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Neshaminy Maple Point High School - Leaves Yearbook (Langhorne, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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2? W if 535325 GM Yagi Z2 esijf 2 is ff iw ff? sf if QW 54' THE LEAVES 1977 Neshaminy Maple Point High School Langhorne, Pennsylvania -, ett eet A f ' T Q Q1 j e e ee e +: ' 1 8 f We H 4. . - .ff 'z native .CV ,. ggi, ,,.,gM .' . ., 'W T' +ziE1e" 5'-qffi xif i 1: an frii'mz','97 -, gh ' ' '44 36 " :A 1-.LgqQ'?Z5Q:',:'JQF'L'65',1" 44"-L' ' Qs' , .,,,.,, M... L L X W. VT' -i if is r ' ,Q K e L 4 9 2' N -N xi T ' wk ' . ff Af I Q THE LEAVES There are many problems and expecta- tions in developing the title of a yearbook in a new high school. After much evalua- tion and thought of the many suggestions, we have chosen The Leaves as a title. We feel this meets the goals we have set for our school, ourselves, and our future. The Yearbook Staff TABLE OF CONTENTS Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshman Organizations Athletics Activities Page 17 Page 36A Page 90 Page 100 Page 110 Page 117 1 Page 133 Page 160 19770 LEAVES STAFF Editor in Chief Faculty Editor Senior Editors Junior Editor Sophomore Editor Freshman Editor Organizations Athletics Editor Activities Editors Business Manager Layout Assistants Copy Assistants Advisor Lydia Sankow Andrea Sasak Bev Smith Edwina Monek Fred Frumberg g Jody Bortner Howard Fineman Janet Mason Marge Charleton Chris Leonard Tori Gennario Chris Leonard Ron Shoemaker Donna Seyferhelt Lori Mowry Kim Whittam Steve Schneider Carla Reddy Nancy Whyte Phil Gellenberg Mr. Scott Nedal ww WMMMWMXQIM4 M Q H MBSEWV 'W ig ' MQNNHW HN, if N N v ww v u , will 1 Zmilr -Q , MW' lH'1MM 4 .M li N , 1'!w.wwsswq . , 1 ' ' Hi' VM ','0,iE"w:x:iiiEii1V 255 ' WN' ,:w.:r,,,'::'::::4-52'f ' ,, : viz? 1 ii? ' rr? 1 Fil- A 49, Ml,,xl.a.g, W ' ' V. lx ,um ,x-, uw Q?" V Wa' :,,55i3545a"QRf.k1i3f M, ,,,., , U1 ,JN ,,,::- ' ,5EWWi5'i31i35iNN1 Vu "Mi 1 E I have been treading on leaves all a'ay, Until I am Autumn-tired. Goa' knows all the color ana' forms of leaves I have troa'a'en on and mired. Perhaps I've Put Forth T00 M ueh Strength Ana' Been T00 F ieree From Fear if 'Y 4 2, "' ' 51 ' , 1 ,K I if ,ge ,, .W Wat My , M, Q p S , mmm 6 But Now, I Have Trodden Underfoot The Leaves 0f Another Year F ros 7 There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away. Nor any coursers like a page of dancing poetry. 3 I V i the pages of a book. This travel may the poorest take Without oppress to toll. How frugal is the chariot That bears the human soul. K -Q.. 9 .lk Hmm . . . a complex anatomical question. He-y-y!! That,s easy. .W mm il B jgifg .. W, A ,l i Be It ,gfngkgfgf Especially when you have a book. x . may vw , fl' Q, ,z ,J ,Q oo it Aa elif ,Qs , , ooo,ooo 1 :LI TIT. .5 ,--'E ,,.o ,.1o ., , yy a o ffvws K+ ,K ' W What does he expect after four years experience. Leaves- verb. the past tense of to go. to depart from a place or gathering. ESQQKW ,, I Out through the felds and the woods And over the walls I have wendedg I have climbed the hills of view And looked at the world, and descended, I have come by the highway home And lo, it is ended. E . 1 J f I 5. 'Q R I -P 13 ,s 'S E s 3 -..L 5 5' 1: fag ' jj S3356 gif? , .... " MA ix If I had not yet come back around to where I started then I am only inches from that narrow corridor that will bring me there. ROD MC KUEN Y' A Y V 1 MINISTRATIO The Administration of Neshaminy Maple Point, is headed by Mr. Richard Evans. Assistant Principals, Mr. Harry Franks and Mr. Marlon Van Horn, are responsible for the excellent coordination of our aca- demic and athletic programs. Our Administrative As- sistants, Mr. Edward Mondeaux and Mr. Richard Marotto fulfill the disciplinary and social needs of the student body. is fvxw. t ' Xa' A s . t P 34 S rrr, ' A t i ,WM W" t F ' '-Y'-P rv sk- 'i V + 1 .ff Q iw, i v-'fx gal ,Q-if' , 1 f,1t 1 Nur, Ei. 3 s ?i'fff52zg.. i X J, " - 'FJ igfivx 'QWf'a'!4 ' ffif x r' if ,Q -WV Mr. Richard H. Evans Principal Mr. Harry Franks Assistant Principal Mr. Marlon Van Horn Assistant Principal Mr. Edward Mondeaux Mr. Richard Marotto Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant 18 GUIDANCE Mr. Daniel Brown , ,Lm', A A Guidance Department Chairman MR To most students, high school is the stepping stone between childhood and adulthood. The Guidance department, under the direction of Mr. Dan Brown, accomplishes this task. Students are as- signed by alphabetical order to one of our four counselors. They direct them in a course of study suited to their individ- ual needs and wishes. Students interest- ed in going to college, or pursuing a noncollege career can benefit from their excellent ideas and suggestions. Mr. Albert Cecco S-Z and Tech students Miss Susan Borish G-L SECRETARIE 19 Mrs. Miriam Caisse Mrs. Dorothy Carpenter Mrs. Wilhelmina Cole Mrs. Margaret Howley Mrs. Joyce Johnston Mrs. Anne Maitha Mrs. Edna Waterson missing: Mrs. Josephine Weygandt Mrs. Rosella Rage A-F and Special Ed Students LIBRARY VVV. 1, kk K . MV: VV., 5.34153-Kg, . , l s e . ...-shwrs.. The library and staff of highly qualified librar- ians provide the student of Maple Point with books, magazines, tapes, and filmstrips that aid the stu- dent in classroom learning. Located in the center of the building, the library has soon become the heart of our education system here at Maple Point. t Mr. Llewellyn Williams URE Mrs. Josephene Weygandt E Mrs. Elizabeth Stavseth Mrs' Charlotte Durland 20 The music department enables the student to express his instrumental and musical abilities through the band, con- cert band, and orchestra directed by Mr. William Bell. The vocal talents of the students can be expressed through the concert, symphonic and freshman choirs, and in the mixed chorus con- ducted by Mr. Harry Dengler. The stu- dents of Maple Point can further their musical knowledge by studying Music Theory and Harmony. Mr. Harry Dengler Hyde if 9 Pie? gf ggjwqx GLISH The 9th grade program emphasizes proper composition tech- niques and the reading of short stories, novels, plays, and poems. The 10th grade continues with composition and English skills, vocabulary and word relationships. The llth grade fur- ther develops the composition and English skills, and adds a more accelerated vocabulary study. The 12th grade curriculum is a series of two electives that arechosen by the student with a range of topics in Composition, Drama Literature, Semantics, and Journalism. Miss Gay Wells Department Chairman Ms. Janet Cameron 1 3 E is ls 2, E rl tl Eg' is t l Mr. Mike Callahan Mrs. Sandra Cooney Mrs. Sandra Davis Mr. william Epting 22 aww Mrs. Eileen Fuld Mrs. Marion Magee Mr, Scott Nedal Mr. Ralph Meshon Mr. Dennis O'Brien fm Mrs. Regina McGinley Mrs. Diane Padovani Mrs. Helen Waldron 23 SGCIAL S UDIE MF- James Kennf-fdy Mrs. Linda Barbagallo Mr. Bruce Davis Department Chairman NUM-.,... Mrs. Libby Carver The Social Studies department, with Mr. Jim Kennedy as chair- man, includes in its curriculum such topics as, World Wars in ninth grade, World Cultures in tenth, the American Judicial, Legislative, and Executive ffyf' branches in eleventh, and any- 1' W 1 thing from Psychology to a survey if a . . . . ff , A of American History in twelfth. . 4,,.. . e V . f ,, ,..., ,--. Mr. Paul Dickler , 1' l 5 4 Mr. Michael De Stefano l ' 24 'W V""" Mr. Angelo Fario Mr. Raymond Kelly fi Mr. Kevin Knowles Mrs. Barbara Mock Mr. John Rock Mr. Barry Smith Mr. Stephen Schroeder 25 SCIENC Mr. Chris Melley Department Chairman Mr. Eldo DeLong Miss Christine Tomlinson Mr. Eugene Fox Miss Jane Crumlish The Neshaminy Maple Point Science department realizes the need for a wide variety of courses. Under the direction of Mr. Chris Melley, these courses range from Intro- ductory Physical Science CIPSJ to Physics II. Lab- oratory work is also an important part of the Sci- ence department. It en- ables the students to re- ceive practical experience in the Science field. Mr Frank Motovidlak Mrs Charlotte Lehner fix .1 Mr. Hubert Holmes Mr. Robert McCartney .g xx was W , l a s 'S 5 , Q, 2-.,, A F mln i Mrs. Maria Galgano Mr. Gerald Durland 27 . MATHEMATICS Mr. James Gibson Department Chairman ' amaaa A Mr. William Duke fssgsaix A- 9 3 551 ge: ,I .V ' L' is t in f I ,F ' , Mrs. Judith Fischer Mr- Daniel Gallo Mrs. Nancy Fricke 28 Mr. Helmut Glaeser ..-.. - ,:f:gg......vifQf The Mathematics department, head- ed by Mr. Jim Gibson, has a vast cur- riculum ranging from General Math to Calculus and other selected topics. In todays highly technical world, mathematics plays an important role. It is the goal of these teachers to give the student experience in many diversified areas of study. In this way, students grow in their mathematical capabilities, regardless of their future plans or aspi- rations. A Q as ei' Mrs Wendy Lewis Mrs. Mary Ann Penge Mrs. Janet Smith FOREIG LANGUAGE 9 ee tiende? Do you understand? This is the primary goal of the foreign language department - to teach students to under- stand the language and culture of for- eign people. Three languages, French, Spanish, and German, are offered at four different levels of study. 9 l , Q K Mrs. Cynthia Alperirl Mr. Robert Dugan Miss. Brenda Burk ,,Q,...L.., . s l ' x S. if Mrs. Jane Hurwitz Mrs. Patricia Seabright Mrs. Mary Lou Van Sciver 30 INDUSTRIAL ART Mr. Donald Atwood Mr. Irwin Brambley Department Chairman HO E ECONOMICS 'Z e' Mrs. Kathy Blackmore Mrs. Yolan Arlett Mr. Joseph Chamberlain Mr. Norman Martinscn The Industrial Arts department, headed by Mr. Donald Atwood, offers many pre-apprenticeshipfengineering courses. These courses include Wood- shop, Metal Shop, Drafting, and Me- chanical Drawing. The Home Econom- ics department offers courses in Foods, Dietetics, Interior Decorating, Sewing, and Family oriented topics. The Driver Education department developes driver responsibility through its Driver Theory and Road Training courses. DRK DRI ER EDUCATIO EXPERIENCE 1 A 1 yin, Mr. Daniel Roskos Mr. Sherman Sickler 31 -.--nd Mr. Joseph Greytok PHYSICAL EDUCATIQ Mr. Harry Fischer Mr. Robert Loven Department Chairman The aim of the Physical Edu- cation department, directed by Mr. Robert Loven, is to devel- op the growth of the mind and body of the student. It encour- ages leadership, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 learn the fundamentals of sports such as hockey, basket- ball, football, soccer, and soft- ball. Mr. Fred Hartshorn Mrs. Connie Slipka Mrs. Judith Cunningham Miss. Cathy Guenzel Mr. Richard Keefe 32 BU INESS EDUCATIO Mr. Richard Bauer Mrs. Brenda Doto Mrs. Gloria Riedy The Business Education department has a wide range of career oriented courses. They include Typing I, II, 8: III, Notehand and Mrs. Jeanette Bendinsky Mr. John McDonough PECIAL EDUCATIO Teaching a class of Special Education Stu- dents is a job which requires much patience, skill, concern, and time- both during and after school. Maple Point is very lucky to have on its staff two very excellent Special Education teachers Mr. William Huber 33 Typing, Shorthand I 8: II, Clerical Office Practice,'Business Math, Accounting I 84 II, Record Keeping, and Business Law. Mrs. Isabel MacLeary Mrs. Sandra deGroot CAFETERIA STAFF The Hall Aides, Cafeteria Staff, and Custodial Staff work all year round to keep our school running smoothly and efficiently. The Cafeteria Staff is re- sponsible for our delicious lunches, the Custodial keeps our building spotless, and our Hall Aides monitor student traffic between classes. Mrs. Mrs. Mary Caldwell Mary Canavan Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Ellen Dougherty Mrs Stephanie Kotkiewicz Mrs. Janet Maar Mrs Alice Nielson Mrs. Marie Nardie Mrs. Marilyn Phillips Mrs. Geraldine Read. Mrs. Frances Stewart Jean Thompson Emma Wagenman, M anager CUSTODIAL STAFF - HALL AIDES Mr. David Kulp, Head Custodian Mrs. Marie Ferlstermacher Mr. Edward Cavanaugh Mrs. Lois Lentine Mr. Robert Thompson Mr. Vincent Konen 34 R W E Q in Q SE IORS CLASS OF 1977 SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL OFFICERS Mr. Helmut Glaeser, Advisor, Lois Snyder, Joyce Carastro Tina Testin, Sue Westphal, Judy Arnold We as Seniors, the products of Neshaminy Maple Point, are proud to be its first graduating class. Through our three years of high school life, one at Neshaminy Langhorne and two at Neshaminy Maple Point, we have learned much about ourselves and how much we can accomplish in such little time. With the help of our dedicated teaching staff and our enthusiasm, we have layed a foundation for the oncoming senior classes. I ' Lydia Sankow 36 1F4M1' vkfrlg, 'r bl ' C '11f 'vw ' '1 A I AfMAf'1'L fiv BRIAN J. ABRESCIA KIMI ADAMS SCOTT A. ADAMS RICK ADDEO JUDY A. AMBRUSTER MICHAEL D. ANDERSON KIRT K, ANGEBRANNDT CYNTHIA A. APPLEGATE CHARLES ARASIM 37 , iggkik z.vz'g-5453 JUDY ARNOLD GEORGE AUBLEY DAVE W, BAUER MARY BETH BAUR A ,Y A Q V . X CATHERINE BENNETT RONALD J. BENVENUTO 38 JENNIFER BARON GARY R. BELL PAUL M. BERGAMINI ROBERT H. BERGEN HARVEY E. BERMAN JAMES, J, BERNARDINO THOMAS J. BESSO RICHARD B. BIEL, ANDREW BOROCHANER 3 . , , f ,ia f 17? fn' A V ISLE! , L f,,:y,,, W'w'?WM f J fi, X! f"',+fM,RJ 3, 1 V' CAROL D. BRADFORD GARY BRASSEUR MICHAEL J. BRENNAAISI , A -xfJQJ,!KJ,fV fl H f WA My A ff? R+1ffUmMf' R R W M Jflfffflfkvf A 39 ' Q I A, -Lim U YL' ff lbw WA D ' 2. gf' - ,karl A-., if li' Q3 ,,N....-M 15591 K nf? JOANNE BRESLIN SUE BRYNER ROBERT BUTTS DENISE K. BRITTON JUDITH A. BULLEN JANET M. CAHILL JAMES BROPHY JOHANNA M. BURTON BERNADETTE A. CALLAHAN uk 1 X - X' X ex V ' ' x e K x K 1 - T V X xp V- V .K , . . . A VW .X X r 1 ' ' X Q - N ,,. , - , X X T 42 . 3, H, . TXT T1 w . f f . EILEEN M. CARBERRY JOYCE E. CARASTRO CHRISTOPHER J. CARSON DOUG CARUGATI THOMAS CASTERLINE AI' 1 f W4 , ' .. MW, . 1' v lf 1 I fi, . f T509 I I I , QQ MW DV W, I ,gt .W ,ffl 66 .NM Iv K, A MICHAEL A. CECCONI I MICHAEL K. CHAPMAN MARGE CHARLTON 43 A 5-N I IJ J! I QJ J""2'I , if Wy. q KRISTIAN CAUFFMAN AJI' ' ,L I S , I I I 1 , ,ff -'1 I .1 lr W If THOMAS F. CHRISTIAN LINDA COFFEY JAMES D. CIVITELLO MARTHA CONCA JENNIE CORBETT MICHAEL COSACK 44 DONNNA CLARK CYNTHIA ROSE CONIGLIO STEVE COSTANZO LINDA S. COWAN BETSY CRAIG DAVID J. CRISPELL DONNA CUDNEY IRE vu SUSAN DARNLEY JACK DAVIS x 45 CATHLEEN M. CRISPELL GEORGE DANIELS JERRY DAVIS DAVID A. DAVITIAN JEFFREY J. DAY JEFFREY L. DELAHANTY GUY DESJARDINS SUE DIABELKO THOMAS DIAMOND 46 4. MIKE DE FRANCO LISA DE VICARIS LINDA S. DICKERT ,Cf Jw J J' 'Q' :AJ Lf M 94,3 v JWQJKEWEQLZJVPJ W W A A, A M1333 , b LINDA M, DIETZ DOREEN DIGNOWITY TOM J. DONOHUE ROCKY DOTO Ill JOHN MITCHELL DUGO DEBORAH A, DULL 47 JAMES J. DODD-O RENEE DUFFIELD DANIEL DYJACK X ss S MICHAEL P. DZURISIN JANE ECK DALE S. EVANS MICHELLE L. EVANS DEBRA M. FAGAN ERIC S. FALLICK COLLEEN ANN FECHO BRIAN FEINBERG LINDA FERGUSON 48 S x ' X Xa.,-V A ANN FILES JEAN A. FISSINGER ROBERT FORSBERG DAVID J. FOSTER ROBERT A, FRICK KATHLEEN MARITA GALLAGHER 49., , 1 Ez vm, x Q,-bu MQ V KATIE FLAHERTY ELLEN C. FRELOND 55 I" Lf v DENNIS GASKILL X 'M JAMES GATTONE LINDA M. GAUSLINE LEWIS GAUTIERI I CHERYL GEARHART LARRY E. GECHT TORI ANNE GENNARIA KAREN M. GEORGE SARAH L. GERBER LINDA C- GIACCIO 50 3'-T..." g bm MW JAMES GILES JOSEPH GILMORE DONALD J. GIMPEL QW? ERIC GOEHL BRUCE E. GOLDBERG JODI GOLDBERG 0 'A 'o 0,1 JORDAN GOLDBERG LYNN GOLDSTEIN MARIA GOMEZ 51 ALLAN GONDAK BARBARA GRAUL SUSAN GRAYESKI RANDY GREEN KATHLEEN P, GROVE JEFFERY GRUSSENMEYER BILL GULLA ALISON A. HAHN MARK S. HALE 52 NICHOLAS QUENTIN HANEMAN RANDY B. HARTMAN FREDRICK HENDRICKSON PAULINE HANKINSON JANE HELLER CHARLES HARNATKIEWICZ MAUREEN HELTZEL LAURA HERR 53 CHARLES S. HERRING Ag,-jiri 'X ii V g s ,J 5 1 . JOHN M. HIDALGO E ANITA HOUGHTON X TIM HUGHES RANDY HOFMEISTER WENDY W. HOSBACH MARK C. HOUSMAN DARLA HUGHES CHERYL HUNT CHRISTOPHER HUNTER 54 KATHLEEN A. INMAN DAVID S. JACK JON JACKOPIN DANIEL JOSEPH JACKSON JEFF JONES I TERESA JUSTICE JOHN KALAPOS DAVID J. KAPLAN ALLYSON L. KAPSH 55 Lf f A M' 4- J . K' if ns ? , 1 MZ 4 'hm AHWA im: ' rg, 'I THE KQNJ I AND l STEVEN KELLY ROBIN R. KEMMERER JUDY M. KIRSHNER BARBARA KLINGELE I up EVA KOCH STEPHEN R. KOELLNER Q. xw'N'mM A .KK - I Q.. Q5 I 1 1 f H. . 3'-.f 9 X'2f3x Wx s ROBERT KOHLER WILLIAM R. KOHLER KEVIN D. KRAVITZ 58 ' A51 I Q SM D :fi H A' 9 M Wf STEPHEN T, KRZJYBWONOS W GUS H. KUHL JOHN KUMBAT Tw ., .fy '91, J, L wV"F ff W , if ,a X J if E . , T, ,J f -M 'xy T fr 7 V he Sqzifffgm A V , 9'4if5gi3Zb-fi N T CHRISTINE R. KUMOR ANTHONY LABRASCA MICHELLE LAFLEUR we , ,ff ' ff f fff:w3' T f' 3352 Vsfsf ' f'Lffff?,fL?f" tf' "H,vt551fEz:.4n 1 gkggiiif '!h,' 4.:i' ' .' H5223 SUSAN K' LANDIS STEVE LANDOLFI JUDITH LANGTON 59 M, NANCY LAWLER LINDA M. LEKKA JOHN T. LENNON CHRIS LEONARD BARBARA RAE LEVINE JOHN LUKSIC :Sw ..x D- .rf CYNTHIA LUTZ EDWARD R. MALAMPY MARTHA ANN MANRODT 60 4,615 v 1 ,,,, . 5' f GARY N. MARGOLIN HAROLD V. MARKLE BARBARA MARRA JOHN B. MARTIN W. EDWARD MCCULLOUGH RUSSEL P. MARTIN JANET MASON THOMAS MCFARLANE 61 MICHAEL L. MCGINLEY COLLEEN MCGINTY KATHLEEN P. MCGOVERN DONNA M. MCGRAIN JAMES MCGRORY CHRIS MCHUGH DEAN MCINTYRE JOSEPH MCINTYRE MARTHA McKEE CHRISTINE MCMAHON 62 JOHN MCMASTER RICHARD MCNEICE THOMAS MEIER BILL MEREDITH FREDERICK MERK DONALD MESSENGE MARC MEYERS ELIZABETH ANNE MILLER JANE F. MILLER 63 si' Wagga? I ,I ,,... K kikr X TAMARA JEANNE MITCHELL PATRICIA ANN MOCK EDWINA M. MONEK PATRICIA A. MORAN JOAN MORGAN CHARMAINE M. MOTZ LAUREEN A, MOWRY PAMELA A. MOYER EDMUND A. MOZELESKI 64 QL 'iii I X- I ci' MARTIN MUNSKI JAMES MURPHY THOMAS MURRAY JOANNE MYERS CLAIRE NEIGER SU ZANNE M. NOLAN THOMAS E. OATES 65 JUVX MICHAEL J. NICHOLS JAMES A. O'CALLAGHAN ,Mi QM JAH! J dw if 44, J! F. fs-1 Q, ,A- 6 " 'As MARGARET DENISE O'DONNELL JUDY ORLEAN CYNTHIA L. ORRIS ,JEFFREY OTTINGER NOREEN OWENS MONICA PACLISANU DONNA J. PALMER ROBERT PANNUCCI KIMBERLY PARSONS 66 1-peut' an-w-""" DAVID F. PASTERNACK STEVEN D. PEARL GARY M4 PECUCH P fare 'f QM ,X 6 NANCY A. PEPPER CAROL ANNE PERERA DONNA L. PEREZ JOHN PETRUS CHARLOTTE M. PICKETT RITA PIENTO 67 ANGELA PILEGGI f Q ?f?Ll ' ,. 1' jf' 249 QQ :ks L-,f fi 5554-5 'f Q YT 2 I :L X f M - -s ,S 1 sxfffg P Nw NT Y' ' RONALD PILLA A JOANN M. PIROLLO JOHN PITZI PITZI SANDRA PLACCHETTI ALLAN R. POSNER LISA POST LINDA PRAETZEL 68 X rv V 1, v me A em- Y W ,1 J -' ff' N K4 ,IL I, 'S-f YZF? MAUREEN QUINLISK 'ui ax, . L. WILLIAM RASPANTI W-..f ANTHONY RAGUSO CHERYL RANDALL l GREGORY REARICK CARLA J. REDDY :Rf '1"Pt M, A Lg, AA A E, ..:g -xli A JUDITH A. REINHOLD COLEMAN ROACH DAVID ROCCO 69 S , 1 M N X4 4 w HY' '-cr 5 ff xl, MARK S. RODGERS CYNTHIA M. ROGAN PATRICIA M. ROTH DEBRA RUBIN VALERIE RUBINO BARBARA RUSHWICK DENISE M. RUSHWICK MARK RUSSELL DIANA RYAN 70 v P , dx K Jw if r x X W pm? W 'LA L 2 1 0 A fi ,Q M' jf flaw D a JXU LU 41 fx XA Ewkylyw KO do Nj' jx ,i A V Y 92 W, fa MX 41 J JWJJ DONNA M. RYAN KAREN S. RYBA A RANDI S. SAG EN N SHARON M. SANTY LYDIA TALIA SAN KOW ANDREA LYNN SASAK 71 NANCY A. SABOL JOSEPH W. SANPHY CINDY JILL SCHECTER , ,,..,. , , , I 1 Y A , 72 l :Stl X N YW -Q NN'-N, J, .,,,,, .-.1 -5.,,. ,M-. x 5555! XF gk X 'X X X RICHARD J. SCHMIDT ROBERT SCHOEN GARY D. SCHOFIELD ROBIN M. SCHWARTZ SHARI B. SCHWARTZ SCOTT R. SECREST ROBERT J. SEIDENBERGER 74 JOAN M. SCHWARZ PAUL R. SEIFERTH .. 5 . vi ig C 5 A NQBX' QQXQQQ QXCY C M F. ik xx -A ' xx ,Ev Lf, wg Ex .fo NJ G+ xo New SCOTT SEMMEL HEIDI SEURING DONNA M. SEYFERHELT A. . Alm ,, r. w A PAMELA S. SHACHAT RICHARD SHANDELMAN E QOQC Cp Q 0-D GQ! Q SL QS PQ 'M ff - 1 5, MJ ' Q Lf lj! N! .f-X. fl 40 O X' RMP? N WILLIAXM- irish? 5 1 - I . LJ '35 K , Q' X I V t J I , ki' , 45zi jj Vvrgvkfx XJ . , f , J, :V , AX . ,N Q, V . X51 985' GLORIA E. SHEPPARD JOYCE A. SILVESTRI THERESA M. SIMPSON 75 f BONNIE L, SIROTT DOROTHEA E. SMALL ROBERT A. SMALL I Rf? 5' E I,, I II I BEVERLY J. SMITH fb KEVIN SMITH - I MICHAEL SMITH , ,QQ 2 N X ,IJ -, , I IV , . , - ' V Q1 IV, LOIS K. SNYDER NANCY L. SNYDER M ANITA LYN SOTTILE 76 DONNA J. SOUILLIARD 12 ?,, a STEVEN V. SPITS f 4. V0 a 4' ' H415 vfr'H'.R BEN SPEDDING 1, SCK DONNA L. SPEIDEL CAROLYN A. STAN HOPE 3---.. X MIKE STERLING RONALD D. STETSER JOHN M. STRADLING V... ,,,, E Y MICHELLE STRAIN PETE SULLENBERGER '-Suggmg . V M: TERESA L. SULLIVAN l sa MARTINA M, TESTEN THOMAS J. THOMPSON WILLIAM H. TONER JOSEPH H. TOSCANO EDWARD J. TRACY ROBERT D. TRAUTMAN 78 ami? '09- Q49 0 . bay Q 639 4 if Q FLORENCE A. TRAYNOR MICHAEL J. TUSINA LAURA E. URBANI fd' f, . ,- I, iw 'J .J ...X THEONE VAFAISOQ , JILL D. VOLK I ,P :Y L U A1 NANCY WAINE A- MARIE WATKINS SHARON WATKINS 79 CHARLES WEINBERG LEO F. WEISHEW WAYDE M. WESTON fkfw SAGE WEINGARTEN LLOYD WEINSTEIN RICHARD M. WEISS MARK K- WERNER SUSAN J. WESTPHAL BRON WHITE 80 x Af 5 CHRIS WHITE MELANIE R. WHITTAM NANCY J. WHYTE BARBARA E, WILLIAMS JEFFREY M. WILLS NANCY WINANS ..Pi""' DAWN E. WOOD DEBBIE A. WORKMAN KEITH M. WORST B1 MATTHEW N. WRIGHT JOHN YOCUM ANDREA ZITO A D Ds IE TN I1 Oo NR As L EILEEN ZUCKER DORTHY ARDOMINO DEBORAH BATEZEL 82 ,gm W. D. ANDRZEGEWSKI BACCHICCHIO JW" ROBERT F. BODENSCHATZ TERRI ANNE CLOPTON EDWARD COYNE M: ICP SUSAN J. CURRAN DOROTHY DAY JOHN ERB Q,g,,,,,--0' LEONA FRAWLEY JEAN GREGORY FRANK HARRIS 83 . , DWAYNE LACZKOWSKI CHERYL BAEDER DUANE BOLAND SAMUEL BUDNICKI LISA BURKE MICHAEL CANNON DOUGLAS CARSON JOHN CASTLE DAVID CHANDLER ROBERT CLARKE MICHAEL CORBETT RICHARD COYNE LISA CROMLEY SUSAN CUDNEY SUSAN CUNAN SUE DARNLEY CONNIE DOWNS RICHARD DOYLE WILLIAM DRIPPS STEVE DULL DIRK ELSTON RITA McCANN DALE SYLVIA SYD WHITE SENIORS WHOSE PICTURES ARE NOT AVAILABLE. KENNETH EVANS KATHY FIGUEROA WILLIAM GRAYESKI RANDY GREEN VERONICA HACKETT KEVIN HANEY ANTHONY HARDING CINDY HENSOR BARRY KAUFFMAN ANNA KILIAN ROBERT KIRSHNER BRENT KUSHMAN EDWARD LELINISKI NICOLAS LUNG JAMES LYNCH WILLIAM MAGEE TERESA MIGLIORE KIM MONK PHILIP MOSS WALTER MUHLBAUE 84 R LEONARD NEYRA DREW NIELSON LAWRENCE O'DONNEL PETE PEARSON MARIO POZADAS JOEY RIGOUS ROBIN RUDY GERI SECREST LAWRENCE SHAUL BETTINA SIDNER JANET SIMMONS KEITH SIMPSON RICHARD SOHMER LORETTA STANCIL PAUL STRUWE JOEL TYRRELL MICHAEL VALLETTO ' EUGENE WAINWRIGHT ROBERT WEINELT 1977 GRAD ATE ABRESCIA: Plans to study computer programming at KIMI ADAMS: Participated in Cheerleading 11,123 Softball: Gym Night: National Honor Society and Swim Team 10,11,12. Plans to study physical education or physical therapy at East Strousburg State College. SCOTT A. ADAMS, Participated in Ice Hockey 10,11,12. Plans to study law at New Hampshire College. RICK ADDEO: Participated in Football 11,123 and Gym Night 1l,12. Plans to study law enforcement. MICHAEL D. ANDERSON: Participated in Baseball10,11,12: and Soccer 10,1l,12. He plans to study forestry at the University of West Virginia. KURT K. ANGEBRANNDT: Participated as Soccer and Basketball manager 1l,12. Plans to become a C.P,A.. CYNTHIA APPLEGATE: Participated as National Honor Society Secretary 11,123 and Swim Team manager 12. Plans to make a career of medical research at Temple University. CHARLES ARASIM: Plans to make a career of music at the Philadelphia Music Academy. JUDY ARNOLD: Participated as Gym Night Co-captain 11: Gym Night Blue Color Captain 123 Class- Trip Committee Chairman 11,123 and in Softball 11. Plans to study teaching and education at East Strousburg State College. GEQRGI-3 AUBLEY: Participated in Track and Cross Country 1 ,11,1 . CHERYL BAEDER: Participated in Volleyball 103 Softball 11: Winter Track 12. Plans to attend Bucks County Technical School for nursing. DEBORAH G. BAETZEL: Participated in Winter Track 113 and Junior Prom Committee ll. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. for police administration. DAVE W. BAUER: Plans to enlist in the service after graduation. MARY BETH BAUER: Participated in Gymnastics 10,11, Swim Team 11,12: and Ski Club, Plans to study park and game preserves. GARY R. BELL: Participated in Football l0,II,I2Q Basketball 10,1 li and Gym Night. Plans to attend B.C.C.C.. PAUL M. BERGAMINI: Participated in Wrestling l0,11,12. Plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. ROBERT H. BERGEN: Participated in Wrestling, Gym Night, National Honor Society, Concert Choir and Ski Club. Plans to attend college after graduation. HARVEY E. BERMAN: Participated in Debate 12: Chess Team 11,123 and Photography Club 11,12. Plans to major in engineering at Cornell Universtiy. THOMAS J. BESSO: Participated in Wrestling 10,11,12. RICHARD BIEL: Plans to become an auto mechanic. KEITH BOCCHICCIO: Participated in Baseball II, and National Honor Society 11,12. Plans to attend college after graduation. ROBERT F. BODENSCHATZ: Plans to become an auto mechanic. DUANE BOLAND: Participated in Winter Track 11,123 Cross Country JIQ Track 10,l1,l23 and Gym Night 10,11. ANDREW BOROCHANER: Participated in Track I1,12Q and Football l1,l2. Plans to attend college after graduation, MICHAEL J. BRENNAN: Participated in Football, Bowling and as President of Student Union. JOANNE BRESLIN: Participated in Concert Choir 11,123 Color Guard 11,123 and School Musical 10. DENISE K. BRITTON: Participated in Marching Band 12: and as Library Aide 10,1 l,l2. Plans to have a career in nursing. JAMES BROPHY: Participated in Stage Crew 10. Plans to attend B.C.C.C.. SUE BRYNER: Plans to become a business major. SAMUEL A. BUDNICK1: Plans to become a construction worker. JUDITH A. BULLEN: Participated in Concert Choir 11,123 National Honor Society 11,123 Gym Night 10,11,12: Prom Committee 11,123 and a Student Representative 12. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. to become a Medical Secretary. ROBERT BUTTS: Participated in Bowling 11,l2: and Golf 10,1 1,12. Plans to study engineering in college. JANET CAHILL: Participated in Majorettes 10,1 l,12g Tennis 11,l2: Concert Choir ll,12: Gym Night 10,1 1,123 Wrestlerettes 11,122 and Newspaper l1,12, Plans to attend West Chester State College to become a health and physical education major. MICHAEL CANNON: Participated in Track 10,11. Plans to attend Florida Institute for marine biology. JOYCE E. CARASTRO: Participated in National Honor Society 11,123 Concert Choir 11, Color Guard 11, Newspaper 103 School Musicals 10,11 and was a member of the Class Council. Plans to go into nursing. CHRISTOPHER J. CARSON: Participated in Gym Night 1O,1l,l2. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. DOUG CARUGATI: Participated in Football, Track, and Gym Night. Plans to attend college after graduation. THOMAS CASTERLINE: Participated in Tennis 10,11,12. KRIS CAUFFMAN: Participated in Soccer 10,11,12g and Track 10,1l,12. Plans to attend Bucknell University. MICHAEL A. CECCONI: Participated in Football 1O,11,12. Plans to attend Northwood Institute. MARGE CHARLTON: Participated in Yearbook 123 School Store 1l,l2. TOM CHRISTIAN: Participated in Concert Band 10,11,12: Jazz Band 10,1 1,12Q National Honor Society 11,122 and Soccer 11. Plans to study music. DONNA CLARK: Plans to make a career in business. TERRI ANN CLOPTON: Participated in Symphonic Choir 10: Concert Choir 11,12: National Honor Society 11,12. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. MARTHA CONCA: Participated in Ski Club: Senior Float Committee. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. and pursue a job with the airlines. JENNIE CORBETT: Participated in National Honor Society 1I,I2Q B.C.C.C.Enrichment Program. Planning to attend Princeton University to study psychology. MICHAEL COSACK: Participated in Basketball. Planning to attend college. STEVE COSTANZO: Participated in Football 10,11. Plans to attend Bucks County Tech. School for refrigeration. LINDA S. COWAN: Participated in Student Union as Treasurer 12: Baseball Statistician 11,12. BETSY CRAIG: Participated in Gym Night 10,11: Intramural Basketball 11. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and pursue a career in business. CATHLEEN M. CRISPELL: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,125 Cross Country Captain IIQ Winter Track 11,123 and Track 10,11,12. Plans to attend West Chester State College. DAVID CRISPELL: Participated in Stage Crew: Band: Ski Club3 and Photography Club. Plans to make a career in photography. SUSAN J. CURRAN: Participated in Majorette 10: Wrestlerette 10: Gym Night 10: Prom Committee 11. Plans to pursue a career in business. SUSAN DARNLEY: Participated, in Band 10,1l,l23 Tennis 11,12. Plans to pursue a career in nursing. JERRY C. DAVIS: Participated in Wrestling 10. Plans to enter the Air Force a take up baking. DAVID A. DAVITIAN: Participated in Bowling 11,12: National Honor Society 11,12. Plans to be a mechanical engineer. JEFFREY J. DAY: Plans to enter U.S.A.F,. MIKE DeFRANCO: Plans to go into printing. JEFFREY L. DELAHANTY: Participated in Baseball and Tennis. THEODORE B. DeMATTO: Participated in Cross Country 123 Tennis l1,l2: Soccer 10,11: Track 12: and National Honor Society 1l,12. GUY DESJARDINS: Participated in Soccer 11: Marching Band 11,123 and Jazz Band 12. LISA DeVICARIS: Participated in Cheerleading 10,11: Gym Night Captain 10,11,123 and Trip Committee 11,12. Plans to attend Penn State to study physical education. THOMAS DIAMOND: Participated in Cross Country 11,12: Track 10,1l,12: Football 10: and Concert Choir 11,12. Plans to go into mechanical engineering. LINDA S. DICKERT: Participated in Band 10,1 1,12g National Honor Society 1l,12: and a Student Representative 12. LORI DIETRICH: Participated in Basketball 12. LINDA M. DIETZ: Plans to attend B.C.C.C. and become a legal secretary. ROCKY DOTO: Participated in Football 10,11: Gym Night 10,11,12: and Spring Track 12. RICHARD DOYLE: Plans to become an electrical technician. RENEE DUFFIELD: Participated in Cheerleading 10,l1: Gym Night 1l,12. Plans to attend Penn State University and in her spare time work with the handicap. JOHN MITCHELL DUGO: Participated in Band 10,11,12. Plans to go into photography. DANIEL DYJAK: Participated in Football 10,11,12: Symphonic Choirg School Musical 10: Swim Team ll: Student Union 11: and Concert Choir. MICHAEL P. DZURISIN: Participated in Band 10,11: and Newspaper 12. Plans to attend college after graduation. JIM EDMONISON: Plans to attend B.C.C.C. and then attend Phila. School of Art. DIRK ELSTON: Participated in Newspaper 1O,l1,12: National Honor Society l1,12: Student Union 12: and Student Exchange Club 10,11. Plans to go into medicine. MICHELLE L. EVANS: Participated in Gym Night 10. Plans to attend college after graduation. DEBORAH S. FAGAN: Plans to become a free-lance photographer and author. ERIC S. FALLICK: Participated in Chess Club 1l,12: Mathletes 11,123 and National Honor Society l1,12. Plans to attend R.P.I. to study physics. COLLEEN ANN FECHO: Participated in Cheerleading 10,11: Track 10: Swim Team 12: and Gym Night 12. Plans to go into nursing. BRIAN FEINBERG: Participated in Newspaper l1,12: and National Honor Society 11,12. Plans to attend the University of Penna. and study medicine. LINDA FERGUSON: Participated in Color Guard 11,123 Basketball Statistician:Concert Choir 1l,12: School Musical 11,12: and Winter Track 11. ANN FILES: Plans to attend Bloomsburg State College and study business education. JEAN A. FISSINGER: Participated in Baseball 10,1 1,12g Track 103 and Field Hockey 11,12. Plans to attend Penn State University and become a veterinarian. GARY FORSBERG: Plans to attend college and study psychology. MARK R. FREMILLER: Plans to attend Bucks County Technical School and study mechanical engineering. ELLEN C. FRELOND: Participated in Swim Team 11. DAVID FOSTER: Plans to become an advertising agent. ,a ef? KATHLEEN GALLAGHER: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Plans to attend Palm Beach Junior College and become a legal secretary. DENNIS GASKILL: Plans to attend art school. JAMES GATHONE: Participated in Gymnastics. Plans to enter the U.S. Navy and study aviation. LEWIS GAUTIERI: Plans to attend B.C.C.C. and Rider College to study accounting. CHERYL L. GEARHEART: Participated in National Honor Society 1l,12: School Musicals 10,1 1,l2g Majorettes 11,l2: and Concert Choir pianist 10,1 1,12. Plans to attend Presbyterian Medical Center to study nursing. TORI ANNE GENNARIA: Participated in Symphonic Choir 10: Concert Choir 11,125 Drama Club: Musicals: and Gym Night. Plans to study nursing. KAREN M. GEORGE: Participated on the Swim Team ll. Plans to become an X-Ray technician. SARAH GERBER: Participated in Concert Choir 1l,12: and School Musicals 11,12. Plans to make a career of fashion buying and designing. LINDA C. GIACCIO: Participated in Swim Team 10,1 1,12: Prom Committee ll: and Gym Night. ERIC GOEHL: Participated in Student Exchange, Ski Club, Newspaper, Tennis. Plans to attend college. BRUCE E. GOLDBERG: Participated in National Honor Society 1l,l2: and Debate 10,11,12. Plans to attend Haverford College to study biology. JODI GOLDBERG: Participated in Hockey 11: Gym Night 10,12: Swim Team 11: and Softball 10,12. Plans to study elementary education. JORDAN GOLDBERG: Participated in Bowling 10: Volleyball 10: Tennis ll: and Gym Night 10. Plans to study dentistry. LYNN GOLDSTEIN: Participated in Debate 10,1 1,l2g Literary Magazine 11,123 National Honor Society l1,12: Library Aide 12: and Special Ed. Aide 12. Plans to attend Wesleyan University. MARIA GOMEZ: Plans to enter the field of sales and merchandising. BARBARA GRAUL: Plans to study computer programming. SUSAN GRAYESKI: Plans to become an airline hostess. BILL GULLA: Plans to study music. MARK S. HALE: Plans to enter the Air Force. NICHOLAS QUENTIN HANEMAN: Participated in Soccer 10,11,12: Track 12: Gym Night l0,1I.I2: and Swim Team 12. Plans to study engineering. PAULINE M. HANKINSON: Plans to oecome a secretary. RANDY B. HARTMAN: Participated in Baseball 10,1 1,12: Football 10,1 1,l2: and Gym Night 11,12. Plans to attend college. MAUREEN A. HELTZEL: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,123 Softball l0,11,l2: Hockey 1l,l2: Bowling ll: Ski Club 103 Swim Team 12: and National Honor Society 11,12. Plans to attend East Strousdburg State to study elementary education. FREDERICK HENDRICKSON: Participated in Co-Op Program. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. LAURA HERR: Participated in Basketball 10,1 1,l2: served as captain for Field Hockey 10,11,12: and for Gym Night 11. Planning to attend Cornell University. CHARLES HERRING: Participated in Ice Hockey 12: and Ski Club 11,l2. WENDY W. HOSBACH: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. to study art and dramatics. ANITA HOUGHTON: Participated in Hockey 10,1 1,123 Softball 10,1 1,125 Gym Night 11,12: and Student Union. Planning to 'study special education. MARK C. HOUSMAN: Participated in Football ll. TIM HUGHES: Participated in Football 11,12: Baseball 10,11,12. Plans to attend college. CHERYL HUNT: Planning -to study modelmg. 1 ANCY' famamwf nut? Cb!-N' U ' , TM gpgmr IFVJU Ta wwf' DAVID S. JACK: Participated in Concert Choir 11,12: Marching Band 10,11: Gym Night 10,11,12: and School Musicals. Planning to study music after graduation. JEFF JONES: Planning to attend Penco. Tech.. TERESA JUSTICE: Plans to become a teacher. JOHN KALAPOS: Participated in Basketball 10,11,12: and Baseball 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. DAVID KAPLAN: Participated in Soccer 11: Chess Club 11,12: Track 11,l2: and Ski Club 11,12. Plans to attend college. ALLYSON L. KAPSH: Participated in Swim Team 10,1 l,12. Plans to attend college in Florida to study nursing. STEVEN KELLY: Participated in Ice Hockey 10. Plans to attend college. ROBIN ZIGGY KEMMERER: Plans to study modeling and acting. ROBERT J. KIRCHNER: Participated in Ice Hockey 10,11,12. Plans to attend B.C.C.C.. JUDY M. KIRSHNER: Participated in National Honor Society 11,12: Ski Club 12: Student Union 10,123 and Gym Night 11,12. Plans to study the social sciences. BARBARA KLINGELE: Plans to study business management. EVA KOCH: Participated in Ski Club 10,1 1,12: National Honor Society l1,12: and Student Exchange 10,1 1. Plans to study business. STEPHEN R. KOELLNER: Participated in Wrestling 1l,12. Plans to attend Bucknell to study accounting. ROBERT KOHLER: Participated in Marching Band 10. Planning to attend Nathaniel Hawthorne College and become a commercial pilot. KEVIN KRAVITZ: Planning to attend Lehigh Universtiy to study engineering. STEPHEN T. KRZYWONOS: Participated in Gym Night 10,11,12: Drama l1,12: and Concert Choir 11,12. Planning to study accounting. GUS H. KUHL: Participated in Stage Crew 11: Gymnastics 113 and Soccer 10,11. Planning to major in accounting. JOHN KUMBAT: Participated in Baseball: Football: Basketball: Track: and Gym Night. Planning to attend college after graduation. ANTHONY LaBRASCA: Participated in Gym Night 12: Newspaper II,I2Q Mathletes 1l,12: and Student Union 11. Planning to attend college after graduation. DWAYNE M. LACKOWSKI: Plans to make a career in factory construction. MICHELLE LaFLEUR: Participated in Bowling 11, Planning to study computer programming after graduation. STEVE LANDOFI: Participated in Gym Night 11,12. NG ON Partici ated in Hocke 11,12: Softball 10,1l,12, JUDY LA T : p y Planning to attend college after graduation. NANCY LAWLOR: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,125 Yearbook 11: and as Color Guard 11.12. Planning to attend Slippery Rock College. JOHN T. LENNON: Participated in Wrestling 10,11,12: Volleyball l0,11,l2: Concert Choir 1l,12: and in Air Force R.O.T,C. 11,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. CHRIS LEONARD: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 l,12g Yearbook 12: Color Guard II,I2, Student Forum 11,12: and as a School Board Representative. Planning to attend Shippensburg State College to study business administrative and marketing. BARBARA RAE LEVINE: Participated in Newspaper 10. Planning to attend Syracuse University to study communications. JOHN LUKSIC: Participated in Football 11,123 Basketball: and in Baseball ll. Plans to pursue a career in surgery. NICHOLAS A. LUNG: Participated in Basketball 11,12: and in Baseball 12. Planning to attend Temple University to pursue a career in broadcasting. CYNTHIA. LUTZ: Participated in Winter Track: Literary Magazine: and National Honor Society 11,12. Planning to attend Brigham Young College. PATRICK J. LYNCH: Participated in Wrestling 12. Planning to attend U.S.U.. MARTHA ANN MANRODT: Participated in Drama Club 10,l1,12: Concert Choir 10,l1,12: and in Gym Night ll,12. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. HAROLD V. MARKLE: Participated in Football 11,123 and in Volleyball ll. Planning to study forestry after graduation. BARB MARRA: Planning to become a legal secretary. JOHN B. MARTIN: Attended Bucks County Tech. School 11,12. Planning to become a carpenter apprentice. JANET MASON: Participated in Photography Club. Planning to join the Army after graduation. W. EDWARD MCCULLOUGH: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. for electrical engineering. THOMAS MCFARLANE: Participated in Basketball 10,1 1,12. MICHAEL L. MCGINLEY: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,12 Marching Band 10,11,12: Wrestling 1,0,11,l23 Cross Country 11 Track 12: and Orchestra 11,12. KATHLEEN P. MCGOVERN: Plans to study data processing. DONNA MCGRAIN: Participated in Student Union 11: and F.T.A. 10: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and then to the University of Penna. to become a social worker. DEAN MCINTYRE: Participated in National Honor Society II,I2Q and in Newspaper 11,12. Planning to attend the Sherman College of Chiropractor. JOE MCINTYRE: Participated in Football 10,1 1: Baseball 11: and Track 12. MARTHA McKEE: Participated in Student Union l1,12: Gym Night IZ, Golf Team 11,l2: and Ski Club 10,11,12. Planning to become a lawyer. THOMAS F. MEIRER: Participated in Football 10,l1,12: Basketball l0,11,12: Baseball 11,123 and Gym Night 10,1 1,12. BILL MEREDITH: Participated in Ski Club 10,1 1,12: Gym Night 11: School Musical 11: and Concert Choir l1,12. Planning to travel and then find a career in landscaping or communications. MARC MEYERS: Participated in Track II,I2, Gym Night 10,1l,12: Band 10,11,12 and was a Band Representative 10,12. Planning to study music and the social sciences. ELIZABETH ANNE MILLER: Participated in Student Union 11,123 Concert Choir II,I2Q and Gym Night 10,l1,12. Planning to study advertising or art education. JANE F. MILLER: Participated in Basketball 11,12: Volleyball 10: Gym Night 10,l2: and F.T.A. 10. Planning to pursue a career in elementary education. TAMARA J. MITCHELL: Participated in School Musical 11: and as Captain of Majorette Squad 10,11,12. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and major in accounting. PATRICIA ANN MOCK: Participated in Student Union 11,12. Planning to attend Thomas Jefferson University to study nursing. EDWINA M. MONEK: Participated in Concert Choir l1,12: Yearbook 12: Student Exchange 10,1 1: Gym Night 12: Service Club 11: and as National Honor Society Secreatry 11,12. Planning to attend Temple University to study optometry. PATRICIA ANN MORAN: Participated in Student Union 11,125 Student Exchange 12: and Gym Night 11. CHARMAINE M. MOTZ: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and become a legal secretary. LAUREEN MOWRY: Participated in School Musical IZ, Concert Choir 11,12: Gym Night 11,123 and Yearbook 12. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and Millersville to study music. PAMELA A. MOYER: Participated in Hockey 11,12: Tennis l0,l1,12: Gym Night 10,11,12: Swim Team 10,1 I,I2Q National Honor Society 11,12: and Concert Choir 11,12. Planning to attend Penn. State to study nursing. EDMUND A. MOZELESKI: Planning to attend Delaware Valley College of Agriculture and Science. THOMAS MURRAY: Participated in Student Union II,I2Q and Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. CLAIRE NEIGER: Participated in School Newspaper and National Honor Society 11,12- president. Planning to attend the University of Mass.. LYNYRD NEYRA: Planning to attend M.C.C.C. to study photography. THOMAS OATES: Participated in Gym Night l0,I1,l2Q National Honor Society 11,123 Concert Choir 11,123 Student Union 11,123 and School Musicals 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend Shippensburg State College. LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. to study business law. MARGARET D. O'DONNELL: Participated in Gym Night 10,l1,l2g Basketball 103 and Softball 11,12. Planning to attend Shippensburg State College to study business administration. JUDY ORLEAN: Participated in Gym Night 10,11,l23 Swim Team 11,12, Track manager 10,1 1,12 and Ski Club 11,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. CINDY ORRIS: Participated in Gym Night 10,l1,123 Volleyball 11 and in Yearbook ll. Planning to attend Penn. State to study nursing. MONICA PACLISONU: Participated in Student Union 11,12 and Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend the University of Pittsburg. ROBERT PANNUCCI: Plans to make a career in construction. KIMBERLY PARSONS: Participated in Cheerleading l0,1l,l23 Softball and Gym Night 10,11,12. Plans to major in physical education. DAVID PASTERNACK: Participated in Concert Choir 11,12. Plans to study engineering. GARY M. PECUCH: Participated in National Honor Society 11,123 Band l0,11,123 Tennis 10,11,123 Student Athletic Board 11,12 and Gym Night 10,1 l,12. Planning to enter the U.S. Air Force Academy. NANCY A. PEPPER: Participated in Band 11,123 Prom Committee 1-lg Gym Night 103 Wrestlerettes 10, and Sophomore Student Council. Planning to become a business secretary. DONNA PEREZ: Participated in Newspaper lll Yearbook ll, Literary Magazine 11 and Gym Night 12. Planning to attend Dickinson College to study psychology. RITA PIENTO: Participated in Gym Night 10,l2. Planning to attend Northampton County College to study dental hygiene. JOANN M. PIROLLO: Participated in Basketball 10. Planning to join the Air Force to study physical education. SANDRA LACCHETTI: Planning to find a career in medicine. ALLAN R. POSNER: Participated in School Musical 11, Ski Club 10,11,12 and Gym Night 11,12. Plans to attend Temple School of Pharmacy. MAUREEN QUINLISK: Participated in Student Union 11,123 Color Guard 12: and Gym Night 11,12. WILLIAM RASPANTI: Participated in Football 10,11,12. Planning to attend Northwood Institute after graduation. GREG REARICK: Participated in Track 11. Planning to attend Indiana University. CARLA J. REDDY: Participated in Band 10,11,123 Swim Team 12g Drama 11 and National Honor Society 11,12. Planning to attend Millersville State College to become a medical lab technician. JUDY REINHOLD: Participated in Cheerleading 103 Swim Team 12, and Softball 10,11,l2. Planning to attend college after graduation. COLEMAN ROACH: Participated in Gymnastics 10. Planning to become an electrical contractor. DAVID ROCCO: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. after graduation. MARK S. RODGERS: Participated in Football 10, Tennis 10,l1,12g Gym Night 11,12 and Swim Team. Planningfto enter the Air Force Academy of Aeronautical Engineering. CYNTHIA M. ROGAN: Participated in Gym Night 10. Planning to attend college after graduation. DEBRA RUBIN: Participated in Ski Club 10,1l,l2g Color Guard 10,113 Soccer'11,12g Gym Night 10,11,12 and National Honor Society-vice-president 11,12. Plans to attend Endinboro State College. DIANA RYAN: Planning to become a legal secretary. -DONNA M. RYAN: Participated in Gym Night 10. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. to study business. NANCY A. SABOL: Participated in Cheerleading 10: Basketball 11,12 and Gym Night 10,1 1,12-captain. Planning to study nursing. LYDIA TALIA SANKOW: Participated in Gym Night decorations 113 National Honor Society 11,12 and Yearbook 11,12-editor. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and Rider to become a C.P.A.. JOESPH W. SANPHY: Participated in Cross Country Track 10 and Concert Choir 10. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. after graduation. Q SHARON M. SANTY: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and become a legal secretary. ANDREA LYNN SASAK: Participated in Rifle Club 10, Yearbook 12 and National Honor Society 11,12. Planning to attend Lehigh University to study accounting. CINDY J. SCHECTER: Planning to attend C.W. Post College to study psychology. RICHARD J. SCHMIDT: Planning to become a marine biologist. ROBERT SCHOEN: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. after graduation. GARY D. SCHOFIELD: Planning to attend Penco Tech. School after graduation. ROBIN M. SCHWARTZ: Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and then the University of Tampa to study psychology. SHARI B. SCHWARTZ: Participated in QNationa1 Honor Society 11,12, and Ski Club 12. Planning to attend college and major in science. JOAN M. SCHWARZ: Planning to become a dental assistant. GERI L. SECREST: Participated in Softball 113 Gym Night co- captain 103 and R.O.T.C. 11,12. Planning to enter the U.S. Naval Academy after graduation. SCOTT SECREST: Participated in Soccer 10,1 1,123 Track 1O,1l,12q Concert Choir 11,123 School Musicals 11,123 National Honor Society 11,123 Gym Night 11,123 and Drama Club 11,12. Planning to study electrical engineering 'at R.P.I.. ROBERT SEIDENBERGER: Participated in Football 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend the University of Pittsburg after graduation. PAUL SEIFERTH: Planning to become a steel worker. SCOTT SEMMEL: Participated in Soccer l0,1lQ Track 11,12g Concert Choir 11,12: Gym Night l0,11,l23 and School Musicals 11,12. Planning to study enviromental engineering after graduation. HEIDI SEURING: Participated in Track 10,11,l23 Student Union 11,123 Volleyball ll, Gym Night 10,1 1,123 and Ski Club 10,1l,l2. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and then Penn. State. DONNA SEYFERHELT: Participated in Student Union 11,121 Gym Night l0,l1,12g Color Guard 103 Yearbook 123 National Honor Society 11,123 and as a Basketball statician. Planning to study foreign language. RICHARD SHANDLEMAN: Participated in Soccer l0,11,123 Tennis 11,123 Ski Club 10,1 1,123 and Gym Night 11,12-captain. Planning to find a career in medicine. WILLIAM SHEAF: Planning to become a cabinet maker. GLORIA SHEPPARD: Planning to become a dental assistant. JOYCE SILVESTRI: Planning to attend college and study dental hygiene. JANET SIMMONS: Planning to go to college and become a nurse. KEITH SIMPSON: Participated in Footbal13 Basketball3 and Track. Planning to attend college and study veterinary medicine. BONNIE SIROTT: Participated in Gymnastics I0,ll,l2Q National Honor Society 11,123 Student Union 113 and Gym Night 10,ll,l2. Planning to attend Penn. State and Study physical education. , DOROTHEA SMALL: Participated in Cheerleading 11. BEVERLY J. SMITH: Participated in Student Exchange 103 National Honor Society 11,123 Gym Night 10,11,123 Yearbook 12 and Symphonic Choir. Planning to attend college and study dental hygiene. KEVIN SMITH: Participated in Soccer 10,1 l,12. LOIS SNYDER: Participated in Marching Band 11,12: Concert Band 11,123 Ski Club 11,123 National Honor Society 11,123 and as class treasurer 11,12. Planning to attend Penn. State to study medical technology. ANITA SOTTILE: Participated in Hockey 11,12 and Student Exchange 10. Planning to study business administration. DONNA SOUILLARD: Participated in Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. BEN SPEDDING: Participated in Gym Night II,I2Q Swim Team 11,123 Jazz Band 10,1 1,123 School Musical 113 Concert Choir 11,123 and Soccer 11. Planning to major in engineering. DONNA SPEIDEL: Participated in Concert Choir 11, and School Musical 11. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. and study management. DIANE SPOCK: Participated in Track 11. Planning to study broadcasting after graduation. MIKE STERLING: Participated in Baseball 10,l1,12. Planning to attend college after graduation. JOHN STRADLING: Participated in Football 11,12. PAUL STRUWE: Participated in Basketball 11,12. PETE SULLENBERGER: Participated in Band I0,II,I2Q and Swim Team 11,12. TERESA SULLIVAN: Participated in Gym Night 10. Plans to become a bank teller. MARTINA TESTEN: Participated in School Musicals 10,1 I,l2Q Majorette 10,1 I,l2Q Concert Choir 11,123 Swim Teamg Drama Club3 Gym Night 10,1 l,l2Q National Honor Society 11,12 and as class secretary. Plans to study nursing. THOMAS THOMPSON: participated in Soccer 10,1 1,12 and Bowling 10,11,12, JOESPH TOSCANO: Participated in Rifle Club 10. Planning to make a career in teaching. EDWARD TRACY: Participated in Baseball 10,11,12 and Ski Club 10,1l,l2. Planning to attend B.C.C.C. after graduation. JOEL TYRRELL: Participated in Football 10,1 1,12 and Bowling 11,12. Planning to attend Williamson School of Mechanical Trades for carpentry. LAURA E. URBANI: Participated in Ski club 10,1 1,123 Basketball I0,II,l2Q Football 123 Soccer 12, Gym Night lO,II,I2Q Softball 11,123 and Student Government. Plans to study chemical engineering. THEONE VAFAKOS: Plans to enter the Air Force. LINDA VANCE: Participated in Hockey Il,l21 Ski Club: and Student Union 11,12. Plans to attend college. GENE WAINRIGHT: Plans to enter the field of restaurant management. ANNE MARIE WATKINS: Plans to attend business school. in v r CHARLES WEINBERG: Participated in Basketball 11,123 Baseball 11,123 and National Honor Society. SAGE WEINGARTEN: Participated in Volleyball. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. to study music and physical education. LEO F. WEISHEW: Participated in Track 11,12. Plans to study biology. RICHARD M. WEISS: Plans to enter the Air Force. MARK K. WERNER: Participated in Cross Country 10,1 1,12. Plans to study electronics. WAYDE M. WESTON: Participated in Concert Choir 11,123 Jazz Band 11,123 School Musicals 11,12: Drama Club 11,123 Mathletes 11,123 Marching Band 11,123 Gym Night 10,123 Band 10,1 I,l2Q and Wrestling 10. Plans to attend Haverford College to study biology. SUSAN J. WESTPHAL: Participated in Ski Club 10,1l,123 Tennis 11,123 and as class president 11,12. Plans to study nursing. BRON WHITE: Participated in Ski Club. Plans to become a court stenographer. SYD WHITE: Participated in Cross Country3 Trackg and Gym Night, Plans to attend Penn State to major in biology. JEFFREY M. WILLS: Plans to study business. NANCY WINANS: Participated in Color Guard ll,l2Q and Gym Night 11. Plans to study education. KEITH WORST: Participated in Basketball 10,1 1,12. Plans to enter the Air Force. NANCY WHYTE: Participated in Orchestra 10,11,123 Concert Band 123 Marching Band 11,123 Symphonic Choir 123 and Basketball ll. Plans to attend Trenton State College to study music. DAWN WOOD: Participated in Bowling l0,lI,l2Q Tennis 11,123 Marching Band 10,11,123 Concert Band 10,1 1,123 Orchestra I0,ll,I2Q and Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Plans to attend B.C.C.C. MATTHEW N. WRIGHT: Participated in Football 10,113 Stage Crew lI,l2Q Track 103 Ski Club 10,1 1,12: Student Union ll, and Gym Night 10,1 1,12. Plans to attend Temple University to study business. JOHN YOCUM: Participated in Stage Crew lI,I2Q Gym Night 11,123 Graphic Arts Club 12. Plans to attend Drexel University to study mechanical engineering. ANDREA ZITO: Plans to become a pilot. EILEEN ZUCKER: Participated as Swim Team manager 11,12. Plans to study nursing. 1 .als JU Iota CLASS OF 1978 JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL OFFICERS Mary Ellen Hatch, Marina Demes, Sue Kerry, Becky Spencer, Annette Midlick, Dawn Shardlow. From Neshaminy Junior High School and Carl Sandburg Junior High School came the class of "78". With a very successful trip in our Freshman year to New York and Longwood Gardens, we looked for- ward to a great social life here at Maple Point. As Sophomores we played at Hershey Park, and in the spring hosted a very successful class picnic at nearby Core Creek Park. But 1977 has been our most enjoyable year. January brought lots of snow as we traveled to the Catskill Mountains. There, at the Rocking Horse Ranch, we skiied, snowmobiled, skated and danced for two days of winter fun. Then on June 3rd, we gathered at our Junior Prom to the music of "Pop-Eyen. Now we are seniors, and as the graduating class are looking ahead to a great year as the class of 1978. Mary Ellen Hatch, Class President 90 Mike Ferri, Linda Cunicelli, Debbie Spillane, Joyce Sheeto, Doxnna Di Felice, Dianne Pavonarius, Dan Ciambrone, Ken Donelly, Maureen Hendrickson, Holly Byer, Donna Dreyer, Melanie Nickerson, Sue Kerry, Karen Iuris, Fay Startzel, Holly Winfield, Theresa Feeney, George Regan, Sue Aspray, Mike Malloy, Ted Weaver, Alan Gross, Tom Arabis, Alan Thomas, Terry Vogt, Bruce Sylvestri, Keith Free, Margo Vafakos Linda Eflinger, Carol Averbach, Sandy Chattin, Sandra Turner, Linda Menhart, Karen Davies, Kim Cala, Lois Sinclair, Kathy Armour, Jack George, Curtis Evans, Bean Kennedy, Howard Nemeroff, Jeff Jenkins, Sue Williams, Mary Ann Schrader, Bill Lloyd, Chuck Hair, Karen Kohler, Bruce Hendrickson, Ron Shoemaker, Todd Montgomery, Amy Benner, Bob Strause, Joe Quinslick, Jim Parsons, John Waterbury 91 Becky Spencer, Amy Zucker, Janine Dugo, Bonnie Cohen, Dawn Shardlow, Barb Magrie, Kattie Thorpe, Janie Padolsky, Lee Dufendach, Rich Hetzel, Glenn Breslin, Herbert Newber, Vince Shatto, Bruce Paralis, Dan Brown, Cherryl Parry, Scott Gurney, Jerry Giles, Bill Welch, Rick Whitney, Eric Black, Joe Small, GeoffSch t M kG d ' ' ' ' ' ' war z, ar ol berg, Bill Gormcky, Scott Myers, Rich McClelland, Kevin Beck, Ken Cameron, Krls Rubmo, Dan Erney, Carol Vogenberg Litta Kent, Sue Hamilton, Joe Brownstein, Jeff Marion, Scott Burgess Monica Skwirut Dee Citara Mary Selvaggi Jackie Cull K'tt J d Sh , , , , y, 1 y or an, aron Shastall, Janice Hahn, Jeanette Duncan, Kevin Burns, Bill Hamen, Frank Rohn, Bob English, Chuck Hildago, Al Cala, John McDermott, Dennis Crocker 92 , - Ellen Heyman, Karen Downs, Grace Pastorella, Michelle Halfon, Debbie Doman, Debbie Cummings, Debbie Nance, Sue Koziol, Sue Spock, Chuck Walter, Fred Frumberg, Lion Weissman, Gerard Allonzo, Mark Turpyn, Frank Breslin, Michael Carnarius, Bill Woodruff, Cindy Edelson, Pat Hoffman Stu Nagurka, Kirk Forchetti, Greg George, Keith Kellam, David Stein, Sheldon Bogos, Jim Moore, Bill Arters, John Roe, Lisa Di Carto. 15-' WI? and M nm K Qn fp Douglas Hadry, Donna Simpson, Mary Ellen Hatch, Kathy Skuban, Paula Jones, Shirrll Johnson, Donna Lorandeau, Herb Wunder, Bryan Angebranndt, Jim Picone, Cindy Stanker, Jim Marion, Jim Lennon, Mark Davis, Brian Mc Vey, Terry King, Scott Feldman, Mike Weinelt, Ken Kotzur. 93 Sue Hisey, Laura McKinney, Ileen Sagen, Carol Zomick, Patti Dougherty, Laurie Biederbeck, Craig Rubin, David Towner, Jim Harner, Kelly Joyce, Glenn Smeraglio, Jeff Lerner, Stan Wuagon, Dean Aquaro, Carl Wisniewski, Dave Stack, Ken Walton, Bob Lassor, Mike Klatskin, Bill Krier. Mike McCann, Art Hockman, Paul Prevost, Jill Adams, Burt Schumann, Joni Foster, Barb Robinson, Carol Tomaschik, Arlette Kierman, Beth Semmel, Cathy Gilbert, Tracy Donahue, Annett Midlich, Marina Demes, John Devlin, Bob Fringer, John Cochran, Donna Mischnicky, Cindy Harbaugh, Michelle McCullion, Garry McCullough, Greig Ehring, Mike Brosof, Dave Pohl, Eric Snyder, Colleen Schweitzer, Gil White. 94 Connie Hayes, Ruth Theabald, Patti Vannelli, Dayna Colville, Sandie Donaldson, Dan Orr, Dave Caucci, Rich Ockford, John Schull, Debbie Thompson, Arlene Clingerman, Frank Lavey, Lynn Shull, Van Mazur, Lee Carvin, Aaron Homsher, Rich Ireland, Mike Grahm, Ken Hankensin, Eric Gillespie, Howard Bush. John Marra, Nancy Sakalauskas, Dean Grim, Kevin Coffey, Keith Lederman, Bill Kuzemka, Jim Gallager, Roger Colbert, Marc Seiferth, Tom Wagner, Toni Shimano, Lisa Giarrizzi, Sandra Duck, Dave Spain, Carol Meeks, Phyllis Coates, Lou Levine. 95 J' " Patti Welsh, Dana Raines, Pat Hessin, Cherie Shaffer, Gina Currington, Donna McIntyre, Lela Jones, Cheryl Bartle, Sue Everett, Heidi Binder, Nora Castro Sharon Vuletich, Cindy Naccarato, Andy Detwiller, Jeff Yannello, Scott Thunberg, Tom McCauley, Ken Getchell. Carol Pechter, Kathy Mosher, Cheryl Applebaum, Wend Te l S S 'd b y ep e, ue ei en erger,Kelly Ritrievi, Pam Diaconis, Judy Danka, Scott Bailey, Dave Mallay, Mary Ann Polizzi, Bill Campbell, Donna Abbott, Gail Banick, Michael Nathan, Darryl Morris, Paul Kush, Carol Kneiss, Tony Beccone, Nancy Weisheu, Debbie Johnson, Monica Rue, Effie Rubinstein, Linda Kish, Steve Schneider, Rich Moyed, Margie McGinley. 96 W lmlll i i n Pete Donahue, Chris Monk, Rita Pondoff, Pete Knies, Joe Bufard, Skip Evans, Bill Yavitt, Charlene Jones, George Gula, Bob Clarke, Brian Hagen, Rich Puchino, Kurt Pinker, John Kerr, Cindy Hazzard, Patti Savine, Sondra Anthony. ii ,W Jawa, Rose English, Jackie Bryner, Jean Pastorek, Mike Scheffron, Jim Stewart, Bob Campbell, Karen Sutton, Dan Uditis, Charlie Burns, Ray Hilgreen, Kevin Oser, Marty Savagie. 97 l WN , M05 mlfihmw Mark Spear, Bob Martin, Donna Yocom, Fran Fry, Robin White, Donna Nowicki, Carol Whittaker, Tom Cuddahy, Roy Vander Wyk, Bob Sullivan, John Burcosky, Melanie Distler, Kathy Yost, Donna Smith, Marianne Dougherty, Carol Bangor, Tom Hileman, Eric Kopelow, Bill Weber, Bruce Smith, Keith Lyall, Carl Eggert. 1 t ,im 98 ,A ,.,. A 5 OPHO ORE CLASS OF 1979 SORHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL OFFICERS Karen Kessler, Harlow Russell, Donna Rudy, Leslie Goehl, Melanie De Matto, Mr. Nedal Advisor. We, the class of 1979, are proud that we will be the first students to graduate Neshaminy Maple Point after attending four full years. We hope that as the four years go by our class will make trends and establish traditions for others to follow. Our high school has been alive for only two years, and yet we know Sophomores have helped and even led in building a great foundation on which to stand. We look forward to a great future and hope to further the good spirit and reputation that being a "Cougar" brings. 100 Brenda Everett, Paul Figueroa, Alicia Kule, Chery Pinder, Stacy Alv, Peggy Szazdi, Patty Ramos, Jan Goldberg, Melanie McGlynn, Diane McGarry Nancy Welch, Karen Gearheart, Connie Logan, Sue Petrus, Karen Keyak, Sue Owens, Karen King, Jan Borland, Amy Tyler, Joan Terrell, Colleen Christ t, Mike Livering, lleen Pavonarius, Benita Snyder, Scott Schwartz, Chuck Tori, Mike Caulderbank, Steve Perca, Ed Kershbaumer, Mike Spillane, John Schmidt, Mike Freiling, Mary Dixon, Jeff Prine, Jim Shupe. 101 5 rrii I its . ,W Bev Lochlen, Bob Dumont, Tony Delmoore, John Wheeler, Debbie Levitan, John Coniglio, Pete Blackshire Brian Archer, Bill Tomasetti, Rich Batzel, Tom Stibula, Tom Betz. an w.a.m1l-----'- me Jim Weaver, Peter Ashley, Doug Crispell, Greg Winans, Sam Sullenberger, Greg Uditis, Jeff Rue, Sofia Karpenko, Judy Noyovitz, Stu Phillips, Nancy Bryner, Maryanne Coleman, Carol Sodesky, Brian Moyer, Tom Boland, Janet McCourt, Sue Files, Beth Shuster, Sue Lisowski, Annik Keir nan, Debbie Jardine, Kathy Greenwood, Paul Dallas, Sue Hair, Sally McIntyre. 102 Q 5 Sue Donahue, Dave Martin, Kathy Puchino, Jody Richards, Jack Kane, Mike Deon, Kathy Wisniewski, Patty Strack, Rene Waner, Carl Wagner, Rodger Gilbert, Lori Suarez, Caffie Taylor, Bob Pepper, Brian Hagan, John Herncane. Patty Reice, Claire Devlin, Laura Rohn, Patty Krisanm, Terri Haney, Chris Dann, Ro Koellner, Chris Rambo, John Reich, Steve Borochaner, Bob Breslin, Bill Stecklein, Mark Schumann, Ray Murry, Barry De Dominicis, Daryll Roskos, Karen Vincelli, Randy Woodroffe, Ken Kneeshaw, Mike Garrison, Jim Milnes Mike Mangiarelli, Pat Reither, Craig Harris, Steve Greenfield, Marion Gondak, Lori Tull, Beth Wagner, Scott Sohmer, Aaron Leibowitz, Don Pearl, .lim Kelly, Bill Cole, Mark Fiorentino. 104 Paul Clouden, Lack Litz, Lim Dumont, Beth Brennan, Cheryl Cloninger, Mary Ciambrone, Karen Apatow, Louis Angiolillo, Cheryl Ferguson, Scott Abell, Mark Deon, Jim Cotter, Bill Ambruster, Dan Fagan, Cindy Gaskill, Chris Fuscellaro, Allen Eggert, Mike Dougherty, Bob Fitzgerald, Gregg Farina, Dan Benvenuto, Mark George, Michele Barnes, Carl Epstein, Ed Dryer, Bob Giaomuzzi. Karen Kessler, Barb Alonzo, Valerie Morton, K.J. Reimensnyder, Betty Ebinger, Diane McGrain, Judy Vlessing, Leslie Goehl, Nancy Kurland, Patty Quinn Bill Hartman, Harlow Russell, Allan Angebrandt, Dan Wiesman, Eric Feldmen, Nanette Sasak, Patty Carnarius, Jeff Loaden, Bruce Fallick, Tim McDade Skip Shuda, Melissa Elliot, lleen Getz, Sharon Pasternaek, Terry Pokalsky, Melanie DeMatto. 105 a John Scuban Joe Kapes Chris Kilgore Mar Arl th R' h I , , , y e , IC ncelli, Mike Bennett, Gigi Cerra, Cathy Oberto, Charlotte Kenny, Sandy Rief, Peggy Soprono, Jeanette Regan, Tracie Gennaria, Chris Giles, Diane Jensen, Dean Sewell, Robin Winslow, Terry Thompson, Cathy Mchale, Patty Lutz, Lisa Lambeck, Anita Berman, Tracy Houston, Sandy Clopton, Linda Gravuer, B ' H k ' emie ac ett, Gary Panulla, Jeff Posner, Marty Spadaccmo Sue Goekie, Sharon Martin, Jackie Lennon, Mary Ellen Kotkiewiez, Donna Mayberry, Diane Goeke, Terrie Horcher, Karen Kolb, Conrad Hassler, Ricky Masters, Arty Laurenti, Donna Graber, Gail Jabubek, Kathy Jones, Lori Lafleur, Susan King, Marylou Gregory, Joe Miller, Joe Hinchy, Billy Grove, John Lipton, Gary Linsey, Jack Laurencott, Drew Kreiling, Mike Lappen, Larry Hall, Gerry Grusenmeyer 106 E Heidi Eckerd, Gwen Bullington, Barb Koziol, Brenda Macaluso, Carol Winward, Diane Cunicelli, Kim Allison, Mike Gimpel, Scott Sickler, Steve Rubinstein, Maria Cocordas, Carolyn Baker, Robin Worst, Sandy Kennedy, Ruth Livingston, Donna McMaster, Dan Clemens, Pat Cannon, Drew Prevost, Eric Van, Rich Fissinger, Bill Olarnic, John Arters, Tony Incelli. Orrin Robins, Don Trabosh, Diane Patton, Gerry Schikrey, Peggy Rosendale, Terri Whitney, Don Stern, Joe Woodruf, Robin Mowry, Frank Forcetti, Jerry Piasecki, Kim Levy, Nancy Vadakin, Vickie Nielsen, Debbi Traynor, Selena Vander Werf, Bernie Pastorella, Maurice Nowicki, Steve Stallone, Liz Zito, Carol Selvaggi, Fay Rubino, Sandy Sotting, Andrea Werner, Pam Onisick. 107 l l 1 Pete Maio, Jim Huges, David Shandelman, Jim Mitchell, Daviv Gellee, Phil Gelenberg, Jeff North, Chris Trainer, Jody Bortner, Allison Naylor, Kim Whittam Donna R d D W ' ' ' ' ' u y, ana emberg, Nancy Lung, Patty Johnson, May Inman, Lori Grail, Carol Quinn, Donna Smith, Lynn Kruman, Kim Reim, Lisa Cosak. Feteroff, Nancy Blackshire, Cindi Barford, Claire Manning Bobbie Thackary Pat Murray Mat Moller Mark Paone Tom C b J d D , , , , , ar erry, u y angler, Lisa Vitale, Lester Stuwart, Art Stopp, Joe Harnatkiwitz, Tony Regan, Frank Knecht, Steven Kiminski, Dave Klatcho, John Cupido, Tony DePasquale. 108 xy. . is g 'fl-if sr if 109 T'?'?2"R Xkun- n FRE 'H CLASS GF 1980 I l FRESHMAN CLASS COUNCIL OFFICERS Sue Dermer, Sue Blaker, Kerry Nickerson, Doreen Dripps, Ellen Callahan, Denise Sharcllow, Dawn Paralis, Trish Hartman, Nancy Reither, Jane Mangiarelli, Dori Zettick The class of 1980 has arrived at Maple Point and we're here to stay. With our pep and spirit we are out to prove we will be the best class the school has yet to see. This year we showed our determination by winning the float contest at the Annual Homecoming. With our 15 foot football player "can- ning the birds", who could doubt our talent. Now with our social functions of the year a great success, we are ready to accept the challenge as Sopho- mores. Look out Maple Point "We've only just begun." 110 Th K th Jud e Valerie Kaye Pat McGinley Elain Carlisi Ken Carberry Denise Harry White, Maureen Tate, Jim Albright, Ray Pastorek, Bill Chase, eresa a y g , , , , , Gattone, Louise Cook, Janine Reilly, George Forristal, George Hyjurick, Lisa Best, Cindy Merk, David Doremus, Gary Moszer, Tim Oliver, Theresa Engstrom, Jean Thompson, Lorrain Davis, Dan Barats. l' k J C ll' ', Lori Weber, Bruce Congden, Chris Jorden Kathy Fillman, Kathy Bernadino, Ken Obarsk, Jeff Palmer, Art Harris, Donna Baer, Connie Gu ic , oan anne mi ' J' D k P t Donahue, Mark Desroches, Mike Sheilds, Ed Barger, Kim Valdez, Ron Porter, Tom McCullough. Bill Lorandeau, Steve Morrison, im uc , a 'Ill Colleen Dann, Lisa Deon, Joan Hankinson, Adele Heller, Linda Cecconi, Nancy Abbot, Cindy Preble, Karen Petras, Sharon Hughes, Mary Breza, Donny M k , . . . . . . . . es ers, Mike Koellner, Robin Frasco, Kathy Williams, Brian Teeple, Sue Cochran, Jim Smith, Denise Shardlow, Mike Eppolito, Mark Schwartz, Dan Burke, Craig Livering, Brian O'Donnell, Paul Gondos, Curt Moyers, Joe Sakalauskas, Geri Kurley. ' David Rittenhouse, Steve Barton, Miriam Davis Andy Wert Dan Vile Jackie Berkowitz Irene Farid Marisa Kre ich R th T ll ' N , , , , y, p , u o entino, ancy Reither, Camille Fecho, Kim Popson, Kathy Christ, Jeff Cameron, Tim Marion, Glenn Ardis, John Giblin, Bill Friday, Sharon Muhlbauer, Eilleen Means, Judy Krepich, M'k D dd ' ' ' 1 e o o, Sante Jardine, Jim Haus, Tony Hidalgo, Tom Gulla, Steve Roach, Ed Stanford, Mark Morrell, Mark Spahler. 112 Judy Rossi, Amy Duskett, Mike Burns, Jane Margiarelli, Glenn McKee, Dan Brownstein, John Gurney, Dale Simon, Bob Workman, Pete Soderblom, Rob Juris, Bob Cahill, Steve Palopoli, Chris Conca, Jerry Baranowsky, Mike Kumbat, Paul Lindemuth, Carol Taylor, Kathy Weber, Lisa McCourt, Dorothy Winters, Debbie Stewart, Carolyn Murray, Monica Schwarz, Janice Kelly, Dori Zettick, Susan Dick, Kerry Nickerson, Caryn Healy, Terry DeDominicus JoAnne Marion, Sue Buchholtz, Howie Fineman, Ann Carr, Nancy Williams, Lori Startzel, Norma Prevost, Sue Blacker, Janet Rushton, Karen Migliorino, Karen DiLorenzo, Sue Grueger, Trish Hartman, Carol Cuthbert, Jane Kaplan, Pam Wofford, Sharon Norton, Sue Dermer, Karen Bahm, Michelle Vogt, Mary Leonard, Mike Alania, Bill Huffman, Dan Buzz, John Young, Pat McGinley, Mike Neeley, Matt Sirott, Joe Sheenan, Qita George 113 Sherry Belsky, John Mascione, Dawn Paralis, Bill Appleton, Dave Johnson, John Seyferhelt, Paul Rowe, Bill Carney, Kim Meehan, Jean Race, Sue Vickers, Melanie Housman, Karen Morder, Rhonda Kellough, Margaret Connel, Jean Foley, Debbie Green, Michelle Bishop, Debbie Rittler, Dean Devine, Doug Frizzelle, Bob Downs, Chris Locklear, Bob Kane, John Karpel, Ed Hamilton, Chuck Carberry. Doreen Dripps, Connie Morder, Janice Yanello, Brian Foster, Kim Brown, Connie Gallup, Caroline Barford, Celi Day, Sandy Gross, Mike Harnatkiewicz, Debbie Appleton, Karen Sheaf, Beth Santhouse, Kathy Miller, Bob Logan, Mike Smith, Bud Bartle, Steve Lux, Bob Motz, Chris Ireland, Todd Orr, Craig Erlick, John Pirollo. 114 Michelle Clarke, Kim Atking, Eileen Koziol, Tia DeDeo, Jean Trainer, Joanne English, Janice Cambell, Joyce Lippincott, Sue Meier, Andrea Pecuch, Pat Hackett, Sue Gamble, Leon Davitian, Eric Bianchini, Kieth Burgess, Chris Goldacker, George Schu, Mark Nathan, Terri Stack, Dorothea Horan, Louis Renzulli, Mark Johnson, Keith Whittam, Russell Fisher, Brad Shapiro, Tom Morrison, Frank Marte, Scott Heaney, Paul Thomas Mary Gimple, Lora Cecconi, Paula Gerchak, Linda Fabiny, Joan Tyrell, Jackie DeVicaris, Joyce Herring, Barb Patrizio, Debbie Graham, Leslie McKinney, Kelly Mrozell, Ellen Callahan, Patty Brockelman, Liz Thompson, Angel Steiter, Eilaine Lassor, John Miner, Jim Harrigan, Keith Pringle, Mike Darden, Mark Schaeffer, Dan Crispell, Ray Williamson, Ellen Hartman, Ruth Silvesti, Frank Koretsky, Jeff Magee, Paul Phillips, Bob Weinberger, Dave Fringer, Dwight Daugherty, Mike Mitchell, Sam Desjardins 115 Mark Justice, Paul Burn, Chris Borden, Jeff Miller, Glenn Ryan, Al Neumeister, Mark Miller, Todd Whetstone, Steve Giberson, Denny Mara, Mike Winn Mike Sewak, Bill Myers, Marty Davis, Dale Atkinson, Nancy Trout, Greg Horcher, Jim Baldridge. Keith Wunder, Conrad Berghof, Mike Kaminsky, Ron Cheeseman, Janet Jardel, Theresa Munson, Maureen Dun, Bob Rapella, Norman Fields, Wayne Stewart, John Valletto, Ken Whittaker, Mike Picozzi, Bob Buli, Brian Kreiling, Ben Goldberg. 116 gags. QQQ '52 wi'-2 W' rpg ' b 1 if ,' JMWHI , , A ,, 2547, '21 5- 3' .,N,,. ,k:,' k.1 . -, , 'kk 9'-+aew,,sw, .. , W ,, ' - M ga,-. ,Q wif: - ff K 25 7 ,, A "'11'a9Q2',QT.lg QQ 'gl 7 V 12:55 ff' fQf5'Y'ff y - ' 'K ff W -ff 2 LM,-..1tf'z U 'H-f:1.5I,M..aW,.,,,, . LW K . S, ,,.- - si:-1'w:r..a:.1 ' fl -, I m,,.Jv,M:a, -W Q-,aw f W- -I N5 RG!!-KN ZJ-X MARCHI G BAN The Maple Point Cougar Marching Band, directed by Mr. William Bell, provides a means for students to learn organization and discipline, while having fun. The Cougar Band operates under the coordination and skill of its various branches which include Banner Carriers, Main Guards, Majorettes, Rifle Squad, Silks, and the Musicians. The band visited Walt Disney World in February, and performed for President Ford at the Oxford Valley Mall in December. They also had various dances, car washes and hoagie sales during the year. Their enthusiasm and school spirit lend a special quality to our school's activities BANNER CARRIERS Eileen Kozial Lynn Wood MAIN GUARDS Denise Britton Karen DiLorenzo Cheryl Ferguson Andrea Pecuch MAJORETTES Janet Cahill Tammy Mitchell Joyce Sheeto Tina Teston Debbie Workman RIFLE SQUAD Carol Bradford Sue Bucholz Linda Ferguson Kitty Jordan Janet McCourt Nancy Pepper Janette Regan Beth Shuster Nancy Winans 118 SILKS Joanne Breslin Gina Currington Judi Darnley Sue Darnley Janine Dugo Karen Gearheart Janice Kelly Linda Kirsh Nancy Lawlor Diane Pavonarius Maureen Quinlisk Donna Smith Fay Startzel Carol Vogenberg Holly Winfield I - CLARINET Eric Bianchin Nancy Blackshire Lisa Cosack Kathy Gilbert John Gurney Bernie Hackett Tricia Hartman Jacki Jennon Carolyn Murray Ilene Sagen Monica Schwarz Lois Snyder Cindy Stancker Greg Uditis Kim Whittam Dawn Wood TRUMPET James Baldridge Tom Christian Doug Crispell Dare Doremus Mitch Dugo Michell Helfon Rob Juris Mark Schumann Peter Sullenberger Wayde Weston TROMBONE Mike Ferri Mike McGinley Carol Quinn Ben Spedding Bob Workman FLUTE Jackie DeVicaris Linda Dickert Ileen Getz Patsy Hackett Patty Johnson Rhonda Kellough Marsia Krepich Patty Lutz Terry Pokalsky Sandy Rubino Terri Thompson Carol Vansant SAXPHONE Peter Maio Margie McGinley Gary Panulla Katie Reimensmyder Sam Sullenberger Carol Taylor Melanie Whittam FRENCH HORN Dan Erney Sue Files Pat McGinley Ruth Tolentino BARITONE HORN Tom Diamond Beverly Laughlin 1 Michel Nathan SOUSAPHONE Charles Hair Bruce Hendrickson Jim Milnes Tom Thompson Sue Vickers Nancy Shyte BELLS Ken Getchell Carla Reddy Dori Zettick PERCUSSION Mike Bennett Dan Brown John Burcosky Dave Crispell Tony DelMoore Guy Desjardin Dean Devine Chris Goldacker Dave Jack Ken Kotsur Mike Mitchell Marc Myers Gary Pecuch Matt Sirott JAZZ ENS BLE Michell Nathan Lisa Cosack Peter Maio Greg Uditis Carol Taylor Jeff Yannello Melanie Whittam Students who are interested in specializing their talents in a music area can select to join the jazz ensamble. The free- wheeling anything goes musicians turn out some fantastic sounds as they emulate great jazz artists or just sit and lets try anything jam session. For many students who join the jazz ensamble, their goals are set. Mike Livering Scott Gurney Pat McGinley Carol Quinn Ben Spedding Bob Workman Mike Ferri Bruce Hendrickson Toni DelMoore Guy Desjardin Mark Schumaan Tom Christian Pete Sullenberger Wayde Weston Mitch Dugo The orchestral strings provides an opportunity for musicians to Dori Zeiiick study and practice some of the greatest music in history. Their giggle talents are called on many times at different school activities Debbie Traynor and when present lend a refinement to the presentation. Theresa P0kalSky Ron Porter Sue Vickers Jeanette Regan 120 CONCERT CHOIR The first Neshaminy Maple Point Concert Choir, under the direction of Mr. Harry Dengler Jr., has achieved much more recognition than anyone ever dreamed. They had the honor of being selected to sing for the king of Sweden. They were asked to sing in the Presidential Park and the National Visitors Center in Washington, D.C.. They were the only choir from Pennsylvania to sing at the President's Pageant of Peace. During the school year the choir had the honor of hosting the Junior Singers OYTEN from Germany. In the Spring they accepted an invitation by the Bermuda Government to sing and vacation at historic and scenic locations on the island. ALTO Judy Ambruster Joanne Breslin Janet Cahill Terri Clopton Gina Currington Linda Ferguson Cheryl Gearhart Tori Gennaria Sara Gerber Becky Green Mary Ellen Hatch Marsie Manrodt SOPRANO Cheryl Bartle Catherine Bennett Carol Bradford Kim Cala Marina Demes Tracy Donohue Janine Dugo Kathy Inman Debbie Johnson Judy Kirshner Annette Midlick Liz Miller Edwina Monek Laureen Mowry Cheryl Parks Cheryl Parry Dana Raines Effie Rubinstein Cherie Schaffer Sue Seidenberger Lois Sinclair Becky Spencer Tina Testen Katie Thorpe Carol Vogenberg Carol Zomick Amy Zucker TENOR Paul Bergamini Bob Bergen Dan Brown Andrew Detwiler Lee Dufendach Phil Glenberg Eric Gillespie Don Gimpel Scott Gurney Rick Heltzel Arthur Hockman John Lennon Jeff Nolan Dave Pastornack Stu Phillips Drew Prevost Eric Snyder 121 ALTO Qcont.J Barbara McGarry Pam Moyer Michele Nathan Beth Semmel Dawn Shardlow Carol Sinclair Lois Snyder Wendy Teeple Sandi Turner Debbie Workman Pat Welsh Sue Westphal BASS Mike Anderson Mike Brosof Al Cala Ken Cameron Bill Campbell Tom Diamond Rocky Doto Dan Dyjack Greg Ehring Bill Gornicki Charles Hair Dave Jack Jeff Jenkins Steve Kryzwonos Stu Kryzwonos Scott Myers Bill Meredith Herb Neuber Tom Oates Joe Quinlisk Joe Sanphy Geoff Schwartz Scott Secrest Scott Semmel Vince Shatto Ben Spedding Dave Stack Wayde Weston S , , X f TUDE TU IO Allison Naylor, Donna Rudy, Leslie Goehl, Ileen Getz, Tom Murray, Liz Miller, Linda Vance, Maureen Quinlisk, Chris Leonard, Beth Brennan, Diane Jenson, Valery Morton, Beth Schuster, Alicia Kuhl, Brian Mayer, Laura Urbani, Donna Seyferhel, Kelly Retrievi, Patti Moran, Debbie Johnson, Patti Mock, Martha McKee. Neshaminy Maple Point's student union officers for the 1976-77 year were Mike Brennan, president, Dan Dyjak, vice president, Becky Spencer, secretary, Linda Cowan, treasurer. Students on the council can work on any one of several committees. The Social and Spirit committees were responsible for the successful bon fires, dances, movies and other social activities. The Student Exchange and Information committees sponsored students visiting schools and a very exciting congressional debate by local politicians. The student union as a group showed their united effort in taking second place at the Homecoming Float parade. Tom Murray, Liz Miller, Martha Mc Kee, Pat Mock, Laura Urbani, Dawn Wood, Tony Beccone, Kelly Ritrievi, Dan Dyjack, Becky Spencer, Linda Cowan, Mike Brennan, Patti Moran. 122 TAGE CRE Pat Cannon, Dorothy Win- ters, Kathy Weber, Fred Frumberg, Norma Prevost, Laurie Startzle, Steve Krzywonos, Terri Stack, Donna Soulliard, John Yo- com, Lisa McCort, Jeff Posner, Gus Kuhl, Matt Wright, Doreen Dignowity, Dave Doremus, Dave Cri- spell. - r r Without a stage crew, there would be no play. When the curtains go up the first thing the audience sees is the result of the hard work and dedication of our stage crew. They spend many hours building the sets for each scene. Their hammering, sawing, and painting result in the fantastic musicals and plays by which Maple Point is credited. RIFLE TEA Jerry Piasaci, Pat Cannon, Bruce Hendrickson, Doris Bower, Bruce Condon, Mr. Martinson, Gary Pinola Laurie Sclorez, Mike Ben- net, Tim McDade. This is the first year for the Cougar rifle team. The team has spent the year practicing and learning the techniques of operating a rifle range. Next year they will enter competition and hope their practice pays off in victories. 123 SCHOGL M SICAL The musical production of "The King and Vl, based on the novel, "Anna and the King of Siam", tried to generate the complicated and genuine fascination of a man and a woman. The King, played by Scott Secrest and Arthur Hochman, portrayed the stern and chauvinistic view of the period. Becky Spencer and Michelle Nathan enacted the role of Anna Leonowen, an English governess sent to Siam to spread western culture to the Siamese empire. Cast in the supporting roles and aiding in the production were not only our own Maple Point students, but also elementary children ranging from ages five to ten. Their time and effort proved worthwhile as the production was both entertaining and successful. P CAST Captain Orton .... ........... ..... P a t Cannon Louis Leonowens . . . Anna Leonowens . . . The Interpreter . . . The Kralahome . . . The King . . . Phra Alack . . . Lun Tha .... Tuptim ..,.. Lady Thiang .....,.. Prince Chulalongkom . . Princess Ying Yaewalak Sir Edward Ramsey ..... Schoolroom Dancer . . . Uncle Thomas . ..... Little Eva .,...... Topsy ....,,. Elisa .... Simon .....,........ Angel ................ ROYAL DANCERS Kim Cala, Gina Curring Scott Myers . . . .Keith Pringle . , . . .Becky Spencer Michelle Nathan .....,..Jeff Nolan . . . .Wayde Weston Vince Shatto . . . .Arthur Hochman Scott Secrest .....,.Dan Buzz Jeff Posner . . . . . . .Drew Prevost Dave Pasternack . . . .Marina Demes Dana Raines . . . . .Tori Gennaria Tina Testen , . . . .Stuart Phillips Ray Williamson . . . . . .Lisa Dengler .....Joe Sanphy Charles Hair ......,.Ileen Getz ...Sarah Gerber Jeannie Thompson . . . .Donna Cudney .,. . .Kathy Shields . ... ...Dave Stack ,..,........,Tracey Gennaria ton, Jeanine Dugo, Heidi Eckert, Sue Hair, Patty Lutz, Beth Semmel, Sue Seidenberger, Dan Buzz, Dan Crispell, Doug Crispell, Tom Diamond, Bill Huffman, Gustav Kule, Jeff Nolan, Joe Sanphy. we ICJ NZ? I 125 CGUGA l DE Kurt Angebranndt, Terri Clopton, Mike Cosack, Martha Conca, Betsy Craig, Kathy Figneroa, Pauline Hankinson, Denise O'Donnell, Barbara Rushwick, Lydia Sankow, Chris White, Matt Wright, Tammy Mitchell, Steve Koellner, Marge Charlton, Mary Ann Schrader, Karen Goldstein. The school store has grown into a major business venture for the hard working business students at Maple Point. Students in the accounting II class learn to stock and sell merchan- dise ranging from pens and paper to creative T-shirts and artistic posters. Supervised by Mrs. Gloria Reidy, the students exercise their business tal- ents on a weekly basis. It is not un- common for a student to include in his schedule a daily trip to the Cou- gar's Den. ANNOUNCEMENTS What makes our day brighter? The announcers, senior Cheryl Gearhart, and underclassmen, Vincent Shatto and Stuart Nagurka. These people have the responsibility of informing the students of the day's activities and carrying out the morning exer- cises. 126 LIBRARY AIDE if .I .. Don Rubel, Denise Britton, Lynn Goldstein, Debbie Spillane, Barb Butler, Angel Seiler, Connie Gallop, Michelle Vote, Nan Sasak, Miriam Davis, Mary Leonard, Sharon Norton, Sue Lisowski. Library Aides are students who volunteer their time to work in the library. They perform the various tasks of shelving and issuing books, distributing magazines and managing the audio-visual equipment. They are guided in their tasks by Mr. Williams, Mrs. Stavseth, and Mrs. Weygandt. SKI CLUB The Ski Club meets the needs for those students interested in a major recreational sport. Working close with each other, it is possible for a freshman who has never skiied to be- come an advanced skier by the time he graduates. The club journeys once a week to nearby Spring Mt. where downhill skills are practiced and techniques are polished. The true test comes when the club travels to Ver- mont and challenges the harder slopes and trails. These trips are held in the cold months of 0-50 tempera- tures when most are satisfied to be indoors, safe and warm. CLUB MEMBERS: Rich Ockford, Marina Demes, Beth Semmel, Mark Fiorentino, Lois Snyder, Effie Rubenstein, Tim Hughes, Matt Wright, Bill Meridith, Frank Lavey, Dave Geller, Dan Uditis. Advisor-Mr, Scott Nedal, 127 CHESS TEA ,fm ia? 0, .v.", Ina X 8- i C N..-M ' I 'I . Q - ,,,' IAN ' Burney Pasterelli, Danny Weisman, John Cochran, Bruce Fallick, Marty Spadaccino, Diane McGrain, Eric Fallick, Harvey Berman, Steve Fabini, Sue Cohran, Brian Moyer, Harlow Russell, Steve Barton, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Loden, Dave Kaplan. The chess club journeys across the board every week in a battle of the minds. Coached by Mr. Jim Kennedy, the highly competative group maintained a high team ranking for the season. DEBATE TEAM gg ,, ,UMQH Fred Frumberg, Steve Rubenstein, Lynn Goldstein, Danny Weisman, Bruce Fallick, Bruce Goldberg, Allan Gross, Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Smith. Absent: Karen Goldstein. The debate team practices its forensic skills through argumentative and deductive activities. Some of their major debates have been with teams from Pennsbury, Council Rock, Woodrow Wilson, Upper Dublin, and others. Our team has been placed 5th among 12 of our contenders. 128 NATIO AL HO GR SUCIET Mr. Bauer, Mrs. Magee, Brian Feinberg, Martina Testen, Scott Secrest, Dirk Elston, Cynthia Applegate, Andrea Sasak, Edwina Monek, Debbie Rubin, Claire Neiger, Ted DeMatto, Bruce Goldberg, Wayde Weston, Donna Perez, Judy Kirshner, Jennifer Baron Carla Reddy Lynn Goldstein, Beverly Smith, David Kaplan, Dave Davitian, Dean McIntyre, Pam Moyer, Joyce Carastro, Judy Bullen, Linda Dickert, Joanne Breslin, Tom Diamond, Cheryl Gearhart, Donna Seyferhelt, Martha McKee, Gary Pecuch, Lydia Sankow, Eric Fallick, George Aubley, Brian Abrescia, Denise Britton, Lisa DeVicaris, Jane Eck, Colleen Fecho, Linda Ferguson, Robert Forsberg, Sara Gerber, Eric Goehl, Gary Margolin, Terri Migliore, Patricia Mock, Geri Secrest, Florence Traynor, Linda Vance, Susan Westphal, and Christine White. V The Neshaminy Maple Point Chapter of the National Honor Society is under the direction of Mrs. Marion Magee, Mr. Richard Bauer, and Mr. Llewellyn Williams. To be eligible for the National Honor Society a 3.16 academic average is required as well as evidence of outstanding service, leadership, and character. The society performs various functions such as a tutoring service and an ushering service for plays and concerts. The society also sponsored a successful Bookmobile in November and a Laurel and Hardy Festival Night. Furthermore, the society is hoping to go on a trip in the Spring. The officers of the society include Claire Neiger as President, Debbie Rubin as Vice-President, Edwina Monek as Recording Secretary, Cynthia Applegate as Correspond- ing Secretary and Andrea Sasak as Treasurer. AIR FORCE R.O.T.C. Jim Smith, Joann Pirollo, John Giblin, Greg Horcher, Bill Lorandeau, Al Neumister, Steve Barton, Jim Baldridge, Chris Jorden, Rusty Fisher, Joe O'Donnell, Steve Lux, Mark Schaeffer, John Cochran? Brian O'Donnell, Bob Geri Secrest, Cathy Jordan, Jeff Rue, Steve Fabiny, Eileen Zucker, Barb Pearl, Paul Bergamini, Ed McCullough, Eric Van, Keith Worst, John Reich, John Lennon, Art Stoop, Bob Pepper, Gary McCullough, Bob Kirchner, and Schoen, Ken Obarski, Tom McCauley, MSGT, Dickson, Mark Turner, Chris , . Rodger Gilbert. Ireland, Bob Logan, Al Neumeister, Daryl Roskos, and Jerry Shirley. The Air Force Jr. Unit is a three year program which teaches military discipline and technical armament. Each member proudly wears the United States Air Force uniform. Furthermore, each member begins to learn the different aspects of training, theory and Air Force terminology. 129 N SPAPER Dirk Elston Mr. O'Brien Dan Benvenuto Keith Secrest Dean Sewell Brian Feinberg The Point, our school newspaper, tries to inform the students about the happenings and school life at Maple Point. The editorial staff, advised by Mr. Dennis O'Brien, included Dik Elston, Steve Schneider and Clair Neiger. Together, with the student body, the staff serves as the voice of the cougars. The Poinl not only reports on student activities, but discovers and publishes student opinion and provides opportunities for written expression. LITERARY MAGAZI Rick Mc Clelland Cindy Lutz Mrs. Magee Donna Perez Lynn Goldstein Student creativity is the essence of Images, the literary magazine of Maple Point. Its staff advised by Mrs. Marion Magee, searches and selects student material for publication. Images serves as the reflection of the students through their essays, poetry, short stories and illustrations. 130 ,f?"' YEARBGGK ...mmap '1 .s mai' 5 ' v Nancy Whyte, Fred Frumberg, Janet Mason, Carla Reddy, Andrea Sasak, Lydia Sankow, Laurie Mowry, Bev Smith, Nr. Nedal, Edwina Monek, Donna Seyferhelt, and Ron Shoemaker. The Yearbook, under the supervision of Scott Nedal, gives students a chance to exercise their talents in both creative journalism and layout design. Much hard work and learning had to be done before anyone on the staff could begin to apply their skills to produce Maple Point's first graduating class yearbook. With all the time and patience put in, it is evident that The Leaves will continue to grow. 1 if a' --my H, .. as ,pf MW, ' ,i2m7'4f'Y ff HU 12 ' EW f tx 131 THLETE W Tony La Brasca Eric Fallick Dirk Elston Wayde Weston George Aubley Mr. Gibson I The Mathletes are our schools entry in the Bucks County Interscholastic Mathematics League. Each Monday George Aubley, Dirk Elston, Eric Fallick, Tony La Brasca, Wayde Weston would compete against one of thirteen participating schools. Given five timed questions in areas of algebra, geometry, and trig., points were accumulated for correct answers for both the team and individual standings. Outstanding team member for the cougars was Eric Fallick who placed seventh in league competition. The team was advised by Mr. Jim Gibson. PHGTGGRAPHY CLUB Tom Christian Steve Rubenstein Mike Cannon Sue Couglilin Mitch Dugo Jeff Joden Lynn Krunnan Harlow Russell H Mr. Cechek Stu Nagurka Marty Spadaccino Dave Crispell Rick Mc Clelland The photography club is an elected minor course where students learn, perfect and apply photography techniques. Students study the shooting, developing and printing of black and white pictures. The club is headed by Mr. William Cechak and performs numerous school services including the photography work for the school newspaper, yearbook, and literary magazine. 132 CHEERLE DI VARSITY: Patty Reice, Kathy Figueroa, Kimi Adams, Jill Adams, Anita Berman, Carol Kneiss, Katie Thorpe Kimi Parsons, Karen Apatow, Annette Midlick, Wendy Teeple, Michelle McCullion, Miss Brenda Burke Kelly Ritrievi. A . ' A , zr N Kimi Adams, Miss Cougar 1976-77. 134 A I . , 2' ,,, , -7, Z ' 2 2' I Avia, L f , ,, 1 W I M J 1., ,, 4 ,r f " JUNIOR VARSITY: Keri Nickerson, Grace Caucci, Margi McGinley, Cheryl Kloninger, Debbie Rittler, Joyce Lipincot, Kim Reim, Patty Quinn, Sue Seidenberger, Lisa Lanback, Debbie Jardin, Mrs. Fuld-coach. me Q 135 EX FOOTBALL The Cougar Varsity Football team, under the direction of Coach John Chaump, finished its season with a 4-6 record. Our young team scored decisive victories over sister school Neshaminy Langhorne C40-61, Central Bucks East C26-20D St. Josephls Prep C20-141, and Delhaas C48-201. Due to a heartbreaking loss to Council Rock C14- ISJ and many injuries, the team lost games to Bethlehem Freedom C13-181, Woodrow Wilson C0-275, Lower Moreland C8-361, Penns- bury C6-481, and Bensalem Q0-211. The following Varsity players received awards for their fine performances: Tom Meier-Mr. Cou- gar, Larry Gecht-Mr. Offense, Joe Rigous-Mr. Defense, John Luk- sic-Mr. Lineman, and Joe McIntyre-Unsung Hero. Assistant Coaches were Dennis Strobel, James Gibson, and Troy Tignor. VARSITY: Tim Hughes, Rick Ireland, Dean Tracy Jack Callender Rocky Doto Randy Harman Jon Jackopm Ray Murra Tom Meier Ron P ll B ll , , , Y 1 3 1 Raspanti, Rick Addeo, Beau Kennedy, Joe Quinlisk, Mark Davis, Doug Carugati, Jim Parsons Mike Cecconi Joe Small John Kumbat Kirk Forchetti Rick Wh't M'k T ' ' ' 1 ney, 1 e usma, Frank Breslin, Dan Dyjak, Den Borochaner, Larry Gecht, Andy Borochaner Frank Rohn Mike Brennan Al Cala Dan Springman Dennis Gaskill, Greg George, Skip Shuda, Joe McIntyre, Gary Bell, Harold Markle, Ken Walton Joe Rigous Bill Haman John Luskic ig , ,. , -YZ ? T , .gil i f . .,,. ti K, 'ff 1 ,lg iiw , Xi if . ,gf Q., eiie l V 'I36 JUNIOR VARSITY: Tim Riley, Jim Dumont, Bill Lloyd, Frank Lavey, Ray Murray, Drew Kreiling, Scott Davenport, Eric Van, Conrad Hasslee, Mike Livering, Joe O'Donnell, Bob Breslin, Barry DeDominicus, Mike Lapin, Stan Wogilo, Howard Nimera, Jim Parsons, Bob Dumont, Brian Angebrant, David Orr, Marc Davis, Bill Ambruster, Mark George, Dan Fagen, John Ryan, Greg Bell, Steve Borchaner, Mike Freiling. The J.V. football team, under the faithful coaching of Mr. Chamberlain, ended their year with a record of 2-6-1. Standout players were Jim and Bob Dumont Dan Fagan, Jim Mitchell, Ray Murray, and Joe O'Donnell. The Fresh- man team coached by Mr. Bob Emery, ended their first year with a record of 2- 4. Freshman standouts were Conrad Berkoff, Rusty Fisher, Doug Cum- mings, and Brian Kreiling. FRESHMAN: Craig Livering, Conrad Berkoff, Mike Eppelito, Rusty Fisher, Jon Meshoni, Bill Huffmen, Doug Cummings, Mike Valania, Steve Roach, Brian Kreiling, Todd Whetstone, Dan Crispell, Jeff McGee, Glenn Hyjurick, Steve Morson, Andy Wert, John Giblin, Ed Stanford, Ken Obarsky, Jim Ferguson, Paul Lindenmuth, Bob Logan, Sandy Jardine, Tom Morrison. 4 137 FIELD HCCKEY The Varsity Hockey team, after battling several tough oppo- nents to ties, swept to a successful 4-2-6 record and a third place fin- ish in the Lower Bucks League. Anita Houghton was the leading scorer for the Cougars. The team voted Jeannie Fissinger Most Valuable Player and Karen Downs Most Improved Player. "Our seniors will be sadly missed," says Coach Cunning- ham, who will be losing Lower Bucks All Star Back Laura Herr and her senior teammates to graduation. VARSITY: Anita Houghton, Laura Rohn, Bernie Hackett, Anita Sottile, Pam Moyer, Linda Vance, Karen Downs, Mrs. Judy Cunningham, Tricia Hartmen, Jan Borland, Jodi Goldberg, Maureen Heltzel, Judy Langton, Judy Ambruster, Laura Herr, Jeannie Fissinger, Melanie DeMatto. v U25 , 5 ffo 138 ,.....-Q " 'ftfg' . , A J ,:....,,'-I b-Ljfkigf, 'A 129' . -M35 yu, f Z. ,Q ' ' Q' .ff N "K: f1'?'- 572+ Y 2: 2 ' . , Q no Y J 3? t b," M , Mfg Q9 'i"i5f5 , V K k , .mn , , .L ,ar J it S 24- sa t 1 W - , N131 '.i' 5. ' N L- N' Q, ??ffff'54" JUNIOR VARSITYQ Ileen Getz, Ruth Theobold, Connie Hayes, Becky Spencer, Lee Dougherty, Michelle Halfon, Monica Rue, , , 34. M 4, , ,Q5j4fi'T,jv?w22Kf K.J. Reimensnyder, Mrs. Carol Ike, Nancy Riether, Sue Dermer, Mary Ciambrone, Judy Danka, Carol Sinclair, Patsy Hackett, A Q Tracy Houston, Lois Sinclair, Barb Butler. l H ' l The J .V. Hockey team, coached by A Mrs. Ide, had a successful season with a , l record of 5-3- 4. Team hopefuls were Becky Spencer, Connie Hates, Beth Thiabold, Patty Hackett and Judy Denko. The Freshman team, coached by Mrs. Stabulis, ended their first year with a 0-5-0 record. Freshman contend- ers were Dori Zettick, Sue Blaker, Kim Meehan, Jean Riggs and Doreen Dripps. FRESHMAN: Dori Zettick, Mary Jane Maniarelli, Doreen Dripps, Nancy Abbot, Ellen Callahan, Sue Blaker, Mrs. Stabulis, Jody Marion, Jackie Nugent, Kim Meehan, Debbie Gattone, Lois Cook, Jean Riggs. l I 139 SGCCER The Cougar soccer team completed their season with a 2-8-2 record and a third place in the Soccer Jamboree. Three of the losses were suffered by the margin of one goal. Mike Ferri was named to the first team of the Lower Bucks County All Stars, and was voted Best Offensive Player. Dave Kaplan was voted the Best Deffensive Player and the Most Valuable Player. Rich Shamdelman was named Unsung Hero. Other senior booters were Mike Anderson, Kris Cauffman, Kevin Smith, and Lloyd Weinstein. Junior hustlers were Tom Arabis, Scott Thunberg, and Bruce Hendrickson. Helmut Glaeser was coach. VARSITY: Mr. Glaeser, Mike Ferri Jim Dodd o Dave Kaplan Rich Shandelman Mike Ander son, Tom Arabis, Tom Thompson, Kris Cauffman Bruce Hendrickson Kevin Smith Ron Barger Charlie Hair, Lloyd Weinstein. 140 JUNIOR VARSITY: Mike Deon, Brian Pepper, Craig Harris, Dave Pohl, Dave Mallay, Mark Deon, Chuck Grose, Aaron Leibowitz, Keith Secrest, Don Trabosh, Rick Heltzel, Mr. Keefe-coach, Bob English, Eric Snyder, Ed Eads, Dave Geller, Gary McCullough, Kevin Hagan. aw, 1 . Bm' V. ,V ' , . 4,1 f ugly, ,J 'f.z2,2!if,'1-'xv' FRESHMAN: Mike Burns, Tom McCollough, Keith Whittam, Jeff Cameron, Don Meskers, Sam Desjardins, Mr. O'Brien- coach, Mike Koellner, Mike Doddo, John Young, Brian Teeple, Dwight Daugherty, Dave Doremus, Mr. Espe-Asst. Coach 141 M ,,,s R M lltli CROSS CCUNTRY VARSITY: Dan Ciambrone, Orrin Robins, John Devlin, Syd White, Bob Fringer, Pat Reither, Marsie Manrodt, Terry Voght Jeff Prine George Aubley Steve Greenfield, Mark Werner, Ken Donnelly, Ted DeMatto, Paul Clouden, Coach Fischer, Ken Getchel, Daryl Morris, Gil White, Tom Diamond, Paul Kusli, Paul Gondos, Mr. Epting. . , .rx L, 4, , M ' , ,L The 1976 Boys Cross Country team finished its season with a team record of 7-2, losing only to Pennsbury and Upper Moreland. Coached by Harry Fischer, they also placed second in the Lower Bucks Championships, with three runners placing in the top five. Gil White qualified for the State Championships and finished 26th, higher than any other Lower Bucks run- ner. Gil and brother Syd White, and George Aubley were all named to the Lower Bucks County All Star team. 'e R Qgfx Fi' I ,Q 3 5 .W vs... 1 N . 3 sr fx' K " Q A? -i Kina. . I .L Aix!-to s. xf. i V it xgff ,i . 5. A .x H? . . . 'i l'fg7Stf1'. 'Q' , git, 9, , X 2 142 VARSITY: Lorraine Davis, Denise Shardlow, Ruth Livingston, Andrea Werner, Melanie Nickerson, Jeanette Mozeleski Mrs Shpka coach Lisa Cecconi Wendy Teeple, Terry Whitney, Leslie Goehl, Robin Mowry, Diane Goeke. -az 2. The girls cross country team ended their season with a 1- 3 record. They were victori- ous over Bensalem and lost a very close race to Nesha- miny Langhorne. Melanie Nickerson placed third in the Neshaminy Invitational and second in the LBCL championship. She also placed 26th at the State Championship. Denise Shardlow was given the team spirit award. The Cou- gars were coached by Mrs. Connie Slipka. 1 e J x, N-1 T -W ' 3 Lael f V 1 . : g L55 .gf ,. ' 'i 3 A . AWj,k,.,7,..f,, , ,ni L iiss 5'i5EifQ . e . C 1 iTSff.fgQi.lf :, , i ii L-i' fl . gina, Y er Zi it RE TLI G VARSITY and JUNIOR VARSITY: Coach Keefe, Leigh Dougherty, Bill Huffman, Conrad Hassler, Steve Borochaner, Chuck Harnatkiewitz, Al Cala, Joe Rigous, Rick Ireland, Rick Whitney, Scott Bailey, Jim Parsons, Sharon Watkins, Mr. Crozier, Louise Cook, Joyce Herring, Beth Wagner, Jack Kane, John Reich, Steve Koellner, Mark Turpyn, Tom Besso, Frank Breslin, Bob Bergen, John Lennon, Paul Bergamini, Bryan Angebrandt, Ed Kershbaumer, Michelle Halfon, Chuck Britton, Sandy Jardine, Bill Welch, Jack Erb, Pat Lynch, Bill Stacklein, Dennis Crocker, Mike McGinley, Chuck Grose, Rich Watkins. The Varsity Wrestling team finished a very successful season with wins against Neshaminy Langhorne, Delhass, Woodrow Wilson, Central Bucks East, LaSalle, and Abbington. The Cougars participated in the Ridley Christmas Tournament and walked away with four firsts, one second, two thirds, and one fourth, besides taking second place in the team standings. Coached by Mr. Keefe, they placed second in the Lower Bucks County Wrestling League and were rated 23rd of over 400 schools in the state. 144 if if + iw W M ZW? ar l effgli A Mfyk V EYK-444143, if' Sm viii FRESHMEN: Coach Richard Keefe, Pat McGinley, Glenn McKee, John Meshoni, Chris Ireland, Sam Desjardins, Bill Lloyd, Coach William Crozier, John Guerney, Mike Doddo, Pat Donahue, Mike Koellner, John Young, Tony Hidalgo, Bill Kearny, Brian Teeple, Ray Williamson, Brian Krieling. The aggressive Freshman Matmen, direct- J Q sfr ed by Coach Bruce Pennypacker, had an ai 1 outstanding season. They defeated all but , one of their opponents, losing that match f by one point. The addition of these young wrestlers will be beneficial to our Varsity program. ' J I U U 15 ' ' W, . .... ,,.-s mgw, ,-,f,f:m,:, X L' W 1,54 ,.fj ,f,fwf, MMM ,1 N to re' 145 MENS BASKETBALL VARSITY: Keith Worst, Tom Meier, Paul Kush, John Kalapos, Larry Gecht, Glenn Smeraglio, Tom MacFarlane, Jack Callender, Chuck Weinberg, Coach Mike Callahan. Absent: Mike Cosack, Kirk Forchetti, Paul Struwe. The Boys Varsity Basketball club, coached by Mike Callahan, Ray Kelly, and Mike DiStefano, ended its season . Q, , 3 with a 4-7 league and 7-13 overall 'K mark. Vastly improved, both defensive- L ly and offensively, they took 17 or their 20 games down to the last 3 minutes, ultimately winning 7 of them. The team was powered by seniors Tom McFar- lane, Paul Struwe, Larry Gecht, Mike Cosack, Tom Meier, and Keith Worst, with support from its underclass mem- bers. law 1 jf' 1 X 'X e -gr ' , t .f- A , 14 u I C 146 is , JUNIOR VARSITY: Tony Beccone, Scott Schwartz, Jeff Prine, Ray Murray, Bob Breslin, Bob Fringer. Coach Michael DiStefano, Curt Evans, Kelly Joyce, Herbie Neuber, John McDermott, John Ryan. 1 . Z FRESHMEN: Coach Ray Kelly, Pete Soderblom, Paul Lindemuth, Jeff Magee, George Hyjurick, Dave Fringer. Mike Smith, Chris Conca, Mike Kumbat, Craig Livering, Todd Orr, Jon Miner. 147 The Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team ended their schedule with an improved re- cord over last year, losing four exciting games by one point. Coach DiStefano named Jeff Prine as the hardest working and Curt Evans as the most consistent. -., - 553: 1 The Freshman team, although suffering a disappointing season under Coach Kelly, developed fine offensive play and talent. They are looking forward to a good season next year. 148 OMENS BASKETB LL L l VARSITY: Karen Darden, Sharon Martin, Lori Dietrich, Sandy Clopton, Karen Kolb, Coach Judy Cunningham. Manager Nancy Sabol, Lita Kent, Laura Herr, Pat I-Iession, Caffie Taylor. This year's Girls Basketball team was young and inexperi- enced, but the Cougars never quit. The squad, coached by Judy Cunningham, was led by high scoring sophomores Sharon Martin and Karen Kolb. Senior Laura Herr added to the team with her ball handling and defense. They finished their season with a 5-7 league mark and a 7-7 overall record. .N 1: l if if alba FN gs , 7 wi 'QI 1 1 , Mt- . , .. ,,,, MQ, cm 'WWE ai ..,.,,.m--- .r ifflkrw S ..N,,,....--f ,,,,....-- -v-tk View 31 x -1 ff ti K at ii :: Q5 Q I Y -0 T 149 -Stmpaa Sfmpoa Sl A 5 ,QQLE PQ! EN ,gina QQQ3 E 5 gina F JUNIOR VARSITY: Bernie Hackett, Donna Smith, Donna McMaster, Renee Ferrara, Coach Jim Kennedy, Mary Costanzo, Tracy Houston, Sue Files, Donna Rudy. The Freshmen girls improved their skills and ballhandling with the help of their coach, Mrs. Barbara Stribulas. Tremendous teamwork kept them in many of their games. The Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team played to its 100'Zw ability. Coached by Jim Kennedy, their tremen- dous defense stopped many of their op- ponents enroute to a 6-8 record. FRESHMEN: Coach Barbara Stribulas, Nancy Reither, Jane Ann Mangiarelli, Ellen Callahan, Tricia Hartman, Lori Startzell, Sue Dermer, Sue Blaker, Lisa McCourt, Nancy Abbot, Doreen Dripps, Patsy Hackett, Kathy Weber, Jeanine Reilly, Connie Gulla, Dawn Paralis. 150 'A 1f A egg' ' I M y "' , ml ,.f V K' N f ' ..g,w:-1 1 U wwwg Lwgm, Q., , hr . ,, an ,K W ix . , ........ -'-'- ! K H2 46 5 in Q1 'JL 1 ' u ,V ,333 Q, L F311 L., ..f' ' 1 - ' L w fi, , i 4, Q, 1 ,ff ,f ,, 'L STLQQZ L' wayiw 3 -,14,,f,1iT , N 4 5? ,. E, ,, Q 'Y' A in Nz U. .FX 'P' , 75 'Et , X 'T F V if 5 - 3 ,, 3 6 fi 5 4 '7 -is S GYMNASTICS VARSITY: Jeanne Thompson, Leslie Goehl, Beh Semmel, Terry Feeney, Kim Allison, Coach Judy Archibald, Cindy Besso, Debbie Rittler, Patty Brockelman, Terry DeDominicus, Bonnie Sirott, Arlette Kiernan. ABSENT: K. J. Reimensnyder, Jeanette Regan, Lori Tull. : ' K 552-1 With the help of Coach Archibald, the Girls Gymnastics team finished their season with a 2-8 record. Their record is deceiving considering the youth and in- experience of the team, which lost sever- al meets by close margins. Debbie Rittler was the only girl gymnast to place in the Lower Bucks Champion- ships, taking fourth place in the floor exercise. Bonnie Sirott was the only sen- ior on the squad, and the only person with experience on the uneven parallel bars. ,M W' E21 ki 152 The Boys Gymnastics team finished its season with a 5-5 mark, with wins over Pennsbury, Neshaminy Langhorne, and Bensalem. Coached by Mr. Martin, they improved their scores better than any other team in the league. Their Side Horse team went undefeated in the L.B.C.L. Senior Ron Stetser placed fourth in the all around, with a fourth on the high bar and a fifth on the rings in the Lower Bucks Championships. Stu Kryzwonos and Mike Klatskin placed first and fifth on the high bar. All ad- vanced to District competition. 'fs 4-.wg Ka ummm, .7 1.2, z 5 S 2 ,LAWS f. l '-' -a. . N9 -Q. , :asset rt:- VARSITY: Coach Don Martin, Jim Hughes, Ron Barger, Marc Davis, Ron Stetser, Mike Graham, Dan Erney, Dave Shandelman, Mike Klatskin. Albert Tidman, Tom Valetto, Ed Barger, Rich Shandelman, Paul Burns, Keith Secrest, Glen Ryan. ABSENT: Stu Kryzwonos. 1 - .4-1 153 , Mvifiifli MN BO LI LUWER BUCKS COUNTY CHAMPIONS l A VARSITY: Vivki Nielson, Faye Startzell, Dawn Wood, Melanie McGlynn, Coach Cynthia Alperin, Mary Kotkiewicz, Sue Lisowski, Connie Hays, Ruth Theobald. Theresa Haney, Robin Winslow, Michelle Barnes. The Girls Bowling team, last yearis Lower Bucks champs, continued to repeat their performance again this year. Under the direction of Coach Alperin, the girls led the league by several games. Connie Hays was the high game scorer with 213 and Theresa Haney held the high series with a 585 mark. Senior Dawn Wood added depth to the team. a i ik 552' ' Z Ja u V fi fn 154 v'1 NYM. E . M N'S B0 LI 1 VARSITY: Jeff North, Dan Brown, Frank Wing, Ron Shoemaker, Bob Butts, Alan Eggert, Mr. Cechak, Mark Seiferth, Carl Eggert. This year's bowling team again massed their talents to capture the Lower Bucks County League Championship. The team rattled off successful victories against Morrisville C8-OJ, Pennsbury C6-21, Langhorne C4-41, Council Rock Q4-41, and Bensalem C5-31. Capturing high game and high series for the team was Junior Keggler, Frank Wing. Team captain was senior Bob Butts. I . sw L :Y , ' A , '- - ., L D 156 WI TER TRACK Greg George, Sue Hamilton, Jeannette Mozeleski, Syd White, John Kumbat, Craig Harris, Frank Lavey, Kathy Gilbert, Cheryl Ferguson Mr Fischer George Forristall, Ken Borochaner, John Luksic, Gil White, Scott Thunberg, Ed Eads, Pat Reither, Tim McDade, Mr. Epting, Pat Coleman Glenn Ardis Denise Shardlow, Dan Ciambrone, Frank Koretsky, John Devlin, Ted DeMatto, Orrin Robbins, Bill Ambruster, Mike Mangiarelli, Mark Morrell Lorane Davis Terry Whitney, Marty Davis, Melanie Nickerson, Lloyd Weinstein, Dan Benvenuto, Paul Clouden, Ken Getchel. Who are those strong men and women who brave the cold and bitter weather while most of us seek the warm shelter of our school? They are members of the Winter Track Squad. Each day is a cold wintery workout for these tracksters as they prepare themselves for the oncoming spring season. They compete on a weekly basis against other Philadelphia and suburban schools. Standouts for the season were George Aubley, who qualified in three events for the meet of champions. Also qualifying was the mile relay team of Greg Rearick, George Aubley, Lloyd Weinstein, and Greg George. 'I58 ta, A , Q ,,, , 'D iff ,eili S ,t ff-Q - ,,,e 4 4, . 'W '1 4 I if ig . -,.,,, V.Z, x if In I ,. ,fy-an V if ,,, , '7 I Y M AW gn g , WM? ,. N al' ' ' J ., . ,,, ,y W js yn Q. q Q nf it .,,, K., ,,, - IMMI The Boys Swim team was given a lot of impetus from senior members Don Gim- pel, Ben Spedding, Mark Rodgers, Pete Sullenberger, and Neil Haneman, Times were steadily improved throughout the season under the direction of Coach How- ard Batterman. Mike McCann was the only team member to place at the Low- er Bucks Championships, taking fourth in the 50 yd. freestyle event. VARSITY: Mark Fiorentino, Sam Sullenberger, Don Gimpel, Tom Betz, Paul Prevost, Coach Howard Batterman, Mike Gimpel, Mike Mallay, Mike McCann, Pete Sullenberger, Mrs. Nelson. Absent: Ben Spedding, Mark Rodgers, Neil Haneman, Paul Dallas, Jim Hughes. The Girls Swim Team, coached by Christine Tom- linson, finished their season with a disappointing record. Many of the meets were highlighted with some out- standing performances by Allyson Kapsh, Anne Carr, Colleen Fecho, and Rose- marie Koellner. The team was well represented by the Lower Bucks County Cham- pionships with Allyson Kapsh taking a first in the 200 I.M. and a third in the 100 yd. Breastroke. Anne Carr took a surprising fifth place in the 100 yd. Freeys- tyle event. The team also participated in the Penns- bury Relay Carnival. s VARSITY: Kathy Britton, Coach Tomlinson, Judy Vlessing, Carla Reddy, Andrea Pecuch, Mrs. Judy Nelson, Eileen Pavonarius, Camille Fecho, Maureen Heltzel, Colleen Fecho, Rosemarie Koellner, Kerry Nickerson, Mary Gimpel, Cindy Applegate, Cindy Edelson, Carol Tomaschick, Judy Orleans, Jodi Goldberg, Melanie DeMatto, Cathy Bennett, Judy Noyovits. Not shown: Anne Carr, Linda Giaccio. 159 ZAMSKY STUDIOS 1007 MARKET ST. I PHILADELPHIA, PA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS Negatives of portraits appearing in this annual are kept on file. Photographs may be ordered. i x My JM it J-714 W M .tw 56. OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO MR. WILLIAM O'BRIEN JOSTEN,S AMERICAN YEARBOOK REPRESENTATIVE MR. WILLIAM CECHAK SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY ADVISOR RICH MCCLELLAND STUDENT PHOTOGRAPHER ELIZABETH MILLER COVER DESIGN i 160

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