Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Nether Providence High School - Non Pareil Yearbook (Wallingford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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i Q 'wg Q-2 zvmms VIWJH Q n0,j?Zj,Ay!'.f ,..i,, V K I I " 47" . V liQ,gf.fQTQiQ,- s wg Www? X J' W ,A .Sl gif ff Qpffffgfjf mf MMM WW wa M MH' W Q' yi' A035 f ANMT M E ,WPI W tiiwwfff ' 3395 A - ,go-ofwx, lw'KyyV -sxvghsiwk Rm mi wk fold WMM ffm EW my W ,I fi 1 iff G' R MWyf Ui fwwq 32.3 4- I . L Qwytowmwj MQ 'Jimi L QV Qs 'mv f of W Lwfbzpd, QM! JMU" az, 4. e1f4Ndff"x"4 M? 6' M 5491, I. 4. 3 Wm- VWMMZZKT Q M QW My , in .- Ny V Mamfwh My fl Z lp' wig, X W 'LW W! QNRCD X lfQQm,vt, M.. 0 0 xt 'w My wwf I I 151.151, il' " 'lin T ' ' V , .' ' .. - ' ' . .' ' " , A -'I" VW. 1' '2Jrvx.J'.7'n".-.,.'L'.-m'.' ,Vwrmi E l QExJLihris GY .YQ Iv 1 nfl K sf' U 3 I L S if , "-if -X Wslw d!f.f'd -P 4-1"" 1 A 1:1-f::'4f!fe.'+- :Tai ffm 'T Q 4' tsvfg if 632:51 , .W.A I : 31, Q ' ' - Af Q Qi 1 W 1 . ,A '9Q'3'f' xalw 0255, M 1 "i '-P4 ww 4 F" W- 4a.L'Q9f+ -ffm. H+- ...s1f6'35'usw 5' ' 'fiat ' hi' .fax ff-,,g:'f'wr-sf 'W , . , L , " Qgqyxv fl' LL , ,V ' L f - x H -up V ?.if""Q - f- W x " mx by IQ: n x 49 .X 'wx nk' , is ,q '14, -- A N . 'K""W W N a" -'H"f" . . f. Qi H - 5" ew -N x -.Q - . , 3.f,1K,SSfM L? . P? . 1 , 5 ' l LII- F f' -Y f 8 Q U - H2 1' v, , 5-ws: . .L ' wg -- 5 K A 4 ,wg ,I - -rf 3, fffgww v -1 UE. 1 :,.9,,,f,:. , ':,f 'Q N xx ,AW X Ll 'NN ' . Q fi k, I i. L' 1 - - I ,lm .1 Wg ' yi! 1 EE , I , I u'I'l "' '.! ,Q 501 ,, , Q . Iv , ,ai 'Q 55 h W,A,,,, -ii . 1 H-Il :Glam raw.: KJ: 'M' .fr- .u-immw .mwmwf 'rf nl'1.xJl-'f ,-",..f" f ' ,, 1 c gffff Q., J.. Q.. f fm W ' . -e.. H? fx- 90" 1, Y Vu r ff? 1 I .0-"' , .4,f ehicatiun We, the class of '47, dedicate this yearbook to Park A. Hess, who has contributed much towards the welfare and progress of our school. Mr. Hess moved from his position as teacher of mathematics and our Tenth Grade homeroom teacher to become principal of N. P. H. S., so we take considerable pleasure in expressing our appreciation of his sincere and unfailing interest in us, a class, and as individuals by dedicating this ac- count of our unforgettable years at Nether Providence to him. Bthitatefs Message TO THE CLASS OF '47 It has been my privilege to have been associated with you as teacher and counsellor during the past six years. These have been years of rich experience and educational growth. The educational and social environment influencing your lives during this period offered many opportunities for the develop- ing of your peculiar talents and interests which forms the basis of your emerging personality and lays the foundation for your continuing success and happiness. You were privileged in many ways. With privilege goes responsibility. The faculty, in the capacity of advisers and friends, directed your experiences with the aim that you would understand the meaning of democratic living. Soon your attention will be focused upon new horizons as you are now anxiously looking forward to commencement, which is truly a new beginning. You will face a world of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. I believe that you will be ready to accept and achieve the leadership towards a more tolerant, clear-thinking and democratic way of life. You have my best wishes in your every undertaking. P. A. Hess. 9 jfurttnurn We feel that N. P. has a quality this year that it has previously not had. We have our administration and superior teaching staff to thank for our high standards and progress. Our school, supported by the increased efforts of the com- munity and P. T. A. has climbed in academic achievement and public, community and school spirit, so that, now as never before, we have a school spirit which is truly Non-Pareil. It is hoped that in this book each senior finds a remembrance of this spirit and all his fun-and-work-packed years at N. P. May he remember well the role each event, each class and each senior played in piecing together so rich a memory. CONTENTS 'I' Administration and Faculty Seniors You Can't Take It With You Clubs and Activities Athletics Classes + zu -Yaffhw lc e J, 'xy '1- - 'mr S r,.x me ,af ...Ml Qhministratiun Qnh Jfacultp 4-N -- ' l f Szzpvrrisifzg l31'ir14'i11al-HOWARD A. WENTZ-Administration: Lebanon Col- lege, Temple Univcrsityg B. S. and M. A. in Educationg traveled in the Eastern Statesg member Phi Delta Kappag belongs to the Delaware County Teachers' Asso- ciation, Delaware County Principal Association, Rotary, National Secondary School Principal Associationg has one daughter, Junior High, Nancy. I nys, S , i QR. X rim I X, . f FTW QA! Jill, Principal--PARK A. HESS-Administrationg Millersville State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State College, Columbia University, Temple Unive'rsityg B. S., M. A. Enjoys sports and huntingg has a two-year-old daughterg has worked with the New York Telephone Company, experienced in teaching, coaching, and administration prior to entering N. P.g member of the Delaware County Principal Association and National Secondary School Principal Association. 136 X A OFFICE STAFF Nancy Logan Waltsie D. Bishop Alice M. Wenger STANLEY A. Bookse-English Department, West Chester State Teachers College, Cornell University, B. S. in Public School Music--Graduate work in speech and dramatics, last year directed Barn Studio Productions with Buck Hill Players, paints, collects records, cooks, enjoys the arts, cats and people who are always right annoy him. BETTY N. COTTON-Librarian, New jersey College for Women, Rutgers Uni- versity, New York University, B. A., has seen New England and Eastern Canada, likes skiing, dancing, and hiking, can't stand people who jabber-or rude children. JOHN F. ECHTERNACH-English Department, Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, Temple University, B. S. and M. S. in Education, traveled in Florida, New England and Canada, married and has three children. Owns fruit farm in Lancaster county, hobbies are kids, athletics, is keen on competition, peeves are boys who will not train and people who do not enjoy romance of great literature. J. MERVIN GOTTSHALL-Music Department: West Chester State Teachers College: University of Pennsylvania: B. S. in Music, M. S. in Education: served in the army: is church director in spare moments: loves to sing. CATHERINE L. GRAY-Social Studies Department: West Chester State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania: B. A.: enjoys riding, swimming, traveling and reading. Cocker spaniels will find her a good' mistress. CHESTI-Ili. V. HAUPT-Physical Education Department: Michigan State Teachers Col- lege: B. S.: trains dogs and hunts: married: has visited Mexico and Canada: four years of Army life, spending part of time in the South Pacific: summer umpire of pro base- ball: likes everyone: pet peeve is annoying others. KA'l'Hl'IlilNl-I Ll-IE HAIUII-IR-Physical Education Department: B. S.: interested in hockey, tennis, riding, dancing: likes playing jokes on Mr. Haupt: detests dishonesty in any form: pet peeves are people who give false excuses as ,to Why they can't take gym. FRICD Il, HUVCK-Science Department: Bloomsburg State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania: B. S.: sports fan: pinoehle player: spent four and a half years in the infantry, two overseas: dislikes Spam and dehydrated eggs. JAMES A, JAMIHON-Science Department: WVest Chester State 'Teachers College: B. S. in Education: was a pilot in A. A. F.: 35 missions,-over Germany: on military service has seen the British Isles, Belgium: sum- mertime pop-corn business, interested in photography. swimming, sailing: would like to see a winning Junior High basketball team. CARL E. KANE-History Department: St. Louis University: B. S.: hobby is athletics: as Lieutenant in Navy Anti-Submarine warfare, traveled in Far East, South Pacific, Aleutians and Unied States: sour on Spain, sissies and miliary life. GlLl5Eli'l' L. KLINIC-Social Studies Department: Bloomsburg State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania: B. S. and M, S. in Education: likes athletics: married, has a daughter, I-1lDl'l'H LINCOLN LICONARD-lflnglish Department: University of Ivlichigang li, A. and M. A.: hobbies and interests include flowers, keeping house, sharp clothes, Colonial History. and medical social service: traveled through Europe, I39l'Ylllld2L, Mexico, Vanada, and forty-four of the forty-eight states. FRANK A. NIADl'IRf-Mathematics Depart- mcnt: Dickinson College, Pennsylvania Statc College, University of California, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania: ll. A.: married: leisure time absorbed by music, tennis, bowling and bridge: technical experience while serving four years in the army. I-IINVARD G. M.-YI'l'IL- Art Department: Pennsylvania State Uollegeg H. S, M, A.: saw army lifc as educational reconditioning instructor: married, has one son: likes to fish, cook, and do craftwork: dislikes 1-ranking his car and army apartments. LAl'liA A. liI':l':l,fl4'0l'PlE.Zll Language Department: Columbia lfniversity, Temple l'nive1-sity, lniversity of Pennsylvania: A. li. and M. A.: has viewed both Canada and Mexico: has done social work: collector of exotic jewelry. ALA'l'HI'IlA IC. lil-IICSIC-Mathematics De- partment: Mansiicld State Teachers College, Bucknell Vniversity, Temple University: B. A, in Education: has been dining room hostess. l'A'l'RlCIA G. SELIG-Commercial and English Departments: University of l'enn- sylvama: B. S. and S. in Education: hobbies are folk dancing and square dance eallmg: has traveled in the Americas and West Indies: dislikes intolerance and preju- dlec of any kind, and gum chewing typists. JUNE HARDING SEARCH-Foreign Language Department: Bucknell University: B. A.: finds enjoyment in radio, movies, semi-classical music: doe-sn't relish dental .appoint- ments or like alarm clocks. FRANCIS H. SPICKLER -Industrial Arts Department: Millers- ville State Teachers College, Temple University: B. S, in Educa- tion: leisure time is spent singing and building: served in Civilian Public Service for thirteen months. LLOYD G. TR0l'T-Social Studies Depart- ment: Millersville State Teachers College, Temple Fniversity: B, S.: While with the Marines traveled in United States and South Pacific: thinks summer camps pretty nice: interested in sports: pet peeve is Mr. Kane's constant chatter about 'his having the most hair in school, X. ICLEANOR XVILKINSON '--Commercial Department: Temple University, Pennsylvania State College. University of Pennsylvania: B. S. in Commercial Education: traveled all over United States: does oifice work during vacation: enjoys music and reading. MYRTLE VVANDLESS-Home liconomics Department: Temple University, Cornell University: B, S. in Education, M. A.: hobbies are collecting turtles and tea tags-also has an interest in the theatre: has seen New England, Canada, and the VVest: likes N. P.: pet peeve is chewing gum. XVILLIAM J. VVILKINSON -Industrial Arts Department: Millersville State 'Teachers Col- lege, Pennsylvania State College, University of Pennsylvania: B, S. in Education: N. P. teacher for 13 years: was stationed in Pana- ma while serving in Ordinance Department, 3rd Service Command: married: has hit Mexico, Canada, and all over the States: hobby is photography: loves candy. MILDRED I-1. XVILLIAMS fhlatheniatics Department: B, S. in Education at Mans- field State Teachers College, graduate work at Duke University, Albany State Teachers College, University of Pennsylvania: taught three years in Lima, Peru: spent some time in Central and South America: worked in the Ballistics Research Laboratory in Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Qeninrs Glass QBffirers Prz'viflz'nl 7 7 7 Warren D1vis Mulloy Vin'-Prvxizfrrzf 7 77 john Henry Rice Sc'a'rz'fary 77 ,77, 7 ,7,7 7 .7 7 Mary Suplec Trvaxzzrfr 7 77 7 7 77 7 A 777777 William G. Phillips, jr. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Harriet Diem Warren Mulloy Mich Kobayashi Patricia Wiley' CAT? xii. WW I ' 4 'N NOEL ALBERTSON Acarlcrnir' Moylan -corny jokerg prizes one side-burng constantly quotes Frenchg is proud of cigar smokingg posture as straight as a wilred flowerg Howard Johnson fang gives his specs pretty lough treatment. Football IIIg Student Councilg Band Showg Boys' Quartetg Chorus II, IIIQ Senior Play III. MARJORIE JEANNE ALLEN Acadwnir Garden City -knows there's no one quite like Zekeg favors roller skatingg looks forward to Juneg music loverg devoted to the sextetteg looks alive even without lipstick. Dramatics I, lIg Sr. Chorus I, Il, IIIg Sextette I, II, -IIIg Year- book III VERA BLACK Academic' I Garden City -sports fang in love with Swarthmoreg Billg smoothg mis- chiefmakerg Spanish Revolutionaryg in thc knowg Joan Ed- wards' stand-ing sophisticated. J. V. Hockey I, II, IIIg Chorus II, IIIg Student Council I. IIg Band II, IIIg Sr. Play IIIg V. Basketball I, Captain IIIg Dramatics IIIQ Homeroom Pres. IIg Typing Minor II. MARY HILL BOWEN Arudefnir Rose Valley -concert stage pianistg good-naturedg faithful to sister Geor- gieg lots of fung sessions at Messmer'sg swell. Sr. Chorus H, HIg Sextette H, Hlg Typing Minor Hg Dramatics IIIg Debating HI RAY BURKE General Brookhaven -speederg bright light in schoolg side remarks in classg girls UQ 3 makes cars his hobbyg harrassed expressionsg always blush- ingg Who, me? Lincolnesquc. Hi-Y Ig Surveying III DOROTHY H. CHERRY Commercial Garden City -trouble learning to driveg what's the English assignment? forever dietingg giggle galg ter.if'ic at mimicry, jokesterg blirhe spirit. Dramatics I, Hg Basketball Mgr. Hg Modern Dancing H15 Yearbook Hlg Oihce Practice Hl. MARY ADELINE COPPOCK Commercial Garden City -quiet, reserved, pleasant smile, willing typist, Yes, Caryl, self-control, hidden spark of life. Girl Reserves-Vice Pres. I, Treas. II, Sr. Chorus II, III, Press Club Typist III, Oflice Practice III. HARRIET BARBARA DIEM Academic Heatherwold -talks C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y, history Einstein, fTell us about your accident at the shore, Harrietj, good sport, future illustrator for Harper's Bazaar Qshe hopesjg filibuster, "What I mean is"-human dynamo, Marple Newtown. J. V. Hockey I, II, Dramatics I, II, Art Club I, Intra-mural Basketball I, II, III, Art Editor of Press Club II, III, Art Editor of Yearbook III, Sr. Chorus III, Debating III, National Honor Society, Sr. Play III. MARY LOUISE ELLIOTT Academic Springhaven Reds, avid sportster, summer romances, time was fPepj, personality smile, excitable, super cheerleader, model for Penny in the comics, ball of fire. Student Council-Sec. I, II, Vice Pres. J. V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball III, Hockey I, III, Sr. Chorus I, II, III, Varsity Basketball and Hockey II, Cheerleading II, III, G. A. A. Pres. III, Dramatics III. JOAN MARIE FIELD Academic Garden City -hep cheerleader, Danny Kaye the second, always running for a bus, bellicose, frank, talks with her hands, life of the party. J. V. Basketball and Hockey I, III, Cheerleading I, II, III, Student Council I, II, Sec., Sr. Chorus II, III, Varsity Hockey II, Varsity Basketball II, III, Assembly Committee I, Senior Play III. HOWARD FLOGAUS Acadr mic Wallingford -30 m. p. h., slow in getting, the point, football fiend, drives a limousine, lackadaisical, squeaky voice, Charles Atlas the Znd. Bridge Club III, J. V. Basketball I, II, Football I, II, III, Science Club I, II, Varsity Club, Sec. II, III, H. R. Treas. II, III, Senior Play III. SHIRLEY MAE FREAR Commercial Garden City -super salespusher, usually annoyed, Sears and Roebuck worker, business manager deluxe, beautiful complexion, that worried look. Art Club I, II, Hockey Mgr. I, II, G. A. A. I, III, Sr. Chorus II, III, Press Club III, Sextette III, Yearbook Mgr. III. NANCY GRAY A4'ar1z'n1ir Chester -loves musicg prettyg blondeg all smilesg U. S. O. Queeng follows up Army Life: P. M. C. started in September, Nancyq vim and vigorg intends to marry Don. G. A. A. Ilq Sr. Chorus II, IIIQ Intra-mural Basketball IIg Sex- tette Illg Dramatics III. BE'I"I'Y JANE HEDGEPETH Amderfzir Bowling Green M -Chem. problem childg usually smilingg feetsomeg mothers any Cocker spanielg blinding red pedal-pushers. J. V. Hockey I, IIQ Homeroom Pres. I, IIIg Dramatics I, IIg Track Qwon shoej I, IIg Intra-mural Basketball I, IIIg Band II, lIIg Press Club II, IIIQ Humor Editorg Sr. Chorusg Senior Play III. ICHIKO KOBAYASHI Ar'mlr'n1iv Philadelphia -hard workerg easy to likeg all out for N. P.g good sportg shadow of a voice: Friday morning dashes for the library: flower-like delicacy and gentilityg brain trustg cute giggleg ambitious. Red Cross Ig Girl Reserves I, Sec.g Sr. Chorus I, Illg J. V. Basketball Ig V. Hockey Ig Vs. Hockey II: Student Council IIQ Dramatics Sec. Ilg Yearbook Editor IIIg Intra-mural Base- ball I, IIQ National Honor Society III. ALICE H. LALOUP Commercial Garden City -unique walkg long, curl-less hairg Howard Johnson slaveg works hard in schoolg coyg Warm-heartedg Jane Russellg naive. Folk Dancing IIQ Ballroom Dancing IIIQ Office Practice III DAVID LONGBINE General Garden City -usually has homework done fnot always in his handwrit- ingjg begs to get the carg Sue's is his hangoutg likes sportsg heckles Mr. Kaneg pleasantg engaging grin. Football IIIQ Basketball II, IIIQ Baseball I, II, IIIg Assembly IIg Varsity Club I, II, Vice Pres. III ROMAN H. MAJOR General N. P. Township -Robin Hoodg baseballg janeyg English whizg corny jokesg likes to teaseg should never be a traveling salesmang artistg flopping hairg casanovag boyish smile. Art Club I, IIg Sports Club IIIg Varsity III MARIE MABEL MASON General Media -likes sportsg rhythm plusg interested in johnnyg personalityg sparkling cyesg wide smile for everyoneg art mnjorg cheerfulg Finds joy in livingg impish. Art Club Ig Art Major I, II, IIIg Typing Minor IIg Ballroom Dancing IIIg Baseball II. ALAN HALLMAN MARCH General Moylan -likes to gung woman's man loutside of schooljg a good advertisement for some hair tonicg keeps Sen-Sen Company in businessg auto salesman. Game Club Ig Art Club II WILLIAM MARCH Arazlvnziv Moylan -ardent ping-pong playerg pipe smokerg nicknamed Pucker Lipsg would like to go to Yaleg I. plusg the strong silent typcg enigmatic personality. Band I, II, IIIQ Student Council III MARY ELLA McDOWELL CfJl7Il7IFVL'fdI Garden City -the men in her lifeg the accent, terrific appetitcg Kain- tucky! Southern hospitalityg bounce in her walk, darting eyes, tales about numerous kin. Girl Reserves 15 Folk Dancing 115 Modern Dancing 1115 Yearbook 1115 office Practice 111. NVARREN DAVIS MULLOY Afacfvlwzic' Winding Lane -basketball star5 shortyg girl shy O55 plays the licorice stick5 great sailorg easy goingg snares all the extra-curricular honors without apparent effort, N. P.'s man of distinction. Band 1, 11, 1115 J. V. Basketball 15 Vs. Basketball 11, 1115 Varsity Club, Pres. 1115 Science Club 15 Orchestra 115 Class President, 1115 Photography Club 1115 Bark 1115 National Hon- or Society 1115 Senior Play 111. HARRY PATTERSON AL'dl1l'll1il' Springhaven -fickle wolf5 happy-go-luckyg slow but always gets thereg jokerg Hey, Didget! Sound truckg eligible bachelor5 sardonic laughg critical. Dramatics 1, Vice Pres.5 Science 1, 115 Football, J. V. and Vs. 115 Homeroom vice pres. 1115 V. Basketball Mgr. 1. WILLIAM G. PHILLIPS, JR. Acadmziv Providence Village -loves a hot argument, good treasurer, dues hound, stays away from girls, responsible characterg fuss-budget, bow- tiesg eager beaver? Class Treas. I, II, III, Yearbook III, Science I, IIg Typing Minor III, Senior Play III. BETTY ANN PUTT Amclwrzic' Rose Valley -pretty hair, "Da-Mob" member, nuts about sailing and horses, summer trips to Maineg snake hips, Klcpg seldom stirs herself in school work, sarcastic humor. Dramatics I, II, V. Hockey I, II, Band II, III, Art Club Ig Track I, Ilg Intra-mural Basketball I, III, Press Club News Editor III. JOHN HENRY RICE Gr'm'ral Swarthmore -character, usually has the last laugh, great teaser, snappy, debonairg a flash on the basketball courtg swell guy. Band I, II, IIIg Orchestra I, II, Chorus Ig J. V. Basketball I, II, Vs. Basketball III, Student Council Ig Football III. VERA VIVIAN RICE General Swarthmore -up-swept hairdog quiet, slow smile, genial, prize-winning drawings, fiery temper. Folk dancing I, II, Ballroom Dancing III. MARY GAY RIFE Academic Wallingford -still waters run deep, English style in humorg Park Avenue clothes, hard worker, dependable, talented pianist, really savvy, one of the Rife clan, liberal views. Student Council II, Girls, Sextctte II, III, Chorus I, II, III, Yearbook III, Senior Play III. MARGARET ROBSON C0lllN1C1'!'idl Chester -quiet, out-of-townerg soft-spokeng typistg seen but not heard, sympathetic listener, hair styles. Red Cross Ig Folk Dancing II, Intra-mural Basketball I, Ilg Intra-mural Baseball I, II, Ballroom Dancing IIIg Office Prac- tice IIIg Yearbook III. VIRGINIA MARIE ROWAN Aradrrzziz' Rose Valley -dark eycsg nice clothesg Chip's her dream, usually can hear the Ford before she sees itg works hard in classesg utterly feminine, pretty. Red Cross Ig Chorus II, III, Color Guard II, III. MORTON R. SAKERS General Garden City -excellent pitcher, easy-going, winning personalityg quictg potential faithful husband, athlete's build. Baseball I, II, III, Varsity Club I, IIg Treas. III, Football Ig jr. Sports Club IIIg Student Council IIg Boy's Athletic Council I OWEN FORD SHEPPARD General Garden City -Bell-bottomed trousers vetg shorty, diploma hound, likes to work on his carg typical Navy wolfg subtleg lots of horse senseg happy disposition. Band I, II, III, Chorus I, II, III V ERONICA SIMCHOCK Commercial Garden City -Russiang loves to argueg always a trail of boysg Oh, that little sisterg flirtatious eyesg easy on the books. Girl Reserves Ig Dramatics II. SUZANNE M. SIMPERS Academic Rose Valley -long red hairg such a laughg always does a certain person's homeworkg cute strutg coyg Daveg always in on thingsg daily lunch get-togetherg fire on her tongue. Student Council I, II, HIg Sr. Chorus H, IHg Intra-murals 1, II, 111. . MARTHA ELLEN SISK Commercial Plush Mill -Sweetg spends lots of time in 69th Streetg as nice as they comeg Madonna-like smileg A-1 stenographerg unassumingg feminine. Girl Reserves Ig Folk Dancing Hg Modern Dancing IIIQ Yearbook HIg Oflice Practice III. MARY SUPLEE C1m1mr'rc'ial Chester Plaza -is gyped out of car no longerg loves sports, makes dentist appointments on any convenient school day, enthusiastic, sporty clothesg loves Sun Oil Pool. Sr. Chorus I, II, III, Hockey II, III, Basketball II, III, Twirl- ing II, III, Dramaties I, II, III, Press Club IIIQ Intra-mural B. B. I, II, IIIQ Intra-mural Hockey I, II, III, Class Vice Pres. I, IIg Class Sec. III, Sextette I, II, III, Senior Play III. NWALTER SYDNOR General ' Garden City -happy, takes care of that wave! band member, quiet around schoolg subtle humor, ping-pong fan. Band I, II, III. EDWIN van DEUSEN Ac'adc'miz' Garden City Didgetg shows symptoms of a wolf, care-free, baseball Hendg slick, on the ball, perpetual gum-chewerg hearty laugh. Press I, II, IIIQ Band I, II, III, Baseball I, II, III, Varsity Club II, Ill, Chorus II, III, Student Council Vice Pres. III, Senior Play III. CARYL VIVIAN WALTERS Academic Garden City -soft voiceg good studcntg friendlyg quiet-till you know her wellg Latin enthusiast CPD, gigglesg will be at Chester Hos- pital after Juneg expressive eyes. Gift Club Ig Intra-mural Basketball Ig J. V. Hockey IIg Sec. of Homeroom II, IIIg Typing Minor IIQ Dramatics IIQ Sextette IIIQ Sr. Chorus ll, III MARIAN G. WARD Academic Village Green -super-duper sales promoterg oh, that Mr. Jamisong hockey goalieg loves to tell jokesg frequent "off sides" enthusiasmg everybody's palg devoted to Chester-Arms. Hockey II, H15 Sr. Chorus II, IIIg G. A. A. IIIQ Dramatics Ig Intra-mural Basketball II, III5 Art Club Ig Folk Dancing III DAVID VAN COURTLAND WARRINGTON Academic Wallingford -wonderful guyg gay ninetiesg loads of ambitiong Limeyg watch that limousineg Chipg crazy over Ginnyg gentleman about towng always raising money for a haircutg college boundg chivalrous. ' Hi-Y Ig V. Football Ig Class Pres. I, Ilg Varsity Football II, IIIg Student Council Press IIIg Chorus I, II, IIIg Boys' Quartet II, IIIQ Varsity Club II, IIIg Athletic Club II. . .JL - ' Eau QlZan't wake lit with you NOC .SO .HEC .Gsm m0EOmUEE- EQ edu N :EH mladcg Nioow E: 322 SSW mhxruzm gsm :Eg do Tam Ea EU S55 Zi: OC 2: UUE: :Ea Eagan on fic: MEEUE :Oh 0,24 mirage EOQEBNQ :AQUOS Fsngow QSLEWEN :atm Egzm HO USO MEASOM Q2 'Eg wiagm Q2 ENNZL UEMEOOC EAWESS ESEWFW 9:52 coxdvsaoou zu-OEOE Mo VEQH ,EE M5505-344 Nmmomxom as Rags Nmhwm :WU 2: he miwwwm SME -:O as Mo :sw M3524 2 Qgm :MO :ds ruin HH EEA UZWSOSWNEU USEQSONAOQH :MO 305602 MOD S25 23 8 2: :ga GEOG ' WSE!! MASQ mx: add: yang EMO wE,5b-20:62 I ' ' bang GEO: Ill' :Ss Magda OCEAN vwgwagho COEWEES gsm mmm aria :Oy UEE has was-Hamm Nsohko EOF A-:NMA dnzsw mu: WFODG WPHMOPQL ig- mi EE QQBOZ EWEAEUDE :NO mcm'5IamDO,HO:H WMEEUSE :Salim :mmemww 0552 2606 'HO 'Hsu Mangan Esaw H52 EEHH EOC gyda BWEEE -:EUOU 2: RAE'-4 3520 H-:NEW MEIEQH ggsm MEIBOMNE mgizcq maggie, ME-Em QEUIQMQLHOQYF Wgogdhoogv ,EO D332 goin?-gsm SEN x03-xogm FDOWQ FNQMO Hmgtwzgqc SEDAN OMOEOU Ooh H-Endludw asset!!-H UQVCIUQEO mgow ,adm Mzgvam QEBUE-H 2560! ,592 SQL OE-ESU UMSNANQ 2EUmO?5tm Ex 3:-KCOW,-UL EWS.-53dUm H5553 Rn-EH' Emacs I 2-dmdgm Ewvwx HEWEAH QCBEMBQQHHH ZOHwmmmhS: bndgaw SMH has Em C221 gwmmwm . KELOO UNYS 3:4 Q32 DEVO! KSENZ ,SES wifi ENS' :OA mmsm Egg wha? SQ BT-sm ,262 SS? 0-ESE' Eoz U49 -3 ion-52 -Q .E F-EEOQOS 'ENS EUHQE .4 ,SUSE .2 5932 .MM V632 .Q NDEDMQOQ .4 .ASQEA .E Jaw-FSBO! 'H' .MH rruwamwvwm .Z -trac .m ix?-hm 'm -WENMSVW in 'EOE J -2 gong lm JSE -2 -VBOAEOU .Q hkchwgo hm ,Siam is -Ezgm up ,gsm 'H' 50:4 -Z ngowtvn-4 H5242 ,IOANNE WATSON CjUlIlllll'l'l'Itl1 Garden City -sweet smileg a trifle on the coy sideg noted for naive ques- tionsg pretty blonde hairg a pixie in Mr. Klinc's classg what about the birds and the bees? Student Council Ig Band Ig Red Cross Ig Chorus II, III, J. V. Basketball I, IIg -I. V. Hockey IIIg Cheerleading I, II. RAYMOND I.. WHITE Gwwral Garden City -car crazy, quiet and unassuming Qin classjg aloof, chauffeur for the galsg seemingly bachelorite existence. Craft Club Ig Art Club II: Surveying Club III. PATRICIA ANN WILEY Avaflwlliz' Lapidea Hills -business tycoong brains plusg chatterboxg aggressiveg "brother saidg" dressmakerg known for different hair styles. Press Club I, II, Editor-in-Chief III, V. Hockey Ig Vs. Hockey II, Captain IIIQ Band, Head Majorette II, III, J. V. Cheerleader IIg Twirling Club III, Yearbook Ad Mgr. IIIg Debating I, II, IIIg National Honor Society III. SARAH HUNT WOODWARD Academic Moylan -good-naturedg willing workerg there when neededg sincere: uick smileg otential athleteg studiousg card tricks. P Chorus I, H, Hlg Music App. I. Ilg Intramural Baseball I, Hg Homeroom Treas. Hg Photography Hlg Sr. Play Hlg Year book HI. ROBERT YEAGER Gc'nc'rul Wallingford -no worries or troublesg those sha-rp carsg ambitious in spurtsg Chesterfield chaserg liked last year's seniorsg devilish gring lisps. Tumbling I, Hlg Leader Corps Hlg Basketball H. X I L A N I is milf' i 'is -fm., WWE. 5 W3 F -7 6 VI' Q F " uw , ' 1 fa il ff' 4, gb -ww 1' if Ms ? W ,, I KM ae 1 ix Qu 'F Kfariri p'0l0L2Cy A gala reunion of the class of '47 developed last evening in the swank Greenwich Village apartment of Harriet Diem, noted fashion illustrator. Betty Hedgepeth was there with her veterinarian hus- band: both raise cockcr Spaniels as a hobby. Vir- ginia fRowanD Warrington and her hubby, David, have just arrived in America from their chicken farm estate in England. Speaking of married couples. Jeanne Allen and her husband, Zeke, who had been celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary are still blissful-after a decade 'of married life Jo- anne Watson, who now has a fifteen minute radio pro- gram in which she offers good 'housekeeping hints and marital advice has, no doubt, been helpful to Jeanne and we suspect Sue Simpers, wife of David Longbine, the first baseman with the "Phillies", listens attentively. Also with the "Phillies" is our old hero, Bucky Sakers, who is pitcher of the team. Q Those of our class who have won public recogni- tion are Patsy Wiley, eminent scientist, for her recent book on atomic fission and Professor Warren Mulloy, author of "Do Not Look Down Upon Your Fellow Men." Dr. William March, famous surgeon, has just repaired the broken jaw of light weight champion, Noel "The Killer" Albertson. Our party was not lacking in glamour as Vera Black was present. Her famous smile is adorning the current issue of "Romance Rumors", the popular magazine edited by Nancy Gray and her art editors, Vera Rice and Marie Mason. I saw the now sensa- tional movie stars, Jake Flogaus, Joan "Betty Hut- ton"Field, and Mary Lou "Greer Garson" I-Elliott busily autographing pix for their fervent admirers. It was gratifying to learn that after ten years on the waiting list, Edwin Hicks van Deusen was finally admitted to Vassar College. , sk' XA., .1-' l H Q? The only members of our class who have made a career of politics are Harry Patterson, now a big time operator in the notorious McClure machine and his henchmen, Alan March and Walter Sydnor, whose private secretary is our own southern belle, Mary Ella McDowell. Bill Phillips, a very successful business man is now treasurer and a stockholder in one of the na- tion's big chain stores. His private secretary is Mary Coppock. Owen Sheppard is a diesel engineer, and is presently employed by Baldwin Locomotive VVorks. we were all invited to attend the wedding of Shirley Frear who is resigning from her position as air hostess with Pan American Airlines to marry a pilot, Betty Ann Putt, pioneer figure among fe- male jockeys is leading a movement rivaled only by that of women's suffrage. In the field of fashion are Ronnie Simchock and Alice Laloup who own a Russian Hat Shop in a fashionable district of New York. Marian YVard, I was told, operates a Turkish bath salon frequented by Mary Suplee, Dorothy Cherry, Martha Sisk, and Peggy Robson. Sally VVood- ward, now a famous woman card shark, had some amazing tricks to perform while her adherents. John Rice, Bob Yeager, and Roman Major watched closely. Ray Burke, a confirmed bachelor, we be- lieve, is now a garage mechanic at Raymond White's filling station. Many interesting tales were told us by Caryl Walters who has just returned from several years of missionary Work in China. Duo pianists. Mary Bowen and Gay Rife are planning a tour of the country with their business manager, Mich Koba- yashi, former editor of a weekly news magazine. As most of us had dinner and theater engagements for that evening our reunion came to a close with the anticipation of meeting again in the not too dis- tant future. fa'- X 1 is M-me UZUE -QE on-am. :ram ' :SSI usa 23 ag: H-E I Q ,Su on gangs 3 Sw A-.sou H new 54 whoop no -:EH 60:2 H do Nndgw gt 0,6-:ME abou H TSFHSHE io QWEE JSMEIUOOMV .QZHQ 'OZ 6.5 H Orem Avg? .aocx H-:ow H -34 :Sham :O 2-S5 WEE Gaiam 0 ao: 95 OE as .Emu doom G yas-Z Ewa-8 WLMEH N32 U26 'SQA EEN www.-omcwo 32552 gsm WSH-82:3 2,-SE xo:-Q lm M .E in Gam-V-v .HE wgwswhlq El-3630 Em FEEOZWU-QW l-2:-w 325256 25: hcgduam '50 Em MEEWM gan: :Sem can S,-aw mb-MBU :bm nga: 65:85 25 GOOM iw MESH mags KAESBQ WOEOSUW H200 35820 an-dam gg :Nm EQVEEQ gg? M536 W2-S :NH MEOEMM ,Sb-EZ :dw m-BENQ mo-Dczbaoo :ads :ads 223,535 Em Mach LQHEG commas' I'-2 dxmgq U-AWMEQ w::,5Om v-UNQUEMH 5:52 Wag,-kdm massage :vm mggcmwh :spasm KEQEO -U .2 in ogg-AH commas- Had '6 Ogsgm dw mxgco xg-m Woman Sid :Ea me-E85 .wt 5355 ham 255354 NWO: 562:62 E252 HWOFEH NZUPOLSQ QWEBBOO AEEPWQ 8: QOH-Nm mgoughz uwysm moo-4 Karim A: 2395: gggw LSU 5:0 WDOESWEM 2:-Aeon slglaocvm :E 0:-EUQ OZEUUZQ 20635 mmdmfw E-dm adm adm OH QED INTER 3,50 HQMEQ GHS Z,-N2 G-:FEE mam CEMWBM Q25 ks-Ulm 5250 Kmwmwm Mildew gap RP-:vm HEOH :Dm H-SEED adm .Q cwwdyw im EVLNBUOONS M -NSPS .m -gpg? .H 503559 .Q -COHWE,-'MES .E .Egg -U DEOWEKS im EQWEWQ EWS .3 Q0-:im .E psalm .2 .V-mmm lm -Wmegm .P J-005055 -O .Eggs-m .E gm'-Saw 5 Edson -E dcmevm 'U -Sum .P down .H .gum .4 lm -:Dm .Eg .WE-:gm Im NQOWSZNL a gn .3 www? ELM? ix J Si N51 :25AsR:.r:-:vw 3 X M Mx M -. .pg . -,Q M' ix 4 M ' Q ' f x .X hm W . 9.5 3 Q., F 151: .Ax 3 ,w-N1 HENRY VIII" 1. J, Rx Pj fg C qllbglll iiffk XVarrcn Mulloy ,7,,, . Harriet Diem Vera Black 7 ,,,, ,,,,,,,.. , Betty Jane Hedgepeth David Wnri'ington Howard Flogaus ,, Sally Woodward ,,777 CAST GF CHARACTERS "YES AND NO" u u ed ana! Wo yn Mr. Jarrow Mrs. Jarrow "Jo Jarrow "Sally Jarrow ,, "Bagshot ,, ,, "Adrian "Mrs, Webb Cfaaai .Malory Four years gone-now we realize all too well how much school has meant to us. Dating back to the time, when, in the ninth grade, we sponsored a recording dance to boost our financial standing, our class spirit has been omnipresent. After leaving the Junior High and being no longer considered babes in arms, we took our place in the Senior High School. Early in the year, we found fellows on the N. P. gridiron once again after an absence of interscholastic sports due to war-time regulations. The middle of the year found us enthused over plans for the Soph Hop which finally took place and was over all too soon. As our Junior year commenced we noted that the class was minus a few members. The ulncomparable Juniors" were found peddling candy, hot dogs, and soda at all the games during the football season. Another profitable project was that of selling magazine subscriptions. Our treasury was swelling. In May, we sponsored a final "we hate to see you go" dance, the Junior- Senior Prom, the gala affair of the year, which was tagged the most colorful and original formal N. P. had ever seen-and so ended our Junior year. As Seniors, we renewed our money-making efforts by selling pencils with the football, hockey, and basketball schedules printed on them, as well as Christmas cards and personalized stationery. In the midst of this, the Senior play, "Yes and No" was presented under the direction of Mr. Boorse. As the final curtain fell, it brought to a close another phase of our senior year. Subse- quently came the Senior ball which was appropriately decorated for the Yule- tide season. In spring, the traditional Junior-Senior Prom, given in our honor, afforded us our farewell formal. Then the highlight of the year, our class trip to Washington, gave the final super touch to our last year at N. P. "But yet a few days," then-caps, gowns, "Pomp and Circumstancef' friends and family- it was all over-or was it just the commencement? wifi THE AMERICAN REPERTORY THEATRE, INC. Cheryl Crawford, Managing Director presents Eva Victor Walter LE GALLIENNE JORY HAMPDEN June T Ernest DUPREZ TRUEX- Richard Margaret Philip WARING WEBSTER BOURNEUF Musical Director, Lehman Engel "HENRY IIIU By William Shakespeare Staged by MARGARET WEBSTER Scenery 86 Costumes designed by Music by DA.VID FFOLKES LEHMAN ENGEL Dances arranged by FELICIA SOREL CHARACTERS In the order in which they speak The Prologue ..,..,t.,.....,,,,....,..t.. ..,..,..,,....,,....., . .,.....,.,....., P hilip Bourneuf Duke of Buckingham Duke of Norfolk ,,,,...... Lord Abergavenny ,.... Cardinal Wolsey ,,.,., Cromwell ...,,,,,,,....,.,,,,.., Brandon fan oflicerj ,.,... Sergeant of the Guard .,..,,,, Richard Waring Raymond Greenleaf Robert Rawlings Walter Hampden Eli W'allace Angus Cairns William Windom Henry VIII .t,t,.......,,... .,, ,...,,..,.....,,t... Victor jory Duke of Suffolk ..,,,,,,,....,,,........,,,t... ,.,r.. Katherine of Aragon Surveyor Qservant to Buckinghamj ...,. Lord Chamberlain ,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,.......,,,r,,, Lord Sands ......,,r,...,,,,.,......,,......,....,,, Sir Thomas Lovell ,,,,, Sir Harry Guildford ,,,,,. Ann Bullen ,t,,..,,,,..,,.. First Chronicler ,,r.. Second Chronicler W Sir Nicholas V aux ...,,, Cardinal Campeius ,,.. An Old Lady v,,,....,,,,,,... ,,,, ,,..,,,. Grifhth fusher to Katherinej 7. Lady in Waiting to Katherine ,t..,, Carter King of Arms ,, ,,.,,,,...,,. ,. , Earl of Surrey ,...,,,i.... ,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,..,,,..,t,,,.. Archbishop of Canterbury . ,t,tt,.,tt, tt ,...,,, Patience Qlady in waiting to KRIIICYIHCJ ,,,..,, A Messenger .t,r.,,,,,,,..,,,,,.,tt,,,..V, .. ,,t..t,..7,.,..,..,, f Capucius QAmbassador to the Emperorj ..,,., Duchess of Norfolk ,,t,.V,tttt...,Yt,,,.,7,,A,7,..,,7V Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Eva Le Gallienne Ed Woodhead Ernest Truex John Becher Emery Battis Arthur Keegan June Duprez Philip Bourneuf Eugene Stuckmann Donald Keyes John Straub ,, ,, Carroll McComas H , ,,,,,, Donald Keyes Ruth Neal ,. ..V. ,,.. A ngus Cairns William Windom Theodore Tenley Marion Evenson Robert Rawlings Eugene Stuckmann ,. Mary Alice Moore we 1626155 of 1947 We, the class of 1947 of Nether Providence High School, being of sound mind and b0dy. do make, decree, and publish this, our last will and testament. Noel Albertson-bequeaths his graceful C77 walk to Dick Howarth. Jeanne Allen-leaves her domestic future to Helene Powell. Vera Black--wills her love for Swarthmore to Joan Adams. Mary Bowen-leaves her musical talents to her sister, Georgie. Ray Burke-wills his many birthdays to any unfortunate junior whom the gang happens to frame. Dorothy Cherry-bequeaths her fidelity to dancing school to Mary Caryl Johnson. Mary Coppock--leaves her quietness to Josie Tracy. Harriet Diem--wills hcr talkativeness to Paul Coppock. Mary Louise Elliott-leaves her way with men to Jane Adams. Joan Field-hequeaths her animation to Esther Peck. Howard Flogaus-wills his speeding 4?J 'LO Jack Ketrick. Shirley Frear-leaves her business-like effi- ciency to Frank Berckman. Nancy Gray-bequeaths her interest in the Army to Dolores Platt. Betty Jane Hedgepeth-wills her everlasting questions in Chemistry to Walter Jenkins. Mich Kobayashi-leaves her job as editor of the yearbook to some eager, unsuspecting Junior. Alice Laloup-bequeaths her bewildered ex- pression to Joan McKirdy. David Longbine-wills his high batting aver- age to Jack Weare. Roman Major-leaves his way with women to Phil Crookston. Marie Mason-leaves her many jitterbug steps to Connie Chambers. Alan March-bequeaths his devil-may-care attitude to intent under classmen. William March-wills his quiet good-nature to John Hardesty. Mary Ella McDowell-leaves her sophisticated manner to Sally Damon. Warren Mulloy--bequeaths his inclinations for German music to Pete Cltrenbaum. Harry Patterson-wills his manner of a bache- lor to Joe Gummel. William Phillips-leaves his fastidious manner to Bill Prouty. Betty Ann Putt-bequeaths her blond forelocks to anyone who wants them. John Rice-hands down his willingness to par- ' ticipate in class to James Kattinge. Vera Rice-wills her 'hairdos to Joanne Sjoberg. Gav Rife-bequeaths her serenity to Carole Black. Margaret Robson-Wills her clinging tenden- cies to Nancy Fritz. Virginia Rowan-leaves the window sill she and Dave frequented to Bob and Meredith. Morton Sakers-wills his pleasing disposition to Tommy Griffiths. Owen Sheppard--bequeaths his Navy memor- ies to Jim Sweeney. Veronica Simchock-leaves her tag, "Russian," to her sister, Martha. ' Suzanne Simpers-wills her ability to stick to one man at a time to Dottie Weatherby. Martha Sisk-leaves her Mona Lisa smile to Dianne Johnson. Mary Suplee-leaves 'her raucous sneeze to Helen Harte. Walter Sydnor-wills his eccentricities to Tod- dy Phelps. Edwin van Deusen-leaves his clever cliapeaux to Bob Hays. Caryl Walters-bequeaths her perpetual curly hair to Claire Lewis. Marian Ward-wills her goalie pads to Bea Crookston. David Warrington-leaves his smooth riding car to Warren Steele. Joanne Watson-wills her digs at Mr. Kline to Doris Reed. Raymond White-bequeaths his mechanical ability with cars to Bobo. Patsy Wiley-leaves her efficient manner to Bob Stubbs. Sally Woodward-leaves her retiring manner to Toots Berckman. Robert Yeager-bequeaths his devilish grin to Evans Burn. Witnesses: Laura A. Reed, Gilbert L. Kline. X. X 1 .Qff -X it f r Q11 X 5 If Qi 4 M R "' f K f 'Xxx ik, . ir ,, fax ok-V5 W1 nf' is---' Noel Albertson Mary Suplee 7 Joan Field Gay Rife Bill Phillips . Edwin van Deusen Patsy Wiley J CAST OF CHARACTERS "YES AND NO" 1 'Mr. Jarrow Mrs. Jarrow , ,,,,,, "Jo Jarrow Sally Jarrow . , 'Bagshot . "Adrian "Mrs, Webb Best Natured Marian ward Bill March Most Versatile Mary Lou Elliott John Rice Most Studious Patsy Wiley Bill Phillips Most Talkatlve Harriet Diem Noel Albertson Most Dependable Shirley Frear David Warrington Most Artistic Harriet Diem Roman Major ,557 v X 1 fix? 7 7. Most Likely to Succeed Mich Kobayashi Warren Mulloy S. Best Athlete Joan Field Dave Longbine 9. Most Humorous Dot Cherry Noel Albertson 10. Most Friendly Mary Bowen Edwin van Deusen ll. Most Dlgnified Gay Rife David Warrington 12. Most Bashful Sally Woodward Ray Burke Qlluhs anh Qntihities IlAIiI.li00Nl DANCING Moilvrn lmllroom clam-0 stops are taulgzgllt in this 1-lub: tho waltz. fox trot. jiI.f0l'IlllIJ.'. rhunihu, lillllljii :mil szunlm. Nlvlnlu-1's of the club uri- now pri-p:u'4-il for :notion on thi- dzim-0 lloor! SIGXIUR HIGH IS:XI1IiIi00Bl DANCING Among' thosv in thi- rluh nrvz SI. Andvr- son. ll, Illulu-. A. lilom-kln-i'g'i-r. Nl. Iiow- nmn, U. f'IIZllllIN'l'S. Il, l'llvl'ry. S. Citrvn- luunn, I.. Collin-r, C. l'opp0r. Ii. li. Uullum. J. Cullum. NI. lingxlisll. I-I. IQYIIIIS. IC. Gru- lizuu. XY. Ilzill. ll. Howarth. Nl. lluhlvr, Il. Johnson, J. Knight. Y. Iiryu'ol'illizi. A, lin- loup. M. IAllIlIl'l'. A. liutz. ll. Nlzison. M. Maison, Nl. IC. Nlrlknvvll. St. U. Nlilhurn. li. Nlillvr, J, Olson. I.. I'zwv2ll0. J. I'h0lps. Y. Psonuk, ll. l'owl-ll. ll. R-vynolils. M. Iiivr. Y. Rim-0, M.lli1lg'vu':iy. Sl. Robson. ll. Srhur- nmn. SI. Sisk. Nl. J. Sim-illvy. J. Swc-mu-y. Nl. Ii. Torris. J, Yi-i'vo0. ll. XYvutlu-1'l1y. Ii. Yi-ag'i'l'. E-, 5 VJ bxijz ' . ' 3 0I"I"IClHI l'IlAC'I'ICl'I l'Iil'Il lst Ron: Ii. to li.: M. Robson. Nl. lizuulvfr, Y. SIllll'Il1ll'Ii. M. IC. Nlvllowvll, Nl. Cop- pork. 2nd Row: li. Pugxv. ti. Illwzlrt. H. l'1m1-ll. Ziral Ilow: NI. Huhlvr. IC. IGXEIIIN. 4th Row: Bl. Sisk, ll. Ulu-rry. 0I"l4'l1' Ii I'Ii.XC'I' I l' IC Ollivv I,I'2ll'IIl'l' is UUIIIINDSPII of junior :uni senior colnlnvl'0iul SIIUIPIIIS. 'I'h4-so girls lluu' sllrm-ssl'lllly zwvoxlilrlislu-ml work for tho svhool IllIlllIlIISIl'2lIIllll. involving: spvvizll typing. ilitloing, nlinlvopgrzlphing. :incl lilinpr. JH. P4I'UIi'I'S C'I.l'IS Not only hun- thc' lin-lnlu-l's of this cluh lc-zu-nvml thi- principles of uunniner hut lmu' lizul zwtvlsil vxn0l'i1-1100 in luiluiliwr various wvzipoiia. Also. thi- boys hzuv ht-on instrurt- in thi- usv ot' otllvr outdoor sports vquip- nu-nt. Junior Sports Club: lst Row: 'I'. l'illlilY2lll, 'I'. 'I'horn. M. Suki-rs. XY. Algrov, IC. Denis. 2nd liow. John I'Il'IlIt'I'll2ll'Il. ll. lllilwzinls. ll. llzivii--1. I". 'l'r0ttvr. Ii. I,l','.Z'ICl'. H. llonziwuy. Zirml Iiow: H. Hzirpcr, Il.. Ilurroughs. A. Strplivlls. Ii. ISUXVIIIEIII. l'. Coppovk. 4th How: XY. lkisrzllv. li. L1-wis. A. Sirk. XY. lirzullvy. li. Johnson, R. lin-imlor. 5th How: 'I'. Grilliths. XY, Iiridgro. G. A. A. 'l'h0 G. A. A. has umlortakcn sm number of prujcvts, lllllllllflj lll0lll the stimulation of intrulmlrul spurts. G. A. A. lst Row: S. l"r0:u', M. Nilllzunson. M. L. lfllliott. l'. Mc'l'uin. M. Mulsr-nlu-lder. 2nd I-mv: B. Mulloy, Kathvrinv Hzlrmcr, S. Damon. N. lim-1-In-. Zh-ll row: M. Y0zurvw'. ll. Dzumkcr. N- Lovke. 4th I-nw: J. 2-ijnln-11.2, M. lfC'l'l'klll2ll1, A. Boyer, M. XVzn'1l. X. Fritz, D. CllIlllll'l'l0Ilg'0, F. Al0l'2Q2l.Il, Ii. A. van llcuscn, B. Spencer, S. I.inp:l0. SVIQYIGYING A slll'vvyillp.:' UUIIPSO in the form of an vluh was fm-nu-d this year for thusv who plan to lN'1'llIlll' 1'ng.5ill00l's or url- illtc-l'0st1-ll in this lim-Id. l'sv ul' survm-ying: instrunwnts mul lnut.Imds nf SllI'!'l'yill2 arm- taught in actual przwtivv. Nl'liYl'IYlNG l'l.l'Ii In-fl. to ri,2,'hl.: XV. Jvnkins, J. llarclvsty. Ii. XYhitc. J. liivv, ll. Burkv. XYillium XYiIkinsun, P. Cop. pm-k. 32.7 PHOTUG RA PHY ln this club. the members If-urn tht' funda- nlvlltzlls uf pll0t0g'ruphy: dvvcloplllgq. print- ing: and 0l1lzu'g'il1g:g pivturvs, und l'lldt'1lv0l' to make uurthy use ol' lcisurq- time hy illll'l'- csting IIIOIIISUIYUS in at worth-while huhhy. l'lloto,s:l'upl1y Club: l':XlI'l'lll0 ll-ft.: .hum-s Jzunison. lst. row: XY. Mulluy, S. !Ynmlwan'd. I.. John- son. IC. P4-ck. 2nd row: 'l'. Stahlvr, li. VPUIIIHIISUII, ll. Hzlrtv. li. Slmw. M. Slim-lmvk. J. lmlllzn. in-J Yearbook : 1'lil'ISS Cl.l'l! The Press Club has continued publication of the school newspaper, "The Bark." livery week the club publishes a column of N. l'. H. S. news in the Chester Times. giving accounts of games. dances and other informal activities, keeping: the alumni and community informed of the activities oi' the scllt it rl . PH-I-ISS CLFB lst Row tseatedyz P. Wiley, R. Buxbaum. 2nd 3rd 4th 5th B. J. Hedgepeth, li. van Deuscn. H. Diem. Bow: Annette Tucker, Bl. Simelioek, S. Frear, l'. McCain, J. Olson. Bow: D. Seltzer. XY. Algoe, D. Reed, H. Ingram. J. Adams. Row: B. Stubbs. G. lYeiss, B. A. Putt. Row: S. Damon, N. Jarden. M. Coppoek. N. Fritz, M. Suplee, A. E. Bentley. ...ff , WSJ C f. 'VX-if 1. , 1 f f x 1171 K' ! Y ICA KBOOK STA Fl" The stall. which is chosen from the senior class. has developed this issue of the Non Pareil to record the events and activities and people ot' our high school years. lst Row: J. Allen. BI. Sisk, ti. Rite. H. Diem. M. Kobayashi. 2nd Rfow: S. lVooduard. Nl. l-I. Mehowell. I-Idith Lincoln Leonard, S. Frear, XY. Phillips. 3rd Row: J. Rice, ll. Cherry. l'. lYiley, M. Robson. S'l'l'Dl'INT C0l'NClli The Student, Council has the interests of the student body in general under consid- eration and secured many privileges for the students during' the year. The annual March Mart. was again under thc direction of this group. Student Council: Extreme left: D. xv1ll'l'lllf2fl-llll. lst liow: XY. Pronty. J. Adams. li. van Deu- SCII, S. Sllll1K'l'S. 2nd Row: Gilbert Kline, J. Allen. M. iVil- liamson. S. Damon. A. l-Z. Bentley. 3rd Row: ti. Reiss. ll. Bowers. li. Hays, N Albertson. -ith Row: H. Ingram, H. Tracey. J. liuglio ll. Carpenter. Q -V 15:-3,-f f . ' Z ,,, , S VK X. A A i 'I'l'Nllll.lNti t'l.l'lR llll'2lllllIllI in thu funxlanm-ntzlls of tumbling.: was In-grun ilnlm'1liul1-ly upon orggzlnizalinn. Nfithin :1 fc-w nmnths lhv vlub prnpgw-ssul rupillly frmn l'lllltl2lllll'lllill single rolls to aulxzlllvml tumbling. The purpusv of thc 1-lub is to lm-:wh tlu' nrt ut' 1-cmnlilmliml nt' ull purts nt' thc- body. and to 4-ntvrtuin nt svlmul flIlll'IlUllS such us tho Murvll Mart. l'. 'I'. A. nu-4-tin,u's and assi-nlhlivs. 'I'umhling': lst ruw: Clll'Sll'I' Huupt, .l. llllJ,'f.l'lll!-3, N. l"v4lvl'vlmk. :Incl row: W. Oxvnford, XY. Stvvcns. XY. liuwlvs. IC. liingr. J. lfI'2lllSllll. J. Lilulsvy. 3I'tl Row: D. Luvk, C. I'1m0ll, I". llinclsvy, I". lit-ynultls. J. lilvclsm-. 'l'. Phelps, li. Gomlvlliltl. ,lth row: lt. Tolnlinsnn, G. Cnbourn, li Ya-:n,2'vl'. T. Johnson. ll. Kc-lsvy. VARSITY Cl.l'lS This :lg:f.:l'vssiu' orgunizntimx has mzulo it possihlv for all svnior buys who qualify to lmvv 1-ilhvr swvutvrs nr grolul Footballs, hus- lwtlmlls, or trzu-lc shoes, mlvpvniling upon thc spurt In which thc- lc-ttvrs wvrv won. All buys who lmu' won varsity lvttvrs nrt' vliggiblc as lll0llllN'I'S ul' thv club. 'l'hv illlllllill A. A. llanquvt, is sponsor-val hy this sgroup in vol- lulmrutiun with thv G. A. A. Varsity l'luh lst row: Ii. Hays. M. Szxkvrs. XY. Mullny, ID. N':u-ring.11on, li. vunlk-uscn, H. Flu- pguus. :Intl row: Furl IQEIIIU, J. fnlllllllll0l, IC. Burn, lb. ll0Il,2'llllll'. 3'l'1l row: J. lluglio. J. lii'l1l'll'li, H. lngrzun. John Updvnukvr, XY. l"l0fI2lll5. R. Smit-h. li. Himnmns. Sfu zflv' N ix 'TS lDllA3lA'l'ICS Clif!! Drmnutivs vluh has pruvval itsl-If zu vital part, to thc' lifxhtvr sith- nt' school life by prvsvntinp: 1llllllSllljJ,' skits und plays in us- svlnblios and :nt the gmail old l.l'lllll0I'lIlg', thv Mnrcll Mart. Uvczlsionzxlly, nu-lnhors nt' thc- svnim' play vast have haul sunu' t'l'illIlllllI in thc xlraunutivs 1-lub. llrzulmtivs Ulub livsulingr: M. Suplt-0. Ist ruw: C. XY:llt4-rs. M. lluwvn, M. ll. ICI- liott, Y. llluvk, N. G'ruy. 2lul row: Stanley l5tl0l'Sl'. J. Sjnlwrpg, ll. llzwtv. G. l'lH'ilI'l, F. llvroklnzln, Sl. Clair Milburn, A. linyvr, A, lfl0l'lilN'l'lJQ1'l'. ISRIIDGIC l'l.l'll 'l'ln- u'zu'lling.5 of thc- flIllll2lllll'lll2llS of ln'idg.u'. mainly, Ullllllllllg' honors, nmkingr bids and l'l'Sll0lllllll2 to upvn bills is tht' prinmry purposv ul' this club. Ifl'llll.l'l' Cluh: lm-fl. tuhlv ill. to RJ: D. Johnson, ll. Stubbs. G. lYviss. XY. Lindsey, Right table fl.. to RJ: J. H2ll'll05tb'. H. l"lus.g'aus. H. ll0llLllh, ll. Mzmson. Stamlin,-:J QL. to RJ: l"l':u1k Nlmlvr, -I. Kut- tingv. P. Cronkston. X". 5 QQ . I .IKXN--Q. KJ .X HNXAS . 47 Je. SENIOR CHORUS The Sr. Chorus, C'0lllDl'iSlllgI 56 members . in addition to D2ll'l1i1'ill2ltlllfI in school pro- . . f.fl'Zl.lll5, has been hozu-4l over station VYIB1 in its annual Clnristnms lll'0fl'l'2llll. Loft. to 1'i,'rl1t: lst Row: N. Albertson, I-I. van Dvuscn. J. Luglio. 2nd Row: 0. Slleppard. S. ll'nmlwm'cl, G. Xlleiss. C. Blavk, D. Xv2ll'l'illLL'l0II, J. Al- lvn, T. Stamblcr. M. ll1lIlIl0l', T. Johnson. N. Jurdon, J. lVe1u'0. 3111. Row: Mervin Gottshall, J. Xhmtson. E. Page, BI. Berckman, M. H.nbl0r. M. Bowen, P. McCain, S. l"r0zu'. S. Simpvrs. D. Platt. J. lveir, F. Mor,2'un. -lt.h Row: N. Gray, J. Field. M. XY:u-cl. li. Hedgcpeth, E. Spenvcr, B. Cruokstun, V. Black, V. Rowan, H. Diem. 5th Rnw: H. Hart., S. Damon, A, lllnck- bcrg'c-r, A. Bentley, M. Coppovk. M. Suplcc. N. Fritz, G. Rife. M. lflllintt, ld. Evans, IC. Coburn, A. Boyer. C. XVulim's. M. Malsenlleldvr. Q l ' A li'l' ICT The Qll1lI't,0l. has llc-velopvd an number of Zll'l'illl2f0lll0lllS for nmle voicvs and has per- f0l'lll0ll in assi-mhlivs. Qua rtcttc: EXll'0lll0 loft.: Lsoatmlj M. Bmvvn. Standing Qllcft. lo rightj: N. Alln-rt.sun, 'l'. Stablcr. ll.. Bnxlmunl. ll. xYZll'l'lll2,'IOIl. Nl'IX'l'lC'l"I'l'1 'l'ln-xv girls luuv. in tho past yvnr. liven uskml to lK'l'f0l'lll an sou-rzll vunnnlmitvy pgzltll0l'il1u5s. Tlu- nmjnrity of this group has haul lllllSlK'ill trainlmr. Svxtvltvz lmft, tu right: Mary Bmw-n fsvutcclj, S. I-'rm-ur. li. livzunw, J. Allen, G. Rifc, M. Supl:-0. C. XYulu-rs. UIil'lll41S'l'liA 'l'lu- 0I'l'lll"4ll'll. 2llt,ll0ll2'll smullvr than ln mln-I' ywlrs. has ull'0r04l an opportunity for plnylng string.: instruments, and vxpvrivncc ln group playing' tu intv-rc:-atc-ml studcnts. String fll'l'llC'Stl'llI lst. row: ll. to R.: N. XYOntz, ll. Cruokstun. IS. Sll0lll'l'I', li. ll. Morris. 2nd I-mv: IC. KW-iss, ll. N'illiauus. P. Craig. li. Su'0a-nvy. Brel row: A. Nl. lllll'S0ll. J. Sli-rxin Gottsllull. D. llilllllllkl'l'. VJ . 5, I, wf f I If N , in l4l'IAlll'1ll CORPS 'l'h0 ll02lll0I' Corps, an nvw boys' vlub, lm-:mln-s potvntiul pllyslcnl and ln-nIt.h valu- vution u-um'll0l's how to lm-:ul an Lfylll vluss and equips Ill0llI with lnfornmllon for is-uvlling Lhc fllmleum-ntnls uf football, suvvc-r, 4-age hull, lmskotlmll, lmsc-hull, mul ilu- many otln-I' popular sports. l.1-zulvr Cm-ps lat, row: J. Swf-0:11-y. 2nd row: Ulu-sts-r Hnuply. ll. Ya-ug1-r, J. Lug- lio. Ii. van XYlnkl0. 3:11 row: li. Nulu-rr.. N, XS'ilsun. I'. lluyvv, J. l"ivl4ls. G. Slvwzlrl. 'l'. Slmnn-y. l H wma, ff M-Eg 55.1 s t at t . ' i s AM' 1 'K W V Q , 4. . , "Q'.rX "' x K " . - "" "'f-. ,ill-F e 1. ' - A Nwf:rsfi3..sfifM+fssm: s . . fs Q-gqximmxwg-l.4,M?,,1. .4 f.1 KXf-gf W N vi i W. . nv., 7 A be 2 iw' 3 E.. .. rs' is l Q ' sg: if Qt 3. ls- 5 .itrxf ., , zwsff M325 THQ igsiwf mfgsgifieyieygsaplqagwrtv milf yi st . W p. l Q elsi -A at . is t Q x. All gs .1 ya' , Y r f, Q' , if lllllliiiili 'Mil .Q H EHUUL BAND The band plays for the football games and participated in a parade in Media. It also presented a spring concert and accompanied the Senior Chorus in two of their numbers in the choral concert. llefi to right lst Row: .l. XXX-ir. J. VVzitson, lf, IN-i'i'1ii'i, Ib Lock. A, XYeiislvy, R. Biixbxiuiii, ll. Kelsey, M. Hztrris. ll. Neil, C. lilzieli. l'. VViley. End Row: IS. A, Putt, M. Suplee, A. M. Lair:-ioii, ll. Hetlriclt, NV. Sydnor. .I. Dalton, N. Jztrdvu, N. Fritz. K. Clttrli, NV. l'.llll'llf'HtV. IC. Peek, V. lloivzin. lird Row: A. Boyer, V, lllziclt, T. Pzistraile, A. Powell, H. Inqrani, R. Hays, .l. Rice, U. Slieplmaiiwl, li. Steele, li. Speiicer, B. .l. Hodgmuetli, M. Williamson. 4th Row: M. Citwiilmzliliii, IC. vitn lleusen, 'l'. Stzilmler, XV, Mullos, VJ. Mzircli. R. Sweeny. G. Goodt-hilml. .-t. y . A-f.fx, ' N lla i Qtbletics 'SOI I51ll'IbX Springtielxl lflddvstone M ediit Clifton Heights Alumni Swztrth more Marple-Newtown Boys' Varsity Nether Providence 3 GIRLS' VARSITY HOCKEY lA'l'I. to right: lst Huw: N. Imelw, X .llex-he. li. Mlllloy, I'. X11 z' , '. Fritz. Row: Vzitlierine Hu mer, S, Dzxnion. l-I. to lmrli. N, Jairden, Adams. P. NVile'C. ' 3IiSIUll, ll. Platt, Nl VVIIIIQUIISOII. M, lit-iii mzm. .I. Olson. 0 Nether Providence - Nether Providence 1 41 Nether Providence - Nether Providence 1 Nether Providence 1 Nether Providence U Girls' J. V. 0 VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY Nether Providence Darby Nether Providence Springfield Nether Providence ldddystone Nether Providence Media Nether Providence Clifton Heights Nether Providence Swarthmore Nether Providence Marple-Newtown Nether Providence Boys' J. V. Girls' Varsity 5 wins l tie 2 wins G losses 1 tie J. v. HOCKEY lnfl to right: i- Row: U. Lewis. .I. NNatt 1, A, lloyer. M, Yeas., ti, lb. Seltzer, M. Sulilee. Nl. ldlliott. V. lilztck. ' Row: Kzltherine Hui er, .l, VW-ir. eutherlvy, V, Rowm: I NN'eiss, Ib. liloonej. 1IlllZlIi0l', . . 'z ' , leld, ll, Spencer, Sjoherg, 2 losses VARSITY BASKETBALL IA-fl tn right: lst Row: V. Blacli, N l.0c'lu-. S. llzunon, ll Mmm:-y, M. Suplm-1-. Znll Row: Kutlwrllw Hur- mr-V, N. .lill'll1'll, .l. l+'u-ld N. Fritz. M. I.. ldlliott ld, l'0lblll'll, li, Crook- sion. Ml-mliu. .l.V. lx VS, I7 xllll'Dl1'-N1'XYl0XYll .l.Y. 145 -V1 -.- s h, ml Nnlrv llunw .l.Y. 30 VS. 5X Ya-:ulrm .l.V. LIN VS. XI Sprimriim-ld .l.Y. 20 VS. 35 22 Ill 31: 45 I7 30 IS KU ZH .W l'Iclrlysl0l10 1'lit't,0n Vppol' l'l1i. Sharon Hill Gln-u-Nor l.Y VS LV VS LV VS l.Y VH l.V VS. .4 WFS. 1 ' N1-tlu r l'r'm'i1lv-mw .l.Y. 35 VS. lil N1-thvl' I'rovi1lum'e- .l.Y. 242 YS. 341 Nl'llll'l' l'r0vid0m'v .l.V. 28 VS. 119 N1'llll'I' I'l'1n'i1lMlr'1- .l.V. 40 VS. 42 ' '54 Nm-ilu-r l'r0vimlvm'v .l.N. . VS. 28 J. v. BASKliTl5Al.l. lA'flf to right.: lst llowz Il. Ill-ann, M liivv. N. H1-vlw, M Davis, J. l'lu-lps, 2nd Row: lfllllll'l'lll4' Hur- lIl1'l'. li. Mlllloy, lb. lim-nl V, Black, A. livntlvy, ll Mimi, ll. Slwmw-1'. 3111 Row: l'. lllzwk. ll Platt, A. linyvr, M, XVil- lizunson, .l. Ivlvrvlmn- mluntv, llt'l'L'lilll1lll, M Young, M. Yvzurvr. I. lVlC'flUXV1l,ll, M. lwZllSt'll- In-lxlc-1: J. Ulson. xk fi, 1 V-L N l I 7 Y VL . LX' VARSITY BASEBALL I. Row: li, l'lz11'k, H. ln,2'i'zini, li. vnn lil-nsvn, lfl. lmvis Znml linux Il. l,m1g'l1i1iv, .l. K1-trivk, lb. lwimll-1', M, S:1.lwrs. IC. XVoml. ird. Row: Gillwrt Kllnv, li. Hays. li. linrn, H. l'oll0L'k, Ii. Sniitli. .lolin l'.vliivl'1i:1c'l1. ith Row: .I. Gnininvl, li. Nlanjor. li. Slllllllflllbi, .L V,'v:1l'1-. Here are your champs Rootliwyn Yozulon Ulifton Shl1l'0Il Hill M. NL-wtown Yvziflon Yvzxdon lioothwyn Vlifion Slizwon Hill M. Nelwtown liootliwyn ., , ,. 'll luy Oli 01 tu 'l'lim- '46 1-1-111's-svritzxtixw-s of N. l'. in the Ss-011011 V Ilinnifmll Villllliillgll l2llll1i'h0d lhvir :N 1 I'm-iisivv hy mlvtkkzltilig' the liontliwyn nino, then living hvlfl to elim-Pk-iiizitv lay Yi-zid0n's Hilkl' lfmir coiism-c'litix'v x'ivtoi'ivs wvrv lvft in thvil' wulw only to lw l'0llIlfL'l't'll by two dofwlls In X1 in und Iicmtliwyn. llnvk ugnin on tho vivtory timid tlm Opposlngz' tunins fell lwi'0i'c our nine- until th ison -Q vnll. llmvvx'vl'. wln-n ilu- llnotliwynites tiod with N. I'. for tho 0ll1l1lllJl0l'lShilW, tliv play-0 mc N situtvml Ve-siiltml in tln' fnllowvrs of tliu N, l'. nine Soving' ilwir if-:lin coino tlirougli in thoii' POLE' ll S to s-lu' il 5-4 win null- liootliwyn. 'llnxs, for tho tn-st tnnv in fllllll' ai low yc-:Irs :L N. l'. twun came through to nnfurl 1 unto in-niinm from thc- Alina lwIlf9l"S llz19,'slzL1'I'. J. V. BASEBALL Luft to right lst li-nw: R. Flnrk. G. Szlliews. Il. Fulton. lfl. Davis. :Ind Row: 'l'. Gi'i1't'itlis. XV. Vollnvli. ll. 1lvg'i'0iiig'lv, NY. l'l'0lIfY, li. lOl1lllll's0I1 3111 Row: Gillwrt Kline. Ii. vain Vlfinklv, 'l'. Stzllnler, li. lg11XlHll lolinson John llclitc-rmivli. If I- VARSITY BASKETBALI lc-Tl, to right lst, Row: NV. l'V0llf3'. Rim-, J, flllllllllx' Wm-:il'x', 2nd Row: Van-l lim l, .l is- li Smith, IC. lilIl'IIS. NV Mulloy, li. Hays. ll liunpglrim-, II, Jolmsfmn, N1-I ha Ns-ilu Nc-thi Ns-I lim Ns-thm Nm-the N4-Iliv Nw-tliv Nt ll - is Nm-tha N1-thx Ne-Lin NI-Iliv Ni'lll1 V A RSITY BASKETBALL '1'm'iclm-m' 'vovielm-m' 'rnvimlv IIC '1'm'i1l1-111' 'rc-vidm-m '1'uvidm- 'rovido 'rovidv 'rovidv 'rovidv 'l'0vi4lL- 'rovillv 'rovidu rovimli- I lIl'I Ili Ili Ill Ill IN Ill Il! lil 27 24 27 34 -ll GX LIS 322 ZIO 41 IIS 58 .,7 in lidclystonv liidlm-y 'l'0XVIISlllll Slizlrnn Hill Y0llil0I1 INlzu'11l1--N4-wtown I'pm-1' Uhi Clifton HQ-ighis Springfield Sliuron Hill YI-union Nl2ll'llltx-N6NX'IlHXX'I1 lllbllvl' Phi Clifton Hu-igllts S1-ring.rfi4-ld N1-tlic NL-thx Netlin- Ne-thu Ne-the Nvthv Ne-I lu- N1-Lhv Ne-ihv Noth 1- Not hv Nc-tho Nc-the N1-tliv I I. I I. I. I I I I I I I I I JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL l'r0vidv l'l'UVillt' l'r0vid1-nm l'r0x'id0 I 'rovido l'rovid4- Provide- l'l'0vidI- lIr0x'idv l'1'0Vidf- l'1'0vifl1- l'l'0Vl1ll l'l'0x'i1lo Providi- I I I nm- 19 nm I 15 -1- Z I Ill m ill nm- 343 Ilou 244 nm 17 nm- I 2 Ill e 25 nc- SS nm- 21 Ylv' 'I Q nm Q R5 -1-1 IN lidflystnm- liimllvy 'I'owne4liip Sharon Hill Y1-:ulon llfl1ll'lbl0-IXIUXYIONYII I'pp1-r fl-llll'lIOSIl'I Clifton Hs-iglits Sprimrlivld Sharon Hill YI-an don lNlz1l'pl1--Ns-wtown I'pp1-r l'l1iL'l1i-sh-I' Vlifton Ha-iglits S1rriili:'fivld :il ill 25 lil lf! lil IS In 213 IEP Ili lil ISI Ili AI. V. BASKIZTBAII Imft ln Iliughl, lst Ruw: Id. Iluviw Q. Gumlm-l1ilml.lI lfllllml li M 1-1.511-11 ii.:'lm-. , . H, 5llllllt IN rw Ilo ll lrmil A :Ind limi: , gf Pow:-ll, G, Sznlu-rx li vain Winkl:-, R. Hum .l. lim-tric-Ii. II Slmxx A xii 1 I 1 .li X -2 2. Q . FOOTBALL Cnot including Jr. Highj Loft to right lst. Row: l-2. Johnson VV. Algoe. J. Ryan. H. llonuwzxy, 'I'. Gviffl ts ll lxune XW-iss. NV. llzuwlosty, li. SlIll1JPl'S, li. Fulton, E. Platt. 2nd Row: Lloyd Trout, J. Weave. H. lflognus, W. Pollock, P. ,llillllld Sf Burn-, Hays, ll, llonghine, J. Gummel, D. Wzirrington, H. Infzrzun, Uhextcl Haunt 3rd liuw:R. liroidor, ll. ML-groniglo. li. Shaw. VV. l'1'0uty. R. Bowers ug, Ululorullier, .I. Ketrivli, H. 'I'1'z1cy, VV. Lindsay. 4th Row: li. Huwrnun, J. Lomax. F. Borukmzmn, J. liicv. G. Sulmls R x ln wxyllllx e L. Juhnson. .l. Lzlrliin. VV. l':1S1'z1l0, J. Swvvney. 5th Row: NV. lflogauls, R. Howarth, G. Uoogun, li. Sn-.-mwy. A. l'oxe lx Sm Yeadon ...,...,.... SXVl1l'lllll1Ol'0 .... Springlicld ...... Spving' Pity .... Mcdlu ....... FOOTBALL SCORES Booth wyn ....... .... H Marple Newtown 7- JUN Youdon SXViLl'tl1lIl ore Sharon Hill Modizl, Springiiold A. I, Dupont ....... IG 30 .. U 'ig . .... 1 Q 12 . tl I3 ..7 IOR VARSITY FOOTBALL 0 Nothm 30 Nvthm 2 5 Nether U Nilt-lltll' 7 Nvther Providonco Pvovidonvv Providence l'1'0videnc'0 Providence Clm'r11'uzfz'rx: Front: AI. Field. Back: N. jarden, M. L. Elliott, Phelps, Adams, P. McCain. Cheerleaders The cheerleaders are the organized vocal talent whose duties are to raise the school morale, particularly in any interscholastic sports and to show appreciation for success in competition. Q h .i B X KQ X Qkbx i' Q6 525,31 SB , V X, UN wi K iss mlm , y , ,Q ,, f.-I?fZw',l-Xa :ww Xwgiw N ti fx W wsu . wrfgxfg, X sm: 2 is 'Y A wig X: A yy? E ls: F X mixwwwm. , Qlilasses ,, , ,? , AW e. A- we . Fi? gxi f fl ,vt .WM nil' we .X rmlfiw , A. ,W Q , ya New ,Yam -V f..-N-N.. Junior Class I let t to Right: Ist. 2nd Slrd 4th Sth 6th Row: Jane Currie, lioliert liuxliaum, Bea Crookston. Evans Burn, Doris Reed, Harry Simmons, Naney Jarden. .laeli Ketricli, Betty Spencer, Robert Hays, Joan Adams. Row: Frank Mailer. Gladys liwart, Donald Lomas, Doris Mason, Hoyt Beulah. Dolores Platt, Naney Beebe, Bill I-iuniford, Patty Met'ain, John Hardesty, Martha Simchoek, Edith Lincoln Leonard. Row: Denny Kelsey, Leah Uollier, .James Sweeney, St, lflaire Milburn, Jack Sweeney, Mary Hubler, Philip Crookston, Martha Anderson, Russell Krieder, Mary Maison- helder, William l'll0g'ZlLlS. Row: William Paseale, Fon:-:tance Chambers, Henry Ingram, Elizabeth Page, Kim Smith. Joan VVeir, Helen Harte, Teddy Griitiths, Mary llerckman, John Weare, Mary Lander, John Opdenaker. Row: Myra. Ridgeway, VVarren Steele, Elsie Uoburn, Howard Hassen, Anna E. Bentley, Donald Carpenter, Margie Yeager, Paul Coppock, Joan McKirdy, Frank Bereknian, Mary Ellen Torris, James Kattinge, Ann Blockberger, Row: Joseph Luglio. Thomas Stabler, Perry Parmalee, Carl Ewart, Charles Mer- vine. Lawrenee Lindsay, Janet Pullman, Francis Morgan, Ena Evans, William Bridge, Joseph Gummel, Donald Brown, Rodney Smith, VVilliarn Pollock, Harvey Pollock. 5, 'af -',,+'1fm X" v. Sophomore Class Lrff to Right: lxf R0w:Riehard Shaw, Doris Dannaker, Robert Stubbs, jane Knight, Robert van Winkle, William Prouty, Ross Lewis, Ann Boyer, Walter Hall, ,loan Sjoberg, Ray Tomlinson. Znad Row: Jean Cullum, James Thorn, Jane Phelps, Fred Tretter, Joanne Vercoe. Jean Olson, Monroe Citrenbaum, Mary Rice, William Algoe, Dorothy Weatherby. ,lfll Row: Howard Donaway, Dorothy Reynolds, Garth Coogan, Salessa Citren- baum, Carl Sullivan, Audrey Lutz, John Cocchi, Betty Lou Cullum, Richard Howarth, Dianna Johnson, Lawrence Fulton. 4lb Row: Laura Reed, Sally Damon, John Ryan, Louise Pascale, Dan Megroniglc, Doris Blake, Victoria Kryworuka, Robert Simpers, Meredith Williamson, joseph Dalton, Carole Black, Gilbert Kline. 5111 Row: Albert Sisk, Clara Copper, Tom Grifliths, Nancy Fritz, Henry Tracy, Barbara Mulloy, Richard Miller, Nan Locke, Arthur Powell, Elizabeth Graham, George Weiss. 611: Row: Tom Camper, Robert Sweeney, Grant Montgomery, John Lomax, Zoe Kranzfelder, Debby Seltzer, Esther Peck, George Goodchild, Vera Psonak, Los Yeager, John Larkin, Lewis Johnson, Terry johnson, Robert Bowers. l Acknowledgements For three years, the Senior Class has received the friendship of our advisers Miss Wilkinson, Miss Search, and re- cently, Miss Leonard. To them goes our sincere gratitude. Also, we wish to ex- press our appreciation to Mr. Kirnmelman for his invaluable aid in publishing this book. , A , ,xc ,X X xgf f Non Pareil Staff Editor ., .. H Mich Kobayashi Associate Editor ,77,, ,7,,,7 , ,, , Gay Rife Art Editor .... .. .Y,7VV f ,,77. V... 7 7, ,. V . Harriet Diem Assistant Editors tY,. ,. ..,,, A Jeanne Allen, William Phillips, jr. Staff Photographer ,,,,,,,,,,,, ., .,,,,,,. .,,,,,, Warren Mulloy Business Manager ,, i,.. ., Shirley Frear Advertising Manager W ,,...... . .,,,,,.,.,,i,, . . Patricia Wiley Assistants i,t., . Y..,,,,.....,,.t. ...,.,t,,. , ,, i,,,,..... Noel Albertson, William March Typists-Dorothy Cherry, Margaret Robson, Mary Ella McDowell, Martha Sisk. Distribution ,,,.t. ,,.,.ttt john Rice, Sally Woodward Faculty Adviser .,,, ,s,s, , . Edith Lincoln Leonard The 1947 Non Pareil was printed by The Media Publishing House. The formal pictures were taken by the Camera-Masters Studio. f,-------..---,,----..-1 I 3 3 3 3 3 l 2 O 3 O E O O Qoqoooqqeeooopaqzv QQ.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ B. J. HOY FIVE AND TEN CENT STORE One Park Avenue Swarthmore, Pu. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQ: : : --- QQQQQQ Q ---......---...Q ooeoegoooo 1 Phone Media 0444 P I E RC E REAL ESTATE -. INSURANCE Q. g----... ,- I O 5 q A N I vo U ry: :L ! -5 fb I 0 c 5 l Q 6 . I li l S 0 V 5 z En' -'Z S , Q : 0 ' T 8 15 2 no - o 2 I 0 E' o-xxx--- Y -o-x--v---,--,,-v,-,,,: :---::--Q::--Q::--:::-::: 2: Q::-Q----Q-. BUY MORE . . . EAT BETTER . . . PAY LESS AT MARTEL'S "BvHf'r F0011 for fb? Talzlf' SELF SERVICE MARKETS There is a Martel Market Near You Chester Road at Fairview Road, Swarthmore, Pa. fNvxt to the College Theutroy Drexel Hill, Springfield, Ridley Park, Norwood, Pa. O 0 L- --------- - - --.-.--. xx .--.- xx---: .... ::x-::::x::--:::: .... ::--::------ f '"""""""""""""""' ::":: ""' ::'::::"::::::'A "" :::"" O 3 E MILLER - F LOUNDER l l SAFE MILK O 0 O E eizyidfrigufom of Cjyofcfen uerlwey 5 2 12th and Kerlin Streets, Chester, Pa. L-.. ..... ...xx ....... x-xxx .-.-.- xxx ..... xx xxxx xx- f"""""""""""'"W"N" I I E ' 5 . O I 5 SUTLIFF sf WHITE I 5 Bill BBTTGY l E Portrait and Commercial Photography l l 3 Photographic Equipment and Supplies E 0 : l Retail and Wholesale z Nvxt, to Media 'I'lI0:I.t,I'v 2 S l 0 l Plume, Media IZG3 E E Phono . - Mc-dial, Pa. i000::0:::2:O0::::::::0::::oo::ool' i1:::::O:::: ::::o:::oos:::::-:: L-..-..--------..---..-J ....--..----....4 L-- Ev- , ooq Q QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQJ JZ ihh? .4156 .-112555 0 ' ' nnvou MAKES -Jkt XMQ X WD 4 .x Ngjjlj ll Over half of women's dresses? .snfz 2 The bulk of all bus and truck tires? . us X 3 Thousands of iobs in the textile and garment ' industries? Q1 , 4 Over 50 kinds of men's shirts? ij 4? I .. M k' a f f b ' ' 5 th::1eanJnot:1e:fibZr?nc SY1-'ER YANN3 qv-X f-'W 0,1-3 ei-IAQISJ sf . ..rr 1 ,zgygfifs-J 1 I lik ff. A, V .'- y-V QQ' - . 5 -.-f---"'tre--- , g- v , , --.rm ,. ..-..-..---..-.. -..-.......-.............-......---....- , . 2 , AMERICAN VISCOSE co11P0RA'r1oN ""l0wsncoS1" Amerirafc largest rorlurw' Q rayon yarns and sta le bers NIARCUS HOOK,f PENNSYLVANIZ Jq 2:-4 r 1 g 0 ll U fi II ll ll I G o F F s II 7 Il It SEAFOODS and FROSTED Foons ll hind UGMOHY :I :, CIEHULHK I " ,I 216 Edgmont Ave. 0 1, Chester 6204-5-6 I I -xx ,:m:x: . 3--3 3333333333 33333::l:3::3::::! 1 MEDFCRD'S FRANKFURTERS for QUALITY AND FLAVOR CHESTER PACKING AND PROVISION CO. CHIBTER, PA. : : 2 -004 -QQCQ::::-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::- ---Y-1 0 MICHAEIJS COLLEGE PHARMACY College Store-on-'the comer Theater Store 3 615 S. Chester Road SWARTHMORE, PA. EVERYTHING IN DRUGS :::::-- 22: :::,-::-:::: :: ::: 4 """"" "" "" """""' T "xxx Cx x : hex: K II II is 15 r I . , p REDDINETUN ELECTRIC cu. EE Wemberg S if 403 Edgmont Avenue I' Chester, Pa. 'E Chester, Pa. ' II I g 2 4 b-- - - ---- -- - - A - 4 Norman F. Worrall For Bicycles - Tricycles Bicycle Repairs Accessories Spitz Variety Store 1003 Edgmont Ave. Phone Ch. 2-6118 o---o-AA-AA--- -----4 ---------- Media 4585-M Call 8: Delivery Service oficlo Carmen EB' Iyera Augie Nigro, Prop. Cleaning Dyeing Remodeling Repairing Expert Tailoring 120 S. Orange Street , iMedia, Pu. v- - --o-----oo------oooov----- Reese Baxter Co. Sporting Goods 816 Edgmont Ave. Chester, Pa. ::::::Q::::-:::: : ::::o:::::ooo Boyd Ultra Modern Store Eighth and Welsh sts. Chester, Pa. Phone 471 2 --,,- ..... v--- vvv--- vvv-eo Harry G. Innis Men's Wear 550 Edgmont Ave. Chester, Pa. Norway Cleaners 81 Dyers 618 Chester Pike Norwood, Pa. Cleaners, Dyers, Furriers, Tailoring I The "Rite Way-is Norway" ! l Phone Ridley Park 0972 - 0191 Accurate Light Machine Works ::Q::::-:::::::o:::::::::: : f...--..----- ....- ...--..----- 'r-...-----.. r---..-- ..-..-----...--g' ..1 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 I 0 0 O I I 0 0 0 E E O O 0 O U U O E --4 rcooceooc 09-099000 oo. E z E : : : E 5 z : E 1 f--------------------.. --..------..--...-.....-----.. MEDIA REAL ESTATE CO. "Specialists " Sales - Mortgages - lnsurance lll South Ave. fNext to Bank Bldg.I Media 1924 ------..--..--------------------J ---------..--..------........---1 H. Gertrude Picken Dry Goods and Notions 208 West State St. Media, Pa Phone-Media 0929 --------...------..------------ Charles A. Higgins Electrical Contractor ltzulios , . . li0fl"i1.!9l'Zl't0l'S Salcs and Service lfllcctrical Appliances 112 XV. State St. Mcdia, Pa. --------------------..-------- Tasty Do-nut 609 Welsh St. Chester, Pa. Phone-2-8849 ...Q 0 ?-..- --4 r-..-----..--- -------------...---- Ellis Pharmacy Biologicals and Prescriptions Corner of Orange St. 8: Baltimore Ave. Media, Pa. . Phone 4523 -------.......---...---..------ f--..------..-------.....- ---..-- James D. Moore Atlantic Products Media, Pa. Phone-Media 9373 0 O L-- Film and Developing 24 Hr. Service Media News Agency- United Cigar Store Magazine Subscriptions 19 S. Orange St. Media, Pa. Phone-Media 9361 A----------------- --------- ------- Patterson Funeral Home WM. T. PATTERSON, DIRECTOR Baltimore Ave. and Monroe St. Media, Pa. Phone 2488, 2545 No clmrggc for usc of homc . , . Largc Pau-king Facilities ----.-1--......-----------..-...-... -...----------..-...-..-...--- c--..-..-----....--..-.4 -----J ... ------ ..-..-.. O 0 E 0 0 O G 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 O I O O 0 O 0 I 0 0 2 G Q I -----.. I--------.. O O 0 6 0 O 0 O E 0 0 0 0 O 0 O E 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I ---4 -- ------------.. .. L- 1 1 99 :::0:::4 3 I I 0 0 U U 0 U H L::0:: ---4 000 099 999999990 4---00 4 000 90909 9999 50000000000 4 09 999000 999 90000000000 --------------------------------., ,,,-..----------------------------- 0 . z 5 3 3 . 3 g B. G R O S S 3 Martin S. Richman, B. Sc. 5 3 Center 2 The Rexall Store 1 Cor. State and Jackson Streets l Olmositc Post 0lTicc z E 3 Media 0160 Media, Pa. 3 , l z 5 S Home of Botany "BOO" L ....... ....--..-. ............... 33 3.. ............................ -- . tt?ttt33gtttttctttttiigtttttgaat:gt3339t33:3::t3'::tta'3t:333zt3s3:itt 3 5 WILLIAM W. RUMF ORD . o 3 General Contractor and Buzlder 105 Ridffc Boulevard Brookhaven, Chester. Pa. D 3 Phone - Chester 9297 3 3 L ....,.,...,.,...,...,,,,,,, ., ,,..,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,...,.,..... A ............, 3' """ "" """""" "" """""" " """"""""""""" "" 0 ' Fuel Oil 3 ' Oil Burllvrs 3 ' Burner Sc-rvivv 0 3 Q KETRICK EG? SON E Phone 2-2893 Brookhaven, Chester, Po. 3.. .............. .. .................................................... 3""""""""""""""""1 '3"'N"""""""'"""""" 3 0 , 3 3 s. J. LUGLIO s 5 RUTH WEARE 3 0 9 O I l 3 3 3 Ezaufy Sagnn : Media, Pa. 3 3 E 3 3 Wallingford Ave. and Anon sf. 2 Masonry Contractor 3 3 U z 2 Q So. Media, Pa. 3 3 3 A- .............. ..-.. ..... .. .... ...A 4: ....-........................ .9 L 3 QQ-,-------A, -v-v-----oo9o::::::: - Wilson Coal and uppl Co. Wallingford, Pa. Media 0123 Swarthmore 0600 U ,nn-lli Famous Reading Anthracite n AEDRQQX ll can 'fix 0 old companys Lehigh Anthracite II I liiiffms Bottlmg C0- ll E, il Coal - Lumber - Bldg. Materials .f,':wm.L of Delaware County Call Media 1200 :' LW' CK . . ll U2 9 Media Station ml. Morton, Pa. Media, Pa. L law- 5 2:2 :::::---:::-:::::excl it M . 2: ,:x-:::---- For the Unusual-l Corsages or Floral Arrangements of ANY Style 25 E. State Street, Media, Pa, Flowers Delivered ANYWHERE . . . Bonded Member F. T. D. A. o::::o::::::o::: :::::::Q:::: Shaw and Field Quality Plumbing and Heating 1407 Providence Ave, Chester, Pa. CAT'S PAW Rubber Heels and Sqles Stops Slipping Instantly Frank Ross 10 E. State Street Media, Pa. -------------------- AA, oo:-Q----,---v----,------ v---0 Howard Johnson's Baltimore Pike and Providence Road We cater to Banquets and Parties Open for Breakfast 8:30 I Phone, 0865 :Q--: : ::o: :oo-o-: : : :oQ-: :qeoooo oQoo:: : ::: : : ::oo::oooo::ooooQ: Henry's Barber Shop For Fine Scalp and Facial Treatment Special Booths for Ladies 2'07 W. State Street Media, Pa. Qooqoooeea---A - - -A-------oo-A- :::::-Qo::::oo::o::::--A::::Qo Charles A. McCafferty ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Baltimore Pike and Providence Road MEDIA. PA. Media 9347 -,--,-----------,---, ......... o o '1 O 0 3 Q 4 1 ll N N nu nu 0 0 In nu nl U ll ll 4l nu il ll nl o ll U 0 4, 1 0 lx v I 0 0 0 ll ll U 0 0 0 ll n tl I 1 4 I 4l ll lr II :I QQQQQQQQQ oQ-Qo oQ... J. NELSON RIGBY juneraf Eirecfor 1 W. Baltimore Avenue Media 4526 Media, Penna. fn ID mu nn u u u 0 O 0 0 0 0 ll 0 n 0 ll ll an ll ll ll QX 5..--- ooooaoooooooooo ooooqeeoooooaoa HIBBERD BROTHERS livsll listutv - lnsurzuwm- 216 W. State Street, Media, Penna. Georg Bloom for Finer Home Furnishings State and Olive Streets Media, Pa. ::0:::o:::::::Qe-Q: :oQ::QooQQoo : ::occ:-o:::::oo::o::::::oooooo Phono 0630 A. G. Ferguson FERGUSON'S H!ll'tll!'1ll'C - F0011 - House l'llll'lllShillgS Paint, Guns Oils Ammunition Glass Fishing 'l'n0klo -I IC. S'I'A'I'lC S'I'Ill'Il'I'l' MICDIA. PA. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -ooo QQ Qooopooaq Q :::: ::o::::::::o-Q:::::Qo::o::: MEDIA INN Bar - Banquet Accommodations Phone, Media 1280 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ r-----------o----------1 ----o-----Q------o------Q-o-Q-o---0,000-5 QQQQQQQQ- Q ,Y 1 p----------------------1 l ------- --O--------0+---Q----0+ -v r----""-"'-"""''-""'--"' 1 O O 3 0 3 O 3 3 PEOPLES TIRE STORE ' 5 WALTER M' KUHL g Successor to For Pmuzjrt Sc'rz'i4'r' E E KEPNER JEw'ELRY' CO. E Rcfligcrntors - Radios - Wglshers 0 3 we -I 'qv 1 'bl Phono 2-S303 3 Brndix Home Laundry 3 E IA td In Ulfx. M! Q 3 ALL MAKES OF RECORDS E g jewe er ana! afcAmaLer E 211 W. State Street Media E 3 544 Sproul Street E Phone, 0205 .. 2225 2 E Chester, Pennsylvania 2 - ..... .. .......... ....--.. ...... I 3- .... ..... .................. ..-J 1312? 1333 ,33Zt33t?g3i!i?333133322tiZZ23?3333i3t3333i33?L3- ttiaatiziiq 3 3 O U 3 3 3 3 fn 3 SCOTT PRODUCTS bERVE 2 3 3 THE NATION 2 U I 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 C 3 3 I SCOTT PAPER COMPANY 5 C CHESTER, PA. 5 3 3 3 3 0 A QQ. Qq..... . V QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q.. ....... ,,,, ..,,,,.,. ,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.,,Q3 -'-----------'O-Q'-----'---Mw K--f------------.---Q--------1 3 1- 3 ' - o 0 s ' 3 ll 3 3 4' O I 3 County Chevrolet Inc. 3 z a 3 9 u E Baltimore Ave. and Radnor St. E CO., IHC. 3 3 Media., Pennsylvania T nu 216 E. sian- sn. Media 3 gg 3 ---------..-----....---..---..-:. 2..-...............------------..f ooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooo- Wallingford Garage oooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooo o oo ooooo oo oooooo oooooooooo L ,oooo --..oo..- oooooooog oooooooooo o oo ooo 1 ooooooo 1 DU P 2 CJ l-"lo U35 'TUE 74: D Z M -'E 1: 5 S' 3. UQ ooooooo ooooooooooooooo ooooooooo BUCHNER'S Swarthmore, Pa. oooooooooo ooooooooooooo oooo ooooo HEATING, SHEET METAL WORK OIL BURNERS ooooooooooooo 4 o 5044 Washingtoll Ave. Media, Pa. Telephone-Media 1034 ooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo- - - - -oo -IQXIHERCQLET sorlmfss for OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY 'Pooling Cult' - Tooling and Carving' Stem'- hidc - Hhvvpskins - Skivcrs - lliningrs - Gout und Cult' lmzlthcr Lacing - Snaps - Accvs- sorlcx, vtv. HENRY J. RIFE CO. 19 N. 5th St. Phila. 6, Pa. :o:::::::oo::o: :::ooo:: : :::::: 1 0 U nv na I 0 1 nu nu u ll 1+ 1 na li u n 0 ll 0 n na 4 roooo I ooooooooo o - - A A A Ao- A A AoooA Aooooooooooooo o oooooooooooooooooooooooooo Downy Flake Donut Shop Orders O L..... 200 E. 9th St. Chester, Pa. taken for Ice Crcmn Delivvry Service Phone 81 16 oooooooooooo ooo-no and llonuts ooooooooo f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::q lrb:c::::::::::0c::::e:::::::::: 0 0 I u 9 0 :: Cups and Gowns worn by the ant! Service 2 Nether Provirlcnvv High School 3 nlnde the II .ure supplied by the L G ll 4, Q Q O ll - n gy 1: 8 co, The XYor'lLl's l.zu'g'0st Jewelers of Fine ll ll I-'1-nternity and Class Jewelry l 3: NIAN l'l"ACTllli.EllS OF CHURCH AND I juukors of Nether Providence 1, CHOIR vh:s'1'1mcN'rs 0 Clase Ifing-5 I 3 821 Arvh Stwet mol CHl'IS'l'Nl"1' ST., in PHITIADPILPHIA If PHIILADEILPHIA 3, PA. L------::-::::::::: ::::: :::::::::,lIr A:::-::::::::-: :::-::::-: C Q ::-:: rece-::oo::::::::o::::::Q:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::':::::::: O O . ' AP""?'df?'. ACCDUNTING SECllETllRllll ll Veterans Trnmmg 4' , 1-2-3-Year Courses for Men and WVomen 'P ff rr. . H 3 SUMMER TERM-8 Weeks Beginning June I6 3 Shorthand ond Typing Courses 0 M for those who plan lo attend college. fl Brush-up and Regular Courses. II " FALL TERM-Dey Sept. 2-Evening Sept. I5 3 F""""'d '365 EARLY ENROLLMENT ADvlsAaLE ll PeIrceS:hool Building, W rh-eshwenefafeea, l "'i"4"P"i" 2' "'- or susmlss ADMINISTRATION 1: Call, wfllo or phono Pinnypaeker 5-2100 for catalog and dolailed lnfarmalion 1 r33Lt313t:::::3::::::::::: ::::::::::::::t:::::::::::::: ::::r 3 33933333 E Philco Hot Point Emerson Caloric Howard Johnson GOOD HOUSE SW Magic Chef A. B. C. STATE AND MONROE STREETS ' Quality Monitor . Media, Pa. Phones 2880 Universal G- E- t DEEP FREEZE .EASTMAN ANSCO A,---- --'- ---- .AA-A------- --------A-------------- - ---- A ...Q - - Q A:::: ,---------,,,- ,,,,, ,---------------,Y--v----Y----,- ----v vv - -----e::::eee-ee-:::::::eeeeee een, U 0 . 1 1 1. ue o. '. 1. ..' .'1.'4.' .' .'v.'f.'-. I ll ll ll 9 ll if Jackson S1-udlo EE KEEP SUPPLIED wma If Candid and Formal Photographs of ' ll ll 2 Weddings :md Social Gatherings jj ""2A1'Q "" 3 Sc a Ride, including Special E 1 921 Walnut sf., Philadelphia 3, Pe. j35,,f'gg1:j'3P5Q'ggg,"ggQQj 3 Rlttenhouse 6-9827 gg "E'3...22.5.2 l'.'f...kI.l'Es E' Trnnsportnllon Co. ::5 -:::::::: ::::::::::o-o:::::A' L , . 1 I -. ' ' . - . . ,'7 ' wiv WM? WJ Q R , - N AX.,.w fS5WfW9?f M W QQ A L f, 3 ' . ' O A 0.55 M . 40 . f 2 x AV 72 9 MTAj QN XX W Wwpif J X W ' fi V WM gjgw 1 ' 0 M6233 W u A- .EWWK my 'Qywbp ff Yi , AN 45' wi , QQ? wif? if WJMM n wif WW PWA QW WAQLW Q MQ fmfw ff MW I i q 9 , :exe ,, , I A , fm, XJ MW ami, - , , mn W 'WWW' Y my Km i , . W 1 vl W ' "ff" " 'f ','A 1 Y " 4 A qi-iff . N Q . Fxouauf. ' wW 5 fl ,XQf,jAQv"3P 49 f'0""U 62.995, M gwqkqxx aww B 51 .L .H ix QQ fi .f'Vji,zwQ awww svfqg dQ1W,,jmg, VM V W on Man Rf W f QJWSQWFJ QHNQXCJK f x , N' - VM Q7 4. 7w4,w v X 64,5756 bib V' wif-49 444, y 5 V 1 Fry " if -J' NP MA ' 5 ' rm vfw C36 www b gy .. vQjlgZ3,,..f.. VA! f 4 'f ,fi5a'eHf- Qsifea ff .fl-U , ' . ' ' J 'z W- , .4 ., ,, , ' - 4 .1 j-,732 S. jj, Y I b- A 2 A IM A F J Q :wg tim b E M V 'V N I V H T ' , . ,ff-25g3fHA'?',ff , 'Q .+'f,'i,'Q"3-U'-4,4 .. -' If - sf. ' - . , '- i 1, - "m,T'..'k'f,. K, -' -f .1.x 'i,,,vf ,:.- fi, " 'ff' , .1921 ffqlfixzlif' -' - 'i'-'Ffa f V K zijn, ,- .' '- - f -.f ' f' ' ' . , ff'i?'7 - . 1 -, ' ":5"Yf STR' ,M 1' 51-iff , 'Sei-5- If I L' m' -A ' Q i T'f31?2if:i5f,,.5fiQ, . - --4.iE:jf,Qf'5 EYTZ' 1 2 " " fi x- . 51311 ' . -' ' I-'A A- 5, -' " fe 'H-JC, V- '- 1 1, ,5 2, . .gig i f , ,

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