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-5 'bf 12 U- ?:'5:15:':S1e,....:f25L.,..,.:if!:G51'1E?fe ..3...-5' . 2:1-.Q :wr-H JJ-f TO THOSE - wHo wA1T M0415 Cfuuifse Boom afze dedieafted to the CJLQW og them aefspeclzive Mulpg howevefi, IMA publiedtion Ds dedfiedted io ihofse people fhaft Wdffff gon ws io fuetwufz. Om pcmenfu, ' wivee, gm!-gfoiendfs, ehfcldfzen, and 6fz,Lendf5. They cjzy, pfwcy, and Live in the agony og fsepayzaliion 5ofL ws, juzsi cus we do gon. them on oufz vousf jowmeya. we liegi zfhe Unified Sidtu o5 Amefziea wbth Magee og you in owe mindfs, and we fneftufmed io the Umlted SJCGIQJS og Amefziea dnxiows gon zihofse mdgezs to be feevived. P WMP ' 'V6?g4ifo2, f "H ' we -ff ., , ,. .,., . ,. . ,V,,, gm 4 4 Alf? ' Zi'-'15 2, ' , -Af,.fe.e"'4.fmim-!1lLffi::f:frwv "-v -zf'-ff: , - 'A Af 1-71.r:f11 e ',- ',,q411 .H .nk:fyeifi1251203151r7fj:?5LfQ2?f?:fEEpi' ' Mmk'-x'yr'ff .'., V4.4 f fha? ws- ,fy , V ,w,cj5"' '- Mr .ff ,,o.,..v.1o.x,.,,f.,-M , vfy . - , . ,. . . , ,. .:.fT,f49 . . --of forges gyjf. . 51, I , my ,-:Wye - -If, 4,.,,,,wg,,. f -www . ,,1, -Q ,Q -f W,,.,, V , . A33 w we, ' ' ' " f ' H-f.wQ!wT':g1-1 I 2' ,5 'U X15 LC 55211, g ww '-'11 V. sy J Q? 1 .y yu I A K 2 S 1 5 E I i , , . , . , , ,. .. ..,. . . ,...,. ..,., - - ,.. ,.,,. .. X, , ... . --.-- .. ..,, ,.- ,. .,.--....,. , . ... ,-..-...,..., ,...,,.- ,.,--.,, ....., ,..-,..-.....,...,-.,,.v..,...,,,,,,,-.:,:,..,....,,.,..-......,,...........,....,-W-- -,.. .,.,,,Y,, -. 331.7 Yu Y ,. ,, , LTYZQ ..f-V.----1C:,2,:,:,,., ..-,.u-,.,g5q.,...v..-N-.- Cruifiwif M' 4 , I NRCS "-63+ BIDDING A GLOOMY FAREWELL The day was the 4th of October in 1976 - a day many NEOSHO sailors and families don't like to remember. lt was the day we departed the United States for a long 62 month Mediterranean Deploy ment. Only a few people were on hand on the end of Pier 07 at Norfolk Naval Base to bid the NEOSHO a farewell. The few family members that did had misty eyes, as the tug-boats drug us away from our home-land. ' The first signs of cold weather was evident that day with chilly drizzle and rain falling from the windy, gray sky. Could the weather have been an omen to what the upcoming cruise would be? To some it would be a gloomy 199 days like the initial day was - while others believed it was an interesting experiencef GCQDB E O4 OCTOBER 1976 From: USS NEOSHO Mediterranean Cruise Book Staff To: Distribution List CAll readersb Subj: The '76 - '77 USS NEOSHO MED CRUISE BOOK Encl: CD Pictures, words, and description of events 1. The following is a list of what is inside this book: 'INSIDE NEOSHO 64 - USO Tfolbute 65 + Tnadtttonn 5 Events 68 1- Holtdagn 72 - Neoeho Cnew - Old 8 New 74 - Expnenntonn NOLU LIBERTY CALL INTRODUCTION SECTION . 1 1 2 1 3 - Go od-bye f Table 05 Contenfu - Shlp'A Schedule 78 - Pont VMLM 'vw- 98 - Spofzjl 4 - Neozaho Chanactenfinticfs """"' gg 2 j 2jZ3QZdfQZ4g6Zfdg2mmand CONCLUSION SECTION 2 5 9 ' Exacufive O554QQL4 104 - The NonSemen'A Hetn pp 5 5 706 - Unlted Agaln - , SSI' c12Ew or THE NEQSHO Anntvet N0n50e12 ' 5 , .772 - And us - 70 - EHQULQQIWTQ The Cnuue Book Sta55 Q ZZ - Supply A 1 I 30 - Openallonzs ...e S 5, ' A 36 - Navlgatlon 0, '-s--v I as 4 x 4 Dtvuton W --f-V" - 1 T 42 - Deen -4- f T 50 - Fox 7 Helo Opfs A 54 f Undenweg Replennlshmentn H -.-H T E J NORFOLK, VIRGINIA E oepancedf 04 OCT 76 Retunned: Z7 AP12 77 S ' I W """""',, .':1'..,... The USS NEOSHO '76 - '77 Medltennanean ,vil I ww 5 Cnufbse Booh wan cnecoted by the jolnt-e550f1t up I 05 cc cnoesn-Section 05 men, coming 5n0m all I I 5 pants 05 the Ship tn onden to nepnenent Ml I depantmentzs. we wene not expentenced - we A wene not jowtnalbsu on photognaphen MGUCQA - 5 we wene 'n00letef.s'. we DID, howeven, anesemble I I A-1 WN- a good Cnunbse Boch 50n thnx fstze 05 Ahtpl I--T-'Ch T hnough mont peoplebs egen, we wene kosntgned ' I ' to cneate cc Owfbse Boohg but, lt wat completely ...Nw Q voluntany by coll handn on the Cfwtfse Boolz Sta553 1 3 "iff" rick Q Qoumene hounes 05 thetn own 5nee time wan Spent tn onden to pnoduce a collection 05 5:10121 thai I well toon be hutony. I ---A-S-S--S Only time will tell, but, thu might be the E ----' : laest Meclltefznanean Cnwbse Booh 5on thin '5loat- T ff-V19 QM Atatlon' . . . only time will tell. Additional support was received from: The Cflwlle Boolz SICL55 LZVLOWA ILILUC ,Chit eD5VL'2f ,UIQ I RM2 BELL - QM2 HEFFERNAN - SA CARR gnecutent Cnuue Book even made - but, tt'z1 the SHSN CHILDERS - YN2 KRUEC-ER bent Cnwue Boola even made 50n the USS NEOSHO HMC PHILLIPS, USS VALDEZ tn ttbs 24-gean htstongf PH2 SCHMIDT, USS SHENANDOAH The Crew of the USS NEOSHO CAO-143D DE EDITTER 100 - Enten,ta,tnment 'W' 'MTW' 4.3 VNSN Mcl L. Gilbcnt ---- DE EDTTTER, photognaphcn, etc ET1 Lanny Dovcn-0 ------ Pnodaction Managcn, ' U dcnw R l ' h ETR2 Roland Nattcn- ---- PontnViAiiZ, ep QHLA menib , Annival Nongolh ETR3 Lcwii McKinney---TExpncAAionA, ! Holidayi OSZ Kcnncth Clcvcland--Opcnationi, Navigation, BMI R E G X - Diviiion . . flfdy -------- -'Deck SHSN Joc Cady- -------- -Supply "N'N"' BT3 J. R. Stcvenbf ' .....N., ' A A BTFN Ed RbLYfliV1Af2i ------- Engincefzing, Photognaphens ' -fxr, hgjy Dann Room CoondinatonA . .xdgadsdl if ,..,, ,NAV X E36 fQF Each man completed his sectionCsD picture- , gi ready for publication. The independence A A of each man and his section was foremostg thus, a cover-to-cover consistency was not TOULON, in our lay-out plans. A jf FRANCE A p if QQ, K K my :C - -Q Q- ,f ' pp pl 'X ' f uvozkwo, ITALV 3' A MALAGA, f AT 5 Xi 'llhn . ROTA, 1. 28" L A- AQPLES, WALKER SPAIN Ag AUGUSTA USS NEOSHO AO-143 srcnv ' GSXR X3 "V"N"f4N snrvw-.. ,LRE A-sc. ,YQ :lim-0+ A Amis slisu 5 ZSKENDERUN, TURK E V NEOSHO PORT VISITS PORT ARRIVED DEPARTED Rota, Spain -------- -- 14 OCT 76 --- 75 OCT 76 IAhcndenun, Tanhcy- -- 24 OCT 76 --- 25 OCT 76 Aagabta Bay, Sicily -- 29 OCT 76 --- 01 NOV 76 Naplci, Italy --------- 02 NOV 76 --- 17 NOV 76 Malaga, Spain --------- Z0 NOV 76 --- 27 NOV 76 Aagaita Bay, Italy- -- 07 DEC 76 --- 04 DEC 76 Gaata, Italy ---------- 74 DEC 76 --- 18 DEC 76 Naplci, Italy --------- 79 DEC 76 --- I0 JAN 77 Aagaita Bay, Sicily -- 77 JAN 77 --- 20 JAN 77 Toulon, Fnancc -------- 26 JAN 77 --- 05 FEB 77 Aagaita Bay, Sicily -- 71 FEB 77 --- 72 FEB 77 NaplcA, Italy ------ -- 73 FEB 77 --- 01 MAR 77 Livonno, Italy ----- -- 02 MAR 77 --- 08 MAR 77 Naplci, Italy --------- 09 MAR 77 --- 07 APR 77 Rota, Spain ----------- 70 APR 77 --- 12 APR 77 15 visits --------- 8 ports ------4 countries ECSI-IC CHARACTERISTICS HISTORY The name NEOSHO appeared long before the United States came to be. A river with its origin in East Central Kansas was named NEOSHO by the Indians inhabiting that region. The NEOSHO River is 460 miles long, flowing southeast into Oklahoma oil country, where it is generally known as the Grand River. Our ship is the fourth naval vessel to bear the name., Her original ancestor was an ironclad of the famous HMonitorH class, built in l863. Early in this century a precedent was established that fleet oilers would be named after our nation's rivers which bear Indian names. As the result of a major shipbuilding effort during the l930's, the second NEOSHO CAO 23D was commissioned just before the commencement of World War l Surviving the attack at Pearl Harbor, she sailed with the Pacific Fleet to stem the enemy advance. After participating in many battles, AO 23 was sunk in May 1942 after an attack by more than twenty Japanese bombers and one suicide plane during the battle of the Coral Sea. The name was transferred to a later ship of the same class, AO 43, which in her turn served with distinction during the remainder of the war in the Pacific. She was transferred to the maritime fleet at the end of hostilities. Our ship is the first of a class of large cargo capacity, high speed oilers designed to support the modern HSupercarriersH. She was launched in November l953 at the Quincy, Massachusetts yard of Bethlehem Steel Company and placed in commission in September of the following year. NEOSHO is assigned to Service Squadron FOUR and is homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. In addition to numerous Mediterranean Deployments, NEOSHO in recent years has answered the call in the Suez Crisis of l956, the Cuban Quarantine in 1962, the Dominican Republic Conflict in 1965, the Task Force 200, the Bicentennial naval operation in l976. Her travels have encompassed four continents and have taken her across the equator and Arctic Circle to exotic ports of call. A0143 " : 4 1 s 5 f 1 I I H AE il P . L X i 'x , . ' I w I ,III i THE ONLY GAS STATION OPEN ON SUNDAY For ZOO years, cooks have been shin ing Navy ship s bells. MS3 MURPHY gladly displays the tradition above LOVELY GIRL There were dreams, there were plans To make this lovely girl All could see, she was indeed, Large enough to take the world In fifty two they laid her down The men were soaked with sweat After many hours, long and hard But she wasn't finished yet What will it take? was the cry, The men were standing in line I don't know but she'll endure Your shift is over it s time for mine She's taking all the hands turn out, To give her what she was needing At day s end, and a n1ght's rest She'll be ready for more beading She's a beaut, there s no doubt Although she s kind of paunched After much sweat of many men, Now she's ready to be launched In fifty three with cosmetic kit They painted her outer skin She was huge, but very lovely She was loved by her men She sat tall in her skids They painted numbers one four three That lovely girl she'll sail the world Then slid into the briney sea There s much work for sometime yet, It would be at least another year Many long hours, they would work, As she sat alongside the pier. The day come, it was fifty-four, She was then placed in commission. Orders were given, the watch was set, At her Commanding Officer's permission. Like a babe, taking firstisteps, She went on her trial runs: She performed, like a champ, Even with her five inch guns. It's been long, since her birth, She's sailed thousands of miles. Taking her men, where she goes, Always wearing a proud smile. She's growing old, with miles left yet, She's the fourth to bear her name. It's NEOSHO, AO one four three,' She has put them all to shame. W. R. BONE 5 is 1 P M50 HU , 6 Z fn 03020 X CAPT CHARLES G. TATE Commanding OMLQQJL W Q01 - I F LT. q.J- MCTIGUE LTjg T.W. BAILEY LT. R.H. ENDERLY OPMWUUM 09195 Head Navigaftcm Engineefuing Dept. Head LTjg T.w. BAiLEY ' TV' .- ENS R.M. THOMPSON LLiL LL E LLL L ' OC Div. 066110.01 QMC HEIM5 LT. J.J. NAV vw.0661w. R mv. 0525231 f L ' - A Cwoz H.A. KRAFT, Jr. BEM vw. oggiw. EA ' J' ' ' ' 1 lm s , 'J 'al ' v f 1 3 '.- 'I' n- 5 A V .1 I Hb' I ' ' . ,L f 5 s x 1 X 1 x f ' ENS G.J. COON ' A vw. 0554001 I EMC HIESLEY 5 E mv. 055mm X .., .,,, mama f I . "L sway.-1-.5,gQX51.1:Q..,1 'EIA 14+ -.zafrffb ii' ' ' .ffwffiviifgo"59':--1355.55-:J .Q .j L Mgt- . gif - Vsiiwfmw ww ansawhwi aiv. L' . - -v , . f '.,-. ! 1 E' s Q f'V" WM' c13CIJ HMM CDR W.H. TREDICK Foumeu Executive O55iceu EMCM W.R. BONE LCDR R.s. STREIT, Jr. X Div. Oggiceu Executive O55iceu I l E '- ' ' ' . Q .1 1 . o Q 1 . ' ' ' ved? 'l'i'l'f' r e I r . ojll j'1l A -Ill uf Ill 3 5 2 5 -- V,lV'i.,1,' . " ..iff55gm LT. J.D. BERENS Deck De I. Head LT. M.A. MOFFITT Supply Ojgiceu y . """'W?' , ' V P '.., 3 4 1. Jia near .'QWWwp uuvceu WQ.4v ': awww? f ,- uw , 4 ' 2f,:fff,Jif5vZ iw .eg A '- .f , --jjg,.' ew 2'f22wMwH QQQZ .7W- ZWWQQ y L y 7 cue u 1 , , If ,'.',f V2-I '," , ',,' ' ",- y. .iwwWw,ef+.w feee ueee awww wfWWKWHHW V e", ',"," w -TM, -IQ? ?af,, If gllzkp ,f C.. 5 e if 3 f'Q. 'Ed ' CWO2 w.A. PATNAUDE ENS. KELLER Ship'A BoA'N Fox Div. O55iceu I I f I ,, ,,,, , ,, Xfff Hifi .H eeue fyf aj, Ndff 4 '- fe , X fn' ff f . ,,,, , , W f i V x f f f a ,ffuvf 1- fr ,- f ff ' ,x,f,Cf7,Q ,Zz 7 I ff u hm BMCM D.L. VCSSLEY BMC MIXON 1.1 Dev. oggrcee znd Ulu o66LQQ1 muy' LTjg MCCANN Dibbuubing Oggiceu CHAIN OF COMMAND The Chain of Command on the USS NEOSHO contains the same basic importance as it does in any other branch of the military. Whether it be re- questing permission to grow a beard or re-enlisting for six years, they all have to work their way through the Chain of Command. This method keeps all concerned people informed, and many times the problem Cor otherwiseD can be solved at the lowest possible level. Most of the time, the basic everyday request chit will be approved or disapproved by the Executive Officer. It can be said that information going up and down the Chain of Command is very similar to climb ing a ladder . . . it's a lot harder climbing up the ladder than it is coming down! 1 Y I I 1 ' 'K 55- ft??2FfP'S'1?fifC1 Y'1vfi2vSfi:1'lzifmff-'iii--x, Qlnmmzmhing Qbffirer COMMANDING OFFICER Captain Charles Gordon TATE, United States Navy, received his commission on 4 February 1952. Captain TATE served in USS FIREDRAKE CAE-145 with the Pacific Fleet during the Korean Conflict before entering Submarine School at Groton, Connecticut, where he was graduated in December 1955. He served in the submarines USS SEA CAT CSS 3995, USS BERGALL CSS 3205, was Executive Officer of USS THORNBACK css 4185 and Commanding Officer of USS TIRANTE CSS 4205. Following com and of TIRANTE, Captain TATE attended the Naval War College where he was graduated in June l968. After a tour on the faculty of the Naval War College, he was the Chief Staff Officer, Submarine Squadron FOURTEEN in Holy Loch, Scotland. Returning to the United States in 1971, Captain TATE was assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations where he served as Head of the Strategic Programming Coordination Branch and Head of the TRIDENT Program Coordination Branch. Captain TATE has served with the Key West Test and Evalua- tions Detachment where he conducted the Operational Evaluation of the Submarine Torpedo Mark 45 and was the Surface and Submarine Reserve Program Coordinator on the Headquarters Staff of the SIXTH Naval District. Captain TATE has served most recently at the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, D. C. Captain TATE is a graduate of Harrisburg Township High School, Southern Illinois University, and George Washington University. He is married to the former Sharon Lee Watkins of Marion, Illinois and has one son, Gregory. K V rm Z if fnrmm' 4 xvrutinv Gbffirrr ..,,,. ...A , ,...., ,, .,,, ..i.,. . .1,, ' ,sr I:,5fT1'f:,.zv-Els ivfciev. . 3 . .. if 5: f Mir S- A A .SFU ff? Vm.L mKLA- !mX' mL' Qgggeggif ' 4' ii9?rE1 its 193599 fn -J 1 M4 MAE? as Commandcn WILLIAM H.TREDICK U S.N.A. 8 Commission---1961 Uss STORMES ------------- 1961 NROTCU Dartmouth Col.---1964 NAVINSHOPSTRACEN -------- 1966 USS WILHOITE ------------ 1967 BUPERS ------------------ 1969 oPNAv ------------------- 1971 USS SAVANNAH ------------ 1973 USS NEOSHO CAO-1435 ----- NOV 1975- JAN 1977 Lieutenant JAMES J. MCTIGJE r ? 1 AS'EgniOr Watch Officer and 3rd-in-Charge, the job of Acting Executive Officer went to LT MCTIGUE. He held this position for an extended period during the absence of the regular Executive Officer. mrs mt xvrntiur Gbffirvr RAvwo1p s 'sTRE1T MJF , . OCS 8 Commission- ------- 1963 Damage Control School---1963 USS LORAIN COUNTY ------- 1963 USS HARRY E. YARNELL ---- 1966 Destroyer School -------- 1966 USS CONWAY -------------- 1967 C. I. School ------------ 1968 N.A.G. Vietnam ---------- 1968 OPNAV ------------------- 1970 COSRIVDIV ELEVEN -------- 1972 Uss ORISKANY ------------ 1974 USS NEOSHO CAO-1435 ----- FEB'1977 The Captain visits the Wardroom for XO TREDICK's Farewell Dinner Cbelowl, and he is piped off the ship as the officers stand in rank fright .11 i 0 . 9 4 ag -lllllI-----------------n-nun-:mln-lnll!nllllnnn-iiiiiiiiilllllllilllgllljgglllllgg 10 4 ngmvrrmg Evpurtmvnt The organization of the Engineering Department is designed for the efficient operation, care, and maintenance of the ship s propulsion plant, auxiliary machinery, and piping systems In addition, the Engi- neering Department is responsible for QU the control of all damages, C25 the operation and maintenance of electric generators and distribution systems, CBJ repair to the ship s hull, and C45 repairs to material and equipment of other departments when such repairs are beyond the capacity of other departments, but within the capacity of the Engi 8 The Engineer Officer is the department head and is responsible for the overall management of personnel, material and financial support for his department As established in -the ship s organization and regulations, his department is organized into a grouping of five divisions whose functions are of a similiar nature and operation The Main Propulsion Assistant is responsible, under the Engineer Officer, for the operation, care, and maintenance of the ship s propulsion machinery, related auxiliaries, and assigned auxiliaries. He has cogni- zance over the care, stowage, and use of water and fuels. The pre- paration and care of the Engineering Log and the Bell Book are the responsibility of the Main Propulsion Assistant, as is the preparation of operation and maintenance records and procedures. The Main Pro- pulsion Assistant administers the "M" and "B" Divisions. The 'Damage Control Assistant CDCAD is responsible under the Engineer Officer, for the prevention and control of damage, including control of stability, list and trim. Conditions of closure, water-tight integrity, and compartment testing are carried out under his supervision. The DCA administers the testing of ship spersonnel in damage control, fire fighting, emergency repair work, and non-medical defensive measures against nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare weapons. The ship s repair facilities are under the cognizance of the DCA. At these shops, all repairs to the hull and the ship s boats, within the shop s capacities are made by assigned personnel. The "A" and "R" Divisions are the central responsibilities for these repairs. The Electrical Officer is responsible, under the Engineer Officer, for the operation, maintenance, and repair of the electrical machinery throughout the ship,except those which are assigned to other departments, The maintenance of the ship's power and light are the primary concern of the Electrical Officer, as well as the IC System for the sound powered phones, gyro repeaters, and entertainment systems. The Electrical Officer administers the 'E" Division, ?'f. if 2 A QW, LT R. H. ENDERLY Engineering Officer dllbg CW02 H. A. KRAFT Main Propulsion Asst. B 8 M Division Officer . W gctgetv 2322 4a.fewmtegQgaQ ' iviiaf ff?55355ii 4 3 4 1 , 1 DV 5 dm lm, LT J. J. GYOLAI Damage Control Asst. R Division Officer 1 ' S ft. 5, gf, 45" . j'ffi.'.' Q vg lr.g,aa'aq 'ii!i.-i flew? , . as? fif "'Zr ENS G. J. COON 0 o 9 . ' l neerin Department. I I f 7 9 9 7 9 I Q vel b , iii ul ifZZQZ QZ7VQ????i37ffi Zig? tvc, ?EggffV' Zgfgfigifiii ZW , fy' nag BTC nowNEv MMC VIGUE A Division Officer fi lllu. B Division EMC HIESLEY MMCS HANNA M Division E Division Officer A Division l W 5 ., by N uv ENGINEERING DEPARTME ' BTC DOWNEY f ' f , W X f f , . , f ff A C , I' 22 4, Q' kid? BT3 STEVENS BT3 ROMINGER aww ' , 6222 Q2 aQM?fQQW vfiiviiv 1, ""' 1- f'--' Zffffl: My zwffmww v v A Hmvfjw FN HUDDLESTON BT1 DUNCAN W5-:f41,w,.-z wf nv: f 6'7'?Q!, U 5, if ,:-.iw f H , ,','- , -, . ' BT3 BAUMLE BT3 BARBER FN BURGESS 1 15 Eiuininn B-DIVISION HBH Division maintains, repairs and operates the two boilers onboard Neosho. The main propulsion boilers can be con- sidered the heart of the ship, for with- out the steam to push her through the deep blue and to deliver fuel whenever and wherever called upon, the ship would not fulfill her mission. These two 600 psi boilers supply steam to Neosho's main propulsion plant, deck machinery, and various auxiliary purposes throughout the ship. During this deployment, it is significant that at least one of these boilers has been on the line almost constantly. Through lots of hard work, long hours, and atten tiveness to watchstanding duties, HBH Division has enabled Neosho to fulfill her vital mission as a fleet oiler. HBH Division's fuel and water kings are also responsible for supplying the ship's fresh water requirements and en- suring the fresh water received in for- eign ports is treated to make it safe for use onboard ship. HBH Division plays a very vital role as part of the team required to man a ship and make it ready for sea. ?W.'l ". lf' Boiler Technician CBD -w QM ' mga 247 - V WW Q 'Q Wa ZW? A, zwqw .T Z, ,fray -i 1070 T I ' UQQQM T J 1, vw Q riff, ay , ff ? I I .1 jwljgf I A '-viii. ig,',i fy, ,Vwfw' fi X W ,,,7 '??ih ' BT3 LAPORTE J ii f i BTI JACKSON 32222 Ari A in f 5 ,,,i , 1x22 , BT3 HARDIMAN i 'AAA .A ' it FN .TESTER BTFN RUMINSKI I I l FA BERNDT i M i i 1" U . 4 I ,537 -ww - ,iff , 44 7 f Ligw-af fa QQ! - Mi V,. ,,A ,,,:, A f Q A Q Z ' Zwvmwwi M C VIGUE M 2 MIX MM3 PERRY FN HEDGER FA HORTON iii We 'Q , 2 ,, ij, 'I F ' 'i fii 1' ,K 5 , ,377 ,, gif' MM1 PUTERBAUGH MM3 CATALANO M 3 WEISS M FN REEDER FA FRANK YW, l W, Y iHHEinininn HMH Divion is responsible for the MM2 RENNAKER-'MM2 KRUEGER proper operation and maintenance of the main propulsion engines, fresh water Ain WW? distillers, ship's service generators and gypy A, ?Z ' all their related auxiliary machinery. fy, This is a tough job which covers machinery QfrZ?ZQQ?f in both the engineroom and fireroom, ?V 55252. Being a Machinist's Mate requires not y ygygf v ig? only an excellent knowledge of all steam, condensate, exhaust, and fresh water systems, but a complete understanding of pumps, turbines, valves, and especially MM3 SLAVINSKYu MM3 M0033 V mechanical governors. ppp' Q5 ,Www 'fggg rxfx "M" Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of the car- drlrr .fly A go pumps. Better known as "Dave's Used 'll' f A A Turbine Shop", these pumps pump fuel oil A and JP-5 Cjetfuell to the rigs on deck. A fifx A A A f 's'v Richard L. Reeder MMFN i MM3 GRIFFITH MMFN FLEMING A 'A I 'w w "'.1 ' Ark. A A , A , 'A., -4 ',"' ' I M FN DOHERTY MMFA HONEYCUTT FN ZWIESLER. MMTN MILLER FA ALLRED NMFA BRIDGEWATER FA PROVIZZI FA OTTE MMIFA WILLIAMS ll A. X 1 . 244 ,f f 5 ., K, ,. hx . ,' ' i rj f,f, QQ I N wi , A VVVV Lf 'f' 1 . , ,QW ...Ja ., if f K. ,f , ff f W I, gf Z6 ff 5 Q f MMCS HANNA KWWWWHMWW 224 'eww .31 .,4,,Wfg'.fQf,- . gy 3 .1 1' 'off-.fcyff i I f A f f 2 I I i M i 4' sf J, 1 ' ,W f Q ,iQ , M ,,,f! M, , Ziff ' 'X ff? ' Zvi Jw i EN3 OUTFLEET MMl DUFF "V" Q59 fame? , if ' ' i.affWwwQ rgyfffhfff 7 f if wwaqaaw .-5 -21.1, ff. fyof f ,ii Q fe . .. f' gjfijfg MM,3Vinfn MMFN SMITH FN MANALILI FN LAMBERTY Machinery Repairman CMRJ :n.u11Q,... - -l A Biniainn A-DIVISION A-Division consists of Machinist's mates, Enginemen, and Machinery Repairman. A-Division is responsible for furnishing heat, air conditioning, ice, hot water, freeze and chill boxes for food, plus liberty launches. Other Auxilliary equip- ment maintained, repaired and operated by A-Division is the anchor windlass, steering gears, steam Winches and of course the fuel oil cargo pumps. Through lots of hard work and long hours, A-Gang makes i MM3 MEEKS fgv' Htyq g?! ,,,gQQ ,,.' zifgif "cc.' 496 ' yii'i f life a little more enjoyable. M FN SHAFFER BT3 J.R. STEVENS ..,,, ?1gEE6g ig , -,-, c.L ?2Ze???i?53'fWV7 ZZ QgQg w ,n p W if MMFN GREGUS FR BUTLER Machinists Mate MRFN MCDANIEL i 5 4 EN3 ROSE FN BARRERM FA NEMIRE A i Engineman CENJ UVHVID i I 4 I i i IIIII!IIll!llE!!ll!!!NIlIIIIII'Ill'llIIIllHi!lliliIlllllllllllllluuun---.a.... 3 R035 K .,..,m-wfs, 'uf' '-" - ' 1 Q ' 42 V 2, ?frf f'f,ffz "'-7':Eg.' '- 'ff ' , f-uwy:3T,f- , , . . f l J "" -'. "" 1 1'-w.,..sxs'fQf2e4f+rQZi:f32EQf'X:,f0f:pup4.-QfvffM-ff1f'1:f4'g .W f ,7 gf-ff , :,f,,X,.:,xQw..,.,,, , ., --v- M-w.f,Q,f,ww- fv '--- A 'f'f f ' .m1,.,,vf,zf'.-'ff rw ,fp .,1.1,f,f,-.',f,-,fgf,g.-:-,,g,-5,Q.-g,L.,ff,v2f,,:ff . , X ,M , 421rw:gin-f-1:Q.-nyxff:-gag?V,-fav:-vv,.4, ,, V . Q W-'iff-lf A iv ,. ,,.. , . I my H I... :M . 1 - 7'f1Q:Q':'i5'- " M Q , W , . W Y 62142, 357514 'ff rf 4 1 if ,,,, f,.,,, ,v UK ZS 1 7 ww ,M , zzz 'E gm: Q. E I f H, W vamp, X., 'f f 2 zf' 4 C67 1177 1' -surf' 'T - , . f ' , AA. Y f f kk. lj ,W Ulf? -"' , . .- ,mf . '.f:.:'!' 'VL , f':'4::-:,.: ,sys 1 new -2-if ef' .ep V aww 4 . , ,.,., 1.353-g 5if,tf:,12gV V Q 42 5 e 2 ig 4 -QW ., ,,.. , , Z , -fjggf ,X ,. ' HT1 SMITH FN REYES HTFN KUHN HT1 HOWARD HTFN ABNER W MwN?f73 W galaxy? WWm6Vf0VWW y Q limuininn Numerous responsibilities are charged to HRH Division which handles various ship fittings and damage control throughout the ship. Examples of such work include weld- ing pipe-work, including sanitary systems, liberty boats and all phases of D.C. work- The biggest and most important job for HRH Division is the ship's cargo of fuel oils for the fleet and the cargo system of valves and piping. The division is respon- sible for lining up the system for the receipt and discharge of carfo. The ship carries approx. 8,000,000 gallons of cargo, this amounts to quite a job. When refuel- ing, HRH division consists of many long hours of twisting open and closing the many valves in the system, and watching the 24 tanks during fuel lifts, to ensure that the tanks are not overfilled. The division must also run tests on the fuel as it is loaded to ensure that the products meet the required specifications. The men of HRH division are called upon to sacrifice many hours of liberty time in order to load the fuel during lifts. Although the thought sometimes gets out of mind as the fuel lifts proceed through the night, the work is a vital part of the NEOSHO's primary mission of providing service to the fleet. HT2 MORRIS f Qfxz J., I4 , , LZ? 'vv I I 4 fi! l ff' Wwwwwwyk ,,f N W3 ,MH'a ' W'Vw'Q'4 ZZ'av1' 5 QV., ? 2 ZZ if 3 ya Wfaayg ffyf, -' HT3 VACHE ,,,. .. FN GONZALES FN ROBERT ,QVQQQOE HTFN LIZOTTE FN KNOX FN THOMAS HTFR HENSYEL rrlsitrrrr ' 4 rstr FN JONES FA LUTTERS Hull Maintenance a Technician KHTP HTFA LEMAY f FQ .5 'xc I ,,Y.- ,,' f- I Q. -4 A., ,,,, Menu' lf' 'Wm In N ..-H t. -tw EM2 NOVAKOVIC EM3 MASON FN KOSKA FN ABRIL Q.,,,-I fy WM, f , . . " .I '11 VJ' qmiffg ,jf ,fl 1 W 5,44 v -,AR I - iafjgggg-Q4 A 'fffi' ' Wiz' W f V f I, I I v X ff f gafgfaafa , aW,AQmfaQE 1 ., W ' 61 EMFN DAVENPORT EMFN GLENN f iffy y , ,, , I X , ww f X rw f xr ", ' 5 . . ' iffy? . iLf:fs':1 T br, 1' ' '7:'efLV15' ,I Q ,VIV y ,VVV ,,,, , ff, I - ' AJ, Q Q 0 fi Ewtmnn The Electrical Division aboard NEOSHO contains two ratingsg Electrician's Mates, and Interior Communications Men. The area these ratings cover extends from the top of the highest mast, to the lowest bilgeg and from the bow to the stern. The Electrician's primary job is to 'keep the lights onn. In order to accom- plish this task, the Electrician's Main- tain, repair and stand watches on the Ship's Service Turbine Generators and Main Switchboards, Also under their cognizance are all other electrical pumps, vents and other auxiliaries along with lighting. The Interior Communications Men have the responsibility for all communication within the ship, the Gyro Compasses, and all order of indicating devices. The Electrical Divisiong commonly called HEH Divisiong with its varied and multiple work load, have consistantly demonstrated their capability to perform all that is expected of them and in many cases, more than should have been expected of them! I EMC Hiesley f X ,7 .si , fyrf , ff W WE I 12,1 ,yu 1 EM3 HAYS EMFN HARRISON EM3 RK BROWN RM3 RC BROWN Q f"'4b f 1 , X . FN KNIPPENBERG EMTN DAVIS IC2 HRICIK IC2 MALECHA Ic3 MATTOX IC3 HILBORN 01119 EMC HIESLEY EM1 ERWAY i "EL" 'Q' Wu. mi A nw au' .All xx I, , 5.392 4- I i 'N-'F E424 ' fi' Q ns I I Q' .X J , fa i' f 77 ' S E 4 H X? i EW , fvv, Q I V7 I 7355 P. I!! Interior Communications Electrician UCD WJ1 UNE TRIEDH, but we couldn't do lt Q 31119 fE,',"" EIectrician's Mate CENU i , . ' i .- ,mfg 1. ' i , ,,'!nff,fQ,g,, f ' 'f L4'ff7M fy, 'CQ i , i mggjggggmysi l l i ii H , itm. , , V g Y, T wg. J T f ii S M5355 3" P i ET M-A.MOFFITT ENS J.A.EAsQUALUccI LT-TG B'M-MCCANN DEPARTMENT HEAD DISBURSING OFFICER lDISBURSING OFFICER FORMER 1 ii i i I. i, ii i iii i ii i W li ii i Vx, 1, H MSC HENDREN Iii M ii 'n ii i ii ii ii - Mess Management Specialist QMSJ i i ii 4, l I E i i i i 5 ann MHIWMNE SUPPLY DEPARTMENT The NEOSHO Supply Department provides material support and service functions for NEOSHO and her crew. The procurement, receipt, stowage and issue of items which sustain the crew and provide the working tools for her administration is adeptly handled by our Storekeepers in S-l Division. The services available through our hard-working Ship's Servicemen in S-3 Division include the ship's laundry and barber shop, the soda fountain, vending machines and Ship's Store. The Welfare and Recreation committee depend upon the successful operation of our retail outlets Satisfying the appetite of NEOSHO'S crew, which is voracious as it is multi- dimensional is the task handled expertly by our Cooks and Mess Men in S-2 and S-5 Division. Though sometimes taken for granted, they do their best with what they have to work with. NEOSHO would be an unhappy place with- out our Disbursing Clerks of S-4 Division. Twice a month, the disbursing safes are emptied into the waiting pockets of the crew... thus,HPayday for the Crewn. NEOSHO would not be ready without parts necessary for equipment, operation, and maintainence, without the food necessary to sustain the crew, without fuel or with out such items as laundry detergent, razgr blades, toothpaste, and coke. ...NEOSHO would not be self-sufficient without the supply function. The afloat Ship's Service man KSHD t,,.,,,.v,f1,. " X i jgfi If Y- Mika SKC IPOCK Supply Department of NEOSHO endeavors t K keep NEOSHO and her crew...ready for seg! Storekeeper N I' i CDK f i an I X W if N' i SEQEEERK I I ll I Rigs: 1 fxs' ' if .IX A E " av Disbursing Clerk Sui" X " SUPPLY DEPARTMENT ' S-1 DIVISION A , X INA S142 ABAN , f , f ff WQQJ 51 f', 5 , ,4,, 4. 5 SKSN SHARPE MENARD J I A .. 'ft A A ,,I A If I I I . 1 X- , SK2 MEADOWS .ew - NY - A 'QQ .4-Q Q' a p I -, ,I JE, IT WILL ALL BE OVER SOON GUYS! L...- IT WILL NEVER BE OVER GUYS LOOK AT MY SHORT TIMERS CHAIN BEING A SK IS LOTS OF FUN lil! A 4 iw -in fi . f X sw 4 5' i 3 fix , ,K X. X is gg 5 1 f 1 , , ww nihffz fg,7'4i'4VZ 4 1 , f f Z 1- 9 A 7? i Zz f f 4 ' w, ZW 31 , f iffy , Mgw Q 'X w 124 ' get 5 ff ,Y 4' f fri ' 7 4 4 . A f ' ' nf J , v Jn , + f ff? -' lr 5 31 K J f S ,, ft? ,Ziff ME' ggi? fff l A X QQ ,,,. 2 Vai, K 71331.-K Q Sym vgw ,. X 31155553 1' f fiflfff -yr:kf,1,52p,-'mfg-,g,. " '4 f f'- 1, '.ffv,Qf'1"ffm ,-f,g1:Siwwf,f,g ,Q . .- , 4 ' '. ,fa ,S ,L A,,4,.,,1, ,.-,, v H, 'wwf V. f. if 2 aw - 1' ' A Z' 42-QL ,, , , ' 'f ' " '-f l iffy 'iii-Inamviilfikf asf' -1' yi. ', ' ' nge",-5' 3 . '-f:'?'2252? f !fifZi'Qf?3?" fn UMW 'fbif--' , 4 H , A ,, W V 3,3-My ., ' 2- fy -,g,ggf-vp' , ww 4:1222 ,fffaffa-ff ' " 2 V 't:,b,fq594-' Maw.-z'a.,1'! , y,sf,f7.w.,Mfv,-1.-?.' mmf wagvae-Sfwy . ' . ,-, QFMQQFM , df fv ': 5 , 4fQg:g4,g. .g ,M V1 . .em . S . ' xfzflfkv fyr 41 . vu-Qi, ., , A, ' , .wawwmmiy wmww- f ,A 'av' ' 1 if 5 A K 1 If ' IU' Sr -.n ,O I . f' , Q 1' qs 'I 1 A "' 0- Q Q .N 4Siig:hl1l!!a!gh' SOMETHING IS FISHY S 4 DIV ISIO 5 ' A A 9, fs "", 3, ' Xkx ,4 '3 V I A 4 'J .L DK1 TULIO YA i . 5 x - . 9 X , lo 9 I .. ' 3 XS ' '. - N ' D ' -SK L- 5 O 1 I gk wx I 'tqxxg DK3 COLTON x A P lg 3 X fx ,,7,l, 5, . , , m. , 4 ,, , E f 'T E ' ?ZZfxiw.Z??f ,,, - EESEE -K ' WWW??'QmS A 'l E DK3 LEBLOND SEATTLE SLEW PATH TJOTIRTITZ ,gggE, ig fggb Vi f- '-f. 1 "', . K A l.l S f 14 A s 5 DIVISIO Zf H , - ' , 'MS1 CARAGAN 1 j- iu , .. .g , ' q ,- , X CJ X 3 , If -Z I Qs-.av V,., .V kl . A .fH1" S QT W3 "', fff7f?W3f '2 :Q 9 TTH y S' . , z f gg N, ,fix Zggg MS3 REPETTI T XO" 7 A9 I - .Q I I ' ' Z df ' , 1 -, .A - - , ' .115 - S. a f rf' 1 . 4 .,,,- M36 I , ' 9 v , V I I 6,6 MSI WORSHAM E f 1 ffwxffa -V ,Q W ak 4 f , ' S f Y f f ' C .2 i Q: - ' am,-..,,. C f 1 4 W M QW: MS3 PLACE if?ff55 OHEH ffzg?gxQJzy ff! f X f , W 1 f H Tay "L: ,'-.. ' 45' ff 'C 'ji' f 'X f ,y , f f ff f Q MS2 OUELLETTE MS3 HOLDER A , S, ,.,. ,f ,,,,,.,. , ..,, f. , I f, .f1.,fgy, ' . ' ,,.,,.vzh,'--f f -' ' mn .,f, - ,Z ,V ij, 595635 WJ 4: X f 1 X,-9' f 7 wf f If ff J -A xv? ,,7Q, ff 2a?yyi fy MW f H,-, ,, ,nf ff 11:4 fgy. f f. if 1 , V 1 'I f,,..j L' f : 'E 1, Wi' J' Wai? I f 4122, ' vzwrfw MS2 DALIWAN MS3 HENSON QWZZZMvu66ZZ wwfwmwwiwkw ZQfypMM'ZWZ zyw Ogg? WW' QmQWwQ?w ,KVV f , 5 ! MSSN HosK1Ns MS3 SHOEMAKER M53 MAASEN MSSA MOLNAR .V I ,,. ',WWE?,fMW ESST zwwE Qnaf GW? f bC9MWQWx ' W6,fwWf-QW Q - "" MSSN BARNETTE Z, f MSSN RAVEN' ONE PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS ME--.......1.g..E1H.:L:1.1f1.:,,-... ,,,,o,,,,, .- V ,,.. ,..v : - , ' . -L41-r 4.1.-.,.:....,-4A-. ....,-. ,1:Yrk:, Y 7-1, --i- I J! 111, I'I"I HEAD BOB-.AND THESE ARE THE BOBBED HEADS NSE ESTOESTA HEY HOME, , , , , SIX MONTHS AND A WAKEUP 3 wb 1 V707 -"""". H we offer-. S-3 DIVISION uamyf 2 A :ff 5? U Nh. sH2 PEMBERTON SH3 0111312 SH3 VICK SH3 MILLS as If . Z f ,-ff' f X f Y 'WM " f flu 'bf f f f. 157.7 ffiWQ, 4h?f3f L 4222 ,J 45 7 SN CADY , J. SKSN SALGADO , S1-13 CHILDERS SH3 BUCHANAN J? mm no I X I I I I DID IT ALL BY MY SELF DO SA THEIL- YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT? ...-..I..:....I:,..:2I,IfmL,fL,..:.um41A,.,....-.., I ' - .. .... ,. I 4 1 14 ,L 1 , . .A , A Y . W' "' W' -1-2 ..,..,.,........,.1,.,......Y.--p k-' H . , .. , . , . ...wk.......--.IL.,u... ,,I,L,..:,..u..,..... ..,..,. ,.,,--.,.,. ,,.. .... . -,.., , IF YoU THINK YoU CAN GET OUT THE DOOR, TT's YOURS wig if IT SMELLS REEEAL NICE WHO'S A SKATE????? '-- f ' V . . 4 - , -- A 1-, ., ,.. -0.7 -,,-,- Y,,-, .,- . .-.-,.. .,.-,.,J ,-,::.'.'.:-5i -. - . '-- f --44,5 - -,Q ii, 5: .iii-L-415.9 .,,,4.,. .-lf-516-:I-w-KQ14., -...r-Ft-F1Y.4.1':4:a1oenCxana.7in:iE.'G .1-...euhfr E1Q5H Q1'wm1::Su4LLwIa.L'--.,mg.M, aaa... Lf:f1':i,2.i-:.:,5:.-zgmgx- .u......'.Y- La--,Y-.,4-:-Lv LT . J . J . MCTIGUE OPERATIONS OFFICER ' W L f f 'ff W WV xW 2' S , , ' ff, ' A .fa-.ffa-Hffzff ,-.. pf-.f .U fx... f -gy, .QQ fx ' v., .1 ,.!1ffy.f.:' ' "'-'-'-' ' 'T' ,, 11ITfffrfiifsts2i,ff.+fg-'-s Q W, ,,,, ff' 1' Zia f",h i ffi5'i"f'2,f'f5"f171 ,,',, , "," 5 'Eng 'k,k- y , 5.7, if " ",' ' ' ,"', . f I f a r gy l 5 5 . ',,' , , .:, az, LT. CJGD BAILEY OI DIVISION OFFICER is 4 +R-. 1+ ENS. R.M. THOMPSON OC DIVI SION OFFICER' OPERATIO S DEPARTME T The Operations Department is responsible for gathering and correlating various kinds of information pertinent to the accomplishment of NEOSHO's mission. The Ops Department is concerned not only with the interior operation of the ship but to some extent it acts as a kind of liasion with other ships, task groups, the shore establishment and our superiors. One large element of the Operations Department's task is communica- tions, for it is important to know what our superiors and other commands are planning and doing. There are four rates represented in the Operations Department aboard NEOSHO. These are Radiomen tRM'sl and Signalmen fSM'sJ who are grouped together into the OC Division, and Operations Specialists fOS'sJ and Electronics Technicians CET'sJ who comprise the OI Division. The OC QOperations-Communicationsl Division are the ship's primary communicators. The Radiomen are responsible for long-range communications while the Signalmen specialize in relatively short-range communications. RM's have at their disposal various means of setting up radio circuits which enable them to transmit and receive messages of concern and interest to NEOSHO. Radio teletype is the primary means of handling narrative and administrative messagesg voice circuits provide handy channels for operational traffic. In addition, Morse coded radio telegraphy provides a reliable backup to the more rapid methods. Signalmen can communicate over short distances and are limited to line of sight. Their skills come to the fore during such evolutions as Unreps, wherein they can rapidly coordinate movements and maneuvers with the receiver ships. During daylight hours the SM's use flag hoists and semaphore to communicateg at night they use lights flashing in Morse code groups to spell out their messages. The OI QOperations-Intelligencel Division has a twofold mission which is split up between its two composite rates. The Operations Specialists stand radar watches underway to locate and in some cases identify distant ships before these ships are sighted visually. The radars also indicate hazards to navigation. During certain evolutions, such as sea detail, OS's plot fixes and provide the bridge with maneuvering information. Additionally, OS's man tactical voice radio circuits for commun- ications with Ships NEOSHO is operating with. The Electronics Technicians make up the other half of OI, and it is their responsibility to keep the radios and radars working. Besides normal and emergency repairs, the ET's also PeIif0I'rr1 maintenance on the complex electronic equipment Whlfll are the Operations Department's primary tools in fulfilling its mission of keeping NEOSHO informed of, and ready to meet her commitments. A UPERATIDNS DEPARTMEN f EU I 9 ,, . .,,kVk L K! -1 4 pf r , 1-.J 1 , fy ., I , . -Y yu AWQWQ O ,, 17 I living RMC BRADISH RM2 CRAIG RM2 BELL OC DIVISIO - , , f 1-,fywfwff N , A 4 ',4,,,9,gM2M,pf,, fvj .5 fZi:,O22j,Z f J " ' 'vj in Q3 ,, ,, X X, XMQ f,Q,!, .3 , ,2fjf.5f,4.k, ,,,fZ,, . f nfmffff pw , M f ff ' ' V ff X 1, fa f I V of f V - I , fi' , 1 I 9: f 'N-4-ff! " r 'U' r... E' if' Y I QQA f ,f,L ,., ,f-f 'K In , I X iOS'f':'?1f1L-36 ff ' L ' 'W 1 A IEIS if SM1 VANN W,y?jif9 f s ,,,k. ,W I A 4 I Vrfyy I gf - .M 4 V: ff- I Q V V . ' . I ISO I 3 V O I 5 I I 5 I I I I I v I A'AA 1 ff" ' z I '73 Yp?pfN'U?34O 5 2225555 f1O ' szkkw Evv P I W 'alfa 1 A ' f I O ,?, v We I I I I I Q2 S , ,j j vI ,f, 5 M5 A1.,f 39 ' I ' if sM2 OAKS SM3 DANIEL-som 2. x , :44,w'A""N"hil vw 'X-' f'f' I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! IT WORKED. RM2, WEST RM3 FERGUSON L -sz H' RM2 WILLIS OAKIEHJHEN YOU GET DONE TI-IERE,YOU MISSED A SPOT. L'I I 43J?feIi,3gfQ' I I I RM3 WHITE RM3 LOEHR YNSN GILBERT E OC Division matches two means of communications. One old fthe Signalmanl and one new fthe Radio- manl. Though the job remains the same, the means of accomplishing the task of keeping NEOSHO informed changes dramatically between the two. One is limited to the horizon, while the other is capable of reach- ing thousands of miles past the horizon. However, both are extremely important. '43 PHIQE: D0 YGU NEED SOME MAKING SURE 1T's DONE HEL ' RIGHT! is . J,Q ,jp gf ,zl l DID YOU GET WHAT HE SAID AFTER THE SECOUND DASH? WORK JUST SEEMS TO MAKE SOME PEOPLE HAPPY! l THE WHOLE RADIO GANG TOGETHER! MUST BE SOMETHING UPI YNSN GILBERT is the Operations Yeoman, working directly for the Operations Boss - LT MCTIGUE. As Security Yeoman, he controls and routes all SECRET Publi- cations. Also, he per- forms tasks for the Senior Watch Officer 8 Training Officer, which is also LT MCTIGUE. OS1 KERR OI DIVISIO 1 f X A A KL'- 6 AR EXW ETl ECKLEY - W- l1l 4 'I' If 4 ETl DOVER f X Q I , 5 if 'V -W 5' , 71- I lv L-'M f.,1..:, K K' gf ,f ,W 5 OS2 CLEVELAND OS2 ARMADOR OS2,JACOBS ETR2 NUTTER OS2 SOLOMON 1 I I COKE BREAKf WELLg WE'VE NARROWED IT DOWN TO 400 POSSI- BILITIES 1 . :Z , , T-,M , . , 42501, , Mm 1. , 4 Q f f f , , f 1 M!! , Q , I V n , ETR3 MCKINNEY OS3 SPANBERGER ' AND THAT'S THE GOSH HONEST TRUTH! OSSN PORTIER OSSN VALLE ...-,-.....---.L.-.1,1.1:.,,L-AL.-,.,1,:f,..f..:...-.-Q AJ..-'.y,.u..y J: -L . ,44,A- , , , . . . A-A A-hu, ALN44 ill," g mph M w4w,mwJ, .1 Q. .. , , , 1 l m.-" s:fi2f1i1f1z TONS f , 12? A B , I LVO.', .,NX D OS3 RICHARDSON l lEEqM giI! J "': A L A OSSN VANHORN A BUSY AND ALERT WATCH. OBVIOUSLY!! giskvgwg- ?7v:55,w v NFWFV' f' , Q KW NOW, THIS IS HOW IT IS DONEQ WHO DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS FOOLING? YEP, THIS IS ALL OF IT C090 II!!! ' ' YOU WANT TO KNOW I WHAT I AM DOING? SOME MORNINGS YOU HAVE TO .BE DRAGGED TO WORK 1 COULD JUST LEAN BACK AND GO TO SLEEP! WOULD YOU BUY A USED RADAR SCOPE FROM OS1 KERR? OI DIVISION THE RATES OF ELECTRONICS TECH- NICIANS AND OPERATIONS SPECIALIST ARE NOT MEMBERS OF LONG ESTABLISHED RATES. THEY HAVE EVOLVED MUCH LIKE THE IDEALS OF THE NEW NAVY FROM A RISING AMOUNT OF TECHNOLOGICAL AD- VANCEMENTS AND THE NAVY'S NEED TO ACHIEVE IT'S MISSION. THE JOBS ARE NOT ALWAYS EXCITING. MOST OF THE TIME THEY ARE ROUTINE AND TEDIOUS. YET, THERE ARE TIM S WHEN IT TAKES EVERY AVAILABLE EFFORT TO GET THEIR JOB DONE. THE JOB'S ARE DONE AND CREDIT GOES WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! NAVIGATIO THIS MAN ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE HE KNOWS WHAT HE's DOING. A ff , QQT Q 4, b I Q A , - + QMC HEIMS QM1 MC BURNEY NE'RE, 39o2U'N OOlol5'E z I THINK! ,Q QM2 HEFFERNAN QM2 WILLIAMS THE UNREP QUARTET! QM3 RANDLE QMSN SCHONING x wwf iff VV, fy! X 4' Aumwn AM QAMQWW4, ffixwf 'ff' A -- A , , f. fp A- y , ff 1- 1 f .,f, X fivfc-Y 4, , ' gp.:'f'Vfi4f V1 I f- C '71 "ZZ 4155? 'i .wfQv'"f,zi'f I 4'fi:'aH'2: , f1,,1..4f,,., af ff , . mf, -"7f'w!pw,,fLff ff, Af 'rf1A ' I f 'JV' fi f' :uf aw- Ay, f , , . ,. ff , x , f f 5 , , r , ,57 ,"l'f ,ry wQ,gy,4fQff-f,f. ' . 'zf7z"G9- ff ff :1g,23'12"f'Qf,Efi'f'. ' ,f X V QMSN TOWNSEND QMSA BREITBACH ZWZAZY 'wiwwyammw ,Avf 52Z?'QZWiQ Wwmwwf 1 , , , f W fm. M! ,fx ZZ?Q4f5?? 5 .f.j,fl,.1jk.j1Q5 K ,gf,I-ff,A!AAj.1?55,i ,',,f A 1 I . , yy ff ,-,, ,H rf., 1, ,-,:,g1,nxmm:, -Aff, ,f AM s DOES THE CHEIF KNOW YOU'RE QLOOKING AT THAT? WHAT RED LIGHT HOUSE WITH A GREEN TOP? CHANNEL FEVER MAYBE! ! 2 V., ' E' I 1' .4 BOY, IF MOM COULD ONLY SEE ME NOW! SEE! WILLIE CAN CHEW BUBBLE GUM AND STEER AT THE SAME TIME! DOES HE KNOW SOMETHING WE DON'T? NAVIGATION THE NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT ABOARD THE NEOSHO IS TASKED WITH PERHAPS SOME OF THE MOST VITAL JOBS. GETTING US HWHERE WE'RE SUPPOSE TO BE.N HWHEN WE'RE SUPPOSE TO BE THERE.H TO ACCOMP- LISH THIS TASK, THE QUARTERMASTERS USE VARIOUS ELECTRONIC GEAR, SUCH AS RADAR. ALONG WITH THESE THEY ALSO USE THE TRADITIONAL SEXTANT AND VISUAL BEARINGS. ALL MEANS AVAILABLE ARE USED TO DETERMINE THE SHIPS POSITION. ONCE A SHIP HCOMES ALONG SIDEH THE QM'S HTAKE THE HELMH TO KEEP US ON A STEADY COURSE. FURTHERMORE,THE QM'S ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE SHIP'S CLOCKS BEING SET TO THE RIGHT TIME. THE SHIP'S DECK LOGS ALSO ARE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. AA FORC Q. f, . 421 lf, , fy .. ,ft I G - ' f ,ff 1 4 f ' Af mimvira' fx i WBMGM VESSLEY BM1 GRAY ETl DOVER FTG1- PERRY JK A f' - - 1'-Af: Ju' I ,I-.--yr.-""4"4 ' ' , . .. g -f I .--1.11 L. '1FgQ.lf,.t V r ,X ' :2.,.y:3, -., . px. . .- ,ima , ,tw ,i V V M 1 , ,, , - ,..., . V... ., .f N Ax X Q . fl P11354 N T VT, N "'., .L .mfr :- f , , C. ' A 3 ' W, 1 M IV -Mfg V ygffig gx N I I pf. .f g .A ff' fjgw tv if fair, SO . 0 f I If . ff!" 'f , Q 53 L' 5 3 if . Q f' . CNAA GIVING FOREIGN SAILORS A TOUR WS GOING To BE A LONG NIGHT G 5 ' , , - X , r G I IG r G, . OUR RESPONSIBILITIES ARE TO ENFORCE ily W, NAVY REGULATIONS, SHIP'S REGULATIONS, A 1, g'f"?ff ASSIST IN THE HANDLING OF LIBERTY ,, g,,f2,, f, gg,iQ,i PARTIES LEAVING THE SHIP OR RETURN- ' 'G 15' 22 ING ON BOARD. WE EURNISH ESCORTS FOR 1 -, M THE OOMMANDING OFFICER, AND HIGH 5, .,VVA'- TT Q ,.L. .Q jif 5 ,3 I RANKING VISTORS ON INSPECTION TRIPS, ' ,.-fr i - W 55551 AND FOR OTHER FUNCTIONS AS REQUIRED. , Qi - A-wi A Sz. 'af if .. 'S 4.1- THAT'S GOT TO BE A SEA STORY Wok YAREDTHE' l S' Xl - DIVISIO SSSSS N c s ,M.Qfgf ri E f?. X DIVISION ,mf .,7, '1 'fi' 1 yfff U f f 1 4 W I 47 ,wif f' Y' ,wa MM54rVy4 E, ' ,-,Z ' V , , X , W f 4 gff Q' ffy, Z 49 ,ff wif X , 4 ag 3 f f ff ,W , PC3 WILSON HM3 BARTHELL WHO SAY'S GOODBYES HAVE TO BE SAD. LET'S GO GUY BEEN SPOTTED WWWS 'ZWQW MZ 5QQf 133 as 1 Zg Z? gg :ages Q25 ZZZ9?2fi2Z? Q' ' WmQm '- IAPV SN JOHNSON SOME PEOPLE AROUND HERE DO WORK, SOMTIMES. ' 4 2 iz ihlk: A R 2 I 2 DOES THIS MAN ENJOYIHS ' , S. I THINK WE VE WORK? The Executive Division, though relatively small, has a large number of responsibilities as the staff of the Executive Officer. Maintaining the personnel records of over 300 officers and crew, leave papGIS, orders, transfers, separations, mail service, legal, medical, 3M, and a wide variety of other personal services to the crew are all in a days work for the X Division. It is a service oriented division which with a small number of Personnel tries to perform the minOr miracle of keeping 3OO people happy- PC3 NARRON 11. :E .Fw I 5 siS OOIO 3 X11 L-.' - wOSf' J, X :Q- YN1 PILLE YN2 KRUEGER V D , 1, , 4, ,i W 0 OMffW 5 ag Q Z, 9, X ff YWUQQEZQ - ' 'If Q I , .. Q ,,,.,. XHQZQWEQE il I XQQWYTW I .. ,Q X DIVISIO WORK? WHO ME? ffff ff, fl 0 f 4w M, f ,f X fi f f f JI 4 PNl RAKUS ov VZ X f fa! X fw X Z f PN3 FITZGERALD YN2 GREEN YN3 HORTON Q 1 i PRE-MAST RESTRAINT? PNSN BURGOS THE ZOID"7 , N DON'T WORRY WE'LL TAKE CARE NO GREEN, I SAID THE BUPERS MANUAL 2 E . OF EVERYTHING Y,-f , ,, wwf I.v5+ ,yfgfzf V my Mffvq MZ ,' 2319 Jiffy , mwQ?aav',ww , ' V ,uMwl,,', 4, L f i K ff, , M, 394.357 ,, 1- ' ff' '. 56' 41: f f if an Lf., ,A .Q -wg 1-zz-,M 4, ' H6357-7 " A' X . 'L ' wzWfzfgZZ,2QQ YW' if' ff O -5? 1 -75115 WQwQMfvwgMQ V fi ' f' 'ff'3'i,1g1f, 1' 3 4' . ' .fff 1- f-,Q ,- ,rf f i 1ff,4:f.J..f,:f 5 -f f , m mmf' - ' f zzmiff , f N Z W w S W w . . 1 ,. WN W , 1 QI C O o i 3 LET'S SEE. WHERE WAS I? DEAR MOM .... 1 I N I I i NN Qi I H A W.-At., ww!" ' f - ' f Q24 :V-2.,Jfjf,!,-fg 1' fL, ' '1 "' - A . . .L . .Eg xii? , ,,V,, ,. N A," . .V zwmfN.mI.W' 'Af TAIII wi Ed- f ii 2 I ' , V T 1 Ta 5 LT J,D, BEREN5 cwo w.A. PATNAUDE LTSf'EiEl'j22RggSD 1sT LIEUTENANT SHIP BOS'N PRESE FORMER NT BMCM D.L. VESLEY IST DIV. OFFICER Why" BMT R.E. GRAY IST DIV. LPO BMI G.C. CARTER IST LT DIV. OFF M-In ICER DECK DEPARTMENT DURING THE I976-77 MEDCRUISE, THE DECK DEPARTMENT OF THE USS NEOSHO CAO-143D WENT THROUGH THEIR BIGGEST TRANSITION IN THE SHIPS 24 YEAR HISTORY. BMI R.E. GRAY WAS RELEIVED OF HIS DUTIES AS Ist DIVISION OFFICER ON NOVEMBER 22, I976 BY BMCM D.L. VESSLEY. ON THAT SAME DATE, BMI G.C. CARTER WAS RELIEVED OF HIS DUTIES OF Ist DIVISION LEADING PETTY OFFICER BY BMI GRAY. THE Ist Lt. DIVISION WAS BORN ON THAT DATE. BMI CARTER ASSUMED THE DUTIES AS THE Ist Lt. DIVISION OFFICER. THERE WAS A TRANSFER OF 6 BM3'S BETWEEN Ist AND 2nd DIVISION. Lt. J.D. BERENS WAS RELEIVED OF HIS DUTIES AS THE SHIP'S Ist Lt. BY Lt. WOODFORD ON DECEMBER 3,I976. THE SHIP'S DECK DEPARTMENT IS DIVIDED INTO 3 DIVISIONS. THEY ARE LED BY THE Ist LIEUTENENT AND THE SHIP'S BOS'N EOATSEAIN MATE HEAVEN 77 .Li in llg. , ,f? BMC MIXON 2ND DIV.0FFICER S--1 I3 5 '- .411 BMT J.H. NELSON 2ND DIV. LPO BMT D.L. PHILLIPS ZND DIV. ASS. LPO 3 Q X DECK DEPART EN w . '.' -W " 1. 4 .f1,4f , .-4221217 fy , 'L,'?f.if-'i'1f2Q.Pi 5572 il 2 QQ ,ZZEZ1 I2ZZQZ,w -- 9 ,Q-ygcfzy'L A- ff', H- 3,0 www VfwMfwww?Www -1-4fffiQ5f1 . 1 uf: I W f-', t 4 V XP Q f ,Q ff X X Q4 X X X f f X X f MWQ TWWQZ ff , ,, Z 7 BMI GRAY BM2 TUBBS BM3 LAFLAMME BM3 CANADA FIRST DIVISION THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF IST DIVISION ARE MAIN- TAINING RIGS 2,3,4, STARBOARD WIRE HIGHLINE AND THE FORWARD BURTON. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARGO BOOMS WHICH LOWERS THE UTILITY BOATS IN THE WATER WHEN THE SHIP IS AT ANCHOR. IST BM3 VANDGRIFT DIVISION IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING BOTH ANCHORS ON THE FORECASTLE. .H A BMSN GRIFFIN SN COTTON SA FORTUNE SA BOYKINS BM3 DONAHOE - f fig' "'- f 4? -7. f W, 2 'i fffii ,-ff' W4yuQnWQQZQ, AA'g?g Z77WWWWW , ,JM 2 "' ', ' ' A if f SA HERIDIA SA BOWE SA LOVELADY SA LESSLEY SA PETERS . 1 ,Y l 4 ,f 'gf 545 5 y, ' SA HEFTY 1 A ly E254 ' 1 , fn , fr: by V t k f ' 1 1wAf,g+v,vSf A' f .A ., f, . . U f ,, -A L1 , ..,, 7 af nw ,. , ' f f, f"',,1"'f f 'V' Ly W' 1 ' . .,,qfy2f,,' 12913, wr , A V' 1-My f f., 2:7 ,, ' 'V' M4M2g1ziffyZ2eziifffaf ff .W ' ff f SA RAMOS SA KAMP QND DI IO P"4 al f if wihm I "wA Emma ., 'II 4,f,I AWN IH' I . I I 44Qf aw 1 vfgyzgh , ffg ? '-- f' fi 1,55 A IRAQ Awww? I 'I , ,I 3 f"' lfv ?W9 Iiimw f f , j ,, ',Z,!ZffQ dy 72 '3 ,,f' f' 4 I I .. EMO NIXON EMI NELSON BM1 PHILLIPS BM3 WOOD BM3 BERRY W!Q?gZZZZ SECOND DIVISION A ",i- ZgA.mggQZ2g THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF ZND DIVISION ARE MAIN- E ' fZaIZ?EZ? ,WEEE IAINING RIGS 6,7, AND 8. THEY ARE ALSO IN CHARGE X :wr I OF THE 30 TON BOOM WHICH IS USED MAINLY FOR LOW- ' I ERING THE CAPTAIN'S GIG INTO THE WATER. ZND K ' Z 7 L 1 I I DIVISION IS LED BY BMC MIXON, BMI NELSON AND SN GREGORY BMI PHILLIPS. SN NADEAU ' , O I A i'?v3O E ,,..,A SN OLSEN SA VELEZ SA ENTSMINGER SA I I I I SA LYNN SA FOX SA MCINTOSH SN P 5fgH?O I47 V . xi f'f! SNIVELY SA COMBOS I I I I 1 s Y , I . I3 ROFFITT SA MARTIN I L I ? .1. ,av-.' ,',Jw'., V , fn! " . Y- .,.. . .,.. 0. 'I 'ifiifi-, SA CADY SA BECK 7. SA BARKUS 1'f Vg-5,5151 .,.,5f.ig, A'AA .ww??jQwZQyyZ1 ffiQMgfZUZZQ fA gZQQvqqQgZ A,SS 1 Aflwgg Rxz X ,, MZ. Q SN HILDER g , -iw-Am i in 1 A 47 19 SN GREGORY SA EATTON SN WILHELM SA TAYLOR 1 SA PERRY 4 A , 44 X 23 A .HM . , SN BOSTON SA JOHNSON SN RICH .....-- f -A - ---...f.r5zE5.-f. f"""'1 3 I S 'mv BMI CARTER V lil EE, BM3 PAGE LI3 LOGSDON SA CUSTER LIEUTENANIYS DIVISION IgQJ jg BM2 JONES BM3 DITTMEIER FIRST LIEUTENANT DIVISION ON NOVEMBER 22,1976 THE DECK DEPARTMENT OF USS NEOSHO UNDERWENT THE BIGGEST TRAN- SITION OF ITS 24 YEAR HISTORY. THE lst Lt. DIVISION WAS BORN ON THAT DATE. BMI CARTER ASSUMED DUTIES AS THEIR DIVISION OFFICER. THE lst Lt. DIVISION CONSISTS OF HTHE JUNGLE BUNNIESH HEADED BY BMI CARTER, THE DECK YEO- MAN, SUPPLY PETTY OFFICER, PAINT LOCKER, AND THE PERSONNEL RESPONSIBLE FOR THE UP-KEEP OF THE SHIPS BOATS. , BM3 MoLocK s A GLAVIN SN BILLIEUX BMSN FRAWLEY I SN WILLIAMS SN ROBART SA WARD mi 5OS'N THE BUNNIES DIDN'T STEAL IT CARTER AND H15 BUNNIES NDLOCK AND COTTON AT PLAY I KNOW IT'S HERE ll: Hfkku OK, WHERE DID BTLLTEUX GO NOW? COME OUT PAGE SWINDLE MAKING SOUP H-ARD AT WORK ,WM ,, I'M THE BOSS THATS WHY IIIIllIllllllniE5ininumm!IEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!EEIE!IEIHEHEIH!IEIHEEEIEll'EIHIIIllIllllllllllllllllllilllll' GM WE MAI , wk FOX DIVISION E 2 ? . -'1,of.,f, f H K ,Vw V! " r 4 fi I , f A 1 W, ' , , f"ig,Q.f LTJG KELLER weaponb Oggicam GMG3 CROOM GMG3 OLMOS G3 SLAGLE OPERATE, CARE FOR AND NTAIN THE SHIPS ARMAMENT AND FIRE CONTROL EQUIPMENT INCLUDING GUNS GUN DIRECTORS FIRE CONTROL RADAR AND ASSOCI ATED MACHINERY POWER UNITS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS AND EQUIP MENT. ZZ., - pi . f I . If -...f I A 1 -fi, ,, Z " Z' ff' N FCJX f HELO. GPS THAT HELO LOOKS A LITTLE SHAKEY CRESCUE TEAM, 'X GUNNISON PULLING THE ADMIRAL'S LEG I , . . .1 .- 2 H ar, , f,E , : ' , - 3- - , ' -V ,, ,,,.,, ,,, ,,, .. ., .. . ... ,..,. . ..., '--- ' .' - - - -,. - - - V - - -V BRING HER IA GET THAT HELO oFF OF THE DECK! BE CAREFUL OF THAT FIRST STEP VERTICAL REPLENISHMENT VERTICAL REPLENISHMENT, KNOWV AS VERTREP, IS ANOTHER EVOLUTION THAT WE GET INVOLVED IN WHILE UNDERWAY. WE HAVE HELO SERVICE. THIS IS USED TO BRING IN CARGO SUCH AS SUPPLY PARTS, FOOD,AND THAT WONDERFUL MAIL FROM HOME. HELO SERVICE IS ALSO USED FOR PERSONNEL TRANSFER. FRESH FRUIT AT LAST WHO TURNED OUT THE LIGHTS? - wh vigfiff gf .sz Cf' .5 NEOSHO IAO-LH31 IS ONE OF THE LARGEST FLEET OILERS OF OUR MODERN NAVY1 ABLE TO PROVIDE A UIDE VARIETY OF ES- SENTIAL SERVICES TO FAST CARRIER TASK FORCES. NEOSHO UNDER- TAKES EACH TASK IN THE SPRIT OF HER MOTTO: UITH HONOR UE SERVE NEOSHO CARRIES MORE THAN EIGHT MILLION GALLONS OF FUEL OIL AVIATION GASOLINE AND JET AIRCRAFT FUEL. SHE CAN TRANSFER THESE LIQUIDS TO SHIPS ON EITHER OR BOTH SIDES AT ONCE1 UNDERUAY OR AT ANCHOR. Q.. 4, -19--anqgf 5. -Cub 5 1 -gf' 'Sl -'gp ik DER AY REPLE ISI-I f 4 -or -newnrmzwdk -sac-aff -air -61.--af N-,ww www, h N W: ,G . ..-,.,---, . .---.f.,-,,f..:-.1 .--::1-:Q:1ffx.-::- -W -K+--f-'--ae -f- 'Lf-L -ae?-.iii-fe:if- 2 - -14wifilslsgffezepiu1L-'1'---1 - .V .- . ., .. , . -ri' -C '. 1 -r " char -nr gg- I HOPE THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE 1uk1.:w.-4L..:...J.,:.,....,........,:,:,i,, . , , , , , A . ,. ,, , I ' - , R ffh RIG 7 SPANNING THE SKY f 4 HERE COMES OUR NEXT CUSTOMER USS FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT - A GAS HOG E 5 A V El A KK I'N ON COURSE,SIR WHEN THAT MAS A GOOD YEAR , Wit' ,. . ,- X4 . 5 ,Ir -. 44 0 f 1 1 EEE? 1. , ,J Xxx? ' 9 I iv!! .MV luv f ,X W K w K 3, wga!M ' f Y' M .. .M A ,W M gy' k,,,,Qf-M-'m,,,,,,,,v,.,,,,,,.f,, N 44-43.91511 -My GRAB A BOX-DON'T BE BASHFUL RIG IN FENDERS TO STARBOARD V 29' W. , f 5 , Liv? 3' I I PM ,f Q! M 2 , Z, .WWW ? l ,,, W w Q X , A f X f QW QE .. 0 r S H I P S C O N T I N U E T 0 C O N E B Y D A Y B Y N I G H T F SHE MAY BE OLD BUT SHE STILL PUTS OUT ll 14" QI! 1 www?wm? .4ll'lil RIGHT ON SCHEDULE TAKE A BACK SUCTION ON THAT HOSE IKE GALLONS A TRIBUTE 14 Wow fgwfuf kdm W UNITED sERh?cETblzEoANzzATzoNs Dufzxng owl 6 month deployment we vxlxted eounthxeo that many og ul wene completely ungamxltan wlth In Aevehal 05 thele gonexgn loealel the USO gaeeted ua wtth open ahmo LH an e55ont to mahe oun vlltt ao enjoyable GA poollble The USO gounded LH 1946 xl a exvxlxan non pnoglt onganlzatlon Auppohted by the con tnxbutxonl og the Amealean publle thnough and lndtvxdual donatlonl Beoldel the 82 elubo that opehate Statellde theae ane lBWAlntMJMu4m Cwmwmm wwxn Euaope The 6ouh eentehl that aeeomodated ul wene LH Napleo Italy Rome Italy Malaga Spaln and Toulon Fnanee Some 05 the Aehvleel paovlded by the USO weae ouch thlngo GA lngonmatxon and hegennal advxee allxltanee wxth hotel aeeomodatxonlg gohexgn language taanolat USO ' 1 I r, ,, D , . . , , m - the Unlted way, Comblned Fedenal Campaign, I I ', , J , 1 , s , ,- f lng and xnteapnetxng, complete touh pao gnamb, and neefzeatlonal gacxllcltzlefs. Among the Apeelgle eventb Aponloned thnough the eoondlnatlon wlth the USO weaer Even though all o5 the USO'4 weae tnuly appneelated, the Toulon USO wlll be nemem- bened the moat due to the pehlonal attentlon that the Fneneh gtnll dtlplayed Cir helped being the only U.S. ship in portl. Uuatng ouh 10-day vault to Toulon, many gfzlendfshlpo weae eaeated - tome that will extend lnto yeanl to come. we, the men og the NEGSHO extend oun gaatttude to thele USO'A, at they made oun Aepanatlon ghom the Statel a llttle mone beanable . . . Aometlmeo llhe a home away 5nom home. we too ogten gonget about the USO untll theta Aeavlee ll extended to aeaeh ulg but, when lt'A thene. we tnuly appneel- ate lt. Jult like TV Aayl - - -UTHEV CAREHI ,mffnw-za Qf fn ,, . N.-,-,, Touao to Rome and Aunnoundlng aneaA--- Two Sht Tnlpo to Roeeanolo, Italyf-- Phovlded a Spanlbh Multeal Tnlo gon owl Thanhlglvlng Day Dtnnea ln Malagaj-- Sponloned a Countny-weltenn Show dunxng oun Chatltmab Atand-downJUQNapleA--t Sold ondenl 06 gloweneb gon Valentine? Day duhlng out Toulon poat vlAtt-'-- TRADI TI ONS 8' EVENTS il: 1 x fu 1 -- . -N IHt lNITIATION TRADITION Tof The Agony 8 Joy of making Chiefl Onee apon a ttme tneae wat a USO CUnidentified Standing Objectl at 055teea'4 Catt. IT toohed tthe one o6 tnote Ataange peopte that hang aaoand the Cattle tn Na ten p . Anynow, tatea on, tntt name dude wat been Antntng Ahoet and Aeavtng eo55ee to tnote eta-mataae-toohtng men weaatng hnahtt Tntt a even 9 U got to watn htt 5aee tn htt gavoatt dtan lw1tn a shot gun be1ng a magor 1nfTuence TH the matterl Bat at Htgn Noon the XO aead a paoetamatton advanetng HM OAKLEY to Cnte6 Petty Oggteea The CO ptnne the eovented gotd anenoat on CHIEF OAKLEV'A eottaa and tneae aut joy , 0 f , , , . - . . . . O , , f f , ' O f , --.. - ...Qguih1,uf42qm.ew3g,f.-mm1gwLqL- f In the beglnnlng there was g0ldflSh eating thin they began streaklng and now Tha XO L00 XO's PIE-IN-THE-EYE THIS EVENT wab ine hi hii hi Q 9 05 ine Luchy Bag Daawing, which wai neid ai ine begin- ning 05 ine cnaibe. Ii wai caeaiea QA a 5and-aaiiing pnojeci 50a ine Caaiae Boob andea ine cooadinaiion 05 CDR TREDICK, LTJG BAILEV, E VNSN GILBERT. SN BILLIEUX wab ine iachg winnea above! V, ,.,,r!k, I THE EVENT 06 giving a ggv A if ifi' j'I ivan io goaeigneab waz fziy fgva ff" I commong howevea, ihii ggefc fggv gig! one wai a iiiiie aniqae. I Q BMI cox and VNSN GILBERT I M fpnoiogaapnejzl gave incl lgggg 'T"fc7e In I gamiig gaom Miaboaai a T g V ,g :.,, ioufi dufzing can vibsit io QQ? aazif QQ gfai Wwqm,SmMn Qggjif QQQ M 'Zia 4jQggW? 2 S' THE TRADITION 06 6iaew0aRA ' diwliaved annawb in THE TRADITION 05 bog meeffzs gm THE TRADITION Q5 shone Pamoii M , , . f f NKIIOKQJ-S, TIM!! QVULU Nw wai expefuienced Aevefzai iimefs and Saaii Bani aaii coniinae ai yeand Eve. iong ai ineae ane piacei iihe duning ine depiogmeni. Some Napiei, Iiaig being viiiied bg Ameaican iaiioni. Beiow aae DK3 COLTON, ETG3 COLLINS, and FTG2 TUCHEK 'On ine beai'f neiaiioninipi iaiied onig aw iong ai ine poni viiii, whiie cmmm5wMiimi5wImmUwcmd maybe geani agiea can canine. T 9 I In i Q I Q--- ! 5----- P Z we had oah Thanhbgtvtng dahtng ' can tnpoat peatod tn Mataga, Spain. The hand-wonhtng eooht paodaeed the bebt meat 06 the 65 month Med Deploy- ' mmm -wehmiUw Wwmyl weabo ' expeateneed the tnadttton og the oggteenb Aantehtng noten, an they Aeaved the enttbted peabonnet. Theae aut a Aenae 05 eane thnoaghoat the day, and tt wat common to heah, NGK, X05 that'4 enoagh tanhey gnom you todayn! ' Laser at .U gl f o o 5- 'got -vw?-J in ..-if ' -- 67s.f we weae enteatatned by a 3 man Spantnh manteat nhow npontoned by the Malaga USO. A4 evenyone chowed down, Spantbh hehttage gttted the ata at anothea taadttton wat dent tn theta Atyte og matte Nao gatendb gnom Malaga Tonaemottnot weae bnoaght on gon toaaa and a gtne dtnnea Styte. 5TRs MCKINNEV--Qi VC:SHSN CHILDERS 4r' Reb 'Qs W I-IULIDA YS WE WAIT IN FAITH l One wat totd, o6 what to be, It giitehed thhough the tand. The gheat chowdi, they did come, In puhiuanee o5 the quoted iaw. wai it humoh, oh wat it Aact? Thehe'A no way to heeount. Vet they fsought, with cieanfsed thought The Aembianee o5 an oeeuit. what ii this thing, we hope to gindy That which we cannot bee. IA it joke, oh ,Qs it pun? Vet, it heepza ws in hahmony. Since ati wai Apohen, ati ways done, we've waited 5hom eahiy dawn. Many have come, they have gone, Vet, the biding goei orwvahd. It' A been iong, the iafst hepoht, One nine gouh aught in yeafus, Stiili we wait, with Miding gaith, But what ahe we waiting 5oh? W. R. BONE -C ,76- Deah Diahy, Well, it'4 chniizmai Day 05 7976. My Chhihtman T122 it the ioneiy one withehing on the Meth Deefzfs . . . 411 A 5oh evehyone, but it beiongfs to no one. , Mu W2QC0miH9 Fihe-ptaee iiei deep in the'boiieh hoom, hiding im wahmth, but Miiii it emiils heat. I iooh out ,my hound window, in ESZZQZZQZE 4 64gKd 06 quiet, Aogt Anww n a ' back aft mtg ay og wateh Atahing , My hamify io hQ1Q today though 4L66QQQHf than in the paat., Thii HQGR Lfkfb Q 6am4Ku 06 bhipmatei - a ghoup ZZHQWQ up i0day ginding no AtoehingA ' Hehe we nit in Naptei hahboh T34nfa4n4W9 peace thhough headineno, bk Gul 62CK0w COMHIKQMQH may eeie- M72 Chfwstmai the way they WANT xo. LA . Oh many Gn the Neoiho, Chkibfmdb LC Jwit anothefi day Ahohteh in the , 62 06 a Med Chuiae. But the good today, AO it mutt be a SO KOWQ 60h now, Diahy - Aee ya tateh DE EDITTER --THE BIRTH OF A NEU YEAR-- by Lafuzg BQXEC IT'S MIDNIGHT NOU1 ANOTHER YEAR HAS GONE BY. AS I LOOK TOUARD NAPLES I CAN'T HELP BUT SIGH1 AND THINK OF OUR LOVED ONES S6 FAR AUAYQ 1 HOPE THEY AUAKE TO A BRIGHT1 HAPPY DAY. THREE MONTHS BEHIND US- AND THREE MORE TO GOA NE'RE ALL GETTING TIRED BUT UE'LL MAKE IT I KNOU. SHE'S A GOOD SHIP AND A GREAT BUNCH OF MEN BUT ME'D ALL GIVE ANYTHING TO BE HOME AGAIN. THINKING LIKE THIS ONLY DEEPENS THE HURT- SO I MUST STOP NON AND GET BACK TO UORK. TMO SECTIONS ASHORE AND ONE IN BED. SOPA IS ADMIRAL MCGLOUTHLIN COMFAIRMED. UE'VE GOT ONE THREE FIVE FATHOMS OF CHAIN LAYED OUT SEVENTY-SEVEN UILL BE A GOOD YEAR1 THERE'S NO DOUBT KEEPING ALUAYS READY NUMBER ONE BOILER IS UAITING TO BE CALLED BOILER NUMBER TUO IS NUMBER TUO AND THREE AND RIGHT ON TIMES ON THE LINE- AT A MOMENTS SIGH1 STANDING BY- GENERATORS ARE RUNNING STEADY1 UHILE NUMBER ONE GENERATOR LIES IN READY- THE BREAKUALL LIES AT THREE TUO FOUR - TO US IT SEEMS LIKE NAPLES FRONT DOOR. THE MONUMENT BEARS THREE ZERO FOUR POINT EIGHT - MATCHING US ALL IN IT'S SOLEMN STATE- AT TMO EIGHT ZERO A FLAG FLIES HIGH1 BIDDING IT'S UELCOME AND WAVES GOOD-BYE- AT ZERO FOUR ZERO IS SAN VINCENZO LIGHT- UHICH SLEEPS BY DAY BUT COMES ALIVE AT NIGHT- MOTHER NATURE IS EVEN TRYING TO PLEASE UITH ONLY PARTLY CLOUDY SKIES AND TMO FOOT SEAS- SQ MAJESTICALLY NE SIT HERE NITH PRIDE AND CHEER- THE NEOSHO STANDS READY FOR ANOTHER GOOD YEAR- ' ,YA, RATT A Y' TQEAA , VY fffw f' I V f ,W .,.,,.,,,g,A ,.,5, 4,-A5 Y, 1 TA'Y iw ,M ,a2!'..f -. M44 ff A L' Q, UNH ,M M H 7,3 Z I I gt' U VW fe Ali, w 1 4- 6 9 11 e 3 C1 10 HHS, Ag, 4 F' e ,,,f,Qf ,,f,,, The idea 05 olid picftwzu 05 the Neozaho cvzew wow omigincuted by om Ccqoicuin. Thccnfzfs io eveflyone who ioofz . the time 130 Aend cc 'shot of the past' ' to the Cfuwse Book Edniofz. AVIAWQJUS 3 me on page 77 - - don'f ehewt now!! 1 n T 1 s, r I 1 Z r N . 3 .:,. I 5fH ?ii?,W' .I It M 2 'W pf vtmr I I QQ2Lf, gg F F4 as 9.61 80 31 Iltfafg-2ii,Yf5a,e,QfD, lziy E+lE5Tl1rf- I QKEV 2 gg 12 ai L fa 3 ,ZW R nc E r r J .V R gi ,V,l , . I I 35 36 chmrophm 5 me ENDERLV 3 7 33 Eafzfbinc VANDGRIFT if NEW ADDITIONS WHILE ON THE CRUISE Sdlidfwc TH O Wwoiiing on This corner is devoted to the wives that had to go through the experience of childbirth without the companion- ship of your husbands. Babies born to MM3 PERRY, SK2 JANABAN 8 BMI GRAY were not pictured. Ladies you de serve all the credit we can give you! MPSON 'getting Ahohf, Vcutefmc WOODFORD ' I MQ,g,Q5M and adyruylefw Momma 5 Viclzic HILBORN Li E and a deteamtnatton to mahe oaa 5ataae yya apon meeting YOU, a new wohld wal bohn anto me. be11 f mCkinney L t've been blelaed to have obtained YOU, Y and my goal ln ll6e ll to keep YOU. L 2 YOU have bought 60 maeh happlnell to me - Y an a would t Ahaaed only wlth lonellnela, w and a NEED FOR LOVE. E ,Y in s V, ' 1 , S4 rx 3 L 2 Y M I L' 'l 1 Y Y Y Lx 5 N 5 1 .1 I K rw 1 Y 1 'Y N i Y V l Yy4 ltge ta now gtlled wlth the Aanlhlne ,Yi 05 YOUR SMILE, wi: ng, Yr E HAPPY ONE. Y 45 l eoald even aeltve my ltge all ovea t would change nothtng but only the ehanee to meet YOU Aoonea whteh eoald only mean all the moae LOVE and HAPPINESS whteh we have Ahaaed TOGETHER and gon that whteh LA yet to come WW' YOU ahe beaattgal tn natuhe at well at Aptnax YOU aae eveaythtng t ll evea NEED - YOU aae EVERYTHING t'll even LIVE FOR L we 1 All ii- aim N! ' f H2 M, M Q1 , , , 'Y , L! M1 e , wif ' fm ' wif, Y! 3 W ., g Jw ' sph HE ' YY 175 5:11 LH ' .U 5 Hy 1 , , Iii Y 1 5 X X W- K . L! y W, .,,,,, M Wm: f L1 3 ' n L 1 11 1 YL YYY my HY . VV ? Ny, PM ,N i. me H S ,Y wr Y , ' , .. ' I 0 RJACKIE' I'VE FOUND PEACE IN YOUR NAME ALONE1 JOY AT THE SOUND OF IT1 AND PERFECTION IN THE UOMAN THAT BEARS IT. MANY MEN CHALLENGE THE MOON-AND STARS. BUT MY ONLY CHALLANGE BE UYOUR LOVET1 AND THE ABILITY TO MAINTAIN IT. I'VE NEVER BEEN DISCRETE AS TO WHAT I FEEL FOR YOU- THE CRUX OF MY LIFE CAME1 THE NIGHT I QUESTIONED YOUR LOVE FOR ME. YOU RESPONDED MITHOUT UORDS AND FROM THAT DAY I BECANE AS A PARASITE. DEPENDENT UPON YOU FOR MY VERY EXISTENSE. IN THIS UORLO OF THE UN EASY. I NOT ONLY MANT TO PROCURE YOUR NINO1 FOR NY OUN SELFISH NEED OF LOVE- RUI I UA NT TO RULE YOUR MIND AS UELE- EOR THEN I MILL BECOME YOUR FHARAOHT AND YOU AS ALWAYS MILL BE MY QUEEN- UE'LE TAKE THE REINS OF OUR ENOTION AND RIDE THE FIRERY CHARIOI OE LO VE OFF TO THE OUTER EINIT3 OF NAN' S INTERMOST DESIRES- AR THE NOVA RO CLOSE1 BUT YET SO FAR FIRST ST RONE1 AND ENLIEHTEN- ING TO REHOLD1 THEN DIN AND BARELY NOTICEARLE FOR ME ARE MOVING FOREVER ONNARD FOREVER OUTMARD STILL DEMAND- ING SATISFACTION ONE OF ANOTHER YOU FEEL I DOQ OR HAVE YOU GOTTEN LOST IN THIS TRANSITION OF OUR PRO EM OF NEEDS FOR ONE ANOTHER ALONG UITH THE INABILITY TO PLEASE TO SATISFY PLEASURE IN PHY SICAL NEEDS ARE SOON FORGOTTEN FOR NOM NY MANHOOD LIES IN RESERVE FOR THE DAY YET TO COME DAY YOUR DAY OUR DAY MILL U NIHZINTO A ONE FOR ONE YOU UERE BUT A MERE EXTENSION OF RIB NOU NY UORLD N e MELL I SIT AT THE BASE OF E PEDISTAL UPON UHICH I HAVE PLACED YOU YES FOR THE MHOLE UORLD TO SEE BUT FOR THEM NEVER TO LOVE YOU NOT SUCH AS I LIVE TO LOVE AND YOU MILL BE LOVED By Lanny R Behi T0 RUVLCICQ wan LOVE Thnoagh the yeann we dCd oan bmi To beai the Aiainnincai Boone wnih mach hope we plod alona To Aave the mobi pennbhabie In eaniy yeanb when we wene Ahy we made oan ehonee and Aiepped 5onih Then walked ewan Q6 ONE Thene wan happnnean ihene wan gnne4 Lnge pnenenied nib many doabio Ii A bane wan love we added inani Now we Knve nn hanmony AEK wab new even oan love we Aaeed fhno wonld fogeihen S no imm BMAIWWQ wgogngfwihe Zneabaneb og Rove I6 even abhed what wnli endane The ianmonin 06 ihnn En5eO 'TLA the nnahi boy ihe nnahi GLRL who wained away an one U! R Bo e -4.55 AS , ' 1 A 1 1 h . TUET - ONE1 S 1 . - P NE- NNY n- - OM. TH LL5e Deemed AO bnighi and gay.. l . 1 . NVEhIf1 0 E I- ' E- E I' . . V1 .MSXHM , I 1 1 A F F Toaat to Fhtendthtp by Mtehaet E Sntvety The Aun hat bet and tonettnett abodeb fthe a heavy daahneth about the aaea Shtpmaten upon thtb jounney tn ttge att 6aKt Attent tn the thouqhttenbnett og home The.veay tt5e wtthtn me Aeemo Atntted by the ntght But then Ataht begtn to twtnhte wtthtn my heaat at the moon atbeb wtth the aemembeatng og gfztendfs atwaya heKd dean The daahnets tt dtbpohttno wtth the memoatet og aood ttmeo Atowtnq thaouqh my bout lthe ae5tecttonA upon the atppteb gently eomgoattng my mtnd anothea one wttt begtn utth Atttt anothea Aunatte The eventng though aotd Aeemb wanmed tthe a wttd wood camp Atae I have bnought aeeeptenee upon thtb Attuatton wtth the ttqht og a Aatendo Amtte and theth taughtea And the aemembeaance 06 ttmet pabt and gutuae AO wtth my heant wandeatng amonght the Qounthy and tove wtthtn my bout I thanh you my Aatenda wtth a toatt to the gaeatett wondeh amongbt the untveate Heae'A to gatendahtp May tt neveh dte and tthe the Ataab at ntght May tt gttmmeh on gon evea and ever Y X Nbfdlffi LIFE IS MAN GOES THROUGH MANY CHANGES IN LIFE BUT YOU LL FIND THATPHS UORST MOMENTS OF TORMENT COME UHEN HE S AUAY FROM THE ONESTE LOVES I VE BEEN LONELY MANY TIMES BUT YOU UNDERSTOOD AND BORE THESE LONELY MOMENTS UITH ME THE SADNESS OF DAYS NOU GONE BY AND THE ECSTASY DREAM ING OF OUR REUNION TO THE PLACE OF OUR HEART IF THE SUN UAS TO SHINE NO MORE OR THE MOON RISE AT NIGHT SIGNIFY UHAT UAS IS UHAT IS UILL BE AND ISN T MILL BE AQUIRED EVERY NIGHT I UHISPER FOR THE MIRACLE OF MY Lanny R Bett 5 Leant IT MOULD ONLY NO MORE UHAT A PRAYER LIFE MeKtnney I I r' n so F ' f 'H' I J ' - I 3 :T , A , , ' 6 , , , , , Y , I ' ' . , . E I I I ' . ' 5 , , , , . 5 - . I I ' 7" ' ' 'I V A 1 , , , , . ' ' E N f .. 'T T f F I 1 I L . I Y , , , 1 I A ' E I ' f Y v , T , . Q 1 ' 5 4 f I Q Ahothea day to at end, and 1 1 f V p f P n ' " ' ,, ' f , 1 A L. ' 5 3 2 , I I , n L 1 n I , . , . y ' N 'I 2 ' : ' N- SO 2 i 1 H f r ' f , ' I ' , i Q 5 3 . 1 ' ' H 3 L. . , . I , Y 1 1 Q ' L Q H I 1....,,,,,. ...--.......-....... -iw... ,v M f ...,,,,.... - Q Li 1 ull--F - J db 'x.3...A OR wunf CJ MfT'N'1 16 if T? xx !x""FE f Ja 5 xaj NHUW Q XX 1' 51 ?-M111 g k'-M1875 xjfy X 1 I X 2 LQHQ- I A pf 1 1 1 1 1 V 1 ' 1 1 ' 1-'xx 5 A 'F' 4 -i X Z, ,-"-..s- ' A "T he SUPPLY GANG" - by SHSN CHILDERS "BUST ON" - by SHSN BUCHANAN QwQ,1g,,111vl63 Answers To Pictures on 'Pages 272 873 1. SA HEREOIA 20. MN5 ORIFFIFH 2. BN5 BERRV 21. RM5 FERGUSON 5. SN w11HELN 22. SA SHERER 4. NRFN SHAFFER 25. SA LVNN 5. SK2 MEADOWS 24. QMSN TONNSENO 6. VNSN HORTON 25. SN BILLIEUX 7. B15 JESFER 25. FA BRIOOENATER 8. SA KAMP 21. MSSN ROEHRIG 9. SHSN CHILDERS 25. BF5 FLENINO 10. FN OTTE 29. FN ROBERT Yff SA TAVLOR 50. SN PAGE 12. VNSN GILBERT 51. 1c2 MALECHA 15. SN OLNOS 52. SN NOLHOLLANO 14. SH5 v1cK 55. SN WILLIAMS, w 75. SA BONE 54. SA wARO 16. EMFN GLENN 55. OK5 COLFON 11. BM5 cox 55. SA PERRV 18. FN HUDDLESTON 51. GMO5 GUNNISON 19. SN SCHOLFZ 55. HTFN KUHN m?56!?7L-9' : .2 5 l , ,,,. . Ni I-U S: -., -. ::4Q,xLxr X E' I 53, 5 . ., , -2 I X T, I I I - . 5 if Q Q m Q4 I I I , I .2 I I 2. Q- I I V Af it I ITI W ,, , I. ' ' F5 , -M gk 5 IN ,cc Q. 2' 2 2 Q. : I- ' E , Q Q, 5' I Q' I is I H I- ,, NI Q E Q, LU XI -qg Z CD ,C-I I l V'-I ' 3' 5, I- -I 'Q I-A QQ I I.. I U, I '- 'U 2 U3 CQ 25- 'QI 'JI TI 3 JP- 3 'Q 1 I I I I I I 1 3 I-U Q, if no Q34 FH I- E A - F' 5 IM 3 U-1 JL Q I- LU -Q 54 I V7 I "I I I I - NIVCIS 'vlozz --- "' Sdwl W5 -- X1 1- .45, X 'W 'K A-.-VI: Hg If 41 . Y AQ ' I ' V ' - . .' ' 19" . L5 'u :V 3' I H '. ,Q ' M H. - '. 2 f .v A. ' T I x, --T if 'M,,f, L -V -r gf.:f:,s,h '- gf, .. Av -- . '15 , H' . ir., ' ' JI ,. K ' H 5 L 1 ' 'bi 5 1 v ' gy ., 4 .V K 5' . 1 A' Q. ' ' .. 1 g I x " 4 H-,., 1 I . . 5 r s- - 5' ' ,P , h Q ' Q 'A . ,. ' 1- . ,. ROTA I E I SKEN DER UN AUGUSTA BAY '13, , 3 ,N 1, , , 1 'v -, AV , , GAETA MXA LA GA 'fm ORREMOLINOS . , v .f H , , ,A U f ,f ,p 4 . va nl . ' A 4, nv 4 4 Cf Y ., . . -,1 1? 'P 1 'f Ny. - , ,, ., ,. 5 . .V 1 ' -1 1 1' ' 44 N' " U 14 ta- I 1 9' ' '3 Nl Q' 1' ' A 1, r , , . U . . 1 V ' 1 fx 1 k 'M' .A-tb: .,, r ' V ri f X ff: 84 A .1 ,H -v fl :gf 1 il' M: fl ' Y SEMO 2 nah' -f . ,Ari .h We ' 5 f A X , fvrf' , , .fa , qw- ., wav -M Q V4 .r'56?f'S3L . .pain . - , -r. , A 'WWE '11, in . x V ...- ,p,'k,, ,wld- , , . QA , .,,- .5 X- ,I ' L'- 1, fl i Q: r-,fV.'1i,,?l Aft, ff. f 1-....'4v.,, Li, . ., ,. W. - fluvmaiww-.,.pw-MA 4'-nz. l 5.5 5, M , L .4 "P" .1 3423 4 m., W all 'I 'AQ la. E 4. xfnzw, ' as X M ' g 4 Q Q, his 2 41 P""-N : ' f !iif2'L.i -Tlglk ., Qin: gang pq M. 3 ngiwazzmmq 7' .4f- H-. f'faQ.,i1-.palm im 4,1-151 1 "'E""!?'Tq 'r"f' , 5 4,1 mag. whi- mh v S L? 3, ,,,, E. H ' V ' ffff' . VM ' ' W' ,,,a.., iw ' , , -v r sw vm x L x APLES A, w XXI f'w',,,,, fy- X... ,H - if .f ff ff' ,PX W yy, un r :'W"'v 1 J! lj WJ: M 2- I fm 3 raw f lv fn' fir' 5 X , if 3' 14,2 3 f I ff? ff ,ff f 4 4' ,ff f,w,-, -f me. :wg ,Q K 1 M Q X : ffm 3 5 5 g 594- 3- iii., 2 5: , - 'na' ' rw' -. 4 g 'E if A g 'G-'M'-" u f., , ,xr .3h,,, 9, ' r 3, EE. .wsigx if Q.. -im 4. ,K . 'iv 1, -. A, .- A f .fx .1 " A I AQ: k V , Q , Sli, I 5 A 1 112: f lf: -- 143. , K If -N . iff? .yum in A . irq -fAA A ,PERF . , I , A'-Skis-eww, , . 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Eg ,VQWQA ,, 1, , ,- i7,n,.iw- f - , , z.f"i 4 JJ, 41.- i A if 1 TNT 4 "5-1 .K ,A-N. g.,.,, , .sf EQ? aww: ,, ,Viv 'PT I 'is S Q'-5' 5' QQ , ' jj?-1 15 X L Qt 7:5123 2 ' x 5 ii f '9' -,, Isl '. A - Q ..',, Ak ,Z-. .wa Ni, - .. - ,,,,1,,..iW, 'Ui 3 uv-nv 4 . ,.k , . , 'L'-...f 3f',"' -. 1-wav ,g .-.- Q -Q 1 1525" K5 51 x K " . P N . Q 54 my 11" '?'f..xu , 1 . Q.. w 1 -1 1113 3 . JU 1 .. ,,,.,,. ' 'T ,AY '- '-.- 2 ,..,Ji' P 'V 1 A x 3 3, 2. Q.,?......, ., 1 . ..... H, -., , . ,L Q-.ffl-x..N " ' f,,,, 1"vfQN"M. ' N-.,, I ,,,v.-W . A ,,--.M 4,,,,,,-,,,....:. .U f--'-'- -.......,,I,.-- f , M., 4,U"if:4 X .g-NN, M X ' ,nrnucw ..-1 ga: Y 36 A up -qi., , N 45 LY J!!! 815151 -1 1 f Y H Muff ,W f W - ,. Q H ,fL'fvf'f:-fhm ev 1, 1 ,f 9 1,6 5 I ,. 1 L I 4 . Q .V , Jw, f , fl "?:fQ. 1--5 Q52 ' Aff, .X gi V J 17231 M 7'1'J-:im ,-yn KTLA yr . r- 1 4 55,611 , ' -of We 54 4 ...' 1' :H ' X 4' wx- K , . -15, ." V 'v Lf , "'1f,,,,gur4" , - rv M af , ,.' , ,fu 'ya ,, V 1 , 1 . V:..Nu:L:L1:f.fmf,mgnr.:.:r.g..f::g--:amz--,Q. - -Q '-J,-,: 3.-K' '..,'.- -Q s.",'.'.1.".:.-L.. 4 4.:,.,.- - 4 -1-11.4 'X ffff r vg' A k Q.. . H A 'tk .. X! 1 . L S .f 5' ' w - Q Fp sm +16 x f NI? '-: J. iv-. y -v 'U f W1 r, Q, , . , mr.-4-. -rf 1 :-:-1 1-- 1- -- Y' - --- - - ----- gl, .. . .-.,,,,..:.g .,1...,.,--.g ,-ww: w.. ,f1n?F"' ,f ,gf 1 J"f,,, .v ,wa 'A gi 'f 5 X fwgwwq. 1 Q X A ' 4 . "' .f'- ' "5 'LPI ' " ' -' . M.-' .- A ' ' - ' wx , 4 f, z, ' 1132, f h '1 , ' 3' if V, 1 1 my 3 If A ' wr:-1 I epwf' if .-.ffw . f uh, ,v,j,,,fq 9, ,V 1 , , f 1 74,1 X f"' lk f ' X 'J 4 --we "" - V . 'f .. fa ' , t ' U Q - 4255 ' L' as 'fi I ' If 'CHQ' L . f I ,M , 'a ,J if L7 VQRNTQ 577,41 M -gf. ,.vf4.wmV fl- 7 'fi'-QAM rf Y 4,7 'W Wg- ,fm Ma' pf 4 E lwmfi , M J v - , ,, Q . A "wx ,.,. ll 4 -u ,, E4 1 ' 'ixxf m Lg 'afwvaigg af ulnnq W ' .. A Q X 1. F, i . V ' , 3 '21 F X E liz' i' P 45 'I ' 1 Y I Zi , Q ,L '- l 1 f w V , s s ? ,K f W Fi? 1 'NG ,. UQ ,N fi i 'I , . 1 f E U J ,. 4 li 4: SKY M1135 RUCCARASU Y' DPZHF3 -68603101 HZ , 1.': , ' - WW BASKETBALL GOAL CREATED The caeation og the baihet- bait goat on the heto dech evoived agten a detaiied pho- poiat wat iabmitted to the Commanding O56icea by ET1 DOVER, PCSN WILSONQ and VNSN GILBERT. Shown hehe aae DOVER Cleft? and WILSON Crightl woahing, at they did gon many og theia own pea- Aonai hoani. Signigieant time ami aito devoted by HT7 HOWARD, who did moot og the Ataactanat woah invoived. Thib event paoved that with A a tittie with-poweh and a iot o6 onganization, then impaove- R- mentt coatd be made on Ahip- .'f" boand ti5e! " -' QM ,4 ,. VW- .W g , V. 4 S . 2 . E THE NEOSHO BASKETBALL TEAM 1976 1977 3 wins l loss xi Cbelow: R. to L.J SHl MCDONOUGH as PNSN FITZGERALD, SKSN SALGADO, 8 ENSIGN COON watch on. This is the lst basketball goal on NEOSHO in it's 24-year history. surges a bounce pass to ETl DOVER, SPORTS INPIT NEOSHO PRESS INTERNATIONAL THE NEOSHO BASKETBALL SQUAD OVERPOUERED 2 THE ITALIAN TEAMS IN GAETA ITALY THREE T STRAIGHT GAMES EVEN THOUGH 5 RUSTY SINCE THESE UERE THEIR T THE YEAR1 THE NEOSHO SQUAD S 4 DINATION PROVED FATAL TO THE THE FOURTH AND FINAL CHALLENGE UAS UP AGAINST THE RUGGED TEAM OFF THE AIRCRAFT CARRIER USS FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT UHILE AHCHORED IN NAPLES ITALY THE FDR S ADVAN TAGE IN TEAM-PLAY AND PRACTICE UAS EVIDENT AS THE GROUP FROM THE MUCH SMALLER CLASS SHIP LOST DECISIVELY Belleve it or not thls IS thejst shot taken on the new basketball goal As head COOId1H3COI of the project ETl DOVER had the honor of ShOOt1Dg and he made lt bel1eVe it or not 2 , .7 -1 n' I l 3 -1 nuns:-v...,...,.,. 1,-....-,...,,f...1-.ff-AQ..,.,..-,x..,..,....,.,.-,..:Af-..,,..x:.,.-Ji. xgiqx1:xv--,X:.l::,.,,,-:Z-:g.,..E--,MA-. P,,.....,-..,.,.,.... ...,-- -....X-,A.--,,..,..-,,.,..,,.......,....,...g ,.., -. -.-,..L., MV. W -:--1. rg: :1 '1f- --f -- - - - f -'-+-- -- --f-H M- -M1-an Lwmna-uusn:ox:.:::.,::un..E Shi Tfzip glzoap anxiouzsiy awaitb fsnipmeni 05 Ben-Gag! 1 gon the Good Timexs . . 1 gofl the Bad Timex? . ., . and mane gon anything in between! 5 Happg BINGO winnefw. Come on guyb - be nappy. High Ewzopean gafs pfzieefs doQf5n't botnm OS2 CLEVELAND. P KC aa gn id na 9 NEOSHO'f.s wine-iaiiping detaclli hand at monk T E a Sn g an , n i A n 9 4 WHAT KIND OF ENTERTAINMENT IS ON A NAVY OILERZ Theme me nighattg moviei, ea11.d playing, C5202 fzoiiing, aeading, figting weighm, daJz,t th!f0W' ing, giving pink beiiiezm, Lcbtening to mwsic on piaging mufsieai inifxnaments, piaging 3TNG0f dfzinfzing eo65ee, and playing fsbzadegg and tad- tic gamei. You CAN'T: piag bafsebait, HUM? aaee, piag pooi, mountain eiimb on Anow Aki- Fofotanateig, theme axe moae entefutculwffwfbf oppofzianitiei that awatt ws in point. M9501 .we wefze abie to Lcxten to the College BOW! gameys, ine Sapa Bowl, and ine NCAA Saw! bait Cnampionihip. . . i5 we wanted rv , X ww up between nadyagnc and 6 0'aKocf2 U1 the moaning, that in! Goig can be piaged, but ba!LZf5 axle ogten iobtfv : "'fH"- - - 2-ev:-1:-5--1+-..,q ..,....,..,..,...,,,..,,,.,,,.,, ' --- - - .M- rn ,,..,4-.-.-.-V...,., ,.,..-. . E TERTAI ME S i i i 5 1 f H r A 2 5 1 Z , I 1 I S 3 fu ?i 5? v 6, li le 1 D -.1 ' .:'- :ffl-::' ,fav-fc ". .., , 1 1 f f K 'Tl 'IJIU JW! f ,rl W ,W u nl. 16-.4 L ,wwf V4 X X 1 ' ,f ,wi J , 'i2f5: -i r D .1 I deployed on a ehuibe in i ihe QWfQlfQiWHQWf MAMMMMWHI unasaopnnosozz-accuse BME he Med. And iheh ihehe weng ihe women og Fnanqg which idhned oni 10 be 'vehg 5hiendig'! They pnoved io be eniefziaining , em, eie etc I 'MmQhiiiiABMnM.Umniohmm an appoinimeni with the Love Doii. what Erziefzicbeiflmerlif ? oofwo .... G 1 Befsidei being neiporvsibie 5on ihe Ship'A Paniien, ihe wei5ane 5 Reeheeiion Committee wow pnaeii- eaiig donmani. Thnough the e5- 5oniA 05 QMZ HEFFERNAN, ihe Spadei Cdnd Touhnameni web ginaiig com- pKeied land won by COLTONXVICKB. HOWQUQM,-ihQ 2-on-2 Baiheibaii Coniebi web neven ginibhed. On the oiheh hand, Aome og the evenib and phojeeib Aponioned by VNSN GILBERT and ihe Cnuiie Booh siagg wene: --Cheating fsevenaixvszauei 06 a mini-hewbpapen while undehwag --SponAoned ihe Chebi Toohnameni --Coondinaied ihe Luehg Bag Dhawing --Combined mwih Engineening gon ihe S900 ARRIVAL Norzrouc Anehoh me --Soid oven S1000 wonih og Coioh Phoiognaphi 05 NEOSHO pehaonnei --Heid BINGO on ihe Meii Deehb --Raggied 066 a baie-guiiah No ginii, no Band . . . boi, loin og nun on the NEOSHO'A Sieei Beach! ' N Q Wg? UD V f .5Q:4:2f!Q2rfZ.a53f no nv' , X , h i V , 1 ,Q X M f' 7: 4 ', A 5 ff' " J f f' , N T' i ll, i 11' Q N' ,Z I 7 I 1: I '. .IM f "'3 ' ef A Zn ' ' A .v V X5, ' V f-" Q 'S -34 . , .,,, .V b, 0 .. , 3 W ,f ..h. Q V , Y ,I . 1 , , ...N ., Q:-df'iiQ?f V1 v' X -M ,I A ,,,,, A ff, X X L Q 2 - ...I-BX. a . . 4 v . -. 'w hgggjiigi 9' Nxt 0.0 0.55. flfg 'billy if I ifl Mi ,-f if 'H 1 ,M. ,, , 9461 .59 ", .H ,,,,,,, A ,,,, W, , ,,,7,,,,,, .s ff, ,ff f, ,, ,A , , f A fyQfyoff,M2m,9Y,f,fC f , ,gf , , f f f 'Mf,,w7f, mf ig f,f,,y mW',fm,c, 1, ,fmf fm f M ''ffwf,ym,fyLy.,zfffff7, , f WH f' ,yf ,ff A, x f, Wfffawff ,,1f,ywQ' ffwih 'I ,mf fy ,' .Lf 7 , ,1',fi7Q,j,MifW,fwV,ff5,f'f,fjmf, , fc ff f fffffffi Q ,,.yfff,3'2,ff ,Q f W4 QZW4,,'Q,f , , ,Q V, , , 7174, fm 9 , 5 ',j?wf9,Q274?5f2a g,fgg,ffW5gZCi2, 4 ,Vwg,7fQMiff,,7z2faf47fZwfffwff , , X , 7 ,,f, ,,,,,, , 4, ,V ,L ,W , 3 4 f.fvf4'f,fffff,7,j2Qf,ff,"4,f,'Qw,fc'if , Qf in ,,fj44QW.f wwf, V , f, ,f f mp, f,,,f,,,,, ,, ,,, ff, ff,f,Qw,',m,wg, f, :ff fffpfffff, ,,f,, f,:' ,fp 'fm ' ' ' f ' 'WQ694 fy,LffLa,C 'f34ff?fafi',f"ffw , f , f , ,' :',mfffffyff,,ff,6f,17MW Mfw ,f f ' " ' Wfz.,zfff6f9Qff,jw,f,ff4, ,f,',ff,0Q,,i'f45 , f f f ' :,j,'f,f ,fic 5 X ' ff5Zl?zZf:?c?i, ig' 'ff jjgjfifff ' , ' faxi 1 ' , I , 1 ,W f-4 f ,M lf, , ,W ,f f , ,,',f74,VgLf, ,f,!Q 3,7 ff,,f,,, , , ,V f j:MZ,Qif,f,i1L!fii,f ,CVZ'fff X ,X f' wwf f ff, in f A f G ,, f . 1272, 1 J f 'lf my ,' f f' ,' 4 u u .w. f 2 I4-SQA V , V 4 ' -, ' 4 ,,, J ' ' X , .f K 0 -fzr.-f fm-wf:.1u,.1-...J4..--:,-..,,,,...:..L,,-..L.xLu..5.,m.4....i41zL-,.:' I-C.-.r45,F..,,-:....-....:,.rf-AQ..,-.:.-. .,.:.N-.5.rL.k..-,,.,..- -.t - - V 9 1 Q f -D' 5 Q 1 .x NEOLQHO wum'dMm8QMMh aifin' Ahonien 5 Ahonieh If o o o ALMOST HOME The Big Counivdown began ai 99 dagb and a wake-up - ihen ihehe waa 9 ddgz and Q wake-up. Finaiig, fha dag 06 nThe wake-Upn came. wa Aieamed pabi fha CheAapeahQ Lighi, the Chebapeahe Bag BaLdgevTunneZ, the Hampton Roadb Tunneig and Ihen ouq debiinaiion wab cieaafy in Aighi - Nongoih Navai Ba4Q 0 Q UNITED AGAIN f 2? 1 f ff 152-K - .- wg NW f ff f f f 1 ff ZZ? ff 7 7 5 1 if 4 Q 'wf,.,. W--W-. ' 'fu .,f ff 1 ff 5 H X . 5 5 5 inn . ARRIVAL 4 I ,W iff M4 , L5 1 '-...WI 4151 Q 4503 A 'Ziff K, Q, Ng 057 52? , w, 4 '6 4, , f ff yyaw 4 , .,,!, Q f ffm, - , M? 1144 ,Dfw J 9,2 M f 1 6 M ff f wi S Z JI' 7 1 X f 'P' 5 mfg f ,5 qpfzif , -0 f ' f: .1 Wi' f, z ffflqy K ' , 4, W -fy' M . 5,52 f ,yfff f ' -W ,4 ' f . y' 'E if if X 1 B K W 14 li I v V s N, x W 1 9445124 1 'aff' Y I ' iff ' 'fc ' f ,TM , ,N w Iv if ' 'i:ffff,f,f A Zimy , .y 3 E ,! . 4 f G 3 , , ' ff4 ?x fffy, ,, , L ' , V. f , f 402 1 if 3 ,Wf w ff W , V 3 . W . L Q?- I 'X' ,fix ,,l,' AMW., f 'Wir ' vi! ' Q7 f, , ' 1' I, , ., ,W if , V ,6 , 1, ff, Q 7 Z 5 ff ,. Jr X 5, , Mfffff f Z fy, O7 nf..-, 572. M , 1 ,Q ef, FH: .f ' egg 3:1-391,55 Vi f ,2:16Q5J cm gp gf 224:33 any f :fn i-it-M'-' 4 iA 'Q , THE STAFF!! CTD ET1 LARRY DOVER Production Manager, Underway Repienishment QCD ETR2 ROLAND NUTTER - Port Visits 8 Arrivai Norfoik fri ETR3 LEWIS MCKINNEY - Holidays, Expressions, 8 FoxfHe1o Ops my SHSN .105 CADY - Suppiy KC, BM1 R. E. GRAY - Deck tri OS2 KEN CLEVELAND - Ops, Nav, 8 X BTFN ED RUMINSKI 8 BT3 'Red' STEVENS - Photographers, Dark Room Staff, Engineering Department. They spent much time running the Dark Room that was created for this project. FRUM DE EDITTER In Septembea og '76, thii paoject wat initiated by mybeig and otheai on the Caaiie Booh Stagg, and the booh wah compteted in the gotioaang Septembea. Daaing that time, theae weae many miiaed moviei and cahd gamei, ai coantteii hoaai weae Apent in mahing the paopeh paepaaationa that aae eiaentiat. I thanh the Caaiie Booh Stagg and eveayone who hetpedg eipeciatty ET7 LARRV DOVER. Hia Aapeaviiamy and oaganizationat abititiea weae a majoa gactoa in the paodaction og thii booh. Theae weae 300 Caaiie Boohi aotd and 265 indivi- daai pictaaea tahen gaom the comptiment og a tittte oven 300 Aaitoai. The coat gon the eaew wat 55 goa the 250 copiea on the Contaact, and S70 goa additionai copiei above oaa Contaact nambea. Each booh actaatty coitb 516, bat dae to the ginanciat caaiade that the CaaiAe'E5oh Stagg cahaied oat, ovea 52000.00 wap aaiied to decaeaie the paicei Aignigicantiyl Unbe- tievabty, tome peopte even comptained that the he- daced paicei they paid weae too mach!! A4 eveayone hnowi, peon VNSN8 don't cathy mach weight in today'4 modean Navy. Thaoagh the Aappoht og Aach peopie ai CD12 TREDICK, LTJG BAILEY, LTJG McCANN, and ENS COON, tige wan made a Kittie eaiiea. Og coahie, goa eveay good gay theae ii a bad gay that betievei Caaiie Boohi Ahoaid be ated in the headi kestrooms for the civilian readersl. Some og the bad gayi weae . . . wett, yoa hnow who yoa weae! A Speciat Thanhi goei to LT J. J. McTIGUE fthe Ops Bossl. withoat hit andeaitanding 5 coopeaation, thia Caaiie Booh woatd have been mediocae OR woaie. He gave me the oppoatanity to woah on thii booh on aeiated paojecta whenevea neceiiaay. LT McTIGUE went above and beyond the cati og daty in thii cate! Att in att, I enjoyed thii expehience and aeatty ieaaned a tot aboat peopte. It wat io mach 'gan' bww cqfaiwcey baagaea and wpccaizea Qonawang the Caaiie Booh, even thoagh it wat compietety votan- taay. I've teaaned peopie that don't get invotved Q42 Gui 06 fh2 Apottight og abaieg bat, when Aomeone Afendb UP to heip othea peopie he'A open gon.emiticiAm becaaie he can't hetp eveayone the any THEV want! VNSN Met L. Giibeht, USNR DE EDITTER of the Cruise Book pal" "F" ,gr YQ .4,.4w. --ww' , mhf' 7 .1...mN. ? -Af. .1,.Q,g. -.q...,,,:,.. -4-ons 'il- ill MMM TO A GIRL Though mttet ttngeued between ua, Chutney 06 memofztexl Linked ws togethen. The Aptntt o5 tnuth und tove Ltved duttg thnoughout oun ttvea. Gnudttude gtowa tthe u mountatn Atneam, AA thoughtguttneae wut dtwptaged by you. Dagb dntgted by at though u tonetg guttg Longtng to Aee you - eueuttng new memohtet. as the first lines hit Pier 5 Norfolk Naval Base, the day was bright warm, and cheerful. The band played the Neosho crew. It was April 21, 1976 We were home again! MOORED - SHIFT COLORS loud as the many smiling faces greeted

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