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. . 1. S. 1 v x v f 1 D -F 2-5 x I 1 P 2 3 1' .'-'YY ll- " FP. ' '- f t ' 3. -A - -. , ' R f 3 ' . , 'U - T v . , . , ip 1 . 'g ' ,AQ . f. Q I - I ' ' V' ' '- ' ,, , ,ll . " -1 .1 N2f"'Y '- -1 ? , f li l- B , A f. 45: ., ' -+ ' .-fi 5 .V . ,N ' Q5 -, all .I , N .1 . SER- ' 2 1 - -' -:L f x 'ga ' 5 - ' np, :. ,, 5 " V.-f:.',', '7 - Q21 :G-5 if "V r ' . , ,Ed ,X -4,5 I-,,.,. X N ' A-rf '-,, V fl 5-"Y: . ' ' . xg :ivy - L . , 11 Q 1 , 2+ R' ,, 1. Q, .,.-: PK ' - Q, . -1 . 2 Li: WV'-"' Q, , ' 'Q' . I . W 1 u 'yi TH. ' ' . ' -P11 1 21:1 4 'iigf X ' , . ' H E-:NE- , I Y, ff: .,Ljg1. ' t-:Qf W , ,iff 2 U -4--, -fi . ' fl., . gi. -5, W 1 5,5 M 1 if-7 . . rfie' I ' r ,- . . A 5, , ' 112. , , ' ' fi e ' 7 I w . QA , N - , -- -4 L - ... N . .-1 ,, M ' ff' V -. les, -. N . V x " ,A -1 ,Y I , , 1 , .x - . . f Vv-- V A V I ':, ' f 1. f . .ff J , , Q f , -5. A X 1 K ,A . . A ig, ' ' A Q ff' I gg , L-5 , - ' 1 -- if ,, , V . . xl, , -, . , iw- -ry ' 1.1.7 955 -if fury' -A f'4'fj' 5 -3?-Q1 '. 'I-fe I. all 5.1. I 5 i: -V? LQ? if ' Vin A' ,gif . ff. 1 ., nw -5-I I if ':,' K: if 5? A Qi ,fp 'ff , ' F95 , ,, bi. 15. if'-'S E, 1 , ,- l"' ' -,L :ffl '1 in ':-:- ' .' 1. . L' " . 1 W. 5,85 ' 1 l .',,- A - - 1 , I- - x .,,1: 5, ",ff' 3-l 1- , -.-4 , -1: S EI ,351 W' . E1 i-3' F - . ' 'Y' 'W' 1 N- ' x '. .1 - ' F A . .,:" . 'W -qi 5' - - , ' I l-Q? ' .5 Ja rf? -4' , , 'V -ew. "Fw fd? , ' li' - f ' na"-. L if ,jf " Ji" 'E A, x, 11 , A 3, f- .C , Q 11 L h kg . 5 . ,E 1 - J. :ff li 2 '- V if 7. W' -'ag sr- A rf-H , 4 , 4 Li u , I , X . ,- 4, L , Y, N! QQ' ' LF . X- -ul..'fv'.u- 3, fp fa , ,,,A .gl A1 t TOMAI-IAWK 1952 JK .xv ull! W ik WX 47 at iii' Q Q, PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEOGA HIGH SCHOOL, NEOGA. ILLINOIS DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of f52, wish to dedi- cate this book to Richard Mettendorf, a member of our class, who has been unable to attend school this past year because of illness. 'I 1 4521. ' A '-'F4..-K sfwh. 1 TOMAHAWK 1 ADMINISTRATION--FACULTY MERLEE WAGNER Girls' Physical Education Junior High Science Illinois State Normal University B. S. fEducationj WANDA JUNE BELL Vocational Homemaking Eastern Illinois State College B. S. fEducationj RALPH R. WHITE Industrial Arts Eastern Illinois State College B. S. flndustrial Artsj University of Illinois M. S. fEducationj DON K. CLARK Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping General Business Eastern Illinois State College B. S. fBusiness Education j JAMES K. -GRUBB Boys' Physical Education Baseball Coach, Junior High Coach Social Studies Eastern Illinois State College B. S. fPhysical Education j JAMES L. LEMING Vocational Agriculture, Biology Southern Illinois University University of Illinois B. S. frigriculturej M. S. fEdueationj LOUIS K. VORIS Social Science, High School Basketball and Track Coach Butler University Eastern Illinois State College B. Ed. fSocial Sciencej EUGENE REIMAN General Science, Algebra Advanced Algebra, Physics Southern Illinois University B. S. fPhysics, Mathematicsj M. S. fEducationj I , I ? TOMAHAWK STAFF Our school was served this past year by a very capable staff. We would have been unable to carry on if it had not been for them. BUS DRIVERS KNEELING Cleft to rightj: Lyle Lock, Vernon Greeson, Toops. STANDING: Ralph White, Ellsworth Palmer, Charles Chappelear, Robin Ledbetter, Dallas Gilbert. , Other drivers not in the picture were Glenn Braden, Carroll Kastl, Lowal Ragon, Leonard Hammond, Nathan Stewart. JANITOR Dallas Gilbert cooKs lLeft to Rightj 1 Leona Gaddis, Lora Pen'y, Char- lotte Hellman. SCHOOL SECRETARY Donna Ellis M655 TOMAHAWK BOARD OF EDUCATION Our Board of Education is the group of men who set the policies of our school. To do this these men give their time freely in leaming the answers to numerous problems which must be solved if the schools are to function. They must have an understanding of the pur- pose, philosophy, and functions of the public schools 3 the methods and materials of modem education, the basic laws which govern the activi- ties of the school board, and an understanding of the economics of the school system. SEATED Qleft to righry: At the same time these men must take the com- munity pressure which is applied and at all times act in accordance with their best judgment. To all this they must have an open and inquiring mind, attempt to do that which is for the good of all children, and keep their minds free from bias or prejudice. We say thank you to our Board of Education for the fine work during the past year and for the new program to be put into operation in the near future. Glenn Albin, Carl Wilson, Robert Woolery. STANDING fleft to iighrp: Charles Marshall, Nathan Stewart, Clayton Doll, Rex Hasketr. STUDENT COUNCIL A new organization which was added to our school activities this year was the Student Coun- cil. The organization was in its infancy, so had to feel its way along this past year. The purpose of the Student Council is for more student government and for the fostering of a more democratic atmosphere in carrying on the program of the school. Mr. Curl and Mr. Voris served as advisors for this group during the past year. SEATED fleft to rightj: Mr. Voris, Betty Bar- rett, Bob Swengel, Lylah Schutte, Larry Green, Marilyn Lawrence, Mr. Curl. STANDING: Bob Wilson, Gary Freeland, Betty Kritz, Rex Lindley, Phyllis Oakley, jim Law- son, Bill Wilson. I v g T-O'MAl-IAWK FACILITIES In the 1951 Tomahawk two complete pages were used to show the need for better physical fa- cilities in our school. These pictures and written facts were so honestly and accurately presented that the voters of the community ,tiirculated a petition during April of 1952, requesting, the Board of Education of our unit to hold an elec- tion which would call for remodeling thelpresent plant and for adding .a new physiaal j education building. On Saturday, May 24, 1952, this propo- sition along with a request for the inoney to pay for such work was voted on by the voters-sand was passed. The proposed plans call for a complete voca- tional agricultural department in the present physical education roomg a cafeteria and music department over the farm shop. The cafeteria room will be used as a commu- nity room, a study hall, and as a general assembly TOOIIL A new physical education building will be built to the east of the present building. By using roll- away bleachers this room may be so divided as to conduct two classes at the same time, thus provid- ing opportunity for all to meet this requirement. By the building of these additions, more class- rooms will be made available to take care of pres- ent crowded rooms and will take care of the expected growth in school population during the years ahead. I These improvements will enable our school to provide the educational opportunities which our present and' future standard of living require. We, the Class of '52, are proud of the progress that has been rnade during the past year toward making ours a better school. We wish to com- mend all who helped make this project possible. We are glad that 'we, too, were able to have a small part in helping to meet the needs of our school through a new building program. 'l'OMAH--AWKV ' ' zf- P Q A i n is Q y SENIORS... ...CLASS OF 1952 T OM AHPA W K SENIORS In September, 1948, forty Freshmen entered Neoga Township High School. lfVe are now thirty- one strong, although all of us are not the 'same students that entered. Among the ones we have lost are: Earl Adkins, Irene Andrews, Don Brady, Dwight Johnson, Pauline Martin, john Meek, Bet- ty Mummel, Hazel Overmeyer, Dale Spencer, Virginia'Storm, and Chris Wold. Those who have been added to the class area, Hank Bray, Don Parker, and Evelyn Snodgrass. ' The business of our class during their senior year was efficiently guided by Lariy Green, Presi- dentg Bob Wilson, Vice-President, Joan Gilbert, Secretary-Treasurer, Sue Morgan, Reporter, and Miss Neal and Mr. Ledbetter as faculty sponsors. W have had many memorable activities during our past four years, the highlight of which was the Prom of '51, "Blue Hawaii." Also as juniors we presented "Maid from Alex- isoj' a three-act comedy. As seniors we sponsored a Homecoming dance, "Christmas Island." The Homecoming Court con- sisted of Jim Wilson, Sue Morgan, Larry Green, Donette Ferris, Betty Stuckey, Dave Casstevens, Leroy Fox, Juanita Ballinger, Jack McKibben, and Darletta Fosbinder. As Seniors. we presented "For Pete'.v Sakef, a three-act comedy. The financing of .the Tomahawk has been ac- complished by selling cards, T-shirts, magazines, advertising, putting on a class play and having assembly programs. The senior class realizes the experiences gained in their four years at N.H.S., by social and educa- tional, will aid them in the pursuit of their re- spective careers. G Class flower: red rose. Class colors: red and white. Class motto: "He who does not try never suc- ceedsf' TO-MAHAWK LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF '52 We, the Senior Class of 1952, County of Cum- berland, and State of Illinois, being of sound mind C?j and memory do hereby declare, publish, and make this to be our last will and testament: FIRST: We wish to extend to the parents of the Class of '52 our thanks for the hardships and also fun they had while we were enjoying our four years in High School. ' SECOND: To the faculty who so graciously struggled along with us we do will the following gifts : To Mr sentees. To Mr. To Mr. ball team. To Mr. i To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. To Mr. Curl: A student body with fewer ab- Chappelear: A driver's training class. Voris: A better and improved basket- Ledbetter: A sound-proof bus. Palmer: Attentive English classes. Grubb: A quiet study hall. White: Better shop projects fon timej. Leming: Some new jokes. To Mrs. Bell: An active Home Ee IV. To Miss Neal: English classes with better atti- tudes. To Miss Wagoner: P. E. Classes that are more co-operative. To Mrs. McKinney: A well behaved class. To Mrs. Holladay: More music students like Bill Alexander. To Mr. Gilbert: A clean school building. To Donna Ellis: An assistant secretary. To Mr. Clark: Attentive classes. THIRD: We, the Senior Class of '52, asindi- viduals wish to will to the underclassmen the fol- lowing: I, jim Wilson, will my crown to Stanley Albin. I, Bud Lindley. Green, leave my class office to Rex I, Dave Casstevens, leave my little red truck to Tony Sheehan. I, Leroy Fox, leave my whiskers to Larry Sanders. I, Hank Bray, leave my Hollywood muffler to Don Claybaugh. I, Max Gilbert, leave my quietness to John Wilson. I, George Grube, leave my long winded speeches to Karl Wente. I, Don Kimery, leave mv ability to be late to anyone who wants it. I, Don Parker, leave my ability to talk my way out of things to all underclassmen. I, Jack Doll, leave my size to Richard "Sniffer" Albin. I I, Bob Wilson, leave my height to Bob Swengel. I, Jack McKibben, leave my guitar to Larry Sanders. V ' ' ' I, Chester Flood, leave my "good attitude" to Barbara Stewart. . I, Richard Mettendorf, leave my long vacation to any unlucky person. ' I, Sue Morgan, leave my crown to Jo Ann Meyers. I, Donette Ferris, leave my complicated :love life to Janet Edwards. I, Judy Parker, leave my figure to Violet Schoby. ' ' ' I, Juanita Ballinger, leave my position- in band to Regis McClo1y. I, Betty Stuckey, leave my blonde hair to San- dra Adkins. ' I, Darletta Fosbinder, leave my temper to Phyl-J lis Oakley. I, Joan Gilbert, leave my diamond to anyone' so lucky. ' I, Shirley Dow, leave my diamond to anyone so lucky. I, Joanne Bell, leave my good behavior to Pat Wright. I, Virginia Fuller, leave my beguiling ways with Mr. Clark to Karl Wente. I, Beverly Salzman, leave my ping pong ability to Bob Konrad. I, Eloise Konrad, leave my diploma to my brother. I, Evelyn Snodgrass, leave my gym suit to Josie Hatten. I, Eileen Ingram, leave my good grades to Sue Gilbert. I, Fern Morton, leave my typing eraser to Pat Wright. H We, as a class, would like to will to the Neoga High School and the student body of '53, a new school building and a very successful future. Signed: WILL UM TELL R. U. NUTS ' TOMAHAWK Class President Band Tomahawk Pep Club Student Council Class Play Homecoming Court F. F. A. F. F. A. Officer SUE MORGAN Pep Club F A. F. H. A. Officer G. A. A. G. A. A. Officer Glee Club Band Homecoming Queen Tomahawk Messenger Library Club Class Officer Class Play Cheerleader LARRY GREEN BOB WVILSON JOAN GILBERT 4 Glee Club 1-2 Tomahawk 3-4 Band 1-2 Messenger 4 F. F. A. 3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3 Class Officer 4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 F. H. A. 4 Track 3 F. H. A. Officer 1-2-3-4 Basketball 3 Library Club 2-3-4 Class Vice-President 4 Hawest Dance Queen "N" Club ' 1-2-3-4 Student Council 4 Llanagef, I l 1-2-3-4 ' Pep Club 1-2-3-4 1 Library 3-4 jUANI'1 A BALLINGER Tomahawk 1-2-3-4 Messenger 2-3-4 Messenger 4 Tomahawk 4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 2-3-4 Pep Club Officer 4 4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 4 G. A. A. Officer 4 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 4 2-3 Spanish Club Officer 4 4 Library 2-3-4 3-4 Library Officer 4 4 F. H. A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Homecoming Court 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 4 3-4 1-2-3-4 2-3-4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 3 4 3 3-4 3-4 4 3-4 1 EElXllC3?5 1 vvvvvv ---,.v Yrv- Y-iv Y Y Jaan flfd' Wfazyazz 1724222.24 Ztffzhfd :faaww 522 TOMAHAWK HANK BRAY DAVID CASSTEVENS JACK DOLL Transfer from Unity Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Basketball 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. Officer 3 "N" Club 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. 1 Tomahawk 4 F. F. A. Officer Class Pla 4 SHIRLEY DOW Class Play 3-4 Y Messenger Staff 4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Library Club 3-4 Homecomin Court 4 G. .A. A. 2 Glee Club g 1-4 JOHN FLOOD Pep Club 3-4 Tgmahawk Advertising Class Play 3 TOI'I1a.l1aWk 4 Manager 4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1 Tomahawk 4 DARLETTA FOSBINDER DONETTE FERRIS F. H. A. Officer 3-4 Libr Club 2-3-4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 Pep afglub 1-2-3-4 VIRGINIA FULLER Pep Club 1-2-3-4 G. .A. A. 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Library 2-3-4 G, A, A, Officer 4 Messenger 4 Glee Club 1-2-3 F, H, A, 2-3-4 Tomahawk 4 Octet 3-4 F, H, A, Officer 4- Pep Club Officer 4 Homecoming Court 4 Homecoming Court 4 Class Play 3 Glee Club 1-2-3 TOIIlahaWk Tgmahawk 4- MCSSCI1gCf 1-2-3-4' Messenger 1-2-3-4 F. 1"2'3-4 C1355 3-4 Band 3-4 LEROY FOX Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Tomahawk 4 Messenger 2-3 "N" Club 2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3-4 Spanish Club Officer 3 Class Officer 2-3 Basketball 1-2-3 Baseball l-2-3 Boys' Sextet 2 Octet 3-4 Library Club 2-3 Homecoming Court 4 Class Play 3-4 i. .74w2z'6'e.f.r?evezz.r Jael ja!! Qtr' J. AZz?'Z'eq Una x Zzzeife Fkrrzk Qifaizz Wand F ma fzzflezf ' ,, L, . V-.- -..,- -.--4 . . --j.-.7-ka-....-,Q ..----- -,-wx--,.Y...,f , . s.. - .. nga, TOMAHAWK l MAX GILBERT F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 "N" Club 3-4 Tomahawk 4 Track 2-3 Manager, Basketball - 2 DWIGHT JOHNSON Tomahawk 4 "N" Club 3-4 Baseball 3-4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Softball 1 JACK J. MCKIBBEN F. F. A. Officer 4 F. F. A. Tomahawk Messenger "N" Club Glee Club A Pep Club Class Play Library Club Track Homecoming Court Pep Club Officer Manager, Basketball 1-2-3 -4 4 1-2-3-4 4 1-2-3-4 1-2-3-4 3-4 2-4 3 4 4 2 GEORGE GRUBE EILEEN INGRAM F. F. A. 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 - Messenger 3-4- Pep Club 2-3-4 Library Club 3-4 DONALD KIMERY Spanish Club 2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Tomahawk, Art Editor 4 RICHARD METTENDORF ELOISE KONRAD Patient, Danville 4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Basketball 1-2 Library 3-4 Band 1 Messenger 4 Class OffiCCI' 1 Tgmahawk 4 F. F. A. 1-2-3 Pep Club l-2-3-4 FERN MORTON Tomahawk 4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Library Club 3-4 525:11 .72-zgrazzz fn-3" .3 X A. "T f . , 12.-TX -, ' ' N"- . '- ffazlfe feared its 4291 TOMAHAWK DONALD PARKER Transfer from Charleston 2 Tomahawk 4 F. F. A. 1-3-4 Glee Club 1-2 Pep Club l-2-3-4 Projection Club 1 Camera Club 1 GEORGE SHUEMAKER F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 Pep Club 2-3-4 Tomahawk 4 BETTY STUCKEY Messenger 1-2-3-4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 F. H. A. 2-3-4 Library 3 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Homecoming Court 4 Carnival Court 2 Class Play 4 Tomahawk 4 Class Officer 1 G. A. A. Officer 4 JUDY PARKER Tomahawk 1-3-4 Business Manager 4 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 F. H. A. 2-3-4 Spanish Club 4 Library 2-3-4 Messenger 2-3-4 EVELYN SNODGRASS G. A. A. 1 Messenger Staff 4 Glee Club 1-2-3 Library Club 1 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Tomahawk 4 JIM WILSON NN" Club 2-3-4 "N" Club Officer 3 Tomahawk, Editor 4 Class Officer 2-3 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Octet 4 Band 3-4 Class Play 3-4 F. F. A. 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. Officer 2-3-4 Homecoming King 4 Carniva1,Court 3-4 F. F. A.-F. H. A. Court 3-4 Track 2-3 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Messenger 3 BEVERLY SALZMAN Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Spanish Club 2-3 Pep Club 2-3-4 Library Club 3-4 Tomahawk 4 SHIRLEY STEWART Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club 1-2-3 F. H. A. 1-2-3-4 F. H. A. Officer 1-2-3-4 Messenger 1-2-3-4 Messenger Officer 3-4 Tomahawk 3-4 G. A. A. 1-2-3-4 Class Officer 1 Pep Club 1-2-3-4 Library 1-2-3-4 Class Play 3-4 Tomahawk, Assistant Editor 4 SHIRLEY WRIGHT Glee Club 1-2-3-4 Library Club 3-4 Pep Club 3 Spanish Club 1-2-3-4 Tomahawk 4 K 1 ktfiez' Jkffzmzzg iaiig Z 5' fyzz fwlgray E xx-I 5 N .fZz?'.7ez4' Zfrzyif gg TOMAHAWK SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Every year about this time, N. H. S. appoints someone to go to the great fortune teller, Swami Riva, and ask him to peer ten years ahead and predict the future of the graduating class. This year, as your reporter waits breathlessly, type- writer in hand, the Swami bends over his crystal ball, goes into a trance, and sees . . . Juanita Ballinger at the "Little Theatre Off Time Square," working on her revival of the play, "When Mother Screams, She's Not Cranky." Shirley Dow as head of stenography at the Clark School of Better Business. Shirley Wright as head of the Foreign Department of the school, and Evelyn Snodgrass as school nurse. Jack McKibben and Don Kimery have gone to- gether and are billed as "The Deep Valley Boys." Joanne Bell and Joan Gilbert as co-owners of the "Zombie Theater," where the double feature, "Champagne for Caesar" and "The Big Hang- over," are now showing. Fern Morton as Golf Champion of 1965. She and Virginia Fuller have collaborated and have built a huge golf course in Los Angeles. Dave Casstevens and Jack Doll, owners of the "No-Crop Tomato Company," have added to their civic betterment program by building a new high school. Beverly Salzman has been hired as head librarian in the S500,000 library and Eloise Konrad as head of the language department. She is now working on her book, "Learn Spanish in Ten Easy Lessons-or Five Hard Ones." Betty Stuckey is modeling Pierre de Fume's gowns in Marshall Field's store. Max Gilbert is foreman in Ken Grubb's Worm Gear Division of the Peoria Caterpillar plant. Donette Ferris has been voted America's pin-up girl. She is president of the Lullaby Diaper Com- pany. George Shuemaker and Eileen Ingram Shue- maker are the No. 1 poets of America, having written such inspiring poems as, "He Slew His Parents So He Could Go to the Orphans' Picnic." The best selling book of the year, "The Low- down on the Upside-Down Cake" or "Turn It Over, It's just Burnt on the Bottom," was written by Shirley Stewart, who has her Master of Edu- cation degree in the fine art of cooking. After having unfortunate luck with his Here- lords, Jim Wilson is now raising Aberdeen Angus. He's also forming the Wilson Packing Company. Jim already has a contract to supply the beef for Hank Bray's troupe of Japanese wrestlers. John Chester Flood, president of the Chester- flood Cigarette Company, has hired Leroy Fox, the leading nose and throat specialist, to make ex- haustive tests on cigarettes. Judy Parker has given up her Fountain of Youth job 'cause she wasn't getting any younger. The Bob Wilson School of Brute Force is offer- ing to you, our dear readers, a set of biceps, a set of triceps, and the ability to wiggle your left ear, all for the amazing sum of 84.98. George Grube as Jerry Lewis's understudy. George is coming into his own since Jerry is re- tiring. Joanna Sue Morgan as a famous lion tamer in Larry Green's circus, and she has Larry almost tamed, too! Darletta Fosbinder has captured the hearts of millions on her singing tour abroad. She has also captured the heart of King Kamin Gandhi of Arabia, to whom she sang. "Diamond" Don Parker, the greatest promoter since Bamum, is now raffling off Brooklyn Bridge. Only five bucks a ticket. And now as Swami comes out of his trance and extends his hand murmuring in a deep romantic voice, "Cross me palm wit silver, Bub," we take a regretful leave of the great Swami Riva. THE END TOMAHAWK WX ' 1 xx. X E , ,A , JUNIURS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN TOMAHAWK JUNIORS The "Class of '53" has progressed to its Junior year and has graduated from the sponsorship of Mr. Ledbetter and Mr. White to that of Mrs. Bell and Mr. Palmer. On November, 8 and 9, we presented in the high school gymnasium our play, "Stranger in the Night," a comedy-mystery in three acts. Our main attraction was the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet which was held on May 8, 1952. The banquet was held from 7:30 to 9:00 P. M., in the Homernaking Room. Immediately following the banquet Gary Wilson's orchestra opened the Prom with the theme song, "Wishin'.', The decoration theme was "Wishin'." As a final notation the class wishes to thank its sponsors for timely advice and for putting up with a class that was determined to kill tradition and do things its own way. ROW ONE Cleft to rightl- Advisors: Mrs. Bell and Mr. Palmer. ROW TWO- President: Marilyn Lawrence, Vice-President: Bob Swengelg Secretary-Treasurer: Tony Shee- hang Class Reporter: Sandra Adkins. ROW THREE- Eloise Adkins, Stanley Albin, Norman Ander- son, Bill Andres, Donald Beals. ROW FOUR- Delbert Bell, Neta Brown, Ruth Burton, Don- ald Claybaugh, Carol Evans. JUNIUR5 C v -v-A .-P-.H efq- , -1,3-. -- - - TOMAHAWK Row ONE fleft to figm- Ruth Flood, Betty Floyd, Elizabeth Ga.mmill Jean Gilbert, Clarice Goad. ROW TWO- Josie Hatten, Bob Heaton, Anita Jones, Doro- thy Lane, Regis McClory. ROW THREE- Bob McKibben, Donald Mehl, jo Ann Meyers Neil Nichols, Nancy Russell. ROW FOUR- Larry Sanders, Violet Schoby, Charles Schutte Barbara Stewart, Lavonna True. ROW FIVE- Jeanie Walk, Karl Wente, Blanche White, Sherry White, Patricia Wright. ! 3 3 TOMAHAWK SOPHOMORES At the beginning of the year the Sophomore clubs as F.F.A., F.H.A., Library, Spanish, G.A.A., Class of 1951 and 1952 had an enrollment of Chorus, Band, and the "N" Club. thi -nine students. Durin the ear we lost four amgtlgained two. g Y This year we made money for the class by sponsoring movies for the student body. The Sophomores have been active in such ROW ONE Qleft to lightl- Advisors: Mr. White and Mrs. Holladay. ROW TWO- .. President: Rex Lindley, Vice-President: Lylah Schutteg Secretary-Treasurer: Bill Alexander, Class Reporter: Richard Albin. ROW THREE- Wayne Andrews, Ida Mae Beals, Joy Beals, Neva Bray. .- ROW FOUR- Nancy Cann, Marie Cooper, Donald Condes, Sonny Croy, Janet Edwards. SDPHUMURES N x b fv , f? TOMAHAWK ROW ONE Cleft to rightl- Jim Farr, Sue Gilbert, Jessie Green, Kitty Hampton, Dwight Koester. ROW TWO- Robert Konrad, Martha Kraft, John Lawson, Shirley Martin, Richard Miller. ROW THREE- Marian Oakley, Linda Parker, Harold Patrick, Frank Price, John Schutte. ROW FOUR- John Sheehan, Barbara Shuemaker, Delbert Spencer, Donald Spencer, Louise Stephens. ROW FIVE- Kay Wampler, Duane Warner, Evelyn White, George White, Wilbert Biggs. ,v 'q ... 1 . 1 O . X 'if' 1 i K g,v s if f .. L - '- 1- '- 1 547 7 H'- +97 . I f 'ir f "ff R -Q Mill? 15- I ts- 5 Q-47 sf' TOMAHAWK FRESHMEN On the day of September 4, 1951, the future class of '55 attended their first high school class. Then with the guidance of our class sponsors, Mr. Grubb and Mr. Reiman, we chose our class offi- cers. President, Phyllis Oakley, Vice-President, Betty Barrett, Secretary, Shirley Deadmondg Treasurer, Jim Haskettg and Reporter, Diane Jones. Then approximately three weeks later on the sad day of October 5, the Freshmen were init- iated. When that day was over I'm sure we all felt we were full fledged members of Neoga High School. The green little freshies were made a real pretty bright red. Especially that night when Professor Marian Oakley popped up with some real super questions for us to solve, I think we all passed with flying colors. Throughout the course of the year the Fresh- men Class has become well acquainted with this new high school life and has joined in with most of the school activities and organizations. The future class of '55 wants to thank the fac- ulty for helping us through our first year of high school. ROW ONE Qleft to rightl- Advisors: Mr. Reiman and Mr. Grubb. Presi- dent, Phyllis Oakley. ROW TWO- Vice-President: Betty Barrett, Treasurer: Jim Haskettg Secretary: Shirley Deadmondg and Reporters: Diane Jones, Lorene Beals. ROW THREE- Verna Beals, Barbara Bell, James Brown, Carol Cann, Louise Gasstevens. ROW FOUR- Patricia Conner, Willard DeLong, Bill Fear, Carol Fleming, Robert Gentry. J Plex- U- --Q-V--f -Le-W L -- -'aw-agua? we--Y --,fig t. TOMAHAWK ROW ONE fleft to rightl- Evelyn Goad, Dorothy Hardesty, Judith Harvey, Robert Hatten, Dorothy Hellman. ROW TWO- Donald Johnson, Donna Sue Jones, Charles Keck, Mary Jane Keck, Donald Lawson. ROW THREE- Betty Lear, Donald McMullen, Leona Mehl, Richard Peters, Jim Reynolds. ROW FOUR- Ronald Russell, Shirley Schroeder, Nolen Shee- han, Paul Sheehan, Barbara Strohl. ROW FIVE- Dean Walk, Darilene Warner, Barbara White, Donald White, John Wilson. I v 1 -- TOMAHAWK CLASS OF '51 RICHARD GRISHAM-Working at the Cat- erpillar factory in Peoria. ROY WALK-Helping on the farm. BILL WENTE-Now living in Springfield. Office boy at General Mills. JACK ANDERSON-Helping on the farm and working at Kuehne's. IDA JANE ANDREWS-Student at Eastern. NORMA BARRETT-Student at Sparks Busi- ness College. BETTY BEALS-Working at the Tender Krust Bakery in Mattoon. JACK BEALS-e-Telegrapher on the Newgaroi-k. Central railroad. 'ffl' , E: PATRICIA BUSHUR-Working at a doctor's office in Moline. A BILL CLARK-Helping on the farm 'Land working at Kuehne's. - DONNA FORT-Working as a secretary at Gibson's in Mattoon. , BARBARA FRY-Student at Greenville Col- lege. DORIS HAGAN-Working at the Consoli- dated Telephone Company in Mattoon. LEO HARDESTY--Working on the railroad. MARY ANN HARTKE-Working at the Jour- nal-Gazette in Mattoon. ODIS HATTEN-Working at Young's Radi- ator plant in Mattoon. DONNA BAKER-Working at Hulman's in Mattoon. CAROL JONES-Now Mrs. Bill Montgomery. ROBERT KOESTER-Working at home. NANCY LAWRENCE-Student at the Uni- versity of Illinois. BARBARA MOORE-Living in California. RICHARD MORGAN-In the Air Force. KEITH MYERS-In the Air Force. FERN NICHOLS--Student at Eastern. DEAN OVERMYER-In the Air Force. JUANITA PATRICK-Living in California. CHARLES PRICE-Working at the Meadow Gold milk plant in Mattoon. EARL PRICE-Living in Neoga. CHRISTINE PUGSLEY-At home. CHARLES ROY-Student at the University of Illinois. FRANCES SCHROEDER-Working at the telephone office in Neoga. MARY ANN SCHUTTE-Student at Eastern. HAROLD DEAN STARWALT-Attending a refrigeration school in Chicago. DONALD STEWART--Student at Eastern. ROY STROHL-Working at home and at Kuehne's. Harold Tipton-Working at Hayes Freight Lines in Mattoon. MAXINE WALK--At home. ROSEMARY WHITE-Now Mrs. Charles Ro- minger. PHYLLIS WILSON-Working at the Bell Telephone Company in Mattoon. TOMAHAWK an X . .XZ A ACTIVITIES ORGANIZATIONS SPORTS TOMAHAWK TOMAHAWK It has been the job of the Senior Class each year to publish the school annual in remembrance of old school mates. This year the "Tomahawk,' has been published through the efforts of Jim Wilson, editor, Shirley Stewart, assistant editor, Judy Parker, business manager, David Casstevens, advertising manager Q Mr. Leming, advisor 5 and Eileen Ingram, art editor. Sandra Adkins was the Junior editor. We, the staff, wish to express our appreciation to all others who may have helped with this publi- cation. TOMAHAWK STAFF FRONT ROW fleft to rightl- Mr. Leming, Eileen Ingram, Shirley Stewart, Jim Wilson, David Casstevens. SECOND ROW- Fern Morton, Evelyn' Snodgrass, Shirley Wright, Joan Gilbert, Beverly Salzman, Darletta Fos- binder, Juanita Ballinger, Sue Morgan. THIRD ROW- Betty Stuckey, Donette Ferris, Joanne Bell, Shirley Dow, Eloise Konrad, Jack McKibben, Larry Green, Max Gilbert. FOURTH ROW- Dwight Johnson, John Flood, George Shue- rnaker, Donald Kimery, Leroy Fox, Jack Doll, Bobby Wilson, George Grube. li A11 fix , fl Jim Zailiau E 3 I 'I' C Q.. ffzzkfizgf fzifwazi Judy Javier RSS? EDITOR EUS-NNNNFIGEQ, 3. x A Q wlflff fanferenf 5576422 nov.Mp:,Nr:,GEQ r:1:2-r-- E ZZEL4'3fiY TOMAHAWK HOMECOMING December 16, 1951 started a busy week for all students at Neoga High School. On Sunday night they started out with a Christmas Concert which proved very successful. The following Wednesday led to the exciting basketball game with the Dutchmen taking anoth- er victory by just one point. On Friday evening the doors opened to the 1951 Homecoming Dance. The gym was dec- orated to the theme "Christmas Island." The or- chestra was placed in front of a large back drop which held a moon and the sparkling letters of our theme. Stars hung from the drop ceiling of blue and white. A Santa Claus in his canoe filled with packages and lighted Christmas tree in one comer completed the decorations. Once again at 10 P. M., Norma Barrett and Dick Grisham, Queen and King of 1950, crowned Sue Morgan and Jim Wilson, Queen and King of 1951. Attendants to their majesties were first, Donette Ferris, Larry Green, second, Betty Stuc- key, David Casstevensg third, Juanita Ballinger, Leroy Foxg fourth, Darletta Fosbinder, Jack Mc- Kibben. Little Judy Wilson and Jimmie Short carried the crowns on satin pillows. Linda Grisham and Mike Henry carried baskets of confetti and flow- ers to be dropped at the feet of their majesties. Jim Henderson's orchestra played for the main highlight sponsored by the senior class of 1952. This event will be well remembered by the class and all who attended. , 0 410- 'qN,r 'K HOMECOMING- 19 N I'-5 GPN as 0 W 11 ayne NEW' 'fo u 0 47-2. 4 e'Y,4G'XgL, 'Vi-J, NSE-Q JIFJU .W w"' -f 1- :-nu SUN ofwfa cnrxre-vefvs BE l'fY 5 I UCKE Y 2ND ATTtNDAN pun c. A'l3HAM NOAVMA 6,llA'A'l' kink-. .f qm1.L'N or 4,9p T o V G ls 3 ZN'5'?r4Qf6N T 7-EN D Feel! 'IN-rs ff Iv 4-' 1,4 443, f.4? F3 eff '40 +x'1?aSC!-Y N bv- 'JCYXAPA UANY5 Jpvr-'Lx'NrC"' af" ffl .x QA TOMAHAWK FFA The Future Farmers of America IS a national organization It is one of the largest and most active at N H S The officers of the chapter for the past year were Jim Wilson, president, Larry Green, v1ce presldent Stanley Albm secretary David Cas stevens treasurer Norman Anderson reporter Mr Lemxng advisor Each member has a project each year some of the members have livestock projects and others have crop projects FIRST ROW Qleft to rightj George Grube ack McK1bben Larry Green Norman Anderson Jim Wilson David Casstevens Stanley Albm Duane Warner SECOND ROW Mr Leming Bob Wilson Max Gilbert Charles Schutte Bob Heaton Bob McK1bben Bill Alexander ohn Schutte Sonny Croy THIRD ROW Jim Has Some of the many activities of F F A were corn shucklng, pest contest, rat control practices, chapter gilt project, skaung party, parent son ban quet and F F A F H A harvest dance We continued to make improvements on the Ag Farm Clearing more land is one of the mam thin s we did this year The motto of the club is Leammg to do Do mg to learn Earning to live Living to serve We of this farm youth club are endeavormg to follow this motto kett Nolen Sheehan Jack Doll Donald Beals Donald Mehl Donald Parker Richard Albm John Wilson Richard Peters BACK ROW Don ald White, Paul Sheehan George Shuemaker Dean Walk Neil Nichols, Delbert Spencer, Wayne Andrews Donald Spencer Donald Johnson Don ald McMullen O I I u 5 1 " ' I c o 1' a n I u - i . l . - U . . . , , , . . . . . Q. : in n a o - . , . . . H . . ' 5 ' U ' : ' i' : ' ' i ." I u U- - . ' a a s : 1 J- 9 1 a 1 Q : Q 3 s J ' i ' - u n , , ' , 1 . 1 a a s a 2 J Q 1 J ' 3 Q n ' . F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America are spread from coast to coast. Our Chapter consists of forty members. Each member must have had one se- mester of Homemaking. Officers for the past year were: Donette Ferris, president, Darletta Fosbinder, vice-president, Janet Edwards, secretary 3 Sue Morgan, treasurer 5 Shirley Stewart, parliamentariang Barbara Stew- art, historian g Ruth Flood, song leader, Lylah FIRST ROW fleft to rightlz Betty Stuckey, Lylah Schutte, Janet Edwards, Darletta Fosbinder, Donette Ferris, Shirley Stewart, Sue Morgan, Barbara Stewart, Ruth Flood. SECOND ROW: Juanita Ballinger, Barbara Shuemaker, Nancy Cann, Anita Jones, Betty Floyd, Sue Gilbert, Jean Gilbert, Joan Gilbert, Violet Schoby, Mrs. Bell. Schutte, public relations chairman. One of our oustanding events was the "Section 14 Sweetheart Dance." There were approximately 250 members and guests who attended. "National F. H. A. Week" was observed by uDaddy Date Night," church attendance, "Hobo Day," bake sale, "Family Fun Night." We also had our "Publicity Book" on display at Soward's Drug Store. THIRD ROW: Mary Jane Keck, Carol Cann, Diane Jones, Marian Oakley, Neva Bray, Carol Evans, .Dorthy Lane, Jeanie Walk, Martha Kraft, Phyllis Oakley. BACK ROW: Betty Barrett, Donna Sue Jones, Verna Sue Beals, Evelyn Goad, Lorene Beals, Sherry White, Clarice Goad, Jessie Green, Marie Cooper, Eloise Adkins. , A TOMAHAWK EL CIRCULO MEJOR This year's Spanish Club began its activities by electing new officers: Jo Ann Meyers, President g Sandra Adkins, Vice-President, and Juanita Bal- linger, Secretary-Treasurer. Some of the highlights of the year's activities were La Fiesta de Navidad and El Banquete de Primavera, which was prepared and served by members of the Spanish Club. Our advisor, Miss Neal, and Martha Kraft gave an excellent per- formance of the "lambs Tapatioj' the Mexican hat dance. The Spanish Club is organized for the purpose of acquainting its members with the language and customs of the Spanish speaking countries. FRONT ROW Qleft to right- Juanita Ballinger, Pat Wright, Eileen Ingram, Marian Oakley, Jo Meyers. SECOND ROW Leroy Fox, Shirley Wright, Marilyn Lawrence, Martha Kraft, Jim Farr, Miss Neal, advisor. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was organized early in Sep- tember under the direction of Miss Neal. The of- ficers were elected as follows: President, Marilyn Lawrence 5 Vice-President, Sandra Adkins 3 Treas- urer, Barbara Stewartg Secretary, John Sheehan, Head Librarian, Juanita Ballinger. Miss Neal and the Library Club have spent many hours working on the library this year. Most of their work has been cataloguing, alpha- betizing, and just routine library work, such as dusting shelves, checking in books and magazines. By being a member of the library staff a stu- dent is given the chance to be of service to the school, to familiarize himself with library facili- ties and to become acquainted with books and authors. FRONT ROW Qleft to rightl- Advisor, Miss Neal, Marian Oakley, Marilyn Lawrence, Barbara Stewart, Juanita Ballinger, John Sheehan. SECOND ROW- Carol Evans, Donette Ferris, Shirley Wright, Kitty Hampton, Fern Morton, Ida Mae Beals, Pat Wright, Betty Floyd, Lavonna. True, Eloise Konrad, Sherry White, Jo Meyers, Dorothy Lane, Darletta Fosbinder, Jean Gilbert. THIRD ROW- Joan Gilbert, Jim Farr, Eileen Ingram, Shirley Dow, Joanne Bell, Barbara Shuemaker, Jack Mc- Kibben, Beverly Salzman, Violet Schoby, Ruth Flood, Robert Konrad, Shirley Stewart. Q 1 TOMAHAWK GIRLS'CHORUS The Girls' Chorus made several appearances The Girls' Group combined with the Boys' during the year and each time their selections Chorus to form the Mixed Chorus which also were of very much liked songs. They were at the made impressive appearances during the year. Christmas Pageant, the Annual Spring Concert, Neoga High School can be very proud of the and Graduation. Mixd Chorus. FRONT ROW fleft to rightj : Director, Mrs. Holladay, Violet Schoby, Ruth Flood, Anita Jones, Donna Sue Jones, Barbara Bell, Patricia Conner, Sue Gilbert, Phyllis Oak- ley, Sue Morgan. SECOND ROW: Louise Casstevens, Joan Gilbert, Jean Gilbert, Lavonna True, Diane jones, Dorothy Lane, Novita Trigg, Carol Fleming, Shirley Dead- mond, Dorothy Hellman. THIRD ROW: jo Meyers, Carol Cann, Jessie Green, Mary Jane Keck, Lorene Beals, Beverly Salzman, Shirley Wright, Kitty Hampton, Linda Parker, Carol Evans, Dorothy Hardesty. FOURTH ROW: Marian Oakley, Pat Wright, Marilyn Lawrence, Barbara White, Sherry White, Clarice Goad, Ida Mae Beals, Shirley Martin, Janet Edwards, Barbara Stewart. BOYS'CHORUS The Boys' Choral Group was composed of Surrey with the Fringe on Top." The Boys' Cho- eighteen members from the four Senior High rus made three appearances-the Christmas Pag- classes. , cant, the Annual Spring Concert, and Graduation. Special selections were "Oklahoma" and "The FRONT ROW lleft to rightj : Director, Mrs. Holladay, Don Claybaugh, Bob McKibben, Stanley Albin, Jim Wilson, Max Gilbert, David Casstevens. SECOND ROW: Donald White, jack McKibben, Dean Walk, jack Doll, George White, Rex Lindley, john Wilson. THIRD ROW: Donald Johnson, Larry Sanders, Charles Schut- te, Leroy Fox, Jim Haskett, Don Kimery. ll 1 l 7 1 1 ' ' . ff4 Q l -.. 41 eg HA ' -5' pu- 1 - 'Y k 9 . s ' ,, ' "H ,f . -W 1- vu, if 'Yi ' an gr . . 'f 3: .yi - 4 , ,w . ' si. f 9 .1 mv-' 3' 9 .yr 15 'Lf , . . w Sri" fe , L ' S A S ll . , 5- '1- QA. R Y. ,!' .xi -c - "r .R . 8' 5 gg !l ef ig AVL 5? I . -- , vwp ' Wfofsfn 'U'i'. V w f-,fcf-Q66 '11 '- :fail-i-gf,-1: - ' 1 -ng x I ' 'Q 'VII' ' 1 - Q Qld 1 ' If -Q p ww mm "F" s. -5 v - 4 'rl' Q. w s i 1 I 1,-r , in ? '- Ei? TOMAHAWK OCTET The mixed octet is a special group chosen for voice blend. This group sings at various events both in school and community. All of their work this year included: District P.T.A., Presbyterian Men's Club, Lions Club Variety Show, County Teachers Meeting, Senior Class Play, Basketball Banquet, and Spring Concert. It is considered to be an honor to be chosen as a member of this group. The members of octet are: Soprano: Marian Oakley, Darletta Fosbinderg alto: Martha Kraft, Phyllis Oakley, tenor: Don Claybaugh, Bill Alex- ander, bass: Jim Wilson, Leroy Fox. BAND At last it happened after about 23 years with the same band uniforms we finally received some new ones. Most of the money needed to buy them was donated by interested citizens and communi- ty organizations. The school board made the down payment and the band members made their con- tribution by having a Hobo Day. The jacket is red, trimmed with gold buttons and braidg white webbed marine belt 3 grey trou- sers with a red stripe 5 grey visored military cap with red braid. We have six-inch red feather plumes which we wear on special dress occasions. The picture was taken on the night of April 27, 1951, the first time the new uniforms were worn. Each appearance finds the band members proud of the uniform they wear, and we hope future stu- dents will feel the same pride at being privileged to wear the school colors in a military cut. ' H f I I 3lig5 W f' Z- V, 5l,.V 1-:V-H iq., , ye ' 5 L Ll in L 1, g ,I r 11 r2,l17'i I7 ,A . -34 ' 1 A- En, ,,..,,. Y .,,,s,.,,,, ,, HM, ,.., ., ,LMT ,N TOMAHAWK MESSENGER STAFF FRONT ROW Qleft to rightjz Donette Ferris, Marian Oakley, Barbara Stewart, Shirley ,Stew- art, jean Gilbert, Mr. Clark, advisor. SECOND ROW: Darletta Fosbinder, Eloise Kon- rad, Eileen Ingram, Juanita Ballinger, Lylah Schutte, Janet Edwards, Diane Jones, Ann Price, Dorothy Lane, Clarice Goad, Pat Wright, Evelyn Snodgrass, Fern Morton, Betty Stuckey, Sue Morgan, Jo Ann Meyers, Marilyn Law- THiRD ROW: Joan Gilbert, Shirley Dow, J0- anne Bell, Sherry White, Betty Floyd, Virginia Fuller, Violet Schoby. BACK ROW: Norman Anderson, Jimmie Law- son, Larry Sanders, Jack McKibben. PEP CLUB The Pep Club is organized in order to give sup- dent body. This year the club was led in its yells port and backing to the varsity athletic teams. by five cheerleaders of whom we are very Membership is composed of the majority of stu- proud. fLeft to Rightj: Marian Oakley, Sue Morgan, Phyllis Oakley, Jo Ann Meyers, Martha Kraft. v Q' 15 5, 1 'QE Qifmiig as i ' ' A4 5 f 9 5 5' an V "-wg-gg W I V , , ,L gp 4,5-21 E Y? V53 k x if , eve? 'gggziggggimil eg lx .Y-A If TOMAHAWK "N" CLUB FRONT ROW: Mr. Voris, Bob McKibben, Bob Swengel, David Casstevens, Larry Sanders, Stanley Albin, Franklin, Price, Mr. Grubb. BACK ROW: Jim Wilson, Max Gilbert, Jack McKibben, Norman Anderson, Wilbert Biggs, Leroy Fox, Rex Lindley, John Lawson, Donald Beals, Karl Wente, Delbert Bell. G. A. A. FIRST ROW: Miss Wagner, Barbara Stewart, Betty Floyd, Carol Evans, Juanita Ballinger, Sue Morgan, Donette Ferris, Betty Stuckey. SECOND ROW: Elizabeth Gammill, Lavonna True, Sherry White, Neta Brown, Noveta Trigg, Lorene Beals, Mary Jane Keck, Betty Barrett, Ida Mae Beals. THIRD ROW: Josie Hatten, Janet Edwards, Martha Kraft, Donna. Sue Jones, Shirley Stew- art, Darletta Fosbinder, Dorothy Lane, Ruth Flood, Violet Schoby, Anita Jones. TOP ROW: Jeanie Walk, Ruth Burton, Blanche White, Jo Ann Meyers, Phyllis Oakley, Diane Jones, Marian Oakley, Sue Gilbert, Jean Gil- bert. W TOMAHAWK BASEBALL Soon after school started last fall, Coach Kermy good ball games during the season but lack of Grubb called the first baseball practice. There experience began to show up With a number of were about twenty boys who reported but soon returning men next fall we should be able to give that number was only fifteen. We played some a good showing for our school ROW ONE Cleft to rightl- Don Mehl, Leroy Fox, Bob Wilson, George White, Dave Casstevens, Larry Sanders. ROW TWO Cleft to rightl- John Lawson, Frank Price, Rex Lindley, Coach Kenny Grubb, Wilbert Biggs, Dwight Johnson, and Dean Walk. TRACK We had a good track team considering the lack With the coaching of Mr Vons and Mr Grubb of equipment and track space. the boys went a long way SITTING fleft to rightjz Harold Patrick, Ronald Russell, Bob Heaton, Franklin Price. KNEELING: Donald White, Bob McKibben, John Lawson, John Wilson. STANDING: Rex Lindley, Larry Sanders, Bob Swengel, Nor- man Anderson. l :ng-gps. Y-.- 1. TOMAHAWK THE SQUAD DAVE C-ASSTEVENS, Senior. This was Dave's first season on the varsity. He played both for- ward and guard positions to take advantage of scoring ability. He was voted the most valuable Senior on the squad. JIM WILSON, Senior. Jim was the quickest man on the team and also an accurate shot al- though he concentrated mainly on ball handling. Jim was elected honorary captain of the team. HENRY BRAY, Senior. "Hank" joined the squad in mid-season. His rebounding skill, fight, and his constant chatter served to stimulate the team to better play. BOB SWENGEL, Junior. This was "Greek's" third year of varsity play. He led the squad in goals and free throws and with this rough season- ing and experience Neoga's hopes for a big season in '52-'53 rest squarely on his shoulders. STAN ALBIN, Junior. The workhorse of the team. A bright prospect who had to gain experi- ence the hard way. Stan probably averaged a game and one-half against each competitor. This paid off in Stan gaining confidence and expert- ness. The last few games showed a marked im- provement in his rebounding and shooting. REX LINDLEY, Sophomore. Rex was the only- Sophomore letterman and he showed great prom- ise all season. Rex was always there in the clutches and proved to be our brightest prospect for an all- around player. He held down the regular forward position all season. BOB MCKIBBEN, Junior. Bob played "B" team and considerable varsity. His uncanny shoot- ing in one or two games makes us hope he'll be a consistent threat next season. DELBERT BELL, Junior. Aggressiveness and love of the game always makes Delbert a. con- tender. Finishing off in fundamentals should make him a tough customer. HAROLD PATRICK, Sophomore. Another Sophomore who has his sights on the starting five in '52-'53. He's aggressive, and has no fearg this combined with greatly improved skill should make one guard position put up a "sold out" sign. DON CORDES, Sophomore. The "Duke" is that natural who throws the ball and for some un- explained reason it goes in. "Duke" came along the fastest of any prospect this season and it's a cinch he'l be seen a lot next season. " GREEK " 'buoy voms' C, Olaf: D-0 ZQ X .X :sn-J: sz' nigh ...vw if V. lp, it . 3f,Q,, F 9 wr' -bex j' ..,I. . I ,'4!t42K,,., 4, K -Q , F an .1 JIM 'I 'anvf " 'M HC " squmo 'lumpy " MHNQGEQ, "5 rnfv f WREX' -48, . .YR 15 ,. TOMAHAWK JUNIOR CLASS -PLAY HSTRANGER IN THE NIGHT," a comedy mystery in three acts, was presented by the Mabel Crane ....,,.. Sylvia Lee .......... Grant Terry ...... Eddie Beach ....,. Nona Pollard ....,... Clifford Newkirk ...... J. T. Rutledge ....,, Velda Stevens ..,.. Sam Fisk ....,., Rose Jordan ,.,..,... Marcella Bender ,,.... .... Sandra King Class of '53 on November 8th and 9th. The cast was as follows: Barbara Stewart jo Ann Meyers Stanley Albin Bill Andres Sandra Adkins Bob Swengel Bob Heaton Dorothy Lane Larry Sanders Betty Floyd Elizabeth Gammill Josie Hatten SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class presented the comedy, "FOR tors were Mr. Ellsworth Palmer and Miss Carolyn PETE'S SAKE," April 17th and 18th. The direc- Neal. The cast consisted of the following: Miss Sarah Pepperdine ,,..,..,,A.,,.,. Shirley Stewart Peter' s aunt. Jasmine Jackson .............,.......... Juanita Ballinger Aunt Sarah's darky cook. Cicero Murglethorpe .............,................ jack Doll Dean of Elwood College. Peter Pepperdine ...,,..............,..,. David Casstevens Always in hot water. Bill Bradshaw ........,.,,,............ a.....,,... I im Wilson Peter's pal. Thomdyke Murglethorpe A college grind. Mrs. Georgiana Clarkston A social climber. Nadine Clarkston .,.....,....,., Peter's sweetheart. Peggy Clarkston ...........,.. Bill's sweetheart. Malvina Potts ................,.... Muggy's sweetheart. John Boliver ..................... A wealthy banker. Dupont Darby ................. The college poet. Leroy Fox Sue Morgan Donette Ferris Betty Stuckey judy Parker ,,..,,. jack McKibben ...,. Larry Green , I Hull! 'W' N I xilllllll' ,fad J ., If KV '. fl 14' v' 5,812 ' 1 . A' .1gs"lr , ' - 5' ' - wks it . Q, 2,355 - im.. , 1 Q N -PK: ' " .V 4312 Q 1 . 5 ' .V -QS , E A I A . . K' v X'-j45Ir 1 'ti ' 1- .. lxn' . ,.' ' ci ,x-' J J Nga ygiwi J 1282? 1-Q, -f uf"-W . 'CEM .Wg i Wg gg. sie: Q fwfr ' J uf" ft ,, r G mm' W a -"If T. Ai 2-5.4. X, O v ' Q. ,, x JN w 'j'-0:1 HQ. 4 :YQ . 1.43, ' K 1 ' -:Rr TOMAHAWK 1951-SCHOOL CALENDAR-1952 A SEPTEMBER 4-School begins. 7-Baseball game with Cowden here. 11-Neoga vs. Brownstown, there. 14-Juniors choose class rings and Seniors choose announcements from Herff-Jones Co. Anoth- er baseball game with St. Athony's here. - 18-Beecher City here in another basball game. 21-Altamont plays Neoga here. 24-F. F. A. Parent-Son meeting. 25-Indians vs. T-Town, there. 27--Seniors choose. Spieth Studios of Olney to make our Tomahawk for '51 and '52. 28-Stewardson-Strasburg vs. Neoga Indians here. 29-F. H. A. House of Delegates meeting. OCTOBER 3-Neoga vs. Toledo, there. 4-Indians vs. T-Town, there. 5-Oh my, what a sight! Freshman initiation. 11-F. H: A.-F. F. A. dance. No school, teachers' meeting. 12-No school, teachers' meeting. 16-End of first six weeks. Time sure does fly. 29-Spieth took individual pictures today. We hope no cameras were broken. NOVEMBER 3-Seniors sponsor a Fall dance. 4--F. H. A. Week-attended church in a body. Q 1 ' ' 5--F. H. A. sponsors a Hobo Day. 8-9-Junior Class play, "Stranger in the Night." 9--F. H. A. Assembly program. 10-F. H. A. bake sale. 12-Junior Class rings came. They sure are pretty. 16--High School basketball season opens with Neoga playing Farina. Too bad, we lost 35 to 48. 17-We play Altamont here and lose 31 to 40. 21-We lose to T-Town 21 to 53 in a game there. 22-Thanksgiving. No school. 23--More vacation. 27-Stewardson-Strasburg here, score 49 to 37, their favor. DECEMBER 1-We play Brownstown here. 4-5-Ag. boys attend Intemational Livestock Exposition. 7-St. Anthony plays Neoga here. 13--F. H. A. Christmas party. 14-Indians play Cumberland here. 15-Indians play St. Elmo there. 16-Christmas Concert. 19-Homecoming game with T-Town here, score 4-4 to 43 in T-Town's favor. 21-Homecoming dance. 25-29-St. Anthony's Holiday Toumament. 22-Jan. 1-Christmas vacation. - R -nl lm 1, -i 1' HG-reenfxmmfs U V if -an--' Q , .4 J - .:' !'.. , 3 n 'WL' 1: 4-- 1, 2 If N 1'.'4'-f , H V1 K : A r-22. . Q, ,ec.4,,ff Lovin'- SMPVISC NLOf'L+4,,1m1 ' 'KN ll.: yy.. - ,vi N' . s' ' Q 'H' 3-fd 'Q . I. , -4. .4 4 a , 4 1 L ., if 1 44 . .r V y 2 - .J -,-a in 2 D1 1 '- "Bevvf1fc ' VV". F. A. 7'Ae DayAff'fer,' ,.. H xv Araerofef C'U'Cl5 GUNS C I? ws., fJ1,,,l.. TOMAHAWK 1951-SCHOOL CALENDAR--1952 JANUARY 2-Back to school after long vacation. 2-Neoga plays Windsor, there. 4-F. F. A. Freshmen Green Hand initiation. 7-9-10-11-N. T. C. Tourney. 15-Farina here in a good basketball game. 17-18-Semester exams. 24-Gypsy Troubadours here for an assembly pro- gram sponsored by the Seniors. 25-We play Brownstown, there. 26-We play Martinsville here. 29-Spieth takes Tomahawk group pictures. FEBRUARY 1-Cowden vs. Neoga, there. 2-N. T. C. meeting. 5-We play Windsor here. 8-We play Beecher City, there. 9-F. H. A. Sweetheart dance for Section 14. 12--No school. Lincoln's birthday. 13-P. T. A. organization meeting. 15-Indians play St. Anthony, there. 19--Seniors start their magazine sales. 21-Sinclair Farm Show. 22-Stewardson-Strasburg, there. 23-We play Martinsville, there. 25-29-Basketball Tourney for the District. 29--End of fourth sixth weeks. MARCH 3-7--Regional Basketball Tournament. 7-Marionette Show, sponsored by the Senior Class. 6-7-Lions Club home talent show. 10-Philco Cooking School. 12-14--Sectional Basketball Tournament. 14-F. H. A. "Daddy Date Night." 17-Biology Class goes to Chicago. 18-Class basketball tournament. 19-G. A. A. Activity Day. 25-Seniors sponsor an assembly program with the Allens from Hollywood, California. 27-F. F. A. Parliamentary Procedure contest. 28-Community Basketball Banquet. APRIL 10-11-Teachers meeting and Good Friday. No school. 15-End of fifth six weeks. 17-18-Senior Class play, "For Pete's Sake." 19--F. H. A. Rally at Casey. 25--F. H. A. Slumber party. MAY 2-F. H. A. Mother-Daughter banquet. 8-Junior-Senior Prom. 16-Spring Concert. 20-F. F. A. Parent-Son banquet. 23--Senior semester exams. 25-Baccalaureate. 26-27-Underclassmen exams. 29-All-School Picnic at Twin Lakes, Paris. 30-Senior Commencement Exercises. 31-Alumni Dance. - Now When We. If n HaclOurProm,--- More 1:1 H, Ages "M 'LJ f Freskmg V 'woworas par f Q, I i 1 . 1 TAB, mflelff 5 f'I -I- -.n-ul-.min-.--In-.-1g1g..g1g.-n--I-.n1n-a1g1g.1p1y..-pi-1q1'1..-g ...g.-Mig-.pig-.qq--pig--....1m1u1g1.u153.-gq...l.1g1pq1g1,g..gq1-.-pg-.. 1 --lu 1 - - 1uI-ll-1ll-lu-111uilgu-lin-nip-u-q--q-g1n1.lim-pp-p-1 WARNER OFFICE EQUIPMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR ADDING MACHINES FOUNTAIN PENS TYPEWRITERS FULL LINE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1623 Charleston Avenue MATTOON. ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF THE NATIONAL BANK OF MATTOON I DEPOSITS INSURED BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WASHINGTON, D. C. 35.000 MAXIMUM INSURANCE 35.000 F OR EACH DEPOSITOR 14:1 11-.- im-.lmigl.-ug1' 1gn1m11m-.m.- 1m.iw1.q,. 1yl1,q.-pn -.---.----1 -aiu.-u-.-1 p1-11111.---I.-1 -.............1! +-.-...........-......-... 4.1- .1g- 1g-.,.,.g1g1p--.-g1u..p1u 11 1g1.1n -I-........ lzul--111-Inc-H10-ral """"""f""""""f"""f""Tf'f"f"'f"'f""""'i' DE Mire - t - I6 01' BSS I ua Hg and Faster i with wired help I in all 6 o BUSINESS o HOME i A AND i 5 0 FARM USES i -1. T 1 EENTHAL ILLINIJIS Q PUBLIC SEHVIIIE GUMPANY I Essential Service 5 to an Exceptional Territory I -v-u-n-- -nu-vm-un-un-ur-lu-lu-lv-vu-'vi' h Refreshment T"'."i""'-i-"-?-f'.?"'-?'l1- l I ! N EOGA 1 MANUFACTURING Q COMPANY 'I T PERMA-LIFT E PANTIE GIRDLES E "No Bones About It- a Stays Up without Stays" I . E SEE US FOR WORK I o I i NOGA, 1LL1No1s l l -1---f---------------- headquarters hi A I0 VTl!D UND!! AUYNOIIIY O! YN! COCA COLA COMPANY ll M inin--In-uuvuu1lu-m1nl1N-ll1m1ll1l.? vguinuinu-u-an-ln-an-n1u1lm--m1n1 1 1 Best of Luck to the l 1 Graduating Class of '52 LESTEWS F. E. Walters 5 8z 10 5 WEARING APPAREL . . L 1 Fon WOMEN 1609-ll Broadway l I MATTOONI ILL. S 1609 Broadway Maman Ill I I .....-....-.------1-b 4---------------M-- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 l-.I:l1--m1u1q.-.n-.l-l1l:l- 1.-.-.g1.g-pg-,ig T115--1:-1511-ll 1:1-1u1I-.I1--.1---.-Q 15151 1 -11 pq.-1115-ul, CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '52 SHORT'S FURNTTU RE STORE NEOGA. ILLINOIS CLAYTON DOLL GENERAL MERCHANDISE - HARDWARE - FEED DIXIE FEEDS - ARMOUR FERTILIZER BOTTLE GAS AND APPLIANCES Local and Long Distance Trucking TROWBRIDGE. ILLINOIS I in-1111151...-..1g....-u..-p..--..g1g1g.--1.-.q...-.-.g1g-.g 111-1511...-I -l1hi1m-il-unililvnnillrm-me-H-nn1n-I -in--I-l1l -il--l -9-.:u1.1g1-1-1y.q1'1g1.-.,..q1q1- n1n1m1m-lim I I 1 ? 'I'-l1u-l-u1u-n1u1n-:--ul1n-l-u11u--us-nn--1---sa-n1u1n-lnvllll 'I'-I-"l1"'1"'1"'-"'-"1""U'Fil-l1l1Il-ll1'l1"l1"l"ll'-ll1'l'-'l'-""'+ n!!,0 1 I F E 'A SPITZ I CLOTHIERS I I I E O I 5 MOs'r STYLE AND VALUE I For Your I i CLOTHING DOLLAR I 1 1 O I T Q MATTOON. ILL. I 1 .g........,....,,.......,,.....-,,....-,..-..-..-...,.. T I I I KINDEST REGARDS I I ANDERMAN 1 FURNITURE 5 COMPANY I I V Y I I -1504 Broadway- i V v l I MATTOON. ILLINOIS I 1 n gl.I19.3-.m1IIII1nI-I.-.y1g-.g1g.-g-qggg.-I 1111:-yn1.I1qq1p.-g.1n1g.-pn-.g.-gig .i-1-, +3-.g-1.----.n1q.m-.g-pp-l-.Q-n-u At Your Service , 1- B H D I I !?' II WLBH 1170 Kc. WLBH-FM 96.9 Mc. 0 MATTOON. ILL. 1-'31-1...--q1gg1m...g1.,,1.q1-.1,g1.u1 EARL ROSS Your Dollar Goes Farther L at Ross's" I I I MATTOON. ILLINOIS oiolxl--51:11:11:-ly1l1lq-Il1Il1 -I1 :ls 1.51541--gn-5'--ll-intl-11511-ll-n n1n--1111:-n1n-11:-u1uI. l1g--15-.Q-Q-lxqxl-41:-nh-I-Ill N N U1 In Q O 2 F3 Q IF me E P1 59,2 F O I:r.1 I-' gg E "' In Esc: In I-4 '-' C11 S-E 'os 5 I-gnu OI H10 QW Fafgi-'D I I I 25 zE:m:: 551699: ISI- 95' Zu' '4 ----------------------I If-- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1-151g-.-11-11 ---.-.......-.-.Q vlan U-rl gp- Q-min-.glglpli 1qig.-.q 1I.1g.ig..p.1 iIg1nig1 ...-p1im1niIq1M...g1pq CUMBERLAND COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NEOGA. ILLINOIS Soon after men began to do business togethers, banks were started to speed the interchange of goods and to safeguard money. Bank loans put ships to seag sent cara- vans on their wayg increased production for the loom, the forge, and the farm. . QI- oo I-o ZIP: QI-I 3,2 mo ma- EE sv 5:1 I-1 IIE .QU o c: I-I-g'q,.a 3353 mfimo 5333 CD SH III: 3'I35'E' 32252. wI1'9I5 '41 prm 2935.01 s mama IMI gggfiw :f."4m e-905 ZW: 93 32.2 Q55-'sf 2.52. mei ISI Eco- r--5 9.1243 515, IIS? II' II II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II +I II I II II I II II II II II 'I I I I , I Blue Bird Candy Shop Q E BROKER AGE Home Made Candies I I Mattoon's Lunch's and Fountain Service I I SUPER VALUE STORE I I 1715 Broadway Matioon. III. I I Mattoon. Illinois f I I I I I I I I I I I I in-u ---no-:-ng-:--as-nu-nu-aus:-q-u-4 . QQ..--1-1.11-1g1g1u1g-.-.-nu-.n-I-.1-Q 191- ilu- 1,1313-I .,,,,-,,,,,,-,,,,.,,..,,i, -!--u-u-u-w-l-u-----l-l--1-ll-I'-I-I-I-l""-"""-"-""""'l' -In.-I---I--I-In-u-n---I-----I--my .!.... n?l-uu1h1h---rl-u-n1u-mini-in-1:111m-u-n-u1l1l1l1l1lo-in :fu-I7lu-ll1pmin-ll-xl-lil-In-nil:-u1n1l1u1-1:11-niluqg-nn-gig I l i L .1515-q.-m1q1u hlfiil R. L.- CA-SSTEVENS QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES PHONE 40 NEOGA. ILL Ln-.g..y.1g1 -I -- . JACOBSEN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS COAL PHONE 34 ' NEOGA. ILL. 1-iqig.-gp-.g.-n-qu-p11 1 111-1m-.m.Ql1.y.1'..-gi-1ggin..ql1g 1gg.-p1qg-.g1u1u1lg1g..u.-lu-q.-pg.-pq....g-g..pg131411-g.-gi inp.1,l1m1 1 .1 44,,-1,1 1 -.--.,-.-.n-ng1qq-'4.-u1qg.- .-1,1 1 .- .-uu.-,,1n.- ..nn.-w1m1l - .- -. -. 1 1 iuu1nu1nu 1m1nu1m1m1pn-m-.q1lm1,q1.ui,.1g..-W 1nl1n1'-u1l1n1 .- 1 q.u1ll1u:n NEOGA EQUIPMENT 8z SERVICE CO. 111:-n... 1.1-u-uau1nvn--I-I.-11:11,-. -,.1u-.lulml-. 'I' I L 1 I I I L 1 ! ! L L 5 -l- U H ru . ua :E H 0 -I Z 5' 5 E 'J-U 5 E 5 E 2 S F U su 5 5 I I Q QE' 3 Q 3' Z 25 :-:lu1w1n1I-I-11-1lu1un-uim1nois 'lu-nl1Il1nl1ll:l1:1l-nl ll1Il1ni I ? I E E 5 Z 7 y -H-sl-l-l1u-n-nillilx-ul1la!v 11111 1m-w:uu1h1n-:rm-l11u1nrn!o I F m O arg '11 L l l 5 3 S w YP o gf W l l l I Z E1 gg 3' :U "3 '- se i i i 1 2 fn ,, Q Z S U 5 m z dv Q I u z cr 5 1 1 'I C1 W fn Ui' 5' f T cn fp 0 UQ 0 Q C1 .3 -5 1 Lg -1 fv as I I 2 3 0 sw Uv I i T P H 2 af n I 0 M N o-1 99 3 I 0-1 "' I m m 0 n-4 n-s 0 I r-I Z N l 2 a- '1 5 I n-1 H5 H' l g F' p-1 E' 2' ff Q Q E' 3 3 Q' I L g 5- -1 O 4 I 5- :' ff' I Q m H' 5 I 2 5' 1 1 2' 1 1 H ' ' -s ! l I ! 1 i 5 l1u1ni1-1111111-sq--:aria-xucls +I-nil I-I--I-l1lu111l1l1nsla -ll1-u1u1--nl-an1u1u1nl1n1u1m1u1l-I-lu:-nl lil-u U11-1:11 Compliments of HUFF SHOE SHOP Neoga. Illinois uimiuqimiwl -. 1,1 1. -..1,...-m1...1. SINCLAIR Gasoline and Oil Goodyear Tires 8: Accessories Pop and Cigareites PAUL CURRY Phone 94 Neoga. Ill. 1 -1- .i...-......... ......... ....,,.. 4' :m1uu-.IU1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 11-1.1111111113-1n1n1n1rn1 1 1 1n1ln-au.-.n1m1u1...-1. 1 11.1 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '52 SWEN GEL FUNERAL HOME FRED AND DEAN SWENGEL N EOGA, ILLINOIS 1u1m... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1141.3 V , V COMPLIMENTS oF WAYNE SPERRY CIRCUIT CLERK TOLEDO. ILL. YY 1nl-.-111111...-1g1g, 1ux1., .1m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 1: 1nn1 .q1:p1. Compliments of TOLEDO SALES 8z SERVICE FIRESTONE - HARDWARE lgg'::f1f,,','1.i3 JOHN DEERE Qualiiy Farm Equipment and Parts L. D. TAGGART Phone 94 Toledo. Ill '1gn1n1m1n1.m1n1m.1,g1..1-,1,.1.,1m CUMBERLAND COUNTY FARM BUREAU A SERVICE ORGANIZATION FOR FARMERS O TOLEDO. ILLINOIS -44111-.-gg.-.1-ini--1-l BRADEN'S GULF STATION 0 WASHING 0 GREASING O TIRES O TUBES -Phone 246- , NEOGA. ILL. ll'-l --ls-I-urn--u1m1l1ln1m-up--m1ult lg--g-gig:-.1-q.:g-Q , 1, -g1g71..g,, COMPLIMENTS OF Hampton-Fortner Company E MA'I'TOON'S LEADING JEWELER Special Repair of Bell 8: Howell Cameras and Projectors REGISTERED IEWELER MATTOON, ILL. .LN1-1.'1,p1g.-,..1g,1 1uu1g1,g-lninn1, 1111151-nu-.nn-gp.-1--.nga-gl-., ig-3-gn-11g MATTOON'S DOMINANT STORE Y0UNG'S DEPARTMENT STORE 1614-1616 Broadway MATTOON. ILLINOIS I-11:-is---114 ..-...g1g...--p...g1-m-u-g-.---.,,.!. a1u----1-.-g1-....--.-.--,---,-.....--- 7 I 1 I s 7 I i L T' 13.14.-.5-ql1q...lp...n-. -. 1. ' 4.......-....-.........---..-.......-..............-...-,....-..-..-,.........4, qu-.-........-.,-.-.-...-.-..-.........--.-...-.-..- ..-.-.-. gipqi in... HASKETT BROS. M7155 IQPQTIS Mo!! MINNEAPOLIS-MOLINE SALES AND SERVICE O -Phone 269- O NEOGA. ILLINOIS n1.,....1m....g-.lull-1.11 -. 1 1m1- 1l.....-..-1.n-.mln-.g.. .. .-.u1g1q init CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1952 'kirir Wayne Hance Cumberland County Superintendent of Schools wig-...q1pg1ymim1u-p-l-n.-.--.m.-. 1,14 ini. ll'-u--nl1u1u-u1u--ul-11nn-lisa--:zu-n1m1nn--1m-u1u1nl-11:11-:Qs 0I0-lu-l-ns-u1lu1nu1n1nn1un-m1uu-an-nn-mia-n-n-n-u-u-u-n1u-'cfs - .fd--.--n--..u--u-.-...W-,-W., Compliments of MYERS Paint 8: Wallpaper Store A Complete Line of PAINTS, VARNISHES STAINS AND ENAMELS Dealers of Green Marked Coal NEOGA, ILLINOIS ii,-.--,1,'1m1-1 .. -. .-m1,.1.41 .-yi.,.. 1 ..u1q1'..-gin.-..gu1' IGN I Q MARATHON SERVICE Gasoline - Oil - Lubricants Tires - Batteries ERNEST lPatl CURTNER Phone 240 Neoga. Ill. -nil inim-.411-q1y.1u.-.q..g..-p u-l1u-ul--ll-l1ll--m1u1w1m-nl1n-M111-n1u1u:uu-1a--uu1lo!1 +-3--ua1nu1ml-uu1u1un-all-un--l1n:lI1uu1nu -1-....... ..-.1114-. lg-.ul,1.g1g,1g1 WOLF'S The Shop Smart Women Prefer MATTOON. ILL. .-u1m141q1m1,-1g1.-1 1q1p.-g.,.g.-I in 1g1q..-n....g-.n...p-.,..-n..,.-.n-.m... Congratulations to CLASS OF '52 from PROVINZANO STUDIO Second Floor of National Bank Building We Specialize in COMMERCIAL and PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY Matioon. Illinois 5-n1:1n1nn1l1u1n1u1l1--.1g1. COMPLIMENTS OF THE VICTORY RESTAURANT MATTOON. ILLINOIS 1 -. 1.n1ln-an-.winning-giqi--...-.I 011111:-nuff COMPLIMENTS OF FREEDMAN'S CLOTHING STORE 1617 Broadway MATTOON. ILL. 5.-1.1 1 ..m..uq1m1g.1up-nl1lun-ll-nl- lip- 1 1 .- -. 1 -. -..m-.m.1m..m.- SCHWARZ AUTO PARTS MATTOON, ILL. Charleston I.-.-.1uu...m1l-.-,gl-1.n..-g1p.1g1,.1y1 ...uu1 .-unlm-.1m1mixu1uu,.1nlm.-.m1u..1 Olney Robinson O LAMPERT'S IEWELERS-OPTOMETRISTS "Mattoon's V lue Jewe1er" Four Hour Duplicot' n of Broken Lenses MATTOON g1nun1.m-p1.q.--1m-g-.u1g.-.g-pq.-,gl 1q.-g--1p1q 1p1-1--gi---1-1 -m1--.q....-..g.1,.1g1,-.-ul.-.N1 1p41,q1n.gimg1nq1,giq1.n1,.1.gg14q1nq1m.- 1g.ig1.p1q1m.Qg1gig1g,iu1m-.g1gp1.iu.-lp1m1q1g1.p1q.-qi-131 FRANK KERN MANUFACTURING CO. PERMA-LIFT BRASSIERES "The Lift That Never Let's You Down" SEE US FOR WORK PHONE 103 NEOGA, ILL. .- 1-1g1gig1gq....g-. 1 1 .. 11g-.g-.M-.3- CARRUTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE O GROCERIES . 0 MEATS 0 SHOES NEOGA PHONE 9 ILLINOIS -111,-...q 19-319- 1-l1l1nIo . .1-,-,1.,,,,,-1,,,....,...,,..,,i. . sfo -n-4.-g.-q.---1-q-n.1n1l1n-I1 n--l-- Ill uit-no-1111151 ofun-fm-:-uu-nu-au--u-au-nu-mn-mn-u,P .fun-n-n--ln--ul-n-U-In-u-nv-u-:iq Qu-an--ua-an-ul-no-l-In-m-I-lu--14, Qu-on---u--n-l-n-l-I-su n-:-zg1p-gg1gf.-g1p1g1n1p...-1g- .-m- 1 -pq-...gin-lu11q,1.,'..q1m..m1 5-.'..-q--g.-315.-iq.-ig-p.Qg-.1 BLACKWELUS Music Shop RCA TELEVISION Records - Music Supplies Sheet Music Harold Blackwell 1812 Broadway Mattoon. Ill. KN OWLES CAFETERIA "YOUR CHOICE OF FOOD- SERVE YOURSELF" -Air Conditioned- MATTOON. ILLINOIS ....m.- -ming1.,,-nuluap-sm-.u.1.,q111 im... Complimenis of Central National Bank of Mattoon MATTOON. ILLINOIS 1,1111 ,q.iul1g1111...m.i.u1.1.imi1g...gg1..-.ggiu SWENGEUS Standard Service TIRES - BATTERIES ACCESSORIES Phone 44 Neoga, Ill. xuuimibllipq-ug1m1u1lIpu-.I-mnimlpg-H-nl pl-1 gig fill.-g1,g..g1ug1,q..q1g1u1g1m-main + , -gin-I 1m1q-.q111q1qg.-- 1-- I "P 1.41- ainI-M-u--nr-nu-nu-nu-1-as-nl-nu--nfs u!u-vl-u- --In-lain H-me 91114131 I 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 I I --..,...--.-,-w......-.......,!, Qu-in -an-In-ui' ul-nu-uw-an-:ala Qin-um Qsl-nn-lll-Iu-m-l1l- 411,141.- n--W1 1 -. ' ORENSTEIN'S LADIES' AND MISSES' - READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY -PHONE 414- 1618 Bxioudway Mattoon. Illinois 15,111.11 -mim...nu1m.-.1141 1gg1m1mg.m- "See F U R S T E First" AUTO SUPPLY I I I Mattoon. Illinois -nas-nn1m-n1nn1mil BERGNE'R'S O Your Dependable Store O MATTOON, ILL. COMPLIMENTS OF FORT SHOE REPAIR NEOGA. ILL. I-pmt. 1 1 1 .- .1 1 1 -u1g1 -,p-.9 1uq1m10u1lu-qq..pq1m1qim1.g...u-.- 1 1 151,-.imp-..11u1q1...-.mlm-..1.g1 -. 15,-. ua-I--nu-In-nu-In-un-mln u- -vy- I I I I . 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Suggestions in the Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) collection:

Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 42

1952, pg 42

Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 16

1952, pg 16

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