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Pinrrvr ' a ‘ L " J r c.i - y-» l P3;:;a. :i. t j j • M. i . i:. I i rr: " ] cmtj i i ! . , ■_j • ' ? ' T-t r Z- w;,w v.w =. Volume V NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Lovingston, Virginia Taylor Publishing Company iol, long :y with a ng, this jn and tl ' Ur v TITLE PAGE Page 1 SCHOOL BUILDING Page 2 FOREWORD Page 4 DEDICATION Page 5 ACTIVITIES Page 9 ADMINISTRATION Page 17 FACULTY Page 23 STUDENT COUNCIL Page 29 SENIORS Page 35 JUNIORS Page 57 SOPHOMORES Page 67 FRESHMEN Page 75 CLUBS Page 87 I MUSIC Page 105 SPORTS Page 113 FAVORITES Page 129 STATISTICS Page 137 ADVERTISING Page 141 5 §£ngj| s§$t£sgg - r Teaf mi mSS Hi as £ ? « W Saag s-jassagp SjaftsaSSas ' J ' f , y 5 ‘ W- V. ?v ' »■ ' mmmmmrn, ' •» 5 • s CsNi % ' ' lt , ' V.v £ » % ' ♦%% %♦ r m M mm ' v ' » % ' .«♦»♦♦ » , ♦♦ «.» V »V « ♦♦♦♦»♦♦«♦« •♦ « » ' , »♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦♦♦« ” V ♦ »!♦♦ ♦♦ - ♦ « M « i, ' l ts tt i t , 1111 g l M I j If ;; j- 1’ • II If f M l i ' 1 ® ■ § 1 l j I j I 11 if 1f; j| :| « || ||- ? V | || . ® Bf ' | ; -!V » V ; ■Hr.. mm ttk v m K 1 jasjg,, ' . . .4PMJPHMIIIMP ; " Vi i..- .»• X w ’ V A, Yv h ' v : ' x . M-ml - - m RM ' • nr lin WKV ... m 4 .’ 1 • ,vi i ‘Tr?£ ■ ' W» J ' ' • • ' " V. i» : WJ v ' ? : . .. f; ' • QlH % 1 •: V • ■ . .. mt » ■ Mr. Kirby’s love for youth finds expression in scenes like this. Jr 0 $ $ ' ■ | Mr. J. B. M. Carter Superintendent Mrs. John Seaman, Mr. Orville Karicofe, Mr. J. B. M. Carter, Mr. Graham Heath, the late Mr. J. S. Carter. 18 Nelson County School Board in session. Nelson County is priviledged in having such a capable leader as Superintendent of Schools, Mr. J. B. M. Carter. Although an extremely busy person as head of the Nelson County Educational system, Mr. Carter finds time to give special attention to each of his schools. Mr. Carter came to us from Fluvanna in the fall of 1954. Although he has been with us a relatively short time, he has gained the profound admiration of students and teachers throughout the county. At all times he is more than willing to cooperate with our ad¬ ministration in providing us with a thorough and excellent education. He is truly an edu¬ cator with the interest of our youth foremost in his thoughts. To him, we are deeply indebted! Mrs. June Harris - Stenographer Mrs. Reefa McGuffin, General Supervisor Mrs. McGuffin is the one to whom students, teachers, and parents turn when in need of educational ad¬ vice. She is always willing to take the time from her busy schedule to lend a helping hand. Mr. Richard Moon, Visiting Teacher Mr. Moon ' s infectious smile, his excellent persuasive power, coupled with his belief in the need for our youth to take advantage of a high school education, have been the cause of many a potential " drop-out " remaining in school. 19 Mr. W. L. Kirby, Jr., Principal Five years ago William L. Kirby, Jr. assumed the arduous task of welding the students of four dis¬ trict high schools into a harmonous consolidated unit. In spite of the recognized difficulty of such an under¬ taking, he approached the task with confidence born of inner resources of wisdom and experience. In order to amalgamate the students from the several districts, he chose to include in every class students from each of these divisions - thus promoting a desirable one¬ ness in each group. This sense of unity has done much to assure in the future a desirable spirit of co¬ operation among the citizens of the county. The duties of the principal are not limited to administrative affairs only, and in many areas Mr. Kirby has exhibited outstanding capability showing an active interest and skill in coaching, in dramatic production, and in classroom teaching. No school activity fails to merit his interested support. For these qualities of superior leadership and simple friendship, the staff of this yearbook take pride in paying tribute to our principal, our teacher, and our friend - Mr. William A. Kirby, Jr. Mrs. Frances Ponton - indispensable to the smooth functioning of Nelson County High School. 20 Mr. Joe Michael - Assistant Principal Friendly and efficient were the two words which described Mr. Michael in the 1958-1959 yearbook. We have no reason to change the verdict. In the office, teachers, students and other school personnel al¬ ways find him available, courteous, and efficient. Students in the classroom find him friendly and al¬ ways willing and ready to lend an understanding ear to their problems. As SC A advisor, Mr. Michael has added much to the smooth operation of Nelson County High School. In short, he is a nice person to have around. Mr. James Brawley - Assistant Principal Mr. Brawley has proved his worth in many ways at Nelson County High. He is a busy and efficient man both in the office and in the classroom. At all times he is ready to listen patiently and face problems with understanding whether these are administrative or classroom duties. We regard Mr. Brawley as a friend and helper. We hope he will continue in this capacity for many years. 21 ■ Richard Sperry, Frances Vestal, Joan Gleason, W. D. Campbell, Doris Claytor. “ARSENIC AND OLD LACE” Jimmy Higginbotham, Harold Saunders, John Scott Carter, Rick Cook, Bill Lincoln, Bobby Dillard, Larry Boyd. 22 Love of Service Mrs. Catherine Whitehead MRS. BRUGUIKRE AND MR. WALL JOIN N.C.H.S. FACULTY JAMES BRAWLEY Assistant Principal Science, Chemistry LILLIAN COLEMAN Guidance, Geography EMILY BRUGUIERE English DANNA COOK Geometry, General Math Trigonometry JEAN BRUMBACK Home Economics LOUISE O. CREWS Latin, English R. C. COCO Business English, Spanish Commercial Law LARRY DOFFLEMYER Physical Education General Science LATIN A DEAD LANGUAGE? NOT FOR MRS. CHEWS PUPILS. TWO FACULTY MEMBERS LOSE “FREEDOM DURING SUMMER VACATION Madeline Gardner - " Policeman " for a Day. BEULAH FITZGERALD Mathematics MADELINE GARDNER Civics, English PAULINE HARVEY General Business, Shorthand Typewriting EDYTHE HESTER Physical Education RUTH O. HORSLEY General Science Biology, Physics SHERMAN LEAGUE Physical Education Geography CATHERINE LINCOLN General Business, Shorthand Bookkeeping J. A. MICHAEL Assistant Principal Business Arithmetic, History A THIRD OF FACULTY ARE MEN BARBARA ORNDORFF Librarian ROBERT G. SANGER Band, Choral E. H. PUCKETT Vocational Agriculture LAURA TURNER Algebra, English MARY C. ROBERTS General Business, Shorthand Typewriting RICHARD WALL English FAYE RUTHERFORD English CATHERINE WHITEHEAD Guidance, Government World History Barbara Orndorff conducts class in Library Science. 3 FACULTY MEMBERS STUDYING AT U. VA. History comes alive for Mrs. Williams ' pupils. Choral Club - Practicing for Christmas Concert. Z A IDEE WILLIAMS American History Government JANE WOOD Home Economics 27 GUIDANCE Mrs. Catherine Whitehead working on cumulative records. I f| 28 Mrs. Lillian Coleman t alking with a prospective senior. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is one of the most important organizations in our school. Its primary aim is good citizenship. This organization centers around the work of the committees, which are appointed at the be¬ ginning of the year. These committees and their chairmen are as follows: Program - Richard Seaman; Finance - Zane Campbell; Building and Grounds - Bill Lincoln; Social - Barbara Steele; Health and Safety - Becky Slaughter; Cafeteria - Linda Henderson; Welfare - Judy Simpson. Among the projects performed by the Student Council are: " Record Hops " at least once a month; collecting food for needy at Christmas; providing tours of our school for seventh graders throughout the county; awarding a plaque to the club that has contributed most to our school; and the publishing of a monthly newspaper named " School Echoes. " The Student Council works continually to improve the welfare and health of our school and to develop a better understanding between teachers and students. Left to right - FRONT ROW: Betty R. Campbell, Judy Simpson, Dawn Wood, Faye Stevens, Zane Camp¬ bell, Barbara Steele, Frances Vestal, Nancy Umbarger, Zane Meeks, Betty Mays. SECOND ROW: Sharon. Kidd, Eva Adams, Connie Patterson, Judy Ferguson, Janet Drumheller, Becky Slaughter, Helen Duncan, Jackie Bryant, Betty Hughes, Joan Martin. THIRD ROW: Sally Saunders, Marie Coffey, Linda Hender¬ son, Mary Flythe, Freddie Brent, Lucian Hughes, Madeline Higgenbotham, Bev Ware, Brenda Saunders. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Garwood, Chuck Harvey, Sailor Mohlor, A1 Bryant, Bill Lincoln, David Dodd, Rick Cook, David Cooke, Richard Seaman, Marshall Adams, Mr. Michael, Sponsor. 30 Mr. Michael - Sponsor; David Cook - Reporter; Frances Vestal - President; Rick Cook - Parliamentarian; Bev Ware - Secretary-Treasurer; Richard Seaman - Vice-President. COUNCIL ACTIVITIES College Night Reception for Teachers December 1959 S.C. A. Sock Hop 31 ■ ' MRS. REBECCA HARVEY, Manager Mrs. Harvey came to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mrs. Bryant, but she remained as an able di¬ rector in her own right. 32 CUSTODIANS MILDRED FOSTER RENNIE SCOTT PRESTON FOSTER Preston Foster and .his staff do an excellent job of keeping our building and grounds in first-class condition. They are to be commended for their faithfulness. 33 • m PEGGY DAMERON President BETTY ANN HUGHES Secretary-Treasurer RICK COOK Vice-President ••, w w 1 Hh i i Ur i ' AM in t i k il V V %V S% S ' ' J :Mw THE “FAIREST” OF OUR SENIOR .CLASS ARTIE IRVINE ZANE CAMPBELL LUCY BANTON Friend to all BETTY BANTON Still waters run deep ROSE BARRENTINE Dare her not lest she do it LESTER BELL Another Shakespeare M M§S® M NINETY-TWO SENIORS MAKE PLANS LARRY BOYD Sheik of NCHS ZANE CAMPBELL Neatness - an asset CHARLES BROWN Chatterbox JOHN SCOTT CARTER He’d stop St. Peter JACKIE BRYANT Sunny disposition JOANNE CHRISTIAN A sweet girl W. D. CAMPBELL Success bound BARBARA CLARK Happy-go-lucky FRED CLARKSON DORIS CLAYTOR Dresses with taste! Always on the go CARL COFFEY I ain ' t dead CLAUDE COOK I ' ll be a wheel someday FOR GRADUATION DAY GLENDA COOK Very efficient PEGGY DAMERON Cute majorette BOBBY DILLARD Excellent artist AUDREY DODD Spoken for SENIORS PLAN PLAY DAVID DODD More fish in the sea DONALD FENNELL Carefree HELEN DUNCAN Join the airforce? DORIS FITZGERALD Always smiles MEROLENE DUNCAN She ' s nice RUBY FITZGERALD Very mischievous MARIAN FARRAR We like her JERRY FLOYD Woman-hater JOYCE FLOYD Calm EVELINA FORTUNE Friendly KENNETH GLASS JOAN GLEASON Go get him, Shirley! Can ' t clip my wings ARSENIC AND OLD LACE” If industriousness is the key to success, these two will succeed. Elizabeth Lanahan - Lester Bell f IMP ■■■ WAYNES GORMES CHARLES GRANT Quiet and modest I’m available, girls NEAL HARVEY TED HARVEY Cute smile Takes it slow and easy PEGGY BAMERON CHOSEN JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM I ' m for women RAY JOHNSON Always the same Ray BEVERLY HONNOLL Talkative PEARL JONES A real pearl BETTY ANN HUGHES Third finger, left hand PHYLLIS JONES Why not say what you think ARTHUR IRVINE Good men are scarce JERRY JORDAN I ' m on my way MARY FRANCES JORDON KENNETH KIDD Sweetness is thy charm He ' s a card - joker ELIZABETH LANAHAN A good thinker JAMES LANGRAN An authority on women TO LEAD SENIOR CLASS They possess a trait of great price - COURTESY. Merolene Duncan - Richard Sperry BIL|LY LINCOLN What a boy! CONNIE MARTIN Eat, drink and be merry JANET MASSIE A sweet smile NANCY MAWYER Soft spoken A SENIOR DAI FOR SENIORS STANLEY MAYS Is he bashful? JOYCE MILLER Engaged MASSIE NAPIER Reserved ROBERT L. NAPIER Have you heard this one? PHYLLIS OLIVER Always on the go CAROLYN PARRISH Talkative HOMER PONTON " Tex " SHIRLEY PUGH It ' s not always what you do VADA iPURVIS JANICE PURVIS HAROLD SAUNDERS MARY ROBERTSON Oh, to be a senior A real 4-H ' er Sterling character Full of pep IS ONLY A “MUST” For these two, the future beckons brightly. Rick Cook - Betty Ann Hughes W- V. ' s A JERRY SAUNDERS Future farmer WAYNE SAUNDERS Class giant DAVID SCRUGGS Dependable REBECCA SMALL Redhead ENIORS ENJOY THE PRIVILEGE WAYNE SMALL She loves me not LINDA STEVENS Ready for a laugh RICHARD SPERRY All great men are dead BETTY TAYLOR Willing to work BARBARA STEELE I live to love MARY THACKER Live wire JIMMY STEVENS Calm, cool and collected JOANNE THOMPSON Kind and sweet ALFRED TOMLIN He ' s all right WILLIAM TURNER Dry joker JOE TYREE Practical FRANCES VESTAL She’s got what it takes OF BEING “FIRST BELL” STUDENTS The friendly heart is never lonely. Wayne Small and Peggy Dameron ' . . % HERBERT WALKUP SHIRLEY WHITE JUDY WOOD LINDA WOOD Unconcerned Pert and pretty Quiet, but look again Neat, man, neat FINALE! THE SENIOR CLASS MYRNA WOOD See what I have? BROWNING WOOTEN I don’t understand DORIS WOOTEN Where ' s my Marine? HOWARD WRIGHT Gentle and shy JOYCE WRIGHT Nice personality RAY WYLAND A real lady killer 48 PHYLLIS CRITZER ELIZABETH FLOYD MARIAN KIDD BUDDY MARTIN 1959 — POST GRADUATES — I960 REBA MAYS RALEIGH SATTERWHITE RONNIE SITES REBECCA SLAUGHTER ANN SMALL JOYCE STEWART MARSHALL TOMLIN NANCY WOOD IIIHHU SMILE AND THE WORLD WILL PAY YOU HOMAGE, m FRANCES VESTAL WAYNE SMALL 5 ? $ J K uSfflW r i THE BEST-DRESSED IN OUR MIDST FRED CLARKSON BECKY SMALL CAROLYN PARRISH RAY WYLAND DAVID DODD SHIRLEY PUGH WISE MEN LAY UP KNOWLEDGE MELISSA LOVING HUGH EATON ■ MARY VANCE LANGRAN Vice-President HUGH CAMPBELL Secretary-Treasurer SAMUEL BRYANT President wmm i V 1: N| IPO ] i id JESSE ADAMS BARBARA BOND MARSHALL ADAMS JANE BOOTH CAROL BARRENTINE BILLY BRYANT WAYNE ALLEN WAYNE BRADLEY MICHAEL BEASLEY LULA BROWN % MEMBERS IN THE JUNIOR CLAS SAMUEL BRYANT EARLEEN BRYANT ELMO BUCHANAN BETTY CAMPBELL JAMES CAMPBELL NANCY CAMPBELL HUGH CAMPBELL SHIRLEY CAMPBELL JERRY CARTER IRENE CARTER Members of the cast, " Hay Fever " at work. JUNIOR PLAY “HAY FEVER ROBERT CARTER HAROLD COSS PEGGY CLARKSON JUDY CURRY DAVID COBB BETTY DAVIS ELDA COFFEY PATRICIA COOK LINDA DEAN ELIZABETH DILLARD WILLIAM DRUMHELLER HUGH EATON WAYNE FORTUNE JACKIE GOODLOE JOEL FALLS BARBARA GORDON ERNEST FITZGERALD PHYLLIS FITZGERALD JOYCE GOWEN GRACIE HAAS RATED ONE OF THE BEST MILDRED HAAS RAY HARRIS JEAN HALL CHARLES HARVEY ANNE HARRIS JOHN HARVEY KATIE HARRIS CARL HASH PATRICIA HARRIS MARTIN HATTER I DO THE BEST f KNOW HOW, THE VERY BEST i CAN AND I MEAN EEP DOiHG 50 TILL THE END; HE ENB IP N”L ME OUT ALL T, W V»T IS - ID AGAINST ME I T AMO NT Tt ANYTHIN Juniors who measure up to the mark. - Richard Seaman - Peggy Clarkson MRS. CATHERINE WHITEHEAD CHOSEN SHIRLEY HATTER LINDA HENDERSON LEMEUL HERRING DOUGLAS HIGGENBOTHAM DICKIE HILL LINDA HUGHES MARY LANGRAN MELISSA LOVING GEORGE LUNSFORD CAROLYN MASON CATHERINE MAWYER REMONIA MAYS ANN MORRIS JOAN NEWBERRY JOAN MILLER WILLIAM PARR JOYCE MILLER LINDA PERDUE SAILOR MOHLER ALVIN PONTON JUNIOR CLASS SPONSOR RONNIE QUICK NANCY RAGLAND BRENDA REESE BARBARA ROBERTSON PHILLIP RHODES ROSS ROGERS RICHARD SEAMAN HAROLD SMITH KATHLEEN SPENCER PHYLLIS STEVENS Melissa Loving, Hugh Eaton, Judy Curry, and Linda Henderson stand proudly by. BETTY STEWART RHODA SWARTZENTRUBER PEGGY JO TAYLOR JOSEPHINE TERRY ROSE MARIE THORPE PATSY TRUSLOW RUBY ANN TRUSLOW MARY WADE BEVERLY WARE DORIS WHITE 64 REBECCA WHITE ROBERT WILKINSON EDWARD WITT MARY E. WOOD AVIS WYLAND Not Pictured - DAN MARTIN LAST BUT NOT LEAST — HUEY 65 THEIR CLASSMATES AS THE MOST HUGH CAMPBELL BETTY RHEA CAMPBELL ; ELIZABETH STEVE Vice-President Arnetta Allen Brenda Allen Kay Allen Clifton Anderson Paul Blevins Carl Brown Donald Brown Wilmer Browning MaryF. Bryant Nancy G. Bryant SOPHOMORE CLASS NUMBERS ONE HUNDRED-THIRTEEN Nancy C. Bryant Pat Campbell Bruce Cash Alvin Burnley Virginia Campbell Lester Clements Robert Butt Zelma Campbell Thomas Clements Louise Campbell Elinor Carter Ethel Coffey Maynard Campbell Norma Carter Andrew Coleman Carole Cook David Cooke Harry Davis Phillip Dodd Marvin Drumheller Ray Dugan Phyllis Dunning Ronald Eakin Johnny Ellis David Embrey SOPHOMORE CLASS SELECTS Brenda Saunders and Bill Hill are the favorites of their fellow sophomores. ap I fflm f AO - K| m m ■ « ■M. Susan Embrey Danny Fields Annie Fitzgerald Carolyn Fitzgerald Jesse Fitzgerald Joyce E. Fitzgerald Joyce M. Fitzgerald Judy Floyd Maynard Fortune William Fortune MRS, DONNA COOK AS SPONSOR Jimmy Garwood Randolph Glass Margie Gowen Jerry Greiner R. D. Harlow Morris Herring Madeline Higgenbotham Billy Hill Sandra Jordan Billy Kirby Mildred MacGregor Billy McCartney Gwendolyn Griffin Brenda Jordan Faye McClain mm I % 1 .L m , 1 Barbara McFadden Charles Massie Robert McFadden Wanda Mattox R. B. Mann Herbert Mawyer Barbara Martin Betty Mays Warren Martin Elizabeth Mays SOPHOMORES LEAD IN HONOR ROLL MEMBERS " Strong " supporters of the Sophomore Class are Madeline Higgenbotham and Billy Hill. Jimmy Mays Ronnie Phillips Faye Morgan Deloris Ponton Nettie Morris Johnny Ponton Lillie O ' Brien Jimmy Powell DURING SECOND SIX WEEKS PERIOD Carlton Pugh Charlotte Scruggs Larry Smith Eugene Robertson Grady Seay Jackie Spencer Susan Rourke Judy Simpson James Spencer Manley Rucker Gary Small L. P. Spencer Ann Pannell Willard Proffitt Brenda Saunders Ella Jane Smith Bill Sperry Elizabeth Spicer Elizabeth Stevens Gayle Stevens Howard Stevens Diane Thompson Benton Tinder Paul Truslow Alice Tyree Jean Tyree Kenneth Tyree FOUR SOPHOMORES MAKE ALL-STATE BAND Barbara White Sandra White Spencer Wilkinson Mary Wills Georgia Wood Roger Wood R. w. Grant A representative Sophomore - Rhoda Swartzentruber 74 ROGER THOMPSON ALICE EFFINGER BRYANT Eva Adams Nancy Adams Mary Allen Shelvia Allen Stevie Ashley Herbert Babish Ann Baker Thomas Beale David Bond Edward Boyd Virginia Branch Margaret Branch FRESHMEN NUMBER 219 AT MID-TERM Freddie Brent Lemuel Bryant Edna Campbell Alice Bryant Ann Bryant Della Bryant Ronald Bryant Barbara Bullock Beatrice Campbell James Campbell Kathleen Campbell Kifferly Campbell James Bryant Jean Bryant Brenda Campbell Don Campbell Margaret Campbell Peggy Campbell Rodney Campbell Thomas Campbell Linda Candler Herman Canody Audrey Carroll Brenda Carroll Bobby Casey William Casey Janice Chappell Gloria Clarkson Billy Clements Billy Bullock TWO FRESHMEN SUCCEED IN They deserve their popularity. - Herman Canody - Judy Hughes Douglas Clements Marie Coffey Patricia Coffey Cecil Collins Barry Cook Reed Cox Charlotte Craig Howard Craig Katherine Craig Harley Critzer Ronnie Critzer Ruby Crouch MAKING THE ALL “A” HONOR ROLL Doris Demasters Grady Duncan Elma Fitzgerald Tommie Diehr Sharon Duncan Thaxton Floyd Artie Drumheller Walter Evans Mary Flythe Douglas Drumheller Joan Falls Carolyn Fox Janet Drumheller Wayne Drumheller Judy Ferguson Maxine Ferguson Micheral Gibson Brenda Gleason Carmel Goodwin Linda Harlow Joyce Goolsby Roger Harlow Audrey Gormes Betty Harris Hilda Gormes June Harris Wayne Greiner Wallace Harris Larry Hall Leona Hatter TWENTY-NINE FRESHMEN ENROLLED The sports’ world beckons - Larry Small - Joan Martin Sarah Hatter Wilbert Hatter William Heineman Susie Henderson Dowell Higgenbotham William Hill Ronnie Hoadley Alice Hudson Barbara Hughes Judy Hughes Lucian Hughes Dean Irvine IN OUR ACADEMIC COURSE Jo Ann Johnson Donald Kidd Danny McGann Judy Johnson Sharon Kidd Richard McMurry Shirley Johnson Riley Kitchen Linda McNabb Walter Johnson Nancy Lapp Joe Marks Joe Jordon Jean Lawhorne Michael Marshall Frankie Justus Becky Lunsford Betty Martin Harold Mawyer Carroll Massie Joan Martin Ruth Martin Thomas Massie Alma Mawyer Shirley Martin Bobby Mawyer Walter Martin Gary Mawyer Barbara Mason Susanne Mawyer FIFTY-SIX FRESHMEN Ronnie Hoadley on duty at the Ticket Stand Robert Mays Mary Mitchell Viola Mays Linda Napier Ronald Meeks Charles Nash Zane Meeks Frankie Neese Carroll Miller Jerry Neese Elaine Miller Ann Oliver CHOOSE HOME ECONOMICS Harold Orman Mildred Phillips Bobby Pugh James Paisley Wylema Phillips Frankie Purvis Randy Parr James Pillow Carolyn Quick Connie Patterson Earnest Powell Mickey Quick Rebecca Perdue Betty Proffitt Russel Ragland Bruce Phillips Shirley Proffitt Shirley Ramsey Michael Reese Jane Robertson Shirley Rothgeb Deloris Saunders Judy Saunders Larry Saunders Sally Saunders David Scott Carolyn Shepherd Hunter Simpson Samuel Simpson Donald Sites FRESHMEN MEMBERSHIP IN CHORAL Left to right: Linda Napier, Wayne Drumheller, Barbara Bullock, W. J. Hill Science students examine photographic equipment. ' Ronald Sites Roger Snead James Slaughter Maude Spencer Larry Small Stanley Sperry Susan Smith Faye Stevens Virginia Smith Peggy Stevens Larry Smoot Harriet Stewart CLASS NUMBERS EIGHT Jackie Stinnett Liza Thacker Patricia Thompson Susan Stinnett Betty Thomas Jimmy Tinder Charles Taylor Doris Thompson Donald Truslow Joyce Taylor Glenwood Thompson Janet Tucker Amanda Terry Peggy Terry Richard Thompson Roger Thompson Janice Turner Russell Tyree Nancy Umbarger Dale Ward Phyllis Witt Betty Wood Cecil White Dawn Wood Patricia White Joyce Whitehead Thomas Williams Raymond Wood Marguerite Woodsor Mary Wooten Trudy Saunders SEATED: Janet Tucker, Doris Thompson, Janice Chappell. STANDING: Mr. Wall. Garland Wright Freshmen receiving individual instruction. Elizabeth Lanahan - Secretary-Treasurer; Glenda Cook - Vice-President; Frances Vestal - President; Betty Ann Hughes - Reporter. BETA CLUB The Beta Club is composed of students with grades of " B " and above. The group is concerned with scholarship and tries to promote better work through bulletin boards, sponsoring the honor roll, and giving gifts to students making outstanding grades. FRONT ROW, left to right: Betty Ann Hughes, Elizabeth Lanahan, Frances Vestal, Glenda Cook, Mrs. Lincoln - Sponsor, Judy Curry, Linda Henderson, Hugh Eaton III, Melissa Loving. 88 Madeline Higginbotham - President, Melissa Loving - Vice-President, Marian Kidd - Rep., Rebecca Small - Secretary. LIBRARY CLUB The purpose of the Library Club is to enable students to learn library procedures, to provide vocational explora¬ tion in library service, to popularize reading in the school and to enjoy varied group experiences. Library Club goals include: a study of library resources, a publicity program to promote reading and library improvement. ROW 1: Barbara Clark, Becky Small, Melissa Loving, Marian Kidd, Mrs. Orndorff, Georgia Wood. ROW 2: Nancy Wood, Betty Taylor, Linda Hughes, Zane Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Carol Cook, Mildred Phillips. ROW 3: Shirley Pugh, Peggy Dameron, Ann Small, Linda Dean, Joyce Stbwart, Bobby Dillard, Merolene Dun¬ can, Carl Hash, Sandra Jordon. ROW 4: Billy Brent, Harold Saunders, Alfred Tomlin, Jimmy Garwood. 89 Connie Martin - Secretary-Treasurer; Joan Gleason - Vice-President; Becky Slaughter - President; Bobby Dillard - Reporter. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America Club of 1959-60 has its face toward the future. The goals include intensive study of teaching as a career, an assembly program emphasizing Teaching Career Month, a trip to an area col¬ lege, and supervised teaching. One highlight of our program was a Faculty Tea given at Christmas. 90 FIRST ROW, left to right: Connie Martin, MaryF. Thacker, Carolyn Parrish, Rose Marie Barrentine, Joan Gleason, Becky Slaughter, Barbara Steele, Melissa Loving. SECOND ROW: Frances Vestal, Beverly Ware, W. D. Campbell, Miss Turner - Sponsor, Bobby Dillard, Hugh Eaton III, Jane Booth. ROW 1: Glenda Cooke - Secretary, Betty A. Hughes - President, Doris Claytor - Vice-President. ROW 2: Joanne Thompson - Treasurer, Elizabeth Dillard - Historian, Shirley White - Parliamentarian. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA The Future Business Leaders of America is an organization for students interested in business careers. The FBLA strives to promote business leadership and business activities within our school and community. The following are activities that are on the FBLA ' s agenda for this year: preparation of business bulletin boards, participation in district competition, study of parliamentary law, panel discussions, spelling, and fund-raising activities. ROW 1: Nancy Mawyer, Glenda Cooke, Betty A. Hughes, Doris Claytor, Shirley White, Elizabeth Dillard, Rose Marie Barrentine, Joanne Thompson. ROW 2: Betty Banton, Jean Hall, Shirley Pugh, Carolyn Parrish, Lula Brown, Marian Farrar, Phyllis Critzer, Elizabeth Floyd, Elda Coffey, Kitty Spencer, Betty Stewart. ROW 3: Ruby Fitzgerald, Phyllis Stevens, Jerry Carter, Josephine Terry, Ann Harris. 91 SEATED: Judy Curry, Audrey Dodd, Becky Small, Glenda Cook, Joanne Thompson, Connie Martin, Frances Vestal. ROW 1: Doris Claytor, Barbara Steele, Peggy Taylor, Ann Small, Carolyn Parrish, Betty A. Hughes, Shirley Pugh, Beverly Ware, Ruby Fitzgerald. ROW 3: Elizabeth Lanahan, Reba Mays, Merolene Duncan, Billy Kirby, Bobby Dillard, Richard Sperry, Shirley White. (Rick Cook - not pictured) THE STAFF Becky Small Joanne Thompson Doris Claytor Glenda Cook Peggy Dameron Advertising Co-Editor Business Manager Co-Editor Advertising Shirley Pugh Frances Vestal Reba Mays Connie Martin Richard Sperry Art Pictures Clubs Pictures Advertising 92 Carolyn Parrish Betty Hughes Judy Curry Elizabeth Lanahan Ann Small Business Manager Advertising Copy Associate Editor General Copy Advertising Mrs. Roberts Audrey Dodd Shirley White Bobby Dillard Mrs. Coleman Co-Sponsor Advertising Advertising Copy Art Co-Sponsor THOS. NELSON JR. THE TRAVELING TEAM STANDING, left: Audrey Dodd, Peggy Jo Taylor, Billy Kirby. IN CAR: Ann Small. Carolyn Parrish, Connie Martin, Peggy Dameron. STANDING, right: Reba Mays, Becky Small, Richard Sperry. ON TOP: Barbara Steele, Frances Vestal, Bev Ware. 93 ROW 1: L. Candler, Z. Meeks, J. Gormes, B. Proffitt, A. Gormes, B. Jordon, B. Mays. ROW 2: P. Coffey, M. Langram, J. Allen, M. Ferguson, B. Lunsford, G. Clarkson. ROW 3: B. Allen, B. Hughes, C. Parrish, N. Adams, D. Thompson, J. Bryant, Miss Wood. ROW 4: A. Harris, S. Campbell, P. Witt, A. Mohler, G. Stevens, J. Tyree, L. Thacker, V. Purvis, S. Proffitt. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 1 11 IIBBBBII ROW 1: J. Floyd, P. Dunning, M. Gowen, R. Fitzgerald, N. Umbarger, D. Wooten, A. Pannell. ROW 2: B. Clark, M. Campbell, J. Johnson, E. Miller, E. Mays, B. Robertson, B. Fitzgerald, Miss Brumback. ROW 3: C. Shepherd, L. Banton, G. Wood, J. Harris, D. Thompson. ROW 4: B. Saunders, M. Spencer, B. Bullock, R. Fitzgerald, M. Wooten, B. Ware. ROW 5: J. Hughes, C. Scruggs, G. Griffin, S. Rourke, K. Allen. 94 Betty Stewart, Betty Mays, Brenda Allen, Phyllis Stevens, Mary V. Langran, Arnetta Allen. F.H. A. is an organization designed primarily to futher interest in Home Economics. The Nelson Chapter par¬ ticipates in activities of the Martha Jefferson Federation, comprised of Albemarle, Scottsville, and Nelson Chapter members. This year the Nelson Chapter members attended the Winter Rally at Albemarle and the Spring Rally at Scottsville. Mary Vance Langran and Vada Purvis were members of a state projects committee. The chapter planted spring flowers on the school grounds and contributed food and clothing to a needy family at Christmas. During National F. H. A. week, they fnade news with their Mother-daughter-father banquet. Five members attended F.F.A. -F.H. A. 95 ROW 1: Mrs. Cook, Jackie Bryant, Linda Hughes, Annie Fitzgerald, Joyce Gowen, Joan Newberry, Elinor Car¬ ter. ROW 2: Rhoda Swartzentruber, Liza Thacker, Lula Brown, Shirley Rothgeb, Ella Jane Smith, Jean Hall, Carolyn Shepherd. ROW 3: Brenda Jordan, Eddie Boyd, Lucian Hughes, Freddie Brent, Sharon Kidd, Charlotte Scruggs. BIBLE CLUB Every year a course is chosen to be the object of study during the following school year. For this year, the mem¬ bers of the Bible Club have chosen to study religious denominations. They have had a guest speaker and a panel discussion and hope to obtain the services of another minister before the year is up. As in the past, they have ar¬ ranged several bulletin boards. At Easter they plan for an assembly program. Linda Henderson - Vice-President, Elinor Carter - Secretary-Treasurer, Jackie Bryant - President. 96 JUNIOR RED CROSS Junior Red Cross, which has not existed in the county for many years, was reorganized at Nelson County High last year. Members of J.R.C. participate in many acitivities of the County Red Cross Chapter program. Representatives with Sponsor. ROW 1: Becky Small, Peggy Dameron, Merolene Duncan, Zane Campbell, Miss Brumback. ROW 2: Linda Napier, Judy Ferguson, Barbara Fitzgerald, Barbara Gordon, Joyce Whitehead. ROW 3: Roger Wood, Delores Dameron, Barbara Bullock. 97 4-H HONOR CLUB i yl ♦ " hR .1 ROW 1: Billy Brent, Kay Allen, Shirley White, Elizabeth Spicer, Elizabeth Dillard. ROW 2: Carol Barrentine, Linda Henderson, Bruce Cash, Vada Purvis, Warren Martin, Pat Campbell. The Honor Club is composed of the top 4-H Club members in this county Completing all previously required projects and being over fourteen years of age, are only two of the many standards to be reached. When you become a member, you are presented with a certificate stating that you are eligible to join because of your achievements. 98 Judy Simpson - Secretary-Treasurer, Judy Hughes - President, Eva Adams - Vice-President. 4-H CLUB ROW 1: Zane Meeks, Judy Johnson, Hilda Gormes, Betty Davis, Rose Thorpe, Barbara Fitzgerald, Patricia Cof¬ fey, Betty Mays. ROW 2: Ann Harris, Carolyn Parrish, Carolyn Shepherd, Stevie Ashley, Betty Harris, Judy Floyd, Joan Falls. ROW 3: Sharon Kidd, Peggy Taylor, Linda Dean, Judy Simpson, Connie Martin, Elaine Mil¬ ler. ROW 4: Eva Adams, Deloris Saunders, Brenda Gleason, Barbara Bullock, David Cobb, Roger Thompson, Madeline Higginbotham. 99 ROW 1: T. Beale, M. Phillips, M. Jordan, B. Jordon, B. Robertson, J. Miller, M. Farrar, B. Reese, J. Mil¬ ler. ROW 2: W. Bradley, E. Buchanan, P. Oliver, P. Harris, L. Brown, J. Stewart, R. Mays, A. Morris, J. Carter. ROW 3: M. Herring, B. Phillips, B. McCartney, E. Carter, M. Thacker, D. Fitzgerald, P. Oliver, P. Clarkson, J. Wright, R. Wood. ROW 4: L. Herring, D. Campbell, F. Bryant, V. Purvis, M. Wood, J. Purvis, L. Boyd, C. Brown. ROW 5: C. Coffey, B. Cook, R. Quick, M. Quick, R. Harris, C. Brown, M. Reese, G. Seay, L. P. Spencer, J. Floyd. ROW 6: R. D. Harlow, B. Carter, R. B. Mann, K. Glass. (Mr. James Braw- ley, Sponsor not pictured) SAFETY PATROL Jerry Floyd - First Lieutenant; Jerry Carter - Captain; Roger Wood - Second Lieutenant. We are proud to have such a fine safety patrol this year. They have helped in promoting safety and good will toward the parents and the school. 100 “SCHOOL ECHOES” STAFF SEATED: Merolene Duncan, Carolyn Parrish, Jackie Bryant, Betty Rhea Campbell, Judy Simpson. STANDING: Reba Mays, Rick Cook, Richard Sperry, Jimmy Garwood. The paper, " School Echoes, " is a project of the Student Council. The main purpose of the paper is to give the students a general review of Nelson High’s activities. Although this is the first year a paper has been pub¬ lished, we have been highly successful. Edition No. 3 Nelson County High School, Lovingston, Virginia Price 50 CHRISTMAS RECORD HOP The SCA plans to have a Christmas Record Hop on December 19 in the cafeteria. Admission to this dance will be clothing or canned goods of some kind. The goods collected from admissions will be given to the Welfare Department. Fran Russell of radio station WLVA in Lynchburg has been invited to attend and serve as Master of Ceremonies for the dance. We hope Mr. Russell will be able to attend. HAY FEVER The Junior Class is proud to announce that their play, " Hay Fever " by Noel Coward was a tremendous success. It has been deemed by many as the best pro¬ duction ever presented on the Nelson County High School stage. " While I have not seen all the plays given at Nel¬ son County High School, " says Mrs. John B. White- head, " The one I saw Friday night was decidedly the most Jerry Saunders - President, Stanley Mays - Vice-President, Jimmy Stevens - Rep., George Lunsford - Treasurer, Alfred Tomlin - Secretary, R. B. Mann - Sentinel. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Future Farmers of America is the organization for boys studying vocational agriculture. The foundation up¬ on which the F. F. A. is built includes leadership and character development, cooperation, service, thrift, schol¬ arship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship, and patriotism. 102 F.F.A. Project. Clinton Anderson and Tommy Massie at work on book shelves. KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN Keep Virginia Green Crews are organized in rural high schools throughout Virginia. Their purpose is to assist the Chief Forest Warden of the county in the prevention of forest fires. They are. organized and trained by the Chief Forest Warden with the assistance of trained personnel from the Virginia Division of Forestry 103 FORESTRY JUDGING TEAM Jerry Saunders - second high individual in State Crop Judging Contest at the F.F. A. Rally on V.P.I. Campus, June 1959. Left to right: George Lunsford, Stanley Mays, Jerry Saunders, Jimmy Stevens, Paul Truslow. F.F. A. Forestry Judging Team members are Jerry Saunders, Jimmy Stevens, Stanley Mays, Paul Truslow, Her¬ bert Walkup, and George Lunsford. This team won first place in F.F. A. Flag Federation contest at Charlottes¬ ville. Events judged were: tree identification, log scaling, wood land management, estimating pulpwood vol¬ ume in standing trees, estimating board feet volume in standing trees, and thinning a forestry plot. 104 I m mmm — ft Iff z ' ■ •••-• Pw «ainHMiMi —— mm mmk m Sbkwmwb www mkshi mbimi m L ii —■ niriiMii ■«!■■—i T fniTli Love of the Fine Arts Becky Slaughter Mr. Robert Sanger - Band and Choral Director instructing Becky Slaughter. 106 CONCERT BAND jt pmu ' ' y-t ' ' y v, - ' P ' ■ ' v i , % d i -,., , • v A 1 .jr : • • ' • glfS - tewrafjWPar R. ggi MAJORETTES Audrey Dodd, Lynda Wood, Becky Slaughter, Joyce Whitehead, Peggy Dameron. 107 The District " V " All-State Band met at Nelson County High School on February 5, 6, and 7. Twenty-seven schools were represented from the surrounding area. Nineteen Nelson County students participated in the event. 108 The Concert Band was directed by Mr. Paul R. Bryan from Duke University, and the Workshop Band by Mr. John Kinyon from Lima, New York. A Concert concluded the event before a capacity crowd of nearly 1200 people. 109 ALL-STATE BAND iyl ’ AM ROW 1: W. D. Campbell, Rhoda Swartzentruber, Becky Small, Connie Patterson, Alice Bryant, Jane Booth, Peggy Jo Taylor. ROW 2: Judy Simpson, Dawn Wood, Mary Langran, Elizabeth Stevens, Susan Embrey, Joan Martin, Carol Barrentine. DANCE BAND ROW 1: Alice E. Bryant, Elizabeth Stevens, Judy Simpson, Dawn Wood, Rose Barrentine, Frances Vestal, Mil¬ dred MacGregor. ROW 2: Jackie Stinnett, Bill Turner, Bobby Dillard, MaryV. Langran, Larry Boyd, Ray Wy- land. CHORUS Melissa Loving - Accompanist ROW 1: Jesse Fitzgerald, Joe Tyree, Elmo Buchanan, Jackie Stinnett, Diane Thompson, Mildred Phillips, Nancy Bryant, Stevie Ashley, Joanne Christian, Carol Mason, Marian Farrar, Phyllis Dunning. ROW 2: Ken¬ neth Tyree, Eddie Witt, Ray Harris, Wayne Fortune, Artie Drumheller, Rhoda Swartzentruber, Linda Dean, Joyce Fitzgerald, Evilena Fortune, Brenda Gleason, Annie Fitzgerald, Barbara Robertson, Connie Martin. ROW 3: Alvin Ponton, Ronnie Sites, Riley Kitchen, Billy Drumheller, Becky Slaughter, Nancy Campbell, Helen Duncan, Faye Morgan, Judy Saunders, Patricia Harris, Alice Tyree, Barbara Clarke. ROW 4: Jimmy Higgin¬ botham, Buddy Langran, Jerry Floyd, Ronnie Quick, Brenda Carroll, Audrey Carroll, Elinor Carter, Irene Car¬ ter, Patricia Cook, Cecil White, Ann Morris, Marian Kidd. ALL-STATE CHORUS Connie Martin, Nancy Campbell, Artie Drumheller, James Langran (not pictured). All-State Chorus, North, was held at McClain High School in McClain, Virginia, on February 19, 20, and 21. The 170 voice chorus was directed by Miss Eleanor Tipton of Philadelphia. Four students attended this event from Nelson County High School. THE SENIOR CHOIR Pianist - Melissa Loving. ROW 1: Jesse Fitzgerald, Artie Drumheller, Jackie Stinnett, Patricia Harris, Connie Martin, Helen Duncan, Faye Morgan. ROW 2: Alvin Ponton, Jerry Floyd, Rhoda Swartzentruber, Linda Dean, Ann Morris, Alice Tyree, Marian Kidd. ROW 3: Nancy Campbell, Becky Slaughter, Jimmy Higginbotham, Buddy Langran, Joanne Christian. i a V !,f:UL ( f f i 1 4 W % s .« % fcs- ... ,. " ' " ■ Bp " sEL, j . •anCMS J. SHERMAN LEAGUE — ATHLETIC DIRECTOR Enthusiasm for his job and sustained effort toward its fulfillment are the traits that best characterize Coach League. He refuses to sacrifice principle for expediency. GOING ON A TRIP Mr. Cook, Andrew Coleman, Dan Martin, Don Fennell, Fred Clarkson, Richard Seaman, Artie Drumheller, Sailor Mohler, Wayne Small, J. P. Harvey, Howard Wright, Rick Cook, Lester Bell. Coach Larry Dofflemyer, I 14 Chuck Harvey, John Ellis, Jackie Goodloe. ROW 1: Chuck Harvey, Dan Martin, Richard Seaman, Howard Wright, Wayne Small, Jackie Goodloe, J. P. Harvey, David Dodd. ROW 2: Don Fennell, Bobby Wilkerson, Fred Clarkson, L. P. Spencer, Sailor Mohler, Johnny Ellis, Andrew Coleman, Ronnie Eakin. ROW 3: Larry Smith, Billy Bullock, Bill Lincoln, Artie Drum- heller, Billy Hill, David Cooke. VARSITY 115 In a huddle! 9 « 8jK- - ' ' ; ; DEFENSE Dan Martin, Andrew Coleman, Richard Seaman, Wayne Small. . £ { i Next year ' s captains Richard Seaman, Chuch Harvey, Sailor Mohler. OFFENSE ROW 1: Harvey, Martin, Seaman, Wright, Small, Goodloe, Harvey, Dodd. ROW 2: Fennell, Wilker- son, Clarkson, Spencer, Mohler. 117 ; mmmm C- W S S£i8 mm ROW 1: Danny Fields, Buddy Craig, Larry Small. ROW 2: Jimmy Higginbotham, Buddy Martin, Artie Irvine. EIGHTH GRADE ROW 1: Jimmy Campbell, Dale Ward, Douglas Drumheller, Richard Thompson, Glennwood Thompson, Wayne Simpson, Dean Irvine. ROW 2: Danny Fields, Douglas Clements, Tommy Campbell, Herbert Babish, Buddy Craig, David Scott, Larry Small, Rodney Campbell. ROW 3: Jimmy Higginbotham, Buddy Martin, Artie Irvine. 118 Jackie Goodloe, Richard Seaman, Donald Fennell, Fred Clarkson, Billy Lincoln, Rick Cook, Neil Harvey, Billy Bullock, Lester Bell, Lemuel Herring, Andrew Coleman, Coach Dofflemyer. VARSITY Tri-captains with coach Rick Cook, Lester Bell, Billy Lincoln, Coach Larry Dofflemyer. 119 ' ■ RICK COOK LARRY DOFFLEMYER BILL LINCOLN Forward Coach JACKIE GOODLOE 120 Guard LEMUEL HERRING Forward ANDREW COLEMAN Forward DONALD FENNELL Guard NEIL HARVEY Forward LESTER BELL Guard FRED CLARKSON Forward RICHARD SEAMAN Guard BILLY BULLOCK Guard 121 JUNIOR VARSITY Walter Evans, Billy Kirby, Spencer Wilkerson, Andrew Coleman, Tom Massie, Jimmy Garwood, Jackie Goodloe, Alvin Burnley, Willard Proffitt, Carl Brown, Bobby Wilkerson, David Cooke. EIGHTH GRADE 122 Wayne Simpson, Doug Drumheller, Dale Ward, Jimmy Campbell, David Scott, Buddy Craig, Doug Clements, Mr. League, Coach. -v« i I E 11 1 m ,w X : , 0 til 1 They give untiringly of themselves. Melissa Loving, Judy Curry, Peggy Clarkson, Bev Ware, Frances Vestal, Becky Slaughter, Mary Vance Langran Barbara Steele, Jean Hall. They must be winning!! ! Miss Hester - Sponsor and Cheerleaders GIRLS’ BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Phyllis Oliver, Mary Thacker, Miss Hester, Barbara Steele, Frances Vestal, Mr. Kirby, Coach, Peggy Clarkson, Joan Gleason. BACK ROW: Brenda Allen, Elizabeth Spicer, Linda Wood, Katie Harris, Bev¬ erly Ware, Shirley Campbell, Catherine Mawyer, Mildred MacGregor, Madeline Higginbotham, Joan Martin, Rebecca White, Gale Stevens. SCHEDULE 1959=60 GIRLS ' BASKETBALL RECORD Nelson County 62 New London 46 Nelson County 53 Amherst 33 Nelson County 52 Appomattox 38 Nelson County 43 Rustburg 40 Nelson County 40 Amherst 10 Nelson County 51 Brookville 46 Nelson County 35 New London 32 Nelson County 33 Rustburg 53 Nelson County 52 Appomattox 32 Nelson County 44 Brookville 18 Nelson County 43 Scottsville 41 Nelson County 50 Waynesboro 41 Nelson County 49 Scottsville 37 Nelson County 50 Waynesboro 29 124 This year’s basketball season has ended with the Nelson County girls having the best record (13-1) ever realized at this high school or in any District IV high school in recent years. This was largely made possible through the untiring effort displayed by five seniors - Barbara Steele, Phyllis Oliver, Joan Gleason, Frances Vestal, Mary F. Thacker, and Peggy Clarkson, a junior, who filled the remaining position most ably. However, these six players were backed by a most competent second string. Scorewise, Barbara Steele averaged 19 points a game with Phyllis Oliver running a close second with 15 points. PHYLLIS OLIVER Forward BARBARA STEELE Co-Captain JOAN GLEASON Forward MARY FRANCES THACKER Guard FRANCES VESTAL Co-Captain PEGGY CLARKSON Guard 125 BASEBALL BILLY BULLOCK Physical fitness makes for all-round development. 128 Bev Ware - Merolene Duncan Peggy Jo Taylor MISS NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCI FRANCES VESTAL " How sweet and fair she seems to be. ” SOX COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL WAYNE SMALL Mark the perfect man and behold the upright BECKY SMALL HOMECOMING QUEEN 9 RICK COOK FRANCES VESTAL M ■ . THE F WALK IN THE LIGHT OF THEIR CLASSMATES’ APPROVAL PEGGY JO TAYLOR AL BRYANT A n £1 IT O ' irvw BETTY ANN MAYS U I! I) IH. • I A ' , ' ' npTC ' i; HyJLYjllJ’ Jl DAVID COOKE SENIOR STATISTICS BETTY JEAN BANTON Schuyler, Virginia FBLA 3; Junior Red Cross 3. LUCY ETTA BANTON Gladstone, Virginia FHA 1. ROSE MARIE BARRENTINE Wingina, Virginia Bible Club 3, 4; Dramatics 2; FHA 1, 2, 3; FBLA 4; Library 3; Pep Club 3; 4-H 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 2; Dance Band 4; Band 3, 4. LESTER BELL Arrington, Virginia Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Mono¬ gram Club 2, 3, 4. LARRY BOYD Roseland, Virginia Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2; Safety Patrol 1; Bible Club 1. CHARLES WAYNE BROWN Gladstone, Virginia Band 1, 2; Junior Red Cross 4; Safety Patrol 1,2, 3. JACKIE BRYANT Tye River, Virginia Bible Club 1, 2, 3, President 4; Safety Patrol 1; FHA 3, 4; FBLA 3; Student Council 1, 4; Editor - School Paper; Annual Staff 3. W. D. CAMPBELL Lowesville, Virginia Band 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 3; Beta Club 3, 4; FTA 3,4. LaDONNA ZANE CAMPBELL Roseland, Virginia FHA 1; 4-H 2; Library Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Junior Red Cross 1. JOHN SCOTT CARTER Piney River, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2, 3,4. JOANNE CHRISTIAN Piney River, Virginia FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Choral 4; Junior Red Cross 4. BARBARA JEAN CLARK Schuyler, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4; Library 1, 2, 3; Vice-President 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2, 3; Choral 4. FRED CLARKSON Arrington, Virginia Football 1, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Baseball 3, 4. DORIS CLAYTOR Shipman, Virginia Bible Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice- President 3; FBLA Reporter 3, Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; FHA 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 3. CARL FRANKLIN COFFEY Montebello, Virginia Safety Patrol 3, 4; KVG 2, 3, 4. CLAUDE COOK Lovingston, Virginia Band 1,2; SCA 3, Vice-President, Parliamen¬ tarian 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram 4; Vice-President Senior Class. GLENDA COOKE Afton, Virginia 4-H 2; FBLA 3, 4, Secretary; Beta Club 3, 4; Vice-President 4; Annual Staff 4. PEGGY DAMERON Faber, Virginia Bible 1, 2, 3; Choral 1, 2; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Majorette 2, 3, 4. BOBBY DILLARD Massies Mill, Virginia Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; FTA 3, 4; An¬ nual Staff 4; Library 4. AUDREY ELLEN DODD Nellysford, Virginia Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorette 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2, 3; An¬ nual Staff 3, 4; Library 1. DAVID DODD Roseland, Virginia 4-H 1, 2; Baseball 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Track 4. 137 HELEN DUNCAN Afton, Virginia Choral 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian; Library 1; Bible 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 3, 4; Student Council 1, 4; FHA 2. MEROLENE DUNCAN Faber, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H Honor Club Reporter 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 3; FBLA 3, Treasurer; Annual Staff 3, 4. MARIAN FARRAR Afton, Virginia FHA 3; Junior Red Cross 3; Bible 3; FBLA 4; Safety Patrol 4. DONALD FENNELL Shipman, Virginia Basketball 3, 4; Football 4; Baseball 3, 4; Mono¬ gram Club 4. DORIS FITZGERALD Massies Mill, Virginia Safety Patrol 3, 4. RUBY FITZGERALD Afton, Virginia FHA 2, 3, Reporter 4; FBLA 4; Safety Patrol 2, 3; Junior Red Cross 3, 4; Annual Staff 4. JERRY DAVID FLOYD Afton, Virginia Monogram 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Safety Patrol 3; Choral Vice-President 4; Baseball 2; KVG 1, 2, 3, 4. JOYCE FLOYD Lovingston, Virginia FHA 2, 3, 4; Bible 2; Library Club 2. EVELINA FORTUNE Lovingston, Virginia Safety Patrol 3; Choral Club 4. KENNETH CALVIN GLASS Afton, Virginia KVG 3; Safety Patrol 4. HELEN JOAN GLEASON Roseland, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3; Basketball 3, 4; Student Council 1; Junior Red Cross 3; Library 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep 3; FTA 3, Vice-President 4; Forensic Club 2. WAYNE GORMES Faber, Virginia Track 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4. CHARLES GRANT Roseland, Virginia Football 3; Basketball 3; 4-H Club 2. NEAL HARVEY Lowesville, Virginia Basketball 3, 4. TED LARRY HARVEY Lowesville, Virginia KVG 3, 4; Basketball 4; Track 4. JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM Afton, Virginia Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; Baseball 2, 3; Choral 2, 3, 4, President; Junior Class President; SCA 3; Band 2. BEVERLY HONNOLL Nellysford, Virginia FHA 1, 2; Junior Red Cross 4. BETTY ANN HUGHES Massies Mill, Virginia SCA 1, 2; FBLA Vice-President 3, President 4; Junior Class President; Beta Club 3, 4; FHA 4; Annual Staff 3, 4. ARTHUR IRVINE Afton, Virginia Monogram 3, 4; Baseball 3, 4; Football 3, 4. RAY JOHNSON Massies Mill, Virginia PEARL JONES Gladstone, Virginia PHYLLIS JONES Amherst, Virginia Safety Patrol 1; FHA 2, 3; Bible 2, 3, 4; News¬ paper Staff 4; Library Club 3, 4. JERRY O. JORDAN Tyro, Virginia FF A 1, 2, 3, 4; KVG 4; Junior Red Cross 3. MARY FRANCES JORDAN Schuyler, Virginia Junior Red Cross 3; Safety Patrol 4. KENNETH KIDD Shipman, Virginia JAMES LANGRAN Roseland, Virginia Safety Patrol 2, 3, 4; KVG 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 2, 3; 4-H 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All-State 2, 3; Choral 4; All-State Chorus 4. ELIZABETH LANAHAN Afton, Virginia FHA 2; Beta 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer; SCA 2; Annual Staff 4. BILLY LINCOLN Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3; Stu¬ dent Council 4. CONSTANCE LOUISE MARTIN Faber, Virginia Choral 1, 2, 3, 4; All-State 3, 4; Pep 3; Bible Club 2, 3; 4-H 2, 3, 4; FBLA 3, 4; FTA 3, 4, Sec¬ retary-Treasurer 4; Junior Red Cross 3; Annual Staff 3, 4; Library Club 2. JANET MASSIE Piney River, Virginia FHA 2, 3. NANCY MAWYER Lovingston, Virginia FBLA 4; Basketball 3. STANLEY MAYS Lovingston, Virginia FFA 2, 3,4; KVG 3,4. JOYCE MILLER Afton, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 3; Safety Patrol 4. MASSIE NAPIER Nellysford, Virginia ROBERT NAPIER Roseland, Virginia Library Club 1, 2; KVG 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS OLIVER Tyro, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 2, 3; FBLA 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3. CAROLYN PARRISH Gladstone, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3; Forensic 2; Library 1, 2, 3; Annual Staff 4; FBLA 3, 4; FTA 4; FHA 4; Junior Red Cross 3, 4. HOMER PONTON Roseland, Virginia FFA 1,2, 3, 4; KVG 4. SHIRLEY PUGH Afton, Virginia 4-H 1, 2; FBLA 3, 4; FHA 3; Library 4; Annual Staff 4. JANICE PURVIS Shipman, Virginia Safety Patrol 4; Bible Club 2. VADA PURVIS Shipman, Virginia Safety Patrol 3; 4-H 1, 2, 3; 4-H Honor Club 4; FHA 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4. MARY ROBERTSON Wingina, Virginia 4-H 1, 2, 3; Honor Club 4; Bible 2. HAROLD SAUNDERS, JR. Schuyler, Virginia Band 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2; Library Club 2, 3, 4; KVG 3, 4. JERRY SAUNDERS Arrington, Virginia FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Forestry Contest 1, 2, 3. WAYNE SAUNDERS Arrington, Virginia Safety Patrol 1; 4-H 1; KVG 3. DAVID SCRUGGS Gladstone, Virginia Science Club 3; KVG 3, 4. REBECCA JANE SMALL Nellysford, Virginia SCA 2, 3; Library Club 3, 4, Secretary 4; Pep Club 3; 4-H 2, 3, Secretary 3; Junior Red Cross 3; Annual Staff 3, 4. WAYNE SMALL Nellysford, Virginia Monogram Club 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2; Pep 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2. 139 RICHARD SPERRY Schuyler, Virginia Library Club 4; Science Club 3; Basketball 2; Football 2; Baseball 2; Pep Club 3. BARBARA ANN STEELE Piney River, Virginia 4-H 1; Forensic 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; FTA Vice-President 4; Library 1, 2, 3, 4; FHA 2, 3, President; SCA 2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader 3, 4. JIMMY STEVENS Lovingston, Virginia FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Safety Patrol 1, 2; Forestry Judging Contest 3, 4. LINDA STEVENS Arrington, Virginia Library 4; 4-H 1; FHA 2; Bible Club 1. BETTY JEAN TAYLOR Massies Mill, Virginia Library Club 4. MARY FRANCES THACKER Roseland, Virginia 4-H 1; Library 2, 4; FBLA 3, Historian 3, Treasurer 4; Annual Staff 3, 4. JOANNE THOMPSON Piney River, Virginia 4-H 1; FNA 1,2, 3, Vice-President 3; FBLA 3, Historian, 4 Treasurer; Annual Staff 3, 4. ALFRED TOMLIN Arrington, Virginia FFA 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4; KVG 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 3, 4; Basketball 1; Library 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM TURNER Norwood, Virginia 4-H 1, 2; Bible 1; Safety Patrol 1, 2; Band 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 4; Student Council 1. JOE TYREE Lovingston, Virginia Bible Club 1; Safety Patrol 1; Library 2. FRANCES VESTAL Lovingston, Virginia Student Council 1, 2, 3-Secretary, President 4; 4-H Vice-President 1; Library Secretary 1, President 2; Sophomore Class President; Basket¬ ball 2, 3, Co-Captain 4; Band 2, 3, 4; Beta 3; President 4; Annual Staff 2, 3, 4; Pep Club Pres¬ ident 3; Dance Band 2, 3, 4; FTA 3, 4. HERBERT WALKUP Arrington, Virginia FFA 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4. SHIRLEY WHITE Roseland, Virginia 4-H 1,2, Vice-President 3; 4-H Honor Club 4; FBLA 4, Parliamentarian; Forensic 2; Annual Staff 4; Junior Red Cross 3. JUDY WOOD Afton, Virginia Bible 1, 2; FHA 2; Band 2, 3, 4. LYNDA MARIE WOOD Piney River, Virginia Library 1, 4; FHA 2, 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Pep Club 3; Majorette 4; Basketball 4; Junior Red Cross 3. MYRNA ELAINE WOOD Lowesville, Virginia 4-H 1; FHA 1, 2, 3; Safety Patrol 4. BROWNING WOOTEN Shipman, Virginia KVG 4; FFA 4. DORIS WOOTEN Shipman, Virginia 4-H 1, 2; FHA 1, 2, 3; Bible 1, 2, 3, Secretary; Junior Red Cross 3. HOWARD WRIGHT Roseland, Virginia Basketball 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1; Football 2, 3, 4; SCA 2. JOYCE LEE WRIGHT Arrington, Virginia Safety Patrol 1; Junior Red Cross 3. RAY WYLAND Schuyler, Virginia Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; KVG 3, 4. 140 DUNBRIK Gracious Living - Brick by - DUNBRIK Reservoirs and Septic Tanks Re-enforced, Vibrated, Steam Cured With Galvanized Handles for Long Life Septic Tank Cleaning Service Most Modern Equipment BLUE RIDGE DUNBRIK COMPANY Waynesboro, Virginia Phone WHitehall 2-8386 Home of EARLY DAWN COOPERATIVE DAIRY, INC Dial WH Z8137 East Main Street, Waynesboro, Producers and Distributors of Grade A Dairy Products Owned and Controlled by the Farmer. Va. COMPLIMENTS OF BAUGHER CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet Cars and Trucks B B BUICK RAMBLER, INC. Buick, Rambler, Opel BRANNOCK ' S SALES SERVICE Mercury, Lincoln, Edsel DRIVER ' S SALES SERVICE Dodge Cars, Trucks and Dart PAUL FREED, INC. Ford Cars and Trucks NEWCOMER CADILLAC, PONTIAC ► Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile THE NEW CAR DEALERS at Waynesboro, Virginia ‘For All the News - When It Is News” WAYNESBORO NEWS-VIRGIN I AN Dial 2-8215 Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of BLUE RIDGE GROCERY CO., INC. Waynesboro, Virginia 327 WEST MAIN STREET WAYNESBORO. VIRGINIA Compliments of AUGUSTA CLEANERS AND TAILORS Waynesboro ' s Only Certified COLD STORAGE VAULT The graduate today faces greater career opportunities than ever before . . . you are wise to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of every career opportunity before selecting your life’s work. We invite your attention to the opportunities afforded by the Graphic Arts Industry, both for the high school graduate and for those who go on to college or trade school. We wish for each of the graduates of 1958 a future filled with health, happiness, and prosperity. 550 Commerce Avenue, Waynesboro, Virginia FISHBURNE’S DRUG STORE " Your Drug Store Since 1878 " Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of For Better Looks Look for THE FRIENDLY FOUR COFFEY ' S ESSO SERVICE LANE’S BARBER SHOP CENTER KENSER ESSO SERVICE Downstairs CENTER WALTON ESSO SERVICE 122 1 2 South Wayne Avenue CENTER KEMKEL ESSO SERVICE Waynesboro, Virginia CENTER WAYNESBORO RETAIL JEWELERS JEWEL BOX HODGES JEWELRY STORE BARR BROS. M R JEWELERS Waynesboro, Virginia E. W. BARGER AND COMPANY Dependable Insurance for All Your Insurance Needs Since 1911 See Us L. B. B. Building Waynesboro, Va. Phone WHitehall 2-8189 THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Waynesboro, Virginia Serving Waynesboro and vicinity for more than 60 years Interest paid on Savings Accounts Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System Main Office, Main Street and Wayne Avenue Drive-In-Branch, 1415 West Main Street Compliments of WAYNESBORO FURNITURE STORES AUGUSTA FURNITURE COMPANY BARKSDALE FURNITURE CORPORATION MODERN FURNITURE COMPANY MIZE SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Supplies Waynesboro, Virginia WHitehall 2-8273 Compliments of Dependable Service Since 1910 J. J. NEWBERRY CO. HAMILTON-COOK Variety - Department Store HARDWARE CO., INC. Your One Stop Shopping Paint - Appliances - Hardware Center Household and Farm Supplies 145 N. Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Va. Phone WH 2-8251 Meet CLARK DODD JR. Compliments of at THE MAN’S SHOP WAYNESBORO NURSERIES Virginia ' s Largest Growers of Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, 510 Main St. and Ornamental Plant Material Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia DOUGLAS R. TYREE President T. C. McDOW, JR. Vice President LOVELL HUGHSON, JR. Apprentice McDOW-TYREE FUNERAL HOME Dial WH-2-8133 Ambulance Service 234 Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of S. W. BARNS Cr ozet Virginia SUPERIOR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS Superior laiindry and dry cleaners slogan: " Let One Call Do It All " Laundry and Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery Service 24 hour service on request Main St. WH 6-3011 Plant - WH 6-4611 BLUE RIDGE TERRACE AND MOTOR COURT Afton, Virginia SAM P. MASSIE INSURANCE AGENT Auto - Life - Fire NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. WHitehall 6-3791 Amherst, Va. Compliments of SOUTHERN RESTAURANT tl A Good Place to Eat m Waynesboro, Virginia UKINUC FABRICATORS Compliments of WELDING IRON WORK; RHK i Since 1933, G. M. TERRY THE HUMPHRIES PRESS Bar Joist - Steel Deck " Planners and Producers of Steel and Aluminum Windows Custom and Commercial Pipe Columns - Lintels - Stairways Printing " Reinforcing Steel - Wire Mesh Structurals 722 East Main St. Phone WH. 3-9432 Dial WH-2-5 111 228 Commerce Ave. Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Va. EARLY DAWN DAIRY BAR 408 East Main Street, Waynesboro LYNDHAVEN FLORIST Route 250 East Stanton Dial 2-5671 321 West Main Street j Cold Plates - Sandwiches Salads - Breakfasts Waynesboro, Va. ’ Quality Dairy Products 6:30 A.M. - 12:30 A. M. Phone WHitehall 3-8556 i Service Curb Service 5:00 - 12:00 THE CITIZENS-WAYNESBORO Shop at BANK AND TRUST COMPANY ROSE’S 5-10-25c STORE Member Federal Reserve System and NEW F. D. I. C. " There Is No Substitute for Basement Sales Floor Savings " We Pay 3% Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia VALLEY MARKET GARST’S, INC. Live and Dressed Poultry Office, School and Hobby Supplies WHitehall 3-4531 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia FITZGERALD GROCERY THE AFTON STORE Amoco Gas and Oil GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone GL-6-2662 Dial Greenwood 3021 Afton, Virginia Afton, Virginia ANDERSON’S GARAGE Compliments of Avon, Virginia FALLS GROCERY " General Auto Repairs " Greenfield, Virginia Rt. 151 Phone GL 6-2427 FITZGERALD BUILDING SUPPLY HAVEN BROS. Manufacturers of All Types of Storm Windows and Doors " GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING " Sprayer Parts and Service Afton, Va. Dial GLenview 6-2641 Waynesboro, Virginia Greenwood, Va. HUDSON CLEANERS DYERS WAYNESBORO H. A WISEMAN SON Owners THEATER CORP. 220 Commerce Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Dial WH 3-6576 ROBERTS PIANO COMPANY Weave Stronger Family Ties with the Music Magic of a Baldwin Baldwin — Choice of the World’s Great Pianists The magic of the magnificent Baldwin is a vital link between parents and children . . . giving them both a common basis for fun and pleasure . . „ joining them in a mutual love and understanding of music. And for the beginner—young or old—the rich tone, flowing action and exciting response of this finest piano inspire perfection and hasten learning. As Nationally Advertised Complete Line of Band Instruments Sheet Music and Band Accessories Record and Hi-Fi Stereo Departments Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Staunton, Virginia symbol of progress. As graduation nears, let ' s lake a serious look at the past. We see that education has been largely responsible for the progress of our nation. Why ' Education is PROGRESS. Today — more than ever before — industry, business and labor, all, know the true values of a good educational system. EDUCATION, continues to stand as a true symbol of PROGRESS. ELECTRIC P01A POWER COMPANY McGEHEE FURNITURE CO., INC. 920-922 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia 2)ewtie (9nc. LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY REACH FOR SUNBEAM BATTERWHIP BREAD Virginia ' s Finest Bread Save - and Make It a Habit! LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office 616 Church St. Miller Park Branch 1990 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Virginia REAMS FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of Furniture and House Furnishings CRADDOCK TERRY " Let Us Make Your House a Home " SHOE CORPORATION 620-924 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg, Virginia ADAMS MOTOR CO. LYNCHBURG ' S EXCLUSIVE IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER - DESOTO - PLYMOUTH Dealer for I960 Follow the crowd and save money. Do business where business is being done. 811-813-815 Fifth Street Lynchburg, Virginia VI-5-3456 Route 3 MADISON HEIGHTS. VA PHONE VI. 6-5743 PARIS TV AND APPLIANCE Madison Heights, Virginia Compliments of JAMES A. SCOTT SON INC. f FITZGERALD CLEANERS 1400 Main Street Insurance and Bonds of Every Kind Since 1866 Lynchburg, Virginia 203-Z 10 Lynch Building Lynchburg, Virginia Portable Typewriter and Office Machine Headquarters in the Lynchburg Area Everything for Your Office at the Businessman’s Department Store BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY INCORPORATED Lynchburg, Va. 718 Main Street Compliments of J. W. WOOD WHOLESALE GROCER Distributor Pratt-Low and Pocahontas Fine Foods Lynchburg, Virginia FARMERS SEED SUPPLY CO., INC. Feed, Seed and Farm Supplies 1306 Main Street Phone Vi-5-2522 Lynchburg, Virginia HOME FURNITURE CO. 12th and Main Street There ' s No Place Like Home Lynchburg, Virginia S. O. FISHER, INC. Sporting and Athletic Supplies Educational Toys and Games 1024 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia PIEDMONT PONTIAC, INC. Vi-6521 1616 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Catalina - Star Chief Bonneville C. H. BEASLEY BRO. CORPORATION Wholesale Grocers 915-917 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia SOUTHERN PARTS BEARING CO., INC. " The Parts People " Lynchburg, Virginia BOTTLED GAS COMPANY OF LYNCHBURG, INC. Heatane Metered Gas Service 109 Thirteenth Street Telephone Vi-6-6549 BARR BROS. JEWELERS Diamonds - Watches Jewelry Easy Credit Terms 813 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Grow With Lynchburg After High School Attend PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia TOWN AND COUNTRY RESTAURANT Rt. 29 Madison Heights, Virginia LYNCHBURG CLOTHING COMPANY, INC. Wholesale and Retail Clothiers Men ' s and Boys ' Suits, Overcoats Pants, Hats and Caps 919 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Virginia KOHLER FIXTURES Bradford Water Heaters Rapidayton Water Pumps LYNCHBURG PLUMBING SUPPLY CO, Wholesale Plumbers 1217 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of BARKER-JENNINGS CORP. Wholesale Only Lynchburg, Virginia CANADA CANADAS PRODUCE MYERS RHODES EQUIPMENT CO. , INC. Myers - Orchard Sprayers New Idea - New Holland - Oliver McCulloch Chain Saws Simplicity Garden Tractors 1612-14 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia FARRAR ' S RIVERSIDE MARKET Groceries - Meats - Vegetables General Merchandise - Feed Fertilizer Esso Gas and Oil Sherwin-Williams Paints " We give family stamps " O. F. FARRAR - GL 6-2328 Afton, Va. VIRGINIA FARMERS UNION SERVICE CORPORATION Fertilizers - Feed - Tires Paints - Seeds Hardware and Farm Supplies Insurance Telephone CO 3-5047 Lovingston, Va. Best Wishes Men ' s and Boys’ Clothing HAUSER OLDSMOBILE HENRY ROSS MEN ' S STORE Lynchburg, Virginia 815 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. kim ihsiir Compliments of HUGHES DRY CLEANING CORPORATION f f ot lywHwr 1601 Park Avenue Dial Victor 7-7756 Lynchburg, Virginia c. For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN Qc y A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia VIRGINIA LAUNDRY CRUTCHFIELD’S CLEANERS Lynchburg, Virginia WEBB-WHITAKER COMPANY Men ' s and Young Men ' s Clothing 909 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia LYNN K. BRYANT, SR. Phone: VI 7-7181 Compliments of BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE CO., INC. Lovington, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY 1025-1029 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia PHILLIPS BROTHERS, INC. Visit Our Jewelry Sporting Goods and Music Departments Class Rings 906 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia B OW E N Jeute iy Gmipany ■«. Lynchburg WILLS-CAMP CO. HARRY HAGA CO. " Ladies and Men ' s Clothing and Furnishings " 607 Main St. 819 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia Ward ' s Road " We Back Our Sales With Service " . 1020 Main St. PATTERSON ' S COMPUTI SIRVICI DRUG STORKS Render a Drug Service Second to None 3616 Campbell Ave. Lynchburg, Virginia THE NEWS Published by the Lynchburg News, Inc. THE DAILY ADVANCE Published by the Lynchburg Daily Advance, Inc. Same Location Since 1906 NINTH STREET CLEANING TAILORING CO. Cleaning - Pressing While U Wait Repairs - Alterations General Merchandise TUXEDO RENTALS Phone VI-5-3751 108 Ninth St. Lynchburg, Va. JOHN E. GANNAWAY CO., INC. Hardware 1000 M ain Lynchburg, Va. JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR CO., INC. Lynchburg, Virginia 1124 MAIN ST. • DIAL Victor 5-7133 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA AMHERST MOTORS 22 Years Amherst Ford Dealer HILL HARDWARE CORP. Hardware - Furniture - Building Materials Hotpoint Electric Appliances Amherst, Virginia Phone WH-6-2411 Compliments of AMHERST PHARMACY Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week I AMHERST GULF SERVICE CENTER Compliments of R. T. BURKS D. H. PRICE BEN FRANKLIN 1 U. S. 29 and 60 STORE [ Amherst, Virginia Amherst, Virginia Phone 4831 24 Hour Ser. 1 Go to GORDON’S DRIVE-IN Best Wishes for Success ‘ Amherst, Virginia Rts. 29 and 151 “SEMINOLE £ Curb Service RESTAURANT” [ WH6-6584 l for | Good food or just to Amherst, Virginia f meet your friends. HOWELL’S WAILES SELF SERVICE j Stop in - Shop Fresh Meats and Groceries | Shoes for the Entire Family ! Work Clothes Phone 4811 Amherst, Va. Ladies ' and Children ' s Wear Main St. Phone WH 6-2267 1 Amherst, Virginia Term 30 Days JACK A. WATTS ARMY NAVY OUTLET Sporting Goods, War Surplus General Insurance - Bonds Clothing and Shoes for the Amherst, Virginia Entire Family " Where Your Dollar Has More Sense " Telephone WH 6-3731 Main St. Amherst, Va. r - cund to tAe otaM Of 1960 The Monticello Dairy CHARLOTTESVILLE AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS Bradley Peyton III 858 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Pontiac -Cadillac - Vauxhall Harper Motors, Inc. Preston Ave. at Ninth Street Charlottesville, Virginia Authorized Dealer for Volkswagon R. M. Davis Motors, Inc. 1311 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia DeSoto-Plymouth-D. K. W. -Simca Charlottesville Motors 856 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Ford Cars and Trucks MacGregor Motors, Inc. 416 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Lincoln- Me rcury- Continental Edsel-English Fords-Borgward Russell Mooney Olds Sales and Service 315 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Oldsmobile-G. M. C. Trucks Dominick Chevrolet Corp. 100 East Water Street Charlottesville, Virginia Chevrolet Cars and Trucks H. M. Gleason and Co. , Inc. Garrett Street Charlottesville, Virginia International Trucks and Equipment Vance Buick, Inc. 900 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Buick - Opel Wilhoit Motors 404 East Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia Dodge -Plymouth-Fiat Wright Wrecking Yard 1320 East Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia Diamond T Trucks Allis - Chalmers Farm Equipme nt Piedmont Tractor Co. , Inc. Route 250 West Charlottesville, Virginia Willys Jeep-John Deere Equipment Coggins Motor Co., Inc. 330 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Chrysler-Ply mouth-Imperial Studebaker Cars and Trucks Mercedes Compliments of Eastern Regional Office STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Route 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of CHAS. KING SON WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia Dial 2-9144 M. C. HILL FUNERAL HOME 222 Jefferson Park Ave. Charlottesville, Va. Across the Street From the University Hospital Phone 2-5444 Ambulance Service at All Hours Unexcelled Service Within the Means of All CHARLOTTESVILLE OFFICE MACHINE CO. Authorized Underwood Agency - Sales and Service 915 West Main Street P.O. Box 348 Dial 2-7419 Charlottesville, Virginia fZfSMOfiy USTftfs TO 1400-AM 1000 WATTS 95. 3-FM COVE-CREEK INDUSTRIES, INC. Covesville, Va. Phone Charlottesville 3-6774 COVE CREEK WOOD PRODUCTS Pressure Treated Posts and Lumber COVE CREEK FARM Registered Aberdeen-Angus Cattle COVE CREEK ORCHIDS Hybrid and Species Flowers and Plants GREEN THUMB NURSERY Evergreen Foundation Planting GLECO MILLING CORPORATION Manufacturers of Livestock and Poultry Feed Buyers of All Type Grain Grain Drying - Custom Mixed Feed Main Plant and Offices on Route 29 5 Miles South of Charlottesville, Virginia Box 33 87, University Station Phone 6-6435 C. H. WILLIAMS, INC. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville ' s Leading Dept. Store Charlottesville, Virginia JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE " Central Virginia ' s Leading Business College " Extension Branch Schools Serving a 7-State Area 612 East Jefferson St. Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Branches: Marion, South Boston, Emporia, Fredericksburg, and Winchester CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Since 1893 Lumber - Building Material - Paint Hardware - Power Tools Wall Board - Johns-Manville Roofing Dial - 25135 Charlottesville, Virginia Hardware All Kinds CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE Charlottesville, Virginia THE BANKS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE The Peoples National Bank National Bank and Trust Company- Citizens Bank and Trust Company- Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation " Use Your Banks in Charlottesville " THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP Quality Men ' s Wear Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of BOTTLED GAS CORPORATION of Virginia Charlotte sville , Virginia Compliments of CHARLOTTESVILLE FROZEN FOODS, INC. Wholesale Food Distributor Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of WAYLAND MACHINERY CO., INC. Covesville, Virginia H. M. GLEASON CO., INC. Charlottesville, Virginia International Farm Machinery- Television and Appliances Feed, Seed, Fertilizer International Trucks Compliments of DETTOR EDWARDS AND MORRIS WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia Be Sociable Have a Pepsi GILMORE HAMM SNYDER INCORPORATED Furniture for the Home and Office Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of COLEMAN’S JEFFERSON SHOP I Charlottesville - Gordonsville Louisa - Scottsville THE W. J. KELLER CO. Exquisite Foot Wear Andrew Geller, Mademoiselle Paradise, Capezios, Naturalizer Town Country, Bass Weejuns Sport Shoes by Spalding 404 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-2915 I Compliments of STOP SHOP HILLSIDE GARDENS SUPER MARKETS I North Garden, Va. 500 East Main Street I Headquarters for Fine 1017 West Main Street Garden Plants and 600 Preston Avenue I Orchid Corsages I Route 29 Visitors Welcome Free Parking BROWN’S GIFTS PREDDY’S FUNERAL HOME I Greeting Cards Superior Ambulance Service I For Every Occasion S Main at Fourth Street Dial 2-7546 I Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia PURVIS JOHNSON SEMINOLE GENERAL MERCHANDISE SERVICE STATION Cove sville, Virginia t J. G. ROBERTS, Prop. Charlottesville On U.S. Route 29 Call CO 3-2501 Dial 3-1159 | Faber, Virginia MacGREGOR TRACTOR CO., INC. 4th St. and Preston Ave . Charlottesville, Va. Sales and Service Ford Tractor Ford Implements Phone 2-8402 New Day Farming Compliments of SHOECENTER, INC. 313 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia and WILL WHITE SHOE COMPANY INC. 1101 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia CITY LAUNDRY Phone 2-4258 DRY CLEANERS ROY P. TUEL Just Dial 29- 136 Certified Watchmaker and Jeweler Charlottesville, Virginia KEEPSAKE Diamond and Wedding Rings Grady Ave. at 10th St. N. W. 104 South First Street Charlottesville, Va. TILMAN’S RENNOLDS SOUTHERN DEPARTMENT STORE ELECTRIC Charlottesville ' s Most Complete Charlotte sville ' s Shopping Appliance Center Center for 54 Years. ufl Upr) 227 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia W. L. RENNOLDS Charlottesville, Virginia Telephone 3-5136 Compliments of S. L. THOMAS UNIVERSITY OPTICIAN BOOK STORE 105 North First Street " Supplies for Collegians for over a century. " Charlottesville, Virginia THE NEW DOMINION BOOKSHOP Compliments of WILEY’S, INC. Charlottesville, Virginia Ladies ' and Children ' s Apparel Phone 2-2552 Charlottesville, Va. RAY FISHER’S, INC. Business Systems Office Supplies - Office Furniture JARMAN’S, INC. Appliances 200 East Market Street 323 W. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Dial-2-5184 Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted DR. J. T. GREENE OPTOMETRIST 211 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Hours: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. - 2 P.M. : Telephone 3-2459 MOWEN Prescription Opticians 112 4th Street, N. E. Telephone 6-6535 Charlottesville, Virginia THE DAILY PROGRESS Compliments of Over One-Half Century of Public Service LOWE’S Delivered in Nelson County Each Afternoon by Carrier and Motor Route JEWELRY COMPANY 319 E. Main St. Charlottesville, Virginia S-T-R-E-T-C-H YOUR DOLLAR$. . .at Your Friendly Department Store Stores Conveniently Located at. . . . Charlottesville . Lynchburg . Waynesboro Fashions. . .for the Entire Family CHARLOTTESVILLE OIL COMPANY Gulf Distributors Phone 2-5551 Charlottesville, Virginia CROZET LUMBER COMPANY Crozet, Virginia THE HUB, INCORPORATED BRUCE-DORRIER MOTOR CO., INC. Sales FORD Service We Clothe the Family Dial 3 821 Scottsville, Virginia Scottsville, Virginia THACKER BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Phone 2791 ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 2501 Scottsville, Virginia Scottsville, Virginia JAMES RIVER MARKET The Latest in Hairstyles The Newest in Techniques Clover Farm Store BEAUTY NOOK Scottsville, Virginia 531 Main St. Waynesboro, Virginia Scottsville-2491 The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman R. C. A. C. MARTIN SNYDER AND BERMAN, INC. GENERAL MERCHANDISE 914 Main Street Crossties Esso Gas and Oil Lynchburg, Virginia Phone WE 3-6141 Visit Us Often for All Your Needs Gladstone, Virginia THE CENTRAL VIRGINIA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Lovingston, Virginia Organized in Nelson County in 1937 by its own¬ ers, the farmers who pledged their membership to secure the blessings of modern, dependable elective service, and have extended this service to over 30,000 persons in Nelson, Amherst, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Goochland, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Campbell, Buckingham, Orange and Lou¬ isa counties. The owners of this modern electric distribution system are its consumers, a portion of whose elec¬ tric bill retires its debt. Before another twenty years expire, it will have retired its debt while continuing its vital service - still at the old 1937 rates. We salute the 1959-60 class, many of whom will be listed among our owners. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your heritage. Community Owned Community Built Community Builder ALBERENE STONE A Division of THE GEORGIA MARBLE COMPANY Schuyler, Virginia Serving Nelson and Albemarle Counties Since Before 1870 ■ mm Alberene Black Serpentine Facing and Outer Hearth Garden Walk and Fireplace Stone PONTON’S SNACK BAR Breyer ' s Ice Cream Good Sandwiches - Coffee - Groceries Lovingston, Virginia H. A. PONTON BUILDING SUPPLY Heating by Thermo Products Serving All of Nelson County and Area Telephone CO - 3-3591 Lovingston, Virginia FLOYD’S MARKET Telephone CO 3-3151 Lovingston, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of I960 M. C. FLOYD SONS GENERAL ELECTRIC Your New Home of Household Electric Appliances GENERAL ELECTRIC ESSO heating If BAILEY-MORRIS ESSO SERVICE Lovingston, Virginia Phone Nights, Sundays, Holidays CR 7-4141 CR-7-4421 PINEY RIVER FLORIST MRS. M. J. PARR, Manager FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS . Metered Delivery . Keep Fill Service . Diesel Fuel . Gasoline . Lube Oils . Grease “The Oil That Really Burns Clean” W. LYNN HARVEY, Distributor Call CO 3-2392 AMERICAN OIL CO. Arrington, Va. " The Bank for the People of Nelson County " Member of the American Bankers Association Member of the Independent Bankers As sociation Member of the Virginia Bankers Association Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY miiBi Lovingston, Virginia CAMPBELL’S AMOCO SERVICE Rt. 29 Loving ston, Virginia SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME Phone CO 3-3161 Ambulance Service Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of THE VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE RAILROAD Piney River, Virginia " Tells Where to Buy It " PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME " A Service That Is Distinctive but Not Expensive " 24 Hour Ambulance Service Call CRestwood 7-4161 Day or Night C. PRESTON PARR, Piney River EDWIN M. MOORE Piney River Call Collect - No Toll Charge Virginia ARRINGTON COLD STORAGE COOPERATIVE, INC. “There Is Always a Leader” Main Office: Shipman, Virginia - Dial CO 3-3241 Plant: Arrington, Virginia - Dial CO 3-4581 DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOP Lovingston, Virginia Phone Co-3-4141 Rt. 29 Colleen, Virginia LOVINGSTON MOTOR SALES, INC. Telephone CO3-3402 Main Street _ _ Lovingston, Virginia SAUNDER’S FORD, INC. Lovingston, Virginia ■i-nnifm ' —i. Compliments of BURKEVILLE VENEER CO. r INC. Log Yard at Covesville, Va. Ph. Charlottesville 3-0958 Plant at Amherst, Va. Ph. WH-6-3631 JOHN W. WHEELER A Complete Fuel Service Coal Phone Co-3-2366 Arrington, Virginia Compliments of K M RAkTP IP Compliments of Stop and Shop MAWYER’S ESSO STATION Woods Mill at SHADY’S PLACE Faber, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia CLARKSON ESSO STATION Tires - Batteries Accessories Colleen, Virginia Compliments of LEA BROTHERS GROCERY Massies Mill, Virginia HARVEY’S CASH STORE Fresh Meats Groceries Feeds Gas and Oil Dial CR 7-4477 Roseland, Virginia C. A. PATTESON CO. General Merchandise Fresh Meats, Feeds Gas and Oil Telephone Cr-7-4491 Roseland, Virginia ALLEN’S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Groc enes Phone 3-8053 Colleen, Virginia Steaks - Chops - Seafood Sandwiches You Can Always Get a Good Meal at NONNIE ' S PLACE Our Specialties Country Ham - Fried Chicken 7 Miles South of Lovingston On New Route U.S. 29 MARY ' S GROCERY AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE Notions Millinery Faber, Virginia Phone CO-3-51 83 PINEY RIVER MOTOR SALES Phone CR 7-3111 Owners W. DALE HARVEY R. LLOYD CAMPBELL Used Cars and Trucks Piney River, Virginia Compliments of H. T. CAMPBELL GENERAL MERCHANDISE CR 7-8851 Compliments of PINEY RIVER COFFEE SHOP Phone CR 7-3431 Piney River, Virginia Piney River, Virginia MAC’S MARKET For the Best in Groceries We Give S H Green Stamps and GILES TV SERVICE Guaranteed Service on All Makes REPUBLIC OIL REFINING CO. Gasoline Kerosene Motor Oils Greases R. C. SMITH, Agent Phone Cr 7-4473 and Cr 7-8812 CO-3-2481 Arrington, Va. Roseland, Va. Compliments of SPENCER ' S BEAUTY SHOP KILMARTIN’S Tues.-Sat. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs.-Fri. 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. PHARMACY COMPLETE BEAUTY CARE Lovingston, Virginia Dial CO-3-5050 For Your Home Needs WILLIAM L. JONES RUCKER-PAYNE SUPPLY CO. and CHARLOTTE SHOPPE SELF SERVICE STORE Lovingston, Virginia Groceries Fresh Meats Produce Feeds Phone CO-3-3211 Gas Oil CO 3-2364 Arrington, Va. WOOD’S RESTAURANT | Compliments of I Home Cooked Foods I Specializing in Virginia Ham I Fried Chicken and Steaks Phone CO 3-2771 MRS. R. A. MAHONE general merchandise | Phone 2455 Lovingston, Virginia | Massies Mill, Virginia McGinnis CASH GROCERY | Shipman, Virginia j ( Home of Venetian Blinds | Manufacturing Company HARRY HAGEM Phone C03-5144 | Arrington, Virginia " Store of Values " CO-3-2391 LOVING BROS. GROCERY HARRIS’S GULF SERVICE Our Customers, Like Our Food Gulf Service and Fuel Oil I Are Treated j Phone CO 3-8811 « I With " Loving " Care J Lovingston, Virginia l Phone CO-3-4411 Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of Lumber Dealer j Phone CR 7-4141 H. M. HILBISH GROCERY PARR BROS. SUPPLY I Truck Bodies and Piney River | j Building Supplies Wood, Coal and Hardware Piney River, Va. HERFF JONES COMPANY Class Rings - Commencement Announcements Personal Cards - Medals - Trophies JAMES L. DECK P. O. Box 4735 Richmond 29 Virginia Dial 3-2421 P.O. Box 556 C. B. HALSEY CO. Wholesale Distributors - Institution Foods HAROLD F. BOOTH Sales Representative Roanoke 3, Virginia W. A. WATSON SONS AMERICAN HEALTH INSURANCE CORP. REGIONAL MANAGERS Hospitalization, Income Payments and Life Insurance 106 N. Main Street (Across From the Post Office) Farmville, Virginia Telephone: EXport 2-4177 DUNSMORE BUSINESS COLLEGE Staunton , Virginia A Complete Business Education Within Your Budget Typing - Shorthand Bookkeeping Refresher Courses 912 W. Beverley TU 6-9301 SNYDER AND BERMAN, INC. PAYNE’S GARAGE GMC Trucks Gulf Gas and Tires Goodrich Tires Wrecker Service 914 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Visit Us Often for All Your Needs Piney River, Virginia Phone CR 7-4721 WHITESEL MUSIC " Where Everything Is Music and Music Is Everything " 102 E. Market St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 43657 JOSTEN’S OF OWATONNA Announcements Engraved Cards School Jewelry Gowns Medals Trophies - - - RAYMOND PAGE - - - 1104 E. Washington Vinton, Virginia ROCKFISH MOUNTAIN ORCHARDS Fancy Mountain Apples Avon, Virginia Phone Greenwood Exchange GLenview 6-2005 PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PATRONSHIPS MR. ROBERT C. GOAD DR. G. R. CRISWELL DR. JAMES H. GAMBLE MRS. G. H. DELK AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY MR. MOONEY (Bryers Ice Cream) The staff extends its sincere thanks to the advertisers without whose support this yearbook would not have been possible. AMHERST REALTY INSURANCE CO. JOE KILGORE, Broker Real Estate Sales and Rentals Property Management General Insurance and Bonds Coffee Shop Bldg. Amherst, Va. Office: WH 6-6491 Home: WH 6-6951 " Be Assured When You Insure " JAMES F. SLOSSON REGISTERED CONTRACTOR " We Choose to Please " Residential Afton, Virginia Building Free Estimates Commercial Dial GLenwood 63715 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " YEARBOOKS

Suggestions in the Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) collection:

Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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