Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO)

 - Class of 1943

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Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 68 of the 1943 volume:

'lT4E WILD QT I9-43 f ' x INN 1,1 ff f Z R Nx 7 f-ff" 4, A , , f ' Q k bs A- X 5 A 'X X ,iff ff ,f 'V,, f- N ik 492 in N- ' lf!! if XX X K . -' LQ, it ,fa VK X X X 5 1 f 75 f .sv " X 'QL f L' '7 ' 'J -X ff . if f ' ,,,: .1 W ff.. . ' - fl, Mffg 0 71, , hfff, I N it ,gf if Q km iff ff V I F i f if 'X , H X lf, A K Q -1, F f if I 3 If f I 0 fb' M f W" 1 x I"Q,.' ll Y K M 4 , V . NW ww PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF NEOSHO I-HGH SCHOOL NEOSHO , MO . LNAJ, A - .,.z,..., - ,.,. , , pq ,W OIPKXPOI' America is now in a world struggle to defend her ideals, her free institutions and her traditional rights enjoyed by this democracy. Hay this Annual be representative of the hours of peace and security which you have felt here, and may it always serve to refresh your memory of a school which stands for the ideals of the land we love. Earnestly endeavoring to preserve some of these outstanding memories, the annual staff presents this, the 1945 edition of the Wild Cat- an . hh he he e,,e ,mg Gai Staff 5 Q ., 'Q ,pig 1 ' Lila. Q., fx AJ' 'J 'i XUITOR..... ...TIIICAIIPBELL FACULTYADVISOR ASSISTANT EDITOR . . . ROBERT V. llcKNIGET ' I. ELLIS LATIMER BUSINES MANAGER . . a PATIY BLISS .ELA ..,...,,.- ,,,, A.,, - ,, .gf fd .. MX' ,X ,Q ,-ff' ..f"' M 44. vw , Nfkf Jw, .. ,f""fx!t I X ,A,h..+ 4.4, ,,.4..-., . .J 1 Queen atten cfa nts QOHHCL oL3OgdI'l if AK Gonnie Rogers X' ir .., 4 at- -k arfyara Jorte X- e s u , - S ee V fg.,3. 1 K 'Hurd' Cat ueen ofeifa go Fgdoiider if 5 J I V U 3 ,mm',A ' X, ,5 : ,m , - , uf- . Je ,uk 'ibm .,,qvl,,. H I ag A 3 'Q' n f. W R ,Y in W3 af W my " sf , 3 1254 -w-.,p..w' ,. 'iw fr - f QNX i -as ,K X 3-'A 'P I A' fi if ' x G 1- A Y' 1 A kg? I an , 'Y , 28735311- , k U. W 2- Q ff 5 . M . ,fy A , Q gym 222.5 fm gm, 3 2 , A-'- A W 1 J fi'NTff?Nxa.:?kM.?2-:x5'5-:iii-fi .. VWNMM k5.,w'5,-ff NW., I wwuyfwgmg vzylivvf iw-fl :M M , ,X ,At ,fWH.x'w:,fy,Lv,.f.,.w ,,.,f,,,.Q-Y M - .,,,,,v pfwf 9-waz' ,4Z, , W.. MM Us ' H- :f 'fs V7 55134. mmf? A M f my , ' Swami N If H A . . M. . , -img- mi ' Ea, ff 3:5 22? . Q- 1' fa, My ,J ,E 1 1. ,534 -,mfg it HW 1 Wx. A: ai AV s ' 1 ,fc , g Q v 1 2 K Q M W-. , V 'mimi ff -A i 3 I gcfministra tion Csjuperin tencfent R. W. ANDEBON CARSON BARIDW Sec retary MARY STEWARD LmI'l.I'LCtk9d! Qgjecreta ry BARBARA MIE.'I'CAI..F in ii N"-,r if f on CHARLENE BAIGIR ADA HANCOCK HELD! ROSE CREED GERTRUDE WOLFE Physical Education Commerce Vocational Home Eo English I, ,,.,,'1Jx .Na 'W -,,, Q- s ! mrrrr. NEIL RALPH Bnom MRS. Rommfr BARRETI' KENNY-'1'H RUSSELL mothomonoo Coordinator Speech-Social Science Vocational Agriculture ,gg 4' ' W K' Hopf f MBS. CLARENCE HENLINE EIQHEL EVANS MBS. DAVID Own! MRS. KENNETH BUCHHOLTZ Civics-Social Science Mathematics Social Science English-Social Science MIB. LUCIELE LANE Music fi' MARY LOUISE MclCIBBINS Science 'fav' 4,4 NM . IDHIN R . WILLIAMS Music-History ff!"- x X GRACE LAND Mathematics sei - E, A iii? iuikgx Vx. -1'E'Q V4 A , MARTIN ROHDE Physical Education-Coach -E' ALICE MATTERS English-.Tournalism .orc Wx ""'9:'h MARY JANE TRUSDALE LELA SHANNON Art-English lmglish N. mma- fQ4'QN mv- i MRS. MARTIN ROHDE J . ELLIS LATIMER General Science Vocational Education 'WQUV' ED EIBQN M1-E. IDRENE HISAW Vocational Education 300181 Science VIOLIN: Becknell, Alice Cain, Gordon Cantrell, Beverly Cline, John Culkin, Mary Anna Cornish, Catherine Deller, Charles Deubler, Dollie Epperson, Tirzah Jackson, Dorothy Kyser, Jerold Land, Mona Belle Patterson, Donald Walters, Billy Woods, Bob Tilton, Benny C. CELLO: Mace, Carroll Plumlee, Billie R. Richman, Shirley Shortt, Randolph Turk , Barbara cgrclzestra Director: Mrs. Luciele Lane Weldon, George Wilson, Charles STRING BASS: Bliss, Patty James, Mary Alice Weldon, Joyce PTANO: Guthrie, Barbara FLUTE: Bishop, Jim Evans, H. F. Green, Dena Mae CLARINET: Anderson, Jim Bill Green, Donald Mahin, Dean Patterson, Kenneth Turk, Bobby - FRENCH HORN: Woods, Jackie TRUMPET: Adams, Jim y Fox, Robert Rudd, Jim y TRGJBONE: Adams, Lloyd Barbarick, Donald McKnight, Robert TUBA: Birdwell, Robert SAXOPHONE: Dabbs, Mary Alice Davis, Jerry Wright, Bob PERCUSSION: Dowler, Marian Kytle, Ella Mae Payne, Lenna Sawyer, Lorene Wilson, Polly i 1 Wwwmasenszza ,,,V 4 Z l is - A ap, Ser, wi. 5 CORNETS: Adams, Jimmie Ashburn, Kenneth Bagby, Bob Coffman, Charles Fox, Bob Hadley, Jack James, George Jeffers, Jack Land,-Sidney Lowe, Gurney McKnight, Bill Porter, Vonnie Rudd, Jimmie Steele, Miller Taylor, Robert Wood, Bob CLARINEHS: Anderson, Jim B. Baugher, Rosalind Brenham, Bernice Carter, Paul Cope, Charles Daugherty, Wiladean Gibson, Patty Green, Donald H tson, Fon Glen Kenney, Jackie Kenney, Roy Evans land, Jackie Ann Land, Norma Q2E?CZI1l1f Lowe, Bobbie Mahin, Dean McCauley, Shirley McGuire, Arlene Lmrphy, Virginia Nichols, John Oldham, Margaret Patterson, Kenneth Staib, Ruth Trollope, Francis Troy, Charles Turk, Bobbie Weldon, Finley Williams, Charlene FLUTES: Bishop, Jim Evans, Henry Foster Goswick, Boneita Green, Dena Mae Haas, Buddy Johnson, Marjorie Patterson, Donald ALTO SAXOPHONE: Anderson, Marjorie Breuil, Betty Jean Dabbs, Mary Alice Davis, Jerry SOPRANO SAXOPHONE: Mason, Dorotha Randolph, Shirley TENOR SAXOPHONE1 Wright, Bob C MEEDDY SAXOPHONE: Cummins, Denise Cushman, Gerald OBOE: Wood, Barbara aAssooN: s11ss, Patty FRENCH HORN: Anderson, John Hadley, Betty Jeffery, Norma J. Wood, Jack BARITONES: Allen, Gene Jacobs, Wilbur Reynolds, Don Weldon, George TRGMBONES: Adams, Lloyd Barbarick, Donald Deubler , Bonnie Bays, Nita Jo Director: Loren R. Williams Henry, Franklin Halbrook, Kenneth Kessinger, Hugh Lowe, Ruth McCullough, Charles McKnight , Robert BASSES: Bartels, Robert Birdwell, Robert Brown, Junior Hoppas, Gerald Myers, Joe Narramore, Gene BEllS: Callahan, Ray Payne, Lenna TYMPANI: Deubler, Wilde DRUMS: Elliott, Jeanne Herne, Catherine Herring, Dorothea Irwin, Donna Ruth Jackson, Neva Pace, Helen Reynolds, Winnie Tomlin, Rose Mary wilson, Polly Young, Erma Lee oys Qfee ,.., l C' '- -IN l... Director: Loren R. Williams Accompanist: Jack Wood FIRST ROW: Charles McCullough, Douglas Mooney, Franklin Henry, Jack Prickett, Hugh Mc Intire, Gene Parker, Leland Bussell, Jim Campbell. SECOND RCW: Jay Thornberry, Jack Tabler, Roland Moore, Jim y Adams, Clinton Harrison, Gene Morse, Leonard Moffat, Tommy Strait. Those not in the picture: Frankie Ward, Charles Deller, Lloyd Adams. irs gee Www Wliiiilvr- mass ei. ....-lp. -lumen-.-ld I President: Patty Bliss Vice President: Hazel Houseman Secretary and Treasurer: Betty Jo Embrey Reporter: Ava Nelle Bergen Chairman of the Arrangement Committee: Jean Alice Cain Chairman of Robes Com itteez Leila Jo Fowler Director: Mrs. Iuciele Lane FIRST ROW: Dorothy Roberts, Betty Jo Embrey, Anna Nelle Stark, Anna Margaret Stevens, Mona Belle Land, Barbara Woods, Norma Jean Jeffery, Mary L. Matthews, Mary Williamson, Oradean Narramore, Leila Jo Fowler, Berneice Raulston. SECOND ROW: Lillian Willis, Martha Hearrell, Veda Merle Freuler, Tirzah Epperson, Margaret Lookebill, Billie Empson, Margaret Oldham, Dorothy Jackson, Patty Bliss, Winnie Reynolds, Joyce Anderson, Charline White, Connie Rogers. THIRD ROW: Marie Millender, Bonnie Stubblefield, Wilma Ashens, Barbara Guthrie, Ava Nelle Bergen, Ima Jean Richardson, Ehyllis Woodard, Barbara Karbe, Shirley Richman, Jean Hunter, Barbara Turk, Mrs. Luciele Lane, director. FOURTH ROW: Sarah Crews, Betty Jean Breuil, Betty Totman, Lorene Sawyer, Alice Becknell, Beverly Abernathy, Helen Pace, Dorothy Johnson, lla Kenworthy, Rosemary Sweeney, Ethel Wil- son, Verna Lou Randal, Betty Hays. I'l,H7'l OfpS vllpnnuinwrr' A J' I . .W ,.N-ul, riff'-f -'PJ nnumfe rf taiwan , I ,M 2, ilmmln , , Wj N. 'fsuuir , I M l ."""' !"""""'se 1 vacuum X g M' I. li D ,-.'-, , W 'Q' nun .,, , Q- 11 '-12 i Q wal, S' DRUM 2 comvsg q"0sho wo , twhofk Drum Majorette: Donna Logan Director: Loren R. Williams FIRST ROW: Barbara Burch, Donna Ruth Irwin, Lillian Willis, Marnie Russell, Betty Jo Russell Donna Logan, Dorothy Delano, Anna Nelle Stark, Margaret Dawson, Barbara Lee Williams, Sylvia McMurtry. SECOND ROW: Bobbie Childress, Ella Mae Kytle, Sarah Jane Doty, Phyllis Woodard, Virginia Lee James, Mildred Nance, Beverly Abernathy, Dora June Hoover, Dixie Kelly, Betty Jo Owens, June Welcher, Marian Dowler. THIRD ROW: Jahola Crane, Bernadine Haworth, Bonnie Leroy, Betty Woods, Jewel Hoover, Ernes- tine Daniels, Dolores Livingston, Betty Rice, Marie Barnes, Ila Jean Daugherty, Irene Brady, Loren R. Williams. FOURTH ROW: Francis Mcliaffey, Jean Alice Cain, Charline White, Betty Lee Williams, Peggy Lou Cross, ImaGean Simmons, Margaret Ann Lookebill, Joyce Weldon, Vera McCabe, Neva Jackson, Patty Wilson, Rose Mary Tomlin, Betty Lou Brown. 9 l VICE PRESIDENT ri' f 1 Q 1' SEC'Y 8r. TREAS -qw-U.- 'HC' 15. vfv PREIDENT JIM CAMPBELL JOHN PICKENS JEAN nA1.RYmPLE 'TSA , .554 if I .rl 4... 'xtfftz A Q .. czmomn ADAMS MQ ALICE MARIE BECKNELL limi' ' f l iff? -W " l k Q"1fF"?f"' 3 4 ' 45?'flEf,Q,f5Ei7:EWi, ff fwifi- U, wr-, s-wffiiifwis. -2 MARY BELLE BENTON ROBERT BIRDWEII. PA'.l'I'Y BLISS BETTY JEAN BREUIL TONY BRIGGS BARBARA BURCH LELAND BUSSELL BBSIE MAY BUTLER BEl'I'Y JEAN CONNELY NNNIE COQ,UILLE'I'I'E LEE COQUILLETTE CLINTON CRABTREE .4051 -71 Hat? vviffi 'T' """'?' mmf f-mug, ii GENE CULKIN A L " J ', L +- GERALD CUSBHAN EHNESTINE DANIEIS 3 if fo 'wu-.-- Wir ,.w- .s-, -W w I W ,yzy A .Rr, A A Q f'1 . 1 x ' f XA If 7 X , , fm vw hit'-P? f , ' 1 H ' 5 A 137221 mm' M-D ',L,,,:,Q,vZ -- :Y . , M353 ,Q A ei' A . 1 iw is J eq 1 Egg: 4? wa s M 'lin v-01 -. . , ,.,,,,,f- 5 S ,:.: Ji S 4 1 9 K -if 11 Nl- ! ! 4 I gixzlfilffii 3 3 c fig Q , +5 'M A 'lr I Q I ' ,Ag qw YT? wr, W..+..,, 04' X 5 n,li in 1:27 na, an 1 i il M- . 'Q all fi s ' , if W n mga Q., f f' f -9 g .-.-- Q- , i. , m,,f, . , tx ,Ei ! Rgx? Q1 .. 1 u 1: ,wi , gig' jig , K g4- :" 'L.., ,fir-, I 1, G X V ..r . 1 fx wrxifiif ,.,W, ,qw-W MW L+-..nv""' 5 if-11? JERRY DAVIS HARGRET DAVSON DOROTHY DELANO CHARIE DELLER IXJLLIE DHIBLER GAIL IEROYELEHY VEDAMERLEFREULER NINAGILES DENAMAEGREEN BOBBIE ANN HANDLEY MILDRED HARRIS GEORGE HNPHAWAY EDNARUTHHEARD ' FRAN11:msNRYJR. CHARLES HERRIN JR. MAXHUGHE NOIMA.TEANJ'E'FFERY LA.RRYA.KAHN NADINE KEDTEY IDMY KRAF1' HAL LEWIS DONNA LOGAN MARILYN MACY DEAN MAHIN ,kk ,,,, 'S ww-cp ,fm V.,-N DOROTHY MARBLE PEGY MATHIAS TCM McGINLEY HUGH lcIN'l'IRE ROBERT V. MGKNIGHT DICK BEER EMMETT S. MISHLER .TUNIOR MOORE .TOE MYERS THEIMA NEECE CLARENCE O'I-IARA HELEN PACE GENE PARKER RALPH K. PNPTERSON B. IEANNE PHIK ,Q up mf- ..,,,. I.. V ., if-M,,. .. i, . . aft'- -girl' I 5 ,Magi-,Lew ,L,M.q,f,.Qwwgqi - ,,1--fw:ff,- - . A W , . A iw, Ar If T., . k,,.- ,,,,-wwf,-,,, M ,G .M MN. .. .. V ,MJ 1335? 2 fs V ,QNX Q3 LAWRENCE PENDERGRAFT 5 ffm x Y N- ANNE LAVERNE PHILLIPS 4 MX ff L ff 1 BILLY RUTH PLUMLEE WINNIE REYNOLIB MARJORIE ROBERTS RICHARD ROBERTS BILLIE RUSSELL IJIXJ L. SAGER JR. f"n ' um , 4, Jvc- 397' g 1- -.MK 'Q A if Ai Q, 4'4" ' Q, 'f Alldlf' 4"SFNs mm 'f' GRETCHEN SCHWEITZER MARY LOUISE SHOCIUAEY PAT SMEETH LOUISE STEEL ORTENA STOUT STANLEY H. SWEENEY BETTY .TO SYKES .TACK TABLER W. J'. THORNBERRY GIDRGE TREPBAR JR. FRANCES LEE TROLIOPE CHARLES TROY IXJROTHY TRUSSELL BOB WADE FRANKIE WARD CHARLINE MILDREN WHITE MILDRED WELSH MARTHA L. DETTEDI LEONARD J. WHITTINGTON MARGARET A. WILLIAMSON BARBARA WILSON E-IEL M. WILSON BEITY VDLFINBARGER .TACK WCDD ERMA LEE YOUNG MARGARET YOUNG fvv Y JP Kea IVS of IVV' ,gf 'Nw .P v ..,, M, .,,v,,,4, ,Q 'Nuff 4? QA, 'As '33 F l Bi 81,18 eatecf Champions FIRST ROW: .Tack Hadley, Jack Prickett, Marion Brill, Richard Rennick, Jack Tabler, Bill W Stlpp, Jack Hearrell, Leonard Moffett, Don Anderson. SECOND ROW: Gene Parker, Lloyd Adams, W. J. Thornberry, Hugh Mclntire, Paul Anderson, Charles McCullough, Leland Bussell. STMDIIVIG: Liar-tin Rohde, coach, Deward Gailey, Jimmie Adams, John Anderson, Dick Donnely, Bill Eialters, Don Barbarick, Dick Messer, Bill Juclcsch, Russell Tarvin, George Tock, Jess Reed, James Carson, Bob Hulsey, Jack Jeffers, Frank Ward. ' B ROBERT M KNIGHT? Th? 'Sho boys were allhemes . - . Tlfe greatest episode in N, H. S. in 1' 'v nights game With V football history oxcgurred last night "P W and "Doc MC- when Coe'-'ns Za i Rohde and the Cu., I f with touch- Ybvalli Season Wildcat squad down "Superman 5 i0 I 24. ghe Thayer Bob- Thorribel- J 'lgauoping SCM? QQXXOWSML Veffxong, the fifth annual Ghost Table mir us- we Signs. 46- We-ob Cla, 0 at me Spring' ual touchdown I etch ' lgcosho 'gl' Am-orfii W' fgegsugiidlur Parker" actually X- NQOSYNO ,Zi Nioiletda 5, was w mn kiCk for an extra f ',-,Heil pp, "FuzZy'l Neosho 45,1 Neva, 5. l gen lXQ:5:dnnfd FY9'3Pt?f1 mfg passe' 'uni Defeat Thayer Squad Last Dem' made NQOSWO es, Lffmmag? 6' X ,us 21 H1- Smder Ad-HM really i , , . . Ne.-,sh A6 cat, y con. me Learn tractor and chargeddhrougi. Night ln srlllgfleld, 60-14. WVU Outs Neoehowajcd th' x, game of its ox- ' ' ' l 1. H, Tlght EUHT Y ff-Hd istence ,53 ards bv rush- lme, recovering Severa gr mum mc bm, A , - Y I . fumbles' p Kirhigatift khaki, V310 CgOILIJ1lIlgjf9d 'ins' KL ,ards by aerial malaria The game ended with a bang 4 355:13 Maftgns fight! eem? Cgcgblmvj 6 lser scoring was zlLL11JLill'C , V , A Y 4 Y A rxckctvt, two Loucrhdowiisi when the, colorful vvlld Cawtgay UCS 'N battle fO1' Th21Y9f'S 14 DOIYUSV flcs M3Cullough. one touch- fled fhelf QQ4FQ,QfL...u,fmf..e uns, Over 700 fans watched rv 'X ,Rohd ,i 4 em,-3 points, J, ix, sholrlgersxik, ,,,?05,,,-,g,?2gx!fig.v W - :ind CoLh"Kif"1f baht! -C1 Mo e Hajie touchdown: Hugh ' V ff --'-'l "- -----'----- ' ,, " ' urmg e a . ' ciega- St I ' noint, and Jim- hfaiidanlff ffff Q Q re n of Neosho " K present, mglirh Able ed A 4-wg, 215825. ' ,Q """' QA Q5 -d i. an unusf , Pvt. Carl Nouwiffr F Meng 8 Di ' '-fi Lil ESF: xmptsi Thur ws, .t Corgns, former bmkfwld ,Mgr Joppy As iff:-ict,5., lT.""1'e """' " .Led a to al 0 K 1 dmc or ie.:, WHS Scoring in was o..'I1 an ii n-.saw ..,... q . ' , , G 3 xi cu.1w.m , im Q! K we Wildcats 125 YHTGQ I Lhq ygayltlp Cham of ,A am ,e Sfm, "?"- YS l d Parker were the Neo- squad, Coach Rohde, 1111511-,en mfg,-ed, D e- ' T--9--"J ':,-,W.. 'ire CL aptains and Johnson and Ra McCullough the ge'-CN1 famed foofbau Cxpfg- A.ScgfiliQm'gif qzfnfl'-cigar Quai-oy were at the helm for the team. all went to xy11O'yygI'3 wignegging Lhe bamlrl Rzafgrlrffcimrn iiizyfif-nlafngivnrfnga? Central Association Champs- SP5'111F!Ur nd SLB-Y?d H11 stanccli 'Ncosho has Lhif greulcl nov- 5fFnlY,ii.Ci5,5f:, raiggigifw punting list, credits Neosho nlcht an in Amld Lh: high oghogi foomaii team in Lhe 'sERv531555Q1il,m -'WM -, two punts for 37 yards and feathers of 1, ff. cages, the state: mobably me only mam that vrosno . ,,,.. . ..,.., 1 za zo in-noir, 6 punt,5 for 29 yards. Al- boys thoroly en, neu' viciory. could possibly defeat mm, would bi, A5H"YmY,, '9l,f1'f Jiiufffiharles lVE:Cu110ugh failed to To every membe,'1 the squad fit. Louizwf' This statement was noL asf f il 13, 1 J 3 , f if? CAPTAIN GHglE PARKER k,f . rf' T t i ' ffm ix I xfifw M ff Q f Qasketbaff FIYST ROW: Jack Tabler, John Pickens, Jack Priokett, Bill Stipp. SECOND ROW: Bob Bagby, Frank Ward, Leland Bussell, Charles McCullough TFDZRD POW: Charles Troy, Martin Rohde, coach, Paul Anderson. 2 2 .-'.-.Qt-04 3 Z Z .Z ,W ! Q9 Z2 77 CALL 3 .,,. ' in l an W SS' H T 'f 'I' " 4 ,,,an, egg EEF K Q . " 4 A 1 N' mb. 7 K A 5 w. 3l1l'L 7.7" A av' A .J ,. A 9 ' fm if f'3 f ' ,fe , N. X X Eg x ,,...N i L.. I .r-'K ,A KAN? H 'PW' ., ..,, ...Q , ,,, ,Ira-Q? , V , W 'ef , was , asm . 1.0 U fre .9 K57 L -M, fe .1 Arif' 5 we-Q 'E' Adams, Jimmie Adams, Lloyd Anderson, Paul Bagby, Bdb Brill, Marion Bussell, Leland Cnmpbell, Jim President: Hugh Mclntire Vice President: Bill Stipp Secretary: W. J. Thornberry Coach: Martin Rohde Trainer: Dr. M. S. McCullough Fly, Jerry Gailey, Deward Jeffers, Jack Jucksch, Bill McCullough, Charles Mclntire, Hugh Parker, Gene Prickett, Jack Reed, Jess Renick, Richard Stipp, B111 Tabler, Jack Thornberry, W. J. Troy, Charles M Q 4 .ggi 'KS Ax, ,.4.,..M, Q P .VL Zv- Q .. N' . .-- vl - V af WW 1 ir, v Y Av rE'5 1 w 1 X. n fl QHK ,A ,fs M 1 1 7 A-:-Q' ' FfJ,L'17'f'i V " ,pg , t Sl, 2953 Y, 1 L . v . -- Q. Q--'UW L' A Mfg Q 1 4 Q i L 4 af X -- M 3 ,, ,Mk 3 s r 2 I " Cx L, A f 1 i ' an 3 5 A f ,, JM xg pix ' S v iixigwp . 1 f 5 ,K ' x v , A. 'N'NfwsN v I 0- - - KS . . 2 . ,S Z 14 I' 1 .1 . 3 V E I L 1 ,. , 1, w x - -A A -W I: k A ' ' 6 2 x Q ,M :ax . iii z I 1 2,4 , Q ' : ' , 3932: , " ' f' Zi' s Q Egg A' 19" Z I I A . . - , 1 .I I ., 1 X M ,Amp 1 - aff : 3: '1i.f-'xv L A I ' 1q,f ., v, -in " I 'Q W A 4 Q s V A , . V. 4 N I , , ,ir E N., i , . g 1 -ir , 41 g ygjf,?rS, n 5g ff' Q? f if, ' 4v'+fm'.aw - .QW , , ' Q '1.?,,"fi!w.wW'f1,-sv f , fa , . Q. . , . ,.,k .,F,.,.',WAL,1,xifQ ir , 5 L-wa, .. is W ,Q z'qi?yh'w, '. Q, . an , ' .Az 1 ng: M K in ,Ts ., gg. 'I Q, - Q- 1 Mf , 5 Y I 1- Q V . 4 wwf - . ' ' tr . , . .. , I .. ,, I 3 . . . . , . . Mxymml.--an -f A 7 WM hifwrauy'--uXl?f"W??fa v M. , - ' .. xt ,kffkjsfhfif 1- ,gffl Aw, ,f1:,giSf' ' " W 1ix?1il1frg'.f""' WM f ag W sk-5' 2 1? f- wfi,,Q1- 'hm-u.m.m,,,. ' 'M 'L' f pus, 9 J' A 'hkfflv -' -1- Q.vyk,, V ' R356 ,Jima ,g...,',5Q,:,,A X 5 "T 1' A ... kk W w I dxmfwg .,,J:w:A A .XA N .3 math? mminxllx , ' ff - 4, Airy K,-gc Q- - W X ' A . . ,L xlsfrvgg-grimy. ,, .4 Z if 'L ,R VU i' .fs ,f , I Ex, W -M I - 1- . ., 4 ., , . t ,l, , I ir N X ' L.. Mawr, , ' ,Qi if C - .. , Q Q fr' . , 2 . ' 4- .Q- 5 L -'ig Wh' , A I 'V R as fifizgf ' W- Q. .1 A was A . . mu V , I Q , tha '-934 z gy-,, H 1 QXRM M If i ,Amy ' HP- fvf' Via- .Q-.-4.-4-"1 . 1 ,. ,..., My W. 71 pw 'W- K- -'QWJK Q. W- 4'9- J. ITNM1. F Lll'L tOI'S LOYD ADAMS JR. mls AILLBN ma BILL Ammasou PAUL ANDEFSON BOB BAGBY AVA NELLE BERGEN HDREVCE BROADHURST JEAN ALICE CAIN RAY CALLAHAN MARJORIE CREWS PHIGY LOU CROSS WILDA DEUBLER MARIAN IXJWLER HEI-FN DUNCAN .TEANNE ELLIOTT BILLIE DKPSON TIRZAH EPPERSON LEILA J'O FOWLER JERRY FLY BONIETA GOSWICK BARBARA GUTHRIE CATHERINE HARNIS NITA .TO HAYS JACK HEAREIL X . S T L ,r 'K ma "PN 19" . 'YS ga -be iv is is Ali! ' V3 if? I WV w. GY cf in X I 7 75. .-4" if xi? 951 K. DOROTHEA HERRING HELEN HINES MARY ALICE JAMES NEVA HELD! JACKSON JACK .TEFFERS DOROTHY JOHNSON Im JOHNSON BILL JUCKSCH HUGH KESSINGER .TACUE ANNE LAND MARGARET LOCKEBILL HJBBIE IDWE GURNEY LOWE IXJROTHA MASON BOYD MICHAEL HJZABEITK MITCHELL DOUG MOONEY PAUL M. MORRIS CHARLIE McCULIDUGH HELEN NANCE RICHARD NICHOLS MARGARET OLDHAM ALLEN PORTER SHIRLEY RANDOLPH AW .9-C' 7,, ,pf S -5 . 1.2. . an 34 vga as 'Q' I-' wp .,, 4' W" .pw 'QW' ff-nv., fs - gf VV" 'ite Y. aff fc imc 0 .-'Q 'UV' V N L fa' 'AT L n' -Q1 5 wwf' I 1- ws-Ww. , .Navy 'l ..,,- Sf Q Lf Q. 'M' A 45.5 1 ai' i is Q31 A 17 ,N ,.- "' waxfllx f"-Nfxrx 1- .TIBS REED BE'I'I'Y .TO RUSSELL MARNIE RUSSELL TOMMIE RUSSELL DELPHA SAGER IMA GEAN SIMMONS RANDY SHORTT ANNA MARGARET STEVENS MORRIS STARK LEROY STRAUSS FAYE TAYLOR CECELIA TOOLEY BARBARA TURK RUTH VARNEY JULIA WEEMS FINLEY WELDON JOYCE WELDON N ,, Raw" E A"Q'SfV'! Q- nj' Qgvtucfent Gounci vi. Z!!! .6-K, f' ,fx T QC: 1.9 -66. President: Jack Tabler Vice President: Paul Anderson Secretary: Bonnie Coquillette Treasurer: Peggy Mathias Assistant Treasurer: Nita Jo Hays BTRST ROW: Barbara Williams, Betty Joy Haas, Inez Brewster, Ruth Lowe, Roy E. Kenny, Nita Jo Hays, Shirley Ann Randolph, Effie Neil, faculty sponsor. SECOND ROW: Betty Crane, fylan Hamer, Ioree Mounce, Elizabeth Kraft, Ben Beeler, Leonard Moffett, Gerald Adams. THIRD ROW: Rosemary Sweeney, Phyllis Williams, Jeanne Elliott, Marion Dowler, Jean Dal- rymple, Carolyn Adams, Bonnie Coquillette. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Woodard, Virginia Parker, Patty Bliss, Peggy Mathias, Frank Reynolds, Bob Wright, Jack Tabler. FTITH ROW: Billie Empson, Leland Bussell, Paul Anderson. Sub Q96 G U 'i:x1sm-:L:g,,.,.,wrL,,A Z 'Q QS 45 fy President: Shirley Randolph Vice President: Mary Alice Dabbs Secretary: Margaret Oldham Treasurer: Patty Gibson Corresponding Secretary: Anna Margaret Stevens FIRST ROW: Helen Duncan, Billie Plumlee, Betty Embrey, Barbara Turk, Anna Margaret Stevens, Shirley Richman, Shirley Randolph, Grace Land, sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Dabbs, Patty Gibson, Barbara Guthrie, Jean Alice Cain, Margaret Old- ham, Frankie West, Jeanne Elliott, Nita Jo Hays, Jackie Land. THIRD OW: Peggy Mathias, Ava Nelle Bergen, Tirzeh Epperson, Barbara Forte, Dorothy Johnson, Patty Bliss, Leila Jo Fowler, Peggy Cross, Dorotha Mason. Those not in the picture: Patty Murray and Marjorie Crews. X D ml, Q ' j 2 'um . A,.W,A, , O ,,. was Q if ' ,. ' I Y cf? Q.: I , 42 ,. sv Q, L 5 wa 4: 'Yu fu f E , an 'nab 4 Q " l ' Q." fs, S Hr 5 Q gl Aft I I 1 l I "' 1 I I 'Y RL"-fgfs ff: pan 1:3 President: Robert McKnight Vice President: John Pickens Secretary and Treasurer: Billie Empson Foreign Correspondent: Anna Margaret Stevens FIRST ROW: Wilma Ashens, Neva Helen Jackson, Shirley Randolph, Nita .To Hays, Shirley Rich- man, Jeanne McBride, Anna Margaret Stevens, Jeanne Elliott, Betty Embrey. SECOND ROW: Helen Dmmcan, Elizabeth Oder, Mary Alice Dabbs, Margaret Oldham, Patty Bliss, Billie Empson, lois Allen, Phyllis Williams, Alice Matters, instructor. THIRD ROW: Derwood Carnes, George Weldon, Bruce Ghalker, Don Reynolds, Margie Anderson, Marjorie Crewe, Jim Bill Anderson. FOURTH ROW: Robert McKnight, Finley Weldon, Frank Reynolds, John Pickens, Carroll Mace, Bob Fox, Randolph Shortt. FIFTH ROW: Emmett Mishler, Jack Woods, Bill Jucksch, Inn Bishop, J'. Price Landis, Bob Wright, B111 Walters. -ii 3 s i 'lk 'jf' .ir my 8 Wwhaf lf' amplqre ar S OKIZN GROUP: President: Mary Anna Culkin Vice President: Betty Embrey Secretary: Margie Anderson Treasurer: Phyllis Williams Scribe: Barbara Karbe Guardian: Charlene Baker WETAMACHICK GROUP: President: Connie Rogers Vice President: Betty Hadley Secretary: Mona Belle Land Treasurer: Ruth Lowe Scribe: Phyllis Woodard Guardian: Mary Jane Trusdale Margie Anderson Phyllis Anderson Charlene Baker Wilma Bales Rosalind Baugher Ruth Byrd Beverly Cantrell Mary Anna Culkin Denise Cummins Jackie J. Cunningham Carol Lee Cushman Ila Jean Daugherty Ruth Marie Dix Betty Emhrey Patty Forsythe Barbara Forte Betty Fredrickson Betty Joy Haas Lora Hatfield Jean Hunter Dorothy Jackson Margie Johnson Barbara Karbe Dixie Kelly TAWANKA GROUP: President: Marilyn Land Vice President: Barbara Wood Secretary: Oradean Naramore Treasurer: Rosalind Baugher Scribe: Lenore Millender Guardian: Grace Land IDAKArELUTA GROUP: President: Barbara L. Williams Vice President: Denise Cum ins Secretary: Phyllis Anderson Treasurer: Carol Lee Cushman Scribe: Eleanor Rudd Guardian: Mary Louise McKibben Erma Mae Lane Marilyn Land Grace Land Mary Lou Matthews Mary L. McKibben Sylvia Mcmurtrey Vera Dean Melton Lenore Millender Marie Millender Oradean Naramore Betty Mae Rentfro Shirley Richman Eleanor Rudd Anna Nelle Stark Bessie Stilley Helen Turner Nancy Sue Welch Willene West Barbara L. Nilliarm Betty Williams Phyllis Williams Mary Wilson Barbara Wood Phyllis Woodard 'i ras E5 lla .. ge 1293! FkfHl JBB Q QQS Q -. 019 .- E- :rl ' -. !""A c-- , 'Vu--f 4 X ix if , 3 Q X 'f 91 4 ef , 4 ,A 6 1 f- a ,f n E 6 ee ,uf ef xg 4 am 6 , 5 D 1 ,we ..- R-eLE?ffWiw14w J ff 5, L39 , 'Q j Oliflld 1.8171 2 5 or i fi ,ii , .- V, .M sf? ' ,A l.iM.,:-A V ,gs -ww Q5 sa IIE aw wi esaawf Q i I is if x ill, Q at 5. " ' i First Page Editors: Clarence O'Hara, Berneice Raulston Second Page Editors: Ferne Gilstrap, Georgia Lou Keyes Third Page Editors: Shirley Randolph, Max Hughes Fourth Page Editors: Dick Messer, Dorotha Mason Advertising Manager: Ray Varndell Reporters: Ava Nelle Bergen, Betty Jean Breuil, Ann Gil- strap, Ray Varndell, Margaret Johnson, Dorothy Daniel Annilee Smith, Norma Jean Jeffery, Helen Pace, Roland Lemmons. 59 FIRST ROW: Norma Jean Jeffery, Shirley Randolph, Berneice Raulston, Dorothy Daniels, Margaret Johnson. SECOND ROW: Alice Matters, instructor, Dorotha Mason, Ferne Gilstrap, Ava Nelle Ber- gen, Betty Jean Breuil. THIRD ROW: Max Hughes, Clarence O'Hara, Roland Lem ons, Ray Varndell, Dick Messer. Slate uar if S HIGH SCHOOL GROUP COMPANY "C" MISSOURI STA'I"E GUARD FIRST ROW: Sgt. Robert McKnight, Sgt. William Prine, Pfc. Robert Birdwell, Pfc. Gail Elery SECOND ROW: Pte. Frank Henry, Pte. George Tretbar, Pfc. Charles Herrin. THIRD ROW: Pvt. Miller Steele, Pvt. Finley Weldon, Pvt. Charles Deller, Pvt. Leroy Strauss FOURTH ROW: Pvt. Gene Culkin, Pvt. lmnett Mishler Pvt. Richard Rennick ep .anxraannw-aamnrsa. ,W elif' f" .35- 14 if Q' 1 e ra' iff' 'WIS-4' FIRST ROW: Marnie Russell, Neva Jackson, Peggy Mathias, Jeanne Elliott, Leila Jo Fowler, Barbara Guthrie. SECOND ROW: Nora Ann Mathis, Marjorie Johnson, Frankie West, Ava Nelle Bergen, Peggy Cross. THIRD ROW: Bet Jo Russell. ty Hadley, Margie Anderson, Connie Rogers, Shirley McCauley, Betty mega te President: Price Landis Secretary: Leroy Strauss Treasurer: Barbara Turk Social Chairman: Frank Reynolds Transportation Chairman: .Tim Bishop FIRST ROW: Mrs. Robert Barratt, instructor, Charles Wilson, Barbara Turk, H. F. Evans. SECOND ROW : Derwood Carnes, Leroy Strauss, Ray Callahan. THIRD ROW: Price Landis, Prank Reynolds, Jim Bishop. .W ,..W,,, R K1 , J ' ..-Q 5-vw t 4-M Sf? 'U' V' tiff, a aa. 'R ' v '26, V , :Gy k t , 'RR 'X Nia X an ,Ege A., if LZ' V K., I' 1 -31.- President: Glen Richardson Vice President: Morris Stark Secretary: Boyd Michael Treasurer: Carl Cooper Reporter: Kenneth Kinkade FIRST ROW: Bill Bailey, Frank Roberts, Francis Lawson, Lewis Kraft, Dan Riley, Ernest Hoo- ver, K. L. Russell, 8dV1-501' SECOND ROW: J. M. Edge, Robert Lynam, Thomas Roberts, Eugene Kinkade, Bob Wade, Tommie Russell. THIRD ROW: Buckey Smith, Boyd Michael, Jimmy Kraft, Glen Richardson, John Wade, Delmar Cra mer, Hugh Roy. FOURTH ROW: Vaughn Hunt, Carl Cooper, Leon Pace, Kenneth Kinkade, lawrence Moore, Densel Green, Zack Testerman, Gerald Adams, Billie Russell. FIFTH ROW: Morris Stark, George Sprenkle, Bob Ball, Lee Roland Richards, Elmer Wells, Glen Kimbrough, Hugh Kessinger. OITLQ C Lan .1 59 FIRST ROW: Edna Ruth Heard, Winnie Reynolds, Billie Empson, Norma Jean Jeffery, Donna Ruth Irwin, Rose Mary Tomlin, Patty Wilson, Savelle Moffett, Marie Brasiala, Anne G11- strap, Lorene Mellaniels. SECOND ROW: Betty Williams, Frankie West, Lois Allen, Hazel Housaman, Janette Fairchild, Ettabelle Pendergraft, Ella Mae Kytle, Minnie Parson, Madeline Cocoran, Patty Murray, Doris Hoover, Helen Rose Creed, instructor. THIRD ROW: Lenna Payne, Polly Wilson, Hazel Smith, Dollie Deubler, Dorothy Trussel, Mildred Harris, Shirley FitzJohn, Marie Wimberly, J ewel Hoover, Pearl Allen. FOURTH ROW: Gatheryne Delano, Jane Wilson, Bobbie Watts, Gladys Arnold, Helen Rion, Norma Stone, Margaret Rion, Ruby Mcllahan, Ernestine Daniels, Violet VanDorn, Evelyn Gil- strap . FIFTH ROW: Bonnie Staib, Geneva Mayers, Imogene Green, Marialyce Harmon, Mildred Nance, Dorothy Westfall, Louella Sharp, Margaret Martin, Marie Millinder, Nola Reding, Betty Jean Connely, Marjorie Roberts, Dorothy Daniels, Thelma Neece, Gene Picht. 'fi g5:,,::,,,,:. ..5 N A --Afffzqz X' A A z Z3 eff . slr 2691 K M2 A we A 2 yah X xy SQ A f15xai.:af?:iif . - A gf I Ah f, mg ff Af F , L xg, 052915 -' Jw Q ,, ,ik ., , ,wtf ,saggy .7 A gr if f af :SLA-9,112-b 1 ,RAL fzfu cf A? HE? A f if gf, fi EASE 'Q ' . yn iigxsav A-f, in . Yr . is x ' " f f" .'S' ., L I I 1 5 5 .- A - gi CSHOIIDIZOHIOVQS Gsm: ALLEN PEARL MARIE ALLEN DoN ANDERSON MARGIE ANDERSON ma BISHOP DERWOOD CARNB MARY ANNA CULIGIN MARY ALICE DABBS BETTY HABREY BARBARA FORTE BOB FOX PATTY GIBSON CIINTON HARRISON OLLIE HARRYMAN BETTY HAYS J' EAN HOPPAS COLLEHI HOUK DONNA RUUEI IRWIN MARGIE JOHNSON BARBARA KARBE PRICE J. LANDIS GENE MORSE MARY JANE MUELLER .TAY MUSTION Q 'lt , 'Fw 'Ms 'Q- '--f, sr 'nn C3-f' y in gsm 2 ,ff WX A rfo NOREKIE NAFUS ELIZABETH ODER DONALD PATTERSON LENNA PAYNE IDN REYNOLIB FRANK REYNOLDS SHIRLEY RICBMAN THOMAS ROBERTS DELBERT HJGERS DORIS SAGER IDRENE SAWYER ROSEMARY SWEENEY ROSE MARY TOMLIN FRANKIE WET PHYLLIS WILLIAMS GEORGE WELDON 72 '55 Q BETTY WILLIAMS " "" BOB WRIGHT ,fun ,dk '4r:'7 ll "' J' ? 'nv' ,ff key 4, . fa, Q ff yn-L 'gf MLK ldv ,lf .Q .f-' ff!! Xi 1 ,af my N.. 'Q fd' Q 5 is ' 'E 4 5 QQ ,pf 2 A af 1' K .f""' NN fv- fx. fi 4 go-s 'IN A My I I f QW ig xx M1 . I 1 . ,O WN A,j,.f, I K il! ,M A7 fb ,y-vw' nr- -QP? Nw..- j , r xy 'CIF' Lf, . X ,f ' 59198 171911 wmm ,swarms JEANNE BENNETT GORDON cA1N ROBERT CHRISTIAN SARAH JANE DOTY J. M. EIXIE LYLE DEAN FRANKS LEROY GOSWICK BETTY HADLEY .TACK HADLEY MARIALYCE HARMON BERNADINE HAWORTH MARTHA HEARRELL ERNEST HOOVER FON GLENN HUTSON MARY JANE IBERG DOROTHY JEAN JACKSON IMOGENE JOHNSON ALFRED KOLKMEYER MONA BELLE LAND RUTH LOWE YI RGI NI A PARK ER VERNA LOU RANDOL GERALD REI HO LDT ,I 'wx ,nv 'fy ... O "Y 'S 5 1 K , ,ff ff' -'WGN I 'Jil' pr., FRANK ROBERTS CONNIE ROGERS ANNA NELLE STARK CHARLES ST CLAIR HJBDY TURK BARBARA DE VILLERS CHRISTINA WAGNER EHDER WELIS CHARLINE WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMSON PHYLLIS WOODARD Stl: gm e i, Abernathy, B. Daves, G. Hoppas, G. Anderson, E. J. Donley, J. House, E. Augspurger, J' . Epperson, R. Hunter, J. Bartel, R. lhrans, H. T. Jones, L. Baugher, R. Flowers, B. Kenney, J. Bouer, M. Forshey, I. Kimbrough, J . Boyer, V. Gibson, I. Kritz, B. Brady, I. Green, R. Kulp, C. Branham, G. Green, D. Lamar, J'. Brewster, I. Griffith, R. Land, M. Bridges, D. Haas, B. .T. Ledford, J. Brown, B. L. Haff, J. Livingston, D. Brown, G. Hanmlond, I. A. Loss, J. Buffington, E. Hanvel, M. Martin, H. Cantrell, B. Harrington, R. Mathis, A. N. Carter, B. Harris, D. Matthews, M. L. Childress, B. Harris, L. McCauley, S. Christensen, E. Hawkins, J. W. McCart, I. Church, M. Hays, B. McCormack, G. Cope, C. Henny, L. McGuire, A. Daugherty, I. J. Herring, H. McIlva1ne, I. . .he 1. McPhael, C. Roy, Y Melton, V. D. Setser, E. Millender, L. Smalley, J. E Mills, N. J. Smith, J. Mitchell, A. Spowhn, M. Mohaffey, F. Thompson, C. Moore, R. Tolby, W. Naramore, 0. Turner, D. Ness, J. Webb, N. Nickle, C. Weber, J. Nims, M. Welch, N. S. Ogle, S. Welcher, J. Patterson, C. Welsh, B. Payne, J. West, N. L. Prunty, Max West, W. Y. Reed, M. Willis, L. Renfro, B. Wilson, C. Richardson, D. Wilson, J. Richardson, I. Wood, B. Roberts, D. Wood, Betty Ronniehel, R. Woods, D. 7fll Qmcfe Q OQS Adams, B. Eissman, H. Andriano, F. England, M. N. Ashens, B. Fuller, B. Baker, C. Galley, C. Balay, J. Gold, C. Bartlett, E. Gosvener, B. B. Barnett, F. L. Gould, W. Bennett, P. Greiner, D. Bowman, R. Griffith, C. Brenham, D. Hailey, J. Bridges, D. Harris, K. Bryant, A. Hatfield, G. Caldwell, C. Hatfield, R. Capps, K. Hawkins, D Caywood, J. Hayes, B. Cummins, D. Housman, J Davis, C. Hoyt, R. Day, G. Hussey, E. Dixon, R. Jeffery, L. Johnson, F. Johnson, R. Jones, Kenney, R. E. Klein, Kohr, R. L. Lakin, H. Lawrence, C. Leach, Leach, E. Lundstrom, D. Mathias, R. McFa11, Mooney, Mooney, Murray, Osbourne, C. Owens, Passmore, R. C. Pratt, L Randolph Rhoades, Rifenba rk Riggs, D Rowe, R. Rowe, R. Sauter, Studdard Sharp , G Shuey, R Spencer, Tipton, Turk, C. Weedon, Ward, C. Wood, E. Wiggans, Wilson, wright , 7tlz Qra e QU' S l i R, is Anderson, P. ' Cushman, C. Johnson, E. Preble, J. Arens, D. Daniels, M. J. Jones, W. Rinehart, B. Baird, R. R. Darnell, B. Kappler, M. Rogers, A. M. Bales, W. L. Daugherty, H. Kelly, D. Rudd, E. Ball, J. N. Deubler, M. King, F. M. Shelton, M. L Barnett, W. Dix, R. M. Kiry, L. Spencer, V. Barrett, F. Dumford, J. Lane, G. Strauss, G. Blalack, B. R. Forsythe, P. Lee, J. Taylor, R. Bowen, R. J. Frederickson, B. Lookebill, E. Thomas, D. Bradley, W. Hamer, J. Maples, M. Thomas, M. Brizendine, V. Hamilton, M. Maples, F. J. Turner, H. Burr, B. H. Hardy, E. Mashburn, B. West, B. Byrd, R. Harmon, M. Mason, R. Welsh, C. Cohn, L. A. Harris, G. McMurtry, S. Warren, D. Corbin, L. Hatfield, B. Nafus, R. D. Walters, E. Cummins, D. Hatfield, L. Ogle, L. B. Williams, B. Cummings, M. Harvel, P. R. Owens, B. J. Wilson, M. L. Cunningham, J. J. Hill, B. J. Patton, M. Yocum, W. J. P 5 i 'W Q' ym- lg w 3 P , ,A ,A, ,,, 1 I 1 1 x . , 4 x 4 x- R . + if x ,., ,A l .A- ,Li :fx ,rx, A x f X. K .4 1 X , ,..,-,X. ,g - :LQ I 11, U . 4, g. uf-3' :TANK 1' L ... 4 , . , xx K 1 - -,W fl, .1 s MF ' 1 f I r , s . 2 f V. 0 M 5 .- A Q , . . X 1 I x X. , , J 'x r u ' A .If . f-xl X.. , 'YL f?TfU V J4. I' Q. ,X 4 x A , X, N . . 4 ,L . -Qu ,. l , xl 1 Aimy. . , , . ,, . , W 'Z' Af- ' V' ' "x!. "' f .V . f-yy, 5, '- k Ag.: . M' ?f"2:'i'-:- A, 1. iw , ,- ,.4.v'fg'5'zz' x m' ff. . W, f, K, 'MNH ' .l 13.1, ,, ,W ,, f: w 4. A, K 6 1, . V M. ,. Hy' x A 1 J f ,' , .. ,,. ,, , X' 6 37.117 '.A',.a.V 7 .- '.!. - 14, 41 ya- fn I S 55" T 'i 1 4 . .,l LW 4 4 1 , .5 . gi! Aw 5 PT, ak .AY . ,, 11 YPEQ V. js, 'lv N 4 ,ff 4 x i' 8 1 f -A J, 1

Suggestions in the Neosho High School - Wild Cat Yearbook (Neosho, MO) collection:

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