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N Ei' Ji, , 3. ,na . xb 1 w 1. E, - Q W Nl lilxif I 3 23? PCS, Qfiig E , 4 v Fr . L4 , f 'mf' J?" if 'MZ -r .-1 . wi J QA,. .. ffm. 5, ' 'W 'v ' " -------ir' ' we NE VAM0 Sum' Presents DRAGNET If- A Do you remember the day that you saw members of the yearbook staff walking around thehalls with their feet six inches off the floor? Do you recall that dazed, incredulous look in their eyes? Now the secret can be told! That was the day the letter was received from JACK WEBB. The word was whispered breathlessly during the passing periods. The mess- age was: "H e said, Yes!" Yes meant that we had his permission to build our book around the theme of "Dragnet," and that he would be happy to select the Queen of the NEVAMO.. We want to express to Jack Webb our apprecuz- tion for his generous consent to give us this privi- lege. We agree with the polls which prove that "Dragnet" is tops. Numerous awards have been given to the excellent prog rams which give the public a realistic, picture of our police force in action. This is a "Dragnet", year, and we send our best wishes for many more "Dragnet" years! ...2.. Mis. . N ada Y-5 Street 'amkwm February , . Vimmer X Dmrior NN E ey SCXKQO Cherry 7.00 East Nev aaa, Wssour Dear Mis. Warmer: Xi was aKiYKcuXk to seXecK your NPN AMO ' queen ior WBA. . .aXX Your Qrds are very XoyeXy. However , because you 'xnsisr on a decision, my seXecGon Ks Peggy Brown. ' vmng me Ko choose heming Thank you again for rn Mrhe NPN ANNO queen, and ior K your yearbook to DRP-GNU . SKnc.ereXy , I N4 :Km 1 -5- 3 an-,, The story you are ahout to see is true. The nantes are the sanie to prevent an investigation. For the next one hundred and eight pages, in cooperation with the NEVAMO staff, you will travel step by step on A 's ' ' Q :g"0s .Q the side of the school through an actual case transcribed from the files of the Nevada junior-Senior High School, Nevada, Missouri. Front the heginning to end, from enrollment to gradua- tion, "Dragnet" is the story of your high school in action. Of course, has E man Friday, but we have our man ....... MOE FRIDA Y- CUNEVA-MO" Friday! "That's right, Ma'am. I'm Fridayf' y ,. c C , 9 'Dx K ..5.. .J This is the school-population 850. Yes, Ma'am-I work her My job is to get the facts. On September 8, 1953 a call came from the Chief's office. I check d in at 8:40. Here it is-my assignment. Q A ,Q 4,0 U O Page Page Page Page Page Page ..6... 7 Assignments . . check school Life . . Investigate Sports 35 . . Search Organizations 57 . . Question Staff . . Examine Mug Shots lOl . . Inspect Sponsors. Pm here to get the facts. wi va 2:6 Www ff' Nevgmo Queen P vgy Brown Senior P, ggi: -w . 7"?' " Nevamo Royalty Anne Woodhll Prmcess Shirley Adam Princess DOI? Adam-9 Bill Hofmann P"'i"lCe Prince Janice Bulk Princess Forest Nichols Prince f r A-LFIPT:11?1,m:iY'22fai214zS . ng, -- Q. : -,. ::-a : f' ' 1 li 4 Qffffy P wi f Q3 2 - f Mafia? - 55 ::2f.:aa - gfm-m . .,., I if -,' 1 ff:fssi2:gf"1 . . - ' P as iw - -. 12:52:15 Wal- 14' f - ..v142.1S1m'v, fy " f a , ew ' 4 . 55 , 'iitiaisi ' af' 'if y zr -. 2 355523 m-Wiglw X 'ln - ag2aawi2zfih?Aii4JgQ3W A .rn e ff! -i m g'-yi? ., A 7 s?mF1gf2K Qfgigfqfiiggfegiv f x , ::. WI"-,,'fl'-:7'f Tf:gYfv,f?vi- . 5afJiTffilf:z5fiWfiN'V' ff." 'lifiig up Ira. fll,!Q2'. i2V5:eE??ili?Z:57f3E - H' .,,....... ,,,., .c,, , , M M W ,.., - ' 'velfn fl ' '- , ': A :faf , C '7f?u5ZIs-01 ?5f'ffi,'5s'J'jN-5753-N V ., , " f -. ' f x ' -flies ef' , .4 ww , , - 2 - 1- f - ? K, , ' - .3 1, ' 3i1?cQSEffQ5P32s11g':Tg5:,liifnL5TZA'f, . ,'Z1-im ' 7 gk , , A ' H ' K . t -- sz J, ' .gy - I -1 of 555, A W I ,U ef 13, Halloween King Forest Nichols l Senior Halloween Queen Barbara Welsch Senior oronations Anti- Van Nevamo Anne Woodfill Jim Householder Janice Balk Bill Hoffmann Shirley Adam Forest Nichols Peggy Brown Donald Adams -13.. Q2 ill Bats - Bonnie Rook, Maridee Kelso, Ellen Curley, Ronald Demaree and Carolyn Lewis, Royalty and attendants - Gary Thomas, Jim Ebbs, Karen McClellan, Gary Hall, Sherry White, Princess, Barbara Welch, Queeng Forest Nichols, King, Larry Wynes, Prince: Ludmilla Weir, Ann Jones, Jaye Dee Vilott, and Sharon McComb Homecoming Jeanie Broughton, Bob Middleton, Queen Janet Herd, Carl Hendrix, Sue Williams and Charles Gose gk f. Am if, , ,.., ffaffw-M E.. fl E S G 1. 5,151,143 Q wi! 0: all We 'f:g.,5ff , wg? "-mW,Q+-A Q fr' . , Wg- L rv! W WW vu, .Q W, .N Q . 'JREI A Q Q W nf .N A -Hw:57fM.xvz,g, I 'A.f:'i"L..i?r?fh'S5iEgS4 .- M'f"ff1fa'.:L,g,.L2e51 efgm, 5 q,,?,gg,X5 .L Q 24, h W iw . sig 39 9 1 A ,A .5:1:,,f WA 3 S Jw 7' , V, A ' Egg, 1 ' ,355 F, M MW' E- .RQ Q1 w 1 5 , M fe ,sg glial, .rai 3 , wi' fwfr' y .W A lf! . K N - ' :GQ . ,, A. . 1 3. + - .: .313 -fs ' , f i 4 Homecoming Dance The couples march through the lines of players for the coronation. Yell leaders Joyce Belcer, Joyceln Bailey, Bet- ty Jackson, Earlene Bell and Carolyn Linder watch as their leader Jeanie Broughton partici- pates in the homecoming coronafion. Nancy Harper, Louis Gonterman, Donna Doel- Betty Jackson, Sharon Yeokum, Lois Wynes ling, Ray Ryan, Bob Overton and Jan Runyan sit enjoy Phyllis Koehler's account of what happened. one out during the dance. -"--'F . X 1- 1 . Shirley Rogers, Charles Anderson, Joyceln,Bailey, Louis Gonterman, Janice Balk, Ed u Kerr, and Sherrill Neas are having a "gab" session. Jim Householder, Anne Woodfill, Peggy Brown, and David Catron are about to enter the kingdom at the bottom of the sea. -17- ....4mn.,.L .,, Junior-Senior Prom V A deep sea diver very aptly carries out the theme of the Junior-Senior Prom, "Maritime Odyssey". Beverly IWoods, Arman Schwarz, Orville Wells, Marjorie Edson, Jackie Jarrett, and Carl Hendrix enjoy the beauty of Neptune's Kingdom. gf- . -Q-. b- 1 1 -5 S N fm. LU Et EVAMO ETECT Nw N W 5: f H 'i U-U Q4 U LNT RS A P L ,jf ' T ,Q , ' ' I z4?jH zl 1 rl lf r fs Q5 pn .Will l glial '!. 0 II' , 1 55? fill W 3 ... Day Do you really give people information? E' .4B Q How do you guys get that answer? ,Lis Read any good thrillers lately? So that's the way it's done! The first thing to do ..... I 1 Q T E AU-IER lx Q X S A X ..a,,,Q , gl ,. 119, imiji ' , , Ia- i J, 1? f ., ,RNA f 5 0 2 -2 J k W ffl J-K ': fi 'E A-L1 '- has .5 , ,. .VS ,Q-,nv ,, , -1 v, 53 R . W A, M fi? X , nl ' 195 WEE? 1.1 5 K -. my JQ 1 "fODfW ,ff if 'I 5 3 . E L5 ff ,mmwwmwr 'S 'x mmwsvmwwhm wma, A i gi ls an , Row One - George Lafferty, Earnie Shindler, Jack Carpenter, Don Garwood, Ray- mond Gose, Charles Clemmons, Larry Siebert, Howard Wastell, Gary Thomas, Bud Hutchinson, Bob Overton, Ray Ryan and Alfred Keithley Row Two - Bob Pickett, Student Manager, Roy Cunningham, Ronald Jones, Jim Ebbs, Gary Ewan, Lonzo Ilarper, Jerry Underwood, Bob Pettis, Jaye Dee Vilott, Charles Gose, Floyd Werst, Gene Morris, Bill Sheehan, Jim Burgess and' Fred Barnes Row Three - James Love, Lee Jenner, James Witte, Jim Huff, Bob Middleton, Ronald Burnett, Philip Pierceall, Louis Gonterman, Bob Curley, Junior Bond, Carl Hendrix, Charles Anderson, Bernett Farnham, Joe McKenzie, Forest Nichols, John Batten, Assistant Coach and Gene Rimmer, Head Coach Football Scores Football Conference Standings Nevada 0 Fort Scott 13 - Nevada 21 Bolivar 14 Au W? List 'nga ,Nevada 37 El Dorado 7 Negghra 6 1 0 fNevaaa zo Carthage za Cmmf e 5 2 0 Nevada 6 Aurora 18 Nevadf 4 3 l 0 Nevada 20 Monett 12 Lamar 3 4 0 Nevada 34 Mt. Vernon 0 Monett 2 4 1 Nevada 44 Webb City 19 Mt Vernon 1 6 0 Nevada 14 Neosho 19 Wgbb Cu 0 6 1 V, Nevada 19 Lamar 0 y Charles Anderson Junior Bond B015 Curley Bernett Farnham End - Tackle Quarterback Tackle Nevada Tigers played well in conference and in non- conference games. After losing to Ft. Scott 13-0 in a driv- ing rainstorm, Nevada bounced back to upset a highly touted Bolivar eleven with a score of 21-14 to snap the 15 game winning streak of the Llberators. The next week with Forest Nichols again showing the way, the Nevada Tigers smashed the champion El Dorado Bulldogs 37-7. El Dorado had a record of being undefeated in three years of conference play. With an impressive' pre-conference record behind them, the Nevada team journeyed to Carthage for the conference opener. It was a wide open battle all the way, with two teams fighting the length of the field, alternately scoring touchdowns. Nevada gridmen outgamed the Car- thage team on the ground, but they were no match for Carthage's superior passing attack which led Carthage to the big end of the 28-20 score. Opening the home football schedule with an enthusi- astic crpwn swelling the stands at Logan Field, the Tigers clashed with the Aurora Houn' Dawgs. Defense was out- standing as both teams were held to short yardage. Auro- ra's forward wall proved virtually impenetratable. Ne- vada's hopes were temporarily lifted late in the third quarter when the Tigers broke loose for a 33 yard touch- down run which put them within 6 points of the I-loun'd Dawgs. The Aurora eleven soon plowed through for another tally to win the game 18-6. The Tigers roared through to their first conference victory by downing the Monett Cubs 20-12. Nevada s ed the scoring soon after the game started. Monett rec the kickoff, but fumbled on their 5 yard line. The hal rolled to the l yard line where it was recovered by Ne- vada. On the first play the Tigers went over for the first score. The second Nevada TD came a few minutes later on the first play after the Tigers again gained possession of the ball. This was the, first appearance of a trick play, known as "lazybones," which was destined to become fa- mous with the Nevada Tigers. With spirits heightened by their victory against Mo- nett, the Tigers descended upon Mt. Vernon where they soundly thrashed the Mountaineers 34-0. It was a tough battle the first half with the Tigers reaching pay dirt only once. Nevada went wild the second half on 4 '.D.D's and 4 conversions to wrap up their second conference victory. -' The Tigers won a hot one from a fighting Webb City team, defeating the Cardinals 44-19. Webb City lost no time in starting the ball rolling, for on the first play after kickoff they connected with a pass which went all the way. The Nevada team came back scoring 3 touchdowns in succession. Not to be outdone, the Cardinals rallied with two quick TD's to tie the score 19-19. Nevada dominated the last half proving their superiority by a final score of 44-19. Carl Hendrix was the sparkplug for the Tigers, scoring 32 points on 5 touchdowns and 2 extra points. Louis Gonterman Charles Gose End Guard H Carl Hendrix Longuargrper Halfback 7 Am . .....a':. . , W?uwQSfSFH7 Wi1VAGm'fW W' W ' ' i2! shammi? mergers: -' Jim Huff Bud Hutchinson Alfred Keithley Joe McKenzie Center Tackle Guard End The Neosho Wildcats drove 60 yards for a touchdown in the last five minutes of the game to defeat Nevada's battling Tigers 19-14. Just before the Wildcats winning drive. Nevada quarterback Bob Middleton had boosted the Tigers into a 14-13 lead with an 80 yard touchdown run after intercepting a Nensho pass. The Wildcats made good use of the few remaining minutes by driving down field for the winning touchdown. With identical win-loss records in conference play, the Nevada and Lamar teams met in what promised to be the most exciting game ever in the traditional battle for the Silver Tiger. Apparently not satisfied with being rated even with the neighboring Tigers the Nevada team deli- vered to the Lamar gridders a stunning 19-0 defeat. Only several goal-line stands by our Tigers prevented the La- mar Tigers from scoring and reducing the point margin. Forest Nichols Bob Overton Fullback Halfback In 'I conference games and 3 non-conference games the Tigers racked up 215 points to 130 for the opponents They were never defeated by more than two touchdowns This year's squad can point with pride to a highly suc- cessful season in the 1953-54 school year. Bob Pettus Phillip Pierceall Halfback Guard Bob Middleton Quarterback Charles Gose. Bob Middleton, Louis Gonterman, Alfred Keithly and Forest Nichols waiting for the bus Coach Batten Frank Woodfill Earnest Shindler, Gary Thomas, Bemett Farnlgam,B1nl Hqtchinson, Coach Rimmer and Kelvin George checking out equipment Paul Jenkinson and Bob Pickett examining the medicine kit R9-Y UNH! Gary Thomas Jaye Dee Vilott Floyd Werst Guard Halfback Fullback Halfback 6- Junior High Team Row One -- David Thurman, Student Managerg Bob Hammontree, John Mann, Gary Hall and Ronald Jones Row Two - Emmett Davenport, Winston Ogle, Gary Ewan and Robert Oyer Row Three - Larry Biles, Denny McLaughlin, Roy Cunningham and Jackie Hendrix Row Four - Gary Vaughn, Frank Woodfill, Charles Clemmons and Eddie Nelander Row Five - George Latferty, Dean Capps, Jim Ebbs and Larry Siebert V Row Six - Coach Wayne Reed, Jack Carpenter, Wilbur Garwood and Coach John Batten A Teavn Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada 56 53 51 46 33 55 44 Nevada 67 66 61 60 44 5 5 48 58 Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada Nevada 66 Basketball Conference Scores Mt. Vernon 45 ' Monett 54 Lamar 41 Neosho 41 Aurora 38 Carthage 49 Webb City 47 Cassville 66 Mt. Vernon 44 Monett 48 Lamar 42 Neosho 48 Aurora 44 Carthage 60 Webb City 60 Cassville 67 , A'-15.2 N: Conference S tandzngs Carthage Cassville Webb City Monett Nevada Aurora Neosho Lamar Mt. Vernon SQ, an kk? 'Q x ii 92 3,-H ' -w X 1 J' 5. .3 V wg, m. mg, Qi 5 ,gk Q 4' fa f:fZWWfg fQk Sf2ff?W7? Q 3 J X ef' me-f.1Q' 4' F is V,-Ai - h tl? f, L -1,- Q A Va Q gy 4 :?JZffgQ T A H13 s. , K 'D v . N is if in its 'V' v Q Q Q,?g gba? ,, ,F ,QQ wit! K Q e P' , M Q 3 , , -Ek Ani . 4 .nw 1 x yi. 5 Row One Maynard Thompson, Jack Spencer, Merlyn Haubeln and Ray Haynes Row Two-Coach Wayne Reed, Jim Huff, Fred Barnes Lee Jenner Junior Bond Richard Rodleck John Haggard, Gene Morris, Jim Burgess and Bud Hutchinson B Team Nevada 66 Nevada 48 Nevada 59 Nevada 36 Nevada 34 Nevada 47 Nevada 40 Nevada 47 Nevada 50 Nevada 56 Nevada 55 Nevada 52 Nevada 54 Nevada 35 Nevada 47 Nevada 64 Conference Scores Mt. Vernon Monett Lamar Neosho Aurora Carthage Webb City Cassville Mt. Vernon Monett Lamar Neosho Aurora Carthage Webb City Cassville Ezghth Grade Team Row one: Melvin Fanning ' Emmett Davenport John Mann, Jr. Lewin Brantley Sonny Caton Lynn Gowin Tommy Runyan Larry J. Austin Row two: Gary Hall Winston Ogle Roy Cunningham Skip Schiller Jack Hendrix Bob Gowin Larry Compton Larry Biles inth Grade Team Row one: Wilbur Garwood Bobby I-Iammontree George Lafferty Kent Hawkins LeRoy Burris Jack Nelson Dean Capps Jerry Thomas Row two: David Thurman, Student Manager Eddie Nelander Jack Carpenter Gary Ewan Jerry Welch John Norris Jim Ebbs Larry Siebert Ronald Jones Seventh Grade Team Row one: Chester Evans Denny McLaughlin Mike Jones Kendall Baumann Tommy Aldrich Larry Garrett Larry Wynes Gary Hayde Norman Bamesberger Row two: Eugene Farnham Ed Carter Richard Ramsay Larry Colvin Eddie Barnes Darrell Linquist Bob Fanning Roy Wales Ivan Maahs James Cox T Track Row One-Kent Hawkins, Jack Carpenter, Ralph Richardson, Mike Adam, Leroy Adams, George Lafferty, Delvin Behm, Richard Lessen, Gary Ogle, Jimmie Hedges, Jim Collins, Jackie Spencer, Merlyn Haubein, Don Garwood, Lee Roy Burris, Wilbur Garwood, Bob Murray, Jerry Johnston, Jim Ebbs, Jack Nelson, Dean Capps, Myron Hiestand, Bill Belcher and Bill Schiller Row Two-Coach Reed, Junior Bond, Bud Hutchinson, John Bridgeman, Alfred Gilliland, Duane Kennedy, Maynard Thompson, Richard Spencer, Dick Freeland, Loyd Witte, Woodrow Weber, Gary Whitworth, Floyd Werst, Ronald Dodson, John Norris, Ray Haynes, Ernest Shindler, Howard Wastell, Bob Rich, Larry Siebert, Gary Ewan, Bob Hammontree, Robert Pickett, David Thurman and Coach Batten Row Three-Coach Rimmer, Gene Morris, Jaye Dee Vilott, Manuel Love, Louis Gonterman, Jim Burgess, Richard Rodieck, Howard Householder, Lyle Rose, Jerry Underwood, Freddie Barnes, Bill Sheehan, Russell Sadler, Lowell Yazel, Charles Winters, Ronald Jones, Bill Thompson, James Love, Eddie Nelander, Sam Carter, Bill Hickman, Wayne Anstine, Jim Huff, and Paul Jenkinson, Student Manager Golf 'X s v-4-"W" 'H nr m Bill Hoffmann, Gordon Dooley, Hinton Swearingen, Ted Kachel, Fred Teel, Bob Steele and Bob Middleton Rifle Club Row One-Mary Haley, Vice-President, Donna Logan, Secretary, Frank Woodfill, Treasurerg and Ed Kerr, President Row Two-Mr. Herbert Steincross, Instructor, Ronald Fisk, Howard Carter, Pat Carter, and Mr. Frank Snyder, Instructor V Row Three-Chris Owen, Sam Carter, Martha Pearse, Ludmilla Weir, and Patsy Harmon Row Four-Hayden Jackson, Lewin Brantley, Gary Hayde, Tom Aldrich, and Vin- cent Porter Row -Five-Jerry Thomas, Ed Carter, Don Adam, Bill Schiller, and Earl Johnson Row Six-Lonnie Lentz, Gary Linquist, Russell Saddler, Robert Palmer, and Hen- , ry Robinson -34- The Rifle Club, established in 1941, was organized by Mr. N. T. Patterson. Since that time it has grown in size until it now has a membership of more than forty members. The members are divided into two groups, the beginners and the advanced group. In January, a team consisting of Mary Haley, Donna Logan, Bill Schiller and Frank Woodfill went to Manhatten, Kansas to compete in annual individual matches held on the Kansas State campus. Out of nine places awarded to competitors in the junior division, the- Nevada Riflers were awarded eight. 3 5 4 1 E fi 5 f 5 1 f Q Q 2 s 1 E 2 f 5 1 f f 5 9" -VZP'f55J9?Q,5TfT,'fEE'ifiii-Eg!afWffiwiizTWWXQT'PfF,,'?l?s5'f:.?ieTL5if3W'SwUEzffw:ffE'554255:iEss?f:5?if?3L?i33If5i'zl753721'HWS'iifiififfiafwwi'fi:4J157'?i'l5?,affli-":'f'i'-"lf'fffi,'L'1 1 T QMQYZASAUS E ifi'if?a5fJk ?i"47fg3i54EJn-HT' 255: 'FHIii?-1'LT??ff??5E?aQf'fsV'Q?'2s' 731' s5fi!Y'u?LlSQ,- xiiaiigdi"E""fZMv,,H:, :E Crimson and Gray taff Jackie Jarrett, Solicitor Bill Hoffmann, Sports Editor Don Adams, Solicitor Sharon McCaffree, Editor Bob Middleton, Associate Editor Tommy Wood, Babette Gasting, Shirley Flint, Reporters Mr. Van Hoy, Sponsor Sue Etter, Reporter' Sharon Marquardt, Exchanges Gordon Dooley, Feature Editor .....36.. Reporters e Shirley Vincent, Sue Williams, Mary Ann Hornecker, Bob Pettus, Bill Schiller, Circulation Manager Ray Cooper, Advertising Manager Bill Schiller, Business Manager Donna Logan, Photographer Business Staff Members Hinton Swearingen Gordon Dooley evamo Staff Bill Hoffmann, Editor Anne Woodfill, Senior Editor Bob Steele, Junior Editor Forest Nichols, Sports Editor Janice Balk, Artist Betty Benson, Artist Mrs. Rimmer, Sponsor Shirley Callison, Typist Ruth Stevens, Copy Writer -37 W f- - W W rx , ,fa , 8. Junior High tudent Council Sitting - Dorothy Wescoat, Reporter, Carol Adam, Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Ebbs, President and Jan Edwards, Vice-President Row One - Barbara Barton, Bob Covey, Judy Kesterson, Molly Murphy, Ludmilla Weir, Lois Spangler, Sandra Moore, Bonnie Woolverton, Earl Johnson, Tommy Run- yan and Richard Ramsey Row Two - Jane Ebbs, Linda Ingles, Linda Loy, Pam Meffert, Gary Ewan, Larry Siebert, Roy Cunningham, Winston Ogle, Charles Clemmons, Jack Nelson, Frank Woodfill, Gary Vaughn and Norman Bamesberger Row Three - Mr. Curry, Sponsorg John Podszus and Perry Transue .The Junior High Student Council has undertaken many worthwhile projects during the 1953-1954 school year. Members of the council sell pop and sandwiches at home basketball games. Throughout the year they sell pencils stamped with the schedules of the sports events. They help furnish assemblies for the entire school and lend full support to the Junior High Basketball Tournament. The training ob- tained from Junior Council work is invaluable in that it trains the members to be- come capable leaders. rs ew., , 1 xt, Senior High tudent ouncil Sitting -- David Catron, Treasurer, Anne Woodfill, Secretary, Forest Nichols, Vice- President and Jim Householder, President Row One - Carolyn White, Shirley Adam, Janet McGlothlin, Linda Spillman, Peggy Brown, Sherrial Wise, Rita Ephland, Charline Smith, Nancy Ewing and Gary Thomas Row Two - Miss Radford, Sponsorg Ted Kachel, Bob Steele, Fred Teel, Jeanie Broughton, Joyce Belcher and Janet Barton Donna Logan, Dorothy Bare, Jaye Dee Vilott, Gene Morris, Jack Spencer and Ray Haynes Row,Four - Ed Kerr, Hinton Swearingen, Karl Householder, Jim Collins, Bill Schiller and Jim Burgess The Senior High Student Council has as its objectives-promoting better stu- dent-teacher relations, creating school spirit, and the undertaking of projects for the betterment of the school and of the students. , 1 During 1953 and 1954, the Senior Council has supportedgthe March of Dimes. The Crippled Children's Fund and the Cancer Drive. It has' supported the annual Christmas tree for the underprivileged of Nevada and sponsored the Anti-Van Party. The Student Council sent delegates to Portland, Oregon and to Denver, Colora- do for leadership training work. Members of the Student Council take tickets and sell popcorn at all home athletic events, thus making money to finance the council projects. -40- l Hel ational Honor ociety ROW ONE: J e a n i e Broughton, Ruth Stevens, Secretary-Treasurer: Peggy B r o w n, President. R 0 W TWO: Donna K a r r, Sharon Mar- quardt, Janet Barton, Wilma Boy- les. ROW THREE: Jackie Jarrett, Anne Woodfill, Sherrill Wise, Sue Etter. ROW FOUR: Donna Logan, Sharon Yeokum, Marjorie Edson, Mary Anne Hornecker. ROW FIVE: Marjorie Neas, Jan Runyan, Rita Ephland, Gail Jenner. ROW SIX: Hinton Swearingen, Bob Middleton, Bob S t e e l e, David Cataron. ROW SEVEN: J. G o r d o n Dooley, Jim Burgess, Gene Morris, Karl House- h old e r. Not Pictured: Mr. Schu- mann, Sponsorg Sharon McCaffree, vice-President: Forest Nichols, Jim Householder, Janice Balk. Not Pictured: Donna Logan. Debate Team Ronnie Smith, Dorothy Fraley, Bob Wiser, Joyceln Bailey, Bob Middleton and e Sue Etter-Phyllis Koehler and Fred Teel are not pictured. l3K24RS54 eJ Row One Alfred Keithly Dale Lowry Charles Gose Steve Starr A. L. Mahaffey Row Two Tommy Pike Gary Hiestand Donald Wallace Dean Brown Curt Cavanaugh G. A. Lindenman Row Three Lloyd Witte Gary Whitworth Larry Wilhehnson Roy Hageman larry Brown John Lawson Row Four Jerry Johnson Bob Perrin Jerry Quackenbush Duane Thompson fi1me"J51ikiaq xlliiine Kennedy Row Row Two - Row Five Clyde Bley Charles Lawson Darrell Bobbett Willard Wyckoff Darrell 0'Hair Row Six Jerry Underwood Larry Pettibon Myron Hiestand Freddie Prettyman Leroy Bohm Eldon Schonewetter Row Seven Robert Quackenbush Tommy' Holcomb Raymond Gose Larry Emery Donald Ellifrits Robert Smith Row Eight Lyle Rose Lawrence Talley Jim Burgess Jerry Hale Jack Fast Glen Miller Charles Crawford Row Nine Alfred Gilliland Maynard Thompson Leon Shumaker Bobby Turner Gerald Miller Futu - Sue Rouse, Beverly Rogers, Anna Brock, Carol McDonald, Helen Oyler, Carolyn White, Nancy Harper, Mary Ami Hornecker, Carol Pettit, Shirley Vincent, Gloria Young, Glenna Stevens, and Mrs. Martha Eden. Gay Keating, Bernice Justice, Karen Mathis, Jolene Koopman, LaDene Klontz, Joanna Leonard, Helen Pettibom, Pat Cavanaugh, Mary Ann Sprenkle, Shirley Burris, Eunice Adkins. ' A Row Three - Donna Shaw, Judy Prettyman, Louise Phillips, Stella Simpson, Mary Niswanger, Sally Short, Judy Welch, Donna Boyd, Nancy Ewing, Sherrill Wise, Alma Bartholoma, Ella Leer. it ROW FOIll' - Sue Sisson, Pauline Woolridge, Sandra Troegle, Irma Smith, Joyce Young, Carol Ford, Charlotte Garrett. Peggy Fenton. Tessa Shelton. Hazel Franks. Row Five - Mary Alice Cribbett, Marilyn Crump, Betty Schwartz, LaDcne Bobbett, Nonna Beisly, Lou Riley, Pat Riley, Majorle Neas, Sue Williams. Row Six - Mary Cunningham, Judy Darnold, Marcella Keithley, Judy Rainey, Nellie Swait, Barbara Dalton, Evelyn Jones, Marilyn Emery. ii iifaiiifzi Homemakers of America aimnif ., ,,,,,, Library lub Row One - Bob Landes, President: Shirley Callison, Vice Presidentf Donna Doel- ling, Secretary, Joyce Harmon, Treasurerg John Haggard, Reporter Row Two - Bernice Justice, Josephine Kiger, Treva Sisson, Darlene Files, Cecilia Banta, Wilma Smith, Opal Compton, Bonnie Rook, Ronald Demaree Row Three - Mrs. Wardin, Helen LaDue, Beatrice Monkres, Patti Gardner, Sue Rouse, Louise Phillips, Frances Jones, Howard Shrewsberry Commercial Club Row One Wilda Sattler, Margorie Edson, Shirley Callison, Helen Hobbs and Row Two Beverly Woods, Carol Elliott, Alberta Zimmerman, Donna Karr, Presi- dent Ann Marshall, Shirley Adam, Treasurerg Janice Balk, Secretaryg and Kather- Row Three Judy Prettyman, Dorothy Bare, Alma Bartholoma, BuElla Tally, Shirley High Sherrlal Neas and Mrs. Kornhaus, Sponsor ., lf! 'A , , .42- Row One, left to right - Juanita Leonard, Glenna Stevens, Mary Alice McConnell, Carol Ford, Peggy Fenton. Alberta Stewart Row Two - Eunice Adkins, Rita Ephland, Sue Williams, Doris Greer Row Three - Mary Lou Householder, Evelyn Jones, Barbara Dalton, Lavila Behrends, Judy Langford, Donna Carol, Sharon Yeokum, Roberta Rowden Row Four - Janet Edwards, Wilma Boyles, Marjorie Neas, Carolyn White Row Five - Melba Thomas, Diane Dahmer, Glenda Houston, Nancy Addington, Carol Petit, Janice Burgess, Martha Hendrix. Helen Rutledge Snowda Snowden The vocal music department is under the direction of Mr. George Schumann. Boys-Roger Wyatt Jim Householder, Forest Nichols, Karl Householder and Jim irls-Wilma Boyles, Helen Rutledge, Judy Lankford, Nancy Addington, Carolyn White Jan Edwards Anne Woodfill, Karen McClellan, Glenda Houston, Snowda Snowden, Dianne Dahmer, Sherrill Wise, and Marjorie Neas. ...43.. Row Row Row Row .M-W i,,..Q:Z-f-"'l Senior High Band One-Bob Steele, Sandra Moore, Dorothy Fraley, Joycelyn Bailey, Donna Houchin,, Pamela Meffert, Janice Hargrove, Janie Teel, Suzie Spillman, and Peggy Brown Two-Jackie Nelson, Janet Barton, John Bridgeman, Janet McGlothlin, Maralyne Owens, John Ayers, Tommy Runyan, Ted Kachel, Carol Sewell, Gary Linquist, Martha Keithly, Donna Murray, Richard Spencer, Eddie Barnes, Glenna Hardin, Jimmy Hedges, Sharon Yeokum, Nellie Swait, Duane Thurman, and Freddie Barnes Three-Don Seiberns, Lois Spangler, Doris Overton, Charlene Fox, Gary Thurman, Bob Landes, John Norris, Harold Palmer, Jerry Thomas, David Thurman, Doyle Cohick, Martha Pearse, Dick Freeland, Richard Rodiecl3,Mike Ferry, Lee Roy Cunningham, Richard Olm- stead, Lloyd Palmer and Katherine N rman Four-Bob Wiser, Sandra Gumm, Sally Shaw, Robert Palmer, David Catron, Lucille Shaffer, Leroy Bdrris, Lewin Brantley, Charles Clemmenson, Earnest Swait, John Haggard, Kent Hawkins, Gene Bobbett, Dorothy Wescoat and Herbert Ayers X Dorothy Wescoat Masolyne Owens Maralyne Owens Janet McGlothlin -.44... 1 k Iian., .MQ--W ix-ftwhfifb' '-' V ' ' A 1 H. v zffgin ' S W X ? ' QNX fff I C5 5 5 D dCt D Th lkld -4 Row One--Judith Kesterson, Laree Jones, John Podszus, Freida Boyles, Morris Dahmer, Charles Needling, Wanda Rodieck, Jolene Simon, Jo Williams, and Donna Houchin Row Two-Janet Keithly, Charles Winters, Billy Eason, Sandra Lawrence, Jean Ebbs, Shirley Ne- lander, Mary Giacometti, Marilyn Smith, Melba Smith, Donald Armitage, Linda Koontz, Rex Williams, Melvin Fanning, Ronald Geller, David Perrin, Ronald Griffin, Winston Ogle, David Drake and Ione Jenner Row Three-Judy Shepherd, Billy Hayes, Anne Bridgeman, Buddy Linder, Gary Hayde, Larry Crump, Joe Adams, Darrell Alexander, Jackie Swait, Richard Murray, Skip Schiller, Yvonne Phillips, Claudia Williams, Judy Belcher, Robert Oyer, Vincent Porter and Loren Fox Junior High Band Each successive year has seen new growth in the instrumental music department. Each year has also seen improvement. Along with the high school program, Nevada now has a grade school music program. Mrs. Franklin Norman has charge of the strings and Miss Virginia Daughtry directs the grade school bands. It is from this group of students that the concert band draws its future musicians. ...46... Orches tra At last, with membership and interest growing, the Nevada High School Orchestra is .becoming a recognized organization. An increased string program shows much promise for the coming years. The members of the orchestra feel proud of its accomplishments, which include two concerts. and the Senior Week exercises. Row One-Robert Palmer, Lee Roy Cunningham, Mary Duncan, Ruth Stevens, Karlene Zener, Bob Hammontree, Sharon Prouty, and Don Seiberns Row Two-David Thurman, Harold Palmer, Richard Spencer, Sharon Yeokum, Peggy Brown, Pam Meffert, Jackie Nelson, Sandra Moore, Bob Steele, Martha Pearse, Dick Freeland, Shirley Ramsay, Mary Alice McConnell, and Ada Holland Row Three-Jan Edwards, Gary Thurman, David Catron, Bob Landes, Bob Wiser, Lloyd Palmer, Richard Olmstead, Donald Thompson, Marvin Hammontree and Mary Lolley Juniors Present "Big-Hearted Herbert ' ' Cast - John Bridgeman, Hinton Swearingen, Donna Logan, Olene Perry, Jeanie Broughton, Tommy Vanderford, Diane Dahmer, Sharon Yeokum, Charles Crawford, Sherrill Wise and Gary Ogle Ushers - Katherine Norman, Wilma Boyles, Janet Barton, Stage Crew - Charlotte Garrett, Peggy Fenton, Charlene Smith, Carol Diehr, Shirley Warner, John Ayres, John Haggard, Jerry Glimpse and Jim Huff -48- John Bridgeman Jimmie Hedges Jeanie Broughton Hinton Swearingen Tom Vanderford Ted Kachel Olene Peery Donna Logan Sherrill Wise ' Joyceln Bailey, Sue Etter and Donna Karr Not pictured are Forest Nichols and Jim Householder. CfTiSh!! ' if enlor Play Phillip Pierceall. Carolyn White. Gail Jenner and Mary Haley Dorothy Fraley. Jackie Jarrett, Bob Wiser and Bob Middleton WEEK 149- Sweater Club Yell Leaders - Suzy Spillman, Sandra Gumm, Linda Bell, Dorothy Wescoat, Judy .Belcher, Patty Frizelle and Janie Teel Tigerettes -50- Yell Leaders -- Earlene Bell, Joyce Belcher,-Jeanie Broughton, Betty Ann Jackson, Joyceln Bailey and Carolyn Linder .. Q cc as A Kneeling-Bill Hoffmann, Ray Ryan, Bob Overton, Charles Gose, Alfred Keithly, and Gene Morris Row One-Lowell Yazel, Jim Huff, Bud Hutchinson, John Bridgeman, Jaye Dee Vilott, Floyd Werst, and Forest Nichols Row Two-Junior Bond, Carl Hendrix, Phillip Pierceall, Joe McKenzie, Charles Anderson, and Louis Gonterman - n Not pictured-Bob Middleton, Gary Thomas, Jim Householder and Karl Householder Boxers show their abilities in the boxing show sponsored by the "N" Club. nm, ,mf ,WW ' "'f "Hifi ""' ...52.. Youth Club Council Denny McLaughlin, Sam Carter, Glenna Marie Hardin, Mr. Bobula, Bob Wiser, Mayor Don Threlkeld, Richard Spencer, Arman Schwarz and Bob Steele. tardusters Robert Palmer, Pianog Bob Steele, clarinetg Arman Schwarz, bassg Richard Spencer, saxophoneg Loyd Palmer, tromboneg Bill Gowin, trumpetg Bob Wiser, drums. i Thespians Row One Ted Kachel Parliamentarian Sue Etter President Carolyn White Vice-President Donna Karr Secretary John Bridgeman Reporter Row Two Anne Woodfill Jackie Jarrett Bob Middleton Row Three Alberta Zimmerman Shirley Warner Dorothy Fraley Carol Elliott Sharon McCaffree Row Four Jeanie Broughton Diane Dahmer Sharon Yeokum Shirley Flint Gail Jenner Row Five Joyceln Bailey Treasurer Bill Hoffmann Miss Eckhardt Forest Nichols Sponsor Hinton Swearingen O Radw Programs Two seconds-one second you're on " These mclans, and the other members of our radio crew. words are familiar to our radio announcers, tech SP0l2S0l'ed by MISS Gregg, the Crew handles the routme. Bill Sheehan, Jim Ray and Miss Gregg Jim Earll, Sharon Yeokum and Peggy Brown Junior Lions J. Gordon Dooley, Karl Householder, Gary Thomas and Charles Anderson. Standing-.Faye Dee Vilott, Floyd Werst and Philip Pierceall. Bob Steele, another representative is not pictured. Junior Rotarians Forest Nichols, Ray Cooper, Jim Householder, J. Gordon Dooley, Norman Rutledge, Bob Middleton and Charles Gose-David Catron and Carl Hendrix are not pictured. W -54. : . -4 fi. mn:-mslasislxi, ulldpn... x. .. T! Sharon McCaffree Dave Catron Jim Householder Each year the American Legion sponsors an oratorical contest. Require- L ' . il ' . . , l . D . o L l 1 ents are that the orations be original and written on some phase of the gg lted States' Constitution Sharon McCaffree was the winner of the oraton- l contest his year 1, The purpose of Boys' State and Girls' State is to provide actual experience fl citizenship and government The American Legion, the American Legion 1. Xilary, the Elks Rotary and Lions Clubs sponsored these delegates to Boys' - ate Bill Schiller, Forest Nichols, and David Catron Peggy Brown, delegate - Girls' State, was sponsored by the American Legion Auxilary The Semor High School Representative to the National Student Council 1 nvention in Portland, Oregon was Jim Householder. David Catron attended e Leadership Training Camp held in Denver, Colorado. Each year the D. A. R.. gives a citizeship award to a girl in the Senior 15 ass. This girl then takes a test in American History in an effort to win a 1 holarship. Jackie Jarrett was the recipient of the award this year. A trip to Jefferson City to attend the Sophomore Pilgrimage is awarded a Sophomore girl. She is selected by faculty and students from the upper e-fourth of the class. This year Jan Runyan was sponsored by the Athenasf, ,e Domestic Science Club, and the Progress Club. Jail Rllllyall Peggy Brown ef, ..55,. . f - Cooperative Occupational L, Education L. B. Kesqerson Coordinator "' Trainees and Instructors Nursing -- Profession Secretary -- 01509 Job Gail Jenner BuElla Tally Mrs. H. B. Snyder Dr. R. B. Wray, M. D. Madeline Woodfill Shoe Retailing -- Distributive Occupation Earl Stump Phillip Pierceall Floristry -- Service Occupation Carpentry -- Skilled Trade David Calm!! Virgil Horner D. G. Palmer Robert Palmer -56- fy---V , W ,f7ff7 XL Qt !1'5m5mw,,,I.! 'X :-: 2: E 2 f . . 2 X Q fe W . is 21533: SW I .'1I:Z,.II - wma? mg KEELTQZT 2511.133 Qfiftiffi lil Superintendent The tall figure of C. H. Jones, Jr., our Superintendent of Schools, is one familiar to many. Besides teaching, he somehow finds time to take care of his duties as superintendent and participate in and direct several civic activities, foremost of which is the 1954 March of Dimes Campaign. Quietly and efficiently he handles any problems that come before him. Mrs. Ruth Weltmer is the secretary of the Board of Education and to the Superintendent of Schools. She is a most competent assistant in planning and executing the many details necessary to acquire a fine educational system. Principal To be sent to the principal's office does not hold doubts that one might associate with it. One will find friendly advice and guidance from Principal W. Garlard Keithly. Besides helping solve the students' problems, he performs his office work, instructs a class in biology, and takes part in community activities such as the Nevada Civic Symphony Board and the tuberculosis drive. Assisting the principal is Mrs. elle Inwood, the registrar and the' principal's secretary. Calm and friendly, Mrs. Inwood keeps th numerous records and answers the students' questions. Lynn M. Ewing George M. Logan Virgil Dahliwl' Vice-President Secretary Board of -Education The members of the Board of Education of the Vernon County Reorganized District Number Five centering in Nevada have a wealth of experience to aid them in their guidance of this district. Dr. Love and Mr. Ewing have served eighteen yearsg Mr. Logan has served eight yearsg Mr. Fowler, fiveg and Mr. Dahmer and Mr. Gibson, two. Mr. Dahmer was a member of the Milo Board for several years prior to his service in the reorganized district. f-Q. Four of the board members are, raduatesz of Nevada High School. Hubert Fow- ler, president, graduated in the clas of 19205 Lynn Ewing headed the class of 192:13 Virgil Dahmer was a member of the class of 1929 and Dr. W. S. Love graduated ln 1915. H. L. Fowler P ld t Stephen Gibson resi en - X 5 Dr. W. S. Love Parent- Teacher Association Mrs. George Moore, Second Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Frank Marquardt, Treasurerg Mrs. Glenn Burris, Historiang Cecil Smith, Chairman of Hosnitalityg Howard Runyan, Presidentg Mrs. Clarence Fraley, Chairman of Child Welfare Committeeg Mrs. Wayne Spillman, Chairman of Founders' Day Committee, and Frank Marquardt, Chairman of Finance Committee Officers not pictured are: Mrs. Gordon Ewing, Third Vice-Presidentg Mrs. Ever- ett Teel, Chairman of Congress Publicationsg Mrs. Ben Weir, Chairman of Publicityg Miss Edna Mae Ragan, First Vice-President, and Mrs. Karl Zener, Secretary. One of the outstanding events of the fall is the annual "Chuck-Wagon Supper" which is sponsored by the P. T. A. Two other events in which the-P. T. A. serves the school are the Anti-Van Party in the fall and the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom in the spring. 5 dll' W 21 iq a E 'WGN John Batten Bonita Blades John Bobula Robert Brown Assistant Coach Physical Education General Science Industrlal Arts Drivers' Training Marie Butner Dorothy Cunningham Howard Curry Olga Dahmer Social Science Core Curriculum Mathematics Core Curriculum aculty Lena Eckhardt Speech Martha Eden Vocational Home Economics Alma Gregg English Katherine Howard English Gail Keithly Commerce Lester Kesterson Diversified Occupations Aura Kornhaus Commerce Earl Maffett Mathematics and Science A. L. Mahaffey Vocational Agriculture 62- ,nw T9 Ear 429-w ww 4 R Ewa Gladys Radford Edna Mae Ragan Social Science Art Gene Rimmer Vera Rombach Coach Mathematics Guidance Ea if MW me ' Geraldine Rowton ' School Nurse George Schumann Vocal Music Elizabeth Shaw Social Science Doris Taylor Core Curriculum Bernice Teel Core Curriculum ' Don Threlkeld Instrumental Music John Van Hoy Foreign Language Journalism Maude Wardin Library and Study Hall Virginia Wilhelmson Home Economics Study Hall Custodians F. A. Nichols, Homer Miller, Building Engineer and Glenn McGee Bus Drivers V11 X an -1, x ii 2 Y 19, W V V Qi 5 ,Pe Guy Headley, Carl Cox, Supervisor, C. R. Neas, Fred Mealey, Roy McVickers, James -54.. Henson, Vernon Burris, Stanley Butner, Roy Householder and Fred Boyles WA 'N .gif 51? check th Me M00 Denver Baldwin Janice Balk Dorothy Bare Alma Bartholoma 'Norma Beisly Bob Belcher 6, Bob MiddletomPresident,' Norman Rutledge, Vice Presi- dentg Peggy Brown, Secretaryg J. Gordon Dooley, Treasurerg Joyceln Bailey, Yell Leader Shirley Adam Donald Adams Charles Anderson ---fi' Z, J. T. Ashley Joyceln Bailey I donlt know Wesley Bell Clyde Bley Anna Brock Peggy Brown Shirley Calliso wif?KZ5-ii'i525E4QWM5flimfiaf2f2fiSfmf2f:xL4fiffei2,fffaiigi-4fZfEQJ Norma Caton David Catron Bill Coale Elizabeth Cooper Ray Cooper Jim Davis -c7- 4 mf if ZH ? i f Betty Fenton Shirley Flint Dorothy Fraley Patti Gardner Raymond Garrett Babbette Gasting James Gonterman Having trouble, Margie? N J. Gordon Dooley Jimmy Earll Margorie Edson Carol Elliott Sue Etter A-re there many absent today? Q X 'EW' 9-Hifi' Charles Gose Nellie Hagerman Jerry Hale Mary Haley- Carl Hendrix I Elaine Henry Janet Herd Dallas High Shirley High Helen Hobbs Bill Hoffmann Mary Ann Hornecker Bernice Justice Donna Karr Ed Kerr Josephine Kiger Jolene Koopman Dale Lowry My, but I'm hungry! Jim Householder Betty Jackson Jackie Jarrett Paul Jenkinson Gail Jenner F ! Carol McDonald X Kay McDonald M Joe McKenzie X not Bob Middleton Robert Mooney Sherrial Neas T711 A Helen Pettibon Carol Ann Pettit Bob Pettus Phillip Pierceall Judy Prettyman Katherine Riggs Betty Rogers W0 -yi Let's vote for this announcement. Forest Nichols Darrell 0'Hair Bob Overton Helen Oyler Robert Palmer -f w1'P'-f-'Z'ii2'3"fY" The fellow you donlt see -iv: Bob Middleton. Beverly Rogers Shirley Rogers Norman Rutledge Ray Ryan Willis Sanders Wilda Sattler ill Schiller George Schonewetter Arman Schwarz Donna Shaw Frank Shumaker Roy Simpson What would we do without a. locker? Sue Sisson Pauline Smith Gary Snelson V ' Ruth Stevens , BuElla Tally I Shirley Vincent l l Elvin Wales Woodrow Weber Orville Wells -74- L S who r Richard Spencer Ed Sprenkle Is this the way, P Barbara Welsch Carolyn White Sue Williams Bob Wiser Tommy Wood ssor Nichols? Anne Woodfill Beverly Woods Pauline Wooldridge Lois Wynes . Gloria Young Alberta Zimmerman -15-. Hubert Adams lzetta Adkins Earlene Bell BOWY 36115011 Junior Bond Wilma Boyles John Bridgeman Jeanie Broughton Kyle Calmer Bonnie Carpenter Opal Compton Charles Crawford Bob Curley -75- John Ayers Janet Barton Domxie Belcher Noreta. Bittner Darrell Bobbett Leroy Bohrn Karl Householder, Vzce Preszdentg Donna Logan, Secretaryg Fred Teel, Treasurerg Earlene Bell, Yell Leader P fe2,'wffi55fff53E:1:M W, 'Q - J wa, . y,l,,. .yi ,gi QW if -3 95 Roy Davenport Glenda Eador Dzg that cool music! may l A m.f1f,,f.:- . Jack Dennison Carol Diehr Ollie Ekstrom Marilyn Emery Bernett Farnham Jack Fast Peggy Fenton Delbert Fleming Dick Freeland Charlotte Garrett Alfred Gilliland Jerry Glimpse Benny Good Donna Doelling Marilyn Etter fZai.oQ,'N"" i' f," fora is ., A 7' iffw-A ,?Ke55i'Q '3'wfri1x4fafYs Q1 12 s:erg1mwf mxgg,lg Nw ' Mi. I. gg N 4 9 42555 - H, . X N. f 2 a N5 S Q 5 SM wg Q X , N 23 2,2 'S F x if 'eil - fa L, 4 ' TV Ni fi 5, 'Rf' ai, gm L we it " F155 was K , Q K am V X, QE . YK 5 in if I -Lars, 1 b 9-.'f'9?i53ag,:g, 5 25,1- A-ff Bill Gowin Howard Grantham D01-is Greer John Haggard Joyce Harmon Scottie Harmon Jimmie Hedges Doris Henry ' Franklin Henthorn Karl Householder ,ag 713-g",i 4 , . . ,,-f MS:- izgi iff xx 's Aff ,a 4 if e wa-e I M ' P' if 1 S at H es' A-wx ,Q 5 f zany , ,- fd Q 2 nw ,asgwgg - aa Z Y Jim Huff Bud Hutchinson Ann Jones Evelyn Jones Ted Kachel Marcella Keithly Alfred Keithly Bob Landes Lee Leedy ..7g... How about a ? M, AR ,, Juanita Leonard Lmqmst Donna Logan Ramona Long Roger Lukenbill Mary Alice Mccmmell Walter McGehee Glenn Miller Paul Moffatt Beatrice Monkres Marilyn Morris Stanley Mowry Katherine Norman Kenny Nunn Gary Ogle Maralyne Owens Masolyne Owens Jeanette Palmer ..7g... Martha Pearse Oleng Peery Beverly Pettibon Darlene Pettibon Shirley Phillips Bob Pickett bio., pike . Lester luke Mary Jane P1 Bob Rich Bill Richardson " Richard Rodieck 1-V -Y W . Q A Bomnie Rook Roberta Rowden M W - 5 5. 112' '.i,ii:,sZf7,Y' fi G R I .1 e01'g'8 OW all f 1 ,IZ32?g4F1. V is - -is-4 5 , 2 f Ed Ruwart Ellen Sanders B MM David Schluze -30+ ' noo F a Sue Scott Ernest Shindler Leon Shoemaker Carl Simpson Charlene Smith Robert Smith Bob Steele Earnest Swait Hinton Swearingen Earlene Swope Disecting surely is fun! av vaio W ed? Z' 'gig sv fs, Q lbw Q lfva my .J I- 4-raw YQ, .ae 1 W i"""'5""', Qs 3 'Kaffe QW 3 35 W Y- We P32 Lawrence Tally Shirley Taylor Fred Teel Gary Thomas Evelyn Thompson Maynard Thompson David Thurman Bobbie Turner Tom Vanderford LS1, r W , ' N' E '-T:M.ALi.'aQE?" -M asm. . V Y , 2 :L A232511 5mEE,E2.gW1 K .f gsmffgmawrif ' XX ii 12, A--'I L ' - wal ' mf' fav 551 A 742 giggmmffe Q -'fax ieiiwirsaifa Q , : . .r wgrmwga w,lwN I f U, - ly FFFJATJ 4 9751 4 K' 1 - A 'fiw1'.13WfEs2' me ,.k,, ,:,,,,a l, . - if -, f 'Q -' M12 fm'-w-1swf1:2,f,. . .a?xf,1.1,:s1a'ss xtwzsT?7,9-'fiiarfsvs - f fvz ' , :ml c f ,Q-iggxgykjz 1 flaw Yififi: . "H ' f ui' 1521-V 9J3:S'Wr:,'1T-- aa, gf -f -s -1 f , V, ,ff-1,,.A all ?k o r fr aw X 0 X riff uf Q Pg l .M e wP fa ii xr 2 l Roger Wallen Shirley Warner Howard Wagtell Larry Wilhelmson Sue Williams Sherrill Wise Lavena Wood v. Let me tell you how. Roger Wyatt Willard Lowell Yazel Sharon Yeokum Johnnie Zimmerman -82 Eunice Adkins Wayne Anstine James Armstrong Robert Ashley James Baker Sharon Bamesberger Fred Barnes Delvin Behm Joyce Belcher Virgil Belcher Billy Bobbett Donna Boyd Leroy Brown Jim Burgess Ronald Burnett John Burnosr ' Shirley Burris Jim Butterfield Pat Cavanaugh James Collins Q --83+ Lee Roy Floyd Werst Vzce Presldent ll , Q Lmda Spzllman, Secretaryg Sharon McComb, Treasure'r,' Jouce Belcher Yell Leader N xg, ,. asf " ,. ,Mt 543 X Y ,107 Sw : ,, 'eff I b t P J ' View f 5 ,M , ,M .- Wmemg www- 4-gvffva Q fa 5 4 fry w X? Ig ANL? X' 959 Us so sf 1 W armbtlf 'f 32,52 ag f ,alarm is all MTS nw Q1 5,22 X E, Wg Q 2356 2 V35 3h M H. 'Z 71 John DeGood Ronald Demaree Patsy Dorris Earnest Earll Don Ellifritz- Rita Ephland Nancy Ewing Larry Fairbanks Viola I-'enton David Foland Carol Lee Ford Hazel Franks Glenice Garrett Don Garwood Jim Gatewood Mark Gibbs Jeanne Colllns Cunningham Barbara Dalton Kay Darnold ff? 2' . 111 , . 51 L-R? A Q53 :www mg? , . -X. If f -. ig -..- , A M Wea? , .4 ggiiift In . . LL.W, X X: 'T ',2. l X E k , 6 in 5712 if 44 253115951 . ,. . pw? 'sliwfi -'um :iz 'H 2519112513 N . nssifwsffkff ' SM v x. 1 I 'r I 1 -E:li:-,rig , K , asm, 1, J J H Q Q 1 , Q Ik. K MM.,- 5 35 4 s 6 fV ,g2:lm,, W QMS ,gZ3i'5?!i3"SbM 5 I-' wie 1 5 A , in A .,.,. . ,kv i X 'A ' , .459 Q .i14,.,.E., N' 0 X Q- Q J., M Q 5 . 'W ' 'I 1 pf 4- , .1 W 4 ,L BT x 1 R 1 s YQ. W- MEIN xlcizdaii , v xrsnhxm-M J Lonnie Lentz Joanna Leonard Richard Lessen G. A. Lindenman James Litten James Love Manuel Love John Martin Karen Mathis Sharon McComb ,Ann McCune, ,o.. J Janet McGlothlin Gene Meritt J Gerald Miller Floyd Minor Gene Morris Robert Murray Marjorie Neas Mary Niswanger Bob Norris .J Dustin Norris ouise Phillips Shirley Porter Lue Riley Pat Riley Lyle Rose Sue Rouse Jail Runyan Bob Ruwart Bob Saathoff Russell Sadler Sally Shaw Bill Sheehan Gene Shields Sally Short Howard Shrewsbury Leon Shumalier Stella Simpson Irma Smith ...8 7... u X 4,-.wwf 9 +A. W- , .Q "If 'P'-Z ' S b -A 5 X if-Q1 5 gsm-xi QM M ffl S Carol Adam Mike Adam Leroy Adams Nancy Addington Mary Lou Adkins Andrea Angel Albert Armstrong Herbert Ayers Jack Baker Eugene Baldwin Cecilia Banta Kay Baynes Lavila. Behrends Bill Belcher Martha Bell Mary Bell Linda Bittner Benton Bobbett Gene Bobbett La Deane Bobbett Frank Woodfdl Preszdent John Norris, Vice President Sandra Gumm Secretary Patricza Carter, Treasurer Pre1fw winnn1urfLwaQ if Lloyd Bolson Dean Brown Ruby Brown Larry Brown Janis Burgess Tommy Burnos Lee Roy Burris Darrel Butterfield Dean Capps Jack Carpenter Donna Carroll Judy Carter Patricia Carter Curtis Cavanaugh Charles Clemmons Doyle Cohick Mary Alice Cribbett Jane Culler Marilyn Crump Mary Cunningham Linda Darnold La wrence Demaree Ronald Dodson Barbara Drury Fayenell Drury Jeaneen Dukes Jerden Dunfield Jim Ebbs Janet Edwards Larry Emery , -90- AEM! 229' iw, Q5 .. , ' - 2 V YLi Sally Estes Gary Ewan Don Ferguson Mike Ferry Darleen Files , , Jerry Fleming Judith Flemming Nancy Flint Wanda. Freeland Patty Frizelle Shirley Garwood Wilbur Garwood Nancy Gibson Eugene Griffin A Raymond Gose Sondra. Gumm Roy Hagerman Bob Hammdntree Ronald Harmon Lawrence Harper Kent Hawkins Martha Hendrix Bill Hickman Gary Hiestand Myron Hiestand Howard High Dewey Hilliex' Stanley Hillier Joyce Hogan Tommy Holcomb 191- V. .,,.f, -g V 'VVgg,,, .. V,-we H! Z mi eeeesel 'asyeae Q ,r,r f ',ff1-i'-fizfffff1ggfV,1i'IiVil-gi V ,,-J: if ,'.',' V .- ,, ,fe A Vf,1aQ?32aZe5? Bf V,fmV,Vm-VWm ,, 5-,, ,rf , ,+, if 5 P , 2 ZW L V W Y :ga , ff ef K AA ,V ei VV Q, Vg 1 , .,,1VwfeVw7f M- 1 A it e gg 2 I A Q V Howard Householder Shirley Huttsell Linda Ingles Hayden Jackson Frances Jones Ronald Jones Jerry Johnston Martha Keithly Lelia Kistner Helen La Due George Lafferty Judy Lankford Carolyn Linder Don Linquist Maxine Maring R. B. Mason Karen Sue McCellan Janie McGehee Charmion Mesplay Sandra Moore Eddie Nelander Jack Nelson John Norris Richard Olmstead Doris Overton Chris Owen Harold Palmer Lloyd Palmer Robert Perrin 1921 wiirifmi Flfmw Q at nw' ll?ne 5 Forest Pettibon Glenyce Pettibon Larry Pettibon LaVon Pettibon Tommy Pike Jessie Pinkman Freddie Prettyman George Pryor Teddy Pryor Darma Purl Judy Pyle Jerry Quackenbush Robert Quackenbush Judy Rainey Shirley Ramsey Ralph Richardson Wanda Richardson Janie Riggs Henry Robertson Sue Robinson Carolyn Rodieck Bonnie Rogers Lou Rouse Helen Rutledge John Ruwart Kenneth Scism Lucille Shafer Kessie Shelton Larry Siebert Treva Ree Sisson -lv x ""' Q ,if 5 Danna Lee Smith Marilyn Smith Robert Smith Alberta Stewart Betty Swartz Jerry '1'h01I12S Melba Thomas Dwayne Thompson Roberta Thorburn Keep those backs straight, girls! Donald Wallace Glenda Wallace Richard Warner Jerry Welch Judy Welsch Dorothy Wescoat Rex Williams Charles Winters Shirley Wolf Frank Woodfill Helen Yazel Ardis Wyatt is , , S -if f a we W 1-W, W , . mi, V ., , gum I W in ,K .. ,- - , V. -V ..,, w w f-gfv,,,w,,ggz on ,S M Darrell Alexander Edwin Anderson Eugene Armstrong Jimmie Austin Larry Austin Joe Bailey WW., W ni wif w Q -, .1 4, t g J-iff-+ e wg' ,Y A sr iv VX wwggwfz -'-- pmwiwwf gif N, g , 2,2-5-1 :-. -.-::'::':. 4 ,eg .L Em Q , zfasazgfegszgw ,ggzfg ,. M- Ei M ,E My 1' a 4 A. l JS? "U se 'if' H., P ,X 3 call N va M ' 421 'saws "" I 25 J Y' , X 5 es wgwff Joyce Bamesburger 'J' ' s:2,::.' ww - .. '-'- S :Wi , ' .A-gf22.:f-2-2 '-"-1 1 Jack Bastow Michael Behm Sharon Beisley lWyhHi ames Camp 5, rs as ggi agua viii mai if Q ff if s 5' A P P 5 6 kg is .914 2 'X f v wwf e give i 1 ,9 2 ,I Q 'F a 'S-EXW A U 212313 a U ,Q as . s,nA We ' ' are as , ,Q J' "H .5 :f 5EE 3 gg, .wi ,.::-.. A ..,V . X S ai 1 , ,A K H r' it is ' K. il ...... 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Q V-,eral W' ' 35 A ff " Xi i isis til' 100- Z , 31911 set up t. ,if-C' X3 xx .49 3 5 'AY'f l f gin g f59?I 'Hl I 2 Lgww .V W M.. . g,,.,sg M- , 'I 'A Al an hs..,ihWN ul K-IQ, ,112 W i SHANKS 8z STERRETT CLOTHING COMPANY "Everything a Man Wears" East Side of Square Compliments of ZION SHOE STORE Peters Shoes Compliments of HUNAEFELT MOTOR CO. 102 E. Austin st. ' ARMITAGE APPLIANCE Skelgas Dealer Phone 62 CEDAR LAWN DAIRY HORNER FLOWER SHOP Phone 59 Virgil Cassius - - Ruby KARBE GROCERY North Side Square i Compliments BEISLEY'S WIGGS DRUG PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE COMPANY A Home of North Side Square Pittsburgh Paints -102- NEVADA BOOK STORE Full Line of School Supplies Tiger Stationery Memory Books Photo Albums Diaries POKORNY DRUG STORE "A Name Identified with Pharmacy since 1894" East Side of Square V SINGER SEWING 4 MACHINE COMPANY Sales and Service 122 North Cedar Phone 1917 -103- FARM AND HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASS'N For Your Idle Dollars Accounts Insured up to 310,000 Current Dividend Rate 372 Nevada, Missouri Step Forward in Dress Shoes or Casuals from MEN DENHALL'S SHOES "Painting days are here again MONTE BOYD Paint Contractor ' ' 7 Congratulations to the Class of '54 Official Nevarno Photographers GRAPHIC ARTS STUDIO J oe Bradham Pierre Weltmer Congratulations to '54 Graduates SEARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 203 Walnut PICKETT'S SUNDRIES 108 West Walnut Clothes for N. H. S. Students EDMISTON'S 104- DR. O. W. DODGE Optometrist 109 E. Cherry St. Phone 60 NEVADA IMPLEMENT CO. Your JOHN DEERE Dealer IOHANNES HARDWARE CO. West Side of Square Your Norge Dealer in Vernon County Since 1865 Phone 404 RENWICK INSURANCE AGENCY "Sure Insurance" Phone 274 109 S. Main Congratulations VICTORY SHOE and sHoP Best Wishes NYOM Sole is our SCOTT'S STORE Liveww0d,, South Side of Square Phone 44 111 E. Cherry CALHOUN-PUTNAM LU MBER COMPANY Building Materials Martin-Senour Paints Nu-Wood Tile and Plank 223 E. Cherry Phone 89 A,-vvv-nnfenvvvvvvvv BUS DEPOT CAFE Just East of the Square MILLER DRUG STORE East Side 01' Square LEGAN HARDWARE Phone 21 MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE A. K. WOODARD CARBURETOR 8: ELECTRIC SERVICE "We are Specialists" Phone 1 083 Highway 71 and Minnesota FERGUSON'S Office Supplies Job Printing Phone 1151 117 South Cedar MOORE SUPPLY CO. Your Westinghouse Dealer Phone 433 612 East Walnut Best Wishes to the 1954 Graduates JUMBO ICE CREAM SHOP "NEVADA NEWS Circulation 5000 Weekly FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1889 Capital and Surplus S200,000 C. DARNOLD Floral Stylist 209 W. Cherry Phone 51 -1os Farmall Tractors-International Trucks 106- WH ITE GRILL Q 0 0 6' music .9 funmrunf co. W n HOTEL BILL'S FOOD MITCHELL KACHEL MARKET DIXIE-CREAM and CANVAS CO- COFFEE SHOP Nqrth Side North Side "Eat 'Tailor to Home Of SQUUTC Fine Foods and Autov of Square in Air Conditioned Phone 903 Comfort" NEVADA CLEANERS AMES SUPPLY COMPANY Nevada, Mo. -- Bronaugh, Mo. Chg. . Cecil Smith ' NEVADA STATE FARM AUTO INSURANCE PARTS Auto -Life-Fire 207 W. Cherry BOWLUS SCHOOL SUPPLY NEVADA RADIO 6' REFRIGERATION COMPANY Pittsburg, Kansas - FRIGIDAIRE Sales Service Phone 224 S. H. KRESS G COMPANY PRYOR ANDA OBERLIN Meats and Groceries 5-10-256 Stores phone 551 103-105 N. Main RENWICK INSURANCE AGENCY "Sure Insurance" Phone 274 109 S. Main ' -107 H P R 1 3 SEMCO COLOR PRESS ROY H. NOEL Manager Norfhern Sales Division ODUCERS OF FINE COLLE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL 62 Dawn back.. dn,-1 npnurfu 1 X- ' f 1 . 1 ,Q E Y- 1E"kT I fc: si , - 1 5 - L... Sv 24 DAILY SCHEDULES THRU NEVADA For Information CaH UNION BUS DEPOT PHONE 6 .lr-5 kQ, QQHM smr voun Mcuces sv aus: cnowrfconcu F B.L. Semtner, President 129 N. W. 3rd Street Oklahoma City Oklahoma 108- On May 27, 1954 trial was held in and for Vernon County, Nevada, Missouri. The Seniors were granted their freedomg underclassmen were retained pending further interrogation. You have just seen D R A G N E T , a series of authentic cases from Nevada High School. NEVAMO XVII Product1on , 0 --109- Producer . . Bill Hoffmann Editors .. Anne Woodfill Forest Nichols Bob Steele Financial Directors . . Bill Schiller J. Gordon Dooley Hinton Swearingen Script Writer . . Ruth Stevens Art Directors . . . Janice Balk Betty Benson Secretarial Assistant . . . Shirley Callison Video Director .. . Donna Logan Technical advice comes from the office of Mrs. Gene Rimmer. Photography is from the studio of Pierre Weltmer and Joe Bradham. Inspirational correspondence comes from the studio of JACK WEBB. -110-

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