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Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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! f N 5 T , . ..,.,g. 'af ,-F115 " ' I 39.1 W:-., 'wff qw A?K3wL 3 MPT ' ,..,zfm. ,,, 'J ru ,a ,..n, -- ,,ff 5 -' gglff.. Hxwwa -f : .r ,gf .3 Lx, ,AH ' -fc . ,. v. U. ' 52, 5.1.1 .N -1 4. 15, rn Q Half, g- L , ,Is "fu ' , va. dv A N 4515.-'-ff'f'5 1' ' Qs. 2 'Q J 5-Q'-Q..-Vg' . ' ,, 'f'-, ,11,. .' y "Sq: ' .'ugL:j,',' " .?iE?f'1g-Q, U X X Unfi- ,, rg,',,, " f1",'?Vfi.- -.H anmkia. 4. wa. .:-,wwf . -43?-' ' -1 ' .,-.- , :Z-2, -- , 1 4 :Sim 'J ul-LQ , . X-T4 aa - in I., ,- . . '1.y24f 11"-'f A 'gn' rf m L .kt I , L f -. -.- Q- 'T ' g-.-.-- ,.. .' ,, 1 . -Nm.. n -vc ..:in.i'8- ' . :'!' f 'Hr wr v '.: Q ...V-.-.,f , ,Q . -,214 , ,Z V M . X 1 ,X r " L 'L fha' .+ NV T511 fir? J , . 4,1 , 2,1 fr -'.-kju. .Pdf , ..,-, . r -Sr ' eb. N, 5. 1 ., . 'len' ' 2 . x ,, 5 ,I ,, A , V i X, '. -, , , 1.3, ' . 1 . -2,-'l"E"., ,'?J""" 4, . W. Y gf- ij.',Q.f:'-,rj 2 ': are Jai' Y ' 1, u,,':5'. ,+v--- -he ' x 3f af. 'F 5 3.-' 'f Fly -Hy, -, .1 -,. 3,5- W 5. S' 'W pw, ' if 'L Yffnklfir 7 - ggi 5' R 5-gb. Q-:sf F , 3'-ii ,- i .. - au I- " V' 5. w ' . -iff .aes , '.,.' .- 5 ' .,'-- :' 551 .5 ,,. ' , 11-17 ",f-Sify ' 7 1-5 ,f , , ,, J W lv 9 '.i"Qi'? f, I . . f L...- r '.w ,-new-W 39' vw-we ..v..,, ,. wt w- w ww. V, f , .- .JM W, wi' W Zmwh 1 W, W A " 'E A -VI . 1 f i D f - - 4"q1rf " J if X 1'..4SWF'Tf'E if 'TX' f K' is gy. Z .. I w an ' -.W 'n.4f A ' ff . JHJPQ77 . .. 7' ' A. 5 .F 4' , f U x, .T-nit -B--' ' -D, ,,-., ., . i wt,f.i'?f2g,,n I L- ., L: br . -S -' "'.' , , 4 ff' , M' N f My J, ff - - , . fi Q, , A - ' , ,gn .,'. , H A 5. . ...W-:, f-3-aff , . ' 'f ,V . ,J fry 'Veg-Pig? aww ,-1:3 Lp , fc VY -- , --. Jn' N mag' 'k -' 'QD " N f ,Q v "- .N , wi - ' ' ,,. . F . ,r ' "-' " - rid . .. X , -.f 'Q J 3 .. ,p-2 'im -2' A. 1 , ,, :V74 n ,- I tj Q., 195 ,W gm 'ip J gl' 4-.' rw V ' ic" 'VTQ 4s.gf1'w .4 ' 1Q'E',5'.' ' 1' 3 .4 l ,W- oiw , -9 WEUP- , ff 1' n?"fyf"' -f L.. mi K, ,, nv.-.4 Av MTA A .femur .Q . .W . 1 '31, 'V' N f' sv A V - ,N .1 R , - , .,,, g Aw - Q I M .4 1 6 J . ...- "' u 1 74a 7?57 Wm ?wzecZ 'F H 0 EN f!M?Wx'W M f f llll , W. .m'lIl""I e i V .ff ,fy l ' . 71 , ,071 lr, V ff .f ff? . I .. X' ' J 1 '. 'I 1 . A I1 gn-xxx Mt' ' Xg.,-: f mf' ,f 57X fc w K ii, if xy ' ' f ' " , 56' !' LQ pp .-Cf ,, , ,fn M.-If C , 4, f ' fi. J ' 2 ' - if-'L7i'5 ? ,' ' , ff V . " 1' "" 4 ' 'X , ff f' 'V , f f W 1 X 2 w -f, . , N xt 1 I f .A r if N V.--..l,: ,' 1 fl, . , 7 " ' .MA ffl g 4,-1, I, 71' V. X .fu ,hx I 1 ,K f yy' HX sw- ! I X M MKWWM pwaaatedfq 74a Seachfzefaca 7iez'4a pfzaucdeace Scion! F7 ' Nether Providence Elemelltary School Wallingfo1'd Elementary School 29 7Zeg4Q zdachf S64 face dag, ther Providence High School A new school is being con- structed in Nether Provi- dence to help meet the needs of a growing population. The Summit Elementary School which is being built on Plush Mill Road in Wallingford will be com- pleted for the fall of 1957. fi ff! J K, ,. jf, 7,1 55- ' 'Z ,., 8 35 Q J 1 .f :az K I -5? . vii - I In 4-15 1 , . '-2'-'if' t A " , 3-'Tv 4 - - vzsgpxizl E --- f-- -- ---15-v . gs' -e-7 4- up , e- 15 g,g+:fz3"5gQ!,'."Q:1 ' V 1153-manga. Hsiiiw - .W ,- .fg 2 -If-:J:1""' , I .aa l Ya it ? Y 3 In ' 41 E 3 .SSB 5 E '4-1"""""!'if ' C' '-W 1- -1 J V 1 -- 7- 4 .,...2e:.- :- , 7- ,r t4."f --ir 4 v-.4fi,L,,,j-.v'f" 4' " ' ' , Y ""' 'jf' 4 " -V ffi,,LifZg.'?1iE1-"Al 'STL 's A . , - .f 'Q - 1 - -' , f M S... 'ii 5 X -4 5 ' A --3 YQ- .rs , i f 'f :ff ' 'A -e A ' ...---L-' A ' 1- c , -is-fl 2 ., - 2 if f if fe 1 -1,1 1 1 I2 ,T - fi ,, ",,. Z..."-ff 2 fr.-' -7..,,, .,, . li' ii-1 if.-J , I f-f::- 5 ig N - X N . Q . X .yn ,N -XXX .X X ,nan inthe .spirit of I ' "Pr0videnee's"iaiei deeply Wliiff H the future" will bring.WWe howeverflforget the happy -events of our Using theiiyfords of the immortal poet Shakes- we haygffiittempted tovlproduce a record of - 1 U ,, ., A .,, events which i!?!X9,,n!99!1Q-Qur,years at Nether Provldence the legfs of ouflives. the faculty and- administration we express our thanks for 'their -expert teaching and To ,the qnderclassrnggwxg bniv legyerthe responsllnllty of carrying on the schoofsutrgditions of sports- ?lesrde!TShip,isch'olership, and friendliness. onrlclassmates we extend .best wishes for suc- -i"s undertakings. May this has a fivarm reminder of their days at 3,23- I I Then, Heaven, set ope thy everlasting gates To entertain my vows of thanks and praise. Second Part of Henry VI, IV, 9. We dedicate this book to the Parent Teachers Association in grateful recognition for the aid and inspiration they have given us in our years at Nether Providence. The vitality of any school community is in large measure a reflection of the interest and foresight of its P.T.A. Ours has given unselfishly to various activities, and their success in this can be measured by the benefits we have derived. They have guided us wisely in the past and have prepared us to accept the responsibilities of the future. It is fitting that the class of ,57, which has benefited from this organiza- tion, should show its appreciation. This dedication then, is a token of our gratefulness which is here extended in all sincerity. :l atl?sitSi5i Qifiiisiiliii? 1 if .-95:12 law Queue Seaahu oa, I4 an .a. 0194m5a:am4 Ariana gaeaaeu ?uznd4 FRANK A. MADEH Principal HOWARD A. WENTZ Supervising Principal EVAN G. KOONS Iunior High School Principal ALATHEA E. REESE Guidance Counselor Standing, left to right: R. Winfield Baile, Solicitorg Theodore Shmanda, H. Furness Taylor, Jr., Treasurerg Howard A. Wentz, Supervising Principal. Seated: Nancy V. Logan, Secretaryg Wm. A. Irving, Presidentg Dr. A. Norman Hixson, Mrs. James C. Lawrence, Jr., Vice Presidentg Mrs. Frances R. Wisdom. Sedan! Zaafwi Our school board is responsible for the operation of the School District of Nether Providence Township. They are charged with the planning, authorization, financing, and supervision of new construction and other capital improvements. Their responsibility also extends to providing the multiplicity of services and supplies necessary to the functioning of the com- plex business operation which is our school system. We are indeed indebted to them for the excellent job that they do. Then, Heaven, set ope thy everlasting gates to entertain my vows of thanks and praise. STANLEY BOORSE ........... .................. E nglish JOSEPH CANAMUCIO ...... ......... M athematics JOSEPH CHESNEY ..,..... ......... M athematics LOUISE CLAPP ........... ........ G eography ROBERT CLARKE .,.,.,.... ,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,A, E nglish LUCILLE DELANEY ,.... ,,,.,,,, M athemalicg JOSEPH DORANESO ...... .......... S cience JOHN ECTERNACH ........ ....,.... E nglish ROBERT FELKER ...... ........................., G eography CHESTER HAUPT ...... .......... P hysical Education LAURA ,IUNKINS ................ ......... L atin, French ROSEMARY KENNEDY ......... .................... N urse GILBERT KLINE .,,... ................... S ocial Studies MAY LAW ....,......,... .......... B usiness Education EDITH LEONARD ........................ .......... E nglish E. RUSSEL MEGONEGAL ,....... .....,..., S cience MABEL HECKLER ....,... ..,,..,., B usiness Education KAYE HERBERT ........ .,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, A r t FREDRICK HOUCK ....... ,,,,,,,, S cience LIONEL JACKSON ....... ........ E nglish LILLIAN MICHAEL ...... .............,. A rt HARRY MILLER .,.,... .,.,.,., H istory MARJORIE IVIORRELL ..,,..........,. Physical Education EDWARD NARCUM ....,..,,,. ....,.,.,..............,., H istory M. CELINE PHILLIPS ..,..,..,,.. English. Latin, Spanish VINCENT RENZULLI ..,,.....,.................. Social Studies FLORENCE ROSTRON ..........,......... Home Economics SYLVIA SEIDEL ............,...,... Social Studies, English ......... ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M usic ..... .....,,, I ndusirial Arts ,IOAN STEIN ......,... ....... M athematics LEON STRATOTI ...... ............ S panish THOMAS WALTERS ..,....... ............ S ocial Studies MYRTHLE WANDLESS .................... Home Economics I Mathematics THOMAS WERNER ........ ........... OLIVIA WHITE ............. ..,.......... L lhrarlan WILLIAM WILKINSON ...... .....,,... I ndustrial Afts JACQUELYN WILL ......... .................... E nghsh .....Mathematics MILDRED WILLIAMS ..... .............. ROBERT WRIGHT ..,....... ....,..... P hysical Education OFFICE STAFF Besides their job of assisting the administration, the members of the office staff will long be remembered for the "little things" they did for us. N. Logan, M. MacDougall, A. Friedkin, D. Ostien, W. Bishop, A. Wenger fseated J . CAFETERIA STAFF Under the capable guidance of Miss Mackenzie and her staff our cafeteria has become a part of our school well remembered and enjoyed. CUSTODIANS The proficiency of the custodians is clearly visible in keeping our school clean and sanitary, repaired and in good working condition. S. Bagley, E. Crander, B. Fischer, D. Bagley, R. Churchville S. Clover. J. Rhyames, J. Winters, F. Copper, J. Wesley, A. Hall, A. Wright. fx 'ff fx ,4 as 1 0 I L U 9 Lin 1 A 5 '- f We V V ,. 5, 'Q 1 4 V f 1 X A 5 w ff ,f L ,, 1 J I A , , V ' gl 4- I1 -.1 ' a I 'VJ 1 ,, 1 JV N 1 '11 MQ my K W l W' fab W V, fs WM K ffm 1 M f and gg- Q- :lk.p,.- M T' 25 . cp -- I6 O Fair be all thy hopes, and prosperous be thy life in peace and war. First Part of Henry VL II, 5. MR. EDWARD NARCUM Our sponsors have played an important role in our lives throughout our years of high school. We are sincerely grateful to them for their guidance, their patience, their encouragement, their help, and their implicit faith in the Class of ,57. MR. STANLEY BOORSE WILLIAM KIRCHGASSER ROBERT FIGLIO President Vice President SUSAN ROBINSON NORA JOAN BENEKE Secretary Treasurer Offezew The members of the Class of '57 of Nether Providence High School have chosen these four students to represent the class as senior officers. These students were chosen because they stand for the admirable qualities and the human characteristics which are the requisites of any successful group. This combination makes them honored and respected by their classmates. MARTHA BENDINSKY '4Marty" Carden City Business Education Marty would like to travel as her ambition of becoming an airline hostess would show. Having a skillful hand in art, Marty has produced sev- eral beautiful projects. Activities: Library lg Photography 2: Future Nurses' Club 3: Publicity 2: Senior Chorus l, 2: Senior Play Committee 4. lin d EDWARD BAKER "Sparrow" Garden City General Sparrow has an attraction for classroom cor- ners. One of the class clowns, he can usually be depended upon to come up with a witty saying. Ed's greatest desire is to get an "A" in gym. Activities: Basketball l, 2, 3: Football lg Stu- dent Council 2: Senior Play 4: Athletic Club 3, 4. at p., 5 NORA JOAN BENEKF, "Nora ,loanie" Wallingford Academic Nora's always composing "Double Letters." An energetic worker. she is usually found on Mon- day and Friday out on the Band field saying, "Oh, I dropped my baton." Her interests are many, including oil painting, and the male pop- ulation of homeroom 112. Secretly, she's training as Senior Class Treasurer for future trials and tribulations as the first woman Treasurer of the U. S. Physical or occupational therapy really interests Nora. Activities: Student Council 1, 3, 4: Class Treas urer 2, 3, 43 Publicity Club 2g Band 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. CAROL BERGER "Berger" Sproul Estates Academic Carol's car is stalled again!! She must have left the radio on after listening to jazz all evening. A future social worker, Carol dreams of flying an airplane and being on the stage. Activities: Marcus Hook: Student Council 1: Basketball 1: Hockey 1: Ridley Park: Chorus 25 Basketball 2: Future Teachers' Club 2: Neth- er Providence: Band 4: Press Club 3, 4: Bark 4g Senior Play 4: Dramatics Club 3: Publicity Club 3: Yearbook Business Manager 4. PATRICIA BOCCHINIO "Pat" Garden City Business Education Pat came to us from Chester High School dur- ing our senior year. She has demonstrated her skill as an expert photographer. Secretly, Pat would like to become a crime reporter for the Chester Times, but we foresee a future in which she will put her stenographic skill to use. Activities: Chester. High School: Chorus lg Homeroom Treasurer 3: Yearbook 2: Dramatics Club 2. JOYCE BEULAH ".loycie" South Media Commercial ,Ioycie is always full of fun. Among her inter- ests are dancing, green Dodges, and Dick. She claims that she would like to become a WASP. Activities: Swimming Club 2: Photography Club lg Nursing Club 2: Publicity Club gl Sen- ior Play House Committee 4. ROLF BRUNNER "Rolf" Wallingford Academic "Good show." A favorite expression by Rolf, who was quite an actor in our Senior Play. Usually seen underua car or over at Connie's. Rolf would like to make an "accompanied" tour around the world in a kayak. His true aim is to become a successful mechanical engineer and to get married. Activities: Basketball 2g Senior Play 4-3 Aero- nautics 2, Auto Mechanics 34 Surveying 4. l VAN NETTA BREWARD "Van" Wallingford Commercial Van came from Kensington H. S. in the 10th grade. She is a well liked member of the class. She spends part of her time dreaming of be- coming a nurse. Activities: Kensington High School: Nursing Club 29 Nether Providence: Senior Play Com- mittee 4. ROBERT BUNNER "Bobby" Carden City Academic "Swen sen?" What's that, some Chinese food? It happens to be an expression from Bob's ex- clusive language. Being quite athletic, Bob has participated in all sports offered at N. P. He would like to make his mark in the field of drafting. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 4-g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2g Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. RUTHANN CALDWELL "Ronnie" Wallingford Business Education Go to a party in West Chester or down to the "Welsh" and there you will find Ronnie. Plan- ning to marry l"when l'm readynl Ronnie wants to make sure the man she marries has plenty of 3533. This girl has a yen for Cadillac converti- bles! l Activities: Riding Club 1: Chorus 2: Photog- raphy Club 2: Library Club 3: Future Nurses, Club 4. JEAN DeSHlELDS l'Jeanie" Wallingford Commercial Jeanie came to us from Media High in her senior year. Adapting herself very quickly, Jean- ie's interest is friendly people. She will be a big asset to some fortunate boss when she becomes an office worker. Activities: Media High School: Hockey 1, 2. CARL CLAUSS "Zep" Avondale Knolls Academic Zep, the math wizard, is well on his way to making Einstein look like an amateur. A boy of many interests, he is usually found sailing, bowl- ing or playing basketball. Zep's hope for the future is to become a millionaire. He will prob- ably succeed if he follows through as a chemical engineer. Activities: Bark Staff 3: Business Manager 4: Senior Play Program Chairman 4: Scott's Hi-Q 4-3 Surveying Club 4: Aeronautics 3. LOCKARD DONNELLY "Lock" Garden City General Lock, a serious minded boy, can usually be found at the Garden City Fire House. His two great loves are fire trucks and money. He is quite active in fire house functions. Lock would like to become a bricklayer. Activities: Junior Varsity Football 33 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4-. ALEXANDER DIAMENT 'SAlex', Wallingford Academic An energetic member of the class of '57, Al is usually located in a sail boat, in the midst of "girls" or plugging for Hfree Gasoline." An am- bitious worker on various committees, Alex is a great salesman and you may often hear him say, "All right gang, let's hit the homeroomsf' His greatest desire is to tear up the U. S. Govern- ment food contract with the cafeteria. Seriously, though, Alex wishes to specialize in aeronautical engineering. Activities: Baseball 2, 3, 4, Bark 4-g Aeronaut- ics Club 2, Auto Mechanics 3, Surveying Club 4.. JENNIE LOWE DORAN "Jen" Rose Valley Academic Jennie Lowe has been selected to represent the school in District and State Orchestras. She is often heard saying, "Don't be bitter." Jennie secretly hopes to marry a rich executive and live on Rittenhouse Sq., though, until then, she would like to he a music education teacher. Activities: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Chairman of Follies Tickets Committee 3, District Band 3, District Orchestra 3, State Orchestra 35 County Insti- tute Band Orchestra and Chorus 1, 2, 3. EUGENE EDYNAK "Gene" Garden City Academic Cene's cutting Senior Chorus again! They just don't sing "long hair" music therell Could be basketball or blondes on his mind. Looking into the future we see him as an M. D. in a cancer research laboratory. Activities: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 33 Senior Play 4, Senior Chorus 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Scott's Hi-Q 3, 4, Yearbook staff 4. EDWARD FARKAS '4Ed" Briar Park Academic An outstanding member of our class, Ed came to us from Abington High School in his junior year. Plunging directly into our situation, Ed soon attained a high scholastic standing. In extra- curricular activities he definitely doesn't take a back seat. Ed's main interest is reported to be "money." He hopes to pursue a career in en- gineering. Activities: Newspaper l, 2, Student Council 2, 4, Basketball Manager 2, 3, 45 Football Man- ager 3, Scott's Hi-Q 3g Yearbook 4, Senior Play 4, Homeroom Officer 3g Club Officer 3. DAVID ELLIOTT "Killer" Pine Ridge A emfemir' The Killer, a hard-working boy with unequaled spirit, won the Junior Hoy Award for out- standing feeling and determination. Having many and varied interests which include athletics, chess, and camping, his character is typified by his secret hope of recovering a fumble and scoring a football T. D. Dave would like to pursue a career in the sciences. particularly biology. Activities: Football l, 2. 3. 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Chorus 3, 4, President of Chess Club 3, 4. PATRICIA FITZSIMONS "Fitz" Wallingford Academic "Oh, to have a date with Elvis" is a favorite expression of Fitz, a solid member of the sen- ior class. Usually seen before a pile of french fries, Fitz also has a terrible crush on black and white milk-shakes. Activities: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 2, Publicity Club 2g Press Club 4: Hockey 35 Basketball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. ROBERT FIGLIO "Fig" Pine Ridge Academic Variety . . . that's Bob! You never know what he'll be up to next-tinkering with his Hi-Fi, that dance band, piano tuning or bowl- ing. He wishes that he could ride under a train as a "Knight of the Road", but seriously, he aspires to become an M. D. Activities: Band 1, 2, 39 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Scott's Hi-Q 3, 4, Class Vice President 3, 45 Football lg Senior Chorus 3, 4: Bark Editor 4. CAROLYN FRAME "Carol" Wallingford Business Education Carol's varied interests include: ice skating, oak orchard, tall boys, "Bessie," Chief's Dances, football games, and-swabbiesl Planning to be a stenographer, Carolyn yearns to hook a tall man. Activities: Lansdowne-Aldan: Bowling 1, 2g Senior Chorus. Nether Providence: Library Club 3, Future Nurses' Club 4. JO-ANN GATES "Jo" Sproul Estates Business Education .lo came to us from Eddystone High in her Junior year. Interests in music, reading, "'50 Ford Convertibles", Jo desires to visit Europe. Activities: Publicity Club 3g Photography 4g Library 4. BARBARA HAMMER "Barby" Wallingford Academic Barby is usually heard saying "I'l1 never tell." Next to Tommy, she has a mad crush on ham- burgers! Her secret ambition is to speed up State Street. We're sure that she will be a successful beautician. Activities: Orchestra lg Dramatic Club 23 Sewing Club 35 Chairman of Football Food gonlcession 35 Band 2, 43 Senior Play 45 Press lu 4. KARL GRETZINGER "Gretz" Pine Ridge Academic "Tough break camper!" That sounds like Gretz. Known for his "Different" hats, Gretz secretly hopes to be a professional bleacher mov- er. He intends to major in business administra- tion. Activities: Chess Club 3g Game Club 4. ALICE HAUBNER "Al" Wallingford Academic 'tDon't know, do ya?" "l'll never tell!" These are the favorite expresions of well-liked Alice. Her most time consuming activity is keeping the twins out of trouble. She will be an outstanding occupational therapist. Activities: Publicity Club 2, 3, 4g Vice-Presi- dent 3, Candy sales chairman 25 Senior Play Make Up Committee Chairman 4g Bark 4-g Year- book 4g Christmas Card Chairman 4. LESLEY HASSIS 6'Les', Springhaven Academic Usually seen at the speaking end of a mega- phone, Les is a girl overflowing with spirit. Her secret ambition is to play center for the Minnea- polis Lakers. She is quite interested in solving everyone's problems, and she would like to be- come a high school teacher. Activities: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 43 Cheerlead- ing 2, 3. Captain 4g Student Council 2, 3g Sec. 4-g Hockey 2, 3, Senior Play 4g Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. MABEL ANN JONES "Ann" Carden City Business Education "Swabbies and a '57 Ford convertible" are Ann's main interests. An outstanding member of the senior class, Ann is usually seen on a ferris wheel or in Oak Orchard. We foresee a happy future as an ambitious stenographer. Activities: Library Club 1, 25 Future Nurses' Club 3, 4-g Senior Chorus 2. WILLIAM KIRCHGASSER "Kirk" Avondale Knolls Academic A really hard worker, Kirk's efforts have been rewarded by being elected to the class office of President four years in succession. He is often heard exclaiming, "Testi What Test??!!!" Kirk secretly hopes to sell all aluminum storm win- dows and screens on television, though his true life aims have not been decided. Activities: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, 2, 3, Class President I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 4: Varsity Club 3, 4. NEAL MCELWEE "Speed" Carden City Business Education What will lunch time be like at N. P. without Speed's dancing and flirting? At the present time he has three main interests: dancing, girls, and cars. It's hard to believe Speed'll ever set- tle down to a career like mechanical engineer- ing, but when he does, he is sure to be success- ful. Activities: Football I, 2, 3: Basketball Ig Base- ball 1: Auto Mechanics Club 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4: Senior Chorus 4: Senior Play Com- mittee 4. ROBERT MARTIN "Bob" Garden City Academic When Bob came to us in his junior year, it was definitely Chester's loss and our gain. His interests include basketball, baseball, foods, cars, and girls. After becoming successful in the field of business administration. he intends to retire at the ripe old age of 30, Activities: Chester High School: Biology Club 25 Linguist Club 2: Photography Club 3. , . -...X ,F . fvti in fwfihiffo' P l , ., . . . . A .. ,... A t to p 5 , ,, N, fair-fiw"""' tw. W' wa- rib if W , .. 5 , ,g,'7w., W . , ,.,, an-W' ,,,.wf-s"'if " ,,4-f-fe""ff'f. ' ' ,, V ' ' ti , - . , . .. ,, .. .,,., , ,,,. .,,V 7 M, ,,kl,.k .P . -- .wifi , at -at , ,.,Q,.,,sz?5""q W., NANCY MILLER "Nance" Pine Ridge Academic Nance came to us from Marple Newtown High where she was quite active in the musical pro- gram. Although music is her main line, she is quite a home economist, often found knitting, cooking, or baby-sitting. She secretly desires to travel to the land of kangaroos. She has all that it takes to become an outstanding psychologist. Activities: Marple Newtown: Band l, 2g Senior Chorus l, 2, Nether Providence: Band 3, 4-g Orchestra 3g Senior Chorus 3, 49 Senior Play 4g Yearbook 45 Homeroom Secretary 4. SUSAN MILLER 'iSusie" Bowling Green Academic A girl over-flowing with energy and school spirit is Susie. Outstanding also because of her red-hair, Susie wishes it were another color, 'ESU kids wouldn't Call me Reds." Sue has always been interested in biology, and she would like to work in a biological laboratory in the future. Activities: Hockey J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 4g Bas- ketball J. V. 1, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading J. V. 1, 2, 3, fco-captaini, Varsity 4g Press Club 4, Home Room Secretary 2, 3g Treasurer li Vice President 4. PEARL MILLMAN "Pearliei' Sproul Estates Academic What's on Pearl's mind besides football, base- ball, basketball, and French flash cards? Sur- prise parties, jokes, piano teachers, acting, blind dates and-older men. Planning to work for the government, Pearl secretly desires a date with Mr. Boorse. Activities: Ridley Township: Student Council 1, 2g Charm Club 13 Theatre Club 2g choral speaking 2, Chorus 1. Nether Providence: Scott's Hi-Q 3, 4g Senior Play Cast 43 Yearbook editor 4, Press Club 3, 4g Sewing Club 3g Chorus 4. WILLIAM MITCHELL "Bill" Sproul Estates General Television, parties, sleeping, records, andf M. T. M.l! That's what Bill likes! Also, hed like to get rich! Activities: Smedley Junior High School: Foot- ball 15 Track 15 Military Club 15 Chester High: Football 25 Track 25 Student Council 25 Ara- matics Club 25 Nether Providence: Auto Me- chanics Club 3. MOLLY ORR "Molly-O" Bowling Green Business Education N. P.'s '52 graduating class holds some at- traction for Molly as do Media graduates and the US Navy. Nothing thrills her more than a blue motorcycle and a '51 Ford. When ask- ed about her future plans, Molly replies, 'iCal- ifornia, here I come!" Activities: Chorus 1, 25 Debating Club 25 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Photography Club 45 Senior Play lProductionD 4. MARTHA MULLOY "Marty" Winding Lane Academic Talk about variety! That's Marty with her sports interest. Vermont. egg-salad sandwiches, sea-plane rides, French class, fun, and animals! "Gosh, an "A" in Chemistry." dreams Marty. who wants to do anything involving math- except teach. Activities: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2. 3, 45 Debating Club 25 Eubllicity Club 2, 35 Chef Club 35 Band 15 Year- oo 4. HARRY PENNINGTON "Hayes,' Wallingford Academic Hayes likes singing, girls, cars, and money! And some day he'll be seen traveling all over the U. S. For Hayes the future holds a good job and marriage. Activities: Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, Base- ball 1. 2, 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 2. 3, 4, Radio Club 3, Auto Mechanics Club 3, 4. JUDITH PATTERSON "J udy', Wallingford Academic What are Judy's interests? Silly question? Marty, of course! She saves a little time for pop- ular music, ridiculous situations and Food. Mar- riage and a family are part of Judy's future plans. Activities: Chorus 1, President 3, 4, Cheer- leading 1, 2, 3, co-captain J. V. Hockey 2, 3, Class Secretary 1, Home Room Vice President 1, Secretary 3, 4, Publicity Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President, Sketch Club 2, Band 3, 4, Sergeant at arms, Senior Play Cast 4, Yearbook 4, Dec- oration 1, 2, 3, 4. NANCY PERRINE "Nance" Wallingford Academic Batons and Nancy are inseparable. What about those "three musketeersn? There's our future teacher now, with Robbie and Fitzie, painting another football sign. S'Gosh, I wish I could stay here for two more years,', sighs Nance. Activities: Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Publicity Club 3, 4, Student Council 1, Future Teachers' Club 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 4. RONALD PILCHARD "Ronnie" Wallingford Academic Where's Ronnie? With a girl, in a car or on the way to some sporting event. But why does this future mechanical engineer wish he lived in Beverly, Mass., during the school year? Activities: Football 1, Band 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 4. NANCY ROBISON "Robbie" Wallingford Academic Painting another football sign! And Nancy, Fitzie and Lesley are there too. When she isn't painting a sign she's twirling or knitting, or driving a Dodge. She will make an important contribution to the field of nursing. Activities: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band lMajorettel 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Future Nurse Club 3, Publicity Club 3, Student Council 4, Bas- ketball 3, 4, Senior Play tcastl 4. YH Q.. if! QE ez: llll . SUSAN ROBINSON HSue" Wallingford Business Edllralion Chewing gum, sewing, hillbilly music. Sum' also likes Sunset Park and hour-long phoni- calls. But most of all, a blue Plymouth. Renick High School and DALE! As for the future, Sue says she wants to live in West Virginia and, "1'll send you an announcement!" Activities: Chorus 1, Photography Club 2: Draniatics Club 2, Press Club 3, Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Bark 3, Yearbook 4, Senior Play 4. .W 3 F ELLEN RUGE "Maja" Rose Valley Academic Maja, a foreign exchange student, came to us from Ris High School, Oslo, Norway. Her pleas- ant smile and her sincere attitude have helped her to win many friends during her short stay here. Activities: N. P. Bridge Club 43 Costume Chairman, Senior Play 4. JUDITH RODE "Judy" Bowling Green Academic Judy with ber power packed Chevie with the stick-shift! She's listening to Eddy Duchin, eat- ing licorice and ice-cream, and trying to avoid that Bark Deadline! She is determined to be an eminent marine biologist. Activities: Hockey 1, 29 Debating Club 25 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Scott's Hi-Q 33 Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 3, Press Club 4, Senior Chorus 3, 4. EDWIN SAMPSON "Skip" Wallingford Academic There's Skip working on the "Rat" this carl: talking about steaks, 35 3 3, and Girls. Skip plans to work for Sun Oil Company in the future. Activities: Baseball 19 Basketball 1, 2, 4-g Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Club 3, 4-g Auto Me- chanics Club 2, 3. ANN SAPOVITS "Sapo Ili' Sproul Estates Academic Ann is rarely seen without her knitting, but jvhen she does take time out for something else, it's reading or jazz. Secretly yearning to be able to "have a hot fudge sundae whenever l want one," Ann plans to wget married and live hap- pily ever after." Activities: Chorus 1, 3, 49 Hockey 1, 2, mana- ger 3g Basketball manager 2g Photography Club 2g Publicity Club 35 Yearbook 4g Press Club 4g Senior Play 4. ROBERT SMITH "Smitty" Springhaven Academic Looking for Smitty? He's eating or involved in some sport-maybe bowling. He is interested also in girls, sometimes. His future plans and am- bitions are to get married, have a lot of money, and retire! Activities: Football 1, 2, 3g Varsity Club 4g Auto-Mechanics Club 23 Band lg Orchestra 1. HOCHELLE SCHWARTZ "Slit-lliev Springhaven Acarleniic Versatility is not one of Slit-llic-'s characteris- tics, it is her way of life. Int:-rests in everything from stuffed animals to cottage cllei-se, lu-r first dr-sire is to clear out the oltl Student Lounge. She plans to lwcome a psychologist. Activities: Basketball J. V. 2, Varsity 31 Cheer- leading J. V. 2. Varsity 3, 4: Class Treasurer lg Class Secretary 23 Home Room Presitlvnt 3g Student Council 2, Vice President President 4, Senior Play 4. MARCELLA STEPHENS "N1arcie" Carden City Acadeniic Painting again??? "Obi lt's an assignment for art school." If not painting. then it's hooks, clothes. driving, cooking, or boys which occupy N1areie's tinie. This busy girl is forever dreaming of her own convertible and a career in nursing or art. Activities: Basketliall 1, Future Teachers' Club 3g Photography 4, Yearbook 4. HARRIET STALLINGS 'LHattie" Springhaven Academic The finer arts are Harriefs interests-art, the theater, ballet dancing, but also science and stamp collecting. Secretly wishing to be prima ballerina with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, she plans to train for a career in dancing. Activities: Library Club 1, 2, 3g Folk Dancing Club 25 Dramatics Club 33 Senior Chorus 3. THOMAS STIPE "Tom" Rose Valley Academic If Tom isn't playing basketball, tennis, base- ball, or singing, he-'s thinking of graduation, "Bev", and the future. He'd like to get married and live in Virginia. He wants to become a minister. Activities: Explorers Club 15 Football lg Bark 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 3, 4, Senior Chorus 3, 43 Varsity Club 4, Athletic Club 4-3 Boys' Chorus 2, 3. JOAN TALBOT "Joan" Wallingford Business Education Food, movies, pizza, gum, sports, jokes, slum- ber parties, station wagons. and most of all Media High School are ,Ioan's main interests. Undecided about her future plans, Joan dreams of becoming a millionaire over night. Activities: Riding Club lg Senior Chorus 2g Dance Club 2g Basketball 24 Library Club 3g Yearbook 4g Senior Play Production 45 Photog- raphy Club 4. ROBERT WEILER "Nehill" Pine Ridge Academic H0w's that chess game going? Bob's likes also include coins, golf, and basketball. Oh, how he yearns to make a million dollars!! He might just do that, since he's interested in advertising work. Activities: Game Club lg Aero-Mechanics Club 2g Chess Club 3. 43 Coin Club 43 Bridge Club 43 Senior Chorus 4. SAMUEL WAKEFIELD "Sam" Avondale Business Education Where there's a basketball court there's Sam!! That is, unless he is watching a boxing match. Sam plans to he a Physical Education Teacher. Activities: Game Club lg Student Council 11 Auto Mechanics Club 35 Basketball l, 2, 3. 4g Athletic Club 2, 3. 43 Varsity Club 2, 3. 4. RICHARD WEITZMAN "Ditty" Wallingford Academic You never can tell where you'll find Ditty, he's interested in sports, cars, bowling, music, girls, fishing, and making money. He hopes to become a doctor. Activities: Student Council 1, Basketball 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Press Club l, 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT WEINBERG "Bob" Springhaven Academic Bob's usually found "out of class" on some 'Slegalw task. A class clown, he can be depended upon to invent a witty saying at a crucial mo- ment. Bob's interests include mechanics and sports, being elected co-captain of the '56 foot- ball team. His secret ambition is to drop the Bell Optican. He plans for a business future. Activities: Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Var- sity Club 3, Treasurer 4, Basketball manager 2, 3, 4, Senior Play Stage Manager 4, Senior Chorus 4, Auto Mechanics 3. W. ROBERT WHITE "Bob" Winding Lane Academic Having a keen interest in sports, Bob has been outstanding in our football, baseball and basket- ball teams. He has shown his versatility in foot- ball this year by playing every position in the backfield. He aspires to win 7 varsity letters. In the future Bob would like to become a coach. Activities: Football, J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball, J. V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Home Room President 2. MILDRED WILLIAMS "Millie" South Media Business Education Millie is forever playing the piano, singing, dancing or driving a Buick. She plans to be a telephone or switchboard operator. Activities: Senior Chorus 1: Sketch Club 2: Future Nurses' Club 3: Photography Club 4: Senior Play Production 4. FRANCES YORI "Fran" Wallingford Business Education "Little Rich" and Studebakers are usually on Fran's mind. Found behind a typewriter Fran has done a great job for the Yearbook this year. In her spare time she's usually talking to Mr. Dorsaneo. Fran also enjoys collecting "human souvenirs." She would like to follow a steno- graphic career. Activities: Senior Ball Decorating Committee 4: Yearbook 43 Photography Club 4: Senior Chorus 4: Junior Chorus 1: Riding Club 1: Dance Club 2. 9. DOROTHY JEAN YANCE "Dottie" Wallingford Acarlemic Dottie came to us from Notre Dame in her sophomore year. She is definitely an exception to the "dumb blonde" philosophy. Dot is quite a gal! Interested in football, clothes, and people in general, she plans to work in Public Rela- tions. Activities: Notre Dame: Student Court 1: Glee Club 13 Orchestra lg Cheerleading 1: Nether Providence: Scott's Hi Q 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 2, 3: Band 3, 4: Chorus 3: Sales Chair- man 2: F.T.A. 3: Yearbook Feature Editor 4: Senior Play Cast 4. RUSSELL ZERBEY "Russ', Wallingford Business Education, Forever telling jokes, eating, and cutting Eng- lish Class, Russ likes sports, cars, and girls. He is joined by all other linemen in his secret as- piration to score a touchdown. lf you need any- thing notarized l0 years from now, see Russ, the C. P. A. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 Auto Mechanics 25 Athletic Club 3, Senior Play Committee 4. GALEN YOUNG HTex-Shorty-Chicoi' Spring Haven Academic Outstandingly active in church functions, Galen is usually found in the midst of the youthful social group. Chico is quite a speed demon, hav- ing a keen interest in water skiing, speed boats, and Oldsmobiles. His greatest hope is to get an "A" in a major "Trig test." ln the future Galen will make a major contribution to the medical profession as an outstanding surgeon. Activities: Radio Club 2, Auto Mechanics 2, 33 Senior Chorus 4, Baccalaureate Organist 3. LOUISE ZETTLEMOYER 'LWeezy" Garden City Business Education Knitting socks, again?? Louise likes leaving football games with Molly Orr, slumber parties, gum chewing, and records. With no specific plans for the future, she yearns to take a trip around the world, be a very tactful person, and-to graduate!! Activities: Chorus l, 23 Photography Club 2, 4g Library Club 35 Yearbook 4, Senior Play Production 4. f ,sz .. wif qw bf? I X F' 1. ,, Aa if 'E ,P www Q :gtg ,,i"li We, the class of 1957, being of sound mind and body, do make, decree and publish this, our last will and testament. Ed Baker transfers his favorite health classes to Tom Allen Martha Bendinsky offers all of her typing corrections to Marion Keeley. Nora Joan Beneke hands down the question "ls Tex Beneke really your father?" to her brother, Craig, Class of '67, Carol Berger gives her long pony tail to Arlene Sklar. Joyce Beulah wills her 'fBosses" in her office training class to Sonja Beulah. Pat Bocehino donates all her trouble and her love for typing to Ann Bledsoe. Van Netta Breward turns over all of her troubles to Connie. Rolf Brunner bestows his English grammar to Brook Plummer with these words: "I didn,t want it, and you need it, so take it." Bob Bunner's ability to get interquarterlies goes to Buddy Cooper. Ruthann Caldwell wills her ability to pass shorthand to Pat Scott. Jean DeShields hands down the fun she had at N. P. to her sister, Betty Ann. Alex Diament assigns his traffic tickets to whoever will accept them. Lockard Donnellyls bookkeeping is left to Tom fKillerj Allen. Jennie Lowe Doran bequeaths her appreciation and thanks to the N. P. faculty for being "friends" as well as teachers. Dave Elliott opens his locker for any unfortunate underclassmen who ac- quire it next year. Gene Edynack is just going to leave N. P. Ed Farkas passes on Camp Pocono to Larry Hoffman. Bob Figlio's "Bark" worries are transferred to Sue Roderick. Pat F itzSimons bestows those energetic gym class exercises to Sandy Custer. Carole Frame presents all her E's to Marilyn Mac Indoe. Jo-Anne Gates hands down her height to Carol Nugent. Karl Gretzinger tosses all his hats to Pete Timms. Barbara Hammer requests that her ability to be late for classes be given to Betty Mooney and Ed Smith. Lesley Hassis takes off ten pounds to give to next year's football team. Alice Haubner graciously transfers her taxi license to her twin sisters and Bill. Mabel Ann Jones passes out her extra demerits to Billy Martin. Bill Kirchgasser blindly wills his 4:5 eyes to Penny Laird. Bob Martin leaves his seat in the cafeteria to Clem Bloodsworth. Speed McElwee reserves the cafeteria corner wall to the up and coming rowdies. Nancy Miller bequeaths her trombone mouthpiece to Artie Plotts. Sue Miller wishes to present the great times she had in gym classes to Mary Lou Sweeney. Pearl Millman's yearbook problems go to next year's editor. Bill Mitchell bestows his ability to pass tests to Bob Everett. Marty Mulloy expresses her hopes for an undefeated season to next year's hockey team. Molly Orr leaves her good times in Media to Nancy Ferris. Judy Patterson leaves a certain red convertible to Richard Sapovits. Hayes Pennington wishes to pass on his careful driving to his cousin Betty. Nancy Perrine wills her ability to drop batons and lead the band over the fence to Reenie Cooper. Bonnie Pilchard secretly gives out all of his favorite parking places to George Clement. Sue Robinson's careful driving ability goes to Irene Hickman and Howard Haas. Nancy Robison offers her best wishes to Donnie Henasey and her brother Johnny. Judy Rode willingly leaves her diction sheets and soccer skills to N. P.'s next lucky senior girls. Maja Buge bequeaths her best wishes for a happy year to the next ex- change student. Skip Sampson hands down his football jersey f2lj to his brother. Ann Sapovits bequeaths to Nancy Ferris all of Media with the exception of George. Rochelle Schwartz wills her deepest regards to Mr. Kline. Bob Smith hasn't anything left to give. Harriet Stallings leaves to Mr. Boorse her respect for all persons in the theatrical field. Marcella Stephens says she's sorry, but she is taking all her belongings with her. Tom Stipe offers his even disposition to John Baker. Joan Talbot sticks her ability of not getting caught chewing gum on Dotty Birney. Sam Wakefield bestows his sweat shirt to Dave Condliff. Bob Weiler leaves his gym clothes to any one. Bob Weinberg sneaks his ability to get out of classes to Andy Allen. Ditty Weitzman wills his trigonometry mark to Brook Plummer. Bob White hands down all of his sports equipment to his brothers. Mildred Williams wills all the fun in Biology class to Joyce Schocley and Judy Sanders. Dot Yance hands down her color guard position to her sister. Frances Yori leaves her title as one of the wander- ing twins to Marian Keeley. Galen Young hands down 6" of height to Sidney Seville. Russell Zerbey presents his interest in English to anyone who wants the E. Louise Zettlemoyer wills everything she has to her sister Carole. B Q' A ,Af 1. ,iz tg it 4 f 4 Best Politicians 3 liyii li A ED FARKAS AND Best Personality SHELLIE SCWARTZ BILL KIRCHGASSER AND NORA JOAN BENEKE QM A955 K gh , ,A f'r 5 .. Q ' - ii -ul 1ih ' 'V:": Most Versatile - ' x Biggest Flirts SPEED MCELWEE AND SHELLIE SCHWARTZ DOT YANCE BOB FIGLIO AND as e X 'W?m.' we A -f Most Bashful , . CARL GRETZINGER AND , MAJA HUGE " D Best Dancers B0B SMITH AND LESLEY HASSIS 44 P A A, 31 1 ' "4 X. Most Likely to Succeed SHELLIE SCHWARTZ V BOB WEINBERG AND I 4 Most School Spirit DAVE ELLIOT AND LESLEY HASSIS Funniest BOB WEINBERG AND JOYCE BEULAH 5 . Q Best Looking BOB SMITH AND JUDY PATTERSON G I Most A thletic BOB WHITE AND MARTY MULLOY Friendliest SAM WAKEFIELD AND NORA JOAN BENEKE 45 5, l JM' ,nan pl-:uv-I W, ,.,-A-N u 4v""' V , was un. My qaiksl' ,.,..-2"l,,.-A --1.41 8' . fd if f ,, if gi'-lgwgigz-'lzzf .K ze ,.i., Q .gnu VIRBT 4 'AKRKR 'mums '1 Armies 4 5200111 susan: rows ' mann-as Tliillll Munn frmml fumes ...- FINE SQA!! :QCII 'i'lSll'3 .......... if' f . if minxrpw 'v 55' ' 9 h jifcarg AS . 6 h ,N ':"i':mfVq'25Zf1! ,,,.. ffiff f""'L?k"":mQmxM, A " saggy, -"W Wa" I ,Q A y"'4 Y guw. ' ,9"'c' Akai fv""'-f"MMWWWMWmM -I :SALT 0f'+l,,N..,. I xx BUAK2, 1.,. Av M , .,n, mx Rvsnmtll Iiii M' IIN! I - 'fix --7 25: ,xii 55 i A W e know what we are, but know not what we may be, Hamlet III, V. First row: F. Kandybowski, M. Maclndoe, C. Kummer, D. Santorsola, C. Krebs, J. Maclntyre, C. Watkins, R. Megonegal. Second row: M. Steinberg, J. Mitchell, B. Jones, B. Plummer, L. Morrow, J. Melpolder. Third row: M. Walz, M. Keeley, C. Mac Askill, K. Ward, N. Winner, M. Kimmel, C. Morgan. Fourth row: A. Plitnik, G. Clement, B. Traub, R. Marshall. First row: S. Custer, A. Campbell, M. Cohen, J. Saunders, K. O'Shaughnessy, J. Meyers, E. lsherg L. Junkins. Second row: J. Baile, T. Condliff, R. Rice, R. Allen, W. Day, J. Bertram, H. Bloom J. Barnett. Third row: D. Petrikin, M. Plummer, J. Dennis, K. Settle, S. Roderick, J. Concello P. Duff, D. Day. Fourth row: T. Bennetta, J. Brown, T. Allen, C. Bloodsworth, K. Baylor. -. J.. .-.,m...Q 9 E K ,, we Officers: T. Edwards, Treas- urerg W. Jones, Vice Presi- dent: R. Kellman. Presidentg C. Morgan, Secretary. The junior class should have little trouble in filling the empty places that will be left by the graduating class because of its many members who are already leaders in the school. Under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Junkins, Mr. Kline, and Mr. Megonigal the class has been truly successful. The result of their efforts in the candy sale has shown a great profit to the class. Contributing their efforts to the programs of the school, the class was a great asset in planning and decorating for the Junior- Senior Prom. To the juniors we leave the task of keeping high the name of Nether Providence High School. We extend to them our best Wishes as future seniors. First row: P. Scott, B. Jaszczalt, M. Bennetta, N. Ferris, S. Ether, J. Ferrari, A. Sklar, S. Seville, G. Kline. Second row: T. Edwards, B. Scherer, M. Jones, M. Goldberg, B. Henasey. S. Harris, B. Everett. Third row: .l. Hannigan, E. Fellman, B. McCay, E. Tillett, J. Scafidi, B. Fogg. Fourth row: J. Sisson, B. Fithian, B. Heilig, R. Harris, J. Baker, D. Jones. The class of '59 has participated in many activities throughout the year. They have represented our school well in all fields of school activity through the guidance and assistance of their class sponsors, Mr. Canamucio, Mr. Jackson, lVIr. Stratoti, and Miss Law. Their spirit of workmanship was ably displayed in the success of both the Soph Hop and the food concession. They did an expert job in handling the Christmas and Easter candy sales. A great deal can be expected from this class which has so much to offer in the classroom, on the athletic fields and in all areas of activity. First row: D. Leflar, S. Hayes, J. Haubner, P. Hatten, J. How- lett, M. Ferraro, N. Johnson, I. Hickman, L. Jackson. Second row: S. Getty, J. Keyser, C. Harding, J. Huffman, D. Israel, H. Haas, J. Fletcher, H. Rice. Third row: H. Giles, M. Hollar, S. Kerr, V. Honan, S. Huff, I. Hunter, B. Greer, C. Hixson, T. Hogge, T. Lachman, J. Field, R. Jones, C. Figlio, J. Cushman, D. Graves, B. Jackson, T. Jones. First row: S. Ralston, J. Moore, S. Ferris, K. Poulsen, C. Ousey, M. Roan, J. Mosser, M. Haub- ner, J. Randall, M. Law. Second row: J. Pilkington, A. Plotts, J. McCullough, D. MacDade, P. Lewicki, J. Linck, A. Mowery, J. Mangino. Third row: J. Mow- bray, I. Morton, J. Rothfuss, M. Nicolaides, J. Montgomery, B. Prall, S. Milliken, M. Mitchell. Fourth row: R. Rose, W. Schupp, D. Myers. Officers: J. Haubner, Treasurer, J. McCullough, Vice Presidentg L. Green, Secretary, B. Greer, President. First row: L. Goldstein, M. L. Sweeney, C. Cotton, S. Webb, J. Tumolo, B. Warburton, M. Webb, L. Stelle, L. Stratoti. Second row: J. Shockley, J. Zerhy, T. Shmanda, D. Wrzensniewski, C. Trickle, E. Smith, N. Wyman, H. Worrell. Third row: P. Timmins, J. Weller, C. Vogel, L. Wootlall, J. Wisdom, J. Wisdom, Y. Webb. Fourth row: R. Seola. J. Wix, E. Spencer, R. Earle, J. Humph- reys, B. White, L. Sehwartz. First row: S. Cambell, P. Eddy, J. Ewald. B. Elliot. R. Bailey, S. Beulah. D. Biedling, M. Bunner. D. Dooley, J. Canamueio. Second row: B. Evans, J. Burroughs, B. Bullington. E. Bendinsky, R. Acton. B. Ardern, W. Donnelly, J. David. Third row: B. Cooper, C. Breward. A. Castellan. A. Bridge, A. Birney. A. Bledsoe, H. Birney, B. Delaney. Fourth row: A. Allen, B. Dutton, B. Thompson, R. Bragg, C. Carlisle, B. Eastwood. First row: D. Young, C. Feight, D. Harris, P. Fielder, B. Bakia, M. Irion, M. Hassis, M. Phillips. Second row: T. Cirone, M. Gold- man, C. Gravel, M. Goldberg, J. Howe, A. Gardner, M. Horna. Third row: D. Killen, E. Hedg- man, A. Egbert, C. Foreacre, R. Hughes. Fourth row: R. Petro- sky, P. Gillespie, R. Ford, F. Happersett, B. Hessler, F. Epp. First row: K. Ikeda, J. Edwards, J. Zeller, S. Eclternach, M. Ship- pani, M. Dean, S. Seville, R Clarke. Second row: A. Thomp- son, F. Donnelly, C. Wrzesniew- ski, J. Delia, B. Swink, M. Poirier B. Irving. Third row: F. Donnelly? D. Kerns, N. Ireland, S. McCay Deans K Laaken W Seiuerd J. , . . , . Fourth row: B. Miller, B. Swave- ly, Bill Bowden, B. Mollison, J Tacke. First row: D. Dorjey, M. Busha B. cohen, M. Banks, J. ciememf B. Clark, P. Bunner, H. Miller. Second row: L. Cooper, D. Cond- liff, G. Branch R. Copple, R Caldwell, B. Biollinger, R. El: cenko, J. Birney. Third row: R Cocci, M. Borrehach, G. Arm- strong, C. Barus, A. Donnell, S Zinn, D. Birney, C. Compton Fourth row: B. Culp, D. Benzell B. Cheney, E. Bollinger, J. Beck, M. Black. .- ww . ..., 4 f . . .. hd- .... .,,. J... -W . nn. .- First row: B. Smith, C. Wells, E Wakefield, J. Steinberg, K Wiley, R. Sklar, F. Rostron Second row: J. Sullivan, E. Web ber, M. Torchiana, F. Vander gracht, D. Sheller, J. Taylor, R Winn. Third row: P. Timms, .l Wolley, S. Skillman, D. Walton C. Sweeney, B, Stegmaier, E Wohlsen. Fourth row: J. Thomas B. Shaw, D. Stephens, J. Willis, R. Thomas, S. Steinberg, R. Ward. First row: C. Kellman, B. Jones, M. Kilpack, L. Jester, C. Kline, J. Mathews, D. Kish, D. Loug- head, Mr. Echtr-rnach. Second row: S. Kahler, T. Lackman, R. Millaway, W. Martin, W. Boyd, Cv. Lear, W. Porterfield. Third row: T. Mason, L. Lewis, M. Metzgar, C. Lilley, C. Messi- komer, H. Keates, K. Johnson. E. Everett. Fourth row: G. Johnson, N. Harris, B. Loudin, H. Logan, H. Meeder. First row: S. Olson, L. Robinson, S. Norton, H. Reibrich, P. Scott, B. Oxenford, J. Will. Second row: F. Bettin, B. Pidcock, J. Pavlock, N. Robinson, K. Ritchie, G. Phillips, L. Rhymes. Third row: .l. Schmitt, S. Settle, P. Pfordt, L. Patrick, T. Protassow- sky, J. Clark, C. Forbes, J. Nichols. Fourth row: R. Rich, B. Nugent, D. Barnes, J. Meyers, R. Schoff, H. Passmore, D. Rock- enback. First row: M. Kubla, J. Mat- thews .l. Leheis J. Lon M , y gv - Mancill, M. Hornaday, C. Wlil- liams, E. Leondarcl. Second row: J. McCurdy, D. Henasey, G. Krebs, T. Laws, E. Hogge, S Irving, F. Kilpatrick, S. Kubla Third row: T. Laws, S. Hixson S. Kirkpatrick, P. McClellan, E Marks, M. Hflgg, B. Hickman. Fourth row: P. Israel, S. Kauff man, E. Marvel, G. Mateyo, R Leach. First row: C. Ryder, L. Mc- Whirter, B. Morton, M. Breuer, C. Milliken. S. Morgan, E. O'Shaughnessy. T. Walters. Sec- ond row: D. Mcllwanin, C. Mac- Intyre, P. Meara, A. Richardson, T. Mowery, R. Monastero, D. Pyle, J. Platt. Third row: B. Durkin, .l. Nicholas, S. Schroth, C. Reynolds, G. Roderick. Fourth row: E. Moore, E. Montgomery, .l. Rank, J. Richardson, A. Plotts, J. Plamer, D. Restucci. First row: R. Harper, S. Thress, P. Yaros, F. Rentz, D. Christy, S. Harris, F. Bowen, A. Baker. Second row: M. Castellan, W. Harlon, C. Cuff, B. Yaros, S. Young, D. Harwick, C. Schure- man, S. Dawson. Third row: R. Schupp, G. Clark, J. Scafidi, W Klingersmith, R. Sapovits, D Wix, S. Wood. Fourth row: O Moat, R. Daley, D. Hillman, J Diamicis, J. Young, F. Sampson First row: M. Armstrong, E. Beck, L. Beck, E. Braxton, P. Baile, S. Asselstine, Mrs. De laney. Second row: J. Carhonara P. Breitling, T. Bagley, H. Bre ward. R. Ardern R Anthon , . y. Third row: A. Bennetta, G. Baker. D. Blythe, S. Berger. Fourth row: R. Bragg, B. Ber man, K. Berry, .l. Blackson, L Bertram, C. Beetle, M. Bloom. First row: P. Scott, S. Scola, P. Wilson, S. Sparks, A. Warwick, H. Wisom, L. Lamberson, R. Felker. Second row: P. White, J. Waterbury, R. Tumolo, D. Shay, J. Meyers, B. Graham, A. Tracy. Third row: T. Wharton, J. Trumpler, S. Winn, P. Thomp- son, S. Ward. P. Voshell. Fourth row: K. Welch, P. Weller, R. Sullivan. L. Still, J. Stauffer, A. Traub, E. Walker. .- First row: S. Harding. B Dresclier, L. Feldman, C. Levis J. Deysher, N. Evans, J. Bur roughs, Mr. Werner. Second row: D. Delia, C. Bender, T. Green J. Eastwood, F. Gillespie, D Grooters, B. Eaton, B. Culver R. Freeman. Third row: E. Ferr- gri, L. Caldwell, M. Davis, C. Cornelius, C. Hager, C. Dunham, K. Fitz Simons, S. Edwards. Fourth row: D. Day, C. Delaney, G. Greenland, D. Cordray, W. Harlon, R. Gualtieri, S. Dickey. A, , , 1 First row: J. Pafker, C. Bettin, S. Baile, N. Cohen, J. Carlson, M. Cochran, E. Bunner, J. Ches- ney. Second row: J. Bradley, J. Braxton, R. Burt, T. Donnell, S. Clymer, L. Davis, J. Davis, D. Bressi. Third row: C. Baker, K. Churchville, J. Breward, M. Bell, D. Brooks, M. Bales, P. Clark, R. Books. Fourth row: J. Bed- sole, W. Baker, D. Allen, C. Clements, T. Bollinger, A. Brown, B. Chadwick. First row: C. Conly, M. Dorsey, N. Copple, E. Evans, S. Didenko, K. Stevens, B. Dean, Mr. Dor- saneo. Second row: R. Godley, J. Ecthernach, M. Goldberg, S. Dodson, C. Paulson, W. Genay, B. Donnelly, S. Enion. Third row: D. Duff, S. Emerson, A. Damsgaard, L. Egbert, D. Cowl- ing, M. Doenes, C. Eddy. Fourth row: S. Epp, L. Fogg, C. Evans, I. Cooper, S. Darlington, A. Gates, J. Fulton, H. Gillespie. First row: E. White, C. Taylor, P. Stipe, B. Hubbard, P. Shiran, R. Wakefield, E. Woolley, V. Renzulli. Second row: P. Web- ber, W. Saraga, S. Sweely, P. Woodrow, J. Robinson, A. Yar- Third row: J. Seeney, C. Zett: nall, R. Graham, J. Wilroy lemoyer, G. Startzman, C. Tacke S. Sparks, O. Webb, F. Spor Fourth row: J. Siwarski, T Woodall, D. Boss, H. Hillier, J Van Langeveld, R. Shipman. 1 First row: C. Meek, L. Mathews J. Meeder, J. Martin, L. Werner N. Metzgar, C. Mason, M. Wil: liams. Second row: A. Molette K. Mclflwee, R. Lessey, T. King R. Moreland, L. McE1wee, N Lore, B. Lachman. Third row: R. Kauffman, D. Manch, A Klose, C. Lankford, M. Jones, J Johnson, S. Lundell, B. Manch S. Maters. Fourth row: E. Jones P. Kellogg, T. Keeley, C. Mar: shall, J. McDermutt, G. Mc- Yvhirter. First row: G. Rothfuss, B. Mooey, S. Robert, E. Petroski, S. Milow, C. Mowery, L. Clapp. Second row: C. Hickey, D. Moser, W. Reibrich, C. Bobin- son, B. Pharaoh, J. Ritchie, C. Pfordt. Third row: N. Nicolaides, E. Patrick, M. Pennington, K. Protassowky, J. Palo, A. Rum- ford. Fourth row: J. Nutt, J. Perry, P. Olson, R. Robinson, M. Orpneck, J. Morton, C. Paul. First row: C. Houck, J. Harlon, E. Getty, B. Henasey, N. Herr- ing, S. Evans, R. Ferraro, B. For- rest, S. Seidel. Second row: L. Graves, P. Horna, D. Jones, G. Greer, L. Huffman, L. Heard, L. Green, P. Green. Third row: D. Gershkoff, A. Everett, G. Green, C. Ford, V. Gardner, L. von- Schbieben, T. Hoskins, B. Hires, J. Foote. Fourth row: J. Henner- son, G. Ham, R. Vera, R. Hibbs, R. Hawley, B. Jenkins. 1 1 O N ,J f ff .' 61" X '. N K Q xi A .. ri fy IX ' b ,,,: A : A H M - , ' mr, . W -V Q 6' L W ti ,..,.. . A A JM.. 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G . .. . - ' i ' - QS ., ' . , " hours Niggas' si:1is2'q.Qe1ff2,.g fs siLf.i-if'-A 5 :.g,fg25g:Qf4ef:,ffz1zfSPfg1'Wifi.f1.f5a,.f-'.'::1f-Q'-5154-Q eg,-5e2,fLfmg g,r'ifj,vs :2'1r,,3gsg,11X.g: -:g,':ifs,, ,,:.g5' f ,1 - .1-ill - k - Eff ' ' .. 52,2Q13QQ23'xlVi5if,'-ififiiifQifQgsggif1iQ5'LfiQiifihfisiZiff-ff'ikliifgfif Sifif "J ' A 'L V' -- - iff' ' - - ' ..,. ,,.., I , f ws- :xx Q, ,. .. 1,5 VV.. K , Q-1-wz-fzx224mf rf?-f w -.1 Q , K -1 551-.i2i'eU:fS3?2-QW sms: -IN-wgsfv' f 52:95 1',,-1'-,2z:i'fSffa. 13'fz,g:,g42,f5H-,i iViff"Qs-'J V: This -5:12-'.vi'iwfigifsiifr'-WSE,,1??sH5-wifi'xiii-gig 5222Li:3iQ5vsb4s1TVsf'wg?f-ff .f .ml--2-J---,". ---ia' sl ff " 'EI ' - + ,..,,.. -- V- . 3 sv-1-M a-.-ff?,-fs-fi-21f:s',-:mvemu-I ipf-spfLsfnff'f:fiN,yv,''fs1Lff,.g',.::R:14-1ifxswtae,-W,---1.1Qggg ,gg-Q ?,w,,,g'wn'f 1f,ff,,... - . , , ,I ap-21552.Qf'5g'.'i-f1?t'f122158 gf- gm .rf --ug . I - . 9 8 s 4,1 1411..ffis+f::.2e,f:m,1f,7wm, :wa-L.'g:-g.fg--vesw ' ,, K x - z ,,., A A A A V M . : ,, . Sf 'f , -f T ZEYPS --fy.Sas",3151,-ff1?5 4.5552 .aim i1i?fi.:,,r11:gi5"1lillfwf-:,".,"i?f'TQQ"fv'Et1fg'?1.fzfZ'323:si'5ii'fsfEffE?,ffffmi'm12.zwe-if.2l1.Uf,kg41v,.:fh.'s,,A im- i " if -'aww' '+ayw,m '- - 1-1: 1:5 s:f,-ms '-'raw f Y- -'211'sfvf:-Xvefwaafr ,'r:zfx', :.fmf,f Kr' ,W -'sfgQg'ww,sn3,.-Sgaiwsfmx 2:53, -.lff ggt-Q,m3y'f4Qh, V 2 k 1 fgz, ?f,L54?fazamr:MT'd-v5SvgfHvf?S?Q exzzrgfflfmwswff aaxsgzyxfxwwvsogiisz3wEgssffi:s5:L1,fesfss1f:wfwfS4s52vf ffQ?iti2ea Xsffxffifzvaz:-fs'1PMQ+:.E',5?Qsx5 5Ti29aasf43ms w3w,.:zM sw ismzw, 11 -1-f-fwQ:Egfg'g:ivXQ-Q11Us2H.sses'ii2:,ig2fszee'ff1.f Sw Bottom row: Galen Young, Neal McElwee, Bob Weinberg, Bob White, Bob Smith, Molly Orr, Susie Miller, Alice Haubner, Maja Ruge, Ann Sapovits, Weitzman. Top row: Nancy Robison, Rochelle Schwartz, Pearl Millman, Nancy Miller, Gene Edynak, Dot Yance, Ed Farkas, Carol Berger, Tom Stipe, Mr. Boorse, Judy Patterson, Rolf Brunner, Nora Joan Beneke, Barbara Hammer, Pat FitzSimons, Leslie Hassis, Ed Baker. The hilarious comedy, '4Men Are Like Street- cars,', was presented Friday and Saturday nights, November 9 and 10, by the Senior Class. The play, which was directed by Mr. Boorse, was centered around a typical teenager who managed to get everyone into trouble with her theory on boy- catching. The work and the fun involved in presenting the play will long be remembered by the cast and the play committees. MR. BOORSE, Director I af +49 he - 1.-fi ,Lara--t f ' A H' S 'T YY 'Y avi K lx F 2 5 X lwpl Q1 ' Hiq ' sf. ' E , , ff lx 'U 3? A '04 LH 'O . AQ 1- v-1 ---w"- ' 1 if rv "" PLAY CAST Julie ,.... ....,...,A,,,.....,,,..,... P AT FITZSIMONS Alix .........., ..,..,.... B ARBARA HAMMER Lysbeth ,,....... ...,.,,.,.,,..., L ESLEY HASSIS Maudie ............ .,,..,,.. J UDY PATTERSON Mrs. Mason ......... .........,. C AROL BERGER Sylvia .......,.... ...,,,...A. D OT YANCE Ted ,,......,... .....,.,,,,.... E D FARKAS Margaret ..,... ,.......,,, N ANCY MILLER See! I told you so. Mr. Mason ., ....,..,...........,,,... TOM STIPE Jerry ......... .....,.........,.... G ENE EDYNAK Joy .,....... ...,,... N ORA JEAN BENEKE Davy ,,...., ......,,.,. R OLF BRUNNER Chi ..L,.,,..A.,A.,, .,,......4.........,. E D BAKER Mrs. Day .,....... , ....,,..,.. NANCY ROBISON Mrs. White ,,,.. ,.......,..,,,...,. P EARL MILLMAN Mrs. Allen ....,.. .,,,.... R OCHELLE SCHWARTZ Prompters . SAPOVITS SUE MILLER Aren't they beautiful? Let go of her, you wife beater! Disgusling. iSI1'I if? Don't just stand there! Fiflisl OFFICERS: J: Houck, Director, R. Figlio, L. Hassis, S. Seville. SENIOR CHORUS-First row: S. Seville. I.. Hassis, E. Eisberg, S Ralston, J. Randall, B. Fogg, N. Perrine, J. Mosser, J. Doran, S. Miller B. Greer, S. Ether, J. Moore, M. Cohen, D. Dooley. C. MacLaughlin C. Watkins, C. Krebbs, Miss Houck. Second row: P. Eddy, S. Campbell N. Beneke, Hanigan, S. Milikin, M. Kimmel, S. Roderick, J. Rode K. Ward, C. Nugent, N. Whimmer, P. FitzSimons, B. Hammer, J Patterson, J. Wisdom, J. Wisdom, P. Millman, E. Tillet, J. Scafidi Third row: Cv. Hixson, I. Morton, M. Nickolaides, H. Birney, R. Weiler J. Huffman, L. Schwartz, J. Wix, S. Getty, A. Plotts, D. Elliott, M Delaney, S. Huff, C. Ousey, D. Biedling. Fourth row: M. Jones, S Harris, W. Kirchgasser, B. Sherer, D. McDade, R. Allen, G. Clement E. Edynak, R. Metzler, C-. Young, T. Stipe, N. McElwee, R. White H. Pennington, R. Weinberg, J. McCullough, J. Mitchell. SECOND CHORUS---First row: K. O,Sl1aughnessey. D. Santorsola, M. Plummer, J. Howlett, B. Jaszczalt. M. Whaly. Second row: M. Keel:-y, F. Yori. J. Dennis, C. Mac Kascal, L. Hickman, S. Kew. M. Roan. 'lllird row: J. Houck. director, A. Sapovits. J. Ferrari, D. Day, P. Duff, M. W'alz, I.. Crt-1-nm-. P. Timmins. Ii. llailey. S. Custer. Standing: A. Bridge, R. Fithian, D. Meyers, 62 R. Howarth. E. liendinsky, R. White, J. Concello, S. Rorleriek. 1 1 9 page 'EL fir ? lp S ky: , Y, lyk 3-2.1 A2 ,1 Ms. 'W , Q, , E w. x ,..N , . A . .I , X x N5 A fx M M 'QL is ' XG 5 2 'Q 1 " gm Q-,W J 5,5 My H, X252 5 ef fx? Q S H15 TW 'Wifi uf 1 Mr 5 ' ir g wr , V 4 :SW gm SB I K 1 w we Mg + "'3f,wf V s ,ferr 9 iii? 'HQ 3? 'Y 'giw'QwHK,g Www if 1 M, Q' ,E .fab ti , gf? x Wi QW Navi: iam fxyv K A ii "lx f ff W5 3? FB M ff? i , R Q Y' Vi k ' Q 'Y f A g X., my 537 W f A it 3 LS . b A gi 1' nr W , ,QM Mk I X my we f . X sw W -W . 'K .al Vi fa f Q- im JI . up , if Q7 is f is is as F uf' 1. i . fm f Q . . , 1 :W Vw 1 W V sf gs S5 ' 4 il' M if , A 3 A iq sh S Y ', rj f X 1 S 'E Ka W Q I f' qw Q ii Him wi in K 'S Ae ws 1 X Wow ?wze6Z Seated, left to right: E. Farkas, C. Berger, D. Yance, P. Millman, M. Stephens C Young C Edynak. Standing: A. Hauhner, N. Miller, L. Zettlemoyer, S. Robinson, M. Mulloy F Yon ,I Talbot, J. Patterson, A. Sapovits, and L. Hassis. Pearl Millman ,...., Galen Young Marcella Stephens ....... ....... Dorothy Yance Eugene? Edynak ...,... Edward Farkas ,.... Carol Berger ...,, Editor-in-Chief Photography Editors Feature Editors Sports Editor Business Editor The Non Pareil Staff is a capable group of journalists under the supervision of Mr. Joseph Canamucio. The group, composed of Seniors, works throughout the year for one goal . . . the production of an outstanding annual. Those who have worked on the staff have gained an inward wealth of class closeness" and it is with-pride that they present this year's edition of the Non Pareil 3416 Put together the leadership of Bob Figliog the advice of Mr. Stratotig the able Bark staff 3 and the Press Club which contributes many articlesg and you have the unbeat- able combination which makes our self-supporting newspaper better than ever! The members of the staff will long remember every issue, along with the fun and hard work that contributed to their publication. First row, left to right: Mr. Stratoti, Advisorg C. Berger, C. Clauss, J. Rode, R. Figlio, S. Roderick, B. Prall, J. Baile, M. Maclndoe. Second row: A. Sapovits, L. Stelle, R. Winn, C. Watkins, J. Howlett, S. Ether, K. Wiley, J. Ferrari, J. Weller, A. Haubner, A. Castellan, S. Miller. Third row: J. Wisdom, M. Nickolaides, K. Ward, J. Wisdom, A. Diament, W. Jones, R. Kellman, J. Wix, M. Stephens, B. McKay, E. Tillet. Robert Figlio Sue Roderick Judy Rode ....... Joe Baile ....... Barbara Prall Carl Clauss ..... ..... Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor News Editor Sports Editor Feature Editor Business Manager NATIONAL HONOR SDCIETV ,f Nx 'S-.. f EUGENE EDYNAK EDWARD FARKAS ROBERT FIGLIO PEARL MILLMAN MARTHA BIULLOY ROCHELLE SCHWARTZ JUDITH RODE 244635 and Saw!! E. Edynak, P. Millman, R. Figlio, and Carl Clause. 7279715 S ' First row, left to right: Mr. Kline, Advisor, N. Beneke, L. Hassis, Secretary, W. Ardern, Treasurer R. Schwartz, President, P. Laird, Vice President, S. Robinson, D. Yance, E. Farkas. Second row S. Seville, S. Ralston, L. Green, B. Fogg, N. Miller, B. Bogart, B. Prall, A. Castellan, M. Maclndoe- J. Weller. Third row: G. Clement, A. Allen, R. Kellnian, R. Graves, R. Trauh, W. Jones, J Bertram, R. Pilchard, F. Turner. 779715 0 Nether Providence is fortunate in having one of the few high school orchestras of the county. Under the able direction of Mr. Sepella, the orchestra engages in sev- eral annual social events which require the dignity produced only'by the string and reed instruments. SUSAN MILLER LESLEY HASSIS ROCHELLE SCHWARTZ BARBARA FOGG SYDNEY SEVILLE SUSAN RALSTON ANN BRIDGE "Let's go, Bulldogslw Thatas the famous cry of the Nether Providence cheerleaders. When the fans' enthusiasm wavers, these peppy girls boost their spirits. Advised by Miss Morrell, the girls have come up with 'many new and different cheers, making them our choice for the BEST! 1 w Top to bottom: J. Haubner, J. Ferrari, L. Stelle, D. Dooley, M. Mac Indoe, and M. Cohen, Co- captains. CHEF CLUB Rattling of pots and pans are characteristic of this club proctored by Miss Wandless. Cooking is an art when it comes to manipulat- ing certain condiments and Miss Wandless is out to see that the girls learn all the tricks. AUTO MECHANICS CLUB Principles involving the operation and struc- ture of an automobile are the points of interest of the Auto Mechanics Club. Under the guid- ing hand of Mr. Megonegal, interest in auto- mobiles is furthered with knowledge of main- tenance and application. SCOTT'S HI-Q Composed of students of county high schools, the Hi-Q teams are matched in a series of contests in which they are quizzed on various academic subjects. Much credit must be given to Mr. Kline, the team advisor, who has given a great deal of time and patience. SURVEYING CLUB The club members find here practical appli- cations of mathematics. This is in harmony with many of them who intend to become engineers. Those ' interested pupils have learned many principles through the expe- riences of Mr. Wilkinson, the club's proctor. SEWING CLUB Applications of needle and thread in prac- tical circumstances are associated with Sewing Club. instructed by Miss Rostron, individual projects are usually pursued. STAGECRAFT CLUB A club really appreciated around Senior Play time, the Stagecraft Club was responsible for the beautiful set used this year. Through the art genius of Miss Herbert, the members learn the fundamentals of prop design and stage managing. PUBLICITY CLUB Matchless in its effort, the Publicity Club has proven itself to be the key of success to many school functions. Under the direction of Mrs. Junkins, the club has advertised such events as the Senior Play and the N. P. Follies. CHESS CLUB Coached by Mr. Renzulli, the Chess Club's main purpose is the improvement of present chess skills. Keen interest in advancement is stimulated by the presence of an elementary and an advanced group. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Fundamentals of camera operation and negative development are the principal pur- suits of thisclub. Miss Law, the club instruc- tor, has formulated a plan of action which has been accepted with great welcome. SPORTS CLUB Mr. Echternach's knowledge of Ballistics is a main feature in providing interest in this club. Conservation and outdoor life are also items of curiosity. COIN CLUB Curiosity in numismatics is the only qualifi- cation for entrance into the Coin Club. Mr. Werner. club proctor. promotes interest hy his able leadership. LEADERS' CLUB Todayis members of the Leaders' Club will be tomorrow's leaders of NP. With this idea in mind, Miss Morrell and Miss Endriken attempt to present typical problems of leader- ship to the girls of grades 7-10. PRACTICAL SCIENCE Mr. Spickler's format consists of a Chief plan in the promotion of scientific curiosity. He believes individual experimentation is the principle inciting the production of future scientists. FUTURE NURSES7 CLUB The primary aim of this club is to further interest in nursing. Instructions and advice are offered by Miss Kennedy, our school nurse. SENIOR HIGH DRAMATIC CLUB This group has received much interpretation in acting through Mr. BO0l'S6,S experience on the stage. Although actual practice is theoreti- cal in nature, members will have a new ap- proach to dramatics. SENIOR HIGH ATHLETICS CLUB The prime purpose of the Senior High Athletics Club is to further interest in major sports. Instructions by Mr. Chesney'and Mr. Wright will provide future stars for the school sports program. SENIOR HIGH VARSITY CLUB Unmatched for its efforts in good sports- manship, the Varsity Club is also a major factor in the promotion of school spirit. Through the able guidance of lVIrs. Baker and Mr. Walters, many major projects for the athletics fund have been carried through successfully. EFFECTIVE SPEECH CLUB Mr. .Iackson has been working diligently to further interest in public speaking. With the willing co-operation of the members, noticeable progress has been effected. RADIO CLUB Electronics is a chief factor in our culture. Following this philosophy, Mr. Spickler has instructed the Radio Club in various fields o'f electricity, concentrated on radio theory. and its many applications. LIBRARY CLUB Proctored by Miss White, the Library Club has service as its aim. General management of the library and the cataloging of new issues are among their many services. 3 i 0 ' f ' ou ,Q M f , . 5 fc rl G ' ENV Fw 552 QQQQN 5,151 Q XR AA .Ax ,V x"S51 ' 74 wi ll if W9 K , 'gk me , fQ I Q I - f' Let each man do his best. I - First part of Henry IV, I, I First row, left to right: E. Sampson, B. Weinberg, B. Cooper, D. Elliott, B. Bunner, Second row: B. Scherer, P. Laird, B. Kirchgasser, J. Bertram, J. Brown. Third row: B. Henasey, B. Fithian, B. White, R. Zerhy, G. Clement. ,. Coaches, left to right: Harry Millerg Edward Narcum, headg Thomas Walters. 1. Aa. Wait, boys, l've got a stomach ache! 76 ?ooMa!Z The 1956 Nether Providence football team showed real progress. Head Coach Edward Narcum and as- sistant coaches Harry Miller and Thomas R. Walters made good use of returning lettermen to record two wins, five losses and one tie. But that tabulation does not tell the whole story. One or more touchdowns were scored in every game except two, and in only one game was there a large margin of defeat. Several touchdown passes completed in one game demon- strated the potential of the team and held out expecta- tions of a winning season next year. Coaches Miller and Walters took the Junior Varsity to a season of four wins and three losses. The vic- tories over Lansdowne, Yeadon and Swartmore are significant. Hey, this isn't a wrestling match! , 3 , it Varsity Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether fllnior Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether Nether l QL JUNIOR VARSITY, First row, left to right: J. Huffman. J. McCullough, D. Israel. E. Smith. Second row: J. Pilkington, M. Goldberg. F. Epp, H. Bierney, D. MacDade. Third row: A. Allen, B. White. B. Metzler, J. Cushman. NETHER PROVIDENCE HIGH SCHOOL 1956 FOOTBALL Providence ,, .,... L Providence ....,...,. Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence Varsity Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence Providence Springfield ........ ,, . Swarthmore ........ , Yeadon . Media ,.,..,.,.......... . Marple Newtown Upper Merion ..,, ,. Lansdowne , , .. , Ridley Park .....,..,. Springfield ........., Swarthmore ..,, Yeadon ......... .... Media ......... . Marple Newtown Upper Merion , , Lansdowne ..,, ., , MANAGERS. left to right: Walter Donnelly. Stu Har James Sisson. .la o. What is the attraction over there, boys? I think I broke my arm! if This year the girls, the season with two three losses. This was a better ord indicates, all of hockey team finished wins. three ties. and season than the rec- the games were hard fought and ended in a close score. Although the loss of the co-captains. Sue Miller and Marty Mulloy, will be hard to take, the experience gained this year will , V . assure the girls of a successful season next B. Brenner, M. Kimmel, C. Watkins, C. MacLaugl1lin, M. Morrell year' First row: S. Seville, M. Cohen, B, Warburton, C. Morgan, A. Castellan, E. Fellman, S. Miller, M. Mulloy, J. Hanigan, B. Fogg, B. Greer, S. Ether, S. Ralston. Second row: M. Bunner, K. 0'Shaughnessy, M. Maclndoe, M. Roan, M. Plummer, J. Wisdom, J. Concello, S. Roderick, J. Howlett, M. Haubner, J. Hauhner, J. Weller. Third row: A. Bridge, L. Woodall, B. Bogart, K. Ward, S. Huff. Absent, J. Scafidi. F dnor Ft'llIlIZiIl. 5111- Miller. Marty Mulloy. .ludy llanigan. Nlirni HtllllH1t'l'. llarlutirti NVltUl'ltllTl4 H111 nn! NETHER PROVIDENCE HIGH SCHOUL Varsity Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence funior Varsity Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence H ,,,, ,1 Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence Nether Providence 1956 HOCKEY Marple Newton .,,,,,,, Springfield . ,,,,,,,, ,,tt 7 Lansdowne 1, ,,t,,,. ., Chester ,,tt. t,ttttttV Media tt,tt,, ,. c,,,,t,.,, 7 1 Eddystone ., ,,,,,,,i.,, H Ridley Township Chichester ,.,.tt,t.t,.,,t, Marple Newton t,t,.,,. 1 Springfield ....,,,ttt,.Vt 2 Lansdowne H t,,,,, ,, Chester , ,i,, lVled1a ,,,,,,,,,,,,.t,,,,t,. , Eddystone ,t,,,,,.Vttttttt Ridley Township Chichester ,,,....,,t,,..,t SUE MILLER NIARTY NIULLOX gm ' 2 OPP NP Q o an fu 'CT' fn VI? ll O U7 fc 'U 3' U A ,Q va 'IT rn :S fn F' it Q 'D fn 'Ci T' C1 :' fb 'D 'J fn -4 29 .11 ,,i,, i VV,, . M .A:2, , or P PP ,:,, ' P PP - P , . V,L, f,,, B 'NPP ' W "2P .VP' 1 ff . E P Z 54-5f'l??-gi?-354-E'i'DZUCEQ3iE? gm P-1 5 W FD f-4 4 'U ,,,,, in CD Q-'....DJQ-f'Um-rQ.rE....NQ.--g5n,.,QdE1 QUE 1'-E 2 Q-life: 15 2 Bras-.2 :mg-12233 zsggagwgggqv R' jgorfbiczi i5:'QI53Z.g,U Q-3:1051 Qfrfqibfv Qrp, '.iO.4i.m151 irr .1.'5:O:1.:5::0E, 1 3 7 ' 1 2 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 2 , 1 "Ii5f."l:3i3E1 4.ana1e.Je,Qaw.gm14sOiQLQL,w1aQe.aQ wU'llxDOoxl4hOxOr-fusoocgcxggggx,-,p woxcw-A mms:-uwuwcxcwcnooowcn -L-oo-Q'-43:-oowoomowwowowggog First row: W2 White. J. Barnett, R, Bunnor, T. Stipc, R. Rice. Second row: W. Kirchgasser. R. Traub, P. Laird, R. Marshall. J. Moyers. S. Wakfafield. T. Edwards, E. Farkas fmanagenl It's up hm-rv. boys! Shoot it up. Sam! The Nether Providence High School basketball team of 1956-1957 was surprising, as the Chester Times put it. When its possibilities were compared to last yearls per- formances. its early victories did indeed seem Hsurprisingf' With the return of all of the lettermen but one, and with a contribution or two from the junior varsity. Coach Joseph Chesney had experienced starters and a strong bench. At the beginning of the season, a set of injuries hindered the team. But their effect was not great enough to put Ridley Park, Media, Chichester or Marple-Newtown in the winning column.,These four victories, including the sudden death win over Media, were by small margins. Later in the season. with the team up to full strength, more decisive scores were attained. Against unfortunate Upper Merion, the team broke the school scoring record of some years with a total of eighty-three points. But the greatest victory was to come three weeks later when the Nether Providence team upset powerful Yeadon by seven points. There are hopes for next year that are sure to be realized. Although several men will graduate, only one of these will be a starter, and Nether Providence ought to be able to produce an even stronger, more experienced team. ' Wa,-:city C First row: J. Cushman, J. Pilkington, F. Crayston, J. Burroughs, T. Lachman, R. Jones. Second row: D. Israel fmanagerl, B. White. R. Fithian, W. Ardern, P. Anthony, B. Scherer. J. Stauffr-r fmanagerl. You're all alone, Pr-nnvl Amazinw. if-n't it? . ,- Top row, left to right: J. Hannigan, B. Greer, A. Castellan, D. Birney, P. Scott. Bottom row: N. Robison, N. Perrine, J. Rode and M. Mulloy, co-captains, S. Miller, P. FitzSimons. "Z This year the girls, Varsity Basketball Team displayed the fine spirit and sportsman- ship which is characteristic of Nether Providence High School. Although the team expefienced a rough season, the girls continued to play with high spirits. Among those who are graduating this year are co-captains Judy Rode and Marty Mulloy, Sue Miller, Nancy Robison, Pat FitzSimons, and Nancy Perrine. However, many members will be returning, and with bright promises from the junior varsity squad, next yearis girlsi basketball team is expected to produce a very successful season. l Marple .,.7,...,77 Springfield ,,,.7,, Swarthmore .,,, Ecldystone ,,,.. Media ,,7,.,,, Yeadon ...77. Chichester .,77, Lansdowne COACHES-Left to right: M. Morrell, Stein, B. Brenner. Missing: G. Entriken. mum WWW GIRLS' VARSITY SCORES OPP. NP 29 -L1 24- 51 34 23 27 37 22 56 26 Top row, left to right: B. Stegmaier, C. Foreacre, P. Messikomer, B. McKay, C. Barkas. Missing. J. Haubner, C. Nugent. Zuelal! The 1956 baseball team, under the management of coaches Harry Miller and Fred Houck, was composed almost entirely of underclassmen. The players made up for their lack of experience by showing spirit and hustle. The season record, four wins and eight losses, doesn't tell the story accurately. Three of these losses were by only one run. ro left to ri ht Fred Hauck Coach B Hennese B Traub D Stevenson W Da Top w. s 2 4 f , . Ay, . , - , - y, Diament, T. Stipe, Harry Miller, Coach. Middle row: B. Bunner, D. Weitzman, B. Sherer, Fithian, J. Bertram, D. Elliot, M. Gordon, R. Colubiale, H. Pennington. Bottom row: J. Coslet, Enochs, M. Enochs, C. Ralston, B. White, R. Allen, B. Stevenson. 1956 BASEBALL SCORES OPP. Springfield .,,,, .,,,,,,, 2 Media ............,.,..,.. e.,..,,, 6 Marple-Newtown ,.r,. ,,,,,,,. 7 Lansdowne ...,........ ,.,,.... 9 Upper Merion ........ .,...,., 2 Radnor ......,........ ,,.,.... 3 Chichester ....,.v ,,.,.... 5 Yeadon .,....,. ...,,.. 4- Lansdowne .,,... ..,,,,, 6 Swarthmore .... ..,,.,, 6 Swarthmore .... ....,r. 2 Yeadon ...,...,. ,,,,... 7 A B T YSL!! '-1'-'gvggw fNm-ff:-ff4:,w.-.ii Q. V MRS. T. E. ORR ANTIQUES Small Wares AppoinI'men'I Only Me. 6-0997 Media, Pa. Complimenrs of A FRIEND FRED A. FISH JEWELER 5 Eas+ Sfaie SI. Media. Pa. Repairing Gifls SCHOOL PHARMACY Wa'IcI1 I+ Grow MEdia 6-0870 SIa'Ie and Monroe Media. Pa. R Treal' Yourself Io The THICK JUICY STEAKS Prime sieals, perfeclly prepared Io your fade and graciously served in a dislincfive afmosphere. "King Ar+I1ur" BANQUET ROOM Available for Privaie Pariies, E'I'c. Try Our Daily Special BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCH When You WanI' a Treai-Visil' Us! WINDSOR INN Free Parking Cor. 9I'h and Sproul S+s. CH 2-074l CompIimenI's of DR. AND MRS. GALEN S. YOUNG AND FAMILY Complimenis of THE CLAUSS FAMILY Complimenis of NANATTE CHILDREN'S SHOPPE Infanl 'Io Pre-Teen 2I E. S'I'aIe S+. Media, Pa. Me. 6-I394 Complimenfs of ECONOMY MARKET Media, Pa. For Your Fufure Home CHARLES A. HIGGINS Radios ' RefrigeraI'ors ' TV Deepfreeze ' Ranges Washers ' Dryers II2 W. SI'a+e S+. Media 6-3700 ALEXANDER HASSIS Real Esfafe and Insurance IlI3V2 Morfon Avenue CHESTER. PENNSYLVANIA BEAUTY SHOP I05 N. Monroe SI. MEDIA, PENNSYLVANIA Media 6-IOI3 Complimenrs of Complimen+s J. A. MILES B. GRQ55 Phila. Inquirer DisI'riIouIor Cleaner - Tailor I E. ROIBFICI ROB!! Fu'-rier PARKSIDE Corner of S+a+e and Jackson Phone Ch. 3-38360 Media 6-'647 CompIimenI's of DRUG STORE A FRIEND 4 W. SI'a+e S+ree'r MEDIA. PA. Oufflf Your Enfire Group Weddings, Parochial Gradua+ions, E+c. Cosfumes Hired N Dress - Tuxedos Tires, BaHeries and Accessories DEALER IRVIN STERN IO8 W. S+a+e S+. MEDIA, PA. Media 6-03 I0 I900 OPEN EVENINGS LET US HELP ,f N ? -P Zan Wtoaeq PROVIDENT TRUST COMPANY DELAWARE COUNTY OFFICES Media -Sfafe S+ree+ and Sou+I1 Avenue Swar+I1more-Ru1'gers Avenue and CI1es+er Road Springfield-Hari' Lane and Saxer Avenue Nefher Providence- BeaH'y Road and BaI+imore Pike MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Cu'raways fjhgije McCAF F ERTY'S INC SUMMER FORMAL Balfimore Pike and Providence Road OUTHTS MEDIA, PA. A SPECIALTY Esso Producfs Media 6-9947 lf3A p1iASllRl-:I COLEBY TAILORING COMPANY 570I Markei' S+. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Made to Measure Clothes , S U P P L E E DAIRY PRODUCTS In , ,. J ' A . 4 . . r n -,fu ' I2+I1 and Welsh S+ree+s 550I TaIJOr Avenue CHESTER. PA. PHILADELPHIA, PA CI1. 4-524I Je. 3-9420 MEDFORD'S MEATS RAYMOND J. DAWSON Elec+rical Appliances 2I0 W. S+a+e S+. for MEDIA, PA. Distinctive Flavor RECORDS CHESTER' PA' Largesl' Record Shop in Delaware Coun'l'y ALL MAKES ALL SPEEDS Headquar+ers for Magnox Hi Fi PEOPLES TIRE STORE 2l I-I5 Norfh S'I'a'l'e S'I'ree'l' Media 6-0205 Open Evenings 8141 and Edgmonf Elglerchandise Mari CHE T , . ee Mo , . , S ER PA OR DEL S CARI' A' DOUBET Infanls' ancl Cl1ildren's Wear Jeweler sms 604 EDGMONT AVE. CHESTER, PA. CI1esI'er 2-4262 Wilm. 2-288l ll's RlCHARD'S WALLINGFORD MARKET in MEDIA THE DECOR SHOP I4 Wesl' S+a+e Slreel' MEDIA, PA. RAYMOND A. CIMINI Media 6-5793 Complimenls of A FRIEND L ' For Fashions ' CUM LAUDE ' Always Shop a+ WEI N B ERG'S for BeH'er Things Complimenfs of MILLMAN'S DEPT. STORE ai' Ches+er Pike and Fairview Rd. CRUM LYNNE, PA. W V C H Voice of Ches+er 740 KC Music MORE News Of'l'en Compliments of o FRIEND The Recognized Source 'for the Finest in Home Furnishings GEORG BLOOM Delaware County's Finest Furniture Store STATE AT ouve STREET, MEDIA, PA. Complimen+s o+ - ComplImen+s o+ BEAUTY SALON F 6 620 Sproul S+. RIEND CHESTER, PA. Ch. 3-3800 Complimen+s of LEW'S FRI EN DLY MARKET 703 W. Third S+. CHESTER, PA. MEDIA UPHOLSTERING COMPANY I7- I9 E. S+a+e S+ree+ MEDIA, PA. Media 6-I 323 FERRY BROS. AND SON 724 Welsh S+. CHESTER, PA. Or+hopedic Shoe Labora+ory PHONE 2-40I2 COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Complimen+s of DR. AND MRS. EDW. SCHWARTZ BERRANG'S AMOCO STATION Ches+er and Avondale Roads CHESTER. PA. Opposi+e Sproul Es+a+es ROBERT'S, INC. 205 Wes+ S+a+e S+. MEDIA, PA. Media 6-098I PLUM STREET HAT SHOP Media, Pa. HATS - ACCESSORIES WALLINGFORD PHARMACY Wallingford Pa. KAYS FASHION CENTER 600 Edgmon+ Ave. CHESTER, PA. COOLEY LILLEY 703 Edgmon+ Ave. Ches+er, Pa. GIFTS, TOYS, COOKING WARE KITCHEN GADGETS, GREETING CARDS 7+h and Welsh PATCHEL BROS. 81 SCHULTZ, INC. For the Best in 202 W t St t St. MEETAI :Af ChiIcIren's Wear See Real Estate - Sales - Management Insurance and Mortgages PHONE: Media 6-3195 Mmus Hook' Pa' . MICHAEL'S I I COLLEGE PHARMACY INC. The Best Values and Styles on me Comer In in Dresses and Sportswear Swadhmore I04 PARK AVE. SWARTHMORE, PA. Sw. 6,0857 WE DELIVER Compliments of R. ECONOMY Photographers For Better Yearbooks For Better Pictures HOWELL LEWIS SHAY Architects and Engineers ..,. i X-1 ., z-1 V' 'rr F . " Q eil' ei in J. +1 ,A ,J 1? 'a" u ,5 g fag ,F , . .Al 'J x A 5' r 2,1 . 5 L: uf?-, ' 13 v .: ' i ' Q' jfs I, .5 A , W.- zu V "si .3 :xii ,. -ww 'fJ. X. R, V1- 11 :f Y 1 I 1 Xi. -,ifff ,mr- Ln, ,z 4 -K 'ir 1 -1. .H ,Yf :iq ' vs, gi. . 23: Q4 ... . A, I' 4 .H .. . X 51' 5 wi X f. fu -55. -sf, ' ,!,. ' N -- '-I f , . .- '-5 5 fn! .Y xfzfi ,WJ .. Ny . . . .+ .' ,, ' w ..,, " 1 v P 114 Q L I

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