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-4 9" .n ' A 1 . 'f-34,1 Q .254 f. .,5.,y . Q , tc ,, 2 W ,Mu-vfx i-.2 ,gd -z . . , -. '- tn-.mal-,ug -nf . ,,n. , L, J. ,f, LY. .,.. frm- r .Jw f'- , lx . bg Mg r. 'L + I ' ' iff ,lx M53 mf, 5. v ,i fx ' V LJ NK, J, 4 1 ll , - 1 1949 VIKING, mamma by fb' seam-,cmgu or NELSON, WISCOISBW Pictures supplied by Edstrom,8tudin WINONAQ MINNESOTA Q iw. A Phillip Breutlmln. KV! fX IN MEMORIAM We, the Senior Class of 1949, dedicate this annual to Doris Keister, a former student of Nelson High School. In memory, we honor Doris, who drowned July 4, 1948. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Keister 3 .ff fX FACULTY We, the Seniors of Nelson High, wish to present the new and old faculty members of the Nelson High School. Mr. A. M. Sobota spent his first years of school in Independence, Wisconsin. In high school his activities were basketball, which he starred in, baseball and track. He played with the town team and continued to do so for 12 years. In 1926 Mr. Sobota enrolled at St. Mary's College, Winona, Minnesota. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree from this institution in 1931, did some post graduate work at the University of Minnesota, and then returned to Winona in the capacity of teacher for three years. He was married to Alyce Glynn on October 12, 1933, during his third year at Winona... Mr. Ray Scholl has been teaching here at Nelson since the fall of 1942. After graduating from the Spring Green, Wisconsin, grade and high school, he entered the Platteville State Teachers College. After receiving an Agriculture major, Ray began his teaching career--his first year at Drummund, Wisconsin, and his second year at Cambria, Wisconsin, In the fall of 1942, Mr. Scholl joined the facultys of Nelsoni and Cochran High Schools, where he has taught for the past seven years. . Mr. Clement Ellis was born on a farm between St. Charles and Chatfield, Minnesota, September 5, 1910. He attended a country grade school for seven years and continued his eighth grade and high school years in Chatfield. Upon graduating from St. Mary's College in Winona, he became a postmaster and storekeeper in Weaver. He held this position up until the time he entered the U. S. Navy in 1944, This year Mr. Ellis taught Mathematics and Science at Nelson High School. Before coming here, he taught one year at Kellogg, Minnesota. He was married to Kathryn Tentis in 1940 and is now the father of five children, four girls and-one boy. Miss Phyllis Munson, our commercial teacher, spent her early life near Kenyon, Minnesota, on a farm, and graduated from Kenyon High School. She is a graduate of St. Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota, where she earned a major in Economics. In the fall of 1948 she joined the faculty of Nelson, where she was advisor of Nelson Hi-Lites, our school paper, and the Viking, Nelson's annual. Miss Gail Vander Kamp, our English teacher, spent her early life around Eau Claire, where she graduated from St. Patrick's High School and Eau Claire State Teachers' College. She had taught two years at Strum before she came to Nelson. Mrs. H. A. Scherf was born in Chesaning, Michigan. She studied piano under Roy Underwood, head of the music department at Michigan State College at East Lansing, Michigan, and Lou Alp Taylor, American concert artist of New York City. She studied organ under Rudolph Puhlman. In September, 1945, she was married to Pastor H. A. Scherf of Morgan, Minnesota. Mrs. Scherf taught music in Michigan for several years, then at Dr. Martin Luther College at New Ulm, Minnesota. She devoted twenty-one years to teaching. On Wednesdays this year she worked with our band and chorus. 6 ,T OLGER THOMPSON, President "Aren't You Glad You're You" I-".F.A. l-2-3-4 "A" Honor Roll 1-4 "B"'l-Ionor Role Z-3 Vice-President Z President 4 Student Council 3-4 Badger Boy's State 3 Junior Prom 3 Annual 4 fAssistant Editor, Newspaper 3-4 School Treasurer 4 Speaking Award Z "In A Little Book Shop" Speaking Award 3-4 Annual 4 Vice-President 4 Q Prom King 3 F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 Dramatics 4 Clay of '49 HOWARD MARKEY, Vice-President, MOTTO: THE HIGHER WE CLIMB, THE BROADER THE VIEW ARLENE REINHARDT, Secretar, SONG: AFTER GRADUATION DAY "I'd Love To Live In Loveland" Newspaper Z-3-4 C1855 Secretary 2-4 COLORS: CRIMSON AND SILVER Kittenball Z X Member of 4-H Z FLOWER! RED ROSE Annual 3-4 QEditor 41 Junior Prom 3 Chorus 4 ALVERA SPIES, Treasurer "Squeeze Me But Don't Tease Me Clan Secretary l-3 Class President 2 Class Treasurer 4 Newspaper Z-3-4 Annual 3-4 Salesmen Achievement 3 Junior Prom 3 Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Chorus 4 Kittenball 1 Captain of Magazine Contest 4 8 PHILLIP BREUTZMAN "When My Baby Smiles At Me" Basketball letter l-Z-3-4 Kittenball 1-Z-3 Dramstics Z Newspaper Z-3-4 Annual lPhotography, 3-4 Band 3-4 Junior Prom 3 F.F.A. 4 ELLA MAY BUCHER "Away Out West" Kittenball 1-Z-3 Librarian 1-Z-3-4 Member of 4-H Z Annual 4 Junior Prom 3 v APEARL BROWNELLI '-rm sau Crazy For You" Newspaper 3-4 Annual 3-4 Junior Prom 3 LAUREL DUELLMAN "Ai.n'tcha Ever Comin' Back" Kittenball Z-3 Cheerleader 1-2-3-4 Member of 4-H 2 Newspaper 3-4 Band 3 Provmpter of Play 3 Junior Prom 3 EUGENE BRUNKOW "They Go Wild Simply Wild Over Me" Student Council 1 Kittenball 2 Drunatics Z .Tunior Prom 3 Basketball letter Newspaper 2 Class Treasurer Z Annual 4 Captain of Magazine Contest 3 Salesman Achievement 4 F,F.A. 1-Z-3-4 3-4 BETTY HOLMES "You Were Only Fooling" Captain of Magazine Contest Sslesmen Achievement Z Annual 3-4 Junior Prom 3 Chorus 4 9 3 BERNICE JENSEN "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows" Prom Queen 3 Band 3-4 Annual 3-4 Prornpter of Play 3 Newspaper Z-3-4 fAs istant Editor 31 Dramatics 4 Kittenball 1-2 Chorus 4 PATRICIA KING "I-Ie's My Guy" Student Council l-Z Kittenball I-Z "B" Honor Roll 3-4 Newspaper 2-3 Dramatics 3-4 Band 3-4 Chorus 4 Junior Prom 3 Annual 4 MILTON JOST I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue "Eyes" Basketball Letter 1-Z-3-4 Kittenball 1-Z ' F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 Dramatics Z Junior Prom 3 Annual 4 Honorary Basketball Captain 4 ODELL MEIER "Give Me The Sirnple Life F.F.A. Z-3-4 Kittenball 2 Member of 4-H Z Junior Prom 3 LEILA KIMMEL "Patience and Fortituden Annual 3-4 Junior Prom 3 Chorus 4 ERWIN MIKELSON "A Fellow Needs A Girl" Newspaper Z Basketball Letter 3-4 Dramatics 3 Junior Prom 3 Annual 4 Student Council 4 10 GERALD REINHARDT "Bell Bottom Trousers" Kittenball 1-2-3 F.F.A. 1-2-3-4 Basketball Letter Z Annual 4 Junior Prom 3 PATRICIASCHARR "l Don't Want To Walk Without You Vice-President 1 Kittenball 1 Dramatics 1-3 Student Council Z-3 Newspaper 2-3-4 Member of 4-H Z Class President 3 Annual 3-4 Band 3-4 Junior Prom 3 Chorus 4 HAROLD RISTOW "Make Mine Music" Kistenball 1-Z-3 F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 Band 3-4 Annual 4 Junior Prom 3 Basketball letter 3-4 Captain of Magazine Contest 4 Salesmen Achievement 3 VIRGAL WEISENBECK "You Call Everybody Darling" Vice-President 3 Newspaper 3-4 fEditor 4, Annual 3-4 fAssistant Editor 3j Junior Prom 3 Student Council 4 DARLENE SCHARR "Fun and Fancy Free" Kittenball 1 Member of 4-H Z Student Council 3 Newspaper 3-4 Annual 3-4 fBusiness Manager 3-42 Junior Prom 3 ' DARRELL REINHARDT "Ain't Doin' Bad Doin' Nothin"' Kittenball 1-Z-3 F.F.A. 1-Z-3-4 Member of 4-H Z Basketball Letter Z-3 State Farmers Degree 3 Salesmen Achievement 3 Junior Prom 3 Annual 4 Certificate of D.H.l.A. 3 11 CLASS HISTORY Our first high school year began with an enrollment of twenty-six eager Freshmen, full of enthusiasm and extreme ideas, which our principal, Mr. Sobota, immediately curbed and directed into the right channels. As a result we were able to do many things in our four years. At the beginning of the second semester, Leila Kimmel entered our class, making twenty-seven Freshmen. In our Sophomore year we lost Adeline Schumacher, who became the bride of Kenneth Weissengerg Patricia DeWilde, who transferred to Alma High School and Murriel Mitchell, who transferred to Wabasha High School. We received one new student, Doris Keister, who transferred from Boyceville. Some of the members of the class contributed their services to the newspaper staff this year and the following two years. The third year we lost Fred Breidung, who is helping at home and Eleanor Tollefson, who moved to Glenwood City. Miss Kelley advised the decorating for the Junior Prom and for the Turkey Trot. Music was furnished by Otto Stock and Johnny Farwell, respectively. The following September, as Seniors, we entered school with a new dignity befitting our classification. The greatest tragedy of the year was the loss of Doris Keister, our dear friend and classmate, when she drowned on July 4, 1948. We had a number of basketball lettermen in our class this year: Phillip Breutzman, Milton Jost, Gerald Reinhardt, Darrell Reinhardt, Erwin Mikelson, Eugene Brunkow, and Harold Ristowg also two cheerleaders: Alvera Spies and Laurel Duellman. The Seniors presented a play on April 15. We will always be grateful to our parents and teachers for making it possible for us to arrive at this graduation of our education career. CLASS1 WILL The intention of the class of 1949 was to present this will in person, and it would, indeed, have given her great pleasure to do so. However, during these last days she was so occupied with social engagements and other dates not so social but of great importance to the future, that she was forced to present this in writing. Owing to the flighty condition of her brain, and unusual disturbance in her gray matter, she begs me to state for her that she may quite possibly have been mistaken in her in- ve toryg but such things as she thinks she has, she hereby gives into your possession, praying that you will accept them and be as faithful to them as the class that is passing on ROW . We, the class of '49, in twenty-two individual minds and bodies, being about to pass into oblivion from this sphere of education, in full possession of a bewildered mind, well-trained memory, and almost superhuman understanding in certain things, do make and publish this, our last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills or promises by us at any time herebefore made, or idly spoken, one to another as the situations did occur. We first wish to direct that our funeral services shall be conducted by our friends and well-wishers, our principal and his all-wise and ever competent faculty, who have been our guardians for so long, only asking, as the last injunction of the dying, that the funeral be carried on with all the dignity and pomp that our worth, our merit, our attainments, and our positions as seniors of the "grave and reverend mien" must certainly have deserved. 12 As to such things which we have been able to gain with our own efforts and with the pleasure of fate we do now dispose of as follows: ITEM We give and bequeath to our beloved faculty all the amazing knowledge and startling information that we have furnished them from time to time in our various examination papers. We know that much which we have imparted to them in this way must have been entirely new to them, as well as to all teachers and students every - where, and would throw much new light on many a hitherto familiar line of thought, throughout the whole world of science and learning--even outside the halls and walls of Nelson High School. If the faculty see fit, they are hereby authorized to give out such of this information to the world as they may feel the world is ready to receive. We trust they will also feel at perfect liberty to make use of all such bits of wisdom and enlightenment for the education of the classes to come after us. This, of course, is left entirely to their personal discretion. ITEM We leave the Junior Class our good luck. What would we have done without it? It made us what we are to-day, and it should satisfy them,because there were many more to share it in the Senior Class. We also leave them the privileges and rights which we enjoyed, as well as any notebooks, pencils, fountain pens, unfinished business, lwhether it be classes or notj, unfinished lollypops, or unpaid debts. There are probably a few things which are, as of yet, unfinished, but these we wish to keep. ITEM To our good friends, the Sophomores, we leave our patience. It will be found useful as the only means by which they can endure the SOPHISTICATED Juniors. ITEM We have made no mention of the present Freshman Class which will be known as the Sophomore Class in a few months. We have left them nothing, because by that tirne their self-evaluation will have attained such heights that nothing in our possession would be regarded by them as worthy of their distinction.- ITEM To next year's class president we leave, with grave doubts as to his ability to use it--the stentorian voice of our good President, Olger Thompson, which enabled him to overcome all opposition existing. Also, we leave his ability to keep on good terms with the faculty and still do as he pleased: in other words, his executive ability. In witness whereof we, the class of '49, the testator, have set our hand and seal on whatever day this did occur, in this year of our good fortune, 1949. INDIVIDUAL WILLS I, Phillip Breutzman, will my musical talent to Raymond Reinhardt. I, Pearl Brownell, will my good times to the kids that don't have so much fun. I, Eugene Brunkow, will my jewelry to the girls to fight over. 13 I, Ella May Bucher, will my athletic ability' to Mildred Fuher. I, Laurel Duellman, will my ability to argue to Ines Olson. I, Betty Holmes, will my ability to dance to struggling beginners. I, Bernice Jensen, will my ability to type to the beginning typists. I, Milton Jost, will my height to Duane Brommer. I, Leila Kimmel, will my good marks to the less fortunate. I, Patricia King, will my acting ability to Carol Thorson. I, Howard Markey, will my speaking ability to the boys who plan to enter contests in the future. I, Odell Meier, will my girlfriends to any one who wants them. I, Erwin Mikelson, will my Norwegian brogue to Ardys Landsverk. I, Gerald Reinhardt, will my dimples to Orville Larson. I, Darrell Reinhardt, will the courage to talk back to principals to Merlin Mikelson. ' I, Arlene Reinhardt, will my cheerfulness to the highest bidder. I, Harold Ristow, will my bass horn to Jerry Lyngdal. I, Darlene Scharr, will my habit of blushing to Pat Tiffany. I, Patricia Scharr, will my desk to the person who arrives earliest the first morning. I, Alvera Spies, will my cheerleading position to the freebies to fight over. I, Olger Thompson, will my vigor to Merlin Carothers. I, Virgal Weisenbeck, will my laugh to anyone who wants it. CLASS PROPHECY OF 1959 It is rumored that Betty Holmes, singer with the Dale Simons orchestra is now engaged to the drummer of the same orchestra. Mrs. Donald Owen Qnee Pat Kingj has returned to Math teaching at R.F.S.T.C. where Mr. Owen is Agriculture professor. The Owen's children are staying at Nelson with the Art King's . Coach "Mike" Mikelson has been having good luck with his team this year. They have won 12 out of 14 games. We hear he passed out cigars to the team last week, celebrating the arrival of a 9 pound boy. 14 Harold Ristow has recently purchased Reidts Pavilion. He says he is going to remodel the building and put in a floor more suitable for roller skating. Odell Meier and Gerald Reinhardt are now operating a chicken ranch in By Golly Creek. They have been such strong competition for Pete Armstrong that he has decided to sell them his prize flock. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Quarberg Knee Arlene Reinhardt, recently moved to Norwegian Valley from Trout Creek. There they will operatethe home farm. . Leila Kimmel, former teacher at Spring Creek, has taken a hard earned vacation to Key West, Florida. She has been seen, while in Key West, with several multi-millionaires . Milton Jost has been very busy running the home farm lately, but we hear he still makes his trips to North Branch. Ella May Bucher has been spending the past few weeks at her parents ' home. As you know, she owns the Double R. Ranch near Butte, Montana. Olger Thompson, professor of Zoology at Yale, seems to be still the Romeo he was in his high school days. His marriage to Miss Sylvia Legless, famous opera star, was announced last week. She is Olger's third wife. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Breutzman Knee Pat Scharrl and twins, James and Junice, spent last week visiting their parents in Nelson. Mr. Breutzrnan is operating the "We Shoot You" studio in Rochester, Minnesota. Miss Virgal Weisenbeck is now employed as a private secretary at the Tiffany Lumber Company. It is rumored that she and her boss, Patrick, who has taken over his father's business, are still good friends. Eugene Brunkow has purchased another farm. He has been kept so busy operating his four farms that he has had no time for romancing. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Duellman have received word from their daughter, Laurel, now a member of the U. S. WAC, that she is engaged again. We wonder if she will be married though. She has returned diamonds to 4 fellows already. Alvera Spies, who still resides at the Bagville Old Maid Home, has been seen at The Gulch with an old high school flame. His name was not revealed. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald I-letrick Knee Pearl Brownell, and four sons, Ronnie Ir. Charles, Cameron, and James, spent Sunday visiting friends in Nelson. Howard Markey, who claims he's read all the "good" books, just finished writing his first book, "Murder in lmbecile Lane." Good luck in writing!! Miss Darlene Scharr, with the assistance of Mildred Fuher, has been operating the Bagville Old Maid Home the past 9 years. However, we have our doubts as to how much longer the home will be in operation, as next year is leap year. Happy Day for the Old Maids! Darrell Reinhardt of By Golly Creek was awarded the honor of having the highest producing butterfat Brown Swiss herd in the world. Congratulations! Miss Bernice Jensen, Member of the U. S. WAF, has recently returned to San Diego after spending a 60 day leave at the home of her parents. 15 NAME Phillip Breutzrnan Pearl Brownell Eugene Brunkow Ella May Bucher Laurel Duellman 'Betty Holmes Bernice Jensen Milton J'ost Leila Kirnmel Patricia King Howard Markey Odell Meier Erwin Mikelson Arlene Reinhardt Darrell Reinhardt Gerald Reinhardt Harold Ristow Darlene Scharr Patricia Scharr Alve ra Spies Olger Thompson Virgal Weisenbeck NICKNAME I I I ' 'Marie ' ' "Genie" "Ella" "Lol1y" "Corky" "Neice" uBudu "Leila" upatn "Howie" "Meier" llMike'I "Lena" "J'1unbo" Frank "Ristow" llDarll ' 'Patsy" olveran "Ole" ' ' Virgie' ' LIKES Late hours Dancing Friday To breathe western air That certain Part? To have fun Dark, curly hair Ice cream School Don O. This years teachers Reading Basketball Eating ' ' Brown ' ' Swiss Eating A good time Excitement A certain senior Popcorn Eating candy in school A certain junior 16 DISLIKES Early mornings Temper Monday to Saturday Nelson Nosy people Writing letters Onions Reading Vegetables Cats Framing Cooking Proms People who frown Danc es Girls Women Conceited people A Cold weather Algebra Getting caught City life ' ' FAVORITE ' ' PASTIMES Pat Scharr Sleeping Hunting Writing letters Day dreaming Reminiscing Dancing Fooling around Reading books Eating pickles Reading Reading "Zane Grey" books Reading Being with Ray Hunting Hunting Playing in the orchestra Laughing Reading Eating Pestering the teachers Driving the car UNDERGRADS 4' 4117?-'uiiih g'1S3J'N 1 I K . ' 1 . x 2' S I ' Z., ev X if 'Q Ae Q3 ip' 5 xx, 5 ,ff . uniora ma... , ,N ,, BACK ROW: Donna H., Carol T., Pat W., Marvin H., Robert R., Anita H., Maxine H., FRONT ROW: Elaine M., Mary Jane R., Mildred F., Verle G., Pat T Ramona H., Muriel K., 18 JUNIOR JOTS In the year of 1946 nineteen members were enrolled as Freshmen. During the first semester this class lost three of its members--Clara Rathbun, Margie Price and Clair Serum. At the end of the year the class of '51 numbered sixteen. The Sophomore year marked another decrease with the loss of Alvern Quarberg. On September 13, 1948, the class of '51 left behind their title of underclassmen and graduated to the much more enjoyable title of upperclassmen. This year the class consisted of fourteen members. It was decreased by the absence of Joyce Schumaun, who went to Alrna High School. On September Zl, the Junior Class assembled to elect officers for the school year. The meeting was called to order by last year's president, Verle Gleiter. The following students were elected to fill the offices: Verle Gleiter, President, Pat Tiffany, Vice-President: Mildred Fuher, Secretary, Muriel Keenlyne, Treasurer, Mary Jane Reck and Ramona Hallock, student council members. The Junior Class was represented in basketball by Pat Tiffany, who has earned his third bar. He also held of Sentinel in the F.F.A. Other members of the F.F.A. were Marvin Heltne and Robert Reinhardt. Verle Gleiter has held the positions of Advertising Manager of the "Hi-Lites" and Basketball Manager for the past two years. The girls of the Junior Class were represented in cheerleading by Mildred Fuher, who also was Associate Editor of the "Hi-Lites." The position of Humor Editor was held again this year by Ramona Hallock. Mary Jane Reck, Muriel Keenlyne and Anita Hermundson participated on the staff as reporters. Mary Jane Reck represented the class as librarian.. Members of the band were Elaine Mock and Muriel Keenlyne. ' Again this year the Junior Class proved themselves to be outstanding sales- men when Pat Weisenbeck and Muriel Keenlyne won distinction as high salesmen. 19 Via, fs UK-- .QA QW 7- 4' fo ' 'K . 1, .S .1 . - 5 ,cf-.-1,9-nfl X .W 'S NA! Q xi 'wr ' Q S Soplwmored BACK ROW: Darrell K., Glenn K., Merlin C., Glenn S., Gladys R., FRONT ROW: Genesse P., Valoris S., Betty B., Harriet S., Lois O., Jerry B all W W BACK ROW: Duane B., Raymond B., Merlin Nl., Orville L., Roger M., .Terry L., Raymond R. FRONT ROW: Ines O., Ardys L., Ann S., Gerald R., Fred B., Elaine S., Marlene K., Jean K., Absent: Elaine T. 20 'N 1.1--f ' v 'N 15 Q Q . .-' ,' ?' RM al' N' U '. , 7-3 I WS' 9:-e.4lunen SOPHOMORE SHORTS On September 13, 1948, the class of '51 left behind their green caps and settled down to a hard life of world history and biology. There were thirteen members in the Sophomore Class, six girls and seven boys. Their population had originally been nineteen: but Corlinda Eide and Roger Brommer dropped out in their first year, while Darlene Paulson moved to Sauk City, Wisconsin. They suffered another loss this year when Mary Jane Owen and Dale Owen moved to Durand, Wisconsin. The class elected its officers in the second week of school. They were Betty Baader, President, Genesse Paulson, Vice-President, Valoris Schmidlin, Secretary, Harriet Stoll, Treasurer, and .Terry Brunkow and Lois Owen, student council members. The Sophomore Class was represented in extra-curricular activities by Lois Owen. Harriet Stoll, Glenn Schauman in band, Darrell Kindschy, Glenn Schauman, Glen Kimmel in Agriculture, Valoris Schmidlin as Librarian, Lois Owen as the "green" cheerleader, Merlin Carothers, .Terry Brunkow, Glenn Schaurnan, and Darrell Kindschy as the class's future basketball stars.. The Sophomore Class sponsored the annual Halloween Party on Friday, October 29. FRESHMAN FACTS This year eighteen Freshmen climbed the travel-worn stairs of Nelson High. They chose their seats and sat stiffly while picking out the various subjects, collect- ing their books, and, in general, getting acquainted with high school life. The following week a class meeting was held with Elaine Thompson chosen as President, Ann Sobota, Vice-President, Ardys Landsverk, Secretary, and Fred Breutzman, Treasurer. They were represented in band by Ann Sobota, Eunice Wald, Ardys Landsverk, Jean King, and Merlin Mikelson. They were well represented in chorus and agriculture Jean King was Freshmen reporter for the school newspaper. Initiation, the event of the year for the Freshmen, took place on October first. A well planned day had been arranged by the Seniors. Hats off to the Freshmen. We hope you make even more deserving Sophomores. 21 STATISTICS . September 6, 1948, marked the big day for the nineteen "first graders," who commenced their education by learning to read, draw, and color, and a continuance of learning by grades two through eight. The grades were divided up into three sections - the primary, l-Z3 intermediate, 3-4-53 and the upper grades, 6-7-8. There were parties celebrating Hallowe'en, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. The annual Christmas Program was also sponsored by the grades. The students listened to radio programs from which they learned about civics, music, art, and nature study. During the year, the following students withdrew: D. Sutherland, P. Sutherland, J. Reinhardt, J. Hendricks, C. Ebersold, J. Ebersold, K. Johnston, M. Hendricks, K. Johnston, J. Ebersold, J. Sutherland, and R. Sutherland. Upper Picture: FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIFTH ROW: Lower Picture FRONT ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW George Schuawlbe, Michael McDonough, Tommy Knabe, Patrick Sobota, Dutee Nyre, Donald Anderson, Raymond Davis, Virgil Paulson, Donald Zellar, Danny Mueller, Billy Scharr. Gladys Vogt, Carol Brantner, Joan Menting, Ardeth Priefert, Arlene Briedung, Darlene Menting, Patricia McDonough, Sonya Synstad, Charlotte Mason, Myrna Castleberg, Cindy Smith, Janice Reinhardt. Ruby Hurlburt, Belvadine Meier, Joan Synstad, Sandra Ott, Judy Sobota, Myrtle Stoll, Shelby Baader, Billy Baader, Maurice Brommer. Mrs. La Verle Fahnel, Dennis Radle, Allen Breidung, John Pat Kennedy, James Menting, Darrel Menting, Russel Smith, Richard Bautch, Gary Meier, Douglas Brommer. Robert Frank, Leigh Thorson, Mrs. Margaret Weishapple. Paul Reinhardt, Charles Haugen, Ronald Markey, Robert Bautch, Violet Ann Reck, Peggy Hurlburt, Geraldine Larson, Shirley Thorson, Gladys Breidung, Elaine Reinhardt, Judy Anderson, Marguerite Tiffany Miss Constantine, Cleo Scharr, Joan Meier, Evelyn Scharr, Louise Blager, Shirley Bucher, Charlet Olson, Marjorie Breidung, Robert Reinhardt, ,Harvey Stoll, Glen Smeltzer, Elroy Letts, Paul Breutzman, Donald Eide, James Paulson. John McDonough, Emmitt Meier, Junior Menting, Glen Brommer. 23 XT Illia THE VIKING The 1949 Viking, composed and edited by the Senior Class, was printed by the Walsworth Company. As in the past two annuals, Edstrom Studio of Winona, Minnesota has taken the pictures for our year-book. This year's staff was as follows: Editor, Arlene Reinhardt: Assistant Editors, Patricia Scharr and Olger Thompson: Business Manager, Darlene Scharr: Athletics, Harold Ristow, Phillip Breutzman and Erwin Mikelson: Activities, Bernice Jensen and Alvera Spies: F.F.A., Gerald Reinhardt: School Fun, Howard Markey and Odell Meier: Seniors, Darlene Scharr, Betty Holmes, and Laurel Duellman: Undergrads, Patricia King: Faculty, Darrell Reinhardt and Eugene Brunkow: Snapshots, Pearl Brownell and Leila Kimmel: Alumni, Milton Jost: Viking Booster, Virgal Weisenbeck and Ella May Bucher: and Advisor, Phyllis Munson. Upper Picture: A THIRD ROW: Eugene B., Howard M., Milton J., Gerald R., Darrell R., Harold R. SECOND ROW: Virgal W., Leila K., Patricia K., Pearl B., Ella May B., Olger T., Bernice J., Alvera S., Betty H., Patricia S., Laurel D., Darlene S. FIRST ROW: Miss Munson, Odell M., Arlene R., Phillip B. NELSON HI-LITES The Nelson I-Ii-Lites has again been successfully published for the third year. This year, it has been printed monthly by the Wabasha Herald-Standard. We wish to thank Editor, Ray Young, and Staff for their grand work the past year. This year's staff was as follows: . . . Virgal Weisenbeck Editor Associate Editor .... .... M ildred Fuher Business Manager . . . .... Alvera Spies Advertising Manager . . . .... Verle Gleiter Social Editor ....... .... D arlene Scharr Sports Editor . . . . ....................... Patricia Scharr Ramona Hallock Reporters: P. Brownell, L. Duellman, A. I-Iermundson, B. Jensen, M. Kennlyne, J. King, L. Owen, M. J. Reck, A. Reinhardt, V. Schmidlin, H. Stoll O. Thompson Humor Editor ...... . ............ . .... . . Advisor . . . . ..................... . ...... Phyllis Munson We also wish to compliment the staff and advisor for the fine papers that have been published. Lower Picture: THIRD ROW: Bernice J., Laurel D., Phillip B., Valoris S., Jean K., SECOND ROW: Arlene R., Mary Jane R., Pearl B., Muriel K., Verle G., Alvera S., Olger T., Anita H., Harriet S., Lois O., FIRST ROW: Miss Munson, Ramona H., Mildred F., Virgal W., Patricia S., Darlene S. 26 SM Oflmw fb. A Sbdeox Cow65 F.F.A. The Nelson Chapter of Future Farmers consisted of eighteen members, Darrell Reinhardt, President: Eugene Brunkow, Vice-President: Howard Markey, Treasurerg Olger Thompson, Secretary, Phillip Breutzman, Reporter: and Patrick Tiffany, Sentinel. This year the Chapter had a basketball team again. We won the two games over our rival, Cochrane. High point players for the Nelson Chapter were Darrell Reinhardt with 14 points and Gerald F. Reinhardt with 8 points. Once again the Chapter participated in the District Speaking Contest. In the past years we have placed five firsts, one second, and one third, Howard Markey placing first last year. This year Howard again placed first in the contest which was held at the Nelson Community Hall. An F.F.A. quartet was also organized under the direction of Mrs. Scherf, music instructor of Nelson High School. Upper Picture: BACK ROW: Robert R., Glenn S., Gerald R., Marvin H., Odell M., Glen K., Darrell K. SECOND ROWS Mr- 501011. Gerald L. R... Milton I., Harold R., Raymond R., Roger M. FIRST ROW: Howard M., Patrick T., Olger T., Darrell R., Eugene B., Phillip B. LIBRARIANS The library is the essential part of every school. Books prove to be a source of entertainment as well as education. Mr. Sobota, our principal, is the chief librarian and has Miss Vander Kamp as his assistant. The following are also assistant librarians: Ella May Bucher, Mary Jane Reck, Valoris Schxnidlin, and Ann Sobota. Everyone should make reading an everyday affair. Let's try to make use of our "storehouse of knowledge" to the best of our ability. Middle Picture: BACK ROW: Miss Vander Kamp, Ella May B., Ann S., Mr. Sobota FRONT ROW: Mary Jane R., Valoris S. STUDENT COUNCIL Student government in all schools is an important part of school life. The Student Council is composed of twelve members--the presidents of the four classes, who are ex officio members, and members elected from each class. A member of the faculty acts as the advisory head and votes in case of a tie. The duties of the Student Council can be varied. In many cases they can help formulate the policies of the school. Council members serving on various committees aid in efficient adminis- tration of tasks to be doner Lower Picture BACK ROW: Virgal W., Lois O., Gerald R., Verle G., Ramona H., Mr. Sobota. FRONT ROW: Jerome B., Mary J. R., Erwin M., Olger T., Elaine S., Betty B. Z8 Lv 87:0 0 YM Cf ow? CHORUS This year, Nelson High was very fortunate in securing a part-time instructor to direct the girls' chorus, which was discontinued a few years ago. The chorus was composed of twenty-four students. They have all practiced hard and we shall have to admit they sounded very well at the various public appearances, which were the annual Christrnas Program, Plays, Commencement. We know that if the proper interest and enthusiasm is continued, the chorus will be recognized as a skilled and capable school organization. Upper Picture: BACK ROW: Harriet S., Marlene K., Jean K., Ann S., Alvera S., Muriel K., Betty H., Maxine H. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Scherf, Carol T., Donna H., Leila K., Inez O., Valoris S., Anita H., Bernice J., Arlene R. FIRST ROW: Lois O., Patricia S.. Patricia K., Mary Jane R., Elaine S., Betty B., Elaine M. MAGAZINE CONTEST On September 15, 1948, Mr. Gotiotious, our representative from the Curtiss Publishing Company once again visited our high school to organize another annual magazine contest. A pep talk regarding good salesmanship was the main feature. During the course of this meeting two teams were chosen, the red and the blue. Mr. Sobota selected the six high salesmen of the last year's contest as the captains of the teams. Patrick Tiffany, Muriel Kennlyne, and Alvera Spies were leaders of the Blue Team: while Patricia Weisenbeck, Darrell Reinhardt, and Harold Ristow led the Red Team. Although both teams tried hard to win, the Red Team proved to be the victors. Awards were presented to the high salesmen who were: Patricia Weisenbeck, Virgal Weisenbeck, Patrick Tiffany, Ann Sobota, Duane Brommer, Eugene Brunkow, Lois Owen, and Muriel Keenlyne. Congratulations to these girls and boys on their outstanding work! Middle Picture LEFT: Ann S., Virgal W., Patricia W., RIGHT: Lois O., Muriel K. FRONT: Duane B., Eugene B., Patrick T. BAND For the past two years, a small portion of the student body has participated in the Nelson High band. This year, Nelson acquired a new band instructor, Mrs. Scherf of Wabasha, Minnesota. After the excellent start Mr. Burkhardt gave the band last year, she had good material to work with. There were a number of beginners, but the band also lost five members who graduated this spring. Our band was smaller than last year due to the loss of Doris Keister, Muriel Keenlyne, Dale Owen, Mary Jane Owen, Joyce Schauman, Robert Reinhardt and Judy Anderson. Lower Picture BACK ROW: Merlin C., Anita H., Jerome B., Harold R., Mrs. Scherf. SECOND ROW: Patricia S., Glenn S., Harriet S., Ann S., Jean K., Merlin M. FIRST ROW: Ardys L., Elaine M., Judy S., Patricia K., Bernice J., Lois o.. Phillip B. so fi iking.4 , "LoLLY" "BUD" "VERA" "PHIL" "FRITZ" PAT" "c.w:N1E" --MIKE --R1sTow " "M1LL.Y" -'Lo1s" 32 WHAT HAPPENED We had hopes, we had materialg but we lacked initiative. When the basketball season of 1948-49 rolled around on the bright day of October 15, fifteen boys reported for basketball. It seemed from the very beginning that something was lacking---what it was nobody knew---or did they? Maybe the players did not sacrifice their time or they did not work hard enough. In ways it seemed as if somehow there was a jinx over our team---players getting sick or hurt or doing something else. We believe that the student body was in back of us 100 percent. The Cheer- leaders worked hard and tried to give us the fighting spirit. Our first game came on a dark dreary night in October. When the starting whistle blew, the Nelson fans were much happier than when the final whistle blew. From then on it was the same old story---defeat after defeat. We just did not seem to click anywhere. The whole squad was never together. Everybody was getting disgusted, until one night we faced Central and successfully brought the score to our favor. Some day we may win 'another game 3 or, may we say that in some year to come Nelson may again be proud of its basketball team. NAME POSITION HEIGHT WEIGHT HEIGHT OF AMBITION 1. Erwin Mikelson F 6' 160 Basketball Coach 2. Phillip Breutzrnan C 6' 160 Shot'em Down Studio 3. Fred Breutzman F 6'2" 160 Cab Driver 4. Milton Jost G 5'11" 150 Prominent farmer in North Branch 5. Patrick Tiffany G 5'8" 150 Night Club Owner 6. Eugene Brunkow F 5'4" 116 Bum 7. Harold Ristow F 5'6" 135 Musician 8. .Terry Brunkow G 5'4" 150 Coroner 9. Glenn Schauman G 5'6" 120 Outstanding Farmer 10. Merlin Carothers C 6' 145 Wolf 11. Duane Brommer G 5'2" 120 Retire 12. Jerry Lyngdal G 5'4" 130 Playboy 13. Raymond Beck F 5'4" 120 Aviator 14. Gerald L. Reinhardt F 5'l0" 145 Lawyer 34 55 Mor Comm Qwarawklwe my Ca bk Shu Cm, CAMPUS QUARANTINE The activity play, "Campus Qiarantinef' directed by Miss Vander Kamp, was presented at the Nelson Community Hall March 4. The play was a college comedy by Robert Ray. Upper Picture: STANDING: Olger Thompson, Merlin Carothers, Mary Jane Reck, Ramona Hallock, Jerry Brunkow, Bernice Jensen, Odell Meier, Howard Markey. SEATED: Pat King, Genesse Paulson, Pat Tiffany, Mildred Fuher. SENIOR PLAY CAST The Senior Class presented a play April 15. Miss Vander Kamp directed this play also. Middle Picture BACK ROW: Howard Markey, Milton Jost, Erwin Mikelson, Phillip Breutzman, Odell Meier, Darrell Reinhardt. Gerald Reinhardt, Olger Thompson. SECOND ROW: Harold Ristow, Leila Kimmel, Pearl Brownell, Bernice Jensen, Laurel Duellman, Betty Holmes, Eugene Brunkow. FIRST ROW: Ella May Bucher, Patricia Scharr, Pat King, Virgal Weisenbeck Arlene Reinhardt, Alvera Spies, Darlene Scharr. SKIT CLUB The skit club many times entertained the student body for pep meetings, while urging the Nelson basketball team to victory. Pat King was in charge of the skits. Lower Picture: BACK ROW: Eugene Brunkow, Jerry Brunkow, Pat Tiffany, Howard Markey. Merlin Carothers, Odel Meier, Olger Thompson SECOND ROW: Verle Gleiter, Lois Owen, Mildred Fuher, Muriel Keenlyne, Laurel Duellman, Valoris Schmidlin, Ramona Hallock, Pat King. FIRST ROW: Virgal Weisenbeck, Bernice Jensen, Donna Hulke, Mary Jane Reck, Gladys Rustad. 37 INITIATION October 1 came around with broad smiles on the faces of the Seniors and a worried look on the faces of the Freshmen--mostof them anyway! The fun began at 8:30 A.M. when the Seniors attempted to improve the physical features of the Freshmen. Then came the exciting parade in front of the assembly providing spicy entertainment of speeches, readings, poems, and musical renditions. The Freshmen were off to a good start and by noon were hepped up for the downtown parade. By evening, a bit weary but still raring to go, they braced themselves as they approached, blindfolded, the appetizing worms fspaghettij fed to them by the heartless Seniors. After a. bit of Truth or Consequences, dancing began with a mad scramble by the boys for the girls' shoes. The gala event was brought to a climax with a delicious lunch. Taking count, we see that all Freshmen survived and are anticipating their day of revenge. 4 THE HALLOWEEN PARTY The sophomore-sponsored Halloween party held many surprises 5 among them, the ingenious decorations which gave the assembly a party atmosphere. The appearance of masqueraders had everyone guessing as to who was who. It was finally discovered that they were Muriel Keenlyne, Ramona Hallock, Maxine Hermundson, Marlene Keenlyne, and Elaine Stewart. Prizes for the. best costumes were awarded--first place to Muriel, who was dressed as a handsome young gentlemen, and the second place. to Mona, who was in the role of an old maid. After hours of dancing the party was brought to a close by the serving of ice cream and pie. F.F.A. PARTY On December 8, the Nelxson Agricultural boys challenged the Cochrane Agricultural boys in a basketball game here at 7:30 P.M. Although not professionals , they played with great spirit and emerged victorious-- the score was 30-23. After the game, they set up the phonograph and everyone danced to some excellent records-- except Darrell: he had a blister on his foot. At 11:30 a lunch of pie and ice cream was served by the Agricultural buys. CHRISTMAS PARTY The annual Christmas Party sponsored by the Junior Class was held December 15. The program consisted of dancing and the arriving of Santa Claus to pass out the gifts which the students and faculty exchanged. The part of Santa Claus was played by William Tiffany. Mr. Scholl and the agriculture class provided the Christmas tree. 38 HOWARD M., MILTON J., PHILLIP B., HAROLD R., BILL REINHARDT A HOWARD MARKEY ROMEO BUSCH JUNE SULLIVAN 39 F.F.A. QUARTET This year the F.F.A. organized a quartet, under the direction of Mrs. Scherf, which competed in the District Contest held at the Nelson Community Hall. "BILL" For the past 6 years, Bill Reinhardt has hauled the Nelson students to and from school, to basketball games, movies, class trips, tournaments, and numerous other activities. He was always a fine sport, even when the kids got noisy and boisterous. We hope he will keep on driving for many years yet. As Seniors, we thank him for the four years during which we all rode on the bus at some time or other. DISTRICT WINNER Howard Markey was the 1949 winner of first place in this district's annual Speaking Contest. His speech was titled "Save Our Soil" IANITOR This year Nelson High acquired a new janitor, Romeo Busch. He kept the school house clean and prderly. Through his continual cleaning and sweeping fwith the assistance of Mrs. Buschl, he inade the school liveable for the students and faculty in their daily work. JUNE SULLIVAN Tune Sullivan was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 18, 1928. She went to Roosevelt High, where she did baton twirling for the band. After her high school graduation she attended the University of Minnesota where she took up music. ln 1947 she received the Aquatennial State Championship for baton twirlingg and also received an All American Majorette award. She has done professional twirling at the University of Minnesota. Miss Sullivan taught baton twirling, tap dancing, and tumbling. Her program consisted of teaching in twenty schools during the -week, one hour in each school. During the second semester she started a class at Nelson, which met Fridays from 12:00 to 1:00. 40 Wa? CHESS ofa, U., 9 be-Y' HDARR sf' BLL ., .-of' MAG" INITIA TION PREPARATION N r ANN JEAN AND PAT TESTING MILK BUD AND VERLE TRIPLE TS T SURPRISE DAR. AND MILLY "ATOM BOMB" INTERESTING!! FRIENDS? 2 HAROLD AND 4 1 POPPING POPCORN GEN IE PAT K. MILLY AND ELAINE M. WABASHA DAYS PATSY PHIL '49 LOOK: SCI-IOOL'S OUT T AINT FUNNY ALLIE VISITING l HARMET ' "LoLLY" GLADYS THREE MUSKETEERS N GLEN IEANNIE ISN'T Lovn GRAND 42 LEILA ALUMNI GA THERING One night after school when the "Gang" was settled down at Pete's, the alumni of '48 became the topic of the conversation. During the course of the discussion Lambert Ruff made his appearance. We remembered that it was Friday as we saw him come in, knowing he was home from Winona Teachers' College for the week-end. I-le told us that he was majoring in Science and coaching, which he found to be so-so. "Hi, Donuts," rang through the crowd and sure enough, there was Donna Paulson standing in the doorway. It was her day off from "Cafe 61" in Wabasha, Minnesota, where she was working. Suddenly we heard some serious talking back in the corner. Looking around, we saw Lucille Brommer and Geneva Stoll, Lucille was telling about her job at "George's Cafe" in Minneapolis, while Geneva was squeezing in a word or two about her occupation as waitress at the "Colonels Cupboard" in Eau Claire. Hearing all the boys laughing in the back of the store, we knew something interesting was taking place. Sure enough, there was Dwaine Radsek relating some exciting tales he had experienced while driving a truck on the icy roads for Glenn Busch, The door just made a terrific slam which caused everybody to jump. You might know---there was Donald Landsverk and Clair Duellrnan. They both started telling about college experiences--Don of his experiences at Stout Institute in Menomonie, where he is studying Industrial Artsg and Clair telling about the University of Wisconsin, where he is majoring in Civil Engineering. We heard two old friends chatting between themselves. What was that? An argument concerning the merits of farming and working in a garage? Yes, it was Rayrnond Quarberg,who was busy on the Martin Quarberg farm near Gilrnanton, and Truman Thompson, who was employed at the Ford -Garage in Hudson, Wisconsin. Hope the best man won. ' It has been fun renewing old acquaintances and taking this opportunity to wish them more success and luck in the future. 43 E . V. , M ,Qld BOZEAVE R 547 viimififilwgj iWn Wg mwffwe ,QAQW mi? ' WJ? Q liiiiw Wbafgwkyx ww' ww SQ ,f f? wg 44 Cf fw T OGRAPHS Qqufog zafzga N A ,D , G ' 'f' ef " I I L :.nuqn,n an by WAI-llblfll llbflllll luullllt. lo.. U. I. A. 46 fe? GAMBLES The Friendly Store Coronado Electrical Appliances Household Wares-Farm Tools, Paints Sporting Goods-Hardware-Tires Automobile Accessories Authorized Dealer Phone 318 Alma, Wisconsin The American Bonk Nelson Alma Pepin Best Wishes For a Successful Career To The Class of '49 Come To ARMSTRON'S For Everything In Groceries, Oil, Purina Feeds, General Merchandise Nelson Wisconsin E. J. Knospe Hardware, Heating, Plumbing and Electric Wiring Alma Wisconsin STITCH'S SERVICE STATION Standard Oil Products Atlas Tires and1Batteries Nelsgn Wisconsin CARLSON MCDONALD IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Sales and Service Skelgas Appliances-I-Iinman Milkers Phone 175 Wabasha, Minnesota DR. C. R.. SMIT Phone 266 Wabasha, Minnesota FIRST STATE BANK Complete Banking Service Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation First State Insurance All Lines of General Insurance Wabasha Minne sota NELSON MEAT MARKET E. Scharr, Proprietor Lockers-Meats-Groceries Frozen Foods Nelson, Wisconsin QUAR BE RG HARDWARE Heating- Plumbing-Appliance s Nelson, Wisconsin Compliments of P, O, ANDERSON General Merchandise Nelson Wisconsin Compliments of THE BUFFALO COUNTY JOURNAL Clarence and Virginia Cronick Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of FARMERS UNION CO-OP Petroleum Products, Feed, Lumber Farm Supplies Alma., Wisconsin Compliments of COMMUNITY CLINIC Alma, Wisconsin Wabasha, Minnesota CITY DRUG STORE W. E. Breckow, Proprietor Alma, Wisconsin Compliments of GUSTAFSON GARAGE AND MACHINE SHOP Studebaker Sales and Service Alma, Wisconsin Congratulations Seniors of '49 AL'S STANDARD STATION Proprietor A. G. Vollmer Congratulations Seniors of '49 F. A. MESSINGER, D.D.S. Alma, Wisconsin Compliments of ALMA BEVERAGE COMPANY Alma, Wisconsin H. F. STOHR FURNITURE AND FUNERAL SERVICE Alma, Wisconsin llll Compliments of ATTORNEY J'OI-IN R. FOLEY Wabasha, Minnesota Your Friendly Feed Store KENNEDY'S FEED STORE Gas, Oil, Flour, Feed Phone Z8 Nelson, Wisconsin Compliments of NELSON GARAGE Dealer in Chevrolets-Buicks-Farm Machinery and Accessories Expert Repairing Nelson A. H. Rohrer Wisconsin AND Y'S HARDWARE Complime nts Appliances , Hardware Sporting Goods of a Phone Z 5 0 Waba sha Minne sota FRIE ND WABASHA ELECTRIC Electrical Supplies Wiring-Refrigeration Motor Repair and Rewinding Wabasha, Minnesota SCI-IIERTS FUNERAL HOME Ambulance and Funeral Service Minnesota and Wisconsin License Mr. and Mrs. Joe C, Schierts Phone 104 Wabasha, Minnesota Compliments of GAMBELS The Friendly Store Phone 158 Wabasha, Minnesota SHA CLEA QEWORKSZE Launderars, Dry Cleaners, Dyers and Hallers May We Continue to Serve You With Our Delux Dry Cleaning Wabasha, Minnesota WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE Q ., ,J x ,gh ,fLQ eww? ,fy-Q35 ,. , ii , 'xy H' v 1 ,-,, QTV- A , " A .1 rf' ' :v.., ,Q Wy ,. X '+G mmgsnmgf Lum-mamumnv 11 . i ' f4.4134manP..4-M.iQn1,.-riiig ' ' - I 4 5 1 .-yfqgww-1, -, V, . X x 'x N X xx R X xx X xxx x x . .Xt 1 g NN. .hx 4, s -' b , 1 . v A X ,A H A .'?E T 51LQ,W as 5 y E ' X 311' ,xh , Jar- I, 1 ' if -A jfill 'gf' T . p -M, g '-l?f 421 L':f ggzk .QT4 I-57 'xsf? , gl! , ,AM ,f'x3 nf . fr 'fa Maxi ,Y 5234 .W ' 1 W ,1?3N , vig -1 ' V. WZTK ,S XXL- 3 I ,Lg i- ac , - V.. .-Q , :.' , ,.-Q L Af r ':. W j. fx: 55 ,Q1 3 if 5 53 s 5 n, .E T' ,sq- vl 'V' C , Jr. 5 B. Q , A Q .' In o 4 are 1148.55 5 1 'v -N. ' r B E 1 W we .1

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