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1967 The overnor t u AjLdL, C WHERE THE ACTION IS Dedication As you walk down the main corridor of Nelson County High School, you may be fortunate enough to overhear the explanation of some new theory of math. If you stop to listen, you will recognize the teacher. No where in her contract does it state that she must be a friend to all her students. Yet the majority of those students that she teaches considers her a close confidante of all their problems, whether they be mathematical or not. Nor is she obligated to take part in any extra-curricular activities. But she is always right behind us in anything we do, urging us on to excel¬ lence. Although we have no way to repay all the thousands of " little things " that you ' ve done for us, we want you to know how very deeply we appreciate your advice, support, instruction, friendship, and that ever-sympathetic ear to all our problems. It is in deepest gratitude that we dedicate this, the 1967 GOVERNOR, to you, Mrs. Regina Withers. Math concepts seem more understandable now . . . Raiding Mrs. Withers ' candy dish is the favorite pastime of her seniors. Despite her attack of laryngitis, Mrs. Withers continued the instruction of math concepts. FOREWORD The Students of Nelson County High School are in reality ' ’normal” teenagers. They may be classified as members of the " Beat Generation,” Each is a unique combination of his own particular ability, curiosity, and motivation. These go to make each student strive for his goals, to de¬ termine his own place in life. Despite their outward appearance to be moving in separate directions, they have one thing in common - a search for action. The " Beat Generation " CONTENTS Administration.6 Seniors.16 Organizations. 32 Features. 54 Sports. 62 Student Life. 76 Underclassmen.102 Advertisements.144 NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Lovingston, Virginia EDITOR: KITTY JOHNSON Advisor: Mrs. Sandra Garland 5 7 Mr. L. P. Colley, Principal B.S.,M. Ed. Oklahoma State University. Mr. C. M. Price, Assistant Principal B. S. North Caro¬ lina State University. Mr. Price " rations " gravy at lunchtime. 8 But I DO need a new red steamboat!! ! Mr. Price and Mr. Rothgeb take a break. Mr. Gary Bugg Miss Bette Cauwenberg Mr. Stephen Davis Miss Audrey Farrar Mr. Gerald DuVal Miss Elma Fitzgerald Mrs. Marion Bragg Mrs. Lillian Coleman Mrs. Frankie Eldridge 10 Mrs. Madeline Gardner Mrs. Sandra Garland Mrs. Mary Anna Griggs Mrs. Pauline Harvey Mrs. Frances Mahanes Miss Lucy Massie Mr. Tom Robinson Mr. Edward Rothgeb Mr. E. H. Puckett Mrs. Mary Roberts Mrs. Sarah Maupin Mr. William Moxley Mrs. Ann Moore Mrs. Nancy Parr f 12 Mrs. Joy Smith Mrs. Catherine Whitehead Mrs. Regina Withers Mr. John White Mrs. Beverly Wooldridge Mrs. Joan Rothgeb Mrs. Caroline Tucker Mrs. Carolyn Salter Mrs. Bettye White 13 Project Opportunity A relatively new but important part of the action around N.C.H.S. is Project Op¬ portunity. Under the guidance of Mr. In- gersoll, students are participating in this rewarding and interesting program. Many of us fail to realize that these students gave up their summers to attend classes and engage in many other activities which are beneficial to their education. Nelson is fortunate in being selected as a site for Project Opportunity and even more for¬ tunate to have gained the talents of such a dedicated man as Mr. Ingersoll. Hey! I want that Dr. Seuss book—. Mike Kidd discusses problems with project di¬ rector. H FACULTY DIRECTORY FACULTY DEGREE COLLEGE Mrs. Marion Bragg B.A. Lynchburg College Mr. Gary Bugg B.S. Lynchburg College Miss Bette Cauwenberg B.A. Sweet Briar College Mrs. Lillian Coleman B.S. M.Ed. University of Virginia Mr. Stephen Davis B.A. Bridgewater College Mr. Gerald DuVal B.M.E. Shenandoah Conservatory of Music Mrs. Frankie Eldridge B.A. Limestone College Miss Audrey Farrar B.S.Ed. University of Virginia Miss Elma Fitzgerald B.S. Radford College Mrs. Madeline Gardner B.A. Lynchburg CoUege Mrs. Sandra Garland B.A. Lynchburg College Mrs. Mary Anna Griggs B.A. Mars Hill College Mrs. Pauline Harvey B.S. Madison College Mr. John Horsley B.S. University of Virginia Miss Irene Hughes B.A. Mary Washington College Mr. DeForest IngersoU A.B. Duke University M.Ed. University of Virginia Mr. Sherman League A.B. Shepard College Mrs. Catherine Lincoln B.S. Madison College Mrs. Frances Mahanes Madison College Miss Lucy Massie B.S. University of Virginia Mrs. Sarah Maupin B.S. Concord College Mrs. Ann Moore B.S.Ed. University of Virginia Mr. William Moxley B.S. East Texas State University Mrs. Nancy Parr B.S. Radford College Mr. C. M. Price, Jr. B.S. North Carolina State University Mr. E. H. Puckett B.S. University of Virginia M.Ed. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Mrs. Mary Roberts B.S. Longwood College M.Ed. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Mr. Tom Robinson B.S. Lynchburg College Mr. Edward Rothgeb B.S. Richmond Professional Institute Mrs. Joan Rothgeb B.A. Mary Washington College Mrs. Carolyn Salter B.S. Kansas University Mrs. Joy Smith B.A. Westhampton College Mrs. Caroline Tucker B.A. University of North Carolina Mrs. Bettye White B.A. Lynchburg College Mr. John White B.S. Lynchburg College Mrs. Catherine Whitehead B.A. Alabama College M.Ed. University of Virginia Mrs. Regina Withers B.A. College of Saint Rose Mrs. Beverley Wooldridge B.A. Longwood College 15 17 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Cecilia Goad, Reporter; Sue Saunders, Secretary; Beth Stevens, President; Ronald White, Vice President. Onward and upward . . . An annual represents something for every¬ one but for the Seniors, it represents some¬ thing very special. With the 1967 edition of the Governor we seethe climax of all fears, hopes, aspirations and joys — the things which have made our high school years memorable ones. We will soon forget the many trifles and impediments we have faced through the years and left will be the memories of classes, friends, ballgames, concerts, and dances. Even though our interests and activities have been diverse, we share one common bond— we are the graduating class of 1967. Regard¬ less of what the future may hold; we are certain of one thing--we know where the action is. 18 mmmm THOMAS RUSSELL BROOKS JUDY ELSA BOND JESSIE PENDLETON BROWNING SANDRA DALE BROWNING LOIS ROBERTA ADAMS GLADYS MARIE ALLEN SANDRA KAY BOWLING MITT IE CHRISTINE BABISH 19 REBECCA LEE BRYANT BARBARA ANN CAMPBELL LILLIE GRAY CAMPBELL WARREN LEWIS CAMPBELL PEGGY DELORISE CAMPBELL SHERIDA KAY CAMPBELL 20 CHARLOTTE MAE COOKE CHARLES RICHARD CRICKENBERGER GLORIA JEAN EVANS JEROME EUGENE FALLS JAMES LEWIS DUNCAN GERRY LEE FARRAR ELIZABETH ANN FERGUSON MYRNA ATHELYNN DUVAL 21 GARY LANE FITZGERALD WARREN RAY FITZGERALD REBECCA MAE FORTUNE JAMES MICHAEL GAMBLE BETTY JANE FLOYD DAVID WAYNE GARWOOD ROBERT EUGENE FLOYD JACQUELYNN MARIE GILES , 22 MELVIN TUNSTALL GILES BONNIE KAY GLASS WAYNE GRANT 23 ROLLAND PAGE HATTER DAVID SPENCER HIGHT LINDA LEE HUFFMAN BETTY SUE HODOCK BARBARA ANN HUGHES KATHERINE GREY JOHNSON ALFRED FRANKLIN HILLSWORTH WALTER ALAN HOFFMAN 24 JAMES HARDY KILMARTIN GARNET CARL LAWRENCE MALLIE EDWARD MAPLES ALPHONSO GARY KIDD 25 CHARLES HAMILTON MARTIN JANICE MAY MARTIN ELLA MARIE MAWYER BETTY OAKLEY MILLER STERLING HILL MAYS EDGAR WALLACE McNABB JANIE LOUISE MAYS DAVID HAMILTON MILLER 26 LYNN SHELTON MITCHELL HENRY BOONE MOHLER MARGARET CHRISTINE O ' DELL ROGER OWEN NAPIER BETTY JO O ' BRIEN PHYLLIS ANN PENDLETON BRENDA DALE PHILLIPS RONNIE GAYLE PATRICK 27 HELEN FRANCES RAGLAND MARGARET SUE SAUNDERS GWENDOLYN COLEMAN SEAMAN MARY LESLIE SAUNDERS FAYE ALTHEA SPENCER LARRY KIMBALL SPENCER BETTY JUNE SPENCER NATHANIEL LOUIS SCOTT 28 ALEXANDER TOLIAFERRO STEVENS III ELIZABETH ANNE STEVENS 29 JEAN CAROLYN TYREE JOAN CLARK TYREE RONALD GALE WHITE MARK LEWIS WILSON LEWIS ARNOLD WALKER EARL WAYNE WOODARD 30 PRISCILLA JANE WOODARD ALBERT MERVIL WOOTEN Postgraduates DAVID CRITZER CHARLES WIGGINS 31 33 NEWSPAPER STAFF The " working staff " of the Governor ' s Gazette. GOVERNOR’S GAZETTE Lynn Giles, David Garwood, and Mrs. Woolridge, sponsor, help Myrna Duval, editor, and Nancy White- head, Associate editor, with the layout of a paper. The rush is on! ! Hurry or you ' ll miss the newest edition of the Governor ' s Gazette! ! 34 Sul NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Members and sponsors of the National Honor Society. The purpose of the National Honor Soci- ty is to benefit and serve teachers, school, students and the community. The only money¬ making project is for the annual scholarship given to a deserving senior. The scholarship was raised this year from $50 to $100. The club sponsored a film, " Rebecca " , in order to make this money. Rebecca Fortune, Treasurer; Frances Tucker, Vice- President; Nay Vestal, Secretary; Cecilia Goad, Presi¬ dent; Beth Stevens, Reporter. Frances Tucker teaches special class students elementary Spanish. 35 SEATED: Charles Martin, Kitty Johnson. STANDING: Gerry Farrar, Herbert Hughes, Delores Harding, Betty June Spencer, Theresa Lawhorne, Sterling Mays. Happiness is meeting the deadline. " Where the action is . . the theme of the 1967 GOVERNOR states the impression each of us has now after a year of working on a yearbook. Despite all the time, energy, and " brain-power " necessary in the pro¬ duction of an annual, we really had a great time. Those " ad-collecting day blues " seemed to disappear once we started so¬ liciting ads. The time consuming job of identifying pictures and laying out the year¬ book became a really " fun " job after most of it was done. The copy-writing posed a real problem but we manag ed to get it all done. We, the staff of the 1967 GOVERNOR, hope that every student finds " where the action is . . . " 36 SEATED: Danny Mohler, Sandra Mawyer. STANDING: Bill Clarkson, Larry Spencer, Becky Thompson, Tamara Goolsby, Penny Browning, Ava Raines, Rita Johnson, and Doris Johnson. Another harrowing day over!! ! The deadline ' s getting closer. Doris and Delores collecting subscriptions. 37 Mike Gamble, Parliamentarian; Betty June Spencer, Re¬ porter; Mrs. Withers, Sponsor; Betty Sue Hodock, Pres¬ ident; Nay Vestal, Vice-Pres.; Connie Fields, Sec.Treas. S.CA- The Student Cooperative Association is made up of the entire student body of our school. A representative and an alternate are elected from each homeroom at the be¬ ginning of the school year to serve on the Student Council along with the S. C. A. Officers and the five class presidents. During the 1966-67 school year, the S.C.A. proved to be a very active organization. They sponsored several dances, had an assembly program, raised money by selling tooth¬ brushes and school-pennants, and presented a movie to the student body in the spring. The S.C.A. also sponsored the Toys for Tots drive at Christmas. Betty Sue presides over the S.C.A. meeting. 38 THE MONOGRAM CLUB THE CAMERA CLUB 39 The primary aim of the F.F.A. is the de¬ velopment of leadership, cooperation and citizenship. T he F.F.A. is integrated with the vocational agriculture programs. Com¬ petition is provided between the various chapters of the state by means of contest in Mechanics, Forestry, Livestock and Crops. President. Vice President. Secretary . Treasurer . Reporter. Sentinel. Sponsors . . . Dan Wilson Ronnie Moyer Eddie Enbrey . Calvin Kidd .. Jack Wood William Carter E. H. Puckett John Horsley F. F. A. Officers F. F. A. Members 40 F.H.A. Members FIRST ROW: J. Bond, J. Fields, A. Hughes, Songleaders; L. Adams, Parliamentarian. SECOND ROW: D. Nunery, Historian; J. Pannell, Reporter; P. Phillips, Vice-President; P. Stevens, State Officer. THIRD ROW: J. Shelton, Treasurer; C. Kiddy, Secretary; G. Thurnau, President. FOURTH ROW: Miss Fitzgerald, Mrs. Parr, Sponsors. Patricia Stevens--A vice-president of the Virginia Association of the Future Homemakers of America. 42 Calvin Kidd-President of the Flag Federation of F.F.A. 43 F.T.A. Officers The purpose of F.T.A. is to acquaint in¬ terested students with possibilities in the teaching profession. Through the work with the F.T.A. a student has an opportunity to take a realistic look at teaching and to ex¬ plore his own interests, abilities, and skills so that he can be sure that his decision to teach, or not to teach, will be right for him. Officers of the W. E. Kidd Chapter are: President.Frances Tucker Vice-President.Lynn Giles Secretary-Treasurer . . . Mary Davidson Parliamentarian.Cecelia Goad Sponsor.Mrs. Ann Moore F.T.A. gives tea for N.C.H.S. Faculty during American Education Week. 44 Our FBLA Chapter seeks to develop com¬ petent business leaders, to create more in¬ terest and understanding in the intelligent choice of business occupations, to par¬ ticipate in worthy undertakings for improve¬ ment of business and the community. One of the projects for this year was to have a sign made containing the name of the school, the date the school was built, and to have this sign erected at the entrance to the school. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer. . . Parliamentarian Historian . . . Reporter . . . .... Sue Saunders . . . Deloris Harding . . . Brenda Phillips .Rita Johnson . . . Belinda Bryant .... Janice Martin Mary Leslie Saunders FBLA Officers, 1966-1967 FBLA Members 45 Members of the Library Club. THE LIBRARY CLUB The library club is organized to famil¬ iarize interested students with library pro¬ cedures and techniques and to provide op¬ portunity for vocational exploration by prac¬ tice in library service. Members of the library club share in the responsibility of helping our new librarian, Mrs. Maupin, in working at the desk in the library. Mrs. Maupin, sponsor; Tina O ' Dell, treasurer; Ava Raines, president; Sue Hall, secretary; Phyllis Pendle¬ ton, vice-president. 46 Members of The Foreign Language Union FOREIGN LANGUAGE UNION The Foreign Language Union is a new club this year. The club is organized to help students better understand the different customs of the countries of the world. Membership in the club is open to any foreign language student. The club sponsored a Christmas party with a panel discussion about the orgin of the various Christmas customs and highlighting Christmas in France, Spain, and ancient Rome. Officers: Donnie Floyd, reporter; Kitty Johnson, president; Cecilia Goad,vice-president; Charles Wiggins, secre¬ tary; Mrs. Bragg, sponsor. f - 47 Nelson County High School Chorus NCHSCHORUS Hurry now, get dressed! ! Only five minutes ' til show-time! ! ! 48 THE TREBLE SINGERS Choral Director: Mrs. Frankie Eldridge The members of the Nelson County High School Chorus perform - ed during assemblies and at various functions throughout the community. The chorus presented its annual Christmas Concert and Spring Con¬ cert. The members of the group re¬ ceived satisfaction in attaining mu¬ sical growth. 49 Under the leadership of Drum Major, Clifford Fields, the 72-member Nelson County High School Band found the action during their busy year. The group, decked out in their new uniforms, provided the halftime shows for all home games, accompanied the team to William Campbell, performed in two concerts, and participated in several parades. 50 Cecilia Goad ■ • •« Linda Staton Majorettes in action Margaret Ann Mitchell Linda Steele Patricia Wilson 51 Band Officers: Linda Steele, Treasurer; Betty Miller, President; Clifford Fields, Vice-President; Lynn Mitchell, Secretary. Clifford Fields-Drum Major 52 All-Regional band members make concert band 100%. Mr. Duval directs NCHS concert band during class. 53 55 King Mike-Queen Lynn HOMECOMING ROYALTY During Half-time of the Nelson- Altavista game, the Homecoming King and Queen were announced. King Mike Gamble and Queen Lynn Mitchell reigned over the dance, given in their honor after the foot¬ ball game. Mr. Colley, principal, crowns Lynn Mitchell Homecoming Queen. 56 SWEETHEART ROYALTY SENIOR COOLEST Lynn Mitchell Gerry Farrar PERSONALITY PLUS Cecilia Goad Jimmy Kilmartin CUTEST Beth Stevens Alan Hoffman COULDN’T BE NICER Kitty Johnson Ronald White Sis 1 § I Ilfs si iwvi ' -vSS S «S® IS fm tSflilijB 2 hBBm f sill? lllli • • ' ' si. 4 ' .KSf 58 SUPERLATIVES AMBITION UNLIMITED Betty June Spencer Mike Gamble MOST TALENTED Cecilia Goad David Hight 59 SPORTS FAVORITES Betty Sue Hodock Mike Gamble TEN TOP Frances Tucker Elizabeth Stevens 61 63 Governors practice their offense and defense Mervil Wooten Donnie Taylor Mike Gamble Lindy White Larry Gunter 64 •JS } fi Varsity Football Team Four captains: Donnie Taylor, Mike Gamble, Mervil ' . Wooten and Charles Crickenburger led the team through an action filled year. Although the Governors did not have a win¬ ning season in 1966, they played in many action-filled games. The football games high¬ lighted our fall. Spirited fans, a good team, and great coaches won us the 1966 Good Sports¬ manship trophy. 65 A ' ' .fi r . Jf: • •, w «$ « 4 .■ ■ - ' ■■ ' u-- • ' ■nm® ? i?w ' - ; ■. ,,r ' t ' ■:. p$ : »¥ r‘ •» Mk , y ' 4 ‘ -V . : - » •»’ -. ♦? ■ -• ■ ‘ • •: •- " i, -» •rf ' •• ■-■■-• v. - , ? .- : ■ m M : . % ’ ” - ” ‘. r ' " ' ' y " " L - ' ' . ' ’ ■.. d» ' - • 1966 Lieutenant Governors JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Vernon Wood and co-captains: Ronald Stevens and Kin Lincoln, and Coach Charles Wiggins. J.V.-8TH GRADE BASKETBALL Junior Varsity Basketball team with Coach Vernon Wood Eighth grade Basketball team with Coach Eddie Rothgeb 67 Alan Hoffman shoots for extra point. BASKETBALL Team practices to perfect their playing technique. 1 i 1-1 t f s V V; j | l—J A ■ fi k 7 I ' .— MB ■ g taV— — § : fl ■f J g 68 BASKETBALL Mr. Price discusses strategy of game with co-captains Alan Hoff- Souvenirs of Northern Division victory, man and Billy League. 1967 Governors--Varsity Basketball Team. 69 TRACK 1967 Gene Miller perfects his technique in throwing the discus. Coach League and tri-captains: Dennis Critzer, Mike Vestal, and Mike Gamble and Coach Gary Bugg dis¬ cuss results of track meet. 1967 Track Team 70 Dennis Critzer, state champion in pole vault practices while Donnie Floyd looks on. Mike Gamble, Mike Vestal, Alan Hoffman, and Bill League practice with Coach Bugg. 71 VARSITY BASEBALL 1966 Coach Pasquantino and captains It ' s a hit, WigginsH Willie Gray, Ronald Collins, Charles Wiggins, and Walter Quick. The 1966 Governors--Baseball Team. 72 Beth Stevens, Becky Bryant, Anna Payne, Nay Vestal, Lynn Mitchell, Gwynn Harvey, Connie Fields, Ella Mawyer, and Charlotte Evans. Head cheerleader: Lynn Mitchell 73 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL Mrs. Mahanes looks forward to another winning team next year. The first string loses only star forward Betty Sue Hodock. The other girls are all gaining much-needed experience this year. They should show us another exciting year of basketball. Coach Mrs. Mahanes and co-captains: Betty Sue Hodock and Sandra Ware. 1967 Governettes " 2 for Betty Sue " The 1967 Governettes won the first girls district trophy for Nel¬ son County High School by win¬ ning the District IV tournament: Semi-Finals against Altavista 33- 27 - Finals against Amherst 39-35 74 i 1966 GIRLS ' SOFTBALL TEAM Did I hit the ball THAT far??? I J i 1 1 . M W -i-tlM % :: w . i i k m € 1 H|f if If m ii wS ' w «■ a ij Kp : %yi m «► wgi rplt«| WBj y ¥ •j! a ' M mi ® A ' - J® ' - 1 SI • ifi ’ ■ Isi : W - ¥ ■ , w- x m m : • - tm§ l «■» BPiliiS ‘. « • Aj 1 Mfc ' K »•■ -■ ‘sz ar -1 : jWSBjlR . - «-■ 1 . J£|g j. Mist P% g| mg L .:r A| -. v i 1 E Plr A " - vi 1 j sis 1 The 1966 Governettes—Softball team. Mrs. Mahanes discusses game with co-captains. 75 i 77 " But I don ' t want to go now! ! " Mr. Harville opens NCHS for our 1966- 67 term. Mr. Ingersoll speaks for an opening assembly. 78 Mr. Robinson and Mr. Buggshowan eighth grade science class that hydrogen doesn ' t support combustion. NCHS Majorettes show us a graceful salute. Mrs. Rothgeb explains map study techniques to Lynn Fields, Kenneth Baber, and Melvin Sprouse. if® ItsW ' , MS . H gg 79 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS " End, tackle, center, guard . . . " Vickie Campbell Head Cheerleader Janice Giles Debbie Carter Debbie Miller Janet Harvey 80 " VICTORY Victory, victory Is our cry! V-I-C-T-O-R-Y " Charlotte Evans makes a very petite football player! !! 81 Mrs. Salter ' s English class don their costumes for the Shakespearean tragedy-- " Macbeth " . Seniors practice an act for the Senior Variety Show. 82 83 Judy Bond serves refreshments at college night. Connie Critzer enlists Mrs. Massie ' s help in publi¬ cizing the Toys for Tots campaign. The Treble Singers entertain at Parent Conference Night. 84 Charles Taylor, Boyd Anderson, David Witt, Mervil Wooten, and Alan Hoffman, " THE MOZZ " , provide music for many dances. Juniors begin early planning decorations and making arrangements for the Prom. 85 86 Coach Price advises boys on plays during the time out Mrs. Mahanes watches closely during a period of her physical education classes. 87 Mr. Colley takes time out to relax. Eleanor Taylor calls a student to the office over the in¬ tercom. 89 Hurray! ! Everyone ' s favorite time of day! 90 F.H.A. ' extra” ACTIVITIES Sweetheart Queen GeorgAnna Thurnau and King Calvin Kidd. Caroline Fitzgerald works on a garment in Home Ec¬ onomics class. F.H.A. knitting class seems to have quite a large turn¬ out! ! 91 SPECIAL RECOGNITION Betty Sue Hodock, senior forward for the Nelson Governettes, is the first Nelson County High School girl to score over 1000 points in a high school basketball career. Betty Sue lettered in all of the 4 years she has played basketball; she was co-captain, three. This year her point average was 24.2 and her over-all average is 20-plus in every year. Charles Crickenberger is credited with sav¬ ing the life of Kent A. King on August 20, 1966, when he pulled King from the cab of his flaming truck. Crick received second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. We all want to commend Crick for his bravery and selflessness just as Senator Davis is doing here in presenting Charles with the plaque for heroism from Virginia Trucker ' s Association. 92 MUSIC AWARDS The Arion Award is given yearly to the music student who has done the most out-standing work in the general music field. The re¬ cipient is selected on the basis of her out¬ standing abilities and accomplishments in the total music program throughout the en¬ tirety of her music career. ARION AWARD Lyndy Seaman i 1 r Cecilia Goad JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD The John Phillip Sousa Award is given an¬ nually to the student who has contributed the most to the Band. It is based on musician- ship, attitude and leadership in the instru¬ mental program. 93 The Seniors ' favorite time of year — term paper time. Mrs. Salter lectures to her seniors on the Age of Reason in England. Myrna and Kitty seem to be defeating the boys in their battle! 94 Debbie Crickenberger shows Pam Slossen the camera she won for being top salesman in the SCA toothbrush sale. Project Opportunity students find a great deal of enjoyment in the books donated by the Ford Foundation. Mike Gamble, Cecilia Goad, and Frances Tucker represented our school on Klassroom Kwiz on tele¬ vision. They remained on the program for three wins. 95 But the sign says—Violators are punished!! Do you suppose that refers to hunting in the halls, too?? Words of wisdom on safer driving from Mr. Colley. 96 THE MINI-NINTH GRADER 97 OFFICE STAFF Student Office Workers Lindy White distributes the daily bulletin. Mrs. White and Mrs. Johnson are aided in office " chores " by students from the bus¬ iness department. These students gain practical experience in office work in cor¬ relation with their office practice class. Mrs. White and Mrs. Johnson-school secretaries. 98 987,542 banana puddings ready! The members of the cafeteria staff work diligently to prepare our lunches. Miss Fitzgerald, Mrs. Parr, Mrs. Johnson, Patricia Stevens, Betty Sue Hodock, and Mr. Colley make up the menu planning committee. THE CAFETERIA STAFF The lunch line is the daily target of the " rule breakers " — the " demerit seekers " . 99 OUR CUSTODIANS Our Custodians: Mr. Lewey Hart, Mrs. Mildred Foster, Mr. Preston Foster. Busy students trampling the floors, dropping papers, and fingerprinting walls and windows, create a tremendous clean-up job each year. Our custodians manage to repair the superficial damage made each day by the students. Although many students take for granted the cleanliness of the school, we wish to say thanks for the good job! Chewing gum makes cleaning a real problem — lust ask Charlie!!! 100 What ' s this — dancing in the halls ? ? ? 101 103 JUNIOR CLASS Lorice Spencer, reporter; Rita Johnson, treasurer; Ronald Saunders, president; Peggy Campbell, vice president; Charlotte Evans, secretary. J. T. Tinnell, Lou Bryant, and Wayne Hash admire one of the gifts received by the three top subscription salesmen. The Junior class began early in the year making plans for the Prom. Soli¬ citing subscriptions for the Nelson County Times, sponsoring a dance, a hoot¬ enanny, and bake sales constituted their " capital gaining " schemes. These students look for¬ ward to their senior year with mixed joys and an¬ xieties. They already realize that their school career is reaching a climax —and they begin to plan their futures. 104 Larry Adams Ronald Adkins Edna Allen Boyd Anderson Bernice Brown Evelyn Brown Marshall Brown Mary Brown Bobby Brush Belinda Bryant 105 Jill Bryant Lou Bryant H. T. Campbell 106 Dennis Critzer Mary Davidson Betty Gayle Davis Fred Drumheller Reed Embrey Charlotte Evans Phyllis Epps Chuck Ferguson Clifford Fields Mike Fields Robert Fields Caroline Fitzgerald 107 Juanita Fitzgerald Harry Floyd Bobby Fox Barbara Gibson Eddie Goodloe Linda Gowen 108 Wayne Hash James Hill Brenda Huffman Jane Huffman Patsy Huffman 109 1 10 Wayne McFadden Gene Miller Kay Miller Ralph Miller Dixie Moore Wayne Napier Pamela Phillips Ted Phillips Joe Ragland Ava Raines Margaret Ramsey Kenneth Robertson Wayne Spencer Patricia Sprouse Linda Staton 112 Linda Steele Betty Stevens Clyde Terry Nay Vestal Larry White Leigh White 113 % Mitchell White Wendell White Nancy Whitehead 114 SOPHOMORES Sophomore class officers: Connie Fields, president; Gwenn Harvey, vice-president; Loretta Woodard, reporter; Tommy Habel, secretary. These girls are engaging in a very unusual pastime — studying!!! The sophomores, the middleman on the ladder of high school society, are at a very important point in their school ca¬ reer. They realize that now is the time to go to work and reach their goals and to make their futures fruitful, or that if they start to lag behind now, it will be very hard to catch up. 116 Frances Aistrop Paulene Allen Gene Ashley Joyce Banton Jake Bibb Charles Bradley Kay Bryant Mike Bryant Ann Campbell Tommy Campbell Vickie Campbell Carolyn Carter Kay Carter Linda Carter Sandra Carter 117 David Cash John Clarkson Mike Cook Danny Critzer Jerry Dameron Judy Dameron 0 Rebecca Dixon Keith Dodd Eddie Embrey V X John Falls Shirley Ferguson Connie Fields l Glenn Fields Bobby Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald t 18 Phyllis Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzgerald Shirleen Fitzgerald Janice Giles Mike Giles Larry Goode Tamara Goolsby Alberta Gray Allen Gray Leola Gray Donnie Grinnan Pettis Groton Jimmy Gunter Tommy Habel Randy Harlow 119 William Hawlow Debbie Harris Edward Harris James Harris Kathy Harris Gwen Harvey Janet Harvey Jacqueline Haywood Scott Heath Frankie Henderson Carrodine Higginbotham Mike Housman Willie Hudson Betty Hughes Glenn Johnson 120 V William Jones Sara Jordon Darlene Keith I X V Tesi Kilmartin Joan Lambert Cecil Lawhorne Carrie Martin Jerry Martin Laura Martin Ruth Martin Carolyn Massie Sue McClain Edward McFadden Debbie McMurry Rebecca McNabb 121 i Julie Miller Patsy Miller Steve Miller Margaret Mitchell Lottie Morris Ronnie Moyer Valdrie Nunery Betty O ' Brien Raymond Pannell Lou Parrish June Patrick Ann Payne Carrington Phillips Diane Phillips David Pillow 122 Ralph Pippin Wayne Purvis Betty Ragland Kenneth Ragland Johanna Raines Gloria Ramsey Dennis Roberts James Roberts Marjorie Rodgers Billy Seay Judy Shelton Keith Spencer Mary Spencer Joe Stevens Roslyn Stratton 123 Ray Thomas William Thompson Bobby Tinnell Roger Townsend William Truslow Barry Tucker Carroll Turner Bobby Walker Mary Walker Sandra Ware Lindy White Dick Whitehead Murray Whitehead Patsy Whitehead Tommy Wilkinson 124 Ann Wood Donna Wood Fred Wood Jack Wood William Wood Loretta Woodard Wayne Wray Wayne Wright 125 FRESHMAN CLASS President: Donna Baker; Vice-President: Debbie Carter; Secretary: Sharon McClain; Reporter: Randy Harvey. Will somebody please help Sandra??? The Freshman Class of ' 67 has " sur¬ vived " their second year at Nelson County High School. They have now arrived at the level of " society " that enables them to have a name—freshman. Within the ranks of the class are the majority of jun¬ ior varsity cheerleaders, several mem¬ bers of the band, and many who participate in the various areas of sports. These freshmen are eagerly awaiting their action filled sophomore year--and to think they have only three more years to go. . . 126 Evelyn Adkins Charles Allen Doug Ashley Bradford Awkard Kenneth Awkard Lucy Baber Donna Baker Judy Baker Clarence Banton Ramona Banton Theodore Berkley Bernard Bibb Johnny Bowling Gail Bradley Margaret Bradley Patricia Bradley Billy Bragg Linda Branch Wayne Brent Dianne Brogan 127 Glenda Brown Alex Browning Brenda Browning Gary Browning Deborah Bryant Sarah Bryant Becky Campbell Clark Campbell Harry Campbell Herbert Campbell Dorothy Carr Debbie Carter Gary Carter Mike Chewning Carolyn Clayborn Elsie Coffey Wayne Coleman Wayne Cox Dick Craig Billie Critzer 128 Ray Cunningham Beth Dodd Wilton Dolan Faye Drumheller Sue Drumheller Erma Sue Duncan Marty Duncan Jackie Durrette Darlene Falls Martha Falls Betty Farrar Granville Fields Edith Fitzgerald Joey Fitzgerald Robert Fitzgerald Donnie Floyd Joan Floyd Brenda Fortune Linda Fortune Mike Fortune 129 Debbie Fox Debbie French Jackie Giles Larry Goolsby Carl Grant Becky Gunter Larry Gunter Debra Hall Ada Harris Calvin Harris Clara Harris Jimmy Harris Robert Harris Randy Harvey Nancy Henderson Joyce Horsley Paulette Hudson Roy Hudson Shirley Hudson Anne Huffman Kenneth Jordan John Kennedy Dennis Kidd Jonathan Lea Kin Lincoln Brenda Litchford Mary Loving Nell Martin Carolyn Mawyer Jimmy Mawyer Sandra Mawyer Herbert Mays Sharon McClain Mike McMurry Sonja McNabb Debbie Miller Eric Miller Kathy Miller Lenwood Mohlor Anthony Morse 131 Pamela Moss Patsy Moyer Eddie Musser Dorothy Nunnery Judy Orman Carrie Paige Donald Painter Dean Pannell Shirley Pannell Freddie Payne Patsy Payne Dawn Phillips P A1 Ponton Harry Powell Joyce Proffitt Wilma Pugh Pauline Purvis Virgie Purvis William Quinn Patricia Ragland 132 Blaine Ramsey Carol Roberts Elaine Roberts Henry Roberts Audrey Robertson Linda Robertson Sharon Saunders Bonnie Seaman Thomas Seaman James Shelton Sandra Shumaker Sandra Small Donnie Snead Michael Snell Judy Staples Ronnie Stevens Gary Stewart Mary Stewart Dale Swartzentruber Annie Taylor 133 Barbara Taylor Louie Taylor Nancy Taylor Shelia Taylor Delores Thomas Keith Thomas Mike Thomas Becky Thompson David Towler Ronald Tressler Roger Turner James Tyree Martha Tyree Rachel Vaughan Mary Walker Jane Ward 134 Vickie Ward Billy Watts Duane Wells John White Thomas Whitehead Ruth Wood Hazel Wray Audrey Zirkle " Action " -in the library??? Oh such a diligent worker !! ! Sandra Mawyer iden¬ tifies pictures for the yearbook. 135 EIGHTH GRADERS Eighth grade class officers: President, Monica Goad; Vice President, Mike Davidson; Secretary, Theresa Wood; Reporter, Gordon Purvis. Eighth graders enter high school each with their own particular idea of just how this new life will be. By the end of the first grading period they realize it’s time to re¬ evaluate these ideas and form new opin¬ ions. They start early developing abil¬ ities and talents that will later enable them to become the leaders of NCHS. Eighth graders arrive at school eager to begin the year. Mickey Adams Jane Allen Lois Allen Keith Baker Sylvia Barnett Allen Beasley Nonie Bradley Leon Brandt Helen Brogan Margaret Brown Faye Browning Thomas Bruguiere C. T. Bryant Linda Bryant Nancy Bryant J. W. Butler Coleman Carter Monte Carter Donnie Coffey Louise Cooke Delores Crawford Deborah Crickenberger Alvin Critzer Mike Davidson Robert Deane Judy Debnam Larry Dixon Marsha Drumheller Greta Epps Wayne Farris 137 Linda Ferguson Mitch Ferguson Joanne Fields Kathy Fields Mike Fitzgerald P. Mike Fitzgerald Brenda Floyd Sammy Floyd Wanda Franklin Martha Gamble Gary Giles Monica Goad Mike Goff Donnie Graves Mike Gray Elizabeth Green Dennis Gunter Billy Habel Carlisle Habel Jessie Harris Margaret Harris Marilyn Harris Milton Harris Donnie Harvey Linnie Hawley Courtney Heath Andy Hickman Wesley Honnoll Gloria Huffman Thomas Huffman 138 Calvin Hughes Danny Hughes Kathy Hughes Thea Hughes Sue Jenkins Linda Jones Gloria Johnson Jackie Johnson Jessie Jordan Steve Justus Mike Kidd John Kirt May Lawhorne Susie Lawhorne Patricia LeDoux Peggy Lewis Larry Loving Mary Martin Richard Martin Steve F. Martin Steve W. Martin Brenda Massie Scott Massie Billy Mayo Billy Mays Herbert Lee Mays James Mays Wilma McCartney Billy McFadden Daphine McFadden 139 Ronald McFadden Joan Miller Debbie Moore Alan Morris Barry Morris Linda Moyer John Napier Joey O ' Brien Margie Paige Ruth Pannell Sandra Pannell Wanda Pannell Addison Payne Fredrick Phillips Karen Puckett Sharon Puckett Gordon Purvis John Quick Carl Raines, Jr Brenda Ramsey David Ramsey David Roberts Gillies Rodgers Bobby Seaman Freddie Seaman Robert Shelton Glenn Showalter Carroll Simpson Douglas Simpson Pam Slosson 1 40 Judy Smith Lynn Snead Patsy Snell Jimmy Snow Jimmy Spears Linda Spencer Betty Sprouse Starlet Stevens Terry Stevens Mary Ellen Taylor Mary Thompson Pamela Thompson Debbie Thurnau Deborah Tomlin Ronald Truslow Gary Zirkle " studies " in the library! ! ! Boyd Tucker Lowrie Tucker James Vest David Ward Anita White Julie White John Whitehead Lisbeth Wilson Alice Witt Doris Wood | Forrest Wood w r Teresea Wood 0 Van Woodard Debbie Woody David Wray Patty Wright Gary Zirkle Jerry Zirkle Iris Campbell Rose Carr Pam Adams Joyce Crawford THE SPECIAL CLASS Ursula Kidd Nellie Willoughby Brenda Pippin Rebecca Tinnell 143 1 44 ADVERTISEMENTS A. G. Jefferson Alberene Stone American Oil Company Amherst Department Store Amherst Motors Amherst Pharmacy Amherst Tire Rebuilders Appomattox Oil Company Arnold ' s Arrington Cold Storage Art Barber Shop Beech Grove Grocery Ben Franklin Store Bryant ' s Grocery Burkeville Veneer C. H. Williams Charlottesville Hardware Charlottesville Office Machine Christian Book Shop Clark Bros. Super Market Clarkson ' s Market Colleen Diary Isle Colleen Esso Service Center Corner Hardware Crossroads Esso Service Dameron ' s Gulf Downtown Athletic Store E. W. Barger Co. E. W. Harvey Earl ' s Amoco Elgin H. Clarkson, Agent Elliott ' s One Hour Martinizing F. R. Moon Co. Farrar Co. Farrar ' s Riverside Market Fidelity National Bank Fink ' s Jeweler ' s, Inc. First Federal Bank First National Bank of Nelson Co. Fishburne ' s Drug Store Floyd ' s By Pass Gulf Freed Co., Inc. A Friend G. H. Restaurant Gilmore, Hamm Snyder Gladstone YMCA Glenn Fields T. V. Appliance H. T. Campbell Grocery Highland Orchards Hill Hardware Hundley-Bryant Electrical Cont. Hyman ' s J. B. Wood J. D. Johnson Co. J. E. Sears Co. J. E. Wood James S. Lambert James T. Davis John P. Hughes Josten ' s K. M. Baker, Jr., Inc. Keller and George Kenney ' s Kentucky Fried Chicken Keystone Shoes Kidd ' s Grocery Kilmartin Pharmacy Lawrence ' s Barber Beauty Shop Lea Brothers Leggett ' s Lovingston Gulf Lovingston Motor Sales Lowe ' s Jewel Box Lynchburg Federal Savings and Loan M. L. Lincoln Mac ' s Market McGehee ' s Moses Motor Co. Moyer Oil Co. Nelson County Mfg. Co. Nelson County Times Nelson Motor Co. Newberry ' s News-Daily Advance Old Fort Motor Co. Patterson Drug Co., Lynchburg Patterson Pharmacy, Appomattox Payne ' s Garage Phillip ' s Business College Piney River Auto Service Piney River Florist Piney River Funeral Home Poe Hardware Ponton ' s Amoco Service Price ' s Watch Repair Pugh ' s Grocery R. E. Lee Son, Inc. Ronnie Mahanes Roses Royce Shoes Rucker-Jennings, Inc. Rucker-Payne Sam P. Massie (Nation-Wide Ins.) Saunder ' s Ford, Inc. Schewel Furniture Co. Seminole Service Station Shady ' s Place Sheffield Furneral Home Shoe Center Smith Chevrolet Southern Dept. Store Spencer ' s Beauty Shop State Farm Ins. Co. State Farm Ins. (Hudson) Sunbeam Bread The Banks of Charlottesville The Farmer ' s National Bank The News-Virginian The Thomas Jefferson Corp. Tire Discount Top Treat U. S. Rubber Co. United Ins. Co. of America Virginia Blue Ridge Railway Village Esso Service Center Village Pharmacy W. A. Hamner W. A. Watson Sons Wailes Stop Shop Watson Market Waynesboro First Federal Sav. Loan Association Waynesboro Furniture Dealers Waynesboro New Car Dealers Whitten ' s Barber Shop Wiley ' s Incorporation Witt ' s Food Center William H. Boaz Co. The Young Men ' s Shop Owatonna Minnesota 55060 Representative Charles J. Mott 105 West High Street Charlottesville, Virginia Creators of fine class rings, awards, announcements, yearbooks, and diplomas Daniel C. Gainey, Chairman of The Board FIRST FEDERAL BANK LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA OLD FORT MOTOR COMPANY Piney River, Virginia PAYNE ' S GARAGE Piney River, Virginia Compliments of A FRIEND JAMES S. LAMBERT Reach For General Merchandise Batter Whipped Faber, Virginia SUNBEAM BREAD 1 48 . Metered Delivery . Keep Fill Service . Diesel Fuel Gasoline . Lube Oils Grease " The Oil That Really Burns Clean” W. LYNN HARVEY, Distributor AMERICAN OIL CO. Call CO 3-2392 Arrington, Va. Compliments of THE BANKS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE Citizens Bank and Trust Company National Bank and Trust Company Virginia National Bank 149 E. W. Harvey Appomattox, Va. «Sk Compliments of KIDD ' S GROCERY Roseland, Virginia Telephone Cr 7-5561 APPOMATTOX OIL CO. Piney River Auto Service Piney River, Virginia Appomattox, Va. 277-8586 Compliments of MOSES MOTOR COMPANY GLADSTONE R. R. Appomattox, Virginia Y.M.C.A. Chevrolet and Jeep Gladstone, Virginia " Sales and Service that Satisfy " Dial 352-3773 J. E. Sears Company, Inc. Building Material Appomattox, Virginia POE HARDWARE CO. Appomattox, Va. TOP TREAT H. T. CAMPBELL ' S GROCERY Stop and Eat Appomattox, Virginia Piney River, Virginia J. E. WOOD BROS., INC. Lynchburg, Virginia JAMES T. DAVIS, INC. Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN P. HUGHES CHRISTIAN BOOK SHOP Motor Company, Inc. Mr. Mrs. Thomas E. Gilbert, Props. Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia 150 SHOP LEA BROTHERS General Merchandise In the heart of Massies Mill Cr 7-5379 Massies Mill, Virginia PATTERSON DRUG CO. Appomattox, Virginia AND SAVE at BEN FRANKLIN Your Complete Variety Store Amherst, Virginia " For All the News - When It is News " THE NEWS-VIRGINIAN Telephone 942-8213 Waynesboro, Virginia 151 THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Phone 352-7171 " Home owned and operated " Appomattox, Virginia Compliments of RUCKER-JENNINGS, INC. Mutual Insurance Fire. . .Automobile. . .Bonds 844 Church Street Lynchburg, Virginia Phone 846-4636 I. G. Trent R. P. Clark Mrs. N. T. Purvis 152 PATTERSON DRUG CO. Town and Country Shopping Center Madison Heights, Virginia Compliments of BURKEVILLE VENEER COMPANY, INC. Burkeville, Virginia Amherst, Virginia WALLACE A. HAMNER J. D. JOHNSON CO. Rockfish, Virginia 263-5461 Covesville, Virginia SPENCER’S BEAUTY SHOP EARL ' S AMOCO SERVICE Lovingston, Virginia Faber, Virginia SMITH ' S CHEVROLET SALES INC. Scottsville, Virginia STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANY William V. Hudson, Agent THE HUB UNITED INSURANCE COMPANY of AMERICA Scottsville, Virginia Life - Health - Accident - Hospitalization Edward W. Britt, District Manager 153 F. R. MOON AND CO. FARRAR AND COMPANY General Merchandise Shipman, Virginia General Merchandise Fresh Meats Since 1908 Coal, Fertilizer, Radios, and TV C. H. Moon, Insurance Agent Phone CO 3-2791 Arrington, Virginia Free Estimates No Job Too Small M. L. LINCOLN WATSON ' S MARKET Scottsville, Virginia 286-5931 Painting Contractor Lovingston, Va. Phone CO 3-5167 BEECH GROVE GROCERY Roseland, Va. General Merchandise Phone 263-5501 Gulf Gas and Oil Compliments of RONNIE MAHANES SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT FLORIST BRIDAL SHOP STORE 321 West Main Waynesboro, Va. Waynesboro, Va. Wh 2-4191 LOWE’S JEWEL BOX NEWBERRY’S 319 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Headquarters for High School Jewelry Waynesboro, Va. 154 AMHERST MOTORS AMHERST, VIRGINIA 28 Years Sales and Services Amherst Ford Dealer Phone 946-2781 Compliments of AMHERST PHARMACY THE PEOPLE’S PHARMACY, INC. Three Locations Waynesboro Fishersville Stuarts Draft HILL HARDWARE CORP. Hardware. . .Furniture. . .Building Materials Hot Point Electric Appliances Amherst, Virginia Phone WH 6-2411 WHITTEN’S BARBER SHOP Amherst, Virginia 155 LAWRENCE’S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Route 151 Piney River, Va. Phone 277-5842 Lawrence L. Hobbs, Owner VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE RAILWAY Piney River, Virginia WISHING WON ' T DO IT. SAVING WILL. FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK MEMBER F. D. I. C. i 56 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY Lovingston, Va. All Commercial Banking Services Resources Over $5,500,000.00 56 Years Of Continuous Service " The Bank for the People of Nelson County " Member Of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Manufacturers of High Quality Nylon Tire Fabrics Used in U. S. Royal Tires Scottsville, Virginia 157 I d -e- .S) Featuring Ladies ' and Children ' s Apparel Junior Styles That Appeal to Young Ladies of High School and College Ages Charlottesville, Virginia R. E. LEE SON INCORPORATED ENGINEERS CONTRACTORS Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC STORE HARDWARE CO., INC. 407 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Dial 295-2810 316 and 318 East Main Street Phone 293-8111 Distributors for: CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Rawlings Mfg. Co. A. G. Spalding MacGregor Spot-Bilt Shoes John T. Riddell S S@ENTER,.„ GILMORE HAMM SNYDER 313 East Main Street INCORPORATED Charlottesville, Virginia Furniture for the Home and Office Home of Miss Pappagallo Charlottesville, Virginia 158 Phone Nights, Sundays. Holidays 277-5239 CR 7-5277 PINEY RIVER FLORIST MRS. M. J. PARR, Manager FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME Phone CO 3-3161 Ambulance Service Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of KILMARTIN’S PHARMACY Lovingston, Virginia MACS MARKET For the Best in Groceries We Give S H Green Stamps and GILES TV SERVICE Guaranteed Service on all Makes Phone CR 7-5376 and CR 7-8581 Roseland, Va. SEMINOLE SERVICE STATION Stop and Shop MR at J. G. Roberts, Prop. SHADY’S PLACE Faber, Va. Lovingston, Virginia 159 Come to Finks for the Diamonds of Her Dreams Bulova - Omega - Tissott Accutron and Rolex Watches Expert Watch Jewelry Repairs (Estimates Given Freely) 124 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia VILLAGE ESSO SERVICENTER ’’Fine ESSO Products” €sso 295-9988 Randy Jones and Bob Thompson 2205 Fontaine Av. Ch-Ville, Va. S-T-R-E-T-C-H YOUR DOLLAR$ Jeggetfo Enjoy Leisure Shopping. . . at Your Friendly Department Stores Two Stores in Each City Near You Charlottesville. . .Lynchburg. . .Waynesboro 160 K. M. BAKER, JR., INC. Fruit and Fertilizer Hauling anywhere Dial CO 3-4131 RADIATOR SHOP Rebuilding - Repairing Recoring - Back flush Trucks - Automobiles - Tractors Lovingston, Virginia THE NEWSPAPER A Valuable Aid to Education - Make a Habit of Reading it Everyday. It Pays to Read Both . . . THE NEWS Published by the Lynchburg News, Inc. THE DAILY ADVANCE Published by the Lynchburg Daily Advance, Inc. Lynchburg ' s Home Newspapers CHARLOTTESVILLE OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY Authorized Underwood Agency - Sales Service 919 West Main Street P. O. Box 348 Dial 296-7419 Charlottesville, Virginia 161 Compliments of Eastern Regional Office STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia ederkm Barracks Road Shopping Center Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 SHOP WITH EASE BARRACKS ROAD SHOPPING CENTER Charlottesville, Virginia 162 FISHBURNE’S DRUG STORE " Your Drug Store Since 1878 " 327 WEST MAIN STREET WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA Waynesboro, Virginia Distinctive Women ' s Apparel ROSE’S FREED CO., INC. Your G. E. and Goodyear Value Variety Store Dealer Corner of Wayne Main Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Va. E. Main St. Phone 2-8323 Compliments of WAYNESBORO NEW CAR DEALERS DRIVER SALES SERVICE, INC. TERRY MARTIN PONTIAC, Dodge Cars and Trucks and Dart CADILLAC, OLDSMOBILE, INC. BRANNOCK SALES SERVICE Mercury, Lincoln, and Willis Cadillac, Pontiac Oldsmobile and GMC Trucks B B BUICK - RAMBLER, INC. Buick and Rambler PAUL FREED, INC. Ford Cars and Trucks BAUGHER CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet Cars and Trucks BUY YOUR NEXT NEW OR USED CAR IN WAYNESBORO 163 ALBERENE STONE A Division of The Georgia Marble Company Schuyler, Virginia Serving Nelson And Albemarle Counties Since Before 1870 PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME " A Service that is Distinctive but not expensive " 24-hour Ambulance Service Call CRestwood 7-5244 Day or night THOMAS B. MOORE EDWIN M. MOORE Call collect - No toll charge Piney River, Virginia 164 Grow With Lynchburg After High School Attend PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia Phone VI 7-7701 Compliments of SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY 1025 - 1029 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia PRICE’S WATCH REPAIR ART BARBER SHOP 614 Main Street " We Need Your Head In Our Business " Lynchburg, Va. Phone WH6-8211 Dial 846-8334 Amherst, Va. For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN A. G. JEFFERSON A. G. Jefferson Ground Floor Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia FOR FINE FURNITURE 922 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. 165 Phone Residence WH 6-9151 Business WH 6-3791 SAM P. MASSIE INSURANCE AGENCY Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Auto - Life - Fire Amherst, Virginia Office Rt. 29 Madison Heights Phone 845-9220 . . .Home 847-7547 HUNDLEY BRYANT ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR CO. Residential - Industrial - Commercial Wiring P. O. Box 825 Lynchburg, Virginia WAILES STOP-IN SHOP Ladies ' Sportswear Manhattan Menswear Shoes for All the Family Phone WH 6-2267 Amherst, Va. SAVE FOR. . . Current Dividend Rate: COLLEGE 4% Per Annum RETIREMENT Compounded Quarterly FUTURE BUYING Save by the 15th EMERGENCY FUND V V LAHITOf Earn from the 1st V uf to ♦ Vfcv SIO 000 A? X+ ff P. G. COSBY, JR., President LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Downtown Office . Miller Park Branch . B rookville Branch . 615 Church Street 1990 Fort Avenue 7114 Timberlake Road 166 LOVINGSTON MOTOR SALES, INCORPORATED Lovingston, Virginia Telephone CO 3-3402 Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week Compliments of NELSON COUNTY MANUFACTURING COMPANY DAMERON’S GULF SERVICE Rt. 29 South Lovingston, Virginia 263-2131 Manufacturers of Children ' s Afton, Va. PI ay wear Plant Manager: R. L. Navarre VILLAGE PHARMACY, INC. Amherst Department Store Amherst, Va. Your Community Drug Store ELLIOT’S 946-9601 Amherst, Va. One Hour " Martinizing " the most in Dry Cleaning Madison Heights, Va. 167 THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP Quality Men ' s Wear Charlottesville. Virginia C. H. WILLIAMS, INC. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville ' s Leading Dept. Store Charlottesville, Virginia INCORPORATED Jewelers . Opticians Charlottesville, Virginia 214 East Main Street Optical Branch Barracks Road Downtown No. 1 - 1400 Jefferson Park Ave. - Shopping Center No. 2 293-6184 -Park Lane Medical Bldg. No. 3- 293-5011 Telephone 293-9729 KENNEY’S CROSSROADS (iSSOJ SERVICE SICK 5 Locations Charlottesville W. L. Massie, Prop. Staunton 1 2 Dial: WH 6-3311 Waynesboro Harrisonburg Routes 60 and 29 Kenny-Rific. . .15£ Burgers Amherst, Virginia See you after the game. 168 HYMAN’S FLOYD’S BY-PASS GULF " Where economy rules " Paul Flovd, Sr. 411 West Main Street Paul Floyd, Jr. Phone WH 3-4526 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Amherst Tire Rebuilders Recapping, New and Used Tires CORNER HARDWARE Amherst, Va. SPORTS CENTER Toys and Gifts TIRE Sk DISCOUNT Corp. King Ave. Off Broad Street WH 2-8229 (3 Waynesboro, Va. 22980 t Compliments of WAYNESBORO FURNITURE DEALERS Augusta Furniture Co., Inc. J. L. Barksdale Furniture Corp. Grand Piano Company WAYNESBORO FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 127 S. Wayne Ave. Waynesboro, Virginia 4-1 4% On Savings Compounded Quarterly See Us For Home Loans 169 ARRINGTON COLD STORAGE CO-OPERATIVE, INC. SHIPMAN, VIRGINIA 22971 Telephone Area Code 301 263-3241 E. W. BARGER AND COMPANY General Insurance L. B. B. Building Waynesboro, Va. Dial WH 2-4131 Compliments of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN Rt. 29 G H RESTAURANT Charlottesville, Va. 295-5158 Waynesboro, Va. BRYANT ' S GROCERY Complete Line of Groceries Grade A Meats and Produce Texaco Gas and Oil Shipman 263-5154 ROYCE SHOES The Family Shoe Store The Centre For Shopping Albert Ottinger, Mgr. Waynesboro, Va. J. B. WOOD KEYSTONE SHOES Phone CO 3-5017 Barracks Road Shopping Center Faber, Virginia Charlottesville, Va. 170 CLARKSON’S MARKET GLENN FIELDS TV AND APPLIANCES Nellysford, Va. Fresh Meat Groceries - Frozen Food Colleen, Virginia Phone 263-5251 ELGIN H. CLARKSON . c. RUCKER-PAYNE l|l Agent SUPPLY COMPANY Lovingston, Va. Phone: 263-5111 Res: 263-2242 Lovingston, Virginia NATIONWIDE INSURANCE FARRAR’S RIVERSIDE MARKET PUGH’S GROCERY AND APPLIANCES Afton, Virginia - GL 6-2524 Afton, Virginia GI 6-2324 RCA Whirlpool Appliances Sylvania TV’s Quaker Heaters, Hardwick Ranges We Service What We Sell Compliments of COLLEEN DAIRY SAUNDER’S FORD ISLE INC. Colleen, Virginia Colleen, Virginia 17 Compliments of LOVINGSTON GULF Lovingston, Virginia W. A. WATSON SONS AMERICAN HEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Farmville, Virginia Telephone: Export 2-4177 Compliments of COLLEEN ESSO SERVICE CENTER CLARK BROS. Colleen, Virginia SUPER MARKET HIGHLAND ORCHARDS Compliments of Covesville, Virginia Choice Club Calves Each August Fifteenth Wins FOOD CENTER WILLIAM H. BOAZ CO. Schuyler, Virginia Covesville, Virginia " We get the top dollar for our customers for any fruit we sell.” 172 PONTON’ S AMOCO SERVICE Lovingston, Virginia Phone CO 3-5169 MOYER OIL COMPANY Lovingston, Va. Phone: Home Co 3-2533 Office 263-5031 173 NELSON MOTOR CO., INC. Lovingston, Va. Phone: CO 3-2511 174 SUPPORTERS Kathleen D. Habel La Nouvella A Friend Dr. George Criswell Austin Embrey Elwood Jones Mr. J. L. Proffitt Sheriff ' s Department Rachel Adams Lucy Barnett Mr. John Mitchell, Jr. Ralph E. Turpin Paul Mays Robert L. Marshall Richard P. Harvey Kimberlyn Sue Robinson DeForrest P. Ingersoll David B. Garland Mr. Mrs. Stephen C. Davis Mrs. Catherine G. Lincoln Mr. L. P. Colley Mrs. L. P. Colley Mr. Mrs. Gary Bugg Mr. Mrs. Carl F. Raines Miss Audrey Farrar Mr. Mrs. Hubert Thompson Mr. Mrs. Myers Thompson Mr. Mrs. Horace A. Bragg Mr. Mrs. Edward V. Parr Mr. Mrs. William Salter Mr. Mrs. Vernon C. Maupin Mr. Mrs. Edward J. Wooldridge Mr. Mrs. Francis C. S. Withers Mr. Mrs. E. Allen Griggs Mr. Mrs. James R. Harvey FfcusTfctvnoiO VWOWbeRPUt K lcSS SATiSPftCtic IsMssKt ■ f Ipg " -v- .. ...... ;• - •: ■ A ' V ' ■• •. - ' IV • ... « ? Vi... , ■• ■ • Mwmm mm 2 S Ife ■TV. ' K ' , ;3 . ' X

Suggestions in the Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) collection:

Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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