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33, H 275: - .- 5 ." X X X 5 1 1 N l x. 1?--KX SQ' ,I a. Q -v v 4 1 ,J , I, w . ' . A ' f 52 .? , 'I , A 'N 4' f, ' ' . ,I . Ll' N ,J fr, ,f 1 . ' . K., NL fs. ' J . f i 1 " J! I , If , ' .' 5? X S X11 J b if 5 v f - I ' jg A , ' k 4,. I, ,f ' 11 ' 1 x ' ,Q , -- ,x M , , 5 , , ,, f ' 54. ' Q 7 Jil: i fx, E- 'XM . tx -- cz- W R - 1 1 . R .1 H X , VN- X . , x 'R gf T557 R U xr? V X 1 KZ A X 1 .K N 'X NN" X f 9 ff x XP X , x f 5' xx x PC X ,, , A ,. cx K" 'V' xx T .. , Y . X A N ,- Q X x X " x X ' 7 -f A X X X 4 -s 15 uf M7 Az? A Z cnwf 7 f H Eoffoffy Beverly Wilson ASSISTANT EDITOR Richard Branham " xf t v lvl , U lf Dedication --d Lf f ,f J I The students have mrssed a farnrlrar face around the halls of N H S thrs year that of our math teacher Mrss Nerl Although she st1ll comes to vrsrt us she 1S mrssed not only rn her class but as a sponsor of the Nauonal Honor Socrety former d1rector of school plays and for her rnterest rn the welfare of all the students So we the students of Neosho I-hgh School would l1ke to dedrcate our 1957 WILDCAT to Miss Effre Ne11 I 5 1 gx 1 9 X' 72 W of Q 3 4 . Jug ,J V x N Z in X ' ' ks N X N sl 1 lt x, l- X xi Wy. N N X ' X? x 9 l Qu u AX ' H - T, ll xx l . 5' L ,Y l 1 Q N. mx I 1' K 'XX x' s A N' s ff Af .a yryv Milf," 4 dsl. Ly 2 It W t"f f t 4 L ilijx 'Eff' A5 X tl fm gf' , U pf' ff i.,4'r'f-sf A V y i,, y N, s xy 'rf , 1161. V!!! fs fe ,fi-fK .f ,L fi' AIA " . J: ff 1 fiff' jf? ,fif i , K '1 if X V, 1' ,-1 1 A "' . - N A . H . . . . Ei! fl 16' x '. I ' I l I . I . Iiwlgill 'AIX I x a e n 1 . 4.4 -if. x 04 X,-.R Gp. I' The assistant editor, Richard Branham, is practigehigyd d of his two assis- tants Mike Bruner and Kay Stewariuyji ' F75 T57 tl 6:4 A 5 V svhpylyijiyj .ji Jgrpf 7 ,JT J27 . X ,.., ' 7 X X- A I- 'CJK ' ff- QV J' fl- of' 1, asf ,ivy r C K, ' j sau' N PM I7 7 if 1,-PJ7? Q7 x 'Y X, ff! 54,7510 nal Matt Ratekin, John Prickett, Rolene Spencer, Tom Hoberock, Rick Wittmann, Kay Stewart, Sharon Howe, and Sue Hallman are trying to decide just which picture goes where. Linda Caldwell, Tom I-loberock, Don Killebrew, Gary Justice, Mike Bruner, Donna Stewart, and Diane Branham are looking over the schedule to see how many stories they are going to get stuck with writing. IL fdvd' MM ffywi Q- wfv Nr 'flanuary Thaw" ,jggpwffwggwim A JWWSWS M ea'fQ5,2f5,3-gfaffifmkg Herbert Gage . . . Sarah Gage .... Jonathan Rockwood Mathilda Rockwood Matt Rockwood . . Frieda ,,,,, Paula Gage . . Marge Gage. . . Barbara Gage . . . George Husted , . Mr. Loorr1is . . Uncle Walter . . Carson .... Constable . . Larry Holloway Mary Lou Evans Tom Hobenock Janice Doublas . Mike Bruner . Karen Walker . Mary Hosfield . Marilyn Bogle . Karen Beebe George Harzfeld Larry Hoberock . . Gary Justice . Wayne Severs , , John Bandy .Ihe Naiionalforensic League Q I A . ul , - ' 1 THE NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE . The National Forensic League is made up of members of speech and debate groups, It is con- sidered an honor to become a member of the N. F .L. To do so a person must eam a total of twenty points. He may do this by public speaking., reading, or de- bating: A letter is earned when a person reaches a total of fifty points, The 'speech and debate teams have had another successful year, They have attended several tourna- ments and also sponsored one of their own. cg ri ttf ff A if 2 W' Cy gf .'-UL ' 'bm-.7 Nh, '24--Ha ,X ' 1' fi f- fs ' , 'f JY 0-fa, QRV ,UM .,,1Q,,C-1 'N-L ,Q ','f4c,,1L V , m f 1 QW" Wifi' aj - L ,Q .Q ff v1cE PRESIDENT Marilyn Boglzfy , A ' " 5'f'r'e-egcif to, i SECRETARY Judy Haas I I f lj , ROW ONE: Shirley Buzzard, Pat Reed, Wylene Wolfenbarger Pat Balay Marno Rqbmson JbyXlC1cNa Marilyn Bogle, Rosa Robertson, Janice Douglas Judy Haas ROW TWGf Donnie Kirk J1mmySm1 Ted Groshoug, Don Bogie. .Tohn Garoutte, Tom Hoberock Sponsor, Mr McKinney Rudy Farber ed Strecker, Neil Long, John Carver. Q7 Paper Staff THE WILDCAT'S MEOW Every good high school has a newspaper, and N,H.S, is no exception. The w11.DCAT'S MEOW, edited by David Adams, performs excellently the job of presenting the news and enlivening it with such features as "Emade11's Ditties," "Imfosda Dandp" Clnvisible Men From Outer Space Disguised as Douglas and Portery, "A1onzo's Adventures," and "Mystery Couple." Sponsoring the joumalism department is Mr. Payne. Richard Bush as News Editor, Rosa Robert- son as Feature Editor, and Gary Boese as Sports Editor. Mr. Tink is in charge of the printing de- partment. t is L X QSRQXF w Wolfengarger. STANDING: Shiela u Eric Haddock, Doylene Porter 4 . , ...Y mnuu , my X' 4 2 a Y! -an . ,Z C.-5 ' NEWS REPORTERS FRONT ROW: Grace Oxford, Richard Bush, ludy Haas. BACK ROW: Connie Adams, Janene Sharp, Mary Jane McCartney, Marilyn Bogie. PRINTING -CIRCULATION Betty Shuey, Lynne Reed, Shirley Schuler, Rick Wittmann, Mr. Tink. we-4 s. ' L SPORTS STAFF FRONT ROW: Stephen Lampo, Ralph Moei lenhoff, Gary Boese. BACK ROW: Lonnie Harpool, John Garoutte, 3 Ti bf ROW ONE: Miss Tennison, Pat Clement,J aniceShilling, Dorma Stewart, Anna Rickman, Judy Woods, Barb- bara Marble, Betty Shuey. ROW TWO: SueBo1linger, Sandra Moser, Judy Bright, Jo Burr, Kathy Homuth, Carolyn Tichenor, Romona Combs, Nancy Wright, Charlotte Anderson, Kathy Sprinkle, Anita Wagner. ROW THREE: Helen Holt, Carol Faust, Wilma Morrison, Rosa Blevins, Helen Lyons, Ruth Combs, Clara Winchester, Darlene Davis, Loretta Leahar, Carol Hayes, Francis Yocum, Janice Troxel. ROW FOUR: Sharon Higgenbothan, Edna McCaffree, Kay Williams, Twyler Winchester, Julie Miller, Faro1Gunlock, Patty Young, Joyce Shuey, Thelma Hoover, Virginia Edens, Carol Edens, Linda Popejoy, Shirley Williams. ROW FIVE: Dorothy Letterman, Rosemary Easley, Phylis Sitch, Flonda Hover, Nancy Hobbs, Margaret Love, Mary Ehrhart, Joyce Adams, Pearl Williams, Lynn Reed, Karen Cook, Barbara Hawkins, Phyllis Hood. THE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ca This club is again active after a years absence, The F,H.A, Club is made up ofgirls who are interested in cooking, sewing, and homemaking who have been or are presently enrolled in home economics. Among the activities which they have attended was a fashion show, the Barnwarming, and a party for members. The club is sponsored by Miss Tennison who is the local home economics teacher. 2 H fqfv-w-,f7,'7' lil? 'p ,ff vrfziuff 1 1 tv '- " . ,Q fi- :fair-I 'fy-Qryzfgff K1-JZ!!-1 . fm. PRESIDENT Anna Rickman L 7, aff 'iff -4 I . 1 ' M flz T 1"-7 4 'ff P7375 VICE-PRESIDENT-Judy Woods -Ffh, J, , A T'J.,f,:f . t haf? f- , - q A 9 I -V E SECRETARY- Donna Stewart ' ' 5' - ' , f H .K . , - TREASURER-Sandra Macy ' ' I, a. Future Farmers of America FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is a large organization of boys who are interested in better farming methods. Among the events attended by the boys are the American Royal and the National F.F,A, Con- vention in Kansas City, They also entered several F,F,A, contests, Their main social activity of the year is the "Barnwarming." The boys elected as their queen. ,Tudy Woods and the F .H.A. girls chose Lonnie J' ent as the king. They also held a Parent- Son Banquet. l L PRESIDENT-Van Mason VICE-PRESIDENT-Micky Poor SECRETARY-Marvin Essley TREASURER-David Roy ROW ONE: Sam Malcolm, Larry Herron, Larry Erwin, Gary Pearman, Jerry Gilbert, Paul Randolf, Larry Rogers, Terry Herron, Glenn Robinson, Buddy Nugen, Norman Goucher. ROW TWO: J. T. Newdigger, Emmet Erwin, Van Mason, Robert Staib, Tony Young, David Roy, Micky Poor, Eugene Meyers, .Tim Mc- Clendon, J. H. Meyers, Webster Philliber, Marvin Essley. ROW THREE: Larry Moser, Kenneth Tatum, Chester Stuckey, Ronnie Stuckey, Lawrence Howland, Robert Staib, Richard Brown, John Moser, Mr. Courdin, Bryant Blakeley, Lonnie Jent, Howard Wilson, Tony Exel, Junior Combs, Don Warden, Carl Yetter, Dale Marble, Wayne McGehee. Library Club Very few of us realize the importance of the Library Club. We are unaware of the students who work behind the circulation desk. Their work enables such classes as debate, English, speech, and history to compose orations, research papers, and oral reports. Although these assistant librarians undertake their responsibilities voluntarily, they are relied on to make our library one of the best. President . . Sue Ann Bushmeyer Vice President . . . Kay Stewart Secretary . . . . . Patty Clement FRONT ROW: Charlene Stout, Barbara Marble, Patsy Greenfeather, Judy Lerrtz, Mary Martin, Majorie Stice, Loretta Lehar, Yulonda Butts. BACK ROW: Mrs. Payne, Sponsor, Sue Ann Bushmeyer, Twyla Winchester, Judy McNamara, Marie Meyer, Sue Price, Wilma Morrison, Coral Lee Evenger, Kay Stewart Pat Clement, Ellen Wallace. Rifle Club RIFLE CLUB The Rifle Club was organized two years ago under the leadership of Mr. Messer, the club sponsor. They now have recieved their charter from the National Rifle Association. Membershipis open to anyone in high school who is interested in firearms. The members of the club fire once a week at the National Guard Armory. Formerly members fired mere- ly for practice, this year Mr. Mess is planning rifle matches with other high schools in this area. The members fire with twenty -two caliber rifles. The club buys all the ammunition, but the army supplies the rifles and targets. af, 4 F. wr., 5 X 5 tx .. 9 if 259' 11 . 5 V f by Q 22, wwf i Y f LV ' V an , , 9 , g e NVQ Q, 3 " 2. his L+ K 7 1 n "Q , I 7' 1' a " K' ,,. -, President .... . . Bob Swan Vice President . . . Gary Stewart Range Director . . Quentin Swan Secretary ...... Gary Johnson FIRST ROW: Bill Abott, Norman Goucher, Scippy Wolfe. SECOND ROW: John Carver, Mike Riggle, CurtSwan, Quentin Swan, Gary Johnson, Dale Richards. THIRD ROW: Don Parker, Gary Stewart, Charles Fowler, Max Morgan, Bobby Fields, Matt Ratekin, Terry Herron, Larry Triplett, Mr. Messer, Sponsor. 0-Q, ilu wh .n ont? X'-vs! Z' FIRST ROW: Larry Hoberock, Ronnie Swift, David Rackowitz. SECOND ROW: John Lamb, Philip Wolfe, Neil Long, Richard Prettyman, Gary Boese, Richard Bush, John Carver, Jan Austin, Jo Ann Adams, Gail Peters. THIRD ROW: JoAnn Miller, Grace Oxford, Connie Adams, Louvette Bridges, Mary Jones , Marilyn Bogle, Sue Hallman, Mr. Summers, sponsor, Linda Caldwell, Diane Branhamg Kay Locke, Mary Jane McCartney, Nellie Moore, Rosa Robertson. 5 NA .1 . an W2 f A 9 f -- ...1 fqdvxfy 1 n i KH ' ULU- Lyo A f . . aio L Y f Z' 'lfm Awww.. QQ Qu WWW? K 1 co o CLUB A Q42 One of the older ubs of the school is the Cosmo Club. Formerly there were two clubs, the Latin Club and the Spanish Club, however in 1952 it was decided that the two clubs should be combined. The new club was named the Cosmo Club, cosmo comes from the word cosmopoliton, which me ans not belonging to any one country. The Cosmo Club is sponsored by Mr. Summers, the Spanish and Latin teacher. Membership in the club is open to anyone who is or has had a foreign language. The activities of the club include their own parties and an annual all-school party. President . . . . . . Ronnie Swift Vice President . . Rosa Robertson Secretary . . . . . . . Jan Austin Future Teachers of America FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA A new comer to the clubs and organizations of Neosho High School is the Future Teachers of America, better known as the FTA. This club, which is sponsored by Mr, Brown, was chartered by this year's Student Coun- cil. This club is designed to assist students who are planning to make teaching their career. Any student who is interested in teaching is eligible for membership. One of their projects was a salad supper to which all the teachers were invited. After the supper a panel discussion on teaching was held. 2' X f " "I frfwz , ' "' f , , .X-I Lf- 'V f ,ffa -'7 11 ,- f A' ' i J A , , , , 1 - , , 11 -4 . -fs ,, I f ,, Hvffv '1 f lf' 1 f' ' r s I Y' . 1 , 1 President . . . . . Rosa Robertson ' , ' J" R , 4 ,4 f 1 ' J Vice President . . Donna'Stewart , ' I Secretary . . . . . Sue Hallman I ' I fc' ' " ,,. 'I t I. 1 1 'A ll ' .tl -n FRONT ROW: Janice Douglas, Brenda Hammond, Sue Hallman, Donna Stewart, Rick Wittman, Jan Aus- tin, Marilyn Bogle, Wilma Morrison. BACK ROW: Mary Price Darlene Ezell, Rosa Robertson. Ioan Killebrew, Joan Edson. ' r W 4? 1 9 Y T 00 J Q., Ar ri ,- w. - sift, xi, i ROW ONE: Howard Powelson, Ronald Pullum, Billy Smith, ROW TWO: Linda Popejoy, Carol Thurman, Linda Houchen, Diane Branham, J' udy Bright, Linda Rue, Donna Shadwick, Jane Love. ROW THREE: John Prickett, Kay Stewart, Joan Ball, Donna Stewart, Rolene Spencer, Sponsors, Mr. Bell and Mr. Tinkg Gary Boese, Charles Sturdevant, David Adams, Gary Pierman, PRESIDENT-Gary Boese VICE-PRESLDENT-Charles Sturdevant SECRETARY-Rolene Spencer TREASURER-Donna Stewart ASSISTANT TREASURER-Linda Houchen THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is composed of represent- atives from the four classes and from each home- room. In the Council meetings, each representative may bring up an suggestions which have been brought to his attention by members of the student body, If the Council members agree that it would benefit the general student body, a committee takes the pro- blem to Mr. Barlow. The Council also provides the films each quarter and gives money to each homeroom for the Thanks- giving and Christmas baskets. As an added project this year they are planning a new student directory. Office iaffs OFFICE STAFF The seven girls who work in the main office help Miss Anderson keep the school run- ning smoothly. Their duties consist of answer- ing the phone, keeping absentee records, and taking scores of messages. The student who work with Mr. Brown help him take care of the guidance office, His office is open at all times to students who want to fill out their schedules, get information for work, or to decide which college they will attend. LEFT TO RIGHT: Doris Hood, Mary Ann Hosfield Betty Stillions Miss Anderson Dorothy Simmons Joan Edson, Charlott Belt, Norma Hoagland Pep Club President-Sue Hallman Vice-President-Rolene Spencer Secretary-Janice Douglas Treasurer-Mary Lou Evans PRES HMA N CHEERLEADERS Marno Robinson, Ioan Gleghorn, Gail McNeeley Doledy Kafura, Patsy Smith, Sharon McGinty. PEP CLUB This club is just what its name implies-a lot of fun and energy packed into one voice. The Pep Club will be found at all the football and basketball games urging our team to vic- tory. Other activities include selling candy, providing transportation to and from the games, and sponsoring all-school dances throughout the year. This year, for the first time, it is possible to eama letter by serving on various committees. This able organization is headed by an executive committee composed of Sue Hallman, P re s id en tg Rolene Spencer, Vice-Presidentg Janice Douglas, Secretaryg and Mary Lou Evans, Treasurer. Another basket for Neosho is the cause for these happy faces. Kat-etis And Gym Council 09 F kd af' ROW ONE: Mary Jones, Louvette Bridges, Gail Peters,Judy Hohenstein, Katherine Patterson, Judy Terry, Nancy Wright, ROW TWQ Marcell Linder, Lana Brown, Linda McKean, Kemmy Foster, Diane Bran- ham, Barbara Thompson. ROW THREE: Shirley Gift, Deanna Haddock, Joan Killebrew, Karren Bebee, Jody Schweitzer, Karen Walker, Linda Rue, Mary Ann Hosfield. ROW ONE: Schuler, Brooks, Loftis, Miller, Simmons, Foster, Houchen, Stewart, Erickson, Hart, Arenz, Watkins, Bebee, Reed. ROW TWO: Blevis, Shilling, Young, Coombs, Naylor, Richards, I ones, Thompson Hammond, Marble, Rickman, Hallman, Betts, Buzzard. ROW THREE: Smith, Curtis, Ruddick, Woods, Lentz, Stewart, Bright, Evans, Carden, Griffith, Burr, Guy, Burr, Green, Haddock. ROW FOUR: Foster Stout, Oxford, McGuire, Kessinger, Spencer, Patton, Hively, Peters, Branham, Locke. Lasiter, Dawson Sponsor, Mrs. Smith. M 5 5 -Q, 15' ?f'L sW'H x? 2 ' A 'wxiff ,QA .d,,5 GAVA A 3 gf imd b A 1 .4 x X Cl Q x 9, Xi 1 'i 'vs i 5 ,f A ay K fk W , ky," 9 Q"--5, i VZQJQVQ "fr - in 4 ,wif Q V' V J MV ,ff zw n-3 W ' ,f f .G . ff :,...-- .5 Q 5 cw f 2 L'-9 5 LQ - , '23 -.s..v5? - if R Q ' OX 4,-J-A ? is Q 35? SM "'-uuwu 1 f Q af-wh , ff W4 " ill! .1 . A ,g - 1 x f' , Q gh 3 W 54' 5. Q mf "TK A fra 7 'FFL Nl-62ders" VALEDICTORIAN Donna Stewart SALUTATORIAN Davld Adams """'-. PM ARD SPORT SNXANSHW md Teagafden A R Da Sue H allman Junuor - enuor teermg Commuttees .45 Z? Deane Branham Garl Peters Brenda Hammond 5' 112, Fi Olwl ROW Curr Danrel Gary Houk Gary Bousu John Prrckerr BACK ROW Sue Hallman Donna stewart Doylene Porter l I I I C1 f an A, - CC 4' ,K 1 j , , ,, 'S Q -rg 3 gg , , vw 0 rv "' 1 ,x .f I u U If I G' if M M 6? . , ,af r FRONT ROW: Tom Hoberock, Rolenc Spencer, Richard Prelryman. BACK ROW: Charles Hcarne, R 4 gig' . 4, , 4+ ' 4 M, ' , ! ' M 72 5 B I ' , an L W, A V M- E ,M z X I J V . C ' . , ' . Election Jamce Douglas candrdate for secretary and Gary Boese, candxdate for presrdent were sponsored by the Semor class The Juruor class canchdates were Rolene Spencer for secretary and hm Cash for Pres1dent fatfffx H1 The Student Councll takes charge of the votmg The results Of the elecuon showed that Gary Boese was the new student body presrdent and Rolene Spencer was the new secretary I tw i s to 5 2 fi ff 0 F . , ', 5 s O . f 0 y X for YA Q 9' 'nf ' s T bi A " sz it yy X 3 J he ft V 'g , - a .gs ,Wa fi? Q4 1 , ,Q y I, ...wi MW.- . wht' L u I .s.. 4 K v ' QM- Q74 4"Qm Q, . 0" x I 'us' -.,..,f'. :ir , . . . Cooks And Custodians . we awwu J 7 25474 ww, -474404 Q5 -Xzizfff'-ef fi!!-bf! jizz' ' , , . 4,-Mid !.f6f'?"5!i' Lg M ffzuwfwwfgfv ffffwc-l fic ef 5 aj Qfwcf 7' i JWVLC I ' yn. . ,ff -gpncfdflfif 56960 M y , , AMA J Q7 0 , , ,M 2 7,ZW zLf JW? 26. f XY ' J ! P The cooks, Mrs. Gilstrap, Mrs. Reding, Mrs. Murray, and Q Jgfgxej y gy 557 ff Lf- WVWZQV A644 There seems to be some disagreement between Mr. Abernathy and Luther Pogue as to who is going to get to paint that new table. web' .fwfiy fiffzf. wwf may 2,1 f ff Q .wpffgmg H4546 ,L 5'-07' izzdgffffmff Mrs. Kulp are busily preparing lunch for the starving students . , y 27 7 1' K F kv' 'N Q '-1 sg. ' Q 4' 1 i , .7 53 Kw- ,wwf ,sl CAFETERIA SUPERVISOR Mrs. Byrd n 1 I H0 U ur Royalty IIMIQ' H2523 EMU 2.212 , mm: , Sf? 'fy YEARBOOK CANDIDATES ROW ONE: Shirley Curtis, Sharon McGinty, Jackie Erickson, Beverly Wilson. ROW TWO: Linda Houchen Edith McCrary, Judy Woods, Emma Castillo. BA SKET BALL CANDIDATES Delorous Tuggle Rolene Spencer Mary Ann Franks Mary Lou Evans FOOTBALL CANDIDATES FRONT:QEFI1n3 Lofgis, Sandy Dun can. BACK: Sharon McGinty, Dor thy Simmons. Opening Day Mr. Barlow makes the opening speech to student body on the first day of their return to school. Mr. Murphy gets ready to begin taking pictures for another year. At the Senior class meeting Mr Bell hands Marlene Miller her schedule card for the coming year " .... Marlene Miller and Johnny Altizer were candidates for Carvial king and queen." ' When" E L "Mr, Anderson and Mr, Barlow must have had a gay time that night!" " .... Can anyone remember when Mamie Sue Hallman had long hair?" 'Q 8 . .jeff 'Mil .5-Q56 fm' H-.X,,g,Qf' , 35 V Qwbr Q Q , ,v ,ww f Mfg, fig? f4::h,.- ' ' V 7"'01 V .I 4 41 ,353 L elector Jack Lemmon .r in earboo k Attendants MPX Miki? M J, K 6 - M k r GYSTX 'M ,f V-OS we LIN SYXPX O 4 1700 C 19641 U i XENKNKPS- CASTXLMO vivo wi as semcxed 'oi Sack Leqikvoxx CBYOQQBGSCXKXOOX. TXX6 Sw- Coxmcxx sexecxeck we new queen 60 fr . 17 A70 on 191, gg dem fi' earbook Attendants SUDY WOODS LWLS MV, ON 'S- QRLCYNSO , ,QE BC . I , 4 f ' X x, - X . , , . , 1 f,, 1 ..-' K ! 4 ,Y Q C . ' I N bjap:-,T-nsawngss' N N .,, D ' x Q , EM- fffgi-M 4 'wg if 'Q' uf f Q W? -5 A wwf fs fe ,ww 5. ' i :gn k . Q is E X 1 2' K 4' gif? 14' 1 Y y x '1 MOST SCHOLARLY Davxd Adams and Rosa Robertson MOST HANDSOME hm Pead E IEST Ulma C HSIIHO 3' MOST ATHLETIC AND PEPPIEST Charles Belt and Jack1e Erlckson PERSO NA LIT erry Darnell Y PL Us and Io Q .SQEEXM 1111 PHC ke It ,,l.,-Q9-"' X "N-5 S COUR MOST DEPENDABLE ue Hallman LZOUS Rxck wmmarm and Donna Stewart Calyj U-Sllce "Barnwarmin" LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Pierman, Flonda Hoover, Van Mason, King, Lonnie .Tent and Queen, Judy Woods Anna Sue Rickman, Karen Cook, Howard Wilson. " BARNWARMIN" The annual "Bamwarmin," sponsored by the Future Farmers of America and The Future Hornemakers of America was held November 30. Thehighlight of the event was the coronation of the king and queen. From the candidates, the group chose Judy Woods, Queen and LO!!l1iG.Te!1I King. The program consisted of square and round dancing and games. To conclude the event refreshments were served. wma cf. ,fx YN, 'KH 4 G1 m iv af We 7 v 1 . ,, if,-.1 L fr 5 Wav HJ ' ' ,V , , , f , ' ar' f X FLUTES Emily Glenister Kaye Locke Linda Houchen Randie Vahlgrin OBOES John La mb CLARINETS Howard Jent John Prickett Carolyn McGuire Eric Haddock Mary Ann Fauhl Mike Brunner Sarah Tuggle Carolyn Macy Bee Burrow Janice Shilling Linda Popejoy Charles Baugher Gary Stewart Shirley Curtis Judy Woods John Williams Dewane Houck BASS C LARINEI' Connie Adams BASSOON Bill Hux ALTO SAX Richard Bush Charles Brock TENOR SAX Eldon Smith Estel Landreth BARITONE SAX William Kenny HORNS Vera Snow Jim Jobe J. D. Boyd Phillip Wolfe De Ann Holmes Ann Kanable BARITONE Richard Matters Ralph Moehlenho ff John Weber CORNET Charles Heame Gary Guppy Wayne Severs Curtis Daniel Charles Hammer Denny Mathis Lewis Skelton Bonnie Cogbill Loyd Lavender Howard Powelson Wiley Kirk James Story TROMBONE Bobby Carter Matt Ratekin Gary Johnson Elzene Camerer Jean Heinlene Don McFal1 TROMBONE Qcontd j Skippy Wolfe Kenny Anderson BASSES Darrell Sellars Andy Hager Wayne Reding TYMPANI T ed S trec ker BELLS Linda Caldwell DRUMS Carolyn Hopkins Jimmy Lee John Parker Darlene Holmes Rosemary Easley M DIRECTOR Mr. Lloyd Damell Once again the Neosho High School Band has scored with the public with their fine music. Members of the band, directed by Lloyd Damell, are chosen for pro- ficiency and instrumentalbalance. During the year the band participates in many activities. The first semester is devoted to footballpageantry and parades, The sec- H vf ,I 1, 1 ,I L J v t. V. f AK' ' L, I V Y, 1 . 4' C ne it ii f N' - 'N . , 'T "J AJ AND OUNCIL fy. if ls Hammer Gary Guppy, Howard . and W7 N X -u IAM G1 U XXV' XL NM Xt, l K-NB ff 5 wi X tt ff bf mx 'XV J, to VAL' J W J, 0 ye , K Extras? lr U I T- C an ush STANDING: Vera Snow, Wil 9 w i . ' liam Kenney, gfnily Glenister. rw , ond semester on ists of on rts solo , , "AQ A I - C S C Ce ' ,R MV? ,Aj .LMJ1 4 11 contests, and the spring tour. H ,7 . y ,fl i NJ j The band is governed by a coun- 75. f-.QU-if. if h , s 146,33 cil made up of band members. This 1 if-eff cf' QQHC7' Af4N4,.AJXQ group sets up the rules and sees that the, f-,gkjujih Q, 0-QJA rp' f ' ' D' T4 members Obewhem- za fi. C G O 1 Qwce ci T ff , , Y 'A K JV 1 bf ffffdbv aff CLA f7iQ4LL,Qk0t.45, fi " -.7?Vf,v?L,fiZD-Q,fQi? ., AX V 76.1 I4 .AM iwf fy, x ij , Af? ,ff QJAVAAZG ,XXXXUKAIIXQ L42 as Ma fo C q Q fi L' .J . .f4,V1,f,!4s 11,0-vMAJ5RETT -e y if " on-.34 C1LA,ff 4 Judy Woods, Vera Snow, Bee Burrows Rosemary Eas ey. I Q men, AG DRUM MAIOR I ul la li Richard Bush ROW ONE: Mr. McKinney, D. Adams, W. Severs, R Bush, J . Hively, F. Ruddick, M. Evans, S. Owens, P. Hood, R Spencer, J. McNabb, W. Brooks, D. Hood, S. Duncan, B. Shuey, B. Carter, B. Murray, L. Harpool, H Bass, C. Pearl. ROW TWO D. Burtcher, B. Spiva, R Wittmann, G. J ustice, W. Wolfinbarger, B. Marble, G. Loftis, D, Hively, P. Lasiter, D. Porter, L. Brown, P. Balay, L. Houchen, J. Haas, B. Jones, J. Killebrew, G. Macy, C. Daniel, J. Pearl, R Sweeny, B. Abbott. ROW THREE: G. Hutchinson, E. Curry, R Lampo, B. Edwards, J. Prickett, L. McKean, J. Terry, J. Ball, B. Darnall, Y. Wyatt, C. Farrell, K. Beebee, R Ginamoreno, S. Harris, D, Pierson, R Walker, N. Long, H. J ent, C. Sturdevant. ROW FOUR: L. Holloway, D. Manis, G. Houk, D. Francis, J, Manz, M. Earhart, D. Harper. J. Kruse, J. Noble, J. Hohenstein, L. Reed, E. Johnson, M. Guy, B. McDonald, P. Clement, M. Miller, L. Lasiter, S. Lampo, M. Quirk, S. Hux, G. Guppy. ROW FIVE: J. Altizer, E. Landreth, T. Strecker, B. Hodges, S. Wolfenbarger, G. Couch, B. Thompson, D. Branham, L. Patton, L. Sitch, D. Hart, S. Howe, P. Reed, J. Erickson, C. Mc- Guire, V. Snow, W. Clark, J. Story, C. Crawford, J. Cash, J. Miller, G, Boese, R..Moe11enhoff. X ul , ui X fxxi Wt 7,10 'U 11-5',?0fi J Yu rf"' JL .L ily, Y Iwi' UA fibre A fl awk! ,NJA ra AMPALX ,M.k My, LJ! L YWM4 Li F., ,Lf . .Aa fjfdfw Wmcw . , f 4 f puv, v. .n.k',1 f. :MJF 6460! .vu Jill trlvxyfmfafy AA Jl,V,UvAf 7,0 gyck -W 'y '-Q N'-1 7 Z1 -Vt a . af , can t M N 56.41 K' UVQUW XX Barbara Marble, Judy Haas, Linda Houchen, Linda Patton, Doylene, Judy Hohenstem, Carolyn McGuire, Vera Snow, Marlene Miller, Dixie Hively, Glenna Loftis. f 'xx ,-,Lexx BOYS QUARTET Jack Hively, and Wylene Wolfenbarger. GIRLS TRIPLE TRIO Don Burtcher, Charles Sturdevant, Richard Bush ROW ONE: E. Roark, .T. Hardy, E. Ruddick, L. Erickson, B. Rickman, J. Brown, J. Rathbun, J. Reynolds, R. Neese, D. Moser. ROW TWQ M. Srandfer, J. Wall, N. Chancellor. J. Gleghorn, S, Burner, M. Prickert, P. Sirch, P. Cox, C. Cook, S. McGinty, C. Burr, B. Cook. ROW THREE: L. Lentz, G. McNeely,R. Hatfield, J. Perry, T. Pearl, J. Lane, M. T, M. Thomas, L. Kessel, C. Snow. ROW FOUR: T. Hoover, J. Shuey. J. Jones, D. Davis, H. Billenger, Mr. McKinney, M, Thogmartin, C. Edens, V. Edens, M. Martin, M. Stice, K. Hometh, B. Crandell. ROW ONE: Mr. McKinney. J. Bright, S. Mose, R. Plewa, L. Ruddick, J. Richards, L. Rude, S. Bollenger, D. Haddock, J. Hartso. ROW TWO: L. Popejoy, N. Oliver, K. Layman, D. Griffith, G. Carden, J. Johnson, P. Massy S. Buchannan, N. Simmons. J. Shilling, J. Rogers. ROW THREE: D. Kessenger, B. Burr, V. Bevis, R. Blevans C. Anderson, P. Caranhan, .T . Jeff, P. Jones, E. Franklin, C. Tyler, M. Crowder. J. Burr. 355 1 .SI u jj ' fi' . 41" rx -4 " . L N D1REcroR ' ' " l '- Mr. Doyle McKinney Glenna Loftis, Marlene Miller, Dude I-lively, Doylaze Porter, VOCAL INSTRUCTOR Ch3!'1eS SIUICIBVBIII, ROI! Sweeney, David Ad2l'I1S, Gary Houk, M1-5, Mgrgaret Cgmey Jackie Erickson, Howard J mt, Donna Hart, Gary Boese, Betty Darnall, Larry Holloway. ROW ONE: Darrel Sellers, Jo Ann Miller, Jan Austin Louvette Bridges, Dale Whitter, Armel Cates, Sally Brockman, Linda Matter, Jerry Stussy, Lawrence Miller, Eugene Young, Karl Talsferro. ROW TWO: Mary England, Sherrian Brockman, Linda Caldwell, Judy Draper, Randi Vahlgram, Emily Glenister, Susan White, Donna Cole, Norma Oliver, Bill Hux, John Lamb. ROW THREE: Darlene Oliver, Linda Hively, J. D. Boyd, Jim Jobe, Charles Hammer, Larry Wallace, Jess Hayes, Larry Tanner, Matt Ratekin, Mr. Darnell, Carol Bush, Lonnie Harpool. The Neosho orchestra is a combined group of students from the Neosho High School and the Neosho Intermediate School. The orchestra has furnished entertainment at the school plays, assemblies and at graduation, Since the orchestra is composed largely of intermediate students, we can look forward to a very nice orchestra in future years. DIRECTOR Mr. Lloyd Damell 1 gg x X I i .NX l I Q Q -gl? 4 5, , gg ' , A ,4 gr ' ' M 2' Vx 2' 'F Aa W X, X X 1 4' if wa' 'E A M. ,MJ X, 'W' N 'QL PAUL MILLENDER LARRY HOLLOWAY ELDON SMITH "Ross" "Poochy" Iunior Senior Senior LEON GLOVER DAVID TEAGARDEN ESTEL LANDRETH "Bull" "Blackie" Junior Sophomore Senior fb ,P- Kiln QM? I .0-It-1 fs lr ,ww 3, l Q, mn . ri .f AM v .kg Vs ff ,.'- 7 W ,vw Q- O' Homecomin g TheNeoshotw'i1dcats ,I g fought a brave battle but they if lost the Homecoming game to J Mt. Vernon by a score of 26-6. ff 'N 1 J 1 N u 3 ., The 1956 Coronation took place in the candle lighted gymnasium. The mixed chorus provided music both before and during the ceremony. The Queen, Glenna Loftis was crowned by Captain, Charles Belt. The evenings events were concluded with a soc-hop held in the gymnasium. The Queen's Dance with Queen, Glenna Loftis and Co-Captain, John Altizer. - .ual Sharon McGinty is escorted by Dorthy Simmons, Senior, is The Sophomore candidate, "A" team member David Tea- escorted by "A" team member Sandy Duncan, is escorted by garden, Gail Young. "A" team member Howard Jent, Basketball Homecomin The Neosho Wildcats fought like wildcats in order to defeat Nevada with .1 score of 78-72 and to win their Homecoming game. The 1957 coronation was held in the gymnasium, The band provided the music during the games and during the ceremony. TheQueen, Rolene Spencer was crowned by Co-Captain Gary Guppy. The Queen and her royal court then reigned over the A- tearn basketball game. Queen Rolene Spencer is escorted by the co-captains Gary Guppy and Gary Boese. Senior candidate Mary Ann Delorus Tuggle the Freshman S op ho more candidate Mary Franks is e sc orted by senior candidate is escorted by Junior Lou Evans is escorted by Senior team member Paul Millender. team member Leon Glover, tearr. member John Prickett. IU ee ,Ag x13 ,1 33,0 44,35 MANAGERS Stephen Drake Joe Manz LEFT TO RIGHT John Puckett Leon Glover Charles Hammer Richard Bush Paul Millender Jim Pearl Charles Sturdevant Ron Sweeney Gary Guppy Gary Boese Ralph N ollenhoff and Coach B1llSt1pp BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Coach Bill Stipp THE 1957 BASKETBALL SEASON The Wildcats had a good season this year with a record thus far of five wins and two losses in con- ference playing. They got off to a bad start by losing to Carthage 60-56. But they quickly regained their strength and defeated Cassville 60-40 and Lamar 64-60. They were then upset by Aurora 84-59. But they again made a comeback to win over Mt. Vernon 75-69, Nevada 78-72, and Monett 67-40. Dec Carthage Toumament Dec, lO-15 Mr. Vemon Tournament Dec. Carthage Dec Neosho Tournament Ian. 4 Cassville Ian. Lamar Jan. Aurora Feb MI. Vemon Feb Nevada Feb lvlonett Feb Webb City March 5-8 Regional Toumament f" v I 1 P4332 A 'ev L lg 4255? if ,ew r,,,.wf"' QE WWI -rf , Ya V, ,. ,roof '95, R, W. ANDERSON Superintendent of Schools An essential person in the Neosho schools is our super- intendent, Mr. R. W. Anderson. Besides being the purchasing agent for all our schools and employing all the teachers, he serves as the public relations man between the public and the school. In addition he attends the meetings of the school Board and carries out its wishes. Since a school is measured by its leaders, we are proud to have a capable man such as Mr, Anderson as one of our leaders. .1 MISS DORIS KENNY Secretary to Superintendent f4w.1Lxs.f'.5:A.wfm,s4.,,,,, ,,..,,Mm 2 'M My Emiyidwfml 0 ,,' g 54' f mm: f A 7 19543122 1 I ,M 32 Q5 wifkyz wig i Air: I qw, N ' 3, , AM"--5... W-fwxwfw ,, , in I A M25 X JV X' X f , , My Al V 5 UMW sfbliifaap ,eww A I I 4 A rf? ' '. A S" M 1 ,, ' 4 is 1, ., war, 'U' ,Li f - , F' Board of Education THE BOARD OF EDUCATION T The Board of Education is the foundation on which our school is built. It consists of a group of business men who are to approve all bills, salaries, and the annual school budget. They also decide on all rules and regu- lations for our school system. The members of the board who are always willing to spend their time helping our school are: Paul Clark, Presidentg Tom McClintock, Hale McGinty, W. R. Collie, Leo McKean, William Hearne To these men we want to express our gratitude PRESIDEN1 Pa ul Clark Hale McG1nty W R Collie it .ww Tom McClintock Leo McKean William Hearne ftt ,. U s Y :,E. V if lys gg' , ,,wp t H Q a MARION L BELL Scrence Student Councrl Sprrngfreld Mo M Unrversrty of Arkansas Grad Work Unrversrty of Colorado Faculty RALPH I BROWN Drversrfled Occupatron G urdance Counselor Southwestem Oklahoma ASCM Grad Work Unlversrty of -.W-f MRS .TOE COKER Govemment Mrssourr Unrversrty of Arkansas GENE COURDIN Vocatlonal Agrrculture F F A af M M S Sprrngfleld M0 M S Colorado A M B S A Unrversrty of rssourr Umversrty of Mrssourr Monnet Ir College Unrverslty of Grad Work Unrversrty of Mrssoun MRS RICHARD FAUHL RICHARD FAUHL Englrsh Metal Shop Kansas State Teachers College Grad Work George Peabody Undergrad Work Trrnrty College of Musrc London En Oklahoma Bap trst Unrversrty Stout Instrrute Menomonre Wrs Grad Work Umversrty of Oklahoma Unlversrty of Wrsconsrn Colorado A M B S E Sprmgfreld Mrssourr Fresno State College Fresno Cahf M S Oklahoma A Ba M Faculty B S E Spr1ngf1eld Mo Cottey College Grad Work Umversrty of Denver Unrversrty of Kentucky Kr B Drury College Grad Work Umversrty of Colorado ADA HANCOCK MRS CHAUNCEY HASTINGS Commerce Study Hall Nauonal Honor Socrety Central Mrssourr State M A Unlverslty of Arkansas B S E Kansas State Teachers College Grad Work Colorado A8:M Un1vers1ty of MISOUII JO HOUSER RUSSELL JOHNSON ELLIS LATIMER Speech Hrstory Industr1a1 Arts Engllsh Psychology Vocatronal Trarnmg Colorado A Br M GERSTER LENTZ BUCK LOWERY Mathematrcs Auto Mechamcs Golf Coach ,Mr Spring field Missouri Grad Work Universlty of Illinois Northwestern Unrverslty Faculty 1 DOYLE MC ICINNEY DUANE MESSER Vocal Music History Dra ma tic s Rifle C lub FORREST MILLER Physlcal Education B S E University of Missouri M Washington State College X MRS IAMES X Librarian Library Club PAYNE QR MRS JAMES POWELL Science B S E University of Arkansas Umversity of Arkansas Grad Work University of Denver New Mexico Westem College JAMES PAYNE English Wildcat s Meow National Honor Society JS MOLLIE SMITH Physical Ed uca tion Pep Club Springfield Missouri Grad Work University of Colorado Spnngfield Missouri University of Tulsa W' DONNA SMIT H Mathematics PAT TENNISON B . A . Central Washington College of Education University of., Arkansas .,., M . S . Iowa College X f r N, .4 .JM ., 1, Facu Ity i . d X f NY Q! 3."sAe..'4 1 , Q X-. -' .sm Q? Fx'-C, -- NC J ' rx J V,. rx, Lx XIJXJL 'Xxx 3. XJ A.B. C George Peabody I 7 x I I -2. TA, 17 spigxbxx Wy A N. jx' 41 , jj r X vb r . S ft, D ,ff 3-fx ,glov xr Pk-Q3 TWH! 3 ' J' f A A TQ '39,j.i-1.5.5 fi A X LJSJQWJ, WX, ' X -1 ' - f--. si JQJXACBJX CARL SUMMERQ ' -XL English X f' xr Foreign Languggesysx f' 1' A X if,LJ-,J.,.'DN.J H 'N KQX 51 xX"XfN-3 ' . l xj fx, . F ! X 1 7 I x ' 3 l W' N X rj U I 1 N . 'X' J V, A k J 'j3J,.,,,J Ml' af 7' ' V ' ' Cosmo Club W CS fx . RICHARD TINK T 'Q . ,T N . . fx ,, ' ' " Q1 D4 T' N 9,19 5 5 5 -f ' ' of Missouri ' n .. fl ' J J BJ 6:52 5 Iifigfield. A Institute-,J A x . . - J . - , yrssogbgxlj AI niversit3fQf Ilgfarfsixfry Grad . ,W k Ol' K MAUDMARY WILSON A 'm N+-,.f.s,J 2 Jlrvv fwfssfd Home Economics 'Nw JN Commefce ' Art F.H.A. Wildcat-S Meow F Wildcat Sponsor Y Q .R , . ,x if I J ' . - I A N . . , -. fx ' XX 7 i 'D l 5X.:X'X Ax x A D-J ' :XCQLCC V' li JA? JJ J N 'Q ' fl ' fi ' ix aww JC 1 - '15 f . .M -'C' , 'K .fi . x X , -. ,Q , h h K gr ,X . J-11, or .j-.Jqb P V, xi WN- L RJ NX 1545! f-- 4 . 'J 'D 'X - . , X ' ' X 1 I X , Vs . b TK K -C -5 XY l QJNACD JJ NPJXH N R uw A.-2 is ' 'Y X if J f 1 N: SXQ '. . x Q' + . 'in A. XA ' . X R . if 3, .JA X X.QXjev,sQ,,,,,3Qy.,Jq Q . X 5QJwXN.vwX W ,LX JMC XX3 X X we A is Qro W W fi ' K or is . ,, X :XJ - , 'X ' 'N W fi xy N Q. W . fs - rv, X-fx Cfx.fNL2Qx CN, xxyxfx ,i K ,bo X3 kj N mdk . U 'A Cx r KJ CN . Q is XSQXLQK-NJNXJQXY 'XIXNI lvl QQ QL X 's.5X,mxXs5X,'ix Q2 -J QXXQ: MXN-,AJ 3, 1,X3QY3,JXJ,x L: . A 0 A C ?'Vq, 5 ii 5i4fi'i!:4iHefXw. -J www 'ws 0 K xi Q X, . fi . . is A " 3 f"'+--'-' ' W XJXIXINK XQJQL QL D V.: JJ. K X tk V- v ,M 35 - . H N X X 1. Xb, X Jef'-f ':f-2Xfo.A4,Nf-f k3C3Q4Jk Kivvkllrs 'D 'ff Wu..-AV",F,!-'C ,,.-AJKE Ufuvnsisyreif. 45.1, National ljlonor share! Kwik Student ouncil Going to Colleg Merit Scholar- ship Finalist 4 '5E5avTd' 'Ardamsilf Paper Editor 3,4 C x Xbumuv w '9' Y' X kjlgycgxiflxihifni, . ,LQ Johnny Aitizer "riwF4Hw243?MQ 6 F.H.A. .ix UQJQ, F XJX, Q51 I XJXJVX-' rl' xl, Nix -S' '--- BJ in K XX oan Ball Coun- Pep Club 3,4 X l xg xi A A - A GhaLQX.B9l4y-nl, K -N Q 559 1 o r r rroo S X535 " x 6-X , r mx X- .rl M. X J xx fx, X 1 X Q SL vii ' ii Y' Q X -it Idea Pre t of Ski res. de Body4 fp K K x,gl.5N,D , x Xp 183 xjyxy, ' 1 GargrBoese N 3 r N jj! L C Student Body 3 'O VT Bov63 Honor Steering Com- R i u Bryantgilalgeley w H M mittei N Q A I x, H, - I wx K X . x u fx S Xr5St:rJrtSrSg, . . rffgiglsxjgghy K wt r S 5 'www LQ K, Q3 Xl ADQX f . ,X Sw lgyleen ligiqooks My g ll, X Pep ciub 1,2, I -fr ' S 3,4 j ' Paper stiff 4 Joyce Brady I A2y M X, y if-,silly Brock Elly: iigcou i I-iomerooriu Of- riy tt',y f X ficef 4 rtaa we fwrl me SNXQMQ V -S Wet www 3 , cQ, , l -WT ff fx? Q O u XJ TY. 'QAAJNS N ,f3,?,1 J", 'x.t, i7x,jr'JxNe?.L Qs fr, .,-t 'A.A.,,,j-,Y I Q F' X 1 Q V Q . my JB 41 y, 1,-Q S W 915' Q Y- JN xx,-'Abu .X X. ,gb X, x,-Apfe3x5KE,JxJQ, 1 2mD3..,NJwfg3-,?gqNfJv.3i2r ,gg Cfvw XSPXS fbi-41 'iw rf3OwK51QN5ip5Xiy -Q W ff yu 8 s s, +4 C NX dvw-Sk 'Q we JCLQX silk Sheldon Bushnell , ' Norman Busker xl , ' . ' X C Cy! Q ,IWFQA wh" X nX1N ,gjx .zz ,X " 4 ' S JC . 1 , 'UK x' ' Q ' -t ' Xu, . , John Carver Cosmo Club 1,2, 3,4 N.F.L. 3,4 Rifle Club 3,4 Football 1,2,3 WXSK -cf Pat Clement Student Coun- cil 1 F.H.A. Offi- cer 4 Pep Club 1,2,3 Li brary Club Of- ficer 4 Paint Daubers 4 1. Nolen Cope 4 Howard Crumbliss EN. Curtis Daniel Basketball 3 Football 1 Seruor Class President 1' Norma Daniels Yulonda Butts Library Club 4 WA! Delmar Cook ff James Cummings Betty Darnall Pep Club 1 2 Paint Daubers President 4 Football Queen 3 Personality Plus Scholasuc Art Award 1 2 3 Annual btaff Student Coun c1l 3 ,ar Jerry Daugherty Golf F.F. A. Pep Club Rosemary Easley Majorette 3,4 Pep Club 2,3,4 F.H.A. 1,2, Alleta Elhson Billy Day Joan Edson F.T.A. 3,4 Pep Club 1, 2,3,4 N.F.L. 1 Science Club 3, 4 National Essay Contest 4 Home Room Of- ficer 1,2 Office Assis- tant 2,3,4 Jackie Erickson Cheerleader 1, 3,4 Peppiest Girl 4 Football Attend ant 2 Annual Attend- ant 2,4 Flower Box Attendant 3 Student Council 1 Phy. Ed. Coun- cil 4 John Faules B bb F. d Rifle clubs XYJ 1 ti 9 Y 1615 Science Club Rifle Club 3,4 Pep Club 3 Janice Douglas F.T.A. 4 Paper Staff 4 N.F.L. l,2, 3,4 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Pep Club Sec. 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Mary Ehrhart F.H.A. 4 Coarl Lee Evinger F.H.A. 1 Library Club 4 Charles Fowler David Francis George Gibson Football Mana- ger 1 N. Club 1,2 Track Manager 1 Track 1,2 Pep Club 1, 2 3,4 Robert Hale Sheila Harris PaperStaff2,4 Cosmo Club 2 Student Coun- cil 1 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Home Room Of- ficer 3,4 Mary AnnFranks Cheerleader 1 Seneca Class Presi- dent 4 Yearbook Queen 3 Emily Glenister Pep Club 3,4 Paper Staff2,4 Science Club 2,3 Literary Club 3 Sue Hallman Cosmo Club 1, 2,3,4 F . T .A . 4 Class Secretary 1 Pep Club Pres. 4 Student Coun- cil 2,3 Steering Comm- ittee 3,4 Donna Hart Sweet Heart Attendant 33 Tennis 1 eam 2,3,4 Class Represen- tative 4 Class Plays 3 Home Room Sec. 4 Paint Daubers 4 John Garoutte Debate 2,3,4 Student Coun- cil 1 Vice Pres. Class 2 Class Presi- dent 3 N.F.L. Pres- ident 3 Paper Staff 3,4 Nationa1Honor Society 3,4 Gary Guppy Pep Club 3,4 Basketball 2,3,4 Pep Band 2,3,4 Peggy Harris George Hatzfeld Paper Staff 4 School Play 4 F .F . A . l Phyllis Hawk F13 Erma Hawkins Paint Daubers 2 Qi? ff gif' 5 Roy Dean H111 Larry Holloway Football 1, 2,3 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 N. Club 1,2 Class Officer 1 Mary Hoover Pep Club 4 F.H.A. 2 Home Room President 2 Norma Hoagland Office Work 4 Paint Daubers 4 Doris Hood Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Office Work 4 Gary Houk Steering Com- mittee 4 Paper Staff 4 S tudent Council 1 E, W J if Q' of X We f QV' af Q 'QW .Ja ' JZ ,gif .LQ ff' M 1 'f i PL ga. 0' , w m ay x as to Q, fb W in 1 V 41-1: 2 -f 4 , . , '- a QP ., ,,Z,,,.l A f as f 1 - Ray Gene Hill Larry Hoberock Football 1, 2 Track 1, 2 Science Club 2 Cosmo Club 3,4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 1 ,4 Phyllis Hood Pep Club 1, 2,3,4 F.H.A. 2,4 Phy. Ed. Coun cil 4 Student Coun- cil 4 Ierry Hudson Carole Hughes David Johnson Tennis Team 2 , 3,4 Pep Club 4 1 'Z Q Donald Kessinger za, ' Margaret Love Pep Club 1,'2,4 F.H.A. 4 Science Club 4 Donald Hunt Be tty I ones Don Killebrew Tennis 1,2,3,4 Football 1,2, 3 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 School Plays 3 Boys State 3 N. Club 2 1 4 If 5 1 " f Q 3-59515 .2 fi, 5? aw? lg 4, '32 me 5 f' 5-' 9' hu i f T Bessie Lowery Howard Jent Football 2, 3,4 Track l,2,3,4 Mary Jones Paint Daubers 2, 3,4 Modern Dance 3 Cosmo Club 3,4 Phys. Ed. Coun cil 4 Pep Club 4 F.T.A. 4 Kat-Ettes 4 Eliza beth Layton Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Paint Daubers 4 F.H.A. 4 F.T.A. 4 Jerry Mahaffey Pep Club 3,4 - Barbara Marble aff WWF Library Club 4 Pep Club 1,2 Phys. Ed. Council 4 Paint Daub ers 4 Triple Trio 4 F.H.A. Offi- cer 2,4 14, :aF 2 3,4 Reporter 2 Secretary 3 President 4 Barnwarming Candidate 3,4 Larry Messer Pep Club 1,2 Golf 2,3,4 Marlene Miller Ideal Girl 4 Cheerleader 1 , 3, 4 Annual Queen 2 Basketball Candidate 2 Class Secretary 2 Tennis Team 2 , 3,4 Triple Trio 4 Charlotte Marks Pa1ntDaubers 2 , 3,4 tiff ' Denny Mathis "ff ,f E K Pep Club 3 T Cosmo Club l irq, ffm, ' . , A 9 if H , . , l as , 2, . 3: P 4 Wifi , rg? ,, ., , VvQ. 4 ya , t wif, if ,451 'sv-. ,gag jgbhu' 4 W 5 23 s 'Q , it '-,U at 3,3 X gel, fnf ,as , ,nn w, X ' t 'V Pau1Mi11ender Football 1,4 Basketball 2 , 3,4 Golf 3,4 Max Morgan Football 2 Rifle Club 2, 3,4 - Dorene Marks Pep Club 4 Barbara McDonald James Miller Lonnie Morris Basketball 2 Tennis 2 Robert Murray Basketball 2 Tennis 2 Kenneth Parish Kathryn Powell Matt Ratekin Annual Staff 4 Rifle Club 3,4 Cosmo Club 3 Pep Club 4 Pep Band 1,2,4 Angola In- diania Hi-Y Fellow- ship 1,2 Shelly Ne wdigger Nyssa Oregon 1 , 2 F . H . A . 1 ,2 Girls League 1 ,2 Rosemarie Plewa John Prickett Basketball 3,4 Annual staff 3,4 Personality Poll 4 Pep Club 1, 3,4 Student Coun- cil 1,4 Steering Com mittee 4 - Larry Noble Doylene Porter Pep Club l,2, 3,4 Basketball Candidate 3 Sweetheart At tendent 2 Paper Staff 3,4 S tudent Coun - cil 2 X 1 QM David Racko witz Don Readshaw Wayne Reding Lynn Reed F . H . A . 1, 2, 3,4 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 Paper Staff 1,2, 3,4 Circulation Editor 4 Cosmo Club 2, 3 Rosa Robertson Nationalllonor Society 3,4 F.T.A. 4 Paper staff 2,3,4' Steering Committee 3 N.F.L. 2,3,4 Paint Daubers 4 Cosmo Club 3, lram Sharp '25 fa 147 l 5 5 IQ' Jim Simmons Dale Richards Rifle Club 2 , 3, 4 Basketball 3 Cosmo Club 1 Shirley Schuler Office Work 1,3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 Home Room Officer 2 Phys. Ed. Council 4 Betty Shuey F.H.A. 1, 2,3,4 Paper Staff 4 Lois Sitch Paper Staff 4 F . H. A . 4 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Ushers Club 1 Junction City Kansas 44' 4, - Anna Rickman Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 F.H.A.2,3,4 F.H.A. Of- ficer 2,3,4 Barnwarniing Candidate 3,4 Phys. Ed. Council Wayne Severs School Play 4 Pep Club 2,3,4 Football 1,2 Track 1 Pep Band 2, 3,4 Dorothy Simmons Cheerleader 4 Class Secretary 4 Office Work 4 Homeroom President 3 Football Candidate 4 Essay Contest 4 Phys. Ed. Council Donna Skaggs Jim Smith Donna Stewart National Honor Society 3 ,4 Steering Committee 3. 4 Student Coun- cil Officer 3. 4 F.H.A. Officer 2,4 F.T.A. Officer 4 Annual Staff 4 Pep Club 1,2, 3,4 David Teagarden Football 2,3,4 Sportsmanship Award 4 Richard Van Dorn S7 Vera Snow Majorette 3,4 Triple Trio 4 Paper staff 1 , 2, 3 James Story Pep Band 3,4 Pep Club 3,4 Homeroom Vice Pres. 4 Erma Thogmartin Pep Club 4 QC' Russel Walker Maxine Steward Barnwarming Attendant 2 Pep Club 2,3,4 F.H.A. 2,3,4 Homeroom President 2 Cheerleader 1 Granby Ronnie Swift Paint Daubers 2,4 Vice Pres. Paint Daubers 4 Cosmo Club Pres. 4 Barbara Thompson N .F .L. 1,2 Kat-Ettes 4 Pep Club 1,3,4 Phys. Ed. Council Homeroom Officer 4 Essay Contest 3 Pan American 2 Ellen Wallace Paint Daubers 2 Office Work 3 Library Club 4 9' Cledith Wead 3 4 f Pearl Williams Pep Club 4 F.H.A. 4 Rick Wittmann Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 4 F . T . A . 4 Steering Committee 3 Pep Club 1,2,3,4 Homeroom Officer 3 , 4 Personality Poll 4 Gayle Young Football 2,3,4 Track1,2,3,4 PaintDaubers 4 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4 'ra we Paula Wells Pep Club 1,2,3,4 N.F.L. 2,3 Science Club 4 Paper Staff 1,2 Beverly Wilson Annual Editor 4 National Honor Society 3,4 Annual At- tendant 4 Paint Daubers Sec. 4 Steering Com- mittee 3 N.F.L. 2,3 Debate 2 Sammy Wolfinbarger Football 1,2 Golf 3.4 Football Manager 3 Track Manager 2 Student Council 2 Marie Young ram if al - Ruth Whitman Clara Winchester F . H . A . 2 , 4 Student Council 2 Kenneth Worley President, Curt Daniel Vice President, John Altizer Secretary, Dorothy Simmons EM 1 A 1 3 9 . 'af "F"-r 'mmm 1, We 2 Azz mi' - af Q 5 , , J r v x ' 33' -,fy -J , ., ' 3 Agreeing it , X . ay, w , . William JoAnn Jerry Robert Ian Abbott Adams Adams Anderson Austin Q 555 fig. ,A ff? Gene Karen Virginia ' W, 4-" fl, , I' 5 5 Roger Barlow 1 I xr Ernest Carolyn Marilyn Bass Bebee Bevis Beyg Bishop Bogle A " A i as . 12? we A ' ' ' Q ,, 'E . , I 1, A , ' sy C " K - ffiff, S 5 r A ' -:fi . " yt ' Q I Diane Richard Don Wilma Richard Sherry Bfanham Branham Branick Bridges Brown Buchanan e 'J Y b Z' 'O' - ' Q ,.. EE A L K Q- 3 C' y . t g f yn Barbara Richard Linda PCHHY Roma Jim BDU Bush Caldwell Carnuhan Casey Cash 'Suv-or lil Wesley Bonnie Junior Karen Sharon Clark Cogbill Combs Cook Coombs far? ,, j 6 Y 2 Vis- i X ' . r get -1 ' f I J I Gerald Charles Martha Bonnie Stephen COFUSU Cfawfofd Crowder Dawson Drake 'V' " 1 al' ff.. lf' it I, V Darlene Carol Kimfflie Elsie David Ezell Farrell Foster Ffaflklifl FFUCUCY 2 ,fn 54. f if D ff . 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Lewis J sf ' A 5,5 ,"' , M 11 Q I John Mahaffey ,Q ,, re., fu. y C-J 'es L- Mary McCarmey Janice Kruse .Q-'X' P A 4 3 4-vm, Q, on ' 'Q f A ' Richard Lafoon Marcel Linder 'cw .4 Kaye Locke :ri J O Harry PM Marble Massey QW .7 w. , 1 J, '1 Gary Jack McC1endon McClure in txvvx 'g A is E -QSM Linda Lasiter 'V L4 Glenna Loftis We Richard Matters fp 54 Edith McCrary 5 A? fix W A ,P f fe ie BCVCIIY Bennie CMOIYH Barbara Eugene Wayne McDonald MCFZIHH McGuire Mcclgndgn Meyers Miller GK' 'M' Beverly James Bobbie Addie MOIIIOB Myers N aylor Ne wdigger Newdigger Noble J.T. Joye 'H Bill David Linda Charles Gail Webster Osborn Patterson Patton Pearl Peters Philliber 1"""' ,jg X ,M Richard Joe Geneiva Richard Bill De wayne Poor Powell Pratt Prettyman Ramsey Ratcliff ,J D Patricia Reed David Roy C-7g "W 'isggfh Q, QP Lewis Skelton wid Eula Richards Iva Ruddick .nt . . A? X 2 -Q Billy Smith Gs QQ ,xYI7 Joyce Alma Par Richards Riley Roberts Ruby Harold Darrell Rumetseh Scheid Sellars , ,.. W., ' ... Y G 6 ifrl. I David Eldon Rolene Smith Smith Spencer H' B019 Janice James Ronald Charles Sraadt Starr Stephenson Stuckey 5 tu,-devam Jolene Rogers Da nny Shilling QL-' Bill Spiva Ronnie Sweeney il wif 1 Judith' I' ffVV'c T arole Larry TCUY A ' ,, ,h urman Thurman 1 pa f I , fn .wigs John George Maurice Weber Weems Weston IV! We-fl' WW 'CM' Phyllis Felix Pattie Winchester Wright Young RICHARD PRETTYMAN-President GARY JUSTICE -Vice President LINDA HOUCHEN -Secretary DIANE BRANHAM-Treasurer Violet Tice I 'B D ale Whirener . ADH Mary Lee Tuggle Ward John Howard Williams Wilson Tony 'W Young we-f-"Wa 4 . A 1 8. qguilb' M we f l l 11' i-Q' Connie Ruth Adams Adams Dale Alumbaugh Charlotte Anderson pat 4 ' Lysaz John Charles 5a1ay 2. Bfmine Bandy Baugher Q, 'LC' q""V Rosa Leah Sue Blevins Bollinger i 'A xg f C , Q N' " Q J -ri A C Judy Charles Bright Brock Carold Bond ,Q-.. fv-K Joe Brown 3. J.D. Boyd an-,W x ,, A E6-f if 5 Lana Brown I i mmie Kenneth Anderson Anderson A f a ff:-Q Q' A 'T' 2' .r - j, Kenneth Rita Benge BBIIZ. N , 0 as , A 3 -N V 5553 N.. f N 'an ?f Jessalee Louvette Box Bridges Mike Bruner r ms lt., xv, Jo Burr Bee Burrow Nancy Cantrell Ruth Combs '4 Darlene Davis Q-, 'V' QQ? an ,A I is 5 ' cy 'Pg .fi D PM A . . al A Don Sue Ann Shirley Elzene Burtcher Bushmeyer Buzzard Camerer .. . V .f+. ' 1, t A . , y Gayle Nell Bob Emma Wayne Carden Carter Castillo Cochran 4, If, ' ' HZ y 3 1 K Y "J i , N- A . . t ROY Gary Jesse E arl C01'IlC11 Couch Cox Curry . .-, " , ' 6 9, is :fn ' M T 'r Alma Sandy Charles Mary Duncan Duncan Eads East Carolyn Virginia Bobbie Edens Edens Edwards Mary Lou Tony Rudy Mary Ann Evans Ezell Farber Fauhl ,,an. James Engelking, Dennis Carole Fauler Faust Wyonna Friend William D avid Fry Fullerton Shirley Donald Sue at Darlene Ted Gi t Gorham Green Greenfeather Griffim Groshony 5 J V :Y L3 Deanna El'iC Jerry Haddgck Haddock Hardy if lo, Q Dorothy Harper fs ,A J F V H -: ' f I lv ' -FW? 8. ' . .' K it s ,f1??:'?fE' . , ,v,o.V v 7 Melvin Kay D01-manga Barbara H3ffiS Hart Harvey Hawkins rl I A-I Lt' ii X1 - A 'ik Q Viv ,:..ff,-2, J' fwjr j . K K-- Bill Judy Darlene Helen Hodges Hohenstein Holmes Holt K4 Carolyn Mary Ann Sharon .Q .f' Mike Hopkins Hosfield Howe Hubbard Claud Harris 'Cl Terry Herron nfl' o W ,. gd, ,,.,, .. -. Kathy Homulh Ja mes Hughes My-1.h, 'ff' Qu' A 3 Q 'Y xwf' ! P: ,Of Q 1 on , -' K .fe K Mary Steve Judy Floyd Lonnie Hutchenings Hux Jeff Jenning Jem S ,J 1. 7 A M , - J we Sie' 5 J ' E Janice Patsy Pat Judy Darlene Johnson I ones Keller Kennedy Kessinger Y f : Ara? Ioan John Robert Steve Estel Killebrew Lamb Lampo Lampo Landreth 31 s o if Dean Loretta Norbert J Udy Gary Layton Lehar Lehar Lentz Link 47" Gary Johnson 15' ff Q Marilyn Kessinge r Karen Laymon ff f Wir., our Jane Love 14 Ianene Janice Sharpe Shilling 1.2.1 Harold Harry Snyder Sprinkle ng? If ' QT? Ted Strecker 0447 .V , M, .' X' .N I, ,, 1 . 0 lk. , .!, Elva Walker 4 S 1 Joyce Shuey Robert Staib Chester Stuckey i, ' W, I vi 5 veg ,r if Norma Simmons in 1,4 - N Gary Stewart Larry Janice Jerry Triplett T roxel Tuggle A Karen Walker M ...A- DOD Carolyn Melvin Warden Watts Wead 5 fkgrys :ibn ,,..., M uf Larry Mildred Beverly Linda Joy Gary Love Lyons McG1assion McKean McNabb Macy f ir, 7, X .. 3 yt 4 H. V E i M ' ,Nga , ' 1:1-:fs-ilfflx' Y ' K . in xx' 2 John Joe Mary Virginia Marie Mahan Manz Martin Mensch MCYCF if L' I 52' so fa " L V - ', X, 1 A A V- , A , y 1 I Ralph Nellie Wayne Wilma Sandra Moellenhoff Moore Moore Morrison Moser gf W Y? 'fi '- Y'-JFS' Q x I 4' K ' ' -as X A W, id W ' I in ,'-, i n 1,6 Jackle PM H3221 Sue Grace Linda Mosley O'H-ara OWCHS Owens Oxford Pace ,.,,- vx , -A .lx is L51 John Parker 1 - . ' 4. Linda Popejoy Judy Renfro XV 1,-:,T.F Q' Dick Jim Parsons Pearl I Y , ,, V v i . A L ,V W ff bf - E V ki y ., Sue Ivlike Price Quifk Eunice IGfO1d Rentfro Reynolds Jim Peck WW' Rex Rackowitz Jack David Penninga Pierson Paul Lldon Randolph Reding Billy Rick man 41 I. ' Mike Glenn Riggle Robinson Larry Fred Linda Mary Dale Wayne Rogers Ruddick Rude Ryno Scorr Shadwick Miriam Whitesell Carolyn Shirley Williams Williams f-1 19 X ,, 4 553 5 Q' if r V wp A , 'S' ' Thomas Willis " x , -1 Twyla Winchester 'W 'WV' 11, ., 4 if '!T""' Philip Wolfe jill. Q , ii-'TU' ,s,, W Frances Yocu rn f 117 xzirssbw if '5 5 ,sizes Gly' fyfgffgf, jg lily f S 97 jr h iii? PRESIDENT -Ralph Moellenhoff VICE PRESIDENT -Mary Lou Evans SECRETARY -Judy Lemz -, 1 Ll I I Sl-Xl Emma Gerald Allen Anderson ? ...A Wx Sharon Junior Bemer Berry Geneva Carolyn Brown Burr Dorothy Dorothy Linda Arenz Ball Barker ' ' e ,, B: 4 Barbara Richard Barwick Benge , . Hidie Donald Billinger Bogie Bi11Y Ronnie Busby Butler Billy Box if James Carnes Jerry Willard Brady Brixey Jay Dee N ancy Carpenter Chancellor Mary Ramona Barbara Clytia Patsy Dorthy Pat Chase Combs Cook Cook Cook Cope COX Paul x QU' 1, f 3 I f A , Jerry J . R . Gibson Gilbert Gilsuap Willa Gouge qu., Lonnie H arpool Sharon Higginbothar Joan Gleghom Carolyn Gosvener f 2 'sf in ,f N Norman Rosa Goucher Goucher 'e "Wi , 9 k F5 '9 3' 2 A e Ruby Wilma Donald Dorothy Ivan Jerald Green Greenfield Griffin Griffin Hall Harper 1 ' 5 R R 1 A a if A 1be1-I James Judy Ronald Larry Bonnie Harris Harris Hartsough Hatfield Herron Hewson X .r " ' , 4 V: R Nancy Deeann Ronnie Frona Dewain Micky Hobbs Holmes Hood Hoover Houck Housdon J -94' ' v iq -.1 Xa' V 1 4 'A S - - Clea Wayne Patty Mary Ronnie Charles Homer House House Howard Hufft nan Hunter Jennings Johnson Janice Jimmy Neva Stanley Doledy Gary Jones Jones Jones Jones Kafura Kegger Lynda Kessell J J vve- I lid' 3 .,,. s V J' ,V , ,. JIAIV A W' W sss Donald Wiley Ronald Lois Ada Jimmy bdrie Kirk Kirk Kruse Kubu Lane Lane Laprell ff? M J axe , Q H-f Loyd Harret James Lavender Lay Lee Linda Dorothy Joe Pick Lentz Letterman 1-111140 Lowery s r ith L 2 l N 2 J r a .f if-E W ,J J-D . ,Y ,, K . li? "" I .4 -P r fi X r " 'N f 5+ an 5, , 4' 1 2 L ' Mike Sam Curtis Edna Lloyd Eddge Don MCFL1 ll Y Mary Moore Darlene Oliver Micky Mabrey Malcom McBride McCaffree McCann McConnell McDonald ,L 1 ,lxi S, u-"' 'BT-7 PM ,, ' liiwfhra A gig, Wayne Sharon Judy Gail Jerry Connie MCG6hSS McGinty McNamara McNee1y Melton Moore "x ll t an nyy aa t M - - - gg ar. N N Don Larry Johnny Larry Vic 101111 Buddl' Moser Moser Moser Myers N3Y1ef NUQCU n mx HT ,Z an L A 4 J ' . . , f 4 QW V ' gl E . 4 ' , 'I 2 I gr.: . P N rr - - ' f ' ' ,fm V ' f -11' Z Herbert Don Bertie Katherine Tom Gary Owens Parker Patterson Patterson Pearl Pearman Norma, Penserum .F Lois Ramse y ii ical 1 3 Marno Robinson 9. James Perry -',q .A-V L lfafl? . L ,. 'ff K Jerry Rathbun Ech Ruddick X N , .ax 1 ' , ii' Johnny Howard Jimmy Charlou ROUa1d Pogue Powelson Powers Prettyman Pullum -1.1: n is .1 nl Billy James Larry Edwina Lynn Ray Renfro Rhine Ronrk Robinson . ... g. 1 iv q V' IQ.- -' 1' ' 2 --V35 A 'if , f at 4- s tt., L A J f f s, 'la 4 ' ' 5 2 Owen Retha John David Betty Rude Russell Seba Severs Schadwick .49 ki 4- Donna Gail Steve James Jerry Patsy Ruth Shadwick Schweitzer Schweitzer Smith Smith Smith Smith Sammie Amel Smith Sparks one N -P I ,sl W? V iw' , Judy Sparks James Gloria Linda Spurlin Squire Stafford 1' Q ,. S-M as Q g' 21 15. 1 A ,f Q 1,L p , 552 Zh' ' 'hgh , ifl ggfggg Charles Jerry Kenngth Stringer Srussy Tatum rw? L. aww wad Dennis Spencer ,. 1' r A 'H ,fir 'iv N J Louise S tandefer Garfield Taylor r V1 yyN .41 Charles Katherine Spitze Sprenkle Mildred Karl Sranclefer Srauffer Mary Thogmartin Mary Thomas 'yr Carolyn Garry Carolyn Patsy Delol-ug Jack Thurman Thruman Tichenor Triplett Tuggle Vandergrift .Ap LVL S Y Bill Springer - 'D' Ch arle ne S rout Norma Tho mas Jean Vinson Anna Sharon Judy Jean Wagner Wagner Wall fb 'uv -ff-e 'We' XR? Wallace Mary Sue D avre Wampole Weston fl' sg Whltehea Patsy Whrtman Jeanne osr if Mary John Peggy George Ve rdella N ancy Wrlkerson Wrllrams Wrlson Wolfe Wolfe W ugh! J' We few jo JN BK , wwf riff? tu J My ? si' Roger rf J Ne ase L 1 if f-N 'IOM PEARL Presrdent LONNIE HARPOOL Vrce Pres JACK VANDERGRIFT becretary M.. W,...m.4.., ' .:..,.l.,..M. ,u.Ku.,..,.u.-a.v..,,,n.M ,, ...hui y N-I l 'W' ez' 1. It has now come time for this book to close. We hope that you may enjoy your annual as much as we have enjoyed compiling it. We also hope that it will serve as a pleasant reminder of high school mem- ories. 'X 'VR Y . 2 .X QW Q' C ff 1 X1 Y x XX Q X ,Q X X I I Y f f if 4 I' ' f , I 1 J I 11 f , , X I , ,,, 11 . L fi A , , INTER X :J 'df COLLEGIATE Konsus Cnty PRESS 1 rf' ,- vs ff" S . j c' ,A 1' 4+ 54, , A - A" ', C, ff , " Y- E f lx 1 K x' f -, cr .- n K r xx , X A J. ' 'V' . n 1 -X 5 1" lx .X f . 'pf ,. ,4 rl r - M J K . JJ, X ,J ' -,v , f .4 ,. y 4 . ' F ' ffi , ' ff. '- 1 f ff' ,M K fm h,,.,- 'fr9' I 1 xi 'V K K Hx - 1 fi I ' ' fl 1, - r ' r K 4 X, lf- 7 - 1 K . Y x '. f 1 ' V -,1 I, N f ' ,af ' , '- 'J Q: I 1' . V , Q, ,V V. ' I ' I 1' , ff . ffl 43" - L- ' f f ' . , - . H. ' Ck.. X ,f Q 1 - - , 1 ' - . - - 2' f f 1 f-. A A I f 'l . f 1 'YV ,ff . 1 . f f A 1 N I f 'K 1 Q H , ' v K F I 7 ' . 1 A 1 f' 9 " - , r , h I l I , lj 1 i V, J f , 4 f , I J' I ,l ! f K, . p I, 1 1 1 W 4 A 5 V I 51' 1' " ' ' ' In , , ' D' V' 2, V . I ' V ' ' H x , I . I- - ' l A , , 4 i ' 1 7 . IIA Q ,- A l . ' J . 'Q ' x. , f . , ' - '," ln 3 I X 5 x ' " 'X ' ' ff .1 f - Y 1 Q-13.5, 5, P 1 i L S 1 ' 1 r - I . - f 5 5 'I 1 I j , 1 1- ,f N I X f 1' ,iii .,f. L5-xg, an Ni f F: K A 5 qi? F 1 if ' .7 F 5 , 554 R:-. 535, W ? .1 'S A 'K ' 'B .. , 1 fi Z: 4, N' ' Q ' 53 " ' pa we ii-of A z- f f, 'fic .5 5 55222 . MN, Qin Eel , Riff 5, :F M - ' A.. Exp? egg? f engage. ikfiigggl 2-'XF'-ir 'fr 53' , ia A V 11 "' ' '- " v 4pWfw--fm'-2.143me ki 1s'f,.Q24m1'4zv-a:g:'L5 .f- Qf-gi-.fwyqgx-:f-f,:f,.f4ff:gagq:ggp5 I ' 3 ,L , V -F F E , mfirj with - fglqgqy-15' 1.5-5 1,1 . ,1 ,E-,,.,, .Zi 'l Y- ee' f:..2a,w: a:A,",.e.4,.-.Q kv. . , 'f - 2 -, ff.1:,f.- fflw--v:,A,.q21,? - - .-w,gfgf,f'- 4,-f ?-A., -wfsgxfaarfm'-ff.-P,-9--129 , aww- 1,1 -1-, " 9 ,wma '- - ,f fa '1. ' '-1+ " -V ,- : ' 1--w,-'A:.k:.. '-,,-,sy-:-v.,

Suggestions in the Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) collection:

Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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