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',:.':w- ' 2-'K Fiiifili. .r 45552 M . 'i 4' - 'fA'?i- 29351-- . H. - JLG 'iw -, f fi? A ' - "1 T35-:'F f- . -fx y 1"!fi5f an 1:2 - 1-1? wp , LLM- xv ,, 4" A Axim 11 52 X ,K L " .Lfg1:'- ' ' . KA " Y 'QM :QW . k Lf 34 .. awuz Lfv 'f..'?:.A' ' 'iff 5553, ,, 1 - .'-'574 "V ' K '.4:.'b'3f'f?fi23f7' fl - 'La 'E' 9' QA, , A:-A. A . 1' , ,S 1' - . W I I r N ' ,L I Q . . , . . I C' 1 Y l ' 1 1 0 'fx A. T1 f fe f ,::: , vi! ' C .E if 2 UE" 4' , .. , , is 'Eg' K' x" 3 'C , , , ,T W - . 1 4 l 1 1' ,i5QI'1 - 4,-ng, , ' JH? :L 5 " 1 . 'S' If I 19 A I I n , W Q ,L 2'i!-'a- Q b f,'?,fq, fb 'r :f.:- f ww .,- , . ' V Vfzgflffs , A ' K ,,-- If:-A44"aLl?4-1 5 if gm ,,.j5::.vQ .h . ,, J - f ' J f - ". . ff 1 if 1 Ufiiiiiv-wi 4- M- . x :1'xr,....-V" . 4 . ' ex- , 4 . 2 . - XM . fn ' ' diy-3.51 ,',Q..f ,1 hs. i1fv:X'Ys.i-f.- Pg-,mix ' :' -niaiw :W 5'-'Sf 1 .:' . 'J-TR' 'VII . ' , .. A 7"5"ff'fi'f'WFF"'W'VW??"U '," ,',F'V?'WW -' "ff lf?" ""f?1'3"if'f"7f' Q V - - Q P M -,if , aw,-WaQ74fM jZa,afw6d9, SfZiZfZ Qivpfa 'ff 0? Jad- ' f7V 'x if yxwwfww www vwdwwafywgff .,j'ff'4g' , ,'aA.f 4 Q21 'fs ., Ja. 'W 195 ?""' ,.g:i.?5 , .V ' A..,....1 .L maui 11ne!4Imi1nl2'5efH9 'm4r41aiAw1Eica TABLE OF CONTENTS TION. . . . . Page 2 SCHOOL LIFE .... . . . Page 12 ORGANIZATIONS. . . . . . Page330 SPORTS ...... .... v WLM ,W 1 .Pa ge 54 , CLASSES . . ' B. ADVERTISING Page 60 Page 88 5404 ,. S+ , Eg. UAV, "N """ivt f ax ,Q in honest work, in generous comradeship, in the courage of high convictions . in the inspiration that comes from contact with all that is truest and best,' in books, in people, in life. in loyalty to our high school, the fostering mother of these ideals, and I pledge her my allegiance in all her undertakings, in all that will make her a stronger and nobler school. xi, I X oo- . vt we fri 4 F95 ,bf '.'2.,fff 'A , . fri is mrirxi "ruff M f . ffl.. if 'ff' ' :Q ft 9 I gi? i if If ref - " A n .ff , f Y 4 t A Q1,IIIJI .'.,. K' if yt f'?-?..,,,- .f.- A mafia " 1 1 4241: 'Mp "yr x jd If ff: J' 3 fit in honest work. In the last week of sweltering August, 864 teen-agers reluct- antly left the carefree days of ll:OO breakfasts and lazy after- noons beside the pool to return once more to the halls of N. H. S. They were caught up in the quick tempo of dresses and dates for the "Anti-Van". . . election of "big wheels" . . . cramming frantically for the notorious history exam . . . juggling points for the honor roll . . . cheering with fierce pride as our Tigers defeated Carthage in the Home- coming game . . . endless hours of rehearsals for plays . . . scurrying to meet deadlines . . . all the work and the fun that make an American education a part of life that will never be for- gotten. School moved along with well- oiled precision. All things pointed to another year of typical Nevada school life--jammed with the 3 R's and all the extras that make the difference. On the night of November 29, the play cast for "Dino" was having dress rehearsalg members of the NEVAMO staff were putting the final touches on their first quota of Sl pages for their December 1 deadlineg the F.H.A. members trouped off to Butler for a gay skating party . . . AND THEN . . . ADMINISTRATION OUR NIGHT T0 REMEMBER . . . Shortly before 11:00 on that memorable night, Mrs. Leon Allen, who lives in the first house south of the high school, was awakened by the cracking of windows . See- ing flames shooting from the building, she called her husband who ran to the home of Roy Wert to summon the fire department. Spreading rapidly from the lowest floor, the fire of undetermined origin gained head- way through the air ducts, and enveloped the central section. After the flames shot up through the ducts, there was no hope of extinguishing the fire which spread relent- lessly to both the senior high wing on the east and the Gyrmiasium-auditorium section on the west. Fire departments from Ft. Scott and Butler soon arrived in Nevada. The fire department from the State Hospital and a unit of men from the National Guard also assisted local firemen. As news of the fire was relayed, many Nevadans hurried to the scene. They stood helplessly and almost silently by as they watched the roaring flames completely consume a building filled with thousands of memories . As people watched the tragic occur- rence, they were grateful for the fact that the disaster did not happen while school was in session. Had the fire be- gun ten hours later, 864 students would have been attending a scheduled assem- bly in the auditorium. Citizens found some comfort in the fact that things could have been much worse, and view- ing the shell of the structure the next morning, they realized that dismal scenes like these were commonplace in countries ravaged by wars and struggles for freedom. Ya Even as fire flickered in various parts of the building, the long process of reor- ganization was begun by the school board members as they met in the first of a long series of board meetings. Even as the charred-walls of N .H. S. were being battered to the ground, plans were being made for the future. Slowly a semblance of order emerged. Fortunately, important records were protected by the fireproof vaults . Once more the countless files and schedules were filled out, grades recorded, books, desks, and other essential supplies were ordered and received. Successful negotiations were carried out for securing the new Pine Street Church Annex to house the Senior High School studentsg Longstreth's Market resounded with noises quite un- usual to a normal store as eager Freshmen returned to their booksg the Nevada Motor Company building and the former Safe- way Store building took on their new roles as Junior High Schools without complaint. Ringing the old-fashioned bell became quite an honor for seventh and eighth graders as the Strange became ordinary, and the unusual became common. Bleak partitioned walls soon were covered with Santa and the reindeer. Windows were plastered with miniature blizzards, and the Wise Men traveled to Bethlehem in many rooms. According to tradition, the Senior Christmas tree was decorated and erected. Although it was probably the smallest one in the long line of Senior trees, and Bryan auditorium seemed different from the time-honored spot "under the clock" on the second floor of N .H.S. , Seniors felt that traditions must be kept as usual. BIG WHEELS STUDY PLANS WHILE PM .,VL.S, ,un,r,.,, vS.S HA MEN WITH A PLAN--Members of the School Board register approval as they study the preliminary plans of the proposed new Junior-Senior High School building. Seated are School Board members George Lo- gan, Hubert Fowler, Secretaryg O. M. Flory, Presidentg and Dr. Roy Pearse, Vice-President. Standing are Dwight Brown, Dean Lintecum, architectsg C. H. Jones, Ir. , Superintendent of Schoolsg and Dr. Standlee Love, member of the School Board. The task of operating the schools of the R-5 District is a big one, but the problems of 1956-57 have been multiplied enormously The Nevada Junior-Senior High School was destroyed by fire the night of November 29. By noon of November 30 a School Board com- mittee was negotiating for emergency quar- ters. Various board committees were at work daily on some phase of the emergency, and within the next five weeks, the School Board met fourteen times . The first students to return to school, the eighth graders, were at their desks within seven days . By january 2 all Junior-Senior high school students were attending their classes again. Superintendent Jones and the members of the Board kept the public well-informed, stres sing the fact that the new building would det- ermine the character of education for the next century. The community is indeed fortunate to have these administrators and School Board mem- bers to direct the educational activities of this area. Shown below are Superintendent Jones and School Board member Lynn Ewing in the superintendent's temporary office at Bryan Grade School. 1 I K W-as PM as A as is H! S I ! SPOKES DIRECT EMERGENCY FACILITIES 1 t I E ' A THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ACCURATE. . . is demon- strated by Mrs. Nelie Inwood, Registrar, and Janie Riggs as they check a list of students. DEAR PATRONS. . . is the byword in Mr. Jones' office as Mrs. Ruth Weltmer and Miss Kleetis Wirth work to keep the activities of the school district run- ning smoothly and efficiently. MAN ON THE GO. . . Traveling to six buildings each hour of the day, Mr. Keithly finds time to pick up attendance reports in addition to handling competently his many other duties as principal. aww ,. 5 is Agri? J ii C FACULTY ENCOURAGES SCHOLARSHIP, ,Z7s1'i,af INF" V' ' "' ' Some little students went to Longstreth's market. . .where Mr. Earl Frye manages the maintenance duties. X I fvnnvildvl MARIE BUTNER MYRLE FRASER Civics An fin x..f""' ,gun-""' DES DEHON IRENE FLEMING Driver Education Home Economics GENE RIMMER WAYNE REED Coaching Coaching Driver Education Physical Ed Counseling ALMA GREGG BOBBIE GREGORY CLIFFORD HAISLIP English III Biology Speech 8a Debate Dramatics IUANITA RIMMER ELIZABETH SHAW NELL TOLLE English Social Science Commerce J lEADERSHlP, SERVICE, AND CHARACTER -dvi 'mr CAROL HARRIS English LA VERNA HARMON Commerce if.. IOHN VAN HOY Journalism Spanish Latin LEAETTA JACKSON JOHN MILES VERA ROMBACH General Science Mathematics Mathematics C. H. JONES. JR. GAIL KEITHLY MARJORIE POHL Chemistry Physical Ed. American History ROBERT BROWN Industrial Arts GLADYS RADFORD World History Some little students went to the church. . .The Custodial Crew-- Homer Miller. Chief Custodian, F. A. Nichols and Marion Hoover. VIRGINIA WILHELMSON Study Hall :Pls rr HELEN BARKELL BILL GULLEY Instrumental Music Core Curriculum 7 Other little students went to the Safeway Market. . . where Mrs. Homer Miller applies a "woman's touch." FLOYD CURNUTT BR'-IEE CURRY OLGA DAHMER Occupational Ed. Masceiglfics Core Curriculum 8 A . L. MAHAFFEY Agriculture BERNIECE TEEL Core Curriculum '7 -A au, ' 1, go. K E K K . ADA COLE Core Curriculum 8 W, R. HAMBLIN, IR Core Curriculum 8 wdbl ,vii 43.35 5' X is 2 5 'st S uunh il an-: EDNA McGOVNEY MYRTLE PICKENS GERALDINE ROWTON GEORGE SCI-IUMANN Core Curriculum 7 Core Curriculum 8 School Nurse Vocal Music And the rest went to the Nevada Motor Company. . . nell opened the door for students instead of cars. Q where Mr. Dale McCon- u ss s RR? ii"' E W MAUDE WARDIN Library 8s Spec. Ed. Q .. EARN JOBS WEll DONE FOR R-5 PATRONS P. T. A.--The High School Parent Teacher Association, besides maintaining good school and com- munity relations, carries out many worthwhile projects each year. Here, Dr. George D. Englehart, Director of School Building Services of the State Department of Education, discusses plans for the new school with Mrs. Gay Barton, Presidentg Mrs. Mary Fisk, Chairman of the Get-Out- The-Vote drive: and Mr. O. M. Flory, President of the R-5 Board of Education. BUS DRIVERS BEAT THE CLOCK FIRST ROW: Dee Quackenbush, Bill Smith, Harry Lewis, Fred Mealey, and Dean Greer, substituting for Roy McVic ker SECOND ROW: F. A. Nichols. Doyle Johns, Jack Neas, Carl Cox, Supervisorg Guy Headley, Stanley Butner, Merle Fellows, and Roy Householder yas, WW 1 U - lnrrmsm Q ik? ?2frffs,1 Q r s ,s K':avz1'a:l . rl fr 1 - , 11 ,s M :H g ' gg. 4? Q, ' 'T 5 5 fl . 11,15 saw f wg 42 l, if - J. , vb, Z 1 V5-zkggwxz, Qmgmii' , f M33 151, wfwx' M21-vim, 11, , A1,figHiis512'f?22g1ss1ei? 'L 1' fl efm11,3e,,f D, .Mx Sz :se.xs'.4,'f'Q9'Lj-Lf' 71, rig: .zA1"W"i . K ?'j3i5,mf,,Asf,f?w, 5, M, wk Hg, ,.,, 'f35?gj21HlYaq,EiiH3f1Es33Egf?ffygwfmizief Sgl8.Q253235Qis'fi2feszmfE2gi1gSgwZ2ff?5,ziL1 iz? :5m95gm?3?Z'4sm7' '::.,,s4 2 1M.w,M,1fgKW. V f -wx ff:Ef1:2u U pw Lf Q511m2QsvSgaz?gfS5?f x 'K 53 i 'fgsi 151 f E bw -, 3- sv' 1 ! f 2 5 2 2 i , 2 . k 1' fi Xl Y Q , K xxx: mug' ' in generous comrudeship. N.H.S. means books, assignments tests, and grade cards. But it also means dates, dances, parties, elec- tions, queens, corsages, and never- to-be forgotten friendships. In addi- tion to learning about the Constitution, teen-agers learn the art of getting along with others, a skill they will always need long after they have for- gotten the verbs in grammar and the formulas in math. We are proud to go to a school which has turned the Halloween Seas- on into a gala period with a traditional Anti-Van Party. It was fun to decor- ate the gym, to meet with committee members to plan the Spook Room, and to choose the pictures for the annual all-school party. There is excitement guessing about who is going to be the Homecoming Queen selected by the football players . Spring brings weeks of planning and wondering about the Prom. The girls dream about frothy formals, and the fellows debate the question--"to buy an orchid, or not to buy an or- chid. " Then at the end of the year, there used to be the gym jammed with people on "Sign Night." Now, the place has changed, but the name is the same. We will still write, "It's been swell knowing you, " for the comradeship of high school is a great thing in an N.H. S. student's life. SCHOOL llFE 1 LV K, A A 4 l , , w NEVAMO QUEEN Pamau em X Tween 771 1" Zcwolqn .laeda 744mm if r 5 NEVAMO ROYALTY Fm Em 'urn in-:His M Z gk ' 'Vim' as wwf' lr fr-ff! it i "V: in , 3 MDA J' ri' fv if gf? , " J 'Q Q 4 ggi F ' f af J zdcwiacuw fi v m, If , ,. Qfyfffi, S si' 9 W Q Q ii :J 'W L' Sadat ANTI-VAN ROYALTY QUEEN 770554 7400x441 Senior KING -lee faq grande Senior PRINCESS PRINCE Eighth Grade page mam Eighth Grade star ef NTI-VAN FUN PUTS A is 1 1 A TOUCH or ROYALTY--is added IO the Amr- THEY CAME FROM OUTER SPACE?--'M.C. Richard ormsread V-an by Raymond Crawford, Harry Vjleber, sue greets invading Martians. Jim Ebbs and Frank Woodfill in the Anti- Ann Hafpoldf Ieame MCGeHee- Pflfwe Jack Van Talent Show. Weber, Queen Melba Thomas, FOOD AND FUN--are sampled by Vincent Porter, Ann Bridgeman, Kent Adams, Karen Winters and Brenda Hancock. ' i- -'le 'x - v Y an 5 X X K-1-mam , v 5 ? . N--L..-f s K 'N BAN on vANnAusm u,-'MMV King Lee Roy Burris, Princess Pat Thompson, Mary Ann Giacometti, Linda Bell, Tom Runyan, SWAMI KNOWS ALL, SEES ALL, TELLS ALL.. --Linda Rapp peers and Larry Wynes. into the future with the help of the all-knowing Swami and his crystal ball. SHALL WE DANCE?--The trials of the day are the least concern of Suzie Spillman, Lewin Brantle B b B th 1 P ' ' ' y, ar ara e e , eyton Swearingen, Beth Potter, Skip Schiller, Delores Werst, and Gary Vaughn as they enjoy the Anti- Van Dance. -- M425 l s. r if 1 1-an I PLAY ME HEARTS AND FLOWERS--Queen Dorothy Wescoat takes her place in the court of flowers with Melba Thomas, Lee Roy Burris, Larry Siebert, Janie McGeHee and Gary Ewan. ANNUAL HDMECOMING "AND WE HAVE THE TEAM THAT CAN DO IT"-- Backed up by Carolyn Linder, N.H. S. alum Jim Woodfill builds up pre-game spirit. HOT TIME IN THE OL' TOWN TONIGHT--The Carthage dummy goes up in smoke much as the hopes of their fans in the annual homecoming struggle. X x 1 PUT YOUR NAME ON THE DOTTED LINE--Miss Shaw and Mrs. Rombach welcome alumni Floyd Minor and Nancy Bethel back home to good old N.H. S. IS GMA EVENT DIG THAT CRAZY RHYTHM--Bob Irvin, Ludmila Weir, Sam Carter, Carolyn Linder, Kent Hawkins and Jan Edwards dance away the last minutes of the Homecoming Dance. .aj """! HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS Senior 77f6M4 7400144 Senior gun Wm ' 44, Q1 Exif , .psf - if-K N 5 YZSJV' ' Q 5- Q1 5 it EVENING IN PAREE VIA THE 'OW DO YOU LIKE ZEES PICTURE? Asks the Artist of Frances Jones, Sue Robinson, Shirley Huttsell and Lloyd Palmer. AT A SIDEWALK CAFE--Sally Estes, Martha Hendrix, Cecilia Banta, and Charles Clemmons chat between numbers. IN THE FRENCH QUARTER--we ind Henry Robertson, Nancy Gibson, John Norris, Sondra Gumm, Frank Woodfill, Janie Riggs, Nancy Addington and Don Ferguson dancing to the music of Gay Paree. 'D "h,,'4r' 5 z PROM I THE SHOW MUST GO ON Another inspiring recovery from the fire was climaxed by the dramatics class as they presented "Dino, " Pictured above are Pam Meffert, Larry Siebert, Larry Emery, and Bob Hammontree in a scene from the play. Other members of the cast included Jane Wolfe, Doyle Cohick, Frank Woodfill, Karen Norris, Nancy Gibson, Glenda Keithly, Janis Burgess, Carolyn Linder, Linda Loy, Bill Hickman, Lynn Gowin, Janet Wegerer. Barbara Bethel. Donna Carroll, Judy Hatfield, Eddie Nelander, and Ronald Dodson. FAIRY TAlES CAN COME TRUE In a dramatic moment from the Spring Festival play, 'The Leprechaun, " Egan Malloy fDoy1e Cohick--the leprechaunj struggles uselessly as Shawn McCarthy CLarry Emeryy gives Egan's gold to his greedy lady-love Katy O'Donihan fMary Ann Giacomettiy while Himself King of the Little People fDon Fergusonj wisely remains in the background. -X, ,E 2 2 LOVE ME TENDER!! Linda Loy and Lynn Gowin engage in a tender love scene despite the SI2.l'eS of Jim Turner, Karen Norris, Leo Jones, Norman Jones, Joe Bailey, and Barbara Bethel. "PARDON, YOUR INK PLOT IS SHOWING! !" Linda Loy goes on to tell these disillusioned hens, Karen Hendrix, Io Frances Williams, Betty Mesplay, Janie Teei, and Donna Houchin just exactly what they are. I 1' 1 , . N V t . af V ' . ' ,K fy 5 WH 1 I t , , ealawve-sf' 'x "' .f 0 "THE lITTlE D06 lAUGHED" FOR .IUNIORS FUTILE FEUDING! ! Suzie Spillman and Martha Duncan try to restrain the fighting fathers, Sam Fine and Gary Thurman, while Sherry White and Mike Pickett watch with increasing interest. 1 SENIORS STAGE "OUT OF THE TRYING PAN" IS HE. . . YOU KNOW?--The odd antics of Richard Olmstead seem to leave no question in the minds of Jane Wolfe, Larry Emery, Nancy Gibson, Frank Woodfill, Janis Burgess, or Doyle Cohick. SLEEPING BEAUTY--Larry Emery, Janis Burgess, Nancy Gibson, Jane Wolfe, Frank Woodfill, and Richard Olmstead are con- cemed by the effects of a few well-placed sleeping pills on Carolyn Linder. RETURN OF THE KEYSTONE COPS?--Gary Ewan and Henry Robertson determined to enforce law and order, although Sally Es- tes and Don Ferguson appear none too fear- ful. Rehearsals progress while Mr. Clifford Haislip, Director, gives Student Director Sandra Moore helpful pointers on staging. SANTA VISITS SENIORS GET OUT THOSE OLD RECORDS--and the requests of Lloyd Palmer, Shirley Crabtree, Andrea Angel and Doyle Cohick are considered by Frank Woodfill. chief disc jockey for the evening. ,Ns A SANDWICH IN THE HAND IS WORTH TWO ON THE TRAY--is the password at the food counter as Albert Armstrong, Patty Hauser, Shirley Huttsell, Sam Carter, Janie McGehee Melba Thomas, Helen Rutledge, Herbert Ayers, Mary Boyd, Jessie Walters, Gale Applegate and Bill Hickman line up for snacks between dances. THE 4tI1 "R" - - RECREATION KING MEI --Don Bobbett and Darrell Butterfield are onlookers at an exciting checker game be- tween Marion Rackley and Charles Sweeney. 1,5 A-SLIPPIN' AND A-SLIDIN'--and the tempo increases, much to the delight of these jitterbuggin' hep- cats. SLOW AND DREAMY'--is the mood for this dance as couples inch their way around the crowded floor at a Youth Club party. SOPHOMORE PILGRIMAGE--Each year the Domestic Science Club of Nevada sends a lucky girl or boy to Jefferson City. Re- ceiving the honor this year was Bob Irvin, shown here with his alternate, Joe Barone. CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES--For the second year, N.H. S, students were given the opportunity of filling city offices for a day. Pictured here are: First Row--Janis Burgess, Bob Irvin, Harold Palmer, Martha Boyd, Carolyn Leedy, and Mike Pickettg Second Row--Brian Evans, Gary Ewan, Jim Ebbs, Frank Wood- fill, and Richard Olmstead. i I SPECIAL GIRLS' AND BOYS' STATE--Reminiscing over the wonderful times and valuable ex- periences they had last summer are the happy Seniors Henry Robertson, Frank Wood- fill, Cecilia Banta, Doyle Cohick, Harold Palmer, and Nancy Gibson who were hon- ored to spend that unforgettable week at Boys State in Warrensburg and Girls' State in Ful- ton. K 1 if AWARDS STUDENT COUNCIL DELEGATES--Members of the Senior High School Council discuss the ideas they gained at workshops across the na- tion. Lloyd Palmer, Bob Irvin, and Pam Mef- fert attended the state convention in Columbiag Jack Nelson, the national convention in Toledo, Q Ohio: Jim Ebbs. national leadership camp in Estes Park, Coloradog and Patricia Carter and Doyle Cohick, the state workshop in Columbia. '?M?.l.. MISSOURI D.A.R. WINNER--After winning the local D.A.R. award for citizenship, Janis Burgess won the Missouri D.A.R. award for good citizenship and knowledge in Amer- ican History. Janis received the state recog- nition at a banquet at the Kentwood Arms Hotel in Springfield. At left she is shown as she boarded a plane for Oklahoma City to proof- read the yearbook. WT' CITY COUNCIL SELECTED--City Council members chosen to serve in the Mayor For A Day project this year were Jim Ebbs, Bob Irvin, Janis Burgess, Brian Evans, and Frank Woodfill, M F if Q, an A Mayor. VIIL . ff' io""i1 V, .g ' S53 -k ,Q l"5'??siii?F".'?'f" K. X . ' - 4 I .. i 7' kwa., A W ,K "W V J X'-mu...,,,..,, .W in the courage of high convictions. The rap of a gavel . . . the call to order . . . another student is given the opporttmity to gain experience in leadership and citizenship so vital to the modern society. Often the job seems trivialg yet, who can deny the warm glow of pride when a friendly hand reaches out in congratulation for a job well-done? In the midst of a par- ty, one is likely to forget the long hours of drudgery and decorating nec- essary in the preparation. Who can remember the weary hours of planning and work 'while he is watching an en- tertaining assemb1y7 Organizations play a vital role in life at N. H. S. More important than adding to the en- joyment of the entire student body, organizations furnish the means of training our future leaders and citizens ORGANIZATIONS WORK, WORK, WORK, ---Doyle Cohick, NEVAMO Staff Business Manager, watches Bill Jones look up one of the many advertisers while Mike Pickett and Mike Adam compose an ad for them. 2 "BALANCE YOUR PAGES"---Sandra Moore and Janis Burgess, NEVAMO Editor, listen to suggestions from Mrs, Rimmer while Carolyn Leedy awaits her tum. FIRE REDUCES QUANTITY - NOT QUALITY , nw, to sv Hx A tw. Y T 5--f , 1 xg 4- :Fl I I - t "K at-qw K Elgmvrfj FQ lla.. 323 :if sl' sg: .1 ,,.- W, iifi 1531 Y fl If .ivy 1: 'paw ima. "GOT TO MEET THAT DEADLINE"-' Cecilia Banta, Janie Riggs and Nancy Gibson make interesting information appear on blank pages. 'SEA I 1 Thr Xu Ida DRUM A3017 t Pa Ufmte all 359 Parade Iomyfm' CRIMSON AND GRAY RESUMES PUBLICATION HEAD-HUNTERS--Henry Robert- son, Ronald Dodson, Judith Flem- ming, Mike Ferry, and Larry Siebert search for an eye-catching headline. F T i 'iv' wo, 0... THE BIG STORY--Maxine Mating, Helen LaDue, Jerry Welch, Gary Ewan, and Mary Dell Boyd read the finished product. SENIOR COUNCIL SETS GOAL FOR STUDENTS 'Q' Juniors FIRST ROW: Linda Loy, Pam Meffert, Janie Teel, Carolyn Leedy, Suzie Spillman, and Karlene Zener SECOND ROW: Bill ones Tom Run an Win- I y . ston Ogle: Skip Schiller and Peyton Swearingen '57 ,..,,,, Seniors FIRST ROW: Melba Thomasg Jim Ebbs, Vice-Presidentg Miss Gladys Radford, Spon- sorg ,Tack Nelson, Presidentg Patricia Carter, Secretary, and Doyle Cohick, Treas- urer. SECOND ROW: Lee Roy Burris, Karen McClellan, Janis Burgess, Frank Woodfill, and Lloyd Palmer. THIRD ROW: Henry Robertson, and John Norris. Sophomores FIRST ROW: Maridee Kelso, Ludmila Weir, Janean Thomp son, Bob Irvin, and G. T. Ly- ons SECOND ROW: Larry Gar- rett, Bil1Quarton, Ed Carter, Larry Wynes, and Joe Adams JUNIOR COUNCll IMPROVES CITIZENSHIP 6 .,,,,,. ----..,.,.,,..,,,,,,Arw as 1 JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL--9TH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Mr. Bruce Curry, Sponsor, Linda Wolfe, Donna Guinn, Jeannie McGehee, and Rama Campbell. SECOND ROW: T. J. Maxwell, Lynn Wynes, Bill Hall, Jim Nelson, Danny Thomas, and Bob Current. 7TH AND 8TH GRADES--FIRST ROW: Carolyn Jones, Bonnie Smith, Mary Campbell, Myra Marshall, Patty Shrewsbury, Janice Beisly, and Pat Thompson. SECOND ROW: Ricky Owen, Gerald Bronkar, Billie Brown, Nancy Brown, Ellen Fisher, Harold Neas, Sheldon Wight and Mike Cleveland. THIRD ROW: Kendall Lawrence, Jane Ann Tough, Bob Bloom, Terry Johnson, Jack Weber and Joe Spencer. V7 v- 4' 'Q c A 1 BREAKING THE AVERAGE BARRIER SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER, AND SERVICE are the ideals upheld by each member of the National Honor Society. FIRST ROW: Sandra Staffen, Janean Thompson, Virginia Pearse, Janet Keithly, Sandra Moore, Secretaryg Frank Woodfill, Vice-President, and Janis Burgess, President SECOND ROW: Cecilia Banta, Celia Ram sey, Linda Loy, Carolyn Leedy, Laree Jones, Nancy Gibson, Patricia Carter, Helen Rutledge, Judith Flemming, Jane True, Melba Thomas, and Martha Keithly THIRD ROW: Lloyd Palmer, Gary Thurman, Richard Olmstead, Sam Fine, Duane Thurman, Harold Palmer, Henry Robertson, Jack Nelson, John Thompson, Don Sieberns, Doyle Cohick, and Bill Jones YOUTH CLUB COUNCIL PlANS PARTIES Sharon Beisley. Mayor. takes notes as Lloyd Palmer suggests a plan for lively entertainment. Other members in the picture are: Helen Hancock, Virginia Hall, Kay Dahmer, Guyla Pickens, Barbara Belsly, Paul Haynes, Al- bert Armstrong, and Barbara Bethel. ef" HAPELY OFFICE SUPPlIES Commercial Club members aspire to the future when those interminable hours of practice, dictation and typing will emerge in the satisfac- tion of a job well done. FIRST ROW: Janie McGehee, Asst. Secretary-Treasurer, Melba Thomas, President, Jane True, Secretary- Treasurerg Helen Rutledge SECOND ROW: Nancy Gibson, Janie Riggs, Judy Pyle, Carolyn Linder, Sally Estes THIRD ROW: Jeaneen Dukes, Nancy Addington, Shirley Wolfe, Frances Jones, Donna Carroll FOURTH ROW: Roberta Thorburn, Lucille Shafer, Andrea Angel, Doris Overton. FIFTH ROW: Linda Bittner, La Deane Bobbett, Mrs. Nelle Tolle, Sponsor, La Von Pettibon GOOD COOKS PLUS GOOD lOOKS QAND THEY SEW, TOOD -- F. H. A. teaches our girls tl1e economics of becoming successful homemakers. Shown here are members of this year's club with their sponsor, Mrs. Irene Fleming. FIRST ROW: Naomi Hagerman, Betty White, Sandra Staffen, Songleader SECOND ROW: Marilyn Smith, Helen Little, Diane Ireland, Glenda Keithly, Vice-President, Patricia Smotherman, Rosalyce Walker, Clara Lee, Parllamentariang Melba Belsley, Treasurer THIRD ROW: Wanda Freeland, Shirley Garwood, Judy Greer, Mary Lolley, Mary Kenney, Karen Winters, Janet Moler, Reporter FOURTH ROW: M B ' ' ary urnos, Mary Robinson, Martha Duncan, Judy Rainey, Secretary, Kay Jackson, Jean Staffen, President, Judy Shepherd, and Mrs. Fleming ., ,, ffQ1wi4 "NO BUSINESS lIKE SHOW BUSINESS" 'KT' Members of Thespian Troupe 1349 are: FIRST ROW: Henry Robertson, Parliamentariang Larry Emery, Treasurerg Janis Burgess, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Clifford Haislip, Sponsor, Doyle Cohick, President, Nancy Gibson, Secretary, and Sue Robinson, Reporter SECOND ROW: Pam Meffert, Jane Wolfe, Frank Woodfill, Betty Mesplay, Bob Ham- montree, Mike Pickett, and Mary Ann Giacometti Tl-IIRD ROW: Karen Norris, Linda Loy, Martha Hendrix, Brian Evans, Gary Thurman, Karen Hendrix, and Martha Duncan JUNIOR lIONS AND ROTARIANS FIRST ROW: I'm Ebbs, Larry Siebert, Lee Roy Burris, G. T. Lyons, , - . and Winston Ogle. SECOND ROW: Doyle Cohick, Frank Woodfill, Gary Ewan, -I-HCR NCISCH, John NOFHS.. Raymond ' M thl re resentatives of each class enjoy opportunity ,to attend local Lions and Gose, and Freddie Prertyman. on y, D D V , , Rotary Club meetings and learn more about the functions of these worthy civic organizations. .k..i..4 SPORTSMEN SUPREME FIRST ROW: Jim Ebbs, Larry Slebert, Vice-Presidentg Lee Roy Burris, Jack Nelson, John Norris, Raymond Gose, Sec- retary-Treasurerg Peyton Swearingen, and Winston Ogle SECOND ROW: Sam Carter, Coach Gene Rimmer, Norman Jones, Gary Ewan, Presidentg Jim Stong, Darrell Alexander, Ed Carter, Skip Schiller, Ronald Dodson, Larry Biles, Gary Hall, Bob Hammontree, and Charles Clemmons FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA FIRST ROW: James Jenkins, Sentinelg Donald Wallace, Reporterg Maurice Dahmer, Treasurerg A. L. Mahaffey, Ad- visorg David Hamersley, Secretary. Myron Hiestand, Vice-Presidentg and Fred Prettyman, President. The importance of proper seed selection, one of the many modern money-saving ideas encouraged by the Future Farmers of America is demonstrated by A. L. Mahaffey, Sponsor. C.0.E. STUDENTS EARN WHILE THEY LEARN APPRENTICES APLENTY --Karen McClellan, Secretary, Mr. Cumutt, Sponsor: Judy Rainey, Treasurer: Janie Mc- Gehee, Reporter: Raymond Gose, President: and Patricia Carter, Vice-President SMALL MUSICIANS PLAY ON LARGE SCALE FIRST ROW: Marlene Steve, Nancy Brown, Suzan Kraft, Bonnie Smith, Ann Swearingen, Myma Prouty and Peggy l'ff SECOND ROW Don Brown Wanda Koontz Jean Barone Donna Fisk, La Mae Neas, Carolyn Wise, Carol RAIC1 6 : , , , Frazier, Barbara Beisley, Mary Beth Runyon, and Paul Perrin THIRD ROW: Bobby Oyer, Eddie Mason, Larry Balk, D. A. Crawford, Danny Young, Sara Lou Kapple, Diane Adams, Robert Ratteree, Carolyn Jones, and Ellen Fisher ' G B mes Tommy FOURTH ROW: Gaye Howell, Allen Quick, Beverly Huckaby, B111 Hasler, Tommy Bryant, ary a , Woolverton, John Smith, Gary Dean, and Frankie Lukenbill FIFTH ROW: John Ogle, Gary Rodieck, Dale Plank, Bob Beaver, Ray Maxwell, John La Guire, George Hagemian, Martie Ayers, Russell Ogle, Howard Jones, and Har- old Neas SIXTH ROW: Calvin Gonterman, Mac Hornecker, Herb Collins, Jeanett Faulconer, Marilyn Fairchild, Helen Hancock, Virginia Hall, Harriett McMullen, and Becky Ferry xxjx R G.A.A. "MADAME PRESIDENT"--Betty Mesplay, Treasurer, reports the financial status of the Girls Ath- letic Association to the sponsor, Mrs. Keithly, and other offi- cers, Ione Jenner, Vice-Presi- dent, Janean Thompson, Secre- ta1'Y9 Janis Burgess, Presidentg Dorothy Hauser, Lucille Shafer, and Georgia Pilcher, Sports' Managers. Not pictured: Sue Robinson, Historian-Reporter vi "SHOULD WE ORDER MORE PENNANTS? " - - Sandra Moore , President, discusses a pro- blem with Ianean Thompson, Asst. Secretary, Mary Ann Giacometti, Vice-President, Melba Thomas, Treasurer, Linda Loy, Secretary, Mrs. Gail Keithly, Sponsorg Linda Rimmer, Parliamentariang Linda Bell, Historian, and Linda Hawkins, Reporterg at an executive meeting of the Tigerettes. I 4-1-5 WEATER ClUB LESSON IN YELL-LEADING- - Sweater Club Cheerleaders, Sue Ann Harpold, Judy Spillman, Marlene Steve, Marilyn Fairchild, Susan Kraft, Karen Rasnic, and Linda Rimmer learn the skills of "hurrahing for our side" under the apt direction of Mrs. Teel, Sponsor. X KX FIRST P ,Nz Mary Ann Giacometti, Sharon Prouty, Janice Hargrove, Jolene Simon, Terry Fox, Larry Crump, and Joe Adams SECOND ROW: Larry Dwyer, Karen Rasnic, Kay Dahmer, Kay Pettibon, Sondra Lawrence, Carol Adam, Barbara Drury, Shirley Hatfield, and Ann Bridgeman. THIRD ROW: Eddie Barnes, Diane Mische, Jo Williams, Wanda Rodieck, Gerald Dahmer, Jim Adams, Wayne Dixon, David Darnold, and Donna Murray FOURTH ROW: Gary Thurman, David Perrin, Larry Cornelius, Naomi Hagerman, Carl Mitchum, Sam Yurk, Gary Balk, Jerry Thomas, Harold Palmer, and John Shrewsbury FIFTH ROW: Jim Nelson, Richard Murray. Jackie Swait, and Larry BAND MAKES INSPIRING RECOVERY AND Wynes F LUTE CLA RINET Sharon Beisley Laree Jones Janice Hargrove Sondra Lawrence Mary Ann Giacometti 'Jack Nelson Joyce Liter Linda Place Sharon Prouty Linda Rimmer Jolene Simon CLARINET Don Armitage Ann Bridgeman 'Barbara Drury Larry Dwyer Charlene Fox Shirley Hatfield Donna Jones Kay Pettibon Karen Rasnic Don Sieberns Judy Shepherd Susan Thomas Katherine Wilhelmson A LTO CLA RINET Kay Dahmer Claudia Williams BASS CLARINET Beverly Berry Brenda Shepherd BASS CLARINET TENOR SAXOPHONE David Darnold Donna Murray Duane Thurman OBOE Donna Houchin Alice Keithly Virginia Pearse BA SSOON Janet Keithly ALTO SAXOPI-IONE Jim Adams Eddie Barnes Gerald Dahmer Diane Mische Wanda Rodieck Jo Williams ulnunng- s I Ill. FIRST ROW: Buddy Linder, Judy Belcher, Jeanie McGehee, Susan Thomas, Janet Keithly. Linda Rimmer, Joyce Liter, and Linda Place SECOND ROW: Charlene Fox, Judy Shepherd, Katherine Wilhelmson, Donna Jones, Laree Jones, Jack Nelson, Don Sieberns, and Don Armitage THIRD ROW: Glenda Keithly, Donna Houchin, Alice Keith- ly, Virginia Pearse, Brenda Shepherd, Beverly Berry, Claudia Williams, and Mr. Willard Gulley, Director FOURTH ROW: Earl Devore, Jerry Wade, Tom Runyan, Ronald Griffin, Gary Tow, Mary Ann Gose, Vincent Porter, Richard Olmstead, and Lloyd Palmer FIFTH ROW: Kent Hawkins, Skip Schiller. and Donald Bobbett BRINGS HOME I plus FROM DISTRICT MEET BARITONE SAXOPHONE FRENCH HORN SOUSAPHONE Glenda Keithly Larry Cornelius 'Kent Hawkins David Perrin jackie Swait CORNET Gary Thurman Larry Wynes Gary Balk Lewin Brantley TROMBONE DRUM Earl Devore Mary Ann Gose joe Adams Carl Mitchum 'Richard Olmstead Larry Crump 'Harold Palmer 'Lloyd Palmer Terry Fox Tom Runyan Vincent Porter Buddy Linder john Shrewsbury Gary Tow Jeanie McGehee 'jerry Thomas Dale Rasmussen BARITONE TYMPANI jerry Wade Don Bobbett Judy Belcher Sam Yurk Ronald Griffin Richard Murray 'Denotes Seniors Skip Schiller ORCHESTRA MUSICIANS MASTER MELODIES FIRST ROW: Don Siebems, Richard Myers, Harold Palmer, Pam Meffert, Mary Ann Giacometti, and Mary Ann Gose SECOND ROW: Jack Nelson, Sandra Moore, Duane Thurman, Eddie Barnes, Io Frances Williams, David Perrin, and Gary Thurman THIRD ROW: Lloyd Palmer, Mr. Willard Gulley, Directorg Jerry Thomas, Jeannie McGehee, Judy Belcher. and Richard Olmstead VIOLIN lst Don Sieberns 2nd Richard Myers VIOLA Harold Palmer OBOE Pam Meffert FLUTE Mary Ann Giacometti CELLO Mary Ann Gose CLARINETS lst Sandra Moore 2nd jack Nelson BASS CLARINET Duane Thurman ALTO SAXOPHON E Eddie Barnes TENOR SAXOPHONE jo Frances Williams FRENCH HORN lst Gary Thurman TROMBONE Lloyd Palmer TRUMPET jerry Thomas PERCUSSION Judy Belcher Jeannie McGehee BASS VIOL Richard Olmstead Yi '51 mga www -,wg A 55? 5 4 fIL,fT i 5 2 ' " it ff a at 5 is if ii i 1 at X K 5 S 1 1 at J gt iii ,, mn ,M 5511 9 1 f his 1, 551 Ma in the inspirotion that comes from contact with all that is truest ond best, in books, in people, in life. What loyal son or daughter of N. H. S. still does not thrill to see the band marching proudly to the strains of the Tiger fight song . . . recall the nerve- wracking tension of the Silver Tiger or homecoming game . . . remember the mornings of hoarse throats after a bas- ketball game . . . the elation felt when a basketball swishes through the net . . jumping a little as the starter's gun sounds . . . the heartbreak of losing in the final seconds . . . cheering madly when the football soars between the crossbars . . . singing fight songs on the long bus trips to out of town games . . . feeling a wave of humbleness as the national anthem 'is played in the darkness before the game . . . ? The practice of good sportsmanship is but one of the traditions upheld with pride by every student of N .I-I.S. SPORTS 'lr Norman Jones Halfback ,995 Larry B11es Winston Ogle Tackle Fullback Gary Hall Halfback CONFERENCE SCORES Nevada - 6 Aurora - Nevada - 35 Mt. Vernon - Nevada - 20 Monett - Nevada - 46 Cassville - Nevada - 26 Lamar - Nevada - 13 Neosho - Nevada - 26 Webb City - Nevada - 19 Carthage - Bob Hammontree Fullba ck Gary Ewan Guard Charles Clemmons Guard Peyton Swearingen Halfback 'SCT' Lee Roy Burris Nw WM Halfback Larry Siebert End Sam Carter Quarterback Dean Capps End CONFERENCE STANDINGS W L T Aurora 7 0 Nevada 6 2 Carthage 5 1 Lamar 5 3 LETTERMEN Mt. Vernon 5 3 Webb City 3 3 Neosho 2 5 Monett 1 7 Cas sville 0 8 Raymond Gose Tim Strong Tackle Guard 61' Y Ed Carter Guard .Tim Ebbs Center TDUGH TIGERS TERRORIZE TEAMS IM 1' R 7 3? 5sf'54iaf3if-9? ggi '55 FIRST ROW: Jim Stong. Darrell McCormack, Ed Carter, Larry Biles, Peyton Swearingen, Charles Clemmons, Jim Ebbs, Gary Ewan, Lee Roy Burris, and Earl Devore SECOND ROW: Student Manager Larry Garrett, Norman Jones Ray Gose, Lewin Brantley, Jerry Thomas, Marvin Hammontree, Jack Hendrix, Sam Carter, Dean Capps, and Student Manager Jim Austin THIRD ROW: Coach Gene Rimmer, Duane Thurman, Jim Berry, Winston Ogle, Larry Siebert, Ronald Dodson, Gary Hall, Skip Schiller, Richard Jones, Student Manager Hayden Jackson, and Assistant Coach Wayne Reed TIGER CUBS SHARPEN PAWS EDR CLAW FIRST ROW: Charles Crump, Eddie Goodin, Calvin Gonterman, Ronnie Mesplay, Leo Jones, Ricky Owen, Doug Dunham, Herman Hendrix, and Sheldon Wight SECOND ROW: Mike Ireland, Joe Spencer, Raymond Crawford, Dick Loy, Tom McCallister, Danny Young, Gary Barnes, Mike Cleveland, Leland Weber, Greg Ogle, Marty Ayers, and Jim Austin THIRD ROW: Coach Rimmer, Jack Weber, Ronnie Morris, Eugene Howington, Bob Fair- banks, Kem Keithly, David Swearingen, Russell Ogle, Johnny Walker, Gary Dean, Denny David, and Assistant Coach Reed .Msn anis ' . , ff f,.ty.r,-ii- ' In-l .!2. I 52.3 'K NEVADA WRAPS UP SEASON IN SECOND PLACE Fighting desperately against uneven odds, the Nevada Tigers came out of Conference play with a 6-2 record, losing to Lamar and Aurora only. The Tigers opened their season by tasting defeat at the hands of Aurora, 13 to 6, but they bounced back to hand the Mount Vernon Mountaineers a 35 to 19 whipping. Undaunted by the prospect of facing the favored Monett eleven, the Nevada squad made believers out of everyone by running over Monett 20 to 6. The fate of Monett was shared by Cassville, as they were smeared by the big score of 46 to 13. La- mar was the only team to capitalize on Nevada's injury list, because they took the Tigers to the cleaners by defeating them 27 to 26. Nevada eked out a win from the Neosho boys by edging them out 13 to 12. Webb City did not make a good showing against the Tigers, and the only thing they could do was to hold them to 26 points as compared to their 7. The crowning point in the team's illustrious career centered around their last game. They took the Tigers from Carthage down the trail of the defeated. Our Tigers had had the privilege of beating the unbeaten. This victory contributed immensely to the success of the Homecom- ing and the dance after it. It also gave us undisputed second place in the Big Nine. ' ? fsQf,,,, awe- . i 'H '-fx?" R BASKETBALL A Winston Ogle 3 . 1 f'f'N C John Norris CONFERENCE STANDINGS W Aurora Webb City Neosho Carthage Mt . Vernon Cas sville Lamar Nevada Monett vii Larry Emery 1 LETTERMEN 7 7 T, 7 KLM 31 ' . b V --1, 4 5 I im TLll'I18l' Mei , . 15" -6- N' 'Wt' ,K'QLva..,f' 'M'-11, Lee Roy Burris Larry Siebert Gary Hall CONFERENCE SCORES Nevada 45 Mt. Vernon Nevada 42 Aurora Nevada 51 Monett BASKETBALL New 57 Cassvme LETTERMEN Nevada 42 Lamar Nevada 72 Neosho Nevada 51 Webb City Nevada 44 Carthage A f-4:1Q , I at s Skip Schiller Sam Carter TIGERS l0ST QUARTERS - - GAVE NONE FIRST ROW: Coach Wayne Reed, Gary Hall. Larry Garrett, Student Managerg Hayden Jackson, Student Manager Jim Austin, Student Manager, and Jim Turner SECOND ROW: Sam Carter, Lee Roy Burris, Jack Nelson Larry Siebert, John Norris, Larry Emery, Winston Ogle, and Skip Schiller SENIORS Lee Roy Burris Sam Carter Larry Emery jack Nelson john Norris Larry Siebert Hayden jackson QStudent Managerj JUNIORS Gary Hall Winston Ogle Skip Schiller Jim Turner jim Austin QStudent Manager, COACH Wayne Reed SOPHOMORE Larry Garrett QStudent Manager, "B" TEAM SUBSTITUTES VIM FOR GYM FIRST ROW: Jim Tumer, Skip Schiller, Jim Nelson, John Duncan, John Vieth, Duane Thurman, and Bill Quarton SECOND ROW: John Ebbs, Ed Carter, Gary Hayde, Peyton Swearingen, Tom Runyan, and Earl Devore IUNIORS Ed Carter Skip Schiller Peyton Swearingen Tom Runyan Jim Turner SOPHOMORES Gary Hayde Bill Quarton Duane Thurman COACH Gene Rimmer F RESHMEN Earl Devore john Duncan John Ebbs Jim Nelson John Vieth JUNIOR HIGH HAS HIGH HOPES "5 Ninth Grade FIRST ROW: John Ebbs, Gerald Dahmer, James Gibson, and Linn Wynes SECOND ROW: Billy Hall, John Vieth, Johnny Duncan, Jim Nelson, Rex Behm, and Earl Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Charles Crump, Bill Brown, Ricky Owen, and Sheldon Wight SECOND ROW: Cal- vin Gonterman, Larry Murray. Raymond Craw- ford, and Mike Cleveland--Not pictured, Nor- man Garton Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Lyle Catron, Gary Barnes, Greg Ogle, Danny Young, Dick Loy, and Ronnie Mesplay SEC- OND ROW: Gary Dean, Russell Ogle, Billy Hasler, David Swearingen, Ronnie Morris, Kem Keithly, and Jack Weber TIGER THINCLADS SCORTCH CINDERS BREAKING THROUGH THE CINDER ,X BARRIER--Jim Austin, Tom Runyan, ,xx Lewin Brantley, David Drake, and Ronald Dodson try to overtake Jack Nelson as he attempts to improve his record-brealdng time of 4:32 on the mile. 5 HOT FOOTIN, MIT DER SHOT PUTTIN --Jim Stong. Mike Ferry, Larry Blles, Gary Ewan, and Duane Thurman watch as John Norris shows them the technique of putting the shot. TRACK SQUAD--FIRST ROW: Jerry Wade, Tony Umer, Jim Diehr, Larry Dwyer, Gary Tow, Tommy Sweeney Buddy Linder, Larry Hendrix, James Gibson, Johnny Bussinger, Mike Ferry, and Marvin Hammontree SECOND ROW: Sam Fine, Orville Mathis, Eddie Barnes, Dale Rasmussen, Gary Balk, Lester Barker, Evan Emery, G. W Steincross, Lewin Brantley, Gary Hall. Peyton Swearingen, Dean Capps, Larry Biles, and Gary Ewan THIRD ROW: Coach Gene Rimmer, Rex Behm, Jim Austin, Tom Runyan, David Drake, Ronald Dodson, Jack Nelson, Darrell Alexander, Sam Carter, John Norris, Duane Thurman, Skip Schiller, Winston Ogle, and John Mann, xl 'l-, I ff 2. "f5fiE12lwf7! ff . if 5 ' , 'W W , 3,1 4' . . A 2 I V L r L ' H . 1" fl,?:?sz?W Q M M 0 A aa all ' f 'L ' F ' M A F 'fi H 'if Vw' M fi' A uv f- - my , .3 ..,:.,-:-.'."i'a":axaf.:gsi2' ...z,?gu,..,.fsu:, -.. ", ,- w IP Kg? W GW A W R ,X .--V E K A S fl jf K Sd sw f? ,:2gsiwggi1ff 5 f iq ,, :n,aifQf 4 Q ,- ga fm MZ, , 1 '33 M- 1fE2ws5z.z Maxi? i?fQ1f'f HVWQ, ' yifagiti, ,L , - hifi? Q ,fm , '92-.-:N . 'xx VAT 6 an G 9 an O' ee 4 Q ,L,H R . G R SK Jw ik A - . EW K ' wi 'fm Q, 1259, my gy , K 5 was -. .E , . 3 K , ,axes i 'Sz 42 a w Q Q 1 Q? my at Q -ffbiidzk nw gk vm: ' "H:-D'-?,..M W... 7 .. . , . 5 ffm- ,l2E'i2'5FQ53f wi, Z . - :fri V'-55 9,3311 1, W W-W-A mal' was 996 6 9 96 i . RMS!! in loyalty to our high school, the fostering mother of these ideals. i When the N.H.S. student enrolls each new school year, he has the feeling that this particular day marks a mile- stone in his life. The biggest bridge to cross is the one from the grade school to the Junior- Senior High School. It is hard to keep from feeling that grade school was really just "Kid stuff, " and now life is just be- ginning. To a seventh grade boy hurry- ing to reach study hall on time it is quite a shock to have a towering Senior boy practically step over him as the Senior strolls casually to class. Every fall things seem easier. The locker combinations are now conqueredg the forms seem less trouble to fill, the Seniors seem less important, and the Junior High students seem to get smaller each year to the once green seventh grader. Loyalty means working hard to sup- port your class's candidates and prac- ticing long hours to make your class play the best. It all used to be climaxed by the annual class day. At that time, classes moved from their sections to the sections of the auditorium which they would occupy the next year. There was such a special significance in sitting in the center of the large auditorium and being one of the few privileged to demon- strate your class loyalty with the time- honored "S-E-N-I3 S-E-N-Ig S-E-N-I-O- R-Sl SENIORS, SENIORS, YES, YES, YES! " The building is now gone--but the loyalty to our school is still there. CLASSES SENIDRS FIGHT 0Hl0 .... P Carol Adam Mike Adam m Le Roy Adams Nancy Addington .K K ,L x Y' X is x-'P 'J' Andrea Angel I 511.2 Gale Applegate L52 K E SENIOR'S LAST STAND--Class Officers Carolyn Linder, Treasurerg John Norris, Presidentg Melba Thomas, Secretaryg and Gary Ewan, Vice-Presi- dent take the executives' "break" from the rigors Albert AY1'USI1'0I1S of office- Herbert Ayers Cecilia Banta Ruth Barber Bill Belcher Martha Bell Mary Bell Jim Berry Linda Bittner Benton Bobbett Gene Bobbett La Deane Bobbett Mary Boyd Jerry Brewer l gmt. 3, gi :.5.,,. 'if' W-ff my xg Q! KA X? to X Jean Brown Larry Brown Ruby Brown Darrel Dean Capps Jack Carpenter Butterfield PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST . . . 5 n 1? I 'x GOALS TO GO FOR--Sally Estes boosts class spirit by talking with Jane True and Tommy Holcomb about goals for ticket sales and the Staff of Leader- ship. ,nr IQ ' Janis Burgess Donna Carroll Sam Carter Curt Cavanaugh Charles Clemmons Doyle Cohick Shirley Crabtree Donald Critz Linda Darnold Larry Demaree l r NOV v Tom Burnos Lee Roy Burris Judy Carter Patricia Carter UE is ' 5 P .ig 1 1:-if 9 5 is t we ll .., ' '- lm 2 Q 2 .nr-Q at i 15' 'si 5 if . 1 5, Aa W- , "1""""' i"l9"'. Gary Ewan Don Ferguson Shirley Garwood Wilbur Garwood f K 'lf '- K V 5 . 2. he X ! Ronald Demaree Ronald Dodson Barbara Drury Ieaneen Dukes Jim Ebbs Jan Edwards SKIP DAY! T0 BE . . . ,M is 1 Ja, K i ine XR ug, 3 MASTERS OF MOLECULES--Henry Robertson, Brian Evans, and Donna Carroll anxiously await the next great scientific discovery. Ei'-57 lir I 1 LSUY Emery Sally Estes A I Brian Evans Mike Ferry Judith Flemming Nancy Gibson Raymond Gose Wanda Freeland Eugene Griffin Patty Frizelle Roy Hagerman in fkl ww' VFW 4400'- lt'?"'P 'fri me as 'Nags J W 1 -G' an I' I A A to a. iv ifs,,.fW, Gary Hiestand Bob Hammontree Patty Hauser Hayden Jackson Myron Hiestand Beverly Hogan James Jenkins Frances Jones OR NOT T0 BE! BETTER DRIVERS MAKE OLDER ALUMNI--Ian Ed- wards is tested for her reaction time by Kent Haw- kins and Benton Bobbett. ,L . asa as ., N Kent Hawkins Tommy Holcomb Martha Keithly Helen Land Carolyn Linder Don Linquist Maxine Maring R. B. Mason Karen McC1e11a I1 Martha Hendrix Shirley Huttsell Helen La Due l ,FL-"R , .K ' 'f sffif Bill Hickman Linda Ingles George Lafferty S gm . Smfamf-QP? nfl., AMF: 'aa 1 - 1 E 1 "' ,Q 'Win V WHICH ONE? COLLEGE . . . 1 W ievte' 1 , L, ms , . gf 2-N 34 nl 'iv , wlff-'bw KJ P Q - .W iz, S on 'jig A X K E m'?0ufL.:,k 924.-fif , L K 2 A , swf THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE"Iim Ebbs, Lloyd Palmer. and Ludmila Weir act as election gudges while ' Seniors cast their ballots for their avorite candi- dates. Doris Overton Larry Pettibon Robert Quacken- bush . ....5,, sa- t -M.. ...X 2 b wxm , 2 Q if Nm 3? 'Kg ig zj 'N-., f ist. K .auf sis J Chris Owen Lavon Pettlbon Judy Rainey vii? -r 2 . Janie McGehee Sandra Moore Eddie Nelander Ja ck Nelson John Norris Richard Olmstead Harold Palmer Lloyd Palmer Darryl Potter Fred Prettyman Judy Pyle Jerry Quackenbush Shirley Ramsey Ralph Richardson Wanda Richardson Janie Riggs X fra' J, ex 7 ' L I . 1 sr 1 W ' R? ' fi f.'s,!kf'Ef'1 as 1 sv- CAREER? MARRIAGE? L AA AA ' A-f , COOL, CLEAR, WATER--Gale Applegate, Myron - Hiestand, and Roberta Thorburn store away some Lucme Shafer H20 to last them through the next class period. if Larry Siebert Marilyn Smith Jean Staffen Betty Swartz Jerry Thomas Melba Thomas Dwayne Roberta Thorburn Jane True Donald Wallace Jessie Walters Jerry Welch 'I'hompson Shirley Wolf Iane Wolfe Frank Woodfill Ardis Wyatt Helen Yazel Dorothy Wescoat f""'X 352 . fi nv? .P SITTING PRETTY --is Linda Loy, Junior Class Sec- retary, who is surrounded by Bill Jones, Treasurerg Tom Runyan, Presidentg and Winston Ogle, Vice- President. Sharon Beisley Barbara Bethel Larry Biles Bill Bohm Dollie Box Lewin Brantley Jack Brock Winnie Brown Maxine Bullock Karen Butterfield James Camp Maxcine Carpenter 'lf '43 Sonny Caton J P Dale Chadd 'T if --rz Bill Collins J - Jewel Collins Elaine Adams Darrell Alexander Violet Allen Eugene Armstrong Jimmie Austin L. J. Austin Joe Bailey Jack Bastow Mike Behm Melba Beisly , w e l l J F Larry Compton Larry Cornelius Maurice Dahmer George Dorris Mary Duncan V- ' Donald Dunn M ' fills s :-E vgb' gig ' ig f,'. 'wr in ,- gf. V V uf Q . nw ww I 5 Z E5 4. David Drake W anda Emerson W Q ,Z l t Melvin Fannin 'sim :I ,rr , g V J L A r Donald Farmer X A if .114 ns. . V A to by L Sam Fine , J i M :VV ' ' '- L , i f g Charlene Fox ' LAn if... Loren Fox or,- A if -zrrr " i ,'n. V A "".X . ., . oo,Q Joe Fulton E, 5. . -ff ,L ki gy as uf X ,L at t 4 ks, V, I, 2 Q it A A is M if is 1 . . f 6 . nil Harold Garrett Marvin Garrett THIS IS A COW?--Vocational Agriculture students Bob Smith and Gary Pelton get a view of the ideal farm from Mr. Mahaffey Judith Hatfield Sandra Havens Jack Hendrix Judith Hendrix Karen Hendrix 1 Mary Ann Giacometti 7 L .I Lynn Gowin ' in Gary Hall "-,. f ihhyt iil 5 A A David Hamersley ' L ' if iff Marvin Hammontree . J ,VIV htyy A .. , J Jerry Herren Mary Hobbs Donna Houchin lone Jenner Bill Jones Norman Jones Alice Kelthly Glenda Keithly Donis Kennedy Anna Lee Klotz Rachel Kunc Bill Land THE SAWDUSTERS--Bill Bohrn, Don Sieberns, and Harold Garrett are busy cutting up. Sondra Lawrence Clara Lee t r a t S 1. ., , , . i f Carolyn Leedy . Gary Leonard V ' L ' l .. . A ' '--: " - L tt , " L 'L-' 1 , X . ., Mary Lmdenman ff- it- e L I- , Teresa Little as ff M we , Fgm ir . favs- - N22 Mary Lolley V .,r.,,a,XW rl.-M.-rswus -ww, ,f5,,iM,l L! ' " lx w giir ' ' , . ... :" V ..,, at , . arar . Nancy Lowry fi L as - of M lk - s PW . . .i 2 A'f,. M -,.,. ' . ,-Lf ' " fi . I-mda LOY . M Dave I-'lkenbill rytt M , S . Y F ix I . ,.., t w -- iff- L I -" ll. s ., -. if - " .t-,, .,,,,., DHffe11MCC0fmiCk L sm' eett L -sl Q W' John Mann , ,r I 2 ,I kr :VV .. Q :il ...Ei it l k r KJ Gary Marquar dt 4 l gQw,, K 2 'QR Pam Meffert M 'L L " 4 Betty Mesplay 4 G , L X, . . s L ,,,.,, yrra M L Lois Mooney V Z 5 Francrs Moore V My aff M Z ttry R5 N Donna Murray ' ' i . M .. ' ' L Shirley Nelander 5 3 , th 'L 2 Karen Norms ., Z 1. H ' at , :.. 2 .,,t . ,bn : 5 A Q"'W ,G , A W , wlnswn Ogle to or L .. M S Robert oyer . at y, we W L L Gary Peltonl . ,. ,ts,, I Charlene Ph1111DS "" G Hb V,V- K ,L Mike Pic ken A ' - Q ' ZJV Tandb' Pike . 5 an jj ' iff!! - W ' L kyr I6 LM J . U In 2 Dean Pilcher fl' f l 1 - W' fast 3 'W W 7.'L ,- ,fr Sue Potter G - E L 'kj' -' f V ' Q Marlon Rackley h Celia Ramsey , h ' - L Ken R631 8, -,,-wr, ,WS Margaret Remington S W 1 John Rickman 1A., ? Q lan S n l km S fs Nh Tom Runyan ISM SS wg V kk Skip Schiller S If ,un ?U""' ,..1' iw are 1 S vbxaa. . Sharon Shepherd Argie Shields Margie Shields Don Sieberns Melva Smith Bob Smith W6 E. 5 M., if 2 A RM FRIENDS, ROMANS, MR. HAISLIP--Celia Ramsey gains valuable experience in public speaking while Janie Teel and Judy Hendrix take down quotable quotes. Gerald Snead Suzy Spillman Larry Starr Jim Stong Jackie Swait 5 I if 1-. gu Ty S Y Z ! - Q, ,Q 1 ,S :-f'e: f , rx 2 Wi an ' J " -G. W V ff l ,Q all N-,Q::ij,sQif f3f ' - K 9, Ja is ' ieii S Sf SJ V - if J " S J ni- s-s' -S S .f.. l f , - S A S 1 S Ss 'E S -f ' J, we S K i n A - if is S M if ff- V- Peyton Swearingen Charles Sweeney Leroy Taylor Janie Teel Gene Thomas John Thompson Gary Thurman Jim Turner Gary Vaughn Leonard Weber Janet Wegerer Delores Werst Sherry White Jo Williams Bonnie Woolverton Karlene Zener Waneta Zilliox Charles Zimmerman Q :M ,, vm yryr SOPHOMORES Charlotte Adam Joe Adams Kent Adams Jim Applegate ,,, , W al I ir wr- HK upg fl 'tt" T ' wx ,, ',.' Q5 I Val, , I, -' Q i - rpm'-2' : Q ei A Air -f ir . : ff " fr Hi' Kendall Baumann Shirley Behm Charlene Beisly Judy Belcher Linda Bell Jimmy Blasiar Barbara Boyd Elaine Bobbett Martha Boyd Sandra Breeding Gary Brick Ann Bridgeman Ida Burdick Mary Burnos Kay Capps Ed Carter Howard Carter Robert Cargill Clifford Cartwright Joyce Chapman Delvin Chubick Larry Colvin Larry Cornell Robert Cox Larry Crump Patricia Curry Dana Curtis Glen Defebaugh Lorine Demaree Dixielee Dickason Don Armitage Venita Attebery Patsy Austin Donald Baker Joe Barone Eddie Barnes Lester Barker Barbara Barton 51 Z an 'bf '- 'Q' up ' Q s y T' thnx, , ,. A -dw r1-, li it fr.. 5-i'O 6 WAITING WITH BELL FOR THE BELL--Linda Bell Sophomore Class Secretary, is the center of at- tention for the other class officers G. T. Lyons, Treasurerg Bob Irvin, Presidentg and Larry Wynes, Vice-President. 1- T1 .- 25' r-119' uf N, ' - .... W ,.,. ,. +A dr, WV ,.,r, ,L t r r be . 1 W5 :tri H, ,,,., X 'U ,I rr ft l - f B xruuff""' 15. -:t we -1 . 7 Jim Diehr Sarah Drury George Dunfield Robert Eador lane Ebbs Jean Ebbs Don Emery Wayne Ensley SOPHOMORES 1-'r"""'W, fs A I. -1, ' 'H' K Q in A is as eg? xl 5 K nfs K J Aviv if-" 3 y 4 Q , . , ., rt ts-zffii' Q ig 'w i g U gfffs 7 by if wi-s..,.,, ' .4 :ffm Q.. s ' 5' 3 ik s sg jg is WY' . 1 1, 4 N N"ms.Nf ' X YOUNG MODERNS--Rosalyce Walker, Georgia Janice Fairbanks Bob Fanning Larry Farmer Eugene Farnham sew-f.K'wf ML I f X rere 'Wu 1' I .ja I I q'E"'i'-Ji' 1525? ij' Pilcher, and Sandra Breeding talk over the latest fashions in Seventeen magazine. 'Q -O! yt :gi irq. K as JK "Q" 4. xr I t 1 ' Kay F enton Danny Ferry Ronnie Fisk Carol Franks Larry Fulton Larry Garrett Linda Good Judy Greer Patsy Greer Ronald Griffin Randy Guinn Naomi Hagerman Brenda Hancock Janice Hargrove Patsy Harmon Jerry Harper Gary Hayde Shirley Hatfield Dorothy Hauser Arthur Hazelton Marilyn Heitz Dale Henson Irene Hinkle Wanda Hoffman Charles Hogan Edward Hopkins Don Houston Diane Ireland Bob Irvin I. W. Johnson SDPHOMORES gp, 5 , I xv .Q XWLL Y a 'V a W' 1 N """' ' """ " "': - .. gag, ,, '-g 10 ' -iv .-- A -2 ' - v..rY'5f'?T!ll at is i, ri SU ii W xg! f fiafdpg- . ,gn . ,viz I N. I - I U al 1 uf .J K 5 sf Q Buddy Linder Darrell Linquist Helen Little G. T. Lyons Ivan Maahs F. R. Mansell Maxine Mason Phyllis McAllister Don McMullen Lloyd Medearis Diane Mische Carl Mitchum Janet Moler Rosetta Morris Bob Moss Molly Murphy Richard Murray Charles Needling Gayle Olson Carol Parrish Virginia Pearse David Perrin Yvonne Phillips Leona Phillips Georgia Pilcher Vincent Porter Beth Potter Judy Price Sharon Prouty James Quackenbush . i x a - . 5- ,f, as.. ww J 19X H ,. naval-- Tw , ...L , arm Zfzjfuf-'fffx' as-any vn- , ,r fi' , K L- Q: g g -...N '. J ,.., har HX K., Ski i Laree Jones Richard Jones Janet Keithly Robert Keithly Maridee Kelso Mary Nell Kenney Linda Koontz Junior Koopman Tommy La Due Sharon Lamb Jim Lawrence Cecil Leer PREPARING A PANEL--Miss Radford helps Iv Maahs and Delvin Chubick divide a controvt sial article into separate issues C, is "" L ' 's'i- 5, . . .fu as ig an I I Slic k, .. a YP A 5- at f is s s aaa Q is if wr' wr.-. C , K -A Kr an . 3 mi WWE ,S 'N-C. 'Xl ' B SOPHOMORES i B y Bill Quarton A 2 i S - Z W T Edith Ramsey .B as T f. t ' i... S "5 Richard Ramsey """ Q 3 g r f L Jerrie Reaves y t .. L , 1' B hm .lhh ggggg P ' L K ..:: ,mv .,mi-gm -Li - K :sig k:k.f ., ,ini " - - I. M U .git .7 5. fist, T B t 51? LLL, y ,k,, -. i '--, L A A I 1 'M ' K L ,Wifi 5735 Betty Renfro A "" A iw' ab. QA at 55 Darrell Riggs 5 ' 3 V-. 1, - 'mmA ' ' Mary Robinson ' Y ' . fi ' S H Wanda Rodieck ' A A - - is 7 ',' BX , gif My I Q S Q? , i A Caryl Schwenck Bob Sheets - ,, Iudy Shepherd EX Danny Sidwell wk VITAL STATISTICS -- Health Education girls Mary Burnos, Kay Fenton, and Iudy Price are studying figures as Mrs. Keithly stretches to measure Helen Little's height. Jolene Simon Reva Simpson Eldon Smith V Sammy Smith Patricia Smotherman Carolyn Spears Albert Spencer - -. -1ltV- Sandra Sta ffen Ianean Thompson iq... Doris Thompson Duane Thurman Perry Transue 'l f fm 3 Q , VF' C g...,,, gi , Edward Walker " , W Rosalyce Walker 'F H H :": - - ' I . ' iisggg' 1 M Betty Wallace I ' "l- Larry Weimhold Ludmila Weir Roy Whalan Betty White Carl Wilcox Claudia Williams Gene Williams Mary Williams iq y V John Winscott Karen Winters Kathy Woodfill Dale Woods Linda Wright Larry Wynes Suzanne Zion E CLASS BRASS -- Freshmen Class Officers John Duncan, President, Karen Fine, Secretary, Gerald Dahmer, Vice-President, and Linda Haw- kins, Treasurer, hold an informal meeting in - front of our building. Rex Bahm K Marjorie Beisly ' A Beverly Berry kr David Bishop 1 Ann Brewer Elvy Burrus John Bussinger Carol Butterfield Rama Campbell Steve Campbell Gary Carpenter Bill Christopher Marvin Cockrell I aye Comer Russel Connelly Jo Anne Couch Dixie Cowan Larry Craig Bob Current Almeda Dahmer Gerald Dahmer Kay Dahmer David Darnold Judy Dennison Earl Devore Wayne Dixon John Duncan Salle Kay Duncan Larry Dwyer John Eador .J an , ima.- ft rf-Q ,if is ',' Q 'W Qi. ara - ' 421,-Eifir fs .551 I f ,gy-rv Jr.. ez . :r1v5pgrrs+,.l -- we sr 1 gQ1Qg'57:s?14ffs, Donald Bobbett , ,fx an Jim Adams Bennie Allen Bruce Archer Frances Armstrong Twila Arthur David Baggett r ' stir? : S We 1 r , 5- if I fi , r - 'fiisfiv " K iii?-ze r 1 . 5 . - -A ' Yffiz- -1 2 '. "Wiz, ' , V - -1: ". ',Qf5 hz' A - ' " We jf 7,5 1 WSE-K P r 19' ' 2 Q L 2 ,W ,V ,Q ' ,Jul i In 'TP V as '3 Barbara Bailey Gary Balk , , Jackie Barker lr 51 M sl ,,, ,. Q 3' sr! S , 5 tar" N M ' 12,-J 4, Q-: YK sim ,1,f,., A gli? mf 8 . , '- fwgwf V , 4.. - fir,- " f- ggimiie . 3 I 1. T I7 f Ki.s al vs g -I fmigjnx , ,-as-rw .-'f- f . Q, Z , r an 5 ,,,, ... ,Q .,,, K: N :. Pdf' I 1' WW-1Yf1':3il.gI2iii? 57, ,- f V . ' K ,5"'Ef1,v ' if , 5 K 'V' , 5' -- 'V' f 2, . ,,k, ki 55 - Q ,Y ., 1 ' -he qv fi Hg, Q ga 1, mfg " :QL VFV .3 r - L U.i,:,4 --i s ' -,-LA I . i, A ' ' ' Q :JY-'f Eff" '31 , 7 -. s u ' as 4 L wr 1 ' mi' an if 'gin , 'f ff 'Q' up K ,J A 'ii s sim J liens J - ,rs' in .Q 'Q , ,E Q- , 3 , 1 .ii if 1' Sf? out ep., We is "S!y1f!i5!i J - rm, 1, yer, :ea 7 riff- A w.5,gr. E - 17. A f , t ' v 1 . X I A A i as Iohn Ebbs Eldon Elliott Iohn Elliott Evan Emery Larry Ewing Karen Fine Larry Foursha Gary Fox 5,33 Terry Fox i k,,V I Mffr' BLACKBOARD JUMBLE -- T F M if--f xml the jungle. Doris Garrett I im Gibson hu. , Ulu MT, I as 1' rr' 't id if 'N K'-K. xifsaa M i.'1 I 'lb gm . .ff erry ox, argorie Beisly, and Mary Ann Gose chalk their way out of Virginia Frazier Norman Garwood Ierry Gatew ood Mary Ann Gose Gerald Gresham Donna Guinn Billy Hall John Hamersley Raymond Harmon Lonnie Harper Jim Harpold Linda Hawkins Sandra Hawkins Paul Haynes Gordon Hendrix Lar ry Hendrix y Henson Mar Dwain Herren Janice Herring Maurice High Lowell Hulse Kay Jackson H tlyi g g g g Joe Jadlow g M 1 , ,,,,, Garry Jenkins L g 5 is 'iyy i Janice Johnsto 1 I Zaszsi H K 'Q' Bonnie Jones s ls L K sr 1 or Q H Donna Jones e .i,, - - 4, ,LAL 1 ris. fs? Gary Kafer ' T 1'-1-v S-. Karen Kenney Q' y , K N N b ll IT LL NEVER REPLACE THE A-BOMB -- Tommy Joyce Klotz Martha Koehler Leroy Lafferty Iaketa Leeper Sharon Lewis Joyce Liter Gwen Maahs Orville Mathis Tommy Maxwell Maxwell and Jim Adams look on expectantly as Dixie McGrath confidently adds the final touches G 4 y J to Operation X' Howard McCormick y y V Larry McCoy Z . -ww X Eleanor McDermott ' Carolyn McDowell Es A ity -P , Hazel McGee s.-...Q - W..- L 4- gg , P' -fl Q5 L f xr ,fs If gi Jeanie McGehee Dixie McGrath Kathryn Middleton Gene Minnis Sharon Mulkins Richard Myers Jim Nelson Wanda Norris Joyce Osborne ,V Q N Pat O'Toole 'f Ronnie Overman Sharon Oyer 515 My .. J, Frances Pearson E'iE I ames Peery 'Eti.', Kay Pettibon 15 ' 2 me ,, J 'J w Lucy Pettibon f ii', , ' H - Y V Guyla Pickens zr, gf lil is 'wi ' ysk Q' " W Linda Place - Q we s. J A , if E li Y ess ' I EMR Marvin Rackley Elizabeth Rapp Karen Rasnic Dale Rasmussen Barbara Richards Edw ard Riggs Linda Rimmer if 1-Aw 5 I I :J L V. I' ng-r Larry Robertson Louise Schonewetter Jearl Scism , y ' T Z' 'L Ruby Scott .53 " Q Y r'Zr i""' Danrly S611 J Arthur Sewell A ,J if "U Q51 fi: '25, fix 13" -llm imq ,sw WF 5 .. ,rig-vi f if K t if ,aa- 4' we J, ,, .id my Richard Shafer A' Brenda Shepherd Mary Sherrick 'TN aj l 1, IF I WERE 21 -- Civics Students Richard Shafer, Jo Ann Couch, and Hazel McGee look forward to the time when they can help choose their country's leaders. James Shrewsbury Johnny Shrewsbury avr , Martha Shrewsbury Janet Smith Dalton Snowden G. W. Steincross Sharon Stong Thomas Sweeney Danny Thomas Susan Thomas Paul Thron Gary Tow John Vieth Jerry Wade Shirley Wade Carl Wagoner Jerry Walker Lucille Walker Beth Wallace f 1' 1 Janet Wallace 'iw .iii - Harry Weber Verna Weber 1 it an Us Q X 'X-Q. Carleta Wiley h "'f A! Katherine Wilhelmson afgifm S Lester Williams J, Q Ml Linda Wolfe it Byron Wood :"' J Lindon Wynes L '1- . 5 John Young ,W ,V W SammyYurk Diane Adams Sammy Adkins Dottie Baggett David Baird Linda Baker Larry Balk Richard Barber ' ' f . 31? L3 ., - gr' "'--a- If , 'rll , " 'M ' N sg A L I 1 ' 9' - ' ig' NHHCY Barker V B C 2 S GUY Barnes ,my -Q "" 4 I 'i ":"' A Q M B L " if I earr Barone A B W "L S rrgr Judy BHSIOW B rrra 5"" B rrrr 4 ' 'M Judy Bliss ATW y F fa S "': Z :'r -:-- l at Adkiiil' ':' W, 'L Robert Bloom A Kmr' W r-i: ""r ir L ' f 'B Truman Bobbett Maxine Boyd Don Brown Nancy Brown Mary Brundidge Tommy Bryant Frances Bullock Don Burnett Paul Burnham Dan Bumos John Campbell Charles Carmack Norma Cargill Lyle Catron Dennis Chadd Connie Coale Charles Colton Pat Cruse RISING YOUNG EXECUTIVES -- Danny Young, Secretaryg Kendall Lawrence, President, David Swearingen, Vice- President, and Ronnie Morris, Treas- urer gradually work their way to the top. -L ffr ul Milli? K ,ky h LN , V H Q a t P rise fi L g EIGHTH GRADE Denny David Gary Dean Earl Demaree Doug Dunham Karen Emery Marilyn Fairchild Judith Farmer Sharon Fassel Ieanett Faulconer ,H ,NW frvxsirxrrl E5 ar g i aa H 4 if . is s srrrr is sau, K ua.,-.rf Q f S . .4 pa Bk, f Q ii as nf sv' .,,. Lf ', 1, f ' K . my I r W X, H , IV, , I ,gf Vi: . K ta 1 4 was W "" 'K Q , A A 5 6 5 f,' 7' 5' , F N g u 5 r I it ' X -- if J iz '93 ff V -sf Q 1 A x Ps ' W H' C25 ug' L 5 t n y,.'1,,, N, ' A , , b,,, ' -W L at ar f 1 V L, y . . ,, . ,M . - K 1 In PM tmgr' , h 1 A W ,X . O I 1 il , E L, ll, f If Ellen Fisher Donna Fisk Joe Fox Carol Frazier Dorothy Frye Lauretta Glger Eddie Goodin Louis Gotschall Wayne Gubitz Clifton Hargrove Bill Hasler Janet Hatfield Connie Havens Ruth Henry 'Wi' 'r . 1, HK., X J A . ,- s '59 I .A QQ , ,- wt is ,,,!n n Q ,trlf - ,A-eww 1- aging ff-. -, if 'F' 3.51 'S K A. ff J? fffff' ef ,E . A - 5 .," f l A X a B ' . v"4l' , 2 0 X1 1 W P fir own , 45' + L 5 lf' 'xp is EN ff 11 , + 1-is My 1 isa il fi vi? . , , A ,S K .V A X V A' ' 5 K x K' L ,H 'iv ,V N .2 XX Helen Hinkle Jerry Hoffman lov Hogan Jerry Holcomb Sue Holland Gaye Howell Eugene Howington Beverly Huckaby Terry Johnson Carolyn Jones Howard Jones Kay Jones fl ' f I . . 'J Linda Jones ' L 6 ' WW 5 'LQ Sara Lou Kapple Betty Keithly Kem Keithly Everett Kenney Wanda Koontz 'THE GREEN DOOR Arthur Smith peers in to see what deep dark secrets are locked in Carol Sue Holland and Ava Niswanger locker. Suzan Kraft Daryl Lamb endall Lawrence Vincent Little Dick Loy Frank Lukenbill Judith Mackesty Joe Ann Mansell Sharon Marshall Bobby Mason Eddie Mason Q M Tommy McAllister ,f-at Q wi is " Dennis McCoy Teresa McDowell s , Harriet McMullen A , X- si, af' -via f 5, he 3 iw 'GY " 'R' .-an fi M" - . A D M I t h Xi M , .B A rm 0l'l C ll OS rj? it an F' --H. I -,kb in ' it 1 M uf 2:1 affix, ai Q g Q it on qw ' Ig? Zur' Ei av--4, ff'- Marie Merritt Ronnie Mesplay Lynd Mische Larry Mitchell Lee Mitchem Joy Mitchum Mary Moore .M Ronnie Morris Betty Mottie LaMae Neas Harold Neas Paul Nichols Ava Niswanger Greg Ogle ' - Kathleen Ogle " is ' Russell Ogle t John Pe ery ss Sharon Pelton " E Q fx Nancy Pence Richard Pent Richard Perrin Paul Perrin Betty Pike Lonnie Polk EIGHTH GRADE BUDDING YOUNG PERFECTIONISTS -- struggle for art. Linda Baker, Norma Cargill and John Peery start another well done poster. ks' 4 M841 he ... N: Q xx. '- i 'sw r W Corine Potter 83533, O3 K-to . t Ralph Pratt Charlotte Price Dottie Pryor Alan Quick Ronald Rapp Robert Ratterree f 1niiew:f BMW Elizabeth Remington Lutie Richey ei BL ' Q ' ss , , Air' E, mf 's h 5 D gy: xx KX s 113 i J ,hkfzl , ' 51,122 if Us V ,,iA - 6 E 3 gui fbi - 25' , Jack Weber Judy Wegerer Harry Williams Jimmie Williams Lillie Winscott Carolyn Wise Carol Woods Freda Wooldridge Danny Young CT: ... ifii is Gary Roberts Billie Robinson Jackie Russell Beverly Scism Thomas Sherrick Harold Shumaker Nadine Shutters Wilma Simpson Larry Sheeks Arthur Smith Nancy Smith Joe Spencer K Standlee Spencer ' Wanda Staffen my David Steele Ar Ann Stephens if Marlene Steve J - rrrrrta Linda Stewart David Swearingen Patricia Thompson M, is f Floyd Titus up -1 1 Jane Ann Tough g YJ X Jackie Trainor Patty Trainor sq L Janet Urner S 1 Eugene Vandenburg ,. ' Qi' ii his Charles Walker GRADE SCRAP BOOK SNOOPERS " Jimmy Williams, Sharon Marshall, and Johnny Walker view Mr. l-lals1ip's scrapbook on successful plays of the past. John Walker Glen Wallace Peggy Wastell Leland Weber THE LITTLEST ANGELS '- Billy Brown, Presidentg D.A. Crawford, Vice-Pres- identg Sue Ann Harpold, Secretaryg and Peggy Ratcliffe, Treasurer exchange ideas during a class break. Joyce Ames Carol Anderson Gene Andrews Joseph Anson Marthy Ayers Bob Beaver Barbara Beisley Janice Beisley Dorothy Brokob SEVENTH GRADE Carol Biggs Devere Bobbett Gerald Bronkar Beth Brown Billy Brown Darlene Bradley ,xx Helen Brundidge Joan Butterfield Mary Campbell Shirley Carpenter Ruby Cartwright Mike Cleveland Betsy Cline Herbie Collins D.A. Crawford Raymond Crawford Charles Crump Iulie Dahmer D. Brack Davis Jimmy Dennison Phyllis Dirck David Dodson Frances Dove Karen Eslinger Robert Fairbanks Mary Ann Ferguson Becky Ferry ' gg .Y ,. R it iw 7 Sf A A 'K 3 r K -,NA yi, :AJ mg Q f X ev F da' X F1-.xp 1-vu ug -U rl t ,Aff- f Norman Garton Calvin Gonterman Judy Grace- Betty Greer Danny Gubitz George Hagerman Virginia Haggard Virginia Hall V 3 W af , W Trecia Hamlett K Y xv Mis? N 1 i 'V ,., in SHE'S AHEAD BY MILES -- Norman Garton speculates on the battle of wits between Lorrie Oyer and Gene Mitchem EVENTH GRADE an F L x is ii! S is isgawli gg 1 ffff ., a At f . .9 .. 11555 5 gif 1 2725: "Wi l , ' ff l"lff1f5f'f' i -ff, " N E: '2' f"s2,'L1 ww -2,5 ft. ffm iii! I ' is iixvpxgfy as . xr,f Q s, , K-Q95 fi 'L fl :QL 'K -T " ' 5Eg'ff'V T1 ,IM :StZMFi,?L' Helen Hancock Elaine Harper Melva Harper Sue Ann Harpold Linda Haynes Herman Hendrix .. 3- sf H 4 D,qg5,k.. is Q iid J Q 1+ Oli , is Wgia . Y, ,.VAk Dale Herren Delmer Hill Mac Hornecker Billy Householder Sharon Howell Vernon Howrey Harold Hulse Mike Ireland P. W. Jadlow Ronald Johns Dale Johnston Leo Jones Billy Jones Kay Kafer Connie Kelso Donald Kenney June La Due John La Guire Homer Lawrence Donnie Leavell Kathy Long MUSIC LOVERS-' Julie Dahmer, Johnny Robinson, and Donna Payne strive to gain a more complete knowledge of vocal music . Gene Mitchem Deloris Monkres Larry Moore Larry Murray Sue Neas Sue Nelander Thayne Nordyke John Ogle Lynne Olson Kay Overman Ricky Owen Bobby Oyer Lorrie Oyer Donna Payne Patty Perkins Gary Peters Sue Philbrick Charles Phillips Myrna Prouty Ronnie Quacken Mary Lou Ragan Billy Love Mary Mackesty Myra Marshall Teddy Mason Ray Maxwell Betsy McDermott Charlyn McVey Robert Milford Vic Minnis SEVENTH GRADE bush Cheryl Ann Ralston Sharon Ramsey Linda Rapp ,gm G 7- s1 . um . .f 35 , new to , gi x r, ,fr 5.21. f 9 . -5 Q! 6 'T 4 ' ur ' Q I Richard Rapp Peggy Ratcliffe Mary Ann Riggs Johnny Robinson Gary Rodieck Donna Sue Rogers Mary Beth Runyon Linda Scott Rebecca Shafer if SPIRIT OF '56 -- Barbara Beisley, Bonnie Smith, and Becky Ferry revive the spirit of our Alma Mater. SEVENTH GRADE 'hindi Jim Shaw Stanley Shepard Patsy Shrewsbury Ronald Shutters Bonnie Smith l W 1-Qixxigr be fl Iss- .V xi it if giigiiifgiir' di it X Cecil Smith John Smith Joyce Smith Harry Snowden Judy Spillman Danny Sprenkle Gloria St. Clair Ann Swearingen Kathy Vieth Rosemary Watson Gloria Wells Glenna Whitaker Louise Whalan Nancy White Sheldon Wight Martha Wood Phyllis Wood Tommy Woolverton Buddy Wright I S:f:,"1-. A "ff nw ,FX t fi? Li W ww, W ... ,, 'ff'-my v N . x .. -V. M f-,X k and I pledge lier my allegiance in all her undertakings, in all that will make her a stronger and nobler school. The firms represented in this book have made it possible to produce an an- nual at a cost which makes a book avail- able to almost every student. The coop- eration and confidence of these forward- looking businessmen have helped to fin- ance the publication of this book. The NEVAMO staff especially appre- ciates the assistance given by them when it became necessary to reconstruct the business records of the advertising sales. The staff extends its special vote of thanks to Joe Bradham and Pierre Welt- mer of the Graphic Arts Studio who spent many long hours in reprinting pictures lost in the fire. All students should be appreciative of our publishing company, Semco Color Press, and to its representa- tives, Mr. and Mrs. Roy H. Noel. In time of our great emergency, their gen- erous aid and speedy handling of late copy did much to make the 1957 NEVAMO a reality! ADVERTISING IRV COBB CHEVROLET AMES SUPPLY COMPANY Farmall Tractors International Trucks Nevada, Mo. - Bronaugh, Mo. ARMY STORE North Side Square Complete Line of Wolverine Shoes l. P. AMES GRAIN COMPANY Dealers in Feed, Seed, Grain and Fertilizer Custom Cleaning and Grinding Wire 81 Twine BEAUTY NOOK 211 E. Cherry Phone 280 ARMITAGE APPEIANCE Your Skelgas Dealer Nevada, Mo. BIll'S FOOD MARKET North Side of Square Phone 903 'Painting days are bere again' MONTE BOYD Paint Contractor EICHINGER FUNERAL HO CALHOUN-PUTNAM LUMBER COMPANY Building Materials Martin--Senour Paints Nu-Wood Tile and Plank 223 E, Cherry Phone 89 DARNOlD'S FLORISTS Fourth Generation Florist Nevada, Missouri Phone 51 Charles - Dena 'ARM 8' HOME nmol v ANY W R. "BIll" El0RY'S PHARMACY Dr. 0. W. Dodge Dr. I. E. Spencer Optometrists 109 E. Cherry St. Phone 60 DIXIE CREAM CAFE North Side of Square REAl ESTATE 127 Ea tCherry PhOe803 Y-Igldclre EllIS MUSIC AND FURNITURE C0 Hmsun 2 Joumnfs H I mbdsfbie' P IBEW! WSHEES K new WFJQE FERGUSON'S Office Supplies - School Supplies Job Printing 117 S. Cedar Phone 1151 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1889 Capital and Surplus S200,000 QI QDIIES il-YQRIAJDWAI-TIRE ANU!!! DE LNAW www MOORE'S DEPARTMENT STORE Established in 1870 Nevada's Largest Department Store Across the street from N.H.S. FARMERS' PRODUCE COMPANY Buyers of Poultry, Eggs, and Cream 229 North Cedar Phone 108 Nevada, Missouri G. I. CAB COMPANY Phone 7 120 S. Cedar Nevada, Missouri A N K , FISK S PAINT STORE Q an FERRY BROTHERS INSURANCE AGENCY Loans -'Real Estate Phone 61 1082 W. Walnut Nevada, Missouri Congratulations to the '57 Graduazes Compliments of the G. I. CAFE MOORE SUPPlY CO. BUSSINGER MUSIC STUDIO All Things Musical 129 East Cherry Nevada, Mo. DAVIDSON REAl ESTATE FERRY EUNERAl HOME R. l. HAMBlIN REAl ESTATE Real Estate -- Contractor Phone 52 NEVADA REDI-MIX CERTIEIED CONCRETE 713 East Austin Phone 346 HIGGINS DAIRY CO. Carl D. Higgins 81 Ted Ireland Highway 71 81 Vernon Phone 633 "For Better Health, Drink Tastemark Milk" HAND INSURANCE AGENCY "Insure and be sure with Hand Insurance Agency" 101 112 West Cherry Phone 933 HORNER'S EIOWER SHOP Virgil Cassius and Ruby Phone 59 1124 North Main S. H. KRESS AND CO. Congratulations to the Seniors of '57 RENWICK INSURANCE AGENCY lEEK'S INC. Men' s Wear and Ladies' Sportswear EllA J. lEE REAlTY CO. Real Estate - Insurance Notary Public 329 West Walnut Phone 73 OG LE GRAIN co KARBE'S SUPER MARKET "Se11s more for a do11ar" lEGAN'S HARDWARE Phone 21 l0NG'S BARBER SHOP Welcome Air Conditioned Shop East Walnut A. K. WOODARD CARBURETOR 8. EIECTRIC SERVICE 'We are Sp ecialists' Highway '71 and Minnesota PICKETT SUNDRIES MAXWEll'S FOOD CENTER Shoes for Every Occasion MENDENHAIFS SHOES South Side of Square MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE MITCHELL HOTEL Hotel Mitchell 81 Coffee Shop "Eat Fine Foods in Air Conditioned Comfort" MONTGOMERY WARD CO. Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back Phone 223 125 West Cherry WITTER SERVICE STATION "You expect more from Standard. . . and -you get it." 200 East Walnut Phone 410 DR. J. P. VVOODEILL Optometrist Office Hours 8230 - 5:00 Thursday 8:30 -12100 Pmxiiada, Miliiiff Cm' RICHARDSON MOTOR co C McCLELLAN'S BARBER R Rnurv i R ... gf C ltl .. , Buckner Basement 'rlll 1 b: ,:q:Ei . ,?,'. U Phone 300 " ' , .R ,3 R J if gf S , . Q gm. R 3 rif fs K. U E' Z j X A 555 H , ea ua Y' SLR -M - . W3 lg "1 E 3 J F S i R3 Rf.. .. Q2 H. , 2 R 1 .. s S W. is M C. R.. NS" r NEVADA AUTO PARTS ' 127-129 E. walnut Phone 75 at so A Nevada, Missouri -q NEVADA BARBER SHOP Congratulations to the '57 Graduates NEVADA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Your JOHN DEERE Dealer E inane. ROGERS MOTOR CO. OBERLIN 8. BRECKENRIDGE MARKET A 221 West Walnut Phone 561 I I N wwdxiyd, Aiiiwmu NM MMKM u A 'AUTO ' LIP "NEVADA NEWS E'F1RE- Circulation 5000 Weekly Commercial Printing W Phone 49 Nevada, Missouri 5 Meats-Groceries-Frozen Foods 2 ' H- Y TED PEARSON'S SERVICE STATION Main at Hunter Phone 200 Nevada, Mo. J. C. PENNEY 8. CO. "A1ways First In Quality" all I STAR Compliments of PERKY'S BEAUTY SHOP POKORNY DRUG STORE 'A Name Identified with Pharmacy since 1894' East Side of Square Congratulations and Best Wishes I of Square Air Conditioned Self Service for your shopping convenience and pleasure Congratulations to '57 Graduates sms THOMAS PHARMACY nofsucx Ann comnuv M 203 walnut Hi SCRUTCHEIEID FURNITURE CO 123 East Walnut Street Nevada, Mo. Pho 837 SHANKS 8. STERRETT CLOTHING COMPANY 'Everything a Man Wears' East Side of Square SHARP'S STORES COMPANY West Side of Square Clothing for the Entire Family SPENCER TRACTOR 8. EQUIPMENT COMPANY Hiway 7 1 North VEITH S CAFE C. A. WHITE MOTOR CO IT PAYS TO PLAY" SPORT SHOP STUMP'S SHOES Leaders ln Fashionable Footwear Since 1896 ESSER'S STYIECRAET 102 E. Cherry Nevada, Missouri ' - V- -p X, , ,,-,qfgqgwigigiwarm THORNTON NATIONAL BANK Established 1869 We'll appreciate your business . vlcronv snot suor s. vinci mm snor Phone 44 lll East Cherry BOWIUS SCHOOI SUPPlY Pittsburg, Kansas WADE MUSIC SHOP Is The Place To Go For Anything In Music 117 East Cherry Nevada, Mo WAlNSCOTT'S FURNITURE COMPANY Furnitlre and Floor Coverings WHITE GRIll "Good Food Is Good Hea1th" Compliments of HERTZBERG FURNITURE CO. 216 West Cherry Saddened by the loss of "our" high school, we take this opportunity to wish the students and faculty of N.H.S. good luck in their plans for a new building. " An NOHoSo SEMCO COlOR PRESS Fine College and High School Annuals Mr. B. L. Semtner, President Mr. Paul L. Bennett, Vice-President Manager - Yearbook Division Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 129 N.W. 3rd. MR. ROY H. NOEL MAyfoir 4-I4I2 Box II07 Joplin, Missouri WIGGS DRUG North Side Square Compliments of ZION SHOE STORE Peter Shoes PROPOSED NEW SCHOOL--Preliminary plans call for gymnasium, auditorium, laboratories. special classrooms, offices, shops, and a cafeteria. Construction is scheduled to begin in early summer. When news of our tragedy spread, many organizations wanted to make special fin- ancial gifts to the school. Among the grow- ing list of donors are the following groups and schools: Center School, Kansas City, Mo. S 25.00 Webb City Public Schools 25.00 Members of the Missouri Associa- 340.00 tion of Student Councils Adrian School 75. O0 Shawnee-Mission School, Merriam, 466.24 Kansas Junior High Mothers' Group 135.00 and Customers of Karbe's Market ffor basketball uniformsj Christian Church Minstrel 211 .02 Nevada Barber Association 67 . 00 fLibrary gift in memory of Homer Vancej Everyone is deeply appreciative of the spirit of helpfulness which prompted these gifts. With this same spirit, many organiza- tions joined enthusiastically into the cam- paign to "Get Out the Vote." The School Board engaged the services of Marshall and Brown, Kansas City architects and engin- eers . Dr. George Englehart, director of school building service for Missouri, con- ferred with the local board in regard to the construction and the site for the new build- ing. School Board members presented the critical problem facing the community to many different organizations. Plans were completed for an election which called for the approval of 5650, 000 in bonds to be combined with insurance re- ceipts of 5815, 000. When February 19, the day for the election, arrived, interest throughout the district was high. The Junior Senior High School students joined with civic organizations a.nd formed a parade around the square. In front of the Stone Memorial students held the first assembly following the destruction of the school. Patrons of the Nevada R-5 District went to the polls in record numbers. THE BOND ISSUE PROPOSAL CARRIED BY A MARGIN OF 7 TO l WITH 2, 904 AFFIRMATIVE VOTES AND 580 NEGATIVE VOTES. Mr. Flory, President of the School Board, expressed appreciation for the ex- cellent response in these words: "Voting yes for our school issues, we not only said we want to give our children and the future generations the finest i.n edu- cation in preparing them for their life's work, we also expressed our faith in the future of Nevada--the finest community in the state." The year of 1956-57 has been an event- ful one for the students and the faculty members of Nevada junior-Senior High School. Everyone is looking forward to the fall of 1958 when students will begin their school year in the new Nevada Junior- Senior High School. w99'59l4. a ' A 6 xxuihmuxm-.v'fffs3v:a.wsf':x,1--1 .. f 5-zmvifyv 3zla..Ir':Mu5i5.l:tzv,:s5:NvI1'.' -. f s -,N LL 1"'21w:wix'n'.v-.XLADL:.xLat',:!1'-V.' '2w'B1',L wi-.iNu1'L'flsS..s.fzxv2w13z+ ,Ji .Q 4 ,Q Q. ?'1 Zi Q? is '4 Q Ee PJ gs Ei 4: 4, 5 5 , is 5. E. gf Y 55 QE 52 51 3, .M 5: 5 E 7 :Fi ,lg is 153 55 M, v I 1 f Wi, LF gi E2 5 f 5. E is EH E ! 2 E ' I ! H! i ! 1 5 nMNr9z,iGM'W'Lafu2-fwwlQwu'MavF1iIlKa l113L'r.wkw1-Umnzmvwlsimlmlawmhmmaximxm wr f 4 www' .uewummbmmxx -wmxbfivwzfmw Qu.-, L3,1',".1,.' v W':mmumf4f1:flfx'i.xa.vlw.avC5rn1n:9m4r7'W.f:vz.3iuBm.hli -:n Z

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