Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO)

 - Class of 1952

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yp ,rdf Jpgg WWZWJ? 'CM QW! 3' Qgvglbgkwwf my MH QAQQQM W W yiyk ?J3x5QArqfC5y.f M0 Y? W' W M0 4 gm? Bgwfigffww QPMAX w ,W N 5555 WEN! +455 SQMW MW M My M, pwjpgg, v ,Q Jw X, ff wwf 351 ff, 'bfsffm My fx xi- 5' X Q, QP S, 0 ff , w5 H -MW v gf My 41-..-ww I X. WW www ,V Rfwfeffyfh V?vK-QWYV3 mfw,,mjJM Vg ' Q? 'J 45 d4,w-cfy7,y1fQ- R25 filjflivaj W M5535 Q JWMJ Y 554 ww fghf Zimw AM vc' Qzavyz' ?'f5-lf lgzif? if BQ, Mmm 'R ij' r"Zf".g'A 3?-Eff WW 2 El? ffiifig -523321 Q Fffagx 'QNd'bpw.x'uV' Q A,BveMS,. A W SU C cL g2 4 CQ mg? QS' 9f3VJgfQ M0fWf52VmNX LQ Eli! X JV Eihi? if riff! LW? 'X.,...w . The Senior Class Presents "Foot Faas of Fifty-Two? ' Nevada Hugh School AZ' V: , , ' 'MN ,Q ,L 4, . Dedication The 1952 NEVAMO pays tribute to the Senior Student Council and the sponsor, Miss Gladys Radford. Our school is proud of the achievements of this group since its organization in the school year of 1932-'33, The Student Council in Nevada ranks high in student government groups in Missouri. Many accomplishments have been madc possible because of the sponsorship of Miss Radford. She is a teacher who is loved and respected by the student body. Her cheerful disposition, her warm personality and her personal interest in the individual student make her a good friend as well as a good teacher. Bill Curley, Vice Presidentg Miss Radford, Sponsor: Bill Phelps, President Student Council Back Row: Jerry Frizelle, Gene Frizelle, David Catron, Anne Woodfill, Charles Anderson, Bill Hoffman, Carl Hendrix, Janet Elmore, Bill Snyder, Vemon Duncan, Bill Stewart, Jimmy Householder, Bruce Smith, Joan Palmer, Don Cox, Kathy Hess, Ronnie Carter. Front Row: Peggy Brown, Sharon McCaffree, J. T. Ashley, Martha Edwards, Bob Neas, Darlene Short, Bill Curley, Bill Phelps, Don Shade, Mary Hutchinson, Ron Dahmer, Jim Haubein, Pat Adams, Lucille Standley. Not pictured are Carol Gilbert, Bob Bray, Juna Thomas, Bob Holland, Peggy Brown, Sue Etter and Ann Marshall. 1.-- ,........-W-M -v -N MM-.1-' M.-. . w ,,,,, , ,W N Nfjmm..-y ....-.......f...........M, -.. "' K "flu-1 4 1 -7 . J Q-. xzng-:7'3'...i'u:'g,5-v'3'Tf " t' ss EH , V, 1 ,, A1147 ' A ' ' 'vvfvfvffmwww-W-.vw--N . v 1.1-Jil ll, .a "'-- .. , 5 k ,. w- - . .M ...., , . ,,....i.,,, , . ,M ....,..... ........ .- fr ., A , 44'i -.." ,W 'A 'M mm5jf.AQ!11 i4gQi , W5-pw.. .-.. a s I 1 1 54' ,' 'limi-' . 9 , F .,.,,,f A'-' ,- f- ,, Q -.-V ,..' ., -4 vv'..f.1-'11 nuff ann when rum ,, , - .f 'W 1 - "'4""7f ' - A Y4"'V' ' " -Y' 'naw-ana ' "' - - . . , 4, . , , , .,, , ,, , , W, , -.., xg: ...-.4-f-"V -- E ...-SETS. at " 3335 x W" ff ' -f A ' ...uv 'f'fiu-if-vb-ll-v----4 - "" 'P M . ..-. .- .1 ' """ ' ' Q " 1 1...-. f f N - , I ., , - 1:4 , if . V I ' - 13,55 5 L.. ul ' f Wa ..1 . :W 4,- . I .A 5 i 1 .a iv I , 1 .9- - ,.,, ,- XJR M ai- G , ,... - 1 QM- Xa ,U P' - -f 4 .. , f -g'g1j'sg 'Ls f. wg-A45 W.- ,. ....,-.....-...... . it 3 M ' Ft , , 3 gwwgw?g,1Sf,4gi'4 ,V Manx... 'ASH -..nn- N . . ?,.g,,g5gyS , . f 'Q Q x HJ" 'V 1- .e-gen , . . l - .,-1.. ' I 4 ,.-,xfQg 1- +1 . . . A Vi lg, 5. U W... l e , iR T' ' 35-. '51, it X B ' 'auf . A L .L W. . ,QA ,,,-Kaya! -. A Pix K K an i::'i' tm u A' .f if ' ' ey' " ' ?r?!'5u'Qb ' g 3,-Q . , x ,,, , A . XJ' '- . -Q a, 'V ff" 0 a"f.,t '- ' tw" . " -.,. ""N- wi fi" ' K X 1 'Q K - if' 'X 4 V91 v494 i"Jvll,pA xx X N . iq, +' P. A ' 1 -M . . " Z Y 1 fjri gi-,H ' Y ,ffl ' wg K , M X ? ' K 6- lw, ,ii 'L Q . -01. -r.j?3t4,':.5'.. in '-..l 'v' 7 , M 'iw i' 1 ., . X gi bu q q.x1U. i 51,1 U 5 ,gf g :N qlyqlftvpr mm. M at ,IA i 4 1" -if ,.5,.LaQx-.,j 3 7 M ,X . - , Q, ,- N- W 'zu f A, -5 :fl me . .,- '-' f W - M ,fn -- e'f.5:., ,. ., - - . L., ,.f i K M of . -,i k -it 3.,'Ylvx-fix.-it W, fvfffzfr , .1 Q4 A :gtg X Q mf Ak 1'FfA, 1v fat. .ww ,g., x w Q: ez," .V f,b t.fl,.t',q 'hNkM v at . f o. e 'i Q ef' " e 'f 'A Af'2fA4'2i1f'4-in2f.'!f l wg: f " . l'uanu1Q fX', A' J f' v- h 1- 1, , 'Z w.-gf.-'L Qhrgw xdgf-Ki"u ' .L - "" BUF' Q' ff.. - 1'f',v-"T .,,,,:f """' . t, , N V .,1,,1,, up K 4 A, 4 K ,W 4' ,Q-,42',. Q .4-fi - .1-,M w u - V ' e ZA v ' X 'ig '.,.,a.?f' ,K-, "1.".3-V15 1- . f"- ,-jf: ' M. . " f ,gm ' ' ' L- ,N , , W-f 'yisfi , Wig! A o , A , QW , -4 T. we A,4.w,2,,lNir, X, V T' gin a S if . e -f I 'fi ' Wf fee l' f-few ' L a 5 il-LQ!- A" T .L4'A'xa?L'-Q: 1-""'4i'Q - . ' My n"'U e Rank, gf., ." .x': . V ,. 2 ep' Q H .. 1. f...., A .. ' g 1. ,:. Im i- - SW' Mn. ' f . - f-21' . ' f ' - Q . Q 'fipfgawfmq '32, -'54-'f-' 3 ' M'f"'i mi fm Wg I - N 3 '. GQ .. Q 1.,Q:gqg' 3 , , W l ,QT i- ,If , "9 --N- - K 4 -' ' E RJ!! VA.-VV, A . -4, AJ e ,i o lf'-+'ffwf:wM'f" ?:-Q r a -. Wy ,',diLf-ga..-.'f., n.. Q3-K-ai. ,Q-gb,-.-3' f.f f, .Q .gy H+ .1,.., . fi Vkk lt' .K-.wgtyugp 'ASKK .f,!, ' - V. .f e fe f , 'ff' 1- . -W .5 e ' at Q f-ish' 3 mi. -' new who fif' f .1 muff " . dish! ,bw-.K 'ki ' r , "ff arg. V ' mf e-tif--we-1 ' ' n 'edit '. 'N , - . - , f - "-irf?."IMff- u " f mr.-try: air b x J. 'Q .. .4 2 v-1-fo"'e we-A i t . . a+.. !1r,,f'.t"'1,, ,ns 4-e,..-.w.s.enf,u.f,,, - v 4,1 .i if 0 1 'A T 52 . .Alix-ICSLI---'iff' .K A-Q'-.Q In ..-A " fi 1 fv '- ..-. '-5 e f- -1-ff ,,,,g,, .p r si' ,,"-" '. ' l A f N, - ' ' Y, ' "7 ' .Q . ' it, ,,.+fmgr,f F33 , 5... af. gf ,v Q 5 .s I Him ."'TMf'i' -53 -- ly QQ M 5 L- 'at i-ry xr - ':-ww' . Q "'f'W" . .4s.Q?'J,1 . M I A, These are the seven league boots in which our optimistic Super- intendent strode to school. He cheerfully waited while students sloshed and trudged through 19 inches of snow. Our superintendents motto is "Never let the weather interfere with the education of Nevadars youth." . V, .iw 3 1-J 1 si . xl. ...f-,LW -W a 's ' Z-us: . -L -' 'M ..1..4.ufaE'5 il Ima: nl-1 moan Sy.-l pqmignu uperint nd nt "A good all-around fellow" is an expression that is applicable to our Superintendent of Schools, C. H. Jones, Jr. In addition to being an efficient administrator, he is also a popular teacher of chemistry, an experienced radio speaker, and an active supporter of civic projects. After serving two years as Principal, he became Superintendent in 1948. He received his A. B. degree from South- west Missouri State College and his M. Ed. degree from Missouri University where he has done additional graduate work. Mrs. Ruth Weltmer has served efficiently as secretary to the Board of Education and to the Supeyintendent of Schools for sixteen years. Her pleasant personality makes it possible for her to act capably as Superintendent Jones' "right hand man." x N-X ' 0 's P 'lil'-MQ, VN.: "'e'0t A, 'S' 's Principal dt have .1 rincipal who is a "home town boy " Principal W. Garland Keithly was We are prou o - p . born in Vernon County, and he graduated from Nevada High School. He obtained his B. S. degree ' ' ' 't f Kansas Cit . His from Central Missouri State College and his M. A. degree from the Universi y o y additional graduate work has been done at Missouri University. Our principal assumed his duties earlv in 1950. He may be found performing his office work, giving friendly advice to students, or instructing pupils in the wonders of biology. ' ' ' I' etary, probably knows more students than Mrs' Neue Inwood' the registrar and prutclgaixsyieizcrls she has helped smooth out the various prob- any other member of the staff. For twen y lems in the principal's office. --fi Board of Education 0- M- Fl0l'Y. DT- W- E- H0ffm3Il, Dr. W. S. Love, C. H. Jones, Jr., Superintendent Mrs. Rum Weltmer, Secretary: George M. Logau,Treasurerg Hubert L. Fowler, Vice President and Lynn M. Ewing, President C. H. Jones, Jr. Superintendent Chemistry W. Garland Keithly Principal Biology John Bobula Physics and Science Don Threlkeld Band and Orchestra Alma Gregg English and Dramatics Edna Mae Ragan Art George E. Schumann Vocal Music A s.,,...,,T,, ,rr, . Lihughid- s Managkmm "Nm Amnmiim- In-1.-my f- Pflr-' L' - if xi'-0 Gene Rimmer Counselor Coach Driver Education Geraldine Rowton School Nurse Betty Ilarkey Physical Education Judson Whitlinger Physical Education Coach Harold Deiker Core Currivulum 7 Bemicc Teel Core Curriculum 7 Glil Keithley Core Curriculum 8 Dclvere Cockrell Cure Curriculum 8 Junior High Couch Robert Lcchner English Juanita Rimmcr English Maude Wardin Li bra ria n Marcella Parks English John E. Van Hoy Foreign Language Journalism Marie ll. Butner Citizenship Marjorie Pohl Amo. riczm Hwtury Gladys Radford World Problv.-ms Elizabeth Shaw Social Studies Robert L. Brown Industrial Arts Vera Rombach Mathematics J a y Kimc Mathematics Junior High Industrial Arts M4366 614' Marie Kime Junior High Science Home Economics Dorothy Larery Vocational Home Economic A. L. Mahaffey Vocational Agriculture in ,Je-,-. Jr...- W V. i . J Lester B. Kesterton Diversified Occupations Marie S. Cherry Business Education Aura D. Kornhaus Business Education V? Parent Teacher Association Mrs. Sheldon Glimpse, Treasurerg Mrs. Harry Welch, Secretaryg Mrs S. A. Murdock, First Vice-Presidentg Mrs. A. H. Barton, President Mrs. John Wilhelmson, Second Vice-Presidentg Mrs. H. T. Ayres Historian. C 46" NLM' ........-f Bill McCz1ffree Business Manager H iik Q13 ,Q G' li Nevamo Staff , Li,,Ay1.i ,ff .nl X. Juanita Rimmer Sponsor 51 X- if Carol llurris Editor J -ff 'ev' Q71 Bob Steele, Bill Hoffmann, Janet Wray, Marilyn Norris, Jack Wilhelmson. Jimmie Haillieillv Blu Curley, Darlene Short, Marjeun McKenzie, Barbara Fowler, Tommie Todd, Una Kllll0l1- and Put Brophy. F 5 -..-- 2, . V, QQ- 12. YQ, IW'-if' Wi ,., . , ." " '-u ,.. .4 4 wsqgog-k.u ,, I , rin-dna.-an .fv- ,f X va., 8- I I P 5 3 1 Y f I 5 . ,,,,, 1 . H - if, c W. M - , 1 if-'QQ 1 '. wig? 5 Q 5 Q cs av A .v' 'L , , a', f arter Senwr 1 , , . . 2 f 5 Lf 1 S 3' S lf. W ix Q Ev' 3 S fl.. 'K 'Q Xxx Z'- -Q Z N77 Y Q Q3 1 X.. F I 1 r m x 5, ,L . , . rf 5 ." ' 2-5 v . ',,, 7 l-' .- 5 sf J ywf' - it ,Bw M. Q A msg 'Q Y f-5' 1 sf 9' Q V1 Lt, fy 4 ' n I .ab 5 ' .fri - Q 1 1 Q if 11,3 .g A 5. 5 r -1 ,,r. , -W 7vvf,vq ww-..,-.,, 1-.-Q,-- .., 1 Q0-Q0 vamo Queen Pattie Balk Senior unfi- Martha Miller and Norman Kaup Juniors tx-LJ :eww ,A MMA usd., -W5 f?f?XI ' ' Y Peggy Brown and David Catron Patty Beisley and Gary Thomas ' Sophomores Fresh men Attendants 4- -r Lv .. v o . , ' J ' ' Y " - 1. .J , ' ,s.!,j,' 2, IQ. , . ., vs P ,, si wx' ' 5 . ' ffl", ':,"- ' 7 it I' i . L . ' 1- 0, x: I I' v-.ll gg Y 4, , A 2 Q . go I' s .' , 1 qs f .' - 'gi' 'nc' - X i g 'u ul ' 'lv K. 'J 6 t Q dp ' wx' x. 'V L gn . ,hd ": Q . s v tv- 4, ' ' 4 ' O a'.,Q Q: ? s ' I xt , 4 ,L .f . M X' 9 at .. V, VA- 1, tw. . Q 'Ai f wa W MV' lr. L 1 W Q P .1 K , .. 5 ,,. 4' W' n 6 V , x-damp ,ff . ,,4..r fr -0 W W w,'i'v aw: ki' " :Air I Ny if mv-ffv . ' K 7 'WV' A R . . Wxf- T'uV"M v X ,J W -ff :f - '5.4'-f 41 1 Aw fix r fa-ww lf ffffqzfrf . L.. Qu 7- Joyce Bigham Bob Bray Patrick Brophy Bob Burgess Joyce Burris Howard Butler 'ur-rv' P in Joan Adams Everett Balk Patti Balk Bob Banks Richard Baynes Jackie Beshore 'inf' Z'- Mava Cartwright Neil Cliffman Bob Clinton Standlee Crane Pat Crawford Richard Culbertson fin Marlene Butler Donald Campbell Delta Carpenter Aletta Carter Denny Carter Ronnie Carter fi K 5 17?-m,. Vivian Floyd Jo Anne Ford Barbara Fowler Frankie French Ge-nc Frizelle Carol Gilbert X . .' '1- Bill Curley Larry Dnhmer Barbara Danneker Sandra De Good Vernon Duncan James Fisher an hi' 'hu-f Don Herd Henry Hochstatter Betty Householder Mary Hutchinson Mamie Jones Leonard Klontz B- ff. Don Graves Carol Harris Joe Hartley Sara Jo Hatten Martha Hedges Roger Hendrix 'TX 'nf' J H-:af 4' Cs vi' ,575 f George Money Marilyn Norris Larry 0'Toole Carl Overton Joan Palmer Marlene Palmer 'Qui .1.. , l U .:. '- r .4 A, J. W. Lonzstreth Donna Maring Jim Martin Eddie Matthews Bill McCaffree Jean McKenzie ,.x. Wilva Riggs Shirley Robertson Donald Shade LaVern Shaw Darlene Short Lucille Standley Bob Peckman Grover Pettibon Marvel Pettibon Norma Pettibon Leta Belle Phelps Bill Phelps fi .,.. ...Q '23 ki' f"fwnv 2 N Dean Wallen Keith Waltz Dale Weber Saranell Westcott Opal Westhoff Wayne Whisler Ci? Bill Stewart Lenora Taylor . J una Tjlgmas fb Betty Ann Thompson Victor Unruh Toni Vilott 'Qu Jo Ann 'Wilson Wanda Woods Joan Woolverton Donald York Ronald Gene Young GW Mildred Whitehead Jack Wilhelmson J. R. Wilhelmson Joy Williams Phyllis Williams Deloris Willson IU! ' 'if- 'Qs'- Commencem nt Mr. Keithly demonstrates to Bob Bray. Leta Belle Phelps and Jim Martin the proper way to accept a diploma from the President of the Board of Education. fI'he smooth performance of the Commencement Program is no accident. Practice makes perfect! , ,- If 1HW" 1. -Q 2' R 2 J , Ji M U Q 3 uniirs S A IW: A?- ,fr LS x"""'hu- :X 'Q It 1 3. 'ww ,.,, ,Ltr 4, KH- p ' zfw ': , wi Q, wfy, nf' T,-'w ' 'l:ffr., w ,As i i Sgr. 5149514 D ."N'3 1.3 .M-1 -Q s I 0 -wal ss.' ' 1 C - 'K- vf' xi . -. ' Q 'I' . A- sif ' A95 W, ur". ,:, -. . 'Y v 1 'QQ S I ,QP v 1' a m 'lisa ' ,V kg r-. vw -gil V ,C x l 0 0 .-,X 1- mm 5' nikki 3 , fm , ,y' i""'m 'C' - PM 'L S Jim Hzlubein Don Heheler Paul Herren 9' 18 Kathy H955 Merle Hinkle Joan Hibdon Bob Hochstatter Dallas High Bob Holland Jack Hale Jack Hammer Janie Hvnd Bob Hauer Raymond Harper Velma Harper Shirley Holmes Freda Hoover Wilma Hoskins K fun ,N 'S T- pls Q 'qv-lf l . 2 gfeexmildii K? 'li T '10 lunar" Dale Jenner Cleta Mae Jones Pat Jones Norman Kaup Carol Ann Kemp Una Killion ,ca 56' 49 1 , ,T,m1g,'4 ' Hwygi 1 f 'E an 67 it G Si? X 3 1 QF? X 40 ,M an 'VH 17 af I f 'H .. 4 David Kirkpatrick Shirley Ledbetter Charlene Levaugh Bill Lively Helen Land Bernice Leonard Bob Lewis George Lolley Dale LHDESTIHW Allene Levaugh Patty Linder Teddy Long 'U' .dv 24' T 'ff' 'fww I i xi' x 'TX fb R. -sq., -- 'Q-9 ii iv Vx 'YZ' .Luo ,f Dorothy Mesplay Shirley MYDHUG LaVeta Nelson Martha Miller Bob Neas Eddie Non-is Stuart Mills Rosalee Needling Joe Non-is Thelma Lowry Bill Mann Sandra Maxwell LaVerne McClellan Dale McKenzie Shirley McKee Glenn Oyler Paul Pettibon Romie Phillips il it I A U 9 ,nw , 1 er 'T ,sv If-rf K. "9 Stun. Morgan Reed Muriel Reeves Wilford Rich Eula Richardson Ronnie Richmond Cloyd Robertson Paul Roper Paul Rose James Scanlon Jim Simpson Bruce Smith Eugene Smith Wilma Jean Smith Frances Snead Bill Snyder Carl Straw Peggy Thompson Mary Thorburn 'O' if? 2. lf fg S cr G- 5- 5 Tommie Todd Lawrence Tracy Shirley Turner Joe Vincent Linda Waits Jerry Webster R if -E15 Robert Webster John Westcott Janet Wray Margie Welch Lura Jean Wilson William Wyckoff Ronald Young Kenneth Wescoat Carol Woolverton. Loren York Ronald Zaring ,-- 7 .E ? 1 . I V ' u 4 , AA xv' " . Q 3 'B 'I 2 ww I I i W I Y ig, ,, .,,,.f-o- Marjorie Edson, Secretaryg Jim Householder, Presidentg Peggy Brown, Vice-Presidentg Sharon McCaffree, Yell Leaderg Am1 Marshall, Treasurer. Shirley Adam Don Adams Charles Anderson J. T. Ashley Joyceln Bailey Denny Baldwin l 3 L if 'Z' jf' ,j Alma Bartholoma "1 Peggy Brown Anna Wanda Bu Shirley Callison Wayne Campbell Norma Caton 405 Q? X alia. ta I 5 f t' rmgzfzf x mf f David Catron Billy Coale Ray Cooper Elizabeth Cooper Gordon Dooley Eddie Dulier Jimmie Earll Margorie Edson Betty Fenton Betty Fields Q'- Carol Elliott Sue Etter Raymond Garrett Bobette Gasting can Gilmore James Gonterman Charles Gose Nellie Hagerman Dorothy Fraley Patty Gardner Jerry Hale Mary Haley Carl Hendrix Loren Henman Janet Herd Shirley High fr 6 Helen Hobbs Bill Hoffman Jim Householder Jackie Jarrett Buddy Holmes Mary Ann Hornecker Gail Jenner Bernice Justice Kay Justice Bob Kahler Donna Karr Lois Kennison Edward Kerr Josephine Kiger TW Shirley Klotz Jolene Koopman Charles Lawson Ella Leer Barbara Legrand Donna Linn in fn...-A Bill Mesplay Bob Middleton Sherrial Neas Forest Nichols Jane Norris Darrell 0'Hair 'US' Bob Overton Helen Oyler Robert Palmer Helen J. Pettibon Phillip Pierceall Judith Prettyman 'Z M455 R. G' A Wilda Sattler Bill Schiller Eldon Schonewetter Arman Schwarz Helen Shanabarger Roy Simpson 9- in Pauline Wooldridge l Sue Williams Doris Wise Bob Wiser Tommy Wood Anne Woodfill Beverly Woods Sue Sisson Bob Slover Pauline Smith Gary Snelson Betty Sparks Richard Spencer Alberta Zimmerman Ed Sprenkle Ruth Stevens Bu Ella Tally Elvin Wales Lorine Stewart Rosa Tabor Orville Wells Carolyn White aw W' Lf if 1 i fs 1 of ' TQ? Custodians Homer Miller, Glenn McGee and Mark Allen. Because of illness, Arthur McGee ls not pictured. Bus Drivers Stanley Butner, Roy Householder and Carl Cox Qscunm. Bus ,rf f .'v'f.,. F' f af I 'A 4, Q: I I 4, 1 -Q, cf ff 7"-' - nfl Fred Teel, Treasurerg Donna Logan, Sec-retaryg Gary Thomas, Presi- dentg Pat Beisley, Vice-Presidentg Earlene Bell, Yell Leader. xr, Qs 11""'v iii. Q X? .. 4, ,V yr . y . 4-UQ ty. ,-VX 'Cf 'Lg J if Hubert Adams Izetta Adkins John Ayers Betty Baggett Jeanette Bain Janet Barton Patty Beisly Donnie Belcher Earlene Bell Verna Bennett Betty Benson Noreta Bittner Martha Blasiar Darrell Bobbett Leroy Bohm Junior Bond Wilma Boyles Bruce Bray John Bridgeman Jean Broughton Maxine Cargill Bonnie Carpenter Delma Carpenter Shirley Cartwright Opal Compton Bobby Conner Charles Crawford Beverly Crump Robert Culbertson Bob Curley :Alai sq. b 'L 95:7- Q X . 'Vu Q., , Qs- do-1 H l 'ii pf--. 0- rr" 8. . ii G-3' 3 5' 1 5,5 L rf ,J Y o 'Q Billy Curtis Dianne Dahmer Roy Davenport Jack Dennison Carol Diehr Donna Doelling Lyle Dukes Glenda Eador Ollie Ekstrom Marilyn Emery Marilyn Etter Jack Fast Peggy Fenton Dick Freeland Alfred Gilliland Jerry Glimpse Bill Gowin Howard Grantham Doris Greer Jack Haner Joyce Harmon Scottie Harmon Jimmie Hedges Frank I-lenthorn Robert Hoskins Karl Householder Jim Huff Bud Hutchinson Marilyn James Ann Jones av QW 0? he 9' A fix -'D flea Q, '-Q12 H 5.- -1 -, Vi M , ii D X V135 : A H , .L .51 rvw u. ' 4, 'q...- 'Q x 1 Ji' 33. .V Irv at 6' KX-wa. - k X- t X 5 ggfng vi' 'xx XR Q9 "Ag a 1 Alf., M21-'f VFX ". d'v it XQX Q--r Q 'G no vb . k' ,- L- r t A In N.. a l -fm' L Xjk' 1 Evelyn Jones Teddy Kachel Alfred Keithley Marcella Keithly Melvin Klotz Bob Landes Juanita Leonard Carolyn Lewis Donna Logan Ramona Long Roger Lu kenbill Jeanette Maring Walter McGehee Stuart MvCullough Clinton McKenzie Morris McKibben Glenn Miller Beatrice Monkres Claude Moore Marilyn Morris Stanley Mowry Katherine Norman Kenny Nunn Gary Lee Ogle Maralyne Owens Masolyne Owens Jeanette Palmer Bill Peckman Martha Pearse Diana Pearson l X Qs X inf NP X S e Vigiiffi I Six 6 X 5 A x 5 "' W sq Q e f s. R ' 5 .. nj t, X N I K it X My X T 5 i X H 5 S I ..- 5 S s '-2:2 X 'Q Q- W!..'.::r it . xr: Ribs ' . A sw: W ,, .. E .1 ' . Q., . fi 1 - ee, Beverly Pettibon Darlene Pettibon Robert Pickett Joseph Pike Lester Pike Mary Pippin Jimmie Ray Wanda Reaves Edward Rewart Bob Rich Billy Richardson Richard Rodieck Bonnie Rook Roberta Rowden George Rowland Ellen Sanders Dave Schulze Sue Scott Gerald Shaffer Ernest Shindler Leon Shoemaker Carl Simpson Charlene Smith Robert Smith Bob Steele Earnest Swait Hinton Swearingen Earlene Swope Lawrence Tally Shirley Taylor ,wwf Y W 'io-- -5' if . .,:. QQ 1 55524. ,QW ' 1153? ,I li X r A ' 1.-f. L 1 .- V7 in -cn.-V N. 17- If Fred Teel , Gary Thomas Evelyn Thompson Maynard Thompson Roger Wallen David Thurman Bobbie Turner Larry Wallace Shirley Warner Bill Watson Larry Wilhelmson Barbara Williams Darcy Williams Sue Williams Sherrill Wise Lavena Wood Roger Wyatt Willard Wyckoff Sharon Yeokum Johnnie Zimmerman tix L 'i' J' 9 ,.. .. , A f' 'fl Eighth Grade Row 1 - Ronnie Smith, Robert Ashley, Virginia Reed, Pat Goodwin, Ray Justice Hazel Wainscott, Nancy Ewing, Janille Runyan, Sharon Murdock, Tommy Curtis Franklin XVatson, Jimmy Litten, Gene Mitts, Row 2 - Mr. Cockrell, Sally Short, Eunice Akins, Jim Collins, Shirley Burris, Ramona Roberts, Sandy Reynolds, Virgil Belcher, Robert Murray, Ronald Burnett, Carol Ford, Joyce Hagan. Row 3 - Barbara Dalton, Stella Simpson, Nellie Swait, Joyce Belcher, Wayne Anstine, Freddie Biggs, Linda Spillman, Phyllis Koehler, Karen Mathis, Rita Ephland, Lonzo Harper. Row 4 - Charles Land, Glenna Stephens, Billy Sheehan, Jaye Dee Vilott, Jim Finn, James Wardrip, Lee Jenner, Floyd We-rst. Howard Shrewsbury, Eueene Uptexjrove. lst Row - Alice Ann Brundridge, Donna Gossett, H. C. Burris, Earnest Earll, Jackie Spencer, Ronald Demaree, Merlyn Haubein, John Martin, James Armstrong. 2nd Row - Ray Haynes, Billy Thompson, Alfred Frye, Charles Medley, Larry Fairbanks, Don Pryor, Glenna Marie Hardin, Patricia Riley, Lucretia Riley. 3rd Row - Joe Straw, Dustin Norris, Arthur Hutson, Freddie Barnes, Judy Kay Darnold, John DeGood, Donna Boyd, Irma Smith, Ann MeCune, Betty Hill. E 4th Row - Shirley Porter, Nancy Fields, Patsy Dorris, Lonnie Lentz, Sharon Bamesburger, Sally Shaw, Jimmie Cassity, Janet McGlothlin, Lee Cunningham, Lloyd Weber. 5th Row - Mary Joanna Leonard, Sue Rouse, Glenda Huston, Ei e Young, Jane Gilbert, Kenny Campbell. Russell Sadler Rnhprf Hama.. umm' - - - - Seventh Grade Row 1 - Jerry Thomas, Herbert Ayres, Robert Perrin, Bobby Haynes, Robert Hammontree, Richard Warner, Donald Farmer, Donna Smith, Clora Rae Reaves, Edythe Wise, Julia Towns, Mrs. Teel. Row 2 - Eugene Bobbett, Lawrence Harper, Mary Lou Helm, Patty Frizelle, Lucille Shafer, Francis Jones, Teddy Pryor, Eugene Armstrong, Doris Overton, Alberta Stewart, Jack Baker. Row 3 - Bonnie Rogers, Jeaneen Dukes, Martha Tedrick, Karen Kennedy, Toni Williams, Martha Baldwin, Judy Pyle, Shirley Ramsey, Mike Ferry. Row 4 - Andrea Angel, Sally Estes, Billy Polk, Dewey Hillier, Betty Swartz, Wanda Freeland, LeRoy Adams, Kay Baynes, Betty Reeves, Judy Carter. Row 5 - Charmion Mesplay, Beth Edmonds, Ronnie Dodson, Henry Robertson, Stanley Hillier, Howard High, Eddie Nelander, Patricia Carter, Chris Owen. Row 6 - Hayden Jackson, Jimmy Ebbs, Darrell Belcher, Donald Ferguson, Doyle Cohiek. Eugene Griffin, John Norris. Row 1 - Mr. Deiker, Dwight Fanning, Larry Demaxee, Bill Hickman, Kenneth Wooldridge. Lloyd Palmer, George Laiferty, Harold Palmer, Frank Woodfill, Jackie Nelson, Darwin Files. Row 2 - Trcva Sisson, Glenda Wallace, Marilyn Crump, Linda Ingles, Shirley Wolf, Sharon Lynn, Jane Riggs, Carolyn Lindei, Janelle Hamilton, Linda Darnold, Sandra Moore. Row 3 -- Judith Flemming, Lou Rouse, Dorothy Wescoat, Janie McGehee, Shirley Stacy, Helen LaDuc, Carolyn Rodieck, Betty Horine, Mary Adkins, Danna Purl, Wanda Richardson. Row 4 - Billy Belcher, Kent Hawkins, Jerden Dunfield, Ella Raines, Darlene Files, Albert Rhodes, Jerry VVelch, Richard Olmstead. Row 5 - Mary Cribbett. Jesse Pinkman, Dean Capps, LeRoy Burris, Larry Siebert, George Pryor, Howard Householder, Robert Drake, Ralph Richardson, Eugene Baldwin, Buddy Durham. my 0- , N .X . WTIx,,.1' ,. .aww X- ',,f,Jri.!"'f 'M " IM M J. Q -2: ' , ffm ' X 'lf x 1 C ,. , . . iam. j' v A-' L ' 4 M MN. A Mm v ,sf M, 1 ' M' SR 'F xifixf ww gs 'MV ,, W ' ,... Orchestra ang.,-.-hh, Janet Herd, David Thurman, Don Graves, Robert Palmer, Lloyd Palmer, Joyceln Bailey, Larry Demaree, Shirley Callison, Ruth Stevens, Patti Gardner, Shirley Cartwright, Donna Linn, Harold Palmer, Carolyn Rodieck. -1 'Y 2 3 'Z If fe , rv G1 F imc ' ,A . ' Y' . I . ,,.. Band lst Row - Richard Spencer, Bob Steele, Shirley Roberston, Peggy Brown, Larry Wilhelmson, John Bridgeman. 2nd Row -. Dorothy Fraley, Bu Ella Tally, Bruce Bray, Bob Middleton, Jerry Glimpse, Bob Tederick, Jimnly Hedges, Sharon Yeokum, Kenneth Nunn, Ray Cooper. 3rd Row - Masolyne Owens, Mona Berry, Maralyne Owens, Wilma Boyles, George Rowland, Bob Landes, Martha Pearse, Bob Curley. David Thurman, Stafford Agee, Ted Kachel, Johnny Ayers, Arman Schwarz, Denny Baldwin. 4th Row - Jackie Beshore, Jean McKenzie, Janet Barton, Robert Palmer, Joyceln Bailey, Phillip Pierceall, Bob Wiser, Donna Logan, Ernest Swait, Richard Fremd, John Haggard, Jim Martin, Ronald Zaring, Bill Phelps, Mr. Threlkeld, Ric d Rodieck, Kathryn Norman, Fred Teel, Bob Kehler, Bud Bray, Bob Holland. Glee Club Choir Future Homemakers of America Future Farmers of America - I uf X, XX, , ,F 1: wx N ,. , W 1 ww X, WM 1 ' X ' PYVEXQ Junior Council Row 1 - Jeannie Dukes, Carol Diehr, Barbara Williams, Patty Beisley, Donna Logan, Rita Ephland, Janet lVicGlothlin, Carolyn Linder, Nancy Ewing. Row 2 - Lloyd Palmer, Janie McGehee, Oris Dunham. Jimmy Ebbs, Jackie Spencer, Ralph Richardson, Jimmy Collins, Freddie Barnes. Row 3 - Patricia Carter, John Norris, Henry Robertson, Bob Curley, Gary Thomas, Jaye Dee Vilott, Joanna Leonard. Row 4 - Mr. Lechner, Bob Steele, Freddie Teel, Gerald Shaffer, Tedclie Kachel, Scottie Harmon, Mr. Deiker. Commercial Club Darlene Short Marvel Pettibon Jean MCKCHUC Marlene Butler Marlene Palmer Vivian Floyd Juna Thomas Mava Cartwright Aletta Carter Carol Gilbert Jackie Beshore sandra De Good Betty Ann Thompson Pat Crawford 011111 W9S"h0ff Mary Hutchinson Lucille Standley Carol Harris Norma Pettibon Joy Williams Tigerettes . . ,. .. , . . N L The Nevada High School Tigerette Club has as its purpose the pro- motion of pep throughout the student body. The group lends support tc the cheerleaders in leading yells at the various games. The membership is open to any girl in the Sophomore, Junior or Senior class who maintains an M average in scholarship throughout high school. The club is sponsored by the teacher who is appointed by the principal. Each year the club attends football and basketball games both at home and away. Club mem- bers sell candy and pencils to finance their projects. During the school year, the girls decorate the gym for special events. Sweater Club Junior High Band iris 'I"' Rifle Club Row one - Harold Palmer, Frank Woodfill, Robert Palmer, Hayden Jackson, Henry Robertson, and Lloyd Palmer Row two - Russell Sadler, David Kirkpatrick, Bill Snyder, Ed Kerr, Norman Kaup, Jack Wilhelmson, Bill Schiller, and Fred Mealy Row three - Joyce Bigham, Sarah Hatten, Janet Wray, Janet Elmore, Donna Logan, and Mary Haley Members of the Rifle Club who are not pictured are: David Thurman, Gordon Dooley, Jimmy Ebbs, Robert Perrin, Ralph Richardson, Larry Siebert, Robert Pickett, John Norris, Eugene Baldwin, Bob Steele, Katherine Norman, Fred Barnes, Le Roy Burris, Doyle Cohick and Richard Olmstead. K " U Clu-Qu' . .- -9 Honor Society Library Club Li , PM Row l--Wilma Jenn Smith, Melba Emery, Ann Jones, Ln Vern Shaw, Patty Gardner, Joan Adams, Peggy Thompson, Norma Petlibon. Row 2-Mrs. Maude Wnrdin, Shirley Cnllison, Dale Langshaw, Leonard Klonlz, Leia Belle Phelps, Joy Williams, Barbara Williams, Wanda Woods and Beatrice Monkres. Members of the Library Club who are not pictured are: Barbara Legrand Martha Blasiar and Carol Kemp. ' Crimson and Gray png Brophy Barbara' Fowler Editor Ed1i0f John Van Hoy Sponsor Toni Villott, Marilyn Norris, Gene Frizelle, Joy Williams, Don Graves, Everett Balk, Joe Hartley, Vivian Floyd, La Vern Shaw, Dean Wallen, and Wayne Whisler Diversified Sandra DeGood Carol Harris W. E Hummer Aletta Carter Mrs, J A. Novak Shirley Robertson Ewings J0 Ahh l'10l'd Madeline Woodfill Joan Palmer Lucille Herring La Veta Nelson Mrs, Mc Cart Dean Wallen Mrs. Gene Jackson Robert Bryan R. E. Gray Delta Carpenter Juan Adams Pat Davenport, .Ioan Wilson, C. E. hurry Bob Haner H. A. Ellis Don Herd Roger Hendrix W. A. Watson Paul Rose Howard Hendershot Carl Overton YV. D. Richardson Raymond Harper H. O. Ellinger ul tar'-' Darlene Short J. W. Reid Marilyn Norrls Sarah Frznkes Leta Belle Phelps L. B, Kcstvrsun Frankie French Mrs. G. Arnold Bob Bray F, L. Gerdes Betty .Io Householder J. H. Jenkins Lenora Wallen Max T. Aldrich Joy ce Burris Joe Oberlin Saranell Westcott R. M. Howell Dena Moring., Joan Woolvertun Dun Campbell P. D. Cline Romie Phillips P. J. Esser Vivian Floyd Ken Postlethwaite Bob Burgess R, F. Beisley Vernon Duncan Jack Hedges Wayne Whisler Wagner Crawford Ronnie Young Red Gulliford James Fisher Elmer Phipps Jack Wilhelmson Webster Hoover Ma rs h all Occupation Junzi Thomas R. S. Mc I-'nrland Mildred Whitehead W. D. Kennedy ! . 1-s.. we Iss' SHOPPM was 'E S"C 'f ' " 1,1 ., . R Q Q X . 15 f Q iv ' I-xg 1 F y we .l H They may not have been the life of the pany' but' boy' dm they 'Moy m Time out for wise cracks and relaxation W fx Yllwllffhf They're busy as bees, and did it look swell! "Oh, m achln feet!" y 3 Before and after-going steady. -1 Iwi l fb b as , Y, l mvwr ,gg ig: , 14 enior Class Play Corliss Archer Mr. Archer Mrs. Archer Louise Mildred Dexter Franklin Mr. Franklin Mrs. Franklin Cousin Agnes The Doctor Betty A Nurse "Meet Corliss Archer Darlene Short Don Shade Juna Thomas Sara Halten Marjean McKenzie Denny Carter Richard Culbertson Joy Williams Phyllis Williams Bob Bray Betty Thompson Dolly Ledbetter ' ff J! trictly Formal --.var --A,-. .--.-. , V . wo, -,. ,- rn-, vgnw- - :'v'oul"!'Xmi,:an . Ju Cast of Characters B Sarah Jo Hatten, Pat Linder, Janet Elmore, Sandra Maxwell, Shirley McKee, Janie Hand, Cloyd Robertson, Pat Adam, Marlene Attebery, Dale Langshaw, Lee Cooper, Bob Holland, Tom Todd, Freda Hoover, Pat Jones, Martha Miller, Margie Welch, Barbara Etter, Helen Land, Bruce Smith, Bill Snyder, Carol Woolverton, Mona Bery, Kathy Hess, Janet Wray, Dixie Eason, Winnie Gaines, Ierry Frizelle, and Stafford Agee Assistant Directors, Vanessa Compton and Dorothy Mesplayg Sound Effects Directors, Bernice Leonard and Lois Dodge: Class Sponsors, Mrs. Rex Cherry and Mr. Robert Brown, Play Director, Miss Alma Gregg "Q-.... i N X 3 ix J if' 1 I - 1' ' it c N K A X bv' Q -s 1, ' 4' ' " ,H Q.. , - Tw, bl' 9, . 'ff W, I, X uf" 1 - y V- ., A? m 7: I J 9 if ,Af 4 - Q - . x V A Q. 42' -J 'JFK :55 fn., K 1' S J., N.. v v . . - gg X' 0 ,- 0 ,T h .. ,y QA v -f 5 ,. ' f ,iimf - ,v af 4 is Q. -, 1' ' fc" uw- , W . 3 - M ' - - - K, " - . , " is-5 3 ., ' .v+"':' 'ef . . - ,Y 'Hr f fa X A Q .ff ,. ZA fl' ' ,J V3 xy '- , W, .. . -J, fgf'law f,, - Y ' 'ww wi ' g' ' ,, I ' f A 25,4-if' 1 . 3 X X . ff , S 1 . ,ffhffi 1' f V 3' if . -f w f M 1 M ' iv me if - , 5 o 11 R L K .Q 5 K M A A " 4,1 - 'L 4: .I ' f fa .' K V - - 3 . .L 5 - f J f 4 yi Q1 ,P lm 2' . 5- F N f' ' Q , g ' 4 , 4' X , .- ffff f-4 4- S' ' W - if 1 5'f.4, 4 Q, . fmvfmgwffggv .fPZ,R N f f :L L ??...'fs-L- wr' A 3' 44-bg L if -31. 1, ' g Q tain -' . .' f, ' , w . j A bf fi' 'fs 1, " f , M ff1:,5'2 ,ws mn , - 1 Y y ' " 54 ' fi ,, 2 if - 1, 'J , .1 3 ,gg ' , V is I - Q - 1 , ' 22 ? '. N1 wg ' ' 'Q fi'3!fg?gv 775?' - if ':" fx W - , '5 ff - , ,g11WvM V , 'gif . if leaf. wb Pi M ' K ' 'x 5 if .Q 1, -rli z i gyf vi . x 3 , , h F . , 1 f- - ,Q If 52 Xi, . f M ' Sf- , if H gg ' 1:4 ' f ug ' 62 1 , ' Ni' K' A :'1.ffg ffgil ' . ,g,T'32'f5J? 'fi "A' Q, A , f -i ' 1 MA, -3. W, i2,,,k ', H. L u" f- f l wg .2 iv' ji pxxf, gf 2,3 ',,U,t. ' ' ' -2 Wwe- KK'8f"g.f ' -Kg-f9QW ,6'k"' , ul W Vyjfzairgigww, -W .. y i M V W. w K if , " Q - , Afk , 4,?Bf 'w Q, fr 1 ' s 21 -JK? ,J If 4 I fi 'N-, if Y , X 5 u I 1 l ,bv 1 f 4 ' lr gg I J Don Herd Halfback M -i., ,Q S Q? ny , X P, I M N ' X , X . W w N ' , 1 5.l5i3WUiiHi31 U n 11, W w ' N '4 M, N , 'V X N VLH N W 1 px ,E fw ' 'V , ' W , ' N H w W, V 1 I u "Lf u 1 u EMWIN M . Q X N, , N ' w w , x , lm Martm 3 e u Vernon Duncan Iuard W W ' ' FHA E' U ,1 W 1 , l w 1 Y u W u u I n , I i , u I 'Nui 'M w H w r s w w Hill Phelps u Hc mwnrc1 Butler Quarterback V, M End I N'!',',x Bob Peckman Halfback Carl Overton Guard Robert Hochstatter Tackle Henry Hochstatter Tackle . f Forest Nichols End .Sf .Tl Raymond Harper Gene Frizelle Guard Fullback Paul Pettibon Tackle A Squad Starting Line-up wp. Silver Tiger Page Every Thanksgiving Day the Nevada Tigers and the Lamar Tigers meet for their annual battle to gain pos- session of the traditional Silver Tiger. This trophy was presented to the stu- dent rouncils of both schools by the Lions Clubs of Lamar and Nevada in 1935. ln the seventeen annual meetings Nevada has come out on top with eleven wins and five losses. The game in 1937 ended in a tie. As the score of. the 1951 game was 26-6 in Nevada's favor, the tiger is novi resting in our trophy rage. 5, A605 rf ,E2,!,,3y.,3 3, 'fi f , V ' V 1 "V fr , ... wg V K ,1 , J 5, fu 'Q . .,g,':Y we k X T if A ' f W.-24? 3232514 ff 5. I 4 L ' is M Ye 1 ' 1 'f' -1 "W N -if . ff r . ,.-,.,, ! A7 x - . X . I ' -S. . Q A I hx 14 x I MQXSZ' A - if iXil?Hll'glT7' . M ' W f MSL' , . T , t 4 . y .S J l t . , ' ,K I' H mi U 4 V- -4 A-Av W-, M, 1+ if -'MQ . f if ' -e4".!"' ,. ri ff , it we t,fm n. ...X 1-f3f!"f'4 Bill Phelps, Roger Hendrix, Don Herd, Sandra Maxwell, Vernon Duncan, Carol Harris, Bill Curley, and Janie Hand participate in the coronatlon ceremony. flag, 1 - .4 U, .-A . ' 1 wife ..., as . ,1 'l Qmv: , '- ' -sen, ' 'Q -f . . , x 'man " Co-captains Roger Hendrix and Don Herd admire the Silver Tiger. 'Rb ,f- f C5 1 3 1 1-. 'Ura ,4- A 17. if '1- -'I '- M .-af. Aww J' 'A 7 A Q -'aw-1, I 0 Nr' -k,' W , ,, Y,-'T . ' f ' """"""""'A . L 'His 'fir -J' K+- '3'7L . . ill- p-up--.un-M4.w...,w, Tp, .A Q L95 j r M , U M,,0 ,mm Aw, ,V -I A K Y K A ,mvk ,'. A 7 K .i..f...-,... -.A..A'f'5,,:l - 'V N ,Sv ., M407--QF . , - 'vw--H: 1, ., Wg-- Q... W gif.,-rv-'v-' ' , 'L ' f A " 2 ,M ' M ,,, . -K Y ,Q-: Q S . rw , . M., .. . 4. , f-y m ia- ani? - . i www-W V. A x WN WH 1, M Q ,Q un-...M ' Basketball rl f I. '1 l 1. Bill Curley A Team .Q F3Z,ZX12" " Bill Snyder 'N . b 1 .r Center l f- . X X l l L 4, Ronnie X Bill Brown X I Richmond 2 R ,ll Guard X 3 Forward ,A v I t ' l Y N XX' 3 rs L A Ronnie Young ,V X Forward Q ' kc 4 ' - e' 'X X Bill Phelps A' ln ' 5 uh: Forward ...rg- . ' 1 ff ff 4, f . 1 , . ,F G 4' K X l X F g of f! X Vi Joe Hartley X 4 3 Guard 5 'tl' A X . ' I 1 - f I Gene Frlzelle E 1 1 Bruce Smith I Q f ' ' Guard X Forward Q fl g. ,. ga J l i r B Team Bud Bray. Bill Hoffman, Bob Boyd, Bob Kahler, Jimmie Householder, Carl Hendrix, Carl House holder, James Gontermann, David Catron, Forrest Nichols and Coach Jud Whitlinger. Bob Lewis, Bob Wiser, Joe McKenzie and Kenneth Wescoat. Junior High Team 631 A DLX Lai- ..- ww ww' N 'V Track 1 1-Jw' 925.3 Q vid le:-4 U.- -4 -- no-' ln a.. . 0 w I AJ. c pity 5,4 1 fy - H QILREM-.fin w.m'?h 'S -, v., 7' in ...J W..-v-f1A-W,f1- , -AW ,,,,.. ...., , , ,,...v,,,A , ,, WM Mm, my g , . ,fy K . .W L, 1 g W , ,H .... .,... . . i..,, K S ,wqiiyg , .V 1- Mg 'V , Y -A '- L 4 . ,. . L' "W 'NNBW M -iw-. . , K M V71-ini Y v.,zfK ' 7-335-Xrfkff., :Q -KWWL, I . J K K . . E 1, . . f A, ' - 6. . 4 ' A v I-QQLIQ' " -"' ' ' '5 V wer.- ' Q w . - 'E 'M"f"-M'w-f--f1-- Mum - .gw,,7,g,, .Q lwuxgiic l ' vi' 'G' ' 4 if ' "F 'ff 'W A .Z Q- 1 'FW-'4i'1 Z ff ,Q Nm- . ,W , N K A . . if 4. Q I 7 ?ie,':d.vNiY ' 'V -wiv QI? 4- my .. A , 1. t . .wr 1, Tyka-,, ,mn-naw-we -fm... ,W .,-N., , ,S , V gy? ,, A ngina gg.. 1 L , f sk '51 xi iff ,, i rw X naw, w .,qe-igwg -. 1 , 7 ' ' "fx Qfkf ' 7 N' v , ' W .A X . ,kkz ,. ...A g ,S L . 4L.,: l,gA: 3, ?6?.N,lql it K Kg Mk am, UAV, . ..,.. .. -Riff, A ,v ,L ., A K, ,fyxg -Qz.,fg"r?ffn.5'f-,Q , Y . '."2Y .V . 9-.L h 1 O ,'t5llk - Q.,--. Q. . E. k, if s . -K P. ' -' 3 , Swaying to the sweet swing of Bob ' Anti- Wolll-'s Orchestra. The P, 'l'. A. thought the goblins must have helped to consume the mountains of food. The Questionable Quintet with its questionable harmony. CCC The 5th annual Anti-Van Party held on Halloween night was rs rollirking suc- cess. Attendance was estimated at 2,000 students and adults. The party, devised to promote good conduct in the Halloween season, has become a tradition. fn axudif I , , Q Q43 gg. 4 fi ,. L1 L. A . ix "W, A N. "?jf2v."3 , ,- 4.1 C v k "' -wig x .1 .i S gx i i 1 -x T ! 'r R ' Hallowe 'en Queen Phyllis Williams Senior Hallowe 'en King Everett Bulk Senior Prom We aren't trymg to fool you about these pictures. Smce he '52 prom takes place too late to be included in this aook. we're featuring the '51 event. We think you'll agrcc .mth us that our one dress-up occasion is too "pretty to pass up." . ,F 5' gg' 312 YQ' Path Lmder Jame Hand Martha Muller and Mona Belrx practice the pomtew xxhxuh serum. I1l3ldQ must knoxx q . Cmderella and her coach appear ae lf bx magic tor bx manw long houri of vxorkl gm-,uw hum Nw f'YI1dl'!'l'Hil ball B111 Curley, Marjc-an McKenzie, Juna Thomas and Ronnie Carter are discussing the "dates and do1ngs" at the prom. M! 8, W5 ,w QW Christmas decorations invade' the classrooms - ,.., ff..-'. 4- Q PYXX-l fN aa: 9? vi f 1 k RC? Window scenes of attractive splendor An example of Nevada's holiday attire Bill Phelps presents the "While baskets to the Salvation Army. 'X 1-Nfigq nf? ,Fm -sawn Q-..?'4v r " 45,32 , Miss Larery offers the Kimes their Christmas treat Mr. Threlkeld, Mr. Lechner, Miss Harkey and Mr. Babuln are "First Timers" at the annual party. I N. wtsgg. . .iv 552-Q T . I 32" Qizgffgmf . K 3f11",,Yg 17? f.pggg.,,,iM. x 'xg ' , zfffmg wqwv.. mfgfyffgf -A 5' ' 'zikwf K .wr ' ' ffhieiff E, , if im I 'Wm QAP'Lias1wf ' X ,,.-,xm A J Q Hwang, A 5' X :kk , y' ' . I pm, X f nap . W . 'Zia ' Mm ,, "' vw, 'px' 1 Am., J1'U'C'7 -Rtpff., Q vp., -5 ,, Am ' 4. , I Bare tcotsles in "7th Heaven" f gi If Check your shoes here, or end up with an odd pair. Where, oh, where have my little shoes gone? Smarties Don 81 Sandra wore loafer socks! The Sock Hop in full swing. the band wore shoes! ,iii ' P .,., V 'Whit QL, EIA ?:1v-ri Q-45' I ' Q 7 -Q K, . .,-nl""' ,ffgw EMI il Q .if s.. rg' ,Q 9 'K 'L di' 51 CY'lg.'.,' 1, new Q 5 .Ah Rjmf-af 9 rfmg 0 ,X 3 6- Q N 1 N, QE ,S .r Advertising 1 I Y Q? tx ki .li A s ,N , M , , K1 , si'fHy', X QK51'iv',n'1-ff ski nwvyin Yagi, NS Q25 'X ' W x-X"'3N'wN 2? , l SQtfb,:g X 'NVQ Q3 ' N.. 5 6' ,AA ,,. Q: 'air '.. ELLIS MUSIC Cr FURNITURE COMPANY 'Cumplmc Home Fumishings" I . -I xx , I x I v , Sf-My A . ,XXX .il I "'f-,,,,,,, ,, I, 1 1 xgxu H ' Q L., I, .M CUITQIIIILIILIIILJII Class of '52 NVQ 2111- happy to huvu made the plmotogruplns for you. GRAPHIC ARTS STUDIO Joe Bradham Pierre Weltmer . ' H. 1 " STAR CLEAN ERS Quality Service Phone 2 106 E. Cherry Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1952 Q3 zz . I fi T V19 F E ' 5425 S. H. KRESS 8 COMPANY 5 - 10 - 251' Stores 103 - 105 N. Main Nevada, Missouri MONTGOMERY WARD AND COMPANY POKORNY DRUGS A Name Identified with Pharmacy Since 1894 East Side Square Nevada. Missouri E COLA For your Idle Dollars Accoums Insured up to 510,000 Current diviclerid rule 2l:'2' FARM Er HOME SAVINGS 5 LOAN ASSOCIATION Nevada, Missouri BOWLUS SCHOOL SUPPLY Pittsburg, Kansas , 'L .SS ir A-L VICTORY SHOE SHOP "Your Sole is our Livelihoodn Phone 44 111 E. Cherry NEVADA RECREATION Bowling Billiards Clean, Wholesome Exercise 114 E. Cherry Phone 181 Armitage Appliance and Hardware Karbe Grocery Skelgas Dealer Norge Dealer North Side Square Phone 62 West Side Square Nevada, Missouri Nevada, Missouri Stump's Shoes Maxwell's Three Leaders in Fashionable Footwear Ccmplete Markets Since 1896 Frozen Food Lockers Nevada, Missouri Wiggs Drug Store North Side Square Nevada, Missouri Compliments of Hunefelt Motor Company 102 E. Austin St. Nevada, Missouri Congratulations to the I Seniors of 1952 Congratulations and Cedar Lawn Dairy Best Wishes From f and Milk Bar Across From N. H. S. Sharp's Stores Co. Make it your Headquarters Sears Roebuck Ra Co. Wainscott Furniture Co. 203 E, Walnut St. Nevada Missouri . . ' Home Furnishings RENWICK INSURANCE AGENCY Good Food and Nevada Motor Co. usure Insurancew Quick Service" Phone 274 109 South Main Pontiac Nevada, Missouri GI, Cafe 120 S' Cedar St- Sales and Service Congratulations to the . Q- Mr' 8: Mrs' M' A' Ford Used Cars Parts Service Senlors of LJD2 FROM THE SMOKEHOUSE 1. F. CARLYLE I SEMCO COLOR PRESS, INC. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I College and High School Yearbooks Roy H. Noel, Mgr. Northern Sales Division Stylecraft C. Darnold Latest in Styles for Girls and Women Florists 102 E. Cherry Y THORPE'S General Electric Appliances Sales and Service WOODFILL IEWELRY CO. 'iThe Gifts They Will Remember" Phone 36 110 E. Cherry Nevada, Missouri Congratulations N and Best Wishes Scott's Store CLEANERS South Side of Square Compliments of ZION SHOE STORE Peters Shoes Established 1865 IOHANNES HARDWARE COMPANY Nevada, Missouri J oplin. Missouri 31-ay Missouri Rogers Public Studebaker Sgfvicg TH E NEVADA N EWS Circulation 5000 Weekly Nevada, Missouri Personalized Stationery Engraved or Printed Typewriters F E RGUSON 'S Phone 1151 117 S. Cedar I Congratulations to I Mason Motor Co. '52 Graduates Chrysler - Sales :Sz Service Chimes Jewelry 220 N. Main 113 E. Cherry Nevada, Missouri Phone 85 I ESTABLISHED IN 1870 xXk. X J f 1, NEVADA'S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE Dr. 0. W. Dodge House Optometrist Clothing 109 E. Cherry St Phone 60 Company Richardson Motor Company Established 1923 Dodge Plymouth Shanks 8: Sterrett - Nevada Book sto Clothing Co. Everything A The Place to Get Man Wears" Center East Side Square Your School Supph Y v A .li , x 4 . -. 6 p M . . v:Wtlft'7g1a' - rwfsassil- 2 Q A N, pg .Mi-,,!... 4, fd U ,..gQ!.k,?,:-QL.-q.f.u 1-.g.-l-..'X?,v,.5v , -j!.',jL-'.- --N -1-AQ! MY-I-3, N 4.1.3 , 1. + A p "q" z 7 V ' fa . 'fn ,F I " 'Q yf'-H511 ,1 44 '--I wwvsl f , ,f7 ','5' g- 2. "png 'af pr' '21, ,L if -4 1 i E Eat- N5 ' f- , 4: v- "f- Ji, ... ""' R :L " 'fy . "T 'x -' ' V '--'Nw 25 A H .QL Q'5ig.3-i'4ff'WHM:" A ., , 7. 'T . . ' ' 4 O 1 I, X , U WJ ,,, ,r H wp. - ' .b ,L 4b : V all X by I 4 : . , 4 J Ja-s s ,Dy , i 1? N ,, ii J wi f . M y W n . VA X! f 1 - wI3J15 Quulfylbx Ji 'QpgffW9b,,'!?W!5"dn . '4 i 5 41, Q. Y r A 'ff HMz + ,N,1"l' .9 ,, . 1 Y + a. .AL I nl . QT .S -j',- g, ' , ff -umm . 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Suggestions in the Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) collection:

Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Nevada High School - Nevamo Yearbook (Nevada, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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