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Nespelem High School - Savage Talk Yearbook (Nespelem, WA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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--.,-.,.. lla' we j QL 1951 1952 ANNUAL STAFF Alvina Rroncheau Editor in-Chief Sharon Duncan Assistant Editor Shirley Knapp, Donna Miller Business Managers Darrel Knapp Senior Class Representadve Sharon Duncan Junior Clas Representative Keith Phillips Freshman Class Representative Ellen Dubes, Robert Thomas 7th and 8th grade Representative Bernadine Perkins Lower Grades Ramona Knapp Gir1s'Sports Ray Nissen, Junior Somday Boys' Sports Alvina Broncheau Art Editor Annual Staff Activities Miss Ridge Advisor S P E L E M C H O N e a s h 1 n g t P -I s Q I I 'gli Nwf -Q, . 1 ' p 'it G? Cl Jean Rickard.:::::::::::::::::Sophomore Class Representative N E H I G H S O L s p e 1 e m, W on DEDICATION Because of her untiring efforts and help fulness in any enternrizes we undertake because she is so much a part of our school life, encouraging us on to a hlgher goal,thus helping us to form ideals that will be a great benifit to us in the years ahead, we feel it an honor and a priviledge for us,the 1951-S2 staff of the "Savage 'I'a1k'L to dedi- cate this annual to Mrs. Van Tassell our lib- rarian,mathamaticsand English teacher, and seventh grade advisor. vhtt..-V. , -f . Q - . ,:4, . ,V .ffi 1 - s - noone . . . A-lr., , 0 1 p.,,'- , . V ., .V x,-T. H. ,.,, , A . -, .x.-Q..-.-.-. NY--. vein- Q' ' NS! W ., M ,-. M ,. X l ,- . .-.- ,-.N -.. -2 I Thx -yllisuqs ..-' x -X,--.,3gi'.'..3N ,I-,..:,-'jf-,".'..S Q,','43X-sr-"..-,1w..S ' x " x . Jr, wr . ' 3 2 . , , Ag, . 5 . . . , -4 3 G 11, ,.. 1 s 'W . Z- iUlJ . 54 . f. r -..,, - .. f. - 'M 54.4 .- I ,- 1 1 mf ' - iv--Zi: 2.1. no fifff' ,-f- ,mfj-f. , : 'ix . ,-' A ft , 'F A l i., , - ,. 'u Z .,- x . - - N I 6 ' ' ' x : . . 5 x 5 af , Q 6 . A 1' ." :- " L . , x 5 A ,ga , ' L 5? J 5 k . -3 - fr' S rf - - ,gf sV.'W'fU5VW'kf6'x9bY,S Jvrg, ,SPQQLNM ,Q - . .- ' , wx. , - -5 -. Z' F ' 4' . ,- 3 1 - .+- :- ' 4:2 - SS' , iff , , 1 4 iff' JF ,JJV -491- . 11 -...Q ' 'W g,- X.. - N .w"'-ree:-.-.U X .-Nu, " p -. q N '--. ' 1 AQ 2. 1' t 4.912 ', ,.' .J- A-""' -' 2,--" -"1-,1Q':,,,,,: - " 1 'gQ,:'fz9 1.3 - -- - - N- . - -- z- -.- ' W, . V' . .: v h' - . .. "f,-rf: " . .:-- - " ,. . ,':T- : -:J-,-:. .,, ,A , ,-lf' ..- '-:., , 1' :Q Nw ' Hr -. ,,, -1 -- .1 .- . .-,, -- M Ft ' .. 'n-5-, '-.1 "'L-7:l-.'S- no BOARD EDUCATI ON T ha is c Ame lcan, tll n m 9 e lS nelther a hu ropean, nor the ce endan of a uron n hence that stranfe rixture of olood, wdich you wlll lno ln no other countrf I could point 01+ to you a family, who dfat er s an Cn 11 hman, hose ife .a D c n n GU Crenchwonan, and wqo e present four son lave no: four wixes of diffe ent natlons Fe i an fmerican, who leaflng behind fl ll nls an cient prejudices and manners receives ne ones fron t e new mode of life, he has embraced the new government he ODGQS, and the new rank he holds Here individuals are melted 1nto a new race of m n, whose labors and posterity will one d y cause creat cnanfes 1U the world Amerlcans are the western pilgrims, wro are carrying along with them the Treat mass of arts, sciences, V1UOP and 1DOlStPy, Wh1Ch began lon slnce in the East They will fin ish the great circle ICUL Y Colle e, Avricultur 1 Colle e o Utah, recs ac elor of arts pac e or of Cl nee, Master of Cl nee, Peacle n lish two and three, ookeepinr, JCuPHallS1 lS 3QllSOF o irls Club, Paper taff, and enual Staf'f', SOPhonore cl ss Mrs Gutlrie ducatlon Central Wasnlngton College of Edu cation, -asfington State College, university of ashington Teacles grades three and four Ama Deach Van Tassell Nassar Colle,e, Chlc Oo WIVSTS1 Wasuinston UHiN6PSltV, State College of Washington Le rees Bachelor op Arts,Washington State Teaczer,Librarian Certifi cate She teaches General hatrnatics, geometry, Seventh and Uighth Readin , Ninth English, eventh rade Advlsor Julia Mathews Eastern Central Teachers' Ccllege,Aea, Okla homa Southwestern Teachers' Colleve She teaches the slxth araqe Grade sc ool anc Hizh school Fone Economics Wster Burns Ore on College of ducaticn, Southern Idaho College of education Teaches the fifth rade Nellie Fox FdUC8tlOD Txo years at western 8SFlU ton, Bellinznam Normal, Central fashinvton College of dlcation POAEKARD U L ,i M. ,. N. . . 7 Q. V C oA r. . s ew .an. h - , -C , A. - J T sci t E a : N . . , , .. A A ' A. 1 A .ll I lu ' . t se gran .4 na 'A g ' s w. nv v' f ui fm. ee co.. axri v' a J ' U 1 F S I V ' L r . . s 1 A v' . Q'm a-' M' - . nn- '- ,. , ,, tv ., .. L- . , , J -. ' v . - L, 5 Q l fs V Q 5.1 . T 0 . ,A 7 , 5 . 13 K5 . .1 . q . K n 1 x L5 A Q 1 X- O Fiu T . T . W ,T , . Q NlSS Susie Ridge-Universlt, of Idaho, nasnlngton State C' 'fx 'T L. Q: U ' E1 A l pcg ' -ua LA , I o s 1 l Q 'f .- S . , ' , s Q g L ' 3 3 H f 4. une M f f , T f' h , 3 . S 1 - .A a .. . . ?' -I ' - ." l lx 4 - W k V ,H , ' L N ll n.. O 1 . 7 ' T' ' v ' 4- . s., " .-.. 11" 'A UBY, , . , , I J .1 ' L, 4' - V 0 Z " , . - L - y - 1 - l N 0 A .AA ' 1 , W . A4 If J C . I , - . , . M , H , - . . , . SJ I A1 L1 4 L. 4 0 - 'r T W A-4 LJ Y J-4 4 O an I -4 . - H ., H . 9 . A . - H . 5 , U L. -H . C a 5 k L ' . "Faculty" lCont1nuedl Elmer E. Dubes-Superintendent-Education-Blackhill Teach- ers' College, Spearfish, Suoth Dakota, Eastern Washington Col lege of Education, Washington State College. Degrees-Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Master of Arts. Teaches Washington History, Senior Social Studies. Ben Pease, Coach. Education-Linfield College, University of Oregon, Rocky Mountain College, University of Washington Degrees-Bachelor of Science Subjects Personal Business,sev enth grade math Jeorge Haas North Idaho College of Education, West Mich igan State College, Universitv of Idaho, Washington State Col le e Degrees B S fEd I fpsychology J Subjects Eight grade ma h, and English, U S History, Seventh and Eighth boys re ading, Ninth grade reading, Remedial Reading C ONGRATULA TIONS QRADUAUS I ME ARE HER: TO SERVE X COULH DAIW DRUG COULEEDAM WN Q' L Q ', Z ., 1952 g Pr id 1: f? ,Q V: President Secretary Si HZQRQ , ff fQwzfmeiZ,,,,7.4,, el'll0l'5 3' ,232 12 ff a-gig 'wen NM ws Hrs' Eff! ,al na Wg 'nf ,.r.. ef? if 1 1" r xr SFNIOR CLASS WILL Johnnie Bell wlll my whiskers to Nid Bradshaw in hopes he will shave oftener than I do My wavy hair t atner CBillJ Gray, and my basketball ability to Edward Purcell Alvina Broncheau have nothing whatsoever to leave They wouldn't want it anyway Jun1or Circle will my football ability to Guy Wanamkin, and my short hair cuts to people with long hair will the Owhi Flat and Charlie Moses and David football ability I got to and my bashfulness around Fleming, he needs it Bob Courville Kay Courville all its horses to Hunt What little Bernadine Perkins, the girls to Lynn will my height to Gail Orr, my typing abili ty to Donna Miller in hopes she can use it, and do better Thomas Friedlander will my football ability to Edward Purcell, and my bashfulness to Jeanne Rnd thunder Fred Gendron will my dancing ability to Tony Peo, y he1 ht to Gail Orr in hopes that he can make good use of it, and my ability of trylng to play a guitar to Vernon Beaver rest I'll keep myself because I might need it later on Darrell Knapp will my tumbling ability to Jay Anthony, what singing ability I have to anyone who wants it, guitar playing to Vernon Beaver My name to onna Heath irley Knapp will my ability of being true to my man, while he is in the service, to all the girls a N H S My past boy friends to Audrey And my long fingernalls to Ramona, i case she needs them Ruth Moses will my dimples to Bernadine Perkins ability to type to Yvonne Friedlander,t ere by hoping that she will bestow upon me some of her ability to type, my personality, Qif I have anyl to Donna Miller will my football ability to Father QB1llJ ray, my basketball ability to Charlie Moses and my ability with Girls to Andy Nampuya James Somday l all Johnnie Pel1's toni's to ather lBillJ Gray My grades to Lawrence Somday My ability to attend school regularly to Peck Circle. like Somday . . . . .- li?T- - -. . O fl gn H I1 C : - . . O ' 2 A . I '- 0 I O 4 I O : 1 m .... ....... ,U O - U H 0 June Kinkaid: will my height to anyone who wants it. The SJ O ini-1-111 , 1 1 Y? ' X 0 O Sh : t O O I I ' n O --n ---7 9 my h - 0 , n n --1. F J , . 1 O 0 I! ' wi 1 ...1 H F' H O O " o SVWIOR PLLSS ILL fContinuedQ I Floyd Whyatt will my rades to Barbara Brooks, my atnle tic abitity to Johnny Gray, my cornet play ing to Neil Orr, and my typing ability to Ramona Knapp SENIOR CLASS PROPLLCY Being gifted with psychic powers, I am able to foretell the coming events Come follow along of tomorrow year of nineteen hundred and June Kinkaid is to make polition Opera House, the senlors of l952 attend June has now accomplished her opera singer She plans to study under Paris Hearin, that in my dreams I had the strangest dream and I shall lead you into an unknown world seventy two debut at the Cosmo made it a point to dream of being an a famous singer in Upon arrival at the Cosmopolition Opera House, I could hear the orchestra playing the nUnfinished Symphony under the direction of a great musical dlrector, Alvina Broncheau Soon to arrive was a dashing handsome young man, who wovld be of utmost interest to a psychiatrist The motto, captivating creature This prophet saw Johnny Bell glide in escorted by five beautiful ladies To my utter amazement I learned this was his harem He has another marria,e sched uled for next month Another man whose name everyone sees in movie books and newspapers and whose face everyone sees in the movies 1 Michael Somday It seems that Michael has Cary Grant, Greg ory Peck, John Derek, and other famous actors looki up the rst train for home Imagine in 1952 he played Willien in the senior play 'Spooky Tafern a great production Shirley Knapp, now a housewife, arrived escorted by one she referred to as NRedn in the good old days of 1952 Shir lev,still a pretty, charming lady, has twelve children The saylng goes 1t's cheaper by the dozen She is also a fam ous home economist James Somday, bro her of the actor Michael Somday, has gained great popularity in his field M G W is going to make a movie of James CAlias Thorpe! Somday James has earn ed the 'All American title James has just gotten his sixth divorce Ruth Moses,who expecially made this trip to attend the debut of June Kinkaid, now teaches at a famous women's col leae It seems Ruth has turned manhater She had found con tentment in her books, which she says are never disappoint ina I Q : rr 1 . - ' .J 7 un .. 1 . A . , 0 Q O .I I Q g 3 0 M -- , ,Q . , . Q 9 " O 'U' ' m O .A 0 . J I L , I M , nOne for all and that one is men especially applies to this 0 I V ' 'YT ' . L A - .. g - I . s A . I 1 fi . , ng 1 1 VI O o . D 0 - V - C J -- , - O 4- D - . j 0 I OTA. O In . I O - ' l N I U , 1 gh, 0 ., 0 Us SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY KCont1nuedD A second Einstein, Floyd Whyatt,with a Ph D B S ,M A and many other degrees, just discovered a bomb more powerful than the hydrogen bomb Considered a hermit,Floyd spends all his time in his laboratory on the hillside ofa thrivinv industrial city of Nespelem Floyd, a loverof long haired music, readily consented to atiend June's wwut especially since his former classmates will be there The next one to make his appearance is Bob Courville Bob has a ranch near the largest city in the world Nesnelem He is also a millionaire He and his wife,Pat, entertain guests from Europe the year round He has also enters! politics He will probably be President of U S soon Great entertainers in the music world Eddie Arnolds of the West, guitarists, Darrell Knapp and Fred endron, can be heard on the radio every morning and seen on television every night They are now touring the world Next is Kay Courville, who now has a beauty shop 1 Hollywood All actresses patronize her shop because of her ability to make women of sixty look sixteen In fact she ing, pay a visit to Kav's Swanky Shoppe in Hollywood Another hunk of masculinity to arrive, is Thomas Fried lander Thomas now holds the heavy weight championshlp Thousands cheer when he enters the ring Millions cheer when he goes out Thomas is as great as Joe Lewis Late to arrive is Junior Circle It seems he was pre occupied with his goats Unlike other goat herders, hls goats have brought him millions The entire Owhi flat is oc cupied with goats Another of his ambitions was togvet mar ried, which he has to a certain girl that was in the ei hth grade in 1952 Awakened in Physics Class by Mr Kelly, this prophet is unable to tell any more However, another meeting is predic- ted to take place in the latter part of the 20th Century 0 3 o e o 'Q A'B'l 1 ' 1 , o o n can lift anyone's face. If you feel your face needs lift- "'-' w' mx , ., - , ,Q V' " "x1,'i7" . X 1 , . x . p- N --N "- . -f- . -5 -of -- . . - x, . - " ' .. ' 5 55" K -' -'-f - 'A' -- . ' . - '- . --xx-0 Wir. , ..,,. ., -- , ., ,, 'tn - Q - ir I JH- 4 If .,": 31 ' .- , , " I .1 I .' ,' l- ,v I- 1 I 1 J X 1 . .i W ia A. -' A ' " -1 1 ' 1 ,.f'!4 ' 1 x 5' - THE GREAT FILES 'W I -Q ' 'Psa r u ,A 'A M, P f ,if gvf? s 1" 4i'4q,. fa- 'N K x"n, 'I 0151.4 5 if " " """' nP""1'h A X 1 ' lk N n 'N S'n"xu X ,xg hgh 'bw IJ , f . ' - . J. : ff , W3 " , ? J- I, .. ' '-' ' .n I , ,r . 4 2 l . - , S -5 'T 5, , . W .1:- , . ' Af yds. V Agjzl-fy ,.'- 45,521 1: it 2,14 "" , ,E ., ,, ,Z ,Q ' ' ' V -' . 1.-f,',? .l N fl, :f'355'if"" F ' I' 'lil I 4:3211 . , ':i , '- -4 1 .. ' , "I . ,, ii J" '1 1' -,'Hfx":5L1..,:'3:,i'?,.?fZ'i- -, gh, WL 45.4, A- -I .I xl r.-D I' 1. 1.1-1,1ax.1 '- - . . ,.., ., i 7 7 I J ' . ' 5 xx! . ' FL "15"'9: " M Y ii! ,f'a1s1,.-1 Y. 11 . 222353 " ' T31 -SFT5532?liziifrfis-'f'+fe-ff-- 'QF-ti.. I 2:1635 ' V ., 4, 49 1.,fg.Lg415g.-gi.:-1,'g,.. ' " "GRf:"9 . p A.. ' 1,-M: 3:5 Vai,-3-,'u', '-'f?:: 1' 'I-EP' 113-E"'1:TQ'1-5. I .,-4:4 ,if 4:11-wg I A Q - . . fg -'D-3.5lSii ' J" f" 5 " -.'-'ff'I": "T K. 4 ,.g2,U.,pf,f.- nr- Y. Q., l .7" 4 .al ," 5-'X .1 ' 1' 'I . A' -. , . 1 ' -.1-., 1,-, 41 rw.,-. ,, 5111.2-.1f.' kr' fitiwf' 'vi g-:,'g1.-, 4" 1'-,-ragga. 1 ' Q',k'1gg3 51,5-.ig-"Q ' :L . "N, :, ,-51535-' :' Rlfffff. F if: Ik ' 'ffm 132: if 5: wi . " if 1iP'5Y:?,S's-:Eff , f,,""' "Q I rf, if ?5" -.c ' - ,- . . .,, .. - ,, JUNICR CLASS our first meeting we elected the following offlcers President Bud Gray Vice President Dorland Palmer Secretary William Anthony Representative Sharon Duncan Sergeant at Arms Alvin Redthunder Advisor Mr G Haas We have had a very active year, winning first place in the Christmas program with an outstandlng skit, givlng a dance after a basketball game in December and having several candy sales during the vear We are looking forward to presenting our play in the spring and we instigated the idea of putting an 'Nw on the hill Members of the class participated in many things, our sports minded boys took part in all phases of sports, William Anthony, and Bud Gray, Dorland Palmer and Tony Peo did their utmost in football and basketball season found Bud Gray, Dorland Palmer, Ray Nissen, Nelson Iukes and Tony Peo working together as the first five and William Anthony and Alvin Red thunder fighting for the second string They were belng backed by the two Junior cheerleaders, Sharon Duncan and Mona Knapp The Junior class was well represented in twirling this year by Sharon Duncan, Kay Orr and Mona Knapp At ' : 00000UOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOOOOO000000 Ol! 0000 0000000 0000 Treasurer....... ........Ray Nissen 00000 000000 0000 .Ol 000000000ls0000000000000O000l0 0 0 U 0 0 J ' . 0 0 There were 15 members in the Sophomore Class at the start of the year We lost one student, and galned one,Mar celene Andrews The Sophomore Class officers are President Lynn Fleming V President Delores Gallaher Treasurer Rose Mae Gallaher Class Representative Jean Rickard Reporter Jeannie Redthunder Sergeant at Arms Guy Nanamkin Advisor Miss Ridge On September al, 1951, the nGreenn Freshmen had a rough day, for, if you haven't already guessed, it was initiation dayll They came to school dressed in all sorts of clothes from football and basketball players'to underwear and gunny sacks The Freshmen became full pledged high school students The Sophomores pave them a party that night for all they did Mmtdw Boys earning letters for football were: Charles Moses, Vernon Beaver, and Guy Nanamkin. Boys turning out for basketball were: Lynn Fleming, Charles Moses, and Guy Nanamkin. The twirlers this year from the Sophomore class are: Jean Rickard and Barbara Brooks. Those helping to make the band a success are: Barbara Brooks, Jean Rickard, Jeannie Redthunder, Rose Mae Gallaher, Delores Gallaher, Lynn Fleming, Lena Simpson, and Vernon Beaver. Lf 7- K , A Y , . f . 0 . 'I O 000000IDCIUOOICODODIOCIOUDIC Q OOIOUOOCOOIOOOOOOIIOO Secretary........... .....Barbara Brooks 0000000000000 O00 '- 000 I 0iOlilOlOOl0lO .lil lO00Ol0O0O00Ol0l0lOll00i00000000 Q O J O FRUSHMAI President Johnny Gray Vice President Gall Orr Secretary Eileen Friedlander Treasurer David hunt Student Concil Rep Keitn Pnillkn Reporters Jean Betty Arcasa Pnil Fleming Serg at Arms Lawrence Somday Advisor hr Pease On September 21, 1951 the Freshmen were initiated by the Sophomores Some were dressed as Nhillbillles jungle oys , 'ba 1 ng beauties N ootball players , and Nbasket- ball players, We were quite a sight. H Everyone enjoyed it very much. That night a party for the freshmen was put on by the Sophomores. All the junior high and high school were in- vited. Later in the year,we lost Sherry Orr, Annette Gary, and Buddy Nanamkin. Leaving our class enrollment to only 15. Johnny Gray was our only Freshman boy to make the foot- ball team. On November 15th, the Freshmen gave their return party for the Sophomores. We were proud to have three boys make the basketball team. They are Johnny Gray, David Hunt, and Phil Fleming. Class Officers President Steve Rhodes Vice President Loretta Stan,er Class Representative Ellen Dubes Sgt At Arms Robert Pakootas Class Members first row Donna Heath, Nvla Myers, Loretta Stanger, llen Dubes, Rita Circle, and Barbara Simpson Second row Barbara Garry, Sharon Courville, Edith Penlev, Carol Denny,and Anna Iettling, Villiam Thomas, and Walter Purcell T'ird Row Mr O'Dell, Steve Rhodes, Stephen Iukes, Ob- ert Pakootas, Lawrence Wi1liams,Junior Goddard, Gary Desuatel, and Ronald Friedlander Two other members wexe not present They were Sadie George and Teddy Gaze fora STILEQUALITY, PRICE DRYGOOD5 NOUONS snoes JOHNSGNS DRESS B!QOWN'S C '3 THE POPULAR PRICC STORE OM AK r:.....:1 WASH GRAUESJSOULEE ------.----..-------------.. , H: Sec. Treasure---------- ---- -- ------ --------Carol Denny LJ Q . - 1. 2 4 . : v I I ,V 1 3 I 1 n 0 A : . . R O v ' g , 0 I I Q SDVENTH GRADE The class officers of the seventh grade are as follows Vice-President...................Gene Knapp Sec. and Treas.... ............Anita Knapp Representative..... ......Robert Thomas Advisor.....................Ama Van Tassell The seventh grade cheerleaders are: Bertha Cadv, Anita Knapp and Darlene Mills. Wallace Pakootas plays on the first stringi the Junior high basketball team. Mike Paul plays on the second string, and Neil 0rr and Robert Thomas are on the third string. Del- bert Cady is the manager. S"fRf!3?fDRS VAL 5 spofer T HE HUB fJ,EQ'A"""'L RE,Aygq1,Cg+ SHOP CLQT1-41 ERS PHQNE 630 ----- IF IT'S MADE, '2l4H.MAlN 'STREET WE HAVE IT. GRAND COULEE President ......................... Jon Knapp : E CMAK. WASH 'zoemmn sr.wASu , s - W..-':.,q.. -. ... z. . S- .. .,,...,nqwn:nf.-1:'rp-. -1. Nx 'Z ' ' 5. 33. .Ag' ,N" A-I"-'rv .52-1,-Rx Q,-, -5xg.5L. g,-Ex, 'N N x y,-,-. 3'Q.x v Ku, rf. I . A . 1 .G t 4: , ,, , V ff A 5 ' 4 ,. H' v. ' , t if: I ,' . L, 4 .4 .4 1 - 1. ' .' . , ' 1 , N 1' ' ' , v- I . .. 7 I I. .. .5 f I fy . V ' n f I , H r. 7. , . U U, I . .I-r N.-x, . s- -. .. , -. - - . -,,. . 7 4' fl jf A X ' J I 1, I z J I f. , . , , , .1 , , - 1 Q 4 - a' f .4 ,if f r' f 4 J f 4' , 5 1. 1 'L f' 1 H J' 'WN Amie. 1 'val 'N xx-gn . xx Ol KW , . I-. 1 vxw -.Q-, ,,w 'fxhifs fx X .1 K q 1 X Ei Q? 1 ,M XR , f . I 2- -- 31 2 x GS' 313' X' ' ' ,i ,. ' 111755 x A sq ?-' ' . uf f ' 'fn '- - P A STUDENT COJNCIL Last year the Student Body elected the following officers President Alvina Broncbeau Vice President Floyd Whvatt Secretary lreas Ramona Knapp Spt at arms Ray Nissen Senior Rep Darrel Knapp Sophomore Rep Tean Rickard Freshman Rep Keith Phillips Eight Grade Rep Ellen Dubes Seventh Grade Rep Robert Thomas How La Pow Lup Rep Kay Orr Lettermans' Club Rep John Bell This ever present group performed duties such as unit inp grades, improving student participation as a whole and individually nelped the classes Altho it is supposed to be a stern ruling group they found a time and place to make things more injoyable for everyone. They sponsored as a group such activities as a winter dance and spring dance. Also they helped in P.T.A. by sponsoring a booth.. for their carnival. O OOOUOOOIODO OIIO OOIOOIOOOD 4 ' Ol!!! OOO UIIUO U -rn 0000 Oli! -, 0' ' o oana cocoon IIOIOO QCII Junior Rep.... ....Sharon Duncan 1 O00 C0009 1000000 COO Ill!! OIOOIO IOC D000 0000 IOIOIOOOO - O00 OIOOO .3 v . O HOWLA POWLUP This year the Girls' Club and Pep Club were combined under the name 'Howla Powlup", meaning peppy and lively' The officers for the year were President Barbara Brooks Vice President Ruth Moses Secretary dean nlcxard Treasurer Donna Miller Sgt at arms Rose Gallaher Our Club was active in many school activities this year We sold candy at the basketball games and had some candy sales at noon We decorated the gym for basketball games and played an active part in the Spring Carnival We also did a very good job as a cheering section at basketball and football games Let's have as much fun next year! .nl First row Kay Orr, Rose Mae Gallaher, Barbara Brooks, Ruth Moses, Donna Niller, Kay Courville,Second row Jean Rickard, Arline Orr, Bernadine Perkins, Ramona Knapp, Sharon Duncan, Isabelle PacLpe,Third row Piss Ridge,Jean Betty Arcasa, Lena Simpson,Annette Garry,Rose Marie Andrews, Fourth row Jeannie Redthunder,Eileen Friedlander, June Kinkaid,Mary Whalawitsa, Delores Gallaher, Alvina Bronoheau, and Joyce McClug O 2 OIIQOOIOIOOOOOOIOOOIlliia10 OOUIODOOOOIODUOII CIOUOI ODOIOCOO Ol! 000000 OOO 0' " oioooo ooo onoeoooo Representative............................Kay Orr O O O s ' N I 4 '15 . ,J 1' B 3 6 ' :- V f , , A S I Z fs f ' ,L , 13' 1,9 I' ,A . I ' ' gf- O LETTERMAN'S CLUB President Floyd Whyatt Vice Presluent Bud Gray Secretary Ray Nissen Treasurer Junior Somday Representative John Bell 'E' Those who went through the Lettermar's Club initiatior by eating raw egg, walking barefooted through broken glass, nroposing to their ideals, and being married by justice of the peace, George Haas, were Lynn Fleming, Dorland "Bread" Palmer, Charlie loses, Vernon Beaver, Mike Somday After a fine lunch was served,the boys were officiall declared into Letterman's Club under the wise guidance of r Pease The club has gained much in the line of social and athletic act ivities W D VE UF fx I BY 5HoPPffvG AT 'N V JESJ CASEY S DRY eooos ,ac sooo SERVICE ..'.'.llO.Ull'IlC.OOl.Dl ICO4 loo eooooeo QOOIOI .l..I.. 'pooqoeqo oooneeoaueee .il .U.lll.O..l.l..l.l . ls? 'A 54 '+-?+ i'f"P - 9+ :' esp V'- A 0 A - . W AA , K' H. I A - e 2 X 1 X f X , Q f .r x, , X- , 0 ' If ' 1' " 5 ,nn- PAPER STAFF The Savage Talk paper staff of Sl-S2 has continued through the school year to publish the monthly paper with ideal enthusiasm They've strived to make it more interest- ing using the student body as a background for all their work We have 16 in the staff They are as in the picture Seated, front row Left to right Kay Courville, Bernadine Perkins, Yvonne Friedlander, Kay Orr, Alvina Broncheau, Sharon Duncan, Donna Miller, Ramona Knapp, 2nd row Isabel Pachpe, John Bell, June Kinkaid, Floyd Whyatt, Arline Orr, Others included are Fred Gendron, Eugene Harper, Ray Nissen and James Somday, Shirley Knapp Isabell Pachpe and Arline Orr dropped the course Staff Officers are Editor Alvina Broncheau Asst Editor Sharon Duncan Business Mgr Shirley Knapp Art Editor 99999999 Advisor Miss Ridge QQ 0? nmuall ANNUAL STAFF Annuals need much work and with our 1952 staff this Annual progressed well They are as follows Seated lst row Kay Courville, Bernadine Perkins, Isabell Pachpe, Donna Miller, Sharon Duncan, Yvonne Friedlander, Arline Orr, June Kinkaid 2nd row standing, Kay Orr, Alvina Broncheau, Ramona Knapp Others in staff are Ray Nissen, James Somday, Shirley Knapp, Eugene Harper, Fred Gendron Arline Orr and Isabell Pachpe dropped the course Offi oers are Editor Alvina Broncheau Asst Editor Sharon Duncan Art Editor Alvina Broncheau Business Mgr Shirley Knapp, Donna Miller Advisor Miss Ridge wtw cf . 3 'L 3 it an SN S45-3:41 l i GM Qm!5Z4jf 0000000000 00000000000 00000000000 I2,mSmg2 0000000000 00000000000 00000000000 Q Q X13 K '- vt '41 1 'Q' Ur X QI -5.1, f. --N w-f, SENIOR PLAY The Senior Class of 1954 presented the play SPOOKY TAV ERN Members of the Senior Class who were chosen for the play cast were Darrell Knapp who played Lou Hacker, the owner of Spooky Tavern, June Kinkaid, the Ghost Woman who was supposed to haunt the Tavern, Alvina Broncheau played Lucy Hacker, spiritualistic medium, Ruth Moses played UDB part of a resourceful college gir1,Isabe1le Pachpegiqed 'he part of her sister, Shirley Knapp, the part of the fat negro mammy, Bedelia, James Somday,the part of Ralf Channing who had love and money all as his own, Floyd Whyatt played Larry Lanner,a junior in the same fix,Mike Somday played the clown Willie nstuttering' Worgle, who was very much afraid of ghosts, Johnnie Bell was Blackie Simms who was supposed to be a member of a lawless gang, Freddie Grendon was known to all as the Creeper, a F B I inventigator, but turned our to be the uncle of Willie Viorgle 'TQ I -fha PUSSELS DRUG PHILLP5 66 WILDLIFE CAFE Wi SPFCIALIZE GQOD FO STGRE uw eooo seszvuce OUR SPE2Sm'3, fmfnow sfkvacf PHQNLD 4 EE CQME AND SFE OUR GRA com Gnfwecoulffwm wasmmerow COUGAR DNV , , rw ,s l 'iff p 1 In 1, .. W' T ' , I lf' Y X ' L 7 . ' I ll IUNICR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class play, Aaron Slick From Pumpkin Crick, was great sxccc s nuqene H rper starred as Aaron Sllck, Kav Orr a Sls 1 igsrs Donna Mill r as "the Ladv ln Red, Dorland palmer, as Ir Merrldew Sh ron Duncan as Gladys Vid Anthony, as Clarence areen The guests were Alvin Red thunder, Ray Nis en, and Willard ray A gift of American Beauty Roses was presented to Mrs Mathews, director of the play, ln aopreclatlon of the work w1ich she did RAD'O'1f'JA"1 WHYATT CFDLJNCAN wesumwo sfazvnce ALL BEST WSHEQ TOTHE all meme epplaomces MTH FREE DELIVEPY CR KOHJPS Alygcggf EJ NESPELLM WN PHONE 323i SENIORS CF N52 'I a a 1 fs.. T K a ' ' . 1 V5 Q 3 3 .1 5 9 . . ' - A '.'I , - g a 5 Merriaew niece of Mr. Lerridew' Ramona Kna,n as Mrs. Berrvg 9 2 I J .PT .,L A 0 ' s G . A V Q A J E ' . - -I v ' , I . , A ' I 1 Q THE u CLUB Our Girls' Glee Club,which includes girls the 7 12 vrades, has had a very successful first year The programs o fered at Christmas, the Okanovan County usica Festival, Qprins Concert, and Graduation were hivhly su cessful 'embers of the Glee Club Kneeling J an Rickard,Barbara Brools, Kay Orr,'ertha Cady First staudins row Donna Heath, Barbara Sinoson, Ellen Jubes, Anlta Knapp, Loretta Stanlen Lena Si pson, Jean Qetty Area a, Second standing row Darlene allaher, Nyla Ivers,Shirley Knaop,4haron Duncan,Mr O'Dell, Back row Audrev Knaop, ileen Friedlander,June Kinkaiddkiores Gallaher, Jeannie Redthunder,Sadie Geor e,Yvonne'Friedlander LEW! S STU CIO PHCTOGRAPHY INDIVIDUAL ANL GROU P5 GRAND COlJ'tE WASH PHONE 51 X I f' f' 5 . f ' I rr .W S , f . ir . P M l .. Q Q 0 . l . , . . Q . M Y ' ' Q m - s ' z Mills, Carol Denney, Sharon Lemery, Ramona Knapp, Rose Mae G ' it L , . . ' : E .- IQ' F . QC QC4-w R IP, - Q' 'E f""x "r- GIRLS' P E CLASS During the winter months the Girls' P E classes used the Gym Tney en aged in such games as badminton and basket- ball, and took exercises They played the Mission Basketball team twice and the Womens Town Team once During warmer weather, we have bealplaying baseball and going on hikes Some have taken it upon themselves to gobike riding once or twice 'R NESPELEh PATROLS We are very proud of the Nespelem Patrols this year They have been on duty through Q.l kinds of weather Every morning and evening two patrols are stationed at the highway crossing to help each student safely to cross the road The patrols on the bus have several duties, which assure the students and the school complete safety The seven patrols are Tom Begvs, Phil Rhodes, Bertha Cady, Darlene Mills Sharon Lemery, Jean Betty Arcasa, Mar garet Nee hpygyg 122 W 701455 SERVEQEWQN foufv TAIN O A H WARREN I SMITH PROP I I IGRAND Comes, WASH ' . y AM V Q M V1 I g - --I lg I G C W .. r Scnooler Dennev is our jani tor tnls year and has Ween lor He has kent +he shrxbberf and the la ns as nice and l n a 16 v FV evenln oefore he has to drive the bu to take the chlldern home from school, you can see him dustwnp tue halls we nope to see Jessie Friedlander and Mrs Bill Bell are our cooks this year Th1S is Vrs Be1l's flrst year cooking for us but she has done very nicely in preparln the delicious meals we have had every day this school year Mrs Wriedlander has been Wlth us before anu is an old hand at lt ope to have them with us next year and fears after tnat .,.-il Jae Eifyiilii foggy pw ALWAYS GOOD MEALS EDNR HUNII' frilfp, AT LOW PRICES . . L , ' pg . v L - E ' Qc ' ' . he ll ,. A Y 1 " . f f 3-. 1 'K ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,.. . ff if ' A A tr .sw Home Economms Industrlcll Arts P'-x 1,64 'Ili 'I I QU M ti, f-"PHP I L f? fs'w fi'-e. 5 N An N LW N455 f' f , N 1 "i u Q' 1 3' 3"i'? Q i nf - I ' , Q Q11 ' ,' ,344 1 ff 4 1 ' Q A 4, ww ,,. - ri A 1' Qs - +L ' A 1- Q. r - z I X Q D? .4 s Q -M iii' ' W f 'fi A vi 6 Q ' A if 9 , 1 A,-v ff " ' ,X 6 , g ' V fygws, ul 1' 'i fi is 547' ' " A Pty?- - -ibm., N . NAV. . Y N ,t 1' hz is f Q , X, x Q' ,. fl 4 b ,w 5. . 1 ff' . 2 . 3431 f ,Q x' 40 !. ef , s i X Q 3 , xx! ' A . . Ax .. -.K fftfhx, j i' A if-QE' -W ft - , "' ,la ' A rr A3 4 ' 14 A K , B A S K E T B A L L FESTIVAL It was beautifull Did you ee the gymnf The red and white streamers The pretty formals too Perhaps you noticed E1 leen Friedlanders creation or Sharon Duncans? Maybe Mary Gray caught your eye She was one of the guests of the faculty Well anyway after entering the gymn you always have the certain feeling that you have to look around, and if you took ing up for the Grand larch After the Grand March was finished the first program dance was started It was a dreamy waltz with the lights turned way down low and the couples try ing gracefully to dance to the scratchy phonograph music At intermission a talented young lady entertained Jean Rickard sang 'lake Believe' Then everyone dent to the re freshment stand which was lighted and made into a wishing well There they were served punch and cookies Everyone there looked grand and had a grand time. CQ-fb s . time to you'd find couples line- OUR BAND Our Band this year, of whi h we are especially proud, has come a long way We ended the year with a forty five piece band, of which only three or four students have had previous musical training Appearances included basketball games, Okano an County Music Festival, Spring Concert and Graduation t has taken a good deal of hard work, study, and practice on the part of each student to come along as far as they have. HIGH SCHOOL MAJORETTES The High School Majorettes are Jean Rickard, Kay Orr, Mona Knapp, Barbara Brooks, and Sharon Duncan These girls have performed chiefly at home basketball games Each performance was very colorful The Majorettes twirled with the band where they acquir ed a good deal of skill inleading the high school band They closed their season by twirling at the county tournament 7th AND Sth MAJORETTES The Junior High Magorettes are Ellen Dubes, Loretta Stanger, Barbara Simpson, and Anita Knapp They performed at the Grand gress has This fall were Each Coulee Junior High Basketball game Much good pro- been seen in this group during the year. year's snappy cheerleaders elected early in the Alvina Broncheau, Sharon Duncan and Ramona Knapp girl4 outfit consisted of red corduroy weskits on skirts and white rayon blouses These girls did a very successful job for the cheering section and the team They called pep rallies and led old and new yells and school songs They worked hard and long though they had very many enjoyable moments All in all the girls did aggreat job in forwarding the team on to many vic tories 7th AND Sth CHEER LEADERS The eighth grade cheer leaders are Loretta Stgnger,Ellen Dubes, and Barbara Simpson This group wore red jumpers and white blouses, with a N on the front and an Indian head on the back The seventh grade cheer leaders were Anita Knapp,Bertha ady, and Darlene Mills Two of the cheerleaders had white satin skirts and white blouses, and the middle cheerleader had red gaberdine skirt and white blouse. HIGH SCHOOL YELL LEADERS i A011013 ff TRUCIQNG SERVCE RALPH KINKAID I I JIACZA bf .QL JU. L' 'atc .641 2 1 2 . . -A a7l? A I 1 I seavace Um . Auvwumt -My pf . X' J' E H75 wav KW M ,SU xfi 'wr vs- V Y ' ' FN --Lliatvif -s -, .u . - , A - xx -.1 Ap, -."., u . 'w.,.- .xx -. . ., . . -. . s N 4' - N .-.V. b.-.- . ,V I I of ef fb I -JS- 4 ,,...--- Xi-gjx WN 4 V v iff' S:-X,-.:..'1,v':. 912 Q-efzsw 1,31-.-.--1 :, X , ,,.. ' ! . fl '4 1 5. 'SL 03-fghfi. D.. s, -xl ,, vm' 'AYWXQPV-5356 x ' N K :X W!!! I -Q. - " ' -XJ. 'Zz ff Z ffl: Wt.-x . :XA -ill.-L., " FOOTBALL 1951 S2 The Savages found the season a bit rough as they drop ped four out of four games In each of the games,the Savages played hard, but could not cross the goal line as many times as their opponent did The Savages only touchdowns came on a 65 yard run by senior fullback, Jr nThorpen Somday and a thirty yard run by Jr Circle The line up had Bob Courville and Wid Anthony at the ends,Arch1e Friedlander and Tony Peo at the guards, Clarence Whalawetsa at center, and,1n the backfield,Bud Gray at quar ter,Dorland Palmer at fullback,and Guy Nanamkin at half back. Those earninv letters in football were Seniors, Bob Courville Archie Friedlander, Jr Circle, Juniors, Bud Uray, Dorlana Palmer,Tony Peo,W1d Anthony,Sophomores,Guy Nanamkin, Charlie Moses, Vernon Beaver JACKSQNS GAS ff OW mes ff TUBES SERVICE QJVULWZCQ lfubb Q2 WAWSTRING The Nespelem Savages have completed a very successful season with Ben Pease completing his fifth year as coach The Savages started the season with a M9 A3 victory ov or the Twisp Yellowjackets and tasted their defeat at the hands of the Wilbur Redskins The Savages won four out of their first five games be fore Christmas vacation After a two week lay-off, the Savages went on to win 7 out of 12 of their remaining games They completed the sea son with a total of 9 wins and 8 loses, a conference record of 6 wins and 5 loses, and fifth place in the county stand ings In the first round of the Okanogan County Tournament, held at Tonasket Feb 15, 16, 22, and 23, the Savagee played second night of the first weekend, the Savages played the Tonasket Tigers, but lost 58 38 On Friday night of the second weekend, the Savages played a smooth, well-controlled game At half time, they were behind 27 28, but pulled ahead to no 39 at the third quarter, and went on to win M8 M3 This winggave them a trip to the District Tournament. On the final night, the Savages played the Brewster Bears for third or fourth place and drop- ped the game h? hh In the first game of the District Tournament, the Sava- ges drew the top seated team of the tournament, the Peshas- tin Loggers They played the towering Loggers on even terms throughout the game, but dropped a breath taking thriller 7-L9 'll-6 The Savages are looking forward to a top season next year, with 8 of the first 10 returning the Oroville Hornets. and came out with a 60-M3 win. On the Nespelem's WB' squad finished the 1951 52 season by win rdngl2 and losing only five games Twin victories were scored over Riverside, Wilbur, and Oroville One of the most thrilling victories for the Savages was the one wlth Oroville, when the victorious basket was dunked in the final seconds of the game Players making the starting line up were forwards, Guy Wanamkin, Bob Courville, guards, Jr Somday, Wid Anthony, center, Phil Fleming These players had very good backing by substitutes Lynn Fleming, Dave Hunt, Mike Somday, Charley Moses, and Archie Friedlander CANE SCORES Nespelem Twisp Wilbur Oroville Grand Coulee Pateros Okano an Brews er Grand Coulee Coulee Dam Wlnthrop Wilbur Okanogan Coulee Dam Riverslde Oroville Tonasket Here Here There Here Here There There There Here Here There Here There There Here There WARRIORS The first game of the basketball season opened with the game with Coulee Dam The warriors won by S points, high point man being Garry Disautel The warriors played 10 more games, winning 7 and losing 3 High point men were Gerry Disautel, Steven Iukes,Wa1lace Pakootas, and Robert Pakootaa The warriors entered the tournament by a game with Wil bur, and won by 30 points, high point man being Robert Pa lootas The next game, with Almira, was for first and second, hespelem taking first place The Warriors have three all stars, Wallace Pakootas,Rob- ert Pakootas, and Gary Desautal - 34 J 'A 4 16 " 33 30 " zo 18 2 ze an " 32 E3 " 35 5 37 " 29 35 ' F3 Riverside lh Here Il 3 6 5 Ei ' Ei " eo 32 3 MZ - M2 H go Ea " 51 51+ M s ,..4f"' af4'v BIGEBALL Xith six lettermen returninv and with the help of 12 non lettermen, the Nespelem Savages started their 1952 base- ball season The lettermen returning to the souad were Jr Clrcle, catcher, Bud Gray,p1tcher and inflelder, Nel cn luke , first base, Floyd Whyatt,short stop, Fred Jendron,p1tcner and out fielder, James Somday, right field The non letternen filling in the other positions are Alvln Kedthunder, left field, Ray Nissen, center field, like Somday, pitcher and out field, Charley hose , catcher and infield, Tony Peo, second base, John Gray, right field, John ills, center field, Lynn Fleming, first base, Phil Fleming, second ba e, Keitre Phillips, catcher, Gail Orr, left out field, Jim Gallaher, center field Edward Purcell, manager wa Ffa A 4 ' :cams as vias? JR y,- --pl .- e fl 1 ' I . . ' , .1 , I ' I , J kr . I ,A . 8 5 V i 49' -lf? J? 'Q .Hd . lv- J . fi- ' d' .ff ., X ' P ' eq, A Q A A ' A fx" . ' v ' X' " . 1 ,A N- Q , in f '- Z A . A X an-" Q' ' 7 ' 7' ,sed - H .fy 1 y ,, ' " . are as -A fig, N.xNsw,,f1fA , I gy, , egg 4, - , Aw, ,V A Y N Ax. X as 4 V ,f A a. -.4 ' p y xl, HT . , D an A , x o . . U A l O ' . . ' S ' S . 1 . 0 ' - , - ' o -... 1 2 . ' ' f vi l 'I S 0 o " 1 a v . Q ' A.. .. S ' - ' ' o - ' o L " ., ut. .31 r , , 9 1 -'1. 4 '. 'I' , cj' I .H Q- fr' -5.-, L' 3' -- .-..! 4' ' , . -ffff Q I I . 'ix ff.. r JI' lv , ' .Ss ,-gli. 5 1 . rjg.. f 911:-. E5 'iq' 1 J! . ' 4 .Hg - 'X E L xr: 4 A-4i Y PCTMLEJS 51 e J Kneeling Shirley Stogan, Rosaleen Thomas, nugene Agaplth Angeline Sam, Melvin Knapp Sitting Linda beggs, Ione Louise, Leonard Simpson, Wilma Denny, Gloria George, Vera Wilson, David Thompson Standing Fredrick Pierce, Eddie Neal, Phillip Wak Wak,Fran ces Picard, Gerome Sam, Thomas Lee Watt, Antoine Atkins,B by Gallaher SECOND TAIRD GRADE Kneeli Lee Thalman, Raymond Pierce, Theodore Palmenteer, Wesley leveland, Wilfred Redthunder, Mathew Dick, Joe Ar casa, John Drummond, Keith Orr, Darryl Frevino Sitting Nelda Friedlander, Hazel Agapith, Karen Rhodes, nel issa Krebs, Nancy Mettling, Ella Friedlander, Sheila Gendron, Lucille Pakootas Standing Moses Davis,Kathleen White,Helen Brooks,DianaKnag Geraldine Avapith,Verna Denny,Priscella Tatshama, Betty Sto gan, Mamie Tomer, Albert Anderews, and Mary Ridoe 'ff' 1 l .5 E. 'LH , . ,, . I ,fig 3 3, 3. s 'I' ' ' 3 Q . . I . O 0 ' - C 1 ob' C 1 Y' C ng. I 2 ' - I - Q C C I L O A Q 0 , f . 4 ' Q, h I , ll'l 'I H 1 1' ' 1 I ' b - Am?" 2 ' wg. 'P l ' ".I. fr- ! 1 IRQ ,vi Q 7 THIRD FOURTH GRADE First row Kenneth Redthunder,Stanley Timentwa,Charles Cour 1 v lle, Howard Davis, Rita Simpson, Loraine Scott,Judith Wil liams Second row Carol Thompson,Joanne Circle,Merle Picard, Mary Green, Mary Friedlander, Martha Krebs Ann M e Thi y rs rd row Benny Picard, Loretta Denny,Sharon Gallaher, George Na namki Willi D n, am ick,Johnny McFadden, Kathleen Thomas, Grace Timentwa Wourth row Dickie Bast,Mrs Guthrie,Co1in Pyetzki, Kent Lehlbock, Kenneth Stanger,Lawrence Kunz, Joe Boyd, Ray mond Auborton, Arthur Cheweah, and Betty Purcell FIFTH GRADE Sitting Cobina Circle, Addie Boyd, Ellen Drummond, Gavin Mo- D ougall, Jule Green, Myrna Miller, Arlene Judge Standing Joseph bnrns, Steve Somday, Phil Rhodes, George Denny, Tom Beg s, Louis Simpson, Bonnie Cady, Darlene Davis s , '- , ' Sa Q 4 f: 1 I U 'la f:. H, if , , . . C V 1 ' ' 'PJ- , 1 v! I , . 1 m . L q . . V, GQ N - g - .. o 2 O w : as 0- 1 Q - A . . . U Q 2 S 0 SIXTH GRADE Sitting Geraldine Friedlander Connie Knapp Louella Hilburn Billy Garry Dennis Jackson, Earl Dubes,Alan McDougall Standing Nora Mead Mrs Mathews Carol Agapith Carol Gray Raymond Sam, Cecil Denny Narcisse Paul Evn1 Thema a H Edith Brooks NEALS STORE WE HAVE EVERYTHING ALWAKS GUOD SERVICE Q JESEXSSTYLES D CONEECTIGNARY APPAREL 'Xi WX J FOUNTAIN MAQAZINFS Ya N CHUURENS DRUGS Q CLOTHINf I 4 1 Q QQ - -5 , 5 'Z ' ' ,F I 'sl .fb F' s . ' 3 I 'L -l .4 '.:. V r' " if- I 71 ' ' A Q ibr QIJ : 1 A I ' . 1 - - V Q L- 'M I , ' E . 2-Q ,qt H KE' 7 n a a , O 7 9 0 9 1 1 , . vn g , 'n . E 1 E . W 0 o U I N I 1 , x,-.1 ' .f ' c - QN 4 A . -of 1- s A bb I . ' , J ,-E Y, V, , ADVERTISING The annual staff wishes to thank the following persons and firms for contributing to the publication of our annual Johnson's Dress Shop Va1's Sport Shop Dover's Cafe Loepp's Hardware The Hub C1othier's Browne's Shoe Store Sherwood Jewelers Russell Drug Kinkaid Trucki Service Grayce's Dress hop Coulee City Cafe Stokes'Service P Heights Grocery Fountain Wildlife Cafe For Fine Dresses Finest Sportswear Good Meals Always Articles Hard To Wear Finest of Clothes For Fine Shoes,Always Best of Diamonds Finest of Drugs Service Anywhere For Fine Service Reasonable Fine Eats We Serve You All Food k Fountain For Food and Drinks Jackson's Service Service with A Smile Whyatt R Duncan Lumber Mill Finest of Lumber ACKNOWLEDGEMENT genie Studio For taking pictures of our activities Fonna Miller For taking other pictures acultya Classes, and Clubs For their cooperation and financial assistance P1-11111 S "66".fff:f:f::ffff15'SQ-"i'he Best Gasoline s' ' 4 I ll' md

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