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E THE NESTLICCA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT BODY DEDICATES . . . To our mothers and fathers --- whose interests have been in the improvement of our lives --- whose love and encouragement have been inspirational --- and whose never ending sacrifices have been in preparation for our futures. jim 1957 Kodcaf fQ4C'E W"'3ffersf 1 - - E 1 ' 1 2' X .,-1- X - -:, 12,1 i I ' f Q -4 , X , I N -inf' EDITOR .............. ELNORA REDBERG ASS'T EDITOR ......... KAY DOLIGHERTY ADVISOR ......... MISS CAROLYN JONES TABLE QF CONTENTS I ,Vx . rp, A ji af KT TE'- ,X5 -I , -ini .f4lAnin1'.4fraI1nn Cjrganiza fin: -Q .i r - IA A fa M T T ' n T, flmfff ff,, H, .2410 ui f ia! lil, 1 4 T N N 32 .xdclminidfra fion ,,l...1--l Q RAY DEAVER Chairman Tillamook County Creamery Association - Secretary LLOYD MCKILLIP Registered Guernsey Farmer JACK RUFF U. S. National Bank of Cloverdale - Manager SCHOOL BOARD RALPH SUTTON Dairy Farmer MELVILLE BRUCE Mink Farmer Grocery Store Owner CLIFFORD DOUGHERTY Clerk Cloverdale Post Master PRINCIPAL WILLIAM R. BECK B.A., M. Ed. It is with great satisfaction and pride that I commend the publica- tion editors, staff, advisor and all who were instrumental in creating this graphic history of 1956-57 at Nestucca High School. The review of such a history awakens us all to an appreciation of the things well done and an inspiration to work together for still g1'C3IBl' p1'OgICSS. 7 HUGH P. HANNA Ed. M. Vocational Ag., Biology, FFA, Freshman Class Advisor. DONALD STENSLAND B. S. Freshman Math, Algebra, P.E., Basketball, Baseball, A,ss't Football, Juni or C lass Advisor. GORDON BUSLACK B.S. American Problems, U. S. His- tory, P. E., Football, J. V. Basketball, Track. Miss APPHIA KOCH B.A. Homernaking, Gir1sP.E.,FTA and GAA Advisor. Miss BEVE RLY KLIEVER in ---. i 1 ii FRANK R. FRANGIPANI B.A. English, Speech, Foreign Lan- guages, Advisor - Junior Class FTA. B.A. . English, World Geography, General Mathematics, Dra- ,,5': matics, Rally Club, Advisor. Mrs. SALLY LOUIS A.B., M.S. Librarian, Senior Advisor. We-1 Miss CAROLYN L. JONES B.S. English, Advisor-Annual, FTA. sri' ERIC L. FITZSIMONS B.A. Band, Chorus, Sophomore Class Advisor. Mrs. VADA. APPLEGATE B.A. Commercial, Ad- visor-P aper, GLA. Mrs. SUE EARNEST Secretary VIC HUSON Custodian 10 ELMER F. STEUBS B. S. Physics, Chemistry, Geometry Biology, General Science, Senior Class Advisor. . . Ie up added Iliiilim COLORS Lilac FLOWER Lilac MOTTO "In ourselves our future lies" Class Officers: Mrs. Sally Louis, Adviser, Elmer Steubs, Adviser, Chuck Bestul, V.P. Phyllis Cherry, Treas.3 Mary Kiser, Sec., Jim Wilkins, Pres., and Glenda Kellow and Dennis Neiderer, Student Coimcil. E IORS CLASS OF '57 The class of '57 began with sixty-four members. During the four years, the sen- iors have been active in athletics, acti- vities, and organizations. Jim Wilkins was president during the freshman year. Highlights of that year were the memorable initiation given by the sophomores, and the intramural basket- ball championship won by the Freshman boys. The next year saw Duane Seufert asclass president. Initiation of the incoming Frosh was the main highlight. The Junior year was highlighted by the Jimior-Senior Prom whose theme was "Jun- gle Rhythms". Money for this project was earned by the class operating the Junior Concession Booth. President for both the Junior and Senior years was Jim Wilkins. The class had dwindled to thirty-four members, but those who remained looked forward to the annual Skip Day, Baccalaureate, and Graduation. Many looked beyond to college days. and White CHESTER BURRESS li 'P-to TED BELL CHARLES BESTUL TED BELL: "I am small but remember Napoleon." Transferred Tarrington, Wyo.5 35 Letterman's Club 3,45 Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Basketball 35 Baseball 3. CHARLES BESTUI.: "A tall physique leaves room for a big heart." Student Council 15 Football 25 Track 3,45 Class V. P. 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Tomcats 4. ROBERT BODYFELT: "Yes, he loves to crea.k his jokes and, in short, amuse the folks." Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1, 25Lette1'm3.n'S Club 2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,45 FFA. Treasurer 25 Band l,2,3,45 Glee 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Tomcats 45 Student Body Play 45 Paper Staff 35 Camera Club 4. E. L. BRITTON: "All things come to him who works and waits." Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 1, 25 Letterma.n's Club 1,2,3,45 Letterman's Club Presi- dent 45 Annual Staff 25 Sweethearts King 45 Honor Society 4. CHESTER BURRESS: "Student Body head is he, a lot of fun, that's Chester B." Camera Club 45 Tomcats 45 Student Body Play 45 Student Body President 45 Student Council 4. MA RILYN CALLAHAN ROBERT BODYFELT E. L. BRITTON MARILYN CALLAHAN: "A. studious worker, we find in this 'girl5 She has time for a hello, though her mind's in a whirl." Transferred Alsea 15 Student Body Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Rally 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Honor Society Secretary 45 GLA 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Ass't. Paper Editor 45 Annual Staff 45 Glee 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Student Body Play 35 FHA 45 FTA. 45 Office 45 Senior Play 4. PHYLLIS CHERRY: "Small talk and constant laughter." Trans- ferred Milwaukie 35 GLA 3,45 Paper Staff 45 CAA 45 Rally 45 FHA President 45 FHA. 45 Senior Class Treas- urer 45 Homecoming Queen. BOB COFFEY: "Love is a dream, gosh I'm s1eepy." Glee 15 Mixed Chorus 15 Lettermen's Club 2,3,45 Track 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Annual Staff 3. PHYLLIS CHERRY BOB COFFEY BARBARA DAGGETT IVAN DANIEL BARBARA, DAGGETT: "Some say she's quiet, but if they only knew her, they'd deny it." GLA 1,2,3,45 GAA 3,45 Glee 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Rally 2,3,45 FHA. 4. IVAN DANIEL: "I never think of the future5 it comes soon enough." Football and Basketball manager 1,25 Track 25 CameralClub 45 Camera Club President 45 l.etterman's Club 3,45 Glee 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Paper Staff 4. DOLORES DAVIS: "Many a laugh she's had, and boy can she talk." Transferred Dallas 45 GLA. 45 Rally 45 Glee 4. BOB DOUGHERTY: "Wine and women, fun and laughter, Sermons and soda the next day after." Transferred Taft 45 Glee 45 Mixed Chorus 4. JOHN HALTINER: "Pray you use your free- dom, and, so far as you please, allow me mine." Band 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,45 Baseball manager 25 Letterman's Club 2. JOHN I-IALTINER DOYLE HATFIELD at DOLORES DAVIS BOB DOUGHERTY DOYLE HATFIELD: "Responsibility walks hand in hand with capabilityand power." Glee l,2,3,45 FFA. 1,2,35 FFA Treasurer 35 Mixed Chorus 1,2,35 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Baseball 15 Basketball 25 Football 2,3,4. KAY HEITSMAN: "Ready for fun but willing to work." GLA. 1,2,3,45 GAA 3,45 FI-lA 45 National Honor Soci- ety 3,45 Rally 1,2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Glee 1, 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 FTA, 45 Prom Chairman 35 Class Reporter 45 Pom-Pon Girl 45 Student Body Secretary 45 Sweetheart Ball Court 45 Senior Play 4. EDWIN HODGDON: "Called 'Foxy' by his friends, but not as quiet as he pre- tends." FFA 1,2,45 Football and Baseball manager 2,35 Letterman's Club 2,3,4. KAY HEITSMAN EDWIN HODGDON 3 n CONNIE HODGE PEGGY HOWARD CONNIE HODGE: "She'd stop St. Peter's roll call to ask a question." Glee 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 GAA 3,45 GLA 1,2,3,45 GLA President 45 FTA 45 FTA Secretary 45 Rally 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Staff 45 Class Re- porter 35 Song Leader 45 Girls Sport Reporter 45 Home- coming Princess 45 Student Body Play 45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Honor Society V.P. 4. PEGGY HOWARD: "There is no wealth like a quiet mind." GLA 1,2,3,45 Glee 1,2,45 Mixed Chorus 2. DAVID HURLIMAN: "Some say he is bash.ful5 others doubt it." FFA 1,2,35 Football 25 Track 3,4. SANDRA JOHANSSON: "Music drives one's woes away." GLA 1, 2,3,45 Glee l,2,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Rally 45 FHA 4. GLENDA KELLOW: "The young people of today may be settling down, but what about the people of tonight?" Yell Leader 15 Rally 1,2,3,45 GLA 1,2,3,45 GAA 3,45 Student Bodv Plav 3, Student Council 45 Paper Staff 45 GLENDA KELLOW MARY KISER g- DAVID HURLIMAN SANDRA JOHANSSON GLA Representative 35 Glee l,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus l, 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Homecoming Court 45 Pom- Pon Girl 45 Democracy Contest 45 Prom Chairman 35 Sweethearts Ball Court 45 FTA 45 Senior Play 4. MARY KISER: "She is certain to be seen, where mischief and fun beams." Class Secretary 1,3,45 Class Treasurer 35 GLA 1,2,3,45 GAA Representative 45 Student Council 25 Pom-Pon Girl 45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Rally 2, 3,45 Paper Editor 45 Paper Staff 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Honor Society Presraent 45 Home- coming Court 45 DAR Award 45 Senior Play 4. HAR- LEY MEINK: "He's such a very bashful boy, To tease him, gives the girls much joy. Transferred Florence 45 Glee 45 Band 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Senior Class Play 4. DENNIS NIEDERER: "Neyer a care, Never a hurry. Just one car is his main worry." Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1, 25 Glee l,2,45 Student Body Play 45 Student Council 45 Tomcats 45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,4. HARLEY MEINK DENNIS NIEDERER if gf 'QW' new P 'N "' ELNORA REDBERG CAROL SHENK ELNORA REDBERG: "She is short and she is wise5 she is a devil for her size." Glee 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1, 2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 GLA 1,2,3,45 Rally 2,3,45 Rally Veep. 35 Rally President 45 Assistant Annual Editor 35 Annual Editor 4- National Honor Socie 4- Class Vee W P- 25 Class Treasurer 15 FHA 45 GLA Representative 45 GAA Social Chairman 45 Chainnan of Prom 3. CA ROL SI-IENK: "She is just the quiet kind whose nature never changes." GLA 1,2,3,4. MONTE SCHLECHTER: "The unspoken word never does harm." Transferred Tilla- mook Catholic 45 Camera Club 45 Glee 4. DICK TRENT: "School breals up my whole day." Tomc ats 45 Tomcats Veep 45 Football 2,3,45 Paper Staff 45 FFA 1,2,35 Annual Staff 45 Senior Class Play 4. DAR- LENE WALTON: "She appears to be shy and sentimental, but there's a gal who's temperamenrall' Glee 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 15 GLA. 1,2,3,45 GAA 2,3,45 Rally l,2,3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Student Coun- DA RLENE WALTON JIM WILKINS :nm Y' MONTE SCHLECI-ITER DICK TRENT cil 45 Student Body Veep 45 GAA Treasurer and Secre- tary 35 GAA Veep 45 Girls Sport Veep 45 Rally Veep 45 National Honor Society 3,45 National Honor Society Treasurer 45 Senior Play 4. JIM WILKINS: "He is go- ing forward to something great." Class President 1,3,4 5 Letterman's Club Secretary and Treasurer 45 Letterman's Club l,2,3,45 Athletic manager 1,25 Student Body Play 35 Tomcat's President 45 FTA 45 Paper Staff 35 Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Glee 2,3,4. DERALD WOODS: "An ath- lete that scores in more ways than one." Football l,2, 3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 15 Track l,3,45 Letter- man's Club 2,3,45 Letterman's Club Veep 45 FFA. 1,2,35 FFA Reporter 35 FFA. District Reporter 3. ENNIS WUITE: "The surest way not to fail is the determina- tion to succeed." Track 1,2,3,45 Football 45 Baseball 25 FFA 1,2,35Letterman's Club 3,45 Tomcats 45 Glee 25 Mixed Chorus 2. DERALD WOODS ENNIS WUITE F3 I- P en an O 1-1 I fl rn 73 cn 5355355 5 .-- ' Z Qngooia '5-M552 R vi.. Oifwei Egsrgau mp-' H EC-o ug'gf5jE9l:E' ' Eogxpu-get T-any' WCDU s'EO'Po5' UQUQS' C0 ,E-iv'-in 'B 4 . ?":55S:3W if if X cl A-1 h I X- 252 :X-F565 xx xfsxxrfh 5' x JW' t 2 M JU IORS CLASS OF I958 At the beginning of the year the Junior Cla ss of 1957 started planning and preparing for the big event of the year the Junior-Senior Prom. Under the guidance of Mr. Frangi- pani and Mr. Stensland the class managed to take in all the money needed, with some extra. Using the theme of "Oriental Gardens" and with music fumished by the "Stardusters", the 1957 Junior-Senior Prom was a big success. In imramurals the boys placed second in volleyball and first in basketball. The girls doing just the opposite, first in volleyball and second in basketball. Looking back over the year at all the good times we had working on the prom and participating in other school activities, but now we are looking toward the future. 17 Sharon Donaldson Kay Dougherty Karen Drabek George Dyer Gary Gallino Ivan Gist Bruce Hagerty Marlene Hancock Joyce Howard Jim Hurliman Carol Julian Terry Learned Jonnie Barcroft Peggy Bell Forrest Blum Dick Bodyfen Barbara Britton Tom Brockway Bob Cole Sharon Cole Jean Deaver u f' N' -. V N Q ,V K V ,SWL --mr, gf'-so , K wa - ia5N"mza 4, ' .alan e --img . K :ff-V L , ,r.r --1. ,,:. , kk .x'. gl .W ,k,,r Q fll 1 M +A r .2 Wadi? 5 wa f i4""'W'li l r 1 ayaa I ' "'- ' - v1ki2fSi'7'i': ' R . Jwfii Jim' 1 vi ra', J I8 gqhx-fr: ,. in Wi . VV -..N , V ,L if in 4.5 4 T: kg E: 'f 1 .Q X X X , Sl' r 1, .- li: A- 32 r QQ +f Y il' Q N51 ts kk w Ex if ., ,A .filed Yi? Ea rf' I .fig J ,gg ,lr ka' .din-. Q. fi 4""'m. W YQ' H mf Q N wax Q9 ' gi 5. we vw ' w bw' ' 1 S y, . an -..em I L' ' 1 .ie if 4 0 , I 'J L .5 F. V' R. .. .X VAAA, 4, .4 ' A -hav jf' K 1.2.1 4' J . Ki V+ K ,yu-ss.. if My L ' Q YF 'Z it K S 3,35 'iv Q., 5 ,V ig . e ff' A 'L has 19 . Mi e I .. '?"1""' .i W il fi Q Fw ,h f , . 11 ' ,. 2. 5 ,V .'..i if Z 3 Clark Livingstone Shirley Long Rodger Long Rod Loudon Ca.rl Meyer Christine Parks Marion Passwaters Bob Poland Gene Reddekopp Bonnie Reich Tad Scott Faye Shearer Clifford Sisson Joann Thomas Elizabeth Thun Don Trent Jean Ward Jackie Watts Kay Whiteman Bill Westley Joan Wolters Alfred Wylie Earl Wylie Dave Yocom ' 'tsl F ws! imma CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Frances Ctmningham, Sec., Leora Fitch, Rep., Beverly Aufdermauer, Treas., Betty Burress, Pres. BACK ROW: Lane Homestead, Vice Pres., Earl Worthing- ton, Co. Rep., Bill Hagerty, Sgt. at Arms, Mr. Fitmimmons, Adv. Am SO PH OMO RES Q: new CLASS or 1959 The Sophomore Class has been very active this year. It has taken part in all of the sports, yell leading, glee, band, and some have held offices in clubs. The next ambition was to initiate the Freshmen and to have a dance that night. After drawing names, different stunts were thought of for them to do. The Freshmen really got initiated. with the initiation over, the Sophomore Class settled down enough to start studying again. The athletes were very active this year, with boys going out for football, basketball, baseball, and track. The girls also turned out for sports. Almost all of the girls went out for intramurals. They were fortunate to have 8 girls chosen for the basketball team. 20 I g f. 1 i 1, fb knjwfn In :Rm ...A is X .fy . , ": 'RUS . Q , Q 19? I laid ,fr . 3,-,,,,, 9 Ea V ri fi :W in 2155 .. --V. A , ,M SH 'ri I-K-N is 4, fn. f ,N .. .. 5 M Q Mg if mc? Rf 5 are 21 Dick Aarde Beverly Aufdermauer Victor Affolter Wade Alt David Anderson Marian Baldwin Lois Brode Betty Buress Tom Crawford Lois Crockett Frances Cunningham Brenda Daggett Virgil Donaldson Judy Dunn Lucia Duvall Sherrill Findley Larry Finell Leora Fitch Lloyce Fletcher Richard Gam: Robert Gann Harvey Gorton Bill Hagerty Mary Hanna Raymond Hint: Lane Homstad Wayne Howard fi ' ,rw ii Q Q. 1- M gf, Yu , F15 rf -N 4 gf 'X 1 m gl W5-g E if R ' - we ,gif , A ,rw .. J .5 , ,PMA . b:.,., V ww A W 1' V' 'W 1" Jr e Q HQ .gg -1- A-. al 'sa f All .. Qs--wg 5 I at 3 'F mean 9 ax' Q5 we J -V 3 rv, 5 A' "' - ur ..., -,Q "NYM RE Q? ,.: I K 5' ' 14 3', h if: J iq yu.J': , fm ' . . M. , .K 'Q w e wi -1, . n z E. A , 4? nf-Wye, 5 JW wr K S .Wg - of -gg 'il J , . ,. .. 'A " , K .. W 1 " .. or M W , .fir Q 557 1 '- .. ,Z 41 56: 22 Whig: 'wid M? ' y,, Q' me Sr 3 :X 11 Henry Howell Melba Howell Edward Hurliman Lester Husey Fred Johnson Judy Johnson Tom Johnson David Kiser J ake Lewellen Hank Mackey Meridee Merchant Roberta Mastel J: , ti, fl 7. ,A "' , af' ,W Ke, A Ja M4 fy-. .WW I L ur . ,. . Vin ,. B 1 a H, fb aa rf? it A 'f Fw ,Q W 3 Q R, .gm Jim McKillip Bob McTa.gga.rt Milton Meink Norman Parks Larry Peterson 5 Phyllis Pichette , - VV V ,T az K 5 LA.. - 5 Q C oo at oo ' jg K Anita Reddekopp 4...-Q' , Q5 ' Bill Ritter W NT l Connie Seufert , gif? El B B I I K if ff 1 A t Nv , Barbara Sexton Q i VDIQK Geraldine Staehly Roberta Strong f Duane Shearer , ' r V L!.r".i .V B ,. a - it l mr is Michael Shultz ' Bonnie Toedtli r .3 ' Sandra Tocdtli Q Karen Vancil X Georgia Westley Earl Worthington 4 ig!! I . J' 'QU' X 1 ' Q 'fi' Q 1 gf.. ,x'71f"L 5 ' Wjfyi' ,iw W p D-Q X ff Qu-wr sim 'Xt A mr. M 'W .. ., li, CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Jeanette Walton, Vice Pres., Sheri Duvall, Sec., Nancy Ho- ward and Jim Trent, Co. Rep. BACK ROW: Henry Porter, Pres., Roy Britton, Treas., Bud Hanna, Rep., Jimmie Hor- ner, Sgt. at Arms, Mr. Hanna., Adv. FRESHME CLASS OF I96O The Freshman Cla ss has been very active during the past year. It took part in sports, band, glee, and many more activities. The girls elected Nancy Howard, Carroll Wylie, Virginia Heady, Linda Baker, and Sheri Duvall to the Rally Club. Later, Virginia moved and Doris Cherry was elected to ta ke her place. After the Sophomores initiated them, a dance was given in honor of the Frosh. Later a return dance was given for the Sophs. The Freshman Class chose Glenda Kellow to represent them for the selection of the Queen of the Homecoming Court. Frances Jones was selected Girl of the Month for December. Many Freshman boys were on the Junior Varsity basketball team. Both the Freshman girls and boys were very active in intramurals. The Freshman Class is looking forward to being Sophomores next year. The Freshman Class wishes to thank Mr. Hanna, our advisor, for doing such a super job. fi ,,...,..-.v at s V ," wg C if , ' ff if 1 n o - 'f t " k y f-f I y C sf Q V C t o f rred r : ' X is "":L. XN1X E E , 1' , if ' 4 .sw 4 wr A y an ,. an . yay , ."f K ,A -in ,J 5 ' 'L 'C X - " , S -ui kv! It 7.4 5, K vm. X X , T, 'gl :LL f Z' mgg e ' K A 1. Q I ,mm,iA H . 'Nw -:Qi ,sy w 13 1 K 5 xi i. ykry . 5 , , I N .M 5 1 W d dit L ' ' 1 i ' ...V s 1" se yy y d 8 , 7 Mig A ,fa 'lad f 2 .xi- gf? kkli sf 2 i C e'Fl2sm'il. R . , 1 My - K -,., V - In f . ' 1 v i Rosa Hintz wg 1 -' ' Jimmie Homer If 1--'X Q '1" Damaie Johnson V EL I ft., ,551 , ,, C Q ' 25 Loralee Adams Dennis Albritton Linda Baker Linda Blanchard Roy Britton P Shirley Brummett Frank Chambers Doris Cherry Ruth Clark J oe Donaldson Sheri Duvall Roy Dyer Arlene Everest James Finnell Gerald Goschie Kay Gist Dick Haltiner Bud Hanna Dale Haskins Nancy Howard Frances Jones Richard Kauffman Lavern Kimber Loma Kostic Jerry Lane George Larson Bill McGarvin Carol McFadden Dale Mullica Billy Munro Joanna Nims Henry Porter Charles Reich Teddy Sebastian Nancy Sisson Kenneth Sisson Wayne Staehly Harvey Thun Karen Wallace Jeanette Walton H' Raw , TW A 5 K 5 is 5 x G Q , K A 2 mv, SMQR Sfwfffifz . 1, 'K if A K 5 K as eeefnn annye K S fi,-:Q e 5, WWW ,.g,, ,I , 5 .fr - Ia n jg W N 3 Q . , Hx, sax Q ., self QQQUMV Q,g 4 ,f fisf QE 4-we we 1:-U3 :Q ,Ee , ..,, iii., L , 'sg ' , . , uwnwifa i. 5 '1-.i1 08 L, . , wyfwsiwwi emxwkwwws 55 5 + ' f l' 4 ' Hazel Woods Carroll Wylie Glen Wright 2b 1 6 rganizafiond D I.. I ff' , M Xw Ask L ,1 xx., .x + - 'Tig -I-U D E . ,M J, . vi' T C0uNcnL jllg aiu: anqz' llil.' f 1 :, aaagh.. Citi ' Q STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Chester Burress IBFT to RIGHT : President, Chester Burressg Vice Pres., Darlene Waltong Sec- retary, Kay Heit5maJ15TreasuIer, Marilyn Callahan, Senior Rep., Glenda Kellow, Dennis Nlederer, Junior Rep., Christine Parks, Bruce Hagerty 3 Scgnhomore Rep. , Earl Worthington, David Anderson Qnot shownjg Freshmen Rep., ancy Howard, Jim Trent. 28 OFFICERS: Left to Right, Vice President, Sue Hodge, Treasurer, Darlene Waltong Secretary, Marilyn Callahang Sgt-at- arms, Kay Heitsman, President, Mary Kiserg Advisor, Mr. Beck. mmomu. now? SCLCIITY P Z 5 I f ATIO AL HO OR SOCIETY Scholarship, character, leadership and service are the qualities stressed by the National Honor Soc iety. This society was founded 35 years ago by a group of educators. These men realized that there should be some public recognition given for those qualities which stand not only for high scholarship but for sound character, true initiative, and distinctive service. The Nestucca chapter of the National Honor Society, because of the large number of members graduating last year have been faced with reorganization. They have tapped new members and for- mally initiated them twice during the year. Membership in this society is the goal of most underclassmen. Those who are working toward this goal realize that this is the highest honor the school can bestow on them. Elnora Redbery, Ka.y'Doughertv, E. L. Britton. Unable to be pictured were the Second Semester initiates, Chris Parks, Glenda Kellow, and Gary Gallino. 29 Editor--Elnora Redberg Advisor--Carolyn Jones Ass't. Editor--Kay Dougherty ANN L STAFF FRONT ROW: Sue Hodge, Glenda Kellow, Darlene Wal- ton, Kay Heitsman, Joanna Nims, Phyllis Cherry, Jim Wilkins, Dick Trent. BACK ROW: Georgia Westley, Betty Burress, Lois Crockett, Francis Cunningham, Marilyn Cal- lahan, Chuck Bestul, and E. L. Britton. P PER STAFF FRONT ROW: Leora Fitch, Glenda Kellow, Darlene Wal- ton, Dick Trent, Jean Ward, Lois Crockett, Kay White- man. BACK ROW: Frances Cunningham, Kay Dougherty, Linda Davis, Johnnie Barcroft, JoAnne Thomas, Bruce Hagerty, and Jim Wilkins. 30 Editor--Mary Kiser Adviser--Veda Applegate Ass't. Editor--Marilyn Callahan 5 ?5x F. H. . This is a national organization of pupils who are studying vocational agriculture in high school. They work together to make better farms and become better farmers now and in the future. FRONT ROW: J. Ward, M. Callahan, P. Cherry, S. Donaldson, K. Heitsman, B. Daggett, G. Staehly, N. Howard, M. Baldwin. SECOND ROW: B. Daggett, K. Vancil, P. Bell, F. Jones, A. Everest, H. Woods, J. Nims, F. Shearer. THIRD ROW: C. Wylie, J. Deaver, E. Thun, S. Hohanson, J. Howard, S. Duvall, C. Seufert, S. Johanson. FOURTH ROW: M. Hanna, N. Sis- son, B. Riech, L. Duvall, L. Blanchard, L. Kostic, E. Redberg, Miss Koch. RONT ROW: M. Worthington, J. Hurliman, B. Cole, G. Gal- no, J. Barcroft, T. Learnerd. SECOND ROW: J. McKillip, I.. omstad, M. Meink, T. Johnson, V. Donaldson, J. Lane, D. iser. THIRD ROW: E. Worthington, L. Fletcher, R. Kauff- 11? tan, T. Edwards, G. Goshie, L. Worthington, S. May. FOURTH 0 OW: F. Blum, E. Hodgedon, F. Johnson, C. Reddekopp, B. lcTagga.rt, L. Clark, L. Hussey, Mr. Hanna. A ' 5 ' ml 1-4. 1' - "o : J 1:1 :Q e 'D 2 af 9 f "' In ,. 165 'nu F. F. A. This is a national organization of pupils who are studying homemaking in high school. They work together for better and happier home life for everyone now and in the future. GIRLS ATHLETI ASSOCIATIO These girls are those Srs., Jrs., and Sophs. who take an active part in sports and have earned enough points to enter this organization, FRONT ROW: K, Whiteman, G. Kellow, M. Kiser, P. Cherry, C. Parks, L. Fitch, J. Ward, J, Deaver. SECOND ROW: E. Thun, G. Westley, B. Bu1'ress,M. Hancock, L. Duvall, J. Johnson. THIRD ROW: P. Bell, F. Shearer, S, Cole, B, Daggett, K. Heitsman, D.Walton. FOURTH ROW: C. Julian, J, Thomas, S, Hodge, L, Crockett, B, Reich, B, Britton, C, Seu- fert. BACK ROW: Miss Koch, F. Cunningham, K, Dougherty, R, Strong, M, Baldwin, S. Donaldson, J. Howard, and B, Aufdermauer, school. OFFICERS President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Scrapbook Keeper Reporter Sr. Rep. Jr. Rep, Soph. Rep, Frosh. Rep. fs - ig' GIRLS LE GLIE ASSOCIATIO This organization includes all girls in Sue Hodge Kay Dougherty Lucia Duvall Joanne Thomas Le ora F itch Jean Ward Elnora Redberg Christine Parks Roberta Strong Jeannette Walton 9400 nunqu F. T. A. The Future Teachers of America was newly organized at Nestucca this year to encourage high school students to be come teachers OFFICERS President .......... Kay Dougherty Vice President ..... Anita Reddekopp Secretary . . . . Sue Hodge Treasurer BACK ROW Advisor, Vick Huson, Dick Arde, Bob Bodyfelt. MID DLE ROW Monte Schlechter, Bonnie Reich, Gary Gallino, Peggy Bell FRONT ROW Terry Learned, Chester Burress, Lois Crockett, Ivan Daniels Morris Worthington. Chris Parks Leora Fitch Kay Whiteman YELL LE DERS S0 G LE DERS in Jo Anne Thomas Carol Ann Julian Sue Hodge M10 Left to right, FIRST ROW: Jean Ward Linda Baker SECOND ROW: Sh D , . eri uvall, Mary Kiser, Kay Heits- man, Frances Cu.nningham, Roberta Strong, Glenda Kellow. THIRD ROW: Georgis Westley, Delores Davis, Carol Wylie, Doris Cherry, THIRD ROW: Peggy Bell, Jean Deaver, Bonnie Rich, Nancy Howard Darlene Walton, Maliyn Callahan, Kay Dougherty, Lucia Duvall, Beverly Aufdermauer, Betty Burress, Ehaora Redberg R LLY OFFICERS President .... . . . Elnora Redberg V. President. . . . . .Darlene Walton Secretary. . . .... Mary Kiser Treasurer. . . . . . Chris Parks Advisor Miss Kliever 3 5 in W J C- - , 1 rf R - . gg, W , - -ff, Q 'rsistznirggzrrr - X35 - -35 X f . 1 X 'S M' I i - . .1 L 3 'M f" 1 FLOOR: Jackie Watts, Alfred and Earl Wylie, Bill Ritter, Jim Trent. MIDDLE ROW: Frank Chambers, Dick Trent, Jim Wilkins, Ennis Wuite. BACK ROW: Bob Cole, Morris Worthington, Carl Myer, Bob Bodyfelt, George Dyer, Chuck Bestul, Chester Burress. TOMCATS President ..... Vice President. . . Secretary Treasurer Reporter .... Srg. at arms. . . . . .Jim Wilkins . . .Dick Trent Morris Worthington . . .Bob Bodyfelt . . . Bill Westly "Bobbie is Li 'L c5 .1465 ui fied L 'J W Z, 5, K iv f . ,su FRONT ROW, Left to Right: B. Daggett, F. Jones, R. Clark, H. Woods, J. Nims, B. Britton, P. Bell, G. Westley, J. Ward. SECOND ROW: L. Adams, G.Ke11ow, S. Hodge, C. Wylie, J. Howard, S. Donaldson, M. Merchant. THIRD ROW: R. Mastel, B. Burress, L. Crockett, J. Staehly, E. Thun, S. Cole, S. Toedtli, J. Johnson, C. Julian, M. Hanna, W. Cole, S. Duvall, B. Toedtli, F. Shearer, B. Aufdermauer FOURTH ROW: J. Thomas, D. Davis, P. Howard, B. Daggett, K. Dougherty, N. Howard, E. Redberg. FIFTH ROW: M. Kiser, B. Riech, M. Baldwin, M. Hancock, L. Duvall, K. Heits- man. SIXTH ROW: R. Hintz, K. Wallace, L. Fitch, D. Walton, L. Kostic. SEVENTH ROW: P. Pichette, C. Parks, B. Sexton, J. Walton, L. Davis, K. Gist. EIGHTH ROW: K. Whiteman, L. Brode, J. Dunn, S. Johonson, NINETH ROW Advisor: Mr. Fitzsirnons, M. Callahan, F. Cun- ningham. fd ' W "IIT 1: 555 fan! plllfn V BOYS GLEE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: D. Mullica, L. Worthington, D. Johnston, H. Gorton, D. Al- brighton, J. Lane, C. Rich, J. Finnell. SEC- OND ROW: L. Hussey, G. Gesgie, L. Kimber, L. Finnell, F. Chambers, R. Dyer, D. Trent, J. Wilkens, B. Hanna, J. McKillip, V. Donaldson, T. Brockway. FOURTH ROW: M. Passwaters, C. Livingston, P. Mink, R. Britton, D. Haltiner, J. Horner. FIFTH ROW: M. Worthington, I. Gist, T. Scott, B. Westly, D. Neiderer. SIXTH ROW: K. Sisson, B. Daughery, L. Peterson, N. Parks, G. Dyer, C. Sisson. SEVENTH ROW: M. Schlechter, G. Larson, T. Johnson, R. Long, J. Lewallen. EIGHTH ROW: I. Daniel, V. Af- folter, B. Monroe, W. Alt. NINTH ROW: D. Aarde, H. Porter, L. Homestead, G. Gallino, M. Shultz. TENTH ROW: Instructor, Mr. Fitz- simons. 'la ADVANCED BAND Left to right, MAJORETTES: N. and J. Howard. FRONT ROW: J. Nims, B. Burress, S. Cole, V. Donaldson. SECOND ROW: G. Redde- kopp, B. Aufdermauer, C. Julian, D. Aa.rde. THIRD ROW: K. Dough- erty, F. Cunningham, Mr. Fitzsimons, Director, L. Peterson, F. Johnson. FOURTH ROW: B. Hanna, T. Crawford, L. Duvall, A. Reddekopp. FIFTH ROW: A. Everest, C. Parks, L. Fitch, D. Johnson. SIXTH ROW: H. Meink, M. Passwaters, J. McKillip. BAD BEGlNNER'S BAND LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Howard, W. Cole, S. Duvall, J. Donaldson, J. . . . . . Director g'renFr,t2iri1-Igllzrner, C. Wyhe, D. Haskms, L. Worthmgton, DIICCCOI, ML Eric FitBimons 39 HOME COMING COURT P SWEETH EART BALL 94 - A' 1 , 3 Sweetheart Ball King and Queen Rip-it -up-you C ats Be-Bop-A-lu-la My Little Party Doll What's Going on Here? e ge., I sf' , . if v-Qi fi G Sf w it s Smile a While ,QQ -Q The Sweethearts of Nestucca Whow! Girls 9'?eew-.G-91 Q 3' ii 5 K .s Homecoming Court Real Gone Y T vs.N,x GI .A-J' af' 4 'T A A ,W EL . - E.- 501 :P A.: ' E . - I ,.- ,, 1...' g -. fn "' " .. C1-mf' ' dll '..a.i' K 7Cf"ru 1' gvw U o"x fff Ugg cgunioz Cfan of cfmeitucca civigk, Sagoof zsapasifa has fzfsasuis of gow: cornfzanlzj af ifzs gunioz-gznioi fffjmonz M ffmlay, :7f11zffwfffffi af siflgf .fcfocg in M15 evening c"XQ1fua:a gy r1zr zaaiunz a'I"lu:.ia gy ig: 5'hz'zcfu4fez4 Queen Mary I DRKENTAL HARD-E NS -::,. :-s,--- .. .z P- W 'V V -V 1. 1g:Q, . ,L-.Q ,xg ii 1 1 ti x Mak Q. Q ' ' 75 ' '14 ms. Q- , A 159.1 - Q - ' X k2i5KFQiQ: ' f' si. : A CWB 8 ix fi 4 , 5 g' 'K ff im ya Q X " iw X X ' ll 'N 'xv Qs. Y' . "'-s-...M w ' bw F, x up lun... 4-fi',s f lW! i as.. ,dm -I Vi,g,,,f5, ,K W gm: Q A ,f gm 1 wk pau W GIRLS OF THE MONTH Left to right, BACK ROW: Betty Burress - September, Leora Fitch - October, Roberta Strong - November, Frances Jones - December, Mary Kiser - January. SITTING: Kay Dougherty - Feb mary, Phyllis Cherry - March, Peggy Bell - April, Darlene Walton - May. GIRL OF THE YEAR WW ree E, T ,V L ' rr , nf ,,,L N' bf VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Marilyn Callahan-grade point 1.38 Darlene Walton-grade point 1.58 T F U T U F3 E Receiving Diploma CONGRATULATIONS Awards 5-J sw. 1 l Commencement Addresq BOYS' Ch0ruS"HA1ma Mater C. Ray Johnson Attorney at Law Arc they happy or sad? iul..4.un--5. i,-Nw - -v -nl l 1 f- in r,., -f V- -1 1 ,W -3,1 , SCHOOL PICNIC manil- Y ,is ,G 15 an ,W ji, ,.,.l .V fi W M ,k i - Mfwffx .A-ex "k' ' , -f 4. N I . I A iQf A if ' If A f ' I ? OUTSTANDING HONORS AN D AWARDS ISpeak For Democracy I-IOMEMAKINC AWARD D.A.R. ROSE FESTIVAL Glenda Kcllow Carol Shenk Mary Kiser Carol Julian Ns W -- SENIOR SKIP D Y ste TEACHERS ARE HUMAN 1 ,.x 1 it , I Walk the Line ' 2:5 fy A , ,ftyi 1 gg Maids of Madrid E' RagM0PBO0gY WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC Things I Never Had Shake, Rattle and Roll "wi-Mm War and Pe ace A "" .. Wk' . 5 1 if is Q, Vufu A if is fe Ruumin' Wild I I'm Sitting on Top of the Worlc Lawdy, Miss Clawdy nl! 7353 ' Standm' on the Corner if M S i nge gf...! See-Saw Party's Over L, K Hound Dog Gonna Get Along E"AE V, ,S gd A S,,, without You Now. F inri S A S, ' Dancing Chandelier A Baby Let's Play House A Oh Mona One In a Million 4 QW' M,--"'-"T-1? NN .xgfkfeficfi AE I I . - -f v ,'i,a-mv-:5aQvnLs.,...,,, I I ,,fwa2f:?Lf1? W3-2 -CA V- .. a '11, 9' ' N, 1 I,. ,I A-, ,I ,II II, - III ,I. .-QKAQSI,-cl : 5.4, 1 . .,I,-X,-g,gIgE:g' 3'ff14.gI3. Bqk xt I -I f' I r wf- " . " .-. ".,5"cI , .' 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I 1 'v'-G 961. r- rt, W 2 ,4 f,?1L" 944 ISI' MY' W FY? fn E4 fxfa ffaif J L 'F-7I?f,frE' f re? '34 3 75f57fg" if f - ill f fs' Q-'I Qi? IQPC1-,A -4 2 . .1-. c' ,IQ .Ig ,vI1:,x,.k'Uf' 'N N" 'Ei'-29U.'Zn Jef? 'Y ' ia 'W I,:E?f' If r ' I N-121 Jgjkh I I v I 1 -I - v. . .1 if-' rf 315: -- A ' ff . ,Ia '. hr- 2. . -ff' Y ':-2 '. ff: wa" ' f ' ' ff iv' -Qi . if .' 1 F' II f. If I III. :Ie 6145? I ,' 1 ' f,, f ,f H- f if .1 . 1, -1 A -1 - -W . 1' 435:-' , ' . X! 2' if," . F .J ' l ff -' 4 ' I L ' ' ' '- . . X 1-2 V i ' - fi ' :Tha , ' N f 1-12 H1 rm . . ,,, . A, . hr, afifi' -1- ' ' I .-15 JE' 49 I' if - ' 1" ' . . -2' 1592 If I1 I, . II ,- 7 ,. .Ig JILL, I,fJ'J iIg1 p I " 0 39 ' iff , . ' - I ,I-.: 'AI eff, Qf-5 , ,f " 0 12 :Eb fm' -9-7' f if " 0 39 ' Alfl 5 f f ,Ea . , f ' 27 O f 2 .QF-14-1 "4 -"1 'I H . . rw . LI .1-Qt' J ga ,fa f " 18 32 - - ' ,J 5' ' .' .. f 33 12 'Iighq' ,eg PJ ' '-bf X .7 I ,f' II H63 x Q! .. 7 21 . ,II I II 15' III ,,'-,sf-' '43 '. my I :ff A . 'f ,x 'I '... ' 1 'fi 4,242 -if ngswgg ,-3,5507 YV V . -I ,,-,IK ,, .4, -' -A ALXXN ae iq? 4.2 mga J by --1.1 3.-' J' , "'1-'P' Q? ' o Ip Y ' r, . 1 V v . '-' .Y :L I SN ,514 . Q-Gs!! -df-, - .4 :p 5, I,51I'.- .,rI'zg..f- Jgjjgcd jg? L , L , , , . 9 A . ,, . .,. fr -Q - U .Af s , fri? . f"Xf'5' I- 'AEN' ,I,-In V47 ' -aff A JV? ,Ati 'JY -ff' 5 3,454 - rqgrgi' - V LJ "X -424 fg' 'Q .. ..-5?T - YL 4' wr v- .if .. ,,. , 'U' "I .1-4425" L- 1047 if ' W' aiiffwf 2 M' Ei?" . 1, ' , .,.Z 4- If .' ' v- ' ggi? , IIIIfI?IIg?5gx J, II J' lip, def, . wf5Af1'5- ,4 'Wg' figs' 'f. 'HP-se. I'.3'Tf I: ' I' ' ' gf '59 if V-55: a. V 14475 1- pl' IIIL FII JIM in 9524- 'Ig f! M 'NL 1 N- lr-' H 2,5 ' ,Q ' ,J ' I-: V "I Hy. if .Riff-1. . ' P363 "-'Q If-','.,7 I.--fF7'5Y"'.,77 pl 'EQ' 415 7453? v. 'f' im I fu r -3' f e A -P fn I 'Tn ,,,-" ,I-J.-"' cg ,,-I: II,-.I-,--LII, A G r.- 'af . 72.1 E153 f . fp nie' 'QI 'ff k 3" 'g5,sz- ' EY ,IA I I: 4.3. 3,1I3lI 1.1" I 'l I, . "I If ' ' FSH 26 jp III ci:-M 'r"" II. ' . vw, IIxII.IIkF V ':39If?1If' J " 4' - . f 1,1 P1 f N1-" ' A - ' ' -:." ' - " f wi " ,..., ,.IIg.g-Lpf ,,.-, ff., ng, . ron 4 K gfkatqaggzylfy bmi ,Q El 45 4111 rf r Ikf ,MQ :Lv JI,-ag Managers: Lloyce Fletcher and Bill Ritter 50 xvaeia FIRST STRING: Bob Coffey, T. Bell, T. Brochway, Marv Woods, M. Shultz, E. L. Britton, D. Hatfield, C. Sission, C. Meyer, G. Dyer, V. Affolter. COACH Mr. Bushlack FOOTBALL TEAM FRONT ROW, Left to Right: R. Britton, J. Wilkins , E. Wuite, J. Fin- nel, T. Bell, L. Finnel, B. Cole, J. McKillip, E. Hodgedon, D. Trent, E. Worthington. MIDDLE ROW: J. Lewellan, V. Affolter, E. L. Britton, L. Homested, B. Westley, C. Sission, C. Meyer, G. Dyer, M. Shultz, D. Hatfield, M. Woods, B. Coffey, D. Anderson. BACK ROW: M. Pass- waters, L. Hussey, L. Worthington, B. Hanna, R. Loudon, B. Bodyfelt, D. Yocum, Mr. Bushlack, T. Brockway, B. McTaggart, H. Mackey, C. Reich, R. Dyer, J. Donaldson. .nn M 4. ' '. .,. gal' .' ' 'g'f"-v ALWIQ5 'S sv in ww R xi w ,W 1. ,N . QQ S' my QR M 'jf if Q A 'vt 5 L EH 'G' -ew luke X3 s f X i v ' 115- 5 if 5 I 5 Y v' 1 Qu 3 5 6 -my 'rg - Z' My P fx Q 4 'WI RFQ Q Q 5"'?SVSivi?Liff-A .. ,... ' 33? mr sf . ,, , .s-:gr ,KSN f We 2 , 2 - Q35 fi W1 0 Il' -0 - 'V ,fi I' 'E STANDING, Left to right: D. Trent, B. Hagerty, R. Gann, R. Gann, D. Woods, J Lewellan, M. Shultz, G. Gallino, E. L. Britton, D. Bodyfclt, V. Affolter, B, Poland Coach Stensland, kneeling, Manager, B. Ritter, B. Westly. ASKETB LL A SQL! A SQUAD BASKETBALL SCORES T -SilctZ- H-SllcIZ- T-TolCd0- T-Tillamook Catholic H-Tal't- H -Willamina - H -Owing- ll'WLlIIC11IOll II-Tillamook T-Seaside ll-Tillamook Catholic H -Yamhill - T-Willamina- 'I'-Ncali-Kqili-mio '1'-Taft- T -Warronton T-Tillamook H -Seaside- T -Yamhill - H-Ncal1-Kah-Nic- Bobcats 55 Coach Don Stcnsland ?T!f'5Llffg2 'ggraawiim 12 Firms 8 BASKETBALL B SQUAD STANDING, Left to Right: N. Parks, B. Monroe, H. Porter, D, Anderson, W. Alt, B. Hagerty, J. Barcroft, Coach Mr. Buslack, KNEELING: J. Donaldson, J. Finnell, R. Britton, J. Horner, B. Hanna. TRACK SQUAD BACK ROW, Left to Right: Manager, B. Ritter, B. Hagerty, D. Woods, E. L. Britton, R. Long, C. Bestul, J. Hurliman, H. Porter, D. Hurliman. FRONT ROW: H. Thun, T. Bell, J. Donaldson, E. Wuite,F. Blum, N. Parks, T. Crawford, R. Walters, SITTING: C. Sisson. U ef.- BACK ROW, Left to Right: C. Myers, M. Shultz, R. Long, V. Affolter, J. Lewellan, G. Gallino, J. Finnell. KNEEL- ING: B. Coffey, L. Finnell, E. Wylie, M. Passwaters, B. Hagerty, D. Anderson, J. Donaldson, B. Hanna. BASEBALL SCORES Tillamook Tillamook Taft Taft Neah-Kah-Nie Neah-Kali-Nie Wesport Seaside Seaside Warrenton Warrenton ...12 2 Nestucca 0 ll 4 ll O N 2 H 3 ll 4 ll 1 I! 0 ll 4 Il ll Managers: Stan May and Jim McKillip A., 2 ASEB LL ogy , "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Q f ,J Q 1, , ,ay -. 4 . ' ai -. A", T 'dgggsx an N oy -. 'VERA wg, ,aa . L . , . WB 4 5 Y -.I 0 O O 2 .1 , 'iii 1- f I ai GIRLS A AND B BASKETBALL STRING BACK ROW: D. Walton, M. Kiser, Coach, Miss. Koch, S. Hodge, C. Wylie. MIDDLE ROW: A. Reddekkopp, E. Redberg, B. Daggett, G. Kellow, F. Cunningham. FRONT ROW: L. Fitch, K. Dougherty, K. Vancil, R. Strong, C. Parks, B. Burress. JUNIOR I.NTERMURAL BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL BACK ROW: D. Yokum, R. Long, D. Bodtfelt, J. Hurliman, G. Gallino, E. Wylie. FRONT ROW: F. Blum, J. Watts, B. Hagerty, C. Myers, B. Cole, B. Westly. SENIOR INTERMURAL BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW: G. Kellow, D. Walton, M. Kiser. FRONT ROW: B. Daggett, E. Redberg, S. Hodge. SENIOR BOYS WON BASEBALL AND VOLLEYBALL INTERMURALS JUNIOR INTERMURAL VOLLEYBALL TEAM BACK ROW: B. Reich, E. Thun, F. Shearer. MIDDLE ROW: K. Whitman, C. Julian, P. Bell, S. Cole. FRONT ROW: K. Dougherty, C. Parks J. Ward, J. Thoman, J. Deaver. -lim: lair.:-s1wm1+::.ff:ma:.wu1n. f eighsmf-.f.. :A - O g '51 5.5 56 ff-, .X L. . , . .. W:-..:.e:m.:nwwuu should mow I ' hbuitw i A E, 3 they VEZZ : 1 A i f 4 i U' A , N tk X , X -cr: . W f c 1 k' k 'flu , A... fs.-Q Q, L X x- , .J PYVSINC fir!-OYHA' I X . 1 X xx -.. V' X3 ff .xdcluerfiding 2' p y il- fy I k Hair:-Vg! Q5 ,. A J ' J fav", ,nqo x W 1 L Vp K, 'Vw TILLAMOOK COL! TY CREAMERY ASSOCIATIO congratulates the Senior Class of '57 and we are proud of the fine showing made by the entire student body of Nestucca lligh School during this past year. Tillamook County has much to be proud of it's fine schools, and it's dairy products which are unexcellcd anywhere in the world. We know our young people will take pride in these accomplishments and will help to further improve and perpetuate them. TILLA MOOK COUNTY CREAMERY ASSOCIATION Feud Dept. Cheese Factories Fluid Milk 58 MCKENZIE AND HADLEY MOTOR CO. Pontiac International VI-2-2551 1220 Main Ave. Tillamook, Oregon in 1 1' ,Ziff Home of the fm A1--f lj V W -, "King Size . 'si -- Ti? ' . , Afff, 9 . - , 4 , ,,,..,..a U all rw ffygi :lr I -M ::.f...,,,,,:-,:,:,,,,4ar.m- ur n .m.,,, .i,,,.,..,..,,,.,,,.: - Burger I Ill Lf . mm,-'m,s:'--1: - Q GABBY'S DRIVE IN Highway 101 North Tillamook, Oregon Phone VI 2-4752 Roy and Frances Espe ROBY'S FURNITURE One of the largest and trading furniture stores on the entire coast 312 Main Avenue Tillamook Victor 2-2691 KING REALTY 308 Main Ave. Tillamook, Oregon Office Phone VI 2-4373 Home Phone VI 2-2057 Homes - Farms - Income Property - Timber GEO. D. RIECHERS INSURANCE AGENCY Harry C. Elliott and Bertha Portmann 2016 2nd St. P. 0. Box 386 P. O. Box 386 Di. 2-2801 Tillamook, Oregon Serving Tillamook County Since 1922 TILLAMOOK-PORTLAND AUTO FREIGHT INC. Household Goods - Moving and Storage Heavy Hauling - Machinery Moving Crane Truck Service 2703 - 3rcI Tillamook, VI 2-2574 ARONSON'S SERVICE Richfield Oil Products Phone 134 Beaver Oregon RICKEY'S LODGE DeLuxe Cottages Fishermen's Supplies Pacific City, Oregon wnwvwaa.i.,,-.Swann mi- mwx wr.-.M Compliments of BURNS RESORT On the Nestucca River Route 2, Box ll Cloverdale Oregon Mr. and Mrs. Guy Burns Compliments of BUILDING SERVICE Paint - Siding - Flooring All types of Building Supplies Ocean Lake Oregon Phone DeLake 3575 DeLake, Oregon LINCOLN TV SYSTEM TV the modern way by Cable Phone DeLalce 378I Hand and Power Mowers Sharpened and Repaired Meda Loop Road CLEM HURLIMAN Cloverdale Oregon DeLake and Cloverdale, Ore. LINCOLN-TILLAMOOK PHONE CO. Beginning its million dollar expansion program this year Phone 3781 Compliments of TAFT FURNITURE Quality Furniture at Popular Prices Frigidaire Carpeting - Wall to Wall Hoover Vacuum Easy Temls "Don't give stamps, but we do give a 395 cash discount on all purchases." Taft Oregon Phone 2376 WARDROBE CLEANERS "lf your clothes aren't becoming to you, they should be coming to us." We give HS. 81 H." Green Stamps Pick up and Delivery Service Mondays and Thursdays Mac and Marie Phone DeLalce 2135 Howard L. Edwards District Agent Farmer's Insurance Exchange Truck Insurance Exchange Fire Insurance Exchange Phone VI - 2-4l42 l9I0 Second Street Tillamook, Oregon You Can Get If Af C. A. 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Delake 355I Oceanlalce 0"e90"' Oceanlake Phone 3393 Oregon Next to the Theatre Let Us Tell You What's Wrong Phone 534 Hebo Oregon SAM'S SERVICE Superb Lubrication Chevron Gas Station Tire Repairing THE MODE TiIIamooIc's Doorway to Style 302 Main Ave. Tillamook, Oregon PACIFIC CITY STORE Groceries - Meats - Beverages Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Ann W. Wenger Phone Clvd. 423 Pacific City Oregon A Good Luck, Seniors of Auto Parts - Sporting Goods - Motor Parts 40I Main Ave. Tillamook, Oregon "5 X , in A 4 swqv-v-"'f 1 x ff W q 1 ,Q , Jef xr. if 'Q ,ff 'N - " 'J ' 'W w f ls M 5 if K Q: 1 Y Y' 'U U' gi 47' . C? Q f! T if 15 ..g,u Q -gs, in sf- +2 Miss. America ? Some of the boys. Think you've got Who's sleepy? Vlfhat a curve! Round one. Bop? Whec! Ipana Smile. An intelligent l Concentration? True love? T0 THE READERS OF THE l957 BOBCAT As adviser of this book, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the finest and hardest working people at Nestucca. The co- operation of students, faculty, administration, and townspeople has been most gratifying. Pictures which had to be taken and retaken, deadlines which were missed, finances which kept changing are part of the yearbook which most people don't come in contact with, but which plagued the staff. To those who lived with these problems I have nothing but the inade- quate thank you which can in no way express the feelings I have for you. Thank you for your help and your work. I certainly appreciated and enjoyed every minute. Adviser Carolyn Jones WMM' This Annual is the history of the 1956 and 1957 school year at Nestucca. Within my four years at this high school, I have leamed that co- operation is the most important key to everyday living. When you look at this book, realize that it has taken the co-op- eration and hard work of the faculty and many students. Perhaps their school work and pleasures have suffered from organizing this book. In the years to come please stop and think that it's going to take your co-operation to make the school 's annual. M It has been my pleasure to work with you and I would like to FJ if thank each one personally that worked with me. . V L, ' ' Au revoirl All p X Annual Editor M' T M 6 ? Elnora Redberg . O , 99 Q ' . ' ' if Q lfair well until we meet again. ,fl 4 W 72 i E Q Q 1 c u x 9 H 5 5 L 5 3 i 1 I 5 5 ll if , 1 L R, E i E 5 5 Al f A 5 E Q P 4

Suggestions in the Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) collection:

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