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■ ii ' " . w ‘ r ' l-.v:; 1 V THE GOVERNOR NINETEEN HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL LOVINGSTON, VIRGINIA Sponsor Catherine G. Lincoln Co-Editors Carolyn Robertson Margaret Robertson CARPE DIEM, freely translated, means " Seize the immediate opportunity. " Nelson County High School seeks to provide these opportunities not only in the academic, vocational and business areas, but also on the athletic field and in extra¬ curricular activities. Since what one becomes tomorrow is largely determined by what he does today, the chance for accomplishment is limit¬ less for those who welcome every challenge and take advantage of every opportunity. CARPE DIEM! FOREWORD 2 The business students find that instruction in office machines is valuable in preparing them for their jobs in the future. There have been some very favorable reports on the success of the Russian class that was started at our high school in September. CONTENTS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SERVICES CLASSES HONORS ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC SPORTS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS 8-9 20-21 28-29 86-87 98-99 106-107 120-121 132-133 The advanced English class assignments caused the students to realize the value of library reference materials. INCREASED OPPORTUNITIES The citizens of Nelson County have increased the opportunities for learning by financing the new add¬ ition to our high school. Here one will find new library facilities, a new science room, language labo¬ ratories and much-needed class¬ room space. Mr. Harville and Mr. Carter study the blueprints during the construction. The new science room 4 The north side of the new library. THE NEW ADDITION View of the new addition showing the entrance to the boys’ dressing room. South view of the new addition. The two entrances to the basement are on this side. Storage room for the cafeteria. 5 NEW EQUIPMENT Listening stations in one of the language laboratories. A familiar sight on second floor. Louise Spicer spends extra hours going over his work with the aid of tapes. Lorice Spencer watches while Sandra Mays tries out one of the new Singer sewing machines. Vocational agriculture instruction includes electrical wiring. Some of the boys experiment with the unit shown above. HB . Mr. J. B. M. Carter Superintendent of Nelson County Public Schools DEDICATION To one who has long deserved the honor, we humbly dedicate this yearbook. This dedication is but a small token of our heart¬ felt appreciation for his untiring devotion to his duty of providing the best possible educational facilities for the young people of Nelson County. 7 Capitol Building at Richmond, Virginia Nelson County High School is fortunate to include in its ad¬ ministrative officers and faculty people who come well pre¬ pared to be of service to the school. They have much to offer and, though their duties are varied and difficult, they per¬ severe in our instruction and guidance through our formative years. Let us not fail to make the most of the opportunity of profiting by what they have to give us. Carpe diem. We welcome the new teachers who have joined us for the 1964-65 session. THESE ARE THE CHANNELS THE NELSON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Oi ville Karicofe, Mr. J. B. M. Carter, Clerk, Mr. Graham Heath, Chairman, Mr. Addison Payne, Mrs. Catherine Seaman. Mr. J. B. M. Carter Superintendent Mr. J. W. Harville Assistant Superintendent 10 Mrs. Reefa H. McGuffin General Supervisor OF GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY IN NELSON COUNTY Mrs. Dean Bibb charge of book sales. Part Time Stenographer Mrs. Dorothy White Mr. Price is never too busy to be of assistance. SECRETARY ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. C. M. Price, Jr. OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. J. W. Harville We will ever be thankful for our principal ' s counsel and encouragement during the school year. We recognize his untiring aid in pro¬ viding those " golden opportunities " for learning. Mr. Harville dictates the daily announcements to his secretary, Mrs. White. 13 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Mary Anna H. Griggs Mrs. Sarah C. Crumpler Mrs. Carolyn H. Salter Mrs. Faye P. Rutherford Mrs. Sandra H. Eagle Miss Irene Hughes was absent when picture was taken. The function of the English Department is threefold: to excite interest through an understanding of the relationship of literature to life, to emphasize the importance of clear, concise oral and written expression, and to instill a knowledge of the structure of the English language. Encour¬ aging creative ability and making the study of English a practical and vital experience are fur¬ ther aims of the department. SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mr. Stephen C. Davis Mrs. Sandra N. Robbins Mrs. Madeline B. Gardner Mrs. Lillian R. Coleman Mrs. Catherine H. Whitehead The basic aim of the Social Studies Department is to give the students an awareness of the world in which they live. To gain such an understanding it is necessary for students to study the past, basic geographic concepts and citizenship which built together enable students to go forth into the world as intelligent inquisitive people. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Hazel H. Morrell Mrs. Cookie D. Woods Mr. John T. White Miss Ruth Androvich The Science Department has the opportunity and privilege of guiding the normal curiosity of high school students toward a serious interest in their natural environment and the changes it may undergo. The emphasis is placed on adopting the material presented to the individual as to create a better appreciation of the world in which he lives. MATH DEPARTMENT Mr. Charles E. Cox Mrs. Regina G. Withers Mrs. Rose E. Mason Mr. James C. Johnston The new five-year program as suggested by the change to " modern” math has been in effect for the second year. This senior class will be the last group to finish under the old program. A new addition this year to the usual Math 9 was the supplementary S. M. S. G. material thereby making the course more meaningful and profitable. 15 t I HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. Nancy T. Parr Mrs. Faye W. Huffer The study of homemaking is of value to students enrolled in all high school programs. Every girl is a potential homemaker and work of this type not only helps her to develop as a person, but also to prepare for the most important of all vocations, that of homemaking. AGRICULTURE AND FARM MECHANICS Mr. E. Harris Puckett Mr. Carlton T. Clarke Nelson County High School offers a four-year program in vocational agriculture which is plan¬ ned to acquaint and prepare students for the many occupations in the industry of agriculture. The program includes plant and animal science, mechanical drawing, welding, electricity, in¬ ternal combustion engines, hot and cold metal, woodwork and other areas. 16 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mrs. Pauline B. Harvey Mrs. Mary C. Roberts Mrs. Catherine G. Lincoln One of our aims in the Business Education De- partment is to help make the transition from high school to the initial job a satisfactory one for both the student and the employer. We feel that we can accomplish this by using the latest textbooks and teaching methods in developing the skills required for the clerical and stenographic jobs. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Caroline C. Tucker Mrs. Beverly D. Hill Mrs. Joanne F. Lee The Foreign Language Department hopes that in teaching children Latin, French, Russian or Spanish we will enrich their lives with a language other than their own, and also with a glimpse of the life, people, and customs of the lands in which that language is spoken. LIBRARIAN PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Front Row: Mrs. Hazel H. Morrell Mr. J. Sherman League Miss Frances Faucette Second Row: Mr. A. Wayne Mahanes Mr. C. M. Price, Jr. Mrs. Lynn F. Clarke The new library has provided much needed space for the librarian’s work and for the storage of audio-visual equipment. There is sufficient space for seating more students and for books to be added in the future. The Physical Education Department is placing its emphasis on physical fitness for all students through vigorous exercise. Our aim is for each student to be fit enough to pass the minimum physical fitness test set up by the Federal Program. In addition, we are stressing the basic skills and rules of a number of sports. The three-year unit plan is being used in the health classes, covering 1 3 of the book each year. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The Music Department is made up of band and choral offer¬ ings. Anyone in school is eligible for either organization, upon showing any degree of musical aptitude. The 70-piece band has achieved a degree of repetition in our area both in concert work and in their marching prowess. Playing the most difficult grade VI music last year for the first time, the band received a rating of Good. The same grade will be played again this year. The 48-voice chorus has some of the best singers of the history of the group. By using some of the girls in the tenor parts to help the small group of boys, a well-balanced per¬ forming group is possible. 18 Mr. Robert G. Sanger GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Whitehead look over some of their brochures on careers. This fall the Guidance Department moved into new quarters and, now that students have learned not to go to the clinic but to what was the Music Department, work is proceeding as usual. The counselors hope that this expansion in space will make pos¬ sible an expansion in services. Mrs. Coleman checks over the blue slips for subject failures. The faculty Guidance Committee, composed of Mr. Price, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. Lincoln, Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Whitehead, meets once a month to discuss problems in the area of guidance. 19 i ? i. - .,. £■ ■ . ■,- -t kJ • t V -• v v te w« ?% ifdrij.,: - ; f » -v - ' ■ ' - ; « ’ ' •.’ v«.% . • " J ' » ' w The Health Center at Lovingston, Virginia Service to one ' s associates is one of the most rewarding of all human activities, and the need for willing service is om¬ nipresent in every phase of successful operation in every school. To avail ourselves of this opportunity and to develop its fullest possibilities, we must recognize, first of all, that cooperation between the student body and administration is of prime importance. Through cooperative service we can not only find our places in the school, but can also prepare our¬ selves to meet demands that society may place upon us in our adult lives. Carpe diem. Mr. Murril Morris has a place to call his own .... finally. His job as head of main¬ tenance requires storage place for his tools and other equipment necessary for the smooth operation of our county schools. He invites you to visit him in the basement of the new addition. CUSTODIANS Mildred, Preston, and Alexander We would like to take this opportunity to thank our custodians for their efforts in keeping our school clean. We are fortunate to have these three who are dedicated to their work. We were all saddened by the death of Harry Foster who suffered a heart attack on Nov. 1. He will be remembered for his quiet manner in doing his work. Preston Foster stands ready to lend a helping hand. Mildred Foster works in a tireless manner. 22 Mr. White seems to enjoy his lunch line duty. TEACHERS RENDER ADDITIONAL SERVICES Miss Faucette and Miss Androvich help to take up money for ballgame admission. Mrs. Huffer, Mrs. Parr, and Mr. Clarke helped at the concession stand at football games. The Faculty Advisory Committee, selected by the principal, offers sug¬ gestions to improve the operation of our high school. The 1964-65 com¬ mittee is shown at the right. Miss Ruth Androvich Miss Frances Faucette Mr. Harris Puckett, Chmn. Mrs. Pauline Harvey Mrs. Faye Rutherford Mr. Wayne Mahanes fr --- - I 1 v ! F — ! i n u if. h 23 CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. Rebecca B. Harvey Manager Mrs. White, Mrs. Rittenour, Mrs. Harvey, and Miss Mawyer. A great deal of time is spent in preparing the food for our consumption. THE BUS MECHANICS Mr. John Thompson Mr. Manley Tyree Mr. Luke Shelton These men have the difficult job of keeping the school buses in good operating condition. Mi STUDENT BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW: Lynn Payne, Gene Roberts, James Campbell, Alvin Hatter, Clayton Small. SECOND ROW: Roger Thomas, Donnie Ste¬ vens, Louis Pace, Wayne Kidd, J. T. Tinnell. THE NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL 25 THE " KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN " BOYS STUDENT ASSISTANTS RENDER VALUABLE SERVICI Nancy Simpson helps Mr. Price with bus reports. David Bond agrees that writing receipts is an endless task, especially when class rings arrive. Mary Snead finds the intercom helpful in locating students. June Lawhorne types up the morning bulletin. 26 TO OUR HIGH SCHOOL Honor Society members, Sharon Gowen, Susan Fitzgerald, and Donnie Stevens, help with ushering during assembly programs. Carolyn Hodock (center) helps Miss Faucette both on the court and in office clerical duties. Patricia Martin Brenda Phillips Frances Truslow Nellie Quinn Linda Cook The girls who work in the library spend count¬ less hours checking books in and out, placing books back on the shelves, putting up bulletin boards and repairing damaged books. Audrey Jordan Robby Anderson Sue Thompson Anna Gentry Sarah Dillard 27 The Lee Chapel at Lexington, Virginia Competition is the sustenance which nourishes growth and on which success often depends. In the classroom the idea of " your best at all times " is constantly impressed on us, and nothing less than our best is truly acceptable. To compete successfully does not necessarily mean winning over others, but does mean putting forth our best efforts to effect a victory over ourselves. We find opportunity for such self-discipline in all our classes; moreover, our efforts in this direction will better prepare us for successful competition in later life. Carpe diem. Junior Class president, Janice Baker, and Senior Class president, Larry Lawhorne, discuss their duties as leaders of their classmates. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1965 President.Larry Lawhorne Secretary-Treasurer .... Nancy Simpson Vice-President.Margaret Booth Reporter.Gary Wade OFFICERS SPONSORS Mrs. Pauline B. Harvey Mr. John White Miss Ruth Ann Androvich Mrs. Mary C. Roberts 30 SENIORS DANNY ADAMS " I ' ve taken my fun where I found it. " DEAN ALLEN " I have laid aside business and gone fish¬ ing. " DENNIS ANDERSON " A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation. " STEVE ANDERSON " Trouble sits lightly on my shoulders. " MARY ASHLEY " Good company on a journey makes the way seem shorter. " JACKIE BAILEY " None but himself can be his parallel. " GEORGE BANTON " It ' s a mad world.” ROGER BANTON " A man as true as steel. " 31 SENIORS MARGARET BOOTH " Good nature and good sense are good companions. " CATHY BROWN " Laughter is the best medicine. " FOREST BRYANT " If a task is once begun, he ' ll never leave it till it ' s done. " DONALD BUTT " Better late than never. " BARBARA CAMPBELL " My brain is in a muddle; my heart is in a whirl. " JIMMY CAMPBELL " A man of mark. " KIFFERLY CAMPBELL Though lam always in haste, lam never in a hurry. " LINDA CAMPBELL " I am not only witty in myself, but the cause of wit in others. " 32 SENIORS RONALD CAMPBELL " Proud be the man who canhold his own. " WILLIAM CAMPBELL " What! Me worry? " RACHEL CAUL " The smile that won ' t come off. " EARLE CHAPLIN " I ' m a woman hater, but I ' ve always heard I should love my enemies. " LINDA COOK " Leave silence to the saints. " KAREN CRADY " Precious things really do come in small packages. " NANCY CRAIG " Charm and beauty doth proclaim happi¬ ness. " SHIRLEY DAMERON " The faithful are certain of their reward. " 33 SENIORS MARY JO DAVIS " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. " SARAH DAVIS " A spirited lass with a pleasing person¬ ality. " SANFORD DEAN " A little work; a lot of play. " BARLOW DELK " Never a dull moment when he ' s around. " WENDELL DODD " He thinks too much; such men are danger¬ ous. " CARLESTIA DOLAN " Those who create beauty are those who possess it. " GAIL DRUMHELLER " A witty woman is a treasure. " ANNE DUNCAN " Don ' t ask me; I ' ll tell you.” 34 SENIORS CHARLOTTE DUNCAN " A still tongue, an active mind. " DIANNE T. FITZGERALD " To laugh and love and learn and read -- that is my purpose in life. " ROBERT FITZGERALD " Why should I study hard and wrack my brain? " SUSAN FITZGERALD " When I think, I must speak. " 35 SENIORS CHARLES GOODWIN " Better a bad excuse, than none. " MARY GOOLSBY " Life without love. How dreary! " PATRICIA GOWEN " Let us be up and doing. " SHARON GOWEN " Characters are achieved--not received. " DANNY HALL " Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. " SANDRA HARRIS " Never tell me that something can’t be done. " MARGO HARVEY " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " RONALD HARVEY " Beware the fury of a patient man. " 36 SENIORS ALVIN HATTER " Yes, an ' no, an ' mabbe, an ' mabbe not. " CAROLYN HODOCK " Tis not a lip or an eye we call beauty, but the joint force and full result of all. " ANNIE HUFFMAN " Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. " DIANE HUGHES " Always leave them laughing whenyou say goodbye. " NANCY KIDD " I hate nobody; I ' m in love with the world. " TANITH KILMARTIN " Full of vim, vigor, and vitality is she. " GEORGE KNIGHT " School breaks up my whole day. " JACK LAWHORNE " Life is not so short but that there is al¬ ways time for courtesy. " 37 SENIORS JUNE LAWHORNE " Some think her quiet, but others know different. " LARRY LAWHORNE " So little done; so much to do. " ANN LINCOLN " Why is life so complicated? " CARROLL MA RTIN " He that is not with me is against me. " JIMMIE MARTIN " I cannot do everything, but I can try.” KENNETH MARTIN " Time is too short for he who likes to have fun. " CAROLYN MAWYER " She smiled, and the shadows departed. " JOHNNY MAYO " Full of fun and mischief. " 38 SENIORS STEVE MAYS " Great men are not always wise. " SYLVIA MAYS " The happiest person is the person who thinks the most interesting thoughts. " EUGENE McNABB " Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. " JEAN MILLER " Charm is a woman ' s strength; beauty, her weapon. " MINNIE MORRIS " A still and quiet conscience. " ROY NASH " Every day is ladies ' day for me. " REBECCA NEESE " She was as good as she was fair. " LYNN PAYNE " He that works, obtains. " 39 SENIORS NANCY PAYNE " Take life as it comes. " JULES PEREGOY " Give me today, and take tomorrow. " MARGARET S. PONTON " I ' m too busy, I haven ' t time to think. " RANDY POWELL " Life is itself but a game of football. " DALE PROFFITT " I don ' t seem to agree with you. " SANDRA PROFFITT " It is not how long but how well we live. " KENNETH PURVIS " You can always dodge a question with a long-winded answer. " NELLIE QUINN " She looks quiet . . . but look again. " 40 SENIORS REBECCA QUINN " She that is giddy thinks the world turns round. " GENE ROBERTS " Life is too short to waste. " CAROLYN ROBERTSON " Silence is deep as eternity. " MARGARET ROBERTSON " The cautious seldom err. " JOHNNY RODGERS " I ' ll make you laugh; just give me time. " JAMES ROURKE " I am very fond of the company of ladies. " CAROLYN SEAMAN " Happy am I; from care I’m free. " CATHY SEAMAN " A finger in every pie. " 41 SENIORS JOE SEAMAN " He ' s a sure card. " NANCY SIMPSON " Tiny girl with a big smile. " MARY SNEAD " Calm and reserved. " SHIRLEY SPENCER ' In faith, lady, you have a merry heart. " LOUIS SPICER " My candle burns at both ends. " DONALD STEVENS " Of all the plagues a lover bears, sure rivals are the worst. " 42 SENIORS JOYCE THACKER " You ain ' t heard nothing yet, folks! " JEROME THOMAS " Difficulties are opportunities. " JOAN D. THOMPSON " Little, but oh, so sweet. " JOYCE TINDER " The kind of girl you look at twice. " WANDA TOMLIN " I know what ' s what. " CALVIN TRUSLOW " Men of few words are the best men. " PHOEBE ANN TUCKER " She has a style of dress and thought. " REBECCA TYREE " She ' s pleasant to walk with and witty to talk with. " 43 SENIORS CHARLES UMBARGER " Wit and wisdom are born with a man. " CLYDE WADE " Worry little, study less is my idea of happiness. " GARY WADE " All American boy. " O. J. WADE " If at first you don ' t succeed, heck with it. " LEE WALKER " As happy a man as any in the world. " LYNN WHITE " Charm strikes the sight, and merit wins the soul. " RONALD WHITEHEAD " For courtesy wins women as well as valor may.” JOHN WOOD " He knew no language but the language of the heart. " 44 SENIORS NELLIE WOOD " She said little, but to the purpose. " PEGGY WOOD " Whatever she gives, she gives the best. " FRANCIS WRAY " He attains whatever he pursues. " DAVID WRIGHT " Wisdom of many and the wit of one. " 45 POSTGRADUATES DAVID BOND " Much learning doth make thee mad. T t MICHAEL ROACH " Good and handsome enough. " SENIOR SNAPSHOTS 46 SENIOR SNAPSHOTS 47 JUNIORS Reporter.Libby McGann President.Janice Baker Secretary-Treasurer . Rodney Campbell Vice-President.Walter Quick OFFICERS SPONSORS Mrs. Faye P. Rutherford Mrs. Sarah C. Crumpler Mrs. Cookie D. Woods Miss Irene Hughes was absent when picture was taken. 48 JUNIORS Faye Aistrop Barbara Allen Robby Lynn Anderson Janice Baker Charles Baldwin Eddie Beverly H. O. Blankenship Gail Bowling Thelma Bowling Joseph E. Branch Linda Brandt Pamela Browning 49 JUNIORS Robert Bryant Carl Campbell Carolyn Campbell Donnie Campbell Linda Campbell Rodney Campbell Sherman Campbell Charlotte Carter Linda Carter Peggy Carter Charles Cash Kenneth Coffey 50 JUNIORS Ronald Collins Dave Critzer Sarah Dillard Barbara Drumheller Edward Drumheller Peggy Embrey Betty Jo Evans James Falls Rebecca Farrar Evelyn Fitzgerald Steve Floyd Diana Fortune 5 ! JUNIORS Anna Gentry Bonnie Glass Barbara Harvey Nelson Harvey Angela Honnoll Danny Hughes Gene Hughes Audrey Jordan Wayne Kidd Ruth Lariew Joseph Lawhorne Charles League 52 JUNIORS Sherry MacDuffee Martha McCartney Wanda McCormick Libby McGann Bernard Martin Jeanette Martin Patricia Martin Roy Martin Carolyn S. Mawyer Elsie Mayo Sue Mitchell Jerry Morris 53 JUNIORS Mary Morris Queen Morris Leroy Napier Katherine O ' Brien June Pannell Ronnie Patrick John Patteson John Payne Betty Phillips Lyna Phillips Carolyn Powell Harold Puckett 54 JUNIORS Bobby Pugh Linda Quick Walter Quick Steve Roberts Sherry Robertson Mark Rodgers Larry Scruggs Eddie Seaman Betty Spencer Russell Staples Judy Stevens Judy M. Stevens 55 JUNIORS Donna Taylor Janet Taylor Roger Thomas Sharon Thompson Sue Thompson Harriet Turner Laura Via Linda Wade Thomas Walker Charles Wiggins Arthur Wilson Billy Wood 56 Brenda Wood Frances Wood Frank Wood Jane Wood JUNIORS Hurry up, Linda! I want to use the phone, too! Linda Purvis Mary Morris and Laura Via give help where needed. 57 Guess who broke in the lunch line? THE SOPHOMORES OFFICERS President - Cele Goad Vice-President - Sue Saunders Secretary-Treasurer - Betty Sue Hodock Reporter - Betty June Spencer HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mrs. Caroline Tucker Mrs. Catherine Whitehead Mr. Stephen Davis Mrs. JoAnne Lee Mrs. Sandra Robbins was absent when picture was taken. 58 SOPHOMORES Lois Adams Franklin Allen Gladys Allen Herbert Ashley Mitty Babish John Bayrd Hilda Beasley Larry Blake Judy Bond Sandra Bowling Russell Brooks Sandra Browning Carroll Bryant Rebecca Bryant Barbara Campbell H. T. Campbell Kay Campbell Lillie Campbell 59 SOPHOMORES Peggy Campbell Warren Campbell Danny Carter Ronnie Chewning Bill Clarkson Charlotte Cooke Charles Cox Charles Crickenberger Larry Drumheller James Duncan Myrna Duval Gloria Evans Jerome Falls Gary Farrar Charles Ferguson Gary Fitzgerald Warren Fitzgerald Betty Floyd 60 SOPHOMORES Bobby Floyd Rebecca Fortune Mike Gamble David Garwood Lynn Giles Melvin Giles Cele Goad Linda Goodloe Billy Gormes Joyce Gormes Larry Grant Delores Harding Vickie Harvey Roland Hatter Dickie Hillsworth Betty Sue Hodock Joey Hodock Alan Hoffman 61 SOPHOMORES Ann Hughes Linda Huffman Bobby Johnson Kitty Johnson Dorothy Jordan Calvin Kidd Eddie Kidd Gary Kidd Patricia Kidd James Kilmartin Carolyn Lawhorne Garnet Lawrence Corinne Little Tommy Lowder Mary Lyon Charles Martin Janice Martin Ella Mawyer 62 SOPHOMORES Janie Mays Robert Mays Edgar McNabb Betty Miller David Miller Lynn Mitchell Roger Napier Betty Jo O ' Brien Teena O ' Dell Louis Pace Phyllis Pendleton Aubrey Phillips Brenda Phillips Roland Pugh Mary Saunders Sue Saunders Lyndy Seaman Betty Small 63 SOPHOMORES Bobby Snow Faye Spencer Larry Spencer Ruby Spencer Alexander Stevens Beth Stevens Joe Stevens Patricia Stevens James Swartzentruber Donald Taylor Eleanor Taylor Glenn Thompson Lee Thompson Frances Truslow Frances Tucker Jean Tyree Joan Tyree Jean V aughan 64 SOPHOMORES Mike Vestal Linda Via Louis Walker Mark Wilson Ronald White Bonnie Wood Ronnie Wood Mervil Wooten Gloria Wray TYREE TWINS Jean and Joan 65 WOOD TWINS Bonnie and Ronnie OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Reporter -- Peggy Campbell Secretary-Treasurer — Bryan Cooke Vice-President -- Natalie Vestal President -- Linda Staton FRESHMAN CLASS HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mrs. Lillian Coleman Mrs. Hazel Morrell Mrs. Beverley Hill Mrs. Madeline Gardner Mrs. Rose Mason 66 FRESHMEN Larry Adams Ronald Adkins Boyd Anderson Marshall Brown Mary Brown Belinda Bryant Bennie Bryant Bobby Brush Gene Bryant Jill Bryant Louise Bryant Alice Campbell Peggy Campbell Ward Campbell Willie Carter Chuck Caul Clayton Clements Bryan Cooke Michael Cox Connie Critzer Darlene Critzer Dennis Critzer Judy Dameron Mary Ann Davidson Betty Gayle Davis Earl Drumheller Freddie Drumheller Reed Embrey 67 Charlotte Evans Elizabeth Ferguson Clifford Fields Mike Fields Robert Fields Carolyn Fitzgerald James Fitzgerald Juanita Fitzgerald Milton Fitzgerald Patricia Fitzgerald Harry Floyd Robert Fox Barbara Gibson Eddie Goodloe Allen Gray Carolyn Grubb FRESHMEN Sue Hall Elbert Hamlet Jerry Harlow Walter Harlow William Harlow Wayne Hash Carrodine Higginbotham Nancy Hudson Willie Hudson Brenda Huffman Jane Huffman Patsy Huffman 68 Herbert Hughes Doris Johnson Rita Johnson Charlotte Kennedy Maria Kidd Roy Kidd Carolyn Kiddy Tommy Kilmartin Teresa Lawhorne Billy League Nona Ledford Carrie Martin David Martin T. W. Massie Sandra Mays Mike McClain FRESHMEN Gene Miller Kay Miller Ralph Miller Dixie Moore Wayne Napier Ellen Nash Joanne Pannell June Patrick Anna Payne Pam Phillips Ted Phillips Carroll Pugh 69 FRESHMEN Helen Ragland Joe Ragland Ava Raines Margaret Ramsey Kenneth Robertson Mike Saunders Ronald Saunders Diane Shumaker Joyce Small Lorice Spencer Wayne Spencer Patricia Sprouse Linda Staton Linda Steele Betty Stevens Clyde Terry Georg Anna Thurnau J. T. Tinnell Rogers Tinnell Virginia Truslow William Truslow Barry Tucker Natalie Vestal Leigh White Mitchell White Wendell White Nancy Whitehead Dan Wilson 70 FRESHMEN David Witt Shirley Woodson Nancy Wray Wayne Wray Mrs. Hill distributes the latest issue of the school newspaper to her homeroom students. 71 OFFICERS President -- Lindy White Vice-President -- Connie Fields Secretary-Treasurer -- Roslyn Stratton Reporter -- Sue McClain EIGHTH GRADE HOMEROOM TEACHERS Mr. Charles Cox Mrs. Mary Anna Griggs Mrs. Carolyn Salter Mrs. Sandra Eagle Mrs. Regina Withers Mr. James Johnston 72 EIGHTH GRADE Fred Adams Frances Aistrop Pauline Allen Gene Ashley Judy Baker Clarence Banton Joyce Banton Jake Bibb Carroll Bradley Charles Bradley Gladys Branch Kay Bryant Michael Bryant Larry Burns Janice Calhoun Ann Campbell Clarkie Campbell James Campbell Tommy Campbell Vickie Campbell Dotty Carr Carolyn Carter Linda Carter Sandra Carter David Cash Mike Chewning John Clarkson Mike Cook 73 EIGHTH GRADE Danny Critzer Jerry Dameron Mable Dameron Linda Dolan Earl T. Drumheller Marty Duncan Eddie Embrey Darlene Falls John Falls Shirley Ferguson Connie Fields G. G. Fields Andy Fitzgerald Bobby Fitzgerald Jerry Fitzgerald Phyllis Fitzgerald Sharon Fitzgerald Shirleen Fitzgerald Joan Floyd Sammy Fox Janice Giles Michael Giles Larry Goode Tamara Goolsby Bonnie Gowen Donnie Grinnen James Gunter Larry Gunter 74 EIGHTH GRADE Tom Habel Joe Hamilton Randy Harlow Edward Harris James D. Harris James E. Harris Gwen Harvey Janet Harvey Scott Heath Frankie Henderson Mike Housemen Shirley Ann Hudson Shirley Dale Hudson Betty Hughes Judy Hughes William Hughes Glenn Johnson William Jones Sara Jordan Darlene Keith Tesi Kilmartin Joan Lambert Cecil Lawhorne Helen Lawhorne Joe Lawhorne Nancy Lawhorne Shelby Lawhorne Troy Lawhorne 75 Faye Lyon Herman Martin Jerry Martin Laura Martin Roger Martin Ruth Martin Carlyon Massie Carolyn M. Massie Herbert Mays Sue McClain Deborah McMurray Michael McMurray Rebecca McNabb Julie Miller Patricia Miller Steve Miller EIGHTH GRADE Margaret Mitchell Allen Morris Lottie Morris Ronnie Moyer Eddie Musser Betty O ' Brien George O ' Brien Donald Painter Raymond Pannell Louise Parrish Ann Payne Carrington Phillips 76 Dawn Phillips Diane Phillips David Pillow Ella Mae Powell Marie Pugh Wilma Pugh Wayne Purvis Betty Ragland Kenneth Ragland Johanna Raines Gloria Ramsey Dennis Roberts Guy Roberts James Roberts Linda Robertson Marjorie Rodgers EIGHTH GRADE Amy Seaman Billy Seay Donald Sites Glen Sites Jim Shelton Judy Shelton Bobby Showalter Keith Spencer Rosaland Stratton Annie Taylor Louis Taylor Linda Thomas 77 EIGHTH GRADE Ray Thomas Gale Thompson William Thompson Robert Tinnell David Towler Roger Townsend Becky Truslow Carroll Turner Roger Turner G. P. Tyree James Tyree Ann Walker Mary Walker Robert Walker David Ward Sandra Ware Clinton Willoughby Adrienne Wilson Pat Wilson Lindy White Tony White Murray Whitehead Patsy Whitehead William Whitehead Ann Wood Donna Wood Fred Wood Jack Wood 78 EIGHTH GRADE William Wood Robert Woodson Pattie Wright Wayne Wright Math classes presented sev¬ eral skits at an assembly. HARRIS TWINS Edward and James McMURRY TWINS Mike and Debbie MARTIN TWINS Herman and Roger HONORS FIRST HONOR GRADUATE Karen Crady SECOND HONOR GRADUATE Larry Lawhorne THIRD HONOR GRADUATE Charlotte Duncan 80 FOURTH HONOR GRADUATE Donnie Stevens Larry Lawhorne A HONOR ROLL FOR ALL CLASSES FIRST SEMESTER Karen Crady Myrna Duval 81 B SEMESTER HONOR ROLL SENIORS Lynn White, Susan Fitzgerald, Anne Duncan, Peggy Wood, Sharon Gowen, Cathy Seaman, Charlotte Duncan, Rita Fox. Patricia Gowen, absent. SENIORS Dale Fox, Margaret Booth, Margo Harvey, Tanith Kilmartin, Dale Profitt, Barlow Delk, Jackie Bailey, Donnie Stevens. JUNIORS Janet Taylor, Linda Wade, Pamela Browning, Ruth Lariew, Janice Baker, Rodney Campbell, Walter Quick, Judy Stevens. 82 SOPHOMORES Sue Saunders, Beth Stevens, Eleanor Taylor, Rebecca Bryant, Betty June Spencer, Kitty J o h n s o n , Frances Tucker, Corinne Little. Rebecca Fortune, Lynn Giles, Betty Jo O ' Brien, Cecilia Goad, Betty Sue Hodock, William Clarkson, Mike Gamble, David Hight. Lou Bryant, Ava Raines, Nancy Whitehead, Natalie Vestal, Mary Ann Davidson. Charlotte Evans, Doris Johnson, Harry Floyd, Bobby Brush, Ralph Miller. EIGHTH GRADE Margaret Mitchell, Ann Wood, Vickie Campbell, Sandra Ware, Patsy Whitehead, Mary Ann Spencer, Jan¬ ice Calhoun. Rebecca McNabb, Adrienne Wilson, Connie Fields, William Seay, Janet Harvey, Mike Giles, Jake Bibb. 83 MUSIC AWARDS NATIONAL ARION FOUNDATION AWARD The Arion Award is given yearly to the music stu¬ dent who has done the most outstanding work in the general music field. The recipient is selected on the basis of his outstanding abilities and accom¬ plishments in the total music program. ARION AWARD Margaret Booth JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD The John Phillip Sousa Award is given annually to the student who has contributed the most to the Band. It is based on musicianship, attitude and leadership in the instrumental program. JOHN PHILLIP SOUSA AWARD Larry Lawhorne OUTSTANDING BAND STUDENT Donnie Stevens 84 OUTSTANDING BAND STUDENT Drum Captain Coach Sherman League Group II, District IV Coach of the Year also Coach of the Year for Central Virginia SPORTS AWARDS NCHS placed four players on the District All-Star football team: Randy Powell, Don Giannini, George Knight and Kenneth Purvis. Carroll Martin and Gary Wade were listed on the second team. These All- Stars were selected by the conference coaches in co¬ operation with Lynchburg sportswriters. Randy Powell and Mike Mallow of Brookville were named co-backs of the year. Kenneth Purvis was named to the Vir¬ ginia Sports Writers and Sportscast- ers Association 33-man All-State high school football team. Randy Powell and George Knight were named as honorable mention members. Carroll Martin, Mike Vestal, Don Giannini, and Wendell Dodd represented NCHS at the State Track Meet in Charlottesville last May. The Rotunda at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va The opportunities for sharing through clubs are unlimited since there is a chance for everyone in these student organiza¬ tions to participate. There is much satisfaction to be gained in belonging to a group, striving toward a common goal. Through the many activities provided, we learn some of the lessons of life: lessons of participation, of using our time wisely, and of getting along with others. The F. T. A. tea, in honor of the new teachers, was held on October 21, 1964. Pv lS£ Art i ml l m |JB|L - iff ; k y 4 |k k 1 a. 1 SB jJH ' ft - ’ fj i | T IUJ SC A REPRESENTATIVES AND ALTERNATES STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Margaret Booth. Parliamentarian Billy League. Reporter Jackie Bailey. President Mrs. Whitehead. Sponsor Charles League . Vice- President Cele Goad. Secretary-Treasurer The district SCA meeting was held at Nelson this year. The SCA sponsored the student presidential election at school this year. THE GOVERNOR Diane Fitzgerald, Linda Carter and Nancy Kidd helped to distribute ballots for superlative voting. 39 The most important group on the staff -- our travel¬ ing team. Lynn White, Phoebe Ann Tucker, and Ann Lincoln were responsible for senior quotations. Co-Editors: Margaret Robertson Carolyn Robertson Sponsor: Mrs. Catherine Lincoln Photographer: Mr. John White The yearbook staff this year was small in num¬ ber but tremendous in effort. These students worked faithfully from July through February to produce for your pleasure the 1965 Governor. Wanda Tomlin, Rachel Caul, and Sandra Proffitt had to type and check all pictures before mailing. Business Managers, Janet Taylor and Anna Gentry had charge of the money. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The purpose of the National Honor Society is to promote ser¬ vice, leadership, character, and scholarship in its members. Membership in this organization is a very high honor and it carries with it certain responsibilities and privileges. Eli¬ gibility is determined by scholarship and requires the approval of the faculty. Our main project, as in past years, is the an¬ nual awarding of a $50 scholarship to a deserving senior. Tanith Kilmartin.President Dale Fox.Secretary Donnie Stevens . . . Vice-President Larry Lawhorne.Treasurer Karen Crady.Reporter Mr. Harville presents the 1964 scholarship to Roger Thompson. Hold high the torch, you did not light its glow, ' tis only yours to keep it burning bright. 90 OFFICERS Forest Bryant.Historian Rita Fox.Parliamentarian Sandra Proffitt.Secretary Jack Lawhorne.President Sharon Gowen .Vice-President Wanda Tomlin.Treasurer Peggy Wood.Reporter FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Nelson County Chapter of F.B.L.A. seeks to do the following for its members: develop leadership and character, train for useful citizenship, encourage the practice of thrift, encourage the improve¬ ment in scholarship, and promote school loyalty among its members. This year F.B.L.A. has the largest mem¬ bership in its history—that of 47. One ot the club ' s fund-raising projects was sell¬ ing candy. THE FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA g g 5 0 f 9 v FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS Nelson Harvey. Lynn Payne . Roger Thomas. Charles Umbarger. Charles Baldwin. Tommy Walker. Mr. Puckett. Mr. Clarke. . . . . Sentinel . . . . Reporter . . . Treasurer . . . President . . . Secretary Vice-President . . . . Sponsor . . . . Sponsor The F. F. A. chapter is an integral part of the program of vocational ag¬ riculture. It provides an opportunity for training leadership, cooperation, and personal development. THE FORESTRY JUDGING TEAM Charles Baldwin, Lynn Payne, Gary Fitzgerald, Kenneth Coffey, and Mr. Clarke. These boys helped to put up the fence a- round the athletic field. Eddie Beverly with his Farm Show winner angus calf. 92 The F.F.A. boys learn the parts of a motor. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA The main emphasis for this year was " Launch¬ ing Good Citizenship Through Homemaking " . Many projects and programs were carried out to emphasize this theme. Home safety and also on the highways helped to bring out one ' s re¬ sponsibility to himself and his community. Brenda Wood . . . Queen Morris . . . Rachel Caul. . . . Patricia Stevens . Frances Wood . . Katherine O ' Brien . . . Secretary . . .Treasurer . . . Reporter Vice- President . . . President . . . Historian Better citizenship around the school was en¬ couraged by observing and following the rules and regulations. Mrs. Parr.Sponsor Mrs. Huffer.Sponsor Annie Huffman.Parliamentarian-Typist The above group have been in F.H.A. either two, three or four years. NEWSPAPER i HS A 3 r f 1 m m3 " The students of NCHS should have an accurate, comprehensive record of the school year. " Believing this, the SCA decided to sponsor a school newspaper. Thus the GOVERNORS ' GAZETTE came into being. Pub¬ lished by the Amherst Publishing Company, it is the first printed news¬ paper in the history of the school. Its success is due to the cooperation and assistance received from the students, the faculty, and the admini¬ stration. Lynn White, Larry Lawhorne, co-editors; Nellie Quinn, managing editor, Margo Harvey, business manager. SECOND ROW: Karen Crady, Bryan Cooke, Margaret Booth. THIRD ROW: Steve Mays, Louis Spicer, Johnny Rodgers, Kathy Seaman, Jackie Bailey. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club ' s purpose is to create more interest in the library, among the students and to make the library a more effective and efficient work center. Our goals for this year are to make money to buy books for the library which do not appear on the state ' s list and to make the library more attractive. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Clarke, sponsor, Anna Gentry, president, Linda Cook, vice- president, Nellie Quinn, sec.-treasurer. SECOND ROW: Linda Brandt, Bonnie Wood, Frances Truslow, Brenda Phillips, Judy Shelton, Patricia Martin. THIRD ROW: Robby Lynn Anderson, Sue Thompson, Wilma Pugh, Dorothy Jordan, Ava Raines, Sarah Dillard. 94 The Members of the Drama Club Janet Taylor tries to detain Ronald Saunders in rehearsal scene of sketch from " Tea and Sympathy. " THE DRAMA CLUB The club, although it is an extracurricular activ¬ ity, attempts to provide students an opportunity to develop effective speech characteristics, stage poise, and a keener understanding of human behavior in a situation in which they can also learn to accept responsibility and to work coop¬ eratively with others. The club strives to attract a membership that maintains a good academic status, dependable work habits, and a desire for personal satisfaction in a job well-done. An activity geared to combine work and fun, the Drama Club ' s second aim is to provide the stu¬ dent body an opportunity to experience the enter¬ tainment of " live " stage productions. The pro¬ gram planned for 1964-65 includes an assembly program of selected scenes, two one-act plays, one three-act play, and participation in the Dis¬ trict One-Act Play Festival. Exiled Medea pours out her bitterness to women of Corinth, in a sketch taken from " Medea. " (Cele Goad, Lyndy Seaman, Myrna Duval, and Tina O ' Dell perform¬ ing in assembly program.) Minutes before wedding, the maid gives sandwich to groom as bride looks on in amusement in scene from " The Day After Forever. " (Johnny Rodgers, Karen Crady, and Lyndy Seaman rehearsing.) The real mother, in disguise, mends daughter ' s dress in touching scene from " The Day After Forever. " (Carolyn Campbell, Karen Crady, Betty June Spen¬ cer, and Lyndy Seaman rehearsing.) 95 FIRST ROW: CarlestiaDolan, president, Sandra Harris, vice-pres¬ ident, Gail Drumheller, sec.-treas., Carolyn Mawyer, Mrs. Gard¬ ner, sponsor. SECOND ROW: GeorgAnnaThurnau, Patricia Martin, Linda Brandt, Nellie Quinn, Lynn White. THIRD ROW: Mary Ann Davidson, Margo Harvey, Sherry Robertson. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The F.T.A. is an organization which helps acquaint high school students with the teaching profession. Through the work with the F.T.A. a student has an opportunity to take a realistic look at teaching and to explore his own interests, abilities, and skills so that he can be sure that his decision to teach, or not to teach, will be right for him. SCHOOL MARSHALS The School Marshal organi¬ zation was established during the 1963-64 school year to recognize those students who have demonstrated the im¬ portant qualities of leader¬ ship and the ability to assume responsibility. FIRST ROW: Joseph Branch, Nancy Simpson, Linda Wade, Jimmy Martin. SECOND ROW: Garnet Lawrence, Sandra Harris, Betty Jo Evans, Kitty John¬ son, Mr. Charles Cox, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: James Swartzentruber, Rod¬ ney Campbell, Bunk Bryant, John Payne, Jack Lawhorne. 96 MONOGRAM CLUB FIRST ROW: Billy Wood, H. T. Campbell, Don Giannini, Kenneth Purvis, George Knight. SECOND ROW: Gary Wade, Randy Powell, Steve Mays, Larry Lawhorne, Mike Gamble. THIRD ROW: Charles League, Wendell Dodd, Jackie Bailey, Butch Chaplain, Charles Wig¬ gins. FOURTH ROW: Eddie Seaman, Steve Mays, Roger Banton, Carroll Martin, Louis Spicer. The Monogram Club is made up of boys who have lettered in sports. The group sponsors several dances each year. All profits are given to the athletic fund for equipment, etc. CAMERA CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. White, sponsor, Kathy Brown, president, Margaret Ponton, vice-president, Lynn White, secretary-t r e a s u r e r . SECOND ROW: Dale Profit, Marie Kidd, Joyce Thacker, Sarah Davis, Angela Honnell, Danny Adams. THIRD ROW: Johnny Rodgers, Danny Hughes, Frank Wood, George Banton. The Camera Club is an organization designed to promote both interest in the field of photography and to help the amateur photographer improve his photographic technique. In doing this, the club feels that it can make an important contribution to the school community. The active membership, in excess of twenty students, benefits from actual participation in a photographic darkroom laboratory as well as instruction on the simple act of " picture taking. " Emphasis is placed not only on how simple photographic processes take place, but why. 97 The Band Room at Nelson County High School A school without music is a forest without singing birds. Here at Nelson County High School the ’’singing birds” can find ex¬ pression in the music department--the band and the choral group. It is an opportunity for those students of similar in¬ terests to develop their talents through musical education and to give pleasure to those who are not so gifted. Carpe diem. Karen Crady admires Mr. Sanger ' s hand-carved batons. Karen is the student director for both band and chorus. ; ' Z: CONCERT BAND ALL-REGIONAL BAND The All-Regional Band was held in Staunton on Feb. 5-7. Nelson County ' s representatives are shown above. FIRST ROW: Karen Crady, Margaret Booth. SECOND ROW: Ann Lincoln, Cele Goad, Lynn Giles. THIRD ROW: Larry Lawhorne, Donnie Stevens, Cathy Seaman, Margo Harvey. DANCE BAND FIRST ROW: Karen Crady, Kay Campbell, Carolyn Mawyer, Linda Staton, Sandra Bowling, Linda Steele, John Payne, Jean Miller. SECOND ROW: Gary Farrar, David Wright, Larry Lawhorne, Donnie Stevens, Betty Miller, Billy Campbell, Rodney Campbell, Louis Spicer, Tanith Kilmartin, Frank Wood. 10 ) MARCHING BAND RESERVE BAND 102 Our high-stepping majorettes spent countless hours perfect¬ ing new routines for parades and football games. They helped to raise the mon¬ ey for their new uniforms by sponsoring dances and having bake sales. All of the girls have been majorettes for at least one year and only one will graduate this year. Linda Steele, Sue Mitchell, Ann Lincoln, Lyna Phillips and Sue Saunders. MAJORETTES Five lovely leaders of our band! NCHSCHORUS THE REGIONAL CHORUS Theresa Lawhorne , Karen Crady, Barbara Harvey, Jean Vaughan, Diane Fitzgerald, Ronald Saunders, Danny Adams and Forest Bryant. SMALL ENSEMBLE GROUP 104 - ■ ACCOMPANISTS Theresa Lawhorne, Charlotte Duncan and Karen Crady. Boy! It ' s cold outside! ! BAND AND CHORAL NOTES Mr. Sanger makes a last-minute check before the concert. Half-time show at a football game. 1 05 Wanted! a stretch uniform to fit all sizes. The Field House at V. P. I., Blacksburg, Virginia In our society, the opportunity for competition is ever present, and competition is only another means toward growth and maturity of ideas. Those participating in the world of sports profit from each contest of skill by learning to exert maximum sincere effort and by practicing sportsmanlike behavior. It is a way of adapting one’s own behavior to fit a pattern at any time of life, whether it be in an athletic contest or in a wider life experience. The coaching staff at Nelson County High School. These people help to make the athletic program worthy of our praise. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Donna Taylor, Linda Carter, Phoebe Ann Tucker, Emilie Goad, Tanith Kilmartin, Lynn Mitchell, Ann Duncan, and Carolyn Campbell. Our girls in green have worked hard this year to arouse enthusiasm by sponsoring pep ral¬ lies and putting up posters before each game. The group chose Tanith Kilmartin as head cheerleader for the 1964-65 season. 108 THE GOVERNORS We kicked off to a good start with summer training camp and returning lettermen which resulted in our best all- around season. We won nine games and lost only one. We placed four boys on the first team in District 4 All- District team, two boys on All-Central District team and one on the All-State team. The largest crowd ever to witness an athletic contest attended the championship game between Amherst and Nelson. We won 7-0 and brought a lot of honors to the people of Nelson. We have high hopes that a lot of our boys will go on to college and make as fine a showing there as at Nelson. THE 1964 DISTRICT FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS THE NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL GOVERNORS 109 A YEAR TO REMEMBER FOR THE GOVERNORS COACHES AND CO-CAPTAINS Mr. League, Head Coach, Wendell Dodd, Ronald Harvey, Mr. Mahanes, Coach SENIOR MEMBERS OF THE TEAM Front Row: Delk, Wade, Butt. Second Row: Harvey, Powell, Whitehead, Dodd. Third Row: Banton, Martin, Mays, Giannini, Knight, Purvis. Barlow Delk Ronald Collins Don Giannini Randy Powell Eddie Seaman Billy League QUARTERBACKS AND CENTERS Front Row: Gary Wade Billy Wood Mike Gamble Frank ie Browning Second Row: Kenny Purvis Donald Butt Steve Floyd Carroll Martin Donnie Campbell BACKFIELD Front Row: Charlie Wiggins Charles League Ronald Whitehead Eddie Seaman Kenneth Coffey Barlow Delk Mervil Wooten Second Row: Steve Mays Don Giannini George Knight Ronald Harvey Wendell Dodd Roger Banton Dennis Critzer 111 LINEMEN GIRLS’ BASKETBALL When this yearbook goes to press, these girls are holding their own -- first place position. It is the staff ' s hope that this position will be main¬ tained. Our girls have worked hard, having been coached by our own Miss Faucette. THE GOVERNETTES Co-Captains with the Coach Libby McGann Miss Faucette Betty Sue Hodock 112 A mad scramble for the ball. BOYS’ BASKETBALL Captain - Jackie Bailey Coach - Mr. C. M. Price, Jr. Mr. Price with his " starting five. " Chaplain, Purvis, Powell, Bailey, Wade. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wayne McFadden Charles League David Wright Kenneth Purvis Randy Powell Rodney Campbell Butch Chaplin Billy League Charles Wiggins Nelson Harvey Gary Wade FRONT: Jackie Bailey, Captain THE NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL TEAM 113 SPRING 1964 SOFTBALL Catcher, Carolyn Hodock and batter, Joyce Tinder, get a bit of warm-up practice before a game. The first girls ' softball team in the history of NCHS played six games and ended its season with a won three--lost three record. Our major strength was in our hitting power-- every starting player had an above .400 bat¬ ting average. Our main weakness was errors in the field. Although an inexperienced ball club, the team has a great deal of potential and spirit. We plan to play approximately twelve games during the 64-65 season. None of our players graduate; therefore, we look to depth and experience to lead us through a successful season in 1965. Miss Faucette, Coach, instructs her girls before a game. Sarah Davis demonstrates her pitching ability. 1 14 The 1964 girls ' softball team BASEBALL—SPRING 1964 The baseball season brought new faces to almost every position on the team with four juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen making up the line¬ up for most games. These boys battled every step of the way to bring Nelson County a third place fin¬ ish in the district with a 5-5 record. The record for all games was 5-7. The club scored double victories over Amherst and Appomattox while splitting the games with New London. Double losses occured at the hands of Albemarle, Brookville, and Dan River. A wind-up before the pitch. A base hit. Safe at third!! 115 TRACK The first indoor meet ever held by a Group II team in the history of the state was at the V.M.I. fieldhouse on Monday, Jan. 18, 1965. This meet was between Nelson County and E. C. Glass High School of Lynchburg. Lee Walker won first in the high jump, Don Giannini won first in shot and Billy Wood won first in the pole vault. Indoor Track Team 1965 prospects for the outdoor track team. Sprinters FIRST ROW: Wendell Dodd, Kenneth Purvis, Mike Gamble. SECOND ROW: Mike Vestal, Jimmy Rourke. 116 Hurdlers Frank Wood, Louis Spicer, Lee Walker BROAD JUMP Randy Powell, Kenneth Parvis, Wendell Dodd, Mike Gamble HIGH JUMPERS: Randy Powell, Lee Walker POLE VAULTERS Gary Wade Billy Wood WEIGHTS Carroll Martin and Don Giannini These are two of the best weight men we have ever had at NCHS. They both have set records every year since they have partici¬ pated in track. 1 17 OUR JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Ella Mawyer, Bonnie Wood, Kay Campbell, Anna Payne, and Beth Stevens. The Junior-Varsity squad is new at NCHS this year. This group is composed of ninth and ten¬ th grade girls whose main duty is to supply the cheers for the junior varsity football and bas¬ ketball games. Kay Campbell was chosen as head cheerleader this year. " V " is for victory. Are you ready, girls ? ? ? ? ? JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Fields, Brush, Kilmartin, Mays, Critzer, Morris, Heath, Ward, Hender¬ son. SECOND ROW: Robertson, Johnson, Cash, Taylor, Embrey, McFadden, Taylor, Giles, Anderson, Harlow. THIRD ROW: Mr. Johnston, Habel, Harlow, Farrar, Ferguson, Lawrence, Crickenberger, Gunter, Drumhel- ler, Pannell, Kidd, Spencer, Mr. Mahanes, Coach. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Mr. Davis, asst, coach, Massie, Gunter, Mr. Maha¬ nes, coach. SECOND ROW: Em¬ brey, Cox, White, Lawrence, Robert¬ son. THIRD ROW: Campbell, Gar¬ wood, Bayrd, Miller, Drumheller. FOURTH ROW: Giles, Mays, White, Hoffman, Kilmartin. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: Wright, White, Gunter, Giles. SECOND ROW: Heath, Habel, Whitehead, Fitzgerald. THIRD ROW: Mays, Miller, Showalter, Harris. FOURTH ROW: Mr. League, coach, Falls. The Governor ' s Mansion at Williamsburg, Virginia The annual staff takes the opportunity to feature in this book only those in our student body who, by popular vote of their classmates, have been selected for special recognition. We invite you to share with us " golden moments " to remem¬ ber. Remember those dances in the cafeteria after the ballgames? MISS NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Carolyn Hodock 122 MR. NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Jackie Bailey 123 HOMECOMING GAME OCTOBER 16, 1964 Nelson 19—Altavista 6 Queen Janice King Gary The crowning of king and queen took place during half-time. The crowning of the Queen. The crowning of the King. The Homecoming King and Queen pose for a picture dur¬ ing the dance that followed the game. On the left is the queen ' s escort, Steve Mays. 124 Candidates for the Homecoming King and Queen. SCENES FROM THE PROM APRIL—1964 125 SENIOR MOST TALENTED Don Giannini Karen Crady FRIENDLIEST Margaret Booth George Knight MOST DEPENDABLE Tanith Kilmartin Steve Mays 126 SUPERLATIVES PERSONALITY PLUS Jackie Bailey Jean Miller MOST AMBITIOUS Larry Lawhorne Lynn White I BEST ALL-AROUND Rodney Campbell Janice Baker JUNIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST ATHLETIC Charlie League Libby Me Gann BEST DRESSED Bunk Bryant Judy Stevens 128 BE t ■ nr«j f |fi wii J ggO 1 7 1 rfl lji| r-Vi- ' ’ IB r •WKto • - f " ■ », ; .:K ' • 4 j " pT- fe - tf fh MOMENTS TO REMEMBER The Amherst-Nelson Football Game The second graders from Lovingston visit our school. The SCA sponsored the door decoration contest at Christmas. Several student organizations gave Preston and Mildred a gift at Christ¬ mas. Jackie Bailey makes the pre¬ sentation during an assembly. 130 Mrs. Linda Whitehead was our Latin teacher for two months this year. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The annual staff of the 1965 Governor, Thos. Nelson Jr. M would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had a part in making this edition possible - the advertisers, the faculty, the students, and all others recognized or unnamed. Without your cooperation we could not have been successful. We would especially like to express our deep appreciation for the work of our dedicated sponsor, Mrs. Lincoln, who spent many hours of her personal time meeting deadlines. We would like to extend our thanks to Mrs. Rutherford for her help along literary lines. Also, we thank the other members of the faculty who cooperated so willingly during picture-taking days. We extend to the graduates our best wishes and hope that the rest of the student body will have a successful 1965-66 school year. Carolyn and Margaret A view of " the village, " Lovingston, Va Few pause to consider the value of those who advertise in our yearbook. Without them, publication of this volume would be impossible, so we seize this opportunity to thank these busi¬ nessmen, friends, and patrons for their loyal support, and to express our deepest appreciation for their interest in the welfare of our school. K i k THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY " The Bank for the People of Nelson County " Member of the American Bankers Association Member of the Independent Bankers Association Member of the Virginia Bankers Association Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 54 Years of Continuous Service STEVENS’S GULF SERVICE Phone 263-8392 K. M. BAKER, JR., INC. Lovingston, Va. Fruit and Fertilizer Hauling anywhere FARRAR AND COMPANY Dial CO 3-4131 General Merchandise RADIATOR SHOP Fresh Meats Rebuilding - Repairing Recoring - Back flush Coal, Fertilizer, Radios, and TV Trucks - Automobiles - Tractors Phone CO 3-2791 Lovingston, Virginia Arrington, Virginia BAILEY-MORRIS FUEL COMPANY Lovingston, Virginia Phones CO 3-2031 and CO 3-3191 Distributor of Esso Products J. G. HEATH REAL ESTATE NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Telephone CO 3-5111 and CO 3-5166 Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOPPE Call CO 3-4141 Lovingston, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia Telephone CO 3-3402 LOVINGSTON MOTOR SALES, INCORPORATED M. C. FLOYD SON Wiring - Plumbing - Septic Tanks Backhoe Work STsooo GENERAL % ELECTRIC McGregor motors, inc. Lovingston, Va. Lincoln - Mercury - Meteor - Comet Mrs. Louise A. Amiss CO 3-5252 RICAN telephone CO 3-3151 Lovingston Virginia FLOYD’S MARKET PONTON’S SNACK BAR Breyer’s Ice Cream Good Sandwiches - Coffee - Groceries Lovingston, Virginia H. A. PONTON BUILDING SUPPLY Heating by Thermo Products Serving All of Nelson County and Area Telephone CO 3-3591 Lovingston, Virginia PONTON’S COIN-OPERATED LAUNDRY Lovingston Virginia H. L. MOYER—DISTRIBUTOR Fuel oils - Gasoline - Kerosene Complete Line of Lubricants Phone: Lovingston, Virginia Office 263-5031 Home C03-2533 NELSON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Phone CO 3-2511 Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of KILMARTIN ' S PHARMACY Lovingston, Virginia For Your Home Needs RUCKER-PAYNE SUPPLY CO. and CHARLOTTE SHOPPE Lovingston, Virginia Phone CO 3-3211 BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE CO. Lucas Paints - Fertilizer - Spray Materials - Western Ammunition Phone CO 3-2411 Lovingston, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia Phone CO 3-5169 PONTON’S AMOCO SERVICE VIRGINIA FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. EARLY SETTLERS INSURANCE CO. SOUTHERN FARM BUREAU LIFE INSURANCE CO. Life - Liability - Auto - Farm Machinery - Cattle - Fire Phone Phone Home: CO 3-2088 Office: CO 3-5211 AND THE NELSON COUNTY FARM BUREAU WHITESEL MUSIC " Where Everything is Music and Music Is Everything " 77 E. Market St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-9374 j. h. McClellan Lovingston, Virginia NELSON THEATRE SAUNDER’S FORD, INC. Lovingston, Va. Route 29, South Phone Co. 3-2011 ALBERENE STONE A Division of THE GEORGIA MARBLE COMPANY Schuyler, Virginia Serving Nelson and Albemarle Counties Since Before 1870 Alberene Black Serpentine Facing and Outer Hearth Garden Walk and Fireplace Stone JAMES S. LAMBERT GENERAL MERCHANDISE Faber, Virginia J. B. WOOD Compliments of General Merchandise Fresh Meats, Used Furniture Sherwin-Williams Paint MARK’S GROCERY Phone CO 3-5017 Faber, Virginia Schuyler, Virginia Compliments of CLARK’S CLOVER FARM STORE VAN RIPER’S LAKE GREENFIELD, VIRGINIA off Route 151 Camp Sites Swimming and Picnic Grounds Come One, Come All Fuel Oil .Metered Delivery .Keep Fill Service Diesel Fuel Gasoline .Lube Oils .Grease " The Oil That Really Burns Clean " W. LYNN HARVEY, Distributor AMERICAN OIL CO. Call CO 3-2392 Arrington, Va. " There Is Always a Leader " Main Office: Shipman, Virginia - Dial CO 3-3241 Plant: Arrington, Virginia - Dial CO 3-2271 COLD STORAGE COOPERATIVE, INC. ARRINGTON ALLEN’S CLARKSON ' S SERVICE CENTER SERVICE STATION AMERICAN GAS AND OIL Gas - Oil - Groceries TIRES, BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES Phone CO 3-2177 Colleen, Va. Colleen, Virginia Telephone 263-5147 M. E. MASSIE Compliments of Westinghouse LEA BROTHERS and Philco Electrical GROCERY Appliances Tyro Shipman Massies Mill, Virginia LAWRENCE’S BARBER AND BEAUTY SHOP Route 151 Piney River, Va. Phone 277-5842 Lawrence L. Hobbs, Owner. Phone 277-5239 Nights, Sundays, Holidays CR 7-5277 PINEY RIVER FLORIST MRS. M. J. PARR, Manager FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Compliments of PAYNE’S GARAGE GMC Trucks H. T. CAMPBELL Gulf Gas and Tires Goodrich Tires GENERAL MERCHANDISE Wrecker Service CR 7-5202 Phone CR 7-5245 Piney River, Virginia Piney River, Virginia " A Service that is Distinctive but not expensive " 24-hour Ambulance Service Call CRestwood 7-5244 Day or night THOMAS B. MOORE EDWIN M. MOORE Call collect - No toll charge Piney River, Virginia PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME C. A. PATTESON CO. PINEY RIVER MOTOR SALES General Merchandise Phone CR 7-5221 Fresh Meats, Feeds Owner Gas and Oil W. DALE HARVEY Telephone CR 7-5311 Used Cars and Trucks Roseland, Virginia Piney River, Virginia Phone CRestwood 7-5239 PARR BROTHERS GEORGE F. HILBISH’S STORE SUPPLY GENERAL MERCHANDISE CRestwood 7-4621 Truck Bodies and Building Supplies Wood, Coal and Hardware A. C. Sales and Service Piney River, Va. Piney River, Va. Compliments of THE VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE RAILWAY Piney River, Virginia HARVEY’S CASH STORE MACS Fresh Meats MARKET Groceries For the Best in Groceries Feeds We Give S H Green Stamps Gas and Oil and Dial CR 7-5681 GILES TV SERVICE Roseland, Virginia Guaranteed Service on all Makes Phone CR 7-5376 and CR 7-8581 Roseland, Va. Mobile Homes - new used WOOD BROTHERS Auto Service and Sales OLD FORT MOTOR CO. Used Auto Parts General Garage Work New Used Cars Warren D. Bluford M. Wood R. Lloyd Campbell 3929 Campbell Ave. Proprietors Owner Lynchburg, Va. Piney River, Va. Piney River, Va. Dial 846-6112 Phone Dial 277-5822 Day or Night 277-5862 PRESTON PARR FUNERAL HOME Nelson County’s Newest MODERN AIR CONDITIONED CHAPEL AND FAMILY ROOMS Baldwin Organ information for Ambulance and Funerals Phone Piney River CR 7-5194 Collect THE AFTON STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial Glenview 6-2720 Afton, Virginia PITZER GULF SERVICE A C SNACK BAR Rt. 151 Afton, Virginia HUFFMAN’S ESSO SERVICE ASHLEY’S GROCERY Groceries-Meats-Vegetables U. S. Rt. 29 and 6 General Merchandise Feed Faber, Virginia Fertilizer Gulf Gas and Oil Phone COngress 3-8962 CO 3-4251 Greenfield, Va. Compliments of R. V. SMALL M. Q. CAMPBELL ' S GROCERY GROCERY Nellysford, Virginia Nellysford, Virginia FARRAR’S RIVERSIDE MARKET Stop and Shop Groceries - Meats - Vegetables General Merchandise - Feed at Fertilizer Esso Gas and Oil SHADY ' S PLACE Kurfees Paints " We Give TV Stamps " G. C. FARRAR--GL 6-2328 Lovingston, Virginia Rt. 2, Afton, Va. LINCOLN AND WOOTEN PAINTING CONTRACTORS LOVINGSTON ESSO SERVICE LOVINGSTON, VA. J. L. Stevens, Operator NO JOB TOO SMALL FREE ESTIMATES Batteries Accessories M. L. Lincoln J. G. Wooten " Put a Tiger In Your Tank " SPENCER ' S BEAUTY SHOP Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of CO 3-5050 Owned and Operated LEWIS FULCHER ' S GROCERY By Mrs. Lillian Spencer Night Work By Appointment Route 4 Monday Through Friday Amherst, Virginia Charcoal Steaks - Country Ham Home made pies WHITTEN’S BARBER SHOP SAUNDER’S RESTAURANT AMHERST, VIRGINIA U. S. 29 60 - AT THE CIRCLE WH 6-2276 Amherst, Va. Phone: 946-9321 " To Improve Your Looks, See Joe, the Barber " VILLAGE PHARMACY, INC. YOUR COMMUNITY DRUG STORE Phone 946 9601 Amherst, Va. Compliments of the FIDELITY NATIONAL BANK 13 Locations in Central Virginia " MY BANK " for thousands New Branch Building, Amherst, Virginia AMHERST BRANCH ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS Wm. S. Adams.Vice-President Cashier Jacob Bailey .Owner of Bailey-Morris Fuel Co. Lovingston, Virginia Peter V. Daniel.Treasurer Assistant to President Sweet Briar College F. T. Faulconer.Retired Merchant J. Wilson Gregory.Owner Amherst Tire Rebuilders Joseph P. Kilgore.Owner Amherst Realty Insurance Company W. M. McClenny.Attorney, McClenny Brandt Wm. E. Sandidge.Clerk of Court, Amherst County Chairman of Amherst Advisory Board Zane G. Snead.Assistant Vice-President TASTEE FREEZE AND AMHERST GULF SERVICE CENTER R. T. Burks D. H. Price U. S. 29 and 60 Phone 4831 Amherst, Virginia 24-Hr. Service Compliments of BURKEVILLE VENEER COMPANY, INC. Burkeville, Virginia Amherst, Virginia SHOP AND SAVE at BEN FRANKLIN Your Complete Variety Store Amherst, Virginia Compliments of THRIF-TEE LAUNDROMAT AND DRY CLEANING CENTER The best in Self-Service Laundry Dry cleaning Main West Court Street Amherst, Virginia Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week Compliments of AMHERST PHARMACY Phone Residence: WH 6-9151 Business: WH 6-3791 SAM P. MASS IE INSURANCE AGENCY Representing NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Auto - Life - Fire Amherst, Virginia CROSSROADS ( jso) SERVICE W. L. Massie, Prop. Dial: WH 6-3311 Routes 60 and 29 Amherst, Virginia HILL HARDWARE CORP. Hardware- - Furniture- -Building Materials Hot Point Electric Appliances Amherst, Virginia Phone WH 6-2411 For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia DOUG’S TRUCK STOP AND RESTAURANT Bagged Ice Lovingston, Va. CO 3-5066 Route 29 - South of Amherst Phone 946-9941 WHITE OAKS ESSO SERVICENTER Auto Repairs Front End Alignment Brake Work A Specialty BROCKMAN CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet - Oldsmobile Amherst, Va. Phone 846-1122 HOWELL’S SUPER MARKET Fresh Meats and Groceries Phone WH 6-4811 Amherst, Va. MAYS FARMERS’ SERVICE COMPANY, INC. Feed - Seed - Fertilizer Amherst, Virginia Phone WH 6-2031 AMHERST MILLING COMPANY Flour, Corn Meal and Feed Custom Grinding and Mixing Dial WH 6-4131 Amherst, Va. WAILES STOP-IN SHOP Ladies ' Sportswear Manhattan Menswear Shoes for All the Family Phone WH 6-2267 Amherst, Va. mt J p ,f 1 - GO 0 United States TRAILWAYS. T0 NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR Complete Package Tours Special Charter Trips Fast, Daily Express Service TRAILWAYS I r« 1 64 ! ♦! Cx|«H UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Manufacturers of High Quality Nylon Tire Fabrics Used in U. S. Royal Tires Scottsville, Virginia 105 3rd N. E. Charlottesville, Virginia Around the Corner From the Paramount Theatre PUCKETT’S BARBER SHOP Compliments of Eastern Regional Office STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia PIEDMONT TRACTOR ALLIED SUPPLY COMPANY COMPANY INC. manufacturers of Rt. 250 West Dial 293-8193 Lightweight Autoclave Blocks Ready-Mixed Concrete John Deere Kaiser Jeep Phone 295-7181 Charlottesville, Va. Charlottesville, Va. W. J. KELLER CO. Exquisite Footwear THE DAILY PROGRESS Andrew Geller, Mademoiselle, Paradise, Capezios, Naturalizer, Rooted in History - Town Country, Bass Weejuns, In Step With the Future Sport Shoes by Spalding 404 E. Main Street Delivered in Nelson County Charlottesville, Virginia Each Afternoon by Carrier Phone 295-2915 and Motor Route CHARLOTTESVILLE OFFICE MACHINE COMPANY Authorized Underwood Agency - Sales Service 919 West Main Street P. O. Box 348 Dial 295-7419 Charlottesville, Virginia Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1965 THE MONTICELLO DAIRY Charlottesville, Va. Hardware All Kinds CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE Charlottesville, Virginia - 1 ' Featuring Ladies ' and Children ' s Apparel d Junior Styles That Appeal to Young Ladies of High School and College Ages k J, fr j WILEYS ju (3 1 IMT OJ MAIN STRUT i ‘ J § Charlottesville, Virginia MOWEN GILMORE HAMM SNYDER Prescription Opticians INCORPORATED Charlottesville Waynesboro Furniture for the Home and Office 112 4th St., N. E. 1004 W. Main St. Telephone 6-6535 Telephone 296-3697 Charlottesville, Virginia DOWNTOWN ATHLETIC STORE Greeting Cards for Every 407 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Occasion Dial 295-2810 Distributors for: Rawlings Mfg. Co. BROWN’S-GIFTS A. G. Spalding MacGregor in Historic Virginia Spot-Bilt Shoes John T. Riddell Charlottesville Williamsburg C. H. WILLIAMS, INC. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville’s Leading Dept. Store Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER CO., INC. Since 1893 Lumber Building Materials Custom Millwork Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Roofing, Guttering and Sheetmetal Work Painting and Decorating Floor and Wall Tile Hot Point Appliances Dial 296-5111 Charlottesville, Virginia Sylvania THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP Quality Men ' s Wear Charlottesville, Virginia CITY LAUNDRY H. T. FERRON DRY CLEANERS Manufacturers of Just Dial 295-9136 Cinder Blocks and Concrete Product Ready Mixed Concrete Charlottesville, Virginia Grady Avenue at 10th St. N. W. Phone 295-4128 W. A. WATSON SONS AMERICAN HEALTH LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY REGIONAL MANAGERS Hospitalization, Income Payments and Life Insurance Special Teacher Plan 106 N. Main Street (Across From the OLD Post Office) Farmville, Virginia Telephone: Export 2-4177 CHARLOTTESVILLE OIL COMPANY Rt. 250 West Charlottesville, Va. Phone 293-9107 Distributors of Gasoline Diesel Fuel Heating Oil Kerosene CALL OUR LOVINGSTON PLANT CO 3-8811 INSURED SAVINGS - CURRENTLY EARNING 4% COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY THE CO-OPERATIVE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Where Your Savings Dollars Grow Bigger Faster Three Convenient Locations 1001 Church Street 5224 Fort Avenue Madison Heights - Amherst Turnpike Lynchburg’s Oldest Savings and Loan Assets of Over $24,000,000 fflEED’ij ■i U f 10 V " 0.000 v V, covjs For Young Fashions Visit Lynchburg’s Largest Fashion Store SNYDER BERMAN, INC. 916-918 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Since 1886 COLEMAN’S Fine Footwear Lynchburg, Virginia 2315 Memorial Avenue Dial VI 6-7341 . Your One Stop Shopping Center . 52 Departments under One Roof . Acres of Free Storeside Parking . A Credit Plan to Suit Your Needs Grow With Lynchburg After High School Attend PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia Phone VI7-7701 Compliments of SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY 1025 - 1029 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR CO., INC. Dodge - Triumph - White Since 1915 Lynchburg, Virginia License No. 5 922 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. Compliments of Best Wishes BARKER-JENNINGS WOOD’S CORP. 1003 Main Street Wholesale Only Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Quality Men ' s Wear Compliments of BROWN MORRISON CO., INC. PHILLIPS BROS. Lynchburg, Va. 1616 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. THE MOON... and beyond l Bright, new horizons await today’s students . . . new technolo¬ gies . . . new medicines . . . even the moon and whatever lies beyond. How far loday’s students go in this space age depends partly on their imagination but primarily on their training. Conquering new horizons will demand more of today’s graduates — more knowledge, more skills, more training and more specialization. Our Free Enterprise system, with its high living standards, gives every¬ one an opportunity to “shoot for the moon” in any field. Whether or not our target is reached depends on how well trained we are to launch ourselves. REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY Furniture and House Furnishings Wayside Store: 6006 Fort Avenue Downtown at 10th Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of HOWARD S. MYERS Trading as MYERS TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY your Massey - Ferguson dealer 105 Twelfth St. Lynchburg, Virginia S-T-R-E-T-C-H YOUR DOLLAR$ Enjoy Leisure Shopping — at Your Friendly Department Stores Two Stores in Each City Near You Charlottesville -- Lynchburg -- Waynesboro THE NEWSPAPER A Valuable Aid to Education - Make A Habit of Reading it Everyday. It Pays to Read Both. . . THE NEWS Published by the Lynchburg News, Inc. THE DAILY ADVANCE Published by The Lynchburg Daily Advance, Inc. Lynchburg ' s Home Newspapers STATE INDUSTRIAL LOAN CORPORATION At the corner of Church Ninth Streets 4-1 2% Paid on Savings S. FRANK PRATT, President C. LETCHER NEWCOMB, Vice-President WILLIAM T. MacLEOD, Sec’y.-Treas. Lynchburg, Virginia SAVE FOR . . . COLLEGE RETIREMENT FUTURE BUYING EMERGENCY FUND Current Dividend Rate: 4% Per Annum Save by the 10th Earn from the 1st P. G. COSBY, JR., President LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Downtown Office.615 Church Street Miller Park Branch. 1990 Fort Avenue Brookville Branch. 7114 Timber lake Road Compliments of J. W. WOOD WHOLESALE GROCER, INC. Central Virginia School Food Service Tel. VI 7-5558 Lynchburg, Virginia WEBB-WHITAKER COMPANY JAMES T. DAVIS, INC. Men’s and Young Men’s Clothing 909 Main Street Lynchburg, Va. Paint - Wallpaper Art Materials LYNN K. BRYANT, SR. Picture Framing Phone VI 7-7181 Lynchburg, Virginia OF THE SOUTH DANIEL C. GAINEY Chairman of the Board Shelbyville, Tennessee Announcements Engraved Cards Fine Class Jewelry Medals Caps and Gowns RAYMOND PAGE Vinton Virginia Phone Roanoke 34-20653 TIME OUT FOR REFRESHMENT •io. uj. pat, ora Bottled Under the Authority of the Coca-Cola Company by LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Home of EARLY DAWN COOPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. Dial WH 2-8137 East Main St., Waynesboro, Va. Producers and Distributors of Grade A Dairy Products Owned and Controlled by the Farmer " For All the News - When It is News " THE NEWS-VIRGINIAN Telephone 942-8213 Waynesboro, Virginia L 327 WEST MAIN STREET WAYNESBORO, VIRGINIA Distinctive Women ' s Apparel HYMAN’S " Where economy rules " 411 West Main Street Phone WH 3-4526 Waynesboro, Virginia FREED CO., INC. Your G. E. and Goodyear Dealer Waynesboro, Virginia E. Main St. Phone 2-8323 FISHBURNE’S DRUG STORE " Your Drug Store Since 1878 " Waynesboro, Virginia E. W. BARGER AND COMPANY General Insurance L. B. B. Building Waynesboro, Va. Dial WH 2-8189 Compliments of Compliments of THE HUMPHRIES PRESS, INC. WAYNESBORO NURSERIES " Planners and Producers of Virginia ' s Largest Growers of Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, Custom and Commercial Printing " Office Furniture and Supplies and Ornamental Plant Material 722 East Main Street Dial WH 2-5111 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia The Latest In Hair Styles The Newest in Techniques WAYB Waynesboro, Va. BEAUTY NOOK 1490 KC Action Radio 531 Main St. Sports - News - Music Waynesboro, Virginia 18 Hours A Day The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman FLOWERS BY RONNIE MAHANES ROSE’S " Favorite of Nelson County Folks” Value Variety Store H. T. Witt, Jr. Phone 942-1191 Ass ' t. Manager 321 W. Main Street Corner of Wayne Main CO 3-3642 Waynesboro, Va. Waynesboro, Va. Compliments of WAYNESBORO RETAIL JEWELERS Hodges Jewelers The Jewel Box Mustain Jewelers Rhames Jewelers Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of WAYNESBORO NEW CAR DEALERS BAUGHER CHEVROLET, INC. Chevrolet Cars and Trucks B B BUICK - RAMBLER, INC. Buick and Rambler BRANNOCK SALES SERVICE Mercury, Lincoln, and Willis DRIVER’S SALES SERVICE, INC. Dodge Cars and Trucks and Dart PAUL FREED, INC. Ford Cars and Trucks TERRY MARTIN PONTIAC, CADILLAC, OLDSMOBILE, INC. Cadillac, Pontiac Oldsmobile and GMC Trucks NEWBERRYS Your FLOYD’S BY-PASS GULF One Stop Shopping Center in Paul Floyd, Sr. Waynesboro Paul Floyd, Jr. Where it’s easy to say, " CHARGE IT, PLEASE " Tune-Ups and Repairs Brake Repairs Muffler and Tailpipe Installation Top Value Stamps Gulf Tires Batteries U-Haul Trailers 501 E. Broad Street Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of WAYNESBORO FURNITURE DEALERS Augusta Furniture Co., Inc. J. L. Barksdale Furniture Corp. McCoy’s Furniture Carpets PEOPLES PHARMACY 1544 W. Main Street Phone WH 2-1137 Open Until 10:00 P. M. Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments oi POE HARDWARE CO. Appomattox, Va. Hardware and Electrical Supplies Lucas Paints SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS PATTERSON DRUG COMPANY, INC. Dial 352-2111 Appomattox, Virginia Fred C. Smith Pharmacists Roy A. Moon THE FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Appomattox 352-7526 Concord 993-2424 E. W. HARVEY Service on all makes Radio, TV Small Appliances Frigidaire, Appliances, Furniture Radios and Television APPOMATTOX RADIO Appomattox, Virginia TV SERVICE S. C. POOL, Manager Dial 352-7292 Home - 352-3245 Main Street Appomattox, Va. APPOMATTOX HARDWARE CO., INC. Electrical and Plumbing Contractors Jill Distributors - American Oil Co. Products w Phone 352-7141 THE GOVERNOR THOS. NELSON JR. SUPPORTERS Dr. and Mrs. George R. Criswell Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert Delk Mr. and Mrs. Austin Embrey Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Gamble Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Goad Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Jones Mr. Robert L. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mays Mr. M. E. Fulcher Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Tomlin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Lincoln HERFF JONES COMPANY Manufacturers of Nelson County High School Class Rings Virginia Representative JAMES L. DECK P. 0. BOX 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia AUTOGRAPHS PRINTING COMPANY • Cha is

Suggestions in the Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) collection:

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