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1455, THE Q fy E D D au f... if F um X NEOSHO HGH Samoan. Neosfo N .-1 J I F 1311" F i C G H' ' Jr" 6 Q' 2 T Tr :sw- -ur f fi ' 1- 1 - A f ' -3 v 1' '7 X f 4 qi nj ,M A hx sv - Y V f Y Egi - f Tf an inf QW if xv: fl 74 V! w ' dm W "lf if A 1 : V .4 " 'S 'W "- 5 B f f r K H1 . J 555 - ' S 3'-EJ 1,?a'?A ,iw 1? , 1- 1 F. In V i D! L' -' N than:-S:-5 H J4 . vw ' M W ' ' :IU 1 , ' L 1 1' X4 4 q Q fy E' V f l 1 i A I '19 It I3 f" Q ii Eh W A M n K 1 2 XV V ,Lu MN 5 M f - .LA i I M Wi .J1 ' - , ff fr ' 1 T ? m,y! 1-Yf?i-L - - - , ' - qw - ' 9223? Ti j? ffffl "I have no fear, I have no dread Of that marked day that lies ahead. My llesh will turn to ash and clay, But I'll be here - some how, some way," This last stanza ol a poem, which Mr. Carl Summers knew and loved so well, seems to express the essence of the man and to epitoniize his entire being. Throughout the long period of his suffering and illness, he was never totally despondent or without hope, but he looked forward with high courage and steadiast iaith, This attitude was in close harmony with his whole life, lor he constantly laced lile cheerfully and courageously, To those with whom he was associated - students, teachers, friends, laniily - he imparted a portion of his own strength, character, and purpose lor living. We shall not forget those qualities which made him admired and loved by us all - the cheery greeting of "Buenos dias," his friendly and encouraging smile, his willingness to help, the sharing of his love and appreciation for fine literature, and above all, the warmth ofhis understanding heart. Indeed, he is here - "some how, some way" - in our minds and our hearts, It is to per- petuate the many glowing memories we have of him that we humbly and sincerely dedicate the NeoHiMo of 1960 to Mr. Carl Summers, James T, Payne SX K Q7 X X df X - N 0 Q 3 MZ X h.?! Y W -gf f X X.,-,fx fi f 5 w X ,K mx A 2 V j VX ffl' -JXWQ Q ,V M RRS? K! M!! M 1 mf LBQIW' X. , Rf F Y 5 C ,MQ ,f W f LJ ,Q X N 157 X ffl K f J f ff! Y K if I f f x ,f f T X 'J E- ' 3 YE 'ff X sfgfiffziigigf x K., NNUAL STAFF f ff? S at Lk., , Co-editors and assistants with Miss Wilson, the sponsor, are Jim Adams, Billie Gofourth, Jack Vzindcrgriff, and Judy Grockett seated at the desk, Co-editors Jack Vandergriff and Judy Crockett check with Miss Wilson on the order of some of the NeoHiMo pages. A. was fNQ?:pg' - 5 ' .. Q DF .4..t.,,-. , j' if 'er J 'i r - - . . , , V """37--. .-'.'?""'--.M This year the annual staff headed by sponsor, Miss Wilson, and Co-editors Judy and Jack, have turned out a completely dif- ferent yearbook. The traditional Wildcat is now the NeoHiMo, with the theme centering upon Japan. Thanks to the Japanese Embassy of the U, N,, the lettering found in the book is authentic. The Neol-liMo was published by Inter- Collegiate Press and photographed by Mr, Murphy, who spent many trying hours behind the camera, Beth Davis, Jim Adams, Judy Crockett, Con- nie Daugherty and Charlou Prettyman were responsible for most of the typing, Owen Rude was not present when the picture was taken, NNUAL STAFF 4-nz.. W"'WQ'1"'P" SP NIORS TOP ROW Daughertx Hutsough Davls Pwettvman Mapes Oockett FRONT ROW IlV111 VanCle1s,11fI Mabxev SOPHOMORE5 Jlm V3l'ld6lgI'1ff Mau y Aschentx op 41 MWWW ,Tl NIORQ TOP ROW Ilm Latlme Ilm xdalT1S Nlxke PHOTOGRAPIILR N11 'xiurphv Kelle YROXT ROM S2111 Stools 1311116 f uiourth Jan Lewls , ' fm' eq, ' ,. , , ,A 7 ' V ,,AA. h . , , ,, A 7... if Jf2gg'g.f,g4AVl - A - - : J, L , . , . ' , A ' . 1 I A , Af l , ' 4 . Z, ygnr, n4,,y,"f ,L ,,,,,. , H . , M, , V, ,,,,, j X Z t '5' - 'V , f ,g ,, , . ,K , Y - Q x. 17 I A - .. 4 + ' - - N 4' I K , , , K ' ' U . ' ' P ' A A ' , F . , - .. , O 4 . - . A n . A . A 4 . v r ,. ' f' ' . 5. - U : .- . -1 . I3 PER STAFF o ,. BACK ROW: Lentz, Connor, Mr, Payne, FRONT ROW: llintz, Betha, Bales, Eathorne, Bush, Thomas, Co-Editors, Carol Bush and Pat Connor, Sponser, James T. Payne, We, the student body of N,H,5. are deeply indebted to this year's fine paper staff for their splendid efforts towards achieving such a well balanced and interesting paper. Although the staff has cut their paper to only one a month, the effect has been very good since the quality of the paper has improved tremendously, Work- ing well in all departments--feature, news, sports, --the members of the paper staff and Mr, Payne de- serve special credit for their successful efforts. We all wish to express our thanks to you for a job well done. fv- I3 PER STAFF ,Z KJ Primers forthe "Wildcat's Meow," Mr. Cllilllyfl Assisfallf P1'i1lf91', D011 AShW01'Ih and Mr. Tink. I wr Q YI Q., Typists for the paper, FIRST ROME Wagner, lllggexlbothaxnl SECONDEiilwgl5l1rr,fjl1al1cellur, T.lcNeclj.', Smith, lhogmarrixx, Slladwicla, Lane, Combs, THIRD RUN-.3 Cramiell, 'l'll-mms, Sp:-eulalc, Welsh, Squire, Burner, Kessel, Ramsey, lidens. -.,,-M NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAQ UE '4- -rw wx Y 1 A 1 5 'QI' rf an-eu? FIRST ROW: Dim Kirk, Jim Siiiiili, David Dowu, Milli' Dnilgziii. SECOND ROXV:51icFind1, Marina Robiiisoii, Judy lN4ClYillll2l1'lllIl, Mildred Slaiidl-i'l1'1'. THIRD ROW: Viv Myers, Gz11'yJol1l15ol1, Mark Jager, Pat Comior, Mr. Dillard, David XN'1'lgLlll,Jllf.' Gui'ld11ii', Daxid Slllllll. '2' A OFFICERS--President Smith, Vice-Presi- dcnt,Dor1 Kirkg Secretary-Treasurer, Mc - Namara, THE NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE Tlip National Forensic League is oiic of thu schools most outstaucliiig and wall kiioxvii orgaiiizatioiis. The NFL is madu up mostly of speech and dramatic students who haw donc Ilia quality xv.Ji'2s dial merits iiiciiibcrship. Till- NFL is n.lUX'0lLml mainly to liclpiiig, ll1L'Sll1l.lCllIS lilill liavi' ouigmiidiiig talents iii tlil- field of spuech and draliiarius. Iii ilu' futiiim as ii: the past the NL'OSllUCllflDlL'1'Ol-llll National Eorciisii' Liuiguc will always by iiiadu up ofthe fiiicsi and most oiiistaiidiiiil iii our sclmol. DEBATE ,cy 4'- . 1 N TOP ROW, Lelt to Right: David Swanson, Jim Smith, David Smith, Alan Kirk, Jay Gueldner, Karl Stauffcr, Bill Hux, Robert Brady. SECOND ROW: Judy McNamara, Sue Finch, Shirley Kelly, Carolyn Fulkerson. THIRD ROW: Brian McNamire, David Groshong, Joe Del Sours, Mike Dougan. Performing under a new sponsor, Mrs. Dillard, this year's debate teams are learning the fine points in debating a topic important to all, This year's debate topic is refolvt-d "That thc federal gouernment should increase its regulation on labor unions." Traveling to many placesg such as Muskogee, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Missourig and Seminole, Oklahomag this gxt-ur'5 team has uuincu valuable experience and skills that will profit them, besides giving our school a good name, I3 INT D UBERS . , ww- ' 'KF' m ,f , ,, Ik .9 ,f 'A 4 1 , Y ,f 1, ov 'IDP ROW, Luft to Right Irvin, Swanson, Erwin, BL-eric, jiiclx VilllL.ICI'QJ,1'Iff,DOlIZl1LISOII,PL'El1'I, Crain, Johnson, Ascliunwop, Ellis, Mzibrcy, Si.-ha, Brunliam. SECOND ROW:Tichc1ior,Crockett, I'rcityinaii,Mapcs, Stools, Gofourlh, Curtis Davis, Cook, liutlcr. FIRST ROW: R. Stuckcy, Van- dCI'f.1,1'IfI,, Adams, Lcnlz, Ilicruc, Shuiuakcr, Kelley. C3 XJ OFFICERS President, M1ke Mabrey Vice President ,Tack Vander grifi Secretary Billie Gofourth Sponsor Miss Wilson IIAINI DAUI3 ERS The IJiiiiitDaiibu1's is priiuarily n serviec olub this your. Ii is ooiiiposud of students who have iugidc thi' honoi-roll at Icast onu quarter in uri. They have itoiiipiuiud su-vcrzii pron-mis. Ihu Iirsl .nn was painting Lhc scis oi' thc Chrisinizis scuncs around ihv squgirc. Ihr- rover for ilu- quuricr piiblirgitioii of Lin- Nun- ion Couniy Iiisloriugii Souiuly was drzixwn and nrniic ogirds wvru priniud for thc Businvss and Professional Woiiicifs Club. Moncy from any coninicroial projcei is given Lo the Carson Barlow fund. M U LIDH THETA 97 FIRST ROW: Thurman, Davis, Hintz, Curtis, Chancellor, Gleghorn, Squire. SECOND ROW: Stussey, Kirk, Mabrey, Whitehead, Holkcnbrink, Mrs. Underwood, Williams, Ntasc,Owens, Rude, Smith. BACK ROW: Wolfe, Johnson, Bogie, Erwin, Ruddick, Jaeger, Hatfield, Vander- griff, Diem. MU ALPHA THETA Mu Alpha Theta is an honorary inath fraternity organ- incd lust yvai' under tht' dircr-tion of Mrs. iioh Undorxw nod, SD mnsor. The ilxib is xi nriti anal ninth ilnh -o.isistii1g.Ji'iiiu1i suhool and t,'t mllt-or sindt-nts tai-,inu oolleut- jDl'L'DLli'LlIiJ1'y ninth. Mvinbors ninsi :iam .i high si-iiiwiitsiiti rt-eord Lis will as A iiigitlii-Liiiiiitril Ability. Meetings :tru htld txxiiu nrinthi, and msisi if iqiiiims ind piirjog X pertaining to ni.ithi-liiatits. OFFICERS--President, Wiley Kirk, Vice President, Jim Smitrig Seeretary-Treasurer, Carlyn Thurmang Teacher, Mrs. Underwood. NURSES CLUB is-.I Q U A 0' . THIRD ROW: Mitchell, Whipple, Dykes, Groshong, Miller Mrs Baker Ratcllffc Bond Sweeney Brock, Myers. SECOND ROW: McCaffrey, Carter Tanner Bushen Coy Wilkerson Wright Guy. FIRST ROW: Sartin, Myers, Williams. The Future Nurses Club is a group of 25 girls who plan to enter the field ot' nursing. Their sponsor is Mrs. Russell Baker, who is the school nurse. This Club provides oppor- tunities for the girls. One of the most worth-xthilc activities of the club is their work in the hospital two days a week, They run errands for the patients and assist the nursing staff in many ways. The club meets every second and fourth Tuesday to discuss the opportunities ot nursing, x LIBR RY CLUB TOP ROW, l,eI't to Right: Crockett, Ramsey, Berner, Cook, Finch, l-lintz, Cushman, Mrs. Payne, Wilkerson, McCreary, Coy, Thomas, Edens, Lane, Williams. BOTTON ROW: Sweeny, Franklin, Carnes, Higginbotham, Crandall, O'Rourke, Black, Shadwick, Pearrnan, Williams, Moser. This club is composed ol girls who work in the Library helping Mrs. Payne, our librarian, These girls work at the desk to help check books in and out and also decorate the bulletin boards in the halls as well as inthe classrooms. They also process eyery new book that comes into our Library and help Mrs, Payne through the sunnner inonths, These girls are quite eflicient and we really appreciate their line work, LIBR RY CLUB OFFICERS--President, Donna Shadwick Vice-President, Lois Raniseyg Secretary Sharon Bernerg Sponsor, Mrs. Payne. Ks' C4 CLUB :lan Sl 1 - I -,Q O BACK ROW: Hindgardner, McDaniels, Scott, Monroe, Smith, Cox, Butler, Courdin, Gilbert, Roy, Sprenkle, Huffman, Whitman, Day, I-lerron,. SECOND ROW: Estes Gilstrap,Hidspeth, El- hard, Craft, Childress, Conway, Erhlick, Blair, Daneils, Rogers. FIRST ROW: Cope, Ezell, Scott, Bogle, Roach, Hively, Raney, OFFICERS--P resident, Larry Herron, Vice- President, Stanley Roy, Secretary, Jr. Gil- strapg Mr. Courding Treasurer, ,Tim Hudspeth. AGRICULTURE CLUB The Agriculture Club is under the sponsorship of Mr, Courdin, Members of the club are interested in learning and understanding modern farm methods. During the year they make several trips to fairs and learn judging methods. The high-light oi' the year is the trip to the American Royal in Kansas City. FUTURE HOMEM KERS OF MERICA YWW f'1br U ,Q FIRST ROW: Myers, Austin, Combs, Clapp, Grosliong, Wolie, Taylor, Rickman, Tnter, Nims, Moor. SECOND ROW: Vanlborn, Nims, Gorham, Wilson, Busby, Jensen, Tanner,Tichenor, Green, Fisher, Pearman, McNeely, ilaase, Austin, Daugherty, Cates. THIRD ROW: Miss Priest, Lyons, Parsons, Williams, Lewis, Iidens, Carter, Mclfaddyn, Triplett, Triplett, Aschentrop, Patterson, Epperson, Higgginbotham, Myers, Standerfer, Brashers, Curry, Simpson, Gouf.1,e, Standerler, FOURTH ROW: Sartin, Crain, Lynn, Staib, Boese, Connell, Davis, Tliogmztrtin, Squire, Walker, Stone, Cox, Cook, Thurman, Kessel, Harper, Moser, White, Warden, llomuth, The Fntnrt' lionitfniakcrs of .-Xiiiurivzt is eomposctl .if girls who nzixt imd at ltxist tint, year of llonn- iitgoirwiiiies and main to furtln r Ilitrir mrmwlt-tint -if Illt basin nu-ds of nnnicinaking sxitii its !lOl'il1lEl. sum- inu, and li sine tlt-t,tn.it1..iL.ll.ci1i rug is sponstvrtti bQ.'Missi1rit-st. OFFICERS--Reporter. Craing l'rt'sident, Tliurmang Sponsor, Miss Priest Historian, Wolfe, Viet'-President, Rickman, Treasurer, Daug.gliertyg Parlia mentarlan Groshongg Secretary, Higgenbothang Song, Leader, Epperson. FUTURE EACHERS OF AMERICA K 3 vu BACK ROW: Wardon, Berner, Conell, Davis, Boese, Falhs, Harpool, Mr. Johnson, lobe, Bean, Bland, Cook, Squire, Standefer, Stafford, Woody, Herron. MIDDLE ROW: Lcwis,McGinty,Go- fourth, Lasiter, Gleghorn, Peters, Lutz, ljownian, B1'OCii1HE1l1, Haddock, Matters, Green, Mo- Neely. FRONT ROW: Thurman, Woflc, Orching, Finch, Moore, Vaughn, Rickn1an,Joncs, Curtis. OFFICERS Historian Lonnie Harpool Sponsoi M1 Johnson, Plcsidont Connie Mooreg SecretaryfTreasurcr, Beth Davisg Vice-President, Carolyn Thurman. Thu Fntnrs: 'IL-g1oi1c1's of .'XlllL'l'iL'1l is one of Nt-osho High School's most iinportnnt uinhs. Mcnibvrsliip in this oluh consists of smolcnts who :tru ixltuinsit-d in cntering thc tunohing pi-nftssinn. Thu oluh pa1'Litr1p41tt's in a x'u1'iQLy of at-iivitit-5 snuh :ms ict-tnros and disunssions, visits to xztrions ooilcgu ornnpnscs and partioipntion in Ihr 1ltl1lLlZ1iiCElCilL'1',S day. The sponsor, Mr, Johnson, has itta tht- Q,1'iJLlDNxL'i.iill :mtl L1-Jvisiliu and ronnsclingz, als wuli :ls in ihcir niany antivi- titss. Munihursliip is open to aixyom- iillL'iAL'5lL'd in 2lfL'ClCiliI1gI, o41ru.r. GYM COUNCIL .J Y. ! FIRST ROW: Chancellor, Kessel, liatliorne, Sherrel, Petters, Cook, Pearnian. SECOND ROW: Griliitli, Lentz, Sliatlwick, Wilson, Squire, Prettynian, Mapes, Lentz, Ijownian, Brocknian, Patton, Goodwin, Black, THIRD ROW: ifislier, Daxis, Carnes, Lewis, Clements, Hopkins, Maloney, Davis, Tanner, McCreary, Moore, Burr, Hooter. FOURTH ROW: .-Xsclientrop, IxicNeely, lI1iol.iiitl,R41y, Woli'inbaru,er, llarxey, Wright, Sliatlwick, Willianis, Groshong, Wolfe, Curtis, Tlinfnian, Scott, Graves. I-'IITTH ROWg Ciit, O'Ronrke, XN'l'lQI,lll, Standeier, Berner, Farber, Daniels, Jensen Sniitli, Tlfoggniartin, Wolfe, Daugherty, Lyons, McNamara, Mettrick, Dykes, Gilbert. The Girl's Gyni Clonntil in an or- ganization consisting oi girls who are interested in sports. The girls lllillxlllgj, np the conncil are Iroin all fonr grades, The sponsor or the or- ganization is Jna 1itaSl1errell, Cn-l's V , l'l11:sical lltlncation instructor, .Lest girls .iieet e'.ei'Q."l'Iit1.'stlay ,,.1 ' "1 ' i .i. ...e ing.. Sciiool lor an ezegtintt of sports aotrities. OFFICERS--President, Cook, Vice-President, Pearniang Secretary Kessel, Treasurer, Chancellor, Constitution, lN'OlflllbZll'Ll9.', Brocknian Cook, Tanner, KAD-ETTES QA ISACK ROW, Left to Right: Slindwiok, Cook, Joni-s, Clcuu-nts, 'l'llO5j,lllill'llll, Eathornc, Goodwin, ligtrncti. Scott. SECOND ROW: Thurnian, l:l'1llll'ill.i, Rcibolt, lwtt-i's, Grguit,ifnltci'sO1l,Patton, Davis. THIRD ROW: Edwards, Sprenkle, Cook, Moser,lfludsputli,Wgirdcn. FOURTH ROW: Swceiicy, Hopkins, Miller, Whitener. FIFTH ROW: Gilburt, Haddock. SIXTH ROW: G11-eiilbgttiit-i'. Assistant Drill Leader, Linda Sweeney, Miss Juanita Sherrell, and Carolyn Thurman, Drill Leader. The Knd-tttus gtrt' at uirl's drill tcnui that has performed very sueocssfully this yt-ar. The nt-xvsponsoris lxliss Juanita Sherrcll, Girls Vliysltrul Education instructor. The thirty Football and ligtskttlbxtll atidiciiutts kith not-lleut entertain- int-nt. girls were ehoscn ln' Miss 5l1ui'i'cIl. Thcx' have supplied thc 3 , PED CLUB 41' : . 4 . 4 .,o - , '- J ' V - . l . I , 1 1 , E - . ff Aschentrop, Ashworth, Bien, Black, Boese, Bowman, Bush, Carnes, Chancellor, Conull, Connor, Connor, Book, Coy, Daniels, Danils, Denison, Epperson, Gift, Goiourth, Goodwin, Graves, Gro- shonu, Gunlock, Herron, Hobrock, Holmes, Keller, Kessel, Lewis, Lutz, Maloney, Matters, Metrick, Miller, McClintock, McConnell, McNamire, McNeely, McNeely, O'Rourke, Patterson, Pearman, Peterson, Powers, Ratekin, Rickman, Shadwick, Shadwick, Shaw, Shillings, Simpson, Smith, Standefer, Stauffer, Sweeney, Thorne, Thurman, Triplett, Triplett, VeerGamp, Whitener, Williams, Williams, Williams, Wilson, Wolie, Wolfe, Wright, Young. The Neosho High School Pep Club has been very active this year. They have cheered enthusiastically and with good sportsmanship. Miss Juanita Sherrell is the sponsor this ' year, OFFICERS--Judy Hartsough, Lois Ramsey, Miss Sherrell, Patsy Smith, Mary Thogmartin. TEEN TOWN COUNCIL , ,il .5 X 'IOP ROW, Lett to Right: Jim Vandergrifl, Al Shaw, Gary Johnson, Dennis Givens, Jack Vander- grill, Calvin Lentx, Roger Nease, Mike Maybrey. BUTTON ROW: Brenda Graves, Mitsi Wolie, Cathy lloberoclt, Sharon liroclnnan, Donna Shadwiclt, Indy llCtFlSOllj1,ll, Nancy Chancellor, Shirley Curtis, Sally lSI'OClllIltll1, Sandg Ray. S-'J OFFICERS--President, Dennis Givensg Vice President, Calvin Lentzg Secretary, Judy Hartsough. The Teen Town Council provides enjoyable entertain- nient for everyone, They sponsor dances after each ofthe home games, and plan special parties for the holidays, lfxeryone who attends the CRC enjoys the work and efforts ol these people. lui' .M . U Q 4 if , M .. K ? B , 4 . , .7 . 4 1 M' V 1 1 , w. if 1 by . .J 9 r -C' fl " Lf-'fft' . "" f- Q .fifm 12 ' I, Z7 Q 1 , zz .sg RQ m-Egg, if fk-Nj ,.,N - x iM.fiiixWkx w , A -ng' wf' I PROGRESSIVE SCIENTISTS TOP ROW: Burrell, Couture, Kirk, llnx, Wolfgang, BIancl,I5ass,Ricc,Baese1y,Kitrel1,All- ney, liouser. SECOND ROW: Ratekin, Anderson, Metrick, Ijuzzzby, Taylor, Jones, Krane, White, Jensen, Beetle, Haddock. THIRD ROW: lVlClTLll'lll1Q,, Wolfunbzirger, Butler, Teagardcn, Offenbarker. OFFICERS--President, Bass, Vice-Presb dent, Hansen, Secretary-Treasurer, Kirk, Reporter, Teagardeng Program Committee, HLIX. Haddock. TIIE PROGRESSIVE SCIENTIST OF AMERICA The science club, Progressive Scientist of America, is under the sponsorship of Mr. Bland, Sophomore Biology teacher. The aim of the club is to create an interest in science as well as having Activities that include field trips and the Science Fair. The Club is open to all Freshman and Sophomore Students. W x wg gg Q 'ufbiey Q-if 1 ' N 3 aw Q 1' ' ,wx B, f ' 3, -3?-425' i " ' ., i -"A, Q , ' .. 4. 'V 'ii ' ss 5 J' . , jug 5 . if A ff ,ff ' f, A ,V fr 254' i F- w Pawn A 9 ,Lf - , ff , if .sifaai , fa' x ' 9, -' , Q Q ' , Q-mm K 5 5 7' ' h"v'wr1'f-v , R ,M 1 I Vr.wMU,F '3 , " g rw 71- ,- nf me N , 5 rfgiwk ., ,Q , L 'U' "Guan: V, 'IWW FENCING CLUB 'tv l P V 6' E r.. 6,86 W Q Q K - fi . " ffl A 4 I ' v f ' 'Q 'isa OFFICERS--Harry Hansen, Mr, Weems, Shirley Kelley, Alan Kirk. Hansen, Rhonda Ghann, Carolyn lfulkerson, TOP ROW, Luft to Right: Robertl3rady,DavidMcFar1ing, Mike Ceasaretti, Alan Kirk, Mr. Weems, David Wright, ,Tay Gueldner, Tom Johnson, BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Kelly, Kay McCreary, Harry The Fencing Club is one of Neosho High Schools most interesting orsg,anizations, Organized only last year, it has proven to be Z1 popular club, Under the instructor, Mr. Weems, the members learn the proper use of the foilas well as fencing rules, After learning the art of fencing, members participate in tournaments which are held during the latter part ol' the year, The club is open to all frcslnnztn and sopho- more boys and girls. Q1 '-1' . --- S. C. C. X i ,I "" 'a .l 4 1 i WA, BACK ROW: Lee, Melton, Wolfe, Mr. Blankenship, Latimer, Faules, Adams. MIDDLE ROW: Marble, Vaughn, Henley, Finch, Davis, McConnell, FRONT ROW: Caywood, Brady, Schilling, - - JA. M if gg ' ' 'K ,,r,,.,.. N. H. S. C. C. For the second consecutive year Neosho High School has sponsored the Neosho High School Chess'C1ub, an or- ganization of chessplayers seeking to further their mastery of chess and spread the popularity of the game. Meeting every other week the members of the club play challenge matches, each person trying to attain a higher position on the chess ladder, Although new in organization the club feels that it is successful due to the participation and enthusiasm of the members, OF FICERS--Mr, Blankenship, Sponsorp Jim Adams, President, Diane Vaughn, Secretary, Eddie McConnell, Vice-President. GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS S' I . f ,, VN, A 27 -gig' + ,W , nil? 1 1 I I ' I ,. 1: 41 1 Q f L we iffy 4 3,3 ,, Q, . ,, 5 YT 7' FIRST ROW: Carolyn Burr, Connie Moore, Caro1Wolfe, Dwight Douglas, Frona Hoover,Ann Curry, Kathleen Cornell. SECOND ROW: Jackie Davis, Dorothy Letterman, Diann Vaughn, Mildred Standefer, Mr. Price, Nancy Wright, Sharon Maloney, Norma Thomas, Peggy Edens. GUIDANCE WORK ERS For the first time this year Student guidance assistants were assigned to work in the guidance office. Fifteen girls and one boy have been busily engaged throughout the day assisting in filing occupational information, cataloging college materials, displaying social, career. and military information, and keeping tab on scholarship and other information about ways and means of financing higher education. General typing and clerical duties were performed by these busy people. The guidance office is in a well-organized state and have been a valuable asset to the total guidance program for our school. ! ,M :fd V, ,aafg nn 1 1 OFFICE GIRLS x x . -aar- 421.4 BACK ROW: Daugherty, Shaw, Prettyman, Lentz, Mettrick, Hoberock, Oxford. FRONT ROW: Thomas, Aschentrop, Lutz, Kessel, Squire, Boyer, Burr, Smith, and Miss Anderson. These are the girls who are responsible for helping Miss Anderson keep attendance, answer tele- phones, and run errands for Mr. Brown, These girls can be found in any part of the school from the boiler room to the green room any hour of the day. ' BY THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH' , -xyw if ,T j , l 1 fifty 3 l asf 5 LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Thorne, Judy Jones, Ron Ferguson, Jack Hubbard, Skip Wolfe, Marno Robinson, Vic Myers, Sharon Lasiter, Sally Brockmang Dinosaur, Bobbie Millerg Mammouth, Connie Eckhardt. Mr. Anthrobus Mrs. Anthrobus Sabrina . . . Gladys , , , Henry ,,,, Fortune Teller "By The Skin of Our Teeth" was Neosho High Schoo1's first play of the 59-60 school year. The play, written by Thornton Wilder, and skillfully directed by Robert Dillard, speech and debate coach, was one ofthe best that has been presented in the history of Neosho's speech department. Congratulations to the cast for the fine perform- ance. ESSENTI L PEOPLE These are the people who are so wonderful to the students and tea- chers supplying enjoyment and com- fort. They keep our beautiful building clean and fix the very necessary meals, We all owe themabig "Thank you" for the excellent job that they do. 1 A, -4.4 lgy 1, I X Snack Bar--Dee Ann Holmes, Agnas Kincaid. Janitors--Jasper Abernathy, Lewis Manz, '--.Q- ...,.. l - Q K x ., .,f" Lula Clapp, Mandy Clark, Hazel Greenhall, Ruthlohnson, Elise Mur- ray, Helen Malom. . I-1' .. -w",,l"c V. IX? Q an . fs 4 as -em ...r., .. 4N"'H f 4 1 P+, fxk- ls..Z ELECTION W The Juniors go "Beat-Nik" for the skit at the all-school assembly held to introduce election candidates. The Senior boys form a Chorus line as the finale to the Senior class skit on election day. 11" in-I Lonnie Harpool and Connie Moore, the Senior Candidates, at the as- sembly to present their platform, They proved victorious after the ballots were cast. IMPORT NT PEOPLE if ag V11 3 . ' .54Uf5l'2r. V V- M I K ww, NJIT.. Sportsmanship Award Curtis Erhart D.1'X.R. Award Miss Merry Christmas Connie Moore Sally Brockman Miss Clara Flys Priest, Home Economics Instructor, Jerry Tugglc whois at tolepnone student will graduate . k k , . 1 H. and Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, Beth wlt i Lie senior C ass In is year. Davis. Fred Uuniorj Bond Steven Young IN MEMGRIAM Richard Bland Xs,,M1 4: 1 'W' X N xg C9 N'-9'Kl N f 'QS A FXS' 'XV f'x X xx x xx, X K Q Nr 'i-1--...r MR. JOHN WAYNE ,wb X.. Aw, N E O QUEEN CANDIDATES -:un Second ChOlC6 Thud Choice Mlss Brenda Graves MISS LOB Ramsey Freshman Candldate Semor Candidate - M155 Judy Hamough MISS Dlane Vaughn Semor Candldate Jumof Candldate QUEEN CANDIDATES Mr Wayne was chosen to select the 1960 NeoH1Mo because of hrs role IU the mov1e The F1 n n IS it Barba a a dtheGe ha It was not DOSS1b16 to get aprcture of Mr Wayne rn costume from Ih1S DICIUFC as he was on 1ocat1on IH Texas grow beautlful ln MISSOUFI and I had a very dlffl cult trme maklng my selectxons but someone must be chosen Please offer my congratulauons to the g1r1s and w1sh them much good luck 1n the future Mtss Sharon Las1ter ,Tumor Candldate 'lk MISS Judy woodmansee Mlss Sy1v1a Payne Sophomore Candtdate Freshman Candldate ' ' ' ' If ' ' ,D His comment on his selection was: "Girls ' l . . . ,, J 4 ' ' ,hm ,L ff 5 ,, ' A MOST HANDSOME BOY and PRETTIEST GIRL Mark Jaeger Donna Bales DERSONALITY POLL Each year a personality poll is conducted at Neosho High School. The student body votes by secret bal- lot on the students, looking for special traits in per- sonality. At the same time, the Ideal Boy and Girl are selected. PERSONALITY PLUS Pat Connor Lois Shaw MOST COURTEOUS Tom Pearl Lois Ramsey PERS-ONALITY DOLL MOST DEPENDABLE jim Adams Marno Robinson 35'-' 'P I K, rxs.. M MOST ATHLETIC BOY an PRETTIEST GIRL 5-f Jerry Swanson Shirley Curtis -0-4 A? MOST SCHOLARLY Jim Smith Connie Moore 1 K N n 32, M42 O' Mass Lols RAMSEV -1:1 W f X K I 5. WL'-IH. ' ,Xu ., Ml. ERN ,mt ff Mass Juov HARTSQUQH ff fx I ' 1+-N J its QQ C .Xb N A he W C 'fix' V II V X X N ', 7, I l Q 5 ff .LJ il j M!! If wif' -Ng Q i J f ' M up WL, X X 3: W N Eff.. " .v-4 SENIOR CHORUS '?'sf'i An .,. 'D i nf at my A x A Adams, Altizer, Anderson, Bales, Bandy, Bass, Baughrnan, Berner, Bethea, Bien, Bland, Boese Bowman, Branham, Brown, A., Brown, G., Burrow, Bush, Caughran, Connor, Cook, B., Cook, C. Cornett, Curry, Daniels, Davis, Dunham, Eathorne, Edwards, Ehrhart, England, Epperson Erickson, Franklin, Goodwin, Goswick, Gleghorn, Haddock, Hansen, Harpool, Harshbarger Hartsough, Harvey, Hatsfield, Herron, Higdon, Hunter, Jaeger, Jem, Johnson, G,,Johnson, J, Kirk, Kitrell, Lane, Lasiter, Lentz, G,, Lentz, L., Lewis, Link, Lutz, McCreary, McGinty McGlassion, McFayden, McNamara, McNeely, McRoberts, Massey, Matters, Meyers, Miller Nease, Newdigger, Noble, Pearl G., Pearl T., Peters, Ramsey, Rathbun, Rickman, Risley Robinson, Shaw, A., Shaw, L., Spicer, Stafford, Standefer, Stone, Sweeney, Teagarden, Thogmartin Thomas, Thorne, Triplett, E., Triplett, J., Triplett, P., Warden, Watts, Weston, Whitener, Wilson Wolfe, Wolfenbarger, Wolfgang, Wright, N X Irvs.. fs , 'D ' 5 C' CHORUS COUNCIL--TOP ROW: Thorne, Erickson, Hatfield, Harpool, Mr. Ford, Pearl, Jaeger Adams, FRONT ROW: Epperson, Hartsough, McGinty, Ramsey, Cook, Gleghorn,Robinson, SNIALL VOCAL GROUPS Boys Quartet Adams Johnson Harshbarger Boys Quartet Lentz Noble Blen MnRoberts Hunger conipanm Jo Ann Bowman. Gir1s'SexLer - Epperson, Brown, Johnson, Risley, Bush, Spicer, AQ- SMALL VQCAL GROUPS Gtrls Trlple Trlo Epperson Las1ter Gleghorn Johnson Brown 1? Vocal Instructor and Accompan1st Margaret Carney Bush Berner Sprcer Edwards Accompamst Lonn1eHarpool JR CHORUS "?w"'1"' 1 Anderson Barnett Barnett Belt Blshop Bland Bogle Brashers Brashers Brock Brockman Busby Cantrell Carnes Carney Canfreld Clapp Clalk Clements Coble Coble Cope Cornell Crews Dall Danrels Danrel Dav De Almelda De Alme1da Elhard Farber Frsher Gann G1lbert Gosrmcl Grace Graves Gxeenfeather Green Harry Hadley Harwell Herron I-I1ne gardner Hwely Hopkms Hudspeth Jenson Jones Kelley Kennedy K1ek Kraft Lane Las1ter Leach Lee Lew1s Macy Maples Marble Meacham McCoffree McConnell Monroe Moser Patton Pearson Rathff Ray Re1bo1dt Ruddrck Rlce Scott Slusher Smlth Tanner Trxplett Tr1p1ett Turner Wagner Walker Whrpple Whlte Wllllams W1ll1ams Wtlhams Wllllams Wxllrams W1lson Wrlson Wolfe Wolfrnbarger NEOSHO HIGH SCHOCDL BAND ' ' t ,1 1 I Y 5 5 , , , I SENIORSg Connor, McFa11, Shadwick, Williams. JUNIORSg Bandy, L, Bandy,Barte1, Brockman Day, Finch, Gray, Hansford, Harshbarger, Hively, Jobe, Johnson,G, Johnson, J, Johnson, Lamson, Mallanis, Martin, Owsley, Peterson, Sharp, Vaughn,White,Wo1iinbarg,er.SOPHONIORES:Anderson Akehurst, Brady, Brewer, Brocknian, Crain, Draper, Hass, Hagan, Hearne, Hoover, Hux, Oliver Olney, Parsons, Pearinan, Roy, Sinis, Spicer, Swanson, Tanner, We11s,Wi1Iiams. FRESIIMEN- Beatty, Bland, Ceasaretta, Colvin, R, Colvin, Connor, Duncan, Day, Varrel, Ifortney, Gleason Hass, Hass, Harnlein, Hutchings, Higdon, Land, Maycock, Meacham, Swift, Whipple, X24 W BACK ROW: Spicer, I-'inch, Vaughn, Broclfxznan, Johnson, Shadwick SECUND ROW: Gray, Connor, Johnson, X'.'o1finbaru,er, Swanson BAND MAJORETTES Vaughn Whrte Brockman lhvely DRUM MAJOR Gary Iohnson The Neosho Hlgh bchool Band led by drum major Gary Johnson goes through one of 1ts many fOI'1T13I1OI1S for the spectators entertalnment at half tlme of one ofthe football games 1-Q -, , ...rv-.,-eww. , .. ..,,., , lr .f ' ,D , .9 ', ,,L, I, an-I, ...L .' , I.: ff ,pw in SMALL INSTRUMENT L GROUPS -s if I Lay 1, LEFT TO RIGHT: Roy, Johnson, Cesarett, Tanner, Martin, Bland, Olney,-Swfft. Jobe, Bandy, Gray. Accompanist, Draper. Gray, McFa11, Beatty, Duncan. Tanner, Johnson, and lobe. S 5 McFa11, Day, Wells, Wi11i3ITlS, W01f5nb3fgef, Bandy ORCHESTRA Allen, Barbie, Bartle, Beatty, Bland, Brady, Brockman, Carnes, Crain, Donaldson, Draper, Dykes, Farmer, Farrell, Gaston, Gaston, Gray, Green, Hagan, Harshbarger, Herron, Hoover, Hux, Jones, Martin, Martin, McMillan, McPherson, Oliver, Oliver, Parsons, Peterson, Proctor, Robbins, Rowe, Rowe, Scott, Strecker, Tanner, Threadgill, Vaughn, Wells, Williams, White. The Neosho High School Orchestra is composed of students with special musical talents. Activities of this group include concerts, playing for special occasions and participation in the Christmas Program, The orchestra is under the direction of Lloyd Darnell. White . ORCHESTRA COUNCIL -- Carnes, Oliver, Bartle, Brockman, Draper, X N 7 i x,... firf? Q 0 , xv yt. I Q It A 'Aff 9,4 SENIORS JUNIORS 105111 Glcuhorrr Marlro Roluiusorl Sharon Ix1cGimy Shirley Curtis D011 Ashworth Donna Bales Lois Shaw David Dowe .4 I - A, -B ,,,, ,T J, U . in I? r ffl fs., rx n,, -.4 - .. '. 4. , O V O 0. 2 . Q I R "' if ,fa i l , O ' ' - it 'Yi' n 553,12 Gan r-13 QQ lsr hy ill I lil--it Il BACK ROW: Mr. Dolence, Hunter, Shorter, Tyler, Powelson, Monroe, Brixey, Williams, Brashears, Link, Baird, Francis, Daniels. MIDDLE ROW: lobe, Ehrhart, Hulsey, McClure, Iludspeth, Jaeger, Daniels, Lentz, Dunham, Sliuey, Rice, Belt, Leutz, Coach Lane. FRONT ROW: Offenbacker, Mallams, Baisley, Wilson, Watts, Dunkle, Pierce, Spilmau, Latimer, Renfro, Irvin, Swanson, Erickson, Butler. Neoslio Neoslro Neosho Neosllo Neoslro 23 6 7 ,,, 4.0 121 VARSITY FOOTBALL Seneca Carthage Cassville Springfield llillcrest Lamar 20 14 O O 14 Neosho Neosho Neosho Neoslio Neosho 34 Aurora O Mt. Vernon 25 Nevada 14 Monett 25 webh City 495210 Coach Asst. Coach Calvin, Lane Glen, Dolence 5 Bill Baislev Center 197 lb. Sophomore ,Q Pj? ,K Bob Baird Bill Brashctirs Tnulrle lu-0 lla. - 6 fflld 101 lb. 1llll1iOf W SClllOf Junior Steve Belt Lester Daniels Quarterbatlx 1110 lb. Ildlflmk l711b Sophomore Senior Willard Brixey F ravine 197 111 I Luilicr Daniel: lorry If ginvif Ilalfiwaifk 127 lb, Guard 1-1-F ill. 5 Soplioinorc Junior N -5- i,....,.,..-fn" .-4 I X1 U 1' A Curtis Elirliart 4' i-'uiimii 3:7 uw. Senior Az." r Ray Dunkle 'I Jim Hudspetli Guard 156113. 'jf?K Halibacia 140 up Junior A Junior . ',-T 1? , V - Ig F ,-47-Q Lynn Erickson , , 4 f' '05 ern no ib. X J ,V Senior ' -- 3. Center 1:1 . Junior junio: Ronnie Hunter Calvin Lentz Guard 135 lb Guard 14 lb Senior Juno X4 l 'CCY Jim Latimer Guard 101 lb. Junior ,ww . Chuch Irvin 'M Gary Lentz Quarterback 181 lb. , .,...,.fff 3 Qlldffefbadi 135 lb Senior junior rm vga. V- I 6 Q Y .- Ronnie Link - I, , VK" Tackle 15:5 uw. I ,iii Junior N, fm, .If Mark Jaeger Gary Mallams End 169 lb, Quarterback 137 lb. Senior Junior W-vt' Mike McClure Larry Renfro Halfbark 1-0 1b. Emi 1411111 Junior Junior Dennis Monroe Doug Rice Halfback 145 lb. Fullbauk 136 lb. Junior Sophomore Bud Powelson X ' End 14D1b. X f Senior 1 Dczrziib Piurr Q Nolan Shorlcr , - i rrirfba.,-L, 14o lb. Em 14. lb. L Jmio: Junior K Al ,J Z0--40? Q 13 w , gg I J 2 4 ,U P' ld A I 'L' 4 1' 9 Y 3 00. Si 1 W, , , L.. an Nj J 1' 'Wy' A' I l3.9,95x3 A 1 4 X C . n I 9 x?3'!f.. , I 2' "' fj , , 3 .V , if , I 1 J 'J 'Q .Q 1 ' X ,. ',,.. 'I K ,Sf- I 4' Q , ? nf'- 'r:::' Allen Shney Buddy Warts Jllll1Ol' .ILIIHOT T3c14le1w5lb. Guard 100 lb, ,A Tommy Spilman Larry Williams " "" - Center 100 lb. Tackle 155113, 'B Junior Sophomore 'Uh 1 1 Kenneth Tyler Tackle 153 lb. Jnnlor Jerry Swanbon Ronnle xV11:Oll Halfbaek 157 lb. Center 135 lb. Senlor Sophomore 'On IG ff- IF-2.1.2492 91? 51612 R ?4f"7'9U C ,ry g.,,', vs., Q23 ii 5 1:53 144 " A , . 'idx' 5'- ,uvv ' .' " . Sc If , ' BACK ROW, Thorne, Sprenkle, Veerkarnp, Hagen, Newdigger, McGlassion, Shaw, Testerman. SECOND ROWg Randolph, Rogers, Hearne, Powelson, Young, Pruitt, Winchester,Headl1:. THIRD ROW: Bandy, Hopkins, McGrane, Radar, Brewer, Fisher, Hailey, Lewis. "B" ND FRESHM N TEAMS SIA. 4521 i4lA A G W is - -i39?"29re29n 5U BACK ROWg Weston, Cook, Beatty, Barbie, Weston, McNamara, Irvin, Jobe. SECOND ROME Gro shong, fjonnway, McNamara, Pearson, Link, Farrell, Dag., Coates. I-'INST ROM: Akelgnrsr, Wilson, Braiiliaiii, ljraslieaxs, Swnr, Fenton, Sours, Stucky, Baird. , ,Vi 5 a 2' 9 FOOTB LL HOMECOMINC4 Co-captains Jerry Swanson and Curtis Er- hnrt cron n the queen as her court looks Oli. X Queen Lois Rainsey hcini escorted hy Lynn Ericlisor. through thc line of players to the float. 15, fu V' vi ! ix P: 'Xfr X w.: -1- 4 , 4 1' A sm iqx, XL il ki CP The queen, Lois Ramsey, and her attendents, Brenda Graves, Joyce Johnson, and Linda Scott reign over homecoming activities. BASKETBAL L CORONATION 5-v Cheerleader Don Ashworth and Gym Council President Bar- bara Cook watch Captain Jim Powers crown Queen Diane Vaughn. -- 'S-eg Sharon Brockman as fanbearer gets ready to start with Queen Candidate Joan Gleg- horn, carried by Jerry Swanson and Chuck Irvin, sip I TV Freshman Candidate Brenda Graves, Queen Diane Vaughn, Senior Candidate Joan Gleghorn, and Sophomore Candidate Sharon Spicer. BIG NINE CHAMPS BACK ROW: Coach Price, Link, Coberly, Johnson, Harper, Coach Dolence. MIDDLE ROW Hagan, Pierce, Erwin, Shorter. FRONT ROW: Faules, Thorne, Adams, Latmier, Powers Erickson. We have good reason for being proud of our basket- ball team this year, for it's the first time in twen- ty-four years that our Wildcats have won the Big Nine Championship. Coach Price's WILDCATS started the season by participating in two tourna- ments, one at Carthage and one at Mt. Vernon. It seemed as though this was going to be a poor basketball year, until they captured the runner-up trophy in Neosho's own Christmas tournament. From then on, the inexperienced WILDCATS con- tinued to develop, until they became one of the top teams in Southwest Missouri. By the end of the year, they had added a number of trophies to that first sportsmanship award at Carthage. Neosho 61 49 '70 55 '77 51 74 48 Carthage Cassville Lamar Aurora Mt. Vernon Nevada Lamar Webb City " " TEAM AND FROSH TOP ROW Haas Pearl Hagan Plerce Thorne Coach Dolence FIRST ROW Fahls Lentz Vanderguff Threadgxll S1ms RICE 'ul 2 TOP ROW Coach Coates Iohe Barbxe Jones Xxeston Slusher IIVID FIRST ROM Clapp Pearson Day Haas Baud bmft Coach Bill Price Coach Glenn Dolence 4941'- s ,- Jim Adams, Guard Gary Coberly, Forward Lynn Erickson, Guard , Q. N' Q X "Vx Nts k tw T 2 X A -1 4 C q 'd .j, , Q C ' I V Qi ,, -air. ,I 1 Larry Erwin, Forward James Hagan, Center Allan Harper, Forward i Q. r r , 4 x 4.4 Harold Johnson, Center ...- fbi v Q Q in .' Z pr, 1 4 L 22624 f " Ronnie Link, Forward in .y 1' N l 1 Nolan Shorter, Forward 1 C' r Il 1 I 4 Q v 'R Dennis Pierce, Forward ,gr is x Tom Thorne , Guard LD if-'7 S . a 4 F Jim Latimer, Guard i 4? my Jim Powers, Guard Jerry Faules, Manager I M' .ff 0 1.4631 Q 'ak X 1131? ..,, -ygg l5:'Eg"9:" Q.-F .p5f:F'.f , , ..- . Jas!" '32 is ex-!5?v:iP.:i gj .-22. ::':::-- "'g,511m 5 'I V, o1F1.,vggL"f2'g.'f:Q4R il i I W., L4 IA A nu Q . 'D ,FHS wi' who N v fs fs I W fi Mi Oxy fi X l ,ff V I 7 x. D xiii'-Zxq' XX J 1 Z5 U X XX N XX wx eil F. G1 ' xl X 5, l 4.6 Q X ig Q. E X N Y f. .R XS Q l ix 57-N X Ac?-, 11514 fr f fx- s I QU TK C, I ,N .Ni Xin V '5 3 X X R gli? Af f g - i 1 7 4 . , , f N X f I!! I I' h H -1 L' gs f 11' - -vs as , ' I Q Q , "w f im. Q SUPERINTENDENT- MR. R. W. ANDERSON Mr. Anderson, our superintendent, is one of our most important and capable leaders. He always serves the school faithfully and with admirable work. As a leader he is out- standing, and carried our school to even greater achievements each year. We are proud to have him as our superintendent, MISS DORIS KENNEY Secretary to Mr. Anderson lg ffflf ,S in PRINCIPAL - MR. R. J. BRCWN Our principal, R. I. Brown has excellently done the job of carrying our school through another successful year. His guidance and leadership have again been outstanding, and he has shown his understanding of the school and student body by his effective administration. Our greatest gratitude to our principal. 39 w,.,,, -yn MISS MARY MARGARET ANDERSON Secretary to Mr. Brown 'Saws-of H 12 V Paul Clark Hale McGinty Tom McClintock P. P. Bliss SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS PRESIDENT . . . . . PAUL CLARK VICE-PRESIDENT . . . HALE MC GINTY SECRETARY. . . TOM MC CLINTOCK TREASURER. . . P. P. BLISS r W-gn , , ff 1 SCHOOL BOARD Neosho High School is fortunate to have these men on the School Board. Much time and work is need- ed to fill this position and these men do an excellent job. School regulations, rules, and bills are dependent upon them. Also they approve the annual school budget, regulate salaries, and form the foundation of our school. These businessmen give much of their time to make our school an excellent one. We must congratu- late these men for their outstanding work. V, w ,-A -Q 33,5 ,df William Hearne Q 1 gf' A ag if 5 Vtll Y I w, R, Collie ' Leo McKean ' A A Q A 4 rf, 4 F 1' v , '-I-' ARG ABRIGHT, MRS. JACK Spanish B. S. E. Kansas University BELL, MARION Chemistry, Math, Student Council, Science Club B.S. Springfield, MO. M.S. University of Arkansas University of Colorado BLANKENSHIP, ROBERT World History Chess Club B. A. David Lipscomb College Central Christian College BUSH, MRS. HOWARD English II B.A. Northwestern University Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. COKER, MRS. JOE Government Oklahoma State University B. S. Southwest College, Oklahoma University of Missouri University of Arkansas BAKER, MRS. RUSSELL R. N. School Nurse B. S. University of Kansas Medical Center BLAND, LOWELL Biology, Sophomore Science Club B. S. University of Colorado B. S. Hardin College Kansas State College of Pittsburg University of Arkansas BUEHLER, MRS. W, H, General Math, Algebra I B. S. E. Springfield State College CHANEY, J. R. General Business, Business Law, Salesmanship, - Business Arithmetic B. S. E. Kansas State College of Pittsburg COPE, MRS. English il and Ill B. A. University of Texas University of Tulsa Joplin Jr. College ,fs Y 'Wi 5 'v .-si 'paw 4.f-'V' 159 COURDIN, GENE Agriculture, Agriculture Club B. S. A. University of Missouri M. E. University of .Missouri Monett Junior College DILLARD, MRS. ROBERT Speech, Debate, English B. S.E. Southwest Missouri State M. A. University of Arkansas DOLENCE, GLEN Physical Education, Assistant Coach in Basketball, Football and Track B. S. E. Missouri Valley College Kansas State College of Pittsburg FAUHL, RICHARD 'ustrial Arts, afting B.S. L 't College, Wiscon.-in FORD, HENRY Chorus, Public Speaking B.S. Southwest Missouri State M. M. E. Louisiana State University DARNELL, LLOYD Instrumental Music B.S. Kansas State College of Pittsburg George Peabody Trinity College, London, England DILLARD, ROBERT Speech, Drama B. S. E. Southwest Missouri State M. A. U. C. L. A. FAUHL, MRS, RICHARD English B. A. University of lowa University of Missouri FINNELL, HALBERT Physics, Albegra ll Trignometry B. A. Union College, Nebraska M. A. E. Washington University at St. Louis HANCOCK, Miss ADA Commerce, National Honor Society B. S. E. Southwest Missouri State B. M. Cottey College Graduate Work, University of Denver University of Kentucky HOLLUMS, MRS. JOHN Psychology, World History B. S. University of Texas West Texas State Texas Technological College Colorado Women's College JOHNSON, RUSSELL History, Future Teachers of America B.S. Central Missouri State M. A. University of Arkansas LATIMER, ELLIS Coordinator, Adult Education Industrial Arts, Gulf Coach B. S. E. Kansas State College of Pittsburg Graduate Work, Colorado A. M. University of Missouri LOWERY, BUCK Auto Mechanics B. E. Colorado A, 84 M. PAYNE, JAMES English, lvllelrlil: Meow, National Iionor Sowiety B. S. Sprinuiield, tmissouri Unixersity ofColor.1Jo M. in Literature Liiiversityoi'Color.1do JEFFERS, MRS. BILL Enulish B. A. University of Tulsa Graduate Work University of Tulsa JOI JNSTON, MRS. KENNETH llonie Economics B. S. E. Southwest Missouri State, Cape Girardeau LENTZ, GERSTER Drivers Education M.S. Oklahoma State PAYNE, MRS. JAMES Librarian, Library Club B. A. University of Arkansas Graduate Worl-1 University of Denver PRICE, WlLl.l.3.M Guidant-e Diretfor, Psyt hoiogy, li.1:iQCl:U.iilC:OtllQil B. S. lj. Sogtrix-.est Mislonri State Creidiutte Xvori Ktuisas State College or Pittsburg ,Q .,'- 4' To i' 'w-I ci' Q 1 7'1- J...-ur PRIEST, MISS CLURA PAYE Home Economics Future Homemakers of America B.S.E. University of Missouri SHERRELL, MISS IUANITA Physical Education Gym Council Pep Club, Kat-etts B.S. Health and Physical Education Northeastern State Tahlequeh, Oklahoma A. 84 S. Miami Junior College UNDERWOOD, MRS. BOB Geometry, Senior Math Southwest Missouri State WILSON, MISS MAUDMARY Art, Yearbook Paint Daubers A.B. University of Missouri M.F.A. Kansas City Art Institute M.E. University of Kansas City Kansas University BYRD, MRS. MARIE Supervisor of Cafeterias ROBYLER, DONALD Industrial Arts B.S.E. University of Missouri TINK, RICHARD Commerce, Wildcats Meow Student Council B.S.E. Southwest Missouri State University of Denver University of Arkansas WEEMS, DAVID General Science Fencing Club B.S., U.C.L.A. M.E., U.C.L.A. GRAVES, MRS. Speech Correctionist fx f"-133 ,QKX X, Ax xwx Xl NX xnxx fl ffsaggl X My QW W 'fg , 2 IN vw M Y, I I 4 X ! f f V K! xx S fs I' I A I K X'-,miss . 1 -1-Q gniv W 5' iiaxfpffr A ' V 'WY ' ' I ' :gig 5.L,,ff.g.'X N-sT, fn, uf F ' ig , if A 1 lui' lj IH 2 X ll ILM-fri H4 , W - fl ,,wu,,.4"WW"' . P - 1 K- QEK44 -- V I 'V AEE- 'x,...r4i ' F fl - TN 4 if X elf I . A , f a4nlqunMVLLuJAJW"1"L,5, .,.4.'1f"2a f--A Lx h 5' .X-fi 22' x.-fx-Z mf ' jj N X AS fx.-fg -XNTQ1, 1 IX KV , Lflf L X1 .r,! V-T,-7-J -Z-l L ll-4: I .L 'N lx Ce F512 I.,f'Ke,w 'I+' IMI I. A xxx I x. v llllf K LX X ,D if j X, Us N r i r l X ,' - ix NM I X If ljlwl, , ll 4 I I 'M I fl Il, 'NN l MIX , Brwfirwxk ll f I I ll I L' lx l ill in M524 I if 2 SENIORS Pep Club 1,2 Chess Club 3 BARKER, LIN DA BERNER, SHARON Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Gym Council 3, 4 Library Club ASHWORTH, DON Cheerleader 4 Chess Club 3 Pep Club 3, 4 F.s.A. 3,4 Rifle Club 1,2 BENGE, RICHARD Secretary-Treasurer 4 BERY, CARL BOGLE, DON Science Club 2,4 N.F.L. 1,2 Pep Club 1,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 Steering Committee BOYDSTON, HAROLD Box, BILLY BRASHEAR, BILL 'R' 5 -'Q ,Z N-.,...f NO PICTURE Tr' BROWN, GENEVA Nurses Club -L,-l I Pep flllllw Q i BURR, C.-Xl2Ol,YN Pep Club 1, QV-1,41 Kat-ctlcs -, Uffici-Girl-1 Gym Council 1, 2 F.ll.A. .,,4, F.T,.-X. 4,4 fx. X.,-f BUSIIAN, KATHY r" Nurses Club 11,4 of XN7-Sf' Pep Club 4 BUTLER, lzoNNiE Pep Club 1, 2, 55, 4 Football 2 ,f -XXX Manager 4 ' Track 1,4 Home Room Aff? EJ 91 Officer 4 ylgwi WV F f"71ijw l f yi X CALLAHAN, ARTHUR ,FN A ly . QFV , A ' l Mgr f 3 ll 1 . ,N .If v '- -X I Cr-XRNES, IAMES ' l l l l . Ki., ff, l A ll , . A K 4 l 5 CASE, PAT if ill , 12 y , ll l l r nl -, I nj A I , , ll ' f l , 1, xg A CATES, ARMEL ,I , 1' I, 1, Science Club 4 ,Nl al , lhllf 11, f r. j , I! y, JXY ll K c1iANcEr.ror2, NANCY ll M A l, 'ffl Pep Club 1,2,.1,4 j 'V Gym Council 1, 2, Is, 4 g' Teen Town Council 4 ll f l Txlu Alplia Tlieta 1,4 lloinc l?oo1nUfl'iccr 4 f I Sclihjliagijc gXCl1lQVClIlCI1I r ,f Q .Ex comes, izAMoNA FW -67 1 l CONNER, PAT Class Vice-President 4 Newspaper Staff 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Editor 4 N . F . L. 53, 4 Science Club 2, 53, 4 Pep Club 2, 55,-1 Pep Band 2, 53,4 COOK, BARBARA Homeroom Officer 1 Pep Club 1,2, 53,4 Kat-ettes 4 COOK, CLYTIA Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Gym Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Homeroom Officer 3, 4 F.T.A. 4 KHPGUSS 4 COOK, PATSY Pep Club 1,2,:5,4 F.H.A. '2,Ii,4 F.T.A. 4 Paint Daubers 4 Gym Council 12, 53, 4 Library Club 4 Rifle Club S5 Homeroom Officer 4 COPE, DOROTHY COX, PATRICIA Pep Club 1,2, 15, 4 F.H.A. 4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 COY, Mrrzi Science Club 4 Pep Club 3,4 Cosmo Club 2, I5 Library Club Ii, 4 Nurses Club 55, 4 COZAD, JOHN Golf 3,4 Rifle Club 12,53 CRANDALL, BARBARA Pep Club 2,:3,4 Library Club 4 Pep Band 1,2, fi Tennis 55,4 CREWS, JERRY Football 1,2, .3 Basketball 1 Track 1, 2, 3 M,-ss IV' JB 1 "YY CROCKETT, JUDY Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Annual staff 2, 33, 4 f Annual Co-Editor 4 Steering Committee S3 Paint Daubers 55,4 Library Club 4 Homeroom Officer 4 CURTIS, SHIRLEY Annual Queen 1 Majorette 2,3 Personality Plus 2,3 Student Council Secretary 33 National Honor Society 3, 4 Mu Alpha Theta 53,4 Cheerleader 4 DANIELS, LESTER DAUGHERTY, CONNIE Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 3,4 F.H.A. Officer 4 Office Girl 2, 3,4 Gym Council 3,4 DAVIS, BETH Pep Club 1,2,3,4 N.F.L. 2,:3,4 F.T.A. 25,4 F.l-l.A. 2,3,4 Annual Staff 4 Paint Daubers 4 Mu Alpha Theta :3,4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Kat-ettes 1,2 DENTNER, Bos Track 2 Football 3 Pep Club 4 DIEM, JACK Tennis 1, 2, 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 Student Council 53 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Science Club 2, I5 EDENS, PEGGY Home Room Officer 1 Pep Club 1,2 F.H.A. 1 EIIRHART, CURTIS Foorba111,2,:3,4 Tracl-. 1,2,r1,4 ELLIS, LANE - l lf X 'NX K an 9, Wu if lfffffp Xa f , fkvgi 'I X NSW? ll ,E I fn, , ly f V . l L A if f N WX lxl lil is 4 Ill ' ' il f ll xy l I u W wi L LFP! i ' 1 14, 'N I li X :X rl Jw X , 5? s Mix! ' If yly, I ly- ll j II 17 r I I ll' ff! H lk I 1 , at .P X3 Y-, Nw KN 1114" Z ,Z -KI-J, fT-f A 3 34 I, f" 5 5 3 4,1 1 ' ff, KW ' if will ,t 1 Vw A xy l . sl, ltr W A"l'l , , l 1" X, I All llQ l 1 ' - . , , 1 , X, I l Ir s ,X I l' , A ll 1 Q lx fx tt I l V, fl XS fl!! if MY l ,I All , If l ll , lt l lr l l ERICKSON, LYNN ERWIN, LARRY F.F.A. 1,2,r5 Basketball 2, 53,4 AQ. Club 4 Track 33,-1 Mu Alpha Theta 33,-1+ Secretary-Treasurer Aa. Club 4 F,-XIRCHILD, BOB FELKNER, RETHA FRANCISCO, JACK GAGE, NANCY WRIGHT Kat-ette 1 Pep Club 1,2, 33,-L FHA 1, 2, 53, 4 Science Club Tj Gym Council 3,4 Nurses Club 3, 4 Nurses Club Officer 4 GILBERT, JERRY GILSTRAP, ORREN GLEGIIORN, JOAN National Honor Society -3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4 Cheerleader 1, 3,4 F.T.A. 4 Football Queen Candidate 2 Gym Council 2, 4 NO PICTURE wwf 'Zh 1.-' -gn...-4" kr ,? 'V 'sl pug., WWW I., -vs GOUGE, WILLA DEAN GREEN, MELISSA Pep Club 4 Gym Council 4 Rifle Club 1 F.H.A. 4 F.T.A. 4 Kat-ettes 2 HARPER, ALAN HARPER, JEROLD HARPOOL, LONNIE President Student Body 4 Most Dependable Boy 3 National Honor Society 3,4 President 4 Student Council 3 President of Class 2, 3 National Sojourners Award L5 HARTSOUGH, JUDITH Flower Box Queen 33 Yearbook Attendant 4 Annual Staff 3,4 Teen Town Council 3,4 Homeroom Officer 35,4 Cosmo Club 2, 3 Future Teachers 4 HATFIELD, RONNIE Golf1,2,3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 HERRON, LARRY F.F.A, 1,2 Aa. Club 25,4 Pep Club 3,4 Rifle Club 1, 2 Home Room President 4 HIGGINBOTI LAM , SHARON F.ii.A. 1,.1,-1,4 F,ll.A. Officer 2, 75,4 Library Club -S Pep Club 1 Gym Council Q f l xiffef f XJ, 'f f ,f 'NX ,Ma EJ 9, X 'Q ,ty '7WQff',N, r r WV s gfll A if ZA fl In L A p ? 'i ff ' ip ,' X-A I i A -1 r 42 'QA UAQIVX Y 'gi ,R V ,lfff' l ll' fi 5 l 1 . . Candidate for Assistant f ' Treasurer ,Q ' , ' HOLKENHRINK, MICHAEL r I Science Club Q, rg, 4 Mu Alpha Theta 4,4 ,f .Xk Cosmo Club 2 fh A ff .I Rifle Club 1, 2, fi HOLMES, DEE ANN Pep Club 1 Nw HOOD, RONNIE 4 kLfV 5f QE! 'ff X "- HOOVER, FRON.-X KK!!! ,4 Home Room Officer 4 .,--2' 'IE-'Y Barnwarming, Attendant 1 F.H.A. 1,2,4 C Pep Club 1,2 ,Qx Gym Council 4 I' lx all 3 at :yt , ,ffl-L3 HoUcK, DEWAIN 'fffgl'g.gfls 4 l'J"41lxlxvvmf,! ll willy!! 1 ' X Mp fl Nil 'lf J '. P f, A ,, A Housls, WAYNE l ,f l HUNTER, RONNIE l Football 1,253 V ll 7 IRVIN, CHUCK 5 I X K Football 1L2, 53, 4 I ' , Track 1,2, 3 , J Annual Staff 4 -X Q Paint Daubers 3,4 8 1 Cosmo Club 23 Q' uw Home Room Officer 3,4 'TUX l JAEGER, MARK i l f National Honor Society 3,4 5 4' l ' Mu Alpha Theta 4, 4 j Xl 'll Y g Cosmo Club 3,4 'bil l l lx I Science Club 55,4 f ' 'll , Football 2,:3,4 ' l National Forensic League 4 l Q l 2,:3,4 Home Room Officer 2,4 , V J! ll lib l JOHNSON, HOMER ff ,fy kgx E?,w JoNEs, HM fn 'gf i A ZX. is - ,,...4n T9 4-s9"""x 'H JONES, STANLEY KELLER CARY KESSEL, LYNDA Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4 Office Girl 2, 3, 4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Newspaper Staff 2 Home Room President 4. F.ll. A, 3,4 KIRK KIRK, WILEY Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 National Honor Society 3 4 Science Club 2, 3,4 Class Representative Student Council 3 Yerabook King 2 KRUDE RONALD LANE, ADA Gym Council 2 Pep Club 2, 3 F.H.A. 3,4 School Play 2 Secretary to Mrs. Argabright LANE HM F.S.A F.F.A LAY, HARRE LL LEE , JIMMY hzi , rxvgf LENTZ, LINDA Newspaper Staff 1, 2 Office Girl 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Cosmo Club 2, 3 LETTERMAN, DOROTHY F.H.A. 1,4 Gym Council 3, 4 Secretary to Mr. Price 4 Secretary to Mr. Latimer KK 117 4 M H!-ff?-ff MC BRIDE, CURTIS Science Club Rifle Club Lxaii ,. tx ti ED 0 rf t A 3 'I v,f'N ,ox ,N , ' tw, , l t .tl A l -,, lt' -Q Q , . 1 W W lt ,X l l I , HIS it r il' 4 ,li gi fili U, bl 11 I' i l ll A ig Lille, ll F f .-wh,- X, I 2 I 'X N.F.L. MC CAFFREE, EDNA MC CONNELL, EDDIE Pep Club 4 F.S.A. 4 Chess Club 3,4 MC DONALD, MICKEY F.S.A. 3 MC FA LL, DON MC GINTY, SHARON Annual Candidate 1 Football Candidate 1 ,nk I l Basketball Queen 53 National Honor Society 53,4 Cheerleader 1,514 Student Council 3, Gym Council 1,2 Pep Club 1,2,33,4 Mc NAMARA, JUDY MC NEELY, GAIL Cheerleader 1 Pep Club 1,2,13,4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 F.H.A. 3,4 F.T.A. 4 Newspaper Staff 1 Student Council 2 S yr- hx Q-M. fl xix ...- P'Q ljis, fi rg MT, 1.1 J' W' Mc NULL, FRED MAPES, IANA Yearbook Candidate 23 Paint Daubers 4 Student Council 3 Annual Staff4. Pep Club 4 Latin Club 1 MABREY, MIKE Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 Paint Daubers 2, 3, 4 Teen Town Council 3,4 Student Council 2 Class Vice-President 3 Home Room President 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 MAHAFFEY, VIOLET E.H.A. 2 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Home Room Officer 4 Gym Council 2, 3 MA LONEY, SHARON Science Club 4 Pep Club 4 Gym Council 4 MARTIN, DE WIGHT MELTON, JERRY Basketball 1, 2, 3 Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 2 Chess Club 3 MOORE, CONNIE Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Council 3, 4 Cosmo Club 3, 4 E. T.A . 3, 4 F.H.A. 25,4 Steering Committee 3 Secretary Student Body 4 Moomz, MARY Mossn, DON f l fc N., fi fx ff Ty! X Xxx 'X l A l N f' lyk A V ffl M al rg! xv i il V.. r If r P W l ,All X 'J 9 K 1 ,lk N s rf E , M, ' N f if l J M11 f K ll lib xx ll N 'iw hp' A f 'i .l1, 1, E, fy L l Wfzlfll. Li Xl XY J x.t-.- 11-47. V, A ,K KX -rd-4, Lf" ll 4-D Ghz, Y K4 imc I lf I muy l r ,Q MOSER, JOHN MYERS, VIC N.F.L. 73,4 Annual staff 53, 4 Science Club 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 1 MosER, LARRY 1 lg, NAYLOR, J. w, 'WI lm , , , , , 'AU v Wil kr, Arf xfl lj ' if Xiu -in YI' ff , NEASE, ROGER X 1 l Y l I ' X 5 OLIVER, DARLENE K l -T ll Q ,y 5 fl OWENS, HERBERT f .,l Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 W5 ' Science Club 4 1 A 'Ili l il X X :X f Ml Rl by ,l PEARL, TOM 1 :AR l ' lx V l f N REARMAN, GARY 'Q ul 1 Basketball 1,253 Home Room Officer 2, 3 Y lk E.E.A. 1,2 f-1, -xx .,- PERRY, JAMES Football 1 Basketball 1 1 If ' .17 M1 u Y., NO PICTURE POWELSON, HOWARD Home Room Officer 2, 3 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Student Council 1 Rifle Club 2, 3 Science Club 2, 3 POWERS, JIM PRETTYMAN, CHARLOU Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 1, 2,4 Yerabook Queen Candidate 3 Home Room Officer 3 Annual Staff 4 Paint Duabers 4 PULLON, GEORGE RAMSEY, LOIS Sweetheart's Ball Attendant 3 Yearbook Attendant 4 Football Queen 4 Class Officer 3 Pep Club Office.r 4 RATHBUN, JERRY Football 1, 2 Science Club 1, 2 Rifle Club 1, 2, 3 ROBINSON, MARNO Cheerleader 1, 4 National Honor Society 3,4 N.F.L. 1,2, 3,4 Pep Club Officer 3 Basketball Attendant 2 ROBINSON, LYNN No picture available RUDDICK, ECK Basketball 1, 2, 23, 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Student Council 4 Science Club 3 RUDE, owEN Annual Staff 4,4 Mu Alpha Theta 51, 4 Football 1,2,:1 Science Club 2,4 l' V ,f Q f l A ,f'N, f ,Ma fl 9f fffffllif ,txt f.f x . , L r ' l ld l , X , K X if K 1 1 S, A 1 ll x ll PSX xnxx W ' Al V, .,-J 1 ll l ', 9. , x l., , lx. ,llff I 1,1 ,s,f,l s 'Mlm I mei V ,X Y A V XX 1 tty, X TSN? 1 ,l,, 5' x..- -.., f, 1--7 , fl Z7 ' f .Z-'Z Y rgefilf L' ' ' 411 xr AE4 W , 'lgf Ml if iiwl , I' iii 'bmi I IX, 'Hx Niki -'lilV"fl.l BY 'I li '?'x."fx 7, fr, PJ I 5' X l Rl iw it l R ,Rl i M if N , I it iii, I l l I Tx SCHWEITZER, STEVE Chess Club :S Pep Club 1,2 N.F.L. 35,4 Cosmo Club 2, I5 slim, 1oHN SEVERS, DAVID Science Club 4 SHA DWICK, DONNA Kat-ettes 1, 2 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Homeroom Officer 3 Student Council 1 Library Club Officer 4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 SMITH, JAMES National Honor Society 55,4 National Honor Society Officer 4 Mu Alpha Theta 33,4 Mu Alpha Theta Officer 4 N.F.L. 1,2,:3,4 N.F.L. Officer 3,4 Class President 4 SMITH, JERRY SMITH, PATSY Pep Club Officer 4 F.H.A. 2 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Pep Club 1,2, 33, 4 SMITH, SAMMIE Football I Track I Basketball 2 Student Council 1, 2 SPARKS, JR. Annual Staff 4 Paint Daubers 15, 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Football 2 Paint Daubers Officer 3 SPENCER, DENNIS Pep Club 1,2 Class Officer 2 Golf1,2,3,4 Homeroom Officer 2, 3 5.1 ,nw-4 'Q ., ll 'TS T to-5 's SPITZE, CHARLES Rifle Club 1 Science Club 2, 3 Golf 2,3,4 SPRENKLE, KATHY Pep Club 1,2 Gym Council 2 Kat-ettes 1,2 F.H,A. 2 SPURLIN, JAMES SQUIRE, GLORIA Pep Club 1,2,3,4 F.T.A. 3,4 F.H.A. 4 Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Home Room Officer 3,4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Newspaper Typist 4 STAFFORD, LINDA Student Council 3 Cosmo Club 2, 3 Pep Club 1, 2, 33, 4 Gym Council 4 F.H.A. 1 STANDEFER, LOUISE Library Club 2, 3,4 F.H.A. 1,4 STANDEFER, MILDRED N.r.L. 2,3,4 Girl's State Representative 3 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Council 1,2 STAUFFER, KARL Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Cosmo Club 2 Chess Club 3,4 N,F.L. 4 STONE, FRANCES Pep Club 4 Home Room Officer 2 -1, F.ll.A.-1,4 STUSSY, JERRY Football 1,2 Mu Alpha Theta .1,4 Science Club 4 K l fb- P' 'J ff, 'ff ff 2 A fgfkifl QQ? Willy , l 4 ,T Nl y ' f 'C f-Sl r L' - l 1 X f 77, . fy Nl l , ' lf l li!! 'I RQ N l A 1 lm 'Wg Nil gg IME? P W iff ll' 1, X HU H - llfflllllllrl Li ,f Q O J SWA NSON , JERRY CN TAYLOR, GARFIELD , lfVJxX THOGMARTIN, MARY DEAN f ,-A Pep club Officer 4 fy j Pep Club 1,2,3,4 T -f-fi? Gym Council 2, 3, 4 Home Room Officer 3,4 F.H.A. 2,4 l O Y Znill Lf' l Rl 43 l X gl 1 ff W A Y 2 x G lx . W Y 1 jf l ,. ,wif ll A 1, ,wxlmf 11, l:lll l I .X il K 'l ,ll 1 L lll u Al ll lil l 1 jl,l N, 1 IP jlllbax. Rf F lf, l l K f LRF, ll ff' x Ji .-5851. THOMAS, MARY JANE Pep Club 1,2,3,4 F.H.A. 2,4 THOMAS, NORMA Library Club 2 THURMAN, CAROLYN Mu Alpha Theta 3, 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4 F.H.A. President 4 F.T.A. Officer 4 Student Council 1, 3 Kat-ettes 1, 2, 3, 4 Tl-IURMAN, GARY TICHNOR, CAROLYN F.H.A. 2, 4 Rifle Club 1, 2 Student Council 4 Pep Club 2, 3,4 Gym Council 2, 3 TRIPLE TT , PATSY Pep Club 3,4 F.H.A. 4 VANDERGRIFF, JACK Annual Staff 2, 3, 4 Annual Co-editor 4 Paint Daubers 2, 3,4. Officer Paint Daubers 4 Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 Student Council 4 Class Officer 1 rfb 'T .7 .,-Q is I. vINsoN, JEAN f l wAGNER, ANITA WAGNER, SHARON x ff- PM gf! Pep Club 1,2 Gym Council 2 F.H.A. 2 If 'NN WELSH, PATRICIA A 'I xwvh ' WHITEHEAD, DAVID Steering Committee 3 XXX I Home Room President 3 Wgxirlflxf X, 5 Basketball 1,2, 3. I. QQJI I Football 1,2 , ,W Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 h K Science Club 2, 4 ' WILKERSON, MARY JANE I' 1 1 'Q Nurses Club 3,4 A 5 Nurses Club Officer X ,b n Library Club 3,4 , ' 7 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 I I Cosmo Club 2 A' lx F.H.A. 3 Q , ff ' WILLIAMS, JOHN Q Q ll I Footballl ,I S , I Basketball 1,2 fl Tennis 1, 2, 3,4 1" X l Q Mu Alpha Theta 3,4 ', ' I l 'I Ill' 1 WILLIAMS, PAT Mas My 1 I W , ff W N XX ,ff I WILSON, NANCY 'J I lf f' L , 1 WILSON, PEGGY SUE b ' X N Yearbook Queen N Candidate 2 tl fl ' Pep Club 1,2,ii,4 1 I I Gym Council 2,.'5,-1 lf' Home Room Officer 1,2 gf Q Rifle Club 2 F1 57 E.H.A. 2 WOLFE, SKIPPY Student Council 1, 2, 3 Science Club 3 Q Pep Club 1,2 -C Y 7, Y Ax Rifle Club 2 GRIFFIN, DOROTHY , lfv' ,.-I 2' X2 DURRET, CHARLES X-' -'I-11, ,1,.,4- Football 3 I .PI III If TIF IX O Student Council 2 f" Il eb ff-il: fl ' MC PHERSON, JIM I I I II-I I'I IIIIIIIIII wlll XI I I ' l I I, Jy 7 I f l I SPRINGER, BILL N l l I I i I ' I 7 X 1 I l I I lf ' lllvl l I II lII I ' ll 4 I I II , II ' H5 I I l I Il I I- I I l ilk I I ' l fi l I SFNIOR cuss OFFICERS lf 1 I I V l Vice-President, Pat Connor I I ' I 7 l l Council Representative, Don Kirk ' I I Q I Secretary-Treasurer, Judy McNamara ' I' I 1 ' President, Jim Smith I' I' If I l -l WI W5 C: I' 3 Y? Z CALVARY Ibmnd 1 r Gum upon Lllvrr D tint id x delth Yer 15 rlorroub 1 rblue Ifl were there Where exaetlx mould I he By P111re'P Afrald to rake G IZIDQ from lfar 1 rr daemon rpperrb LNIULHI Yet as I str1ve to step the Journey The clean prth 15 ruuwed, urume Too lite I reallze the Journe, has been eompleted, I am blmd Iam not prepared 5pee1a1Mar1nor11 A nm Wrrterb Gulld 1919 lle slurlex Lurrlb '4 4f4r , ' ' Q '4 4 jr, is 4 , SL ES -4 , -we ' '454 'sIij.', M 1 L1 stand for my feelingi, 4 ' 1, 2 , 'lf 4 - . a " -1 ' Iiibl , LIFE CYCLE Don Ktrk Our llves are l1ke the IIVCIS That go erashrng thetr wa5 to the sea Trapped IH a hopeless cycle The waves w1ll never be free For 1n nothlng lS there purpose Man s L1fe 15 a fuule try W1th no one kDOW1Hg why INIAGINATION Ada Lane As vast as the ocean As qulet as a church What" A ch1ld's unaglnatlon Unt1l ll 18 stlrred ll 15 as calm As a placld lake Oh but when lt awakens The ITl1SCh16f1I lncurs THE SILENCE Ellzabeth Ann Davls The soul drrftmg mto eternlty Reaches the f1nal level of qulctness When all nolse 15 obllterated and The sllence IS the deep sleep of death In death the sllence becomes not a Thmg of peace but the lonelmess Of a soul wa1t1ng for 1ts fare SILENCE Mlldred Standefer what IS SIICHCCP b1l6llCC 13 the stlllness of nlght After a hard day s work Srlencc IS the beauty That no words can descrrbe Sxlence 18 sprlng when meadows turn green And l1fe IS born anew Sxlence IS the solltude By a clear Brook On a summer day . . V I , . , . 1 I . I Yet as wild as Mardi Gras- I . 1 , UNSUCCESSFUL JOURNEY Victor Myers Murmur murmur black and dark Green and m1sty tall and stark Mov1ng breathtng seethlng reelrng Stopptng from IIS d1rty steahng Crawltng squalhng movtng slow Makes a whrmper soft and low Creature lowly drrty dark Through the m1st he makes hrs mark Trudglng slowly causrng fear Forsaklng all that we hold dear As he moves through quagmtre swamp All l1v1ng creatures cease to romp He fr1ghtens world all l1v1ng too They shrver and shake as he goes through I-Ie str1ves does only what he can Thxs terr1b1e fearsome creature man' THE EARTHS LIGHT THE W11ey Klrk D1d you know that there IS a hydrogen bomb that keeps the earth al1ve'P Yes that s rrght there 1S a hydrogen bomb wh1ch keeps the old earth a11ve and of course th1S IS the sun W1thout the sun there would be no l1ght to look for rn the early morntngs There would be no heav to sunshtne to carry on photosynrhes1s The sun IS partly responslble for ram because lt causes evaporatron to take place Though the sun keeps the earth al1ve lt could just as eas1ly k1ll II by comtng too close and settmg the earth on f1re or lt could go out and the l1fe on earth would freeze The earth 1S the only planet that IS just the rtght dtstance from the sun DEN, THE MOST POWERFUL WEADON Lonnle Harpool The pen rn the hand of the rrght man can produce as much reactlon as the dropprng of the atom1c bomb on Hrroshtma Bombs affect the physrcal part of man more than the mmd The rrght arrangement of words affects the mmd more and sull leave the man tn good enough phy s1cal condmon to back up hrs thoughts Thts causes revolutron rebel11on and hatred The Com mun1sts recogmze these thmgs and use them to the1r advantage The word arrangements do not always have to be the truth They just have to present a good outlook to a bad srtuatron and the reader wxll belteve rt As for defense from thrs weapon we have none Isaytt wrllbe one of the ch1ef factors tn the destructron of democracy 9 warm the earth through the day. Plants, the only real food makers on earth, are always needing REPRESENTATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION Mlchael I-lolkenbrmk All IS fa1r 1D love and war Thts famous quotauon can be app11ed to many thmgs One wh1ch IS most f1tt1ng IS lll reference to pol1t1c1ans Thls Hardy group of people would even lose an arm for the love of the1r Job or 1S lt money? The pol1t1c1ans of today are gett1ng more corrupt every day An example of Ih1S IS the exchanglng of favors 1n Congress so a person may get a certatn b1ll passed wh1ch would help h1m usually f1lTEIlTC1311y Th1s IS not true representatlon COLORS AND ENIOTION Judy McNamara The musxc become faster and faster the drums louder the beat almost uncontrollable Red they fly creat1ng a strange unreal1st1c atmosphele and the sensatlon of d1zz1ness The sudden ly soft refreshxng colors float lll llke asea breeze cool greens pale lavender and varymg shades of blue The calm sooth1ng undertones of color b11ng feel1ngs of relref and relaxat1on But once 3.gEi1IT suddenly everythlng changes The colors remaln the same but the atmosphere grows cold and forblddlng Now the blues are 1cy the greens dark bottomless pools Welcomed back would be the warm gay colors of red and yellow But they are gone forever and now the ex1st1ng colors dlsappear too Blackness takes the1r place Blackness and no feellngs and no emotlon NOTE The poetry and essays xncluded are wmntng selecuons from the 1959 Natlonal Essay and Poetry contests. The students are members of the 1960 graduatmg class yellow, orange, -- horrible, hot, bright colors blur, blend, then blur again. Around and around Xb ,-,Z Lara! ff J kg YW ,IX 4-f' gf fl' ,gf f S jx 237 ilkfff Efab- Y af 'Eg ,llvl X K Adams Jim Akehurst Jerry Alexander Mane Anderson Ellnora -Xnderson Jrm Ba 1rd Robe rt Bales Donna Bandy Eddle Bandv Lynn Barnett Patrrcla Bartle John Beasley Harrret Benffe Pegvy Beathea Sally B1ShOp Naoml Blssell Karen Black Gayleen Blau Tomothv Bohannon Donna Boll1ng,er Blll Bond Barbara Boss man Jo Anne Box er Nellrena Branham Carolyn Brashe rs Esther Brrxex W 1lla Brrxey W1llard Brockman Sharon fi l lx 0 lf A f likxxly i ' iflyll. VX will 4 X51 KJ . ls X l, , X ll 3. D .M If 1 X ' Nj X l l l 'l 2 l ' B l 'N Blair.e, Frank , 4 . l Xml ll 1 . , l 4 X lm A I Wil S Nil. d l' ll ,l ' M rw' X 1 I l Q l, XNX lx , Pl Al rl X r V E ' l - l l l , ' ' 1 Y n M lk w , l 7 l W vm I ' K" , Y' . V X 1 g . lo. '7 I QQ Brown, Anita Brown, Barbara Brown, Gloria Burr, Coella Burrell, Nancy Bush, Carol Butler, Larry Carter, Melvin Carter Patsey Cash Sammy Caughran Sharon Clapp Kay Coberley Wrlburn Corner V11'g1H13 Colvrn Garnett Cornett Cnythra Cornell Kathleen Crabtree James Crawford Jack Curry Ann Cushman Kay Draker Charlotte Davls Iackre Davls Jrm Day Jon Dennrson Sherry Douglas Dmght Dowe Davrd Dunlam Dou Dunkl E da Rornr Eathorne frlene W xifef ff C X-X 'lffffwfvff -aw 1-Nl ya wr lhfmf , ifi' nf' y Q Gel f -me lf X f 1 -nf LEQQ Eckhardt Conn1e Edwards Sally Embrey Rrchard Epperson Eva Ruth Faules Jerry Fausett Larrv Ferguson Ronnre Fxkes Judy Flnch Sue Frsher Carl Francrs Jerry Franklrn Judy Fry Jrmmle Grlbert Betty GIVCHS Dennts Gofourth Brllle Goodwln Anrra Gorllnsky James Goswrck Charles Gray Don Green Carl Greenhaw James Grosheng Janet Guest Mike Haas Anthony Ha yben Mary Hansford Bea Harper Shirley Harrington, Howard l-larshbarger, Roy Henley, Diane Hinegardner, Dean H , PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE Hmtz Shlrley I-Irvely Lrnda Hopkrns Jrmmy Hopper Bobby ubbard Jerry Hudsperh Jrm Huffman Roy Hulsey Roger Hunt Ivan Jeffery Twyla Jobe Jerry Jobe Larry Johnson Gary Johnson Gary Lee Johnson Gorson Johnson Harold Johnson Joyce Johnson Tom Jones Charles Jones Scotty Jones Wendel elly Mike Knight Steve Kraft Donald Kyser Claire Lafoon Jerry Lamson John Lankford Iweoma La'iter Sharon Latimer Jim Lee, Larry Lemons, Gayle mf-ff fN X 'UM 59 'Kit N W I N I JM cf I 57 Hx-if V XX jx -7 I -I,-,,f f- Q35- fir 1 Ll Lentz, Calvin Lentz, Gary Lewis, Jan Link, Ron Long Mar1or1e Lutz Sandra Lyons Ann Rut Lynn Roena McConnell Gary McClure Mrke McGehee Peggy McG1ass1on Gary McGrane John Mcllrath Jrm McNabb James McNam1re Brxan McNee1y Llnda Macy Corby Macy Jack Mahon Sandy Mallams Gary Maloney Sue Marble Beverlre Martm Edgar Marun Robert Mamn Stephen Massey Donna Metcalf Mar M111er Bobble Mrller Lawrence Mrller Romona Monroe Denms 45 PICTURE Moser Kay Murray Kathryn Naylor Berneva Nelson Dewanda Nexd1r.,Q,er Melvln Newdlqger Waymeth Nxms Susre Noble Nlckey Oehrlng Mary Olson Cheryl Owsley Davrd Oxford Martha Patterson Barbara Patterson Helena Patton Joyce Pearson Roy Pendergra ft Eddle Pendergraft Gary Perkinds Leroy Peters Linda Peterson Susanne Pierce Dennis Pilkenton James Porter, Sue Powers, Veronica Prater, Marvin Prater, Ted Ramsey, Frankie Raney, Wrenetta Renfro, Larry Rhanes, Jesse Rickman, Rena xi-fd! Z-X 3 sk 'ov a 'fi QE xx za E f X 3- : r ' l r , I , l 1 l 4 , 1 l w 'll l. l 'f , ,l 4 4 l l ' I l l . l 1 1 ' m 5? "5 l f l ' l V NFA Jw ff' if ,. 60 l l 1 r 1 l l X ll ky X M592 Rrslev Charlotte Rrtter Clem Robblns Dorothy Robbrns Judy Rogers Larry Rovers Ixolan Rouse Roy Roy Stanley Rude Br1an Sawrn Deanna Schlaegel Noel Schurnaker Edd1e Scott Davls Scott Frank Shadwrck Mary Sharp COHH16 Sharp John Shaw Lo1s Shockley Shandra Shorter Noland Shuey Allen Slmpson Iuamta Sm1th Gary Sm1th, Helen Snow, Eddle Sprlman, Torn Starr, Delorls Stoots, Sally Sweeney, Llnda Taylor, Bonnle Taylor, Carole I ,.1 I, PICTURE -gang: KX 1 . , 5, Q , ,, .1 fi h , I ' , V I '47 -- Q fl U U ,X ', 'au .K . My I ftj if , . 1 Schlessrnan, Orville . 1 RK' A J. qffffkil ,xl 1 'l ' fl rt,lNx Y l j . xx X 1k,. , ' . PA ji, A D X. .J X l ' - i ,ff A . l l ' l l ' 1 W 1 , X ' . l' fl 1 K R' u 'V i. ' lug . N sh. X '- l Y l I ' , ' 5,17 N I X 'rxll E 1 a W l I A 5 X W, r' j 1' l N R fl R l ' hh ' l l l ' NO l R ml l PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE Taylor, Curtis Thomas, Wanda Thompson, Sharon Thorne, Tommy Triplett Ervin Tuggle Paul Tyler Kenneth Vaughn Drane Veerkamp Mrke Veerkamp Pat alker Frank Walker John Warden Judy Warden Karen Watts Sterllng Whrte Susan Whrtman Clyde Wrllrams Drana W1ll1ams Sandra Wllson Jlmmy Wrlson Lmda Wllson Peggy Ann Wrlson Rodney Wlnchester Wlllram Wolfe Carol Wolfe Gene Wolfrnbarger B111 Wolfmbarger hm W oodv Ia mes Young Gene Young Susan Brock Harold I l E K-X wg? 'Q Ziff 1 ,X GXN ff 'T' X.. -. xm 7 fi! '- U , 'gl' lx ll 6 P531 f'-'Q 'wwgrl WI' all f A I l NG l mi gl ' iw 2 lin l All , D 'ill i I Il, r' illnl A ff R 1 Q A A R lil l in LZQQ East, Alice Pogue, Clifford Rogers, Ronnie Testerman, Ronnie JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President, Jim Adams Vice-President, Jim Hudspeth Secretary-Treasurer, Dennis Monroe Student Council Representative, Sally Bethea W N SLS? l ox 22,-V! xfL9,-YU 24' fx CED 5-iyl I if l .-xxx! Akehurst Sherman Altlzer Davrcl Anderson Mary Jane Aschentrop Mary Barsley W rllrarn Barnett Carolrne Bass Larrx Beetle Vlkle Belles Charles Belt Steven Berner Karen Bren Gary Bland Larry Boese Rosemary Bra dy Robert Branham Jaruce Brashers Walter Brewer Rrchard Brock Myra Brockman Sally Busby Shrrley Butler Larry Burrell Jrmmy Burroxr Janrce Carnaham Mary Carnes Conme Carter Patrrcra Cates, Kathy Caudell, Ronnle Cawlfreld, Carolyn Caywood, Davxd Hx :jf ff , ,-- . , f. ' L i A . Ml lM ' lr J .lf ll 'XM lf V' l 1 . k ,Y 1 A-A f Boydston, Eugene M f B ' ly ,M j l Xl 3 B r r M r r W B 1 l M M f f M 'I M132 l l lx lx l 1 l 'Pli l ' ' v l X l fly' I f n s I JAMA I Bl! R l fl I 5 4 V . ,AM f l l , , l l Xl 1 , . I 1 ' . , l X Q if K fl l B fag ' U AR Cholka, Jerome Clements Claudia Conell Carole Ann Cornell Bernlce Craddock Jackre Cram Sandra Dale J1m Dall Barbara Danlels Francls anlels Llnda Danrels Luther avenport Carolyn Davls Vona Sue Dayton Ruth Day Danny D1em Dorothy Donaldson Donna Dougan Mlke raper Judy Dykes Georgra Edens Drana Edens Lrnda Edmondson Gary Edwards Gary Edwards Larry England Mary Lee Erlrch Kenneth Ellls Rex Faust Davrd Frsher Don Flsher Mary Frlend Mary f l kb'- fW 2-Sm 4 1' N X fix 1-'RI A AH i lt-fm! l if Zee-l if 'ks X Fulkerson, Carolyn Gideon, Anne Gilbert, Barbara Gilstrap, Leon Gorham Darlene Grace Cec1l1a Green Llnda Grrffln Mary Grrffrth B1ll1e Gueldner Jay Haas Jeff Haase Patty Hadley Marforle Hagan James Ha1ley Robert Hansen Harry Haddock Mary Lynn Harper ROSIS Harry Sherla Harvle Tom Harvey Pat Hatfreld Mrke Hawk Dora Hearne Larry Hrnegardner Gary Hrvely Danny Hoover Jack Hopk1ns Sue Howard Ir James Hubbard Jack Hux Brll Isley John fi'-45 'N Jensen, Carol Sue lent, Gleen Jones, Iudy Jones, Ruth Ann Kelly Slurley Klrk Alan Krrk Nadlne Klttrel B111 Lane Betty Lay Mona Ledford Robert Lunblad Kenneth Lewls Bob Lewls Judy Locke Gerald Lyons Dale McCaffree Romona McConnell Wrllard McDan1el Ronnle Mclfadyen Ann McM1ll1an Carol Macy John Mahaffey Frank Maples Claudla Marble Eddle Mal-un Robert Matters L1nda Metrxck Dlana Mlller Lanny Moser Rayma Myers Lmda Myers Rebecca fl yt, fN mmm, C3 lf xxx 5 MN l c fame .I All S tfx J! -fi-Z-41:9-"2 f- fu ll Qs .sQX.Z- Nrchols lwendell Nrms Martha Offenbacker Mrke Ollver Norma O lnex Gerald Parsons Barbara Pascoe Patr1c1a Patton Vrckr Payne Connle Payton Ruthey Pearman Darlene Peoples Barbara Perkrns l-lallre Poque Loretta Porch Carolyn Powelson Donald Pru1tt Frank Radar Sam Randolph Robert Ray Sandy Rerboldt Martha RICE Douglas Rlce John R1chey Lyle Roach Pe ov Rox e Joe ox Dennrs Sartrn Lrnda Scott Lrnda Scott Mary Shaw Al Shaw, Rrchard fy 1,-A I, I A D. f O V Y . lla 9537 ' . I lllfllll, lvxlli ,.,N Wlxlx 'xt My S-ja l , N N I I I P N y V, lx Pl ll wr ll ' l l 1 , l ll D ' t 1 ' Nl - , ' ll Q fdlddlr, , , jfykl I. 1'XX4 ' l R J, U ,fl ll ' w l 3 Sims, John Smith, Danny Smith, David Smlth, Frances Splcer Sharon Sprenkle Danny Sta1b Iud1th Ann Standefer Florence Stephens Carolyn Srepp Sally Swanson Davld Tanner Larry Taylor B111 Taylor Donald Taylor Sharon Kay Teagarden Danny Threadglll Bob Trlplett Sue Vandergrrff hm Van Dorn Frances Vlnson Glen Wagner Vrcky Walker Carolyn Wells Jrmmy Whlpple Donny Whne Ann Whlte Velda Whrtener Wanda Whltman Sharon YV11113.l'I1S Donna Wlllrams Gary Lee W1ll1ams Harold f x es, ,fi Mg? f W' by X Xl ll I 4 ,. , ff i ' f ff? f ., . w, fly 'N - '.. . xllxl . Xu l N D ,gi Q Q, or . I Syn I ' ft! g 4 x, 'S . ' lJ1',yp lx l Hll xv S W xx lwv . 1: up 'Ani' 44 . ' Affs'Qf ' ." WXNJI . lxl 0 Flux 1 I - I 'MNH E r H , W6 rl . if G 52 Xxk:-1 W ,X X77 V w if Ax 1:1-'ff X -fa-'fi-f? ff- ,aa wr 47 'Nr f v j 1 La Williams, Larry Willis, Dian Wilson, Alma Wilson, Martin Wilson Ronnie Wilson Shlrley Wilson Twyla Winch ester Curtis xV1IlChCSISI' Linda Wolfgang Mike Wolfinbarger Karen Wolfinbarger Lloyd Woodmansee Trud Wright David Wrlght Jerry Boyes Kenneth Brock Sandra Henson Harry Ray Monty Owens Carol Wilson Wayne Rhine Katharine Gunlock Carlene Day Madeline Triplett Judy nr' FRESHM N CHEERLEADERS A P V Carol Ann McNamire, Mitzi Wolfe, Kathy Hoberock, Dixie Fortney, Ellen Daniel, Sharom Farber. These are the girls who cheer our Freshman and B team boys on to victory. STEERING CCMMITTEES The Senior Steering Committee helps to direct the affairs of the senior class. Among the duties of the committee is the selection of graduation announce- ments. Connie Moore, Jack Vandergriff, Jim Smith, Judy Hartsough, Pat Connor, Davie Whitehead, Shirley Curtis, Lonnie Harpool. The Junior Steering Committee guides their class in the selection of class rings, and helps to plan the Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Rena Rickman, Eva Epperson, Billie Gofourth, Linda Peters, Jim 1-Iudsperh, Dennis Monroe, Jim Latimer, Jim Adams. 44"- WWF 2 E? 3 J N WX N ,MFUMQ K. J N ,4 NMKXA I'lw-Q Zgfx W f T xx ts 'X ll, R 1.4 iq 'W f f , J x ff Y fly' M ,' A 'X X cs fl b ,f xx 1 , X x c'N QV ' x f'N A ff-30 f I x 5 P 5 1- A-5' i 'D LX lf. W y M ix! , K G W : ' xii ,, f fyu X -1 W 71 f 1 : ,3 J ' i X K A l . , ff KK! I F X ,ri N XX xx Lp K 5 Y Www? U X FY , 3 'J -4 .4 Z S-me N egg:-f J -,,,,, Zeb ,. Q39 :QQ -Xdams Donald Adams Jake Andrews Bobby Ashenthrop James A ustrn Lx nd ra Austrn Marrlyn Barrd Charles Barbre Rona ld Barnett Ruth Barker John Beaslex Brenda Beatty Daniel Beaver Robert B rry Wanna Brshop Patsy Bland Charles Blevrns Carolyn Boble Gary Bogle Kerth Boha nnon Clara Bowlmg Donald Box Drane Branharn Ronald Brasheres Martha Brasher Robert Brrd es Gene Br1dQ,es Vrnrta Brock Marrlyn Brown Beverly Brown Bryan Bu Melrnda Butler Llnda 'R' PICTURE P i .21 mmf 1 v 'M A 1 PICTURE pOi'Q...u Q Callahan Richard arncs Lrnda C arm ancx rrter DIXIL Ca rrcttr Mrlac Chlldre s Cl arles Clapp Dlcl ex Clarl Pat Clark Zonna Coble Nancx olner James Colvln Ronald Conley Pat Conner James Conway Bruce Cook B1ll1c Cope Calen ope Glen Couture Adam ox Thomas Crews Rctha Crowder Garland Culp Sandra Danrels Elln Danrels Marx Dax Mrlron DcAlmc1da steven DeAlme1da Victor Denefrrc Nlrlwe Drcluson James Duncan Crar xy-f-J of JV' XFX K Wall an 2 -J or f hiya! JK v-if 2 ll-lg?-if uf' 651-r ufv V 1 Ji Edens Nancy Elhard Betty Elhard Iunlor Elmore James Estes Stearl Exell Dean Farber Sharon Fancher Judith Farrell Dennis Fortney Dixie Fenton Richard Gann Rhonda Gates Kenny Gideon Sally Gift Mary Gillbert Jimmy Dile Gilstrap Jerald Gleason Nancy Goodwin Danny Gorham Patricia Gosevener Goswlck Tommie Graham Lysle Graves Brenda Greenfeather Gloria Griffin Pat Groshong, David Guy Sharon Haas, John Harris, Lonnie Hainline, Hattie Harper, Mary qs. 5 5.- Y-'Y I pn, gp, Hart Lmda Herron Lana ll1 don Thomas lllwely Tommy Hoberock Cathy Homuth Marjorle Hood Rrcha rd Howland John Hudspeth A nn uffman James Hutehlngs Robert Hutchlnson BOHHIC Hutchrnson Donald Irv1n Joh Isley Jerry jeff Marjorle Jobe D3V1d Jones Bobby Jones Gary Kanable Donald Kennedy Nancy Kobus Patrlcla Kraft John Land Sara Lang Bonnre Lankford Larry Labrter Lana Leach VIIQIDIB Lmk Roger McFarl1ng Davrd miffef fL7-Rf' f-N K E9 .1 fl rl TW? Qxxxxxy Nr? . l ,'. , . K. Z H f . K 99 ' ' QYNJ29 x , , . , ll l . 1 n g ,lx , rl Q x lj' S g ll 7 we ,ip R lf :W I -' It f il rl In Y MN! 'nf ll ll 4' H 3 L 'L lffmlcr ' jd . ff Q F3 M 4 or 111' J -,,,,, lgxl Z: ,. 563-r fm ll J f Mf --S' McGehee X axne NlCVI1llldIl Thomab McNamara I1lTl NlClNa1r11rr John Nlelxamlre Carol McRobtrts Bobbx Nlefjrearx Marrlxn Melxlmtle Clenda Mcllrath Judy McMurray Nettle Maex Dtnnrs Marble Nancy Mavcock Patrlcla Martxn Dalton Meacham Robert Mlller Gary M Q stnmn Mltehell XVIHOU8 Kay Monrot Judy Moore Crlbt rt Lvle Moser Cheryl Mosley Lrnda Muxray Steve lwease Tom O Rourke Carol Obborn Don Oxford PTUICIS Parker Shrrl Dmne Patterson Edward Patterson Howard Payne Sylvla Pearl Glenn PIC ILRE FTLRIL 7 'D PICTURE 4-q Pearson, Charles Peeples, Beverly 'CP zh- Perkins, Helen Pogue, Phyllis Porter Dorothy Pow ers Carol Prater Kenneth Ramsey Rrchard Raney Steven Ratekrn Clartce Ratllff Lrnda Rae Reed Henry RCISOIOI Lols Roach James Roy Jackre '17 Rudd1ck Marr ar Russell Conley Scott George Scott I1lTl Severn Cherl Shllllng Robert Showalter Rlchard Slusher Jerry Snuth Eldonna Smlth Helen Smrth lxancy Snow R1chard PICTURE Sparks Kenneth Snox stanlex sours Joe Del Stafforc Joxce Stalb Donald C f l xff-f"'f X-X KF? 'Wl f NX Xl Q ln A l 1-sn-f ff -,fl IQ!-IIIJI Z, QD CEL A 'I LQSQ Stuckex Carl Tanner Nlary Testcrlnan IHCQULIIDC Tho marun Tommx Thurston Carol Trlplctt Sharon Tug In Eddle Turner Sharon Tuter PeI.,s.y Wardln Francls Iwebb Vlolet Inaston Joe Heaton L1VCrI INIIIISIIIJII Rua Wxlhams Alan IVIIIIHHTS Glenna IVIIIIEIITIS Llllys IV1II1dlT'1S Twyla W11son Cwrolyn IVIISOII Bedon Wlnchester Glendal II olfe M1ts1e Wolfxnbar er Sandra Wood Karen Wood, Leroy Wody, Lavera IVl'1Q,I'lI, Iamce Yost, BIIIIS V7 It , in VN, PICTURE PICTURE ,V YQ PICIURE sw? PICTURE PICTLRE 4-ov L PICTURE I I 11' - I I ', 3 I 2, UN I g" ,Vw T! '. ' y f TN M I Egg I. 1 I I 4 , 'V hi . , 4 , X M .1 1 'II I I S ' V 7 IV W", KT? I I ' I , .!IIIf1IiIII,II:R II a ! 3 I M II II NWI! I I I If Y,IfII' 'I IIIII. III ' I ' I 731,76 Ivhipple, Linriell Z .Q N0 J f , LI , I ,ff I I I I I I i J xAx,,,,. 73 I I IX A I ' ' I I ' ' ' Q 'V . , ' . NO NO I, ' ' I In if I I I 'III I I' I I I 'I I' I ' I I B III I. D ' NO I I IIIII I I 1 I I I III I , I I I I ' WI :I I IRI ,Il JIS IIX I' I II I ,I I . . ' N X I I I 1 NO , I I I I IM - , Q i V Q My.. I I III I I ' I 'I XX I I III I I I I, I vi' "7 X-I Young Xrrfunia Baker Kenneth Brrnetl Paul Calxrn Donald Coble Parrren Frey Kenneth ull erson Melvin llanrger Linda Lett Albert Mensch Carl Smith David Wllliams Kenna Woody Fay Swift Larry T FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS - - Vice President, Joe Weston Sec retary, Sharon Farberg Council Representative, David Jobeg President Glenn Pearl. :fe on nfs may refurns mio or I is quickness us mfs qunelmess o N V X xmsfemie 0 TMS. morki of Jrfwm emems Thaw' never meedm io exe-5 ,W fm' W' Lass? SCI THE WAY OF L. ff BY ,f"Nf""'N gl IRC DI I PR 'W CTLVXTS Farm H LCfL Kansas City Mo UJA .. f rf GSW Q Q9 ll - QC .I.IfGI:X'I4 . 1.55 Pubhgbefs-4M:mJ::fwc': Y rrzozfgw-Vecrzz' Czcm I I ff 5----3'C.ju:T1," A'-'wp cw A 77, if

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