Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR)

 - Class of 1952

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Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1952 volume:

V 1- Y ' fb ,-J'5,ff,:4i W :ff ' uf K9 ' 1 X 3 . Hi. J ,J-qv? 2, . 4-1 1 Q.. ,, , wmv A fm: .-J, .,,,,4 C. ,W V f :M-A gw,..mgp.,a - 1 L . 14 .A ,X N 3 . ,gi . C42 -42 fi Zijj , gf, N.-L' f?fA1j,as ,Q .45 fr. , .rfvw MXH Cwinlfxmf ll W A Kr I W 'er ,gf,Sff,4 mx fig f4i'i1 A "Nr ' Q , xxx 5 Mcj H N gg 59694 T STAFF Editor ........ . . . Harold Niederer Assistant Editor . . . .... Melvin Tiller Business Manager ........ .... J ohn Shippee Advertising Manager ........ . . . . Duane Brown Assistant Advertising Manager . . . . . . . Elvin Crockett Sports Editor . . . . ........ ....... Do yle Clifton Advisor ............... . . . Ernest E. Davenport NESTUCCA UNION HIGH SCHOOL Cloverdale, Oregon DEDICATIIIN We, the graduating class of 1952, dedicate this, the 1952 Bobcat, to our agriculture instructor, Charles Beckley, who has been constantly making Nestucca a better place for the students to work, play and enjoy. THE BIIBCAT SCll00L BIIARD Chairman Clerk Mrs. Aufdermauer' s picture was not available. LLOYD MCKILLIP GUY DOWNS M. A. JOHANSEN FACULTY JOHN L. SHEYTHE, PRINCIPAL' i I GEORGE COCHRAN MARY MORRISON Music Home Economics ERNEST DAVENPORT DOROTHY SHEYTHE CHARLES BECKLEY Coach English Agxiculture LAURA ORSER PAULINE DOUGHERTY Commercial Science SENIUB - . Q wr ,,- ' ,A , K .-.4 fi- aff ffeg,-2, V fb?-ff f,"w , gf ,Q A f ffm, ,, .. ., L .f1z-igjipy ie i Q ' vac, Q, ' A Q 'Q-X A M W-i s-' . 8 ' . x - x 4. Y ' ' iv f PY n 1 V , - Ng 1 ' W -.,:,:X , K 5--, -".wx,1..g f A",v 51 -'Y K 4 -1 ,k ff ' i --2' A isa-wi f A 2, P ' g f x , ii' ffikfvf .W A ' JP' N f gg i -xr. Ay Xi -, .5251 f V A gzfff f Ti-A f , M K ,5,,.:g,,m -'51 f -. . f .5 - yfvzaeimig " K Sga ,. A ' X' N Y Q wr.: :Q - . , -,fh.e,,.... is-351.-ggrgfixk V, ,. f- ,V -"wi gi. -ww ,tw zfikwnfffai eff W -if A ' 1 H .ft ,wig 'K Nggj . f, iw 32 mf g , T . ff . fm .Az-a ?2f11 -1 Q K A , iW.xsi34f, g54,,N A g sq-,Mm A Q . ,NW-. A f - my ,zu 4 K , igg wJ f2a , ,i if 'P 4? iff bf 3 Q2 Qfyif g , f, wif 75- A ,' 3252?-ffffp-,,,a , w A f f , 55 s 3 2' M1 fi :rid LS- -ff A WF A 1' Y MPV I j f , f y. K, -,.hQm,R-,f .IN . -5,-ln, U vw 1? 'X j g gf 3 -5' 'gf-iw , .ix x ltvx- :js 43h-', A Q j' - f -i3"sfgg,r . S , .- ff. -1, K A iff Q fs 91 s. V K I ' A ML s- r-"Ts Y- . -I R ,ff A ig K f,vffLw g,:f: 4 . K 2 - 'g1iQkj1.-A Q ,1 .gi , X A his ...i L A, L Wil K "rw ,fi if M fy,-ffiwijggi, K - Mig L L x ' 2 QV ' 7 f Q' . ' Vw- 1 W' 14: 'V Q X f K as fs , in xy YN' .A Q W'-sw...,,w AUDREY ADAMS G.A.A. 3 Class Treas. 3,4 Class Play 4 SHIRLEY BECKER CLAIR BETTIS Football 4 Let. Club 4 Class Play 4 GENE BRAY Football 3,4 Class Play 4 Let. Club 4 FLORENCE BRINKS Glee Club 1,2,3,4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 Paperstaff 4 Class Sec. 4 Band 4 DUANE BROWN Class Pres. 2,3 Class V. Pres. 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2,3,4 Student Body Pres. 4 Annual Staff 4 Let. Club 3,4 Boys Glee 4 Quartet 4 JUDY BROWN G.L.A. Treas. 4 Student Body Sec. 4 Paperstaff 2 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 Glee 4 DOYLE CLIFTON Football 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3,4 Student Council 3,4 St. Body V. Pres. 4 Class Play 4 Boys Glee 4 Annual Staff 4 F.F.A. Treas. 4 Let. Pres. 4 Let. Sec.-Treas. 3 STANLEY CRAWFORD Class President 4 ELVIN CROCKETT Basketball 1,2,3,4 Football 4 Annual Staff 4 Let. Club 4 Boys Glee 4 Class Play 4 ANNA MAY CROSS G.L.A. Treas. 3 St. Body Treas. 4 St. Body Sec. 3 Class Play 4 MAXINE FORD Class Treas. 1 G.L.A. Scrapbook keeper 3 Glee 1,2,3 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 G.A.A. Treas. 4 Rally Club 3 a Et! 3 E BILL GIST MARDELL if HANCOCK Student Council 1 Glee Club Sec. 3 U-lee Club 4 Reporter fi Rally Pres. 4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 DON ZIODGUUN F.F.A. l,2,3 Let. Club 3,4 Band 4 Football 4 Basketball 3,4 SHARL EEN HODGDON G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.fL l,2,3,4 Rally 3,4 EMILY JOHNSON VALOYCF JOHNSON Paper Staff 2,3,4 Class Secretary 3 Rally Club Sec. 4 Glee Club 1 Senior Play 4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 ll' X Y X C Q 5 l Q ' mi . X 5 Q : . 5 wif ' LAVERNE KENAGY Football 4 Basketball 4 F.F.A. 4 Let. Club Sec.-Treas. 4 Class Play 4 Qxartet 4 Boy s G1 ee 4 Let. Club 4 HAROLD NIEDERER Class Secretary 2 Paper Editor 3,4 Annual Editor 4 Class Play 4 F.F.A. 1 DAN OSBORNE VERNA MAE POLAND Glee Club 1 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 Rally Club 3 LESTER RAY Class V. Pres. 4 F.F.A. reporter 3 F.F.A. 'l,2,3 Lettermens Club 4 CEGLE SCHULMERICH G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. V. Pres. 4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 G.L.A. Secretary 3 Student Council 1,2 Class Sec. 2 Rally 3,4 Class Play 4 E K N x 3 Y R. N55 f .123 I . ' tw. za lggiz' l vi s 1 X I W, tim. if . 6 2 Q vu ,wg gg. , . si Q x JUNE SG'lULMERICH G.L.A. 2,3,4, G.A.A. 2 Class Secretary 3 Glee Club 3 Band 4 JOHN SHIPPEE Class Pres. 1 F.F.A. Pres. 2,3,4, Foptball 2,3,4 Student Council 4 Qxartet 4 Band 4 Boys Glee Club 4 Let. Club 2,3,4 Class reporter 2 Paperstaff Z MELVIN TILLER Football 2,3,4 Basketball 3 Letterman 3,4 Annual Asst. Ed. 4 NORMA WERTH Glee Club 1,2,3,4 G.A.A. Point Keeper Glee Club Pres. 3 G.A.A. 1,2,3,4 G.L.A. 1,2,3,4 Rally 3 BILL WILKINSON DARLENA WILLIS Glee Club 1 Girls League Rep. 2,3 Class Play 4 G.L.A. Pres. 4 G.A.A. l,2,3,4 G.1..A. 1,2,3,4 'X 46 jr' l ,K , . nk, Coleman Pat Charlotte Howard David Anderson Balmer Blum Brassfield Brink s Dwight Edythe Leta JoAnn Shirley Brown Dennis Dennis Dyer Dye Kay Melvin Barbara Florence Alayne Earle Fitch Good Gutierrez Hodge Ben Alice Hurliman Huson Madelon Clifford Herbert Lois Jacobs Johanson Jones Jones Kellow Sylvia Dan Phil Connie Gay Leverich Nicklaus Ogle Scheese Shippee Donna Gary Don Verona Charley Shorrlidge Spidell Trent Reznicsek Watkins David Marjorie Whiteman Wilson President Anna Brinks Vice President Don Long IIFFICER Se cre tary-Trea surer Mary Fitch Evelyn Baker Raymond Becker Thelma Brooten David Burgess Wilbert Ca spell Betty Cole Keith Cook Carol Davis Leroy Dawson Joyce Grice Evelyn Gutschmidt Bob Hale Paul Hanneman Joanne Hurliman Lois Jacobs Ida Jones Ed Maclntyre Dottie Moothart George Rowland Mark Shultz Ed Sission Evelyn Sowle Robert Sowle Norma Taylor Harlan Thomas FRESHME i , Q 1 E . 5 s President Floyd Bodyfelt Secretary Ilean Cook Vice President Dennis Gilson Treasurer Kay julian Nancy Abbey Virginia Adams Donald Anderson Larry Aronhalt Pat Avent Roland Becker Peter Berg Earl Blum Dorothy Cole Pearl Daw son Ernest Edmunds Anita Gann Gerrie Glawe Kenneth Haltiner DeVayne Hancock James Jacobs Joyce Larson Teddy Laverack Arthur McTaggart Betty McTaggart Pat Morse Muriel Olson Sonia Phelps Jack Poland Eleanor Ray Ernest Shenk Ida Ann Thombrue Deloris Walton Donna Westley Marcella Wilson Front Row, Left to Right: Clifton, Kenagy, Crockett, Bettis, Ray, Brown, Bray, Shippee, Tiller, Ogle, Spidell. Second Row: Caspell, Trent, Long, Becker, Thomas, Hale, Cook, Dawson, Becker, Berg, Johansen. Third Row: Coach Davenport, liurliman, Anderson, llaltiner, Hancock, Jacobs, Nicklous, Blum, Bodyfelt, Edmunds. Back Row, Managers: Howard Brassfield, Melvin Fitch, Robert Browing. Not pictured are Dan Osborne, Don Hodgdon, jim Walker. This year the Bobcats football team had a rather successful year ending the season in a tie for second place. Knappa, one of the teams that won over us picked an all opponent team from all the teams they had played, we were fortunate enough to have four players picked on that team. They were john Shippee as Righf Guard, Phil Ogle as Right Tackle, Gene Bray as Center, Doyle Clifton as Fullback. Doyle Clifton was also picked to play in the East West "B" Shrine game at Pendle- ton August 30, 1952. Clifton CAPTAIN E T HODGIDN BRAY SHIPPEE Q Back TILLER BROWN CROCKET R. End Center R. Guard R. Guard R. End L. End R. Half ETTIS B R. Tackle Center FOOTBALL SUMMARY Nestucca 32 Bay City Nestucca 32 Tillamook "B" Nestucca 13 Academy Nestucca 12 Garibaldi Nestucca 33 Wheeler Nestucca 13 Nehalem Nestucca 24 Verboort Ne stucca 12 Knappa Nestucca 33 Gaston Total for 204 Total against BASKETBALL SUMMARY Nestncca 44 Amity Nestucca 47 Amity Nestucca 27 Siuslaw Nestucca 34 Nehalem Nestucca 50 Wheeler N estucca 32 Garibaldi Nestucca 44 Bay City Nestucca 33 Academy Nestucca 39 Nehalem Nestucca 34 Wheeler Nestucca 31 Garibaldi Nestucca 57 Bay City Nestucca 55 Academy NESTUCCA I NVI TATIONAI.. TOURNAMENT Dec. 21 and Nestucca ' 35 Bay City Nestucca 27 Wheeler DISTRICT TOURNAMENT March 8,9,10and 12 Nestucca 48 Knappa 69 Nestucca 40 Garibaldi 51 Total for 739 Total against 690 On behalf of the football and basketball teams I would like to thank the teachers of Nestucca High for their support of the athletic program of our school, and to our Coach Ernie Davenport for constant support and guidance in all fields. Sports Editor Standing: Doyle Clifton, Dwight Brown, Gary Spidell, Don Long, LaVeme Kenagy, Mark Shultz, Coach Davenport. Kneeling: Duane Brovm, Elvin Crockett, Raymond Becker. Not Pictured, Don llodgdon. SEASON RECORD Our basketball squad ended the season with a very good record having eleven wins to only siir loses, one of the teams that beat us went on to place second in the state play off. We placed one man on the all star team of the district tournament, Don Long, and also placed two men on the county senior all star team, Don Hodgdon and Doyle Clifton. Forward Forward Guard Guard Cen ter Forward Forward Guard Guard Center INDIVIDUAL SCORING points Average Don Hodgdon Dwight Brown D0n Long Elvin Crockett Doyle Clifton Duane Brown LaVeme Kenagy Raymond Becker Mark Shultz Gary Spidell 6.7 7.1 10.0 7.1 4.6 066 B 'IA 48055 X1 SK 9159639 X3'iX?RsY-YJ SL GIRLS' LEAGUE ASSOCIATION GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION O LETTERMEN'S CLUB Back Row, L to R: D. Brown, Ogle, Kenagy, Duane Brown, Spidell, Hodgdon, Fitch, Ship pee, Clifton, Caspell, Crockett, Tiller, Coach Davenport. Front Row, L to R: Trent, Brassfield, Long, Bray, Bettis, Hale, Dawson, Cook, Becker, Osborne, Ray. STUDENT COUNCIL Back Row, L to R: Clifton, Brown, Cross,Leverich, Mr. Sheythe, Brown, Shippee, Trent, Caspell. Front Row, L to R: Osborne, Shenk, Anderson. NESTUCCA F. F. A. CHAPTER Back Row, Left to Right: Kenneth Haltiner, Harlan Thomas, Earl Blum, jim Johansen, Robert Murray, jack Hulburt, Ed Sisson, Larry Aronhalt, and Ronald Huntley. Middle Row, Left to Right: DeVayne Hancock, Mark Shultz, Herb jones, Melvin Fitch, Gary Spidell, Floyd Bodyfelt, Ben Hurliman, Dan Nicklaus, and Ernest Edmunds. Front Row, Left to Right: Dan Osborne, Phil Ogle, Don Trent, John Shippee, Laverne Kenagy, Bill Wilkinson, Doyle Clifton, Bud Dawson, Ray Becker, Roland Becker, and Mr. Beckley. CHAPTER OFFICERS President . . . . . . . john Shippee Treasurer . . . . . Doyle Clifton Vice-President . . . . Dan Osborne Reporter . . . . . . Laverne Kenagy Secretary ..... ..... . Don Trent Sentinel .... . . . . . . . . Phil Ogle Adviser . . . . ....... . Mr. Beckley MOTTO Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve COLORS Corn Gold National Blue NESTUCCA FFA CHAPTER ACTIVITIES In the above two pictures, part of the story of John Shippee's supervised farming program is told. In hi ' h h ' ' ' s senior year, jo n ad a father and son partnership on the 82 head of dairy stock on his farm. This plus his many leadership activities won for him the highest score of the 68 boys who were awarded Sate Farmer degrees at this years state FFA conventionrln addition, John was awarded the Star Dairy Farmer title for the State of Oregon, and his application has been forward- ed to enter in the National Dairy Farming contest. The Nestucca Chapter stock judging team had another successful season and won 3rd place ban ners at the Lane County Fair, and the Washington County Fair. The team also placed 13th at the Pacific International out of 61 teams. In individual accomplishment, Dan Osborne placed as 2nd high man at the Washington Co. fair and Sth at the Multnomah Co. Fair. Don Trent was high man at the Lane Co. Fair. Harlan Thomas was 10th at the Deschutes and Clackamas Co. Fairs and 6th at the Lane Co. Fair. Doyle Clifton was Sth high man at the Pacific International. Seven boys e xhi bited 14 head of dairystock at the County fair, and won many ribbons. The chapter .again won the herdsmanship trophy and Herb jones was awarded the showmanship cup. In the chapter letter award contest, DeVayne Hancock, Ken Haltiner, and Floyd Bodyfelt won their first letters, two stripe chevrons were awarded to Harlan Thomas and Herb jones, three stripe chevron to Don Trent, and a four stripe chevron to john Shippee. A parent and son banquet was held and the lst place Safeway initial project award was made to Harlan Thomas and the 2nd place to Bud Dawson. FFA Foundation awards were made to john shippee, Star Dairy farmer, Harlan Thomas, Chap- ter Star Farmerg Don Trent, Public Spealringg Ed Sisson, Farm Electrificationg Bill Willrin son, Farm Mechanicsg Ben Hurliman, Farm Safety, and Herbert jones, Soil and Water Management . john Q1ippee's cow, jennifer, 'won the Oregon jersey Cattle Club junior production contest with a 305 day M.E. record of 728 pounds of butterfat. ' ACTIVITIES YELL LEADERS Lois Kellow, Alayne Hodge, Marjorie Wilson RALLY CLUB Huson, Shippee, Dyer Davis, Balmer, Leverich, johnson, Good, llodgdon Adams, llancock, liarle, Jacobs, Reznicsek Kellow, L. Dennis, Hodge, Gutierrez, Wilson, li. Dennis 1 mg 3 3 s taunt -a. .1 We ,NN ,fvf Q ,..-... z,,...--N f,,..... ,,..-... W... Ml ,Q ' Iw- mei is Qdsis K' ,fs an 5 5' s ,gb 5 I Q Q 2 Q s ffl 5 J 64 A 3:3 5, 5 ,' m Q f ' L I , 08" gf ' A f X 5 Lgwgfjf ,U , ,,,,g -:JN Q. x 3 H"'Hi"' 3:5 ya S K U' K xt YT . 1 I' i L? , E x 5 y Sq X 3 2 'Cx S 'Y 'vu- ,. ,N Aw. , J ,N ' 34, af ,Q Q l 1 -ry X - u 5 if 1 3 sf 2 ' ag :Wifi .Y 3' 45" JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Gutierrez, E. Dennis, Jacobs, L. Dennis, Shippee, Dyer, Huson JUNIOR VOLLEYBALL TI:AM L. Dennis, E. Dennis, Leverich, Shortlidge, Dyer, Huson Jacobs, Balmer, Gutierrez, Hodge, Shippee it t , 414 x", 4,414 4 JUNIOR SENIOR PROM awk 'kwa a,4v.. Yr N-if R 3 ...I 4 "ll0N"l' TAKE MY PENNY9' Sally . . . Norman . . . Penny . . . Caleb . . . Mavis . . Mark . . Lydia . . . Kerry . . Joanna . . Greg . . Gram . . Henri . . Claire . . . Elsie ..... Lucile . . . . Harrison Day . . . Red fthe delivery PROMP TERS Mardelle Hancock Florence Brinks STAGE BUILDING Melvin Tiller Doyle Clifton Dan Osbome Don Hodgdon looyl.. STAGE FURNISHINGS Florence Brinks Shirley Becker Maxine Ford Presented by THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 PROGRAMS Harold Ni ederer Valoyce johnson HOUSE Bill Wilkinson Norma Werth Maxine Ford Lester Ray CURTAIN Melvin Tiller . . . . Judy Brown . . . Elvin Crockett Cecile Schulmerich . . Harold Niederer . . Anna May Cross ......GeneBray . . Emily johnson . . Doyle Clifton . . . Audrey Adams . LaVeme Kenagy . . . Darlena Willis . . . . Clair Bettis . june Schulmerich . Valoyce johnson Sharleen Hodgdon . .Stanley Crawford . . .Dan Osbome LIGHTS Stanley Crawford Duane Brown ADVERTISING june Schulmerich Verna Mae Poland Elvin Crockett Lester Ray MUSICAL NUMBERS BETWEEN ACTS Mardelle Hancock Shirley Becker fu 1 ' ,-,,,Q.,. , -' F9 " F fr " I' '1 -- - S Q ,fx ' f S JE K, ui A 'I X IL' bf - -W in -- ', l. - XX W ' Vl,',,..- 74k--:Lf 5,11 .',., -,.,,-I wwe Y v L .X 4 - A 0 , ' I ADVERTISING D ff!! Box 16 - Cloverdale .lea Zu Weep ZW 77640: Zan Wame e gZ!65'h M Q I ,, G g lk R M g 7g 632 GOOD FOOD yacc wma' V I S I T 6725 JZQQWWLN TOURIST HOTEL 8: CAFE ' Sea Foods in Season Ph ICM 1 If H b C g QWQJ gf FAQM PQODUCTS CLQVEQDALEZQZWWQZQL .T d M Donalds C ORETOWN CHEESE FACTORY C.A. Hufchens, Manager O 0 h 371 DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST - Max Rothenberger, Jr. Prescriptions - Drugs Sundries - Fountain Phone Cloverdale 621 Cloverdale, Oregon COMPLIMENTS OF me Qfzeeq Qfwdfx FARMER 5 C0'OP Q N Supplies for all form needs Q Tillamook, Oregon Beaver Oregon PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD Wfzwclemf Wela FOOD MARKET We give S 8: H Green Stamps Midge and Don Leverich Prop. 'v li Nm Fresh we M t d w' C9 fiiw a ff '-:LEX Z- KJQ-Ego' ' l 42 M do NLM01-095 QYQ Cfgwonnvn NG ' wi J fi 'P To " O . Qin Xi, N j' xg wig. 553 WQXMZJO Cloverdale, Oregon I r 9.-1.0 We Repair Anything, Anytime, Anywhe e J nw . T Phone 641 MEM stwd' Lev' us TELL YOU was T WHAT15' WRONG- And E . L . WI-IARTON wwl sows " .92 Ummm - Z to gtg. ga!! 57 -: 71 Superb Lubrication K And T' R ' -I is f'f Hebo Ph 534 A I .s . Manga JXQFIIQE CITY STOQE Arnold Wenger IIIIIIIII ELECTRIC co Ph ne 423 PACIFIC CITY, OREGON PHONE CLOVERDALE 411 gdfahwhfi Off? 424- Steelhead Fishing Tel. 141 Wes Schulmerich Beaver whvwu! ,Q IN N FEED DEPT Cloverdale 333 T111amook County ,YW ga i Chremery Ass'n I A1 pierce Cloverdale, Oregon , Neskowm, Oregon Yi .al W Y L l5E ' S Frozen Food Lockers Custom Cutting---Custom Curing Phone Beaver 121 on Blaine Road Beave r, Oregon Compliments of Compliments The Altenbergs of mo sum smlou mx a ours cnocfnv Beaver, Oregon Hebo, Oregon --, ,E " , rglv- -- A 8 , . 1 swf. .. . ASQ-1.3 -- Mfg-5 Q: -"?!J'4S,r,5,5'.,gr.,Z ng,-A, , , .. - '-' ' " ' ' " -'A'l42f'- ",:.Iv..-i: 15 - ' --:,,iL,'i,. .r I 'V ' .D gg oumruruae IS' J Q Uv' Qfezmeca 1 1 if - my ' 102112 Simson CLA-as and , Best Wishes for your Future Prosperity and Happiness G. R. DOWNS, Realtor ------ NeSk0winf0f-eson Qmvlfiu ci Qamcw- Auto Parts Sporting Goods 401 East Znd Avenue Phone 1102 Tillamook fi ZH- A ' TO THE Xdfsieqi eww QKWJ41 and R105 Q P' BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE .T. H. Robinson - Oretown Store-Phone 372 CONGRATULATIONS TILLAMOOK ROLLER RINK Tillamook' Oregon Box 388 - Tillamook, Oregon Phone 566 SKATING SCHEDULE T'n1e Pr' e SUNDAY AFTERNOON ...... 1:30 :L 5:00 - :IEC 5 H WEDNESDAY EVENING 7:00 to 10:00 - soc FRIDAY EVENING ...Q - ........ 7:00 to 11 00 - 44c wh SATURDAY EVENING ........ 7:00 to 11 30 - soc ere Smart Men Trade COMMERCIAL BANK UF CLOVIERDALIE Cmnplete Banking Service ,lack Ruff, Manager Phone 555 Cloverdale, Oregon NELSON ELECTRIC CO. Ezyscfzia dlflozfoz Service ana! cfgsibaflzing wazmfxwm pwdzwzl Ray Oil Burners - S p Flame Oil Circulafors Corner First Street and Main Ave. E. Tillamook, Oregon Tillamook, Oregon ES Q Z Wana The Home of Values If You Buy It At Penny's It's Right B In Price In Quality In Style O Hfww Wwe Eva and Val Cook Cloverdale Qwwahie cLoTi-:mo emma We Carry the Best Bill Owens Cloverdale Phone 161 INSURANCE Fire, Life, Aufomobile, Truck, Glass, Live Stock Farm and Ranch Comprehen sive Phone 291 H Q R D Q clovefaule oregon FRESH Savin's ROYAL BREAD and DONALD DUCK Bread A? your Favorite Grocers HURRY BACK SPORTSMAN'S TAVERN Pool Warm Beverages Lousy Service Chuck Briskey PACIFIC CITY, OREGON 1 i .V i J. PETE HATFIELD n-aowA:zo 5 elif aff owsms S Cloverdale 7003 CJK? Oregon Chevron X Gas Station fi 1 ' Phone Z81 ff A 4 J Accessories Tires and Tubes Expert Lubrication . H-"""'-.. HUGH L. STANFIELD Wholesale Distributor 'Urea 'W FAMOUS' STANDARD OF CALIFORNIA PRODUCTS Phone Cloverdale 531 Hebo, Oregon Compliments 0 f mzmfiiw giiaffzfy DCJWE12 COMPANY "A HOME OWNED INDUSTRY" Tillamook, Oregon Compliments of I-vi "' ' og MOTOQ u N N J A Alygfy S.L::'r:::::m gQQQg0 3rd and Stillwell - Phone 95 Tillamook Merchants of Credit Tillamook Branch 754 FIIZST NATIONAL BANK, O13 PORTLAND "Let's Build Oregon Together" Member F.D.I.C. Tillamook, Oregon Body and Fender Repair Painting -egg, g, Automotive Repair and Service Sales for Tires, Batteries, and Supplies giddy 'rzxzxco SEQVICE D. W. Beaman Phone Cloverdale 541 FOR , , T kbczaus ,ba BIN?-OI?D'S 7 X. In Hebo "THE HEBO INN" lf XS In Neskowin "THE ANNEX" f' L Seafoods - Steaks - Baked Ham xx I PUT YOUR BEST FOOT Compliments of FORWARD Kffmde mf Q7 jgeaggg WL-:Qu :Sm F- G ,1 rocelglfld Tillamook, Oregon 4 'v Mercantile Q U - Picnic Specials - , , Fountain Service Q C.M.Bruce ' Hebo " A ' Oregon -1 A. Phone 542 A.M. woodcock, Mg. 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Suggestions in the Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) collection:

Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 20

1952, pg 20

Nestucca Union High School - Bobcat Yearbook (Cloverdale, OR) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 40

1952, pg 40

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