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1950 Viking Published by the Senior Class of Nelson High School NELSON, WISCONSIN Pictures supplied by Edstrom Studio of WINONA, MINNESOTA and Drawings by .T ean King 1 1 as-w lQ5 NS ,A K ' I i 0 ,XX gp 19505615 WW The Senior Class of 1950 affectionately dedicates this Viking to The Loyal, Sons and Daughters of Nelson High." 3 QQJQWZQ g'N......-f?- fl-O-5 ! 94-,Q ?3,' Q55 X L ' 1 if 1 I WX - J I ZUQZWMIS 1712? Azfimi Name: Graduate of: Came to Nelson: Courses taught: Advisor of: ALPHONS M. SOBOTA Principal St. Mai-y's College Winona. Minnesota September. 1941 World History, Biology Senior class Coach Name: Graduate of: Came to Nelson: Courses taught: Advisor of: J.-""A CLEMENT L. ELLIS St. Mary's College Winona. Minnesota September , 1948 General Sciene, Basic Mathematics Social Problems Chemistry Geometry Freshman Class lj, Name: Graduate of: Came to Nelson: Courses taught: Advisor of: PH YLLIS MUNSON St. Olaf College Northfield. Minnesota September. 1948 Typing I and ll Bookkeeping Citizenship Sophomore Class Hi-Lites Staff Viking Staff Name: MRS. KATHRYN ERPELIXNG Graduate of: St. Benedict's College St. Joseph, Minnesota Came to Nelson: October, 1949 Courses taught: English Advisor of: Junior Class Librarian Name: RAY SCHOLL Graduate of: Platteville S. T. C. Platteville, Wisconsin Came to Nelson: September, 1942 Courses taught: Agriculture Name: ARTHUR LEONARD Graduate of: MacPhail School of Music Minneapolis, Minnesota Came to Nelson: September, 1949 Courses taught: Music 6 if 93523 W ,lg E E! u Q 0 mm 755 PATRICK TIFFANY, Vice-President "Our basketball star: at least he's always out at night." President-------------- Basketba11--- ---- --- 1. F. F. A. ------------- 1. Physical Education--- 1, Sslesmen Achievement-- D-s.mntics----- ----- --- ---- l Z. Z. Z. I. 1. 3,4 3,4 3,4 2,3 3.4 Junior Prom ------ ----------3 Vice-Px-esidenh -------- 3.4 Annual --------------------- 4 RAMONA HALLOCK, President "Why tske life seriously? You never get out of it alive anyhow." Physical Education---1, Z. 3, 4 Member of 4-H -------------- I Student Council --------- Z. 3, 4 Newspaper ------ ------ Z , 3. 4 Junior Prom ---------------- 3 lkamatics --------------- 3, 4 Annual --------------------- 4 President ------------------ 4 Lunch Program ------------- 4 IIILQED FUHER "Argue, argue, early and late. If it's a crooked line she'll argue it straight." Cheerleader --------- 1, Z, 3, 4 Physical Education--- 1, Z, 3, 4 Honor Student -------- 1, Z, 3, 4 Member of 4-H -------------- 1 Student Council --------- 1, Z, 4 Newspaper ------- ---Z, 3, 4 Class Secretary ------------- 3 Junior Prom ---------------- 3 Drunatics --------------- 3, 4 Magazine Contest Secretary 3 . 4 Annual ------------ F -------- 4 MARY JANE RECK "She packs all her troubles into a box, then sits on the lid and laughs." Librarian ----------- 1, Z, 3, 4 Honor Student--------1, Z, 3, 4 Physical Education---1, Z, 3, 4 Member of 4-H ------------- l Vice-President ---- ------- -l Newspaper ------- ----- 1 , 3, 4 Class Treasurer-U ---- --- Z Student Council ---- ---- 3 , 4 Junior Prom -------- ----- 3 Chorus --------- -------- 3 Dramatics ------- ----3, 4 Glee Club ---- ------ 4 Annual --------------------- 4 Magazine Contest Secretary- - -4 IXJNNA HULKE, Treasurer "Her mind is on her work but her heart is elsewhere." Physical Education-U 1, Z. 3. 4 Junior Prom ---------------- 3 Chorus ------- ------------ 3 Glee Club ------ ----------- 4 Drarnatics ------------------ 4 Annual -------------------- - 4 Class Treasurer ------------ 4 VERLE GLEITER "Why study when bluffing is so much fun." Class Secretary ------------- 1 Physical Education--- 1. Z, 3, 4 President ---------------- Z, 3 Newspaper ------------- Z, 3, 4 Basketball Manager ----- Z. 3. 4 Siudent Council ----- ---- Z , 3 Junior Prom------ Dramatics---- Annual ------ , ANITA HERMUNIIBON Secretary "There's more to life than school for me Physical Education Newspaper ----- Band--------n Junior Prom--- Chorus-------- Glee Club ---- Annual-- - ----- - Dramatics ----- Class Secretary Lunch Program- MAXINE HERMUEON "Ah, men! What would she do without them? Physical Education 3 Class Secretary-M Junior Prom--- Chorus-- ---- -- Glee Club--- Annual--------- Dramatics----- Lunch Program- MARVIN HELTNE "Think twice before you speak and then 1. don't say too much. F.F..A. ------------ l,Z,3,4 Physical Education---1, Z, 3, 4 Junior Prom ------- -- ----- Annual -------- Dr amatic s - - - ' I 1 1 WW ELAINE MOCK "lf you want something you have to work for it." Physical Education---1, Z, 3, Honor Student- ------- ----- Band --------- - ---Z, 3, Junior Prom--- ---- - Chorus ------- --- Annual ---- --- Glee Club--- -- Dramatics ---- -- CAROL THORSON "She's too agreeable to make an enemy." Physical Education---1. Z. 3 Junior Prom ----------- --- Chorus ------ --- Glee Club ---- --- Dramatics-- -- Annual ---- -- Class History The second of September, 1946, was a gala day for nineteen radiant and hopeful girls and boys as they climbed the stairs of knowledge to the Nelson High School. The first year was a daring one involving new ideas, new undertakings and new surroundings. First came the great ordeal of initiation. After that was over they really felt as if they were a part of Nelson High. Who wouldn't after they had had a day of torture by the Seniors: Upon their return the second year they realized they had lost three classmates: Clara Rathbun and Claire Serum, who were working, and Mary Lynn DeMars who had moved to Eau Claire. The Sophomore and Junior years were not especially significant. By this time they were used to high school life. Counting noses at the beginning of the Junior year they found several more classmates missing. Alvern Quarberg was now working at home and Joyce Schamaun had transferred to Alma High School. Daring the Junior year they sponsored the annual prom, the theme for which was "Suddenly It's Spring". Pat Tiffany was elected prom king and he chose Virgal Weisenbeck as queen. Returning to school in the fall of 1949 meant something different. This was their last year of high school. Just around the corner waited their future careers. There were just twelve in the class now due to the fact that Robert Reinhardt had remained at home to work and Muriel Keenlyne was attending Durand High School. Before the end of the first semester they lost another member, Patricia Weisenbeck, who became the bride of Theodore Reinhardt, Jr. Nothing could induce the rest of the class to leave, as they were using Nelson High School as a stepping stone to the greater and better things in life. Indi-vidual Wills I, Ramona Hallock, will my sense of humor to Darlene Jensen. I, Mary Jane Reck, will my scholastic ability to the struggling "Freshies". I, Donna Hulke, will my ability to go steady to Lois Owen. I. Carol Thorson, will my height to Mary Lou Meyer. I, Mildred Fuher, will my dancing ability to Roger Meier and Raymond Reinhardt I, Pat Tiffany, will my way with the girls to Calvin McQuistion. I. Anita Hermundson, will my soprano voice to Valeria Reed. I, Maxine Hermundson, will my boy friends to Evelyn Scharr. I, Elaine Mock, will my curiosity to Donna Benjamin. I, Verle Gleiter, will my disagreeable disposition to anybody who wants it. I, Marvin Heltne, will my shyness to Judy Anderson. 12 Class Prophecy Thunder crashes and lightning strikes. A genie has decided to gaze into his big crystal ball and prophesy the future of the graduates of 1950. We now peer with him into the crystal ball. To our amazement and wonder we observe the following: Mrs. Dwaine Radseck, nee Donna Hulke, is living on a farm in Iron Creek and is the mother of a lovely pair of bouncing twins. As we gaze deeper into the crystal ball we see a terrible blizzard. No sign of life for miles and miles aroundg but wait, we see three figures plodding through the deep snow of Alaska. As they come closer, we see the former Musketeers, who last week were on a hunt in Africa. "Milly" still has Wayne Passe, her high school sweet- heart, waiting patiently for her return. "Mona" is waiting for her divorce papers from Richard Carrels. It seems as if there has been some mix-up over their twins, Junior and James. Of course, you can't blame Mr. Carrels, after hearing about Mona's trip to Chile. "Janie" has started a new book called "The Ramblers in Alaska". After this book is finished, "The Adventures of the Ramblers" series will be published. Critics are prophesying that the latter will stand a good chance of winning the Nobel Prize of 1970. Anita Hermundson, noted soprano vocalist, is scheduled to appear for the umpteenth season at Carnegie Hall, New York. Once again the genie rubs his hand across the crystal ball and we see many more things of the future. Elaine Mock is an English teacher at the University of Minnesota. The genie says there have been rumors of romance between her and a chemistry professor. Pat Tiffany, wealthy chicken rancher, has hired Carol Thorson, as nurse maid for his twelve children. Pat recently acquired a divorce from Virgal Weisenbeck. The genie has his suppositions concerning the outcome of this nursemaid and her boss. Marvin Heltne, recently returned to his home at North Branch with his farnous Brahma bull, Oswald the Great, who won first prize at the World's Fair in New York. Maxine Hermundson, famous cigarette girl, has recently been transferred from the Swift Hotel to the Golden Boot night club in Chicago. Verle Gleiter, President of the United States, has decided to take time out from his nerve-racking duties, to take a cruise to the South Sea Islands. 13 Z' D f .-1 6 W I K Q W 75 'gf , w X., N' -'S ,.--xx J " 65 wm mzm wfw Juniors FRONT ROW: B. Baader, Secretaryg L. Owen, President: Mrs. Erpelding, Advisorg G. Rustad, Vice-Presidentg G. Paulson, Treasurer BACK ROW: H. Stoll, V. Schmidlin, Student Council Member: G. Kirnmel M. Carothers. G. Schamaun, Student Council Member, J. Brunkow. Sophomores FRONT ROW: A. Landsverk. Secretaryg J. Lyngdal, Vice-President: D. Brommer, President: Miss Munson, Advisorg G. Reinhardt, Treasurerg J. King, Student Council Member. MIDDLE ROW: E. Wald, I. Olson, F. Breutzman, O, Larson, E. Thompson. BACK ROW: R. Meier, M. Mikelson, R. Reinhardt. ABSENT: R. Beck. 15 FRONT ROW: MIDU..E ROW: BACK ROW: ABSENT: FRONT ROW: MIDILE ROW: BACK ROW: ABSENT: Freshmen G. Blager. Student Council Member: J. Anderson, Secretary: Mr. Ellis, Advisor: E. Scharr, Vice-President, C. McQuiston, President: W. Worley, Student Council Member. E. Reinhardt, L. Blager, V. Reed, D. Benjamin, G. Breichng. D. Jensen. M. L. Meyer, J. Paulson, H. Bucher, C. Scharr. D. Larson, Treasurer: W. Windel, G. Smeltzer. 6-7-8 R. Hurlburt, G. Larson. C. Severson, A. Breidnmg, S. Thorson, C. Olson, M. Severson, M. Stoll. Mr. Gifford, J. Meier, S. Bucher, A. Westley, M. Tiffany, M. Breidung, R. Markey. D. Menting, G. Brommer, J. Menting. H. Stoll, D. Eide, P. Breutzman, C. Haugen, E. Meier, J. McDonough, R. Nelson. P. Hurlburt. E. Letts. 16 L. Q .. . 4. FRONT ROW: MIDI1.E ROW: BACK ROW: ABSENT: 3-4-5 C. Brantner. M. Castleberg. G. Vogt, S. Reinhardt. B. Meier, .L M R V R Synstad, M. McDonough, S. Baader, J. Reinhardt. Z. Scharr. rs. Wheeler, O. Evans, C. Walch, R. Bautch, G. Meier, . Smith, J. Menting, D. Brommer, B. Baader, P. Reinhardt. . Paulson. R. Bautch, R. Frank, A. Breidung, T. Knabe, M . McDonough, L. Thorson, D. Anderson, D. Mueller, D. Zellar . Ihvis. Joan Menting. ,,4. W- 1-2 FRONT ROW: G. McDonough, C. Reed, B. Scharr. D. Nyre, W. McDonough. R. Thorson. S. Smith, D. Bautch, B. Mueller. MIDl1.E ROW: P. McDonough, C. Smith, A. Preifert, C. Mason, S. Synstad, S. Salwey, J. Reinhardi. B. Preifert. BACK ROW: Mrs. Weishapple. J. Knabe, L. Bataglia, G. Schwalbe, A. Pehler, M. Brommer, J. Kennedy, J. Knabe. ABSENT: A. Breidung, E. Breidung, D. Menting, R. Menting. 17 QQ? was 5 WK 2 mfwiffacs FRONT ROW: J. Brunkow, P. Tiffany, F. Breutzman, G. Schamaun, D. B rommer. BACK ROW: J. Lyngdal, G. Reinhardt, M. Carothers, H. Bucher, J. Paulson. Basketball Schedule DATE OPPONENTS November Pepin November Alma November Fountain City December Cochrane December St. Felix December Gilmanton December Maiden Rock December Arkansaw December Plum City January Pepin January Alma January Fountain City January Maiden Rock January Kellogg February Gilmanton February St. Felix February Arkansaw February Cochrane February Plum City 19 SCORES OPPONENTS NELSON 35 36 65 31 46 Z0 62 Z3 31 ZZ 46 Z5 38 49 44 Z9 36 31 35 32 61 39 57 Z5 Z4 34 2.7 37 51 30 66 Z7 53 34 51 2.1 45 26 A. M. SOBOTA, Coach V. N. GLEITER Manager MERLIN CAROTHERS 4 'xx' Neg! GLENN SCHAMAUN JERRY LYNGDAL Z0 N54 FREDBREUTZMAN JERRY BRUNKOW PAT TIFFANY DUANE BROMMER Z1 L. Owen. E. Thanpson, J. Anderson. ll. Fuher. BASKETBALL SHOOTING SUMMARY 1949-50 NAME Raymond Beck Fred Breutzman Dxane Brommer Jerry Brunkow Merlin Carothers Jerry Lyngdal Gerald Reinhardt Glenn Schamaun Pat Tiffany 19 Games 'A FIELD 71, 1-'REE GOALS MADE THROWS MADE .232 429 .252 475 .236 608 .228 380 .097 273 .180 118 .400 .236 375 .155 .480 if Z2 Grade Basketball Team FRONT ROW: J. McDonough. H. Stoll, D. Eide, P. Breutzman E. Meier. BACK ROW: D. Gifford, Coach, D. Menting, R. Markey, G. Brommer, R..Ne.lson, C. Walch, Manager. Grade Cheerleaders S. Bucher, M. Tiffany, M. Severson. Z3 GUQN i 4 'N gW EE TVX x 'M 'X X Cx K, I ' Q L' 3 X 5 ' E xy K N E H7 X J 1 N , I lj Q E119 Q1 " 5 , X F42 My ' -3 A Q 5, xx ,NGS U P 5 y 'W walwwbyudwluluhm ZJCFIWIFWES ff' SECOND ROW: E. Mock, R. Hallock, P. Tiffany. Y. Gleiter, C. Thorson, D. Hlllke. FIRST ROY: M. J. Reck, M. Fuller, A. Hermundson, Miss Munson. Absent: M. Hermundson, M. Heltne. Viking Staff The 1950 Viking, composed and edited by the Senior Class, was printed by the Walsworth Company, Marceline, Missouri. Edstrom Studio of Winona, Minnesota, took the pictures for our yearbook. This year's staff was as follows: Editor. Anita Hermundson Assistant Editor, Mildred Fuherg Business Manager, Mary Jane Reckg Athletics, Verle Gleiter and Patrick Tiffany, Activities, Carol Thorson and Donna Hulkeg School Fun, Maxine Hermundson, Seniors, Mary Jane Reck, Mildred Fuher and Ramona Hallock: Undergrads, Elaine Mock and Maxine Hermundsong Faculty, Marvin Heltneg Viking Booster Page, Anita Hermundsong and Advisor, Phyllis Munson. Z5 Viking Staff at Work -pr' A. Hermundson is directing P. Tiffany and V. Gleiter in their work on "Athletics." 26 M. Fuher, M. J. Reck. and R. Hallock are busy working to get the Senior portraits arranged for the annual. C. Thoi-son, E. Mock, D. Hulke are hurrying to get the "Activities" for the annual done. Hi-Lites Staff BACK ROW: M. Carothers, O. Larson. MIDDLE ROW: M. L. Meyer. C. Scharr, B. Baader. H. Stoll, G. Blager, D. Benjamin, J. King, L. Blager, E. Scharr, D. Jensen, G. Paulson. FRONT ROW: V. Gleiter, V. Schmidlin, R. Hallock. M. J. Reck, M. Fuher, A. Hermundson. L. Owen. Miss Munson. The Nelson Hi-Lites has again been successfully published for the fourth year. This year it has been printed monthly by the Buffalo County Journal. We wish to thank Publisher, Clarence Cronick, and Staff for their grand work the past year. This year's staff was as follows: Editor ....... .... M ildred Fuher Associate Editor. . . . .Valoris Schmidlin Business Manager. . . . . .Ramona Hallock Advertising Manager. . .... . Lois Owen Social Editor ..... . . Anita Hermundson Sports Editor .............. Verle Gleiter Humor Editor ............ Mary Jane Reck Reporters. . M. Hermundson, B. Baader. H. Stroll, G. Rustad, G. Paulson, M. Carothers, J'. King, O. Larson, E. Scharr, C. Scharr, D. Benjamin, D. Jensen, L. Blager, G. Blager, M. Meyer. Advisor Phyllis Munson 2.7 Hi-Lites Staff at Work Editors Left to Right: R. Hallock. A. Hermundson, V. Schmidlin, M. J'. Reck. V. Gleiter. M. Fuher, L. Owen. Reporters BACK ROWg D. Jenson, G. Blager, lV1. 1.. Meyer, n.. ocnarr. MIDDLE ROW: J. King. B. Baader, H. Stoll, O. Larson. D. Benjamin, C. Scharr. FRONT ROW. M. Carothegs, liustad, G. Paulson, L. Blager Z8 STANDING: SITTING: Band f A ' ' I I f , LfL - - E . . Glee Club E. Reinhardt, J. Anderson, L. Blager. C. Scharr, E. Scharr, D. Jensen. D. Benjamin, D. Hulke, I. Olson, E. Wald. H. Sioll. E. Thompson. A. Hermundson, J. King, M. J. Reck. Miss Munson. L. Owen. G. Breidung. E. Mock. M. L. Meyer. C. Thorson, Vice-President: G. Paulson, Secretary: G. Rustad, Presidentp B. Baader. Music Librarian. ., .5 BACK ROW: R. Bautch, G. Meier, R. Smith, C. Walch. Brunkow, L. Owen, G. Schamaun, E. Wald, M. Mikelson, MIDDLE ROW: J. P. Breutzman, A. Hermundson. R. Bautch, J. Meier. A. Landsverk, D. Benjamin, E. Mock, M. Tiffany, R. Nelson, D. Anderson. FRONT Row: 29 Geometry Class STANDING: Mr. Ellis. A. Hermundson. E. lock. C. Thorson. D. Hulke. SITTING: P. Tiffany. R. Hallock. M. Fuher. M. J. Reck, V. Gleiter. Chemistry Class Left to Right: Mr. Ellis. M. Cax-others, G. Kimmel, H. Stoll, B. Baader. L. Owen, G. Paulson. G. Schamaun. J. Brunkow. 30 Ad-vanced Typing FOURTH ROW: THIRD ROW: SECOND ROW: FIRST ROW: Mikelson, R. Meier, R. Reinhardt, Miss Munson. D. Brommer. J. Lyngdal, F. Breutzman, O. Larson. E. Wald, A. Landsverk, I. Olson. G. Reinhardt. King, E. Thompson. Beginning Typing Left to Right: G. Rustad, V. Schmidlin, Miss Munson, H. Stoll. 31 Science Class Biology Class STANDING: E. Wald. I. Olson, Mr. Sobota, J. Lyngdal, F. Breutzman, O. Larson. SITTING: A. Landsverk. J. King, E. Thompson, D. Broomer. BACK ROW: J. Anderson, L.. Blager, E. Scharr, Mr. Ellis, G. Breidung, H. Bucher. W. Worley. U. Jensen, E. Reinhardt, D. Benjamin, V. Rvvd, G. Blager. FRONT ROW: C. Scharr, C. McQuiston, J. Paulson, M. L.. Meyer. 32 THIRD ROW: W. Worley, R. Meivr, C. McQuiston. SECOND ROW: Mr. Scholl. H. Bucher. G. Kimmel, M. Mikelson, R. Reinhardt. FIRST ROW: G. Reinhardt, J. Brunkow. P. Tiffany. M. Carruthers, F. F. A. Officers G. Schamaun. F. F.A STANDING: M. Carothers, Rvportn-rg J. Brunkow, Sentinel. SITTING: Mr. Scholl, G. Schamaun, Secretary: P. Tiffany, Presidvntg G. Reinhardt, Treasurer. ABSEN'I't M. Heltne, Vicc--President. 33 STANIING: KNEELING: M. Fuher, Secretaryg M. J. Reck, Secretary: A. Hermundson, High Salesmang L. Owen, Captain. V. Gleiter, Captaing P. Tiffany, Captain: G. Reinhardt, High Salesman. Librarians A. Landsverk, J. King, E. Scharr. C. Scharr. Magazine Group A. Landsverk, E. Wald. V. Schmidlin, M. J. Reck Mrs. Erpelding. Statistics Club BACK ROW: D. Brommer, G. Schamaun, Mr. Scbota, R. Hallock, W. Worley. C. McQuiston. FRONT ROW: I. King. V. Schmidlin. M. J. Reck, M. Fuher, L. Owen, G. Blager. ,, . , y, .,,. - L 1, fx wks nil EW' The school bus shown in the lower picture is one of the three buses owned by Bill Reinhardt. Bill drove one bus, Student ouncil ROMEO BUSCH, JANITOR. Albert Peterson drove the pictured bus, and Edwin Jost drove the small blue bus. at I F IIQHLQ 35 BILL REINHARUI' Bus Driver. . it HELPERS Amta Hermundson, Ramona Hallock, and Valorxs Schmldlin. Absent: Maxine Hermundson. School Lunch 36 COOKS Mrs. Anton Hermundson and Mrs. Alvin Vogt Some of the hungry boys and girls. E 5 w?3 Hb QQ w CQ fb 9 X J M W ,NX 5657002 V ,r - 43 'A A . . . . . il! . ' 1 Q. Q .J Inztzatlon Vzctzms BACK ROW: E. Reinhardt, J. Anderson, V. Reed, G. Breidung, G. Blager, D. Jensen, L. Blager. FRONT ROW: D. Benjamin, W. Windel, C. Scharr, M L. Meyer, E. Scharr. D. Larson, H. Bucher, G. Smeltzer. C. McQuiston. KNEELING: H. Halling, H. Bilderback. INITIATION PARTY Initiation, sponsored by the Seniors, was held on September thirtieth. At 9:30, the weirdly dressed Freshmen entertained the student body in the assembly. In the evening, they were tortured some more: having to eat "Senior vomit" and wash their hands in "Senior snot." After this torment, the students danced, and lunch was served. MAGAZINE PA RT Y The losing side of the magazine contest sponsored the annual magazine party on Thursday, November tenth. The high school bus took the students to see the movie "Bad Boy", a story based on juvenile delinquency, at Wabasha. After the movie, the students went to the Community Hall, where chili and pop were served. The boys and girls also danced and played cards. RED RIVER VALLEY GANG On December eighth, the F. F. A. sponsored the Red Valley Gang at the Community dY Hall. The "Gang" provided its audience with a very pleasant evening of music and come CHRISTMAS PARTY On Tuesday night, December twentieth, the Junior Class sponsored a Christmas party for the students and Faculty. Everyone gathered in the assembly which had been decorated for the past week with red and green streamers and a beautiful Christmas tree. Gifts under the tree were distributed by Santa Claus fDale Owen, later in the evening. Games, directed by Mr. and Mrs. Erpelding, were played, after which everyone danced until Santa arrived. After the gifts were opened, lunch was served. 38 Snapshots 'vfvzsfzw ' L - 2--v 'wwf 'Xx if 39 'IW' Nice car, eh? Pals Hubba-hubbaf Which one, Ardys? Glamorous faculty Where did we see you before? Roadside capers Chummy, aren't we? To think they're Freshies now! Fire bug, Fritz: S0-o romantic: Long long ago: Ardys. The girl, not the cat. Posing? 5 ? S 1 42- 4 --A . ' I , 1 t 1 he T t A K F 4' V is t I1 M -" ' lm 'i' 951 .. ZZ Legs! A happy foursome: Oh. oh. Lois: Sitting pretty Cheering for N. H. S Traveling? Loveis Popping corn Love must be grand! Guess who More legs: Looking for something? R. Beck M. Hermundson M. Heltne Just sittin! Peekaboo. Nicky! G. Smeltzer W. Windel D. Larson Up in the air you go. Parading "Coco" Bn-m70,,, D Wyfffblgff Dfmfmww yM ,ffafw Wfqfiww ibgaflwqflw ix - W7 W4 ' ?2afflaf Q gi SW gg fs QQQWWZEQ wg-Q2 W Mfgwfrff W W5 Jif"55U? 55 Q E225 33 M M65 mdfjfygxm M Xin ff WMM jf www - M gf Q Ji AW GRMZPH5 cqufog mpg: 'ff WAL WORTH L-u-.g..,r..-.4 A nu..-.4 nv WAISIOITH BROTHERS Huealmmlo U S A 43 is V E 4 51? ge. 3 L-hgw ' 00? Q E ii 7-xerzfs QQ tex " pooh D '2..f.ff.f , X, ' I JMLW AU ZWZWZTIXQUAVG The American Bunk Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Nelson Alma Pepin Our Best Wishes To The Class Of 1950 KOLLER AND COMPANY I. H. C. Farm Implements - Parts And Service Durand Phone 183 Wisconsin ORLADY LUMBER COMPANY Dealers In Building Materials Durand ' Wisconsin l T ' 1 Stitch Service Stotion Mobil Products Tires, Batteries, And Accessories Tank Wagon Service Tri-City Doiry Pasteurized Dairy Products Ice Cream - Bulk Or Package Durand Wisconsin E. J. Knospe Hardware - Heating - Plumbing And Electric Wiring Alma Wisconsin Compliments Of WOLF'S I Ladie's Ready-To-wear Shoes For Women And Children - Durand Wisconsin FIRST STATE BANK Complete Banking Service 1-lfZ'Z1 Interest Paid On 12 Months Certificate Of Deposit Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation First State Insurance All Lines Of General Insurance Wabasha Minnesota WABASHA IMPLEMENT COMPANY ff, J. I. Case Farm Machinery Marlow Milkers - Hoffers Paints gif Crosleys, Heluador Refrigerators "7 And Appliances Tractor And Automobile Repairing Electric And Gas Welding Wabasha Minnesota SECURITY NATIONAL BANK Durand Wisconsin Compliments Of THE BUFFALO COUNTY JOURNAL Clarence And Virginia Cronick H. F. STOHR Furniture And Funeral Service Alma Wisconsin CARLSON AND MCDONALD IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere - Pontiac Skelgas - Hinman Wabasha Phone 175 Minnesota Congratulations To Class Of 1950 PEM THEATRE Wabasha Minnesota SMITTYS Ne1S01'1 Wisconsin Compliments Of GAMBLES Durand Wisconsin GOODRICH FURNITURE STORE Pepin Durand Menomonie GOODRICH LUMBER AND COAL COMPANY Dealers In Lumber And Coal Phone 29 Durand Wisconsin Compliments To The Class Of 1950 BRITTON SALES AND SERVICE PePin Wisconsin BRITTON FARM SERVICE Alma Wisconsin WABASHA MOTOR SALES Ford Sales And Service Dearborn Implements Woods Brothers Corn Pickers Wabasha Minnesota FARMERS MACHINE COMPANY R. A. Bigwell And Son Dealers In Farm Machinery - Milking Machines - Feed And Seed Dlrand Phone 230 Or 7-5 Wisconsin Durand HOUGEN'S PHARMACY The Rexall Store Phone 42 Wisconsin Compliments Of SANDWICH BAR C. L. Krings Durand Wisconsin Compliments Of RED OWL STORE Richard J. Thompson, Owner Durand Wisconsin Compliments Of KOPPS SKELLY SERVICE Gas - Oil - Greases Alma Wisconsin Compliments Of WEHRENB ERG ST UDIOS Alma Wisconsin Wabasha Minnesota Compliments Of MILLER AND O'FLAHERTY Clothing And Genis Furnishings Quality Merchandise Wabasha Minnesota ARTS PLACE Beer - Soft Drinks - Tobocco Wabasha Minnesota BRENNER'S CLOTHING STORE Suits And Top Coats Durand Wisconsin JORDAN'S FLOWERS Cut Flowers - Potted Plants Wedding Designs - Funeral Designs Phone 383 Durand Wisconsin Compliments Of Our Own Wabasha Hardware Ray, Bill, And Dean GIFFORD'S STORE Chore Boy Milkers Dari-Kool Milk Coolers Darrow's Milk Houses Calphos - Fertilizer Telephone 316-Z0 - R. R. 3 Wabasha Minnesota Durand Wisconsin Compliments Of FOX E. B. WISE PYROFAX GAS SERVICE Magic Chei Ranges Furniture And Funeral Service See J. A. 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Suggestions in the Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) collection:

Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 50

1950, pg 50

Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 38

1950, pg 38

Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 57

1950, pg 57

Nelson High School - Viking Yearbook (Nelson, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 20

1950, pg 20

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