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X , , X in.. f ' I , ,fp-, , ff + . f if ' WM ,WI if I ,iff fy? Ii 6 If , 45 , W M , ,ff I 7 v 1 "" ' 4 fl x J 1 f m Ki 'Mx Q ff 4, A Z1 A7 6 ff - ,- 0, Nj .xxx NN xxx K!!! J 'ww A X MKS 7 , M g m Y f W N i 'Y ' I "'r7':fJ, 1 1 fy , 4 ff f f ffff W" fl' ,Lg , I f, "W U1 ffm ff' ff f :fx ff 0 EX Ll BERIS 6 I gl x fx fiewa 7 I Y 0 A i n f ...n.n. V I, W X w b M 19 26 Nb ryan L W X 4 A L T LX' f 'GDC IlllllllllllDllDliC2'lIiO!1 yd of the 1l'lcvaba 1b1gb School lDllbli5lJCD bxj thc Stubcnm A volume 21 0 Q SZ F X om If f --+ 'N J, 6 UQ ooo.. fy U ........... 'X XXX' f xy , 4 N Ecbication 'L .r n I f - I3 - , , H" QQ J L Q Lf' . 'Go fllbiss Cbclnm 'Utlliunbcrg E0 one who has in thc pzwt few xpcurs xvlllinglxj zlssisteb the Comet Staffs: mlb to one who is el frienb of cvcrxp 5 stubent, wc Dcbiczltc the 1926 Comet 'S Q P 'T 'mud X I t H 0 A I ,itygxkql L .FXY-"2f' ,. V .ff-11? Sky 522.17 fgif jif ffl,-x EglZ1Zlj'J9f l K v ,JN-Q1jgf"'6,Q,s4H5 gi"L .A,,,g , Zl,.QgL-Sggfxqfa MISS THELMA NVINNBERG Page 3 Cla fx oiewoio - f N . fi ji 4? Q 1It it eonlo be possible that tbe rceoros contnineo berein, map, in the Distant future, bring back memories of forgotten faces mio occasions in 1I'l. Wi. 5. to some graonnte who is niaking bis ninth in tbe worlo, tben our aim wonlo bnve been necomplisbeo tbrongb tbe 1926 "CZoinet." I P X Ill lg 0 LE 'Y 5 ' i,,,f' r X a 'N fkwg 1 .L x .L"zq Gontcnts 3 .,... -HTTP . - 4? 'YC3 J Y uf .f N I LIN CDL l Eltblctics 4 Jdnool '1L1fc -L 3'lllllOF 'irligb L Unqcw tn-ml X3 P X ff 'B N vrIllIllWIlTfl 5 gem! gglgy y 633 'P Y""' ?X,.FA-XX i f ' Asa' 4 'X fs'-I r ffm? f2fi??7Sl,s F U M E 7 ,i4'7'?S' X-if fren ?3e4!1L' .C el .f jfS'ff,j vim .i..,se,e22lj,-3i!.SQQ1 -if The School Nevada has not anything to show more fair Than the large. rich looking high school to the passer hy, A sight which is so touching in its majesty This town doth like a garment wear. The beauty ot' the school. so silent and bare: The large rooms the long halls and auditorium lie Open unto all, even to the passer by. This great building stands beautiful in the smokeless zlir. This great building is like a city set upon u hill, It gives enlightenment and knowledge unto all Who come and enter its great walls at their will. So come all ye people and do net the standard full, But take eourugeand support it until the end, And you can feel that to Nevada, you have been a friend. HELEN LOUISE IIOFFMAN. Page lm a W4.,....,c f ' -X- L3 f Xxxxa U , . X, 'jf , 1.4113 LV slfisl SU M E 7 ,i2ff2f'fmfr::f gg PJRZDE 1 it ,jg fSff'f.x-,5,..' . . ri-1.v.2??.'-b , 3.1141 isiliif-2 Many schools are larger than Nevada High School and many schools are smaller than Nevada High School, but in the minds of its students no school is better. We are justly proud of our roomy cam- pusg our new spacious building: our large auditoriumg our excellent gymnasium with dressing rooms, lockers, and showers: our science laboratory, our manual training, commercial, and domestic science de- partments, and our many other modern school conveniences. However, the building alone is not our only source of pride. Both a junior and senior high school, either of which compare favorably with any like school in the state, are furnished with the most modern and practical equipment. VVe pride ourselves on a course of study wide enough in range to be an education in itself, a course which combines with the fundamental studies the more specialized preparation for positions in life. But the thing on which we pride ourselves most is the spirit in which the students enter all contest?-the spirit of fair play. They give their best and, if possible, by doing this they win. Sportsmanship is the ruling spirit in all contests, whether athletic, forensic, or mere- ly inter-class. Fairness is never sacrificed for victory, but the latter is usually attained through united cooperative effort. Our students are boosters, our athletes are champions, our debaters are second to none, and our annual is not as bad as it might have been. In otfering to the students of the surrounding country the best in education and activities, and in the acceptance by the students of these opportunities in a hearty, cooperative way, Nevada High School at- tains as much as any school could hope to attain. N. H. S. has no ex- cuse to offer, and needs none! Page 7 , ' , fsv- 1 8 .45,'f,fK? 1216153362 U M E 7. fill ffivjir rff, el,1g K- ,ggflflilfg-,-s-.avwhlggalp 'S The darkened roof rose high aloof on pillars lofty. Page H if-v--f,.',, f 7" 'A' ix N..,..,-fi i , V i 5 .X fvv- I -4511? f,1f2'fFi'EfSE, S U if E f ,iafifv mf my 9,51 ii a,.,7i,- N1j,gi"fC,jr-'-L Q..'717?.,L ..,g 22124, filiiii' '51 Rich beauty uit bounds in more simplicity. Inlfft' 9 -,fl X gf' 'xg N., -,., ,,.f 'YI 'W ll X f-v-I 43.13 f2i1ff??SE,l X Hfif ,ii in fm, ?2,,l1'9f I ll gJgggg-r 1jSi'ff,Q f mjiii. lil 15:24. '52 "' ll , l 1 x " X Xl if ,f xx f' 'N I , I l X A kind of old Hobgoblin Hall, With weather stains upon the wall. Page I0 'N iBook Que . . ....... - ,Q N '1 :T 3? 4 Eg :Ig M b X X . if f J Tizff ' J 5 N X2 Une School xx 'Y A 2-' X 'pL4'Vulvr z ' 4 in-V - 'X xg ,Q ly-I v:"". 5 ' X '-- I -fir-E!! f,V if U 'M E 7 fffix' Ti: rff, X ,f ., -r .X M gli? Xa ., , A ' 'Sl-Z .72 q l-559.43 f 1 ML.- 1j,ff"a',ff-LL-lu-N7 37?jH .,, . 2215 -5 fAi. gifS' BlUI1lilli5'fl'ElIiOll 4 S 'B+-f,,i ifff Sung X.. ,,.f u 'T 5' W f--I In VN ,1i.33?1',1ifF?S?,,l L 0 lvl E 7 i3i4.ji,, gb fr!! EQLQJZQQZDJ lil ..,1,i- Qj,ffi"s,g,g.L4i 55295 u 1,i,2Z,i.Q,!5il1iSi-12 , FINIS E. ENGLFIMAN, B. S. Superintendent of Schools Missouri University Teachers' Colin-ge, Springfield Ari,ilSS2ll'hLlS0ttS Institute of TL-Chnology Vugir I2 f 'l'p,L+-an XX' 4 H-MX xx. ,I -ffm? fziwisiii S U M F f l Zfefjii mf, ElZ1?2ff.L3?3,13.f K A 4. Qwfll? i , ,jjjljl QQQQ1-31 u - R. L. DAVIDSON, JR.. A. B., B. S. Principal William Jewell Collegi- Drury College Missouri University Page 13 5,5 if-ZX' nglrll l 1 'fer ' 0 M EXMW' ,J-fg1?f,195k ,fiYlSf 7 'ffifffs' XL: rrf , ee 22 Tszffg? ez at gffifixpg ,Q ?g37?lg1ie,Q,?.a hbzgiiiiis-5: J The School Hoare! The success and progress ol our school and the pleasures and en- joymonts of our school life are obtained through the untiring efforts of that group of men whose every act is for the betterment of the Nevada School System-the School Board. We owe them as much or more than any other group of individuals connected with our school life. They, who unceasingly give their time and thought to our affairs, de- serve the high esteem which every student gives them. Sometimes we think they are a bit too strict, sometimes a bit too liberal, but in the end, we must agree that they were right. Perhaps the students have not always given the school board the cooperation and support that they should have, but in the mind of every student is the assurance that their efforts are for our good and not theirs. May the school board always assist and direct us as they have in the past and may we lend them our undivided cooperation as they con- tinue their work, which they have always done so well. l'aQu I4 s'-1-'A ix X , fs f X X ,.,. ' .f:fI:3? fflfllgfz Y G 'V' E 7 ,Gif fir frrf , cm' cl - J2.i'-Q.,s.ilSif-1 J -IAYNIG Wll,lilNSUN. ll. S. l1l'1M.'X 'l'llUMl'SON, ll. S.. 'l'L-neliers' Tl'2llllll1g.1' C'r'in1nereiz1l. Stale Tezicliers' College, XV2ll'l'0llS- Southwest Missouri 'lll'ill'l10l'S, Co lrurg. lege. Missouri l niversity. Boulder llniversiiy. Columbizi University. DON CUPLICN, l'niversity ol' Chicago, WINSUR SMITH ICSTIIICR, A. ll.. Cheinistry. State 'l'enehers College, Springrlielm Science and llleelizxniezil Drziwing. uicqouri Univmwitv Vurmlue University Missouri University. IANIFT VVARDIN B Q SUSANMARY ROBERTS, B. Su llomestie Science :xml Physiology l'lnglish and History. Uottey College. Ward Belmont College. Missouri University. Missouri University. liage I5 K?"-K'-5' ff! If Xx""'l 1 'fl sf, - 'xx .. -iffy? 0137 il, -S O E 7 ,iifigv in foci. EiLZ24eiZ2ZZe4..L.?.Qgfx1jgf'if',Qg4ggQ'g3i',j.f:.f'. ,jjigigisiiife J t'llAlil,I'IS A. ROVER, IS. S., Ass't. Prineinal and Manual Train ing. Kansas State Teachers' College, Pitts- burgr. State Teachers' College, Springfield. MRS. VIRGINIA SYMNS, B. S., English and History. State Teachers' College Warrens- burg. ICTIIYI, WINDERS, English. State Teachers' College, Spriiigiielll. l"l,0HA HICLLIC COPICLANIB, History. Slate 'l'eaehers' Collefre, Slrriilsflielal. ANNA I.. CLACK, IS. S.. Social Science. State Teachers' College, VVax'ren burg. Missouri University. ICULAII 0. JOHNSON, English and Geography Cottey College. State Teachers' College, Warren burg. MRS. ZELMA GAINIGY EICHINGER Secretary. 'l'l'IEl,MA WINNBERG, A. B., ldnglish and French. Park College. Page lfm ,v x-"1-'A KV s s .11 3- 'ST 1.x "5"xl' ,. . fers?r,1f1f??Sl,s Y U M E T r,i23?f W fwfr 9413224.13 fb' I ds . .Jw -1 fj 'f,Q -5.1225 af ...,g- ---J2ll-QQSsf..gif.Q.'? MRS. FORA VVAIU, B. S.. MRS. GRACE NICNVMAN DAVIS, Aprriculturc and Mathematics. Mathematics. Cottvy Collvgc. Stzitv TilC'Zlh9l'Sy K'oll0gv. Capo Gir- IQQIIISZIS Stutv Teachers' College, Pitts- urmleau. lmrg, University of Wisconsin. MRS. NICLLIC INWOOII, MAIJRA HALL. IillPl'?ll'l2ll1 and Girls' Amlviscr. Music. Stats Teachers' Uollcpro, Springlicltl. MARY M'A'l'l'IlC, B. S.. Muthmmlticsl MRS. ICDNA M'GOVNI'IY. ' A . A Home licunomics. Missouri University. Stall- Tn-zichers' Collugv, XVQIITUIIS- liurg. .lI'I,IA l'lllI,I,IPS, A. H., liiigglisli :xml Latin. NICLI, NORMAN, B. S.. U"l'1'v' Colhxmx' Cu1nni0rci'1l Cliiczigo University. I State Tuzichers' College, Splwnglield. l':l2c 17 w,-t5""" ZX'--AiX T"?Q"""J , 3, Xf , .1412 fflief 33' S U M E 7 fifei' Fx: fffif. cvv' " 1' a Q Zag-'lllf.5?1S.7'1lW. -1 j N "ai f. e.a.z2,czQ,'...c..k 5 3,,L:f.,, zf .gh .z.m.--.s.3.--is.+:. 2 ELEANOR HUGHES, B. S., Q History. Cottey College. State Teachers' College, VVarrcns burg. Kansas University. L. E. OLIVER, B. S., Physical Education. Missouri University. State Teachers' College, Springfield. MRS. L. E. OLIVER, B. S., Social Science. Missouri University. State Teachers' College, Springfield. PURE NONSENSE Miss Dorman: I don't like some of these flies. Waite1': VVell, pick out the ones you donit like and I'll kill them for you. Mr. Coplen: How do you like that cigar I gave you, old man? For two hundred bands off that brand they give you a phonograph. Mr. Davidson: If I smoked two hundred of those cigars I wouldn'l want a phonographg I'd want a harp. Mr. Esther: If you refuse me I shall blow out my brains. Miss Hall: Impossible. Mr. Esther: Maybe you don't think I have a pistol? Miss Hall: Oh! I dare say you have the pistol all right. Mr. Engleman: Officer, you can't bluff me. I'm an A. B. and 21 B. S. Officer: Good, now we'll give you the third degree. Page is 'f ' 'ff "-' A--VX. -. ff L'-'J ,f S--? N, 91 fp+11?f,1f2'sf'?5E' Y Ui E 7 7i5"?5j1krff!f' l:Yi.7?K,cl"1f 1 xi .fQ.- 1g'f'q-,Q,,..4.1y.fz???':' . 225-61 irilfifs' Q- f Seniors -'43 , f"M't N 1 'flag ff o M Fr" v .,5.:.QQ?f',1Q SK Q' XX 7 '.fr5FZs' if qv- X 3,12 filo! lil: egffoqfgf ,Qf...,e.2Zl.Q-EE!ii'KAs J , 0ffIL'Ul'S of the Class M1926 l"rerl Stevens Beatrice Braun Gilbert Carter Velma Bullock Ellis Svfzln Gussie Clary FRESHMAN YEAR - President Gilbert Carter - Treasurer James Moore MISS CORINTHIA GILBERT-Sponsor SOPHOMURE YEAR President James Morgan - Treasurer Glenn Moseley MISS RUTH HAYNES-Sponsor JUNIOR YEAR President Velma Bullock Treasurer Wagner Crawford MISS THELMA WINNBERG-Sponsor S ICN 1 Oli Y ICA R lloy Wert President llarolml Gray lilizulmelli Bauer - Treasurer Dorothy Spencer MISS ANNA CLACK-Sponsor l'ugQc 20 Vice-President Secretary Vice-President Secretary Vice-President Secretary Vice-Presiclent Secretary !4,..g,f ff " A Y 'XX x ' 5,..,., ,fff M xx X , 1 K, ' '-,I 1- . 44-33? 1'fljl5?f:.-lb' . E 7 yllffli lilffi' ee PQCLY91' I ills. . but fsififc . Senior Class Rcghorl In September, 1922, over one hundred boys and girls entered Nevada lligli School. 'Iihese boys and gills were to be known as the members ol' the "Class ol' '26." During their first year N. H. S. gave a carnival and the Freshmen chose Velma Bullock to be their queen. Towards the end of the term a pennant was bo. stowed on this class because they had sold more Class Play tickets than any of the other classes. While designated as Sophomores they elected Lucille Palmer as Comet Queen. The Class of '26 was represented in all activities. The Glee Clubs, Dramatic Club, Orchestra, Football, Basketball. and track teams were all proud of the '26 members. We're glad to boast that the Football and Boys' Basketball captain, Wagner Crowford, and Adda Belle Foster, Girls' Basketball captain, belong to the Class of '26, Another honor was Emma Leuty's W. C. T. U. theme which won a prize of ten dollars. During the Senior year another member. Gussie Clark, was presented a medal for writing the best theme on the life of Lincoln. Also in the 1926 Gold Medal Contest, Class of '26 was represented by Ella Powell. Although every member worked hard and enthusiastically there was also some play along with the work. Picnics and parties were given and each was proclaimed a success. Never has a class been graduated from Nevada High School with more pen- nants than Class '26, for the members were victorious in nine contests and the re- wards were seven pennants and two banners. This large prize proved that in all four years this class was led by ideal sponsors and otlicers. And now as this mighty class near their longed-for goal-Graduation-each one has a feeling of regret at the thought of leaving N. H. S. and starting on that doubt- ful road called "The Future." But each and every one is also proud and courageous for he knows that he cannot fail 'f he remembers the motto ot' his Class ol' '26, "We'll find a way or make one." MARY O'CONNEI.L. Senior Reporter. Page 21 !?,1+,:'fKz!6 HF Yi-gy-r' .,fgg3 IPQST: S 7 "iff 4, PQ, 'QLLI ii,,,..,:u.S-fxjjfS'14,Q,5,.A.L.jgQ,5 225 5 fnliiff. J SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ROY WERT HAROID GRAY President Vue P emlent ANNA L. CLACK Sponsor ELIZABETH BAUER DOROTHY SPI' NIGER 'I'1'cusu1'e1' I SQL! L tal x COLORS Purple and Gold FLOWER Purple Iris MOTTO Wm-'ll find a way or make 1 SENIOR CLASS YELL Seni-Seni-O-R-S Seniors! Seniors Yes, yes, yos. Page 32 X X x 4... , I , 2. ,f1933r2f1f?fiSl, ,YU M E 7 ',iii'?f' in fm, ,35532 gag f ki, ,JW 3Sfg'f,-,:,g,.,,,2--11.271,'I , .121 ,Q YASQCCSL , l'l.Alillll'lI. HAUNSCHILD A uoml listener. llaslicllmll Squaml, '25, linsliutlxzxll Squzul. '26, Nea-clievx':lfi. '2f!. Nvv4ll0L'r:ll't, '25, l.UL'll,l.l'I l'AI.Ml'IR Why arun't they all happy like nw. llraniutirs, '26, file-L' Ciulr. '26, Opurn-lla, "Polished Pclnlulvff' '2li Snelling: Cmltvst, Churuf, '23, '2-1. WAGNICIK CRAWFORD CVVAGJ A man ul' letters and post carxlw, llrarnatics, '25, '26, SvcrPl:u'y, Junior Class, '2.:. Dramatic Plays, '26, Class Play St:-me Manaxzer. lfuutlmll, '22, '23, '24, Captain, 1 x liaskotlnall, 13, 24, '25, Captain, 'l'l'as'k '22 "1 'S Staxre Crew, '25, '26, STERLING KECK llis ambition, to be a soap salesman or a bar- her, llshvr. '26, 'l'im'k9t-Kaker, '25, '26, , -9. I-'list Aul, -3, Stuvli Juclgrinyz, '24, Staxre Crew. '25, Athletic Clulu, '25, '26, ICUNICPI 'l'0MPlilNS Um' star in girls' lmsketlmll, liaskvtluall, '24, '25, '2li, llarlullliall Squad. '23, 'l'1':u'k Squad, '24, .-Xsft. lius, Manazzex' ul' 'l'. 'l'. Echocw, Porter Club, '23, 1'hm'us, '21, KAY FUSHMAN 'X pm-l'f'o4-l Jrvnius, Gnu por ce-nt inspiration, .Xml ninety-nine pm' cent iwrspira.tiun lfuotlmll, '25, liarketlxall, '26, llranmalivs, '26. 'Pypinu' Awards. liasliethall Squad, '25, 'l'rauk Suuall, '25, Usher, ldntered frorn Milo lfixrh School, '2-I, 1'l,Alil'INCl'1 RA'l"1'S Give me an inspiration, or Mix-v mu mls llh Ushvr, '26, Stuck Jurlfrinlr. '23. GHORGIC RREDLOVE llv who can does, llc- who vannut tearhvs. Glee Club, '25, Oper:-Ita, "P0lish0xl l"'elmlrlf14," '26, Usher. '25, '26, Stock Jlldillhl-Y. '23, Rapid Calculation, '25 'l'c-achor Training. lm,g.- 23 s, X222 '? Z X ' A 'il A A 'q W fsv- I .. 'V' E7 .2?A3,..Q Klx,....i...-f,jfS':f,j s 33335 ,-..,L..2LlQL3i!SiSQ'2 , AIJIJA lll'll.l,l'1 l"OS'l'l'lR As busy as a van opener National llonor Sm-iety., '23, '24, '25, Spelling Conti-sl Finals, Chairman llonw Room liaslwtry. '23l. Cainera Cluln. '26. 'P NAOMI LONG in a kitchenel te. Captain '26. 35. Ol, '26, flllhlkllll Sr.-nior Girls llaskc-tlsall Champions. Lalroratory Assistant, ALICE HARRISON And she luokml for liaskvtry, '22. Cla-is Pianist. '26. Novdlvz-raft, '23, ELLIS SWAN mort' wi l'h1-mislry, '26. Two in one-inivilocl and vunimon sons llrzlnialivs, '2 6, Typing Awards. Spelling Contest. Chorus, '23. Keauling Circle, '21 GEORGE SWEARINGHN mrlds to conuuvr. Cautious? lie looks lrolh days ln-I'orL' cross- ing a one-way strvot. l 1 .lunlor Class lrvsidvnl, '25, l"oollrall, '2S. ll:-lslivllsall, 2 6. Glen- Clllll. '25, '26. Class Play, "Mr, lii11Lts." Upvrvlla, "Love Piratvs ol Usher, '26, llvlxalo 'l'4'ain, '2 6. L'Al.Vl'INl'I INWOOIP A maillm-n lim-vor lrold. Glen- Cluln, '26, Ono:-vital, "Polish:-QI l'ln-lull-s. Famera Clulu, '22l. llaslu-try Ululn. '2-1. llalwaiif' His education rests in his lov. Football, '26. Basketball, '26. llramativs, '25. Class Play, 'AMr. Gaiesonf' Football Squad, '24. llasketbzxll Squad. '25. Noisy Dozen, '23, '24, '25, Rapid Calculation, '24. '26. MARY NUNN Ur is it marry none? Ilramatics, '25, '26, film' Clulx, '24. Vlass Play. "Evangeline," One-retta, "ln the Garslvn of the Shah. l's-may Dozen, '25, '26, 4 Vamcra Clulr, '24. Home Nursin!. '2Ci. Svcrctary Home Room 204, '26. MlNA RAMSEY The idea wont over her head like n tent Chorus, '23, '24. lltlgr' 24 +54-vw fi' i' "KX 1-5,5 , Z M ' 1 , fn , q I I. f--xl ,, -1153.'!?f21fT5l,s X 0 'M E 7 1,.Qi'f"?v Tir ff!! e.'fgi.z?f exif c kiss 35S5t'ffg,5,.2.2.,3"sp.z??,H.- 21-9 mi!,iQf.Q -2 .IUHN l'l1ll.l.llS tlfutl ULCRNA llOl"l"MAN lf he were a cop. hc would arrest il cuw fox You can luv mood, but you miss :L lol ol' l'uu. liukim: her calf, National Honor Society. lllee Clulx, '23, '24, llrzurnativs, '25. Operettn. "Milmdo," "l.or0 Pirates of l.iut'oln Essay Contest, '2ti. ll:xw:1ii," "ln the tlurdm-n ol' tht- Shah." W. U. 'l'. U. Conti-st. '2-l, '23. '20, Typinp: Awards. Winner of liond lssuv t'outi-st. '2Il. Stock Judpzimr, '22. Sm-llinpz Unntt-st. '25. Czxmera Clulx, '2Il. Nv0lllewol'li, 'LZSL l'Ilec'trit'i:m, '26, ISEULAII GRAl'l'I ll0lil,0C'li Life without lzxusrhing is n tlrl-airy lbrvnlativs. '2ti. 'fypinar Awards. Spcllinfr Conti-st, 7 J N00dlom'r:xft , '2 It. lizislu-try, '2Al. l'l1mli- Jmurzs MOORE -Ks popular us :x I-'ootlnall I.e-ttvr, 'L-t, Class Play. "Andy Whittaker." sunlvu rnt luzwli -slmmpt 7 7 "f'5l""t"5".'2'l' 'Lil' N. ll. S. 'l'0nnis Championship, '21 l'm""l" hsfily lllllllwt' Southwest Mn. 'Tennis Championship Svm'rvt:n'y l"n'1-shmzxn Class, '22C. I " '4 ':, 'Lil '2-l 'Lf. '1.'. f:u.m-:RT CAR'l'l'llt mmm l1',Q,'Q,Q,,f,'c,L .13 ' " "' The best nt' pals fur :my mam, . Noisy Dozen, '23, '24, '25, lint hu tfovslft nmlu' mon his sn-4-lzxlty. l Vit-0-President, l"l'P5hl'Il2lll Your. President, Sophtmuoro Ye-ur. 'I'rz1c'k llvttc-r, '21, '25. lt'lAlltlUl'1RI'l'l'I ROARK lh-amatius, llurry, Hurry, quite contrary, llrzinmtiv Plays, '2,u llow do.-s your lklnrxzuoritv zfrowi' 'l'r:fu'k Stllliltl, 235. l'ho:'us, '23, Student Forum. llznrltvtry. '2l. llrzxmzxlxrs, '2l5. 1.11.Y DALE JOHNSON I'-"'f."' ,A""'J"i' .,,. , , ,.isiutl1.lll bquull, -lr. ll the world should vnd toniorruw, lot mv dl talking. llramatius, '25, '26, fllee Club, '25, '2t5. f'l.ll"'l'UN 'l'0W ljrzlnmtic Plays, '2lL. lJon't pronounce it toe. Opervttu, "I.ox'u l'ir:itvs ol' ll:lwz1ii," '25. 'l'A'lwiu1I AW2ll'tlS. '25. '2ti. Opcrvtta. "l"olish1-rl l'0lulvlUs," '2tl. lii-and llshvr, '2li. Mixed Uhorus, 'I'it-lu-t 'l'EllU.'l', '25, '26, Uhorus. '2Zi. liaskeiry. '2-l. Class Pia nist, '2ti. llzullo Flulm, '22i. Rzwisl Calculation. '24. Athletic Club, '2G. l':lgfl' .'w a'+v--1,4 i "Arg X P fn "5 'K W N- I 4511? f 1Sfi75s?g-S G M 5 T ,tiff-QTL? fffzf 73,4',f LLL ' -J l10ll0'l'llY SPl'INl'l'Ili l"rum 1-xery sort ol' work :Ind play sho Comes up smiling. Sm-rretary Senior Flass. '2l5. llrzunzitirs, '21i. llaskvtry, '2Zl. Hamill Calculation, '2-I. l,lIlt'Ulll lussziy tnntvst, lb. l2l.lSS NEWTON Your friend onre, your frim-nd ulwziys. Dramatics, ' tile-9 Club, '2ti. Uperetta, "Polished l'i-lulnls-s." Typing: Awards. llaskm-try, '23, '24, IRICNE TURK ller friends, they are many, ller foes, has she any? Dramatics, '25, '2tS. film-e Club, '20, Vlass Play, Advertisinir Committee. Operutta, "Love Pirates nt' Hawaii," '25. Opt-rm-tta, "Polished Pelilrlt-s," Mrs. Galvlmlo. llasketlxall Squad, '24i. Vhurus, '23. liasketl'y, '2-1. FLORA 'l'O1.I.Y liusy as a kiss-timer in at nuwio studio. llramatics, '25, '26, Spelling Contest, '25. liasketry, '23, Sophomore your :ut Cottey Collegian KENNETH SPICNCICR, He loved her still- 'l'he stiller, the lncttvr. Give Club, '25, '26, Operetta, "Love Pirates ot' Operetta, "Polished Ps-lnlil0s" '26, Usher, '26, Hawaii." '25 Ticket 'l'ak0r, '2li. Camera Clulx, '2.l. l'Il.l ZA li I-l'l'H ISA Ulflli She collects Treasurer, fllee Club, -., - . Ops-retta, "Polished Pelvlules, '2l3. much of our cxtra money. "Hi '95 '96 Operetta, "Love Pirates of Hawaii," '25 Mixed Chorus. '25, '25, isizwr lil'1NNE'I"l' Vhorusv '23- What a handsome man your tailur hath mudu 1gil5k5'tl'Y1 '24- you. llramativs, '25, '26, Orchestra, '23, '24, Dramatic Plays, '26, , , , Class Play, "Robert liltrilsf' V'R"'N'A LARKINE Wilmer, Orchestra. Sin-inn Fc-stivnl, '24, Sho is swim: into thi' I'Iu'r1itH1'v traulv. Noisy Dozen. Z-1, ln. SUl'l'0til.l'y, Home Room 201. Yell l.eader. lint l dun't believe she will lu- :in old n Poster Club, '2-1. Chorus, '27i. l lhigi i' Pu 1 ff. ,f if' 2' X m 2, A , A , xx , 1 wg -4533 f2iqs?'E5sE,l .X U M 5 T jx: rf'f,,l Q:?24fe7JJ' l K , v..f,Q- 5ig!i"'ff,:ifQ-L-:'-vNf1??nh ..,L ,,,f?2'-i'-ei..,.gA3.gicQ' lllllll.-Xl,ll l'lill'l'I -X gmail l'l'in'ml :slung thu roiul. NVillingf in ha-Ip :mil lift thu lnzul. lkhvr, '26, 'Xllliclliv l'lillu, '25, 'ZIL I-Inlvn-ll l'x'nm Wallin-r llifh Scliuul, '2l. .IAMICS MORGAN lllrulul When llnws :xml lvsbnns mlnu't 1l!Tl'0x'. l take wlnlvs-lvl lessons lw. Assuvialo lfhlitm' Conn-1, '2li. lfmmilmll, '25, l":iss Play Ailvorlieinu C'ummillv0. Slumlent l"m'um. Nui-y Dum-n. '24, , . . , ,U lunlllur .Imu-miliwni lllllm, ,n ANNA NEI.l.l'l SHVIICR A Lrrm-at Iuvm' nl' :ilhlutil-sf :xml :ithlcu-s. llrzxriiatius, '2li. l'oppy llnzvn, '25, '2li. l':inwl':i l'lulr. '21, lnnlvre-ll lrnm l'.l llurauln Springs. 23. ICSSIIC lIlNl4IS ui vzirwllvs. film- l'lulu, '2ll. A lliwm-l1:l, "l'ulish1-il Pm-lnluh-s," '2lS. lflntmm-cl frnm IGI llmuulu llixrh School, '21 MILIJRED KNOIJEICEIQ A little lvnrninu is :i 1l:uiuui-mis lllilllf. llramatics, '20, lhrnmzitii- Plays, '28, Vlziss Play. Slum- Coiixiilillov. 'l'vpini,5 Awurils. '23. Nl'0illi'4'r:ll'!, 'UCL li:lXlu'll'y, '2l. IJURWARI7 V.-XVAN Sumclime hv will surpzus Cm-il ll. Ill-Milli anli .lzimvs l'1'llm'. llrsimalius. '2li. film' Club, '25. '26, llmmzxtil- l'l:u's, '26, Upel'c-tm, "l.m'c I'ir:itc's nl' ll:xw:1ii," lu Uperettax, "Polished Pebbles." '2Qi. lshvr. .Z-v, 2h. Uperalur Muvinu Picture Mm-him-, '2lZ. Rzuliu l'lllll, '225. ANNA lil'II.l.l'I l'U'l"l'l'Ili Has :i gum! lim-, :incl lfllils-wil from Uuttuy, AI,l"Rl-ID lIl'IIlS'l'lS Optimistic :us :i sm-ll si llrzmiatics, '25. lllve Fluln, '2ti. grmwnuilly puts il nv '25. 'lla-We railnlngg, Pzlgllf .ll s-'S-1 ff X R , f--, ,f .X f--1 ,,, ,ffxwgf 2'S3f'?,il,t X U M E T ,slfifisf frff, 212113146113 ,z Rl , ,::,,,j3f!il'f,-,Q'24 532, ,,,,2,22z,if,,ai1,iG4 Q lDOR0'l'llY SIMCOSKY Swve'1h0ai'ts or slrvet-cars don'l worry mv, 'l'h1-rn-'ll soon bv another one alonu. llrnmatics, '26. film- Club, '26, Vlass Play. Stage' l'omniitter'. Opm'f11ta, "l,ovv Pirates ol' Hawaii," '25. Ulu-rvtta, "PoIishv1l Pebbles," '26, PL-muy Dozen, '26, l'Inu-roll from Joplin liigzh School, '2-1. ICUWARD PRICE llfldl VL-ry Colllliliate. Class Yell 1.6-ads-r, '23, '2-1. '25, '26, Assistant lius, Manager Comet. '25, Business Manager Comet, '26, Football, 'l'rac'k, '25, '26. lflass Play, "Dr, l"araday." llshvr, '25, Noisy Dozen, '24, '25, lllllSY Pl'1'l'ERSON l.m-arnval'f Why, she has morn- mlvurn-cs than a thormonietm-r. Junior Year at l-'url Sm-nit ll. S. BYRON E, MOORE A friend of eu-rybonly. Football, Uramatics, '26, llrzlmaliu Plays, '26, llshvr, '25, '26, Spa-llimz Finals, '23 First Aid, '23, Theory ol' Gamvs, '21, Alhlf-tic Club. '25, '26, Ill-IA'l'RlCl'l BRAUN file-al lleauty and popularity iso hand in hand, Treasurer, Freshman Year, Kodak Editor. Comvt. '25, '26, Basketball, '26, Dramatic' Plays, '26, Class Play, "June," Uperetta, '24, '25, '26, Peppy Dozen, '24, '25, '26, School Yell Leader, '25, ROY GORDON WFIRT WVh9Il sweakim: he resembles a skeleton mg a lit on a hardwood floor. Svnior Class President, '2G. Flass Play, "Ira Whittaker," Debate Team, '25, '26, Usher, '26, Radio Club Secretary, '23, i'4ll'Sl Aid Club, Vice-President, '24. lilass Orator, '26, Silva-r Medal in Extemporaneous Speakimlv Spring Festival, '25. HAROLD GRAY As helpless as spaghetti. Vice--Pre-sidvnt, Senior Class, '26, Plditor-in-Chief, Comet, '243. hav- a blind man with a dish of Asst, Edilor, Commit, ln'amatic's, '25, ljshcr, '26, Ticket 'l'ak9r, '25, First Aid Club, Secretary, 24, Radio Club, '23. VELMA LLOYD liUI.l,Ol'K Kc-fe-n, kind, O' kid, Camera Club, '24, Sophomore Class Sevretary, '24. . .lunior Ulass, Vll'9-Pl'l'Sillf'Hl, '25, Peqvpy Dozvn, '25, '26, Ilramativs. '26. Dramatic' Plays, '26, Class Play, "Kitty," 'l'ypim: Awards. l"u'h4 ,TS 4 N4 if-v-W, ,, fi M" ' AS xx V fn t . ' X Nf- I ' -as-ESU 3 U M E 7 ,fi3"i?f' Vu ffl? ?3f' ftzlii lt .j'jfQ'7'f-j ' ijlfiif . J2.i-GQ--54i!iiff, J RALPH SMITH Pllil..-X l'OVVl'il.I, m relation to thc' rouirh drop lirothvrs. How should l know trum' lovt- from any ot Athlvtit' Clulu, '25, '2li. unc? Entered from Milo lligh Svhool, 'EAL Hold Medal Vinalf, '26. liafketry, '23, Vhorus, 'ELM ALLIIG EIJVVARIIS Whcn was thu War ol' lH12'.' 'l'3'pinx! Awards. Enterecl from Schvll City Hixxh School. 'Z-1. 'CI,1'l'l'lUS WAID Sho stands by hvr vonvictions. Lincoln Ehsay Fontvsl. National Mvat Contest, Honorable Mcntion. Snelling Contest, Finals. Journalism Club. Entered from Pittsburg, Kanbas. '2'l. HELEN SPAYIJ Our most r'nvrizc'1ic diyrgvr. Dramatirs. '25. '26, fypint: Awards. Chorus, '23. Rapid Calculations, Typing: Conte-st, Springfield, '21. 'l'vac-her 'l'iaining:. JOHN NIIQMIGYIGIQ My fparl, plug: is my honwwzuwl lakvr, liut :i little Sophomorv ix my heart-lvrva Comet Artist, '26, Ori-he-stra. '21 Vlzzss Play. Stagu l'Ullll'Illl!0L'. 1 Ilgher, 'ZZWL W Vin-9-Chairman. Iloml' Room 204. Radio Clulv, '23, Sprinyz Festival Orvhvatra, '1Z5. Athlvtic Cluli, '25, l.llt'll,l.l'1 Kl'INllRlt'K I haue a svrrvt to tvll you, 1 14111 hush! Not hs-rv. Uramatirs, '26. Vhorus, '23. llasketry, '211. INIGZ COPHLANIJ Aw. what's thv llrl": Typing Awards. A Lincoln Essay Contvht. '26. Penmanshilv Diploma. 'EIL Chorus, '24, Pzngtf 29 5 4 ,. .feel ?f2f15:'ii5lj 5' 0 M E7 fir tiff, -soppfgzfff.tiig,:,.,s3,Qi1f,g f s,,5gB,5,,f,..,,?.,,,2gQ,,gtissfQfQ J GICNH WlI.l.lAMS The eternal l'c-mininv doth urge him on. Asst. Advertising: Managvr, Comet, '25, Football, '25, '26, Dramatic Plays, '26, Vperetta, "Polished Pebbles," '26, lCxtvnmoran1'ous Speaking. '25, Dramativs, '26, tile-0 Clulm, '26, s, UUSSIE t'l..-XRY One- ol' our lwst grade makers. National Honor Soviety. 'I'roasur4-r, .lunior Class, '25, llramativs, '26, 'l'x-pint! Awards, Lint-oln Essay Winner, '26, Student lforum. Spelling Contest, '25, Secretary Home Room 201. .J AMES 'l'lIliAl'I' Stand asidv all yrroat mvn. Ill-rv vomvs another. Fonwt Artist, '24, llraniativs, '26, Ulm' Clulu, '25, '26, llramatic Plays. '26, Flass Play, "P, J. llann0r1on," '26, 'l'r:u'k Squad, WVinn1'rs Sprinir Festival, Glvo Club, '25 Um-rotta, "l'olisht-d Pvlvlvlc-s," '20, l.0lS lil'lYN0l.llS JANI'II.I.l'I M'Gl'll4I Many words won't till n lnushcl. Dt'amatic's, '21 H199 Clulx, '26, Ovcretta, "Polished l'vlslrles," '26 Basketball Suuad, '25, '26, Chorus, '24, ORPHA llAVl'1NPOli'l' Sho spa-ciztlizvs in folding: lu-ds. llasketry, '23, Chorus. '24, Entered fiom Arvhiv, Missouri, 'Liu NMMA l.i'2U'i'Y The knowledge of the arcs collected into nm small uranium. Valediutorian. National Honor Socivty. Class Play, Advertising: Fommittcc. Winner Good Roads Essay Contest, '25. Winner W. C, 'l'. U. Theme Contest, '25, Final Spelling Contest, '25, Asst. Editor, .Journalism Club, '25, Freshman Class Rt-portvr. HOWARD MESS liload is his smilv. and lllwwisv tht- rvst of him. A quit-t inaidon whose' chivl' dvlight is in hvr Stagzv Crow, '26, hooks. Radio Clulm. '23, Lincoln Essziy, '26, Reading: Circle, '24, Winnt-r. Spelling: Contest, '25, Journalism Flulu, '23, lCv1tvi'vrl from Sylvia. Kansas, '24, Athletic Cllulx, '20, Pugjt' 30 lP""'v'N ,yd C'-EX xx ' , V , ' X , fur- ,. Jifsll? f,1i'5ff,3l-Q,-X0 'V' E 7 ',Qi5f?s' Yi: vga, ' iii2LZ2,L1'?3l1ll.: gig.-f,Qj!Qff,j,g,as.4'g3Q3g.f - J2.i'i,,.SsiCiQfs Q I-'AYI-1 YOUNG SARAH H. I.l'IACll 1 am resolved to grow fat and look young Listen my children and you shall hear, 'till forty. Of my midnight riclvs with Paul ---77 .llaslwtliall Squad, '23, 'II-1, Class Play, "J0rry." l.ins-oln Essay Contest, '2ti. Dramatic Plays, '25, '26. ' l'Idi1or-in-Cnief, 'l'. 'l'. Echoes, '2G. Ilramaties, '25, '26, Associate Editor. 'l'. 'l'. Echoes, '25. Secretary of Journalism Club, Spelling: Contest, '25. Pephy Dozen, '23, '24, '25, '21i. Poster Club, '23. Typing: Awards. 0 llaslietry, '24. film' Cluh, '2-l. Class Reporter, '25. Spring Festival Chorus, '2-1. MARY UCONNELL Very uncommon-red hair and a pleasant dis- position. Treasurer, Camera Club, '23. JOHN IAEVAUGH 153515811-y, '24. He treads upon the senseless clod, Orchestra, '25, And guides a zany: plow through tho sod. Spring Festival, '25. Aihleiif' Clllll. '26- Typimr Awards. llShPr, '20 . . Dramatic Nays, 'gg' U Entered from Milo High School, '24. Class Reporter. '2G. Class Play, "Mrs. Allen," '26. S'I'l-Il'lll'lN IZAIRIJ KSN-vel Morosc-'f Why, this fellow makes a. clam look LOYIJ MISNER, like :4 village gossip. ,The height of his amlwitiun Jroos about Usher, '26, ' his shoulder. 'Viuket-taker, '25. , Glee Club, '26, ' Q Stork .lu1ly.rinp:, '24. Uperetta, "Polishv1l Pvlibl0s," '26. Athletic Club, '25, '26. Reporter 'l'. 'l'. ldvhoes, '25. Stuck Judxzimr. '24. I RHRNICH SHARP Pleasant as a day in June. Glee Club, '2li. Uperetta. "Polished Pebbles." '26. 'Fypimr Awards. Student Forum. liasketry. '23. Rapid Calc-nlations, '2-l. Lincoln Essay Contest. IRENE DAWES A flappor she i liasketry, '23l. Glee Club, '24. "Take me a rar ride and l'll happy lw. s, you can easily sm-0. .v Page .ll .Q-4 , ,ff ' ' 'gi N ,fqg A 5' ,X 'SF 1 ,. -1:5313 W Sl, S 0 iq E f H? ff!! ,QL :Nj gf ..,,i2,,L.5,LLislCif.5: 3 LAVORA MINOR .JOHN PERRY So pleasant and modcxt is this little- lass, S0 cute is hv and yet so fair, We are irlad tu havv hm' in our class. The girls aflmirv him for his hair. liaflwtlmll Squad, '24, Football. '25. l.in4'0ln Essay Contest, '2G. f'l:1ss Play, "Mr, liop:e'rs." Simvllimr Finals, '25. Vhorus, '23. llaske-try Cluh. '24. FRANK MAXWI-Il.l. llas a blush like the svttin Comet Secretary, '2li. llramatics, '26, 'l'ypinL! Awards, '25, '26. Sm-Ilingz Contest, '25, lladio Club, '23. l-irrt Aid. '2-4. g sun. 'l'Yvinsr awards. Football Squad, '24. liaskctball Squad, '26, Secretary, Home Room, 201. First Aid, '23, Theory ol' Gamvs. '24. LYNN COM ISS You look wisv-Please corrrsut thc error 'l'ypin1:, Sprinzr Fertival. Silver Medal, '25 rlleg- Club, '35, 'rxvinu Cnntert an Sl-rinum-ul, '25- fppemm, '-Pmishml rf-bnif-S," '20, F' Alll l'1l'1N PLUN K lC'l"l' Knows: all thc nivv lmvb l Entered from lironauirh Hixzh School, l,UYlJ Nl'll'll. 'l'XUl" 'i'l'Ul""' "WH llc would stay lmnw 1wl'lulph, if his Ivy. xx '- 'l'::lie' it :rluw and vnsy. Uh. liluyl broklfn. film- Club, '2li. llramatics, '26, Om-l'0lta, "Polished l'vhlrlcs," '2li. Dramatic Plays, '26, 'l'll'lil'l-i8kEl', '25, '26, ilshvr, '25, '26, Slrwk -Illdmnu, '23, '24. Camera Club, '22, Athlvtim- Club, '25, ma. Radio Club, '2:a, P1121 32 ,r ,f:"' .. ,,,14B?f2fl'Sfj'Q75if3 U M E 7 YL: rffp. v Eiiiifllf 13,3 I Yai,l.-li.i-QFgi5LQ!,:l'5' KOMEDY KORNERS John Perry: What is cold boiled ham? Sterling Keck: Oh, that's ham boiled in cold water, isn't it 'E Ray Cushman: Did you notice the conductor looking at you as il' you hadn't paid your fare 'Z Kenneth Spencer: Sure, and did you notice me looking at him as if I had 'K Roy Wert tto Ellis who had just bumped into himl : Clumsy idiot! Ellis Swan fwith ready with : Glad to know you. Mine's Swan. Sarah Leach: Thcre's one thing I want to knowwd Emma Leuty: Yes '! Sarah Leach: Who waters the bulbs ofthe electric light plant? Iratc Parciit: Sir, why did you kiss my daughter last night in that dark corner? James Moore: Now that I've seen her in the light I sort of wonder myself. Bert Bennet: What do you mean by telling her I'm a boob 'Z Geo. Brcdlove: I'm sorry: I didn't know it was a secret. Bea Braun: Oh, look, the players are covered with mud. How will they ever get it off? Velma Bullock: What do you think the scrub team is for? Clarence Ratts Con country roadb : Want a ride, mister? Howard Hess: No, thanks, I'm walking to reduce. C. Ratts: No town of that name hereabouts. Ain'cha on the wrong road? Roberta Harbur: Can you drive with one hand 'I Edward Price: You bet I can. Roberta H.: Then pick up my glove. Lynn Combs: Hello, you frosh. Durward Cavan: No, this is my fifth year. Lynn C.: S-matter, taking your Post Graduate Course? Durward: No, taking my time. Mr. Esther: VVhat substance did I say we would analyze next? Adda Belle Foster: I know it, I have it on the tip of my tongue. Mr. Esther: Don't swallow it, it's arsenic. Elizabeth Bauer: How many in your family? Mildred Knoderer: Nine. E. Bauer: Are you the oldest? M. Knoderer: No, my father. Page 33 '.-,'4+..,,A - ff f"' "'NXg xy..,,f ,,,,-1 , -, 5 .X f-- 1 . -4433? i,1f2'Sff 5E' -Y 0 M E 7 3123535 T-if fffzf 22l-f11' f12, c ki ,gif - -4, 1Y17?,4, - J21f51 -aSil,Sif,-Q-1-2 P4120 34 . xp "'?-IZ ,ff 'V M W xx- x if " K X NP I "' li'lT? ffl 5374 K' ggi? ,ii T5-E V221 eil!! I lx BLM,Xi'fff,C.,lii.LA-L,1,Q7?" D .UNL Q jj-ix-Qx glsggiqvq jinniors rf-2'-:"'Z"'A 5 P':g"-"7 ,gg 4 , ' X . 1-X W if-qi? LV 2375, 5 U N E 7 mff'f'?f' Y-X? ffff A sg5L22lQ:L1,g ki Q -egg,-Q5 Qwjlfg I .,.,L,eJz1iegiggise,-2 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS WARREN MOSELEY GAY BARTRON President Vice-President THELMA WINNBERG Sponsor HENRIETTA HARTSOOK ELMER JACKSON Secretary Treasurer COLORS Red and White FLOWER Rose MOTTO Our host today is our beginning tomorrow Pl-lg!! 36 , 4412 of F? SEA K T 1432 'ju f rf! QEQFL' l ATM glf"5,: QA - f kf'-1T,2i'??N. , jjff f ilcfff KENNETH IJOWSE ANNA M. BOATRIGIVI' IJELMAS IDONNELLY CARSON MOSS PANSY I"I.UKE CHARLES STRETCH VIOLA MURPHY WAYNE HALL HENRIETTA HARTSOOK LEONARD HESTER HELEN HOFFMAN NORMAN EVANS Page 37 P1-If tl? ZX6 EMEEXW' N -f'N1?1',175' HX' 7 H35' Xirfrx, ' viLigP2fl21gLcK5Sf.Ej, , f,2.lb21 6 'imma J MARTIN CRIGLER JEAN STUDER CIIARLES DcA'l'LEY LOIS SHARP LEWIS CANADAY LA V ERNE FOSTER ELSIE FAYE TROTTFR NORVELL PETEI ISDN GLESSNER TRUE MILDRED SNIDE Il l"I,UYl'J DAIIMICH EVE LYNN DAIL Pain- KX AY Y "x N'-v-41" FK X, X X fg,.l E fA+Qwf1i'f??fEgASQ V' E 7 ,ififvjkff ff' gQj72f"gg9j 1 lf, Mi, :,fQ'fi-,:E,5,Qv1fL2??m , L in G filfifq , NVILLIE JONES FLORENCE M'CLANAlIAN GEORGE SCHWENCK NELLIE MAY SIMCOSKY ELMO DONNELLY VESTA BALL GENEVA CREEK DOROTHY INGLES BILLIE STEWART GRACE HOAG MAX CIIANCELLOR LEO KLUTH v-.pp sw 31+-:"' ff' -n5xXT"',-3:1", LQTQ? 17121535 QY X, U M E 7 'fi S65 fig? fog, Q5.52i'gE23 .,c lLR,EjQ-A fSQQ-,5,.:.+.1A A 'QSJJBR . .'i.',-22S 6 filfifi 3 t LURINE WOIJVIC WILLIIC NORRIS GLENN KI'IIrl'III.EY MARLE LANE EDWARD CARPICN GLADYS OSBORNE WARREN MOSICLICY IRICNIC IJICININGICII Gl'INl+lVII'lVI'I PORTA KATIIRYN MASON TIGR YIOLA ROHRROUGII Q ARTHUR WH ITAKER Page 40 '27,-xT""",Q Fwgy g .7 -af-li? LVQSQTZ 3? 5- ' E 7 ffifis' TL: f rg, I 75,13 f Q, ,,,tL I, fjfifl 4 MARION FOCIIRAN IQVIIY IlOI!ICI1'l'S WILLOUGIIIIY XVADIC VIVIIGN CASSAIIY RAYMOND IIAI.I. N EVA I"ARI.ICY WILL BIC'l"l'S YIIIGINIA AI.KIIlI'l IIICORGIC NURS GAY BARTON IIAIIIHCVI. GIiII"l"lN LOYIJ DAVIS l':ng-- 41 Q'-1-iff' ' " 'X X-....,,..,-1A , 'Q-5 K X x ,.,,.1 ,. -1511? f,1fi'f3f'?SIg Y U M E T ,f25"ifj1u f f, Elfzlllf '71, If 1 f.,Tl,-fi -x.:2uj..,QA , JZ? g I Jfifi J VICSTA YOUNG WAIXFICR FOPICIIANIP RUTII KEY M A R K NI 'G IC I I IC IC INIJIA MAY CREEK CIIICRIJCNA PRICHARD CLEO WIGGINTONI ICSTI LI, JOHNSON I'IIDI'I'II IIARDINC YV. 'I'. CAMPBELL RITIZY SCIFFIRS AARON DRIVER I'u-Sc -I2 Ww--ff' f ' 'NXN...,,.,-1 ' I-N Sf -X 'Q' J g-53? f2i2'f3fff s3a S U M 5 T ix? fy, ELLPP 439,311 5,,f! ",x-J.,-+,2"v2??m' Mjgj-Q sxigfqqg- -2 lll'IXlCYIi'IYl'I IIILI. .-XIBULPII 3l'l"AllI..-XNIJ l'Il.XIII.ICS MILLS ll.-XHRY IIAI.l, NINA I'Il'liARI3 ll0I,URI'lS SUIIWICNCK I,.XWIlICNC'I'I G.-XH'l'UN WILLIAM S'l'ICIllC'I"l' 4 IiIVl'll IIOXVARID IIICLICN LOUISE NI',ll,l I' ICNUS POLE IDUIJLICY CARI! l':sg1- 43 ff!! Mhx'XX Nita , , yi fn "b K W f-f-I V, 'fii-LT? f2iQ5??3E, if U M E 7 yfbfis' 'ix rig, Ei2:,Z2gJ.?f9,' I X , 4.Jg4-fk:,gi"f,j,--Q-i f gD137?gQ fmt? .Jai 5 f EOKCAS, 5 BRAXTON DAVIS JOE HESS JUSICPHINE f'ROC'KE'l"l' CONHOY SCHWENLK JOHN MESPLAY IIICIAICN OZEE ICLMICR JACKSON MARY IVERN CRAWFORD DANIEL STOUDT l'ng.' -I-l -I- V .,1a,ix2f21s3ffst X 7 Xri13:?v'?Sg fp-,, ?2f11'.'hif4.k .2f.:gf9f5i'f,Q,-4.5.2 ffZ7?j.l . jiiigtg '53 ffffti -2 JUNIOR JINGLES Elmer Jackson: So George Ebbs didn't like the navy 'Z Max Chancellor: No: he said he couldn't get used to wearing his trousers so small at the bottom. Kathryn Mason: Carson admires everything about me-my voice, my face, my eyes, my figure, my hair. Genevieve Porta : And what do you admire most about him? Kathryn Mason: His good taste. Angry Parent, striding into dimly lighted room: Young man, I'll teach you to make love to my daughter! W. T. Campbell: VVish j. ou would, old boy, I'm l10t making much headway. Edith Harding: Did the doctor take your temperature '? Helen Ne1ll: I dou't kiiow, I l aven't missed anything yet. llelen Ozee tat Hzvzcl Conreitfl : Is that Heethoveifs Sonata Z' Braxton Davis fatter going clmser to read IIUUCQJZ No, it's the retrain irom spitting. James Stratton: fav, 'ftiv, do I take the Mo. Pacific train from Nevada to Kansas City? Darell Griffin: Isaw, sap, the engine does that. You just get on. Bill Stewart: Ilullo, Joe. .Xre you using your lawn-mower this afternoon ? Joe Hess: Yes, I'm afraid I am. Bill Stewart: Splendid! Then you won't be wanting your tennis racquet-I've broken mine! Josephine Crockett: Do tootball players usually get by in their class? Warren Moseley: Yes, you see they are such clever passers. Gay Barton: Say old man, can you let me have five- Chas. Dowellz N0- Gay Barton: -minutes of your time? Chas. McDowell: -trouble at all, old scout. George Schwenck: WVhat did your grandfather say when they amputated his leg? Harold Pierce: He yelled, "Hey, what's coming off here? ' Loyd Davis: How do you like my room, as a whole? Estill Johnson: As a hole it's fine, as a room-not so good. Evelyn Dail: You could never marry money without love could you 'I 1 Nina Pickard: Oh, I simply couldn't! I Just love money! Page 45 us'-v-fy, N., ,,,, , V 1 lf.Q5,1?f,14fsf??3gj x U P1 F f f412e55M W, s42:Q,ga1,ii 1L,,4,- hg g vfgilfj ,'gLJi,LGlA-Qjggihfkq .2 l'alg,Em' 'In , xg...,,,, f A ,X 93 ff! X1 Y omg X""'5 ' ,. , lfi'5.:3?f,V6k :X Y 7 LH? K QQ-igr2:2ff1J'1lLi yififffff- ,-A 1 wwf? f 555'-iqf ,ff 'fy ' +'g'. A 'qu' V., V ,. ,X -A A ,Q Soplnonlorcs 'i,Q'?'-lr? ,fffi 'Y Y -ONYX X5,,,,,,,-I u " f" .X f--I ,. V . efq5lT?f!f1S?i5i, AY G M E7 yfimf' ffm fig, EL?:?3 1.E'f?f1'N1j -5225 f...ff2g.Je 2lQLiAliSSf? SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS i'llARl.ICS BAKER MARYLEH PHICLPS President Vice-President VIRGIYIA SYMNS Sponsor CTLAIQICNCE OBICRLIN ALBICRTA JOHNSON Secretary Treasurer COLORS Green and White FLOWER White Rose IVIOTTO A quittez' never wins, and 21 winncr never quits CLASS TOAST Tu our difficulties: Let's greet them, treat them, beat them Page 48 7 ':g,1v-dvr 'XRWJ f :iffy QU V' Er ?f'5Em,W f 'I ck e . , X " 'V ' N , YA" E, .f,i0,iCf f:- Y V Q l':l2c 49 iffy-w ffl' 'mf N..-.,..'JY I ' " AAQT .Alfa-'lxar . I,-4-Xk X Ki, Lai .95 XXI ffl x 9 2' f g ,'!,, X .5 - b2lQ5l,-QTii'?i1, '3 Pugju 50 1 ff Aflv.:-",,ffii' N,,,- if 1 IQ ,5Y' PTXQ' ,. i f lip.: fm h iw' Qi X-fu wal . H- I , , - , , " - z E2?2i crm' rl gf' will, . 231-6 4ee3ixf.c-ra lfnyc l'll'l'Q'lN2lll, lluyl Alkirc, 3lz1i'ylm-L' I'ln-lpf, Huy llilflhllllli, lIvn.y,5ia1 Argn. ' Williinn Bound. Ln-tim Ilrown. .In-ssiu Ili-mlrickfmi, Milmlruml Woolly. lflrnc-st Lic Ulrcr- lll. l'uulinu Stcvcns, Rc-ml lim-yiiulllb. Yirglnizl Callaway, I,m'vn 'l'nrlc, Aumlry lluncznn. Juv Smith, lflrinzx Rulwrts, Rolwrl Gomlpasturc, I10l'2lll1 We-rl, l'il1ll'l'y Wolls. Marin Davis, Orin Allen, Nora Tompkins, lforest Richey, Ruby lfrim-ll. I,:iwi:micc '1'lio1'pc, Opal Admins, Philip Kochlcr. llorothy Iliclacfsmi, Wil':1 Maw Inv- ing. l'14gL- 51 4 ff,,,---""' 'X 5-N-li! 12?-41V"""XZ S I N ra Er 'ygfaffwrfk , ,., n is if 5-bgggifiilxigrgfa-j'1W,-4"4l.,, --... i12ig?2, Qfh.lY W M ' T I L s'+v--ff, ' QXX i - .f --1 ,,4gn?f,17'sf55sH KU M E 7 3f2?f?i"5Lr iris, :fgjg7D'c1'f1,? 1 ds jf. n-+Qyf2?l, Y iii kilfifs livclyn l"ui'ftm-,', Va-rn True. Sn-lnm Jackson, Kolmurt, lll'llll0l'Sllll, lll2ll'.llll'l0 Cl1Lll'l'lllll. li. ll. Schull, Clll'ySf2ll llugw-i's, lfllinm' Titus, Mullin Rlwn. lhmnld Rntmnnn. Glznlys Bunlior, Clhzlrlcs Baker, Mary Ellen Spaxycl, lilnm f'lz1l'y, Evelyn Pikc-. Rvx Post, Allu-rtai Johnson, John Wallace, Lonvllzl Rigfpgs, Marion Zilliux. Cluu Rzu'kc1', Ralph Emory, William Spayd, Iilva l+'ord, livclyn Bills. Lmlwcll Dunkin, llopu llornlmck, Viviun l"ullvr, llurry llansun, La-un Mzixwull. Page 53 xl?,t'v-,gf ff' 'XSy-4-.,-r' , . f-- 1 , ,. -1143? fyilfgi if Y U M E 7 3.f4 'jIu fffk E-"gf.?2:L?f3,' l dx , 'QQQZ All L,L'l.i,5ilgf-SQ 2 Page 54 Q-4-,...,, " ' 'f X f-A if X f-P 4 gal? f,1f's35 all Y U lvl E 7 743f?i'f1.rff4:, , +if2fg7P"f12Bj 1 li' iffy-,Ig Q-.wi27l?'j. " A jg? ,GQ filfiqg llll0g'0lIU Hlulwly. Raiyinuml Lunt, Luuisc Vlwzciii, lizitliryii llrziy, .-Xiwliiv .-Xlwlmyl Burl lluwvll. l'lziroiicv Olwrlin, 3lziry,:z11'ul lhiiilwix l"i'uiilu Allvii. lhvggm' lfiiw. Waillm-1' Su-uck, l.L-mu .lamivson, Wm-mlcll l"uwlci', Isulu-ll Murgzin, .luliii Jtlllllxlill. Virgfiiiizi Mclliiiloy, Cvcil Young, Tliolmai Lulicly, llully llivu. lrum' lli'itl'ill1. ., lla-lun lvlllllflfilll, liziynmml Fox, Ruth Phillips, Keith Nnviligvig llulwrln llulvii. Ulvsriv Pczlli. Hill'l,JilI'il Davis, l'll'2UlL'lS Rilvy, Nlvllmli-0 llzlvis, llulwrt llugliw. I l'u9,c 55 fav--f' f' 'R ' , A , Z TfP':"es".'2' -fi-B? fyilfffiilg- 3 Ui E 7- 'yti jif fri, ?3f 'fill dsmai.. :lj 153325 ,..f,L.LlZiiQ-Eil.iifSQf'-3 LAFF-A-LOT Pauline Stevens: Why is it that Hoyt Alkire always wears his hair pompadour style? Dorothy Dickerson: Well, you see he likes his comb so well he hates to part with it. Virginia Callaway: E. B. seems very narrow minded in an ar- gument. Elva Ford: No. I guess not. He admits that here are two sides to every question: his side and the wrong side. Burl Howell: Were you thinking of me, dear? Isabelle Morgan: Oh! Was I laughing? I'm so sorry. Ralph Emery: This is a very small town, isn't it? Chas. Baker: Well, no. The town is plenty big enough, but there ain't many people in it. Lawrence Thorpe: I've just been writing my thesis. Melba Rhea: You brute. You said I was the only girl you ever wrote to. Archie Abbott: Who was the smallest man in history? Margaret Bunker: I'm ignorant, who? Archie Abbott: The Roman soldier who went to sleep on his watch. Marylee Phelps: Have you had your iron today ? Pauline Stevens: Well, I've bitten my nails. Roy Hartsook: I fell out of bed last night. Loren Turk: That's because you slept too near where you got in. Roy Hartsook: It wasn't either: it was because I slept too near where I fell out. Faye Freeman: Columbus was a farmer. Nora Tompkins: Yeh? Faye Freeman: He plowed the seas and planted his foot on American soil. Robt. Goodpasture: I'm going out in the orchard to pick some eggs. Mrs. Waid: What are you going to pick them from? Robt. Goodpasture: Why a poultry of course. Walter Steuck: I hear that letter postage has gone up to three cents. Clarence Oberlin: Yes? ' Walter Steuck: I'm going to lay in a goodly store of two cent stamps. Page S6 'N .,x:. 4, LJA7L2JSd.NZd.CJMJLLJ.!JL.7g.! iBook 3 Ewo , I 1 17' .Z N Eltbletics a 2 Q K yfAYmmiW.og .. W fl fm l K N9'1.+,:-:fgi""'S , A,-If .J-AEK? 1',1i'S3F G M E 75 ' aiiifix fig, , 'EJ .dv gif.:ljgf'f6,j,sQ-f-L.Cn11U??L'. . .cjjillcisilfgfi 5 Um' Coacfzes Nevada High School was extremely fortunate this year in having two coaches of unusual ability. Mr. Oliver was coach of football, basketball, and trackg while Miss Dorman coached girls' basketball. Both are graduates of the State Teachers' College at Springfield, and both took part in the athletics of that institution. Miss Dorman was a member of the basketball squad for several years, and after her graduation coached basketball in Marionville and Monett, before coming to Nevada. While a coach at Marionville and Monett, Miss Dorman turned out several teams of championship caliber. Since coming to Nevada her natural ability and coaching experience have enabled her to produce some of Nevada's best girls' basket- ball teams. She is a coach who takes personal interest in every member of the squad, and one that is able to arouse the best in school spirit and interest in her players. During Mr. Oliver's four years at the Teachers' College, he became an out- standing figure in the athletics of that school. and became known as one of the best all-around athletes in Missouri. Mr. Oliver played four years of football and basket- ball for the Teachers' College, and was famous as the hardest hitting half-back in the conference. He was twice an all-state half-back on the football team, and once all-state guard on the basketball team. He was captain of both the basketball and football teams during his Junior year in college. He also played on the champion- ship football team, and the basketball team, and the basketball team that won the M. I. A. A. championship in 1917. After leaving college Mr. Oliver played tackle on the Philadelphia Navy Ship- yards football team, the only undefeated football team in the east in 1918. Mr. Oliver had coached football in both Oklahoma and Missouri before coming to Ne- vada, and has acquired a reputation for turning out winning teams. His natural ability and his winning personality have made him one of the most popular athletic directors Nevada has ever had. He is able to inspire his teams to do their very best, and he has the respect and admiration of every member of his squad. With such athletic directors as these, it is no wonder that N. H. S. is noted for her athletic teams. Page S7 'gif-I-'fa K' "' 5 WX X fn 1 5 A M'-ff ,. .-f4+,31?f2f1??iMXU M E7 ,ii3Tf'Yirf ff egL227c:11J 1 ll. -f 1422, 1 ..Tg,,g22j-2.62 filifxq J cc as 0 Weczrers of zflze N FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TR.-XFK 'II NNIIS C'1'z1xvi'm'1i '22, '23, '2L1. '25 '2CZ, '2'l. '25, '26 , J. Moore' '2-1 '25 ' 11.111-1Qy '21, '25 Cook '21, '25 xVilli2lYllS '2-1, '25 Swan '25 '26 f':1rpc11Lc1- '25 426 Pricc- '25 '25 SwL:11'i11g011 '25 '26 Cushnmzm '25 '26 f'2ll'll'l' '25 25 lullllfilll '25 i':1ll11-rs 25 Il. NIINUIT' 25 llnwvll '26 GIRLS' BASKICTBALL l+'c1slc1' ---- '24, '25 '26 '1'o111pki11s '1 '25 '26 Ilzxutsuuk '25 '26 HI'1lllll - '26 f'I'K'l'k '20 Um-0 '26 l'1l1ix' SQ Kiav-n, .f7 '-X N....,..,-1 Q il f Xxkf-I A . .,f33?g',1f QTEK' Y ' 7 74x3'ivY, ggfff,, E121P2 Tc2'0f I Sli iff' .Q"jwv27??f fbzii is Siff- v s 5' aff jfootball , .W f--' " Whxex-X "" A ff S xx A., 1 fn - N - X 4511? ffl! 0 M E 7 ylifjciv' Sl? VIZ! ss: P21 -avi 1 ll....:g. SQw:,g f ff.-z??,5 'f..,'...2gg,-f infer-Q J "1 WAGNHR CRAWFORD Hall' llaek, l55 lbs. 'l'his was w2lL!I'l0l": fourth year on a 'Fillet football squad. H0 is a ti ne passer, a surf taclcler. and a very shitty broken tielcl run- ner. Warner performed the sluties of Captain this season in a most able manner, being a constant sourse ot' help and encouragement to his men. He has been named as a halt' or an entl on several ol' the mythiral All Southwest teams, and is general- ly ret-olrnizetl as one ot the best ever tlevelopetl in the Southwest l,eat-fue, ln Wairtu-r's 1.51-amluation this year the 'l'i1:er squat! sul'- tiers zu real loss. T VICTOR COOK Full-liaelt, 175 lbs. Cook's regular posi- tion was in the back- tieltl. but when occa- sion tlemanderl it, he was equally at home in thc- line. Vic's long suit was plunyzinu the line, and after he hail hit it once or twiee opposing players had their choiee of get- ting: out of his way or going: with him. He was a steady, con- sistent player through- out the season, a re- liable ground izainer, antl will captain next year's team in a eom- lretent anal able man- ner. JOHN PERRY 'l'at-kle, ltilt lbs. Throutzhout the sea- son John was one of the 'l'ix:er's mainstays. A versatile player. Perry performed in both line antl the bark- fielrl, in addition to carryimr the entire hurrlen ol' puntiniz. His kiekim: and work on the defense firmly es- tablished him as out of the really all rounti football players de- velopeml in the South- west. lieaxrue last sea- son. At the annual football banquet Perry YVHS i1lnl0St llnZlnllli0llS- ly chosen the man most valuable to his team this year. Page lull fn""'- 'K F mf- I M V ,,15.,'3,jgg f,115g,' il? SU V1 E 7 ,ifg jtr vga, Eg.i??r.L2'f1Z1llv sgg,SSfr5fQ-,5,,,,,Q'1321" 251551, g,isgif,qg2 .I A M HS M ORGAN tlxmrul, H55 llys. lVlur1::il1 was :A lnig I':u'tm' in thu 'l'i1:vt' limi this yvar. A drivinil :nan nn dolllnsu. hv lnmlv Iviv hulcs in thc vnrlnx lint-. Whs-n on :lt-fm-nrt' lu' often caused lhv 4-iwvllx to vhnusm' umtlwr way. A steady 4-misistvnt plziyur all 3't'2ll'. hc- Iwi-zunv El rzirv- flll slllrlvnl nf fhv Julius- Ili- was fast and always hit hard. llis Irslllituwlt :intl m'unpvi':l- lion wx-rv fvuturvs ul' fu-ry panic. Morgan mtways showed the real Tigvr spirit, BYRON MOORE llllll4l'lR'l' CAli'l'l'Ili l0llN l'A'l'lll'Ill l'In:I, 145 lbs. lti5 lbs, tluard, lT0 Ilns. Ilyrun was nut This was t'artcr's This was .lnhn's tirst -flashy, hut hc was a lit-st yvzu' of lkmtlvall, yym- uf fuutball, but stvmly and s-lmsistvnt but his rapid 1lf'Y0l0ll- not his last. fm' hl' will lvl:1N1'1'- H0 was al- mm-nt and natural abil- be back at his old place' ways a pruhlcm tu tht' ity in the galnv made' in thc lint' lwxt yvar. wlT4-vlsivv 10301, IW- him at really tina- half- Hv is zu big: fast main, Villlht' Of their irlahil- hack. Ho was a trinlv good on I-nth thv nf- ilx' YU 1191 him Oil' his thru-at man, and ho did funsv and th4- 1lvI'4-nsv IK-vt. null his ability lu ulmusl all of the pass- lie was always ready .slip through their in- ing for thv 'l'iprn'rs, lu takl' his shnrv of thu 1 I lt'l'l.l'l'L'lll'l' and hrr'aklll! "artw' was an lYlll'l.l- wurk and hard knocks, up plays. H0 was fro- L-ularly tint' dvfvnsivv ind always rrunv up que-ntly un the lruttum pln5'm'l', hv Svvxnvd tu ln- amilinu. H0 was m-h1-0r- Ul' fl Illily. lilll 2llW2l5'F alulv to toll wht-rv his ful and a gl-vu! hmlu in mum- up smilinir and .ppnncnts wt-rv guinyz. his tvalnlnatvs. Jnhll rm-:uly fur the next sig- ...Nl 10 1,0 mg,-0 to mg,-1 will he an hip: run' in nal. tht-ml next ycar's fuutlral' machine. o liilgt' til f . E. ee-Z., xkv-ff, ,. ' it "i 'gt 'A "' K .X 'sf I U 1-tf.gt3f,1f2's3??sE? S U M E 7 3? its f rg., 12731, -1 J lil'10litil'1 SWEARIN- GEN Ilall'-liark, 150 lbs. George was the star ilrop kicker, The win- ning: of the lfort Scott incl Adrian Lzames were :luv to his timely kielts, while he was one of the two members of teams in the Mid-West l'onft-renee this year tu send the ball oven A1lrian's goal line livorize was a real star in the prame, but he was so badly hurt in the Sprinizlielll 1-fame that he was only able tu play a few minutes at a time the rest of the season, lle was always learml by invanlini: teams, however. and was a vonstaut threat lluuuprhuut the sea- -on l'lIJWARll PRICE End, Hill lbs. l'riee was the fast man on the 'l'i11'er suuail this year. llis traek experience helped him a great deal, and he was always down on punts ahead of- any- one else. His spewl and ability to snal passes from all impos- sible angles made him A ralualile asset tn the Til-ter team. In amltli- tion to end, Priee alsv played Muarrl part of the season. His inter- est in football, and th' fact that he kept him- sell' in the best of phy- sieal euntlitiun through- out the season, will leave :1 vneanry in tht 'l'iy1en' line haril to Iill when he is I-!l'a1lllats-nl. rlli CARPl'IN'l'l'lR limi, 140 lbs. Ed was small but mighty. Ile was in- jured at the beginning: lr" the season, but in the last two games he lemonstrateal the faet that he was a real entl. lle was always able to flip through the in- terference and nab the runner or to turn him into the taekle antl .poil the play. 1-111 is manly :L junior this year, and will be lravk at his ulsl berth at the helrin- nin: ul' the season next year, WARREN MOSELICY Venter. 155 lhs, Moseley was shiltml from pruarzl to eenter this season. lle proved to be a reliable player in that position, beinxr Zlll Hl'l'lll'Hll' Il?'lSSf'l', Hilti an aslept at opening.: holes in the line. Very l'ew ol' the opposition's plays went, over, throuirh. or under him, and as roving: center he broke many passes anll plays before they were well startell. Moseley will be baek next year, sind will ably till an im- portant place in the line. Page 1,2 Q- 4 N-,s',q.HV f , -Mrs ' f , X is -F1 -f-l3R?f,,jl5k KU 'V' F F lfmvvvlf f fs fl--if -,Q-, lx ., .14 X 35 ., .Af me 22 MLZPZJ il ii ,L'g3??,, 1 M .gy -eh Mail Life , JAMES MOORE I'll.l,lS SWAN lll'lNl'2 Wll.l.lAlVlS RAY FUSIIMAN Q.x:xr14'r. 150 lbs. KR-lull-1', llih llms. 'l'm'lxlv. 170 Ilus. lluzlrd, 150 Ilvs. This was llir'k0y's Ellis wus iujurvd in This i- Gvm"s sc-vond Vuslmiuu was uunlrl sc-4-onml your at the sig- lu'zu-til-c' al. the lirsl of yvur in lhv lim-, :url lo ln- out for Il"ill'lll' nail position, and his tho svzvon :xml lhorv- lhv :kill and vxps-ricm-r lhn- llrsl lvuvl ol' thx -xm-rim-Iwo shown-al up l'o.lo did not ra-ally 1:1-I L'filillCil in that tim' svzxson, hut uftor an to :lu zulvaulagrv this iulo the lirst fm-w madv him zu vvry urs-at :loxl limo out hi- Im. svnron, Always a care- LTZIIHUS. As roon as his dctrinwnt to any op- mlm- om- ol' lhe ful student ul' the injury healed, hm lrouenls who l12llll'4'lWll fYl'ulm1'fl nwu in lh' gnmi-, he had Qhg- righl p,ox'v4l lo lu' H strong to lm trying: in zulvum-1' 'l'iL:m-r lim-. llv was :I play :xl thu right time, filo! in the 'l'igq-r lima the hall. llv was ul- fast, f'fHlSiSll'lIf l'l:lyvr, :mud usually sunicoedml and u vonstant nivuarv ways on his tovs, unl illlll wus good ul opvn- in um-Ming ihv righl ro- lo thx' nplrusitinn. lla- :quick lu talil' nulvuns int! holvs on thu- uf. suits. Ile was 21 hard lll2lB'l-'li lhm' ulhvl' line tame ol' mistakes mzulv fl'Il.w'. llx- was always worIu'r. always early to po-itions as ws-Il as lay thc- olhvr sid:-. Al- l'l1l'vl'l'ul :md willing lu pr:u-tivv. :I lint- safvty l'0I1tm'. and his parti- .vuys alL'1'1, for fumlxlvs. do his hurt. llv oflrn null vrlwuially good at Uulzu' holulry was going hv has oftc-n gainvll for lulfl-I' through rhi- ppqil-lling mul running lwlwm-li or undm' Ihr' his tvum lay lhoil' rv- 1-mlniy flu-l'vns0 lzwlililxgg hack punts. ln the ollvnsivv linv just in m'ov1-ry. Given vrmmrh tho lmvlcs lu-him! lhg rnnws the Tigrvrs playud limo to spill thx' in- fvmininv admin-rs on liuv. on muddy fields, his lL'l'l'cl's'l1uQ or vzilvh tha lhv sidelines, Gvn. HUM K1.m.ra1Shgl,, and runncl"s lvyrs. would luv unuthvr WL-ir llu- vvry low lumlslvs -' il' th:-rc wore euouuh. mzulv. vlzlsswl Moore- as l rvul 411121111-l'. rg .1 I llalgm' 1,3 E32' c 'A Il Kll l N f .X f- I H .,-3411? 12,2333 O lvl E 7 ?ff3f?S' Yi? ffgg, iii.?27ll'9Q' l ll , ,fg-j'fg!'fg,Q,L.g5.1 Qnwliljuf ,.cjZlf-ic5s3iifi'.'2 1925 Football Sqzmn' Isl How: Vllblllllilll, Coach Hlivcr, Coach l'Isl,hcl', Nloorc, lll'lLIl1'I', llavis, llcw. Zlml Row: Pricc, Carter, Morgan, B. Moorc, Mosclcy, Capt. ffrawforcl, Perry, C'at,lu-rs, Alwlmotl. Coach Englcman, Novingcr. llrml Row: Carpcnlur, Moss, Carrmplrcll, 'l'ho1'p0, Saumlcrs, Williams, Cook, Scoll. l 1 SCHEDULE Sz-pl. 25 Ncvarla Fort Scott fi hcrc Ucl. Nvvafla l'3l1l,lcl' lhcrm 04-l. Ncvzulx Aflfliill ihcrm Ucl. N4'V2llll Sln'im,!!lvl4l lll1'l't Ucl. Ncvaflz Wululx Pity flu-rl Nov. Ncvamlz lil Dorado lu-rc Nov. lil Ncvacla Joplin ilu-rm Nov. Z0 Nevada Carthage lu-rc Nov. S Ncvada 1 Lamar lu-rc Page 114 9 i'Ti' w...,,.,-fx o I ff - sf - 'W' ,. . -fi51R?1',"153f:5E- X0 M E T ,tiff'?s'BL: fra. 21.22. term' 1 ki. -f if Sian".-,'5 yogi f 1024, j 1.11 -fsileiifs Q GRIIJIRON GRA VY Hay Uushman: I wish I could get my girl's father on the team. Wag. Crawford: Why so 'Y Ray Cushman: He furnishes the toughest interference I ever struck. John Perry: There is only one position on a football team suit- able for a woman. James Morgan: And what is that? John Perry: The quarterback's-qhe does all the talking. Sweet Young Thing: VVhat is Byron Moore doing playing so far back? Gilbert Carter: He plays safety. Sweet Thing: Oh, the coward! Why doesn't he get in the fight. Archie Abbott tduring practicej : Where'd all those grapes round here come from. Lawrence Thorpe: Them's not grapes-them's eyeballs. John Cathers: Say, what's the idea of calling me "Bat-on"'? My name's John Cathers. Mr. Oliver: Well, you're always off side. Ed Carpenter: They are so particular about their headgear. Victor Cook: How is that Z' Ed Carpenter: They are so particular about heir headgear. Martin Crigler: I see Warren Moseley made the team. Ellis Swan: Yes, very rotten. Geo. Swearingen: Smart girl, that cousin ot' yours. ' Gene Williams: I'll say so, she can tell the goal posts from the players bench. James Moore: Why do they call it the gridiron '? Ed Price: That's because it flattens so many men out. Pagge 115 ' "f"'1'd,-nx X xg,,,, -yi fn""5 qf W N'-I . 'xg-QB? fiigsfifi 52, X U M E T yffpffifg Ti, f fig, z,lL4Q,LQ i -f3,5Q f4f,5,?ab.4, 1Q ,.,L igL'f1i,g594giQgf,Lg Y ILM K 44y37f',1ff2's?"? U3 P1 E r 523-Iafjm rg, szg22 'L1'f1,' 1 it fiffw,-,'g,i4g. jv27??,f' . 22.5161,Sifsc- fj N Q f Basketball ry ffmxx fu 'b q W 'N'-1 ,. . J:isl??ff"'l53?5T1, X0 M E 7 3 fi'f"?f' if N221 Elilluvif 1 dx l...1, : ,jffiffgj vig W -.,L . iii, ,gilliiaia '2 YVA1.Nl'fIl 1'llAYVFUlill ICTALIS SWAN RAY UVSIIMAN l':ll?li!lH Guzlrtl Cunt: 1- l'm'W:11'cl ICURI. HOVVEI.I. GEORGE SWEARINGEN EDWARD CARPPIN'I'I'Ili Fm'w:u'sl Fmwx ard Guard P3120 68 i XXX , 5' X 1 'ff I , 4432? f2i's3f'?sE, X U M E 7 ,G TM fm, tx? 627313 I glfiew'l:'gg"'A,x-Jig?-4-g,,,i'.Wflygtnh -.r , -61 oysi Basketball Report The opening of the basketball season this year did not show any particularly bright prospects for Nevada's boys team. Among the thirty odd candidates that reported for p1'actice the first night, there was only one letter nian, and a very few that had had any previous experience. It looked as though Nevada's boys basketball team would be too inexperienced and lacking in knowledge of the game to be a threat to the strong teams in the Midwest and Southwest Leagues. But such was not the case. Under the coaching of Mr. Oliver, and with the earnest cooperation and interest of every boy on the squad, a team was soon developed that was a credit to the high school, and one that was worthy of wearing the colors made famous by the N. H. S. teams of former years. The boys played 18 games, of wihch they won 12 and lost 6. Nevada's total score, however, was more than double that of her opponents, and all the games that were lost were lost by a margin of a very few points. Nevada's team this year may not have won so many games as those of previous years, but it has done one thing more important, it has established for itself and for the high school, the reputation of being the cleanest, hardest-fighting' team in the conference. And in that, perhaps it has won the greatest victory to be obtained in athletics. Every member of the basketball team this year was a good sport. Every man on the team fought hard and clean, played the game till the whistle blew, was al- ways working for victory, and was always courteous and friendly toward his op- ponent. They were always gracious in victory and smiling in defeat, N. H. S. bas- ketball team this year combined all the manly qualities to be obtained from clean athletics. They lived up to and carried on Nevadats athletic ideal--that ot' sports- manship. May the teams of the future keep this ideal untarnished. SCHEDULE llate Team Place Nevad January 8 loplin llere IIS lanuary El Dorado llere 245 lanuary Minden Mines llere 20 lanuary Appleton City llere 232 lanuary Montevallo llere EP January . Aurora There BH February Stockton There Jill We bruary A u rora ll ere lil February Fl Dorado 'l'here 18 l"ebruary Monett llere I 6 February Liberal llere 22 March J! Butler llere Zvi Mai-eli rl Lamar 'l'liere ill? Page N7 , XXANXBXX NF -fifgy 0122? af Q, U M E 7' fix? fri. ,-,- 'J.::":7s X xf 'f' KX ,Q ' ',,!' A N . ?Jl?lU 1 J if 2 AIJDA I5I'II,I,I'1 l"OS'l'PlR ICUNICIS TUMPKINS INDIA MAN C'lil'IHli Czllrizlixl I"m'w:n'4l UH1ll'Ii Cvntcr IH'lI.l'IN OZICIG Hl'INRlPf'l"l'A HARTSOOK lil'IA'l'RICl'I IHIAUN Guard Rllnniml' Center I"m'wm'4l Page 70 X vzinfg fi E THQ? v fig? LV il, ,nfl X-if Eff? EQ P2 43,13 f tip W, i'SCr".x-,5y,,.4,4-'s:17?h-, , 223-5 rgilffsc Girls' Basleezfbczll Report The girls' basketball team this year was exceptionally good. It was composed of conscientious, energetic, faithful girls. who fought hard and clean throughout the game, whether they we1'e winning or losing. The numbers divisible by three were unlucky for the team this year. We lost our third, sixth and ninth games and one at the tournament. Although we were de- feated four times this year, the total of our opponents' points lacked one hundred and thirty eight points of equaling our total. X71CiZ01'l6S are not everything, although they stand tor a good deal, and are what every team should strive for. The best thing that can be said about a team is that they are good sportsmen, and the Nevada team carries the name of being the best of sportsmen. For some unknown reason there are only six letter girls this year. Tompkins, as forward, cannot be surpassed. Her shots were accurate and seldom failed to go through the basket. Braun, although she did not make points, was a splendid player because of her accurate team work. No team will ever need any better forwards than these. Creek was new on our team this year, but had played for two years on Milo's team. Her guarding was better than the average, and, although she was small. not many forwards got around her. Ozee was a clean, hard fighter, and because of her height, only a few baskets were made by her opponents. These two guards played together so fast that they could not be beaten. Hartsook, as running center, simply could not be beateng she was fast and her passes swift and sure. Foster played such a game at jumping center that she never met a player who could out- jump or out-play her. Foster has played basketball four years and has never missed a single practice in all that time. Foster's and Hartsook's team work was absolutely unbeatable. Due to the untiring efforts of the coach, the whole team played excep- tionally Well. What we lost in defeats, we gained in sportsmanship. It is sincely hoped that the succeeding teams will up-hold the name this team has gained for Nevada. ADDA BELLE FOSTER. SCHEDULE Date Team Place Nevada Opponent .January 8 Joplin Here 14 January 15 El Dorado Here 11 January 1 Minden Mines Here 27 January 22 Appleton City Here 22 January 28 Montevallo Here 1-1 February Stockton The1'e 25 February El Dorado There 19 February Cottey College Here 5 March 3 Butler Here 14 March 5 Lamar There 220 March 12 Neosho Springfield 20 lVl:u'ch 16 Cottey College There I7 Page 71 I.. f"A'i . J? f 0 M fXX'2"'f. ,-Jf':.?vfPfx 7 'f4f'5'mfrf- If!,Qvf,g.I.L'?'3gQ?5j' IO.i,f,O,L1.Q,QEafs:gQQ lnterclczss Bczsleetbczll Clmmpions SENIOR GIRLS TEAM SENIOR BOYS TEAM Page 72 ':'?,1Y,:"' ,ff ' K VXXSQ-,...:f QR 7 G lv: E Vkfhwx v ,. -1731? fflfizgx-Y 7 7155? Yilffcf si.72 :2zf13 f lit ,fiffn-,'Q,....L' .'j pz73?'i .QL .bmi f33 !Qf.s- 4 S X f Illbinor Sports .s,Y4.,..,,' s f"'E - , ""'5 fy V .1433 f,l?'sfff5EQ- -Sf U M E T jluififisgz riff. eg'-' -.-?3f 1212.21 . il.!afE!.SCS:qf,f Last Yeczfs Track Last year's track team lined up to the record established by former teams of N. H. S., in that it won four our of the tive meets entered. In winning the big Tri- Stajg meet at Pittsburg for the third consecutive time N. H. S. has gained the honor of keeping the big cup for which, during the last three years, schools in Kansas, Mis- souri, and Oklahoma have competed. Many other cups were also added to our trophy cases. Letter men in track last year were: Keithley, Soward, Price, Abbott, Dooley, Thomas, Ewing, Bunker, and Carter. DUAL MEET WITH FORT SCOTT, APRIL 8, 1925 Points for Nevada-81. Points for Fort Scott-39. In 0 Name Event Place Points Keithley 50 Yard Dash lst 5 Soward 50 Yard Dash 2nd 3 Keithley 100 Yard Dash lst 5 Price 100 Yard Dash 2nd I Soward 220 Yard Dash lst 5 Abbott 220 Yard Dash 2nd 0 Keithley 440 Yard Dash lst 5 Dooley 880 Yards lst 5 Thomas 880 Yards 2nd " Dooley Mile lst 5 Thomas Mile 2nd 3 R. Ewing High Hurdles lst 5 R. Ewing Low Hurdles lst 5 Bunker Broad Jump lst 5 Bunker Shot Put lst 5 Soward Shot Put 2nd 3 Bunker Discus lst 5 Bunker -laveline 2nd 3 N. H. S. Relay lst 5 PITTSBURG TRI-STATE N. ll. S. won first among the twenty schools from Missouri, Kansas and Okld homa. Nevada-41 points. Pittsburg won second place-2416 points. Name Event Place Points Dooley 880 yard lst 5 Keithley 50 Yard 1st 5 Keithley 100 Yard lst 5 Keithley 220 Yard lst 5 Keithley 440 Yard 1st 5 Dooley Mile 2nd 3 Bunker Shot Put 2nd 3 Bunker Discus lst 5 N. ll. S. Mile Relay lst 5 Page 74 sf-w-f,.',g ff S fvs?:-,Y X --I' .J-'NX?f,1fcs 'ily SUMET IAIIHE'-1'I . f.-fs -T' 3 Lt "lui ,N ' 'JU 'Vff ' 1 i 4-121+-f5:fii ffggf-v-i-4--i".5.T-2?-ir.. -..Q tm , POINT WINNERS AT FARTIIAGE, APRIL 17. 1005 Nami- Event Placc Plmvl Kcithluy 100 Yard Dash 2nd I Kcithlcy Quarter-Milo lst licithlcy Rclay Isl, Abbott RC-"ay Ist Suward Rc-lay lst l'ricc Rclay lsl . Vartcr Shut l'ul lst , Vartcr Discus :Zi-il llunlur Shut Put ind . Buulccr Discus lst Duulcy Milo lst Tlirapp liigzh Jump Til-d fur Tliiril I llccm'cls- Varlvr Shut put 415 ft., 5 in. lluulvv lllilv, -l minulcs. 410 'g, soc, MIDWEST MEET Ncvada Wins-233 points. Lamar wins sccund placc---IT puinl Namc Event Placc l'ui Dmmlcy Ilalt'-Mile 2nd licithlcy 100 Yard Dash lst, lflunkci' Discus lst Bunkci' Shot Put lst Kcithlcy 220 Dash lst Ewing' llifrh Jump Isl Doolcy Milc lst Abliutt Broad Jump 2nd Kcithlcy 1-10 Yard lsl Ewing 110 Yard 2nd N. ll. S lg Milc Relay lst SPRINGFIELD TOURNAMENT Mt. Vcrnun win-'-A -IRNA points. Nevada wins sccund placc-27 points. Nainc Event Placc li Kcithlcy 4-10 Yard Dash lst licithlcy 100 Yard Dash 2nd llunkcr Shot Put lst liunkcr Discus lst fl1ll'lL'l' Shot Put 72nd Vartcr Discus Ilrd llmml0V Mill' lsl' Pu fc 75 Viv.:-f ff' 'xi N---rf , , 5 ,N bsv- 1 ,A U P1 E 7' yigsfiifggxk ffjf S2122 .cce 0.201 I dx, cgigifj '...,L,, .. LQ-Bil1iC.Q 2 T ennis Carl Mclaemore and James Moore composed the 1925 Tennis Team. In the local school tournament, Moore won the championship, while Mcliemore was runner-up. These two racquet wielders were entered in the Southwest Mis- souri Tournament to be held at Springfield. This classic was held on the State Teachers' College courts. Moore represented us in the singles and Mcldemore and Moore held the burden in the doubles. The doubles team drew a bye in the first draw, but they were pitted against West Plains in the second round. The local team found little opposition in the West Plains battle, so they reached the finals. Their opponents were Aurora. Aurora's team had disposed of Spring- Iicld and Monett. After a hard fought battle the Nevada lads were victorious, thus gaining the championship of the Southwest Missouri Conference. In the opening round of the singles Moore drew the Springfield High representative. After a hard struggle, Nevada's entry won the match. This was the hardest fought battle of the tournament. Monett was the Nevada boy's next victim. The final round brought Nevada and Aurora together again. Moore showed his superiority and again was victorious. Nevada High had gained two championships in two days. The doubles team won the doubles championship, and Moore gained the singles victory. So comes to Nevada High School two more tennis laurels. Both Mcllcmorc and Moore were awarded gold medals. Page 71. 'N cl, Q UQ cop' I V7VA fl --Q L02 ? Q65 A , ,... ..., M X .i 535 i Ebree ff 53 A, .5 Q '5?C5ifb5T! V25 1' .Q N School life X2 fx T IUWUWIIID- J W 0 0 0 ff" . l .b fi-H: ' .ip,,' E . - -V 'Y CJ! .- - p' . , I! ..,,. . .1 QS? l 9 I u 1 i Q Q i f ,ff ' Y, H-'KX yu ,J Q' f:+53?r2f2's?'T?SX' Q0 M 5 F ?a?E5jU fp- Q9 vb? fszflic Ki 1 ,'fvz7??,fV Q Jig -Q x33'Igqf ,. Qrganigations 'l,"'V'V ff!! I Nw x""'V"- I " 6' f A ' fu' 1 r ffm? r2f2's?f'?il,Q NX 0 M E T iyiafiifyxf wg, ?2fi,Lz1Lg.1Llfi.4,::l:3 Qfffi-,gg4i..4',51Q,g,j,,f,?L,J231g.isiLiS55q -:J EMMA LEUTY ADDA BELLE FOSTER VIRGINIA SYMNS VERNA HOFMANN GUSSIE CLARY COLORS Pink and Green FLOWER Pink Rose MOOTO Noble High Stnmlurmls lfllizulwth Bauer Beulah Grace Ilorlock Velma Bullock Sarah Leach Gilbert Carter Byron Moore Roy Wert Page 78 , 0 Thx ff' 'T' 5f.5.w,1f2if1if?sY, S U, 'fl F f ga yo fp vi, llf"""!X3l 'I ..1..cQ3,1g! :X ,ge.4,1Q.-fxbf Wgllah .a,L.c,, National Honor Society Report The big chariot race started at the beginning of the high school course, September, 1922, with many enthusiastic participants. The Chariots of Ambition drawn by the fiery Steeds of Scholarship Leadership, Service, and Character raced toward their goal, the National Honor Society. Around the curves the chariots come, and the spectators gasp as one loses a wheel and is hurled aside. The horses gain speed! The turns are dangerous and many horses stumble. Some forge ahead and some lag behind. Here a driver is thrown from his chariot, but arises and presses on with renewed vigor. At the end of thc junior year four chariots arrive at the goal and receive the re- ward, the standard bearing the keystone and the flam- ing torch. Many others are still in the race, of which the first seven will be winners at the end of the senior year. The victors chose Mrs. Symns as their spon- sor and made her an honorary member of the or- ganization. They elected the following officers: Presidents, Emma Leuty and Adda Belle Foster, vice-presidents, Verna Hoffman and Gussie Claryg secretaries, Gussie Clary and Verna Hoffmanng publicity chairmen, Adda Belle Foster and Emma Leuty. The present mem- bers are waiting to receive the winners in the chariot race. The honor of win- ning fully pays for the hardships that were encountered through- out the four year long contest. Page 70 L41--nn' 4, if " Y' W X , A Xf Vx N, 1 Q It .,5.a3X3 f,lf2's3T3 X U M E 7 7Q?l'is'j.g: wg, ei,?l.?27i1'fL' I .gl .jigiizgj SQ1QlgfQjS.Q,L 3225-61 ,L-iikfft J Bert Bennett Beatrice Braun Velma Bullock Lewis Canaday llurward Cavan Gussie Clary Wagner Crawforcl Mary Fern Crawford Josephine Crockett Ray Cushman Kenneth Ilowse Georfe Ebbs Norman Evans Pansy Fluke La Verne Foster llarrel Griffin liclith Harding Beulah Grace llorlock Eugene Williams Bert Bennett lJl'6l77Z6lffC Clu I2 Henrietta llartsook Ruth Howard Lily Dale Johnson Estil Johnson Lucille Kenmlriek Ruth Key Mildred Knorlerer Sarah Leach Emma Leuty Naomi Long Frank Maxwell Byron Moore Viola Murphy llelen Neill Loytl Neil Mary Nunn Mary 0'Connell Lueille Palmer Nina l'iekarrl Marguerite Roark Uonroy Sehwenek Anna Nelle Sevier Lois Sharp llorothy Sinicosky llelen Spaycl Dorothy Spencer James Stratton Jean Studer Ellis Swan James Thrapp Flora Tolly lilsie lfae Trotter Irene Turk Eugene lNilliill1lS - - - Presillent Vice-President Beatrice Braun Secretary and Treasurer llzqie 80 ,f ,,f""' A Vyrq xx A 'xv Xf mx V Jgggyf XG M E 7 jfiffis' Yi: rrgg, e erin' z Kit ,..2i, -ggfffn-,g 9 xml, ,L e-cJg.1'-i,,citSif.Q -2 The Dramatic Club, under the direction of Miss Anna I.. Clack. began its l'ourtl1 year as a High School activity by electing Eugene Williams, president, Bert Bennett, vice-president, and Beatrice Braun, secretary-trcasurer. Throughout the term the members have shown an interest and a willingness to work that has made this the most successful year of the club, The twice-a-week meetings with their one-act plays and occasional stunt programs have been thors- oughly enjoyed. Mixed with the pleasure has been some real work. Part of the time has been given to the study of character interpretation, expression, stage setting, and play directing. The open session, January 14. consisting of four short plays, was very success- ful. Besides this program the club has furnished much entertainment for the student body by giving' several assembly programs during' the year. In short, each of the fifty-five members of the Dramatic Club would say to you. "If you want both pleasure and profit, take 'Dramatics' next year." VIOLA BELLE MURPHY. l'u,Qc 81 SENIORS 1 ff-"""'-B ff" Fax xv--J fNX'f27'f3"fsY SURE? FWFH5 Huff fl. ' '-"If:-u,:,N x xx .fa 'rx , 'x"f -' 5 -re-' . I SLQLLQ Us Aa.: 'lgffii 1 1 sgills aejigaieigigfg.-2 sri' 'lj -iv' ku- R' Teachers Training Clubs Elizabeth Bauer Beatrice Braun Geo. Bredlove Roberta Harbur Alice Harrison Clarabell Haunchild Verna Hoffman Mary Fern Crawt'orcl Irene Deininger Aaron Driver Verva Grofi' Lily Dale Johnson Virginia Larkin Velma Mason Loyd Misner Mary Nunn Ruby Peterson Ella Powell .IUNIURS Leonard Hester Helen Hoffman Estill Johnson Dorothy Simcosky Dorothy Spencer Flora Tolly Eunice Tompkins Irene Turk Faye Young Florence McClanahu1 Cherlena Prichard Lois Sharp Ruth Key SENIOR T. T. Verna Hoffman - - - President Irene Turk - - - Secretary Dorothy Spencer ----- - Treasurer Loyd Misner ---- - - Yell Leader JUNIOR TRUE BLUE CLUB Lois Sharp - -------- President Estil Johnson ---- Secretary and Treasurer TEACHER TRAINING ECIIOES STAFF Faye Young.: -------- Editor-inJChief Beatrice Braun ------- Business Manager Lily Dale Johnson - - - Reporter Roberta Harbur - - - Secretary Aaron Driver - - - Associate Editor Leonard Hester - - - - - Asst. Business Manager Florence McClanahan ------- Asst. Reporter "Better Teachers for Rural Schools." Page 82 M f' P WM,-XY xgi l,J, Q "Py K' ij . yf:1eES?1',1i2's3?f? ilg FU M E 7 iiiiisixg ff!! eL,i,22h4zffJ 1 K D 3531-,5?g,.i'ggvJ?,, D Zl.f--SAilSiff. 3 Director VIOLINS Neva Farley Grace Hoag Florence McClanahan Glessie Peak Chcrlena Prichard Dorothy Dickerson Loyd Thornton Elmo Donnelly The Urchestra PIANIST Dorothy Ingles TROMBONE Vcrnc True DRUM William Bound Page 83 Miss llzlll CORNICTS James Moore Braxton Davis Roy H21llllYll'l'SlL'j' Glcssncr Truc CI,ARINlC'l'S C corgizx Argo Pauline Stcvcns I ..-fi-1lT?!',Vi,5??5Y--S' U 'V' E 7 cyelwifiif fm, all ,ic I .4-:ge,lJZl.fl-SAf-Qiifi , Gil-'fs Glee Club Director - - - President - - - Secretary and Treasurer Librarian - Accompanist FIRST SOPRANOS Beatrice Braun Melba Rhea Mary Lee Phelps Dorothy Simcosky Edith Harding Lucille Palmer Mary Fern Crawford Calvene Inwood Ruby Roberts Viola Rohrbough MEMBERS SECOND SOPRANOS Irene Turk Louise Chezem Helen Ozee Lorraine Wolfe Genevieve Porta Henrietta Hartsook Bliss Newton Kathryn Mason Page 84 - Miss Hall Beatrice Braun Lily Dale Johnson Dorothy Ingles Eve Lynn Dail ALTOS - Dorothy Ingles Lily Dale Johnson Essie Hines Roberta Harbur Janelle McGee Elizabeth Bauer Bernice Sharp 'r:"'v-'f " W "BXXN-w-1' ,-,., K., X A-61 , f141lf!? fyllqi U M E 7 yll'iE:5lj'U 'fi' . i1igrJ'4g,1f 1 ll, ...LQQgffm-,5,4.C11:2??,u'i 1 . 22.116 fsiifc Boys Gfee Club Director - - lVllSS llilll President - Gvnc Willialns Secretary and 'l'roasu1-or ---- Carson Moss Librarians - - - Lynn Combs and Clyde Barker Accompanist - - - Eve Lynn Dail MEMBERS TENURS BARITONE BASS William Stn-rctt William Bound Ludwill Duncan Enos Cole llarry Hanson SECOND TENURS Lyon Combs Loyd Misner Carson Moss Alfrc-d lloustis Eldon Anderson Konnoth Spcncoi' Ellis Swan George Bredlove W. T. Campbell Warren Moseley Rex Post Max Chancellor Will Betts Gum' Williams P11920 S5 Clyde Barks-1' Elmo Gragzg' DLll'NV2ll'll Cavan -12111105 'l'ln'app Vu?-V' fr -MR xs.,,,,,,-J 'EHEKQ G M E 7' '?i?'5sfj.Lx rig, z Ll x gg, 533155 '7jv1Q?f, ,gfk ,, 2,zLLQ 1QsQ Page 86 M ,ff Y 'X,X xg- -,J uA"t xi X 'MPX' , ff-23? 1,1197 SE SU M E 7 ,i2fG'fkffrff ggpglgaj 4 SA ,QM -fbifgg-gg A -,2-vz7?nb , Jg,f,eQ filiifq 620171014 Sfaff Qff ,26 JAMES MORGAN lIAltUl,t7 ulctxy lumlltm'-ln-t lmtt LXIARTIN CRIGIJCII Asstwlzttc lutlltot' Asst A4iUL'llltl' lutlllul 'l'IIll +I ,MA WINNIHCRQ' lfzwtllty Atlvisvn ICUWARIJ C. l'lilC'lC WIl.I,IAlN1 S'l'l'IlilC'l"l Husim-ss IWIIIIZHIUI' Asst. llusinvss twilllilgfll JOHN NIICMICYICR :Al'liSl GICNIC WILLIAMS Allvt-rtising' lwilllilgflxl' BEATRICIC BRAUN Kodak Nrlitm' GICOIHDIC ICNBS Asst. .AflYl'l'fiNillj.1' Mama tr FRANK MAXWICLI. Suvrt- t :try Page X7 KATIIRYN MASON Asst. Kmlzlk Hclituz' Q4-v--f,., A ff' mn? """"' X f-v-I fwfr: f ONE7. Ifffg, ,. Vfze-3? HTF gulf f-'1mv1W 3bELQg55:sMQsQ he e1iy!,gzf13 z L ,,: 3f x I V4 s'-w--'gg fffvmxe A 4 . fu 1 . 'q ' A . - I' ifsixrfii sl,-S 0 'M E T f,.ia+74?v at fr!-,e ep 22-41113 1 1 sg.-gg,Qf9744,5eg.....L,w.v1.D,g., Jzigieeiscigq , The SL'11z1'e11f Forum A Mr. Davidson Administration Representative Miss Phillips ----- Faculty Representative SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES James Morgan Ruth Key Keith Novinger Gussie Clary Darrel Grilfin Virginia Callaway Gilbert Carter live Lynn Dail Talbot Wight Bernice Sharp Arthur Whitaker Mary Lee Phelps The Student Forum was organized this year for the first time in Nevada lligh School. It is one ot' the first and most important steps that has been attempted here to organize N. ll. S. on a democratic basis. The word "forum" was chosen as a part ol' the name, because the organization was intended to be a place where student and faculty interests would be gathered and school problems would be discussed. The Forum has no power or authority except to recommend that certain things be done. The Student Forum consists of twelve members, two boys and two girls having been elected from each of the Senior High classes. The members elected were: Seniors?-James Morgan, Gilbert Carter, Gussie Clary, Bernice Sharpg Juniors- Arthur Whittaker, Darrel Griffin, Eve Lynn Dail, Ruth Keyg Sophomores-Keith Novinger, Talbot Wight, Virginia Callaway, Mary Lee Phelps. Mr. Davidson is ad- ministration representative and Miss Phillips is faculty representative. At the lirst meeting of the Forum the group organized and elected Miss Phillips, chairman, and Eve Lynn Dail, secretary. It has been possible through the Forum for the faculty and student 'body to come to a better understanding. The faculty has been informed of and influenced by the 'lttitudes of the different classes on various high school problems. On the other hand, the students have come to see and understand the position taken by the ad- ministration and faculty. The Student Forum has undoubtedly been a pleasing addition to our high school activities and is one that may be greatly develped in the future. The hope of this year's members is that it shall live and become an essential factor in the life of our sclfool. GUSSIE CLARY. Page H0 N:-"'ijfg . fer?-T3 ,V Q M E 7. ,xiii-xx, v . -4533? LV 5:32. i A' lv, -as bil: rrf t ea:.z.tlg.:::.qf,!Qff,'5,e::.e., e:f,L.' C Lgsiiiicgie THE SOLO ME COLOME. Willie Norris: Got an extra thumb-tack? , Walter Copeland: No, but I can offer you a finger-nail. Flea tto elephant getting off the arkj : Don't shove me, big boy. Dudley Carr: Look at that man Charleston. Kenneth Dowse: That's not the Charleston, he's throwing a fit. Frieda Allan: That cat is certainly rude to his parents. Georgia Argo: Yes, he is always sticking splinters in his paw. "Let's go, Team!" yelled the farmer. Visitor: This must be the sculpture division of your statue de- partment, isn't it? Mr. Davidson: Shhh! Don't wake them. This is a classroom. John Phillips: Does your dog chase cows? Clifton Tow: No, he's a bull dog. Mr. Oliver: Hey, you, mark time! Donald Bateman: With my feet? Mr. Oliver: Did you ever see anything mark time with its hands? Donald Bateman: Clocks do. Hat Check Girl: Aren't you going to give me a tip? Why the champion tight-wad of the town gives me a dime. Mr. Esther: He does? Well, gaze upon the new champion. Annabel Potter: Can you swim? Lucille Palmer: No. Annabel Potter: You poor fish. Clyde Barker: Hey, can you spell 'weather'? Lois Reynolds: W-E-O-A-T-H-E-R. Howzat? Clyde Barker: Terrible! That's the worst spell of weather we've had in a long time. Byron Moore: ls that a goat? Willoughby Dade: Nothing else butt. "That's a good show down," said the circus wrecking crew as they prepared to leave Nevada. Page 90 X211-4rff,ff -'KX xg-,v-,J 'I vw, Xx,,,,1 . f'B?f,V Y ...L 7 ?43?'f i:frff E1:1:v2f:1e'fL' 1 'ii' ,f L.. f!ffw5,,,d.4 fW 525-5 niliifs S Elctivities gaxx--.-,J , , ' 1 XT G E 'X N'-. v JL 113 LV GTTA X T Iafiiv if 1-rf 'lf 1 Pugh- 02 'wiv'-"',, , ff"'I 'Mi I NX X11 ,1f'f?" if x 0 'V' F? f:'3F'5 f ,H , -fjj.., 1' 0xf.r,,Q X LG, 2 -Xfffgg, 4319! I xl. Mt.,QsfV"'gj,e4+-a'.w3?l?f, -bg3'-gmilfifq J Swzioi' Cfzlxx Pla y ' "'l'lll'I l"U!'R l"l,l'Slll-Ill" A 'l'llRlClCfAl"l' FOMICIDY CAST Mr. Riggs fwho keeps ll shoe storel - - Robert Rigxgfs this son, who has been to college! Andy Whittaker Cwho clerks in the shoe storey Jerry lleun Qtlie lrookkeeper and ezlshierj - Evangeline lluy fu newspaper reporterl - - Ellis Swan Bert Bennett James Moore Sill'2lll Leneh Mary Nunn Mrs. Allen fa society womanj - - Mary O'Connell June Allen ther only daughterl - Beut1'ie.e Braun Kitty fthe muidl ----- Velma Bulloek ' Dr. Fzimclay fa promising young doctorb lidwarml Price Ira Whittaker fwho has made a millionj - Roy Wert P. J. Hunnerton ia prominent bunkerj - James Thrapp Mr. Gateson fu jewelerl - - 1 George Swezxringen Mr. Rogers fan automobile sulesnianl ----- John Perry STAGE COMMITTEE ADV!-IKTISING COMMITTEE W'agner Crawford Byron Moore ' John Niemeyer James Morgzin Mildred Knoderer Emma Leuty Dorothy Simcosky Irene Turk l,il,QL' U3 , X 5- -Y-WXXTN-vd"' ,U U lvl E 7, .lf--xl v , .,g,gg? f,V .ffffiiv fgzrrf x if'2r.1JfgzfLxlg -1 .lj "!faQ?fg ,J3g1gf,i,g:Q 3 I 9, 94 8-Elgar' ' iw ,?ftY--T"'fCf D,12qs1i!?5ge,SU E F 3,5435-u,frf,, ElZ.?2fLLQL'g l it L -gfL5N1jg5"1f,fpi' 14.52735 if .a,,L.L,2Zi-i--Ssf!riCfi J High School Dramatic Club PRESENTS FOUR ONE ACT PLAYS HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Thursday, Jan. 14, 1926. "THE WEDDING PRESENTS" Robert Jordan -------- Carrie, his wife Jim, his friend Stage Manager, Mary Nunn "THE WOMAN TALKS" Minnie Bacy ----- Fred Bacy - Patty Hanslope Walter Schobell - Waiter - Stage Manager, Lucille Palmer "LITTLE DROPS OI" WATER" Herbert Gannon - Emma, his wife - Jackie, her nephew ----- Millie, the maid ------- The Master The Mistress The Cook - The Kitchenmaid The Parlourmaid The Housemaid The Useful Maid The Odd Man Stage Manager, Dorothy Simcosky "THE PLAYGOERSN Stage Manager, Emma Leuty Director, Anna L. Clack Music by the High School Orchestra, Directed by Miss Madra Hall Electrician, John Phillops Page 95 Elmo Gragg Helen Neill George Ebbs Velma Bullock Durward Cavan Mary O'Connell - Lloyd Neel - Byron Moore Eugene Williams - Sarah Leach Bert Bennett - Jean Studer James Thrapp Lily Dale Johnson - Nina Pickard Mildred Knoderer Viola Murphy Edith Harding Beatrice Braun Wagner Crawford ,,x"Y'lf7 ,ff K' Y HTRT X wg..,' ,,g-' in -i ii N'- Hx T U M E 7' I il V V 4332 1',V5:3?il X fffiv' tg: :rf EQ 22oTL?0,l' ,C S-fc...',L icb2i-E.ri3iiiCf, J Uperezfzfcz The operetta has become an annual event in Nevada High School, and one which should be encouraged. It is the only thing of its kind which is given during the year and is always looked forward to by those who attend it. The Operetta is given by the two glee clubs, under the direction of the musical instructor, and is the main activity of these organizations. The Operetta this year was "Polished Pebbles," an excellent en- tertainment given by the boys' and girls' glee clubs under the dirction of Miss Hall. It was a representation of rural life and was well given, and enjoyed by all who attended it. The cast was exceptionally well chosen and the music by the chorus was very good. An unusually large audience attended the Operetta this year and all who saw it commended it highly. This type of entertainment is yearly becoming more popular and is receiving the support which it deserves. l'ngjL' 90 mf X 'xt vfjffiael Y U M E 7' 'l'?'?55f?.St: rfg, by P? 429' c K ,ff ,H+ A 1 ill' Jz5'-G11tgc5Q1iif-1 J llfgfl Scfloof I fcc ffllfzx 4 1 ' s N llllllj, M ri ist 111 1 Q1 Will 1 1 He-lim Ixhea I 1 L - Mau Lu Phd S Vl1n1f1ed Dorothx Qlmto kv lVilli1C6l1l' Robei a Huhur ll lx C'1l1l1l1 - Irene 'luik M1 Gabblt J une-N '1 hrfapp M ll th 1 - Bc xtiicc B1 lun Nick - xvllildlll Stuett Chfllll of Sunbonmt C'11la Choius of Ourxll Bow Scam I mn of Mis O Brien s llolnc- Co111p'1r1ist-l"e ynn Jai Ywctor- IQ: M'1clr'1 llall lllusic: by Se nior High School 0l'CilChil'2l 01' ol' llIlL'iO lloln - 'l'hvir Nit-cv Dzlugrhter of Mrs. O'Bl'l0l1 Duiiprhtm' of Mrs. O'Brivn Town Gossip Local Character Country Girl Country Boy Girls' Glvo Club Boys' Glec Glulm SUM l I.ll'lllShiIlg,S Constructul by Manual TI'21illlI'lg' D0pa11'l111v11t D l'aggc '77 l 1 1 fQ A ff, " x I 'fit g its i,h 11 Q f.. V - .., 'ff-. I ' sf 1' 111 1 . R B35 -, 1 - an . J -1 ,- -., N ,,!. X g K 1 P1 ,,-,- . ...,-, , in-.vw x, W, -,H , v A in f l Q - Q v 1 1 1 ' I 2 5 I x I 1 Pros nt "l 0l,l.'lllilJ 1'l'IIllll1l'IS" Utif M. F2 'lon I lli':'l1 School 1 lclito 11111 " 'i'illll'hIi2lj', i"0lJl'llI1I'j' ll, lilLI13 'ap I L' lla' 13111 ---. 3 G 11 L' ' l'2lll s Mrf. KYB 'im-11 - - - Nxt 1 7 . losz li' - - - - - , 1 -tv 1 1 up 1 AV' . Sf. ' ' 1 I - . v - 14 . w K I LIT. nz ' ---- ' - .i . 1 , - - z s ' . n 2' z ---- 12 " lx 'Z ' '. x' ,. ' 1 ' S ' 1' 2, 1' ' S - -- - I I . B. ,, 2 ,S - - -' X' l J A , 1 vx l AC' . ax - I, I l l ll 1 B wx . . i A N n' ' A 1 K ru 4' r 1 C I ,?:+:-fffgfqkx -ffN1?f,V s3"f35H'-X 7 ".ti'T?i':-X?f!'f' c eg ivpllibfziiie If epffgfffge gi ,iailffa1?e..J2igeQiiigg Debate Team The school showed a much greater interest in debate this year than usual. Out of a large number of contestants, Roy Wert and Ellis Swan were chosen to represent Nevada. The subject for debate was: "Resolved that the amendment to the United States Constitution enabling Congress to regulate child labor should be ratified by the several states." The first debate cf the season, in which Nevada supported the af- firmative and Sheldon the negative, took place in Nevada. Although Sheldon has a good team, the Nevada debators won with comparative ease. The next debate was held in Nevada also. This time Nevada had the negative and Rockville had the affirmative. Although the Rockville debaters were well prepared, the Nevada boys again got the decision. The third debate, in which Nevada had the affirmative, was held at Carl Junction. This debate was a hard fought battle and although Nevada won, it certainly deserved the victory. The Hnal de- bfate was held at Carthage. Nevada again supported the negative side of the question. Martin Crigler served in the place of Ellis Swan, who was unable to debate. For some reason or other the Carthage debators managed to convince the judges and Nevada lost the debate, eliminat- ing us from the league. Although defeated once, the debate team this year has gone far- ther than any other in the history of the school. In reaching the fourth round they established for themselves a good standing throughout the league. The team certainly deserves credit for their work, no small share of which should go to Miss Phillips, who acted as coach. Page 98 '?f1+R" ff!! My-X Xx"'V"'JV if . ,fig-tg? f,1iqs3FQSlf-S Li? t,.Qa'3F'2i3Lr frff. eg 22 -1215 1 K . tg..-j5QS'1f,5,g,f,,ijgl2,g j .afa .Ji -E siiiis. J Gola' Wledal Contest The 14th annual Gold Medal Contest was held on the evening of February 18, 1926. After the High School Orchestra had played sev- eral selections, Mr. Davidson explained that the school board gave the medal every year in order to encourage public speaking. The three orations, written and delivered by William Sterett,Mar- tin Crigler, and Estill Johnson, all deserve praise. William Sterett de- livered an oration on "The Folly cf War." Martin Crigler's oration, "The Lynch Law," was very good. "Daniel Webster" was the subject of the oration delivered by Estill Johnson. Four girls entered the finals in readings. Ella Powell's reading, "White Sox," got several good laughs from the audience. Helen Ozee gave the reading, "His Son Joe Plays Football," every word of which was in Dago dialect. Dorothy Dickerson impersonated two people, a mother and child in a reading, "Little Johnnie Visits the Dime Mu- seum." Nina Pickard touched the hearts of the audience in the read- ing, "Polly of the Circus." After the judges decision, Mr. Kaupp, representing the school board, presented the gold medals to the winners. Martin Crigler got first place among the boys, and Helen Ozee was chozen as best among the girls. William Sterett was second in orations while Ella Powell, Nina Pickard, and Dorothy Dickerson tied for second place in readings. Musical numbers were given during the program and consisted of a piano solo by Josephine Crockett, a cornet solo by James Moore, and a vocal duet by Marylee Phelps and Roberta Harbur. Page 99 I' 5"-v--f f-f""'kix i . f """N 5 .X f-F I . -f'1:,11lx?!'f,'il52f:5iy -YG 'V' E 7 f,ffi'7'?s'Y-L: ff:.'2'- 521224 Ltfrflfecl lk g.?Lc.QQjgf1'f,j,3fge.,"Qw,Q.25'f - J2i-Q-bQifS Tlzircf fl1111uc1l.S1Iiri11g l"csli2Jzzf March lil and 20, 1926 Class A Music: Piano Solowlmrcne Wade, Republic, first, Jean Studer, Nevada, second. Violin Solo-Emil Johnson, Rich Hill. first, Duff Canaday, Rich Ilill, second. Boys' Girls' Boys' Girls' Girls' Boys' Vocal Solo-Cole Kcirsey, Butler, first, James Thrapp, Nevada. second. Vocal Solo-Irene Turk, Nevada, first, Virginia Phorer, Greenfield, second. Quartette,Nevada, first, El Dorado, second. Glee Clube-Nevada, first, Greenfield, second. Trio-Nevada, first, Butler, second, Glee Club-Greenfield, first, Nevada, second. Orchestra-Nevada, first, Greenfield, second. Cornet Solo-Billy Hair, Greenfield, first, John Wright, Rich Hill, second. Clarinet Solo-Omer Shaw, Pierce City, first, Francis Harrison, Butler, second, Class A Public Speaking: Oratory-Martin Crigler, Nevada, first, Leon Zimmer, Butler, second. Extemporaneous Speaking-James Morgan, Nevada, first, Robert Pace, Rich Hill, second. Readings-Naomi Price, Pierce City, first, Ernestine O'Neal, Greenfield, second. Class B. Music: Piano SolofMelba Cox, Metz, first, Marguerite Cole, Montrose, second. Violin Solo-Estill Sargent, Montrose, first, Danna Baze, Metz, second. Boys' Girls' Girls' Girls' Vocal Solo-Billie Kahn, Montrose, first. Vocal Solo-Mildred Forman, Walker, first, Eula Mae Bever, Metz, second, Glee ClublMetz, first, Montrose, second. Trio-Walker, first, Metz, second. Orchestra-Minden Mines, first, Metz, second. Class B Public Speaking: Oratory-Clinton VVolf'e, Metz, first, Gordon Spencer, Richards, second. Extemporaneous Speaking-Norman Heathman, Richards, first, Loyd Taylor, Montevallo, second. Readings-Grace Reola, Richards, first, Lorraine Ramsey, Metz, second. Commercial Contest Senior Typewriting-Elizabeth Richards, El Dorado, first, Gussie Clary, Nevada, second. Junior Typewriting-Dorothy Ingles, Nevada, first, Luther Hitch, El Dorado, second. Shorthand-Ada Campbell, El Dorado, first, Eula Black, El Dorado, second. Page IUU Ai' la 'N it N2 oo' ' - , 0 1" - . ' ' ' 0 .1 1 ww. 1 - 3500111 jf0111 31111101 Tblgb 5 f ff? 01 1 . i 0.1 00 ff W L7' KL 1. , y , 1 K 1 2 1 1 U CN X 5, f i . if f.i-sJ?f2i'f?7SEg WL E 7 ,i4 35'j fUfr:2 QQPP 4,zf1,'ldx .,g,,... 1j,f ff"f,-45...-i-gel?" , Jgijex siliifc- S 3m1ior Tbigb School un 5117! sg 1 X, , fer'-5. 'Z . , , -f15.m,1?fA1s?1T2sE,-S 0 N 5 P Sli fa: fre., 2-' g11?2z L..'2LlLi,..L :,j,Q'14,Q,g+.s..4'j3.Q,j'Q, ...,.L...L'l.Lisi!.SQSfJ, 2 9 A, The S. C. and I.. C1116 lst Row: E. Cox, L. Beshore, E. Cushman, Miss Winders fSponsorJ D. Current, S. Cox, C. Bice, G. Deininger, P. Cox, M. Carr. 2nd Row: B. Carter, V. Cain, N. Boch, L. Ault, M. Crabb, E. Coulter, I. Cole, H. Blum, A. Brooks, F. Chrisenberry, A. Chrisenberry, L. Clemmons, R. Boaz. 3rd Row: L. Chitwood, L. Drown, M. Doerle, J. Cole, R. Bowman, D. Dail, F. Bound, M. Campbell, L. M. Ondrus, D. Bellew, E. Dean, L. Crawford, G. Butler. 4th Row: J. B. Dade, C. Coffman, R. Banghart, L. Davis, B. Clark. The S. C. and L. Club fSchool Citizens and Leadersj is composed of the pupils of 9A Section Room. Their club room is number 14, and their sponsor is Miss Ethyl Winders. Their colors are green and white, and with a motto of "Service to Succeed," they won the Citizenship Banner three months, first place in the sale of tickets for the Junior High program, second place in Comet subscriptions, first place in football tickets, and first place in Thanksgiving fund. Their girls' basket ball team ranked high, and first prize in the ninth grade Bird House contest and second place in the grand exhibit were received by one of their number, Ralph Bowman. Members of Student Forum, Betty Carter and Paul Cox. "Thunder! Lightning! Rain! and Sleet! The S. C. and L. Can't be beat." Page 102 xy ,. -- -. ff!! XX li if - L., W -X . J..-.zxf,1is2'3T'2.fl,Xfl W f vilfiffizrfgg, egg? em' z L . 35Cf'f,-,5,.e..,.,,,s.:.z3?,n, . . J2.1'-Q.f..in1cc.c 9 B, The Future Cz'tz'ze1zs Club lst Row: J. Fraise, C. Gray, L. Hall, E. Lunt, O. Gowen, F. Horning, W. Hastin, G. Lewis, W. Haunschild, G. Haslett, Miss McAtee, Sponsor. Zncl Row: R. Gaines, E. Foland, R. Ha.rison, G. Long, L. Freeman, R. Howell, A. Harrel, A. Greer, Z. Long, A. Hall, D. Finch, B. Koehler, M. Kirk. 3rd Row: A. Lindley, B. Logan, J. Keithly, V. Leach, A. Gardner, V. Evans, M. Gowin, J. Kessler, M. Hall, D. Hiller, A. Forney, H. Kydd, C. Horner. 4th Row: A Keithly, F. Lockman, L. A. Leuty, F. Knoderer, H. Hays, C. Gann, C. l"z'azc-!', G. Frazer, C. Johnson, F. LaHue, J. Huffman. Motto-B2 and By's Colors-Blue and Gray Flower-Hyacinth Members of Student Forum-Betty Logan and Clarence Gray Members of Basket Ball Squad-Glenn Lewis and Clarence Gray Bird House Contest-3rd Place Won by Clayton Frazer Twins-Clinton Frazer and Clayton Frazer Vngc l03 xqff-.y'1nnK!'i-,WX X - fu A , A - 1 Jeni? Of il, S U M E 7- ,il H1 'ffl' JJ, 51115. ,......:..-f,jfS'1f,Q,?,..,..Lv5.1Q,jh ...,5....-.Qiii-5Ai!.iifSs',2 . 9 C, The Tiger Cub Club lst Row: C. Maxwell, D. Norris, li. Rhoads, V. Prichard, l. Pannell, E. Raatz, L. Moss, E. Melvile, M1'. Coplen. 2nd Row: F. Reeder, M. McPeters, C. Rimmer, H. Massie, N. Reed, G. Overton, L. Prichard, H. Rabon, H. Moore, M. IC. Porta, A. Richmond, J. Poulter. Ilrd Row: J. Meritt, L. McGuire, R. Reed, G. Ripley, W. Miller, M. Moore, A. Me- Faclden, I". Ralston, A. McGee, J. Moore, F. Norman, E. Ralston. We are now one year old in our high school work, but realize that our work has just begun. Freshmen! Yes, but as Freshmen, are you not proud of us? You ought to be. We do not claim to have shown exceptional merit in our first year, but we expect to become one ot' Nevada's best known classes. In later years we will contribute stars to all branches of work, athletics, drama- tics, glee club, etc., who we feel will carry on the good name of our class and our school. We yield to time. Next fall we take up the role of the arrogant Sophomores. A 9 C STUDENT. mn Inq.- 'Fig' if XP'---"g lj - f ,- 5 , ,- '-, ., -45.ES? li-y r iygpjajzo :gf rg, El2l?24i?'?l.! K -.Liliij,-Q"fZ,Qe4....C'j3?i,,l .1 ....,,L LJZl.i...5sil.fiQQ '51 9 D, The L. Cfnl: lst Row: F. Taylor, J. Tompkins, B. Stump, C. Smith, A. Shultz, W. Snider. T. Whitebread, J. Vilott, W. Spillman, G. Vilott. Znd Row: KS. Thompson, M1's. Oliver tSponsorJ, M. Wilcox, V. Thomas, B. True, M. Waid, P. Tucker, V. Williams, B. Todd, E. Williams, E. Thompson, E. Wait. 3rd Row: C. Sears, M. Wingate, V. Withrow, H. Steward, R. Wetsel, A. Turpin, ll. Sears, B. Thomas, E. Stephenson, L. Wade, J. Scott, M. Young. -lth Row: M. Spivey, L. Vlfallaee, C. Sehnedler, C. Wilson. J. Waggfner. The symbol of the A. L.'Club is a question Mark pin signifying the name of the Club. It's name is its motto in French and is a mystery. The history of the A. L. Club is a glorious one. During the past year this eluh has maintained its usual high standards in citizenship ideals. The literary and musi- cal programs have added much to the interest of the members and visitors of the club. The A. L. Club has furnished members for all Junior High Activities, including many members of the mixed chorus, prominent members in Dramaties, and placed two in the All-Star Basket Ball squad. May the next year and all succeeding ones be as prosperous for the A. L. Club as the last one has been. lili Page QP ' X fig? . , f f"-"'. "K 15 , . X X ,egg 52, -S U 'V' 5 I f,.fii?f2iLr fran. 22' 41.'zQ.c.t...s...51.: .pig Y G fsiliix 6' A, The Record Breczleers 1st Row: C. Brown, F. Cole, V. Cassady, H. Bauer, H. Colyar, J. Copeland, C. M. Dillon, D. Carpenter, C. Crawford. 2nd Row: C. Goodpasture, G, Gray, D. M. Crews, N. Boyd, R. Ferguson, E. Bowman, L. L. Foster, O. Greer, A. L. Crawford, W. Bass, E. Goings. 3rd Row: M. J. Bolen, T. Covey, M. Burdick, V. Carpenter, A. M. Atherton, Miss Hughes fSponsorJ, H. Ebeling, D. Griffith, L. Brooks, E. Garfield, A. Duncan, J. Crockett, L. Coffey. 4th Row: C. Cress, L. Gaither, B. Connelly. Colors-Violet and Gray During this term the 8 A Home Room Club or the Record Breakers have done many interesting things under their home room teacher, Miss Hughes. There have been three exciting elections. Each office holder has a term of two months. A pro- gram is given in the club room each Tuesday. The subjects, courtesy, kindness and good citizenship, have been discussed in these meetings. 8 A members have been trying to have perfect attendance each week too, and several weeks they have suc- cceded. PRESS COMMITTEE. HELEN EBELING Ihigi- mo ,,'Y'9"i "ilk-AT T : 'flag ff G P4 EXW ' -fix? LV X' ' 7 'ffvffs' YL: rff . 1743! Mil. .gjlil igggfag-A-3 A' 13, Tlzc T. T. C. lst Row: A. Mills, L. Hightower, R. Hightower, M. McGlothin, E. McBradney, Miss Wardin fSponsorJ, G. Hunt, IC. Hart, H. Lovell, H. Morrison. 2nd Row: R. Pool, M. Kibler, R. Pool, I. Owens, M. Kirkpatrick, A. Inwood, K, King, G. Pyle, M. Norman, l". Pugh, C. Melville, T. Prichard, F. Martin, H. Isbell. 3rd Row: G. Loving, M. Jones, H. Kiethley, F. Hall, V. Howard, F. Leer, D. Miller, D. Jones, R. Liddel, C. Oroar, H. Kinman, H. Money, W. Niemeyer. -ith Row: E. Lane, C. Johnson, H. LaGuire, L. Kaupp, R. Lee, L. Howell. 8 B with forty-four members is the largest eighth grade section in Junior High School. Although we cannot win the Citizenship Banner we can play basket hull. The boys team won the championship of Junior High. "Boomalaka, boomalaka, bow wow wow, Chic-kalaku, chickalaka, chow wow wow, Boomulaka, chickalaka, who are we? 8 B! 8 B! C:1n't you see?" Page IU7 XZ 'Y A WTTNX x ' , -5 fx, 3 ,,,. 1 .,f.g3f,1f2's3f?,st, K U M E T ,trite St: fra, -22 9115.4 .tl .,f...-.s3,Sff"f.-,g fan., 5 ..,?e-..2.f.t,Q-ein.sQ.Q. X C, the Peppy Citizens Club lst Row: C. Steele, E. Richardson, L. Swick, A. Spence, R. Tow, J. White. 2nd Row: P. Roberts, R. Reed, H. Vaughn, B. Stingley, B. Winston, R. Wallace, E. Ramsey, H. Stewart, II. Simcosky, Mrs. McGovney fSponsorj, 3rd Row: B. Stewart, L. Wright, M. Thorpe, H. Short, H. Taylor, Z. Reed, L. Stokesbury, B. Short, C. Taylor, K. Rupe, V. Swick, H. Sharp. 4th Row: M. Stephenson, E. Straw, E. Swan, H. Studer. XC began its career in Junior High in 1924 as 7C. During that term, through its ability to cooperate, TC gained the reputation of being a "go-getter." At the first of this term a Home Rule Club was organized and officers were elected. The home rule time was devoted to various things during the first semester. At the beginning of the second semster new officers were elected and the home rule time was devoted to the study of problems that arise in Junior High. During the second semester 8C set a record for perfect attendance going three weeks and two days with neither absence or tardy. When the time came for the bird house contest 8C was not satished with all the prizes given to the eighth grade. Therefore one of the members of SC immediately got busy and won the grand prize. When 8C leaves the class it has organized in the hands of the coming 8C, it sincerely hopes that they will set greater records and achieve greater things than did the 8C of '26. EARL WILSON. Page lllS fiv.:-vfff' M 'T -4511? .X O M E 7 TS.: eff, Eiz-LZZ.-L1'1LLl lk - 22Jf-i.isil,1Qf.q'-3 7 A, The Poppy Jlllll'0l'S lst Row: Leon Boyd, D. Covey, H. Brooks, J. Cain, M. Baker, M. Boyd, J. Cherry, W. Claiborne, E. Barker, L. Adams, Miss Roberts Sponsorl. 2nd Row: L. Argus, M. V. Bolton, L. Bond, J. Boyd. A. Addison, ll. Brooks, E. Barker, E. Current, M. F. Bowker, M. Brown, M. Bowman, A. Burch, R. Clark, G. Carpenter. 3rd Row: B. Bowker, E. Bencll, E. Cox, K. Chitwood, B. Boatright, R. Bound, R. Blom, R. Cox, J. Clark, A. Armstrong. In September of 1925 there entered into the 7th grade what seemed to be an "angry mob," because there were so many. But we are now divided into sections, and naturally, we think our section is the best. Our sponsor is Miss Roberts, and the room thinks "she is it!" From the be- ginning to the end we have all loved her and I think we shall as long as we live. At our first home room meeting we decided our name to be "The Peppy Junior Club," because it takes pep in Junior High School to be a good citizen. Since green and white is a good combination of color, we chose that. Our flower is a white rose, making the colors of our club. Our motto is "Find a way or make one." This motto we try to fulfill in all our every day tasks. We certainly have some good basket ball teams, the boys especially, the girls having had a little hard luck by losing to their opponents. During the Junior High School Basket Ball Tournament our boys won all the games played against the 7th grade sections, thus giving to us the championship for the 7th grade. Some of the upper classmen think we are young and insignificant but all we ask is ya chance to live up to our stated slogan-to show them year by year-"What's VVhat. LUCILLE ARGUS. rw- mo -f1'11?r,Vs3"T3iYe-S 7 'If455s'Y.t1frf. eLzi:v3?l'.fEu.. eLLtiS..1f9f ,'5QQ?gfjeg,L,JJ2LQggI-iggel -2 7 B, The Junior Live Wires 1st Row: E. Dobbins, F. Duke, W. Haunchild, L. King, H. Fowler, T. Grfiffin, H. Kelso, F. Henning. C. Ephland, Miss Johnson, Sponsor. 2nd Row: R. Delaplain, E. Dunkin, E. King, L. Evans, D. Hansen, R. Holmes, M. Ryche, R. Dennis, D. Jeans. 3rd Row: E. Drown, M. Griffith, E. Jackson, V. Harvey, M. Forney, A. Hill, L. Hoff- man, J. Evans, E. Dawes, V. Hall, J. Kirk, P. Johnson. 4th Row: L. Jones, H. Hereford, J. Herider, H. Duncan, R. Dean, J. Ingles, H. Dean. We, the Junior Live Wires, have found that our motto, "Work will win," is a very true statement and should be practiced in every day life. We are glad that we have Miss Johnson to sponsor and help us to be one of the best clubs in the Junior High School. Our girls' basketball team is champion of the seventh grade. We are trying our best to be good citizens and good sportsmen in order to make our Junior High School one of the best in the United States. Page no 1' . -as-EK? Oi .Y E 'iff' in f ff, P2 ek ,g -fl: .Eg-3? in .-mix ,, 7 C, The Loyal Lec1cl'ers amz' Citizens lst Row: Il. Matthews, O. Mason, W. Leach, I.. Owens, A. Malcolm, R. Pace, V. Mitchell. 2nd Row: I. Orr, M. 0'Rear, K. Logan, G. Piercy, T. Loving, D. Ramsey, J. Rahon, C. Richmond, C. Piercey, M. Raymond, Miss Lopeland fSponsorj, 3rd Row: H. Neeley, D. Roe, O. Morrison, S. Leuty, ll. May, A. Mabry, L. Lentz. G. Owens, N. Rimmer, W. Royston. 4th Row: R. Lowe, W. Miller, J. Pugh, M. Nunn, E. Lee. The L. L. and C. Club possessed the most valuable characteristic of any group of school citizensg that is School Spirit. We proved this by living our motto, "We are Workers, never Shirkersf' Hear our yell, "Yip! Yip Yip! Yah! Yah! Yah! L. L. C. Club Rah! Rah! Rah!" SONG Tune-Yankee Doodle The junior members of our crowd Are citizens so dandy. Just like the grown-ups that we know Our services are handy. Chorus Citizens we are so fine, Citizens so dandy, Although we are quite strong in play In work we're just as handy. Page 111 ff.. S R .ft f-fl .. -f.fmr2fZ'f??fl, SU M E F ,ifiev To fm. 2222.22 C2911 Qj,gQ3,',Q ,jhf ...,,14,m.JZ.1Q.QQ.Lsl'QS5:. 2 w 7 D, Jumior Citizens Cfzzfv lst Row: T. Stingley, L. Whitehead, C. Spayd, R, Smith, L. Tracy, ll. Short, R. Strange, W. Thrapp. 2nd Row: R. Snelson. F. Thomas, M. Williams, H. Tritch, D. Schnedler, P. Thomp- son, M. Wallace, A. Turpin. M. Young, Mrs. Davis QSponsorj. Llrd Row: M. Steuck. L. Wilson, E. Smith, C. Talbot, M. Tucker, G. Tompkins, V. True, M. Starkey, I. Shanks, C. Schwenck, W. Vilott, C. Stratton. 4th Row: L. Winscott, E. Webb, J. Stewart, R. Welsh, C. Williams, O. Treasure, J. Woodfill. The Junior Citizens' Club is composed of seventh grade boys and girls whose last names range from S to Z and its home is Room ll. Mrs. Davis is sponsor. This elub has accomplished what no other seventh grade in Junior High has ever done before, and up to date has won the Citizenship pennant three times. The club made a good showing' in the basket ball tournament, the boys winning the game with 7C, losing' to 9C and 7A, the girls winning the game with TC and SC, losing to TB. The following have been presidents of thc club: Carol Talbot, Helen Short, Isabel Shanks. Page ll2 v fin:-f ff' ' lm XXx - S XT U E 7' ' fun, V , 35x?1,1fs3?,lQ X ff?'?v diff! 223112153 1 , QS'1f,j .fwgQ?j .QL ,b2LQ--L5iQCf.Q, -2 Y Page 113 s"-g., Z',',yi-A.-At-X I ,QI -, If fx,-Nl' . 4553? f21f3T35l,i 3 E153 :,i4?'?i3Lw frff. . e:ge22-,m,1i 5..,aL gigQ..1y5Qg,gge. -2 JUNIOR HIGH GOSSIP. Ben Ed Stump: Hey, give me that shovel. Gerald Hazlet: That snow shovel? Ben Ed Stump: Sure, it's a shovel. Miss Winders: Spell the plural of baby. Analice Turpin: Twins. Harold Fowler: He made the best after-dinner speech I ever heard. Alva Forney: What did he say ? Frank Fowler: Waiter, give me the check. Miss Roberts: Name a collective noun. Carol Talbot: A vacuum cleaner. 1 -- 2 Mary E. Porta: And so Mr. Coplen got his M. A.? ' Almond Lindley: Yes, but his P. A. still supports him. i Lee Moss: Can you lend me 310, dad? Dad: With pleasure. Lee M.: Then make it twenty and thoroughly enjoy yourself. Clinton Frazier: When I see some of the wonderful inventions in electricity, it makes me think a little. Betty Jo. Davis: Yes, isn't it marvelous what electricity can do? Mr. Roper: "Didn't I tell you to notice when the glue boiled over? Cecil Maxwell: I did. It was a quarter past ten. --l-il Q Vernice Cain: The farmer gets his living from the soil. Betty Carter: And so does the washer-woman. Jack Woodfill: Professor, your little son has broke his leg. Mr. Davidson: How many times must I tell you that it is not "broke," it's "broken." Mr. Coplen: Why didn't you filter this? Alta Green: I didn't think it would stand the strain. Miss Copeland: They say that a student should have eight hours sleep a day. Caroline Sears: True, but who wants to take eight classes a day? Clarence Gray: You surely did plough up the line today. Joe Scott: Yes, and now I've got to go home and line up the plow. Page 114 'N 4 I , 53 mf X iBook QQ 2 jfive ' Q5-Wf ' JW 'nyc' L7 L N Eigefs 'Grail l X fdwnfmb B x Q. gk., ' A' B tu - . cg . r I-M V H W V Y AV V wi l! X ' 'Fw' 'A NXN-v-"4 ' Q' MTE' fff if if U M E 7 'fffzff' TL: fre, 5 23"g37nj :Kid ffm-f"""x. , y:z7??'i -5255-G1 s33Sic q y-1X Ziigcfs Erail Igll C Drury College. 7. I l 4. ., W , . 4 Z,,,-"-""Q""X X5 - - - 'gl ,Qg""f, 'f If ""'x1 asus: f2fo??Sl,e S U 'I' 5 T .if Fe fffk. , eggs!! af2.Lc..1L.:g.-f,gg..9fl'ff,g,e,L..,.9sQ5b3 ....,fs.-Jags.,sss.iQs.QT2 To The Adveriisers Daily Mail and Post. Nevada Trust Company. Lloyd Turpin. Nevada Cleaning Works Goss SL Glenn. Moss Q Urner. North Side Market. First National Bank. Wainscott's. Cole's. Wardin's. Shanks' Clothing Company Logan Moo1'e. Kaupp's. Yancey Harmon. Chamber of Commerce. Drake's Grocerteria. Hays Funeral Service. Symns and Hooper. Home Service Station. Stump gl Son. Woodfill's. Quality Lunch. Nevada Garage. Smith's Cafe. Star Cleaners. Star Theatre. Ferry Brothers, Insurance. Nevada Milk Products Co Williams and Pottorf. Hamilton Shoe Store. Hopkins Drug Store. Bonar 8: Bonar. Codrey's Laundry. J. A. Daly. H. C. Ware. W. S. Bates. Rent a Ford. Nave's Book Store. Brant's. Morrison. Williams 62 Sterctt. W. l". Norman. Hotel Mitchell. Ballagh's. Nevada Auto Parts. Miller's Drug Store. Voss Book Store. H. F. Birdseye. Osborn Machine Shop. Nevada News Stand. Victory Shoe Shop. Martin Bros. Piano Co. T'hos. Dygard. Thornton National Bank. Noah Lee. J. C. Penney. S. H. Kress KL Co. Belknap Bros. Kr Ellingcr. Lucille Hudson. George Reed. Farm and Home. J. K. Hill. Cottey College. IJ. C. Matney Tire Shop. H. C. Moore. Draughon's. Central Business College. Balfour. In behalf of the student body of N. H. S. we take this method of thanking' each of you for the hearty co-operation you have given us this year. We appreciate the interest you have manifested in us by buying' advertising space, thereby making it possible for our annual to be published, for without your financial aid in this way we could not meet the expenses of this book. which means much to us. We want you to feel that we have a personal interest in your business under- takings and wish success for you, just as our efforts have met with success because of you. GEORGE EBBS, GENE WILLIAMS, Advertising Managers. Page 116 if-as f gmg X M 'f u .JjE3?g',1fSe 7 lfifffs' stuff e QLLPPTIZQJ' 1 kite 31. Tjvl??l,fj u Qjillu CSKQQA4 re 3' 'W ntuiiaf Jw Ntlmfas DRAUGHO 9 Bustness College Springfield, Missouri 'IiL'1lCl1CS Modern Business Courses By the Indviduzll Method of Instruction New Building New Equipment Competent Instructors ltlree ltiniploynient Service Extending 'lilirougihout ltileven States Catalogue Free I I'2S'l'Al3l,ISHED 1888 ALONSO J. BATES, President CH!!Uliiifllitiflililillfiiiliiiliifilitlflliiiil!1!3lJl3'iZHli345Uf!3l14Il4If1L'C1Pa'CfCi4543!14Z!3rl3!l!1-liiCH3i3'Ci!3f!?U!ZiI3iIIiiCi!Z1!1rEHf113UI3Ri!lf!3!ZH2PU+!Zf Page ll7 , 'T RST? fflitcaiisf- if U M E 7' -' fifffsiz rrgg, 2127527 Elllfl. - .ff1.4?NfQ5'Q,jg Y 5 '4:4:333?fff, M JJ' i 1,1 gggq 1 , 1 I 1 I 4 1 1 N 1 Il8 Page T f--5 5' x it ,..,.l T fri-11? r2i'sSjf?2sl,gXH.'1'.Sf ,i4'i'?f'jxffr:2 , apr? crm' 1 ily .gt...e Q5f?ft".,-,3,g...i.,w:1??,h . 22.1 -Q fiiikfc This . Store Appreciates the Opportunity S h 'l'?coAot:lerait1e with the High School in all of its activities. lVe believe we have the best H gf l I "SAY l'I' WITH I"l,UXVliRS" Kaupp's Green Houses We Deliver Phone Sl Star Theatre Home of lligli-Class l'l1otopl:lvs Matinee Dzlily fr oo an e 'nest school spiri in the State. We are proud ot the class of '20, :und look fort with enthusiastic anticipation to the classes that will follow. ff o T Qi.. Co f, F X N 9 ' OUTFITTERS FOR MOTHERS AND THE GIRLS I Cl ,QT H ING Smith Side fSquz1,1'e M I LLERS DRUG STO-RE Drugs :md Soft Drinks NC'V1ltlZl. Mo. Phone 48 Ferry Brothers Insurance Agents All Kinds of lnsurztnce Phone 61 North Side Square Nevada, Mo. 1 l Page l lb few-f,.' : f' "T N....,..,-'R - f I 1 if + e- 1 o, -115113 52 9 Eli? gif Ti? 'YQ 'QQ -.-?3f 1 gag.: :,QjfQ':f,jf4-4-2'p:.Q,j'Q, ...,:a.E22.Li-iCiLiiiQ'.13 SENIOR HALLOWE'EN PARTY WISE AND OTHERVVISE. Holly Rice Cafter being turned downJ : Fm not worrying: thero's a lot more iish in the sea. Roberta Bolan: Yes, and if nobody's got a better line than you have they'll all stay there. Mrs. Symns: What are you reading? Leon Maxwell: A tale of buried treasure. Mrs. Symns: Wasting your time on fiction again? Leon Maxwell: No. It's a book on how to grow potatoes. Katherine Gray: The rain's coming down in sheets. Cecil Young: Blankets, I'd say. Katherine Gray: Don't try to be funny. This rain's a comfort. Cecil Young: Well, I'm only bolstering up your remark. Hoyt Alkire: Papa, can I have a banana? Papa: Yes, son, if you won't sing about it. Wendell Fowler: 'The girl I marry must have a sense of humor. Louise Chezem: Don't worry, she will. Rex Post: Whatis your papa's business? Marjorie Churchill: He runs a filling station, Sugar Plum. Rex Post: Oh, I see, he's a dentist. Page 120 , , . , -BSI!! M 1li?5S5xlr f QQ. eflcefwzoz stl,a:E.:5S552f,'5 j ,.f,Lo ,QJLQC sin,1Qff -2 55555555 E , S Thgs. Dyfgafd The Rexall Store . ,IZAHIOR , Drugs, Toilet Articles MEN S FURNISHINGS I Victrolas, Kodztks and Sporting G d no S Phone 4l5 ll7 lf. Cherry Phone 77 Nevxulu, Missouri Ncvllllll' Mlsgmm We lnute Xou lo Become Better Acqu unted With A BANK with 'I Record for Having Served its Customers lalthfully 'md lntelligently Since lts Organization ln 1869 The Thornton National Bank Nevtdt Missouri Noah Lee 85 Co Nevada Where lt lays lo Ply Cash G Magazines Cigars and 'liohucco rocerles Daily Papers Yes We Iftke Subscriptions Phone 80 West Side Square 125 E . , ,, , I I . . . T . . . . ,. . . . . I 1 z, .. . . U ' 0 . , ,. . Fresh Meats 2 - 9 K ,. a 9 ' s ' , , . . . r . . Cherry Nevada. Missouri 5555555555555555555555 55555555 555555555555555 Page l2l .,--Nix? ffqlfm U M 5 7 -ffifiisfgiz rrf 5,-,,,.N .Tvs . , k IX: xl-zllz. 4-1535! 3,-sk f., ,. 4 ,,,f', g2.3L-37L::L''llf'243f1g!!g.AgLL.fN':,:ifLQQ:55:4a,i,,f.flll1Qg:-fgQ,T - 1 Qsiflllcgfflil X 5 Y r 7 Pngel22 na'-v--f,,A ,,.,.f 4 . 'r 3 fhv- I N . fall? f,1fq.Qf"T'sEg S U 1 E f ,i23fq fU rpm, p Egl?Z4 1l'f1.f ! dv 4.1- 3,59 -Lp.v1??,m ...ll - J31i-4Q hiiiiis' -2 CH1UfHQfH5fHQf?U CHUf?Qf?5 .lU!7'l,I'iIIffllQ YIAIH' Uvixllvx Prwlllwl .S'1'IT'l'1'l Um' lufwlslm if 5 52 The Daily Mail and Ezwzilzg Pos! TM llwllf' l'11fn'1'... .Ill lflw .Y4':c'x lfil In lin lzlln flu' llnnn' ffm!! ,Ywivx run! flu' 'l'f'l1'q1f1lJl1 .Y4':."s nf lllz' llhffff ll lf fill!! lfw llnlu' lfilll Tvfw 'l'l1is uf.'0lIll'fU UI' fill!! IM ll lx ll Stllllflfl' UI' Our Prinliuf U5Q' lf3 PHQC 117333 fy 7 ".fi3?5S"5!urg'f . rJ7cf1.',z1fi..g.i.jSfQ.-,'g,e,g..i f'?aQ.zQ2f 1QQg , A FEW THINGS. Mrs. Symns tto the French classb : You had better keep your eyes open the next few days. Irene Turk fafter a little pauseh : Why? Mrs. Symns: You would look foolish going around with them shut. A lot of applesauce is due to fly when two apples get a crush on each other. Loyd Misner: Miss Wilkinson, what should the thermometer l'egistel"! Miss Wilkinson Cvery sericusj : Whatever the temperature is. Something that runs in the best of families-silk hose. Mr. Esther ito chemistry classl: You folks didn't see Washing- ton discover America in 1492, but you believe it is true don't you? Absence makes the marks grow rounder. "I'll have to raise you two bits," said Miss Anna as a senior turned in the money for another ticket. A blotter is the thing you spend your time looking for while the ink is drying. "Isn't it gorgeous ?" exclaimed Miss Phillips as she viewed the Grand Canyon. Some go to the movies to rest their feetg others to practice reading aloud. Mr. Davidson shaved himself with tooth paste one morning, but never found it out until he had started to brush his teeth with the shav- ing cream. A nut at the steering wheel, a peach at his side and a sharp turn in the road is a good recipe for a fruit salad. People who live in glass houses shouldn't play a saxophone. About the only way to insult a girl nowadays is to tell her she needs a haircut. Pilar' HH QJTAA kffflligmiix T'i i f A V , , 1 , M- 1 ,. ,L -4:1-'bI?1'2il5:':f5l,-X' LQ gli frffc QQQLJQLLEQQJLLLeffwjQg,S'ff:':,g,flf-gif4'5f17Lghp..,rLL.' LLL-iLLi.gseyg DQQQGGDQ13 !Z2!?1lZ1l'f HOTEL MITCHELL CAFE Breakfast A La Carte 6:00 to 9:30 a. m. ' Special Luncheon 60c-H130 to 2.00 p. m. Special Dinner 75c-5:30 to 8:00 p. m. We Appreciate Local Patronage. lt ls Our Earnest Desire To Please You HOTEL MITCHELL Moored Dickinson, Proprietors, Nevada, Missouri oss Sc Glenn Clothing Co. MEN'S AND YOUNG MEN'S SUll'S EVERYTHING A MAN OR BOY WEARS oss Sz Glenn Clothing Co. Moss Sc Urner . , ,L , ...Business Comes lo Us livery Day.. irst Ford Service Phone 186 21601131 ank it North Side Market MICATS AND GROGERIES Plblllblihllfll In H89 We Solicil Your Business Tough 85 Richardson Proprietors Nevada, Missouri Phone 18 Phone 17 QQHUGUQQGQGQ CHI IGDUGQUQSIUH HQQG - Page 125 A, ffyd' HE' x N Jef' f 0 M EXN-""fr , f fX1?f2fSk fix S 7 11435, X E fp 32 Tis-51? ei1Lii.,.I1it.ffSff'f.f:,'g,f,4.. .A.1i,Ef2lg1iiQQ -2 Page Iffm 'Fir-nnfff M-"k xy,,,.,,,,-1' fs.-11? f,1i11??133 X U M E f ,iafeijio 112, . e5.L32e42:1?,Lci -qgfSf1if..',g,24e.e,..,11911, , - Jzi -5-fsil.iQf.Q1 -2 U 055455050 W. SCOTT BATES GEO. li. l3A'l'l'QS W. S. BATEN f N "BUILDING MA'l'l'1RlAl. 'l'HA'l' SA'l'lSl"ll'1S" LEE PARKE, MZIIIIIQCF 202-216 S. Cedar Phone H19 Rent a Ford D k Drive It Yourself fd 65 . 113-15 s.,..11. 1111.11 si, Grocerterla Phone 58 . ,: - 1 H Ip Y 'lla l Suv 'M Lakin Taxi and Auto 6 cflibiziijth"ld'iiLil12lI1kliC mm Livery Nevad:1,Mo. Neosho,Mo. Clinton.lVlo. WE :-: ARE :-: PREPARED Both from the standpoint of equipment and experience to render the highest type of service either in ambulance work or funeral direction ays Funeral SGFVICS 24 Hours Service Exclusive Undertzikers Phone 930 LUYD H. TURPI ...lVlortician... lfull VVeig5,hts :md l.ow Prices We Deliver 552 or More Nevada, Metz und Rich llil, Missouri "Established 'l'wo Generations" Page 127 xv7:v,:-wg" 'MS ,gg , , 1- ' sr 1. 0 M E 7' I? 1' ,..J1fv.m,Vsf'?f.--S ., to frf . gzgflafpgit e.f,':,bzi-i,,Q51Qr,Q1-2 SO IS YOUR OLD MAN. Charles Streicli: VVhen did swimming become a national sport in Scotland? Glen Keithley: Hurry it along. Charles Streich: When they erected toll bridges. "That bane a yoke on me," said the Swede as the egg s mattered 7 down his shirt front. Evelyn Forster: Say, is Emery Wells trying to imitate Bernard McFadden 'Z Hope Hornback: Naw, he just got up and hasn't combed his hair yet. "A little light on the subject," said the spotlight man as he ad- justed the spot on the star. Miss Winnberg: Have you finished your outside reading? Adolph McFarland: No, it's too cold outside today. Sitting Bull tat the box odicej : If standing room is the only thing left, l don't care to see the show. Melba Lee Davis: What was all the commotion about? Lorraine Wert: A match got all lit up and lost its head. "Your lips are too sweet for words," said the lover to the deaf mute. Dorothy Spencer: So your uncle is a southern planter? Ruby Peterson: Yes, he is an undertaker in Memphis. "'I'he1'e's a pair of good slippers," said the careless one as he threw the bananas down. Mr. Esther: You don't know when you are well off. I wish I were il boy again. John Neimeyer: So do I-littler than me too. "I shall now tickle the ivories," said the shiek as he lingered a toothpick. Aaron Driver: What was the prisoners appearance when he was arrested 7 Bill Betts: Well, he had a kind of pinched look. "That's a wonderful plot," said the real estate man to his prospec- tive buyer. Page 123 4 E f 5 M pvc-41'-f ' . H ' ' X Y ,',' -- ' llil rfligskvle Qi-Qab Dlx? r X 22:21, L? 9,5 if K c J Qjpffgg .522-QQ if Ang, ,f,2J1.QLisi!QQSf4i 2 l ' ll Ottey umor 0 ege i NEVADA. MISSOURI 'lihe School which Gives to the Young Woman Her l,ife's Vision The School which Opens Up the lnnumerahle Opportunities Confronting the Present American VVoman 'fhc Schocn VVhich Teaches bcrvice Hy Serving Hl'lADQUAR'l'l'IRS FUR Al.l, ...WSCHOOL SUPPl.ll'iS....... SS BUCK TORE Cshorn M 2lCl1ll1C Shop 1 H. F. BIRDSEYE, om -ui S '."Si1lil n l A , N , llnitctlLlXllotsllllriimtluctyflorp 1ixtt0rne3 8 Ab5traCter - Starting, l.i,Qhtin,Q anti. lgnition , I I ' Amcricaln Hammered Piston Rings M055 LY Urvwr lillllillllii Nevada, Mo. Phone 277 I South Matin St. Phone 611 CHGUfHiUfHU UCH5UfH5UfH5Ux Page l29 4' irc'-faa. ff XM---'ft a Q "' UNE? f F".'f , fy 5335, A ' itil' Xi? ff! , Q-QiZ.??f:l.fQ1,Q gs,ffnQ21S,.f,?....fb,zLf,-Q5Qi!gg SMILES. Mary Nunn: Did you Iind a ten dollar bill on the floor of the res- taurant?, Waiter: Yes, ma'amg thank you, ma'am. Roger Fine: How did you like the show? Mary Jane Bolan: Great bill. Roger Fine: But dear, my name is Roger. John Mesplay: Do you want to hear my new record? Henry Hartsofok: What? John Mesplazy No, "Who." Billie Brown: I met a new girl last night and asked her if I could see her home. Lloyd Neel: What did she say. Billie Brown: She said she would send me a picture of it. "I've raised lots of families," said the elevator boy. h Helen Spayd: The Senior Class Play certainly brought down the ouse. Lucile Kendrick: Was any one hurt? Norman Evans: Roberta lives only for me. Pansy Fluke: Well, she told me she had nothing to live for. Gerald Price: If a cannibal ate his mother's sister, what would he be? Delmas Donnelly: I'll do what's expected. Gerald Price: He'd be an aunt-eater, of course. Could you call a basket caged in a basket ball game, after the final whistle, a waste basket? E. B. Scholl: Are you the man who cut my hair last time? Barber: I don't think so. I've only been here six months. Stephen Baird: You must have been very young when you started to shave? Lloyd Thornton: Yes, I was just a little shaver. Could the cost cf printing this page be called the cents of humor. Gussie Clary: Why use such a high crib for your baby? Mr. Engleman: So we can hear her when she falls out. "Ah! I've got you in my grip," said the villian as he put the tooth paste into his valise. Page 130 Q. f K ,f-ff" 'igx'-x., X5 --- 'Jr I - U Ex U P1 E 7' Okffh'-xl 1' ,, ,. -f'g"2fK? ffl! Sai? . A .I1'i'?b' Ni? 117' . Q i-?2:xL??LLC E !"yQi??j1fs,gfglziiggiiisi2 ....PREPARE TO LIVE.... That is Your Greatest Problem. Y Going to Solve It? ' How Are ou You Will Need Adequate Trainingi. You Can Get It at ur T College, Springfield, Mo. Dr y Write at once for full information and make your plans to enter in the fall of 1926 THOMAS WILLIAM NADAL. President MEET MIC AT... CONFEg7lONERV R A SODA AFTER SCHOOL FO ROBE W. F. Norman Sheet Metal Manufacturing Co. STEEL CEILING Durable, Inexpensive and Easy 'I'o Put On ld Ceili Can Be Put On Over O Wood or Plaster We Manufacture All Kinds of Steel Roofing Phone 129 R'l'SON 81 IIRANI, Proprietors Fl Li, V J. K. KILL i HARDWARE and SICICDS e 313 West Side Square Phon I Symns SL Hooper AI.I. KINDS OF INSURANCE l Nevada, Missouri Phone 159 l Page 131 941-vp . f' " 'fn' A ii' X Q i ""?Fw QUIVIE7 vgfqgiif . ,f-NCQ! iff S: UQ. R .11 Hr N-Riff! e Lal! -gb '? MORE SMILES. Bliss Newton: I wish you wouldn't chew gum. Don't you know it's made out of horses' hoofs? Inez Copeland: Sureg that's why I get a kick out of it. Barber Shave, Man sneeze: Man dead, Next, please. Edith Harding: I consider that sheep are the most stupid creatures living. W. T. Campbell Qabsent-mindedlyj : Yes, my lamb. A two-word story that tells just an awful lot: Date. Gate. Elmo Donnelly: What kind of luck did you have? Harry Hall fwho had been huntingj : Bald man's luck. I combed the w s f' ' ' f' . oods vsithout finding a single hare Last night as I sat by the fyre, I tried my poor brain to inspyre, VVith gifts and schemes For the girl of my dreams, But as yet I don't know what to brye. "Black Boy, how did yo' all get that soot on youah coat?" "That ain't soot, Carbona, that's dandrufff' Anna Nelle Sevier: What's a molecule? Eldon Anderson: I think it's one of those glasses Englishmen wear in their eyes. "Which am de most usefulest, Ebon, de sun or de moon?" "Why, de moon ob course." "How come de moon?" "Kase de moon, he shine in de night when we need de light, but de sun, he shine in de day when light am ob no consequence." Bill Sterett: Why were you kicked olf the glee club '? Carson Moss: I had no voice in the matter. "My school-girl compleXion's gone," I heard the maiden say. "A cyclone came along and blew The drug store all away." Page 132 Q41--f,,' ef O 1 N-...,.'-1 fl 'f' UML' XX""'r , amy y r pee, . A x gf 5- :L X 11 , A .S,:fg'g,, QQQQTEEL' 1241 S9554-j,f.....i ei jwr1??? 1 1525-5 fir 'life .. .TRY... IT H, FF - J For Good Eats At A11 Hours Phone 1231 115 141. Cherry CAN DI ICS CAFIC CIGARS ' ' I 4 f0uNTAlNandLuNcu "ON 'l'Hl'1 CORN FIR" Nevada hamber of Commerce THE PEOPLE WHO DO THINGS 119 East Cherry Street U U5GUUUQ UHQQQ P age 1 33 x,'.,--, ,.- , for--:Z 0 N 5 ,X ,413-If W -f:X1rf2fSf??s!-S ... 72 -fi3f?S'EiIft'f , '3i21?2:229Q'.LK44 43lgfjgg"',g,:,,4 5 Q, ,14"'Q317f3?::':j 4l? gf .Q eifgiggggig Page 134 f,'" 7" A i' "Xxx N, ,,.1. ,Qt 'Ni 'XTK N rg, ,C ,Q?rzf,1f 5335! - .X U lvl E 7 Iifiis' Yr: ffff. .,' '1 7' ' Q 'I 'If - ,KiVi ,N -1 N "' ELZL-?2i cpl!! f K Q, ALL! if,-g"fg'f,-5-+a--f'15.719, ,--.QA - 221-5 K-xggfffcf Nevada Milk i 'rua Cl.l+2ANl'1R 'ruar c1.l-:Aus Products Company QUALITY ssnvicr Manufacturers of Quality Ice Cream Quality Butter Pasteurized Cream Milk and Cultured Buttermilk The 0"'Y defnplsnl HOLLI .RGCO. Honeuoa aozr :my Phone 59 125 S. Main Willizims 81 Pottorf Hflmllmn Shoe Stores Company Abstracts ' l.oans and Insurance Court House Phone 565 Nevada, Mo. Hopkin's Drug Store --on 'nw comer' Service-Q llzl lily-Price Ph t1l1 e 66 Nevada Auto Parts Store A Complete Parts Service For All Makes of Automobiles 129 lf. Walnut Phone 75 Operating 15 Family Shoe Stores ln Missouri and Kansas Murray liarhart, Manager Nevada, Missouri Store f Take Chiropractic Adjustments Keep VVell and KICICP SMILING BONAR 81 BONAR oi iluoPRAc:'1'oRs lllV'Q lf. Cherry Nevada. Missouri ALI. SAND IS NOT GOOD SAND Pitting and scaling of concrete and plaster is usuallv caused hy unclean sand. "Osage" sand is washed and graded. It is safe to use in the tinest work. lt cost no more than poorer grades. Pl ny safe. Ask your contractor to use "Osage" Sand. J. A. Daly-Osage Sand and Contracting Co. masse: 1 nasmmmcm rag 135 f'5Sv--.-1-4 , f y X . M- 1 , l semi? f,1f'ff?TffEg S U M E P yifiasgxf ff!! Ei2LlZ4cLZzL2l X'1c,Q F- .ZLLLS Kits -J With apologies to C. B. Mitchell ,WC llze lrimson amz' the Gray Although Carthage always favored The white and shining blue, And the gentle sons of Joplin To the red and green are trueg Homage to the Tigers we'll render Nor honor go away While the High School stands defender Of the Crimson and the Gray. Through the four long years of High School Midst scenes we know so well As the mystic charms of kmmxvleclge We vainly seek to spell Or we win athletic vie'tries Un the football's field of fray Still we work for dear old lligh School And the Crimson and the Gray. When the cares of life o'er take us Mingling fast our locks with gray Should our dearest hopes betray us False fortunes fall away Still we banish care and sadness We turn our mem'ries away And recall those days of gladness 'Neath the Crimson and the Gray. Frances Shackclton. Page 136 NEVA FA R LE X T' ,.?f2,,1-1f"fff6,TTgX , , ,V ' X ' a -for me :si -S ' fa af riffs' so :rf - Q. --fi' 353' 51 qflf f f"'1wf 79 s, -, . ff" eLLZ.LL.9,LL- c r4,u.a.-',3,fiz,Q5a,1,...4'.11Lgj.-i...,,.1,r,., ,Jl.LLSiS9s: 2 I3-5912142831-I3-CHS-C! 55 l 6 This Fine D WAREY KIM U ff, :iEt:-:-:-:-:i:-:7:-:aa-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:a:-:-:c:T:,hga:Ting .:.:- A 1 S to rc ,f g . f i Y K .. lg I l l Features the best i 1 1 1 - fl lines made in America E ' I rr " 1 I A 'Irene Castle' Corti- i ! 2: J celli Styles, also 'Peg- ' 5 . EE l l I gy l"aige,' 'College YV Y l i WN V ! i ' l vl Ll'-L-'4A -F Prince-ss' and 'House -' tllrwelfarhottsi 'l'ie3xhiol1l,l - 1- . I It- V: -wiv 6 yu flkldcl, . ouge, ' . , f huge. Pier:-Ile and F i til' "" 'w lllwgagged h other line makes. l"fY Harry C. Moore Dry Goods Co., "'l'lie Srore for Pretty Knotts." STUMP 85 SON blncc 1896 Known lirmds Sensible Prices Quallty Lunch 3 A Good Place To Eat l.c-:tders ln I ...FASlllONABl.l'I l"OO'l'WliAR... 211 West Cherry canoe P Woodfill Jewelry Co. Watches Diamonds Jewelry Glasses Fitted Nevada, Missouri .Nevada Garage.. SHONH 8: JANES, Props. Hudson and Essex Paige and Jewett Cars Corner Washington and Walnut St Phone 302-Nevada. Mo. hge l37 S 'r"'YW X fi fn" 'Y J14,533f,1f s3f? s3 my U 'V' 5 T I4Sey my f ,A X -r g .X 1 ,K-735 k F 11 V rdf' ll 13 9,-v .Lk glue J 52754 will 1A 2jiA61- n g. Page 138 .?'f-+:1ff'mXe--we ' " "1 Vlfgntfr O -JTTQ? LV 113559 Ni? ff' O EQLQQLU K6 gif.-f,Qgf!':c,QFgfLe.f' 2225-6 YEOIKQQQ PHOTOGRAPHS THAT PLICASIC l'll O N li 304 H. C. VVARE :-: STUDIO Morrison-VVilliams-Ste1'ettClothingCo HART, SCIIAFFNICR 8 MARK CLOTIIICS f O. ,fi ,,,' ' r ff f 1 X fl, Y nzfvffjf11ffffJQgyzLQfOf4ffKQz4Wff Organized 1883-44th Year Write Us For information Scdaha, Missouri O OOO O. .O OOO ,U OOOOO OOO O OO O Codreyds Laundry N21VC,S Book Store i Terms Cash School Books. Stationery, Gifts Memory Hooks 219 S. Cedar Telephone 395 i NCVIHTII- MTSSUUTT Liberty Building South Side Square CHARIJQS II HOWARD, President lf. M. GHORGIC-HOXVXRD. S t y T e Nevada Trust o. Capital and Surplus 360,000 U0 Generali Ranking and Farm Loans Nevada, Missouri Page 139 I 1 , , f' 7. Z , , ,. , .451T?f2i5??5iQ--SU 'V' 5 Wx: ffff- Q.-'g.rJ.,4z11.:..cL f tgsascg Football Dehnea' The name, football, comes from the old Anglo-Saxon word, football, meaning murder, which originally came from the Greek word pronounced football, meaning murder. It is a delightful little game for the children to play in the nursery on a rainy day. Twenty-two men and any number of doctors can partake in the sport. There are eleven men on a side. It is generally the referee's side. For this reason the referee wears knickers and carries a whistle. When the referee blows the whistle the traffic starts up and down the field. As the ups and downs meet they see red and stop. All the ups suddenly become downs. After three downs the side in possession of the ball generally kicks. The kick is done something like this. "Ah, that referee's crazy! That ball's over a mile!" If the team makes ten yards in four downs it isn't a very downy job. As a reward for this hard work they are permitted to try again. They seldom do, usually resorting to the strategy of forward passing the ball to one of their opponents who, seeing it coming, thinks it's Christmas and starts to run. He immediately finds out it isn't Christmas and wishes he'd gone right into his father's business instead of going to school. However, sometimes they recover. And so the game continues to the end, just one give and take until all the avail- able players have either given out or been taken out. -Judge. Howto Tie a Bow Tie Hold the tie in your left hand and the collar in your right. Slip your neck in the collar and run the left-hand end of the tie over the right with the left hand, steadying the right end with the other hand. Then drop both ends, catching the left end with the right hand and the right end with the left hand. Reverse hands and pick up the loose end with the nearest hand. Pull this end through the loop with the unengaged hand and squeeze. This ties the bow. As a finishing touch, disen- tangle the hands. -Flamingo. , K Blessings on thee, little dame Bareback girl with knees the sameg With thy rolled down silken hose, And thy short, transparent clothesg With thy red lips reddened more With a lipstick from the storeg With t'hy bobbed hair's jaunty grace And thy much 'bepowdered face From my heart I give tihee joy, Glad that I was born a boy. Page 140 9 il3,:v,g-1,f"ii'eX lbs--Q,-:4 Q u?:- K X 'N ll, in , -fj'1s!?1'29Smf3El-Sf T liiaifi' stuff, t il-1: 2fg,,jfSf' LQ., S3722 QL- ebzi-Q.-Q1SQQQQ 'e U CU-GGG-GGG-U Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry c:Ul1llllCllCCllICnl A llllllllllkellllllll and Invitations Jeweler to the Senior Class of Nevada High School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers Attleboro, Mass. ASK ANY COLLlfIGE GREEK QGQ fi U5Q 551355 UQGQQH Page 141 4 NM f"-Axxfxw vs..,,..u-' Q u,"' qw U lvl E7,X.Xlf--xl, , , ..A , 33? fy 52 -X Lfflv XL: rg, Egl?2j:K?:9Q!L'gw.:.f4.jf,.gf.".i4,Q,g4f:.i !f52?jf'p.f,1.,.bJLi-LsiLi,Q3Q f l P Pgl4 v- is-'ff--f 1 or P N...,..,-1 Q . fvtA"5-'qi News 'H'-I' S, V ,S -4511? !,1iU:?S 511- si' U M E 7 'Tis 'ju r rg, -'P to 'i ' 1f'2?f it Mg., .Jil J sr if I1 -...iw ir., UUQQ UUUUQQUUUU Jie , Y Xe. N-. O hi, 1, . , we-ioxrk, 11 ,1 -,rw ,," A, k VV vigrx ' f A ff f "" rx'-l 71? gig-T' "1 tx ff Qgzi 121 1 tCherry Nevada. Missouri U X- . Cleaning, Pressing and Dyeing ls Our BUSINESS. Quality Work that is worth more than the price asked Suits and Dresses Dyed, Rugs Cleaned, Huis Cleaned and Blocked Nevada Cleaning VVorks 119 South Cedar Phone 119 Good Shoe Repairing Insures you Health, liconomy and Comfort. Have Your Shoes Repaired at the Victory Shoe Shop Shine Parlor Phone 44 109 lf. Cherry K L'lVi'I?'?fiU4'f5f,- Jlllll rm U 'kj' DEPARTMENT sroims "Martin's For M usie" Gulhransen Registering Piano Wellington Piano-Chickering ' Brunswick Panatrope Orthophonic Victrola Brunswick and Victor Records Conn Band Instruments Special Terms To School Boys TQ 11 . M . jfs' M A R1:.l.!lvE SMPt!fN? CO. Phone 132 East Side Square S. 1-1. Kress 85 Co. 5-10 and 25 Cent Store Nevada, Missouri Page 143 f Ery'AkXwyH Q 'flgrxxx XX 'ji K -fg 'gzr2fs-,nE X 7 !436vY.nfr4, g,i.1D72zo: :Qi .g3, ,3fSff 'e-,'5,gi.d ' 'TsQ.2?5f,f g,?,.bgLQQQQQQ AUTOGRAPHS .9 5'-v--f,4,x ,fe ' m'XXN...,,,,-IX , "Hem ONE -Ffh .fm 2 5- ,-Y 7 1359 C if E D095 Belknap Bros. Try and Ellinger WARDI , GARAGE Phone 243 Cor. Cherry and Ash Drug Store SAVING .... ln the tield of education there should be embodied the saving idea. 'I his appeal should be made to the young and practiced by all. Saving is the hope of a nation and the as- surance of its prosperity. Saving helps to educate our boys and iiirls and prepares them to assume life 's responsibilities. FAR DHOME Yancey - Harmon Printing Company Wainscott Furniture Co. Commercial Printing hlverything in the lfurniture l.iue Home of Sellers Kitchen Cabinets ousi,iw-siaaviczia Phone 26 Phone 49 Nevada, Missouri mmm nge 145 A ,:.s..1:f,1f1Eff fEg K ....., f 'jxf T522 E232 L-'fihli gX,.3,-'x1j,Qfif,',jF+H.2 film", . j2.Li -25LQQSf2 A UTUGRAPHS ,.w' ' Lf? 1.611 xy Jxf 0 1 fx O Q 4 ff!! 'J lf iw X K N. J . Fx XA f 'fc ,1 Xxx' Q' 111, I Hr -x Xa .11 I is .:,, it 1: . X i? Q O .Q . :lr sgs 2 xi ,,. L . S 1 X S q x 1, O 1 5' QE! 'J W"3.Qi1is':Q.iKQ.,,L.i.mA.S'1?fm.uuQl'Qy'4tfkann +755 " ' TX" K1t""fAiuss.mQXfx. x.f, MiA111SX1'Quai:M.1W' F R. Q, , ,, k ,k,,. W ...W .... ... O V - k ,x. O, aff? 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Start a howl for the instructor and don't be satislied until he gets all the stud and performs the experiment for you. 7. Always keep in mind that you are great chemists and assume a patronizing air when you are discussing the subject of chemistry. UCHlQC10C1'!3CH7Ui35UC7!1UU!3UU'Q!3U!3UCfUD!3!343GU'UD17rUUUUQU'UEYDCIUGC UUU!25UCiUCi!flCi'CHf1 DOUG!! HUD Page H9 , f "Kia Y- U lvl E 'U"'7' f . .,,.. - -4Z"7!? KQV 51:',-53-S' 7 hair' Xi! ff' x E:1i,224TL2b' I f'ia',f fw171?? ,Qfp -bJ.i.Q iG.Q' 2 THAT'S ALL THERE IS-- TIIICRE AINVI' NO MORE. SOUTHVNISI MAH IRINIIINK IUMIANH IRI S NPN ADA MISNUI Rl Page 150 'W Q ?'

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