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 - Class of 1948

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Illinois Z ,1 A,,w..4f,a4,, Q ' JJ M 77ff 1 d ff nga as fa!4'JW5"""1", X I 25? , ff. ff E L24 4 .if 4 lzl -8-im hlfdbx. qv' Qaur-co! La., , Q9 u,,Q,u-L-0... , Jyp, 3"L'C'I'Kl fellfv-f A-f CA-" Cfkfo- nlofvvw-aff!-:,"cQ gA,,Q,'-4.2-C ' 54, cf I Ufvvdl 4,ux.fQ,,,b tl 1,41-4VQjL,a,4Sl Z ,LA 5,1-ztjx --'f"N"'V-jkfzh . fnfvf- 'fvu ,L 1.-,, 1.43 , , . I 1 I 112-'CJ ,.f.,f 3 .114 Jn 6,4-,-,fhfqi 1 ,lyfL!i . K j f i f , , , 77 Q f-ff-'LQ 11 f f-X114 fx- ,Ofc izwx-:LQ ,4fg,K,g,:, Q-,191 f T , .X x U"-f. L I 'Y ,14.,,J,6 J. ' 5 . f lj' gb qv. if-49 fi. L-fv'- x. j'yL,2.fy. CJ 76,34-Jylj ., I it IW .Kp .52,c1,f,Q 5,551-L, q LQ M, X P r,,,NLV .HM f ,A,,,k. fr 6' - x. w 'fR' - M I-Aff f , km Wg , ,bfx f s ,D e'n"""ft3"!' fgyk-'V"""-3 4,"g'f9 Ag?-'bfi-C :1-1.4,,JL- ifC4,.'l! 7 K KIM, I fy-,--Ng ,jxfqff 4,J, k.,f.Jf1M,A,J K6 on dh.,-:X-52,1411 .3 4 ff, fkjl-J' 'k?wfs'v'X-c"'1-'- A ,xv 4 I--1-1,-gf A F f ' If ,K I61.-rvfgfvglfgx 1f,.,Lf14fn.f! A " x jlff-".fr1l"M--fx., ,l.Q4,,.,L7a-,-Q40 6 Q is fQ7 my 2?LfjLVW,M 6,592 71-C'i"'4 Aoi! H AMW iii HS M,,eSa5?iF? Tililiaii' T"g0:1,::xi. 5 K - ,his in citizens of t wifi iw? Wi Q Ya 1 im' Us tw s WEE Egg his ,M 1 FOREWORD Once upon a time there existed, according to popular legend, a most striking kingdom. The name of this empire seems to have been lost but its memory lingers. On the following pages you Will find a purely imaginary conception of this kingdom as it once might have been. We trust you will use your imagination to fill in the "missing links" and become so lost in the story that it will almost seem to be a reality! -The Staff. Any resemblance of the characters in this book io living people is purely co-incidental. -THE EDITORS. TOMAHAWK THE RDYALTY HIS MAJ ESTY HIS ADMINISTRATORS N THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS g 1' h p H gh s 11 1 TOMAHAWK His Majesty and His Administrators WAYNE HANCE A. B. and M. A. in Ed. at U. I. Principal and Advanced Math Home Town-Navman, Illinois THOMPSON SHIELDS LOREN TAYLOR B. Ed. at Eastern A. B. in Ed. at S. I. U. English, Industrial Arts M. A. in Ed. at U. I. Drarnatics Coach History, Economics Home Town-Charleston, Illinois Athletic Coach Home Town--Mills Shoals, Illinois JAMES LEMING B. S. in Ag. at U. I. Voc. Agriculture, Biology F. F. A. Sponsor, Tomahawk Sponsor Home Town-Cutler, Illinois MARGERY E. RASMUSSEN NOBERTA RENSHAW B. S. at Illinois Wesleyan B. S. in Ed. at Eastern Gen. Science, Algebra, Geometry English, Typing, Shorthand Home Town-Bloomington, Illinois Home Town--Strasburg, Illinois WANDA JUNE BELL ELIZEBETH CATHCART B. S. in Ed. at Eastern B. S. in Music Ed. at U. I. Home Economics, Girls' P. E. Band, Glee Club, Octet F. H. A. Sponsor Tomahawk Sponsor Home Town-Windsor, Illinois Home Town--De Land, Illinois CLEM P. WENTE Janitor Neoga Township High School W X .f 'Q Wiz: 5512145 ,wefffzrzw 1.4 Adminsjrrafion W I . 911:55 :kkfszzzzziiezz '26- 'Z' "5-0 :7ZZf5, liz!! sa, 12" Mr. 122141157 Qzflzc fl!! ak 1 73 7" , A Q 'SR' Kg 1' Q' 5 Hifi, 311564111 I 'Ml 'C' M35 L'4Z5m1'f TOMAHAWK THE ROYAL SEAL :,':,., 1' 'ff' Wig 2 no h c ii , lf4F'f !!!w KK 1 . I ' I , A 'll 5,3 -symbolic of fighting prowess and endurance. Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAWK BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Board of Director consists of five members. At the present writing they are Earl Ellis, president, Orville Young, secretary, Louis Brick, Ev- erett Brown, and Walter Bingarnan. ' These men are the "men behind the scenes" at N. T. H. S. They see to it that teachers are hired and the school is conducted in accordance with set regulations. The responsibilities and Work these men have undertaken is rarely taken into consideration by the students themselves. However, we wish to dedicate this space in our '48 Tomahawk to the Board of Directors as a tribute and expression of gratitude for what they have done for N. T. H. S. Neoga Township High School Baan! af 1Dz'z'ec Kors ' .,. pg:-rf H613 Hfzbk 0W17!z jlfmfy 5502E774,e,v F' few, fa, 'Zflzhz' 51194111112 X 'Z :Swell 574112 TOMAHAWK THE HIGH CUURT TWENTY-THREE MEMBERS Neoga Township High School TOMAI-IAWIS as TOMAHAWK STAFF Under the guidance of Sir James Leming, Lady Noberta Renshaw, and Lady Elizabeth Cathcart, His Majesty's High Court published this annual containing an account of the past year's activities. This is a traditional practice and the High Court has attempted to produce a book worthy of a kingdom so noted and thriving as ours. To raise funds We sponsored the annual Homecoming, a carnival, a magazine-selling campaign, and a dramatic production entitled, "One Delirious Night." We wish to express our sincere thanks to all those who assisted us in publishing this annual: local merchants, supporters, friends, and members of the Lower Courts. PICTURE tOpposite Pagel ' First Row: Lawrence Fox, Judy Green, Ruth Anderson, Wanda South, Betty Huff, Floyd Wente, Betty Worland, Bonnie Baker, Donna Beals, Miss Cathcart. Second Row: Lloyd Blair, Warren Baker, John Dollar, Earl Hatten, Janet Green, Sylve Michlig, Doris Icenogle, Jeanine Brown, Marjorie Zim- mer. Third Row: Morris Strohl, Francis Wassom, Vernon Brown, James Meek, James Hartke, Carl Brady, James Buchanan, Don Kraft, John Wente, Lloyd Kingery, Dean Gordon. Neoga Township High School mwf, ,u 1 7 x J Be'fTY WUI 1' W TJ P J J i X 1 Floyd WcnTe . DD The En+iYc S-'faff NassCa'H1car1' il" .331 a 5 f' gl, . -f AJ " I " VISOVS' zu ' 0' .ga It 3: Mvs. Renslmw mv. Leminq He Ro cz! afvfver : Kwilga - Q -5 Y . I K 1 N I4 X X I 1 lim "Banff" A ,T QF I fl I 1 x'?1.f . ,4g4 , x 1 l 5 4: X ' 10 X '5' J 'X-In ff? ' .W 6 IVA! Ii 'J BeTfNl -Upof' x F0735 4 219737 1- -l',1 M it ,' Huff 1 -' ' . , J ' A tm ' "." Q' T 1 .. 1 hifi ,ffffw ' ' A Y f'-?arzcr'5 my Q Rd M T 3 Betir , M . J J-mf-W1 N OTTIS X7-" ' ff, v ' W 0 ,I - 1 x A as , W ' 1 4 4 N X L Q 1 A 1 M Y f,mA0!,f of me 'W Im, rahvife ofa Cfeqf fa-7Zure R TOMAHAWK RECORD OF THE HIGH COURT Back in September, 1945, thirty-six papooses entered the institution of learning known as Neoga Township High School. Of the thirty-six that entered, twenty-three have emerged triumphant. Along the road of learn- ing we lost the following: Imogene Jones, Dolores Lane, Thelma Cordes, Deloris Wright, Bill Woods, Jessie True, Dale Patrick, and Arline Smith. Six of our classmates transferred to other schools. These are: Dorothy Dewar, Charles Miller, Betty Parker, Leonard McKinney, Norma Jean Valkinburg, and Loella Hill. We have also added several members to our class. They are: Betty Walk, James Buchanan, Francis Wassom, and James Meek. The business of our senior year has been very successfully and effi- ciently handled by Floyd Wente, president, John Dollar, vice-president, Betty Worland, secretary-treasurer, Judy Green and John Wente, student council members, and Mr. Shields as faculty sponsor. The four years of our stay at N. T. H. S. have been highlighted by many memorable and enjoyable activities: How could we forget the Prom of 1947 when the study hall was trans- formed into a beautiful "Old Dutch Garden" complete with wishing-well, dikes, tulips and an old Dutch windmill? As juniors we also presented very successfully "The Charming In- truder," a three-act comedy. At the Homecoming dance this year, the king and queen were both seniors, Judy Green and James Buchanan. Senior attendants were Bonnie Baker, Carl Brady, and Lawrence Fox. The class has had a lot of fun and also work financing the Tomahawk with a carnival, a magazine-selling campaign and by selling ads. As a climax of the four years spent at Neoga High, the seniors pre- sented the three-act comedy, "One Delirious Night," under the direction of Mr. Shields. Upon graduating May 28, the Senior Class of '48 will go forth to make use of the knowledge and training gained from their high school years. These have been profitable years to be cherished and remembered always. Neoga Township High School TOMAHAWK HIGH COURT OFFICIALS FLOYD WENTE IIF B ll Military Drill IN.--.--,,,,,...,...,.......,,,,A,.. 1 Basketball ,...,............ Library ,Iv,........... -. ....., 1-2-3 2-3-4 Messenger ,...,,,.,,... ....... 3 -4 Softball ,...e................. ...,....... 2 Class President ,,..,,, .2...e., 2 -4 Tomahawk .,,......,, . 4 Class Play ......... ..,.V...,2,... 4 JOHN DOLLAR llsll Mllxtary Drill 1, vvl,.,,, , ,.,,,. ,-,- 1 Basketball lllllllvl,,--., Class Officer ,,e,,.. 1-3-4 1-2-4 Baseball ....1ss.sss, ,,-..... ,,--,,-,, 4 Tomahawk .,,.,,...............,...,,. ,,.4.-,, 4 Class Play lllelll...,...v,.,.........,,,..,..., , ,... 4 Transferred to and from Orange, California ..... . ........l.. 3 JULIA ANN GREEN llJudYll Pep Club l......,,.,,..........,.. 1-2-3-4 Class Officer ,l..oio--,,,,, ---,-,, 2 -3-4 Library Club .o,....., -,-,,,,-, 3 -4 Glee Club ,,,, .,,-, ,,,-, , 3 -4 Tomahawk ,...l, ----,--- 4 Messenger .... ..... 4 G. A. A. .....,......,,,...,.......,.i, ..,...,, 3 F. H. A. ....,..,,...,..,.... ...,.....,, . ,........,,..,.. 4 Class Play .....,,.,.......,....... .. ...,.,..,,,.. 3-4 Homecoming Attendant -, .....,,...,,.. 3 Homecoming Queen .....,.... .- ...,.,,.. 4 Neoga Township High School BETTY WORLAND llBetll Tomahawk Co-editor ,............i.,ii..,. 4 F. H. A. ............................., . G. A. A. ............... . Class Officer ...... Library ............, Band .........,........ Glee Club ......... Pep Club ......... Octet .............. 1-4 1-4 1-4 1-4 Messenger ......................................,... 4 Class Play .......................................... 4 Transfer to St. Catherine ....,......... 2 Transfer from St. Catherine JOHN WENTE "Heinie" Military Drill ...,......., Class Play -. ..ii...i. Boys' Chorus ...... Tomahawk .,.... Basketball ........... ....... Carnival King ........ 4 4 1-2-4 Wezzfe Q S .Wm SENIUR M.,- ffefiff '?fl7l'L'IZl VICE -Pktsfpffvf - , , 5'ECRL'f9'1?y - TREH5 f Xf ' iQP11m' kN + ' 4 qui. 'R GX 1 -A "' fy pf, 0 v-- ',,.::: 1-11111 U ,:ayE' , ,gi ,gs ' . A -Q-31132 -. 'riijfbgg : ISE A .Q s. ' ' 5f,u'i" ' -".":'- 1hZ531f1Z-5 In 511' WZ 451211 114211116 Caufvcm fraoavr Uaufvcm TOMAHAWK A DISCOURSE ON THE GRADUATION CLASS Four long years ago it seemed Those things of which we'd dreamed Had come to pass-no longer were we girls and boys But men and women when our first high school class convened. Thirty-six of us were then enrolled, Thirty-six for assiduous instructors to scold, Some gave up the ghost, some moved away Till now but twenty-three are in the fold. Our studies have been a grueling climb From the frequency of sound to Shakespeare sublime. We've studied hard that here might we be For the broadcast of "N, T. H. S. Diploma Time." Out of the classroom our life has been gay. We twenty-three are funny that way, There's always a word of cheer and a To keep us happy through the day. Down the course till the race is done, Over the hurdles to the very last one, smile . We've had our pleasure, we've studied hard, And soon we will find our victlry won. The students in our group I now present, On gaining knowledge all are bent. Yes, all are bent and some 'most broken So oft' from classroom to office sent. Lloyd Kingery, Warren, and Lloyd Blair, Carl, and Francis, and Dollar were there, Lawrence, Judy, Earl, and Morris, Bonnie, Margie, and Wanda fair. James Hartke, James Meek, and James B. Were like Betty Walk, Betty Huff, and Betty Worland, you see. John Wente, Ruth, Floyd, and Don Were members of the jolly twenty-three. We're nearing the end, we've weathered the gale, We hope that your studies you never As we, the seniors, depart from this And for the goals of our lives set sail. will fail school The Vulgar Boatman. Neoga Township High School Don Kraft "Boob" Morris Strohl "Bodie,' Military Drill -,l,,,,,,,ll.,-, 1 Class Officer o.....,...oooo 1-2 Tomahawk ,l,,,,, .,,,,,, 4 Band ......................., 1-2-3-4 Chorus ........,.,. .......,..... 4 Octet,,ss,,s. ......... 4 Military Drill ...,s...l....... 1 Messenger .,.,,.......sss. 2-3-4 Library ,...,...r.r.l...,... 2-3-4 Tomahawk ,rr,rr.,.,.... .. .vsss 4 Class Play s,.lss..s,,.....,. 3-4 Bonnie Baker itBunny57 Class Play 1 eo,...-,...ev.. 1,3-4 Homecoming Janffii Ifleek Attendant ,orr,or,ro,,rr 3-4 'hm G Dandelion Queen , ,,.,,,e 2 Transfer from Sigel -14 Cheerleader yyyyyyyyvywyv,-- lg Tomahawk ---------------- 4 Class Officer eee.e,eeee 1-2-3 F. Sentlnel l., .... V4 Messenger M--PPfkkiif W1,,2,3-4 G. A. A. ......,.111.1111s11s 1-2-3 Glee Club ..,.,.. 111,11111111 3 -4 Pep Club .,..A,.l. . 1..1 1-2-3-4 Band 111ss111,,.. .... ...... 1 - 2-3-4 Tomahawk .. ..r......,..,.111 .4 Carl Brady HCY97 Basketball ..111v1,,,111,w.., 3-4 HBGUY Wal-kv Baseball Yl----lll l,-,-----N 3 -4 Betty Jean Softball ,,,.....ccc,, .,., 2 Transfer from Sigel ceee 2 Class Officer lll,,Yv,Yl,,,,,-ll 3 Band ---------------.........v,.. 3-4 F. F. A. Officer .,.-c...c .2-4 Homecoming Military Drill v,.,,,cccc 1 Attendant ........,,,,,,,,., 4 Library Y --,----,,,'V-- -wVV-,,,, 3 Glee Club ll.. .. ..,,,.,.,, 3-4 Messenger llllrlllr llllllll l 4 G. A. A. ..-... ......... 2 Homecoming Pep Club ....... ........l1 4 Attendant ,,,.,,,.,v,. c .1.c. 4 Messenger ......... ,.,....... 4 Class Play lllwvwwl, llwwlllll 4 Tomahawk ....... ......... 4 Tomahawk .,.,,.. .....,v . .4 lileoga Township High School TOMAHAWK Ruth Anderson "Ruthie" G. A. A. .....,,.......,,,..,..., 2-3 Glee Club ........,.,.1,....., 3-4 Band ....,....... ...l..... 2 -3 F. H. A. .... ....,...s 2-3-4 Pep Club ...... , ...,... -11-2-3-4 Tomahawk .,..,,..,........... 4 Class Play .....s. Lloyd Blair "Blair', Tomahawk . ., 4 F. F. A. ....s.., 12-4 Messenger w,,.... ..,,,,.. 4 James Hartke "Sophie" Military Drill r.r..,.,rr... ....1 Messenger .r,.r,,,.. ..r,,.,, 4 Tomahawk F... ..,, r...,r.. 4 Boys, Chorus ............ 14 Class Play ,,.....,,. . ,.,,..., 3 V Octet .r.......,,...... ........r... 4 Basketball ,..... ,...,..., 1 -4 Baseball .l..... r....... 4 if -v sf 'EZ' ffm :MW Q95 ffl,- 'N 'v , 541211142 ,WUQ 121' 513' 1227! EXr,,.f ,ppm TOMAHAWK HIGH COURT ELECTIVES MOST POPULAR ........ BEST ATHLETE OOO,O. BEST SCHOLAR SS,..... MOST FRIENDLY SSS........,,...,...SSS.,.,.....SS MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LLL.,,,.L.,. BEST MUSICIAN LLL,,........... . ................... MOST CO-OPERATIVE ....... BEST DRESSED LAL.,,.........., , Judy Green L............,. -James Buchanan Betty Huff e,..,........ ,.,,eeA,.eee, C arl Brady Ruth Anderson ..........eee Lloyd Kingery Betty Worland ..,.. ohn Wente Betty Worland ..............,A.f Floyd Wente Bonnie Baker--- --------------.Lawrence Fox Ruth Anderson --------.---.- Lloyd Kingery Bonnle Baker ------------ , Francis Wassom Neoga Township High School Betty Huff HBetU Pep Club ,....,.......... 1-2-3-4 Class Play ....,.... - .......... 3-4 F. H. A. ...,,................... 3-4 Tomahawk Co-Editor.-4 Glee Club ,................... 3-4 Library Club ...........,.. 3-4 Messenger ................ 2-3-4 G. A. A. .................. 1-2-3-4 Carnival Queen ............ 4 Francis Wassom "Wassom" Transfer from Sigel ...... 4 Boys' Chorus . ............... 4 Messenger .....,................ 4 Tomahawk .................... 4 Basketball Manager .... 4 Warren Baker "Bake" Military Drill ..,............. 1 Messenger .....,.... ..,i.... 4 Tomahawk ..... ..,..i,, 4 F. F. A. .,....... ......... 4 TOMAI-IAWK James Buchanan KlBuck77 Transfer from Thornton .................... 2 Homecoming King .,...... 4 Homecoming Attendant Baseball .......... ........ 3 -4 Softball ........,................. 2 Class Officer ..,........,.. 2-3 Basketball ................ 2-3-4 Octet ..4.........................,... 4 Boys' Chorus ................ 4 Tomahawk ........ ........ Library ......... . ,... 4 ' 3 Class Play ....... ........ 4 Marjorie Zimmer "Margie" G. A. A. .................... 1-2-4 F. H. A. ....... ......... 1 -2-4 Band ................ ........i 1 -4 Tomahawk ..... ,.........., 4 Glee Club ........ .......i 3 -4 Octet ............. ............... 4 Pep Club ........r,.... 1-2-3-4 Class Play ...,.............,.... 3 Earl Hatten Hzekeii Military Drill ............,.r. 1 Messenger .......... ..,.,.., 4 Tomahawk ..... ....,.,. 4 Neoga Township High School Lloyd Kingery HI-l0yd77 Military Drill ,.,,,...,..,,... 1 Tomahawk ..,., ,,..,,,- 4 Boys' Chorus .,.,.,..,...,.,. 4 Class Play ........,. .,,,..., , 4 Lawrence Fox "Foxie" Military Drill .,...-.-...-,,.. 1 Messenger ,,,.....,...,-.-.,.... 4 Library Club ..,,,,,--,,-.,,. 3 Homecoming Attendant ...,....,.,,,. 3-4 Boys' Chorus .............,,, 4 Band ,,,r,,...............,.. 1-2-3-4 F. F. A. President ...... 2-4 Pep Club r.,...............,,.. 3-4 Class Officer ......,...,,..,. 3 Class Play .rv,.,.............. 3-4 Basketball Manager .... 4 Tomahawk .................... 4 Wanda South GITiny77 Class Play .................... 3-4 G. A. A. .................. 1-2-3-4 Editor of Messenger..3-4 Glee Club .................... 3-4 Cheerleader ...............,r, 4 Tomahawk ..... ......v. 4 Octet ................................ 4 Class Officer .............. 1-3 Pep Club ................ 1-2-3-4 Library ........................ 3-4 F. H. A. ....... ............ 4 I:-V WW K' Gfezzfzk M5546 A 'Cx Nav' -Mez flk Q ,gr V' XXI' JZ? 51164412411 1 5 x -if ff'fZe.zy21z'z2 Zl2I!l7ZZf fu ,ggx 5311! Hfzffzzz ky". '.,'-' flgyff izffgezy ,f Wav", TW? ,lzfllffltdf Zu U '-'sr Mill!! 5411.46 p, Al CLASS WILL The Senior Class of 1948, before passing from the portals of this hal- lowed institution, desires to put in writing the following will: The Class of '48 wills to- MR. HANCE-a full time secretary. MR. SHIELDS-a quiet, attentive, well-mannered English class. MR. LEMING-a piano to be conveniently placed in the Ag. Room. MR. TAYLOR-100W victory at all the basketball games next year. MRS. RENSHAW-a class roomful of 85-word a minute typists. MRS. BELL-a referee Whistle that sounds like a fog-horn. MISS RASMUSSEN-a quiet, Well-ordered third period study hall. MISS CATHCART-a snappy 50-piece playing band. "PETE" WENTE-a neat, orderly, uncluttered English room. As an individual, I, RUTH ANDERSON, will my secretary' job to AMOS OJVERMEYER. I, BONNIE BAKER, will my typing ability to CHARLOTTE EVANS. I, BETTY WORLAND, will my ability to be on time to NANCY LAW- RENCE. I, MARGIE ZIMMER, will my brilliant memory to ELEANOR LOU- THAN. I, WANDA SOUTH, will my cheerleading suit to DOLORES WILSON. I, JUDY GREEN, will my Homecoming crown to JANET GREEN. I, BETTY WALK, Will my noon hour meanness to NORMA BARRETT. I, BETTY HUFF, will my job of playing for chorus to MARY ELLEN ABEL. I, MORRIS STROHL, will my ability to ride a motorcycle to DORIS ICENOGLE. ' I, CARL BRADY, will my free trucking service to any unlucky sucker. I, WARREN BAKER, will my office as Reporter in FFA to RUSSELL BLAIR. I, LLOYD KINGERY, will my quiet attitude in class to J ULIAN KIMERY. I, FLOYD WENTE, will my office job to some unlucky underclassman. I, DON KRAFT, will my extensive grapevine system and my ability to be "in the know" to CHARLES ROY. I, FRANCIS WASSOM, will my helpful Words and thoughts in class to BILL WILSON. I, JAMES MEEK, will my Model A bumper to GENE FOX. I, LAWRENCE FOX, will my drumming ability to "SPIKE" EVANS. I, JOHN WENTE, will my attention in English class to DICK RAW- LINGS. I, JAMES HARTKE, will my singing ability to RICHARD KEPP. I, LLOYD BLAIR, will my moustache to RICHARD SMITH. I, JOHN DOLLAR, will my bashfulness to DEAN GORDON. I, EARL HATTEN, will my Way With the girls to my kid brother, EUGENE. I, JIM BUCHANAN, will my sharp plane in shop to DICK RAWLINGS. WITNESSES: I. B. TRUTHFUL, U. R. NUTS, LOTTA BALONEY. PROPHECY The other day while cruising around over the South Pacific, I saw a small island. On it were two figures who were waving frantically. So I set my Super Sonic Eight down on the beach. As soon as the plane stopped rolling Don Kraft and Floyd Wente came running up to the ship. It seems that Don, with Floyd as photographer, had been sailing to Hawaii to engi- neer the building of an atomic plant. But the ship had run into a radio- active cloud and they had been forced to abandon it. So I rocketed them back to the States where they reported to the proper authorities. On finishing that task we went to the Local Hotspot, where Lawrence Fox and his band were playing. At the Hotspot we ran into Admiral Dol- lar, so we sat down and talked over old times. When the waitress came over, we saw that she was none other than Marge Zimmer. She said that she was now married to the owner of the Hotspot, Lloyd Blair. When Floyd remarked how good the food was, she said it had been prepared by their own chef, Warren Baker, and that the meat had been purchased from the Hatten Meat Packing Co., owned by Earl. Marge asked us if we were going to stay for the floor show. She said that the star was the one and only Wanda South. I told her that I was very sorry but as it was get- ting late we must go. As we drove back to the terminal we turned on the television radio and heard the "Three Bets" present their program. As they came into focus on the screen, we saw that they were Bet Worland, Bet Huff, and Bet Walk, accompanied by Lloyd Kingery at the piano. Just then we arrived at the terminal in time to see John Wente and James Hartke servicing my plane. Don went in to buy the tickets and when he returned he said that Ruth Anderson was phone operator at the ter- minal. Just then the loudspeaker announced that the plane for Washington was leaving in two minutes. So Don and Floyd said goodbye and climbed into the ship. As I was driving back to my hotel I turned on the radio and heard Francis Wassom on his new radio show, "Can You Top This?" Just then I heard a scream of rubber tires, followed by a thunderous crash. Two vehicles had collided. One was a car and the other a bus loaded with boys. I ran over to the wreck, where a middle aged man was running around checking on all of the boys. The man was no other than Coach Carl Brady from Yale. It seems Brady's university had chartered a bus to take the football squad to Purdue where they were to play Coach Jim Buchananis team. The manager of the team was the only one who was hurt. Just then there was a wail of a siren as an ambulance skidded around the corner. The driver was none other than Morris Strohl, who had gained his driving ability from driving a "cycle" at N. T. H. S. The doctor was Dr. Jim Meek, who was accompanying the ambulance. While Dr. Meek was checking the patients to see that there were no further in- juries, I asked Morris if he knew the whereabouts of any of his classmates. He told me that Bonnie Baker and Judy Green were both working in the office of the Hospital as typists. Thus hearing all the tales of the class- mates of '48 and also ending a hectic day, I returned to my hotel. TOMAHAWK THE LOWER CUURTS FIRST RANK SUBJECTS SECOND RANK SUBJECTS THE KING S FOOLS N gT hpHghSh TOMAHAWK RECORD OF FIRST RANK SUBJECTS The doors swing in and the doors swing put, but this Junior Class boasts a fine record of starting the school year with thirty-six members and keeping this number throughout the year. The officers responsible for this class are Gib Kingery as president, Carl Scoleshvice-president, Jean- ine Brown, secretary-treasurer, and Thelma Beals and Gene Fox as student council members. Mrs. Bell has been the class sponsor behind these officers. You have witnessed the Junior Class behind many social events at NTHS this year. Among these are the Prom, Junior Class play, and their support was also behind the seniors in the presentation of the Carnival. The class is proud of their boys that make up the athletic teams. They have been well represented in all sports. Of the sixteen boys, ten of them were represented on the basketball team and of those six remaining, one was a manager. The basketball team was the champion of the school as a result of the tournament. Not overlooking the girls, they have been equally successful in their undertakings. Members of the Junior Class can be found in every school organization. They have contributed greatly to their treasury with their sales at basketball games, and participated in the marching band, as well as the Octet and Mixed Chorus. We are proud to consider ourselves as the Class of '49 and are equally proud of the records we are setting in our wake as 'we go through the por- tals of NTHS. Q., Neoga Township High School Juniors WMV .4-1-.' rm-- ,L xc-' 4 -3 Lv- ' L- - A' gg ' 22 f V 'fg wx 4' 'ei 3 W 4 'Q k X W Afxx fm t - 4 Gllbadliinqevv CH' SU-W5 Jeanine Brown Gen' FM' Tf'el""Be'!s 'Pvesider-+ Vice-'Fvesflcwf ,'-f jfudch'-1 Ceuneif ,,. 1 5 nj Q 4 ' ,, f 'L 7' 9' .. CL Rik" r 'fs 4: ' fix , . Jif!'Jf 1 v E 3, 1 4: -1 fi QWQX 4 I f x X X Lf' Mnvjovy Linfffy BIN Nilnr. 1v.rm.Ju. vnu June-I svn ,qmdnakgpp Buffy Baker I. A' f at ...V Y: Ir: Q '-if J' A -, xi' - G3 4' ' -1 1 J ' 1 V Y , , W A I - , KJ, - V 'Q'-Q. ' ,f A' g xA," ir ffk ,I I -3 Sam Flbel DonFIlJ 'Bell SyIve'l'1-I-.hlig Vfllinm fur Doru+hy'Benls 'Rnymand 'Bushcv 13- C. 9 - 55' an ', 4 , ,K In wr? Q I x I V- 0 1 . V ' Q 5? f " if '- f X fi 'X wx , gil 3 1 'x X . X y . , , A 1 .7 RN , . ' A . f 1 11' Richmd ' Elem-ov Lovfknn J,,li,,,l4i,,...3 f1,,,L,,g,,,,,4,, Chun, and Don, lcehoole I ,KJ - ' 'W 5 V L 'fig is f W ax ' f 5, Q il -1' + 5 ,v I Wffftx. Li I . r , Y - 6 H A Xl i' v av. ' V, ' ' x V N L Q. N W., S gtt X, L . Xxl 5 X XIX fl , K yy I John Shemakev Hazel Benls Kes-nelh Noll Hur, Madam Rufh Dvennnn L,,Iv'Bgl14 z,',,,,,,,, 77,,y,,,,,,, 54, 1- V' :I 7 GQ. '21 ,, KF: FA, 4: F cz' Q L l R415 Y 'MQ 4 43 " .Q j:, . fu., 'Fifa L h f Alx 4' lg .4 'Dean Gordon 'Rose LJhH'- Cn' Gund P1nry'PR4vick 'Darlene Gndlig B.lIl'1u-4:vmevy Lnvlxl JUNC5 2 TOMAHAWK MOST POPULAR .,..,... .......... BEST SCHOLAR ,....v .......... BEST MUSICIAN ....,SS.,,S.... .......... MOST CO-OPERATIVE .... .,- ........ -- MOST FRIENDLY ....O,,.OS ,...A,.... BEST DRESSED .,.........,.. . .S,,................... MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED ........... BEST ATHLETE ................ . ................... .- FIRST RANK ELECTIVES Eleanor Louthan ,,,,,,. Gilbert Kingery Janet Green ...,...,ALLLS,......,. Dean Gordon Eleanor Louthan o,,rrr,............. Gene Fox Cleo Goad rr..........,. e,..rree R ichard Kepp Betty Baker ...,......,,e.,e.,,,,...,, Bill Wilson Darlene Gaddis ll..ll.l Bill Montgomery -Jeanine Brown l.......l..... Claudius Goad Sara Abel ..,...,.... ...,,.ll,, C arl Scoles Neoga Township High School U TOMAHAWK RECORD OF THE SECOND RANK SUBJECTS 5 Twenty-nine boys and girls began their sophomore year at N. T. H. S. last fall. With Mr. Taylor as faculty sponsor, they elected the following officers: Dick Luedke, president: Bob Price, vice-president, Louise Miller, secretary-treasurer, and Dolores Wilson and Russell Blair, student council members. The class had charge of the Freshman Initiation at an all-school party in the early fall. The freshmen received some tough sentences from Judge Parker and his jury. They also put on a Christmas program in the assem- bly for the students and faculty. t'Spike" Evans and Roth Iler were elected from the class as cheer- leaders to help lead the N. T. H. S. "Red Peppersf' Louise Miller and Bob Price represented the sophs at the coronation of the Carnival king and queen. Louise was second attendant and Bob was first. Class members have been active in GAA, FHA, FFA, basketball, base- ball, PE, library, chorus, band, Pep Club, and Messenger. Neoga Township High School Sophomoree - f vf 1 . . gp 2' A 1 f , 4 ' .Q 1 o an N is 4- , 4 1' . .- 1 T k 'Y 4, 'T' ALS- -' X . , N,lI 1 A" 1' X I Rlthnrl L-ueelke ,Bob Prfct- Loufsel'1nllf.v 7-?u55elB!,4jr Delov1sUfl50n Pveifcfenf Vfce-Pregfffcnl ,Seereh-,J 5+uJen4 Counclf 7 G 3' 15 A' if ' 1 f 'f " T, L' f V . f I TN y aj X 44 V A N K . "fig . L A Duffhl Afvdns Nnrfsref Snundus Jnnespnrker flung Hf1slxcH' Robcrf Zn-1.-.U Flnyg Snjdgf Vg. 2,5 wx 7 49" -' '. Z 'I an 117' 3" VU' -33 GL A 1 1 -4 E W if x JA A ' A f yy., .5 N' -, ' rf ' X! ' I H Pnfsy Wen+t. Donald Walk .Shu-Icy Moore Hoberfzmvmer Louise Lgng Tommry Be!! j 1 3 nv, .' 3,5 Q14 y'A 5. f ,if P Q 1 Lx wi Y K 1. . - x f'1av?nre4 Wnggom 'Ro+hIlar Belfry Cordeg Cfea True Dannnlcnfs ff,-U, ff,-HC 4 . If F 7 . ' EI if . X ,J 6 - L- X 1-3 4'-' M Q 4 ,, 'A 0 4 -' 3 , Q5 QL rg 1, 7 x , . JW 4 t is - ' we 3,41 " i LY' f 5, Alt: Jil , 5 'Rmhnvd Ooden Cp-,M lo-He Evans 'Rlchnvd Sl'l'1l+h Goldie Hull Hlace Fnfzwlllmng Dlifd Morfvfw TOMAHAWK MOST POPULAR ......... ......... BEST SCHOLAR BEST MUSICIAN ................ .,....... MOST CO-OPERATIVE .,..,... .,....... MOST FRIENDLY .A,.,...... ........ BEST DRESSED ........,....................,....... MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED .........., BEST ATHLETE SECOND RANK ELECTIVES LOUISE Miller ...,.,..O.O....... Dwight Evans Shirley Moore O...OD......DS Richard Ogden Ann Snyder ,.....,.nn,..,,..... Dwight Evans Louise Lane ....,....nOn,.,..... Richard Ogden -Eloise Haskett O,..OnO,ggr....... Russell Blair -Donna Beals i.,.. Richard Luedke .Ann Huff i,,... . .,.......i,,.i.i.,, Richard Smith Dolores Wilson o..................., ,--.Bob Price Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAWK RECORD OF THE KING'S FOOLS The "freshies" this year elected Bill Wente, president, Charles Roy, vice-president, Don Stewart, secretary, Keith Myers and Donald Sanders, student council members. The freshman girls didn't have a chance in the elections. They were too divided in voting, but the boys "stuck together." The initiation party was held in the study hall on September 26, at 7:30 P. M. Harsh sentences were passed on the freshmen by the jury, but the faculty had a crooked lawyer and were let off easy. The girls took active part in their noon basketball and volleyball tour- naments. The boys turned out lively for basketball and other sports. QA mighty good-looking bunch, if I say so myselfj Mary Ellen Abel helped lead cheers at the basketball games. She and Earl Price were onthe attendant list at the Carnival: Mary Ellen, first at- tendant and Earl, fourth attendant. A number of the boys show signs of real basketball ability. Members of the class were also active in GAA, FFA, FHA, Red Peppers, Chorus and Band. Lastly, I want to hand it to the teachers-for it takes a lot of courage to stay with such a howling, rough, and hard-to-bluff bunch of freshmen! Neoga Township High School ffresh 111211 I r X571 ::. x, :Lv V , bg -? .w Y X511 Bl!! wcnfe f Cl'xRrfeS H05 pr J, ! .DOM ,Svlcwnri f SH , VILL--Pyeslffen-f 85 L 54-Lcrcfnrry Kleffx IVXJQYS 'Don S"'Nd'f"' .5+uJen+COUYXC,ll ,sfudgnfl Coljncff 2 41 x 6 all :ai . lj il ,n L. f 5 I f " Afunnffu PH'l"ICl 'RlC,!1HPalM0r57Hf1 .Be-HJ .91-:cffy M : rf ' b ,4 NX' N 3 5 EAWf1,xf':5f A -A 4 "4 N 'Q f? ,.mSMf2 mQ N-fi 'f Donf Hagen LHwre,ruce77nf-Sfgy Pfvny XXIS Lfffsoh Charles PYICG Frnncgs 5CArog.4 'ut' ' , f 224' W- -.2 ,. -, , gi: 'Ai 4 -V, f -I ' N 149.1 ' ' 2' ' J . 4 .Dann Ovavrneyer Joyce 5e,n7LCl-:ery EU?6ncHHf'f6'1 lAfFlr1dFl Ryder Rory ,Sfvohl Q , - T ,4 -veil., ua sa vu- L, I it i A R51 'V Vg' I .,.. nhl-lnv+ke -Rod Wnlk ,Bel-fry Beflfg ,Earl 'Price Dov-.nnFov+ Marry Fl E WITTICISMS Mr. Leming: I just sent a boy to the umourners' bench" for cheating in a biology test. Mr. Hance: What did he do? Mr. Leming: I caught him count- ing his ribs. "Oh! the living room and the bed- room are just wonderful," she gush- ed, "and the bathroom is simply out of this world." One of her friends piped up, "Isn't that a little bit inconvenient?" One of two women riding on a bus suddenly realized she hadnlt paid her fare. "I'll go right up and pay it," she declared. "Why bother?" her friend replied. "You got away with it, didn't you?" "I've found that honesty pays," the other said virtuously, and went up front to pay the driver. "See, I told you that honesty pays," she said when she returned. "I handed the driver a quarter and he gave me change for fifty cents." Mother-Betty, look in the paper and see what it says about the weather tomorrow. Betty-I guess they haven't de- cided yet. The paper says, weather unsettled." Did you hear about the fellow who stayed up all night trying to figure out where the sun went when it went down? Finally it dawned on him. Freshman: "Hey! You can't take that girl home. She is the reason I came to the party." Senior: "Sorry, song you've lost your reason." Your mind is truly a wonderful thing. It starts Working the minute you get up, and never stops until you get to school. Soph: "You ought to take chloro- form." Frosh: "Yeh? Who teaches it?" A telephone operator in a Mid- western city answered an agitated signaling from a pay station and a tearful feminine voice: "Operator, can I have my nickel back? Albert won't speak to me?" "Now, my son," asked the consci- entious father, "Why did I punish you?" "That,s it, you pound the life out of me and then try to find out why." Does that new girl friend of yours have much to say? No, but that don't keep her from talking. Jim: "I shall never marry until I find a girl who is my direct oppo- site." Judy: "Well, there are a number of intelligent girls in this neighbor- hood." Shirley: "I'm a neighbor of yours now: I live just across the river." Miss Balch: "Well, well, I do hope you drop in some day." Miss Week married Mr. Day. The local paper reported the event in these words: A Week is lost, a Day is gained, But time should not complain, For soon there will be Days enough To make a Week again. If you perchance Don't like the bit That's fillin' up this place, Remember that A paper's queer With lots of empty space. .4 TOMAHJQLWK ELECTIVES OF THE KING'S FOOLS MOST POPULAR ,............... . ................... BEST SCHOLAR ..,..,...,. BEST MUSICIAN .....,.....,... MOST CO-OPERATIVE .... MOST FRIENDLY ........, BEST DRESSED ,,..SS,.,SS.....................,..... MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST ATHLETE ....AL,,,,..,.,..,.................. Neoga Township High School Mary Ellen Abel ..,.......,,,LLL Don Stewart Nancy Lawrence .,..e Dean Overmeyer Wanda Ryder ............,... Buddy Sanders Doris Hagan LL,.,.,...,....,, Jack Anderson Doris Hagan r,..............,....,.,rr.. Earl Pride Elizabeth Hellman ., ......., Don Stewart Dulcey Brown L Dean Overrneyer Patricia Ogden ,.., . r..,,.Bi11 Wente si M 7 9HOt'e Freshmen :J 3 Q? Q! f 'A' f' if U Jilck ffnaferson Nor ml Bflrrevff Vennn Ep-own Nnngry Lnurenqe , gf fl A 51 AIS 'GD f -' - f- . , ' 9 g,- f Z7 . I " .. ' - , X- 25' lvkir , ' I 31 B lg Xffk Xv 15" XA? Leo Hnrdesffy Flfzpbdh He flmnh Z1ffC lark fl-w,vl'mc Pafglery Faber! lvhlffgf x ' Ny An ,I fy W, .ir ' J' 1 ' ' in ' ' ?m X Lvbludmfcklnfa Jnr.l:Banfs -Pniricuq Ofdnv rflmesL1nJ!Q'y 2 Off L x f M Q. it , :J f 1 ., V, ' - ' ,af " J? A ' 1 v Q S--lc ' , A: ,gif-' 1 'mf S A ' gf I' V fjfffa PF7'fP'ClFBuSf1ur 'Robevf' kaes-fer D1-ffc.e3Brown Genefenr Maxine Linh? 1 ' 6 A I ' J '7 . H V .3 I " Q . I E W, ' V " xffsi f 5 X Bnrbnrnmoove. -R0ber+BrHa'ry Mnrfy Ellenlilkcl IJH Jane Hndrews Q' U 4 w .F TOMAHAWK ACTIVITIES 0F THE KINGDDM HOMECOMING SPORTS ORGANIZATION S AND CLUBS MUSIC DRAMATICS Q N g 'r hpHghSh1 - TOMAHAWK HOMECOMIN G The annual Homecoming for 1947 was held on December 19. As is tra- ditional, the Indians played a tough basketball game against Teutopolis before the dance. Although we didn't win the coveted wooden shoe, the dance proved to be a very gala affair. The assembly was decorated in accordance with the theme, "Winter Wonderland." Bob Douthit and his Orchestra played in front of a snow scene backdrop and the throne was on a huge snow drift. Snowy trees, a drop ceiling, wreaths in the windows, and a jolly snow-man helped com- plete the effect. A The coronation was held promptly at 10:00 P. M. The King and Queen of 1946, Jack Ellis and Lucille Fox, were present to place the 1947 crowns on King Jim Buchanan and Queen Judy Green. The attendants were: Bon- nie Baker and Carl Brady, first, Janet Green and Lawrence Fox, second, Betty Walk and Carl Scoles, third, Eleanor Louthan and Gilbert Kingery, fourth. Charlotte Greeson and Charles Leming preceded the procession throwing confetti, and Donald and Donna Lane followed, carrying the crowns on royal pillows. The Homecoming is one of the highlights at NTHS sponsored by the Seniors, enjoyed by all, and remembered with pleasure. Neoga Township High School - 'X 'roMA1-IAWK BASKETBALL A large number of boys turned out for basketball this past season. The Indians started out with a series of heart-breaking defeats but rallied up before the season was over. Their first victory was won at the Neoga Holi- day Tournament in our gym. As a result of this victory, they received a third place trophy. The Indians played in three tournaments: the Neoga Holiday Tourna- ment, the National Trail Conference Tourney at Beecher City, and the Regional Tourney in Effingham. The Indians lost to St. Anthony but de- feated Toledo in the first of these contests. They lost both to Altamont and Stewardson in the NTC tourney, and lost to Effingham in the Regional. The boys were coached by Loren E. Taylor, new here this year. They chose Jim Buchanan as their captain. At the close of the season, the boys were honored at three banquets. Mr. Moomaw, the regular bus driver, sponsored a feast in Neoga. The sec- ond "big feed" was the traditional National Trail Banquet in Teutopolis. The third and last banquet was our own here in the gym. The Pinckney- ville coach, Mr. Merrill "Duster" Thomas, gave a highly interesting talk about the making of a warrior. He brought three champion Pinckneyville players with him, who also said a few words. Mr. Shields served as toast- master. Captain Buchanan and Big Chief Mr. Hance also spoke on the pro- gram. Varsity, second team, and cheerleading letters were awarded by Coach Taylor. To Carl Brady he awarded both the Most Valuable Player trophy and the Free Throw trophy. BASKETBALL GAME SCHEDULE We They Jan. 13-Stewardson here I Nov. 14-Greenup here, ,,,,.,...,, 24 29 Jan. 16-Cowden there ........ Nov. 18-St. Anthony here ..,... 25 27 Jan. 20-Beecher City there fNov. 21-Humboldt there ..,. 36 39 Jan. 23-Strasburg there Nov. 26-Teutopolis there i...., 33 66 Jan. 27-Lerna here rc.......... Dec. 2-Louisville there ..,..c.... 34 38 Jan. 28-Toledo there .,s,...,s. Dec. 5-Stewardson there ...,.. 32 50 Jan. 30-Brownstown here.- Dec. 9-St. Elmo there sss,s,....i, 34 48 Feb. 3-Humboldt here ....,. Dec. 12-Beecher City here .... 37 41 fFeb. 10-St. Anthony there Dec. 19-Teutopolis here ....,... 18 56 Feb. 13-Charleston TC here Dec. 30-31-Holiday Tournament: tFeb. 17-Lerna there i,s,,.... St. Anthony ............,..,ssi..,,,i.,.,. 24 28 Feb. 20-Altamont there .... Toledo ,.,.,s......,.........,r,,,,,,,,s,,..,.. 45 33 Feb. 24-Toledo here ............. Jan. 5-9-NTC Tourney: Feb. 27-Newton here .........., Altamont ,....,,... I ..,,.,,,,,-,., 34 58 Mar. 2-5-Regional Tourney Stewardson .................. i......, 3 7 45 Effingham ...........................- if Unscheduled games. W Neoga Township High School . TOMAHA-WE BASKETBALL BOYS JIM BUCHANAN-"Buck," captain of the squad, was an able leader, and possessed of those qualities which make for good leadership. His aggres- sive play was an inspiration to his teammates, and those long shots bor- dered on the sensational. c CARL BRADY-Carl was the high scorer for the Indians this season and was a contributing factor in most of the victories. Carl not only had a dead eye for the basket but was also a good guard. The loss of him next season will be a great one. GIB KINGERY-Gib proved his worth as a guard this year. His assign- ment was to take the opponent's high scorer anddiold him. A junior this year, Gib will be returning next year for a successful season. He was al- ways on the move and most of his points were driving through the center. DEAN GORDON-Playing the pivot position on offense, the team worked their plays around him. A good rebounder and his consistent scoring al- ways kept the Indians in the ball game. Also a junior, he will be returning to next year's squad. ' KENNETH WOLF-"Fuzz," as the team called him, pulled many a ball game out of the bag. Tall, with long arms, he was a great rebounder and always seemed to find the hoop. Coming along rather slowly at the first of the season, he saw a lot of action always. CARL SCOLES-Carl, together with Gib, worked the guard position well, and also at times moved to the pivot position. A badly sprained ankle slowed him at the end of the season, but next year, his presence will be a great value to the squad. RICHARD KEPP-Small in stature, but plenty of scrap, and a good eye for the basket from near the free throw circle. Being a junior, Kepp is one for an optimistic View on next year's season. JOHN WENTE-"I-Ieinie" has a million dollar smile, but in addition he also had a good knowledge of basketball. Due to the lack of previous ex- perience, he was handicapped at the start of the season, but improved as the season progressed. "Heinie" is a Senior. JAMES HARTKE-"Sophie" probably improved more than any player during the season, and at the close could rebound with the best of them. Being a Senior, we can only, imagine what a ball player he would have been with four years experience. JOHN DOLLAR-John at times was the spark plug of the team, and with his aggressive dribbling, gave the needed speed, to combat a pressing defense. Being a Senior, those left-handed shots and passes will be missed next year. Q Neoga Township High Sachpol H C:.1:I1. 'x Gwinn, " "Cy 0 K r wana Q . A- X . P, 9 R pq ri B 'fi' My . 1' 5 f' - - 55'-3-S EUGM W 8 xg H ' ' , g Q 1 A ff shun . 55 ,musk , , -I 'mic V. - ,. L-3-mar.-.-+--. 4.--JW . i r H-L ' . L A 1 Hgh 19 29 A X I X ' . 3 5 .5452 sf EF ' " ' --, gy ' A I ,-F-'WW :V I - A Z' s ! H 'f 1 l , T YE 4, .. 'X Q Q as ' f saphiw if-ff 5-rw? 12 -'eww 'M 'N-I H i 'Valk ' 'I f v-f-11, 5 W V , TOMAHAWK BASEBALL SEASON Last fall, arrangments were made among Altamont, Beecher City, Brownstown, Stewardson, Covvden, and Neoga to form a baseball league. Each team played 10 games-two against every team. The home games were held at the park and the entire student body was permitted to attend. A bus was hired to transport the team to out-of-town games and the extra seats were filled by students. These games provided for fall sports and were followed with interest. Baseball games were resumed in the spring under a similar program. FALL BASEBALL SCHEDULE We They Sept 9-Altamont ,...,.,........ .,.....,,.. 2 0 Sept. 12-Beecher City ....,..... 12 14 Sept 16-Brownstown ......... 1 11 Sept. 19-Cowden ........,..... ............. 1 2 7 Sept 23-Stewardson ...... ...,............. 5 4 Sept 26-Altamont ........... ........, C OTJ 3 4 Sept 30-Beecher City ....,... .............,,,. 0 1 Oct. 3-Brownstown ........ ...,......,...... 4 17 Oct. 6-Cowden ,.......,..........,........,................,,,..r,,1,, 12 6 Oct. 8-Stewardson .....,.,.............................. QOTJ 4 3 Neoga tied for fourth place in the league. BASEBALL BOYS RICHARD KEPP. Played first base for the Indians this season. A good hitter and a fast runner kept him dangerous at bat and on base. He was also a good defensive player. BOB PRICE. Held down the second base position. Bob also was fast on his feet and could cover a lot of territory-both defensively and at the bat. JIM HARTKE. Proved a very capable shortstop. Jim was able to scoop up hard hit ground balls near him. GIB KINGERY. Hard hitting third baseman. Gib was one of the leaders in hitting percentage. Gib was also a good defensive player. He had a good arm and could whip the ball to first base with ease. CARL BRADY. Regular catcher. "Cy" proved to be one of the most valuable men on the field. Besides catching he did some pitching. Brady was the other leader in batting and was dangerous with the bat. CARL SCOLES. Played center field and Was a good man in the out- field. Carl had a good outfield arm and could cover lots of territory. He should be a regular on next year's team. Neoga Township High School , TOMAHAWK DEAN GORDON. Fast on his feet and his ability to judge fly balls kept Dean valuable on defense. Dean was a good hitter, also, coming through in the clutches. JOHN DOLLAR. Played right field for the Indians last season. Dollar was left handed and used his left arm to a great advantage. John also was fast and covered plenty of ground. JIM BUCHANAN. Our regular pitcher this season. "Buck" developed into a very good hurler. He is very fast on the bases and very dangerous with the bat. KEITH MYERS. Did some catching while Brady was on the mound. With Brady leaving this year Keith will take over the catching chores. DWIGHT EVANS. Played in the outfield and Was fast on his feet. "Spike" has possibilities of developing into a good ball player. KENNETH WOLF. "Fuzz" played in the outfield for the Indians. With some training Wolf could be a powerful hitter. DON STEWART. Has great possibilities of making a good shortstop or infielder. Don played a few games at shortstop this season. CHEERLEADERS The Neoga Indians were faithfully supported this year by the "Red Peppers" and five "live wire" cheerleaders. An election for cheerleaders was held in the fall and the outcome was two boys: Dwight CSpikeJ Evans and Roth Iler, and three girls: Eleanor Louthan, Mary Ellen Abel, and Wanda South. Eleanor was a cheerleader in ,47 and upon being re-elected took up the task of teaching four new recruits. It appears she was successful because all five did an excellent job. They not only did a fine job of leading cheers, but they made a flashy picture in their new uniforms. The girls wore red wool jumpers with white blouses, tights, and red hair-bands with their names on them. The boys wore gray pants with a red stripe down the side, white shirts, red hats, and red bow ties. PICTURE lOpposite Pagel Roth Iler "Spike" Evans Mary Ellen Abel Eleanor Louthan Wanda South Neoga Township High School gm V 5 gt! C I will imiivum saw-ri allo- Q I N04 TOMAHAWK INTER-CLASS TOURNAMENT On March 16 and 17 an inter-class tournament was held at night in the gym. Each class supplied a basketball team and cheerleaders. The Juniors took first place, the Seniors took second, the Sophomores took third, and the Freshmen took fourth. I I I NOON TOURNAMENTS Both the boys and girls had basketball tournaments during the noon hours throughout each week. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the boys' teams played. They Were: the "Plow-jockeys" under Coach Scoles, the "4-F's" CFive Furious Fightin' Fugitivesj, under Coach Gordon, the "Skinny Slickers" under Coach Kingery, the "Rinkydinks" under Coach Brady, the "Hotrods" under Coach Wolf, the "Jugheads" under Coach Kepp, the 'fSvvishers" under Coach Buchanan, and the "Jumpin' Jews from Jerusalem" under Coach Dollar. The "Rinkydinks" came through with the championship trophy and the "Skinny Slickers" took second. The sophomore girls triumphed in the girls' basketball tournament. At the present Writing, the volleyball championship has not been deter- mined. Their games Were played on Tuesdays and Thursdays. These games were followed with interest by many of the students and supplied noon recreation. Neoga Township High School TOMAHAWIC RED PEPPERS In the fall of the year, a pep club was organized. All those interested met in the gym and chose the following officers: Judy Green, president, Betty Huff, vice-president, and Betty Walk, secretary. The name "Red Peppers" was chosen for the club and hats were sent for with NTHS on them for identification. The hats were late arriving but the Red Peppers have had a very good cheering section at all game for the Neoga Indians. We had meetings in the gym before big games for pep talks, yells, and to inspire the Indians to fight for victory. The membership of the club includes almost the entire student body as the picture at the right shows. G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association boasts of forty members this year. They elected the following officers: Wanda South, president, Betty Huff, vice- presidentg Sara Abel, secretary, and Betty Worland, treasurer. Mrs. Bell acted as sponsor. The purpose of the G. A. A. is to promote interest in girls' sports. A number of the girls attended Play Day at Charleston T. C. on March 6. Ten girls entered the telegraphic free-throw shooting contest. The girls also sponsored a cookies sale. The cookies were baked in the Home Ec. department on a Saturday morning and delivered that afternoon. PICTURE tOpposiie Page! G Donna Beals, Margaret Saunders, Nancy Lawrence, Betty Huff, Bon- nie Baker, Mary Ann Hartke, Maxine Walk, Darlene Gaddis, Eleanor Louthan, Phyllis Wilson, Barbara Moore, Louise Jones, Betty Beals, Wanda South A Mary Patrick, Betty Worland, Doris lcenogle, Marjorie Lindley, Sylve Michlig, Dulcey Brown, Mrs. Bell, Louise Miller, Elizabeth Hellman, Mary Ellen Abel, Marjorie Zimmer, Pat Bushur, Dolores Wilson, Lucille Michlig, A Margaret Wassom, Ida Jane Andrews, Patsy Wente, Donna Fort, Sara Abel, Ann Snyder, Jeanine Brown, Mary Lou Wente, Dorothy Beals, Pat Ogden, Norma Barrett, Eloise Haskett, Judy Green. Neoga Township High School ... .... . ,iww-.1-iiipil sr. - QV.-1....... L--.-.- -'-n----- T-i---rv ' " V 3- 55 Fy'F 5J 5 w, 1 ?"F' TE P D Mfff K tw' . QP'- .' . V. "" 'S- . ,,' ,Q -L N, , N, . x-+,A.- 1 fp.,-:AA '-. ' . A V, J' li' ' " N3 ,Rl 'tux I -' LAK - ' ' 1 f ' ., ..- -4 n .. 4 qv - fA"i' 4 ' 0 , e - "' .1 - 0 n Qi' U A--' ?'r,,A rs .xy A , ,, , .... . . D - '- . ang. -- - . -ui' 'f 0 pf 5 X 5'5" :G 1 x ' n ,ai I TOMAHAWK SCHOOL SONG So let us cheer, cheer, cheer Neoga High, And show our loyalty each dayg With faith in all our standards we will back The scarlet and the grayg And We will fight! fight! with all our might For honor and for cause of right. Give three cheers for team and school- Three cheers for Neoga High: RAH! RAH! RAH! Neoga Township High School MESSENGER One a month a newspaper called THE MESSENGER is printed by the students of N. T. H. S. The staff this year was the largest that ever existed. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Renshaw, with Wanda South as editor, and Dean Gordon as junior-editor, it has proven to be a very great success in journalism. Besides the regular staff, the sophomores, juniors and seniors each con- tributed one month's copy of this great newspaper. ' Mechanical Staff Sitting: Richard Smith, Betty Huff, Eloise Haskett, Betty Worland, Norma Jean Wolke, Dolores Wilson, Betty Walk, Judy Green, James Hartke, Donna Beals, Jeanine Brown, Janet Green, Louise Miller, Floyd Wente, Cleo Goad. Standing: Francis Wassom, Warren Baker, Lloyd Blair, Dean Gordon, Wanda South, Mrs. Renshaw. A Reporters Sitting: Gene Fox, Carl Brady, Lawrence Fox, Margaret Wassom, Patsy Wente, Dulcey Brown, Sylve Michlig, Lucille Michlig, Ann Snyder, Earl Hatten, Hazel Beals, Thelma Beals, Dorothy Beals, Charlotte Evans, Don Kraft, Julian Kimery. Standing: Wanda South, Dean Gordon, Mrs. Renshaw. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club, under the direction of Miss Rasmussen, organized early in September and the following officers were elected to manage the club: Betty Huff, presidentg Judy Green, vice-president, Marjorie Lindley, secretary, Eleanor Louthan, treasurer, Wanda South, head librarian. The initiation party for all new members was held in October. Those initiated were: Dolores Wilson, Margaret Saunders, Louise Miller, Janet Green, Ann Snyder, Eloise Haskett, Patsy Wente, Betty Worland, Sylve Michlig, Dorothy Beals and Donna Beals. Meetings were held throughout the year to teach the members more about library management. Different members were assigned to take care of the library during study periods and much was done toward organizing and re-cataloging the books. A number of parties were held for the club members' entertainment. Picture Sitting-Betty Huff. Around Desk-Wanda South, Eleanor Louthan, Marjorie Lindley, and Judy Green. Others Standing-Miss Rasmussen, Dolores Wilson, Donna Beals, Janet Green, Louise Miller, Ann Snyder, Patsy Wente, Sara Abel, Mary Lou Wente, Eloise Haskett, Don Kraft, Sylve Michlig, Betty Worland, Gene Fox, Ruth Anderson, Floyd Wente, Dorothy Beals, Betty Baker, Rose White, Ruth Drennan, Lulu Belle Zimmer, Norma Jean Wolke. 'QT s XMAN.. ,., f'5'5+ . ' wg,....-.,, ..,... , . 5 HU ..1 , iv' ,Q fi 1 'Q Q 5 . ,, N., T' T-OMAHAWK FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FHA is the departmental organization for homemaking students. To be a member of this organization you must be taking or have taken a year of Home Economics. The Neoga Chapter of FHA has 35 members. Officers for this year are President, Jeanine Browng Vice-President, Betty Huffg Secretary, Darlene Gaddisg Treasurer, Wanda Southg and Parliamentarian, Marjorie Lindley. Our Chapter Mother is Mrs. Everett Brown and our sponsor is Mrs. Ross Bell. They have been a great big help in making this year a successful one. Our regular meetings were held on the first Friday of each month at school. Other meetings were held at several of the girls, homes in the evenings. Our activities for the year included a box supper, the sponsoring of a Leap Year Dance, and a Mother's Tea. We have had a very satisfactory year. Each girl has served on corn- mittees, five of the girls have become Junior Homemakers, and our chap- ter has had good representation at rallies and meetings. Our FHA Chapter is looking forward to another good year with a fine group of officers to guide them. Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAWK FHA Picture First Row--Betty Worland, Marjorie Zimmer, Jeanine Brown, Betty Huff, Wanda South, Donna Beals, Marjorie Lindley, Sara Abel, Mrs. Bell. Second Row-Donna Fort, Lucille Michlig, Hazel Beals, Dorothy Beals, Thelma Beals, Judy Green, Mary Lou Wente, Eloise Haskett, Patsy Wente, Eleanor Louthan. Third Row-Betty Beals, Phyllis Wilson, Pat Ogden, Ida Jane Andrews, Rose White, Ruth Anderson, Norma Jean Wolke, Betty Baker, Louise Lane, Elizabeth Hellman, Norma Barrett. F. F. A. The letters FFA stand for a national organization which reaches out to all the states in the United States. In this organization the true viewpoint of the farm member or "the backbone of the organization" is the motto, which is: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to Live Living to Serve This organization is truly for farm boys who expect and have an inter- est in farm life. The members elect officers each year to run the organiza- tion. The national emblem of the Future Farmers of America is significant and meaning in every detail. Used by all units of the organization, it is made up of five symbols: the owl, the plow, the rising sun, within the cross section of an ear of corn, which is surmounted by the American Eagle. Upon the face of the emblem appear also the words "Vocational Agriculture" and the letters FFA. There are thirty members in the FFA and this year officers are: Presi- dent, Lawrence Fox, Vice-President, Carl Brady, Secretary, Bill Wilson, Treasurer, Raymond Bushurg Reporter, Warren Baker, Sentinel, James Meek, Advisor, Mr. Leming. Picture--Left to Right First Row-Raymond Stretch, Jim Meek, Bill Wilson, Carl Brady, Law- rence Fox, Raymond Bushur, Warren Baker, Mr. Leming. Second Row-J ack Anderson, Robert Miller, Richard Morgan, Roy Walk, Kenneth Wolf, Earl Hatten, John Shuemaker, Russell Blair. Third Row-Amos Overmeyer, Richard Ogden, Robert Koester, Eugene Hatten, Charles Price, Don Walk, Bill Clark, Dale Morton, Lloyd Blair, Claudius Goad. Fourth Row-Roy Strohl, Bill Farr, Morris Strohl, Julian Kimery, Gene Fox, Dick Luedke. Neoga Township High School I4 Q. R fn it-'YK H 5 ,Q 4 x 1 it ' D N K 'll K' .' Y A ' f 12 an f , 4 1' Y' 1 P ,Q X A Rf K1 1 xx 1"'a iw 40 S .HL 'P 1-U1 vw"-"1 W iw vwrpg- 4 gf X pi fx.. lui- in-if 5 5 -2-"" .'- H, TOMAHAWK MISCELLANY! Remember When- Teenie bit Deanie? Judy loved Jack? Johnny Wente was bashful? Freshies were shy? The KRSSC had its beginning? Hartke didn't zoom around in a Ford? Foxie drove a beautiful Dodge? What Would Happen If- Wanda got to school every Monday morning? Willie Farr lost his voice? "Pete's" rabbits didn't multiply? "Bodie" Strohl didn't have a motorcycle? Coach Taylor had two sons? Love wasn't grand? YEH SCARLET! YEH GRAY! COME ON NEOGA, WHAT SAY? Neoga Township High School - TOMAHAWE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council members were elected at the beginning of the school year as follows: Keith Myers and Donald Sanders, freshmen, Rus- sell Blair and,Dolores Wilson, sophomores, Gene Fox and Thelma Beals, juniors, John Wente and Judy Green, seniors. Mr. Hance serves as adviser. The purpose of the Council is to give the students a voice in the school government by making suggestions and promoting activities which the students demand. There have been several discussions in the Student Council concerning school activities and the members have tried to decide things which satisfy as well as benefit the students. Picture Standing: Donald Sanders and Keith Myers. Sitting: Dolores Wilson, Russell Blair, Gene Fox, Mr. Hance, John Wente Judy Green and Thelma Beals. 1948 CLASS RING Since NTHS no longer has a standardized ring, the class of 1948 chose a different one. It is pictured at right and shows the Indian head crest with tomahawk, arrows, and a moose head. The year 1948 is printed on either side and Neoga is across the crest. The initials of the owner of each ring are inscribed inside the ring. Neoga Township High School xt' N ,, E , L 1 .if 5 3' Q wwf an -.. . 33 w f - f if V f 4? iA"'k 9-L :AX lv. K 1 wK,,g4!4,p, mix , 21.1, mf? 'f, ,ly f -W YQ' , A g 2 A 'w 2 ' . 9 :sf Ar, .4 i ,,.. , A -:wax y,, ' aw... TOMAHAWK THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT With the coming of Miss Cathcart, who teaches music in both grade and high schools, the music department of NTHS has seen much improve- ment this year. The band has come up and is increasing. A good many students have purchased instruments and are taking lessons preparatory to playing in the regular band. Although regular chorus Work has not been in our school system for several years, the choruses this year have given some admirable per- formances. Within the next few years, Neoga Township High School should be profiting highly from the musical foundation which has been laid this year. I I 1 MIXED CHORUS The boys, and girls' choruses combined to make up the 74 voice mixed chorus. The members made a very striking appearance in their formal dress at the Community Sing, the Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate, the boys in White shirts, dark ties and dark trousers, and the girls in white blouses, dark skirts, and dark string ties. Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAW-If GIRLS' CHORUS Last fall, Miss Cathcart tested all the girls' voices. From these she se- lected about forty girls to form a three-part chorus of altos, second so- pranos, and first sopranos. This group had regular practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the music room. The chorus combined with the boys' chorus to sing carols at the Community Sing on December 22, a number of selections at the Spring Concert on April 16, and Baccalaureate on May 23. lst Row-Miss Cathcart, Mary Ellen Abel, Marjorie Zimmer, Wanda South, Sylve Michlig, Bonnie Baker, Donna Beals, Pat Bushur, Ann Sny- der, Doris Icenogle. C 2nd Row-Mary Ann Hartke, Mary Morton, Darlene Gaddis, Norma Barrett, Sara Abel, Janet Green, Nancy Lawrence, Patsy Wente, Dolores Wilson, Christine Pugsley. 3rd Row-Judy Green, Betty Worland, Barbara Moore, Rose White, Ruth Anderson, Phyllis Wilson, Pat Ogden, Margaret Saunders, Louise Miller, Dorothy Beals. 4th Row-Eleanor Louthan, Marjorie Lindley, Jeanine Brown, Ann Huff, Dulcey Brown, Margaret Wassom, Virginia Horn, Louise Lane, Goldie Hill, Wanda Ryder, Betty Huff. BOYS' CHORUS The boys, chorus was organized at the beginning of the year under the direction of Miss Cathcart. It consists of thirty-four members, tenors and basses, who have two practices each week. The three main activities at which the boys' chorus appeared were the Community Sing, December 22, the Spring Concert, April 16, and Bacca- laureate, May 23. lst Row-Miss Cathcart, Lawrence Fox, Dean Gordon, Gilbert Kingery, Gene Fox, Dwight Evans, Don Kraft, Jack Anderson, Jim Lindley. 2nd Row-Richard Smith, Roy Walk, Charles Roy, Richard Kepp, Jim Buchanan, John Wente, Bill Montgomery, James Hartke, Francis Wassom, Julian Kimery, Eugene Hatten. 3rd Row-Bud Sanders, Robert Miller, Robert Koester, Charles Price, Bill Wente, Don Stewart, Jim Parker, Carl Scoles, Lloyd Kingery, Roth Iler, Tom Bell, Leo Hardesty. Neoga Township High School - 0 , infvkzw rm2Gmn, 7+f1.C1rfLf'Qf1 f M 'mi Dff1fL,f2 is YA Hhbnf' Yes 'F' , u S.-Ny .lg .-,gf ' 2 A S ' 5... Q . 'EOMAHAWK MUSIC PROJECTS Under the Direction of Miss Caihcari The Community Sing- On Sunday, December 22, a large crowd gathered in the gym to partici- pate in a Christmas Community Sing. Besides listening to numbers sung by the choruses, the octet, and Miss Cathcart, the audience joined in sing- ing many old familiar carols. The evening- proved very successful and enjoyable. Affairs of this kind tend to draw the community closer together. May this community sing become a tradition in Neoga! The Spring Concert- On April 16, the members of mixed chorus, band, and octet presented a musical program in the gym. This presentation represented the fruits of the past year's work done in the music department of NTHS. It was an admirable performance and real proof that regular practice always bears fruit. BAND The school year of '47-'48 has been the first year for a long period of time that NTHS has been blessed with a full-time music instructor. Miss Cathcart came to our school and found practically nothing, but in a short time the music program began to flourish. The high school band is one typical example. The band made its first appearance on December 12 at the Beecher City game. A week later, at Homecoming, the band made a triumphal entry into the gym between the games, decked out in new uniforms, and made a good showing in their marching, formations, and snappy music. From Homecoming on through the rest of the basketball season the band appeared at every home game, always with a new formation and a new number or two. On April 16 the band performed at a well-attended music concert held in the high school gym. The money raised at this concert was used to help finance the music department. By basketball time next year our band will have grown in size through the promotions in our large corps of beginners. With the experience of this year at school and the weekly band concerts which the band will play throughout the summer months, the Neoga High School band should really be something for our school to be proud of by next year. Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAW-K BAND PICTURE First Column: Don Kraft, saxaphoneg Ruth Drennan, clarinet, Dwight Evans, bass drum, Charles Roy, beginner, Mary Ellen Abel, beginner, Bill Clark, beginner, Jim Lindley, beginner. Second Column: Dean Gordon, trombone, Doris Icenogle, saxaphoneg Betty Worland, bass horn, Dolores Wilson, cornet, Jack Anderson, be- ginner, Nancy Lawrence, melophone. Third Column: Lawrence Fox, snare drum, Julian Kimery, cornetg Lucille Michlig, beginner, Pat Bushur, clarinetg Marjorie Zimmer, beginner, Bill Farr, baritone, Donald Sanders, beginner. Fourth Column: Gene Fox, trumpet, Sylve Michlig, trumpet, Bob Koester, beginner, Donna Beals, beginner: Ann Snyder, saxaphoneg Maxine Walk, beginner, Keith Myers, beginner. Not Show: Betty Walk, cymbals. THE OCTET After Miss Cathcart organized the mixed chorus last fall, she picked four boys and four girls to form an octet. This ensemble first learned some Southern melodies which they sang at a teachers' meeting in Neoga. The octet made its first public appearance between the second and third acts of the Junior Class Play. They also sang at the Community Sing, the Carnival, the Spring Concert, and several times before the student body. On April 3, the octet journeyed to Bridgeport to enter the sectional district mixed ensemble contest under Class D. They sang "Cheribium Song" and "Steal Away" and received a Division II rating. The certificate received will be framed and placed in the trophy case. This mixed ensemble has an excellent blend of voices. The members have practiced regularly throughout the year and know a number of un- usual arrangements of familiar songs. PICTURE First Row: Betty Worland and Jeanine Brown, Sopranos, Marjorie Zim- mer and Wanda South, altosg Betty Huff, accompanist. Second Row: Miss Cathcart, director, Jim Buchanan and Jim Hartke, tenors, Don Kraft and Dean Gordon, basses: Neoga Township High School g f -v X v , X 'T 4 M M' F' -1' .gd EA YN, CQ? P' f - a 2 in I aff a if -f if-X ' 1 fi . . Vw, I - W P V 1 1 M' 61.1. M 1, f A TOMAHAWK "MY WIFE'S FAMILY" The Junior Class Play, entitled "My Wife's Family" was presented with great success on October 24, in the gym. The cast was: Jack Gay, my Wife's husband .,..,...................,...,....,..,..,........,. Dean Gordon Stella Gay, my Wife ,........,..........,cc.........,.....,.. ......... J eanine Brown Willie Nagg, my wife's young brother .......... .....:. G ilbert Kingery Sally Nagg, his secret wife cc..,cccc,,.......,.,..,r,s J anet Green Anabella Nagg, my Wife's mother ,,r....... ........ S ylve Michlig Noah Nagg, my Wife's father c............. .............c.,. B ill Wilson Ima Nagg, my wife's sister ......... ..,,.......... D oris Icenogle Dolly 'White, an actress ,,..,.,.r,,.ssr ..,..... L ulu Belle Zimmer "Doc" Knott, a horse doctor .......... ..,..,.......c, R ichard Kepp Lotta Sayles, a literary agent cr......... ............... ............ M a ry Patrick Detective Tracken ,.......,...............................,..,..,..,,.,...., .c,l.,ccc G ene Fox Director-Mr. Shields The play was centered around the unpredictable Stella Gay and her family, the Naggs. The in-laws invade the place, much to hen-peeked Noah Nagg's disgust. Complications arise with the coming of a baby, a piano, and "Doc" Knott. In an attempt to straighten things out, "Doc" only manages to make matters worse. However, Willie Writes a book and Wins a lot of money Which means he and Sally can announce their secret marriage and claim the baby. Jack and Stella get their troubles hashed out. Noah decides to wear the pants in his family and all turns out well. As the curtain goes down, "Doc" howls, "When do we eat?" Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAWE JUNIOR PLAY CAST PICTURE Standing: Mr. Shields, Gene Fox, Bill Wilson, Sylve Michlig, Richard Kepp, Lulu Belle Zimmer, Jeanine Brown, Dean Gordon. Sitting: Gilbert Kingery, Janet Green, Mary Patrick, Doris Icnogle. "ONE DELIRIOUS NIGHT" , After looking over a number of possibilities, the seniors selected "One Delirious Night" as their dramatic production for this year. This play was presented on Friday, May 7. The .members of the cast were: Lilly Clark, Mrs. Arnold's maid ,.......,.,.,,..,...,..,.,,,..,si..,,.,s.s Judy Green - Lefty Daggs, her steady, a crook iiiiiiiiiii . G,iiiiiiiiiiiiv,.iiiiiiiii Lawrence Fox Mrs. Martha Arnold, a tyrannical grandmother.. .......... .Betty Worland Hannah, her cook cc.......... .. ...............................................,........... Wanda South Patricia Arnold, her granddaughter c..,,... ......,..., B onnie Baker Sally VVinfrey, Pat's chum ,cc,,, .cccccc ii,,i,, . ssss,s .. Betty Huff Dick Delray, Pat's fiance .,,..c,..,,c...,.......,..c,c,cccccc ,...,..,cc J im Buchanan Freddie Fenwick, Sally's admirer i... . ,,... ,.......... ......,.cc J 0 hn Dollar Paul Hammond, alias Hawkins, the butler ........., ....,.., . Floyd Wente Colonel Frank Delray, Dick's grandfather ii..,..,,,, ......,,,.,.,.... . Don Kraft Mavis Jordan, Colonel Delrayls secretary ,,..,cccc,, cc,..,,. R uth Anderson Dr. Green, who can cure anything ...,,..,.....c.., ccccc,,cc Lloyd Kingery O'Brien, a police officer i,..,...,s.,s,..s . ,.,ssci I ,.., - .c,cc.,,.,,cccccccccc Carl Brady Director-Mr. Shields This delirious night takes place at Mrs. Martha Arnoldis residence at Parksdale, a suburb of a midwestern city. It seems that Mrs. Arnold plans for her granddaughter, Pat, to marry Dick Delray, Colonel Delray's grand- son. In order to avoid this and still receive the inheritances, Dick and Pat suddenly develop phobias. To further complicate matters, the household also harbors four schemers, all interested in securing the famous heirloom emerald necklace, and a quack doctor who shows up to cure the phobias. However, at long last, the criminals are brought to justice, Pat and Dick fall in love, and the curtain closes on a happy household. SENIOR PLAY CAST PICTURE Sitting: Bonnie Baker, Jim Buchanan, John Dollar, Betty Huff, Lloyd Kingery, Don Kraft. ' Standing: Mr. Shields, Betty Worland, Carl Brady, Lawrence Fox, Floyd Wente, Wanda South. Judy Green and Ruth Anderson not shown. Neoga Township High School SE ' s f w A CHRONOLOGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE KINGDOM'S AFFAIRS SEPTEMBER -Back to slavery C51 Freshies!J -Election of Class Officers. fBoys came out ahead.J -First baseball practice. CWatta workout! J -First baseball game vs. Altamont there. Victorious, too, 2-0! -First library club meeting-three boys! -First Messenger staff meeting- a few more boys, plenty of as- signments. -Second baseball game vs. Beech- er City. Rained out here so went there. -Blue Monday. Librarians begin checking books. -Third baseball game vs. Browns- town there. CWoe! Got beat 11-1.1 -Library clean-up! Watta mess! -Chorus members posted. Let's make music! -Journeyed to Cowden to play fourth baseball game. -Junior play cast posted! -Fifth ball game vs. Stewardson. Won in extra innings. F. H. A. box supper. More boxes than boys! -Band members had first work- out with marching drill. "For crying out in the kettle, dress up those lines!" -Freshies Wearing one high heel, carrying glasses of water and rulers, and have red paint on their faces. -Freshies attired in bathrobes and house slipper. Faculty imperson- ate Spike Jones at Initiation party. -Library Club initiates new mem- bers! Beecher wins 1-0 Woe, woe! OCTOBER Warning given! Six weeks tests coming up! -Decide to have five cheerleaders. -Eighth ball game vs. Browns- town. Horrors! 17-4 their favor! -Ninth baseball game against Cowden. Hurrah! Won 12-6. Moan, moan! Siv weeks exams! 8-Stewardson winsg Neoga tied for 4th place in league. 9-10-Yippee! No school. Good ole teachers' meeting. Band and octet make first formal appearance. 13-Basketball practice begins. Shout- ing and thudding balls in the gym. Cheerleader candidates dili- gently practicing. 2nd six weeks begins. 16-Rousing election of cheer leaders from 18 candidates. First report cards handed outg woe, woe! 20-Whoopee! Coach has a new baby daughter! 21-First hot lunch served. Twenty cents, please! 22-Individual pictures taken of stu- dent body. Smile! 24-Junior Class play-a howling suc- cess! 28-Bucket of water dumped on Mr. Shields-Hallowe'en! 29-Tomahawk co-editors and busi- ness manager elected. School or- chestra gives first performance for student body. 31-Senior class pictures taken by Spieth-also underclassmen and some groups. Annual cover se- lected. NOVEMBER 4-FFA boys have party at school. FHA girls have one at Judy's. 5-First rhearsal of mixed chorus in study hall. 6-Public speaking in English IV. Brady" clumb a fence," so he said. 7-First meeting of "Red Peppers." 10-Seniors happy fesp. BradyJ-Bon- nie returns! 11-Armistice Day. No school. 13-Down payments on Tomahawks pouring in. 14-First basketball game vs. Green- up. Shucks, got beat! 17-Small pictures come back. Wanna trade? 18-Second BB game vs. St. Anthony. Beat again. -Woe! Beat by Humboldt! -FFA and FHA party. Hot dogs and cider! 21 24 AFFAIRS-Continued 25-Second six weeks' exams. 16-BB game vs. Cowden. Horrors! 26-Scalped by T-Town. Curses! Scalped again. 27-28--Bring on the turkey. Thanks- 20-Indians play in overtime vs. giving. DECEMBER 1-Nominations for Homecoming King and Queen. 2-Despair! Grief! Crooked referees! Indians scalped by Louisville. 3-Bonnie and Judy tie for Home- coming Queen. 4-Final election determined. Judy reigns as Queeng Jim as King. 5-This can't go on! Indians downed by Stevvardson. Students draw names for Christmas party. 9-Same sad sorry sob storyg Scalp- ed by St. Elmo. 11-First game of noon tournaments. Soph girls beat juniors. 12-BB game vs. Beecher City. Yeah, defeated again! I5-Seniors get pictures. Postmaster Worland talks to student body. 16-Assembly cleared for seniors to work on Homecoming. 19-Ah! HOMECOMING. Really scalped by T-Town, but dance was colossal success! 21-Community Sing. Big turn out. 22-FHA girls have Christmas party at Eloise's. 23-Christmas party sponsored by sophs! Turkey dinner! Vacation! 30-31-Neoga Holiday tournament. At last-the Indians scalp Toledo- get third place trophy! JANUARY 5-Miss Swinford comes back as Mrs. Bell! NTC tourney at Beech- er City. Neoga vs. Altamont. They beat us. 7-Woe again! Indians scalped by Stevvardson. 8-Girls' BB games discontinued- Wonder why? 9-Where'd Scoles get that burr? He's not the only one! 13-Love letter posted on bulletin board. Is Dick's face red! Whoo- pee! Neoga defeats Stewardson! 15-Juniors finally sponsor party for sophs for selling play tickets. Beecher. Worse luck! Beat again. 22-34-First semester exams under- Way! 27-Yeh! Indians score third victory against Lerna. What happened to the Fox boys? Expelled, ya' say? 28--No kiddingg another victory vs. Toledo. 30-It couldn't last - scalped by Brownstown. FEBRUARY 2-"Skinny Slickersn and 'tHotrods" play first boys' intramural BB game. 3-Whew! Indians down Humboldt by one point. 5-Gym' undergoes transformation 6-7 for carnival. -This is itg the Big Carnival! Step ' 1 right up. 9-All the romances seem to be hit- ting the rocks. Is it a fever? 10-Must be a good thing: Indians scalp St. Anthony. FFA-FHA journey to Champaign for FARM- HOME week. 11-Spieth takes more annual pic- tures. 12-Looks like soph girls get the tro- phy for basketball. 13-Nuts! Charleston defeats Indians. 17-Aha! Indians scalp Lerna. 18-Some Pep hats come: "purdy." 20-Sob! Altamont scores a victory against Indians. 23-Seniors begin magazine cam- paign. 24-Indians really scalp Toledo! 25-New kitchen is now completed. 27-Color Day! Silent pep meeting. Last game vs. Newton. Foiled! 28-Band gives complete review of formations. FHA sponsors Leap Year dance. Grab your men, gals! MARCH 2-Boxing in corridor. Brady breaks thumb-the jerk! 3-Indians play Effingham in tour- namentg got beat. 4-"Tom Brown's School Days" pre- -.ring 1 - I W- , 3 Qu n..p-4ll- ' ',-- I 'mv ' ::,:'1 9 ff I ' ntl!-P' " f"" ww. .Af " re-at - ,Q . 'J' Kb I niilx' fr P 4 n . 3 - ,:' TT' i"Q"'E - if l "f 67 H 1... , .J- A- 'l I,, 1 'wp' M f x ll IH' ll lil fr' F .- , 71 . ' I A P X - U J O - W ui ia, Un if ' L ' f .9 X- Y 'Qg gli ' Q-mw 'IE jim' ul ll I In lu lll ' lu 'J qmmiqg X .ff f E: .-1 ga.. , , ' I OT' i 4. V?-'i .5 ,un E ,.fT,,,f 'Mt , ' , 1 ,F N q V , I H-4 M W X A' 5-5L'wv-'f r -' 1 fr ' "-'A F +115 4 mm? V " 'H Q , X .' I , llll N In EQ' M rl f 'f ::::f "gm: , , A 1 ff' - . f j k , ' I ' -lily' Vx ' 12,4 X V .lf :fm .5 P ,, -EX YW 1 4 TOMAHAWK 6 10 11 12 AFFAIRS- sented in study hall fa movie, that it.J -Grade School operetta presented in gym. -Big snow. Who said spring was here? -Magazine sales completed. Sen- iors clear S10526! -Teachers' meeting. No school. Bus takes students to see "Julius Caeser" in Decatur. 16-17-Inter-class tournamentg juniors champs! Mr. Zeigel from Charles- ton talks to Seniors. 18-Radios blaring. State tournament. 19 -Still blaring. Seniors select class play. 22-Indians journey to NTC banquet. 25-28-Easter vacation. Welcome Eas- ter Bunny! 30-FHA girls feed the Chamber of Commerce. No complaints! 31-Ah! Basketball banquetg Brady Walks off with both trophys. Plenty of food for all. APRIL 1-That's a joke, son! 3-Octet enters sectional contest in 5 Bridgeport-Division II rating. -Seniors begin night play prac- tice. Hot dog! I Continued 7-"Rinkydinks" and "Skinny Slick- ers" play off championship game at noon. "Rinkydinks" are the champs by two points. 8-FLASH! Judy operated on for ap- pendicitis. Still gets to be in play. 12-Coach returns after Week's ill- ness. Baseball games are coming up! 15-Six Weeks' exams. Ugh! 16-Spring Concert. Sing Dickie! 29-Father and Son FFA banquet. Girls get to serve! 30-Senior play practice in full swing! MAY 7-Seniors present "One Delirious Night." Laughs galore! 12-Juniors feverishly decorating for Prom. 13-Ah! the Night. J unior-Senior ban- quet. Prom in gym. Wahoo! 17-Final exams coming up. Start digging! 23-Baccalaureate. 24-25-Semester exams. Seniors take big TRIP!! 27-Goodbye Alma Mater! fSobJ Graduation. 28-All school picnic at Fox Ridge. More fun! Neoga Township High School TOMAHAWK MY SECRET AMBITION Judy Green-Join the Waves! Floyd Wente--Do as little as possible and get paid for it! Lawrence Fox-Be a second Gene Krupa! Jim Buchanan-Be a coach! Carl Brady-Be a big league baseball player! Jim Meek--Have a new Ford '48, Warren Baker-Marry a girl like my mother! Lloyd Blair-Raise a fine set of whiskers and kids! John Dollar-Retire at a young age! James Hartke-Be supported by my children at a fairly young age! Earl Hatten-Get a new car every year free of charge! Lloyd Kingery-Travel all over the world! Don Kraft-See the World through a transit! Morris Strohl-Spend each season resting up for the coming season! Francis Wassom-Retire early at night! John Wenie-Join the French foreign legion! Marjorie Zimmer-Go to the Hawaiian Islands. Bei Worland-Eat a big fat lobster! Betty Walk-Get married! like it. Wanda South-Find someone who can give me orders and inake me 1 Bonnie Baker-Be a Wave and marry the captain of the ship! Ruth Anderson--Travel, just anywhere! Betiy Huff-Join the Waves and marry a sailor! Neoga Township High School w, fh- I--'r 'f fzzazzaggf . ,.,' 1 - I A ' p f. ' 1 ,U I I .4 - 1 ' Z -fagjgq 'l5v,g. k f .. f my nf .4 Fl ' I I Drgzmar ' . ' ' 5 Eowoomys UP Mubcfdb QV V- F ai A A A1 'H ' 1 4 f JAY a da? RON 3,,n-ff I 'M' Q IJ:-'iiix-11? ,1 F, 73.55, , X I!! X Ll ,3f1.38,,a3ff9-gag: F T'k'one f' V' i .Xfs'3lk,'in- I - " -, in Q b Egg!!-5 GYRCH 'Fl-e'sAl6S A H' if' A. P' Klffer ., 4 'IV K ' A T , L.. ,SoPh:e" Cy-oo,.,,,, Vol KJ --7 ", 'B A L3 X ' . .,..P HF -h . 'fig I U 3-if ff -.-,fw , lf., , -W 55eAv1.6i'f Db-H55 H -fl H1726 Hikari- 6 um I-lfdmjr NU!-AAXK' 5-fef7TQL'J Ula Sfaves in-1-n - TOMAHAWK Former Subjects of the Kingdom CLASS OF 1945 J ULIAN CLAY-At home in Neoga. BETTY ANTRIM-Now Mrs. James Toops and residing on a farm near Neoga. HAROLD KENWORTHY-At home near Neoga. PAULINE HARTKE-Working at Neoga Mfg. Co. in Neoga. SHIRLEY DOLL-Living at home in Trowbridge. HARVEY MICHLIG-Student at Eastern State College. GWENDOLYN STORM-Now married. ALICE JACOBSEN-Student of the University of Illinois. MORRIS METTENDORF-Working at Kuehne's in Mattoon. MARILYN CLAYBAUGH-Now Mrs. James Mayhall living in Neoga. WANDA BURTON-Working at Neoga Mfg. Co. in Neoga. KAY KRAFT-Student of the University of Illinois. NONA MAE WHITE-Now married and living in Mattoon. BETTY ANTHONY-Working in Washington, D. C. PAUL HARDING-Married and living on a farm near Trowbridge. MARJORIE BLAKE-Now Mrs. Robert Davids and living in Wash- ington, D. C. GAIL BARBER-Married to Deloris Wente and living on a farm near Etna. NORMA FERRIS-Married and living in Mattoon. MARVIN FOSBINDER-Working at Garwood in Mattoon. RUTH CROSS-Beauty operator and living in Mattoon. WILMA CLARK-Now a nurse. FRANCIS ANDERSON-Recently discharged from Navy and working for a Chicago meat packing company. NORMA HUFF-Working at Neoga Mfg. Co. in Neoga. Recently mar- ried J oy Blair. DELORIS WENTE-Now Mrs. Gail Barber. GLEN LAWRENCE-In the Navy. LUCILLE BAKER-Now Mrs. Leroy Buchanan and attending Eastern State College. KATHRYN WALLACE-Now married. MARJORIE SELL-Now married. NORMA PARKER-At home in Lerna. NORMAN LANE-In the Navy. FLORENCE CROCKETT-Working at Hayes in Mattoon. LETHA LINDLEY-Working at Hayes in Mattoon. Neoga Township High School . TOMAHAWK CLASS OF 1946 BOB CRAWFORD-Working for Meadow Gold in Mattoon. JEAN LAWSON-Working at Kern Mfg. Co. MARY RUTH COOTER-Is now Mrs. Robert McKinney and living near Toledo. I DIANE MILLER-Moved to George and is studying law. JUANITA ROBEY-Now Mrs. Eddie Campbell and living in Kansas City. BOB BENEFIEL-Working at Kuehne's in Mattoon. ROBERTA STORM-Working at G. E. in Mattoon. PHILIP YOUNG-Student at Eastern. ROSE ANNA BUSHUR-Working at G. E. in Mattoon. DEAN MECHLING-Living on a farm in northern Illinois. DOROTHY BAKER-Working at Kern Mfg. Co. ROY ELLIS-Student at Eastern. KATHERINE WALK-Working at G. E. in Mattoon. WAYNE CLARK-At home farming. JOANNA HAYES-Student at Carlinville. ELMER HATTEN-Working at Garvvood in Mattoon. JUNE HARDING-Secretary at Eastern. THERESA ABEL-Is now married. RUTH DEARMAN-Now Mrs. Aubrey Laneg living in Neoga. LOUISE BRAY-Working at G. E. in Mattoon. RITA WORLAND-Attending business college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. CLASS OF 1947 JEAN SNYDER--Student at Eastern. BILL KRITZ-Student at U. of I. BOB WENTE-Working in Neoga. DOROTHY STORM-Recently was married. JACK ELLIS-Working in Gilman for I. C. railroad. LOLA LAWRENCE-Working for Journal-Gazette in Mattoon. DEAN LAWRENCE-Working with father and living at home. DONALD VAN SCYOC-In the Army. THELMA WALK-Working at G. E. in Mattoon. LUELLA WHITE-Working at Kern Mfg. Co. DORIS LINDLEY-Working as a secretary at Kuehne's. LENORA OVERMEYER-Working in Mattoon at telephone office. LUCILLE FOX-Working as secretary at Kuehne's. HELEN NORTHCUTT-Living at home. ESTHER KASTL-Working at Hulman's in Mattoon. FRED ABEL-In the Army. JOAN BROWN-Working for the J ournal-Gazette in Mattoon. VIRGIL WALK-Farming near Sigel. Neoga Township High School Wa Aw Q? 'P H -. . , ,ax lk lu .,. I. fn! YOQNTGYKC-K ! X Q: I f kf-5335? f QJ 15700 ixgi "- gif HX ,' f,+ 1- I - - 'f 0 5 I X ,6- GY hlva. 0 G- ' X' , I ' ' glmn JET D 1 f fii J 7 if r ,A . ll. S ..k , . fi - x . x .ev-. ' 5' 4x1 1 X i y Q r O o ',. J Af af W X A rf f A X ' el QW t 1 A f I ,,. .Y XX B X4 ' 4 X x I A , , .. Y T"i'uM'vjS77ef WE? j . f u fn ,h.L' K I J X 1 ' HOW Clic. NR Q 6. i r Q .f If X. wa' If Q ' X 5 ,f S3 . J 43 1 N Q ' w N N5 1 E " X X y ,I X-4 'PX :ling sn fl Y I3 M6 K J W WN 6' avg " Dear!-EHJ 4 A .Z 'Q 9921 mt 1.-.-:sr-' ' F ' ' ' Ge e , xg., 0, Dveamlhci A B Om !, N if V X - -, In -ffwgs Bail' +V 'y X E k Qweafbf' -gl Q md Ou 'Qt r A TSN fmtfgh X Le-A F TK, I K J in X160 5: ig A J CUMBERLAND COUN TY NATIONAL BANK NEOGA, ILLINOIS Soon after men began to do business together, banks were started to speed the interchange of goods and to safeguard money. Bank loans put ships to seag sent cara- vans on their wayg increased production for the loom, the forge, and the farm. LOOKING AHEAD AND GOING AHEAD WITH YOU Modern business needs banks as trains need tracks. This bank is Working with you and this community for greater prosperity and security, for today and for to- morrow. We are glad to help you in financial matters in every way we can. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1,-1m1g.1. 1 1q1.g1.g....l.1 1.g1g,1g 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 11411111.11 1 1 1.uu...uu..un.- 1 1,..,1m, WENGEL FUNERAL HOM - Fifty Years of Faithful Service - Funeral customs, with surviving records, have contributed much of value to ancient and medieval history. People lnationsl of the past showing greatest respect for their dead, seem always to have been the leaders in all other fields, too. Today, our beloved U. S. A. is far ahead of all other peoples in applied Mortuary Science and Practice, in keeping with our leadership in every other field of human advance and human economy. England's greatest national economist, Gladstone, said: "Show me the manner in which a nation or a community cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical ex- actness the tender sympathies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land, and their loyalty to high ideals." "!' .-51,-1g-.--.1 --1111 I I l 'I'-nu -1- l l l l l 5 1 5 I E 1 5 A ! ! 1 l l I 5 L I E l l l l 'la 11111111111 -- -:1v1 - .1 1-11 v-11 nu :nie -nn-ny-.lu1mim,....,...m-mn--:nr-cuz:--lm-vnu-n un..m- -ull-lllliul-.m1g,y1m1un-m,-lun-,N- ,,....m..m, 1 ..- THE NEOGA NEWS PUBLISHED SINCE 1875 C. H. SNYDER, Editor -mi ...mimlm.-nu..mn1l1n1mu1lnn-.uu-.n...H-yy S WEN GEUS Standard Service TIRES BATTERIES 8: ACCESSORIES -Phone 44- NEOGA 1 -N-gig.-Im-mg-91g-g-gg-lg-91g-N-gQ 1.m1m1m41m....l4.-g.-mg-m.-M-lm..-M.-lm1.m,.-1, DR. J. B. MCCAULEY DENTIST -Phone 6- NEOGA -mi lg,- 51.5,-.Winn-um--cu..qnx ,m...m,-.m,..u....m1m-ug-ug... STEGER HARDWARE HARDWARE STOVES HOUSEWARES C NEOGA .g......,......,...,.......,,.......,......-...... .. .. .. 4. .-u-m..m.-W-up in-Quinn11l41u1al1m-:au-M-in1le1n1u--a..g.-q...qi1.1mn1nun1m...q1g1 .-4-1g1gig JACOBSEN LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS COAL PHONE 34 NEOGA, ILL Ninn,lm1.m..-m1lm..lm.-g..-...1m.1.-..w.-g.1.u1.,g.-.,1.g....1g1qig1g..g-.gigigg1u1uiu,.-W.-M-nn1un14m1 1W14W1w1u,.1 ,..1m1m,- CARRUTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE I GENERAL MERCHANDISE I GROCERIES I MEATS I SHOES PHONE 9 NEOGA, ILL. -an v-m-an-un-nu-mv14m-nn-n1v-nn--nnn-m-4n:1olu1 -.m...qn..m14m144n1Lu,1ml1gq I T 0 M P U R V I S "YOUR FORD DEALER" .....g., MATTOON : : ILLINOIS -Q- HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS Inn.-nn-11111ml:IIII1lm-ullvuAl41llly1ullu1xlu1ll1lv-lul...luA--1: u--nn-1uu.1uw1llu4-:lu--lm'-ulu-nw1uu -ml1m41ml1!ll1un-nn-lll1uu-nu1s1xx1uim:-un-uni. clan-nn--nu11u1am1111:-nu-uuiun-un1un--un-ll 1 COME TO GEHL'S HARDWARE 1815 Broadway MATTOON FOR HOUSEWARE AWNINGS FURNACES STOKERS DELTA POWER TOOLS ......... .. .............-,,,,.........m...,........,.-,.,,,,.,.-,,,,..!. '5- sl Ls z! L S! in Ls -! L: il LE fl L: fl I: El L, E! gl L, E1 L- gl L: gl L, El L- E! L- :l L: El L: an ii !: gl SPI TZ CLOTHIERS MATTOON, ILLINOIS O Most Style and Value For Your Clothing Dollar u.-m..-nmimy-mp.-pq.,-.w1m.-M.-lm-.1m1 1 -un.-n111g.n1uun1u1u-nu- 1.m,-W,-M..-nm 1l1in-4u1l1l1l-lu-ll-win-lu.-un-Ml 15-.g1u-.U-u14u1.g.qIq1m-.u1g1q1g1p1m1g COMPLIMENTS OF THE NATIONAL BANK OF MATTOON MEMBER F. D. I. C. ..lm1.m1 1gu.-m1.m1m...n.1 1 1uq1w41m1 11,111.11 1 .-u1m....m,1 1 1 11m-.un1lm..p THE Daily J ournal-Gazette The Comn1unity's Daily Newspaper A. B. C. AUDITED Largest Net, Daily, Paid Circulation in Southeastern Illinois NEWS : FEATURES : COMICS THE Gazette Printing Co. PRINTERS :: STATIONERS ENGRAVERS QUALITY PRINTING ALL PHONES-250 ofa --111111 1111111111 -IIII1-Mil 2'1" li li li li li ii li ii ii Qi li li li ii li li ii li li is gl fl ls il -5' ..W....,1,g1u1.g...u.1.m1,.1Im14u1u1..1 Il-1llII'-'Hlhl Tlllillll"0f'TlIll'TllIITIlllTllllT lllllli FLOYD 8z GRUBE -GARAGE- GENERAL REPAIRING ELECTRIC WELDING PAINTING -Body and Fender Work- PHONE 69 NEOGA, ILLINOIS -.,m1m,1m,1qm1m.1nm1.4glu-mu-nu11v1n-alintmlim --nu-un-un-nn-uu1nl1-un-:mln-:lu-ml-rm1lln: 111:11 1 1 1 ...uni-..n...m,...m,1 1 1 1 CAMPUS TOGS Authentic College Styles 13131 HILSABECICS M en's Wear 1.4.1. 1707 Broadway MATTOON 1,111 1.lu1gl1qp.144,1.uy14,u1q.1.uy1m41u1g1l.i, 1..,1m,1...1gn11,..1m1m1n1M1m...m,..m.-M111 BLACKWELUS Music Shop RECORDS-SHEET MUSIC Music Supplies MATTOON, ILLINOIS Harold Blackwell 1812A Bdwy. 1--m - Qou-nun-qu,-.Ml-in un... n Cumberland County Farm Bureau "A Service Organization for F-armersi' TOLEDO ,41m,1m1m1,m,1m1,m1m1 15 1mg1uu1gu1ll I...1m...w,1.4m1pu1w11.m1..u1m1lll1m1m,1lu.-gg TOLEDO OIL COMPANY Distributors of T E X A C O GOODRICH PRODUCTS Stations in Neoga - Toledo - Greenup Montrose - Jewett - Lerna ,u..nn..mn1uu-nu-M1 1lul1luL-nn....uu-nu1nlll-:u 1..,.1111111111.-1:1111 "The Store that ' Quality Built" 1705 Bmadway MATTOON ILLINOIS Y V 4 . 1. ' 7 ofa nn1u1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1un.-,miM1IW1uu1m..1un....nm1-nu-lnw1un1ml1 1 1 -un1lm .iq 1 ...nn.- 1.m1m,...m...m -11-l1g-.giglg-g1g....g...q1q.1q1y1q1g CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 1948 DR. JOHN JEMSEK, M. D NEOGA, ILLINOIS OIC 1...g1.1.1g.-1-1:-.m-I--l1l1!1l-l-1:1 'gh 111111 111111111111111.-1111111u1111111111 1 111111111111y111111111f111111111y111111111111 1 11111111 Compliments of Votaw-Swank Post No. 458 American Legion Phone 119 NEOGA, ILLINOIS 11111.-11111111111111111111111 1 1 11111111111111111111 1.g1111.111m11,111,1111,1,11 1 11,1,111u111m1111 Compliments of PETERS' Barber Shop NEOGA 111 1 1 1 111.11111-.111111111111111 11111111 111111 1 1 1 1 1111111111111111 1 1111111 GINGHAM INN FOR EXCELLENT SERVICE CHARLES MEYERS, owner Neoga-Illinois 111111115 .5-11-111111111 111- ------1 111 1 ,P H OLLADA Y CAFE GREYHOUND STOP O "Meet Your Friends Here" 9 -PHONE 89- NEOGA, ILLINOIS 11111111111111 111 11,,,,11111,11111.111g1g111,.11,.1lg 11-111111111111 11111111,1111111111111 1111111l111g111111111111 Stay Queen of Your King's Heart By Visiting MARY LOU'S Beauty Shoppe Phone 11 Neoga, Ill 1-.11111111111111-111111111-1111-11111 - 11m-1111-1111-1111 ,111111111111111 11111-11111111,1111111,1111 1 1 1 11111 Compliments of HUFF'S SHOE SHOP NEOGA I I sfn.111111111111 -11-11 11111 m 1 .... W.-.uq1, g...,,-.g1g-.q.-qn-g.-m1q1u.1g1g,-.-,-g-q1-...g..m.11m..4gg..q.-g-H1-41-4.-q-qi. NEOGA DAIRY PASTEURIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS -DAILY DELIVERY- "We Pay Top Prices for Cream" Howard Louthan, Prop. PHONE 92 :: NEOGA -. 1 ..ml1ml1ml...nn-I 11...-ml.-U41 R. L. WENTE 'A' GENERAL TRUCKING ir -Phone 286- NEOGA .. .-,.u1nlun..M..m,.... 1nu1l!g!4 ufu-1m-ml--ll1ul1m1-uu- 114111-:Ill--ll1l1rlsl-IIII1 SAM'S TIN SHOP O GUN REPAIRS O C. S. Ault, Prop. NEOGA Compliments to Class of '48 "SHORTY" LOWE'S Barber Shop NEOGA, ILLINOIS 1m,1.1m.- 1. 1 1 1l1m1yny1m1mg1m.-ml... - CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '48 M. A. GRAFT COMPANY NEOGA z: ILLINOIS W1q1ug.-uu..m1,g1m-.g-.g....m1m-.uq1m1w41uu- 69 1 A, ' ,a Louoqvarv 5 U ff Q 9 , . 61 P if X r 3 L' gg '. 7 if if RR il X YQ Q? W ,f , ' ' 9 ' nl WMO ,lf 'Z Pi " It 1' G ' fi if if uid 7 N 51 L R xg 1 Aa ' ' .X ,xy x, Rf,.nl10vJ SJC! FJ Eff' X X06 59 F I QW! Q 'I " QQ ,qty Qu., J W' lf- J. 4' Xi my , WFED 6 .lm-4, ex " :-,ZHTQ , 6 5 71, , CMM' Q , ea em aff vlrhe'V0iCe SY i sux CJPCXNIQ X ' V' ,iw xwxoxgm- . WAam,f -1l1-lilililillll1--g-l:l1l1n:n1l1l1l1fl-1l-l--!a:l1l1I--l CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1948 SHORT'S FURNITURE CO. NEOGA 1g-..ux1u.-gllglylgiql..-Q...-5.1.4,-lgigigg1-i-..-.-qigiq1g-.-1.g.-qig1- 1g1.g.-1-.-g.-g1wim.- 1lg.11g1.m1m1w1uigig4..g1u1u.1uq1.g1w..lg...g.1lu1 FRANK KERN MANUFACTURING CO. PERMA-LIFT BRASSIERES "The Lift that Never Lets You Down" -SEE US FOR WORK- PHONE 103 NEOGA, ILL I :Io II1 1lul1nl-nl--l1uu- 1111 M10-un 111111 111-ll1ll1n--l1u1u nfs -ali' Im-mxinu ----1 1-111 - Ili I Of' un-un v1111-111-- un--:nfs -1- 1 1 I li I 5 BARRY-IRWIN I I STORES gg i OOMPLIMENTS OF O Q I I EVERYTHING I SEARS, ROEBUCK FOR THE MOTORIST E I AND COMPANY I T MATTOON, ILLINOIS -Phone 896- T 1402 Broadway 1 E MATTOON, ILL. I : I i - i I 4' .-qg1lmiMi 1 1 1 .- -. 1 1 -. 1-1l,l1m41m1-.,,1.,,,1 1 ... ... .. ... .. .... ...v.. -.. FIVE WAYS BUSINESS TRAINING HELPS YOU TO SUCCESS . . . 1. Better Jobs 2. Opportunities for Advancement 3. Satisfaction in Your Work 4. Social Success 5. Security for the Future h WRITE OR CALL FOR INFORMATION UTTERBACK'S BUSINESS COLLEGE MATTOON, ILLINOIS 15th and Broadway Phone 348 I oft -ml 1-1111111 1111ii i1111211 1111 x I 09 .!.....,,,,---...----......-. .,..,,.,..........,...- - .. .. .. .. - - .. -.. 1 1 1 1 1 1m1m1ul1m1u1 1n1g1gg1g 1g1g1g1u-11111-.u1w1g1 BROADWAY CLEANERS HODORLESS DRY CLEANING" PHONE 155 --1 1404 BROADWAY MATTOON 11w1m1ul1m1m... 1 1 1y1y1m1q1q Q1-1g1g1.q1u1. 1 1 1 1m11mq1n ILVER OLLER TAR INK 'k Private Parties 10-12 School Parties 5-7 Mondays and Thursdays Church Parties Only 'A' -Phone 1220- MATTOON Q1 1 1 1nl1l-ll1nu1m-- 1 -u1nu1uIL 1-1,1-..,g1n1-1u1u1g1g1.1,1g Qu-.pl1m1g1m1u11u1g1g..m.-w1y1m Compliments of I K U E H N E Manufacturing Co C MATTOON 513441 1 1 1 1g1g1u1g1 1 1 1111- .P 1111-1111.- 1111.- 1111- 11111 1111111 11u-- 1 1111- 11111 11111 sion- 11--1111-1n1-'11--11111m1-11111 1- 1-41111--1111-m11 -1111-1: SOWARD'S DRUG STORE I Prescriptions Filled I Fountain Service I Gifts and Jewelry I Stock and Poultry Remedies O -PHONE 296- NEOGA :: ILL. ,11m,....m,.- 1m1..1111....m.-.111111111,m-1m.. .- -.1111..1. 4...-.,..-r,,,.. ..,.........,,...,..........1.....,,,.- - ..1111...., 1 IRENE DUGAN 'A' INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS 'A' -Phone 88- NEOGA, ILL. situ-111111111 L11111 1 1111 1111111 ,,1,m1m11 .. .. ... .- .. ... 1 1 1 11,1 MCGINNIS GARAGE L. W. MCGINNIS, Prop. - ,,." lF,.:,,., EVR0' V Z SALES-SERVICE NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT Phone 123 NEOGA, ILLINOIS 1q..,m1111111m1.m-. 1 11111111-.111,.111u...,1.-. 11,1 11-.1111-1111-111111111-.11111 .- 1111111111-1111.. 1 -...I Marathon Service Gasoline-Oil-Lubricants Tires-Batteries Accessories Dollar M Higgins Phone 240 Neoga, Ill 11.11111-,,1111.-1111-1111.-1111- --111.-1111--1111.-1111-111111111111111 1111111:m111111--11111111111111-ml-111111111-111111111-1111-111 HASKETT BROS. . 5 5 '. M111neA11ous1Mou11z I Q,5l.',' 1. u n na c111 ue1w SALES 8a SERVICE Phone 269 Neoga, Ill .-1m..mi 1 1. .-gm1m- l..m11nl.-W1 1 ..-lql1.m1w1ggiu1.g1u.-lg.-M1m1gTg1 ..-m1m4.. -.,m1,m.1gm1m.- Ulm ,Im-.,m..l ll.. BROWN Sz SON GENERAL MERCHANDISE INSURANCE AND COAL . I Phone 7268 TRILLA, ILLINOIS P O S T Quality Hatchery 'KTHE HOME OF BETTER CHICKSU SEXED CHICKS FEEDS FERTILIZERS POULTRY SUPPLIES REMEDIES -Phones-- Mattoon Co. 7368 Neoga 536 TRILLA, ILLINOIS nu in , g-. .....w1n...u...u.1.,.,..g-.,u1g1g1 1 1 1,5111 vm-ur u14ul1gm.-,111 1 .-m...w...u1.lg-.uu..lm.1m4...lul-1 n--an-ml-oul11ln --In11m-ull-1Mn1um11ln1llll11lnl1ml1n 4, I 1 I PARISH I Quality Cleaners A I " i COLD FUR STORAGE Q I ff L L I 1612 Wabash Ave. 5 MATTOON T 'I' n -ml-:ul-lll-lm -llrn-111115114-lla: 111i1 nu-n .Ig I I Compliments of the 5 EFFINGHAM BOWL EFFINGHAM, ILL. Z l 'I' pi-1-.--131 1q1-1-.,g.-.-1511...-.g1aqg . NEWGENT'S SHOESTORE l I RED GOOSE SHOES Mattoon, Illinois A i The Home of 1 1 .1.n1m1qql1m..M1m,1m1,m1m. 1 1 1 1 1 1lzn1,,,,..nl41.n1m1g,.1 1 1 1 1 1m.1un1pm1 1 1 1 1 1m1.m.1qu L. H. WENTE VITALITY FEEDS Grinding and Mixing NEOGA, ILL. -Phone 286- Compliments of S. E. BIGLER, M. D. Neoga, Illinois DOMESTIC SERVICE COMPANY PLUMBING Sz HEATING Phone 68 NEOGA, ILLINOIS lim - -nu-nu-uu-ull-lm-nu-nn-un-nu-- -un-uni 1m1u 1nn..n 111.41 g -nn-xx q.u-..nn1nn...m..m.-uul...m.-m,...m41 1 1 1 1 4, l GULF SERVICE STATION 'k GULF PRODUCTS GULF TIRES U. S. ROYAL TIRES DELCO BATTERIES WASHING Sz GREASIN G if -Phone 246- NEOGA, ILLINOIS M1,m1im1.4m..lm1,m...m1m1m1 1 1 11431 ..1uu1m.1m1m1.m1.uu1,,.1 1 1 1 1un1 Compliments of EARL ROSS "Your Clotlmileri' 0 MATTOON, ILLINOIS 1mI-mu--nu-nn-nn-nu-nn-mn-m,1. 1m,1 BEST WISHES For the Class of 1948 ELLIOTT'S Jewelry Store MATTOON, ILLINOIS -lilil-I-1-11-1lilr1l1 FURSTE AUTO SUPPLY I HOME APPLIANCES I AUTO PARTS I ACCESSORIES "See Furste First" MATTOON, 1LL1No1s iuiu.-g.-q.1gig.1m-.g..g....q.-ggi iulligllimiqllgglllg1gm1g..m4..4m.... H.-nu..n NELMS 8a POE JEWELERS 'A' JEWELRY AND WATCHES 'lr 1915 Western Avenue MATTOON, ILLINOIS -..lm1un..m1g1pg- ... -. 1 .- Qu-an ll-In-Al--0 4an-uu-n-mn1u-w-el1uu-an-m1n-u-uu-u 0RENSTEIN'S Ladies' and Misses' READY-T0-WEAR AND IVIILLINERY ....g..... 1618 Broadway MATTOON, ILLINOIS Phone 414 qimlg..-ulug..-n.,uu.-u,...g.-mining-.mi WALKER Construction Co., Inc O READY MIX CONCRETE 0 -Phone 165- MATTOON, ILLINOIS k-llu-I-H1U1l1l1'll-lu-lc-l:l1l-rl-1 1g...gu1m..g1g..-qlllgu.-gu1uu1nu...l,q 1 Q14 --lm1ml 1111 1 1 1 -111 nu-Inq. ofon-un1mn I - MATTOON BUTTER COMPANY 1000 Broadway 14,1 Cas-h Buyer of Cream One Can or a Truck Load We Guarantee Satisfaction A Try Us, Won't You? -Phone 289- MATTOON-ILLINOIS 1qg,1lln1 1 1 1 .....m.-m,1m1m1 1 1m... 111,114,111 1 1 1 1m...m.1m,1,,1 1 1,m1u, Lester PIANOS Betsy Ross HAMMOND, SOLOVAX Band Instruments RECORDS 'A' SAMUEL MUSIC SHOP Next to Court House EFFINGHAM L. D. SAMUEL, Prop. Former Effingham Band Director .1.m1.m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11,441.1 MEADOW GOLD "Laboratory Controlled" O I DAIRY PRODUCTS I MILK I ICE CREAM I BUTTER MEADOW GOLD DAIRY BEATRICE FOODS CO. Mattoon, Illinois ,...m,-.m,1.m..nn1nm1,m1un-u.1u.1...-.ul1m,1 ,..un--uu1un1nu-ml-un--un--uu-un--nu--un1lm- Compliments of Quinn Broom Works TOLEDO ,,1,m..ml1u1 151 14,3-..m1.m-. 1 1 1 ..1ml-4m11m1 1 1.m,1m,...m11lnn1l 1 1 1 Compliments' of FRISINA Heart 82 Effingham THEATRES Effingham-Illinois lu1.m..lw.-.llg1.m1lm1nu1.q1g1m1m1 1 1 1 1 -. 1nl1un.-.4m1xxxI...u.. ANDERMAN'S FURNITURE STORES IN MATTOON BEST QUALITY LOWEST PRICES MAIN STORE 1504 Broadway ANNEX STORE 2021 Western 1 .. .- 1m...m....uu.-w1.m1u..m1u...q COMPLIMENTS OF Coca-Cola Bottling Co. DRINK I T 5- 1,14 9 1 MATTOON ILLINOIS union-mu-ul n-ul-un Qou-u-nu ----1--1 -- - BASKET GROCERY .-.,:,.. GOOD THINGS TO EAT l'2'-- 1513-1515 Broadway Phone 354-355 MATTOON, ILLINOIS 4.-.ml1..u1.,u1luin4.-,n.1n'1m.-ng.- .. 1 COMPLIMENTS OF GLEN D. NEAL STATE'S ATTORNEY I TOLEDO in-uri: 0101111111 -- 11i1111 I1 1-n1qg11ql..w1 1111144111411 .. 1 v. -.I I... f.-.m,1m1.-mgi.m..m,..,m-., .., 1,101 1,,,1mi,,,,11llu..ml1nn--n:u- -nninu mr--m1-nur-me-mr 1m,..,m1qm..4uln..m,14m.-nll1In-- 1 v- 1 Tinning RO0fi1'1C1 CALL, 2640 RAEF 85 BEALL TIN SHOP' MATTOON. ILLINOIS Weir Furnaces BLOW PIPE Sheet Metal R O D I E S PASTRY SHOP PIES-CAKES Assorted 0 Cookies 0 Sweet Rolls 0 Cup Cakes Special Orders For All Occasions 0 1113 South 18th Street -Phone 769- MATTOON'x1un-uu-luu-nlx-nu-nu-:lui -11:11:11:-xr n-uu1uu1lu-un-miun-un14uI1ul111xl1nl1-- '?'f' il l :l l- gl i- Il l.. fl l -l l fl l S1 I- E! l- gl l: El l -l li li Il lt gl if :l l il fl :I in i l if ir COMPLIMENTS OF DODSON 8a C0 NEOGA 'A' - - -.....................,.......-....... .. -I-....-... .g..,.-..,......,..,,,.........,.,.....-...,.. .. .. - .... Q CQ Q - :A . iv' I Egan----K :rr Jo ,gs-'-I, fAX Q. 'Q' G 363 3. pg ff l? E jf? V W1 u 5 is Phonfv- fl X -Hx 5 WJ .. -.U ' fi -3, ' . 5 iw sl NU, Ax 67 4 E I4 By? K "' ! J, N X7 .1 fr 1- X X I ' , W5 Q -V .J-1 5. 09 K ,Fu ' 51 C41 HMYYMM , 'L -N f , J s Q L? Q q'?4"QjQ V , x E j gi A I JL. wi as ,, + X kg, J,-j-Q . 1 4' I -y A XX XNoo'H'v2Q I px X Off, N, 4? X X l J, Q 0 A 1 gait , s if rr if 71 .3 I 'ty , lm X I X Zan-igyfr I - 'wg if ? SP QYI4 MJ: 5 S' I Sffgfso PM UPo'So'Nl , Qx ' LOZF1- J S ,wimli - 4-Q f Q ,, f 24 ' Q U 5 . , QQ A eh 1 W 'Q UW, 3 Cffbf E5 I Mevmaf 'I-Ill--lII1ll1ms-u--fm-ml.-un-1Il1-fn-an-g-.-.f..1q1'l..,,...-....g1g4...'-Lyn..-...mlm uniam1m14'1.1,..,,...M1m1q.1,.1,,1uu.-,lu...m1m1n1n..1m1.y41m1.m1q1m1qu-.lm --nn.-nu1nlu1uu-Ming-u1ll1uq-.g1g1 .-ln.-u-gin-u1u1uq1y1g1u.1q1 Q 5 1 The More Jobs I.Eo I A Penny Will Buy for You 8 Q 3 -REDDY K1LowA'r'1' X-" ' I I o ' f 55? The More Electrzczty 2 S .' f'1 L- X I CENTRAL ILLINOIS PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY .-uutnvnliuu-un..m,1...1..1lu1.,.....1n.1q1-,1..1g1m,.m-...1.,1u..g....1g.....1 M 1 K E ' S GENERAL TIRE SERVICE Mike Zehner. Owner I - Road Service - Tire and Battery Service MATTOON 19th and Shelby Phon 707 W Y Q LEC LI i 14, .51 -3 115.1 lnuimlimimim-...I-m11qn1m, 1m1m-m....w...4m...m.-.m..... yinn.-.m1m1 -. .. -. .... 1 1 .. ... ...mim-un-lm--xm--nn--nu: COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF '48 NEOGA MANUFACTURING CO. NEOGA in-lm-..W1.miugiuulminlp-n.-m1nu...m1lm-...Illlm..1 .-lm.-,,..1u,,1m1 1 1 ..m.-..,...,g1m...-4 ii !i Li ii IE CONGRATULATIONS I TO CLASS OF '48 I li ii LT ls ROBERT MAYHALL 1 4 : I NEOGA I 7 li li Li Li li li L: 4. o!cn--lll1m11nnLnu-ml-ml- - 1Iu1l1n1nn-nn- S I N C L A I R SERVICE STATION GASOLINE AND OIL GOODYEAR TIRES AND ACCESSORIES Pop and Cigarettes PAUL CURRY Phone 94 Neoga, Illinois g lm...u1 1un1millu-ul,-.,u,1.m1m1lm1 1,,,,1,,,i, .i.m1uul..- 1 ..um1m-.nm-M..m1u-.m-min, Mig u1uu..11.-1...-.11-.-inn..-qu.-m,im1-..-1.--.-1-.-1 WARNER'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT HEADQUARTERS FOR TYPEWRITERS ADDING MACHINES FOUNTAIN PENS -and- FULL LINE OF OFFICE EQUIPMENT 1623 Charleston Avenue MATTOON, ILLINOIS WILSON SPAULDING GOLDSMITH I SPORTING GOODS DISTRIBUTOR SINCE 1897 O B O B W E B E R ' S CHARLESTON MATTOON SHELBYVILLE Phone 2090 Phone 971 Phone 851 l-1--I Ig-Q1-.qqgqip-5.-.-plgi 'S'-nu-11:1 lrnfc I I I I I I I I I I i I 3 I ! I 5 I 5 I 3 I I 1 I I 4, -,,.- .......... - .......... .... .. -.-4 -qu-g1g-my-444 lm- 1 1 -. 1 1 1 ...ml1m,1 .. -In lm- 1 1 -ull-uu--uw-luu-uu-.uu1-m.-nu1- -.pq1g.-m1g1g-.ggqqim COMPLIMENTS OF C. T. 8z N. TELEPHONE COMPANY -mi- -. .. 1 -u.-.lm-nn-gu-m-n1,g.,.- Compliments of ROBERT MAYHALL Employees John fLardoJ Saunders John CDingj Bright Pauly CGoat1 Keller Edward CBuckJ Saunders Virgil Chronic Alden Roy Harold Beals Albert Louis Closson .ini lu-u n...l,l1n..1pn.-milm1u ..-l,..gn1w-nln1nu-g1u- ,1m...m-mi 1m..,m1 -. .-pq-nu.-ni W A L T ' S CAMERA SHOP 'A' PHOTOGRAPHIC HEADQUARTERS -Photographer- Weddings Children Groups if -Phone 2264- MATTOON m1.m1.m..- 1 1 1 -,m-n.1lm.-lmq.m- -4.41--1-vtl1i-:11-5141-11-11:--s-a-1-al1u1g1q--l1l1n1na1g- INSURANCE ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE A LIFE - HEALTH and ACCIDENT A FIRE - WINDSTORM - BURGLARY A COMPENSATION - PUBLIC LIABILITY A SURETY and FIDELITY BONDS BOGARD INSURANCE AGENCY -Phone Office 15681 MATTOON, ILLINOIS g.--1-1-1g-...51g.rq--.--1g1q.-q.1g1Q.--.5-5-q-l1lil1I-p1l 1g1....g...u1-.1g1g...g-.Wi,g..u--.m1,.,...m1nu1.ming-.N1un.-m1uu1u-.u1u..nm1u..-m1uq...4u1m1m.-.u..,g-.u.Q,...M...-....g1g..g1n!. o!,-ug1nw.-m1q.1g1g1g1g 4, 111m-m11m11nn-mr--nl111ln-11111 of I 1mq...1.-im.-.M1 .1 1 1m EVAN BAKER - GENERAL TRUCKING LEHIGH LIMESTONE SCHROCK ROCK PHOSPHATE STOKER AND LUMP COAL PHONE 249--NEOGA 1 1111...uu1 un11m,1ur1-1uu11u111m11111u111u1-mx 11111111-am1nu1u11-1m1u1111111111111u11uu1un--11 LAMPERT'S MATTOON'S VALUE JEWELER 1514 Broadway 1111--111111111--mv-111111111-1l1u111111111u-1111111111 1114111111 111m1un-1uu-1n111m11m1 11-nu Compliments of M. C. EVERHART TOLEDO --11111111111111-111u...uu-.u.,,1w I,-.m,im1..m,1ml.. 1 .-m-m,1qu1m.1lm... .- STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS W. D, ELSON, Agent ALL KINDS OF PETROLEUM PRODUCTS 0 Gasoline 0 Kerosene 0 Fuel Oils 0 Heating Oils 9 Motor Oils 0 Greases 0 Household Necessities TANK WAGON SERVICE -Phone 17 or 44- NEOGA I v1'.n-uu-nu- 111111 1 - 1 - 1.-nu,1 ,,-m..m.. NEOGA EQUIPMENT 8z SERVICE CO. PHONE 280 NEOGA FARM MACHINERY Service and Parts Mm lu1snNAnoy55 W muw TRUCKS -....u, W. E. ELLIS QUALITY GROCERY ir -Phone 277- NEOGA .1-4-.31 1g..g---g1g1,g1g1-.----in 1n.i. Qu-Ili 1m-un-l1u1u1h1 --1n1g1 NEOGA THEATRE OUR MOTTO "GOOD PICTURES GOOD SERVICE" O NEOGA sion-nninu 111111111i1 Nathan Stewart AGENT Sinclair Products GASOLINE MOTOR OILS HEATER OILS PROMPT TANK WAGON SERVICE wk . Phone 159 or 94 NEOGA gig-qi .1 1 .1 .-1114-g-gggigi 111g111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1lln1xl COMPLIMENTS OF HAMPTON 8z soNs MATTOON,S FINEST JEWELRY STORE Registered Jeweler American Gem Society MATTOON :: ILLINOIS 11111111111111111g11111 11111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 WOLF'S THE SMART SHOP WOMEN PREFER Mattoon, Illinois 111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -un1m1111 111111111111111111111111 RENSHAW 8z MEYER OVER 3500 DIFFERENT ARTICLES Strasburg, Illinois 1un1nm1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111 MATTOON'S DOMINANT STORE O YOUNG'S Department Store 1614-1616 Broadway MATTOON, ILLINOIS 11111111111111111111111111 111llu...1n1--111111111 The 1948 SENIOR CLASS of NEOGA TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL wishes to ihank all those who helped in any way in producing this 1948 TOMAHAWK 11..nn..11111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ... m,1,m1,m.-lm...nni.,,,,u'1.m...m....q1m1up-.n..-W4,-,g..g11.,.ni,,-.,,,,1g1q..q1m-glugi 1ln-4n11q1g1g1qn.-m.-pq1qu-.m.....g1u-u114-q1,...,..m-nn1g1g.g..g1-u.-q- R. L. CASSTEVENS QUALITY MERCHANDISE AT LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES PHONE 40 NEOGA, ILL. SWENGEL ELECTRIC SERVICE APPLIANCES CONTRACT VVIRING PHONES 99 AND 35 NEOGA, ILL. 'I' illlli 11111-- ilfu-w-ua-uw-uu1-1 1 --nlw- --wv1u-uu-1w-suv1Auo-u11u- 010 ui WI ll ll , 55 --4 -TIE Ill -n- -in 545. Jan: bl -0 3333 il 4 N-mf? ...xffff Q li fx .-4 111 . 4 1 9 I. .II Img. 1 FN m

Suggestions in the Neoga High School - Tomahawk Yearbook (Neoga, IL) collection:

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