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4 ,- 1 rf 1.1 Q w L f' F' 1, ,vcr v ,gf 4 ,gs .r 1,- 1? :1 Q 1 4 fx 535 ?i'Ef' 1 L xg, DW ,ff -my., EI A 4'- . x 'r ,v A 4- . Q W ,. -E ..-L -.. -...5'.:,5,, wi ., -'F PTE 't -' 7 .-V . . fl' I im V Q V' 5+V'1z,3-,--...MQ if' A 1 -' ,u ' . , 57.4, f :,g-p:,,f- . ,. 'iw' 'STR A .1 if r . .fag :..,.,Vx. .V -ww: . . eb -3- . -, -3 .4'-44.17" 1... .. .,. L. v - ' -4- -. .wi , -. x VV-.,.-' -.-f- . , 1' n . VA ur ,, TQ 'VZ-, Q4-.. X 5 1, , . -. fn' i , , V EQ.:-E M... . ww. .511 V V -Q. - 'C-- - 351-I .. .4 .1 'W H1 M" U, .zj- ,V . - .'. WJ, - f ik - fi V m . . - , 15' ,V 'fl ., -. - '-372. Q,-Q.. L: 1. f N.-' q,,:5.'., I -We -.V q-Nw., V- V Jyn,-.U v- -. !V.,.. .5 ,- .,,-.. . .-1. .,.., ?" . .- .-.V -,: .,.V 95- .J,t,f, :r -13.14. . ,- 762 '.-- 1 ' ' 15:-.' ,.. J vii-'5-'15 . .111 , V ,Ja- . ,.-V ,, .. I fl V .. ' 1 ff ,Srl sg' ,- I Y ., ,. , f 1'- V N uf. :'t,'T-S' ,K inf' .. -g,.v, r- ,X -9...-'V , 3. .N-.1., . q, -VE.,-. .ij ,Qfg . - "via - X-gg. 9,1 W, ., rg, - .,. , U3 ..vV, 1--,Qu Hg: .V --1 ' " " 4:5 ,. ,,r , f , . .1-r r'?: 'Q A V-, e-,1 V, .V V L. --V L' fu. .Qs 1. - :"" '11-rr. Q' .Jw -. - '31 sw, H... ""' yn 1 a ., :V '- V wg.-, : ,-. . In :V-v ' V 4 . H-V..V 2 , Vg, fx ,V - 1 5....g,,. . VA- VT Z 115. " " . JH. 'T-gr-1: -. -. 5 . 7 slww. AY A. I , 1 5 -, ? fix' , . Q . igfr 2 Q... 1 I 1 1 1 !.. Y J S 1 ,,. nw "1 'rx' ..,4. -.4 1 4, . 5. 'S-, '- 1,..,., !.,+. . .fr .1 x .--VW Ti ' -'uf -.,- Q. --- .., .. 5-. 'fl .U A - X - -" 'I ,. V I" F," ', ', , ..,. A ,. , N f- 1,5 Q,-. A I . 4, ' f V 12- ,if -V-Lg, F 1. V51 fl 55- - "J.14f.' . 1 '.-if V! . ' I - , . X Q.-'-EA. I 4" ".-.fifL- A- ., . J' V ' ' Ev- ' a V-, ' I- ' . V ' :f V! " ., 'Vf 2, - .Vu ,-I v:'l, I .V-'U'-.ig .f- rf , .L Lrg, . , .g.. . . N... , . . -,, V. L ,V 7. V- 4 x -, 7,21 ,ff A Il' -,.,. - ,. J 'V5 - - " . ' ' . 13 V Q ' . . ,F V. 3- 3.9. ' .- . Bl .Lia IV. gl, .- if' If. " "L V H 1' "f'L'.SfY V. v 5-if ,A ghru' 1. 2-1, -, . x.. l fy. . v, ' . -Q . . , 4- 5V 'bf' " .1 . QQ. 'fxs'-x ,A V ,,f,::-Y.-va. -. 5 C . ,fx-Q, y .M 3, -,Q 1 1 I .... hi. ., ,Y " f ' iff-.rg Exif V I Q, ,EF 5.1.2 f - -L-ug, v - V' n , -2. ,A - f ,-pf1V-- , ,am -,-- V ,fi V... 1,54 A , ff' - . r P411 f.f:f ' Af .4 "1 Ai... 1-e-1.11 -Va " lx . ' . , -gs. .V " , - J, 1' -, ' '2 .Lx QM V A Wh.. il I . i T559 ng..- x S M QQ O H A .fly K M y f,"f, i,, W 5x ff v""" iThiSi ibuaidmg is the know13dge and ufider standing among many Qixidividuals. i As we seniorsileave we, know 11-:is undbrg standing will Wi dbtitinue fthf Qugh the vearsg Mavfheffuwreistudeinrsind facixlty find cpntenfrnent arid happiness in their association with thisiischqool' as we have had during our foi11f years hereg ...4...N - ,. X fwfjllwizmlfsaixvn-fmuwamnaw . J E E E E s 3 E I E Zgzarcl of gxslucafion b Richard Petersg W. D. Whiteg Robert Woolery, Sec.: Carl J Wilson, Pres. 5 Nathan Stewartg Rex Haskettg Clayton Doll. 4 of .gtldugg WAYNE HANCE Superintendent of Unit District No. 3 CHARLES CHAPPELEAR Assistant Superintendent Elementary Principal Drivers Training LAVERNE WENTE Mathematics Physics NEAL HUDSON Boys Physical Education Athletic Coach WANDA BELL Home Economics ELLSWORTH PALMER English, Science Mathematics EUGENE HOWARD English, Spanish Librarian DEVA MORGAN Girls Physical Education y 6 ELIZABETH HOLLADAY Music. English MARILYN DRAKE Commerce EDNA MCKINNEY Junior High School 7th Grade ELMER JACOBS Junior High School 8th Grade MAJOR DRAKE Social Science RALPH WHITE Industrial Arts ROBIN LEDBETTER f Science. Mathematics Veterans Instructor JAMES LEMING Biology, Vocational Agriculture M, Guy Douglas, Henry Ferris, Walter Odle , Robert Morrison, Donald Zimmer, Willis Fort, James Cowan. riuerd agzcrefary Donna Beals Dallas Gilbert, Sue Gilbert COOL, Lora Carruthers, Leona Gaddis, Charlotte Hellman, 8 eniom RICHARD MORGAN, Vice President CHARLES ROY, President Messenger 3, 4: Library 3, 4: Library Vice -Pres. 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3.4: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: "N" Club 2, 3, 4: "N" Club Sec. -Treas. 3: Band 3.4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club Vice-Pres. 2: Glee Club 1, 2,3: Tomahawk 3,4: Tomahawk Editor 4: Class officer 1.4: Class Play 3. Class Officer 4: Tomahawk 4: Base- ball 3,4: Pep Club I,2,3,4: Pep Club Vice-Pres. 4: Library Club 3.4: Messenger 3.4: F.F.A. l,2, 3, 4: F. F. A. Officer 2, 3, 4: F.F.A. King 4: Track 3: Basketball Man- ager 4: Class Play 3. SPONSOR MR EUGENE HOWARD NANCY LAWRENCE, Sec. -Treas. Class Officer 4: Tomahawk 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Library Sec. -Treas. 4: Messenger 2, 3, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: G.A.A. I,2,3, 4: G.A.A. Points Ch. 4. .J 10 SPONSOR M R. MAJOR DRAKE JACK ANDERSON Track 3: F.F.A. I,2,3,4g Glee Club 1, 2:PepC1llb I, 2, 3, 4g Tom ahawk 4. IDA JANE ANDREWS Tomahawk 4, Pep Club I,2,3,4g Library 43 Messenger 4, F.H.A. I, - 2,3,4, G.A.A. 1.2, 3.4. NORMA BARRETT G.A.A. I,2. 3.43 F.H.A. 1,2, 3, 4: F.H. A. Officer 3,43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Messenger 2, 3, 43 Li- brary 2, 3. 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Tomahawk 4. BETTY BEALS Tomahawk 4, Carnival Court 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 2, 3, 4g Messenger 45 Glee Club 2, 3,4g F. H.A. 1, 2, 3.4: G.A.A. l,2, 3.4: G.A.A. Sec. -Treas.: Class Play 3. JACK BEALS Messenger 3.4: Library 3,43 Pep Club I,2, 3, 4g Basketball Ip Bas- ketball Manager 4g N-Club 2, 3,45 Baseball 3,4g Tomahawk 4: Class Play 3. 11 PAT BUSHUR Tomahawk 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Officer 3. 4:Bl.l1d 1.2, 3, 4: Pep Club r,2, 3, 4: Pep Club Pres. 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Library Pres. 3: Messenger 2, 3, 4: Messenger Co- Editor 3:G1ee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: F. H.A. Officer 3.4: G. A.A. 1,z. 3.4: G.A.A. Pres. 4. BILL CLARK F.F.A. 1.2, 3.4: Pep Club I,2, 3, 4: Band 1, 'N' Club 2: Tomahawk 4- IIM DEADMOND Transfer From Altarnounr 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Tomahawk 4. DONNA JEAN FORT . Tomahawk 3. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Homecoming Court 3: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Library Club 2. 3.4: Mes- senger I, 2, 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: F.I-l.A. l,2,4: G.A.A. 1.2, BARBARA FRY 3'4- Transfer from Stewardson 3: G. A. A. 3: F.H.A. 3.4: G1ee Club 3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Tomahawk 4. I2 DICK GRISHAM Baseball 3, 4: Class Pres. 3: Toma- hawk 4, Spanish Club 3, 4g Carnival King 4: Basketball 3, 44 Pep Club 3, 45 Library Reporter 4, Messenger 4: Octet 43 Glee Club 3,43 Track 3, N-Club 4, Transfer from Madison 3. DORIS HAGAN Tomahawk 43 Pep Club 4, Library Club 4, Library 4: Messenger 4. LEO HARDESTY Glee Club Ig Pep Club I,2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3,4gBaseba11 4: N- Club 2, 3, 4, Tomahawk 4. MARY ANN HARTKE Class Sec. -Treas. Tomahawk Asst. Editor 4: Pep Club I,2, 3,45 Library Club 2, 3.4, Messenger I, 2, 3, 4gG1ee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g F, 1-LA, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. Officer 3, 4: G. A. A. I,2,3,43 G.A.A. Reporter 3. ODIS HATTEN F.F. A. I,3,4g Pep Club 1.2, 3,43 Tomahawk 4. 13 f CA ROL I ON ES Transfer From Sumner 3: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Homecoming Court 3: Tomahawk 4: Band 3, 4: Octet 4: Pep Club 3.4: Pep Club Sec.- Treas. 4: Library Club 4: Messen- ger 3,4: Messenger Co-Editor 3: Glee Club 3,4: F.H.A. 4:G.A. A. 3.4: Class Play 3. BARBARA MOORE ROBERY KOESTER Glee Club I,2: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: PepClub 1,2,3,4:Band 1: Toma- hawk 4. G.A.A. I, 4: Glee Club I, 2, 3,4: Messenger 3, 4: Library Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club I, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3.4: Tomahawk 4. FERN NICHOLS Transfer from Mattoon: Glee Club 2: F.H.A. 3. 4: Messenger 4: Li- brary 4: Pep Club 2, 3,4: Spanish Club 2: Tomahawk 4, Class Play 3. AMOS OVERMYER Tomahawk 4: Pep Club I, 2, 3.4: F.F.A. I. 14 IUANITA PATRICK G.A.A. I,3,4gC-P166 Club 2,3,4g Messenger 2, 3, 4g Library 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Tomahawk 4. CHARLES PRICE F.F.A. l,2,3,4: Tomahawk 45 Glee Club 1,23 S Pep Club I,2,3, 2.3. panish Club 2, 45 Library Club EARL PRICE Messenger 3, 4: Library Club 3, 4, PepC1ub 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3.4, Basketball Captain 4,C8l'l'li' va1Court1g "N" Club 2, 3,45 "N" Club Officer 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Tomahawk 4. CHRISTINE PUGSLEY Tomahawk 456163 Club ,1, 2, 3, 4: F. H.A, 2, 3, 4:PepC1Llb 3, 45 Mes- senger 4. FRANCES SCHROEDER Tomahawk 45 Glee Club 2: Span ishClub 3g Pep Club 3,45 Messen ger 49 F.H.A. 2. 3. 15 MARY ANN SCHUTTE Transfer From Sigel 3: Library Club 4: Messenger 3. 4: G. A. A. 3. 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Tomahawk 4: Class Play 3. HAROLD STARWALT DON STEWART Transfer From Martoon 2: Toma- kawk4: F.F.A. 2.4: Cheerleader 2: Track 3: Pep Club 2. 3, 4: "N" Club 4. I Library Club 2, 3, 4: Library Pres. 4: Messenger 2. 3.4: "N" Club 2. 3.4: Baseball 1.2, 3. 4: Pep Club 1.2, 3.4: Basketball 1.2. 3.4: Track 3: Class Play 3: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club Vice-Pres. 4: Octet4:Class Officer I,2: Toma- hawk 4: Glee Club 1.2, 3, 4. ROY STROHL Tomahawk4:F F A I 2 3 4 Pep Club I.2.3.4. HAROLD TIPTON Tomahawk 4: Transfer From Mat- toon 2: Library 4: Pep Club 2, 3.4: F. F. A. 2, 3:Glee Club 2, 3: Class Play 3. 16' ROY WA LK MAXINE WALK F.H.A. 2, 3,4g Band I,2,3,4p Pep Club I,2,3,4g G.A.A. I,2,3,4g Messenger 4g Tomahawk 4. BILL WENTE Baseball 4g N-CIub 2, 3, 43 F.F.A. I,2, 3,4g F.F.A. Pres. 49 Glee Club Ig Messenger 45 Library Club 4g Pep Club I,2,3,4g Basketball I,2,3g Carnival Court 33 Toma- hawk 4g Class Vice-Pres. 3. Class Officer I, 34 Tomahawk 45 Baseball 4g Basketball l,2,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4g Library Club 3,41 Messenger 3,4g Glee Club Ip N- Club 2, 3,4g Class Play 3, PHYLLIS WILSON ROSEMARY WHITE Tomahawk 45 Messenger 4g G.A. A. 3.4: Library Club 45 Pep Club 3,4g Band 3,4g Glee Club 3.4: F.H.A. 3.45 F.H.A. Queen 4: Transfer from Toledog Cheerleader 4. F.H.A. I,2,3,4g F H A Qfl er 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4g Spanish Club 3,45 Pep Club I, 2, 3.4: Li- brary Club 3, 4: G.A.A. r, 2, 3, 4g G.A.A. Vice-Pres. 45 Messenger 3,4g Class Vice-Pres. 23 Toma- hawk 4. I7 el'lLOI" 6... W We, the class of 1951, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind, a well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding, do make public and declare this writing to be our last will and testament, and do hereby revoke and make void all other testimo- nialwritin b us heretofore made. SS Y We would like to bestow these trifling requests to the following people: To Mr. Drake, a longer piece of paper for detention UHIHCS, an answer book, and a fountain pen. To Mr. White, a good shop class. To Mrs. Drake, a fountain pen, a stationary bookkeeping key, a new typing machine to replace each old one. To Mr. l-lance, some extra waste baskets, a reserve parking place, and a periscope for catching detention bait. To Mr. Chapplear, a hopped up Model A Ford for Driver's Training Class. To Mr. Hudson, a Neal Hudson Jr. . in hopes to improve the Heoga High team. To Mrs. Holladay, "scads" of sour notes in band, and our unwillingness to "get down to business" in chorus. To Mrs. Morgan, a new "leotard" and a never ceasing growth of records. To Mrs. Bell, a larger Home Ec. room and facilities. To Mr. Palmer, a play castthat will not flirt while practic- ing. To Mr. Howard, an English class who will understand tran- scendentalism, plus a larger library. To Mr. Wente, a larger Advanced Algebra Class, and stu- dents who will not laugh when warned of detention. To Mr. Ledbetter, a class that attends every day. To lvlr. Leming, more competitionwith his corny jokes, and a helper for the Tomahawk. To Miss Beals, the ability to get a matching ensemble to match the ring she has. To Mrs. McKinney, a better temper for SA. To Mr. Jacobs, a baby girl with bright red hair. I, Jack Anderson will my speed to Bud Warner. I, Ida Jane Andrews will my quietness to Bob McKibben. I, Norma Barrett will my rhinestone necklace to Betty Stuckey. I, Betty Beals will my cute figure to any girl who wants to be liked by all the Astray wolves. I, Jack Beals will my big mouth and great sense of humor to George Grube. I, Pat Bushur will my tallness to the star on next years bas- ketball team. I, Bill Clark will my ability to make a nuisance of myself to Delbert Spencer. I, Jim Deadmond will my "Come hither look" to Duane Warner. I, Donna. Fort will my letter correspondence to Donnette Ferris. I, Barbara Fry will my loud talk to Bill Alexander. , 1 8 I, Dick Grisham will my ability to sing to George Grube. I, Doris Hagan will my curly hair to Mr. Chappelear. I, Leo Hardesty will my mustache to Bob Wilson. I, Mary Ann Hartke will my ability to assume an innocent expression in time of trouble to Bob McKibben. l, Odis Hatten will my books on Philosophy to Max Gilbert. I, Carol Jones will my English teacher to anyone who will have her. I, Bob Koester willmy ability to enjoy school to Carl Wente. I, Nancy lawrence will my T.V. Set to Physics Lab. I, Barbara Moore will my ability to argue with Mr. Drake to anyone who thinks they can get away with it. I, Richard Morgan will my joke book to Marian Oakley. I, Fern Nichols will my beguiling ways to Wilbur Biggs. I, Amos Overmeyer will my uncanny ability to solve Physics Problems to Don Parker. I, Juanita Patrickwill my grades in Shorthand to anyone who makes A's. I, Charles Price will my ability to play poker on the bus to Norman Anderson. I, Earl Price will my basketball abilities to the Jr. High so Neoga High can beat T-Town. l, Christine Pugsley will my ability to twist Mr. Howard a- round my little finger to Jack McKibben. I, Charles Roy will my ability to talk my way out of things to all underclassmen who will need it. I, Frances Schroeder will my book reports back to Mr. Howard. I, Mary Ann Schutte will my book "A Hundred Ways To Get A Man" to loan Pruitt. l, Harold Starwalt will my ability to lollygag to Barbara Stewart. I, Don Stewart willmy -ability to withstand hard knocks while playing basketball to Regis. I, Roy Strohl will my list of dates to Don Kimery. l, Harold Tipton will my ability to do work without working to Bill Andres. I, Maxine Walk will my ability in Drivers' Training to Alice Wente. I, Roy Walk will my curly hair to Neil Nichols. I, Bill Wente will my ability to keep coming to school on very little sleep to all Juniors and Seniors after the Prom. I, Rosemary White will my million dollar laugh to Martha Lee Kraft. I, Phyllis Wilson will my position in the alto section of Chorus to Darletta Fosbinder. C4155 nop ec? I picked up the evening edition of the Neoga-Trowbridge paper, and started to scan through it. A column on the front page caught my eye. It. read: This Is Your Life seen each Thursday night from 8 to 9 P. M. on NTBS. This Thursday May Z6, 1961 a special feature broadcast will be seen in honor of the class of 1951. Suddenly I realized that this was May 2.6. I glanced at my watch and noticed it was 8 o'clock. I switched my radio on NTBS. This is what I heard. This is your Master of Ceremonies Dick Grisham. We are bringing before you the president of the Class of 1951, Charles Roy, who is now the president of the International Har- vester Co. in Neoga. We are honoring him by bringing him up to date on lines of his classmates of 51. First, Charles, do you remember our old buddy Don Stewart who is the owner and manager of the Neoga-Trowbridge Airport? His test pilot is Jim Deadmond. The last test Jim made left him in the hospital for four months. He was testing one of Don's newest inventions, the space rocket, and since then Don has temporarily quit inventing things. I bet you couldn't guess who their secretary is? Yes, none other than Pat Bushur who teaches Music as a pastime. Bill Wente is now the head of the Neoga-Trowbridge Nuisance and hiswife, Mary Ann Schutte, is his private secretary. In order to solve the delivery-boy shortage they are raising their own staff. Now here's the industrious type! Carol Jones and Doris Hagan are personnel managers of Koester and Hatten Mfg. Co., makers of ping pong equipment. I suppose you remember the captain of the basketball team, Earl Price. He is now married to Christine Pugsley and they are raising off-springs, namely, Einie, Menie, Minie, and Elsie they didn't want no Moe. Charles Price is now married to Barbara Moore and is spending all his time doing research work on, "Keeping Your Permanent Teeth Longer." He always says, 'When these are gone the re aren't any more." Did you see the new telephone office being built up town? The Anderson Con- struction Co. is building it. It's to be managed by Frances Shroeder. Oh yes, Donna Fort is now operating a Nursery Home with Maxine Walk as her assistant. You remember the managers of the basketball team, don't you? Well, Richard and Jack are now the managers of the' U. of I. basketball squad. Ida Jane Andrews is head of the Home Ec. Dept. in the Neoga -Trowbridge Uni- versity. You cou1dn't guess who the Principal is! None other than Nancy Lawrence. Roy Walk is now working on his farm trying to support-his wife, Betty Beals, and their family. Bill Clark and Juanita Patrick are now settled down in their quaint little cottage in Trowbridge. Mary Ann Hartke and Phyllis Wilson are singing commercialsfor the "Amos and Overmeyer' comedy program heard daily over this station. Rosemary White is operating the Lonely Hearts Club. Her best customers are Harold Tipton and Roy Strohl. ' s .9 Oh yes, Harold Starwalt is now the most prominent doctor in Neoga andBarbara Fry is his Nurse. Well, Charles, we can see you are surprised at the turn-outs of your classmates of '51. Our time is nearly up and I want to thank you all for being present at this program. At'the conclusion of this program, Fern Nichols, my wife, and I invite you to spend the evening at our ranch type home. 19 ll Nanil ll ,I , Qing Q: .... I .ABXF-2 NM if V X Sq 4' V H, S ay new 'sf uh' Y Patty sf ll W ,S f' F ran I P ete Si 'L if f' 1523 ma ge -pix 1. ,, R -D e 'C hris" "B5bby" "Barb " ef ' - -1 V ...., , sf f. . if 51, Q1-msg: W. we 1-+ "Nita " ll20 . K -F Y W ,A X Q? f "Richie" as ,, Jeanie "Donnie " "S hoot " viikfx " Lefty " : hs ! .. , A f i f fa .F 1 ww "Mac Rosie Nermie -r f,,,,,,, - 331, -'w ifi-. kilkwfvwf .- qw- , n 51' ft' Q' '35 if ww mfg? A A1 , 5 N vgk-.F yy...- +4 'X' . gg we Q k 'Q in k "D ean " 'Shorty' 'C arolie " .u...,., a. "C harlie " D1ck n . 55, ' ,.':"" - .- f - Z5 .sm if 7: .TSE J gunna vim " -' -' S 32. 5.11 A35 ,- A Ai. fir? ig-' ge' X , ON '.T. ' 'A 4'fL wx :vs .. ,NA ,fiffx I ' -' ixjik .m 'Q Nv?fwii!S5iiEg vf 1 fix A .Q F f--1 'tgs-2:45.11-.flxy if i ff! an I V 'pg "5 f Efiisyvggw ff ' 2252 E 9 Sm ,Q im v xx S'.lS.1:gs f!!' -...ff - SIQEWESE-'Z'-5 i im: Xqgilx .!!m 'x9!!,' 'bv I ff f ' on " Q4 1 X X I xg Cv,:Qf 'l! asa? X A! 1 1 X f' O 5 .15 af' Afgg l Q' 4 QW , 520 I v' 'W 0 vo , V 'gt .St x :LQ 34 1,1 X Xt. ss A K a'4' . 4?'5 .V i f gmxg gf! f X fm :fax ig' 29, ' 1 "ii 'VOX' s 'Nu 4 9931 fr ob , Xl Q X O 6 1'Q? Yogi' . i I o . V. N ww , ., ,,, ' fa ' -,,-A fksf, ' W 2 5 r I- ' f 1 ' . . age'-'Q 5 Q-J Qfv X- Liv: N xblbxa' I ,eff 4 9 ,J X r s . QI., X 412: I i ' 'QSQ av 3- 4- 195 1 mg ,.-44 grkvyqg, I ..... gww21w,+.a2-Y ' ,Fx XA QQ 4' M - 9 3 , .5 I f- 7' !9,4.' " 1 A .Q','n..949 A f-vw," ml, - 1-' v i . 'Qtr I - 5333-21, 1' 3' XSSJQQ 3"IQ,1:' fi J L W o. X fy b A "" . O " . I "' 'M A '-1 .N 5 V -r Leroy Foxx President .Tim Wilson Vice-President Joan Gilbert Sec.-Treas. Max Gilbert Donette Ferris .Toanna Morgan uniom Julia Parker Charlene Bartomas George Shuemaker Jack McKibben Beverly Salzman Virginia Fuller John Flood Richard Mettendorf Joanne Bell Juanita Ballinger Eloise Konrad Eileen Ingram Evelyn Snodgrass Don Parker b .Tack Doll Earl Adkins Darlella Fosbinder Shirley Dow Betty Stuckey Fern Morton uniom Larry Green George Grube Dwight Johnson David Casstevens Shirley Wright Shirley Stewart Bob Swengel President Joann Meyers Vice-President Charles Schutte Sec. -Treas . Tony Sheehn Dorthy Lane Pat Wright Norma Jean Walk Bill Andres econ! of C aaa o ' The members of the Sophomore Class who were only "green freshies" a year ago this year, progressed under the sponsorship of Mr, Ledbetter and Mt. White, to the standing of upper class- men, Officers were elected at the beginning of the year. They were Bob Swen el, presidentg Jo Ann Meyers, vice-president, and Charles Sciutte, secretary-treasurer. As in previous years the Sophomores again had charge of the Freshman Initiation, Their program provided good entertainment for the entire stu- dent body. Members of the class have been active in such organizations as Pep Club, Library Club, F. F. A., F. H. A, , G. A, A. , Spanish Club, Chorus, and Band. This year is another stepping stone for the sophomores on their 4 stone path to graduation. Barbara Stewart Bob McKibben Stanley Albin Ruth Flood Marilyn Lawrence Carol Evans Bob Heaton Anita Jones Noveta Trigg Regis McC1ory Donnie C laybaugh Norman Anderson Sherry White J'ean Gilbert Alice Wente Berdina Clinton Elizabeth Gammel Nita Brown Eloise Adkins Blanche White Betty Dent Norma White Violet Schoby Ruth Burton Mary Delong Delbert Bell Don Beal Donald Mehl Lavanna True Larry Sanders Sandra Adkins Neal Nichols C larice Goad Nancy Russell 5 omored . Josie Batten Martha Kraft President Wilbur Biggs Vice-President Janet Edwards Sec, -Treas, John Dawson Rex Lindley Kittie Hampton Joy Beals Ida Mae Beals eawdfqfffhmm qfi5 On August 28, 1950, forty-one eager freshmen attended to their first high-school classes. Under the supervision of their class sponsors, Mrs. Holladay and Mr. Wente, they elected their leaders. Martha Kraft was chosen president, Wilbur Bigg, vice- president and Janet Edwards, secretary-treasurer. About two weeks after the "Freshies" became acquainted with high school life, and had lost a little of their eagerness, 3? -af 1 ri ifffsiafsi' 5 . M, if' 1- 'f , T 6, A 5 if X they were initiated. September I3 was the fateful day for them and there were many odd characters seen in school that day. That night the "Freshies" were given some hard problems to solve by Professor Bob Swengel, butthey all passed, and each one was a good sport. The "Freshies" are now acquainted with high school life and they have become active in the various school organizations, such as, F.F.A., F. H.A. , G.A.A., Pep Club, Spanish Club, Chorus, Band and Messenger. The members of the faculty who taught the freshmen are to be commended for the fine job they've donein putting-up with the future class of '54, - Don Cordes Jessie Green Louise Stephens Don Spencer s " is was 3 Q 5 ,W gi Richard Albin Martha Storm John Sheehan Barbara Shuemaker K ' r.2' 'VZ 'if 21 5 1 A . J K S s J is C a as ' S, Linda Parker -swsfsessussfsws s a Dwmwwmr S P s- n f 'Q g WH Robert Konrad we fi Jimmie Farr t Xt trsswig 1 as .ty - J , fs 252.5 J i - 'Ee .... - ' welt Lfiriru Clif - .Us E pw Y ' if - i- - , fi 2 iq cfffslmz i f-'ba Qw-gg get rfif' 12515: ,,, W. WW e it .. -. A ,, -ff wi--1,,w-'Q-rifzfz f A. 4 X xi Rf -I-W ,Sgr 1 f fem s'11-:,d1gf.1'vfw,.-in 5-s " 550151 : ' ' ki ',,-1.2147 Sf' W ,. . Q,,. ,V . ,-xisz 355 ii K '31 Qguqg f W , 2 Q6 ix ., ' , ' V dz if-lie 'gfmu .ff-'mf Q ,, id f K ' -L effi- v,.-- 1 L jk f " 3ii5 , 3M Hx. A r We-:,'ia35S k'g4iSi3 f N. - '5-55,,.,'5 ' 2 -' V-SM ,raw 1,. V W2 M M ,. . . A LL 1 ggi 4 K as if 3,3 f 5 - -5- Ag VS .1g5.15f 12+.i,w: ,X 4, X,f,wc-.,,,,..e 5 , .- W.. .V -3 'ae-1 'X .,,fw.- Uv 2 , , v ,1 rw L V r 'iii jfggikxyk gi Q it .wie Qi! M z,g,,-.f+m:-wg-1343, lv 'W P25 l'l'l8l'l George White Nancy Cann Lylah Schutte Wayne Andrews Fay Ballinger Harold Patrick Frank Price Marion Oakley John Schutte Evelyn White Dwight Koester Delbert Spencer -M N K- Richard Miller Karl Wente Kay Wampler Marie Cooper Sonny C roy Shirley Martin Bill Alexander Sue Gilbert Joaxi Pruitt 5 , Eg if W - as uma 1 we 9 il 5 gc X M, Y ii JA G5 ' W H 'Q Q W ff Q 7 X' . A Q Q., 'ze-fe ..::, -. 4 . , S 3 E' 5 xii .2 aqua? 5 K 3 i " we WL' 1 Xe ' 1 , , 5 , f is 3 M V M gf N ,. if QEYWQQQQQQV gg-ypsufsfivz 5. if fair if Lf sv .J "'TLE:53a',fif:'i xfwwfie- . W .. ,h , ,. r. B, Q f. 1 V , 'ff 1,..,f:. fr - 15, 1 .Oar K www . we , .Vg N, I. 3454 - 2 :sl-f, N xi, x -. Y J ? -1.? N.f"r v ' f an ui Nga HY mx X -5' xl, YU' s Mx A Q 'fwlff grab -fix as iii? iff? V' ii. i- ' -Rwf we FE Mmiggiff - . lx 'I AX ye ,M M. . X. ' :ff fi 5 :5 . K f ed: -I S: 1:2 -N efs 12" ff S5535 QITQCLAHLUL get The Tomahawk is the annual production of the Senior Class. This year the class has decided to break away from traditional procedure and to print a new type of book. We hope that this style willmeet with approval and that this book will be a prized possession which will bring back pleasant memories of the school year 1950-51 at Neoga High School. 31,11 ,SM Charles Roy . . .... Editor Mary Ann Hartke . . Assistant Editor Don Stewart . . Business Manager Advisors . . . Mrxs. Drake ' Mr. Drake Mr. Leming 28 TlY'TlEs U gf? 3 V I QY 9"1gM5 W x:'- Q5 I ' dv J-LL? n WA n s f ":"' 'j us 0 xi AB' Wifi- Q , . A K . FV. RWE , A5-V ff Grcui Wefor, The Spanish Club is organized for the pur- pose of encouraging students to become more familiar with the Spanish language and the ways and customs of Spanish-speaking people. This year the club held a party for its mem- bers atChristmas. The partywas complete with piiata and tacos. The club is open to all NHS students who have had one or more years of Spanish. The officers of this organization were Leroy Fox-President, Don Stewart-Vice President, Pat Busher-Secretary-Treasurer, and Bob Swengel-Reporter. SITTING DOWN: Io Meyers, Dorothy Lane, Marilyn Lawrence, Shirley Wright, Barbara Moore, Patricia Wright, Mary Ann Schutte, Juanita Patrick, Phyllis Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Howard, Nancy Russell, Beverly Salzman, Nancy Lawrence, Marion Oakley, Jim Farr, Donna Jean Fort, Patricia Bushur, Martha Kraft, Marie Cooper, Anita Jones, Evelyn White. THIRD ROW: Charles Roy, Dick Grisham, Leroy Fox, Don Stewart, Bob Swengel. 30, Oagfafy By being members of the library club stu- dents are givena chance to be of service to the school and also to improve themselves by be- coming more familiar with library facilities, sources of information, and books and authors. The Library Club and Mr. Howard, their ad- visor, have put the library in better shape this year than ever before. The chief duty of the library club members is tio serve as librarians all through the year. Any NHS Sophomore, Junior, or Senior is welcome to join this club. FIRST ROW: Mr. Howard, Doris Hagan, Mary Ann Schutte, Joan Bell, Violet Schoby, Betty Dent, Eileen Ingram, Fern Morton, and Juanita Ballinger. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Wilson, Darletta Fosbinder, Norma Barret, Jo Meyers, Betty Floyde, Lavonna True, and Ruth Flood. THIRD ROW: Bill Wente, Donna Fort, Nancy Lawrence, Eloise Konrad, Patricia Wright, Alice Ann Wente, Beverly Salzman, Carol Evans, Fern Nichols, and Jean Gilbert. FOURTH ROW: Judy Parker, Donnette Ferris, Shirley Wright, Shirley Dow, Marilyn Lawrence, Sue Morgan, and Ida JaneAndrews. FIFTH ROW: Bill Andres, Sherry White, Carol Jones, Juanita Patrick, Barbara Moore, Betty Beals, Pat Bushur, Betty Stuckey. Mary Ann Hartke, and Earl Price. SIXTH ROW: Richard Morgan, Don Stewart, Jack Beals, Charles Roy, Dick Grisham, Leroy Fox, Dorothy Lane, Shirley Stewart, and Harold Tipton. 31 "The Honored Few" "All That's Left" Our Mothers" Future Homemakers of America is an organization for girls inter-7 ested in homemaking. The requirement for membership is that you must be taking or must have taken one year of Home Economics. The Neogo Chapter has 44 members . Officers are MaryAnn Hartke, Presidentg Sue Morgan, Vice-President: Darletta Fosbinder, Secretary: Ioan Gilbert, Treasurer: Shirley Stewart, Historiang Norma Barrett, Publicity Chairmang Phyllis Wilson, Song Leader: Chapter Mothers, Mrs. Nathan Stewart and Mrs. Charles Morgan: Sponsor, Mrs.Ross Bell. For their community project the girls had a hobo day and aStanley Party, at which they made quite a lot of money for the treasury. They also cooperated with Shorts Furniture Store in presenting a' Philco Cooking School. The chapter sent many Christmas gifts to a needy family. The Neoga Chapter was presented a plaque for being the outstanding chapter of Section 14. 32 Wise Old Bird 4 Having Fun? ? ? ? The Future Farmers of America is an organization whichwas re- organized at N. H. S. 4 years ago. All the senior members have com- pleted four years in F. F. A. The F. F. A. has participated in many activities in both state and sectional contests. The F. F. A. now has a farm where they have spent much time during the past year. They have starteda soil conservationprogram on the farm and have also wired the house for electricity as one of their many projects. The F. F. A. has had a very well organized chapter the past four years and it is hoped that they will continue in their worthwhile activ- ities. The chapter has 'stayed close to its small but important motto, "Learning to Dog Doing to Learn: Earning to Liveg Living to Serve. " Hard At Work!!!! 33 MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: Eloise Konrad, Charlene Bartimus, Shirley Wright, Beverly Salz- man, Betty Stuckey, Darletta Fosbinder, Joanna Sue Morgan, Marion Oakley, Phyllis Wilson, Mary Ann Schulte, Sherry White, Jessie Green, Clarice Goad, Betty Dent, and Ruth Flood. SECOND ROW: Carol Evans, Marilyn Lawrence, Pat Wright, Barbara Moore, Eileen Ingram, Norma Barrett, Juanita Patrick, Alice Wente, Linda Parker, Betty Beals, Pat Bushur, Anita Brown, Sue Gilbert, Faye Ballinger, Kay Wampler, Joan Pruitt, and Evelyn White. THIRD ROW: Christine Pugsley, Shirley Stewart, Joan Gilbert, Nancy Cann, Lylah Schutte, Barbara Stewart, Martha Kraft, Jo Meyers, Rosemary White, Fern Morton, Dor- othy Lane, Donna Fort, Nancy Lawrence, Mary Ann Hartke, Donnette Ferris, Juanita Ballinger, Barbara Fry, Nancy Russell, Martha Storm, and Berdina Clinton. FOURTH ROW: John Henry Schutte, Don Claybaugh, Bill Andres, Charles Schutte, Bob McKibben, Stanley Albin, Don Stewart, Bob Swengel, Larry Sanders, Dick Grisham, Leroy Fox, Jim Wilson, JackMcKibben, Richard Albin, Dwight Koester, and Mrs. Holladay. 34 udic OCTET Don Claybaugh, Don Stewart, Dick Grisham, and Leroy Fox. Marion Oakley, Darletta Fosbinder, Martha Kraft, and Evelyn White. DIRECTOR: Mrs. Holladay. BAND The Music departrnent of Neoga High School is proud to present a much improved band, and it is constantly growing with new members from year to year. This group, under the direction of Mrs. Holla- day, played at basketball games, and school as- semblies. This year a drive was made for donations for new uniforms in order that the band could make their first appearance in them at the Spring Concert. omecoming Norma Barett Richard Grisham KING AND QUEEN 1950 N c . A argl . YU-NC' H539 Ewa F1R1fgneS and E 51 .ig A3530 gi Bus ATTEN5l'iI1If1-ice LPS YNX 165 Dew Betty Beals and Charles Roy FOURTH ATTENDANT on Steal' att DOI1Iza For age, QXUBNT THIR f and R whiz Us D AT ichar sf P- TE ff M 9056650089 NDANTOWQH so ep cm CHEERLEADERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ARE: Carol Jones, Joan Meyers, Rosemary White, Maratha Kraft, and Marian Oakley. The Pep Club was organized at the beginning of the year by the spon- sor, Mrs. Morgan. The officers elected for the year were President, Pat Bushurg Vice -President, Richard Morgan: Secretary-Treasurer, Carol Jones. We feelthat the Pep Club has shown more spirit and enthusiasm this year than they have at anytime previously. The team was always backed at each game by loyalty of Pep Club membe rs. N. H, S, has been very proud of its cheerleaders this year. They have served well and have given the fans that extra amount of spirit needed to provide fine support for the team. All the cheerleaders we re new this year except Carol Jones. if WC 37 gi .A V The G. A. A. is composed of 51 members who have participated invarious physical activities throughout the year. Officers were President, Pat Bushur: Vice-President, Phyllis Wilson, and Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Beals. A Spring banquet was held, new officers for the coming year were announced and awards were given out to those who earned them during the year. One of the social functions during the year was a Theater Party which was very success- ful. A group of the girls attended a GAA play day at Charleston High, in which 5 schools participated. After the play day the girls toured Eastern Illinois Campus. We have a scrapbook this year which will be kept up each year by the Vice-President. We drew up a new constitution which provides for one out- standing GAA member for each year. 38 77 CLA This letterrnan club has completed its third year as an active organiza- tion of the Neoga High School. The purpose of this club is to promote better sportsmanship among the players. To belong to the "N Club' a boy must have earnedaletterinbasketballor as acheerleader. Freshmen are not eligible to Join. On October 20th, the "NC1ub" sponsored a record dance for the entire school and faculty. Refreshments of punch and cookies were served by the club. The officers forthe 1950-1951 yearwere as fo1lows:EarlP1-ice,Presidentg Jim Wilson, vice-presidentg Bill Wente, secretary-treasurerg and Charles Roy, reporter. 39 Clifegblg WE THEY Sept. 8 Windsor 6 7 12 C owden 0 4 l 5 Brownstown 0 1 19 St. Anthony 0 5 ZZ Beecher City 5 7 2 6 Altamont 10 13 2 9 T -T own 6 13 Oct. 3 Stewardson 1 4 6 Curnberland 4 3 Nearly all the boys whoicame out for baseball were seniors and the few under classmen who came out received a good chance to get experience for future years. Keith Myers caught behind the pitching of Don Stewart and Earl Price. The battery was backed by David Casstevens at first, Jack Beals at second, Dick Grisham at short stop, and Roy Walk at third base. Richard- Morgan was the starter at right field, with Bob Wilson and Bill Wente alternating at center and Leo Hardesty at left field. Bob Swengel, Dwight Johnson, Harold Patrick,Rex- Lindley, Leroy Fox also saw action in some of the games. 5 40 "Bill" "C aptain P ric e " I9 0-5122 'S ,. -4 .:, ll If Charlie 'Dick" - u I1 . ' ' 1 -it C oach Qu- .1 '.s, s.S . . -0. n 5 . .na'......g.. , ' s'.n". "Q 5 1 'Don' 41 ul. ' lCLeoD Greek 190 17 22, 28- 1 5 I5 zo 3 5 16 19 23 26 30 6 "Rex " I9 12 22 23 27 28 29 9 27 "C a s s " NOVEMBER LaGrove 'Teutopolis 'St. Anthony DECEMBER 'Stewardson--Strasburg 'St. Elmo Cumberland 'Teutopolis 26- -29 St. Anthony Tourney JANUARY 'Altamont 'Stewardson--Strasburg 8--I2 N T C Tourney LaGrove Ramsey 'Brownstown Martinsville 'Cowden FEBRUARY 'Windsor 'Beecher City ' 'St. Anthony 'Altamont 'Brownstown Martinsville 'Conference Games HOLIDAY TOURNEY louisville St. Theresa St. Anthony N T C TOURNEY Brownstown REGIONAL Windsor "Bob" 42 -N5 They 29 52 49 44 50 39 3 47 7 r 36 51 42 50 41 71 56 72 43 57 3 1 56 47 52 66 54 'Stan Jim Ze. ji e FIRST ROW Roy Bi n ' LI W To Rex Ljudl ente. ,gh-CO RIGHT: Eau , A eyf J ND RO Pflce ndfesi -ohll Law W: Ma 1 Leo Ha lm W SOD, na Id llsog. Bob 'Manager Mge' Beals' D0 esfy. Don St Q Wllson. organ. T HCO1-des D ewatd' BO HIRD RO - avjdc bgwen W: C0-ich H asstevefw. Bolfle' Dick Gri jet EARL PRICE: This was second year onthe Varsity sguad for Price. He was one of the best guar s in the conference. He was an excel ant shot and a dependable ball handler . The team elected him as their captain. Earl scored 294 points. His all around play aided the Indians in many games this year. DON STEWART: Don played center this year. He was our most consistent. point- maker. He was the teams leading scorer with 331 points. Don was one of the best re- bounders in the conference. The tea.rn elected Don as their most valuable player. For the second consecutive year Don has won the Free-throw trophy. DICK GRISHAM: This was Grisham' s second year on the Varsity squad. Dick was a consistent rebounder and 'ball handler. Dick scored 284 points this year. He was alwalys at his best when the going was tou . LES HARDESTY: Leoplayedre lar guard this season. Leo was the best deiilnsive man on the squad. His all around game was very valuable to the team this year. CHARLES ROY: Charles was a regular on the squad. Charles proved to be more advanced player this year than anybody on either squad. Charles was a fine shot and a consistent rebounder. ' Ud . Sha Son. Rlchard McK1bben. S 177. Charles Alb tallle , UT, Hargld Pa ltick Bi ' . II BILL WENTE: Bill was sixth man on the team. He was also the smallest man on the squad. His all around playing ability was valuablelto the squad this year. ' BOB SWENGEL: Greek ran a close race with Bill for sixth man. He was the, tallest boy on the squad. Greek is only a sopho- more this year and we are expecting great things from him in the next couple years. BOB MCKIBBEN: Bob was one of the high scorers on the B-team. We think he has done well this season. Bob is only a sophomore and should be an important player on the next years squad. STANLEY ALBIN: Stanley, a sophomore spent most of his time playing with the B- team. He is' a 6footer and we are expecting to see him improve this coming year. ' DAVID CASSTEVENS: Dave was he leading scorer for the B-team. We are counting on Dave' to be in important player with 'next ear s s ua . HEX LIIQDLEY: Rex spent most ofhis time with the reserves. He is the only Fresh- man onthe varsity squad. Rex should really go places in seasons to come. JIM WILSON: Jim played regular with the B-team this year and did very good job. We are expecting Jim to be one o the regular guards next season. 1950 3100! AUGUST Z8 Back to school and the 3R's. SEPTEMBER 4 Labor Day. 8 First baseball game. Bad luck at Windsor! 12. Baseball ga.rne vs. Cowden. 13 Freshman Initiation. Neoga beats Cumberland!! 15 Baseball game vs. Brownstovnm here. 18 Baseball game vs. St. Anthony here. 19 FFA Green Degree. 21 Seniors have their pictures taken. What! No cameras broken! I 22 Neoga baseball team vs. Beecher City. Junior Class rings and Senior Commencement announcements ordered. 26 Neoga vs. Altarnont. I 27 Baseball game vs. Cumberland here. Z8 Underclassman and faculty pictures taken. OCTOBER 2 First shots taken! Pain to avoid pain? 3 Last baseball game and Stewardson-Strasburg beat us on our own diamond. Toisigh luck! . 4 Student body sees Ha horne's "Scar1etLetter." A good movie. 5 First Assembly Program. 6 Six weeks exams. Boy, was that close! 12-13 Yippee! No school! Teachers meeting. 20 N-Club Dance. Oh! That night life! ! 27-28 Senior Carnival. Dance to Eddie Fisher's Orchestra. NOVEMBER 9-10 Junior Class presents "Maid From Mexico," 11 Armistice Da . 13 Second assembly progra.m. The Scottish Kilties were here!! 14 Library Club Party. FHA Hobo Da . Rich hobo's? ? 17 First Basketball game. Neoga scalrps LaGrove 60-29 on our own "Hunting Grounds." 18 G. A. A. Theatre Party and dance. Boys get to play with uno Payll. l 21 End of the second six weeks. 22 T-Townl' dubs Neo a in their new gym. g Z3-24 Thanksgiving--Ering on the turkey. U Z8 Neoga at St. Anthony. Neoga is on the warpath! I 30 FHA assembly program. DECEMBER ' 1 Stewardson-Strasburg is scalped! I l 5 St. Elmo edged by the warring Indians ! ! ! 8 Brownstown game postponed of road conditions. 15 Neoga at Cumberland. 17 Christmas Concert---Big success. 18 Spanish Club Party. Si! Por que. 20 Teutopolis makes a sad Homecoming. 21 At last! The Homecoming Dance ! ? ZZ WHAT A NIGHT! ! ! XMAS vacation starts. 26-Z9 St. Anthony Holiday Tournament. Neoga tal-:es fourth. JANUARY Z School begins after a glorious vacation. b C..L,w!..,. 1951 3 Altamont 47 Neoga 56. , 4 Mr. Zeigel gives talk to Seniors about the value of going to college. . 5 Stewardson-Strasburg, there. 8-1.2 T. C. Tourney at ,Beecher City, Neoga had a had nig . 12 At last the end of the first semester. 16 Farina is swamped. 17 Ramsey-here. 23 Neoga 57 Brownstown 42. We even the score after the Tourney at Beecher City! A 26 Martinsville -there-another victory! 30 Cowden -- here -- too bad, a cold night. FEBRUARY 2 Mr. Orvedahlpresents his educated dogs. He should teach in school! .. 6 Windsor edges Neoga at Windsor. 9 Neoga lays it on Beecher City. 1 - . 12 Abe Lincoln gets us a school holiday. 13 The "old Lions" play the Weber Hot Shots in a benefit ame. 14 St. Anthony, here. Bo ho! 16 Altamont, there. Yeh!! 19 Senior Box Supper. Poor turn out, maybe because of the poor roads. 22 Brownstown, here. Yeh!! Z3 End of fourth six weeks. The end is drawing near. 27 Windsor scrapes by Neoga 54-52 in the Regional Tourney. MARCH 2 Jr. Soph. Party. 9 F. F. A. Barn Dance. Splendid! !! 16 Neoga Grade School Operetta. The gym was filled beyond capacity. 21 Freshmen have apart . 22 Teacher's meeting. Wlioppee! No school. Z3 Easter vacation. 26 N. T. C. Banquet at St. Anthony APRIL 4 F. F. A. Parent-Son Banquet. 5-6 Senior Class presents "Superstitious Sadie". End of 5th six weeks. The end is closer. 9 Colonial Art Exhibit. ' 12 Senior Day E. I. 13 Chamber of Commerce Home Talent Show. 14 G. A. A.' Play Day. 17 At last! THE BASKETBALL BANQUET. . . 21 F. H. A. Rally, here. 27 Spring Concert. MAY ' 2 The long awaited date has arrived ---- the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet. 8 N. T. C. Track Meet. 10 F. H. A. Mother-Daughter Banquet. lg Seniors take their last high school exams. Baccalaureate 21-22 Semester Exams. L 25 Commencement. Farewell Alma Mater. 1 The End. WQJJ-Engel' 5167! gcbfora aiu! .x4aLfi5or5. 46 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Darletta Fosbinder, Jim Wilion, Donette Ferris, Shirley Stewart, David Casstevens Bob Wilson. SECOND ROW: Judy Parker, Larry Green, Sue Morgan, Juanita Ballinger, Leroy Fox, John Flood unior Cfazid fg Carol. Ralph. , . . Lola . . . .' . Senora Morino . Albert Beardsley Beulah Cuzzins . WynnCozzins . Gwen . . . . . Mother Plummer Buzz .... Taxi Driver . . Barry . . CAST 4? . Judy Parker , . . Larry Green . . . Sue Morgan .. Juanita Ballinger . . . . Leroy Fox . . Shirley Stewart . David Casstevens . . Donette Ferris Darletta Fosbinder . . . Bob Wilson . . John Flood . .Tim Wilson IT HURT ME " The Class of '51 Presents 66 77 qlaemfifioua Suche Earl Price . . . Rarmon De Castano Dick Grisham . . . Tommy Ralston Donna Fort. . . . . . Iris Ashford Richard Morgan. . . . . Mr. Chadd Charles Roy . . . . George Quarley Christine Pugsley . . . . Aunt May Don Stewart . . . . . Rance Ralston Phyllis Wilson . . . .... Calory Carol .Tones . . . Georgia May Ashford BROADWAY C LEANERS 'Odorles s Dry C leaning" Phone 2882. 1404 Broadway Mattoon, Illinois "It Pays To Play' BOB WEBERS SPORT STORE 712 So. 18th Street Mattoon, Illinois BOGARD INS URANC -E AGENCY 516 Charleston Avenue Mattoon Illinois MEADOW GOLD Laboratory C ontrolled' Dairy Products Milk Ice C ream Butter Mattoon, Illinois BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY MEADOW GOLD DAIRY THE DAILY JOURNAL-GAZETTE Compliments of A. B. C. Audited Largest Net Daily Paid Circulation in Southeastern Illinois i I News Features Comics THE GAZETTE PRINTING CO. BOTTLAING CO, Printers ---- Stationers Engravers Quality Printing Phone 5656 Mattoon, Illinois Mattoon Warner Office Equipment 'When Your Care Enough To Send The Very Best W Headqua rte rs for ADDING MACHINES FOUNTAIN PENS TYPEWRITERS Full Line of Office Equipment 1623 C harleston Avenue Mattoon fo oo Q -I lil--Ill i 4.i4'l L ILT4. """"' """ l'Tamp'r vn-fvrfqe i' EU. Jawsuw - opncm. Xwllfll Auono-v1suAL sqummam' wwf " ' I523 BR OADWAYAVE MATTOON ILL X f I Phone 3 13 1 C omplirnents of Moore's Wholesale Candg and Tobacco FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES SUNDRIES Glenn S. Albin, Manager Mattoon, Illinooi C mplirnents of THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK WOLF-'S SILVER STAR ROLLER RINK School Parties 5-7 The Shop Smart Women Prefer Church Parties, Mondays 8: Thursdays Mattoon, Illinois Phone 1220 Mattoon Compliments of PARISH QUALITY CLEANERS Cold Fur--Storage SCHWARTZ AUTO PARTS 1612. Wabash Avenue M tt ' ' a Don uhnols Mattoon, Illinois TINNING ROOFING Call 2966 Raef and Beall Tm Shop Matto on, I llinois WEIR FURNACES BLOW PIPE SHEET METAL SPITZ CLOTHIERS Most Style and Value For Your Clothing Dollar Mattoon, Illinois Compliments of ELLIOTT JEWELERS 1610 Broadway Mattoon Illinois HIGGINS IMPLEMENT CO. Allis--Chalmers Dealer Telephone 630 Zlst. 8: Charleston Mattoon, Illinois "See FURSTE First' Auto Supply - Congratulations and Best Wishes Mattoon Illinois To The Class of "51" EWING GARAGE SERVICE STATION , 1300 Broadway LESTER S Wearing Apparel For Women 1609 Broadway Mattoon Mattoon WALTS CAMERA SHOP O WALTREX STUDIO 14ZZ.B d y 31416hSt t Ph 7977 Ph 2339 Mattoon, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 51 F mYourY b kPhotog ph C mpliments of The National Bank of Mattoon i? 1. DEPOSITS INSURED if . 4. G ., Q o Thofodoral Uaoositlnsuranoo Corporation 9 WASHINGTON, D. C. Ssooo ra:-::c':.'ss:'aa:ss :sooo 5 UTTEBBACHS BUSINESS COLLEGE "Specialist in Business Education" 16th 8: Broadway PHONE 348 Mattoon, Illinois BRADlEY'S Recapping Sz Vulcanizing--Auto Glass PHONE 5050 19th 8: Charles Mattoon, Illinois C0mP1iment5 Mattoon's Dominant Store CRAIG 81 CRAIG YOUNGS DEPT. STORE Law Firm 1614-1616 Broadway MBHSOOD, Illinois Mattoon, Illinois DR.ROBERT G. JONES, DENTIST OWNINGS DRUG CO 1604 1f2 Broadway "The Rexall Store " Mattoon, Illinois Dia1 2111 Phones Mattoon, Illinois Res. 4240 Office 4946 MATTOON BUTTER co. RODIES BAKERY 1000 Broadway Pies Cakes Cash Buyers of Quality Cream ASS01'fed Cookies Sweet Rolls Cup Cakes Ship Us A Can Today! Special orders for all occasions Phone 3939 Phone 1054 Mattggn, Illing-15 1 113 S. 18th Sf. Mattoon Mattoon, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF "Sl" AND BEST WISHES TO THE Neoga Communitg Unit District Mattoon New Car DeaIer's Ass'n. Paul C. Graham fPres.i Robert Spangler QV. Pres.j Richard Lauwer fSec.-Treas.D Following Dealers Are Members of Above Ass'n. BARTELSMEYER MOTOR CO. FALLER MOTORS W. C. GRAHAM 8: SON GROBRELNY MOTOR CO. MATTOON MOTOR CAR CO. MILLER 8: SONS MOTOR CO. PALMER MOTORS, INC. TOM PURVIS, INC. QUALITY CADILLAC -OLDS SALES LEONARD NASH SALES, INC. SPANGLER MOTOR SALES WM. ZURHEIDE 8: SON WALLACE AUTO SALES LR. Gucker, Florist "Say It With Gucker's Flowers" Phone 7493 16th Street and Wabash Avenue Mattoon, Illinois w LAMPERT 'S Jeweler--Optometrists Compliments of the VICTORY RESTAURANT Mattoon Value Jeweler Mattoon, Illinois .I 4 hour duplication of broken lenses Mattoon BLACKWELL'S MUSIC SHOP ECOPPFS RCA Television Drugs--Sporting Goods Records--Music Supplies--Sheet Music ' Rawlings Distributor HAROLD BLACKWELL i M tt 1812 Broadway Mattoon, Illinois 8 Con W. E. ELLIS Quality Grocery Phone 277 Neoga, Illinois SINC LAIR Ga soline and Oil Goodyear Tires and Accessories Pop and Cigarettes Paul Curry Ph. 94 Neoga 111 C ompliments of DR. I. B. MCCAULEY BERNIE 'S BARBER SHOP Dentist Neoga, Illinois Phone 6 Neoga, Illinois WEBER BROS. EOUHIP., INC. Plumbing and Heating--Electrical Wiring Contracts Farm Implements and Tractors Repairs and Servicing of All Kinds Teutopolis , Illinois Congratulations to Class of 51 ROBERT MAYHALL Neoga, Illinois B 8: H DIEL AND THOMPSON Sales Shoes - Clothing Allis-Chalrners Tractors and Implements Effingham, Illinois Phone 113 Toledo Ill CUMBERLAND COUNTY FARM BUREAU "A Service Organization For Farmers Toledo, Illinois fi 2 U 'ss X Sallg Ann Bakerg Mattoon, Illinois 74eeolecJ : Mffer- lgkyriicaf gacigfierl We, the Senior Class of 1951 feel that our yearbook will be worthwhile only and if through it we will be able to contribute something to our parents, teachers, and friends of the community. We hope the problems brought out on these pages willbe a challenge to the mem- bers of future graduating classes to con- tinue our efforts to decry the deplorable condition of our building and grounds and work for improvements in our school fa- The lower hall was our cafe- teria and recreation room. This is the first shift going to lunch. stay at NHS. repaid. The scenic approach to our school. We had to study while another class was being conducted ini the same room. tionally that we have had to surmount in order to achieve what we have during our We hope the others to follow will see the plight and work to do something about it. If we have made a contribution through these pages in causing parents and citizens to take notice of the situation and act ac- cordingly, our efforts will have been well cilities which will give future students im- proved educational opportunities over those that we have had. We realize that during our four years in high school many im- provements have been made. However, these have been mostly in areas other than improving the physical facilities. The fa- cilities are our handicaps at present. We hope that the pictures on these pages will show to some extent, a few of the crowded and unhealthy conditions educa- Our Biology facilities were made in- adequate by the large numbers in our class. 6-8 students per table. One microscope for each ten students. The effectiveness of our class plays was lessened greatly by the frightful condition of the curtain. How could we work bookkeeping or write themes in a study hall of this pe? , tY "My, it's crowded in here. I can't Ir.-Hi dressing room. "Oh goody, find my tennis shoes." I'll get to dress in the big dressing room next year." Our Ag. office and laboratory and Plenty of elbow room and wide open also the Tomahawk editor-'s office. spaces for studying agriculture. Our faculty takes a bit of relaxation There is always privacy for the fac- if they can find a seat, ulty. Just pull the curtain. This is W also the officals' dressing room. OTHER NEEDED IMPROVEMENTS A gym big enough to play in and big ' enough to seat the crowd. A. farm shop. A science class room adjoining the ' lab. A larger library with more books. Our physics classbeing accompanied A mechanical drawing room- by the melodic strains of the mixed chorus in the adjoining room. .63 ur Mzif The third year of operation of Neoga Community Unit District No. 3 produced additional improvements in both educational and building facilities within the Unit. Credit for improvements must go in part to the efforts of the Board of Education in planning and spending in an efficient manner. President Carl Wilson, Secretary Robert Woolery, with mem- bers W. D. White, Richard Peters, Clayton Doll, Nathan Stewart and Rex Haskett have taken an active part in seeing that the needs of the Unit are met to the satisfaction of all concerned. This re- quires much time, energy and patience, but the members are a non-complaining group, and because of their interest inthe school and youth, they respond wholeheartedly. On visiting the various attendance centers in the Unit, we find that inside rest rooms have been constructed at Trowbridge and Etna during the past summer. These were badly needed and were appreciated by both students and teachers. Additional playground equipment has been erected at the Etna and Neoga GradeCenters. Libraries at all centers have been improved by purchase of several sets of encyclopedias, reference books, and reading circle literature. Social science departments were helped with the pur- chase of up to date maps and supplements. An additional bus was purchased to further improve the trans- portation.system within the Unit. Everyone recognizes that school is not a stationary processg we never reach the point where improvement cannot be made. The Board recognizes this fact and is continuously striving for im- provement at all times. . A need that is seen at the present time is additional space for Basketball, Physical Education, Agriculture, Farm Shop, Music, and Cafeteria at the high school center. At a meeting held in the fall, several patrons proposed a new addition be built for use as Gymnasium, Physical Education, and Music. and that the .old gym be remodeled to .houseuthe Agriculture Department, Farm Shop, and Cafeteria. We of the Class of 1951 heartily indorse this proposed building and remodeling program, and hope that it canbe completed in the near future. 64 , N. K MM M w 29 ewfdnv- 65- .2 S gglig .. Q ' ff Egfr. E -'-1 D ' i . . O "fi: , gf Wxw? f af W li- ? SE M 1- Q-2 f n-. X :Q I if Q g ,. 3 Q Q7 il' -O ! I' x5 5 f' in Qs -J is I . W Qmfl'-Q: W Nh Q4 5? M fl E Q ff - m . "" 64 ' ,fV :VI Zrgi ELI' A ,,, , , N 'Q Y ' ' 4 x i Y ll Cl? x. ,,, i ,V o' Via 'G if 5' .. 'T 5 , . tx 4, f mah ' 32? i ff 04 R2 3 P - -"' if--' 5 M fi ' I 1 f X 7 " f T 'J in 3593" - f i f f .lF2 ' fEQTE.fig. ' ,G i" .X 3, '-Q " Y ! 4 'gc Ex -6 XR' I I -b Mx . I 4 I' l' K '5 Q Ay M, X -N U33 N W Us o, ' ' l' A' WEEK'-QQ-. f ,-fx' A V4 Tx 1 L ' Nu I 66 If V, 95 ' I ' f as WW N ,L H 5 A ' 'HJ 1 5 l . ,f s f '-:1 si .jfs N aj S- 1 f ,. Q6 fi Sw 3 .. RQ Q V z f e . vr .Q QQ i s V yi 5 " I mwah , 92 V' L + 5525 5. , !35?Z4QfAXS X 5 N J. 0 X "Win ,ofdfl QW 'Q 'JAX I A f l fir WY ww Neoga Manufacturing Co. "No Bones About It--Stays Up Without Stays" SEE US FOR WORK Neoga, Illinois Cumberland Countg National Bank Soon after men began to do business together Banks were started to speed the interchange of goods and to safe- guard money. Bank loans put ships to seag sentcaravans on their wayg increased productionfor the loom, the forge, and the farm. LOOKING AHEAD AND GOING AHEAD WITH YOU Modern business needs banks as trains need tracks. This Bank is working with you and this Community for greater prosperity and security, for you in financial matters in every way we can. StandarWdD.gQjnlA llrodu cts All Kinds of Petroleum Products Gasoline--Kerosene--Fuel Oils Heating Oils--Motor Oils--Greases Household Necessities--Tank Wagon Service Phone 17 to 44 Neoga, Illinois Marathon Service Gasoline Oil Lubricants Tires Batteries Washing Accessories ERNEST fPatl CURTNER Phone 240 Neoga, Illinois R. l. Casstevens Quality Merchandise At The Lowest Possible Prices Phone 40 Neoga, Illinois Blue Bell Cafe Good Eats Everybody Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Bill Latch Neoga, Illinois McGinnis Garage L. W. MCGINNIS, PROPQ Sales Service New Idea Farm Equipment Phone 123 Neoga, Illinois C ongratulations C LASS OF 1951- Short's Furniture Store Neoga, Illinois l. H. Wente VITALITY FEEDS Grinding and Mixing Phone 286 Neoga, Illinois na. Sinclair Pr oducts I NATHAN STEWART, AGENT Gasoline--Motor Oils - -He ate rs Oils Prompt Tank Wagon Service Phone 159 or 94 Neoga, Illinois A1-f -U - nv.-I SINCIAIR MOTOR Oll- JR' OPALINE a o f Jacobsen Lumber Company LUMBER BUI LDING MATERIALS COAL Phone 34 Ne oga, Illinois Haskett Bros. SALES AND SERVICE Phone 269 Neoga, Illinois Holladag Cafe GREYHOUND STOP "Meet Your Friends Here' Phone 89 Neoga, Illinois Wilson's Hereford Farms HEREFORDS Baca W Prince 4th F Baca Duke Znd 'Keep Ahead With I-Ierefords' Carl J. Wilson and Sons Sovvard's Drug Store Prescriptions Filled Fountain Service Gifts and Jewelry Stock and Poultry Remedies Phone 2.96 Neoga, Illinois Braden's Golf Station Washing, Greasing, Tires, Tubes Phone 246 Neo ga, Ill. Neoga Eq. and Service Co. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER International Motor Trucks X I 1 I-H Tractors and Farm Equipment X I-H Refrigeration DeSoto Plymouth Automobiles Parts Services Neoga, Illinois Neoga locker Plant Complete Locker Service . Groceries -4 Meats D. T. Jones Neoga , Illinois Compliments of Mgers Paint and Wallpaper Store A Complete Line of Paints, Varnishes, Stains and Enamels Dealers of Green Marked Coal Neoga, Illinois C omplime nts of Svvengel Funeral Home Phone 99 Ne oga Illinois C omplime nts of M. A. Graft Co. Ne oga, Illinois X 9 e When It's Both PRACTICAL Nj' and PRETTY of Course, Avoid Drudgery By Using REDDY More! x 9-'B C .J It's ELECTRIC and Economical, too! T . ' , ., -- Central Illinois Public Service Co Carruthers Department Store General Merchandise Groceries Meats Shoes Phone 9 Neoga, Illinois SWENGEL'S STANDARD SERVICE Tires-Batteries--Accessories Phone 44 MAR-THA WRIGHT'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 11 Neoga, II1inois Holladag Electric Service Appliance s Contract Wiring Phone 99 8: 35 Neoga, Illinois Frank Kern Manufacturing Co Perma-Lift Brassiers "THE LIFT THAT NEVER LETS YOU DOWN' See Us For Work Piione 103 Neoga, Illinois Compliments of C. T. at N. TELEPHONE COMPANY GINGHAM INN Eat Our More Often 7 "Geo. " MAS- n Y MYERSW-LZYEARBOOKS MYERS AND CO INC TOPEKA KANSAS ::'.o:. 0 fly: THE PACEMAKERS OF QUALITY u, Q . . , .-,.

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