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mMk fife 11 liiliil - 1 ir ' tnivM’t i M M rif JaAn «JLjg • v w»M| |fittful • " -— T- - r t— ti»,, H 1 i .• |p.4Mt4«tMi|f« ' ’ «• .. »,. •. fdTMtf »«•♦.«•« . « S £ Volume XX TABLE OF CONTENTS Student Life. Activities Sports. Staff. Seniors Sophomores... Freshmen. Advertisements 0 4 . f Ml 2 “PHOTOGRAPHS AND MEMORIES” Photographs and memories Christmas cards you sent to me All that I have are these To remember you. Memories that come at night Take me to another time Back to a happier day When I called you mine Summer skys and lullabies Nights we couldn’t say good-bye And of all of the things that we knew Not a dream survived Photographs and memories All the love you gave to me Somehow it just can’t be true That’s all I’ve left of you By: Jim Croce 3 mw mmm ¥ tHv " M 10 •••■:•:••; Every school activity has its place in our book of memo¬ ries. Not only are there things common to all students but also there are individual interests as well. A routine activity such as going to the locker, a challenging experience such as a football game or an Algebra test are all part of the stu¬ dent’s day. Classes and pep rallies, dances and activity peri¬ ods are also factors of student life. These separate parts all combine to form an atmosphere of school in general. These impressions are retained in our minds as memories. 12 13 14 15 16 1 17 4 18 m m tmuMHaHviuaitBits m%% ' 19 20 • I NPW 21 22 ■■■■Mi 23 Each moment, each new experience forms the frameword for entries in our book of memories. What memories will the future hold .... 24 VALLIANCE FRANCAIS Don’t everyone speak up at once! Mrs. Ligon keeps them in line. Top: M. Dramheller. K. Harrison, K. Wright, T. Branch, S. Crocker, S. Wright, S. Jones, S. Woodson, B. Caughey, S. Umbargar, S. Lowe, T. Harris, K. Friend, K. Ponton, L. Martin, G. Slosson, P. Willis, F. Coffey, B. Stevens, J. McKenzie. Middle: B. Durrette, R. Kurtz, T. Anderson, D. Edinbourgh, T. McKenzie, T. Fitzgerald, T. Jackson, D. Johnson, J. Vest, H. Rodgers, M. Singer, P. Martin, G. Dmmheller, M. Bibb, C. Moxley, J. Hesson, B. Hig¬ ginbotham, J. Davis, R. Proffitt. Bottom: J. Ligon—Sponsor, D. Dowdy, J. Floyd, K. Fields, G. Patrick, T. Seaman, D. Drumheller—president, P. Morris—vice-president, B. Brown—treasurer, P. White—secretary, E. Purvis—songleader, M. Watts, R. Hurst, A. Irving, D. Glover, M. Revely, K. Mawyer, D. Willis, T. Dodd. Montreal dead ahead! The French Club arrives at Quebec, Canada. The juniors display their talents at Mardi Gras. Ah, how cute! Aha, I gotcha! 27 Who let Patsy get at the booze? Thank goodness they wrote it in English too. f9 % -w A - t ' r . c ; 4§ w r -‘■ ' . yv Holiday Inn, Quebec Waiting for a bus can be fun. pwvfi If mm t m f ' -$r ' ’ - We wuv our bunny rabbit. Kim, get down from there! 28 PEP CLUB MONOGRAM CLUB Top: B. Kiser, J. Bowling, L. Johnson, L. Ellis, C. Fleming, A. Anderson, T. Gibson, T. Fitch, D. Brown, E. Toms, B. Carter, K. Morse, P. Tucker, D. Morse, C. Scott, D. Henderson, M. Page, E. Toms. Middle: H. Dillard, R. Rose, R. Green, C. Bolden, D. Irving, J. Morse, M. Morse, S. Woodson, D. Durrette, R. Robinson, J. Turner, C. Mitchell, B. Durrette, S. Barber, D. Wells, A. Brown, T. Rose. Bottom: J. Stratton, S. Willis, B. Cowan, L. Murphy, M. Hutchinson, G. Hutchinson, F. Johnson, N. Spears, M. Carter, A. Crawford, T. Jackson, J. Mitchell, E. Eubanks, J. Wells, J. Tucker, V. Vest, M. Robinson, M. Smith, B. Ellis. Top: K. Harrison, D. Wells, R. Dillard, K. Lawhorne, K. Fitzgerald, D. Smith, A. Perry, V. Reznick, W. Johnson, C. Parrish, M. Timberlake, M. Morse, E. Glover, K. Friend, T. Harris, J. McKenzie, M. Drumheller, C. Moxley, B. Caughey. Middle: J. Harris, K. Crady, J. Butler, C. Robinson, D. Fergu¬ son, A. Tucker, D. McCormick, K. Kokemot, D. McNabb, T. Hensley, 1. Ponton, C. Scott, T. Jackson, 1. Gamble, 1. Watts, L. Martin, G. Slosson, P. Morris, G. Patrick, R. Proffitt. Bottom: S. Page, D. Robinson, S. Woodson, J. Tucker, B. Brown, D. Morse, S. Allen, L. Rose, T. Fleming, D. Hen¬ derson, J. Mitchell, J. Wells, J. Rodgers, J. Vest, M. Singer, K. Fields, S. Woodson. 29 A. Anderson, Q. Beverly, J. Bowling, R. Bragg, A. Brown, D. Brown, D. Bryant, B. Carter, J. Carter, H. Dillard, B. Dodd, T. Dotson, V. Fitzgerald, C. Fleming, M. Fleming, P. Gaines, T. Gibson, D. Glover, K. Goff, M. Harrell, J. Henderson, M. Hill, D. Irving, J. Irving, T. Jackson, L. Jones, B. Martin, C. McGuire, D. McNabb, G. Morse, M. Morse, D. Moyer, W. Myers, S. Napier, C. Nelson, J. Page, M. Robinson, H. Rodgers, A. Rose, H. Rose, M. Rose, M. Sites, R. Slaughter, I. Toms, R. Toms, J. Tucker, C. Vest, V. Vest, D. Williams. 1975 Regional Chorus members: Top: P. Gaines, L. Jones, T. Jackson. Bottom: D. Williams, H. Rodgers. Rehearsal time m m m m mm. I Mvauftg awH m HftWiJIli ■Ml MMHii I VIM MU Ml m If I I _ ! fsrssgsi ? !. fMmi „ -V, CHORUS IN ACTION 30 Everybody does his own thing. Play it again Debbie. Sim A thoughtful interlude Mrs. Tniesdale leads the chorus in song. Terry and Debbie win an invitation to Europe this summer. Glee Club—A. Anderson, J. Bowling, A. Brown, D. Bryant, T. Dotson, C. Fleming, P. Gaines, T. Gibson, A. Irving, J. Irving, T. Jackson, M. Johnson, L. Jones, K. Kokernot, D. McCormick, D. McNabb, G. Morse, S. Napier, M. Robinson, H. Rodgers, E. Toms, I. Toms, R. Toms, C. Vest, D. Williams. 32 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA . ■■■ K. Adams, P. Allen, W. Allen, T. Baker, J. Ballowe, H. Beverly, L. Beverly, R. Bibb, D. Bond, E. Bowling, L. Bryant, W. Bryant, J. Burnley, J. Campbell, P. Campbell, R. Campbell, T. Campbell, T. Campbell, D. Carter, J. Carter, A. Cash, F. Clark, V. Cobb, P. Coffey, W. Coffey, J. Durrette, W. Durrette, I. Early, N. Early, E. Ellis, W. Ellis, J. Eubanks, T. Ferguson, D. Fitzgerald, M. Floyd, D. Fortune, J. Frazier, J. Caines, J. Gilbert, R. Glass, E. Glover, S. Glover, S. Glover, J. Goldstein, C. Goodwin, J. Gray, J. Gunter, M. Hagar, G. Hamilton, D. Harris, M. Harris, R. Harris, W. Harris, J. Hensley, W. Hudson, J. Huffman, K. Huffman, R. Huffman, G. Hughes, L. Hughes, S. Hughes, W. Irving, G. Johnson, L. Jones, C. Kidd. K. Loving, C. Madison, R. Marrs, D. Martin, J. Massie, R. Massie, S. Massie, W. Massie, S. Mawyer, W. Mayo, R. McFadden, D. McGann, M. McGann, W. Megginson, R. Meredith, K. Mikkens, G. Micklem, W. Miles, D. Mitchell, C. Morris, J. Morris, P. Morris, M. Morse, C. Murphy, L. Murphy, W. Myers, B. Napier, G. Napier, L. Napper, C. O ' Brien, E. Orman, H. Page, W. Paige, W. Panned, A. Parry, R. Phillips, K. Pillow, R. Ponton, W. Ponton, G. Pugh, M. Ragland, C. Rose, L. Rose, R. Rose, D. Simpson, R. Simpson, J. Slosson, F. Small, D. Smith, G. Smith, H. Smith, D. Snead, B. Spencer, J. Sprouse, F. Stevens, J. Stevens, K. Stevens, R. Stevens, S. Stevens, H. Strickland, M. Swanson, S. Taylor, L. Terry, D. Thomas, C. Thompson, J. Thompson, P. Thompson, T.L. Tyree, C. Wade, G. Washington, H. Watts, J. Watts, G. Wells, B. Williams, D. Wood, M. Wood, R. Woodson. Top: D. Bond—chaplain, B. Williams—sentinel. Middle: T. Hughes—re¬ porter, E. Glover—treasurer. Bottom: H. Strickland—vice-president, W. Irving—president. .33 EXPRESSION IN DRAMA Top: D. Bryant, C. Payne, C. Nelson, J. Craig, T. Peregoy, C. Yarborough, D. Stewart, L. Hughes, D. Witt, B. Caughey, M. Gamble, R. Hurst, W. Purvis. Middle: D. Sites, L. Rutherford, D. Kennedy, S. Massie, D. Witt, L. Chafee, J. Fox, K. Crady, P. Gaines, B. Durrette, H. Rodgers, T. Seaman, P. White, S. Mawyer, J. Wells. Bottom: B. Dodd, E. Weeks, D. McCormick, S. Gleason, D. Dowdy, N. Garrett—sponsor, M. Saunders, K. Kokernot, J. Davis, D. Ferguson, M. Watts, D. Simpson, S. Ponton, C. Bruguiere, P. Carter, D. McNabb. “The man who came to dinner” gets ready. 34 Sammy arrests a smog demon. It will tit it 1 have to beat it in!! Cast of The Man Who Came to Dinner: Sitting: D. Stewart, ]. Davis, P. White, B. Caughey, S. Ponton, C. Yarborough. Standing: D. Bryant, D. McNabb, H. Rodgers, E. Purvis, D. Witt, R. Hurst, 1. Gamble, D. Simpson, J. Wells, D. Witt, S. Mawyer. Background: T. Seaman, L. Chaffee, C. Bruguiere, M. Watts. 35 Teresa puts on the final touches. Son, you are under arrest. Third period Drama class: Standing: S. Mawyer, G. Goff, L. DeHart, C. Yarborough, K. Allen, N. Spears, K. Crady, F. Johnson, E. Eubanks, P. Proffitt, D. Hurst, C. Bruguiere. Sitting: D. Sites, D. Witt. 36 Thespian Society: P. Driskill-honorary member, C. Yarborough-president, D. Witt, D. Ferguson, J. Davis, L. DeHart, N. Garrett-sponsor. 37 STUDENT GOVERNMENT TODAY Kathy and Mrs. Shelton keep SCA records intact. The seriousness of student government! Top: R. Carter, T. Saunders, T. Branch, D. Dnunheller, D. Wood, M. Timberlake, T. Hensley, G. Drumheller, C. Nelson, J. Loving, J. Kidd, V. Sprouse, K. Iseinan, M. Morse, E. Wood, L. Chaffee, G. Moyer, R. Slaughter, E. Weeks, J. Davis, 1. Saunders. Middle: M. Ponton, W. Johnson, S. Woodson, L. Raynor, F. Gleason, S. Lowe, L. Martin, D. Simpson, C. Thompson, K. Baldwin, G. Morse, J. Robinson, J. Spears, J. Fox, K. Crady, G. Bryant, D. Smith, J. Stratton, D. Wood, C. Parrish, K. Friend. Bottom: D. Koon, N. Martin, A. Fortune, C. Bridgewater, E. Craig, P. Napier, K. Fields, D. Harvey, S. Hurst, S. Turner, C. Gowen, F. Johnson, M. Hutchinson, P. Morse, E. Eubanks, S. Hancock, S. Briggs, H. Bradley, D. Bryant, R. Proffitt, P. Morris, T. Jackson. 38 Cheryl keeps us supplied with Nabs. Decorating the tree is a family affair. Patsy and her staff preside over the monthly meetings. The newly acquired juke box adds sparkle to an otherwise typical day. 39 SCA officers: P. Morris—president, T. Jackson—Vice-president, K. Friend—secre¬ tary-treasurer, K. Fields—reporter, and C. Parrish—parliamentarian. Ivan tries out the new water fountain donated by the SCA. AGAPE Top: C. Nelson, C. Harris, P. Proffitt, T. Anderson, B. Dodd. Bottom: J. Garwood—sponsor, L. Chafee, K. Crady, J. Fox, W. Pannell. 40 HONOR SOCIETY WORKS ON Standing: C. Thompson, G. Slosson. Sitting: S. Hancock—secretary, R. Proffitt—president, D. Drumheller—vice-president, S. Sea¬ man-treasurer, B. Higginbotham—reporter. Ruth and Mrs. Tucker work together for the Honor Society. 41 YEARBOOK RUSHES TO MEET DEAD LINES Top: C. Fields, K. Iseman, G. Saunders, K. Kokernot, M. Saunders, T. Peregory, M. Morse, B. Durrette. Middle: H. Rodgers, P. White, J. Knight, P. Carter, B. Stevens, S. Woodson, R. Proffitt, L. DeHart, K. Fitzgerald. Bottom: E. Bruguiere—sponsor, R. Campbell, G. Patrick, J. Morse, S. Gleason, S. Ponton, K. Thompson, B. Sprinkle—sponsor. Editoral staff: G. Fields, M. Morse, P. Carter, R. Proffitt, L. DeHart, M. Saunders, S. Ponton, R. Campbell. Cindy and Gloria are onr hard working typists. Teresa and Kim fight over sports. Ruth gets help from Mrs. Bruguiere on her section. Leslie finishes her work on the Student Life section. 43 Mrs. Sprinkle and Mr. Creasman study a preliminary layout. Gazette and Annual game The gang’s all here! Pam patiently draws the final layout. 41 ART CLUB Top: D. Morse, G. Johnson, F. Gleason, E. Lawhorne, C. Harvey, D. Spencer, J. Paige, R. Meredith, T. Harris, L. Massie—sponsor. Bottom: A. Toliver, M. Morse, B. Hutchinson, J. Woodson, A. Cash, J. Campbell. GUIDANCE AIDS QUILL AND SCROLL Top: S. Briggs, W. Massie, D. Dennis. Bottom: H. Bradley, J. Turner, D. Spencer. G. Goff, S. Hancock, and D. Drumheller display the Quill and Scroll charter. 45 FBLA TODAY Top: L. McGuire, B. Campbell, D. Sites, C. Raines, R. Glass, G. Moyer, M. Stephens, K. Kidd, D. Allen, D. Hawley, J. Morse, M. Morse, L. Rose, W. Durrette, S. Carter, L. Terry, B. Thompson, A. Stratton, D. Morse, A. Crawford, B. Carter. Middle: R. Kurtz, M. Dodd, K. Wood, L. Tyree, P. Proffitt, D. Johnson, G. Patrick, C. Thompson, C. Parrish, D. Irving, G. Hudson, S. Barber, J. Mitchell, J. Tucker, B. Hudson, R. Toms, J. Martin, Bottom: P. Napier, M. Jones, C. Clark, D. McCormick, T. Thomas, N. Talty, D. Singer, M. Besseas, D. Morse, S. Briggs, K. Tyree, D. Phillips, J. Bell, C. Hudson, A. Harris, E. Eubanks, S. Wright—sponsor, L. Mattson—sponsor. Top: J. Dixon, W. Radcliffe, D. Early, M. Proffitt, D. Turner, S. Mawyer, C. Franklin, J. Hensley, S. Moore, R. Spivey, T. Hensley, D. Fitzgerald, K. Harrison, R. Rose, D. Rose. Middle: A. Perry, L. Fitzgerald, T. Orman, B. Willoughby, M. Revely, J. Robinson, Y. Glover, C. Robertson, G. Morse, P. Myers, T. Sheffield, L. Rutherford, D. Kennedy, W. Browning, E. Early, R. Woodson, H. Rose. Bottom: A. Irving, C. Ferguson, D. Dennis, O. Allen, D. Mitchell, P. Tucker, E. Toliver, R. Rose, D. Wells, R. Green, E. Bowling, C. Jackson, R. Massie, G. Radcliffe, E. Harvey, S. Wright—sponsor, L. Mattson—sponsor. 46 MM BSSsm 1 II ni l ■willVVlo ■ siaaiiii I ' CIIIM Lois makes a fast get-a-way. Mrs. Mattson keeps her cool. A school bus skit Walter trys to eat the mike. FBLA executive committee members 47 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA AMERICA Top: L. Vaughan, B. Ellis, J. Irving, L. Ellis, M. Dillard, D. Washington, C. Clark, T. Fitch, M. Carter, B. Toms, C. Randolph, M. Loving, L. Murphy, M. Smith, J. Irving, R. Wood, E. Weeks, R. Thomas, K. Stevens, M. Willoughby, L. Fields, D. Caughey. Middle: P. Napier, R. Key, D. Edinborough, R. Green, R. Rose, S. Woodson, D. Dennis, A. Crawford, D. Durrett, D. Robinson, J. Tucker, C. Mitchell, E. Toms, D. Spencer, 1. Dietrich, J. Herring, W. McCann, J. Kidd, T. Sisk, R. Moyer, D. Ferguson, W. Beverly, D. Goff. Bottom: N. Parr—sponsor, R. Kurtz, G. Mover, D. Giles, D. McClellan, B. Pippin, M. Scott, C. Harris, M. Hutchinson, J. Stratton, P. Morse, D. Johnson, C. Bolder, D. Bryant, J. Henderson, D. Gray, L. Fergu¬ son, P. Carter, E. Loving, N. Rose, B. Cowan, B. Hutchinson, M. Dillard, M. Smith, P. Bryant, C. Harvey, J. Truslow, P. Thompson, E. Giles—sponsor. The girls sample their work. Somebody help me please!! 48 SKILLS IN FORENSICS Jack Davis, the center of attraction Mr. Dodd aids the Forensics team. Building skills is hard work 49 AND THE BAND PLAYS ON! R. Allen, D. Ashley, T. Branch, C. Bridgewater, S Bryant, R. Campbell, S. Cash, K. Crady, E. Craig, S. Crocker, J. Davis, T. Dodd, T Dotson, E. Dowdy, D. Edwards, S. Eggleston, D. Ferguson, R. Furguson, T. Fitzgerald, K. Friend, R. Gass, T. Harris, M. Harris, D. Harvey, B. Higginbotham, J. Hoffman, B. Hoffman, J. Watts, J. Horseley, I. Hughes, S. Hurst, M. Jacques, M. Jenkins, J. Johnson, L. Jones, S. Jones, T. Kennedy, S. Lowe, L. Martin, J. Massey, R. Massie, K. Mawyer, N. McElwain, J. McKenzie, T. McKenzie, K. Mickens, G. Moyer, J. Page, S. Page, T. Page, A. Patrick, M. Ponton, J. Quick, W. Radcliffe, M. Revely, C. Roberson, E. Saunders, G. Saunders, T. Seaman, B. Senter, R. Silnian, D. Simpson, R. Slaughter, S. Smith, D. Spitler, V. Sprouse, M. Stephens, D. Stewart, S. Terry, T. Terry, H. Thomas, K. Thompson, B. Thompson, A. Tucker, M. Tunstall, S. Umbarger, J. Vest, C. Wade, C. Ward, M. Watts, D. Wood, J. Wright, K. Wright, S. Wright, C. Yarborough. Harold starts the show with a solo. 50 The band doing their routine. The Flag Corp; perfect as always. The drummers keep the beat. Listen up, gang. 51 ( The Rifle Corps stands at attention. The 1974-75 NCHS Band officers Members of the Honor Guard: J. Horsley, R. Slaughter, and G. Moyer. The Band’s Flag Corps is in good form. 52 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Top: K. Iseman, M. Hutchinson, B. Massie, D. Turner, P. Myers, J. Floyd. Bottom: K. Fields—president, L. Chafee, T. Anderson. Teresa, Terri, and Jean attend an FTA meeting. Mrs. Harvey, FTA sponsor, copes with the paper work which comes with the teaching profession. Jime uses her journalistic talents. David helps Mrs. Sellers in her work. i MkWcHQi 1 v’ " 8 w 1 j . J W,; St ; v t ■ -mm ! i i i 1 1 J Top: D. Drumheller, J. Davis, J. Vest, T. Payne, C. Dodd, J. Quick, B. Brown, L. Chaffee. Middle: G. Slosson, J. Tucker, D. Morse, K. Lawhorne, S. Terry. Bottom: B. Sellers—sponsor, J. Fox, S. Umbarger, S. Hancock, K. Baldwin. .54 Circulation staff: Left: S. Page, T. Fitzgerald, C. Raines, T. Anderson, C. Tyler, D. Williams, H. Rodgers. Middle: E. Saunders, T. Ward. Right: D. Wood, T. McKenzie, L. Martin, T. Terry, P. Morris, A. Hughes. David gets the ads together. Claude writes copy for Miss Driskill. " " 55 Debbie types copy for the newspaper deadline. Kenny gets into the Christmas spirit!! The Governors Gazette Christmas Party 56 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Top: J. Turner, L. Ellis, A. Anderson, S. Woodson, J. Bowling, D. Robinson, R. Green, P. Foster, K. Fitzgerald. Middle: J. Green, M. Hutchinson, D. Washingto n, G. Hutchinson, D. Brown, H. Dillard, M. Smith, L. Murphy, D. Robinson, E. Carter, E. Toms, P. Morse, J. Spears, E. Eubanks. Bottom: T. Gibson, S. Willis, D. McNabb, K. Kokernot, P. Carter, S. Carter, A. Crawford. Future nurses get together at a meeting. 57 DEBATE STUDENT LIBRARIANS S. Sullivan-Librarian, S. Mawyer, K. Harris, B. Giles, P. Willis, V. Lyon, D. Edinborough, D. Witt, J. Harvey-Library Aide. Top: B. Warring, A. Patrick, M. Page, P. Morse, J. Coates—coach. Bottom: E. Eubanks, C. Payne, B. Durrette, S. Raynor. ,58 VARSITY FOOTBALL Top: C. Scott, C. Thompson, B. Brown, L. Lockett, B. Dodd, M. Drumheller. Middle: D. Wood, S. Carter, C. Moxley, A. Stratton, M. Johnson, M. Small, C. Dotson, W. Turner, T. Marks, W. Myers, D. Harris. Bottom: F. Clark, D. Wood, L. Bose, V. Reznick, W. Durrett, W. Miles, J. Wells, J. Hughes, P. Coffey, E. Glover, M. Timberlake. 1974 Coaches-Dennis Brown, Jack Sellers, Vernon Wood Randy, Margaret, Wendy, and Tommy manage the Green and Gold. NCHS managers hard at work! 61 Coach Lang communicates with the press box. Ref. calls a dead ball This is it, Vernon! TOUCHDOWN!!! 62 Seniors contributed much to the 1974 Governors. Margaret, Nelson High’s Florence Nightingale Our defense holds that line Nelson Opponent 14 Amherst 15 21 Altavista 0 21 Liberty 0 21 Rustburg 28 6 Brookville 19 15 Appomattox 28 24 William Campbell 15 6 Jefferson Forest 8 26 Staunton River 8 22 Gretna 0 fi ' 3 Mike heads for that first down! VARSITY FOOTBALL CHEER¬ LEADERS Janet and Denise 4U Lindy and Melissa Gloria and Theodora Top: K. Fields—co-captain, G. Patrick, L. Martin—captain. Middle: R. Proffitt, J. Mitchell, T. Jack- Kim and Ruth son, M. Watts. Bottom: D. Bryant. B4 J.V. FOOTBALL Top: J. Scott, W. Mayo, J. Gray, R. Stevens, D. Matthews, G. Wood, R. Purvis, J. Johnson, Middle: G. Watts, J. Massie, C. Litehford, R. Harris, B. Koon, A. Patrick, M. McGann. Bottom: R. Ponton, A. Toliver, A. Burns, C. McGann, C. Baker, S. Raynor. 65 Coaches K. Sellers and C. Bennett observe the eam. Defense! Nelson Opponent 46 Altavista 6 6 Liberty 15 26 Rustburg 6 6 Brookville 27 20 Jefferson Forest 6 18 William Campbell 28 28 Appomattox 0 20 Staunton River 0 Hold that line! Hit ’em, hit ’em, hit ’em hard!!!!! A future Roger Staubach PHARMACY Nelson leads again! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!! 66 J.V. FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS Top: W. McGann, M. Deitrich, S. Terry. Bottom: J. Kidd—captain, H. Bradley, D. Harvey—co- eaptain. Melissa and Jennell Sandra and Holly Wanda and Debbie 67 GIRLS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL » « % 1 t 1 Top: C. Nimmo—coach, J. Butler—manager, S. Napier, C. Parrish, V. Heflin, R. Silman, G. Bryant, C. Tyler—manager. Bottom: K. Friend, D. Smith, M. Singer, T. Sheffield. 68 Coach Nimmo talks to the scorekeeper. Nelson takes time to warm up before the game. Sink it! Nelson Opponent 40 William Monroe 23 47 Waynesboro 23 33 Amherst 27 49 William Monroe 16 39 E.C. Glass 49 45 Albermarle 59 46 Parry McCluer 61 35 Charlottesville High 56 50 Waynesboro 29 34 Amherst 39 36 Charlottesville High 39 54 William Campbell 17 47 Parry McCluer 50 48 William Campbell 33 21 E.C. Glass -•District Playoff— 21 38 Amherst —Regional— 29 51 Andrew Lewis 64 69 Get ready for the jump! Dale and Kathy race down the floor. Dale takes a foul shot. No fair passing to the stands! 70 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS D. Small—co-captain, D. McNabb, K. Kokernot—captain, J. McKenzie, D. McCormick. Kim and Debbie Darlene and Jane Darlene 71 J.V. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Top: E. Craig, N. Crawford, S. Woodson, A. Murphy, B. Watts, L. Raynor, R. Slaughter, D. Coleman—coach. Bottom: D. Cottrell, S. Jaques, D. Eubanks, E. Smith, T. Harris, D. Brown, S. Allen. 72 BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL Top: D. Wood, J. Smith, C. Smith, C. Scott. Middle: T. Fleming, S. Allen, C. Dodd, M. Gamble. Bottom: A. Perry, D. Henderson, L. Rose, K. Lawhorne. Coaches Gray and Sprinkle R. Silman, J. Mitchell, A. Irving, K. Friend—managers. Clinton out-maneuvers his opponent. 73 It’s my ball, and you can’t have it! That’s the Governor way, Dewey. Governors warm up before the Rustburg game. Nelson Opponent 58 Altavista 59 58 Liberty 59 63 Rustburg 61 81 Brookville 61 54 Jefferson Forest 59 126 William Campbell 56 95 Appomattox 57 80 Staunton River 62 78 Gretna 74 71 Amherst 63 88 Altavista 79 64 Liberty 75 64 Rustburg 61 67 Brookville 72 80 Jefferson Forest 47 89 William Campbell 56 95 Appomattox 59 58 Amherst 60 84 Staunton River 58 92 Gretna 57 —Tournament— 58 Jefferson Forest 55 64 Amherst 70 What’s up, Claude? 74 rt % Clinton scores for the Governors. Nobody out-jumps James Smith! 75 BOYS’ VARSITY BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS ✓ lh 1 if IT ; a ff, ■ Darlene and Melissa Lindy and Jane Gloria and Ruth Top: L. Martin, G. Patrick, D. McNabb. Middle: M. Watts, R. Proffitt, J. McKenzie. Bottom: S. Gleason, T. Jackson. 76 J.V. BOYS BASKETBALL Top: Coach Garwood, J. Gray, J. Scott, W. Mayo, T. Saunders. Bottom: W. Henderson, J. Massie, K. Baker, M. Drumheller, G. Wood. Nelson Opponent 52 Altavista 57 49 Liberty 53 40 Rustburg 44 53 Brookville 38 34 Jefferson Forest 15 48 William Campbell 46 45 Appomattox 40 61 Staunton River 47 71 Gretna 67 57 Amherst 51 64 Altavista 44 50 Liberty 51 39 Rustburg 49 56 Brookville 52 63 Jefferson Forest 32 47 William Campbell 54 43 Appomattox 28 35 Amherst 62 67 Staunton River 31 53 Gretna 59 Wallace scores two more. Coach Garwood studies his team in action. 77 Time stands still. John demonstrates his rebounding ability. ' 8 CHEERLEADERS J.V. BOYS’ BASKETBALL Top: F. Gleason, M. Dietrich, Middle: H. Bradley—co-captain, J. Kidd—captain, S. Terry. Bottom: C. Payne. Melissa and Jennell Frances and Holly Sandra and Chloe 79 VOLLEYBALL Top: G. Morse—manager, P. Myers, W. Browning, D. Kennedy, E. Ramsey, M. Simpson, A. Greene—coach. Middle: S. Umbarger—manager, A. Tucker, J. Adams, D. Truslow, J. Craig, R. Gleason. Bottom: D. Robinson, J. Tucker, D. Morris, S. Woodson. Nelson Opponent 0 0 2 2 1 0 1 2 0 2 0 Gretna 2 Rustburg 2 Staunton River 1 Altavista 0 Appomattox 2 Liberty 2 Jefferson Forest 2 Amherst 0 Rrookville 2 -PLAY-OFF MATCHES- Amherst 1 Altavista 2 Coach Anna Greene Wanda volleys the team to victory. CROSS COUNTRY Top: T. Saunders, W. Hudson, R. Meredith, K. Harrison. Middle: T. Campbell, S. Ponton, M. Gleason, J. Harris, C. Murphy. Bottom: N. Boetteher- eoach. z r Steve leads the opposition. a V Clinton and Joe cross the one-mile marker. Wayne is no. 1 again! Nelson 28 SMA 28 Nelson 35 Albermarle 73 Charlottesville 23 Nelson 31 E.C. Glass 25 Nelson 28 Brookville 28 Nelson 31 Amherst 24 Nelson 28 Staunton River 29 Liberty 27 Nelson 42 Waynesboro 19 81 INDOOR TRACK I NK « M SSWSHt 4 I MMHMM Top: C. Thompson, J. Vest, C. Robinson, K. Harrison, M. Timberlark. Second: J. Wells, P. Martin, J. Harris, L. Jones, R. Ferguson. Third: D. Wel ls, F. Clark, E. Glover, E. Bowling, M. Jacques. Bottom: R. Purvis, D. Harris, W. Turner, T. Payne, R. Meredith, R. Dillard. Coaches: Top: E. Witt, S. Davis. Bottom: J. Sellers, N. Boettcher. My hero. ■ ■ : Charles prepares for a record-breaking put. Tony’s off his feet again! Pain is part of being dedicated. They’re off to the races! Waynesboro Nelson Broad Run Amherst Louisa Nelson Handley Waynesboro Louisa Amherst Albemarle Halifax Robert E. Lee Nelson George Washington Nelson Jefferson Forest Liberty Amherst Gretna William Campbell Rustburg Altavista 2nd—District Track Meet 2nd—State AA Track Meet 87 2 771 2 43 11 3 91 70 34 14 13 97L3 39 ' 3 34 291 3 12 61 30 27 21 15 141 2 11 ' 2 9 83 OUTDOOR TRACK Top: C. Thompson, R. Adams, V. Reznick, J. Wells, F. Clark, K. Haywood, D. Wells, L. Jones, C. Robinson, E. Glover. Middle: M. Jacques, A. Stratton, R. Horsley, C. Ferguson, J. Smith, C. Scott, T. Beverly, W. Napper, E. Martin, R. Ragland, R. Dillard, R. Rose. Bottom: W. Hudson, C. Jackson, W. Crocker, M. Timberlake, G. Woodson, G. Epps, J. Vest, T. Payne, R. Moon. Wayne and Edgar finish 1-2. Richard and Mike hand off as a crowd gathers. Coach Eddie Witt, Virginia State Track Coach of the Year. 84 Mike clears the hurdle two strides ahead of his opponent. William breaks the tape for Nelson in the mile relay. . . . It’s Clarence!! Waynesboro William Campbell Brookville Parry McCluer Staunton River Jefferson Forest E.C. Glass Altavista Opponent 50 21 40 29 55 11 47 34 Charles proceeds t o do his thing! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nelson 86 115 96 107 103 103 89 102 Richard leads the 880. 85 I GIRLS’ TRACK Top: L. Miles. Middle: K. Friend, D. Hurst, P. Morris, L. Martin, S. Woodson, R. Silman, B. Banks, K. Crady—manager. Bottom: H. Rodgers—man¬ ager, J. Butler, M. Watts, G. Morse, D. Smith, C. Parish, J. Stratton, L. Henderson. Dale, the model. Coach Nimmo displays one of her winning smiles. Dale takes off on her 16’ 6” jump. 86 We love our Coach!! They’re off! CSiLL Robin displays her winning form over the low hurdles. Cheryl and Dale prove that good handoffs win a relay. 87 BASEBALL W. Norris, J. Garwood—coaches, J. Wright—manager. Top: T. Baker, M. Ponton, D. Bond, K. Harrison. Middle: L. Lockett, M. Saunders, D. Fitz¬ gerald, R. Fields, D. Toms. Bottom: L. Awkard, W. Durrette, L. Rose, H. Watts. Nelson Opponent 3 Liberty 6 3 Rustburg 2 8 William Campbell 2 1 Amherst 24 6 Brookville 1 10 Jefferson Forest 2 13 Appomattox 5 3 Gretna 2 5 Liberty 4 5 Altavista 2 9 Rustburg 14 16 Staunton River 4 10 William Campbell 0 3 Appomattox 0 3 Brookville 10 1 Altavista 3 3 Jefferson Forest 7 2 Amherst 7 5 Staunton River 2 10 Gretna 5 —District Playoffs— 5 Jefferson Forest 4 9 Brookville 5 —Regionals— 1 Glenvar 14 Look out! Home run!! 88 I’ve got it! I’ve got it! I’m ready! Are you? Coach Garwood gives a before-the-game pep talk. tf- sr - Mike warms up the “ole pitching arm”! 89 SOFTBALL Top: S. Allen, D. Ferguson, L. Henderson, L. Miles, J. Jenkins, K. Carter, J. Tucker, C. Tyler—manager. Bottom: B. Woody, D. Smith, K. Friend, J. Robinson, M. Singer, T. Sheffield, D. Revely, R. Floyd—manager. Nelson Opponent 6 Rustburg 2 1 Staunton River 2 22 William Campbell 7 18 Brookville 6 8 Appomattox 14 8 Jefferson Forest 6 30 Gretna 13 14 Altavista 3 8 Staunton River 6 27 Rustburg 4 10 William Campbell 1 10 Appomattox 1 15 Brookville 0 8 Jefferson Forest 10 9 Gretna 4 -Regular Season Champs- —Tournament— 37 Gretna 15 8 Jefferson Forest 19 Tournament Runners Up Coach Greene exemplifies an expert bunt. Watch your step, Becky! 90 91 GOLF Top: R. Carter, N. Dodd, G. Spencer, K. Lawhorne, V. Wood—coach. Bottom: K. Boggs, T. Dodd, E. Saunders, J. Morris. 92 SS;::: : sisss ilil m William Jefferson Bloomer, B.S., M. Ed. Principal 94 BfeF C.M. Price Jr., B.S. Assistant Principal Doris Evans and Barbara Quick Secretaries 95 H.D. Conner, A.R. Payne, C.C. Seaman, J.E. Purvis, and O. Karicofe. School Board Top: C.C. Lincoln, G.R. Helbert, R.W. Wallace, R.F. Napier. Bottom: H.D. Conner, R.W. Moon, F.B. Walker. Central Office Personnel 9ti Becky Bane, B.S. Mathematics Marion Bragg, A.B. Latin Nathan Boettcher, B.S. Science Emilie D. Bruguiere, B.S English 97 ,■ « ■- £§ Robert T. Brush, B.S., M.S. Social Studies Stephen C. Davis, B.A., M.Ed. Social Studies James A. Coates, B.A. Social Studies David Dodd, B.S. English 98 Patty Driskill, B.A. English Jim Garwood, B.A., M.Ed. Social Studies Nina K. Garrett, B.S. English and History Elma F. Giles, B.S. Home Economics 99 Philip A. Green, B.M.Ed. Music Warren E. Hankins, B.S., M.S. Agriculture Anna L. Greene, A.B. Health and Physical Education Pauline B. Harvey, B.S. Business 100 Joan B. Ligon, B.A., M.A. French Linda M. Mattson, B.S. Business 101 Connie S. Nimmo, A.B., M.Ed. Physical Education Martha Norton, B.A., M.Ed. English 102 Nancy T. Parr, B.S. Home Economics John Roberts, B.S., M.S. Agriculture Ernest H. Puckett, B.S., M.Ed. Agriculture Mary C. Roberts, B.S., M.Ed. Business 103 Jack Sellers, B.S., M.S.T. Science Clara Hall Shelton, B.A., M.Ed. Business Rebecca M. Sellers, A.B. English C. Allen Sprinkle, Jr., B.S. Social Studies 104 Bette Sprinkle, B.A., M.Ed. Mathematics Libby Towe, B.S. Special Education Clara Thompson, B.S., M.A. English Curtis Truesdale, B.S. Driver Education 105 Caroline C. Tucker, B.A. Spanish John Thomas White, B.S., M.Ed. Science Richard P. Willett, B.A., M.Ed. English 106 Edward H. Witt, B.A., M.Ed. Physical Education Shirley W. Wright, B.S. Business Vernon Wood, B.A. Physical Education ?.nd Driver Education I Margaret M. Perry, A.A., B.A., M.Ed. Guidance 107 Catherine Whitehead, B.A., M.Ed. Guidance Hilda Ashley Guidance Aide James G. Talbot, B.A., M.Ed. Guidance Shirley Sullivan, B.A. Librarian 108 N.H. Singer, J.A. Fitzgerald, B. Garrett, E.G. Ferguson, and B.R. Leder. English Aides 109 H. Goff, i Cafeteria G. Smith, B. Napier and W. Irving. Custodian Aides 110 M. Timberlake—vice-president, J. Tucker—president, C. Parrish—secretary, L. Rose—reporter, K. Fields—treasurer. Onedia Mae Allen Ruth Karen Allen Teresa Diana Anderson Larry Steve Awkard 112 Wanda Lee Browning Curtis Smith Bruguiere Charlotte Gail Bryant Tyrone takes the kind of picture that turns everybody on. Denise Ann Bryant Judson Bryant, Jr. Jacquelyn Sue Butler Carroll Martin Campbell Donald Wayne Campbell 113 Sharon Margarett Campbell Debra Anne Carter Jackie, a future Olympic champion Wanda Marie Campbell Brenda Gail Clark Connie Turner Clark Frank William Clark Gracie Elizabeth Clark Perry Lane Coffey 114 V Margaret Louise Edwards Isaac Walker Early Wilbert Evans Durrett David William Drumheller Ethel Darlene Ferguson Fredrick Michael Ferguson Cindy Marie Fields James Robert Eubanks Kim Patrice Fields Richard Wendell Fields Darrell Dwayne Fitzgerald Kenny takes a swing. Linda Burnley Fitzgerald 115 Jerry Wells, the epitome of a future business leader of America Tyrone E. Fleming Jennifer Lynn Floyd Cheryl Diane Franklin Phyllis Elaine Gaines Patsy Morris, Homecoming Queen Jacqueline Diane Giles Elmer Lee Glover Yvonne Diane Glover George Gregory Goff Carolyn Jean Gowen It’s been a long day! Laura Robin Green lib Sherry Lynn Gunter Hang in there, Elmer! Mary Catherine Elizabeth Harrel Lois Marie Hansen Sabrina Mallory Hancock Jeffery Warren Hensley Bettina Sue Higginbotham Judy Ann Hill Cheryl and Kim take a break from the hectic life of a senior. Laveme Ann Hagar Alfred Eugene Harris Cathy Elizabeth Hudson Deborah Elizabeth Hurst 117 Katherine Mae Iseman Wendy Claudette Johnson Melinda Jane Jones Deborah Jean Kennedy Robert Lee Kirt Ray Sidney Lambert Elizabeth Louise Lawhome Frances Marie Lawhorne Kenneth Mark Lawhorne 118 Cheryl Jeannie McGann James Allen Megginson Glenn Edward Micklem Walter Davie Miles Constance Bernice Mitchell Robert Shelton Moore Dennis Craig Morris Jane Loving Morris 119 Patricia Marie Morris Patsy Dale Morris Debbie Naomi Morse Kathleen Elizabeth Morse Carolyn Sue O’Brien Deborah Kay O Brien Exciting game, huh, girls? Margaret Cammille Morse Genevieve Jean Moyer Sarah Teresa Orman Stephanie Lynne Page Charles Raymond Paige Cheryl Jeanne Parrish 120 Gloria Kay Patrick Robert Anthony Payne Anthony Perry Anita Ruth Proffitt Leona Juanita Revely Vernon William Reznick Richard Lee Roberts Delores Ann Robertson Reading last night’s assignment before class is a favorite senior pastime. Clarence Jay Robinson Deborah Ann Robinson Larry Joe Rose Rebecca Oretha Rose 121 “Show and Tell” in the 12th grade??? Loma May Rutherford Sydney Gail Saunders Tony Dillon Saunders Sue Byers Seaman Freda Roxanne Sheffield David Hyden Simpson Silas Russell Simpson, Jr. Debra Lynn Sites D. Bryant, Homecoming Representative The camera catches first baseman, Debbie Morse. Glenn Allen Slosson Diane June Small 122 D. Small, Homecoming Representative Major Michelle Stephens Brenda Louise Stevens Juanita Gail Stratton Nora Louise Talty Harold Oswald Thomas, Jr. Dexter is the first long-jumper to introduce Kung Full 123 Michael Lee Timberlake Reginald Jerome Toms Joyce Ann Tucker Patricia Faye Tucker Mildred Hughes Wade Doris Marie Washington Hugh Alvin Watts Janet Horsley Watts 124 Betty Mae Willoughby Aw-come on Ruth! It can’t be that bad! Donna Kim Witt Dewey Sylvester Wood Kathy Lorraine Wood Sadesta Eva Woodson Charles Earl Yarborough SENIOR DIRECTORY Onedia Allen FNA, FBLA, Pep Club. Teresa Anderson L’Alliance francaise, Agape, FTA. John Ed. Baker Football manager. Karen Allen FNA, Drama Club, Pep Club. Larry Awkard Kay Baldwin FBLA, Varsity Football, Baseball, Track. FBLA, Library Club. Newspaper Staff. 125 Wanda Ballowe FHA. Janice Bell Pep Club, Agape. Ray Bibb FFA. Bonnie Bolton Dorothy Bradley FHA, FBLA. Mancy Bragg Joyce Brogan FBLA. Wanda Browning SCA, FHA, FBLA, Drama Club, Cheerleader. Curtis Bruguiere Drama Club. Gail Bryant GAA, SCA, FHA, FBLA, Basketball, Girls’ Track. Denise Bryant FBLA, FHA, SCA, Drama Club, Cheerleader. Judson Bryant Linda Burnley Fitzgerald FBLA. Jackie Butler FHA, Agape, Ecology Club, GAA, Girls’ Track, Girls’ Basketball manager. Carroll Campbell Donald Campbell FFA, Baseball. Sharon Campbell Wanda Campbell Debra Carter FHA, Pep Club. Brenda Clark FBLA State Secretary. Connie Turner Clark Gracie Clark Pep Club, FBLA. Frank Clark FFA, Varsity Football, Track. Perry Coffey FFA, Monogram Club, Varsity Football. Annie Crawford Pep Club, FHA. Lionel Crawford FFA. Leslie DeHart Drama Club, Band, L’Alliance francaise, Fo¬ rensics, Annual Staff. Deborah Dennis FHA. David Drumheller L’Alliance francaise, Newspaper Staff, Quill Scroll, National Honor Society, SCA, Varsity Football. Wilbert Durrett FFA, Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball. Isaac Early FFA. Margaret Edwards James Eubanks Pep Club, Track. Darlene Ferguson Drama Club, Softball, Girls’ Varsity Basketball Frederick Ferguson Indoor Outdoor Track. Cindy Fields FTA, FBLA, Annual Staff, National Honor Society. Kim Fields FTA, L’Alliance francaise, SCA, Cheerleader. Richard Fields FFA, Baseball. Darrell Fitzgerald FFA. Tyrone Fleming Monogram Club, Varsity Basketball. Jennifer Floyd SCA, Newspaper Staff, L’Alliance francaise, Drama Club. Cheryl Franklin FBLA, FHA. Phyllis Gaines FHA, FBLA, Glee Club, Boys’ Basketball manager, Girls’ Track. Carolyn Gowen Jackie Giles FHA, FBLA. Elmer Glover Varsity Club, Agape, FFA, Track, Football, Basketball. Yvonne Glover FNA, Agape. Greg Goff Newspaper Staff, Quill Scroll. Robin Green FBLA, FHA, Pep Club, FNA, Basketball. Sherry Gunter Library Club, Annual Staff, Chorus. Laveme Hagar FBLA, FHA. Sabrina Hancock FTA, Quill Scroll, National Honor Society, Newspaper Staff, SCA, Girls’ Basketball Score Keeper. Lois Hansen Mary Harrell Chorus. Alfred Harris FBLA, Varsity Club, J.V. Football, Varsity Football. 126 Jeff Hensley FBLA, FFA. Bettina Higginbotham L’Alliance francaise. National Honor Society. Judy Hill FBLA. Cathy Hudson Fep Club, Agape, FHA, Softball. Tommy Hughes FFA. Debbie Hurst Cheerleader. Wayne Irving FFA. Kathy Iseman Drama Club, SCA, Annual Staff. Michael Jacques J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball, Indoor Out¬ door Track, Varsity Football. Julia Jenkins Pep Club, Girls’ J.V. Basketball, Softball. Wendy Johnson SCA, Pep Club, Drama Club, Varsity Club, Cheerleader, Basketball and Football man¬ ager, Homecoming Court. Melinda Jones L’Alliance francaise. Debbie Kennedy Drama Club, Volleyball. Robert Kirt Ray Lambert SCA, FFA. Kenny Lawhome Drama Club, J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball, Varsity Basketball. Libby Lawhome FHA. Marie Lawhome FHA. James Martin FBLA. Sarah Massie FHA, L’Alliance francaise, Drama Club, FTA, Monogram Club, Varsity Football manager. Sammy Mawyer FFA, KVG. Cindy McCormick FBLA, Band. Cheryl McGann FHA. James Megginson FFA. Glenn Micklem FFA. Walter Miles FBLA, Varsity Football. Connie Mitchell Pep Club, Agape, Forensics Club, FBLA, FHA, FNA. Shelton Moore Track, Varsity Football. Craig Morris FFA. Jane Morris Literary Magazine. Patricia Morris FBLA, FHA, SCA. Patsy Morris SCA President, L’Alliance francaise, Newspa¬ per Staff, Girls’ Track. Debbie Morse Drama Club, FBLA, Monogram Club, FHA, SCA, Varsity Club, Agape, Debate Club, Li¬ brary Club, Varsity Girls’ Basketball, Track, Softball, Volleyball, Newspaper Staff, Pep Club, Forensics Club. Kathleen Morse Agape, FBLA, FHA, FNA, Pep Club. Margaret Morse Pep Club, FHA, Monogram Club, SCA, An¬ nual Staff, Agape, Varsity Club, Varsity Foot¬ ball manager, FBLA. Genevieve Moyer FHA, SCA, FBLA. Carolyn O’Brien Deborah O’Brien FHA. Teresa Orman FBLA. Stephanie Page SCA, FNA, Pep Club, FHA, Band, Flag Corp, Drama Club, Volleyball, J.V. Cheerleader. Charles Paige Cheryl Parrish Monogram Club, FBLA, SCA, Basketball, Track manager. Girls’ Track. Gloria Patrick L’Alliance francaise, Annual Staff, Monogram Club, FBLA, Cheerleader. Tony Payne FFA, Newspaper Staff, Varsity Club, J.V. Football, Indoor Outdoor Track. Anthony Perry Pep Club, SCA, FFA, Cross Country, J.V. Bas¬ ketball, Baseball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball. Ruth Proffitt L’Alliance francaise, FNA, SCA, Annual Staff, Monogram Club, FHA, Cheerleader, Pep Club. Juanita Revely FNA, Agape, Pep Club. Vernon Reznick Varsity Club, Indoor Outdoor Track, Var¬ sity Football. Richard Roberts FBLA State President. Delores Robertson FHA, FNA, Agape, Pep Club. 127 Clarence Robinson Monogram Club, Varsity Football, Indoor Outdoor Track. Deborah Robinson Pep Club, FHA, FNA, Agape, Varsity Club, Volleyball. Larry Rose SCA, J.V. Football, J.V. Basketball, Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, Baseball, Mono¬ gram Club. Ray Rose Rebecca Rose Pep Club, FBLA. Loma Rutherford Drama Club, FBLA, Pep Club. Gail Saunders Drama Club, FBLA, Annual Staff, Band. Tony Saunders FFA, Drama Club. Susie Seaman SCA, FBLA, National Honor Society. Freda Sheffield FBLA. David Simpson Russell Simpson FFA, KVG. Debbie Sites Agape. Pep Club, FBLA, Drama Club. Glen Slosson L’Alliance francaise, National Honor Society, Monogram Club, Newspaper Staff, Varsity Football, J.V. Football, Golf. Diane Small SCA, FBLA, L’Alliance francaise. Gary Smith FFA. Jean Spears FNA, FHA, SCA, Pep Club. Barbara Spencer Ben Spencer L’Alliance francaise. Forensics Club, FFA. Ray Spivey FBLA. Valerie Sprouse FBLA. Michelle Stephens Band, Drama Club, Forensics Club, FBLA, Chorus. Brenda Stevens L’Alliance francaise, Forensics Club, Debate Club, Drama Club, Annual Staff. Juanita Stratton FHA, Pep Club, Girls’ Track. Nora Talty FBLA. Harold Thomas, Jr. Marching, Concert and Pep Bands, Indoor Track. Mike Timberlake SCA, Monogram Club, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Outdoor Indoor Track. Reginald Toms Pep Club, Glee Club, Varsity Football. Joyce Tucker Pep Club, Varsity Club, SCA, FHA, Girls’ Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Track. Patricia Tucker Pep Club, Glee Club, FHA, Softball, Volleyball. Jonnie Turner Pep Club, Annual Staff, Chorus, FNA. Gerald Turpin FFA, KVG. Teresa Twitchell Bradley Tyree FFA, KVG. Mary Ann Vaughan FHA, FBLA, Library Club, Pep Club. Johnny Vest L’Alliance francaise. Band, Stage Band, News¬ paper Staff, SCA, Cross Country, Indoor Outdoor Track. Mildred Wade FBLA. Doris Washington FNA, Drama Club. Hugh Watts Monogram Club, FFA, KVG, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Baseball. Janet Horsley Watts Marching Band, Concert Band, Girls’ Softball manager. Dexter Wells Pep Club, Monogram Club, Track. Jerry Wells Varsity Club, Pep Club, FBLA, Drama Club, Forensics Club, Cross Country, Football, Track. June Wickliffe Debbie Williams Chorus, Newspaper Staff. Betty Willoughby FBLA. Donna Witt FHA, FBLA, Forensics Club, Drama Club. Dewey Wood Varsity Club, Pep Club, SCA, FFA, Varsity Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. Kathy Wood FBLA. Sadesta Woodson Monogram Club, Pep Club, FNA, Girls’ Track, Volleyball. Chuck Yarborough Drama Club, Thesp ian Society, Forensics Club, Literary Magazine, Marching and Con¬ cert Band, Baseball. 128 Carol Bolden L. Chafee—president, L. Martin—vice-president, E. Woodson—secretary, K. Carter—treasurer. Peek-a-boo! I see you! Bobby Adams Delores Allen Robert Allen Steven Allen 130 Elmo Bowling Bill Brown Samantha Briggs Janice Brown Delores Campbell Ronald Campbell Charles Carter Karen Carter Girls cram for a test. 131 I did it! Barbara Cowan David Cox Kaye Crady ' W , , Jack Davis Raymond Dillard Joanne Dixon 1 4 Bennie Dodd Claude Dodd Donna Dowdy Bob Caughey Lori Chafee Fred Coffey 132 Dorothy Early Danny Duncan Barbara Durrette Darlene Edinbourgh Eddie Ellis Evelyn Eubanks Delane Fitzgerald Kathy Fitzgerald Teresa Fitzgerald Mark Gamble A Patricia Foster June Fox And what class is this? Here “she” comes! Miss Sugar-n-Spice 1.33 Susan Glass Sharon Gleason Stanley Glover Yeh! I’m leavin’! Judy Green Carol Gowen Rebecca Hall Kenneth Hamilton Kathy Harris Randy Harris Elizabeth Harvey Kelly Harrison Just hanging around. 1.34 Jeff Hesson Wayne Hudson David Hughes Mary Hutchinson Delores Irving Jessie Irving “Francis” Small is crowned Sugar-n-Spiee “Queen”. Kenny re-enacts the crime. 1.35 I’m cornin’, Coach, I’m cornin’! Cheyenne Jackson Theodora Jackson % Denise Johnson S. Gleason and D. Small, Homecoming Representatives Frances Johnson Lorenzo Jones Kathy Kidd Kim Kokemot Rosa Kurtz Russell Marrs Wanda Marrs Lindy Martin Jimmy Massie Robert Massie 136 You’re out! How much farther? Debra McCormick Wayne Massie William Massie Darlene McNabb Dennis Mitchell John Morris l Joe Morris Jane McKenzie Patricia Morse Lois Murphy Patricia Myers William Myers Daisy Napier 137 Patricia Napier Michael Ponton Tom Page Teresa Peregoy Wayne Ponton Junior members of the Annual Staff take time out 138 Richard Roberts Caroline Robertson Helen Rodgers Alfred Rose Reginald Rose Massie Saunders (k Chris Scott Tony Seaman Theresa Sheffield Deloris Simpson Mary Simpson Deborah Singer “What’s it to ya?” This is how it goes. 139 I’m innocent!! Wouldn’t you like to know what I’m reading? Freddie Small Ricky Small Donnie Smith James Smith Dale Smith Danny Stevens Stevie Stevens Alvin Stratton Howard Strickland Marcia Taylor Tammy Thomas Charles Thompson Helen Toliver James Thompson Karen Thompson 140 Richard Toliver Doug Toms Darlene Truslow Connie Tyler Cathy Tyree Massie Tunstall Karen Tyree Teresa Tyree Tammy Ward Now, this is my plan, girls. What’s up, Doc? Well, it’s back to class! 141 Pam White Everett Williams Paul Willis David Witt Martha Wood Becky Woody Esther Woodson Kathy Wright Hi! Whatcha doin’? Clyde displays his mighty muscles. 142 T. Saunders—president, L. Lockett—vice-president, D. Ashley—secretary-treasurer, T. Harris—Reporter. Gloria Adams Kenneth Adams Mark Adams Donna Allen Steve Allen Is it in here? 144 WM Wilma Allen Lilly Archie Tammy Armstrong Bobo Ashley Debbie Ashley Shirley Barber Gary Beverley Loretta Beverley Mark Bibb Danny Bond Hustle, T.B., Hustle! Ed misses again. 145 ' i Randy Campbell Randy Carter Tinch Campbell Joyce Carter Malinda Carter Just checkin’ Stanley Cash Tammy Caton Donna Caughey Debbie Childress Susan Crocker Mary Dillard Thomas Dodd Gerald Drumheller William declares Kenneth the winner! Mark Drumheller Dorisia Durrette Norris Early Let’s get serious 146 W7+ A Sam Eggleston Michael Feggans Lois Ferguson Russell Ferguson Diana Edwards Tina Ferguson Torin Fitzgerald Marita Fleming Shelby Foster “Who me?” Laurie Floyd Maynard Floyd Kathy Friend Donna Giles Gail Giles Obea Glass Robin Gleason Shop crew is at it again. 147 David Glover Elaine Glover J. Robinson and J. Bradley, Homecoming Rep¬ resentatives Haywood and Milton take a stroll. Marion Gleason Kim Goff Debra Gray Annette Hall Gary Hamilton Betty Harris Joe Harris A Ml 1 w ii j , W, Terry Harris Warren Harris Wallace Henderson Tommy finds a place of retreat in the trombone section. 148 Jimmy Hoffman Bobby Hoffman Judy Horsley Gale Hudson Andria Hughes Ivan Hughes Lucy Hughes Sam Hughes Alfred Irving Betty Irving David Johnson Lucian s great pose You called? “You sly devil” 149 Donna Johnson Marty Johnson Sandra Jones Rosa Key Clay Kidd Ray Kidd Wanda Kidd Janet Knight Douglas Koon Mary Loving Sara Lowe Virginia Lyon The hat’s have it! Did 1 make it? 150 Tommy Marks Brenda Martin Nita Martin Anne Mawyer David Mays Preston Martin Wanda Mays Richard McFadden Regina McCann Carol McGuire Thomas McKenzie William Megginson k W L The gang is studying??? Are you kidding? 151 m Kenneth and K.B. acting natural Kelvin Mickens Janet Mitchell Gail Morse Kenneth Napier Sue Norvell Hilton O’Brien Diane Phillips Kevin Pillow Kathy Ponton 152 Daniel gets caught with his hand in the “cookie jar.” Ricky Ponton Steve Ponton Martha Proffitt Mary Proffitt Wilma Radeliffe Jack Ragland Mike Ragland Elwood Raines Linda Raynor Joyce Robinson Grover Rose Haywood Rose Milton Rose Nellie Rose Robin Rowe 1.53 Introducing Ray and Clay or is it Clay and Ray? Russell disposes of himself properly. Ed Saunders Robin Silman Andre Scott James Slosson Tom Saunders Melvin Small Clinton Smith Deborah Smith Harold Smith Johnny Smith James Sprouse Marvin Smith Linda Spencer Donna Spitler Scott 154 Linda Taylor Steven Taylor Alice Terry Larry Terry Sandra Terry Alice Tucker Shelia Thacker Cynthia Thompson Earl Toliver Ira Toms 155 Charles Wade Kristy Ward Denise Weeks Bonnie Wells Ricky White Nancy Wickliffe Herman Williams Charles Wood Don Wood Arlene Woods Mike and M.C. check it out. 156 J. Page—president, M. Page—vice-president, S. Hurst—secretary, R. Massie—reporter. Wanda Beverly David Blackwell Jennifer Bowling Robert Bragg Carolyn Bridgewater 158 Betty Bryant Larry Bryant Patty Bryant Sandra Bryant Wayne Bryant James Bumley Anthony Burns Jessie Calloway Jessie Campbell Phillip Campbell Cindy, take it easy on him! 159 Terry Campbell Barbara Carter Daniel Carter . James Carter Pam Carter Allen Cash Mark Chafee Carrie Clark Vernon Cobbs Kevin Cook Elaine Craig Jane Craig Michael engages in class participation. Waiting patiently for the bell 160 Melissa Dietrich Hilda Dillard Kent Dixon Eddie Dowdy Gary Drumheller Marlene Earhart Brenda Ellis Terry Essex Cassandra Ferguson Dawn Ferguson Thomas Ferguson Lisa Fields It will all be over soon; don’t worry. Smile, Ray. 161 Debbie Fitzgerald Martha Fitzgerald Donna Fitzgerald J err y Fitzgerald Cheryl Fleming Danny Fortune Playboy Chib? Terri Gibson Frances Gleason Kenneth Glover Darlene Goff Jack Goldstein Charles Goodwin Pat Gowen James Gray Ronnie Hall Working out that math problem 162 Cindy Harris William Harris Cathy Harvey Debbie Harvey Vicky Heflin Janet Herring Kenneth Huffman Gregory Hughes Stacy Hurst Brenda Hutchinson Glenn Johnson John Johnson Linda Johnson Monica Johnson Sherri Johnson 163 Robert hustles as usual. Jennell Kidd Tony Kennedy i Warren Jones Bessie Kiser Ellow Lawhorne Charles Litchford Buck Loving Judy Loving Eva Loving Charles Madison Donnie Martin Bernard Massie Shocking, isn’t it? m Randolph Massie David Matthews Gregory Mawyer Denise McClellan Nancy McElwain Carl McGann Mark McGann Wanda McGann Charles McGuire Wendell Mayo Tommy Mays Debbie Mays What a day! And they say women always talk! Quiet down! 165 Ronald Meade Robert Meredith Rhonda Micklem Vince Micklem James Morris Daniel Morse Michael Morse Deborah Moyer Renee Moyer George Napier Mr. Hankins holds an interesting discussion. Cindy Nelson Henry Page Joe Page Sandra Napier I lbb Alan Patrick Michael Page Jacquelyn Paige William Paige William Pannell t Chloe Payne Ray Phillips Betty Pippin Johnny Ponton Ronnie Ponton John Purvis Carol Raines Steve Raynor Cheryl Robertson ■■■■■■■■■■ Chip experiences the paper shortage. 167 Maria Robinson Timothy Rose Cabbell Rose Joseph Rose John Scott Martha Scott Brian Senter Janet Simpson Steven Simpson Theresa Sisk Mary Sites Roxanne Slaughter Mark Small i Smile, you’re on candid camera! 168 Tony, in deep concentration Madelene Smith David Snead Sherry Smith Vickey Sprouse Frank Stevens Randy Stevens James Stratton Mike Swanson Jeff Stevens Kim Stevens Teresa Terry David Thomas Robin Thomas Gary does some last minute cramming. 169 T. Towler, T. Fitch—Homecoming Represesentatives Jayne Truslow Sarah Tunstall Sandra Turner Billy Thompson Patricia Thompson Florence Tillman Randy Tinned Pete Tinned Alvin Toliver Bede Toms Emma Toms Tina Towler Funtime in algebra class Toyer Tuner Linda Vaughan 170 Virginia Vest Vickie Viar W « a : as Bruce Warring Dorothy Washington Graham Watts Elaine Weeks Gary Wood Rosemary Wood Dwayne Woodson Brian’s ready for anything Joan Woodson Ronald Woodson Sarah and friends find a comfortable studying position. 171 IN MEMORIAM Virginia Bryant 1958-1974 Tommy Carroll 1958-1974 Patrick Stevens 1956-1973 Alvin Fitzgerald 1959-1974 172 ADVERTISERS 174 THE NELSON MANUFACTURING CO., INC. Rt. 29 South Lovingston, Va. Phone 263-2131 Children s Playwear Plant Manager: Mr. R.L. Navarre BURCH-OGDEN SCHRADER, INC. 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Stevens—Operator BEN ! FRANKLIN llie ii-oAe. that UuteA. iyui nuyie! VIRGINIA FARM BUREAU INS. Compliments of Mrs. Pettis C. Kokemot Willbedo Auto—Fire—Life John C. Parr Insurance Advisor Lovingston, Virginia 263-5211 Faber, Va. 192 Compliments of John Hilderbrandt and Pat Garrow 193 f The time has come quickly, yet softly, for us to part from another school year. As we flip through the final pages of unforgettable memories, there lingers within us a sense of grief . .. 194 Each day of our school lives stands significant in the years to come. We learn to live together, to accept responsibilities, to cope with “growing pains,” but most important we learn ourselves as we truly are ... 195 The accelerating pace of schooling quickly sweeps us from our feet, and the load of endless classes seems to multiply higher than we can imagine. Yet, the rapport between student and teacher eases the slow beginning of a new year and the impatient ending of school . .. 196 If we listen closely, we can still hear the humming sound of voices echoing of excitement, fear, and defeat in competition. With our heads high and our stride mighty, we let the challengers know our eminent victory is yet to come . . . 197 As we go through our daily routine of school, for some the experiences are unfamiliar, yet for others there is a feeling of insecurity, of reaching out once again to different sur¬ roundings . .. 1 i —— —- Z- I ! I 198 The warm atmosphere of efforts among students is vividly seen in every direction of the school .. . Thus, time goes on to blend the newly arrived freshman with the departing senior. 199 We stop now in onr separate ways and look down the abandoned corridor. We turn to the reminiscences of yester¬ day holding an abundance of laughter and tears for the end¬ ing year .. . .f:• WWKW ' l ■ !ii. i w . ' ■ . V»V» ♦» iwoi.ifli KM j v |f»r ' a fit ' 11 mwU i .r f ..; V T ,. » v J Hvrntt r ' rr- ' V V® ■ • ' • V " V f. l. » hr }■ • » » UW£ ®«S(@SW »»-irf — y % » •• -■ fit h ' tllm j vv.! ' ! •»««-. 1 . tiSpPW 11 , ' ; ; hU| Mm gy

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