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S W 'L A A ' , .ff ' xa- S H fr' ' 'Q ' W s . I ' ' 4 an v , was , Ju v 1 uf' y 'Q' 1. -g--4+ V H 1--,Q n 4 rx:,,.p-,U W-- . ' . f' E ' Y 1 1 Wt if - Q9 fl U 5 . rw "M f 'HZ' f' .. x 5 Q Q ', -r 7 . f 4'9" of: 3 I H . uni, in K F is qt' ,f-1 -'m-"if .M vet -vw , sy. ' 3. Q vat, 'N .ij A - ' . f 1 nf., 1 1 I .. - ', 'H , if . ,, V , 4 . 'Q Q ' ' v , , 5 v , Y ' 'Q 'R , ' w , S I ' . n .,,.. 1 - . f 'fa s .L Q Y we me V . 10. '. En 4, -' t Q ,L " .jk rv, V' 'jg ' hx .+ 46, K N, lik 'Uni , - .. 'lui' ,.. , Q ' M, x Q.. R 'f- V, 'fwf 6 we Q4 ' ..,, .... I ' ' 1j"fZ"N? 1 A, A. . , mm. 4 . , .Q xi U 1 f " 'f "M in 'CQ .I P 1 i 10 Wu, I O " 4 , if -. 1' Y' ' IMS af' 'gif 1' .J D the Senior Class of Netcong High School presents MEMORIES of 4 years wwaffifffvti LW'3i? -x.,cw 11.- 155 ' . S 5 ZF Q i gMw,X W DEDICATIO We, the Class of 1955, take great pleasure in dedicating this Arcturus to Mrs. White, our Class Advisor, for her guidance and tireless efforts to help us succeed in all our undertakings during our four years at Net- cong High. Mrs. Robert R. White During the past four years you have learned that life calls for the highest qualities of character in our leadership and in ourselves as a people of a great democracy. You now have the resourcefulness, the en- ergy, the steadfastness, and the devotion to the common good that will enable you to live on a higher plane of understanding and conscience while you direct yourself toward the accomplishment of the heavy tasks before ou. y As you depart from Netcong High School, taking with you wisdom, courage, tolerance, and charity, I pray for your life's happiness and for the successfulness of the position that awaits you. EDWARD E. BELET, Principal To the Class of 1955 . . Your class has made an outstanding record during your four years at Netcong High School. Your scholastic attainment has been unusually high and your school spirit has been of the finest. You are capable, trustworthy, and sincere. You have had many good times socially. I would like to extend to you best wishes for 'x happy, worthwhile, and successful life. WILLIAM D. McKELVIE, Superintendent H' Y BOARD OF EDUCATION Left to right, seated: Car- oline Denmead, Millard Best lPresidentJ, Palmer Stracco, Frances Griggs QSec- retaryl. Standing: Joseph Gladis, Michael Romano, Dr. Paul Roser, William McKelvie CSuperintendentJ, Carmine LaFalce. Fred Mooney iVice-Presidentl. fllemories of those who gave us much . . . OUR FACULTY LOUISE C. BUTTERLY MARY M. CUNNINGHAM Marywood College Marywoocl College Commercial Mathematics VINCENT P. FRISOLI Moravian College English, History, Spanish N1 5 of Alabama Science, Physical Ed. CHARLES HANSON Newark State Teachers College Industrial Arts BETTY JANE R. INGLIS New Jersey College for Women English, Latin ALYN J. HEIM Julliard School of Music Music LUIS J. LATTEMAN Beaver College Home Economics is EVELYN L. LEE Trenton Slate Teachers' College General Science Physical Education I ,vfgg ff ,f if x . A xxx x - Xu OUR STAFF IRENA M. McGILLICK Office Secretary A i 1 TQiiwQ , is I 1 Q ii I f , "' H .J . 5 'if 1 3+ A if . I . DOROTHY R. PARLIMENT New Jersey College for Women FRANCIS E. LEE University of Alabama Physics, Biology French, English ALBERT M. Van RIPER Rider College KATIE P. WHITE Rider College Commercial Com: rzf' rcial M 1355-:,if': 1f1WLM,,,e ISABEL M. LANCE ELIZABETH BALZER Newark Normal Registered Nurse Librarian rx FRE HM YE R September 7, 1951 Just outside the massive portals of Netcong High School stands the future class of 1955, a group of wide-eyed, excited, and insignificant Freshmen. Bubbling over with ambition, enthusiasm, and some apprehension, we are setting out to prove that we can be one of the most successful classes ever to enter Netcong High School. The day we entered school, we began to wonder what our haz- ing would be. We never dreamed that our week of initiation would be funny to everyone but us. The boys wore short pants, women's hats, sneakers, nylon hose, suspenders, and girls' blouses. They had to carry their books in a scrub pail and tote a shoeshine kit to be used zt the beckoning of a Senior. As Freshmen we are Hazed . September 19-23, 1951 ,g,,' The girls had their skirts on upside d o w n 5 their hair part- ed in the mid- dleg wore no makeupg a n d presented t h e S e n i o r boys with apples each morning. " H a z i n g Night" marked the end of a hectic but ex- citing week. We ,were ordered to do many silly things, such as: finding a needle in a box of pine needles, t w o boys setting two girls" hair, and a girl shaving a boy with a dull knife. Freshman Umbers 0Ct01J61' 10, 1951 i "As Treasurer, I BETTY La FALCE, will receive all money from the Secretary and give her receipts for the samef' "As Secretary. I HELEN IIARBOURT. will be the historian of the class. My record, commonly called minutes, will be the most enduring thing about this organization." MR. DALLING: 'SDQ you. class officers, promise to perform all your duties to the best of your ability?,' 'I, ROBERT WHITE, as Vice-President, will keep in touch with all ac- tivities of the organization, and act for the President in his absence, or at any time when such action is desired." "I, ROBERT ESPOSITO, will preside at all meetings and enforce the discipline of this class to the best of my ability as President." STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES MR. DALLING: "ROBERT ESPOSIT-0, I basis: hen Philip Esposito and JoAnn Ambrosino the navel, the Symbol of authority ' ' ' Y: 'Q reb ma n nail October 18, 1951 M 0 9 ra err? Class Ocfv Q' ' -U' 01 700P"' I3 , 5' 1' Je jgwmdawf , i ,55 ' . S- 2 54 ' 12HJ""' 18 165 er f SDM 2 . MENU Vegetable Soup Baked Virginia Ham Candied Sweet Potatoes Lima Beans Cottage Cheese - Green Salad Coffee Chocolate Milk Apple Pie Those who attended the banquet At the Banquet, we dined with our Parents ln n 51 I I n u I In I In i 5 -is S wx 1nd entertained them 0Ct0ber 13, 19 1 A piano solo, "Waltz" by Brahms, was ren- dered by Mary Lou Mc- Connell. .vi Q 5 1 5 2 3 A vocal quartet-Patricia McManus, Helen Harbourt, Roberta Agens, and Charlene Rarick-sang "Tea for Two." PROGRAM Welcome ............,................,.. Mn. Robert R. While Group Son! ...,........ "The More We Cel Toxelher" Supervising Principal ...,.. Mr. William D. Mclielvie Piano Solo-"The Storm' ', ,.,...... Leonard Nnrrnchi 'Principal .,.,..... ..,.. ................,...... M r . Paul Dllling Group Song ..... . .....,..... ..,,,.,............., ' 'Happy Hours" Pres. of Home 81 School Ass'u ..... Mr. Charles Hula Vocal Duel .,.....,.. "Morning Side ol llme Mounhinn Mildred Milligan, Shirley Clark Mayor of Netcong ................., Mr. Carmine lmlfalca Piano Solo- "Wallz" by Brahms ........ Mary Lou McConnell Group Song .................... ,,........ ' 'A Merry Life" Vocal Quarle! .................................... "Tel for Two" Palricia McManus, Roberta Ageus., Helen Ilarhourl, Charlene Rlricl: Group Songs .........,.. ......................... ' 'Mingle Buy!" "Good Night Ladies" A piano solo, "The Storm," was played by Leonard Narracci. if 959' on We had a wonderful tm Entertainment Committee . . . Catherine Sawchuck and Henry Shubert. nina :Still undue: qgulllu x annul 2555323 l at Selling Tickets . . . Lynn Dal berg and Lee Meyerson. Serving the Faculty Left to right: Mr. Veres, Mrs. Mc- Gillick, Mrs. Lance, Mrs. Slack. Miss Massopust, Miss Reeve, Mrs. White. Waitresses: Irene Compagnone, Do- lores DiRenzo. our irst Tea Dance pril 23, 1952 Ticket Sellers . . . to right: Diana Bencivenga, rta Agens, Laura Dutcher, Mar- MacLauren, Kitty Togno, and Rampone. Dancing at the Canteen 05. :Wt ww- - ., ff Q N 'gn -5 Why' 5 A ii. .A Refreshment Committee . . . Left to right: Anthony Lamberto Robert White, Thomas Wallace Joyce Everman, Diana Bencivenga Elizabeth LaFalce, Helen Harhourt Charlene Rarick. x e 'Eg Q.:-yfi2'L"t-E1'71's5'tiS'jiiF112Ia.:e:.,.,,... ,, .,,, , . rr Mk. f2,:g5.j1-:S-:.f.T p.'. ' ' ' Z-s :-'. '."-- .T ' 0 iii", to Ulde , . . . g us . . . 5:55 , , Z ,gli-. U11 I II IDU I .2 s ls. .. .-gf -.. -5 of t B Qiilass uf f:". gl-'Q ,-fi. '.,.e':. '!':-' 15.1 Tie,-. CONSTITUTION OF THE CLASS OF 1955 ARTICLE VIH- DUTIES OF OFFICERS :iii ijfjgh, 01-' NETCONG HIGH SCI-10014 Section 1. The president shall preside at iff, ".5fg.' ARTICLE It NAME AND OBJECT all meetings of the organization, counterlign Yffj' 22' all orders and bills, represent the organization .fizsi gif.: The DHHS ttf this vrsaniulion shall be at all public occasion, appoint committees upon .:l.'j' 'Za Class of 11955 Ei Netconi High School. Its instruction from the class, and supervise all ?f,g','i"' ',,'- PUTPUW S H wlurs. e ucalionu. an activities of the organization. "."!'i' !0Cill- Section 2. In the absence of the president, 3 511' ARTICLE IL MEMBERSHIP the vice-president shall perform the duties per- 911.12 Each and every member of the Class of taining io the omcei In use 'lf the pe'm'n'n' :""L1',:l '55 shall automatically become a member of :una of 'IES funded' um vlchpnlidenl Wm ,,-neva? Hfftyj. this organization and shall remain so unless coglel.pren3en'Th h ll k Q-?!.'v'!::' '.qg'."y" he is no longer a member of this class, due 1-gcordec :mln all. classemmrdgliry collgt alfepdue: e-...."".' ..i - - - . ' xii, to scholastic failure or expulsion from school. from and 'ive nceipn to an onici-1 mmmnni' .3273 31,1 ARTICLE III, OFFICI-QRS cations and bills, properly signed, to the treal- 5,3-.1 Section 1. The officers of this organization 'fn' fp' lf'fms"'i be Gusto-'ire of 'U Pmpu' Viz: :ii shall be a president, vice-president, secretary, 'gas oh flefilub' hnol' 'll"""" 'cfounnd io" Qfifg treasurer, and two student council members. e sf USU! l O .Bill ,for special meetings J-.,.'.:,: Section 2, These Oman shall Commute from either the president or committee charr- 1'i.'fI' an executive committee who shall transact rou- n?m'h She 'hall llfend fo ilu 'mrrefpondence legghi' tine business, bills and vacancies in office and 0 I e .cl?H' 'cpm' ,on hh all 'fnpornnl 125'-3 act in emergencies. It shall meet at least once mmmumcluom 'nd come' of he' "Phu 'her' 3-f.:l during the week before the regular class mecl- lo' S . 4 Th , 351,-, ing, and may he called together at other times ecllzn h' e ,hefsurer shall recelve all :'5'?l. by the president or by the request of one or moliteys o te lprganlzation from the secretary .5".T- more executive committee members. an pay om' Ie same. only umm me order 1,.J"I ri- of the secretary countersigned by three members ' '53,-I' ARTICLE IV. ELECTION Op OFFICERS of the finance committee. Hc shall make a exif Au officers shall be eluted by bang! at written report of all receipts and expenditures ,:,'?5," the annual meeting in June to serve for one al 'Th refills' raonlhg meehng mild 'tbghe .nj-1'-' year or until their successors are elected and 'mm' nieemg . ff l e account! we en g,-.1 . . . duly audited. Installed. Nominations are to be made from section 5 The Student Council members '-' ' the floor and by a nomination committee ap- ' . . FE! PMB" by the P"Si""" " the P"'i""S mfs" ii',if.l.."iii'd.5I'.ItilZ'd'.Ti fI1'l"":..i""f.fU'.f'fii"1'i igfi. mg In MRLARTICLE V DUES each meeting of this organization. ':"sf1a- ' ARTICLE IX. DUTIES or MEMBERS bay icffon 41'UTh' dui of urs eff: shnglg' It shall be the duly of each member of 's'f'.Ig,fi one 0 ar S bla mehr. ' md 'P olhan h l this organization to participate in the pro- iznill psiir yexferiibla af lligybbmiinninunsf eaclli rriiinlllz grams' to acl in whaievu upuily he ml! .2 7 ' P. y . 5 5 ' be called upon, and to strive to uphold the secuon 2' Th" m""'y can only be used ideals of the organisation and the school to ESQ? ffii '.i'.f..sTii' Iff'T.fifi..I"'i.J"l'i"'I2i T852 U" 'M' of M' "'i'i'Y- 4- he withdraws from the class ARTICLE x' AMENDMENTS i':i'T"': """.C' , This constitution may be amended at any ARTICLE VI- MEETINGS regular meeting by a 213 vote of those present Ziyi' Section 1. Meetings shall be held on the and voting, provided that the proposed amend- l a .... tl-Lf. first Friday of each month, from 3:00-3:30, ment shall have been presented in writing at fs'-I -'L' from September to June, unless otherwise or- a Previous meeting. 21:- ' fit- dm-1 bv the club- ARTICLE xt. PARLIAMENTARY 'W' H523 Section 2. Each officer and committee AUTHORITY 'JI' 14 is-f chairman shall be obliged to make a report , 72:2 L-,tg - Roberts Rules of Order shall be the offi- f'. .pl at each regular meeting. .l . . . . .gf 5,2 Section 3. The last meeting in June shall ci' P-ft'-'M'-'Y mummy fm' UNI orgaulza- .-7:i., ti" be known as the annual meeting and shall be mm' 'I-fn .I"'-'- for the Purpose of listening to the annual re- AIR'-lgi:-E xua ORDER OF BUSINESS .'.'.' ' :'-,' ports of all officers and committeesg for the . a to or er gf',','7 iam? election of officersg and for any other business 2. Soil Calif I 2g"g::: ' T. that may properly come before such a meeting. 3. inutes o ast meeting '-, . tu"1f' Section 4. Any member who 'is asked to 4. Officers' reports .j'-fix' ,f-Q leave a meeting due to disorderly conduct will President HI. 6'-:5'f' be suspended from the next meeting. A second gcc-President I 'jff expulsion will prohibit him from attending cretary 'Lp "5-lp meetings for the balance of the year. gflllllrtff S If I fd' 5. eports o landing Committees .:' .l" ARTICLE VII. QUORUM 6 S ' ff I n . pecsal Reports . HJ' One third of the membership of this class 7. Unfinished Business 'ff' shall constitute a quorum for an ordinary bnsi- 8. New Business -ji. "' ness meeting. A majority of the membership 9. Announcements 1.4-:Q shall be necessary for the election of officers. 10. Adloumrnont .5-5, 1:.' r3.1 L.: W, , :.-1.:-'-f:::- '.s:.,- -- ' -.5 :e '---ng . . .. 3 - '..'.- -','. .' -sul 1,.q....:'5 ,e iff. I-. .1 ' .f.J'.i .f' n . v -. . 'ey 'Q nw". l""l ' ' -1531, , . 5- J, '.x N '. ,R us- .. -'-r:.' 'ht .C .' . . J .,.--.--. -1'-rm . , . "sill .L f,h."'.,. :J-', 'nv 'J Q ' .:.: .1 -1, '--- '- ' ' -. . 1 , , ..- :-f : 't :Q-s.: -,-,,--te ' - 1 - - - -- - .. . P -' . K '-"t Qv-'Q 1-Z-'l.-,L .,, .1215 .,l HE CAKE roHNN1 'rsiieimedg is in as one act. Q .5 " 1 f. EIA lf? ' y. 6 X3 xl lxxx XM?- A 6? X to x ,-,sented by 'MEZLASS QF 1955 J of X I rmcoNG HIGH SCHOOL my 21, 1952 nz mm. E J s V COMMITT . Student Directors EES Dutcher. x C- Murtha, L Pro gmm -B. tgge glanagey-,,N. Criss!! V M , . Shubert, J, Sm.thf - Fran. ake.up,B' B I . Asens. eahm, M- Smith, R. Pfvp t' , broiirigf P' Yonkauski. 1. Am Lights-C F . jerteral Ch,,i::Z:'5 BeRson. Fsststant tjhairmansli BIKES. aculty Dnector owman 'Mrs Robe ' 'T White. Qur first attempt at dramatics was a success Cast of Characters From left to right: Professor Sewell fPhilip Schompl, Janet Hale flliane Bcncivengab, John E. Hale Lee Meyersonj, Annahell Ross fMary Lou McConnellJ, Hamilton Higgins QMalcolm Batsonl, Sylvia Hale lCatherine Sawchuckl. J. Freshman Honor Students . . . At the end of our Freshman year, nineteen members of our class averaged from 85 to 95 per cent in scholastic achievement. Left to right, first row: Dorothy Bowman, Charlene Da1be1'8,.MafY P011 McConnell- Third NWI L00 Meyer' Rarick, Betty LaFalce, Diana Bencivenga, Kitty Togno, 9021, MHUIYP .RISKS PBBBY Ymlkallskis Norma PONFBUD, Margaret MacLauren. Second row: Margaret Smith, Mildred MIHISHUQ NBUCY 65889, and GUS RHIDPUDG- Helen Harbourt, John Dezio, Laura Dutcher, Lynn ' In addition to the activities and projects of our Freshman year pictured on previous pages, we sold subscriptions to our local newspaper, sold magazines and Easter candy. We went roller skating in Dover three evenings during the year. We concluded our first year at Netcong High School with the following financial standing: STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND PAYMENTS FOR 1951-1952 Receipts: Yearbook Pictures ...... 9.00 Class Dues ................................ 3353.25 Dues Refunded .-......- 8.00 Profit on Magazine Sales ........ 82.04 Play Books ...'..--.-...'.-- 4.50 Profit on Easter Candy ........ 53.71 Record Books ......-...-.'. 4.14 Profit on Dance ........................ 40.69 Ad, in '52 yearbook .-...-.-.---.... 4.00 Sales at Football Games ........ 9.46 Gifts and Flowers .--.'--.-.-...---..- 10.00 Miscellaneous ............................ 3.49 Stamps, Cards, Envelopes ........ 3.04 --' Scrap Book ................................ 1.00 Total Receipts ......... .......... S 542.64 .Z Total Disbursements ............ 3-55.68 Disbursements: 1- Balance on Hand: ............ 3486.96 Stage Scenery ....... .......... 3 12.00 OPI-IOe ORE YE R eptember 4, 1952 As the trees shed their leaves, we shed the title of "green fresh- men."g we are now "wise sophomores". In true tradition we began immediately to assume a very precocious air and tried to impress the freshmen with our superiority. Our class officers for our sophomore year were Mary Lou McConnell as secretary, William Sturm as president, Anthony Lamberto as vice-president, and Diane Bencivenga as treasurer. We celebrated Washin ton fs Birthda . with a very successful Dance Left to right: Bob White, Mari- lyn Riggs, John DeMattio, Lois Faschan, Peggy Yonkauski, Nor- ma Peterson, Joyce Everman, Lee Meyerson, and Gus Ram- pone . . . fseatedl Paul Batson, and Colleen Murtha, the Ticket Committee. Under soft lights and beautiful decorations, we danced to the best music our jukebox could provide. February 20, 1953 Margaret McLauren, Chairman, and her Assistant Chairman, Beverly Bowman, are busy look- ing over some plans for the Lee Meyerson, Bob White, Gus Rampone, An- thony Lamberto, Helen Harbourt, Charlene Rarick, and Dolores DiRenzo, members o the Refreshment Committee, cut cake, open soda and most important of all, collect money for refreshments. The Entertainment Committee Dorothy Bowman, Colleen Mur j 4 V 15, i tha and Laura Dutcher are busy feeding the latest song hits to the record player. dance. Mary Lou aclueves Literary Fame .5 ,age 'gy THE CREATION KA Negro Sermonj And God stepped out on space, And He looked around and said, 'Tm lonely- I'll make me a world." Up from the bed of the river Cod scooped the clayg And by the bank of the river He kneeled Him downg And there the great God Almighty, Who lit the sun and fixed it in the sky, Who flung the stars to the most far corner of the night. Who rounded the earth in the middle of His hand- This Great God, Like a mammy bending over her baby, Kneeled down in the dust Toiling over a lump of clay Till He shaped it in His own imageg Then into it He blew the breath of life, And man became a living soul. Amen. Amen. March 15, 19 3 WHY MY PARENTS SHOULD VOTE By Mary Lou McConnell Communism is an ever present threat to our democracy. Our great- est tool against this threat is the proper functioning of our govern- ment. The condition our country is in today is not the falilt of the party or the persons with authority in our government. To blame them would be unfair, as the people's votes put them in that office. Eyery citizen who-neglects his right to vote is responsible for the corruption in our government. The United States of America be- longs to the youth of today. Because we are young we profit by the ex- amples of our parents. But what profit do we gain from parents stay- ing away from the polls either be- cause they are too lazy or think they haven't the intelligence to vote. "I haven't the time" is a poor excuse for letting Socialism creep into our country. We have built a democracy 1 we have watched it grow and wt for us day by day. But in order accept a democracy we must uni stand it involves the placement of individual citizen and his partici tion in his government. The citi: must decide what his governm should and should not do. Our votes must put the good n in office and take the bad ones 0 A citizen of the United Sta should be treated fairly by his g ernment. He has the right to kn if he is going to be drafted, and M he is being taxed. He has the rig to be heard. The most import: means a citizen has of expressing f thoughts is by voting. If our privilc of voting was taken from us, would certainly complain fast enoui Voting is our expression of persol opinions. On November 4th, let us dedica ourselves to protect our country fn socialistic radicals. Every vote coun' Uur greatest mono -makin project was the Merchandise Club March 27, 1953 Henry Shubert became the super- salesman of merchandise when his sales totaled 3285. The Merchandise Committee chair- man, Duine Bencivenga, assisted by Colleen Murtha and Margaret Smith, collected a total of 82,265.66 for mer- chandise sold by members of our class. Diane paid the company 31,666.20, which netted a profit of 359946. The profit earned by each student was credited to his individual account. Au Revozrg Mr Greenleaf April 15, 1953 On April 15, 1953, we bade farewell to Mr. John P. Greenleaf who had taught 41 years at Netcong High School. Mr. Greenleaf is congratulated by Mr. William D. McKelvie, superintendent of Netcong Schools, after having been pre- sented gifts at a dinner in Mr. Green- leaf's honor sponsored by the P.T.A. and the Netcong Board of Education. Mr. Greenleaf, now 65, was born in Hobart, N. Y., the son of the Reverend and Mrs. Jonathan Greenleaf. He attend- ed Blair Academy and enrolled at Am- herst College. Later he transferred to Lafayette College, and was graduated from the Easton school in 1912. He joined the teaching staff at Netcong High School the same year. In addition to instructing the math classes, Mr. Greenleaf has taught Latin, English, and most of the science courses offered at the school. Mr. and Mrs. Greenleaf will spend some time vacationing in Florida and then will make their permanent residence in In- diana. Our class presented Mr. Greenleaf with a gift and wished him much health and happiness in his retired life. 'R Our two dramatic attempts proved successful D TE FOR BOBBY-SCX May 19, 1953 CAST OF CHARACTERS t-t-to m-meet y-you. CHARLENE RARICK fBobby Soxlz Father, meet PHILIP SCHOMP CMr. Hannalz What is this. A night- Harold. Harold meet Father. mare? Get out from there, young man. Bobby Sox, meet six months of solitary confinement. NORMA PETERSON fMrs. Hannal. What are you LEE MEYERSON iHaroldJ: How-how-how do you doing, Bobbi' S'-lx? dvd-d-do, Mr. H-Hanna. I-I--I-I've been wanting LYNN DALBERG fMargieJ: What? THE MIKADO May 25, 1953 K K sa. K - Sw -- WN, Q K 'rs Ml F X if gy' Diana Bencivenga, Roberta Agens, Mary Lou McCon- nell, Betty La Falce, Kitty Togno, Charlene Rarick, Lynn Dalberg, Helen Harbourt, Marilyn Riggs, Dolores DiRenzo, Philip Esposito, Gus Rampone, Tom Wallace, Anthony Lamberto, Malcolm Batson. The lead, Mikado of Japan, was played by Philip Schompg Leonard Narracci portrayed Pooh-Bah, Lord High, Everything else, and Dorothy Bowman, Pitti-Sing, was a ward of Ko-Ko. School Girls, Nobles and Guards were: Beverly Bowman, Norma Peterson, Pat McManus, 25 UNIOR YE R September 5, 1953 We started our third year with the following class officers: Left to right: President, Anthony Lam- hertog Secretary, Catherine Tognog Treasurer, Colleen Murthag Vice- President, Philip Esposito. We are now two years older and are halfway through our high school days . . . There was a maol rush at the football concession October 222 1953 Seniors at football concession. Wg 30141 merchandise to finance our Washington Trno This year Bob White p alesman. Dorothy Bowman, Margaret Smith, Colleen Murtha and Beverly Grogan kept the merchandise club ac 20, counts accurately so that a profit of 3422.52 was re l d h y Our Junior Prom . 7 union :DMM Q if it 4 Q . 1 'I' K Lgy lp? it 0 J v neo hem s exci in an memora e at I egehts ofooiiir hizhgschjol days. bl I 1 swf I ,Q 4 i - A Sgiidd jvefceflq .7107 NETCONG HIGH KING AND QUEEN Anthony Lamberto, Junior Class President, congratulates Ed- ward Denmead and Macky Verdi, Netcong High seniors, who were chosen King and Queen at the High School Junior Prom at Frank Dailey's Meadowbrook. V v Iune 5, 19 4 We dined and danced 'to the music of Jerry Grey and hzs orchestra. 5 Ognnuafg CLASS Op 1955 of msrcofvg HIGH sc H OOL P1'eg,n t' Uflfgz .FD 10,72 .F Music b Y len and - Y G his orqhestr':Y Saturday ev e . Mary Lou McConnell, Beverly 3 .4 Nineteen h Iune iim,nm9 undrsd an d fiffy f ' Our 5 as Bowman, Thomas Nick Costanza, Helen Wallace, Georgianna Mai- Harbourt, and Philip lander, Esposito. bert- and Henry ..Shu- Parents and chaperones enjo ed a NX? of X R1 wonderful time with us Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. White and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grocela were our Prom chaperones. X was .af L 1 6, 9, Rx 1 .V . Q w- - 1 Q- Our parents beam their ap- proval of the first Netcong Junior Prom to be held at the Meadowbrook. ff' ' A Mr. and Mrs. John Pistolas. The juniors and their guests take time out to pose K xv! we xiii! Ed Uyalsh and Naney Griggs Bob White and Pat Kelly H ' Diane Bencivenga and Sam Palumbo Joanne Fasehan, Joe Esposito, Charlene Rarzek, and Bob Esposito 31 SENIOR YEAR NANCY GRIGGS Treasurer PHILIP ESPOSITO President SENIOR OFFICERS Left to right: Philip Esposito, President: Marilyn Riggs, Secretary: Nancy Griggs, Treas urerg Lee Meyerson, Vice-President. September 8, 1954 LEE ME YERSON V ice-President X1 N fs? ' 1" je 3' 'Kg 5 Rl Q EIN Q , Ei E 'e.e 1 Y MARILYN RIGC S 1 Secretary MARY BASENESE "Mun" Commercial "A little mischief, a little fun, Mary is liked by everyone." Anything for a laugh . . . noted for yellow and black "Olds" . . . full of fun and deviltry. A Dancing Club lg Dance Committee 23 Class Play Com- mittee 1g Arcturus Staff 4. fl, ROBERTA AGENS s ,I "Bert" Home Economics ,T x,fw?.., . .QF ' "There's a sparkle on her finger as iuell as K DW' M? in her eye." UQ? X Good athlete . . . peppy dancer . . . always smiling. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 43 Dance Club lg Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Arc- turus Staff 4. MALCOLM BATSON "Mal" General "Not too serious, not too gay, But a rare good fellow in his own way." Q Serious . . . mechanically inclined . . . indus- trious. Play Committee 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 33 Bowling Club lg Hunting and Fishing Club 15 Driving Club lg Arcturus Staff 4. BARBARA BEAHM "Bobbie" Commercial "The mildest manner and the gentlest heart." Dark, wavy hair . . . pleasant personality . . attractive. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 43 Dance Committee 1, 2, 4g Dance Club 15 Arcturus Staff 4. , . s"'t"""'-b ,Qin ANNA BAYLOR "Ann" Commercial "Silence is more eloquent than words." Reserved and rather shy . . . willing helper . . . quiet blonde. Intramural Sports lg Dance Club 1g Arcturus Staff 4. PAUL BATSON "Mozzie" General "He's not tall, he's not wise, But he's a corker for his size." Good things come in small packages . . . nice smile . . . well-liked . . . sense of humor. Play Committee lg Hunting and Fishing Club 19 In- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 1, 2: Arcturus Staff 4. 35 BEVERLY BOWMAN "Bevy" Commercial 'iFr0m a little spark comes a mighty flame." Likes to argue . . . short and cute . . . cheerful bl attitude. Play Committee lg Dance Club 1, 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Arcturus Staff 4. DIANA BENCIVENGA "Chubb" College Preparatory "A merry heart goes all the day." Good Sport . . . gift of gab . . . always willing to lend a hand. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Scholastic NN" 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee 3, 4g Class Treasurer 23 Dance Club 13 Bowling Club lg Chair- man, Merchandise Club 2, 4g lnterscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Arcturus Staff 4. qqnnavff' DOROTHY BOWMAN "Doi-" Commercial "She shall have music wherever she goes." Dreams of being a singer . . . always hurrying around . . . keeps up with the latest tunes. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Scholastic "N" 2, 3, 4, In- tramural Sports 1. 2, 3, 43 Class Play 1: Dance Club lg Dance Committee 2, 3: Arcturus Staff 4. X 1 I . a . l ,IV I ROBERT COLABELLA "Sarge" General "Easy come, easy go." Good dancer . . . ability to play hooky slow but sure. Mixed Chorus 4g Arcturus Staff 4. V' x v ,A v , I ' 4 - v. ' ' s IRENE COMPAGNON E "Mamoo" Commercial "There's stardust in my eyes." Tall, good-looking brunette . . . clay-dreamer . . . takes a lot of ribbing. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4-g Dance Committee 1, 3, 45 Play Committee 23 Dance Club lg Arcturus Staff 4. NICHOLAS COSTANZO "Sonny" General ., , . . . . Hes always joznmg ln the fun, For he gets along with everyone." Laughs at his own jokes . . . good looking . . plays a hot trumpet. Dance Band 43 Arcturus Staff 4. 37 JOHN DEZIO "Dee" College Preparatory "His pleasing ways will take him far." Everybody's friend . . . sensible . . . dependable. Hunting and Fishing Club lg Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club lg Arcturus Staff 4. JOHN De MATTIO "Wally" College Preparatory "The moon is high, the night is young, The gas tank's full, I'm out for fun." Tall, dark and handsome . . . neat . . . liked by all. Intramural Sports lg Dance Committee 4g Club lg Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Staff 4. , f J . ' M ' .JJ dresser Bowling Arcturus tj J , X.,-, fy I 'Lx l 1 N H" 'X . J' t V M N fl my A ki kr A la V NJA , X S ' , 1 In vm. ' xy X HM . x A l ' 'gs -xy ,MQW , f LYNN DALBERG J tl "Lynn" College Preparatory "Sophistication is the soul of charm." Dark and pretty . . . always looking through college catalogues . . . ambitious. Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4g Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 4g Girls, State 33 Class Play 2g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Club lg Dance Club lg Arcturus Staff, Assistant Editor 4. RICHARD ELWELL "Rich" General "He may seem quiet and sometimes shy, But everyone knows this friendly guy." Reserved . . . musical talent . . . calm manner. Dance Band 4g Arcturus Staff 4. ij, 1 1, ' 9' xl. uf ,J ff y 525 At' XV 0 A 1 Wu 79 ,I if 1 A P J' fl V 41, IV I j Xl if 1, L Xl! I fa! 4 1 r ' I 1 n , .e f 1 v ' If-kb lf!! ,x lf! vp. r fxzll I I Dj fbi' r KN? M , J'!,X M XLXLP' Jvpw' U5 I Lv I F it fl I : 'u 'l v.f ' f Yve 'A --. - . ' X5 il . e j L, U as 1 ,A il ,, 'U CD 4 DOLORES DiRENZO "Stella" Commercial "A sunny temper gilds the edges of life's blackest clouds." Neat . . . pleasant disposition . . . pretty, wavy hair. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Club lg Arcturus Staff 4. PHILIP ESPOSITO "Phil" College Preparatory "Never a worry, never a care, Phil gets around most anywhere." Bright and ready smile . . . class "Pres" . handsome casanova. Boys' State 3g Mixed Chorus 23 Football 3, 43 Basket- ball 2g Baseball l, 2, 3, 4g Student Council 1, 45 Class Vice-President 3, Class President 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 43 Arcturus Staff 4. 3 K I JOYCE EVERMAN ".loycie" College Preparatory "She sews seams of kindness around everyone." Never ruffled . . . someday a nurse . . . sincere. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Committee 1, 3, 4g Dance Club lg Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3. ROBERT ESPOSITO "Bob" College Preparatory "To know him is to like him." Easy-going . . . snappy dresser . . . all-around good guy . . . big flirt. Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball l, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 13 Class President lg Dance Club lg Boys' State 33 Arc- turus Staff 4. LOIS FASCHAN "Lois" College Preparatory "Neatness is the crowning grace of womanhoodf' Wavy hair . . . neat . . . sweet and feminine. Intramural Sports 2g Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Dance Club lg Student Council 33 Arcturus Staff 4. 4 5 x HI FE' , KN. 4, , 1 VINCENIA FRANCOMACARO "Vim" Commercial "As merry as the day is long." Good natured . . . likes a joke . . . industrious worker. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4g Dance Club lg Play Com- mittee 1, 2, 4: Scholastic "N", Arcturus Staff 4. NANCY GRIGGS "Nancy" College Preparatory Tall and pretty . . . ardent supporter of N.H.S. . . . nice smile. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Treasurer 43 Tennis Club lg Bowling Club lg Class Play Committee 13 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4: Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Arcturus Staff 4. x BEVERLY GROGAN "Bevy" Commercial "Is she so quiet and demure? Maybe, but don't be too sure!" Seemingly quiet . . . sunny disposition . . . a willing worker. Dance Club lg Dance Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Play Com- mittee 1, 2, 4g Arcturus Staff 4. 41 9 ROSEMARIE GROGAN "Rosie" Commercial "There's a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye." Jolly . . . good sport . . . nice to know. Intramural Sports 1, 3g Tennis Club 15 Arcturus Staff 4. JOHN HAAG "Jack" General ",Iack's a friend, sincere and trueg When he hits the line he goes clear through Friendly . . . easy to get along with . good athlete. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Hunting and Fishing Club 15 Arcturus Staff 4. HELEN HARBOURT "Harb" College Preparatory "Ambitious, alert, neat and pert." Neat dresser . . . keen sense of humor . . . participates in many extracurricular activities. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling Club lg Chairman, Prom Committee 33 Schol- astic "N" 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Club 15 Class Secretary 13 Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Arcturus Staff 4, Editor. dent 3, President 4, Dance Committee 1, 2, 33 Intra- a ibm ,iff - e ff ' ELIZABETH LaFALCE "Betty" College Preparatory "Not only neat, but charming indeed." Cheerful personality . . . cute and petite . . snappy dresser . . . ambitious. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Scholastic "Nu 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Treasurer lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 1, 3, 45 Crimson Reflector lg Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Arcturus Staff 4. 11' 1sm:9,-was-2.4 My :sff-:.w my t1xtw15s, . J .,....,a, si We ,fish , ,ig ft rrsiigf iii." ' i N ANTHONY LAMBERTO "Tessie" General "Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why aren't they all content like me?" Popular . . . pleasant personality . . . dependable . . . friendly. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4, Bowling Club lg Hunting and Fishing Club lg Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Vice-President 23 Class President 33 Student Council 3, 4, Vice-Presi- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET MacLAUREN "Missy" Commercial "A penny for your thoughts." Feminine . . . industrious and dependable . . likes to tease. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 4g Interscholastic Sports 23 Dance Club lg Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 45 Dance Committee 2, 43 Flower Committee 35 Class Play Committee 1: Arcturus Staff 4. GEORGIANNA MAILANDER "Chris" Commercial "Imagination is more important than knowledge." Bookworm . . . nice smile . . . dark, sparkling eyes. Tennis Club 13 Dance Committee 23 Arcturus Staff 4. 4 I , , 1 I Qt' I l xl , , 59' . , . .K 3' -x 1 ,, X t 1 . 1 ,ly , Y .k MARY LOU McCONNELL "Lou-Lou" College Preparatory "Whether she's working or kidding around, She'll always be smiling this we have found." Sincere . . . dependable and efficient . . . will succeed. Secretary 23 Student Council 1, 43, Secretary 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' State 3g Class Play 13 Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 1, 3, 43 Arr:- turus Staff 4. Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Poetry Reading Contest 13 Flower Committee 3. PATRICIA McMANUS "Pat" Commercial "Very jolly and we'll say, Very nice in every way." Lots of fun . . . good secretarial student . . . one of the Budd Lake gang. Play Committee lg Dance Club lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Arcturus Staff 4. LEE MEYERSON "Lee" College Preparatory "Indeed this lad has a brilliant mind." Intelligent . . . will succeed in anything he undertakes . . . willing helper. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball J.V. lg Class Play 1, 23 Class Vice-President 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2g Schol- astic "N" 1, 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 1, 23 Student Council 3. COLLEEN MURTHA "Toddy" Commercial "Humor is the harmony of the heart." Witty . . . Irish through and through . . noted for crazy hats. Scholastic "N" 2, 3, 43 Class Play Committee lg Class Treasurer 4g Dance Committee 2: Merchandise Club 2, 33 Library Club lg Advertising Manager Arcturus Staff 4. 1' 1"'?' , I LEONARD NARRACCI MLCHUYH General "Creator of mischief, lover of life." Loves to tease . . . really beats out the boogie- woogie . . . a real pal. Hunting and Fishing Club lg Class Play lg Bowling Club 15 Football 1, 2g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g School Band 4g Football Manager 3, 4g Basketball Manager 3, 43 Baseball Man- ager 3, 4g Arcturus Staff 4. 45 ROBERT NEWTON "Snowflake" General "One of our class cut-ups is he, Providing laughs, fun,'and glee." Can always make you laugh . . . curly hair . . . crazy dance steps. Basketball 1, 2, 3g Baseball 1, 25 Football 35 Mixed Chorus 43 Arcturus Staff 4. NORMA PETERSON "Pere" College Preparatory "This pleasant, friendly lass, Is the tallest of our class." Tall and stately . . . curly hair . . . Ma's helper. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Class Play 23 Intramural Sports 1, 4g Scholastic "N"11, 25 Library Club 15 Arcturus ' Staff 4. X K, E M I ,.-A., 5 i 5 r , J. VL ,Q if l .ii 'i .' . ' ' f" fr' , 1, F: , 1 . y K ug, H 2 4 f ' s- ,A ,V 1. lg, 1 ' Q' Q' t Jig: 1 1 I , P ,X 'fl 4, " ,X ,, 'gf fl ' f ' 2 'J Y J ' -' f l ,lf AUGUSTUS RAMPONE f 6'Gus" College Preparatory "Ready wit and humor plus, Gussie's tops with all of us." A joke on the tip of his tongue . . . quick- witted . . . friendly. Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Council 23 Dance Committee 2, 4g Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 43 Hunting and Fishing Club lg Boys' State 3s Arcturus Staff 4. 4 .gp a Y. Ks ,V ff-' . fT:"i i :..-H" my I. CHARLENE RARICK "Smokie" College Preparatory "Good-natured and jolly with a smile for all." Witty . . . Mr. Lee's nightmare . . . flair for sports . . . good athlete. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 3, 44 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4g Tennis Club lg Bowling Club 13 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Interscholastic Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Arcturus Staff 4. fav ,Klum i . ,ta ' Us . , rf." 5 'V' iv F'-' ,- 1 1,5 L' , 41' U xr' .u'x:J5f'uJ:.A7yVNw jf 'EJ .ef Q.. , ' R7 . ,Pj VU! "iff, . ,s,, ,A is ra if 4 5 4:"!'f.."--O'...f Z, Rye MARILYN RIGGS ' Al "Riggsy" College Preparatory "She'd capture any lonely heart, . For being friendly is her art." H' ,fl if limi' 3 'z . . . Y PL- ff X .y'2V1vac1ous and enthusiastic . . . carefree . . f ,v if ,Q-H t ,-fpleasant, friendly manner. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 25 Class Secretary 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4g Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 3, 43 Chairman, Play Committee lg Dancing Club 1, Arcturus Staff 4. CATHERINE SAWCHUCK "Cathy" College Preparatory "Her ways are ways of pleasantness. Tall and attractive . . . pleasant personality . . . sensible. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3g Class Play lg Dance Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis Club 15 Arcturus Staff 4. 47 '41 HENRY SHUBERT "Mark" General "Always ready to do his share." Manager of athletics . . . ardent class supporter . . . always busy. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 1, 23 Baseball Manager 2, 35 Football Manager 3, 45 Basket- ball Manager 3g Artcurus Staff 4. XX., A PHILIP SCHOMP "Phil" General "Phil is tall and very straight, With his friends he's first rate." Tall . . . nice to everyone . . . serious . . . rather quiet. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 43 Baseball lg Chess Club 13 Class Play 1, 2g Basketball 2, 3, 43 Intramural Basketball 2g Dance Committee 2, 4g All-State Chorus 13 Arcturus Staff 4. JOHN SMITH "Smitty" College Preparatory "An all-around sport, John is a boy of that sort. I! Likes to wisecrack . . . nice smile . . . quiet but friendly. Hunting and Fishing Club lg Intramural Sports '33 Dance Band 4, Arcturus Staff 4. THOMAS SPENCER "Comic" General "A mere composition of tricks and mischief. Always clowning . . . a friendly smile and hello for everyone . . . infectious laugh. Basketball 2, 3g Arcturus Staff 4. tm fl? MARGARET SMITH "MBPS" Commercial "Good worker, good natured, and good fun." Very feminine . . . wavy hair . . . dainty wavs. Scholastic "N" 1, 2, 3, 4g Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 gattifeli Club lg Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Arcturus ta . , ' ' V. , ,lf 'Ll :,D ,Lp lf' ,fillvll in ' 1 A ,-ft rc' if we Ma: , pw PLLC' f,,!.y,,f+ Ml L ,ff . mei ,ff ,fn "if V ' L- ,f-1 ' , 1 I .Af 'Mfr' fl ,ILA "' Af' ff ," i ' 1 5 , . 4 ' rw , If i. ' - t f ,JL ,f7f1"" "'1f'- ' ' C'f' ,Af 'jgfv ' 7 A ff f.-1" ff .,-ff if' X 1 -I .f . f - , A, ' ' -v 1 li!! I: ,iff X 1 x 1 .fl VA. U. I 1 ,K WILLIAM STURM "Bill" College Preparatory "Easy to like, swell to know." Wisecrack for every occasion . . . tall and good looking . . . ambition to be. a farmer. Class President 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 23 Bas- ketball 2g Arcturus Staff 4. 49 ROBERT WHITE P ' my y will A.. .x, C: X.. CATHERINE TOGNO "Kitty" College Preparatory "She's little, but she's wise, She's a terror for her size." Tiny but cute . . . likes to argue . . . Very friendly. Intramural Sports lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3. 4, Class Secre- tary 33 Scholastic "Nw 1, 2, 3, 43 Tennis Club lg Arc- turus Staff 4. N. THOMAS WALLACE "Tucker" College Preparatory "Mischief and humor all rolled in one." Mischievous . . . class wit . . . friendly and cheerful. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Basketball 15 Hunting and Fishing Club lg Bowling Club lg Arcturus Staff 4. "Wizard" College Preparatory "A fellow worth knowing and worth knowing well." Friendly and cheerful . . . twinkle in his eye . . . smooth dancer. Vice President 1: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4.1 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Clee Club 3, 43 Hunting and Fishing Club lg Dance Committee 1, 2, 35 Bowling Club lg Prom Committee 3g Class Play 1, Baseball 2, 3. MARGARET YONKAUSKI "Peggy,' College Preparatory "Her friendly way and blushing cheek, Will help her climb life's highest peak." Cute blonde . . . becoming blush . . . always being teased about her hair. Intramural Sports 2, 45 Dance Club lg Student Council Treasurer 4g Scholastic "NH 1, 2, 3, 43 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Play Committee 1, 23 Arcturus Staff 4. H0 GR GRADUATE We concluded our senior year with 17 out of 52 seniors attaining an average of 85-95 percent during our 4 years of high school. Seated, left ot right: Peggy Ann Yonkauski, Nancy Riggs- Standing! GUS RHIUPOUC, KiHY Tosno, Helen Griggs, Margaret Smith, Lynn Dalberg, Mary Lou Mc. Harbourt, Colleen Murtha, Lee Meyerson, Diana Ben- Connell, Margaret MacLauren, Charlene Rarick, Marilyn Civenga, BCHY LaFa1ve, D0f0lhY Bvwman, -l0hfl D950- - . ,:-' sf sat- V . - .-,ei ,,,,,,,s,,t,?e 12, IOR DIRE TORY . , 4' " 1 p. ., '33 1:-is-1.5 3 il NAME Roberta Agens Mary Basenese Malcolm Batson Paul Batson Anna Baylor Barbara Beahm Diane Bencivenga Beverly Bowman Dorothy Bowman Robert Colabella Irene Compagnone Nicholas Costanza Lynn Dalberg John DeMattio John Dezio Dolores DiRenzo Richard Elwell Philip Esposito Robert Esposito Joyce Everman Lois Faschan Vincenia Francomacaro Nancy Griggs Beverly Grogan Rosemarie Grogan John Haag Helen Harbourt Elizabeth LaFalce Anthony Lamberto Margaret MacLauren Georgianna Mailander Mary Lou McConnell Patricia McManus Lee Meyerson Colleen Murtha Leonard Narracci Robert Newton Norma Peterson Augustus Bampone Charlene Barick Marilyn Biggs Catherine Sawchuck Phillip Schomp Henry Shubert John Smith Margaret Smith Thomas Spencer William Sturm Catherine Togno Thomas Wallace Robert White Yonkauski, Margaret DATE OF BIRTH August 23, 1935 March 9, 1937 July 29, 1936 October 25, 1937 February 2, 1937 January 2, 1936 May 23, 1937 September 2, 1937 June 7, 1936 March 3, 1938 April 5, 1937 December 1, 1937 August 23, 1937 December 13, 1936 November 24, 1936 May 23, 1938 May 31, 1937 April 9, 1937 Ma 19 1938 Y s September 2, 1936 September 27, 1938 August 7, 1938 September 4, 1937 November 19, 1937 January 14, 1937 August 24, 1936 January 9, 1937 August 14, 1937 September 26, 1937 June 25, 1937 September 10, 1935 January 16, 1937 November 15, 1937 June 30, 1938 September 16, 1936 October 10, 1937 February 7, 1935 September 28, 1937 July 29, 1937 September 7, 1937 June 17, 1937 October 4, 1936 September 30, 1937 August 16, 1936 October 6, 1937 September 6, 1937 December 17, 1936 March 2, 1936 June 5, 1937 January 23, 1938 September 6, 1937 August 28, 1938 WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF She didn"t see Tom Her car broke down His car stopped He got a rabbit during hunting season She had a pony tail A gray Chevy didnlt pick her up She didn't have anything to do She was 6' tall She gained weight He had a car She got a D. A. He lost his trumpet 9 She had to walk to school He went to Notre Dame He had a car She didn't ask for gum He couldn't drive He got an antelope while hunting at Moonej He was shy She lost weight She got home on time at night She wasn't running errands for Mr. Simone She went steady She was satisfied She had a car He passed Biology She had long hair She didn't wear bangs N etcong had another undefeated football teal There were no Pepsi-Cola She met Robert She walked slow She got fat again He became a horse doctor She forgot to polish her shoes- He got thin Someone stole his sneakers There were no cokes He worked at Pau-i's She didn't- argue She got her license She left Jo Ann's house at a reasonable houi He had a car He couldn't work in the Post Office There wasnlt a hunting season She was 5'2', He had passed Science from Mrs. Lee He missed the Antelope before Phil shot it She grew He was a quiet boy The Buick broke down She wasn't teased about her hair O O Oil l O FAVORITE SONG f'm Confessing iopelessly Smile Vlr. Sandman Zara Mia Peach Me Tonight Your Heart and My Heart iisters f'm a Fool to Care lock Around the Clock it Worries Me Vhen Saints Come Marching In 'll Walk With God Fenderly ,ittle Shoemaker Iave You Heard Wanted Peach Me Tonight f Spoke Too Soon lhapel in the Moonlight ' Spoke Too Soon Eh--Boom little Brown .lug E'ou'll Never Walk Alone leave It to Your Heart Spoke Too Soon Vhat a Dream fiuskrat Ramble .ittle Shoemaker ley There Ihopin's Polonaise f You Love Me Jestiny Teach Me Tonight oey f I Give My Heart to You S Juskrat Ramble Don't Hurt Anymore Ihapel in the Moonlight Vhen Saints Come Marching In Take Me Back' Again li Lily The High and the Mighty Ir. Sandman 'iolin Holiday mile Iuskrat Ramble y the Light of the Silvery Moon way lold My Hand luskrat Ramble 'he Things I Didn't Do Memor Catalo ue WANTS TO BE Housewife Wave Shop Teacher Movie Operator Nurse Typist Teacher Secretary Singer Draftsman Secretary Radio, T.V.., F.M. Technician French Teacher College Student Engineer Nurse Airplane Mechanic A Railroader College Student Nurse Secretary S Private Secretary Private Eye Secretary Telephone Operator Baseball Player Teacher Biology Teacher A Barber Fashion Designer Nurse Teacher Secretary Doctor Secretary History Teacher Bowery Bum Nurse Math Teacher Nurse Social Worker Nurse Physical Education Teacher Undertaker Musician Private Secretary Truck Driver Farmer Telephone Operator A liailroader Shop Teacher Dietitian WEAKNESS Tom Kent Oldsmohiles Flying S 1954 red convertible Ford Policemen Brownies - Food Music Blondes He doesrft have a care Brown eyes S Mary Lou S . College Catalogues S Money and food S Cars S Music Hunting Cars and girls S Football f Ted Bott Clothe e S Bow ties Strawberry Shortcake Cookies 5' Driving Baseball Bermuda Shorts A Good Book Hunting and Fishing ' Movies S Ginger Ale p Pizza p Rich p Girls e '41 Chevy Cars Dolores Sailors A Junior Girl Money Red and White Cars Cars and Guns Hunting and Music ,litter-hug General Science Guns Chunky Candy Bars A Driver's License S Dover Cadets Clothes Ice Hockey Pizza Pies I I J 4 Best Looking NANCY GRIGCS PHILIP ESPOSITO M ost A Popular DIANA BENCIVENGA JOHN DeMATTIO r 1 I First to Marry ROBERTA AGENS ' BILL STURM , ,- , Y 7 9 Best Dancers HELEN HARBOURT ROBBIE COLABELLA I r I K V v l Best Dressed Best Sport U HELEN HARBOURT ROSEMARIE CROGAN JOHN DeMATTIO JACK HAAG 1 Most Y Pleasglg Isegsonality MARILYN RICCS ANTHONY LAMBERTO A W Best Athlete SNOOKIE RARICK JACK HAAG 1 ' 4 Y , , A Biggest Bluff SNOOKIE RARI ' ' Most Likely to Succeed BOB WHITELIX MARY LOU McCONNELL LEE MEYERSON 7, ,, , Biggest Daydreamer IRENE COMPAGNONE TOM WALLACE . . Most Sh Bzggest Flmrz i y u SNOOKIE RARICK BEVERLY GROGAN JOHN MMATTIO RICHARD ELWELI. i Teachers' Nightmare MARY BASENESE NICK COSTANZA N I Most Studious PEGGY YONKAUSKI LEE MEYERSON H, L, ' 1 I , W 1 Most Talkative DIANA BENCIVENGA LEONARD NARRACCI " Best All-Around MARY LOU McCONNELL GUS RAMPONE Most F eminine-Masculine MARGARET SMITH JOHN DeMATTIO Tallest and Shortest NORMA PETERSON 'A' ANTHONY LAMBERTO n I , I Nicest Smile ' ' ' W KITTY TOGNO Wittiest COLLEEN MURTHA A 'f ' ' ' A TOM WALLACE P w W 4 I W I l I L N Most . Musical HELEN HARBOURT - NICK COSTANZO Shortest and Tallest BEVERLY BOWMAN PHILIP SCHOMP V 5 P 1 i 1 H I Friendliest ' ' MARILYN Rrccs Common Sense JACK HAAG PEGGY YONKAUSKI JOHN DEZIO i'-'P'-75, -' tn. . . . . , :':.!4:4'.- ',",r'xfrfE.!:-:S 512' f-iutlifzga-12.1155 . W I .,,.. 'I b - ' 4 - . x, rg. -tl , . - .am .F-,eq 4 s-..f.,.,..., ,, E2'f5fF.?7 .., . 'ifjtfz' .us 3f'i 'Pi .s.'.. 1 " Class Prophecy It had been a long and tiring day. That night I fell asleep almost the minute my head touched the pillow. Suddenly I was no longer sleeping but traveling in a cab down a broad highway bordered on either side by rich green farmland. I was very much surprised to learn from the driver that the land was owned by my old classmate, Bill Sturm. As we rode by Bill's house I caught a glimpse of my old friend Kitty Togno shooing some chickens out of her flower bed. The highway eventually led into a large city. Naturally curious as to my where- abouts, I inquired of the cab driver where we were. He informed me that we were in Netcong and I noticd the small calendar in the cab was dated l962!l After paying my fare, I wandered into the Post Office and there was my old friend, Henry Shubert, sorting mail. He told me his position as pastmaster kept him quite busy. Henry and I started talking about our school days and he told me that some of my girl friends were working at the Netcong General Hospital. I went over to see the hospital and, while wandering through its gleaming hall, Charlene Rarick came hurrying by. She only had the time to say "Hello" and then she had to hurry upstairs to assist Lee Meyerson. head surgeon, in a major operation. Further down the hall I caught a glimpse of Chris Mailander and Cathy Sawchuck in starr-hed white uniforms. They waved and then hurried into a patient's room. I wandered out into the street again and over to the newly 'enlarged A 8 P store. As I entered one of the aisles, I was surprised to see Barbara Bahm, Joyce Everman, and Roberta Agens. They were discussing the economy of the married woman. They asked me if I had seen the new High School. As I hadn't, I grabbed a cab and took a ride up to my old Alma Mater on College Road. I doubt if anyone could have prepared me for the amazement I felt at seeing this beautiful, modern building. Lynn Dalberg was teaching French and she told me that Helen Harbourt was doing very well teaching Latin. I saw Mary Lou McConnell disappearing into Mr. Frisoli's old room. Teaching history had always been Mary Lou's greatest desire. I found Margaret Smith busily typing in the office. She had replaced Mrs. McGillick. On the ground floor of the school I found a large modern manual training room, where Malcolm Batson and Bob White were busily instructing a large group of boys. Right next door was the guidance department. Marilyn Riggs, who had always had a pleasing personality, was head of this department. In the new library I found "Ma" Peterson. Norma was busily cataloging books and didn't have much time to talk. I told her how surprised I was to see so many of my old classmates. She told me that Betty LaFalce was a biologist in a laboratory in New York. Norma told me to be sure and go see the new Dupont plant operated by Peggy Yonkauski. Many of the members of the class of '55 were employed there as secretaries. Vincenirz Franco- macaro. Anna Baylor. Dolores DiRenzo, Irene Compagnone, and Pat McManus were busily typing. Pat said that Margaret MacLauren was doing much of the designing for Dupont. I learned that Nancy Griggs had opened up her own detective agency with Lois Fuschan as her private secretary. Richard Elwell was still in the Navy, and the common belief was that he would make it his career. In reading the television listings. I learned that the Bowman Sisters were a regular part of the cast on "Codfrey's Friends." Colleen Murtha and Tommy Wallace were receiving favorable press ravings for their sparkling wit on the "Comedy Hour." I also noticed that two more of my old classmates had fulfilled their musical ambitions. John Smith and Leonard Narracci were "wowing" the public with their sensational piano duets. Naturally, Philip Schomp, a former All-State Chorus man, was singing in a large church in New York City. A fine new barber shop had opened in town and I saw my old classmate Anthony Lamberto, giving some'local citizen a shave. Right next door was a new radio-television repair shop owned and operated by Sonny Costanza. Basenese's Oldsmobiles was doing a booming business with Mary Basenese as their top salesman. Bob Colabella had opened a dancing school in town which was fast becoming very successful. The Dodgers were favored to win the series. Their outstanding pitcher, Jack Haag, had played a major part in helping them take the pennant. I learned that another old classmate of mine, John DeMattio, had signed a contract to coach at Duke University this year. Another old classmate, Bob Esposito, was coaching at Moravian. Philip Esposito, now superintendent of the Lackawanna Railroad, waved as he rode past me in his new Cadillac. Rosemarie Grogan was still Attorney Meyerson's secretary. Rosemarie told me that Paul Batson was employed at the Bell Telephone Company and really enjoyed his work. Gus Rampone had enlarged and modernized "Rampone's Shoe Repairs." I heard he was using a great deal of new time-saving machinery. Square Deal Coal Company was expanding rapidly due to the charm of their able secretary, Diana Bencivenga. Another establishment, Dezio's Body Shop. was keeping John Dezio, another old classmate of mine, very busy. John told me that Bobby Newton had a wonderful job as manager of the L'Pep Boys" in Dover. Bob had always been very active and this news didn't particularly surprise me. The next thing I knew, sunlight was pouring into my bedroom. I realized that I had only been dreaming!! However, I'm sure that all the members of the g'Class of 'SS' will some day fulfill their ideals and ambitions with the utmost of success. -MARY LOU McCONNELL l v f . r . - .'.' f.1.Q"Qr-Qjl' 1, . -fx L"-':" r ' .'?4f ff- .qfiff--g. '.-..,'. .- , 15.-'fs' 'I, 'J :-'J,.- g . ... :..-h , , ', '- .'u .',',:.-3. --' a- XJ ', :.... , . 4, -,-ur, -- g .--. Q.,':g---.-aff-.. .-.,w,.-,.g:.'-5 .. .:, ,L .-, -',1-1.13 --"' - .--'1-:"-----I-: - .,--- . -f..::....n.1's.' .-.- 'SJ-'1"rr'4v"'f Zi 45: ' "fri yt-.. . --1 'V' ' ' ' ' :.'L'l' "'-.l"'-r'- -1- L' '.. 1. 50'-'-': fflif- ' -1' ' "" " " 'c'G'S"-'Fifi-'4.1'. 4--w ,--1.--A.. L-r , ,- 58 Last Wlll and Testament We, the undersigned, Class of 19oa, Seniors of Netcong High School, of the Boro of Netcong, County of Morris, State of New Jersey, being of sound mind and memory, hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament to wit:- We, therefore bequeath:- ROBERTA AGENS' pony tail to Grace Snyder. MARY BASENESE'S parking place in front of N. H. S. to Carolyn Togno. MALCOLM BATSON'S mechanical ability to Billy Stevens. PAUL BATSON'S shoes to "Big Feet" Denmead. ANNA BAYLOR'S blonde hair to Margaret and Carolyn Conn. BARBARA BEAHM'S naturally curly hair to Wilma. DIANA BENClVENGA'S ability to talk to Pauline Baylor. BEVERLY BOWMAN'S height to Arlene Gerlack. DOROTHY BOWMAN'S bottle of peroxide to Connie Ferrante. ROBBY COLABELLA'S fancy dance steps to "Pedro" Niper, IRENE COMPAGNONETS dancing ability to Carl Sallo. NICK COSTANZA'S ability to smoke Italian cigars to Jimmy Quail. LYNN DALBERG,S French ability to Mickey Grogan. JOHN De MATTIO'S football number C391 to Willie "Miranda" Willard. JOHN DEZIO'S grades to Mickey Grogan. DOLORES Di RENZO'S short haircut to Clare Rockle. I' I RICHARD ELWELL'S boisterousness to Diane Turner. ...rg PHIL ESPOSITO'S parking place to "Haw" Togno. ,-r BOB ESPOSlTO's crew cut to Ed Staskowski. JOYCE EVERMAN'S pounds she is overweight to Patsy Kingdon. LOIS FASCHAN'S brain to all the other halfwits in N. H. S. -gr VINT FRANCO'S fancy bow ties to Marie Rea. -5,7 NANCY GRIGGS'S turned up nose to Patsy Amendola. .,J?1" BEVERLY GROGAN'S silliness to Judy even though she has enough. ROSEMARIE GROGAN'S shorthand problems to Mr. McKelvie. JACK HAAG'S pitching arm to "Harvy" Togno. HELEN HARBOURT'S crinoline to Rose De Mattio. BETTY LaFALCE,S knee socks to Jean McGinn. TESSIE LAMBERTO,S sneakers to Mr. Belet. MARGARET MacLAUREN'S ticket-selling job at the Palace to Pat Kelly. M T.. ' CHRIS MAILANDER'S hard lead pencil to Mr. Frisoli. , MARY LOU McCONNELL'S love of dark hair and eyes to Kay Harbourt. ' PAT McMANUS'S ability to type to Adrienne Keet. LEE MEYERSON,S seat in Wizzard's chariot to Pete Kelly. COLLEEN MURTHA'S long trip to school .to Carolyn Hickey. ' LEONARD NARRACCPS slim figure to Jimmy DiRenzo. . 1 BOB NEWTON'S basketball tricks to Philip Garlick. EQ! NORMA PETERSON'S height to Jimmy Quail. '31 GUS RAMPONEYS light complexion to Gloria Spencer. Qin SNOOKIE RARICK'S white coat to Charlie Cavanaugh. MARILYN RlGGS'S Spanish marks to Tooter. CATHY SAWCHUCK'S pocketbook to Phoebe Sturm. PHIL SCHROMP'S height of 6'1" to Jimmy Johanson. HENRY SHUBERT'S ability to get along with teachers to Bill Oliva. fig,-I, JOHN SMITH'S love to Pocahontas. Ulf' MARGARET SMITH'S typing ability to Dawn Kussler. nj' KITTY TOGNO'S long walk to school to her brother Jimmy. PEGGY YONKAUSKPS love for dancing to Nancy Drake. IN WITNESS THEREOF, We have hereunto subscribed our name and Set our gf" seal to this will, on this Ist day of June, in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and F' Fifty-five. , "THE SENIORSN Netcong High School Class of 1955 . . --...V 'S IV '.' .. ..'::'.z' .-?'X-C,gxs--'-""'S'--- K ' ' I' ' I Charter Members of the 0Cl6l' a tio n a J .Hon or Nzliunal Winn OFFICERS surefi lee, trea r- a e right: Bftty given!! Lee Niizre- Left to Anriilivo, vlqe-per ABenciv6Uga' Gustave -d nts Dmn eSl e S0ns pr Iafy' - urlgprirfy nf 39'1'U!lfli!lg Sfdnrnls Qflza rlvvx' ,milliamih ' , 1 .. - 38 fl' Imam alUHm by Ihrsv Bras:-nts. Hmt llllxrrvaarlmrnrtn. nrlunlanlrqu. lmm-nhap mm armin- nlr mmirml gnrditiu 1l'm3ulLr nf mmnx-ngrmrzrt In all lm rl llxm-fnrf an Aauml Swing af Sfmndm Sxxmzlf nirlu Aavimml A"0ria5,,, af Snvnbnqs-S:1mn1 Brin.-qmls Hmm qrfmin. md Mqm, 'ifnqgh du muhurely uf flu- fflmrm thr mfvilmf mm Pvlmf lo "hhu.1,. 'mmm if wiuimfffkim A . HD nbnlinilbr Hn' I an Im-ul Wing, 15 flu- Nrfimml Inmnr kvrh-Ig uf 3rwnbaxrg srhuulg This Klum-I Nurnlw 5455 ,ia alum nm grmmn nm, r mgfnrm my f 1 A' dmxmnmh .nv Irlgrlur 33ati:r:mlnrZ'n.:r:r4:7r1iim::f9nay,wn an lzsfixmtlwlum f5.vf:fcwm4.V4Hf.,w"Q4.4.,,f'31-v..,4fsLZ5,5, ALM- fA..,if-4425-41W 4-. ww-.M f 1 ,gil 46,07 Q44 fu ,Q wi W , Mi'-sy -if Ci.o6f624-.Wag . N ncy Wh-,e Phyllis Espvslm' 3 . lice I , Smllhs A ' ht: Ruth K left to rlg First POW! LaFa1c8v . Beliy X d row. 1 'h. 5ec0n I I et bllllt t Yonkauski, Malgdr . Mafgare Griggs' Harbourt' ll, Helen Adam M1-Conne M yerson' Marin0v Marz1L3E11eCks Lee e ,i.,k, Edwin? gerowz Ricjfll. Chaflenlieigivenign 1:1311-Gustave An Diane JameS un , Luteranv 2 T Q E E 32 A 'ZIETA li-N. 2 155 1 f gm l' 30 slr an 'Mi E my ef Q ' -Q gf N, UNDERCL SSM N I Q. fi 'AL 5 vip? ctftd l-'Q if. JU IOR I First row, left to right: Joseph Ferrigno, Thomas Togno, Biagio George, Thomas Marke William Masters, James Togno, Frank Meissner, Karl Lorenz, Frank Olivo, Joseph Esposit Gustave Andico, Richard Pellek. Second row: Carolyn Conn, Dawn Kussler, Carolyn Togn Toni Compagnone, Betty Jean Batson, Gail Mooney, Janet Bird, Shirley Titus, Carol Bir Constance Koster, Agnes Kircher, Margaret Conn, Carolyn Hickey, Frances Sortino, L0 Downs, Grace Snyder. Third row: Mrs. Parliament, Barbara Jennings, Patsy Kingdo Carole Curry, Phyllis Esposito, Carol Price, Edith Charters, Nancy Drake, Barbara Rose Adrienne Keel, Alice White, Shirley Keefer, Kay Harbourt, Phoebe Sturm, Diane Occhiut Rose DeMattio. Patricia Norman, Sandra Underhill, Constance Ferrante. Mr. VanRipc Fourth row: John Bolitho, James Konyak, James Kunkel, Charles Charters, Thomas Spence Jolm Hanlon, William Dougherty, Edmund Kinney, Donald Davis, Adam Luteran, Pa Westberg, David Owen, David Spencer, Charles Cavanaugh. CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: James Togno, President, Janet Bird, Secretary: Carol Price, Treasurer: James Kunkel, Vice-President. k, ,. A, 1 .1 ,, Spf, .. A 3 , iii qw . 5 3 ? ,. ig 1 S ,I Q 5 7 . H, gr " ' . Q Q M -. A K, " as P, , ., ' -P M 4L , 'S mr QU 3 2 ,,5. .Qi MQ M. xi W St may X- M3 Q A 1 ww i f 4. wk 4 R qw ,Jw ,wx Q was N - , U 1 -vw .- 5 .., A ww r-2-fy ,:-gf. . + -- W. 3 L -X-.F fqptf-,m 'H Mr-bil krkk em S' "i"a?'R.iN-w- g, :'1!FS1,.- " A - 1 if in 9- A.. fr in MEX- 'U fgim - 'A M V lg z , -:gif . K. ' - 'x . gg. ni 243, 3511 - Q P Sgsggi W .. , ,, ,. ,, ,..., ,,L , . .. . , ., , , X f X . J .X g,6'iqvxli, ,, F KN K -,.... 1 A f -Q YZIKNQ k A , Hg X is F . , ,xx , 'F' W gf 34 vw Q35 Gm-1 -, , W .ba -N, .. ,.h ,. N 'Y QQ- 15 X , ' TT M - 1 Q 1 --L wwf Q. Gifs, i X N, ? vi 'if fi g Q ggi "QW ,wiki QQ? S k k WSW Q xx2gyikyQh,tfi4r Qik k Q' .Q B X 5 -' ., . A f fb? . ,. , KW wwf Q -W 79,51 C LX x it -f 'EN arf 1 ,Q .r ua - A W-'W 'R' . X .. XM. gsm -six-Xi-:M - s Y . YW' . x , 1. ' X F Ye- xiksf if , if " W X. M Tr""w .. fu. :Eff f' kb, A f- w'Q-5'iA'i5fT3i3L -1 K-'F ' . N r R 91 - f a f.:,.,L5' -W. --' '35, W. .- ,W MK.,-kg ' " is 3 'UQ .Jag 5 NX 5 x Q M xf-S ,M ,iiiu 5 wx SSNQ 411+ ' 71" w W-xv xr. X K-W .H-KM 1:-1:-A ' ' ' TQ. ,T ,ni A x .5 ,g x 'SM SQ 5 Left to right: Harry Denmead, President, Carl Sallo, Vice-President, Margaret Ann Langdon, Secretary, Edward Carle, Treasurer. First row, left to right: Joseph Lamberto, George Meyer- son, Ronald Occhiuto, Harry Charles, Edward Carl, Joseph McCleary, John O'Brien, James DiRenzo, Alfred Esposito, Harold Willard, Joseph DiBernard, James Jo- hanson, Ronald Owen. Second row: Joyce Romano, Mary Ann Parliament, Lois McConnell, Rosella Henry, Joan Freeman, Helen Conklin, Valerie Cerciello, Pa- tricia Hickey, Patricia Pentaude, Nora Post, Pauline Covert, Maria Rea, Ruth Lee, Angela Andico, Natalie Malherb, Carol Faschan, Catherine Togno. Third row: Miss Butterly, Carl Sallo, Richard Van0rden, Beatrice CLASS OFFICERS FRE H Dilley, Gloria Blanchard, Nancy Wills, Grace Com- pagnone, Emma Smith, Shirley Ackerman, Eleanor Charters, Judy Young, Gloria Spencer, Nancy Weaver, Penelope Werts, Barbara Stankosh, Robin Platt, Peggy Ann Langdon, Jane Rinehart, Diane Turner, Arthur VanderShans, Paul Romano, Mr. Lee. Fourth row: James Fiorello, William Morgan, Richard Metzgar, Har- ry Denmead, David Westberg, Peter Niper, Michael Fiorello, Charles Blakely, Anthony Sciaretta, Peter Kelly, Michael Villano, Anthony Ceddia. air.. ' H .A Q' Left to right: Pat Amendola, Pete Kelly, Alice White, Secretary, Mary Lou McConnell, Vife-President, Gus Andicog President, Tony Lamberlog Treasurer, Peggy Yonkauski, Betty Kunkel, Toni Compagnone, Angela Andico. Standing: Ernie Meshach, Phil Esposito, Harry Denmead. STUDE T CUUNCIL We, the student body of Netcong High School, in ordel to create a greater sense of unity and responsibility among students, promote better student-faculty relations, increas4 school spirit, and further the cause of good scholarship am sportsmanship, do ordain and establish this Constitution il the name of Netcong High School. Many outstandzhg programs were presented by our ml1l'6d chorus . . SE IOR MIXED CHORUS First row, left to right: Leonard Narrarci, Dorothy Bowman, Char- lene Rarivk, Dolores DiBenz0, Ro- berta Agens, Kitty Togno, Robert While, Beverly Bowman, Mr. Heim, Diana Bencivenga, Lynn Dalberg, Betty l.aFalee, Mary Lou McConnell, Helen Harbourt, Thomas Wallace. HIGH CHGGL MIXED HORU .Q - . 4 A First row, left to right: Clare Rockel, Roberta Agens, Diana Bencivenga, Lynn Dalberg, Dorothy Bowman, Shirley Ackerman, Mary Lou McConnell, Gwen Bird, JoAnn Montemont, Rose DeMattio, Roberta Batson. Second row: Alice White, Eleanor Charters, Barbara Frunzi, Ruth Wagner, Barbara Roser, Betty Batson, Edith Charters, Janet Bird, Marietta Peterson, Geneva Snyder, Shirley Keefer, Edna Ackerman, Phoebe Sturm, Peggy Bird, Kay Harbourt, Judy Grogan, Carol Curry, MaryAnn Parliment, Nancy Drake, Susan Kent, Jean StAngelo, Carol Jennings, Edwina DeMarino. Third row: Marjorie Carruba, Betty LaFalce, Kitty Togno, Louise Esposito, JoAnn Nero, Grave Synder, Beverly Bowman, Agnes Kirrher, Penny Werts, Helen Harbourt, Dolores Dilienzo, Charlene Rariek. Fourth row: Carl Lorenz, Ned Kennedy, Charles Charters, Dirk DiRenzo, Jack Hanlon, Leonard Narracci, Robert White, Phillip Boehm, James Prior, David Owens. Our school band maui its Initial appearance at the Senior Dance Wlluskrat Ramble, Mol November 22 . . . First row, left to right: .lim Konyak, George Meyerson, Mike Villano, Leonard Narracci. Second row: Rich- ard Elwell, Richard Metzgar, John Smith. 5 E First row, left to right: Richard El- well, George Meyerson, Mike Villano. Second row: left to right: Nick Cos- tanzo, .lim Konyak. A few 0 our Activities SENIORS WORKING AT THE FOOTBALL CONCESSION In the Stand: Marilyn Riggs, Beverly Grogan, Georgianna Mailander, Leonard Narracci, Bob Colahella, Peggy Yonkauski, Margaret Smith, Philip Schomp, and Mr. Belet, Principal. 5 98398 MERCHANDISING CLUB COMMITTEE Captain, Diana Bencivenga and her Assistant Captains, Lee Meyerson, Mary Lou McConnell, and Philip Schomp, beam with joy as they sort the merchandise for distribution. YEARBOOK EDITORS AT ROTARY Lynn Dalberg, Assistant Editorg Helen Har- bourt. Editorg and Colleen Murtha, Adver- tising Manager, interested the Netcong-Stanhope Rotary members in buying advertising in our yearbook. Mrs. Latteman taught us how to be good houselceepers . . -N.-fr' -eq, Nancy Griggs Left to right: Barbara Beahm, Margaret McLauren. ' l'P Left to right: Helen Harbourt, Mrs. Latteman, Lynn Dalberg, Left to right: Roberta Agens, Ceorgianna and Margaret Smith. Mailander, and Joyce Everman. Compilors o our Memory Book SECRETARIES Manager, Margaret Smithg Assistants, Dorothy Bowman, Colleen Murtha, Rosemarie Grogan, Margaret MacLauren. EDITORS Sports: Henry Schubert and Charlene Rarickg Editor, Helen Harbourt, Assistant Editor, Lynn Dalbergg Photography, Nancy Griggs, Assistant Advertising, Patricia McManus, Advertising, Col- leen Murthag Business, Margaret Smithg Literary, Margaret Yonkauski. ARCTURUS STAFF Lynn Dalberg, Assistant Editor, Mrs. Robert White, Adviser, Helen Harbourt, Editor. LITERARY STAFF Editor, Margaret Yonkauskig Prophecy, Mary Lou McConnell, Captions, Elizabeth LaFalce and Marilyn Riggs, Class Will, Lois Faschan and Norma Petersong Senior Directory, Georgianna Mailander. Norma Peterson Anthony Lamberto I t eems Like Yesterda Anna Baylor Beverly Grogan 7 g f 4 r , 1, A :g gi i 1 S F' U ' gk W ' ' .5 uf, .5 N, ,gr f r ' , Irene Compagnone . HA I liaffxz , M ki . ...,A wg A , 'S xhli, K .F , -wr Roberta Agens 'f 'J X W Diana Bencivenga L n g l Q n 'i 3 . its Ei Zsuxwy Q l 5 'W' r 5 M L ,Q s Q E A r Z K Z gf gw.3 Q .5 A fr .Q EQ Lynn Dalberg A Charlene Rarick L Gus Rampone K K . - P I A 5-7574. 5i.i,'j-9 -mfr f - Av.-g',fggQ,-Q - .",' - . I . ' f 1 r ' r Nancy Grlggs P zlzp Esposuo Betty LaFalce ' Margaret MucLauren V 1 2 Helen Harbour!! John De Mattie K Colleen Murthu Rosemarie Grogan K i - A 4 -- g,ai.:gffg-:-fl- 5-Sk 1' - 6 1. ii A we THLETIC Q, 0 Q1 fa ,QA Q' ,W !'xf XX YQ ! fl Cm J 1 x 4 4 1 I 'vyi-wv4,,x-4:49 . '15 ssfg 'O' .5 I ,- l7.' 11"-WJ!! .- .1-W ., 1 ,I : , 1- X V V i X 1-uv' ' ' ' XY? X5 ' 1 XC . ,sy 1, c 1 , ,.,, w, , ' Munn Jw l w. N o 1 f X1 xx X nfs.: K QM , W 'Q R. xv. as 1 Lv - .,X, , -, .4 f ,.. -an A A: pg 3:5 As x W- Rif? fx 1- M M .. x f ,R gui My 3 Q ,, 0, R W' W .W in 'H' as M in H V S I Ek 3 iiffif if W- Q S g Q i .ig . if QQ? Yet!! ,Mix . M VR Y ' K 'N - - , ' 5? . W: Q V wt, is 4, y ' Xzigfy :lf L' 2 , Q 'QfL"2'? Nu 'V Nb Qgbqv .Si as iw 'SS S15 K W 'NQLW 'W' -ifi'f"k 4 -'FV' K , . F53 ' fw A i f 3 ' , HS YET! . , uf 'ig ,qi if 3 S my get if Q 15. . ww ,. -xg x-nf 5 1 X, WS -Eg s 1' fx ' f if up 35092 M, 5:3 Sw. - . Asa 5 ww X 79515 Hi S 1- X Y ' f 1 QA I x P N' x,xf V, ,E Sf is Q' -X, ., ,A S 'f tp' Q.. ' SX Wg? Q E 2 A an Q S? 6-gym M, J wi Y M 6 1 ma L SEHK Q Iwi? gigs f S . 3 k My Q A it X K Q 5 mf A W Q '46 g U ' L.h, :Z .J .,.. Q 7 . : 'Ma f ksgvvi, L EZ ff kfi.k:2N fl f K if 445' J- .551 X' V 'KV , -MAA I. I L , Q 2 . Q, W , Q .g 4, if 3 K f .gf 5 .ov f AW , S M14 wigs 6 1 5'?fzx -a g X 'if f X 5 gi X A X x Q r , Q i IONAJ Lu ork 2 Standh tcN N Yo nd: d las ra c ouvc nsco read, 'hun'-a.,,.Ay' W " .DIY YIIYDPQ Ilflli Covonough Wins Top Score Honor With 381 Points Netcong Hxghs annual challenge for Lake land area basketball scormg supremacy, was upheld adam durmg the 1954 55 cage season, when lanky f' harley Cavfmaugh, lndlan center, walked off Wlth the top lIld1Vldl1Ell honors Charleys total of 381 polnts 1n 17 games was also good enouvh to take top spot ln the average race He also took top scorlng honors 1n the Morns County race I HOVV t wa nrsley sho thxrd ht 4-1 ht si rx un o Phe t whe a SCCO Eeree h bo Nobo ' m. f f Q Q 5: ta t . W . I r h 1 ' ' . f Yk . on D . ' ' . 1 f t' p s 1 - ' E y g 1 l , Ere A tel U - - ,M .. mp Q lt ti f ., I hoc e y tef 'ai ghedule I U 1 . b . From left to right: Pat Amendola, John Cndd, Richard Metzgar, Athletxc JUNIOR VARSITY Director Vincent Frisoli, Pete Kelly, Philip Garlick and Walter Euan k Q 532 M, fi r 3 3 5 f Q . ig s . W, 0 kwf. Q M f Q 2 Y A f W 3 s X is . 7 I Ei .nr :Z 5 , A Wx it gk 4 - - K 2-win, ' ' TL A f ,,f12fL" 1QfSf' 3 wgg,'g1sQ-5 '-..' -+ I .- k " w .. k K A . Q N., Ie: f 5 " -1, xi ,. ' , ..::A.g, Q S M - , 4 i , ix .. 4 .J we 'V . +P. ,. . A sllig g w f We mv-wg ,a Y ' :Q e nu. ww S X A ,L, xgxg xgk X r MEMX K k nf , .3 fi 3 A . -.-- we-Xiw - . ' gig A rw -- ff-W V 15513 Q 51? S 44 ' A A f., , b kiigkr E' i s if K in F., xx ge Q - .QM ,eg-AE., 7. . ...Hw- .., Q I f V - ww fx . 'Qian i M- X wx Q A ,X,. H MM M A , MX me , w, , Wm V 4 MW' J If A Q. W. BASEB LL TEAM Bottom row, left to right: Harold Willard, David Westberg, John DeMattio, John Haag, Philip Esposito, Gus Rampone, Thomas Togno, Coach Frisoli, Alfred Esposito, James DiRenzo, William Masters, Peter Kelly, Gus Ben- eivenga, Harry Charles, Thomas Markey, Thomas Spencer, James Togno, Edward Stackowski, Gus Andico, John Gallo, Philip Garlick, James Arbolino, Carmine Licciandiello, and Walter Euart. I 84 SENIOR PLAY ................ CfFather Knows Basin C A S T Betty I their older daughterj ........................ Mary Lou McConnell Janie fBetty's girl friend j ..,..... Diane Bencivenga Romana fBetty's girl friend j ........ Betty LaFalce Jim Anderson ffatherj .................. Lee Meyerson Margaret Anderson I mother j ........ Lynn Dalberg Bud I their sonj .................................. Paul Batson Kathy I their younger daughterj ...... Kitty Togno Patty lKathy's best friendj .... Beverly Bowman Repair Man ffor washing machinej .............. Henry Sliuhert Ralph fBetty's current fellowj ...... Robert White 'af if a s . Mr. Brinkworth fRl1lPh'S father! ...... .......... L eonard Naracci Officer Johnson I from Missing Personsj .......... Philip Esposito Bud's friend I from the blwkefball team! ................ Anthony Lamherto Mrs. Wembley fvf the Garden Club! ............ Peggy Yonkauski Mrs. Woolsey fof the Garden Club j .............. Norma Peterson Mrs. Jones fvf the Garden Club! ................ Marilyn Riggs Perkins fa police matronj ...... Rosemarie Grogan ..................March24-2,1955 COMMITTEES FATHER KNOWS BEST A Comedy in Three Acts 'freshments ..,............,...................... :ke-up ....... rhts ....... Hers ler .............,...... .. ulty Director Assisted by ....... ......... ...,........Colleen Murtha Anna Baylor Margaret MacLauren Beverly Grogan Margaret Smith ..........Vincenia Franco Lois Faschan Irene Compagnone ,..........Thomas Wallace Robert Newton ........Dorothy Bowman Patricia McManus Barbara Beahm Joyce Everman ........Dolores DiRenzo R. R. White Miss M. Cunningham Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS Netcong High School M arch 24 and 25, 1955 CY Net MNASIUM 00113, N. J 8:00 P. M ' 85 Father Knows Best by Kirsten Sergei S Y N 0 P S I S Getting her first date with Ralph wasn't easy, and Betty's afraid it'll be her last. Father, after reading a newspaper story about teen-age elope- ment decided that Betty and Ralph must spend the evening at home. Father will get acquainted with the young man-and if he passes inspec- tion, they can go dancingwnext time. It seems that Bud, Kathy and even Mother have also made plans to go out. Aggravated, Father puts his foot down-they'll all stay home. Excitement and humorous complications grow, and then in the final scene Father dis- covers that while he may know best, the young people know a little, too. COMMITTEES Student Directors ....................................,....,...... Nancy Griggs Helen Harhourt Stage Manager ..... .......... H enry Shubert Assistants ...... .............. P aul Batson Robert White Philip Schomp Richard Elwell Ticket Manager Assistants ..... Programs ...... Publicity ....... ....i......Charlene Rarick ---..,-.--..,......Vincenia Franco Ceorgianna Mailander Gus Rampone ........Margaret Smith Beverly Grogan ...........Diana Bencivenga Farewell to Netcong High School The time is here when we must hid farewell to the high school, the faculty memhers, and to the Board of Education. Vive shall, no douht, come ill contact with the school., the instructors, and memhers of the Board after graduation, but there can never he that same feeling of unity which we have felt during our high school years. It is rather hard to say farewell to these outstanding influences in our lives. But we have a new heginuiug ahead of us. new roads to travel. There will he new fields of endeavor for each of us. whether they he in institutions of higher learning, in homes, or in the world of business. To our parents, brothers, sisters, and friends, who have helped us when we were in need, we express our gratitude, realizing that a mere 'Lthank you" cannot repay this deht. Vive wish to express our deep appreciation to each and every one of you who has helped to make our graduation possihle. and we hope that we shall always merit the confidence you have had in us. Though our ways separate, and we know that such a meeting as this will never he possible again, we shall always he bound together by the intangible Netcong High School spirit. This is the one thing we have in common, and it will always serve as a hond. The ideals for which the high school stands will he a beacon light to guide us ever onward and upward. As we have striven to live up to the standards of the Netcong High School Spirit and have come thus far along the way, we have not only finished this stage in our progress toward the goal, but we have also laid a foundation for future attainments. So, with the Netcong High School Spirit ever in our minds, we hid fare- well to our high school days and go forth to accomplish new and greater achievements in our future lives. Farewell, friends! --1-gi C l he Class of I 9 5 5 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF NETCONC MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION KELLY BEVERAGES Q78 Phone: Kearny 2-0404-I WM. A. SCHLAGENHAFT INDEPENDENT DEALER Fat . . . Suet . . . Grease 111 STEWART AVENUE KEARNY McGREGOR SPORTSWEAR ROUTE 6 NETCONG, NEW JERSEY George Closser Plant Manager Compliments of N ETCONG TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION Compliments of ALAN WOOD STEEL CO. Sand and Crushed Stone MINE HILL, N. J. Phone DO 6-3500 GALLO BROS., INC. BUILDERS . CONTRACTORS Concrete Products 0 Trips Planned Busses For All Occasions JAMES A. SMITH AND SON Special Chartered Bus Service Limousine Service Tel. Newton 64 or 1004- 11 TRINITY STREET NEWTON, N. J. STOCKER MANUFACTURING CO. NETCONG NEW JERSEY DAVID E. JOHNSON JEWELER "We Live in Deeds Not Years" Diamonds o Watches Hackettstown, N. J. Compliments of WOMEN'S AUXILIARY TO HILLTOP FIRE COMPANY No. 2 Dining Room 0 Cocktail Bar KIERNAN,S At Lake Musconetcong Tel. Netcong 2-0191 Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1955 . . . SPARTAN OIL CO. Distributors of GULF Fuel Oil Authorized Dealer Williams Low Pressure Burners Sales 0 Service If No Answer Call Dover 6-1891 Dover 6-0887 WILLIAMS AND HIBLER LUMBER-. . . COAL BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Phone 49 Hackettstown, New Jersey MORGAN'S FUNERAL HOME Established 1922 Phone Netcong 2-0165 31-33 MAIN STREET NETCONG NEW JERSEY EAST ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 22 heaped SO. Orange 3-1146 New York I7, 420 Lexington Ava. Vlhlto Plains. NV. 80 Grand St. Prepare now for a pre- ferred secretarial pmltion. Berkeley - trained mecre- tariea are associated with a wide variety of buaincaal or- ganizations. Couraea for high- achool graduates and college women. Distinguished faculty. El! ti I t vice Cat- Q D . Route 46 Netcong, N. J. nun'-fevwnnfelnsfisifil Dimmer. Tuma: Feb.. July, Sept. Compliments of HACKETTSTOWN VILLAGE BAKERY HACKETTSTOWN, N. J. Service for A. A. A. A. A. of N. J. A. A. KING'S GARAGE Repairs On Any Make Car M. MORGAN 8: SON FLORIST Phone: Garden 5-3991 205 WARREN STREET HACKETTSTOWN NEW JERSEY MUTUAL BEEF CO., Inc. ROUTE 6 KENVIL, N. J. Our Aim Is to Please You . . with Quality Merchandise at a Lower Price DR. WALTER A. BOYD DR. MICHAEL PALAZZI VETERINARIAN CHIROPRACTOR BUDD LAKE ROAD HACKETTSTOWN, N. J. MAPLE AVE. NETCONG CIRCLE SYSTEM SUPER CLEANERS, Inc. CLEANERS . TAILORS Athletic Equipment Reconditione,-5 Stores in Landing and Kenvil Route 46 Kenvil, N. J. EASTON, PA' Succasunna 7549 EMMANS 8: EMMANS, Inc. International Trucks LEDGEWOOD NEW JERSEY Your Comfort Is My Business PREMIUM COAL HAROLD SHERNCE Fuel Oil 5 CENTER STREET Phone Netcong 2-0558 THE BLUE LANTERN ROUTE 6 and 31 NETCONG NEW JERSEY Phone 426 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Phone Garden 5-4140 159 MAIN STREET HACKETTSTOWN, N. J. Compliments of YOUNG'S SERVICE STATION ALLEN STREET Netcong 2-0507 Compliments of C. LICCIARDIELLO 81 SON "The House of Quality and Service" Phone Netcong 220 Route 6 Budd Lake, N. J. Compliments of ECONOMY DEPARTMENT STORE The Store For Wise and Thrifty Shoppers STANHOPE NEW JERSEY BARTLAND'S GENERAL STORE CENTER STREET PORT MORRIS NEW JERSEY Phone Netcong 2-0064 John Jozwiak, Prop. Compliments of PHIL'S BARBER 4 Allen Street Netcong, N. J. Frank Kelley, Prop. JU 4.4385 KELLY'S ESSO STATION Accessories, Lubrication, and General Repairs Route 4-6 Mine Hill, N. J. Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 ANDY'S KEN VIL DINER FRANK'S SUNOCO SERVICE Gas and Repairs Route 6 Kenvill, N. J. Phone Succasunna 6871 Route 46 Kem-ill, N, J, Compliments Compliments of of the SOPHOMORE CLASS WM. BARTLEY 8: SONS, Inc. Long Valley Road Bartley, N. J. FOODLAND MARKET For All Your Table Needs Beer 0 Wine 0 Liquors 31-33 Allen Street Netcong, N. J. Netcong Coal 81 Lumber Co. "Everything to Build Anything" Phone Netcong 2-0037 SID THOMPSON Groceries and Confectionery Budd Lake New Jersey DAWSON MARINE 8: SUPPLY CENTER "Everything for the Boatmann Route 46 Ledgewood, N. .l. BLUE BIRD INN T. Y. WARD 81 CO. Cemetery Memorials Hackettstown, N. J. Rom 46 Budd Lake- N- J- iEstablished 18701 Phone 230 BUDD LAKE PHIL'S HAPPY HOUR SELF-SERVICE LAUNDRY Where Old Friends Have Met For Route 46 Tel. Netcong 2-1159 Almost a Quang, of a Centu,-y Between Netcong and Budd Lake Route 46, Netcong, N. J. Phone 0970 BUDD LAKE P TTE Y NETCONG MOTORS, Inc. 0 R . Mill Work Ford Sales and Service Gerald Cox Prop- E- A- Stephens- Msf- Route 46 Budd Lake, N. J. Route 206 Netcong, N. J- Phone Haekettstown 1007.12 JOHN L. GLASS BENSON AND BOSTROM ROOFING CO. Insurance of All Kinds 17 SOUTH WARREN STREET 165 RICHARDS AVENUE DOVER NEW JERSEY DOVER NEW JERSEY Follow your teams in the sport pages of Read the WANT ADS THE in the NETCONG-STANHOPE NEWS DOVER ADVANCE 66 Main Street Netcong, N. J. New Je1'9eY,9 Largest Semi-Weekly Newspaper Visit the Phone Netcong 2-1061-0304--J DOVER, N. J. DO 6-3300 "Where it costs so little to enjoy so much" Dining Room o Cocktail Lounge LUNCHEON AT THE DUTTON Every Wednesday 12:45 to 1:00 P.M., Broadcast over WMTR, interviews. LUXURIOUS BALLROOM: available for Banquets, Wedding Receptions, Dances, Group Meetings, Fashion Shows, Card Partiesg groups of any size from ten to three hundred persons. There is nothing to compare in North Jersey JAMES DI RENZO 8: SONS CONTRACTORS - BUILDERS 29 Ledgewood Avenue Netcong New Jersey Compliments of SQUARE DEAL COAL AND on. NETCONG NEW JERSEY Phone 2-0467 STEWART'S FRIENDLY SERVICE Socony-Vacuum Products ROUTES 46 and 206 NETCONG NEW JERSEY Compliments of MILFORD SALNY HOSTESS SHOP Netcong New Jersey Featuring Dolly Madison Ice Cream Louis Sherry Chocolates Lentheric, Elizabeth Arden, Evening in Paris Perfume LOU'S FOOD MARKET Netcong, New Jersey Phone 1095 C. LA FALCE AND SON Trucking Service Phone Netcong 2-0306 Netcong New Jersey Furniture Repaired, Refnished M odern-Period 0 Antiques Restored Oil Paintings and Frames Restored RUSSELL YARD KING T. GIAMANCHERI """""'fe Budd Lake, N. J. Netcong 2-0641-W Dom Na00"'0 Union Bank 001122: Jersey Visit Om- Phone DOver 6-2988 0nR0U1ZIgg.ElliEd-2?0fl0WR S PANTHER LEDGE FARMS Hackettstown New Jersey FLORIST AND GREENHOUSES "Flowers For All Occasions" Route 10 and S. Morris Street Dover, N. J. R. D. 1 VAN'S HARDWARE Electrical Contractors Paints 0 Sanders 0 Hardware Opp. Palace Theater Netcong, N. J. TIP-TOP SHOES Huskies 0 American Girl Tel. 0632 13 West Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. BROWN'S STORAGE CO., Inc. oscAR W. BENSON Moving Insumnee -' Real Estate 76 North Sussex Street Dover, N. J. 39 West Blackwell Dover, N' J. 55 Park Place Morristown, N. J. Dove' 00010 Dover 6-13032 lllilllllilfswn 4-0011 Joseph Rainier THE DOVER MEN'S SHOP Telephone: Dover 6-0750 Blackwell at Morris Dover New Jersey Phone: Dover 6-0947 Established 1875 S. H. BERRY HARDWARE CO. Sporting Goods - Electrical and Household Goods - Paint - Glass - Tools 15 East Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Compliments of SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY 24 East Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH 8: CO. Dover New Jersey WILLS OIL CO., Inc. Fuel Oil . . . Gasoline 0 14 FLANDERS ROAD NETCONG, N. J. Buy U. S. Savings Bonds THE DOVER TRUST COMPANY 0 DOVER, NEW JERSEY Free Estimates Easy Payment Plan Financing Arranged LOZIER 81 MOONEY Phone Netcong 2-0271 CHAS. MEYERSON PLUMBING - HEATING 8 Oil Burners - Water Systems Stanhope's Leading Grocer Installation - Sales - Service WEs'r1NcHoUsE - BENDIX Appliances GROCERIES - MEATS STIf1ffIgIg'f,'ZY12.1 J' VEGETABLES . LIQUORS Day or Night Phone Netcong 2-0384 Phone 6-0779 THE FINE SHOP, Inc. For Fine F rocks 28 W. Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Compliments of NETCONG SWEET SHOPPE TUTTLE JUDSON LUMBER . . . COAL JUstice 4-4257 NORTHERN APP. SERV. NAS Gas At the Traffic Circle Ledgewood, N. J. N etcong 2-0640 SCHMUKPS BAKERY Fine Baked Goods Main Street Netcong, N. J. SEGUINE BOGERT CO., Inc. Washed Sand and Gravel Ready-Mixed Concrete Plants at MILLWORK Kenvil I Morristown 0 Newton Sussex and Oxford Telephones: Phone: Netcong 990 Succasunna 3-7122 Jefferson 8-3113 SIHHIIOPC, New Jersey Newton 593-J Sussex 2-1900 Glencourt 3-2361 MOONEY BROS. DAIRY FARM Producers and Distributors GRADE "A" MILK Netcong New Jersey Phone: Netcong 2-0842 ROBERT R. WHITE Painting and Paper Hanging Taping Sheet Rock Netcong 2-0161 48 Maple Avenue Netcong, N. J. MCGARRY PONTIAC New Car Sales 8: Service 17 MAPLE AVENUE Netcong 2-0018 GOODWILL USED CAR DEPT. Route 46 Ledgewood Justice 4-4664 You have to save to have Start saving for your future home MUSCONETCONG BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION NETCONG, NEW JERSEY Nothing Takes the Place of Milk John Wesley MacDougaII and Sons , Milk Products King Street Stanhope, N. .I Phone Netcong 0531 RUSSELL G. WILLIAMS Eflurnbijng - Hedging- Tyrkninq NETC0NGv N- -I- ec"'cM.3Z,"521 EZfI.Z.. e"""' Phone 2-0061 Linden Avenue Stanhope, N. J. Market 3-1790 H. A. GREENE CO. SPORTING GOODS School and Team Outfitters Since 1922 28 Halsey Street Newark, N. J. COUNTRY CLUB ICE CREAM COMPANY 210 CROSBY AVENUE PATERSON, N. J. DICK'S Diner, Bakery and Delicatessen Dover New Jersey Dover 6-3170 - 3171 Finest Italian and American Food Served at MAMA ROSE RESTAURANT fFormerly the San Marinol Route 206 Cranberry Lake, N. 1. Visit Our Spacious Cocktail Lounge STEWART D. WILLIAMS Radios - Records - Music - Cameras 168 Main Street Hackettstown, N. .l. JUstice 4-4635 Free Delivery PARK QUALITY MARKET John L. Kasweck 8: Son Prime Meats 0 Home Dressed Poultry Groceries 0 Fruits and Vegetables Corwin Street opposite Hercules Park Compliments of OSCAR MEYERSON FRANCIN E SHOP Dresses - Coats - Suits - M illinery Sportswear and Accessories Corner Blackwell and Morris Dover New Jersey MOGLIA'S BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER Toys 0 Gifts 12 E. Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Phone: Dover 357 Compliments of PINK'S CUT-RATE DRUGS 10 W. Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Compliments of MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP CAMPAGNONE'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Acetylene Welding and Brazing Accessories Route 6 Phone: Netcong 585 Johnson's Department Store "Reputable Goods Make a Reputable Store' Your Home Town Merchant Phone: Netcong 348 Netcong 2-0678 JAMES P. MeKEON INSURANCE BRoKER Specializing in Life Insurance - Auto - Fire - Casualty Third Street Budd Lake Compliments of RELIABLE FURNITURE HOUSE HACKETTSTOWN NEW JERSEY Garden 5-4022 Five Blocks From the White House HOTEL MARTINIQUE CIS SIXTEENTH STREET at M WASHINGTON, D. C. ,Ng Whether you 1 fu I :: it "" I?If m ul lllvl.. .fsck 404 w W ADEQUATE WIRING NEW JERSEY POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY J. H. Miller, Division Ma na Jewelers For Your Class Rings DIEGES 8: CLUST MANUFACTURING JEWELERS 17 John Street- New York 8, N. Y. Compliments of LESLIE'S DRUG STORE Quality Accuracy H. A. Eisenberg, Reg. Ph. 9 East Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. Phone DOver 6-1405 Compliments of NETCONG HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL SWARTZ MOTORS Dodge o Plymouth Job Rated Trucks 200-202 East Blackwell Street Dover, N. J. B L E S S Sc - 10c - 81 STORE Up-to-date NETCONG NEW JERSEY Compliments of NETCONG HARDWARE 3 MAPLE AVENUE NETCONG NEW JERSEY Dine at the New Streamlined HACKETTSTOWN DINER Route 46, Hackettstown, N. J . Steaks 0 Chops 0 Sea Food Nicholas and Ruth Bartku All Baking Done on the Premises SMITH BROS. EXPRESS HACKETTSTOWN An Insured Carrier Since 1930 Ph N ,-520013 SALMON BROS INC STANHOPE NEW JERSEY Best IWshes to the Class of T55 IIHIQIWN FHIEIILANII 5 Dooers LARGEST Store for Clothes and Housewares th Year of Rellabllty I1 H H LEAVY I g 20895 C ROMANO S FOOD MARKET C l APPLIANCE CEN d H1 TER P 8 D C l WOMEN S CIVIC CLUB OF NETCONG c 1 THE SENIOR CLASS h d b R E PUBL SHING CO 1 7 7 5 . . , . Plumbing and Heating Netcon - Stanhope Service - Quality - Economy OTHP imeflls of Wine - Liquors - Beer Q F S Budd Lake Road Netcong, N. J. hone 13 Route 10 an i lside Ave. P t F l. I Succasunna, New Jersey ' ' romp ree e wery ' ' ' omp iments of omp imems of 9 L' h A F' k s 10 M I N J - .0 1 Q .1 X g 'P I 1 ' QF' Y fi, 8 . Ki 6' X ,, 'Q -'mx"' . , ,H vet xl v .Q- s sl' ' Ps - s ' " I. 'Q l if . X 1 ' . ', , I .4 . L . , . 3 'nv . . , n v 'y 'lu V ff . 1 . x- J' f . ' " . 3?-Q., M - 4 A - V.. 'Fi is ., ' x 'L 4, 5 X. as A xl 'T' .QQ 'lf 5, 1, B7 , 9 ,,, 'Q A 1 Ls wwfqar , D - -Mmm, -A ,F wr TQ ,Q Y' IB O Q" 1, i 4 'K O O J 0 U Q 45" ,L R f' , 5 5,2 T 4 IlyL'. Q, 'ta Q Q ,dl , x N T ' in 4 Q io

Suggestions in the Netcong High School - Arcturus Yearbook (Netcong, NJ) collection:

Netcong High School - Arcturus Yearbook (Netcong, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Netcong High School - Arcturus Yearbook (Netcong, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 94

1955, pg 94

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Netcong High School - Arcturus Yearbook (Netcong, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 49

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