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,!Mg,, Qfywgjiw Siffwww- if ,yfwypfgf "Wig a W3W Q, aku 3 wfjyiw if Wi HKMQQFE ik .AWWQWJMMMJ4 4 xi jiwifi' xyigwwiigpfwf wi? E www FR SE SWA , w ww HMM ffW M si giifvifjy Tiwlffryf fh MV if 4v'i?gfWf J www? Afgifgpfgfffggf ff ww 1 O QV 1 S? 5 Q if 5 Af, 9 Dua-4 'find oofw-QW Joh. , I ' 'T QW W iiwwgfvoovw + like WM my WAWWM'M WMV if M WM THE Ziff! , ' W NINETEEN HUNDRED H116 ,fm m.o',. ,ag :KO NE f- f Q Q l' 4 Ski E nf if 6 aj Efllgf ! x 35 35? 632 "rfL!!-'- Q QMW' ' film OL, CxA,A6Avk.,,5.Q QSQXQ,-s:bA6,,.. fm, W, GQALAQJ falafufkifvzgl' fJA,,,g,,g AL fdgvg 7,441 X CN x . ,:, wM 447 W7 M ix,-if K ' lfft,.j!' 'L' jf-J ' I ,lfih 7716 sEfvf0f2 01,455 4533 A 325 li x X V 5 ,, .' , 1, 5 ,, ,.,,, lffcflxg X, f37,,J4 NEVADA JUNIOR-SENIOR H!6'H S67-X001 s QV 1'-'X . A ....!' g X x T L 4 ff 6, ? A Beverly Braun Editor ln preparing this annual we the NEVAMO STAFF, have at tempted to exemplify life in N. H. S. This we do hoping that our volume will be received with the same keen enthusiasm which we have experienced in its prep- aration. We extend thanks and grati- tude to Miss Ethyl Winders, spon- sor OF THE NEVAMO, and to Mr. A. L. Mahahcey, photographic adviser. Without their help and guidance we could never have attained our goal. I Qedzcatzon We, the Senior Class oF I946, cate The NEVAMO to one who has served education Faithliully, who has a sincere respect and 'understanding For youth, who has labored unselliishly For the complete education ol: every boy and girl in N. H. S.--Superintendent of S chools JERRY J VINEYARD fy Sf' +5 ,QUE M5145 ag 19 5 221, M, ., Q John mea Senior Cnevamo qoiing II'- X f f 81426171718 EOUE Vlevamo princess X .7 917'- 1 30 X 'ln' X Robert fee ,"f"' Junior Vlevamo prince X NES' if gl! Cf' lf. evamo mff Sponsor . . Miss Winders Photographic Adviser Mr. Malwaftey Editor . . Beverly Braun Assistant Editor . Suzanne Love Business Manager . Edward Woodington Assistant Business Manager - - Jack Brant Senior Qeporter . . . Sally Jackson Junior Qeporter . Nelda Jo Means Sophomore Qeporter . Billy Burlcs Junior l-liglw l2eporter . Jane Ewing Sports Qeporter . . Francis Webster Artists . Jaunita Noel and Jim Woodfill Photographers . Richard I-lanlcin and James l-laslett Typists . Margaret Gaines and Nancy Miller W Qeporters in Conference V I ' """...ZI..'T- ts - l-Ir -- Qir- F ' i . tt .""'Q- . 5 ,, w NSE C . Q, Xk.,.,, "' .-gf-:4.5:n .1 if- E i I Busy Editors 0 1 Y . ,lk rn-. the - Q i'uQP ,......,...,...,--. ' J ., ...f x preparing time Copy ,sw t ...iw A 4' Artists at Work we M 59' 15 VA ' , nk szmgiiiwiavt is if .. tat J A. . E : f s .Q i ti - ' Q K ' ' i. .Q is tt.. If fir - Q g ,N .,f,N,. . , 2- - K lcNRi,YL 1 . I tr 45 -r - Loading For a "Sl1ot. --.. i eyonal the Gall of Quty Eugene Amick Merle Lee Bice Buford Bloodworth Chester Bowles Jesse Bruce Raymond Burris Douglas Bush Frank Clark Gerald Cox Franklin Crawford lvan Crouse George Current A. D. Ellis Donal Ewing Marvlin l-larper Elmer Lee l-larris Paul Hixson Joe Howard Don lnnis Claude Johnston Don Kinney Lawrence McSpadden William Robert White Walter Mundy Donald Peckman Earl Reid Ray Sharp Gordon Springsteen Lyle Tilliord George Urner Robert Webster Raymond Wells William Wells Glenn Whitaker yy! Z Z Z Z m in is tra tio n L.. I Qlggoard of gdzfcation . one fl' 1245. se , N4 1 W ,. ,f f m x I' ,Q , gn 'Q I W a v 5 -1, ,- fn , nl vi """'Q6 , "f gf ih, A Q -' 3 Egg J 'Q , ' 5 W X f f in e + ,. Frank Peak Robert Steele President Vice President ' I mn!-a Vane ' 1 'Q-. fp, SL ' nl, , Q wwf o Lynn M. Ewing Ruth M. Weltmer Secretary e -...X Art S. Bitner Dr. W. Standlee Love X Treasurer 'is' 1,3 I I '-. Dr. W. E. Hoffman his ff""i i iiiriiiiri 'xv . ' ip . ' .JN ,f Jerry J. Vineyard, M. A. Superintendent of Schools ' ,..., ent o schools, ry ineyard, who is serving his ninth Nevada is justly proud of our genial, courteous superintend F Mr. Jer J. V' ' ' year in that capacity. Mr. Vineyard is a native Missourian. He came to Nevada From Kansas where he had held responsible educational and civic positions. He holds the A B d M . . an . A. degrees and has Finished all work except the dissertation For the D. Ed, degree. ' Mr. Vineyard is a member of Ph D i elta Kappa, American Association oF Administrators, Missouri Department of S ' upersntendents, Southwest Missouri Administrators' Club, and the National Education and Missouri State Teach- ers' Associations. ln these organizations he has held numerous responsible positions. For the past two years he has been American Legion Zone Chair- man oF Oratorical Contests. He is also F the Presby- terian Church. a Legionnaire, a Mason, a Lion, and a member o 'Qs s . . . -if Wfsxqlg- g . Q . k s -n-unsung-lnntlllll Principal ...eww Q "A Friend to all" is an expression that is applicable to Mr. C. H. Jones, Jr., who is serving his First year as principal ol: N. H. S. -' A Mr. Jones is a native of Arkansas. He came to Nevada From Aurora, R ' l Missouri, and has served as principal at both Aurora and Mt. Vernon High Y Schools. ." He holds the A. B. and M. Ed. degrees. He is at present First vice 2 5 i president ol: the Southwest Missouri Teachers' Association and president of the Big 8 Conference. E VX' Mr. Jones is a Methodist, Royal Arch Mason, and a Rotarian. '- l C. H. Jones, Jr., M. Ed 6lCbLAy Beryl A. Hamilton, B. S. Mathematics Ali' " r iff -0.6 Q """o. Y I Ruth Helen Slentz, B. S. Physical Education I3 ei Helen Grace Horton, B. S Science . . ,, X SM f"'x een Bied is erm Speech ani B S Margaret Agnes Todd, B. S. Velma Lee Allison, A. B. English ,am Alle ,qw rrys N-vwully' if A .:.x .1'Qsx 056 if L. grow ndustrl. I U, Commerce Q Arts ' - I Clffukg Vera Rombach, B. S. Mathematics 01 . 5890x066 A YAOSXC K . fo- bxl oc r if . ' "" Geolgewogos so - Q0 N, t M' .W 'ix vs ' lk r ,cfm Q? NF Marie Harmon Butner, B. S. Social Science and English X Eunice Hendrickson, B. S. Commerce 5 x r RWD' .X Www Q- ' GQGQ, N05 Qnfglgl Ruth Christiansen, B. S. Orville Gregory, B, S, Languages and Journalism Physical Education First Semester Elizabeth Shaw B S. Jolmn l2.W1Ilfams B S lnstru t l M Gl- mb-l yd' s J' jadlhy D. C. Elliott, B. S. Science and Mathematics . x R t X tttt Q ' i ,sm .. I lop . x Q f- be- ' 'L it . NNOO 1 i xlooes X695 eww S X S 7 O .yocbd XJ S A 6. tl, 9 X t X. we - fx .RSA Mil'-" f ffm . ff! fr! S Ruth E. Pugh, B. S. English and Social Science 'N-qpw ,H June Painter, B. A. Gubstitutej Mathematics 6 0 N0 Nexxgefgetgd df wie John E- V00 l'l0y, M- A- i 1 X Geraldine Rowton, R. Foreign Lanquages ancl Journalism School Nurse Second Semester mary K. Wfczqtee July 1, IQ!-L5 To us she has not passed into darkness of night But into the eternal youth and beauty of the stars lvalter Qonalol lmoore January 14, IQ!-L6 l-le will dwell in our hearts For years to come, And in a Far corner of our minds remain Forever :lipid ,an-5 3 Bob Woodfill Senior High Student Body President 1 The Senior High Student Council, capably sponsored by Miss Gladys Radford, has become a Factor For good in N. H. S. lts projects are planned to benefit the stu- dent body as a whole, and its members are the choice of the various home rooms. Thus representative government and other demo- cratic principles are practiced in the manage' ment ol: school affairs. Some ol: the accomplishments ol: the I9l45-46 council, in addition to the regular bond and stamp project, are the preparation ol: a room For council meetings, attendance at the Southwest Council Convention, and the promotion ol: a recreational program at the noon hour. Sponsor--Miss Qadford President--Bob Woodiiill Secretary--Mary Cleveland Treasurer--Jim Woodfill Vice President--Martha Cleveland enior iggiudent ouncil Jack Brant Howard Braswell Tisha Ann Braswell Beverly Braun Billy Burks Bill Catlett Royal Cooper Lynn Ewing George Faros Ingles Ferry Bill Flemming C. E. Fraley Helen Haas Nancy Hanks lva Hendrix Bill Johnson Betty Kersh Bob Kuhn Suzanne Love Beverly Maple Suzanne Martin Nelda Jo Means Herbert Pyle Betty Jane Sanders Bob Schriebrel Don Singleton Mary Stambach Harold Taylor Maxine Thompson Betty Sue Waymire unior 7 fygtudent , ouncil Zena Allison Nancy Barnes Tommy Bishop Tommy Braun Carol Cooper Jacl: Cooper Buddy Crawford Delores Deaton Dorothy Dennison Charles Dolan Donna Dubray Bill Earp Lou Don Edwards Gene Hampton Mona Lou Hand Jimmy Johnson Buster Leighton Pat McCoy Mason Moss Jane Plummer Mary Rombach Dick Scott Bonnie Stamps Naomi Werst Jerry Williams Larry Williams Af' Nevada's Junior High Student Council is always to be Found working For the best interest of N. H. S. lts efficient sponsor, Miss Helen Grace Horton, and council mem- bers conduct the sale ol: colas For all school aiiliairs and willingly cooperate in the council program. This year help was rendered the Senior Council in purchasing Furniture For the coun- cil room, and in Financing three outside talent assemblies. Delegates to the Southwest District Convention assert that the meetings were both pleasant and profitable. Q , sw. Sponsor--Miss Horton President--Larry Cohick Vice President--Carson Moss Secretary--Jane Ewing Treasurer--Bobby Mathis Reporter--Robert Bishop fli- lf r f S . iz I vita. 'thu .ns-qu. Larry Cohiclc Junior High Student Body President K ss.. ,JN Gm Qffices X11-Wei we Mrs. Inwood and Assistants 1,3 w Typing a Letter :NA gave 6 Qlifice Routine The clicl: ol: a typewriter, the whirr of the mimeograph or duplicator, the ringing ol: the telephone, and the scurrying ol: many Feet, all indicate that the high school oFFices are busy places. Mrs. Weltmefs helpers, who are Blanche Clemensen, Vanita Mitchum, Eva Shumate, and Marcelene Werst, in addition to regular oFFice routine, sort and deliver mail to the proper boxes and notify recipients of the arrival of parcel post and express packages. Mrs. lnwood's assistants, who are Florence Cawthorn, Marjorie Fast, Lucille Frizille, Mildred Johnson, Jeanne Mcl-lugh, and Helen Witte, perform the necessary but monotonous taslcs ol: checlcing make-up slips, recording tar- dies, delivering messages, helping with the daily bulletin, answering the tele- phone, and listening to both necessary and unnecessary questions. Those who collect attendance slips and record absences are Martha Barnes, l-lelen Compton, Betty Johnson, Lucille Martin, Christine Rutledge, Maxine Scott, Carol Stamps, Don Stulcesbary, Joan Watson, Sue Wilhelmson, Juanita Willers, and Edward Woodington. The efficient management ol: the oliliices contributes to the well-ordered procedure in N. H. S. Attendance Monitors ll Hello ! Pfewfing the Bulletin X f 5, 22,1 fx X , Q1 C Q my B WJ fx! Gigi ,fu I, 4 M Z if x Km Q I X Glasses fl 9 Sponsor--Miss Shaw President--Bill Catlett ir Vice president--l-larold Rigdon Secretary--Harold Taylor Treasurer--Qose Garnas 5 Yell Leader--Betty Sanders F X IF success is determined by accomplishments, the Senior Class of IQLA6 is successliul indeed. ln addition to three years of winning honors, this class won the Nevamo contest by the largest percent ever attained by any class, supported the sale of stamps and bonds one hundred percent each month, subscribed one hundred percent For the Crimson and Gray, and won the Junior Class Play ticket sale by more than Five hundred per cent. Bob Woodtill was chosen Student Body president, Beverly Braun is Editor of the Nevamo, and Edward Woodington its business managerg Maxine Thompson is all-school yell leader, Betty Jane Sanders was elec- ted D. A. R. representativeg John l2ea and Helen Haas were chosen Nevamo king and queen, and the class president Bill Catlett, is president of the Nevada Youth Club. ln spite of the Fact that Fighting has ceased, this class has given several oF its members to the armed services. Miss Elizabeth Shaw's inspiration and guidance as sponsor have meant much to the Class of '46. O 5 Beverly Braun Commercial Club '05-'06 Drum Major '05-'06 Nevamo Staff '05-'06 Student Council 'ua-'ua-'us-'no Tigerettes '06 Bob Kuhn Band 'auius Basketball '00-'05 Dramatics '06 Octette '06 Student Council '06 Dorothy Hayes Band '00-'05-'06 Commercial Club President '06 Junior Class play '05 Student Council 'uufusluc ligerettes '06 SV . 5 , I 1 f . 'X it I I Y, .. X ,, , 24 xiuildlt . g is ,f' X few- eniord John l2ea Entered from Kansas City, M Debate Team '06 Football '06 Nevamo King '06 Maxine Thompson issouri, '06 Assistant Drum Major '05-'06 Band 'au-'A5-'no Junior Class Play '05 Student Council '00-'05-'06 Yell Leader Junior Class '05g Floyd Carlyle Crimson and Gray Stalff '00 Dramatics '06 lrootball '05-'06 Track '05 at .1 Q if v-:bv V me Joe Stukesbary Crimson and Gray Statl: '06 Dramatics '06 Rifle Club 'ua-'au-'aa-'06 Joan Welch Commercial Club '06 Dramatics '06 Junior Class play '05 Tigerettes '05-'06 James Cummins Basketball '05 Rifle Club '05-'06 All-School Yell Leader '06 -94' nd vl Rose Garnas Band 'us-'Liu-'us-'ab Class Treasurer '05-'06 Junior Class play '05 SecretaryoFClass'03-'00-'05 Tigerettes '05-'06 i VN t it av Don Weakley Tennis '05-'06 l-lelen l-laas Dramatics '06 Nevamo Queen '06 Student Council '06 Tom Bewley Crimson and Gray Staff '06 355 JG'-4 'P' A -4 . '6- fs..- ' use usa- ,Q-Q 15:1-F ' 41, Lf Q8 VC' ,il-0 I 1 .f L., was 0. 'ffl' . 1 OP QC' th '12 1 X 1 Ill - . .gui i jf i 4:57 00' ,ung- 'T 'RQ' ,, Q ,Q , -J la' -ff? 'Ji lf. ,QBU , M 3 Marcia Fay James l-laslett Entered From Greencastle, lndiana, 'QS Crimson and Gray Staff 'Mb Ralph Cochran Entered from South l-laven, Dorothea Garwood Collectors' Club 'LA2-'MJ Commercial Club 'lah-'IA5 9 Michigan, Band 'us-'au-'ua-'no Nevamo Stalif 'I-L5-'I-tb Science Club 'MS-'lib 'ao Mary Frances Walker Entered From Wheaton, Illinois, Drnroatics 'lab Dorothy Keeton Dramatics 'kb Tigerettes 'bb Marcelene Werst Commercial Club 'lib-'Ab Dramatics '146 av? 0 r 4 Ai . r ,s ' o-,f 5 ' u 1 'f X 7,., -3, is 3 ff H?"-I' ' f il R Q ' 3 M' V Y C liiliflifgfiwgl ,fl " f tgilfiirff 4 if .- I 1 . 'Lib 1 gr 'Ti' hw luv' Z-s-Du Betty Clark Commercial Club 'I-L5 Dramatics 'Lib Junior Class Play 'I-A5 Orchestra 'L13-'ALL-'lA5-'Lib Tigerettes 'Lau-'L45 Keith Cooper Glee Club 'au-'ua-'nb Marilyn Jones Crimson and Gray Staff 'I-A6 Dramatics 746 Glee Club '03 Library Club 'lab Tigerettes 'lab eniorri Xl, VS Q, C113 G? -5 W sl af af- A V , Ji l PM Billy Dean Cairns Crimson and Gray Staff 'bb Dramatics 'Lib Football 'LAS-V116 N Club 'usfuo Truck'u1i-2u5-'ao Joan Pohl Band 'nu Crimson and Gray Stall 'Ab Dramatics 'U6 Junior Class play 'L45 RiFIe Club 'us-'au-'us-'ao James Mcl-lugh Dramatics '06 F. F. A, 'ua-'ua-'Lis-'ao Football 'L16 N Club 'U5-'lab Traclc 'lab-'LL5 lx. llx Q 52 F' pat Evans Band 'us-'nu Class Treasurer 'I43-'LU-J Commercial Club 'L45-'14 Dramatics 'bo ligerettes 'I45-'bb Gene l.eMoine llnnrl 'itll-'MS-ll-lb Football 'I-Lb-'I-16 Trncln 'uri Martba Cleveland Currimercml Club 'M5 .lunior Class play 'MB Misjorr-tte V105 ,MO eniord 6g Secretary 'I-A6 Qtudeut Council ,I-ill-'05-lubg Vice-president 'LIC ligerettes 'IAN-'IJ5-'lbbg Treasurer 'lib '2 24' 10.0 s 'T' M ,fin X ,1 i X L 'uf - ' gi E Z1 .ti K 2 . 1 .lff 'ws fd -,., 'EP' 'Y' l-larolcl Taylor Class Secretary 'lab Football 'LA5-'46 N Club 'u5-'146 Student Council 'QS-'lab Marge Caldwell Commercial Club 745 Crimson and Gray Staff Student Council '03-'LU-L Tigerettes 'I-ll-J-'LL5-'bb 'ao Mary Cleveland Commercial Club 'L15 Junior Class play 'I45 Majorette 'I-15-'bo Betty Ann Yurk Library Club Treasurer 'Lib Joan Bayless Band 'Q5 Commercial Club 'AS Junior Class Play 'LL5 Tigerettes 'Mb Aldine Calvert Commercial Club ,146 Dramatics 'I-L6 Home Economics Club 'I-rbfu5,'uo library Club 'bb ligerettes 'I-U4-'I-l5f'L4C Everett Adams F. F, A. 'au-'u5-'ao Student Council 'I-ALL-'I-L5-'llbg Secretary 'Mb Tigerettes ALI-'M5-'lobg President 'Lab af' a' 'Q 1-Q74 i 'ia .. . rm lr .. 'ali-W-E .Wi 5 r All Lawrence Tuclcer Collectors' Club 'I-+3 Evelyn McKee Dramatics 'LA6 Dean Scales Dramatics 'I-L6 gin I 1 Ili 5 3 ,Pk ,giv- N-' N 'C .,' 19 -Q- tr 2' C' 'rfb 'ik ,...:s 'We Gi T ' i 'M is N if .dn-4' 1' 'Y Mm, I 'Y' feng. 'Quia avi hx J. , X 'T Q f I ' Y --snug, wig I x -ur ,fl J . 'gf f as 3 -Mg ' iz, - I 'Ov' Y and X J I it 4 ,315 . .err A 5 ' s ,V -ff. J fin: ,ii . 4 H if iii- K . sw 1 fgiii - l 3 R. B. Underwood Entered From Lowery City, Missouri, 'I-46 Dorothy Griggs Commercial Club 'I-L5-'lib Library Club 'U6 Evert Jones F, F. A. 'us-'nu-'usfuo 1"N 5' .ff .246- J' " yy Betty Ann Haley Dramatics 'LA6 Junior Class Play 'l45 Tigerettes 'Mis-'45-'Lab Jim Woodfill Basketball 'L15-'lib Class Treasurer 'l45 Football 'I45-'lib Nevamo Stall: 'bb Student Council 'tw-'ls Elaine Jones Dramatics 'L46 Glee Club fill-1 Ed Woodington Nevamo Staff 'MS-'I-tb Student Council 'I-All Ad" Richard l-lankin Band 'au-'45-'ao Junior Class Play Stage Manager '05 Nevamo Staff 'Ab Betty Locke Dramatics 'bb Tigerettes 'AL6 5-'Li6g Treasurer 'D6 Wynell Hutchinson Dramatics 'Lib G-lee Club 'ua-'uufus-'no Operetta '05 Student Council 'L13 Tigerettes 'LJ3-'Isla eniord XX fl' -or yu i I Q. f on Im '41 ,gv ,ci 1 , -- .- 'f 2: NT' Margaret Gaines Commercial Club 'I-45-'lib Junior Class Play 'Mfr Nevamo Staff 'I-46 Olillice Assistant 'I-A5 Junior Jeffries Band 'asfuo Dramatics '06 Junior Class Play 'IA5 Qadio Club 'L43 Juanita Noel Band 'us-'au Crimson and Cvray Stall: 'bb .Junior Class Play 'M5 Nevamo Stahl 'lab Tigerettes 'L16 v- ,lr '-'wi bit Evelyn Edson Collectors'ClubgSecretary'l43 Commercial Club '05 Library Club president 'MG Tigerettes 'I46 l2obert Jones Boxing 'ltli-'I-45 Debate 'I-A6 Dramatics 'lib Junior Class Play V145 Janie Hickman Cbeer Leader 'I-lb Dramatics 'lib Glee Club 'M-A Orchestra 'I-L3 Tigerettes 'lilz-'b5-'lab ARIN I 'px 'S' A . T I en iam Stanley Haynes F. F. A. 'as-'nu-'145-'uc N Club 'ua-'usiub Track 'MB-'lata-'05 Barbara Kabler Commercial Club '05 Dramatics 'Q6 F. H. A. 'Mb Tigerettes 'Ls5-'lab Eddie Steele Crimson and Gray Staff '46 Dramatics 'bb Glee Club 'M3 Junior Class Play 'I45 RiFle Club 'aa-'au-'us 9 .lst i Qc. Kleetis lvl. Wirth Commercial Club 'ls5 Dramatics 'I46 Qebekab lVlcKeel'1an Commercial Club 'LL5 Glee Club 'I46 Jewell Huckaby, Jr. Band ,143-'UU-,155-.146 Junior Class play 'l45 Operetta 'M5 Track 'LI5 Juanita Willers Commercial Club '45 Dramatics 'lab Glee Club 'Lila Library Club 'LA6 -146 Gilbert Belknap Glee Club 'L45 Library Club 'I-L6 Science Club 'bb Vanita Mitcbum Commercial Club 'LA5-'lab Howard Floyd Football 'Lib Track 'I45 ,'ix ',.."" 'ST' ' if wr ' 1 25. Q es- , ... -nw-as g L Q ,cas-, f inf an in bl staiill' 4117 Nw -95' On' D ,-"' 1 ui Dull' il i it- 'i '-22? Q61 " V ..,' Ns, 5 .A1LA:,,A A' 5, .ll . fr y 7 ' 'a' 5-an-1 War T' ,340 'U' ',3":r 158 eb' fr-'HY' OV' uni' i' .ae- ,gno- av 2-4' 'T fx rf? 9' Lani' X, Maxine Hubbard Commercial Club 'U5-'I-16 Dramatics 'I-A6 Betty Reedy Entered from Eldorado Springs, Dramatics 'IA6 Norma Phipps Dramatics 'Db Glee Club 'au N K'6n .9 David Holmes Donna Mae Knott Debate Club 'kb Entered from St. Cloud, Minnesota, 'l45 Drarnatics 'lab Dramatics 'LL6 Science Club 'lll-L-'ls5-'lab Missouri, 'lab Marge l-leisten Commercial Club 'I-A6 Dramatics 'l-t6 Junior Class play 'I-A5 Twirler 'l45-'IJ6 David Milligan Dramatics 'bb Tracl: 'lbll-'II5 Harvey l2itter Dramatics '06 Science Club '05-'46 Bob Woodfill Basketball 'lrls-'lL5-'I-L6 Crimson and Gray Staff 'lA5-'lsb Nevamo Staff 'I-All William A. Catlett, Jr. Basketball 'uufua-'nb Class Vresident 'lL5-'lsb Football 'aa-'ao Student Council 'Ll5-'lab Track 'aa-'ua-'no Betty Jane Sanders Student Council 'au-'as-'nb Dramatics 'lab Junior Class play 'A5 Student Councll 'lrfi-'I-Llc-'lab' Pres dent 'Mb Senior Yell Leader 'bb , r Vice president OF Junior Class 'l45 Betty l-lomrigbous Crimson and Gray StaFF 'lub Dramatics 'lab Glee Club 'lJ3 eniorri Tigerettes 'lu-A-'lo5-'lab Howard Braswell Basketball 'lA5-'lab Class president 'ALL Football 'lab N Club 'lr5-'I-A6 Student Council 'lull-'l-15-'llb Nancy Miller Commercial Club 'M5 Dramatics 'Lib Nevamo Stalili 'I46 L. C. Ayres Crimson and Gray Sta Dramatics 'ho Football 'us-'ab N Club 'nu-'a5-'ab Track 'LL5-'LL6 Shirley Fields Band 'ua-'na-us FF 'ao Orchestra 'aa-'aa-'u5-'ab eniord Harold l2igdon Basketball 'ua-'145-'ao Boxing 'I-UL Football 'ALL-'MS-'bb N Club 'ua-'as-'nog P Track 'I-A3-'lm-'IJ5 James Wood Class Play 'Ish Intramural Oliliicials' Cl Track Team '43 Betty Schultz Glee Club '145-'146 Operetta '45 resident 'I-L6 ub 'ILS Sally Ann Jackson Debate Team 'lab Junior Class Play 'l45 Nevamo Stal? 'I-L5-'M6 Rifle Club 'ua-'L45-'ao Tigere-tres 'au-'ua-'ab Shirley Storer Entered From Osceola, lo Commercial Club 'I-L6 Orchestra 'lab James Robinson George Hardin Band 'lux-'05 Debate Club '06 Football 'I45 Science Club 'lL5-'06 Bettye Brooks wa, 'A6 Dramatics '06 Tigerettes 'Ll3-'lah-'LL5 Walter Moore Entered From Wichita, Kansas, 'bb Band 'lah-'I-L5-'Lib ,au-is 4.3115 ,A I ri A Q as Grit ,gn-nu.. e 7 r'x1s M- !! ' 'ili- if Wx f ar? FN 9 i .wow ' im- ' of-fi '1::-- if 'C' QFN fi' WF' CN3 ND' QIYQ f'fX fi Q5 ge, .. ri' . . s .gk , Sponsor--Miss Hendrickson 3 President--Jack Brant Secretary--Mary Stambach Treasurer--Nancy Hanks Yell Leader--Royal Cooper Vice President--Bill Johnson f . . fwfnwfrvf K. 7 ff fm 'mf' ,t Q-ffifu Ir 4- YAQL Z1 W' ,,,,,.,,,.,.,.,,,,,,,,3, .,.., i .,,, ,,...., E W V . .W ,.,,.,,, .1 ,U ,.,,f 'Inn'--f can S 1 . o., ,,,,,,.,..,.,, Qi f' l X 1 s Q ali:-niiiix .,.Vf:zf-'H1i'Il'M s 5 ,,11:.!-rhlrqz 1 ,fm f 4, lll,1l,.! yr.-.iinyn .- 21 -1 sez- -' lla, .H-mm. X, Q l .-ffm!! iWfaf,gy1iiiy,.hL 1 in , W 'l f, "5" Q llfff we 9' 1 llilllll l .. 2 '-:gif-174W ff , I wfifw, 4 ff , -, , I G Wjifq X ,ga - , 2 Ml-W, For the Junior Class ol: N. H. S. the year of '49 'M 9 If f i IQ45-46 was one of the busiest ol: its history. ' W WMl,,,,i!ll w, The successful presentation of the "Night of K W l 1 January l6th," the annual banquet at which the Board f.,,,, 'Q ol: Education, administrators, Faculty, and seniors were , -- ,",' I, ,,,,,,.qfQp ' guests, the race For Nevamo king and queen in which H "':-"M 0.-'1fQwr t., ,- - .f . . . Qi i':'!5"'h!5Q,'-fgff .. the juniors won second honors, the buying of stamps '- 'H'Wt-'lf'-5 'rs' a b d h h an b I h - N p, 3 XV, j , an on s eac mont , an ast ut not east t e con , . g,,.-::rAMr.f X . , . . . ' f xX1s'szS,'N' ' ! , test un the Senior Class Play ticket sale Filled their HV i leisure hours from September to May. Miss Eunice Hendrickson assumed the duties of y sponsor and again demonstrated her capabilities as a class leader. Q. L3 'Qu no :S "' 'M Marian Agee 5 NN "" 7 'USS' " I N-' '.:k 0. 1 ' x .... - I ,f W 5 Lindsey Barger Martlwa Barnes O we K Q f gig.: X i ' D B ii onna ateman . -S M h Arvid Biglwam Q . 'V' ' - 1- .ii " 1 Jack Bfdfit Q ,f22' i:,g:'2 '-' L. new tl . . ig B ' Q -1 3 Tlslwa Ann Braswell B 'N Qalplw Brown Maxine Burris 2 T2 fs. Q 'Q vt ,ox K, YI' 1 qi Blaine Butterfield Betty Sue Donald Capps Maxine Carlini 7 Juanita Caton Florence Cawtlion Blanche Clernensen .X ,NF Helen Compton Royal Cooper Frances Cox Q, - ---. - New 'NN 'WW' r-nr Karen Daily skr9""55x ml' In ii J -D x XkgkfK.gJ?gi1fl9siS5'f ,ii - 1. flh 'lt' wC'X '.n --Q., 'Qu -in it F I . Q .,.,q4 ' a . - "Q ,Q ,.t ,. l J' It O W s -vi H vt .,, Q Q' ffs K YZT1' I F mf, I ,S fr, Q I fx .. 3 fs, .pw- gg? r,,l f J' 75. 4... 1 l : T 1'- Q-. Q, o . 415, Jolwnny Dolan .-0 W .pf Donald Dennison , "2 ,,, 1 v, ,Q 31 K g CL .M " ,dx 'X fx? if ge 3 ,ca 'N -A .E Y Q U li K Q x ii- f-' A il!!-w T' Tv ,QSQ I O pv- 4 nn CQ ' 'tn' p--as-rd Jerry Dubray Q16 Q 'Y W -6 'Y' X Jack Dyer 4 L X' ' Joan Edwards gi 3' , Qiclward Eining ' X .23 g., we jx- g George Paras A, V lngles Ferry . l -as-, "W gr'-r' f 1 - Don Gordon as-'7' se -. si ? ii My ,, 5. E7 -'Q f f -.F I g K 1 me ' X l""' wwf ' Z gg- ' ""' ff X Lee Heuser Rosemary Forney Fox ' 'l Lucille lfrizelle Bill Hamblin Nancy Hanks Eugene Harless lrene Hendrix Hillis l-lerren George Howard Crystal Huston , I D ls., f. Q Qs atv 'IN O.- lx 'Wi' 2' 44: 4 ,, 1:- .Q '4h-ff' Q Q Y . lx 1' .' 1 ' he i In A 'YD 'vs y'1l'!Wlil'-. X -CQ Us p vu. 'ag 0 X , 3 x. A 7' x 55 15... 'sn is Betty Johnson 3 "Lxk 3 "',.'.i,x ii Bill Johnson M-ll i i 'X' 4 Mildred Johnson Dean Journey James Kafer 4-vl"p"" X Louise Kircher 'eg' J Robert Lee Robert Lewis . w e Suzanne Love X, ,, 9' x if 1' Q .Q Q Q3 E ,wx 15 ,Q 'YN j- K' 4 . Sally Lyons mfh ::,: Q ' """-+ Zona Nell Lyons i se s Llo d Maharfe ' L ga- Kathryn Mann S P W-:fy ,F :kk 21. S Kenneth Martin E Y- h N ois Marie Martin Y s ix K 'x .W . .re Q -K Lucille Martin i ii KE nes McCarthy f .N N 'W fm. Mccowan McDonald , vi 1, I -PS an---W. ,l fs:-2 1.1:- J 0.5 if-A Ig.,-f 0'-v g R Y Jn ii. tj 'VT 4' if lv" T png bv 1' 'C' fb -R vi 1' .22-'-7-a Q. i McDowell ,.,,. ., lc McElwain ' ' f- ' A Helen Mcl-luglw , N 4' 'V Vi ff rx Jeanne McHugh X gay If Nelda Jo Means Q i ""' F i Arvella Milford ' ,4 -- A l fr, X :ga -100- T1 A ' Jaclc Milligan " X 1: ' 4 'Q Earl Mowry Betty Norris 5 "" M Betty Ann Overton I, Glen Ray Pape LF T, .YX. A Q ,si 1 N.. A rl .X .a y , XV y ty r X Betty Paterson My Doris Piclcett fax Bill Pugh A ' y 4 Herbert Pyle 0 Mary Reddy lt Qa- R Merrill Reed is W Bur ei in if qw 'YN Delcena Rich , Richard Sandage '- :Q K, I ii . X S. John Sattler u lfx ,,, X -,.. . ,vi X X I X i Maxine Scott in John Shanks Ruby Sheacler -'Sw' Joy Lee Shepley Eva Shumate Anna Simpson Billy Smith S Q William Smith "ak, lv 0 IIN' fb QV X . Flossie Snead wr- xr .asf .j S X fga 21 - ixwh ik Mary Stambach 'ifftlg it , . FQ - y sfif J n'-i " fi: Carol Stamps xLvf..xf,X .Q-21,5 X rt '95 'Qt 1 QQ:-, l Betty Ann Standley Donalcl Lee Starle John Sternadel Dan Steward Glenda Stewart Betty Jean Streich Carlene Summy Donna Thomas . fi V avg, 43515 W '51 YZ' l an I 1 MQ f CN 'l Nw' W so K .f 'TF -88. Wg, pl? " W 1.-5 R 10 K5 n.g wa- --- 45 X mv- 'Q ,alf- , S -313. ,, "7 -an ary, LGN ,,,,,,, to dh Lge: "Nr-' 1' NGS-.fx 9' ib f 'hs 41-:M 151, Q-' 1. Ka QQ. 1' ' A ,Q - , vt. 475 eq., vm i fm.. an . "QQ- 'Uma' K 1 is Tborburn we Tltus Unrub W6Dd5 Jo Wdlkef Joan Watson Virginia Weber Wanda Weber Francis Webster, Jr. Florence Wescoat George Westfall WFKWLWBF 'Tb-'F , :X P P-t ,ax . an . , . 4' 'S Q fa g , W cw 6' Sponsor--Miss Gregg President--Betty Sue Waymire Vice President--C. E. Fraley Secretary--Billy Burlcs Treasurer--Don Singleton, First semesterg Betty Kersh, second semester Yell Leader--Iva Hendrix When worthy leaders are discovered, it is best to retain them. This is what the Sopho- more Class of l9l46 believes. Betty Sue Waymire who served as president in the eighth and ninth grades was again elected to that ot- Fice, and Miss Alma Gregg who had led several sophomore classes capably was chosen sponsor. No class achieved better results in the sale of bonds and stamps For the sophomores bought one hundred percent each month. The class won the P. T. A. pennant last year and secured another trophy by winning second honors in the Junior Class Play ticket sale. 111 WW' 4442 'T Qi.. Donald Adams Oren Adkins Virginia Agee James Allen l-luglw Baer Willard Bricker 'V-'vw 0 f an -K fa, Y . Q... ' 1 .,...,. 4 . .au Q Ruby Browning Alplianzo Bunlcer 'T' ""t af. 4 'j gs uv is .N 45955 47" iv!! sf Billy Burlcs Jaynne Cairns Forrest Caldwell Mary Lou Caldwell X 'N-.. 22 4 ' Qosemary Clarlc Q Qose Mary Clyburn A 3? an F As. -r 5 4'5" . Mary Ellen Couch ...x Clinton Creamer sf 4 X336 r by . Qutlw Culler "'.:.' s Jesse Daniels , :R ' ...R .., .9 George Du Rossette t Altha Ellis ' 7, JS- I D ' ' w ' .sus-., sz. ... ' , swf! o S V Q Sanford Ellis Mona Emery Beverly Etter Lynn Ewing f ,,.... 'lk is Q, X -...s fi '-21 Luetta Fanning Marjorie Fast Melba Fields .af- Q 486. Qs '4 Bill Flemming 1,3 L.. A 'Y' li I .X Mary Ann Forman C. E. Fraley K ' A rg, l P? ,1- Dean Freeland A- A li Floyd Garrett 'i Patsy Geary Johnnie Mae Gilbert 1 La A w A- ' I . Quby Haner Wilson Goddard Gene Haase Q7- - 'sv Ah , - Q WO' Q e Louise Harper N'--vm In Teddy Haubein X 2 1 I Iva Hendrix Rosalee Hendrix Mary Bob Heathman 9-X C ' Q. ' 1-rf! ' '5vv- Twilia Hendrix Jean Marie Henry 'C' Patsy Herring l 4 Alice Householder 5 N Helen Householder dlvb. 1315, lg' X Beverly Howard ,, ',,..,, 455 f-. - JB flk YL ,vw- Vada Hubbard Quth Johnson Betty Kersh at Q A Gerald La Due -Q . Q Ring 'lb' ii 7.2 " Us k 1 43-vt W ww- we Allene Linclenman Beverly Long Quth Matthews Nelda Maxwell Louise Mclzarland Patricia Milcesell Marianne Norris J. D. Ochsner Marylyn Kaup Imogene Keithly Barbara Lekef Frances Leonard Beverly Maple Susanne Martin Martha Jean McAtee Eva McDowell Mary Jane Morgan Darrell Morris E. J. Overton Robert Page """"? be , . '-gf-N Y "'- 4 Q4 5-40- s "2-S57 'E x. an rv , . 4- xr. . X. jx 69. Y 'Q or-N '05 fs.. Nur' 45:9 Q' pi? Q- o.' Q... . . K 0517 qv.,-v x QS.. O YM ii' 4 "' 3 ,Q-V '9' . .Q . I 1 f 1., . 1 if a f Q . for 5 A+ af I Lois Palmer 113, , -14 ' ,si Richard Perkins l -.I T 0 1.5415 4' .X 'i M st, f?. 6. 5 ,- 'Q I' fa - adn, H Q , -was -a-.. l n 'Q .1 Q igrir 1 Wanda Perrin YE -.-.. 0 .lf- PMllllllllllillllllillillll Wanda Pedburn Carroll Qeed Donald Ritter B. D. Roberts Martha Jane Rooney Christine Putledge Dorothy Sandbothe Eva Jean Scharlif Bob Schiebrel Bud Schulze Tom Shanlcs Jennie Lou Sherricl: Wilma Shurnalcer Benny Sisson ' ,4- -Q 'H l . .41 v- ! 1 51 BA in ,i,4- fi K ,N ,xx X R- ft L I H . 'S 'S Buford Sloan 5 Q Barbara Smith Betty Spence Alice M' Staplmd Don W. Stulcesba VY 1. 'F-D. r v ,gag Harvey Stump --1. fm " , I 75. ? .n 'K mu P- ,- M an-mis Margaret Taylor Lois Thompson Roy Thorburn X - A Rodger Wachtel K iw na .4-vw K ,,, lg -5 5, lc Sf I C? 'T' Maxine Warner Betty Sue Waymire Mary Welch Della Mae Wealcley Doris Welch -ibm if 4-'U 'Q' Vance Welch 'Ag 'Q Kenneth Wells Gall Whitworth 2' ,gf-v Betty Wilbur Anna Williams "f".Z3 1 vi "' 1' 4 TI' -X fmff' 9 'rv r. A , of ,J h c A iig +15 - i sc. ' W. SX x 1 ,Q X is 1 , Q is l-l. De Wilson Eugene Woody Stanley Williams Y Wanda Williams A 5 9 1 Sue Woodlill l -I 3 5 1 ' fl f J lk "' "' si?-ZX Qose Lee Young 3 Wu' Vaio' N' t aff -f ff, 'fi-I Y' . 1 !.vs . an f,d..l, N X Sponsor--Mrs. Butner President--Tommy Braun Vice President--Ray Clemensen Secretary-Treasurer--Robert Bishop Yell Leader--Joye Brown 6 mliillill if .1 I Q fiilwb X "l "i f 51 ii. will i 22 all 'MV . '72, f milf. ff 2' it ,i Wi' if t G lffllilil 'lvl' . Q-i '9' f 5- 5 5? -fiflf faf i wif lt is difficult, iF not almost impossible, For a Fresh- man class to win honors when competing against the classes in Senior High. in spite of this Fact the Freshman Class of i946 achieved an enviable showing in the Nevamo King and Queen Contest and have loyally supported the sale ot bonds and stamps. its members and etticient sponsor, Mrs. Marie Butner, have worlced in harmony and laid the Founda- tion For the success ol: this class in years to come. L .- 1 'Z K' C -.. 9, .-,nu ,u 04 304,-ul g Q.. 'C ' 1 ali. 1 ilu ,. uv ,4- 96 "' Qi w' , f 1 v .4 ff O .M ,xx f' C v,',llll 1 9 ll ., 'Wig v E ' ' Q N' x It if , - " Q, ut.. r . 1 -Q.: . ff , , X ff "" 2 "' f::'f'5f5i Ov- 'ii x , 'V it -.. ,fs "Nr 5 , ' - 'N t x N Q 'Qsjrx ffgggvirt S I K ,-' A 1. 5 I j N ,ty X 0. v :Z'5gf' 'Xf.,..Jls1 , . - sl ,A--.. Xara., as L9' ,f .queu- -as -f -Wk cs Y X4 xv .3 ca M N. E ...... X if-mx X 'fi' I ' -. x' ':' .KKK . w ,Jil -WR an N I . fs-X .gn- tv- Billy Adam James Akers Jo Ann Angel Dick Barnes Norma Beeson Mae Belcher Gene Brown Larry Brown Lon Brown Orval Butler David Walter Helen Carpenter' 1 f X. A Nr, Bobby Chrisenberry Anna Belle Clemensen Ray Clemens Delmer Clevenger Evelyn Cochran 45 rv- "' uf-' Imogene Ault Barbara Baggett Donna Ball: 1 ca xr , 2 1 'f " :,- f -.- x , . -- Robert Bishop b 'O X ' 'sf , Fern Bond 5413 ' -X ' , V ,f Tommy Braun 'if 'X 'e"Q-gy tzg f' 121-3 'Ziff If? 33- rips Q6 f,,t '15- Q -vnu' lx.- Joye Brown Billy Byrnes Bobby Byrnes Carpenter 'SD -5- 3 8 Y . 9 4 za. 5 - 1 g E., ll Alberta Caton Joan Chase Dolores Cherry .235 en llqs' 1 110 Richard Coffman to Larry cohack ,,. -, I W ' Carol Cox ' Q " 1 ' A ' B bb Crabtree -- " ., I-, X O Y -vs Q, K 4 A X' X X William cuuef H:- 1. X .N I I, N' , Norma Jean Cushman X , ,AN K- s X I . A Xu xv Q t I f "- I f Donald Darnell l 'Q 'N 0. 5,3 :sa 1-gr 6 Mary Esther Davenport Clayton Davis X 1' Delores Deaton - as. 45:5 Nr n--.Q in Harold De Vore Rosanne Drake Johnny Dulier SSS' l .,, ZF ZS., X 'Y U' if ff ' ll if Billy Duncan M Darrell Duncan X 'X Irene Dunfielcl , I 2 7,71 M "' J , L ... Floyd Drumeller Joe Earll Bill Earp ,FP Bob Elliott I- 0' 'J' Maxine Elliott ' f Q 7- XX -A Q 02 'lane yung ' 5- L c N I 3 Tx 5 . . v Qt L .ur Jane Ewing X Ramona Fields I II -.L f 5, Maxine Freeland Charllne Erizelle Helen Fry Leland Garwood 3 1. Grant Gates Jimmy Gibson Junior Gowin " My Rebecca Graves Jaclc Grubbs , w Lucillf Hamilton Q .C 'QD Mona Lou Hand 5? Q 4 Bennie Harper 1 , fr, 4. Lucille Haynes Li t fo 1. 7 T.. -5 L Ruth Herren ggi f Shirley Hiclrman lil Richard Holland . ,.,,-A MC? -.. - . ff I . .th X "?5x .,. N Frieda Homrighous D E :7 Riva Householder r . J' Effie Lee Hudson Kenneth Huston Gerald Huston A 4 Vx , Cloetta James 'A C: gh 'UF '?s John Jeffries Barbara Jones Francis Jones Letha Kalier Patricia Kelly Bonnie Klumpp N ,af K5 . ' Q, 5 Arthur Leason E Chester Long wr 'V Donald McCarthy 'im L 1 7 Q Dorothy l'lcConnaughey'.,L?ll Xt f A ,rl x -2 1 .,. :xx Sig. A bw' K .0 NIH! I if pat McCoy ' - Beverly McKee Chester Miller ' Dilme Miller Bob Mitchum 1 'Z-T. 2 3 5- i ,R f- X 5 3 ' x 1' , ' :.' if 1 Q Y was ,K L Frankie Millman x x it ll N X. - Paul Morris Carson Moss mm V 4? 6. I J! 6- Jane Notson A A '1 ' if-22.5 gi M W, Qc I llaolavef X 4' li I +1-Q! ' i Albert Petgen I I i Margie Pugh ang 's ? 5.3- - C-.5 W E X .yr 1,- 5' 4 N. his wt- Mary Pyle Ethel Ramsey Betty Rich '- 43, .5 - Dale Rich Nancy Qichardson In X Sue Richardson 1 ', M, S Jaclc Rizor Katherine Robertson Virginia Rogers 4. G f'vX X V36-i 'Qu .,,.r f ovv 5, 'in' 1,5 Ut! lu!- 'w- -QF' Patricia Rupard Donald Russell Tessa Scharfli Dick Scott 4, 1319 1 Velma Scott Alice Jo Sealey Don Short 'wr 4' Hazel Siebert Ida Belle Simpson The 'Q' sn. Elsie States Diana l.. Stone Leroy Thorburn ' 3 5 Roger Titus X' Claude Tuclter H 4 f f 3 fv 5 9' ap. 0' 1 'Q' - Kenneth Wallcer Jo Ann Weber Marjorie Welch hitehall Sue Wilhelmson A Nr .3 5, N iWerst X 1 il ' Ki 1 , xl XA , AXK. .VAL X Flossie Williams "' Karol Wilson ' . Eldon Zilliox U J Us I. ..- l QL gjiglatlfr grade Zena Lee Allison Leroy Bobbett Sherman Balcer Jessie Balmer Sterling Barlzer Nancy Barnes Billy Barttum Billy Joe Bass Barbara Baudoux Lois Beckman Bobby True Beisley Marilyn Bennett Leroy Bobbett Billy Bound Barbara Brantley Clifford Brown Kenneth Bowen Rosemary Burris Glenn Campbell Donald Cleveland Dorothy Cleveland Esther Coclcran Margaret Conard Jaclcie Cooper Carol Jean Crawford Earl Crawford Frank Crews Clarence Dee Peggy Dennis Dorothy Dennison Addis Dobyns Jacl: Edmiston Lon Don Edwards Margaret Elliott Rosemary Ephland Mary Jane Estes Jimmy Etter Waneta Evarts Bettie Jean Fast Glenn Files Hubert Fox Earlene Frizell Bobby Gibson Jodean Gire Jimmie Gust Joe Haley Joe Paul Hammer Gene Hampton Donald Haner Percy Harper Robert Hart Bobby Hendrix Bonnie Hendrix Glen Hendrix Eileen Hilton Frederic W. Homan Bobby Hopkins Norma Howard Joe Humble Don James Bobby Jameson Jimmie Joe Johnson Naomi Johnston Ruby Kelly Denver Klumpp Zane Koeger Don Lee John Lee John Le May Buster Leighton Richard Lelcer Carl Lewis Joe Lewis Patsy Main Richard Major Mary Malcolm Dorse Mann Bobby Mathis Betty Miler Joan Miller Dora Money Nellie Moore Ruby Moore Glenna Morris Mason Moss Francis McDonald Betty McGee Marie McGee Pat McGlothlin Merideth Nicholson Henry Norris Helen Marie Osborne Gerna Lee Olson Evangeline Patterson Richard Redburn Jack Rose Audrey Rupard Claudie Russell Margaret Shade Dale Shepley Jack Sivadon Ralph Spillman Margie Spoor Wanda Starner Jaclc Steele Naomi Stewart Carl Lee Thoming Edna Thompson Weslie Watson Betty Joan Weber David Lee Weller Joan Wheeler Sponsor--Mrs. Allison President--Gene Hampton Vice President--Barbara Brantley Secretary-Treasurer--Jack Edmiston Harold Lee Whitehead Orton Wilson Roger Lee Wilson Blanche Winscott Carl Wood Don Wood Marilyn Woody Roberta Zaring fs eventlfr grade Freda Adams Carol Agee Dian Ashby Bertie Balmer Henrietta Belcher Leland Berry Peggy Bingle Tommy Bishop Dennis Bledsoe Eulala Bray Nellie Jo Bricker Vernon Brundidge Eddie Burnett Barbara Burris Delberta Burris Ima June Carpenter Loretta Carter Norman CoFFman Buddy Colvin Beverly Conard Buddy Joe Crawford Barbara Crites Charles Cross Clyde Cross Patricia Deavers Edward Deering Charles Dolan Donna Dubray Emma Jean Earll Sponsor--Miss Allen Robert Edmiston Jeannette Elliott Betty Jo Estes Blair Ewing Jimmy Franz Richard Hargrove Donald Harless Bill Hedrick Joe Hendrix Ginger Hickman Wanda Hinshaw Betty Holland Ronald Huclcaby Allene Jones Carl Jones Bill Kahler Jim Kahler Richard Klumpp Ruth Limbaugh Betty Louise Lind Joe Lewis Robert Lipsey Lynn Logan Nancy Maxwell Mary McCaliFree Bobby McCarter Virginia McGee Patsy McMillen George Money President--Charles Dolan Vice President--Mary Ann Rombach Secretary--Juanita Werst Treasurer--Bonnie Stamps Fred Moore Robert Morris Kay Moss Mary Ruth Neas Larry Nelson Imogene Nelson Cecil Painter ' Wayne Perrin Jane Anne Plummer Dorothy Porter Helen Rhodes Harold Richardson Don Rizor Mary Ann Rombach Lanelle Ryan Betty Lou Saathoff Bill Shepley Patty Shindler Billy Siebert Betty Ann Smith Grant Smith Maurietta Smith Ray Smith Gloria Snelson June Kay Spencer Wilma Spoor Bonnie Stamps Billy Standley Lorene Summy lHxx""!""'mfv:f- John Voss Dorothy Watson Zola Weber Juanita Werst Donald West Eugene Williams Helen Williams Jerry Williams Larry Williams Norma Jean Witte Robert Yarrington Joan Yeolcum Billy Yuri: gviga ,s . A I 5 Q r A ', I Q, if Beryl Hamilton gal W' si . Tw Lois Marie Martin Billy Burlcs Qgirthday Qalendar Ruth Johnson, Beverly McKee Bill Hamblin, Barbara Smith, Mrs. Todd u Miss Radliord, Dolores Cherry 'gaiw Hfvblf. Wanda Perrin V 5, Robert Hart, Carroll Reed 7 Donna Ballr, Velma Scott, Lorene Summy, Jacl: Rizor Marie McGee, Donald Capps, Patsy Herring, Lucille Martin Gilbert Belknap, Joan Miller, Roger Titus, E. J. Overton Dora Money, Mason Moss, Virginia Weber Marge Caldwell, Bob Woodliill William A. Catlett, Jr. Marian Agee R. B. Underwood Dorothy Hayes Alice M. Stafford, Mr. Elliott, Mr. Hamilton Altha Ellis, Evangeline Patterson Nelda Jo Means Ruth Limbaugh Martha and Mary Cleveland Betty Wilbur U-wins, Herbert Pyle, Jbhn Voss, Larry Nelson Ruth Culler, Joe Paul Hamer, Audrey Rupard, Joe Stulcesbnry Jeannette Elliott ' Shirley Hickman ' Alphanzo Bunker, Patricia Mi ell Margaret Elliott Margaret Conard, Helen Rhodes Ruth Unruh Cliftord Brown, Gene Hampton, Betty Sue Waymire, Robert Page Evelyn Cochran, Keith Cooper, Charles Fox, Margie Spoof is Patricia Rupard, Robert Yarrington s Dorothy McConnaughey P l A Eileen Hilton, Ramona Fields A - Maxine Elliott, Fred Moore P P V N Francis Jones, Dorothy Sandbothe, Barbara Crites J '4 l i I KA, Helen Haas, Ralph Spillman, Loretta Carter, Winfred Thorburn, Bobby Chrisenberry Virginia McGee Sally Lyons John Lee, Louise Harper Barbara Bandoux, Tommy Braun Mrs. Christiansen, Orton Wilson, Helen Carpenter Don Gordon, David Milligan, Shirley Storer Tom Davis, Bonnie Hendrix, Benny Sisson Donna Bateman, Delmer Clevenger, Donald Shepherd Junior Gowen X Jo Ann Angel fc' ' A i K, Dan Steward, Claude Tucker, Bill l-ledriclc, Miss Biederman, Robert Morris Mary Ruddy, Betty Ann Standley Don W. Stulresbary, Irene Dunliield Jacl: Dyer, John Sattler, Johnny Dulier Marge Heisten . Marilyn Bennett, Richard Hargrove, Mary Mccalitree, Riva Householder Wanda Weber, Mrs. Weltmer, Leroy Thorburn, Eva Shumate . Joan Chase Bettye Broolrs, John Jeffries Ruby Browning, Robert Jones, Bonnie Stamps Y l Rosemary Forney, Fleta Klumpp, Betty Joan Weber, Joe Hendrix Norma Phipps Mr. Vineyard l Vada Hubbard W i Mary Jane Estes, Mrs. Routon, Donna Mae Knott Y Jessie Balmer, Rose Mary Clyburn Jnnior Jeffries, Gerna Olson Flossie Snead Elaine Jones, Susanne Martin l Hillis Herren I f' ,, Wf.Qf7fi L ffffffflf 0 . Nauhilao Suzanne Love K-Qgirtlfzday Qalendar Joe Haley, Margaret Shade Mary Jane Morgan, Mary Anrl Rombach, Lucille Haynes Arthur Leason, John Shanks, Patricia Kelly, Wilma McDonald, Tom Bewley William Culler, Don Lee Allene Jones Jimmie Gust, Eugene Harless Anna Louise Simpson, Norman Coffman Miss Allen, Mary Ellen Couch Harold Rigdon, Betty Jane Sanders Beverly Braun, Dorothy Dennison, Elsie States Betty Sue Byrnes, Norma Jean Witte Ruby McDowell, Tessa Schartli, Harold Richardson Irene Hendrix, Richard Lelrer, Donna Dubray, Betty Miler Kenneth Bobbett, Jimmy Etter, Jewell Huclcaby, Jr. Barbara Beggett, Barbara Kahler Percy Harper, Dorothy Keeton Mr. Gregory, Wilma Shumalzer, Roberta Zaring Roy Carter, Bill Pugh, Ruby Sheader Glen Hendrix, Helen Witte Rodger Wachtel Billy Siebert Harold Lee Whitehead, Gerald La Due Floyd Garrett Bobby Gibson Joye Brown, Diane Ewing, Marylyn Kaup Bertie Balmer, Blaine Butterfield Jean Le May, Betty Streich Glenna Morris Billy Byrnes, Bobby Byrnes, Mary Stambach Ruby Kelly James McHugh Frank Crews, Albert Petgen Jean McAtee Hazel Siebert, Billy Yurl: Carl Jones, Fern Bond Nelda Maxwell, Harvey Ritter Jaclc Steele, Mary Frances Wallzer Tisha Braswell, Charline Frizelle Melba Fields Ralph Brown Ruth Matthews, Carol Agee Jeanne McHugh Donald and Dorothy Cleveland ffwinsf Betty Byrnes Bettie Fast, Mona Lou Hand, Dian Ashby, Wilma Spoof Vanita Mitchum, Patricia Deavers Harold De Vore Mildred Johnson, Weslie Watson L. C. Ayres lva Hendrix, Lois Johnson Ranoda Knott George Howard, Donald Stark, Norma Jean Cushman Zena Lee Allison, Esther Cochran Beverly Howard George Hardin, Martha Rooney, Imogene Ault, Betty Lou Saatholili James Gibson, Bennie Harper, Helene Osborne Delberta Burris, Donald West Earl Crawford Joe Earll Richard Hanlxin Jane Notson Betty Lind Edward Woodington, Iva Jean Schariili Billy Johnson, Keren Daily ,K VS Va . 3? ff" 515 DN V mW s r i , ..,,,, 377 ll A-in A. 2 6. 8. Q. ll. I2. I3. l7. IB. I9. 2l. Zena Allison 27' 28. JO. 5. Kathryn Wood 6. 7. 8. 9. lo mrqre-. M--V. ' IO. ru. lb. 20. 22. 23. 2LL. 26. 2. 3. lb. 5. 7. 5. Q. IO. II. I2. IS. Ill. I5. l7. IB. Bill l-lamblin ro, 20. 2l. 22. 23. 214 25. 26 27. 28. 29. 30. Bl. l. 2. 3. ll. Qgirtlrday Qalenclar Nancy Barnes, Mrs. Nelle lnwood, Barbara York, Maurietta Smith Betty Paterson, Miss Pugh Eldon Zilliox W Richard Eining, Darrell Duncan, Miss Shaw, Zola Weber V 'Q Gene Le Moine, Mary Malcolm gl 17 ' Paul Morris I vii' Marjorie Welch, George Money Tom Shanks, Merrill Reed Howard Floyd, Jack Sivadon Earl Mowry, Eugene Williams, Naomi Stewart Billy Burks, Joan Wheeler, Rex Steele June Titus Bobby Crabtree, Donald Weakley, Patty Shindler Kenneth Ray Clemensen Blanche Clemensen, Claudie Russell Billy and Bobby Byrnes Dorothy Griggs, Juanita Willers lllwlnsl Jack Grubbs, Francis McDonald, Jennie Sherrick, June Spencer Mary Welch, Donald Wood, Carlene Summy Dorothea Garwood, Kenneth Martin, Ray Smith Imogene Earll Arvicl Bigl-ram Patricia McGlothlin, Dick Scott, Kenneth Walker, Clyde Umphenour James Allen, Zona Spencer, Christine Rutledge Rosemary Clark, Lois Marie Martin, Mrs. O. E. lnwood Wanda Starner, Grant Smith, Bob Mitchum V Eugene Woody, Dale Shepflgy P4 ill Flemming, Lloyd Maha ey X 0 I ,I H, Ov A Carol Stamps Q 4 r UQIM Shirley Fields, Joe Humble :Sean ' 'ggi Marcelene Werst, Billy Adam N Stanley Williams l l - m Margie Pugh Juanita Noel, Rosalee Young Betty Locke, Arvella Milliord H. De Wilson Barbara Brantley, Everett Timbers, Mailyn Woody I Clarence Dee, Mona Emery, Betty Jo Estes Cloetta James, Bobby Jameson Robert Elliott, Carl Thoming Burl Reid, Sue Woodliill Billy Bound, Carol Jean Cox, Sally Jackson, Bill Shepley Patsy Geary Vance Welch, Marcia Fay Luetta Fanning, Norma Howard, Darrell Morris, Jimmy Franz Lois Beckman, Florence Wescoat, Flossia Willlams, Don Short Nancy Miller, Mrs. Rombach , Lois Palmer, Mary Davenport, Kathryn Mann 'lbw Mrs. Allison Louise McFarland, Billy Smith Tommy and Beverly Blau' Patsy McMillan, Sanford Ellis, Joan Watson Everett Adams Irene Bowen, Jack Cooper, Beverly Long Robert Lipsey, Edward Deering Mrs. Butner, Maxine Freeland r Dean Freeland, Della Mae Weakley, Don Rizor James Akers, Barbara Jones, Letha Kafer Royal Cooper, Bobby Hopkins, Robert Kuhn, Betty Standley Jerry Dubray, James McCarthy Evelyn Edson Betty Holland Dick Bames, Rose Games, Marilyn Jones, Mr. Jones Ronald l-luckaby Oren Adkins, Jaynne Cairns John Rea Q in ,. Q. sf. s Alice Stafford 1725? 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Betty Norris 27. Betty Ann Haley 28. Lois Thompson, Johnnie Mae Gilbert 29. Bill Earp, Patsy Main 30. Clinton Creamer, Lynn Logan, Juanita Ceton . 3l. Donald Dennison '-iv I. Jane Ewing, Roy Thorbum Joy Lee Shepley H i X V i -15.-yy 2. Suzanne Love, Billy Smith, Bobby McCarter 1 4 I 3. Bud Schultz f V xi' 14. Bobby Mathis QIIYAIPIIIIDII 21 lxx .,. SL Forrest McCowan, Jaclr Milligan, Charles Dolan, Robert Lee, Peggy Bingle x Forrest Caldwell, C. E. Fraley, Joan Edwards, Loyd Mahan at 7. Nellie Moore 6. Bobby Beisley, Gene Haase 9. Donald Haner, Kleetis Wirth, Rosemary Ephland Barbara Leker Il. Clayton Davis, Bonnie Klumpp I2. Alice Householder, Francis Webster, Carl Wood IJ. Gerald Huston, Ethel Ramsey IU. Lynn Ewing, Walter Moore, Miss Horton, Teddy Haubein, Joan Whitehall I6. Betty Rich I8. Naomi Werst, Rosemary Burris 20. Harvey Stump, Vernon Brundidge 1 2I. Jesse Daniels, John Srernadel, Wanda Wallcer, Joan Yeolzum 22. Kenneth Bowen, Richard Redburn, Nellie Jo Bricker 23. Eugene Harless 214. Sterling Barlser, Tommy Bishop 2.5. Maxine Thompson, Jecl: Brant 26. Beverly Conard 27. Janie Hiclrman 28. Bob Schiebrel 29. Helen Compton, Ruby Moore, Dennis Bledsoe 30. Gail Whitworrh, Wayne Perrin, Lanella Ryan I. Lon Brown, Larry Brown, Gene Brown, Larry Williams, Jerry Williams, Virginia A9ee 2. Rosalee Hendrix, Betty Overton, Henrietta Belcher km- ' ' iw" 'l 3. Blair Ewing 5 + Busy putcrson 6. Eulala Bray ' 7. Delcena Rich . X, B. Larry Cohick, Billy Duncan, David Carpenter, Pat McCoy .Af A 1 "' ' 9. Naomi Johnston T IO. Bill Kahler, Alice Jo Sealey l 1 'K ,I V4 I I A l II. Donald Adams, Betty Homrighous I2. Ralph Cochran, Pat Evans, J. D. Ochsner, Sue Richardson, Joan Shirley I3. Mary Lou Caldwell, Frances Cox l X 1 X I5. Ruby Haner Q . ' lb. Peggy Dennis I7. Jim Woocliiill, Lindsey Berger IB. Miss Hendrickson, Joe Lewis, Wanda Redburn 20. Joan Bayless, George Du Rossette, Earlene Frizelle, Imogene Keithly 22. Miss Slentz, Nancy Maxwell 23. David Weller zu. Batty Clark, George Westliall 25. Fredric Homan, Leland Garwood 26. Kay Moss, Jim Kahler, Helen Williams 29. Anna Belle Clemensen, Twilia Hendrix, Donald Cleveland, Dorothy Cleveland .A , - W 30. Cecil Painter, Margaret Taylor ' nl' 1 5 al. Jo... Pom, Johnny Dolan X l X . v G'- ' g, H I . . . Q s' .C XX W l ff 7 . llc' bf N . . 'W Q mtv 'TIL 3 , -"'g as -, -' 215 l" X r..ffy,l.w,.f.ao4n.sfw. ffripletsl Pat McCoy I --.z.W:.:.t-f, , 2 . x,2i-321i 2rp 953 f frgg'5-h- 'fifvifs-Te :Q-Iii!!-2"- i12?t5:::-' - -V x44 . i27'2'31+ 2.5: hiigil' ' -:zz fsrsi -': w Nfgsy: - f ff, -'-15: :--.:'- 1 ::: ff-fi xxx 'fc,2f'.E'-5122 sg - -. :- -252 H NNE f' f igs? - ' sei-is , 7 -if f ' 'fa fzr fi k - , 3'l 'l f : 1, , 4:1 Sian 7 f .ex S Y 'W -1' ' A 525. : - J, Ve - 'ii XX F e33--l4- ,TW ff" A if 26 sf , Q- ' f , f f ' 'f ,as iff- -R fi - f 2 3-li V -1 54 fc. i'2'-,155 s,....Q 2 'Z Jizz' 5 -2 -.. ff' I C: ,El - , 1:-- "'E ' : -12 Su-3' z 3 ff'ffI4 Q-E., .5 fzfg 'fs -: 7: ,'i-+-' , "" XQJQ A 2' "-53 ref? Q-f nf , 5'-L ' . - - 2:5-1' T 215557--1 ' '- --- -- ? 1 :fr -2-1 I- ,f W: J A. - -Q- 4 -- , ff - -ffi' . z f'-af2ff.ff' - - FS ,-'- Y - N 5-5-Lgjfgi . Y 5-32" ' rx f 2 Q ' - LS v' ' 4 ,.' 1' 7 - Q -"""- '. ' 4 " J"'lr f Z- '15",Q::?'-X' -3- 'asa 1 f -A X I If- .-ff, 3 K+'-P' --1-ff -:arf :fgr-fx ' 0 14" ' N F ,kv - - layfff-Ti'-L, L: , . 1 ff fnfl f. jo, ' -'is-v .3 :"'T-:.-'f-:- XX . EQ-, 1,91 V- .fp JN VXN 'Nfl 1 5 " if "V'HYlMN', N ,5- L 1-.- Ani " . xi' L -5 Fifi! gl 2 'i lqwra , -' i ' - if?,:'j?5,., - p 1324- -:ij 1 ,-if- F 2.4: VV-'li -1?-.. nz: -HH -5 , ports Qootlaall quad -Q A Coach--Mr. Gregory ,,,,- Harold Rigdon John Rea Mcglwainv L. C. Ayres Kenneth Dan Steward .Pi ll L Ingles Ferry ,g g ,P 1 S , , X XXX N , W! i.SStanley Williams 5 F2 Co-Captain 'Sf Marge Calclwel Football Queen Bill Cairns , Harold Taylor ii -,, , ' r 1 XXX 82 f 2, N Bill cat ! x X W xi 4 ,Y 5 5, N, I or Eg fi 4 i i l h 1 sk V4 X 3 fa K! . ' X A' Jerry Dubray i g John Shanks K Howard Floyd X, F52 x N A l 'V fx. v ' H . 4 'V .1 N Q X 15? l K s Bill Johnson ' f Donald Dennison Floyd Donald Robert Lee , at Howard Braswell - - - ,J - Donald Gordon ': ' - . --, NXXXNW if Gene LeMoine Co-Captain Richard Einang A' A Games Fort Scott O ---- Nevada 26 Q' I Joplin 28 ---- Nevada 0 'i ' Carthage I2 ---- Nevada 25 5 l Neosho I2 ---- Nevada 7 Mt. Vernon 2 ---- Nevada 6 Monett 6 ---- Nevada O Webb City 28 ---- Nevada 20 Aurora I3 ---- Nevada 2I Lamar O ---- Nevada 47 B Games Marionville 7 ---- Nevada 7 Fort Scott O ---- Nevada 6 I Fort Scott 26 ---- Nevada O Agglcillfu f 'b Gerald LaDue, Don Singleton John Sternadel Herbert Pyle Q James Mcl-luoh lf' Jim Woodhll 71 - . lff Loyd Maha. ,, L X :ta 5 R Tom Shan f f K 5 i -. Burl Reid P sw I I y, yuh 3 1 lb I Q X! I I "' if 40 I I 30 I C4 ' M - 5 Qliaszqefbazz vu- , of ,X Coach--Mr. Gregory I PM 7 X Bob X Howard Braswelk Woodfill X ff Co-Captain KCO-Cuptainr X x -f Y 1 4- ' x ll'l int,-d .. , A N ' ' J L A X!!! l HX! W cam , rf' I ' ,J Na ,lg -fy 5 2 3 fl X ' :fl 'l 'f - 9 I fl' H 5 X M Donald' Q P4 ', 5 i Herbert Pyle Cappsl ll EEZ I E i John Qea , Y V , ' Q Jaclc McElwain W e X' va fl l ll Lloyd Malmaffey l .1 do I l n A ll a 3. 'Q I gf 'f , 5' UNI 'u--vu, 5' ,rfll1rr..-urn I ffq: l 2 1 Ns J u I l i it 2, A gl -l r A Y "' 'J Y' I A Games 1 N V Q ' 2 4 6537 'James Mcl-luglw . , H . l Butler 3L1---Nevada 36 Q Catlett 5 5 Xl! lv Clinton I8---Nevada BO 2 , X H Joplin 35---Nevada 23 Ak f lllx if ' +Curtl'1age 20-V-Nevada 23 l l V Fort Scott 2l---Nevada 215 5' 1 X -:-Neosho 22---Nevada 3I 5 5 ' x I -:-Mt. Vernon 27---Nevada L42 Q U l LJKMX F7 -:'Monett 26---Nevada 35 ' , , A lx Springfield L42---Nevada 214 ., Jlm A Hyun -:-Webb City 25---Nevada 32 l 4-Aurora 28---Nevada 55 Fort Scott IO---Nevada 25 'yi M MMM +l.amar 25---Nevada 57 + Conference Games 'Huxx 1 uuW""'- X E 2 IFN-mul Harold Qigdon W- 1 7 X Wg CQM, lf X iw'N0 ' X A Ng: Nw iBiII o X l il-lamblin b 6 Co-Captain i Wm 4 , 5 i ii "ff,' Kenneth Clemensen 1 ., Co-Captain J Q I I Y S "Q, Qigam - Fe f , x ,X9 H J . o r L -LX? , X ik If i 'qi k.." i K I 7 , i ' ,o 7 5Bill Jolwnson A ' 2' l I olwn Dolan ' ,' 2 f Q 4 ' .Q , ' - f :nj 1: Q . E - f I L , Billy Burlcs 2 e 1 1 url Reid V . 2 2 il X f 2 ' I Glen Pa V l 2 - Pe , 5 97 2 2 wmnel X ' l 2 -44-ff I V15-llllllllfl'-' -Q fxiqxlln nfl!!! JI, S 8 NY K , i U I B Games Mod Y ll A 4 'lv Butler 3l---Nevada I7 Gerald LaDue if ' ' A" i Joplin 37---Nevada IQ ocertliage IB---Nevada 2l Fort Scott 37---Nevada 27 D +Neosl1o I8---Nevada 27 p -'51 oMt. Vernon ll---Nevada I7 ' E ofvionett I2---Nevada I3 x r J Springfield 26---Nevada B 'gif 6 X' A f -:Webb City 23---Nevada 25 'I' 1 4-Aurora lu---Nevada I9 N' G - 5' Fort Scott 26---Nevada 2l f ue Smith -:-Lamar I8---Nevada 32 C Fe en e Games -III! S 0 on I C ,,y F ' ' , Forrest McCowan ff' ffl" I 'Iliff "- U,-,Hu,.411l1 If Fraley x AT .i?"Tommy Braun glxflunior Qfiglfi Qeam ,,...-H . Qrack 5-gg quad '75 0M 5 Coach--Mr Gregory x I 'Q -L es! 4 F .8 w 5: 1 ,sz YY' ' ' 4 wx " .,,,. j 4 Tl. .fl-., ,, HW f 'M mf - ,U fm za ff , ff l Q i . ---' A,,, . A fa A I Q. .,,,'.-an W. I -Q, xi 5 i if 0 JL x--, L, 1 gf- Q .-X sur' The aim of the Tigerettes is to promote more spirit among high school students in pep assemblies and at athletic contests. This year members have attended all out-of-town games as well as those plaved on our own Field. Competitors have complimented the Tigerettes' unitorms and their enthusiastic spirit. With the help of the Senior High Council and N Club a contest For Football Queen was sponsored. Marge Caldwell received the highest num- ber ol votes From the student body and was crowned at the Thanksgiving Day game. Her attendants were Beverly Braun and Betty Paterson. This year the membership ot the Tigerettes has greatly increased as the constitution was amended to permit any girl in senior high school to join. At present Sixty-Five girls are members. illel l Cgeciders School--Maxine Thompson Assistant All-School--Betty Paterson Senior--Betty Sanders Junior--Royal Cooper 3 .Y . v' r st Nophomore--lva Hendrix X i. Sponsors--Miss Slentz and Miss ii" " A ..-.f"" S ...M ,, ,A , , ,. -.-di..- igeifettes Virginia Agee Martha Barnes Donna Bateman Joan Bayless lrene Bowen Tisha Braswell Betty Brooks Betty Byrnes Jane Cairns Marge Caldwell Aldine Calvert Blanche Clemensen Martha Cleveland Mary Cleveland Helen Compton Frances Cox Evelyn Edson Joan Edwards Lucille Frizelle Rose Garnas Betty Haley Nancy Hanks Dorothy Hayes Mary Heathman lrene Hendrix lva Hendrix Janie Hickman Sally Jackson Betty Johnson Mildred Johnson Marilyn Jones Dorothy Keeton President--Mary Cleveland Vice president--Mary Stambach Secretary--Helen Compton i Treasurer--Martha Cleveland Reporter--Nancy Hanks Biederman Betty Kersh Ranoda Knott Barbara Leker Betty Locke Beverly Long Suzanne Love Sally Lyons Lucille Martin Suzanne Martin Beverly Maple Mary Jane Morgan Wilma McDonald Juanita Noel Betty Paterson Delcina Rich Betty Sanders Ruby Sheader Eva Shumate Barbara Smith Alice Stafford Mary Stambach Carol Stamps Betty Streich Donna Thomas Lois Thompson Joan Watson Doris Welch Joan Welch Florence Wescoat Betty Wilbur Helen Witte Sue Woodliill 127 I ga, 2 Y -l Q h voLUME :tx NEVQDA Hum SCHQOL, Nsvami Mlssoum, OCTOBER, 1, 1945 y 'ifruiiiirax-E151 ls it all right, Bob? Letfs 'T Proof ,end . 31, ix ar Wt' bam Sponsor--Mrs. Christiansen Q, r X ' . i '5 ' ' X, Editors--Bob Kuhn, Jim Wooclflll, Tom Bewley , tr ,u -' A A ,J ii M Associate Editors--Bob Woodfill, Marcia Fay, Marge Caldwell 2 'h ' Business Managers--Jim Woodliill, Juanita Noel, P i . Donna Knott 'er' H' Ad " M Earls I ' " i 'LM' r 0 M M. . vertisung anagers-- le tee e, Joan Pohl, X ' A I 6 nfxsmke- L. C. Ayres a r- -v s ie?" be Ylele - is-4 yew O S9 Oh, this advertising! xX ,NNNQL .QE-9 K V I R ii Q9 0 W , f . xxx? Q 4? , I A , . 1 1 X X A 5. 6 9 ,Q Q e N ji 1 J' x .. ' e "2 . ' - L. ' gr . be met- , if """' qi ,I ' f- 5 deadline Sports Editors -- T o m ' M, ff-f " ' of x , Will the B e w ley, Bill Cairns, age Harold Rigldon, George That won't dp. ' I 'Qin Hardin, Jim Woodliill, Howard Braswell VI , A J HV, Uqllv. A K X I f- .' V my Fr K More space For sports, Tom. y Exchange Editorsujanie ,V!fX,,.1-' ,mffuf iffy. 'fs pf I ,P Hickman, Tom Bewley, ,VW iliitlpig in, N' This is good. Dorothy Keeton A Q f K W Circulation Managers--gl if iv Ig ,Wag , ' Howard Braswell, Bob in X Kuhn, David Holmes w its or ,Q bg Publicity Editors--Dorol ' 1w.,,,,fh"' xg Pi t h y Hayes Juanitai ' I ff! 1 1 lgg ' ' Noel I 'vt X 'H - ' 0 g ,,,. X , as ' IE: Columnists and Report- ' v X my 1 jug e r s -- Floyd Carlyle, flkgf-,Q 5 Q kv b 1 mf Helen Haas, Betty Hom- ' "iff-Q ii', M t L 5' f righous, Narilyn Jones, 'A ,mf 4 V X A, :iii Joe Stukesbarv V " " 7 4 53 X ,L Q85 at S S , Z X S 9, .Iv f , xga 'xx j ska wr y f f f . 3 J 'El X fy If X s' J f 'W' , -.ze---4.3, 4 '-.::,:--, 5 ,-, -.. . 2' . - ' -Q - - - .,.,.,. . ,-.-ff - 543' . 4' Zi . . rgczmzatzons s- V J' M 'Q f - i 1 ff an i A- fu L, 1 V ,- ix First Band President--Gene Le Moine , V , l Vice president--Jewell l-luclcaby, Jr. W' , -I' i i ' l Secretary-Treasurer--Maxine Thompson 5, f It CHX i sr Qornets Qlarinets ' gf" ' W Ss i Arvid Bigham Nancy Barnes in N X ' x ...J-W Tommy Braun Qobert Beisley L . Grant Gates Royal Cooper I 4 f f Bobby Mathis Buddy Crawford ' ' Earl Mowry Richard l-lanlcin Bob Schriebrel James l-laslett Dan Steward Jerry Hutchinson Tf0mb0neS Gene Le Moine Ray Clemensen Walter Moore Ingles Ferry Roger Titus ' Bill Hamblin Jerry Williams 13 . Robert UPSQY Saxophones ts.. Harvey StumP James Akers Qmm major Horns Jerry Dubmy Beverl Braun Bl-'flf5 Evangeline Patterson . Y . Color Bearers and G d Mary Lou Caldwell Shirley Storer HSSISUIPH qjfum maJ0f ual' S Joe Earl Francis Webster Maxine Thompson K Wlajorettes 'X Marjorie Heisten EVITL s Cornets Trombones Martha Cleveland Mary Cleveland Flutes Zena Lee Allison Frederic I'-loman Larry Williams Saxophones 'F Orch ed fra Director--Mr. Williams 17 ' t First Orchestra A J Violins it Virginia Agee 2 5 Clifford Brown J 5 Betty clark JAQJ R Q a, if ', .ff Rosanne Drake i Ax fi i , 1 N Fleta Klumpp n. I FN A , 1 Richard Lelcer Z Dorothy McGrath ' 1 i A X Betty Overton i l Delcena Rich . I " A : ' Marilyn Woody i l ,-.- 3 Rose Lee Young L: - --.av , QQ, Vwla , Qellos String Bass Anna Belle Clemensen Peggy Dennis p . Shirgey pields George DuRossette ercusswn Baritones Jewell Huclnaby Ronald Huckaby QYHMS Marian Agee Dorothy Dennison Junior Jeffries piano Wynell Hutchinson Second Orchestra Violins I tg Second Band gain! sr W f ii i, - G 'z ...r , i l. 4 ,151 V X 5 1 X M 'Kg . S i X 1 l X: x lr ls 1 l Band, Attention! X Prepare. X. A 'mi . fx COI'l'll'I'lal'l 5 r l Wffq , - fi! r 1 ' . , 1 Halt! Band Cease Beat. 0 . , ' X , , l sw! :A . if L, l i X ' Colurnn Riglwt. ix ' ' ll X K if . ,' Q -6,5 l 4,05 Q Pi J Left Oblique X Right Oblique K m ' X Column Left ' A. Front View g - g of , '- Y X - . , 1 A 'A M 'r .fx gp, S li T ' xxx on Q Right obnque X M , 'I , v 'xi-if Back View ' l f Q .., r ' X x .f U1 ,A b - " . ' -:1. S., 1 V A X 3 Lll 1, ii V l N , E Increase Front. i ili ,W V Diminislw Front. W ii X l Baton Salute Forward March. V QM, K 'P - ll' 1:gil Q-.K A l if ' qjocal Cfnusic Director Mr Schumann S S . ' B as A as X K at fl Gappella Qlaoir - Charles Fox ' ' Lindsey Barger 'Rose Garnas Zona Nell Lyons junior Ghorus Dick Barnes Stanley Haynes Lois Marie Mm-tin Zena Lee Allison Jessie Balmer Sherman Baker Billy Bass Barbara Baudoux Marilyn Bennett Dennis Bledsoe Le Roy Bobbett Kenneth Bowen Rosemary Burris Vernon Bundidge lma June Carpenter Donald Cleveland Dorothy Cleveland Margaret Conard Addis Dobyns Charles Dolan Lou Don Edwards Jeannette Elliott Blair Ewing Jimmy Franz Bobby Gibson Robert Hart Bobby Hoplzins Ronald Huclcaby Jim Kahler Buster Leighton Betty Louise Lind Robert Lipsey Patsy Main Dorse Mann Betty McGee Virginia McGee Marie McGee Betty Miler Dora Money Nellie Moore Robert Morris Merideth Nicholson Helen Osborne Jean Anne Plummer Richard Redbum Claudie Russell Bill Shepley Ralph Spillman Wanda Starner Naomi Stewart Lorene Summy Edna Thompson Carl Thoming Joan Wheeler David Weller Norma Jean Witte Don Wood Martha Barnes Ethel Beshore Maxine Burris Joan Chase Tom Davis Donald Dennison Joan Edwards George Faros Rosemary Forney Irene Hendrix Hillis l-lerren Jewell Hucleaby Wynell Hutchinson Crystal Huston Bill Johnson Louies Kircher Robert Lewis Sally Lyons Dosie Maassen Dick Scott Carlene Summy Mary Stambach Betty Streich Donna Jean Thomas Ruth Unruh Vance Welch Sue Woodfill V f v -f 's 1, X fr 1 - 1" 4 53... as 1, fi' V Irene Bowen Jaynne Cairns Ruth Culler Pat Evans Diane Ewing Jane Ewing Melba Fields Rebecca Graves Mona Lou Hand Lucille Haynes Iva Hendrix Rosalee Hendrix Patsy Herring Alice Household Senior girls' glee Glub el' Helen Householder Vada Hubbard Barbara Lelcer Beverly Long Beverly Maple Louise McFarland Wanda Redburn Sue Richardson Alice StaFFord Margaret Taylor Maxine Warner Doris Welch Mary Welch A f 'N in Se - mor girls, 73.1.0 MQW Stambach Seffy Screich ue Woodnu 1 I I t 4 l fx. Lindsey Berger George Faras Charles Fox Stanley Haynes Hillis Herren Jewell Huckaby, Billy Johnson Bob Kuhn junlbr . Quadette Cgfffs' 7 . Jane EW. '10 ,J I Irene Bowen gebkca Charles Fox ond Lou Hayes Stanley Haynes and Irene Hendrix Boys' Octette J junior' girls, glee Qlub Jo Ann Angel Ruby Belcher Joye Brown Norma Cushman Delores Deaton Maxine Freeland Charline Frizelle Jane Notson lla Oliver Betty Qich Nancy Richardson Donna Rieger Katherine Robertson Patricia Rupard Helen FW Hazel Siebert Shifleb' Hldfman Ida Belle Simpson Riva Householder Qltlaoml West? Gerald Huston plossle Williams Cloetta James Karol Wilson Barbara Jones .wb "Schools in Action" was presented by the teachers and students of the Nevada Public Schools during National Educa- tion Week. lt was a story ol: modern education--its aims,'its struggles, its achievements. ln a beautiful and picturesque setting and in language clear and melodious, was shown what a good school tries to do and how it helps children to grow into healthy maturity, good neighbors, and citizens. This educational revue was compiled by Mr. Schumann. STT fl! IT! I it STOP ucgittlc Qwomenv Meg Jo Beth . Amy . Mrs. March Hannah Laurie . Mr. Laurence Mr. Brooks , Mr. March . Prof. Bhaer . Girls--Aldine Calvert, Juanita Willers Juanita Noel Betty Sanders Barbara Kahler Pat Evans Marcelene Werst . Joan Pohl Jim Woodfill Howard Braswell David Holmes John Rea Jewell Huclcaby Maxine Hubbard, Nancy Miller, Lt 64 ramatics Director--Mr. Schumann est goof E orwarolv , Dutch Miller Hunl: Hoyt Satchel Moyer Chuclc Green Dr. Reeder Old Grad Minerva . . . . Ethel . . Miss Delaware Water The Blind Date Bud Hooper . Professor Lloyd Gale Joy . Jaclc Haggerty Chester Billings Helen . . Miss Smith Bill Catlett . Bob Kuhn L. C. Ayres Bob Woodfill David Milligan Robert Jones Marge Heisten Sally Jackson Helen Haas Betty Haley Edward Steele Jewell Huclxaby Beverly Braun Harold Rigdon Harvey Ritter Rose Garnas Betty Brooks The purpose of the club is to arouse interest in scientific investigation. Science Projects Gilbert Bellcnap Jack Brant - James l-laslett Jack Milligan l-larvey Ritter Joan Watson Francis Webster Helen Witte - - Qualitative Analysis Rocket and Jet Power Qualitative Analysis Qoclret and Jet Power - - Telegraphy Laboratory Technology - Explosives - Bacteriology cience Qlub A Qs J,-.P is ff , t 'x Sponsor--Mr. Elliott President--James l-laslett Vice President--Harvey Ritter Secretary--Joan Watson Reporter--George Hardin Cgilwary Qlub The purpose of the club is to serve those who desire books and to keep the library in good condition. Maxine Carlini Dorothy Keeton Juanita Caton Dilre Miller Karen Daily Betty Sanders George Faros Juanita Willers Stanley William M Sponsor--Mrs. Inwood President--Evelyn Edson Vice president--Marilyn Jones Secretary--Juanita Noel Treasurer--Betty Ann Yurlr Qeporter--Pat MCGlothlin ll . " f' ' 4 ..... 1 in 1 'N s ' I F . I I I Y 4 Oomwiercial Qlub - - 1-nr' Sponsor--Miss Hendrickson President--Dorothy Hayes Vice President--Maxine Thompson Secretary--Pat Evans Treasurer--Beverly Braun The N. H. S. Debate Team held member- ships in the Missouri State and the Big 8 Con- ference Debate Leagues. They participated in the North Division ol: the Big 6 tournament at Nevada and in the Conference of the State League at Columbia. Tournaments at Teach- ers' College, Pittsburgg Junior College, Jopling and Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, were attended, and two members were awarded scholarships as outstanding spealcers at Bolivar. Much credit is due the members of the team and their coach, as all were inexperienced debaters. " 1 ii- N I. ', ' , ,R G Marian Agee Maxine Carlini Frances Cox Joan Edwards Lucille Frizelle Margaret Gaines Dorothy Griggs lrene Hendrix Maxine Hubbard Mildred Johnson Sally Lyons Zona Lyons Wilma McDonald Helen McHugh NeldaxJo Means Nancy Miller Vanita Mitchum 1 . 7 - 995' Q2 Q uv or' 254 We? e X? :s ILA! . ,A ,af ff L- The purposes ol: the club are to develop personal qualities necessary For stenographic em- ployment and to Foster accept- ance of responsibility as a citizen. Bill Pugh Junior Purtle Ruby Sheader Eva Shumate Carol Stamps Betty Standley Shirley Storer Betty Streich Donna Thomas June Titus Joan Watson Virginia Weber Wanda Weber Joan Welch Marcelene Werst Florence Wescoat Kleetis Wirth ui ff V ff- N L9 it Qebate , Q, I ll Coach--Mr. Hamilton ir ,llifle Qluln nel: P' Expert Rifleman Joan Pohl 'N Bob Schiebrel Sliurpsliootcr Bar Q Sally Jackson Susanne Martin Sliarpsliootur liar 7 "Y Suzanne Love B. D. Roberts Sluwpsliooter Bar O Lynn Ewin The ur ose of the ciub is to teach the sate Q P P Marylyn Kaup handling of Fire arms, good sportsmanship, and character through competition, as well as discipline Albert petgen and marksmanship. Wanda Walker -fgg' --V - Y .L Sponsor--Leon Ogier Post American Legion l Executive Officer--N. T. Paterson School Sponsor--Beryl Hamilton H I Instructors--Frank Snyder, H. J. Stukesbary I President--Joe Stukesbary 5 Z Vice President--Suzanne Love 5 Secretary--Kenneth Clemensen f Treasurer--Sally Jackson in Slmrpsliooter Bar 5 Sharpslwoleii Bm. 5 Tisha Braswell Billy Burks m ' Catherine Green Qaphael Green Nancy Hanks Sliarpsliooter Bar -I John VOSS T0m"'Y Bfauf' Sliarpslaooter Bar 2 Hubert FOX Diane 'Ewing Bill Hamblin Alice gtoppmd Slzarpshooter Bar I Donald West Bob Beisley . 3... .,..u,s..1,.w,,.. l Kenneth Clemensen X A Grant Smith A- EEE-Ff-EEE A , Sliarpsllooter First Glass X 'i "" " ..11E".- ' , 'Q Harvey Stump -R if Roger Titus F " 5 .. gi l ei llflarksman ' --1, Q 3 f " Betty Paterson Joestukesbary Robert Lee " ' Distinguished Rifleman Distinguished Rifleman N R. A. JUNIOR CLUB CHARTER Hqrold Whitehegd Q ,-If fha' LH" v-Af-an he - pf Ag gif, fs emov Glass Clglay Quilt gales Qgt with youv Director--Mr. Schumann Prison Matron Ruby Sheader Baililt . . . Robert Lewis Judge Heath . . . George Paros District Attorney Flint . . Francis Webster, Jr. Flint's Secretary - Anna Simpson, Jeanne McHugh Defense Attorney Stevens . . Jaclc Brant Steven's Secretary . Arvella Milliord, Helen Witte Clerlc .... Jerry Dubray Karen Andre Betty Paterson, Nancy Hanks Dr. Kirkland . . . Dan Steward Mrs. John Hutchins . Donna Bateman, Frances Ann Cox Homer Van Fleet . . Lindsey Burger Elmer Sweeney . . . Loyd Mahan Nancy Lee Faulkner . Suzanne Love, Irene Hendrix Magda Svensen . Helen McHugh, Tisha Braswell John Graham Whitfield . . Don Gordon Jane Chandler . Joan Edwards, Lucille Frizelle Sigurd Jungquist . . John Dolan Larry Regan . . . Charles Fox Roberta Van Renselaer . Mary Stambach, Helen Compton Stenographer . Blanche Clemensen, Carol Stamps The purpose of the club is to learn to live better today in order that our lives and those ol: our Families may be better tomorrow. Aldine Calvert Mary Ellen Couch Altha Ellis Marjorie Fast Qosalea Hendrix Twilia Hendrix Jean Marie Henry Barbara Kahler Wilma Shumaker Lois Thompson 5 ,j"j.r 1 ,swffi S . s 1, .fri y . .. : ma T 'f1""-'N Slack Suit '7i'l'Y af. .- 5 'iri?f.""3"i'i' 1. 'Q' A f iff., ' , M 5 1 7':l2fl,l6 If Shoe Rack "Vi ' ?:g,'flQfi'fA 5 Home Project , f' 4 -s 2, ,A rg, , Q : 15 enior K uture omemaleers 0 ' mezfica Sponsor--Miss Wood J president--Iva Hendrix Vice President--Margaret Taylor Secretary--Ruby Haner Treasurer--Patsy Geary Reporter--Marylyn Kaup C0300 DYBSS Fitting G Dress Dressing Table --Home Project 4 M owilqa 3 -SQA f ef. u HE ' Manx no " Lois Beckman Peggy Bingle Nellie Jo Bricker Delberta Burris lma June Carpenter Esther Cockran Norma Coffman Carol Crawford Barbara Crites Patricia Deavers Peggy Dennis Donna Dubray Emma Jean Earll Jeannette Elliott Margaret Elliott Mary Jane Estes Ginger Hickman Eileen Hilton Wanda Hinshaw Ruby Kelly Ruth Limbaugh Lynn Logan Mary Malcolm Jean Le May Mary McCaFFree tg J , Marking a Hem .X SSY : , N 5695 Frances McDonald Betty McGee Virginia McGee Patsy McMillen Betty Miler Joan Miller Glenna Morris Kay Moss Mary Ruth Neas Gerna Lee Olson Helen Osborne Jane Plummer Helen Rhodes Mary Ann Rombach Betty Saathoff Patty Shindler Betty Smith Maurietta Smith June Sbencer Bonnie Stamps Juanita Werst Joan Wheeler Helen Williams Marilyn Woody Roberta Zaring - unior K uture omemaleers of Uqmerica WP Q Sponsor--Miss Wood President--Nancy Barnes Vice President--Dorothy Cleveland Secretary--Dorothy Dennison Treasurer--Lou Don Edwards Reporter--Pat McGlothlin U rfiig-ff A,,..X- . .-.-...ww ss- F Living Room .aff W Vice president liknsfiip . 1. uture F QTWLETS O merica The purpose of the club is to arouse interest in Farming and Farm activities. SpOnsO,.,,M,. Mahaffey Lee l-leuser . - ' t contest f , Pl lstein Cows in DISWC Stanley Haynes Bill Johnson ' o Jud9"'9 pfegident Seflfetdfy Honors State Fair--Sedalia Poultry . . . First, Second, Third, and Fifth Places T. t Spnnglield Comes District Contest--Springfield a Teams Farm Knowledge . Second Place Teamg Fifth Place--lndivid ual Live Stock , Third Place--lndividualg Fourth place Team Fat Stoclc . Third and Fourth places--Individual Winning Team in Hawk and Sparrow Contest James McHugh Treasurer James Allen Gene Brown Larry Brown Lon Brown Ralph Brown Orval Butler Blaine Butterfield David Carpenter Bobby Chrisenberry Clinton Creamer William Culler Jesse Daniels Donald Darnell Floyd Drumeller Jack Dyer Floyd Garrett Leland Garwood Donald Adams Reporter John Shanks Donald Gordon Warren l-laase Evert Jones Dosie Maassen Bob Mitchum J. D. Cchsner Carroll Reed Bernard Roberts Donald Russell Bud Schulze Billy Smith Leroy Thorburn Roy Thorburn Kenneth Walker George Westfall Eldon Zilliox 'x M F1912 2364 iQA'7i"l'67"f " V WMMZAWW an we ' as -'W s J, i 3355 X X - - r or -'M ...L r Q. L, , Qs. I k lg gjggxpgh-fb Q- X K " 2 K , 5 gy an Q ' - a n ..... wb , .wazyf3fi,5:.w.,5- - - lift Wifi-f , ly - 1 it . X, its A at K ,V L-N, .. X V .,,3?15'.i .1 Q Q X""f 14 , Dwi ei l rj iiwkiiiif' Q X t fi t N A . w - A X Lexi? ,xgwgieg 1:1 n t 'R A f , , sit' ia' '35-,fq L " 3 ff. 55' ., LJ. K V gb ,if " 'Q - , -u A mfg, ""' M , wif r- B A rrr- ' ' N. J W 'fl W u . D- ' ' ' - " 5 f .f - il " 'f ' 'i 'in' X X liyzffg 'TQ' suit ' .rf V, W . it Q,-L Qulffyesv. Inge . A Jix,-gA fr ,P as Y Herfers in Jud . Qing Contest H en Feede,s--Sh Op p,o. leqt AMW unix ILII IB IR llsisfy Www ! WMM ZWfZ M W fy R51 4 x 5 X 1 Q . , .v xx l I WW M Afiiiw " y 3 Wwfiwfy 9 iM 4 N fyxggfenw MMz,41a,,,u,... L Xi? f .f .. L. Mm., y " X 5 X5 T ,L., W hs by D Mound City, Kansas Q A my 'SKY X57 Print S L 5,5 Sb Typ sit by Nevada Q cegv if Q 4:33 1 j EN - xg 1 " Cy I fZMWfiWfi?Z y ,A wry W B1 of My W' W g f R3l'fl?il2l1 WV 9 gf? ,ff Mb ,fa fgfff eyya WW W W ff M561 MW W QM? HUM WW . ,Q 'ff gxkQf?jvMj?gp 4,,vXY Q DJ. . my WPT iid? fndj"4,4 W 4fv1"Q, .031 fn, Wy agyyffljigpwg 11 Jjoptf-jgclfvxj Www V' MM QA QVWX WW .QW J ww WX go W ws X El ,wMAQ2? fffijfffy QW .M N.x Fbfifwwiif AMW W A WMV NRE M 2? W ,,. , 'L-1, ig ,Exam ow MQW W rdf?

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