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♦•-1 • mmgm r Jfiroucj i 3he hoohina 9h ' in 9 ass foreword As another school year passes by, each of us as stu¬ dents must try to evaluate ourselves and our personali¬ ties. The transparency of our reflections often will de¬ pend upon how well we know ourselves and the reason¬ ing behind our visions and actions. Through the looking glass we see the trials encount¬ ered, the glory earned, and we are better able to under¬ stand ourselves as mature individuals. From this mirror come silent echoes of ballgames, dances, exams, and the prom. Whether we review the past school year with understanding or bewilderment, there is no regret in our hearts for we have shared the privilege of educa¬ tion. 2 6 24 56 74 92 144 158 9 Seniors Slucfeni 7 Hj Qln cferc assmen Olefin 2n is 1 ' ration SIJo erlis e m eni 3 NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL LOVINGSTON, VA. 4 Editor: Sponsors: Doris Johnson Mrs. Sandra Garland Mrs. Marcia Richards As the seniors peer “through the looking glass”, we reflect the well-trodden path that we have just completed. Although there are frequent “rough spots”, the path is studded with many brilliant occasions, from our “first day” at NCHS to our Prom, class rings, and finally donning of the traditional white robes for graduation. As we look from the past to the future, we see another path, a much narrower and more difficult one. But, regardless of the hardships, in years to come, we will remember our years at NCHS and be proud to consider ourselves as members of the “Class of ’68”. Peggy leads procession Senior Day. President, Peggy Campbell; Vice- President, Bobby Brush; Secretary, Jill Bryant; Reporter, Linda Steele. 8 Larry Wayne Adams Edna Catherine Allen Paulene Ethel Allen Boyd Edwin Anderson 9 Mary Daniel Brown Frankie Marion Browning Robert Thurmond Brush Albert Eugene Bryant Margaret Louise Bryant Mary Belinda Bryant Sandra Jill Bryant 10 Peggy Marie Campbell Ward Maxwell Campbell, Jr. William Frederick Carter Fred Edward Caul Gwendolyn Odessa Clopton Sydney Bryan Cooke Frank Michael Cox 11 Constance Leona Critzer Darlene Laverne Critzer Mary Ann Davidson Betty Gayle Davis Shelton Keith Dodd Fred Rankin Drumheller Walter Reed Embrey 12 Phyllis Elizabeth Epps Charlotte Marie Evans Clifford Forrest Fields Dennis Michael Fields Robert Wayne Fields Mary Junaita Fitzgerald Harry Fandis Floyd 13 Robert Clarence Fox Edwin Kyle Goodloe Joyce Marie Gormes Linda Gayle Gowen Harry Allen Gray, Jr. Carolyn Sue Grubb Sandra Sue Hall 14 Elbert Wright Hamlet Jerry Wayne Harlow Walter Lee Harlow Barbara Jean Harrell 15 jm. Jane Louise Huffman Patsy Louise Huffman Herbert Forrest Hughes Doris Ann Johnson Rita Frances Johnson Warren Harden Johnson Russell Ellwood Kennedy 16 Thomas Joseph Kilmartin Theresa Joan Lawhorne James William League Nona Rose Ledford 17 David Wayne Martin Talmadge Willard Massie Sandra Kay Mays Michael Stuart McClain Juanita Kay Miller Ralph Edward Miller Wayne Franklin Napier 18 Ellen Jane Nash George Woodrow O’Brien Phyllis Joanne Panned Anna Jean Payne 19 Kenneth Daryl Robertson Ava Lynne Raines Margaret Ann Ramsey James Ronald Saunders Michael Wayne Saunders Diana Lynn Shumaker Roger Lee Snead 20 Marshall Wayne Spencer Velma Lorice Spencer Patricia Kay Sprouse Linda Hope Staton Linda Lynn Steele Betty Eunice Stevens Clyde Mitchell Terry 21 Georg Anna Thurnau Rogers Randolph Tinned Claire Ann Trimer Virginia Alice Truslow Barry William Tucker Natalie George Vestal Mary Camden Walker 22 Charlotte Leigh White Larry Wayne White Wendell Conrad White Nancy Kincaid Whitehead Tommy Tunstall Willoughby Dan Scott Wilson David Lee Witt Ronnie Washington Wood Earl Wayne Wray Nancy Gwen Wray 23 Jjefore School 26 Dfien Do () ass 27 28 29 WAtL ATI A S of A Common CAir si Cor iX.nowfecf je. 30 31 32 33 34 35 there were there were pep rallies • 37 I- 40 i ie CPocucfer ' ftujjf S ame, 42 43 44 MUSf »N8 MH .SO RtfBtSH ' iS. ' ' . ‘ i BCrT“ r mSLJI V L-j tSip|Gi | un til 5:00, when the (Jan is finally over. 45 46 47 CHARLOTTE EVANS NATALIE VESTAL 48 49 HARRY FLOYD Candidates for Yearbook Queen were Karen Peverill, Belinda Bryant, Connie Fields, Jill Bryant, Darlene Critzer, Margaret Mitchell, Doris Johnson, and Sandra Ware. 50 King Billy and Queen Anna Jfomecomina Court 1967 Mr. Colley crowns Anna during half¬ time show. Members of the Homecoming Court are: Phil Payne, Paula Colley, John Whitehead, Monica Goad, Ronnie Stevens, Audrey Zirkle, Lindy White, Connie Fields, Bo Dodd, Darlene Critzer, Billy League, Anna Payne, Jill Bryant, Ed McFadden, Joan Lambert, Frankie Henderson, Sandra Mawyer, Marty Duncan, Louise Cooke, and Donna Cooke. 51 UaJentine cS weetneart ally Rita and T. W. were crowned King and Queen at Sweetheart Dance on Feb. 10. King T. W. and Queen Rita reigned over the Sweet¬ heart Dance. QUEEN RITA JOHNSON Rita and T. W. watch over activities during dance. 52 Led by Linda Steele, Marjoettes practice their routine. o ur vivacious majorettes Margaret Mitchell Pat Wilson Linda Staton Linda Steele 53 Mrs. White cS cretaries Mrs. Johnson The days are long and tedious for the members of the office staff. 54 Custodians Mrs. Mildred Foster Mr. Preston Foster Mr. Lewey Hart areteria Mrs. Catherine Hale, Miss Grace Mawyer, and Mrs. Lois White prepare our lunches daily. 55 FRONT ROW - L. to R.: B. Watts, M. Davidson, K. Robertson, T. Habel, R. Harvey, W. Purvis, F. Drumheller, SECOND ROW - L. to R.: B. McCarthy, W. Harlow, R. Embrey, W. Thompson, A. Ponton, M. Bryant, C. Campbell; THIRD ROW - L. to R.: B. Brush, K. Dodd, B. League, R. Moyer, C. Harris, M. Giles, L. Goolsby, L. White; FOURTH ROW - L. to R.: L. Taylor, D. Ward, R. Stevens, E. McFadden, D. Lewis, K. Lincoln, F. Henderson, S. Justus; FIFTH ROW - L. to R.: S. League (Head Coach); E. Rothgeb, V. Wood, C. League, C. M. Price (Assistant Coaches) T. Wilkinson (Manager); Not Pictured (M. Fields) Nelson . . . . .... 33 Rustburg . . . . 0 Nelson . . . . .... 0 Brookville . . . . 13 Nelson . . . . .14 Tunstall . . . . 0 Nelson . . . . . 6 Louisa . . . . 0 Nelson . . . . . 0 Appomattox .... . . . 26 Nelson . . . . . 6 Gretna . . . . 6 Nelson . . . . .13 Altavista . . . . 13 Nelson . . . . .45 Dan River. . . . 7 Nelson . . . . . 0 Wm. Campbell. . . . . . 28 Nelson . . . . .13 Amherst. . . . 47 GOVERNORS HAVE BREAK EVEN SEASON 1967 proved to be a “so-so” year for the Nelson Football Squad, as they finished the season with a 4-4-2 mark. Injuries, inconsistant play, and too m uch power among district foes proved a menace for the boys. Still there were many bright spots during the cam¬ paign, such as the offensive running of Ed McFadden and the defensive work of Kenneth Robertson. Prob¬ ably the most spirited contest of the year was the 13-13 tie with Altavista. And for the second year in a row, the Governors won the coveted District IV Sports¬ manship trophy. 58 Mike Fields Billy League Freddie Drumheller rifjuie JootUf en ors Kenneth Robertson Edward McFadden Frankie Henderson Keith “Bo” Dodd Bobby Brush Reed Embrey Walter Lee Harlow 59 yiclion JhfijA fights Cheer up boys, things could be worse! Would you believe the three stooges? 60 Ronnie and Lindy go out for a pass. FIRST ROW L. to R.: F. Seamen; G. Fields; D. Williams; D. Gunter; P. Davis; D. Coffey; C. T. Bryant; J. Napier; J. McCarthy; D. Graves; R. Martin. SECOND ROW: V. Wood (Coach); L. Tucker; W. Ragland; B. Tucker; L. Brandt;G. Purvis; J. Quick; M. Ferguson; J. Whitehead; F. P. Phillips; P. Micklin; L. Dixon; M. Snell; V. Woodward (managers). Nelson . 13 Nelson . 0 Nelson .13 Nelson . 6 Nelson . 0 Nelson . 7 Stanton River. 6 Amherst.20 V. E. S.14 Amherst.33 Rustburg. 7 Madison.46 62 Junior TJarsi y Cheerleaders Thea Hughes Debbie Miller (Head) Anita White Monica Goad Debbie Moore 1967 68 Cage earn cuinningest ever L. TO R.: W. Hash (Manager); K. Lincoln; D. Ferguson; B. League; D. Whitehead; W. White; T. J. Kilmartin; G. O’Brian; M. Giles; L. White; T. W. Massie; D. Grinnian (Trainer). KNEELING-Coach C. M. Price. On Feb. 9, 1968, the Nelson Governor’s basketball team beat Brookville 64-57. This was a big win for Nelson as it marked their 13th. victory of the season; more than any other N.C.H.S. cage team in the schools’ history. In the same game, senior Billy League eclipsed the 1,000 point mark for his high school career. Nelson .... 69 Fluvanna.52 Nelson .... 63 Dan River.28 Nelson .... 60 Amherst.64 Nelson .... 73 Appomattox .... 44 Nelson .... 59 Rustburg.68 Nelson .... 66 Gretna .56 Nelson .... 86 Dan River .58 Nelson .... 47 Altavista .45 Nelson .... 59 Amherst .89 Nelson .... 67 Gretna .52 Nelson .... 76 Rustburg .46 Nelson .... 69 Stanton R.60 Nelson .... 71 Brookville .36 Nelson .... 79 Fluvanna.39 Nelson .... 73 Appomattox ... 45 Nelson .... 64 Brookville .57 Nelson .... 47 Altavista .56 Nelson Stanton R. As of press time, Nelson had a 13-4 record with 4 of the 5 starters averaging in double figures. As a team Nelson was averaging 66.4 P.P.G. on offense and 52.6 P.P.G. on defense. Coach Price with Senior Tri-Captains, Billy, Tommy Joe, and Wendell. 64 Junior TJarsity JjasJzetSaff FIRST ROW L. to R.: S.Massie; R. HabeED. Swartzentruber; C. Allen; D. Gunter; J. Snow; R. Harris; J. McCarthy. SECOND ROW: V. Wood (Coach); T. Berkley; G. Purvis; V. Braxton; R. Stevens; A. Morse; J. Whitehead; B. Morris (Manager); D. Grinnan (Trainer). FIRST ROW L. to R.: G. Morris; R. Litchford; C. Mitchell; L. Morse; L. Givens; J. Proffit; J. Gray. SECOND ROW: G. Graves; S. Phillips; B. Ferguson; W. Ragland; E. Rothgeb (Coach); P. Green; L. Robinson; R. Carter; D. Williams. 66 Jir s 33 asJtet a I FIRST ROW L. to R.: P. Miller; D. French; T. Kilmartin; S. Bryant; M. Taylor; P. Campbell. SECOND ROW: K. Harris (manager); A. Wood; M. Mitchell; S. Ware; B. Gunter; R. Johnson; M. A. Spencer; D. Baker; L. Parrish; E. Ad¬ kins; L. Steele; J. Lavinder (Coach); P. Groton (Scorekeeper). 67 Outdoor Oracd KNEELING: Coaches S. Davis; S. League; G. Bugg. FIRST ROW L. to R.: F. Drumheller; L. Dawson; R. Walker; M. Fitzgerald; D. Lewis; T. Stevens; R. Tressler; K. Lincoln; J. Snow; L. Goolsby; A. Fitzgerald. SECOND ROW: B. Thompson; J. Clarkson; C. Harris; C. Allen; G. O’Brien; R. Stevens; B. League; D. Ward; R. Moyer; D. Graves;B. Fox; G. Miller. 1968 CINDERMEN POWERFUL The track team at Nelson this year is possibly the strongest ever assembled-and that’s saying something considering N.C.H.S. had won its district for the last 12 years. Not only are they strong, but they are young as evidenced by the fact that there is but one senior on the squad. The 1967 team set 5 school records and one state record in the high jump, pole vault, 880, mile, and 880 relay. However, the 1968 squad hopes to post even more new records and top off the season by win¬ ning the state championship. With hard work and dedication, they can do it. Discus throwers Bobby Fox and Gene Miller. 68 Shot putters: Fred Drumheller and Bud Thomp¬ son. Sprinters: Billy League, Ronnie Moyer, David Lewis and Robert Walker. All sophomore hurdling squad: Ronnie Stevens; Kin Lincoln; David Ward. Quarter, Half, and Mile runners: Andy Fitzgerald; John Clarkson; Larry Gools¬ by; Calvin Harris, and George O’Brien. 69 C SaseSaff KNEELING L. to R.: M. Giles; B. Brush; M. Fields; A. Morse; J. H. Napier; J. Roberts. SECOND ROW; T. Robin¬ son (Coach); K. Roberts; J. Bowling; B. Watts; W. White; M. Davidson; G. Purvis; E. Rothgeb (Head Coach). Shortstop Bobby Brush. Second Baseman Mike Fields. 70 Ace hurler: Wendell White Catcher: Mike Giles Johnny Bowling takes a practice swing. Outfielder Kenneth (Egghead) Roberts Although Coach Rothgeb lost 4 starters from his 1967 squad, the 1968 baseball team should be a winner again this year. Coming off a 7-6 record last year with 5 returning lettermen and a host of promising underclassmen on hand, the coach seems to think the N.C.H.S. baseballers may have a shot at the district crown this year. 71 KNEELING: M. Mitchell; S. Ware; A. Wood; L. Steele. SECOND ROW L. to R.: M. Spencer (manager); L. Parrish; R. Johnson; D. Wood; P. Miller; J. Lavinder (Coach). ' iris loo ? forward o winning season The 1968 Girls softball team hopes to better its’ 4-2 mark of last year. Nearly all starters from last years’ team are back and several new girls promise to bolster the line-up this spring. We are certain the student body of N.C.H.S. wished to join the 1967-68 Governor staff in extending a well deserved “THANKS” to the athletes, managers, trainers, coaches, administration, and cheerleaders who all helped make sports at Nelson so successful this year. 72 Uarsiiu GAe e r eac ers Debbie McMurray (Junior) Karen Peverill (Junior) Patsy Whitehead (Junior) Anna Payne (Senior) Head Cheerleader Connie Fields (Junior) 73 ■•nr T - -mw ▼at • f .;. ,j. ORGANIZATIONS Editors Nancy Whitehead and Connie Fields prepare Whew! Made the deadline for another month! newspaper for publication. Formed in 1964 as an SC A project, the Governor’s Gazette is now a thriving, self-sufficient school paper. The newspaper staff works hard throughout the year to provide students with a comprehensive and accurate newspaper. The Governor ’s Gazette gives students an opportunity to exercise their interest in journalism. 9t over nor s Gazette 76 D ' Ccz iona yfonor Society L. to R.: Doris Johnson, Charlotte Evans, Mary Ann Davidson, Nancy Whitehead, Rebecca McNabb, Marjorie Rodgers, Mary Ann Spencer, Connie Fields, Natalie Vestal, and Harry Floyd. Originally formed to raise academic and character standards of high school students, the National Honor Society is composed of students specifically selected for their high achievement in scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Some of the projects are as¬ sisting teachers, conducting a tutoring program, and awarding a $100 scholarship to a deserving senior. Members decorating one of the many bulletin boards prepared during the year. Students are given extra help after school in subjects which are a little too much! The theme of the 1968 Governor “through tire looking glass” has been reflected throughout the various classes. We of the Governor staff hope that each graduating class will review many memorable scenes at NCHS as they gaze “through the looking glass”. As we look “through the looking glass” at our past year of activity, we see fun, experience, and most of all, a closer relationship in working together. Editors work on “dummy” copy in preparing each section of the annual. Members of the Governor staff 78 68 J( ouernor Ava Raines instructs Rita Johnson and Lorice Spencer Staff members work on a Christmas bulletin board, in typing for the GOVERNOR. Several members of the “traveling team” prepare to scour the country-side in search of advertisements. 79 Homeroom representatives meet in the auditorium for an SCA meeting. S.G.Cfl. Students admire SCA scrapbook The Student Cooperative Association is composed of the entire student body represented by homeroom representatives. The primary purposes of the SCA are to develop good citizenship, provide wholesome rec¬ reation, and to promote harmony between the faculty and student body. A very active organization, the SCA attended several conferences this year, sold pennants, installed a snack machine, ran several campaigns, and obtained information about obtaining a foreign ex¬ change student. Connie Fields, Vice-President; Lou Bryant, Reporter, Anna Payne, President; Natalie Vestal, Parliamentarian; Sarah Bryant, Secretary-Treasurer. 80 GeorgAnna and Claire help to decorate the SCA Christmas tree in the main lobby. Students take advantage of the snack machine after school. 81 aft fg% (« msWMj c mht • x.M m mm mm mm mm mm mmmm mmm future farmers of imerica THE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA A large and active organization, the Future Farmers of America strives for the attainment of agricultural leadership and good citizenship. Members have partici¬ pated in two television programs and in a district judging contest. FFA Officers 82 Any student who is taking or has taken home economics may become a member of the Future Homemakers of America. A large and very active organization, the FHA chose for its yearly project “Make Your Money Behave,” and followed this theme throughout the year with many related activities. Juture Jfomemafters of Jlmerica FHA members demonstrate their culinary skills in the home economics kitchen. 83 CPep G uS In its first year at Nelson, the Pep Club has proven to be a well-supported and active organization. The Pep Club strives to promote school spirit and support the Sponsors Mr. League and Miss Cauwenberg. and Pep various teams throu S h out the attendin S aU Club officers Clifford Fields, and Pam Peverill post the g ames - football “player of the week.” 84 85 Members of the Future Teachers of America. J uiure ZJeacJiers merica Gwen Harvey, an FTA member, substitutes for a teacher. Any student interested in exploring teaching as a career may join the Future Teachers of America. This organization is responsible for furthering the interests of many qualified students into the gratifying career of teaching. 86 CT ' uture Jjusiness headers o meric a THE FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Membership in the Future Business Leaders of America requires that a student be enrolled in at least one business subject and have an interest in the busi¬ ness world. The FBLA is greatly concerned with the betterment of the individual and with helping him make an intelligent choice of a business occupation. 87 The Library Club consists mainly of students inter¬ ested in exploring Library Science as a possible voca¬ tion. It enables students to learn library procedures and encourages reading throughout the school. Members check out book during their study halls. Members of the library club help Mrs. Maupin stack books on the shelves. 88 f Foreign Language Union Members 1967-1968 officers of FLU are Charlotte Evans, Secretary; Donnie Floyd, President; Jean Bragg, Reporter; Nancy Whitehead, Vice-President; Mrs. Bragg, Sponsor. 89 NCHS concert band •XCJfS XanJ Marching band takes the form of “NC”. Choral members chat with Mrs. Witt before a concert. The Nelson County High School Chorus, directed by Mrs. Judy Witt, presents an annual Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert. Although much hard work goes into the preparation for the year’s performances, the members gain satisfaction in their continuous musical growth. 91 With the excitement of class rings, college boards, and Prom, the Junior year has been a hectic but rewarding one. The Juniors now look forward to rising to the highest rung on the ladder, the “Senior Class of ’69.” As they gaze back upon their past years through the looking glass, may it conjure up many nostalgic memories and pleas¬ ant remembrances of fun-filled oc¬ casions. Gwen Harvey-President; Dick Whitehead-Vice-President; Lou Parrish-Secretary; Margaret Mitchell- Treasurer. 94 Ronald Adkins Eugene Ashley Charles Bradley Frances Aistrop Jake Bibb Janet Brown Mike Bryant Vickie Campbell 95 Kay Carter Sandra Kay Carter John Clarkson Michael Cook Eddie Embrey Glenn Fields Danny Critzer Connie Fields Andy Fitzgerald 96 Alberta Gray t Caroline Fitzgerald Robert Fitzgerald Janice Giles Phyllis Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzgerald Mike Giles Donnie Grinnan Tamara Goolsby 97 Pettis Groton Tommy Habel Randy Harlow Cathy Harris James Harris Gwynn Harvey Edward Harris Janet Harvey Jacqueline Haywood 98 Scott Heath Carrodine Higginbotham Willie Hudson Frankie Henderson Mike Houseman Betty Hughes Darlene Keith 99 Sue McClain Debbie McMurry Tesi Kilmartin David Lewis Ruth Martin imi :: c Joan Lambert Jerry Martin Caroline Massie 100 Julie Miller Patsy Miller f Margaret Mitchell Dixie Moore Valdrie Nunery Lottie Morris Ronnie Moyer Betty O’Brien 101 Lou Parrish Karen Perverill Ralph Pippin Ann Payne David Pillow Betty Ragland Gloria Ramsey 102 James Roberts Judy Shelton Mary Ann Spencer Marjorie Rodgers Keith Spencer Roslyn Stratton Ray Thomas Gail Thompson Robert Tinned 103 Carroll Turner Robert Walker Sandra Ware Carl White Lindy White Dick Whitehead Murray Whitehead Patsy Whitehead 104 Fred Wood Tommy Wilkinson Pat Wilson Ann Wood Adrienne Wilson Wayne Wright Donna Wood Jack Wood William Wood Loretta Woodard 105 Glass oj ' 70 The “looking-glass” holds a very unique image for the Sophomore. He is no longer thought of as an “observer” of high school life; instead he is a participant. He has gained his basic knowledge of “life at NCHS” and can now take part in and enjoy the oppor¬ tunities offered. But he is also facing a new horizon, that of becoming a Junior. The new responsibil¬ ities that will be placed upon him are de¬ manding, but are also very rewarding; and the anticipations of these rewards are very exotic and dream fulfilling indeed. The Sophomore class sponsored a Sadie Hawkins dance. President- Ronnie Stevens; Vice-President-Debbie Carter; Secretary-Treasurer-Donna Baker; Reporter-Audrey Zirkle. 106 Evelyn Adkins Charles Allen Kenneth Awkard Lucy Baber Donna Baker Judy Baker Clarence Banton Joyce Banton Ramona Banton Teddy Berkley Bernard Bibb Johnny Bowling Gail Bradley 107 Patricia Bradley Billy Bragg Linda Branch Wayne Brent Brenda Browning Gary Browning Deborah Bryant Kay Bryant Sarah Bryant Val Braxton Clark Campbell Glenda Brown Herbert Campbell 108 Wayne Cox Charles Craig Billy Critzer Wilton Dolan Faye Drumheller Sue Drumheller Erma Sue Dumcan Marty Duncan 109 Martha Fails Betty Farrar Granville Fields Edith Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald Joey Fitzgerald Donnie Floyd Joan Floyd Brenda Fortune Linda Fortune Mike Fortune Debbie Fox Debbie French Jackie Giles Curtis Givens Houston Givens Larry Goode Larry Goolsby Carl Grant Becky Gunter James Gunter Larry Gunter Debra Hall Ada Harris Calvin Harris Clara Harris 111 Deborah Harris Robert Harris Wayne Harris Randy Harvey Nancy Henderson Joyce Horsley Paulette Hudson Roy Hudson Shirley Hudson Rebecca Huffman Gregory Jackson Elaine Johnson Kenneth Jordon 112 John Kennedy Dennis Kidd Jonathan Lea Kin Lincoln Brenda Litchford Mary Loving Sandra Mawyer Helen Martin Herbert Mays Roger Martin Herbert Lee Mays Carolyn Mawyer James Mawyer Sharon McClain Mike McMurry Debbie Miller Eric Miller Kathy Miller Steve Miller Lenwood Mohler Anthony Morse Pamela Moss Patricia Moyer Wade Nowlin Dorothy Nunnery Carrie Paige . .. . and these are the sideline events. Carrington Phillips Dianne Phillips A1 Ponton Harry Powell Joyce Proffitt 115 Virgie Purvis William Quinn Joe Ragland NCHS band participates in Band Day at VPI Kenneth Ragland Blaine Ramsey Carol Roberts Henry Roberts Audrey Robertson 116 Linda Robertson Sharon Saunders Bonnie Seaman Thomas Seaman Sandra Small Who says football doesn’t require a lot of practice? Joyce Smith Donnie Snead Judy Staples Ronald Stevens Gary Stewart 117 Mary Stewart Dale Swartzentruber Barbara Taylor Louie Taylor Nancy Taylor Sandra and Margaret participate in language lab. Roger Townsend Delores Thomas Keith Thomas 118 David Towler Ronald Tressler James Tyree Martha Tyree Rachael Vaughan Mary Walker David Ward Vickie Ward Billy Watts Duane Wells John White Thomas Whitehead Hazel Wray Audrey Zirkle Cjfass of ' 71 The image of the Freshman Class reflected in “the looking glass” is one of slow rising importance. They have, at last, inherited a name and have gained a pride in the feeling of “belonging.” For them, the future includes three ex¬ citing, fun-filled years. But in addition to the new enjoyments, the Class of ’71 faces many new challenges. Mike Kidd, President; Debbie Crickenberger, Vice President; Thea Hughes, Secretary-Treasurer; Teresa Wood, Re¬ porter 120 Nonie Bradley Dianne Brogan Lukie Browning Thomas Brugierc Leon Brandt Jacqueline Brown Faye Browning Clarence Bryant Mickey Adams Lois Allen Keith Baker Allen Beasley Jane Allen Doug Ashley Sylvia Barnett Connie Bradley 121 Linda Bryant Susan Campbell Donnie Coffey Delores Crawford Nancy Bryant Montie Carter Louise Cooke Debbie Crickenberger Judy Debnam Marsha Drumheller Greta Epps Linda Ferquson Mitch Ferquson JoAnne Fields 122 Kathy Fields Brenda Floyd Martha Gamble Mike Fitzgerald Carol Ann Foster Gary Giles Monica Goad Elizabeth Green Dennis Gunter Carlisle Habel Donald Graves Floyd Greene Billy Habel Jessie Marie Harris 123 Marilyn Harris Donnie Harvey Andy Hickman Gloria Huffman Milton Harris Courtney Heath Wesley Honnoll Thomas Huffman ] Calvin Hughes Thea Hughes Gloria Johnson Kathy Hughes Sue Jenkins Jackie Johnson 124 Linda Jones Jessie Jordan Terry Kennedy Mike Kidd John Kirt Mae Lawhorne Patricia Le Doux Larry Loving Richard Martin Scott Massie Peggy Lewis Mary Martin Brenda Massie Billy Paul Mays 125 James Mays Wilma McCartney Joan Miller Barry Morris ’ohn McCarthy Daphine McFadden Debra Moore Linda Moyer John Henry Napier Judy Orman Ruth Pannell Joey O’Brien Margie Paige Sandra Pannell 126 Gordon Purvis Carl Raines Brenda Ramsey David Roberts John Quick Barbara Ragland David Ramsey Gillis Rodgers 127 Bobby Seaman Robert Showalter Carroll Simpson Pam Slosson Freddie Seaman Sandra Shumaker Doug Simpson Judy Smith Lynn Snead Patsy Snell John Spears Michael Snell Jimmy Snow Linda Spencer 128 Betty Sprouse Terry Stevens Sheila Taylor Starlet Stevens Mary Taylor Mary Camm Thompson Pamela Thompson Debra Tomlin Boyd Tucker James Vest Deborah Thurnau Wayne Tomlin Lowrie Tucker Jane Ward 129 Anita White John Whitehead Alice Witt Forrest Wood Julie White Lisbeth Wilson Doris Wood Jimmie Wood Work in the library never ceases. 130 Project students work in biology lab at U. Va. during Saturday Seminar Program. Teresa Wood Linda Woodridge Gary Zirkle Debbie Woody David Wray Jerry Zirkle Maria Zirkle 131 1967-1968 has been a memorable school year for the eighth graders. Last fall, they entered NCHS full of fears and dreams of what “high school” was to be. By Thanksgiving, they had learned what it was really like. Now they feel they are really students of NCHS and members of the “high school” crowd. Each of them eagerly awaits “Fall ’68” and the new excitement and challenges it brings with it. So this is Paradise!!!! President, Paula Colley; Vice President, Debbie Zirkle; Secretary, Jean Bragg; Reporter, Phil Payne 132 Roberta Adams Barbara Allen Mary Ballowe Jimmy Bond Jean Bragg Sandra Brooks Barbara Jean Brown Karen Bryant Patricia Ann Bryant Phyllis Bryant Sharon Bryant J.W. Bryant Wilma Bryant Phyllis Burks J. W. Butler Debby Campbell Mary Campbell Pat Campbell 133 Patty Campbell Tommy Carter Sandra Carter Richard Carter Vickie Carter Richard Caul Delois Clark Paula Colley Donna Cooke Alice Craig Janet Critzer Nathan Davis Paige Davis Paul Davis Mike DeHart Dekey Dotson Pattie Duncan Diane Epps 134 Joyce Rae Falls Gary Fields Connie Fitzerald Joyce Fitzgerald Martha Fitzgerald Alice Floyd Jackie Floyd Jane Fortune Patsy Fox Wanda Franklin David Giles Leslie Givens Janice Glass Buzz Goad Joyce Godsey Micheal Goff Gary Graves James Gray 135 Paul Green Kay Gunter Dennis Hall Shirley Hanson Ronald Harris Willie Harris Mary Hartman Cathy Heflin Barbara Hudson Carolyn Huffman Susan Jobe Celene Johnson Sandra Johnson Barbara Jordon Steve Justus Floyd Keith Gary Kidd Jack Lawhorne 136 Rebecca Lawhorne Cathy Ledford Russell Litchford David Lunsford Betty Martin Beverly Martin Pearl Martin Davis Massie Earl Mawyer Alice Mays Elizabeth Mays George Mays Roger Mays Mary McCauley Howard McFadden Pat Micklem Kevin Miller Clarence Mitchell 137 Martha Mitchell Ann Morris Gary Morris Lucy Morris Beth Morris Larry Morse Teresa Morse Carl Napier Lynn Oliver Patsy Parr Junior Payne Kay Payne Millard Payne Phillip Payne Charlotte Perry Earl Phillips Sidney Phillips Faye Pillow 138 Steve Pippin Sara Powell John Proffitt Linda Proffitt William Ragland Lena Ramsey Lucille Robertson Leroy Robinson Delinda Sandridge Pete Seaman Joey Sheffield Terri Sheffield Robert Shelton Edward Showalter Judith Smith Brenda Snead William Snead Sandra Snell 139 Deborah Spears Louise Spencer Charlene Stevens Mary Stevens Roger Stevens Irene Taylor Willie Taylor Charlotte Thacker Shirley Thomas Judy Townsend Patsy Townsend Roy Trimer Janice Tucker Diane Turner Herman Tyree James Vaughan Margaret Vernon Vickie Vestal 140 Lyle Walker Alfred Weaver Bertha Weaver Betty White Herbert White Betty Wickliffe David Williams John Willis Anne Wood Mr. League introduces cheerleaders during first pep rally. 141 Van Woodard Alice Wooten Brad Wood Marsha Wood Mary Wood Judy Wray Eighth graders share tense moment during J. V. game with Amherst. 142 Gle Special Glass Pam Adams Iris Campbell Rose Carr Cindy Coffey Joyce Crawford Debbie Fields Lynn Fields Linda Givens Paulette Gray Jimmy Kidd Ursula Kidd Linwood Stephens Becky Tinnell Bliss Wade Nellie Willoughby 143 C " Principal 3Kr. 3. 3. Cjoffey 33. S. 33. 3 (Jjkfafioma S a e Qlniuersity 146 Mr. Price checks Wayne Wray’s driving permission slip. Also the Varsity basketball coach, Mr. Price reviews the basketball scores. 147 m US1C Mr. Lewis Mrs. Witt u si ' ness r Mrs. Roberts Students practice whenever possible for the Spring Concert. Mrs. Harvey’s shorthand class works diligently. Typing students take advantage of extra typewriters during their study halls. 148 Cny is i Mrs. Griggs Mr. Cummins Miss Drumheller Mrs. Garland Mrs. Lyons Mrs. Lyons receives support from her desk after a long day. Mrs. Smith Virginia Truslow “loves” term paper time!! Mrs. Smith lectures her class on the fundamentals of grammar. 149 ocia af Stucfies Mrs. White Mrs. Coleman Mr. Davis Mrs. Richards Mrs. Whitehead Mrs. Wooldridge WLsTUTN STATEHOC© LAM UUM ■ n, JKMtK “ ' ’Vh 4 ’ ’sa5ki« »fe - 150 Now in its third year, Project Op¬ portunity continues to grow and seek new paths. With funds from the Ford and Dan- forth foundations, the project is a co¬ operative endeavor being conducted by Nelson County, The University of Virginia, and Mary Baldwin College. To help de¬ velop and evaluate the experimental pro¬ grams of Project Opportunity, students are selected on the basis of their overall scholastic records. During the 1967 Summer Studies Pro¬ gram, these students studies a variety of topics from modern dance to natural re¬ sources. During the school year, the tenth grade students participated in a Saturday Seminar Program at the uni¬ versity of Virginia. Teachers are also utilizing funds in developing departmental programs. Eng¬ lish teachers are establishing paperback book libraries. The Foreign Language Department sponsored a COPE III Work¬ shop in which 80 area teachers and administrators participated. The Guidance Department worked out an Exploration Unit for ninth graders. DeForrest Ingersoll Project Director 151 Mrs. Tucker Mrs. Bragg Mrs. Wooldridge Mrs. Maupin Miss Massie Peggy seems intent on creating her next “master¬ piece”. 152 JlTat iein a lies 153 Science Mr. White Mr. Bugg Mr. Rothgeb 154 J J ujsica C du cat ion Mr. Rothgeb Miss Lavinder Mr. League Mrs. Rothgeb w . ■ ' » s? XK v ' -L 2 V " % C b i) 155 Mr. Price Mr. Robinson 7 ) oca ion a Mr. Puckett Mrs. Giles Mr. Hankins Juk a ance Mrs. Coleman Mrs. Whitehead m Mr. Ingersoll 156 Marion Bragg Gary H. Bugg Elizabeth Cauwenberg Lillian Roberts Coleman Linden Paul Colley Herbert P. Cummins Stephen C. Davis Janet P. Drumheller Sandra H. Garland Elma F. Giles Mary Anna H. Griggs Warren E. Hankins Pauline B. Harvey DeForest P. Ingersoll Ozzie Kelley Judith Bennett Lavinder II J. Sherman League Vernon T. Lewis Catherine G. Lincoln Diane H. Lyons Lucy Massie Sally Maupin William N. Moxley Nancy T. Parr Cleveland M. Price, Jr. E. Harris Puckett Marcia R. Richards Mary C. Roberts Thomas E. Robinson Edward Rothgeb Joan A. Rothgeb Joy D. Smith Caroline Tucker Regina G. Withers Judy Witt Bettye C. White John T. White Catherine H. Whitehead Beverley G. Wooldridge Jacufio B. A. Lynchburg College B. S. Lynchburg College A. B. B. S. Sweet Briar College M. Ed. B. S. University of Virginia M. Ed. Oklahoma State University B. A. Frederick College B. A. Bridgewater College B. A. Madison College B. A. Lynchburg College M. Ed. University of Virginia B. S. Radford College B. A. Mars Hill College B. S. M. S. A. T. University B. S. Madison College A. B. Duke University M. Ed. University of Virginia B. A. Morris Harvey College B. A. Lynchburg College B. A. Shepard College B. S. West Texas State University B. S. Madison College B. A. Hendrix College «» ' M. A. University of Virginia B. S. University of Virginia B. S. Concord College B. S. East Texas State University B. S. Radford College B. S. North Carolina State University B. S. University of Virginia M. Ed. Virginia Polytechnic Institute B. A. Bucknell University B. S. Longwood College M. Ed. Virginia Polytechnic Institute B. S. Lynchburg College B. S. Richmond Professional Institute B. A. Mary Washington College B. A. Westhampton College B. A. University of North Carolina B. A. College of St. Rose B. A. Mary Washington College B. A. Lynchburg College B. S. Lynchburg College M. Ed. University of Virginia B. A. Alabama College M. Ed. University of Virginia B. A. Longwood College 157 158 Enjoy Leisure Shopping at your friendly Department Stores Two Stores in Each City near you • Charlottesville • Lynchburg • Waynesboro In Charlottesville Its THE SHOECENTER 313 E. Main Downtown In Lynchburg Its WHITE ' S SHOECENTER 1101 Main p or Downtown “Miss PAPPAGALLO” LADY BOSTONIANS Shoes WILLIAM J. GRISWOLD Vice-president Main at Tenth Streets Lynchburg, Virginia SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF LYNCHBURG PHILLIPS BUSINESS Compliments of COLLEGE SCHEWEL FURNITURE Lynchburg, Virginia COMPANY Phone VI 7-7701 1025 - 1029 Main Street Complete Business Education for Men and Women Lynchburg, Virginia 160 VIRGINIA TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. 1924 Arlington Blvd. Charlottesville, Va. RED FRONT STORES AND 16A FOODLINER Crozet, Virginia Steaks, Chops, Seafood Home Cooked meals ARTHUR’S GRILL 317 East Main Charlottesville, Va. LANE’S TAILORING SHOP Barracks Road Shopping Center Telephone 293-8505 Charlottesville, Virginia Formal Wear - Rental GLEASON’S BAKERY, INC. 101 East Main Street THE Charlottesville, Virginia MICHIE “Let us help you plan your party” Law Publishers COMPANY Decorated cakes for all occasions Charlottesville, Va. BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER BARRACKS ROAD MERCHANTS ASS’N. BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER Shop For All Your needs Park Free Shop with Ease Charlottesville, Virginia 161 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1968 THE MONTICELLO DAIRY Charlottesville, Virginia THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY Lovingston, Va. All Commercial Banking Services Resources Over $5,500,000.00 57 Years Of Continuous Service “The Bank for the People of Nelson County” Member Ot The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 162 HARRY HAGA COMPANY Pittman-Plaza 2408 Wards Road Lynchburg, Virginia 711 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. DALTON’S JEWELERS Keepsake Diamonds Watches - Jewelry - Clock Repairing Phone VI7-5366 s.h.|ra4ui [ Outfitters to Gentlemen RHAMES JEWELER’S 323 West Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia “Serving Nelson County for over 20 years.” Established 1828 P. MASSIE S. 0. FISHER, INC. INSURANCE AGENCY Sporting Goods - Cameras - Athletic Goods 1024 Main St. - Pittman Plaza Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Lynchburg, Va. (Two Stores) Auto - Life - Fire Phone 943-3791 Amherst, Virginia Compliments of AMHERST PHARMACY AMHERST MOTORS AMHERST, VIRGINIA 29 Years Sales and Services Amherst Ford Dealer Phone 946-2781 163 214 East Main Street Downtown No. I 293-6184 incorporated Jewelers . Opticians Charlottesville, Virginia Optical Branch 1400 Jefferson Park Ave. -Park Lane Medical Bldg. No. 3- Telephone 293-9729 Barracks Road Shopping Center No. 2 293-501 1 DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC STORE GILMORE 407 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Dial 295-2810 Distributors for: Rawlings Mfg. Co. A. G. Spalding HAMM SNYDER INCORPORATED Furniture for the Home and Office MacGregor Spot-Bilt Shoes Charlottesville, Virginia John T. Riddell Compliments of THE BANKS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE Citizens Bank and Trust Company National Bank and Trust Company Virginia National Bank 164 FREED CO., INC. Your G. E. and Goodyear Dealer Waynesboro, Virginia East Main St. Phone 2-8323 WEAVER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Hamilton Cook Colonnade Waynesboro, Virginia Phone 942-1184 ARNOLD’S Compliments of: HOWARD JOHNSON’S 327 West Main Street Skyline Drive Route 250 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Distinctive Womens’ Apparel KENNEY ' S FARRAR AND COMPANY 5 Locations Charlottesville General Merchandise Staunton No. 1, No. 2 Fresh Meats Waynesboro Harrisonburg Coal, Fertilizer, Radios, and TV Kenny-Rific ... 19 Burgers See you after the game. Phone CO 3-2791 Arrington, Virginia “For All the News - When It is News” THE NEWS-VIRGINIAN Telephone 942-8213 Waynesboro, Virginia 165 P1NEY RIVER FLORIST Nights Phone 277-5239 Sundays Mrs. M. J. Parr, Manager Holidays Flowers For All Occasions CR7-5277 Class Rings HERFF JONES Your Local Representative Reed Schweickert 1401 Newell Road, Apt. 3 Richmond, Virginia 23225 VAN RiPER ' S LAKE CAMP GROUNDS Sunbathing and Swimming Picnic Grounds Route 6 and 15 1 at Greenfield, Virginia Compliments of: FARMERS and MERCHANTS BANK, Inc. Owned by Citizens of: Amherst and Nelson County MEMBER F.D.l.C. PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME “A Service that is Distinctive but not expensive” Air Conditioning 24 - hour Ambulance Service Call CRestwood 7-5244 Day or night THOMAS B. MOORE EDWIN M. MOORE Call collect - No toll charge Piney River, Virginia Dignity Experience Dependability 166 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Route 29 North Eastern Regional Office Charlottesville,Virginia HILL HARDWARE CORPORATION Frigidaire Electric App. Compliments of CENTRAL VIRGINIA TELEPHONE CORPORATION Amherst, Virginia 167 Compliments of VIRGINIA NATIONAL BANK Crozet, Virginia Compliments of METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY VAUGHN A. CURRIER Metropolitan Insurance Consultant 1936 Arlington Boulevard Charlottesville, Va. 22903 Off. 296-8109 Res. 293-2848 HAPPY ENDINGS BEGIN . . . WITH REGULAR SAVING . FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. 168 FLOYD ' S BY-PASS GULF Waynesboro New Car Dealers Paul Floyd, Sr. Paul Floyd, Jr. Waynesboro, Virginia B B BUICK-OPEL, INC. BUICK OPEL AUGUSTA FURNITURE CO. INC. J. L. BARKSDALE FURNITURE CORP. GRAND PIANO FURNITURE CO. McCOY’S FURNITURE CARPETS Begin banking on a better life now NELSON MOTOR Whether it’s a separate check¬ ing account for you, a savings account for your vacation earn¬ ings, or an account for your class or club, F M can help you start off right. When you bank on a better life at First Merchants, you’ll find banking services are always easy and convenient to use. COMPANY at First Merchants Lovingston, Va. Phone: Waynesboro, Va. C03-2511 FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK Member F.D.I.C. 169 COMMUNITY FUNERAL HOME We now offer off Street Parking Improved Facilities New Cadillac Hearse and Family Car M. W. Thornhill, Jr., Mgr. For Service Dial 77775 Lynchburg, Virginia REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Downtown 924 Main Street Wayside 6006 Fort Avenue Reach For Lynchburg, Virginia 24505 Batter Whipped SAUNDERS STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Portraits Weddings Commercial Copying Dial 845-1423 SUNBEAM BREAD Compliments of RUCKER-JENNINGS, INC. Mutual Insurance Fire . . . Automobile . . . Bonds 844 Church Street Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 846-4636 I. G. Trent R. P. Clark Mrs. N. T. Purvis 170 IR •• :• v e ,; r Compliments of Compliments of CHRYSIFR ADAMS MOTOR CO. MEN AND BOYS SHOP 813 Fifth Street, Lynchburg Valiants and Simca Compliments ot Compliments of NEW DOMINION BOOK SHOP DICKERSON BUICK CORP. LENDY’S RESTAURANTS 2210 Ward’s Road a ■% ' , WILEYS 8th Main Madison Heights and Lynchburg Charlottesville, Virginia ELLIOT’S One Hour “Martinizing” the most in Dry Cleaning Madison Heights, Va. Featuring Ladies’ and Children’s Apparel Junior Styles that Appeal to Young Ladies of High School and College Ages Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week AMHERST PUBLISHING COMPANY Coca Cola Bottling Co. Lynchburg, Virginia AMERICAN IMPORT CAR SERVICE Waynesboro, Va. Govern Air Conditioned Swimming Pool TUCKAHOE MOTEL U.S. 250 Things go better with Coke. Wilson Yoho, Mgr. Dial Greenwood Afton, Va. 22920 456-2161 171 JAMES S. LAMBERT Compliments of General Merchandise Faber, Va. CLARK BROS. RUCKER PAYNE SUPER MARKET SUPPLY COMPANY Lovingston, Virginia COLLEEN ESSO SERVICE CENTER SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME Phone C03-3161 Lovingston, Va. Colleen, Virginia Ambulance Service ELGIN H. CLARKSON w Agent Lovingston, Va. Phone: 263-5111 Res: 263-2242 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE FARRAR’S RIVERSIDE MARKET Afton, Virginia GI 6-2324 STEPTOE AND PATTERSON, INC. REALTORS 217 Ninth St. Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 84-61341 CLARKSON ' S MARKET Fresh Meat Groceries - Frozen Food Colleen, Virginia Phone 263-5251 FOR FINE FURNITURE 922 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. 172 CHRISTIAN BOOK SHOP Mr. Mrs. Thomas E. Gilbert, Props. Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN P. HUGHES Motor Company, Inc Lynchburg, Virginia Come to Finks for the Diamonds of Her Dreams Bulova - Omega - Tissott Accutron and Rolex Watches Expert Watch Jewelry Repairs (Estimates Given Freely) 124 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virgnia McBRIDE-DAVIS, REALTORS Route 29 North, Madison Heights, Va. P. 0. Box 294 AUCTIONEERS FARMS J. E. WOOD BROS., INC. Lynchburg, Virginia EASTERN ELECTRIC COMPANY Wholesalers Electrical T. V. Radio Lynchburg, Virginia TOWN COUNTRY Madison Heights, Va. AMHERST DEPARTMENT STORE Amherst, Va. PATTERSON DRUG CO. Town and Country Shopping Center Madison Heights, Virginia 173 LOVINGSTON FOOD MART 263-51 19 E. W. BARGER COMPANY GENERAL INSURANCE L. B. B. Building Waynesboro, Va. Dial WH 2-4131 MAC ' S MARKET For the Best in Groceries We Give S 11 Green Stamps and GILES TV SERVICE Guaranteed Service on all Makes Phone CR 7-5376 and CR 7-8581 Roseland, Va. LEA BROTHERS General Merchandise In the heart of Massies Mill CR7-5379 Massies Mill, Virginia MILLER CHEMICAL FERTILIZER CORP Massies Mill, Virginia Serving fruit growers of Nelson County and surrounding areas. Carl F. Raines, Manager II. T. CAMPBELL’S GROCERY Piney River, Virginia PAYNE’S GARAGE Piney River, Virginia 174 Compliments of SAUNDER ' S FORD INC. Colleen, Virginia J. B. WOOD General Merchandise Used Furniture Faber, Va. A. T. DAVIDSON SON “Growers of fine Virginia Apples” Compliments of KILMARTIN ' S PHARMACY Lovingston, Virginia H. R. WILLIAMS ROCKFISH GAP COUNTRY STORE Afton, Va. NELSON COUNTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY Rt. 29 South Lovingston, Virginia 263- 2131 Manufacturers of Children’s Playwear Plant Manager: R. L. NAVARRE Louise A. Amiss John J. Bradshaw Lovingston, Virginia 263-5252 Office 263-2088 Home 175 COLLEEN DAIRY ISLE Colleen, Virginia IRENE ' S BEAUTY SHOP Every well groomed girl depends on professional Beauty care Open from 9 to 9 Monday Saturday Phone 263-2807 Compliments of PUGH ' S GROCERY AND APPLIANCES WITTS FOOD CENTER Afton, Virginia GL 6-6119 Schuyler, Virginia RCA Whirlpool Appliances RCA TV’s Quaker Heaters, Hardwick Ranges We Service What We Sell ASHLEY’S GROCERY Open 7 days a week PRESTON PARR CO 3-4251 Greenfield, Va. Rt. 151 FUNERAL CHAPEL INC. Stop Shop at SHADY’S PLACE Lovingston, Va. Two convenient locations Roseland 277-5194 Amherst 946-5529 Congratulations SENIORS! 176 Route 29, Madison Heights, Va. YOUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS, BE THRIFTY. Metered Delivery Keep Fill Service Lube Oils “The Oil that really Burns Clean” W. LYNN HARVEY AMERICAN OIL COMPANY Call CO 3-2392 Fuel Oil Diesel Fuel Gasoline Grease Arrington, Virginia 177 PATRONS Kathaleen D. Habel Dr. George Criswell J. W. Goodwin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Embrey Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert Delk Richard Pendleton Hyman Alper Frank R. Proehl Banton Pure Oil William Walker Charles E. Burg The Antique Shop Edwin B. Horner, Jr. Louis C. Dillon William R. Barnsdale William V. Hudson Compliments of A Friend Herbert Fields Mary Leslie Saunders Vickie Lynn Harvey Rev. Wilfred Roach Miss Lucy Massie DeForrest P. Ingersoll Ralf C. Huffman Compliments of Miller and Rhoads Crowley’s General Merchandise Fergerson’s General Merchandise Mrs. M. L. Lincoln Ann Elizabeth Davis Kimberlyn Sue Robinson Gary Bugg Chuck Caul Harvey Griswald 178 NCHS students enjoy the music of “The Savages” at school dances. Wendell White in a “stretch”. And the beat goes on . . . The joys of being “kicked-out” of the library cannot be explained. Our regal Queen says the temperature is only 8 below zero!!! That glorious time of day has finally arrived! MSB I • • v r- mi ( -• -r. jZ kz? ?« . ' « ■

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