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THE GOVERNOR THE SPIRAL STAIR¬ CASE Editors: Don Harvey Sandra Snell Sponsor: Mrs. Eleanor Dawson Administration Page 98 TABLE OF CONTENTS Activities Page 118 2 DEDICATION He is a man of many faces. As a prism has many sides, so he too has many commendable qualities. He is enveloped in the entire spectrum of educa¬ tion—as a teacher, an advisor, a coach, and a friend! “Prepared in mind and body’’ —While others have the re¬ sponsibility of preparing the students in mind, he chooses to prepare them both physically and mentally. He is always willing to aid any student in finding the solution to a problem. His advice is always accepted with the deepest respect. Nelson County High is noted for it’s outstanding athletic accomplishments-whether it be in football, basketball, baseball, or track. It is to him that we owe this recognition of success. Surely, he is a friend to all! His smiling face serves as an inspiration to all students at Nelson County High. 3 4 Standing at the bottom Looking up . . . The Spiral Staircase Towering above. Students with faltering steps Continue ' the climb To the top. But along the way There are many stops. Some for fun . . . but some for work. There are moments of joy But also of sorrow. Life goes on And stops for none. Individual students Each one different Continue the climb To the top of the steps And there awaits them The most decisive step. Some venture no further While others are daring An occupation for some College for others A variety of careers Await the Senior! Along t he way We meet accomplishments Some seem trivial And others rewarding. 5 Sports are numerous Each to its’ season Spirits are high The outcome uncertain. Led by the cheerleaders Onward to victory Students upholding TheGREEN and the GOLD. 6 I LOOK UP ... AND CLIMB THE STAIRS TO SUCCESS — LIFE STUDENT LIFE 9 Mrs. Bragg watches as her students work studiously! They ' re ready to go! Don’t the girls seem eager to exercise? 10 Time for a breather between lunches. Love - the long and the short of it! mmaffiSm . 11 Someone is always hoping for a break in the line! Time for a nutritious meal (and a chance to gossip). Lunch also provides time to discuss important business for some. 12 Checking the income from the yearbook sales. The annual room is also used as a clinic, but Donnie does not look too sick! The FFA boys help add to the decoration in the halls! 13 REVIEW OF LAST SPRING Receiving the Class Ring is a highlight of the Junior year! After days of preparation, the “big night” finally arrives. The Juniors complete the final stages of preparations for the prom. 14 4 WE BEGIN ’70 - ’71 Assemblies can be a real experience! Seniors climbing the steps to enter their final year at NCHS! Now that we have the ball what do we do with it? 15 liilllll- • ••«• Are you sure this is Spanish? It sounds Greek to me! You’d think they were starving! “I just washed my hands, and I can do a thing with them!” 16 “The Mod Squad” It’s amazing what “trick” photography can do! Good to the last drop! ' Do you think we really need a director? Who’s that behind those Foster Grants? 18 La Anything you can do, I can do better! 19 Mitch being driven out of bounds! • n. ••-’■ ' itfa i ,q J 1 ■ , • C Nelson gains yardage and comes closer to the touchdown. Plowing forward toward the goal line! Buzz refuses to let 6 points be taken away! Nelson scores again! 20 Happiness is-another touchdown! IB f- Wrvmmrf Our faithful fans join in the fun! We all await the point after the touchdown! It’s good! We all cheer “Golden Toes”! 21 What We Do In Our Free Time Try to communicate in Spanish. Watch silent movies! 23 It’s good to have someone to talk to after facing students all day. Homecoming Queen, Thea Hughes, and her escort appear very happy. Look boys, you’ve got to get this straight! Decorating the Christmas tree for the SCA adds excitement to the season. NCHS students “get down” on the soul sound. 24 The joys of that first lab. Bonnie Seaman has been a great help in the Guidance department this year! What would we have done without her? Do you think it bites?!? 25 sc j I ' V ' i » L I . V M Before the Homecoming game, we all cheer, “Victory, Victory, NHS!” Queen Thea and her escort dance to the music by the Mason Prophet. The Lancers preform “The Sounds of Music” for the Prom. King Mitch and his date pose for a picture. 26 HOMECOMING COURT King, Mitch Ferguson and Queen, Thea Hughes at the Homecoming Dance. Junior Representatives: Billy Ferguson, Carol Gordon, Diane Epps, and Buzz Goad. n—fij — f H j ffli! Sophomore Representatives: Danny Ferguson, Nancy Slosson, Bruce Campbell, and Yvonne Miller. Freshman Representatives: Rosemary Rob¬ erts, Bennie Campbell, Rhonda Briggs, and Richard Moon. Senior Representatives: Mel Green, Teresa Wood, Mitch Ferguson, Thea Hughes, Mike Davidson, and Anita White. 27 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Personality Plus — Courtney Heath and Carlisle Habel. i Cutest — Wanda Pannell and Mitch Ferguson. Ambition Unlimited — Debbie Tomlin and Donnie Harvey. Most Intelligent — Faye Browning and John Quick. 28 Best Dressed — Pam Thompson and Mike Kidd. Grooviest — Starlet Stevens and Mike Goff. Most Talented — Louise Cooke and Joey O ' Brien. Most School Spirited — Monica Goad and Leon Brandt. unst, Sports Favorite — Elizabeth Green and Mike Davidson. 29 gl- g. «- - , mm @mrnms » » : ,, . , . • y ' Mi ' y ' ' ' ' ■ " ’ ' ? ; l % if : ' CLASSES CLASS OF ’74 The first step is always the hardest! The Freshmen are well aware of this fact. The first year of high school is one of adjustment and aquaintance with the general procedures of the school. The first day is usually one of con¬ fusion and utter chaos. Many Freshmen find themselves lost in the corridors, as they are swept along by the other students. However, after a few days, the general pattern for student life is set. The Freshmen year is not the most ex¬ citing, but it is a vital step along the road to higher edu¬ cation. Freshman Class Officers: Jeff Fields, President; Mark Garwood, Vice-President; Rhonda Briggs, Secretary-Treasurer; Catherine Shelton, Reporter. Thomas Adams Michael Aldridge Alfred Allen Houston Allen Melvin Allen 32 Sharon Darlene Allen Sharon Elaine Allen Thomas Allen Catherine Allen Class of ’74 Laura Armentrout Cornelia Bailey Joyce Baker Brenda Banks Marvin Barber William Bradley Sharon Brandt Rhonda Briggs Linda Brown Elizabeth Brown 33 Class of ’74 Wanda Bryant John Campbell Michael Carroll Michael Cabell Alfred Campbell James Campbell Janet Campbell Mary Campbell Paul Campbell Perry Campbell Ronnie Campbell Joyce Carter Katrina Carter Linda Carter Maynard Carter Luther Cash Walter Caton Dollie Clark 34 Class of ’74 Pamela Clements Mildred Coats Kenneth Coffey Patricia Cox Mary Clark William Diggs Nelson Dodd Betty Duncan Roberta Durrette Suzanne Egglesto Alice Evans Audrey Evans Glenn Epps Barbara Evans Rhonda Falls. Class of ’74 Chester Ferguson Jeff Fields Joe Fitch Deborah Fitzgerald Ronald Fitzgerald Ronnie Fitzgerald Russell Fitzgerald Royal Fletcher Roberta Floyd James Fortune Sylvia Fortune Pam Foster Elizabeth Fox Nita Fox Michael Gaines Betty Gardner Mark Garwood Carolyn Giles Sallie Giles Barbara Givens Class of ’74 Linda Givens Horace Glass Brenda Glover John Goff Gail Givens Sharon Goff Wanda Golladay Lynn Goodloe Anthony Green Deborah Gunter Sonja Gunter James Hagar Jerry Hall Alice Hamill Peggy Hansen Becky Harris R. Joseph Harris Mary Harris Keith Haywood Class of ’74 Henry Hughes Willy Hughes Gwendolyn Hutchinson Lucy Irving Clark Jackson Christine Jett Horace Jobe Jack Johnson Karen Johnson Malie Johnson Mary Johnson Wilson Jones Connie Kelly Curtis Kidd Herbert Kidd Class of ’74 Kenneth Kirby Johnny Lawhorne Cindy LeDoux William LeDoux Barry Lewis David Litchford William Loving Marilyn Marckel Delores Marshall Dennis Martin Cynthia Martin Edgar Martin Jeffery Martin Rebecca Massie Mike Massie Debra Mays Delmas Mayo Johnny Mays Ronnie Mays not pictured—Ronnie Litchford 39 Class of ’74 Brenda Morris Darrell Morris Debra Morris Archie Morse Sandra Morse Gail Murphy Sandra Murphy Thomas Napper Thomas Napier Alice Oakcrum Retha Painter Elizabeth Payne Vi - ' V t Robert Payne Jeff Orebaugh Laverne Page 40 Class of ’74 Fleta Ragland James Ragland Annie Ramsey Darrell Ramsey Ray Ramsey Claude Revely Dale Revely Sharon Roach Michael Roberts Rosemary Roberts Joyce Rodgers Judy Rose Harry Rose Deloris Robertson Emma Rose Class of’74 Ray Rose Rodgers Rose Joseph Rose Lewis Saunders Gary Sheffield Dorothy Shelton Doris Showalter Barbara Simpson Patti Slosson Donna Small Jannie Smith Mary Smith Sam Smith Melinda Spainhour Garry Spencer Landrus Sprouse Pamela Sprouse Debbie Stevens Dennis Stevens Constance Stratton 42 Mary Thompson Vickie Thompson Mark Timberlake Sharon Toms Sarah Toombs A Timmy Treadway William Treadway Bradley Tyree Herman Tyree Brenda Vaughan Kathryn Wood Bernard Woodson George Woodson Pamela Wright 43 0 n Sophomore Class Officers: President, Tommy Harvey; Vice President, Bruce Campbell; Secretary-Treasurer, Jackie Clark; Reporter, Danny Ferguson. The Sophomores have now reached the turning point of their high school career. The years of adjustment have been completed and the time for making decisions has arrived. The next two years will be the fulfillment of things dreamed of in the past. SOPHOMORES Sophomores Joyce, Yvonne, and Barbara back Starlet at the Rustburg game! 44 Dave Addison William Addison Harry Aldridge Frances Allen Timothy Anderson Harold Bell Carlton Ballowe Theresa Banks David Beverly Linda Bradley Lewis Bragg Donna Branch Carol Briggs Ginger Browning James Bryant Wayne Bryant John Bullock Pamela Burgeson Michael Byers Bruce Campbell Danny Campbell Joe Campbell John Campbell Kathy Campbell Patrick Campbell Paul Campbell 46 Rebecca Campbell Wanda Campbell Angela Carter Paul Carter Alfred Cashwell Annabelle Cousins Deborah Cox Warren Crady Jerry Craig Roger Craig 47 Barry Crickenberger Dinah Critzer Joey Davis Alfred Dotson Brenda Durrett William Dawson Edward Dodd James Duncan Robin Duncan Barbara Eubanks Charles Evans Woody Farrar Gorden Ferguson Gwendolyn Ferguson Gary Fields Barbara Fitzgerald 48 Connie Fitzgerald Lewis Franklin Edward Gray David Fitzgerald Shelia Fitzgerald Toby Fitzgerald Sharon Fleming John Grinnan Cynthia Cunter Mike Hamill 49 Ricky Hancock Jerry Hansen Wendy Hansen Judy Harris Massie Harris Phyllis Harris Stanley Harris Joyce Harvey Sonny Haney Thomas Harvey Joyce Henderson Marshall Henderson Emma Hill Jacqueline Horsley Ray Horsley Frances Hudson 50 Mattie Jacques Alice Irving Martha Irving Joan Hughes Shirlyn Humphreys Vanessa Johnson Gary Keith Deborah Kidd Kathy Kidd James Kirt Sharon Kirtley 51 Kevin Morris Theodore Mosley Nancy Myers Greg Nickel I Russell North Randy Page William Parrish 52 Susan Phillips Debbie Ponton Charles Pennington Brenda Phillips Ivetta Phillips Warren Raines Roger Ramsey Joseph Randolph 53 , Barbara Seaman Larry Shackelford Thomas Shelton Joey Sheffield James Simpson Hazel Smith James Slaughter Nancy Slosson Joyce Smith Pam Smith William Smith Carolyn Spencer Barbara Sprouse Annette Stevens Michael Stevens Teresa Stevens 54 Randy Sutton Norman Taylor Irene Taylor Annie Stratton Patricia Stratton Donald Thompson Greg Thompson David Thompson Melvin Thompson Tony Thompson William Toliver 55 Denise Turner Diane Turner Alice Tyree Davie Tyree Roger Tyree Donald Wilson Dale Witt Katie Witt Jane Wood 56 SPECIAL EDUCATION CLASS Ramsey Lewis Iris Campbell Vickie Campbell Junior Class Officers: David Barber, Reporter; Kathy Lincoln, Secretary-treasurer; Buzz Goad, Vice-president; Phil Payne, President. The Juniors discuss a new class ring design. Students have fully acquainted themselves with their environment by the time they reach their Junior year. They are now one step below that ultimate goal, being a 72 Senior. They finally realize that they are almost there when they re¬ ceive their class rings. Junior prom plans are wisely made by these eager students who are now proving their role in a vital school activity. They raised money for the prom by having a bottle drive, in which they netted $290.00. Jean Bragg won the subscription contest for Nelson County Times. Good luck on your journey to the top, Juniors!! r 58 Eleanor Allen Deborah Ashley Melvin Barber Charles Bowling Jean Bragg 59 Sir-It ii’ a Sal lie Brown Patricia Bryant Karen Bryant J.W. Bryant Phyllis Bryant Phyllis Burks Jane Cagle Deborah Campbell Johnnie Campbell Mary Campbell Pattie Campbell 60 Patricia Lee Campbell Thomas Carter Sandra Carter Vickie Carter Walter Carter Betty Clark Delois Clark Betty Cobbs Amy Conner Nathan Davis 61 11 ’ A Odell Durrette Earsaline Dennis William Dillard Margaret Dotson Anita Early Diane Epps Angeline Eubanks 62 Silvia Fitch Joyce Fitzgerald Martha Fitzgerald Marie Floyd Jacqueline Floyd Jane Fortune Patsy Fox 63 James Gray Floyd Greene Frank Hagar Dennis Hall Shiriey Hanson Willie Harris Cathy Heflin 64 John Henderson Carolyn Huffman Mary Huffman VV Sammy Jackson Susan Jobe Celene Johnson Sandra Johnson Peggy Jones 65 it’ a j Kathy Lincoln Steven Marckel Beverley Martin Davis Massie Earl Mawyer Alice Mays Betty Mays Barbara Jordon Floyd Keith Cathy Ledford 66 I I i Kevin Miller Clarence Mitchell Martha Mitchell George Mays Pat Micklem Mary Miles 67 i f A J Lila Morse Bobby Murphy Phyllis Napier Milton Nappier Millard Payne Phillip Payne Charlotte Perry Sidney Phillips Faye Pillow 68 Sara Powell William Ragland John Proffitt Lena Ramsey Linda Proffitt Stephen Reznick Patricia Roach David Roberts Lucille Robertson i Leroy Robinson Janet Rose 69 ii’ a 70 Sandra Snell Debbie Spears Louise Spencer Mary Stevens Roger Stevens John Stratton Dianne Sutton Jane Taylor David Thomas Shirley Thomas 71 Vicki Vestal Lyle Walker Melvin Ward Carolyn Wells Herbert White 72 Becky Wickliffe David Williams John Willis James Wilson Anne Wood Brad Wood i 41 Marsha Wood Mary Wood Beth Wood Dianne Woodson Judy Wray 73 SENIORS Seniors become apprehensive as they approach the top step of high school education- graduation. This is the most decisive step of the entire educational expe¬ rience. Some students choose college as the next step. Others choose a desired career or pro¬ fession. Whatever the choice, it must be their own! While graduation is a time of excitement, it is also a time of sadness. Graduation means sepa¬ ration from student life, teachers, and other students at N.C.H.S. The high school years have held many memorable experiences and treasured moments. These experiences are to be cherished in years to come. And so, the mighty Seniors of 71 finish up a very memorable year!! Senior Class Officers: Pam Thompson, secretary; Marvin Oakcrum, vice-president; and Monica Goad, treasurer. Does Mr. Bloomer know about this Senior party? Marvin Elroy Oakcrum Gillies Prosper Rodgers Deborah Gayle Tomlin Louise Phillips Cooke TOP TEN SENIORS Walter Lowrie Tucker Brenda Sue Massie John Lewis Quick, Jr. Agnes Deborah Thurnau Teresa Anne Wood 75 Douglas Lewis Ashley, Jr. 76 Keith Marshall Baker Margaret Jacqueline Brown Shirley Faye Browning Ralph Leon Brandt Jr. Thomas Harold Bruguiere 77 Nancy Ann Bryant Susan Jane Campbell John Edward Cobbs Johnnie Marcellus Campbell James Montgomery Carter James Wyckliff Butler Donnie Ray Coffey Robert Carl Deane Robert Edwin Couch Michael Troy Davidson Earsaline Ester Dennis 79 Ralph Thomas Dillard Linda Dale Ferguson Mitchell Wayne Ferguson Greta Epps John Plinny Farley Jo Anne Fields Marsha Lois Drumheller 80 Charles Abraham Fleming Gary Nelson Giles Kathy June Fields Sammy Wayne Floyd Carol Ann Foster Michael Lane Fitzgerald 71 81 Monica McKinney Goad Donald Wayne Graves Robert Micheal Goff Harry James Gray Mary Ann Gray Virtie Callie Green Princess Elizabeth Green Mell Thornton Greene 82 Dennis Wayne Gunter Carlisle Dudley Habel Billy Linn Habel Frank George Hagar Jerry John Hamill John Daily Harper Claudia Mallory Hancock Elizabeth Pauline Harris 83 Pamela Slosson Harvey 84 Courtney Garber Heath Thomas Edward Huffman Marion Wesley Honnoll Dorothea Ann Hutchinson Thea Mae Hughes Calvin Wendell Hughes 85 Corine Irving Jeanette Atline Irving Sue Ann Jenkins Alfred Nathaniel Johnson Roger Lee Johnson Arthur Jerry Johnson Wanda Lee Johnson Patricia Elaine Jacques 86 Charlene Yvonne Jones Jesse Wayne Jordan Larry Michael Kidd Patricia Ann LeDoux Terry Lee Kennedy John Herbert Kirt Cynthia Mae Lawhorne Peggy Ann Lewis 87 Larry William Loving Lemuel Scott Massie Richard Crawford Martin Brenda Sue Massie John Redd McCarthy Roy Benjamin Loving 71 Billy Paul Mays 88 Barry William Morris 89 Phillip Cornelius North Charles Joseph O ' Brien Marvin Elroy Oakrum Margie Lemon Page Ruth Ellen Pannell Wanda Faye Pannell Sandra Kay Pannell Alice Pearl Penn 90 Frederick Pershing Philips Sharon Kae Puckett John Lewis Quick Carolyn Beatrice Radcliffe Carl Franklin Raines Dorothea Rosa Rankins David Houston Ramsey Margaret Marie Revely 91 Sandra Marie Schilling Gillies Prosper Rodgers Freddie Gay Seaman Bonnie Louise Seaman Carroll Nelson Simpson Isaiah David Smith Bobby Lee Seaman 92 Cherlyn Starlet Stevens 93 Laverne Ann Thompson Audrey Robertson Taylor Pamela Reed Thompson Agnes Deborah Thurnau Deborah Gayle Tomlin Charles Boyd Tucker, Jr. Mary Camm Thompson 94 Walter Lowrie Tucker Bernard Garfield Wells John Hatley Whitehead Juliet White Anita Carol White 95 Linda Geraldine Jones Van Owen Woodard Teresa Anne Wood Deborah Louise Woody David Allen Wray Jerry Arnold Zirkle Lenea Marie Yoder Charles Lee Jones 96 IN MEMORY OF You cannot say, You must not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair Needs must be, since he lingers there, So think of him faring on, as dew In the love of there as in the love of here, Think of him still as the same, and way, He is not dead, he is just away! James Whitcomb Riley Glenn Addison Payne, Jr. President, Senior Class Drum Major, N.C.H.S. Band 97 ADMINISTRATION I 99 The administration of Nelson County High School is seriously concerned with the education of each student. It is their aim to familiar¬ ize the student with the opportunities an education may bring. As well as presenting the rig¬ orous academic side of an educa¬ tion, many extra¬ curricular activities are also provided for the benefit of the students. Mr. William J. Bloomer, Principal, and Mr. Cleveland Price, Jr., Assistant Principal, are doing a remark¬ able job in carrying out these duties. To these men we say a special “Thank you”. ADMINISTRATION Mr. William J. Bloomer Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S., University of Virginia, M.Ed. Mrs. Evans (standing) an d Mrs. Quick (seated) Mr. Cleveland Price, Jr. North Carolina State University, B.S. 100 GUIDANCE The guidance department is one of the most important departments to a student. Through the help of Mrs. Catherine H. Whitehead, Mrs. Lillian R. Coleman, and Mr. DeForest Ingersoll, a student may find solutions to problems concerning school, as well as to those of a personal nature. The guidance personnel are also responsible for the scheduling of the many tests which are required throughout the year. It is in this department that a personal record is kept of each students’ achieve¬ ments to be used in the choice of a college or of a career. Also included in the guidance department this year is Mrs. Helen League, who is doing some of the secretarial work, in order to give the counselors more time to spend with the students. Mrs. Lillian Coleman University of Virginia, B.S., M.Ed Mr. DeForest Ingersoll Duke University, B.A., University of Virginia, M.Ed Mrs. Catherine H. Whitehead Alabama College, B.A., University of Virginia M.Ed. 101 In a time of space travel, pollution, color television and sauna belts, the need for every indi¬ vidual to have a knowledge of basic scientific principles is indeed increas¬ ing. The science department hopes to instill in each student a desire for scientific inquiry so that he might de¬ velop both a knowl¬ edge and an appre¬ ciation for the ever¬ growing “world of science”. Mr. John White Lynchburg College, B.A., University of Virginia, M.Ed. SCIENCE — —iuistnr Mr. Gary Bugg Lynchburg College, B.S. Mr. Jack Sellers Lynchburg College, B.S. 102 It is not possible to understand what is in the minds of other people without understanding their language, and without understanding their language it is impossible to be sure that they understand what is in our minds. Each language, including our own, is a delicate precision tool of immense potential value. Mrs. Caroline Tucker University of North Carolina, B.A. Mr. Larry Baker University of Virginia, B.A., M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mrs. Marion Bragg Lynchburg College, B.A. 103 BaSTH " ®! ENGLISH The English Department takes an active part in the development of each NCHS student, as he takes English each year of his experience here. The most ambitious goals of the English Department include preparing the student to think for himself and communicate with others through the written and spoken word. Mrs. Eleanor Dawson University of Georgia, B.A. Mrs. Clara Thompson Virginia State College, B.A., Hampton Institute, M.A. Mrs. Anne Lawhorne University of Virginia, B.S. 104 Mrs. Eleanor Carter Converse College, B.A. ENGLISH Mr. Herbert Cummins Fredrick College, B.A. 105 Miss Patricia Driskill Emory and Henry, B.A. SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Gail Burkey Longwood College, B.S. Miss Sandra White Longwood College, B.A. Miss Antoinette Verduce Madison College, B.S. 106 Miss Nina Garrett Madison College, B.S. Mr. Stephen Davis Bridgewater College, B.A. SOCIAL STUDIES Miss Antoinette Verduce Madison College, B.S. 107 The Mathematics Department in the year 1970-1971 has as its objectives! To continue the self evaluation that was started in the 1969- 1970 school year, to evalu¬ ate the multi-level Math 9 program that was begun this year, to coordinate the high school program with the Junior High School program and to search for new ways to improve the effectiveness of our teching activities. MA THEM A TICS Mr. William Dickinson Wake Forest University, B.A. 108 Miss Bette Cauwenberg Sweet Briar College, B.A. Miss Lucy Massie University of Virginia, B.S. Mr. Henry Dawson Piedmont College, B.S. I MATH Mr. William Moxley East Texas State University, B.S., M.S. 109 LIBRARIAN It is the purpose of the library to discuss ways of improving services in the library: And to broaden the students’ learning experiences. Mrs. Shirley Sullivan Madison College, B.A. SPECIAL EDUCATION Special Education is an integral part of any edu¬ cational system. Emphasis is placed on individu¬ al instruction at the student level of ability. Miss Swanson, the new instructor, is doing a fine job in this department and her efforts are quite evidently leading her students along the road to higher education. Miss Sue Swanson Madison College, B.A 110 Vernon T. Lewis West Texas State University, B.S. Mrs. Delores D. Truesdale Virginia State College, B.S. FINE ARTS Miss Lucy Massie University of Virginia, B.S. Ill Mrs. Mary Roberts Mrs. Jo Anne Cummins Longwood College, B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Fredrick College, B.S. M.Ed. BUSINESS Mrs. Clara Shelton Bennett College, B.A. 112 Mrs. Catherine Lincoln Madison College, B.S. DRIVER EDUCATION The Business Department has a threefold objective; namely, vocational training, personal-use training, and a supple¬ ment to general educa¬ tion. A total of twenty classes a day are taught by the four teachers in this department. Course offer¬ ings include: General Business, Non-Vocational and Vocational Recordkeeping, book¬ keeping, Typewriting I, and II, Secretarial and Clerical Office Practice. The vocational students are encouraged to follow either the complete secre¬ tarial or clerical tracks. After having successfully completed all the subjects in one of these tracks, the student should be able to perform a majority of the duties required in a gen¬ eral business office. Also included in the course offerings are sev¬ eral subjects which may be selected by students to meet personal needs or to help increase one’s gen¬ eral knowledge of the business world. Mr. Curtis Truesdale Allen University, B.S. 113 VOCATION- AGRICULTURE and HOME ECONOMICS The Vocational Department is designed to extend a student’s knowl¬ edge in such fields as ag¬ riculture, mechanics (for the boys), and home eco¬ nomics (for girls). Mr. Hankins, Mr. Puckett, Mrs. Parr, and Mrs. Giles do a fine job of leading their students into a world of vocational opportunities. Mr. Warren E. Hankins A. and T. University, B.S., M.S. 114 Mr. Harris Puc kett University of Virginia, B.S., V.P.I., M.Ed. ' Mrs. Nancy T. Parr Radford College, B.S. Mrs. Elma F. Giles Radford College, B.S. 115 Mr. Sherman League Shepard College, B.A. For the student’s mind to be sharp and alert, his body must also be in a good physical state. Rigorous exercise, inter-squad competition, and other such activities train the students of NCHS in co-operativeness and sportsmanship. Class room education on health and hygiene and problems of youth today form an awareness of and foresight of the future. The efforts of Mr. Sherman League, athletic director, and his colleagues, Mr. Eddie Witt, Miss Connie Nimmo, and Mrs. Anna Leigh Greene, are evident in the honors brought home by the well-trained sportsmen (and women) of NCHS. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Eddie Witt William and Mary, B.A. “I’m gonna tell my Mommy!” 116 PHYS. ED. Mrs. Anna Leigh Greene Miss Connie Nimmo Marshall University, B.S. Marshall University, A.B. CAFETERIA STAFF Ilf ■ff.-;-; I |, - Mrs. Margaret Hill, Mrs. Mildred Foster, Miss Catherine Hall, and Mrs. Lois White. Mr. Preston Foster CUSTODIAN 117 MONOGRAM CLUB These students have earned the letter “N” for participation in sports. Row one: L. Robertson, B. Snead, M. Lawhorne, M. Thompson, F. Browning, R. Pannell, K. Payne. Row two: J. Allen, S. Jenkins, L. Thompson, C. Green, L. Jones, D. McFadden, A. Tyree, L. Spencer, M. Harris, and J. Harris. Row three: D. Hall, B. Morris, L. Ferguson, L. Snead, K. Fields, W. McCartney, and S. Stevens. FBLA 120 DEBATE CLUB Row one: Mr. Cummins, sponsor, J. McCarthy, M. Huffman, S. Powell, J. Fortune, M. Campbell, B. Wycliffe, J. Wilson, P. Lewis, M. Irving, R. Durrette, W. Mitchell, C. Shelton, D. Couch, J. Cagle, K. Crady, and J. Tucker. Row one: A. Taylor, P. Lewis, and L. Spencer. Row two: P. LeDoux, L. Bradley, B. Massie, B. Sprouse, G. Epps, S. Campbell, R. Adams, L. Ferguson, and Mrs. Sullivan, sponsor. LIBRARY CLUB STUDENT COOPERATIVE The Council votes on many major issues in the school. The 1970-71 Student Cooperative Association representatives. 122 ASSOCIATION S.C.A. officers are-Reporter, Thea Hughes; Vice-President, Jean Bragg; President, Mike Kidd; Secretary, Jackie Clark; and Parliamentarian, Greta Epps. 123 HONOR SOCIETY Row one: M. Oakrum, J. Quick. Row two: T. Hughes, D. Tomlin, J. Bragg, B. Massie, L. Cooke, F. Browning, K. Fields, T. Wood, and D. Thurnau. Row three: G. Giles, L. Tucker, and A. Hickman. Row four: M. Kidd. French Club officers are: Row one: John Quick, Reporter; Louise Cooke, President; Courtney Heath, Sec.-treasurer; and Teresa Wood, Vice-President, and club members French Club members pose for a picture during a meeting. FRENCH CLUB 125 ANNUAL STAFF Louise Cooke and Donna Branch, layout editors, work hard to meet that first deadline. Pam Thompson and Kathy Fields are responsible for all typing in the yearbook. Debbie Moore writes copy, while Teresa Wood looks at a magazine. Sports editors Anita White and Phil North puzzle over layout for the football section. 126 Marilyn Harris appears to be daydreaming while Lois Allen “H E L P!” It seems that annual members aren’t pleased totals receipts: another busy day for the business editors. with the editor’s opinion. Traveling annual members thumb a ride to solicit ads. Think they got one? ANNUAL STAFF 127 UU HMMIIIW WfcnTTa iiiMCTiWr ' " -KT WS” W EDITORS Donnie Harvey—Editor. Sandra Snell—Assistant Editor. 128 FORENSICS Mr. Cummins, sponsor, seems very perplexed with Marsha “Dictator” Drumheller’s choice of poetry reading. Forensic members look forward to a “champion year,” as they look for a spot in the trophy case. DRAMA CLUB Drama Club officers are: Billy Mays, President; Don Harvey, Vice President; and Anita White, Secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Lawhorne are sponsors. Billy counts votes as members decide to have a dance after semester exams. 130 Last year in the spring one-act play festival, Nelson County won a superior rating and second place for The Happy Journey from Trenton to Camden. They are Billy Mays, Sandra Snell, Pattie Campbell, Carl Raines, Don Harvey, and Barbara Fitzgerald. DRAMA CLUB The two sponsors and Dianne Woodson discuss plans for a spring play with president Billy Mays. 131 NEWSPAPER STAFF Row one: L. Walker, L. Robinson, J. Wilson, B. Massie, J. Tucker, C. Bryant, J. Quick, A. Hickman. Row two: D. Goode, P. Napier, J. Miller, S. Stevens, D. Thurnau, W. Raines. Row three: J. Debnam, J. Zirkle, T. Bruguiere, J. Harvey, D. Tomlin. Row four: Miss Driskill, sponsor, L. Loving, G. Giles, L. Tucker, and C. Raines. THE GOVERNOR’S GAZETTE 132 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The officers are: Kneeling: Alfred Dotson, Secretary; Scott Massie, Treasurer; C. T. Bryant, President; Paul Davis, Sentinel Kevin Miller, Chaplain; and Ray Horsley, Vice President. F.F.A. work ranges from growing corn to mechanics. 133 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA Mrs. Parr, sponsor; S. Powell, P. Thompson, Vice-Presidents; S. Ponton, Treasurer; D. Ponton, Parliamentarian; S. Allen, Reporter; A. Mays, Secretary; M. Wood, President; S. Fitzgerald, Historian; P. Bryant, Song Leader; D. Woody, Typist; I. Phillips, Reporter, Mrs. Giles, sponsor. Want some of my witch’s brew? 134 FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Miss Umble sponsors this club whose goal is to learn of new aspects in the nursing career. 135 CHORUS u, ■3 B f f m P - ■■1 Sf ' wlJlL I wh i tip IpP 6 HR 1 [ I The Nelson County High School Chorus is under the direction of Mrs. Truesdale. 136 CHORUS The group sang before the school at a Christmas assembly. 137 BAND The Nelson County High School Concert Band. President, Monica Goad; Equipment Manager, Jimmy Vest; Assistant Librarian, Amy Connor; Vice Fresident, David Giles; Li¬ brarian, Patricia Bryant; and Treasurer, Kaye Payne. 139 BAND Majorettes are Starlet Stevens, Anita White, and Shirley Thomas. All District Band Members are Kirt Crady, Brenda Banks, Suzanne Eggleston, Mark Garwood, Betty Gardner, Barry Lewis, Patricia Bryant, Roberta Floyd, Marty Gamble, Richard Moon, and Bunk Dawson. 140 Debbie Tomlin, President, presides at a meeting. Members are: Row one: T. Wood, J. Clarke, D. Moore, M. Drumheller, and J. McCarthy. Row Two: P. Stratton, C. Stratton, C. Hancock, R. Duncan, and G. Ferguson. Row three: D. Thurnau, Vice President, P. Lewis, Secretary-Treasurer; and Miss White, sponsor. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA 141 7 - - SPORTS NELSON COMPILES 4-4-2 RECORD ..Jh . " ' Kneeling (left to right): M. Hamill, C. Evans, J. Campbell. Row 1: D. Williams, S. Knight, J. Fields, L. Franklin, M. McCarthy, T. Flarvey, R. Martin, P. Carter, M. Greene, L. Morse. Row 2: S. Reznick, B. Tucker, C. Bryant, B. Goad, C. Gaines, D. Coffey, D. Duncan, M. Bullock, R. Horsley, R. Ross. Row 3: Coach Truesdale, L. Loving, M. Ferguson, R. Ragland, M. Davidson, W. Farrar, T. Campbell, P. Payne IV, B. Habel, W. Ragland, Coach League The Governor’s football season got off to a slow start but finished with a record of 4-4-2. The defensive unit pulled several games out of the fire of defeat. Though the team did not compile a championship record, they displayed school spirit on the field as well as off. One of the most important and thrilling games of the season was when the mighty Governors defeated the top rank Altavista Colonels with a close score of 7 to 6. Coach League tells another “locker room’’ story! VARSITY FOOTBALL 144 DEFENSIVE TEAM [ ■ r .» 1 ' " m jm. J 1 ■- M ■k ’ -»• The Nelson County High School defense proved a menace to many opposing teams in the district. OFFENSIVE TEAM t ' • ' With the high scoring of Mitch Ferguson and Mel Green, and the power pass of Tommy Harvey, the offensive team lead Nelson to a winning season. 145 Mel Green intercepts a ball intended for that other guy. The offense moves deep into opponent’s territory and .... 146 Tri-captains are Mitch Ferguson, Mike Davidson, and Mel Green. Nelson 8 Brookville 8 Nelson 6 Stanton River 6 Nelson 0 Buckingham 28 Nelson 28 William Campbell 14 Nelson 8 Appomatox 27 Nelson 6 Buena Vista 29 Nelson 22 Goochland 16 Nelson 12 Gretna 13 Nelson 25 Rustburg 7 Nelson 7 Altavista 6 Mr. League has spent many hours training our boys to get Tommy Harvey shows passing power, that ball over the goal line. We didn’t get anywhere on that play. 147 . . screams for victory are heard. 148 Thea Hughes—Head Cheerleader SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Jo Ann Fields 149 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Patti Campbell 150 The 1970-71 Cheerleading Squad. 151 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS J.V. cheerleaders: Betty Gardner, Carolyn Evans, Barbara Whitehead, Cindy McGann, and Nannette Peverill. J.V. Head Cheerleader: Barbara Whitehead. 152 VARSITY BASKETBALL Coach Price C. Scott, N. Campbell, J. Spears, B. Goad, L. Robinson, H. Gray, G. Purvis, L. Morse, C. Bowling, J. Stratton, and W. Morse. The Varsity Basketball Team started the season strong with three consec¬ utive wins, then dropped to a losing streak of seven games. As of press time, the Nelson Governors were in fifth place in the district with a 4-8 record. Charles Bowling and John Spears were in the district, and promised the Governors some exciting games. Coach C. M. Price with Tri-captains; John Spears, Harry Gray, and Charles Bowling. 153 This is the first and only girls’ track team in the Seminole District. It is composed of girls who show out¬ standing qualifications in the areas of distance running, broad jump, high jump, and shot put. Even though our girls have no challengers interfering with the chance of getting the trophy, we are equally proud of them. Elizabeth Harris has given our school tremendous support through her ath¬ letic accomplishments. She is not only State Champion in her events, but also competed in the national Junior Olympics and came in third place. Shot Put: Dianne Woodson Row One: M. Jacques, D. Woodson, H. Smith, M. Irving, C. Shelton, C. Jones, and A. Irving. Row Two: Miss Nimmo, Coach, I. Irving, D. Epps, K. Lincoln, L. Miles, E. Harris, J. Awkward, S. Fleming, P. Jones, and Mrs. Greene, Coach. T Kathy and Martha begin a series of sprints. Dianne Epps is our high-jumper. Elizabeth Harris is our star “cinderlady " . 154 John practices before the Brookville game. “Basketball! Don ' t fall on me!” Sink it! John and Charles bring the ball down court. GIRLS BASKETBALL Kneeling: J. Bragg, G. Epps. Standing: L. Miles, M. Irving, C. Gordon, K. Lincoln, D. Epps, D. Branch, D. Smith, J. Tucker, E. Greene, M. Rose, G. Ferguson, Mrs. Greene, and Miss Nimmo, Coaches. Greta strains to get that ball. 156 Scorekeepers are Sharon Kirtley, Beverley Martin, and Hazel Smith. J.V. Basketball: Kneeling: J. Campbell: T. Napier, K. Haywood, S. Saunders, T. Bowling, R. Hancock, B. Parrish, E. Dodd, B. Campbell, C. Ferguson, J. Ross, and P. Campbell. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 157 OUTDOOR TRACK COMPETES The trackmen of Nelson High School are preparing to compete for District Championship, and after that, they plan to capture the state title. Head coach Eddie Witt led the cindermen to the District Indoor Ch ampionship at Lynchburg College, and the State Indoor Championship. If the Governors win the District honors, it will be the 14th out of 15 years that the power¬ ful Governors have won top honors. Shot-put: Mike Davidson and Ron Ragland. Row one: Coach Eddie Witt, R. Ragland, J. Henderson, A. Johnson, M. Davidson. Row two: C. Bowling, M. Henderson, D. Gaines, M. Barbour, G. Woodson, J. Gray. Row three: A. Dotson, R. Ramsey, K. Crady, S. Saunders, C. Ballowe, M. McCarthy, H. Gray, C. Evans. Row four: Coach Gary Bugg, S. Reznick, M. Allen, H. White, D. Couch, S. Rose, B. Payne, and J. Allen. Kneeling: M. Allen, S. Saunders, R. Ramsey, S. Rose, J. Gray. Standing: M. Henderson, J. Henderson, A. Johnson, G. Woodson, D. Gaines. 158 FOR STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Outdoor Hurdlers: C. Ballowe, A. Dotson, S. Reznick. Outdoor Captains: J. Henderson, M. Davidson, A. Johnson CROSS COUNTRY-STATE CHAMPS i t 151 Row one: Co-captains: A. Johnson, J. Henderson. Row two: A. Dotson, J. Gray, C. Ballowe, and R. Ramsey. Row three: J. Stratton, D. Gaines, H. Gray, G. Woodson, S. Saunders, and Coach Eddie Witt. Cross-country is a sport that requires mental perserverance and miles and miles of practice. The N.C.H.S. team has accomplished and proved this with their various trophies. Led by captains, Arthur Johnson and John Henderson, the team compiled a champion record, winning both district and state cross-country track. 159 INDOOR TRACK SWEEPS STATE The indoor track team this year had one of its best seasons. The Governors won both the District and State Championships re¬ spectively and hope to repeat their victories next year. Row one: Tri-captains: J. Henderson, M. Davidson, A. Johnson. Row two: G. Woodson, D. Gaines, A. Dotson, C. Ballowe, B. Lewis, K. Crady, J. Gray, R. Ramsey, and B. Deane. Row three: R. Rucker, M. Bulluck, M. Payne, W. Crocker, M. McCarthy, B. Payne, and D. Couch. Row four: Coach Gary Bugg, M. Henderson, M. Barber, T. Johnson, R. Horsley, M. Gray, R. Ragland, S. Reznick, and Coach Eddie Witt. GIRLS SOFTBALL Miss Nimmo, Elizabeth Greene, D. Epps, L. Miles, G. Epps, H. Smith, M. Irving, C. Shelton, A. Irving, P. Napier, J. Awkard, Mrs. Green. The girls’ softball team had the largest turnout for tryouts that they have had in many years. The girls have the spirit and de¬ termination to get out on that ball diamond and give Nelson High a winning season. Miss Nimmo and Mrs. Greene are coaches this year and they are enthusiastic about the team. Although the staff did not have ample time to record and observe their games, we are sure that our girls will represent our school well. Phyllis Napier, Janet Awkward, and Alice Irving practice. 160 BASEBALL Row one: J. Campbell, G. Nickell, D. Ferguson, G. Fields, B. Campbell, J. Fields, D. Kidd, R. Fields. Row two: M. Hamill, D. Proffitt, Coach West, M. Garwood, M. Ferguson, T. Harvey, G. Purvis, C. Habel, B. Goad, B. Ferguson, W. Ragland, Coach Wood, S. Massie. Catchers and Pitchers: D. Kidd, W. Ragland, M. Garwood, M. Ferguson, G. Purvis, B. Campbell. Infielders: G. Nickell, D. Ferguson, G. Fields, D. Kidd, B. Goad, M. Ferguson, B. Ferguson, W. Ragland, D. Proffit. Outfielders: Campbell, Fields, Harvey, Habel, Purvis, Massie. The Governor baseball team had the first winning season in eight years last year with a record of eight wins to seven losses. Coach West seems to be even more optimistic this year and feels that the Governors will have an even better season than ever before. The 1971 Governor baseball team should provide some real excitement to Nelson fans. 161 5 V ' -V4 ADVERTISEMENTS 163 I E.B. Saunders Colleen, Virginia Compliments of GRAND PIANO TOWN COUNTRY RESTAURANT Madison Heights, Va. 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Compliments of RASH VOLKSWAGEN INC. Compliments of J.P. BELL BEEF’N‘PIZZA HOUSE Exclusive Atmosphere Lynchburg’s Original Roast Beef Sndw. All Varieties of Pizzas - Spaghetti All Orders Boxed to take out Call Ahead For Orders to Go 846-3221 Hours 11 am-12 mid. Mon.-Sat. Sun. 12 noon-10 pm. ABC License Rt. 29 North (1 V 2 miles from Downtown Lynchburg Madison Heights, Virginia 180 SENIOR DIRECTORY Alex Milton Adams (Mickey) French Club, Project Opportunity Cathline Allen F.H.A. James Lester Allen F.B.L.A. Linda Ann Allen F.H.A., F.N.A. Lois Yvonne Allen (Lottie) Annual Staff, S.C.A. Representative, Project Opportunity Warren Allen Douglas Lewis Ashley, Jr. Drama Club Keith Marshall Baker Allen Kent Beasley F.F.A., K.V.G. Ralph Leon Brandt S.C.A. Representative, F.F.A. Margaret Jacqueline Brown F.N.A. Shirley Faye Browning F.B.L.A., Honor Society, Project Op¬ portunity Thomas Harold Bruguiere F.F.A., “Governor’s Gazette,” Project Opportunity Clarence T. Bryant (C.T.) F.F.A., Monogram Club, “Governor’s Gazette,” K.V.G. Project Opportunity James Wyckliffe Butler (J.W.) F.F.A., K.V.G. Linda Drummond Campbell Susan Jane Campbell Library Club, F.H.A. James Montgomery Carter Bus Driver Nancy Bryant Chernault Charles Michael Chewning Donnie Ray Coffey F.F.A., K.V.G., Monogram Club Louise Phillips Cooke French Club, Project Opportunity, Drama Club, Annual Staff Richard Emory Couch (Ricky) Robert Edwin Couch (Robby) Band Delores Ann Crawford F.F.A., F.N.A. Michael Troy Davidson F.F.A., Monogram Club, S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative, Project Opportunity Robert Carl Deane (Bob) Project Opportunity, “Governor’s Gazette” Judith Lynn Debnam (Judy) “Governor’s Gazette,” Project Oppor¬ tunity Ralph Thomas Dillard F.F.A. Marsha Lois Drumheller Project Opportunity, Forensics, F.T.A. Greta Epps Library Club, S.C.A. Parliamentarian, Project Opportunity, Basketball, Softball John Plinny Farley (Butch) Linda Dale Ferguson Project Opportunity, Library Club, F.B.L.A. Mitchell Wayne Ferguson Monogram Club, F.F.A., Chorus Jo Anne Fields (Jennifer) Varsity Cheerleader, Monogram Club Kathy June Fields Honor Society, Project Opportunity, F.B.L.A., Annual Staff. Charles Abraham Fleming French Club, Senior Planning Committee, Project Opportunity Samuel Wayne Floyd F.F.A. Carol Ann Foster F.N.A., F.H.A. Martha Graham Gamble Annual Staff, Project Opportunity, Band Gary Nelson Giles President of Honor Society, " Gover¬ nor’s Gazette,” S.C.A. Representative Monica McKinney Goad Senior class treasurer, Project Op¬ portunity, French Club, Band, S.C.A. Robert Michael Goff Donald Wayne Graves F.F.A. Harry James Gray Basketball, Track, S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative Mary Ann Gray F.H.A. Princess Elizabeth Greene F.N.A., F.H.A., Basketball, Softball Virtie Callie Green F.B.L.A. Mell Thorton Greene Captain of Football Team Dennis Wayne Gunter Project Opportunity, French Club, Chorus Billy Linn Habel Project Opportunity, Band, Football Carlisle Dudley Habel S.C.A., Baseball, Project Opportunity Jerome John Hamill Claudia Mallory Hancock F.T.A., Drama, S.C.A., Traveling An¬ nual Staff Marion Wesley Honnoll, Jr. Drama John Daily Harper F.F.A. Elizabeth Pauline Harris Jessie Marie Harris F.B.L.A. John Curtis Harris F.F.A. John W. Harris (Tight) F.F.A. Marilyn Kay Harris (Kate) Annual Staff, Project Opportunity, F.B.L.A. Milton Leo Harris F.F.A. SENIOR DIRECTORY Pamela Slosson Harvey F.B.L.A., Drama Club Courtney Garber Heath French Club, Drama Club, Traveling Annual Staff Andrew James Hickman Honor Society, Newspaper editor, S.C.A., Project Opportunity Thomas Edward Huffman ‘‘Governor’s Gazette,” Bus Driver Calvin Wendell Hughes “Governor’s Gazette,” S.C.A. Repre¬ sentative Donald Hersey Harvey Editor, Yearbook, Drama Club, French Club, Forensics, Project Op¬ portunity Thea Mae Hughes Honor Society, Drama Club, Head Cheerleader, Monogram Club, S.C.A. Reporter Dorothea Ann Hutchinson Corine Irving Jeanette A. Irving F.F.A. Patricia Elaine Jacques F.H.A., F.N.A. Sue Ann Jenkins F.B.L.A. Alfred Nathaniel Johnson Busdriver Arthur Jerry Johnson F.F.A., Track Roger Lee Johnson Wanda Lee Johnson Chorus, Bus Driver Charlene Yvonne Jones Chorus, Track, F.H.A. Linda Geraldine Jones Jesse Wayne Jordan Terry Lee Kennedy Larry Michael Kidd S.C.A. President, Honor Society, Proj¬ ect Opportunity John Herbert Kirt Cynthia Mae Lawhorne F.B.L.A. Patricia Ann LeDoux F.H.A., Library Club, Debate Club Peggy Ann Lewis F.T.A. - Secretary, Library Club, Debate Club, S.C.A. Representative, Band Larry William Loving Band, Project Opportunity, Football John Redd McCarthy Project Opportunity, Football Wilma Lee McCartney F.B.L.A. Daphine Gayle McFadden Richard Crawford Martin Football Brenda Sue Massie F.H.A., Library Club, Honor Society, “Governor’s Gazette” Lemuel Scott Massie Billy Paul Mays President of Drama Club, Project Op¬ portunity Joan Lynn Miller F.H.A., F.N.A., S.C.A. representative, “Governor’s Gazette” Debra Jane Moore Varsity Cheerleader, S.C.A. repre¬ sentative, F.T.A., Annual Staff, Mono¬ gram Club Barry William Morris Warden Melender Morse John Henry Napier Phillip Corneluis North Annual Staff, Monogram Club, S.C.A. Marvin Elroy Oakrum Project Opportunity, President of Se¬ nior Class Charles Joseph O’Brien Margie Lemon Page F.N.A. Ruth Ellen Pannell F.B.L.A. Sandra Kay Pannell F.H.A. Wanda Faye Pannell F.H.A. Alice Pearl Penn Frederick Pershing Phillips Drama Club Sharon Kae Puckett Drama Club Gordon Massie Purvis F.F.A., Basketball, Baseball John Lewis Quick “Governor’s Gazette,” Drama Club, Honor Society, French Club, Forensics Carolyn Beatrice Radcliffe F.N.A. Carl Franklin Raines Drama Club, “Governor ' s Gazette,” S.C.A. David Houston Ramsey Dorethea R. Rankins Margaret Marie Revely Gillies P. Rogers Bobby Lee Seaman F.F.A. Bonnie Louise Seaman S.C.A., Exam Committee Freddie Gay Seaman F.F.A. Carroll Nelson Simpson Nancy Smith F.H.A. Cora Lynn Snead F.B.L.A. Patsy Ann Snell John Cleveland Spears Basketball, Track Linda Frances Spencer Library Club, F.H.A., F.B.L.A. 182 Cherlyn Starlet Stevens F.B.L.A., Drama Club, Majorette, “Governor’s Gazette,” S.C.A. Wilma Stevens Bus Driver Audrey Robertson Taylor Library Club Laverne Ann Thompson F.B.L.A. Mary Camm Thompson F.B.L.A. 183 Pamela Reed Thompson F.H.A., Annual Staff, Senior Class Secretary Agnes Deborah Thurnau Honor Society, F.T.A., “Governor’s Gazette,” French Club, Project Op¬ portunity, F.N.A. Deborah Gayle Tomlin F.T.A. President, Forensics, Project Opportunity, French Club, “Gover¬ nor’s Gazette,” Honor Society Boyd Tucker Project Opportunity, Football Walter Lowrie Tucker Honor Society, Project Opportunity, “Governor’s Gazette” James William Vest Band, Project Opportunity Margaret Ann Washington F.H.A. Bernard Wells Bus Driver Anita Carol White Annual Staff, Drama Club, Majorette, Band, Monogram Club Juliet White Project Opportunity, French Club, Debate Club John Hatley Whitehead Teresa Ann Wood Annual Staff, Honor Society, Project Opportunity, French Club, F.T.A., S.C.A. Van Oliver Woodard F.F.A. Deborah Louise Woody F.H.A. David Allen Wray Jerry Arnold Zirkle Project Opportunity, French Club, “Governor’s Gazette” PATRONS Mrs. Catherine Shelton ELJO’s Beth and Chris Davis McCarron Florist Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Harvey Mr. and Mrs. James R. Harvey Fishburne’s Drug Store Skip Mays Mr. and Mrs. Horace Bragg Miss Sandra White Mrs. Catherine Whitehead Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dawson 183 It was not a perfect year. But has there ever been a perfect year? Has there ever been a year When all the love and health and fame We wished for one another Ever came to pass? Yes, despite the disappointments Of these, our complex lives, We learn to make do make better make believe That better days will come. And if we do continue to believe Who is to say The perfect year Will not yet be here? Lois Wyse

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