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'5 1 ,Vi 3. QW le W Q 'Gmg552fiNvxW I Ckflfikf wc Mi'IT ff C545 ' 6' Q lyN Qbfxefe Af Qfi,Ci5QzJ2f 5 ,ff-Xxx, ff X 5 ' N ..,, W., f f l ml WW gy x?-W-Q5Q2g1QQL 37963 Qgmgfwmf 39 'xg g if HX' , ... ,R , ,. I Q 2 W V3 is W R33 if is i wJf5427v 71 rf fx if Q Pg 5 E gg f 5 ia-2 , Q mf E E IJ fx C3 A 2.4.6 E 5 A f QQ? 2 gf O C8 S 5 A as 53131 sw Q f,gQ . B A W " W IC F3 ,N K E ffsfixwfxflxp Ci'f x G, ' fx ' L, -2 A 5' , ,4 ' fx E 5 k M will W4 XXX GQ A - Q9 is JW 'qPQ,,V'P'f PFUNN V A 4 MW MO 5? ji? WWF' X- : I 5-I X 7 GQ f xg - fig CGA fuqyf, f KQQJJ' ' F29 A9 QD! S5 L QW X ff mg f9f X ff? 3 Fan My .5,fgj1Q5 mae? fgiczgx . .Xb K GQ - . Lggcgcvgcbylxo bg ffn 1 Q V I ,fb H5',7QfJQ!iCJQmnC7riCfCDQj Q x Q52 'Q fQ,d27cf Wbf PQ- WL F9 X5 J 2526054 '6932Qj4fJ X ? U! fi by 6 5191? xirf y jj 05' 67 Cp Q QQZS NV 3 W sf? L'?-QJQQQ Q 55 Q3 Oi Fig C3115-fg,f7TLQL , , S SEQ X B w . - ,iiij 6176! X Sify S OQ2'f9,f5 15 fa Q 1 WW X vb mx i N16 QW ,O SQ, Y0mQ4gXCS,'5ggNx0 1 YU O Q X05 W X GQ? i QQXQQSOXO, N Q5 G XGXYSQ Q WMQJR ' f 'N l -H e I CLLOQJM ff SW ' ww QANEQ Qkmwwmfwwgff ww M 'W J5',53as?3fQQfQ9fWQw N bww W wmwwxfw L QP wig as GN wx N N' LUQQQDDIUQ Q X 7 MMLYEJQMW6 5 T5 QM M 9QQ?g5MN2mQm+ Xp Sc?" XY Q' QR Wm Quia wwf' X Y no JU Mgm W Japxpwvw ZW L X QQ Q x WD QS' wk ML MWWMMMQ My 17f'w4WCMJwugJ?iK A Q X ' MOM of aaa! Jgy ff fy f 1a i11if 4ff MTM M9 JA X X . M ff S W K QCC may A mmf UZ Z2 M, CWMWW nf f'f"7-'VHW 771 mb? 7QJ!k73gfijQ!WZ?,ni2Wf Wig 1' ? ' v , XX XS-2 U Q P A yA V- VH E gf ' X N A if ggi mx ' 1 , M AX- Q K' XE XXX 1 X X DJ Q , ' Ala? 35453 - -M Q N ly t x 'X YD 1 x E3 . N W5 1 O 4 - SF VX X2 V oopf 'xv . ff N 1 Wh h - 11 I gg. ' XX , X WLM. Nm 'of'f 1fQj , X X QM ' In -1 V X , . A QL, Q , ., ..!' E M N X ' X . qu YF' Q ' WD My - 3 ' X R WD GJ 0, f ,..,.., of W f Table Cf Contents .l Student . Life Senlors P. 16 l i Life is a great ' Making it tothe adventure tgp 5 Q , li Y Academics Activities P' Pc The ups and downs Making the rounds of learning K r 5P01't5 Underclass r 4 Q ml CALYPSO Q Floating to Going around victory 'in circles , :JAM yy Supplement P. 176 nouuoup Round up! f r Neptune Senior High School Neptune, New Jersey Q fzf5i-+' ,:'fa's Vs, ' K A '1i " ' "' 1 ' N '49, an, , ' f. ,P H 5' 'T " 1. ., -' . 7 1 Q, ff :f .Via 1- t "ax Sw' A 11- V I Y V M Y -M 7' , U V ' L' , fl ", . ' - F 1 1 W-is 1 l , ,, 'M Q? me 1 . I fx K' jyw .-" in 'E . , ' 'ff f T! 7:"'w , Q 'fl .f 'W' 'ww ilwqp ' I 33 . b 11' 5 ' ' 'ny "' 1" fi" 4 ,, . UW Vfm 47 k ,IV 4 V, Y,v.,. J , mf., I . vnu, I ' , ' ,K V D' , .1 V My 4, - V, " ' Mn, .f 'Y ,,- 'Q ' 1 Z 1. f,V' V! if if ' fi B, ' fl, V ,A , Y " A H ,'i": 1. Y. 1 q N-H "1 ' ,, " , J V, Q ,'4 H ' . ' jii' Li' ,iii ,' A, ' 1 Q, ' 1' - gmqgf if , , ,W ' -' ,4-QVXT4 ., ' an-' M ' Q 5 y. ' . - f -.jq 1 . ff 1 ' :F I V 'glj Jw , .gy 1 4 I J ' f 4 ' " ' f A ' ' f-"' :' v, ,,,. -H , .f' ,,,, - Y- if A ,gli 5 w,,2' 5 , , , A 2, H 4 L' wr , J, f 1 5, ,ww-1. , , , T fb, . V , , N, , -"' V 5 1' ' 1 1- JN , 19'-.T -Qilzii -f Q04 645 fy epf QQ 'A' I K l Y:7V f 32 - l ' Q1 Aw w pg .,, j i Q QU! fv , Q Q"' ,X M jN , KW , 50' Cl 2Af bAW, X ,Ax 5 f. x. ,,D ' All A A,,A Q4 U ,. , Q ' A .,,K if A 1 X A " AM f ifi X u5l??i1 Q . Q" X V x Z nlvrv hVV 3 Ny 1 X ia Jk axe' N W c9525 .M The Group That Put It ll Together A Put a warm muggy night, a 6-foot sub and 10 creative minds together and you get "Life is a Great Adventure!" That first meeting of the 1985-86 yearbook staff opened the door to an exciting new yearbook. First, the staff spent a day at Great Adventure deciding how to incorporate the park into the yearbook. They decided to let different rides represent each divider page. The work that followed wasn't always as easy or fun-filled. With a staff of 20, there was plenty for everyone to do. Each deadline had to be met on time and all spent many sleepless nights fixing up small details. The end result of all of the work and effort put forth by the staff is in your hands. With its innovative additions and changes, we hope it will provide hours of pleasant reminiscing. ' Above: The 1985-86 yearbook staff. Top right: Editor Chris Harris sizes up Editor Tracy Abrams. Middle right: Photo Editor Debbie Jernee, Layout Editor john Rosasco and Copy Editor Joanna johnson saddle up for a brand new year. Bot tom right: Some members of the Yearbook Staff make the most of a meeting at Mrs. Peluso's. Right: The Yearbook Staffs bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Advisor, Mrs. Peluso guggyivli 955 'if' iw it ,, 1:52 3, N-ll! fy in gk ki .. J tw Q P you ...av 1 F' it .AS-amd NEW K' -rv s Q- .. 1i.,- , ' P 7, 1 .hr-wgimvge w--5,-13-5- gf - ,rw w . .. w . cnt..-V -f fa .-wr ..-, -wr:'-firms vii-iw' ,VFWQ 1 " Q'- li' 'Q c I L WT? N Y . . . ., -e. 1... ,san ...V W I 3-gf. ,YW-'YQ : 1 4 me r "QL, f.'1 U "A ' V , :, ff' , K .H . 1 L - .a . if J + , nf X if 'sd vi ff" A ' If N.. af 'X . Q 'xzffffrffi ,V X, ,N E' v. . W. . I rc x -- have nf' .1--K ' X JI" if .. If .,...s....,,E:,, Top left: Some of the Yearbook staff show off their talents. Top right: The Yearbook Staff takes a turn for the better. Above: The Yearbook staff watches as john Rosasco tries for a bear. Left: The dolphin jumps to show his excitement over this year's year- book. Far left: Chris Harris takes a BIC chance for Denise Aleman and it pays off. 'S XX xx fx , A x. if X r 5 1 gl f',l JEANS 1 I Ha iw-fw "iff E , 251' 'xl - - '3 27?T'1f, ' ' . 31,3 m e Ay-15 'Y5?:Qew,fgf3?9 if fir - 4-, V, N lf G11 ,vqiw - . p w,'ufig,,g1uVf ff.. Af 3 ,f ff , rf? , 4 - , ,Q 'GUBS 'le P 1 ,,C 1'-, - .ll N R . 3, 'a N H: i-YTEQ1 - ,VT-1 , -'Q " ' f.: 4464541-CQ . ki: N 4,iy'gw-'gk,f ' ' ' f'1'pT'?'g. "f, all N: in ,hgvl 0539, - lka Ci 514172. ,5,f1-qegq? ' L., J nn .gg ' '-2' 21 ,gf -ff'TJ".' 'rf X Ufljf gil, 5- " '- 4312 -1 U Q QV? '.'1,: ., ", '. iQir'Q..l' - 4 1-'G' .rm 'I 'ik gvnhi' ', fzfyfgff- 79" A" K '4 3 g 5'3QF", j ,fy .g7E'gw.1, c' W jx 32 X . .L 't5.,1f:f" vs' .24 ' ' 4:16 "4-ev TY S , V '-fsrif, K. j g N., .,-- lf- -- '21 GEQRGES MARCIANO at fy ham Ai' GUN X ! The Highs World of fashion ' yA11dyal3ads ,Howcan you spend over S100 in thirty, minutes? Easy. If ,you're a girl, just piek. out one shaker sweater, antoversized shirt, a pair ofnibag-SY Pants, and Reebok sneakers. If youfre a,-guy, pick out a, pair of "Jams", an O.P. jacket, a pair jof 'Vans and get your hair buzzed. y ' , s Keeping up with today's fads can be expensive, but it's alot of fun.,Today's styles range from ba- sic beach 'bum shortsto more ex- travagant shirts, sweaters, skirts and pants, which come in a' wide range of prints, yplaids, paisleys, i y and flowersg i t J Even Saesker styles are impor- tant. Converse and Vans have checkers, two-tone and multicolor stripesg camouflage, palm trees, "spl-atteredf' looks and two-tone colors. Reeboks, the newest at- traction in the sneaker world, are made with soft leather, giving them a "worn-in" feeling which adds to their comfort. p Swatch and Guess watches have also come on strong. Their unique designs and colors have made them a must for most. For some people one is definitely not enough, but two or three will do just fine. The English have increasingly become a more dominant influ- ence on the way' we dress and look, We have adopted their "bigf' shirts, baggy pants, and their hair styles. Hair that's short in the back and long in the front seems to be the most popular, but anoth- er style called' "buzzing" is taking hold as well. A H i 1 ,.,, by E w L 1 'hr Q Miz!!!-P if Ln ,, , be-'Y v ,ikfffgik SL fi 61 ., ,J ,T ,, EQ- 133574 ' 1, ,jf ,. if '25 'Y 'Q I '5 fl - uw H1 Q y ff 5 ff.'w"1-ir uf J, 'ww 4121 Q, .41 1 . L HH' Psa. .mi ,s -.4 Qr .- 2311 4,1 .,, .,. I nf A , .- ij! . ,M ' A A , -1?.1n"' 7, :fr P gf , 4 EY,- . .,..:. . f ,-Q .f- ff? 4. -M XSX f U Q 1 11' ? ,f.,1,.1, ff., 1 ..f yn .uJ,,:l?x.Atll"f : , Q .',,f'v . ' sf 1451 I .1-A.. V ,. vi ,F . y v 35' f .4,A If r pr Jbb, 'E' X? . x . .hh Q 1 -P L 1.3 nf if ,FL V f . in .Ir X, M ,. - A v K 1' 1. , 'Y 19K ,. .V ,, -I P . . ,. aw. -l 14 "f'0". V51 - ex ,fn .r, ,Q .' Jw, 5 .155 A '-Eflf. JL. ,- 65575 '-fv 3. -:gg .4-. V A- P Q e ' . 1 ' - V. x K Q-L ,rf . ,mfg ' 'IB A - ii, ei f- EQ. J 'FQ , , 4, 4 Y, '17, 1, ' ,JU , j ,, ,ya , ' F 11, Y I . f. ' , HX A .Q kk, 7-1 f' A c , F a 1 41- F. , N-fl' Q, s if- V V,- . Ay- : ,. ..- 1 1 -. 'FH' s Q. ,M 2 -' J 4"'Zl 1 . .ft 3 R u.. w H e 2 5 x '-, ?2u':5G.,it 1 QA, :fu mm 45,65 ME, , eg:-EGL -1: ,JESHR :if ' '4 3' ff-F3 ,fs A df 'A 'Q xv L 112 I :hi EE If 2 Q K r, kr 4,, 1 1 2 1 , , Qu 5252 In we -JA.. .QL 4 .,,.., LH. Mi' . , sf 5 fha-E .fm J, E .nf a 1 ,I I r I A 1X ' 1 P 15 XXWXXX W :'lE"m"." "Cl...,, L I A:-J , Tal. g f Y ' I 5 'T v aJZ'Y'I V I 1, ww i , ,, 1 11 Y 'VS' 5 'L15Q:Afa"1 27-xH. I" 'A ' QF A g 1-fm Q -- :im 1, I ,QV 5 5 ff, Q sf , 1 f 1 , f 1 x riff. x N X, 1 Taking The Wheel As anyone who's ever tried to get to homeroom on time after getting up at 7:15 can tell you-having a car to get to school is a must! Driving to school is a vital aspect of student life4without it, lots of students would find themselves "stranded" at 7:35. Student cars can be classified into three categories-owned, "preowned" and just plain borrowed. There are those lucky few who are fortunate enough to own new cars whether they bought them or received them as gifts. These students can usually be seen with a carload of their friends that they "volunteered" to take home! Then there are those who affectionately regard their cars as "treasures." Clearly in the preowned category, these vehicles often have doors and fenders falling off Kwhile in transitlj, and paints in two or 'three colors which are used to hide the rust spots. Family cars are popular among our third group of drivers. Students who drive them are usually meticulous about the tini- est manuevers with the vehicle, making them easy to spot, especially while they're parallel parking. CQTVF-'Ville - --11. v p Below: 3rd prize winner- Margaret Emmons. Right: Theresa Sullivan. Far right: Natalie Cosentino. J A X ii' ai K xf f' L Above: Mr. Deluca watches as a student takes a chance at the Bean Bag Toss. Right: 1st prize winners- Three Blind Dice- Crystal Floyd, Vida Cornelious, and Deidre Richardson. Halloween Carnival Q1 f WAY - xii Draws 600 As usual, the Halloween Carnival, which was held on October 26 in the gym, was a big success. Six hundred parents and little children, as well as students, were in attendance. There were competitions for best booth won by the Jr. Council, and best costume, won by the "Three Blind Dice": Deidre Richardson, Vida Cornelius, and Crystal Floyd. Second place went to Annette C-raye who was dressed as a unicorn, and third place went to Margaret Emmons. The winners received 5515, 510, and 55 respectively. There was also dancing to the music of the DJ., Jeff Brooks. It was a fun-filled evening for all who attended. TE 17, ...QL il Top left: Annette Graye wins second place at the Halloween Carnival. Above: Soph. Council members Collette, Pam and Donna watch as a fellow sophomore takes a shot. Left: Kristen Ballister and Jennifer Isgrigg. gg Pliers Rally ' Each'-year Neptune welcomes the new sports season with a Pep Rally. This year's was led by Shonda Rush and the cheerleaders who did "Here's to Neptune High School" and "Give Me an First the coaches were introduced, and then the varsity team captains and starters. A highlight of the Pep Rally was the moment Coach Amabile brought out his Great Dane, Duffy, and the crowds went wild. At this point, there was a spirit competition among all the classesp however, the classes of '86 and '87 seemed to be the most competitive. At this '85- '86 Pep Rally school spirit reached an all-time high. - right: Teams ofthe 1985 season agree that fibleptune is number 1. right: The-Scarlet Qfliefs cheerleaders keep thgelspirit going.eRight: 'Seniors show their class prideiasithey cheer on' the fall teams. Above: The student body' goes wild as Coach Amabile bringsin Duffy. Top left: Frankie Richardson and john Blanton wish each other a great season. Y ' K 1 Y i R Q l J a is . gf M X , tff, I ww-ya.. e . 'Mm r-.- 9- :J K 1 , .sei . ' l I 6 -5....fa .W , 5 in . kv .'. . aj' 1, 5? 1' T . H fd t , 5, 2 sw 1. ,Lf ' ,LJ . .- 5 . .5 W .gg ii , .,. 1? 5 fn W i . .a i',f.,u,?-4441. ,.1.,.-, Welcome Back!! On September 14 the Student Council hosted a Welcome Back Dance in the gym, which was decorated in the school's colors. This was a time for people to get together and have some fun after being separated for the summer. Casually dressed, everyone danced to music by the Wall of Sound and kept up their energy with the refreshments supplied by the Student Council. About 400 people had a wonderful time at this get- together of old and new friends. pst, V I 'I E fl ' r 1 Seniors Tracy Lee Abrams Remembering . , . My lov- ing boyfriend David Justus, good friends Cafen and NBYICYJ GAA and Black Dancers victory 85, Yearbook class and Great Adven- ture, Yearbook editor with Chris and our re- sponsibilities, gym with Denise, Tammy, and love from my family. Maura Leanne Aikens Remembering . . . the fun times through school with friends, Span- ish, Mrs. Kenney, Donna, Sophomore year in Geometry, Mrs, Peluso, early morning pio- neering with Carol, Nolly, Lisa and Peter, Kim and Tracy, Montreal, Texas, Ken and Keli, love and encouragement from Mom and Dad. Larry L. Akins Remembering . . . some of the great times and people in this school such as Bob Fahnholtz, John O'Connell, Timmy Reyn- olds and Bob Newman plus the fun l had in Mr. Calise's electronics classes, and the parties on Friday night with Amy and Chrissy. Warren B. Albert Remembering . . . my special friends, Gene, Kenny, Shawn, Gumby, Nate, Danny, Richie, Preston, Chris, Howie, my love for Nicole, the class of 86, rolling out over the years, the love and guidance from my parents, All's well that ends well. Activities: J.V,!V. Baseball, Marching Band, Honor Society. Johnathan Carl Allen Remembering . . . the cool out times with Dave, Pat, Brad, Mary, Danny, Troy, Ron, Bryan Wright, New York in the summer, love and guidance from sister and brother, Charles and Chris, to be success- ful in the Marine Corps, special thanks to my mom and dad. Suzanne jean Allen Remembering , . . good times with friends, partying with the City Crew, talks with Walt, Beth, J im, Chris "Ioan", Lewie, Scott, Justine Emery, support and love from my family and Joe Galeani. Gina A. Amadruto Remembering . . . Gradua- tion, the summer of 85, Gully Road, the beach, being good friends with Vi and Beth, yearbook with Mrs. Peluso, "oh no not another hill", the mall, drive-thru, my Uncle's wedding, and the love and patience my Mom and Dad gave me. Terraine Denise Anderson Remembering . . . guidance and support from family and par- ents, especially the love for and from my MOTHER, Encouragement and help from Ronnie, Raquel and Ethan "what is going on back therein, being with friends, Club mem- bers Veronica, Deidra, Kathy, Toni, and Denise. Marie Paule Antoine Remembering . , . the best day of my life when I went to Tennessee with all of my friends especially Gerther, My friend Carmelle, Nelly, Elizabeth and my brothers and sister. Thanks Mom for pushing me that far. Cynthia Ann Atchison Remembering . . , my good friends Junebug, Sharon, Electra, Shan- non, Lisa, Johnny, and Dottie, Summers of 84 and 85, cruisin around in Belmar with the gang, "partying" down in my basement with June and Sharon, continue working with Chris, Judy and love from my mother. Christopher K. Atkins Remembering . . . good times with Warren, Ken, Grease, Colleen, Cin- dy, Wendy, Renee, Kathy, Stacey, Lisa, Denise, Kim, wild classes, "Baby squad", JV Kearnyll tryouts, Night Games, "Franz", Baseball, Kibbler, Mr, D., "Whiplash, Rip", phone bills: Proms, love for Jamie and family. Vanessa E. Atkinson Remembering . . . love and guidance from my parents, fun in bowl- ing, friends Cathy, Darrin, Deidre, Kim Moni- ca, Sabrina, Tammy, Tara, Terraine, and Tracy, 18 I ifqwawf' , f fi 1 'Viv ,ffl jwfzwafs-av , J, r-at aw V' K 4-'iff' M xfggyf fjf ,' ' 4-veg ,., 5... f, . --, Y ,K Robin Teresa Bagwell Remembering . . . My parents and my family, Rich, Quell, and sis jackie, Tasha, Tracey, Charise, Samantha, Ta- bitha, Wanda, Cindy, and Tyree, Also the LORD Choir and that special person Keith Brinson. Activities: Track, CHE, Senior Council. Charles R. Bailey Remembering . . . Night games, all the Proms with Debbie, the old "Breakfast Club", friends at Bambergers, Sue, getting "lost" in Post 189, sore necks, Atlantic City and other places I didn't belong, small parties in large places, the "Motels", and acci- dents with reckless phone poles. Kimberly Baker Remembering . . . good times with special friends, night games, Southern Softball trips, 318, O.G, Beach, celebrations, long talks, "what toga!", my "Y" buddy Jo, cell block 413, GRADUATION, and love and guidance from my family. Activities: V. Swim- ming, IVXV Softball, Ski Club, SADD, GAA. John Patrick Barone Remembering , . , Rippin' senior year, special friends, partying with the boys from around the way, growing up with john and family, Kellie, Mo's Party house, first "Mobile", Kyle, Chrissy, Sue, Longwood, Skiing: Love and guidance from my family, All my love for JoAnn, V. Soccer Michael A. Bartels Remembering . . . the soc- cer games, wrestling, surfing, and just being with all of my good friends, all of the help and 'support from the Rowes, and especially my mother, All of my love for Sharon. Denise Ann Bauter Remembering . . . special friends, Kim, Lisa, Pam, Chris, john, and many others, Summer 85, Perkins, "Bruce"', first car, GRADUATION, Southern Softball trips, future sister-in-law, my love for, and special times with Jason, love and guidance from my parents. Activities: V Softball Gymnastics illiam M. Bec emembering . . . ROTC and 'PtSli'e:lE'l"C wd, Gibby, James, Nichole, Shannon, n ie and the test, Debate club with Kim Cannon and everybody else, and Drama, as well as good times and parties. Victor W. Belgrove Remembering . . ., the good times I had with the Class of 86 and the "Homerooom gang", also, all the teachers who thought l did their work, Yeah sure, and Nep- tune Footballfl' rack JH, But especially my love for Kim, Now the FUN begins. ' Nancy Lynn Beling Remembering . . . ZAB, Parisi's, weasers, perfection, learning, the ocean, 4th of luly, ,lam and Mirror, the bridge, St. Paul's, Rainbow, Vic's, councils, the boat, Manchester, the Badgers, Perkins, Potbelly, Bearie, Jodi, Ree, Hub, Etz, my family, hugs, sniffles, and Michael. joan Michelle Bell Remembering . , . my par- ents who pushed me thorugh the year to get me this far, the love I have for Rico, My "cuz" Tiffany, Gregory Foster, and most of all the Class of 1986. , Sharon Bell Stephen Matthew Beltle Remembering . . . all the good times with teachers and friends, sum- mers at "teen wasteland", O.G. Beach, Chip- per, adventures, numbers 1 - 5, all my love for Anne, and the love and guidance from my parents. Activities: Class Councils, Basketball, National Honor Society. 19 Michelle Renee Bernard Remembering . . . good times with ALL my good friends, special times with Mike, Sean, and Dave, best friends Beth and Ray, the "l-lomeroom Gang", draft- ing, senior year and GRADUATION, car par- ties, Firebird, Garfield Ave. Beach, Scouts, Sea- side, and love and guidance from my mom. Karl Erik Berzins Remembering , . . not all of what I did, parties at John's, Ocean Grove Beach, Homeroom gang, all the Johns, Dave, Jax, Steve, Sab, Crane, Cruisers, Trips, Vans, K-car, Mr. Bong, Cocktails, Mr. Dry, Pastey, Grubs, Bip-Bip, Evil, Kimbie AnnMarie, Tra- cey's, Love and guidance from my friends. Barbara Marie KaNeal Best Remembering . . . the love and guidance I received from my mother and grandmother, making my life a success and making my mother proud, Kevin Dunbar and other friends, associates from Neptune Sr. High, and a future acquaintance. John R. Blanton Remembering . . . love and guidance from my family, Darren, Eddie, John, Hank, the track and football squads, The Penns, Mile relay, summer 85, ladies of 86, spending time with that special someone. Ac- tivities: VIJV Football, V lndoor Track, V Out- door Track. Sean A. Blaylock Remembering . . . KSB Fresh Rockin' the Mic, Roberta White, Michelle Esk- ridge, Rhonda Mann, Derrick Gaines, John Blanton, The Harris Brothers, Hoopin' at the Grove, Chillin' as the "Prez", and love from Mom. Activities: Student Council, Basketball, Honor Society. Steven E. Blecki Remembering . . . all the good times l had after school at the course with Lee and Kevin, summer 85 with Wayne, "Doc", Walt, Paul, Drew, The Varsity Golf team, Mr. Mischler and Mr. Brodwater, The "Eggs", Night soccer games and love and guidance from my parents. Charles W. Borges Remembering . . . Bill, Tom, Rich, Ronnie, AJ, Rob, Joe, Tammy, Tiny Toni, Nancy, Tiff, Marion, Lori, Beth, Carol, the Girls in Squan, Parties at Rich's and Tammy's, Concerts: Maiden with Phil, Bill, AJ, Priest, BonJovi, Ozzy, Almost Crue, New York, Cruising, and my mom and dad. Jacqueline Ann Botbyl Remembering , . . We can't go on just running away, If we stay any longer we will surely never get away, Any- thing you want we can make it happen, Stand up and turn around, never let them shoot us down, Never, Never, Never run away, Hey baby you know it's true. 'Lisa Ann Boyce Remembering . . . all the good times in Neptune High School, the Crew, Yongme, Margaret, Cathy, Brenda, Bennie night, homeroom with Jimmy, Teair, and Jack- ie, Mom for the love and guidance through the years, Billy's parents, and that special person, Billy Pollard. Lisa Danielle Boyce Remembering . . . all the great times in the summer of 85 with Steph- anie, Tracey, and Dina, the fun times we had in the "Vette", the fun times I had in school with Janice and Kathy, first period with Maria, es- pecially the love from my mother and father. james Anthony Brandtjen Remembering . . . senior year with Sue and Lisa, Party partner Mike, cruising with Wingo, Aunt Joanie and Uncle Jerry, Rocking, homeroom with Lisa, Suzy-Q, Love for Mom, Dad, Sis, and Jim. Activities: Varsity Tennis. Teair Dineen Braxton Remembering . . .all the fun times l had in the Senior High with Lisa B., Jimmy B., Jackie B. in homeroom class, my mother and father for their love and guidance. 20 X ,am .ew X W Zlfffhvay ion ' 1, .g.' A fs P i . " ' 'fm ii 'f. , f f ny f N ff, ' .ff f' , 211-VZ, !-zyegfj I ff" 1 ff 12, ,i 1,3 Q 3 if f 21 dl' 1 ' ' 49" rv 1,2-9,'3gj'm ti '35 fllztfn 'l 1 1464-,1.1 Qv,74 , , ,mfpgitt 1, A X s 179 ' 'Q ' I2 61 f "wif ' f W f Mm VO, Ma ww wi? sat "' X fV fd fff fff fffi' Xxx' J , , XZ X444 'fff ', iffy, ff Anthony Deon Brock Remembering . . . the time I had fun with Raquel and Kevin in a Vocational School in tenth grade, The fun l had with the choir with Tasha, John, Chadle, and that special person Cindy jenkins. Kim Darlene Brooks Remembering . . . The love and guidance from my family, Being cap- tain of the cheering squad, Chillin' with the Crew: Cheryl, Toni, Krystal, Chelle, Eddie, and Juan, The special friendship with Felipe, my girl Niece at Pitt, Teresa, Kim and the mo- ments shared with Burley Andrews. Duncan D. Brown Remembering . . . the boys from around the way, Barone, Gunga, the DofF's, my mother and Bubba, Kyle, the bricks, good times with Keith Delahanty, Graduationlll Summers of '84 and '85, chillin' at Bean Valley, Ollyburger and Scooby, coolin with Sue, Mo, Amy, and Lori, My horneboy Kurt, and always Andrea Jackson. Heidi C. Brown Remembering . . . all the good times in homeroom 25, Going to New York with the photography club, Special friends Glenn Fore, Ernest Ward, Lisa Boyce, Barbra Best, and my best friend Stacey Backerville, the love and guidance from my parents, participat- ing in ROTC. Activities: Photography Club, Girls Basketball. Sandy Brown Julius Butler Larry Butterfield Cindy Calderon Remembering . . . Glenn Fore Always and Forever, good times with Sandra, Janet, Jackie, Aida, Nephews- Daryl Kenard Smith, Darrell Martin Cole Ir., Nieces- Savette janese Crew, Quiandra Nilckia Smith, Tommy and Annette, good times in the Council with Sylvanni and Paulette, love and guidance from Mom and Dad and grandparents, but most of all Glenn. Maria Carrino Remembering . . . the good times in high school, Deca, Parties, Soccer games, Varsity Field Hockey, G.A.A., Bruce Concert "Thanks again john", summer '85, good times with Deb and Lisa, And most of all the love and guidance I received from my family. Paul Casler Deidre Cason Renee Lynn Casper Remembering . . , My black Porsche, the love and guidance from my family, best Friend Kathy, West Point football games, Howard's dorm and gettling lost in Howell, Outrageous phone bills, rides in eleva- tors, and the hypnotized driver, and all my friends. Activities: Post 189, I V and Var. Soc- cer, Var. Football Manager, 21 Yong Me Chang Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my loving family, summers pastg good times with my special friends Kathy, Brenda, Missie and Laurie, Cruising, "The Accident of 55", "YUP" Tropical: Best wishes for my new born nephew and my sister but most of all special times I shared with joe. Michael Cimino Elizabeth ciaffey chris Clark .TQ ubert Cla Remembering . . . Love from my farm y, the quest for happiness, special friends and others, being a good student at times, Os- car winning roles, sodas and the News, 30 over Par, Math Squad, Deutsch, Student Council, those floats, Skiing, pain, assorted good times, smiling, spontaneous laughter, Tears, tragic heroism, and of course Kris. Ollie Daysl Stacey L Clay Remembering . , . Lifeguarding summer of 855 Kimmep Rah Ta Tag bucking in the sticky SAT class with Jen Ru Hen, home- roomp fun times with Lisa and other friends: GRADUATION, Varsity swimmingg what toga?, Kim, Cathy, Field Hockey, REDS, Post 189, Honor Society, Spanish Club, esp. love from mom and dad. Denise Marie Colon Remembering . . . the summer of "85" in Baltimore and all the good friends I have in the class of "86", May they have much success, the love for Ioth and Na- dine and also my familyg that special day in "1986." Elizabeth Conde imberly A. ConnorQRemembering . , . Rah ta ta, enguin Luibaa baa, never to forget my good friendsg remember the night car ride? Buck Buck? Lizz lunch at Perkins? good times with Vic, love from Babsg Historical Society, GAA, hockey the bestg Rob bro got a dough- nut? love from home. Carol Ann Core Remembering , . . All the good times with Beth and Glenn, the serious and not so serious talks with Bortp drafting with Chrisp Bradley Bowling, the summer of 85 with the Crew: hanging out at the Station with KB: the love and support from my friends and familyg and all my love for Mike, Sandy Lynn Core Remembering . . . Good times with all my friends, the summer of 84- 85, the beach crew, esp. Chris and Catherine, good times on the Southern Softball trips with Kim, Lisa, Denise, Michelle and everyone else: party in room 307, looking forward to GRAD- UATIONQ love and support from family and friends, my love for Steven CTWEEZERJ. laneth Adrienne Cornelious Remembering . . . The love and patience of my parents, my grandmothers understandingp Cherryl, Mo- net, and Peanutp buggin out with my twin Judi, good times with Chris, Rhonda, Toni, Maggie, and other friends from over the years, good frieinds in college. Activities: Latin Club, Dolfins. . ,pw jew 1915 V ,ffbs ,, , 4 Judith Andrea Corneilius Remembering . . . My parents' endless love and patience, Sistersg Bea-Beag times with Jan and the Joynersg Min- gles with Chris, friends out of town, Cotillion, Pals in collegeg Class of 86. Activities: Senior Council, President, junior Council, Sopho- more Councilg Cheerleader, Robert N. Cottrell Remembering . . . Night Soccer games, swimming and divingg Week- ends with Michelle, The Junior Promp friends Beth, Carol, Charles, And Kim, Mr. Cafone's class, the Historical Societyp especially love for Michelle. Earl Coventry Bart Emest Cox emembering . . . The hard wor an e mination it took to become a senior, the band DEPARTURE and all the shows it played, my two best friends Brian and Billyg all the new friends l've madeg my family and my baby brother being born, and most of all, Gwenn who will never be forgotten. Beth Ellen Craddock Remembering . . . My mom and familyg without all their faith and believing in me, l couldn't have done itg all the great friends I made, Kim, Victor, Carol, Rob- bie and my partner in crime, Norm! And espe- cially Steve. . Richard Crane Toni Michelle Credle Remembering . . . The guidance from my mommy, family and friendsg my good friends and fun l've had with each of them: David, Denise, Janeth, LeTishe, Mouche, Shonda, Denise Mc, and Kyra, my sister Tracey and her friends: Trisha and Charlesg my special someone, Activities: Varsi- ty Track. Kurt Dafeldecker Regina D. DeGraffenreid Remembering . . . The fun times l had in homeroom with Sa- brina, Michelle and Carmelleg Bugging out on the track team with Monica, Lisa, Annette: love and Guidance from my parentsg crazy times in office automation with Jan, Judy, and Rhondag crazy times with the gang. Kathleen Elizabeth Dailey Remembering . . . All the love, guidance and support from my family: Special help from second family, the Caspers, Terrif times with best friend Renee, Never forgetting that someone special, Steve, Our time was great together hope to always see a "smile"! the best to Renee and Gina. Kimberly D. Davis Remembering . . . The love and guidance from my family and Colette. Special friends: Boo S., Tyrone R., Kelly S., Good times withl Mike A.', Tia, Cheryl, Tee M., Kim, Chelle, Bum, Mike M. Summer of 85 and cheerleading G.V. Captlg TONY WILSON- Graduation -86l Michelle Ann Davis Remembering . . . The guidance from my mom who is always right, All the fun times with my two best friends- Cassi, and Dee, my good friends-Zel, Tracy N, Kamal, Mike A, and all my associates, Most of all the "Monroe Sisters and Brothers" and the best class, 1986i 23 Sabrina Davis Remembering . . . times with family, friends like Pam Pelder, Rena, Deidra, Michelle, Vanessa, Gina Regina, Kheven, Tee, Carmelle and sister Dawng my homerooom classg Heidi, tennis pro, Ron, Toni and Pete, good luck to the class of '86, Denise Lee Davison Remembering . . . All the great times in A.P.H,5. with Sandra and Tracy, my last two years in N,H.S. with Judy and Tina, Thanks for those timesg Special thanks to mom and dad and a BIG THANK YOU to Andy. Gina Renee Daye Remembering . . . The good times with Marvin, Reggie and especially Bob- by, The good and bad times with Kathy and Renee: All my friends Vanessa, Scott, Cheryl and those I didn't mention, mom and dad for the love, guidance and support: Randy, and my favorite guy Terry. a Theresa DePrisERemembering . . . the love and gui ance rom mom and dad, Help and protection from John and Andrewg my closest and best friends Donna, Lisa, and Kim Murphyg our great basketball team, Heritage Hall and all the good friends I met there, AND CHARLIE! Carrnella Yasmine Devilme Remembering . . . the good times I had with my friend Fifie, Poupette, Nelie, Michelle, Sabrina and Regina, the fun we had, A Special thanks to all the teachers who helped me in my studies, Adrienp and also my parents. , Michelle Tina Dickerson Remembering . , . the fun times I had in homeroom with Sabrina, Regina, and Carmelleg The family in the South Cafg My partners Renee, Diane D'Montp My friends Zayte, Paula, Tender Joyce, Kim, Vin- cent, my aunts, Donna and close friend Stan and love and guidance from my parents. Linda Dixon Kimberly Renee Dorsey Remembering . . . the fun I had at the pep ralleys and the football games: Bugging out with my sis Leesa and my homegirl Monicag the party of May 2, 1985 and the fum times with Kenneth F, the love and guidance from my parents, Good luck to "So", Steven Jerome Downing Remembering , . . Great times in the Grove! Summer "85"g Week- ends that never end! Paranoid! Me? "The Union Forever", Lose, "Declchouse", concerts, tailgating! Tenn., "snip" Boot!!! Friends, Al, Dave, Karl, Shotwell, Jacks, John, Gord, Kush and Gegan. "Scaming", The party' s never over!!! Guidance from parents and brother. Jack Doyle drew Scott Yew Remembering . , . Good times in m. 5 ROTCg Cruisin', work- ing, Hanging out.. . the missions . . .friends . . . and all the chicks . . . Sylvanni Carlanna Driver Remembering . . , good times with special friendsg many ac- quaintances, the "scare"g "learning experi- ences", "the missing link", Love for Carl and Edward, Auntie, For Being There, Frank and Son, and that Loving Friend. Love and Guid- ance from MOM! Activities: National Honor Society, Student Council, Jr. and Sr. Councils. 24 af 2' J Wf WZ , ,- p- W I I yffwfpgf ,l,!iQff7'T!Qf0,, f ff 14' 4 4? v f X f5f?i'14",sf, sf I ff f Z lj! X Wm W' s' ' - f frown n- '4MQMf,f' 7- ffm jyzsgrs W .-..,,,f, V?-kd 2' x., I ff? f"h"f f ei- , 'iff 7" Jfwdjffwizfi 'f' X IX. . ' I. 'fff fbfwf ,, ,fy , ,X f ,r - . f . I Q Mg 7 'j,,y PM ff if , 'f - a'fff5O?7V?Q',f . Q f' ' ' 2 77 ., 1, " 'ww 'f 1 wwf, 6: ' ' 4-5 V f H: Z ,, , V ggi g ,Q ,,,, ,, f, f Z f 'i if 3-A , .W I ' i:'9ff22 X' ' -" W' ' 4 E Eugene Richard Duck Ir. Remembering , . , the times I had the ability, yet lacked the support and driver the good times I had with my close friends, working hard my senior summer, ap- preciation to my father and mother for giving me their love and guidance. emembering . . . love from my mom, Buster and Aunt Sarah, chill'in with Yogi, Jadus, Steve, Tim, Dwayne, Thinking of Ms. Wednesday Moore, my be- loved friend BARBARA BESTg summer of 845 Garland: Aces Robin, Bobbi and Venessa. Lawrence Thomas Dunden Remembering . . . the summer of 83 cooling out with the Monroe Rockers, Love and guidance from mom and Dad, my friends-Kid Ice Razor-Boo-Tammy- Kim-Michael-Sharice and the times I had play- ing Intramural Basketball. Donald A. Dyson Remembering . . . the fum, pain, laughter, and tears, the bittersweet mel- ancholia of my high school years, Laughter shared with Jo and Reeg My fair share of growth and development: Love to mom, my brothers and sisters for their loving support. Steven Edmonds Vicki Lee Elgrjerdlemembering . . . Best friends eri, nnflffiichelle, Carol, Cheryl, and Lindag Much love and sincere thanks to Mrs. Wise, Mrs. LaVigne, Mr. Novitsky, and the rest of my teachers, Love and guidance from Daddy and Grandmag And last but not least, that spe- cial person JIMMY!! mer with Steve the broken window jungle juice the Bruce tickets I never got and my good friends which I will never forget Shane Todd Mark Mike Dennis Tommy Mickey e opcak lchael Emmons membenng the guid ance FEIET and dad: My brothers, nana, my friends and teachers, the GTO, MOSCA and Taurusg lifting with Brett, the USMCQ nightschool with Steve, jamming with Mystic Child, the future I have planned, and all my ore Paula Emlflnildb David L. Emmons Remembering . . . the wres- tling team, the great times I had over the sum- St , t , , V , , 1 f ' ,,- A . . . ' - Remembering . . . Nancy, Joni, Mory, Denese, Kim, Pam, Kelly, Cathy and Sandyg Southern Trips, getting caught in N.C.g Pop Tart, Bardo, Red Victory 85, Foodtown crew, and fun summersg special times with Steve, No.l Sisg and Thanks and love to Mom and Dad. Michelle L. Eskridge Remembering , . . LE- ROY "MU" GRANTp times with Cheryl, Tere- sa, Kim, jesus, Edg Tonig Krisg good friends in the class of 84, 855 Sean, Reneeg Stephg Todd, Love, guidance and happiness from PAR- ENTS, family, Sharong neighborsp cuz Mike, Tammyp and scheming with Muriel JJ Stephen Paul Etz Remembering , . . English homework in lunch, chips for Brian, Tennis, the library, Butterscotch Drimpets, GSS, yes- terday's Ledger, 1480, "Y'know, you two are pretty lazy . . .", broken window, "Vega", MathTeam, where's Amish?, powerful magic, Seutsch, and great friends. 25 Marie Fernandes Remembering . . . the special friendship Cheryl and l sharep "Does Rob like me", "Are you mad at me" Lets not go to school today" ivir. Teabonei VVhere are you?"' parties in the basement, Boo! Long talks, Memories of Mrs. Ag Love and guidence from my family, Michele Ferranti Remembering . . . All the good times with special friends Fayth, Lisa, Karen, Michelle: All the good and bad times with the special love shared between me and Patg Understanding and guidance from my father. Lauri A. Filipkowski Remembering . . . fmem- ories of ,lenniferi summer of 85', Belmar, cruiz- ing, my granada, key largo, Pier Pub, Tropical! the beach, fmy black Porchel all my friends, night soccer games, parties, Dairy Queen, Ber- ardi's, my sister, Laura F., GAA, Great Black Team, love and guidance from my family. John P. Fiore Remembering . . . all my friends and teammates: Special friends: Johnny, Hen- ry, Eddie, Jason, Kevin, Dasjsjile, Steve, An- drew Goodman, Brother limmyg The girls of Neptune Highp Wendy, Renee, Denise, Girls fiel ockey, and that special someone. heri Lynn rs er emembering . . . the good timesg un wi people like Vicki, Tracy, Jeff, Ginger, Lisa, Ron, Mel, Tom, and above all, with layg the teachers who helped me to be- come successfulg The crazy times in room 217 and the lovejguidance and support from my family. Cheryl Ann Flay Remembering . . . all the love Rob and l share and our future together, Fond memories of Brian, loving memories of Mrs. Armstrong who will love in my heart foreverg Love and guidance from my family especially Bobp a special friendship with Linda. Catherine Anne Flesca Remembering . . . the great times with special friends, the class of 86, long talks with Maureen, swimming, Pizza Hut, and What Toga? with Stacey, the great times with Brenda, Jeff, Lisa, Sandy, Kathy, Jeff, the lunch crew, and to Mom and Dad, thanks for the love and support. Electra S. Fowler Remembering . . . all the bugged out people in the class of 86, My close friend Cheryl, we had some rough times to- gether but we pulled throughg Friends Addie, Kim the crew from Asbury Park, Fruity, Sloe, Moyre, Squeaky, Slick and LuLu, Michelle and last but not least Marilyn. Carolyn Denise Franklin Remembering . . . the love and guidance from my familyg track team, Tim, the Phillips, Kathy and Bert, Faye, Angie, Lou, Kathy, Mora, Val, Taunya, Holly, Donna, and most of all, the good times with Curtis Showers. Tamara Frascella Remembering , . . good friends Donna, Sean, Karen, Ronnie, Robin and Fayth, Friends from Neptune, old and new: Long talks and needed help from my bestest buddies Mrs. Wise and Momma G., All the love I have for my special someone, and all the love and guidance from my parents. Steven Frencer Darrin Nathan Friend Remembering . . , the boys Gene, Kendreaux, Warren, Shawn, How, Kheven, and Andy Op Cooling out with Nate and Glenn, Baseball, Danny roasting, and leaning at Ken's restg The women, Wendy, jan. 26 'L fifg":,,0f f,f,z,fwg,f,gf52j9j ,Wx , Q2 42543 4fQiZ'?-7M2V7 W7 f ff 'YW 'fn U Q, f44Q9zM5fW .fmfff ' 604 W74f72f47W WQVWZWZW 44767752562 , QXVQIQ WMM ff ff 7 f y ff Margaret Marie Gallagher Remembering . . . Love and guidance from Mom and Dad: good times with old and new, unforgetable parties, and laughsg but most of all my special feelings for Anthony and Pete. Patricia Ganley Karen Gatzmer john T. Geddie Remembering . . . All the fun times in school with james Love, Shanah, and Tonya: love and guidance from family and friendsg the fly females of Neptunep best wish- es to the class of 1986. Paul Gel emernbering . . . Bermuda and fish- ' th Prestong longstreet, the fairp big dreams with Hubiep Hall and Oats: Dramag track, soccerg Student Council, Baby O'sp Bruce, body building, homecoming, Patti and all the love and guidance from my family that has kept me going. Christian Maurice Gilbert Remembering . . . love and guidance from my familyg the cotil- liong baseballp wrestling, Band, Senior Councilg hanging with the crew: Gene, Shawn, Scotty George, Ken, and Andrewg sisters I an and Judi: lim Willy Spending special moments with Shaun Colemanp Aloha 86. William j. Gill Remembering . . . Good friends Tom, Chuck, Dick, Steph, Tiny, Cathy, Linda, Cindy, Lori, April, and Lisap Parties at Dick'sg Maiden with Phil, six months with Jem New York: Guidance, from Mom, Dad, George, and Lorip and love for Dee. Richard Gilpin Remembering . . . the class of 19865 fun with Darrin, Malcolm, Leighton, and a ' ummer of 1985. John D. Glucko Remembering . . . Great xmes wit John, Kyle, the Boys from around the way: Sueg G-Mani O.G. Friendsp The BOSS7 Soccerg Wrestling States, Support from Uncle Lou and Mr. DePalog encouragement from Louisag drive and desire from Paul, love from Mom and Dad. Andrew Goodman Lee Gough Felix Gordon 27 Michele Lee Grace Remembering . . . all the good times spent with friends Cindy, Carol, Cheryl, Vicki, and Al. Drama with Uncle Phil, Chuckles.1ohn, Karl, and the crewg Mr. O'Ha- gan, Main Office, the floats, driving, Love and guidance from mom, dad, and Lisag And espe- cially Al Pettit. David Graham Remembering . . . indoor track and country leams, the good and bad times running, my oldest friend Keith and all the fun times we had with Tina, they changed my life, my new friends, the Neptune City Boys, the party in Belmar, the girls, Andrea and Kim and Mrs. Fortune. Annette A. Gray Remembering . . . the begin- ning and the end of my three years with the Track Team. ' Debbie A. Gray Remembering . . . all my friends, and the good times in High Schoolg Deca competitions at Great Gorge and Cherry Hill: All my special times spend with Deang And my love for my parents. Karen L Grissman Remembering . . . good times with friends Chris, Tammy, Michelle, Liz and especially Jane and the Magauran fam- ily: And most of all the love and guidance from my mom, dad, and Joe and love for Ronnie RememMring . . . the g times ' rl'T"1nT?TeFEl'sf'iC'ill?Val, Daph, my sis Shay, Twin and new friend Crystalg going through a lot togetherp those special guys, Chris, Malcolm, Louis, Keary, and espe- cially Eugene. Robert Michael Gualario Remembering . . . the fun times I had in this school, all the friends I made and all the laughsg Also the fun times in Mr. Hennessee's track and field class getting oven Also Mr. Evert's workshop class cracking upg the class of 86. Virginia Hall Edward Anthony Hamlin Remembering , . . Playing Football with Ion, Iuang fun and wacked times with Krystal, Chelle, Toni, Cheryl, Kellie, Kim, Steve Rob, scrad, zusg all the love and guidance from mom and dad and the love I share for Millie and jr. Brenda Marie Hansen Remembering . . . the class of '86, skiing in the rainy crazy rides home with special friends Yong Mee and Kathy: the big night of our accidentg and bugging out at our lunch tablep Best wishes to all my friendsp and the love and guidance from Mom and Dad. Angelique Harper Clark Harris 28 'Q were My- "" "8- Deidra Harvin Darren L. Harris Remembering . . . undefeated in JV football, basketball, winning Central jer- sey in basketball, Jr. year, Coach Amabile, Hanging with my boys Ed, Jay and my cuz KEEQ Making it through high school cleanly and thanks to all the ladies who provided me with a good three years. Sharon Harris Tamara Renee Harvey Remembering . . . the love from parents and my auntg My best friend Rozland, my Godchild Dezmondg Singing with the LORDS, choir, my brother Dallas, my sis- ter Angie, friends, Robin, Teresa, Tracy, Char- ise, Tasha, Larry, Durden, Kevin, Keith, Jah- mal, Cindy, Yevette, Michelle, Robbie. Daphne I.. Hatcher Remembering . . . fun times with my best friends, Gibby, Lisa, and Renee, friends who left me in the summer, old and new friends fKrystalJg love for my family. Christina Heisig Remembering . . . best of times with Carol, Lisa, Daphne, Kathi and Tammy, Partying summer of 85, the beach, sneakin around, Schneiders, Labor Day Week- end, cops, especially Paul, the Red Lobster, Breakfast Club, and guy-hunting: Love to mom and the boys, with memories of Bill. john E. Hendrickson Remembering . . . rippin senior year, pumping that iron, close friends old and anew, buddy Brian, Mustang, BRUCE! Infatuations with blondes, Parties, Seaside, 21 in more ways that one, Scamming, College Bound, 86, Parents, and to THINK BIG, John Hendrickson , ennifer Ruth Hen Remembering . . . Bas- t Smcer, Chrissy, Sandy, Blaze, my FBI: and Tracy, Baby Blues! Good luck to Kev, especially all the great times with Alicia: My il fans, morn and dad- their love and all the great support for they never missed a game, and do it JEN. Kheven Hicks Frances Denise Hill Remembering . . . Jessicag Love and guidance from my parents, my brothers Mark, Tracy, and niece Trahellg Friends Kay, Sheri, Yvette, Tee-Tee, Ronson, Tadpole, Shawn, Skip, that special person Cliff Williams. Sharice Marie Holland Remembering , . . the times bugging out with Monica and my best friend Roz and my good friends Peggy and Nancy and fun with Monica, Love and guid- ance from my parents and brothers and sister, the class of 86, Ron Holland and Twana H. 29 Michelle Alisa Hoover Remembering , . . love and guidance from my parents, all the bugged out times I had down through the years in this school, days with Monroe brothers and sisters, "high 5", talks with my sister Felecia and my cuz Sha, friends like Monroe, Sha, and Shelly. Dawn Annette Howard Remembering . . , Mr. Mixson, Au revoir, science, April, Deniece, Beth, Brenda, Salada Tea, Camille, Kim, Car- men, Lisa Nichelle, Kathy, Debbie, Juanita, Tracy, Stacie, Monica, Regina, Rita. Activities: Track and Field. Wanda Howard Olethia Howie Margaret Hunter fyylvia Ingram Andrea jackson Remembering . . . laughing and crying, special friends: Marsh, Kathy, El- lie, Dune, Dee, and Mo, night games, float, hockey ups and downs, GRADUATIONH, thanks to coach Lombardi, new friends like Strassburger, love and support from my sister Sandy: Activities: Varsity Field Hockey, JV Basketball. Craig A. jackson Remembering , . . to be suc- cessful in life, thanks to my mom for her love and support, all the good times with Clark, home boys, and Steve, Superior D, Tony Dee, and all the parties we had. Deborah Ann Jackson Remembering . . . love from my and dad, friends Valerie, David, Gus, Brenda, Charlie, football games, summer job, Mrs, Coleman, Mr, Sin, and Miss. Coan, going to school. Todd Neil Jelliff Remembering . . . good times in Neptune with my friends, partying on the weekends, working out in the gym with my partner Merrel, going to Vocational with Dave and being part of the V.I.C.A club, most of all my Varsity Wrestling team, love and guidance from mom and dad. Pamela Jennings Clifford Clinton Johnson III Remembering . . . good times I had in the Neptune Sr. High, good luck Eugene and Roger, love and support from mom, the class of 86. 30 .4-f""'4" ,. X. X , , .. re f 4' if i Ixos., ffilr 1,2 5. fr si? ,Q Q vw .Q 'J F 553525 'F r f,,,' q ,wi Lffj 1 -0' ' . ' ' "-,CV CV" ffff. ,M 'AV , -' fi ' ' "f I "" ,. ' mf.-,.., 'W' yy ..f,. ,M 4 'f 'asian . , Q. fi I R t ,, 3 John Johnson wg a colm Kenyat,ta,IQh,i1sggLRemembering . . . love and guidance my parents gave me, all the people who rolled my wayg Scott who cared even when I dicln'tg high jump and longjump, horneroomg Jadus, Michelle, "Betty Boop," Rob Joyner, the help of my grand parents and relatives. Activities: Track. Tia Lynn Johnson Remembering . , . holding my head up high, wanting to drop it down low, always losing friends and gaining new onesg hoping to pass and afraid to fail, to get me through it allg my friends who were there when needeclp receiving guidance from my loving family. Timothy B. Johnson Remembering . . . the special momentsg good times I had in Neptune Highg all my partners: Jadus, Yogie, Steve, John, Dinky, and Kevin, over the years: Ra- chel, Sonia, Tina, Jame, Carmen and more: that special someone as I move on to greater heights: my love for Mom and Dad. Tonya ,Mari Johnson Remembering . . . the good old daysp fun times with Shanah, Tina, and Tiag Belmar Beach: summer of '85 with Clate, Wen, Jazz, brother Tony: "82", pesty John: the Blue Bomb, "wild head"g niece Mia: GRADUATION!! and my family. Activities: Varsity Basketball Manager. V Wendy Portia Johnson Remembering . . . Friends, Renee, Carmen, Pammy, Sylvanni, Paulette, Rhonda, Jan Judi, John, Johnnie, Ed- ward, Brian, Tim, Billy, Jeff, Cindy, Chris, and others: Kodak and Timex, ,lOl'INNlE'S LEGS! Activities: Indoor Track, Post 189 Sec,, Mgr., V. Football, Mgr., V. Baseball. V Carmen R. Jones Remembering . . . my loving, familyp especially cousins Pam, Dand, Felicia, and God brother Toddy very special times with very special friends, Graduationp always striv- ing for that extra goal. Activities: Photography Club. ' , Jacquelyn Elaine Jones Remembering , . ,. al- ways, the love and guidance from mom and dad: thanks to my sister for being therep all my nieces especially, Tasha, Cherise, and my sis Collette and Tiag loved by that one and only special person. Activities: Chorus, Color Guard, COE. Stephen G. Jones Remembering . . . years spent in Neptune Senior Highg love from my family and friends, looking forward, to collegey cool-, ing with the boys: LC. Davis, Clate, Sean, Tony-Dee, Juan-Gee, Young, and crazy Eddie, my cousin John and Partner Aaron: all the ladiesg the special one: class of 86. Veronica Lynn Jones Remembering . . . love and guidance from my father, fun I had at the vocational school with June, Robert, and Donna. Rhonda Yolanda Joyner Remembering . . , love and support from my rnomp memories of "Grand Pang my two associates Jan and Judi: special times with Martin, the Pattersony my brother Bobbyp most of all Marvin Brooks. Activities: Indoor and Outdoor Varsity Track lmanj, Varsity Wrestling lman.J. David Peter Justus Remembering . . . my lov- ing girlfriend Tracy Abrams, Hi and low times with John, Karl, Jackson, Steve, Crane, long talks, Its a hitp the Hukap the basement, long bike rides at odd hours: the reservoir, Mr. Dry and lots of parties. 31 Denise Marie Kacrnarsky Remembering . . . great times with special friendsg shopping in New York City, long talksg partiesg cruzing the beachp long and exciting nitesp promises, "al- ways and forever"p Graduation, love and guid- ance from Gram and mom, especially always George. Activities: JV and Varsity Soccer. Amy Lou Kallestad Remembering . . . times with special friends: rippin parties, long and crazy nights, long talks: partying with Sue, Jen, and Lorig the Pubg Bruce concerts, the Black teamp summersg camping, Presidentp Post 189, cruzing night gamesp love and guid- ance from family, Graduation. Melvin Kenny Jr. Remembering . . . all the two faced people in Neptune: the kids I wanted to break, but didn'tg all my true friends espe- cially Eric, and someone special, live long and prosper!! Brian joseph Killeen Remembering . i . my musicg good frienclsp Mrs. Chong: Summer- timeg partying with Tommy, Billy, Adrienne, Porky, and Bart, growing up with Ciaffey, Ci- mino, and Paul Lee, not being understoodg thinking by myselfp times shared wtih Linda, best friend Tracyp laughter, the futureg dreaming, lay A. Kupisioski Remembering . . . friends past like Ron and Al: group at the lunch tableg that special someone Sheri Fisher. Brian Labarre William Patrick Laird Remembering . . .good times during school, especially after school, great times on the weekend with friends and people I didn't know. April O. Lane Remembering . . . love and guid- ance from my family: good times in gym with Tawannag the males: Rob, Paul, and Ceddyg fun times with Vikki, Joy, my cousin Adele Iohnsong the summer of "BS" and "84" with Cleola Austin. Activities: Color Guard, Deca. Sharon Eileen Lanusse Remembering . . . best friends with Michelle, Junebug, Hardie, Cin- Dee, and Mikey Vaniflalen concert with Chelle, mall with Coll and the gangp summer of 83 and 85, good friends Kris, Chuck, and baby Tony, partyingf rollerskatingg the crew at the dromeg running away junior year with Leese, Heavy Metalg Graduation, love and guidance from my family. William Joseph Latshaw Remembering . . , all the good times at Neptune High, especially with our group Departure and all my good friendsg The love and support from my family through the yearsp And most important, my love and care for Tammy and Tara. Watch out world, here I come! Marlene A. Lawrence Remembering . . . the times l had with Mary, Margarita, and my cousin Jackie Mitchellg The teachers who helped me through the years: also my sister Carleen Lawrenceg And the class of '86. john D. Leatherman Remembering . . . Karl, John, Crane, Dave, Lar, Sham, Sab, Kellie, Vic- tor, Pumpkin, April, Duke, Sam, Mini, Leanne, Tracy, SAT "Glenn", Beth, Anne- Marie, Shotwell, len, Pete, Campbell, Cole, jackson, Trip, jim, Joe, Suzie, Tara, K-car, Starvin Dog Kameleon Clown, the reservior, hello. 32 Us Z, Wwaaff W ,ff ., Eric Charles Lebowitz Remembering . . . all of the wonderfully boring days in Neptune Schoolsg Victor Belgrove, Mel Kenny, Eric, Chris Sternadore, people whom I grew up with and are my best friends, And last but not least, all my love for my parents and my girlfriend Michele. Nancy S. Lee Remembering . . . special friends Carol, Shawn, Michele, Hubert, Sheri and Pri- ma, Late night talks with WIL, red roses, grow- ing up, WILLIE, the beach, my late car, base- ball games, my teachers, and moments with 31. Activities: Var. Tennis, ,lr.!Sr. Council, Nat. Hon. Soc, Proteus. jennifer Lynn Leech Remembering . . . times with special friends, GAA, partyin with the boys, Mo's and Amy's parties, the beach, long nights, the N.Y. Bus Trip, BRUCE CON- CERT, long talks with Kristal, Michael, Lori and Amy. GRADUATION, love and guidance from my family. Beth Allyn Lees Remembering . . . the good and bad, special friends like Jen, Johnathan, Chuck, Dan, Patty, Sue, Carol, Michelle, Uncle Ray, My Buddy Glenn: the summer of 85, The Grove, drafting, donuts, Florida, the bee, the Pier, Alpho, and Graduationp love and guid- ance from my dad. Michelle Elena Leonard Remembering . . . good times with Mitzi Taylor, long talks with Karen and Pamp Partyin' with Vee and Doug, Special moments with Eddie and my love for Jimmy. Raymond B. LePree Remembering , , , Mi- chelle in drafting, Englishg Beth, Kathy, and Kim in Mr. Mixson's classy summer school, all night parties, Krauszer's great bosses and get- ting fired: the Parrot, great friends and great times, Graduation and Monmouth College, love and guidance from Mom and Dad. Monica Levy Remembering . . . Love and guid- ance from my parents and family: friends like Monica, Carmela, Kim, Tonya, Margarita, Marlene, Vanessa, and crazy moments with my ace friend Mary, Freshman year at Mon- mouth Regional, Friends in Tinton Falls, and mos! of all that special someone Jerome Hill. Margarita Louise Lewis Remembering . . . my family, fun times with Tracey, MeMe, Monica, Marlene, Ressa, Theresa, Valera, Iosett, and others in vocationalp being Dolphins co-cap- tain, loving Shannon McCleaveg also remem- bering my god-child Mecaela and my very best friend whom I will always cherish-my mother. Ronald Louis Lott Remembering , . . the sum- mer of 85 and all the friends l made, also old friends like Jay, Al, Sheri and every one else, high school and especially last year's Creative Writing class. james E. Love Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my familyg the crew in Florida, Tim, Bruce, Rodney, Bernard, Steven and espe- cially Kimi New friends like Tommy Venable, Howie, John Steve and Joe, Also little Sis Tammy and brother Brandon. Dawn Marie Lubcke Remembering . , . All the good times spent with Ricky and many more to comeg The Summer of 84, concerts, Billy ldol, WILDWOOD, laughing, crying, fights and making-up, Love for Ricky Voss and spe- cial support from family. Kevin Lynch 33 Rhonda Mann Carol Marshall Elizabeth Marthone Remembering , . . Special thanks to my mother who helped me make it and to my counselor Mrs, Parker who is al- ways thereg the fun with my cousin Carmelle, Mary and my special friends Louis Perry, Sa- brina, Marlene Lawrence and my teacher Mrs. Toranp Good Luck 87. Kellie Diana Martin Remembering , . . best times with special friendsg Partyin' with the boys from around the way, Special friendship with john, Summer 84, beach nites, GAA with Chrissyp funtimes with RJ, Mo's, Sue, first time skiing, Love, guidance and understanding from Mom, Dad and Nan and Pop, Paul Martinez Rhonda Mason Remembering . . . The fun times in NHS, and Chillin out with Denise, Henrietta, Saundra, Cindy, Olivet, Joyce, Shannon, Deneen, Eddie, Darryl, Walter, Mar- vin, Steve, Tony, Brian, The Boys and Girls of B-Park, Times with my brothers, Love and Guidance from Mom. Activities: Swing Flags, HERO. 'Teresa Beatrice Mayes Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my family, missing my father, special friends like Niece Williams, Donna Williams, Tee, Tina, Kim, Tia, Chelle, Kim, Tam, Kev, special memories with Ryan, Summer of 81, class of B4 and 85, Cheering, and the someone special who cares Todd Newland. Michele june McCoy Remembering . . . Good friends: love from my familyg trips to New Yorkg going to see my special friend Angelag DeBarge concerts, interesting summersg and especially Graduation. Activities: Blazer. Donna Lynn Marie McGee Remembering . . . Love from mom, summer of 84 and 85, buggin with Moo, Hol, Faye, and Carolynn, not quite making those hours to pioneer, my niece, Per- forming Artsl, Graduating, Canada, California, wedding plans, teachers that . , . , and especial- ly the love and respect for Angel Rodriguez. Preston LeRoi McGowan Remembering . . , Hanging with Scott, Duck, lunch with Gene, Howl and Gumby, travelling the WORLD with Gell, "Funning" at dancesg movies with Ken and Crew, 48-hour termpapers, MORE SLEEP, winkies, friends and family. Activities: V. Tennis, VP!Hon. Soc, IIS Councils. jadus Devon Mclntyre Remembering . . , The special guidance from my parents, Encourage- ment from my god-parentsg Everett family, Shapiros, Vonnie, Nana and Aunt Edrine, Partners: Tim, Steve, jamaic, Chip, Mike, Mal- colm, Iesusg Females, Best, Simms, Jen, Ingridg MY TURNTABLE, Aces, Troy, Kev, Harry and Mike and Rob. Carlos M. McKinley Remembering , . , The best years of my life as as a teenager and stu- dent in N.HiS.p the love and guidance from my loving family and my friends who have either helped me or gotten me in trouble, Craig, Aar- on, Steve, Tony, Mark, Steven, Eric, Michele, Roxanne, Jill, Ken. 34 at 4824 xyw , l f X um, W Ab,-v X 1 ' aa ' .- ,H ,f, . ,nam-, 14,4 . ., ., MW t Q f, ' 4 f , -JW., , 7 ' ' Of ,ffcfg-fx, ' .2t',,, I ,QM Muff. 4 ' ,' ,nwhfzv fnff-4':.,v1g44f,fffpvf Wf' , ff f ,ff 4' fa . , we .fy ff w t rs- V Afffzi-f-mr.fa'.'f,6,.a.'QA f , f 1 t ft mlffsi, md f.- , 1f4g,,yx,: wi 944-:gf-1fwz'ff27,a,qff, !f,, , -4 .,w,wf.- , ,tm It ' ff' ,ff . - vw 4 ffg,f4,,:4y,L,..-,, ,.f2,,:- , ,f 4, ,' uf J 1,?Qc'3?'v7f '+L , 4' pw . 'zws:5't2rff52:y-'X-1 ,fy f, ' :iz ,of n t 4, ,af 1 ,rw -f wc.. ffef- - ' ?:..f2:z,:aia'3?df w2,v,,:f Denise Almeaditrea McNair Remembering , . . love and guidance from my family, Var. Cheer- ing, good and bad times with "Majestic Black Females", friends Shawn, jones, Lenice Den- ise, Keith, Shonda, cuz Myra: those not worth forgetting, caring for Keith Howie. Kay Marie McNair Remembering . . . Happy to make it this Ear with the guidance of my parents, love for my sisters Tania, Yvette, Edie and brother Rob, my grandparents and Aunt Joan, my beautiful niece Michelle, my best friend Frances Hill, special friend Kim Mur- phy and last but not least Eddie Deas. June Lynn Megill Remembering . . . All the times with my brothers and sisters, Sharon, Michelle, Mike, Hardie and Shawn, Fun with Deb and Trap Cruisin in the bugmobile, blast- ing tunes and getting rowdy, Heavy Metal Rulesl, Love to my family and good luck to my sis Kim, Hey Deb Backa, Backap Mike's crash. Tracy Marie Megill Remembering . . . Love and Guidance from my Family, all the good times with my friends Vi, Caren, Nan and Linda, to the top of Tam with Nan, the class of 865 Graduation, driving, the loss of loved ones, special love to my family. Paul D. Mercer Remembering . . . all the good times in Homeroom with Pete and Scott, good times with Kurt and his crue Special thanks to my mum and to my girlfriend Mau ood Luck to the class of 86. !ames Merz w Thanks to Dave Soto a good friend, all the Clinton Ward Miller, Jr. Remembering . . . My best friends Eric, AI, Mel and Kirk, and all those other special friends whom I have come to know, l'm glad they took the time to carey "The Next Steven Spielbergng See you at Bever- ly Hills Egurtha Marie Miller Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my mom and dad, the fun in vocational with Lamont, Javier, Papo, Ernie and Cynthiag the fun with family and friends, Deb, Rob, Cleatus, Roz, K-Love in AP, T-Rock and Ricky: especially Tamika Miller, Des- mond T, and Tamiko, Xina Mc. Jacqueline Elizabeth Mitchell Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my mum, Aunt and Mrs. Wilsong friends like Peggy, and Jean and my cousins Carleen and Marlene, Juan Miti Nanette E. Monteleone Remembering . . , the Love and guidance from my mother and grandparents, my good friends and the Class o . 'slohnnie M. Moore' ,emembering . . . Guidance qi? ' GP IV Track Teamg fun times at Penn Relays 85 with Rob-Jay, Andre, Blanton, Kennel, no-luck, that magnificent mile relay, never forgetting my partner Pat Smith and fun at LU, agd.-A-l-ways that special person. Activities:,,fN,lROTC, :X-Country Track. T" 35 Wednesday Annell Moore Remembering . . , Always the love and support of my family, the girlies and fly guys around the way, maxin with Munroe, chillin with the crew at my job especially one particular member, never for- getting Darlene Bagner, to everybody I left out "Peace, Love and Happiness". Raquel Collette Morgan Remembering . . . Guidance and direction from family, Bro Jeff, friends, Carmen, Judi, jan, Pat, Val, George, Veronica, Carolyn, Faye, Tia, Craig, The Mor- gans, JC, Tina, Sonya, April, 9th grade and voc with Kevin, John, Tony also the Past Present and Future, Love for Ethan D. Philips, Sonya Monique Morgan Remembering . . . All the love and guidance from my father and grandparents, Aaron, mom and little sis Traci, fun with cousins Raquel, Tina, Rita, and the Righteous Sisters, "Everyone Sonya made it", Love for Ronald Van Eaton. Tina Marie Morgan Remembering . . . Love and guidance from my family, long lasting friendships, with Teresa, love for my cousins JC, Sonya, Raquel, April, Timmy and joe, re- membering the talks with Denise in HR, Yogi, Prince, Tee-Tee, Gordy and others, the good times the high school and Mr. Mischler, Chris Nikki Munn Remembering . . . Wild times with Lisa, Lisa, Donna, Sue, Liz, David, Dennis and others, Summer of 84, Xanadus, Donna's parties, Leather and Lace, Loch Arber, Duran, Someone very special, "Victorian", Omni, Cabin, Love for Mom and Dad, Loving a - Missing Pop. emembering . . . The Love from Mom an Dad, Sisters Tanya and Pam, Special friends Ienn, Kayo, Addie, Chrissy, Steph, Lori and Annie, Memories of Sheery Price, Dawn and Ebony, best friend Mary Deprisco, love for my nephew jamie and friends not mentioned but remembered. Olivette Murp Nellie Marie Myrtil Remembering . 4 . Love for my family especially mom and dad, always my sisters, talk and advice from my favorite sister Yvrose, love for Jrmie, Tana, Tite soeur, Fan-Fan and Moy, Great times with great friends and all my love for poupie, jasmine, Fifie, Mique, Gabie, Agnes Eunide. Andre C. Nash Remembering . . , Love and guidance from my family, good and bad times in the high school, special friends like Wanda, Jan, Judi, NICKY and the members of the Class of 86, also those who l did not mention, and Mr. Amabile - a tough coach but a winner. Activities: JV!Varsity Football, Track, Hazel M. Navarro Remembering . . . Good times with "Roe", long talks with friends, making new friends, going out and partying with Mag and Jill, Growing up and finding myself, love and guidance from my family fthanks Marco and Georgej, Love for Sal, luck to Class of 86. Jesus Felipe Nazario, Jr. Remembering . . . The females, parties, fights, late nights and early mornings, the fellas throughout the years, spe- cial friends, my Partners John, Doug and the Click, My special relationship with Kim Brooks, Thanks Mom for Everythingl, Lots of Success to 86. Merrel Neal Remembering . . . My boys from 85, chillin with my boys from 86, Daryl, Jaimbo, Gee, Metic, Chris, Rob, Tony Brier, wrestling every year and baseball, Time spent with my girl Lynn and all the guidance from my step-father, and especially the person who means the most to me- MY MOTHER. 36 'R 57 fm " V ' af" ., Tw V, ff 'mmwa X f 21. .e f ff ,,, Y , I .m a I ,I ,a ff K Qi.. f A ,W,,,,f, 1 fa 4: f ,, fl ' mfr, ,, M.. , f,,,,,,,f f f f Fayth Newell Peter Nordhausen Remembering . . . John, Carl, Jill, Rob, Dave, Tracyg The Roomg The Flagsp Led Zepg Jaguar, British cars that don't work, The Firm Concert: Traacyg My wonder- ful legp Mom, Dad, Sherri, Brian,p Surfing, Parking lots, Jackp agent orangeg the band: ani- malsp assorted colors, the pier, Gloria. Cheryl Oates Remembering . . . My best bu- gout partners Nita and Eric. Love and guidance from Mom and Dadg Eddie, Kris, Toni, Kim, Kim, Chelle, Juan, Kelly, Maggie, Howell friends, chilling with you, and that special someone: my grandfather, Reverend Oates. times with special friends Joanna Karen and Michelle Unforgettable times with them and my mother N YC Mr Book and finally Graduation all the love and guidance from my friends and family especially my mother Janice Marie Orland Remembering Gradu ationg Parties and crazy times wtih Lisa and Kathyp "the Wild Women"g Me-Me and Ge- Ge, Buggin in Hope's class,g Laughing and cry- ing with Marisap Band practice: thoughts of Petey Love an uidance from my mother. jennifer J. O'Shea Remembering . . . Special ,-.-,...d.gC Dennis Wayne Pappa emembering . , The C,,,..,4 - g an a imesp aving fun on the DECA trips with jen,Sue, Lori, Mic, Debg Great Gorgeg N.Y.C.g Cherry Hill: Friends: Kurt, Dunc, Olly and especially love for Amyg Hal- loween 835 and my parents, Activities: Var. and J. Var. Soccer, DECA President. Paulette Nicole Parker Remembering . . . the laugher and fun with good friends: Robbi, Syl- vanni and Margaret, crazy times with Trever and Jimmy: treasuring the love from my fam- ilyg Pierrei Activities: Student Council, Nat. Hon. Soc. Treas., Sen. Council Treas,, Var. Basketball. Susan Lynn Parren Remembering . . . special friends, partyin with the boys, Mo's House, crazy with Amy, slickness with Kel, rippen, good times with John B and Chrissy, , The Mobiles, cheering with Love and Jen, long nites, special times with John, Love and pa- tience from mom and dad. Activities: Soccer, G.A.A., Jr. and Sen. Council, Ski Club. Michelle Yvonne Parreott Remembering . . , Special and real friends, great times, Tennis Matches, Secretaries fThank Youl, Trish tbe- yond Beliefjg McEnroe and Martinag 227, Se- crets told and untold, Coryg the few decent guys, Honor Society, Maggie cruisingp Hillary and Co., Nancy and Carol, twins: Class of '86, Amish Patel Louis Per Christopher Kyle Peters Remembering . . . the good times with Duncan, Kurt, Tom, Gluck, Barone, Chad, Olly, Boo and Dave, especially Kim and Scheidtsg The Birds. Activities: Varsi- ty Soccer, Wrestling. 37 6-A-Iired Pettitxllemembering . , . Special times ' .-- eciaifriends Eric, Clint, Michele Grace, German class with Wiessel, Dan Lisa, Slam!, The Graces, love and guidance from my fam- ily, field hockey and football games, other nighttime activities, post-game entertainment, Post 189 with Mr. Scott, the class of 86. George W. Pinkney Remembering . . . the good times at the hall and at assemblies with Faye, Carolyn, Raquel, Phillips and Washing- tons, Hall Construction 1983, Main men: Steve, Brian, Chris, and others, Stephanie and Mona, jan, Judi, Robbie, and also that special lady. Eugene Plummer Remembering . . . Dreams we've had, 11th grade with Rich and all the love and guidance from my mom and dad, fun in the 12th grade and all the support from Mr. Ryan and Mr. Stuck, Thanks alot for getting me a job, the fun I had working with Boo-Boo. Henrietta Polite Remembering . . , all the guid- ance and love from my parents and sister who helped me make it through these last years, also the times with my cousin Denise Wig- gins, the laugher shared with Peggy, Lisa, Jo- sette, Tammy, Monica, jose, Nicky and Mark, turning back knowing you have a FRIEND. Hillary Prater Ioseph Matthew Price Remembering , . . Good times and teachers, the Grove Gang, hanging at Grimace's house, Leatherman, Karl, Jax, Claffey gang, The airport and the moon, The Camaro, "Tom you're a sponge", Special mem- ories with Elizabeth, bless my mother for put- ting up with me, memories of Sherry and the good times she's left me. Lenice Bianca Puryear Remembering . . . Love from mom, dad and family, forgetting bad and remembering good friends Denise, Denise, Shonda, Toni, I.eTisha, lil sis Kai, tiny cuz Tina, love for Boo McNeil, The guys of 86 especially jones, The ones I forgot I wanted to forget. Activities: Cheering. Darrell Reed Toni Lynn Reid Remembering , . . Guidance received from family, Football Cheering 84, Friends like Kristal, Cheryl, Kim, Chelle, Ed- die, lesus, juan, Kev, Never forgetting our bugged out times and more to come, Special moments with Martin A. Mannings in the past and many more in the near future, GRAD. Jones C. Richardson Remembering . . . The fun in the senior high, Bugging out in Gym, Bug- ging Rodney-n-Toi and the Puryears, night football games, partying in Lakewood with Brian, Darrell, Kahn, chilling with Derrick in summer school, females, Love and guidance from mom and pop, Class of 86 and Green Grove. Michael R. Rickett Remembering . . . Good times with Tom, jeff, Brian, Sandy, Kim, Car- ol, Mickey, Michelle, Jill, Bill, and others, Rides home with Tom and the Brat Pack, Sum- mer festivities with Brian and Jeff, Love for Donna and guidance from my family. Activi- ties: Golf. Kristal Rodriguez 38 fjfw aff ffsffffaw f were WXZWZW fl 'M V ff X 1. f Q e,f,,,,, teri ! ..., ,,,, i ,, , ""'s,+r .4-1 3 V rua 5 ,ff W. 'i 5 s. , ig 'f al l India llene Riller Alicia Risby Caren joan Ritter Remembering . . . Home- coming 84, BS, Football and night soccer games, French Club, National Honor Society, junior and Senior Councils, Yearbook, Red Dancers, Tra and Tracy, love and guidance from my family, teachers like Mrs. Abrams and Mrs. Conklin, West Virginia Wesleyan, Here I come! Steven F. Robinson Remembering . . . Guid- ance from my family, The bugged times with the Clique, Monroe Brothers, Ed, jadus, Eric, Tim, Duane, Yogie, and john, Girls: Kim, Toni, Kristal, Kelly, Kelli, and especially Jo- Anne, Arizona 85, my Camaro. Activities: Se- nior Class V.P., Soccer, Band. Thomas W. Robinson Remembering . . . Good friends: Mike, jeff, and Brian, the infamous lunch table, beach, Shane, Donna, and Kim, Swimming, Being abused by the Brat Pack, love and guidance from my mom. Activities: All Shore Band, All-State Band, Region Il Band, Marching Band, Varsity Swimming, Governor's School. Sean Rochette Angel Rodriguez Joseph Rucker Dwayne Andrew Ruddock Remembering . . . the hard work, fun times at football games, bugging out after lunch, the kick from the back, My boys Steve, Carl, jadus, Eric, and Darrin, all of the good times: Ivy Wells, bas- ketball, the Monroe Brothers, and love and encouragement from my family, and 86, Robert Rush Shonda Madelene Rush Remembering . . . all the fun through the years, cooling out with the Majestic Black Females, Denise, Lenice and the rest, love and guidance from my family, and especially that special someone, Varsity cheer- ing, and especially GRADUATION. Michael Dean Salamone Remembering . . . the good times with my best friend Tom, Motley Crue, and Cold Heat, Saint Rose basketball games, partying at the airport, night games, racing at the circuit, and love and guidance from my family. 39 Kathy Lynn Salamone Remembering . . . The great times with Mary. Colleen, and JoAnn, Summer of "BS", Key Largo, the red team danc- ers, beach days with Col and Jo, The window, the roof, Field Hockey, the pizzaria, Janice and Lisa, special times with Mark, and the love and guidance from my parents. Judy Darlene Sanders Remembering . . . Knowledge is a gift, An eternal flame which burns within us, When it begins to die it takes more than one person to build it up, Mom, George, and Denise for helping me make the right decisions, the years at school. Viola Sarkantyus Chris J. Sarosick Remembering . . . Ernie, Deeter, Jack, surfing the Pier with Robbie and Chris, working with Hockenberryg "Dough- boy"!"Cooth", all the green M8:M's I ate, the river beach, my parents, renting my room to the plumber, love for the Blonsel's, especially Kerry, graduating. Renee P. Savage Remembering . . . the fun times in and out of N.H.S., the Junior High, my one year and friends from A.P.H.S., good friends Michelle, Derryl, Michele, Mel, Steph, Sean, Wendy, Cheryl, Sil, Sta, Towyanna and Delila, the Club, Mom, Jay, Johnny and Donie. Kathleen Marie Schaar Remembering . . . old and new friends, especially Yong Mee and Brenda, summers past, the accident, hiding in the wall, skiing in the rain, tennis with Cather- ine, love and guidance from my family, Alfie. Activities: GAA, Float Com., Ski Club. .n.Yu,,M John Schnuth E J,,,,.....J Miche e Lynn Schooley Remembering . . . our rippin senior year, all-nite parties, deep dark secrets, wild adventures with my best friend Kathy, talks with everyone, boys from around the way, my first car, cruisin, sneakin out, talks with Amy, great times with Andrea, Den- ise, and Elaine. Todd S. Scottson Remembering . . . all the fun on the soccer team, Thanks to John Barone and John Cluckow for their welcoming to Nep- tune, Homeroom with Mrs. Wise, fun times with Paul Wyman, Duncan, Kurt, and Kyle, John H. and his dad, my family for their love and support. Anita J. Settles Remembering . . . love, guid- ance and wisdom from my grandmother, night football games, 6th per. lunch, working at McD's with the crew, summer of '85, wild times in Mrs. Wise's hmrm., help from Career Resource, quizzes in data proc. with Gina, love for family, sister Tiffany. Alfred Shaw April Danielle Sheffield Remembering . love and guidance from my parents, guidance from Mrs. Thompson, lvey's class, Dr, No's English class, Tam and her family, Carmen, ChrisAnn Kevin, Carl, and Tim. Activities: Post 189, Latin Club, GAA, Debating Club, Ski Club. 40 f-fs f ff K W 4? f0Z Mfg ig 4' 1 ' 'af- "1 6 . - '42, ,,.,. I. ff K" f . ' ff' -'Zi-1 , ,,f.r+, L f ef 'g zigfi 374 J . f fa ' fanny-.' 5 Wi", ififfl ' H ' -I fi, W R 7. "vi, fp 1,2 N 01. . ,,, by ,x 1 ii., 1 My ff 4 .f ' ,f ' ,fp 72. . j M. 24. ,,,, 1 , ,-'. 4' .ff if ' ,- ffftf u p f ff X f M99 I , fi SSN! W- . L e ,. .oc X x,.. .- X s- .Xe ., K ,3 X X . X - .we -i . . we ,,X. igffkffi cle: - ,. '5' Y'X X 3' ,M 1 iifgi rf is ,Q 2:5 is -vw 5 2 sf 5 , ..,,t . 5 gs Deneen Scott Nathaniel Elijah Scott Remembering . . . the good times bugging out with Malcom X, Gene Wad and Gumby over the summerp Hanging out with Mervin and Reggie Daye when the lights flashed redp Most of all being best of friends with Preston and Gene-Gene and Chris, Doc, Steve, Warren. Veronica Session Cathy Shropshire Denise Simmons Kelly Sims Mark A. Sloss Remembering . . . Shawn, Duck, Hubert, and all the friends I missed, bowling with Mr. Bass, and homeroom. Alexis A. Smith Remembering . . . all the good times with Donna Williams fsisl, summer of 85 with Dave, getting lost in Trenton with Dave and Greg, love and guidance from my family, and most of all, that special person Dave Shumard. Christine Lynn Smith Remembering . . . "the boys from around the way", summer 85, Bruce! partyin, cruisin with Sue, wild times, laughter, tears, long talks, GAA, Black Cheering, Vic- tory 84! night games, buggin with cheering squad, rippin senior yearl Doug, Barone, Kel, love from my family. g Kenneth A. Smith Remembering . , . all the times with Gene, Warren, Gumbi, Danny, How l., Shawn, Chris, Toastie, Ducky Times with friends unmentioned, but not forgotten, love for Mom and Dad, And lasting memories of Yvonne. Lois Smith Remembering . , . the most success- ful year of the three, that special Luis in my lifeg my girls Tarasia and Nicheleg my girls Arelene and Roseland, Michelle, Diane, night games! Patrick Ryan Smith Remembering . . . the love and guidance l received from my familyh "the time" and "cameo", Swinging with Noes, Evette, Sheri, Nec, and Tracy, The fun prac-V tices with the track teamg The fun times witl' Johnnie Moore, and Maria Gilmeri 41 Ricky Smith Tracey A. Smith Remembering . . . Yevette, Darlene, Tiane, Tamira, Larnette, Niecy, Keedap pep rallies, summers, being successful in whatever I do. Beth Ann Soles David Soto Carl Phillip Spinner Remembering , . . Love and guidance from my parents: Cooling out with Tim, Kevin, Steve, jadius, Dwayne, and Darrell: special young ladies: Tia, Samantha, Lori, Jennifer, Terrie, Maria, Tina, Theresa, April, Sonya, Pam, Tracy, Nadine, Addie, Ne- cey, and Daneeng Track and R.O.T.C. Norman Stelling Remembering . . . My never- ending love and friendship for Bethg Mr. Ca- fone and Hysterical Society, Herr Wiess und Deutsch Klasseg Steve and "Warum?"g lunch with Al, Ron, Jay, "Shiny Things", and ERlC!p And laughs with others. Kelvin W. Stewart Remembering . . . good and bad times, James, jeff, Tia, Lucy, Darrell, Keith, Ethan, Timothy Phillips, teachers: Mr. Mischler, Mr. Baker, and others, love and guidance from my family and the Eldersg the class of 1986. Valerie Stewart Bryan Stillwell ' Brian Sturzione Nancy Kay Sumrall Remembering . . . Friends: Linda, Tracy, and Reep Great timesg Summer of 845 Kohr'sg Parties: Fun and Peoplep G.A.A. Black Dancers 84-855 love and guidance from my family. Activities: Student Council, C.A.A. Council, Black Dancers, Math Team, National Honor Society. Kyril Suszko 42 WW! ,, ,,,, , ,, ,,, V, f, V LWiffX77Z xc twvf 41? , rw, W, J Qvfgff Www' Jennifer A. Sweatt Remembering . . . Love and support from my family, sharing seven years of good friendship with Addie, laughing with sis, Steph, Jackie, and Michelle, Kim Murphy, Carl, Michelle Fitch, Denise, Paul, and all the others, and those special moments with that special guy in 85, ChrisAnn Szewczyk Betty Jane Tagnosky Remembering . . . Special memories of Dad, Great times with Leni, Christopher George, lodi Lynne, jackie, Jerry Balletta, Mark, AJ., Debbie, and John, Kathy and Lee, Susan and Shannon, Dawn and George, and love for Mom, Lori Tave Remembering . . . Special times with Michael, Red Cheering with Sue and jen, Long nights and long talks, Mo's, Friends: Amy, Scott, The Boys, New York bus trip, Gradua- tion, love and guidance from family. Activi- ties: DECA, COOP, Junior Council, Float Committees, GAA. Mitzi Suzanne Taylor Remembering . . . Good times with special friends: Michelle, Sandy, Patty, and everyone, partying, hanging out, concerts, modeling, love for Stan, and love and guidance from my family. Ronald Lee Taylor Remembering . . . FLASHI, the family, Angye, the ladies that taught me so much: Lori, Ambition, Kris, Toni, humility, long talks, Teresa, Competition, Tracy, Debts, Donna, feeling for Kathy, Smile, Betty, Mrs, Mauthe, caring, Tammy, Outgoing Sue and others. Yolanda Denise Taylor emembering . . . Love ance from my parents, love for Nana, support from Roz and Dennis, Jykera, Dez- mond, and Louis Perry, good times with Peggy and Quinette, Nights out with Tammy and the crew, Howard W. Thomas Remembering . . . love and guidance from my family, especially Mom, Good times with the Crew: Gene, Ken- ny, Preston, Shawn, Rickie, Warren, Gumby, and Scottie, Special feelings for Tammy, Bar- one, Gluckow, Kellie, Sue, and James. Activi- ties: JVXV Baseball. Cindy Ann Tirrell Remembering . . . living, learning, and laughing with Sid, Sally, Shell, Wendy, Lee, Dan, Luke, Susie's Girls, my se- cret friend, my whistle, Council, Hockey, the Rosascos, love and guidance from my family, especially Gram, and most of all that special someone, john. Margaret Elaine Veasy Remembering , . . the love and guidance from Mom, my best friend, memories of Dad, my godparents, Robbi, Pau- lette, Michele, Mia, lan, Jeff, Cheryl, and Sheri, Shannon Douglas Hill, our three special years with many more to come. Michael Angel Velazquez Remembering . . . All the good times at Neptune Senior High School, Love and guidance from my Mom and others, all the females through the years, get- ting out with guys and special times with Ma- ria R. Tammy Renee Venable Remembering . . . good and bad times at Neptune, my bugged out friends, April, Tammy, Kevin, lames, Hil- lary, Terraine, Mrs. Eskridge, love and guid- ance from my family, that special person Mike, and the years to come, 43 Kathy Alisa Vernon Remembering . . . Special moments with special friends: Jeff, Kristal, Steve, and the Club "S", Caring for'Mike GJ Past and future lovesg but especially my love for my Momg Mrs. Seidel understanding, The Class of 1986- "Take lt Lightl". Michael Virgilio Remembering . . .Good times with Nerz, Dumbo, Schultzer, Chris, and Shimg the rest of the crewg summer 85, Shark River Hillsg missions, beach partiesp Mike, love and guidance from my family. Lori I.. Vulgaris Remembering . . , love for Momg Denineg Yiag long talksg Irvington with Lisa and familyg Caprig Where's my Sambvca, 3M miles away?g New Yorklg Danceteriag Vil- lageg Palladium, Bloomfield guysp Mark Sicolip My Fault. Gene C. Waddy Remembering , . . growing up through good and bad timesp Ken, Warren, Cumby, Nate, Preston, Howe, Duck, and Shawng ladies, parties, and road trips with Chris G,, jan, and ludig all the rest of my 'fspecial acquaintanceshg love and support from my family. Renee Kim Walker Remembering . . . fun times with Donna, Daphne, Paula, Peggy, and best friends Michelle and Diane: Tammy, Kim, Amy, Saddie, Damean, and Briang and love and guidance from my family. Shawn D. Walker Remembering . . , Warren, Kenny, Gene, Darrin, Howie, and Dannyg jVfV Baseball, support from Nancyp stealing second and winning games-thanks to coaches Kibbler and O'Donnellg Mom and Dadg fun with Mr. Monaghan and Mr. Olenik, Activi- ties: Baseball, Band. Tammara Walker Darryl Keith Walton Remembering , . . Fun times in Neptune with family and friends, es- pecially the special timesp thanking my mother and family for love and guidance through the years. Sheri Lynn Washington Remembering . . . Teresa, Rhonda, Frances, Yvette, Tee-Tee, Cas- sandra, Diane, Vicki, Diane, Margaret, Mi- chelle, Long talks with Kevin Jamesg ,Love and guidance from my familyp and the love shared with Troy Anthony Byrd! Kathy Anne Wasson Remembering , , . Our rippin' senior year: All nite parties: deep dark secretsg special times, wild adventures with Michelle, great times with the hockey team: Ellie, Bong, Dee, a great coach and friend: Lom- bardi: and love and guidance from Mom and Dad, Activities: Field Hockey. William D. Weck Remembering . . . the good times: swimming: "oops"p Steve, Paul, Patti Bray, Little sistersp Howell party, craziness with Steve and Paul: and finally leaving Nep- tune High School. Cindy Anne Wells Remembering . . . my par- ents putting up with me and still caringg Deb- bie, Pam, Mimi, Tootie, Kim, Kelly, Joe, and Tosha, Pam and Gary, the crew in West Philly: Rhonda and Saundrag going to New York, finding the real meg That Olivet, Oh Nolg espe- cially caring for Robert Williams. 44 aj, 4' at .. ,fqe-1. r ,,. .ESQ Josette M. Wheelings Remembering . . . the love and guidance from my mother and family who help me throughout my years in High School, The love for my special friends Quin- ette, Sandy, Venessa, my best friends Tee and Theresa, Tonekag But most of all the love I share with Kenny. Roberta Leslie White Remembering . . . love, patience and guidance from mom and dad, Three years at Neptuneg True friendship from Paulette, special times with Andrea, Kathy, Tina, and Shari, Talks and shopping with Margaret and Sylvanni, Past and future mo- ments shared with Sean Blaylock. Steven White Remembering , . . the love and guidance from my family and the love we share, My friend Dave the window and Bruceg The 86 football team, Andrew, John, and Vic, And my love for Beth. Activities: ,l.V. and Var. Football, Indoor and Outdoor Track, Histori- cal Society. Valerie Lynn White Remembering . . . My cousins: Wendell, Tracy, and Warrickp fun with Tonya and Steve in Gymg and others like: Shanah, Peggy, Robbie, Steve, Louis, Margari- tag but especially the love and guidance from Mom and Dad. Activities: Dolphins, mgr, Denise Wiggins Remembering . . . all the good timesy love and guidance from my momg brother, grandmother, and Sue, Special love for my one and only, Nathaniel Louis Wig- gins, and Nathaniel lacksonp also Mom Helen, Peg, Angela, and little Jazzy friends Dottie, Deneen, Rhonda, and Henrietta. Robert Wiggins Remembering . . . the good times with Brad, subuteo, Dennis: cruising in the boaty Key Largog Malibu, the 74 S5. Nova, Varsity Soccer: House Partiesg my parents, My sister: summer of 85 with Shannon, who I will love and be with alwaysg her special caring Mom and sister Carla Ann, Quinettea Wiggins Remembering . . . Good times in Neptuneg being thankful that I made it this farp love and guidance from my mother and close friendsg Josette, Dawn, Janece, Kathy, Valerieg a good friend Daveg but most of all my love for Lionel Houston. Dana Maria Williams Remembering V. . . friends, Partners in crime, good and bad times with jeff Larking sympathy to those who get Mr. Clarkg love for Tommy, and next year. James D. Williams Remembering . , . love and guidance from the family, best friend Chris Gilbertg good luck partnerg cuz Rob Jaxp Cash- mere, Cotillionp Senior Councilg N.Y.C.g a few very special young ladiesg Collegeg with goals, hopes and dreams for the future. Rhonda Williams Shari Lynn Williams Remembering , . . the good and bad times in Neptune, my friend Ishels, the hourly talks with Boo-as-lovis and Maurop the love and guidance from my family and Bobby. Tamara Williams 45 Carol Ann Wilson Remembering . , . special friends Nancy and Shawn, Vonnie, Noel and Bro Ratt, Boodie, Tim, Michele, Michelle, Chris, Kris, Jing, Nicole, Vicki, Prima, Amy and Beth, the beachp laceg palm treesg WILLIE, crammingg life with Herbertp all the love and support from my family. Saundra Renee Wilson Remembering . . . the good times in the High School, love and guid- ance from mom and dad, special sis Staceyp loving nephew Quanie, bugged out friends, Olivet, Rhonda, Ronnie, India, Adele, Love for family: Yolanda, Joanne, Terri and more fun years to come. John A. Wolf Remembering . . . all the good and bad times at Neptune High Schoolg Special thanks to mom and dad for their support, my love for Debbie who was and is always there for meg my favorite cousin Kathy and her best friend Susan: Michele and her problems. Elaine Marie Wright Remembering . . . our rippin senior year, all nite parties, great times with great friends, especially Kathy, Dee, Boog, Mo, and the restg Our great hockey team and thanks to coach Lombardip Mo's parties, special times, Eddie, long talks, driving, learn- ing of love from mom and dad. ' Richard I. Wyche Remembering . . . the bugged out times with Richard and Darrin and Saundra my woman and my other woman Denise, Kathy and her funny voice: the won- derful support of my mother, sister Rochelle, and my little sister Muffin. Steven Charles Wyckoff Remembering . . . my 4 years on Neptune swim team, The great times we had and the PARTIES, the lost togap Fun in band, cracking on Kavin with Amy, Beth, Tom: Summer of 85, Bradley Beach and all the guarclsg Talks in Seide1's class with all the notes: Friends Paul, John, Bill. Horng S. Yang Remembering . . , the National Honor Society, Math team, Swimming, Ten- nis, SAT classes, Fun times with friends and the beach this summer. Darrin Thomas Young Remembering , . . the fun times over the summer of 85 with Richard 1 and 2, Malcom and Ryan, Bugging out in homeroom 242: all the lovely females of 86g bugging out in period 5 lunch, with love and guidance from my family. Peggy Young Remembering . . . all the love and support of my big sister Anglea and brother Thang especially mom, pop, and sweet aunt Mary: cousin Vatina Hightower and fam- ily: Jazzie-man, little than, Nicey, Jose, Carol, Alica, Jackie, Yolanda, Louis, Darren, and the TEST. Denise Marie Zarro Remembering . . . our rippin senior year: crazy times with special friends: Mo's party houseg great times with the hockey team, especially Kathy, Ellie, Boog thanks to a great coach-Lombardig Love and guidance from mom and dad, Activities: LV. and Variity Field Hockey, Honor Society. 46' ry mv 51,1 . .ftsfaf-w - wi 'S' SI NIU! Most Popular john Gluckow Kellie Martin! Kevin Dunbar Duncan Brown Preston McGowan Runners-up Most School Spirit Runners-up Barbara BeSt Judi Cornelious, Shonda Rudli Mm 1 v l 1 Stephen Etz Sean Blaylock Steve Robinson Tim johnson Most Intelligent Runnerseup Runners-up Nancy Beling Nancy Lee Friendliest Cindy Calderon Carmen Jones SlIJlDlIfllf2IlAlfIIWI S john Gluckow Preston McGowan Andrew Goodman John Blanton Runners-up Most Athletic Runners-up 5 E 3, Best All Around Cindy Calderon Rhonda Mann Andrea Jackson Rhonda Mann 5 ,Ly 'f David Justus Glenn Fore Class Clown Duncan Brown Patrick Smith Cutest Couple Runners-up Runners-up ,wtf Tracy Abrams Cindy Calderon Michelle Eskridge Maria Corrino 5. " 1 7. X E i i F 4 1 f 4, , L o rj S f Biggest Change Since Freshman Year Class Flirt Victor Belgrove Vicky Elmer Patrick Smith Tammy Harvey Runners-up Runners-up Wayne Rudduck Kathy Wasson John Barone Chris Sczewczyk l l 2 E l 2 1 i x Most Accident Prone W Best Build r v David Justus Regina DeCraffenreid John Blanton Michglle Eskridgai Runners-up Runners-up C fi Steven Downing A Kathy Wasson John Hendrickson Lisa B oyce y, v P Nicestv Smile Sean Blaylock Cindy We11,5 Runners-up Preston McGowan i Renee Savage i r i Prettiest Eyes Iadus Mclntyre L Tina Morgan r l D i Runners-up John Gluckow, Michelle Hoover Class Chatterbox Kevin Dunbar ' Lois Smith Runners-up Richard Duck April Sheffield 7 WY 9:1?'Qf'5749i 7' 5 aibsfifbfpefiefcfifrff 1533? M Go, v v Q. .fgifrw Q r Hrs ON P , ,. We . 4 gf U1 C3 E, 8 EF :Q E- 2 5' 5 2 7125 5 CIS, us as " mg Q "' C cnt: ,-, if -1 'USA U' H 76" 71 fi Z? 5 B 2 9 E S. 0 In D , f , W brsr RA RX NS XQX wif 5 Best Dressed George Pinckney Barbara Best Runners-up Kevin Dunbar Lisa Boyce Most Likely To Succeed John Gluckow Nancy Belmg Runners up Preston McGowan Nancy Lee 5-I Demon Driver Jesus Nazario Cathy Flesca Runners-up Michael Myrie Tammy Harvey Tallest Stephen Beltle Paulette Parker Shortest Qflandg Hare Tammy Prascella Q' SIENIID Most Sophrstncated f George Pmkney Raquel Morgan Runners up y Kevm Dunbar Barbara Best, 3 lUlDIEIl2IlA'lfIlWlIfY L- 7 L Most Artistic -QAW 1 Paul Cheryl Play WW' Most Musical Tommy Robinson Olivette Murphy X .if In 4 U if N us gl . N N , X J Faculty Torment James Williams Veronica Session Best Looking John Gluckow Kellie Martin jesus Nazario Krystal Rodriques X X. 'YXXSXFXQ X x X, XXX-XQXXFXX XXXXXXXX X X .XX 'X XXX A 9 f . ff M5 'QJ7 fi: XQ.Jgi.2.::ILQi' ffgfwfi fgigiiliif ---f'12wmg,,ggg f' X 4 NN.. f XXX X SQ X X NX X A c ode m c s P r i n c i P a l Z V ! V, Q p , 1 , f . .." , , , , ' 7iI, ' Mr. Keith I. DeLuca Supervisors Standing: Mr. Thomas Brusky, Mr. Richard Springer. Seated: Mrs. Janice Sweeney, ppgarhart, Mrs. Janet Smith, Mrs. Rosalie Coleman. 56 Mr. joseph T. Ryan Vice Principals Mr. Daniel Edelson ...N 4,.44 S if ll 3:1 2 LZ P C I' i n t e n d Nr' 8 I1 t if O f ...,zr"'f' S V C h O 0 l S Mr. Roy E. Dunshee Board Of Education Standing: Dr. V.J.W. Christie, Mr. Robert E. West, Mr. Donald Beekman, Mr. Lawrence O'Neil, Mr. James I-Iundley, Mr. Arthur Martin, Mr. Nicholas CA. Puleio. Seated: Mrs. Katheryne Moore, Mrs. Susan Weber, Mrs. Elizabeth Schneider, Mrs. Patricia Rizas. 57 . 5 V 9 ca, 4 4 ,ff f 1 lf fb I X 1 W ff! 14 1 Q ,QL gg! ' V V , fr Z .45 V114 'V I, in ff' 2 1 f ff , V . , mf. - U 3 'V I , 7133. ,. ll I V'4 b .L i If ,, C 3 'Z ' 'T' w' , ff ..: "CF iii' ' , T 7' 3 4 E ls, Top: Principal's Secretary, Mrs. Gloria Stahley. Top right: Athletic Secretary, Mrs. Joan Burke. Above: Guidance Sec- retaries: Mrs. Connie Liotti, Mrs. Rita Smith. Middle right: School Nurses: Mrs. Rosemary Blaney, Mrs. Virginia Reinach. Right: Main Office Secretaries: Mrs. Anne Pornino, Miss Patricia Kurdewan, Mrs. Doris Savacool. 58 ' 'k', . ff ' --,1j V Vg, , 'A j 3 We ff , V W A f- f, ,sf X-w .MQ l 'fps fi 3 page W S VA u ' ssvwm r.,c,c I A wh 1 , , 'X W Y f' N N JK. vrlv I , ,,... 5 . S A 7, fm 4 Y.. 1 fwig. 'iii' . 'ff P 1 I ,argzs v,,W,,,W,.,... -.. ff . X, 'f M ,. ' X. ' ful 9' . if , fi? S NVQ Top Left: Athletic Director, Mr. Lou Grob. Top right: School Psychologist, Mr. Barry Silver. Middle left: Security Officers: Mrs. Thelma Braggs, Mr. Frank Canetto. Above: Job Placement Secretary, Mrs. Eunice Mauthe. Left: Custodians: Front row: Head Custodian, Mr. Pat Petillo, Mr. Robert Wat- son, Mrs. Frances Perry, Mr. Eugene Plummer, Mr. Gregory Bacon, Mr. Vincent Newland, Mr. Shirley Thompson, Mr. Famous Walker, Mr. William Ben- nett, Mr. Jospeh Burke. 59 2 Top: Paul Cell shows his skill in dissecting a cat. Top right: Denise Aleman, Mike Carey, and Jason Blum test the effects of obstacles on waves in the ripple tank. Above: "I knew it was going to be a bad day!" Right: Mrs. Crewell helps jeff Brainard, Larry Butterfield, and l-lorng Yang work the ripple tank. '- .. IRQ ' K t r ww!! ffl We A it ggw-Q--'r"'z"v,s ,r ' 'MQ .,,., V., '.. . , ,ff 'W f -. 'W as ,A H . I ,, U, ' f 4 ,. .,.. 'v'- 5 I , . x V u ,, , 7 if ,E f ,, s :nv jg 2 ,,,. , J E I .,,, eflgj., I, Z , Techniques Taught B The Finest Neptune High School students have the advan- tage of learning from out- standing science teachers. Over the years many of the teachers have acquired such awards as Monmouth County Teacher of the Year, an award presently held by physics teacher Mrs. Crewell. Mr. Scott, who teaches chemistry, was voted the most out- standing teacher in the state by the New Jersey Science Teacher Associa- tion in 1972 and Mr. Mon- aghan was awarded the Chemistry Teacher of the Year award in 1982. Our teachers also work away from school to keep themselves up on the sci- entific techniques. Por in- stance, Mr. Monaghan is in charge of running spe- cial classes at Monmouth College for both teachers and students. He is also on the Chicken-Pea Circuit, a dinner held for chemists from this district. Mr. Bru- no, a fine teacher of Biolo- gy who earned his Masters Degree in Physiology from Rutgers University, has been working for the Na- tional Oceanic and Atmo- spheric Administration as a field technican. He also belongs to a group that runs tests for detecting metals in the sea beds and water of the Atlantic Ocean. R ,V-J ., r W Top: Mr. Monaghan shows Arlene Sculthorpe and Chrissy Hulsart how to put the sulfur and copper in the test tube. Left: Mr. Monaghan corrects Reg gie Daye as Reggie prepares to heat the mixture and create hydrogen. Above: Jennifer Handley checks her notes before starting the experiment. , , ..M... Guilt Gr ot? You Decide You've been chosen to be a mem- ber of the jury for the "United States vs. James Snodgrass" mur- der trial. lfirst, a little about the case. On the night in question, the victim Bob Burley was shot to death by the defendant. What you, the jury, must decide is whether Mr. Snodgrass shot Mr. Burly in self-defense, or whether it was cold-blooded, premeditated murder This was the task set before the participants in a Mock Trial com- petition. Students took on the roles of attorneys, witnesses and jurors to try to prove that their point of view was feasible while the other school's was not. The students participated in a re- gional competition at the Freehold County Court House, and winners went on to compete at the State Tournament at the New Jersey Su- preme Court in Trenton. The advisors for Neptune's Mock Trial program, Mr. Edward Moskal and Mr. Charles Brod- water, put a lot of time and energy into helping students understand more about the justice system. They coached the students on proper questioning techniques and helped them gain a general respect and understanding of how the court system works. N NW wwnwwfw Top right: Christina Torsiello presents her side of a case to her class. Center: Members of the competing Mock Trial team perform part of their case during Open House. Far right: Mr. Moskal critiques the students' perfor- mance. Right: Kimble Cannon, Jason Blum, and Denise Aleman of the prosecution listen to testimony from the defense. Above: Thomas West answers questions at the witness stand. 62 ii,- .f 3. --,- 5 Y if if-i 5 it fr it 61? erm MW l, . U " sf 'Q' Dunshee Becomes 'A New A 7 ul 1 f f 4 f Superintendent ' .4 ZWIZQQ, f 1' ' Z 5 6 s 1 fe C WWWMJM Top left: Mr. Dunshee confers with Mrsfjanice Sweeney and Mr. William Moore. Above: Mr. Terranova offers his help. Left: Mr. Puleio brings a financial matter to Mr. Dunshee's attention. Lower left: Secretary Mrs, McGirr helps her new boss get through piles of paperwork. Q, Neptune Township School System has a new Superintendent. Mr. Roy E. Dunshee, the former principal of the Junior High School, was chosen to replace Dr. Christie. The responsibilities of the job are varied from day to day, but basically, Mr. Dunshee is overseer of everything that goes on. He is the chief officer of the district respon- sible for all educational programs, staff, buildings, students, and the twenty-one million dollar budget appropriated for the Neptune Township Schools. Mr. Dunshee enjoys the variety of his job. No two days are exactly alike and that helps to keep boredom from setting in and making the job unpleasant. He does, however, miss working in a school at times. He enjoys being where the action is. One message he wished to convey to the students of Neptune Senior High School was this: "Your high school years are the best years of your life. Do not waste them. Make every moment count and be the best you can because there is no going back." Heed well this advice for it will take you far if you will let it. 63 New Teachers Add To Academic Excellence At the beginning of the school year, ten new teachers joined the high school's staff. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, they added to the academic and athletic excellence that our school strives for. One of these new teachers, Mr. Patrick Keefe, is the job developer of the newly cre- ated Business-Industry Advisory Council. Mr. Keefe hopes to help this district become even more competi- tive in vocational preparation. Another teacher new to the high school is Mrs. Slater, a graduate of Hampton and Columbia Universities. This year she assumed the job of chorus director after holding a similar position in the Junior High for the r Ft Above: Mrs. Sharin teaches her class about fractions. Top right: Ms. Ruth assists two of her volleyball students. Right: Mrs. Strauch enjoys a cold coke. Far right: Miss Newman stirs enthusiasm among her students. 64 last 13 years. She believes that while procedures may vary from school to school, teaching young people is al- ways the same. A new addition to the Science Dept. was Mr. Habeck, who brought a wide variety of teaching experience to the school. His main goals are to develop a science program to meet the needs of the applied biology students and es- tablish himself as both a fair and re- sponsible teacher. Mrs. Sharin, a graduate of Georgian Court, was a new recruit into the Math Dept. Having enjoyed her first teaching experience, she hopes to teach her future students to have a positive attitude toward their educa- tion, especially in math- One of the more publicized new math teaches was Mr. Amabile, who lead the Pliers to the completion of a highly successful season. Another coach, Miss Ruth, joined the Phys. Ed. Dept. and hopes to continue coaching field hockey while pursuing a mas- ters. Gymnastics Coach Scola 'also joined the Phys. Ed. staff. Other new teachers this year in- cluded Miss Newman who was active in the development of the Program of Optional Learning, Mrs. Strauch, a mid-year replacement in the English Dept., and Mrs. Smith, the new Latin teacher. N,,,,,,,,,.,.a.-.-ov. Q. . I f Zim 'df Num Z iff. ! W, -gy ,. Mg 7744713 .Z'fZ"7' f Top: Ms. Scola shows her gym class what they earned. Middle left: Mrs. Smith corrects Mike Jones' notebook. Below: While working in the library, Mr. Keefe assists Gina Amadruto. Bottom left: Mr. Habeck takes atten- dence in one of his biology classes. Bottom middle: Mrs. Slater perfects a note for the chorus. Bottom right: Coach Amabile confers with football player Andre Nash. X 4 Seniors Excel As Leaders, Scholars And Musicians Neptune High School has prided itself on the achievements of its former and present students for many years. Often, these students are recognized for only a moment and then are forgotten in the annals of the school. We would like to recognize the outstanding merit of four seniors of the class of '86. John Gluckow: "Outstanding" can be compared to a quote by Emerson which John read: "Good and bad are but names very readily transferable to that or this." John added, "The only thing that makes someone outstanding is how others ac- cept his or her achievements. Most ev- eryone is outstanding and should be proud of it." As liaison to the State Board of Education, John represented the stu- dents weuf His main goal was to buud school pride. Former Student C0uI1Cil President Kevin Marks was his gr6a'f6St inspiration, although through his Own experiences, John met many new people who contributed to his success. He found that the only difference between others and himself was, as he put it, "I use the resources I have, I go after things. If ev- eryone were involved, the school would be a much better place. We wouldn't be able to name students 'outstanding' be- cause everyone would realize the great person he or she is." Tom Robinson: Another outstanding member of the senior class also brought distinction to Neptune High School. Tom's aspirations became reality when , iAbove:,Steve-,Etz prepares alltlie-.paper work to take the S.A.T. to' t ,improve upcfn his almost perfect scored Above Right: Nancy Sumrall, 52 ,V', MonmoutlifCounty Junior Miss, displays' her poise that won her the I f ftiflefifherreceived a savings bondfand a five. hundred dollar scholarship. I Right: Tom Robinson practices a difficult piece to really sharpen his skill. Tom has worked hard to be accepted by the bands that he be- longs to. He strove, this year, to be a better trumpet player, and to be the best in Mon- mouth County. 66 his brother gave him his trumpet. Tom became interested in music and contin- ued improving his talent. His achieve- ments began when, as a seventh grader, he made All Shore Band, of which he remained a member. In eighth grade he became a member of the Region II Sym- phonic Band and stayed with the group throughout high school. Tom was also a member of All State Band, the Gover- nor's School of the Arts, Monmouth Col- lege Band and Monmouth College Hon- ors Band. He worked hard to be selected to each of these bands- not an easy task for most. Steven Etz: Neptune proudly ac- knowledges its scholastic award win- ners, and Steve was one of them. Scoring .......niiH!s. exceptionally high on the S.A.T. or Col- lege Board exams, Steve qualified for the Cwovernor's School, a program offered to very advanced students. He was also a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship, an award offered to only a select few. Steve represented our school in several science fairs, worked on his class councils, and contributed to the National Honor Society. In all, Steve worked hard to make the school a better place. Nancy Sumrall: In Nancy's case, "out- standing" went above and beyond the "normal" high school student's sched- ule. She worked long and hard to become 1986's Monmouth County Junior Miss. , f f ' , f -4 ,,,, Nancy was awarded a ssoo college schol- arship and a S50 savings bond for the Monmouth County Division of the Pag- eant. She then went on to Cherry Hill, representing Moumouth County in the state-wide pageant where she competed for the title of Miss New Jersey. Al- though she did not win at this level, her spirits remained high. She explained the judging for the event: "lt's not a beauty pageant. lt's based on scholastic achieve- ments, interviews, physical fitness, poise, appearance and talent." A member of the National Honor Society, Nancy also earned scholastic merit, participat- ing with the Student Council, Math Team, Science Seminar and Mock Trial. ,,., y J , .,.,,,, .,,..,. , , 5-I fx Above Left: John Gluckow at a State Board of Education meeting. He has spent many long hours working to represent the State Student Council in its endeavors. Above: John Gluckow, Student Council President, helps out by working in the office during his free time. He sees each new experience as a challenge which he is determined to overcome. Left: Tom Robinson poses for a few "fan" pictures. He has done well in the bands that he belongs to. A member of Monmouth Col- lege Honors Band, he is working to be the best trumpet player in New Jersey. Who knows? He may even become as famous as Bruce Springsteen. Tom is already about one third of the way up the "ladder of success." 67 Academic Briefs Upper right: Science Seminar 1985-86. Upper left: Mr. Mona- ghan assists Nancy Sumrall on the Spec-20. Above: Dave Em- mons works on an electrical project. Right: Mrs. Crewell advises Hubert Clay on the use of the computer. L W IIB Academic Briefs Top left: Brian Sturzione videotapes a practice interview between Mrs. Conklin and Henrietta Polite during a session in Cooperative Home Economics QCHEJ. Above right: Wednesday Moore knocks at the door of opportunity in CHE. Middle: Students in Mr. Archer's science class observe their experiment. Above: Raquel Morgan, Pat Smith and Mike Hartnett are assisted by Mr. Archer in the Thermal Expansion of Solids lab. ities tw -'-1 fs Science Seminar Offers Unique Opportunity Neptune High School students who wish to do individual scientific research can enroll in Sci- ence Seminar, a course that allows the student to do his or her research under the supervision of top science and math teachers in our school. In this course, students are instructed on the proper format for research papers. They are also encouraged to enroll in such contests as the Ju- nior Science Symposium held at Monmouth Col- lege, Stockton State College Science Fair or Wes- tinghouse Science Talent Search. The teachers involved are Mr. Dever, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Crewell and Mr. Monaghan. Mrs. Rosalie Coleman-7 Supervisor of Instruction in the sci- ence department is overseer of all projects and contest submissions. The students include Steve Etz, who is creating a computer program which will print out com- plete concentric circles, whereas other programs have left them incomplete, Hubert Clay, who is devising new, more innovative ways to commu- nicate with computers by using such techniques as voice-activation, Nancy Sumrall, who is test- ing different soil samples, and john Hendrick- son, who is studying the effects of pollution on the growth of blue-green algae. "Some of the contest entry questionnaires get a little personal," said Nancy Sumrall. But general- ly the teachers and students enjoy the new dis- coveries made with the projects. Each student is supervised by one teacher and there is a different teacher for every student. This is to insure that the student gets the full attention of the teacher and the teacher can expect the very best from the student. fp WW,-t V , 1 , V VV gf 7 's A, X , F- X nf., , v MIS- lOyce Abrams4 Mrs. Bessie Allen Mr. Moses Ancrum Mr. Salvatore Apicelli Guidance ei Home Eqonomiqg Guidance Humanities-Driver Education Mr. Walter Baker Mr. Amos Bass Industrial Arts Mathematics "Smile! You're on Candid Camera, Mr. Moskal!" in K , ,, I Mr. James Bogan Guidance I Mr. Joseph Bongiovanni Physical Education Mr. Charles Brodwater Mrs. Janice Brown Business Education wah 'egg' x Mr. Ralph Bruno Science Business Education Mr. Harry Bublin Business Education Mr. Salvatore Busacca. I Mr. Leonard Cafone Mr. Arnold Christensen Mr. David Clark Q Science ,filo Humanities Librarian English f X f Mrs. Regina Coan Mr. Edgar Coffey Mrs. Diane Coleman Mrs. Patricia Conklin Home Economics Mathematics Resource Room Home Economics Miss Brenda Cook Mr. Gene Cory English Mathematics Mrs. Diana.Dancyger Mr' Dever Mr. Meola explains to Clark Mitchell the drafting procedures needed English Sclence for his assignment. Mrs. Helene Downey Mr. Raymond Everett Permanent Substitute Industrial Arts if-qw Mr. Heino Habeck Mr. Donald Hopkins Science English ,.f 2 Mrs. Kay Jannarone Mr. Marc Kavin Business Education Music-Humanities Mr. Patrick Keefe OSR job Developer Mr. Greg Knox Business Education Mrs. Shirley Gilmore Mr. Stephen Grayer English Mathematics Mr. Apicelli poses for a picture with Ms. Kurdewan. Mrs. Linda Kornegay Humanities Mr. Joseph LaCasse English XX X .X xox., 1. - -Mx,-xxx. sw- f N X' 'ix . X 52, fe' X 5 Mrs. Judy LaVigne Mr. James Martin English A.V.A.-Community Service .Qt Mr. James Veola Mr. Larry Mertikas Industrial Arts Science-Humanities Mr. Sandifer explains to his class how to remove the cylinder head. sq 1 K w 9 Mr. Walter Mischler Mr. Michael Mixson Kytcy' Business Education Foreign Language ,K f IF E jfs E - if . Mrs. Patricia Mixson Mr. George Monaghan Foreign Language Science w g 'QT-Xigiiii .ii'. M 'E ' N19ffiflsfiifsitii 1 t:g1g-igsi' f, Mr. Edward Moskal ,fy Mr. Frank Mowad Miss Deborah Newman Mr. Henry Nonnenberg E. Humanities Q' Foreign Language Resource Room Physical Education Y D Y - 1 ,- 3 3 -i'u'7f7Q Q'iL'1D jr 73 W-'S-rv . 'XX .XX , ' 'X I Mr. Myron Novitsky Mrs. Mimi Peluso English Mathematics Mrs. Annemari Mrs. Thelma Pinkney Business Education Art e pomp Mr. Mertikas helps Debbie Jackson open her locker. Mrs. Mildred Quigley Mr. Walter Ruby Miss Jennifer Ruth Business Education Marching Band Director Physical Education Mr. Joseph Sandifer Mrs. Noel Savini Mrs. Janice SCBIQS Industrial Arts Compensatory Education Compensatory Education Mrs. Suzanne Ryan Permanent Substitute 1 Miss Mary Kay Scola Physical Education mfg 15 it w .J 4 H31 , ik- a tt S Miss Laura Scott Mr. Richard Scott el Mrs. GeorgenesSharin Mathematics Science iidathematics X-3 Mrs. Thelma Slater Ms. Jacqueline Smith . Nat Ah: Mrs. Bette Thomas Music English Eng 'sh-Foreign Language Physical Education lgfcwrrr Mrs. Lorraine Thompson Mrs. Earlene Toran Guidance English Mr. Stuck takes a break' Mr. David Traub Mr. James Whitson Job Placement Humanities-English Below: Senior Donna Williams displays her artwork. Right: Seniors: Alfred Pettit, Jennifer Henry, Sean Blaylock, Stacey Clay, and Michele Parreott hand out pamphlets for parents at Open I-louse. w-me ' ' kiigag Above: Mr. Ryan and Mr Moskal. Right: Deb- bie lernee talks to parents about plans for this year's yearbook. Open House Draws Crowds Q To mark the beginning of another school year at Neptune, the high school hosted an Open House for parents and friends on November 21. Parents were greeted by members of the National Honor Society who handed out pam- trial in the cafeteriag drills by the ROTC cadets in the gymp and many other activ- ities led by students and faculty. The high school staff, particularly the coordinators of the event-Mr. Apicelli, Mrs. Gilmore and Miss Scott-were phlets and schedules describing the eve- ning's events. Parents were encouraged to visit their children's teachers. Throughout the school exhibits of stu- dent work were a highlight. Displays of calligraphy and art were shown in the hallsp pottery in the art roomg slides of homecoming in the tardy roomp a mock pleased with the number of parents who turned out to see the programs offered. On their part, the parents expressed pleasure over their warm welcome and the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the school their young people attend. Top left: Mr Deluca and Mr. Grob. Top right: ROTC Drill team demonstrate their marching techniques for the parents at Open House. Bot- tom left: AnnMarie D'Agostino instructs Miss Ruth on how to make a basket as Miss Colon looks on. M f Wo fl .9 faqm Activities Below: The ROTC color guard lead the parade. Right: King john Gluckow and Queen Kellie Martin. Right: Junior Council members group in front of their winning float. Above: The Neptune Marching Band is led by the baton twirlers. if The Tradition Continues On Although showers forced the Home- coming festivities to be postponed until Sunday, November 17, the wait was well worth it because the weather on that day was terrific, and Neptune fans were wholeheartedly behind their football team. Since the beginning of Neptune's Homecoming tradition, the festivities have always begun with a parade start- ing at the high school and ending at the football field. Participation in the parade included, and still includes, the ROTC Color Guard, the marching band, the twirlers, the class floats, and of course, the King and Queen and their court. This year the overall theme for Home- coming was "Glory Daysf' Each class enthusiastically chose its own title with 1.39-V respect to the overall theme. The sopho- more council chose "Childhood," an amusing and creative look into our childhood years, "The Fabulous Fifties" was chosen by the senior council, while the juniors, who ended up victorious, chose "The Roaring 2O's." A focal point of the festivities was the football game against Middletown South. With all of Neptune's class spirit, Middletown South knew it had a rough game ahead. Although they put up a good fight, Middletown South couldn't even dent our team's enthusiasm and de- termination. The end result was, once again, a Neptune victory, with an over- whelming score of 35 - 7. 1 MW! Wi,-3 Top left: Judges look over the sophomore float. Above: Senior Council with their float. Left: Sophomore Council with their float. Right: The Color Cwuard of the NJROTC dis- plays its true colors at UN Day Ceremonies. Below: Master Chief Robbins presents Angela jones with her Cadet of the Month Award. gs. fp M Above: Master Chief Robbins and Ambassador Cavan Hogue discuss the ceremony while Ash- ley Hogan looks on. Right: Mr. Ryan and Am- bassador Hogue inspect the cadets. I , ,349 K' Q 4 w5,,Q4f , ' A Australian Diplomacy Expressed On UN a Following tradition, Neptune host- ed another foreign diplomat for its an- nual United Nations Day. Held on October 23, this annual event was sponsored by the NJROTC cadets, whose work and efforts do not go un- noticed bythe student body, and coor- dinated by Mr. Ed Moskal. During Ambassador Hogue's review of the troops, Angela Jones was presented with the Cadet of the Month Award for outstanding merit. Each year proves to be a learning experience for all, and this year was no different. The featured speaker, Ambassador Cavan Hogue, Deputy Permanent Representative to the Per- manent Mission of Australia, ad- dressed the group, discussing rela- tions between the United States and Australia as well as the pride that the United States and Australia have in their armed forces. Above left: Ambassador Hogue addresses the assembly. Above: Cadets greet Ambassador Cavan I-logue at UN Day ceremonies. Left: Neptune students are intently fixed on the Am- bassador's message. Thrills And Spills At Lake Placid On February 28th the Ski Club be- gan its annual ski trip, arriving at beautiful Lake Placid and the Holiday Inn after an eight hour bus trip. Be- fore they had even unpacked, most of the skiers put on bathing suits and headed for the pool and hot tubs. Oth- er enthusiasts suited up in sweats and worked out in the weight room. By midnight, all had been chased back into their rooms. At 6 o'clock the next morning the skiers were faced with two choices- not orange juice or grapefruit, but Big t M ,t Ns , N v . 'Q . Above: Andee Morozowsky and Stefanie Brand, bun- dled up to the Max, await the ski lift. Above right: Onward we go into the snow. Right: A view from the lift of Whiteface Mountain, the Adirondack range fills the background. Whiteface or Little Whiteface. Both breathtaking mountains proved to be a challenge, and mishaps and spills were common. Colleen Coyne was a little late to react to the wild skier who plowed her right over, and Sue Parren and Katie Donahue broke their ski poles4on the chair lift! After six hours of "fun-filled" ski- ing, the group headed down to the town of Lake Placid where they saw the rinks and ski jump used in the 1980 Olympics. On Sunday, the skiing started early again, and several adventurous skiers headed for the top of Little Whiteface. Poor Amy Marsh took a few spills on her way down one of the expert hills, and Scott Atkins got hooked fliterallyj on both skiing and the chair lift, tear- ing his pants right in half. After another six hours of skiing, it was time to pack up for the long ride home. Sue Parren, Kathy Wasson and Elaine Wright relieved everyone's boredom on the bus ride by making up Ashley I-Iogan into the school's biggest punk rocker. new ,ws f 4' ? Above left: Kathy Wasson and Elaine Wright give a look while enjoying their chair lift ride. Above right: Mrs. Conklin shows a slight sign of difficulty regaining her previous position. Above: The local drop spot - Whiteface base lodge. Right: Katie Donahue "pigs out" before heading out to the slopes. Q, k gitlrni ihiumcil VST sf WSE Back row: Vatina Hightower, Shannon Thompson, Sean Blaylock, Cheryl Peterson, Paulette Parker, jason Harris, Lee Polisano, Kenny Orr, Diane Patterson, Michelle Schooley, Tom O'Toole, Andrea jones. Second row: Colleen Waddell, Lisa Steinbach, AnneMarie Blaney, Sylvanni Driver, Kevin Dunbar, john Hendrickson, Hubert Clay, jennifer Strassberger, Kim Harris, Kathy Brainard, Carolyn Furbeck, Tracy Voorhees, Advisor Mr. Hopkins. Third row: jason Blum, Kimble Cannon, john Cluckow, Preston McGowan, Richard Hogan, Denise Aleman, Paul Cwell, jennifer Balinsky, Kris Asay, Rhonda Mann. Front row: Lynn Adams, Kathy Isacson, Natalie Consentino, Stephanie DeAngelis, Nancy Beling, Nancy Sumrall, Sally Amatelli, Nashon Hornsby. Officers: Advisor Mr. Hopkins, Corresponding Secretary jennifer Balinsky, President john Gluckow, Vice President Sean Blaylock, Recording Secretary Colleen Waddell, Treasurer Lee Polisano. , Right: Kim Luciano and Kimble Cannon add up their profits from the Halloween Carnival. If wig mf V N-v T 77 gtmor lvboumcil 935 JSE if 2 ? Back row: Paul Cell, Preston McGowan, Chris Gilbert, Stephen Beltle, Steven Etz, Steve Robinson, james Williams. Middle row: Susan Parren, Kim Brooks, Michelle Schooley, Toni Reid, Hubert Clay, Rhonda Mann, John Hendrickson, Paulette Parker, Cheryl Oats, Patricia Conklin, advisor. Front row: Caren Ritter, Robin Bagwell, Nancy Lee, Nancy Beling, Yong Mee Chang, Kevin Dunbar, Sylvanni Driver, Judi Cornelious, Shonda Rush. Officers: Secretary Chris Gilbert, President judi Cornelious, Treasurer Paulette Parker, Vice President Steve Robinson, Advisor Patricia Conklin. Left: Preston McGowan works at the Senior Council cotton candy booth at the Hallow- een Carnival. Junior llboiiitll 935 'JH5 'Y Back row: Lisa Linder, Barry Bacon, Tom Papanikolas, David Durkac, Richard Hogan, Jason Harris, Clark Mitchell, Wendell Muldrow. Middle row: jamie Vitelle, Annie Blaney, Mia jones, JoAnn jarmer, Stefanie Brand, Keith Puryear, Cassandra Patterson. Front row: Lisa Steinbach, Kim Corbo, Marcia Willcens, Jennifer Ruding, Tawhesia Beatty, Lori Nauden, Lori Huber, Shannah Clarrit. Officers: Secretary Lori Huber, Vice President Lisa Steinbach, Treasurer Annie Blaney, President Wendell Muldrow. Right: Colleen Coyne mans the Class of '87 booth. '55 4: X l , ., , N W . 'D al .gg ' X ,. - Siophomort until QS? rr, 5 .gg-A 'vi 5 L Back row: Natalie Cosentino, Roger Young, Kenny Orr, John jackson, Diane Patterson, Amy Felton, Joe Gentile. Middle row: Jennifer Strausberger, Pam Robinson, Lynn Adams, Kathy Isacson, Diana Simmen, Shannon Thompson, Advisor Mrs. Kornegay. Front row: Donna Green, Collette Payne, Patti Bray, Kathy Brainard, Kim Harris, Tracy Voorhees. Officers: President Lynn Adams, Vice President Kathy Isacson, Corr. Secretary Natalie Cosentino, Treasurer Diane Patterson, Advisor Mrs. Kornegay. Left: Members of the Sophomore Float Committee. To The Top Again Once again Post 189 did itself proud. All 35 brave enough to at- tempt the climb made it to the top of Mt. Tamnany. All but the walk- ing wounded followed Post tradi- tion and traversed Dunfield Creek without using the bridge. This was a difficult task since the only other way was across the slippery rocks in the pouring rain. All the first- timers had no idea what was still ahead of them but Bryan Stillwell, the Post's responsible President, led the group through the most difficult spots. Only when Bryan stopped to assist others up the rock wall did the five "wild ones" as Mr. Scott called them, take off, led by Gary Beling and Paul Ercolino, for a relentless race to the top. Miss Scott's group was far from the first to arrive at the top, but it was cer- tainly among the most enthusias- tic. The heroes of the trip were Clark Mitchell and Gary Beling, who unselfishly and with great loss of breath, were able to save a conti- gent from becoming lost while maintaining their position among the "wild ones." Above: Mr. Scott and the "Wild Ones." Top right: Enthusiasm grew during the entire trek to the top. Middle: We did it! Right: At the top-rest and relaxation rules. Am if E5 Top: The unsuspecting troop-little did they know what was ahead of them. Above: President Stillwell briefs the crew before the march. Home Economics Related Organizations Back Row: Michele Dickerson, Angel Rodri- guez, Kay McNair, Mitzi Taylor, Beth Crad- dock, Brian Sturzione, Rhonda Mason, Kim Murphy, Mrs. Conklin, Advisor. Front Row: Henrietta Polite, Sabrina Davis, Denise Wig- gins, Robin Bagwell, Wednesday Moore, Mary DePrisco, Jennifer O'Shea, Betty Tagnoski, Mike Velasquez. Students Against Drunk Driving Back Row: Kim Baker, Denise Bauter, Annette Cray, Rich, Duck, David Graham, Jeff Point. Front Row: Dawn Brown, Shondell Bouie, Jodi Stark, Lisa English, Kim Meyers. Cooperative Industrial Education Back Row: Kalvin Stewart, Barbara Best, Ron Holland, Yolanda Taylor, Darrin Young. Front Row: Kevin Dunbar, Steve Edmonds, Wanda Howard, John Geddie. 92 . , rw .75 fig? . ' Q- X W effff, ly. fi .11 5 is Q Distributive Education Clubs Of America Back Row: Ann Marie D'Agostino, Lori Tave, Dennis Pappas, Sandy Brown, Chris Sterna- dore, Karen Catzmer, Francis Hill, Mrs. Kay lannarone. Middle Row: Tracy Abrams, Kathy jelliff, Beth Soles, Lori Vulgaris, Tracey Swan- nack, April Lane, Dorothy Polite, Michelle Ber- nard. Front Row: jennifer Leech, Maria Car- rino, Debbie Gray, Fayth Newell, Sandy Smith, Angie Truax, Chris Gorman, Denise Colon, Tammy Frascella, Cooperative Office Education Back Row: George Pinkney, Cathy Vernon, Cindy Wells, Deidra Casem, Teresa Mayes. Middle Row: Cindy Calderone, Jackie Botbyl, Veronica Session, Ron Taylor, Mrs. Quigley. Front Row: Tina Morgan, Maura Ailcins, Ter- raine Anderson. Audio-Visual Aides Johnnie Moore, Advisor, Mr. Martin, Nedley Gray, Juan Miti. 93 Swing Flags Back Row: Tricia Wright, Regina Brown, Lisa Linder, Deidre Richardson, Velda Mclieller, Beth Berry, Michelle Davis, Crystal Floyd, Vida Cornelious. Front Row: Sheila Corbin, jennifer O'Neil. Captains Right: Twirler Captains, Shondell Bouie, Dee Lewis. Far Right: Swing Flag Cap- tains, Sheila Corbin, Jennifer O'Neil. Twirlers Back Row: Robbie White, Yasmin Guerra, Sylvia Beverette, Nora Poitras. Front Row: Dee Lewis, Tawana Hunter, Phyllis Beverette, Shondell Bouie. -:zzz lffifpigf A fi M qt- Ml! sf ,A-T. .., li ji, - A 'A as - asa' ' ' A ' V 4 H, . - , 5 0-C . L N A ,W 51 ,,1' x,,,' -., Tall Flags Back row: Dawn Howard, Nichelle Tate Debbie Williams, Tracy Brooks. Front row: Stacey Burdin, Monica Lee, Juanita Harper, Rita McCline, Daneen Scott. Captains Far left: Tall Flags Captains, Nichelle Tate, Dawn Howard. Left: Nicole Coo- per, Margarita Lewis. Dolphins Back row: Yvonne Mitchell, Monica Rogers, Donyale Hicks. Second row: Toneka Wheelings, Mia Jones, Kerrie Waddy, Vesa Moseley. Third row: Lisa Rodriguez, Marcia Wilkins, Cassandre Beatty, Nicole Bennett, Kim Martin. Front row: Margarita Lewis, Nicole Cooper. 1 Marching Band Back row: Manager Nicole Evans, Gene Waddy, Warren Albert, Shawn Walker, Ron Lott, Director Walter Ruby. Middle row: Nate Scott, Joe Gentile, James Vincent, Drum Major Nochus Berry, Laurie Henderson, Jeanette Pritchett, Charles Hulse. Front row: Derrick Webb, Sheri Fish- er, Kris Willard, Janice Pritchett, Marcus Macon, Elma Militante. Captains Cheering Captains: Shonda Rush, Kim Brooks. Cheerleaders Top row: JoAnn Jarmer, Denise McNair, Melanie Reed, Keith Pur- year, ' Vanessa. Austin , Mia Wells, Judi Cornelious, Monica Monolio, Lori Nauden, Chrissy Smith. Front row: Kim Brooks, Shonda Rush. P -3 ,N QWBE, -V P g , 4 We 1 H at X , W, - h Mb V ra , L s 1:-. ,, ,V , ,,,, r, A V 5 H l. if f " ' Lis., W? C I M, J H375 t ' '51, t J Ma 1 , , 1 i 1: -' ' -if yi .. J J Y . 1 , , 70 J, ' 5 , f' '4 gmt ' ' , 2' fffw I i 2, -- -f f-- ' 'll 1 r ' 1 , J Mr f NX W, ,r f H , my , uv 'V , ,.,, , 3, . ,' . V I ,. win - . A My L I VL 5- ,2 I ,L . in MW ,, i' ggi? . A -if . V' , 1 I xi 5, ,f hu, - J KQQL' 1 is R 1 K Q , 1 4 , A 1 ty - V . . 1, .4 ,Y i X Q' f , 5 ,, 4 5 , 11 N ' K Z- . , , A .V K I . W E M I , , L 1 .wk fxyrw . , as J Q? f J ' '. " . 0 . , r ,2 , - 4 ' , 'fy ., gf -' ' , -' ,R ,W f. - f 1 "-- -r , M H up I , . , , raf ifq Narnia' g , A . " A ini' 3. Ski Club Back row: Kurt Dafeldecker, Lori Tave, Paul Mercer, Richard Hogan, Chris Gilbert, Shaun Coleman, Jo- anne jarmer, Tammy Stoye. Second row: Mr. Knox, Advisor, john Hen- dricksen, Kimble Cannon, Margaret Veasey, Kim Connors, Kyle Peters, Hubert Clay, Lisa Steinbach, Steph- anie Hall, Dina Juliano, Mrs. Mer- tens, Advisor. Third row: Terri Sadler Dawn Graham, james Orzekowski, Steve Pucci, Brenda Lowe, Todd jel- lift, Scott Atkins, Carla Brown, Anessa GwynWilliams, jill Steel, Mi- chelle Volbreckt. First row: Kathy Wasson, Amy Kallestad, Susan Par- ren, Katie Donahue, Anrea Morow- zowsky, Kim Morcom, Amy Marsh, Stephanie Brand, Lori Huber, Kim Luciano. Post 189 Back row: Wendell Muldrow, Kyle Peters, Doug Martin, Amy Marsh, Clark Mitchell, Chris Hulsart, Ned- ley Gray, Sheila Corbin, Paul Erco- lino, Richard Hogan, Al Pettit, Tom Papanikolas, Kimble Cannon, Steve Blecki, Charles Bailey, Pat Smith, Mark Sloss, Daniel Roberts. Second row: Wendy Johnson, Kim Morcom, Chrissy Lukosious, Amy Kallestad, Tammy Love, Gary Beling, Johnese Dorsey, Raymond Olsen, Jeff Nar- cisco, Kathy Brainard, Jennifer Strassburger, Bryan Stillwell, Mr, Scott, Advisor. Third row: Cindy Tir- rell, john Rosasco, Kim Baker, Den- ise Bauter, Sue Parren, Shondell Bouie, Cheryl James, Jeff Narciso, Sandy Smith, jen Balinsky, Sally Amatelli, Jodi Stark. Fourth row: Colleen Coyne, Dan Flaherty, Jamie Vitelli, Tawana Hunter, Nancy Bel- ing, Lynn Beerbower, Andrea Daugh- erty, Kim Forsyth, Karen Rowland, Susan Bartley, Tracy Voorhees. Front row: Stephanie Brand, Katie Dona- hue, Andrea Morozowski, Kathy Wasson, Stephanie DeAngelis, Elaine Wright, Jennifer Flesca, jennifer Handley, Tee Beatty, Marsha Wil- kins, Mia jones. National Honor Society Back row: John Gluckow, Preston McGowan, Gene Waddy, Warren Al- bert, Steve Beltle, Michelle Parreot. Jennifer Henry, Paulette Parker, Horng Yang, Paul Gell, Amish Patel. Middle row: Carol Wilson, Michelle Eskridge, Cindy Tirrell, Kathy Was- son, Michelle Schooley, Sean Blay- lock, Steve Etz, Steve Downing, Nan- cy Sumrall, Hubert Clay, Chris Heisig. Front row: Elaine Wright, Nancy Lee, Stacey Clay, Chrissy Smith, Denise Zarro, Sylvanni Driv- er, Nancy Beling, john Hendrickson, Rhonda Mann, Tracy Abrams, Mi- chelle Bernard. ! 97 Forensic Society Back row: jeff DeAngelis, Bill Beck, Advisor Mr. Moskal, Richard Hogan, Gary Beling, Kimble Cannon, Jason Blum. Front row: Denise Aleman, Colleen Waddell, Annette Gray, Lori Tave, Kellie Martin, Dawn Lubecke. Historical Society Back row: Clarke Mitchell, Norman Stelling, Robert Cottrell, Steve White, Annette Gray, Christina Hei- sig, Advisor Mr. Cafone. Middle row: .Beth Craddock, Victor Belgrove, Ray- mond Olsen, Richard Dodd, Anne Marie Blaney, Gary Beling. Front row: Colleen Coyne, Sally Amatelli, Kim Connors, Denise Bauter, Jason Blum, Andrea Morozowsky. Blazer Back row: Jadus McIntyre, Chris Sar- osick, Mike Paduano, Advisor Mr. Herbert. Middle row: Linda Dixon, Robert johnson, Rhonda Mann, Rhonda Joyner. Front row: Tina Ma- cey, Hazel Navarro. ,915-,Q 1 I J 'F Math Team Back Row: Amish Patel, Paul Erco- lino, Richard Hogan, Tom Papaniko- las, Steven Etz, Horng Yang. Middle Row: Kimble Cannon, John Hen- drickson, Hubert Clay, Advisor: Mr. Grayer. Front Row: Nancy Sumrall, and Nancy Beling. Chorus Back Row: Jackie Jones, Michelle Hoover, Keith Howie, Charea john- son, Tracy Coleman, Steven Beltle, Carl Spinner, Shannon Robinson, Tammy Harvey, Erika Stapler. Mid- dle Row: Janine Bedford, Dionne Jones, Robin Bagwell, Jay Kupi- sioski, Tim Johnson, Kevin Dunbar, Kim Alexander, Annie Blaney, An- drea Jackson, Advisor, Mrs. Slater. Front Row: Tasha Emanuele, Jodi Myrick, Tanya Walker, Quinette Wiggins, Michelle Smith, India Riller, Shonda Rush, Tisa Brown, Tina Macey, Theresa Best. French Club Back Row: Advisor, Mr. Mixson, Catherine Plesca, Annette Cray, Ray- mond LePree, Maria Antoine. Middle Row: Christina Heisig, Kathleen Dai- ley, Elizabeth Marthone, Uduak Ino- kon, Epitome Inokon. Front Row: Jeanette Pritchett, Janice Pritchett, Lori Williams. Cl2lSll The Cl2lSSCS2 Juniors Triumph Over The Senior Class On March 7, 1986, the sophomore, junior and senior classes challenged one another in the Clash of the Classes sponsored by the Senior Council. The students participated in such events as the Three-Legged Race, Piggy Back Bas- ketball, Chin Tennis, Rock A Bye, Convalescence Course, Obstacle Course, Balloon Relay, Basketball Brigade, and Tug of War. Each team had two captains, Sean Blaylock and John Blanton for the Seniors, Annie Blaney and Wendell Muldrow for the Juniors, and Lynn Adams and Andre Sims for the Sophomores. The judges were Mr. Cafone fhead judgej, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Coan, Mrs. Kurdewan, Mrs. Mertens, and Mr. Whitson. The junior Class 119871 placed first with 34 points, the Seniors Class 11986, placed second with 28 points, and the Sophomore Class 119881 placed third with 26 points. The Sophomores also won the Spirit Trophy. Everyone did a terrific job and deserved congratulations. However, Classes of '87 and '88, get ready for next year because the teachers have challenged you. QW! fr 5v,,,f4f Z Q 1 x 'J MW -r It 7 7 of " r ., , ..', r I A ,,,,, , if f W2 7 7, ., ' , f ' ff 'YV sn l' k Q4 f A ,, Q . 2 1 V mm Above: The Class of '87 gets psyched to win. Top right: Seniors Elaine Wright and Duncan Brown show that it takes two to dunk it. Middle right: Senior Kurt Dafel- decker wades through whipped cream. Right: Seniors take the juniors down. 9 4770 9'8" um A RF '1?3n. sm Naval Junior Reserve "Leaders For A-is if -er 1 . F A 2 First row: Mark Alston, Charles C1rant,loshua Burns, Tom Reilly, Charlie Jones, Marvin Olds, Tim Reynolds, Omar Ortiz, Trevor Reid. Second row: Pam Krayer, Diane Mendoz, Mary Archibald, Shannon Munroe, Tamatha Meeks, Adele Johnson, Robin Watson, Paula Bucknor, Laurie Henderson, Linda Brown, Tameka Williams, Tawana Canada, Melanie Reed. Third row: Brian johnson, Ronald jones, Frank Lee, Johnathan Allan, Dameon Brown, Mike Paduano, Andy Drew, Rodney Gardner, Anthony Freda, David Sweatt. Fourth row: LCDR Fox, Steven Adams, Dion Roach, Tyrone Daniels, John Bowles, Darrell Reed, juan Hernandez, Paul Bucknor, Annie Blaney, Yolanda Taylor, Aimee Connors, MCPO Robbins, Fifth row: Terrance Randolph, john McNair, Julian Purvis, Adrian Ladd, Sean Smith, Lorenzo Ferguson, Nochus Berry, Robert Dinkins, Dana Walker. ,pw-' ,' , , 'W . f - ,av DRILL TEAM Front row: Angie jones, Aimee Connors, Tamatha Meeks, Paula Bucknor, Nicole Evans, Shannon , Munroe, Pamela Krayer, john Schnuth, Louis Perry. Middle row: Tim Reynolds, Andy Drew, Dameon Brown, Dana Walker, Tyrone Daniels, Mark Alston, Trevor Reid. Back row: Greg Mitchell, Adrian Ladd, Sean Smith, julian Purvis, john McNair. Cadet Angie jones receiving Cadet of the Month award from Ambassador Hogue. 102 Officers Training Corps The Future" CADET OFFICER STAFF fln order of Chain of Commandj: LCDR Gibby Gross, LT James Merz, LT John Leatherman, LTJG john Schnuth, LTJG Louis Perry, CPO Andy Drew, ENS Angie Jones, ENS Carl Spinner, ENS Shane Berger, ENS Greg Mitchell, ENS Nicole Evans, ENS Dominic Napolitani. RIFLE TEAM Front row: Andy Drew, Tim Reynolds, Tom Reilly, Paula Bucknor, Tony Freda, James Merz, Dominic Napolitani. Back row: John McNair, Greg Mitchell, Adrian Ladd, Sean Smith, Dana Walker, Dion Roach, Dameon Brown. Top right: NJROTC turns out for Open House. Above: Ambassador I-Iogue from Australia reviews the Color Guard on UN Day. Left: COLOR GUARD: Reggie Daye, Clayton Harrison, Sean Harrison, Greg Mitch- ell, John Bess, Silveeah Ingram. Right: Ann Marie D'Agostino proudly gives a smile for the trophy she won. Below: jennifer Leech. "I won! I won!" Middle: Fayth Newell and Beth Soles. "Are we supposed to smile?" Right: DECA competitors await the judges' deci- sion. Page 105 Left: Tammy Frascella, Sandy Smith, Kathy jelliff, Dennis Pappas and Mark Melango take a break during the competition. Right: Tia Johnson joyfully displays her medal. 104 ,ff MW Z ZWMWV gQ ' 33 so 3 is P O 5. wg", I' ,L xg 'J X e- l : 5 i T Y 1 v , Ns. Q N 9, v' L Dovoloping Futuft Llldlfl for Marketing and Distribution l I DECA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, had its beginnings in 1947 with only 800 students in 17 states. By 1979 DECA had grown to 200,000 members throughout the 50 states, Puerto Rico, C-uam, the Virgin Islands and the Mariana Islands. The most often asked question about DECA is, "What does DECA do?" DECA is the only national orga- nization in the public schools of America to attract young people into careers in marketing, merchandising and management. DECA's purpose is to develop future leaders for careers in these fields. DECA pays for every- thing itself. Its national headquarters and staff are maintained by student dues and other internal income. The DECA foundation was created to assist and encourage members to continue to study marketing and dis- tribution. DECA's goals are to devel- op a respect for education in market- ing, merchandising and management in our free, competitive enterprise system through professional confer- ences, chapter activities, school im- provement projects and the support of community activities. DECA recog- nizes and awards student members for outstanding accomplishments in competition with other members. The climax of DECA's year is the National Career Development Con- ference. DECA recognizes outstand- ing individual ability and classroom achievement. Students compete against each other in state competitions. DECA students from our school participated in the State Leadership Conference in Cherry Hill on Febru- ary 20-22. Competency Based Com- petitive Event QCBCEJ winners from the Central Region Competition earned the right to compete in their area of the State competition. Nep- tune's participants this year were: Kathy Ielliff, Master Employee-Ap- parel and Accessories, Debbie Gray, Master Employee-Finance and Cred- it, Fayth Newell, Supervisory-Food Marketing, Beth Soles, Supervisory- Food Marketing, Anne Marie D'Agos- tino, Master Employee-General Merchandise, Tia Johnson, Female Fashion Modeling Casual. Also com- peting were: Dennis Pappas-Sales Meeting, Chris Sternadore-Billboard Advertising, Tammy Frascella- Scrapbook, Sandy Smith-General Merchandise Diorama, and Dorothy Polite-Apparel and Accessories Di- orama. Fayth Newell prepared a writ- ten manual in the Apparel and Acces- sories category which won first place in the state, qualifying her to partici- pate in the DECA National Career Development Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. - 4 . N, ' Ml tw AW xl Q WS Althcgggi. many poop: gfgcj' :it - , education process is handled differently in each school system, some more so than others. We have here at Neptune a wonderful opportunity to explore these diversities through the experi- ences of our own "new friends from far away places." There just isn't enough room to include each and every student who has something to share with us on this topic and we apologize for this. For this reason we have settled on featur- ing five students from diverse and interesting places. They are Rachael Abdallah from Leba- non, Tom Papanikolas from Greece, Monica Rogers and Tony Sims who are both from mili- tary families and attended schools in Europe, and Carol Spear who attended school in Pt. Lau- derdale, Florida. For Rachael, school in Neptune was so differ- ent from what it had been in Lebanon that it took some time for her to get used to things here at Neptune. Where she came from, the school had no cafeteria. Instead, there were two recesses during which the students ate or did whatever. The students stayed in one class while the teachers were the ones who switched classes. There were no study halls and there were no electiyes, either. All students were re- Above: "I missed alot of Algebra and Mrs. Pe- luso was and is a great help to me." Rachael Abdallah Right: "I really missed Greece and all of my relatives and friends, but I am glad I have made alot of friends, and I thank my teachers for their support and understanding through my school years." Tom Papanikolas f mdwm Q I in k 1 - k. all A 'lk 'N QUINL Qs tak, sc.c..ce, ...a ..., geography, msn,- Yy, English, and civics each year. The sciences and math were written and taught in English. There is a special Teachers' Day which the stu- dents celebrate with food, and there are no classes for the day. Also on any special occasion such as Christmas and Mothers' Day, the stu- dents put on plays commemorating these occasions. The school system in Greece is a lot different from Neptune's. The teachers are very strict and students get homework every day. There are no electives. In the sixth grade they have to take a foreign language, either French or the more popular language, English. School there starts in October, In Greece the schoolwork is more advanced, so students are introduced into courses earlier than they are here. For example, they learn Geography in the third grade. Soccer is very popular, but there aren't any school teams to compete against. If a student fails for the year he has to make it up the next year because there is no summer school. During Eas- ter and Christmas vacations, classes go on trips to a different island. The social life between the students is almost the same as in the United States, except no one gets a license there until 18. Both Monica and Tony went to school in American high schools in Germany-Monica in West Germany, and Tony in West Berlin, East Germany. In Germany there are six classes 55 minutes long with five minutes between bells. They have an open cafeteria early in the morning where students can buy anything they want. They have open campuses which means the students can walk outside when they want. After they get what they want from the cafete- ria, they have two classes, a fifteen minute break during which they can go anywhere on school grounds including the cafeteria, two more classes, lunch, and the last of their classes. During lunch they have 55 minutes to do what- ever. They can go home, to the officers' club, to the ice cream parlors, or to the arcade worlds. Monica commented that the best thing about school there was that she got to pick her own classes fusually with friendsj, her own times she wanted to take them, and her teachers. The sports schedule was also much different be- cause there were events only on Saturdays. The students travel three to five hours on a bus or train to arrive at another American School, so it is like a weekend vacation. They also have ff' V36 ?,v,' Ill! mx we f0f'li50't . . lp I -... 1, ' T liQ2:vi!:.9fe!fff' Ntzimwztif il' II nl Il I ' 'Iliff ' Q I. 4. Left: "Florida may have the better high school, but Neptune has the better people." Carol Spear school trips such as "Easter break" to different European countries. Monica, who also attended school in Italy, said that most of the American schools in Europe are run the same way because they were all under U.S. government supervision. Schools are also different in other places in the United States, as Carol points out about Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She went to a huge school. The campus is complete with a pool, which could be used during the lunch break, a huge track and field, an outdoor main courtyard with mosaic designs, and an outdoor upper level walkway, all in about eight or nine buildings. The classes are fifty minutes long with five minutes between classes. Students can leave campus for lunch, which is also fifty minutes. They have major pep rallies and lots of school spirit. School starts at 7:30 with no homeroom, and ends at 2:35. She described the educational process as learning without even realizing it. So you see, all schools are not the same. If you would like to know about other schools, just ask any of your friends who have come from another school. You'll be surprised at all you'll discover. Left: "School in Neptune isn't as radical as school in Hanau was, but I've met alot of nice people and had alot of fun." Monica Rogers T if f M. f' '- imma ,f . . Above: "This school is alot different from my school in Germany, but I think it'll grow on me." Tony Sims 107 The Funniest Thing That Ever Happened To Me . . . I was bowling and the ball got stuck on my hand and I fell and slid partially down the alley. Sheri Fisher I came to school in a dress and pantyhose and got compli- ments. Preston McGowan I was carrying my little brother to church when an elderly lady stopped to comment on his cuteness and pinch his cheek and he slugged her in the mouth. Kris Asay When on my first date in 6th grade we went roller skating and I threw up all over my date. He never asked me out again. Kim Harris I was pushed down in the hall- way by my friends and I couldn't get-up because I was laughing so hard. Annie Blaney I locked myself in a bathroom and couldn't figure out how to get out. Anonymous I hung the ROTC Hanging flag upside down. Trevor Reid I was skiing and couldn't stop and I went into the lift line and knocked over three people. Chrissy Hulsart I was driving down the road with my morn and I fell out of the car. Sharon Rowe The Most Embarrassing Thing That Ever Happened To Me . . . I was playing goalie for soccer, when I went to punt the ball I stepped on my shoelace and fell over. Stefanie Brand I was swimming in a meet and I was supposed to do 8 laps and I only did 6 and stopped. I thought I was done. JoAnn Jarmer When I collided in the outfield with Danny Roberts and knocked myself out. Shawn D. Walker I announced the second place homecoming float winners as the Class of 85 fwho had already graduatedl instead of 86. Jenny Balinsky I slipped while walking down from the top bleachers at my sister's graduation and rolled all the way down into a table. Everyone including the ceremo- ny stopped to see if I was ok. Monica Rogers I was thrown in a lake and I was wearing all white. Kim Luciano I fell up the stairs in school and all these people were in back of me. Nancy Anthony I spilled 4 cups of hot coffee on myself while at work. First I screamed, gathering attention then I pulled my pants to my knees. Boy- they were shocked- I was embarrassed. A Beth Craddock I fell down the stairs in my prom dress and everyone saw my underwear. Anonymous In lunch in 7th grade my friends switched my good lunch for one that had been in my locker for three months. Lee Polisano I went shopping with two 17 year old guys and they ran up and down the aisles of Toys R Us shooting guns at one another. Sally Amatelli When the boys basketball team in Columbia, SC walked in on my dance group while we were using their locker room to take showers. Denise Aleman I 1 2 4 6. The Color Purple 7 S 9 OVlESi . Rocky IV . White Nights . Youngblood Back to the Future . Spies Like Us . Krush Groove . Beverly Hills Cop 10. Sixteen Candles Death Sad movies Onions Sad Songs Breaking up Pain lphysrcal rnentalj 7 Guys 8 Friends leaving 9. Fond memories 10. Reality Songs 1. Broken Wings QMr. Misterl tml - - ustonj . Kyrie ,Mmm er 1' 5. Saving All My Love or You 0Nh1tney - weed 6. Born in the USA steen . Summer of 69 ,,- : , tu m . Secret Lovers A 2 ' . Dancing in the Dark - S ringsteenj O. Take On Me Top Ten I AIDS Death T.V. Shows 1. The Cosby Show 2. Miami Vice 3. Family Ties 4. Who's the 5. Growing Pains . Moonlighting 7. Cheers 8. Dallas 9. Knots Landing 10 Dynasty V Drunk driving Parents Reality War Electric1ty Teen Pregnancy Drugs! Alcohol 10. Suicide gg Z F Q 1 1 5 Q:-J' ' : J ' 9 8, u' I I ha A M. 'H Tearjerkers Shockers , 1- 1: 2.. ' 53215355 2. 3. ' 3. " 4- 4- 5. ' 551232253 5. ' 6- ' ' I 6. ggzsg 7. ' ' - 3- . ' ' 9. The 1985-1986 school year holds many special memories for all who attended the Senior High School. The first day of school was both an excit- ing and nervous experience for the students. They were excited about see- ing old friends and meeting new friends, and nervous about finding out their schedules for the forthcom- ing year. In the month of September, there was a "Welcome Back Dance." At this dance, everyone had an opportunity to get together with old friends they had not seen since June and to meet new friends. In October, there was the annual Halloween Carnival and dance, with prizes for the best costume and best club booth. Also in the fall, Neptune's sports teams put on an excellent showing. The football team made it to the state championships for the first time in its history. Preceding Homecoming '85 was Spirit Week when everybody dressed up and had a good time to show their school spirit. Laughter was in the air 'Q the entire week as students dressed up for Role Reversal Day, Benny-Nerd Day, Pajama Day, and the traditional Red and Black Day. Homecoming '85 was rained on and had to be post- poned until the next day. The Home- coming Dance went on as planned, though. On that most special day, the Homecoming King, Queen, and their court were paraded through town to the football field, and there was the traditional float competition which was won by the Class of '87, Top left: Doug Martin concentrates on a chem- istry experiment. Top right: Rambo imperson- ators at the Halloween Carnival. Middle right: Michelle Schooley and Kathy Wasson in the main office. Right: Terraine Anderson, Adel- bert Macon, and Kahn Austin decide what to get for lunch. MW ,,, ,. ,WW fcV'q'7 Yam Quia: X f r A Look At The a It Was In 86 The Football team, undaunted by the delay, went on to win the game. Their next challenge was the Thanks- giving Day game, which, incidentally, was very wet. Many graduates and friends of Neptune returned for this game. It was an enjoyable day even though Neptune lost to Asbury Park with a score of 15-7. Moving into winter everyone looked forward to Christmas vacation. Also, the winter sports teams began their respective seasons. Valentinefs Day crept up quickly and cupid's ar- row seemed to strike just about every- one. For Valentine season, the Nation- al Honor Society sold jewelry, the Yearbook staff sold carnations, the Senior Council sold lollipops, and the Student Council provided a mail ser- vice to deliver Valentine messages. Still other special memories over the year came from involvement in school clubs and class trips. The Dra- ma Club put on an excellent theatrical - 1 i ii 1 ' ylr- '- is tt A an W m4f M, f f ms-.41 j W 7' if - ' V 'A f U L ' jr I Q Lg' .Lt A ,em H 3 4 5, . ,"51f'Z' W 'A if" 6' tm- mf . f . ' I .X , , V . ' JV? .-14 2' . QM fd., . I W j , W K I VZ.. WL, 1 ,V 1 Zi? ig, Q 5 .,., . ..,:V"V-t YQ, ,. W1 m4,VfWW,.4,,f f' ' '+wyQ .rx I . n lifgiijg gl VM 72. i :4.l,g. 5. f, . , , ' ' ,, .ff W. ,7 ' V ,. 9 r. . Q W! . 4 q f I -fygv. f. -, 5 4 ,.,.. -' " zz - ,, ' . '74 ,J fn " ' ' f f . . ,f,,, gw,.,ff,, z V ' production, and the Spring sports teams showed that they, too, had as much enthusiasm and pride in their respective sports as did the fall and winter teams. Of course no one can forget the Iu- nior-Senior Prom which had a magi- cal aura about it, and the main event to finish the year - graduation. It was a very special year which will be re- membered for a long time to come. Top left: Jennifer Sweatt and Addie Graham inspect an art project. Middle left: Glenn Swin- dell and Kim Connors display their talents dur- ing Open House. Left: The Junior Class Coun- cil with their winning Homecoming float. 4 V V V V A X, XXX Q VV V V. 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' V' V XXVVVVVVV f X 'VV ' 'VVV, 'f Vf V V V'VV W "'V' 'V V VVVV f VVVV V V'VVVVffV'Vf 7 ' V VV 'f'V VV' VVVVWV X ,X V XVX VXVVX VVVVV 4fVf77VVf4VV ff V Vff VVV VVVVUVVVQ , V " 'grim ' V" 723-ff. 'fl m .-QV 5315 Md? ' Y A 1V"VT'x:V 5 V, "5 'V-1 W by Sp 3255? w XP 111-7 sax , V 1 1 ff ff , M5 f X 5 if .X , YZ Top: Henry Bacon goes down with the ball against I. P. Stevens, Far right: john Fiore gets caught with the ball, Right: john Miti picks up yards for Neptune. Above: John Miti runs with the ball while Andrew Goodman holds off an opponent. 114 vi, 1 fy 2 uf w H 7 , f .al The football team set some pretty high goals this season, and they met the chal- lenges with intensity and determination. According to Coach Amabile, "The kids were at their best when things got tough." For the first time ever, the varsi- ty football team made it to the NJSIAA Group IV playoffs. With a record of 6-2- 0, the Scarlet Fliers played J.P. Stevens of N. Edison, but lost with a score of 34-13 to place second in Class A North. Losing the Thanksgiving game to Asbury Park Making The Finals ended the season at 6-4-O. Speaking for the team, Defensive End Andre Nash said, "Although we lost a few important games, we reached our goal-we made it to the playoffs!" It seems that Coach John Amabile worked wonders with the team. The most outstanding players were Henry Bacon with ten touchdowns for the sea- son and John Blanton who, according to Amabile, was the most versatile athlete he had ever coached. One of the players f I , af- -,W F' -,.. -nv-. ' thi Lx' ' i :l.-iid' ' . uf - f 'F - . ,f i- V I 5 4,5 11 sag 3 I. 4 ,-v ww , f, pfgf k. f . . A , I , P V J , -fm . , . , . . Q. , . , ff-pf, , I , iff? . ,m.,, 4, 1 . ,' 1 -. . If "1 "Y W' ,1 ' fu . V. V f I ,. ia - ,H , V. , , ,, V L at V wig' JP ., V' L. r wt S ' -.4 ' ' '.,f , ,V ' .. V f - 'Q fr f J. 4 " ' Mas an ' f f , I , in . y . L, 2 q 1 Y ' iprgi.. Q , 3:32, f V - .ve '15 is-H "fa 5 it . Q ' 4 , L A -V , V , Q -, -1 - -,w I, V 1 , - ' xi' .r I' -, ' 1, . , 1 - vt A I , V 44 7 .. Q F- 2 5 , ' V V 1 ? wg, . . 1 . 'gf' ' - .-5 ., . f ' gf' V. -' "' ,y" " :f ' , ' 1' . 'Z j an I A .' f ,. ,...wpiS, ,- , " . . , "' ' ' "9'E'f"i""' .- ' V L if .' "A 1' 'A J'-3 vf'-- if 1 , ' 19 1 , , T' " , ' ',f , K, .45 ,f 5 1, 1 , V V , V, , iw L .WI bg, f I I Zgwfy 4. sr' fm i 2 '- fa, -'fsfi , . - - ,I ., - Q ., . , , 4 ,ya A V A V. -.4' I . , - rg,-if.. ' . fc. , f-C tw . 1 a L A ,. . ., ,.. .iw . f - ,H ' .... 1, N -I L ,sf ' , . .1 ft 1 1-' f. , -wX'.g5,,-,- 1 'i?'t'ff1 vit + i Y' , . ,. ' ,, 'Hn , G Y Y , iff' ffwf , ' , V 54,7571 tlyawkyql ,gyda rx - , , , gz-Q11fg+'fvi"fg,,,',',',,f'" ' ,f-J 'f , ' ff, gay ,Jw ,194 ,f,,,+,,aZ!iVfi,f5!" fvi7ff1'76.1,jy- LQ, jf ,ii ' ' ' - K yt ' . ., , :Wa 4,7 -4 N, uw? -, ma? fwrfw ,ff-,ff mf ., ., v ' ' fp -uf, j'.,.g,?7 .51 gfj,'f?' 1 lfffi ,jf gf " ,, m1.,,.f.t. fy, jj-'ff'g:',.fy,gf5.,.,i, f' ,H-i,n,,.g .,,345A,JZg y5MJ.,3'3'1f.s,5-I 4 X 1 31.15, f Mff.f,'7.f f'ftif' an I 532 , :yfyfM,fJff , . t I f '.7'Qz'1' 7'!?f"L."vg1Lg.d2Z?'Wh..5i2,gZ2xfZ1.fl-4f'fJf.b'.ff"'1.S4.Z'7irLw"li "W"!i?f,1V- 1""fi , . I ,. fc Back row: Louis Perry, Victor Belgrove, Henry Bacon, John Fiore, Steve White, Andrew Goodman, john Miti, Ricky Shimko, john Blanton, Ed Hamlin, Erick Gould, Darrin Harris, Tom jones, Andre Nash. Second row: Frankie Richardson, Demetrius Richardson, Terry Tucker, Barry Bacon, Mike Coles, Tom Mason, Kearey Jackson, Stephon Slappy, jason Bacon, Eric Deshields, Tim Lane, Rick Carlson. Third row: Greg Lindsay, jeff Ternowski, Andre Haymon, Keith Wells, Reese Revels, Ron Riggins, Wakey Evans, Loney Evans, Rodney Gardner, Rhonda Mann, Lynn John- son. Front row: Bishop Ransom, James Fiore, Wes Llowe, Matt Gurtley, Trent Siebles, Wes Lowe, Bob Cooper, joshua Burns, Mike Hall. named by Amabile as showing the most improved playing skills was Junior Mike Coles. When asked what he felt about the season, Coach Amabile said, "The kids demonstrated that they know how to win. There was togetherness. I'm proud of their accomplishments-indi- vidual as well as in a team concept. If I could sum the season up in one word it would be PRIDE!" Top: Coach Amabile instructs John Blanton on a play. Above: Darrin Harris makes a leaping catch. 115 Above: Heads or tails? Top right: Matt Gartley makes the extra kick. Bottom right: John Blanton and jeff Lawton rush in for the tackle. The Thanksgiving Day Game marked the end of a very special season for the Scarlet Pliers' Football Team. Under a new coach, john Amabile, the team made it to the states for the first time in its history to end the season with a record of 6-4. The game was played on a cold, rainy day. This, however, did not dampen the spirits of the many students, alumni and friends who were present to show their support. The team recognized this and put on an excellent show. But for all their efforts, the game ended with a score of 15-7 in Asbury's favor. Nevertheless, the Neptune Scarlet Pliers were able to walk away from the season with their heads held high. Pliers Seal A Winning Season ,Maw-wwf' M 1 W Left: John Blanton makes the touchdown. PRIDE-INTENSITY-TEMPO. Bottom Right: The terrible weather didn't stop the high-spirited fans. Below: Neptune and Asbury bands get together for the National Anthem. Bottom left: The cheerleaders are ready for the rain. A -W 'I17 f:,,,,,-...--ffm W ,,,, -,,NW,,,V,..,,V, Q j X fx: 4 F f 5 52431 f '1' . QM, My ,Ai ,,,,,. , ,,, .xii f7W"'4' " " ' ' A mm 1 12230, VJ: JJ. , . la V ..., IM . Wgmj ,, ,gi M f by gyda -W fi! 5 ' " ' 2- .32 ' J f , ,f , f f Q y ,, A 'aff' ff , I 'Q 1 7 3, , ,.,, 2 V . Vvfv Vfwfffffv-nn ,hf , A f v ,, W , 7 5 , , f , f f , , gf, 4 6 X j,w.,,,, ,, f M I ,A f , ,Q Y - by k V 45 I :,W,,,, H V ff ' ' ylffi f- A, A f, V f,f Oxy, 1 , f ' f ff :My 1 My Q7 ,QQ f ,,Zfi!,w,f 5, nw, '77, ' ' k f ,ff"5f'Qf ,Ili -19 . ,, X W . ' V'1 fC', f 'W 1 l m J, f My f,,,, ,, ,4 ffQzff,W, " , - 4,554 ,I M ' az 77 ff 'V AMQW .fr Q, Q, , ,ff ,. K f f f , f X X f X f , f ff X ,gf Q 5 j f f X, X f ff f f W X 1 X f X 44 ff! f X X X " 1 1 ff f f ,M , Q f ' ' " 450 ff f ' K ff ff, , zu M, f ' ' A 1, j f , f , ,, V ., 1, ' , , . ,,, 5 1 sv I . 6'1" I" I , Q y M 4 f ' rw, , f f -, 11, . -. 17,5 Q gf ,W fq,,w 1 1 X fn ,rwff , 'fu , f N 14,2 f 1 WK? if'f'4wz"-C f rfffff l., , ,i W A gy Q, ' 7' , , , . 'W EL I V w X , ,-.,,..f, 2 .mmf The 1985-86 Girls Field Hockey Team took the Class 'A' Championship for the second time. Several of the girls made Class 'A' North first team: Annie Blaney, Stephanie DeAngelis, Katie Donahue, Kathy Wasson and Kim Morcom. On the second team Class 'A' North were Chrissy Lukosius, Tina Conti, and Den- ise Zarro. Kathy Wasson and Kim Mor- com also made Shore Conference first team. The team beat long time rival Ocean Twsp. both times they met and was ranked 1st in Shore Conference and Back row: Coach Lombardi, Stefanie Brand, Andrea jackson, Kathy Wasson, Annie Blaney, Amy Marsh. Middle row: Debbie Marks, Stephanie DeAngelis, Lori Huber, Maria Carino, Elaine Wright. Front row: Katie Donahue, Chrissy Lukosious, Kim l I Morcom, Denise Zarro. .. , If , ,s,,,W.,, ,.. . krT "" "i -L' A' 1' 'V 3 y . , . 1 i 2 s 1 gifs- A ,Q - if - ,, , , ,,,, , ,,,, 1 Q1 -. - , .yi ' ,, ,fs Y :f , f , ' Sticks To Success Central Jersey tournaments. The season ended on an unfortunate note when they lost in the Central Jersey final 1-0 against Notre Dame. Three team members in particular made this season an exciting one. Tina Conti who had never played field hockey until this year earned a starting varsity position and was the most improved player of the season. Leading scorer Kim Morcom scored 19 goals and 4 assists. She was in the top 10 of the state for being the leading scorer. The most out- 254, ,, W' 'A ,wwf 4 ,Z Us M ,f M fmffw- ' x We 26 4, vrlr ......,.,. . W- standing player was team captain, Kathy Wasson, whose skills, determination, and "never say die" attitude kept the team alive through thick and thin. Other team members contributed to the team's success. Captain Annie Blaney gave moral support in times of need. Always screaming to keep the team alive, goalie Stephanie DeAngelis pushed the team to its maximum level on all occasions. Through their efforts and those of other members of the team, the girls enjoyed a successful season. N Z- C, 'AI 11 .17 . gf 15,552 V -Civ V , ' ,," A ,y Qfkj'.FA' fm ' 4344 iicfgms. - 1? ssc a . - H' , p1,A,','fW , I M .gif-iv.t If I ,',,'.,. 0.4, an T-T' ' ' ' ':' l H X -M v f ,' 6 1 J 1 1 1! I ' ' A qv- ' ,f , f- Q' f N Afffff, A V , 'bf' ,, ,M f Q W if ,, Z, f,,,,.f .1-1-. ,V V, L "f ' v 77 1 f f fp!! s 1 Q4 Q41 16 I as A fl Q "ai 1 ' - , gg, if W 8 1 Q -1111, 07 t Hfv- - , , , V X '. .I-I , K M ,, ,,,. ,. , K 7,7 Zh , 1 -'vs f A 2 4 f ' ' ' 3' Y s , 1 V 14 Back row: Coach Hewitt, Kim Conners, Diana Simmen, Amy Felton, Shannon Thompson, Terry Mc Devit. Front row: Tina Macey, Tina Conti, Lynn Adams, Stacy Clay, Kim Harris. ,f . , be-Hxmx.,.f,1. , .ft 1... .,,..l: , fm-4, - ' Top right: Team captains Annie Blaney and Kathy Wasson. Above: Andrea jackson beats out defensive player. 119 E 5 Top: Nancy Beling and Nancy Lee show off their team work in a successful doubles game. Above: Shannon Monroe returns a diffi- cult shot, Right: Michelle Parreott takes no chances and returns a ball that is out of bounds. wwawuwd., The Neptune Varsity Girls Tennis Team pulled off another enthusiastic season by following tradition and defeat- ing Long Branch by an overwhelming victory of four to one. For the second consecutive year, the team, under the guidance of Coach Sal Busacca, can boast itself as being one of the most enthusias- tic, energetic, and determined girls ten- nis teams around. This year the two top- scorers were once again Michelle Schooley and Michele Parreott who just happen to be Co-Captains of the team. Serving The Ace Although unable to beat last year's historic seasonal record, the girls were certainly proud of themselves for notici- bly improving their overall skills and companionship while breaking in, so to speak, five new players of whom several were Freshman. Other veterans of the team have shown continual improve- ment this year in specific areas of skill, which include the building of more pow- erful and solid serves and improving the quality and accuracy of their backhands. Noteworthy doubles partners include Front row: jennifer Gralewicz, Wendy Fisher, Shannon Monroe, Jing-jing Yang, and Nancy Lee. Back row: Coach Busacca, Carolyn Furbeck, Nancy Beling, Jackie Carcich, Michele Parreott, Jennifer Strassburger, and Melissa Matthews. Top right: Michelle Schooley attempts to "Ace" her opponent. Right: Michele Parreott successfully volleys the ball against her Long Branch opponent. 'fillin- the team of Nancy Beling and Nancy Lee who have proven their skill and team work on the court for the past two years. The girls have made it clear that they owe it all to Coach Busacca and that they couldn't have remained such an enthusi- astic team without his constant support and guidance. The girls also said that they are eagerly looking forward to a more successful season next year and are encouraging all to join in the fun. 121 Top left: Dominic Napolitani goes for a breakaway. Top right: Mike Radwanski sets up the ball for a Rainbow Kick. Middle left: Wendell Muldrow sends the ball ahead to his team. Middle right: Tommy Boykin goes up for a head ball. Right: Doug Martin makes a save. if 'sift g Q , uf a i 5 aaa , 2, 5525 if Neptune's Scarlet Fliers passed a mile- stone as they made it to the semi-finals. Outstanding players like Wendell Mul- drow and John Barone led the team to its final record of 12-6-2. The first game of the season in the Wall Festival played against St. Rose resulted in one of the team's two tie games of the season, While several players felt this was the season's toughest game, others felt that C.B.A., who handed them a 3-1 loss, dealt the strongest blow to the team's efforts. Back row: Coach Hogan, Duncan Brown, John Gluckow, Andy Bosko, Todd Scottson, Kyle Peters, john Barone, Coach Persson. Middle row: Dominic Napolitani, Wendell Mu1drow,John Lopez, Richie Dodd, Tommy Boykin, Mike Radwanski, Paul Wyman, Kurt Daffledecker. Front row: Mike Paduano, Chris Atkins, Doug Martin, Dave Durkac, Robert Wiggins, Dennis Pappas, Keith Brown. f. ',' I-LE' ,.,4 A if 42.3-12:4 .1.,A'-, 21? - l Back row: Dwight McFadden, Barth Pontecorvo, Jimmy Imperial, Anthony Crego, Kevin Henry, Kenny Orr, john jackson. Middle row: Warrick Muldrow, Roger Kremen, Eric Horner, Mike D'Amico, Pete Passalacqua, Tom Zakerowski. Front row: A just For Kicks ' All the games, however, will be remem- bered by the players, and memorable moments ranged from Dave Durkac's concussion to Tommy Boykin's first as- sist in the St. Rose game. While getting to the semi-finals was a goal in itself, disappointment at not win- ning the title was hard for the team to accept. Goalie Dave Durkac noted, "My biggest disappointment of this season had to be the fact that we didn't win anything, even though we had the skill . . Xsrurz. gy, 1,8 by V' J '- ,H saw., Carrie Andresen, Jill Blecki, Mike Orlando, Chip Schmidt, Almar Ortiz, Tracy Reinhart. , f . level to." Those same skills did, however, keep the team going and allowed them to rise to the level of the competition. Some players felt that the toughest game of the season was played against East Brunswick during the semi-finals. The Pliers, defeated by a narrow 1-O mar- gin, played hard in spite of the intense pressure. All in all, it was a fairly good season with lots of support coming from coach- es, friends and family. Top right: Team captains Kyle Peters, John Gluckow and john Barone. Above: The senior players. 123 Right: Kimble Cannon practices his starts before a meet. Below left: Chrissy Hulsart swims backstroke, Bottom right: Stacey Clay swims butterfly. Below: Jimmy Giorella takes a practice dive before competition. The Nieptune Aquafliers experienced a Challenging season led by captains Kim Baker, Stacb' C1356 Steve Wycoff and Horng Yang. Many new swimmers came out and lent their spirit and talent to a team that worked hard towards its goals. Neptune hosted the Monmouth County Championships this year at the Mon- mouth Boys Club where the boys team took third place. Neptune's divers, in- cluding Colleen Coyne, Kathy Flesca, Tammy Dalziel, Scott Wells, Jim Gior- ella, Pat Grodeska and Richard Hogan, ,5 ' In The Swim had a successful season. The 400 free style relay team took fifth in the Shore Conference. The Aquafliers' practices consisted of hypoxic work, funderwater swimming and breathing drillsj distance work, sprints, cross-pools, and specialties. Ev- ery practice was different but all work- outs conditioned the swimmers' bodies to perform faster and better. ln addition to regular exercises, water polo was occa- sionally played to build up upper body strength and leg strength. Many team members swam outside of the team, helping to improve their times. Morale was high, especially since Coa- ch Mooij was always there to encourage the team. Pranks, too, were common. In fact, Neptune's success at the Shore Con- ference was due in no small part to a hair "razing" party the night before the meet. The team got together, and the girls shaved the hair from the legs and arms of the guys in hopes of reducing water resistance and reducing the relayers' times! . fy f, f ff, in i , ' AWN t i c c c we .,..r ,. 5 .5 ,M .,,., . , . 8 , , e at J ,- -.C -," ' '.1-, -f,r - wa. f.X .".' 15 -'.' .I ' I 5: iff ,.., :y.1J1 4"1? ' -A if-, E g g, ig il gg . 1 A H C Y ,',- Sv. I Q ,.t,, I LV 1 0 rig ,K . 1 ,M 2 , 4: 5 , ,f t ..h, . V ,V klbk , f C in Q V: Z - M . , ,. '. --s- - . ' , V 5, L , W, Y ' f H v-1- . if X .N ,gag 3 U C . , ,C , , 5 yy, A 3? 5 K. ,-,V I Z K if Al! Af. V ff! 1 aria, rj ,, k-.- trry V1 l! ,f 1 X - g -. ,.,, A AML 1 5,1 ep ,,,,. :Y K vsp VV: - I. 4. Li 'L LL in In vw .1.- ,. ,L V - gf l ,rttt " 'T .e,i -.., , Q ssrtel eeetrs.1t,tt f J r ' J tti, tte. 1 1.ir3.4zrr:i!!r! viii rf My tix HQ Ht M5 Ht Vlvk Mfbilxffyitlkvfly 4 Back row: Mike Fornino, Scott Wells, Eddie Deuchar, Horng Yang, Jimmy Giorella, Kimble Cannon, Chris Harris, Bill Weck, Steve Wyckoff, Rob Cottrell, Richard Hogan, Joey Deeves, Mike Wiggins, Tom O'Toole, Pat Cwrodeska. Middle row: Tracey Andersen-Manager, Chris Buchan, Richard Furbeck, Catherine Flesca, Kim Baker, Chrissy Hulsart, Stacey Clay, Tammy Dalziel, Aimee Connors, Susan Orr, Cathy Garforth-Manager. Front row: Eric Blanchard, Mark Edmonds, Billy Duerr, Kristen Bray, Vicky Mercogliano, Patti Bray, Tracy Reinhardt, Joanna Johnson, Colleen Coyne, Nikki Lafalce, Kristen Cannon. . rv' w- ,- fff 'M' -' 'wa H , Wag, PAW if fm, 'A 'i4f.7f"w,'-mf , . I ,4 t"?' f,4g.f.,.?Z!,7, 5, Jw Q- A 1 Q M 2 "' M' 5 ir ,W 1' f it f ,N WM f af 'f nr, y,yv1g,Mf'Wf I gl' if X? f :lg l I. j, V1 V J e f ' ff ' 7 if if ns , ,, V 'W " M M 14 , ,MQW Left: Team members await for the meet to start. Top right: Ashley Hogan swims breaststroke. Above: Patti Bray swims freestyle. 'I25 Neptune's Varsity Boys Basketball team made a strong comeback after their slow start. It took the team a few games to readjust to a new starting line and to the return of Coach Hennessey. Coach Hennessey had coached for 22 years and brought Neptune 463 wins in 22 seasons. In spite of their beginning, the team pulled away with a 13 - 10 record. This record entitled them to qualify in both the Shore Conference and the State Tournaments. Back row: Assistant Coach Bob Feeney, Gordon George, Steve Beltle, Clarke Harris Derek Gaines, Andrew Goodman, Coach Larry Hennessey. Front: Darren Harris Frankie Richardson, Paul Martinez, Sean Blaylock, Stephon Slappy, Leonard Jones. Back row: Bob Feeney, Tim McCarthy, Eugene Stewart, David Durkac, Todder Echandy. Middle row: Marc Ellington, Gregory Lindsay, John Savage, Roger Young. Bottom row: Bishop RanSOr1. On The Rebound Unfortunately, the team was plagued with illness during the early half of the season. Injury caused a change in the team's line up and the consistency of play. In the latter half, two key players let the team down by becoming ineligible. The team had a few advantages to work with despite all their handicaps. The starting five consisted of Captain Sean Blaylock, Captain Andrew Good- man, Leonard Jones, Stephon Slappy, and Stephen Beltle. They received good support from both Sophomore Leonard Jones and Junior Stephon Slappy, who exhibited outstanding outside shooting and rebounding. Senior Stephen Beltle added to the team's performance with his ability to block opponents' shots. In- deed, in the game against highly ranked Red Bank Regional, Stephen blocked eleven shots, and Stephon Slappy tied RBR's leading scorer by racking up 22 points of his own. Now that's teamwork! Top right: Team captains Andrew Goodmen and Sean Blaylock. Above: Steve Blltle goes up for a rebound. 127 1? Top left: Annie Blaney drives for a lay-up. Top right: Coach O'Donnell discusses the game plan. Middle right: Joyce Bell runs to recover the ball. Par right: Lisa Iones out maneuvers defense. Right: Annie Blaney prepares to take a jump shot. Above: Captains jennifer Henry, Lisa Jones, and Annie Blaney. 128 The Girls Varsity Basketball team had a hard season this year rearranging their Starting five without starting senior for- ward Jennifer Henry who suffered a knee injury early on. She did, however, recover enough to participate on and off in the state tournament. Some disappointing things occurred this season with the team's loss to Free- hold Township who defeated Neptune for the first time in five years. Other bad breaks were the team's inability to main- tain their Class "A" title and their loss to Back row: Coach Ken O'Donnell, Shannah Clarrit, Amy Marsh, Lisa Jones, Jennifer Henry, Juanita Harper, Wanda Reeves, Pam Beach, Jackie Carcich, Annie Blaney, - Un The Ball - Saint Rose in the eliminating round of the quarter final game of the Shore Con- ference Tournament. Though they had some tough times, the highlight of the season was the win in the Wall Christmas Tournament-a first time win for Neptune. Three players who stood out from the rest of the squad were Junior forward Lisa Jones, Freshman point guard Joyce Bell and Sophomore forward Juanita Harper. Juanita was complimented on being the most improved player on the f WW Tanya Johnson, Asst. Coach Bob Eckart. Front row: Stephanie DeAngelis, Kim Morcom, Chrissy Lukosius, Felica Bacon, Joyce Bell, Debbie Marks. V 5-4' 45, pk ' V l al. Back row: Coach Bob Eckart, Felica Bacon, Jackie Carcich, Darlene Johnson, Wanda Reeveg, Erika Armstrong, Michele Branton, Diana Simmen, Jennifer Handley. Front row: Dawn Davis, Jackie Evans, Daneen Wyche, Darlene Lewis, Debbie Marks. ' W' ' , ff J team by Coach Ken O'Donnell but, he said, "She became academically ineligible." Other team members who deserve spe- cial recognition are team captain Annie Blaney and Sophomore Jackie Carcich. Both made enormous contributions to the teams' offensive game. With an overall season record of 18-4, the team has high hopes for next season and is expecting nothing but the best. Above: Jackie Carcich waits for a rebound. 129 ,5 f ff I f J! W!! 4 j -zmfwaglv , - "" ' ff .nl ,5,n:,n: , , , ,4-X79 - 42' . , , xx 4, ZZ f -1 Top left: Clayton Harrlson faces h1s opponent head on as he takes matters 1nt0 his own hands Top rlght The crowd dlsperses at a Neptune VlCtOfyll Right Todd jelliff helps Dave Sweatt put on a few pounds' Above john Gluckow prepares to start h1s bout wlth a new opponent I Another Pinning Season' At the end of another successful year, with a record of five wins and six losses, the wrestling team was proud of its ac- complishments. Winners like District champions Clayton Harrison and Trevor Reid and placewinners David Sweatt and Tom Zakerowski were important to the team's success and will be key wrestlers on next year's squad. With many young wrestlers, includ- ing eleven underclassmen wrestling var- sity at different times in the season, the team expected a tough dual-meet season. But by losing to second place team Mid- dletown South by only six points, and by defeating Shore Conference Tournament qualifier Toms River North, the team proved it was no pushover. By the time the District XXIII Cham- pionships were held here at Neptune, the team was really peaking. With four Dis- trict Champions, one second place win- ner and two third place winners, the team broke Long Branch's two year win- Back row: Coach Tiedemann, Tom Zakarowski, Trevor Reid, Todd Jelliff, Mike Rad- wanski, Scott Atkins. Middle row: Managers: Suzie Welch, Andrea Dougherty, Shane Berger, Art Thorne, Dave Sweatt, Mike Orlando, Annessa Gwyn-Williams, Kathy Ielliff. Front row: John Hendrickson, Merrel Neal, Clayton Harrison, John Gluckow, Clark Mitchell, Dave Emmons, Mike D'Amico. Back row: Annessa Gwyn-Williams, Coach Glen DePalo, Suzie Welch, Kathy jelliff. Middle row: Shane Berger, Scott Atkins, Warrick Muldrow, john Kupcak, Mike Orlan- do, Ray Lee. Front row: Kurt Hansen, Joey Gentile, Todd Coleman, Ivara jones, Ricky Carlson, Mike D'Amico. ,- ning streak and won the District title for the first time since 1982. Some wrestlers continued on to the regional and state levels. The team will have to work hard next year to make up for the departure of this year's captains-Merrel Neal, Todd Ielliff, and John Gluckow. Following in their footsteps will be a real challenge. All in all it was a good season. Some made it to districts and some even made it to Regionals. Neptune wrestling has made its mark-Congrats, Guys!! O Above: Team captains, Merrel Neal, Todd jelliff, and john Gluckow . . . "Are we s'posed to smile?" Below: Clayton Harrison tries a unique position for pinning his opponent!! Z 131 Below: Bonndie Brown finishes the race. Right: Johnnie Moore and Bonn- die Brown run at the same pace. Bottom right: Johnnie Moore and Pat Smith lead the pack. A Wh V, WWW ow ft, fm -f f' iff! 132 by , , lwwffwtwffff f f 'M MW WW' mm M711 ,, ,w-,, ,,.,m+a, Wag QA Q gi ,i,, M Despite the odds, the Cross Country team faced up to a tough season and took twelfth place in the Conference. Title winners last year, this year's team faced the challenge of strengthening itself against a loss of several fast runners. Outstanding runners like Pat Smith and Johnnie Moore helped to bridge the gap. Pat, who never settled for anything less than the best, pressed the team forward and went on, himself, to run on the first team from All-Shore, first team from Monmouth County, and third team for Back row: Paul Bucknor, Pat Smith, Gary Saterwhite, Michael Hartnett. Front row: Raymond Lee, Michael Clark, John Moore, Bonndie Brown, David Graham. E Breaking The Tape All-State. Johnny also made great gains when without training, he finished sec- ond after the first meet of the season. Mark Hartnett, a first-year runner, showed improvement throughout the season, and completed the year as third man. The biggest disappointment faced by the team was the loss handed them by Marlboro, a meet which they lost by only one point. C.B.A. gave the Pliers their greatest challenge of the season, however, as always, Neptune rebounded from both defeats by finishing seventh in the County. In addition to the awards won by Pat Smith and Johnnie Moore, Neptune re- ceived another honor when Coach Non- nenberg attended a banquet held at the Mooring in Point Pleasant. On Sunday, December 8, 1985, Coach Nonnenberg was awarded a plaque for helping the All-Shore coaches and teams. As co-captains of the team which fin- ished with a record of 5-2, Pat Smith and Johnnie Moore also received awards. 'W Above: Team Co-Captains Patrick Smith and John Moore. Left: Michael Hartnett and David Graham take the first mile. I 'Q f ' Mfg' -,,,f M. . ,,. f, , ,-., , , ,M M, M,- J-xv. wfrr if " ' . ,wg . ,.Kdj4-Msfif f F M -we :M ,,,,.y91,-,mv,f.,,,,, 3,712 Zaf7,,,g7,-'.,Q-wr,gy+,,.y,g,v . , ,,V,,wM.,,,f I ,ff , Huw. ,, ,. , . ,,.,,,,-V M ,M ,,. 4.4 ang, 133 The Varsity Boys Bowling team had a good season under the coaching of Mr. Bass. The team, led by captains Mark Sloss and Paul Casler, finished in third place with a record of 17-13. The other starters-Mike Carey and Amish Patel-with the help of Mel Kenney, Jimmy Vecchione and freshman Robert Franklin, rounded out the team. Despite Back row: Coach Amos Bass, Mark Sloss, Paul Casler, Michael Carey. Kneeling: Mel Kenney, Amish Patel, james Vecchione. Cn A Roll - strong opposition from Long Branch, Ocean and Wall, Neptune stayed in the top half of the stand- ings the whole season. At the beginning of the season the boys had a hard time adjust- ing, but as the season progressed, the players improved. They really wanted to win and pulled togeth- er, pushing toward success. Cap- tain Mark Sloss noted the team's spirit, a key factor in the positive attitude that helped them estab- lish a respectable score. This year's substitutes-Robert Franklin, Melvin Kenney and James Vecchione-gave support to the team and at times were called upon to lend their talents to the game. The returning players will be Mike Carey, Jimmy Vec- chione and Robert Franklin. Top right: Amish Patel fixes his shoelaces. Above: Mr. Bass and some of the team members watch the excitement. Left: Coach Bass explains to Mike, Mel and Paul how their fingers should be positioned. 135 Top left: Sheri Fisher on her release. Top right: Vanessa Atkinson shows her tech- nique. Above: Vanessa Atkinson getting ready for a big strike. Bottom right: Coach Ceil Colon and Vanessa Atkinson relax before a meet. -Right Down The Alley The Girls Varsity Bowling team ended its season with a record of 29-1, placing first in its division. At the State Finals at Edison Lanes, Edison, the girls came in second place with a total pin count of 24, 32-just 63 pins down from first place. The team members started out rough at the beginning, but pulled themselves together, bringing themselves up from seventh place to second. Wendy Fisher, freshman, qualified for the individuals at states and took first place with a high game of 242 and a high series of 586. Wendy and fellow freshman Patti Koontz were the two most outstanding players and are looking forward to three more years of championships. Wendy finished her season with an average score of 164 and Patti a 156. Seniors Sheri Fisher and Vanessa At- kinson held the team together. Sheri stated, "Our team worked well together, and no matter what happened, we stayed well motivated." Sheri ended up with an average score of 153 at the end of the season and Vaneesa a 135. Back row: Coach Ceil Colon, jennifer Flesca, Wendy Fisher, Vanessa Atkinson. Kneeling: Lynn Beerbower, Lori Huber, Patricia Koontz. Seated: Sheri Fisher. Lynn, Mascot Mario Atkinson, Vanessa, and Sheri watch as the pins fall down. "The most improved player this year was Lynn Beerbowerf' explained Coach Ceil Colon. "This was my first year on the team," Lynn said, "and without the help and devotion of Miss Colon, I would never have done as well as I did." Lynn ended her season with an average score of 151. The team had 2 substitutes, Jennifer Flesca and Lori Huber who supported the team at all times, and, like Lynn, im- proved a great deal during the season. Above right: Patricia Koontz relaxes before a tough meet. Above: Lynn Beerbower adjusts her shoelace. 137 This year's gymnastics team, coached by Mary Kay Scola, had a very successful season. Their major goal was to score a total of at least 85 points. They did score 85 points at each meet, and, at one of their toughest meets against Freehold, they scored 88.7, exceding their goal. Al- though they lost against Freehold by half a point, the team felt proud of them- selves for pulling together and scoring high. The most valuable player, Jan Dalziel, freshman, contributed a great deal to the - Flipping Cut T team. An excellent athlete and a great teammate, Jan never missed a meet and was always at practice. She was a devoted player and hopes someday that all this practice will pay off. Jan finished first on vault, fourth on floor, and sixth all- around in the Shore Conference meet, and in the sectionals for the state finals, she made sixth all-around. Jan Dalziel successfully made it to the state finals and earned the positions of first place on the balance beam, third all-around, and fourth on both vault and floor. Her fel- low teammates and coach were very hap- py for her achievements and hope to see her in the 1988 Olympics. Sophomore April Leonard showed ex- ceptional improvement. She started out scoring between 2-3 pts. on the uneven bars, but by the end of the season, she was scoring 5 to 6 pts., a remarkable increase for a brand new competitor and an auspicious beginning for this young team. Back row: Coach Mary Kay Scola, Theresa Sullivan, Linda McDonnell, Merrey Luciano, April Leonard, Alicia Salustro. Front Row: jan Dalziel, Tawanna Horsley, Tasha Horsley, Rachel Marshall. Alicia Salustro executes a front scale for her balance beam routine. l ,. f ff 2 f ff "fi-'f1iU?'7"f1'fW,f"5?:7Z:ff':, M. , , , ,f,,,,,,,,,,,,A!f,f,,.,, !ff.,1f.,f,....v4f.fff f 'HM' iq., :H . , , ,,,,f fp ,'f,, fyz,f,5y,,,f 4 fd C, wwf' -' F 4-9Wq,49,.. Q: wif ' . wffi?f' ' 10 , ,G V4 ' Top: Merrey Luciano demonstrates her back bend technique. Above: jan Dalziel, hanging on tight, doing a handstand on the uneven parallel bars. 'I39 Below: Nate Scott and John Blanton warm up before a meet. Right: Coach Nonnenberg has his boys literally climbing the walls. aww--NHMV BCXSRQGS!-7 ,4 :M f ,fa-M, N51 f I Q Above: Johnnie Moore after a fall. Right: James Proctor makes a high jump. -On The Right Track Neptune is once again proud of its Boys' Indoor Track team after its com- pletion of another mixed but successful season under the direction of Coach Hank Nonnenberg and Assistant Coach John Chambers. The team kept up with Coach Nonnenberg's expectations of overall improvement whether with bet- ter times or further distances. The team member who won the most points was varsity shot putter Andre Nashe, who is following in the footsteps of former teammate Fred Brown. Not only was Andre Nashe the most out- standing team member, he was also a co- captain along with John Blanton. Coach Nonnenberg, a former distinguished athlete in his own right, stated that the player who exhibited the greatest overall improvement in track skills was Barry Bacon, a short distance sprinter. Nonnenberg went on to compare the team's record to a rollercoaster, saying that they both have their ups and downs. While placing second overall in the Shore Conference Meet, the team unfor- - - fmt .- Back row: Asst. Coach Chambers, Joe Patterson, Andre Nash, Pat Smith, Don Har- vey, Paul Bucknor, Coach Nonnenberg. Middle row: Barry Bacon, Charles Schnuth, Anthony Singletary, Johnnie Moore, Nate Scott, Claude Collins, Teddy Young. Front row: Mike Hartnett, Ed Johnson, Eric Vats, James Proctor, Mike Aubrey, Kevin Kennel, Rick Newkirk, John Blanton. Back row: Andre Nash and Johnnie Moore. Front row: John Blanton, Nate Scott, and Pat Smith. tunately did not place in the State Meet. Although not competing in any dual- meets, the team was able to defeat its traditional adversary, CBA, in a multi- team tournament meet. Coach Nonnenberg stated that the most memorable event of the season was Andre Nashe's stunning fifty foot-plus shot put throw at the Shore Conference Meet. "The future looks good," Nonnen- berg stated, "we have some good young talent." W, .ai ,w"""' Top: Pat Smith gets ready to take off. Above: Johnnie Moore shows off his hurdling skills. 141 Right: Dawne Bowles in action. Below: Stephanie Saleem lends a hand. Bottom right: Ivy Causby practices her high jump. B Q! ,Q , u ff 142 4 .,,ff7W,,mwwnmwr4mnwwmM ,,,, ,,.W,,,f W.W,,.wyWMwwf,swmfzw1z,f4f1f y Zhi. Neptune's Girls Track team placed Shore Conference fourth overall in the and ninth in the State Championship. Mr. Morris, the girl's track coach, said that he was very proud of the progress that the team made, both as a whole and individually. The team had two big dis- appointments this season. The first one was in losing the State Championship. However, though they did not win, all showed improvement in their areas of ' On The Run The second disappointment was Stephanie Saleem's injury, a pulled ham- string muscle, that put her out for the season. In spite of the loss of Saleem, the team put its best foot forward. Dawn Bowles was one of the most out- standingirunners of the season. She set the school and Shore Conference records on the fifty-five meter hurdles. Dawn also won the fifty-five meter dash and the fifty-five meter hurdles in the Shore individual performance. Conference. , f i i ' ff: ' . f ,275 .. Q", - , , if .. ' 1- A I gy 41- .Q gy - V 1 ,Ny ff' , U IFw,.,Wff.k t ,,f 'WA .. , :fr f f- f . .V P - , ft, ,fww w.,..,w. N 3 , ,. , .,, J. fy f , .Wy , , ,fy inf , pvwvjiqsyg ,4 wig? ,W , ,Wg J I A ., f .5 f," ,ff i wr? . . '-fy W!! f W X! ,, 4, , ',',t ,, .V WM N , !44M.f9f , ,,. ,fs ,f ,f , . 4 er's - p ' T - Z3 '.', if ' Q 5 lf - l M 31242 f ' , T r.rr ,Q ,', ', 'i,5gf'f,ff ff. "uf ' 'Wff ' ' . , 4: , 2:47. z V fr , ft - , ' .rf '24 1+ W ff -' f, f f I . ' rf L ,,,. f W, ,V . 7' I ,V, 3, ,K ,.,. , Z an ? , "', .ji f f -'f 2' i 7572 , gg, fy 4" f ,f ' .rtr M . MM ,, -4 -4 H a fs ' ,QV ff' - ,cw fp. .A .J V ,W 54 N .- W 4, .'f, ,.,' , , ,vmmaww -f .f M .1- Z t"" 'E' f TW J 2 H 1 ,,,, iffy ri., , V. , 'if ' ' 'rtt I J , P ' HZ' ,MN Back row: Michelle Lewis, Monica Rogers, Stephanie Saleem, Jennifer Cherry, Tammy Harvey, Veronica Wright, Sonya Brown. Front Row: Annette Gray, Carrin West, Ivy Causby, Dawne Bowles, Michelle Evans. ?""'C meet. M! .R A 4 f l0! 1f, f '- Q X f , f f . ., w ,4.f.mi1w4 2 Let's not overlook some of the other outstanding runners such as Sonya Brown in the fifty-five meter dash, Mon- ica Rogers in the 800 and 1600 meter run, and Annette Gray in the fifty-five meter hurdles. Monica and Annette made the biggest improvements on the team. Although Mr. Morris and the team were disappointed about the State Cham- pionship, all improved in their times and that made up for their losses. Congratu-' lations ladies!! aww " .f f ff' ff W f if Above: Dawne Bowles practices on the hurdles before a track 143 fff f R., f ,K :bf Q: X M, 3 '42, Z ' f f f , M My ' I ,A 1' f .,.,,.,,,, .. ,,,,, .Q V , M ,Q ,, , Wm, K-1-...,,7m 1--W-HW, 1 ,ff 1 ,Q ff ff! f X X fm!! f ff. f W www 'w kgs... ,ff ff Z f ff ,Ag li F .mr 1 a 9 i xg . C . L J 1 1 w v 1 1 J w A 4-' u f a r . , 5 4 4 1 If 1 ' af n av 4" ,c 4 'a Q, ', .li , 's. N" 1 ru' Un 1 in-1 ,, Q - I 1 Q 1 1 I . 5 - 1 'lir- cu. " -- : . e 'a 1 ,, f My nf ff' ',.,, X5 XX., yy . . wx Q0 fwi,:S4:: ww-sr X Xxkjqxggkfjx Xfxf-Qs. X-1,-Xmf my-Q5 X f S xL,-X .xx X my wkfxis XQSQN Six! wsu-u-if ,.,. , as 3355. 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Denni o inson Steve Robinson Monica Ro - aron Rowe Elizabeth Rodrigue Passalacqua-Rowe ev' af 4 ff W,, ff f , ff . 4 S f if .. t f 5 Rowland-Sweatt 51s..KagLir wland 52 if Cynthia Russel ji xsfeiffvanie-saleefi Miguel Salles ,qv-'g 772 Kath Sargusa isa Schmi My N lthorpe Camille Shealaynosun Montclair Simmons 'Andre Haymond stud- ies his lunch before he A eats it. f Ste I . SY. L ff K , ,, 2 ' ,rf , Q Sandra Smith P ft" ' L nn S ontak ZZ Y P fm, X ,,,, X rf., KW X -f 'V V 'iz' ' K f A X, QhXliliTliV!lffn4lf+ .1 L 1 .1 4- V ti? L is 1 r i,, . 2 t ry L Q .gw Q i ' ? 'QQ William Spraulding Erica Staplar Stephen Starks Lisa Steinbach Denise Stevens ,ff . 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'Qliahanie Ritter Dion Roach lx Pamela Roig Pamala Robinson Y i e flT6EEFEf1i'SiHmna Lori Roszkowski lj Quarterman-Roszkowski .. , ,A V 4 e , , A , Z z ,V , X ,K , X , X6 , 7 I, ? f . 2' , 'V'- vf 4 W " 7 j '1 'M X ' ",.. c' ,l,,v4??S'ag , X , A ., 5 , '3 :fa Z A if v"" I ., nf ,,,v A Q fig: , ,r. f . , ,ff U gi, 'qv gvw, g f, at f' 1 'f if .7 X 5, fr ,,'V , V, ,gr f ,V . , ,,-.,.ffi,,..-'Z J V Q V V T ' 13753 at ff t ' itatf fi a f 'f fer .V,vSfQ. k ,ifi H WQ QW? in R i ,,l, 12 . , f f . . .,.,g,,. rn" "s"' V I ,,,, 'r fu t fi" I X , X, I V X ZW 4,7 M R 12 l',LlW Qdf,3h i w x ,iff-""""'K wa xeagm 'Wwe ,W-'f tel' Y. ,f Dawn Ross ' Alison Rusca Keith Rush ' N Scott Russell lit Theresa Sadler . K ff? 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X -U: QW.. . wail. s-f , ' Qs: ,J 1 1 'V "ri ,'L., 'SSX I f ei f .tsavygifgf-fx 35 1., , K ' .-:1.-.:,:1:s. X,-.7 .t,.. ,. ,, '-,.g,ff4y , A Mt. , .. ,gf-of I 5, Q K MX Wg, Y 5 s 149' Dilcy Washington Susan Welch Keith Wells Thomas West Zel Walton Shalonda W itta er Mike Wiggins Kristina Willard Anissa William oneka Wheelings 'Ohl You have to turn it rian Williams Deanna William Deborah Williams elvin Williams Monica Williams Moses Williams Sha awrence Williamson Jo yn Wi is andell Wilson Greta Woods Melinda Wright Tricia Wright Roger Young 1.1. 42- 'f 2 k 4 546' five Spdng "We Are The World" We Are The Class Of '85 The graduation ceremonies for the Class of 1985 took place on June zoth in the Ocean Grove Auditorium. Every one of the 314 graduates stood and sang "We Are The World," which was the theme for the 1985 graduation, Since this was the first time an entire graduating class joined the chorus, the moment will be remembered for a long time to come. Three student speakers elaborated on the theme. Tammy Abrams discussed "Our Family of the World," Kevin Marks told us "We Can Make the Difference," and finally Linda Ziegler explained our "Choices" for the future. These three speeches truly exemplified the theme. After all, we ARE the world. 'Xfs Top right: Ruthann Krempasky, Mr. Edelson, Mr. Del.uca and Matthew Miller discuss future plans. Above: Graduating class of 1985. Right: Kathy Lent and Terri Alo prepare for the big moment. Far Right: Mike Badger receives his diploma from Mrs. Schneider. 478 Top left: Kathy Klapproth and Pam Howell talk with two Marines. Above: Michael Deeves wishes Lisa Shick the best of success. Left: Becky Vandesande and Betty Gleason enjoying their final moment of high school. 'I79 oys Capture Centra m Jersey Group IV Back row: Johnnie Moore, Roy Simmen, Henry Bacon, Louis Perry, Hank Nonnenberg, Jr., Fred Brown, Steve White, Ronnie Jones, Coach Non- nenberg. Middle row: Coach Tieclemann, Alfie Shaw, Gary Beling, Kimble Cannon, Sean Addi- son, Malcolm Johnson, Cliff Johnson, Kevin if Kennel, Paul Bucknor, Coach Chambers. Front i row: Mr. Bruno, Shane Berger, Wayne Reeves, Anthony Bennett, Andre Randolph, Robert Joyner, Johnny Blanton, Tim Johnson, Mike Hartnett. 15 Top right: The hurdles are no "stumbling block" for Henry Bacon. Right: Robert Joyner experiences the "thrill of vic- tory" after a long meet. Above: Roy Simmen crosses the finish line for a first. A .,, 1 Sm.. , M4643 W , , ,Jeri-4' Above: Lisa Rodriguez hurls the disc with all her strength. Top right: Carolyn Franklin shows how Neptune Girls' Track is always determined to win. Right: A great vault by Neptune's Annette Gray. fries Girls Follow Boys' Lead And Take Group IV Back row: Elisheba Jackson, Tawanna Hunter, Carla Jack- son, Stephanie Saleem, Carolyn Franklin, Annie Blaney, Keith Puryear, Karrin Waddy. Middle row: Angie Bacon, Kerrie Waddy, Monica Rogers, Dawn Bowles, Gwen Hayes, Shelley Benett. Front row: Veronica Bell, Annette Beverette, Lisa Rodriguez, Tonya Brown, Sonya Brown, Roman Brown. Dogpatch Comes To Neptune The 1984-85 musical Li'l Abner, under the direction of Mrs. Sharon P. Slate with the help of student co-producer Colleen Waddell, was a definite hit. Overcoming all obstacles-a late start, forgotten lines, and lost props-the cast gave a dynamic performance. Starring in this production were Hank Nonnen- berg as Li'l Abner, Rosanna Lewis as Daisy Mae, Michael Deeves as Earthquake McGoon, Lisa Parker and Hubert Clay as Mammy and Pappy Yokum and Mike Badger as Marryin' Sam. Also, some new Freshman faces were Jeff Point as Lonesome Polecat and Scott Cox as Romeo Scragg. Top right: Pappy and Mammy Yokum. Above: The cast of Li'l Abner sings "Dogpatch, U.S.A." in the opening scene. Far right: Earthquake McGoon and Romeo Scragg. Right: Available jones proposes a plan to Dr. Finsdale. 182 Top left: The Cronies relax at the old fishing hole Above: Melina Cosentino as Moonbeam McSwine Left: Li'l Abner and Daisy Mae. 183 ,6 W4 M? '65, Rising Stars Lead Wa To Bright Future QL to RQ: Mike Rickett, Lee Polisano, Marc Mar- tin, Steve Blecki, Tom O'Rourke, Doug Martin, Jeff Steel, Mr. Brodwater. l 1 Above: Lee Polisano makes a long drive. Top right: Jeff Steel putts while Mike Rickett holds the pin. Right: Doug Martin tees off to the first green. Tennis Team Volleys To Victor Back row: Dick Wright, Linda Hopson, Amish Patel, Lloyd Young, Steve Etz, Richard Weber, Michelle Parreott, Carol Wilson, Nancy Lee. Front row: Glenn Swindell, Horng Yang, Ger- ald Bunting, Preston McGowan, Tom johns, Nate Scott. Above: Gerald Bunting makes a long stretch to return the ball. Top right: Great backhand by Nate Scott. Right: Glenn Swindell awaits the return. "You're The Inspiration" Above: Chris Tango and Kellie Martin take a break from the dance floor. Top right: Members of the junior Court, Andrea jackson and Kim Baker. Right: A group gathers to talk about the magic of the night. The theme of the 1984-85 Junior- Senior Prom was "You're the Inspira- tion" by the group "Chicago" In re- membrance of the spectacular night everyone received souvenir glasses and booklets. With DJ Wall of Sound at the turntables, couples danced themselves breathless. The beautiful queen and very distinguished king were Dee Bright and Mark Setteducato. 7 The Prom was held at the Squire's Pub on May 24, 1985. On that warm spring night, ladies in full taffeta gowns and gentlemen in top hats, gloves and canes danced to the music provided by the DJ from "Wall of Sound." The dance, which started at 8 p.m., ended at 1 a.m. for some, but many continued on to other parties-even to New York. However, the most popular way to enjoy the rest of the evening was in the time-honored tradition of watching the sun come up over the ocean. Top left: Andrew Goodman and joy Winchester chat on the dance floor. Above: The King's court receive their applause with cheerful smiles. Left: Vicki Elmer and jay Kupisioski. Far left: Queen Dee Bright and King Mark Set- teducato dance to the theme song. Welch Leads Pliers In p And Down Season Back row: Kenny Welch, Rich Smith, Andrew Goodman, Eric jackson, Scott Kepler, jeff Law- ton, Bob Dykeman, Mr. O'Donnell. Front row: Wendy Johnson, johhny Brown, Anthony Bri- ar, Juan Miki, Kevin Marks, john Tirrell, Brad Strum, Dawn Cochran. 1 f ff cf' , Q V f 1 577 , f N 2 ,wwf ff ,,,, , QV 3 ,ff ff 2 I 'M WWW WW I 5,4523-,fy :L I 'sw f , I f f , ,,,.f,fw-:ff ,, f QM MV' 4 7 f W , W :V N Above: Coach O'Donnell shows the team how it's done. Top ' right: Bob Dykeman gets ready for a homerun. Right: Eric Jackson makes the play. 188 W A r I Above: Niki Carcich makes a catch for an out. Above right: Michelle Point hits one for Mom. Right: Mr. Beekman coaches the team. Neptune Outslugs Upponents Back row: Susan Wasson fManagerJ, Kim Bak- er, Sandy Core, Pam Beach, Michelle Point, Chris Perry, Coach Beekman. Front row: Jackie Beekman, Denise Bauter, Gina Daye, Barbara Caudill, Lisa English, Niki Carcich. ...1 Reds Win The Gold On May 11, 1985 the Girls Athletic Association held its last Contest Night ever -the Grand Finale. It was a grand event indeed. GAA alumnae were present to witness the Red and Blacks battle it out one last time. As the Reds and Blacks entered to their respective themes of "Reds Go For The Gold" and "Blacks in Toyland," the excitement grew in Asbury Park's Convention Hall. The competition was close after the skits: "Reds at the Indy SOO" and "Blacks' Roaring 2O's." But by the end of the night the Reds emerged victorious. However, no mat- ter what the scoreboards said, every- one was a winner. -'H Top right: It's the Grand Finale for the GAA. Middle right: Black dancer Linda Ziegler. Right: Black Entrance - Kathy Wasson, Chrissy Lukosius, and Andrea jackson in their tub. Above: Red dancer Amy Schmidt. Top left: Black Chief - Karen Asay, President - Carol Freda, and Red Chief - Danielle Cornelius. RUSH if f 1,4 at , lf -f 4 ,- Z I ' " ' 1 U ' ,V ' Q . i ' ..1 f ' 1 ' 7-Q. " 'f . ,a.,..w, ..,, A' ' D115 aus '7 2 ' Top left: The Reds' victory trophy. Above: Blacks Kim Corbo, Debbie Aleman, Colleen Coyne, Kim Baker and Annie Miti. Left: Red cheerleaders make their final formation. Far left: Red, Kathy Salamone, goes for the volleyball. Young Team it C Prepares For '86 Season Back row: Charlene Ferrara QManagerJ, Chris Belasco fManagerJ, Adrienne Marvinny, Kathy Heckel, AnnMarie Jennings, Debbie Bormann, Jennifer Handley, Katie Donahue, Amy Marsh, Kathy Wasson, Andrea Daugherty, Chrissy Hulsart, Jennifer Henry, Stephanie DeAngelis, Mr. Persson. Front row: Andrea Jackson, Renee Casper, Andrea Morozowsky, Susan Parren, Chrissy Lukosius, Stefanie Brand, Tina Conti, Lori Huber, Elaine Wright, Kim Morcom. Above: Tina Conti runs the ball up the sideline. Above right: Chrissy Lukosius dives for the ball.'Right: Amy Marsh dodges past opponent with the ball. QA 333J.?J.?.-733333.-333333353333 33333J.-73JJ!!3333533.?333.?3.-7J3!J3J.-7333!39,-a S sf-as I . 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Neptune 07753 ANDERSON, TERRAINE 111 Sunshine Parkway Neptune 07753 ATCHISON, CIN-DEE 711 Stokes Ave. Neptune City 07753 NV? ATKINS, CHRIS 31 Albany Rd. 0 52521 Neptune 07753 fbcgjvu ATKINSON, VANESSA 9 Patricia Dr. Neptune 07753 B BAGWELL, ROBIN 1224 Tenth Ave. Neptune 07753 BAILEY, CHARLES 426 Slocum Ave. Neptune 07753 BAKER, KIM 413 Monmouth Ave. Bradley Beach 07720 BARONE, JOHN 28 Schoolhouse Rd. Neptune 07753 BARTELS, MIKE 72 Riverdale Ave. Neptune City 07753 BAUTER, DENISE 407 Hawthorne St. Neptune 07753 enivr BELGROVE, VICTOR 1209 Ninth Ave, Neptune 07753 BELING, NANCY 148 Broadway Ocean Grove 07756 BELTLE, STEPHEN 92 Heck Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 BERNARD, MICHELLE 409 Moore Rd. Neptune 07753 BERZINS, KARL 1511 Eighth Ave. Neptune 07753 BEST, BARBARA 717 Green Grove Rd. Neptune 07753 BLANTON, JOHNNY 309 Hollywood Ave. Neptune 07753 BLAYLOCK, SEAN 12 Patricia Dr. Neptune 07753 BLECKI, STEVEN 222 Schock Ave. Neptune 07753 BORGES, CHUCK 146 Hawthorne Ave. Neptune 07753 BRAXTON TIA 1306 Corlies Ave. Neptune 07753 BROOKS, KIM 316 Karen Ave. Neptune 07753 BROWN, DUNCAN 4 Harvey Ave. Neptune 07753 BROWN, HEIDI 10 N. Chaphagen Dr. Neptune 07753 C CARRINO, MARIA 711 Marsha Dr. Neptune 07753 CASPER, RENEE 1415 Seventh Ave. Neptune 07753 CHANG, VICKIE 81 Ridge Ave. Neptune City 07753 CLAY, HUBERT 733 Gail Dr. Neptune 07753 CLAY, STACEY 43 W. Sylvania Ave. Neptune City 07753 COLON, NIECY 1412 Eighth Ave. Neptune 07753 I '55 B i coNNoRs, KIM' S' ,il 21 Green Ave. hh? Neptune City 07753 CORE, CAROL 526 Glenmere Ave. Neptune 07753 CORE, SANDY 526 Glenmere Ave. Neptune 07753 CORNELIOUS, JAN 816 Wakefield Rd. Neptune 07753 CORNELIOUS, JUDI 816 Wakefield Rd. Neptune 07753 COTTRELL, ROBBY 611 Fletcher Dr. Neptune 07753 cox, BART E. . 35 109 Bennett Ave, Neptune City 07753 CRADDOCK, BETH 504 Central Ave. Bradley Beach 07720 CREDLE, TONI 9 Phoebe Dr. Neptune 07753 D DE GRAFFENREID, REGINA 42 Country Club Dr., ,fe L X Neptune 07753 6401 1 X DAVIS, KIM "1 7 Brixton Pl, Neptune 07753 DAVIS, SABRINA 1204 Ninth Ave. Neptune 07753 557 f DAVISON, DENISE 1509 Sixth Ave. Neptune 07753 l DICKERSON, MICHELLE 1412 Monroe Ave. Neptune 07753 DORSEY, KIM 8 Patricia Dr. Neptune 07753 DOWNING, STEVEN 112 Stockton Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 DREW, ANDY 121 New Gate Ln. Neptune 07753 DRIVER, SYLVANNI 401 W. Sylvania Ave. Neptune City 07753 308 Ridge Ave. A DUNBAR, KEVIW Neptune 07753 wily DURDEN, LARRY LAR 245 Drummond Ave. Neptune 07753 DUCK, RICHARD 2100 Rutherford Ave. Neptune 07753 DYSON, DON 105 Webb Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 E ELMER, VICKI 550 Wayside Rd. Neptune 07753 EMMONS, DAVID 223 Pittenger Pl, Neptune 07753 EMMONS, MIKE ,ff 342 Victor Pl. QP Neptune 07753 ENGLISH, LISA 222 Lakewood Rd. Neptune 07753 ESKRIDGE, MICHELLE 713 Hillview Dr. Neptune 07753 . If , FILIPKOWSKI, LAURIE 117 Prospect Ave. Neptune 07753 FIORE, JOHN 400 Prospect Pl. Neptune 07753 FISHER, SHERI 1019 Eton Way f Neptune 07753 ELESCA, CATHERINE 14 Beach Rd. Neptune 07753 FOWLER, ELECTRA 1 Hillview Dr. Neptune 07753 FRASCELLA, TAMMY 94 Bennett Ave. 11 Neptune City 07753 V G GALLAGHER, MISSIE 89 Ridge Ave. Neptune City 07753 GEDDIE, JOHN 54 Fisher Ave. ' Neptune 07753 CELL, PAUL 10 Cindy Lane Neptune 07753 GILBERT, CHRISTIAN 1012 Fordham Rd. Neptune 07753 J GILL, BILL 1205 River Rd. Belmar CILPIN, RICHARD' 1708 Monroe Ave. Neptune 07753 GLUCKOW, JOHN 70 Mt. Tabor Way Ocean Grove 07756 GRAHAM, DON HO 723 Gail Dr. Neptune 07753 GROSS, GIBBY 401 Neptune Blvd. Neptune 07753 H HAMLIN, EDWARD 17 Hillview Dr. Neptune 07753 HANSEN, BRENDA 19 Oak Terr. Neptune City 07753 Direcfrfry HARVEY, TAMMI 708 Shell Pl. Neptune 07753 HENDRICKSON, JOHN 136 Brighton Ave. Neptune 07753 HENRY, JENNIFER 21 Oliver Dr. Neptune City 07753 HOLLAND, SHARICE 205 Belmar Ave. Neptune 07753 HOOVER, MECHELLE 1713 Bradford Ave. Neptune 07753 I JACKSON, DEBBIE IBOQVZ Stratford Ave. Neptune 07753 I JELLIFP, TODD Mlfff 22 Hemlook Dr. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, CLIFF 30 Ridge Ave. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, MALCOLM 411 Ridge Ave. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, TIA 1961 Stratford Ave. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, TIM 2024 West Lake Ave. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, TONYA 2117 Greenwood Ave. Neptune 07753 JOHNSON, WENDY 1803 Millbrook Ave. Neptune 07753 JONES, JACKIE 1230 Corlies Ave. Neptune 07753 JONES, STEVIE-CEE 102 Allenhurst Ave. Neptune 07753 JONES, RONNIE 1209 11th Ave. Neptune 07753 JOYNER, RHONDA 1422 10th Ave. Neptune 07753 JUSTUS, DAVID 46 Webb Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 K KALLESTAD, AMY 202 Wilson Rd. Neptune 07753 L LAIRD, BEAR 54 Evergreen Ave. Neptune City 07753 LANUSSE, SHARON 230 Valley Rd. Neptune 07753 LATSHAW, WILLIAM 105 Woodland Ave. Neptune City 07753 LEATHERMAN, JOHN 98 Main Street Ocean Grove 07756 LEBOWITZ, ERIC 1 Cliffwood Dr. Neptune 07753 LEE, NANCY 710 Wakefield Rd. Neptune 07753 LEECH, JENNIFER 7 Tagger Ave. Q Neptune 07753 LEONARD, MICHELLE 101 Moss Pl. Neptune 07753 LEPREE, RAYMOND 705 sth Ave. Bradley Beach 07753 LOTT, RONALD 115 Elm Dr. Neptune 07753 LUBCKE, DAWN 90 Ridge Ave. Neptune City 07753 M MARTHONE, LIZ 1508 Corlies Ave. Neptune 07753 MARTIN, KELLIE 323 Prospect Ave. Neptune 07753 MASON, RHONDA 1321 10th Ave. Neptune 07753 MAYES, TERESA 8 Denbo Dr. Neptune 07753 MCGEE, DONNA DEE 1130 Heck Ave, Neptune 07753 MCGOWAN, TOASTIE 1910 Stratford Ave. Neptune 07753 MCINTYRE, JADUS 2051 Milton Ave. Neptune 07753 MCNAIR, NIECY 126 Drummond Ave. Neptune 07753 MCNAIR, KAYO 103 Monmouth Ave. Neptune 07753 MEGILL, JUNE 25 Tucker Dr. Neptune City 07753 MERCER, PAUL 75 Morris Ave. Neptune City 07753 MILLER, CLINT JR. 202 5th Ave. Neptune 07753 MILLER, EGURTHA 412W Fisher Ave. Neptune 07753 MITCHELL, JACKIE 527 Myrtle Ave. Neptune 07753 MORGAN, RAQUEL 593 Wayside Rd. Neptune 07753 MORGAN, MOUSE 12 Denbo Dr. Neptune 07753 MYRTIL, FIFIE 208 Atkins Ave. Neptune 07753 N NAVARRO, HAZEL 16 Oliver Dr. Neptune City 07753 NAZARIO, JESUS 12.08 6th Ave. Neptune 07753 NORDHAUSEN, PETE 53 Cookman Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 O OATES, CHERYL 715 Marsha Dr. Neptune 07753 O'SHEA, JENNIE 706 S. Riverside Dr. Neptune 07753 ORLANDO, JANICE 65 Union Ave. p Neptune City 07753 PARKER, PAULETTE 14 Poppy Ave. Neptune 07753 - PARREN, SUSAN 121 Wilson Rd. Neptune 07753 PARREOTT, MICHELE 21 Coral Way Neptune 07753, PETTIT, AL 302 11th Ave. Neptune 07753 PLUMMER, GENE 122 Valley Rd. Neptune 07753 POLITE, HENRIETTA 257 Fisher Ave. Neptune 07753 R REID, TONI 8 Sunnyfield Terr. Netune 07753 RICHARDSON, JONES 3 White Dr. Neptune 07753 RICKETT, MIKE 58 Merritt Ave. Neptune City 07753 79 RILLER, BOO 1115 10th Ave. Neptune 07753 RITTER, CAREN 315 Oxford Way Neptune 07753 ROBINSON, STEVE 114 Oxoniae Ave. Neptune 07753 ROBINSON, TOM 58 S. Wall Street Neptune City 07753 RUDDOCK, JA-MAKE 1708 Monroe Ave. Neptune 07753 RUSH, SHONDA P.O. Box 85 Neptune 07753 S SALAMONE, KATHY 615 Marion Street Neptune 07753 SANDERS, JUDY 65 Steiner Ave., Apt. 15 Neptune City 07753 SCHAAR, KATHY - 8 Oliver Dr. Neptune City 07753 SCHOOLEY, MICHELLE 213 Durand Rd. Neptune 07753 SCOTTSON, TODD 17 Webb Ave. Ocean Grove 07756 SETTLES, ANITA 1811 McBride Ave, Neptune 07753 SHEFFIELD, APRIL P.O. Box 951 Neptune 07753 SCOTT, NATHANIEL 10 Rutger Terr. Neptune 07753 SLOSS, MARK 12 Kenneth Terr. Neptune 07753 SMITH, CHRISSY 86 Wilson Ave. Neptune City 07753 SMITH, KENNY 105 Anelve Ave, Neptune 07753 SMITH, LOIS LANE 24 Manor Dr. Neptune 07753 SMITH, PATRICK 1107 Embury Ave. Neptune 07753 SPINNER, CARI. 1710 Brockton Ave. Neptune 07753 STELLINC, NORM 209 sth Ave. Bradley Beach 07720 SUMRALL, NANCY 18 Manor Dr. Neptune 07753 SWEATT, JENNIFER 910 Ruth Dr. Neptune 07753 T TAVE, LORI 5 Cora Street Neptune 07753 TAYLOR, YOLANDA 515 Hwy. 35 Neptune 07753 THOMAS, HOWARD 2106 Greenwood Ave, Neptune 07753 TIRRELL, CINDY 4 Toomin Dr. Neptune 07753 V VELASQUEZ, MIKE 15 Olive St. Neptune 07753 VERNON, KATHY 280 Drummond Ave. Neptune 07753 VIRGILIO, MICKEY 3 Vernon Ave. Neptune 07753 W WADDY, CEE-SKEE 3203 W. Bangs Ave. Neptune 07753 WALKER, POOPSIE 711 Chaphagen Dr. Neptune 07753 WASSON, KATHY 156 Hillside Dr. Neptune 07753 WECK, BILL 426 Prospect Pl. Neptune 07753 WHEELINCS, JOSETTE 2043 Milton Ave. Neptune 07753 WHITE, ROBBI 631 Marion Rd. Neptune 07753 WHITE, STEVEN 537 Glenmere Ave. Neptune 07753 WHITE, VALERIE 1620 Sth Ave. Neptune 07753 WIGGINS, DENISE 30 Ridge Ave. Neptune 07753 WIGGINS, NETTEA 516 Myrtle Ave. Neptune 07753 WILLIAMS, JAMES 912 Green Grove Rd. Neptune 07753 WILLIAMS, SHMOO 103 Allenhurst Ave. Neptune 07753 WRIGHT, ELAINE 16 Jumping Brook Dr. Neptune 07753 WYCHE, RICHARD 539 Myrtle Ave, Neptune 07753 WYCKOEP, STEVE 307 Birch Dr. Neptune 07753 Y YOUNG, TURTLE 206 Deal Ave. Neptune 07753 YOUNG, PEGGY P.O. Box 99 Neptune 07753 ZARRO, DENISE 105 Milford Rd. Neptune 07753 Lorraine B. Thompson Rita and jack Smith The Liotti Family Virginia Reinach Rosemary Blaney The Kurdewan Family lhe D uca Famil Mrs. Doris Savacoo Anne and Joe Fornino Mr. Hopkins Mr. Frank Canneto Mrs. T.A. Pinkney Mr. Dallas K. Herbert Mr. Patrick K. Keefe The Gannon Family Mr. and Mrs. Henry Monteparo Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Christensen Mr. Daniel Edelson , Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Smith L-Edward W. Moskal S e . Iames'Dutter , e . and Mrs. Gene Cory Mr Mr Mr g?-IL in e Mr . F y. and rs Ken Abrams d the Amatelli Famil he Mrs. Gilmor , Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Balinsky Linda and Larry johnson Io, Jen and jeff Johnson The Beling Family The Gluckows , PATRONS The Weber Family The Cannon Family Mr. Keith DeLuca d madruto Ray and Paula Pearson T trassburger Famil ian . e Paduano's The B aney Let's Go Rangers-The Polisano's Gail and Lou Grob The Furbeck Family Good Luck to "The Crew," Love Nicole S Good Luck To The Varsity Softball Team- Pee-Wee 411 Dallas Cowboys, 4540 Mike Hartnett, Kevin and Tom The Flesca Family Eunice and John Mauthe The Traub Family hill'-.QLSS Qolleengnd the WaddelLEamil9L . "Cindy, I'll miss you." Love, Sid. Congratulations Class of '86-The jernee Family jack Doyle, you've got a great life ahead- Congrats! The Jernee's Look out! Here come Debbie and Arlene. Class of '87 Good Luck Class of '86-The Doyle's Good luck John William-Alias-"Jack"-Mom and Dad W 4 iii? X we X16 Jaw? 4000 GSC XX' C5 M6351 , fk!5XOigQ'0I50 V QQ wb QQQOQZVYXPQF Q W QQ SC 9 KWQQQQK Q09 Qfec QW f GE 1 , Y Qo5wQgwjjfggQ X150 gkfywbsfwygw f if - ff5T1Efsf,,.., ' pm V, , 1.4 fi 1. .:.u,:.. li S. if , ,a ' " .Il ,Q x 'v ' Lg, , -L gi ' 'JH' ' xg , , 4,-u ig , , , , 3' z , '1 yew-g, Q ,fi L R59 if -. , A gf J 'E' A- 951 ,jim th W ij . ,,, ' -,., V -5 ww ,- , Q, ' 1 "Wi , , I ,. K .gy 5,35 aw: ., 0 , fl: 1' :T ' ' 51v1,', ,L ': 3: -'Mm V ' 'P M ' rf K' ' ' +f f- . Xa- ' , Wi? 3. " , ,, J -11 - V, n Q. iw' F 31. ifiil., Z-2 V xwgfxr ,- Ji k K , A1 , 5141 N -at I f g N7 k ex in XE? 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Suggestions in the Neptune High School - Trident Yearbook (Neptune, NJ) collection:

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Neptune High School - Trident Yearbook (Neptune, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 73

1986, pg 73

Neptune High School - Trident Yearbook (Neptune, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 95

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Neptune High School - Trident Yearbook (Neptune, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 150

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Neptune High School - Trident Yearbook (Neptune, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 171

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