Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA)

 - Class of 1956

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Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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xx -. N J Qviif 1 7756 Wan NETHER PROVIDENCE HIGH SCHOOL WALLINGFORD, PENNSYlVANlA U! Dedication . Administration Faculty . . Memoriam . Seniors. . . Underclassmen Activities . . Sports . . . Advertisements To Mr. Jackson who has taught ed with us sincerely and workedwith us willingly, we fondly dedicate this 1956 edition of the NON PAREIL. MR. LIONEL H. JACKSON A pre kS0n , pared e with Mrs. 120 for an evenin At hom 8 of relaxa tion us wisely, guided us patiently, laugh- SECOND ROW: B. Compton, M. Emerson, S. Boberg, Photography Editor: C. Bloom. FIRST ROW: I. Hefton, E. Boyer, layout Edi- torg J. Schoff, M. Thom, Feature Editor: D. Crystle, Sports Editor. TED GRAVES, ED1ToR-1N- CHIEF Wm pmecf MR. CANAMUCIO, ADVISOR SECOND ROW: A. Hunter, E. Martin, I. Mc Kee. FIRST ROW: J. Sweeley, B. Browning, I. Happersett, I. Mc Mahon, Busi- ness Manager. Scion! gaafwl STANDING: H.A. Wentz, E. G. Coskrey, C. R. Stegmaier, W.A. Irving, T. Shmanda SEATED: N. V. Logan, L.W. Lawrence, H.F. Taylor, Mrs. F. Wisdom. OFFICERS President . . . H. Furness Taylor Jr. Vice President . . William A. Irving Secretary . . . . Nancy V. Logan Treasurer .... . . E. Gibson Coskrey Supervising Principal .... Howard A. Wentz 5 HOWARD A. WENTZ Supervising Principal Let us remind ourselves that the culture. of a so- ciety cannot remain static. We must add the gifts of each new generation or lose most of the good of past generations. In order to create a better society we must keep what was good and add the gifts of the new. You and your children will be the benefactors. ff-.341--3 FRANK A. MADER Principal This is the time of Commencement--the time of beginning. We trust that you have learned your les- sons well. Some of you have taken better advantage of your opportunities than others. Whatever your own case may be, Ihope each of you has acquired the skill,the knowledge,to continue in self-improve- ment either in school or on the job. Even if youfeel that you should have done better, that certain doors are closed to you because of mediocre achievement you can still begin again--not, however, without pay- ing a price in time or money. Pay the price, begin again, be successful! We are both sorry and glad to see you leave us: sorry, because we shall miss youg glad because we know that you are about to take the next step forward. Our best wishes go with you. 4. ALATHEIA E. REESE Guidance Counselor Commencement is an important milestone and should be a happy time for the graduates. To continue being happy you must feel that your work is important and that it re- quires your best thinking and attention. Remember it is the person who does the work who grows in the doing. ART L. Michaelg K. Herbert, Department Chairman HOME ECONOMICS F. Rostrong M. Wandless, Department Chairman 7 ENGLISH STANDING: S. Boorse, Department Chairmang L. Jackson, I. Echternach SEATED: E. Leonard, S. Seidel, J. Will. MUSIC M. Volk and J. Sepella, Supervisor INDUSTRIAL ARTS F. Spickler and W. Wilkinson, Supervisor PHYSICAL EDUCATION R. Wright, A. Yeager, N. Ward and C. Haupt, Director. FOREIGN LANGUAGES L. Junkin, Department Chairmang L. Stratotig M. Phillips. MATHEMATICS SEATED: M. Williams, Department Chairman. STANDING: J. Canamucio, I. Chesney, T. Werner, F. Hartzell BUSINESS EDUCATION M. Heckler, Department Chairman and M. Law. SCIENCE R. Negonigal, F. Houck, Department Chairman: J. Dorsaneo. SOCIAL STUDIES STANDING: E. Narcum, H. Miller, T. Walters, R. Felker. SEATED: L. Clapp, S. Seidel, G. Kline, Department Chair- man, M. Phillips. ev if R. Kennedy, NURSE. O. White, LIBRARIAN. M. Smith, SPEECH CONSULTANT OFFICE STAFF STANDING: N. logan, M. Mac Dougall A. Friedkin, A. Wenger, W. Bishop. SEATED: D. Ostien. CAFETERIA STAFF S. Bagley, D. Mackenzie, Dietitiang A. Gillespie, D. Bagley, B. Fischer, S, Glover, K. Markley. CUSTODIANS STANDING: S. Magrogan, J. Winters, R. Degler, A. Wright. SEATED: T. McNulty, I. Rhyames, A. Hall, F. Copper. O WILLIAM MOSS Bom February 6, I939g Died January I, I953. WILLIAM DEA NS Born October 5, 1938 Died March 3, I954. 14.3, 'QQ N new N """5w:gl3 a- 'N' "bf 'Sw-'f1"4 .W 5 ' M 1 Jackson Advisors. STANDING: Joseph Canamucio, Mae law and Lione , ' ' 11 ster President: Phyllis Turner, Secretary SEATED: Chaile Bloom, Treasurer, Dame e , Dale Stevenson, Vice President. 14 "01 .- -" Z QS. bird ' " Beanie " "Ted" " Chai1e" CAROL E. BEAN "Sure you arel " . . .future nurse. . . Bermuda booster. . . banking problems. . . Spanish in- fluence CPJ. . . sweet and friendly. . . ACTIVITIES: Abington High School: Flag Baton 2g Swimming 2. Nether Providence: Future Nurse Club 35 Senior Chorus 45 Fu- ture Teachers Club 4. THEODORE BERCKMAN IR. "Pa-oom - pa-oom - ggg, rah - soosh". . . Bunny. . . "What a Sled l" . . . "Heh-eh. No, ldidn't pass". . .chop- chop. . .cutting up... ACTIVITIES: Auto Mechanics 2g Advanced Auto Me- chanics 3g Sports Club I,4. CHAILE E. BLOOM Keeps the kids awake at slumber parties. . . "That's very intelligent". . . Muhlenburg. . . Little devil. . . active and dependable. . . talkative. .. ACTIVITIES: Press Club 1,25 Student Council I,3,4g Publicity Club 35 Dramatic Club 3g IV Cheerleader 35 Class Treasurer 4g Bridge Club 25 Effective Speech Club 2: Yearbook 45 Senior Play Production 4. 15 'L are ' 11 f Q. ' v "il Lug, A lis te.. ian- 'flvlv' ' 'H '21 aw? Fiiiiiiwnz .:efifH.sA. if Q.. ' I eg x SHEILA K BOBERG Quietl til ya! know her. . .hardworker. . . friendly.. .loves music. . . smart dresser.. . fun to be with... ACTIVITIES: Notre Dame High School: Student Organization I, 25 Creative Writing Club 25 News Writing 2. Nether Providence High: Dramatic Club 35 Yearbook 45 Sr. Play Cast 45 Sr. Chorus 45 Press Club 4. EDIT H C. BOYER The onas bonus. . .what are ya' knitting?. .. 45 minute calls from N. Y. . . giggles. . .to the library. . . ACTIVITIES: Junior Chorus lg Senior Chorus 2,3, 45 Hock- ey IV I, Varsity 2, 35 Junior High Hockey Coach 45 Varsity Basketball Manager 25 Var- sity Club 3,45 Sketch Club 35 Yearbook 4. BEVERLY G. BROWNING "Wish he'd call tonight". . . mischievous.. . loves any kind of food. . .second soprano. . . personality plus.. .reckless OJ driver. . . ACTIVITIES: Riding Club I5 Craft Club I5 Junior Chorus I5 Senior Chorus 2, 3,41 Future Nurse Club 35 Sketch Club 35 Yearbook 4. 16 "Shel" ..Edie.. "Bev" Bonnie" ..Kay.. nsue.. BARBARA A. BRYSON Unique sneeze. . . loves the out-of-doors. . . W3TPQ. . . last minute cramming. . .friendly with everyone. . . carefree and informal. . . ACTIVITIES: Riding Club Ig Crafts Club Ig Bridge Club 2g Sketch Club 3g Publicity Club 3,4g Sr. Chorus 2, 33 Senior Play Cast 4. CARIN A. CLAUSS Strawberry blonde. . . brains. . . deadlines. . . decisions.. . "This is one test I'm going to flunk. ". . . unattached boys. . . ACTIVITIES: Band I,2g Photography Club Ig Debating Club zg Scott's Hi-Q 3,4g Basketball 2g Hockey 3,4g Softball I,2g Press Club 35 Editor-in-chief 4. SUSAN H. COCHRAN Knitting fiend. . . Dave. . . great sense of hu- mor.. . can't wait for Christmas vacation. . . "For Pete's Sakel . . mischief maker. . . ACTIVITIES: Band I, 23 Debating 2, 3g Scott's Hi-Q 2, 3, 4g Cheerleading JV 2,33 Varsity 4g Public Speaking 3g Hockey JV 2g Varsity 3. 17 BARBARA R. COMPTON District bands. . . objects to being called "Carol" or Virginia. . .Summers at Chesa- peake. . . violin. . . draws glamour girls in classesl . . . ACTIVITIES: Press Club I, 2,45 Riding Club 1,25 Or- chestra I, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Yearbook 45 Sr. Play Production 4. JAY F. COSLETT Red Xa Black bombl . . . quite a fastball. . . I'11 drag yah. . . smiley. . .likes lots of nour- ishing food. . .always on time... ACTIVITIES: Band I,2,35 Orchestra 1,25 Dance Band I5 Senior Chorus 4. M. LEE COULTER Telephone conversationalist. . . feminine. . . expressive eyes. . . second soprano blues. . . Sister Mary. . . ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 2,35 Press Club 45 Hockey Man- ager 45 Student Council 25 Sr. Play Cast 45 Sr. Chorus 3,4. "Babs ucosu 1 8 "Lee DEANS C. CRYSTLE Hey fellas. . . roudy. . . senior girls. . .Where did ya' get those sweatshirts?. . . football- football. . . priceless humor... ACTIVITIES: Bridge Club, Football Manager I, Varsity 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 15 JV 2, Varsity 3, 45 Varsity Club 2, Vice President 3, Pres- ident 45 Student Council 4, Vice President 35 Senior Play Production 45 Senior Chorus 3, 45 Yearbook 4. "Pitcher" F' ' LUCILLE DELIA Dave 's parties. . . French Creek. . . U. of Del. .. "Oh, Mrs. Heckler". . . doctor's wife.. .short- hand. . . ACTIVITIES: Library Club I,2, 35 Sr. Chorus 2, 35 Dancing Club 35 Class Secretary 35 Sr. Play Production 45 Yearbook 45 Square Dancing Club 4. .. Lu.. ALICE M. DRESDEN "For pete's sake". . . diets. . .is she driving?. . . Broomalls'. . . always blushing. . . sweaters and skirts. . . ACTIVITIES: Dramatics Club 25 Debating Club 25 Press Club 2, 35 IV Hockey 25 Varsity Basketball Manager 25 Sr. Chorus 2, 3,45 Varsity Club 3, 45 Student Administrator of Girl 's Athletics "Sissy" I 9 H. ROBERT ELLIS Customized Chevy. . . bored in class. . . quiet? . . .not always. . . "yawn- -oh brotherl " ...G. O. C... ACTIVITIES: JV Football I,2,3g Baseball Manager 23 Senior Chorus 3,49 Auto Mechanics 2. MARIORIE C. EMERSON Long hair. . . original ideas. . . square danc- ing.. .pretty blue eyes.. .pick up in a sail- boat.. .biology. . . sun tan... ACTIVITIES: Press Club I, 2, 3, 4g Radio Club 2g Pub- liciry 2g Senior Play Cast 42 Yearbook 4. "Bob" "Marjie WILLIA M G. ESSICK Drags. . . cream M. G... strange girls... "this is tarrible" . . .flat-top. ..casua1.. . ACTIVITIES: Auto Mechanic Club 2, Advanced 33 Riding Club Ig IV Basketball 25 IV Baseball Ig Senior Play Cast 4. 20 uchip. smiibflm nz. "Nance" ..B0b.. NANCY FEASTER Smitty's girl.. .laughs fespecially when em- barrassedj. . . "Kitsel1". . . "Who's driving your cari. . . smart clothes. .. ACTIVITIES: John Harris High School: Majorette I,2,3g Student Council 1,2,35 Hockey 1,25 Class Secretary 1,25 Senior Chorus I, 25 School Newspaper 2. Nether Providence High School: Bridge Club 35 Senior Chorus 35 Hockey Manager 25 Dramatics Club 35 Senior Play Production 45 Basketball Manager 4. ROBERT C. FIOGAUS Watkins Glen. . . Sunday football. . . sopho- more girls. . . sports cars. . . Langhorne. . . sense of humor. . . ACTIVITIES: Baseball JV 2, 35 Varsity 45 Band I,2, 35 Orchestra 1,25 Senior Play Cast 4. "Sugar" LOIS M. GA RNETT '55 Olds. . . singing. . . tall men. . . "All By Myself". . . future Practical Nurse. . . dancing ACTIVITIES: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 45 JV Basketball 25 Sen- ior Service Club I5 Alternate Color Guard 4. Z1 I. AUDREY GRAHAM Blue eyes. . . peppy. . .hamburgers. . ."B1ess usl . . good athlete.. . camera bug at the oddest moments. .. ACTIVITIES: Hockey JV I, Varsity 2,3, 45 Varsity Club 2, 3,45 Effective Speech I5 Publicity 25 Student Council 35 Cheerleading Captain I5 Varsity 2,35 Captain 4. EDWARD S. GRAVES Camping Trips. . . Mobil gas station. . . polite . . . energetic. . . shiny, black Studebaker. . . fire department. . . ACTIVITIES: Baseball I, IV 2,35 Photography Club I5 Stu- dent Council I,45 Auto Mechanics 25 Class President I,2,33 William Grubb Award 35 Sen- ior Chorus 45 Yearbook Editor 45 Senior Play 45 Press Club 4. JOYCE A. HAPPERSETT Seen with "the girls". . . Truck driver. . . lst. period gym classes. . . SPYFC. . . "Clue you". . . college bound. . . ACTIVITIES: Ir. Chorus I5 Craft Club I5 Library Club 25 Senior Service Club 25 Senior Chorus 35 Yearbook 45 Senior Play Production 4. ZZ ..Aud.. "Ted" "Di Di f qu' I Nffil we A ,, 4, , K Vx. Jae' eff. fn- i s , wp 5 p '42 , i f ,'.Cfv 'f!.f' If M J! ' I . Ulf? 1 - 'if N' is ,2: ye,ges,5,ga ,- fav a9fE,,Rvfgq1v,. we - ,gary r ysr,wQ3,:Iff' fp. , 6 .,- .H --'i l- -, ,:,il'i-if I 43,15 I ,W iv. " Lusk... ..Wa1t.. "Jack" - ..A,m.. WALTER A. HARDING Crew cut. . .the quiet lover.. .handsome. . . strong and silent.. .s1eepy. .. the bikini kid. . . ACTIVITIES: JV Football 35 Auto Mechanics Club 25 Aer- onautics 3. JOHN M. I-IEFTON Great organizer. . . " 6th period English". . . de- voted to his school store. . . always rushing around. . .humor on the spotl . . . "Can I bor- rowP". . . ACTIVITIES: Baseball-JV 25 Auto Club 35 Student Council 3, 45 Effective Speech I5 Dramatics Club 2. ANN F. HOLLIDAY Ted. . . L. S. M. F. T. . . Debi. . .C1ancy. ..wait- ing 'n worrying. . . married soon. . . ACTIVITIES: St. Mary of the Springs Academy: Mission Club I5 Catholic Students Mission Crusade I. Nether Providence: Senior Service Club 25 World Affairs Club 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Sr. Chorus 3,45 Bas- ketball 2,45 IV Hockey 2, 3, 4, 23 'X RUTH H. HUFFMAN Mm-that figure. . . reckless. . . "I never bleach my dip". . . "Anyone have anything to eat? ". . .hysterically funny. . . "Curtain" AC TIVITIES: Student Council 1, 2g Sr. Chorus 2, 3,4g Press Club 45 Sr. Play 4g Hockey JV 3, 45 Band 2,3, 4g Bridge Club 2: Effective Speech 1. ARLENA K. HUNTER Who ever heard of a "Pink and Black car?" . . . neat kid. . . "honestly girl! I . . ooh, handsome Harryl. . .lunch table fights.. . he uses "My Night". . . ACTIVITIES: Sr. Chorus 2,3,4g Ir. Chorus Ig Photog- raphy Club 25 Basketball - Varsity 3: Shop Ig Future Nurse Club 4g Yearbook 4. ..NutSy.. "Tootsie THOMAS H. P. JAGGERS '49 Ford. . . Hacks Point. . . Speed Boats. . . Go Wild... pink shirts. . . artist. . . ACTIVITIES: Student Council 25 Auto Mechanics Club 2, Advanced 33 Photography 43 Yearbook 4. Z4 "Tommy' - - - W x HBCEY.. nj-ata., "Larry" ELIZABETH F. JENKINS Versatile. . .likes Dartmouth. . . "I have I0 lose weightl . . good athlete.. . green and yellow bug.. .champ swimmer.. . ACTIVITIES: Hockey IV I,2, Varsity 3,45 Cheerleading IV 1, 2, Varsity 3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4g Press Club 2, 3,49 Class Treasurer 3g Bridge Club 2g Senior Chorus 3, 4g Student Council Treasurer 45 Publicity Club 2. DANIEL E. IESTER "Hea vens". . . Ginny. . . terrific dancer. . . Any- body got a lightl. . . joker-but serious. . . rhythm on the drums. . . ACTIVITIES: Band I, 2, Captain 3, 4g Orchestra Captain I, 2g Senior Chorus President 3, 43 Class Vice President 35 Class President 4. LAWRENCE R. JUNKIN Fordamatic. . ."Where's the opener?". . . Pitts- burgh.. . Actor.. .Sophomore girls. . . Benny Goodman. . . ACTIVITIES: Avenworth High School: Band I,2g Football I,2. Nether Providencez. Auto Mechanics 35 Basketball 3, 4g Student Council 4g Senior Play Cast 4. Z5 DAVID T. LAFFERTY "Co-operate 8: graduate". . . Beat up model A. . . Who was that gir1?. .. Blushes. . . three lunches in three minutes. . .library fun. . . ACTIVITIES: Band 1,25 Orchestra 25 Football 1, 3,45 Baseball 2, 45 Auto Mechanics 3. CAROLYN A. LANCE Marriage bound. . . Bob-Bob-Bobl . . . short- hand classes. . .irritated by snakes and mam- bo dance parties. . . dependable. . . Elsie, Marla and Ut. ACTIVITIES: Sr. Chorus 25 Photography Club 25 Band 25 Senior Play Production 45 Student Council 4. ELSIE M. MARTIN Engaged. . . Al. . . personality. . . gum. . . yac- it-ing. . .Belly jeans.. ."Pot and a Half". ACTIVITIES: Varsity Cheerleader 25 JV Cheerleading 2, 35 Student Council 2, 35 Varsity Club 2,35 Library Club 45 Senior Chorus 25 Senior Play Production 4. Z6 uDaVen Hagyen "Snootze1 Debi" .. Jo.. Rene" DEBORAH L. MCCONE Joe n' Jack. . . l'll always be waiting. .. Let's bomb. . . Ann. . . Singing... ACTIVITIES: Hockey I,2, 3,45 Basketball 1, 45 Service Club I: Bridge Club 25 Publicity Club 3, 45 Press Clubg Band 1,25 Orchestra 1,23 Senior Chorus 3,45 Senior Play Production 45 World Affairs Club 4. IOANNE McKEE Yeah, I'm OK. . . Sports. . . "Wheezing" down the field. . . My brother Dave.. . Wink- ing, blinking eye. . . Hockey game tumbles ACTIVITIES: Band I,2,3: Orchestra I,2, 35 Softball I, 25 Senior Chorus 2,35 Varsity Hockey 3, Co-Captain 45 Basketball Varsity 2,3,45 Varsity Club 2, 3,45 Yearbook 45 Press Club 4. IRENE MCMA HON Weekends at work. . . Tidy. . .Boys with blond curly hair. . . Hard worker. . . 202 Drive-in. . . ACTIVITIES: Junior Chorus I5 Senior Chorus 2, 3,45 Band I, 2, 35 Service Club 25 Yearbook, Business Manager 45 Senior Play Production 4. Z7 IO ANN MEIL Embarrassing moments. . . studies. . . SI SENOR . . . Papa loves mambo.. . Cadets. . .I got a letterll l ACTIVITIES: Needle Craft Club Ig Dance Band 2g Band I, 2g Orchestra I, 2,35 Senior Chorus 4. " Mambo" fs? 1 JAMES B. MOAT Usually seen in the shop. . . "What goes up, has to come down. . . .future in the Air Force... wise cracks. . . working in the cafeteria. ACTIVITIES: Tumbling Club 2g Model Airplane Club 3g Chef Club 4. uhmmy.. IEWIS E. MORROW "Oh E1siel". . .future chef. . . eats more than he cooks. . ."Skinny" . . ."U5 girls do have our troubles. " ACTIVITIES: Student Council 35 Photography Club 2: Auto Mechanics 3g Senior Play Production 4. uskinny.. Ruthie" US 3 In RUTH L. PEA VEY At the piano or bassotm. . .hearty laugh. . . Maine.. .excursions with Carin. . . ACTIVITIES Band I,2,3,4g Orchestra x,2,4g District Band 3. SALLY L. PFAEFFLE Early riser. . . Vonny. . . who's ring now?. . . Home Ec lover. . .sweaters. . . "Oh beans. . ACTIVITIES: Ir. Chorus Ig Band 1,25 Sketch Club 3g Nursing Club 33 Library Club 4. Bunny" MARTHA J. PIDCOCK Bill. . . red hair. . . chewing gum. . . "49" Ford. . . Gee Viz. . . nurse at Mitche11's. . . ACTIVITIES: Jr. Chorus Ig Sr. Chorus 2,31 Future Nurse Club 33 Photography Club 2g Effective Speech Ig Senior Play 4. 29 VIRGINIA M. PRALL Blonde. . . Ridgewood N. J. . .likes Perkiomen Prep. . . Oh crowl .. good dresser. . . argyles .-. ACTIVITIES: Ridgewood High School: Magazine Staff Ig Student Council Ig Year- book I. Nether Providence: Student Council 4g Senior Chorus 4. "Ginger" LARRY R. PY LE Motorcycles. . . smiling eyes. . . hockey-player . . . usually seen under a car. . . party-crasher . . . Lucky Strikes... ACTIVITIES: Radio Club Ig IV Football 3g Auto Mechanics 3g Advanced Auto Mechanics 4g Senior Play Production 4. "Hollywood MARY C. QUELL Skating. . . different boy every time. . . con- vertibles. . . quiet. . . Harriet. . . good times . . .wedding receptions. . . ACTIVITIES: Notre Dame: Library Club 2. Nether Providence: Typing Club 4. 30 nxiny.. Linda" LINDA M. REED Neat dresser. . . olive green. . . "Does he have a friend?". . . aversion to straight hair . . . Bermuda type. . .loads of fun. . . ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 2,3,4g Hockey JV I, 2, Var- sity 2, 45 Varsity Club 3, 4g Press Club 45 Effective Speech Club Ig Bridge Club 2g Dramatic Club 33 Senior Chorus 3,4. "Barb" BARBARA A. RICHARDSON Bob. ..South Philly. ..barracks I and 2. . . black and red Olds.. .Sproul Hall. ..D A s ACTIVITIES: Library Club 1,23 Bridge Club 2, Nurstng Club 4. Sandy" SA NDRA R. ROBERTS Athletic. . . Maine. . . bowling. . .art talent . . . har-di chuckles.. . and blushes. . . ACTIVITIES: Hockey I, IV 2, Varsity 3,45 Softball 1,25 Basketball IV I, Varsity 2, 3,4g Varsity Club 2,3,4g Band I,2,3g Art Club Ig Press Club 45 Senior Play Cast 4. 31 HARRIET A. RUSH Quiet - sometimes.. . Butch. . .Holy Cross dances. . . eating. . .typing ability?. . . AC TIVITIES: Notre Dame: Volleyball 35 Sewing Club I. Nether Providence: Future Nurse Club 41 Sewing Club 4. JAY F. SCHOFF, IR. Convertibles. . . "Heavens". . . architect. . . those senior girls. . . yoyo. . . fireman. . . ACTIVITIES: Band Ig Radio Club 1,23 Football I, IV 2, 3g Basketball Ig Student Council 2,43 Press Club I, 2, 3,45 Yearbook 4g Senior Play Production 4. SANDRA L. SCOTT Home of our p. j. parties... radiant... home- made haircuts. . . sophomores. . . "the people's choice".. .who's that splashing around in my pool?. . . ACTIVITIES: Cheerleading JV 25 Varsity 3,43 Hockey I, IV 2, Varsity 3, 45 JV Basketball 2: Riding Club lg Student Council Secretary Ig Press Club 3: Bridge Club 23 Varsity Club 3,45 Junior Girl Award 3g Senior Play Pro- duction 4, Senior Chorus 4. 32 "Bert" Q ..-Iay.. "Sandy "Carol" "Nance" ..Pat.. CAROL A. SHAW "I'm in a rare mood tonight". . .maintenant ...Ocean City summers. . .expressive I. . . 1940 Buick... ACTIVITIES: I Effective Speech Club 15 Basketball JV 25 Bridge Club 25 Dramatic Club 25 Band 3, 45 Publicity Club 3, 45 Hockey JV 4g Sen- ior Chorus 45 Senior Play Cast 45 Press Club. NANCY J. STAUFFER Lehigh rooter. . ."Are you Pat or Nancy?" . . .p.j. parties.. . L and M's. . . sweet personality. . . the sometimes sparkle. . . ACTIVITIES: Westtown: Hockey I5 Basketball I. Nether Providence: Basketball JV 2g Varsity IV 3: Hockey 35 Bridge Club 25 Varsity Club 3, 45 Band 4g Senior Play Production 4. PA TRICIA A. STAUFFER Brown-eyed red heads... gum chewer. .. party poopers not wanted.. .yawning or sleepy. . . good driver. . .taxi service. . . ACTIVITIES: Westtown: Hockey Ig Basketball I. Nether Providence: Basketball JV 25 Hockey JV 35 Bridge Club 25 Color Guard 3,45 Senior Play Production 4. 33 R. DA LE STEVENSON "Ch, thosePocono'sl ". . . future minister. . . lower Merion. . . "Whale" . . .likes basket- ball. . .friendly and reliable. . . ACTIVITIES: Basketball I, JV 2, Captain 3, Varsity 43 Baseball 1, JV 2, Varsity 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,4g Sen- ior Chorus 3g Student Council: Scott's Hi- Q 2g Class Vice-President I,2, 4. DAVID S. STEVENSON Cows. .. Europeon traveler. . . choir and fellow-ship. . .hard worker. . . polite... farmer to be... ACTIVITIES: Football 1 , JV 2,3, Varsity 4g Basketball I, JV 25 Student Council I,3g Band I,2,3g Orchestra 2g Science Research 34 Senior Chorus 3. JOAN SULLIVAN Pepsies and potato chips. . .always dream- ing.. . good worker. . . runner. . . wound ed wing. . . usually seen walking. .. ACTIVITIES: Publicity Club 2, 35 Senior Chorus 2, 4. 34 5 l ' ., rs. --fff .1 f . , -ff - .air r I is 3 , ,..Q3:f1:,..,l. 1-.rr , if fi? W TW ' 'W 'W , . "' . - .,,,-i .. 'N I s 1 I "Steve" rv -.av ' V ' 'K 3, 4 ' ' an A if . Y' . r ' In 5' ., . I , .K I 45 1 A ,, Zr 2' A U I W a 1 s it -380 .Q . 1 ' ,Qaeda 9 X. Zi 3. z' , O Es 'J' as , x . -W x - .rr 4?-B I sf-4 " . be , A C 'I I .., ,,,. fs-2-. Y ' - - ' - 5 f-'iff I n af fif fii' rss A .-ft "Dave" ujoann Tennessee" ujaneu JAMES S. SWEELY "Oh yea". . .handy with a basketball.. . soda jerk.. . "Who's got the cards?". . . loves Bob's Porsche. . . "I'll stand ya alll . . . ACTIVITIES: Basketball Ig IV Football Manager 2,35 Game Club Ig Bridge Club 2g Auto Me- chanics Club 3g Senior Chorus 3,4. JANE S. SWEELY Ernie... rides in a certain convertible. .. P. M. C. proms. . .long weekends.. . ACTIVITIES: Library Club I,2, 3g Effective Speech Club Ig Square Dancing I5 Yearbook 49 Senior Chorus 45 Future Nurses Club 4g Photo- graphy Club 4. nsuen SUSAN G. TAYLOR "Flirtations eyes". . . "Oh, I'm so embarrassed! . . . blushes. . .older boys. . . speed shifter. . . loves the thrill of living a dangerous life. . . ACTIVITIES: Band 2, 3, 45 Press Club 45 Bridge Club 2g Senior Play 45 Senior Chorus 3,4. 35 SUSAN L. THIEME Talkative SL alert. . . Dave. . . "May I mail a letter first?". . . bowling. . . neat pal.. . gonna take a sentimental journey. . . ACTIVITIES: Anacortus High School: Girls Club Secretary 2, 3: Tri Hi Y I,2, 3: F. H. A. 3g Pep Club 2, 3g Drill Team 2: Leader 35 Cheerleading 5. Nether Providence: Basketball 35 Scotts Hi Q 4: Press Club 4. MIRIAM E. THOM Cute.. . full of pep n' energy.. .Wyoda. . . sunny smile. . . Harvard man. . . "rare" times . . .dependable. . . ACTIVITIES: Hockey-IV I, 25 Hockey-Varsity 3,4g Bas- ketball I, JV 2g Class Treasurer 1,25 Band I, 29 Press Club 1,25 Student Council I,4, Treasurer 3. MARLA L. TODD No. 39. . .riding on the front of Carolyn's car.. ."wiggles". . .usually heard but not seen. . . telephone lover. . . enthusiastic yak-it-ing. . . ACTIVITIES: Girl's Craft Club rg Auto Mechanics 23 Typing Club 4: Senior Play Production 4. 36 nsuen 1. Meum .- .. N A V ' A . 1. 'ii , ' ' " ,.-V M fl "Toddy-wod "Phyl" NGIO.. Steve" PHYLLIS A. TURNER Feminine. . . coy. . .dislikes diets. . . camping in France. . . courteous. . . annual slumber parties. .. ACTIVITIES: Press Club I5 Class Secretary I,2,4: Color Guard I,2,35 Publicity Club 35 Bridge 25 Sr. Play Cast 45 Sergeant-at-arms 45 Stu- dent Council 2, 3. GLORIA A. VOGEL Habla Vd. espanol?. . . Ivan. . .roller coasters . . .drivers licensel. . . "ya know". . . Puerto Rico bound. . . ACTIVITIES: Effective Speech Club I5 Library Club I, 3g Yearbook 45 Square Dancing Club 35 Future Teachers Club 45 Sr. Chorus 45 Bridge Club 2. STEPHAN N. WEITZMAN "Wanna bet?" . . . coach. . . "Geez--was that test hard I . . die -hard. . . Yankee fan.. . friendly.. . crew-cut. . . ACTIVITIES: Baseball I,2,3Q Auto Mechanics Club 35 Photography Club 1. 37 MARGARET I. WHITE Green m.g's.. .flirtatious eyes.. . vivacioug . . . active. . . "Good Heavens". . . talkative.. . loves fun. . . ACTIVITIES: Ridley Park High School: Basketball I5 Ir. Chorus I5 Orchestra I5 Nether Providence High School: Cheerleading 25 Press Club 3,45 Student Council 3, Secretary 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Senior Play Cast 45 Varsity Club 2, 3,4. DOROTHY G. WILROY "l LIKE dump trucks". . .informal. . .our track star. . . clothes galore. . .great personality. . . crazy, gaudy slacks... ACTIVITIES: Auto Mechanics 2, Student Council Corre- sponding Secretary 4. SAMUEL M. WINN Council prexy. . . versatile. . . always on time0?J. . . sports... reliable. . .jitter- bugging at parties. . . ACTIVITIES: Student Council 2, President 1,45 Press Club 1,2,4, Editor 35 Band Ig Scott's Hi-Q 25 Football JV 3, Varsity 45 Bas- ketball I, IV 2,3, Varsity 45 Baseball I, JV 2, Varsity 45 Harvard Award 35 Senior Play Production 4. 38 nloysie.. nut.. "Sammy MICHAEL BURGIN EMERY 33 Those southern belles. . . friendly. . . sharp cream - N, convertible. . . Marsha. . . "Who's having a party? r ' ...rebel... ACTIVITIES: Greensboro Senior High School: Homeroom Vice-President 25 Secretary 33 Treasurer 4g Junior Marshall 3g Demolay I, 2,3,4. A3 fi "Mike" 66444 Sang Tune: Blue Moon We Stand To face the World all alone, To meet our goals on our own, To show our tribute to thee, We Rise To fight for justice and right, To prove with all of our might That we are loyal to thee. We Call To bid these halls fond adieu, Our memories always of you, Farewell to thee, Dear N. P. We have lived four years in this dear High School: We've spent many precious hours here. Now the class of '56 is leaving, But we leave you not without a tear by Debi McCone 2 Class Colors Class Flower Blue and White 39 Carnation I Win 4 MOST INTELLEC TUAL iiii iii 5252 Rf ixzfgpyfw MOST MISCHIEVOUS Ruth Huffman Ted Berchman MOST VERSATILE Betsy Jenkins Sam Winn 7044 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCED Carin Clauss Sam Winn BEST PERSONALITY Sandy Scott Dan Jester -. , - Q --fvmfny 4 iw 1' X 4 1 J 4f.n.f-ff-fn: .vga T , X ,,,, T 2 " 4' -- CUTEST Bob Floga us Susan Taylor MOST HUMOROUS Ruth Huffman Jack Hefton ,-" 2 BUSIEST Joyce White Sam W inn MOST ORIGINAL Sandy Roberts Tom Jaggers Q 5 ffl' 151 K I 1 f ' I i , , WLAA e' 'Enid R I, E "I ' pav- The Ciaea of 1956 Nether Providence High Schooi presents El qENNY KXSSED M A comedy in 3 acts by Sean Ken P Fri. 8: Sat., Nov. X8 - 39, X955 - 8330 9'm' eg ' hoo! Auditorium . Nether Providence H1270 Sc r SL00 Aduhs ' ' W 746 66444 of 1756 NETIIER PMWIDENQE miin Simimif 0 Mrs. Seidel PTBSGHIS 'ilenn Kissed e" A Comecy by JEAN KERR Prudured Under Spefinl Arraugemerzts with S. Bob Y, Thom eg' 4Tur11er, M, W Dramutists Play Service, Inc. v . ssxck R F1 L. Iunkin 3 CO' ' Ogaus. i - Chran, Directed by Stanley A. Boorse M- Emerson L . .C L. Junkin, ouher' 1 M. E , merSOu,iiL. Junkm, C' Shaw. B. Bryson I ' K I. White and R F1 ' Og-Bus ll DAY and SAT COMMITTEES Cochlall' S. Roberts Direfmr ..,,...,,,,,,,.,,..,,....,.,..,,,,..,.,,,.,,.,,..,.,,.....,. .,.,.. S tanley A. Boorse Junkin- Auixlmzlx In Dircf'lorsF111'ul!y Advisor ,.,,,,,,,,,, Sylvia Seidel Iunkin, C' Essick, Ruth Huffman, Susan Taylor T Graves' Slage Xllmlfzger ,,,,.,.,,.,,.,...,,.,,,,,.,...,,,.,,..,,..,.....,,....,,.,.,,,.l,,,,.,,,,, jay Schoff ' Promplerx .. ,..,,,.,...,,,,...Y.....,,....,,,.....,.,.,... Audrey Graham, Linda Reed Stage Se!-Family Advisors .,,,,, Wfilliam Wilkinson, Francis Spicl Tom jaggers, Cbairnzmzq David Lafferty, Larry Pyle, jim Sweely, jim Moat, Lewis Morrow, Ted Berckman. Ligbliug .,,,....,,,,...,,,,..,.,.,,.,,.,,,....,,.,,,,..,....,,............,.....,...,,,i,, Ted Gm. Shzge Properliex ,,,....,,...,i....,., ,,,,.................,.,., L arry Pyle, jim Swei COSfllll16Ji+Fdl'H1fjl Adrimr ,.,..,,.,.,......,......,,...,,..,..,.,, Myrtle Wandlc Alice Dresden, Cbfliflflllilf Debi McC0ne, Ann Holliday, Beverly Browning. Tirkels ....,.....,.i,,....,.,, ..,....,.,,..,.....,..........,..,.. C haile Bloom, Cbairmm Lewis Morrow, Tom jaggers, Martha Pidcock, Pat Stauffer, Barbara Richardson, Nancy Feaster. Progmr11xNFaruItAy Adrimr .,..,,,,.,...,.....,.....,.....,.,.... joseph Canamucii Carol Bean, Cb.f1irmm1,' jo Ann Meil, Caren Clauss. Publicily-Family Advisor ..,..... ..,....,.,.......,..,.....,.......... L aura junkinf Edith Boyer, Chairman: Debi McCone, Ann Holliday, Virginia Prall, Tom jaggers. Hand Properties-Faculty Advisor .,..,......,........,,........,,....,,.... Mae Law Barbara Compton, Cbzzirrrzmzp Lucille Delia, joyce Happerset, jane Sweely, Beverly Browning. Home Committee .,,.,.,..,,,,....,,....,...,..,......,.,. Pat Stauffer, Cbairmcwf Nancy Stauffer, Edith Boyer, Ann Holliday, Debi McCone, - Virginia Prall, Martha Pidcock. Make lfp ,,.. , ...,,..,,,..,...,.,..,..,,,......,,...,,....,,.,,., Sandy Scott, Betsy jenkin Ar! Cnffzlllilteegliarzllly Adzimr Tom lafwe fferty Thom. D' La ff s. Boberg' M' S on B. Jen' berts, I. 5'-'fho ' Berkman, 5- C ' . U E ei-son, 5- RO ELING: T- , H :ding- aus L. Junkin, S. CoChf:lnQvMT gnraveff- D- Crymei Kgule S. Winn. T. IBSSUS' W a STANDING. LEFT To RIGIsItTifeiiioE1O?- White' B' Brlgsori:-idiiwcsiq aJ.,HfiPPe'Sett' J' Sweeiy' i Y i Essick. D- e ' lor L. Reed' - ' P- Turner' C' R Huffman. 5- Tay ' kms, A. Graham- ' 6Za44.W6ZZ We, the members of the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-six of Nether Providence High School, bequeath our final and most precious possessions to those whom we feel deserve them most. Our President DAN JESTER turns his position as Captain of the Band over to BOB FIGLIO. LEE COULTER wills her chair in Senior Chorus and all the "second soprano struggles" to KATHY O'SHAU- GHNESSY, while CAROL VOGEL is the auspicious recipient of JA NE SWEELEY'S hge for dressing for gym. Although she hasn't used it yet RUTH HUFFMAN leaves the blond wave she was willed last year to ROCHELLE SCHWARTZ and IRENE MCMAHON offers MARTHA BENDINSKY all of her shorthand trou- bles. GLORIA VOGEL'S excuses for getting out of showers after gym go to CAROL ANN FORBES. DEANS CRYSTALE drops all of his managerial worries on the shoulders of ED FARKAS and JOYCE HAPPERSETT leaves any future sophomore the study habits she never picked up in Homeroom II6. The logical ones for receiving NANCY STAUFFER'S "1ook-a1ike" problems are the HAUBNER twins. Council prexy SAM WINN leaves four great years at N.P. to his brother RICHY, and SUE THIEME wills her turned down socks to--any other Anachortes fanl To BARBARA ELLIOT go MARIIE EMERSON'S frantic dashes for the school bus. Even though his book covers have seen their better days, CHIPPY ES- SICK wills them to his sister, DOTTY. If she can stand it, JOYCE BEULAH is to receive SALLY PFAEFFLE'S love for gym class. DAVID LAFFERTY thinks it's a good idea to will his '31 Ford to the junk yard, but he leaves all his ponies for ED DONGLEY ----- with the best of luck for a good year! Since MARILYN Mac INDOE is the most de- serving, fSAM WINN is a close secondj she is the receiver of MIRIAM THOM'S reputation for being "fashionably" latel To the future graduating classes of N. P. , ANN HOLLIDAY promises any boys she might happen to find. Since PAT STAUFFER is rather tired of, "Which twin are you?" she wills the familiar question to JEAN and JUDY WISDOM. From BARBARA RICHARDSON, ROCHELLE WARWICK becomes part-owner of Sproul Hall and LARRY PYLE wills his "system" to his brother, DAN. JOYCE WHITE leaves her well-exercised and strong vocal chords ffrom cheerleading! J to LESLEY HASSIS. RONNIE CALDWELL should be comfortable in social living next year having been willed both MARY QUELL'S and HARRIETT RUSH'S deskl To another non-scientific mind goes SHEILA BOBERG'S front row Seat in her " favorite" class -------- chemistry, and SUSAN TAYLOR leaves some of her height to SIDNEY SEVILLE. To "MABEL" ORR, CAROLYN LANCE wills everything ---- except BOBI ELSIE MARTIN bestows the ability for cracking gum upon anyone who likes frequent visits to the office. LOIS GARNETT has left her vocal chords behind, hoping GERALDINE JOHNSON will make use of them, while JAY SCHOFF and TOM JAGGERS just want to E-asf:-I 46 To keep N. P. 's athletic record high, LEWIS MORROW bequeaths his sports ability to his brother, LEONARD. WA LT HARDING wills his unique haircut to his kid brothers, and BETSY JENKINS' ability for making council signs goes to BILL KIRCHGASSER. To next year's cheerleading squad goes AUDREY GRAHAM'S cheering auspiciousness, while all of LUCILIE DELIS'S fun at N. P. goes to her little brothers, DONALD and JOE. NANCY FEASTER leaves SMITTY to ---- nobodyll Although she really can't afford it, BEV BROWNING wills some of her height to DIANE LOUGHEAD To any glut JIM SWEELEY leaves his desk in trigonometry class, while CHAILE BDOOM wills her speedy speech to ARLENE SKLAR. LARRY ,IUNKINS offers SKIP SAMPSON the right to drive the slowest car in N.P. Township. For hitting parked cars, ALICE DRESDON wills her advanced ability to SUSIE MILLER and MOLLY ORR. SUE COCHRAN leaves her Scott's Hi-Q headaches for DOT YANCE while for TODD SEPELLA, RUTH PEAVEY has left her black band shoes. DALE STEVENSON bestows his ability for becoming basketball refs' personal friend to ROLF BRUNNER. JOANN MEIL'S fancy for Kadet Kapers goes to CAROL MCLAUGI-I, and CAROL SHAW wills I7th Street beach to ----- BOYS! I Since EDITH BOYER is tired of saying "P1ease, be quiet!" she wills the expression to MARCY HASSIS. SANDY SCOTT leaves her "bathtub" in the backyard to GEORGE CLEMENT, and GINGER PRA LL says "l can't afford to leave anything?" BUNNY PIDCOCK offers her gumchewing techniques to any future member of Homeroom Il6. TED BERCKMAN'S speed shifting ability opens the roads for AL WEITZMAN, and JAY COSLETT be- queaths his red and black "bomb" to the fool who buys it. ARLENE HUNTER leaves her typing troubles to MILDRED WILLIAMSQ DOT WILROY claims "I'm taking it Qi with mel " To help prevent platitudinous classes next year, STEVE WEITZMAN leaves his class notes and "doodles" for his brother, DITTY. SANDY ROBERTS wills her gym class fun to PATTY FITZSIMONS, and PEGGY BENNETTA receives JOAN SULLIVAN'S big mouth at the lunch table. BARBARA COMPTON'S first violin chair in the orchestra goes to CAROL SWEENEY, and to anyone who can keep the foot "within the border" goes IOANNE McKEE'S torn size 5 hockey sneakers. MARLA TODD leaves her sophisticated Ol strut to anyone who can walk into it, while MR. SE- PELLA has earned Pl-IYLLIS TURNER'S nickname "CHUBBY. " To anyone who can them go DEBBI McCONE'S feet. If CAROL BEAN ends the year with extra, unused Kleenex, NANCY FERRIS is the re- cipient, and BOB ELLIS leaves his "private, personal" locker room chair for MR. HAUPT'S relaxation. Along with four years of acquired bruises, LINDA REED hands ov er her goalie pads to JUDY HANNIGAN. To leave you with a nostalgic feeling, JACK HEFTON has just slammed the school store door, and with the key sitting on the cash box inside, he says in a frustrated manner, "I I-e-a-v-e the school storel " In the same perplexed way we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-six, having offered our final bequests, Ly: N.P.! 47 'sm 1+ J , W.. 5, ' K -H Q . , - ' A K' mf . J. Q ., Q 4 X V X M Q1 W nf I .2 ' ' ng f 'fa' llfxpxx f, N'-,W ,,. .1 'lv A l A 53 . Q W L , ,L , tj r""' ,,.,-- Q 4? Q -.N,,,.,...-4-our - ,..,W,..-.ff sl w O ,Pr o Q Q i 4 Q 0 . U C. 0 icfenc e , ma ' , as 1 ' 5 5 u 01' Q Q . aggawr. JUNIOR CLASS: B. Kirchgasser, President: B. Figlio, Vice President: S. Robinson, Secretaryg and N. J. Benecke, Treasurer. 50 SOPHOMORE CLASS: I. Bertram, Presidentg B. Jones Vice President: S. Seville, Secretary: and T. Edwards, Treasurer. FRESHMAN CLASS: R. Fredenthal, Presidentg R. Graves, Vice Presidentg I. Randall, Secre- taryg and I. Huffman, Treasurer. 0 FIRST ROW: M. Bendlnsky, V. Bre- ward, J. Doran, N. Beneke, P. Fitz- Simons, I. Beulah, R. Caldwell. SECOND ROW: W. Fuhrmann, D. Elliott, G. Alston, R. Bunner, E. Farkas, L. Donnelly, M. Enochs, A. Diamond. THIRD ROW: R. Figlio, C. Clauss, R. Filar, R. Brunner, E. Baker, E. Edynak, R. Colubiale. ABSENT: C. Berger. FIRST ROW: S. Miller, L. Hassis, A. Haubner, G. Johnson, H. Hollar, M. Mitchell, N. Perrine, J. Gates. SECOND ROW: P. Millman, C, Frame, A. Jones, P. Gick, B. Ham- mer, M. Mulloy, M. Orr, N. Mil- ler, R. Martin. THIRD ROW: J. Nichols, K. Gretzinger, W. Mitchell E. Longley, W. Kirchgasser, H. Pen- nington. ABSENT: N. McElwee. FIRST ROW: J. Patterson, A. Sapo- vits, R. Schwartz, L. Zettlemoyer, S. Robinson, F. Yori, M. Williams, I. Talbot. SECOND ROW: R. White R. Weiler, I. Rode, M. Stephens, D. Yance, H. Stallings, E. Sampson R. Weitzman. THIRD ROW: R. Weinberg, S. Wakefield, T. Stipe, G. Young, R. Zerbey, R. Pilchard, R. Smith. ABSENT: N. Robinson. M026 FIRST ROW: T. Enochs, J. Baile, J. David, J. Bertram, T. Cobey, T. Condliff, R. Everett, W. Donnelly. SECOND ROW: H. Bloom, M. Bennetta, M. Cohen, S. Ether, M. Becker, C. Coskrey, A. Campbell, J. Ferrari, S. Custer, G. Coskrey. THIRD ROW: T. Allen, W. Day, T. Bennetta, I. Feeley, G. Clement, R. Allen, J. Bar- nett, C. Carlisle, C. Bloodsworth, I. Brown. FOURTH ROW: K. Baylor, D. Day P. Duff, B. Bogart, E. Fellman, J. Dennis, J. Concello, J. Baker. ABSENT: C. Pierce L. Durnell, J. Lawler, I. lock, C. Mac- Laughlin, R. Metzler. FIRST ROW: M. Maclndoe, C. Krebs, J. Maclntyre, C. Kummer, J. Lewis, C. Morgan, F. Kandybowski, N. Ferris, B. Jaszczalt. SECOND ROW: I. Melpolder, R. Hughes, J. Jackson, B. Henasey, M. Jones, B. Fithian, L. Morrow, S. Harris, R. lankford, R. Jones. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, B. Fogg, M. Kimmel, C. Mac- Askill, J. Hires, J. Hanigan, E. Tillett, M. Keeley, B. Heilig. FOURTH Row: P. Laird, M. Goldberg, I. Mitchell, R. Harris, R. Metzler, R. Marshall, R. Kell- man, D. Iunkin. FIRST ROW: P. Scott, A. Sklar, C. Wat- kins, M. Walz, D. Santorsola, R. War- wick, P. Webb, A. O'Shaughnessy, S. Se- ville. SECOND ROW: D. Phelps, A. Ral- ston, R. Rice, J. Sisson, T. Edwards. J. Whitesell, J. Snyder, D. Wrzesniewki. THIRD ROW: J. Saunders, M. Plummer, S. Roderick, C. A. Nugent, K. Ward. N. Wimmer, I. Scafidi, D. Petrikin, J. Mos- ser. FOURTH ROW: M. Steinberg, W. Stevenson, B. Scherer, C. Riggs, R. Traub B. Plummer, I. Stauffer. Wee FIRST ROW: D. Dart, S. Campbell, G. Hixson, S. Beulah, R. Bailey, D. Biedling, B. Elliott, M. Ferraro, J. Haubner, M. Bun- ner, D. Dorsey. SECOND ROW: W. Evans, R. Bullington, J. Burroughs, C. Harding, J. Huffman, B. Ardern, C. Carroll, B. Ander- son, E. Bendinsky, G. Delaney, J. Keyser. THIRD ROW: R. Bragg, R. lachman, B. Greer, C. Forbes, A. Castellan, V. Fellows S. Huff, A. Bledsoe, J. Mowbray, N. John- son, H. Birney. FOURTH ROW: H. Cooper, R. Fredenthal, T. Clyde, R. Eastwood, A. Bridge, G. Armstrong, C. Breward, F. Epp, I. Field, B. Dutton, A. Allen. FIRST ROW: I. Morton, P. Eddy, M. Haub- ner, D. Leflar, I. Hickman, S. Ferris, C. Carroll, J. Howlett, I. Moore, D. Dooley, C. Ousey. SECOND ROW: D. McDade, H. Haas, J. Pilkington, W. Mowery, J. Fletcher, H. Giles, S. Getty, J, McCul- lough, J. Linck, J. Mansino, T. Hogge. THIRD ROW: J. MacReynolds, L. Green, M. Hollar, S. Kerr, M. Nicolaides, I. Hunter, J. Montgomery, V. Honan, S. Milliken, P. Hatten, D. Israel. FOURTH ROW: R. Petrosky, R. Jones, D. Myers, J. Peavey, R. Osman, K. Figlio, P. Le- wicki, D. Graves, J. Humphreys. FIRST ROW: J. Weller, S. Ralston, P. Timmins, M. L. Sweeney, M. Mitchell, J. Shockley, V. Wakefield, S. Webb, Y. Webb, B. Warburton, J. Randall, L. Steele. SECOND ROW: L. Schwartz, B. Porterfield, N. Wyman, R. Worrell, T. Shmanda, J. Zerby, E. Smith, H. Viquers, W. Swink, T. Porter, D. Spedden, F. Turner. THIRD ROW: R. Scola, E. Spencer, C. Vogel, M. Roan, J. Wisdom, J. Rothfuss, B. Schmid, J. Wisdom, J. Tumolo, J. Walls, J. Wix. FOURTH ROW: C. Trickle, L. Woodall, B. Prall, B. White, E. Tumolo, R. Todd, W. Schupp, R. Sweeney, D. Glenn, R. Swavely. FIRST ROW: C. Kellman, M. Kilpack, D. Kish, K. Everett, J. Mathews, I. Deans, K. Johnson, G. Jenkins, T. Kline, B. Cohen, L. MacReynolds, D. Ioughead. SECOND ROW: G. Crepack, G. Lear, R. Longley, J. Dykstra, T. Lachman, J. Delia, G. Mason, D. Condliff, J. Miller, I. Carbonara, F. Donnelly. THIRD ROW: J. Clement, T. Mason H. Keates, B. Clark, M. Busha, C. Lilley, M. Borrebach, S. Echternach, M. Metzgar, C. Barcus. FOURTH ROW: B. Miller, B. Caldwell, G. Branch W. Martin, H. Logan, H. Lewis, I. Meeder, R. Cheney, B. Bocks, D. Moore, B. Bollinger. FIFTH ROW: W. Morrison, I. Beck, G. Bailey, E. Bol- linger, C. Messikomer, A. Bonnell, B. loudin, R. Copple, G. Johnson. FIRST ROW: D. Duer, K. Ikeda, M. Hassis, M. Irion, D. Harris, P. Bunner, C. Harris, P. Paul, C. Feight, S. Olson, M. l-loke. SECOND ROW: M. Horna, I. Birney, B. Irving, P. Friedel, M. Goldman, N. Robinson, I. Howard, A. Gardner, T. Girone, A. Thompson, M. Homan. THIRD ROW: L. Freeman, D. Essick, N. Ireland, R. Cocci, P. Fieldler, E. Hedgman, J. Feyas, J. Shaw, P. Pfordt, B. Jefferis. FOURTH ROW: B. Culp, F. Donnelly, I. Howe, M. Black, D. Kearns, R. Hughes, C. Gravel, M. Goldberg, R. Gaultier, I. C. Eustis, B. Nugent. FIFTH ROW: R. Ford, P. Gillespie, D. Benzel, D. Birney, M. Banks, C. Foreacre, A. Egbert, B. Hessler, F. Happersett. FIRST ROW: L. Robinson, S. Seville, B. Worrell, H. Murphy, C. Wells, H. Reibrich, K. Wiley, R. Sklar, S. Norton, P. Scott, B. Smith, J. Schmidt. SECOND ROW: R. Winn, B. Pidcock, D. Sheller, G. Phillips, J. Nichols, R. Rich, L. Rhymes, K. Ritchie, J. Taylor, E. Webber, J. Sullivan. THIRD ROW: J. Pavlock, C. Wrzesniewski, D. Rockenbeck, H. Passmore, F. Vandergracht, E. Wohlson, M. Wilson, R. Ward, J. Thomas, W. Seiverd, R. Pierce. FOURTH ROW: E. Wake- field, C. Yance, C. Sweeny, S. Skillman, T. Protassowsky, M. Peck, J. Wormald, B. Steg- maier, D. Walton, L. Patrick, M. Shippani, I. Wooley. FIFTH ROW: P. Timms, S. Steinberg, J. Willis, J. Meyers, D. Stephans, R. Thomas, R. Schoff, B. Shaw. went! Qmde FIRST ROW: M. Castellan, S. Asselstine, P. Baile, L. Feldman, B. Berman, A. Everett, E. Beck, E. Braxton, N. Evans, B. Drescher, J. Burroughs, M. Armstrong. SECOND ROW: R. Freeman, M. Bloom, R. Anthony, B. Alston, D. Christy, R. Ardern, R. Vera, T. Bagley, E. Harris, D. Delia, B. Harper. ' THIRD ROW: F. Gillespie, s. Berger, L. Beck, L. Bertram, E. Ferrari, L. Caldwell, J. Blackson, D. Harwick, K. FitzSimons, C. Dunham, O. Moat, G. Greenland. FOURTH ROW: H. Breward, C. Beulah, P. Breithling, C. Beetle, R. Bragg, D. Day, D. Blythe, G. Clark, L. Bradley, I. Eastwood, B. Eaton. FIFTH Row: s. Dickey, T. Asken, G. Baker A. Gates, D. Cordray, C. Cornelius, M. Davis, K. Berry, D. Hillman, M. Delaney, A, Bennetta. FIRST ROW: D. Henasey, D. McIlwain, T. laws, P. Meara, L. McElwee, E. Moore, C. Maclntyre, T. Mowery, W. Genay, D. Pyle, C. Bender, J. Platt. SECOND ROW: S. Hard- ing, J. Deysher, E. O'Shaughnessy, G.Schure- man, L. McWhirter, W. Harlon, B. Morton, M. Hornaday, M.L. Kubla, C. Ryder, H. Hoopes. THIRD ROW: S. Kauffman, R. Monastero, D. Restucci, E. Montgomery, D. North, K. Pontlitz, R. Sapovits, R. Pierce, A. Richardson, R. Schupp. J. Palmer. KJURTI-I ROW: S. Edwards, S. Morgan, C. Milliken, C. Reynolds, I. Nicholas, E. Marks C. Hager, S. Schroth, G. Roderick, P. O'- Bryan. FIFTH ROW: R. Robinson, C. Rose, D. Grooters, R. Hefton, W. Harlon, G. Mat- eyo, J. Richardson, A. Plotts, J. Scafidi, J. Rank, F. Sampson. FIRST ROW: x. Scott, G. vmeem, K. Me- Elwee, T. Junkin, S. Irving, A. Tracy, I. Waterbury, D. Shay, T. Laws, W. Webb, P. White, P. Yaros. SECOND ROW: L. Lam- berson, C. Woolley, H. Wisdom, P. Wilson, J. Long, C. Sweeney, S. Sparks, A. Warwick M. I.. Mangill, I. Matthias, S. Scola. THIRD ROW: B. Hickman, P. Israel, F. Kilpatrick, I. Meyers, D. Leach, D. Wix, A. Traub, E. Hogge, T. Wharton, G. Krebs, I. McCurdy. FOURTH ROW: I. Iebeis, S. Winn, I. Trump ler, S. Young, P. Thompson, P. McClellan, B. Yards, S, Ward, I. Matthews, S. Kirkpat- rick. FIFTH ROW: S. Wood, K. Welch, R. Sullivan, J. Stauffer, E. Marvel, L. Still, J. Young, W. Klingensmith, P. Weller, P. Voshell. , 452, 3 if iflnxi ,fi if . 5 f .. ,z , Vg , ,i Q , W ,ml .,,. . in Hi- 2"-"f L- ph ,K ,fs fgdwct I I I l lll l 1 llll 3 ' Q :' . l Z, l IV as fgpw S 0 if K ,, Q ,L I In-E --.1-5:4 And in thy name fulfill freedom , NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY J, white, C. Clauss, M. Daly fI955,, S. Roberts, S. Cochran, S. Winn. SCOTT'S HI-Q STANDING: G. Kline, Advisor: R. Figlio, I. Rode, E. Farkas, P. Millman. SEATED: S. Cochran, D. Yance, S. Thieme, C. Clauss. QUILL AND SCROLL S. Thieme, C. Clauss, S. Cochran E. Boyer, S. Boberg. i Q.-at A -4. like ,S in I ag if 51" 3 aff' E: 'si 4 ,4 as ws F 'P I I STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS: FIRST ROW: B. Jenkins, Treasurerg Mr. Kline, Advisorg R. Schwartz, Vice-President: D. Wil- roy, Corresponding Secretary. SECOND ROW: S. Winn, President: J. White, Secretary. 77eeaa Wed FIRST ROW: L. Coulter, D. McCone, S. Cochran, B. Jenkins, S. Roberts, B. Prall, S. Roderick, B. Schmid. SECOND ROW: J. Baile, P. Millman, C. Berger, S, Roberson, R. Turner, S. Boberg, B. Fogg, S. Winn, C. Clauss, THIRD ROW: I. Schoff, J. Weller, J. Mathrews, R. Warwick, M. Emerson, B. Greer, S. Ether, J, White, B. Warburton, K. Wiley, E. Graves. iss. K 1 I Zuma!! FIRST ROW: s. Robinson, M. Thom, A. Holiday, I. Hefton, J. Rode, B. Bogart, C. Bloom. SECOND ROW: G. Coskery, J. Schoff, B. Stevenson, P. Laird, G. Clement, D. Crystle, B. Kirchgasser, J. Bertram, L. Junkin. THIRD ROW: L. Hassis, C. Lance, B. Fogg, J. Scafidi, N. Beneke, G. Prall, J. Moser, E.Graves. PRESS CLUB OFFICERS: C. Clauss, Editorg Mr. Stratoti, Advisorg S. Thieme, Asst. Editor. :t ,f ,,-. . - ,U , Il sp. J C eniaz FIRST ROW: J. White, J. Sullivan, N. Miller, S. Ether, B. Ellis, D. Elliott, J. Whitesel1,D. Phelps, B. Browning, L. Coulter, I. Doran, L. Hassis, S. Seville. SECOND ROW: N. Perrine, M. Cohen, C. Berger, S. Scott, A. Holliday, S. Roderick, H. Pennington, D. Crystle, B. Fithiau, J. Lock, R. Figlio, J. Coslete, D. Jester, R. Huffman, A. Dresden, A. Graham, G. Vogel, G. Prall, S. Boberg, C. Bean, M. Maclndoe, E. Tillett. THIRD ROW: J. Rode, P. FitzSimons, L. Garnett, A. Hunter, S. Cochran, E. Boyer, K. Ward, M. Thom, G. Edynak, J. Sweely, T. Graves, B. Metzler, D. Stevenson, T. Stipe, D. Stevenson, P. Gick, S. Taylor, L. Reed, C. Shaw, J. Sweely, J. Meil, N. Wimmer, I. McMahon, S. Thieme, N. Robison. FOURTH ROW: A. Campbell, 1. Dennis, J. Lewis, C. Morgan, C. Mac Askill, D. Yance, M. Keeley, J. Patterson, P. Duff, R. Warwick, K. O'Shanghnessy, A. Sapovits, C. Krebs 4n 'fr Vx 4. - :- FIRST ROW: C. Kellman, B. Oxenford, C. Ryder, B. Drescher, D. Loughead, E. Beck, N. Evans, L. Beck, R. Sklar, B. Morton, I. O'Shaughnessy, D. Heckman, S. Campbell, J. Deysher, M. Kilpack, L. Feldman, H. Wisdorn,,D. Duer. SECOND ROW: M. Hassis, L. Mc Reynolds, D. Dorsey, S. Ralston, D. Dooley, S. Norton, C. Dunham, S. Edwards, J. Randall, D. Leflar, S. Kirkpatrick, L. Bertram, S. Seville, I. Edwards, A. Warwick, M. Bunner, L. Stelle. THIRD ROW: D. Harris, P. Timmins, M. Sweeney, I. Morton, G. Roderick, D. Harvvick, J. Howlett, E. Ferrari, V. Compton, C. Forbes, S. Winn, B. Yards, J. Moore, B. Elliott, H. Reibrich, P. Bunner, M. Irion, C. Harris. RDURTH ROW: M. Shippani, B. Clark, D. Essick, M. Davis, J. Nicholas, E. Wakefield, I. Wooley, T. Mason, W. Harlon, J. Blackson, S. Ferris, C. Sweeney, L. Green, M. Roan, S. Ward, S. Young, C. Reynolds. FIFTH ROW: J. Wis-. dom, S. Millman, T. Petassowsky, B. Stegmaier, V. Honan, C. Lilley, S. Huff, M. Nicolaides, M. Peck, C. Barcus, S. Kerry, J. Montgomery, P. McClellan, K. Berry, J. Wisdom. Zane! ' FIRST ROW: A. Campbell, N.J. Beneke, N. Robison, N. Perrine, C. Shaw, D. Petrikin. SECOND ROW: B. Pidcock, N. Robinson, J. Eastwood, J. Waterbury, C. Wooley, S. Harding, H. Hoopes, J. Mathias, M. Castellan, B. Cohen, A. Richardson, R. Winn. THIRD ROW: J. L. Doran, C. Yance, G. Mateyo, D. Hughes, J. Whitesell, F. Turner, A. Plotts, P. Scott, S. Schroth, B. Culp, B. Jefferies, D. Kish, S. Echternach, J. Richardson, N. Miller, S. Skillman, R. Ward, T. Porter. FOURTH ROW: R. Peavey, G. Bailey, D. Stevenson, R. Flogaus, T. Stipe, L. Reed, S. Taylor, N. Stauffer, P. Turner, J. Patterson, P. Stauffer, R. Huffman, J. Peavey, G. Edynak, D. Jester, K. Figlio, J, Sisson, D, Israel, Mr. Sepella. Ofzcdeelm FIRST ROW: B. Compton, C. Sweeny, C. Marks, J. Trumpler, R. Sweeny, K. Figlio, R. Peavey, C. Sweeny, J. Matthias. SECOND ROW: D. Yance, S. Seville, L. Feldman, A. Castellan, D. Dart, P. Thompson, C. Ward, D. Harwick, C. Reynolds, G. Edynak, J. Eastwood, C. Wooley, V. Compton. THIRD ROW: B. Stegmaier, M. Shippani, R. Cocci, D. Jester, Mr. Sepella, I. Lock, B. Pidcock, D. Petrikin, J. Richardson, T. Porter, D. Spedden, D. Copple, A. Plotts, N. Miller. ABSENT: A. Gardner I. Doran, J. Whitesell. 61 SQUARE DANCE CLUB FIRST ROW: H. HOOPCS. S. Asselstine, S. Dawson, E. Ferrari, J. Deysher, I, Burroughs, S. Harding. SECOND ROW: I. Clement, I. Zeller, J. Howlett, W. Klingen- smith, M. Davis, L. Patrick, S. Schroth, C. Carroll. THIRD ROW: A. Yeager, Advisor: N. Johnson, D. J. Heckman, P. Wilson, M. Bunner, E. Braxton, P. Eddy, H. Murphy, B. Jones, L. Green, M. Castellan, S. Ward, K. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: C. Hager, C. Forbes, C. Vogel, M. Nicolaides, S. Huff, A, Bonneu. V, Honah, JR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Getty, T. Lachman, Mr. Dorsaneo, Advisor: H. Lewis, W. Harlon. SECOND ROW: D. Delia, R. Anthony, G. Vincent, G. Lear. THIRD ROW: D. Wix, W. Porterfield, R. Osman, C. Rose, D. Rockenbeck. 62 PRACTICAL SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: J. Feeley, I-l. Logan, B. Bullington. SECOND ROW: D. Christy, B. Everett, Mr. Spickler, Advisor: J. Carbonara. TRAVEL CLUB FIRST ROW: C. Breward, S. Skillman, J. Wormald, C. Yance. SECOND ROW: R. Felker, Advisor: W. Webb, C. Wells B. Smith, J. Steinberg, J. Rank, R. Sapovits JUNIOR HIGH SPORTS CLUB FIRST ROW: R. Freeman, T. Laws, P. Meara, T. Laws, L. Bradley, G. Clark, S. Rhymes, D. Blythe, D. Shay, D. Pyle. SECOND ROW: J. Sheller, W. Martin, B. Cheney, M. Black, F. Sampson, F. Shaw, P. Timms, J. Howe, B. Nugent. THIRD ROW: Mr. Echternach fadvisorjg R. Huges, D. Mac Date, I. Field, W. Morrison, D. Hillman, C. Marshall, J. Humphreys, R. Rich. DRAMATICS CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Quell, E. Tillet, I. Gates, C. Berger, J. Ferris, H. Stallings. SECOND ROW: C. Watkins, D. Wilroy, Mr. Boorse Kadvisorjg M. Maclndoe, S. Custer. SENIOR HIGH ATHLETICS CLUB FIRST ROW: L. Donnelly, I. David, I. Jackson, D. Wrzesniewski, T. Edwards, L. Morrow.C. Pierce, B. Fuhrmann. SECOND ROW: R. Henasey, I. Coslett, W. Goldberg, M. Steinberg, B. Fithian, I. Moat, H. Bloom R. Rice. THIRD ROW: B. Jones, D. Crystle, D. Junkin, T. Plummer, I. Mitchell, B. Traub, J. Barnett, P. laird RJURTH ROW: Mr. Chesney, Qadvisorjg E. Baker, S. Wakefield, L. Durnell. SEWING CLUB FIRST ROW: B. Hammer, P. Millman, R. Schwartz, S. Robinson. SECOND ROW: Miss Rostron fadvisorjg J. Mac Intyre, J. Beulah, D. Santorsola. CHESS CLUB FIRST ROW: R. ward, J. Schmidt, E. Farkas, Treasurer: D. Elliott, President: G. Alston, Secretary: F. Vander Gracht, I. Palmer. SECOND ROW: M. Bloom, S. Dickey, S. Hix- son, P. Israel, T. Whaton, M. Torchiana, S. Kauffman, B. Eaton, C. Maclntyre. THIRD ROW: F. Hartzell, Sponsor: B. Heilig, I. Sweely, I. Stauffer, G. Mateyo, I. Sisson, D. Myers, I. Wix. T: , ga. , 11 , 'L A A Mi.. 5 A I RADIO CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Homan, J. Stauffer, X. Scott Vice-President: R. Eastwood, President: T. Mowery, Secretary: L. Still, P. Yarros. SECOND ROW: J. Waterbury, C. Beetle, D. Restucci, E. Montgomery, S. Wood, H. Breward, D. beach, A. Richardson. THIRD ROW: R. Everett, H. Pennington, R. Colub- iale, Mr. Spickler, Advisor: I. Feeley, B. loudin, R. Acton. PHO TOGRA P HY CLUB FIRST ROW: S. Beulah, C. Beular, G. Krebs, R. Tumolo, R. Monastero, P. Breitlins. SECOND ROW: J. McCurdy, M. Law, Advisor S. Steinberg, H. Viguers, R. Swavely, 1. Fletcher, E. Bendinsky. IH FUN FU TU RE NURSE CLUB FIRST ROW: M. Quell, I. McManon, A. Hunter, Secretary: N. Robinson, Presidenrg N. Feasrer, Vice President, J, Happersett, P. FitzSimons. SECOND ROW: L. Delia, P. Scott, M. Bend- insky, M. Williams, A. Haubner, G. Prall, B. Richardson, J. Saunders, M. Walz, P. Webb, M. Bennetra. THIRD ROW: R. Kennedy, Advisor, I. Lewis I. Sweely, P. Stauffer, P. Gick, C. MacAski1l, N. Wimmer, J. Dennis, N. J. Beneke. in -like ...wil CHEF C LUB FIRST ROW: C. Coskery fDough Girlj, M. Becker fStewardJ, M. Plummer QChefJ, B. Bogart fHead Chefl. SECOND ROW: S. Ether, K. O'Shaughnessy, M. Wandless 1AdvisorJ, S. Seville, B. Iaszczalt. THIRD ROW: D. Day, M. Mulloy, J. Rode, K. Ward, J. Hires, C. Lance. e,W. RIDING CLUB FIRST ROW: L. Caldwell, L. Jester, P, Paul, M. Hogg, A. Egbert, P. Feedler, C. Milliken, J. Matthews. SECOND ROW: G. Phillips, J. Pilkington, M. Armstrong G. Schureman A. Everett, K. Everett, K. Ikeda, M. Kubla, L. lamberson, S. Kubla, G. Mason. THIRD ROW: G. Johnson, R. Pierce, R. Petrosky, I. Will, Advisor, R. Scola, T. Shmanda, J. MacReyno1ds, A. Gates. AUTO MECHANICS FIRST ROW: C. Clauss, J. Feeley, R. Colubiale, A. Diament, M. Jones, B. Haworth, H. Pennington. SECOND ROW: R. Rice, I. Melpolder, B. Fuhr- mann, M. Enochs, D. Jones, J. Nichols, S. Harris, S. Sampson, B. Weinberg, K. Gretinger, R. Kellman. THIRD ROW: E. R. Megonegal, Advisor: E. Longley, S. Wakefield, K. Baylor, W. Mitcltell, R. Brunner, R. Harris, W. Schupp, N. McElwee. 'Vanity FIRST ROW: D. Phelps, I. White, D. Weitzman J. McKee, A. Graham, Advisorg D. Crystle, L. Hassis, S. Winn. SECOND ROW: T. Walters, S. Roberts, B. Bunner, A. Dresden, S. Sampson, S. Scoot, C. Ralston, S. Miller, I. Bertram, N. Ward, Advisor, THIRD ROW: M. Mulloy, R. Wein- berg, E. Boyer, B. Kirchgasser, E. Fellman, X. Laird, J. Hanigan, B. Scherer, L. Reed, N. Stauffer KJURTH ROW: H. Pennington, N. McElwee, R. Pilchard, R. Zerbey, X. Clement, D. Stevenson, D. Lafferty, B. white. Zia! FIRST ROW: M. Keeley, J. Patterson, C. Berger, S. Miller, A. I-Iaubner, B. Bryson, C. Kummer. SECOND ROW: I. Gates, A. Sapovits, J. Ferrari, M. Cohen, A. Campbell, M. Maclndoe. THIRD ROW: E. Boyer, P. FitzSimons, N. Robison, C. Shaw, P. Tumer, M. Mulloy, D. McCone. fUNf01?.pbLKf L :Mu ' V L k'z. - u r sting of , P 8 P amber, 1955 P ri ,t0i11Z30hP,M. g J 'L P Harry Beneke and His L OFFICERS 52.00 pe, coupled P S L. L P r V STANDING: Deans Crystle, Treasurer: Joyce White, V L Emi N6L.L,C-diisalger I n . . L L LA . L is President: Lesley Hassis, Secretaryg Jay Schoff, Vice r - m LL ' L , m President. SEATED: John Bertram, Vice President. V L - I W lla Xxlgnlal' f'--,ws I ,wif ' 'P 7 M K , , ,,f ,gffff-ml ,, W - ,,,.. , W' "Fifi xv 4' 0 ,Q FI? K Qfff,b,- ., 3, -an if gaze, y x K z . ,, ,, mL,L , , ' -1', ' . gii i , , EE J 1 - ,F 1: an ,H af" T31 I ' l M AJ if SQUAD Q 'f-' RIGHT: Bunner, Weitzman, T Donnelly, Brown, Clement, A O J, l W. s ' . pe Assistant Coach Head Coach Assistant Coach P Mr. Miller Mr. Narcum Mr. Walters li . s s . x TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO 4 W 'li x has Scherer, Zerby, Fithian, " Weinberg, Winn, Klug, Sam- son, White, Ralston, Plum- - mer, Lafferty. E: 1, C C ,,...., V , . inf tttt . QW Will he make it? was T iit W X ,, Who's tackling whom? as tx, 5' '43 'L 591, lf. ,ix ,V 'kr af T 'jugs QRS , . Ji Vkk, i I6 A' O fi if exif A, LLkh, . 'W p . wr ra WV ga ? ,gh S C O R ES -,, -'A' Yeadon. . . . 12 , U 4' Q, Swarthmore . . 28 A , ,'., Springfield . . 14 ' , T , .T A 1 Interboro . . . Z5 Ridley Park . . 42 ,Mar , . Y , f Media . . . . 37 Chichester . . . 2.0 Marple Newton . . 34 VV , , J mb"' 5 1 Eddystone . . 33 ar To T T eee T T T If l :C f w 'R Q N I , 'STV ' R - H .V I' gm V' T e h 53 Ar ,e,zAe ,r T l N SQUAD T T W TOP TO BOTTOM, LEFT TO i RIGHT: Stevenson, Lock, Ben- nerra, Wakefield, Goldberg, Bragg, Bertram, Metzler, Phelps, Marshall, Jones, Kirchgasser, Elliot, McElwee, Laird, Smith. if l ,g X T "'::: - f fl gffzsf s zfljf -'V" ,V,f ' ,,V" -V K' A sr 'jjjj ' WAVV V, T V 'ff--ai ,lab ' M 0- , KV ,F T It takes more than one to bring Marshall down. SCOII. Left H-21fbaCk Thom. 1-eff Wing Roberts, Left Inner Fellman, Center iww W4 Graham, left Fullback J.V. SQUAD FIRST ROW: Seville, Cohen, Maclndoe, Coskery, Becker, Kummer, Ether, Morgan. SECOND ROW: Patterson, Concello, Huffman, Schwartz, Hassis, Dresden, Miller, Plummer, Roderick. THIRD ROW: Scafidi, Fitzsimmons, Reed, Bogart, Ward, McCone, Holliday, Shaw. JAYVEE SCORES N. P. . O Marple Newtown . . 0 N. P. 0 Springfield . . . 1 N. P. . 6 Eddystone . . . . 0 N. P. 3 Chester. . . . O N. P. l Media .... . Z N. P. 1 Clifton Heights . . Z N. P. 1 Chichester . . . 2 N. P. 4 Sharon Hill . . O Hannigan, Goalie 72 Fogg , Center Halfback Jenkins, Right Inner Miller, Right Inner McKee, Right Halfback C0'CaPt3in Co-Captain Mrs. Ward, Varsity Coach Miss Brenner, Jayvee Coach This year the girls enjoyed one of the finest seasons ever seen at N. P. in a number of years. Perhaps the most exciting victor was the 1-O win over Media with Betsy Jenkins scoring the winning goal. This was the first time in the history of the school that we de- feated Media and thereby gained possession of the Rotary Cup for a year. Although there are six members of this year'svarsity who will be graduated the prospects for next year are bright. N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . N. P. . Munoy, Right Fullback VARSITY SCORES 1 Marple Newtown . . 1 1 Springfield .... 3 6 Eddystone ..... 0 7 Chester . . . . 0 1 Media ...... 0 Z Clifton Heights . . . 0 Coulter- Manage' 1 Chichester . . . 0 3 Sharon Hill . . . 2 Penny Laird Bob White Bob Traub Deans Crystle Manager Dale Stevenson Jim Jackson Mr. Dorsaneo 1. V. Coach N. P. Opponent 31 . . Ridley Park . . . 42 45 . . Media .... . . 6o 39 . . Marple Newtown . . . 55 37 . . Ridley Park . . . 55 43 . . Lansdowne-Aldan . . . . 73 53 . . Upper Merion . . . . 44 33 . . Radnor . . . . . 54 57 . . Swarthmore . . . . 66 42 . . Yeadon . . . 72 53 . . . Media . . . . . 77 43 . . Marple Newton. . . . 40 48 . . Lansdowne-Aldan . . . . 51 51 . . Upper Merion . . . . 54 33 . . Radnor . . . . 50 38 . . Swarthmore . . . . 71 49 . . Springfield . . . . 68 4.8 . . Yeadon . . . 65 47 . . Springfield . . . 62 9- W. 7mm FIRST ROW: T. Condllff, W. Stevenson, R. Henasey. J. Baker, D. Junkin, R. Rice, E. Edynak. SECOND ROW: R. Kellman, R. Allan, Mr. Dorsaneo, R. Fithian, A. Ralston. THIRD ROW: I. Baile, R. Wenberg, E. Farkas, Manager. W 'r ,Q...' in FQ' f "',3fw1r- Qui -A wc -N3fgi22Qp , Mr. Chesney Varsity Coach Vteqaad... f . " QW Q s x 5' ' as W Y. Y! 5 E, ,Si V r 5 ,, af 'Qi' 4 A r is h rs Bob Marshall Butch Edwards ig t 5 N 'Xxk Sam Wakefreld I I I 4146466 '- ?n7wa', Jerry Barnett 11 -QQ, ' l' - 'i a e as I Bill Kirchgasser Tom Stipe FIRST ROW: M. Mulloy, I. Rode, S. Miller, B. Fogg, N. Stauffer, S. Roberts, S. Thieme, A. Graham, P. Stauffer, R. Swartz SECOND ROW: M. Roan, S. Ether, B. Greer, A. Castellan, D. Glenn, B. Schmid, D. Dart, G. Hixon, B. Warburton. THIRD ROW: J. Hanigan, A. Dresden, N. J. Beneke, E. Fellman, P. FitzSimons, C. Nugent, N. Robinson, N. Perrine, E. Boyer. SCORES WE THEY 22 . Marple Newtown . . 22 20 . Springfield . . . 36 27 . Swarthmore . . 62 35 . Eddystone . 35 30 . Media . . 35 37 . Ridley Park . . 44 56 . Clifton Heights . 58 28 . Chichester . . 32 S., Roberts, N. Stauffer 76 A. Brenner, A Yeager, N. Ward FIRST ROW: J. Harper, J. Coslett, R. Pilchard, R. Mc Clellan, A. Diament, J. Jackson, B. Bunner. SECOND ROW: Mr. Houck, D. Elliott, B. McCutchan, R. Unruh, B. White, D. Stelle, D. Stevenson, Mr. Miller. THIRD ROW: H. Pennington, M. Enochs, G. Ealer, D. Colling, T. Graves, D. Gomen, D. Ives, R. Wietzman, C. Ral- ston, B. Forman. Mt. Miller shows them how it's done. 77 M55 Nether Providence Opponents 4 Kennet Square 3 Prospect Park 4 10 Ridley Twp. 12 Z1 Media 13 Z Marple Newtown 1 Sharon Hill 12 5 St. James 3 Chichester 14 4 Springfield 3 Clifton Heights 8 Marple Newtown ll O Sharon Hill l 0 2 Springfield 9 Clifton Heights 1 0 l Chichester 13 -M . ,T A ,,, W W K 1 f -.. N. f 4 1-An.: mx, if "E I VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. to R: Audrey Graham, fCaptainlg Sue Cochran, Betsy Jenkins, Joyce White, Leslie Hassis, Sandy Scott, Rochelle Schwartz. J. V. CHEERLEADERS L. to R: Arlene Sklar, Connie Morgan, Judy Patterson, Sue Miller, Marilyn Mac lndoe, Sidney Seville. M -,M Akv. WW ...-xii. I , ,l " I A '13 ' ,D 8' ' ' . f ' ' ra K' Q .,. W ,: , 4: :Qu .vw J.. 1- 153- R., f ,L fi., ,- NM 1 ' W- 'rw wr . ar-I 99' s - ' X ' f ai' ' E ,,.' rf' ' i Win--,..?,? Ins-.. U sf 6? Q Q3 .iff uv E1 'ijvfii , ww A 'Q' ' LW, Q. 2, J . pg ik Q -145, , pf , X, X,f , W , , ,,, , ,ff,:f.Msg.mgfg4:.zzyfgggf,zz'2 ,, ..,,,. x 4 he fi ' f . 1- .- W ,i rf, 'Q ,z h X j ,Q Q Vmgqfl 5 4 AL I H ng, -adn . ,M 1.12 .Lf S 1 V 'Y xl at , K eh W .1 If ' t fy 1 - 42 4 McCAFFERTY'SINC Baltimore Pike and Providence Road Media, Pa. ESSO PRODUCTS TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Compliments of MEDIA COAL AND ICE COMPANY Atlantic Fuel Oil Oil Burner Sales And Service SWARTHMORE TOGGERY SHOP, INC Men 8. Women's Wearing Apparel 8 Park Avenue SW 6-0240 For The Finest In Food MEDIA TERMINAL MARKET I8 W. State St.--Media, Pa. I02 E. ODD 8g END SHOP State St. Media, Pa MEDIA ROOFING COMPANY Roofing and Siding II8 S. Olive St. Media, Pa. Phone--ME 6-6378 BOOKWAYS Swarthmore, Pa. Gifts Of All Kinds J. RAY PATTERSON 2nd. and Clayton Sts. Chester, Penna. Ch-3-I6I6 3-I6I7 Best Wishes From A FRIEND DAIRY PRODUCTS Qlgalfasf SUPPLEE l2th and Welsh Streets 5501 Tqbgr Avenue Chester, Pa. Philadelphia 20, Pa Chester 4-5241 Jefferson 3-9420 CAMERA MASTERS AGAIN . . . Official Photographers tor the Non Poreil FOR BETTER The experience ot TWO GENERA- YEARBOOKS TIONS ot PHOTOGRAPHERS is ot- tered to Editor and Class Advisor . . . with a service which includes, not only malcing Portraits, Groups and Candid FOR BETTER Photographs, but also suggesting ideas PHOTOGRAPHS tor adding interest to the Yearboolc. CAMERA MASTERS i330 E. Washington Lane Philadelphia 38, Pa. Formerly Hollander 8: Feldman THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DELAWARE COUNTY d S h MEDFORDSINCORPORATED Qualify d c I l sed LAMB Ch P ERNESTA.ISBERGCO MITCHELL 8. NESS O SPORTING GOODS WALSH MOTORCOMPANY Media,Pc. I3 hS PhI 7 P MEd 60242 O O O B Wh MICHAEL'S COLLEGE From CHESTER AUTOMOTIVE CENTERINC. h s +1 I26W.2ndSt. S 6085 W dl Ch P Th Home of St d b k CHes1'er 2-6147 BREWSTER 8. SH IELDS FLORISTS Flowers of Quality State at Radnor Sts. MEdia 6-0218 Media, Pa. . For Fashions . CUM LAUDE . Always Shop At WE1NBERG'S For Better Things If lt's Rexall, lt's Right JEFFERIS DRUGS C H ester 3-8204 Drugs Vitamins 5HEPP'S Prescriptions Sick Room Supplies MEN'S SHOP Toilet Articles 4 W, Sfcfe Sf,-eef 716 Edgmont Ave. Chester, Pa Media, Pa. Phone Media 6-0160 B. GROSS THE OTTEY PRINT SHOP Particular Printing Albin P. Ottey ME. 6-0114 167 S. Monroe St. Media, Pa. Media's Leading Clothing Center Corner State and Jackson Streets Media, Pa. Phone MEdia 6-1647 Home of Botany "500" Complete Dry Cleaning And Tailoring Departments WILTSHIRE BROTHERS Jewelers 8. Silversmiths 100 E. State Street, Media, Pa. Phone MEdio 6-2239 FRANK ROSS Shoe Repairs-Cot's Paw 10 E. State St. Media, Pa. ME 6-1 297 MORROW'S CRAC KER BARREL How about a Hoagie? Cracker Barrel Swarthmore, Pa. Me. 6-1016 COO LEY LI LLEY Gifts : Greeting Cards : Toys Cooking Ware : Kitchen Gadgets Syracuse China Fostoria Glass 423 Beach Ave. 703 Edgmont Ave. Cape May, N...l. Chester, Pa. PAR KWAY MARKET 108 Chestnut Parkway Garden City, Pa. Phone CHester 4-1553 Quality Meats-Groceries--Free Delivery ELWOOD SWEET JEWELER. . . . . 615 Welsh St., Chester, Pa. Phone 3-8084 SWarthmore 6-1727 M. WEINSTEIN 8. SON Cleaners and Tailors Flowers MEDIA FLORIST 25 E. State St., Media, Pa. MEdia 6-1635 Since 1868 W. S, MCDOWELL CO. Lumber-Mi llwork-Fuel Bldg. Materials 1917 W. 2nd. St. CHester 3-8231 100 Park Ave. Swarthmore, Pa. STANLEY FURNITURE COMPANY 400 Market St. Chester, Pa. Cash Charge Credit CARL A. DOUBET JEWELER 715 Edgmont Wilmington Mart Chester, Pa. Edge Moor, Del. JOSEPH'S HAIRDRESSING Specialists in Hair Shaping, Styling and Permanent Waving 223 Plum Street Media, Pa. Reliable Prescriptions SCHOOL PHARMACY State and Monroe ME 6-9870 Compliments WALLING FORD MARKET WALLI NG FORD PHARMACY Wallingford, Pa. Compliments of A FRIEND Phone 3-6812 Fine Diamonds MORRIS ROUBERT'S Jewelers 620 Edgmont Ave. Chester, Pa. HOLLYHOCK GIFT SHOP 4 Park Avenue Swarthmore, Pa. The Recognized Source for the Finest in Home Furnishings GEORG BLOOM Delaware County's Finest Furniture Store State at Olive Street, Media, Pa. Zvunsooxs ' ' 'W 'P' . " ' ,"?"I?' ' , . " W" '. , TZ . , t f Y '7 ff nz . . my ? ff ' . 14.1 i '::'fvi2'see:e f9h: if-if E ' Jax: - 'ai-1- , ,.,q,.-51 ,Q-'1.,:. 4 cHfx Q -Al 7 x, 1, 1 Q J K 9 xg, H, 'K 1 , ,. 3' -m 3 I 4 .ii nf In-li-. uhh" L ,AA A WL ul, 55 L 32:54 ig --.6 'Q-3 -,"ft.t.'s', r gf--T. ,. ,F 'S x - 4 ix ,. ,Q.,L..f ' 4 V 'L . L f -, .- 1. X, Q Qs .i ,V f 'gf.Zfs1 , - " f t L 'N "Q, " 'li KW-'..-'Q - . V I '1 , ,. M --,aux U , f u- 3 fi. -.33 .-., - -:fi-, - ws. , , ' cf- , . 'T'-f'h-A: fs' ' fL A A 41+ , ,.,:,Q,f . -,Ifj - -,Z-i. ,-1:-1 ,. Y Y Y 12 - . . - ' , .- ,, ,, . ' 1' ' ' ,fr Af ff, . :izizliif 1 .V iff , -if 'f"f?- 319' H-- .N-vnwzlv' ,lgrfss -1 , ,, 'G 3 VnW-.2 vg.?f"?f -'JFZF 1- W- H.-,,

Suggestions in the Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) collection:

Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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