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F f 5 N Rx: I r B I i l ' i I T l . I 1 s , f"" Y f As R if d 777 7 7 77 777777777 7 ., - 5 . , f 1 1 . , 1 5 5 5 1 1 4 I -1 X THE SAQA S Presented byi - TI-IE SENIOR CLASS 3 1 fixa- i , T . f OF 1953 -5 1 V r f 5,,..a DEDICATION We, the Seniors of the class of 1953, dedicate our Saga to all past and future service men of N. H. S. Many of these boys will be exposed to grave dangers and compelled to accept the responsibilities of adult life before they even attain their legal status of manhood. Though some of these boys are buried beneath home soils, some will not return, but the memories of those who will--not return will linger forever in the Y hearts of those who knew them. We are proud to dedicate this book to those boys who are represented in all branches of thei service- on the sea, on the land, and in the air. - '- T5S9,.g'? We wish to thank Mr. Daugherty for his ad- vice and interest in our class. I To Thee, Nelsonville High School, we pledge ourselves in loyalty and endeavor. In thy halls may we daily learn to grow in knowledge and in wisdom. May we be true to thy standards, seeking to build well the foundations of our education through the opportunities afforded us within thy gates. Page Two The Saga THE SMA STAFF Bob Bush, Business Manager: Sue' Cavoteg Bonnie McCo11urng Bob Henshaw, Cir- culation Managerg Violet Woody, Assistant Business Managerg Frank Whitmore, Sports Editorg Beth Gray, Sales. Advisor, Mr. Daughertyg Martha Parsons, Editor: Jo Ann Mallin, Literary Editor. , who is working harder? BOB HENSHAW, Class President? THE SAGA STAFF? 1 X . 1 l 953 ' H ' Page Three P' l A L 4, OUR ALMA M TER Nelsonville, our Alma Mater, faithful we will beg While our loyal sons are lighting on to victory, No one else so brave and true, Life and love we give to you. The Scarlet and the Grey forever, Fight on for her fameg Make us now, dear Alma Mater, Worthy of thy name. . . H. S. SCHOULBOARD Seated: Lloyd C. Grayg Mrs. Harry Ball, Presidentg Leonard Powell, Vice Presi- dentg Charles Evans, Standing: Harold Kokerg Orlarido I-Iowsong J. T. Wolf, Clerk. Page Four The Saga , M f , A ' ,yy . Mrs. Jean Smith Secretary to Superintendent .ffm Q, LLOYD C. GRAY, Superintendent " B. S. in Education, Ohio University M, A. Ohio State University A . Mrs. Mary Nelson Secretary to Principal J. K. KINNEER, Principal Mrs. F. Coakley r B. S. in Education, Ohio University School Visitor M. A. Ohio State University 1953 Page Five , N Ir.. f l X ' ' r PP' W 7 I ...sw ' x 'x if 1 W s ', . , Mr. Gene Hughes Mrs. Jo Ann Hughes Mr. John Daugherty B. S. in Education B. .S, in Education with B. S. in Education Ohio University Music l Ohio University Coach, Physicial Ed, glwglglc Sup. Muskingum Col- Social Studies Q , Graduate Work Ohio University Vocal Music-Al Grades is Q Q37- Mr. Roger Wolf Miss Mary Sharp B. S. in Education A. B. Ohio WESBYHU M, A. ohio scare University M' SC- 01110 State University Ohio University Biology, General Science English, Social Studies Chemistry w 1 1 Q 5 . , L Mr. James Chenevey' Mrs. Misha Goedicke Mr. Dan Helfer B. S. in Education B. S, in Education St. Mary's University Ashland College University of Michigan Baltimore, Maryland Coach, English, Mathematics gefiv Haven State Teachers , o ege M. A. Ohio University English, Guidance, ' Library, Psychology Page Six The Saga ' 4,9 Miss Doris White Mr. James -D4 il Miss Martha Betts B. A. ohio Wesleyan U B. Is. ni Ed - 7 . ohio University M. A. University of Michigan a Univ srtyf incmnati Girls Physical Ed, Mathematics A gl? lege . . hio University C Instrumental Music, Band I , lx ,f 1 ' 1 J N Mrs. Doris Pergrin B. S. in Education Ohio University Business Training 4 Miss Helen Washburn B, S1 in Home Economics Ohio University Science Mrs. Doris Williams B. S. in Home Economics Mar h ll C ll s a o ege Ohio University Home Economics Mr. Frank Downhour The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. University of Manchester England I Ohio University Mr. Lowell Cole B, s. in Education 5 Ohio University Coach, Social Studies 1953 Page Seven iq-JJ' Bob H-enshaw Kay Dearth Bob Jackson Football 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 3, 4 Class President 1, 4 Tuinbling Team 2. 3 President 3 Student Council 1 Off1cer of G, A. A. 3 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 District Hi-Y Secretary 4 F. H. A. 1 Science Club 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 4 ' Oificer 4 Band Vice President 3 A Cappella Choir 4 Student Council 2, 3 Band President 4 Junior Class Play 3 Officer 2 Saga Staff 4 Librarian. 2 Thespian 1, 2 Hi.y 2, 3, ,4 , Class Officer 1, 4 National Thespian 2 Junigr C1355 Play 3 Opereita 4 A Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Jr. and Sr. Revue Student Counci-ls 1 Officer 3 Sr. Twig 4 5. Choir, 1, 3 " Operetta 2, 4 SE IDRS O .3 .kg . K M - ,' ,A Martha Newton Parsons Lillian Lethridge F.H. A. 1, 2.3.4 G. A.A. 1.2,3 Treasurer 2 Keynotes 3, 4 President 4 Officer of Keynotes 4 G.A.A.1,2 F, H. A. 1,2, 3,4 Keynotes 3, 4 Choir 4 S12 .TWIE 4 Senior Class Treasurer Cholr 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Saga Staff Editor 4 National Honor Society 4 Page Eight The Saga l g Maureen Kelley Jerry Figgins Sue Cavote Cheerleader 1, 2. 3. 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 G- A- A- 1. 4 G, A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Choir 3, 4 Tl-easy!-er 3 officer 4 Lahn Club 1, 2, 3 'NICSDIHH 1 , Junior Class Play 3 Keynofes 3- 4 Ehlair 51 b 1 2 3 Choir 4 1 3 4 1 Hin ll , . Baseb ll , 2, , , 1? Snqretary 1 T1-ackal, 2 Librarian 2 Library 3 i Library 4 JY- Class P135' A Cappella Choir 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Saga Staff 4 Oneretta A A Cappella Ch01I' 4 Sr. Twig 4 ' ' Homecoming Queen 3 -- Oneretta 4 Sr. Twig 4 Jr. and Sr. Revue . V A Lil JA N-r"fi'. v N' ,im In Jo Ann Mallin Max Pitts Cheerleader 2. 3, 4 Basketball 1 G. A., A. 1, 2, 4 Librarian 4 Thespian 2 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Ch-oir 1, 2, 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Opcretta 2, 4 Saga Staff 4 Class Officer 2 Fcynotes 3, 4 'tudcnt Council 2 F. H. A. 1, 2 Officer 2 Sr. Twig 4 . National Honor Society 1953 Page N ine Beth Gray Gene'Pritchard Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, Officer 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Choir 1, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Baseball 3. 4 G, A, A, 2, 3, 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Officer 3 Librarian 4 Thespian 2 Latin Club 2, 3 Sr. Twig 4 S Staff 4 ' J:?aClass Play Assist. Dir. 4 4 Violet Woody Saga Staff 4 Science Club 4 Officer 4 Student Council 2. 3 Class Officer 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Olficer 2 A Cappella Choir 4 Choir 1, 4 Keynotes 3, 4 Band 1, 2 Sr. Twig 4 Thesplan 1 i bf, Patty Raybould Frank Wh1tm0f9 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 4 Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4 Officerof G, A. A. 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2, 3 4 Thesplan 1 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 Choir 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Latin Club 1, 2, 3 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Officer 1 Saga Staff 4 Keynotes 3, 4' Librarian 2 Officer 4 A Cappella Choir 4 if" Sr. Twig 4 Page Ten The Saga I I 4 4 Carol McCollum Bob Bushe- Judy Windle G. A. A. 3, 4 Bootball 1 F. H. A. 1, 2, 4 F. H. A. 1 Track 1 Choir 1, 2, 4 Choir 1, 4 H1-Y 2, 3 A Cappella Choir 4 Sr, Twig 4 Student Council 4 Sr, Twig 4 Jr.-Sr. Revue 4 Saga Staff 4 Librarian 3 Jr.-Sr. Revue 4 Pres. Student Council 4 Operetta 2 06 Alma Jo Anderson Larry Flowers G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F. H. A. 1 Choir 1, 2 Assembly Comm. 2 Jr. Class Play 3 Keynotes 3, 4 Officer 4 Sr, Twig 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 1, 2, 3, 4 - Choir 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Hi-Y 2, 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Jr. Olympics 1 1953 Page Eleven w Peggy Cook Dick Bond Nancy Shaw Junior Class Play 3 ' Algron 1, 2 Operetta 2, 4 Mxllersport and Barberton 3 F. H. A, 1, 2, 4, sr. Twig 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Keynotes 4 N A Cappella Choir 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 Sr. Twig 4 G. A. A. 4 I w 1 N ."' 'Q an w x, l . xi X". , Xb X 'AJ . K . K NXQQ i N ' XX XX R .Nix x is E X x , C N . Ky I Joy Bryson McKinney Ralph Keplar X X Xkxmlb , Sr- Twig 4 Junior Class Play 3 XX Officer 4 M . ' G' A. Ab 1' 2' 3- 4 gr of Football Team 4 X' F.H,A.1,2,3 'I Choir 4 A Cappella Choir 4 1 Jr. Class Play 3 ' Jr.-Sr. Revue 4 yy. Librarian 4 5'-EEF' Tri-Hi-Y 4 l l W l Page Twelve The Saga l I 4 CCCCCCC CCC ea C 4 1 Lois Blackford Jack Lewis Bonnie McCollum G. A. A. 1 Football 1 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 F, H. A. 1, 2, 4 Basketball 1, 2 Thespian 1, 2 Choir 1, 2, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 4 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 Keynotes 3, 4 Officer 4 Sr. Twig 4 - Latin Club 1, 2 Choir 3, 4 Jr. Class Play 3 Saga Staif 4 Sr. Twig 4 S , , Shirley Mender Jim Stimel n Choir 1, 2, 3 Basketball 2 F. H. A, 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian 3 Football 3, 4 1953 Page Thirteen 'r 1 r'T A. ' .2 ,1P",,L -Md' .. ' if ' I Judy Henshaw W 4 Jerry Reynolds . ' fffif. Jean Hilt I ' G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 ' Football 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 fi?" Tumbling Team 2, 3 Baseball 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 3 ' , Tri-Hi-Y 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 choir 3 , ,f Keynotes 3, 4 A Keynotes 3, 4 - .:' Secretary of Class 3 Sr, Twig 4 , 1 Student Council 3 C Tri-Hi-Y 4 ' 'G Hg' Band 1, 2 E H., Olperetta 2, 4 Cass Play 3 Choir 2, 3,'4 A Capella Choir 4 ' Senior Twig 4 1 1" ."Yf," 5 1 fi' ' . Q , Joe Davis ' Shirley Windle A' . Football 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 f l I ' Jr. Class Play 3 Choir 3 I 3 G. A. A, 1, 2, 3 A Keynotes 3, 4 Sr. Twig 4 - 'O U5 .- Page Fourteen I The Saga E Louise McGuire Y Danny Campbell Shirley Tyo Glee Club 4 Hi-Y 2, 3 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 A Cappella Choir 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Keynotes 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 F, H. A. 1, 2, 3. 4 Sr. Twig 4 . Charles Davis Leeta Taylor Choir 1, 2, 4 Operetta 4 F. H, A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Officer 3 5 Library 3 1953 Page Fifteen Name Bob Bush Joe Davis Jerry Figgins Max Pitts Gene Pritchard Charles Davis Jim Stimel Frank Whitmore J' ack Lewis Danny Campbell Bob Henshaw Larry Flowers Jerry Reynolds Bob Jackson Ralph Keplar Dick Bond Alma Jo Anderson Lois Blackford JOY Bryson Sue Cavote Peggy Cook Kay Dearth Beth Gray Judy Henshaw Jean Hiilt Maureen Kelley Lillian Lethridgc Jo Ann Mallin 'Ronnie McCollum Carol McCollum Shirley Mender Martha Parsons Patty Raybould Leeta Taylor Shirley Tyo Judy Windle Shirley Wlndle Violet Woody Louise McGuire Nancy Shaw CLASS DIRECTORY Nickname "Hoosh" "Fangs" "Stretch" "Pitts" "Fuzz' ' "Heavy" "Sir Jim" "Vic" "Abe" "Jock" "Pullet" nposyn Jerome" "Stonewall" ..Kep,, "Richard Ralph" "Elmer" "Blackie" ...Toys "Susie" ..Peg,. "Katy" "Blondie" "Shortie" "Jeanne" "Monnie" "Ducky" ...Ton "Mike" "Cam" "Shirt" "Mert" "Pat" "Lee" ..Tyo.. "Kissy" "Shir-al" "Woody" "Wease" niNanfr Weakness Columbus Eradicators Basketball Love Stories Beth Gray Cigars Baseball Females Shaven Cadillac Cars Lu. Beverages Girls Pool Room Southward Peach Carbon Hill Junior Blue Eyes Laughing Pat Gene Donnie A Boy Voice Boys Gentlemen Somebody Soldiers Voice Cy fHusband! Bill Jerry Skating Sailors Smiles "The Manatee" Skating Voice Destination Hades Theatre Manager Hollywood Vankecs Jefferson St. Professor Dodgers Dentist Pres. Abe ' Indianapolis Speedway Jefferson St.' - n ' Exterrninator You Name It Blacksmith I Singer Y ' Rip Van Winkle The Mrs. f I Secretary The Mrs. Model Champion Laugher Waiting on Pat Nurse Stenographer Logan Phys. Ed. Teacher Artist Nurse Secretary Merry Widow Mais. Dolmen Pushing up Daisies Nurse Nurse Who Knows? Telephone Operator Does She Know? Corpse Who Knows? The Mrs. By Word Ah! Come On Oh! Happy Day Give me a break Let's go to Carbon I hain't got none Ping Let's go to Carbon Ah Shoot Ah What? "ok I'l1 see ya" Son of a gun Hey Buddy Yeh Oh! I'l1.throw you out 2 Anchors Away Give me money Ain't that a dill Doesn't talk enough Hloney Q I'm sorry Ohll You Kids I don't know I'm hungry Oh! Kid I did not Kid Ohhhhh! Oh! Bull Oh! Yes You like that? 0h My Gosh George Oh Shoot Let's laugh Oh! Fudge Hey Ain't that pitiful Well! Page Sixteen The Saga SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In 1949-50 Nelsonville High School opened its doors to a group of seventy-four be- wildered freshmen. During that year the proud young officers of our class were: President, Bob Henshaw, Vice President Kay Dearth, and the post of Secretary and Treasurer- was filled by Bob Bush. In that year our present well-known choir was begun. We are proud to say that some of the present choir members have been members of the organization ever since that happy year. May the coming classes be as proud and partici- pate as fully in the choir as our class has done. When we, sixty-three in number, entered our Sophomore year, some of our bewilderment had left us, and as anv class will truthfully say, we thought we were ,f'IT". Theiofficer staff of our class that year wasf a very capable one. Bob Jackson was our president and Jo Ann Mallin was vice president while Violet Woody served as Secretary-Treasurer."during our Sophomore year. Upon entering the Junior year, there were only forty-five of us' left. We reelected some of our old officers that year. The President was Bob Jackson with John Wiseman in the post of Vice President, By this time our treasury was begin- ning to be important, so Violet Woody was elect- ed Treasurer and Judy Henshaw as Secretary. . By this time it seemed we would never be Seniors. We hoped and planned for that day when we would be proud Seniors of Nelsonville High School. When this day came, we entered it proudly, but there was only forty of us left. Somewhere along the way we had lost thirty- four of our friends and fellow students. We held our last election to elect our class officers. Our honorable officers for the year of 1952-53: Bob Henshaw, again President with Bob Jackson as Vice President. Kay Dearth was again eleetedi but this time into the office of Secretary with Lillian Lethridge as Treasurer. The day has arrived when we must leave N. H. S. Several years ago if one had asked us if we wished to be out of school, almost everyone would have said, t'Yes". But now that the time for graduation grows near, the same question would get a negative answer. Now we must take our places in the World. ' We move on and leave room for those who will follow us in pursuit of their education. We leave behind many pleasant memories and eager- ly look to the future with hope in our hearts. 1 t 1953 ,git ' Page Seventeen E IOR CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of Nineteen-hundred and fifty-three, do hereby will the forthcoming generations of students all personal or public properties as follows: To the class of Nineteen-hundred and Fifty- four, we leave our room 304, and the musical bobbi pins, and those thumb tacks which we had the pleasure of sitting on during our course. ALMA JO ANDERSON leaves and is taking her diamond ring with her in hopes that she will add another ring to her finger soon. JERRY REYNOLDS leaves his ability to soothe and bluff the teachers to some poor fel- low like Terry Lee who is always in hot water. BETH GRAY Wills her solo chair tn Shirley Byers, and hopes that Shirley will get along as well as Beth did without practicing. Beth is tak- ing Gene with her much to the disappointment of some. LILLIAN LETHRIDGE leaves her many love letters and addresses to anyone who will buy his own stationery and keep up the good work. She also leaves her art ability to anyone with an im- agination as "Ducky" had. CHARLES DAVIS leaves his high. records and studious abilities to Cash Dexter in hores that Cash will attain as high records as Charles did. SUE CAVOTE wills her pleasant Ways to Rosalie Hartley if Rosalie promises to make good use of them. JACK LEWIS, JIM STIMEL, AND MAX PITTS leave their many arguments to any three boys who can argue as much as those boys did and still be friends. They also leave their desire -to go to Carbon Hill to anyone who is as fond of Carbon Hill as these boys were. . MAUREEN KELLEY leaves her cheer-lead- ing position to Denise, but she refuses to leave her voice because she needs all she has left, We hope Denise is as successful as "Monn1e" has been. SHIRLEY MENDER AND LEETA TAYLOR leave their quiet ways to Margie Altier or anyone who is as as quiet as these two girls have been. FRANK WHITMORE leaves his love lives to the N. H. S, trophy case because he has no place large enough to hold them. PATTY RAYBOULD ewills her short hair style to Mary Johnston or Tobv Auflick if they promise to cut their hair and keep it looking as nice as Patty has. BONNIE McCOLLUM leaves her Drum Ma- jorette uniform to Joan Whyte, and we hope Joan will do as well as Bonnie has done. KAY DEARTH leaves old N. H. S. with an uncertain future, The question is, T0 be Mrs., or not to be. Page Eighteen MARTHA PARSONS leaves the position of Saga Editor to any Junior who has enough pa- tience. You really need it-just ask Martha! PS. Martha is taking her husband with her, GENE PRITCHARD will leave his position as "end" on the football team to Charles Butter- worth but only if Charles will promise to eat his Wheaties. VIOLET WOODY leaves her scientific pow- ers to next year's Chemistry class if they prom- ise not to blow the place up. JUDY WINDLE leaves her hoarse cough to anyone who can disturb the teachers as much as Judy did and still remain in class. CAROL McCOLLUM, LOUISE McGUIRE AND LOIS BLACKFORD leave their jobs at the hospital to anyone who can wash dishes as well is 'tlhey can and still have those ivory-white an s. BOB BUSH, 'BOB JACKSON, AND BOB HENSHAW leave their "President Jobs" to anv- one who can fill the job as well as our three Bobs did. DANNY CAMPBELL AND DICK BOND will their "erasers" in the Senior Home Room to any two boys who can throw them as accurately as they did. JEAN HILT, SHIRLEY WINDLE, AND JUDY HENSHAW leave their ability to skip school to any three girls who have the nerve to try it. Judy also leaves her shorthand ability to Patty McKee whol hear, doesn't need it. JERRY FIGGINS leaves his "easy waysi' to img boy who wants as many friends as Jerry ia . JOY BRYSON leaves to keep house for her one and only. A JOE DAVIS leaves--much to the relief of the teachers and some students, LARRY FLOWERS wills his "golden locks" to Mark Shelton, but Mark will have to bleach his hair, NANCY SHAW leaves her deep voice to any one who can master it as Nancy has done. RALPH KEPLAR leaves his position as man- ager of the football team to anyone who can af- fect the team as Ralph has done. PEGGY COOK leaves her laughing ability to anyone who finds it impossible to control him- self as Peg did. JO ANN MALLIN leaves her quiet way to Beverly Whyte and Ruth Beal who may need it. The End The Saga SCHOOL LIFE AT N. H. S. Five days a week children between the ages of six and seventeen are re- quired to attend school. One usually gets up in the morning, in the winter it is still dark, in the summer the birds are singingg washes, dresses, and eats breakfast. Around eight o'clock they are rushed off to school with the farewell bidding of "You had better be good or I will tell your father on you" or with the loving phrase "Goodby" and "What a relief" in mind. At 8:20 you are required to enter through the portals of old NHS to your home rooms where you discuss last nights date. A phrase commonly heard here is "I don't have my lesson. Do you?" Well, the day continues on. Now we are off to first period class. Students go everywhere, and I assure you that the boys do not carry the girls' books or, as a matter of fact even let them out the door first, BUT, boys will be boys. Following first period class comes the push through .the halls in an effort to reach your second period class withoutbeing tardy. This class is struggled through and the fight -to get to third period class is on. Here you just get settled down when you decide you are hungry. The period seems weeks long but you live through it. .Q Some students then go to the lunch room where you may stand in line anywhere from one minute to thirty. Oh. You jus-t work up a good healthy appe- tite. After lunch hour it is back to the home rooms where your friends tells you she just heard this or just saw that and the day is a total ruin. But, off we go to fourth period class. Fifth period is struggled through and sixth period is just about over. The PA system comes on and you hear what has happened all day or what will happen soon. Well the day has been successfully struggled through, much to my relief. I didn't think we would make it. Did you? Each day goes by in much the same way except Wednesdays and some- times Fridays. Here after the struggle in the lunch room and discussions in the home rooms, we have an activity period. This is the period during which you don't have to worry about your lessons and no one knows where anyone else is. But, is a school day like this in the minds of all the students and the par- ents? No, not exactly. Each day we learn something whether we try real hard or not. Maybe we dontt want to learn but we do. Some absorb more than others but we all have a different life to live. The whole idea of a public school is that every- one has the opportunity to learn. In twelve, or thirteen years, we must learn enough to carry many of us throughout the rest of our lives. Each of us should ask ourselves, "Do I have the time .to sit and daydream or should I attempt to learn something?" Only you can answer this question. What will your answer be? K 1953 Page N meteen L SE IOR CLASS POE When we, Henshaw, Woody, Lethridge, and Mallin were told to write the poem, by gosh, we thought we'd die! We worked and slaved, strained and sweat, till we were fit to tie! For weeks and weeks we rambled on, we al- most blew a gasket. But all our efforts seemed to end up in editor Newton's waste basket! But alas, here it is dear reader, be ready for the worst. Be prepared for lesson number one, in how not to write a verse. Alma Jo Anderson, her goal will reach, Of making a wife for her dear "Peach." Gene Pritchard just cannot stay away From his lovely blond, Beth Gray. Sue Cavote, a dark haired lass, Was one of the beauties of our class. Bonnie McCollum, the prettiest seen, Will be remembered as "Hocking Valley Queen." Jean Hilt and Shirley Windle, marchers supreme, In front of our band, were always seen. Ralph "Turtle" Keplar, always on the beam, Was manager of our football team. Joe Davis an unfortunate boy, In English class would always annoy. Patty Raybould a nurse someday, Will be the finest in the U. S. A. Louise McGuire with her curls so fine Oh, how I wish that they were mine. Peggy Cook was always a riot, Never, never could she be quiet. Frank Whitmore, who always drives a car, Because those feet of his won't carry him far. Good things come in bundles small, Shirley Tyo pleases all. Max Pitts, an awfully quiet guv, Can you explain the reason why? Jack Lewis comes to school, But never 5 days is his regular rule. Kay Dearth can really roll her eyes, If there were a contest, she'd win the prize. Maureen Kelley has a lively step, On Friday nights is full of pep. Judy Windle, who really passed, Always feared Mr. Wolf's class. Lois Blackford is her name, As a secretary will gain her fame. When it was time to skate, Bob Jackson was never late. Nancy Shaw, To graduate with us this year. we're glad you're here, Carol McCollum would always fight For what she thought was her right. Martha Parsons, who was our editon, For her we could find no competitor. Bob Bush is very slow, But next year will be a GI Joe, Jerry Reynolds preached far and wide, For he wanted things on the nicer side. Dick Bond, a boy who would never date, Decided that he would leave it all up to fate. Larry Flowers with his hair so blond, For which a Junior girl was very fond. If in the Sohio you would ramble, The boy to serve you is our Danny Campbell. Joy Bryson a cute little s ouse P , Was busy going to school and keeping house. Our President, Bob Henshaw would never rest, Until for our class he did his very best. Shirley Mender-Leeta Taylor quiet and shy, Are two of the sweetest in Nelsonville .Terry Figgins a handsome lad, Hi. To the Freshman girls he didn't look bad. Charles Davis, a quiet boy, In English Class felt little joy. Jim Stimel, the best you'll find, Usually had baseball on his mind. Farewell to all underclassmen, Our school work now is done. And, although we hate to admit it. W miss everyone. e'll surely Page Twenty The Saga CLASS PRoPHEcY On this the 28th day of May 1973, the Class of 53 IS gathering for their 20th Class reunion. We have all gathered on the shore of the Hocking River where we will bo-ard a submarine that will take us down stream to New Orleans. At this point we are to pick up the famed saxophone soloist Beth Gray, From here we are proud to announce that We are going to the bottom of the ocean. We have picked this spot because Pullet Henshaw, a fam- ous deep-sea diver, recently discovered the lost Paradise of "Oh! Happy Day!" He got the name from the song that Larry Flowers made famous at old N. H. S. years ago in an assembly. Larry is now a great Jazz Singer. - The skipper of our ship is Dick Bond who has had many years of experience since gradua- ating. The stewardess is Martha Parsons, We al- ways knew her ability to manage things would lead to something. As we descend nearer to our destination We hear a giggle of excitement from Peggy Cook. Her voice is in as good shape as ever, Well Class, we've made it and as the ship floats into the submarine Terminal one can see the lights of the Reynolds Borrowing Corpora- tion. Jerry came to "Oh! Happy Day!" penny- less, but, we understand his business is flourish- ing here. As we step from the ship we would like to give a slight description of the City. At one end there is an air station. This supplies all tourists with oxygen. The plant is managed by Danny Campbell, who named it the So-lo-o Service Sta- tion. Across the street is one of Ralph Keplar's many Pool Rooms, He got his start at J etty's. Oh! Just look over there at that beautiful empty lot. Gene Pritchard thinks it would be an ideal spot for one of his Kroger Chain Stores. My! But this town is decked up for us, They even erected an amusement park. Let's look around us and see who's here today. Indulging in the sport of whale back riding is Jack Lewis, Jim Stimel, Charles Davis, and Max Pitts. This is a new line of sports for them since they are really professional baseball play- ers. Bonnie McCollum who was our majorette is now a designer of majorette uniforms. She can do a lot for them too. My! My! There's Joe Davis. I hear he is very busy these days advertising Ipana Tooth Paste. You remember Shirley Tyo and Nancy Shaw. Well! They are secretaries back at N. H, S. Prin- cipal duties are dusting and filling water jug. The man in the blue suit is Bob Bush. He is a director in Hollywood now. He received much 1953 experience from directing the Senior Class Play. Gosh! There's Judy Henshaw. You've prob- ably read her recent tragedy story entitled "I Paid the Penalty for Skipping." Over there crowded into one side of a booth I see Kay Dearth, and Carol McCollum. Kay is a caomedian and Carol is her C. C. CCrowd Call- er. ' Sitting next -to them is Louise McGuire and Lois Blackford, better known as Mt. St. Mary's Hospital -dieticians, They are sampling the many fisli -dishes here today. Looking for a new recipe g1r s. That man standing there is Jerry Figgins. He is now Manager of the Individual Basketball League in Nelsonville. . Just walking by is Jean Hilt and Shirley Windle, They are now secretaries to the Presi- dent and Vice President of the United States. 1 Well! There's the great Hollywood star, Judy Windle. She became famous by doing the horse cough for Black Beauty's double. Leeta Taylor and Shirley Mender are with us today. Those girls were always partners in everything. They now own a clothing store and they will Mend-er--Taylor to fit. That smartly dressed girl over there is Alma Anderson. She is an income tax collector. We are all wondering if she came along to collect taxes or dues. Admiring the painting just made of our class bv the great artist Lillian Lethridge is Frank Whitmore. He is a lawyer. We always thought his ability to argue his way out of things would lead to something, Remember Jo Ann Mallin and Patty Ray- bould? These girls are now beautiful Navy Nurses. They say they volunteered merely to help the sick but I somehow doubt this. Joy McKinney is present today also. Re- member how good she was in Bookkeeping? She is now Treasurer for the United States. Violet Woodv is running around interview- ing everyone today. Probably trying to prophesy the next twenty years. Principle speakers at the banquet this even- ing are Maureen Kelley and Bob Jackson. Both are graduates of O. U. Bob has his MD Degree. Maureen has her Mrs. Degree, ' Sue Cavote, famous Soprano, will close the program by singing the song "At the End of a Perfect Day." Very appropriate Sue. It Well Class, we are reallv being rushed for time, so we'll bid everyone a fond farewell, and express our hope of meeting asain in the state of old age. Page Twenty-one Senior PHIL PRITCHARD S JOAN WHYTE 061193 "Love1o1'n" V MR. CHENEVY N MRS. HUGHES "AhhhH BOB HENSHAW MARTHA WELLER "Watch the Birdie" RALPH KEPLAR "Watch This" MR. DOWNHOUR DON WILLIAMS "Now It's Like This" Page Twenty-two The Saga IJ . PQ IJ IE R II I. fi S1 n E5 DG I3 PJ STUDY HALL Here all N. H. S. students spend many happy hours. . 1953 I Page Twenty-three rw? X to , X il-ami' 5 XY : rf N SEE Y 2 r Y: X Q Ng X X SN .,f,x ., , 9 - Q2 x R W X . S X 5 N W xxx X W S X ' W 'ljf se- li? TOP ROW, left to Right--Melvin H-ook, Allen Ray, Joan Whyte, Neil Hoce, Jane Midl-:iff Gary Cohagan Roberta Steenrod, Barbara Hubbard, Ann Woodson. UNIOR CLASS N-iz. .:. . 5' W Frances Matheny Jerry Tedrow - MX Xl Ns-ff. " .fafl - K , b , .X,..,xNx S, is PHIL PRITCHARD BOB PACK rms' f A . " ,f President Vice President If v we l SECOND ROW From Bottom--Thelma Mallin, Mark Shelton ' . 5 vii :Q E135 BOTTOM ROW, Left to Right-Ruth Beal, Bob Kirkendall, Norma Crosier, Mary Hewlett, Keith Butt, Patty Locke, Kenny Bumgardner. N x S t w x-News ,, U X st ' Q 'x i iv : 'K J wx Q , 51 FIRST ROW, Left to Right-Don Newton, Faith Patton, Bill Monk, Carey Matheny, Gladys Windle, Bill Lax, Beverly Whyte. SECOND ROW-Jack McNabb, Jeanne Ucker. In the year of nineteen hundred fifty we, the Junior class of Nelsonville, entered high school. We had an attendance of sixty-five, and our officers were: President, Thelma Malling Vice President, Julia Howe, Secretary-Treasurer, Melvin Hook. By the time we became Sophomores, our member- ship has decreased to fifty-eight members and our officers were: President, Jim Stanley, Vice President, Junior McKinney, Secretary, Bob Packg and Treasurer, Melvin Hook, During this year we elected an activity committee to plan all of our projects, assemblies, and group activities. Now we are proud Juniors looking forward to reaching the top of the ladder of our high school life. We are a group of forty-five girls and boys and our officers are as follows: President, Phil Pritchard, Vice President, Bob Packg Secretary, Toby Auflickg and Treasurer, Julia Howe. ' 1 Shelby Swank Bill Evans Patty McKee TOBY AUFLICK JULIA HOWE Secretary Treasurer Sue Reeves BOTTOM ROW-Marlene Stage, Don Williams, Larry Ervin, LuEve1yn Shafer, Terry Lee, Barbara Priser, Carol Potts. x X W sf ""' S. a 3 w W. . . .f ,Q wx, A Q , ,QA si., .aww .. .N ,. I s . r - , Q xxv N 'A . .2 r RX X Q - F ' xg ,.,, X,--I - '-. it . s . s N' Xl L , Y 'f K K: Pete Hartiey Sally Midkiff Betty Warren Jerry Hickman Jim Pickett Letha Simonton Charlotte Matheny Danny Cox Wilber Klinebriel LaDonna Flowers Ruth Ann Tolliver Bob Maurer JOAN TANGUY .TACK VVHITLATCU President Vice Prc sident SQPHO ORE In the year 1949, ninety-nine bewildered seventh graders em- barked through lhe portals of N. H. S. to begin their first year of high school life. Class officers for that year were as follows: Pat Kelley, presidentg Jack Woodson, vice president, Martha Weller, secretaryg and Pete Hart- ley, treasurer. ,In the eighth grade our enroll- ment dropped to eighty-seven. Our class officers were: Eunice Yates, president, Jack Whitlatch, vice presidentg Patti Donahey, secretaryg and Arthur Hunley, treasurer. FIRST ROW, left to right-King Kelly, Anna Mae Burt, Judy Monk SECOND ROW-Carol Albrecht, Connie Cummans, Sue Orwiler, Eugene San born, Fay Pitts, Ted Freer, Melvin Lewis, Rosalie Hartley Bob Rowe. THIRD ROW-Jerry Blacksten, Marilyn Gibbons, Kenny Whitmore Phyllis Hall, John Hall, Shirley Taylor, Junior Adams, Janie Haines Jack Woodson. FIRsT ROW, Left to Right-Bill Breeze, Barbara McKnight, Shirley Pickett, Keith Figgins, Jessie Davis, Jean Warix, Glenn McClain, Martha Weller, Roger McDaniels. SECOND ROW--Patty Juniper, JoAnne Riley, Arthur Hunley, Donna Car- penter, Rchard Sheets, Eunice Yates, Shirley Byers, Joyce Fisk, Jerry Smith. THIRD ROW-Marilyn Martin, Roger Morman, Louise Bagent. CLASS We began our Freshman year with eighty-one members ably led by- Donna Carpenter, presi- dentg Arthur Hunley, vice presi- dentg Judy Monk, secretaryg and Joyce Roberts, treasurer. Now we are Sophomores, six- ty-eight stronv with Joan Tan- guy, presidentg Jack Whitlatch, vice presidentg and Paul Altier, secretarv-treasurer, Our class has been w-ell repre- sented in sports, clubs, band, and various other activities and is looking forward with eagerness to our Junior year. PAUL ALTIER PATTI DONAHEY Secretary-Treasurer , Historian . . fi' Patty Ray Ric-harfi Dupler Carolyn Forbes Barbara Dixon Jim Campbell Tom Newton Marinell Weymiller Jeannette Taylor Barbara Long Winnie Vincent Patty Anderson Bill Yates AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS Jeannine West Rosalyn Leuking Beverly Gibbons Patty Standall Donna Tignor Jim Manson Barbara Call Sharon Cope Joe Hcrdlitzka Dick Bradbury Mary Beth Goss Gary Boyher t Judy Wallace Jacquelyn Dexter FIRST ROW, Left to Right-Robert Tolliver, Helen Yates, Rodney Auflick, Patty Nichols, Dorothy Gullian, Jerry Groce, Jack Lowery, La- vada Chilcote, Geraldine Burt, Glen Scott. ' SECOND ROW-Daryle Bacus, Dee Dupler, Betty McKnight, Eldon Cox .Till Gray, Jimmy Phillips, Phil Stevenson, Joyce Anderson John Weston, Richard Staten, F RESHMAN CLASS Arvilla .Toy Duke Pierce Kay Harmony In the year of nineteen fifty, the class of nineteen fifty-six entered Nelsonville Junior High School as proud seventh graders. We had a total 'of ninety-five pupils. The officers for that year were: President Jill Grayg vide President, Jeep Car- penter, Secretary-Treasurer, Jeannine West. In the eighth grade the attendance of duff-'Class dropped to eighty-four pupils. The officers were as follows: President, Jeep Carpenter, Vice President, Janet Keplarg Secretary, Gary Bohyerg Treasurer, Dee Dupler, Now we are Freshmen and are a proud group of the student body. We have an attendance of ,eighty-two and our officers are: President, Duke Pierceg Vice President, Arvilla Joyg Sec- retary-Treasurer. Kay Harmony. FIRST ROW, Left to Right-Charles Campbell, Jim Civille, Carol France, Carl Calhoon. Don Lax, Marjorie Barnhart, Betty D. Shafer Ruth Ann Brunston, John Freer, Judy Rowe. SECOND ROW-Stanley Windle, Janet Keplar, Bill Courtney, Mike Kelley, Merle Johnson, Russell Brunston, June Kelley, Marilyn Miller, Bob Stufflebean, Jean Stimel. Bill Drake Virginia Burcher Charles Butterworth Arnold Matheny Cash Dexter Betty Dexter Wanda Lewis .Phyllis Keplar Tom Carroll Charlotte Swank Gene Lineback Charlene Chapman Carlin Carpenter Donna Howson AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS - EIGHTH GRADE youthful, happy, and interested i FIRST ROW: Ronnie Stimel, Gary Reeves, Dixie Dixon, Arlene Savage, Geral- dine Lewis, Mary Nelson, Mildred Yates, Shirley Merz, Lee Bryan. SECOND ROW: Jerry Oliver, Jerry Juniper, Lorna Simms, Marge Bateman, Charlotte Prater, Shirley Courtney, Nola Christian, Ada Mae Wood- son, Mr, Chenevy, THIRD ROW: Ronnie Smith, Elizabeth Hall, Virginia Christian, Ray Keplar, Bob Koon, Claude Warren, Larry Bentley, Gary Flowers, Jerry Stuf- flebean. A, FOURTH ROW: Ora Jo Dunnington, Virginia Hartley, Paul Davis, James Wes- ton, Robbey Blackford, Robert Young, Eddie Keating. FIFTH ROW: Ronnie Hewlet, Tom McQuaid, Ronnie Courtney. Page Thirty The Saga FIRST ROW-Left to Right: David Patton, Larney Boggs, Tanya McMannis, Mary Ann Kinneer, Phyllis Gibbons, Marlene Klinebriel, Dorothy Gettle, Ruth Tedrow, Judy Barrows, Nettie Nan Carlin, Noel Simonton, ' Bobby Chapmanj SECOND ROW: Mr. Helfer, Verna Cable, Anita Bishop, Martha Daugherty, Kath- leen Yates, Linda Wolfe, Lillian Farish, Carol Williams, Joyce Speel- man, Lois Wolfe, Miss Washburn. THIRD ROW: Jerry Powell, Jimmy Dupler, Richard Blackstone, Carolyn Elliott, Phillis Barber, Danny Hitchings, Lavada Chilcote, Nancy Devol, Alice Gulley. FOURTH ROW: Ray Tanguy, Jerry Wallace, Sandy Auflick, Wayne Dixon, Ralph Pierce, Virgil Hamilton, Paul Fields, David Bagent. FIFTH ROW: Charles Matheny, Ralph Six, Larry Adams, Kenny Doolittle, Al- bert Cordray, Harley McNabb. didn't we . say they were interested? 5 l 1953 Page Thirty-one EVE TH GR DE young, full of pep, and ambitious 1 r P FIRST ROW-Left to Right: Kay Riley, Denise Kelley, Mary Lou Cavis, Donna Plummer, Marlyn Adams, Margie Altier, Lana Hamilton, Kay Cope, Sally Ceope, Dixie Price. SECOND ROW: Bobby Riley, Gary Bruce, Marlene Koker, Janet Howson, Ruby ' Lax, Mona Fields, Beverly Breeze, Bobby Manson, Mrs, Williams. THIRD ROW: Tommy Hall, Lester Hartman, Phillip Chapman, Tommy Streets, Patty Figgins, Martha Cottrill, Mary Bruston, Mary Dexter. FOURTH ROW: Dick Covert, Vincent Lechleidner, Nicky Joe Green, Charles Critchfield, Clifton Colwell, Charles Arnold, Charles Burchfield, Dan- ny Knight. Page Thirty-two The Saga SEVE TH GR DE FIRST ROW-Left to Right: Mr. Hughes, Richard Moor, Marion Stufflebean, Sher- man Winchell, Richard Johnson, Charles Young, Patty Skivers, Her- berta Taylor, Carol Philips, Ellen Riley, Rosemary Pitts, Patty Potts. SECOND ROW-Michael Young, Gary Wolfe, Jess Matheny, David Woodson, Kay Windle, Dora Smith, Marilyn Simmons, Carol Thompson, Marlene Robinette, Robert Richards, Judy White, Donna Adams, Gay Windle. THIRD ROW-Jackie Fiske, Gary Lee Bruce, Jerry Wilson, Lester Smith, Bill Nichols, Jack Monk, Donnie Jonas, Floyd Ritz, Tom McCollum, Caro- line Newton, Ann Sheets, Annabelle Monroe. didn' t we say they were ambitious? Donnie Jonas, Jerry Wilson, Sherman Winchell, Richard Moor 953 Page Thirty-three i WHATS GOI G O ROUN N H S Mr, Gilbert Sounds Sweet. I wonder what tune it is. Larry Flowers Jerry Figgins Don't Get Excited. It's only a shop Window. Jerry Figgins Cut that straight. boy. Shirley Windle Jean Hilt Let's eat. I'm hungry. Jerry Reynolds Mrs. Pergrin Hey! What's Going On? Mrs. Goedicke Jerry Figgins Bob Bush Paste Those Good. v W i MELVIN HOOK SHELBY SWANK BOB HENSHAW ' Home Coming Queen v I B l 1953 Page Thirty-five ' BOB HENSHAW BETH GRAY Joie DAVIS P 'A-- , .'. . AN FIRST ROW-Joan Whyte, June Kelly, Jeannine West, Gladys Windle. SECOND ROW-Mr.lGilbert, Shirley Windle, Linda Goss, Nettie Nan Carlin, Beverly Gibbons, Donna Plum- lnilleg Danny Knight, Marlene Adams, Kay Martin, Kay Cope, Bob Mohney, Jean Hilt, Bonnie c ollurn. THIRD ROW-Nancy Devol, Dorothy Gettle, Lois Wolfe, Patty McKee, Vincent Lechleidner, Tommy Streets, Marlene Koker, Patty Figgins, Bob Riley, Janet Howson. FOURTH ROW-Judy Wallace, Marlene Klinebriel, Eldon Cox, Jim Manson, Dick Bradbury, Linda Tharp, Mary Ann Kinneer, Phyllis Gibbons, Phillis Barber. FIFTH ROW-Beth Gray, Barbara McKnight, Marilvn Martin, Ray Tanguy, Gene Lineback, Jim Dupler, Jerry Wallace, Kay Harmony, Martha Weller, Sharon Cope. SIXTH ROW-Russell Brunston, Mary Johnston, Marilyn Gibbons, Charlotte Swank, Phyllis Hall, Shirley Byers, Joyce Fisk, Patty Donahey, Patty Ray. SEVENTH ROW-Patty Locke, Eunice Yates, Marinell Weymiller, Rosalie Hartley, Carolyn Elliott, Linda Wolfe, Jacquelin Dexter, Helen Yates, Janet Keplar. EIGHTH ROW-Carolyn Forbes, Thelma Mallin, Mary Beth Goss, Patty Anderson, Ruth Ann Tolliver, Ralph Pierce, Donna Howson, Jill Gray, Sandy Auflick. Hilt Windle Bonnie McCollum The year of 1952-53 has been a very successful one for the N. H. S. Band. Under the faithful leadership of Mr. James Gilbert the band has shown much improvement from its first appearance of the season. The band man- euvered through a successful marching season disnlayinff fine shows at all of the Foot- ball games at home fand away. ,J One of the highlights of-.kthe year was the Parade of the Hills. The fact that Drum Major, Bonnie McCollum, was Hocking Valley Queen made this seem more important. Other marching highlights were the Band Day at OU and the Christmas Parade at Lo- gan. On January 29 the Band Boosters entertained the members of the band and Mr. Gilbert at the annual band banquet. The dinner was held at the Methodist Church with a dance following at the Elks Hall. Five seniors received senior medals and ten mem- bers received their four-year awards, Following the banquet the band' got down to work for the annual spring concert which was given April 24. This was well received and said to be one of the best yet. A new highlight of the Year was the combined High School Choir and Band Con- cert. This was held May 8. May 3' the band participated in the Sesqui-Centennial Pa- rade at Chillicothe Veterans Hospital. Winding up the year the Band played at Baccalaureate and Commencement Exercis- es. The five seniors graduating are Beth Gray, saxophone: Joe Davis, Percussiong Bob Henshaw, Tympanig Jean Hilt, Alto-clarinet and Hag bearerg Shirley Windle, Bass- clarinet and flag bearerg Bon- nie McCollum, Drum Major. Officers of the Band are: President Bob Henshawg Vice President, Beth Grayg Secre- tary, Martha Weller, Treasur- er, Marilyn Martin. -Sue Cavote, Maureen Kel- G. A. . FIRST ROW-Faith Pa-tton, Ruth Beal, LuEvelyn Shafer, Patty Locke, Barbara Priser, Jill Gray, Beverly Whyte, Donna Howson, Miss Betts. - SECOND ROW-Charlene Chapman, Joy McKinney, Jane Midkiff, Judy Howe, Maureen Kelley, Sue Cavote, Beth Gray, Patty Raybould, Eunice Yates. ' THIRD ROW-Jacquelyn Dexter, Sharon Cope, Mary Beth Goss, Betty Shafer, Jeannine West, Phyllis Hall, Louise McGuire, Bonnie McCollum, Sue Orwiler. P FOURTH ROW-Ann Woodson, Betty Dexter, Anna Mae Burt, Patty Anderson, Patty Juniper, Carolyn Forbes, Ruth Ann Tolliver, LaDonna Flowers. FIFTH ROW-Ruth Brunston, Arvilla Joy, Wanda Lewis, Joyce Anderson, Dorothy Gwilyn. Seniors in G. A. A. Left to right ley, Bonnie McCollum, Louise McGuire, Patty Raybould, Miss Betts, Joy McKinney, Beth Gray. Page Thirty-eight i W The Saga The Nelsonville Chapter of F. H. A. has been very active this year. On Oct. 6 Nelson- ville played hostess to the county fall rally. On October 29 they sponsored a skating party which was very success- ful. During National FHA Week they entertained a girl and her mother from Holland. Al- so during this week a very nice display was put in the library window. In the spring a project to keep the lawn and building clean was undertaken. This was well accepted by every- one. FIRST ROW-Shirley Mender, Joyce Anderson, Jerry Burt, Charlene Chapman, Helen Yates, Joan Whyte, Ruth Beal, Secretary, Jeanne Ucker, Mary Hewlett, Treasurer, Martha Parsons, President, Marilyn Martin, Bar- bara Call, Shirley Taylor, Judy Windle. SECOND ROW-Betty Dexter, Shirley Tyo, Betty McKnight, Dorothy Gwilyn, Beverly Whyte, Jane Midkiff, Barbara Hubbard, Patty Locke, Bar- bara Priser, Shelby Swank, Faith Patton, Ruth Tolliver, Patty Ray, Sue Reeves. THIRD ROW-Lillian Lethridge, Frances Matheny, Mary Beth Goss, Lois Black- ford, Patty Anderson, Wanda Lewis, Jean Warix, Carolyn Forbes, Shirley Byers, Martha Weller, Letha Simonton, Jo Ann Riley. FOURTH ROW-Louise McGuire, Shirley Pickett, Jessie Davis, Charlotte Ma- . theny, Winnie Vincent, Joan Tanguy, Jeanett Taylor, Barbara Mc- Knight, Eunice Yates, Marinel Weymiller, Mrs. Doris Williams, Ad- visor. FIFTH ROW--Anna Mae Burt, Donna Jean Carpenter, Barbara Dixon, Patty Jun- gaer, Ann Woodson, Sally Midkiff, Peggy Cook, Phyllis Keplar, Ruth runston. l i Thelma Mallin, Mrs. Pergrin, Beverly Whyte, Jo Ann Mallin, Mary Hewlett, Lois Blackford, Joan Whyte, Shirley Windle, Patty McKee, Viol-et Woody, Jeanne Ucker, Judy Henshaw, Julia Howe, Jane Midkiff, 'Barbara Pri- ser, Patty Raybould, Bonnie McCollum, Patty Locke, Alma Jo Ander- son, Jean Hilt, Toby Auflick, Gladys Windle, Barbara Hubbard, Sue Cavote, Ruth Beal, Marlene Stage, Faith Patton, Shirley Tyo. N KEYNOTES CLUB The name "Keynotes" stands for the keys of the typewriter and for the shorthand notes which every efficient secretary must take. The colors of the club are green and white, the club flower a red carnation. The Keynotes club is open to commercial students. The purpose of the club is to promote friendship and co-operation among its members. The main projects of the club this year were the Scholarship Award Cup, which was given to the club with the most scholastic ability, and the girls rest room project, where a dressing table, mirror, and new drapes were provided. The Keynotes Club has contributed to the Page Forty "March of Dimes," "Crippled Children", "Care" Package, the "Athens County Childrens Home," and the Charley Hickman Bicycle Fund. The club participated in a Four-Star Benefit Show in which they raised money for a new mim- eograph machine. The club sells pencils, and shorthand and typing supplies. They make bas- ketball programs, tick-sts, and do any other work of this type. The officers of the club this year were Patty Raybould, President, Alma Jo Anderson, Vice President, Sue Cavote, Secretaryg Lillian Lethridge, Treasurer, and Mrs, Pergrin, advisor. Our club was founded in 1944 by the senior com- mercial students of that year, The Saga THE SCIE CE CL B A new, but active club in N. H. S. this year is the Science Club. It is supervised by Miss Sharp and has eighteen members. This year it raised S100 for the March of Dimes by sponsoring a skating party and an assembly. At Christmas time candles were made and sold by the members. On Science day in Athens the following members had exhibits for which they received certificate awards: Patti Donahey, Neil Hoce, Terry Lee, Julia Howe, Carol Albrecht, Wanda Lewis, Arvilla Joy, FIRST ROW: Toby Auflick, Roberta Steenrod, Patti Donahcy, Violet Woody, Bob Jackson, Marlene Stage. SECOND ROW: Advisor, Miss Sharp, Arvilla Joy, Wanda Lewis, Joyce Fisk, Carol Albrecht, Julia Howe, Rosalie Hartley. THIRD' ROW: Neil Hoce, Keith Butt, Mark Shelton, Cary -Matheny, Terry Lee, Bob Kirkendall. 1 1953 Page Forty-one 4 FRONT ROW, Left to Right-Bob Henshaw, Keith Butt, Bob Jackson, Terry Lee,' Jerry Figgins, Mr. Cole. SECOND ROW-Danny Cox, Neil Hoce, Mark Shelton, Bob Kirkendall, Bill Lax, Kenny Bumgardner, Frank Whitmore, Darrow Tolliver. THIRD ROW-Eugene Sanborn, Richard Sheets, Tom Newton, Jack Woodson, Paul Altier, Jerry Smith, Cary Matheny, Arthur Hunley, FOURTH ROW-Roger McDaniels, Jack Whitlatch, Don Newton, Allen Ray, Jack McNabb. HI-Y The Hi-Y Club of 52-53 elected Bob Jackson, President, Jerry Figgins, Vice President, Terry Lee, Secretary and Treasurer, Keith Butt, Chaplain, and Bob Henshaw, District Secretary, The Hi-Y Club participated in various activities such as swimming par- ties, district meetings, Hi-Y workshop, Ohio State football game, Cleveland Indian game, etc. The main feature of the year was our Hi-Y district banquet that We sponsored on January 22 of '53. Our guest speaker was Dr. James Patrick of Ohio University. Page Forty-two The Saga 195 TRI-HI-Y This has been the second year of organization for the TRI-HI-Y. There are twenty-seven members. The club attended a district meeting at Athens and sent three delegates to the Pre-Legislative Government meeting which was held at Marietta, Two of these members were elected to go to the state-wide legislative meeting which was held in Columbus. The local officers are: Roberta Steenrod, Presidentg Shelby Swank, Vice President: Bonnie McCollum, Secretaryg Julia Howe, Treasurerg Carol Albrecht, Chaplain. FIRST ROW-Carol Albrecht, Shelby Swank, Roberta Steenrod, Julia Howe, Marlene Stage, Patty McKee. SECOND ROW-Joy McKinney, Rosalie Hartley, Barbara Priser, Patty Locke, Jo Ann Riley, Shirley Byers, Judy Henshaw. THIRD ROW-Mrs, Pergrin, Aclvisorg Jeanette Taylor, Lois Blackford, Louise McGuire, Norma Crosier, Patty Ray, Mrs. Goedicke, Advisor. FOURTH ROW-Patti Donahey, Barbara McKnight, LaDonna Flowers, Joyce Fisk, Marinel Weymiller, Martha Weller, Thelma Mallin. Not Shown-Toby Auflick, Jean Hilt and Bonnie McCollum.. Pqge - Forty-three N. S. FIRST ROW-Phyllis Gibbons, Betty Warren, Marinel Weymiller, Patty Donahey, Patty Ray, Barbara Hub- bard, Rosalie Hartley, Lillian Lethridge, Betty Dexter, Betty McKnight, Joyce Anderson, Wanda Lewis, Ruth Beal, Faith Patton, Jeanne Ucker, Joan Whyte, Kay Harmony, Phyllis Hall. SECOND ROW--Jerry Bert, Charlene Chapman, Ruth Brunston, Phyllis Keplar, Letha Simonton, Arvilla Joy, Joan Taylor, Patty Locke, Jackie Dexter, Mary Beth Goss, Betty Dew Shafer, Martha Weller, Sue Reeves, Sue Orwiler, Donna Tignor, June Kelley, Charlotte Swank, Jean Warix, Marlyn Miller, Kay Cope, Jeannine West, Judy Rowe. SENIOR CHOIR MEMBERS. FIRST ROW: Violet Woody, Patty Ray- bould, Kay Dearth, Carol McCol- lum, Judy Henshaw. SECOND ROW-Sue Cavote, Maureen Kel- ley, Lois Blackford, Judy Windle. THIRD ROW-Peggy Cook, Beth Gray, JoAnn Mallin, Louise McGuire. FOURTH ROW-Jerry Figgins, Larry Flowe ers, Jerry Reynolds, Bob Jackson. Page Forty-four The Saga H' I THIRD ROW-Fay Pitts, Jo Ann Riley, Shirley Pickett, Charlotte Matheny, Patty Anderson, Ruth Ann Tol- liver, Eunice Yates, Barbara. McKnight, Marlyn Martin, Jane Midkiff, Letta Taylor, Joy McKinney, Sally Midkiff, Dorothy Gwellyn,.Patty Juniper. FOURTH ROW-Shirley Taylor, Donna Howson, Sandy Sanborn, Jerry Hickman, Daryl Bacus, Ralph Keplar, Jack Woodson, Connie Cummans, Russell Brunston, Jerry Smith, Bob Maurer, John Weston, Bill Courtney, Tom Newton, Pete Hartley, Rosalyn Lueking, Donna Carpenter, Jeannette Taylor, Joyce Fisk, LaDonna Flowers, Janet Keplar, Judy Wallace, Anna Mae Burt. A CAPELLA CHOIR Q ' FIRST ROW-Shelby Swank, Shirley Byers, Marlene Stage, Joan Tanguy, Carol McCollum, Kay Dearth, Beverly Whyte, Gladys Windle, Violet Woody, Judy Henshaw, Mrs. Hughes, SECOND ROW-Toby Auflick, Sue Cavote, Norman Crosier,,Carol Albrecht, Paltty Raybould, Barbara Priser, Judy Howe, Roberta Steenrod, Louise Mc- Guire, Lu Evelyn Shafer, Judy Windle. - THIRD ROW-Peggy Cook, Francis Matheny, Lois Blackford, Carolyn Forbes, Jim Civille, Bob Kirkendall, Tom Carroll, Jill Gray, Beth Gray, Jo Ann Mallin, Maureen Kelley, FOURTH ROW-Bob Jackson, Jerry Figgins, Larry Flowers, Jerry Reynolds, Phil Pritchard, Roger McDaniels, Jack Whitlatch, Ar-thur Hunley, Kenny Bumgardner, and Mark Shelton. , , I 1953 Page Forty-five STUDE T COUNCIL FIRST ROW-Jo Ann Riley, Bonnie McCollum, Roberta Steenrod, Patty Anderson, Eunice Yates, Denise Kelley, Mrs. Goedicke. SECOND ROW-Gary Cohagen, Wayne Dickson, Marlene Stage, Eddie Keating, Bob Bush, Russell Brunnston, Marilyn Martin, Jerry Wilson, Albert Cordray. MARTHA NEWTON PARSONS Jo ANN MALLIN Page Fm ty-six ' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members of the National Honor So- ciety are chosen each year by a com- mittee composed of all senior teach- ers, the superintendent, and the prin- cipal. Scholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service are the four quali- ties necessary for admittance to this organization. At a candlelight service on the morning- of March 31, the candidates for this year were initiated into the society. Mrs. Edith Foster welcomed the members into the society. Former graduates and members of the society gave short talks on each of the four qualifications, The colors and emblem were explained to the candidates. After the acceptance of the candi- dates by Principal J. K. Kinneer, the candidates were led in the pledge of the society by Mrs. Foster. The Saga THE E IDR TWIG The Senior Twig is an organization of senior girls. The purpose is to make favors for the patients' trays at Mount St. Mary Hospital on all holidays. The club was headed by the following officers: Beth Gray, Presidentg Joy McKinney, Vice Presidentg Judy Windle, Treasurerg Lois Blackford, Secretary, with Mrs. Doris Pergrin as the advisor. FIRST ROW-Patty Raybould, Lois Blackford, Joy McKinney, Judy Windle, Beth Gray, Jo Ann Mallin, SECOND ROW-Mrs. Pergrin, Alma Jo Anderson, Carol McCollum, Violet Woody, ' Sue Cavote, Jean Hilt. THIRD ROW:Li11ian Lethridge, Louise McGuire, Peggy Cook, Martha Parsons. Q53 Page Forty-seven CHEER LEADERS Jo Ann Mallin, Barbara Priser, Patty Ray- bould, Lu Evelyn Shafer, Maureen Kelley, Faith Patton, Miss Washburn, Mrs. Hughes. The Senior members of the Scarlet and Gray cheerleading squad are Mau- reen Kelley, Patty Raybould, and Jo Ann Mallin, Maureen and Patty have served four years each on the Varsity team with Jo Ann serving three years as a regular and one year as a substitute. The Junior members of the squad are Faith Patton, Lu Evelyn Shafer, and Barbara Priser. Faith joined the regular squad three years agog Lu Evelyn has been with the regular group two years and substituted for one yearg Barbara, the newest member of the team, has substituted for two years but, has seen almost regular service this past basketball season, . The Nelsonville cheerleaders have been a well-coordinated and we1l-bal- anced team throughout the year, They have accompanied the football and basket- ball teams to every game and by their own enthusiasm and sportsmanship endeav- ored to lead the spectators in a display of good sportsmanship. The faculty advisors were Helen Washburn, assisted by Jo Ann Hughes. Page Forty-eight The Saga To POMEROY WELLSTON ATHENS 1953 LOGAN Page Forty-'nine X Nwww: Xmvwps:-wi-eq sx 1 X L NN ASS5f1X3"?Ql X X ' Xe :z ::X- -1 QLX , X 'fXXgx:Xsss:ss:f:xSes''asssfw- :X , K X 'WM-WX " sit fsvfxiseg NggQf' x9ivfffv" x ' ' x- X if X Q fiwixfkihgcx' SM. 'h'1izf"ifSNR?-Pkfiagifgk-X Xgrfxxili WXXQ-gil-lk 5 FH "' ' X Q 1 ' ---- 33253521 izTVxi53lFEX5fiQ:2'GSQEL EX, ' - Q: 9 1 f' 'WQTBSLTS :jf?Q.gS1'E- WEA X'X.QzSfi3 x 3i35x'SEv :': X' fwfxif-Xf5?593SQiifxESiSE'Q-QSSX 5139 5 :.,. x x. ,XX.5:sQ3X.,5S-tffxx Q -51 1wNgx:A 2SX1wrsfs SS-:i:2:a.,,sXX1 X -X X 1:EQXXxfX:XXXfeiSQS:XX:rs:XX X 1 keg s.Xfe2sfe2i21eX1Sssx:XgS,QX X 55-X X, N: XXX:-xX x.f X 1-45 if Qs x:::XXvXXXXX ix x U W x ' - HN X212 ,mis Q wzvswb , ,i g X-f : fq:g:.:::f::.XX.::X:XQNa X X5 Ng .' X1-QSSXSNX Nffssvfaf - X - X13-revs,f'SEw:smrirsfAS K Q Q X X 1 M XX. X fix ?35:"5f'f .M 'Xw ' ': i ' - ' '52 H' e ' VX Q 5 W X 1 , - ' 'ii Q 'Q X Nlvlefliyp X XX XX 2 ' ' V bil if XQ A X . :X S5017 5-31'-'Off' ' X X N XX if -V -. X Q f.--fa 5'1" X12-fs RX. XXf ' ' sX:Xiie2 k Q55 A X' i ' gf ' ' is x 1 :Qu - 'w- x f 'X f - X, XX :lf 1 QR ,f . Q X, 'MMM 'Q X -N l 'fr 5-.X--X S f S K ' . -V .i X X f X NX ,X ,511 XX X X 22 X ' ' Xg,ggnf5?rffg0xQrcr ,XX X SX ffifg . :jX . ,-' . I QQQ -X i ' QXSS-MXN Q X '- QQ -W-X--W--XM Fish. ?-Qrsnngp ' fvgvi v X,r .. X Q 'gadfsi 5 X 3 X-QQ Q: X if ' XX E 'f ' 5 . ' ' 5 f E . , Q I - X3 X YN X g XX XX I- ' ' f f' XX ' W 25' -f X X . ,.'. W .f 461711 8.-rv Q f'7,,'X JM, I 9,44 xv' Q -QQQQQNXX ., Q QQ Q , QX ge.-X, faijgigf QQ if QQ XX ' . ff 'X XX, . 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X Xf Q ms X Xss:?i21Sg,,.:XX ' ' X K ' - isp ' ' X- XX X: X X X::X as Um 1: .1 X 1 Y' Siu k'Efi2ffi9 'X X X ,X , - . X ' XXW333'-XX X 1 1:2122 ff, XX X , - : X 1 X X 0 Xi-wifi X 1-X Q Q XXX:gfwESfXiw?fs2:XwXX-aSSSQSSWQXXSQQQQXas: SNQX X X - X- pg: 2 X XX XX X, X, - ' XX:X,..- XY ff' X ' ' - X '11-:XE Sim xx Lx QL.. GN- wa v. . xX Q-3ZiliE!?ii -wi'S-'ifeXi'- 2 X - ' X Xf Xsl fl X-HRW :Xa Q isis wi:-112.15 A Ls -X?:?:ff52iS2Ai :Tai-W1-sei "QXSYA1XsffHPGE1F? X . X. X X NJ. , NN.X.XXX..X.4-.Mm-.-ids. M-1X X X X. X Q XX XXX .X. X XX xxsw X XX X Xxx 52 .Ax N Q XX X X nm X XXXXQ QXXXXXXX XX X X. XXXXXXX wel FXXXXXXX, XX XXXXXWXXX XXX-XXXXXNXN X 1 NX X A N X Q.. x. x. x . , xx, SE-mfhfkekvgw N-XM? Xzfila X X. ,,3if:33QQX1X95Q.5QQ3g.NQfXXQQ5.,:y 33, QQ BASKETBALL The Nelsonville Basketball Team opened their 1952-53 season with a lot of height and spirit, but little experience. One thing that hurt them was the ques- tion, could they live up to last year's team. Lowell Cole and his Cagers opened the season with a win over Holy Trinity, one of the teams who defeated last year's team. The score of this game was 58 to 50. The Hounds dropped the next two games to Jackson and Gallipolis, by close scores. Bob Pack was high man in these games, Nelsonville bounced back to defeat Logan 60 to 56, After Christmas vacation the Gr?yhounds lost on two successive nights by very close scores. Again it was Bob Pack high man with 30 points one night and 15 the next. - Nelsonville lost two games. These losses were to Athens, and Middleport by very close scores. The Greyhounds, playing ball like they could have done-all season, defeated Wellston 68-35. It was a well balanced team that won this game. The following game Nelsonville lost to a taller New Lexington team. The Hounds, playing a good game, but not quite good enough, were defeated by Gallipolis. I 5 ' Going to Logan the following week, the Greyhounds lost in an overtime. Pomeroy playing better ball than the first time they played the Hounds, defeated the Hounds ina well played game. Nelsonville couldn't seem to get going and dropped the next two games to Athens and Middleport. The Middleport game was a very exciting gamefNe1sonvil1e played this game better than any other all season. t Nelsonville dumped Wellston farther into the cellar. This game was lop- sided all the way. Wellston scored only two baskets the first half. Though bNelsoiiville's win and loss column was not very good, they profited from this season. Coach Cole also profited from this season. All in all, the basketball team gained 'valuable needed experience. 95 Page Fifty one v E . . X X l RESERVE BASKETBALL Left to Right-Sandy Sanborn, Keith Figgins, Jerry Hickman, Richard Sheets, Paul Altier, Kenny Whitmore, Coach James Chenevey, Manager Dee Dupler, Junior Adams, Bob Maurer, Roger McDanie1s, Arthur Hunley, Jerry Blackstone. . JUNIOR HIGH, FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL The Junior High sports program was very successful this year. The foot- ball team had a very good record, They lost two games. These were to The Plains and Mechanicsburg, The Junior High team was well balanced and will provide the varsity with some good players. The reason for the Junior High team's success was due to the fact that they had the spirit and desire to play. The' basketball team was very successful also. The team had a very good record. fhey lost very few games. The team was divided into two teams. These were 7th and 8th on one team and 9th on the other. These boys gained experience that will help them when they get on the high school team. Gene Hughes was the basketball coach and Lowell Cole was the football coach. Page Fifty-four . The Saga JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL First Row-Daryl Bacus, El- don Cox, Tom Carroll, Raymond Pierce, Carlin Carpenter. Second Row-Jerry Groce, Bill Drake, Jim Civille, Russell Brunston, Jack Lowery. Third Row-Tommy Hall, Mgr., Jerry Stufflebean, David Patton, Robert Koon, Jack Monks, Ray Tanguy, Jerry Powell, Gary Flowers. Fourth Row-Wayne Dickson, Ralph Pierce, Tom Mc- Quaid, Robert Young, Ed- die Keating, Dick Covert, Vincent Lechleidner, Mr. Hughes, Coach, J UN IOR HIGH FOOTBALL l l vw , , l FIRST ROW-Tom Carroll, Richard Blackstone, Ronnie Courtney, Joe Herdlitzka, Russell Brunston, Eddie Keating, Jerry Groce, Bill Courtney, Robert Koon, Ralph Pierce, Robert Young. SECOND ROW-Robert Bentley, Gary Flowers, Jerry Powell, Tommy Hall, Ray- mond Pierce, Larney Boggs, Wayne Dixon, Daryl Bacus, Jimmy Phil- lips, Jerry Stufflebean, David Patton. THIRD ROW-Mike Kelley, Jim Manson, Carlin Carpenter, Ray Hartman, Bob Blackford, Lowell Cole, Coach. ' 1953 Page Fifty-five FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Frank Whitmore, Gene Pritchard, Larry Flowers, Darrow Tolliver, Jerry Reynolds, Bob Henshaw, Melvin Hook, Don Lax, Dee Dupler. SECOND ROW: Junior McKinney, Phil Pritchard, Gary Bohyer, Bob Kirkendall, Neil Hoce, Mark Shelton, Kenny Bumgardner, Keith Butt, Gene Hughes, Coach. THIRD ROW: Jim Chenevy, Coach, Bill Lax, Manager, Jim Pickett, Kenny Whit- more, Rodney Auflick, Jack Woodson, Bob Maurer, Jerry Smith, Bill Yates, Cash Dexter, Ralph Keplar. FOOTBALL P Under the direction of their new coach, Jim Chenevy, the Nelsonville High Football Team started the 1952 season with the prospects of a good season. The Greyhounds lost their first game with Chauncey-Dover by the score of 51 to 13 but bounced back the following Friday to tie The Plains, 6 to 6. Gene Pritchard scored Ne1sonville's lone touchdown, Nelsonville opened the league with Wellston. The Hounds playing great football, defeated Wellston for their only win of the season with a score of 12 to 7. CThe entire team played bett-er football in that game than in any other game of the season.J Nelsonville was thumped by Middleport 48 to 0 the following Friday. The Greyhounds came back next week to play Jackson on even terms for two quarters but their fighting spirit had died away and they were defeated 19 to 6. Nelsonville just couldn't seem to play ball the rest of the season. Gallipolis won the next game by a 34 to 0 score. . The following week Nelsonville ventured to Athens to play their county rival. With good team spirit in this game, the Hounds played good ball for three quarters, but they were defeated 19 to 6. This game produced the last touchdown for the Hounds for the rest of the season, A fighting team from Pomeroy came to Nelsonville the following week to hand the Greyhounds a 33 to 0 defeat, the next week ended at Logan with a loss of 72 to 0. . The Seniors on the Greyhound squad were: Larry Flowers, Darrow Tolli- ver, Bob Henshaw, Gene Pritchard, Frank Whitmore, and Jerry Reynolds. We wish better success to next year's football squad. Page Fzfty-six The Saga D Nelsonville High School Office of the Principal E Date: ,.,...,.....,.....,..,....,......,..,,.,...............................,. M SAGA ADVERTISING CONTRACT n E We ,.,.,..... ,........i.. ,....,, . ., , .T,.. . promise to place N an advertisement in the 19 ...,, ..,. Saga of the Senior Class of Nelsonville High School. Amount of Space. .....................,. Page at 95. ,.,................., ....... . We will pay the amount ..,................................, 19 ...........i H sihdeiiiw' p 'R 1 c CWish we had a picture of the business department selling an advertisement, to go in this page. But we don't. So . . . 953 . Page Fifty-seven Congratulations Senior Class of 1953 All Portraits and Groups in This Annual are by -this Studio BOB WlLSON'S CAMERA SHOP 84 Washington Street Nelsonville, Ohio Page Fifty-eight The Saga 1, , , Compliments of Compliments of J. O. Steer, Dentist Hxzlatlcind, Dentist Calendar of Events First Day of School .......... ,.,........, S eptember 2, F. H. A. Rally ........................... ........... .........,.............. O c tober 16, East School Operetta ...................... ...........,...................................... D ecember 2, Christmas Vacation ...........,.................,.... ..,...,.,.... D ecember 19 - January 5 Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Banquet ............ ......................................... J anuary 22, Band Banquet ....................,............................ ..,,,..,., January 29 Senior Dance .............................. ........,.... F ebruary 14, Central Operetta ......................... ...,,... F ebruary 24, Choir Appeared on TV ........... ..,.......... M arch 23, Band Skating Party ................ ..........., M arch 24, 4-Star Variety Show ............ ..,..,.... M arch 27, Jr. Sr. Prom ............................... .....,....... A pril 17, Spring Band Concert ............. ......... A pril 24, Jr-Sr. Revue ................................................ .,...,,,.c,...,.,.,.,,.,.. M ay 1, Senior Trip to Washington ............. ,,....... M ay 11, 12, 13, Baccalaureate ........................................ ..,........,... M ay 24, Commencement ................ ....... M ay 28, Last Day of School ............. .........,... M ay 29 Congratulations from E. L. Murphy, D. S. C. 1952 1952 1952 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 1953 53 Page Fzfty nme Compliments of Sheldorfs Barber Shop - 50 Hocking Street Elks Building Nelsonville, Ohio Compliments of Barbers' Service Station WAT H 1540 Kilocycles 1000 Watts P. O. Box 502 Phone 31360 ATHENS, OHIO RADIO ATHENS The Valley's Family Station The Bennett Company NELSONVILLE, OHIO BASTEURIZED 'DAIRY PRODUCTS At Your Grocers Phone 996 From Retail Route Compliments of Jimmy Jones Post 8289 V. F. W. Nelsonville, Ohio Abdeiia'sQSoi'1io Service Canal Street Nelsonville, Ohio Complete Service - Fine Food Open 24 Hours Page Sixty . The Saga ..,-5., . ,, . Fu-ILM ,, Compliments of Smitty's Gulf Station t TIRES - CAR WASHING - BATTERIES ,,' Phone -109 V I Jefferfson and Fayette' Ests. ,,Ne13onvi1le, Ohio Q Compliments of BVdDdW2DC,S Ne1sonvi11e's Friendly Store Congratulations To The Class of 1953 The Elks 4 Jf J' L Y t-mf i -vc.. .M 'Wag' B. P. O. Elks ' Nelsonville, , No. 543 Ohio Compliments of 1 Batie'5 Dairy' Bar: Mount St. Mary I-lospitel Nelsonville, Ohio EMERGENCY Call Nelsonville 880 Comlillirnente Bartmler and Reeves ' smlroco SERVICE- STATION Dougherty and Wolfe General Merchandise 1953 I Sixty-one 1 I C. Egbert Whitmore i FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions C L and H W -I-Om 566 Jackson St. Phone 511-W Distributors for GULF OIL PRODUCTS ATHENS, OHIO Schoonovefs Grocery Ph 3154 Ladies Nylon Slips one 5 Men's and Boys' Overalls Roofing - Paints - Drugs Phone 142 1 Compliments of The Modern Plumbing Co. G. D. PRISER, Prop. Woody Plumbing and Heating Compliments of Industrial Plumbing, Heating Wilson Bros. Grbcery Fixtures' Repairs' Heating West Wasbington Street 726 Jackson St. Nelsonville b Nelsonville, Ohio Phone 188 Page S ixty-two The Saga THIS IS THE YEAR YOU WILL SEE: ' "The Quiet Man", starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. "Stars and Stripes Forever" with Clifton Webb and Ruth Hussey. "Niagara" starring 'Marilyn Monroe, Joseph Cotton and Jean Peters. "The Pre-sident's Lady" with Susan Hayward and Charles Heston. "The Road to Bali" starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. 4 and you will remember it as the year "Three Dimension" was added to the movies Majestic Theatre JAKE's The Warren Funeral Home Nelsonville Sterling Station W. W. Warren Car Walsh and Polishing S Joe R. North Expert Lubrication Corner of Chestnut and Fourth Compliments- of n. Nelsonville Barbers - Powell Brothers Jimmy Keating Noah Fuiinger ' Walter Shafer 4 Robert Auflick .. 'g E 1953 Page Sixty-three . Compliments of DR. JULIEN M. GOODMAN, M. D. DR. W. H. HYDE, M. D. DR. J. L. WEBB, M. D. DR. J. L. WHEATON, M. D. Bring It Up To Standard F t ' D -a cl Jewef , , , OS er S rug n ry Brady s Sohno Service ' Nelsonville, 'Ohio Phone 238 Phone 145 Phone 940 Public Square - Nelsonville, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of W i M gl M Mar et G99 Wholesale Company Quality Meats and Groceries W. Columbus Street 67 W. Washington Street Nelsonviue, Ohio Nelsonvxlle, Ohio Page Sixtyefouri The Saga CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OF 1953 Sylvania Electric Products Inc. Hay - Grain - Feed ll ll I-I b M cl Ga a e . U 2 en er r 8 Coal and Live Poultry 'fMender" of Automobiles Nelsonville Cash Feed Store Phone 92 ' Ph01'1E 741 I-larry's Gulf Service Compliments of Corner of Chestnut and Canal St. The Gem Bottling Co. Tires - Lubrication I Car Washing - Batteries Wellston, Ohio We carry a complete line of Gulf products and offer service with a smile. 952 Page Sixty-five Nelsonville Pure Nlillc Co Grade A Pasteurized Milk Mello Pure Ice Cream Compliments of Betts, Cut Rate "The Store of Friendly Service Gibson Brothers Balcery Bread - Buns - Rolls Cakes on special orders 576 Poplar Street Nelson-ville, Ohio l Compliments of Fred R. Beasley lnc. Compliments of Franles Clover Farm Store Our Best to the 1953 Seniors I White lip Cabs Frank North and Bill Dean Phone 88 West Washington Street Compliments of The Gas Company Page S-izvty-six The Saga Nye Chevrolet Co. V 63 Fayette Street Telephone 580 CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service 24 Hour Wrecker Service 1 Compliments of fVliller's GVOCCFY C L Stout Star Chocolates and Clusters FUNERAL HOME . Phone 415 Compliments of Cookson Clothing Compliments of MCGJr-egor Sportswear Van Heusen Shirts 1953 Page Sixty-seven Hoffman Appliance Co. 88 W. Washington St. Phone 193 Compliments of Kuhn's Clothing Store Men's Clothing and Shoes Congratulations to the Class --of 1953 The Cable Co. Compliments of Meclwem ,S Dry Goods Compliments from -the Fair Store Compliments of l'loodlet's Dept. Store Compliments of "Your Admiral Dealer" Edwards TV Sales Washington Street parks' Band Instruments and Supplies Pianos, Radios and Television Page Sixty-eight The Saga Compliments of . Compliments of Roy DM Gmw Mechem's Shoe Store Nelsonville Quality Shoes For All Compliments of The Family Hillearys Shoe Hospital C, Stanley Mechem And SHOE STORE C Compliments of "YOUR PHILCO DEALER" Blackburn Appliance Fayette Street ' Phone 352-W . Walters 5C to 51.00 Store 4 Comphments of , Notions - .Cosmetics Jettys Ice Cream Bar Dry Goods - ,Glass Ware 73 W. Washington St. Enamel and Aluminum Ware 1953 Page Sixty-nine Uakley nsurance Agency, Inc. Phone 282 N elsonville, Ohio Public Square The Best Is Always The Cheapest si 5 Compliments of , Compliments of Tedrow Shoe Repair Freoch Drycleaner 'Congratulations to CLASS OF 1953 The Eagles 3' ' lf Y ,JI D 5 ll Fvoo I F 0 E No . . . .391 Nelsonville, Ohio Page Seventy The Saga C 1' t f Omp lmen 5 O Compliments of HOW' DEW Cherry Beauty salon Public Square ' ' ESTHER K. POWELL, Prop. Nelsonville - Q Ohio l.inscott,s pontiac C01'1'1pllII1E1'1'fS of Authorized Sales and Service G l R ' Howe Grocery 'mera epalr Phone 467 Canal Street Nelsonville, Ohio The Nelsonville Lumber Co. 5 Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes - Builders Supplies I Phone 28 The Tribune The paper With pictures 1953 Page Seventy-one nz 915 gg'- H3 Free Enterprise and the Electric lndustry In recent years a belief has developed in some quarters that if there is a big job to do, "Only government can do it." And yet, even While this belief has been growing, America's business-managed electric Companies have been building new facilities at a record rate, actually more than doubling their production of electricity since the end of the War. They'vGV'dQ1e it Without subsidies, delays or added expense to taxpayeres, too! Which would indicate that "Free-Enterprisen isn't just a high sound- ing phrase, but.a mighty fine Way of getting jobs done, including big ones. , Q 1. eb EECTNC oo cotuMeu9.ANo9ou1T+EQN or-no ELEQTWC. COMPANY ' 1 Page Seventy two The Saga funk- I H , I , 'J' ' ' 1: 5 'T' 'wif ff: 58 . 525 E6 ,V if! P' fy PH. Ill L, Kev. Wh .W I xi' .N- XH- bv-.4 yu K' L H ' f ,Yi .M w, -2 .XVI jiifl W HF R' .1 2 7:5 I J , .1 1 ,.., fi' v,,., ,L 1'-w ya, ,js 'J f-1 J., ,. ff. .dui AJ? ,iw Y, 1-J ? 2:5 nz:- hc LW nf? M jgp Mo" VV? .r. xv ff' f'f,' W. ,,.:-Q ,A f ..u V'-, -L,-. .N . Q-I ul., r-. ' W- 1 my-3' Hi '5,'5f ,Q A741 .J F'

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