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i E 2 R v Fonswonn May this 1951 Senior Viking preserve the record of our high school life with its triumphs and successes during the past year. May it quicken our memories, which become dim with the passing of time, when we turn its pages. May it draw us closer to our friends and class- mates. 1 ff ff 1 We, the Senior Class of 1951, affec- tionately dedicate this edition of the annual to our Mothers and Fathers, who through their work and sacrifice have made our days in Nelson High School possible. 3 Name: ALPHONS M. SOBOTA Principal Graduate Of: St. Mary's College, Winona, Minnesota Came to Nelson: September, 1941 Courses Taught: Citizenship, World History Advisor Of: Freshman Class 3 Name: CLEMENT L. ELLIS Graduate: St. Mary's College, , Winona, Minnesota Came to Nelson: September, 1948 Courses Taught: English I, Il, II, IV. American History Advisor Of: Senior Class Name: LIONEL M. STRAND Graduate Of: Eau Claire Teachers College Eau Clair, Wisconsin ,, Came to Nelson: September, 1950 Courses Taught: Biology, Algebra, General Science, Physics Advisor Of: Junior Class Coach 5 Name: Mrs. Hazel Bill Graduate Of: College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minnesota Came to Nelson: September, 1950 Courses Taught: Typing I, Shorthand, General Business, Librarian Advisor Of: Sophomore Class, Viking Staff 1 Name: LOUIS ROSENDICK Graduate Of: River Falls Teachers College River Falls, Wisconsin Came to Nelson: October 30, 1950 Courses Taught: Agriculture Name: MRS. DAWN RILEY Graduate Of: River Falls Teachers College River Falls, Wisconsin Came to Nelson: September, 1950 Courses Taught: Chorus 6 Name: EVERETT EDSTROM Graduate Of: Winona Teachers College Winona, Minnesota Came to Nelson: November, 1950 Courses Taught: Band, Baton Twirling ' Name: u ROY H. THORSON Graduate, Of: Oregon State Came to Nelson: July, 1949 Courses Taught: Veteran Training' ROMEO BUSCH, Janitor 7 x7 7 . eg GSS Q MOTTO The Higher We Climb The Broader The View COLORS 'Silver and Crimson FLOWER Red Rose MERLIN CAROTHERS President "Killer" "My Heart Cries For You" F. F. A. ......,.......... 1-Z-3-4 F. F. A. Treasurer .............. 4 F. F. A. Reporter.. ...3 Annual ............ . . . 4 Magazine Captain ...... . . . 4 Junior Prom ............ ..... 3 Salesman Achievements ..... . . .3-4 F. F. A. Speaking Contest. . . . . . 3-4 F. F. A. Chorus ........... . ..... 4 Basketball ........ .... 1 -Z-3 Basketball Letters. . . . 1-Z-3 Band ............ .... 1 -Z-3 Dramatics .... . . .1-2-3-4 Newspaper. . .... l-Z-3 Kittenball. . . . . . . 3 I 9 GLADYS RUSTAD Secretary A aRustYn "There's Been Some Changes Made" Annual ................. 4 Chorus ............. Chorus President. . . Newspaper ........ Dramatics ..... Junior Prom ..... Vice-President .... Cheerleader ..... Hot Lunch ..... JEROME BRUNKOW Vice-President 4 llrwindyii 1 1 "The Thing" F. F. A. ............... . . . 3 F. F. A. Chorus .... . . F. F. A. Sentinel .... ..... F.F.A. Secretary... Band .............. .... 1 -Z Annual ........... Junior Prom ...... ........ Basketball ......... . . . 1-2-3- Basketball Letters. . . . . . .Z-3 Magazine Captain .... . . . . . . ...Z-3-4 ....3-4 ....3 ...4 ...3 ...3 ..4 ...4 GLEN KIMMEL Treasurer "My Heart Cries For You" F.F.A. .................. 1-Z 3 Annual ........... . . . B and ................ . Magazine Captain .... . . . . Salesman Achievement. . . . . . . . . Junior Prom.................. Swift High School Essay Contest 10 GLENN SCHAMAUN "Butch "A Bushel and A Peck" Z 3 4 F. F. A. Secretary.... F. F. A. President .... ....... 4 F. F. A. Chorus .... ....... 4 Student Council .... ....... 3 -4 Basketball .......... .... 1 -Z-3-4 Basketball Letters. . . . 4-1-I...... ..... ....l-2-3-4 Junior Prom King. . . . . . . .1-Z-3-4 HARRIET s'roLL - "There's No Tomorrow" Student Cc.-uncil....... .... Annual .......... Chorus .......... Newspaper ........ Class Treasurer .... Dramatics ........ Junior Prom ..... .. ...... 3 ....l-Z-3-4 ........4 ........3 VALORIS SCHNIIDLIN llvalll "Forever and Ever" Annual-Editor. . . ..... . . . . . ...Z 3 ...IZ Chorus .... . ........ Newspaper...... .... ..... .1-Z Newspaper-Assistant Editor ..... . Dramatics .... .... Junior Prom....... . Class President. . . . Class Secretary. . . . vooooo StudentCouncil.... Student Librarian. . . . . . . .1-2-3 HotLuneh......... ........ 11 Nelson Loyalty Song We're loyal to you, Nelson High, We're Green and we're White, Nelson High We'll back you to stand, It's the best in the land, For we know you have sand, Nelson High U rah rah Back up that ball, Nelson High, We're backing you all, Nelson H We'll do and we'l1 dare for you, You know how we care for you, igh, Here's three cheers for you, Nelson High U rah rah 12 Senior Class History On the morning of September l, 1947, seventeen young, eager, and very green Freshmen enrolled in Nelson High School. During the first semester, our number was reduced to sixteen as Corlinda Eide left school. y ln our Sophomore year, we were minus five more: Herbert Blager and Roger Brommer, who left to assist their parents on the farm: Mary Jane and Dale Owen transferred to Durandg Darlene Paulson, who later became the bride of James Hogan of Pepin. ln the second semester, we lost Darrell Kindschy who transferred to Cochrane. We entered our Junior year as a class of ten. We sponsored the Christmas party and the annual prom. Our prom theme was 'Mood lndigo' with Rube Floyd and his or- chestra furnishing the music. Glenn Schamaun was Prom King and he chose Lois Owen as his Queen. Mrs. Erpelding was our advisor. The following September we found that we had lost three more members, leaving our class with an enrollment of seven. Genesse Paulson became the bride of Robert Brommer: Betty Baader became the bride of Elroy Brommer: Lois Owen transferred to Durand. Our first project of the year was to properly initiate the Freshman class into N. H. S. This was carried out successfully. Soon we had our pictures taken, chose our announcements, cards, caps and gowns, etc. All the things that make the Senior year a busy one. A11 too soon, the year will end and we will have' arrived at graduation day. I The following are present members of our Senior class: Jerome Brunkow, Merlin Carothers, Glen Kimmel, Gladys Rustad, Glen Schamaun, Valoris Schmidlin, Harriet Stoll. We will always be grateful and remember the great effort our parents and teach- ers put forth for us to arrive at this graduation of our educational career. - -Val or is Schmidlin . News of 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilson QValoris Schmidlinj are visiting her parents at Nelson for a few weeks with their two sons, Johnny and Al. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson fl-larriet Stollj and their daughter, Vicky Lynn, and their son, Donald, have just returned from a trip to California. It is rumored that Gladys Rustad, a professional dancer at the Stork Club in New York, is planning on coming home for a vacation at Nelson soon. Quite a change from New York! Merlin Carothers and Glenn Schamaun are now engaged in making Hot Rods' and model cars. They recently made a new world record of 267 miles per hour with one of their models. H Jerry Brunkow's marriage license had just been published in the paper. One of his old schoolmates has won his heart. Seems like she was a Sophomore in 1951. 13 Glen Kimmel is now Principal of Nelson High School. I hear that he had laid down quite a few new rules. The Seniors do not have to take English now. --Harriet Stoll Class Will We, the class of 1951, in the town of Nelson, the county of Buffalo, and the State of Wisconsin, being in our usual mental condition, hereby make this, our last will and testament, rendering void and of no avail any former will or wills that have been pre- viously made by us during our four-year period. And in this manner do we dispose of our possessions: To the Junior Class, our rightful heirs, we leave our desks and the wads of gum under them, our teachers, and our books. We also leave them our importance, and our wisdom, all of which we possess in great quantities. To our good friends, the Sophomore Class, we leave our patience. It will be found useful as the only means to endure the Juniors. To the young and green Freshmen, we leave a map of the school building so they won't get lost going from class to class. We also leave them a book on how to get along with the teachers, which no doubt, will come in very handy. To our fellow classmates, we leave the following: INDIVIDUAL WILLS: I, Gladys Rustad, will my pleasing smile to Donna Benjamin. I, Harriet Stoll, will my ability to dance to the struggling beginners. I, Valoris Schmidlin, will my straight teeth to anyone who has to wear braces. . I, Glenn Schamaun, will all my girl friends to--Qchanged my mind - I decided I had better keep them. I, Merlin Carothers, will my money, looks, and wolf whistle to the shy bashful beginners. I, Jerry Brunkow, will my lover tactics to Duane Brommer. I, Glen Kimmel, will my wise cracks to Gerald Reinhardt. CLASS TES TATOR Gladys Rustad 14 5 5 2 , ,A V A V 'MM K M ,wwf A xneemo H r. Student Body and Faculty lunior Class FIRST ROW: Duane Brommer, Treusurex-Q Fred Breutzman, Vice-President: Mr. Strand, Ardys Landsverk, Secretary, Jerome Lyngdal, President. SECOND ROW: Jean King, Inez Olson, Roger Meier, Eunice Wald. THIRD ROW: Raymond Reinhardt, Orville Larson, Raymond Beck, Student Council: Gerald Reinhardt, Student Council. ABSENT: Merlin Mikelson. 16 FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Meyer, Gladys Blager, Vice-President, Darlene Jensen, Secretary, Evelyn Mork, Student Council, Indy Anderson, Treasurer: Louise Blager, President. SECOND ROW: Waltena Windel, Elaine Reinhardt, Mrs. Bill, Cleo Scharr, Evelyn Scharr. THIRD ROW: Donna Benjamin, Warren Worley, Calvin lAcQnist:n, Harry Bucher, James Paulson, Gladys Breidung. ABSENT: Valeria Reed, Student Council: Arnold Prissel, Glen Smelzer, Dean Yarrington. Freshman Class Sophomore Class FIRST ROW: Peggy l-lurlburt, Treasurer: Gene Carothers, Student Council: Marjorie Breidung, Vice-Presidentg Mr. Sobota, Marguerite Tiffany, President: Charlet Olson, Student Councilp David Reinhardt. SECOND ROW: Joan Meier, Addie Breidung, Betty Larson, Robert Reinhardt, Emmett Meier, Mavis Severson, Marcia Castelberg, Merle Rall, Harvey Stoll, Cletus Bauer, James Serum, Theresa Wieland, Shirley Bacher. ABSENT: Elroy Letts. l7 V lunior lots The Junior class has thirteen members, four girls and nine boys. The class of- ficers are: President, Jerome Lyngdal: Vice-President, Fred Breutzman: Secretary, Ardys Landsverk: and Treasurer, Duane Brommer. The class'is well represented in the various activities of the school. Seven are members of the F. F. A. chapter: Raymond Reinhardt, Roger Meier, Gerald Reinhardt, Jerry Lyngdal, Fred Breutzman, Raymond Beck, and Merlin Mikels on. Three are members of the Band: Ardys Landsverk, Eunice Wald, and Merlin Mikelson. Most of the boys are on the Basketball Squad: Jerry Lyngdal, Fred Breutzman, Raymond Beck, Gerald Reinhardt, Orville Larson, Duane Brommer. Merlin Mikelson is manager of the "A" team. The Junior class received their class rings in October. We sponsored the annual Christmas party this year. The class plans to put on the annual prom this year on May 4th. A card party will be put on February 27th as a benefit for the prom. Harry Don's Orchestra has been selected to play. Mr. Strand is our advisor. Sophomore Shorts On September 5, 1950, eighteen Sophomores enrolled in Nelson High School. Evelyn Mork transferred from Alma, later in the first semester Arnold Prissel came' here from Lima which made our enrollment nineteen. At the organization meeting class officers were elected as follows: President, Louise Blager: Vice-President, Gladys Blagerg Treasurer, Judy Anderson: Secretary, Darlene Jensen: Student Council members, Evelyn Mork and Valeria Reed. Mrs. Bill is our advisor. James Paulson and Harry Bocher, two members of our class, are on the Basket- ball Squad. Freshman Facts The Freshman class of 1950-51 was introduced to Nelson High on Tuesday, Sept- ember 4, 1950. After a few weeks they became adapted to the change necessary in ad- vancing from the grades to high school. There are twenty members in the Freshman class, eleven girls and nine boys. Class officers are: President, Marguerite Tiffany: Vice-President, Marjorie Breidung Secretary, Ardelle Westly: Treasurer, Peggy Hurlbert: Student Council members, Charlet Olson and Gene Carothers. Joan Sandberg moved to Mondovi and Ardelle Westly to Ellsworth during the year. James Serum joined us later in the year. The class members are ,as follows: Cletus Bauer, Addie Breidung, Marjorie Breidung, Shirley Bucher, Marcia Castleburg, Gene Carothers, Peggy Hurlbert, Betty Larson, Elroy Letts, Joan Meyer, Emmett Meier, Charlet Olson, Merle Rall, David Reinhardt, Robert Reinhardt, James Serum, Mavis Severson, Harvey Stoll, Marguerite Tiffany and Theresa Wieland. na, The Freshmen are well represented in extra-curricular activities. The follow- ing boys are on the basketball team: David Reinhardt, Robert Reinhardt, Elroy Letts, Harvey Stoll. Emmett Meier is manager of the "B" team. Marguerite Tiffany is one of the cheerleaders. Mavis Severson is a student Librarian. Mr. Sobota is our advisor x 19 Grades 1 and 2 FIRST ROW: Leigh Thorson, Billy .Io Scharr, Sonya Synstad, Darlene Menting, Beverly Priefert, Carol Brantner, Roger Menting, Robert Bautch. SECOND ROW: Patricia McDonough, Morris Brommer, John Pat Kennedy, Janice Reinhardt, Ardath Priefert, Gladys Vogt, Arthur Hans on. THIRD ROW: Tommy Knabe, Robert Frank, Allen Breidung, Michael McDonough, Mrs. Wheeler, Charlotte Mason, George Schwalbe, Joan Menting, Myrna Castleberg. ABSENT: Cindy Smith, Thomas Hanson, Arlene Breidung. Grades 5 and 6 FIRST ROW: John Knabe, Daniel Frank, David Frank, Lloyd McQuiston, Nancy Walker, David Breldung, Beverly Priefert, Nancy Knabe. SECOND ROW: Sharon Salvey, Timothy Kennedy, Wayne McDonough, Thomas Lerum, Kay Breutzman, Rita Schwalbe, Richard Brantner, Jerry Knabe. THIRD ROW: Joe Hanson, Steven Smith, Robert Thorson, Judy Reinhardt, Mrs. Weishapple, Gay McDonough, Lyle Bataglia, David Bautch, James Weaver. ABSENT: Eunice Breidung, Beth Mueller, Cherlyn Reed, Fairy Mueller. Grades 3 and 4 FIRST ROW: Richard Bautch, Gary Meier. SECOND ROW: Charles Walch, Belvadine Meier, Joan Synstad. THIRD ROW: Paul Reinhardt, Russell Smith, Shelby Boader, Rose Hanson. STANDING: Marlene McDonough, James Menting, Billy Boader, Miss Black, Douglas Brommer, Shirley Reinhardt, Roberta Hanson, Ray Davis, Virgil Paulso Zeldean Scharr. ABSENT: Don Anderson, Dan Mueller. H Grades 7 and 8 FIRST ROW: Myrtle Stoll, Charles Haugen, Glenn Brmnmer, Paul Breutzman. SECOND ROW: Shirley Thorson, Geraldine Larson, Junior Menting, John McDonnough. STANDIIKS: Ruby Hurlburt, Carol Severson, Mr. Gifford, Ronald Markey, Darrell Menting Grade Basketball Team Grade Cheerleaders G. Larson, 5. Thorson C. Severson V ,7- FIRST ROW: : Charles Walch, Russell Smith, Junior Menting, Ronald Markey, James Menting. SECOND ROW: Coach D. Gifford, Richard Bautch, John McDonnough, Paul Breutzman, Glenn Brommer, Darrell Menting, Paul Reinhardt. Grade Basketball Schedule The grade basketball team played fourteen games this year with ten wlns and four losses. We have two return games to be played with Cochrane and Pepin as of this writing. The team's players are: Russell Smith, Jimmy Menting, and Paul Reinhardt from the fifth grade: Richard Bautch and Charles Walch from the sixth gradeg 'Ronald Markey and Darrell Menting from the seventh grade: Paul Breutzman, Glen Brommer, Junior Menting, and John Mcbonnough from the eighth grade. GANIES PLAYED SCORE GAMES' PLAYED SCORE Nelson at Arkansaw 30-18 Won Nelson at Pepin 32-36 Won Nelson at Gilmanton Z3-16 Won Gilmanton at Nelson 45-25 Won Tell at Nelson 15-17 Won Nelson at Cochrane 34-31 Lost Durand at Nelson 31-29 Won St. Mary's at Nelson 49-42 Won' Maiden Rock at Nelson 33-Z8 Won Nelson at Durand 40-ZZ Lost Nelson at Fountain City 37-32 Lost Nelson at Maiden Rock 47-41 Won Arkansaw at Nelson Z8-Z6 Lost Fountain City at Nelson 35-Z5 Won X meow vmarycg 41 C .iv x fy C , V sa pi- Q. s X. 9 sw, K X f 1 3 RAYMO FR ND FRONT ROW: Mnnager M. Mikelson, J. Lyndale, D. Brolnmer, R. Beck, J. Brunkow, F. Breutzman, .L Reinhardt, G. Schaznnun. BACK ROW: D. Reinhardt, J. Paulson, H. Bucher, O. Larson, Coach Strand, R. Reinhardt, H. Stoll, Manager, B. Team, E. Meier. GLADYS ARDY5 Cheerleaders A. Landsverk, M. Tiffany J. Anderson, G. Rustad JUDY MARGUERITE Z4 Games Played Nelson at Arkansaw Plum City at Nelson Nelson at Kellogg Nelson at Gilmanton Cochrane at Nelson Nelson at Alma Pepin at Nelson Kellogg at Nelson Maiden Rock at Nelson Nelson at Fountain City McCahill at Nelson fLake Cityj Arkansaw at Nelson Nelson at Plum City Nelson at McCahi1l lLake Cityj Gilmanton at Nelson Nelson at Cochrane Alma at Nelson Nelson at Pepin Nelson at Maiden Rock Fountain City at Nelson Nelson vs. Cochrane Nelson vs. Alma Basketball Schedule Score 57-59 Won 45-32 Won 59-48 Won 47-39 Lost 58-43 Won 62-52 Lost 55-42 Won 71-33 Won 59-54 Won 70-35 Lost 72-30 Won 61-39 Won 5'Z-47 Lost 51-47 Won 58-54 Lost 65-53 Lost 75-69 Lost 49-43 Lost 57-51 Won 94-44 Lost District- Tournament 47-43 Won 53-36 LOSt Z6 High Point Man Fred Breutzman Jerry Brunkow Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Glenn Schamaun Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman .Terry B runkow Fred Breutzman Jerry Brunkow Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman Jerry Brunkow Jerry Brunkow Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman .Terry Brunkow Fred Breutzman Fred Breutzman SITTING: Evelyn Srharr, Harriet Stoll, Mavis Severson, Valoris Schmidlin, Mrs. Bill, Jerome Brunkow, Merlin Carothers, Gladys Rustad, Judy Anderson. STANDING: Ardys Landsverk, Eunice Wald, Waltena Windel, Jean King, Rober Meier, Glen Kimmel, Inez Olson, Gladys Rustad, Cleo Scharr, Gerald Reinhardt, Louise Blager, Glen ' Schamaun, Raymond Reinhardt. ABSENT: Darlene Jensen, Duane Brommer, Merlin Mikelson, Orville Larson. A Viking Staff The l951 Viking was composed and edited by the Senior class with the assistance of those interested from the other classes. This gave the underclassmen some experience in this type of work which should prove valuable when it becomes their turn as Seniors to publish the Annual. The pictures for our yearbook were supplied by Edstrom Studio, Winona, Minnesota, and Merlin Carothers. Walsworth Brothers, Marceline, Missouri, did the printing. Special draw- ings by Jean King. This year's staff was as follows: Editor, Valoris Schmidling Assistant Editor, Jerome Brunkow: Business Manager, Gladys Rustad: Artists, Jean King: Darlene Jensen: Snapshots, Merlin Carothers, Gerald Reinhardt, Evelyn Scharrg Athletics, Ardys Landsverk, Duane Brommer: Activities, Inez Olson, Roger Meier: School Fun, Glen Schamaun, Cleo Scharrg Seniors, Harriet Stoll, Mavis Severson, Merlin Mikelson: Undergrads, Jean King, Judy Anderson: Faculty, Glen Kimmel, Raymond Reinhardtg' Typists, Gladys Blager, Louise Blager, Waltena Windel, Eunice Wald, Orville Larson. - Z8 Biology Class FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Meyer, Evelyn Mork. SECOND ROW: Cleo Scharr, Waltena Windel, Gladys Blager, Donna Benjamin, Elaine Reinhardt, Gladys Breidung, Evelyn Scharr. STANDING: Darlene Jensen, Judy Anderson, Louise Blager, Mr. Strand. Citizenship Class SITTING: Shirley Bocher, Theresa Wieland, Peggy Hurlburt, Charlet Olson, Addie Breidung, Marguerite Tiffany, Joan Meier, Mavis Severson Marcia Castelberg, Marjorie Breidung, Betty Larson. STANDING: David Reinhardt, Cletus Bauer, Gene Ca:-others, Harvey Stoll, Merle Rall, James Serum, Robert Reinhardt, Emmett Meier, Mr. Sobota.- Typing l SITTING: Harry Bocher, Warren Worley, James Paulson, Gladys Breidung, Evelyn Scharr, Evelyn Mork, Waltena Windel. STANDING: Mary Lou Meyer, Louise Blager, Judy Anderson, Elaine Reinhardt, Donna Benjamin, Cleo Scharr, Mrs. Bill, Darlene Jensen, Gladys Blager, Calvin Mcfluiston. Algebra STANDING: Eunice Wald, Mr. Strand, Orville Larson, Duane Brommer, Raymond Beck. SITTING: Harriet Stoll, Valoris Schmidlin, Jean King, Ardys Landsverk, Waltena Windel, Inez Olson. American History FIRST ROW: Eunice Wald, Valoris Schmidlin, Inez Olson, Gladys Rusiad, Ardys Landsverk, Jean King. SECOND ROW: Harriet Stoll, Jerry Brunkow, Jerry Lyngdal, Roger Meier, Raymond Reinhardt, Duane Brommer. THIRD ROW: Glen Kimmel, Raymond Beck, Fred Breutzman, Merlin Carothers Gerald Reinhardt, Glenn Schamaun, Orville Larson, Mr. Ellis. Ski! Club FIRST ROW: Gladys Rustad, Jean King, Marguerite Tiffany, Ardys Landsverk, Evelyn Scharr, Judy Anderson. SECOND ROW: Jerome Lyngdal, Glen Schamaun, Louise Blager, Duane Brommet, Jerome Brunkow. THIRD ROW: Raymond Beck, Merlin Carothers, Fred Breutzman, Gerald Reinhardt. F. F. A. FIRST ROW: Raymond Reinhardt, Raymond Beck, Glen Schamaun, Merlin Cai-others, Mr. Rosendick, Fred Breutzman, Jerome Brunkow, Glen Kimmel, Jerome Lyngdal. SECOND ROW: Emmet Meier, Roger Meier Harvey Stoll, Harry Bocher, James Paulson, Gerald Reinhardt, Robert Reinhardt. THIRD ROW: Calvin McQuiston, Warren Worley, James Serum, Cletus Bauer, Gene Carothers, Merle Rall, David Reinhardt. F. F. A. Officers Roger Meier, Vice-President: Glen Schamaun, President: Merlin Ca:-others Treasurer: Mr. Rosendick, Advisor, Fred Breutzman, Reporter: Jerome Brunkow, Secretary: Gerald Reinhardt, Sentinel. F. F. A. Speakers ' Cletua Bauer, James Serum, Mr. Rosendlck, Merlin Carothers, David Reinhardt. Librarians Ardys Luidsverk, Mavis Severson, Valoris Schmidlin, Gladys Breidung, Mrs. Bill. Student Council SITTING: Louise Blager, Marguerite Tiffany, Mr. Sobota, Harriet Stoll, Charlet Olson, Evelyn Mark, Gerald Reinhardt, Gene Carothers, Merlin Cai-others, Glen Schamaun, Raymond Beck, Jerome Lyngdnl. Magazine Group FIRST ROW: Marv Lou Meyer, Jean King. SECOND ROW: Jerome Brunkuw, Merlin Carothers, Robert Reinhardt, Gerald Reinhardt, David Reinhardt, Glen Kimmel. Band FIRST ROW: Ardys Landsverk, Donna Benjamin, Darlene Jensen, Robert Bautch, Joan Meier, Marguerite Tiffany, Robert Reinhardt, David Reinhardt, Eunice Wald, Paul B re utzman. SECOND ROW: Louise Blager, Judy Anderson, Charlet Olson, Gary Meier, Richard Bautch, Charles Walch. ABSENT: Donald Anderson, Merlin Mikelson, Glen Kimmel. M N ,...-.ff F. F. A. Chorus FIRST ROW: Jerome Brunkow, Fred Breutzman. SECOND ROW: Cletus Bauer, David Reinhardt, Jerome Lyngdal, Roger Meier, Raymond Beck. M Chorus FIRST ROW: Elaine Reinhardt, Addie Breidung, Evelyn Mork, Marguerite Tiffany, Gladys Rustad, Judy Anderson, Mary Lou Meyer, Joan Meier, Donna Banjamin, SECOND ROW: Gladys Blager, Inez Olson, Louise Blager, Peggy Hurlburt, Charlet Olson, Mavis Severson, Harriet Stoll, Jean King, Darlene Jensen. 4 ':?. NN KL Small Bus Driver, Edwin Jost Property, Bill Reinhardt r 3 Second Largest Bus Driver, Freddy Lindsey Property, Bill Reinhardt The Largest Bus Driver, Bill Reinhardt Property, Bill Reinhardt Mrs. Alvin Vogt, Cook and her Helpers, Shirley Bacher, Marjorie Breidung, Scharr, Gladys Rustad, Mary Lou L-1l '51i" School Lunlch f Cafeteria Line Dining Room Magazine Contest A representative of the Curtis Publishing Company called at our school September 7, 1950, to open the magazine contest. He gave us a pep talk on salesmanship and set our quota at 5500, the school to receive a percentage of the subscription money for the activity fund. The student body was divided into two teams, the White and the Green. Captains were selected as follows: Gerald Reinhardt, Merlin Carothers, and Donna Benjamin for the White side, and Jerry Brunkow, Glenn Kimmel and Judy Anderson for the Green side. The Curtis representative promised the five high salesmen each a ticket to a Laker Basketball game in Minneapolis if the quota was reached. The con- test closed September 20th with the Green team winning by a large margin. The high salesmen were: Robert, Gerald, and David Reinhardt, Merlin Carothers and Mary Lou Meier. Magazine Party Since the White team proved to be poor salesmen during the contest, they put on a party for the winners in the High School gym, November 3, 1950. Games and dancing were the evening's entertainment. Refreshments consisting of pie, ice cream, and pop were served. All had an enjoyable time. Minneapolis Trip On January 10, 1951, five boys journeyed to Minneapolis to see the Lakers play the New York Nickerbockers at the Minneapolis Auditorium. This was the finale to the annual magazine contest and these boys were high salesmen. Merlin Carothers, Jerome Brunkow, Gerald Reinhardt, David Reinhardt, and Robert Reinhardt made the trip with Mr. Sobota furnishing transportation and acting as chaperon. They arrived in Minneapolis in time to drive around and see some of the places of interest before eating and going to the game. The game proved very exciting with the Lakers on top at the end. All the boys agreed they had a very good time and would like to take the trip again. Freshman Initiation Once again the day of torture for the Freshmen had rolled around. As soon as the Freshmen reached school, Friday, September ZZ, 1950, the Seniors started painting and dressing them up. When this was over, they were ready to give a performance in front of the assembly. The main event of the day was a mock wedding. Cletus Bauer, the bride: Joan Meier, the groom. Their attendants were Gene Carothers as Maid of Honor, and Addie Breidung as best man. Reverend Merlin Carothers performed the ceremony. At noon the Freshmen paraded downtown with the band. In the afternoon, they were kept busy polishing shoes, counting the books in the library and running errands' for the Seniors. In the evening, a party .was held in the gym where all forms of tormenting was done. When the Seniors felt the poor Freshmen had suffered enough, dancing started. Cake, ice cream and pop were served. The Freshmen went home feeling that initiation wasn't so bad after all. 36 Ch ' Party The Junior class sponsored a very lovely Christmas party in the gym on December 19, 1950. The class had the gym beautifully decorated in Christmas colors with a large decorated tree in the center of the floor. d d in were enjoyed until Santa arrived fMr. Rosendickj and distributed Games an anc g V gifts. A well-laden lunch table stood at one end of the gym floor where all could help themselves. Sandwiches, cookies, candy, and punch, which was introduced for the first time at a school party was enjoyed by all during the evening. Although the party was a lot of work, the Juniors felt rewarded by the fact that everyone had a good time and voted the party a big success. 37 i .., F. F. A. The Nelson Chapter of Future4Farmers has organized this year with a new voca- tional agriculture teacher, Louis Rosendick, who came to Nelson October 30, 1950, to replace Mr. Ray Scholl, who resigned. 'The officers are: President, Glenn Schamaun: Vice-President, Roger Meier: Secretary, Jerry Brunkowg Sentinel, Gerald Reinhardt: Reporter, Fred Breutzman. Other members are: Raymond Beck, Merlin Carothers, Glen Kimmel, Jerome Lyngdal, Merlin Mikelson, Raymond Reinhardt, Cletus Bauer, Harry Bucher, Gene Carothers, Elroy Letts, Emmett Meier, Calvin McQuiston, James Paulson, Merle Rall, Robert Reinhardt, Glen Smeltzer, Harvey Stoll, Warren Worley, David Reinhardt, and Arnold Prissel. The Nelson Chapter is competing in a quartet contest with Merlin Mikelson, David Reinhardt, Jerry Lyndgal, Roger Meier, Jerry Brunkow, Raymond Beck, Fred Breutzman and Cletus Bauer practicing under the direction of Mrs. Riley. We are also competing in the F. F. A. Speaking Contest. The speakers are Cletus Bauer, James Serum, David Reinhardt, and Merlin Carothers. The F. F. A. chapters aim is to develop leadership, co-operation, citizenship, im- proved agriculture and patriotism. To help the farmers of the local communities by testing milk, treating seed grain, judging livestock, and helping farmers to maintain and follow new modern methods of farming. Girls' Chorus Under the capable direction of Mrs. Dawn Riley, the Girls' Chorus was organized again this year. The chorus is composed of twenty-six girls. They have practiced twice a week and have made several public appearances, annual Christmas programs, P. T. A. meetings and the Mothers' Tea. Chess Tournament Chess and checkers have become a noon time activity for many Nelson students. The tournament for 1951 is now in progress with Jerry Lyngdal in the lead. Last year's champions were Ardys Landsverk and Jerry Lyngdal. The checker champ is Raymond Beck. Mr. Ellis supervises this activity. 38 - WQVMHQ ' fm ,151-Ef,g?, rjx s JA' 'Gigi C ,, xg Xa N kv S' '7- z. 'Q X, K ff .. . N ' 42 ,X X iw mi ,4 X 6' ' Qi? 40 L. BLAGER, G. BLAGER, AND BROTHER JEROME BRONKOW EUNICE WALD CLEO SCHARR WALTENA WINDEL 41 R. BECK C. BAUER M. CAROTHERS J. BRONKOW C. MCQUISTON I. OLSON A. LANDSVERK J. KING M. BRIEDING L. BLAGER M. CAROTHERS J. ANDERSON C. OLSON E. MEIER C. SCHARR E. WALD I. OLSON L. BLAGER G. BLAGER E. REINHARDT 42. R Meier R. Beck D. Brolnmer C. Olson, M. Mikelson - 'Rl Reinhllrdg l. Olson, G. Blager EZ. Blager, B. Reck Study Pe r iod D. Reinhardt, J. Anderson M. Castleburg, F. Breutzman C. Holmes, A. Landsverk Touring S. Bucher 43 F res hman Gang Freshmari Initiation M. Castelberg, M. Severson J. Meier, C. Bauer C. Bauer, C. Olson E. Letts J. Sandburg, B. Larson, P. Hulbert T. Wieland M. Rall Freshman Class 44 Shirley B., C. Olson V GILMAN T ON Initiation GILMANT ON D . Re inha rdt M. Carothers and Sister Knee Deep sf 5 5144 , JM. fa 'fx 4? . 'xfdi iq' 533' H45 Camera Shy Weary Comrades ,Ui W 552942 1 Q1 uf by Q15 'kv Hx 1 ' :,f::ss:- - f."",i" -...:a:,ne5Fi??"":-,' -- -aa: 1 - 4 ,Q ' 'V L , K I ' w f f 5 ' - . Q 7 55321 .L 2522215 ,?iags11iw1H' ' ' 1' fm-I 4, Q'-::g-gf' f y wh f, ii , ..V,,,. ,,,,,5 ,,.., K Three Musketeers Burning Love C. Bauer, J. Meier Le85 45 A HAPPY TRIO SONGSTERS OH MY BIG HOWL POSING GLAMOUR B OY SITTING PRETTY CHEERING DRINKING BIG BOY 46 FRIENDS PHYSICS CLASS TYPI-NG ONE HOME BASKETBALL GAME SOCIAL HOUR POP SALES JUST ANOTHER FREE THROW 47 The American Bank MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION NELSON ALMA PEPIN OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 Compliments of SANDWICH BAR C. L. Krings Durand, Wis. W 0 L F ' S Ladies Ready to Wear - Shoes for Women - Children Telephone 74-2' Durand, Wis. l SMITTYS NG1S0I1 Wisconsin We Like People - - People Like Us When In Wabasha Visit THE RED OWL STORE Congratulations ROBERT J. RILEY Watches - Jewelry - Repairs Wabasha Minnesota CARLSON 8: McDONALO IMPLEMENT CO. John Deere - Pontiac - Skelgas - Hinman Phone 175 Wabasha, Minn. - i 1 1 1 Congratulations to the Class of 1951 PEM THEATRE Wabasha Minnesota E. J. KNOSPE Hardware - Heating - Plumbing - Electric Wiring Alma Wisconsin Compliments of KOLLER COMPANY International Harvester Phone 183 Durand, Wis. Compliments of ORLADY LUMBER CO. All Assorted Building Materials Phone 88 Durand, Wis. ' HERRMMAN'S SUPER MARKET "Fairway Fine Foodsv Alma Wisconsin Compliments of J. F. FISHER - WELL DRILLING CO. Windmill - Plumping-Pump Service Telephone 92 Durand, Wis. Compliments of FARMERS MACHINE CO. J. I. Case Machinery-Parts - Hinman Milkers Nutrena Feeds - Cargill Seeds Telephone 230R3 Durand, Wis. Compliments of GOODRICH LUMBER - COAL CO. Dealers In Lumber 8z Coal Phone 29 Durand, Wis. STITCH SERVICE STATION Mobilgas 8z Mobiloil - - Tank Wagon Service Tires - Batteries 8z Accessories Nelson Wisconsin WABASHA IMPLEMENT CO. J. I .Case Farm Machinery - Marlow Milkers - Hoffer's Paints Crosley Selvador Refrigerators - Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles Tractor 8: Automobile Repairing - Electric 8: Gas Welding Compliments of WOODWARDS Wabasha , Minnesota BAKER MOTOR CO., INC. Ford Sales 8z Service - Dearborn Implements Woods Brothers Corn Picker Telephone 160 Wabasha, Minn. WABASHA BAKERY Fancy Cakes 8z Pastries - - See Us for Special Orders Telephone 162W Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of ANDY'S HARDWARE "Courteous Service" Appliances - Hardware - Sporting Goods - Plumbing 8z Heating Phone 250 Wabasha, Minn. FIRST STATE BANK Complete Banking Service 1591, Interest Paid On 12 Months Certificate of Deposit Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation First State Insurance All Lines of General Insurance Wabasha Minnesota H. F. STOHR Furniture 8z Funeral Service Alma Wisconsin Compliments of DURAND C0-OP EXCHANGE Grain - Feed - Flour - Fertilizer - Seed We Buy Poultry - Custom Grinding 8a Mixing Telephone 180 Durand, Wis. "Support Your Co-op" I Compliments of A TRI CITY DAIRY Telephone 242 Durand, Wis. I I . Compliments of DURAND SHOE SHOP Compliments of Shoe Repairing of All Kinds GAMBLES Drive Belt Repairing Harness Oiling - Repairing Durand, Wis. Tony Wittis Durand, Wis. Best Wishes from Your New FEDERATED STORE Alice W. Thibodeau, Owner Durand, Wis. Compliments of Your Only Full Time Insurance Man BAUTCH INSURANCE Nelson, Wis. HOUGEN'S PHARMACY The Rexall Store Phone 42 Durand, Wis. GILMORE'S IGA STORE Durand, Wis. Everyday Low Prices CODDON'S Durand, Wis. Compliments of DR. EUGENE BOEHM Optometrist Durand, Wis. BARRY CHEVROLET Durand, Wis. Compliments of SECURITY NATIONAL BANK Durand, Wis. Member F. D. I. C. DURAND HARDWARE CO. Our Own Hardware Phone 50 Durand, Frigidaire - Maytag - Surge Sales 8z Service Wis VILLAGE INN Durand, Wis. P. O. ANDERSON Fairway Fine Foods General Merchandise Phone 19 Nelson, Wis. McDONOUGH'S TAVERN A Good Place to Meet Your Friends Phone 35 Nelson, Wis. ' Look Your Best FUHER,S BARBER SHOP Nelson, Wis. Tastiest Food in Wabasha Steaks - Fish - Chicken SAUNDERS CAFE Wabasha, Minn. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Auto Accessories - Sporting Goods Colorizer Paint Alurna Craft Boats Jerry Gerardy Wabasha SCHURHAMMER Jewelers Watches - Diamonds - Silverware Wabasha, Minn. TROTTNER'S IMPLEMENT SHOP T. F. Trottner, Prop. Wabasha, Minn. The Store on the Corner Men's Wear - Boy's Wear - Ladies' Slacks Shoes for the Whole Family Harold Easterday, Mgr. THE SELCK STORE Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of WABASHA RECREATION Open Bowling Thur. - Fri. Evenings - After 9 O'clock Sat. Sz Sun. - Afternoon 8z Evening Reserve Alleys on Sat. - Sun. Phone 197W Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of BRUNER'S AUTO SERVICE Dodge - Plymouth Tire Repairing - Battery Service Phone 215W Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of COMMUNITY CLINIC Wabasha, Minn. Alma, Wis. Drugs Prescriptions Carefully Compounded Phone 116-W2 for Night Emergency Calls ARNTSON DRUG CO. Phone 116-W Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of WABASHA DAIRY BAR Your Favorite Ice Cream Dishes Sandwiches 8a Coffee Wabasha, Minn. MARTIN J. HEALY Attorney - at - Law Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of MILLER 8z O'FLAHERTY Clothing 8z Gent's Furnishings Quality Merchandise Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of DR. E. LUND Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of JAY McMAHON Jack Sprat Durand, Wis. Compliments of DURAND HARDWARE CO. Phone 50 Durand, Wis. Compliments of Compliments of BAUER BROS. MOTOR CO. Dodge - Plymouth Sales 8z Service Body - Fender Service Durand, Wis. BUEHLER AGENCY Insurance Alma, Wis. Compliments of DR. J. I. CLEMENS RAYBURN 85 TRETTIN DC-?11tiS'C Furniture 85 Funeral Service Phone 61 Durand, Wis. Phone 62 Durand, Wis Compliments of WM. E. THURSTON Attorney - at - Law Phone 288 Durand, Wis. Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE Phone 111 Durand, Wis PAT H. MOTLEY GEORGE 8: PEG'S Attorney - at - Law Durand, Wis. Alma, Wis. Compliments of Compliments of NELSON MEAT MARKET E. Scharr, Prop. Nelson, Wis. GOODRICH FURNITURE CO. Lockers - Meats - Groceries Phone 60 Durand, Wis. Frozen Foods 0 GIFFORDS STORE Compliments of Groceries - Meat 8z Gas FOLEY 85 FOLEY Chore Boy Milkers Attorneys - at - Law Dafi'KO01 COOIGTS Cal-Phos Fertilizer Wabasha, Minn. Maxville Prairie R. 3 Durand, Wis. Your Friendly Feed Store JORDAN'S FLOWERS KENNEDY'S FEED STORE Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Gas - Oil - Flour - Feed Wedding 8: Funeral Designs Phone 28 Nelson, Wis. Phone 383 Durand, Wis QUARBERG HARDWARE Refrigeration - Plumbing - Appliances Nelson, Wis. WABASHA CLEANING WORKS Launders - Dry Cleaners Nelson Agents Jack Sprat 8z Nelson'Barber May We Continue to Serve You With Our Deluxe Dry Cleaning Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of E. B. WISE Furniture .8z Funeral Service Wis. 8z Minn. License Wabasha, Minn. BUFFALO COUNTY JOURNAL Clarence 8: Virginia Cronick Publishers Alma, Wis. Compliments of WALCH CAFE Nelson, Wis. JOSEPH MEYER CO. Shoes - Dry Goods - Groceries Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of Our Own WABASHA HARDWARE Ray, Bill 8z Dean Wabasha, Minn. NATIONAL TEA STORE Groceries - Meats 8z Vegetables Wabasha, Minn. Compliments of CITY MEAT MARKET WEHRENBERG STUDIO Miller Keil Alma, Wis Wabasha, Minn. HARRYS GROCERY n HERTZ'S BAR Phone 152 Alma, Wis. Alma, Wis. . DR. EDWIN R. ALBRECHT Compliments of Optometrist Phone 373W A FRIEND First State Bank Bldg. - Wabasha, Minn. WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE

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