Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA)

 - Class of 1966

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2 ze 55 2 2 wa E 52 A S Ei S gg Si 4 W 9 5 3 E. G 9 'Z E ""'W X-KM"'ff"f':M"f'4' 'W'-"P-WNW-'-wwf-W55'"'W"""'N'll52EN!1W-LH"'W NW Wk 'W' "W QNNQ3 0 ' HIM ,Q MW Qgfgim Ggxhkkl Vi CMQQUQ L, M LQ 'f if J . OP IWW QU, if pw U3 QD I .sw 6 www ,Q sem' ff jww x ' A W K M K f X LQg1 WUf22 l Q? A U58 ' :UDV ' , P iii" lk NF? NN KM ggi , bs M .W +3 F I I 1, i?.JL ! H - GQ" ,FCE CED Va! I F 6610 VY C3 E ul Q h Q6 NJN Shf-QW? Y V BLM W f Gif W W K. X, A I c 0 'f 5 M I ZYYYXQ f fi y PLL! b C X if !h,,wk' gigs: 'fQj"Lfy4f , N D 6 3 1 10760 I M' Q ' 5 , V mph .. 69, A fp, , 2 + W we - mf gm , Q XIW5 LW O XOF LOCK? ,,Qf4:Qf 1 3, MW j K ' YDHN' ' , 3 g'gm'i w 41,JUM' M! W Egfr, L "gb A N40 t X Xibd-X59 'J X X- U -hxx .l,' X ' X AAXNJVU' JSGXJRXQP fu lf qw Ex j A V ,, W i dPZJ9fsf,x L H1uc" Volarne VII Of The "'Lanee9' 1966 Neshannoek High School New Castle, Pennsylvania published by The 1966 Yearbook Sldjy' ' " SWE' ff '-'iv-M, , ,E ,- . ,mn Q ,A ,,'.,,, Y- - ,Q ,fn-. ws' ,V ,,.,, Y 1 1 I, 1 " N -235?i4-?ff- 5 if P: mu.,-.,,'j :HTF ' Q . I 1 yx1z,,Q'jg,-Yam, Hz- 1' ., - , - . A A iff Lx 15 1, .If-'.f,'Y .2,Qiff7?' :""1"?f 7- ik . Z Q" Q"'.1.i,4"v:Mg,-'iii 1- 'gri- 'V' 1-E '-.eff ai EQ, -'11 if -'1,' : - -' 4-I fr. ,: 1i'J153'9. 2-.ff , : f 'f-3111.4- -. 4-,Af A .zu-.-'w!+sg:4,. fw :ff-,P 1 y wr 1 1'-xi i 1 53 Mya 51122:--, -.f 5 7-1.5-,1,: Q"-:11-f 'Q '-,'.Jaf,'a ' 1:3 1 .J sk 5 ' A 41 2F,9fi?.', , 1' 'AQ'-wa.,-' ,w 513 grif 5' K if SES -, Q, , .,E, 1, f ..,. T, x-,,',..-sir ,fl A . -If ,,, 4 . F- 1, ,. 51+ if ,NE .1 pak,-,,-,gf V I f x X Ry-A .-....,.-,K ,I m ,. nc -qu, .. 4 at . 'yf' " ,A 'K fu M31 Qdlgna ' Agn WQQ1' . -sf-.iQLl. -,--,eg , V V 'hw ' 'V , . ' ' gl-,1f,,' ' ' -' 1 '-" -: Q,-1 ,Stix gf? ' -, J' L 'f2-- .1 A--4 , F i.. i Hg, .54 -1 . V , .ff -1:1 ig, -. , U fs.-1 I ,,f.,,1u,,,.4.,, , ,, V , , - ,V R ui, .L rx. V .U N ' ' ' . i ' W 1 uf ' A - v 5' ,F -9: 1 f 1, 15" . 9, "L V if-1-JS i" P -1- 15 ' A X 5' " 1- ni "ff " - F .. '.-. ' .- ., N 'C V' Y . ,',-I . " Q -fig' .1 2, ' ,,.:7iQg3 ' , " ,-' fi 'w ,F . -r, ."?JJ",,.I' ., S N:."'r ' ., . K . Q, , - ,-,x.,.,,, L. .I .- . 1-5 .QQ-V - e, L" HJ? " X-1-ifgakm 7' - 1--f' .W 'lc - "uw , P' ' 5 -,wgtsufz '. Z. 512-223. n " we ' 2--. . V. 'E ,.. -44 if ,x ig g. -' J 'L cf A " . 13' . - yfffsv f nf :ug f . . A A wr Y. N. Q' se s -rw f 'f' ' X K. - . , MW pm "N if ' 5' .5--if , . 1, , -YQ 'Y . ' K, MT: ' -- , .a -ver- .qv-I ,,, -Q , A, jpg' ez, Table of Contents Administration and Faculty .. Senior Class ........................ Unclerelassrnen .... Organizations .... M as ie .. . . . Sports ........ Activities .... Advertising .... ...,.l2 .....32 ......5O .....66 .....82 .....92 .....ll4 .....l26 :sf nf i f E Q 1 s : SF A 3 A 5 VQZ. S 'Q- A if' 0fe1,U0f' A Q : fj 45 w e A As our school days come to a close, We find ourselves ' 55 4 looking back at what we have achieved. We realize that Q? A 'A 5 A Xgggf s s 5 , I s, if we must continue across the bridge into adulthood, for I ... , these past memories are only a part of the picture. As a 4 . ,Q tree first shows signs of beauty in the spring, it does not fig? oi if , If 1, S, achieve full bloom until summer. Perhaps we are like that i A93 4 4 1 5 A OA ' I, tree in that what we have already achieved is a part of our f c A g i ' E ' 3 Ss' . . . . A-be '.ss e A maturity, but full maturity does not come until that bridge 15 A X o ..r ' A ' , A , A , e .,.9 f . . ,L if , V , -, fl? ff , 'S Crossed' 7 A A A ' rfb' A I .A Q' t, T. V. Q 5' A v lifi .'e' 9 A '--. 35: , A otso .u A A 4 fe 1 5 N ri' ,.. ' A N-1 gs- A' as s A 1 syu s We ssy Ji,yu , A i , V V A rlA . ,,..... A AAsr1 or ' ' "'r ',' Ai't 'A " . A AA ' 'l'S'l'Ca o Af ' o A' r Ang ,AAr 1 iii' 'e i y A 1 AV t y Qlhby , Arres, A i s i A , li N Y y ,t ,4 ...f -- "" A4 Q T . ., -K 1 ""' ii 'iii 1 o A - " ' A s 1 ,A i eAAs 1. ip o - A o A A I . A if All AiiA 5 'i r A AAi1l3ifff5SQ i 'i - fei f f A is A ' ff at sriii A 1 3 y Ti y A if f 'tee A W QQ i 3' A. A iiii i I i t 'A 3 A c, s i 1 4 1 Mrs. Smith, the younger daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Reed, was educated in the New Castle School System. Upon her graduation from high school, Mrs. Smith entered Oberlin College at Oberlin, Ohio. She was graduated the proud possessor of Phi Beta Kappa Key. She married Earl Smith, an electrical engineer em- ployed by the American Bridge Company. His oc- cupation necessitated their traveling from New York City on the East Coast to San Francisco on the West. Following the death of her husband, Mrs. Smith returned with her young son and daughter to make their home in New Castle. While her children were being educated in the public schools, Mrs. Smith began doing substitute work. Upon their graduation, she became a full-time teacher in our Neshannock Junior-Senior High School. In 1964 Mrs. Smith traveled through the British Isles and Scandanavia. She is looking forward to the possibility of further travel upon her retirement in June. To you, Mrs. Smith, we dedicate this 1966 year- book. Your many years of devoted service indicate a job well done. We hope that your years at Neshan- nock have been as rewarding for you as they have been for us. Our best wishes include those years following your retirement. fs .A Y A lil, fc Q ?2a2i2f9.,qQrfl,2. ' CZ! Mrs. Smith poses with her son-in-law Dal. -2. 1966 Lance MRS. MARY REED SMITH Mrs. Smith admires her first grandchild, Tim. si :gf what ., as ., 'W swf Miss Wilfert takes a break Alderson. To those seniors privileged enough to have had Miss Wilfert for their entire high school career, little can be told. They have already learned of her devotion to teaching and to mathematics. She inspired her students by her genuine love of mathematics. Surely one would have to search hard to find a woman with more ability in her chosen profession. Even a quick glimpse at Miss Wilfert's background will reveal her considerable achievements. She at- tended the public schools in Buffalo, New York, tak- ing both the academic and commercial courses sim- ultaneously. She put herself through Thiel College where she had not yet completed her final year when the New Castle Schools offered her a job. She later returned to Buffalo to receive her Master of Arts degree in mathematics. In 1957, she came to Neshannock where she was the major proponent of the new mathematics. Because of her, our Math department is now one of the best in the area. Only this year she was instrumental in increasing inter- est in mathematics by creation of a math club. The gap Miss Wfilfert will leave may take years to fill, but the love of mathematics which she has instilled in so many of her students will carry on her influence in many fields. It is difficult to realize the staggering affect she has had throughout the country, all which she has done through her many students. Miss Wilfert, you may retire, but you will not be forgotten. To you, we dedicate the 1966 yearbook. W. S! if Q .f S592 mummy all mfmbqwm w wmv 3' x 8 M7553 't' -sl xi 'll if You Donal? Have to Win the Game to Be the Victor L Q H r V 1 1 1 . " .-f . -.. 1' - -55 vi 4 f al , f fx- . Y- I 2 X ' f',. 'W-L V413 , 1 'X' " F' .v 1555? A- -- A ? .SK gf' 5 V- Eh Q -.V :Q 4 A ' i Q Pi W Qi-fig .gf x ... .. . G, V, - 'f "'-' ,A 4. A ' 3 .ff CU f. Af, NQQM , an ' "N NA? .t zl, :F , ' ' ml A , s 4 K 5 C ' .. ,E D g ' 4 Q bi an 1 A ns Q ,y V A ,V ' XQ A, X 1 ' If U! x X 2 "' - 5- . fa di-1' T-ff x uv 1 ,H i VM. 5 XV .f .A wif, N, N rn. if . aa, N v- W Q 'fl " ' X - 'N"'5m -. 'H' V.. . If 7 , t 5 '- ..w.-w---- Q WW' i ,- .mx Y. -, ' A .: ' ff' 1 R' .. ff' M' ' .lffff W Cut?" J way" ' - . , FN ., N rg? Z, , W . . k V 4' .w., , :ff i 3 ' ,xy , .1 'flu , ' .f' w-5v44"",. ,i?v ,VV f ' ,. b V ..:f V we V' .V - sfiw' . Q.Qs 3' ff V V 'U VV as V fn, . ,v,..,s X - 4 ., yi " v ' ' - .. -, ff A -fV 1. l . V :X . W? ' R 3 ' ,P ,S V . . ,L,, , ,k , J, A xW9,,, an Aw V-ff' 'fkxmf ' V 5 VA 7 , 7 if ', 55 I 'X 3 ,629 X A V " ' M4 " WML' . .W W L, .,f- ,tf:g'XQ 1 . L" - f-X rn, -. ...- V ,f .. y ,5,2:mxs.+:-WW ' Q ! V i g , ' V' A "Qi-1'.'t' f HPF- f:'..q.,,., .. . . 'Xa , 'W' -S zf -Y- "i,,4i,.,,,,,,,,,,W,,,,,,L,,,,,.,, V44 , ,. xg T ' 'F K - v .3 sg , V . 2' 'V s N - - '1 ' r -, -.?,....., ,, X -.4 gr ' K Q ' K, f " K .. ...a- M fhfvll V f' " .V "iff, gy , Zum' ' E3 ' V 3 3 ' V . e . up 2 '- A Aww-M-nw K fsigfffigls' f r J' 'W --,,'1'5Q'j: , ., r V '. A.:-'T V"f?' - K X, V, 1 . V ' W f A JS' K 5:3 5 4 K x "Af'pm'w' if k Q A V V X K XWJ M , 'Q .XX 'Qinxlvf 'A X A ,-, ' - ,Q AY V 37 A ,........, Ft' H ail, Neshannock, Hail Board of School Directors Row 1 Mrs. Theodore Heess, Mr. J. Fred Rentz, Mr. james Butler, Mr. Thomas Gettings Row 2 Mr. Warren Hoye, Mr. Donald Nichols, Mr. Robert Carlson, Mr. Frank Alduk, Mr. William Haines. Supervising Principal Mr. Thomas P. Smathers, our supervising principal, has played a large role in the developement of the Neshannock school system. Through his capable guidance, . f Neshannock has obtained a high academic status. After graduation from Clarion State Teacher's College, he received an M.Ed. at the University of Pittsburgh. 3 .. .,., H igh School Princmal Assistant High School Principal Mr. Vern Alderson, our high school principal, has been at Neshannock for two years. During this period of time Mr. Alderson has attempted to make Neshannock a school of which we can be proud. Mr. Alderson obtained his B.S. degree from Indiana State College, did graduate work at the University of Miami, and received his M.T.D. degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Alderson chats with Senior, Susie Mc- Mr. Edwin G. Tobin, our assistant high school principal, is a familiar figure of Neshannock. Mr. Tobin takes a great interest in the students and their school activities. After graduating from Indiana State College, Mr. Tobin obtained his M.A. degree from the Pennsylvania State University. Keever Mr. Tobin aids a student Secretarial Stajf R 4 ff' C 1 if lL -1 - 1- MRS, MILDRED SCANLON MRS. BETTY EMERY MRS. FLORENCE DRIPPS MISS ARI-EEN DOUTT MRS. JANET DAYTON B.A. Bucknell University Certificate Centre de Estudios historicos of the University of Madrid uidance T' V, INIR. ROGER SEAHOLM Westminster College B.A. M.S.Ed. Custodians Row 1 Katherine Blews, Ray Zeigler, Polly Reese Row 2 Paul McConnell, Jessie Rooks Cafeteria Staff Left to Right: Polly Reese, Helen Dunkly, Christine Altobelli, Mary Homzuk, Mildred Boyd, Marie Anastasia, Norma Varley, Hilda Hinks, Phoebe Swadener Doctor Nurse Dr. Grauel examines a Student Mrs. Acker checks a student's temperature Speech Eflefcljli-915 Student teachers MR- J - E- KING MRS. DAVIS AND MRS. WILLIAMS Constable CONSTABLE MINNIE KARE I' 'Q' Physical Education I P H I D I .- gi X .s +533 ,L X - Q.. , 4 5 uaigvu 5 . Q5 ,ff 'mf eai':.,,xM. Q t-wffvx 'AW' wt S .f 9- 1 ' z 'N QW'?.?fif 'i 955' tg'- edrfgg 'Q' WKEWPQ' 'Wiigvfxf Q Ta .Xia-w Ny W.Vx im' aan r n Q s' 52+ jig ci fm 6 '15, ,, f W 'UT 'ii ', 793 is ' 'fi 1 Sa . K .D I F H I I n MRS. KATHERINE PETRIDES MR. CHARLES TRAVERS B.S. Slippery Rock State College B.S. Slippery Rock College Physical Education, Health Physical Education Health Driver 'S Education MR, HAROLD LUCAS B.S. Clarion State Teachers College Driver's Education Librarian MR. TERRY INICCOY B.S. Clarion State Teachers College L ibrary Science ,at X-.X Business Department MRS. ELEANOR SUSKO B.B.A. Westminster College Business Education M.A. University of Pittsburgh Business Education MRS. REBECCA KILDOO B.S. Bloomsburg State College Business Education MR. JOSEPH THOMAS A.B. Grove City College Business Education --.......,., MM-14:1 'Q-Q-..w..,d M-N.-..,.w-Q ts...-.-ww Practical Arts Department fuy MR. ANTHONY D'AMATO B.S. California State College M.S. Westminster College Industrial Arts Q. eww-ssmvmwv U MRS. VENETIA D'AMATO B.S. Mount Mercy College , Home Economics A ' IL! ,I i X 1 V VL c 3 . if jf " ' fe . 'vu 0 'f fp ' , 5 17 f ,AJ- L L' , , , MR. CLAUDE STEWART B.S. California State College Industrial Arts English Department 'Khan-f MRS. ILSE ALDERSON MISS FRANCINA BRUMBAUGH B.A, Geneva College B.A, Juniata College English English .45 if MR. DONALD FREDIANI B.S. Indiana State College English MR. JAMES CARSON B.A. Slippery Rock State Teachers College English I Q , -i f it .- lNlRS. DIANA HUFF B.S. Pennsylvania State University English MRS. HELEN MIDDENDORF MRS. BERTHA PITZER B.M,, Grove City College Slippery Rock State Teachers College English English MR. H. K. HEINEMANN B.S. Westminster College M.S. Westminster College Reading Fine Arts Department NIR. JEROME INIALERICK B.A., Youngstown University Art NIR. DAVID CLARK B.S., Muskingum College Music MR. JOSEPH KABA B.M., Youngstown University Band Foreign Language Department as , INIR. FRANK DeFEI.ICE B.A., Westminster College M.Ed., Westminster College Spanish MISS BETTY MCKNIGHT A.B. Grove City College French V isltiill MRS. BETH FREDERICK A.B. Theil College French o Ee. MR. JOSEPH VENASCO B.A., St. Fidelis College M.A., Westminster College Latin Mathematics Department MR. JAMES ELDER B.A. Westminster College Math MISS KATHRYN HAAS B.A. Seton Hill College Math MR, ROBERT ENGLEHART B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Math MR. JOHN SALMEN B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Math MR. WILLIAM WANATOSKY B.S. 'Slippery Rock State Teachers College M.S. Westminster College Math MISS VERNA WILFERT A.B. Theil College M.A, University of Buffalo Math Science Department A y I , lf' g , 1, MR. JOSEPH ABRAHAM B.S. Youngstown University M.S. Wfestminster College General Science MR. DALE HOOVER B.S. Indiana State College Earth Science MR. FRANCIS PAOLONE B.S. Pennsylvania State University M.S. Pennsylvania University Science MR. JOHN SCHMEID B.S. Case Institute of Technology Chemistry MR. JOHN PETERSON B.S. Pennsylvania State University M.Ed. Pennsylvania State University Biology MRS. ELAINE TAYLOR C B.S. Carnegie Institute of Technology Physics Social Science Department 39? MR. DONALD BLACK MR. ROBERT BLEGGI B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College B.A., Westminster College World History Pennsylvania History, Civics X' MR. HARRY BOOTH B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College BLA., U.C.L.A. World Cultures, European History IVIR. CHARLES KING B.S., Indiana State College Geography 'Ye X xi . K 5 at M oft i if 1 . R R H f K. ' - I if ' 'Q R U . to 5, y MR.,WAYNE LAMMIE B.A. Muskingum Collegeg M.A. University of Pittsburgh P.O.D., Economics wmscnowunmmav V i , K .. V r iw-M00 R at MRS. RUTH ROSENBUGER B.S., Ohio State University P.O.D. MR. RGNALD OLESYSKI B.A, Youngstown University U.S. History, Geography K - .t ,H--1. -f f if ' MRS. MARY R. SMITH BA. Oberlin College American History MR. JESS TOTH B.A. Western Washington State M.A. Columbia University U.S. History S NJ Al-ma Ma-ter, Hail Senwr Class O peers r 2 it sim- 55.3, .-4:15, .Mg K: 5,3 H Ng Tom Colbridge Pu ident Alan Candioto Vice presldentg Karen Fisher, Treasurerg Randall McConahy, his- torian Bex Lewis s uetary Mr Wanatosky Class Adsisor In Appreciation The Continentals of 1966 wish to express their sincere and heartfelt appreciation to our class advisor, Mr. Willian Wanatosky. Mr. Wana- tosky has unselfishly guided us through our high school years. His kind nature and quick wit are well known to all who have come in Contact with him. Although it is impossible to fully express our gratitude, we do extend to you one hearty "thank you" for a job well done. David Robert Allshouse Patricia Ann Bechtol Thor Waldemar Berquist M5 Qmifs Paxton Kim Black David Lynn Booher Daniel Harlan Book qv-1 ' ' it Si fy ,Q ,,:. f Michael John Bruno Ronald William Burgess Polly jean Burnside K 'M fy -nw-wr Kathleen Joyce Butler Alan Robert Candioto Timothy John Carlin Viv' " " is, f V, ""'Y f9'9'w Daniel ,l21Ck C2I'1'0l Patricia Jane Cawthorne Charles Joseph Chamberlain Twp Cynthia Ann Cioffi Thomas Dietrich Colbridge julia Ann Conover 49' -'ns --r .,..,.W.: -a -X V ,,....-.. w,,,ny ff fx, john Carl Covert Thomas Edward Crenney Curtis Webster Crill C h Brenda Joyce Daniels Karen Ann Cummings Margaret jane us man Roderick Thomas Ronald Patrick Daugherty Roger Raymond Davis Daugherty ww pilot?" john Charles Dean Charles Thomas Dean Leclia joan DeFiore are-wp' Louis Franklin Delpha. Judith Ann Dufford Nancy Lu Eagan Kathryn Lynn Endress Gerald Eugene Fair Frederick Bentley Fessler ffm '31, , Margaret Jane Figuly James Finamore Karen Louella Fisher ,, , N fri' T Wanda june Fobes Margaret Ann Foht Nancy Alison Fox .A- David jonathan Frank So ends another day. Junior Miss Candidates Kathy Bulter, Susie McKeever, Randall McConahy, julie Conover, Kay Zeigler Martha Ann Frazier ffl, Thomas French Michael Bruce Gettings , Karen Gene Glover Dawna Jean Goodrich Charlotte Ann Giardini wc, tb o ll. f M, A If .J ,,, M, ffZ1Iif'H':: .. -,I LJ.-53, .' f Edgar Arturo Gonzalez Albert Leroy Graham Karen Lynn Grancley Charles Bert Grassell il '1' james Robert Gallagher Bonita Kay Glenn M N 4 o n - Susan jane Gray Frances Jeannette Green Timothy Albert Hague Martha Ann Hamilton Carl jefferson Hammond Ir. Dixie Lea Hammond Nik. """1v W -APP Elaine Marie Hannon Mary Jane Headings Stephigeigiworth Diann Himebaugh jonathan Peter Janis Lawrence Francis Jerome W-X K Q, LV .445 Leslie Ellen johnson Marlene Lee Johnston Bruce Alan Keagy Cheryl Ann Kegarise Cindy Lou Kirkwood Carol Lynn Knight 2:- Should we stay or keep going towards New Wilmington?" The long awaited departure. i Continental sweatshirts A senior cheers up an absent classmate. arrive 4 I i Dorothy jo Lynn Knight Frances Diane Krashner Rose Marie Kwiat Dulcie Jean Layman Arthur Paul Lennig Gary Nelson Leonard Beverlee Jean Lewis Palficla H'?len April Beth Lirzner Litwinowicz K 'QT-veg' Cheryl Christine Lundeen Wlilliam Micheal Manto joseph Bartholomew Marcucci Deborah jane Martin Ann Alexander McBride Elizabeth Randall McConahy Edith Grace McGaffic Thomas Edward McGtatt Susan Ann McKeever William Thomas MCKCOWH Judith Ann McKibben Dorothy Ann McQuiston james Andrew Mills Robert Henry Moffatt Gerald Richard Mooney, jr. ROOM Pam Zusack and Phil Story ham it up. Homecoming Coronation of Pattie Cawthorne An early morning hike from Memorial school. 'rw-gr ...M ,gr Diana Lee Moore Darlene Faye Myers Robert Russell Nelson David Bland Nesbit Janice Ruth Nader Jacqueline Ann Offie 'K David William Patterson Judd William Patton William Pell lll.ldlllll,ll s Geoffrey Louis Phelan Gayle Ann Polenick Clarinda Potter Rodney Lee Reston James Earl Reynolds joan Patricia Robinson 35: ,wwf Linda Louise Rodgers Louis joseph Roselli, jr. Ronald john Russo is .V - , V Cynthia Ann Sawyer Larry Ronald Schmidt Linda Lee Settle v-,arf Gary Lee Shuler Sheryl Ann Slater Marcia Ann Smith if-ffl f Beverly Ann Stevenson Ina Grace Story Phillip Gary Story Thomas Charles Sweet Albert Phillip Tecza Robert joseph Tommasone --vv K ,, ,, , Several seniors frolic in the snow A cheering group comprised of seniors . . . K G1 f t Karen Fisher llnes up students for club pictures arm Over Grams or a est .. -mv' Ye 'ew AQ Nancy Anne Toth Charlotte Ann Truran Kathleen Vanasky . r-2' 12 'W ' I if, r , , Robert Anfhfmy Vefi Kenneth Allan Walters Donna Jean Warso , a 'Nu Frances Marian Weiner Alan I.aVerne Weingartner Barbara Ilene Welker QQ'-... Barbara Ellen Wettlaufef Alyson Estelle Winick Kay Priscilla Zeigler FR' 'age YY? Marilyn Kay Zeiglef Marjorie Ann Ziegler Polly Burnside won the D.A.R. award. Janice Nader received the Future Homemakefs Award. i? Mary Pamela Zusack Bev Lewis is Neshannock's Sports Queen AFS. Student Edgar Gonzales I do not have enough words to thank all of you Neshannock students and you, Faculty Members, for your hospitality and co-operation in making this a wonderful year for me. The hobbies I enjoy most are music, photography, dancing, and reading and my future ambitions are engineering, and diplomacy. I hope my staying here has contributed to the unf derstanding and better knowledge of the Colombian people. Anyway I understand the American people better, and although I will have to leave, my mind and my heart will stay with you forever. Edgar Gonzalez D. Calle 42 99632-10 Medellin-Colombia South America Edgar and his American brother George make plans for the game. . 5 E Edgar enters Neshannock for the first time Edgar receives a hearty welcome from Mr. Alderson X '- 1- " if 45. -W .1 :J N ds .X 5? Jr ' s 2 .1 Q S, 1 f 1 . 3 Q 4 Q u 5 5 1 v n n e .. k.X. .M f K. 'J,,, tibwl K K .C ,... N A f , f f ' ',g.1gf,gXg, V ' . .., ,x M , K. I , A v' swim .i Y .A,,. K ,A .-.5 lun- ,- fx - ' ' A 's B f-N-...,,,,,.,,, :xr " ': M K K I K kkkkk L . Ll K"' W' "'K'::.:::: f.' W: -,xg x .. A f W' 2 Mawr 1 ,v"Ne' 1 f V Q , irifeafw .W --ffw---M Q I F ,,.X.n.,,.,.,., - 50 f MM ,Y ,,,,,W,? . S Q 1 ' ,m '-. 'v 'gif r' R4 9-Qigigz Y T at .5 1. xx XVMR, , T u , i www ---- Xwi-if-w""'N'vfM"'N"'mL'V W V 1 . Ha mam? ., .,,. - J - - ,....,, ,. . ' 24-1, .,.. fggik, .e -'-:., ff? '1f!"' ..:: Ima,-':'ilE12"",gf-53, 'STFT ' ,, We will give our all for thee Red and the White . . . funiors Receive Class Rings junior Class Offirers: M. Kozela, Treasurer, S. Duran, Historian, L. Eckles, Secre- tary, J. Davis, V. President, G. McGinnis, President. Mr. Carson, Class Advisor. Row 1. L. Argiro, A. Acquaviva, B. Wimer, F. Smith, B. Goodman, K. Stewart, Row 2. N. Kline, B. Rzicznek, M. Miller, S. Kulkin, D. Headings, L. Duncan, Mrs. Alderson. Row 3, 1. Sniezek, L. Henry, C. Grim, P. Marcella, T. Patterson, T. Birney Row 4. E. Eakin, H. Matteo, I.. George, S. Voras, T. Frank, G. Snyder, R. Silvis, Row 5. M. McConnell, T. julian, J. Cox, R Boyle, D. Thompson, J. Dachesero, Row 6. R. DeChesero, E. Finamore. Row 1. M. Capitola, S. Robinson, G. Baughman, S. Ward, K. Phillips, A. Richards. Row 2. L. Kerr, I. McConahy, B. Boalick, M. Verino, C. Wehman, P. Cutler, Mr. Carson. Row 3. I. Foltz, M. Sanfilippo, M. Loney, K. Pragacz, B. Wilson, J. Sewell Row 4. G. Hartfelder, J. Hennon, F. Stanzac, J. Offie, J. Kapuchuck, B. Maslyk. Row 5. J. Emley, J. Dickson, R. Goodfellow, R. Green, C. Tighe. 1 mwssr Bev Goclano admires Sherry McCann's class ring. Tim Burney picks up his class ring at the jeweler's. Already? Row 1. G. Grannis, L. Davis, B. Goclano, S. McCann, J. Cartwright, L. Hufford, Row 2. M. Henderson, L. Morris, C. Burn- side, L. Seh, J. Lochard, G. Acquillo, Mr. Peterson, Row 3. J. Winick, K. Smith, M. Seabol, B. Dixon, P. Ward, R. Reston, Row 4. S. Moskovitz, D. Kerr, L. Eckles, R. Koszela, G. McGinnis, B. Bishop, J. Galant, Row 5. P. Peluso, R. Mailin, D. Robinson, E. Hassay, T, Trent, Frank Ruscetti, Row 6. D. Kelley, R. Halackna. fH ttf' 1 ff! Row 1. S. Montgomery, S. Arrnond, T. French, M. Koszela, C. Finley, M. Crowley, Row 2. C. Levine, J. McClimans, A. Acqua- viva, B. McGill, A. Miller, G. Glavis, Mr. Venasco. Raw 3. B. Kehler, B. Moses, B. Mort, L. Stimple, T.' Stoops, T. Graham, G. Kaupa, Row 4. B. jenkins, A. Houk, S. Duran, A. Morrow, M. Gross, L. Meyers, W. Sherer, Row 5. I. Thomas, S. Keller, P. Minick, J. Davis, C. Rech. We can work it out!! The junior Class party was held on January 8, 1966. The committee chair- men were as follows: Margie Hender- son, decorations, Sherry Kulkin, en- tertainment, Paul Cutler refreshments, Marty Koszela, advertisement. T h e most popular group in town was there to entertain, The Fibers, with the well known stars Bob Maslyk, Ron Tomlur- in Russo, Bill Frye, and Ringo Boyle. After struggling all day with tree stands and crepe paper the lobby was finally transformed into a "Wonderland by Night." The Fibers in action I 55 ophomore Class Ojficers Row 1 Janice Shaffer, Secretary, Rita Noga Historiang Pam Butler Treasurer Row 2 jeff Kehler, President Mr. Abraham, Advisorg Mark Tanner, Vice-President CM,ncelEE ee pE'FP3N Polly Burnside and Janice Maher try to promote yearbook sales at the football game Linda Ruscetti helps decorate the Christmas tree. - Row 1. E. Geer, B. Fleischer, S. Kerber, G. Saas, B. Mort, D. Eagan. Row 2. C. Koukal, S. Kapraly, W. Fox, J. Ryan, R. Patton, J. McConahy, Mr. Hoover. Raw 3. L. Reynolds, J. Pegarmo, C. Tanner, P. Houston, K. Minick, D. McGuire. Row 4. M. Magno, R. Plonka, J. DiCola, B. Carlson, D. Smith, D. Glenn, G. Ferrese. Row 5. N. Barilla, J. Reeher, K. Ickes, G. Green, P. Werner, J. Robinson. Row 6. M. Miller, D. Henderson, C. Peters, C. Booher, R. Sirak, T. McComb, T. Latimer. Row 1. R. McKee, A. Petricles, R. Noga, S. Fessler, C. Mills, D. Brenner. Row 2. G. Busin, D. Bruno, M. Pandice, R. Glidden, R. Polen, G. Galiano, Mrs. Kildoo. Row 3. I. joseph, L. Varley, J. Maher, B. Williamson, R. Hasler, B. Yellcovich. Row 4. B. Cater, S. Spangler, C. Kegarise, D. Fletcher, D. Kuttesch, M. Zusack, G. Davis. Raw 5. R. Edwards, D. McCracken, B. Lawrence, J. Hudak, C. Slater, J. Rice. Row 6. K. Montag, E. Baughman, R. Green, M. Tanner, D. Higgins, B. Genkinger. Rau' 1. S. Murray, R. Elder, S. Reinhart, B. Himebaugh, J. Iorio, A. Chec. Row 2. L. Knight, C. Helms, P. Butler, J. Janis, B. McCreary, J. Schafer, Mrs. Middendorf. Row 3. K. Stevenson, B. More-tti, S3 Fisher, J. Siebanoller, D. Garberry, J. Leimbacher. Row 4. J. Prosser, T. Hammond, B. Rentz, R. Ritchie, G. Tebay, T. Flora, B. Berman. Row 5. T. Slater, J. Duffee, B. Meagher, T. Adams, T. Patton, P. Lagnese. Raw 6. J. Kehler, G. Cunningham, P. Mills, B. Glover. Row 1. D. Smith, S. Gilbert, S. Hayden, N. Boni, L. Orr, R. Flout. Row 2. B. Weiner, J. McElwee, M. Kohan, C. Pisciuner, R. Dunlap, J. Houston, Mr. Thomas. Row 3. D. Brenner, P. Cameron, R. Morgan, T. Martin, R. Lelii, J. MacKay. Row 4. B. Keller, E.dRobinson, D. Miles, R. Large, A. Gardocky, J. Jenista. Raw 5. G. Simons, D. Payne, T. Bailey, C. Dicks, L. Mills, D. Reynol s, Evening in Paris The Sophomores held their "Eve- ning in Paris" on February 5, 1966. The Class of '68 and their dates were surrounded by a Parisian at- mosphere consisting of a typical sidewalk cafe and a traditional French garden. Entertaining throughout the evening were Da- Bojacks and various 'ltalentedu members of the class. Chaperoning the party were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Abraham, Mr. and Mrs. Zusack, and Mr. Edwin Tobin. As the evening drew to a close and the Sophomores slowly departed, eve- ryone agreed that this was a night not many would forget. Is Thzs Somethmg New Ln Dcmcing??? r.,r..,4agu,a.a...,...a.,.,.,.rr,,, ..,. ,.,-r...M... ba... , Row 1. B. George, S. Bupp, T. Birney, D. Altman, K. Andrews, K. Bauder. Row 2. G. Boatman, M. Baughman, D. Calaguire, J. Biddle, D. Bartley, B. Beichner, Mrs. Ros- enberger. Row 3. J. Cast, P. Forney J. Claluca, F. Gaibus, D. Brunswick P. Branscome. Row 4. D. Bloise G. Boots, T. Acker, T. Bannister, R. Book, M. Black, E. Bukowski Row 5. P. Boalick, A. Pecano, G. Robison, L. Coulter, P. Pitzer, E Finamore. Row 6. D. Alduk, C. Bradford, R. Henry, T. Janis. Row 1. B. DiCaprio, J. McCann, C. Fusco, D. Duvall, B. McGaffic. Row 2. M. Layman, S. Gunther, E. Silvis, J. Madison, I. Handte, B. Giancola, Mr. Lammie. Row 3. M Bush, B. Duncan, J. Palmer, R. Marietta, R. Hammond, S. McClin- tock. Row 4. J. Henderson, B. Horney, G. Knight, D. Krashner, J. Double, S. Knight, A. Litwino- wicz. Row 5. D. Kirkwood, O Hunter, D. Duda, J. Snyder, D Lobazo, K. Kennedy. r 2 Row 1. S. Welker, J. Suber, M. Moore, D. Schultz, N. Love, D. Weller. Row 2. J. Sankey, L. Top- per, J. Russo, J. Riddell, K. Cha- bak, D. Sankey, Mr. Elder. Raw 3. D. Shirk, J. Simons, M. Wilson, J. McGinnis, D. McCann, K. Slater. Row 4. J. Sallmen, J. Zubkowski B. Weiner, V. Racioppo, J. Mor- rison, D. Pitzer, L. McClure. Rowj. D. Jenista, J. Pascoe, W. Thomp- son, C. McQuiston, B. Scholtz, D. Stunkard. Row 6. M. Bishop, L Wirl, P. Rhodes. Row 1. C. Cunningham, J. Moses, L. Galiano, H. Piscuineri, S. Hague J. Dietz. Row 2. B. Gesue, A Frazier, B. Cullen, B. Douglass, A ohnson S. Gilbert M. Dean - J , , - Raw 3, P, Flora, C. Ferraro, L. Antoniazzi, G. DiCarlo, M. Je rome, P. Capitola. Row 4. L. Rus- cetti, D. Nulph, D. Eden, J Heckart, P. George, J. Daley, D. Duran. Raw 5. T. Confer, R. Cap- lan, G. Massaro, C. McCaskey, R. Davis, S. McGrath. Row 6. J. De- An elis K Moore P. DeCarbo, L. 8 , - , Kelly, Mr. Toth. 1 Row 1. S. Saas, K. Cartwright, D. Giardini, R. Zeigler, L. Pal- mer, P. Spiker. Raw 2. D. Steven- son, J, Phillips, G. Dresing, V. Ross, R. Kohan, R. Slater, Mr. Bleggi. Row 3. G. Yoho, B. Sweet, S. Twaddle, B. McLure, R. Shirk, D. Stimple. Row 4. J. Laforet, R. Ryan, B. Selamon, M. San- flippo, C. Ramsey, L. Burgess, M Wirl. Row 5. J. McKinley, E Kravs, P. Kwiat, Wm. Patterson B. Williamson, D. Poleno. Row 6 R. Vernino, K. Krueger, T. Adamo A25 Mr. McCoy jokes with several students. Changing Classes A late senior pleads for a pass. 1 Raw 1. S. Meager, J. Parshall, S. McClilland, A. Vanasky, A. Myers, -I. Perelman. Row 2. L. Thomas, L. Navarra, M. McConnell, D. Moon- ey, W. Morris, J. Thompson, K McGrew. Row 3. J. Peluso, D. Sig- ler, R. Miles, J. Mcllvenny, D. Wri ht B. Welker K. White 8 , , - Row 4. J. Potter, S. Miller, S. Min- ner, E. Mooney, C. Warso, C. McGurrk, M. McConnell. Raw 5 R. McCreary, M. Nader, K. Wer- ner, R. Planksk, R. Palumbo, R. McQuiston. 1 L-.4 Row 1. D. Walten, N. Lognese, L. Knous, E.'Kn1ht, C. Houk, D. Wallace. Row 2. S. Vallillo, V. Spangler, L. Johnson, E. johnson, G. Sovash, B. Fredenick, D. Slater. Row 3. AD. McCasley, D. Hannon, S. Kline, M. Matteo, W. Leli, D. Houk. Raw 4. H. Litwinowicz, B. Hanlon, R. Ward, D. Halon, A. Hoye, C. Martin, J. Love. Row 5. L. Shaw, P, Walzer, L. Knight, K. Mayberry, S. Jones, B. Stewart. Row 6. D. Ludwig, P. Hoye, G. Kelley, B. Womer. tml Row 1. M. Smith, P. George, S. Freinstien, M. J. Sentak, B. Grauel S. Helms, M. Duffee. Row 2. L. Gray, W. Hileman, D. Hassay, C. Scheffter, R. Frank, T. Smolnik, Miss Haas. Row 3. M. Dunlap, D. DiGia, D. Reed, A. Germani, J. Russo, D. Goodrich, D. Farone. Row 4. W. Frazier, R. Curran, R. Reiber, C. Sant, S. Heidish, L. French, E. Greene, R. Retort. Row 5. M. Sabol, C. Gallagher, D. Rhodes, C. Haines, W. Douglass, T. Dufford, C. Douglas. A Row 1. R. Altman, R. Shaffer, L. Cubertson, B. Patton, M. Cum- mings, S. Phillips. Row 2. G. Saas, V. Apostolico, D. Acker, K. Byler, M. Cunningham, B. Boren, Miss Brumbagh. Row 3. W. Cochran, J. Cameron, G. Scheller, J. Bailey, C. Busin, lvl. Roselli. Row 4. K. Robison, M. Case, P. Capitola, W. Sheleberger, D. Douglas, K. Coo- ley, K. Rosen. Row 5. M. San- filippo, P. Daniels, K. Bruniside, B. Finley, S. Black, R. Schmidt. Row 6. G. Armstrong, T. Bevan, S. Schwartz, N. Anderson, G. Clobus, S. Byler. Row 1. S. Cohen, S. Strauss, K. Creasey, M. Weiner, J. Maher, G. McGwen. Row 2. R. Taylor, M. Augustine, D. Blair, J. Gar- docky, R. Halackna, Mr. Engle- hart. Raw 3. H. Williams, E Moore, D. Cotton, P. Welsh, G Werner, R. Ross. Rauf 4. M. Sny- cler, D. Bechtol, N. Rentz, D Speed, J. Twacldle, L. Tiahe, J Liembacher. Row 5. J. Stimple A. Strauss, S. Large, D. Pallott N. Samuels, T. Bukowski. Row 6 H. Williams, K. White, S. Wilder T. Schaffer, G. Baker. Look mom, no food! X1 '-" .. "E35a?B?Ni!f?!'-T..f5,.".T W' 'M """"IfLi" " 1 s Row Z. J. Sankey, B. Pisciuneri, N. J. Micco, P. Hughes, J. Kut- tesch, D. McComb. Row 2. D. Rupp, C. Ramsey, L. McConahy, G. Magill, C. Orrico, M. Johnston, Mr. Booth. Raw 3. J. Navarra, C. Lusk, S. Smith, G. McConnell, R. Swanger, J. Miller. Row 4. R. Welker, J. McKee, P. McCrumb, G. Malinowski, R. Morris, G. Nes- bit D. Ludwi . Row 5. M. Mot , S ' tern, B. Plonka, R. Knight, E. Mc- Quiston. r Row 1. M. Clark, T. Colaluca, R. Cook, G. Collingwood, N. George, M. Cullen. Row 2. P. Glavis, E Cornrnan, D. Chaffee, M. Chabak R. D'Amato, P. Cioffi, Mr. King Row 3. G. Eakin, J. Greer, E Cooper, E. Finamore, B. Glenn, J. Fulvi. Row 4. K. Faletko, S. Bobi- lin, C. Evanoski, T. Stewart, S Carlson, R. Dawson, R. Chambers Row 5. A. DeCarb0, R. Chamber- lain, R. Ekis. y Kv"'-'40 Row 1. T. Branscome, K. Black, G. Stalnecker, D. Cameron, D. Barella, G. Berkheimer. Raw 2. K. Alduk, F. Calaguire, S. Bishop, D. Aeppli, G. Brooks, M. Berman, Mrs. Pirzer. Row 3. W. Byers, J. Bogle, M. Bender, J. Campbell, A. Saginak, J. Bistyga. Raw 4, T. Capitola, S. Burnside, R. Blews, R. Carpenter, D. Boatman, J. Bobilin, S. Byler. Row 5. C. Acquillo, T. Bales, L. Pelley, L. Catterson, S. Bloise. Row 1. A. Hartfelder, D. Strizzi D. Seanor, E. Thompson, S. Nixon C. McCreary. Row 2. D. Milke S. Kerr, DiLullo, T. Caplan, D Bratz, G. Tanner, Mr. Abraham. Row 3. G. Helms, C. Bolois, J Marlin, L. Eisenhuth, D. Booth, T. Reeher. Row 4. S. Brest, S. Dickson, D. Sainato, D. Print, V. Cockran, M. LaForet. Row 1. R. Hague, R. Cormnan, B. King, K. Joyce, J. Ferraro, D. Haering. Row 2. D. Fessler, L. Green, D. Goclano, W. Chaffee, R. Hoover, J. Ferrese, Mr. Heine- mann. Row 3. M. Hagerty, M. Flora, M. Roman, D. Hedland, D. Lombardi, B. Plini. Row 4. M. Johnson, P. Horney, R, Koonse L. Kramer, S. Goldner, C. Lauten: slager. Row 5. J. Griffith, J. Gra- ham, E. Heinemann. Row 1. J. Rhodes, R. Tanner, D. Spiker, J. Spenter, M. George, J. Warso. Row 2. S. Travers, J. Smith, A. Yoho, G. Slater, S. Wes- cott, B. Sweet, P. Varley. Row 3. F. Scocchera, B. Willis, G. Wynder, L. Zeigler, T. Stunkard, K. Wise. Row 4. J. Wirl, C. Sa- bol, R. Wadlinger, R. Vannattan, J. Richards, J. Stoops, F. Seh. Rbw 5. B. Warner, F. Quigley, P. Welker, C. Zarernba, K. Ser- watka. st Qnt Q ga xzat ns was 3 n A me 'mea Q 'Ji 5 F DLT 'X if ,ga Y V -V " if 5' Us Qxrff N J- 93,6 Y A-mwrff 1-"A ,4- mae-W kk k.'-. QM. W A"' S L '- Lf w :fm-flf-Riff".h...,,1:'f-1425 ff N95 , e-'M' ' I .m..al4.gif'j3 AAAA" ,J ' ,. M11 i L b A . - M, . W " H ,,-hk I ' ' My-N"" ww. 'fy From Neshannockis halls X , 1 'LE X mf? 1 35 .151-B. :ffia--1 X -- zu am SQ? , 1 s,,,fgfgfSf4nf151g. .- Q , r.X,.,,..X.. 1.. s i , ,ef 1 4 ' x-, 155 2 H' W wa., fn 2- i .gS,glxI'j---,,-::'f'f 'ff 1: V S 3' A ss, si- , l l STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS From Left, jerry Fair fTreasurerj, Frank Ruscetti fVice Presidentj, Kitty Stevenson fSecretaryj, Tom McGrath fPrf-:sidentj Student Council The Student Council, under Mr. Booth's leadership, is the student government at Neshannock. The members have the opportunity to voice their opinions on various subjects the meetings. Student Council's activities include a Christmas Dance, and the reforming of rules for awards. The officers are Tom McGrath, President, Frank Ruscetti, Vice-President, Kitty Stevenson, Secretaryg ,Terry Fair, Treasurer. Row 1. T. Branscome, C. Sabol, G. Tanner, W. Hileman, K. McGrew, D. Duvall, Row 2. .D. Weller, C. Sabol, P. Horney, M Capitola, P. Burnside, D. Bechtol, Mr. Booth. Row 3. J. Love, S. Carlson, R. Noga, C. Helms, S. Green, B. Finley, F. Ruscetti, Row 4. J. Nader, P. Cushman, S. Moscovitz, M. Baughman, N. Anderson, E. Kraus, J. Conover, Row 5. J. Gallagher, j. DeAngelis, J. Reeher, T. julian, C. Rech, T. McGrath. Future urses Row 1. R. Elder, K. Butler, S. Hayden, D. Goodrich, P. Foht, Row 2. K. Endress, C. Koukal, J. Maher, P. Cutler, S. McKeever, J. Robinson, Row 3. S. Gray, E. McGaffic, R. Kwait, S. Slater, P. Cushman, Row 4. B. Lewis, J. Dufford, P. Cawthorne, C. Piscuineri, D. Kuttesch, M. Hamilton, Row 5. N. Fox, M. Vernino, M. Miller. Varsit C ub t. V Row 1. J. DeGarmo, B. Hammond, S. Helms, G. Leonard, D. Glenn, T. Slater, Row 2. T. Dean, B. Keagy, T. Carlin, B. Veri, J. Kapuchuck, R. Boyle, P. Peluso, Row 3. B. Manto, R. Daugherty, J. Covert, J. Cox, R. Russo, T. Crenny, Row 4. J. Fair, B. Nelson, J. Patton, J. Davis, G. Phelan, A. Weingartner, A. Weingartner, A. Ghraham. Row 5. Mr. Black, R. Daugherty, G. Krupa, C. Crill, Mr. Paolone. The purpose of Future Nurses Club is to encour- age girls in g r a d e s t e n through twelve in the fields of nurs- ing. .V The club sponsored its first initiation t h i s year. Its activities include speakers, movies, and an annual trip to vis- it a hospital. President- Sherrie Slater Vice-President- Marie Vernino Secretary-Peggy Cushman Treasurer--Joan Robinson Athletes who have earned a var- sity letter at Nes- hannock compose the Varsity Club. Athletics are en- couraged in high school by the head coaches of the individual sports who are the sponsors of this club. Service Club Row 1. A. McBride, A. McQuiston, I. Story, E. Hannon, C. Giardini, D. Hammond. Row 2. D. Krashner, A. Acquaviva, M. Crowley, M. Henderson, C. Levine, J. Lockard, A. Acquaviva. Row 3. M. Kohan, M. J. Headings, D. Layman, B. Lewis, G. Polenick, P. Figuly. Row 4. J. McKibben, -B. Mort, M, Frazier, P. Cutler, J. Offie, J. Siebanoller, J. Conover. Row 5. C. Cioffi, R. McConahy, J. Dufford, A. Winick, B. Pell, A. Weingartner. Row 6. C. Potter, K. Glover, J. Gallagher, L. Roselli, R. Burgess. Outdoor Sportsmen Club TW- We .al Row 1. E. Geer, H. Pisciuneri, D. Duvall, R. Zeigler, D. Weller, J. Riddell, G. Boatman. Row 2. D. Shirk, O. Hunter, D. Bartley, R. Shirk, G. Boots, L. Davis, J. DiCola, T. Patterson. Row 3. B. Richie, T. Acker, T. Confer, D. Jenista, W. Thompson, D. Kirkwood, R. Book. Row 4. R. Ryan, H. Matteo, L. George, D. Book, N. Barilla, F. Stanczak, C. Bradford, E. Finamore. Row 5. M. Bishop, P. Rhodes, E. Baughman, D. Robison, R. Daugherty, D. Nesbitt, D. Booher. Row 6. K. Krueger, D. Kelly, L. Kelly, Mr. Hoover. Members of the Service Club help at school ac- tivities. At foot- ball games they Work at the con- cession s t a n d, usher, and sell programs. They are responsible for the coat check at the basketball games. Mr. Bleg- gi is the sponsor of Service Club. The Outdoor Sportsmen and Mr. Hoover, the sponsor, assemble to study problems concerning con- servation. The members have written to legis- latures support- ing and detesting certain bills asso- ciated with con- servation. ational Merit Scholars Row 1. fSemi-Finalistsj J. Dean, P. Burnside, G. Phelan. Raw 2. Mr. Alderson, B. Tommasone, R. McConahy, 1. Conover, K. Zeigler, K. Butler, N. Fox, T. McGrath, T. Bergquist. Sociedad H onoraria H ispcinica Row 1. M. Capitola, S. Arrnond, M. Koszela, B. Goclano, S. McCann, B. Boalick. Row 2. J. Conover T. McGrath, T. Julian, J. Dean, S. DeFiore, D. Kerr. The National Merit Scholarship Examination was administered to award scholar- ships to those with high ability. This year Nes- hannock is proud to have three semi-finalists who ranked in the up- per 2f3 of lik in the nation. The other students ranked in the up- per Zfk of the nation and re- ceived Letters of Commendation. The jose Vas- concelos chapter of Sociedad Hon- . . I . oraria Hispanica' was chartered at Neshannock in 1960 to' recognize h i g h achieve- ments in Spanish. The members of the society meet monthly to dis- cuss the language and customs in Spanish-speaking countries. President-john Dean, Vice-President- Julie Conover Secretary-Mary Lou Capitola E I l l 1 Row 1. C. Fusco, N. Love, K. Butler, M. Capitola, A. Acquaviva, C. Ferraro, P. Burnside, K. Endress, Mr. Lammie. Row 2. P. Capitola, R. Kohan, R. Noga, P. Butler, C. Kegarise, K. Grandey, J. Conover, R. McConahy, A. Winick. Row 3. J. McKibben, M. Frazier, J. Sniezek, J. Gallagher, T. McGrath, D. Nesbit, T. Crenney, A. Candioto, T. Colbridge, L. Mills. Arrow Stay? Forty members of the school newspaper staff produce an informative and interesting "Arrow" once a month. Mr. Lammie and his team work hard to publish these editions which include sports events, social activities, and junior and senior high news. Youth Page Once a week the Youth Page is published in the New Castle News. Neshannock is one of the many schools that participates in this weekly project. The people who prepare the column work hard to present our school's activities, func- tions, and news. Row 1. T. Colbridge fEditor-in-Chiefj,.D. Nesbit fSports Editorj. Row 2. P. Burnside fCopy Editorj, C. Kegarise fSocial Editorj, J. Conover fFeature Editorj, N. Love Ur. High Editorj, M. Capitola fAssistant Editorj, A. Acquaviva fCirculation Managerj, K. Endress fBusiness Managerj, P. Capitola Ur. High Editorj. 4 L. to R. Marilyn Zeigler QTypistj, Julie Conover, Mrs. Dayton, Polly Burnside. Future Teachers of America Row 1. G. Polenick, P. Figuly, A. Hufford, M. Crowley, C. Levine, S. Armond, Mrs. Alderson Row 2. B. Goodman, E. Hannon, C. Giardini, C. Truran, K. Endress, P. Burnside, M. J. Headings Row 3. K. Vanasky, J. Nader, B. Welker, C. Cioffi, J. Gallagher, J. Conover. Row 4. A. Winick, R. McConahy, B. Stevenson, D. Kerr, C. Potter, L. Johnson, M. Sabol Row 5. S. Duran, K, Pragacz, M. Gross, B. Boalick, C. Wehman, R. Koszela, M. McConnell. Librar Aides Row 1. S. Bupp, C. Fusco, A. McQuiston, S. Knight, B. Mort, J. Janis, D. Warso, A. Petrides, F. Gaibus, J. Hehderson. Row 2. K. Cummings, K. Endress, P. Capitola, R. Reston, K. Stewart, S Kerr, W. Fobes, B. Yelkovich, B. Boalick, J. Sniezek, Mr. McCoy. Row 3. M. Vernino, C. Wehman, W. Fox, J. Shaffer, M. Miller, J. Siebanoller, D. Layman, S. Slater, A. Winick, R. McConahy Row 4. K. Vanasky, D. Hammond, D. Krashner, J. Offie, D. Moore, M. Smith, S. Henry, J. McKibben, D. Myers, J. Conover, C. Potter. Row 5. S. Duran, J. Emley, G. Boots, D. Duda, G. Galiano, B. Meagher, B. McKeown. Future Teach- ers of America is sponsored by Mrs. Alderson. The members in- clude juniors and seniors who are interested in the teaching profes- sion. Sewing as guides at Open House and help- ing at the pre- school are two of the main events. The officers are Julie Conover, President, Kathy Pragacz, Vice President, Sue Duran, Elaine Hannon, Secre- taries, Bev Stev- enson, Treasurer, Cheryl Lundeen, Historiang Janice Nader, Librarian. The Library Aides are very important in our library. They as- sist students in se- lecting books and reading material for classes. They also help our li- brarian, Mr. Mc- Coy, with many of his responsibil- ities. President-Cindy Potter Vice-President- Janice Schaffer Secretary-Sue Duran Public Address Announcers S. McCann and T. Julian Omce Girls Franz lo Rear: J. McCann, B. Mort, J. Iorio T. French, J. Nader, S. McKeever, B. Wett laufer, K. Glover. 1 ' 'A Color Guard Lefl zo Right: G. Hartfelder, D. Duda, D. Poleno, D. Knulph, j. Geer, D. McGuire Antiquities Club g Clockwise. Mr. King, J. Gardocki, M. J. Sentak, D. Slater, M. Layman, K. Coolie, N. Rentz, J. Twaddle, M. Moore, N. Anderson, S. Schartz, A. Litwinovics, S. Wilder, J. Russo, B. Douglas, G. Sneller, M. Nayder, J. Glavis, T. Beven, B. Finley, B. McClure, D. Speed, M. McConnell, VM. Case, D. Nulph, T. -Geer, P. Griffith, D. Shirk, D. Shults, D. Palot, M. Augustine, A. Piscineri, W. Cochran, D. Reed, D. Acker, -M. Smith. Knitting Club Row 1. G. DiCarlo, D. Schultz, P. Spiker, J. Deitz, B, George, j. Rhodes. Raw 2. P. Griffith, K. White, K. Serwatka, B. Plonka, S. Brest, S. Twaddle, A. Litwinowicz. Members of this organization are interested in the discovery, acqui- sition, restoration and presentation of historic relics. The club's pur- pose is to pre- serve these disap- pearing articles of our heritage for future genera- tions. Serving as the sponsor, Mrs. Pe- trides teaches the members how to work on knitted articles at their individual rate of speed. Member- ship is open to anyone interested in knitting. 75 To stimulate an interest in sci- ence, members of Future Scientists learn about bio- logical sciences and various op- portunities in this field. Included in some of their ac- tivities are visit- ing laboratories and having guest lecturers. The members of the Jr. High Science Club have the opportunity to study special- ized fields in sci- ence. Discussing advanced science and seeing films create more of an interest among the group. 76 Future Scientists 0J America Row 1. P. Butler, J. Maher, R. Noga, J. lorio, M. Koszela, E. Geer. Row 2. P. Cutler, M. Sabol, J. Shaffer W. Fox, D. Kutte-sch, M. Zusack, C. Kegarise. Row 3. Mr. Peterson, M, Hamilton, J. Robinson, J. Sewall B. Rentz, T. Bergquist, A. Wfinick. Rau' 4. D. Smith, J. Reeher, D. Reynolds, R. Carlson, B. Berman C. Slater. T. Julian. K. Montag. J. Dickson, T. Birney. J. Rice. T. Colbridge. Junior High Science Club his-. Row 1. S. Cohen, K. Creasy, J. Riddell, D. Walters, D. Blair, D. DiGia. Raw 2. D. Speed, J. Leim- bacher, M. Nader, B. Sallrnen, G. Baker. Row 3. P. Hoye. J. D'Angelis, S. McGrath, Mr. Abraham. French C ub Row 1. P. Figuly, G. Polenick, C. Sawyer, K. Butler, K. Cummings, M. Crowley. Row 2. C. Lundeen, S. Moskovitz, D. Moore, R. Kwait, C. Levine, J. Robinson, A. Hufford. Row 3. D. Krashner, K. Pracagz, B. Wettlaufer, A. Winick, S. McKeever, J. Dufford. Row 4. Miss McKnight, E. McGaffic, J. Offie, J. Gallagher, J. Sewall, T. McGrath. Seventh Grade Y- Teens Row 1. J. Ferrao, M. Cullen, N. George, K. Black, A. Hartfelder, L. McConghy. Row 2. L. Green, E. Cornman, S. Nixon, G. Berkheimer, S. Burnside, J. Bistyga, C. Evenoski, Row 3. R. Blews, M. Clark, J. DiLullo, R. D'Amato, P. Chioffi, T. Caplan, D. Bradtz. Rau' 4. B. Glenn, B. Sweet, C. Lusk, B. Wer- ner, B. Pelini, G. Green, V. Cochran. Row 5. P. McCrumb, S. Bobilin, P. Koonse, S. Brest, L. Kramer, C. Hamilton, S. Goldner. La Societe Il- lustre cle fran- caise was formed to create an inter- est in the French language, cus- toms, and history. The members study the lives and works of in- fluential French people. Miss Mc- Knight sponsors this organization. 77 Members of Y- Teens participate in various activ- ities for their own enjoyment and for service to the community. They s p o n s o r bake sales, dances, and a clothes cam- paign for needy families. 78 Eighth Grade Y-Teens Row 1. P. George, S, Cohen, S. Freinstein, M. J. Sentah, L. Cullcatson, S. Helrns. Row 2. B, Patton, D. Slater, M. Cummings, D. Cotton, K. Cooley, D. Hassay, J. Peluso. Row 3, C. Murray, D. Sygler, S. Hei- desk, A. Hoye, C. Busin, P. Daniels. Row 4. M. Sanfilippo, J. Twacldle, S. Miller, B. J. Finely, K. Robi- son, L. Knight, C. Gallagher. Row 5. S. Black, S. Williams, Mrs. Fredenick. mth Grade Y- Teens Row 1. S. Walker, C. Fusco, S. Saad, M. Layman, J. Suber. Row 2. A. Frazier, P. Spiker, J. Dietz, K. Chabak, D. Scholtz, J. Russo, Row 3. Mrs. Middendorf, G. DiCarbo, G. Dressing, A. Litwinowitz, S. Twacldle, J. MeGinnis, P. Griffith. Row 4. G. Robinson, D. Eden, M. Sanfilippc, C. Ramsey, D, Pitzer, B. Scholts. Drill Team A S. Welker, C. Ferarro, J. Parshall, G. Berkheimer, M. Layman, S. Saas, B. Plonka, S. Brest, K. Robison, C. Galagher, K. White, S. Williams. B. Daniels P. Daniels Drill Leader D. Douglas S. Gilbert D. Sigler M. Cunningham J. Suber ym, T eam, gp N. Love, Margie Moore, V. Spangler, T. French, L. French, P. Foht, Doug Walters, D. Bechtol, R. Morgan, G. Grannis, T. Birney, D. Nesbit, P. Bechtol, K. Walters, S. Spangler, D. Fletcher, B. Horney, A. Acquaviva, S. Montgomery. To learn the correct military commands and marching tech- niques and also to perform pat- tern marching for the public. Mak- ing one public appearance per year with the pos- sibility of more appearances in the future. To further the knowledge, abil- ity, grace and co- ordination of t h o s e students which s h o W promise in the field of gymnas- tics. To perform for the public at least once a year and also to com- pete with other schools sometime in the future. 79 To establish a strong sense of personal and so- cial responsibil- ity, high school students partici- pate in general safety activities andprojects. They establish various tech- niques for the common welfare of the school. 80 Neshannock Safet Club Row 1. M. Frazier, D. Warso, R. Kozela, R. Ritchie, J. McConahy, L. Stimple, E. Geer. Row 2. C. Reck, R. Marlin, J. Emley, R. Daugherty, G. McGinnis, W. Lawrence. Roug 3. Mr. Lucas, T. Colbridge, F. Rus- cetti, A. Candidto. Stage Crew The boys who par- ticipate in the Stage Crew assist at various activities such as plays and concerts. Row 1. J. Finnamore, J. DeGarrno. Row 2. Mr. Olesysk, M. McConnell. M ath Club Row 1. Miss Hass, G. Acquilla, S. Moskovitz, M. Henderson, J. Shaffer, M. J. Headings, K. Bulter, M. Koszela. Row 2. E. Gonzales, T. Berquist, G. McGinnis, T. jullian, G. Phelean, C. Reck, J. Dean, J. Fair, M. Gettings, J. Finnimore, J. Dickson. Art Club Row 1. J. Lockard, E. Geer, T. Bannister, M. Bishop, B. Duncan, B. Mort, C. Tanner, S. Bupp. Row 2. Mr. Malarick, M. Kohan, L. Orr, A. Chec, R. Hosler, R. Patton, S. Hayden, R. Dunlap. Raw 3. B. Cullen, J. McGinnis, C. Fusco, j. Rice, R. Ritchie, J. Sewell, R. Marietta, D. Fletcher. Row 4. B. Bukowski, P. Douglas, P. Boalick, J. Madison, I.. Roselli, J. Knight, L. Rodgers. N e s h a n n o c k High School's chapter of the National High School and junior College Mathe- matics Club was formed to stimu- late an interest in and to promote an enjoyment of mathematics. Its members try to increase t h e i r k n o W l e d g e through discus- sion and study of topics of impor- tance. The Art Club provides an op- portunity for stu- dents interested in art to do extra work. They also prepare sets or decorations for other school or- ganizations upon request. 8l -sw " A f m f s if ff? 5 E' - I ff ET.: fa y ' Q. A 'f 7? ' -5 ' 4 9, f 3:-5: -V . W , ,, W Ag if, L J v , Z .,, "HSE - . unit k mv ,.:r,, - "---f , 1. ,a , ,. K ff - X . ., A K , gf - , A - - , .fig wg r .., Q. i I S3439 ww. be , X, iff tw . 1 M w iw! Q 9 H ff .2 3 K ,ef ,. ., . . .ar . if V' Je- W .0 X :A+ e.:-r,w . 1 . r Yau-wma A f V ff. -N,,, t 'N'H'?"'r'KAfff7 'V if fflfw ig ,- , ...U - K Vw, . 11,,7g,v,gg,G,, me in vflfeexww-:'P - K ' waQf,x,A ' ,..N.vy.-.J-A-.pmt . Q f- 1-M Q . , - 4 v Q5 7 get M - I Q-Q-x...,' 4 '. H TL. ,L . IEE? . . , ,.,, fi fx Q21 SQ X N ' . at ' fri '1.f 31 1 M X .Y Xi, -X, L' yn .x,.,,1... if! wi ' . '-,. l1N.fw53'f-fa , Rx L! W K ,N N1"WQf if f E K 1 7 - A 1 A"'b' 3 N 'LLL A 13 K 'xg' 5, Q., , J M - .Qifm K - rkkr Sounds the call afar Row 1. J. Russo, M. Dean, B. Beichner, D. Warso, S. Armond, S. McCann, C. Navarra, S. Kerber, D. Stimple, D. McGuire L. Stimple, G. Baughman, G. Boatman, J. Sankey, L. Reynolds, L. Galiano, B, Fleischer, D. Smith. Row 2. S. Fessler, K Stevenson, M. Miller, B. Selemon, A. Litwinowicz, K. Staler, S. Slater, S. Gray, N. Kline, R. Kwait, J.,Nader, L. Settle, S Gilbert, D. Stevenson, S. Gunther, L. Topper, B. Goodman. Row 3. B. Tommasone, E. Kraus, V. Racioppo, C. Ramsey, M. San flippo, W. Thompson, G. Hartfelder, T. Berquist, K. Walters, E. Kovaks, T. Stupes, M. Smith, C. Lundeen, L. Henry, D. Kuttesch Renowned La The Neshannock High School Lancer Marching Band had earned the reputation of an outstanding band. Under the direction of our new director, Mr. Joseph Kaba, the band presents entertaining per- formances at football games and concerts during the year. Divisions within the band include Brass En- semble, Pep Band, Woodwind Quintet, and Dance Band. To add prestige to this organization, members are selected to represent Neshannock at District Band and Honor Band. Keep up the good work! Mr. Kaba, Band Director 1 K. Minick, W. Fox, B. Williamson. Row 4. G. McGinnis, S. McGrath, J. Huston, J. Fair, B. Veri, C. Peters, J. Robison, B Wettlaufer, N. Fox, M. Hamilton, B. Stevenson, M. Gross, B. Wilson, K. Pragacz, J. DeAngelis, R. Large. Row 5. G. Green, C Kegarise, J. Patton, K. Montag, C. Krueger, T. Patton, E. Finamore, K. Black, Kenneday, T. French, J. Dickson, C. Sawyer, R. Noga. Cer Band Drum Major-G. Green Head Majorette-C. Kegarise Majorettes-R. Noga C. Sawyer i Pep Band MECHANICAL ROOM 6 ,W Standing G. Green V. Ragiappo, L. Stimple, E. Kraus, S. McGraff, D. McGuire, D. Stimple, B. Tommasome Silling: J. Huston, N. Fox, B. Beichner, J. Stimple Band A wards f . f. i -ev' .ws . VH-.f"f7 up - 3 e7"i G. INICGINNIS, N. FOX District Band District Band, County Band, County Bandg Regional Bandg L. STHNIPLE, District Band, Honors Band, County Bandg Woodwind Ensemble R. Kwait, B. Wettlaufer, C. Lundeen, B. Wilson, L. Galiano, N. Fox, M. Hamilton, M. Gross, C. Kegarise, M. Smith, T. Dean, T. Stoops Brass Choir Row 1, B. Tommasone, D. Stimple, D. McGuire, J. DeAnge1is, T. Stoopes, T. Dean. Row 2. L. Stimple, G. McGinnis, S. McGrath, V. Racioppo, R. Large, E. Kraus. Dance Band Row 1. M. Smith, R, Kwait, R. Glidden, J. Stimple, fdrumsj J. Fair. Row 2. J. Nader, B. Veri, D. McGuire, D. Stimple, B. Tom- masone. Row 3. V. Racioppo, T. Trent, G. McGinnis, L. Stimple E. Kraus, fbassj T. Berquist. Junior High Band -Q Row 1. S. Minner, E. Moore, C. Houk, S. Cohen, D. Mielke, A. Saginak, D. Slater, G. Sowash, B. Patton, M. Sentak, M. McConnell Row 2. D. Acker, R. Cornman, j. Navarva, T. Dufford, J. Stimple, D. Farone, D. Strizzi, C. Douglas, C. Ramsey, D. Spiker, S. Schwartz, M. Nader. Row 3: M. Sanfilippo, L. Navarra, A. Myars, D. Sigler, L. Pelley, K. Black, S. Nixon, P. McCrumb, G. McEwen, J. Love, D. Reed, T. Bukowski. Row 4. M. Smith, J. Griffithjj. Kuttesch, K. Creasy, P. Haye, J. Graham, S. Kerr C. Bolois, A. DeCarbo, N. Anderson, S. Travers, G. Eakin, K. McCreary, D. Boatman. a A Capella Choir Q be-Yu X 3 L43 Row 1. B. Goclano, K. Butler, G, Polenick, P. Figuly, L. Hufford, A. Acquaviva, Mr. Clark. Row 2. D. Goodrich, J. Glavis B. Glenn, K. Zeigler, P. Cutler, J. Robinson, F. Weiner. Row 3. J. Conover, R. McConahy, J. McElwee, J, McConahy, D. Kerr, L. Eckles, F. Ruscetti. Row 4. J. Folty, J. Dufford, D. Myers, B. Rentz, P. Story, J. Reeher, G. Ferrese. Row 5. D. Henderson, T Hague, J. Hennon, R. Marlin, M. Gettings, T. Colbridge. Concert Choi-r Row 1. S. Welker, A. McQuestion, D. Heirnbaugh, C. Kirkwood, J. Suber, M. Moore, D. Shulz, B. DiCaprio, D. Welker, R Zeigler, P. Spiker, K. Glavis, L. Kerr. Row 2. D. Giardini, B. Gesue, B. Giancola, J. Riddell, J. Phillips, M. Wilson, K. Cum- mings, G. Dresing, M. Bush, K. Stewart, J. Janis, J. Ryan, C. Helms, Mr. Clark. Row 3, P. Butler, B. Cater, S. Gelbert, L, Settle, P. Houston, B. Yelkovich, L. Antoniazzi, I. Joseph, L. Varley, I. Handte, P. Capitola, M. Layman. Raw 4. P. Forney, J. Cast P. Branscorne, D. Bloise, B. Horney, D. McCann, L. Ruscetti, D. Eden, S. Twaddle, C. Knight, D. Duran, M. Zusack, C. Cioffi Row 5. S. Knight, J. Knight, D. Pitzer, L. McClure, C. Sabol, C. Wehman, D. Labazo, P. Pitzer, P. Werner, A. McComb, M Wirl, L. Burgess. Row 6. P. Griffith, J. Biddle, R. Polen, D. Shirk, D. Nulph, B. Weiner, R. Shirk, R. Caplan, R. Daius, J Pascoe, P. Kwait, B. Kemp, D. Poleno. Row 7. C. Rech, J. Kehler, T. Geer, L. Kelley. Girl 's Ensemble D. Goodrich, J. Robinson, A. Acquaviva, L. Eckles, P. Zusack, J. Folty, R. McConaly, K. Butler, B. Goclano I Q 7 Ezghth Grade Gzrl s Chorus Row 1. J. Parshall, S. McClelland, J. Riddell, M. Augustine, L. Kraus, E. Johnston, Mr. Clark. Row 2. J. Gardocky, D. Houk, L. johnson, P. Sant, C. Schefler, M. Roselli, D. Cotton. Raw 3. G. Weiner, P. Welsch, D. Mooney, C. Martin, D. Bechtol, N. Rentz. Row 4. S. Miller, J. Twaddle, J. Peluso, K. Rosen, L. Shaw, A. Hoye. Row 5. D. Rhodes, L. Knight, K. Mayberry, E. Mooney, D. Pallot, M. Sabol. Row 6. P. Walyer, C. McGuirk, S. Williams, S. Wilder, K. White, K. McConnel. Seventh Grade Mixed Chorus Row 1. Mr. Clark, S. Westcott, D. Barilla, K. Black, N. George, J. Bogle, B. Byers, R. Cornman, R. Bates, A. Hartfelder, J. Rhodes. Row 2. C. Acquillo, M. Johnson, E. Finamore, S. Burnside, E. Cornman, L. Green, J. Greer, T. Caplan, R. Blews, R. D'Amato, B. King. Row 3. B. Pellini, J. Bystiga, B. Sweet, F. Seh, D. Hedland, P. Horney, S. Brest, D. Braatz, B. Glen, j. Fulvi. Row 4. C. Hamilton, L. Kramer, C. Zaremba, D. Sinata, L. Pelley, L. Catterson, P. Koons, D. Kerher, S.'Dickson, K. Felatko. Row 5. J. McKee, P. McCrumb, C. Bush, M. Johnson, C. Orrico, G. Magill, L. McConahy, N. Mucco, B. Piscuineri, S. Goldner. Row 6. T. DeCarbo, G. Eakin, J. Marlin, R. Welker, C. McCreary, P. Hughes, J. Kuttesch, K. Serwatka, M. Mottern, S. Bloise, B. Plonka. Eighth Grade Mixed Chorus ,,,l,.r...lg Row 1. Mr. Clark, L. Culbertson, S. Helms, J. Riddell, S. McClelland, K. Creasy, P. George. Row 2. M. Cunningham, D. Goodrich, D. Slater, L. Patton, C. Houk, J. Perelman, A. Myers. Row 3. C. Gollagher, P. Daniels, D. Sigler, C. Schefter, L. Moore, S. Vallilo. Row 4. S. Miller, D. Rhodes, M. Sanfilippo, C. Busin, M. Roselli, S. Heidish, D. Douglas. Row 5. M. Sabol S. Black, L. Shaw, S. Large, B. Finley, J. Love. Row 6. D. Farone, M. McConnell, S. Strauss, K. Mayberry, R. Robinson, E. Mooney, K. Cooley. a fix K -3 w W . K A , ,ffl mf: Q ' A --, xx rg 'r A 2 LV X P R K 1 t 01' s I. . R MMRQX .I ,. is f xii- 'F 'Nh L 5 W i' ,,.f"W' 4'-NN . ,Y L ,I A 0 ' 1 , i f X 5 5 . wi, V f , -5 " E, u f f w Q' , XX ' - - 'Q 4, .. 'Q f T4 "M P , 'ibmmg , .W wwn N., ,Wf w ex W J ... 1 f' N -"' - 9 9 - K f .. Q f h,. i f ' Q 3 QE . Y . 'S li Lg, -32' Aff. , - 6 kA,,.Ak .. x fc 1,57 K F M ,. k .ma '14 -f is---ff rg, ' . . QKAIA , 'f ., ,K i X ,. ' f Y ,, h f 1 ' Y S wyf'?v:wyy1w eg fN+vf+W' iii 5 QR -LAA '1h ' W " Q , i , m 5 A X f..L .K LV '--,, ill m 7? - P 15 9 f A Q --L 1 ' ' XAegQgg??g5ywLfw.Eq,?Q?SQwgmW W f in f 9 iff 1 '35 fi Q, i IJAL - . - Q , S N w: Lf" ,gfg14.v"'1 "'1 5,9 4"' Qfiif K Qfigx 'M M- 7 4 K ff L L'-.qw-ffff L5 .l In defeat or victory Row 1. R. Russo, C. Crill, J. Covert, S. Helms, R. Daugherty, B. Manto, C. Hammond, G. Leanord, T. Carlin. Row 2 R Peluso J Davis R Boyle, T. Crenney, T. Dean, C. Tighe, G. Krupa, B. Maslyk. Row 3. J. Kapuchuk, D. Kelley, P. Walzer, P. Minick, J. DeGarmo D Glenn T Trent. Row 4. T. Slater, D. Frank, R. Greene, J. Cartwright, j. Duffee, C. Dicks, N. Barilla. Varsity Football RECORD Neshannock. .. ... 7 Reynolds .... . .53 Neshannock. . . . . .13 Wilmington . . .20 Neshannock. . . . . .26 West Middlesex 6 Neshannock. . . . . .14 Shenango . . . . .40 Neshannock... 6 Laurel 9 Neshannock. . . . . .31 Conneaut Valley O Neshannock. . . . . . 7 Mohawk . . . . . .13 Neshannock. . . . . . 7 Dunbar . . . . .35 Neshannock... 6 Union ........26 Neshannock. . . . . .20 Northwestern . . O HEAD COACH Mr. Paolone Coaches Mr. Englehart Mr. Bleggi Mr. Belka Managers V f E mi L. Kelley, R. Daugherty, J. McConahy. TIM CARLIN Halfback Oh Dear! CHERYL KEGARISE Head Majorette A Bird? A Plane? It's a Lancer JOHN COVERT CURTIS CRILL Guard-C0-Captain Tackle TOM CRENNEY End oesn't back fire. Charge! Here I come again, catch me if you can. RON DAUGHERTY CARL HAMMOND Guard Center Play nice or I'll take my ball and go home 'r.,-2.1 , M k L I if A 1 , L M - 1 il 'Q f-. l Vfwl- 3 5 f i L v 4. if L 4 X 'fl' 4 .1 .-.. .4 3 ' ' M Go, Lancers ! Aahhhhhhhhhhluhhhhhhhhhh Y! !! 97 l STEVE HELMS TOLI DEAN RON RUSSO Halfback End Fullback-Co-Captain Really team, this is no place to jerk. 98 Mr. Paolone gives a few words of wisdom GARY LEONARD Halfback BILL MAN TO Center Stepping it out. junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders Booster club presents Mr. Bleggi with a blazer for achievement in track. Stopped ! A Lancer player scores a touchdown Neshannock seniors join to sing the Alma Mater for the last time Z0 ZS 24 2 Senior players are pictured with their fathers f Senior band members are honored during half time Senior Cheerleaders Kathy Butler, Randy Mc- Conahy, Pat Bechtol, Peggy Foht and Susie McKeever prepare banner for Senior chargers. Neshannock Stages Victories or enior Games jerry Fair is in high spirits for his last home game. An enthusiastic senior cheering section Senior Al Graham goes for the jump ball Senior cheerleaders Peggy Foht, Kathy Butler, Susie McKeever, and Gifs KM Pat Bechtol await the charge of the Continental players. Homecoming 1965 Flower girl Jolene Wanatosky, crown bearer Greg Bleggl Queen, Patricia Cawthorne Senior Susie McKeever escorted by Jerry Fair Senior Bev Lewis escorted by Alan Candioto junior Sherry McCann escorted by Frank Ruscetti HOMECOMING On October 2, 1965, the annual Home- coming was held during half time of the Neshannock-Shenango game. Jolene Wan- atosky carried the flowers and Greg Bleggi held the crown. Senior class president Tom Colbridge crowned Queen Pattie Cawthorne, who was escorted by jerry Fair, and Bev Lewis, escorted by Alan Candioto, were her senior attendants. The junior attendants were Matty Koszela and Sherry McCann, who were escorted by Irvin Thomas and Frank Ruscetti respectively. Sophomore at- tendants Cindy Helms and Rita Noga were escorted by Philip Mills and jeff Kehler. Sophomore Rita Noga escorted by Junior Koszela escorted by Irvin Thomas Sophomore Cindy Helms es- corted by Philip Mills I03 Junior High Football iii .1 Mflx, U wiv' lj.. if A knwfuk t t Row I W. Bender, D. Wfalters, R. Shaffer, M. McConnell, A. Germani, D. McCaskey, M. Chabak, E. McQuiston Row 2 I. Miller, D. Altman, G. Helms, B. Willis, D. Hannon, R. Rieber, V. Ross, R. Kohan Row 3 J. Riddel, R. Slater. J. Zubkowsky, B. Hanlon, K. Burnside, G. Massnro, T, Comfer Razz' 4 N. Nader, T. Bannister, S. Schwartz, P. Hoye, C. Haines, R. Book, J. Pascoe, J. McKinnley, Row 5 C. MCCaskey, K. Moore, R, Willinnison, P. Palumbo, D. Poleano, K. Wfhite, T. Adamo, Row 6 K. Bauber, R. Davis, A. Decnrbo, F, Litinowitz, W. Morris, B. Welker, Row 7 K. Andrews, P. Decarbo, L. Kell You call those cheerle-nders?? A bit of skrimish Juniors Victorious Over Seniors Seventh Gracle Basketball Row 1 C. McCrea1y, C. Ramsey, E. Halusic, G. Brooks, P. Hughes, D. Strizzi, M. George, B. Hague, Warso, D. Seanor Row 2 C. Sabol, T. Stewart, R. Welker, B. Willis, R. Wadlinger, G. Helms, G. Tanner, G. Malinowski Row 3 M. Ronan, J. Griffith, B. Dawson, R. Chambers, B. Allshouse, S. Carlson, D. Booth, T. Reecher, T. DeCarbo, J. Stalnecker Junior High Basketball Row 1 D. Booth, D. Blair, D. Wright, G. McKwen, K. McGrew, G. Armstrong, D. McCaskey, J. Potter, D. Hannon, D. Nulph Row 2 G. Baker, G. .Kelly, B. McCreary, G. Clobus, K. White, B. Hanlon, T. Schaffer, C. Warso, M. Nader Row 3 S. Hague, R. Slater, C. McCaskey, P. Rhodes, E. Finamore, L. Kelley, P. Kwiat, K. Andrews, J. Riddell, R. Kohan, K. Bauder Row 1: J. Cox, B. Veri, A. Graham, T. Crenney, J. Fair, G. Phelan, B. Keagy, Row 2,' M. Tanner, T. Patton P Cameron J. DeGarmo, T. Adams, D. Glenn. Row 3: I.. Mills, P. Mills, B. Genkinger. Row 4: J. Dickson, F. Ruscetti, G McGinnis W Sherer 85 .... 58 .... 59 .... 91 .... 92 .... 58 .... 64 .... 80 .... 54 .... 106 .... 103 .... Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Shenango . . Union ...... Wilmington Northwestern Laurel ..... Slippery Rock Shenango . . . Union Wilmington . Northwestern Laurel ...... Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Neshannock Perry .... Riverside .. Peabody ...... Fifth Avenue . Mercer ....... Reynolds ...... Shannock Valley Grove City Quaker Valley . Braddock ..... Western Beaver Lancers Capture Section Crown Coaches MR. DeFEl.lCE MR. BOOTH MR. ELDER Head Coach, MR. BLACK Managers JK R. Sirak, R. Polen, J. Emiey GEOF PHELAN BOB VERI jerry Fair shakes hands with the rival captain fysffmmf bfi,,1.ww1M.-.WUm,.,w:WmwmW,.wm--M- V M df 51 E llv . ,, A 'R 5 A mf JERRY FAIR if-at , WK Mr. Black receives a victory shower. Section 20 Champs The varsity players sit this one out. TOM CRENNEY A small difference of opinion! N T p t B tt Kathy Bulter, Sue Ar- d S I F h t K Phil Varsity Football Cheerleaders Left to Right: Marty Ko I B ky imer Ter French a B htl Sh , ry , P t ulkin, Randy McConahy Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders IN ontgomexy, Peggy 0 t, ' 'ps, Susie McKeever fanior Varsity Cheerleaders E X . Left to Right: Diane Fletcher, Susan Spangler, Melinda Zusack fanior H igh Cheerleaders Kneeling: Judy McCann, Debbie Bechtol, Barb Horney, Pam Flora Barb Gesue Slfwding: Nanqf Love, Barb Douglas, Linda Ruscetti, Diane McCann, janet Bailey eshoznnock Faculty Posts Win Over Neshonrtock Boosters A Booster's donkey calls his own time out The faculty attempted to steal the ball Mr. Black, our basketball coach, is thrown from his donkey. Mr. Kaba gives a few encouraging words to the Booster player. S 5 SK X C W, FV? Tim Birney, Rich Plonka, Bruce Keagy, Bob Maslyk, Phil Mills, Al Weingartner, John Cox, Mr. McCoy Lancer GOQF Team 1 SENIOR - COACH SENIOR BRUCE KEAGY TERRY MCCOY AL WEINGARTNER I CTI? ,kxxjj v , o My af " I f ll. , I, f , , , f ' ' 1 k,,F' JJ' I it C22 XX I f 5 5' U fxkkm F -rjfjzf if f 4' fb Y C9 Q RX M r 1 r N. -N M, W fi I Ls fm. 1-.xv w M C2 crib T223 'C5 Q3l W., ,, 9 6' 799 Its Hail, Neshannock, Hail ' "' I-'M' """?'Tf""' M Q -' " WW" Continental A-G0-G0 On December 4, 1965, the Continentals of '66 held their Senior Class Party, "Continental A-Go-Go," The decoration committee, under the supervision of Dulcie Layman, set the mood of a go-go discotheque. Go-Go girls, Bambi Kehler and Sherri Kulkin added to the atmosphere by performing the "frug" and the "jerk" in cages made of blue and white crepe paper. April Litz- ner and her entertainment committee supplied the Seniors and their guests with the folk songs of The Young Folk Trio and singers, Robbie Moore and Cris Shuster. Susie McKeever was appointed chairman of the publicity and admis- sion committee, The refreshment committee, headed by Kathy Butler, provided the guests with cookies and punch. The Party proved to be a pleasant, fun-filled evening for all. "Continental A-Go-Go" will live on in our hearts as one of the many class activities which the Class of '66 will never for- get. ,N-,fi ada' How did you get in the picture, Aly? was -wwf Tm ,. C, was -was wifi' Y 'Q fum'- W Where are your shoes, Cindy? Time out from dancing I x V ,,. ,,.. ...?,, X V X , ,. lr V xi ' .Lv i l K The "Young Folk Trio" belt out a song Row 1 M. Sanfilippo, B. Stevenson, D. Keer, P. Cushman, J. Robinson, S. Armond, P. Burnside, K. Butler, M. Capitola, M. Koszela, Row 2 R. Marlin, J. Dickson, K. Fisher, L. DeFiore, M. Vernino, J. Gallagher, B. Tommasone, T. Bergquist, J. Conover, N. Fox, S. Moscovitz Row 3 I. Dean, J. Fair, T. Colbridge, T. McGrath, G. Phelan, J. Patton, J. Finamore, T. julian, M. Gettings . President jerry Fair gives the opening address John Dean presented the speech of scholarship. ntionnl Honor Society Induction Mr. Seaholm extends congratulations to Ledia DeFiore I I1 'Mystery at Mouldy Manor" This year the Speech and Drama class at Neshannock presented a one act play as a class project. "The Mystery at Mouldy Manor" was presented by a group who had never acted before. The remainder of the students served on various com- mittees. The play proved to be : w W body. We hope that more of t very entertaining to the student fx i Y these programs Will be held in the future. "I didn't even go to Medical school," exclairns Louis Delph! 3 Martha Hamilton draws high card. Ed Hassey, Louis Delpha, Karen Cummings, and Cheryl Lundeen await for Aranya to strike. Ed Hassey recovers from his operation. Martha Hamilton and Gene McGinnis look on. I I8 .0 i "Rally Round the Flag Boysw Row 1: Louis Delpha, Cyndy Sawyer, Gayle Polenick, Elaine Hannon, Bev Lewis, Steve Helms, Thor Bergquist, Polly Burn side, Alyson Winick, Gary Leonard. Row 2: Mr. Frediani, Roger Davis, Tim Carlin, Judy Dufford, julie Conover, April Litzner, Randall McConahy, Bonnie Wettlaufer, jim Gallagher, Kim Black. Row 3: Tom McGrath, Ron Russo, Rod Reston Bert Grassel, Ron Burgess, Rod Daugherty, Art Lennig, Alan Candioto, Curt Crill, Tom Colebridge, John Dean Attention ! A missile base is established by the U.S. Army at Putnam's Landing, a quiet town in Connecticut. The townspeople object and the public relations officer has his hands full if he is to keep open warfare from breaking out between the citizens and the Army. The lieutenant hopes to improve relations by presenting a historic pageant. just as his Colonel arrives, the pageant turns into a fight. If something else goes wrong, the lieutenant will be sent to Alaska. And something else does go wrong in one of the most spectacularly funny scenes ever written. After several incidents and accidents, one of two missiles which "cannot possiblyi' go off, does go off! It was a wonderful comedy which delighted everyone! Alan serenades Bev "Something New in Murderii l l y aa ? ,, , fix i Row 1,' Bev Lewis, Susie McKeever, Alan Canclioto, Cindy Cioffi, Judy Dufford. Row 2: jim Sewall, Patty Bechtol, Randall McConahy, Bruce Rentz "Egad, What cz Cadfw 'JT '51 ' i Qs, Row 1: Wanda Fobes, Alyson Winick, April Litzner, Gayle Polenick Bonnie Wetlaufer, Cheryl Kegarise, Row 2: Dave Thomp- son, Kim Black, Brenda Daniels, Thor Bergquist "Stolen Identity 9' Raw 1: Cyndy Sawyer, Marcia Smith, Kitty Stevenson, Polly Burnside, Julie Conover, Sherri Kulkin Raw 2: Roger Davis, jim Gallagher Neshannock Presents Three Plays This year became another "first" for Neshannock when three one-aCt plays were presented on November 19, 1965. In past years a three-act play was presented. The plays were under the capable direction of Mr. Donald Frediani who was assisted by student directors, Pat Bechtol, Polly Burnside, and Cheryl Kegarise. The Plays that were presented are as follows: "Egad What a Cad", a farceg "Stolen Identity", a dramag and "Some- thing New in Murder", a comedy. Since a variety of plays were presented, there was something to satisfy everyone. The hard work of all the people involved with these plays resulted in three very successful performances. 5 K "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Hollyn. . . The eighth grade girls chorus presented a medley of songs. Other Christmas carols were sung by the Girls Ensemble. "The Night Before Christmas" skit is performed by Neshannock students. Student Council President Tom McGrath crowns Snow Queen Lou Ellen Eckles The Christmas spirit arrives at Neshannock Christmas CLI eslzannock 1 966 Lance Staff 1 iw' F . xii Row 1. K. Fisher, J. Gallagher, J. Dean, J. Finamore, E. Gonzalez, C. Potter, Row 2 P. Burnside, K. Enclress, P. Figuly, F. Green, M. Headings, M. Ziegler, Mr. Salmen st' ?. 2 vm ." 4' .1 it ' ' lf: - ll llffs . la li I 3 ' 5 . t 2 . Row 1. B. Patton, J. Gardocky, M. Weiner, M. Augustine, D. Cotton, Row 2. L. Burgess, J. McClimans, S. Twaddle, D. Bloise, D. Sankey, K. Chabak, Row 3 C. Burnside, S. Ward, L. Blews, D. Headings, M. Kohan, J. Sniezek, J. Maher, M. Vernino, B. Yelkovich, F. Stanczak, J. Hennon. wmv ,rf-.f-" l jim Finamore, Assistant Editorg Mary jane Headings, Editor- in-Chief IV. ' N' ' A' "Wt "1 'Q,f'v'-""f-- f Y t ,.,, I I fm WM ,,, M x, Lin l Jim Gallagher, Art Editorg Polly Burnside, Student Photog- rapher Mr. Getty, Photographer , ,X t.,,.. , -ff ii, B Frances Green, Assistant Business Managerg Karen Fisher, Business Manager, Marilyn Zeigler, Typist ft -K, ' ,X , , ,gg Peggy Figuly, Social Editorg john Dean, Sports Editor Mr. Salmen, Yearbook Advisor '25 ,, T 5 EXE 1 ' 1. s 1 - s 3 1 A 1 A S N K. K A-X-05M , ,Q ,L .sr ffvx " A ' I 'L ' " H K. f' yn , ,WWV J, . WMmQMNV'4iWw , v ' L L if - "K' 2 ' 1 fpi - Q . ' - N, z z , ,L,. ,L . ., - ' ' - - -- Q ,,,. , H 3' 5 H, . 1 R, ' - S i,.wW ' T 5 1 5 if . ,.,,mn45:f. ,,,-Y,1,gw Aq,f1y3gg3rfL ' , - ff? ' A ' 55? A . ..,.:f1fa55fA if LST? K VS Q, pr- Q- , - W K 5 m ' - A W,,k ,:seQ,-F'fQ- 'A wif.. k -gtg - f- .. -- K 5 .... K' QggvYkmM"mi5:ff5'4 fi 32 H ,..,. :., -1 ---- ' fQ:1M,.W.. ' L jx - sf. -- N , , , 1 g Q f Egg -Wm 3 .-4 I N, - . -ef' 'ink ,S f A I vw- - Af-Qui., ima WW 1 3 sd ,, :is-f S K .X wx? SN W 3 C XR :C .A ,xx F 6 N X1 x . --,' -v , f MM wg gmvMwQ'gls N.. V - wg: .. A NW :Z L L L-'I rf L '- - wwmiwvwi, m Q1 , bbh JnN , 4 I, Q . W x j 127 Complimen'Is of BRENNER MUSIC CENTER Home of Baldwin GuiI'arsg Amplifiers, Pianos and Organs 26 E. Washinglon Slreel' 652-5546 CAMERA MART INC. We Buy, Sell, Trade, Renl Aufhorized Leica Dealer 224 E. Washinglon SIree'I' New Caslle, Penna. 652-068 I Complimenls of DILULLO MOTORS INC 4l2 Taylor Slreel' Phone 654-0242 House of Ouali+y New 8: Used Cars DAVID J. DILULLO, Pres. MEDICAL CENTER PHARMACIES Temple Bldg. and 903 Wilming'I'on Ave. 'Always Good Service J. C. TUCKER Florisl' and Greenhouse 525 W. Wasl1ing'Ion SI'. 658-8579 Congrafularions, Graduales FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION of New Cas'IIe, Pa. Your Communify Savings Cenfer Since I887 CompIimen+s of TROGGIO'S PROFESSIONAL PATRONS 69 HOMIQ Q5:I:::IvGffF4E Mrs. Theodore A. Grauel ,S -7 5 'OUR WWGS Q, Dr. and Mrs. John G. McConahy, Jr. 'I' T Dr. John Meehan 2 ur ro fl- Dr. J. Lumen Popp 94, I gs Jag',89'000'Qq3? Dr. S. P. Zaremba lf 51 SX QW' fl N EMPIRE SALES CO. ii, 45ifQg,p i, I' A ,W ' SUPER KEM-ToNE RECORDS .. I L - KEM-SLO AT 592- I I, LOWE BROTHERS DiscouNT L .5 ij FRlsoo PRICES E--1 I -F ll? V H s. , III: ,cff.A:pIL.G f,0IfI.AI V fines- -:f-' , ,g.3- Y--'L V ' ... K XT M 4-T ,-i1mwi- .w.nimm:, I I-f.....RWi.iifmimi- , fri 'T Y '-l. Q- .gh-1 :T 'I . V. ,V V K L ,qi ' H v5:iL1,Xn..q.s .F 2:21. : l v-6 ""l. "ll" -'rw -1, '13, ' -- .1 'gy - , I ii -L 1,-'vw f 14-J:-had-. .. " Q'fsrr,. fg ..-1 :vii 'CR-"K " ' 'AUS-. "' 1' ' ' 1- is - Congra+uIaI'ion 'Io Ihe CIass of I966 From I'he NEW CASTLE CO. Research Engineering and Manu'fac'ruring Cenfer Neshannock Township One of Ihe Mos+ CompIe+e Sfocks Be'I'ween Pgh. and CIeveIand 654-9206 409 E. Long Ave. New Cas+Ie, Pa. CompIimen+s of STUDENT COUNCIL Congratulations to the 'Continentals of '66' NESHANNOCK BCOSTERS CLUB NEW CASTLE BATTERY MAN U FACTU RING COMPANY 226 Pearson S+ree+ 1 If A COMM UNI: i E l ., Vowtqlfcul Professional Cleaning ancl Pressing Shirfs Launclered and Finished W cleaning .5 f Oli ri' 5,3 xi ' Q., B 45 1 A li i .ef WALMO DRY CLEANING 2420 Wilminglon Roacl New Hours: Mon. lhru Fri. 8 A.M. To 8 P.M. Sai. 8 A.M. +o 6 P.M. Com plimenfs of RAY'S FURNITURE "BRUCE" MlLLER'S PENNZOIL "Drive in Please- Drive Our Pleased" R+. I8 al' Maifland Lane Phone: OL 4-457l Congrafulaiions, Graduales From JACK GERSON Your Jeweler 200 E. Washingion S+. New Casfle, Penna. STELLA JOHNSON DAIRY C0mPIimenIS of Cafering and Home Baking SII-VERIVIANIS SHOES Lunches IIO E. Washingfon SI. Hours 9 +0 H New Cas+Ie, Pa. I 29" Mercer Road DEVOTED TO BETTER FITTING CompIimen'Is of SEAVY'S STUDIO Fine Phofography for 76 Years 5. '- We Guaranfee ef Thai' You Can'I' i "' "1II rlnuaggucvl- T Buy a Finer ,zf - CI1ar'Ier Service Dmmond for I , Less Money Phone 652-694I Anywhere II4 S. Jefferson S+. New CasIIe, Pa. JESSE N. KERR Dependable Jeweler Congrafulafions 'Io I'he Class of '66 BAILEY OIL CO. Texaco DisIribu'I'ors I90I Old Bu'I'Ier Road New Cas'l'Ie, Pa. 652-7708 -CompIimenIs- of MOUNTS PASTRY SHOP . . . And on Info 'Ihe Big Wide World . . . Dressed IWe Hopel in Fashions From TROUTMAN'S The New Cas+Ie SI'ore Congra'I'uIaI'ions, Seniors! Odf zyff ..r' Q' X Here's A Ready Message ' for Ihe GRADUATES! ' i 1 Ml Al f . J is arf! Z I l "' 1 Gam X-1 X If a man empfies his purse info his head. no one can 'false if away from him. An in- veslmenf in knowledge always pays 'rhe loesr inleresl. Beniamin Franklin PENNSYLVANIA POWER COMPANY THRIFT DRUG For 'Ihe Very Besi' in Prescripfion Service- For AII Your Drug SI'ore Needs TRUST 11-mln onus PENDAILI PlliCllPll0N OIIVI -Complimenfs of- MANGIRELLI MOTOR SALES INC Your Oldsmobile Franchised Dealer 27 Wesi' Granf Sireei' 658-4753 I33 Free Parking Ph. 658-8039 or 658-80l I PRICES GET THE AX AT Mai+land Lane Walmo Arrcarvecl Diamonds KINC-3'S JEWELERS 2l8 E. Washing+on S'l'ree'l' New Casfle Complefe Seleciion of Neshannoclc High School Charms Complimenrs of NOGA FUNERAL HOME CHEF ANGELO'S Brown Derby 308 E. Washingfon S+. New Casfle, Pa. PAGLEY SHOE SERVICE Mosf Complefe Shoe Service Orfhopeclic Repairing I7 N. Mill S+. New Casfle, Penna. l"'H-1 'E ES' --efgla Phone Office 652-646l REM-ESTATE Res. 652-7694 L. F. SONNTAG Real Es+a+e Broker lnsurance and Renfing 306 Johnson Bldg. New Casfle, Pa. I34 MAY'S DO-NUTS Many Delicious Varieries I225 E. Washingfon S+. COFFEE BAR Phone 654-4l4I New Caslle, Pa. GENERAL SEAT COVER 81 AWNING CO. Aulo Seal' Covers-Tops-Awnings Pel' Supplies 425 Crolon Ave. 652-7753 Phone 652-3002 HOUSTON Complimenls ELECTRIC CENTER of 2l0 Wesl' Moody Ave., New Caslle, Pa. S 'Appliance Repairs and Parls "'Lighl'ing Fixlures 'Special Swilches and Bulbs 'Replacemenl' Glass Wilmingfon Road MARY E. SULLIVAN, Owner McBride-Shannon Co. INSURANCE Serving New Caslle and Ihe Township for Over 50 Years 238 E. Washinglon S'l'. Phone OL 4-557I New CastIe's Leading Hotel 'E-74 'ff'?J: .ef ij, 1' XE: ln' X-Q , E, A ,. if-1 I I I -. fi ii 53 I W E Asliigiifiii:-f,,iSiff, ' , Q I 'Y I' . -Lf Q EJ: ff: -,O ,L-, E Ei 1,--: -5- 'nl f 1.--1--F4-fr :Eff 4? 7:7 EF, 5,-E? rg-ITTJX -- -Y --.-E 17 fi :LEE -rg ?g-,-- :TLQ-E 1 1:57 2 -E E "--f:',24:::i iir- ' -YT Z' Air Condilioned Ballroom and Par+y Room-For I0,300 for PROMS, BANOUETS, BUFFETS, MEETINGS, DANCES, AND HOPS Every Salurclay Nile-Smorgasbord 52.95-From 5:30 'ro 8:30 P.M. l35 PATTON 652-4600 2605 GraceIancI RcI. Sewing Ihe New Cas'IIe Area Over 68 Years DOLLAR SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LAWRENCE COUNTY oo 'x ie I0 Eas'I SIree'I' New CasI'Ie, Penna. we sr 9 O S C' -QS-. ff PERSI-COLA ox QQQSX Q00 0 PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY New Cas+Ie, Pa. N U RSE RY Evergreen Tree Y Specialisfs NO' mv Mov e ham gef ,,.A, , 41351, g :1,i A-:- ff V--A:.:-f-1:1:1- 1 ::.1. :.: 5 .:2:1:.: ' :Q .V:,..: 2 '-'A'Af dn s - - -1..'f. Q' -13 ,rf- , ,-2- ' " 'ffEgfgsgsgsgzgsgeag:-31332: .- ' -1..,. lzisislsiflfif' fis: ,.. X' "f11fsea:r5a5ai If- .1Q:QZQEfEiEiE5Ei25E1E:?'5E?f5:51 -,1'Sf" . '2i3a' "1f1 2 2.35 E25 A"' i . .... ll 44:,1.: go. look for the golden arches- MoIJonald's 2455 Wilminglon Road New Cas1'le, Penna. Complimen+s of MANGIRELLI MOTOR SALES INC. +h5E1Z'E:Z::!Eni,f+q66 Your Oldsrrglkgilter Franchised THE TEEN CORNER 27 W. Gram, Sheei, Corner Norih and Mill S'l'ree1' New Caslle, Pa. 658-4753 LAWRENCE SAVINGS AND TRUST COMPANY New Cagfle Ellwood Clly Lawrence Village Volanl Wampum You're Money Ahead When You Bank With Us MEMBER F.D.I.C. ALL-YEAR SPORT aw iio - COLONIAL LANES 24 A.M.F. Bowling Lanes-Free lnslrudions Snack Bar-Billiarcl Room Come in and Enjoy an Evening of Bowling at Colonial Lanes. You Will Be Bowling on 'rhe New 82-70 A.M.F. Machines We'll Be Looking 'For You. ima AMERICAN CLEANERS Complimenis Personalized "GoId SeaI" Service of Office- New Came MORRISON BUICK E. Lang Ave. Owned and Opera'I'ed WiIming'I'on Road New Casfle a 652-22II EXPERT RE-WEAVING PIanI'-Hi Lander PIaza Highland Ave. Exf. Congrafulafions +o 'Ihe Class of '66 . Compllmenfs of MARQUIS-HINISH, INC. THE CLASS OF Suppliers I of ASHLAND OIL PRODUCTS GARDEN CORNER WesI'ern Pennsylvania Fines'I Garden Cenfer WiIming'I-on Road a+ Maifland Lane Besf Wishes 'Io Ihe Con'rinen+aIs DAVIS SHOE CO Downrown New Casfle Bes+ Wishes 'ro +he Class of '66 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LAWRENCE COUNTY New CasI'Ie Neshannock EIIwood Ci'I'y New WiIming'I'on "We're I-Iere To Serve You" MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SPENCER'S PAINT AND GLASS I7 S. Mercer S+. 658-402I CompIe+e Pain+ing Needs AII Types of Glass OFFICE MACHINES AND EQUIPMENT CO. Furnifure-SI'a'Iionery Office Machines 7 E. Washingfon S+. on 'Ihe Diamond New Cas'I'Ie, Pa. 654-6668 654-6669 CompIimen+s of MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 27I3 WiImingIon Road Phone 652-9833 Ar'I'isI'ic Hairsiyling Cus'l'om Permaneni' NEW CASTLE DUNTILE CO CONCRETE BLOCK sa nd-gravel-Iimesfone READY-MIX CONCRETE aluminum-sI'eeI windows EXCAVATING concrefe specialfies S-W, ...Y R+ CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF "66" THE I:UI'nI'I'UI'9 CompIimen+s S Uma! Carpe+ of +I1e V . . UP Q, APP"a"CeS CARAVAN MOTEL INC. O' THOMAS L. PAWLAK, owner Kennedy Square 2 Fine SIOI'-is I36 E. Long Ave. Royal Vic'Ior ELOPH OFFICE MACHINE CO. Complimenis of , Royal Typewrriers . . . Vicfor Adding Machines New Came' Pennsylvania Rex-RoI'ary DupIicaI'ing Sysfem OL 2-I I74 HOMER W. ELOPH 905V2 Wilm. Rd. Owner and Manager New Cas'I'Ie. Pa. Congra'IuIa+ions, Graduafes From THE SWEET SHOPPE SAE :gnu I I Home of - LN. 'SSX' x. - Q, Fine CI1ocoIaIes SaII'ed Nu'rs FIavors 'For AII Occasions Par+y and Wedding Candy Die+e'Iic Candies Consfan-I Commeni' Tea I5 N. Mill S+. New Cas'I'Ie, Pa. HAMMOND MUSIC STORE . Organs Pianos gTngra+:Ia+Ions Band InsI'rumenI's ass 0 I966 Records Record Players INSTRUMENTAL INSTRUCTION II7 E. 'Nor+h S+. OL 4-95I I Everyfhing in Spor+s STROUSS-H I RSHBERG'S SPORTING eoons INC. New Casfle, PennsyIvania I05 N. Mercer S+. 652-396I 5 I , - x ' al A . L. M. BIRNEY CARS CO. New and Used 407 Taylor S'Iree'r New CasIIe, Pa. BUTZ FLOWERS "For II5 Years fhe Besf in Corsages" 245 Easf Washingfon Sf. New Casfle, Penna. Phone 652-7727 BUSINESS PATRONS AYERS ESSO STATION 202 N. Jefferson Sf. CASCO OIL COMPANY I423 Moravia Sf. DALE'S TEXACO 2824 Wilmingfon Ave. WM. FIGULY SONS I8 S. Appleway A FRIEND GUS' I06 E. Washingfon Sf. JUNE'S BEAUTY SHOP 2776 Mercer Road KIRK-HUTTON 81 CO. 24 E. Washingfon Sf. LEONHARDTS AMERICAN STATION I807 Wilmingfon Ave. DR. AND MRS. GEORGE MOORE Johnson Building NEW CASTLE SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 3I4 E. Washingfon Sf. RILEY'S FUNSPOT New Casfle Youngsfown Rd. STEVE TRAVER'S TIRE SERVICE 29 N. Jefferson Sf. MR. AND MRS. PHILIP WEINER 2I2 CIen-Moore BIvd. WEIR'S BEAUTY SALON 2I5 E. Norfh Sf. DAVE "GTO" WOMER Reiber-CadiIIac-Ponfiac Co. WINTER'S Men's and Boys' Wear 2I0 E. Washingfon Sf. New Casfle, Pa. "When You Look Your Besi You Do Your Bes+" I43 Best Wishes to the Members of the 1966 Graduating Class NEW CASTLE NEWS "Your Family Newspaper" . Congralulalions Complfenls lo l'he Class O of was FISH DRY CLEANING JOSEPH wiLuAM JAMES and S221-Slgffaderlng Wilminglon Road New Caslle, Pa. CONTINENTAL MERCURY COLUMBUS JANITOR SERVICE LINCOLN COMET , , Cuslodial Services Consullanls B 8: R MOTOR SALES 40l Neal S+.. R+. 422 Bypass Telephone OL 2-4507, OL 2-070l New Caslle, Pa. 0 m DOM "Slim" BUTTOPIETRO Phone 658-773l I 'Aw 1 HOME OFFICE Presiden+ Res. Phone 654-2873 Sampson 5lfee+ New Casfle, Pa. I44 Complimenfs of LESTER'S Firsi' Federal Plaza New Casfle, Penna. CIoI'hes 'for I'he College and Career Man MEEK JEWELRY 26 N. Mill S'I'ree+ Diamonds-Wafches-Jewelry RIGGAN'S ADVERTISING SPECIALTY COMPANY ' al UH' ' , ,W 'ie XX zfeffff,ff1-fffgcc if is-.. if -V A EL I V ' Y In f ' ....1lT....i15 I' Y ' f. ' Y' 1 g'iL'af'V , W-1:64136 11- , I .f:iary'2'-, Calendars-Adverfising Specialilies Graduaiion Announcemenf--Name Carcls School Badges-Bu'Hons-PennanI's Highland Ave. Exfension New Caslle, Pa. Phone 654-574I HABLE'S Painf and Paris for All Cars-Trucks--Traclors 35-37-39 Soulh Jefferson S'rreeI New Cas'IIe, Pennsylvania Complimenls of A FRIEND PEOPLES REALTY COMPANY "The Insurance Cenfer of Lawrence CounIy" Insurance 0 Real EsIaI'e 654-5547 26 N. Mercer S+reeI' New Casfle, Pa. cfssPonL-se u mnx-ssvmz , TANKS lsr- ".' ml' ' m m: umm m s " 7 .f-'gyhwwo 2 S igiaf' we AND X F . ' ' SEWERS an Cleaned and Serviced :gi fEleclric Sewer Cleaner j HESIIJENTIAL - connfncm - INUUSTHIAI nfl Q " 11-i' , A . n 5,21 ! A I . FAST ffg .N SERVICE Y' ix. Q I A ' S Your Call Slarls Our Truck On the Co Call Oliver 4-0437 .,... 4 ' .TT f Q re, Tom McCann ""lllI, . , Illlllliwlllllnm Sunltnry Service 277l MERCER RD NEW CASTLE, PA, Lewis AC glllglljl-ING ELGIN WATCHES WALMO REXALL PHARMACY Bes+ Wishes Complele Prescriplion lo 'rhe Class of I966 Service From FREE DELIVERY PERELMAN'S JEWELRY U.S. Posl' Of'FlC9 Sub-Sfalion Waghfngfgn S+, 2707 Wilminglon Rd. Phone: 658-0l24 SYRACUSE SAMSONITE CHINA LUGGAGE MOON EY BROS. since I925 Concrele Proclucls-l-'leavy Hauling l33 Mahoning Ave., New Caslle, Pa. Phone: 658-774l FRE D H. NAVARRA INSURANCE 'l' Au'f0m0bile "' Coniracl' Bonds 'l' Fire "' Hospilalizalion 'I' Tripmasfers I707 D. Wilmingfon Road New Cas'I'le, Pa. Phone 658-557I GRANTS KNOWN FOR BlLLlvlAN'S VALUES Groceries Meai-5 3-Convenienf vegefables "Charge-I+" Plans Ice Cream ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Wilmingfon Rd. 658-9457 W. T. GRANT CO. CaIl's Plaza Lawrence Village Plaza New Casfle, Pa. Congrafulaiions Io Ihe Class of '66 MIKE ISABELLA'S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE For Reservalions Call 658-7455 909 Wilming'I'on Ave. New Cas'I'le, Pa. Besl' Wishes Io 'Ihe Class of I966 CONNERLY'S CLEANER I27 N. Mercer S'I'. New Casfle, Pa. Phone OL 2-I3II WARNER PHOTO SHOP Wholesale Disiribulor WARNER CAMERA SHOP Reiail Sfore Color and Black and Whife Finishing '20 E. Washgngfon S+. 3II Soufh Croion Ave. "The Friendly Spo'I Io Phoio Shop" I47 WEINGARTNER FLORISTS f 22 N. Mill S+ree+ I We New Casl'le's Mosi Modern Flower Shop THE LANCE Congraiulales +he Coniinenfals of I966 Complimenis of Bes'r Wishes 'ro +l'Ie Class of I966 THE LADIES' STORE I08 E. Washingfon Sfreei' From New Casile, Pa. LAWRENCE COUNTY FUNERAL DIRECTORS PARK TELEVISION Sales and Service I4l6 Wilmingfon Ave. New Casl' PHILCO PRODUCTS Phone: 652-963l I48 AUGUSTINE'S Fresh-Frozen, Oven-Ready Pizza Ai' Your Favorife Sfore BRUCE 81 MERRILESS ELECTRIC CO. Elecfrical Confracfors- Everyfhing Elecfrical for ihe Smallesf Home or Largesf Facfory TV's-Appliances-Service 648 E. Washingfon S+. 652-5567 8: 2-253i JAY-WEAVER MOTOR CO. Volkswagen Aufhorized Sales and Service 3294 Wilmingfon Rd. 652-7762 Complimen+s of HELEN USSELTON SHOP l24 E. Norfh Sfreei "For Fashion and Founda+ions" 6112 Qnhsnn Ernnze Qinxpexng Qfnngraiulaiees the memhera nf thv 1955 Qgrahuaxiing Qflases Wynn the Surressful Qiumpletiun nf Qfheir Amhemir Situhiess. 3595i Hllighes fur All Iliuiure GHUEEIUUIS. THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF NEW CASTLE CompIeI'e Banking FaciIi'ries "Where Every Cusiomer is ImporI'anI"' MAIN OFFICE I34 Eas'I' Washingfon S+. 652-667I .L MEM all FEDERAL RCSERVI SYSTEM 1 NORTHSIDE OFFICE CaII's Plaza I7l4 WiImingI'on Rd. 658-853i MEMBER F.D.I.C. ' Phone 658-333i 'f - BETTY ANN BAKERY on ZfWf Aj A COMPLETE LINE OF 5 kj BAKED GOODS Complimems I Wedding, Birihday of K 'F as and Parfy Cakes I ,f ' Made 'Io Order S 27II WiIming'I'on Rd. New Cas'IIe, Pa. Owned and Operafed by WALTER F. BIXLER D. e. RAMSEY AND soNs HARDWARE 306-20 Crofon Avenue Dis'I'ribu'Iors of DeII'a and Porier Cabie Power Tools I50 BesI Wishes Io 'the Class of '66 CASTLE CHEMICAL CO 2I2 S. Jefferson S+. New CasI'Ie, Pa. PI1one: 654-0345 I3 COMMUNITY PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Tho Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Rober+, Lucy, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Andrews Charles A. Augusiine Nick D. Bloise E. H. Browning Harry W. Burgess, Jr.' Harry Burgess, Sr. James W. Bu'I'ler' Jack J. Carlin' Joseph T. Chabak mas D. Colbridge' Walfer K. Conover' George Cover'I" and Nancy Coverl' James Cowmeadow' John J. Dachko Lewis C. Dayfon William Davis Earl J. Dean' Frank DeFelice Ronald DeFiore' John DeGarmo Dewberry Au'ro Pa r'I's Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Dicks S. John Dieiz David Dilullo Don and Frank's PuHing Green Don Dresing Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Regina E Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Don D. Dresing John Duran ndress' A. K. Figuly' George J. Fisher' Mr. Don Frediani Germani's Jewelry Mr . and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Dale Ho Mrs. Horney Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Leonard Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Charles Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Russell Graham' Kennefh Green' Frank S. Hamillon' Donald L. Headinqs Wm. E. Headings' OVSI' Dalfon Hufeschson Carl Keagy' Kegarise' Lloyd L. Kildoo James Krueger Rol:er'I' Layman' T. Gwyn Lewis' Locka rd Carl E. Lundeen' Wal+er Macios Mike Manfo' Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs . Roberl' McCann Terry McCoy and Mrs. . William McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Walier McGaHic"' Jane McKnigh'r Mr. and Mrs Ninih Grade Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs and Mr. Mr. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Charles Mori Y Teens E. E. PaHon Paul Peluso Joseph L. Pi+zer Mike Poleniclc"' Edw. J. Pragacz Mr. and Mrs. James Riddell Mrs. Rosenberger Mr. and Mrs. Waller Ryan Mr. Schmeid Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Scholls Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Schwarh Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sma+hers Mary Reed Smiih Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Snelling Dr. and Mrs. Siephen S. Sfanczalc Mr. and Mrs. Roberf S'levenson"' Mr. and Mrs. Fred S'l'imple Mr. and Mrs. John J. Suslco Mr. Joseph E. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Tobin Mr. and Mrs. John R. Trenl' Mr. and Mrs. Edward Truran. Jr." Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Twaddle Mr. William Wanaioslcy Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Welch Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. We'r'l'laufer"' Miss Wilfer+ Mrs. Wanda Yellcovich Mr. and Mrs. Dale Zeigler"' Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zusaclc"' 'I Senior Parenls ALUMNI PATRONS Lynn Alverson Jo Bauman Paulel-le Blews Sherry Diana Kenne+h J. Endress AIXC William Fessler A2fC G. Roberl' Fisher Linda Houlc Bill Hufford C. Lynne Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Robf. Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Roge Dave McCreary Judy Minner Dianne A. Mooney Franlc Perrino Norris Reynolds Gene.Rhodes Sue Spencer Linda Thellman John Unich, Jr. Ellen Zeigler r McClay 4-,x ? P 6 . ' ' J ,fc I! 5 w A U 1,16 . xfqrd' X. I 4 'V ' "IJ vvwvw .f N OL? A 'U " 1 X U U N Qc f' fa Cyfk ebb Q vm gg 55' N3 Q Q7 N 3 KY? 375 M Q4 ,G X? .X K C Q' NX, Q1 ' 5. ' 1 wi' 9 I fxxfagxh ,SPX E5 yy Wk TQ ' 553 X ,X X335 339,93 gfkfw WN V S 3 55

Suggestions in the Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) collection:

Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 64

1966, pg 64

Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 41

1966, pg 41

Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 142

1966, pg 142

Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 118

1966, pg 118

Neshannock High School - Lance Yearbook (New Castle, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 156

1966, pg 156

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