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The Governor Nelson County High School Lovingston, Virginia Faculty Staff.20 Seniors.38 Juniors .60 Sophomores.76 Freshmen.90 THE UNION Activities .104 Sports.128 Student Life.146 SUPPORT.160 2 4 HIM 6 11 12 13 1 17 18 SIB Administration. Seniors Juniors . 20 Sophomores Freshmen. 90 r |p||| ;;s 4l|gsj In an age when individuality is.stressed, need for unity among people is often neglected. During this year at NCHS, faculty and students alike have worked to attain higher degree of amity in an effort to achieve more perfect form of harmony. IS! f. " 19 Administration Mr. Henry D. Conner Superintendent Nelson County High School has the unique characteristic of being located in a rural en¬ vironment where the administrative staff have interests in the county itself as well as in the school. Such a common ground of concern enables each staff member to share a professional as well as a social relationship. This atmosphere nourishes a warmth and mutual concern which perme¬ ates from the school board, to school administration, to the faculty, to the classroom. While Nelson County High School is proud of the credentials of the pro¬ fessional educators and administrative staff, it has great deference for their personal characters. Mr. William Kauffman, Director of Transportation Mrs. Francis Walker, Visiting Teacher Mr. Gary Helbert, General Supervisor 20 Administration Mr. William J. Bloomer Principal Virginia Polytechnic Institute B.S., University of Virginia M.Ed. 21 Administration Mr. Sidney Faucette Assistant Principal High Point College A.B., University of Virginia M.Ed. I Mrs. Barbara Quick Secretary Mrs. Doris Evans Secretary 22 Guidance Mrs. Catherine Whitehead Alabama College B.A. University of Virginia M. Ed. Mrs. Lillian Coleman University of Virginia B.S., M.Ed. Professional counseling is most essential to the comprehensive task of educating the in¬ dividual. The primary objective of the Guid¬ ance Department is to enable the student to grasp an understanding of himself and his place in the world. The fulfillment of this basic need enables the student to confidently pursue his education, his occupation, and finally, to achieve harmony within the self. Mr. DeForest Ingersoll Duke University B.A. University of Virginia M. Ed. 23 Mrs. Shirley Wright Longwood College B.S. The Business Department endeavors to train the student vocationally and practically, in addition to supplementing their general education. The courses offered may be combined to give students the practice needed to operate successfully in a general business office. Taken separately, they help increase a student’s knowl¬ edge of the business world. Mrs. Catherine Lincoln Madison College B.S. Longwood College M.S. Business —J Mrs. Clara Shelton Bennett College B.A. Virginia State College M. Ed. Mrs. Mary Roberts Longwood College B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute M. Ed. 24 Mrs. Marion Bragg Lynchburg College B.A. Mrs. Caroline Tucker University of North Carolina B.A. Foreign Language Language is the common bond of all men. It gives a personal view of people that can be obtained in no other way. The students of NCHS are encouraged to study foreign languages with this as their goal, thus enriching their lives with a unique form of cultural contact. Mr. Don Drayer Lynchburg College B.A. 25 Miss Nina Garrett Madison College B.S. English Mrs. Janet Davis Madison College B.A. The beginning of the 1971-72 school session introduced major changes in the English department. Students chose the level of English they wished to take. Academic students chose level II and the general studies students, level I. As the year progressed, goals for the English teachers were concentrated on this initial change. Teachers continuously worked on cur¬ riculum guides for the various grades and levels in an effort to prepare the student to think for himself and to communicate with others through the written and spoken word. Miss Pattie Driskill Emory and Henry College B.A. 26 Mr. George Buzzard Virginia Military Institute B.A. 27 Fine Arts Musical and artistic forms of education can not be measured in terms of practicality alone. Not only do they have educational values, they also play a great part in personal enjoyment. Mankind has a need for beauty to ease tensions, to provide recreational experi¬ ences, and to stimulate the imagination. The Fine Arts Department realizes this and supplies an opportunity for a unique kind of relaxation while striving to maintain harmony in all areas of the fine arts. Mr. Vernon Lewis West Texas State University B.S. Mrs. Delores Truesdale Virginia State College B.S. Miss Lucy M assie University of Virginia B.S., M.S. 28 Mrs. Shirley Sullivan Madison College B.A. Special Education The Special Education Department at Nelson County High School was formed to meet the needs of the students with special learning difficulties. The department has three main objectives: first, to aid the student in develop¬ ing all aspects of his personality, both as an individual and in society; second, to provide a pre-vocational program that will facilitate the student’s transition to adult living; and third, to aid the student in obtaining after-high school occupational opportunities. Library Enrichment of life is the goal of education. The library provides an area where classroom education may be additionally supported. It’s main objective is to make academic and recreational material avail¬ able to students and faculty and to encour¬ age their use. Mr. Robert Gosney University of Richmond B.A. 29 Science The ultimate goal of science education is to develop the critical thinker, one who thinks clearly, precisely, and efficiently. Individuals should be concerned with the unknown in space as well as the problems existing in our world today. The Science Department establishes an awareness of these problems of our environment and helps the student understand man’s place in earth ' s nature. Mr. Gary Bugg Lynchburg College B.S., M. Ed. Mr. John White Mr. Jack Sellers Lynchburg College B.S. Lynchburg College B.S. University of Virginia M. Ed. 30 Vocational Mr. Warren Hankins A. T. University B.S., M.S. The Home Economics Department encourages students to highlight their standard of living with novel as well as practical approaches to daily life. The Agriculture Department teaches basic skills in mechanics, welding, electricity, woodwork, and blueprint reading in order to prepare them for agricultural occupations. Mrs. Nancy Parr Radford College B.S. Mr. Harris Puckett University of Virginia B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute M. Ed. Mrs. Elma Giles Radford College B.S. 31 Mathematics Miss Irene Broaddus Hollins College B.S. Mr. William Moxley East Texas State University B.S., M.S. The Mathematics Department at N.C.H.S. believes in a program that will enable students to make valid contr ibutions to the social and technical progress of modern society. It acquaints the student with the basic skills and understanding of mathematical structures. The main objective of the department is to help develop effective reasoning which enables one to apply mathematics to everyday living. Miss Elizabeth Cauwenberg Sweet Briar College B.A. University of Virginia M. Ed. 32 Mathematics Miss Lucy Massie University of Virginia B.S. Miss Becky Bane Madison College B.S. Nurse Mrs. Ann Taylor 33 Social Studies The Social Studies Department provides opportu¬ nities for students to acquire a knowledge and understanding of the important forces which hold together today’s world. The goal of the department is to instill an appreciation for the culture of peoples in all parts of the world as well as to develop an awareness of mankind’s common problems. Mr. Steve Davis Bridgewater College B.A. University of Virginia M. Ed. Miss Antoinette Verduce Madison College B.S. Mrs. Sandra Hight Longwood College B.A. Mr. Allen Sprinkle University of Virginia B.S. 34 Social Studies Driver Education Mr. Herman Allen Virginia Commonwealth University B.S. Mrs. Anna Greene Marshall University B.A. Miss Connie Nimmo Marshall University B.A. Mr. Eddie Witt College of William and Mary B.A. University of Virginia M. Ed. Physical Education was designed to help the stu dent develop an understanding of the body as a complex mechanism which would operate more efficiently through phys¬ ical fitness. This year, the Physical Ed¬ ucation Department tried to develop sportsmanship attitudes and the op¬ portunity for participation in activities which would promote individual sat¬ isfaction as well as social harmony. Physical Education Mr. Curtis Truesdale Allen University B.S. 35 Custodians Cafeteria Staff Grade Bond, Delma Burnley, Laura Strickland, Mildred and Preston Foster Charlotte Woodson Office Aids Mrs. Helen League Mrs. Hilda Ashley 36 In Memoriam When you think of accomplishing the impossible, striving the hardest for victory, and gaining the resp¬ ect of everyone, Coach John Sherman League comes to mind. On September 21, 1918, in Charlestown, West Virginia, John Sherman League began his lifetime of victory. During his high school years and throughout his college career at the University of West Virginia and Shepard College he showed the potential of an outstanding athlete. Soon after his graduation, Sherman League was married to Helen L. Reininger. They were blessed with three children, Charles, William, and Diane. Diane died in 1961 as the result of an automobile accident. After college, Coach League began his career by coaching at Shenandoah High School where his most prominent victory was his basketball team’s State Championship. In 1955, he moved his home to Nelson County and took up teaching in the then new high school where he remained for seventeen years. In twenty-four years of coaching, he coached all four of the major sports. During this span, he led his football teams to five championships, basketball teams to one District, one Regional, and one State Championship, baseball teams to one District Championship and his John Sherman League track teams to sixteen District and three State Championships. In his last year of coaching, Coach League led the Junior Varsity basketball team to their first District Championship. He was fortunate in that he secured at least one championship in each sport he coached. He was especially noted in 1970 when Nelson’s team won the State Championship with the highest total of points ever in a State Track Meet. Coach League’s leadership abilities were recognized beyond the community. Twice he was named Coach of the Year for District IV. He was also selected as Coach of the Year for Central Virginia, an award given by The Daily Progress. In 1966 he served as vice-president and the following year as president of the Virginia High School Coaches Association. In 1967-68 he served on the Board of Directors for the National High School Coaches Association. In 1969, Coach League was honored with the Distinguished Service Award by the Virginia High School League. In 1970, the Lynchburg Area Track and Field Club awarded him with a Distinguished Service Award. In 1971, the Sherman League Award, presented annually at the Seminole District Track Meet, was founded by the Seminole District. On January 1, 1972, after two years of prolonged illness due to cancer, Coach League passed from our midst but left behind him a trail of memories that will last forever. 37 formal education. For many, it was the beginning of active preparation for college or more special¬ ized training. But for all, the year was one of traditional high school excitement, and pensive moments, remembering the past five years at NCHS. Linda Proffett, Secretary-Treasurer Becky Wickliffe, President During the 1971-72 school year, the Class of ’72 reached a critical point in their educational ca¬ reers. For some, the year was a last lap through Seniors Shirley Thomas, Vice-President David Giles, Reporter 38 Janet Louise Addison Barbara Anne Allen Eleanor Marie Allen Marion Jean Bragg Barbara Jean Brown Charles Edward Bowling David Roy Barber James Alan Bond fapi Lillian Georgeanne Brown Phyllis Ellen Bryant Janet Karen Bryant Patricia Anne Bryant Phyllis Ann Burks S allie Mae Brown Jesse Willard Bryant Deborah Kay Campbell Patricia Frances Campbell Sandra Elizabeth Carter John Marcellus Campbell Mary Frances Campbell Paul Alan Campbell Patricia Lee Campbell Vickie Marie Carter Alfred Cashwell Willie Erving Clark Betty Clark Turner Delois Elaine Clark Betty Ann Cobbs Amy Lou Conner James Nathan Davis Paige Nelson Davis William Henry Dillard Michael Allen DeHart Paul Wilson Davis Odell Ester Durrette Anita Linda Early Joyce Marcia Ellis 43 Dianne Epps Angeline Eubanks Joyce Rae Falls William Sidney Ferguson, Jr. Gary Witt Fields Connie Faye Fitzgerald Joyce Ann Fitzgerald Martha Jane Fitzgerald .. .. 1 44 Alice Marie Floyd ■David Bowling Giles Janice Carolyn Glass 45 Typical School Activity Carole Carter Gordon Margaret Dotson Gray Robert Clemm Goad, Jr. Charles Michael Gray Jack Swanson Grubb Donna Cooke Goode Jame s lexander Gray 46 Shirley Ann Hanson Theresa Stevens Harris Cathy Ann Heflin John Wayne Henderson Bessie Mary Hooker Pamela Thelma Howard Carolyn Faye Huffman Mary Belle Huffman 47 Dorethea Ann Hutchinson Irish Lee Irving Samuel Layton Jackson Susan Spencer Jobe Celene Jessie Johnson Sandra Lee Johnson 48 Barbara Anne Jordan Floyd William Keith Martha Mitchell Kennedy Cathy Roberta Ledford m 1 A Kathryn Rush Lincoln Russell Agie Litchford Howard Eugene McFadden George Ruben Mays 49 Clifton Davis Massie, Jr. Alice Jane Mays Elizabeth Lee Mays Earl Meade Mawyer Patrick Eugene Micklem Kevin Wayne Miller 50 Clarence Dexter Mitchell Mary Helen Miles Gary Lee Morris Lucy Marie Morris Larry Wayne Morse Lila Teresa Morse Bobby Jean Murphy Phyllis Anne Napier Milton Eugene Nappier Doris Anita Page Patricia Ann Parr Marion Kay Payne Millard Caliborn Payne Phillip Dandridge Payne, IV ■ ■ mm Sidney Doyce Phillips Charlotte Diane Perry Sara Kay Powell John Morris Proffitt Jr. Linda Faye Proffitt David Earl Roberts Lucille Roberta Robertson Mary Helen Rose Perry Isaac Ross Janet Hazel Rose Rudolph Ross Sandra Delinda Sandridge Gary Allan Saunders 54 Charles Overton Scott Julian Massie Seaman, Jr. Catherine Louise Shelton Roberta Adams Shelton Deborah Ann Smith Judy Marie Smith Brenda Gayle Snead Sandra Elaine Snell 55 Debbie Jean Spears Mary Frances Stevens Roger Dale Stevens Dianne Yvonne Sutton Jane Alease Taylor David Wayne Thomas Shirley Ann Thomas Donald Oliver Thompson 56 Patsy Ann Townsend Rebecca Diane Turner Lyle Oliver Walker Paige McDaniel Vest Patsy Canese Vest Judy Faye Townsend Calvin Mayo Toliver Janice Leigh Tucker 57 Melvin Leonard Ward Herbert Foushee White, III Becky Ann Wickliffe David Rieston Williams John Edward Willis James Lee Wilson Anne Kathleen Wood Braddish Charles Wood 58 David Proffitt, President While the Juniors prepared for the last and most exciting year of their high school career, they had big decisions to make . . . class rings . . . money for the prom . . . college boards. Only through cooperative efforts their problems were solved and a very successful year was completed. Edith Mawyer, Secretary-Treasurer Juniors Yvonne Miller, Vice-President Charlie Evans, Reporter 60 Harry Aldridge Frances Allen Tim Anderson Janet Awkard Carlton Ballowe Theresa Banks David Beverly Lewis Bragg Donna Branch Carol Briggs Mae Brown Ginger Browning James Bryant Steve Bryant Mike Bulluck Pam Burgeson 61 Michael Byers Becky Campbell Bruce Campbell Danny Campbell Joe Campbell Johnny Campbell Kathy Campbell Pat Campbell 62 Wanda Campbell Angela Carter Paul Carter Richard Caul Charlie Evans finds a place to escape Spanish class. 63 Deborah Cox Kirk Crady Jerry Craig Roger Craig Berry Crickenberger Dinah Critzer Juniors display spirit. Larry Dixon Eddie Dodd Alfred Dotson David Duncan Robin Duncan Brenda Durrett 64 Carolyn Evans Charlie Evans Woody Farrar Danny Ferguson Gwen Ferguson Bobbi Fitzgerald Sheila Fitzgerald Toby Fitzgerald What do we do now ? ? ? Sharon Fleming D.D. Fortune Lewis Franklin 65 Marshall Gray Johnny Grinnan Cindy Gunter Ricky Hancock Massie Harris Don ' t work too hard! Phyllis Harris 66 Joyce Harvey . . . And what’s your problem? Tommy Harvey Joyce Henderson Marshall Henderson Emma Hill Stanley Harris Jackie Horsley Ray Horsley Frances Hudson Joan Hughes Shirlyn Humphreys Alice Irving Some people never grow up! Martha Irving Mattie Jacques Gary Keith Debbie Kidd Kathy Kidd 68 James Kirt Steve Knight Lou Lawhorne Michael McCarthy Cynthia McGann Russell McNabb Debbie Marks Darlene Marshall Sharon Martin Monday morning “blahs”! Edith Mawyer Yvonne Miller Happiness is being on the other side. Wanda Mitchell Chellie Morris Kevin Morris Nancy Myers Thomas Napper Greg Nickell Russell North Lynn Oliver 70 Randy Page Billy Parrish Brenda Phillips Ivetta Phillips Susan Phillips Debbie Ponton David Proffitt Philip Purvis Patricia Radcliffe Juniors — Movin’ ! ! Warren Raines 71 Patricia Ramsey If I close my eyes you can’t see me!!! Roger Ramsey Joseph Randolph Kevin Rowe Larry Saunders Sammy Saunders Barbara Seaman Jimmy Simpson Mike Simpson Jimmy Slaughter 72 mm Nancy Slosson Hazel Smith Annette Stevens Michael Stevens Annie Stratton Patricia Stratton Norman Taylor David Thompson Greg Thompson Melvin Thompson I can’t do a thing with my hair! Gruffy Tucker Denise Turner Diane Turner Alice Tyree David Tyree Roger Tyree Judy Viar Vanessa Wells What a day! ! ! ! ! 74 A typical Junior class! Donald Wilson Dale Witt Jane Witt Jane Wood 75 Sophomores Paul Campbell, President The Sophomore class has worked together to achieve harmony this year as shown during “Spirit Week” and the SCA Maga¬ zine Drive. Through cooperative efforts the class won these two events. Having completed half of their high school career, everyone is looking forward to watching the Sophomores “turn out” as they “turn in” to Juniors. Betty Gardner, Secretary-Treasurer Mark Garwood, Reporter Laura Armentrout, Vice-President 76 Thomas Adams Dave Addison Michael Aldridge Alfred Allen Houston Allen Melvin Allen Sharon Allen Sharon Allen Thomas Allen Laura Armentrout Joyce Baker Brenda Banks Debbie Banton Marvin Barber Bobby Barnette Thomas Beverly Linwood Bowling Keith Bradley William Bradley Sharon Brandt Rhonda Briggs Elizabeth Brown June Brown Regina Brown Robert Bruguiere Bobby Bryant Debbie Bryant Wanda Bryant Michael Cabbell Alfred Campbell W I W .M- % 1 |||I|L 3. M V ' w m ■ James Campbell Janet Campbell Mary Campbell Mike Campbell Do you really think they all know the answer? Paul Campbell Perry Campbell Ronnie Campbell Michael Carroll Joyce Carter Katrina Carter Linda Carter Robert Carter Virgie Carter Luther Cash Allen Caton Dollie Clark Mary Clark Pam Clements Mildred Coates Kenneth Coffey Patricia Cox Clarence Craig Pam Crawford Warner Crocker 79 Barry Deane William Diggs Nelson Dodd Diane Duncan Roberta Durrette Let’s just talk it over! 80 Jeff Fields Deborah Fitzgerald Earl Fitzgerald Happy Fletcher Roberta Floyd Jimmy Fortune Sylvia Fortune Pamela Foster Hollie Fox Nita Fox Maybe I do need some help! ! 81 Brenda Glover John Goff Wanda Golladay Lynn Goodloe Anthony Green Sonja Gunter James Hagar Alice Hamill Peggy Hansen Becky Harris Patricia Hill Delores Huffman Cindy Hughes Henry Hughes Willie Hughes Lucy Irving Clark Jackson David Jobe Eva Johnson Jack Johnson Mary Johnson Wilson Jones Connie Kelly Curtis Kidd Dee Kidd Kenneth Kirby Barry Lewis Cindy LeDoux William Loving Fall is good for Sophomores! ! mm Marilyn Marckel Delores Marshall Cynthia Martin Edgar Martin Jeffrey Martin Rebecca Massie Mike Massie Debbie Mays Johnny Mays Richard Moon Brenda Morris Darrell Morris Debbie Morris Archie Morse Sandra Morse Sandra Murphy Tommy Napier Alice Oakcrum Laveme Page Gail Murphy 84 Diane Painter Bob Payne Elizabeth Payne Gwen Phillips Sandra Ponton Wendell Ponton David Purvis Maurie Ramsey Darrell Ramsey We better hurry! ! ! Dale Revely Ray Ramsey t) Claude Revely Sharon Roach Michael Roberts 85 Rosemary Roberts Joyce Rodgers Emma Rose Harry Rose Judy Rose Ray Rose Joseph Ross Lewis Saunders Gary Sheffield Dorothy Shelton Hey, this thing really works! ! 86 Sam Smith Mary Snead Diane Sprouse The whole gang is finally together! Mary Smith Billy Smith Jannie Smith Gary Spencer iwf Debbie Stevens Dennis Stevens Constance Stratton Randy Sutton John Thompson 87 Mary Thompson Vickie Thompson Mark Timberlake Sharon Toms Sarah Tooms Timmy Treadway Herman Tyree Hester Tyree Donald Usry Brenda Vaughan Gwen Vest Rasped Vest Francis Wells Valinda Wheeler The agony of football! Kathy Wood Bernard Woodson George Woodson Pam Wright Joseph Mayberry Bryant January 29, 1955— September 24, 1971 IN MEMORY Joseph Mayberry Bryant was the son of James and Dorothy Bryant and the brother of Kenneth Wayne and James Dale Bryant. At his young age he possessed a sensitive awareness of life and people. He enjoyed travel because it offered him new friendships and the opportu¬ nity to acquaint himself with new places and novel approaches to life. But perhaps his most admirable accomplishment was his simple yet lucid assessment of life: “My hope is that I . . . live a good life because you have . . . but one time to live and that is all.” 89 Kay Baldwin, Reporter After a few rough weeks of mixed-up classes and confusion, the Freshman class settled down to a normal routine of high school life. They strive to work together in order to become acquainted with each other and adjusted to the progressive and eventful years ahead. Wendy Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer Freshmen Patsy Morris, President Kenny Lawhorne, Vice-President Hilda Aistrop Alma Allen Frank Allen Janet Allen Onedia Allen Teresa Anderson Larry Awkard John Baker Benita Baldwin Delton Banton Janice Bell Catherine Beverly Ray Bibb Ruth Boggs Thomas Bolden Joyce Brogan Janice Brown Wanda Browning Curtis Bruguiere Alice Bryant 91 Gail Bryant Denise Bryant Judson Bryant Kenneth Bryant Lanora Bryant Linda Burnley Jackie Butler Ellen Byers Darrell Campbell Darrell Campbell Dianne Campbell Donald Campbell Kenneth Campbell Sharon Campbell Now what was that again! ! Vickie Campbell Wanda Campbell Darlene Carroll Vickie Carroll Debra Carter 92 Betty Caul Brenda Clark Frank Clark Grade Clark Jerry Coffey Perry Coffey Jacqueline Collins Annie Crawford Larry Crawford Teresa and Debbie try burning a few marshmellows! Lionel Crawford Leslie DeHeart Deborah Dennis David Drumheller Wilbert Durrett Isaac Early Margaret Edwards Darlene Ferguson Fredrick Ferguson Sandra Ferguson 93 Cindy Fields Kim Fields Ricky Fields Darrell Fitzgerald Ronnie Fitzgerald Tyrone Fleming Jennifer Floyd Patricia Foster Phyllis Gaines Jacqueline Giles Elmer Glover Brenda Goff Greg Goff Anne Gordon Carolyn Gowen Judy Gunter Sherry Gunter Lavern Hagar Robin Green Levy Green Sabrina Hancock Lois Hansen Alfred Harris Carl Harris Jeffrey Hensley 94 I just think we used too much cement!!! Alice Hocker Minor Hill Bettina Higginbotham Judy Hill Sue Jordan Deborah Kennedy David Kidd Leslie Kidd Robert Kirt 95 Debbie Lawhome Donna Lawhome Elizabeth Lawhome Marie Lawhome Loretta Lawhorne Kenny Lawhorne Lewis Ramsey Mary Lockwood Nick Marshall Dennis Martin Sarah Massie Samuel Mawyer Cindia Megginson Glen Micklem Walter Miles Connie Mitchell Robert Moore Craig Morris Jane Morris Patricia Morris Patsy Morris Debbie Morse Kathleen Morse Margaret Morse William Napper 96 Ronald Nickell Carolyn O’Brien Deborah O’Brien Sarah Orman Charles Paige Cheryl Parrish Gloria Patrick Tony Payne Diane Proffitt Carol Ragland Clyde Raines Debbie Ramsey Juanita Revely Was it really that interesting??? Richard Roberts I Peggy Revely Ralph Revely Vernon Reznick ebecca Rose Larry Scott Freda Sheffield Kathy Shumaker H Clarence Robinson Deborah Robinson Tony Saunders David Simpson Gail Saunders Darr Sigilman Delores Robertson 98 Russell Simpson Jack Sish Granville Sites Glen Slosson Diane Small Gary Smith Gloria Smith Nathan Smoot Norma Spears Barbara Spencer Ray Spivey Carolyn Sprouse Brenda Stevens Harry Steve ns Juanita Stratton If we hurry up we won ' t be seen! ! Victor Thomas Pamela Thompson Jonathan Thurnau Michael Timberlake Debra Tinnell Jonnie Turner Larry Turner Gerald Turpin Bradley Tyree John Vest Janice Viar Mildred Wade Doris Washington Dexter Wells Jerry Wells Mary Wells June Wickliffe Connie Wilburn Debbie Williams Betty Willoughby Donna Witt Dewey Wood Kathy Wood Sadesta Woodson What’s his secret . . . is it his hair tonic? 101 The Union ' Activities 104 Sports.130 Student Life.148 O rganized effort at NCHS is a song reflecting the aspirations of its community, a community in which the students and faculty unselfishly give of themselves in order to unite each member of the school. The tune at times is constantly changing, at times discordant, yet striving for perfect harmony. Debate Club The premise of the Debate Club is that there are two sides to every issue. Through the use of facts, as opposed to opinion, the student learns to express himself in an organized manner. Membership is open to all students. Competition is on the District and State levels. L to R: L. Morse, B. Allen, M. Napier, P. Vest, D. Couch, J. Wilson, M. Wood, Sponsor Mrs. Sandra Hight. Forensics One of NCHS’s youngest activities, the Forensics Club, remains active all year with meetings, practice sessions, invitationals, and, ultimately, the District Meet. In recent years, NCHS has also par¬ ticipated in the Annual State Meet. Standing: Mrs. Janet Davis, Sponsor, Seated: P. Bryant, K. Bryant, P. Campbell, J. Wilson, W. Mitchell, D. Couch. 104 Drama Club Sitting, L to R: D. Couch, B. Goad, D. Roberts, G. Saunders, S. Brandt, B. Gardner, V. Thompson, E. Payne, D. Ramsey. Standing: Miss Nina Garrett, Advisor, L. DeHart, P. Campbell, K. Fields, W. Raines, J. Collins, C. ents, S. Snell, B. Ferguson, V. Wheeler, B. Martin, N. Davis, P. Napier, R. Brown, J. Thompson, ohnson, D. Massie, P. Clem- . Armentrout, P. Wright, P. erg . Campbell, R. Radcliff, V. Sprouse, D. Woodson, B. Fitzgerald, D. Kennedy, ). Rodgers, J. W. Bryant, D. Ferguson, B. Mays, K. Rowe, J. Wood. Dracula was the highlight of the 1971-72 Drama Club. The Drama Club at NCHS is an organi¬ zation working as a group for a common goal. One of the main purposes of the club is to acquaint students with the complexities of performing and staging a three-act play. Also, by having club workshops on movement and speech, hopefully, the individual members will improve their personal speaking abilities. This year, for the first time in several years, the Drama Club put on a three-act play entitled Dracula. 105 The efforts of the Ecology Club were concentrated on three main projects for the year. The club worked together to accomplish ways of cleaning up various areas in Nelson County. In addition, the club observed “Earth Week” and participated in the glass recycling project sponsored by the S.C.A. We study to save our environment. Ecology Club Kneeling L to R: L. Bragg, Y. Miller, R. Stevens. Standing: Mr. Gary Bugg, S. Snell, M. Mitchell, Mr. Jack Sellers, J. Witt, W. Crady, D. Couch, M. Coates, L. Proffitt, S. Thomas, R. North, J. Wilson, B. Wycliffe, J. Fortune, P. Roach, J. Tucker, C. Gordon, J. Bragg. 106 French Club Row 1, Seated, L to R: B. Mays, C. Ballowe, G. Martin, ]. Hesson, H. Hughes, L. Bragg, R. Campbell, M. Marckel, C. Hughes, Y. Miller, B. Gardner, B. Whitehead, E. Mawyer, B. Campbell, J. Floyd. Row 2, Standing, L to R: Mr. Don Drayer, N. Dodd, W. Crocker, K. Wood, P. Campbell, B. Martin, D. Turner, R. Floyd, D. Turner, P. Slosson, D. Morris, R. Bruguiere, M. Campbell, C. Evans, J. Bragg, D. Couch, S. Toms, D. Marks, L. Armentrout, G. Phillips, G. Spencer, J. Rodgers, M. Coates, T. Willis, D. Fitzgerald, R. Falls, S. Eggleston, B. Fitzgerald, D. Stevens, S. Martin, S. Ponton, D. Ponton, N. Fox, D. Evans. The French Club that was formed two years ago now has a membership of ap¬ proximately forty students. The club reflects a c ontinued interest in the French culture which is first introduced in class. Some of the activities include French cuisine, music, pen pals, and fund-raising projects to support the purchase of French magazines. 107 Literary Magazine The Literary Magazine was created to encourage the creative abilities of the students at the school by publishing their efforts in original literature. Poetry, short stories, one-act plays, and essays constitute the genres to be considered. Original musical compositions and artwork are also included in the publication. All entries are screened anonymously by a staff of seven. The works are judged on basis of originality, unity and literary merit. A moment of rest before disasters. Row 1, Seated: B. Allen, D. Turner, A. Stratton, K. Crady, Row 2, Standing: Mr. George Buzzard, S. Powell, L. Morse, P. Stratton, M. Rose, D. Couch. 108 L ' J I jluwf " JP Future Business Leaders of America Row 1: Mrs. Mary Roberts, K. Payne, L. Robertson, D. Goode, T. W. Bryant. Row 2: P. Burks, G. Browning, A. Tyree. Row 3: D. Showalter, C. Gunter, S. Toombs. Row 4: R. Massie, D. Hall, R. Williams. They’re not working. Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization for high school youth who are enrolled in the business curricu¬ lum. The purposes of FBLA are: to develop competent aggressive business leadership and to create more interest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations. 109 Future Farmers of America FFA members with sponsors Mr. Harris Puckett and Mr. Curtis Truesdale. Career identification, selection, and pursuit are important aspects of the Future Farmers of America. In addition, the club gives youth an opportunity to develop their interest in agriculture. Chapter members participate in contests at the federation, district, and state levels. These contests include forestry judging, agriculture mechanics, crops judging, livestock judging, poultry judging, soils judging, tractor driving, and public speaking. Honest, Mr. Faucette, I was just coming from an FFA meeting! 110 Future Homemakers of America. Future Homemakers of America FHA officers Front Row from L. to R.: H. Smith, Parliamentarian, R. Durette, Reporter, S. Powell, Pres. Adv., A. Mays, Pres., J. Awkard, Sec., T. Banks, Historian, L. Page, Treas. Second Row: Mrs. Nancy Parr and Mrs. Elma Giles, Sponsors. Future Homemakers of America is the national organization of students studying home economics in junior and senior high schools. The over-all goal of the organization is to help indi¬ viduals improve personal, family, and community living. The Nelson County Chapter is emphasizing two themes: “Preparedness, the Key to Opportu¬ nity’’ and “Make Time Work for You’’ for the year 1971-72. ill Keep Virginia Green KVG is a unique ecological interest at NCHS. Since nature has generously mantled the state of Virginia with undulating hills, covered with an abundance of trees and foliage, members of KVG have shown responsible community interest and environmental con¬ sciousness by volunteering to fight forest fires. t . V ■ • m Future Nurses of America The Future Nurses of America help to prepare young girls for their future in professional nursing. The members are made aware of the challenge and the rewarding experience offered through nursing. Through guest speakers, field trips, and films, the members familiarized themselves with the special areas of nursing. 112 Seated, L to R: L. Proffitt, J. Fortune, M. Wood, S. Thomas. Standing, L to R: Mrs. Shirley Wright, J. Collins, L. Roach, K. Fields, J. Huffman, A. Gordon, D. Campbell, S. Hancock, B. Jordan, P. Stratton, D. Campbell. Future Teachers of America The purposes of the F.T.A. are to en¬ able its members to study and identify the qualities, traits, and aptitudes which are basic to successful teaching, to secure accu¬ rate information about the varied ca¬ reer opportunities related to teaching, and to participate in pre- vocational activities such as assisting and observing teachers. lu Future Teachers must learn before they can teach. Honor Society Pattie Campbell Treasurer The National Honor Society consists of students with high standards in leadership, char¬ acter, service, and scholarship. Projects of the organization were to send Christmas cards to former graduates in the armed services, to arrange the scheduling of the bulletin boards, and to keep the school scrapbook up to date. For the first time, members of the Honor Society appeared on “Klassroom Kwiz.” At the time of this writing they have been undefeated twice and are awaiting their third appear¬ ance. Kathy Lincoln Jean Bragg Karen Bryant Vice-President President Secretary 114 Row 1: Mrs. Shirley Sullivan, D. Campbell, D. Showalter, P. Jones, M. Wood. Row 2: S. Gunter, H. Willoughby, M. Marckel, B. Giles, S. Phillips, S. Ponton. Library Club The Library Club consists of student assistants who help in the library. These members, file, type, shelve and label books, stamp out and mend books, and perform other important duties to help the library be more efficient and interest¬ ing to the students of the school. During their meet¬ ings, the members discuss ways of improving services in the library and ways to broaden the students’ learning experiences. They’re hard at work. 115 Monogram Club The purpose of the Monogram Club is to improve the athletic program in the high school. The club consists of the students who have received their mono¬ gram let ter in athletics. These students have put forth their best efforts for their personal as well as team achievement. 116 Pep Club NCHS Pep Club members with Mr. Russ Ingersoll, Sponsor. The Pep Club, one of the newest dubs at Nelson, was very busy this year as they were trying to arouse spirit in all the athletic teams and the student body. Not only were they successful but they also displayed to visiting teams Nelson’s pride in her sports. This energetic club achieved its goal through putting on skits, displaying posters, and making welcome signs for visiting teams. The Pep Club actively supports Nelson’s teams. Masthead Staff, L. to R.: Mark Timberlake, Leroy Robinson, Patsy Parr, Becky Wickliffe, Buzz Goad, Jean Bragg, Lynn Roach, Jackie Floyd, Diane Turner, Paul Campbell, Greg Goff, Janice Tucker, Warren Raines. Newspaper Staff The Governors’ Gazette, in its second year, has once again become a successful school paper. The newspaper staff has provided the students with colorful commentary as well as comprehensive and accurate reporting. A most important aspect of the newspaper is its soliciting of student opinion as part of its editorial policy. m lily % J-i - WfK | ham . Ad Sellers, Seated, L. to R.: Barry Lewis, Tommy Harvey, Warren Raines, Lewis Bragg. Standing: Mike McCarthy, Lewis Franklin. 118 Editorial Staff, Seated, L. to R.: Yvonne Miller, Vicki Thompson, Marilyn Marckel. Standing: Garry Spencer, Leroy Robinson, Larry Morse, Charles Scott. Jackie Floyd, Assistant Editor; Phil Payne, Editor Ricky Hancock, Photographer 119 Student Cooperative Association If 1 1 + - 1 1 1 Jt J 4 4 1 k W Jatf ' ft ! Jk 2 : VI 1 j V I t mV J ■ A ® t! I ' - ' f ' -fit I f k 1 fm 1 i 4 t i • ' T B ' If B IK a, it M Ma i m Ft ... j... -f d :J 1 -W.,1 , i A Wi . ■ 1971-72 Student Cooperative Association, Mrs. Catherine Whitehead, Sponsor, Front Row L. to R., S.C.A. Officers: J. Carter, Sec.-Treas., C. Gordon, Reporter, D. Epps, Exec. Advisor, R. Stevels, Pres,, Lewis Bragg, Vice-Pres., Jean Bragg, Parlia¬ mentarian. Absent from picture: W. Mitchell, Exec. Advisor. The Student Cooperative Associa¬ tion is a student organization to promote harmony between the student body and the faculty. It hopes to create a greater sense of re¬ sponsibility and cooperation among the students. Among its projects, the S.C.A. sponsored a successful magazine drive in the fall and a glass collection project in the spring. The glass was collected to be recycled for t he purchase of trash cans throughout the state. S.C.A. President, Roger Stevens. 120 M i a i tj 1 M H , L-JB am -M Lewis Bragg Vice-President Joyce Carter Secretary-T reasurer Carole Gordon Reporter Jean Bragg Parliamentarian ■ Wanda Mitchell Executive Advisor I Diane Epps Executive Advisor Annual Staff During this year, the yearbook staff worked to set down on paper an accu¬ rate account of the year’s events at school. At first, work slowly progressed but then the staff realized that it wasn’t all fun and games as deadlines suddenly popped up from nowhere. After the serious work began, staff members planned the layout, prepared write-ups about classes and clubs and took pictures to present the theme. The staff members learned much by this experi¬ ence — responsibility, patience, and co¬ operation. Russell North, Assistant Editor; Celene Johnson, Editor Bobbi Fitzgerald, Typist Donna Branch, Nathan Davis, Debbie Morris, Lay-out Staff. 122 Carole Gordon, Sharon Roach, Carolyn Evans; Copy Editors Jimmy Slaughter, Russell North; Photographers ! H mt- ' ■ ’v m i i • t 7 “ • : m1 t Li f M !■ i r k n i; Row 1: D. Morris, C. Evans, Row 2: P. Parr, C. Johnson, Row 3: Mrs. Susan Oliver, S. Roach, P. Stratton, N. Davis, D. Branch, D. Kidd, B. Martin, M. Kennedy, Row 4: J. Slaughter, B. Fitzgerald, R. North. 123 N.C.H.S. Marching Band Nelson County High School Governor Band has its school year from August to June. Preparation for football and marching season begins in August. The band appeared for local football games, pre-game and halftime activities for a Washington and Lee University-Center football game in Lexington, and many parades throughout the year. The Concert band presented concerts at Rockfish and Fleetwood Elementary Schools in addition to Nelson County High. Nelson County’s pride, “The Gover¬ nor Band”. jfl wF wg . im | !■ ktiM Ip wk Sm i t v Sic 1 B V, - : r . : 11 ■ TVfH I ’ .;| ' K IHy tS ' “il JH j|. S9 1 " l| lli M M mwi % v c: ■ mm 1 ... 1 ; wt HIP - V NCHS Band Officers: P. Bryant, Librarian, D. Giles, President, K. Payne, Secretary, P. Campbell, Vice-President; S. Eggleston, Reporter. 124 N.C.H.S. Concert Band ■ 1 i ■ «£ m NCHS Majorettes: S. Thomas, K. Wood, P. Slosson, D. Stevens, D. Marshall. 125 Row 1, L to R: Mrs. Dolores Truesdale, I. Irving, A. Eubanks, A. Irving, P. Jones, O. Durrett, C. Briggs Row 2: P. Scott, J. Henderson, E. Johnson, M. Irving, L. Miles, S. Fleming, C. Stratton, M. Miles, D. Smith, D. Woodson. 3rd Row: J. Fortune, J. Ross, A. Cashwell, A. Campbell, H. Bell, M. Barber, J. Campbell, C. Toliver, M. Henderson, C. Bowling, J. Ellis, D. Sprears, G. Ferguson. Chorus The Chorus, under the direc¬ tion of Mrs. Delores Truesdale, worked diligently to prepare for concerts and student assemblies. The chorus members gave a Christmas concert in December, a Pop concert in February, and a Spring concert in May. The members participated in the District V Chorus Festival, the District V Regional Chorus, and the District V Solo and Ensemble Festival. 126 Mrs. Dolores Truesdale, G. Givens, D. Hutchinson, S. Gunter, C. Heflin, W. Campbell, D. Bryant, C. Fields, G. Smith, Row 2: A. Gordon, J. Tucker, N. Spears, C. Mitchell, R. Oakcrum, S. Jobe, S. Campbell, D. Ramsey, C. Hudson, Row 3: D. Tucker, J. Bell, K. Morse, D. Williams, P. Foster, D. Washington, S. Woodson, Row 4: D. Fortune, T. Anderson, R. Ross, P. Ross, R. Dillard, R. Toms, J. Gray, C. Robinson, A. Dotson. Mrs. Truesdale directs students. 127 Sports 128 129 Nelson Compiles 1-9 Record i 1 Row 1, L to R: J. Fields, J. Campbell, M. McCarthy, L. Franklin. T. Harvey, S. Knight, R. Moon, D. Martin, H. Aldridge, Row 2: D. Kidd, M. Payne, R. Ramsey, S. Bryant, N. Smoot, R. Horsely, W. Ragland, S. Reznick, P. Payne, Row 3: J. Slaughter, C. Craig, M. Bulluck, L. Morse, R. Ragland, W. Farrar, T. Johnson, L. Robinson, B. Goad, Co-Captain, Not Pictured: R. Ross, Co-Captain. Powerful, forceful, courageous ... all describe the spirit with which the 1971 Nelson Governor Football squad played. Lead by the new head coach, Herman Allen, the Governor gridmen fought with determi¬ nation. crushing Buckingham with a 38-6 defeat. The Governors also knew defeat but accepted it with honor. Although young and inexperienced, the Governors possess great potential for future seasons. Coaches Vernon Wood, Curtis Truesdale, Herman Allen, and George Buzzard. 130 Don’t just stand there! Governors are ready. Bulluck does it again. Nelson warms up. 131 Lieutenant Governors Clench District Championship Kneeling: T. Stevens, V. Thomas, H. Watts, M. Timberlake, C. Robinson, D. Wood, Standing: S. Stevens, W. Durrett, L. Rose, J. Quick, T. Lewis, D. Stewart, K. Lawhorne, T. Payne. Coaches Howard West and Charles Bennett. The mighty 1971 Lieutenant Governors captured the first Junior Varsity District Championship ever for Nelson County. Head coach, Howard A. West, with co-captains, Mike Timberlake and Perry Coffey, led their JV’s to a fantastic 6-1-1 season record. Also awarded the Sportmanship Trophy, the JV’s show great promise as future Varsity Governors. Co-Captains Mike Timberlake, Kenny Lawhorne, and Hugh Watts. 132 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Mary Campbell Sophomore, Co-Captain Wendy Johnson Freshman Through their active support, the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders encouraged the J.V. Football team to win the District Championship. Because of their enthusi¬ asm they added a new dimension of excitement to the game of basketball. Sherry Gunter Freshman Jackie Collins Freshman Kim Fields Freshman Captain Debbie Morris Sophomore 133 Varsity Cheerleaders Barbara Jordan Senior Patsy Parr Celene Johnson Senior, Captain Senior The Varsity Cheerleaders have strived to arouse en¬ thusiasm not only in the team but also in the crowd. Through their efforts with posters, at pep rallies, and at games they have shown that the team has their full support. 134 Debbie Campbell Senior, Co-Captain Diane Woodson Senior Betty Gardner Barbara White head Bobbi Fitzgerald Sophomore Junior Junior Cheerleaders distribute flowers at Homecoming. 135 ■ Varsity Kneeling: Manager, T. Bolden L B. Goad, C. Scott, W. Napper, Standing: Coach Charles League, J. Proffitt, T. Beverly, B. Parrish, L. Morse, Coach Allen Sprinkle. The Varsity Basketball team started the season with a victory over Perry McClure High School in a non-district game. As they faced stiff competition in the district, the team suffered several defeats. With William Napper helping to give the team strength, more excit¬ ing games and victories are promised next year. Co-Captains, Buzz Goad and Larry Morse. 136 Basketball Sink it, Charlie! Buzz, Johnny, and Tom watch from the sidelines. The voice of the Governors, Mac Giles!! 137 1971 Governettes Kneeling: M. Irving, L. Miles, Co-Captain; D. Epps, Co-Captain; D. Stratton, Standing: Coach Connie Nimmo, C. Gordon, J Fortune, D. Morse, P. Crawford, A. Gordon, M. Rose, J. Tucker, J. Bragg, Manager, P. Napier. Even though the girls’ basketball team changed to the five-player, full court basketball, they promised a winning season with their first team game victory over Altavista. The Co-captains and high scorers, Diane Epps and Lynette Miles, led and encouraged the team throughout the season. Diane jumps for Nelson. 138 Cross-Country Track Kneeling: D. Bar ber, C. Jackson, R. Rose. Standing: Coach Gary Bugg, W. Napper, L. Bowling, M. Allen, G. Woodson, Coach Eddie Witt. The Cross Country Track team had an undefeated season due to a maximum effort exerted by the boys. In competition with AAA schools in the State Meet the team was able to place fifth in the state. George Woodson won high honors for NCHS. Indoor Track Row 1, L. to R.: Coach Jack Sellers, Coach Gary Bugg, G. Woodson, D. Barber, H. Thomas, R. Moon, W. Crocker, C. Jackson, A. Morse, Coach Eddie Witt. Row 2: M. Allen, P. Campbell, C. Robinson, C. Mitchell, G. Epps, K. Crady, M. Garwood, A. Dotson. Row 3: S. Reznick, R. Tucker, W. Washington, R. Ragland, R. Litchford, D. Couch, M. Payne, M. McCarthy. The Indoor Track team, led by Coach Eddie Witt, had another winning season this year with twenty-one wins and three loses. The team won the District Championship and placed third in the state with potiential for National Honors for some of its members. Nelson on the move!! 142 Girls’ Track Kneeling: J. Awkard, G. Murphy, M. Jacques, A. Irving, L. Miles. Standing: P. Jones, I. Irving, D. Woodson S. Fleming, P. Scott, D. Morse, Miss Connie Nimmo. Nelson is the home of the only girls’ track team in the Seminole District. Under the coaching of Miss Connie Nimmo, it is anticipated that this year ' s team will be as good as in previous years even though the girl’s star athlete, Elizabeth Harris, graduated last year. Since Nelson is the only girls’ track team in the district, the coach hopes to get other schools to partici¬ pate. Last year the girls competed in the State and Regional Track Meets. Nelson captured four first places in the State Meet and four first places in the Regional Meet. We love our coach!!! Baseball Row 1: R. Fields, D. Kidd, J. Fields, P. Coffey, Coach Charlie Bennett, Coach Howard West. Row 2: Coach Vernon Wood, J. Thompson, D. Ferguson, L. Rose, W. Durrett, D. Campbell. Row 3: G. Fields, T. Harvey, G. Nickell, H. Watts, R. Litchford, D. Wood, L. Awkard. Row 4: L. Dixon, B. Ferguson, B. Goad, W. Ragland, J. Grubb, B. Parrish, M. Garwood, D. Purvis. The Nelson County High School Baseball team, coached by Howard West, Vernon Wood, and Charles Bennett, anticipates a winning season this year. Although the team lost three starters, the Gover¬ nors still have the strength for a victorious record. Governors warm up during practice. 144 It’s my turn to bat! Although the Girls’ Softball team had a 6-4 record last year, Mrs. Greene expects the team will be strengthened by new girls. The team having lost only two girls has experience and ability backing it up this year. Girls’ Softball Kneeling: M. Irving. L. Miles, D. Epps, D. Stratton. Standing: K. Carter, P. Napier, J. Awkard, M. Jacques, A. Irving, Mrs. Anna Greene, Coach. 145 Y Homecoming 1971 The bonfire aroused enthusiasm for the Homecoming ’71 game. Disappointment is . . . 148 The band performed during half-time. The Governors seem ready for another onslaught! Patsy is crowned Homecoming Queen. TOUCHDOWN!!! 149 1971 Homecoming Brenda Clark Freshman Laverne Page Sophomore Wendy Johnson Freshman Patti Slosson Sophomore 150 Queen and Court Carole Craddock Junior Phyllis Harris Junior P Wm : v 1 |k y v, Barbara Jordan Senior Patsy Parr Homecoming Queen Pam Howard Senior Rip ’em up, tear ’em up . . 152 Black Power! Goofin’ off again. Please don’t hit me! Mr. Big Stuff” 153 SURPRISE!!! Just strollin’ down the hall . . . Holding up the fence, Mark? Bunk makes English interesting. 154 Mr. Davis exhibits another outstanding talent I come bearing gifts. Where did it go!!! “We gotta all get together.” “T’was the night before Christmas . Expressionless. Gottcha!!! Do they ever grow up? 156 The agony of walking to class. So this is what the Ecology Club wants to save. 157 What are you cooking up now? Muscle-Man! What a tiring day! 158 Smile, you’re on Candid Camera! Strenuous exercise in gym class!!! “Ring around the Rosey . . I think I’m being watched! 159 160 Support Advertisements.162 Together, working for the common good. To those who have contributed to the publishing of this yearbook, the annual staff and the students of NCHS express appreciation. As a result of a united effort, this yearbook has been produced. Hopefully, it reflects the younger citizens desire to subsequently de¬ velop within, and contribute to a concerned community. 161 MAYS FARMERS SERVICE CO. ROCKFISH GAP COUNTRY STORE Highway 250 Afton, Virginia AMHERST TIRE REBUILDERS Recapping — Balancing New Used Tires Dial 946-5542 Amherst, Va. “Invite us to your next Blow Out” WILLIAM S. MILLER Builder Afton, Virginia NEW DOMINION BOOK STORE 413 East Main Street Charlottesville, Va. 22902 Piney River — Amherst — Lovingston 277-5811 946-2031 263-5026 Marshall A. Mays, Mgr. Feeds — Seeds — Fertilizer and Farm Supplies Fuel Oil — Gasoline — Desiel AMHERST FAST SERVICE DRY CLEANERS 29 South — Amherst Featuring Ladies’ and Children’s Apparel Junior Styles That Appeal to Young Ladies of High School and College Ages Charlottesville, Virginia E.S. FOX, JR. Grower and Shipper Apples, Peaches and Etc. Also Real Estate Building Rental and Sales 162 Afton, Virginia Phone 456-6148 “For All tb The N Process Engineering And Fabrication Afton, Virginia 456-6459 GENERAL MACHINE SHOP V Compliments of GOODWIN’S SPUR SERVICE 4TI0NWIDE INSURANCE CO. Phone 263-5373 — Colleen, Va. ‘Strawberry” Goodwin — Owner in Games, Pool, Gas, Oil, Tires Virginia Farm Bureau Ins. Auto — Fire — Life John C. Parr Insurance Advisor Lovingston, Virginia 263-5211 164 Shop Virginia telephone telegraph company VIRGINIA TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1924 Arlington Boulevard Charlottesville, Va. Leggett Your Happy Shopping Store in Lynchburg Downtown — Pittman Plaza 720 Main Street Michael J. Stone Lynchburg, Va. 24504 HOUSE OF ARIES d Gentlemen’s Boutique (703) 845-7509 JEFFERSON NATIONAL BANK Eighth and Main Streets Lynchburg, Virginia 24505 L.J. SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME Lovingston, Virginia Phone: 263-8388 WOOD’S MENS WEAR Lynchburg, Virginia Outfitters To Men and Young Men S.H. FRANKLIN COMPANY Outfitters to Gentlemen Since 1881 Lynchburg, Va. ip “Say it with Flowers” “Say it with Flowers” H AND H SERVICE STATION Compliments of Grace Bibb, owner Roseland, Va. Lynchburg Wholesale Floral Corp. 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Iseman Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Davis, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. John L. Chafee and Family Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Craig, Jr. The Circle K Farm Campbell’s of Olde Virginia Lawrence Dunning Mrs. Thelma Dunning Mrs. Frank Mayo Mr. and Mrs. James Stratton Shelton Adams Paul Whitehead Associates Grand Piano and Furniture Co., Inc. Miss Betty Jean Minton Mr. DeForest Ingersoll 183

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