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'f KE J The 1945 WILD EAT f ,W - w W K, "1 gr 5 ,K mf I '21 f P? Mm 'K I 419- ' MQW ,. ,. ..,,.sw-' ' ' ,Qlf-A X. , I ., Y ,.,,. , ,,:- ,,.,... ,1?,, .. ., ,.,,,, :-,,:- , V, H I, I, , fv-'- ' ,. I H 'I We 0 ff ' 4 'M , 3' M Tim ,g, ,?,,,I y.. : 1.,.,: 4 F ? px- ' I if I ,A ,f .5 , 'V-Ei ' , 4 lu' .1 If A...---" i ITA-d4,r,, ,,...--f' 'fig' 4,-7 JM-,.,,, ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE STUDENTS OF NEOSHO HIGH SCHOOL NEOSHO, MISSOURI STAFF IACK I-IADLEY, Editor IIMMIE PAYNE, Assistant Editor VIRGINIA PARKER, Business Manager DONALD RARBARICK, Sports Editor ,v'?"'. M ,yuk- UEUIEATIU To the youth of today, who tomorrow face a greater problem than any generation before them in returning a lasting peaee to the World, We dedicate this l9-P6 issue ofthe WILDCAT. ln honor of the many of their group who gave their lives, may they aeeomplish mueh toward that goal. "Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free, and the home of the hravef' FUHEWURD Fall, packed With activity and renewed interests, enlivened by football and the first brisk Weather, is dear to us all. VVinter leaves such memories as bas- ketball, school elections, club activities and the class plays. In spring we reach a busy climax in all the things We do, hardly Hnding enough time in which to handle each interest. In spring We see the graduation of the seniors. It is our hope that these grad- uates, and those of next year, and those of year after next, Will find this a sat- isfactory record for those cherished memories of high school days. I ADMINISTHATIUN BI.-XRY STEXNART, Secretary R. VV. ANDERSKDN, Superintendent The members of this class go out from Neosho High School faced with more problems than any class in the history of the school. It Will require hard Work and high character to meet these problems satisfactorily. If you have the courage, the ability and character, a great future awaits you. It is my sincere Wish that each of you will become a useful and happy citizen. H. W. ANUERSUN, UUH SUPEHINTENUENT "'w... CARSON BARLOW, Principal -IEWYELL MOORE, Secretary Our sehOOl stands for the faith, eourage and Will Of young America. lt is here Where boys and girls prepare tO meet their destiny. And sometimes when you think that rules and regulations are too severe, it is Well tO remember that discipline is Only the proeess Of tempering and hardening the metal Of yOur eharaeter. Upon yOuth's shoulders rests the destiny Of the world Of tOmOrrOW. II HSUN HAHLUW, U HPHI EIP L Rcuber and Geary discuss bacterium and atoms. 4 Three top coaches: Craig, Rohde, and Pierce. Hllutty' Summers and 'fleffn VVilIiams. 5 "Spring" chicken-for i'FauhIs'y in 'WVinter". Sours, Branhan, and Hlltfhlfl' discuss nylon shortaffe. 6 HN',eil "HHanCock and "S"hann0n arrive at NHS , , - C! 3 Y CI-XFI2'I'liK1i Slit ll' LIHRARX RUYALTY UNERUWNEU UUEEN5 Saute? yedfl, ..A!Iftl'Lf6l" .!4l'L6!8l"50l'L JOQVLFL J 017,85 CPQPO QR J 0,0166 Wm ML JW! Si ' QFUUTBALL UUEEN BASKETBALL ATTENUANTS JZGIL NJ47!lfLl'Lt2I" gZdl'LOI" ma,rIf!m .Marreff BASKETBALL ' M 19 YEAHBUUE KING Vflifalcaf JGW GLM CL ,ginior .xglflfencfanlf CAO CWLMM mfdcaf Queen mfma Qfglflfl Snior .fgffencfanf Mrginia parler W ii- 'WFS"7-H.:'5:Z,:E?:f5':54Z' ' rf 'ii 525 'f'1'f21Q':f'. f A L .,,- K L 37' f.,r,,Qg ' if X1 in w YEAHBUUH U EEN SQQAOMW .fdtfemfamf ,Min ,iZ5aoLg!Lerlfy junior .Xgffenalanlf Ziff, Wfclwff SSZDIIIAOYITOPQ ..!gffel?f6!dl'Lf Eff 7fWCfZJ! Junior ,xgffenalanlf X064 J 617,148 y FALL 14" 'OW' '39- 'YES' 'df' -'R ufg-- Ncosho Ncusho Ncosho Ncosho Ncoslm Ncosho NCOSIIO Ncuslw Ncoslm N UUSIIO FUUTBALL SU AD The 1945 VVildcats fought their way through an exceptionally strong Big-8 Conference to emerge holding the championship title. Undefeated and tied but once, Neosho represents the strongest team of eight potential title-holders. Of the Big-8, six teams were classed as possible champions, and the other two could not be classed as weak. The season was one of upsets and come-backs from start to finish. After winning their two opening non-conference games, the 'wVildcats entered the turmoil of the Big-8 Conference and forged their way through, bowing to no opponent. Highlights always to be remembered are: the battle at Nevada, end- ing with a score of I2-7 for the yCats, the one tie of the year, 6-6 at Aurora, the classic between the two undefeated title-seekers, Blonett and Neosho, in which the 'Cats were victorious with a 6-O score, and the final conference game at llt. Vernon, where the '-l-5 Champs rolled up their highest score, 39-0. Neosho represented the Big-8 Conference in the annual Ozark Howl, where Hlt. Grove handed the VVildcats their only defeat of the season, the final score being 19-0. For ten of the starting eleven, this was the last season of high school football. These veteran seniors filled every post on the regular line-up with the single exception of center. The usual starting line-up: LE, John Anderson, LT, Gordon Cain, LG, George James, C, lllax Prunty, RG, Bob Turk, RT. Donald Barbarick, RIC, James Butler, QB, Jack Hadley, FB, Carol VVilson, LH, J. D. Renick, RH, Robert Christian. Other seniors seeing their last play were Jimmie Harmon, Jimmy Rudd, Jare Barkley Leonard llfloffett, and Tommy Strait. v The team starred as a whole, every man putting forth his best efforts to improve the team's chances. Dependable and essential replacements included: Raymond Green, fleet-footed halfback with pass- receiving ability, Charles VVilson, who saw action at end and guard, Dennis Greiner, a driving lineman valuable as guard or tackle, James Gibson, spunky guard, Charles Dillingham, snappy halfback, Bob lVIclntyre, end, Jimmy VVeber, tackle, Louis Cole, end, Don Branham, back, Bob lylathias, back. Future potentialities are seen in these boys: Buddy Haas, Charles Davis, Herbert Eissman, Dale Hawkins, John Hailey, Stanley Land, Bill lwclienzie, Paul Tennis, Frankie Tipton, Charles Turk, and George Harry VVilliams. 4 ? X , ef Iii? if Q . 55 E?" ' 'Q 4,11 uvafdwiv yr ,ew S s f cffgl ' The N Club has been active since 1938. It consists of athletic letternien who have lettered in either football, basketball or track. The boys think it quite an honor to belong to the club as it involves considerable effort to earn a letter and it takes initiative to make the decision to enter, even if it is their privilege, as the initiation is not an easy thing to face. The club has other activities such as assemblies, parties and dances. The assembly, which the club presents to the student body, is usually a humorous allair. All the members of the club take part and seem to enjoy it even more than the spectators. The lettermen invite girls to their parties and dances, however, the club is for boys only. The standing president ofthe club is Carol "Bull" Xvilson, captain ofthe 1945 football squad. The vice-president is jack "Rock" Hadley, quarterback of our U44-45" football squads. Robert "Steam Rollern Christian, our secretary-treasurer, plays right-half on our '45 football squad. Nlartin "Brow 1fyes" Rohde, our sponsor, who left our school in 1941 to join the U. S. Navy, is now back with us to sponsor our club and coach our team. f x l x N-CLu3 64 ' CAROL WILSON, President 4 X at K. The llome lficonomics Club is made up ol all girls enrolled in llome Economics classes who wish to belong. Home l'lc', as it is popularly known, is the course every girl in our school wants to take. ln this club you are acquainted with every modern asset to homemaking. The most complete and best equipment is made available for their use along with the instruction of an expert. Nliss Bernice Hitzmann is the able sponsor. Giving her aid to the sponsor and the club is Betty .loy Haas, who was elected vice-president but succeeded Betty Faulkner, who left the school at the close of the lirst semester, as president. Preparing and serving the annual football banquet is one of the year's eventful duties. Other banquets are prepared and served by Home lic Club members throughout the year. This year a Sadie Hawkins Day Race marked the oncoming of fall. Vllhile all this has been going on, the members have been making pinafores and learning to cook. Others have been studying personal appearance and, as all girls must, how to improve on what nature didn't give them. llome room secretary is Jeannie Daniels and the treasurer is Nlargaret Newcomb. XVe all wish our Home lic Club many happy meals in the future: we're sure the club will make them better honiemakers. -'WS fs ff 'J BETTY IOY Haas, President U E E E Y 5325 6505 fcodamcs 'Q wh Tl JVTTYH- ft - f tlfnff' .. il Nligfffwgl Rang!! Wxm:-w"',gialF '?Qxc9l"H M' ' av'!l"2ml' W ... '- k ,QQ " QQ- SA nf? 83 3 Student Council is the governing body of Neosho lligh School. It is the function of this group to bring a closer co-operation between the students and faculty members and see about the activity and general behavior of the students. Any betterment which can be made on the school system or building is brought before the council, suggested, and acted upon. They tend to improve the school on the whole. By doing this the Council provides a chance for the average student to taste his share of responsibility. During the year a new handbook has been one of the main issues. It is hoped that next year, when the lac- ulty is organized permanently, we can publish new and better handbooks. Presiding over each meeting is .limmie Harmon, Student Body President, who was elected by the students at the first of the school year of '45. Other oflicers of Student Council were selected by the classes and elected by the students with the exception of treasurer and assistant treas- urer, who are chosen by Ada Hancock, Commercial Department, from her classes. Hold- ing' ollice this year are Vice-President, H. F. ljvansg Secretary, Nlona Belle l.and: Treas- urer, Ruth l.owe, and Assistant Treasurer, .loyce Anderson. J .f 'l IIMMIE HARMON, President 5? 454 91 u our T' Co U MQ! L "H- The Sub-Deb Club has been, in past years, one of N.H.S.'s most active organizations of girls. The main activity does not begin until early spring when new members are brought into the club. Names are submitted by a committee to be voted on by present club members. The initiation is held during the day. This is followed by a formal initia- tion and candlelight ceremony in the evening. After the formal initiation, Sub-Deb mem- bers are hostesses to a lovely dance, the highpoint of their year's activities. President of this year's club is Dorothy jackson. Sponsor of the Sub-Deb is Nliss Ada Hancock, who took over the duties of Miss Alice Nlatters, when she was married two years ago. The oHice of secretary is very important in Sub-Deb because she has to correspond with other clubs and our National Sub-Deb leaders. Phyllis lvoodard holds down this ollice very capably. The Vice-President serves in the absence of the president. This otlice is held by Ruth Lowe. Last year the Sub-Deb Club in N.I1.S. was not active, but this year activities are being resumed to make it one of the school's most popular organizations. ll. x tx". DOROTHY IACKSON, President ' ' X all N X Sui? DEB ff-wi . ,Y ,Y,Y , Entre Amigos. Yes, that's Neosho High's Spanish Club. Once a year it happens, and we are speaking of the initiation. The uh-informal initiation is held at the beginning of the term and this is followed later in the year by a formal initiation and installation of otlicers. The Spanish Club was introduced several years ago by lVliss Alice lVlatters, who was succeeded by Nliss Nlary lVIargaret Banks, both of whom have now left the faculty of N.H.S. for a more attractive life of marital bliss. These two never-to-be-forgotten's are now succeeded by Carl Summers, who resumes his teaching after two years' absence fsome said he'd been in the army, but we know he's too smart for that, don't we?j. The Spanish Club has many active members and not the least of these is their president, Ullymie" Payne, and secretary, Jean Hunter. Anyone who takes Spanish may become a member if they desire. For a while, Spanish was the only foreign language offered in N.H.S. During this period many students learned a great deal about manners and customs of Spanish- speaking countries through the advantages of the Spanish Club. This knowledge of Span- ish mannerisms was staged in an assembly given by its members this fall. 0 - JA . SPA ISH EL B fx i sawed SQ? Cho 8 iff? , VVhatl The library lights on again this week? lt must be the lVildml llleou' stall working late to beat or at least meet the deadline. Let's go up and see what's going on. llarpie, help me-Above the roar, clamor and last minute rush of newspaper articles. a bewildered Journalism student pleads with Nliss Harpold. affectionately called Harpie. for an inspiration. Seeing nineteen students working, laughing, and sweating to get a newspaper out together is alone an inspiration. YVhen a shortage of teachers left Journal- ism unolfered, these students went to llarpie and asked her to sponsor the ll'ildfaI Alcott' because the school needed and Wanted its paper and these students were willing to work to give it to them. Tony Ness was appointed Editor-in-Chief. You almost always see him with a pencil over his ear looking as though he would be ready to set up a dummy fnews- paper modelj at a momentls notice. Nlary Lou Nlatthews very capably manages Nlanag- ing lfiLllfUl', while Raymond Green, in the role of Business Nlanager, puts the paper on a paying basis. Yvell, the articles are in and the deadline's been met and there comes over each staff memberls face a look of satisfaction in helping to put out a paper that is good and is getting better all the time. So letls leave the library, switch off the flashy fluorescents and swap them for a bit of moonlight to aid in the long walk home. I 106' 1 of TONY NESS, Ediiaf-iachiei 06.09 9' JUUHNALISM ff! Al,1v vii?" .Tall Kflfw-'SH This is the first year a Latin Club has been organized in Neosho High School. The fact is, Latin was not taught in N.H.S. for two years because of the wartime shortage of teachers. But now welre right in there pitching and all members of Latin classes are privileged to become charter members of the Latin Club, "Populi Latinae". Consul for this term is Phyllis Anderson, who is very popular in other of the school's activities. The oflices, Vice-Consul and Quaestor, are held by jack Kenney and Bernadine Haworth, re- spectively. The Latin Club gave an assembly last fall, depicting Latin customs and dress, Since we were a little late getting on stage, the rumor is we had trouble making a toga stay on with two pins and ten lingers. The Latin Club went Christmas Caroling, after which they met at Nlrs. Branhan's four tolerant sponsorj home for a party. The motto of "Populi Latinael' is "Ave atque Vale" or "Hail and Farewell" Cin case you Spanish stu- dents didnlt knowj. The Latin Club is making a scrapbook of Latin customs and manners. lt is also planning to build a model Latin home. Xve hope to improve the club in time to make it one of N.H.S.'s best. flu-5 VLN A I-, PHYLLIS ANDERSON, President Lhfnrl C Lu B fl 91 ....-...A lf you had been walking by school some evening during january, 1945, you might have seen the lights burning in room 14. This being the case you could be reasonably sure it was Nlr. Baker and a group of industrious biology students working and planning to organize a biology club. The plans worked out and a great many students joined. They chose a rather serious name for their club, "Logos Biosll, meaning the science of life. Nlany activities are undertaken by the members such as microscopic work and hikes for the purpose of collecting plant and animal specimens for mounting or study. Nlany of the members are sturling animals which are to be donated to the school. The members realize the truth in the old proverb that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So they take time oil to have a lot of lun at the "Rec" and line parties. The first semester, lylrs. Geary. biology teacher, was the sponsor and then Nl rs. Reuber, who took over the biology classes, also became the cluh's sponsor. lrene Nloore was elected President, with Roy lilvans Kenney as runner for Vice-President. Inez Brewster keeps the minutes and the club's funds and .limmie Payne keeps the peace as Sergeant-at-Arms. Although "Logos Bios" has passed through many hands, it still remains active, popular, and enthusiastic. lax- Ulf 95' cg 9 I IRENE MOORE, President B I U L U njfzf f X I X fair Bmpaf FF -.V The Neosho F. F. A. Chapter is composed of boys enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. This organization has thirty-eight active members with Ernest Hoover, president: Delmar Cramer, vice-president: Paul Steel, reporter: Vernon Philliber, secretary: and Dale Smith, treasurer. The organization started the school year continuing to gather scrap paper and operating concessions at football games. Three-fourths of the proceeds from scrap paper and concessions go to the buying of purebred registered livestock for boys who have worked long enough on this project. The balance of these earnings are used to further other F. F. A. activities. F. F. A. practices thrift. At the beginning of school, each boy was asked to save at least twenty-five cents a Week. As a result, we now have nearly five hun- dred dollars in a savings account at a local bank. Seventeen active members attended the Nlissouri State F. F. A. training camp held on the Lake of the Ozarks during the last week of August. This camp was sponsored not only for pleasure, but also to train boys for leadership. The F. F. A. annual parent-son banquet was held February 22 in the school cafeteria. Q-iff' Gif 14 4. 7 2 Z ERNEST HoovER, President gf X X 196 M WIN TEH .. K all , ,. Gas!! '54-7 LY,-r"' gf 3529. ? 2, IFN 3 'i K if 9' ' m 2, , wx xi Wm .M "H WMF 52,5 ?fwf ff W? Swede OML?N,,w X ,X 'Www A811126 F' in X w A 'Sax ' HQ R Mgm M f S Y , W BASKETBALL Though they didn't cop a championship. the 1946 basketball boys upheld the ath- letic standards of Neosho High School. There was nothing lacking in their will to win and sportsmanship. Paced by the two "A" team veterans, -lack Hadley, forward. the games. Four and several of row margins. guard, and Carol VVilson, Vllildcats played thirteen ot these games were won, the losses were lost by nar- Hadley, high point man of the season, was elected Captain by the squad. Customary "A" team starters in- cluded j. D. Reniek, guard: Leslie liurit, forward: Robert Christian, guard: -lohn Anderson and H. I.. Perry. Centers. Able substitutes were .limmie llarmon, Frank Roberts. Gordon Cain and Leonard Nlof- fet: all three in the senior class. The "B" team had a similar season, winning live against eight losses. Several of these losses had very close finishes. Starring at forward was Prunty, high point man for the season. Raymond Green, forward, displayed ability for "AH team work next season. Guards were Charles Vvilson and llarold Newton. Playing an aetiye game at center was l,e- roy uletlery. lrlopefuls to see future action are Don Branham, james Gibson, Bob Nlathias. .lohn llailey, Frankie Tipton and Jimmy VVeher. '46 SC H ED U LE -Ian Goodman . there Alan. Southwest City here .lan VVebb City there Alan Southwest City there Alan Nevada . here -lan Lainar there .lan Aurora . here -lan. 28 Carterville . . here Feb lllonett there Feb Granby here Feb Carthage . there Feb Noel . . there Feb llt. Vernon here lx ,, Mtg MS M 5 xx H. F. lfvlxxs cJR,XDEA-XX N.AR.'X.NIlJRI XIRCIXIX Pxmxrn Hlx ' . A . . ' 5 llrifxx' '."I'IER : DIAQK lirzxxm' Klum' Lou AI,-X'I"I'HliXXS Alovcri Axurfksrrx .Law Violinx CAIN, GORDON CORNISH, CATHERINE DALTON, JUNE JACKSON, DOROTHY MCINTYRE, BOB ROBINSON, RU'l'Il 'lxlLTON, BENNIE C. Piano LAND, MONA BELLE Cello NARAMORE, ORADEAN String Bam MCIN'I'X'RE, BOB Clarinzff BRANHAM, BERNICE GREEN, DONALD PIERSON, PEGGY HSIESTA ORCHESTRA 'fURK, BOB Tfrzox Sax CRUMBLISS, CLEO CUMMINS, IUENXIS EVANS, H. F. Cflutej C Melody Sax CUMMINS, DENISE .llfo Sax HAAS, BETTY JOY Bells BENNETT, .JEANNE Tympani MOPCFETT, LEONARD Drums IABERNATHY, BEVERLY BROVVN, BETTY LOU CRANE, JAIIALA ffll.-XY, BARBARA KEXXEX', JACK SWANSON, JUNIOR BARRLEY, JARE Frwzvfz Horn ANDERSON, JOHN HADLEY, BETTY Tru mjwi HADI.EY, JACK MOORE, ROGER RUDD, JIMMIE TURK, CHARLES Tromlzonz' - Bariiom BARBARICK, DONALD BUTLER, JAMES THOMPSON, CORLEY Bam Horn BENNETT, PAUL IIAILEY, JOIIX ROBFRI BAND C'0I'Il4'f5 - Trumjwts LEACH, DELEERT BARI.OW, JACK DAYIS, CHARLES FAY, RUTH QTRIFFITH, C. HADLEY, JACK HA'I'IfIEI.D, LORA HAVVKINS, IDALE JAMES, GEORGE KOIIR, ROBERT MOORE, ROGER PASSMORE, R. RANDOLPH, R, ROWE, ROIIERT SIIUEY, ROBERT SVVANSON, M. TURK CHARLES . VVILLIAMS, G. H. Clarnzvls BAUGIIER, R. BREVVSTER, INEZ BRANIIAM, B. BUSIIMEYER, S. CARNES, KYLE CASII, J. D. COPE, CHARLES DAUGHERTY, VV. EISSMAN, HERBERT ERWIN, A. F. f1REEN, DONALD HARMON, JIMMIE IIAYS, BOBBIE ANN HOSFIELD, TOMMY JARVIS, DALE KENNEY, JACK ICENNEY, ROY E. LAME, BETTY LAND, NORMA LAND, XVILMA LUXDSTROM, DALE IVIAHAFFEY, HRM-'X MUELLER, ALICE MCCAL'I.EX', S. MCQTUIRE, A. MOORE, IRENE PIERSOX, PEGGY A. ROVVE, RICHARD TENNIS, PAUL TIIREADGILL, JOE Fluffy COPE, VVANDA BUSHMEYER, S. EVANS, JOHN WM. PIAAS, STEWART HAAS SUZANNE Y JEFFERS, CAROL L. Tfnor Sax CRUMBLISS. CLEO CUMMIXS, DENNIS EVANS, H. F. .-1110 Sax CULLUM, JAMES HAAS, BETTY JOY HAMMOND, JO A. HENRY, ROBERT MOEEETT, L. SWANSON, JUNIOR Obof C Jllelody Sax CUMMINS, DENISE WOOD, BARBARA Baritone Sax BARNES, DEI.MAR HUTCHIXSON, B. Frmd: Harm' ANDERSON, -JOHX COPE, DONALD L. IIADLEY, BE'IVI'Y PAYNE, JIMMIE SMITII, DALE Bariiolzr' BUTLER, JAMES CHRISTIAN, ROET. HARRIS, EDWAX-XRD ROIIERTS, FRANK Tro Ill lm n ws BARRARICK, D. BURCII, JIMMIE ENGLAND, M. N. HOLLOWAY, DALE HOUCIIEN, JERRY LOWE, RUTH STAIE, BONNIE SMITH, SAMMIE VIKHOMPSON, C. VVRIGIIT, LEON 1?a551'5 BENNETT, PAUL BROWN, JUNIOR ITIAILEY, JOHN R. MCIX'lLH'RE, BOE NEVVTOX, HAROLD Brlls BENNETT, JEANXE KX'SER, JANE E. REED, BARBARA P1'fl'llJ5i0lI ABERN.X'I'IlX', B. ANGI.EN, WYLENE BROWN, BETTY CRANE, JAHALA QIRAY, BARBARA HAWORTII, B. JONES, VIRGINIA TOMLIN, ROSEMARH VVEIICHER, JUNE HH PSUDY I BLUE .ANDERSON, JOHN MIXED CHUH CEREEN, CLYDE BLANKENSHIP, SHIRLEY HOFFMAN, MARY DALTON, JUNE DELANO, KATHPRYN DOLENCE, ERBIA FITZJOHN, SHIRLEY CRILSTRAP, EVELYN BLLL, XIYRTLE CANTRELL, BEVERLY CHILDRESS, BOBBIE CLEVENGER, FRIEDA EDGE, POWELL EADS, JEAN ANDERSON, PHYLLIS BALES, WILMA BRADLEY, VVILMA BRANHARI, DON CUSHMAN, CAROL BELDING, PATRICIA HOOVER, JEVVELL JACKSON, DOROTHY KAHLE, DON LAND, AIONA BELLE LAND, NORNIA IVIOFFETT, LEONARD NORTH, JOAN OLIVER, ELLEN PARKER, VIRGINIA PRICE, SHIRLEY RANDOL, x7ERNA LOL' REES BILLIE LOUISE I IUNIORS CIOOSTREE, JOAN HUNTER, JEAN INSCO, GAYI.ON LAND, VVILNIA LAKIN, DOROTHY MATHIS, NORA ANN AIATTHEVVS, MARY LOL' KIELTON, VERA DEAIXT AIILLS, NORMA JOY NICINTYRE, BOE IWARAMORE, ORADEAN PRC NTY, MAX SOPHOMORES DIX, RUTH R1ARIE DILLON, BILL HAYES, BILLY HETRICK, HELEN JEI-'I-'REY, LEROY AIATHIAS, BOR NIOORE, LENORE BIURRY, LEROY HAMMER, JYLAN PLASTER, VVAYNE FRESHMEN JONES, JO ANN RICKENZIE, BILL BCSHMEYER, SHIRLEY JOST, M1'FZI RUARK, LOU ANN BRAGG, JOY LAMPO, CLIVE STAFFORD, PATSY S RENICK, J. D. RION, HELEN ROGERS, CONNIE ST. CLAIR, CHARLES SWANSON, MARVIN TRETBAR, LELAND VVOODARD, PHYLLIS RORERTS, DOROTHY SCOTT, NIARY ROSE SIIERAW, DON WEBER, JIMMY VVELCH, NANCY VVOOD, BARBARA RINEHART, BETTY RLDD, ELEANOR TIPTON, FRANKIE VVALKER, AIARGIE XVILLIAAIS, BARRARA SCOTT, JACKIE SUE YYAGGE, JO ANN I'3TT,X 13151114 P12N1n1f1zGR.x1f'1', Drum Major D :Pl U M E U 5 -IIiXY!ZI.I. Hoowik, M:1jo1-one 1 MASCOTS 31.1111 IAJL Ifxpxxs, l,.x'1'c1113 .ANN CIUUC11, li1i1:'1'H1x X DALE UAH SEPTEMBER Cell doors are opened. Ye Greasey Spoon serves meals C?j. Bill Pierce finally finds Chichiboo Malaboo. VVildcats skin Rogers, 13-0. CGlub!j Neosho drowns Sarcoxie in none too good facsimile of foot- ball field, 38-7. OCTOB ER junior and Senior classes choose candidates for President and Secre- tary of Student Body. Mass torture held as second year Spanish members "Do unto others as others did unto them"! VVe hereby take this space to pay special tribute to the first steaming bowl of CENfSOREDl in Ye Bucket O' Blood. School steps briney with tears of Junior Campaign Committee. VVebb City defeated as game ends 21-13. Close game with Nevada. Our victory, 12-3. Lamar knows what the score is . . . 31-0, Neosho's win. NOVEMBER Vote for Yearbook King and Queen. Results secret. Thrill-full game at Aurora finds final score at 6-6. Monett-Neosho tussle ends in 6-0 score. Oops! Lost: one Chichiboo Malaboo. Scrub team cleans up Carthage . . . But literally! Neosho smashes Carthage's line, 13-7. Mona Belle Land crowned Football Queen, Matters named Rec. Hall director. Thanksgiving vacation begins with trimming of Mt. Vernon, 39-0. Neosho defeated by Mt. Grove in Ozark Bowl game, 19-0. DECEMBER Honor Roll announced. Those not on it are hounded by parents. Football banquet held in familiar surroundings of cafeteria. Rainbow formal . . . Every .lack and Jill dressed up Ht to kill. '45 Seniors home for Christmas. Goodman-Neosho game. Their loss, 27-30. Twenty-eight would-be celebrators gathered in Naramore's dining room. '45 Seniors "Waitin' For The Train To Come In" to "Go Back To VVhur They Come From". JANUARY The Epic of the Clover Club. Mrs. Naramore leaves for Nevada. Spanish students dicen "Adios" as Banks marries. Reward offered for Chichiboo Malaboo. ' Neosho host to Southwest City. Hosts take honors 39-36. VVebb City beats Neosho, 27-16. Neosho at Southwest Citv. 30-31 loss for Neosho. Nevada-Neosho bounce it out. Neosho outbounced, 22-31. H. F. mournfully takes braids down as he stumbles blindly into barber shop. v FEBRUARY Neosho out-pointed by MOIICIT, 25-34. Granby bows before powerful VVildcat team, 57-45. Paul "Steel"s FEA Assembly. Carthage Tigers trample Neosho, 55-3-l. Noel nips Neosho, 44-59. Coronation of Basketball Queen, Martha Hearrell. junior High King and Queen crowned at Sarcoxie game. Cncle Loren sees fit to beat it out in assembly . . . "Oh! My aehin' back!" Hot on trail of Chichiboo Malaboo. MARCH Last of the three eligible girls initiated into the Hubba Hubba Club . . . "VVell, hubbal" Home Ee. Assembly . . . Vve love 'eml Students going hi-hat as Nletropolitan Dance group gives assembly. APRIL George found exhausted on school steps while searching for Room 38. Payne's yearbook picture sent to Rogues Gallery for future reference. Christian types five whole words in one minute. Lou Ann Ruark makes lirst attempt to ride "Hibbie Lou". Ness writes forty-word editorial. Junior play. MAY Haas prostrated as he sees Campus Life Section. Senior Bachelor Party . . . Harmon ofliciating. Baccalaureate.- Senior Assembly. Prom. Commencement. School quiet except for Chichiboo Malaboo lurking in shadows. 6 SPRING CLASS HISTUHY Six short years ago we entered this large, gloomy building. VVe certainly looked cute with our freckles and braids. 'I'hat's where this history begills. Coming from Field with their pea shooters and gum were: Jeanne Bennett, James Butler, Gordon Cain, Jahala Crane, Wi ladean Daugherty, Norma Land, Erma Mae Lane, Marie Millender, Leonard Moffett, Etta Belle Pendergraft, Leland Tretbar, Martha Turn- er, and Carol VVilson. From Central came our brawn and brains: John Cline, Barbara de Villers, Jimmie Harmon, Bernadine Haworth, Mary Jane lberg, George James, Imogene Johnson, Virginia Jones, Mona Belle Land, June Lewis, Ruth Lowe, Virginia Parker, Shirley Price, D. Renick, VVanda Stout, Bob Turk, and Phyllis VVoodard. Crashing in from Benton were: John Anderson, Donald Barbarick, Betty and Jack Hadley, Martha Hearrell, Doro.hy Jackson, Verna Lou Randol, Gerald Rieboldt, Rosemary Tomlin, and Fon Glen Hutson. Our gang was reinforced this year by such charac- ters as Betty Wright from Goodman, Connie Rogers from Mulvine, Kansas, Louise Brock from Tulsa, Oklahoma, also Mary Hodman, Jean Handley, Benny Hughes, and Anna -Nelle Stark. There was always room for more in our class. So in the eighth grade we acquired: Mildred Nance from Sullivan, Missouri, Cleo Crumbliss from Meeks Con- solidated School, Lewis Kraft from Hammers School, Virginia Bowman from Monett, Missouri, Alfred Kolk- meyer and Thelma Lorenz from Lake Hill, Jimmy Rudd from VVinheld, Kansas, Eugene Kincade from Spurgeon, Tommy Strait from Mt. Vernon, Missouri. By now we were getting better acquainted with N. H. S. It wasn't as large as we had thought of it in our first days. VVe were growing too. Some of the braids were disappearing and we even began to lose some of our freckles. As freshmen, we elected Connie Rogers as attendant to the Wildcat Queen and Betty Hadley served as at- tendant for Football Queen. Our boys were gaining prominence in the athletic field, with John Anderson, Donald Barbarick, and 'Carol Wilson playing on the starting lineup of the football team. New blood was added to our class in our freshman year when we received our classmates from the coun- try. Marialyce Harmon from Edgewood, Bonnie Staib and Helen Rion from Cave Springs, Janetta Fairchild, Ernest Hoover, Gerald Adams, Bonnie Yetter, Orpha Reding, and VVilbur Jay from Belfast. Delmar Cramer came from VVest Benton, while Roberta Johnson, Elizabeth Kraft and Ethyl Lane arrived from Spurgeon. From Willow Springs came Evelyn Gil- strap, from Jaybird, Bobby Adams and Hazel Smith, Lyle Dean Franks from Hammers, Clyde Green from Shoenborn, Jewell Hoover and Doris June Hoover from Pleasant Valley, and Jane Lois VVilson from Oak Grove. Coming from afar we greeted: Marvin and Junior Swanson from Des Moines, Iowa, Chuck Malow from Anderson, Luella Sharp from Southwest City, Shirley Fitzjohn and Arthur Giles from Racine, Frank Rob- erts from Granby. Robert Christian joined us from Rocky Comfort, Charles St. Clair from VValnut Shade, Missouri, Paul Bowers from Stella, Austin VVilliams from Pierce City, Johnny Goostree from VVheaton, Charline VVilliams from Goodman, Mary VVilliamson from Little Rock, Arkansas. Other additions were Leon Pace, Bob Ball, M. Edge and Dorothy Fergusson. Ah, at last we're Sophomores. Something's gone wrong, where are all of those assemblies? But school life is not so dull, what with the continual faculty changes due to wartime conditions. This year Ruth Lowe served as VVildcat Attendant. As Sophomores, we gained Ruth Kennedy from Sen- eca, Vernon Philliber from Joplin, and Doris Terry from Kosculsko, Mississippi. That year, our ranks suffered the loss of John Cline, Dorothy Fergusson, Fon Glenn Hutson, Anna Nelle Stark, Gerald Rieboldt, and Mary' VVilliamson. Entering our Junior year with a bang, we elected Betty and Jack, the Hadley twins, as VVi'dcat Queen and King. Virginia Jones was Football Queen Attend- ant. The basketball squad selected Johnny Goostree as Basketball Captain, and Martha Hearrell attended the Basketball Queen. As Juniors, we received Leslie Eurit from Fairview, Joann North from Berkeley, California, Billie Louise Rees from Chicago, Ruth Dobson from Westview. Various reasons caused us to lose Bob Ball, J. M. Edge, John Goostree, Jean Handley, -Doris Hoover, Benny Hughes, Eugene Kincade, Ethyl Lane, Leon Pace, Jane Lois VVilson, and Charline VVilliams. Our Senior year was loaded with climaxes. The football boys won the Vndefeated Big-8 Championship, and played Mt. Grove in the Springfield Ozark Bowl. The squad elected Carol VVilson as Football Captain and Mona Belle Land as Football Queen. Cleo Crumb- liss and Virginia Parker were Senior Attendants of the '46 VVildcats. The basketball squad elected Jack Hadley as Captain, and crowned winsome Martha Hearrell, Queen. In this last year we added: Shirley Blankenship from Rocky Mountain, Virginia, Mildred Popejoy from Springfield, Missouri, Dema Crawford from Goodman, Don Kahle from Portland, Oregon, Thomas Brasher from Salina, Oklahoma, June Dalton from Alliance, Nebraska, Ross Watson from San Bernardino, Cali- fornia, Erma Jean Dolence from Goodman, Missouri, and Hugh Hills who returned to school from war work in VVichita, Kansas. Six returned veterans will receive diplomas with this class although they remain members of their own classes: Clinton Crabtree '43, Vonnie F. Porter '43, Joe Addington '43, Charles Sinsicke '43, Joe E. Meyer '-1-3, and Charles McCullough '-I--I-. "The Eyes of Tlaloc" selected by Carl Summers included the following cast: Parker, M. Land, Dalton, North, Blankenship, Kahle, Crumbliss, Barbarick, Had- ley, Rudd, Franks, Harmon and Cain. To further represent the seniors of '46, Jimmy Har- mon was elected President of the Student Body, Jack Hadley was elected editor of THE VVILDCAT, iEtta Belle Pendergraft and Jewell Hoover as drum majorettes and Tony Ness as editor and chief of Thr Ilfildfats flleofw. A class with such outstanding members and these many memorable occasions will not soon be forgotten -so here's to the graduating class of '-lol .lack HADLEY Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 23 4 N Club 3, 4 Basketball Captain 4 Class President 1, 2, 4 1VII,DC.4T Staff 3, 4 Steering Committee 3, 4 VVildcat Club 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 S1-UREEY HLANKENSHII' Nlixed Chorus 4 Rainbow 4 Class Vice- President 4 Sub Deb 4 Pep Club 4 Class Play 4 -IOHN .ANDERSON Hand 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 1. 2, 4 N Club 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Class Secretary 4 -I. D. RENICK Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track, 2, 4 N Club 2, 3, 4 State Guard 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 4 Class Treasurer 4 Bois LADANIS Shop 4 GERALD ADAIXIS lx F.A. 1,2, 3,4 F. F. A. Officer 4 Student Council 1 DoNALD BARBARICK Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Crchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 N Club 2, 3, 4 Class Plays 3, 4 Student Council 2, 3 XVILDCAT Staff 4 -IEAXNE BENNETT Campfire 1, 2 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Spanish 3, 4 PA cr. BOWERS Shop 4 Student Council 4 Yuzoixm Bowx-IAN llome lfc 1, 2 LOUISE BROCK Home Ee l, 2 -IAA1 ES B L5T1.r2R Football 2, 3, 4 Track 2 Basketball 3 Class President 3 Student Council 4 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 N Club 3, 4 N atioual H onor Society 3, 4 Pep Club President 4 XVILDCAT 4 ciORDON CAIN Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 N Club 3, 4 Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 ROBERT CHRISTI'-N Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 2. 3, 4 Studeut,Council 4 N Club 3, 4 Olee Club 2 Plays 3 IJELQXIAR CRAKI ER F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 lf. F. A. Officer 3, 4 -IAHALA CRANE Band 2, 3, 4 Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 SARAH CREVVS Spanish Club 2, 3, 4 Sub Deb 4 W'ildr1zts fllerm' 3 XVILDCAT 4 CLEO CRLix1RL1ss Band l, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 Home Room Ofhcer 4 VVildcat Attendant 4 KILJNE DALTON Klixed Chorus 4 Pep Club 4 Orchestra 4 School Play 4 VW-L 1,-A DEAN DA can ERTY Band l, 2, 3, 4 Campfire l, 2 Olee Club l School Play 3 Student Council 4 Steering Committee 3 NVILDQAT 4 KATHERINIQ IJIZI..-'KNO Home EC 1 Chorus -I Student Council 2 Home Room Ofhccr I National Honor Society -I- Honor Roll -I- B.xR1aARA DraYu.1.1sRs School Play 3 RUTH Donsox Drum Corps 3, -I ERRIA Douzxcu LESLIE l':L'R1T Basketball 3, 4 ,4-155' is...- .IANIETTA FAIRCHILD Home lic 1, -I- BETTY FALLKNER Home lic 3, -I Home Fc. Pres. 4 Gokoox FITZJOHN Shop 3, -I SHIRLEY FITZJOHN Home Plc. 1, 2 Glee Club 3, -I- Honor Roll -I- National Honor Society IJYLE Du.-xx FRANKS .Iournalism Club 3 Boys' Glec Club Z. School Play 4 4 p --4 - EVELYN G1LsTRAP Home EC l, 2 Glee Club 3, 4 National Honor Society 4 Honor Roll 4 Office Assistant 4 jonx ci00STREE Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 N Club 2, 3, 4 Class Officer 2 Basketball Captain 3 Steering Committee 3 VVildcats Club 2 VVILDCAT Staff 3 CLYDE ciREEN F. F. A. I, 2 Shop 3, 4 Debate Club 2 . Home Room Officer I JIMMIE HARMON Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 N Club 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Student Body President 4 WILDCAT 4 Wildrats fl-If-ou' 3 VVildcat Club 4 AIARIALYCE HARAIKJN Home EC 1 Class OHicer 2 Honor Roll 4 National Honor Society Oflice Assistant 4 Home Room Officer 3 4 .44 gg, -ug .H .55 - 'vlsm-svr., 'S .. .4 2 is rv--N, fwf- BERNADINE HAWORTH Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, 4 Band l, Z, 3, 4 Rainbow 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 4 Sub Deb 4 NIARTHA HE.ARREI.I. Glee Club l 2 Home Ee l, 2 Sub Deb 4 W'i!dcats llffeow 3, 4 Basketball Attendant 3 Basketball Queen 4 Steering Committee 3 HUGH HILLS Shop 2, 3, 4 AIARY HUFFMAN Campfire 1, 2 ERNEST HOON'I5R F. F. A. 1,2, 3,4 F. F. A. Officer l, 2, 4 J EwEI.I. HOOV ER ,M , Home lic. l, 2 f IN Drum Corps 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Assistant Drum lllajor 4 RIARY JANE IIIERG Spanish 3 DOROTHY JACKSON Rainbow l, 2, 3, 4 Campfire l, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club l, 2 School Play 3 NVILDCAT 3, 4 Student Council 3 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4 Sub-Deb 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 4 CiEORGE JAM ES Football 3, 4 N Club 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 State Guard 4 School 'Play 3 Home Room Ollicer 1, 3, 4 IBIOGENE JOHNSON Home EC. l School Play 3 ,,,.,,,- +97 ffm, ATR 'QI 'QR KW' .Rf 'cf gy wg., 016 RORERTA JOHNSON Student Council 4 Steering Committee 4 VIRGINIA JONES Campfire l, 2 Hand 2, 3, 4 Drum Corps 1 Sub-Deb 4 DON K.AHLE files Club 4 School Play 4 RUTH KENNEDY AALFRIED KCJLKBIEYER ELIZABETH KR.,NIfT Student Council l, 3 Oflice Assistant 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 3, 4 LEWIS Kizfxifr Shop 3, 4 MONA BELLE LAND Orchestra l, 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Secretary Student Coun- cil 4 PVi!dr11fs flleo-za' 4 Sub Deb 4 Cllee Club l, 2, 3, 4 XVILDCAT 3, 4 Campfire l, 2 Football Queen 4 School Play 3, 4 Sextet 2, 3 NORKIA Li-xxn Drum Corps 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Home EC 3 Glee Club 4 Hmm MAE LANE Drum Corps l, 2, 3, 4 Drum Corps Klajorcttc 4 Home EC l, 2 Campfire l, 2 .ILNI2 Lifwis H onu- lfc l R L'TIi Lowic Campfire l, 2 Hand l, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Queen Attend- ant 2 Sub Ut-b 2, 3, 4'r 4 Student Council l, 3, 4 Student liotly 'llrcasurer 3, 4 Pep Club 4 XV1l,x1.x KICLAIN Home lfc' l BIARIIS lxIII,I.lNDER Campfire l, 2 Cllee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Spanish Club 3, 4 Liaox.-xkn Kl0If'If'li'l'T Football l, 2, 3, 4 lgasketball l, 2, 3, 4 N Club 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 4 Cllee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Track 4 XYIRCINI,-X PARKER Cheer Lezuler 3, 4 Sub-Deb 2, 3, 4 Cllee Club 4 Steering Committee 3 XVII.DC.XT Stall 4 lfvifzlmfs lllwo-24' 3 Campfire l, 2 Student Council 4 School Play 3, 4 YVildcat Club Officer 4 XVildczIt Club 2, 3, 4 XVilIlcat lAfI'CIlilZlI1f 4 l'lT'l'.-X BELLE IHQNIIIQRGRAET Home Fc 1 Drum Corps 2, 3, 4 Drum Corps NI aj orette Drum Corps Nfajor 4 Home Room Ullicer l VERNIIN I'HILLIIzIsR F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 F. F. A. Officer 4 MILIJRIQIJ PoI1EJoY Home Fc 4 SHIRLEY PRICE Sub Deb 2, 3, 4 W7il1lmf.s' 1llIf'll'ZL' 2 Home ICI' 4 School Play 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Campfire 2 ' - X7ERNA Lou RANDOL Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4 Steering Committee 3 Home lic l Campfire l, 2 Girls' Sextet 3 IVif1il'HfS flffou' 3, -l ORPHA REDING Student Council l Honor Roll l, 2 School Play 3 Ollice Assistant 2 BILLIE Loclslz Rifles Glee Club -l Pep Club -l Sub Deb 4 HELEN R1oN Glee Club -l FRANK ROBERTS Band 3, -l Basketball 3, -l- F. F. A. Oflicer 2 Steering Committee 3, 4- CONNIE ROGERS Sub Deb 2, 3, -l VVildcat Attendant l PVildc11ts llloozc' 3 Cheer Leader 3 Glee Club l, 2, 3, Ql- School Play 3 Pep Club l Campfire l, 2, 3, 4 AIIMNIIE Rum Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra l, 2, 3, -l- lfootball 2, 3, -l Swing Band 2, 3 School Play 3, -l N Club 3, -l HAZEL SMITH Spanish Club 3 Home lfc 1,2 llfiflllfllff Alleon' 3 Boxxnz Srxna Home lic l, 2 Hand l, 2, 3, -l YVANDA Srom Home EC 3 Student Council 3 Tom MY STRA IT Football 3, 4 fllee Club l, 2 National Honor Soc 3, -l ' National Honor Soc President 4 J L'N1oR Swrvxxsox Band 2, 3, -l Orchestra 4 Basketball 3 Swing Band 3, 4 Pep Club 4 Home Room Officer AIARVIN SwANsoN Statc Guard 4 Band 2, 3, 4 School Play 3 Home Room Oflicci' 3 DORIS 'PERRY Campfire 2 Pep Club 4 Latin Club 2 Rosiz RIARY 'll0MLIN Drum Corps l, 2, 3, 4 Band l, 2, 3, 4 Home EC 1, 2 LELAND rl1RliTBAR Football 4 School Play 3 XVILDCAT 4 Bon TURK Band l, 2, 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 School Play 3, 4 RIARTHA TL.'RNlZR Campfire 1, 2 .gl -402- Rm., Aim... AN Ross XVATSON A L' s'r1N XV1L1,1AMs Shop 4 C.-xRoL VV1 Lsox Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 N Club 2, 3, 4 N Club President 4 Class Officer 2 Football Captain 4 PnY1.i.1s XVOOD.-XRD Rainbow 1, 2, 3, 4 Sub Deb 2, 3, 4 Stuclcnt Council 2 School Play 3 XVILDC.-XT 3, 4 Spanish Club 1, 2 Latin Club 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 National Honor Society 'T a 4 Drum Corps l, 2, 3, 4 Honor Roll l, 2, 3, 4 li IETTY VVR1GHT Druni Corps 2, 3, 4 Drum Corps Nlajorctte 3, 4 Home lic 1, 2 Boxxnz YYETTER Home lic 1 1: -'WW 'N mf: ROS-XLIND I5.fxl'GHER BIERNICIQ BRA-xxH xxx INEZ BRIVNSTIR Blwwx l,Ynm BROWN SHIRLE EVENING RIYRTLIS BLL1. BEVERL C1111,nRi2ss lfluzllm CLEVEXCI R CHARMS Covr "Figur- :ANNA CI,ARA DECKER CHARLES DILLINGHIABI POWELL EDGE BETTY ENNIS ROBERT EPPERSON ADELLA FAYE ERWIN CTLENN ERWVIN H. F. EVANS R DTH FAY IRENE CTARLOXV .IAAIES GIBSON JOAN CIOOSTREE JU IUH5 DONALD COPE IRIS COX DALE CRAAIER ILA AIEAN DA HGH ERTY VVII.I.A NELL DAL'GHERTY TOM DAVIS JU IUHS LEROY CTOSVVICK DONALD KTREEN LIIRENE fIRIFF1TH RIAXINE GRIIPEITII BETTY JOY HAAS RALPH HJXGENSICKER GLENN HALL JOANN HAAIMUND HAROLD H.ARNESS HIAZEL HERRING CTERALD HOPPIAS EUGENE HOUSE GEORGIA ANN HL'I,SEY' JEAN HUNTER CTAYLON INsCo JACK IQENNEY SHIRLEY KRAFT BILLY KRITZ nf-4.8 'W' W? 'YY f I I .Xxx ZXIATHIS RIARY Lon' NIATTHEXYS SHIRLEY BICCAL BIARG.-XRET MCD.-Axim. .ARLENA RICf?L'IRE Bm: KICINTYRIZ l,r,fn'IJ 1XICI,.XL'GHI,IN XYERA IJIZAXXY XIELTON XuR.x1A KIILLS IiI5'1"1'Y LOL' xII'l'CHlil.l. IRIQNIQ XIUURIZ Rnc:1iR KIOORIS f' pw VU" sf kk 27 W i LPA JU IUHS XIARILYN LAND XVILMA .IRAN LAND TQORAIAN LARAIEI-312 IJHLORIZS Llvlxcswmx I, ICON LONGSTR li ET AVA RIARTIN 'QR 'N 724, my viii: UNIUH5 fDRADEAN N.-'xR4xx1OR1f AI E.-xxx ETT I2 N lass .IOHN N rzwcmm RIILDRED NI.XI.XIS JIMNIIIZ PMN12 Przcm' Axxrz PIERSON 'Tl M.-xx PRLNTY l3E1.1.E PUETT BETTY MAE R1sxT1fRO IJOROTHY RICHARDSON IMOGENE R1CH.,xR1msOx DOROTHY ROBIQRTS RLTH SANTEE BILL S.-XUTER PAL'I,INE Smxxxxn RUIEERT SHLLY IJ.-XLE SMITH DONALD SMZR.-xw CORLEY THO.xwsON JINIXIIE XVEHER NANCY Sui XVITLCH JUNE XVELQHLR BARBARA ELLEN VVIZLSH NORMAN XVEST VVILLENE VVEST CRETORIA VVILHS CHARLES XVILSON A BARBARA XVOOO DON.-XLD XVOUDS UNIUHS YIRGII. SPRENKLIE PAUL STIZIQLF L.-KV.-'NPN STONE .xmv I-FATE CHARLOTTE 'INATHAKI fTER.XI.DIN ,IiHOGXl.XR'I'IX -GN in 3 SUPHU UHE5 BILL BICF.-Xl.L, President jL'.xN1T,x FOSTER, XviCC'Pl'6SidCI1f IYADINIS BALI., Sewcmrv-T1'c'as11rm' PHYLLIS .ANDERSON BIXRY IQLLIZX TANDRIEXYS CH.YRI.Es BAKER WU' 'ik :nf XV11.xl,x LEE BALES I',xL'1. BENNETT BETTY R LT11 B1,.x1.TxcK All.Y1.x11E B1,.fxNKENs111l- XV11..xm BRADLEY DON BR.1xN11.Vx.x1 RLTH BYRD CL'RT1s CA1.mYEI.1. ,IININIIE Corcu RUNERT COVER IJENISE CLix1x11Ns DENNIS CL'x1.x11Ns Yr an 'Yip' H li L EN DA L'GH ERTY R PTH P.X'1'Tl BILL I' CHARLES DAVIS BILL DII.l,I1JN KIARIE Dlx HERBERT EISSQXIAN KIURRAY ENGL.-XND FURSYTHE XVI LLIAM FR.-xxclsco B ETTY FREDERICKSUN KILLER , CLYDE C34-XILIZY BIILIJRIZID cl.-XLLION SUPHU UHES R.-W QXRKNIRLISS C.xRoL LEE CVSH MAN -'ACK D.-XLTUN ,I EANNI E D.-xx 1 ELS B ETTY DARN I2 LI. .,.,R '49 ,num 409 if .ze . - fv- SUPHUMURE5 Ci.-XROL CEOLD BILL CIRIQER IJENNIS QQREINER CURLEY CQRIFFITH RAYMOND CQRIFI-'lTH .IOHN HAILEY 411 .IYIL-XX H.'XKIER RUTH HAMMOND EVA PI.-XRDY if L ff 'H' , qw, P3 A RI.-XRY HARMON 'Wg "-' LORA HATFIELD . QQ, Wfv,. -I yin: DAIIE I-IAu.KlXS "2 ffifffi? 5 Y1'.."! HELEN HETRICK RONALD HOYT LEROY NIEFFERY CARI. -IOHNSON ICLLEN JOHNSON ROBERT JOH NSON ,fvx CJPAL LINTON ESTALYN I,o0KEBII.L DALE LL'NDsTRo1xI EDITH INIARCH LEWVIS RIARTIN RUTH KIASON Bos IXIATHIAS LENORE MIIIIRE RIAXIXE MIJYER ALICE M L'EI.I,EIz LEE KILQRR.-XY RITA NAFUS SUPHUMUHES IDIXIE KELLEY ROY EVANS KENN EY MAY KIRRY HARVEY LAKIN CLAIJIJE LANGLEY ROI: LEACH 'Q SUPHU UHES B ETTY OW ENS RoN.fx1,D P.-xss,x1oRE H. L. PERRY ELE.-XNOR PHu,1.1RER KEITH PICHT IQ' Mvww' f'faf'5s +-N., NVAYNE PLASTER JOAN PRERLE LOUISE PRITCHARD O RICHARD RANDOLPH ICLVVOOD REED CHRISTINE REYNOLDS HELEN REYNOLDS BETTY R1NEHART RUTH ROBINSON RICHARD RDWE ROBERT ROWE RLEANOR RUDD IJOROTHY THo.xr.-xs I"RAN14xE FIQIPTUN CHARLIQS Tumi KIARGIE XVALKER BARBARA 1,1215 XVILLIAAIS .lux XVILSON GERA1.u1N E VVILSON SUPHUMUHES VVAYNE SALTFR XVAYNE SHIELDS JERRY SCHXVARTZ Bkrclz STr2nnL'M ICIJYY.-XRIJ STIQCKEY IJONALD 'THOMAS NINTH GRADE Roiw 1: G. Green, Nl. J. Young, C. Vesper, J. Caldwell, Caldwell, D. Biddlecome, K. Stafford, D. Marshall, B. Boucher, L. Sharp, R. McFa5- den, J. Anderson, B. Payton, Kyger. Rolw 2: B. Harris, R. Stiles, J. Devine, J. Gray, F. VVilson, E, Morgan M. Hawkins, R. Sanders, B. Brown, S. Mills, B. Severs, F. Housden P. Butler, D. Stratton, T. Brasiola, L. Coleman, J. Sutter. 1 Row 3: J. VVilliams, G. Corley, VV. Henderson, P. Severs, P. Mitchell, A. Sims, M. Matthews, G. Porter, P. Reynolds, L. Harris, P. Adams, B. Mason, A. VValker, J. VVolfenharger, G. Smith, T. L. VVeldon, J. Kirby, C. Lampo. Row -is C. VVelsh, R. Roller, C. L. Jeffers, J. Sauter, J. Skelton, R. Barnes VV. Studdard, L. Enlow, VVilson, M. Terry, E. Burr, V. Boyer, I. Reeves, B. King, J. Boyd, B. Ness. v Roiw 5: D. Grimsly, R. VVilson, F. Myers, M. O'Harz1, Burr, VV, Haas S. Freed, H. Geeding, J. Fulderson, D. Halloway, G, Roberts, J. Houchen, G. Testerman. v Row 6: B. Boyd, G. Corley, G. Humphrey, H. Hatfield, A. Cummings L. Roy, P. Arthur, D. S. Blankenship, C. Robinson, M. J. Naramore P. Paschal, R. Green, R. VVise, J. Brazeal, R. Duncan. Row ff B. Barnes, VV. Patterson, C. S. Brooks, B. Givens, B, Johnson D. Reed, B. Prather, G. Kulp, D. Leaman, M. Price, B, Hoyt, J. Rogers J. Barnett, M. Barnett, J. Burr, B. Cantrell, M. Stark. v v Rofw I: L. Cole, C. Vilright, XV. llonnas, Franks, F. Allen, L. Divine hrougjh, L. VVilson, B. Marshall, K. Carnes. Rome 2: Miss Anderson, Green, Miss Banks, L. VVaguer, D. Houseinan H. Boillet, I.. Burr, A. Cushman, C. Fitzjohn, D. lock, D. Deuhler D. Schmidt, S. Smith, D. Vvarden, B. Farrar, D. Moyer, VV. Barnett B. Sprenkle, Mr. Russell, B. VVilliams. R0-w 3: D. Popejoy, N. Strouse, Dean, M. Lewis, .M. Dauglierty, U Yetter, D. Denton, R. Sharp, 0. Boyer, D. Jarvis, M. Jost. Rofu' -il: N. Cox, U. Haas, F. Nimms, B. Burr, R, Reding, D. Pearman L. Johnson, E. VVOod, B, VViles, J. Reding, F. Conrad, Brooks, M Doran, B. Brannick, C. Dale, B. Ahernathy. Rww 5: E. Buzzard, F. Schmidt, C. Scranton, R. Huebler, P. McCleary J. Richards, M. VVeitz, B. Leharr, M. Steel, J. Dennis, B. King, D Doad, S. Terry, J. Burch. Row 6: L. Lewis, M. Delano, Brooks, F. Goheen, J. Bragg, L. Hill, C Cornish, B. Tilton, P. Stafford, N. Smith, B. Fillinghznn, N. lVIcMahan VV. Anglen, S. Sweariugen, Moyer, B. Harness. tian, M. Newcomb, J. Scott, B. Gray, B. Lamh, S. Ilzlas, B. Reed, B Bacon, J. Kyser, J. Lewis, M. Kolkmeyer, R. Roy, P. 'I'cnnis. Row 8: G. Sprenger, S. Bushmeyer, J. March, B. Tyler, L. Crews, F Shonk, B. Renfro, C. Kennedy, V. llawes, J. Yagge, R. Barnes, R. Lane B. J. Nunn, 'lf Hosfield, B. Haas, S. Land, R. Henry, B. Mclierizie. tord, L. llarris, J. Buzzard, M. Crites, B. Ilanstord, B. Green, H Bihson, J. Cullum, C. Johnson. SEVENTH SHADE A. Epperson, R. Jackson, J. Berry ,Y B. Barickman, R. Crabtree, E. Kim- Rmw 7: G. Roberts, L. Ruark, M. Sharp, Jones, P. Belding, B. McDan- iel, U. Kent, B. Mahafliy, M. Urirlith, A. Eldred, D. Jackson, B. Chris- Rmzo 9: R. Fnlow, F. Fairchild, J. Bishop, F. XValters,-I.. Nichols, R. Led' Rofw Row Rau Rofw Rofw Row 5: E. D. Marks, C. 'l'rau, EIGHTH GRADE .' B. Bolin, C. Millender, B. Bushmeyer, B. M. Christian, Ll. VV. livans, D. Leach, H. Htnchinson, li. Davis -I. Showalter, R. Carver, C. Brown, H. Rion, xl. VVidener, P. B. Matthews. 2: J. Barkley, V. Mahan, J. Alfrey, V. Fikes, N. Smith, M. Johnson, C. James, J. York, B. Cummings, C. Thomp- son, N. Fmbrey, J. Barlow, J. D. Cash, J. McGrane. : B. Smith, R. Sims, R. Francisco, N. Kenney, R. Patrick, P. Pate, N. J. Price, S. Knee, M. Early, J. Anderson M. A. Early, K. Brady, R. Stratton. 4: G. F. Kytle, G, Nlms, B. Taylor, A. Nloore, lion lirazeal, U. lW. Harris, G. Nl. Turner, P. Haley, C Kelley, L. Oldham, VV. Cope, B. Green, D. Barnes, B. VVilson. M. Price, L. Combs, B. llawk, F. VVoods, M. Wvilson, A. Tyson, M. Hufllman, E 'McCoy, A. j. Stipp, M. D. Reynolds, B. Perry, K. Scott, M. Egan. 6: P. Hammond, M. Collins, B. J. Plaster, R. Hilton, L, Sprenkle, R. Propts, F. Severs, li. johnson, ll. Souders C. Fain, D. Barney, D. Young. Wim X6 + W gf? UQ if ,Q V . . L gh -Q s5gbyL4gfg,,'3lJ'hf 7?ZLqEosH0 me ssewigw. Oz . fiiiww W wif! 7 - af gg W if , 1 ww X QwWvgQW is ,,gfww , WE 0g"Qw?5O M QCOQCSEW Gay N , Q QVMVX fWfN P55 Sw Wfygwhggwj, Ag, JU QLW4 MW W,A.L'3f J55'5'Q4?7ifffb 99,8 W ,M ,gf QCMQWWMW Hiiglflfii 5Sgi2gVWc5 5f:,, y,gV4 S 1-ffffvif wffjwfjgq ' A Vd?Qiag26?' XSKSWQS ?XY5XQva'Jnv5 gm QM R WM .sf ' t ,YV MMJV M gf fm bmfifffif MQW gg ,X ,M ggi, " V2 pw zdZ9g7?1i.,,L if A WW N Q iff MQW QQEWQV Se U6 fn fag U Lesh-3. Q'uX"" WYA-LLLQK 3 fm ,aMf,,w,.'gbjjjfg3 S JMWZWM ,4f,,,,,,,,, Z'4'0,?7',,ujwf+J MTL ibiuipw ww? A 2' A WWW eafawgwi ' WM

Suggestions in the Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) collection:

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