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'L . 1 , , , , f v. 1,Sn,'w:,S,-' , 7 ' I4:5E4'i'4?iW?f ' , ww A ' ' ' , ' , I - 5.1-35. fi5"W W - e V ' ' - -1 :f " ' ' '2 45f'i'.f7fgf ' x' A ' ' A t Ll' ' ' - ' - 1 53fi'f'f , J '- 1,11 wgqwf , ,gh rl . Q 3: 5 L, E f V3 s V ' 1" 'ffl' S A - ' - "5??'?'i , -up , ,Q ' 4 1 owcxd '-'iff ' 'i ff' , Q . A 1 , ,J J L"'J"1m K .Q 4, .Ja . X , 2 , , , - 7,,L5'ff'2a1f ' , Q ' .-3 , . , ? W 4. ' A - - 1 - "-Y'-,wm'rFQ1jF,,f!f4 A -A 4 4 A 4 . , 5 ' 3' ' ' W'Zff9'ij. p , Q ' " Q 4 , ' . b iw W ya M W' MQ wink wif AWNW W 'fy V ., 3 u, Q .V gi, 3 if , gy. .,. w, ,W . 1,3 ,, 4,,, ,M X, V., ., , .1 Az , z 'Yi M n up 4.1532 'ry ' if - -A it ,gf , ,Af s ,,,:. 1. V. - N1 ', - wwf? f f ' V 1 ya K ,,, ., , ww gf ., ., 'xx H J: N P 4. xl' f ly - fin ' ' 'T' ,'.D,l',' ,E :1f?4f QW. ,X , "ual ' fi" , ,exif 1 Vw .Z .xfnuu 1 .M , .L ,-1 .. , ,ru ,I g Q, ,',,.., ,5..-f ,. 1 ,. , , .I , ,, , ,," , ,M ' M,,,g, ., fn w -4: ,, -...L A ,f 1 W ,wr v -','1:1-+-w:- if... s V If-n w-,f. M Q . A . 5. , .. , , J 1 1 '1" - 1 ff? 'f4,r,'!xJv" 1 Q . ' a. ' 1 1 "ma , - , '--M ,Y 1' -f -A -wwf-3' Q, fy-ga.F'-ip -L ,I ,---g ,- ' R . " 53 ' ' 9 ,yjif f . ...M x N V W i g M gan, ,k,131,, 4 1 Q ' V-sz' 4' N. , : z' 4 - . my ,. X , . , .4f'1," K '1 1 . fgaizs-:.,:.':', f,e2 ' ' 2 I X ' - ' - 0' ' ' A 16 QQNXV ,ff Q X W 5 - 1 V . f 'X ,W . 1,1 Q ff. f' . .g f- .,,, ..i ' Hi. , :., .4 ai ' , . f- ' 45 , 4- : 4, ,. 'NA' zu. '- . Sl 'S' 1 rg: 1. cf jg? f 1 . Q '-EQ I W .441 V , -1- . 'mm 5'Yc"f'5 , f as 5 it i a, JW' .1 3 5.22, K izix , y 'mf Af k 5 fry-gf 1 L -Args., Q 2 .Q wg b gs , J s 1. x Z Juf. wfvp ' v is ,UV , .Ri ' WE tex hal.. P Af n v x if ,jf ' M . -my ' Y' L 5, -:M VE. - .. if - . U, - Y nw , 1 y',A , ,, 120-ffr A 33 ,:?-- F-4' , 5 'J 'f ." I I A f .. U 672: V' ' - W in av . N 1 w-.2 ' f ,iw "9 , "ij ' Y.-ES-W ' V500 H ,. 'fflgfiz F31 . L GI' 2 ' . -E , 4 , .'-- Q k. . . 64, , - ' A , . . 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N rf M, . ,,, 1ff w ..,... hi , V V The l958 EVAMO Nevada junior-Senior Hzgla School N e12aa'a, M issouri Volume Twenty-one Tdlbk Contents Carolyn Leedy Mike Pickett Editors Bill I ones Business Manager Mrs. Gene Rimmer Sponsor The School .... . 5 School Life . . . . . 37 Classes .... . . 65 Seniors . . . . . 66 juniors .... . . 72 Sophomores . . . . 76 Freshmen . . . . . 80 Eighth Grade. . . . . 84 Seventh Grade . . . . 86 Advertisers . . . . . 89 Index .... . . . . 100 -1- 5 S .Si i www-1w w.f' in - . W A M , , .W ,VM FV, A, K .,A , , , , A -W 'Q kW" w - M S' A - mf, 4 f Wm.. ,.Q3g,'f- J W. Q Q, 'fat mf, A q ,. M , , ,,,, ,, K W, - W W ...I 7' f G' Wm I . I qw- ,,,x....,,.f ' www-w-' W ,,.,...w H 'WM ' . 5' iz - hw W wx X f,.3,j-1-:wxvi . J my ,gl wr at O ' .i3B3r'Y? af 9,1 ,Ml f wr' ., ,ffjgrksaq V.., T ,...A.w' K .f ""'Q'-- M. xr 5' , Q . -1- ., Us L'.. V . vm. LL" -'Y - gr,.vm:,Eiapx!Q4::x 'ZX V gym 'XM PAL A ff J iii if -1 ,Q , - .1 4 ?S,v,f-asia, if .E - ,wg . A f g . 'Qgffjg' 17 - J, : 'L 'gf W V' ' "H ' 4 ' A f ,L , ,,.: in , Q ,K Q- A. 3 ai it S. , - HZ.,-f . -,X . ,lu N. , ,, W 9 A v A H 4- 'P l , 5 , L "' z - -""- - N ' - -.f,,, "f":'t' S: 'M -I W ' ' ' f 7 f -1 'K if ' mg if , A ' .. iw, ,W jg .,.. .W-,. : . K 1 f ,... M Iwi? ' K , Elm: gi :"f,. -' 1, , , we W -sf ...V ,, -V ,1 JE " . -1. " - . , 4 Q W . GARLAND KEITHLY Principal MRS. NELLE INWOOD Reszistrar Having begun working for her Alma Mater in 1912, Mrs Halle Inwood has been employed by the Board of Education forty-one years, the last thirty-two of which she has served as registrar and secretary to the prin- M esm ges From The Administrators . . . GREETINGS FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL: This has been an eventful year for many peo- ple, particularly for all of us as students and staff members of Nevada High School. We have gathered from the ruins of the now de- funct old hlgh school a new hope and enthusi- asm for a better educational plant and pro- gram in the immediate future. We have at- tended classes under adverse circumstances, but we have kept the goal of training our minds uppermost in our thoughts. We have partici- pated ln extra-class activities in surroundings limited by good physical facilities, but we have made the most of the situation and enjoy- ed ourselves. We have witnessed the new higl school rise from the ground as a monument to all who attended classes in the old building and as a prophetic signal of what we may ex- pect in the future . In the year in which Sputniks have been hurled into space, we in Nevada High School have thrust our efforts outward in our endeavor to build a sound educational program for our community. My best wishes to each of you as you have had a share in this exciting adventure. 1 Sincerely urs, 7 cipal Her friendly smile and cheery, "Henan, May 1 w....,,,,,,s help you?" will be missed by all when she retires at the end of this school year. Mrs. Inwood's various activities and her many friends will make her years of retirement very happy years . -6- if TON. H. S. STUDENTS: When NJ-LS. students reach age 50, 60, or 70, they enioy recalling memories of their high school days . Believe me, you students of 1957-58 will be no different in this respect! Ten years following graduation you will proba- bly hold your first class reunion. You may still be holding these delightful events after 2000 A,D. At these relmions your memories will very likely be centered about the old NJ-LS. building, the night of the fire, the two years in garages, store buildings and churches You will also recall the construction of the new NJ-LS. building and most of you will recall the thrill of moving into the new school building. I hope that you will also remember the hmm- dreds of hours spent by the school board dur- ing the emergency. The school hoard mem- bers worked enthusiastically that you might finish high school. You may have the oppor- tlmiry to serve on a school board. I hope you will serve as unselfishly as the Nevada school board. C. 1-1. JONES, JR. Superintendent I hope you will remember the thousands of citizens--rich and poor--who turned out in the election to approve bonds for the new N. H.S. 'I'hese people were willing to tax themselves at the highest rate in N.H.S. history. They dld this for you. When you are older and are voting on school tax issues, remember what another generation of oldsters did for you :ln 1957. When things are back to normal, don't forget the difficulties you were under during the emergency. 'I'he traditions of N. H.S. did not die but were kept glowing-ready to be transplanted in the new N.H.S. Now, a new age is beginning for N.H.S. students. A new school, a new expanded site, an expanded faculty and a bigger and better program are all just around the corner. It is my hope for you that your school memories will be recalled with pleasure and that you will profit by what you did at N.H.S. Sincerely yours, MRS. RUTH WELTMER Secretary to Superintendent and Board of Education d t 0 MISS KLEETIS wmTH George M. Logan Dr. W, S. Love Dr. R. W. Pearse Vice-President O. M. Flory, President, turns the first spade of dirt m,,ts,,, . .1 2 A Vg fave. 3' . ,fe L,,.. ,, .,.1e,Q,.: .3 t d d s Yagi , sv r. , sr, , . 5 A w. 52,91 - A ' 4 5423215 'lg Q .: it MI- A ., L.V I . . .V Q, Pggr,,E,,5i, J gl nf." t ' .. - 'seizure - . ,f .,-, . ,...: g , 14 iw in if ef " f Q Lynn M. Ewing O. M. Flory President H. L. Fowler secretary 'wr' 'awww' Boara' of Education Plans For Future Few Boards of Education have known the responsibility placed on the Nevada Board a year ago last November when the high school was destroyed by fire . Ever since that night these men have often left their businesses and profes- sions without remuneration to meet together and hew away at the granite problems. Contracts were let to Marshall and Brown, Architects and Engineers: to George E. Bau- mann Construction Company, Bales Electric Construction Company, and the Midwest Plumbing and Heating Company. On August 27, 1957 work was begtm on the more than one million dollar structure. Classroom wings are scheduled for opening on August 29 and November 28. Completion of the wing planned for use by both the Junior and Senior High School, which includes a gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and library, will soon follow. A moment of silent prayer. . . f, .. ' i':.:?'5:1'E4 2.-'A' VP W-UV1' L, -" 5 t 1, A '4'Qs?.l-M4 n ' Lf Egg? ,Q , 'FEIff5" wfv" fy . as ,,,, ' M -., . :i'. ,ff'12r5f'f--.4 :af--ss. f ' ,, -"' . . SQ' if 1 -'Ns x K 5 4, is i l qs, '- if Workers In Congestecl Quarters P,T.A. officers Mrs. Sue Marquardt, Secretary, Mrs. Iris Shaver, Treasurer: Mrs, Harriet Loy, Vice-President, and Mrs. Mary Carter, President discuss plans for the Anti-Van Party. Even though the preparation and serving of food for the tradi- tional party was a complex task, the P.T,A, Eembers gave their loyal support as they always ave. School custodians F. A. Nichols, Homer Miller, chief custodian, Dale McConnell, Mrs. Homer ing the techniques of using a fire extinguisher in case fire should strike again. ln addition to tne normal assignment of transporting students between homes and school, the bus drivers mdove students on schedule from one building to an- o er. ROW ONE--Merle Fellows, Harry Lewis, Bill Smith, Stanley Butner, and Dee Quackenbush. ROW TWO-- Roy McVlcker, Doyle Johns, Guy Headley. .Tack Neas, F. A. Nichols, Carl Cox, and Arthur Null. -9- Miller, Earl Frye, and Marion Hoover are study- Facult I mtructs Students .... HELEN BARKELL Core Curriculum 7 An air of joyous Christmas spirit filled the Nevada Motor Company this year. Here Mrs. Teel inspects the fine work of her students as they add the final touches to their mural. ROBERT BROWN MARIE BUTNER RUSSELL CARTER ADA COLE Industrial Arts Civics Speech Core Curriculum 8 i CAROL CRAWFORD FLOYD CURNUTT BRUCE CURRY OLGA DAHMER English Occupational Ed. Mathematics, Science Core Curriculum 8 -10- fs? W 2 5 . . . . Encourages Their Ideals. DES DEHON Drivers' Education Commerce Y! , B Mrs. McGovney admires her beautifully decorated Christmas tree. It looks as if Santa had plenty of presents for all the good little pupils. MYRLE FRASER ALMA GREGG BOBBIE GREGORY WILLARD GULLEY Art English Biology Music W. R. HAMBLIN, IR. LEAETTA JACKSON GAIL KBITHLY A. L. MAHAFFEY Core Curriculum 8 Science Physical Education Vocational Agriculture Commerce I Faculty MARY MAHAFFEY Home Economics ww- ,.4nW"" EDNA McGOVNEY Core Curriculum '7 GLADYS RADFORD WAYNE REED GENE RIMMER JUANITA RIMMER World History Faculgl This year marks die age of retirement of a man dear to students and faculty. Mr. John E. Van Hoy has served as Adviser to the Crimson gli. Gray and as teacher of foreign language in Nevada High School for the past twelve years. He sities doing graduate work. Having such a thor- ough education, and at some time or other having taugat a gteat variety of high school subjects, Mr. Van Hoy has a wonderful store of knowledge which he keeps refreshed by reading his favorite news- papers and listening to the radio. His many hob- bies and lively interest in people assure him much happiness In the years to come. At left, he is shown discussing the Kansas City Star with Coach Wayne Reed. VERA ROMBACH GERALDINE ROWTON FRANCES SCHILLER ELIZABETH SHAW Mathematics School Nurse English Social Science we-9 BERNICE TEEL NELL TOLLE JOHN VAN HOY VIRGINIA WILHELMSON Core Curriculum '7 Commerce Joumalism Study Hall Foreign Language ,13- has also spent several summers in various univer- WTHK ilf 5 , umm' Hzgla Prqmres .... At the Nevada Motor Company Building the four home room teachers guide the seventh graders through geography, social studies, language, arts and math courses. UPPER LEFTQ Lily Winters points out the con- tinents on the ma in Mrs. Teel's room while Rob- P ert Selsor calls the names of the places from his book. CENTER: ln Mrs. McGovney's room Evelyn Leedy serves as moderator while Douglas Breen, Donnie Belcher, Diane Byram, and Barbara Shaver debate on statehood for Alaska and Hawaii. LOWER LEFT: Listening carefully for mis- takes, the' spelling "Bees", Beverly Simmons, Billy Farnham, and Gary Knoblauch are waiting with Mrs Barkell for Erle Frye's rendition of "rabbit". LOWER RIGHT: "Of course. It's easy once you see it, " thinks Larry Ware and Paula Wright while Helen Walker demonstrates her solution to a tough thought problem in Mr. Curry's math class. For H zglaer Educatzon Studying such basic courses as geography, English, math, and history at the Safeway build- ing, the eighth graders learn under the guidance of the four core curriculum teachers, Mr. Ham- blin, Mrs. Cole, Mrs. Pickens, and Mrs.Dahmer UPPER RIGHT: ,Dale Herren studies the globe in Mrs. Picken's room while Linda Leer awaits her turn. CENTER: In Mr. Hamb1in's room Johnny Rob- inson, Betsy McDermott, Janice Beisly, Sue Ann Harpold, and Cheryl Ralston hold a round table discussion using the rules they have just learned in their English class. LOWER LEFT: Putting into practice the math principles Mrs. Dahmer has taught them, Tommy Woolverton and Ann Swearingen measure the floor so that the class can determine the area of their room. LOWER RIGHT: All is quiet in Mrs. Co1e's room. The history assignment seems to be really absorbing as everyone looks for the answers to the study questions. fl A ,fx .. ,mg e it 'QRTHYX ni YM! ' ,I-"aff ff ' 5 X Q X-Y-f-ff'--' The Sciences and Mathematics . . ln this day of motion, medicine, and muttnik, the need for scientific knowledge is more compelling thanever. N .H.S. stu- dents have flocked to the science classes taught by Miss Jackson, Mrs. Gregory, and Mr. jones, who have a combined enrollment of 248 students. UPPER LEFT: Freshmen in Miss Jack- son's general science class pursue the weath er and other subjects of interest in their newspapers. UPPER RIGHT: A lot of intriguing work is displayed in a typical grasshopper collec tion that we borrowed from the biology closet in Mrs. Gregory's room. BOTTOM: Actually we think Mr. Jones trusts Jerry Janes, Virginia Pearse, and Linda Loy more than his handy first aid kit implies! They are learning a lot of chemis- try and don't seem very much disturbed by the occupational hazards . Not to be outdone by science, the math classes taught by Mrs. Rombach and Mr. Miles drew more than 300 mathematicians through their doors this year. Of this total, 200 studied algebra I or math while more than 100 pursued the higher courses of physics, trigonometry, geometry, and advanced algebra. CHALK TALK--Mrs. Rombach turns white lines into understandable geometric symbols. . Pave The Way For Inquiring Minds. ABOVE LEFT: LOT OF WORK FOR NOTHING--Ron- nie Morris, Russell Ogle, and Twink Mathis look shocked as Mr. Miles proves that the equation equals zero. ABOVE RIGHT: SKULL LA- BOR--Students' brains grind as unknown factors become reality. LOWER RIGHT: TUBE "B" OR NOT TUBE "B"--Mr. Miles cautiously explores the innards of a television set as David Perrin and Don Sieberns ob- serve. Social Science Emphasizes . . . Al-if-1 FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGOI--Venita Attebery repeats L1nco1n's immortal words as she reads the Gettysburg Address to her American History class. History is a mirror of the future. ln the histories of our state, nation, and world, we can track down the incidents that have brought about the situations of our time. In American problems, civics, sociology, economics, and geography, we learn about ourselves and other peoples and discover how we can apply that know- ledge to today's problems. The teachers in this department are Mrs . Butner, Miss Radford, Mrs. Pohl, and Miss Shaw. CIVICS TEACHES CITIZENSHIP--Under the able teaching of Mrs. Butner, the freshmen learn the values of citizenship at school and in the community. .-181 . . . Presenlg Past, and Future Events. ' 4 A -s fr ig, I 'il A 4 J A ASK MBI--In economics Larry Biles raises many questions on his report of budgets. TODAY'S NEWS: TOMORROW'S HISTORY' Observer" by the world history classes. -Ancient history gives way to news of today as read in the 'American Sryhikw -19-. The Languages English, that indispensable language used and often abused by most of us, is ex- plained and made more appreciable by Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Rimmer, and Miss Gregg. UPPER LEFT: Freshmen Marlene Steve and Garv Dean make their TAB selections in Mrs. Crawford's room. UPPER RIGHT: Tommy Maxwell holds the script for Lucille Walker while she re- We Speak . . cords her voice on tape in Mrs. Rlmmer's Sophomore class . LOWER LEFT: Pam Meffert and Bill Jones compare the research themes they wrote for English IV. Those note cards the teacher required surely had a workout! LOWER RIGHT: Miss Gregg explains the proper way to write book report cards to English III students, Bob Irvin and Phyllis McAllister. 'L' , ',fii1f1zfmW-E we a N ' QUIERE DECIR--Mr. Van Hoy clears up the meaning of an idiom for Gary Marquardt, Ludmila Weir, and Janie Teel, who, in their second year of Spanish, are be- Wm 3 ginning to feel quite like real espanoles. DATIVE OR ABLATIVE?--Sometimes it takes some usage of the index to find out, but it is always a lot of fun to guess for ask Mr. Van Hoyj as John Ebbs and Kathryn Mid- dleton are doing in Latin I. . . . and The Tongues of Utlaers. CAESAR'S TBASERS--Reading Caesar's exploits in his own writing, Latin 11 students soon learn "I-Iumanun est errare" which means 'To err is human! " 'fi' 6, NNMQE-. i .1 ' i"" A' A Speech cmd journalism . AT RIGHT: Left to Right: Kendall Baumann, Ronnie Morris, Bob Current, Mr. Carter, Debate Coachg Salle Duncan, Kent Adams, Kem Keithly, and David Drake, members of the Nevada High School Debate Team, are assembled to organize their debating material for another rough debate tournament. Debate is one of the newer courses of- fered to students. Learning to think quick- ly and more accurately is the chief gain derived from debate. However, much fun and travel are also enjoyed by debaters. Throughout the school year, trips are taken to different schools over Missouri where the students enter into competitive debating. Speech is a treasure through which man can express his sorrows, joys, and ideas. Nevada High School encourages students to convey their impressions and feelings through speech classes. AT LEFT: Holding the interest of her audience, Karen Norris delivers an inform- atlve speech to Linda Wolfe, Ronnie Fisk, John Thompson, and David Bishop. Emphatlcally expressing his contention: in a trial debate on the questions 'Resolved th Uni d S F 1 Aid should be at te tates ore gn substantially increased' is Ronnie Morris. Listening carefully, and patiently waiting for a chance to tear down his arguments Kendall Baumann and David Drake. Pre- paring to present further proof in agree- ment with his colleague is Kent Adams. and build up their own, are his opponents, 3 . Cultivate Students Opinions. WHERE, OH WHERE IS THAT STORY? --Mr. Van Hoy, sponsor, comes to the rescue of Celia Ramsey, Jim Tur- ner, Associate Editor Janie Teel, and Editor Skip Schiller who got lost in the Crimson QQ Gray files. is CENTER: WHAT'S THAT FOR? Gary Marquardt, Peyton Swearingen, and Gary Hall question Norman jones in regard to how that box can help his journalism. LOWER LEFT: DIG THAT HEADLINE! Leroy Taylor, David Drake, and Ken Real are amused as they read one of the many exchange papers. LOWER RIGHT: WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT GOSSIP? Marvin Harrunontree, Winston Ogle, and Sam Fine watch Janet Wegerer as she "peeks out" the final story to meet that deadline . "Act Well Your Part" Getting all the necessary tacts trom Bob Current is Jim Stong as Venita Attebery, Kathy Woodfill, Mike Pickett, Randy Guinn, Sherry White, and Norman Jones listen and draw their conclusions of "guilty" or "not guiltv. " The answer to this question is vital in "The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners." sac-wg ,y The adult faction of the play prepare to sit down and watch the entertainment their child- ren have prepared for them. ROW ONE--Janet Moler, Vin- cent Porter, Jo Williams, Janice Hargrove, and Larry Biles. ROW TWO--Tom La- Due, Gayle Olsen, Linda Wolfe, and Bill Jones. ROW THREEN-Jim Turner, Linda Wright, Judy Hendrix, and Jim Diehr. Assuming their stage personality with the aid of makeup are Glenda Keithly. Jim Turner, Venita Attebery. Janie Tee1,and Janet Moler. ,QM llq y 1 Shown ahnve is Jim Diehr, who is the first Nev- ada High School student to have his work dis- played in the contest for Regional Scholastic Art Awards. He is shown receiving a first place Certificate of Merit from his art teacher, Mrs. Merle Fraser. His entry, "Old Salt," was a bust of a Norwegian sailor. Maurice Dahmer, printing. Start For Young Artists ,,, xl t. , f . f e f eg, gassisgwe'sWfs1gf2s,ifZ?fs1.sF ?ivlfgs:g5ffgsifkitse gn 1 ' " "f 3 ?i't 4?ifi1sf"iii fge', S?i' 5, 5 5-f'fiKs s ' 3sf?,Ewg1s?si ' ar Newly formed DeBarr Club officers are Sandra Staffen, Vice Presi dent, Bob Pohl, Parliamentariang and Rama Campbell, Secretary Jim Diehr, President, is not pictured. As one of their projects, the DeBarr Club visited the Nelson Art Gallery in Kansas City Waneta Thompson, Karen Kenney, and Lester Barker diligently work on linoleum blocks for block r - wus, f if .- V. ,, til' 'Ex WQTWVAW ' w ROW ONE: Claudia Williams, alto clarinet, Kay Dahmer, alto clarinet, Nancy Brown, flute, Marlene Steve, flute, Susan Kraft, flute. ROW TWO: Don Sieberns, clarinet, Don Armitage, clarinet, Duane Thurman, bass clarinet, Kay Pettibon, bass clarinet, Beverly Berry, bass clarinet, Diane Mische, alto saxophone, Jo Williams, alto saxophone, Wanda Rodieck, alto saxophone, Jimmy Adams, alto saxophone. ROW THREE: Shirley Hatfield, clarinet, Charlene Fox, clarinet, David Darnold, tenor saxophone, Donna Murray, tenor saxophone, Alan Quick, tenor saxophone, Bever- ly Huckaby, tenor saxophone, Ellen Fisher, bassoon, Janet Keithly, bassoon, Gary Thurman, French horn, Larry Cor- nelius, French horn. ROW FOUR: Ann Bridgeman, clarinet, Judy Shepherd, clarinet, Mary Ann Gose, trombone, Gary Tow, trombone, Harold Neas, trombone, Howard Jones, trombone, Russell Ogle, trombone, Richard Murray, baritone, Don Bobbett, baritone, Gaye Howell, baritone saxophone, Glenda Keithly, baritone saxophone. C7 Reigning over the band dance Queen Alice Keithly, Senior, Marilyn Fairchild, Freshman, and Laree Jones, Junior. 1 U11 Inzrlaxf -1-I are Jeanie McGehee, Sophomore, ROW ONE: Linda Place, flute, Joyce Liter, flute, Linda Rimmer, flute, Jolene Simon, flute, Janice Hargrove, flute, Mary Ann Glacometti, twirler, flute, and piccolo. ROW TWO: Danny Young, alto saxophone, Gerald Dahmer, alto saxophone, Larry Balk, alto saxophone, Carolyn Jones, oboe, Alice Keithly, twirler and oboe, Donna Houchin, twirler and oboe, Laree Jones, twirler and clarinett, Shirley Wade, clarinet, Karen Rasnic, clarinet. ROW THREE: Diane Adams, French horn, Sara Lou Kapple, French horn, Lewin Brantley, comet, Tom Runyan, cornet, Jerry Wade, cor- net, Earl Devore, comet, Carl Mitchum, cornet, Larry Dwyer, clarinet, Donna Jones, clarinet, Katherine Wilhelm- son, clarinet, Susan Thomas, clarinet. ROW FOUR: Gary Dean, corner, Bill Martin, cornet, Johnny Shrewsbury, cor- net, Dale Rassmussen, cornet, Sammy Yurk, cornet, Tommy Bryant, cornet, Gary Balk, comet, Richard Perrin, clar- inet, LaMae Neas, clarinet and twirler, Carol Frazier, clarinet, Wanda Koontz, clarinet, Donna Fisk, clarinet, Brenda Shepherd, clarinet. ROW FIVE: Terry Fox, drum, Buddy Linder, drum, Jean Ann McGehee, drum, Marilyn Fairchild, drum, Jeanette Faulconer, drum, Gene Anstine, bass horn, Larry Wynes bass horn. Work and Fun Fill Senior Ban cfs Year. I lflevada has reason to be proud of our band which has done much to further music appre ciation in our school. Much of this praise should be given to the director, Mr. Gully. Al- though the band did not have a full marching season because of lack of uniforms, the band did take part in the Homecoming celebration at K.S.T.C. in Pittsburg. The uniforms ay- rived in time for a busy concert season which included a concert and participation in Spring Festival. For relaxation, a dance was held on February 13, and the Band queen, Alice Keithly, was crowned from the candidates representing each of the upper four grades, ...2 71 ROW ONE: Jeanie McGehee, accompanist, Linda Hawkins, Sharon Stong, Sandra Hawkins, Shirley Wade, Betty White, ' - M D ott Janice Pursley, Pat Thompson, Dixie Lee Dickason, and Mary Burnos. ROW TWO. Lois Mooney, Eleanor c erm , Terry Adam, Eugene Endicott, Nancy Smith, Louise Schonewetter, Phyllis McAllister, Judy Greer, and Billie Robin- son. ROW THREE: Judy Bastow, Bonnie Jones, Mary Robinson, Sharon Mulkins, Linda Koontz, Tom LaDue, Richard Shafer. Randy Guinn, Nancy Lowry, Elaine Adams, Marjorie Beisley. and Yvonne Phillips. Notewortbies On The M usiml Scale ROW ONE- Don Sieberns violing Richard Myers, violin, Beverly Huckaby, viola, Martha Duncan, cello, and Nancy Brown flute ROW TWO: Larry Cornelius, French 'horng Sara Lou Kapple, French horn, Diane Mische, alto saxophone, Ellen Eisherfbassoong Charlene Fox, clarinet, and Shirley Hatfield, clarinet. ROW THREE: Harold Neas, trombone, Gary Tow, tromboneg Tom Runyan, cornetg Jerry Wade, cornetg Mr. Willard Gulley, Director, Jeanie McGehee, drum Marilyn Fairchild, drumg and Duane Thurman, bass viol. 'im lisa! "lil ss SWEATER CLUB OFFICERS--ROW ONE: Ann Swearin- SWEATER CLUB CHEERLEADERS--ROW ONE: Marlene gen, Treasurer, Sharon Dodson, Historian, Nancy Steve, Sue Ann Harpold, Judy Tough, Suzie McGehee, Vieth, Vice President, and Sarah Scott, Secretary. and Joyce Ames. ROW TWO, Bonnie Smith and Sara ROW TWO: Mrs. Teel, Sponsor, Patty Shrewsbury, Lou Kapple. These girls helped cheer their teams to Reporter, and Janice Beisley, President. Club mem- victory. bers do civic work by selling tags and flowers for organizations. unior High Band ROW ONE: Evelyn Leedy, clarinet, Mary Beth Runyon, clarinet, Amelia Richardson, clarinet, Barbara Shaver, clar- inet, Loretta Campbell, flute, Diane Byram, flute, Rhoda Chubick, flute, Connie Kelso, flute, Roxie Vickers, flute, Bonnie Smith, flute, and Ann Swearingen, flute. ROW TWO: Mary Belle Overton, clarinet, Patricia Spencer, clar- inet, Susan Harper, clarinet, Jimmy Jacobs, clarinet, Carol Gose, clarinet, Tommy Woolverton, cornet, John Smith, corner, Herb Collins, cornet, Gary Comell, cornet, James Perrin, corner, Charles Buenning, comet, Bobby Oyer, saxophone, Bobby Brown, saxophone, and D. A. Crawford, saxophone. ROW THREE: Sharon Rabon, clarinet, Barbara Shepherd. clarinet: Barbara Beisly, clarinet, Sharon Dodson, clarinet, John Shaw, clarinet, Carolyn Murray, clarinet, Johnny Burgess. clarinet, John Ogle, comet, Gary Smith, cornet, Richard Wallace, cornet, Gary Rodieck, corner, Duane Vaughn, corner, Don Adams, cornet, Danny Tucker, cornet, and Terry Adams, cornet. ROW FOUR: Suzie McGehee, drum, Becky Ferry, drum, Virginia Hall, drum, Toby Lawrence, drum, Calvin Gonterman, Sousaphone, Mac Hornecker, Sousaphone, James Murray, baritone, Bob Beaver, baritone, Ray Maxwell, baritone, John LaGuire, trombone, George Hagerman, trombone, and Douglas Breen, French horn. BACK ROW: Willard Gulley, Band Dir- ector. ,lg Q H PLANT CHANT--Donald McIntosh and Truman Bobbett get tickled as they try to think of the name of a seed. In the background can be seen just a few of the many plants the boys learn to identify. H? Soil Into Farms . . . Gharacterized by their purple and gold jackets, the forty-two members of the Nevada Chapter of Future Far- mers of America are gaining valuable agricultural experience while in high school. Sounds of pounding, hammer- ing, and welding come from the shop on the old high school site several days a week as the boys build milk- carts, work with electrical equipment, or repair machinery. The younger students study farm economics, animal husbandry, or related subjects under the direction of their instructor, Mr. Mahaffey. Highlights of the chapter's activities during the year are trips to :he country for the judging teams, the trip to the American Royal, and the initiation of the "greenhands" into the chapter. Heading the local chapter are David Hamersley, Presidentg Dale Chadd, Treasurerg Gerald Snead, Secre- taryg and Jerry Herren, Reporter. Standing are Mr. Mahaffey, Sponsorg Edward Walker, Parliamentariang Don Emery, Vice-Presidentg and Carl Wilcox, Sentinel. . and Houses Into Homes. ABOVE. ALL SEWED UP-- "Got to get it finished by Christ- mas" is Maxine Bullock's motto as she hurriedly sews the final seam A in a blouse. RIGHT: POWDER PUFF Bm- GADE--Betty White, Elaine ,fn and Janet Wegerer apply the tech- niques of beauty care which are shown on a chart in Mrs . Keithly's health room. ABOVE: PRESSING PRO- BLEMS--Argie Shields dreams of the future when she Wi.l.l be ironing out difficulties in her own home . RIGHT: KITCHEN POLICE- Barbara Williams, Sharon Mor- ris, Yvonne Phillips, and Mary Sherrick talk over a successful party as they hurriedly clean up before going to their next class. ,311 Students Slmqben Skills .... In this age of machinery, the draftsman is becoming more and more important. He can accomplish more with a few brains and a pencil than a thousand average men. Al- though today almost everything is made by machine, the age old handicrafts are not forgotten but are taught in most schools. In our industrial arts department boys learn to make beautiful billfolds, bags, and even saddlery from leather, as well as lay the foundations for becoming outstanding drafts- men and engineers. Earl Devore finds his beginning drawing assignment as fas- cinating as football. The project looks like just a lot of lines to some of us, but it opens new horizons for the init- iated. With a steady hand and proper equipment, Jerry Sheil, Eldon Smith, and Clifford Cartwright turn out masterpieces in leathercraft. , " "" ' f1"::ffT"""""""' "i" " , X at N , . - ' -.W Mmiygff K ., K l , ' ' 1.- nxnn if W . - , 7 Wfiffk N,,.,M-ef . . . . For Indigstry and Commerce Randy Guinn has a question while the others work on their general business assignments. The commerce department includes several courses, all essential to the many business men and women in today's world. The skills of typewriting, which are useful to every student, are taught by Mr. Dehon in his personal typing class and by Mrs. Tolle in vocational typing class. Mrs . Tolle also teaches shorthand, secretarial practice, and sponsors the Commerce Club General business and bookkeeping, taught by Mrs. Keithly, are two other business courses open to Nevada students. A person skilled in these courses is qualified for many clerical jobs. Potential typists, stenographers, and clerks add an- Commerce Club officers are Melba Beisly, Vice-Presidentg other day's experience to their apprenticeship. Delores werst, Reporterg Sandra Havens, Secretaryg Waneta Zilliox, Presidentg and Donis Kennedy, Treasurer. Qu '19 QF sad RIGHT: Working at Darno1d's Florist Shop on the C.0.E. program is Jack Bastow. LOWER LEFT: Another C. O.E. student who earns while she learns is Karlene Zener, shown below with her employer, Dr. R. B. Wray, in his office. LOWER RIGHT: Sandra Havens is slfown at lower right as she receives instruction from Mrs. Pohl con- cerning the typing of a test for American History classes. Sandra works every afternoon in the princi- pal's office. ' 'E lillz'-313' Earn To Live. . . C.O.E., Standing for Cooperative Educational Occu- pation, is a plan set up to give students a chance to earn while they learn. This plan also helps to prepare students for their future vocations . LEFT: Sitting: Clara Lee, Reporter: Sharon Belsley, Treasurer: Delores Werst, Secretaryg and Suzy Spillman, Vice-President. Standing: Gary Thurman, Parliamen- tariang Mr. Curnutt, Sponsorg and Ken Real, President. l' 1-'I-1' . . . Learn To Live F. R. Mansell, Marvin Rackley, Janice Johnston, Verna Weber, Richard Shafer, Tommy Maxwell, and Pat O'Too1e take notes as their instructor, Mr. Dehon, reads the questions for the regular Friday test . id QM-mygqnmum Safe driving is encouraged in N.H.S, by members of the Auto Safety Club. Officers are Ludmila Weir, Vice-Pres- ident: Jauean Thompson, Pres- ident, and Kathy Woodfill, Re- porter. Virginia Pearse, Secretary-Treasurer, is not pictured. Linn Wynes, Bob Current, and Maridee Kelso are members of the project committee. The big event of the year for Safety Club members was the trip to at- tend the Auto Show in Kansas City. Mr. Rimmer explains to I. W. Johnson, David Bishop, Mary Hobbs, Ed- Shirley Wade, Gary Tow, and Norman Garwood that "there is no fool like a driving fool. " ith Ramsey, Kay Pettibon, MMF' ,uf wk. 3: MV QU . , V ,ff Ik, , 5 7 I asvgypgv ,W M M Vv',Mx: M ,xx 9 W W, as, HEI all WW, A ? iii M, ,, W 1 ww ., 'W ,:,,,.1,.,3,,R ,:,,.,w- ww 0 - ',LZ V . in Q A X W I ,.,,,.gQi2?"Wfff .fA' 'L I W ... , Q ' gy A aww . k f . M , ri, , ' K ,gil ' Q V l H?" ali' ' , , s V, A. ,kr - 93" 1 5 W , ,wx , 2 i U , X451 s s 1 S l ! K S is 1 v uhool Life A blaring jukebox, the Youth Club, dance band, student elections, thunder- ous applause, awards, the accomplish- ment of a task well done, meetings, conventions, festivals, a cue from bac! stage, "go-go-go" vibrating across the football field and echoing back again . . these moments of tension, joy, and dis- appointment are all part of our school life which we hold so dear. School life ls not all extra-curricular, for the dail routine things mean a lot to us, too. The mad dash in the morning to school before bell time, the catching of busses between classes, the rush to the drive- in, cafeteria, or home for a hurried lunch, and finally the trip homeward after school with the gang . . . these are the memorable moments that make our school life continually . . . .linda .faq Sagq Spdllnww A 77Zewq14vw giacamedfi 1' Newzmo Royalty Ken fecal 7m Pcwyan S646 Saddle: N emma Queen Kamen Wanda Senior Nevamo King Quan Wea!! Senior gd Mg 3? vi U Homecoming Wen Zleen :IM Y ? L ' aim. A w, ,edlmcw - ,.g,Z,f7 ' ,,, . , ,W Q, ff? I 5 Homecoming Festivities The escorts pose with the lovely queen, Lud- mila Weir, and her attendants just before that memorable Homecoming Game. Stepping to the latest hit records, students and alumni live it up at the Homecoming Dance held at the Bryan School Auditorium. f:57:fEi v :a.. 5 ,r g f 4 S Q re? K ,.., V 3 I p p . ysnr,pVV ' f ' :rt , if ' 12 i A l 5 v if is iii A S f- , Y EA-4, '-' 'Y' 3 e as fs S n Q f f 'ff Merr, ' g f ' in -tense? '- 11- QL -4 1- John Mann, Janie Teel, Gary Hall, Queen Ludmila Weir, Winston Ogre, and Suzy Spillman reign over the Home- coming festivities. The splendid crim- son and white throne was dreamed up by the Tigerettes. i ,Q D. ff. Emwfwwl cmd Zaman paqae junior Hzlgb Anti- Van Royalgf fcmde 7eeZ and Wdadaa 0756 Senior H zgh What does the future hold? The question is pondered by Swami as he tells Elizabeth Winters what is in store for her. jr.-Hi Anti- Van Part With a smile for their loyal subjects, the royal party, Kenneth Starr, D. A. Crawford, Donna Payne, and Nan cy Vieth reign over the talent show and dance at the Youth Club, Q QQ 222 s.,.. "Which looks the best?" is the question as all of them seem to be having trouble making their choices as they progress down the line. 143.- Future "pop" singers, Bonnie Smith, and Joyce Ames, belt out a song for the pleasure of the audience during the talent show. IQ V M4 1 V Q M I C..,I,, K 4?:i': Sr. Hi Anti Van Pargf ABOVE: Emerging from a woodland forest with the help of elves, Sylvia Kelso and Marcia Rimmer, are royalty--LaMae Neas, Linda Rim- mer, Linda Wright, Queen Janie Teel, King Win- ston Ogle, Larry Wynes, Bill Petty, and Russell Ogle . CENTER: Stopping on their busy personal appearance tour, the famous Calypso Kids, Gary Thurman, john Thompson, Don Sieberns, and Loren Fox, thrilled our audience with their ren- dition. of "Marianne. " BELOW: Whirling the magic moments away in a most pleasant atmosphere are the many dancers who were taking advantage of the music with their favorite girl or boy-friend. 'x A.. A , F! A 125 .V ll - , , ls 3' T s s sk. , Ti? w A ritual y , X , ., 3 ' y 4,lf' 2 Q A . Y f g E 2, .A ' f T A ef will! I' 1? P .5 n--v After the junior-Senior Banquet and the pro- gram held at Bryan School, the students danced in the Koral Kingdom. Once inside, everyone forgot that the dance was being held in the Armory. The treasure ship, strange tropical fish, and the undersea atmosphere blended in perfectly with the dreamy music of the talented band and their vocalist. Dancing couples ABOVE are: Wanda Emerson and David Drake, Ione Jenner and Joe Bailey, Celia Ramsey and Don Sie- berns . Barbara Bethel and Peyton Swearingen have their points of view about the finery. AT THE LEFT Winston Ogle and Linda Loy enjoy the sea around them. BELOW are Karen Norris, Bonnie Woolverton, Nancy Lowry, Anna Lee Klotz, and Gary Leonard. STANDING at the entrance to the undersea world are Delores Werst, Sandra Havens, and Suzy Spillman, with their escorts, Skip Schiller, Gene Thomas, and Lewin Brantley. v Q .?, Getting in.format1on IS just one of the many tasks that face the Nevamo Staff Drawmg layouts, WI1t1Ilg copy, identifying p1ctures, people, and places are some of the chores to be done before one page IS sent to the printers AT RIGHT CHECK CHECK AND RECHECKI Betty Mesplay, Caryl Schwenck, and Pam Meifert are getting information for the new mdex EDITORS COMPROMISE ON THE COV ER--Carolyn Leedy and Mike Pickett point out the good characterisncs of the Nevamo cover to Mrs Rimmer the xponsor. JUNIOR LIONS AND ROTARIANS--ROW ONE: Mike Plc- kett, Ken Real, Jim Turner, Joe Barone, Earl Devore, and Bob Pohl. ROW TWO: Bill Petty, Gary Hall, Gary Marquardt, Gary Thurman, Skip Schiller, Tom Run- yan, Winston Ogle, Davld Hamersley, and Jim Stong. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATES-'Chosen for the privilege of attending Boys' and Girls' States during the summer of 1957 are Mike Pickett, Carolyn Leedy, Bill Jones, Linda Loy, Sam Fine, and Gary Thurman. These students were selected by the fac- ulty and sponsored by various civic organizations. Carolyn Leedy was also the recipient of the D,A,R, Pilgrimage Award and won fourth place ln the state of Missouri. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY--ROW ONE: Vlolet Allen, Janie Teel, Sandra Stalfen, Pam Meffert, Jo Williams, Sharon Belsley, Rachel Kunc, Celia Ramsey, Betty Mesplay, and Jo Anne Couch. ROW TWO: Bob Pohl, B111 Jones, Molly Murphy, Diane Mische, Virginia Pearse, Rama Campbell, Janean Thompson. Jan Keithly, Laree Jones, Lu- dmlla Weir, Karen Rasnlc, Jeanie McGehce, Carolyn Leedy, Linda Rlrnrner, and Linda Loy, ROW THREE: Don Sieberns. Ilolhn Thompson, Leroy Taylor, Gary Thurman, Gary Vaughn, Skip Schiller, Duane Thurman, Bob Irvin, Allce Kei! Y. Jerry Janes, and Sam Fine. AP 7 il. aqf..V,, Student Council Functions Fluwlesshf. PICTURE ONE--Johnny Ebbs, Janie Teel, Kathryn Middleton, Winston Ogle, Lewin Brantley, Skip Schiller, and Miss Radford, Sponsor, plan exciting dances and parties to keep the SOCIAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE on their toes throughout the year. PICTURE TWO--Ken Real, Ludmila Weir, janean Thompson, Linda Bell, Bill Jones, Larry Garret, Bob Irvin, and Mike Pickett of the PROJECT COMMITTEE are to be given credit for working out the details of the many successful projects performed by the cotuicil. PICTURE THREE--Carolyn Leedy, Harry Weber, Suzy Zion, Betty Mesplay, joe Adams, Duane Thurman, Bill Petty, and Vincent Porter of the ROUTINE COMMITTEE charter clubs and conduct elections. PICTURE FOUR--Joe Barone, Gerald Dahmer, Earl Devore, Larry Wynes, Rama Campbell, Linn Wynes, Linda Loy, Jo Anne Couch, and Linda Hawkins inform the stu- dent body of activities and secure posters, tags, and pledge cards to perform the work of the PUBLICITY COMMITTEE. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Winston Ogle, Vice- Presidentg Tom Runyan, Presidentg Linda Loy, Secretaryg and Skip Schiller, Treasurerg relax after one of the many successful council meetings. High praise should be directed toward this group and the entire council, who, working closely with their competent and friendly advisor, Miss Radford, have made our council one that receives national recognition and much credit from the student body and the community. ..48.. STUDENT COUNCILDELEGATES . During the summer Winston Ogle iff? of attended Leadership Camp in 5 Colorado, Linda Loy and Skip iz Schiller the workshop in Colum- 53 bia, and Tom Runyan the Na- tional Convention in New Mex- ico. In March Bob Irvin, Janie Teel and John Ebbs attended the 1-aj state convention held at Kirk- wood near St. Louis. The stu- dent body realized how fortunate we are to be able to give these students such worth while ex- periences. ff? UF, . . . Sends Ambassadors To Cifjl Conventions. CHIEF AMBASSADORS--The students elected Bob Irvin, Joe Barone, Ken Real, Carolyn Leedy, and Duane Thurman to serve on the city council, which then chose Duane Thur- man for Mayor-For-A-Dav. xi . CITY OFFICIALS AND THEIR YOU'I'HFUL COUNTERPARTS--Seated are Pam Meffert and Mrs. Berniece Fraley, City Clerk. ROW ONE: Vincent Porter, Molly Murphy. Janie Teel, Betty Mesplay, Sharon Beisley, Kathy Wood- fill, Linda Loy, Lindon Wynes, Earl Devore, and John Ebbs. ROW TWO: Mr. W. Don Ken- nedy, Carolyn Leedy, Bob Irvin, Mr. Everett X C y Armitage, Gary Thurman, Mr. Amos Wight, -A Duane Thunnan, Mr. Frank Wysong, Mr. Tom 4 ig Herring. Joe Adams, Mr. Joe C. Kraft, Joe Barone, Ken Real, and Mr. Ingles Ferry. Not present were Karen Norris and Nancy Lowry. I. W--....,,4MA Lyrvk r.,, ,WW WM . ..... --v-1...,,,,,,wmb why -fa-.,...., . .W --M.1,ff,,..Q.ii', ,,,,,l:Q r'--+-new--....,.,,-.M M' umm' Cozmczl Strives For Improvement. At the left are the officers of the Junior High Council: ROW ONE. Sue Neas, Reporterg David Swearingen, Presidentg Bruce Curry, Sponsor. ROW TWO: Pat Thompson, Vice-Presidentg Marlene Steve, Treasurerg and Marilyn Fairchild, Secretary. The main project this year of the Junior High Council was that of planning the activities for the Anti-Van Party. Members of the Junior High Council who are seated are: Susan Harper, Becky Ferry, Nancy nrown, La Mae Neas, Pat Shrewsbury and Kay Witte ROW ONE Linda Charles, Nancy Vieth, Herbert Collins, Randy Fine, Ricky Owen, D. Brack Davis Jerry Nunn, Terry Jadlot, and Linda Leer. ROW TWO: Danny Young, Dick Loy, Harold Neas, Kenny Starr Jack Weber and Kem Kelthly NOT PICTURED: Ronnie Jones, and Larry Murray. "Wheel Spinners" of The Youth Cluh RL 'NSN MN, ,V ,. , .nv ,h., XL FRONT: Maridee Kelso, secretary, Patsy Harmon, Judy Belcher, Jerry Nunn, and Susan Armitage. BACK: Jane Ebbs, Virginia Pearse, Mayor Pro Temp Caryl Schwenck, treasurerg Janet Wegerer, Sharon Beisley, Mayor, Johnny Bussinger, Jean Ebbs, Kathy Woodfill, Sharon Ramsey, David Swearingen, Carol Anderson, David Duncan, Becky Ferry, and Mrs. Jack Woodfill. Not shown are: Bob Bloom, Linda Good, Gary Balk, Jean McGehee, Laree Jones, Janice Beisley, Margaret Bohrn, and Donna Guinn, reporter. With much assist- ance from several Civic Clubs, the Youth Club initiated an energetic program of activities . They are shown at left as they take a break after planning a round of parties . ABOVE: Accomplished "can- cannists, " Mary Ann Giacometti, Io Williams, Delores Werst, Suzy Spillman, Linda Loy, Donna Houchin, Jim Turner, Barbara Bethel, and Sherry White kick up their heels as they show the un- derclassmen how to do it. LEFT: Rapt audience at the Uncle Van. Being instructed in tne Development of the Dramatic Arts by Pam Meffert, President, are: ROW ONE: Sherry White Maridee Kelso. Tanet Keithly, Ludmila Weir, Janie Teel, Mary Ann Giacometti, Vice-Presidentg Linda Loy, Sec- retaryg Betty Mesplay. Treasurerg and Mike Pickett, Scribe. ROW TWO: Patsy Hannon, Janice Hargrove, Kendall Baumann, Bob Irvin, and Mr. Carter, Sponsor. ". . . There All The Honor Lies." Thespian Troupe 1349 of the National Thespian Society was founded in Nevada in 1954 with the aim to further the advancement of the Dramatic Arts in secondary schools. Membership is gained into the society by stage and speech work. Climaxing this year's activities will be a banquet fashioned after the Academy Awards night in Hollywood. New members recently initiated include: ROW ONE: Judy Hendrix, Janet Molar, Linda Wolfe, Salle Kay Duncan, Glenda Keithly, and Jo Williams. ROW TWO: Randy Guinn, Bill Jones, Jim Stong, Kathy Woodfill, Venita Atteberry, and Linda Wright. ROW THREE: Larry Biles, Ronnie Fisk, Vincent Porter, Tom LaDue, and Bob Current. Members to be initiated after the Senior class play are Sam Fine, Carolyn Leedy, and Karlene Zener. fl k K 'K Wit fe K X , , W '1fie1i?a21a32fs?EasHQi2sl E JUNIOR CLASS PLAYM-Janice Hargrove, Ludmila Weir, Janet In a scene from the Junior Class Play, 'Time Out Keithly, Maridee Kelso, Joe Barone and Patsy Harmon admire for Ginger, " Vincent Porter tries to calm Kendall Maridee 's dress for her debut as Victoria Regina. Baumann and Bob Moss while Joe Barone gives them a stern look of disapproval. emzy and Ginger Light Up The Stage. ln this scene from "Jenny Kissed Me, " Karlene Ze- ner, Martha Duncan, Jim Stong, and Carolyn Leedy are trying to get Linda Loy and Gary Thurman to see the humorous side of the subject. -53.- Seniors Sherry White, Janie Teel, Mary Ann Gia- comettl, and Jo Frances Williams try to whisk away Sam Fine while Bill Jones, his father, protests their action. 1l2'1lLl 'K . .ing-Q- CO- CA PTAIN S: Gary Hall Fullba ck- - Senior Peyton Swearingen Halfback--Senior ac' i 1,1-I l' mg Football Leliermen Rex Behm Tackle- -Sophomore Larry Biles Tackle--Senior Lewin Brantley End- -Senior Ed Carter Tackle- -Junior Earl Devore End- -Sophomore John Dunca n End- - Sophomore Johnny Ebbs Ouarterback- -Sophomore Evan Emery Tackle- Sophomore Billy Hall Fullba ck--Sophomore Marvin Hammontree Guard--Senior Norman Jones Halfback- -Senior John Mann End- -Senior Twink Mathis Tackle- - Sophomore Denny McLaughlin Halfback- -Junior Winston Ogle Quarterback- -Senior Bin Petty Guard- -Sophomore Torn Runyan Halfback- -Senior Skip Schiller End-- Senior Jim Stong Guard--Senior Duane Thurman Center- -Junior Basketbvzll Letterm en CO-CAPTAINS Gary Hall Senior Winston Ogle Senior Ed Carter Junior Earl Devore Sophomore Johnny Duncan Sophomore Johnny Ebbs Sophomore 'Qui W . Jim Nelson Sophomore Tom Runyan Senior Skip Schiller Senior Jim Turner senior Johnny Vieth Sophomore "A" SQUAD--ROW ONE: Ronnie Mesplay, Dwight McCormack, Truman Bobbett, Don Brown, Greg Ogle, Gary Dean, Jack Weber, Ronnie Morris, Doug Dunham, Dick Loy, Kem Keithly, and Danny Young. ROW TWO: Assistant Coach Wayne Reed, Bill Hall, Larry Dwyer, Tom Sweeney, G. W. Steincross, John Vieth, Stanley Urner, David Swearin- gen, Floyd Titus, Russell Ogle, Twink Mathis, Gerald Dahmer, and Alan Quick, Student Manager. ROW THREE: Tommy McAllister, Howard Jones, Student Manager, Denny McLaughlin, Ed Carter, Howard McCormack, Evan Em- ery. John Duncan, Larry Foursha, Earl Devore, John Ebbs, Bill Petty, Rex Behm, James Gibson, and Coach GeneRim- mer. ROW FOUR: Darroll McCormack, Lewin Brantley, Duane Thurman, John Preston, John Mann, Marvin Ham- montree, Norman Jones, Winston Ogle, Tom Runyan, Skip Schiller, Jim Stong, Gary Hall, Peyton Swearingen, and Larry Biles. Nevada Football Tzlgers Tie For Third. The Nevada Tigers chances for the Big 9 Championship were badly damaged when they lost their first conference game to Aurora, the 1956 Champions, 18-13. But in the second game of the season, the eager Nevada Tigers Sr' ' sa: . Hwiwi? QWYEXWE- ' S7 lfiifskfriilafw-?iY'1 Lids? sw :ATU ,I ff if '.s ' eked out a 21-20 victory from the Mt. Ver- non Mountaineers. Gaining steam, the Ti- gers then smothered Monett with an over- whelming 59-12 win. A powerful Tiger line held Cassville as Nevada exhibited true win- ning form by posting a 27-7 victory. The annual battle between Lamar and Nevada for the Silver Tiger ended as Nevada romped over Lamar 41-20. Riding high with a four game winning streak, the Tigers met mighty Neosho, only to be set back by the Wildcats to the tune of 20-26. Sporting a strong of- fense again proved victorious for Nevada as they humbled Webb City 20-0 . Then in the final game of the season, Nevada could not stop a determined Carthage whose Tigers, imposing a 31-13 defeat, share with the Nevada Tigers the third place in the Big 9 Conference. 56- f V 'bW"lii2'r-'W' CONFERENCE SCORES Nevada Aurora Nevada Mt. Vernon Nevada Monett Nevada Cassville Nevada Lamar Nevada Neosho Nevada Webb City Nevada Carthage CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L Aurora 0 Neosho O Carthage 3 Nevada 3 Lamar 4 Webb City 5 Cassville 6 Mt. Vernon 6 Monett 8 "B" SQUAD- -ROW ONE: Ronnie Mesplay Dwight McCormack Truman Bobbett Don Brown Greg Ogle Gary Dean Jack Weher,,,Ronnie .M.orris,,Doug Dunham Dick Loy Kem Kelthly and Danny Young. ROW TWO Tommy McAl lister, Bill Hall, Larry Dwyer, Tom Sweeney G W Steincross John Vieth Stanley Urner David Swearingen Floyd Titus, Russell Ogle, Twink Mathis, Gerald Dahmer and Stan Jones Qsrxth graderj ROW THREE Barry Reed Csixth graderj. Denny McLaughlin, John Preston Howard McCormack Evan Emery John Duncan Larry Foursha Earl Devore, Jonn Ebbs, Bill Petty, Rex Behm, and James Gibson 'rw A - A Mama, Tzgers' Claws Clzlbped. CONFERENCE STANDING CONFERENCE SCORES W L Carthage 8 0 Nevada 49 Mt. Vernon Aurora 7 l Nevada 41 Aurora Cassville 6 2 Nevada 52 Monett Neosho 5 3 Nevada 48 Cassville Lamar 4 4 Nevada 50 Lamar Mt. Vernon 3 5 Nevada 62 Neosho Monett 2 6 Nevada 51 Webb City Webb City 1 7 Nevada 41 Carthage Nevada 0 8 Since 1953 the "A" basketball team has been coached by Wayne Reed. At midseason Mr. Reed found it necessary to resign from coaching because of ill health. He has been a basketball coach for the past twelve years, and he had a fine record with two other schools, Purdy and Cassville, before coming to Nevada. Although Mr. Reed's loss as a coach definitely will be felt by the school, he will continue as a teacher in the system. 58 79 62 58 66 93 58 94 ROW ONE: Jim Gibson, Student Manager, Johnny Ebbs, Tom Runyan, Earl Devore, Jim Turner, and Gary Hall. ROW TWO: Bd Carter, Jim Nelson. John Duncan, Skip Schiller, and Winston Ogle. 04 alla, QQVI04 'Qjjo gy 4 42 32 Cubs Cope With Competition. +V' 2 A ,avii ,xngmij tti 42 5 i340 4 QQM0, 12 Hg' "B" TEAM--ROW ONE: Jerry Donaldson, Kem Keithly, Gary Dean, and Danny Young. ROW TWO: Howard Jones, student manager, David Swearingen, John Vieth, John Preston, Bill Hall, Gerald Dahmer, and Coach Gene Rimmer 'alla Q A Q 3 x l I Q, L . , wr . ,lr ,, jg iw Q ,- V , I i k g , x, 5 QFU94 vu , 040, O ' f s sit, lgtif' 1 iss 0 ' 0 .s"""'4? ' f s O etitlii Q is I .. no , - K Y' NIN TH GRADE- -ROW ONE: Ronnie Mesplay, Dick Loy, Ronnie Morris, Gary Dean, Danny Young, and Greg Ogle. ROW TWO: Richard Donaldson, Russell Ogle, Jack Weber, David Swear- ingen, Kem Keithly, and Bill Hasler. unior High Anticzjmtes Bright Future. ,mr -ve . . 2 V ,1 i 4 , ' . EIGHTH Gmoens--Row ONE: Tommy Wool- . we R A verton, Jim Ragan, John Ogle, Sheldon Wight, W n S , V 2 Mike Ireland Bill Brown and Rick Owen . n . Y - ROW TWO: Norman Garton, Mike Cleveland, L e Bob Fairbanks, Larry Murray, D. A. Crawford, L 2 Ravmond Crawford. and Calvin Gonterman. . W ,, 1 Y 2 if x f SEVENTH GRADERS--ROW ONE: David Duncan Richard Wallace, Jimmie Jacobs, and David Barton. ROW TWO: Wilson Liter, Don Brown, Terry Jadlot, Doug Breen and J ery Nunn. 3 3 3 , 1 rl FOOTBALL TEAM--ROW ONE: Gerald Bronkar, David Barton, Ronnie Jones. Herman Hendrix. Rickv Owen. Leo Jones Ronnie Linder, and Richard Wallace. ROW TWO: Martle Ayers, Ronald Ramsey. Jery Nunn, David Duncan, Don Brown, Terry Jadlot, Homer Lawrence, David Dodson, and D. Brack Davis. ROW THREE: Bob Fairbanks, Mike Ire- landzh Sheldon Wight, Calvin Gonterman, Raymond Crawford, Larry Murray, Mike Cleveland, Kenny Starr, and Gene Mit em. 7 1. -. M, Tzlger Tmckmen Tmin Tediousl . g David Drake, Jerry Donaldson, Butch Brantley, Skip Schiller, and Winston Ogle work out thoroughly as their coach strongly believes in the proverb "Practice Makes Perfect". Jerry Donaldson, David Drake, Winston Ogle, Butch Brantley, and Skip Schiller, five pre- I vious lettermen, talk over former track meets """"N"""" and discuss ways to improve their already out- standing athletic abilities. y 25, In ROW ONE: Larry Mitchell, John Vieth, Gerald Dahmer, Earl Devore, Harry Weber, Dale Rasmussen, Twink Mathis, John Duncan, Bill Hall, Bill Petty, John Ebbs, Larry Foursha, and Larry Sheeks. ROW TWO: Lan'y Dwyer, Earl De- maree, Tommy McAllister, Lonnie Polk, Don Brown, Floyd Titus, Doug Dunham, John Bussinger, Terry Fox, Rex Behm, Tony Urner, Paul Haynes, and Howard Jones. ROW THREE: Alan Quick, John Preston, Denny McLaughlin, Ronnie Fisk, Larry Weimhold, Jerry Wade, Butch Riggs, Buddy Linder, Bill Martin, and Jerry Donaldson. ROW FOUR: Winston Ogle, Skip Schiller, Larry Biles, Butch Brantley, David Drake, Jim Wright, Gary Roberts, John Walker, Jirn Gibson, Evan Emery, and Coach Gene Rimmer. JP Wu .iyi J Y 4, r. K. .., sa N Capable Coaches Mastermind Tigers A M, 5 iq W5 The designing of football plays is one of the finer points in the art of coaching. L Shown at right are Coach Gene Rimmer s' and Coach.Wayne Reed as they talk over the possibilities of an unusual formation. R K R K Before the Tigers receive a chance to dis- play it in actual competition, they will esss lmdouhtedly be required to practice it thorougaly during intramural football ses- sions. 1, ' ' irii. . , ,k,..,., M - V ,warm-W'-W ' - ' 3 asa, s f sgsggsssgx- fp , K . " , , I1 .,,j,,3ig,,, , . , 2 Nevada Tigers forming the "N" Club are: ROW ONE: Gary Hall, Peyton Swearlngen, Jim Stong, Coach Rimmer, Nor man Jones, and Lewin Brantley. ROW TWO: Larry Biles, Bill Hall, Jim Turner, John Mann, Marvin Hammontree, Winston Ogle, and Rex Behm. ROW Tl-IREE: Tom Runyan, Bill Petty, John Ebbs, Skip Schiller, Earl Devore, Duane Thurman, and Evan Emery. 'W K G fm. '2 fi aff, S I A Y ji - Eiga.. M, Howe Spzrzt - Will Travel Tigerette officers are: Sher- ry White, Treasurerg Pam Meffert, President, and Vir- ginia Pearse, Secretary. ly, Sponsor, Pat Thompson, Reporter, Linda Rimrner, Assistant secretaryg Linda Bell, Vice-Presidentg and Karen Rasnic, Historian. These girls are responsible for decorating the field and the buildings for games and dances. A V ABOVE: The Girls' Athletic Association, one or the newer organizations in Nevada, is set up to provide athletic activi- ties for girls. Though activities have been curtailed since the fire, the girls still participate in warm weather sports. ROW ONE: Pat Austin, Sports Managerg Jane Ebbs, Secretary Judy Belcher, Presidentg Betty Mesplay, Vice-Presidentg and Alice Keithly, Treasurer. ROW TWO: Mrs. Keithly, Spon- sorg Jackie Trainor, and Judy Wegerer. ROW THREE: Sally Quarton, Jean Ebbs, Karen Winters, and Patty Trainor, Sports Managers. i63Q. ROW TWO: Mrs. Gail Keith- 39" taiwan K, F? 54" -.1 f "' 5 'Q 4 Y 55 X ,ai QB 4 Elaine Adams Darrell Alexander Senior Class Officers Karen Norris, Treasurerg Ken Real, Prexidentg Miss Shaw, Sponsorg Melba Beisly, Secretaryg and Gary Marquardt, Vice-President, are elated that the senior class fund is steadily inflating toward their goal. Not shown is Mr. Curnutt, Co- Sponsor. Violet Allen .Tim Austin L. I. Austin Joe Bailey Jack Bastow Mike Behm Sharon Belsley Melba Belsly Barbara Bethel Larry Biles Bill Bohrn Lewin Brantley Jack Brock Winnie Brown 166- il. ff' 1- ,1--MH Maxine Bullock Karen Butterfield Lorene Butterfield James Camp Maxcine Carpenter Sonny Caton Dale Chadd Bill Collins Jewel Collins Larry Compton Larry Cornelius Maurice Dahmer George Dorris David Drake Martha Duncan Don Dunn Wanda Emerson Sam Fine Charlene Fox Loren Fox Marvin Garrett Mary Ann Giacometti Gary Hall David Hamersley Marvin Hammontree Sandra Havens Judy Hendrix Jerry Herren Mary Hobbs Donna Houchin Jerry Janes lone Jenner B111 Jones Norman Jones Alice Keithly Glenda Keithly Donis Kennedy Anna Lee Klotz Rachel Kunc .13 mx -,i ,v X .. . .Q R' Q 4 X f is - -'iii 2 sf? Y' 5, ri 'ff we ,QP 32 Q pm yi? A I lx ...wk y, K 1, f 2 'Gt G lg A A .V Q 5 iii' " ,i ' 5 Bill Land Sondra Lawrence Clara Lee Carolyn Leedy Gary Leonard Mary Etta Lindenman Mary Lolley Nancy Lowry Linda Loy Dave Lukenbill Darroll McCormack John Mann Gary Marquardt Raymond Martin Pam Mettert Betty Mesplay Lois Mooney Francis Moore Sharon Morris Donna Murray Shirley Nelander --69 Karen Norris Winston Ogle Robert Oyer Charlene Phillips Mike Pickett Dean Pilcher Bill Polk Marion Rackley Celia Ramsey Ken Real I Margaret Remington John Rickman Tom Runyan Skip Schiller Gerald Sheil Argie Shields Margie Shields Don Sieberns Melva Smith Gerald Snead Suzy Spillrnan ,lk ri' ? 5A E 3 xy' y Y KSQEZJ. .. Iv 8lY2"'f1:5 a s ,L is if Af, . Jim Stong Jackie Swait Peyton Swearingen Charles Sweeney Leroy Taylor .T anie Teel Eugene Thomas John Thompson Gary Thurman Jim Turner Gary Vaughn Leonard Weber Janet Wegerer Delores Werst Sherry White Jo Williams Bonnie Woolverton Karlene Zener Waneta Zilliox Charles Zimmerman -71 YES, YES YES! Underclassmen always wonder when and where for that "Skip Day S1ipaway" but this picture proves that it is an item of discussion for the Mighty Se- niors. . , sr Charlotte Adam joe Adams Kent Adams Eugene Anstine Don Armitage Venita Attebery Patsy Austin Donald Baker Lester Barker Joe Barone Barbara Barton Kendall Baumann Shirley Behm Charlene Beisly Norman Beisly Judy Belcher K 5 i3 X 'i1'i I unior Class Linda Bell Jimmy Blasiar Elaine Bobhett Barbara Bovd Sandra Breeding Ann Bridgeman Ida Burdick Mary Burnos Robert Cargill Ed Carter Howard Carter Clifford Cartwright Joyce Chapman Delvin Chubiclc Larry Colvin Larry Cornell Robert Cox Pat Curry Dana Curtis Glen Defebaugh Dixielee Dickason Jim Diehr Donnis Disney Donna Dody 27' ,P -M , ' WM, Searching for ideas for the Jr.-Sr. Prom are Linda Bell, Secretaryg Larry Wynes, Presidentg Ludmila Weir, Treasurerg Mrs. Rombach. Sponsor, and Joe Barone, Vice- President. Larry Garrett Linda Good Judy Greer Patsy Greer Ronald Griffin Randy Guinn Brenda Hancock Janice Hargrove Patsy Harmon Jerry Harper Shirley Hatfield Dorothy Hauser Gary Hayde Arthur Hazelton Marilyn Heit2 Dale Henson Irene Hinkle Wanda Hoffman Charles Hogan Edward Hopkins Don Houston Bob Irvin ' J. W. Johnson Laree Jones X, Walid, Sarah Drury George Dunfie Robert Eador jane Ebbs Jean Ebbs Don Emery Wayne Ensley Bob Fanning Kay Fenton Danny Ferry Ronnie Fisk Carol Franks :S Q 15335 ' ? Richard Jones Jan Keithly Maridee Kelso Mary Nell Kenney Judy Key Linda Koontz junior Koopman Torn LaDue Sharon Lamb Jim Lawrence Cecil Leer Buddy Linder Don Emery giggles as Janet Moler and Dana Curtis show him the class ring which they think his girl would prefer to wear. Darrell Linqulst G. T. Lyons Ivan Maahs F. R. Mansell Bill Martin Maxine Mason Phyllis McAllister Denny McLaughlin Mac Means Lloyd Medearis Diane Mische Carl Mitchum janet Moler Bob Moss Molly Murphy Richard Murray Charles Needllng Gayle Olson Carol Parrish Virginia Pearse David Perrin Leona Phillips Yvonne Phillips Georgia Pilcher Vincent Porter Johnny Preston Judy Price James Quackenbush zmior Class Bill Quarton Edith Ramsey Bruce Rapp Betty Renfro Darrell Riggs Mary Robinson Wanda Rodieck Caryl Schwenck David Selsor Bob Sheets Judy Shepherd Jolene Simon Reva Simpson Eldon Smith Sam Smith Pat Smotherma.u Carolyn Spears Sandra Staffen Doris Thompson Janean Thompson Duane Thurman Perry Transue Edward Walker Rosalyce Walker Betty Lou Wallace Larry Weimhold Ludmila Weir Betty White Carl Wilcox Claudia Williams Mary Williams Karen Winters Kathy Woodfill Dale Woods Linda Wright Larry Wynes Suzanne Zion Jim Adams Bennie Allen Bruce Archer Twila Arthur Barbara Bailey Gary Balk Jackie Barker Rex Behm Marjorie Beisly Beverly Berry David Bishop Don Bobbett L 2 -ffxiiwilfiif Da... Beverly Bowen Elvy Burrus Johnny Bussinger Carol Butterfield Rama Campbell Gary Carpenter Bill Christopher Marvin Cockrell .Taye Comer Russel Connelly JoAnne Couch Dixie Cowan Neil Crabtree Robert Crabtree Larry Craig Bob Current Almeda Dahmer Gerald Dahmer Kay Dahmer David Darnold Judy Dennison Earl Devore Wayne Dixon Johnny Duncan -191 Norman Garwood James Gibson Mary Ann Gose Gerald Gresham Donna Guinn Billy Hall Eddie Hamersley Raymond Harmon Lonnie Harper Jim Harpold Linda Hawkins Sandra Hawkins Paul Haynes Gordon Hendrix Larry Hendrix Mary Henson Dwain Herren Janice Herring Maurice High Lowell Hulse Kay Jackson Joe Jadlow Garry Jenkins Janice Johnston Bonnie Jones Donna' Jones Salle Duncan Larry Dwyer John Eador Johnny Ebbs Eldon Elliott Evan Emery Larry Ewing Karen Fine Larry Foursha Terry Fox Virginia Frazier Doris Garrett Ki x.,,. , L A Q Gary Kafer Karen Kenney Joyce Klotz Martha Koehler Leroy Lafferty Nelson Lasley Jaketa Leeper Joyce Liter Gwen Maahs Twink Mathis Tommy Maxwell Howard McCormack Eleanor McDermott Hazel McGee Jean McGehee Dixie Lee McGrath Kathryn Middleton Sharon Mulkins Richard Myers Joyce Osborne Rose Osborne Pat O'Toole Ronnie Overman Sharon Oyer Frances Pearson James Peery Kay Pettibon Bill Petty Guyla Pickens Linda Place Bob Pohl Joan Rackley Marvin Rackley Elizabeth Rapp Dale Rasmussen Karen Rasnic Victor Stoddard Sharon Stong Tom Sweeney Susan Thomas Paul Thron Gary Tow Tony Urner John Vieth Jerry Wade Shirley Wade Carl Wagoner Jerry Walker Lucille Walker Beth Wallace Janet Wallace Harry Weber Verna Weber Carleta Wiley Katherine Wilhelmson Barbara Williams Lester Williams Linda Wolfe Byron Wood Linn Wynes John Young Sammy Yurk Edward Riggs Linda Rimmer Larry Robertson Louise Schonew etter Ruby Scott Danny Sell Arthur Sewell Richard Shafer Brenda Shepherd Mary Sherrick Jimmy Shrewsbury Johnny Shrewsbury Dalton Snowden G. W. Steincross l f- 'nel Diane Adams Sammy Adkins David Baird Linda Baker Larry Balk Nancy Barker Jean Barone Judy Bastow Donald Beisly Lettie Bell Charleen Bley Judy Bliss Bob Bloom Truman Bobbett Larry Bowles Maxine Boyd Don Brown Nancy Brown Tommy Bryant Frances Bullock Donald Burnett Paul Burnham Danny Burnos Norma Cargill Freslamam Class Junior Class Play ticket sale plans are decided by La Mae Neas, Secretaryg Ronnie Morris, Vice-Presidentg Mrs. But- ner, Sponsorg Nancy Brown, Treasurerg and Danny Young, President. 3W, T5 F35 Fil 11 "k'W Charlie Carmack Lyle Catron Dennis Chadd Connie Coale Charles Colton Charles Cox Pat Cruse Denny David Gary Dean Jack Demaree Luther Dennis Dennis Disney Joe Dunfield Doug Dunham Karen Emery Marilyn Fairchild Judy Farmer Sharon Fassel Jeanett Faulconer Ellen Fisher Donna Fisk Joe Fox Carol Frazier Dorothy Frye Lauretta Giger Louis Gotschall Jerry Gragg Wayne Gubitz Clifton Hargrove Bill Hasler Janet Hatfield Connie Havens Ruth Henry Arlene Higgins Helen Hinkle Jerry Hoffman Brenda Hogan Jerry Holcomb Carol Holland Gaye Howell Beverly Huckaby Terry Johnson Carolyn Jones Howard Jones Kay Jones Sara Lou Kapple Kem Keithly Everett Kenney Wanda Koontz Shirley Koopman Suzan Kraft Daryl Lamb Kendall Lawrence Mildred Loomer Frank Lukenbill Judith Mackesty Io Ann Mansell Sharon Marsnall Bobby Mason Dick Loy 'K Edward Mason Tommy McAllister Dwight McCormack Donald Mclntosh Kay McKenzie Ennis McLean Marie Merritt Ronnie Mesplay Lynd Mische Larry Mitchell Lee Mitchem Joy Mitchem Mary Moore Ronnie Morris Harold Neas LaMae Neas Maurice Nichols Ava Niswanger Greg Ogle Kathy Ogle Russell Ogle Richard Parrish John Peery Richard Pent Paul Perrin Richard Perrin Jack Pettibon Betty Pike Lonnie Polk Dorothy Prettyman Dottie Pryor Sally Quarton Susan Quarton Alan Quick Ronald Rapp Bob Ratterree Elizabeth Remington Luttie Richey Gary Roberts Billie Robinson Beverly Scisrn Larry Sheeks Thomas Sherrick Harold Shumaker Nadine Shutters Bonnie Sikes Wilma Simpson Arthur Smith Nancy Smith Joe Spencer Kay Stacy Wanda Staffen Joan Starr David Steele Ann Stephens Marlene Steve Linda Stewart David Swearingen Pat Thompson Waneta Thompson A t, . i. Ka f f Qqhi -W if W A w nf it"- ,f bll Wig Y f , as M 'Q 31 K kk Q, we x I 5 Ronnie Mesplay, Jean Barone, Truman Bobbett Carol Frazier, and Lutie Richey "rehash" a rough test in Civics Freshman lass Floyd Titus Janie Tough Jacqueline Trainor Pat Trainor Janet Urner Stanley Urner Gene Vandenburg Charles Walker Johnny Walker Glen Wallace Peggy Wastell Jack Weber Leland Weber Judy Wegerer Harry Williams Jim Williams Lillie Winscott Carolyn Wise Carol Woods James Wright ana-Q S145 Danny Young Joyce Ames Carol Anderson Owen -Andrews Wilbur Andrews Joe Anson Jim Arnold Marty Ayers Bob Beaver Barbara Beisly Janice Beisley Ted Blakney Carol Biggs Devere Bobbett Duane Bowen Darlene Bradley Dorothy Brokob Gerald Bronkar Beth Brown Billy Brown Helen Brundidge Joan Butterfield Shirley Carpenter Ruby Cartwright Mike Cleveland Herbie Collins D. A. Crawford Raymond Crawford Julie Dahmer D. Brack Davis Jim Dennison David Dodson Frances Dove Robert Dunfield Karen Eslinger Bob Fairbanks Becky Ferry Mary Ann Ferguson Norman Garton Calvin Gonterman Judy Grace Betty Greer Danny Gubitz George Hagerman Virginia Haggard Virginia Hall Trecia Hamlerr Eighth Grade Billy Brown, Presidentg Raymond Crawford, Vice- Presidentg Buddy Wright, Secretaryg D. A. Craw- ford, Treasurerg and Mrs. Dahmer, Sponsor, meet at the Safeway Building. Q '-Ueaiwmgi , Helen Hancock Elaine Harper Melva Harper Sue Ann Harpold Bill Hayes Linda Haynes Herman Hendrix Dale Herren Delmar Hill Mac Hornecker Bill Householder Sharon Howell Vernon Howrey Harold Hulse Mike Ireland Paul Jadlot Ronald Johns Dale Johnston Bill Jones Leo Jones Kay Kafer Connie Kelso Donald Kenney June Ladue Johnny LaGuire Roy Lasley Homer Lawrence Don Leavell Linda Leer Kathy Long William Love Mary Mackesty Myra Marshall Teddy Mason Ray Forest Maxwell Betsy McDermott Robert Milford Gene Mitchem Larry Moore Delores Monkres Larry Murray Sue Neas Sue Nealander Thayne Nordyke John Ogle Lynne Olson Kay Overman Ricky Owen Bobby Oyer Lorrie Oyer Donna Payne Patty Perkins Gary Peters Sue Philbrick Charles Phillips James Ragan Mary Lou Ragan Cheryl Ralston Sharon Ramsey Linda Rapp Richard Rapp Mike Reed Mary Ann Riggs Johnny Robinson Melvin Rodarmel Iva Rpdarmel Gary Rodieck Donna Rogers Mary Runyan Linda Scott Rebecca Shafer James Shaw Stanley Shepard Pat Shrewsbury Ronald Shutters Bonnie Smith Cecil Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Gloria St. Clair Harry Snowden Judy Spillman Danny Sprenkle Ann Swearingen Roxie Vickers Kathy Vieth Rosemary Watson Louise Whalan Glenna Whitaker Nancy White Sheldon Wight Dawson Williams Martha Wood Phyllis Wood Thomas Woolverton Buddy Wright Donald Adams Terry Adams Suzanne Armitage Lana Kay Baldwin Sandra Bales Linda Balk Shirley Barker David Barton Larry Beisley Donnie Belcher Margaret Bohm Bobby Bowen Charles Box Bill Branch Douglas Hn-an Barbara Brittingham Don Brown Robert Brown Charles Buenning John Burgess Bobby Burnos Diane Byram Loretta Campbell Edward Cargill Merle Carpenter Billy Chapman Linda Charles Rhoda Chubick james Cochran Esther Collins Gary Cornell Charles Dahmer Carolyn Dennis ,lerald Disney Snaron Dodson David Duncan Sue Dunfield Leroy Earll Esther Elliott Tim Ephland Jean Farmer Billy Farnham Alida Fassel Loyd Fenton Randy Fine Edwin Fletchall Glenna Fox Sharon Frazier Erie Fyre Warren Glimpse Carol Gose janet Grace Barbara Groves Thomas Hackleman james Hackney janet Harmon Susan Harper Gary Headley Janice Heitz Don Hendrix james High Ioe Hill jerry Hogan Melba Householder Bobby Sue Howell Jimmie jacobs Terry Jadlow Donna johns Bobby Kay Jones Ronnie Jones Gary Knoblauch Tobi Lawrence Donna Lawson Evelyn Leedy Ronnie Linder Wilson Liter Dewayne Loomer Loretta Lyon Judy Mansell Sammy Mason Freddy Matthews Susi McGeehee Lee McReynolds Sharon Milford Bennitt Miller Ethel Mitchell Carolyn Murray jim Murray jerry Nunn Leona Olson Mary Belle Overton 1 james Perrin Delores Price Ronald Price Pauline Pryor Georgia Pyle Ronald uackenbush Q Sharon Rabon Ronald Ramsey Amelia Richardson Larry Rose james Russell Sarah Scotr Robert Selsor Barbara Shaver John Shaw Barbara Shepherd Sammy Shepley Henry Shumaker Beverly Simmons Stoller Simon Connie Smith Gary Smith Patricia Spencer Virgie Spillman Beverly Stacy Kenneth Starr Virginia Thompson Carmen Tillery Judith Tough Q.. 4'-1 .. is ,Lia-. as Danny Tucker Duane Vaughn Nancy Vieth Helen Walker Carol Wallace Richard Wallace A . 43 35-Q RE? ax We var K ,E -- , ' . ' ' ,E , I ,. .ka 1 J it ,.., , . 2? K Terry Wehme yer andy Fine, Presidentg Mrs. Teel, Sponsorg Donna Johns, Vice- res1dentg and Judy Tough, Treasurerg discuss class plans in me Nevada Motor Company. Ronnie Linder, Secretary, is at plctured. , .., JW ' 3jE:Q.g1f:i': ,. -.,,,,, ..., .... , .aw if x W " is 455- Q -1.. f5v"' IN 5 fi' Judy Williams Keith Williams - li, Elizabeth Winters sl N T' ' s ga Qs! r Y - .l'e-4- ',..2Tf.. 'T' 1.1.- 'QW V M. ,R K ,M A. y x M X wfafg vw 9 II 1?-f 2 i Q If M-.-.,., S -wwvnwf uf? f f fn U. A .Q 3 G in It 'I' f ig' f f t K . .L . 1. Q--.uatwfw af" mm I ARMITAGE APPLIANCE Your Skelgas Dealer Nevada, Mo. BEAUTY NOOK 211 E. Cherry Phone 280 AMERICAN BOOKIIEEPING Complete Bookkeeping and Tax Service RED ARCHER'S BARBER SHOP 12.3 South Main EISK DAVIS PAINT STORE me -'Q g DOUBLE COLA 5' .OTTLQQQW , l. P. AMES GRAIN COMPANY Dealers in Feed, Seed, Grain and Fertilizer Custom Cleaning and Grinding Wire 81 Twine A BEISlEY'S PAINT 8. WAllPAPER For the Finest in Paints The home of Pittsburgh Paints East Side of Square Nevada, Missouri BIll'S E-OOD MARKET North Side of Square Phone 903 -90- b ,. 1 ' :rr :r E 1 ,1 211 3 A xi rl 53 2. ""'f"'f"g days me 'Im again' EICHINGER FUNERAL HOME MONTE BOYD I l Paint Contractor BUSSINGER MUSIC STUDIO All Things Musical 129 East Cherry Nevada, Mo. CAlHOON-PUTNAM IUMBER COMPANY Building Materials Martin--Senour Paints Nu-Wood Tile and Plank 223 E. Cherry Phone 89 CRAWFORD REAL ESTATE- IOANS-IIISURAN CE Real Estate - Loans -Insurance 114 West Walnut Street Nevada, Missouri CUT 'N CURl BEAUTY SHOP 1000 North Washington Phone 2156 DARNOlD'S FlORISTS Fourth Generation Florist Nevada, Missouri Phone 51 Charles -- Dena L Atrrt I Futurejournalists Getting Trainingat FIHHUFE C0 A mt DAILY MAIL - UTOMOBII-E E ifii THE SUND Qunmruns... 1 g A AMY HERMD SIGNATUREH, Two Good Newspapers Serving Nevada And Vernon County DARROW LUMBER CO. "We Sell For Less" 802 East Hickory Phone 267 . --91-- DIXIE CREAM CAFE North Side of Square GEORGE EBBS 8. COMPANY Abstracts- Loans-Insurance Title Policies Court House Nevada, Missouri Compliments of EDNA'S BEAUTY SHOP 407 East Hickory Phone 645 EllIS MUSIC AND FURNITURE COMPANY will-" E I1 0 :: P z z H1 V! :l: b su c in 'X so I'l'! FARMERS' PRODUCE COMPANY Buyers of Poultry, and Eggs 229 North Cedar Phone 108 Nevada, Missouri FERGUSON 'S Office Supplies-School. Supplies job Printing 117 South Cedar Phone 1151 FERRY FUNERAL HOME FERRY BROTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY Loans - Real Estate Phone 61 1085 W. Walnut Nevada, Missouri FIRST NATIONAl BANK Established 1889 Capital and Surplus S200,000 Congratulations To The '58 Graduates Compliments of The G. I. CAFE 1 G. I. CAB COMPANY Phone 7 120 S. Cedar Nevada, Missouri R. l. HAMBlIN REAl ESTATE Real Estate -- Contractor Phone 52 Hand, the Man With The Plan HAND INSURANCE COMPANY 101 112 West Cherry Phone 933 Compliments of HERTZBERG FURNITURE CO. 216 West Cherry if A . HIGGINS DAIRY COMPANY Carl D. Higgins Sr Ted Ireland Highway 71 8: Vernon Phone 633 "For Better Health, Drink Tastemark Mi1k" HORNER FLOWER SHOP Virgil Cassius and Ruby 93 Phone 59 1124 North Main KAPPlE HARDWARE The Home of Quality Merchandise North Side of the Square Phone 144 lEEK'S INC. Men's Wear Men's Wear, Boys' Wear and Ladies' Sportswear KARBE'S SUPER MARKET "Sells more for a dollar" EllA J. lEE REALTY CO. Real Estate - Insurance Notary Public 329 East Walnut Phone 73 RICHARDSON MOTOR COMPANY .. . .. ..., ,. - 'E' I nelne A A S H : '-,' ' "" , si sffk, fax eg Phone 21 ' K - Q "W ' .,.. 5,1 m y mmm ' -- 's falfw imzqif D if E..,,.:,. is , . ,, Q., . e n .W lONG'S BARBER su S' - A 14 an ..:... OP J Welcome ' I Air Conditioned Shop is East Walnut MAXWEll'S FOOD LOCKERS AND MARKET 103 East Atlantic Nevada, Mo. "Shoes For Every Occasion" MENDENHAll'S SHOES South Side of the Square 5 ROGERS PONTIAC COMPANY MITCHELL HOTEL Hotel Mitchell and Coffee Shop "Eat Fine Foods in Air-Conditioned Comfort" MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE RENWICK INSURANCE AGENCY fiiffiii-7lff"IzQfffu MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPAN' Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back Phone 223 125 West Cherry MOORE SUPPLY COMPANY Appliances, Floor and Wall Covering Phone 433 612 East Walnut NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION The Ideal Loan for Farmers-- Low Interest 93 5 , nnnnnr ,n,n I ouueimec E NEVADA AUTO PARTS 127-129 E. Walnut Phone 75 and 80 Nevada, Missouri ii - ' aliiitl In NEVADA CANVAS COMPANY 321 N. Commercial Nevada, Missouri NEVADA CLEANERS 8. LAUNDERETTE Phone 1234 119 S. Cedar STAR ClEANERS NEVADA IMPlEMENT COMPANY Your JOHN DEERE Dealer NEVADA REDI-MIX CERTIFIED CONCRETE 713 East Austin Phone 346 onfnun s. nntcxmnlnct mmm E E T .fi tg I D'A ee if 1 Meats-Groceries-Frozen Foods , to PM 1TC . Y if 1 T.,,, 221 West Walnut Phone 561 P .3 t. . E TTT' I 1 e Dr. O. W. Dodge Dr. I. E. Spencer Optometrists 109 E. Cherry St. Phone 60 VIETH HOME AND AUTO Compliments of PERKY'S BEAUTY SHOP POKORNY DRUG STORE 'A Name Identified with Pharmacy since 1894' East Side of Square Sgt - 104 - 1.00 Store SCOTTS School Supplies and Wearables South Side of Square Phone 1258 SCRUTCHFIEED FURNITURE CO. 123 East Walnut Street Nevada, Mo. Phone 87 Congratulation to '58 Graduates SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 203 Walnut SHANKS 8. STERRETT Clothing Company "Everything A Man Wears" East Side of Square ...Q6-L Good Food Quick Service SHARP'S STORES COMPANY West Side of Square Clothing For the Entire Family SPEE-DEE DRIVE IN THOMAS PHARMACY STUMP'S SHOES Leaders In Fashionable Footwear Since 1896 .IOHN W. TAYlOR S L fe Insurance Company of Canada 110 Country Club Drive A Nevada, Missouri monuron Nmorm BANK vlcronv snot suor a Established 1869 We'll appreciate your business Phone 44 111 East Cherry 1- C- PINNEY 3- C0- no Pmsows snzvlc: smlou "Always First In Quality" Ph 200 Main at Hunger d M ESSER'S STYLECRAFT 102 East Cherry A SPENCER TRACTOR 8. EQUIPMENT COMPANY Hiway 71 North S 97 Ford Tractor Dealer 1- - VERNON COUNTY ABSTRACT 8. TITlE CO Formerly Birdseye Abstract Co. NXW Corner Square on Main Street Nevada, Missouri Abstracts-Plate-Photocopy BART HINKLE WAINSCOTT'S FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture and Floor Coverings WHITE GRIll "Good Food Is Good Hea1th" WIGGS DRUG North Side Square Congratulations To The Class of '58 ElORY PHARMACY Discriminating Shoppers Choose DINNER PARTY Quality Fruits and Vegetables DENMAN WHOLESALE GROCERY COMPANY A. K. WOODARD CARBURETOR 8. EIECTRIC SERVICE 'We are Specialists' Highway 71 and Minnesota DR. .I. P. WOODElll OPT OMETRIST Office Hours 8:30-5:00 Thursday 8130- 1200 Phone 65 104 N. Cedar Nevada, Missouri Compliments of ZION SHOE STORE Peter Shoes W. R. HAMBLIN Real Estate-Loans-Insurance Phone 803 Nevada, Missouri I I ef '98'I Nevada Book Store School Supplies, Scrap Books, Toys, Games, Dolls, Greeting Cards, Drawing Supplies, and Books of all kinds Graphic Arts Studio OFFICIAL NEVAMO PHOTOGRAPHERS Fox THE PAST TEN YEARS Moore's Department Store ESTABLISHED l87O NEVADA 'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE loe Bradham Pierre Weltmer 119 East Cherry Phone 1299 0. S. Davidson Real Estate 119 East Walnut Nevada Phone 56 Missouri Bowlus School Supply 1015 North Broadway Pittsburg, Kansas Congratulations To The Class of H58!! VY ' lor ss, ' e. ' Hlsnscl-tool. AND COLLEGE YEAnsooKs STUDLENTS Adam, Charlotte 72 Adams, Diane 27,80 Adams, Don 29,86 Adams, Elaine 28,66 Adams, Jim 26,76 Adams, Joe 48.49.72 Adams, Kent 22,72 Adams, Terry 28,29, 86 Adkins Sammy 80 Alexander, Darrell 66,69 Allen, Bennie 76 Allen, Violet 47,66 Ames, Joyce 29,43,84 Anderson, Carol 51,84 Andrews, Owen 84 Andrews, Wilbur 84 Anson, Joe 84 Anstine, Eugene 27, 72 Archer, Bruce 76 Armitage, Don 26,72 Armitage, Suzanne 51,86 Arnold, Jim 84 Arthur, Twila 76 Attebery, Venita 18, 24, 52, 72, 90 Austin, Jim 66 Austin, L. J. 66,92 Austin, Pat 63, 72 The Index Beisly, Marjorie 28,76 Beisly, Melba 33, 66 Beisly, Norman 72 Belcher, Donnie 14,86 Belcher, Judy 5l,63,72 Bell, Lettie 80 Bell, Linda 48, 63, 72,73 Berry, Beverly 26, 76 Bethel, Barbara 45, 51, 66 Biggs, Carol 84 Biles, Larry 19, 24, 52, 54, 56, 61, 62, 66 Bishop, David 22,35,76 Blakney, Ted 84 Blasiar, Jimmy 72 Bley, Charleen 80 Bliss, Judy 80 Bloom, Bob 80 Bobbett, Devere 84 Bobbett, Donald 26,76 Bobbett, Elaine 31,72 Bobbett, Truman 30, 56, 57, 80,83 Bohrn, Bohrn, Bowen, Bowen, now en, Bowles, Bill '66 Margaret 86 Beverly 76 Bobby 86 Duane 84 Larry 80 Box , Charles 86 Ayers, Marty 60, 84 B Bailey, Barbara 76 Bailey, Joe 45, 66, 93 Baird, David 80 Baker, Don 72 Baker, Linda 80 Baldwin, Lana 86 Bales, Sandra 86 Balk,lGary 27, 76 Balk, Larry 27, 80 Balk, Linda 86 Barker, Jackie 76 Barker, Lester 25, 72 Barker, Nancy 80 Barker, Shirley 86 Barone, Jean 80,83 Barone, Joe 47, 48, 49, 53 72, 73, 97 Barton, Barbara 72, 97 Barton, David 60, 86 Bastow, Bastow, Jack 34,66 Judy 28, 80 Baumann, Kendall 22, 52, 53, 72 Beaver, Bob 29, 84 Behm, Mike 66 Behm, Rex 54, 56, 57, 61, 62, 76 Behm, Shirley 72 Beisley, Barbara 29, 84 Beisley, Janice 15, 29, 84 Beisley, Larry 86 Beisley, Sharon 34, 47, 49, 51, 66 Beisly, Charlene 72 Beisly, Donald 80 Boyd, Barbara 72 Boyd, Maxine 80 Bradley, Darlene 84 Branch, Bill 86 Brantley, Lewin 27, 45, 48, 54, 56, 61, 62, 66, 94 Breeding, Sandra 72 Breen, Douglas 14, 29, 60, Brisdfgeman, Ann 26,72 Brittingham, Barbara 86 Brock, Jack 66 Brokob, Dorothy 84 Bronkar, Gerald 60,84 Brown, Beth 84 Brown, Billy 60, 84 Brown, Don,.f9thJ 56, 57, 60 Br5l9n, Don Q7thJ 61,86 Nancy 26, 28, 50, 80 Brown, Brown, Robert 29, 86 Winnie 66 Brown, Brundidge, Helen 84 Bryant, Tommy 27 , 80 Buenning, Charles 29, 86 Bullock, Frances 80 Bullock, Maxine 31,67 Burdick, Ida 72 Burgess, Johnny 29, 86 Burnett, Donald 80 Burnham, Paul 80 Burnos, Bobby 86 Burnos, Danny 80 Burnos, Mary 28, 72 Burrus, Elvy 76 Bussinger, Jonn 51, 61, 76 Butterfield, Carol 76 Butterfield, Joan 84 Butterfield, Karen 67 Butterfield, Lorene 67 Byram, Diane 14, 29, 86 C Camp, James 67 Campbell, Loretta 29, 86 Campbell, Rama 25, 47 , 48, 76,77 ,78 Cargill, Edward 86 Cargill, Norma 80 Cargill, Robert 72 Carmack, Charlie 80 Carpenter, Gary 76 Carpenter, Maxcine 67 Carpenter, Merle 86 Carpenter, Shirley 84 Carter, Ed 54, 55, 56, 58, 72 Carter, Howard 72 Cartwright, Clifford 32, 72 Cartwright, Ruby 84 Caton, Sonny 67 Catron, Lyle 80 Chadd, Dale 30, 67 Chadd, Dennis 80 Chapman, Billy 86 Chapman, Joyce 72 Charles, Linda 50, 86 Chubick, Delvin 72 Chubick, Rhoda 29, 86 Christopher, Bill 76 Cleveland, Mike 60, 84 Coale, Connie 80 Cochran, James 86 Cockrell, Marvin 76 Collins, Bill 67 Collins, Esther 86 Collins, Herbie 29, 50, 84 Collins, Jewel 67 Colton, Charles 80 Colvin, Larry 72 Comer, Jaye 76 Compton, Larry 67 Connelly, Russel 76 Cornelius, Larry 26, 28, 67, 97 Cornell, Larry 29,72 Cornell, Gary 86 Couch, Jo Anne 47, 48, 76, 77 Cowan, Dixie 76 Cox, Charles 80 Cox, Robert 72 Crabtree, Neil 76, 94 Crabtree, Robert 76 Craig, Larry 76 Crawford, D. A. 29,42,43, 60, 84 K Crawford, Raymond 60, 84 Cruse, Pat 80 Current, Bob 22,24, 35, 52, 76, 78 Curry, Pat 72 Curtis, Dana 72,74 D Dahmer, Almeda 76 Dahmer, Charles 86 Dahmer, Gerald 27 , 48 , 56, -100- 57, 59, 61, 76 Dahmer, Julie 84 Dahmer, Kay 26, 76 Dahmer, Maurice 25, 67 Darnold, David 26,76 David, Denny 80 Davis, D. Brack 50, 60,84 Dean, Gary 20, 27 , 56, 57, 59, 80 Defebaugh, Glen 72 Demaree, Jack 61, 80 Dennis, Carolyn 86 Dennis, Luther 80 Dennison, Jim 84 Dennison, Judy 76 Devore, Earl 27 , 32, 47, 48, 49, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61, 62,76,77 Dickason, Dixielee 28, 72 Diehr, Jim 24,72,94 Disney, Dennis 80 Disney, Donnis 72, 90 Disney, Jerald 86 Dixon, Wayne 76 Dodson, David 60, 84 Dodson, Sharon 29, 86 Dody, Donna 72 Donaldson, Jerry 59, 61, 93 Donaldson, Richard 59 Dorris, George 67 Dove, Frances 84 Drake, David, 67 Drury, Sarah 73 Duncan, David 51, 60, 86 Duncan, Johnny 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61, 76 Duncan, Martha 28, 53, 67 Duncan, Salle 22, 52, 77 Dunfield, George 73 Dunfield, Joe 81 Dunfield, Robert 84 Dunfield, Sue 86 Dunham. Doug 56, 57, 61, 81 Dunn, Don 67 Dwyer, Larry 27, 56, 57, 61, 77 E Eador, John 77 Eador, Robert 73 Earll, Leroy 86 Ebbs, Jane 51, 63,73 Ebbs, Jean 51, 63, 73 Ebbs, Johnny 21, 48, 49, 54, 55,56,57, 58,61,62,77 Elliott, Eldon 77 Elliott, Esther 86 Emerson, Wanda 45,67, 69 Emery, Don 30,73,74 Emery, Evan 54, 56, 57, 61, 62, 77, 95 Emery, Karen 81 Endicott, Eugene 28 Ensley, Wayne 73 Ephland, Tim 86 Eslinger, Karen 84 Ewing, Larry 77 F Fairbanks, Bob 60, 84 Fairchild, Marilyn 26,27, 28. 50. 63. 81 Fanning, Bob 73 Farmer, Jean 86 Farmer, Judy 81 Farnham, Billy 14,86 Fassel, Alida 86 Fassel, Sharon 81 Faulconer, Jeanett 27, 81 Fenton, Kay 73 Fenton, Loyd 86 Ferguson, Mary Ann 84 Ferry, Becky 29,5O, 51,84 Ferry, Danny 73 Fine, Karen 77 Fine, Randy 50, 86,87 Fine, Sam 23,28, 53, 67 Fisher, Ellen 26,28,81 Fisk, Donna 27, 81, 90 Fisk, Ronnie 22,52,61,73, 90 Fletchall, Edwin 86 Foursha, Larry 56,57,61,77 Fox, Charlene 26, 28, 68, 97 Fox, Glenna 86 Fox, Joe 81 Fox, Loren 44,68 Fox, Terry 26, 61,77 Franks, Carol 73 Frazier, Carol 27 , 81, 83 Frazier, Sharon 86 Frazier, Virginia 77 Frye, Dorothy 81 Frye, Erle 143 86 Garrett, Doris 77 Garrett, Larry 48, 73 Garrett, Marvin 68 Garton, Norman 60,84 Garwood, Norman 35,77 Giacometti, Mary Ann 27, 38, 51, 52, 53, 68 Gibson, James 56, 57, 58, 61, 77 Giger, Lauretta 81 Glimpse, Warren 86 Gonterman, Calvin 29, 60, 84 Good, Linda 73 Gose, Carol 29, 86 Gose, Mary Ann 26, 77 Gotschall, Lodis 81 Grace, Janet 86 Grace, Judy 84 Gragg, Jerry 81 Greer, Betty 84 Greer, Judy 28,73 Greer, Patsy 73 Gresham, Gerald 77 Griffin, Ronald 73 Groves, Barbara 86 Gubitz, Danny 84 Gubitz, Wayne 81 Guinn, Donna 77 Guinn, Randv 24, 28, 52, 73 H The Hackleman, Thomas 86 Hackney, James 86 Hagerman, George 29,84 Haggard, Virginia 84 Hall, Billy 54, 56, 57 , 59, 61,62,77 Hall, Gary 23,39,41,47. 54, 55, 56, 58, 62, 68,91 Hall, Virginia 29,84 Hamersley, David 30,47, 68 Hamersley, Eddie 77 Hamlett, Trecia 84 Hammontree, Marvin 23, 54, 56, 62, 68, 92 Hancock, Brenda 73 Hancock, Helen 84 Hargrove, Clifton 81 Hargrove, Janice 24, 27 . 52, 53. 73 Harmon, Janet 51,86 Harmon, Patsy 52, 53, 73 Harmon, Raymond 77 Harper, Elaine 84 Harper, Jerry 73 Harper, Lonnie 77 Harper, Melva 84 Harper, Susan 29, 50, 86 Harpold, Jim 77 Sue 15 29 84 Harpold, , , Hasler, Bill 59, 81 Hatfield, Janet 81 Hatfield, Shirley 26, 28, 73 Hauser, Dorothy 73 Havens, Connie 81 Index Hogan, Brenda 81 Hogan, Charles 73 Hogan, Jerry 86 Holcomb, Jerry 81 Holland, Carol 81 Hopkins, Edward 46,73, 94 Hornecker, Mac 29, 84 Houchin, Donna 27, 51,67 Householder, Bill 84 Householder, Melba 86 Houston, Don 73 Howell, Bobby Sue 86 Howell, Gaye 26,81 Howell, Sharon 84 Howrey, Vernon 84 Huckaby, Beverly 26 , 28 , 8 Hulse, Harold 84 Hulse, Lowell 77 I Ireland, Mike 60 , 84 Irvin, Bob 20,47,48,49, 52, 73 I Jackson, Kay 77 Jacobs, Jimmie 29.60, 86 Jadlot, Paul 84 Jadlow, Joe 77 Jadlow, Terry 50,60,86 Janes, Jerry 16,47,68 Jenkins, Garry 77 Jenner, lone 45,67,95 Johns, Donna 86,87 Johns, Ronald 85 Johnson, J. W. 35,73 Johnson, Terry 81 Havens, Sandra 33, 34, 45, 67JQhn5t0n, D313 85 HaWkll1-S, 1-111'-12 23.48. 63.77Johnston, Janice 35, 77 Hawkins, Sandra 28,63,77 Hayde, Gary 73 Hayes, Bill 84 Haynes, Linda 84 Haynes, Paul 61,77 Hazelton, Arthur 73 Headley, Gary 86 Heltz, Janice 86 Heitz, Marilyn 73 Hendrix, Don 86 Hendrix, Gordon 77 Hendrix, Herman 60,84 Hendrix, Judy 24, 52, 68 Hendrix, Larry 77 Henry, Ruth 81 Henson, Dale 73 Henson, Mary 77 Herren, Dale 15,84 Herren, Dwain 77 Herren, Jerry 30,68 Herring. Janice 77 Higgins, Arlene 81 High, James 86 High, Maurice 77 Hill, Delmar 84 Hill, Joe 86 Hinkle, Helen 81 Hinkle, Irene 73 Hobbs, Mary 35, 68 Hoffman, Jerry 81 Hoffman. Wanda 73 Jones, Bill 20, 24, 46, 47, 48, 52, 53, 67, 93 Jones, Billy 85 Jones, Bobby Kay 86 Jones, Bonnie 28,77 Jones, Carolyn 27, 81 Jones. Donna 27,77 Jones, Howard 26, 56, 57, 59, 61, 81 Jones, Kay 81 Jones, Laree 26, 27, 47, 73 Jones, Leo 60 85 Keno, Marldee 35. 51, 52, 53, Kennedy, Donis 33.68 Kenney, Donald 85 Kenney, Everett 81 Kenney, Karen 25,78 Kenney, Mary Nell 74 Key, Judy 74 Klotz, Anna Lee 45,68 Klotz, Joyce 78 Knoblauch, Gary 14,86 Koehler, Martha 78 Koontz, Linda 28, 74, 93 Koontz, Wanda 27,81 Koopman, Junior 74 Koopman, Shirley 81 Kraft, Suzan 26,63,81 Kunc, Rachel 47 ,67,68 L LaDue, June 52,85 LaDue, Tom 24,28,74 Lafferty, Leroy 78 LaGuire, Johnny 29, 85 Lamb, Daryl 81 Lamb, Sharon 74 Land, Bill 69 - Lasley, Nelson 78 Lasley, Roy 85 Lawrence Homer 60,85 Lawrence, Jim 74 Lawrence, Kendall 81 Lawrence, Sondra 69 Lawrence, 'l'obi Lee 29,86 Lawson, Donna 86 Leavell, Don 85 Lee, Clara 34, 69 Leedy, Carolyn 46, 47,48, 49 53,69,90 Leedy, Evelyn 14, 29,86 Leeper, Iaketa 78 Leer, Cecil 74 Leer, Linda 15, 50, 85 Leonard, Gary 45,69,96 Llndenman, Mary Btta 69 Linder, Buddy 27 , 61, 74, 97 Linder, Ronnie 60,86 Llnquist, Darrell 74 Liter, Joyce 27,78 Liter, Wilson 60,86 Jones, Norman 23,24,54,56,I'ouey' Mary 69 62, 68, 94 Jones, Richard 74 Jones, Ronnie 60, 86 K Kafer, Gary 78 Kafer, Kay 85 Kagiple, Sara Lou 27,28,29, Keithly, Alice 26 27 47 63 Long, Kathy 85 Loomer, Dewayne 86 Loomer, Mildred 81 Love, William 85 Lowry, Nancy 28,45,67, 69 Loy, Dick 50, 56, 57, 59, 81 Loy, Linda 16, 38, 45, 47, 48, 49, 51, 52, 53, 69 Lukenbill, David 69 68 94 ' ' ' 'Lukenbill, Frank 81 K ' , Lyon, Loretta 86 eg.1ghlSy4 Glenda 24,26,52, Lyons, G. T. 74 M Kegghlfyi Kem 22, 50, 56, 57, Maahs' Gwen 78 Kenlily. Ian 2e,4'1,52,5a, Maahs' Ivan 74 74 Kelso, Connie 29, 85 -101- MackeSIY. Judy 81 Mackesty, Mary 85 Mann, John 41,54,56,62,69 92 Mansell, F. R. 35,74 Mansell, Jo Ann 81 Mansell, Judy 86 Marquardt, Gary 21, 23,47, 66, 69 Marshall, Myra 85 Marshall, Sharon 81 Martin, Bill 27,61,74 Martin, Raymond 69 Mason, Bobby 81 Mason, Edward 82 Mason, Maxine 74 Mason, Sammy 86 Mason, Teddy 85 Mathis, Twink 17, 54, 56, 57, 61,78 Matthews, Freddy 87 Maxwell, Ray Forrest 29,85 Maxwell, Tommy 20,35, 78, 93 McAllister, Phyllis 20, 28, 74 McAllister, Tommy 56,57, 61,82 McCormack, Darroll 56,69 McCormack, Dwight 56, 57 , 82 McCormack, Howard 56, 57, 78 McDermott, Betsy 15,85 McDermott, Eleanor 28, 78 McGee, Hazel 78 McGehee, Jeanie 26, 27, 28, 47, 78 McGehee, Susie 29, 87 McGrath, Dixie Lee 78 Mclntosh, Donald 30,82 McKenzie, Kay 82 McLaud11ln, Denny 54,56, 57 , 61,74 McLean, Ennis 82 Mdleynolds, Lee 87 Means, Mac 74 Medearls, Lloyd 74 Meffert, Pam 20,46,47,49, 52, 63, 69, 98 Merritt, Marie 82 Mesplay, Betty 46,47,48, 49, 52, 63, 69, 71, 94, 96 Mesplay, Ronnie 56, 57, 59, 82, 83 Middleton, Kathryn 21,48, 78 Milford, Robert 85 Milford, Sharon 87 Miller, Bennltt 87 Mische, Diane 26,28,4 Mische, Lynd 82 Mitchell, Ethel 87 Mitchell, Larry 61, 82 Mitchem, Gene 60,85 Mitchem, Lee 82 Mitchum, Carl 27,74 Mitchum, Joy 82 Moler, Janet 24, 52, 74 Monkres, Delores 85 7,74 The Index Mooney, Lois 28,69 Moore, Francis 69 Moore, Larry 85 Moore, Mary 82 Morris, Ronnie 17,22,56,57, 59, 80, 82 Morris, Sharon 31, 69 Moss, Bob 53,74 Mulkins, Sharon 28,78 Murphy, Molly 47,49,74 Murray, Carolyn 29, 87 Murray, Donna 29,69,95 Murray. Jim 26,87 Murray, Larry 60,85 Murray, Richard 26. 74 Myers, Richard 28, 78 N Neas, Harold 26,28,50, 82 Neas, LaMae 27,44,50,80, 82 Neas, Sue 50,85 Needling, Charles 74 Nelander, Shirley 69 Nelander, Sue 85 Nelson, Jim 55, 58 Nichols, Maurice 82 Nlswanger, Ava 82 Nordyke, Thayne 85 Norris, Karen 22, 39,45,66, 69,70 Nunn, Jery 50, 51, 60, 87 0 Ogle, Greg 56, 57, 59, 82 Ogle, John 29,60,85 Ogle, Kathy 82 Ogle, Russell 17,26,44 56, 57, 59, 82, 93 Ogle, Winston 23, 41, 42, 44, 45, 47, 48, 49, 54, 55, 56, 58, 61, 62,70 Olson, Gayle 24,74 Olson, Leona 87 Olson, Lynne 85 Osbome, Joyce 78 Osborne, Rose 78 O'Too1e, Pat 35, 78 Overman, Kay 85 Overman, Ronnie 78 Overton, Mary Belle 29, 87 Owen, Ricky 50,60,85 Oyer, Bobby 29,85 Oyer, Lorrie 85 Oyer, Robert 70 Dyer, Sharon 78 P Parrish, Carol 74 Parrish, Richard 82 Payne, Donna 42,43, 85 Pearse, Virginia 16,35,47, 51, 63, 74 Pearson, Frances 78 Pee1'Y. James 78 Peerys John 82 Pent, Richard 82 Perkins, Patty 85 Perrin, David 17,74 Perrin, James 29, 87 Perrin, Paul 82 Perrin, Richard 27,82 Peters, Gary 85 Pettibon, Jack 82 Pettlbon, Kay 26,35,78 Petty, Bill 44,47,48, 54, 56, 57, 61, 62, 77, 78 Philbrick, Sue 85 Charlene 70 Charles 85 Leona 74 Yvonne 28,31, 74 Guyla 78 Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, Pickens, Pickett, 52.70, 93 Pike, Betty 82 Pllcher, Dean 70, 93 Pilcher, Georgia 74 Place, Linda 27,78 Pohl, Bob 25,47,78, 95 Polk, Bill 70 Polk, Lonnie 61,82 Porter, Vincent 24,48,49, 52, 53, 75 Preston, John 56, 57, 59, 61, 75 Prettyman, Dorothy 82 Price, Delores 87 Price, Judy 75 Price, Ronald 87 Pryor, Dottie 82 Pryor, Pauline 87 Pyle, Georgia 87 Pursley, Janice 28 Q Quackenbush, Jim 75 Quackenbush, Ronald 87 Quarton, Bill 75 Quarton, Sally 63,82 Quarton, Susan 82 Quick, Alan 26, 56,57,61, 82 R Rabon, Sharon 29,87 Rackley, Joan 78 Rackley, Marion 70 Rackley, Marvin 35,78 Ragan, James 60,85 Raan, Mary Lou 85 Ralston, Cheryl 15,85 Ramsey, Celia 23, 45,57 , 70, 91 Ramsey, Edith 35, 75 Ramsey, Ronald 60,87 Ramsey, Sharon 51,85 Rapp, Bruce 75 Rapp, Elizabeth 78 Rapp, Linda 85 RaPP. Richard 85 Rapp, Ronald 82 Rasmussen, Dale 27,61,78 Rasnic, Karen 27,47,63,78 Ratterree, Bob 82 Real, Ken 23, 34, 38, 47, 48, 49,66,7O Reed. Mike 85 Remington, Elizabeth 82 Remington, Margaret 70 -102- Mike 24,46, 47,48, Renfro, .Betty 75 Richardson, Amelia 29,87 Richey, Lutie 82,83 Rickman, -John 70 Riggs, Darrell 61,75 Riggs, Edward 79 Riggs, Mary Ann 85 Rimmer, Linda 27,44, 47,63 79 Roberts, Gary 61, 82 Robertson, Larry 79 Robinson, Billie 28,82 Robinson, Johnny 15,85 Robinson, Mary 28,75 Rndarmel. Iva 85 Roaarmel, Melvin 85 Rodieck. Gary 29,85 Rodieck, Wanda 26, 75 Rosters, Donna 85 Rose, Larry 87 Runyan, Mary 29, 85 Runyan, Tom 27,28,38,47, 48,49,54,55,56,58,62,70 RHSSSII. James 87 S Schiller, Skip 23, 38, 45,47, 48,49, 54, 55, 56, 58, 61, 62, 70, 91 Schonewetter, Louise 28,79 Sclggrenck, Caryl 46, 51,7 5, Sclsm, Scott , Scott, Scott, Beverly 82 Linda 85 Ruby 79 Sarah 29, 87 Sell, Danny 79 Selsor, David 75 Selsor, Robert 14, 87 Sewell, Arthur 79 Shafer, Rebecca 85 Shafer, Richard 28,35,79 Shaver, Barbara 14, 29, 87 Shaw, James 85 Shaw, John 29,87 Sheeks, Larry 61, 82 Sheets, Bob 75 Shell, Gerald 32,70 Shepherd, Barbara 29, 87 Shepherd, Brenda 27,79 Shepherd, Judy 26,75 Shepard, Standley 85 Shepley, Sammy 87 Sherrick, Mary 31, 79 Sherrick, Thomas 82 Shields, Argie 31,70 Shields, Margie 70 Shrewsbury. Jimmy 79 Shrewsbury, Johnny 27 ,79 Shrewsbury, Pat 29, 50, 85 Shumaker, Harold 82 Shumaker, Henry 87 Shutters, Nadine 82 Shutters, Ronald 85 Sieberns. Don 17,26,28,44, 45, 57 , 70 Sikes, Bonnie 82 Simmons, Beverly 14, 87 Simon, Jolene 27,75 Simon, Stoller 87 Simpson, Reva 75 Simpson, Wilma 82 Smith, Arthur 82 Smith, Bonnie 29,4-3,85 Smith, Cecil 85 Smith, Connie 87 Smith, Eldon 32, 75 Smith, Gary 29,87 Smith, Janet 79 Smith, John 29,85 Smith, Joyce 85 Smith, Melva 70 Smith, Nancy 28,83 Smith, Sam 75,97 Smotherman, Pat 75, 93 Snead, Gerald 30,70 Snowden, Dalton 79 Snowden, Harry 85 Spears, Carolyn 75 Spencer, Joe 83 Spencer, Patricia 29,87 Spillman, Judy 85 Spillman, Suzy 34,38,40, 41, 45, 51, 63, 70, 97 Spillrnan, Virgie 87 Sprenkle, Danny 85 Stacy, Beverly 87 Stacy, Kay 83 Staffen, Sandra 25,45,75 Staffen, Wanda 83 Starr, Kenneth 43, 50, 60, 87 Starr, Joan 83 St. Clair, Gloria 85 Steele, David 83 Stelncross, G.W. 56, 57, 79 Stephens, Ann 83 Steve, Marlene 20, 26,29, 50. 83 Stewart, Linda 83 Stoddard, Victor 79 Stong, Jim 24, 47, 52, 53, 54, 56, 62, 71, 94 Stong, Sharon 28,79 Swait, Jackie 71 Swearingen, Swearingen, 56, 57, 59, 83 Swearingen, Peyton 23,45, 54, 56, 62, 71 Sweeney, Charles 71 Sweeney, Thomas 56, 57,79 T Taylor, LeRoy 23, 47,71 Teel, Janie 21, 23, 24, 40, 41, 42, 44, 47, 48, 49, 52, 53, 63, 71, 91 Thomas, Eugene 45,71 Thomas, Susan 27,79 Thompson, Doris 75 Thompson, Janean 35, 47 , 48, 75 Thompson, John 22,44,47, 68, 71 Thompson, Pat 28, 50, 63, 83 Thompson, Virginia 87 The Index Thompson, Waneta 23, 83 White, Betty 28,31,75 Thron, Paul 79 White, Nancy 85 Thurman, Duane 26, 28,47, White, Sherry 24, 51, 52. 48,49,54,56,62,75 63,71, 97 Thurman, Gary 26,34, 44, 47 Wight, Sheldon 60, 85 49, 53, 71 Tillery, Carmen 87 Titus, Floyd 56, 57 , 61, 83 Tough, Janie 83 Tou udlth 29 87 sh. J . Tow, Gary 26, 28,35, 79,9 Transue, Perry 75 Trainor, Jacqueline 63,83 Trainor, Pat 63, 83 Tucker, Danny 29,87 Turner, Jim 23, 24.47, 51, 55, 58, 62, 71, 91 U Urner, Janet 83 Umer, Stanley 56 , 57 , 83 Umer, Tony 61, 79 V Vandenburg, Gene 83 Vaughn, Duane 29,87 Vaughn, Gary 47,71 Vickers, Roxie 29,85 Vieth, John 55, 56, 57, 59 61. 79 Vieth, Kathy 85 5 Vieth, Nancy 29, 43, 50, 87 W Wade, Jerry 27,28,61, 79 Wade, Shirley 27,28,35,'79 Wagoner, Carl 79 Walker, Charles 83 Walker, Edward 30, 75 Walker, Helen 14, 87 Walker, Jerry 79 Walker, Johnny 61,83 Walker, Lucille 20,79 Walker. Rosalyce 75 Wallace, Beth 79 Wallace, Betty 75 Wallace, Carol 87 Wallace, Glen 83 Wallace, Janet 79 Wallace Richard 29 , ,60,87 Ware, Larry 14,87 Ann 29, 85 David 15,50, 51,Wastell, Peggy 83 Watson, Rosemary 85 Webb. Richard 87 Weber, Harry 48,6l,79 Weber, Jack 50,59,83 Weber, Leland 83 Weber, Leonard 71 Weber, Verna 35,79 Webster, Mary 87 Wegerer, Janet 23, 31, 51, 71 Wegerer, Judy 63, 83 Wehrneyer, Terry 87 Weimhold La 61 75 a ITY s Weir, Ludmila 2l,35,4O,41, 46, 47,48, 52, 53,63, 73, 75,98 Werst, Delores 33, 34, 45, 51, 71 Whalan, Louise 85 Whitaker, Glenna 85 -103 53, Wiley, Carleta 79 Wilhelmson, Katherine 27, 79 Wilcox, Carl 30,75 Williams, Barbara 31, 79 Williams, Claudia 26,75 Williams, Dawson 85 Williams, Harry 83 Williams, Jim 83 Williams, Jo 24,26,47,51, 52, 53, 71 Williams, Judy 87 Williams, Keith 87 Williams, Lester 79 Williams, Mary 75 Winscott, Lillie 83 Winters, Elizabeth 43,87 Winters, Karen 63, 75 Winters, Lily 14, 87 Wise, Carolyn 83 Witte, Kay 50,87 Wolfe, Linda 22, 24, 52, 79 Wood, Byron 79 Wood, Martha 85 Wood, Patty 87 Wood, Phyllis 85 Woodfill, Kathy 24,35,49, 51, 52, 75 Woods, Carol 83 Woods, Dale 75 Woolverton, Bonnie 45,71, 93 Woolverton, Thomas 15, 29, 60, 85 Wright, Buddy 84,85 Wright, James 61,83 Wright, Linda 24, 44, 52, 75 Wright, Paula 14, 87 Wynes, Larry 27,44,48,73, 75 Wynes, Linn 35,48,49,79 Y Young, Danny 27, 50, 56, 57, 59, 80, 83 Young, John 79 Yurk, Sammy 27 ,79 Z Zener, Karlene 34, 53, 71 Zilliox, Waneta 33,71 Zimmerman, Charles 71 Zion, Suzanne 48,75,90 ADULTS Armitage, Everett 49 Barkell, Helen 10, 14 Brown, R. L, 10 Butner, Marie 10. 80 Butner, Stanley 9 Carter, Mary 9 Carter, Russell 10, 22, 52 Cole, Ada 10 Cox, Carl 9 Crawford, Carol 10 Curnutt, Floyd 10,34 Curry, Bruce, 10,50 Dahmer, Olga 10,84 Dehon, Des 11 Ewing, Lynn 8 Fellows, Merle 9 Perry, Ingles 49 Flory, O. M. 8 Fowler, H. L. 8 Fraley, Berniece 49 Fraser, Myrle 11,25 Frye, Earl 9 Gregg, Alma 11,20 Gregory, Bobbie 11 Gulley, Willard 11, 28,29 Hamblin, W. R., Jr. Headley, Guy 9 Herring, Tom 49 Hoover, Marion 9 Inwood. Nelle 8 Jackson, Leaetta 11 Johns, Doyle 9 Jones, C. H., Jr. 7 Keithly, Gail 11, 12,63 Keithly, W. Garland 6 Kennedy, Don 49 Kraft, Joe 49 Lewis, Harry 9 Logan, George 8 Love, Dr. W. S. 8 Loy, Harriet 9 Mahaffey, A. L, 11,30 Mahaffey, Mary 12 Marquardt, Sue 9 McConnell, Dale 9 11 McGovney, Edna 11, 12 McVickers, Roy 9 Miller, Mrs. Homer 9 Miller. Homer 9 Miles, John 12, 17 Neas, Jack 9 Nichols, F. A. 9 Null, Arthur 9 Pearse, Dr, R. W, 8 Pickens, Myrtle 12 Pohl, Marjorie 12,34 Quackenbush, Dee 9 Radford, Gladys 12,48 Reed, Wayne 12,56,62 Rimmer, Gene 12, 35, 56, 5 61, 62 Rimmer, Juanita 12,46 Rombach, Vera 13, 17,73 Rowton, Geraldine 13 Schiller, Frances 13 Shaver, Iris 9 Shaw, Elizabeth 13,66 Smith, Bill 9 Teel, Bernice 10, 13, Tolle, Nell 13,29 87 9 Van HOY. John 13, 21, 23,77 Weltmer, Ruth 7 Wight, Amos 49 Wilhelmson, Virginia 12,13 Wirth, Kleetis 7 Wysong, Frank 49 fi nurnnnnpus fl Qgyii' K WM M ' W as Mjiyfgjiffw ' W , VL. K . . - ,m1:z-:2,.- -xml Z' 1 ix . .J ' x ti Ara' - - V Q H '- , 5 I , ' V H E . N -' 'V- 3..,, rx .v w ,M , gy , W , LWEK S 5,0 ' ', A Xl 3 QT A -lAW xijjqu -- i J ' A 'E M., Qx"'X1?u I ' I 3 3 Y. 4 Mflfngjiyfm V351 If c6K5p14xpiP?Nfi9 Afaawjyfnff 5 ,Mg Smeg- I X'-fffwgy f Q' KSU ZQAJL 5 ZZ. ix , ' 2 1 S262 gf fb -ig Q, va!-5 . - f iii, 'FQ 'azggjgffgg E tl il? 356 MQ fi? 1 , DS f3,..g2-. -5 Q 'V 1: QQ 2. 4f 92 , ,g f- g 1 'Q S

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