Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA)

 - Class of 1948

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Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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E E 5-5 E E 1: E E S E fi be 2 if E E il .1 S E VN 'H..1l. X 'Q '?1'!sn ' ' QA-,M-. 1 . 'I H 5-lm? 1-,..',n,..,v 1 -.--af , -f.-.m,- ,mm ?,jK:p.,,y,. . 114751747 ls! ' ' . .Wm -L -' ' f . . Q v' ' 'H-w .1 " K xxxfl. 455 L. .- ,Tta J J is , L E 1 5 E5 if az 53 A F2 5 lilwgfilz-LBA.. J 4 ' 7" ' Si-el 4' 3Ldif.i'3?8Jisii3!1ASkZiKQiBEH !J.3? 13385-MNYi'.33ilvf'vtt!'x5'N!Ea AN ILQHULH 'ifdillhlhi 41.11 -- N N P HEIL Published by the Class ol 1948 Nether Providence High School Wallingford, Pennsylvania 3 Patricia G. Selig ibeckcafion R We, the class of 1948, dedicate this yearbook to our friend and advisor Miss Patricia G. Selig. We take this opportunity to express our sincere ap- preciation to Miss Selig who has been the key tactor in bringing this book to press. 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION FACULTY SENIORS CLASS OFFICERS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR BALL NICK NAMES POPULARITY CONTEST CLASSES SPORTS ACTIVITIES SENIOR PLAY CLASS WILL ALMA MATER ADVERTISEMENTS 5 J K ,rf 5 . . ' 'f XE' k Q i 1 3 .- - 1 F J ' I' JU Rx , ul Q" ' 5, , g- 4vN 'Q Y '..,, xy s 'ak ,Lv ahggff fi f' EW wi m. 2 'Koi BABY PICTURES Top to bottom: Row 1 R. Sickler Row 2 Row 3 H. Brzoski F. cmd M. Berckmcm P. Pcrrmellee N. Icxrden E. Bum I. Currie B, Buxbcxum A. Blochberger 7 QZ X Q f V,U79k'?'4ff0', Ei Jgyjff Xb 2 1--, j E A Nix! .gi 2' 'EP M, if , gg ffwylv af ng 1, f?5'19 Q MM ? Qyqigg 63 Kf?f 3wff O1 Z 5 fax I 5: QQCw3jM'E56f if 72, Q 3 49, j 32 ii :YQ X iqwffj Q 55 A 2 E Q 1f:gj?2 E Q2 Qiwmqgm jf My! gfffgfdw Q QW! SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Howard A. Wentz, BS., Lebanon College, MA. in Education, Temple University. Park A. Hess, Normal Diploma, State Teachers College, Millersville, BS., Pennsylvania State College, MA., Columbia University IO HIGI-I SCHOOL PRINCIPAL GUIDANCE OFFICER Alatlieia A. Reese, BS., in Education, State Teachers College, Mansfield, Guidance COl.lI'1SGlOI'i?3 Certificate, Temple University. OFFICE STAFF Nancy V. Logan- -School Board Secretary, Waltsie D, Bishop, Alice M. Wenger ll BETTY N. COTTON LIBRARIAN B,A., New Iersey College for Women, New York Uni- versity. l. MERVIN GOTTSHALL MUSIC BS. in Music, State Teach- ers College, West Chester, MS. in Education, Univer- sity ol Pennsylvania. RICHARD H. BLEWETT STANLEY A. BOORSE ART , . ENGLISH BS. in Art Education, State BS. in Public School Music, Teachers College, Kutztown, State Teachers College, West Chester, Cornell Uni- versity. Pennsylvania State College. IOHN F. ECHTERNACH ENGLISH BS., State Teachers Col- lege, Millersvilleg MS. in Education, Temple Univer- sity. CATHERINE L. GRAY SOCIAL STUDIES B.A., State Teachers Col- lege, West Chester, Univer- sity ot Pennsylvania, KATHERINE LEE HARMER CHESTER V. HAUPT PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS BS., Ursinus College, BS., Michigan Normal Col- lege, University of Cali- tornia. I 1 2 ' "W FRED L. I-IOUCK CARL E. KANE SCIENCE SOCIAL STUDIES BS., State Teachers Col- B.S., University of St. Louis, lege, Bloomsburgg Univer- University of Pennsylvania. sity of Pennsylvania. GILBERT L. KLINE EDITH LINCOLN LEONARD socizii sruniss ENGLISH B.S, in Education, State M-A-1 Unlvefsltlf OI Teachers College, Blooms- Mlchlgfm- burgg M.S, in Education, University of Pennsylvania. FRANK A. MADER I E. RUSSELL MEGONEGAL MATHEMATICS SCIENCE B,A., Dickinson College, A,B., Franklin and Marshall University of Pennsylvania. College. LAURA A. REED ALICE ROWLAND FRENCH, LATIN ENGLISH, SPANISH B.A., M.A., University of A,B. in French Bucknell Pennsylvania. Universiiy. 13 LLOYD G. TROUT SOCIAL STUDIES B.S,, State Teachers lege, Millersville, Temple University. EMMA WARFIELD MATHEMATICS BS. in Education, Univer- sity of Pennsylvania, Moore Institute. PATRICIA G. SELIG FRANCIS H. SPICKLER BUSINESS INDUSTRIAL ARTS B.S. and M.S. in Education, BS. in Education, State University ot Pennsylvania. Teachers College, Millers- ville, Temple University. Col- WILLIAM I. WILKINSON .INDUSTRIAL ARTS BS. in Education, State Teachers College, Millers- ville, University of Pennsyl- vania. MYRTLE WANDLESS HOME ECONOMICS BS. in Education, Temple University, M.A., Columbia University, ELEANOR WILKINSON BUSINESS B.S. in Commercial Edu- cation, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania. MILDRED C. WILLIAMS MATHEMATICS BS. in Education, State Teachers College, Mans- field, University of Pennsyl- VGUIG. S SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Evans H. Bum . , , A . ,... President Ioseph F. Gummel ., . ,,.,. Vice-President Iecm S. Weir ,.... A A .,,.... Secretary Donald R. Lomas . . . , ,Treasurer 16 MARTHA D. ANDERSON Garden City Marty: quiet: short: sweet: reserved: all for the navy-and Ioe: friendly agreeable: casual: ready smile: pleasant disposition: mo.dest: soft-spoken daily absence slips: crazy about dancing. Folk Dancing 1: Ballroom Dancing 2: Assembly 2: Non Pareil 3. NANCIE IAYNE BEEBE Wallingford "Ninkie": super athlete: school spirit plus: tiny: big brown eyes: friendly: big appetite: hockey flash. I.V. Basketball l, 2, 3: I.V. Hockey l: Varsity Hockey 2, 3: Non Pareil 3: Baseball l, ANNA ELIZABETH BENTLEY Garden City Giggles: noted for the books she lugs: mad over cars: curly hair: mis- chievous: future MD.: those summer tans: Oh! Miss Leonardll: Press Club 2, 3: Student Council 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: Assembly l: Intramural Hockey I: Senior Chorus l, 3: Sextet 3: Non Pareil 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3. FRANCIS lOSEPH BERCKMAN Springhaven Curly red hair: that silly laugh: Heyl Steelel: sarcastic comments: fast blue Ford: hates no. 7: speed demon: those nightly excursions: that little black book?: Dog House hound: Dutchman. Surveying Club 2: Hunting Club 3: Varsity Club 3: Baseball 2: Baseball- Manager 2. l7 MARY E. BERCKMAN Springhcxven "Toot"5 always in a hurry5 Whizlg sharp5 Shep5 God love uml5 Oh! that 1augh5 "It's a law"5 talkative5 snappy5 vivacious5 quick temperecl5 sense of humor5 good sport5 happy-go-lucky. Senior Chorus 1, 2, 35 G.A.A. l, Z5 Girls Varsity Club 35 Press Club 35 I.V. Hockey l, 35 Varsity Hockey 25 Sr. Play 35 Photography 35 Varsity Cheer Leader 1, 3, HOYT G. BEULAH South Medic Shy5 "'I'weet's palg not much to say5 football star and manager5 easy going5 knows the right answers in Social Living5 those naps in English class. Bridge Club 2, 35 Varsity Club Z, 35 Football 2. ANN THERESA BLOCHBERGER Garden City Terry5 roller skating5 those surprise partiesp always late5 canariesg Scran- ton5 football fan5 frienclly5 coy??5 lemon cokes5 those long runs in the morning5 sextet5 No. 9. Dramatics l, 2, 35 Sr. Chorus l, 2, 35 Ballroom Dancing 25 Press Club 35 Non Pareil 35 Girls Sextet 35 Assembly Club 1. WILLIAM H. BRIDGE. IR. Chester Speed Demon5 sharp dancer5 rnischie-vous5 likes cars5 fishing and hunt- ing fan5 ohl those card games5 where's the Drone?5 short, dark and cute handsome smile5 friendly5 bright. Sport Club 2, 35 Baseball 15.25 Non Pareil 3. 18 HELEN BRZOSKI Brookhaven Always Benny5 engage.d5 wants to run a horse5 pessimist5 dirt enthusiast blondie5 good intentions5 slow5 smile5 clreamer5 usually bored5 stubborn. Photography 35 Square Dancing 35 Intramural Hockey 25 Aeronautics 3. EVANS H. BURN Lapidoa Hills Tallg class president future astronomen a Daddy in the Senior Play5 practical joker5 3 letter man5 look out, Floagusl Varsity Club l, 2, 35 Bridge Club 35 Varsity Basketball 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Class President 35 Football 1, 2, 3. ROBERT BURROUGHS Media Can usually be seen with I-larry5 Iohn AND Iosie5 loves baseball5 hunt- ing5 chicken lighting5 noted for his sharp shirts and Curley hair5 snazzy dresser: loves English. Varsity Club 35 I.V. Football 15 Craft Club lg Varsity Baseball 15 2, 35 Tumbling Club 25 Sports Club 2, 3. ROBERT C. BUXBAUM Winding Lane Studious5 b0Ok-Workp friend1y5 likes brunettes5 "Hello, there"5 college fiend5 band leader5 tall5 ohl that blue and gold tielg 54 piano player5 always busy5 dependable5 neat dresser5 commands respectg chivalrous. Band 1, 2, 35 Press Club 1, 2, 3-Editor-in-Chief 35 Debating l, 2, 35 Dra- matics 3-President 35 Quartet 2, 35 Sr. Chorus Z, 35 Baseball 2, 35 I.V. Baseball 15 Assembly Club 15 Senior Play 3. 19 ELSIE COBOURN Brookhaven "Steve"5 good driver5 quiet in school, but OHI outside5 loyal Brookhaven- ite5 Geometry fiend5 likes to remember Christmas Eve5 dependable. Square Dancing lp Sr. Chorus 1, 2, 35 Non Pareil 35 Girls Varsity Club 35 Basketball l, Z5 Varsity Hockey 1, 2. LEAH R. COLLIER Bortondalo Short5 ccy5 pretzels5 loves to eat, always on the gog loves to dance5 some- day I'1l have my way5 jitterbug5 husky voice. Ballroom Dancing 25 Non Pareil 35 Sewing Club 3. PAUL COPPOCK Garden City Ouietg shy5 that curly hair5 good-looking5 sincere5 deep thinker5 English brain?5 Social Living expert talks slow and easy. Sports Club l, 2, 35 Surveying Club 2, 35 Football 25 Boys Quartet 35 Sr. Chorus 3. IANE CURRIE Lapidea Hills Sweet personality5 shuffles when she walks5 joker5 studious5 always 1aughing5 brown eyes. Non Pareil 35 Student Council 35 Square Dancing 1, 35 Twirling 25 Pho' tography 35 Intramural Hockey l, 25 Intramural Basketball l, 25 I.V. Hockey 3. 20 MARGARET ENGLISH Garden City "Cookie"5 devilish5 blondieg friendly5 A15 jokerg good dancer5 those in lernsl5 Always sleeping cmd eating5 rugged collection of records. Ballroom Dancing 25 Square Dancing lg Non Pareil 35 Office Practice 2 Press Club 3. CARL G. EWART Chester Redheadg shyg those blushes5 early morning bus rides5 likes to be teased?- those English recitations5 blonde enthusiast5 brotherly scraps. Surveying Club 3. GLADYS RUTH EWART Chester "Bunny Bunt"5 dimplesp flower lover5 lunch table joker5 boy friendS5 bookkeeperp friendly5 slightly confused at times. Office Practice 2, 35 Dramatics l, 25 Non Pareil 35 Press Club 35 Square Dancing l, 35 Ballroom Dancing 2. IOHN FEDERCHOK Brookhaven 'l'ush5 mischievous5 cute5 wolfish grin5 happy-go-lucky5 studies?5 base- ball5 shorty5 "Muskrats"5 Hey Harperlp energy plus5 gets up early. Sports Club 35 Varsity Club 35 Baseball 2, 35 Football l. 21 WILLIAM S. FLOGAUS Wallingford "Bil1"5 Mechanically-mindedg baby-tace5 sharp little red car5 lover of word-study5 so studious?5 those week nights5 sharp caddie. Football-Manager l, 25 Basketball-Manager Z, 35 Press Club 15 Varsity Club 2, 3. THEODORE A. GRI!-'I-'I'l'HS Wallingiord "One of the gang"5 "Teddy"5 Baby Sitterg those English gradesllg Math brain5 lunch table jokes5 always late. Sports Club Z, 35 Baseball l, 25 Art Club l. IOSEPH F. GUMMEI. Garden City Mathematiciam "Touchdown Kid"5 pompador5 good appetite5 lone wo1l5 English lover5 heartbreaken weakness for short girls5 "The Flashbulb Kid", Varsity Club l, 2, 35 Sport Club sl, 2, 35 Football l, 2, 35 Basketball l, Z, 35 Baseball l, 25 Class Vice President 35 WO. Grubb Memorial Award 2. HARRY HARPER Garden City Likes sports5 especially huntingg shyp quiet5 re-served5 .nice dresser5 musk rat trapper5 great interest in schoo1l?5 Reads all hunting books. Tumbling lg Craft l5 Sport Club 2, 3. 22 HELEN HARTE Garden City Scatterbraim bobby soxer5 fickle5 Secretary extroidinaire5 blue eyes5 blushes easily5 those boys5 baby sitter5 forgetful. Photography 25 Drarnatics 2, 35 Sr. Chorus 2, 35 Non Pareil 35 Press Club 35 Publicity 35 Student Council-Secretary 3. HOWARD M. HASSON. IR. Morton "Mickey"5 Camels5 wo1f5 mail carrier5 Atlantic City5 football5 baseball5 Penng blonde?5 Si Senorita5 Spike Iones tan5 Napoleonl5 Ioan?? Photography l5 Sports Z, 35 Surveying 35 Student Council 3, ROBERT E. HAYS Wallingford r-r-r-rufi5 football player5 perpetual grin5 "E"5 "Tone"5 green jacks-ts5 Buicksl5 drummer boy5 basketball5 "Red Chevey convertible"5 study periods5 those Saturday night dates5 Ioan. Football l, 2, 35 Basketball 2, 35 Baseball 25 I.V. Basketball l5 Sr. Chorus 2, 35 Varsity Club l, 2, 35 Student Council l, 25 Band l, 2, 35 MARY E. HUBLER Garden City A bookkeeper specialist5 week-end trips in Phi1ade1phia5 Plymouth lover5 great sleeper5 silly giggle5 those brothers5 friendly5 temperg flat tires5 fog enthusiast Ashland. Art Minor l5 Sr. Chorus 2, 35 Ballroom Dancing 25 Office Practice 2, 35 Non Pareil 3. 23 HENRY INGRAM Wallingford Eagles' and Warriors fan5 Sports5 Dance Land5 Plays the licorice sticky Had some trouble with a tooth5 Weekly wrestling rnatches5 Likes good popular records5 Baseball5 one swell friend. Football 1, Z, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Press Club 1, 25 Band 1, 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Non Pareil-Editor-in-Chief 3. NANCY IARDEN Rose Valley Rose Valley pool5 sweet smile, hockey captain5 life guard5 cute5 serious minded, friendly5 "Ienny"5 "Ski"5 Always knitting socks, Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 35 Varsity Basketball l, Z, 35 Girls Varsity Club 35 G.A,A. 15 Band 1, 2, 35 Press Club 2. WALTER IENKINS Garden City "Buddy"5 torch singer5 Doris?5 Harvey Cedarsg neat dresser5 Marple New- town game5 enthusiastic gunner?5 surf iisher5 southpaw5 basketball. Tumbling 15 Surveying 25 Sports Club 2, 35 Baseball 2. IAMES F. KATTINGE Brookhaven "1ke"5 "Bones"5 "Chesterfield Kid"5 flashey socks5 girl shy5 always late5 dreamer5 typing speed demon, quiet5 attracts b1ondes5 that winning smile5 likes Trig. Boys Hi-Y 1. Z4 DENHAM A. KELSEY Moylan Dried Apricotsg that southern drawlg Fred Astaire, Ir.?5 sometimes brokeg horse lover: English class filibusterg handsome smiley cock-a-doodle-doog chief hound and fly catcher. Non Pareil 35 Press Club 35 Senior Play 3g Tumbling Club 2, 3g Band 2, 3, IACK M. KETRICK Brookhaven Early to bedg early to riseg gasoline tycoong Ocean Cityg careful driver?g neat dresserg ahl that smile: tops in athleticsg blonds or brunettes? Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 35 Iayvee Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 35 Varsity Club l, 2, 35 Sports Club 3. WALTER H. LINDSAY South Media "Tweet"g streamline: strictly a shy guy around the girlsg what is behind that smile-?g where is that tag?g want an oyster?g neatg football fiendg friendlyg polite. Bridge Club 2, 35 Varsity Club 35 Varsity Football 2, 3. DONALD R. LOMAS Garden City Money mang Ioannieg partiesg those 3 nightsg humorousg friendlyg Carlg likes working with figures?g that last gameg those holidaysg those late hoursll. Office Practice 35 Press Club 31 Non Pareil 37 Bridge Club 35 Class Treas- urer 3. 25 IOSEPH S. LUGLIO South Media "Bo-Bo"5 smooth dancer5 Hi-ya Iudge5 faithful manager5 swell disposi- tion5 the best ct everythingp those high tenor chords5 one swell fellow. Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Football l, 2, 35 Football Manager 35 Sr. Chorus 1, Z, 35 Boys Quartet 25 Leader Corps 25 Student Council-Vice President 3. MARY HELEN MAISENHELDER Wallingford . , Maisie5 there's something about Media5 My man5 Parlez-vous francais? day dreamer5 giggles5 tirey temper5 back-stage jitters. Intramurals l, 25 Basketball I, 25 Sr. Chorus 1, 2, 35 Dancing 25 Non Pareil 35 G.A.A, 1, 2. CARLOTA BROOMALL MASON South Media Talent galore5 cheerful persona1ity5 that smile5 quiet5 good hearted. Art Club lg Gift Club 25 Shop lp Bridge Club 1. DORXS E. MASON South Media "Petey"5 studious5 quiet5 blushes5 shy??5 chemistry whiz5 that word study5 Social Living brain5 pals with Myra. Sr. Chorus 2, 35 Non Pareil 35 Bridge Club 25 Ballroom Dancing 2. 26 PATRICIA McCAIN Bowling Green Cute as a minute, glamour clothes, sparkling eyes and mile-long eye lashes, personality plus, loves good dancers, hockey, friend to all. Sr. Chorus 2, 3, G.A.A. l, 2, Girls Varsity Club 3, Press Club 1, 2, I.V. Hockey Z, 3, Varsity Cheerleader l, 2, 3, Senior Plays. V. IOAN MCCURDY Role Valley Fashionable clothes, trouble learning to drive, tennis fiend, blonde, those jokesll, Chesterlielcls, glamour girl, cute, strictly career woman? Dramatics: l, 2, 3, Press Club 3, Photography 3. CHARLES C. MERVINE Garden City Charlie, sharp dancer, side remarks in class, wolf, some temperl, makes dentist appointments on any school day, no worries or troubles, special privileges in llllll. Art club 2. ST. CLAIR MILBURN Rose Valley Dazzling smile, novel lover, French trip to New York! QSay Lieutenantlj, loves to tease, scrumptious complexion, comic book lover. Ballroom Dancing 2, Dramatics 2, 3. 27 FRANCES E. MORGAN Garden City Frannieg adores Scottiesg blondex, prefers a certain brand, giddyg a his- tory brain, attractive dresser, willowyg nail polish: short skirts: strollsg sophisticatedg critical, hair styles. Dramatics 1, Shop lg Sr. Chorus 2, Twirling 25 G.A.A. 25 Intramural Hockey 2, Non Pareil 3, Photography 3. ELIZABETH H. PAGE South Media Shorthand lover, hard worker, that laugh, crazy about sweets, goodness: loves to be teased, friendly, Lizzy, those football gamesl! Gift Club lg Office Practice 2, 35 Sr. Chorus l, 2, 3. PERRY O. PARMELEE. IR. Wallingford California, Plymouth lover, Babsg sticky fingers, friendly, will power, listen to those remarks, a fighting democrat. Football 1, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 3. WILLIAM PASCALE Garden City Greasy, our great center, English brain?g happy-go-lucky, wolfish grin, friendly, full of fun, good sport, that green sweaterg likes to eat, what a walkllp capable stage hand. ' Varsity Club 3, Sports Club 2, 35 Intramurals l, Z5 Football l, 2, 3 Z8 DOLORES PLATT Garden City ldolizes Peteg excited easilyg whiz at wingg shortyg grandma of the classy lriendlyp bobby sox5 loves to danceg snappy dresser5 those ignorant Senior boys5 Dorrie. C1.A.A. l, 25 Varsity Club 35 Dancing l5 Twirling 25 Varsity Hockey l, 2, 35 I.V. Basketball l, 25 I.V. Cheering Z5 Varsity Cheering 35 Sr. Chorus l, 2, 35 Non Pareil 3. VVILLIAM T. POLLOCK Brookhaven - - lazy gring oh, that green trucklg going to be a farmer5 friendly5 adores children and dogsg would rather leave Spanish alone. Varsity Club 35 Football 35 Baseball 2. lANE'l' PULLMBN Brookhaven lpana Smileg latest styles in clothesg smooth complexion5 good natured5 friendly5 4-H Clubg Al fl-laml. Photography 35 Square Dancing 35 Aeronotics 3. DORIS M. REED Brookhaven All for N.P.5 super hockey manager5 Swish5 basketball5 good sport5 Italian sandwiches and picklesg Readyg Spanish at lunch. I.V. Basketball l, 25 Press Club 2, 35 Student Council 2, 35 Non Pareil 35 Girls' Varsity Club 35 Varsity Hockey Manager 35 Varsity Basketball 3. 29 MYRA RUTH RIDGEWAY Moylan Can usually be seen with Dorisp laughs at anything5 bright light in Social Living class5 snappy dresser5 one of the gals. Ballroom Dancing 25 Bridge Club 35 Spanish Club 35 Gift Club l. WILLIAM W. RUMFORD. IR. Brookhaven Doc5 daily Dog House visits5 coffee fiend5 dig out specialist steel nerves5 rides around in anything made by Ford Motor Company5 great little guy. Non Pareil 35 Sport Club 3. MARTHA SIMCHOCK Garden City Little Russian5 famous for her strut5 whiz at shorthand and typewritingg good secretary5 cute accent5 tiny5 smiles5 Mack. Press Club 2, 35 Sr. Chorus lg Office Practice lp Dramatics 35 Photography 2, F. BARRY SIMMONS, IR. Wallingford Those witty remarksp our slugging outfielder5 always in Rotary5 our own track star5 really a nice guy5 lives in the Hollow. Baseball l, 2, 35 Varsity Club 2, 35 Student Council 35 Non Pareil-Busi- ness Manager 35 I-lomeroom President 25 Class Vice President 2. X30 KIM SMITH Ron Valley Sarcasticg Plymouth loverp quietg Miss Leonard??g those absences??g friend of Dennys'g nice dispositiong pleasant smiley friendly. Surveying 25 Bridge 35 Basketball-Manager 2: Football-Manager 2. RODNEY K. SMITH Chester Smittyg thre letter man: razzle dazzle on basketball courtg winning pitcherp good man on the "T"g travels about in a fast Hudsong homework always prepared: works hard in algebra class. I.V. Football lg I.V. Basketball lg Varsity Football l, 2, 37 Varsity Basket- ball 2, 35 Varsity Baseball l, 25 Varsity Club 1, 2, 35 Vice-President of Class l. ELIZABETH W. SPENCER Wallingford Uniq-ue decoratorg teacher or artist: P. M. C.: faithful violin: crazy about clothesg Pepsodent smiley clevery please translate. Sr. Chorus l, 2, 35 Square Dancing 1, 31 G.A.A. 2g Orchestra l, 2, Sp Band and Twirling 2, 35 I.V. Hockey lg I.V. Basketball 1. , THOMAS MOORE STABLER Wallingford Fond of hunting: raiser of prize bantarn chickensg curly hairy likes to get more game in season than Bridgeg gentlemang baseball fang Maryland: swell fellow: southpaw. Band 1, 2, 3: Sr. Chorus 2, 3: Boys Quartet 2, 3: Photography Club lg I.V. Basketball lg I.V. Baseball 1, 25 Game Club 1. 31 WARREN C. STEELE Bowling Green Bob: buyer and seller of use-d cars5 one of Char1ie's boys5 always chew- ing on Sen Sen5 work-hound5 weed fiend5 Hey! Frank5 neat convertible5 cackles at jokes. Non Pareil 3: Sport Club 2, 3. MARY ELLEN TORRIS Wallingford Quiet5 reserved5 well mannered5 pleasing disposition5 friendly to all5 lrish5 chic1ets5 "Buicks"5 naive5 well established5 devlish. Office Practice 35 Sr. Chorus l, 2, 35 Press Club 35 Ballroom Dancing l5 Non Pareil 3. IACK I. WEARE Moylan Wearie5 fire ball5 in everything5 great athlete5 letter man in all sports: expert catcher5 the President5 Bobo's buddy5 swell personality5 great speaker in Mr. Klinefs class. Varsity Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Football l, 25 Varsity Baseball l, 25 Stu- dent Council 2, 3--President-35 Varsity Club 1. 2, 3-President 35 Sr. Chorus 1, Z, 35 Sport Club Z, 3. IEAN SHIRLEY WEIR Village Gran Studious5 quiet5 debator5 Lucy5 Muchas Gracias5 smal'l5 cute: full ol pep5 10070 for N.P.5 musically minded5 drives like mad5 language specialist. G.A.A. l5 I.V. Hockey 15 Varsity Hockey 25 Girls Varsity C1-ub 35 Sr. Chorus l, 2, 35 Sextette l, 35 Trio 35 Band 15 Twirling l, 2, 35 Dramatics 15 Debat- ing Team 2, 35 Non Pareil 35 Class Secretary 3. 32 MARGERY YEAGER Wallingford Mar-gieg cuteg terrillc .amileg a fellow needs a qirl, interested in Mediag vis1ts there frequently, one of the famous Yeager clang always with Mary Basketball l, 2, 35 Hockey 2, 3g GAA, 25 Non Pareil 3g lntramural Sportfx 1,23 RICHARD CHARLES SICKLER. IR. Wallingford 'Nice Kidwg pals with Stablerg those lunch time tripsp "Bass singermlg Chevvy loverllg "Brain"g shyg quietg lackadalsxcal Boyz: Quartet 35 S11 Chorus 3g Press Club 3 iv" CLASS SPONSORS Edith L, Lenoard, Frank A Mader. NETHER PRQVIDENCE CHAPTER THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Robert Buxbaum lean Weir Henry Ingram The National Honor Society was founded in 1921. The Nether Providence Chapter was organized in the year 1946-1947. The object of the Nether Providence Chapter of the National Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render- service, to promote Worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of our school. Candidates eligible to this chapter shall be on the honor roll during the Sophomore and lunior years at least three marking periods yearly, One of these must be the final marking period. Candidates eligible to election at the end of the first semester in the Senior year shall be on the honor roll the sec- ond report period. This scholastic level of achievement shall remain fixed, and shall be the required scholastic achievement for admission to candidacy for membership in this chapter and all pupils Who can rise in scholarship to or above such standard level shall be admitted to candidacy for election to membership. For Leadership all candidates for National Honor Society membership must have at least 2U honor points yearly during the Sophomore and Iunior years, an-d 15 points for the first semester of the senior year. The names of the candidates eligible for membership to the National Honor Society shall be submitted to the high school faculty who shall vote on their character and service qualifications. Active Membership Graduate Membership Robert Buxbaum Harriet Diem Henry Ingram Mich Kobayashi lean Weir Warren Mulloy Patricia Wiley 34 Uhlj. I,E, '47 BALL SNUW HENIUH Jw? 9' H Q NAME Martha Anderson Nancie Beebe Anna Bentley Frank Berckman Mary Berckman Hoyt Beulah Ann Blochberger Bill Bridge Helen Brzoski Evans Burn Bob Burroughs Elsie Cobourn Leah Collier Paul Coppock Iane Currie Peggy English Carl Ewart Gladys Ewart Iohn Federchok Bill Flogaus Ted Griffiths Ioe Gummel Harry Harper Helen Harte Howard Hasson Bob Hays Mary Hubler Henry Ingram Nancy Iarden Walter Ienkins lim Kattinge Denny Kelsey TAG Marty Ninkie Bent Dutchman Toot Flower Terry Bridgie Briz Burnsie Red bird Else Lee Coppock lane Peggy Lover Bunnybunt Tush Bill Teddy Ioe Harp Helen Mickey Haysie Hubbie Scotty lar Buddy Ike Stupid IMPRESSION quiet ornery QUY iiendish vivacious pugilistic friendly wolf in love studious but swell bialaterally smazit quiet likable shy happy-go-lucky comical shy quiet ornery impish gid-dy athlete quiet friendly devilish friendly quiet carefree giddy very quiet friendly, nice care free 36 ICH NOTED FOR dancing her size pile ot books Maryland trips dancing protecting the flowers legs those looks her diamond his fights with Flogaus empty wallet leadership English brain quartet that strut jokes height dimples short little red car mathematical mind chuckle and pompadour shyness warbling wheelbarrow drums driving ability his utter abandon red hair his shyness smile tilibustering NAME CRAZY ABOUT nice clothes hockey swimming wine, women, song Shep one particular type of ilower shorthand cars Benny sports chickens skating dancing math Bud Al English bookkeeping math machinery Miss Leonard sports gunning aeroplanes third period study Ioan Frankie sports sports ping pong cars chicken tights FAVORITE OUOTE for heavens sake gad! Oh-no censored Gees No-now Yeah, I did speeding? ? ? Oh! Shut up! Meeting will please come to order Deyunk Think you're something? Darn it Is that right? Oh, darn it Ya' don't say Git Oh jeepers Aw nuts Aw Evans censored Aw, git outa here that's a crock of stuti I don't believe it Hi, Sportie EEEEEEEEEEE O, good gravy Cheese n' crackers "Ski" at end of words I-low about that! l-Ii ya' Huh! 37 USUALLY SEEN with Ioe hurrying to class Miss Leonard's room in a blue Ford streak everywhere with Shep doing homework with Lindsay skating with the gang with Benny playing bridge in 213 moping around with Steve around Bortondale Garden City cracking jokes with Marty blushing in a certain drug store with Bob laughing with Barry with Ieannine with Ienkins Student Council tormenting Ioan with Ioan those Philly tours with Burn knitting with Andy Brookhaven with a new girl NAME lack Ketrick Walter Lindsay Donald Lomas loe Lutglio Mary Maisenhelder Carlota Mason Doris Mason Patty McCain Ioan McCurdy Charles Mervine St. Clair Milbourn Frances Morgan Elizabeth Page Perry Parmelee Bill Pascale Dolores Platt Bill Pollock Ianet Pullman Doris Reed Myra Ridgeway Richard Sickler Martha Simchock Barry Simmons Kim Smith Rodney Smith Betty Spencer Tom Stabler Warren Steele Mary E. Torris Iohn Weare lean Weir Margery Yeager TAG Ket Tweet Don Bobo Maizy Billy Petey Pat Ioan Charlie St. Clair Francie Lizzy Pear Pasquale Dorrie Bill Ham Doris Ridgey Dick Margie Barry Kim Smitty Spence Macbeth Steele Clwickalets Wearie Lucy Margie IMPRESSION playboy shy joker friendly ' sweater girl quiet friendly lively sophisticated quiet r naive sophisticated very nice friendly athletic friendly a jtokester sophisticated puzzled likeable smooth lun loving aloof nonchalant reserved model-type studious ornery quiet playboy brainy devilish 38 NICK N OTED PCR censored sneezes driving Commercial work friendliness low chemistry marks art Work her boy friends big brown eyes clothes smart remarks? ? primping her blond hair giggles height his ape-Walk hockey wisecracks hair style height Iersey Pals height her accent his A's sarcastic remarks basketball violin-temper pigeons those car decorations friendliness neat appearance her smile basketball ability NAM CRAZY sports girls Ioan lMedial spaghetti lack ice-cream dancing girI's colleges a big wardrobe GIRLS pretty clothes that new look music English? 'P cigarettes Pete English Al sports art Uniontown Iohnny track mischief Hudson cars P. M. C. Miss Leonard cats and cars Charlie Dot Mr. Gottshall Number 12 BOUT FAVORITE QUOTE censored Gee Whiz Oh, you mess Oh, you lucky girl! Don't know, do you? Hi ya' kid Darn it I know OI-Ihhhhhhhhh No. Oh, for heaven's sake Aw, Shut up Oh, don't be silly Anyone have the chemistry done? Goodness Aw heck 7 come II Honestly censored Really? Gosh darn it My goodness Hello Yeah censored censored Gees! Oh, heck Duh-uh-uh! lt's the law Oh, I did not The meeting will come to order Caramba! Imagine that USUALLY SEEN smiling with Hoyt typing in cafeteria - Media with Liz laughing cheering with St. Clair Garden City Store with boys with Dorrie at home in that green jacket over the bunk 12th Street with Tack with Helen with Toot with Doris with Tom laughing with the gang grinning from ear 'to ear Highland Gardens P. M. C. Slaving over English in the parking lot with Terry with Dot at the piano browsing in Media PUPULAHITY CUNTEST Best Athlete Best Dressed Most Studious Most Dependable Most Ambitious Most Likelynto Succeed Best Driver Best Looking Best Dancer Cutest Most Chivalrous Most Humorous Most Sophisticated Most Versatile Most Mischievous Best Personality Most Friendly Most Quiet Ioe Gummel Bill Rumtord Bob Buxbaum Evans Burn Donald Lomas Barry Simmons Frank Berckman lack Weare Ioseph Luglio Iohn Federahok Howard Hasson Walter Lindsay Denny Kelsey Ioe Gummel lack Ketrick lack Weare Barry Simmons Bill Bridge 40 Nancy Iarden Ioan McCurdy lean Weir Doris Mason Ann Blochberger Dolores Platt Elsie Cobourn Ianet Pullman Mary Berckman Patty McCain Mary Ellen Torris St. Clair Milburn Doris Reed Nancy larden St. Clair Milburn lane Currie Nancie Beebe Elizabeth Page Gmw Q 2 gsm... JUNIOR CLASS President ..... ..,., W illiam Prouty Vice President . . .... Bichard Shaw Secretary .... , . ,Anne Boyer Treasurer . . . . . . Boss Lewis First Bow: I. Cocchi, F. Tretter, S. Goodchild, P. Citrenbaum, G. Holt, M. Algoe. Second Bow: H. Hudsor1ffSponsor, I. Byan, S. Citrenloaum, A. Boyer, B. Shaw, W. Prouty, B. Lewis, I. Olson, S. Damon, D. Beynolds, G. KlineeSponsor. Third Bow: I. Vercoe, D. Weatherby, M. Manning, B. Cullum, D. Blake, A. Lutz, L. Pascale, V. Kryworuka, I. Cullum, M. Bice, I. Phelps, D. Schureman. Fourth Bow: A. Sisk, B. Van Winkle, B. Bowers, B. Sweeney, I. Saunders, A. Powell, B. Stubbs, T. Camper, E. McFall, T. Iohnson, T. Griffiths, B. Bussell, I. Larkin. Fifth Bow: E. Graham, B. Mulloy, N, Locke, V. Psonak, D. Dannaker, E. Peck I. Knight, I. Sjoberg, Z. Kranztelder, N. Fritz, C. Copper, C. Black. Sixth Bow: H. Donaway, B. Simpers, D. Megronigle, H. Tracy, C. Sullivan, I. Dalton, G Montgomery, G. Weiss, C. Shatter, L. Iohnson, G. Coogan, L. Fulton, B Howarth. 1 Ill? I, A . 24 - an A -.- SUPHU UHE El.. S5 President .... . .. George Sakers Vice President . . . .,.., Fred Ferrari Secretary . ,,., Boberta Peters Treasurer .4i.. Bdward Kluka First Bowx M. King, L. Iohnson, C. Opdenaker, N. Beebe, B. Hunter, B. Cana van, B. Iohnson, I. Bice, E. Davis, N. Federchok. Second Bow: E. Wilkinson- Sponsor, E. Weiss, I. McCormick, C. Dannaker, B, Bhodes, B. Peters, F. Ferrari G Sakers, E. Kluka, C. Lewis, B. Bradley, D. Lance, F. Birney, A. Bowland- Sponsor, M. Wandless Sponsor. Third Bow: E. Kattinge, I. Wright, E. Olson I. Armstrong, A. Simonds, D. Sweeney, I. Pascale, T. Pascale, I. Holl, V. Bow- rnan, I. Coslett, K. Clark, I. Hamilton. Fourth Bow: B. Wright, B. Sakers, D Mooney, M. Gumrnel, M. Young, P. Snidernan, I. Mercadante, B. Warrington E. Butz, G. Moat, O. Mann, S. Hollingsworth, N. Sickler. Filth Bow: E. Bomo G Gobourn, I. Bledsoe, T. Phelps, B. Edwards, W. Hawkins, L. McGowan, A Psonak, A. Stephens, D. Davies, I. McDougal, D. Kudish, D. McKee, D. Beam Sixth Bow: G Powell, B. Degler, D. Slack, B. Boon, M. Davis, I. Natale H. Pierce, D. Carpenter, B. lnlardesty, B. Hedrick, B. Alaoe. Iii? ,wfwwwdf 'MM if-0 4 0 ? Q VARSITY HOCKEY Scorers l947-48 Dorloy , .. . . O l NP. Morple Newtown 2 3 NP. Springfield . .. l 4 NP. ljddystone . l 3 NP. Collinqdcile U 9 NP. Medici . .. . . 2 2 ll P. Clifton l-leiglits l 2 NP. Swortliinore .. U 3 N P. lf'ir.'t Row' A. Boyer, P. McCciin, N. Iorden, D. Plcitt, N. Beebe. Second Row: D. Reed rndn trier, S llrmion, N Fritz, D Dornnolcer, N Locke, B Miilloy, M Willioiiisson, K Horner fNt"'i'fll J 3 I "N First Row, l. Coslett, E. Olson, V. Bowrndn, C. Lewis, D. Mooney, M. Berclcrnczn A Larson, .I Pdscole, I. Mdtthews, D. Weotlierby. Second Row: H. Pierce, L. Hdrper, E. Weiss, I. Trdcy, P. Snideincin, I, Currie, Z. Kroinztelder, S. Williom son, M. Gumrnel, M. Dorvis. Third Rowx D. l:leedfMonoger, K. l-loIrrnerfCocicri IUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Scores l947-48 Dorby . . . . . . . 2 Moirple Newtown .. l Springfield .. . ... l Eddystone . . O Collingdole . U Medio . . . . . U Clifton Heiohtrs .... U Swortlfiniore . l Firszt Row K Hcrrrrter-Conch Seuoncl Row: N Inrflen, B Mulloy, M Y'T'CIfIfIF, Tnirfl HOV. I7 Mooney, ll Frttz, N l.f3c:l:f2, ll Reel, lj lkxnnfllcez, A Boyer' GIRLS IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Medio . Marple Newto Ytfzdon Sprinqllelfl Iffldyzstone Clifton llfllfjlllll Upprrr Clmlclm Shfxron Hill Glen Nor Lzlfqr N P NP NP NP NP NP NP NP N P GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL firoros I9-17-48 Mmltu Mnrplr: Newtown Yomrlan Sprinqllelfl llflflyzstonn Clifton Hrriqllt Upper ClllCIllt'?:5lGT Slmron llill Glen Nor l1r.1t How: L Mv7C,1owf1n, M licrclctztrxrl, lu, Heynolfwsa, H lime, Cf Afftun, l.f Gzfxltfmt, l'3 Morrlx Sezonfl Row. B Shaw, M. Rice, G. Winterboltom, I. Pasccqle, lj. Olson, I. Olson. Tltircl How K Hurzver-Comcli, I. Tracy, G, Mcfxt, M Yonna, S. Klnq, M Gunnnel, Z Krcxnzlelfler. Fourth Row: A. Bentley, A l..c1rson,P.l.ind,sUy,S. Willirdtttzwon, O. MGnn,I Mason 4. N I' ll P ll P N P N P N I' N P NP N P VARSITY BASKETBALL Scores l 947-48 Eddystone ,. . Ridley Township Media . Upper Chiches'er Marple Newtown Sharon Hill Springfield . .. Clifton Heights Upper Chichester Marple Newtown Springfield ...., Clifton Heights Sharon Hill . First Row: C. Kane-Head Coach. Second Row: I. Gurnrnel, I. Ketrick, R. Shaw, D. Me gronigle. Third Row: R. Hays, T. Iohnson-Manager, E. Burn, W. Prouty. Fourth Row L Trout-Assistant Coach, A. Stephens, R. Smith, R. Van Winkle, K. Shaffer, G. Kline-Faculty Moncrger, B. Iohnson-Mon ager. C' AW T First Row: A. Stephens-Manager, N. Beebe, R Beebe, ,C Opdenaker, B Iohnsonelvfan- ager. Second Row: D. McKee, R. Babe. Third Row: L. Trout-Coach, E. Klulca, B. Smith, I. Bledsoe, T. Iohnson4Monager. IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Scores 1947-48 Eddystone ....... 32 Ridley Township Media ........ Upper Chichester Marple Newtown Sharon Hill . . Springfield . . Clifton Heights Upper Chichester Marple Newtown Springfield. . . Clifton Heights Sharon Hill .... P11111 Row' S. Dmnon, M I'1QYCkIT1f7Tl, U. PMN, I Phelpa, E Olson, M Gumme-1. Second Row. N Lofkfe P Mr'Cf1in fl Ifwfien 6VX'ifDlx1 H Kc:ir1,G WiTlfCFbOtlO1Il,I Tracy, C Acton, T Andrukonis VARSITY CHEER LEADERS Mmwwm IUNIOR VARSITY CHEER LEADERS PU UTBALL Row. C. Sullivan, D. Carpenter-manager, W. Lindsay, T. lohnson-manager, l. Luglio -head manager, H. Beulah-manager, C. Opdenaker, B. lohnson-manager, R. Algoe. Second Row: L. Trout-Assistant Coach, C. Kanevhead Coach, B, Van Winkle, B, Russell, B. Pollock, R. Smith, B. Hays, P. Parinelee, R. Bowers, B. Prouty, l. Gurnmel, G. Kline- Paculty Manager, C. Haupt-Director of Athletics. Third Row: E. Kluka, B. Smith, l. Larkin, B. Pascale, l, Opdenaker, H lngrarn, B. Srnith, B. Rhodes, l. Ketrick. Fourth Row: R. Hunter, l, Natale, D. Megronigle, H Tracy, D, Shaw, T. Phelps, B. Sirnpers, I. Cocchi. Scores l947-48 l. V Scored l947-48 Yeadon . ...... 7 18 NP. Yeadon U Swarthmore , ..., l5 U N P. Swarthmore . . . Zl Springtield . . . U Z6 NP. Springfield . . l9 Spring City , . ... l3 40 N.P Media . .. ... 13 Upper Chichester .. 0 20 NP Sharon Hill .. . 7 A. I. DuPont ... . .. U 39 N P. Media . . ., t9 7 NP. Marple Newtown . U 33 NP. 50 l' ltow: lj Platt, I, Fccleicholc, H Dealer, VV Ienkin.s, L. Fulton, li Sirnperzz, C. Opdenaker B. Stirricli. Second Row: I Cochran, B. Iohnson-manager, M. Sapovitz-manager, I. Weare I. Ketrick, B. Buroughs, D. Mearonigle, E. Davis, B, Oxenforrl, I. Thompson. Third Row: L Trout-coach, E, Van Deusen, B, Burk, I. Gumrnel, G, Sakerss, R. Smtih, B, Hays, M. Sakers, E Burn, D. Longbine, B Pollock, B Van Winlcle, B. Simmons, H. Tracy, C. Haupt-eHead Coach. Fourth Row: F. Berckrnan-Manager, L. Iohnson, T. Stabler, B Buxbaurn, B. Bradley G Kline--Faculty Manager, I Larkin, B. Hawkins, G. Cobourn, C-1. Weiss-Manager. Score.afVarsity-l 947 Sharon Hill ..... Upper Chichester Marple Newtown Yeadon . . , Upper Chichester Clifton Heiqht.s .. Sharon Hill ... Marple Newtown Yeadon , ..... . Clifton Height: . N.P N.P N P N.P N P N.P N P N.P N.P N P. Iunior Varsity-l947 Darby Ir. High ....,.... 7 l NP Darby Ir. High ,. 3 13 N P Sinedly Ir. High . l 2 N.P Chester I. V. ..... ... 9 O N.P Srnedley Ir High ....,. 2 l N.P Marple Newtown I, V.. .. 5 l8 N P. Snacly Bank ,....,..... 4 H N.P Marple Newtown I. V., .. 4 3 N Pl Darby Ir. High ...... .. 4 2 N.P Championship Playoff Yeadon 2 Nether Providence 4 'sqm K wif, ' . 5 1 -0. vw H E. .a. I STAR LIGHT. STAR BRIGHT" by Nancx Moore Our play this year was said by many to have been the finest but if you didn't see it yourself, better for you to ask your neighbor rather than have me try to shower praise upon it. A word to say that any praise was hard earned as any of the cast will tell you, with little grernlins sitting in the first row, def fective buzzers, civil strife among the actors itself and the general nervousness of any cast. ' Synopsis briefs of the story arei Susan Townsend, The lead has looked forward to her sixteenth birthday for as long as she can remember. But when the great day comes along with her birthday dance, being sixteen turns out to be hideously the opposite of all she dreamed. Susan has done her job too well in the matter of coaching poor Lucy Macon, the Ugly Duckling who has never had a beau or been to a dance. In Susan's dress, parroting Susan's line, Lucy also acquires Susan's boy- friend-and everybody else's. This, plus a devastating "college man," who comes to the party is the spring-board for all manner of embroilment and altercation. Susarfs very modern mother and father have their troubles too. One grave mistake they make is in criticizing the manners, the dress, and the dancing of their three children. ln an hilarious scene the offspring show up their parents for what they were twenty years ago. Directed by STANLEY A. BQORSE CAST CF CHARACTERS . . .Patty McCain . . .Denny Kelsey . . .Henry lngram . . .Nancy Iarden Robert Buxbaum . . .Anna Bentley . ,Evans Burn . . . .Doris Reed ......Iean Weir .Barry Simmons Mary Berckman .Perry Parmelee Stage Manager . . . . . . . . Donald Lomae Stage Hands I Cummel, B. Pascale, B. Rumford W Steel Prompter . . . . . . . lanet Pullman sg .A ::-.. Q Ss . S. First Bow: I. M. GottsliallfDireCtor, S. Damon, B, Degler, M. Maisenlielder, I. Vlfeare, G. Coogan, D. Shaw, C. Lewis, B. Hardesty, L. McGowan, E. Davis. Second Bow: D. Mason, M. Davis, D. Platt, K. Clark, A. Lutz, B Kattinge, I. Weir, P. McCain, H. Pierce, N. Beebe. Third Bow: P. Coppoclc, G. Weiss, I. Luglio, B. Bradley, B. Buxbaum, D. Siclcler, B. Hays, B. Stubbs, B. Bhodes, B, Hawkins, T. Iohnson. Fourth Bow: E. Page, A. Bentley, S. Citrenbaum, M. Torris, O. Mann, M. Berclcrnan, D. Mooney, B. Sakers, A. Blocliberger, F. Birney, A. Simonds, M. Hubler. Filtli Bow: B. Peck, I, Mercadante, I. Knight, C. Dane naker, D. Lance, H. Harte, A, Boyer, B Colwourn, V. Psonak, Z. Kranzlolder, B Spenrer. SENIOR CHORUS SEXTET QUARTET B. Sickler, P. Coppock, A. Bent- ley, T. Stabler, H. Harte, B. Buxbaurn, A. Blochberger, E. Spencer, I. Weir, A. Lutz, K. Clark Accompanist. SG BAND First Bow: I. Olson, B. Graham, B. Spencer, C. Black, I, Weir, E. Peck, B. Sakers, B. Mulloy, H, Barlow. Second Bow: B. Hardesty, W. Meyer, D, Spence, K.. Clark, T. Pascale, I. McCormick, I. Holl, M. Harris, D. Meil, D. Kelsey. Third Bow: A. Boyer, B, Stevenson, B. Lewis, B. Sweeney, B. Hays, B. Buxloaum, A. Powell, I. Dalton, B. Boan, E. Weiss. Fourtli Bow: M. Williamson, F. Ferrari, N. Iarden, B. Hunter, I. Currie, G. Goodchild, N. Fritz, H. lngrani, H. Batten, D. Lock, M. Larson, B. Hedrick, C. Lewis. First Bow: B. Spencer, D. Kudisli, P. Craig, K. Clark, B. Sweeney. Second Bow: S. Gregory, M. Harris, I. Dalton, A, Larson, B. Hedrick, W. Hardesty. Tliird Bow: D. Williams, N. Wentz, I. Coslett, M. Furman, E. Weiss, B. Lewis, B. Boan, A. Powell. Fourth Bow: M. Gotslriall' -Director, D. Locke, H. Patterson, N. Sick- ler, D, Dannaker, B. Shaw. 57 ORCHESTRA SENIGR HIGH STUDENT COUN C President . . .A.... lohn We Vice President , . .loseph Lu Secretary .....e,,. Helen H1 Treasurer . ..., George W ln front: I. Weare, First How: I. Luglio, H. Harte, G. Weiss, A. Bentley, G. Kline efFaculty Advisor. Second Row: N. Beebe, V. Bowman, H Simpers, S. Damon, R. Howarth. Third Row: E. McFall, B, Hawkins, B. Simmons. Fourth Row: I, Currie, H. Tracy, D. Mooney, B. White, H. Hasson, D. Heed. First How: R. Surrick, S. Hayes, L. lohnson, W. Stephens. Second How: Thompson, B. Glenn, F. Reynolds, l. Tracy, C. Gray-Faculty Advisor. Thii How: L. Lindsay, G. Winterbottom, B. Shatter, B, Wright, B. Williams, I. Titc ner. Fourth How: C, Cassidy, G. Hassmussen, R. Steele, B. Smith, E. Wright. IUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL President .... . .Fred Reynolds Vice President. .lack Thompson Secretary ......... losie Tracy Treasurer . . . Carolyn Cassidy 58 NON PAREIL ,tor-in-Chief . ,Henry lngram siness Manager, Barry Simmons First Row: N. Beebe, M. Huioler, I. Weir, F. Morgan, P. English, D. Reed, I. Currie, M. Anderson, G. Ewart. Second Bow: D. Lomas, B. Bridge, B. Simmons, D. Kelsey, B. Pollock, F. Berckman, W. Steele, H. Ingram, B. Bumtord, P. Selig- Sponsor. Third Bow: P. McCain, D. Platt, L. Collier, M. Berckman, N. Iarden, M Torris, E. Cobourn, A, Blochloerger, M. Yeager, M. Maisenhelder, D. Mason 'st Bow: B. Algoe, G. Holt, L. Iohnson. Second Bow: S. Damon, D. Shaw, D. red, B. Buxbaurn, A. Bentley, G. Weiss, P. Snideman. Third Row: A. Row- sid-Sponsor, B. Show, M. Simchock, A. Lutz, I. Holl, G. Ewart, M. Bice, I. son. Fourth Bow: E. Peck, D. Kelsey, T. Iohnson, B. Sickler, D. Lomas, B. nwarth, I. Sjoberg, Fifth Bow: M. Berckman, A. Boyer, A. Blochberger, M. rris, I. Currie, I. McCurdy, H. Harte, S. Citrenloaum. .Q PRESS CLUB Editor-in-Chief . .Bob Buxbaum Assistant Editor. .George Weiss Business Manager, Phyllis Snideman Feature Editor ..... Doris Reed Iunior High Editor . , Bea Shaw 59 VARSITY CLUB First Row: W. Pascale, W. Lindsay, R. Shaw, W. Flogaus, l-l. Beulah. Second Rowi C. KanefSponsor, I. Gumrnel, E. Burn, I. Weare, W. Prouty, I. Ketrick, G. Sakers. Third Row: I. Cocchi, T. Phelps D. Megronigle, R. Simpers, R. Bur- roughs, I. Federchok, L. Iohnson. Fourth Row: R. Van Winkle, W. Pollock, P. Parmelee, R. l-lays, R. Bowers, R, Smith. Filth Row: H. Tracy, H. lngram, F Berckman, G. Weiss, I. Luglio, B, Simmons. First Row: M. Berckrnan, N. Beeloe, N, larden, N. Fritz, I-. Olson. Second Row E. Cobourn, B. Mulloy, D. Dannaker, D. Reed, N. Locke, K. l-larmer-Sponsor Third Row: P. McCain, D, Platt, A. Boyer, S. Damon, I. Phelps. GIRLS VARSITY CLUB GU SPORTS First Bow: I. Thorn, I. Weare, B. Poscale, I. Echternach-Sponsor, T. Griffiths W Steele, H. Hasson. Second Bow: B. Rhodes, D. Kudish, I. Gummel, F. Berck- man, I. Kattinge, B. Bradley, B. William, P. Coppock. Third Bow: B. Canovan B. Degler, W. Ienkins, B. Bridge, A. Stephens, B. Burroughs, B. Bumtord, H Harper, I. Federchok. Birst Bow: P. Royce, I. Natale. Second Bow: B. Megonegal -Sponsor, H. Worrell, D. Morgan, I. Bice, I. Wilroy. Third Bow: B. Zimmerman, E. Davis, C. Opde- iaker, D. Spence, B. Brown, D. Gregory. Fourth Bow: B. Edwards, L. Scheidt, 3. Bradley, B. Stevenson, D. Davies. AERONAUTICS Bl new f 1h Wnmnm. First Row: S. Rice, H. Massey, B. Pierce, S. McGowan, I. Vercoe, I. Phelps, M. Malinowski, L. Lindsay E. Hunter. Second Row: P. SeligfSponsor, G. Ewart, E. Young, M. Manning, I. Cullum, I. Pascale, D. Iohnson, I. Coombes, A. Lind- say. Third Row: E. Butz, H. Brzoski, I. Pullman, I. Currie, B. Spencer, I. Pollock, B. Wright, V. Psonak, E. Wright. Fourth Howi M, Carroll, S. Citrenbaum, V. Kryworuka, A. Psonak, C. Copper, Cf. Moat, L. Pascale, B. Cullum, D. Reye nolds, D. Perks. SQUARE DANCING First Row: S. Boorse-Sponsor, M, Davis, T, Iohnson, B. Buxloaum, B. Hardesty A. Boyer, G. Coogan. Second Row: St. C. Milburn, K. Clark, I. Holl, D Blake D. Sweeney, C. Lewis, D. Weatherby, I. Coslett. Third How: B. Hedrick, C Dan naker, M. Young, Z, liranztelder, E. Peck, I. Sjoloerg N. Locke, I. McCormick F. Ferrari. Fourth How. H. Peters, H. Cuttler, A. Simonds, H. Harte, S. Hollings worth, E. Weiss, A. Blochloerger, I. McCurdy, L. McGowan, T. Pascale S DRAMATICS 62 'if OFFICE PRACTICE CLUB First Row: D. Blcilce, G. Ewcrrt. Second Row: M. Mornning E Page C Copper E Wilkinson-f-Sponsor, I. Knight, I, Cullum, M, Torri M l-lulole-r D lomcv: L Posccrle, V. Kryworuko. Second Row: H, Pierce, A, Simondfs, C, Dcxnnczlcer, L, Collier, I. Wriglit. 63 First Row: O. Monn, D, Mooney, M, Wondless Sponsor, lj. Butz, D. Lunccf BRIDGE CLUB First Row: D. McKee, V. Bowman, F. MaderfS1oonsor, F. Kattinge, K. Smith. Second Row: N. Iarden, D. Lomas, R. Roan, A. March, I. Kattinge, N. Beebe, B. Warrington. Third How: E. Burn, C. Mason, l-l. Beulah, D. Slack, W. Lindsay, M. Ridgeway, W, Winterloottom, B. Stubbs. First Row: F. Conley, G. Cobourn. Second Row: l-l. Brzoski, M. Berckman, Morgan, R. Edwards, l. Pullman, I. McCurdy, F. Birney, L. Fulton, C. Mor aomery. Third Row: T. Camper, R. Megonegale- Sponsor, I. Branson, B. Algc H Tomlinson, I. Natale, B. Woodvfard, M. King, F. Bonsell. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB E511 1 i k , I. SURVEYING CLUB First Row: B. Alqoe, I. Thorn. Second Row: W. Russell, A. Sisk, F, Berckinon C. Fwori, H. Donowoy, H. Hofsson, W. Wilkinson Sponsor. First How: A. Luiz, M. Young, L. McGowan, l. Phelps, H. Hudson Sporiraor. Second How: G. Holt, A. Boyer, S, Ciirenloouni, H. Horie, S. Dcrinon, G. Cooqon. PUBLICITY CLUB iii CLASS WILL Martha Anderson, better known as "Marty", leaves her "clothes sense" to Nan Locke. Since Marie Gummel's vocal chords are beginning to wear out, "Toot" Berckman has decided to will Marie her "extra pair." Bob Buxbaum has left George Weiss his flare for doing a million things at once, and Bill Bridge leaves 'his guns an-d dogs to Bob Van Winkle. Nicky Federchok will be kept busy the next few years since Iohnny F. has left him his reputation to live up to. Nicky, however, will ,not be the only busy one for Bob Hays has willed his Extra Curricular Activities to Dick Shaw. Denny Kelsey, the notorious box office attraction, bequeathed his vocal chords to Bill Russell on the condition that Bill joins the "Kelsey Ketch'm Club." lack Ketrick has left Ross Lewis his station wagon, complete with a book of free tickets, and Donal-d Lomas, the typing wizard, leaves his L. C. Smith to Larry Fulton. Ann Blochberger wills her bobb-pins and hair-do styles to Doris Dan- naker and Doris Reed has decided to give Ieanie Olson a "boost in 1ife" by leaving her 5 or 6 inches of height. Elsie Cobourn leaves her "mid-'day jaunts" and a free booklet on applying the brakes to Nancy Fritz. Ioan McCurdy bestows her fashionable wardrobe upon Barbara Mulloy an-d so Blair Smith won't have to wait for the PTC, Bill Bumford wills him two or three polished Mercuries. Hoyt Beulah leaves his love of Rice Krispies to Louis Iohnson. Bo-Bo Luglio wills his position as "judge" to enthusiastic juryman Henry Tracy and Rodney Smith leaves his championship-form to Bob Simpers. Ioe Gummel wills several columns in the Chester Times to Dan Megronigle during foot- ball season and Dorie Platt leaves her stick-work to Meredith Williamson. 66 CLASS WILL Margie Yeager wills her position on varsity basketball plus those weekly trips to Media to Leona McGowan, and Mary Maisenhelder leaves her antics in class to lack Cocchi. Iack Weare leaves his "curly toupee" to Bob Ander- son arid Nancy Beebe wills her petite size to Bob Bowers. Teddy Griffiths be- queaths to Bob Stubbs his old Math papers along with his plaigerized edition "answers," Bill Pollock leaves his pickup truck to Iohn Ryan, and Iim Kattinge leaves his "excused absences" to Esther Peck. Tommy Stabler wills his enthusiasm for 8 o'clock bmd practice to Sonny Goodchild and Henry Ingram leaves his "hours of study" to Anne Boyer. Peggy English wills her drawing ability to lean Pascale and Ianet Pullman leaves her "cover girl smile" to Iane Knight. Carlota Mason leaves her cleverness as an artist to Garth Coogan and her sister Doris bequeaths to Marie Manning her interest in civic aftairs. Paul Coppock has willed his "base spot" in the Boys Quarter to Terry Iohnson and lane Currie leaves her walk to Audrey Lutz. Frances Morgan bequeaths her patience in creating new hair-doos to Elizabeth Graham and Frank Berckman leaves his spontaneous remarks to Iack Larkin. Clara Copper has been willed Elizabeth Page's shorthand abil- ity which includes ten periods of tree explanation. Bill Pascale leaves his green sweater to any junior Irishman and Leah Collier wills her notes fclass preparationl to Dottie Weatherby. Charlie Mervine leaves his bashfulness to Bob Sweeney. Tweet Lindsay leaves his cosmetics and gadgets on initiation day to Carl Sullivan. Martha Simchock wills her peppy personality to Ed McFa1l and Barry Simmons wills his introspective manner to Dottie Schureman. Dick Sickler be- queaths to Richard Howarth his talent to make the gals swoon and Evans 67 CLASS WILL Burn leaves his presidency to unsuspecting Bill Prouty. Bob Burroughs has surrendered his "temporary understanding of English" to lean Coslett. Patty McCain wills her cute clothes and eyelashes to Carol Black and Myra Ridgeway bequeaths her gracefulness to Zoe Kranzfelder. St. Clair Milbourn wills her "resolutions to diet" to Sally Damon and Nancy Iarden has left her fame as an athlete to Miss Leonard. Walter Ienkins wills his pompadour to several faculty members whose hair lines have taken on the appearance of Studebakers. Helen Brzoski has willed "Goofy" her diamond so he can really tease the girls. Harry Harper bequeaths to Bill Algoe his shyness and to Pete Citrenbaum, Bill Flogaus wills his debonaire mannerisrns. Betty Spencer leaves her history ability to Iames Rice and to Albert Sisk, Kim Smith bequeaths his dashing smile, with a word of caution "leap year!" "Mickey" Hasson wills himself to Gordon Holt in hopes that the Gordon will make him "Atom Bomb" of the comic strip. Perry Parmelee wills his "shoe lifts" to Bill Winterbottom and to Arthur "Harry Iames" Powell, Mary Ellen Torris leaves her natural curly hair and a "Tonie" just in case. Warren Steele wills his "Ten Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of A Car" to Mr. Boorse and Helen Harte leaves her student council activities to Iarie Phelps. Carl Ewart wills his ability to blush to Tommy Griffiths an-d Gladys leaves ther quiet manner to Catherine Worrell. So.Grant Montgomery may enter a field of unlimited opportunities, Anna Bentley wills him her white cap and position as a pill-pusher. Mary Hubler bequeaths to Mr. Kline her hilarious chuckle and to Kate Clark, lean Weir wills her job as accompanist, complete with "sour notes." 68 ALMA MATER May our school be blessed With fortune and success, Through all the years. May our scholars true Thy paths pursue, Resolved to face anew All our hopes and tears. Nether Providence, May we attain our goals Through thy own might. Give us strength and will To fight to win And in thy name fufill Freedom, truth, and right. HENRY'S BARBER SHOP For Fine Scalp and Facial Treatment Special Booths for Ladies 207 W. STATE STREET Media, Pa. Media News Agency IIM LEONARD, Prop. Newspapers, Magazines ci Sundries Cameras 6- Films United Cigar Store Agency I. NELSON RIGBY FUNERAL DIRECTOR 1 W. BALTIMORE AVENUE MEdia 6-4526 Media, Penna. CAT'S PAW RUBBER HEELS AND SOLES STOPS SLIPPING INSTANTLY! FRANK ROSS 10 E. STATE STREET Media, Pa. Phone MEclia 6-1297 GEORG BLOOM for FINER HOME FURNISHINGS STATE AND OLIVE STREETS Media, Pa. COMPLIMENTS or MEDIA TAXI SERVICE Iohn Moe 312 WEST BAKER STREET 24 Hour Service Phones MEdia 6-1100 656-l857 Media, Pa. IEFFERIS DRUG STORE Martin S. Richman, BSC. The Rexall Store Opposite Post Office Media, Pa. MEdia 6-0160 RAYMOND B. WORRALL WHOLESALE CONFECTIONER 311 E. BALTIMORE AVENUE Package Chocolates Phone MEdia 6-0879 S. I. LUGLIO MEDIA, PA. MASONRY CONTRACTOR WALLINGFORD GARAGE MEdiO 6-1761 FOSTER - BARRY - SIMMONS REAL ESTATE - DEVELOPMENT - CONSTRUCTION BROOKSIDE ROAD, WALLINGFORD. PA. WILSON COAL 6, SUPPLY CO. WALLINGFORD. PA. MEdic1 6-0123 f Swcrihmore 0600 A. W. MORTON Newspapers Magazine Subscriptions Serving Wcrlhngford Since 1938 BILL BATTEY SPORTING GOODS Retail and Wholescxle 18 s. ORANGE STREET Phone Mmm 6-1823 Medic, PQ HIHERH I-ISTER again F O R B ET T E R PHOTOGRAPHS FOR BETTER YEARBOOKS Ufficial l7lwtvgraplnerA for the l943 Non Pafreil TORY - TELLING photographs to help make your Yearbook a treasure to you and an "ALL AMERICAN" award winner too. The experience of TWO GENERA- TIONS of PHOTOGRAPHERS is offered to Editor and Class Advisor . . . with a service which includes, not only making Portraits, Groups and Candid Photographs. but also suggesting ideas for adding interest to the Yearbook. The small Yearbook and large, can be just as interesting .... Yes, and an "All American" award winner too, by making every photograph count. We will gladly show you how. FIIIIERH HSTER 1705 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. formerly Hollander ci Feldman - , PALMER'S FLORIST SHOP 2 W. 7th STREET Chester 9104 Warner S. Hamilton 6. Son Nurseryman 6 General Landscaping Phone Chester 2-6406 COIVIPLIMENTS OF CONTINENTAL CHAIN CORPORATION CROZER BUILDING CHESTER, PA. NANCY CASSON presenting the latest and best in PERMANENT WAVING A trial will convince formerly Fitz Simons Phone 3-6719 27 E. 4th STREET Chester, Pa. famous throughout Delaware County for PERMANENT WAVES Business ninnrinnnnn A C II II U N I I N G S I C Il E III II I A L I-2-3 Yvur Courses -Ihr UM: and Wonwn F ded teas :' 5 '?f'sTi1 fl ttiflf , SUMMER TERM-9 Weeks, Beginning lune 14 Shorthand and Typing Courses for those who plan to attend college. Brush-up and Regular Courses. FALL TERM-Ilay, Sept. 1-Evening, Sept. 20 Early Enrollment Advisable PEIRCE SCHOOL IIF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIUN Pine Sf. Wen ol lroad, Philudelphll 2, Fa. Coll, write or 'phone PE 5-2100 for catalog LANCASTER CO. FARMERS MARKET 19 w. 7th s'rnEE'r cm Bridgey visn' oUR POULTRY STANDS Foods direct from the farms Home Made Pies. Bread 6. Cakes Phone: 2-9775 MARKET DAYS - WED. 51 SAT. 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RUMFORD GENERAL CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER 165 RIDGE BOULEVARD - BROOKHAVEN, CHESTER, PA. Phone - Chester 9297 l.I EI MOTOD C0..lNC. MtDlA.DA. - Minn nut f'il'08f0lI0 lmu Ann Auto IIJIJDIIKI CHARLES A. MCCAFFERTY ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Baltimore Pike and Providence Road MEDIA, PA. MEdia 6'9347 FUEL OIL OIL BURNERS BURNER SERVICE KETRICK 5: SON Phone 2-2893 Brookhaven, Chester, Pa. REMEMBER Good Hamburgers Hot Dogs and Milk Shakes at THE DOG HOUSE Baltimore Pike. Springfield, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK's BARBER SHOP ELLIS MENS SHOP MEDIA, PA. 106 W. STATE STREET Media, Pa. SCOTT PRODUCTS SERVE THE NATION ,Q gk 5,2 I 4 ,ggi "' Us fi-ff. . -1. U A gi ZF' ., . .,.. ft QQ, R E, .t y - T TT fwfr' w1fffI"' , 5 W' 7" SCOTT PAPER COMPANY CHESTER. PA SUTLIFF 6. WHITE PHOTOGRAPHERS Cameras - Darkroom Supplies Next to Media Theater Phone MEdia 6-1263 CHARLES A. HIGGINS ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Radios . . . Refrigerators Sales and Service Electrical Appliances 112 W. STATE STREET Media, Pa. NORMAN F. WORRALL Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1948 Keystone Secretarial and Business Administration School SWARTHMORE. PA. ecilae FOR REAL LIVING l. Take as many "clay dreams" as you like. 2. Add one savings account Cwell ripened through regular savingsl, 3. and without stirring . . , and no guess work either, your day dreams become a reality. Open a Savings Account S 170 Interest Paid. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MEDIA Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of THE OTTEY PRINT SHOP PARTICULAR PRINTING 107 SOUTH MONROE STREET Media, Pennsylvania MEdia 6-0114 ALBIN P, OTTEY, Prop. DAMON 6: FOSTER Civil and Consulting Engineers CHESTER PIKE 6. HIGH STREET Sharon Hill, Del. Co., Pa. PICTORIAL POWER The irresistible power of pictures is felt in class record books just as surely as in magazines and other publica- tions. Pictures . . . interesting, life-like and well-repro- duced . . . vitalize the yearbook and serve as visual reminders of student life -as it was lived! Faithfully reproducing these pictures through the process of photo- engraving is the job of the Basil Smith System - spe- cialists in publication engraving. Pictorial power to the maximum is assured by our modern facilities, years of experience and well-earned reputation. A GUIDE TO OUTSTANDING ' CLASS RECORD BOOKS Evvfy year- book statf should have this valuable creative E Nm UE,,,,6 Qfcarbouf aid. A continuing catalogue full of sparkling layouts and hclplnl informa- tion on designing yearbooks. W- 2 Reserve your copy now. """'i""2"" 3 ! E . ""A""' BASIL SMITH SYSTEM, INC. 1016 CHERRY ST. PHILADELPHIA 1, PA. Compliments of THE AMERICAN PRESS, INC 207 South Ninth Street Philadelphia 7, Pennsylvania Memory Lane n ,Q 15. an 1 Ha- . 'I 1 1' .' fl wwvvsfrv -Q 1 .4 E," ki .,L, 1 Q .J V: -,s W: V ' 5152 ,V N Lf. "--. 1 ,,.. . h',"5 W. 4,34 ,5- ' I. Q f ,fu rx-. A -1 'Q -4 36, . ,.:- ,V , . .4 if 'lzilqi'-71. ' ,1.,- , 3? Enakw 2 ,nj .m- -' ,.-'- ,1 5-5 '91 .A . - -U-311 H' W!-.-,H 1 .., W, . v s 1 -Q Y n E' - ' R. 'Q yvsul. , . .1 .Lt TF '

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