Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO)

 - Class of 1945

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Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1945 volume:

wwf zfyv WJ WW ' 1 a ly ' jf w MW w ww V--v----W--www vvpwwwvw Y wr ww iiiifl Jgfgiii Wh ffffif if wg? f li' jfw yffEgg53.Qff gin MM MMM .,Q.w7777"MA1 ..,,,,fL-0 f7'jZ-jym' it . my yfawmwi' df ZZMQWMQM wi-4569 1 4""T H0 Xl-4 P- Z . Lu cn Lu II Q. w n i l w i F E l l A i i B 1 i l 1 1 . A Z" YM LIBRARY 'G 5 fix' 1 f, 5 ,gg ! N.H.S.'s Bookworms in action . . . . . . Under the tecxchefs wcnchful eye. HOME ECONOMICS SHOP Skilled craftsmen ot Neosho High learning trades for the postwar world . . . State Guardsmen in one of their more serious moments. STATE GUARD W'-K Who's who on the l945 Yearbook Staft: Top leit: Bob Fox, Art EclitOf: TOP CQUTSTI Corley ThOmPSOI1, Bob Mclntyre, lrene Moore, Advertisement, Top riaht: Betty Williams, Typistg Center left: Iohnny Croostree, lack Hadley, Co-assistant Editorsg Center: limmy Harmon, Dorothy Iackson, Charlene Wil- liarns, lack Hadley, Bob Fox, Organization write-ups: Center right: Bob Turk, Clinton Harrison, Campus Litey Bottom tlett to riqhtbz Darlene Harpold, Faculty Adviser: Frank Reynolds, Sports Editor: Barbara Forte, Business Manaqerp Dick Walker, Editor in Chiety Ralph Brown, Faculty Financierg Don Patterson, Associate Editor. Members ot the Yearbook Staff not shown are: Derwood Carnes, Ray Callahan, Mary Anna Culkin, Connie Rogers, Phyllis Woodard, Betty Ioy Haas, Chuck Malow, Don Barbarick, Mary Lou Matthews, Betty Wright, Phyllis Williams, Barbara Karbe, Carroll Mace, Verna Lou Randol, Mona Belle Land, and ean Hunter. f 0110 ' PRODUCERS AND DIRECTORS fi M MARY STEWART Secretary --Q-NLM R. W. A DER 0 Superinfendenf leckcafion We, the students of Neosho High School, appreciate the sincerity, sympathy, guid- ance and friendship of our teachers. lt is in grateful recognition of their efforts to maintain the fine traditions of our school that we dedicate this book to them. .ar4Olv 2 2 A 5 f Y -W' s Y . ll r Q 151- -K W x Q if ,, ms 9--Q me ul f jg ,. 5 'V ,-f"' . t Mo' Aff' M ,M 7' V Q ' gm, .-any if A- .-" M f 1.4. ,L 'Z f 2 A A 4 ,+f:.,z,r ' ' 'f . ., N, I 14 5, Ns , , A Q5 , ml Sw. Ns if il ll. 'M 9' 5 -T. V ' . . Q ,., H MXH Z' f za , if ? ,K Y 4 v sm , Q Q? as ,.,Q,,Q . 9:7 Q- ,rf fb W 'W-v Wx ga 4 , in 've F 'F-' 4 The Ir. High Faculty meets: .Miss Heard, English Sir Mrs. Lane, Music if? Mrs. Koger, Science if Mrs. Buehler, Mathematics sir Mrs. Branhan, Mathematics . . . "While strolling through the park . . . " Mrs. Barrett, History il? Mrs. Hagen, English if? Mrs. Coker, Social Science . . . "lt's too nice to go to school!" Miss Warden, Home Ec. ii? Miss Philbeck, Science ik Miss Banks, English and Language . . . Scientist Baker explains to Mr. Cushman, shop foreman . . . What's this? . . . N.H.S.'s old faithfuls arrive. . .Miss Shannon, English if Miss Hancock, Commercial wir Miss Neil, Mathematics . . . "Doc" Loren Williams, Music and History, and Coach Ralph "Casanova" Brown, Co-ordinator, late again . . . Mrs. Newton, Civics and English 'ik Miss Harpold, Library . . . Caught in the act . . . "Now Iewell clon't give them a permit unless" if Mr. Russell, FEA. ii? Iewell Moore, Secretary iff Mrs. Hisaw, Social Science. ' aaa .ilidfory Six years ago these patient halls of leaming were blessed with the arrival of some new students. Toddling down from Central were: lim Bishop, Derwood Cames, Paul Carter, Gene Coffman, Mary Anna Culkin, Betty Embrey, Barbara Forte, Bob Fox, Donna Irwin, Margie HMWILLIAMS Iohnson, Barbara Karbe, lerold Kyser, Ellen Lane, Mary Iennings Fansler, Minnie Parsons Maskiell, Donald Patter- son, George Weldon, Betty Williams, Phyllis Williams, Bob Wood and Bob Wright. ' Trudging over from Benton came: Don Anderson, Mary Alice Dabbs, Patty Gibson, Price Landis, Carroll Mace, Bill McKnight, lack Prickett, Robert Taylor, Rosemary Tomlin, and Frankie West. Skipping across from Field were: Gene Allen, Norman Bolin, Lucille Harpool, Betty Hays, Ella Mae Kytle, Ilah lean Lewis, Lenngjgyne. George Tack, ' Wilson. N. H. S. also got that year lean Hoppas from Thomasville, Missouri: Don Reynolds from Enid, Oklahoma: Margaret Rton from Cave Springs: and Lorene Sawyer from Eastview. In the eighth grade two more joined us: Hugh Roy from Ragan and Clinton Harrison from Denver. These past two years were extremely trying to both the students and the faculty and to make matters worse in the ninth grade we gathered into the fold the following: from Kid- doo, Margie Anderson, Iunior Lediord, Marie Walden, and Ioanne Peck. Audrey Crews, Iohn Wade, Mary lane Mueller, Nola lean Reding, Tommie Russell, and Russell Tarvin from Belfast. From Hilldale were Dorothy Kimbrough and Iean McMahan. Iames Herrin and Madeline Corcoran from McEl- hany: Iwana Barnes from Round Prairie: Marjorie Buchanan from Cave Springs: Iohn Shadwick from Edgewood: Rose- mary Sweeney from Rogan: and Elva Ledbetter from Mor- row, Arkansas. Up to now our lives had been noticeably uneventful- the greatest event having been the descent from the balcony to the main floor of the auditorium in the ninth grade. Now that we were Sophomores we knew things were certain to start happening. That year we 'received such notables as: Ray Callahan from Detroit, Michigan: Marie Brasiola from Delta, Ohio: Frank Reynolds of Webster Groves, Missouri: Thomas Roberts from Granby: Iohn Mustion from Elk Creek: Pearl Allen from Heber Springs, Arkansas: and Doris Sager from Westview. In the Iunior year we were joined by Harold Barbee from Guthrie, Oklahoma: Mary Lee Belmont from Westview: lean Dale from Adrian, Missouri: Anna Gudmundsson from Cali- FRANK REYNOLDS BARBARA KARBE patria, California: lmogene Hays from Licking, Missouri: Lois King from Stella: Pat McCauley from Iacksonville, Florida: Allen Porter from Ninety-Six, South Carolina: Doris Stark and Iim Williams from Westview: and Dick Walker from Ottawa, Kansas. The Iunior Play was just ooooooozing with talent. There were such celebrated actors and actresses as: George Wel- don, Margie Anderson, Carroll Mace, Phyllis Williams, Price Landis, Bob Wright, Barbara Karbe, Mary Alice Dabbs, Rus- sell Windes, Margie Iohnson, Barbara Forte, and Betty Embrey. This superb cast presented "Every Family Has One." lt was directed by Mrs. Robert Barrett, assisted by Betty Williams. Don Anderson was elected Vice-President and Barbara Forte, Assistant Treasurer in our Iunior Year. ' ' ' iors was a great success. The hall was decorated in pastel colors with silhouettes of musical instruments on the walls. Our Senior year came in with a banglll Through the intelligence of certain members of the class a new word has been coined. tl bet Webster is just green with envy.l The word is "l-libbie" and its meaning is so pliable that it can replace the entire unabridged dictionary. This year our class was reimbursed by these people: Prunty Campbell from Brady, Texas: Willadean Ballentine from Diamond: Gene Bunch from Stella: and Troy Redman from Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Don Anderson was elected president of the student body and Patty Gibson as Secretary. We elected these two by an overwhelming majority after a rousing and heated campaign. The Seniors and All-Stars in both basketball and football, "our heroes" in the sports field, were: Don Anderson, Iack Prickett, George Tock, Russell Tarvin, lim Williams, Bob Wright, Dick Walker and Frank Reynolds. S Barbara Forte and Iirn Williams were elected by the team as Football Queen and Captain respectively. Senior candi- dates for King and Oueen by the annual were lim Williams and Betty Embrey. The Senior play has not been chosen, but we all are looking forward to a presentation as fine as the one given last year by our class. Several boys who would have graduated with us are now serving in the armed forces. They are: lim Adams, Ben Beeler, Marian Brill, Bob Hulsey, I. C. Mounce, Delbert Rogers, Iunior Severs, Lewis Tomlin, Lavoy Davis and Homer Roy. The latter having been killed in action in Belgium. Student Council 1-2-3 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Iournalism 4 Dramatics Club 4 "N" Club 3-4 Year Book Staff 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Track 2-4 State Guard 3-4 Class President 4 Iunior Play Cheer Leader 4 Wildcat Steering Com mittee -.r.s.2.i... ....... . Sub-Deb 3-4 Junior Play Dramatics Club 3 Spanish Club 3-4 Camp Fire 1-2-3 Student Council 4 Honor Roll 3 Christmas Pageant 3 Senior Class Secreta TY Football 3-4 Football Captain 4 Basketball 3-4 Steering Committee 3 "N" Club 3-4 Student Council 3 Vice-President Class 4 Year Book-Attendant 4 PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT IQJ lm SECRETARY TREASURER Mffff AR X GENE ALLEN Student Council 4 Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra 3-4 Spanish Club 3-4 lournalism 4 Swing Band 2-3-4 President Spanish Club 4 PEARL ALLEN Home Economics DON ANDERSON President Student Body 4 Football 2-3-4 "N" Club 4 Band l-2-3-4 l-2 Student Council 3-4 Iournalism Club 4 Vice-President Stu Body 3 State Guard 2-3- , H . K1 -1 M- -1 t - 1 .w . E , It . ya -v ' dent J Q, ,-, i ' 7' J' 1,1 . . S v try ' V ll MARSH-: ANDERSON Band 2-3-4' Orchestra 3-4 Sub-Deb 3-4 lunior Play Spanish Club 2-3-4 Dramatics 3-4 Honor Roll l-2 Class Steering Committee 3 WILLADEAN lunior Play Glee Club l Student Council 4 N 'Uk 'Vbe .1 we 1' HAROLD BARBEE State Guard 4 Band 3-4 IWANA BARNES Home Economics 1 Honor Roll l X HM BISHOP Orchestra l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Band 1-2 Y Debate 2 - Student Council 43 Dramatics Club 4 , lournalism Club 4 t NORMAN BOLIN MARIE BRASIOLA Band l Glee Club l Student Council 4 Home Economics 1 Commercial Club I Honor Roll l-4 DRENE BROWN Student Council l-2 ARIORIE BUCHANAN Horne Economics l-4 tY CALLAHAN Debate 2 Band 2-3 ,ournalism 4 gate Guard 3-4 ramatics 4 Home Room President 2-4 ,UNTY CAMPBELL Band 3 funior Play Student Council 2 Home Room Officer l ERWOOD CARNES Spanish Club 2-3-4 State Guard 4 Iunior Play Debate l-Z Dramatics Club 3-4 Student Council 4 PAUL CARTER Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-4 Spanish Club l Home Room Official l-3-4 MADELINE CORCORAN Home Economics l-2 AUDREY CREWS Spanish Club MARY ANNA CULKIN Orchestra l-2-3-4 Sub-Deb 3-4 Camp Fire l-2-3 Student Council 3 Iunior Play Spanish Club 3-4 Christmas Pageant l MARY ALICE DABBS Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Sub-Deb 2-3-4 Iunior Play Christmas Pageant l-Z-3 Year Book Queen Attendant 3 Dramatics Club 4 Honor Roll l-2-3-4 Home Economics l-2 BETTY EMBREY Spanish Club 2-3-4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Iunior Play Camp Fire l-2-3-4 Sub-Deb 3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Football Queen Attendant 3 Home Room President 4 Year Book Queen Attendant 4 Wildcat Steering Committee 3-4 -MA-RY FANSLER Dramatics 3-4 BARBARA FORTE Camp Fire l-Z-3-4 Sub-Deb 2-3-4 Honor Roll l-Z-3-4 Football Queen 4 Christmas Pageant 3-4 Iunior Play Year Book Staff 3-4 Year Book Queen Attendant 2 Treasurer Student Body 4 Student Council 3-4 BOB FOX Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 "N" Club 4 Swing Band l-2-3-4 State Guard 4 Student Council l-4 Track 3-4 Art Editor Year Book 3-4 Home Room President 2 PATTY GIBSON Sub-Deb 2-3-4 Drarnatics Club 4 Student Council 4 lunior Play Christmas Pageant l Band l-Z-3-4 Secretary Student Body ANNA GUDMUNDSSOI Glee Club Z-4 Spanish Club 2-4 Honor Roll l Se-xtet 4 Camp Fire 2-3-4 CLINTON HARRISON Swinq'Band 2-3-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 3-4 Drarnatics 3-4 Iunior Play Home Room Preside BETTY HAYS Glee Club 4 Spanish Club 1 NORENE HENRY Drum Corps 3-4 Dramatics 3 Iournalism 4 IIES HERHIN '.F.A. 3 Lhop 3 ' HOPPAS ome Economics l-3 JNNA RUTH IRWIN gorid l-2-3-4 rum Corps l-Z-3-4 Drum Major 4 vlajorette 3 'lome Economics l-2 GIE IOHNSON amp Fire l-Z-3-4 unior Play rchestro 3-4 and 2-3-4 Dromotics Club 3-4 Elonor Roll l :tuclent Council l Dep Club 2 QHOTHY -lome Economics 3-4 'lb as V 193' 49' in N, -3, LOIS KING Home Economics l nznow KYSER Football 4 Shop 4 ELLA MAE KYTLE Drum Corps 3-4 Home Economics 2 Band 4 PRICE LANDIS Debate 1-2 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Spanish Club President 3 lunior Play Year Book Staff 3 Drcxmatics 3-4 Editor Wildcats Meow 4 ELLEN LANE Home Economics l-3 Student Council 2 r--i-W--f - ELVA LEDBETTER Drum Corps 4 Home Economics l-2 I ILAH IEAN LEWIS Honor Roll l-2-3-4 CARROLL MACE Honor Roll l-Z-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Tunior Play Student Council 4 MINNIE LEE MASKIELL Home Economics l-2 Dramatics Club 3 PAT MACAULEY Girls Sextet 4 Mixed Chorus 3-4 Home-room Officer 1 BILL MCKNIGHT Band l-2 l MARY I AN E MUELI. Home Economics I Honor Roll l-2-3-4 Student Council 21 DONALD PATTERSO Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 State Guard 4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Year Book Staff 4 lunior Play LENNA PAYNE Home Economics Band 2-3-4 Orchestra 1-2-3-4 OANNA PECK Home Economics Z 'XLLEN PORTER Class President l Wildcat Steering Committee 4 ACK PRICKETT Football Z3-4 Basketball l-2-344 "N" Club l-Z-34 Journalism Club 4 l l IOLA JEAN HEDING Home Economics 2 PON REYNOLDS Band l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3f4 Swing Band 3-4 Iournalisrn Club 4 Orchestra 4 Wildcat Steering Committee 3 Managing Editor Wildcats Meow 4 MARGARET RION Home Economics l 2 Student Council 3 THOMAS ROBERTS FPA, l-2-SY4 Officer of F.F.A. 3-4 Home Room President 4 - s HUGH ROY FRA.-2-4 Shop 4 TOMMIE RUSSELL F.F.A. l-243 Shop 3 DORIS SAGER Honor Roll 2 Class President 2 LORENE SAWYER Home Economics l Orchestra 2-4 Glee Club 2-3-4 JOHN SHADWlCK Football 4 L"-"L'N"'ClU57I' " DORIS STARK Home Economics 3 ROSEMARY SWEENEY loumalism 3-4 Glee Club 2 Student Council 2 Dramatics 3-4 Home Economics l-4 nusssm. TARVIN Football 2-4 Shop 1-3 ROBERT TAYLOR Bond 1-2-34 Orchestra 4 GEORGE TOCK Football 2-3-4 "N" Club 3-4 Pep Club l Track l ROSE MARY TOML Home Economic Drum Corps l-2 Band l-2-3-4 IOHN WADE F.F.A. l-2-3-4 F.F.A. Officer 3 MARIE WALDEN Honor Roll l Chorus 4 Home Economic Home Room Off lCK WALKER Band l-2-3-4 prchestra l-2-4 tState Guard 3-4 Club 3-4 Journalism Club 4 Track 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Cheer Leader 4 ear Book Staff 4 Swing Band 3-4 ildcat Steering ommittee 3 W ORGE WELDON State Guard 4 "N" Club 4 Junior Play Track 2-3 Swing Band 3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Band l-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Iournalism 4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Cheer Leader 4 IANKIE WEST lournalism 3 Horne Economics 2 ETTY WILLIAMS Honor Roll 4 Drum Corps l-2-3-4 Assistant Maior 4 Dramatics Club 3-4 Camp Fire l-2-3-4 Iunior Play Home Economics 2 S WILLIAMS Camp Fire l-2-3 Student Council l lspqmsh Club 2-3-4 lDramatics Club 3-4 lunior Play Honor Roll l-2-3-4 Home Room President 1 x fi: PATTY WILSON Home Economics 2-4 Drum Corps 2-3-4 POLLY WILSON Band l-2-3-4 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Home Economics 2-4 BOB WOOD Band l-2-3 Orchestra l-2-3-4 Football 3 Student Council 3 Iournalism 4 BOB WRIGHT Orchestra l-2-3-4 Band Major 3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 "N" Club 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Swing Band 2-3-4 Iunior Play Class President 3 Band l-2-3-4 Student Council 2 - IN MEMORIAM Gene Morse would have graduated with the class of '45, He died on February 3, 1944. 39-'K' Q QELYYW , ,Rv ,A., VV ' '1 , 1 Q. N 0 in i I A . . Qgi' X X f "wif 5 0 5 1 " j ' . I som T, E W 7 V, I THE mefTNAuDM:uE sf . L04 - r L Iyxw GE H Wkgnvnw- Swmgg BEQIN mi X FRESHNRN E .rf ii ,,-ZX, 'WAY V ' w KK f V ws , 1 ' A fl? fa H 1 'gf 1 f ' ' Metz , xv K 3 6' 4 - ', A 7 i V I o " M 1 v f 'A Cj A I I Q X G'-.-.,., L X Six:-a-zfzyzza 5 P ofa' f Q S9 I Dans "M faN SWHGE' 5 ruggogggnores O JUMDR CHR SENQJR I .. , 5 if 5- 31 9 A , I I gi s ' Ll' Q im? . , .Q A m K 2 Q 'ff I ,M I il .iq ' fag I . 1 L N !.L.'1g..:? v '- . wav y WWF 1. M , Q Q ,DXQQ Jw Nemo WX 'Ev burixl- UJC'-SM: ' 1 pee! wfee NK QTLMWMY iw JWWWX EQMQ WW JG M35 QZSM' X ajfiw TABLET -..., Qt GUM FIRST ROW: Gerald Adams sf? Iohn Anderson iff Donald Barbarick 1? Ieanne Bennett if Virqinia Bowman. - SECOND ROW: Louise Brock air Iames Butler Sir Gordon Cain Sk Robert Christian Sir lahala Crane. THIRD ROW: Sarah Crews rf? Willadean Daugherty iv Barbara Ann de Villers if Ruth Dobson ii' I. M. Edge. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Fitzjohn ik Lyle Dean Franks 'Dr Evelyn Gilstrap wif Iohnny Goostree Clyde Green. aim. We FIRST ROW: Betty Hadley 5? lack Hadley if lean Handley if Iimmy Harmon. SECOND ROW: Marialyce Harmon if Bernadine Haworth Martha Hearrell 5? Ernest Hoover THIRD ROW: Iewell Hoover fl' Glenda Hutiman Hi? Benny Hughes Y? Mary lane Iberq. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy lean lackson ii? George lames fi Imogene Iohnson lf? Roberta lohnson IPW1 .lil L gr., X X FIRST ROW: Virginia Iones ii? Alfred Kolkmeyer Y Elizabeth Kraft 15? Norma Land. SECOND ROW: Erma Mae Lane if? Ethel Layne 13' Dale Leamon Wilma McLain. THIRD ROW: Marie Millender if Loree Mounce 79? Mildred Nance Leon Pace. FOURTH ROW: Virqinia Parker if Etta Belle Penderqraft ffl' Vernon Price if Verna Lou Randol. if' Mona Belle Land if? Ruth Lowe ff 13' Tony Ness 'ff Pllilliber Ti? Shirley 'Sr .ga 1 - 1. 4 fx VKX gi .-,. I Jig' " . A ii. f l' 29" , ,A ff fb 'b r . se 4 W ' ' I f i I ,N Ml vs. gm ' 1 FIRST ROW: Orpha Redinq Y? I. D. Renick iff Frank Roberts ff Connie Roqers. SECOND ROW: lim Rudd 'fl' Don Seem 'ff Hazel Smith if Bonny Siaib. THIRD ROW: Charles St. Clair YY Tommy Strait fl' Wanda Stout 55' Iunior Swanson. FOURTH ROW: Marvin Swanson 'ff Doris Terry iff Zack Testerman W Leland Tretbar G' ' fe it X A if . , s 5- . 1 .3 u K' - V , .k M J . ,N gtg i ,f - wt f , 4 ufffgles. -fi FIRST ROW: Bob Turk ii? Austin Williams 793 Chcrrlene Williams air Carol Wilson iff Phyllis Woodard. SECOND ROW: Betty Wright iff Bonnie Yetter sir Charlene Young. Qi' cali' xfefis ,W IQQJ jour STAND-INS agua, ,jr ill ff' , FIRST ROW: Beverly Abernathy 'li Ioyce Anderson Y? Ierry Augspurqer Yi? Rosalind Baugher if? Tommy Baze. SECOND ROW: Bernice Branham iff Inez Brewsier iff Betty Brown 1? Lydia Brown ff' Shirley Buchanan, THIRD ROW: Beverly Cantrell ff? Bobbie Lee Childress 'fi Freida Clevender Y? Charles Cope T5 Iris Cox. FOURTH ROW: Ilcr lean Dauqhtery if Anna Clara Decker 'Q' Powell Edge 1 If Robert Epperson if Adella Fae Erwin. I mv- Q' FIRST ROW: Glen Erwin 53' H. F. Evans il' Ruth Fay if? Iames Gibson. SECOND ROW: Ioan Goostree Y? Leroy Goswick Sf? Raymond Green 73' J..orene Griffth. THIRD ROW: Maxine Griffth 55? Betty Ioy Haas 9 Io Ann Hammond '57 Bobbie Hays. FOURTH ROW: Lee Henry ff Hazel Herring ii? Gerald Hoppas f? Delma Hudson. Wm? x,,,.. ilk 'Q -nba ""' fb- w Q mv-x is 'S-.. 'Us ,g,H.,w""t , 71: is T Yi! 'O ' f , FIRST ROW: Georgia Ann I-lulsey 571 lean Hunter 'Af' Gaylon lnsco lack Kenney 55 Lavaun Kimbrough. SECOND ROW: Vivian King ff Shirley Kraft ff Billy Kritz W? Marilyn Land Ki? Wilma Land. THIRD ROW: Norman Larabee 'ff Leon Lonqstreet 55' Frances Mahaffey if Ava Martin YY Mary Lou Matthews. FOURTH ROW: Shirley McCauley Y? Geneva McCormick 35? lmoqene McDaniel 53' Arlene McGire 'Q Bob Mclntyre. 'Y Q P-51,-9 fnw' ,gf K' g. FIRST ROW: Helen McMahon X "'- Vera,Dean Melton 55? Louise Mensch 'ff Willis Mishler. SECOND ROW: Duane Mitzner "l' Irene Moore W Oradean Naramore 'I5' Ieanette Ness. THIRD ROW: Iohn Newcomb ff Iimmy Payne 'ff Beverly Peck 'Ulf' Max Prunty. FOURTH ROW: Belle Puett 'fi Betty Mae Rentfro if Imogene Richardson 'vi' Ruth Santee. livin 1802 W ? 5 ,,'f: R 3 4 - F1 1 .fax 'CW FIRST ROW: Billy Sauter ii? Pauline Seward if? Robert Shuey 72? Ioanne Smith iff Lavaun Stone. SECOND ROW: Geraldine Thoqmartin 79: Corley Thompson iff Iimmie Weber ii? Iune Welcher iff Nancy Welsh. THIRD ROW: Norman Lee West sir Wylene West i? Charles Wilson 12' Barbara Wood. fe' iii pee! give EXTRAS NINTH GRADE FIRST ROW: lerry Schwartz ik Corley Grittith 'ik Billy Dillon ik Richard Randolph 'lk Bob Leach ik Richard Rowe tk Robert Rowe ik Calvin Ward ik Dixie Lee Kelly ik Betty Darnell ik Herbert Eissman ik Freddie Helpenstell ik Carl Iohnson ik Curtis Caldwell ik Wayne Sauter. SECOND ROW: Maxine Moyer sk Betty Frederickson ik Carol Lee Cushman ik Eleanor Rudd ik Barbara Lee Williams ik Gloria Strauss ik lo Ann Hoover ik Maxine Montgomery ik Winona Middleton ik Geraldine Kinkade ik Caroll Gold iff lohn Arthur Iones. THlRD ROW: Eloise Curtis ik Dorothy Thomas ifk lla Iean Lowery ik Reta Dale Nafus ik Iylan Hamer ik Io Ann Preble ik Lenore Philliber if Dolores Moore ik Murray Neil England ik Billy Hayes ik Robert lohnson Sk Dale Lundstrom. FOURTH ROW: Charles Davis ik Denise Cummins ik Ruth Marie Dix ik Ruth Mason ik Alice Mueller ik Lois Ruby ik Betty Howell ik Ronald Passmore ik Roy Evans Kenney ik Robert Mathias ik Ray Crumbliss. FlFTH ROW: Martha lean Daniels ik Patti Forsythe ik Eva Hardy ik Flossie Mae King ik Mary Harmon sk Io Ann Maples ik Fay Barrett ik Mary Ellen Andrews ik Lee Roy Murray ik Donald Branham ik Wilma Lee Bales sk Phyllis Anderson ik lohn Balay ik Mrs. Branham. SIXTH ROW: Iohn Gilstrap ik Ruth Hammond ik Helen Daugherty ik luanita Foster ilk Helen Reynolds ik Nadine Ball ik Helen Hetrick ik Lenore Moore if lane Akers ik Frances lean Coile ik Sylvia McMurty ik Devuon Faubion ik Dale Hawkins ik Raymond Hatfield ik Miss Mary M. Banks. SEVENTH ROW: William Francisco ik Bruce Steddum ik lo Ann Maples ik Ruth Byrd ik Frankie Tipton ik Charles Baker ik Ion Wilson ik Paul Bennett. EIGHTH ROW: Mr. Russell ik Arthur Bryant ik Wayne Kelley ik Earl Wood ik Lewis Martin ik Wayne Plaster ik Charles Christian ik Iohn Hailey ik Ernest Bartlett ifk Bill Fuller ik Clyde Gailey ik Bill McFall sk Wilbur Nichols ik Harvey Lakin ik Keith Picht ik Dennis Greiner sk Robert Cover Sk Dennis Cummins. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Frank Allen Q Leonard Devine Q Danny Deubler Q Wayne Hoppas Q Iimmy Burch Q Paul Tennis Q Bobby Harness Q Arthur Epperson Q Billy Bacon Q Dale larvis Q Shirley Bushmeyer Q Sammie Smith Q Dorothy Housman Q Fern Nims Q Patricia Harvel. SECOND ROW: George Hatfield Q Ronald Brock Q Russell McCoy Q Billy Abernathy Q Bill McKenzie Q Tommy Hosfield Q George Williams Q Marcella Bethel Q Della Tock Q lane Ellen Kyser Q Iackie Scott Q Dorothea Moyer Q Io Ann Brooks Q Evelyn Heard. THIRD ROW: Harold Dean Gibson Q Edwin Land Q Ray Barnes Q Thomas Church Q Betty Burr Q Billy Marshall Q Clive Lampo Q Dorothy Bond Q Wylene Anglen Q Barbara Grey Q Norma McMahan Q Phyllis Woltenbarger Q Helen Boillot. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Hisaw Q Mozelle Sharp Q Catherine Cornish Q Imogene Flaxbeard Q Lena Burr Q Patsy Stafford Q Dorothy Benton Q Margaret Newcomb Q Betty Lamb Q Leta Belle Iohnson. FIFTH ROW: Stanley Land Q Kyle Carnes Q Benny Carolyn Tilton Q leannine Brooks Q Aletha Cushman Q Marie Griffith Q Ardith Young Q Patricia Belding Q Nellie Smith Q Barbara Branham Q Mary Ann Butler. SIXTH ROW: Mrs. Coker Q Louis Cole Q Bobby Nunn Q Velma Hawes Q Betty Rentiro Q Barbara Fillingham Q Ioann Iones Q lean Richards Q Iacqueline Lillard Q Barbara Reed Q Sue Terry Q Suzanne Haas Q Oleiva Haas. SEVENTH ROW: Iames Reding Q Charles Iohnson Q Charles Roy Q Harry Coiner Q Frank Moore Q Io Ann Yagge Q Ann Eldred Q Betty Iean Christian Q Ollie Kent Q Lou Ann Ruark Q Kay Hinsley Q Mitzi lost Q Barbara Lehar Q Erma Mahaffey. EIGHTH ROW: August Pruitt Q Iackie Stanley Q Iimmie Caywood Q Glen Sharp Q Richard Enlow Q Iames Cullum Q Robert Henry Q lack Buzzard Q Edgar Wagner Q Eugene Westlin Q loy Dennis. 5 EVE TH GRADE FIRST ROW: Charles Brown it lackie Barlow it Robert Stratton it Byron Hutchison 'ik Bobby Bolin sk Delbert Leach iff Barbara Cummings it I. D. Cash it Iimmie Showalter sir Ava Iean Stipp if Georgia Turner if? Margie Iohnson iff Coralee Thompson. SECOND ROW: Bill Mac Christian it Billy Bushmeyer il? Wade Henderson il? Robert Carver Sir Kenneth Brady it Norma D. Hamilton it loyce Anderson it Marion L. Early if Doris Shuey it Goldie Nims ik Maerene Stephens iff Eugenia Blunt. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Buehler sk' Leon Wright it lohn W. Evans it Nolan Embrey it Paul Bill Matthews if David Young if Barbara Green it Catherine Trau if Romona Patrick it Betty Taylor it Etta lean Darter it Carolyn Iames it Geta Fay Kytle. FOURTH ROW: Buddy Davis vi? Wanda Cope Sir Beverly Smith il? Patsy Eversole sir Barbara Cross it Don Brazeal ii? Eugene Finley it Fleta Friend it Marie Nalley Sir Elizabeth Harrington iff Mary Lou Oldham it Nancy Price. FIFTH ROW: lackie Daugherty it Mrs. Koger it Dan Barney if Charles Millender it Billy Wilson it Frankie Severs sir Nancy Kenney it Peggy Haley it Carroll Fain Sk Melford Egan il? lohn Edsell it Ed Wina McCoy it Randolph Propst sf? May Dean Reynolds if? Barbara Iohnson it Ann Tyson sit' Emma Dean Marks. SIXTH ROW: Luther Bitsko it Val Mason it Leo Sprenkle it Bobby Nance it Omie Wilson it Clyde Sanders it Norma Brizindine it Io Ann Moore iff Betty Hawk Hi? Mary Collins 72' Helen Souders iff Fleeta Woods tif' Mary Wilson fir Peggy Hammond. pee! Six .Fifi 3' FW ' of x x xp!!! 7 45 A ? 0' I ACADEMY AWARDS 0SCAR AWARD WINNER JACK HADLEY ffmmaf Jen, H OSCAR AWA R DW BETTY HADLEY "'bMfJmf Qu IN BEST SUPPORTI G CAS ILA IEAN DAUGHERTY AND RAYMOND GREEN ELEANOR RUDD AND FRANKIE TIPTON pee! Seven fgw , ga - U . , J , ' il :S E3 ' f A ., '! A X f 567 JI ,I IQQX x yy 6MQQQZZ1'SQ5i 7mQ74 l'M SORRY, FELLAS, BMIJU K ORGANIZATIONS A. fxeyy fdgsrxib 'W 3 1 ST DQN 1- I . L-KE THE LOOKS ' Q OF THE YaN. if! + 4 X FIRST HOW. D. lackson G R. Lowe it C. Iames 'ir B. Hutchinson E. Rudd fi B. Taylor Xi? P. Haley it D. Anderson-President. SECOND ROW: B. Forte 'if B.Karbe B. Fox if D.Carnes I.Auqspurqer B. Christian E. Craft. THIRD ROW: I. Bishop Ti? P. Gibson S5 C. Mace ik B. Hayes it O. Naramore R. D. Nafus ii? M. Brassiola 'ZX' I. Flaxbeard ii? B. Reed XL? I. Smith R.Fay. FOURTH'ROW: D. Barbarick fl? G. Allen it R. Passmore iv D. Hawkins 72' G. Hall. The Student Council is an active school organization com- posed of representatives from each class and home room. The members are chosen by their scholastic ability. It is the unityinq body of the school and the sponsor is Miss Neil. The Student Council sponsors the sale of bonds and stamps in the school. It has charqe ol the honor system. A committee is chosen from Student Council to select the Honor students from each class. They sponsor the purchase oi the cyclorama for the audi- torium. They have purchased a plaque in honor of the boys who attended Neosho Hiqh School cmd faculty members who are now serving in the Armed Forces. President .... Vice-President ., . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Assistant Treasurer CIL OFFICERS Don Anderson . H. I. Evans Patty Gibson Barbara Forte . Ruth Lowe W Rfb FIRST ROW: Miss Banks-Sponsor ir C. Thompson ik D. Carries if O. Naramore M. L. Matthews ii? B. I. Haas iff N. Larabie 'ik R. Lowe. SECOND ROW: H. Smith if H. Herring ii? C. Mace if C. Harrison ii' I. Payne i? B. Wood if W. West iff B. Faulkner wit I. Bennett if G. Allen. THIRD ROW: 'V. D. Melton Sir fM. A. Culkin ik F. Reynolds il? G. Hoppas ir M. Millender Sir P. Seward if B. Embrey SZ' S. Crews ii? P. Woodward A. Gudrnundsson. FOURTH ROW: P. Williams Q P. Bellback Q B. Hays if B. Fox wi? B. Branham 'ik I. Anderson if I. Richardson. FIFTH ROW: I. Anderson D. Reynolds 'wir B. Karbe if M. A. Dabbs if P. Landis I. Bishop av C. Wilson. SIXTH ROW: G. Cain B. Mclntyre if P. Edge ii? R. Christian ik B. Wright. PA I H CLUB OFFICERS The yearly activities ot the Spanish Club of President 4 . Q ' ' ' I ' Q Gene Allen N. H. S. were started 'by an annual initiation of new I I members. The initiation lasted throughout the day Vlcepresldem ' ' ' B513 Ilgcgjnlyre and ended with a party the same night. S 'r -T . . . Secrew Y reusurer if Brevis The students hold meetings every month and ponsor ""' ' ISS an S after the business is taken care ol skits and games are enjoyed by everyone. During the Christmas season the Spanish stu- dents entertained different rooms with their Yule- tide carols. It is their plan to present a short pantomime in the future and this will include film slides which they will show at the same time, illustrating more of the lite of the Spanish. The club has been enjoyed by many a student in N. H. S. for its education as well as entertainment purposes. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Barrett-Sponsor it M. Iohnson ir I. A. l-lammond fi B. I. Haas :ir M. L. Matthews Sir B. Embrey 'ir G. Weldon-fPresident. SECCND ROW: B. Karbe ik P. Williams it P, Gibson it I. Smith it B. Wood if B. Brariham wir I. Moore. THIRD ROW: B. Puitt Q' M. A. Dabbs YE B. M. Rentfro if? M. I, Fansler ik' R. Sweeney ik M. Anderson YE I. Anderson. ' FOURTH ROW: C. Harrison ir B. Williams iff T. Baze ii? F, Reynolds ik' D. Patterson ii? R. Callahan ik C. Mace. ' DRA ATIC CL B "What tools these mortals be, but what fun they have." These are Words a Wise-cracking Dramatics Club member might add to a famous quotation in answer to roll call. After one has passed the rather rigid qualifications required of Dramatics Club members, the inevitable initiation arises. Bobbie sox and bow ties are discarded and the costumes of famous literary characters are donned instead. Four committees. are appointed which give a proqram every four Weeks. They range from hiqhly-comical pantomime-s to seri- ous speeches on trxzrous people of the past. Such a popular organization requires a popular sponsor: Mrs, Barrett fits these qualifications perfectly. OFFICERS President ......... George Weldon Vice-President . . . . Carroll Mace Secretary-Treasurer . . Marqie Anderson 1 FIRST ROW: P. Landis-Editor-in-Chief it N. Henry it H. Smith 9 W. West R. Baugher 9 H. Herring it ' Mrs. Hagan-Instructor. SECOND ROW: G. Weldon T31 M. Hearrell Sir R. Iohnson if M. Nance ik C. Rogers ff: V. L. Randol. THIRD ROW: G. Allen iir L. D. Franks if B. Cantrell if? V. Parker if? I. Prickett. FOURTH ROW: D. Walker Yi D. Anderson iir R. Callahan if? B. Wood. FIFTH ROW: F. Reynolds it I. Bishop ii? D. Reynolds: JOUlt ALISM CLASS THE WILDCAT'S MEOW . . . . . . . , , . . Price Landis . Don Reynolds . Willene West . . . Hazel Herring . . . George Weldon I . I Don Anderson, Dick Assistants """" LWalker, Bob Wood Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor . Feature Editor . Assistant . Sports Editor . . I. Bishop, I. Prickett, G. Allen, M. Hearrell, Colummsts 4 R. Callahan, N. Henry, H. Smith, C. Rogers I. Harmon, R. Callahan, B. Cantrell, S. Crews, L. D. Pranks, N. Henry, H. Her- Reporters . , . ring, M. Hearrell, R. Iohnson, M. Nance, V. Parker, V. L. Ranclol, C. Rogers, H. , Smith, R. Baugher. Business Manager ......... Frank Reynolds Advertising Manager ...... Rosemary Sweeney Assistant .... . . Lyle Dean Franks Circulation Manager . .... Hazel Smith Faculty Adviser . . . . . Mrs. Elliott Hagan They say journalists who snoop at keyholes, hide be- hind chairs to eavesdrop, are always at the right places at the wrong moments or vice-versa. Far be it from us to dispute their word! Reporters are especially subdued persons. As proof, we give you this scene: "Pass, worthy master, your unworthy servant shrinks from thy footsteps." Reporters are on bended knee as the editor enters the roorn. We wish Hagan would stop this: our knees are sore! Nevertheless, many "green" reporters have developed into very good first class journalists so don't be surprised it in years to come you read a story having the by-line of some poor soul on the "Meow" staff. li the "Wildcats Meow" has not been all that the student body wants in its school paper, the reasons are not difficult to find. ln conclusion we turn to this saying, "You can say a lot more with a nod of approval than a lot ot words." We nod and it is agreed. FIRST ROW:.B. Forte-President it W. I. Land it R. Lowe SCT B. Embrey Tff I. A. Hammond it Mrs. Hancock- Sponsor. SECOND ROW: B. I. Haas ii? O. Naramore if M. L. Matthews SQ C. Williams if? V. Parker ii S. Price. THIRD ROW: D. Iackson Si? P. Woodard ik C. Rogers 'Air B. Branham ir P. Gibson ir B. Karbe ir M. A. Dabbs. FOURTH ROW: M. A. Culkin iff I. Anderson ik V. L. Randal ii? M. Anderson. OFFICERS President . . .... . Barbara Forte Vice-President . . . Dorothy Iackson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Verna Lou Ranclol The Sub-Deb isa very active school organization which con- sists of girls from the 9th, lUth, llth, and l2th grades. One of the most successful programs the girls present each year is the initiation service which lasts one day and is climaxed by a very lovely formal dance and installation service in the evening. It is a nation-wide organization and the girls have devoted much time to the war effort. The present membership consists of twenty-five girls and the group is sponsored by Miss Ada Hancock. FIRST-ROW:-Mrs. Robert Barrett-Sponsor ir B. I. Haas Sit' I. A. Hammond fi N. S. Welch it I. Moore ik' M. L. Matthews-President. SECOND ROW: B. Branham Sir D. Mitzner ir I. Hunter il? I. Smith. THIRD ROW: B. M. Rentiro it T. Baze ii? I. Anderson. DEBATE CLUB OFFICERS Sponsor . . . ...... . , . Mrs. Barrett Acting President . . . Mary Lou Matthews Sponsor: Mrs. Barrett. Acting President: Mary Lou Matthews. The Neosho Hiqh School Debate Club meets every Thursday afternoon at four o'clock to discuss debate topics of general interest. This club is sponsored by Mrs. Robert Barrett. lt is for the purpose of arousing interest in debatmq and enabling students to be broad-minded on subjects by seeinq both sides ot the issue. The Topic from the Biq 8 Tournament this year is: "Resolved: The votinq aqe should be lowered to l8 years of age." ..,,..MoM FIRST ROW: Paul Steel S5 K. L. Russell-Adviser fb Donald Cope iff Doyle Bridges 9 Chuck Malow ir Lloyd McLaughlin if? Ernest Hoover if Clyde Reding ii? Thomas Roberts Sir Glen Erwin Y Gene Day ir Carlos McKee. SECOND ROW: Norman Loertcher il? Glen Hall ik William Francisco Sir Ivan Kanable iff Wayne Kelly ir Eugene Alfrey If-lf Wilbur lay ir Raymond Hatfield if? Bill McFall iff Ray Crumbliss Sir Ray Sellars Si? Bruce Steddum. THIRD ROW: Ralph Haqensicker iff Earl Wood ik Arthur Waqner ik Leon Pace ii Vernon Philliloer ik Delmer Cramer ik Dale Smith it Gerald Adams ik Virqil Sprenkle Sf? Elwood Reed ir Dale Cramer Si? Iohn Wade, ll.F. . Wx f M 5 ,. . f'-- -M5 1 1 ,fr,. .. q ,M 1 is , Kp ax .4-.. if L. w l i t r t 'il 'TW FIRST ROW: Coach Matthews ii? Dick Walker if lim Williams iff lack Hadley iff Iohn Goostree iff Don Barbarick iff George Tock 'iff Frank Reynolds Sk Coach Brown. SECOND ROW: Carol Wilson Si? Leonard Moffett riff Bob Wright ii? Gordon Cain fir Bob Fox SQ? Iohn Shadwick if Iack Prickett. THIRD ROW:,Iim Harmon ik Raymond Green if Iames Butler if George Weldon air Bob Turk sir Max Prunty sir I. D. Renick. FOURTH ROW: George Iames ii' Dennis Greiner il? Bob Christian ik' Iohn Anderson if? Don Anderson Sir Iim Rudd. Not pictured: Bob Ball. is 'f CL B OFFICERS President ...... Frank Reynolds Vice-President ..... lim Williams Secretary-Treasurer . . Don Barbarick The "N" Club, in its present form, was organized in i938 under the supervision of Paul tMollyJ Matthews. Consisting of athletic lettermen, it is strictly a masculine organization. ln it are members of the football, basket- ball and track squads. Being elected president of the "N" Club is an honor equal to being Captain-elect of the football or basketball squad. The main activity of the year is the initiation oi the new lettermen. This club is notorious for its initiation, only a part of which the student body is allowed to witness. After undergoing the full initiation, the new member is eligible to partcipate in the various activities of the club. These include dances, parties and the school assembly which this organization presents. pee! gigkf X PORT N R XX Q S Y 'N j00iL6J Queen The Trcxdltlonal Kxss' BARBARA FORTE CROWNING THE QUEEN 4 E 1 . A ? A I A F A xf-.Ag , A f, N E 1 A-.A i' A .KA 6 1 A 1 3 2 . -vw A L ,h QQ f A' S , Q, I f 5 Ff ' ' 2' 51 A - fi , f 55' Q 1 QTQQEA fl 5 ' Q 1, KE 5 Q A :rf Ag Q' fr ' A3 1 , 7 xx F' 'X I 'g ' A K , M A pf Q' i , gf 4, af - V- , 2 A 1 FK VS K SN ' R L, S ,J 'wff Ui I' 'mv' 5 QT? 5 S12 A A Q mmf PM ,F E i A ga A 5 V' 1 , fr, ' 5 f 4 x 1 1 - 1 Ed6LetLClf Queen JOAN GO0STR E The coronation was held at the homecoming game between Neosho and Mt. Vernon. The Football Queen was selected by the football boys from candidates of the upper classes. The coronation took place at the halt and the Queen reigned over the remainder of the game. Captain lim Williams gave the traditional kiss to Queen Barbara Forte while the acting cap- tain, Don Anderson, stood by. The attendants were: Virginia Iones, Ir., lean Hunter, Soph, Dixie Kelly, Fresh., Iacqueline Lillard, 8th, Alice Heim, 7th. Crown Bearers were Darlene Grif- teth and "Butch" Prickett. The coronation of the 1945 Basketball Queen was held at the hall of the Monnett-Neosho game. Captain Iohnny Goostree gave the traditional kiss to Queen Ioan Goostree. The Queen reigned over the last half of the game and the Coronation Ball which was held afterwards at the Recreation Hall. The Queen's attendants were Doris Sager from the Senior class, and Martha Hearrell from the Iunior class. The Queen and attendants were the basketball boys choice. Introducing . . . For the opening Biq-8 game, the 'Cats joumeyed to Webb t.hggear'A iQlh'nallg"u '0KT5e'TeKSTE VIGTURY UEFEAT QUAPAW INDIANS IN NON-CONFER- GAME HERE LAST NIGHT T0 SCORE OF ' 0. 1By Dick Walker and George Weldon! Tasting victory for the first time this season, Coach Molly Matthews' Neosho high school Wildcats last, night. wok the mea- sure of an aggregation Siam Quapaw, Oklahoma, to the tune all 20 to 0 in a game replet. with thrills on a distinctly damp Xlelmi Neosho's scores came in the first., third and fourth quartersqth , extra two points coming as aqesult. of a touchback in the opening stanza. The three tries for extra, point all failed. The homelings led the play statistics in all departments save one-run-back of punts. Bob Hall, Russell Tarvin, Johnny Goostree and Carol Wilson play-I ed an outstanding game for the Wildcats, While DeVilliers, altrho injured four times before finally being removed from the field, wa easily the Indians' outstand- ini star. Nearly all of the Neo- sho reservists saw action some- time during the game, which was witnessed by a large crowd of lo- cal ral-s. The Play. Neosho received and Wilson ran to Quapaw's 40. where Prick. att-went. oi! tackle for 30 yards. The Wildbats were held there for downs. Quapaw then took, the hall and attempted to punt but' was stoppeilbv 'rg ,A 1944 WILDCATS lBy George Weldon and Dick Walken! Tonight we cover llnemen- : JOHN ANDERSON. a veteran tackle for two years. John weighs 170 pounds, is six feet, two inches tall and can handle his weight. well. JIM WILLIAIMS ls next .ln line, playing left guard. Williams weighs 156 pounds, ,ls live feet, seven inches tall. ,lim is a very capable zuard, lettering last Williams can really eight around, so op- jn- "' AURORA 'l'0MORROW NIGHT Wildcats, With One Vic- tory Scalp On Belt, Will Meet Houn Dawg: in Second Big 8 Go. F0 ence 5... 0 I B take on me Dawgs ln a night sch., row at 8 p. m. in the local st... dlum. The 'Cats are primed for a good fast game as they' have been practicing under the lights and working the backfleld long and hard. ' ' - It is reported that Aurora. has a strong eleven and will Blve the 'Gifs a hard battle.: Allefaua be orfhand as there H170 a variedv WIEDCATS WIN 0VER WEBB CITY Despite Albert Dearlng's 80. yard touchdown run for Web! City in the first quarter of las rights football game betweer Cardinals and the ,Naoshn Wildcats at Webb City. the homelings lost: to the 'Cats. 20 to 13. Dearing took the ball on the Webb City 20-yard line and ran it the remainder of the distance .first counter. Webb City ir' the third quarter ei- point. touch- ' rter and on . me from behind anu . . me, Training Notes. Scrimmage was light last nite starting at 5:15. Work was done with klckoffs and variations of new plays- Coach Matthews worked more with the second BACKFORWll.DC TS Gt -Seven Others Ihre Valuable HERE T0 Experience ta Help Round out 1944 squad una., Meelkvwwfkf many' Mmlew.. N011-C"'-'W JV1 ml GDI the mill . . ,. V ch your step. tm ,t,bpin-- isa se gang - ERSON appears to ensm 'string center and lugge loing a Ilne ,1ob'ol 33-ym ' is a mere 128. but Wim 1. far as "Tubbs"-il and ch .. 5 half wi 'll - 'M 'A' ll Notes- At tn . A ssl mgm, nm- tlxe Tndi lie' I f , H A easy night of plgskin 'figgfgflys . " .Q gentes, pasta: Jack Hat ' .- - ctlce, they wen Quapaw ' his 13:1-39 'Mit' i . Pt-lem: ants ax-crm ex A f fi ' ' some smug yard Serin ' my . ,IAV ...e team as a whole yard stiripe K' a flne job of squeezing the Dunge ov' ,-.. 'try skin. for point fa Scene: Nfnshn XLLLAMS ls working 14A'?5?PB-X W van' me plays tha e s st une back ter Quapew in CAP squad the mf mcklef- y made 14 Dori Anderson A by me d me bee .. one game. Qllalqapfs own. V059 meg GD ...ana hussell, former Neoslxo ick tu Ta ' ahh V ' .vwall and track- star, ls work- yards: then A , pruzlkr- Jie- -sg' nut at the stadium this week. line for five. ' 'scored asain Busiell is leaving soon for ln- Withll brlllialfli -10-yard fine- tackle. buck, bringihg the score ' to 20-i0 as the try fofbolnt again failed. duction into the Naval Reserve as a Combat Aircrewman. Naval Air Corps. He will befstatloned at Jacksonville, Fla., and plans Sfoggm tgjnirsunw First Game Tomonnw a g, e um corps ma ' mg, B11 under me direction Q The Wildcats plav their first game tomorrow cal stadium at they meet the night at the ln- 8 o'clock when .non-conference Rogers. Arkansas, least, the' football game. Watch this space lor the startf ing lineup tomorrow. B5BI'888tian. The i944 Wildcats began their season with about 38 boys reportinq for practice. lncluded were nine lettermen, tour of whom were returninq regulars. With three weeks of practice to back them up, the boys took on a strong eleven from Rogers, Arkansas. This bit- terly contested battle ended in a 20-6 defeat tor the hornelinqs. Profitinq by experience, the squad eliminated some of their weaknesses in time to put the Quapaw Indians on the short end of a 20,0 score in another nort-conference battle. City. ln anything but an easy contest, the Cardinals were deleated by 7 points. Score, 20-13. The Wildcats next handed the Aurora Houn' Dawas a 20-6 defeat. This qame, on the home field, was accompanied by a drenchinq rain which tailed to drive the huge crowd away, ln the next contest, at Monett, the locals were definitely rated as the underdoqs. Aware of this, the boys really ap- plied the old Wildcat ferocity and at hallftime, the score ams an who 2 with chili s 01.1.1 MATTHEW COACH M d me ch Mahiwwf fm the Coq I Sept. 22-Rosen ol lus 1944-45 mn" oez. in-Webb c , L .--- on. an-hmm-an. fThv iw-warm ou. 27--Monetb-Alun. 'mess 0'1.3hiSwa0i:!"l Nov. 3-Nevada.-there.. .highs 5031051 Nov.,10-Lamar-them. 'WEN W D101 W.. 1 mv. rv ,W ldon. wha navepmi Nw. mem vei-mal-nm. 'U '-'16 BPM! de QUAPAW INDIANS PLAY. HERE Tuma Wildcats -- Over Aur Meer Local Willem, in what mmm to s. t Mud-Slinging Contest speed promises to sive the Cards 3541. Btu ents and Member! of the Aflllefl Flltcel 250 , Bnoaplhxlltlon N QV to Play l'Qotbal1't!:ere. stood at 6-0. lvlonetg had failed to s3oz:.1?he hoys lost their ,nn Wildcats me gazed for B dm First downs 9 4 Th N- H. S' 1 t l 1 grip once or wlce unnqt e secon a , Jus onq enoug g .hat gamex 1:01113 t, even -I--591116-X-lllt-ying: First downs rushing ............ 6 3 meg gesterday me 3538233555: for the Cubs to forge ahead, At the whistle, the Cubs held ?,'0'::'hz'x4b:3: V' ifggfelfuschieim nl 2Q'sQ':"1ogffjf3i---- ----"-4- f ---- 2 5 'Nw wgalflguvmegggnei their iesd, 25-12. mm meme through me w 51-in . -'-------'------ -F5'l11k- L - en d ' 4,0 ' Q ' g i g?::eicZi ........ 'lg lg 'Jimmy Wllliamsi secretary and With undaunted drive, the boys fought Nevada on the gggplgxgpzslieir f,ggeh5rgBpP 4 . - Lamgnl passes ,,,,...,-,.. 1 9 I L er Donald Barbenck' home field until the score stood at 27-19. Nevada had one ga'g:5o:'Hghgese?s:':pa:lR . gadffnglasi cgimgfgfgls """"'t"" 3 UAP Of the STYOUQSN iecms ill The C0Hfe1'91'iC9- all reports the lndialns 1 I by , , gcgtggggnoff ...... ............,..... 5 3 Q The squad next journeyed to Lamar to meet an extremely ggorghihemgafgggigrh L V 1 A Runmack of HERE GAME powerful team. Lamar possessed a far heavier line than The Starting lineup . fl .5 Ggelg8gu?ISblJl1!1'1 ---.------l-.. 2? 23 Neosho and had a very good punter. .paw as sent by their cov ' K . E' ' ' ' 95 ---4----- -- -'--------- P01 -e4-A -- f ' f g li fi .. Own fumbles recovered ...... 1 0 The team never let up durinq this game, but power and 1, TE, Lavar ' "k" sf: ,',,, 1 ,f igyi i s-f . i f. ggi """""A 4 3 3 impenetrable defense told, as Lamar won l2-U. 52:32:58 4.1,gi-ffQQ1Lf'f-f.5' ,,L' . ' L-A. Q' V ' ----4 ..... - - , 'k',' . ego ., JKIV ,K ' The local Wildcats are licking This defeat was followed by G withering 0-U deadlock E- G Later ' A '.e ,LL"- ' their bm-leee handed them by on Carthaqe's field. Obviously, this was a aame ol detense, R' Tl Bugs: . A ' ' Rogers., Arkansas, last f Fnclay , I V l YE. I L,,L V V night. They -are correcting but the homehnqs held tiqht though tar out-we1qhed. H. Vx: I 5-I in Y Egtlftfggermlliltiwllzngghilie gigs The '44 Wildcats ended the season with a 25-0 victory Igaitlgl I ,. 'y learned. i over Mt. Vernon. This contest was characterized with penal- Q' t A pl. 8 B E noffjjmgifirfjfe ggfhertsecggg ties and delays, but as a whole was cr pleasantclose to a And the stay' H K' L .. Vgkxggwhge coming Friday D' 'Shay fiqhtinq season. ue: K' K -.f "f-- :ffignshu --1-- h dlllifl ll - , 'gil V I W , , gtg:lFf1i?i:a,r Qt I gn Before the Mt. Vemon qame, the squad elected lovely gt: gflgifgglfg Don QQ- -Allffr , , th 2: Being Nlgllt Game, Man! evioleew S . K U Barbara Forte as '44 Football Queen. and stockY lim Wil- L. G. Barbf C 182 nl tt an Falls From H-ere EX- ,og liams Captainelect. The coronation took place between E213 Vo It 2: fag. r ,y I, pected to Attend, SX halves of the game, and despite the early-winter cold, the R.. G. Wil' 'ed by tb ULLH walack ..... S Q ,paw Indjgng ceremony lacked none of the traditional home-coming L-,fseqxgsbvxalezu my S Squad VVILSQN waz: KBY Dick Walker 9 6 Wed if 5 C0 0- atmosphere. Pricket- ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, .N the bas, both' Weldon.J ,. have 'several let- Hadley Y V--------....- :as ,, block 3,-,en coach Mop. 4-JK and will proven wilson ,,,,,A,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,, my is ct-eel.. sh out 1 tue his - N811 UPPOUSUVQ but with Rlenieks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,, 153 only gn seem... ring. t Wudcn, S .s working intv fine shape we .i. .... few 'times he has playe why an ' expect the outcome to be similar -f :nada sg glgmg-essiop Q, ,,. 6 Q he t f 'ans an t e Opposing . . . This is Mofl'ett's seqond y 5 64 cat? Simi Q O ' ' F o I B . . and.he promises lto be 801 sw -1 stride, for . . terial for next year. l me' 'Ne the mater' negthgexzugfmyvrluilhgofu ial. . ' Coz .vlatthews this morning gV:g1ePl3-bilrlgycgrefextgfced announced his starting lineup, Wm from Carthage mst subject to later change, as fol- -I . 28 to 12. WWW - .- ' Th starting un : Russell Tarvln, left end: Jim Am-0:4 eups Williams' or "Swede" Anderson. A 0 . Mcvay L E left tackle: Bob Ball. center: , I Lawson LT J. Af George Tock or Bob 'Im-lc. right , Clemon L C+ W guard: Don Barbarlck, right y GHT 8 0 E. Pozter C D. A11 me M mm FRIDAY NIGHT s oclocr l L-PM end: Jack Hadley, quarterback: ' Sutton It T Ba Jack Prickett, left rtqlrg reonsrd Keatfs R E ao Moffet or "Tub" Anderson. right t Rravance Q B higjwl. D. Rellick, fullback. ' I CUDWB L X B -I onighvs captain will he Ful17 A . i T In mud Aimluhrn. 'rsx Included Doprma R. H1 3 we muck, me ms power and 'mes ""' " Q ,pun ass. swam: ua ue-hen of un Armed Fw' 15' wuwn rf a 1: Plenty oi trouble. I DRDON CAIN DON BARBARICK DON ANDERSON nm WILLIAMS JOHN ANDERSON IGI-IT TACKLE RIGHT GUARD CENTER Lgm- GUARD LEFT TACKLE CAPTAIN FIRST ROW: L. Cole Q B. Ball Q I. Goostree Q G.Cuin Q D.Barb:1rick Q D. Anderson Q I. Williams Q I. An- derson Q R. Tarvin Q G. Tock Q I. Harmon. SECOND ROW: C. B. Wilson Q G. Iarnes Q R. Green Q B. Turk Q R.Ch1-lsticm Q C. Wilson Q I. Hadley Q I. Pricketi Q I. D. Renick Q I. Butler Q D. Greiner Q L. Moffett Q Molly Matthews, Coach Q B. 'Mclntyre. THIRD HOW: L. Murray Q R. Kenney Q I. Thompson Q I. Bailey Q B. Mathias Q M. Prunly Q I. Brown Q T. Baze Q I. Rudd Q I. Shadwick Q I. Kyser Q I. Gibson Q D.Brcmhc1m Q T. Strait Q'I. Weber. A Q57 , 91" 1 ' x f i ' SFS: , ? I - - ' ,I -ml IOHNNY GOOSTREE RIGHT END RUSSELL TARVIN LEFT END ACK PRICKETT I. D. RENICK QUARTERBACK HALFBACK MOLLY MATTHEWS cOAcH CAROL WILSON JACK HADLEY FULLBACK HALFRACK ar-' W af I W W I 4 U 'N A Q 4 in A -Q gf 'Qian fi' H' fa fi? fx ywg, L' wr I' 1 1 6 Qi 4 , Y' Y,,f"w V' , . ?"l2' w,g,5 if 44 ,E , Vg Q M' Qsagv ,i X k 4 f-La 'fi 'Q ep, BCATS WIN NBR GARTHAGE w Big Eight Confer- ce Title Race lnto e. bounced 'GHS 'FWO Take Bath "A" and "B" Big Eight Battles From Lamar. strong wne Wildcats nar her season and second confer-- place , hh HW by msubihliitiiii ' Tigers , mg .0-29 the Cats sped age I, the er meld 9 lg? basket Lamar each the of his WILDGAB TOIRNEY FINAIS Defeat Purdy For Second Tournr' Victory, 41- 27. The- Ne, away their thi.- ' last-night, by troune.. dy quintette with a 41-27. The game was we closest played this season wlth. the score at the half standing at 20-16 and at the end of the third quarter 27-22, Neosho's fa.- Prickett was again high man with 16 points, Haki- was next with 9 and Walker 8 to his credit. Up against defense the 'Cats for a good lost Illia!- -N UUT FOR BASKETBALL 'nie nm: basl-GH!! nz-ani: oz the season was held last night sued- school in me man nemo! gymnasium with approximate! forty -boys tumlng out. some ex- eellent prospects were seen Bhd th retmnlng lettermen showed skfll both lu shots and handling the the latter be- ing unphldzed, Jenn Gome- '-ee. noted, Koa his km! shots. - vmfgood showing last etball fans should - 'G Goosetree. as "1 ln the Dey- nol , a in good Walker show in g rl Willlarns, while not a. , AK letterman. proved that he had skill on the basketball court as well as on the football gridiron. Other boys turning out, 901119 for the first time, who showed good promises, included Russell Tarvin, Frank Roberts, lee Henry, J, D. Renidk, 'Mu Prunty, Bob 'Christian Jimmy Hhrmon. Dennis Greinerv Gor- don Cain. Jr. Swanson, Charles Wllson, James Butler, John Bhmivrlck, Leonard Moffett, John Anderson, Don Branham, Green, H. F. Evans. junior in high nding, and Moffett. Ren- M! L looked like HOW ' E 0 wn seemed M' mm me tum- " thnt what the Cam men nemnm. have nnd were Bill' ff ere speed, aneu- ffgby, puree. lon rder defeated Jef- nr.. lks ln s hotly con- teltcd gm... blayed last night ln dei ' Sha lndinl shank for the 'l hsnlnst the bullshit team .15- fir!! .1 from .ept the .ne third are still lop- ... davor, 23-8. ...n broke loose ln the ...nun quarter to bring their score up to 10. Eurlt, playing his second game for the 'Kit- fsnn mee. meh iu..eru-ing hon- ZH CAPTAIN IOHNNY Goosrnzs gvlffjg- tough me, nm. e-lnrnye out on ton. Last night's y was s double victory for Bats, making them the conference team to defeat age and enabling them to 1 their hold on the Blg 8 plonship. Neosho hu other conference games sy, 1 home game and two gntiown Eames. The Wild- go tn Mt. Vernon and ls. but will meet the Mo- Jubs on the Wlldcals home another conference game C1ty,won from Monett 39- 'ansh led the Cardinals LS points and laese and ofthe Cubs had ll seach. Kl'I'lAI.I. NDTB Goosetree was back in yesterday, not quite up to his ulual standard, t of being out of pric- t still doing very well. :ht was ln excellent t night, mnkmg quite a goals and C5101 Wilson ' Pruntl' both made ylnn. Prom the reports teams Neosho ls going to hzve A plenty good l defeat some or the con- taams, the most lm- onl seeming to I be City, Qrthsse and Mo- U! the three Onrthnge have the better mam, n e Wildcat Ballad' ' . Both "A' and "B" teams have shown fans that, up against the Sf-follgest teams. the 'Cats have the skill and team work that make up s. team of champions. An extra. attraction of hat night was the Neosho high school baud .underk the dlmwnn or Prof. Inren Wllllllllli The bind playing for the basketball CUBE! il 00U1.DCQd of lbullt 30 ol 99 membentol the hand 362 ee.n"""" en"'Il'1"2"8,.""n"2'r'2 B , B of wh same. me night s new rieoe, "At the Gremlins' Ball," was introduced by the band w the peaked gymnasium. -Boones of the two tourna- ments. me one at Seneca. md me one at Springfield, are At Syrlndldd Owensvllle, 82: Jefferson Clty 39. Sparta 21: Csssville, 19, Conway. 523 Joplin, 32. At Seneca. Webb City and Seneca wil zo mm the rmnle-in the Seneca tournament tonight, Webb Glty Wl-DDDJK 0 .Alba 89-38, and esbniesn wglhg over Granby, 'CATS T0 PURDY CAGE TOURNEY c returning meer-men Jour' will!! ingpeaepunlesznieng w' er ot the -,margin of 35-yunwebb e at the iii? 'r1'il"1'.,e.2PSt A new" "if, oug I ' X it two gnhep' ,nixtori-o the . strong can ,-11118 tho hilt ' erenoe. 8 defzlisnby ve mu-:in o 'thu N , . the 'Cats have gained will mark the ca ,etbnillifor Lack ,4 12? I XQV-ifnlng from last year one of tlleldrst five ls About the tall- on the team and is the beet ers pt the I fame last Icy is still 1 favorite But!!! is relying I 5116.309-Y. 5838980 of tively short men on GIS kim. Combining . .speed and accu- se! will be one of the hymn or lm: recognition from local fans and also from towns nearby, sched- uled to plwy the 'Cats during the current cage season. Coach Ralph Brown has not been in- formed of the results of the lk- eter-Marionvllle glme, which was to have been played lut llilht. but Marlonvllle was slat- edb0wln.s0it1.sD!'0blblet.hlt Nmsho will play lhrlonvllle w- nlrht. I1 the Wildcats win. they will retum to 'Purdy tomorrow Dilhb to DIAY either Purdy, Wheaton or Washburn and if they win that game. they will enter the finals Bnturday night. the high school gymnasium by a score of 49-46. game ls Perhaps this year has been one ol the most nnnenel eeekeneeu yeern fer the wndeese rn the nrezerv el Neeene Haen School. senre of the ordinary reenarernenme for basketball teams were rnleeinef we had very little height, most of our players were nerr: enough lo exve our opponents definite edvenreee, We ned, newever, enouqh speed lor two ordinary leer-ne, end e will to do end elve everynnlne nnvereelly possible to win. Our nrer rneerv, wnren proved le be eerreel, wee to nee what assets we ned, speed, uccurury end deeeenen, Our eerne neneuv eeeen from e deleneive cnqle, we ned to 'ereer' the een or we ned fe get n frern the defensive position. Our vneery wee to relre our opponents an en ull- everrrnereenrn derenee rnelnne n dnnenlr ler ,ell opponents to get in close enough fe ee: up any eyerern ol ollense me paid dividends ol no enrell extent. Our nex! fneerv wee to involve our offense in such e manner of fee: ereelrrne charges :ner we rnrern eeere belore fell defensive players eenld eel Hrcxzzie dazzle" elfeel zrern e eeeelemere efendreenn, We feel they liked n end we neve e xeenne that we ned the rneer of :ne fun in playing n. The 1ereee1 crowds ever lo eveend Neosho High School beelreveell eernee Crime out this season, ln addition to the line team Splril, we Ccm never Cease 10 qive credit lo the line school spirit by the encouragement oi which we gained much power cmd confidence, and lor which lhe teams were willing to qive their all, Nc small share ol credit should go to Ieonne Ellioll our faithful sports sdllcr ol the Dolly Democrat. She did u swell lob. rd mee to leeve here e lew more personal werde eeneernine the elev- ernu iennny Goostree, e ered: een nendler, crack ener, end leernfrnen rl mere ever wee one. Dick wenrer, 1 have never eeen e nien eeneel player wnn equal speed-you conquered your fnndernenrele in ereer style. rrenx neynelde, enelner ree hand end willinq to qive all for me eerne. lack Prlcketl capable of risinq to any eeeeeaen wnn rare emu end speed, Carol Wilson, 1 feel this boy wee ine best delensxve nren on ine squad end he had on eye fer the eeelrer, rernerneer? luck Hedley, the boy wne lock his tum at every position, noi cs a sunsmute, but as c regular player who eenid pley anywhere. nrn Wllllcxms, always reedy end plenty eeeeele- e eey who eeeered his team, Bee wnenr, perhaps you let yourself get qoinq ree iele or rneyee we overlooked powerrplus, enf when we culled lor n, you ned IT. Iohnny Anderson rnede e swell ererr end should nerr year eeeerne one of :ne eliurne ereef centers fer ine wndeefe. 1. o. Renick enenld develee rnre e ereer player nerr seuson wich his style of eeelrereeu eern eiereiv rndavldnei. On the "5" ieern, wnren ned enernrnenenre ability, end 1 believe nney will win: newever, ul lhls urne we have not vel met Menen end Nevede, serne ereel exeeneneee neve eerne their way lnne fer in eeekefnen. Lenlle Euril, me boy wne eerne in rrern rearview, he ls e ereer feernfrnen wnn e very fine eye for the basket Yen ccxn'! help liking one eev, enr you won't try to do anything else when you know rnrn. Bob cnraenen with e nnnd lor basketball ine: can solve rneel any situation confronting him Max Prunly, :his reey will nn nn stride rn me end you will qo to eee him eley. ornern wee will eelen your eye ere cnernee Wilson, :nie ney ie fast end e eeed nnem, Reverend Green end Frenk Roberts are due for recoqmion: nrnrnv Hcmxon, nrnrny Butler end lxmmy weeer, should erve you Hnrnrny me." cerden Coin nee leer weaenr, en. eernrne rnernenrnrn, It has been ereer inn end the mnrne :ner eennme most ix "ner wnerner you wen or lost, but, how you played the eernep' Basketball FRIDAY NIGHT, FEBRUARY 2 NEOSHO HIGH SCHOOL WILDCATS VS. CARTTIAGE HIGH SCHOOL NEOSHO HIGH SCHOOL GYM "A" Game Only - Starts 8:00 o'Cloek , sudnuuusnrvieereeplezuguucesse hclulaxlhx H1 L e , 5' Q 1 'GA'lSWlNBlG EIGHT 0PENER ,...l. Take Both "A" and "B" Games From Webb City Cardinals. The Neosho-V-Vgdoats smeared the Webb city Cardinals mst night for their first conference BULB taking the "A" Same 43- g , 24 and winning the "B" Same 34-21, Webb l an early lead ln Same, Cha.lkln8 the game but Neo- r-an ln the score of third Il WE tv the WE Illiln svn for OD SC lime feibed 24-2 1 . for IDB-l'l' Fifty-Six Fouls Called in Neoslm- Mt. Vemon Game . ... Neosho Wim, 53-37, to Remain in Tie With Carthage for Big Eight Title Knee. 'rne Neosho --A" team nenne- A" team lll mostly ot 'I'hl1'lfY ed the ll a game ouls la e 6 Ieosho .JO quar- bac! taken 50525-5 995111 game. Kittens l COACH RALPH BROWN DOWU- the last qu The Girls Drum Corps march- good was ed during the hal! of each most game, forming different forma- tions, end the high school band played throughout the game. Both these organizations are under the direction of Prof. I-alll Wilhams. tory last night defeating th ,V Batt Cubs 34-18. Sh Johnson were high po' for Carthage with lee point man for Monett. Wildcats Trommce H X. Pierce City Flv "A" team smes t llllht in 5 - half "' were an The "B" i sosoxn. wills- game. The Carthage Tigers won their lQO0Ild straight conference vii:-' W WHY' and point D0ints. for the WBS i .. is nlere leading 61,40 ncefhav- ,. their games this ,. 'I-Iowever, due to a mls- ,nerstsndins at the first of the year, three senior boys started the "B" team's .first game wlth ebb City. ln a rule passed this 'mr at the Big 8 meeting, sen- ' are ineligible la' "B" 3, -sr ea. . So far, Webb. City hu 0 29- Nxq only that one game. so l! lem Of fn ,bb clay continues to win me mst qUB"f'zee t. or her games, unless she '1 to play mother dame with Neosho will, have to er first victory and e conhxvnne- . CAGE M T0 PINEVILLE GOMORROW NIGHT 1 "A" and "B" teams uf rosho Wildcats will go up le tomorrow nlght. This a non-conference game. mid hell! the 'Cats when rinse the Lamar basket- ,ere next Friday. N l .ts first conference ' Friday by an impr 4 of 43-24, but the game I should be one of the Hit Eames ot the sesso -V glise, havingthwon gm : noe games is season been one of the reefs C1118 teams selected out of lrplicntlons to play in me marnent of Champions ' ln Sprlngileld this 'Lge will Dlny Lebanon IY, .ner wnlerenee game :C ' "J 'L' "' will be PAUL TENNIS. Property Boy If M0123 P011 lost GA 'Y 'Pnlnts tio grin. Vhil 'the llonett hive vovnone game, de- lullllildl 25-Itnndlqst wl0ClrthnlelnstPl'l- E 5 Nw ' e 'mfg 45? X if A 6 . i Q "A" STRING Kneeling: Dick Walker if Carol Wilson L lack Prickett 'Lf lohnny Goostree. Standinq:limWill1ams fi Frank Reynolds BObWT1Qhl iff Coach Brown '1 Iohn Anderson ff lack Hadley ' l,D.Henick. BA KETBALL "B" STRING Kneeling: limmie Harmon if Raymond Green Leonard Moffett ik' lunior Swanson. Standing: Frank Roberts N6 Max Prunty G Robert Christian fi? Coach Brown 11 Iames Butler Troy Redman 9 Charles Wilson. Reynolds shoots a free-throw in Webb City game. Walker heads for goal! Williams makes good his "Sunday 'P Special" in the Webb City "B" game. - ,M--"" Prickett dribbles! Hey, Boy Hibbie, P-38, Walker hits a set-up. Stop where's your mop??? you dern fool, you'l1 run into the wall Ja 'Q A f V ' Ywx ' . A V T. l X X N ORCHESTRA 66 ea LI' W0 Comets: C. Davis R. Fay ff" B. Fox 'fi' I. Handley V3 C. Griffith 9' I. Hadley 9' G. Iames Q R, Kohr 'ft M. Mahaifey '15 R. Moore Q R. Passmore I. Payne Y? R. Randolph I. Rudd YA' R. Shuey Tf' M. Swanson it R. Taylor C. Turk 'fit G. H. Wil- liams. Clarinets: R. Baugher it l. Brewster 'T B. Branl ham '53 'P. Carver ff K. Carnes C. Crumhliss 3' W. Daugherty Sf' H. Eissman L" I, Flaxbeard ii' P. Gibson if D. Green '5' I. Harmon ix? B. Hays Q T. Hosfield Y? I. Kenney 4? R. E. Kenney 'T B. Lamb il' N. Land Y? W. I. Land "" E. Mahatfey '97 S. McCauley TIT' A. McGuire 'fl R. Moore " P, Tennis T' B. Turk C. Williams. Flutes: S. Bushmeyer T3 H. F. Evans "" B. Haas " S. Haas 5? M. Iohnson Yi- D. Patterson. Alto Saxophone: M, Anderson I. Cullum M, A. Dabbs if? B. I. Haas 77' I. A. Hammond 5' B. Henry "AT L. Moffett I, Swanson. Oboe and C. Melody: D. Cummins B. Wood, Tenor Saxophone: D. Cummins B. Wright. Baritone Saxophone: D. Barnes 27 B. Hutchinson. Bass Saxophone: E. Bartlett. French Horn: Anderson 'I B, Hadley. Baritone: D. Anderson ' I. Butler R. Christian J? F. Roberts G. Weldon. Trombones: G. Allen ',l" D. Barbarick T17 M. N. England ft R. Lowe '57 D. Reynolds ' S. Smith YS B. Staib l. Thompson. Basses: H. Barbee ' T. Baze P. Bennett YV l, Brown T I, R. Hailey B, Mclntyre ' L. Wright. Tympani: D. Walker. Drums and Percussion: B. Abernathy "' B. L. Brown 1? I. Crane 55 E. M. Kytle " B. Haworth D. R. Irwin V1 V. Iones '17 R. M. Tomlin "T P, Wilson I. Welcher. Bells: I. Bennett T7 I. E. Kyser L. Payne 1 B. Reed. . Q, 9 '9 x , v I :lei Q li, 3' f k 1 - . 1 , f f M f 7 f Q- 5' 5 gggw 5 sfg! 9' gf 'S' im -. 'I' V' 4 'f '91 9, 513' swf A 7 , !, k V 1 X A -. , ' I ' ' 5 pf N4 1 L , V Qu.-hi-new WMM m Q, if Amis' s A I ,V .asa Q L X M, an M" g en 1 1 " ' , 5' gg A 5 A ' , ff' 'L , R . 1 , , 'S S3225 pr X J: I - 1' 'WL Jq' A ' X MV V n ,J ' -S .1 I tj ' Sf , ,J I nv ,.,' q 1 - ffilggf ,f".1'Tff , 1 iii' if-L Q DOUBLE SEXTET FIRST ROW: W. Land ii C. Williams SG D. Iackson. SECOND ROW: D. Roberts if? A. Mathias iff P. McCauly iii B. Embrey. THIRD ROW: M. B. Land iff A. Gudmundsson iff P. Woodard ik C. Rogers ii? V. L. Randol. MIXED Cllllli Mixed Chorus is one of the largest and best known organizations on the campus. They are :very active during the Christ- mas season and this year they presented a most impressive Christmas program. During the last two Christmas seasons they have been in demand at the Camp Hospital where they have brought happiness with their music to the sick soldiers. They participate in assemblies, sing for church programs and other outside activities. The seventy-five people in mixed chorus are very fond and proud -of their instructor, Mrs. Lane, and are looking forward to working with her next year. The sextet is a choice group of girls that sing when the larger group is not available. They have sung at Camp Crowder several times. Mrs. Lane, the instructor, plans to enlarge this group, makinqfa select Girls Choir. Four of these girls will be members of a mixed quartette. OFFICERS President .... .... : Clinton Harrison Vice-President . . . ..... Connie Roqers Secretary-Treasurer . . ...... Raymond Green Committee on Robes .... . Betty Embrey-Galen Insco Arrangement Committee . . Ioan Goostree-Iames Gibson Director ....,.. ....... L ucille Lane President: Clinton Harrison. Vice-President: Connie Rogers, Secretary-Treasurer: Raymond Green. Committee on Robes: Betty Embrey-Galen Insco. Arranqement Committee: Ioan Goostree-Iames Gibson. Director: Lucille Lane. GLEE ULUB FIRST ROW: D. Roberts M. Nathis ii' W. Land 'ik D. Iackson if C. Williams iii F. Helpenstell if G, lzisco Q I.Ba1ay Q L. Murray it R. Green if M. Prunty if? B. Hays iii V. Randol if C. Rogers vi? B. Embrey. SECOND ROW: M. McDaniel ir M.Millinder ii A. Gudmundsson ii P. Woodward ik V. Melton V M. Walden l iflr I. Schwartz iv I.Gilstrap ii D. Branham ii? F. Tipton ik N. West ii I. Daugherty if I. Akers if B. Newdiqqer it B. Wood fl: W. Bradley 9 B. Rinehart. THIRD ROW: B. Darnell ir A. Decker ik L. Sawyer Si? D. Richardson ii? B. Welsh ii l. Richardson Y I. Ham- mer SS M. Scott SS C. Wiles ii? W. Plaster iii' R. Mathias ik l... Henry I. Gibson fi P. Goheen D. Kimbrough 'Q SfBuchanan ii? S. Fitziohn G I. Dale ii? G. Kinkade S9 F. Clevenqer. FOURTH ROW: M. Land Y E. Lookebill 'LV I. Goostree if l. Lowry ik I. Cos if I. Wilson Q I. Eads ii F. Collins if? I. McMahan ik M. Bull ii I. Weber iii C. Harrison ii? L. Tretbar vi I. Prickett ir C. Cos ii S. Kraft ii E. Gilstrap SG I. Anderson 73 G. Thoqmartin fi? R. Iohnson. Iahala Crane Elizabeth Harrington Ruth Dobson Iewell Hoover Helen Boillot Barbara Branham Norma McMahan Betty Taylor Mildred Nims Emma Dean Marks Delores Livingston Nadine Ball Ruth Mason Alice Heim Sue Terry DRUM CORPS Nancy Kenney Doris Shuey Helen Daugherty Peggy Hammond Betty Fredrickson Oleiva Haas Patty Wilson Ella Mae Kytle Ava lean Stipp Edwina McCoy Patty Forsythe leanette Ness Maerene Stephens Dixie Kelly Beverly Peck Bernadine Haworth Phyllis Woodard May Dean Reynolds Loree Mounce Barbara Gray Wylene Anglin Phyllis Wolfenbarger Rose Mary Tomlin Margaret Newcomb Fern Nims Flossie King Elva Mae Ledbetter Ava Martin Pauline Seward Betty Owens I 1 v, 'i lla lean Daugherty Betty Wright Etta Belle Pendergraft Bobbie Childress Hello Gangl Meet the Girls Drum Corps. Yes, you've seen us around. We attended all the football games and some of the basketball games this year. Although there were many difficulties and some disappointments, we think all in all it has been a prosperous year. New formations and plans have been introduced, among them, the most successful were the dif- ferent service insignias. Our group also took a small part in the political campaigns though we were neutral as to parties. The organization has been successful this year and even after our Maior's illness the girls carried on. A good thing about the organization, it is made up of younger girls who will be in N. H. S, for a long time yet. We'll have to step along now but we'll be seeing you next football season, THE HI-HATTERS 1 on Dick QNQ M! ss Clinton .Gene N Harrison Allen W I' A. Bob f, George 9 Wfiqhl Weldon X- Z . 11322 Kiss: H. F. Q4 Y Evans Charles nm Wilson Rudd S S Xu FF FE RTE M f'5H1Q3"L-,gi ' lim Bill Anderson. former lead sax. now serving in the U. S. Naval Air Forces SEPTEMBER IANUARY 4 1 School beginsp or it shouldn't happen to a dog. 9 New students still lost in halls. 12 Class-heads named and home room officers elected. 13 School work begins. 20 Cheer Leaders named. 22 Rogers defeat Wildcats. 23 Teachers decide students impossible, as usual. 24 Students decide teachers impossible. 26 Landis and Walker head publications. 30 Where's room 38? OCTOBER 6 Anderson elected President of student body. 11 First paid assembly of year. 12 Spanish initiation and Wildcats defeat Webb City 20 to 13. 13 Recreation leaders chosen. 16 Students recover from Spanish initiation. 17 F.F.A, banquet. l8 Baker Brings Bunnies. 19 Year Book king and queen elected: ballots withheld. 20 Wheatley replaces Henline. 21 Students back from hospital as result of F.F.A. banquet. 24 Seniors paint water tower. 25 Police looking for certain seniors. 29 Wildcats scalp Quapaw lnjuns. 31 1 still want to know where's room 38? NOVEMBER 4 Wildcats claw Nevada. 7 Margie lohnson holds house-warming. 10 Lamar beats Cats 12-O. 11 Iohnson's house cools off again, 13 Dramatics Club initiation. 14 Daugherty replaces Colville ttemporarilyl. 17 Wildcats tie Carthage Tigers UVO. 19 Hagan replaces Wheatley. 21 Wildcats beat Mt. Vernon 25-U. 27 Monett Cubs crush Wildcats 25-12. 28 Coker replaces Daugherty. 30 Recreation Representatives formed. DECEMBER l Please somebody, where in the heck is room 38? 3 Seniors decide they're smarter than teachers. 8 Walden marries Koger fleap-year, you knowi. 10 Teachers convince seniors, the hard way, they still are smarter. 14 Senior blowfout given by Hancock. 15 The "N" Club initiation. 17 Football banquet. 19 lournalism shin-dig. 20 Everybody takes the "shop early" to heart and begins. 21 Mail Christmas cards. 22 Ask everyone what everyone else is giving 01.1. 23 Buy extra presents for rumored gifts. 24 Wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 25 Eat. 26 to 30 Sleep tschool's outl. 31 Wake up and get ready to go to 1ohnson's party. 2 3 4 5 6 8 11 17 20 Wild time continues. lohnson's party begins to break up. Hangover begins. Begin wondering if there is room 38. Philbeck rumored leaving-boys weeping. Barrett appendectomy. Patterson and Callahan sanction governor's inauguration. Evans elected Vice'President. Haas wins school oratorical contest. All students are released from solitary confine- ment. They have been in since New Year's. 31 County oratorical contest. FEBRUARY l Draft board looks at senior class and drools. 2 Harkins studio moves to Kansas City. 5 Students decide faculty is tcensoredl. 9 lr.-Sr. "Ditchit" Club meets. ll Patterson and Callahan start tear gas experi- 13 15 21 22 28 ments in lab. Freshman Hop. lunior play. "N" Club assembly. F.F.A. banquet, Orchestra assembly. MARCH 4 7 ll "Ditchit" Club meets to discuss ways of bailing out arrested members as the active member- ship is falling off. Reverend Landolt addresses student body. Last patients released from hospital as result of F.F.A. banquet. 14 Band concert. 19 Couples again investigate light at Hornet. 21 Big Eight conference meet. 28 Mixed Chorus gives assembly. APRIL 4 Alexander trio gives asserrbly. 11 English department gives an assembly. 18 Seniors begin skipping. 25 lournalism club gives assembly. 26 Senior play. 27 Vegetables and eggs cleaned off the stage. 28 Draft board sees quality of seniors and stops drooling. 30 Won't somebody please tell me where room 38 is? MAY 4 Seniors start celebration in earnest. 6 Uncle Loren performs again. 7 Senior skip day. 9 Award assembly-very few for the senior ll 13 14 15 16 17 18 class. lohnson throws last party fgraduation banquetl. Baccalaureate. Senior assembly ftears flowed like winel. Custodians complete mopping up the water in auditorium. "Well, maybe 1'l1 find room 38 next year." Graduation Day. Seniors gone but not forgotten: lab. won't be rebuilt until next year. :Q S v 0 if Sf Q W ,. XM df .H , '1 ,iw2g- fa . fi if??1'-- ' 5 M . k , Sa , V, .N 5 ,. L 5 ' .fi A , VX . A- X- ' aww :-5i.:ffv:1: . , ' - - -rf-1 12' Q H - - ,A . . 59 ,r Q f 5 gg? V Q 'I ' ar , 5? Q Kgs: as 6 ,g 3+ R , T Ai , Q , Ui " , n' - W 4 7 .. sf' 'RX yr .1 1 I .J gh 'I ' iff M fw- , , ,f ., 1.N-,wi lsgfi HW f V l V 'K fd 5 3 ,ry fel . I .4 , Q I Q V. xp. . A r Ts fa-ig-i if 2 , n Xu. gm . M ' fa, A x fuflo L XX 74 01- Q ' T? M0 Afvvfwubgtf E 1 1 get - 37 :S Q QZMWVM' 72ffmf3y' W 5 2 Wfafsiiff ,,ifZf' MQQQESETXQQ M MBEKCO' s ' 1 'ggay ?7q Q X OMVUTNAM 1,0 QD, My Hvffwmuu .vang - SSA CM www 'Q' ca-CV 5 f 'QQ WEMSSEPLIS ggxgx 5332 . ii Wifi? 5"Q,,fe5-if TQQQQV fa dei-3911 22 WW N WMWZ JMMWM Sig iii? WWW ?Q"f7fQ-Q M 662,12 ffef' ig? Q, Q Jw! -Ef,+QlQ?' 'wg 13 my 'wmzbfffngzvg-'C WPf Y 'ggi is W ifwfadiafwf- bhggffwwb K 'PP 'ZF awww ,M71wMf-Wfff 'MAWMWWW QEEX Eg E M239-f'pimiWa2wMaMJkWw3 Miffw Qfhkii 'Z-IQ X Mr 'Q' 'Gigi gg 2 p Z adqklowjm AMY , R -qi HRfs1,,,,mWSrm2'5ai K f71.dzaeMWf 3 W ?'f2f1gQ 7? WQM iii? ii LM P mgiawgmhq WJJEM Li . ,WMU , I 'g 33mg j pWp L, 2' -'f:'MynMm'2c., ,Wa 7 1- we 'T Sh X3 ' , H gp WMM MW 9 R mme 10 'MQW Bffflf-M-f'?f"" H4Z2.ei'wfw XQMQWMNM A ,AS Q, elif Q7 WW QQQZQQSCQM fb ' Ah? ffgk f 47 Q'--v WWWQ7 all ,ffpmfgj N Eff M Aff. My Q ll if , wi NP' Roy 45,

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