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4 'S 5755 'iq A 0 1 H M Ze gagg l NESS CITY HIGH SCHOOL Ness Clty Kansas Q Prese t THE EAGLE S TALE Q l W1 th Ad 1n1strat on C 1 Classes kmijyfw K Wm 5 if Orga 1zat1o s School L fe Spo ts www' N an A , Compllments from HAMMOND REXALL STORE r fl n n ll ir? ll Il All Il Ill - ' , I H A ll H H Fil-Nl S Hs ll H ll ,TUE 1 WJ U U Lu If Q- .-like Tl n s A Lf EQ A il N Il I ll 39 gl A Qlii' f S m" i S fl , , Y "ff A' gs 1 Tfii '. ,P H ' Q ygi 4 U 1 r2'lu D. . M 51 m A C Sw s ,F ' A ' ' 'Q CA- i . Ax 1 X! I fx ff 1 f 3 ff L' A M f M 5 m,. H I A ' V ,l ' 1 ,Nj x 'M' '1 X lx R,,,,i4 yfwm, E X X X! Q X. N Q hmm Q um A ' , fxhxff ' A Q . mi "fling -f- I , X K A t ' 5 ,4,, I If I 'HIC 'H2,,lI 'I A it 'ig' K JQ X CX' is-7 --gb X -KJJ IYl NQXKSQ-rf! Eff ? ., 237 72, ,Z gfjgffff my ff iffy Qfif 7 k ff!! ll K M QW 0l'Ql,U0l" H1 Folks' I'm the Eagle the emblem and protector of the Ness Clty H1gh School W1th the unt1r1ng efforts of my yearbook staff I'm here to tell you a story about "Our School The t1me of our story 1S the school year of 1953 1954 and every event occurred rlght here at N C H S Wlth the passlng of t1me the echoes of our school l1fe Wlll grow falnter and fa1r1ter and then d1e away Gone forever wlll be the routlne of school l1fe the fun we had, and the fr1ends we made Here we supplled the p1ctures and words to preserve your memorles No matter what the future may hold, 1ts wars, 1ts peace, 1ts shortcormngs, you w1ll real1ze "the true va1ue" of school days But now let's turn the pages of thms book to see nostalglc scenes and watch the plnt unfold NESS CITY FLOWER Sr MUSIC SHOP BONDURANT BARBER SHOP Z Xt Y 7 Iac K Q xi f" 'Y ' -' C S , be "' ., ff ..: Y X V , .. "' , wx-'Ax f C X X ' ffm! f - 'V xl, W1 1 , V Vfgffj Y xxswi rw li" in X! f cs, W J I O, 'KV ' , X! X Q K 'x ri .. , E - ' ff' V I i X 1 as 'TEX R E fr' ff serif - V T of O C- 7+ 4 X ea 1 f X kb X S X ., A me A X Q X K , V Q I 15 ' xx. K K f ff! C 2 , 7 . , P vp ,. ff 1 fi Y K 1 , ,pix f tl 1' ll ---1EL"lg4'f ' -6' ".. UI' 3' oof I would be H2 for my school deserves it. I would be honest for it always pays. I would be courteous for it is due my schoolmates I would be friendly for friendship stays. I would be ii, be it loss or victory. Among good s I can be nothing less. I would be studious for my life demands it. Thru these ideals will I strengthen N. C. H. S. NESS CITY MOTOR CO. FRITZLER ICA SUPER MARKET is ,f"""m 'I-L mecbcafion WE DEDICATE TO YOUTH ..... As the 1954 graduates are handed their diplomas, they will embark on the road of life ahead, wherever it may take them. And proceeding side by side with youth along that road will be progress With that eagerness to advance which only youth can provide and with the wisdom which youth can obtain only from older generations, that road will lengthen. Each problem faced, whether or not the answer will prove to be the true one, will be a stepping-stone. Today, as youth leaves through graduation, the world of high school and its joys, it will be met by the seriousness of living in an age of atomic power. And on the shoulders of youth will be placed the consequence of that power. This book is dedicated to the youth of the Ness City High School with the hope that the goal which they seek will be inspired by a higher Power than that which a scientist could provide. As youth moves, so shall the progress of the world. "The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity." - - THE EAGLE STAFF THE FIRST STATE BANK Member Federal Reserve System--F. D. I. C. f of 44" .. -ff 1 ,f and Wi 'if ul mrwfimikurh "" -J V .uv ,midi ia "J" W. Ki lutmvl' 'MW M , QVYSK ill hw RWM' L UXWR S HU' Q0 C gcn L, . ' Ugg-,N lmverr-11 b,,NU-r:hLev1W' um H W' P QC Wm ,w0C'u"'m . ggi SS sdwol Dieu N Q -ny,a1xJ'nl F 5uV"' . r.-- . 5 ,L .X5DR vnu N855 cgi. ' 1 . N5 l. -,-'Wien' Q . TA-bx,u . Of, -UT Swjpefl dcvatillqilgff . -vfwoffl Q' ' ' C-E COl'C Ogjlyl D L .qwlfln ' . F 516-I - aff? P X " .xv gall? O 1636 'ie ,G-31,7 3ndT6 WOT QQ pics A9 95301-er? have af G1 '- 61 . 310 at-XI . QQO. Te . -XX1 j -x Qld.. y '.A,5'f1L1N MDKXSO-".1,D0Ol tfafjeff l O96 viii KST cO,., sux .ii Q 'GOT lr ooo--'Ido fill J wondef hmeuij- xl-VL 3 Sex-DQS 5 x' lx- " Q Q 1 tD2lSZCC9M'Q-gale. fixed frogs fix' harm Paul H. Andree f 1, . V nu '- . all 199i-if :G oierlx-walls Lfvki Lou, Superintendent we if M05 111 3 ni fe 'arid eh r Ol - Ab 'W ' 'J' rl. Q - YQQMX of -6 1 gl-L Q09 XL 'N ,is ,, psf? sc I . a yeflqlely uw C -ni.,'gg.' G C1932 to XTX. e405 -my K ' fnenci QS' Qeflenc , f-VXYS' ' cw-' Mr. Andree and his ever faithful office assistant Mrs. Paul H. Andree are checking the figures on the calculating machine to test the accuracy of the work, BOARD MEMBERS: Elmer Humburg, Fred Burditt, and Roy H. Billings. BOARD OF EDUCATION The annals of no academic institution are eg written by students, teachers and administrators alone. In addition there are those who, "after hours" give unselfishly of their leisure and energy with little or no compensating returns. So it is with the policy making body of this school, our Board of Education Cicero once said, "For the administration of the government, like the office of a trustee, must be conducted for the benefit of those to whom it is entrusted. " Because we believe the foregoing reflects the philosophy under which, our present board operates. . MNQS, WHT, l If 1 ii mfg? if W 5 F T, 'fg' ur acu fy g li T jgg - S33 4 X, by n el, 5 , , Ea it 9 OVER OUR PRINCIPAIJS DESK HAROLD E. DURST "Education for Good Living" is the keynote of a modern high school curricu- lum. Through it, our lives are broadened and enriched. Freedom, Prosperity, and Happiness are the results of an educated nation. '---W. .0-N x. . 4-fx A dll.. Pj' 'xx ' if A OFFICER HELPERS This group of office helpers are truly helpful to assume the sense of responsibility and co-operation by following the principal's correct procedure of taking and giving telephone messages along with other regular office routine. They are Harold Durst, Principalg Carroll Stecklein, Orvis Kiser, Mary Holmes, Tom Kohl, Vera Anne McCoy, and Beverly Petersilie. ,N F ,q- -Q xi..- 1 7 V .,'-.k I ,fl 3' fx M J f IX u5 ' 'vi 'nr 5 . VL 34,1 jf MRS, HARRY HAW KINS CLC!! t Along with his duties as principal Harold Durst teaches two classes in biology and one in chemistry Here he is explaining an experiment to his chemistry class. LELAND V. HIGH Music PATRICIA O'TOOLE English AILENE DURST History Junior High WILLIAM T, GOLD SMITH Football Coach Manual Training bl H RALPH PFANNENSTIEL aw f PAULINE BRUNGARDT Commerce WILMA PRESTON Home Economlcs HARRY H LINN Hlstory Jumor I-hgh Pr1nc1pa1 Enghsh NEIL JENKINS Marhemaucs MARY SCHREADER Grade School MUSIC Enghsh WARREN E STONE Vocauonal Agncultuxe LuELMA MURRAY Guls Ph Ed Jumor I-hgh 4 BRUCE CONWAY Basketball Coach Dnvers Educauon Jumor Hxgh l 1' Q, 40: 3 L T vu -ui JR, 'Q fa i It T' f 1 h' . ' 9 4 EDI'1TH 0. LINN I fl f 4 1' ' ' All filli I W F LA .,f'Y 1 5, N 9 CLARETTA PFANNESTIEL Third Grade DONNA SUE COLE Schoharie LJ 'E- Qu 2 26lC 015 ta 6 HELEN FOSTER EMMA JEAN CARTER Second Grade First Grade -a lcv' ELMO MERRITT MABEL PUGH Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Cudfocbanb WALTER COKER ROBERT PFANNENSTIEL Day after day, week after week, month after month, the hands of these men have completed tasks without which our school system could not have continued. Like an unobserved brownie, -VQE and Q2 come, accomplish and depart--leaving behind them polished floors. shining windows, shoveled walks, and heated rooms. Besides these more material things, they help to make the day more rosy by their interest and friendly smile. nd ALLENE HUX MAN Kindergarten SARAH BOYD FUNK Fourth Grade RUTH JEDLICKA Fairplay J eniorzi i .X ff, " R WIYESRX ig l 1 ' L 1, I , W' .fr al s f is 'f lj Ji Q ' if ' ,4 1 ' Q f y I Y X35 ffl, Ml CLASS SPONSORS AND OFFICERS J' FRONT ROW: Gerald Oppliger, Vice-President, Dick Fmmn President. SECOND ROW: DeLynn Humburg, Treasurer Donna Munch, Secretary. BACK ROW: Harold Durst Spon CHERISHED MEMORIES sor, LuE1ma Murray, Co-Sponsor. It seemed this time would never come, But the day is here at last, When we must face the future, With memories of the past. CLASS FLOWER Carnation The beloved words of "Auld Lang Syne, " Many voices sing, CLASS COLORS "Good Luck, Good Health, To your Success," Blue and White Other voices ring. MOTTO Our hands are clasped in parting, "Tonight We Launch, Warm tears fill our eyes, Where Shall We Anchor'7 " And each minute it gets harder, To say those last goodbyes. But pleasant thoughts within our hearts, Will never, never die. Instead, they will be cherished, As the fleeting years go by. Senior Trip to Rockaway Beach, Missouri SLAGLE IMPLEMENT AND SERVICE NlCK'S CLEANERS W 'Q-...f X MILDRED DOEBBELING Majors: English, Commerce: Minors: Math, History, Home Ec. 5 Band 2-45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 3,45 Pep Band 45 Soph., Jr, and Sr. Plays: Thespian 2-45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 3, 45 Y-Teens 1-45 Scholarship 1-45 Eagle Observer 45 Eagleaires 4. TOMMY KOHL Majors: English, Science, Math: Minors: History, Shop: Band 1-4: Mixed Chorus 2-4: Basketball 1-4: Football 1-4: N-Club 1-45 Class Officer 1-35 Student Council 3, 45 Thespian 2,-4: Track 1, 2, 4: Jr, Play: One Act Plays 25 Annual Staff 25 Radio Drama 25 Brass Sextet 4. DELYNN HUMBURG Majors: Social Science, English: Minors: Math, Commerce, Home Ec.: Band 1-45 Mixed Chorus 1, 3,45 Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Pep Band 45 Thespian 2-45 Soph., Jr. and Sr. Plays: Student Council 1,4: Annual Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 3,4 fPres, 355 Scholarship 1, 3,45 Y-Teens 1-4 fPres. 415 Flute Trio 1-3: Flute Quartet 45 WKEA League Literary Contest 15 Class Officer 4. CARROLL STECKLEIN Majors: English, History, Science: Minors: Shop, Math: Soph., Jr, and Sr. Plays: Basketball 1-45 Football 1-4: Baseball 1-45 Class Officer 25 N- Club 2-4: Scholarship 3, 45 Eagle Observer 4 fEditorJ: Track 1. TWILA DINKEL Majors: Commerce, English, History, Home Ec.: Glee Club 25 FHA 45 Annual Staff 45 Eagle Observer 45 Pep Club 4: Scholarship 4. RALPH REBEL Majors: English, History, Voc, Ag.: Minors: Math: Football 1-4: Track 1- 35 FFA 1-3: N-Club 3, 4. DAWN ELDA REED Majors: Commerce, English: Minors: Math, History, Home Ee.: Science- Annual Staff 45 Y-Teens 3, 45 Eagle Observer 45 Radio Drama 3. DAVY ROTHE Majors: English, Math, Voc. Ag.: Minors: Commerce, History, Science: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Basketball 1-45 Football 1-45 Baseball 1-4: Ir, and Sr. Plays: FFA 1, 25 Annual Staff 4: N-Club 2-45 Eagle Observer 4. VYRL SLAGLE Majors: English, Shop: Minors: History, Commerce: Band 1-4: Basketball 15 Football 1-35 TI'3.Ck 1-35 FFA 4. TERRY BORGER Majors: English, Voc, Ag.: Minors: Man. Tr., History: Mixed Chorus 2,4: Track 15 FFA 3,4. KOHL PHARMACY '1-U0 en iam Tv-gfy T84 was f"""? ,iff 'Wt-'X Q"""'Y rs, it ' P av-x 'iff , .,,. N wav' ALFRED SCHWARTZOPF Majors: English, Voc, Ag. , History: Minors: Shop: Basketball 1-4: Foot- ball 1: FFA 3, 4: Annual staff 4: Baseball 1-4: N-Club 2-4. DONNA MUNCH Majors: History, English, Commerce: Minors: Home Ec,: Band 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1-4: Glee Club 1-4 QStudent Director 41: Triple Trio 1-3: Pep Band 4: Scholarship 1-4: Class Officer 1, 2, 4: Annual Staff 3, 4 fEditor 41: Eagle Observer 4: Football Queen 4 fCandidatej: Sr, Play. .TERRY MEIS Majors: Science, English, History: Minors: Shop, Math: Mixed Chorus 2- 4: Basketball 1: Football 1-4: Track 1-3: Soph. Play: Student Council 4: N-Club 2-4: Eagle Observer 4: Yearbook King 4. LUELLA CLINE Majors: History, English: Minors: Commerce: Basketball 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Scholarship 3: Y-Teens 2-4: Eagle Observer 4. RAY MUDD Majors: History, English: Minors: Science, Shop: Football 1, 2: FFA 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Eagle Observer 4. SHELBY KAY BORGER Majors: History, English: Minors: Commerce, Home Ec, : Mixed Chorus 1-4: Glee Club 1-4: Jr., and Sr. Plays: Annual Staff 4: Sextet 3: Pep Club 3: Yearbook Queen 1 fCandidateJ: Eagle Observer 4. MERLE HARRIS Majors: History, English, Math, Voc. Ag.: Basketball 1-4: Football 3,4: Track 1-3: FFA 1-3: N-Club 3, 4. MARJORIE BECK Majors: Commerce, English, Home Ec, : Minors: Math, History: Glee Club 3: Ir. Play: Student Council 3: Annual Staff 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Eagle Observer 4: Yearbook Queen 3 fCandidateJ. DAN NELSON Majors: English, History, Voc, Ag.: Minors: Commerce: Mixed Chorus 2-4: FFA 1-3. DARRELL HOPPER Majors: English, History: Minors: Math, Shop: Band 1,2: Basketball 1: Football 1-4: Baseball 1, 2, 4: Track 1, 2: Eagle Observer 4: N-Club 2-4: Sr. Play. L PU 'ex 'Ufrrr pb GERALD OPPLIGER Majors: English, History, Math5 Minors: Shop, Science: Mixed Chorus 3- 45 Band 1-45 Basketball 1, 3,45 Football 1-45 Track 1-45 Soph. and Sr. Plays: Student Council 45 Annual Staff 3-45 Class Officer 3-45 N-Club 3-45 Boys' Octet 35 Eagleaires 45 Football King 45 Trumpet Trio 25 Brass Sextet 4. DELORES WORLEY Majors: English, History, Commerce5 Minors: Home Ec. 5 Band 2-45 Glee Club 1, 3, 45 Pep Band 3-45 Basketball 1-45 Soph., Jr. and Sr. Plays: One Act Play 35 Annual Staff 1, 45 Cheerleader 45 Eagle Observer 1, 4. DICK FINNIN Majors: History, English5 Minors: Math, Commerce, Shop: Basketball 1- 45 Football 1, 3,45 Soph., Jr. and Sr. Plays: Baseball 1-45 One Act Play 45 Student Council 1, 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 1, 3,4, fPres. 1, 455 N-Club 1-4 QPres. 435 Yearbook King 3 fCandidatej5 Eagle Observer 4. BILLY GROSS Majors: Shop, English5 Minors: Math, History5 FFA 2-4. ORVILLE WERTH Majors: History, English5 Minors: Shop, Science5 Mixed Chorus 1-45 Track 15 Eagle Observer 45 Literary Contest 4. BETTY WERTH Majors: History, Commerce, English5 Minors: Home Ec, 5 Band 3-45 Mixed Chorus 1-45 Glee Club 1-45 Class Officer 1. TOM STOECKLEIN Majors: English, History: Minors: Math, Shop: Mixed Chorus 3-45 Basket- ball 1, 3,45 Football 1-45 Baseball 25 Track 1, 3,45 Ir, and Sr, Plays5 Student Council 25 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 35 N-Club 2-4 QSec- Treas. 415 Boys' Octet 35 PTA King 2 fCandidatej5 Eagle Observer 4. PAT LEGG Majors: History, English, Commerce5 Minors: Home Ec,5 Band 1-45 Pep Band 2-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Glee Club 1-45 Basketball 1-45 Soph. and Sr, Plays5 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 1-35 Sextet 35 Pep Club 1-4 fPres. 355 Cheerleader 45 PTA Queen 2 fCandidatej5 Yearbook Queen 4. FRANCES LETERLE Majors: History, English, Commerce5 Minors: Home Ec, 5 Glee Club 1-45 Annual Staff 45 Pep Club 35 Eagle Observer 4. EUGENE WAGNER Majors: English, Shop, Voc. Ag.5 Minors: Commerce, Math, History: Football 1-45 Track 1-35 FFA 1-35 Baseball 2,45 N-Club 2-4. 'R 0 - ti S- x "' Q. KX KS. Q9 SXT? 3' "4 av- """"wm ... f'- 0 1954 Congratulations, Seniors from TALLEY'S GROCERY, FINNlN'S NESS BOWL VX? .f wav! sf' 1 . QNX 1 "Na, ""' H.- rs "Nas Nik W ff 6, .1-s 3 'ss en iam 'inn at .1 Q gitfd Nur ati? LARRY YEAGER Majors: Voc, Ag., English, Minors: Histcry, Shop, FFA 2-4. CHARLENE KISER Majors: Commer ARLEN WALTER Majors, English, 1-3. EMAGENE MAUCH Majors: English, Teens 4, FHA 4, IIMMY CURTIS Majors: History, Observer 4. IUANITA STRAIT ce, English, History, Minors: Home Ec. , Science. Voc, Ag., Minors, Commerce, History, Track 1, FFA Home Ee., History, Commerce, Annual Staff 4, Y- Eagle Observer 4, English, Minors: Shop, Math, Football 1-2, Eagle Majors, Commerce, History, English, Home Ec., Minors: Math, Glee Club 1-2, Annual Staff 4, Y-Teens 1-4, Eagle Observer 4. CHESTER HOGSETT Majors: Voc. Ag., History, English, Minors: Math, FFA 1-4, Track 1-4 N-Club 2-4, Boys' Octet 3, Mixed Chorus 1-4. MARY JANE SAUER Majors: History, English, Home Ec,, Commerce, Glee Club 1, Soph, Play, Annual Staff 4, Eagle Observer 4. ALBERT GRUMBEIN Majors: English, History, Minors, Commerce, Shop, Math, Basketball 1-4, Track 1, 3, Student Council 2, Annual Staff 4, Class Officer fPres 2j, Baseball 2, N-Club 2-4, Eagle Observer 4. rr f 'ffm .f-Q f A, Q 'Xl 2 1 x sf, iv X KENT BORGER Majors: Voc. Ag., English, Minors, Math, History, Football 1, 2, FFA 1-4. RUSSELL GABEL Majors, English, History, Science, Math, Minors, Shop, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 Track 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Eagle Observer 4. LEROY MUNSCH Majors, English, Voc, Ag. , Minors, History, Commerce, Football 1,2, 4, Track 1, FFA 1-3. CHARLES SHAUERS Majors, voo. Ag., History, Errgirsh, Minors, Math, 'FFA 1-4. JUANITA PEMBER - Majors, English, Commerce, Home Ec, , Minors, Math, History, Band 1-4, Pep Band 2-4, Mixed Chorus 1-4, Glee Club 1-4, Soph. and Sr, Plays, An- nual Staff 3, 4, Y-Teens 2-4, Scholarship l, 3, 4, FHA 4, Literary Contest 3, 4, Brass Sextet 4, Eagle Observer 4. RITA RASKOPF Majors, English, Commerce, Minors, History, Home EC., Math, Glee Club 1, Soph. and Sr. Plays, Annual Staff 4, Y-Teens 3,4, Eagle Observer 4, DEWEY SCHULER Majors, English, History, Voc. Ag., Minors: Math, Mixed Chorus 3, Foot- ball 1-4, Track 1-4, FFA 1-3, N-Club 2-4. LYNN ROI-IR Majors, English, History, Minors, Commerce, Shop, Science, Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4, Basketball 1, Football 1, Thespian 2, Student Council 4, Annual Staff 4, Eagle Observer 4. ELEANOR ARNOLD Majors: Commerce, English, Minors, Math, History, Home Ec., Band 1-4, Glee Club 1, 3,4, Thespian 2-4, Soph., Jr, and Sr. Plays, Annual staff 4, Pep Club 3, 4 fVice-Pres. 31, Scholarship 3, Y-Teens 1-4, Eagle Observer 4, Literary Contest 4. 14 'sm Ve V -1, N ,QQ 1 Q K' N Q27 ,A !. 1 a 1 us ' Z3 'six 14" lffs-gp 'N"'P! ,'f 'N-0 E' WX, '50 Q?"-vj 'Nr' W '7"'? Q1-gr' of E 8: M DAIRY, PEMBER LOCKER 8: STORAGE PLANT I954 CLASS SPONSORS AND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Carolyn Beurler, Vice-President, Georgianna Boyds, President, Karen Hair, Treasurer, BACK ROW: Edith O. Linn, Co- Sponsorg Vera Anne McCoy, Secretary, Harry H. Linn, Sponsor, uniom ' I ,Eff .I fm n, VW' f ' V r ,Sk Qi W5 :wiki iw QF XX 1 Carb 'fri fir xx K W, D T , I , , 1' f in rf L, if: A 'O or Hb 1 E 0 A 4, 'f : ' 'lx :xv X I ,WK ii ' J A ' i Hi, fi , f, 1 Q, ,ff if I ' i M V f N 1 iff If , , V, L. A 1 ef 'l?l Scenes from th fiif' "lf gl, 'MSM i 'wnuuv-www -wr '-1 if-qrgr . gr r V 1 e class play, "No More Homework." Walter Coker Arlene Hemel Norma Gabel Willard Meis Jack Schroyer Mary Holmes Dee Doebbeling Laurice Marghiem Shirley Michaelis Carolyn Beutler Larry Reinert Robert Seib Janice Rufenacht Wilma Schaben Darrell Stenzel Dale Rupp Henrietta Koester Fayetta Hur st Bruce Cunningham - 'Z QU' Congratulations from , I " .J A ,A A ROTH MOTOR CO. INC, J ' SCHROYER'S INC. , in F "0 4 ' 5 5. ,S ,,,,. 5 If Xe I fl 1-J Vera Lee Feuers .lf I YW . btw rv I QQ X Q- ali fc:- NAB' X 4 uniord A group of Juniors all decked Ol gay formality for the "Under the Se banquet hall at the annual Junior Se fe stivity May 1. -E 'Tl 0 QXA av bl .AQ C ,i' , g , A' J 1 F , f y X W. , WH ,,,, :is .. 'f J j ' .y Tx? lx -I I s- , X, ' uv Ellen Cooley C Vera Ann McCoy l Janice Whitley Jim Meis C W, are yas - Darlene Edwards ' 'U' YT ,,.4f" , . --ur 1 kg was iff' , nil? we 'fl 1, ' - A , 1 uniom 733' Emma Opat sl Q A Joan Arnold lg Robert Gassman I ,S .,..- Mr. and Mrs, Roy H. Billings, Carol Legg Supt. and Mrs, Paul H. Andree guests and O. J. Weir, guest speaker at the "Under the Sea" banquet. 4 F., fi W I Karen Hair 3 C A AA " v- .U Joleen Rupp 'ZS' f W w- r Georgianna Boyd is ' ,. Ida Belle Rohr 'fi S., C W ,qv I Vyrl Walter 5 Clara Pfannenstiel e ii'l 5- 2-" C C ,,,, Lf, Marilyn Memes rl ,tiff 1 2 , A 1 gi Ronald Leiker V C. 'fT1i'f H 'f ,S 5 -'T f' W it fl n "di f s rrli W rrer Q 2 Q' 1.. Y , 4 C ,,o A ., r or ,A ' ,C I Dix " A L1 X ffl-if Maul-me Franz 0 Donna Wagner M ' Venita Stegrnan 5' K , V Rohr f i C , l .-,Q QQ 'i" A C s M fe 'f A b 1 xx C Compliments from , C, r u Q K.,-sf NESS COUNTY NEWS Ax . d...f Ri SAT TERFlELD'S CLASS SPONSOR AND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Wilma Jones, Vice Presidentg Carol Boyde, President. SECOND ROW: Pat Burdett, Treasurerg William T. Goldsmith, Spon- sorg Kay Eckels, Secretary. P O E M S--ophornores we of forty O--nward to a higher plane P--utting forth best efforts H--oping our goal to attain O--n, on dear Sophomores M--ay we never fail O--nly by honest endeavor R--ight to the top we sail E--nter into the higher class That's what We're waiting to hear Out of our way there Juniors We need your place next year. C--an we not with greatest pleasure L--et the Freshmen take this ground A--s we go with eager longing S--eeking knowledge yet unfound S--ophomores did you say? Land sakes alive Don't you know better? We're the Juniors of 1955. Zl .5210 omored Ms! ,W i 1 it? p Xmfitlvlf jj ix N, I 2 f V Xxx jim L i A QM x ..nb............. THE SOPHOMORE PLAY entitled KEEP MOVING by Paul S. McCoy was presented during February to an appreciative audience, The cast consisted of: FRONT ROW: Beverly Petersilie, Wilma Jones, Mary Hawkinson, Jeanne Clouston, KayEcke1s, Delbert Shauers. SECOND ROW: Orvis Kiser, Rodney Borger, Roberta Leiker, Linlcy Slum, Tommy McCoy, Edith O. Linn, Sponsor. Compliments from LEIKER'S ICA .Q 5. 8, ki, , 4 ' L3 All 'O' .--. 4-N Q, 5 Q 7 1 Y Q 'V 'Y A xi "smvi?g." ,ul W -. 'iSr,f' wigjeff f' "A SP Verda Delaney John Coker Janet Meis Adele Prose Jerry Schuler Virginia Ellis Orvis Kiser Dwayne Sculley Twyla Borger 0I'l'l0I'e Arlyn Harris Pat Burditt Betty Fose if 2 Jerry Reinert 'K wx .. - , . , ur, Gary O'Brien Marjorie Ellis Linly Stum Di11ie Turley 1 A A A 'X .- -4 . V Rx, KN ft Roberta Leiker Billy Haas Charles Kreutzer HAAS BARBER SHOP PFA NNENSTIEL BAKERY 4 , . 6 E ata. 1 VE 52 ' Q 'J A I 'W Ax B' L 'N-an ' , , - -- , f. 1 , ,rf -- .- f C ,M Gene Gabel Mary Hawkinson David Schuler Rodney Borger Arlene Harper Warren Siek Thomas McCoy Beverly Peter silie Roger McC1'eight , 4 4 ', -3' 8? el?-wir' f", , , -ly A .,...9y 4 - - i v- .A-V G- , 1 , ,:- gnu lk ,- - HRXEFQ wi . - lk-. f ,n , pr A - A- 4 ' - ' ,i Q- a -fb S" R. QS, .4 V T' s M, .,,.Ip R N- f Aa P3 .xv f .ql 5 ,y A NF I mrA,- ,I ' ,gi w w , , D D ,ag -vr Q, , I H , , Want M X- 1' ff' s-.A vw , '-1 Y' -4' 4.5. 9' pf ki' ., 5 L ' V' vb f' f ' M... ,g:j5 " ! Delbert Shauers Shelby Betz Wilma Jones Carol Boyde Charles Stegman Cora Walter Jim Clouston Jeanne Clouston Wanda Worley Ronald Heronemus Kay Eckels A, W. SIEK, PARK MOTEL STANDARD SERVICE STATION 'ng " K"""' ""' CLASS SPONSOR AND OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Errol Kinsinger, Presidentg Bill Tank, Vice Pres- identg Donna Debes, Secretary. BACK ROW: Ronald Eckels, Student Council Representativeg Van Hawkins, Treasurerg Mr. Conway, Sponsor. NEVER SAY FAIL Keep pushing---'tis wiser Than sitting aside, And dreaming and sighing, And Waiting the tide. In 1ife's earnest battle They only prevail Who daily march onward And never say fail. So, in life's early morning In firm youthful pride, Let this be our motto Our footsteps to guideg In storm and in sunshine Whatever assail, We'1l onward and conquer, And never say fail. FRISKY FRESHMEN - - - quickly adjusted themselves to the ways of N C H S and set about to make their presence felt by carrying the Seniors' dignity in the baskets on initiation day and supporting all school events. LEIKER BODY SHOP jl'Q:5AI7'lQl'l QW' ,N r so if li ULN OOM. 'xx WESTERN LIGHT 8: TELEPHONE CO. Errol Kinsinger Donna Debes Marie Ann Hermon Pete Gabel Van Hawkins Donna Roof Carol Hemel George Rufenacht -. -sfr'6'N? n -lf' ,Qi -r K 4 J...- ', X 'la-,Y i s, 1 A J s 5' t Q45 Delbert Weilert Nancy Raskopf Twyla Rothe Kreg Petersilie Dennis Meis Karen Smyth Vivian Dinkel Thomas Seib Gaylen Margheim Jolene Meis Barbara Cunningham Kenneth Cavennah JACK 8: JILL SHOP SCOTT'S SERVICE STATION 5 5... x if! I nl' , 5 ir f '-3' 3? 21 K f' . ef' 6 yy The Freshies all dressed up in initiation attire prepare to shine the seniors' shoes any minute and recite a bit of poetry upon a moments notice 1' N -'al Y F 01 . f' Q Ax? .4 Nr.. Rodney Barrows Agnes Gassrnan Vera Rohr Gary Kanaga Jim Misner Joan Sauer Roberta Davenport Dernas Dinges Gary Coker Ila Jones Ronald Eckels Bill Tanck Arlene Beck Jerold Borger Marilyn Claassen Kenneth Leiker Barbara Linn Elaine Howard Thomas Rodriguez WEST SIDE SERVICE STATION INC, THE TOGGERY SHOP x I s :tg Q' fi ,l Y y iv . .Q W Q f 1 V 1 , ff1 :'47 ' 4 X ' ' ,X . v Lu. kk 7 ,Miz V - vi. L' x I K ' ' it A ,, 1533, . ' ' 5 241.11 . x x ,el 1 , . ' Q -A 'z',A,'T. r A 2 Q L KA "' .YK Gil Clefgdflefl FRONT ROW: Toni Dietz, Paula Gantz, Larry Dayhoff, Ronald Jarvis, Linda Leikam. SECONDROM Stephanie Baer, Susie Steck lein, Lynnea Johnston, Micky Betz, Bobby Clouston, Allene Huxman, Teacher, BACK ROW: Cecil Goatley, Duane Downtain, Diane Nicholson, Kenny Burditt, Tommy Goldsmith. QNot Pictured--Judy Dye, Chris McC1urej. .!6l'lC!8I'g6ll'l9l'l FRONT ROW: J. R. Kanaga, Dale Gabel, Joe Fehrenbach, Sandy Wassinger, Velton McDonald, SECOND ROWg Anetta Stoppei Beverly Krug, Kent Laas, Renee Dirks, Nancy Hurnburg, Allene Huxrnan, Teacher. BACK RUW:Bil1y Miner, Phyllis Ensign, Sherry Musselman, Connie Herman, Glenna Brooks, Karen Stiawalt. 31 D, E, BONDURANT GRAIN CO. I-'RIGID CREME .ik ff? B'flQ'a:,,,3t-fp-,lf , . ,f- 4-w-...P-4-ing airla ay FRONT ROW: Carol Pember, Stephen Frusher, Verna Pem- ber. BACK ROW: Ruth Jedlicka, Teacherg Stanley Cranston Janis Cranston, Duane Pember. F-T-v X35 0616 Aff " X 92.1 ' fi E L0 Nu U0 3AoAarie ....f-,fvaffq-1-Mew-or , ,,,, My K. N-,JL 5 V :,4.,g4 Name-S W.. . ., mwuvgff ,- .,,,z,4 X, FRONT ROW: Eddie Robinson, SECOND ROW: Billy Stietz, Dorothy Hemel, Karen Schneidewind, Bonnie Schneide- wind, Sandra Knorrs, BACK ROW: Donna Sue Cole, Teacher: Gary Schneidewind. Sabre KHOIIS. James Stietz. Ronny Hemel, Jan Clouston. MODERN CLEANERS 32 HANAN'S CAFE th r they are playing at footbal l or basketball Whe e games, during an assembly, or on a parade, the Ness Hi h School Marching Band, under the direction t the City g of Leland V. "Sammy" High, adds life and pep o occasion. r anizafionzi .gzzclenf Counci EXECUTIVE STAFF Vice President GERALD OPPLIGER Secretary-Treasurer PAT LEGG President DICK FINNIN Sponsor HAROLD DURST .A.. STUDENT POLITICIANS FIRST ROW: Carolyn Beurler, Carol Boyd, Shirley Michaelis, Pat Burditt, Par Legg Ronald Eckels SECOND ROW Harold Durst Roberta Leiker, Verl Walter, Joan Arnold, DeLynn Humburg, Georgianna Boyd Jeanne Clouston THIRD ROW Errol Kinsinger Gerald Oppliger, Ronald Leiker, Lynn Rohr, Jerry Meis, Tom Kohl, Dick Finnin ,-4 ,fl I ?fl" fs vs -lem SEATED--Marilyn Mellies, Secretary, Mary Holmes, Vice-President, DeLynn Humburg, President, Mildred Doebbeling, Treasurer FIRST ROW--Ailene Durst, Sponsor, Shirley Michaelis, Music, Carolyn Beutler, Music, Karen Hair, Publicity, Juanita Pember, Worshipg Eleanor Arnold, Social, Ellen Cooley, Publicity, Vera Ann McCoy, Service: Joan Arnold, Student Council. SECOND ROW--Elaine Howard, Barbara Cunningham, Donna Lyon, Wilma Jones. Wanda Worley, Donna Wagner, Carol Legg, Fayetta Hurst, Mary Hawkinson. THIRD ROW: Jeanne Clouston, Vera Lee Feuers, Carol Hemel, 1uanitaStrait, Pat Burditt, Marilyn Claas- sen, Barbara Linn, Luella Cline, Emagene Mauch. BACK ROW--Arlene Hemel, Ila Jones, Karen Smyth, Twyla Rothe, Henrietta Koester, Wilma Schaben, Janice Whitley, Twyla Borger, Rita Raskopf, Dawn Elda Reed. CNOT PICTURED--Janice Rufenachtj. The Y-Teen year of 1953-54 has been one full of happy memories of good times, serious thoughts, and some hard work, The year was started by Roll-Call Week program each evening for one week. "Variety is the Spice of Life" was the theme. Projects undertaken this year were sending clothing kits to Korea, making Thanksgiving tray favors to the Grisell Hospital at Ransom, and the Rush County Hospital at LaCrosse along with various other money making projects. Memories that linger will be of group meetings and parties, sacred programs, Heart Sister Week, YW Recognition Tea, the square dance, St. Patrick's day, and our Pa-Ma-Me party. OUR PURPOSE To build a fellowship of women and girls to the task of realizing in our common life those ideas of personal and social living to which we are committed by our faith as Christians. In this endeavor we seek to understand Jesus to share His love for all people, and to grow in knowledge and love for God. OUR MOTTO "I am come that they may have life, and that they may have it abundantly." 35 wr r 145. .- . nv-13, 4: - , f , , , 4, TQ fa' - R, .,, ff'-'Aff ff M443 r 'fl A , ,, 1-H see! A.,,,,,, F, f - COURT OF HONOR: Mildred Doebbeling, Crown Bearer, Supt, , Paul H. Andrce, who crowned the king and queen, Marilyn Claas- sen, Freshman attendant, Kay Eckels, Sophomore attendant, Carolyn Beutler, Junior attendant, Jerry Mais, Senior King, Pat Legg, Senior Queen, Robert Seib, Junior attendant, Gene Gabel, Sophomore attendant, Tom Rodriguez, Freshman attendant. The 1954 EAGLE King and Queen candidates were nominated by each of the four respective classes of the high school. Their identity remained a secret until the four class treasurers turned in the results of the yearbook sale and were crowned at the Yearbook Ball. The study hall was transformed to depict the "Yearbook" theme in the school colors blue and white and the newly organized swing band "Eagleaires" provided the music for dancing. The FHA girls also a newly organized club prepared and served the refreshments for the evening. QGFAOOA . Q . A ,Q The smiles of these four class f 'L U7 . . . B ' treasurers show an indicatlon of a successful yearbook sale campaign The sale drive closed and results were announced at the "Ball" with DeLynn Humburg, senior, leading the sale. Karen Hair, Junior came in second, Pat Burditt, Sophomore ' third and Van Hawkins, Freshman Q fourth. V.. X ROCK ISLAND LUMBER co, Ne --' 1-1E:YMAN's PRODUCE ,f hx Early in the year the staff assembled to plan for the preliminary work such as picture taking and the Yearbook Ball before thoughts were given to editing of the EAGLE, This group spent countless hours working to bind together dear memories for you and give them to you with our best wishes in this "Eagle," This group is largely made up of typing ll students who are mostly responsible for the production part of the "Eagle. " Alfred Schwartzskopf, Albert Grumbein, Tom Stoecklein, Gerald Oppliger, Davy Rothe, Sports, Dick Finnin, Delores Worley, Advertising, Shelby Kay Borger, Donna Munch, Editor, Juanita Pember, Twila Dinkel, Emagene Mauch, Marjorie Beck, Luella Cline, Dawn Elda Reed, Mildred Doebbeling, Co-editor, Eleanor Arnold, Jane Sauer, Artist, Rita Raskopf, Juanita Strait, and Pauline Brungardt, Advisor. lgdcnnerri 5 That get-up-and-go enthusiasm S k. 0 bubbles over in these girls, Donna fn" ' L Munch, Delores Worley, and Frances Leterle as they swoop down upon the business world to solicit ads for the 1954 yearbook. Each one did her part to make the EAGLE the best ever edited. Both large and small businesses were canvassed and each ad gratefully accepted. A ax tg. NESS COUNTY EQUIPMENT JOHN HANN IMPLEMENT CO. N' - , ,fps .yy 1 5 -f FRONT ROW: Betty Fose, Elaine Howard, Nancy Raskopf, Mary Hawkinson fparlia- A rnemarianj, Donna Wagner, Carol Boyde QTreasurerj, Pat Burditt fStudem Councilj. V Preston SECOND ROW: Twila Dinkel, Juanita Pember, Roberta Davenport, Janice Whitley fVice-Presidenty, Emagene Mauch, Carol Hemel, Shelby Berz QReporterj, Virginia Ellis. BACK ROW: Dilley Turley, Ellen Cooley, Vera Mae Rohr fSong Leaderj, Twyla Rothe, Joan Arnold fPresident5, Arlene Harper fSecretaryJ, Joleen Rupp fliistorianj, Darlene Edwards, Marilyn Classen. op . Ar 0 Advi s o " 0 1' v ' vi ufure omema em 0 meraca QQ' Q l-Watt 4,0 'lla ll oqb The energetic Future Homemakers of America was organized early in December. The year's theme was "To Build A Strong Local Organization. " Four of the girls attended the State Convention at Topeka and fourteen girls attended hospitality days at Manhattan. To raise money for these events the members carried out a window washing project NEW and a cookie sale. Other projects the girls had charge of was the refreshments for the Yearbook Ball, served Basketball boys, served the FFA boys and their parents and entertained the eighth grade girls. A tea was held for the mothers in which the Bazine girls were present for the installation of officers. FARMER'S CO-OP GRAIN 8: SUPPLY CO. LUNDY-NYE INSURANCE AGENCY FIRST ROW: Warren E. Stone, Advisor, Jim Clouston, Reporterg Laurice Margheim, Vice-Presidentg Verl Walters, Presidentg Chester Hogsett, Secretary, Larry Reinert, Treasurerg Linly Sturn, Sentinel. SECOND ROW: Billy Gross, Terry Borger, Kent Borger, Gaylen Margheim, Jerold Borger, Demis Dinges, Delbert Shauers. THIRD ROW: Tommy McCoy, Arlen Harris. Jerry Reinert, Charles Stegman, David Schuler, Tommy Seib, Dennis Meis, George Rufenacht. BACK ROW: Willard Ivleis, Dale Rupp, Larry Yeager, Jim Misner, Gary Kanaga, Charles Shauers, Alfred Schwartzkopf, Darrell Stenzel, Vyrl Slagle. igufure armerd of America The organization aims to be of school and community service whenever it can. This year has been an active one toward that end. The first activity during the school year was to take a farm Mechanics exhibit to the Hutchinson State Fair where they placed ninth. The local chapter was indebted to Mr. Lawrence Margheim for helping us transport the exhibit to Hutchinson. Members visited the Fair on Monday. ln the FFA Leadership school held in Dodge City the ritual team received a silver rating. The local chapter had entries in the following district schools: Crops, Meadeg Poultry, Ness Cityg Shop, Lakin, Public Speaking, Laking Dairy, Dodge Cityg Livestock Coldwater, Lewis Field Day, Larnedg Ft. Hays Exhibit State Roundup, Hays. The State Farm Mechanics team was composed of: Dee Doebbeling and Verl Walters Our State Agricultural Judging team included Kent Borger, Larry Reinert and Darrell Stenzel. Laurice Margheim entered the State Oration Contest. Dee Doebbling was the first Vice-President in the district. The Poultry team won second in the district Poultry school. Dee Doebbeling rated third in the individual district Poultry school and Laurice Margheim rated second in the district Public Speaking Contest. Dee Doebbeling was presented the Gold Emblem in Concrete and Farm Welding and the Silver Emblem for the entire State Farm Mechanics Contest. Chester Hogsett was elected to a State Farmer F 0 degree.. I D 1 Achievement evening, April 2.9, 1954, Superintendent Paul W! H. Andree and Mr. Lawrence Margheim was elected to the ,J .9 4 0 Honorary Chapter Farmer degree. 39 lcggt ....a-...,....... U it l nf ,pf SENIOR PLAY CAST: SITTING--Dick Finnin, DeLynn Humburg, Shelby Borger, Donna Munch, Rita Raskopf, Juanita Pember, Eleanor Arnold, Mildred Doebbeling, Pat Legg, Carroll Stecklein, Delores Worley, Tom Stoecklein. STANDING--Patricia O'Toole, Directorg Davy Rothe, Gerald Oppliger, Darrell Hopper. I ur pfag redenfafwnfi THE JUNIOR CLASS THE SENIOR CLASS of Ness City High School of Ness City High School Presents Presents "NO MORE HOMEWORK" "FATHER WAS A HOUSEWIFE" a three-act comedy a three-act comedy by John Henderson by Vera and Ken Tarpley ti 41 . A ,V il' JUNIOR PLAY CAST SITTING Maunce Franz JoLeen Rupp Vera Ann McCoy Shuley MlCh3C1lS Karen Han Verl Walter Marrlyn Mellres Vera Lee Feuers STANDING Patrxcla O Toole Drrecror Robert Serb Laurxce Marghelm Georgranna Boyd hm Mels Jack Schroyer Ronald Lerker Fayetta Hurst Carolyn Beutler B111 Rohr 40 ! l' ' wr ,nf E L I Yr ONE ACT PLAY: Edith Linn, Director, Ronnie Leiker, ,loLeen Rupp, Marilyn Mellies, Mary Holmes, Billy Rohr, Shirley Michaelis, Dick Finnin. League rating III, District rating III. DISTRICT SPEECHES LEAGUE SPEECHES Rating Rating Standard Oration: Standard Oration: rama Orville Werth III Orville Werth III Original Oration: Original Oration: Laurice Margheim II Laurice Margheim III Qyfzlefafg Dramatic: Humorous: Fayetta Hurst II Marilyn Mellies I Beverly Peter silie II JoLeen Rupp II Ellen Cooley II Humorous: Billy Rohr II peec Shirley Michaelis II Shirley Michaelis II Marilyn Mellies II Dramatic: Fayetta Hurst II Beverly Petersilie II Juanita Pember III Arlene Harper III 2519161115 34 ' FIRST ROW: Mrs, Linn, Advisor, JoLeen Rupp, Marilyn Mellies, Vera Feuers, Mary Holmes, Karen Hair. SEC- OND ROW: Eleanor Arnold, Mildred Doebbeling, De- Lynn Humburg, Shirley Michaelis, Fayetta Hurst. THIRD ROW: Billy Rohr, Laurice Margheim, Dick Fin- nin, Tom Kohl, Jack Schroyer, Maurice Franz. SULLIVAN- KRUG John Dee re - Buick 1 ,. Q ' 'fda ' Q . q, .. -.. ,,.. 3, . se - f s D' . i ' v- :- . t ' Marie Ann Her- FIRST ROW: Clara Marie Pfannenstiel, Mary Eileen Hawkinson, Carolyn Beutler, Fayetta Hurst, Virginia Ellis, mon, Marjorie Ellis, Carol Hemel, Barbara Linn, Pat Legg, Donna Wagner, Carol Boyde, Elaine Howard. SECOND ROW: Bar- bara Cunningham, Roberta Leiker, Verda Delaney, Donna Debes, Marilyn Claasen, Karen Hair, Kay Eckels, Wanda Worley, Pat Burdett, Twyla Borger, Vivian Dinkel, Shelby Betz, Carol Legg, Arlene Beck, Shirley Michaelis. THIRD ROW: Wanda Lyon. Jeanne Clouston, Donna Munch, Vera Lee Feuers, Mary Holmes, Georgianna Boyde, Juanita Pember, Ida Belle Rohr, Ar- lene Hemel, Mildred Doebbeling, Darlene Edwards, Eleanor Arnold, Janice Whitley, Norma Gabel, Roberta Davenport, Arlene Harper. FOURTH ROW: Agnes Gassman, lla Jones, Karen Smyth, Vera Mae Rohr, Wilma Schaben, JoLeen Rupp, Ellen Cooley, Adele Prose, Henrietta Koester, Shelby Borger, DeLynn Humburg, Beverly Petersilie, Betty Werth, Joan Arnold, Marilyn Mellies, CNOT PICTUREDg Delores Worley, Frances Leterle, Janice Rufenachtj. oca udic The vocal music department under the direction of Leland V. High gave out some sweet music during the year. The mixed -i ,' chorus members took part in the W K E A Vocal Clinic at Scott City. Much credit should be given to the accompanist, Carolyn Beutler, who has worked faithfully and diligently to accompany all vocal groups and assisted by Ida Belle Rohr. N . r c G 1 .- n lL ' FIRST ROW: Marilyn Claassen, Donna Debes, Betty Werth, Bruce Cunningham, John Coker, Jerold Borger, Fayetta Hurst, Marj Eileen Hawkinson, Clara Marie Pfannenstiel. SECOND ROW: Donna Munch, Juanita Pember, Bill Rohr, Jack Schroyer, Jim Meis, Bill Tanck, Carol Legg, Karen Hair. THIRD ROW: Roberta Davenport, Mildred Doebbeling, lla Jones, Charles Kreutzer, Orville Werth, Eugene Gabel, Rodney Borger, Roberta Leiker, Shirley Michaelis, Wanda Lyon. FOURTH ROW: Karen Smyth, JoLeen Rupp, Beverly Petersilie, Ellen Cooley, Dan Nelson, Jerry Schuler, Walter Lee Coker, Terry Borger, Vera Lee Feuers, Jeanne Clouston, Pat Legg, Carolyn Beutler. FIFTH ROW: DeLynn Humburg, Shelby Borger, Marilyn Mellies, Tom Kohl, Jerry Meis, Lynn Rohr, Chester Hogsett, Tom Stoecklein, Barbara Linn, Ida Belle Rohr, Mary Holmes. QNOT PICTURED: Janice Rufenacht, Davy Rothe, Dale Rupp, Gerald Oppligerl. Qpaflfnenl DRUM MAJORETTE Marilyn Mellie s TWIRLERS Karen Hair Roberta Leiker Vera Lee Feuers Mary Holmes vga , 1 , flaw- I f 1 4' 1 lfyfn 1 Hbibliih qi we -rf -4- 4- TQJS' Carol Wood. TROMBONES: Fayetta Hurst, Shirley Michaelis, Donna Wagner, Vera Ann McCoy, Roberta Davenport, Billy Haas. BARITONESg Errol Kinsinger, Delores Worley, Carol Legg. BASSESg Juanita Pember, Ronnie Eckles, Laurice Marg- heim, Van Hawkins. PERCUSSION: Linley Scum, Billy Rohr, Jean Clouston, Julie Ann Lyon, Wanda Worley, Pat Legg, Donna Munch. TWIRLERS: Karen Hair, Vera Lee Feurs, Roberta Leiker, Mary Holmes. DRUM MAJORETTE: Marilyn Mel- lies. DIRECTOR: Leland V. High. STUDENT DIRECTOR: Shirley Michaelis. FLUTE QUARTETTE Marilyn Claas sen Linda Daniels Sue Ann Antenen DeLynn Humburg District Festival Rating II SAXOPHONE QUARTETTE Wilma Schaben Vera Lee Feurs Barbara Linn Karen Smyth District Festival Rating ll HW! Pl ily FIRST ROW: Wilma Schaben, Vera Lee Feuers, Karen Smyth, Barbara Linn, Mary Holmes, Leland V High Director SECOND ROW: Vera Ann McCoy, Donna Wagner, Shirley Michaelis, Fayetta Hurst, Carolyn Beutler. THIRD ROW Mildred Doebbeling Jack Schroyer, Bill Tanck, Bill Rohr. KNOT PlCTUREDg Gerald Oppliger, Janice Rufenachtj. The Eagleaires, the newly formed swing band, has made rapid progress 1n its early stages, It performed for the first time at the Ness County Teacher's Meeting In February the band played for the Yearbook Ball and an American Legion dance lt also played for the dedication of the Ness County Hospital, at the band concerts, and as an exchange assembly for Trego Community High School at Wakeeney FIRST ROW: Carol Legg, DeLynn Humburg, Karen Smyth, Barbara Linn, Vera Lee Feuers, Wilma Schaben, Shirley Michaelis, Stu- dent Director. SECOND ROW: Mary Holmes, Carolyn Beutler, Mary Eileen Hawkinson, Beverly Petersilie, Mildred Doebbeling, Jack Schroyer, Bill Tanck. THIRD ROW: Vera Ann McCoy, Donna Wagner, Fayetta Hurst. FOURTH ROW: Juanita Pember, Jeanne Clouston, BillRohr, Donna Munch, Pat Legg. KNOT PIC- TURED: Gerald Oppligerj. wing ana! Qld Z37anc! S Wfffea FRONT ROW: Virginia Ellis, Cheerleader, Shirley Michaelis, Vice-President, Mary Holmes, Secretary-Treasurer, Marilyn Mellies, President, Vera Lee Feuers, Assembly Chairman, Jean Clouston, Student Council, Pat Legg, Cheerleader, Georgianna Boyde, Cheer- leader. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Beck, Decoration Chairman, Verda Delaney, Arlene Beck, Donna Debes, Mildred Doebbeling, Jo- Leen Rupp, DeLynn Humburg, Wilma Schaben, Donna Roof, Ellen Cooley, Donna Wagner. THIRD ROW: Barbara Cunningham, Fayetta Hurst, Carol Legg, Vera Mae Rohr, Karen Smythe, lla Jones, Marie Ann Herman, Wilma Jones, Donna Lyon, Carolyn Beutler, Karen Hair, Elaine Howard. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Linn, Marilyn Claassen, Vivian Dinkel, Mary Hawkinson, Arlene Har- per, Shelby Betz, Marjorie Ellis, Twila Dinkel, Eleanor Arnold, Kay Eckels, Carol Boyde. FIFTH ROW: Beverly Petersilie, Pat Burditt, Ida Belle Rohr, Roberta Davenport, Agner Gassman, Joan Arnold, Twyla Rorhe, Twyla Borger, Cora Walter, Janice Whit- ley. NOYITIS Giibel. ROTJSIIS Lieker. KNOT PICTURED--Vera McCoy, Adele Prose, Delores Worleyl. PURPOSE: The purpose of this club shall be to promote better school spirit and good sportsmanship within the club and the school. SCHOOL COLORS: Blue and White SCHOOL SONG: Cro You Ness Eagles Me aaa era oodf mardi LuElma Murray "Fight, team, fight!" And fight they did, Sponsor and cheer the Eagle did, his lusty screams combining with those of the student body, in an undiminishing support of our teams, whether they won or lost. MOSTLY WON! Delores Worley Cheerleade r I' Q, W -is 1 l it OFFICERS President ....... Dick Finnin Vice-President .... Gerald Oppliger Secretary-Treasurer . . Torn Stoecklein Student Council ..,.. .Terry Meis Coaches . . . . William T. Goldsmith Eugene Cfabel Albert Grurnbein Merle Harris Chester Hogsett Darrel Hopper Torn Kohl Ronald Leiker Jim Meis LeRoy Munsch 77 CCM B ruce C onway MEMBERS Alfred Swartzskoph Carroll Stecklein Jack Schroyer Dewey Schuler Eugene Wagner Ralph Rebel Billy Rohr Davy Rothe Dale Rupp Cheerleaders at the Scott City and Ness City football game--they are Delores Worley, Georgianna Boyde, Virginia Ellis, and Patricia Legg. The World History class relaxed from test to pose for the picture. Twas King Meis and Queen Legg with their attendants who reigned at the second annual "Yearbook Ball," Q25 QQQ55. Mrs. Henry Herman Mrs. Anna Marie Wasinger Mrs. George Stecklein Mrs. Johnnie Herman 3 Y , if "Homecoming" football king, Gerald Oppliger and queen, Cora Walter. Queen Attendants were Donna Munch, Mary Holmes, and Donna Debes. King attendants were Jim Meis, Eugene Gabel, and Pete Gabel, Jr. Coronation ceremonies immediately preceded the Dighton and Ness City football game. Harold Durst was master of ceremonies. Mr. Linn and one section of 1 English I students receive O Y N04 his Constitution class took a .T moment from their concentrated U attention to pose for the picture. Q detailed explanation as to the diagramming of sentences. Mary Holmes and Dick Finnin do some fast stepping at the second annual "Yearbook Ba1l" with students in the background. Compliments from MR, AND MRS, VIC FILBERT WEBSTER AND WICK SERVICE STATION English II students study literature which enables them to obtain through reading a better understanding of people in the home, community, nation, and world. vi' -- fe - Jfvz ' z 'V Busy typing II students work hard to get the Eagle Observer out on time, type regular lessons, print programs and other material on the mimeograph plus the setup of the yearbook. X E -f Jr' B D , 5, lx , M-HY' L' ef-A f ' K I' 1 l 0 V H V Z QW 6 The Yearbook Staff and guests M' A ' 4 lf' " . -1 enjoy dancing to the Eagleaires at X , . 1' ii ' XY ,. ' L-u the second annual "Yearbook Ball. " f l' D A ,A . 3,1 r- li ,M K 1 -1 S X ' x r Y E lk - . ., li x 5 Y' V. Q -I.. V- r lm ' - Ness City and Scott City seconds battle over the ball in a league game on the Scott City court. 52 SALES Sz SERVICE SUPPLY CO, PAUIJS 66 SERVICE gf if wi -1 ' 1-1 'N 'V' .Spoof-la Producing top teams in football has been the code of Head Coach William T. Goldsmith He attained his fourth successive goal in 1953 by leading his undefeated football team to championship. The blue and white was led to champion- ship by twelve seniors and a glittering array of underclassmen in their 1953 gridiron appearances. .W w1lQ4E5g.- . V nn u p ,3it,,3F14,gL9,3Nign h fiayiiiqjf' ' gootaaf SEASON S RECORD OPPONENTS WaKeeney Leot1 LaCrosse Tr1bune Bazme Scott Crty Drghton Jetmore TOTAL THEY LEAGUE STANDINGS 222 TEAM Ne s s Crty Sc ott Crty Jetmore Dlghton Trlbune LaC r os se Le ot1 WON LOST PERCENT 1000 833 333 333 333 000 Q . ' 1? , 4,1 3 11 U SX 1 :- Mx , , V R 1 FRONT ROW Bruce Conway Assrstant Coach Drck Frnmn Jerry Mers Ralph Rebel Tom Kohl Dewey Schuler Carroll Stecklern Merle Harrrs B111 Goldsmrth Head Coach .SECOND ROW Albert Grumbexn Manager Gene Gabel Gary O Brlen Eugene Wagner Davy Rothe Darrell Hopper Tom Stoecklem Gerald Opplrger Jack Sch.royer Alfred Schwarzzkopf Manager THIRD ROW Gary Coker ,hm Mrsner Errol Krnsmger LeRoy Munsch Dale Rupp Jrm Mers Tom Rodrrguez Brlly Rohr Brlly Haas FOURTH ROW Roger McCre1ght B111 Tanck Ronald Eckles Dwayne Sculley Gaylen Margherm Pete Ga el Delbert Werlert Van Hawkrns Warren Srek Jerry Schuler and Kenny Lelker DENGATE'S STORE MODERN APPLIANCE 8: FURNITURE 3' U XSD-,-11 J .C My xi X 34, 5 Coach Bruce Conway's team gave the fans some exciting thrills during the 1953-1954 season. Out of the nineteen games played, the Eagles won sixteen and lost three by a small margin. High score men were Alfred Schwartzkopf 268 points, Merle Harris 239 points, Carroll Stecklein 155 points, Davy Rothe 115 points, Albert Cvrurnbein 89 points. FIRST TEAM FRONT ROW: Carroll Srecklein, Davy Rothe, Dick Finnin, Tom Kohl, Tom Sroecklein, Ronald Lei- ker. BACK ROW: Bruce Conway, Coachg Gerald Oppliger, Albert Grumbein, Merle Harris, Alfred Schwartzkopf. iwlefdaff Ness City 69 St. Mary's Ness City 53 Tribune Ness City 48 Leoti Ness City 43 Dighton Ness City 56 Jetrnore Ness City 50 LaCrosse Ness City 69 Hill City Ness City 64 Scott City Ness City 63 Tribune Ness City 65 Leoti Ness City 62 Dighton Ness City 67 .Tetrnore Ness City 39 La Crosse Ness City 57 Sacred Heart Ness City 64 Scott City WKEA TOURNEY Ness City eo Leoti Ness City 55 Scott City DISTRICT TOURNEY Ness City 63 Lyons Ness City 54 Larned BROOKS-COOPER DRY GOODS CO HAMB URGER INN 55 44 1 si, .TIESS . M 3' ' 1 NES 36 Halsey 480 NESO 45 -6 I SECOND TEAM FRONT ROW: Ronnie Eckels, Managerg Van Hawkins, Bill Tanck, Jack Schroyer, Bill Rohr, Tom Rodriquez, Ronald Heronemus. BACK ROW: Errol Kinsinger, Arlyn Harris, Warren Siek, Gene Gabel, Tom Seib, Robert Gassman, Dee Doebbeling, William T. Goldsmith, Coach. SEASON'S RECORD Ness City 42 St. Mary's 23 Ness City 39 Leoti 56 Ness City 27 Tribune 32 Ness City 51 Dighton 63 Ness City 37 Leoti 35 Ness City 40 LaCrosse 43 Ness City 38 Dighton 32 Ness City 49 Sacred Heart 61 Ness City 39 Jetmore 30 Ness City 36 Scott City 60 Ness City 45 LaCrosse 60 Ness City 33 Hill City 22. WKEA TOURNEY Ness City 50 Scott City 48 Ness City 34 Tribune 37 Ness City 31 LaCrosse 36 ea ECON 30171, 2 Q R ii 5 ' ' J, ' 51 i i A 3 B 9 , ,J my :Jr jf ,ez it 1 . FRESHMAN TEAM K f 2 if -'X . Q, 5 A FRONT ROW: Ronme Eckels, Rodney Barrows, Pete :HF-Ss ,rr IK-f Gabel, Kenneth Leiker, Tom Rodriquez, Bruce Con ers, -644 41 'fl' 22 it way, Coach. BACK ROW: Gary Coker, Delbert Wie 1 lert, Bill Tanck, Tom Seib, Van Hawkins, Dennis YXESS YXESS SESS M615- sis 1 49 42 SEASON'S RECORD Ness City 19 Jetmore 22 Ness City 50 Jetmore 27 JR. HIGH B TEAM SCORES Ness City 14 Dighton " 12 Wakeeney " ll Quinter " 12 Wakeeney " 9 Dighton PLAYERS: Dewayne Michaelis, Jon Mauch, Tommy Jones, Jackie Cline, William T. Goldsmith, Coach, Larry Schwartz, Vernon Hannon, Leonard Ellis, Eldon Strobel, Louis Kaupp, David Lawrence, Gene Delaney, Peter Marcus, David Harris. JR, HIGH A TEAM SCORES Ness City 29 Sacred Heart 12 " Z4 Dighton 41 " Z9 Hoxie 31 " Z8 Menlo 18 " 12 Palco 2.3 " 13 Wakeeney 29 " 13 Dighton Z5 " 30 I-Ianston 37 " 44 Jetmore Z1 PLAYERS: Harold Godwin, Terry Coker, Larry Raskopf, Carlyn Koester, Don Humburg, Jon Hawkinson, William T. Goldsmith, Coachg Boyd Beutler, Roger Arnold, Gail Harris, Stan- ley Depee, Larry Brown, Vernon Harper, Larry McCoy, Terry VanDegrift, Jimmy Dinsmore. GRADE SCHOOL A TEAM The Grade School Eaglettes are getting an early start in their basketball careers by playing intermural games. The get up and go of these small Eaglettes gives an encouraging glimpse into our future Eagle record where hopes are anticipated for more basketball years as successful as the year of 1954. PLAYERS: Stanley Steiben, Larry Legg, Frank Regier, Jerry Eckles, Max Sheldon, Bruce Con- way, Coachg Daniel Margheim, Larry Slum, Douglas Floyd, Jerry Michaelis, Linn Nelson, Dean McCulley, Tommy Linn, Garry Switzer, Larry Scott, Gary Betz. GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM FRONT ROW: Leland V. High, Coach: Pat Legg, Virginia Ellis, Janice Whitley, Vera Lee Feuers, Delores Worley, Marilyn Mel- lies, Mary Holmes, Donna Wagner, Carol Legg, Harold Durst, Assistant Coach. BACK ROW: Wanda Worley, Verda Delaney, Vera Mae Rohr, Twyla Rothe, lla Jones, Adele Prose, Marilyn Claassen, Roberta Davenport. Kay Eckels. Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness GIRLS 'S BASKETBALL SCORES 37 Brownell 43 42 Arnold 35 38 Hanston 36 27 Brownell 42 19 Arnold 21 42 Hanston 34 GRADE SCHOOL B TEAM FIRST ROW: Albert Grumbein, Assistant Coach: Charles Sigley, Lee Dirks, Wilbert Wagner, Robert Fose, Terry Swartz, Dick Fin- nin, Assistant Coach. SECOND ROW: Carl Worley, Larry Mauch, Dennis Miner, Darrell McCulley, Billy Dee Johnston: Junior Boyde, Bruce Conway, Coach. THIRD ROW: Billy Hawkins, James Claypool, J. C. Humburg, Jimmy Herman, Barry Billings, Eddie Wassinger, Harold Schuler. 2 i l flint fi' l xgg, W . G FQ, galelgaf jeamd ONE YEAR HENCE Although these boys had no chance to play any other team, but they practiced and learned the fundamentals with determination to make the A team by next year and hope to play competitive games X Ei 555 U .ESS UTY xi L T? 'l QTY' 'Y X1 L 'Q txajff' 1 fl l ' Q ,Q-A Ph A D K ' he 2 fr FRONT ROW: Dick Finnin, Davy Rothe, Bill Tanck, Pete Gabel, Kenneth Cavenah. SECOND ROW: Carroll Stecklein, Bill Rohr, Eugene Wagner, Gene Gabel, William Haas, Rodney Barrows. THIRD ROW: Bruce Conway, Coachg Alfred Schwartzhopf, Robert Gassman, Ronald Lieker, Ronald Heronemus, Kenneth Lieker. QNOT PICTURED: Tom Kohlj. Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness SEASON'S SCORE Dodge City O Ransom Z DODGE CITY INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT Dodge City 8 Ness 8 Dodge City 7 Great Bend 4 Ness 0 Wichita East 4 Garden City O Great Bend 5 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Garden City 2 Ness 4 Garden City 7 ZZUQAQK - flat FRONT ROW: Thomas Rodriquez, Gary Coker, Jerry Meis, Gerald Oppliger, Van Hawkins, Linly Stum, William T. Goldsmith, Coach. SECOND ROW: Gaylen Margheim, Warren Siek, Dale Rupp, Chester Hogsett, Richard "Dewey" Schuler, Errol Kinsinger, Roger McCreight. fTom Kohl NOT PICTUREDJ. LEAGUE RATINGS Chester Hogsett placed first in high jump, second in 880 yard run, Q in high hurdles. Jerry Meis placed fourth in 440 yard dashg Linly Stum in 880 yard rung Richard "Dewey" Schuler Q31 in shot put and Tom Kohl in discus. In the medley Relay--Van Hawkins Jerry Meis, Dale Rupp and Torn Kohl placed third, while the freshmen Errol Kinsinger, Van Hawkins, Torn X Rodriquez and Bill Tanck placed l grit in the 880 Relay. At the Dighton Track meet Ness City placed third with 43 points and at the Scott City Relays Ness City I captured eighth place with 8 1x2 points. NLS, ityssfl - SAOKGFJALPJ WKEA LEAGUE STANDINGS and polnts earned by the schools competxng 1n the Emporla State Teachers College scholarsh1p tests are Scott C1ty 58 3f5 Ness Clty 34 lfl0 LaCrosse 34 D1ghton ZZ H10 Trlbune 19 112 .Ietmore ll U10 Leot1 3X5 SUBJECT STUDENT RATING Engh sh I Enghsh III Algebra I Const1tut1on Amer1can H1story Typlng I Bookkeep1ng Foods General Sc1ence Errol K1ns1nger Fayetta Hurst .Ianlce Rufenacht Arlyn Harrls Orv1s K1ser Dee Doebbelrng Carolyn Beutler Carroll Lee Steckle1n M1ldred Doebbellng Carolyn Beutler .Iuanlta Kay Pember DeLynn Humburg Elame Howard Tom McCo Donna Roo Flfth Fourth Flfth Th1rd Flfth Thlrd Fourth Second Flfth Fourth Flrst Fourth F1rst Thlrd Fourth Typ1ng I Team placed Frrst 1n the WKEA LEAGUE w1th Carolyn Beutler Mary Holmes and Jack Schroyer 1n the team earnxng an accumulated score of 375 po1nts The NESS CITY HIGH SCHOOL TEAM rated SIXTH 1n the Class B schools and was awarded a cert1f1cate of Honorable Ment1on 1n the STATE scholarshlp contest SUBJECT Enghsh I Engh sh III L1terature III Algebra I Arner1can Hlstory C on St1tL1t1OI'1 Current Affa1r S Latln I Bookkeepmg Shorthand Typ1ng I Typlng II Foods Cloth1ng STUDENT Errol Klnslnger Shlrley M1chael1s .Ianlce Ruienacht Vera Anne McCoy Arlyn Harr1s Carroll Lee Steckle1n M1ldred Doebbellng DeLynn Humburg Dee Doebbehng Mary Holmes Vera Anne MCCO Dee Doebbellng Barbara Cunnlngham Mar1e Hermon Barbara Llnn .Iuanlta Kay Pember Vera Anne McCoy DeLynn Hurnburg .Tuanlta Kay Pember Twlla Mae D1nkel Jack Schroyer Carolyn Beutler M1ldred Doebbehng .Iuanlta Kay Pemoer Ela1ne Howard Carol Boyde Mary HaWk1nSOn RATING Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable Honorable Th11'd Honorable Honorable F1fth Honorable Second Second Thlrd Flfth Honorable F1rst Thlrd Honorable Honorable Honorable Second Honorable Honorable Honorable Second Flrst Flrst Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on Ment1on The COMMERCE SUBJECT TEAM placed FIRST ln the state w1th M1ldred Doebbel1ng Vera Anne McCoy Jaunlta Kay Pember and Jack Schroyer mak1ng up the team The BOOKKEEPING CLASS of the school year 1953 1954 placed EIGHTH 1n the 17th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL BOOKKEEPING CONTEST sponsored by the Buslness Educatlon World Magaz1ne DeLynn Humburg rated EIGHT 1n the state sen1or scholarshlp test and SECOND 1n the Class B schools and rece1ved an Honorable Ment1on certlflcate SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 HONOR STUDENTS DeLynn Humburg Donna .Tune Munch Delores Worley M1ldred Doebbellng Twlla Mae D1nkel Dawr Elda Reed Carroll Lee Steckle1n Davy Rothe Eleanor Ann Arnold Juanlta Kay Pember Charlene K1ser Jerry Mels 60 I I 1 . , Q- ! ! ! ! ' r Y :ls :iz :lc al: Fayetta Hurst . . . . Honorable Mention Y . 9 . . l COMMENCEMENT Program Tuesday, May 18, 1954 - 8P. M. -nchs- PTOCESSIODHI ...............,..... Ness City High School Band "Pomp and Circumstances" Invocation .... ............... R everend Ray Ensign Pastor of our Re-leemvr Lutheran Church Vocal Duet .... ..., D onna Munch and Shelby Kay Borger Address-"This I Believe"., ........ Clement Wood Fort Hays State College 'kHalls of Ivy". .. ..... Ness City High School Mixed Chorus Presentation of Class of 1954... .... Prin. Harold Durst Presentation of Diplomas .... ..... E lmer Humburg Benediction .... .... ....... R e verend Ensign Recessional .... .,.............. N ess City High School Band "Pomp and Circumstances" Mudlence please stand and remain standing for Processionul and Recessionall QWWZV ,M Wjywfpf M ffffy ,fi 2,32 QQ ,ff ggkwafk M xii? H TENS? iii 9 'Y 5, it Q MWMXJ ' K Q2 H iff Q? 1 1533 .36-550 - iv Qfjg5Mv A , , ,rift ' A n, V ,l . W ' U jfyfl X 1- Q' X X ffl' fl 'I I 'I In 'DJ I fvuj. ' ,,f. p I u J' , X 14f"" xiii, ffl fy f, i ,Hy Y T ig 'L My Jyvoy K fy M Nyffmyvf iam S EM? W WM S M A M 5 wi S3 M ,JM kim? wffflffsffwfw 3 E W?i5 SNES Wm L, Wfwfyw Q YEARBOOKS 0 fi' Cfyllptfv lv

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