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ffm! 1 , THE ZEPHYR VOLUME IV ICPONSET 535- L. TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL Nicvoxsm, I1-i.iNms This page sponsored by ----- Composed by THE SENIOR CLASS 1951 under the direction of Mr. Zoia Haydn Kessler Sports Store. Kewancc. Illinois 1 ' r lu If ll-' Pnvk ------M------- . 1 . DEDICATION :Yr We 'wish to dedicate this fourth voluiiie of the Zephyr to the eoilivmniity 'which has vimde our schooling possible. We appreciate the benefits received frown this education. 'Hsjy page sponsored hy - A - Young and Young Attorneys nt Law, Kcwnmcc, Illinois 2 --------------THE ZEPHYR TABLE OF CONTENTS 3: TITLE The Zephyr Dedication Table of Contents Administration Pictures of Administration School Policies School Board Pictures of School Board Program of Activities Faculty Pictures of Faculty Senior Department Our Record, Page 1 Pictures of Seniors, Page 1 Senior Class History Our Record, Page 2 Pictures of Seniors, Page 2 Senior Class Will Our Record, Page 3 Pictures of Seniors, Page 3 Senior Class Prophecy Our Record, Page 4 Pictures of Seniors, Page 4 Class Poem Before Us and Behind Us Junior Class History Junior Class Identification Pictures of Junior Class Sophomore Class History Sophomore Class Identification Pictures of Sophomore Class Freshman Class History Freshman Class Identification Pictures of Freshman Class Academic Department Science and Mathematics Departments Identification of Science and Mathematics Classes Pictures of Science and Mathematics Classes Vocational Agriculture Department Identification of Ag. and Shop Classes Pictures of Agriculture and Shop Classes Physical Education and History Departments Identification of Physical Education and History Classes Pictures of Physical Education and History Classes English Department Identification of English and Speech Classes Pictures of English and Speech Classes Music Department Identification of English, Chorus and Band Classes Pictures of English, Chorus, and Band Classes Home Economics Department Identification of Home Economics Classes Pictures of Home Economics Classes Business Education Department Identification of Commercial Classes Pictures of Commercial Classes Activities Page Cheerleaders, One-Act Play, Mixed Octet Pictures of Cheerleaders, One-Act Play, Mixed Octet Future Homemakers of America Identification of F.H.A. Pictures Pictures of F.H.A. Future Farmers in Action Identification of F.F.A. Pictures Pictures of F.F.A. Football Identification of Football Pictures Football Pictures Basketball Identification of Basketball Pictures Basketball Pictures Track Identification of Track Pictures Track Pictures School Parties Activities Snapshots Snapshots Hall of Fame Thank You, Friends Tlvzs page sponsored by ----- Taylor and Son, Hudson Dealers, Kewanee, Illinois 3 llllf fI'PllNR------------------A , 4 . ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT i OFFICE Mr. Ammon conducts his business from the office with the help- ul' Mrs. Zoia, school secretary. i CUSTODIAN Mr. Charles Berry, known as "Charlie" to the students and faculty, rests from his labor of cleaning up the Ag. Room. He keeps the building in good shape for all our many activities. V9 .I i xy.. il 1 BUILDING The school building provides an attractive place in which to spend eight hours a clay. It is located on the northeast corner of a. campus con- sisting of a football field, baseball diamond, tennis court, and outdoor basketball court. Hy pgqa Sl70Il,l'0l'6lf lzv - -- ---M------ Parkside Garage. Kcwancc, Illinois . H . , 4 ll pa Q' nv .1 ,4 gif 'r 1-- xhihsum an". -- l --------THE ZEPHYR SCHOOL POLICIES Our school day lasts from 8:57 A.M. until 3:27 P.M. There are eight class per- iods in a day with each of them being forty minutes long. We have a forty min- ute noon hour. Labor Day, Armistice Day, Good Fri- day, and Lincoln's Birthday are the holi- days that we observe. For Thanksgiving we have two days off and for Christmas we generally have twelve days. When the teachers go to institute, we have two more days off. The institutes are held at LaSalle on the second Friday in October and at Princeton on the second Friday in February. Each class is responsible for one school party during the year. The parties start at 7:30 P.M. and end at 10:30 P.M. The freshmen initiation is the first party of the year and is sponsored by the sophomores. After the freshmen recov- er for a month or so, they are hosts for the Valentine Party. The Christmas Party is sponsored by the senior Class. The juniors are responsible for the St. Patrick's Party in March and also the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Each class has to earn money for their activities. The juniors are privileged with taking care of the concessions at all sports events and they also sell candy at noon in the study hall. They have this privilege so they can earn money to sponsor the Junior-Senior Prom. During the year some people are late for class or get sent out for different reasons. It is not exactly a simple prob- lem to get back into class. You must go to the office and have a written excuse from your parents to give to Mr. Ammon and he okays it. Before graduating, each student is re- quired to have sixteen credits. Four of them must be English, two science, one American history and one mathematics. Everybody must take physical educa- tion. In the homemaking and agricul- ture departments, the students must have a home project of some kind. These classes last for two forty minute periods. At the beginning of the school year textbooks are rented to all students and returned at the end of the school year. Fines are imposed if books are damaged in any way. Magazines and newspapers are kept on the rack in the study hall. Books may be checked out of the library by the Eng- lish teacher. When a book is overdue, a fine must be paid. Each spring Miss Morton, the county nurse, gives TB tests. If a student proves positive, he is required to have an x-ray. This person usually is carrying the germ in his body but doesn't have TB. We have s p e a k e r s from nursing schools, vocational schools, m i l i t a r y schools, etc., who put on programs oc- casionally. This page sponsored by Ralph Stablcr, Agent, Moews Seed Corn Co., Neponset, Illinois Ai llllli ZICPIIYR ------ - ---- --A SCHOOL BOARD 5: GLENN SHANER CLARENCE PICKERING President Secretary JOHN JUNIS GORDON BURNETT WARD NORTON HOWARD BENNETT WARREN MILLER Tbiy pipqc A'f7KllI.YllI'L'd by ---w------- Brmvn Neon Signs. licwnincc, lllinois l'lt'flll'L' pngv Xf70llS0l'L'd by ----- - - - - Hub Clothing Store. Kcxmiiee, lllinois 7 Y 1? 9:3 G 2 All School Play Sept. Sept. Sept Sept Sept. Sept. Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. I 4 15 15 22 27 29 30 6 12 13 18 20 27 3 10 15 23 24 5 8 12 15 19 20 School Opens Labor Day Vacation Football Game- There FFA Section III LaMoille- Leadership Camp, Port Byron Football Game-Malden- There Freshman Initiat ion Party Football Game-Ohio-Here Tractor Rodeo Football Game-Bureau- There Football Game-Tiskilwa- Here I.E.A. Meeting-LaSalle FFA Hay Ride and Wiener Roast Homecoming-Football Game -Sheffield-Here Football Game-Wyanet- There Football Game-Manlius- There Football Game-Buda-Here Booster Club Party Thanksgiving Vacation Basketball Game-Buda- Here Basketball Game-Annawan -There Basketball Game-Tiskilwa- There Basketball Game Here Basketball Game -There -Toulon- -Sheffield Basketball Game-Wyanet- Here Christmas Party-Juniors - - - THE Z1-IPHYR NEPONSET TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL 1950-1951 PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES i 1 Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. J an. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Mar. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May 21 21- 5 6 12 16 19 23 30 9 10 13 14 16 1 2 16 21 23 29 3 4 7 21 4 27 29 Jan. 3 -26 Basketball Game-Malden- There Christmas Vacation Basketball Game-Manlius- Here Basketball Game-LaFayette -Here Basketball Game-Buda- There Basketball Game-Toulon- There Basketball Game-LaMoille -Here Little Eight Basketball Tournament Basketball Game-LaFayette There Basketball Game-Ohio- There Basketball Game-Mineral-- Here Basketball Game-Annawan -Here Valentine Party-Freshmen Basketball Game-Bureau- Here One-Act Play-Wyanet Annual Dance-Seniors St. Patrick's Party-Juniors Easter Vacation FFA Father 8x Son Banquet FFA Public Speaking Con- test-Kewanee Career Day-Kewanee Music Contest Dance-Juniors Music Festival-Tiskilwa Baccalaureate Commencement This page sponsored by ------- George VVolf's Barber Shop, Neponset. Illinois THF ZEPHYR ----- - FACULTY L 7-tt ,e,A..f,6waQr CLAUDE AMMON TERRY ZOIA Mr Ammon has been a high school principal for many years He has been principal of the Neponset High School for the past five years He received his Bachelor of Education degree at Illinois State Normal and his Master of Arts degree at the University of Illinois Mrs Zola has been the office secre tary for the past year She attended the University of Ill ! years ff""fr"" VERNON LUTHER Mr Luther who has been the voca tional agricultural teacher here for the past six years received h1s B S degree in agnculture at the Unlver slty of Wisconsm He has also taken graduate and undergraduate study at the University of Illinois THOMAS FITZPATRICK For the past four and one half years Mr Fitzpatrick has taught the his tory courses and coached the ath letlc teams He received his BS degree at Knox College He also at tended Oberlin College and the Um versit of Illinois M fam I -DALE COLLINS o ches music and E cation f v he xversity of s 1, S and Texas rlstian a student of Phil Farkas who plays thc solo horn ln the Chicago Sym phony Mr Collins has played with the Fort Worth Symphony Bloom lngton Normal Symphony Kewanee Symphony and the Danvllle City Band JOAN MILLIMAN This is Mrs Mllllmans flrst year she has taught home economics I II and IV Mrs Mlllxman recexved her BS degree from Iowa State Umversxty -5 rg'-2 xx-n-'E ri 'M PHILLI PIN Thxs is Mr Plnls second year of teaching ln Neponset He is now teaching English II III IV and speech Mr Pxnl attended the Um versxty of Illinois where he received his BS degree wiqffulefaf Durmg the past ar Mr Zola has slstmg of bookkeeping shorthand and typing Mr Zola attended the Umverslty of Illlhois for two years and transferred to West rn Illinois State College where he received his BS degree and where he is now takmg graduate work Tlvzs pave sponsored by Henry 81 Hamblm Shoe Store, Nlck 81 Sons Repalr SCIVICC, DOYVIISIHIFS, Kewanee, Illmons F 3: ,bv . f' 14-07 LI' 19. . ' ' I r o V l ' . . . . - 9 555.5 , o Joy IA ,gf . , .. ' . ' ' ' . 1- gllsh ,r V vw' B.S. in Music of teaching. During the past year taught the commercial subjects con- .. .- ' ' , ' ' ' , ATN- . sf. d ia at . . ' ' ' ' . . 1 , . f A I5 o . . ' e ' ' ' . e ' A ' ' . 'Q' . s R O . . , . 7 , . . ' A - - B T 10 --------------THE ZICPHYR mica? OUR MOTTO To Progress W' e .Wrist Irnprofve i OUR COLORS Rose and Silver :E OUR FLOVVER Carnation 1' SENIOR CLASS RECORD SENIOR CLASS VYILL CLASS I-'OEM SENIOR CLASS HISTORY SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY This page sponsored by ----- Kewfmec Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Kewancc, Illinois 12 Tri+: ZHPHYR- - - JAMES BENNETT WILBUR BENNETT "l"rie11dli11csr is bi: motto" Officer: Class Vice President 4: F.F.A. Re- porter 2: F.F.A. Treasurer 3: F. F. A. President 4: Booster Club 3. flctivities: F.F.A. 1 2 3 4: Footballl 2 3 4' Basketb511'1.'2, 3, 4: 'rrabk' 1f 2', 3, 4: Football Captain 4: Basket- ball Co-Captain 4: Mixed Chorus 1 Dramatics 4: N Club 2, 3, 4: Home- coming King's Court 4. "Willie has xncb a friendly .vmilc Az'ti'1'iticx.' F.F.A. l, 2, 3. 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Chorus 1: N Club 2, 3. 4: Play Contest 1. Qu-I ,. ifluf -fu ' X l -Z MA .l CAROL BLAKEM ' 1 J 2 "A singer topping all the resr,h ' I g for ber 'voice giver us zestl' ' Offirfvft Class President 2: Class Secretary 4: F.H.A. Vice President 2: F.H.A. Parliamentarian 4: Booster Club 1, 2. Activities: F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 2, 3, 4: Play Contest 3: Music Contest 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 3: Homecoming Queen's Court 4, . o DONALD CROCKETT V " LIZABETH GQLBY L'14l'UMy5 f-l'L'UVf7'V' . "Off seen chatting in the hall OH.iL,UJ: ,W Q. Iafcuirsc xlie likex them all" Booster Club 1, 4. Avri1'iric.r.- F.F.A. 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Track 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2: Boys' Chorus 2: N Club 2, 3, 4: Homecoming King's Court 4. :QW ,W 1275 +iWQ'5"l+f fficcr: Class President 1, 3: Class Treas- urer 4: F.H.A. President 2: F.H.A. Secretary-Treasurer 3: F.H.A. De- gree Chairman 4. A z't1'L'ltlc.x'.' F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 2, 3: Play Con- test 3: Music Contest 2, 3. 4: Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4: N Club 2, 3, fl: Homecoming Queen's C o u rt 3: Homecommg Queen 4. This page sponsored by --------- Gustgifsonls Wall Paper, Kcwance, Illinois 13 L v SENIOR. CLASS HISTORY E ZBPH As this is the last official project of our class, it seems only right to go back to the first of our careers as high school students and review some of the important parts of our past four years. On September l, in "47," twenty-six ener- getic students entered dthe Neponset High School. We elected as our officers: President, Elizabeth Golby, Vice President, Pat Kaine, Secretary-Treasurer, Patty Nortong Booster Club Members, Carol Blake and Donald Crock- ettg and Sponsor, Miss Hailey. We had not been in school very long when we were initiated by the sophomores. During the first year we sponsored the Valentine Party and helped with many things throughout the year. Other than participating in all our classes the boys joined F.F.A. and the girls joined F.H.A. and became active members. Two of our members were elected cheerleaders: Elizabeth Golby and Pat- ty Norton. Three boys, James Bennett, Pat Kaine, and Otto Dobeeke, received letters in football. The year went along very well with such things as music, athletics and dramatics attracting us. Returning as sophomores, in "48," we felt more at home and we elected as our leaders: President, Carol Blake, Vice President, Caryl Verboutg Secretary-Treasurer, Tom Pratt, Boos- ter Club Members, Beverly Gould and Pat Kaineg and Sponsor, Miss Hailey. Several mem- bers that we had lost were Shirley Buckman, James Anderson, Alice Evans, Otto Dobeeke, and Glenn Nichols. This year we sponsored the Freshman Initiation and again were very ac- tive in F.H.A., F.F.A., sports, music contests, and dramatics. Three of our members were elected cheerleaders this year: Elizabeth Golby, Regina Golby, and Patty Norton. Boys receiv- ing letters in football were Pat Kaine, James Bennett and Wilbur Bennett. Those receiving letters in basketball were Pat Kaine and James Bennett. During the summer, following our sophomore year, we sold concessions at the baseball games. We did this to earn money for our junior year. In the year 1949, as we were growing more in knowledge, we felt as if we were a part of the school and it was our duty to be proud of our achievements and realize the importance of our schooling. During our junior year, Eliza- beth Golby served as Presidentg Thomas Pratt at Vice Presidentg Beverly Gould as Secretary- Treasurerg Carol Blake and James Bennett as Booster Club Membersg and Miss Stengel was our sponsor. We have lost three more members: Phyllis Berry, Irven Bitting and Harry Gould. During our junior year we sponsored the St. Patrick's Party and the second semester we began work on the Junior-Senior Prom. The class participated in all exrta-curricular ac- tivities. J. Bennett, W. Bennett, D. Crockett, P. Kaine, and T. Pratt received letters in foot- ball. J . Bennett, W. Bennett, P. Kaine, and T. Pratt received letters in basketball. Boys re- ceiving letters in track were James Bennett and Pat Kaine. Our three members were elect- ed cheerleaders again this year. In the fall of 1950 we were nearing our prom- ised land of learning. We were getting ready to take our place in the great world. Pat Kaine was elected as our leader in our last year to- gether. His assistants were Vice President, James Bennettg Secretary, Carol Blake, Treas- urer, Elizabeth Golby, Booster Club Members, Caryl Verbout and Donald Crockettg Reporter, Donna Swearingeng Sentinel, Bonnie Kemer- lingg Sponsor, Mr. Luther. We have gained one new member, Ruth Jury, who came from Princeton. The members are again out for mu- sic, dramatics, athletics, etc. James Bennett was captain of the football team and Pat Kaine and James Bennett were co-captains of the basket- ball team. The same girls and boys received letters in athletics as in the junior year. In January of this year Donald Crockett joined the Navy. We worked harder than ever our last year because we realized that before long we would not be a group anymore but individuals joining with other groups. The Christmas Party, magazine sales, and The Senior Dance were our means of making money for our class trip. Our big project this year has been our an- nual. Since it is one of our last group projects we are working our hardest to make it a great success. We will leave our school, of course, but our spirit will remain for many years. Our group will divide into many parts but we will always remember our gay, carefree days at N.H.S. This page sponsored by -------------- Nash Sales, Kewanee, Illinois tif:-inc Z1-:PHYR ----- . REGINA GOLBY Q ' BEVERLY GOULD S "Al1cayr Iawgbivlg, never nil!" Offi4'c.r.' F.H.A. Parliamentarian 2: F.H A. Project Chairman 4: Annual Edi- tor 4. Az'ri1'iricx: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 41 G.A.A. li Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4: N Club 2, 3, 4: Homecoming Queen's Court 3. .9.,24..f. 1-ff RUTH JURY ' I-v "E1'cryI1ody's pal" 62 -i. Z' t, MAL Transferred from Princeton. . ' ' 1. Q vs lt, Q , Mlu Offn ci. ' . . Class Secretary 1. Activities: F.H.A. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Dramatics 4: Music Contest 4: Play Contest 4. YP "No matter 'what the task ma e, :be always does it cheer 1 ly' Officer: Class Secretary-Treasurer 3: F. H. A. President 3: F.H.A. Vice Presi- dent 4: Booster Club 2. Actzfwtzes: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus l. 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4: Dramatics 2: D.A.R. Award 4: Music Contest 4: Homecoming Queen's Court 4. 'L' .. f.,S'NfQ"wT'Z5 P T KAIN 1. BONNIE KEMERLING 12-1 vmrnml lead er" N 'Q Q. "Small but mighty 'with a red top" . .- Ufy'ic'cx.' RN. R og Officer: Class Vice President 1: Class Pres- . C11-ISS Sentinel 4- ident 4: F.F.A. Treasurer 4: Boost- I U A er Club 2. . Actwztler: , gy- 'In F.H.A. l, 2, 3, 42 G.A.A. 12 Mixed Affflfffw- Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: F.F.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1. 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Co-Captain 4: Mixed Chorus 1: Play Contest 4: N Cluh 2, 3, 4: Homecoming King 4. This page xpomored by - Play Contest 1, 4. - - - - - - - - - The Snack Shop, Kewanec, Illinois 16 ,za , arf X --------------THE Z1-:PHYR SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1951, being of sound mind-sometimes-and in good health-e x c e p t for 20 members-do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament: To our dear friends, the juniors, we will our typing erasers, our traditional senior desks, and all our debts to be paid in full. To our friends, the sophomores, we leave our musical talents, our forward- ness, and our study hall manners. To the freshmen, we will our ability to get along with the teachers, our Shakespearean plays, and our dates. To Mr. Ammon, our principal, we leave our thanks for a pleasant four years. To Mr. Collins, our music director, we leave nothing, but take an appreciation of music. To Mr. Fitzpatrick, our c oac h, we leave our height for his basketball team. To Mr. Luther, our vocational ag. teacher, we leave the soil under our fin- gernails and the livestock in our hair. To Mrs. Milliman, our home ec. teach- er, we leave our memories of beautiful clothes and well-planned meals. To Mr. Pini, our English and speech teacher, we leave our reading, writing. and speaking ability. To Mr. Zoia, our commercial teacher, we leave our appreciation for his help and guidance in presenting this yearbook. Donna Swearingen leaves her typing equipment to anyone not taking typing next year and her "hot shot" basketball shooting to Jim Verbout. Beverly Gould wills her stubby fin- gernails to Beulah Christiansen and her great shorthand speed to any poor suck- er who will take it. Donald Crockett wills his sailor suit to Robert Carlson and his curly hair to Maurice Yepsen. Regina Golby wills her figure to Lila Junis and her tiny feet to Janice Stabler. LaVerne Wood wills her neat note- book to Bernice Christiansen and her "gift of gab" to Shirley Bennett. Sylvia Swearingen leaves her clothes to Joyce Lyford and her Toulon boy- friends to Ruth Kemerling. Wilbur Bennett leaves Bernice to Ken- ny Stabler and his motorcycle to Bobby De Schepper. Caryl Verbout wills her horses to Les- lie Girven and her class ring to Richard Daniels. James Bennett wills his girls to Willis Wood and his dribbling ability to Jim Verbout. Harriet Krahn leaves her musical tal- ents to Monica B u c k m a n and her "flashy" jacket to Betty Verbout. Bonnie Kemerling wills Don Colgan to Shirley Bennett and her red hair to Betty Kuster. Pat Kaine wills his leadership to Don- nie Gerrond and his "specks" to George Ouart. Elizabeth Golby leaves her typing speed to Barbara Mercer and her cheer- leading to Joan Krahn. Faye Stabler wills her long hair to Mary Mercer and her handwriting to Janis Bigham. Tom Pratt wills his "flashy" socks to Neil Burnett and his "college campus beanie" to John Swearingen. Joyce Stabler leaves her gum chewing ability to Joyce Lyford and her driving ability to Don Gerrond. Carol Blake wills her A's to Thelbert Thompson and her ability to be a good hostess to Carol Stabler. Glenn Ouart wills his ability to be a dramatic actor to Bill Studley and his undigested pencils to Elaine De Schepper. Patty Norton wills her neatness to Pat Golby and her height to Beulah Christiansen. Ruth Jury leaves her sewing ability to Marlen Gould and Arliss Sharer. This page sponsored by Kcwanee Farmers Co-operative Elevator Co.. Kewanec, Illinois Tu IC Zlsvux' R A- -- - HARRIET KRAHN "'l'ale11red itz awry way" O1'fircs.- F.H.A. Reporter 2, Ac'tii'itics: F.H.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Play Contest 2. 4: Music Contest, PATRICIA NORTON LL 3, 4: Bam: 5, 4. AQWML Qjgtvl, I -JV", 4 ' .Inav -- fffffw' 'I f'f""iT .iw Jaw. A-if f- pew l ,ry 4 V ,, .4 t?fLf.xJLQ7, if-7,, 02117444 '51-ff'f4fi4z MW! if B5 W THOMAS PRATT "llc 'was the center of our ffmtlmll team and in Speech is really on the beam" offim.' Class Secretary-Treasurer 2: Class Vice President 3: F,F.A. Vice President 4. At-ri1'itics: F.F.A. 1.2.3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3, -I: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Track 2: Mixed Chorus 1: Boys' Chorus 1: N Club 2. 3. 4: Homecoming King's Court 4. GLENN OUART "A shining example" Activities: F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 41 tball 31 Cros Country Meet : atics 4. j , NW , F "Ner1t11css is her guide" Offires: Class Secretary-Treasurer 1: Class Reporter 2: F.H.A. Secretary- Treasurer 2. Artimities: F.H.A. 1, 2. 3: G.A.A, 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatics 2: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: N Club 2, 3. JL1. Ld Qui 1612.0 I AYESTABLER lil ' "She is gentle, she is shy, :md in het' 'work she is high" Offires: F.H.A. Program Chairman 4. Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Play Contest 1, 4. if W7 We QW' This page sponsored hy ---- Vtlalter Skoog, Agent, i l5fbriLI rn and 19 Hy-line Chickens. Ncponsct, Illinois l Q SENIOR CLASS It has been ten years since Carol and I left N.H.S. for the "great wide world!" Since then we have become successful Fuller Brush girls. We were on our way back to Neponset to try to make a few sales to some of our old classmates. We were greeted at the station by Wilbur Bennett, who is now Depot Agent at Ne- ponset. While we were talking to Wil- bur, who should rush in but Elizabeth Golby and Pat Kaine. They were taking a. train for Niagara Falls. Later, we read in the paper about Caryl Verbout, the celebrated organist, playing for the wed- ding. Caryl flew in from her Dude Ranch north of Neponset for the event. We understand that Leslie Girven is her foreman. We decided we had better be getting on with our sales work, and as we had no car, we rented one from Wilbur Dean. Neither one of us knew how to drive, so Wilbur said his wife, the former Patty Norton, would be glad to drive us around provided she could get a baby sitter. She couldn't, so the two little Bennetts went with us. The first place we stopped was Faye Stabler's home. She is now a well-to-do retired mathematics professor. We had a nice visit with Faye and she told us about some of our old classmates. Of course, we knew that Tom Pratt is now President of the United States. La Verne Wood was in Washington painting his portrait. Joyce Stabler is his private sec- retary. We finally left Faye and got on our way again. Our next stop was at Sylvia Swear- ingen's. We were sure we could sell her some brushes because she is a beautician --------THE ZEPHYR PROPHECY now. Her shop is located in the old bank building on Commercial Ave., which she has made into a beautiful home. We knocked on the door and Sylvia an- swered. She invited us in, but we didn't know if we could get in, because of the clutter around the door. Sylvia isn't as neat as she used to be! Glenn Ouart was getting a permanent. We found that Glenn was giving dancing lessons now. and was getting fixed up for a revue that night. Donna Swearingen was starring in it. Harriet Krahn, who was now play- ing in Sammy Kaye's orchestra, had vol- unteered to accompany Glenn's revue While she was home on vacation. We couldn't make any sales at Sy1via's, so we went over to the Texaco Station to get some gas. Imagine our surprise when we found Bonnie Kemerling working there. Just as we were leaving, a big Cadillac pulled up. It was Beverly Gould, who is now married to a young doctor. Her home is in California. Beverly said our friend Ruthie Jury was an English Instructor in a big Beverly Hills High School. Before we could get away a char- tered bus stopped for gas. It was the football team from the University of Illi- nois on their way to Minnesota where they were to play the following day. James Bennett, their head coach, jumped out and talked to us quite a while. When we got on the train the next day on our way to New York Ito the main officel we saw a sailor getting off. It was Chief Petty Officer, Don Crockett, home on a thirty day leave. Well to make a long story short, we didn't get too much accomplished while in Neponset, but we had a wonderful time seeing all our old friends again. This page sponsored by - - Kewanee Bookkeeping and Tax Service, Kewanee, Illinois ffbjf fp! - ,,,,'. ' . J 'f 1, f if 'll :ffm if v'?h1f7e'Kfy!I:PfQ!f,jJZ!9!3j!7l,,i-,Frm H - B - W lf if 'J 'xZ?""fi ' ' fl' Af," .-VA, 9 , M 03+ W" JOYCE STABLER "A picture of health 'we can't deny, rosy cheek, starry eye" Offices: F.l-LA. Recreation Chairman 3. Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Glrls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatics 4: Play Contest 1: Music Contest 3: Band 3, 4. DONNA SWEARINGEN "She's as kind hearted as they come" Offices: Class Reporter 4. Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Play Contest 1: Music Contest 3: Band 3. wfrfilw f M rm, ,mx 'Muff fe' ,f A za., EARINGEN 5' MK ' 16 'K "This brunette 'with so much M' 'vim dj, is always looking for friends lu win" 4, A . .. : j 0 ' Fiiiihniai 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. 1. X If M ?,,f""f":'f'N ff ,za ffm-if ' CARYL VERBOUT4 ' O W LA VERNE WOOD reef "Caryl is a friend of efveryone, she ne'z'er qzmrrels with anyone" Offices: Booster Club 4. Activities: F.H.A. 1, 2, 3, 42 G.A.A. 11 Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 3: Home- coming Queen's Court 4. This page sponsored by - "lVith her artistic ability she'lI go far" Offices: F.H.A. Project Chairman 2: F.H.A. Art, Editor 1, 2, 3, 4. I . . . Actrvmcs: F.H.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: G.A.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3: Dramatics 4. - - - - - - - - - - I-Iarry Armstrong, Neponset, Illinois 22 lf- A- K f ----------'IHE Zi-ZPHYR "CLASS OF 1951" Classmates, Friends, and Dear Teachers: Mentioned here are a few of our features Of the days at Dear old Neponset High, Which in a few days we must bid good-bye. Our President is Pat Kaine, Good in sports, in math a brain. An all around regular guy, He is neither boastful nor shy. James Bennett, tall and shy, Star is sports, in dramatics high. An all around student of the school, And believe me he's nobody's fool. The boy who always wears a grin, Is Tom Pratt who is tall and thin. He is the life of the Senior Class, And is seldom seen with a lass. Now here is a boy named Glenn, He swallows a pencil now and then. His last name is Ouart, A really fine sport. Donnie Crockett serves the Navy true, In his suit of navy blue. We are sure he will achieve, Marks of rank upon his sleeve. A boy with a motorcycle is Wilbur Bennett. He would neither part with it or rent it. His ambition is to be a farmer, And with Bernice he's quite a charmer. Beverly Gould won the D.A.R., In the future she'll go far. A nurse she wishes to be, At this she'll be good-wait and see. Regina Golby is blue eyed and dark, In school she's happy as a lark. For cheerleading she's just the gal, And seems to be everyone's pal. Next in line is our tall blonde, And of everyone she's quite fond. Three years of cheerleading she did do, Yes, this is Patty Norton, quite true. Here is a girl named Ruth Jury She'll do her work, you needn't worry. She is tall and thin, And for everyone she has a grin. POEM Our class artist is LaVerne Wood, We'd help her draw if we could. She rides in a Hudson of gray, And watches Television every day. Our girl Bonnie has red hair, And she has no time to spare. Her Geometry takes all her time, Gee! I thought I'd never make this rhyme. Faye Stabler is everyone's pal. She's smart in books and one swell gal. In speech she's really on the beam She'd be a winner on any team. Carol Blake is a girl with a high I.Q., And everyone knows she sings well too, Wouldn't it be interesting if we could see What she writes in her diary? Elizabeth Golby, our Homecoming Queen, With Pat Kaine is often seen. She is a very friendly lass, And really a whiz in typing class. This girl's name is Caryl Verbout, Shels everyonels friend no doubt. She's not too tall, nor too short, Everyone agrees she's a good sport. Next on our list is our gal Joyce, For a pal she's everyone's choice. Chewing gum is her favorite sport, She's also good on the basketball court. Donna drives a car of black, ' Everyone admits she's no sad sack. We all know that she'll do her best, s And as a nurse be a great success. , Sylvia's desire is to be a Beautician, And to our class she's quite an addition. She's a popular Senior of "51," Everyone knows she's lots of fun. Harriet K.rahn is a studious lass, She makes good grades in every class. Whatever she does, she does well, And now that's all I have to tell. This page sponsored by - - --f - -- - C. G. Corwin Implement Co., licwanee, Illinois ZEPHYR -------- ------ BEFORE US The class of "50" has set a challenging path before us. Of the twelve who graduated last year, seven are attending nursing school, and vari- ous colleges. John Gunning, Arnold Schmidt, and John Golby are engaged in farm- ing. Tom Ahlgren is also helping his father on their farm fives miles northwest of Kewanee. Wayne Gerrond enlisted in the navy for four years. Joe Stetson and Cherie Lyford, the 1950 Valedictorian and Saluta- torian, are attending the University of Illinois, where Joe is majoring in agriculture and Cherie is majoring in music. John Heise is attending Elmhurst where he is studying to be a lawyer. Lillie Miller is attending Fairmount Bible College in Fairmount, West Virginia. Lillie is majoring in English. Mary Ann Christiansen is majoring in home economics at Illinois State Normal University. Ann Harvey and Barbara Curran are attending nursing school at the St. Francis Hospital in Kewanee, Illinois. it BEHIND US The incoming freshmen are the ones to fill our places as we gradu- ate from Neponset High. If the present eighth grade pupils enter high school, there will be 24 incoming freshmen-11 boys and 13 girls. They are a capable group with varied talents and abilities. Members of the class are: Arrolin Berry, Jeanette Bigham, Sandra Brady, Beverly Colgan. Keith Failon, Terry Folger, Merrill Gunning, Dixie Hansen, Verna Harvey, Duane Heise, Richard Heise, Francis Junis, Paul Low, Howard Mercer, Wendell Miller, Joan Nash, Viola Ouart, Peggy Pratt, Patricia Shaner, Jean Stabler, Marvin Williams, Peggy Ann Melbourne, Stephen Wood. and Myrtle Yepsen. Ibiy page sponsored by ---- ---------- I Dooley Bros., Kcwance, Illinois 25 -------- ------- THE ZEPHYR JUNICR CLASS HISTORY i In the fall of "49," fourteen green individuals started attending Ne- ponset High School. In our freshman year, we sponsored the Valentine Party but most of all we remember our freshman initiation. Now being "Old Timers" in the sophomore class, we sponsored more parties and entered in more school activities. Our junior year has been a busy one because we have had the man- agement of the concession stands and the responsibility of the prom. The class as a whole is looking forward with high hopes of graduating. This page sponsored by ------------ Adams Appliance, Kcwanee, Illinois 26 TH:-2 ZICPHNR - - - John Bates Shirley Bennett Janis Bigam o. I ' 1! H gb V rf' f ' PL, LI ff' if ' ' A A4 , ff ,D " f.-1" 0' all W, '55 ' IJ , I , I A A li, ' O f. I u 'bug if 6 A a Neil Burnett Eernce Christiansen Beulah Christiansen X - ,1 . L W M . 71. M If Y ybll if ga Donald Gerrond Barbara Mercer James Verbout UMM lym,1l,,,Jw3!.E. LJ AAA' I Cdwvf- ' 5 H Q7' 9 Willis Wood Maurice Yepsen Wendell Kagan 'V' ,,.J"1 "f'NqJV,:L, ' Tbix page xpwlsored by - - Blacks and Fletcher Paints and Hardware, Kcwanee, Illinois 27 --------------THE ZLPHYR SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY i In the spring of forty-nine, thirteen proud and happy students grad- uated from Neponset Grade School only to start high school the following September. For the first few weeks we were very green and lost. Our freshman initiation was very adequate, for afterwards we all felt welcome and more at ease. We also sponsored the Valentine Party. At present there are twelve of us in the Sophomore Class, six boys and six girls. For our class officers we elected Robert Carlson, President, John Swearingen, Vice President, Marlene Gould, Secretary-Treasurer. To represent the Sophomore Class in the Booster Club we elected Ken- neth Stabler and Marlene Gould. This year we sponsored the freshman party and assisted in the homecoming celebration. On the whole, I think our class has enjoyed its school life. As we close this year, we are looking forward to the coming years with more vigor and ambition. Tim page sponsored by ---- C-Lee-4 Tires and Towing Service, Kcwanee, Illinois 29 T I 5114? Carlson lie I Leslie Girven M MJ' wggng aug: J 0, , iw' . HM' L Marle M B Mari' M23 George Ou Wax vb M, jig fe ww Carol St ' Kenneth Sta r Ja Stabler John Swearingen f'f1f3?,5f'ZAQQ'f3'fbbfKzS5v35LU "' L ' ' we ' V Yfnkf This page sponsored by -------- f M W M k lx Ill 30 WA. 'K' ----------------STH!-I ZIPPH FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY :E On September 1, 1950, we, the freshman class. entered high school. The first few weeks in school we were looked upon with contempt by the upper classes. Then the roof really fell in-we were initiated. After initia- tion, we became accepted members of N.H.S. Soon after school started, we chose our class officers for the year. They are as follows: President, Ruth Kemerlingg Vice President, Joan Krahng Secretary, Patricia Golbyg Treasurer, Bill Studleyg Booster Club, Teddy Folger and Joyce Lyford. The big event for us during the year was the Valentine Party, which was sponsored by the freshman class. We have enjoyed school during our freshman year and are looking forward to our remaining years in high school. Tins puge Sp07I50I'Cd by - Vernon V. Luther, Agent, Bankers Life Co., Neponsct, Illinois 32 bl-A..'T l THEY ZEPHYR - b!"l'4-J- 9585 ---- Monica Buckman Robert DeSchepper 15740-fl-lf " Mu 1J.a!..3 if M 1 A. 4-I Uv -2- my 4.n.J- 6 '-""'E! ?"'- J-sa., 7"-In-, a E . Pat Golbyw Lila Junis QM 4 LUIYV yw, I a' M f of ff ,ff-f"'7 1 "6 74h 1, 1 C , M' 4 I ww M bw' ' I' ' ' ' . ' QIJV4 I 'Il' I- I .yy PJ? Ji. fic!!! rj -' " ,iby Lfyford Beth Miner lf , ,H - If L1-lt,fl.t.'v ll. 'Ili M ,M ' J dh V .f I ,-'lbffu 'pw .. at 'F' ' ' il -J We . IN. I, 6 . If 5' 'fl ' Teddy Folger awe-14..,r, 1...-2 pan Krahn du... Q7 -14 7"-'J 4 Im.. ufduqyfq' fa A' ffv- rf-. lfwflx lB'y1 John Schmidt o f-J 1.-Jo. Arliss Sharer Bill Thelbert Thompson Betty Verbout 4, ,,,,11,J Jw 3 -au.. N Z ' Jw M Lake In to-F X 03 404.30144 Kewanee Illinois 9' ,p-'Y ' if . This page sponsored by - - H. G. Larson, Registered jeweler, American Gem Society, ,Z 33 ' ' rg, E' , s. ' l f . 1,1 "1 it Q -X -------------THE ZEPHYR ' Uegdawleuenl Our school is recognized by the State of Illinois and is accredited by the University of Illinois. Re- quired courses are offered to students 'who plan to further their education. All major college required subjects, such as English, history, 7llg1fb7C'7llz1flCS, and science courses, are offered. Others are biology, physics, g6'07ll8Il'.V. speech, typing, booleleeeping, sl'orthand, houle eco- nomics, and agriculture. This page sponsored by ------------- Lender Store, Kewnnec. Illinois 35 --------------THE ZEPHYR SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS C. H. AMMON, Instructor SCIENCE Science courses are planned and taught in such manner that it is hoped that students in science will develop an understanding of the important principles of both the physical and biological sciences so that these principles will function effectively in daily livingg to make the use of scientific methods in the solution of life's problems a habit, and to develop the practice and facility of using scientific attitudes in all phases of thinking. 5: MATHEMATICS "Mathematics is the key and applied mathematics is the tool where- with man conquers the universe." The culture and progress of any nation can be measured by the mathematical development of its people. Mathe- matics and civilization go hand in handy and whenever there is marked progress in a nation's life you can be sure that mathematics is one of the causes of it. Before one can progress very far in the study of electricity, light, heat, sound, radio, insurance, statistics, accounting or television, he must have some knowledge of advanced mathematics. The above statements explain the insistance that all our high school students have some knowledge of higher mathematics. Tim' page sponsored by --------- Craig's Sinclair Service, Kewanee, Illinois 37 f r blur, LlaPlllR -----h------ -- GENERAL SCIENCE Left to right standing: Monica Buckman, Joyce Lyford, Betty Verbout, Beth Miller, Joan Krahn, Thelbert Thompson, Arliss Sharer. Sitting: Bill Studley, John Schmidt, Robert DeSchepper, Teddy Folger, Patricia Golby, Lila Junis. Instructor: Mr. Ammon. 3: BIOLOGY Left to right front row: Janice Stabler, Betty Kuster, Marlene Gould, Carol Stabler. Second row: Mary Mercer, Elaine DeSchepper, John Swearingen. Third row: Robert Carlson, Leslie Girven, George Ouart. Standing: Kenneth Stabler, Mr. Ammon. i GEOMETRY 8: ALGEBRA I Left to right first row: Faye Stabler, Bonnie Kemerling, Robert DeSchepper. Second row: Harriet Krahn, Pat Golby, Monica Buckman, Arliss Sharer. Third row: Pat Kaine, Donald Gerrond, Robert Carlson, Kenneth Stabler, Standing: Mr. Ammon, John Schmidt, Teddy Folger, Lila Junis, Betty Verbout, Joyce Lyford, Beth Miller, Bill Studley, George Ouart, Joan Krahn. This page ypollxored by ------------- A Friend in Kcwancc, Illinois l'iz'r1lre page X,l70lI3YH'Ud by ---------- Pmtt's Repair Shop, Ncponsct, lllinois 38 ----- ---------- THE1 Z VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT HIGH SCHOOL Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture Agriculture V. V. LUTHER, Instructor :I COURSES: I: farming programs, woodworking, weeds, farm crops, livestock breeds, make up of soils, fruits. gardening, tool fitting, rope work. II: painting, soil analysis, soldering, farm records, growth and care of crops, care and feeding live- stock, insects, metal work. III: tractors, farm machinery, soil conservation, crop handling and harvest, swine, dairy, poultry, fruit growing, farm buildings. IV: plumbing, welding, farm business and law, money and credit. TEACHING FACILITIES: 1. 30x50 workship equipped with general tools. 2. 2000 agriculture bulletins, 50 slide films, 300 agriculture text- books, 20 farm magazines in agriculture room. 3. 7 acres of land for general cropping. 4. Equipment for: soil testing, milk testing, swine weighing, show- ing films, surveying land. COMMUNITY CONTACTS: 1. Future Farmers of America Chapter. 2. 3. Veterans on the farm training and evening school. Skill clinics for farmers such as record keeping, milk testing. livestock selection, tractor driving, machinery repair, soil testing. 4. Evening schools featuring commercial or extension specialists. 5. Individual consultation and farm visits. EPHYR This page :pommed by - - - -f ------- Lester's Feed Store, Kewanee, Illinois 40 F u li Z ri P ll Y R ------- -- ----- - AGRICULTURE I Sz II The Ag. I 8: II boys judging dairy cattle. Left to right: Thelbert Thompson, Leslie Girven, John Schmidt, Robert DeSchepper, Mr. Luther, George Ouart, John Swear- ingen, Robert Carlson, and Kenneth Stabler. :E AGRICULTURE III Sz IV The Ag. III 8: IV class studying the soil conservation chart. Left to right: Pat Kaine, Tom Pratt, Donald Gerrond, Glenn Ouart, Neil Burnett, Wilbur Bennett, John Bates, James Bennett, and Mr. Luther. i GENERAL SHOP The boys cleaning and painting a tractor for John Hood. Left to right: James Verbout, Wendell Yepsen, Bill Studley, Maurice Yepsen, Mr. Luther, and Ted Folger. 'I'11iy pnqqe ,vpayzswed by - ----------- llondcd Service, KCXX'2lllCC. Illinois Picvlrrc page Xf70ll.l'0l'L'd by ----- - - Coon's Recreation Parlor, Neponset, Illinois 41 ----- ---- ------ T HR ZEPHYR PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HISTORY THOMAS FITZPATRICK, Instructor PHYSICAL EDUCATION Through our sports program and physical education classes a stu- dent is assisted in the attainment of physical well being, sound habits. physical skills, sportsmanship, leadership, good mental attitudes, self con- trol, social cooperation, efficiency, Worthy use of leisure time and such positive active qualities as initiative, decision, aggressiveness, courage, and persistence. The program contributes to vocational preparation. It gives each student a knowledge of the "American Way of Life." :E HISTORY "History is a kind of human knowledge. It is an experience to profit by, a mistake to remedy, or a success to enjoy." The purpose of our classes is to review a record of mans' progress to gain a better understanding of our own times. We hope thereby to become more useful citizens. Tlvzs page sponsored by ------- Lula Hamilton's Sugar Bowl, Neponset, Illinois 43 Tull: Z1-t P ll YR ---- -- - ----- - - GIRLS P. E. III AND IV Left to right: Shirley Bennett, Caryl Verbout, LaVerne Wood, Joyce Stabler, Beverly Gould, Janice Bigham, Elizabeth Golby, Sylvia Swearingen, Donna Swear- ingen, Regina Golby, Barbara Mercer, Beulah Christiansen, Faye Stabler, Harriet Krahn, Ruth Jury, Bernice Christiansen, Carol Blake, Bonnie Kemerling. 5: HISTORY IV Bulletin committee at work. They are, left to right: Caryl Verbout, LaVerne Wood, Elizabeth Golby, Faye Stabler, Wilbur Bennett. :E GIRLS P. E. I AND II Left to right, bottom row: Pat Golby, Beth Miller, Elaine DeSchepper, Betty Kuster, Janice Stabler, Betty Verbout, Joan Krahn, Lila Junis, Monica Buckman. Middle row: Carol Stabler, Joyce Lyford, Marlene Gould. Top row: Mary Mercer, Arliss Sharer. Tbjy page ypgnym-ed by ---- ------- - Dricsscn's Garage, Sheffield, Illinois I'ifrm-0 page ,Vl7!Hl,Y0l'Cd by ------------- Robert Kidd. Ncponscr. Illinois 44 A 32 --------------THR ZEPHYR ENGLISH DEPARTMENT PHHJLIP W. PINI DALE C. COLLINS 5: AIMS AND PURPOSES . . . to equip the student with a knowledge of the fundamentals of gram- mar and their application, sufficiently to meet his needs in societyg to develop an appreciation of the literature forms of this country and the world, and further, to develop this appreciation to a degree that will in- sure his continued reading after he has completed his secondary school educationg and last, but in our minds first, to develop in the student the concept that he is a thinking individual of real worth, that he has a capa- city he must realize--these, then, constitute our Aims and Purposes. Courses offered: English I, and introduction to literature plus intensive grammar training. English II, A continuation of literature appreciation and grammar training with growing emphasis on application. English III, Increased emphasis on composition and grammar and a continuation of literature appreciation. English IV, A study of contemporary literature. English IV, Composition and oral expression. This page sponsored by -------------- Crystal Shop, Kewanee, Illinois 46 Tum: Zl-IPHYR -------- ---- - --- ENGLISH IV Left to right, front row: Regina Golby, Carol Blake, Ruth Jury, Beverly Gould, and Joyce Stabler. Second row: Mr. Pini, Wilbur Bennett, and Tom Pratt. xi SPEECH CLASS Tom Pratt and Glenn Ouart participating in a panel discussion. Standing at the right are: James Bennett, Mr. Pini, the instructor, Pat Kaine, and Willis Wood. Seated from left to right are: Shirley Bennett, John Bates, Neil Burnett, and Wendell Yepsen. Back row, from left to right, are: Bonnie Kemerling, Harriet Krahn, Ruth Jury, Jim Verbout, Maurice Yepsen, and Faye Stabler, 1' ENGLISH II Seated, left to right, first row: Betty Kuster, Mary Mercer. Second row: Bob Carlson, Leslie Girvin, John Swearingen, George Ouart, Ken- neth Stabler. Last row: Mr. Pini, Janice Stabler, Marlene Gould, Carol Stabler, and Elaine DeSchepper. Thig page gpomored by -------- - - - The Star-Courier, Kcwancc, Illinois Pigmre page sponsored by ------------- Robert Kidd, Ncponsct, Illinois 47 - ------------- THE ZEPHXR MUSIC DEPARTMENT DALE C. COLLINS, Director i A great deal of work was done on the band this year. Several new people came into the band, and those who were in it last year continued to develop their playing. Special rehearsals were held in order that the most promising of the people from grade school might come in with the high school group and gain experience. The band members improved their technique, ability to sight-read, and understanding of band literature. The choruses spent much of their time in singing new music, learning to sight-read, and gaining knowledge of fundamentals of music. The boys, who were unable to rehearse with the girls except in special rehearsals, spent much time in learning time and key signatures, syllables, and some fundamental harmony. In the entire music department the emphasis was on group activity rather than solo work. Tlizs page sponsored by ---- K. C. Redebaugh, Insurance Agent, Kewanec, Illinois 49 'I' H I-' 7 If v n Y R ------- I Il ..--.-.-.-.... MIXED CHORUS Left to right: Barbara Mercer, Ruth Jury, Joyce Lyford, Bernice Christiansen, and Beulah Christiansen. Middle row: LaVerne Wood, Beverly Gould, Caryl Verbout, Carol Blake, Elizabeth Golby, Janis Bigham, and Joan Krahn. Top row: Lila Junis, George Ouart, Mr. Collins, Robert Carlson, Neil Burnett, Kenneth Stabler, and Beth Miller. 'I' ENGLISH I Left to right, front row: Arliss Sharer, Lila Junis, Beth Miller. Second row: Betty Verbout, Joyce Lyford, Monica Buckman, Robert DeSchepper. Third row: Ted Folger, Joan Krahn, John Schmidt, Pat Golby, Standing: Mr. Collins, Bill Studley. :E BAND The band consists of twelve members. Mr. Collins is the director. Left to right: Carol Stabler, Mr. Collins, Betty Kuster, Mary Mercer, Joan Krahn, Marlene Gould, Joyce Stabler, Maurice Yepsen, Neil Burnett, Janice Stabler, Beulah Christiansen, Elaine DeSchepper, and Harriet Krahn. Thix page i'p011.vored by --------- Harry Rollins and Son, Ncponscr, Illinois I'ivt11r0 page Xp07I50l'Cd by ------- Quicklc Sales and Service, Sheffield, Illinois 50 ----------------THE Zi-ZPHXR HOME ECCNOMICS DEPARTMENT JOAN MILLIMAN, Instructor 3: Homemaking I This course serves as an introduction to many of the areas of home- making. Beginning students study basic nutrition and food prepara- tion with emphasis on breakfasts and lunchesg basic principles of color and design as related to the decoration of their own roomsg clothing construction of cotton garmentsg and child development with the main goal being to learn to enjoy being with and caring for children. Homemaking II Second year homemaking girls study textile fibers and their uses besides doing advanced work in garment construction. They study and practice food preparation as related to family dinnersg methods of food preservation: craftsg and child development with emphasis on guidance of the pre-school child. Homemaking IV In the fourth year of homemaking, students work on individual food preparation, meal planning, entertaining and clothing construction problems. The course also includes study of personal development, marriage and family living. Child development at this level stresses prenatal, maternal and infant care. In addition, all homemaking students are required to complete two home experiences during the school year. These experiences enable the girls to put into practice in their own homes, the skills and ideas learned in class. Tim' page sponsored by ------------- Albrecht Bros., Kewanee, Illmms 52 . 1 f I II Ii! L Ii If ll Y R -------- ------ HOMEMAKING II Left to right: Janice Stabler, Betty Kuster, Marlene Gould, Carol Stabler, Elaine DeSchepper, Mrs. Milliman and Mary Mercer. :E HOMEMAKING IV The girls are watching a demonstration on how to make a good pie crust. Left to right: Elizabeth Golby, Caryl Verbout, Donna Swearingen, Mrs. Milliman, Regina Golby, LaVerne Wood, Sylvia Swearingen and Carol Blake. :E HOMEMAKING I Left lo right: Beth Miller, Joyce Lyford, Pat Golby, Ruth Kemerling, Arliss Slmrer, Lila Junis, Betty Verbout, Mrs. Milliman and Monica Buckman. I'ivrnrc page xpmzmred by ---- Kcwnnee Coca-Cola Bottling Co., licwnncc. Illinois 'l'hj,- fygiqy ypmimrcd by M - - Cassidy Bros., XNvl'l0lCS2llC Confccrions and Soda Fountain, 53 Spring Valley, Illinois 1 5 X gil , r 3 x 5 5 IF? if --------------THE Zi-:PHYR BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT A. JOHN ZOIA, Instructor :Ts The business education department offered five courses this year: 1. Typewriting I-a basic introduction to the typewriter followed by study of the various forms of business correspondence. 2. Typewriting II-an advance study of business correspondence with the introduction of basic office machines such as the hectograph machine. 3. Shorthand I-a basic introduction to shorthand skills using the new Gregg Simplified Method and Gregg Transcription Studies. 4. Shorthand H-advanced study in speed and mailability under the Gregg Simplified and Gregg Transcription methods. 5. Bookkeeping I-an introduciton to bookkeeping as it will apply in a rural, as well as an urban, community. Special emphasis on the farm practice set which adequately prepares future farmers to take care of their own bookkeeping. The business department has taken an active part in such school projects as the school paper and the school annual in the belief that the actual preparation of these projects is of real value to the students. This page sponsored by ----------- Dr. R. E. Crossland, Ncponset, Illinois 55 1 r 'IMI-1 Li-ZPHYR ------ ----- V -- - TYPING II The class at work on the school paper. Left to right, first row: LaVerne Wood, Caryl Verbout, Sylvia Swearingen, Bev- erly Gould. Second row: Harriet Krahn, Joyce Stabler, Donna Swearingen, Ruth Jury, Eliza- beth Golby, Mr. Zoia. 3: BOOKKEEPING Mr. Zoia is shown explaining the basic bookkeeping formula. Left to right, back row: Beulah Christiansen, Elizabeth Golby, Ruth Jury. Front row: Joyce Stabler, Regina Golby, Sylvia Swearingen, Shirley Bennett, Bernice Christiansen, LaVerne Wood, Donna Swearingen. Standing: James Bennett, Glenn Ouart, Wendell Yepsen, Carol Blake, Willis Wood. Caryl Verbout, Faye Stabler, Bonnie Kemerling. :E TYPING I Left to right, front row: Bernice Christiansen, Beulah Christiansen. Second rowt Donald Gerrond, Maurice Yepsen. Third row: Willis Wood, Barbara Mercer, John Bates. Fourth row: James Verbout, Shirley Bennett, Janis Bigham, Mr. Zoia. 'l'bi,v page ,t'flllllj'lll'L'1'1 by ------------ I,cc's Slllklff lYcnr, Kcwancc, Illinois I,it'f7lI'l? page sponsored I1-v --M- ------ I lates Sports Ccntcr, Iicwancc, Illinois 56 40 nf' F rf 0000000000 00000000000 00000000000 --------------THIS ZIHIPHYR ACTIVITIES Thin' ,lunge ,vpo1150red by ---------- Sheffield Lumber Co., Sheffield, Illinois 58 l' ll If 7 If P H Y R H----- ------- - A . 4 . CHEERLEADERS Our cheerleaders for this year were elected by popular vote of the student body. Every girl had an opportunity to perform in front of the assembly. Afterwards the votes were cast for the four girls to be elected. The four elected were: Elizabeth Golby, Regina Golby, Bernice Christian- sen, and Marlene Gould. It was Elizabeth Golby's fourth year as cheer- leader and Regina's third. Bernice Christiansen and Marlene Gould were both new this year. zl' ONE-ACT PLAY The speech class, under the direction of Mr. Philip Pini, participated in the Little Eight One-Act Play Contest, which was held at Wyanet, Illi- nois, on March 1, 1951. The play presented was "When Sweet Sixteen." The cast selected by Mr. Pini was: Pat Kaine, Bonnie Kemerling, Harriet Krahn, Faye Stab- ler, Ruth Jury, Shirley Bennett and James Verbout. An award was presented to James Verbout for the best actor in a minor role. if MIXED OCTET Left to right: Beulah Christiansen, Kenneth Sta.bler, Ruth Jury, Robert Carlson, Janis Bigham, Neil Burnett, Carol Blake, and George Ouart. Tbiy page .V.l707lS0l'Cd I1-v - -- - Victor Lyford, Pfister Seed Corn Co., Ncponsct. Illinois 59 --------------Ti-is ZEPHYR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Future Homemakers of America This is the sixth year for the Neponset F.H.A. There are thirty-two members. The local chap- ter is affiliated with the State and National organization. At the beginning of the school year officers are elected and installed to guide the chapter's activities which foster such things as leadership, cooperation, thriftiness, recreation, and C0111- munity service. Officers for 1950-1951 are as follows: Barbara Mercer, President, Beverly Gould, Vice President, Janis Bigham, Secretary- Treasurer, Beulah Christiansen, Reporter, Carol Blake, Parliamentarian, Elizabeth Golby, De- gree Chairman, Regina Golby, Project Chair- man, LaVerne Wood, Art Editor, Faye Stabler, Program Chairman, Mrs. Vernon Luther, Chap- ter Mother: Mrs. Milliman, Sponsor. Leadership Camp at East Bay Each year the organization sends a delegate to camp. One girl from each school is sent and they receive all kinds of information on good leadership and many new ideas to bring back to their club. Barbara Mercer, our president, attended camp at East Bay this year. F.H.A. Degrees The F.H.A. organization awards three degrees to members according to their status in school and their personal achievements. These degrees are the Junior Homemaker, the Chapter, and th State Homemaker. To earn the Junior Home- maker Degree you have to complete one semes- ter of homemaking instruction, know the creed, colors, motto, and the purpose of the organiza- tion, contribute to the chapter program, and have a good personal quality standard. To be eligible for the Chapter Degree you are re- quired to have the status of the Junior Home- maker and have completed two semesters of homemaking instruction, to know the State F.H.A. constitution and by-laws, have skill in parliamentary procedure, be cooperative and have initiative in chapter activities, have a good standard of family life, responsibility, and rec- reational activities. To meet the requirements of the State Degree you must have completed the first two degrees with a very very good un- derstanding of the F.H.A. organization. Thus far 97'Z, of the girls have received the Junior Homemaker Degree. The girls who have earned their Chapter awards are Elizabeth Golby, Joyce Stabler, Barbara Mercer, Shirley Ben- nett, Beulah Christiansen, and Janis Bigham. National F.H.A. Week National F.H.A. Week is from November 12 to November 19. This is the week set aside for emphasizing the publicity of F.H.A. Our Chap- ter named it "C.C.C. Week," which stood for Courtesy, Cooperation, and Consideration. Skits were planned and given in front of the assemb- ly. The subject of the skits were manners in the home, at school, in the restaurant, at the theater, and at parties. Posters were also made and the publicity books were displayed down- town. At the end of the week the most courte- ous boy and girl were chosen by popular vote. The winners were Elizabeth Golby and James Bennett. This week was also highlighted with a pot- luck supper for the parents and faculty with the main event being the Installation Service which expressed the eight purposes of the or- ganization. House of Delegates Meeting The House of Delegates meeting was held at the Buda High School on November 4. This meeting is attended by four officers, the Chap- ter Mother, and Chapter Sponsor from each school in Section 11. Those attending from Ne- ponset were Mrs. Milliman, Mrs. Luther, Bar- bara Mercer, Elizabeth Golby, Regina Golby, and Beverly Gould. The day was spent attend- ing separate meetings and discussing new and proper methods of bettering our F.H.A. or- ganizations. The election of the new Section Officers was held. We are very proud to have Barbara Mercer as the new Section Parliamen- tarian. Style Show and Tea The F.H.A. sponsored the annual Christmas Tea and Style show on December 14. The stun- ning velvet, knit, and fur fashions, smartly styled dresses, formals, and coats were mod- eled by the F.H.A. girls. Following the style show a tea was served. The Chapter Mother and President presided at the serving table. Open-faced sandwiches, cookies, and candy disappeared in the presence of one hundred and thirty guests. Rally Day Rally Day was held on March 3, 1951 at Grandville. This is a day set aside when every chapter of the section meets and discusses dif- ferent situations of their chapters. The Neponset Chapter presented two skits with all the mem- bers included, and some of the girls took part in the style show. Chapter Mother Our organization is very proud to have Mrs. Vernon Luther as its Chapter Mother. She has been our mother for three years now and Sec- tion Mother for one year. We don't know what we would have done without her. Mrs. Luther gives us many ideas and promotes an excellent spirit among the girls. This page sponsored by ------------ Carl F. johnson, Sheffield, Illinois r Til Ll-:PHYR ------ ee ------- Poor Patient' Installation of Officers Smile Carol! Get to work, girls F. H. A. The F.H.A. is conducting a business meeting. Members are from left to right, back row: Janice Stabler, Betty Kuster, Marlene Gould, Mary Mercer, Carol Stabler, Elaine DeSchepper, Lila Junis, and Beth Miller. Arliss Sharer is making a motion. Middle row, left to right: Joyce Stabler, Caryl Verbout, Pat Golby, Betty Verbout, Joyce Lyford, Monica Buckman, and Ruth Jury. Front row, left to right: Sylvia Swearingen, Donna Swearingen, Shirley Bennett, Bonnie Kemerling, Bernice Chris- tiansen, and Harriet Krahn. Officers are seated around the table, left to right: Faye Stabler, pro- gram chairmang Regina Golby, project chairman, Carol Blake, Parlia- mentariang Beverly Gould, vice-president, Barbara Mercer, president: Janis Bigham, secretary-treasurer, Beulah Christiansen, reporter, La- Verne Wood, artistg Elizabeth Golby, degree chairman. Behind the officers are Mrs. Milliman, sponsor, and Mrs. Luther, chapter mother. Great feast! Cheer up, Janice A more serious moment Our Chapter Mother Ummm! Chicken! Surprised? Pzcrurc page .Vf70H.V01'C'd by - - Baumgnrtncr, Roszell's "Senltest" Milk, licwanee, lllmois Ilvlx page sponsored by - - - C. S. Russel, Groceries and Meats, Funeral Director md Ambulance Service, Ne ionset, Illinois 62 l THE ZRPHYR FUTURE FARMERS IN ACTION Throughout the year the Future Farmer mem- bers take part in a variety of activities that teach leadership, cooperation, better farming and better living. The major activity is the operation of a seven acre farm which has been done for 2 years. It is divided into 3 fields of corn, oats and legume which are rotated each year. Members learn cropping practices and management in this project and also earn mon- ey for the chapter. The 1950 net profit was 3391. All expenses are paid for, except the use of the machinery which is donated by the par- ents. Profits are used to purchase shop tools and finance chapter activities. Our chapter was chosen state winner in farm safety activity at the State F.F.A. Convention. The award was a S100 check which was used to buy equipment for our farm shop. Robert Carlson, Kenneth Stabler, John Swearingen, Leslie Girven, Pat Kaine, and Neil Burnett attended the lllinois State F.F.A. Convention at Champaign. While visiting the University they participated in the Fat Stock and Dairy Judging Contest. Hugo Block was named one of the seventeen American Farmer candidates, and James Bennett was awarded the State Farmer Degree at the F.F.A. Con- vention. The Neponset Chapter submitted five entries in section production contests and three were judged as first and were awarded plaques. Those winning were: John Golby in Farm Me- chanicsg John Gunning in Farm Safety, and Joe Stetson in Soil and Water. The chapter also participated in the Section III program of work contest and in the section soil conservation contest placing second in the latter. Joe Stetson, Jr., placed second in the Section III public speaking contest which was held at Buda. He spoke on soil conservation. He placed first in the Ruhm Phosphate Essay Contest and was awarded a 51,000 scholarship to the Uni- versity of Illinois. During August, John Bates, Willis Wood, and Donald Gerrond accompanied Mr. Luther to the Illinois State Fair. Eight members exhibited livestock at the Section III F.F.A. Fair at Cam- bridge as follows: John Golby, Hereford steers, Joe Stetson, Hereford steers, Willis Wood, Guernsey calfg Thomas Ahlgren, Poland China hogsg John Bates, Hampshire sheep, John Swearingen, Hampshire hogs, Leslie Girven, Angus steers, Kenneth Stabler, Hereford and Angus steers. Five members participated in the Section III, F.F.A. Leadership Camp at Port Byron this year. Attending were Leslie Girven, John Swearingen, Robert Carlson, George Ouart, and Kenneth Stabler. Eleven members enrolled in corn yield proj- ect this year. Free seed was furnished by com- mercial seed corn companies. Records were kept and representative samples were taken and yields calculated. Hugo Block, a member of the Neponset F.F.A., was awarded the American Farmer Degree at the National F.F.A. Convention in Kansas City. He was one of the 18 members selected from the state of Illinois. He was selected on the basis of his farming program, and his enviable high school scholastic and activity record. Ac- companying Hugo to the convention were John Gunning, John Golby, and Mr. Luther. Five members and Mr. Vernon Luther at- tended the International Livestock Exposition in Chicago. One day was spent looking over the livestock and the sights of Chicago. Those making the trip were: Tom Pratt, Pat Kaine, Glenn Ouart, John Bates, and Neil Burnett. During January, three F.F.A. members were given the Greenhand Degree. They were: John Schmidt, Thelbert Thompson, Robert DeSchep- per. The Chapter Farmer Degree was awarded to seven other members. They were: Neil Bur- nett, John Swearingen, Leslie Girven, Richard Daniel, George Ouart, Kenneth Stabler, and Robert Carlson. The Annual Father and Son banquet was held March 29, at Jul's Farm Restaurant at Rock Falls, Illinois. Forty-five members at- tended the banquet, John Bates was toast- master of the evening. Honorary Degrees were given to Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs. Ouart, and the DeKalb award was presented to James Ben- nett. Movies of the Tractor Rodeo were shown by Mr. Luther. Kenneth Stabler participated in the Sec- tional Public Speaking Contest, held at Ke- wanee, April 3. He won third place medal from a field of six contestants. The title of his speech was "Can Farmers Maintain Production With- out Labor?l' This page sponsored by -------------- Goodyear, Kewanee, Illinois 64 ah- Tun-1 Z li P ii Y it -------- TRACTOR RODEO . The second annual Tractor Rodeo was held in Neponset on Saturday, September 30th. The event was held in the field immediately south of the Neponset High School Athletic field. The rodeo included all of the F.F.A. Chapters in Section III, which includes Bureau, Henry, and Rock Island Counties. More than 40 con- testants from schools in Section III partici- pated. Each school was represented by two or more drivers, according to the enrollment of each chapter. Neponset was represented by Donald Crock- ett and Wilbur Bennett. First place winner was Donald Crockett. He was awarded the First Place Trophy, by George Doak, State super- viser of Vocational Agriculture, from the Uni- versity of Illinois. Wilbur Bennett, last year's winner, tied for fourth and fifth places. Other schools producing winners were: Weth- ersfield, Ohio, Geneseo, Reynolds, Bureau Township, Cambridge, and Atkinson. There were five events: backing the tractor to a perfect hitch with a wagon tongue, pulling a side delivery rake through a narrow gate. backing a four-wheeled wagon into a shed, turning on simulated short corn stalks and the serpentine event. They were scored on time, skill, patience, and safety. V. V. Luther, Neponset Vocational Agricul- ture teacher, was in general charge of the events. Before After D. Crockett wins trophy John Swearingen Thelbert Thompson Standing, left to right: Robert Carlson, James Bennett, Leslie Girven. John Bates. Seated at table, left to right: Pat Kaine, Tom Pratt, Mr. Luther, Don- ald Gerrond, and Kenneth Stabler. Seated facing table, left to right: Wilbur Bennett, Glenn Ouart, John Swearingen, George Ouart, Thelbert Thompson, Neil Burnett, John Schmidt, and Robert DeSchepper. Wilbur John Bennett Bates Kenneth Stabler Shop Class Neil Preparation for wienie Burnett roast Thig page gpgmgred by - ---------- Brown Lynch Scott, Kcwancc, Illinois W Picture page sponsored by ---------- Brooks' Motor Sales, Kewanee, Illinois - ------------- THE Z1-:PHYR FOOTBALL The Neponset Zephyrs, led by Coach Tom Fitzpatrick, displayed unusual team spirit and finished the season with a record of six wins and three losses, the best Zephyr record for several seasons. The Zephyrs traveled to LaMoille for the opening game and were defeated by a powerful team 27-19. Neponset had a 13-7 lead at the close of the first quarter and was able to pro- tect this lead until half time. Two quick touch- downs by LaMoille in the third period sent them into the final quarter leading 20-13. Both teams scored in the final quarter, but in spite of determined effort on the part of the Zephyrs, LaMoille hung on to win 27-19. The Zephyr's scoring in this game was done by W. Bennett and Kaine. Playing without the services of J. Bennett who was injured in the last few minutes of the LaMoi1le game, coupled with a letdown after the LaMoille game, the Zephyrs managed to outlast Malden for a 12-7 victory. Swearingen scored both Neponset's touchdowns on short end runs. Still plagued by the let down that appeared in the Malden game, the Zephyrs were hand- cuffed by the Ohio Bulldodgs and went down by a stunning 45 to 13 defeat. It was Ohio all the way. The Bulldogs led 14-0 at the end of the first quarter, 26-0 at half time and 38-0 at the end of the third period. The Zephyrs came to life in the fourth quarter and out scored the Bulldogs 13-7, but it was too late. Verbout and Burnett broke into the scoring column for the first time this season. Although the Zephyrs had too much man power for Bureau Township, they served notice on their remaining opponents that they were going to be troublesome in their remaining un- played games by defeating Bureau Township 58-0. This is the most decisive defeat by any team in the history of Neponset's "Little Eight" league play. Kaine and Stewart led the scoring with two touchdowns each. Gerrond, Bates, Thompson, Verbout and Pratt also scored. The thrill of the game was a pass interception and a sixty yard run by Pratt for a touchdown. Bolstered by the return of James Bennett to the line, and inspired by the crushing defeat of Bureau Township 58-0, an alert Zephyr team capitalized on the mistakes of the Tiskilwa In- dians and crushed them 34-14. It was the Ze- phyrs all the way. They led 6-O at the end of the first quarter and 20-0 at half time. Al- though the Indians scored in both the third and This page sponsored by ------- fourth quarters, they never seriously threat- ened the big lead the Zephyrs piled up in the first half. Wilbur Bennett scored two touch- downs in this pleasing victory and Swearingen, J. Bennett and Pratt scored one each. Pratt again astounded local fans by recovering a fumble and marced fifty yards for a touchdown. The biggest and most pleasant surprise of the season was the Zephyr's defeat of the suppos- edly strong Sheffield team 45-0. The Sheffield Cardinals could find no way to stop the run- ning attack of the Zephyrs and the vicious tack- ling and accurate blocking of the Zephyrs sty- mied every effort of the big red team to score. Kaine, W. Bennett and Gerrond paced the Ze- phyr attack and scored two touchdowns each. Swearingen tallied once. The Zephyrs spoiled the Wyanet homecom- ing by defeating the Eagles 25-6 for their fourth straight win. J. Verbout ran and plunged for two touchdowns in the game to serve notice that he may become a back to reckon with In the 1952 season. Swearingen and W. Bennett each scored one touchdown. The Manlius jinx again proved the downfall of the Zephyrs for they went down to a 20-0 defeat by the ultimate conference champs. The Zephyr's stout defense held the Manlius Red Devils to a 7-0 first half lead, but due to some costly fumbles the Zephyrs were never able to get a sustained defensive drive under way. The Zephyrs completed their season by ex- ploding to a 52-26 victory over the Buda Bears. Pat Kaine led in scoring with four touchdowns, all coming on long runs. Once out in the open, Pat refused to be brought down. W. Bennett scored twice. Swearingen and Pratt scored once each. Center Pratt intercepted a pass and ran for his third touchdown of the season. Kaine, W. Bennett, J. Bennett and Pratt made their final appearance in Zephyr football togs. These four boys will be hard to replace. The final standings were as follows: w L T TP OP Manlius ....... ........ 9 0 0 310 95 Lalvloille ..... ........ 8 1 0 324 162 Neponset ..... ........ 6 3 0 256 144 Ohio ............. ........ 6 3 0 179 122 Sheffield ...... ........ 5 3 1 169 191 Tiskilwa ..... ........ 4 5 0 228 198 Buda ........ ........ 3 5 1 278 304 Wyanet .... ........ 2 7 0 1 12 179 Bureau .... ........ 1 8 0 105 356 Malden ........... ........ 0 9 0 77 282 H. 8: H. Oliver Service, Kewanee, Illinois - - - w l Y f - H R Y Z CEO H5252 CEO :gays Swim ECO me gn mtvzm HSEQE 22325 Sigma S252 QSEAWE .EOQM5 ggi EE -img! NWOEH52 ,KAOEEW Em kwgdm AEE' .COW IQEOFH tOn:OFH REESW HSOEBVH rtbgsm :OZ UUBNMVW Jimi Ov MEA dpwiiggw EEE' ES gmagm ,Snag 'WEOEQU EHEOQ ggawm gag JHEOOPHO EBSQ ,gsm :AH gsm EOF JADTERNHE ego umewggm .Emi B tmj ISGMELOOL lllil1uiS C C H H Y X C X II Q I N NH C Us n i Il ml H - W 4 - - Brccdlovc Spf W bl Id e V U L 7 0 7 ll V UA 1 M II U r I I I l ll , I Illinois I C S n 2lI'dXX'1ll'C, Ncp I I r C S 1 H I 5 ll C N C P r , N T M - - A Y F V. 'hi ll T W L I 0 7 Y ph UA J 7 I K -I 7 I i 7 --------------THE ZHPHYR BASKETBALL Coach Tom Fitzpatrick's Zephyr bas- ketball team had a rather spotty season marked by some very good basketball and some not so good. A twenty-four game season resulted in fifteen losses and only nine victories. The conference record showed three wins and five losses. Non-conference play, exclusive of tour- naments, resulted in three wins and sev- en losses. Tournament play gave the Ze- phyrs a fifty-fifty breakg three wins and three losses. In conference play the Zephyrs de- feated Tiskilwa 45-44g Buda 33-315 and LaMoille 50-43: lost to Sheffield 57-47 g Wyanet 50-493 Manlius 50-29, Ohio 66- 563 and Bureau 55-30. In non-conference play the records show wins over Buda 35-305 LaFayette 48-38 and 47-45g and losses to Wyanet 33-32 3 Annawan 48-36 and 46-445 Toulon 50-33 and 47-435 and Mineral 52-27. In tournament play the Zephyrs made their best showing. In the "Little Eight" tournament Tiskilwa was defeated 49- 345 LaMoille 37-36. Losses were admin- istered by Buda 39-37 and Sheffield 60- 44. In the district tournament LaFay- ette was defeated for the third time by the Zephyrs 44-43. The powerful Shef- field team was met in the second district tournament g am e and the Zephyrs bowed out of tournament play by a 78 to 50 score. The highlights of the season were the last second defeat of Tiskilwa 45-44, the defeat of LaMoille in the "Little Eight" tournament by a last second free throw, making the score 37-36, and the over- time victory of LaFayette 47-45. Strangely enough, the heroics in each of these three thrillers were supplied by three different boys. Verbout pulled the Tiskilwa game out of the fire by a one hander from the corner with the final gong sounding while the shot was still in the air. Wendell Yepsen kept the Ze- phyrs in "Little Eight" tournament play by sinking a free throw against LaMoille with only two seconds of playing time remaining. Pat Kaine swished a long two hander from the middle of the court with the final horn sounding to give the Zephyrs a well-earned overtime victory over a fighting LaFayette team. Team scoring was as follows: Jame Bennett .... 308 Pat Kaine ..................... .....,..,,,, .,,,,,., 1 5 9 Don Gerrond .,..... .,,,,,,,, 1 31 Tom Pratt ......,..,,.. ,,,,,,,,, 1 28 Neil Burnett ....... ,,,,,,,,, 1 26 Jim Verbout ....... .......,. 9 8 Wilbur Bennett ....... ......... 1 8 John Swearingen ....... ..... 2 Wendell Yepsen 1 This page sponsored by ----- Lanibf-:rt's Sinclair Service Station, Sheffield, Illinois lllll-I Zi-:vnvn w------------- Left to right: Teddy Folger, Bill Studley, Maurice Yepsen, Willis Wood, John Swearingen, Jim Verbout, Wilbur Bennett, Neil Burnett. Tom Pratt, Mr. Fitzpatrick, Mr. Ammon, James Bennett, Pat Kaine, Don Gerrond, Robert Carlson, Leslie Girven, Kenneth Stabler, Wendell Yep- sen, John Schmidt, Thelbert Thompson. Huddle Wilbur Bennett James Bennett Pat Kaine Maurice Yepsen Tom Pratt Neil Burnett Wendell Yepsen Jim Verbout D-on Gerrond Tbix page sponsored by Marvin Kustcr, Agent, Dclinlh Sccd Corn Co.. Ncponscr, Illinois l'iL'I'III'L' page Jpomored by AA-------- jim Nlilncs Ciarngc, licwzmcc, illinois 71 - ,QI .I Till A,.L --------------THE ZEPHYR TRACK :E Last year's track team, led by Captain John Golby, raised the stan- dard set by the team of 1948-49. Joe Stetson, John Golby, and John Heise were the only letterrnen who returned from the 1948-1949 season. The other boys who partici- pated were: Wayne Gerrond, Pat Kaine, James Bennett, Donald Crockett, John Gunning, John Stewart, Neil Burnett, James Verbout, Tom Ahlgren, Robert Colgan, Kenneth Stabler, John Swearingen, Robert Carlson, and George Ouart. The results of the meets are listed below: M anlius ..............,. 62 Tiskilwa ..,,.,...,.... 60 Neponset .........,.... 37 LaMoille .,.......,,,., 65 W Neponset ,..........,.. 50 Wyanet ....,,..,,..,,,, 3-iw N eponset .,............ 85 V2 Buda ....,,.. ,...,.,.. 4 8 IA Bureau ..............,. 14 Sheffield ...........,.. 68 Neponset .....,.,..,,.. 52 Ohio ..............,,,..... 27 The following boys won places in the Conference meet: James Ben- nett, first in discus, Pat Kaine, second in high jumpg Joe Stetson, first in shot putg John Stewart and Pat Kaine placed fourth and fifth in the 440 yd. dash. John Stewart, Jim Verbout, Neil Burnett, and John Swearingen placed first in the 440 yd. freshmen-sophomore relay, and second in the 880 yd. freshmen-sophomore relay. The freshman-sophomore track team won second place at the con- ference track meet. John Stewart won first place in the 440 yard run and 100 yard dash, James Verbout won first place in the high jump and broad jump. Tlvzs page Xp07lS07'Cd by ---- Neponset Farmers Grain Elevator, Neponset, Illinois 73 1 r nl ui' li-vuxlc -------------- . 1 . TRACK TEAM Back row, left to right: John Schmidt, Bill Studley, Willis Wood, Kenneth Stab- ler, John Swearingen, George Ouart, Teddy Folger, Thelbert Thompson. Front row, left to right: Jim Verbout, Leslie Girven, Pat Kaine, Neil Burnett, Robert Carlson, James Bennett. Basketball team in action you figure it out! l'it-rm-if pqqy ,vpnflmf-4-tl' by --e--- -4-- - - - ee - Carlson's Roofing Co. Tbiy mu-U y JOIl,t'0I'Cd I1 --------- - - Tuckcrs Produce, Nc Jonsct, Illinois A .V 74 --------------T1-in ZICPHYR SCHOOL PARTIES FRESHMEN INITIATION An important part of every Freshman's life is "Initiation Daynfwhen the Sophomores at- tempt to remove their greenness. We really had a sight at Neponset High School. It seemed that Paris had come to visit us. Can you imag- ine Joan Krahn in a long white "sheet" eve- ning dress with a special "box" blouse? She wore "toast" earrings and two shoes that were not mates. Don Colgan, in a very beautiful dress, high heels, and black hose, was the exact image of one of Hol1ywood's popular stars. He wore one of the latest perfumes, "Onion D' Paris." The other girls and boys were similarly dressed. The part of "Servant for a day" was played by the "greenies" as they did odd jobs for their masters -the Sophomores. In the evening a program was given by the Freshmen. Some of the acts were: Monica Buckman imitating Betty Hutton, Lila Junis singing "I Love You Truly" to Wendell Yep- sen, Bobby DeSchepper and Joan Krahn swing- ing to the Charleston, and Arliss Sharer pro- posing to Teddy Folger. After refreshments were served, the Fresh- men washed dishes and cleaned the kitchen as a finishing touch to their initiation. A GOOD TIME Take an assortment of boys and girls, warm clothes, straw, a hay-rack, a tractor and driver, a moon Cif handyh and you have what is known as a good time-the F.F.A. Hayride. SCHOOL SPIRIT GETS The Booster Club "Jeans Party" began with a grand march and a grapevine twist. fSeveral students really knew how to twist.J Gaily colored balloons were tied to each per- son's ankle and soon, amidst dancing, we were jumping everywhere, trying to puncture the other fellow's balloon and trying to protect PARTY The F.H.A. gave a very interesting party. It was a "Backwards Party." This means that everything Cor nearly everythingj was done backwards. The girls wore jeans and shirts that buttoned down the back. Some of the boys wore dresses. Best dressed were: Bill Studley, Don Colgan, and Wendell Yepsen, who wore The group, mixed with straw, was taken through Walnut Grove, Osceola, and back to the campus. Then a feast of "ash-covered" hot dogs and cider was enjoyed by all. A LIFT AT "JEANS PARTY" our own. Everyone participated in the games and the fun. Even' John Swearingen danced for the first time. The refreshments, of course, helped boost the party, and we left, feeling that we had helped lift the school spirit. BACKWARDS the latest fashions. During the evening the entertainment in- cluded a grapevine twist and dancing. A fea- ture attraction was the "hurdle" dance, won by Beulah Christiansen and Wendell Yepsen. After lunch, the girls escorted their "dates" home. THE CHRISTMAS PARTY Santa Claus, mistletoe, songs, games, danc- ing, and refreshments made the Christmas Par- ty a happy one. Several stunts were done dur- ing the evening. Joyce Lyford, as Mrs. Santa Claus, was wish- ing her husband, Pat Kaine, a pleasant journey on Christmas eve. A dance, which featured holding an apple between two foreheads, was demonstrated by seven students and Mr. Berry. A group told their New Year resolutions and other students told why they would break them. New talent was discovered as eight boys and girls sang "Silent Night." Mistletoe helped decorate the gym. 4Maybe it wasn't for decoration as two little girls dem- onstrated its purpose.D Santa Claus paid us a visit. He talked to the t'kiddies" and then passed out gifts to us. Christmas songs were sung while we were seated around the lighted tree. The accompa- nists were Harriet Krahn, Marlene Gould, and Sylvia Swearingen. There was dancing. Ice-cream, cookies and punch was served by the seniors. This page sponsored by ----------- Garfield Stier Co., Sheffield, Illinois THI-3 ZIQPHYR -------- N. CLUB The "N" club is an honorary club made up of the students who have earned letters. Those who have been awarded letters are: SENIORS-James Bennett: football 4, basket- ball 3, track 1: Pat Kaine: football 4, basketball 3, track 1: Wilbur Bennett: football 3. basketball 2: Tom Pratt: football 2, basketball 2: Don Crockett: football 2: Elizabeth Golby: cheer- leading 4: Regina Golby: cheerleading 3: Patty Norton: cheerleading 3. JUNIORS-Jim Verbout: football 1, basket- ball 2, track 1: Neil Burnett: football 1, basket- ball 2, track 1: Wendell Yepsen: football man- ager l: Donald Gerrond: football 1, basketball 1: Willis Wood: cross country 1: John Stewart: football 1, track 1. SOPHOMORES-Kenneth Stabler: football 2: John Swearingen: football 1, track 1: Richard Daniels: football 1: Marlene Gould: cheerlead- ing l. FRESHMAN--Donald Colgan: football 1. Foo'r1:A1,,L BANQUE1' The John Golbys were hosts to the 1950 football team, cheerleaders, faculty members, and student guests. Captain James Bennett cut the cake and spoke briefly. Other speeches were given by the faculty members, other members of the squad, and cheerleaders. HOMECOMING Neponset High held its annual Homecoming October 20, 1950. Early Friday morning the members of the senior class were seen decor- ating the football field ln red and white on Sheffield's side and maroon and gray on Ne- ponset's side. The junior class was busy add- ing the finishing touches to the high school gym, which was decorated to carry out the theme of "Coming Home." It resembled a fam- ily living room, complete with a fire-place! A short pep session was held in the study hall at 1:30, at which several alumni of NHS spoke. After the pep session, a reception was given for friends and alumni of the school. The freshmen girls had charge of this. At 3:00, Neponset and Sheffield began a football game that ended very happily for us! We won-45-O!! In the evening we danced to the music of Doc Hunt. At 10:30 the coronation of the King and Queen of the homecoming was held. The King and Queen of 1949, John Golby and Barbara Curran, led the procession into the gymnasium. They were followed by the court which con- sisted of Beverly Gould and James Bennett: Caryl Verbout and Tom Pratt: Carol Blake and Donald Crockett: and the King and Queen of the 1950 Homecoming, Pat Kaine and Eliza- beth Golby. After the actual coronation, Ruth Kemerling sang a solo, accompanied by Donna Swearingen. The King and Queen of 1950 led a grand march, after which the dancing was resumed. PROM The Junior-Senior Prom was held May 7. A banquet, which preceded the prom, was given at Hotel Kewanee. After the program, the fol- lowing addresses were given: Welcome .................,.,.,.... Elizabeth Golby Response .,.,..........,..,,,......,. Cherie Lyford Class History. ,...,............ Wayne Gerrond Class Prophecy ............, .Barbara Curran Class Will ......,................... John Gunning Class Poem ..........,,................ Lillie Miller After the banquet, everyone returned to the high school gymnasium where dancing was en- joyed. Music was furnished by "Spin" Law- rence and his orchestra. A "Moonlight and Roses" theme was used in decorating. The gymnasium was transferred into a flower garden scene with white picket fences and trellisses colorfully decorated with roses and vines. Punch was served by the fresh- BOOSTER CLUB The Booster Club is an organization with representatives from each class, elected by their respective classes. The purpose of the Booster Club is to serve as a student governing board. This year, the club prepared the school cal- endar, named the class sponsors, and assisted Mr. Pini with the homecoming activities. On November 15, the club sponsored a "Jeans Party," which everyone enjoyed. Members of the Booster Club this year are Caryl Verbout and Donald Crockett, Seniors: Janis Bigham and Donald Gerrond, Juniors: Marlene Gould and Kenneth Stabler, Sopho-- mores: and Joyce Lyford and Teddy Folger, Freshmen. Mr. Pini is the sponsor. CHRISTMAS CANTATA A Christmas Cantata, "Alleluia, Christ Is Born," was presented December 18, 1950. The entire musical program was under the direc- tion of Mr. Dale Collins. The various solos. duets, quartets, and choruses were accompa- nied by Carol Blake. Soloists were Bernice Christiansen and Ruth Jury. The narrator was Wendell Yepsen. ALL SCHOOL PLAY Under the able direction of Mr. Pini, the students of Neponset High School turned out a pleasant comedy, "The Inner Willy." man girls. The cast: James Bennett ...,.,.,., Willoughby Adams Joyce Stabler ........................ Aunt Hester Janis Bigham ......... ......... A unt Louise LaVerne Wood .......... ............ A unt Olga Wendell Yepsen .................... Inner Willy Glenn Ouart ........... ......., S tanley Clark John Bates .......................................... Mike Ruth Jury ..,.,...,........... Marybelle Turner Beulah and Bernice Christiansen .......... ......................,..,..........Marshall twins Carol Blake ...,...,,,....,....,...... Carol Martin This page sponsored by ---- Kirley and Sons, Fashions for Men. Kcwnncc, Illinois ff, Ir1'r Iv Iv U I :ij .HH .A U. gl :QQ ,Ir -Xxl .,,, 6 14 Jalwlff 4 5 r I 7' il 4? .Y--an an .. " 'fin Pi? if -------THE ZEPHYR I HALL OF FAME Class Brunette ......... Class Blonde ................... Class Redhead. ..,............. .. Most Mannerly Boy ......... Most Mannerly Girl ..,..... Girl Athlete .....,,............ Boy Athlete ,... ............. Quietest Girl .....,.. Quietest Boy ......... Tallest Girl .......... Tallest Boy ........,...... Class Bookworm ........ Class Workers .,........... Study Hall Walker ....... Teachersf Pest ............ Class Sailor ............,. Smartest Girls ..,....., Smartest Boy ..,....,.,.... Most Popular Girl ...,.... Most Popular Boy ........ Best Dressed Girl ...,..... Best Dressed Boy ......... Most Artistic Girl ....... Peppiest Senior ...... Musical Girl ...............,............. Best Actress ..........,..................... Girl with the Darkest Hair ........ Neatest Girl .....................,.,........ Class Cut-ups ......,............,...... Night Owl ..,.........,....... Prettiest Hair .....,.,......... Best Natured Girl ........ Best Natured Boy ...................... Most Inquisitive ...................... Girl with the Prettiest Eyestizllzl Class Lovebirds ............,......,......... Boy with. the Biggest Feet ....., Oldest Girl .........l....,,.,....... Oldest Boy ......................... Youngest Girl ,..,...,........ Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Youngest Boy ..................,.,., Favorite Sport ..........,.. Favorite Pastime ........, Favorite Subject Favorite Song ....,...... Weight. .,.............. . Heightnz ........................,....... .. Shoe Size ......l...........,.,..,.......... Market Price Per This page sponsored by - Pound ....... .........Sylvia Swearingen ,..,..,........,Patty Norton .......Bonnie Kemerling .......l..James Bennett ,,Faye Stabler ....,..Caryl Verbout .........James Bennett ,,..,.l-Iarriet Krahn l.......,....Glenn Ouart .........Beverly Gould Pratt Krahn .,.l..,Joyce Stabler, Caryl Verbout Jury Bennett Crockett .........Bever1y Gould, Harriet Krahn Kaine l.....................,.......Elizabeth Golby .............James Bennett .........Sylvia Swearingen Kaine .....,..........LaVerne Wood .........Bonnie Kemerling ..................Carol Blake .,.,..........Carol Blake ............,..........,....,.Elizabeth Golby Norton ......Sylvia Swearingen, Tom Pratt ..,.....,,..Donnie Crockett Kaine ...........Regina Golby .................Glenn Ouart v.....,....,............Donna Swearingen Jury ........Carol Blake, Donnie Crockett Pratt .............................LaVerne Wood ..,..............Glenn Ouart ..,,....Sylvia Swearingen .........James Bennett ...............l...Football ,..............Sleeping ..........,......Hist0ry ...........School Song Ton .,......106 feet, 7 inches Dr. Bertelsen, MD., Neponset, Illinois r Tux-1 L it P ll Y R -- -- ---------- - THANK YOU KEWANEE Al Rashid Andrews 8z Andrews, Lawyers Dr. Atkinson Bell Wilson Studio Berg 8: Dines Beery's Barber Shop Bowman Bros. Shoe Store Cities Service Station City Furniture and Rug Co. Commercial Motors Davidson's Restaurant Durey's Jewelry Store Elizabeth's House of Flowers Farmers Produce Fair Store Dr. Fleming Foster's Wall Paper Store Godke's Greenhouse Good's Furniture House Dr. Helmer Janet's Beauty Box Joe the Jeweler Keller's Appliance Kewanee Ford Sales Inc. Kewanee Music Shop Kewanee News Stand K 85 M Apparel Shop Knepp's Ready-To-Wear Lake Street Florist Mackerner 84 Means Lumber Co. FRIENDS! M. E. O'Connor Open Air Market Pinkie's Service Inn Dr. Quagliano Reed's Jewelry Richard's Dairy Richmond's Art Press Stacy's Cleaners Dr. Stewart Tunnicliff's Standard Service Vanity Shop Dr. Younglove SHEFFIELD J. T. Anderson Genster's Clothing Dr. Giltner Humphrey Locker Service Dr. Peterson Phills Standard Service Fred Rumpt F. G. Smith, Electrical Contractor Taylor 6: Jensen Mrs. Witherell NEPONSET A friend in Neponset Stetson's Store Neponset Locker Service, Ted Strouse, Mgr. BUDA Dr. C. F. fPatJ Murphy Mode-O-Day Dr. Everhart Murphy's Office Supply Grant Gish This page A'p0ll.l'07'L'd by -------------- T. lYclcl1, Kcwzmee, Illinois 56 J 'M EL A - . 'ef-1 Q 2-"1 '-1: ' ' ' f. - 4, , .,,, ,H b1A,. -- 1 'bv fag- Z, ,, fig ' ' - , : e L Q 7 ffffz P -' . Q . . ' -' .,. - 1 -IH-'V + " 'f-J - LQ. -1 4 6' 1, ' .1 -, , , 5+-7-302. 1 . , , , - n 4' H , ,L f V .,,k -' Tk- P1 W' -. . - -2 A ---. f ff., "'-1-i:X"DS1 4 M .xkf W x 4. ., ... 41.4 1- 3571? g .fs,3':i?,-1.sw'23w. .:,- -fmt? 1:-5,55 --- ,, 1 f- -- - 'L - fr

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