain Belcher Carolyn Best Becky Best David Bever Linda Bever Viola Biggs Arthur Blackmore Mark Blackmore Randy Boyd Stanley Braun Elda Lynne Brinton Marilyn Brittingham Lori Btokog Linda Sue Brooks Nan Brown Betty Louise Burdick DISCUSSING PLANS ...forthe year with their sponsor, Mrs. Dahmer, are the Eighth grade class officers Bob Garner, treasurerg Cyndia Loving, secretaryg Margaret Todd, presidentg and Jim Nichols, vice press dent. f 1 gy ttt, L, far ye, if " f j, trtr L ,T 'li t 3 fr' f Q: ,fl ! , 1' f . f Q-5? 'li' , , 1 T A ? K, Judy Cartwright Lois Cavanaugh Larry Chadd Marvin Chrisenberry Judy Cochran Terry Colton Connie Compton Eddie Cox Wayne Cowen Donald Curry David Dahmer George Dohmer Geraldine Dailey Tony DeLaczkovich Jerry Joe Depue Diane Dickason Gene Dove Linda Dunfield s H if Sharon Burnett -A Q, Charles Buss 'Qi Catherine Carlson i C Terry Carlson K' Susan Carter f ' ' L if 1 , V ..,, V N f ' M' 4 ' ,xiii ,- ,Q ' ii "f'fZ'.f -v,g2'fi , i .33 ,LIC,jjf?"" f':',,, g'9,g9fig - ffflgivw- ipfgfs-Ya--w,uEag 1 2' ' . . -412: 'S '21 21 . J- f W .1"z1f,. 3 V- W is it '- ,,- 1 y T 'wf f My ,E ,,, A A V177 1, ,M 'V' ' ,Q ,f i J Q -f , "E i 5 'W' 'av is A if 'ijfffiigfyi-2 'fftllii ' ' H s ,Q ' H f fi' .. 2-V ,.,, Qi?1.if23 -,4i X' 7 N .4- X me e i 5 it V V , at lf G iief W J fllmffiiii ? E' l x iw' ,X ' ...K 9.1 M ,sisaf i L Ilia iiii. ft .ETT J E X sfffff yy K L , .,, T2 tails!! J ,325 'Cs gif L, Wg, . 0 E, X, px ., . M-'ill v 'fu Nm Q! V - E' . 5 L L is-. Ri.. X lf. -,fQQff1 o sx.,.- ,, W E3 Garry Elsworth Eddie Emery Jime Earnest Cheri Fecht Eddie Files Jane Foster Vonda Franz Bob Garner Larry Gorton Teri Gonterman Boyd Gordon Susan Gordon Tim Gotchall Larry Gregg Dixie Grissom Doug Gundy John Haggans James Duane Haner 4 Doris Hillier Terry Hoeper Bob Hornecl-:er Alberta Householder Jackie Huddleston GuyJockson Mary Jadlow Jimmie Jennings Roberhlohnson Larry Kerr Joyce Knoderer Frances Krause Gan Harp V, , ,, A H ,, K g Tom Harper -, V Q, ,,,,. W Margie Henson 'A 'Q ' Dave Hergert - Q, - v, Gary l-lersiein f f K gy, ,. Y my V f Q 'N W J! Q 55" X , iii. . IQ J! Q fi f if i '78, V J Z Z ji, , . X i . Z, 6 ni 1 f in Eri .2,e Qi :iw f - ,Y Aug! ff' '- , gm - Y if 8' , , . ,Q , J x ryii ,M V t in ,. . M f -. vw Y , i 3 we ef A . +v-' ,sf -1 214 23237 sq? .aff . ' .ig Q :,:,,f".5. " J .04 ,, ,, ,s .Ag . '. 1: - 'eg' 1.-?-4-'is .-'Z-,-,JJ + ,,.' - rwm- . . 9 .- 4 1 1 pay, yy, J H - :.w..f,,-..'.w.e4M f M R Q 4 'WG' lg fl fri- ,. wif Af' ' ,J 5 ,.: f- 454,351 B ' f ' f J n-r" ' ll J A , nnnn J. W ii , f L' 5 l y :." " , ' get ig" 'f"'5 Z,k J f" L i la ' V J J 1 J Q r":EA J f L J Jeerr J rrlrr lrf J F or ,o,r B f . ii' img ,. .f-, If :ri .. ffliill fi . in ,,rr, L +1 rr "n ,J- ' '1 1 JJ Iri i f ' jx 3,1 'Q' ' w as ' J f'J Bob Lasley Randy Layher Viola Legleiter Linda Lofquest Cyndia Loving Susan Madill Roger Mather Joe McAdoo Debby McClain Doug McCord Dian McCoy Billy McDermott Peggy McReynolds Carole Nation Bill Neil Teresa Newton Carolyn Nichols Jim Nichols Marion Nichols Pam Nicodemus Jim Novak Joyce Ogle Phillip Ogle Bill Olson A J e 'it in 'X f , aw y Beverly Pyle Larry Rasnic Paulette Reistad lkey Richmond Judy Rickman Linda Robinson Linda Sue Russell Patty Russell Marvel Sale Tim Scott Rosemary Scott Larry Scism Linda Shaw Mary Shearer Connie Sheets Kenneth Shirley Frank Shrewsbury George Simmons Kristina Simmons Tom Simmons Charles Simpson Della Faye Smith Sandro Sparks Billy Spaur 'i 4, flap ff-'AE M, .1 .70 . . 1 X, 1 4 9 X -. an ' "tam i-y.'S.t ny.. ,Q 1-,-A Q., V. 0. '- . . ......."f,- Ji" pl' ,,.-........ -. tv 1..::r . .,........ 'fc -..... ilggltnfu-ff .::...w A ,. ,J-1,5 4 23" if is 1" ,,., 4 Kayanna Pace James Eugene Palmer Sydney Pascoe K Eddie Peterson Paula Faye Peterson Ralph Pokorny LET'S EAT . . . As Mrs. Wilhelmson, supervisor, collects the Connie Pope Victor Powell, ir. Connie Pulliam Eighth Grade Dailey enter the cafeteria for lunch. money, Boyd Gordon, Lois Cavanaugh, and Geraldine 5, what .wg , V 5 v 52 I A z. Cv s A -, V L' lf' mf YY L L ,pin . ,ff uiqf. my , f Ai-, 1, , y , June Spears Ellis Spencer Joann Soukup Tina States Darrell Wayne Steely Larry Stevenson Milton Stone Margaret Todd Sandra Turley vw? Paula Turnbull Gary Urner Eighth Grade S ' I I 2 Ns. N., '-. eg ,E L N: , s K X- , ia.-1 Jzg , I David Warren SING ALONG WITH... Peggy McReynoIcIs, Rosemary Scott and Jackie Huddleston Q .:,, members ofthe Eighth Grade Chorus. J I, , Y ii f af, ff Joseph Wachtel Dana Webb Herman Webb Wayne Wilkins Gene Doug Williams fn' 2 511. f mkfnilglk- Margie Williams Janet Wilson Sharon Winters Donald Lee Wolf, ir. Irene Young Jeanne Zoglmann 3, UW, . orwazt' if A K warms ,Q 4 Hr . ,, rlyl vi it lf' it aw in as HMV' , W, ffiisiiifi , a"""l 3 W Wi w 'X 'fl kill 9 W2 offer ' 2 A 1 G ., ,i,,V , X SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS . . , play an important part in Junior High affairs Pictured are Bill Mische, presidentp Roger Howell, viceepresidentg Ruth Neirneyer treasurerg cmd Sue Brown, secretary, Seventh Grade Mike Bradharn Nan Braswell Donna Brown Ferman Brown Mary Susan Brown Sue Ann Brown Victor Alfaro Angela .loan Ames Greg Arthur Nancy Baird Donald Bates Claudia Beeman Bob Berry Kathy Blackmore Skipper Bliss Rickey Bobbett Ui? L Q Teddy Abele L- I Darrel Adams 'W""1'i V' David Adams I I l if W lii i V A' 5 ' h Elin? A A , , A 4 6 f -ff A E -' "- -i" I ,QL f i f a fur tt, ' sw, , . fig 2 " 14.1 'VW A 1, V A. x 'F I SX 1 I S22 , if ' fi I " ff D "1 l if A ,,, , x t W Mali? W Q, ,A Z yi,-to ' E ' 'ltt i B q I 2 ff A .i,i l ' A " V ,,.' 5 A f ' L. a fr nil ,f U - l' ' il ffr '-F , if .,r-, l ' 9 faq.: XZ' 8 'Z 5, t 'll' f J ' gig N K wil - fo r Yi 'fvw"-Qi ii F iflg - Q JF' ,i i. -L ,.. , 5 . it .,.. -it C -WMA. -ew 4.5 K ,Mme t .it 4 1 2 J 5 4 , - . :.,' Danny Eaton Arthur Ellitrits Janice Ewan Tommy Fairbanks ,js Michael Crowe. Janet Curry Shirley Ann Dulier Lloyd Eugene Dunfi Sheriell DuRossette Joe Ed Burgess Terry Caldwell James Thomas Calhoun Steve Cartwright Glenn Ray Chadd Marilyn Chaney Kathie Coffman Sheryl Collins Robert Colton Charles Cook Debra Covington Sedda Marie Crawford eld Seventh c Grade, A As 2 il 6 32 fi! X SX ' 'E Q- 1.51,-RQ' Q . N 35 VD x its al F J! in "-i . L Q' ll , ' 4 L L ig E QQ F1 V i I r 41- :S . fm. . .asf- ,msz w 1 ."f 3 L Slflz , -19, W, ,,,-fi' B C ttC ' ' if 'tl' ft ,C i'i? t F ,lg , ,F 2 -s:s,:- L- 55 it ., ii Cindy Fecht Paula Fellows Charlotte Fiehler Norma Files Dennis Fisher Naomi Flaten Joyce Elaine Flynn Donald George Elmer Lee Gire James Gregg Linda Griffen Don Hall Larry Halsey Ricky Harper Robin Harper Doug Harris Jimmie Herider Toni Rae Hickam 3 ami Cue- ' , if . 'ly' S c K Q9 ii L f 5 L get , S E x s . in LL y f-:. N ll II- , E , N f- Q , .duff A:Q 5 .P-as W 452 'ilfgxlld' 5 5 S Charles Higginbotham Barbara Holland Leo Ray Hord Dinah Houdeshell SPACE AGE SCIENCE , . , is still several years away for these Junior High Science Club members, but with the help of Mr. Fine, club sponsor, they can begin to share in the wonders of the scientific world. Roger Howell David Jackson Steve Jadlot Patricia Jenkins , in 2 -ir If i i .,fi' Ag., I in I Q 7' ' "'-Q-ai - ll -',, 3 R , 3 i J ff i it at 'ii X ck Cora Bell Johnson Cathaleen Keggerries Julianne Kennedy Catherine Kiger Steven Kimberlin Vicky Sue Klumpp Mary Elizabeth Koder Bobby Lafferty Darlene Lamke Danny Lathrop Larry Leer Cheryl Lewis Vicki Locke Linnard Loomer Linda Lukenbill Charlene Kay Martin " Terry McConnaughey ee? pk Charles McDowell Joyce McKinney Debbie McLaughlin Sandy McLaughlin Nancy Fay McNeece ' ' GinnyMcClain 139 4 .. i s - S NN fai n ,K 3 W is HW ,W e it 'X 149' i ' M' in W ' K 5, ws I 4, 3, f : eil' 'S Ni' S at is S X I -sif t up .." 11-i s I gi Je elk? yn Y 53, J Qi' " K at l 3' af' L 3 is 3 ' Af ., 1 .. me Gregg Rector Rebecca Sue Reis Dennis Renfro Bruce Rice Jim Robertson Billy Rogers Brenda Rogers John Russell Steven Saathotf Bennie Scxlkil Jeanne Sheorburn Ellen Marie Scott May Shumoker Kenneth Shupe Ron Wayne Sloan Robert Smith Donnie Soukup John Spencer X. ff: as Don McQuee Jimmy McVic Anita Milford Becky Milster Mike Miller Bill Mische Myles Mitche Debbie Mitch Sheila Mitts Butch Moore Donno Nixon Molly Anne O Pollyannci Peterson Mirtha Phillips - Morvo Phillips Rex Pyle "":4-. .i-'NV' v 'X , .gxils Sm M, as is 'I A ,rf n ker Edwin Merkle Linda Mesploy ll um Ruth Neimeyer Deborah Norris berlin 1 Shannon Ogle Tanya O'Quinn Seventh Grade X 5 X we Q Iihy is K Q, Ai yc c .J' i , .. c,,:5 In Gyil -.T , it N1-ss X x eg ii Qs S Nancy Spencer Earl Spillman Carolyn Sue Spiva Juanita Starbuck Mary Anne Steffan Mary Ellen Steely Patricia Ann Steely Lana Kaye Stone Gary Dale Stukesbary Sandra Stump Teresa Lynn Sullivan Johnny Sutton J ,gg 1 X s 1-L- P W x W ff 2 HJ? , ' ' Hfv- "7 ff' +2 2 vi I 'vm SOURCES OF NUTRITION , . . and basic theories of rneal planning are studied by members of Mrs. Ericksons il Gloria Trosper 5 Christine Tucker L 5 A Arthur Ray Underwood i 'au H Larry Vaughn gg f Debbie Venter 7, 4 xy It-my E . Kim Vincent 'HK 4. , f 554 31532 0254 .197 if 'N , ' if-'IBZ2rH'3?3w1'i-' 1,213 My wi? f S' -f-2523346-'xv ', i em 'V 5 5P92?E21A'f'r,.ir?'2f3Q1t lv. 1.1 'I 'V A Randall Wallace I -' 2' ' Rose Mary Waltz ,gg Z W A ,, V ,M I I Jxd , . V 1,54 . f j' :ki ic, ,V V -it Cl W d' Y J i t My L ' ayton ar in 3 1 ,, , ' A I Stephen Lee Wardin f -K Y Mr?" L , 3, Q, ig I it 4' "' Q' ,, . y J yggnwnm ,K , he Y, Mark Whaley seventh grade class in Home Economics. Cathy White A V, ,ix J, 1 .Q , W Lax 4' if igegy ,J C W Ewmqg ' "'t 22 Janice Whitehead Howard Williams John Richard Williams Victor Wolf Larry Wooldridge Leonard Zoglmann f-av-ng n 'Q BUY ,t,, ?7c'??f'-4f"2,51 5'l"lM-.. advertising 44 P and B TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY Alfred Peterson and Vernon Balk Your Allis-Chalmers Dealer in Nevada, Missouri AMERICAN TANK COMPANY Nevada, Missouri Sl'IORTEN'S FUNERAL HOME Nevada, Missouri v HARRY L. PRITCHARD AND COMPANY General Insuronce E EJAOUQE' 93 CLIGI Looms - E HARRY L, PRITCHARD 8 COMPANY BRUNS GARAGE Highway 71 North Wheel Alignment and Balancing NO. 7-2328 PHIL'S FURNITURE MART "T he Best for Less" Highway 7'I and Central NO. 7-2507 DR. O. W. DODGE DR. I. E. SPENCER Optometrists 'I09 East Cherry NO. 7-2560 EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP 407 East Hickory Nevada, Missouri Telephone NO. 7-5645 for appointments SMITH INSURANCE BILL RICHARDSON OFFICE SUPPLIES AND SERVICES I08 North Cedar Phone NO. 7-2345 for Office and School Supplies NEVADA AUTO PARTS Roy and Bill O'Connell 'I27-129 East Walnut Phone NO. 7-3375 or 7-3376 SHARP'S STORES COMPANY West Side of Square Nevada, Missouri MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back" Phone NO. 7-5223 I25 West Cherry ARMS' THE NEVADA NEWS Circulation: 5,000 weekly See Us For Your Printing Needs LASLEY INSURANCE AND 9 0 REAL E5-I-ATE Best Wishes from . . . 215 West Cherry NO. 7-2801 RINEHART'S PERKY'S BEAUTY SHOP 308 West Cherry Phone NO. 7-4606 SPEECE GLASS COMPANY I 'IO North Washington NO. 7-4665 Plate and Window Glass EICHINGER - MILSTER i 4 14 NEVADA BARBER SHOP 'I23 East Cherry Bart Littell Twink Mathis Chester Whitehead THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS COMPANY l'l5 North Main Nevada, Missouri NO. 7-3608 Bob Bain Evelyn Bain POTTER's 66 SERVICE Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Accessories Highway 54 and Cedar Nevada, Missouri JOHNSON'S RADIATOR SHOP Cleaning - Repairing - Recoring 225 North Cedar 'ff' ,fi s ,W Wie-M V,, ' KNEM 1240 on your dial THEDA'S BEAUTY SHOP for finer hair styles COFFMAN'S Office Supplies - School Supplies Offset Job Printing l'l7 South Cedar Phone NO. 7-4123 A V. W' fy e-" IH' " ANGEVS -evv Florists and Greenhouse A Q , A A "Flowers for all Occasions , w l ff ' , ,tt WF Hi, 5,4 AM,-mn W,,..w-HM' ', p.i,,,ffwW' ,1 ' ,n ,ei LEQAEHT HEVA5 IHP ' I H 1, ,VV,,, , W... .,,h, M ' N EVADA N EWS STAN D 'I2'l East Cherry Nevada, Missouri LIMBAUGH PRINTING COMPANY QUALITY PRINTING SPEAKS FOR ITSELF NO. 7-4266 119 South Main Nevada, Missouri iii L, 3 MITCHELL HOTEL LYLL I ond me HOTEL COFFEE SHOP " 'E - "Eat Fine Food in A N M . - . ir-conditioned comfort." C. DARNOLD, FLORIST SPENCER TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY 209 West Cherry Nevada' Missouri Ford Tractor Dealer in Vernon County Phone No. 7-4551 Highway 71 North MOSHER'S LAUNDRY AND CLEANING VILLAGE .. ..-- 1----1. 71 Highway and Highland In ll If No. 7-8828 Us I ,I .IOHANNES HARDWARE Gamble's Authorized Dealer The friendly store Phone NO. 7-4404 FERRY BROTHERS' INSURANCE AGENCY Loans and Real Estate Established 1882 NO. 7-6461 IOBV2 West Walnut + W L. NE f 'Xaser -W R ' -E eg, WHEN YOU THINK OF FEED... BRYANT'S OUR 26th YEAR 147 48 L' 54 DRIVE-INN CAFE 54 Highway East NO. 7-8827 Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Runyon, owners ELLA J. LEE Real Estate and Insurance Notary Public Phone NO. 7-5673 323 West Austin Nevada, Missouri HAROLD'S STEAK HOUSE Highway 71 North NO. 7-8847 7 T 7 NevudrrMissouri Y -' 1 Sew and Save I'IARPY'S CHICKEN INN Southern or Garlic Chicken and Steaks Phone NO. 7-6129 for reservations or to place orders to go ot THE HOUSE OF FABRICS I Northwest Corner of the Square ullizii yuuy U . .,. larrr DAR ROW LUMBER COMPANY ,'We Sell For Less" L.A.Darrow, owner 57- iilli NO. 7-3267 Highway 71, North FARNHAMIS HARTZFELD CONOCO SERVICE DRY CLEANING AND LAUNDRY H. h 71 d H. k Ig way an IC ory 214 S. Cedar Nevada, Missouri Phone NO. 7-2231 H. L. EMERY AND SON Dealers in Fertilizer-Feed-Grain-Seeds-Fence Dial N0 7-4273 Nevada, Missouri BILL HAMBLIN REAL ESTATE AN D INSURANCE NO 7 - 3603 Second Door West of Mitchell Hotel Pictures of Property Listed BOWMAN ABSTRACT AND TITLE COMPANY North Side ofthe Square WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Nevada, Missouri Business Phone NO 7 - 3204 Residence Phone NO 7 - 2 I 60 Nevada, Missouri M ND HO FAR A ME , DARI-CREME Malts Sundaes 71 Highway North Nevada, Missouri Shakes Hot Dogs BILL I "WALLPAPER PAINT5'5I6N5' A RT SUPPLIES-A-IOBBVS FERRY FUNERAL HOME " I K, .f NEVADA, Mnssounn 9 o ff, - -,W 1 Nevada, Miss uri ZION SHOE STORE Where you find Peters Shoes 14 150 CRAWFORD REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE Phone NO. 7-2459 H4 West Walnut Nevada, Missouri NEVADA REDI-MIX Certified Concrete 713 East Austin Phone NO. 7-4846 NEVADA LUMBER COMPANY All Kinds of Building Material Phone NO. 7-3589 Nevada, Missouri Manager Roy Krtek WIGG'S DRUG STORE NorthSideSquare Nevada, Missouri 'exert - E ,r i MMMMMJJMM ,,,,, A6 H.hHM!J,,,s.-- ,N W, .f,, 9, WWIWWM- ri I ,,,, if ,aw W ,, Q 5 f NELLY DON 7'l Highway and Highland Avenue Nevada, Missouri Mary Copowycz Plant Manage VlETH'S CAFE We Feed You on the El Nevada, Missouri Banquet Rooms BUSSlNGER'S MUSIC STORE 129 East Cherry Nevada, Missouri DAVlSON'S SHOES Q, DR. J. P. WOODFILL Optometrist Office Hours 8:30 - 5:00 Thursday 8:30 - 12:00 Phone NO. 7-5465 104 North Cedar Nevada, Missouri EVADA CANVAS COMPANY Telephone NO. 7-6913 321 North Commercial Nevada, Missouri VERNON COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY ROWLAND'S Self Service Store Clothing and Shoes North Side of the Square Nevada, Missouri STYLECRAFT 102 East Cherry Nevada, Missouri NO. 7-3331 Air Conditioned and TV - - Nevada, Missouri AAA Apprgyed 71 MOTEL I H OR PE .su Highway 71, North Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Stump MAXWELL'S Serving Nevada Since 1915 Food Center Food Locker Market Highway 71 And Locker Plant At Hickory 103 East Atlantic SPENCER TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ford Tractor Dealer in Vernon County Highway 71 North SHAN KS AND STERETT Clothing Company Exclusive Men and Boys' Wear East Side of Square 1600 North YEAGER Wholesale Company of Missouri, Inc. Post Office Box 457 Highway 71 Nevada, Missouri HORNER FLOWER SHOP AN D GREEN HOUSE Phone NO. 7- 4841 Nevada, Missouri J- B. B. Fowler, President C. W. Shanholtzer, Vice-President J. H. Hudson, Treasurer Betty Neff, Secretary FARMER'S MUTUAL FIRE AND LIGHTNING INSURANCE COMPANY OF VERNON COUNTY Nevadu,M,sW, ELLIS MUSIC AND FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of SEATON'S MEAT COMPANY Nevada, Missouri R--......s J. C. PENNEY AND COMPANY PlCKETT'S SUNDRIES School Supplies Available FlSK'S PAINT STORE Home of Davis Paint Beautiful Gifts, Draperies, and Wallpaper 104 E. Cherry Nevada, Missouri 152 f i-Kee A ?55FEEDS SPRUDUCERS GRAIN CO. HA Name Identified with Pharmacy T A L Since l894." A l R POKORNY DRUG STORE "' Z T I 'Ik East Side of Square " . - E Nevada, Missouri I yy , W I xy 3. -X: E 5 as I ie E KALA i I to STAR CLEANERS , L is-I if if QuaIitY D"Y Cleanin9 C A as ' Tele hone No.7-4502 5. ..... .M ..,. .xy w ge , X .W r. , A 5 P I . E if if I06E0S'CI1effY TOWN AND COUNTRY PROPANE 1627 East Austin Nevada, Missouri Phone NO. 7-6291 Nights NO. 7-6438 I , wi f - xi ARMITAGE APPLIANCE AN D HARDWARE STORE Skelgos Westinghouse Hordwore-Seeds-Gifts SERVICE LAUNDRY AND CLEANING COMPANY 215 North Cedar Nevada, Missouri Phone NO. 7 - 3166 ,,,.,,,W,,Mm.w.,M. GRAPHIC ARTS STUDIO N? 1 4 Nt f alll: Officic1lNevomo Phofogrophers for The post 14 yeors Joe Brodhom Pierre Welfmer Phone NO. 7- 3232 1'I9EastCherry FARMERS PRODUCE Eggs-Poultry-Feed Buildings-Equipment 803 East Hickory Phone NO. 7 - 6108 LOAN GRAGG BROTH ERS Greenhouse and Flower Shop NO. 7 - 6104 1212 West Walnut VINCE EMERY'S MARINE Finest selection of Boats and Marine Supplies 123 West Austin Nevada, Missouri 154 GUTHRIE MOTOR COMPANY 'V ' 224 Eost Wolnut vw 'VX Nevado, Missouri X Phone 7-4891 I 7' GPKEIIUEWITGIHJILIET "'!!1'f, Chevrolet ond Buick Agency FISHER'S "66" SERVICE Main and Hunter Phone NO. 7-5627 Nevada, Missouri HENRY KRAFT ME RCANTILE COMPANY Poper - Jonitor Supplies Institutionol Foods Nevada, Missouri E".s'f-gsffgrsiv 4 '.-- 93 --xlr V22 ire 'W 3-iii' i s ' ., X M lbw Hgglgpgldl A ' h TOREE .er it - QFFIQESIS H 'ir -suiwmes' JJ P 31i1'LP0ll9AlAeiW'ENi0VY 2 I imswvanwvfkwfw INSTITUTIONAL FOODS .muiron men suprues "MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY serves 218 communities in Western Missouri with electricity, gas, or water." DON'5 STANDARD SERVICE Tires-Tubes - Batteries and Accessories Phone NO. 7-2254 'I27 South Cedar Nevada, Missouri 5c - loc - 51.00 SCOTT'S STORE School Supplies and Wearables South Side of Square Phone NO. 7-6258 NEVADA DAILY MAI L I.EGAN'S For Gifts For All Occosions N EVADA BAKERY Delicious Pies and Cakes Na. 7 - 2658 Nevada, Missouri A. K. WOO DAR D Carburetors and Electric Service "We are Specialists" Nevada, Missouri ,RAL L ClTlZEN'S STATE BAN K B EIS S U P E R R Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "Sells More ForA Dollar" Nevada, Missouri VANCE BARBER SHOP AND ,QQWS QOQYI vnc:ToRYsHoEsHoP X BEER W2 if A A SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 125 South Washington Nevada, Missouri HERTZBERG FURNITURE COMPANY 114-116-118 East Cherry Nevada, Missouri ' 155 WHITE GRILL THANKS SO MUCH - To -- "Good food is good Health WE APPRECIATE YOUR suPPoRT MA , THORTON 1-'o""'SlqN4S2'-Wi' NATIONAL BANK Established 1869 Ninety-five years Same Corner Serving you Since '22 in Nevada, Missouri. Member F'D'I'C' "We'll appreciate your business "AND FURTHERMOREU , . . says Laurel Fuller To Marvalee Collins, Patty Bain, and Deana Carlini, as she explains why she needs a new dress. These four are among the many students who patro e Nevada's merchants. A Abele, Myra C111 114 Abele, Teddy C71 51, 137 Adams, Barbara C101 120 r Adams, Buz C121 85, 86, 101 10 Adams 4 , Darrel 471 91, 137 Adams, David C71 91, 137 Adams, Jackie C111 114 Adams Adams Adams , Janice C11164, 114 , Patrick C91 126 Robert C101 66 120 Addington, Tom C111 1,14 Agee, Agee, Alexan Alfaro, Brenda C81 132 William C101 120 der, Linda C101 69, 120 Victor C71 137 Allard, Doug C101 62, 120 Allen, Cyndy C121 31, 50, 56, 58, 64, 75, 76, 77, 79 80, 104 Allen, Dennis C12166 Allen, Larry C101 120 Allen, Rita 491 126 Allen, Terry C81 132 Allen, Toni C81 132 Allison, Velma 16 Ames, Ames, Amick, Angles C71 55, 137 P661 4121 104 Billie C101 66, 120 Armitage, Richard C81 132 Armstrong, Arvin C111 114 Curry, Jim C121 59, 105 Brown, Armstrong, Martha 16 Armstrong, Nancy C101 120 Arnold, Danny C111 114 Arnold, Helen C101 71, 120 Arthur, Gregory C71 91, 137 Arthur, Jim 4101 57, 62, as 90, 120 Arthur, Terry C81 91, 132 Atkinson, Janet C121 31, 50 56, 58, 75, 77, 80, 104 Attebery, Mildred 25 Attebery, Velma C111 60, 114 r r B Bailey, Suzanne C121 104, 113 Bain, Patty C91 52, 126, 156 Baird, Nancy C71 137 Baker, Judy 4121 59, 63, 104 Baker, Terry C101 120 Balk, Sharon C121 63, 104 Ball, Bernice 16, 72 Barkell, Helen 16 Barker, Billy 4111 66, 114 Barker, Eddie C121 66, 104, 113 Barnes, Diana C121 45, 104 Barnett, Jim C101 89, 90, 93, 95, 96, 120 Barone, Joe 17, 22 Barrett, Chris C81 91, 132 Bastow, Jim C101 120 Bates, Donald C71 137 Baucom, Kerry C101 67, 120 Baucom, Marylynn C81 51, 132 Beaver, Carole C111 114 Beck, Donna C91 126 Beck, Kenneth C81 132 Beeman, Claudia C71 137 Beeman, Craig C101 59, 120 Berry, Bob C71 137 Berry, Pam C121 58, 63, 104 Best, Becky C81 132 Best, Carolyn C81 132 Best, Mariorie C91 126 Bever, Connie C91 126 Bever, David C81 51, 132 Bever, Linda C81 132 Biggerstaff, Vililliam C111 114 Biggs, Bessie C101 120 Biggs, Viola C81 132 Bishop, Fred C91 91, 96, 97, 126 Bishop, Julia C91 67 Bishop, Nancy C111 59, 114 Bishop, Ronald C91 64, 126 Blackmore, Arthur C81 132 Blackmore, Kathryne C71 137 Blackmore, Mark C81 132 Blackmore, Ronald C91 66, 126 Bliss, Roy C71 137 Bloom, Gary C91 126 Bobbett, Jerry C121 104 Bobbett, Rickey C71 137 Bolton, Nina C91 126 Bolton, William C91 126 Bound, Tom C111 114 Bowen, Carleta C111 114 Bowker, Bill C121 85, 86, 105 Bowker, Viola C91 67, 126 Bowles, Calvin C11166, 114 Boyd, Randy C81 132 Bozworth, Richard C91 66, 126 Bradham, Kelly C121 99, 105 Bradham, Mike C71 91, 137 Braswell, Nanett C71 51, 137 Braun, Stanley C81 132 Brawner, Hannah C101 120 Breen, Doug 47 Breen, Jerry C91 126 Brenner, Harva C121 67, 105 Briggs, Leon 17, 91, 98 Bright, Mickey C91 126 Brinton, Elda C81 132 Brittingham, Marilyn C81 132 Brittingham, Marty C101 62, 120 Index Burdick, Emma C121 59, 63, 105 Burdick, Larry C91 126 Burgess, Joseph C71 91, 138 Burnett, Sharon C81 133 Collins, Sheryl C71 138 Colton, Jerry C111 115 Colton, Jim C121 59, 105 Colton, Robert C71 138 Colton, Terry C81 133 Burris, Gladys 25 Burroughs, Mary C91 67, 126, 138 Burroughs, Ruth C111 42, 50, 114 Buss, Charles C81 133 Bussinger, John 32 Butner, Marie 18, 57 Butner, Stanley 25 Butterfield, Kenneth C111 114 C Caldwell, Earl C121 105 Caldwell, Terry C71 91, 98, 138 Calhoun, 138 Callahan, Pat C111 114 Campbell, Beniie C111 115 Campbell, Keith C121 85, 86, 105 James Thomas C71 Campbell, Leslie C111 66, 115 Carlini, Deanna C91 55, 126, 156 Carlson, Catherine C81 133 Carlson, Marvin C101 66, 126 Carlson, Terry C81 133 Bill C111 115 calvin, P61 4121 63, 69, 105 Compton, Connie C81 133 Comstock, Jo Lynn C121 59, 63, 105 Conway, Everett C111 59, 64, 115 Conway, John C101 120 Cook, Charles C71 91, 98, 138 Copp, Larry C91 127 Copp, Richard C101 120 Covington, Debra C71 138 Covington, Terry C101 120 Cowan, Wayne C81 51, 98, 133 Cox, Carl 25 Cox, Eddie C81 133 Cox, Gerald C101 44, 121 Cox, Lonnie C121 105 Cox, James C91 127 Crawford, Bill C11159, 115 Crawford, Bob C91 127 Crawford, Joanna C101 67, 121 Crawford Leon C111 9o, 99, 1 15 Crawford, Sedda Marie C71 138 Creek, Verner C91 127 Cross, Norman C91 127 Carpenter, Carpenter, Catherine C101 120 Carpenter, Donna C121 67, 105 Carpenter, Paul C91 126 Carpenter, Richard C91 96, 97, 99, 126 Carroll, Co nnieC12159, 105 Carroll, Linda C101 120 Carter, Susan C81 133 Cartwright, Johnny C111 115 Cartwright, Judy Joan C81 133 Cartwright, Kenneth C91 126 Cartwright, Laura C91 126 Cartwright, Steven C71 138 Cavanaugh, Lois C81 51, 55, 133, 135 Crosswhite, Ronald C101 121 Crouse, Don C91 91, 127 Crouse, Norma C121 69, 105 Crowe, Joe C91 127 Crowe, Michael C71 91, 138 Cruce, Marilyn C101 121 Cruse, Bryan C91 127 Culbertson, Steve C101 121 Cummi ngs, Butch C121 30, 34, 50, 74, 78, 80, 85, 86, 101, 105 Current, George C111 85, 115 Curry, David C101 121 Curry, Donald C81 98, 133 Curry, Janet C71 138 Brokob, Carl C81 132 Brooks, Clarenita C91 126 Brooks, Larry C91 126 Brooks, Linda Sue C81 132 Brown, Betty C91 126 Brown, Donald C111 114 Brown, Donna C71 137 Brown, Ferman C71 137 Brown, James C121 105 Brown, Jo Ann C121 47, 64, 76, 77, 105 Brown, Loretta C91 61, 67, 126 Lynn C121 43, 58, 75, Cavanaugh, Lynn C121 63, 105 Caylor, Bill C111 42, 60, 61, 100, 101, 115 Chadd, Glenn Ray C71 138 Chadd, Larry C81 133 Chandler, Tom C111 115 Chaney, Marilyn C71 138 Chapman, Donald C91 126 Chapman, Louise 18 Charles, Elizabeth C121 105 Chrisenberry, Harold C101 120 Curry, Vi rginia C121 63, 105 Curtis, Charlotte C101 121 Curtis, Vicki C11159, 114, 115 D Dahmer, David C81 133 Dahmer, George C81 133 Dahmer, Gregory C91 127 Dahmer, Olga 19 Dahmer, SueC111115 Dailey, Geraldine C81 133, 135 80. 105 Brown, Mary C7138, 51, 137 Brown, Nanette C81 132 Brown, Phyllis C101 120 R L 17 Brown, . Brown, Roy C101 59, 120 Brown, Sue Ann C71 137 Bruns, Donna C111 114 Bruns, Loren C91 61, 126 Bryant, Sheryl C121 58, 60, 76. 77, 105 ' Bryson, Jody C91 126 Chrisenberry, Marvin C81 98, 133 Clark, Billi e C101 120 Clark, George C121 66, 67, 76, 77, 105 Clark, Linda C111 115 Cleveland, Helen C111 115 Cliffman, Gary C91 126 Clopton, Dan 18 Cochran, Bryant C101 120 Cochran, J udy C81 133 Coffman, Chris C111 115 Coffman, Kathie C71 138 Coffman, Tim C91 126 Dailey, Martha C111 34, 50, 56, 64, 77, 81, 115 Daley, Claude C121 66,' 106 Daniels, Lawrence C91 66, 127 Davis, Gary C111 63, 64, 69, 78, 115 Davis, Bill C121 46, 106 Dehon, Des 19, 62 DeLaczkovic, Tony C81 133 Demaree, Lois C121 58, 69, 106 Denning, Julia C91 127 Depue, Jerry C81 133 Belcher, Dwain C81 132 Belcher, Dwight C91 99, 126 Bell, Judy C121 37, 38, 50, 57, 58, 64, 75, 76, 79, 104 Bennett, Ray 17 Bernhardt, Linda C111 54, 114 Buenning, Glenn C111 114 Bullock, Max C121 60, 105 Bunn, Jeanette C111 58, 59, 114 Burch, Ruby C91 126 Burdick, Betty C81 132 Cole, Ada 19 Collins, Bill C121 105 Collins, Larry C91 126 Collins, Marvalee C91 50, 71, 127, 156 Dickason, Diane C81 55, 133 Diggins, Gary C121 66, 106 Disney, Royce C121 44, 106, 180 Divine, Deena C91 127 Divine Dudley C111 101, 115 E Gonterman, Teri C81 133 Herren, Fairbanks, Chester C71 138 Gregg, James C71 91, 138 Hin, Jamal-ae C91 128 K 158 Dobson, Larry C91 91, 127 Dobyns, Gerald C111 115 Doolin, Eugene C101 66, 121 Dougherty, Dianna C111 32, 115 Dougherty, Sue C91 32, 50, 127 Dougherty, Lou C91 50, 127 Dove, Gene C81 133 Dubray, Okey C111 115 Dukes, Linda C111 67, 115 Dulier, Louie C101 121 Dulier, Shirley Ann C71 138 Duncan, Mike C101 121, 124 Duncan, Norma C111 115 Dunfield, James C91 127 Dunfield, Linda C81 133 Dunfield, Eugene C71 138 Du Rossette, Sheriell C71 138 Eador, Linda C121 63, 106 Eador, Sharon C91 127 Earnest, JimeC8191, 133 Eaton, Daniel C71 138 Eaton, Gary C111 115 Eaton, Lynda C121 76, 77, 106 Edwards, Jean C101 50, 71, 77, 121, 122 Edwards, Phil C121 106 Eiffert, Steve C101 40, 58, 71, 121 Ellifrits, Arthur C71 138 Ellifrits, Nancy C121 106 Ellis, Judy C101 121 Elsworth, Garry C81 133 Emery, Edgar C81 51, 91, 98, 133 Emery, Judy C91 127 Emery, Randy C91 97, 127 Emery, Kathleen C91 127 Ephland, David C111 64, 115 Erickson, Carolyn C111 33, 34, 50, 115 Erickson, Omeda 19, 64 Eslinger, Connie C91 64, 127 Evans, Weldon C91 127 Ewan, David C101 50, 121 Ewan, Janice C71 138 Ewan, Roger C121 57, 64, 80, 85, 86, 106 Ewing, David C121 64, 66, 106 F Fairchild, colin C111 115 Falor, Nancy C101 121 Falor, Norma C111 67, 115 Farmer, Ronald C101 121 Fecht, Cheri C81 133 Fecht, Cindy C71 51, 138 Fecht, Kurt C91 127 Fellows, Linda C121 63, 106 Fellows, Louella 25 Fellows, Paula C7151, 138 Fellows, Randy C91 91, 128 Ferguson, Don 19 Fiehler, Charlotte C71 138 Files, Eddie C81 133 Files, Norma C71 138 Fine, Sam 19 Fisher, Barney C111 93, 94, 114, 115 Fisher, Dennis C71 138 Fisher, Vivian C121 63, 106 Fisk, Mary 19 Index Flaten, Mary Kay C111 115, 117 Flaten, Naomi C71 138 Fletchall, Judy C101 50, 67, 121 Fletchall, Virginia 25 Flynn, Johnny C11159, 115 Flynn, Joyce Elaine C71 51, 138 Flynn, Judith C91 128 Foster, Jane C81 133 Foursha, Sam C91 38, 50, 91, 99, 128, 129 Fowler, Fred C121 38, 40, 46, 50, 56, 74, 76, 77, 78, 79, 81, 93, 94,101,106 Fox, Allen C121 106 Franks, Judy C111 67, 115 Franz, Sharon C121 106 7 Franz, Vondo C81 133 Fraser, Myrle 19, 64, 81 Frazier, Rebecca C91 128 Frazier, Richard C121 107 Fritter, John C91 66, 128 Fuller, Elaine C121 107 Fuller, Laurel C91 40, 53, 128, 156 G Gaither, John C101 121 Gardner, Kathleen C91 128 Garner, Bob C81 98, 132, 133 Garner, Gary C111 115 Garton, Larry C81 133 Garton, Varian C121 66, 107 Gast, Howard C111 115 Geary, Nickia C101 41, 125 George, Donald C71 138 Giger, Donna C91 128 Gilliland, Ronnie C101 121 Gire, Elmer C71 138 Gladden, Virginia C101 64, 77, 121 Goates, Richard C101 40, 121 Goates, Wayne C121 41, 99, 107 Goodin, Jolene C121 54, 75, 107 Gordon, Boyd C81 51, 98, 133, 135 Gordon, Judy C111 38, 42, 50, 58, 64, 80, 81,116,118 Gordon, Susan C81 133 Gossett, Charles C111 116 Gotchall, Tim C81 133 Grace, Connie C121 59, 107 Haggans, Mike C101 89, 90, 122 Haggard, Jerry C121 80, 107 Hall, Donald C71 138 Halsey, Larry C71 138 Harnblin, W. R., Jr. 20 Hammontree, Don C121 65, 107 Hammontree, Keith C111 116 Haner, Barbara C111 116 Harlow, Kathy C121 sa, 107 Harner, James C81 133 Harp, Gail Jean C81 134 Harp, Richard C91 128 Harpel, 77, Rosemary C121 63, 76, 107 Harper, Glenda C91 128 Harper, James C101 66, 122 Harper, Lawrence C111 66, 116 Harper, Lucreta C111 116 Harper, Harper, Paula C121 59, 107 Ricky C71 138 Holmes, vicki C111 116 Hoover, Donna C101 122 Hopkins, Jim C111 66, 116 Hord, Frances C91 128 Hord, Leo C71 51, 91, 98, 138 Hornecker, Linda C101 122 Hornecker, Robert C81 134 Houdeshell, Dianah C71 139 Houdeshell, Ellen C91 128 Householder, Alberta C81 134 Householder, Larry C91 91, 97, 128 Householder, Leland C101 90, 122 Householder, Roy 25 Hovey, Dick C111 116 Howard, Katherine 20 Howell, Claudia C121 59, 60, 107 Howell, Roger C71 91, 137, 139 Harper, Robin C71 138 Harper, Tommy C81 134 Harpold, Carol C101 122 Harpold, Ron C111 116 Harris, Doug C71 51, 138 Hartel, Bobbie C121 107 Hayes, Clayton C121 107 Hayes, Kathy C101 63, 71, 122 Haynes, Tommy C111 47, 50, 77, 80, 93, 95, 116, 118 Headley, Guy 25 Headley, Rickie C9166, 128 Heistand, Larry C111 66, 116 Hendrix, Bette C101 38, 47, 50, Howell, Steve C101 50, 81, 99, 122 Hubbard, Hubbard, Judifh C101 122 Ran C121 as, 108 Huddleston, Jackie C81 134, 136 Hulse, Glenda C111 59, 116 Hurley, Shirley C91 128 lnloes, Sandra C101 122 Ireland, Pat C111 71, 116 Jackson, Jackson, J David C71 91, 139 Doug C91 96, 97, 128 53, 122 Hendrix, Gerry C121 29, 50, 54, 74, 107 Hendrix, Patty 38 Hensley, Danny C121 66, 107 Hensley, Jim C101 122 Hensley, Marilyn C111 67, 116 Henson, Margie Ann C81 134 Hergert, David C81 138 Hergert, Stephan C101 122 Herider, Jimmie C71 138 Billy C91 66, 128 Gragg, Harold C121 107 Gragg, Larry Dale C81 133 Gregg, Richard C91 91, 128 Gregory, Bobbie 20 Gresham, Jim C111 87, 90, 93, 95, Griften 100, 101, 116 Linda Sue C71 138 Griffithl, James C111 42, 116 Griggs, Grissom Guffey, Gundy, Blaine C91 128 , Dixie C81 133 Gail C91 128 Doug C81 51, 98, 133 H Hackleman, Larry C121 107 Hackney, James 25 Hackworth, Terry C101 122 Hagerman, John C91 66, 128 Haggans, John C8191, 133 Herstein, Gary C81 134 Hickam, Tonie C71 138 Higginbotham, Charles C71 139 High, Cheryl C91 128 Hill, David C111 42, 61, 101, 116 Hill, Helen C10167, 122 Hill, Linda C111 50, 57, 64, 77, 81, 116 Hiuiaf, Daria C81 aa, 51, a1, 134 Hilton, James C91 66, 128 Hires, Bill 20 Hirschman, Randy C91 128 Hobbs, Sherri C111 116 Hoeper, Terry C81 134 Hoeper, Vickie C111 116 Hogan, Danny C111 66, 107 Hogan, Linda C91 128 Hogan, Marilyn C121 67, 107, 113 Holcomb, Howard 25 Holcomb, Lucille 25 Holland, Barbara C71 139 Holland, Florence C121 63, 107 Holland, Sara Joan C101 67, 122 Holmes, Mike C111 42, 116 Holmes, Robert C91 97, 128 Jackson, Glenda C111 44, 50, 52, 57, 77, 80, 81, 116, 118 Jackson, Guy C81 98, 134 Jackson, Wayne C121 58, 108 Jacobs, Sharon C91 128 Jadlot, Charles C101 50, 62, 90, 122, 138 Jadlot, Denny C111 38, 87, 90, 96, 116 Jadlot, Steve C71 51, 91, 98, 138, 139 Jadlow, Mary Francis C81 134 Janes, Joyce C121 60, 77, 108 Jenkins, Patricia C71 139 Jenkins, Mike C101 122 Jennings, Jimmy C81 134 Johns, Doyle 25 Johnson, Connie C111 50, 64, 77, 81, 116 Johnson, Cora Bell C71 139 Johnson , Dora C91 128 Johnson, Judy C101 122 Johnson Johnson Robert C81 51 134 f sham! C91 128 Johnson, Virginia C121 108 Jones, Annabelle C101 67, 122 Jones , C H , Jr 14 Jones, Gary C111 66, 116 Jones, Kelly C111 66, 71, 116 Jones, Stan C121 40, 64, 85, 86, 93, 94, 101,108 Keggerries, Cathleen C71 55, 139 Keithly, Gail 20, 52 Keithly, W. Garland 15 Klotz, Marvin C111 117 Kraft, Sally C91 53, 128 Kelley, Karen C121 108 Kelso, Sylvia C111 42, 52, 71, 77, 116 Kennedy, Julianne C71 51, 139 Kerr, Larry C81 91, 134 Kerr, Robert C91 128 Ketterman, Nicki C101 123 Kiger, Catherine C71 139 Kiger, Emory C121 108 Kimberlin, Mike C121 108 Kimberlin, Steven C71 139 King, Vickie C11147, 116 Klotz, Mariorie C111 59, 67, 116 Klotz, Morris C91 66, 128 Klumpp, Ralph C101 50, 93, 123 Klumpp, Vicki C71 139 Knoblauch, LaryC11161, 117 Knoderer, Joyce Elaine C81 134 Knoderer, Stan C101 123 Koder, Dorothy C101 123 Koder, Mary Elizabeth C71 139 Koehler, Pat C121 58, 108 Kraft, Clint C121 40, 56, 106, 108 Krause, Margaret C81 134 Kutina, Arlene C91 67, 128 Kutina, Michael C101 66, 123 L La Due, Sam C12171, 108 Lafferty, Bill C91 128 Lafferty, Bobby C71 137 LaGuire, Beth C101 123 Lamb, Beverly C121 63, 76, 77, 108 Lamb, Janelle C91 128 Lamke, Janice C71 139 Land, Patricia C91 128 Lasley, Mary Jo C111 42, 58, 117 Lasley, Bobby C81 134 Lathrop, Danny C71 139 Lavender, George C91 99, 128 Lawrence, Richard C121 58, 60, 78 Layher, Randy C81 134 Layher, Ron C121 100, 101, 108 Lee, Mary Elizabeth C91 128 Leedy, Alphina 20 Leedy, Mark C101 123 Leer, Cecil 25 Leer, Larry C71 139 Legan, Dana C121 34, 47, 52, 74, 76, 77, 80, 108 Legleiter, Belvin C111 66, 117 Legleiter, Viola C81 134 Leigh, Jim C91 96, 97, 128 Leigh, Jay C91 129 Le Masters, Linda C121 59, 108 Lessen, Deborah C101 67, 123 Lewis, Cheryl C71 139 Lightner, Eugene C111 117 Litle, Robert 21, 69 Livingston, Dennis C91 129 Locke, Connie C111 117 Locke, Vicki Jo C71 139 Lofquest, Linda C81 134 Logan, George M. 14 Longstreth, Jan C91 66, 129 Longstreth, Janet C91 129 Longworth, Glenn C101 44, 123 Longworth, Judy C121 63 Longworth, Mike C101 123 Loomer, John C111 117 Loomer, Linnard C71 139 Loomer, Rodney C91 66, 129 Loos, Vicki C71 139 Love, Jerry C101 123 Loving, Cyndia C81 132, 134 Lowry, Don C121 108 Loy, Joe C101 123 Lukenbill, Linda C71 139 Lukenbill, Mariorie C121 67, 109 Lukenbill, Mary nop 123 Lutes, Jane C121 63, 109 Lyon, Charlotte C111 117 M Madill, Larry C91 129 Madill, Marsha C111 117 Madill, Susan C81 134 Malcom, David C81 134 Malcom, Joe C121 109 Malcom, Phyllis C101 123 Manes, James C111 117 Manes, Joyce C91 129 Marlatt, Mike C101 123 Marlow, Barbara C91 129 Marlow, Betty C111 117 Marquardt, Ed C111 66, 117 Martin, Charlene C71 139 Martin, Marsha C121 46, 59, 63, 69, 71, 75, 75, 77, 109 Martin, Roy C121 76, 77, 85, 86, 109 Mather, Roger C81 134 McAdoo, Joe C81 134 McAdoo, Sharon C91 32, 71, 129 McCall, Sue C121 109 McCann, Jim C121 30, 80, 85, 86, 109 McCann, Timora C91 32, 67, 129 McClain, Deborah Ann C81 134 McClain, Scotty C101 71, 123 McClain, Virginia C71 139 McClellan, Rayburn C101 123 McConnaughey, Jimmie C101 91, 123 McConnaughey, Terry C71 98, 139 McCord, Douglas C81 134 McCormick, George C111 60, 117 McCoy, Dian C81 134 McDermott, Billy C81 91, 134 McDermott, Regina C111 117 McDonald, Bill 25 McDowell, Charles C71 139 McGehee, Gail 21 McGinnis, Gary C121 36, 50, 75, 77, 78, 80, 84, 85, 86, 93, 94, 101,109, 138 McGrath, Frank C111 66, 117 Mclntosh, Jack C101 66, 123 McKenzie, Denny C12166, 101, 109 McKinley, John 18, 84, 85, 121 McLaughlin, Debra C71 139 McLaughlin, Kay C101 59, 67, 123 McLaughlin, Sandy C71 139 McMullin, Glenn C91 129 McNeece, Walter C91 129 McNeece, Nancy C71 139 Index McNeece, Richard C101 123 McNeley, Peggy C101 123 McQueen, Donald C71 98, 140 McReynolds, Barbara C101 64, 123 McReynolds, Margaret C81 134, 136 McVicker, Ardis C111 117 McVicker, Jimmy C71 91, 140 McVicker, Judith C101 67, 123 McVicker, Leroy 25 Mell, John C121 109 Mell, LaFayette C111 117 Mendenhall, David C91 50, 129 Meritt, Shelia C91 129 Merkle, Merrell, Edwin C71 140 John C9171, 91, 129 Neime yer, Ruth C71 137, 140 Nelson, Jack 21, 60, 61 Nelson, Peggy C101 53, 62, 77, 122, 124 Newton, Albert C101 124 Newton, Billy C91 129 Newton, Donna C101 124 Newton, Earl C101 124 Newton, Teresa Ann C81 51, 134 Nichol s, Carol C101 57, 59, 77, 78, 124 Nichols, Carolyn C81 55, 134 Nichols, F. A. 25 Nichols, Jimmy C81 98, 132, 134 Nichols, John 14 Merrell, Mike C121 28, 34, 50, 64, 74, 77, 78, 80, 85, 87, 92, 93, 94, 109 Mesplay, Jim C101 123 Mesplay, Linda C71 140 Metzker, Mike C101 90, 123 Meyer, Linda C121 109 Milford, Anita C71 140 Milford, Nancy C91 129 Miller, Cathie C111 117 Mills, Harley 25 Miller, Mrs. Homer 25 Miller, Jimmy C101 123 Miller, Linda C111 117 Miller, Michael C71 91, 140 Miller, Sheila C91 129 Miller, Terry C111 66, 117 Milster, Percy C91 129 Milster, Rebekah C71 51, 140 Minor, Bill C121 71, 98, 109 Mische, James C91 59, 129 Mische, William C71 51, 91, 137, 140 Mitchell, Bradley C91 129 Mitchell, Cody C101 123 Mitchell, Myles C71 91, 140 Mitchell, Pamela C111 117 Mitchell, Wade C91 129 Mitchem, Charles C111 117 Mitchem, Wanda C121 109 Mitchum, Deborah C71 140 Mitchum, Kenneth C121 109 Mitts, Karren C121 63, 109 Nichols, Marion C81 134 Nicholas, Mark C91 91, 129 Nicodemus, Pam C81 51, 134 Nicodemus, Bob C111 60, 77, 85, 87, 96, 100, 101,118 Nixon, Donna C71 140 Norris, Deborah C71 140 Norris, Jim C111 118 Norwood, Charlotte C111 39, 42, 54, 118 Novak, James C81 91, 98, 134 Null, Art 25 Null, Arthur C121 109 Nunez, Norma C121 109 Nunn, W. Morris 14 O Oberlin, Molly C71 140 Ogle, Geraldine 25 Ogle, Joyce C81 51, 134 Ogle, Lester L. 14 Ogle, Phillip C81 134 Ogle, Shannon C71 140 Ogle, Steven C91 50, 91, 130 Olson, Alan C101 124 Olson, Betty 25 Olson, Bill 48191, 134 Olson, Jim C91 89, 90, 91, 96, 97, 130 Olson, John C10164, 124 O'Quinn, Tanya C71 55, 140 O'Toole, Tommy C121 109 Mitts, Shelia C71 140 Moberly, Connie C91 129 Moberly, Diana C101 123 Mooney, John C111 93, 95, 97, 117 Moore, Gary C121 63, 109 Moore, Jerry C111 117 Moore, Moore, Moore, Moron, Sanford C71 140 Shirley C91 129 Shirold C101 123 Walter C101 123 Mouser, Linda C111 44, 47, 56, 77, 117, 118 Murphy, Bud C111 118 N Nall, Bennie C121 109 Overton, Dennis C101 124 Owen, James C91 61, 130 Oyer, Ed C111 85, 87, 92, 93, 95,97, 101,118 P Pace, James C91 130 Pace, Kayanna C8151, 135 Page, Linda C91 130 Palmer, Allan C101 58, 124 Palmer, James Edward C81 135 Pascoe, Donna C121 31, 52, 57, 58, 64, 74, 77, 109 Pascoe, Suzie C101 124 Pascoe, Sydney C81 37, 38, 51, 135 Pauling, Kathy C101 59, 124 Nall, Nancy C91 129 Nation, Carole C81 134 Neas, C. R. 25 Neil, Darrel C91 129 Neill, Billy C81 91, 98, 134 Neill, Connie C91 129 Neimeyer, Betty C101 52, 59, 64, 124 Neimeyer, Karen C121 46, 58, 71, 77, 109 Payne, Cheryl C121 65, 109 Payne, Jack C91 61, 130 Payne, Theresa C111 59, 118 Pearse , Anne C101 69, 124 Pearse, R. W., Jr. 14 Pearson, Linda C101 59, 124 Perkins, Charles C121 110 Perkins, Karolyn C121 54, 110 Perkins, Maria C91 64, 130 Perkins, Peggy C101 59, 124 1 Sheets, Sharon C111 119 0 Perrin, Rosemary C121 63, 76, 110 Peters, Laura C121 63, 110 Peterson, Eddie C81 51, 91, 135 Peterson , Linda C111 118 Peterson, Pamela C111 64, 67, 118 Peterson, Paula C81 135 Peterson, Pollyanna C71 140 Pettibon, Doug C91 90, 91, 96, 97, 130 Pettibon, Joseph C91 130 Pettibon, Lucille 21 Pettibon, Peggy C121 67, 110 Pettibon, Sharon C111 118 Pemban, Tam C121 44, 93, 94, 110 Pettibon, Vickie C101 124 Pettibon, Vicky C121 110 Phelps, Janet C121 58, 64, 71, 77, 110 Phillips, Harold C111 118 Phillips, Joanna C101 124 Phillips, Joseph C101 124 Phillips, Martha C71 140 Phillips, Marva C71 140 Phipps, Martha C121 57, 77, 110, 113 Pickens, Myrtle 22 Pickens, Bob C111 114, 118 Pike, Jule C111 118 Pike, Everett C101 66, 124 Piotrowski, Dewey C121 110 Pippin, James C121 110 Place, Pat C121 64, 110 Pokorny, Ralph C81 135 Pope, Connie C81 135 Post, Joyce C91 136 Powell, Jed C101 40, 63, 71, 124 Powell, Victor C81 91, 135 Pratt, Don C121 110 Preston, Karen C111 118 Price, Mike C101 124 Price, Patricia C101 124 Pritchett, Donald C111 118 Pritchett, Kermit C91 66, 130 Pritchett, Nancy C121 110 Pryor, Lowell C91 91, 96, 97, 130 Pryor, Robert C111 118 Pulliam, Connie C81 135 Pulliam, Edith C111 118 Pursley, Linda C11142, 54, 118 Pyle, Beverly C81 135 Pyle, David C71 140 Pyle, Steve C121 50, 57, 85, 87, 99, toe, no Q Quockenbush, Linda C121 110 Quackenbush, Raymond C91 130 Quarton, Nancy C121 45, 54, 74, 77, 110 Quick, Albert 22, 60 Quick, Lucille 22 R Rabon, Jo Anne C111 118 Rackley, Mary C121 110 Radford, Gladys 22 Radke, Judy C111 118 Ramsey, Nancy C91 130 Range, George C91 99, 130 Index Range, Karl C111 66, 118 Rapp, Carol C12163, 110 Rapp, Pauline C91 130 Rasmussen, Jim C121 43, 58, 111 Rasmussen, Rodney C111 42, 113 Rasnic, Larry C81 91, 135 Rasnic, Ronnie C101 124 Rasnic, Saundra C121 43, 57, 58, 59, 77, 111 Ratterree, Deanna C121 111 Ratterree, Mary Jane C91 130 Rector, Gregory C71 140 Reece, Gerald 22, 25 Reed, Barry C121 76, 77, 78, 111 Reed, Debbie C91 50, 130 Reed, John C101 124 Reed, Wayne 18, 23 Reis, Rebecca C71 140 Reistad, Jim C121 74, 85, 87, 111 Reistad, Paulette C81 135 Remington, Lester C101 124 Renfro, Debbie C101 124 Renfro, Dennis C71 91, 98, 140 Rhoades, Vivian C101 124 Rhyne, Mary C11164, its Rice, Bruce C71 91, 98, 140 Richmond, lkey C81 91, 135 Richmond, Frankie C111 118 Rickman, Judy C81 135 Riggs, Ed 25 Riggs, Jerry C101 125 Roberts, Bob C101 125 Robertson, James C71 140 Robinson, Linda Lou C81 135 Robison, Melba C101 125 Roby, Donna C12163, 111 Roby, Ralph C101 125 Rogers, Billy C71 140 Rogers, Brenda C71 140 Rombach, Vera 23 Rose, Sharon C91 55, 130 Roush, Martha C12159, 64, 111 Russell, Donald B. 14 Russell, John C71 91, 140 Russell, Linda C81 135 Russell, Patricia C81 135 S Saathoff, Shelia C101 67, 125 Saathoff, Steven C71 98, 140 Sale, Marvel Ann C81 135 Salkil, Bennie C71 140 Salkil, Shirley C91 130 Sanders, Dennis C111 119 Schlyer, Robert C91 130 Schlyer, Tommy C91 130 Schnoebelen, Willa C91 130 Schwanz, Chris 23, 63 Schwenck, Stephanie C121 111 Scism, Larry C81 135 Scoles, R. L. 25 Scott, Charles C111 119 Scott, Ellen C71 140 Scott, Helen C101 125 Scott, Fay C121 111 Scott, Patty C101 125 Scott, Rosemary C81 135, 136 Scott, Tim C81 51, 98, 135 Shaw, Bill 25 Shaw, Linda Sue C81 135 Shaw, Vernon C111 66, 119 Shearburn, Jeanne C71 140 Shearer, Marcia C111 119 Shearer, Mary C81 135 Sheets, Connie C81 135 Stevenson, Bill C111 64, 101, Shepherd, James 23, 91, 93 Shepherd, Larry 84, 90, 96, 97 Shepherd, Linda C91 130 Sheridan, Larry C11142, 119 119 Stiles, Douglas C91 131 Stone, Connie C101 71, 125 Stone Milton C81 126 Stone Lana Kay C71 141 Stone, Leslie C91 131 Shindler, Gary C121 111 Shirley, Kenneth C81 135 Shopper, Albert C91 130 Shopper, Bonnie C121 61, 64, 111 Shopper, Gloria C121 111 Shopper, Mary C11164, 119 Shrewsbury, Frank C81 135 Shumake Shumake Shumake r, May C71 140 r, Ralph C111 119 r, Raymond C101 125 Shupe, Kenneth C71 51, 140 Shutters, Margaret C111 119 Sieberns, Carol C111 119 Sikes, Everett C91 66, 130 Simmons, George C81 135 Simmo Simmo Simmo Simon, ns, James C121 111 ns, Kristina C81 135 ns, Thomas C81 135 David C91 130 Simpson, Charles C81 135 Sloan, Ronnie C71 91, 140 Smith, Cheryl C91 131 Smith, Della C81 135 Smith, Dennis C91 66, 131 Smith, Gary C91 66, 131 Smith, Gary C111 119 Smith, Gene 25 Smith, Henry C91 131 Smith, Margie C121 63 Smith, Robert C71 140 Smith, Songer Teresa C11159, 119 , Marcia 23, 121 Soukup, Donald C71 140 Soukup, Joan C81 136 Soukup, Stanley C121 112 Soverns, Kenneth C91 131 Sparks, Sandra C81 135 Strasser, Tom C121 40, 58, 60, 75, 112 Struke, Steve C111 119 Stukesbary, Gary C71 141 Stump, Sandra C71 141 Sullivan, John C91 91, 131 Sullivan, Teresa C71 141 Sutton, Andra C91 131 Sutton, Johnny C71 141 Svetlecic, Karen C101 53, 125 Swager, Susan C111 119 Swan, Jarrel C101 62, 125 Swan, Ronnie C101 125 Swearingen, Virginia 56 Swearingen, Madge C121 52, 56, 58, 60, 76, 77, 80 112 T Talbott, Gordon C121 112 Talbott, Grace C91 131 Taylor, Betty C121 112 Teel, Bernice 24 Testman, Larry 91, 98, 101 Thomas, Judy C121 112 Thomas, Larry C91 66, 131 Thompson, Charles C101 125 Thompson, Cynthia C121 112 Thorpe, Bill C10190, 125 Thorpe, Townie C91 127, 131 Thorpe, Tom C111 47, 50, 57 77, 80, 85, 88, 119 Thron, Phillip C111 66, 119 Tillery, Barbara C121 63, 112 Tillery, Ralph C91 131 Todd, Danny 38 Todd, Margaret Ann C81 51 f 1 1 Sparks, Steven C101 93, 101, 125 Spaur, Billy C81 135 Spears, June C81 136 Spencer, Becky C91 53, 129, 131 Spencer, Ellis C81 91, 136 Spencer, Jim C121 30, 34, 47, 50, 74, 87, 93, 94, 112 Spencer, John C71 140 Spencer, Kay C101 50, 52, 69, 125 81, 132, 136 Todd, RegarC1l19O, 119 Tolle, Nell 24 Tow, Connie C111 119 Tracy, Ronald C121 112 Trainor, Curtis C101 125 Triplett, Bob C111 88, 90, 119 Troegle, Shoron C121 112 Trosper, Eddie C91 99, 131 Trosper, Gloria C71 141 Trosper Maude C121 63, 112 Spence Spence r, Melba C101 125 r, Nancy C71 141 Spillman, Donna C91 67, 137 Spillman, Earl C71 141 Spillman, John C101 125 Spiva, Spiva, Carolyn C71 141 Sharon C91 131, 141 Troyer, Louis C121 112 Tucker, Christine C71 141 Tucker, Larry C11142, 61, 119 Turley, Sandra C81 136 Turley, Wanda C91 127, 131 Turnbull, Paula C81 136 Turpin, Linda C111 119 Tyer, Roger C91 91, 131 Stafford, Paula C101 53, 67, 125 Starbuck, Juanita C71 141 States, Tina C81 136 Steely, Darrell C81 136 Steely, Mary Ellen C71 141 Steely, Patricia Ann C71 141 Steffan, Maryanne C71 141 Sterett, Gregg C91 131 Sterett, Kent C111 119 Stevenson, David C101 101, 124, 125 Stevenson, Larry C81 36, 38, 51, 91, 98,136 U Underwood, Arthur Roy C71 141 Underwood, Roy C101 125 Urner, Gary C81 91, 136 V Vale, Deanna 24, 67 Van Mater, Gary C111 88, 90, 119 W Vaughn, Vaughn, Janet C91 131 Larry C71 141 Vaughn, Marguerite C121 112 Vaughn, Orville C91 131 Vaughn, Steven C91 66, 131 Venter, Deborah C71 141 Vincent, Kim C71 51, 91, 98, 141 Vincent, Pam C101 125 Vincent, Ruth 24 Young, Bob C121 85, 87, 113 Wachtel, Joseph C81 136 Wade, Ed C121 112 Wade, Marilyn C91 50, 53, 131 Wait, Margaret C121 63, 112 Wales, Jackie C111 59, 64, 119 Wales, Judy C101 125 Walker, Cheryl C121 112 Walker, David C91 131 Wallace, Nora C91 131 Wallace, Randall C71 91, 98, 141 Wallace, Rollin C121 112 Walton, Larry C101 125 Waltz, Charles C101 125 Waltz, Mable C91 131 VValtz, Rose Mary C71 141 Wardin, Clayton C71 141 1 Index Wardin, Stephen Lee C71 141 Wardin, William C91 131 Ware, Billy C101 125 Warren, David C81 136 Weatherly, Gary C101 59, 125 Webb, Dana C81 136 Webb, Webb, Henry C91 66, 131, Herman C81 136 Weber, Fred C121 75, 112 Weber, Linda C111 119 Weber, Michael C91 131 Weber, Ted C121 80, 101, Whitehead, Janice C71 141 Whiteside, Larry C91 131 Wiegel, Fayleen C111 119 Wiegel, Linda C91 131 Wiegel, Richard C121 66, 113 Wilcox, Mike C121 63, 77, 90, 113 Wilhelmson, Virginia 15 Wilkins, Wayne C81 136 William, John Richard C71 141 Wolfe, Johnnie C101 58, 63, 125 Wood, LaMerna 25 Wood, Marshall C121 66, 113 Woodington, E. A. 25 Woods, June C121 76, 77, 80, 113 Wooldridge Wooldridge Wooldridge, Berta C91 131 Ester C121 113 Larry C71 141 112 Wehmeyer, Eva C121 59, 63, 113 Wehmeyer, Linda C91 131 Weir, B. F. C11142,56, 61, 99, 119 Welch, Ernest Lynn C101 66, 125 Weltmer, Ruth 15 Williams, Bob C111 85, 88, 119 Williams, Gene C81 136 Williams, Howard C71 141 Williams, Jack C101 125 Williams, Margie C81 136 Williams, Williams, Michael C101 125 Elaine C111 119 Williams, Velma C101 125 Willmon, Mark C121 113 Wilson, Janet C81 136 Woolverton, Connie C91 131 Worrell, Gary C91 61, 63, 131 wysong, Tim C91 so, 91, 129, 131 Yordy, Yordy, Y Bill C12166, 113 Ross C91 66, 131 Whaley, Mark C71 98, 141 Whaley, Steve C91 90, 91 97, 127, 131 1 Whisler, Joe C111 42, 44, 60, 61, 99, 119 white, Cathy C71 141 White, Dorenda 22, 24, 58 White, Vicky C121 65, 113 Whitehead, Chris C101 50, 90, 125 Wilson, Linda C111 54, 119 Wilson, Roxana C101 125 Winters, Sharon Lou C81 136 Wirth, Kleetis 15 Withrow, Ronnie C101 125 Wolf, Donald Lee C81 136 Wolf, Victor C71 91, 98, 141 Wolfe, Barbara C111 119 Wolfe, Butch my as, aa, 93, Young, Clara C81 136 Young, Louis C91 131 95, 97, 119 VC , 1 9 ' C ' ., N ., N N" NN Y ,,'D.,+w. ax - 9-N gi' Q., l .N N.: 5, -xiii li T E 1' 1. 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Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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