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1959 Vol IV NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Lovingston, Virginia Taylor Publishing Company I %■ • §■ ' ... FOR D Although our days at Nelson County High School are happy days, they are also days filled with ever-increasing efforts for greater progress and achievement. It is our objective to use the fine educational facilities at our disposal to achieve the maximum in quality education. Our first and most important objective is to provide for each student a broad background of useful knowledge. This is not, however, the only line in which we seek achievement. It is our purpose here at Nelson to prepare ourselves for useful, responsible lives of leadership and service to ourselves and our fellow beings. To learn facts and figures is education in a sense, but only in a very limited sense. In its fullest meaning, education is a precious privilege that we may use to achieve the full, meaningful lives that we were meant to live. To be useful in the world of which we are a part, to provide leadership where leadership is needed, to understand and be understood, and to take our places in an adult world with 5 confidence and pride are the goals that we work to achieve. Let us then be satisfied only with an education in its fullest meaning. Let us set our goals high and reach for the summit. Let us resolve that our school days shall be filled with true happiness--the happiness of achievement, our theme for 1958-59 " JL 4 DEDICATION To the honored war dead of Nelson County whose names appear on our Memorial Field Plaque, we humbly and gratefully dedicate the 1959 Thomas Nelson Jr. Theirs is the greater achievement. TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE Page 1 SCHOOL BUIDLING i Page 2 FOREWORD Page 4 DEDICATION Page 5 ACTIVITIES Page 9 ADMINISTRATION Page 15 FACULTY Page 21 STUDENT COUNCIL Page 29 SENIORS Page 36 JUNIORS Page 57 SOPHOMORES Page 69 FRESHMEN Page 77 CLUBS I Page 91 MUSIC Page 111 SPORTS Page 121 FAVORITES Page 141 STATISTICS Page 145 ADVERTISING Page 149 I I I ! 6 wmm ppbp jg | W 4 i ■ --- ? s? 1 ® » ■.m - : : tmmm mm H flHltp MMB VMVil t, MR W MMtH ’ ' ' mr «amf ««•••• Iff iif IT T WIWB HP P B 8W BP B P _ g| 1“ “®® aasawMss; S $8 8 ®T ■ • ■ -«. . . . ... " " pt »■- ' ► »♦ H Wm w$tmm pmJtwr _ »•, wtt W 8 B £jg$ Pte MCHM »».-•■ » • «•■» » __ ? ‘ y - ... Mtit ff; MMH»■ • ' ■§••1 W 0 WMKB GNHi ■MHHP PWWf I |. rfHWKMKW ««•« • WM-wr .jr 4 HS M»£ W W • ' _ ,. „ ..... .. » » . •. ■• ■ ■» ■ EMiK -’ • — r lW [MK tfiMrc “f ■ i« i •; r I « - r •«i IRRF ? j THE CYCLE 8 .v.rt- 1 " " REVONDA HUGHES £»» ppgp K i| j 1 fe. __ J m m ■MMM. %£0W ' i WM MR. W. L. KIRBY, JR. MR. J. B. M. CARTER, Superintendent Dedicated to the task of establishing an efficient school system for the boys and girls of Nelson County. MRS. JUNE DALE HARRIS, Secretary 16 She works and lives enthusiastically!! I MRS. REEF A McGUFFIN, Supervisor No one is more devoted to the cause of Education MR. DICKIE MOON, Visiting Teacher A friend to all in general and the schools in particular 17 WILLIAM L. KIRBY, JR. , Principal There are many reasons why the staff and student body of Nelson County High School are very proud of and devoted to our principal, Mr. William L. Kirby, Jr. Foremost among these reasons is his ability in organization and administration. This has been a marvel to visitors in our school from far and near. Mr. Kirby does not waste words, but every word he speaks con¬ veys confidence and trust. His gracious courtesy, straight-forward sincerity, depth of loyalty to his associates, and personal dedication to the welfare of Nelson County High School have placed his leadership far above and beyond the call of duty. FRANCES GRANT, Secretary A clear understanding of the problems of both teachers and students, plus a cheerful and efficient execution of her duties make Miss Grant a most valuable adjunct to the administra tive staff. 18 J. A. MICHAEL Assistant Principal We are fortunate this year to have two friendly and efficient individuals in the assistant principal ' s office. Performing his duties as assistant principal is a man whom we have all come to respect and regard with esteem. Al¬ though Mr. Michael is en¬ gaged mainly in the area of discipline, he is more often thought of in terms of friend and advisor than disciplinarian. Mr. Michael has brought to our school a sense of order and well-being. We are very appreciative of this, and we hope that Mr. Michael will enjoy being with us as much as we enjoy having him here. JAMES BRAWLEY Assistant Principal Among the new faces at Nelson County High School this year is a likeable man who is also our assistant principal. Mr. Brawley is a very busy man engaged in both the teaching and administration ends of education, but he always manages to find time for us students. Soul-trying problems in transportation are among the tasks handled so capably by Mr. Brawley. In a few short months, he has become an important and necessary part of our school. We regard Mr. Brawley as a friend and helper, and we welcome him to Nelson County High School. I? LATE BUS! LEARNING OFFICE PRACTICES JAMES BRAWLEY Assistant Principal Biology, Chemistry. BARBARA COMPTON Librarian. JEAN BRUMBACK Home Economics. DANNA COOK Geometry, Trigonom¬ etry, General Mathe¬ matics. R. C. COCO Spanish, Commercial Law, Business English. LOUISE O. CREWS Latin, American History. LILLIAN COLEMAN Guidance, Geography. LARRY DOFFLEMYER Physical Education, General Science. EIGHT MEN — NINETEEN WOMEN COMPRISE N.C.H.S. FACULTY Mrs. Cook exhibits the patience required of a geometry teacher. The Camera Catches Every Eye on the Copy! FACULTY REGRETS LOSS OF MRS. LINDA WHITEHEAD AT MIDTERM BEULAH FITZGERALD Mathematics. RUTH HORSLEY Biology, Physics, (jeneral Science. MADELINE GARDNER Civics, English. SHERMAN LEAGUE Physical Education, Geography. PAULINE HARVEY Typing I, General Business, Shorthand I. CATHERINE LINCOLN Bookkeeping I, Short¬ hand, Typing I. EDYTHE HESTER Physical Education. J. A. MICHAEL Assistant Principal, History, Business Math. 23 E. H. PUCKETT Vocational Agricul¬ ture. LILA SOMERVILLE English. MARY C. ROBERTS Typing I, II, Short¬ hand, General Busi¬ ness. VIRGINIA TUCKER General Science, Algebra. FAYE P. RUTHERFORD English. LAURA TURNER Algebra, English. ROBERT G. SANGER Band, Choral. CATHERINE H. WHITEHEAD Government, World History. FACULTY WELCOMES THE ADDITION OF SIX NEW MEMBERS History students enjoy a trip to foreign countries by way of the world globe. f ■ f iMEpf | ' u -A y s ' ll1 ft ' 1 a Phyllis Fitzgerald succeeds in capturing the interest of her audience - English III A pleasant morning interlude - the Coffee Break LINDA WHITEHEAD ZAIDEE WILLIAMS JANE WOOD NORIE LUCE 25 Our Academic Students Choose Latin. Life Insurance Unit Proves Interesting to Class in General Business. 440 ENROLLED IN ONE OR MORE BUSINESS SUBJECTS 9 S ' V — 27 GUIDANCE Mrs. Whitehead works with a college-bound student. Mrs. Coleman looks at the A. C. E. Test Scores. 28 FAYE WARE Mr. Michael, Sponsor; Cook, Vice President; Ware, President; Vestal, Secretary-Treasurer; Campbell, Reporter; Swartzentruber, Parliamentarian. STUDENT COUNCIL 30 ROW 1; Hughes, Fitzgerald, Mays, Ware, Thaxton, Campbell. ROW 2: Small, Vestal, Massie, Mc¬ Clain, Mattox, Loving, Simpson, Bryant, Mays. ROW 3: Henderson, Mawyer, Ware, Steele, Payne, Saunders, Cook, Turpin, Mr. Michaels, Swartzentruber. V - v A COUNCIL ACTIVITIES The Student Council is a student-elected group devoted to the betterment of our school and service to the school and student body. It is not self-governing, but student participation whose primary aim is good citizenship. This organization has various committees which carry on the work of the Student Council. These committees and their chairmen who are representatives to the Student Council are as follows: Program, Rick Cook; Finance, Beve Ware; Building and Groun ds, Ralph Turpin; Cafeteria, Johnnie Thaxton; Welfare, Melissa Loving; Health, Catherine Mawyer; Social, Barbara Steele; Safety, Linda Henderson; and Objective, Faye Ware. Dances called " sock hops " are sponsored throughout the year. The Student Council awards a plaque to the most outstanding club each year. The Council also works toward having a better teacher-student relationship. An Annual S. C. A. Project. S. C. A. Members at a Youth Rally. 31 MRS. SADIE BRYANT Manager ' Mrs. Bryant ' s work is never ended. Besides preparing delicious and nutritional meals for us, she takes care of the cafeteria finances. To her and her efficient staff go our thanks for one of the most en¬ joyable hours of the school day. CAFETERIA STAFF Mrs. White, Mrs. Bryant, Mrs. Rittenour, and Miss Mawyer take a few minutes from their busy schedule to enjoy " the fruits of their labor. " 32 Operating the cafeteria’s dishwasher is all in a day’s work for Mildred Foster. CUSTODIANS Preston Foster and his staff work faithfully to provide us with a clean building and well-kept ground Rennie Scott and Preston Foster keep all school property shining. 33 THEY CAME AND WENT ii MBSgWCj ROW 1: Paul Hoch, Jeri Colenda, Bill Carter, and Richard Mason. ROW 2: Scott Colley, Johnny Spei- del, Ed Cole, and Dickie Miller. LANE STUDENTS The faculty and student body wish to express their appreciation to the Lane students for the fine spirit they displayed while enrolled here and for the beau¬ tiful gift of the drawing of our school building, which now hangs in the main office. 34 Ralph Turpin, Ann Delk Elizabeth Spicer, Judy Simpson, Revonda Hughes, Patricia Hughes Barbara Gordon, Paul Hoch, Elizabeth Lanahan 35 y ' ) ; ■ V 4t|| . . ' , ‘., ' ■ ( 1 .■ ’ 1 •. ' ! » VELETA TUCKER BOBBY SIMPSON DALE ANDERSON Playboy. BARBARA ASHLEY FRANCES BARRANTINE Good Natured. Southern Belle. RITA BEALE Full of life. GENE BEARD All-American Boy. WILLIAM BRUSH " Claimed. " JACOB BOND Nice to everybody. DOROTHY BURGE Friendly. PEGGY BOND Greets you with a smile. LOTTIE BURGE Tiny Girl with the big smile. MARION BRYANT Head majorette. EDWARD CAMPBELL On the ball. JAMES CAMPBELL BILL CARTER TERESSA CLARKSON Works with a will. Big guy with the little Versatile. car. FORTY-SIX OF WHICH ARE BOYS JEWELL CLEMENTS Jewell is a jewel. Displaying their talent are our most Versatile Seniors, Johnny Spidel and Cookie Langran. 39 ED COLE Infectious smile. MELVIN CRICKENBERGER Full of Fu n. PHYLLIS CRITZER Class Midget. DOUGLAS DAMERON " Witty. ” MARGARET DECATUR Carefree. JEANNETTE FERGUSON Beauty with Brains. FIRST SENIOR CLASS TO HAVE KENNETH DE KAY Quiz Whiz. JEAN FITZGERALD " Typing champ. " ANN DELK Wise and Witty. ELIZABETH FLOYD Friend to All. CHARLES ELLIS I forgot all about it, Mrs. Williams. RAYMOND FLOYD Always on the Go. DICKIE FOLSOM Many a smile but never a worry. CYRUS GILES Future Farmer. HERMAN GILES Romeo. MAXINE GILES " Chase me, boys, I ' m a butterfly. " OUR YEARS AT NELSON COUNTY HIGH Our most intellectual seniors Ralph Turpin and Revonda Hughes reveal one of their techniques. l ■ppp tf ytt " ' ■ f-u ' CA .ilXi msmms »♦ 3f flf llBt y mr... 3£ML ® tw Sh mmv r HE v ik mt ■■■Ay LANVIN JOHNNY GOODE The best is yet to come. JOE ANN HAMLET Scientist in the making. WILLIAM HARRIS Sincere and likeable. STANFORD HARVEY The quiet type. FOUR SENTORS COME TO U! TED HARVEY Tall in the Saddle. PATRICIA HUGHES She looks quiet, but look again. JERRY HATTER Future Marine. REVONDA HUGHES Napoleon was little, too. ALICE HENDERSON Pert and pretty. THOMAS HUGHES Ambitious. NANCY HUGHES Well-groomed. WOODROW JORDAN Muscle-bound, 42 MARIAN KIDD Glad to have you back. VIRGINIA SANGRAN Mrs. Lincoln, you’ve got to help me. MARY McFADDEN " Miss Pony Tail. " PAUL McNABB Ambitious. ’ROM LANE HIGH IN CHARLOTTESVILLE Most Popular Seniors Faye Ware and Johnny Goode chat with friends in the school lobby 43 BUDDY MARTIN Mr. Nice Guy. ELAINE MARTIN Fashion Wise. EDDIE MAWYER Man of a few words. DOROTHY MAWYER Spirited. ANN MAYS Makes friends. JUDY MILLER Third finger left hand REBA MAYS Chatterbox. BARBARA NASH A penny for your thoughts. JAMES MEEKS A real " Pal. " MARY FRANCES NORVELL Note of Sweetness DICKIE MILLER Better late than Never. FRANCES PAYNE Likes a good joke. 44 PATRICIA PERDUE Qualified band member. BRADFORD PHILLIPS A man of few words and much work. EMILIE PHILLIPS Smile and the world smiles with you. JUDITH REESE " Miss Lovingston. " :iGHT ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS Doing " what comes naturally " are biggest flirts, Melvin Crickenberger and Reba Mays. 45 LUTHER ROBERTSON Tall, dark, and handsome. RALEIGH SATTER- WHITE Happy-go-lucky. MELVIN SAUNDERS Alert. JOYCE SCRUGGS A smile that wins. FORTY-TWO SENIORS MAKE PLAN5 RICHARD SIMPSON Jolly. REBECCA SLAUGHTER Wants a Corvette. ROBERT SIMPSON Friendly. ANN SMALL Well groomed. GLEN SITES Greets you laughing Leaves you laughing. EVERETTE SMITH Crazy man!! RONNIE SITES What? Me worry. JOHNNY SPEIDEL Ummm... Neat! 46 ALICE SWARTZENTRUBER Entrusted with big jobs. ' O ATTEND COLLEGE OR NURSING SCHOOL Displaying those winning smiles are best-looking seniors Gene Beard and Maxine Giles BARBARA SPENCER Laughter is t he spice of life. JOYCE STEWART Name it; I’ve read it. HARRY SPENCER I ' ll agree with you but you ' re wrong. 47 JOHNNIE THAXTON BOBBY THOMPSON BOBBY THORPE JOHNNY TINNELL Dresses with taste. Unconcerned. " Leave silence to the Quiet, but friendly. saints. " SENIOR PRESIDENT JOHNNY GOODE SAY MARSHALL TOMLIN Capable. GLADYS TYREE Industrious. VELETA TUCKER Pretty and practical. JOYCE TYREE True blue. DORIS TURNER Considerate. ELAINE WADDELL Efficient. RALPH TURPIN Plays the field. FAYE WARE Personality plus. DORIS WILLOUGHBY NANCY WOOD OTIE WRIGHT Talkative. " Its better to be small Genial. than smaller. " WALTER WRIGHT Naturally Nice. OUR BEST TO YOU” Hard at work making this book a reality are Jeanette Ferguson and Doris Claytor. 8 Stl iRtffc ' wm: WmWifiA MS ANN DELK RALEIGH SATTERWHITE r?mm m SHIRLEY BROOKS ELIZABETH COOKE GEORGE DELK LUCY EWING Clever. Attractive. Senor Delkro Original. ’THE ELEVEN” — POST GRADUATES MERRY HIGGS JEAN MARTIN LINDA MASSIE PATRICIA MASSIE Vim and vitality. Big things come in little packages. A fine voice. Cute. AUBREY McCLAIN WAYNE WADE I never met a girl I JANICE NEESE A sports lover. didn ' t like. Willing to do her share. 56 BARBARA STEELE JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM % ' Vi ' ' ' ’ KflUUl ar , w CTHMSIRHI BBHHBi M ™ ihiimi— m WBwi BBBWBIB ■ ' ■ ■ ' • . ■ r JESSIE ADAMS ROSE BARRENTINE MARSHALL ADAMS MICHAEL BEASLEY DOUGLAS ASHLEY LESTER BELL BETTY BANTON LARRY BOYD LUCY BANTON VIRGINIA BREWER 136 JUNIORS ENJOY “SECOND BELL STATUS” CHARLES BROWN JAMES CAMPBELL EARLEEN BRYANT NANCY CAMPBELL JACKIE BRYANT W. D. CAMPBELL BRENDA CAMPBELL EARL CAMPBELL ZANE CAMPBELL JERRY CARTER 59 Most Popular Juniors - FRANCES VESTAL and WAYNE SMALL JUNIOR PLAY “STRICTLY FORMAL” JOHN CARTER PEGGY CARTER JOANNE CHRISTIAN FRED CLARKSON DORIS CLAYTOR CARL COFFEY SCOT COLLEY JERI COLENDA GLENDA COOKE PATRICIA COOK 60 AUDREY DODD DONALD FENNELL PEGGY DAMERON HELEN DUNCAN BETTY DAVIS MEROLENE DUNCAN BOBBY DILLARD MARION FARRAR RICK COOK DAVID DODD A HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PERFORMANCE ANN FITZGERALD BARRY FITZGERALD DORIS FITZGERALD PHYLLIS FITZGERALD RUBY FITZGERALD THURMAN FITZGERALD JERRY FLOYD JOYCE FLOYD EVELINA FORTUNE KENNETH GLASS Best Looking Juniors - ZANE CAMPBELL and JERRY FLOYD AFTER CHRISTMAS JUNIORS LOOK FORWARD JOAN GLEASON WAYNE GORMES JOHN P. HARVEY NEAL HARVEY SHIRLEY HATTER CARL HASH ANN HARRIS PATRICIA HARRIS ANN HENDERSON JIMMY HIGGINBOTHAM DICKIE HILL RAY JOHNSON PAUL HOCH PEARL JONES BEVERLY HONNEL BETTY ANN HUGHES ARTIE IRVINE PHYLLIS JONES RITA JONES JERRY JORDAN 3 EXAMS, NO? CLASS RINGS MARY JORDAN ASHBY LINCOLN ELWOOD KIDD BILLY LINCOLN KENNETH KIDD BUDDY LANGRAN ELIZABETH LANAHAN CONNIE MARTIN CAROLYN McGANN JANET MASSIE 63 Juniors find that Spanish can be enjoyable as well as stimulating. ELEVEN JUNIORS TAKE RICHARD MASON ROBERT NAPIER NANCY MAWYER SONNY NORVELL STANLEY MAYS PHYLLIS OLIVER JOYCE MILLER MADELINE MILLER LEROY PANNELL CAROLYN PARRISH SHIRLEY PATRICK BILLY PENDLETON HOMER PONTON SHIRLEY PUGH JANICE PURVIS VEDA PURVIS RONNIE QUICK DEAN REESE BARBARA ROBERTSON MARY ROBERTSON :holarship qualifying test PHILIP RODES BECKY SMALL ROSS RODGERS WAYNE SMALL HAROLD SAUNDERS RICHARD SPERRY DAVID SCRUGGS BARBARA STEELE PATRICIA SIMMERS JIMMY STEVENS Class rings are the center of interest for Juniors after Mid-term. SEVEN JUNIORS QUALIF1 LINDA STEVENS BETTY TAYLOR ALVIN TRUSLOW PATSY TRUSLOW MARY THACKER BILLY TURNER JOANNE THOMPSON JOE TYREE ALFRED TOMLIN FRANCES VESTAL HERBERT WALKUP DORIS WHITE JUDY WOOD LINDA WOOD SHELBY WHITE MYRNA WOOD SHIRLEY WHITE BETTY WHITEHEAD VERNON WOOD BROWNING WOOTEN ?QR BETA CLUB MEMBERSHIP DORIS WOOTEN JOYCE WRIGHT HOWARD WRIGHT RAY WYLAND Scenes from the Junior Play " Strictly Formal " 67 RITA JONES D. CAMPBELL £ m t ■ ' I BEVERLY WARE Vice President BETTY RHEA CAMPBELL President 70 MARY VANCE LANGRAN Secre tary -Tre asurer Wayne Allen Carol Barrentine William Beard Barbara Bond Jane Booth Wayne Bradley Billy Brent Lula Brown A1 Bryant Betty Campbell NINETY-THREE SOPHOMORES — OUR SMALLEST CLASS Dorothy Campbell Mary Campbell Bobby Carter Irene Carter Barbara Clark Peggy Clarkson Harold Coss Judy Curry Linda Dean Elizabeth Dillard Billy Drumheller Betty Evans Joel Falls Mary Ferguson Diana Fitzgerald 71 Ernest Fitzgerald Barbara Gordon Joyce Fitzgerald Joyce M. Fitzgerald Jackie Goodloe Joyce Gowen Joyce Grant Keith Gunter Fannie Goolsby Gracie Haas SOPHOMORES CHOOSE AS SPONSOR Most Popular Sophomores - AL BRYANT and BETTY RHEA CAMPBELL. Mildred Hass Ray Harris Jean Hall Anne Harris Katie Harris Patricia Harris Charles Harvey Wayne Harvey Linda Henderson Douglas Higginbotham MRS. CATHERINE WHITEHEAD Nancy Horsely Maybelle Lawhorne Catherine Mawyer Linda Hughes Melissa Loving Remonia Mays Peggy Hughes George Lunsford James McFadden Carl Johnson Lester Lyon Joyce Miller Mary Langran Margie Massie Sailor Mohler Ann Morris Linda Perdue Dale Napier Billy Parr Massie Napier Brenda Reese Joan Newberry Nancy Ragland Wayne Oliver Richard Seaman FORTY-EIGHT SOPHOMORES SERVE II Most Intellectual Sophomores - MELISSA LOVING and SAILOR MOHLER. 74 Leon Simmers Harold Smith Kathleen Spencer Rhoda Swartzentruber Peggy Jo Taylor Josephine Terry James Spencer Phyllis Stevens Phyllis Thompson Rose Marie Thorpe □HE JUNIOR RED CROSS Ruby Truslow Courtland Whitehead Carole Turner Bobby Wilkinson Martin Hatter Mary Wade Eddie Witt Lemuel Herring Beverly Ware Rebecca White Mary Wood Avis Wyland Betty Stewart 75 KX(H | , { i.V (;v,v RICHARD SEAMAN BEVERLY WARE JIMMY GARWOOD - V x» toff - JEAN TYREE President JUDY PAYNE Vice President MADELINE HIGGINBOTHAM Secretary-Treasurer i t j I: I f j ' Arnetta Allen Anne Baber Betty Allen Andy Bradley Brenda Allen Winnie Branch Kay Allen Donald Brown Clifton Anderson Carl Brown Roger Ashley Lemuel Bryant FRESHMEN NUMBER TWO HUNDRED-FORTY Francis Bryant Nancy Bryant Nancy G. Bryant Ronald Bryant Elmo Buchannan Alvin Bundley Robert Butt Janice Berry Clyde Campbell Don Campbell Hugh Campbell John Campbell Louise Campbell Martha Campbell Maynard Campbell Patsy Campbell Shirley Campbell Virginia Campbell 76 Zelma Campbell Bobby Casey Brenda Carroll William Casey Earleen Carroll Bruce Cash Eleanor Carter Elaine Cash Norma Carter Janice Chappell Wayne Carter Lester Clements FRESHMEN TAKE ST ATI Most Popular Freshmen - JUDY PAYNE and BILLY BULLOCK. Thomas Clements Carole Cook David Cobb David Cooke Ethel Coffey Katherine Craig Patricia Coffey Rubie Craig Andrew Coleman Harley Critzer Cecil Collins Kenneth Dameron IFFERENTIAL APTITUDE TEST Harry Davis Phyllis Dunning Annie Fitzgerald Dale Dickerson Ronald Eagen Barbara Fitzgerald Philip Dodd Ronald Eakin Carolyn Fitzgerald Artie Drumheller David Embrey Christine Fitzgerald Marvin Drumheller Roy Dugan Susan Embrey David Fields Dennis Fitzgerald Jesse Fitzgerald 81 Judith Floyd Jimmy Garwood Maynard Fortune Michael Gibson Wayne Fortune Randolph Glass Joyce Fitzger ald Shirley Fitzgerald William Fortune Carolyn Fox Wayne Fitzgerald Doris Fox FIFTY-ONE FRESHME1 Hilda Gormes Gwendolyn Griffin Margie Gowen Linda Gunter Sam Gowen Roger Harlow R. W. Grant Wallace Harris Jerry Greiner Wilber Hatter Wayne Greiner Gloria Henderson MROLLED IN ALGEBRA I Lenton Herring Walter Johnson Riley Kitchen Madeline Higgenbotham Billy Hill Ronnie Hoadley Lucian Hughes Shirley Johnson Brenda Jorden Joseph Jordan Sandra Jordan Frankie Justus Patricia Kidd Billy Kirby Jean Lawhorne Mildred MacGregor Wanda Mattox R. B. Mann Audrey Martin Warren Martin Barbara Martin Charles Massie Betty Martin Julian Massie Harold Martin Thomas Massie Shirley Martin Alma Mawyer Walter Martin Herbert Mawyer HOME ECONOMICS IS CHOSE Best Looking Freshmen - BETTY MAYS and FRANKIE PURVIS. 84 Lillian Mawyer William McCartney David Mawyer Faye McClain Lusanne Mawyer Barbara McFadden Betty Mays Robert McFadden Elizabeth Mays Danny McGann James Mays Richard McMurry BY THIRTY-ONE FRESHMEN Ronald Meeks Ann Miller Carrol Miller Gail Miller Faye Morgan Nettie Morris Earl O’Brien Lillie O ' Brien Ann Oliver James Paisley Ann Pannell Judy Payne Bruce Phillips Ronnie Phillips Wylema Phillips Alvin Ponton Delois Ponton Johnny Ponton Jimmy Powell Betty Pugh Kenneth Powell Frankie Purvis James Proffitt James Quick Shirley Proffitt Mickey Quick Willard Proffitt Ronnie Quick Carlton Pugh Russell Ragland FOUR FRESHMEN MAKE Freshman Elizabeth Spicer Practicing on the Oboe. i Judy Roberts Grady Seay Jane Robertson Alice Sheffield Susan Rourke Judy Simpson Manley Rucker Jimmy Slaughter Brenda Saunders Gary Small Michael Reese Charlotte Scruggs THE ALL A HONOR ROLL Ella Smith Ira Smith Jerry Smith Larry Smith Susie Smith Virginia Smith Larry Smoot Christine Snead Marian Snead Roger Snead Jackie Spencer James Spencer Kenneth Spencer Bill Sperry Elizabeth Spicer Elizabeth Stevens Gale Stevens Howard Stevens Lethia Stevens Peggy Stevens Raymond Thompson Roy Thompson Joyce Taylor Shirley Tinnell Nancy Taylor Janice Turner Dianne Thompson Margie Tyler Doris Thompson Alice Tyree 11 FRESHMEN ARE Freshmen perform experiment in General Science Class Brenda Tyree Barbara White Jean Tyree Patricia White Kenneth Tyree Sandra White Nancy Umbarger Spencer Wilkinson Fra nces Via Dorothy Williams iEMBERS OF THE CONCERT BAND Georgia Wood Roger Wood Sandra Wood Mary Wooten Garland Wright James Bryant Freshmen Taking D. A. T. Test Bland Ward Mary Wills Mary Wyland Frances Kirby Pictured Larry Hall R. D. Harlow Sarah Hatter Donald Meeks Charles Nash 89 ■ - ■ ■ ' • " v ■ ' • , NAY mm, ■ ' •■:?. iV: i-i SW-i Sis HP - v • ' ' : A ' . . § Mi , ■ . IN MEMORY PEGGY JOYCE CAMPBELL Our classmate, Peggy, will be missed by each of us, but we are com¬ forted by the knowledge that our loss is Heaven’s gain. 90 « j ' SlvT T 1 r Alice Swartzentruber, President; Doris Wooten, Secretary-Treasurer; Doris Claytor, Vice President. BIBLE CLUB The Bible Club conducted a study course entitled, " The Unfolding Life of Jesus. " Nel¬ son County Ministerial Association members helped with this course. The practice of having grace during lunch and Bible reading for assembly programs was continued. ROW 1: Dean, Duncan, Gowen, Newberry, Thaxton. ROW 2: Fitzgerald, Roberts, White, Fitzgerald, Campbell, Payne, Burge, Turner. ROW 3: Mawyer, Bryant, Jones, Dunning, Campbell, Reese, Boyd, Ashley, Spencer. ROW 4: Waddill, Henderson, Booth, Campbell, Stevens, Claytor, Wooten, Brown, Swartzentruber, Miller, Parrish. ROW 5: Swartzentruber, Mrs. Cook, Sponsor; Coffey, Harris, Saunders, Carter, Lan- 92 gran, Barrentine, Scruggs, Phillips, Spencer. Perdue, President; DeKay, Vice President; Delk, Treasurer; Swartzentruber, Secretary. BETA CLUB ”B " stands for the Beta Club as all members must maintain a " B " grade or above in each subject. The club sponsors the " A Honor Roll, " recognizing each grading period those who made " A” on all of their subjects. Seated: Ware, Delk, DeKay, Perdue, Swartzentruber, Hughes. ROW 1, standing: Campbell, Brewer, Hamlet, Hughes, Cooke, Hughes, Ferguson. ROW 2: Mrs. Lincoln, Sponsor; Cooke, Vestal, Bryant, Lanahan. 93 DORIS CLAYTOR ANN DELK KENNETH DEKAY FRANCES VESTAL JEANNETTE FERGUSON Business Manager Advertising Editor Associate Editor Business Manager CONNIE MARTIN RITA JONES REVONDA HUGHES REBA MAYS FAYE WARE Picture Editor Art Editor Literary Editor Club Editor Sports Editor THE STAFF VERNON WOOD JOANNE THOMPSON BECKY SMALL PATRICIA HUGHES RICK COOK Advertising Pictures Advertising Picture Sports MRS. ROBERTS MELISSA LOVING PEGGY DAMERON JOHNNIE THAXTON MRS. COLEMAN Co-Sponsor Advertising Advertising Advertising Co-Sponsor SEATED: Cooke, Ware, Cook, Ware, Ferguson, Martin, Delk, DeKay, Vestal, Hughes, Claytor, Small. STANDING: Loving, Jones, Hughes, Anderson, Wood, Wade, Thaxton, Dameron, Mays, Hughes, Thompson, Bryant, Steele, Dodd. THOS NELSON, JR, The traveling team who paid the bill! 95 K -1 „ A; ■ t! £ A ; m ip, . - A jfelYiiSfli j-Ilfl It A i Judy Payne, Treasurer; Barbara Clarke, President; Madeline Higginbotham, Secretary; Barbara Steele, Vice President. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is composed of people who are especially interested in the library and are willing to work toward its improvement. Club members have taken over many jobs vital to the library’s program and as a money raising project, they sponsored a Christmas dance. SEATED: McClain, Fitzgerald, Reese, Payne, Clark, Higginbotham, Steele, Campbell, Saunders. ROW 1: Waddill, Miss Compton, Barrentine, Wright, Mattox, Cassey, Cooke, Mays, Brown, Wade, Allen, Thorpe, Dunning, Tinnell, Campbell, Wood, Campbell, Tucker, Hughes, Small, Whitehead, Colenda, Dillard, Ferguson. ROW 2: Simpson, Lincoln, Drumheller, Saunders, Davis, Scruggs, Phillips. ROW 2: Thompson, Spencer, Tyree, Thorpe, Ashley, Quick, Oliver, Tomlin, Neese, Harris, Campbell, Glea¬ son, Jones. 96 Bulletin Board Display Prepared by Library Club. COLLEGE NIGHT November 24, 1958 Future Teachers Entertaining the Faculty at a Tea. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Future Teachers of America 1958-59 is a club going places and doing things. Among the activities of the organization are such items as the observation of American Educa¬ tion Week. a tea honoring the high school faculty, a visit to Madison College, super¬ vised teaching in both elementary and high school, and observation of Teaching Career Left to right: Dillard, Ferguson, Hamlet, Slaughter, Mr. Kirby, Co-Sponsor; Delk, Miss Turner, Co- Sponsor; Gleason, Perdue, Higgs, Colenda, Martin. 98 IHmI Thompson, Historian; Hughes, Vice President; Hughes, President; Claytor, Reporter; Hughes, Parlia¬ mentarian; Ferguson, Secretary; Duncan, Treasurer. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Projects and activities of the Future Business Leaders of America for 1958-1959 in¬ clude; participation in district competition, study of parliamentary law, typing, spelling, and personality improvement, participation in Nelson County Day events, and fund-raising activities. ROW 1: Burge, Payne, Hughes, Hughes, Martin, Thompson, Miller. ROW 2; Parrish, Thaxton, Giles, Willoughby, Martin, Scruggs, Tucker, Nash, Pugh, Hughes. ROW 3: Tyree, Greiner, Cooke, Duncan, Turner, Bryant, Kidd, Henderson. ROW 4; Ferguson, Claytor, Tyree. ROW 5: Phillips, Hughes, Bond. - 99 Pi 4 Up v ,,, m •-» .? x m W M P 1 ! i JS | ¥ r fr , ■ Ji Hr mm vltr k iritis || JP Rick Cook, Mrs. Horsley, and Wayne Wade. Mr. Brawley, Cole, Mrs. Horsley, Turpin, Cooke, Jones, Cooke, Hamlet, Scruggs, DeKay, Wright, Wade. SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club is one of our newest organizations at Nelson. The purpose of it is to expand the understanding of natural resources. Projects are carried out by individual members. vH. ■ fm I TJ 1 H w ' w v. tEE I ft I " Ik Council - Miss Brumback, Sponsor; Jones, Campbell, Dameron, Slaughter. ROW 2: Saunders, Wood, Campbell, MacGregor, Higginbotham. ROW 3: Swartzentruber, Ware, Small, Tyree, Thaxton, Giles. ROW 4; Allen, Fitzgerald, Campbell, Taylor, Jordan. JUNIOR RED CROSS Junior Red Cross, which has not existed in the county for many years, was reorganized at Nelson County High this year. Members of JRC participate in many activities of the County Red Cross Chapter program. 10! ROW 1: Davis, Wade, Clark, Clarkson, Spencer, Norvelle, Fitzgerald, Payne, Wood, Mays, Mays, Miller. ROW 2: Bryant, Perdue, Phillips, Wood, Campbell, Tyree, Barrentina, Barrantina, Burge, Payne, Morris, Miss Brumback, Sponsor. ROW 3: Simmers, Langran, Ware, Campbell, Mays, Tucker Terry,’ Farrar, Claytor, Wooten, Oliver, Campbell. ROW 4: Waddill, Smith, Allen, Patrick, Purvis, Christian, Duncan, Hughes, Harris, Hughes, Mawyer. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA ROW 1: Wooten, Stewart, Newberry, Hall, Ragland, Miller, Pugh, Fox, Miller, Rourke. ROW 2: Carter, Allen, Harris, Thomas, Campbell, Bryant, Tinnell, Umbarger, Henderson, Steele, Miss Wood, Sponsor. ROW 3: Mattox, Dickerson, Stevens, Ashley, Harris, Via, Small, Campbell, Campbell. ROW 4: Hughes, Mays, Wood, Campbell, Massie, Wood, Floyd, Cook, Mays, DeCatur, Fitzgerald, Stevens. 102 ROW 1: Barbara Steele, Bev Ware, Ruby Fitzgerald. ROW 2: Mary F. Thacker, Merolene Duncan, Reba Mays. F. H. A. sponsors the ’ ' Mother-Daughter-Father Banquet " which is held during F. H. A. Week. They also sponsor the Spring Buffet in honor of the faculty. They conducted a safety survey of accidents occuring to family members in the home, and presented their findings at the fall Federation meeting. They were host chapter for Albemarle and Scottsville chapters for the annual spring rally. 103 Tomlin, Giles, Mays, Martin, Mr. Puckett, Campbell, Goode. rw .l W- ' T MOTTO Learning to do. Doing to learn. Earning to live. Living to serve. Future Farmers of America is a national organization of, by, and for boys studying Vocational Agriculture in public secondary schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Education Act. 104 Jerry Saunders, Bobby Thompson, and Cyrus Giles. FORESTRY JUDGING TEAM Edward Campbell, Jerry Saunders, Ray Ashley, Cyrus Giles. The Nelson F. F. A. Forestry Judging Team won first place in the Flag Federation and Central Virginia area contests and placed third in the State Contest held at North River, Augusta County. Cyrus Giles was fifth high individual scorer in the state contest. Teams competing in the contest had to estimate the board feet volume and cubic feet volume of standing trees, identify forest trees of Virginia, mark trees for the best practice for thinning and improvement, and determine the best practices to apply to a given area for best management practices. KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN Keep Virginia Green Crews are organized in rural high schools throughout Virginia. Their purpose is to assist the Chief Forest Warden of the county in the prevention of forest fires. They are organized and trained by the Chief Forest Warden with the assistance of trained personnel from the Virginia Division of Forestry. 106 MONOGRAM CLUB Gene Beard, Vice President; Wayne Wade, President; Ralph Turpin, Secretary-Treasurer. Nelson County held its first formal initiation with five new members coming in. The club promotes athletics and the proper wearing of any award that the athlete is given. ROW 1: Drumheller, Bell, Irvin, Wade, Crickenberger, Seaman, Floyd, Pannell, Small, Kidd, Harvey. ROW 2: Anderson, Higginbotham, Lincoln, Martin, Satterwhite, Beard, McClain, Harvey, Turpin, Goode, Mohler, Wright, Martin, Wood. 107 OFFICERS President — - - - -CARL BROWN Vice President - SHIRLEY WHITE Secretary-Treasurer-- FRANCES BARRENTINE The 4-H Club is organized to help boys and girls improve themselves and to learn better methods of farming and homemaking. With the aid of the county agent and home dem¬ onstration agent, they try to live up to the 4-H Club motto, " To Make the Best Better, in homemaking, agriculture, or community life. 4-H CLUB jSji §■ g [ c51 ? —MMH 108 CAPTAINS Herman Giles and Dean Reese These students represent the student body and parents in one great objective - safety and the prevention of accidents. Mr. James Brawley sponsors this organization. SAFETY PATROL PEP CLUB ROW 1: Vestal, Delk, Giles, Cooke, Tucker, Wood, Scruggs, Miss Hester, Sponsor; Taylor, Steele, Higginbotham, Ware, Spicer, Martin, Small, Campbell, Dodd, Anderson, Small. The Pep Club was newly organized this year at Nelson. Its major objective centers around the cultivation and promotion of more school spirit. Some of its activities have included the sale of shakers and programs at football games. The club, though new, has high hopes of expanding its influence in the school in years to come. I 10 ■ ... -if.v Bobby Thorpe Connie Martin Richard Simpson Mary Frances Norvell MAJORETTES J - Audrey Dodd, Peggy Dameron, Becky Slaughter and Marian Bryant. MARCHING BAND 1 . ' 1 ROW 1: Delk, Swartzentruber, Slaughter, Campbell, Dillard, Miller, Taylor. ROW 2: Whitehead, Dodd, Wood, Barrentine, Bryant, Wood, Booth, Coffey. CLARINET SECTION ROW 1: Smith, Stevens, Embrey, Miller, Swartzentruber, Mays, Thaxton. ROW 2: Perdue, Barrentine, Vestal, MacGregor, Simpson, Higgs. SAXOPHONE SECTION ROW 1: Johnson, Campbell, Carter, Turner, Saunders, Dillard, Delk, Langran. ROW 2: Langran, Carter, Carter, Drumheller. TROMBONE, BARITONE, AND BASS SECTION Spencer Wilkinson, Dickie McMurry, Ray Wyland, David Dodd, Charles Brown, Ashby Lincoln, Ronnie Bryant. I 16 PERCUSSION SECTION ROW 1: Campbell, Brewer, Greiner, Hash, Spencer, Fitzgerald, Dean, Ponton. ROW 2: Dameron, Langran, Eakin, Brush, Lincoln, Boyd, Saunders, Small, Wilkinson. CORONET AND HORN SECTION ROW 1: Merry Higgs, Ann Delk, Becky Slaughter, Bill Carter, Patsy Perdue, Jenny Brewer, Cookie Langran. ALL-STATE BAND MEMBERS 117 RESERVE BAND ROW 1: McGann, McClain, Embrey, Rucker, Herring, Blevins, Brown, Cash, Dodd. ROW 2: Bryant, McMurry, Slaughter, Coss, Harris. NELSON AIRES I 18 ROW 1: Higgs, Simpson, Vestal. ROW 2: Brewer, Delk, Langran, Mr. Sanger, Wyland. ROW 1: Fitzgerald, Fortune, Napier, Sites, Drumheller, Fitzgerald, Norvelle, Martin, Fitzgerald, Whitehead, Martin. ROW 2: Drumheller, Harris, Kitchen, Thorpe, Simpson, Higgs, Thaxton, Saun¬ ders, Morgan, Tyres, Duncan. ROW 3: Fitzgerald, Delk, Higginbotham, Simpson, Jordon, Massie, Mays, Fitzgerald, Decatur, Scruggs, Barrentine. I 19 MR. ROBERT SANGER Director JENNY BREWER Accompanist ■s ' slf?; At Work on Christmas Concert Posters SSSobSeI JUDY SIMPSON JERRY CARTER ■ ROW 1: Martin, Wilkinson, Wood, Irvine, Goodloe, Small . ROW 2: Coach League, Mohler, Bullock, Crickenberger, Seaman, Harvey, Wright, Coach Dofflemyer. ROW 3: Anderson, Martin, Lincoln, Satterwhite, Beard, Higginbotham, Harvey, Goode. VARSITY 122 Co-Captains BUDDY MARTIN and GENE BEARD OFFENSE ROW 1: Bullock, Lincoln, Goode, Seaman, Harvey, Anderson, Satterwhite. ROW 2: Crickenberger, Higginbotham, Beard, Irvine. DEFENSE ROW 1: Higginbotham, Bullock, Anderson, Mahin, Lincoln, Goode, Crickenberger. ROW 2: Satter¬ white, Small, Beard, Irvine. Jimmy Higginbotham, Howard Wright, Raleigh Satterwhite. Anderson Martin Satterwhite, Beard, Higginbotham, Goode, Crickenberger, Irvine ROW 1: Brown, Eakin, McGann, Hill, Coleman, Slaughter, Cash, Puryis. ROW 2: Wilkinsor Garwood, Rucker, Blevins, Justus, Greiner, Kirby. ROW 3: McCartney, Martin, Cooke, Me Collins, Hoadley, Massie, Coleman. ROW 4: Coaches Wade and McClain. Coach Aubrey McClain, Co-Captains Hill and Coleman, Coach Wayne Wade. EIGHTH GRADE Coleman, Eakin, Martin, Cooke, Brown, Collins, Justus, McCann, Purvis, Hill, Hoadley. OFFENSE FOOTBALL Blevins, Garwood, Greiner, McMurry, Cash, Massie, Greiner, McCartney, Coleman, Slaughter, Rucker DEFENSE - §T : . a 126 Coaches League and Dofflemyer admire athletic trophies. BASKETBALL SCORE Nelson 51 Scottsville 22 Nelson 49 Miller School 42 Nelson 31 Amherst 33 Nelson 56 Brookville 45 Nelson 33 Rustburg 38 Nelson 43 Buckingham 64 Nelson 37 Waynesboro 48 Nelson 62 Miller School 23 Nelson 37 New London 40 Nelson 59 Brookville 49 Nelson 36 Waynesboro 46 Nelson 60 New London 37 Nelson 61 Rustburg 31 Nelson 40 Appomattox 62 Nelson 43 Altavista 39 Nelson 60 Appomattox 69 Nelson 56 William Campbell 51 Nelson 40 Amherst 28 Nelson 42 William Campbell 38 127 Saunders, Turpin, Lincoln, Satterwhite, Beard, Harvey, Cook, Phillips Coaches - Dofflemyer and League VARSITY SQUAD —I A A mil i i r- J.A ' ! ; T ‘v • ■ ' T ” : , - ■ L.- T _dtA- JL_ _ — !. . :..!.: f SSL,— r ._ j l. : §W- ' ’ ■ " f ? 1 T ' ■ ' ; I ’V.v -,—JA. ■ ,-4-A A ™ . ... .r Hsa 128 Turpin, Beard, and Satterwhite - Coach Dofflemyer TEAM CAPTAINS WITH COACH GENE BEARD (C) TED HARVEY (F) RALEIGH SATTERWHITE (G) BILL LINCOLN (C) RICK COOK (F) MELVIN SAUNDERS (G) Wilkinson, Goodloe, Wood, Gunter, Kirby, Coach Wood, Fennell, Herring, Harvey, Seaman, Bullock. EIGHTH GRADE Wilkinson, Lindsey, Cash, Coleman, Hill, Coach League, Massie, Cook, Rucker, Garwood, Blevins, McMurry, GIRLS’ BASKETBALL ROW 1: Harris, Grant, Mawyer. ROW 2: White, Mawyer, Delk, Steele, Clarkson. ROW 3: Miss Hester, Coach; Thacker, Oliver, Ware, Mr. Kirby, Coach. ROW 4: Gleason, Ware, Vestal. SCHEDULE Nelson - - - - - - - - 57- - - Scottsville - - - - — - -40 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 69- — Amherst - - - - 44 there Nelson - - - - - - - - 50- — Brookville - - - - — - - 41 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 40 - — Rustburg - - - - — - - 39 - - - - - - - - - - there Nelson - - - - - - - - 44 - - - Buckingham — - — - - 36 - - - - - - - - - - there Nelson - - - - - - - - 49 - - - New London — — - - 31 - - - - - - - - - - there .Nelson - - - - - - - - 68 - - - Brookville - — — - - 67 - - - - - - - - - - there Nelson 53 - - - New London — - - - - - 26 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 47 - - - Scottsville - - - - - - - -32 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 53 - - - Rustburg - - - - — - - 37 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 64 - - - Appomattox - - - - - - - 61 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 55 - - - Appomattox — - - - - - 56 - - - - - - - - - - there Nelson - - - - - - - - 56 - — Amherst - - — — - - 42 - - - - - - - - - - here Nelson - - - - - - - - 52 - - - Altavista - - - 55 there HIGH SCORERS Faye Ware 20 Ann Delk 18 Barbara Steele 11 ROW 1: Hill, Drumheller, Coleman, Martin, Phillips, Floyd. ROW 2: Bulluck, Kidd, Wright, Goode, Martin, Harvey. ROW 3: Smith, Gormes, Lincoln, Beard, Anderson, Coach League. TRACK SQUAD Howard Wright, Johnny Goode, Gene Beard, Bill Lincoln, Jerry Floyd. DISTRICT CHAMPIONS 132 HIGH JUMP Gene Beard DISCUS Howard Wright SHOT Wayne Gormes 133 DISTRICT CHAMPION Brad Phillips FUTURE CHAMPION 134 Drumheller, Bullock, Beard, Kidd, Coleman. SPRINTERS Wright, Martin, Goode, Smith, Hill, Martin I aft 2HW P ' i - ' • jRr J ■Kr y?T.. A • ' Jr ». w V . ♦, • - — : r l g : « ., ’ SjPfiapfrfy ■ i itA . : vN S| rtfr$ ., , .ft p jk bHP V;;. ' ■ -I 1 DISTANCE RUNNERS 135 ROW 1: Bell, Adams, Gunter, Small, Irvine, Seaman, Crickenberger, Hill. ROW 2: Coach Dofflemyer, Bullock, Dodd, Satterwhite, Ponton, Herring, Wright, Manager Cook. VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Dofflemyer, Marshall Adams, Raleigh Satterwhite. BATTERY 136 Coach Dofflemyer, Gunter, Seaman, Irvine, Small. INFIELD Herring, Bell, Coach Dofflemyer, Crickenberger. OUTFIELD 137 »v 4 mn r 2| i f f • hK l •»?; » i .«J . i ’‘till . . . f 4- : - „ „ J ' ' ' ■■ - Lester Bell and Raleigh Satterwhite CLEAN-UP 138 Howard Wright and Billy Bullock SACRIFICING Going for the Hit!!! Raleigh Satterwhite and Melvin Crickenberger, ROW 1: Garwood, Blevins, Harvey, Seay. ROW 2: Wilkinson, Witt, Thompson, McMurry. ROW 3: Rucker, Cooke. 139 CHEERLEADERS WITH A MISSION pi. a A 1 T V i m F S e IN ACTION 140 MISS NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL FAYE WARE 142 MR. NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL GENE BEARD 14 ? HOMECOMING OCTOBER 24, 1958 DALE ANDERSON Afton, Virginia Monogram 3,4; Pep Club 4; Annual Staff 4; Bible Club 2; FBLA 3; Football 3,4. BARBARA ASHLEY Roseland, Virginia FHA 2, 3,4. FRANCES BARRENTINE Wingina, Virginia RITA BEALE Roseland, Virginia FHA 1,2; 4-H 1,2; Library Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Bible Club 3. GENE BEARD Tyro, Virginia JACOB BOND Roseland, Virginia FFA 2; KVG 4; Library Club 1. PEGGY BOND Fleetwood, Virginia FHA 2; 4-H 1,2, 3; Bible Club 2, 3; FBLA 4; Junior Red Cross 4. MARIAN BRYANT Schuyler, Virginia Band; Majorette; Student Council. WILLIAM BRUSH Schuyler, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; FFA 2,3; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4. DOROTHY BURGE Gladstone, Virginia Junior Red Cross 4; 4-H Club 1,2. LOTTIE BURGE Gladstone, Virginia 4-H; FBLA; FHA; Bible Club; Junior Red Cross. EDWARD CAMPBELL Roseland, Virginia KVG 4; FFA 1,2, 3, 4. JAMES CAMPBELL Wintergreen, Virginia FFA 1,2,3,4; KVG 1,2, 3, 4. WILLIAM CARTER Charlottesville, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2; Hi-Y Club 3; Band 1,2, 3,4. TERESSA CLARKSON Roseland, Virginia FHA 3; Junior Red Cross 4. JEWELL CLEMENTS Schuyler, Virginia EDWARD COLE Charlottesville, Virginia Science Club 4. MELVIN CRICKENBERGER Schuyler, Virginia Football; Basketball; Choral; KVG; FFA; 4-H Club. PHYLLIS CRITZER Afton, Virginia Junior Red Cross 4; Bible Club 3; FBLA 3; FHA 2. DOUGLAS DAMERON Afton, Virginia FFA; KVG. MARGARET DECATUR Lovingston, Virginia. KENNETH DeKAY Arrington, Virginia Library Club 1,2; Beta Club 3,4; Science Club 4; Annual Staff Editor 4. ANN DELK Lovingston, Virginia SCA 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Beta 3, 4; Forensic Club President 3; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Annual Staff 3,4; Science Club 4. CHARLES ELLIS Piney River, Virginia JEANNETTE FERGUSON Afton, Virginia Beta Club 3,4; FBLA 3, Secretary 4; FTA 4; Secre¬ tary of Junior Class; Annual Staff 4. SENIOR STATISTICS SHELBY JEAN FITZGERALD Shipman, Virginia FHA 1; Choral Club 4. ELIZABETH FLOYD Afton, Virginia Junior Red Cross 4; Safety Patrol 4. RAYMOND FLOYD Lovingston, Virginia Monogram 2, 3, 4; FFA 3, 4; KVG 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2,3. DICKIE FOLSOM Nellysford, Virginia FFA 4; KVG 4. CYRUS GILES Roseland, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; KVG 1, 2,3, 4. HERMAN GILES Arrington, Virginia 4-H Club; KVG; FFA; Safety Patrol. MAXINE GILES Arrington, Virginia FHA 1,2; 4-H Club 1,2,3; FBLA 3,4; Pep Club Secretary 4; Junior Red Cross 4; Bible Club 3; Cheer¬ leader 4. JOHNNY GOODE Afton, Virginia Junior Red Cross 4; KVG 3, 4; FFA 2, 3, 4; Monogram Club 3, 4; Senior Class President. JOE ANN HAMLET Shipman, Virginia Band 1; Student Council 2,3; Beta Club 3,4; Bible Club 2,3,4; FTA 4; Science Club 4. WILLIAM HARRIS Afton, Virginia STANFORD HARVEY Arrington, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2; FFA 2, 3, 4; Choral Club 1; KVG 3. TED HARVEY Lowesville, Virginia JERRY HATTER Wintergreen, Virginia Safety Patrol 4; KVG 4. ALICE HENDERSON Afton, Virginia FBLA 4; Student Council 3; Choral Club 3. NANCY HUGHES Shipman, Virginia FHA 2,3,4; FBLA 4. PATRICIA HUGHES Afton, Virginia Beta Club 3,4; Forensic Club 3; FBLA 3, Parliamen¬ tarian! 4; Student Council Reporter 3; Annual Staff. REVONDA HUGHES Afton, Virginia Student Council 2; Beta Club 3, 4; Forensic Club 3; Annual Staff 3; Literary Editor 4; FBLA 3, President 4. THOMAS HUGHES Nellysford, Virginia FFA 3. WOODROW JORDAN Schuyler, Virginia MARIAN KIDD Schuyler, Virginia FHA 1; Bible Club 2; Library Club 2; Annual Staff 3; FBLA 4. VIRGINIA LANGRAN Roseland, Virginia Dance Band; 4-H Club; Basketball; Safety Patrol; FHA; Junior Red Cross. MARY ALICE McFADDEN Gladstone, Virginia PAUL McNABB Arrington, Virginia Library Club 4. ELAINE MARTIN Schuyler, Virginia FBLA 4. 146 SENIOR STATISTICS EDDIE MAWYER Faber, Virginia DOROTHY MAWYER Roseland, Virginia FHA 2,3,4. ANN MAYS Lovingston, Virginia FHA 2, 3, 4; Choral Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Safety Patrol 1,2,3, 4; 4-H Club 1, 2. REBA MAYS Lovingston, Virginia Forensics Club 3; FHA 2,3,4; Safety Patrol; Student Council 1, Reporter 2; Junior Red Cross 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; 4-H Club 1,2,3; Annual Staff 1,2, 3, 4. JAMES MEEKS Nellysford, Virginia KVG; FFA; Monogram Club. DICKIE MILLER Charlottesville, Virginia JUDY MILLER Afton, Virginia Student Council 2; Bible Club 2; FBLA 4. BARBARA NASH Schuyler, Virginia FBLA 4. MARY FRANCES NORVELL Arrington, Virginia FHA 2, 3,4; FBLA 3; Safety Patrol 3. FRANCES PAYNE Gladstone, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; Bible Club 2; FBLA 3, 4; FHA 4; Junior Red Cross 4. PATRICIA PERDUE Norwood, Virginia Student Council 1; Choral Club 1; Bible Club 2, 3; Band 2,3,4; FTA 3,4. BRADFORD PHILLIPS Shipman, Virginia Basketball 3,4; Track 3,4. EMILIE PHILLIPS Lovingston, Virginia Choral Club 1; FBLA 3, 4; Bible Club 4; Library Club. JUDITH REESE Arrington, Virginia LUTHER ROBERTSON Wingina, Virginia FFA 1,2,3; Junior Red Cross 4; KVG 1, 2, 3, 4. RALEIGH SATTERWHITE Arrington, Virginia Monogram Club 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4. MELVIN SAUNDERS Arrington, Virginia Band 2,3,4; Basketball 2,4; Library Club 1. JOYCE SCRUGGS Gladstone, Virginia Bible Club 1, 2, 3, 4; FBLA 4; 4-H Club 4; Library 4; Junior Red Cross 4. RICHARD SIMPSON Shipman, Virginia Safety Patrol 1; KVG 3,4; 4-H Club 1. ROBERT SIMPSON Schuyler, Virginia GLEN SITES Faber, Virginia RONNIE SITES Faber, Virginia Choral Club 3, 4; KVG 3,4; FFA 3. REBECCA SLAUGHTER Lowesville, Virginia Cheerleader 4; Majorette 4; FTA 3, President 4; Junior Red Cross President 4; Forensic Club 3; Bible Club 2,3; 4-H Club 1,2,3. ANN SMALL Nellysford, Virginia Junior Red Cross; FHA. 147 SENIOR STATISTICS EVERETTE SMITH Wingina, Virginia Safety Patrol 3,4; Football 1,2; 4-H Club 1; KVG 3. JOHNNY SPEIDEL Charlottesville, Virginia BARBARA SPENCER Arrington, Virginia Forensic Club 3; 4-H Club 1, 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Bible Club 3. HARRY SPENCER Faber, Virginia Choral Club 1; Junior Red Cross 4. JOYCE STEWART Lovingston, Virginia Safety Patrol 4. ALICE SWARTZENTRUBER Schuyler, Virginia JOHNNIE THAXTON Roseland, Virginia FHA Songleader 1, Vice President 2; Bible Club 4; 4-H Club 1, Songleader 2, 3, 4; Junior Red Cross 4; FBLA 4; Student Council 4; Annual Staff 4; Choral Club Secretary 4; Band 1,2, 3, 4; Vice President of Sophomore Class; Reporter of Junior Class; Secre¬ tary-Treasurer of Senior Class. BOBBY THOMPSON Piney River, Virginia KVG; FFA. BOBBY THORPE Schuyler, Virginia 4-H Club 3,4; Library Club 4; Choral Club 3, 4; KVG 3,4. JOHNNY TINNELL Lovingston, Virginia MARSHALL TOMLIN Faber, Virginia Safety Patrol 2; Pep Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4. VELETA TUCKER Roseland, Virginia 4-H Club 3,4; Junior Red Cross 4; FBLA 4; Library Club 4. DORIS TURNER Faber, Virginia FBLA 4; Library Club 4; Bible Club 2,3,4; FHA 2, 3; 4-H Club 3. RALPH TURPIN Lovingston, Virginia Student Council; Monogram Club; Basketball; Junior Red Cross. GLADYS TYREE Gladstone, Virginia Library Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4; FBLA 4. JOYCE TYREE Gladstone, Virginia Bible Club 2; FBLA 4; FHA 4; 4-H Club 2; Cheer¬ leader 2,4; Junior Red Cross 4. ELAINE WADDILL Arrington, Virginia FHA 1,2,4; FBLA 3; Library Club 4; Student Coun¬ cil 3; Bible Club 2, 3, 4; 4-H Club 1,2,3, 4; Safety Patrol 4; Junior Red Cross 4. FAYE WARE Lovingston, Virginia Student Council 2,3, President 4; Annual Staff 3,4; FHA 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Forensic Club Vice President 3; Beta Club 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4. DORIS WILLOUGHBY Shipman, Virginia 4-H Club 1,2; FBLA 4; Safety Patrol 4; FHA 2. NANCY WOOD Greenfield, Virginia FHA 2; Library Club 4; Junior Red Cross 4. OTIE WRIGHT Shipman, Virginia WALTER WRIGHT Arrington, Virginia FFA 2,3. 48 A Beautiful and Stately Building Made of Dunbrik • .. 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We wish for each of the graduates of 1958 a future filled with health, happiness, and prosperity. 7 ' ciyuma. { jim 550 Commerce Avenue, Waynesboro, Virginia FISHBURNE’S DRUG STORE “Your Drug Store Since 1878 Waynesboro, Virginia WAYNESBORO RETAIL JEWELERS JEWEL BOX BAR BROS. HODGES JEWELRY STORE M R JEWELERS Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of WAYNESBORO FURNITURE STORES Barksdale Furniture Corporation Augusta Furniture Company- Modern Furniture Company DOUGLAS R. TYREE President CHARLES M. ETTER Associate T. C. McDOW, JR. Vice President McDOW-TYREE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service 234 Wayne Avenue Dial WH-2-8133 Waynesboro, Virginia E. W. BARGER AND COMPANY Dependable Insurance for All Your Insurance Needs See Us L.B. B. Building Waynesboro, Va. Phone WHitehall 2-8189 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Waynesboro, Virginia Interest Paid on Savings Accounts Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System Drive-in Branch, 1415 West Main Street Main Office, Main Street and Wayne Avenue The Bank That Service Built Compliments of EARLY DAWN CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. Waynesboro, Virginia WAYNE AND CAVALIER THEATRES Waynesboro, Virginia MIZE SUPPLY COMPANY Plumbing and Heating Supplies Waynesboro, Virginia WHitehall 2-8273 ROCKFISH MOUNTAIN ORCHARDS Fancy Mountain Apples Avon, Virginia Phone Greenwood Exchange GLenview 6-2005 THE AFTON STORE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial GLenview 6-7021 Afton, Virginia Bring Your Family to VAN RIPER’S LAKE Swimming and Picnicking Dancing (Every Friday and Saturday Night) Off Route 151 Greenfield, Virginia ANDERSON’S Compliments of GARAGE SOUTHERN Avon, Virginia “General Auto Repairs’’ RESTAURANT Rt. 151 Phone GL 6-2427 Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of FALLS GROCERY HAVEN BROS. GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Sprayer Parts and Service Afton, Va. Greenfield, Virginia Dial Glenview 6-2641 Greenwood, Va. THE CITIZENS-WAYNESBORO BANK AND TRUST COMPANY KINSER’S ESSO STATION Atlas Tires - Accessories Member Federal Reserve System and F. D. I. C. “There Is No Substitute for Savings ’ ’ We Pay 3% East Main at N and W Underpass Phone WHitehall 3-3586 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia The Latest in Hairstyles The Newest in Techniques VALLEY BEAUTY NOOK MARKET 531 Main St. Waynesboro, Virginia Live and Dressed Poultry WHitehall 3-4531 The Finest in Beauty Care for the Discriminating Woman Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of BLUE RIDGE J. J. NEWBERRY TERRACE MOTOR COURT CO. Afton, Virginia Variety - Department Store Your One Stop Shopping Center Waynesboro, Virginia Meet CLARK DODD JR. at Compliments of WAYNESBORO NURSERIES THE MAN’S SHOP Virginia’s Largest Growers of Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, 510 Main St. and Ornamental Plant Material Waynesboro, Va. Waynesboro, Virginia S-T-R-E-T-C-H YOUR DOLLAR$. . .at Your Friendly Department Store Stores Conveniently Located at. . . . Charlottesville . Lynchburg . Waynesboro Fashions. . .for the Entire Family Dependable Service Since 1910 HAMILTON-COOK LYNDHAVEN FLOR 1ST HARDWARE CO., INC. Paint - Appliances - Hardware 321 West Main Street Household and Farm Supplies Waynesboro, Va. 145 N. Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Va. Phone WH 2-8Z51 Phone WHitehall 3-8556 1022 W. Maine FITZGERALD Visit Our New Address BUILDING SUPPLY WAYNE Manufacturers of All Types of Storm Windows and Doors WELDING CO. Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia WHITESEL MUSIC “Where Everything Is Music and Music Is Everything” 149 S. Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 43657 FABRICATORS WELDING IRON WORK Since 1933 G. M. TERRY Bar Joist - Steel Deck Steel and Aluminum Windows Pipe Columns - Lintels - Stairways , Reinforcing Steel - Wire Mesh Structurals Phone WH. 3-9432 j 228 Commerce Ave. Waynesboro, Va. Compliments of THE HUMPHRIES PRESS, INC. “Planners and Producers of Custom and Commercial Printing” 722 East Main St. Dial WH-2-5111 Waynesboro, Virginia EARLY DAWN DAIRY BAR FARRAR East Main St. Dial 2-5671 COMPANY Cold Plates - Sandwiches Salads - Breakfasts General Merchandise Quality Dairy Products Fresh Meat - Coal 6:30 A.M. - 12:30 A.M. Service Fertilizer - Radios Curb Service 5:00 - 12:00 Arrington, Virginia MYERS RHODES EQUIPMENT CO., INC. New Idea - New Holland - Oliver Massey-Harris - Ferguson Farm Machinery McCulloch Chain Saws Simplicity Garden Tractors 16 1Z- 14 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia In Lynchburg - It’s For All Your Shopping Needs COMMENCEMENT Perhaps you have been thinking of this occasion for some time. Graduation is only the beginning of a brighte r future. We hope that it is a “commencement” of greater things to come. In America we enjoy the world’s highest standard of living. If we are to continue to enjoy these benefits, we must have better trained men and women. We need more scientists; more trained engineers; and better qualified people in all walks of life. It’s your future — use it wisely. McGEHEE FURNITURE CO., INC. 920-922 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia $)cwue (9nc. S-S-S S-S-S-S-S -S-S-S-SPARKLE! Have a Coke! Bottled under authority of The Coca-Cola Company by coke " is a •fCISTEBEO TRADE-HARK LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY BROWN-MORRISON C,0 V v v , ' • ' i uZDiiiiir nlRRTlli ! i ' Jt _ -- : 5 V ' •!, Portable Typewriter and Office Machine Headquarters in the Lynchburg Area Everything for Your Office at the Businessman’s Department Store BROWN-MORRISON COMPANY, INCORPORATED 7 18 Main Street Compliments of Lynchburg, Va. J. W. WOOD WHOLESALE GROCER Distributor Pratt-Low and Pocohuntas Fine Foods Lynchburg, Virginia FARMERS HOME SEED SUPPLY CO., INC. FURNITURE CO. Feed, Seed and Farm Supplies lZth and Main Street 1306 Main Street There’s No Place Like Home Phone Vi-5-Z52Z Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia S. O. FISHER INC. Sporting and Athletic Supplies Educational Toys and Games 10Z4 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia JAMES T. DAVIS INCORPORATED Lynchburg’s Leading Paint and Wallpaper Store 1225 Main Street Lynchburg , Virginia C. H. BEASLEY BRO. SOUTHERN CORPORATION PARTS BEARING CO., INC. Wholesale Grocers 915-917 Commerce St. “The Parts People” Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia BOTTLED GAS COMPANY Compliments of LYNCHBURG OF LYNCHBURG, INC. GARAGE 109 Thirteenth Street Telephone Vi-6-6549 Lynchburg, Virginia THE LYNCHBURG NATIONAL Member F.D.I.C. For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia VIRGINIA LAUNDRY CRUTCHFIELD’S CLEANERS Lynchburg, Virginia SNYDER AND BERMAN WEBB-WHITAKER INC. CO., INC. 914 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Visit Us Often for All Your Needs Men’s and Young Men’s Clothing 909 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of BAILEY-SPENCER HARDWARE CO., INC. Lovingston, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY 1025-1029 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia COLEMAN’S EDWARD’S Fine Footwear INC. Men’s and Boys’ Shop Since 1886 Corner 8th and Main Sts. by Nehborg Lynchburg, Virginia ARMY NAVY OUTLET Sporting Goods, War Surplus B oWe N Clothing and Shoes for the Entire Family Jeu eOiy Company “Where Your Dollar Has More Sense Lynchburg Main St. Amherst, Va. Grow With Lynchburg After High School Attend PHILLIPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia TOWN AND COUNTRY RESTAURANT Rt. 29 Madison Heights, Virginia LYNCHBURG CLOTHING KOHLER FIXTURES COMPANY, INC. Bradford Water Heaters Wholesale and Retail Clothiers Rapidayton Water Pumps Men’s and Boys’Suits, Overcoats LYNCHBURG Pants, Hats and Caps PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. Wholesale Plumbers 919 Commerce Street 1217 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of CANADA BARKER-JENNINGS CORP. Wholesale Only Lynchburg, Virginia PRODUCE REACH FOR SUNBEAM THE BREAD YOU NEED FOR ENERGY Save - and Make It a Habit! LYNCHBURG FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office 616 Church St. Miller Park Branch 1990 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Virginia REAMS L. OPPLEMAN COMPANY, INC. 825 Main Street Furniture and House Lynchburg, Virginia F urnishings “Let Us Make Your House a Home ’ ’ Jewelry - Music - Luggage Conn and Holton Band Instr ume nts 6 20-924 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. Gibson - Martin - Fender Guitars THE NEWSPAPER A VALUABLE AID TO EDUCATION! Make a Habit of Reading Your Newspaper Every Day THE NEWS THE DAILY ADVANCE Lynchburg, Va. Office Phone VI. 6-6533 HAMMERSLEY MOTORS, INC. Your Authorized Dealer Mercury - Edsel - Lincoln Continental Mark 111 - English Ford New and Used Car Dep’t 12th and Fort Ave. Open Nights ’Till 9 P.M. Lynchburg, Va. PARIS jgjmg PHARMACY WrvicTT route 3 MADISON HEIGHTS. VA. PHONE VI. 6-5743 TV AND APPLIANCE DICKERSON Madison Heights, Virginia JAMES A. SCOTT SON BUICK CORP. INC. Sales and Service Federal St. at Fifth Insurance and Bonds of Every Kind Since 1866 Lynchburg, Va. 203-210 Lynch Building Lynchburg, Virginia Patterson’s Druggists Are Trained To Serve Your Health Needs DRUG CO. 1020 MAIN STREET 7th MAIN STREETS DIAL 2-2347 DIAL 2-4573 PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED SULLENDER CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Phone WH-6-2611 Amherst, Virginia VI 5-2751 Same Location Since 1906 NINTH STREET CLEANING TAILORING CO. Cleaning - Pressing While U Wait Repairs - Alterations General Merchandise TUXEDO RENTALS 108 Ninth St. Lynchburg, Va. JOHN P. HUGHES MOTOR CO., INC. Lynchburg, Virginia JOHN E. GANNAWAY CO., INC. Hardware 1124 MAIN ST. • DIAL Victor 5-7133 LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 1000 Main Lynchbur g. Va. AMHERST MOTORS 19 Years Amherst Ford Dealer HILL HARDWARE CORP. Hardware - Furniture - Building Materials Hotpoint Electric Appliances Amherst, Virginia Phone WH-6-2411 PHILLIPS BROTHERS Compliments of INC. HUGHES Visit Our Jewelry DRY CLEANING CORPORATION Sporting Goods and Music Departments Class Rings 1601 Park Avenue 906 Main Street Dial Victor 7-7756 Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Shop at WAILES ROSE’S Stop in - Shop 5- 10-25£ STORE Shoes for the Entire Family Work Clothes Ladies’ and Children’s Wear Phone WH 6-2267 Waynesboro, Virginia Amherst, Virginia Compliments of AMHERST PHARMACY Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week SALES WHITE JACK A. WATTS PULPWOOD CO. General Insurance—Bonds AMHERST, VIRGINIA ROBERT L. SALES, Owner Telephone WH 6-3731 Monroe, Virginia and Amherst, Virginia HOWELL’S Best Wishes for Success SELF SERVICE Fresh Meats and Groceries “SEMINOLE RESTAURANT” Phone 4811 Amherst, Va. Main St. Term 30 Days Amherst, Virginia Compliments of THE VIRGINIA BLUE RIDGE RAILROAD Piney River, Virginia Compliments of Y. M. C. A. Gladstone, Virginia Insurance Compliments of Agt. DRUMMONDS Auto - Life - Fire Self-Service NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. WHitehall 6-3791 Amherst, Va. Amherst, Virginia and SBeb t J ?( t.i tei to tAe $taM 0f G 59 The Monticello Dairy Compliments of Eastern Regional Office STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES R oute 29 North Charlottesville, Virginia ROBERTS PIANO COMPANY Weave Stronger Family Ties with the Music Magic of a Baldwin Baldwin — Choice of the World’s Great Pianists The magic of the magnificent Baldwin is a vital link between parents and children . . . giving them both a common basis for fun and pleasure . . . joining them in a mutual love and understanding of music. And for the beginner—young or old—the rich tone, flowing action and exciting response of ihis finest piano inspire perfection and hasten learning. As Nationally Advertised Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Staunton, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS BRADLEY PEYTON III Pontiac - Cadillac-Vauxhall DOMINICK CHEVROLET CO. Chevrolet Cars and Trucks HARPER MOTORS, INC. Authorized Dealer for Volkswagen H. M. GLEASON AND CO., INC. International Trucks and Equipment R. M. DAVIS MOTORS, INC. De Soto-Plymouth-DKW VANCE BUICK, INC. Buick-Opel CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks COGGINS MOTOR CO., INC. Chrysler-Plymouth-Imperial Studebaker Cars Trucks MacGREGOR MOTORS, INC. Lincoln, Mercury, Continental Edsel-English Ford WILHOIT MOTORS Dodge-Plymouth-Fiat RUSSELL MOONEY OLDS SALES AND SERVICE Oldsmobile-GMC Trucks WRIGHT WRECKING YARD Diamond T Trucks PIEDMONT TRACTOR CO., INC. Willys Jeep - John Deere Equipment CHARLOTTESVILLE OFFICE MACHINE CO. Authorized Underwood Agency - Sales and Service 915 West Main Street P.O. Box 348 Dial 2-7419 Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of CHAS. KING SON WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia M. C. HILL FUNERAL HOME 222 Jefferson Park Ave. Charlottesville, Va. In the University Community Phones 2-5444, 3-4758 Ambulance Service at All Hours Unexcelled Service Within the Means of All COVE CREEK FARM Registered Aberdeen-Angus Cattle COVE CREEK ORCHIDS Hybrid and Species Flowers and Plants COVE CREEK WOOD PRODUCTS Pressure Treated Posts and Lumber GREEN THUMB NURSERY Evergreen Foundation Planting CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Since 1893 Lumber - Building Material - Paint Hardware - Power Tools Wall Board - Johns-Manville Roofing Dial - 25135 Charlottesville, Virginia VALLEY VIEW FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions 418 E. Main St. Dial 2-6141 Charlottesville, Virginia VISIBLE RECORDS, IN CROZET, VIRGINIA GLECO MILLING CORPORATION Manufacturers of Livestock and Poultry Feed Buyers of All Type Grain Grain Drying - Custom Mixed Feed Main Plant and Offices on Route 29 5 Miles South of Charlottesville, Virginia Box 3387, University Station Phone 2-6435 C. H. WILLIAMS co. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville’s Leading Dept. Store Charlottesville, Virginia Hardware All Kinds CHARLOTTESVILLE HAR DWARE Charlottesville, Virginia THE BANKS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE The Peoples National Bank National Bank and Trust Company- Citizens Bank and Trust Company Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “Use Your Banks in Charlottesville” H. M. GLEASON CO., INC. Be Sociable Charlottesville, Virginia International Farm Machinery Television and Appliances Feed, Seed, Fertilizer International Trucks fnpsUjU ! Have a Pepsi Compliments of GILMORE DETTOR EDWARDS AND MORRIS HAMM SNYDER INCORPORATED WHOLESALE GROCERS Furniture for the Home and Office Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia THE YOUNG MEN’S SHOP Quality Men’s Wear Charlottesville, Virginia THE DAILY PROGRESS Over One-Half Century of Public Service Delivered in Nelson County Each Afternoon by Carrier and Motor Route Compliments of DO-NUT DINETTE Good Food - 24 Hour Service 1107 W. Main St. Waynesboro, Virginia BROWN’S GIFTS Greeting Cards For Every Occasion Main at Fourth Street Charlottesville, Virginia PREDDY’S STOP SHOP FUNERAL HOME SUPER MARKETS Superior Ambulance Service 500 East Main Street 1017 West Main Street Dial 2-7546 600 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Free Parking Compliments of CHARLOTTESVILLE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, INC. Wholesale Food Distributor Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE OIL COMPANY Gulf Distributors Phone 2-5551 Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of COLEMAN’S JEFFERSON SHOP Charlottesville - Gordonsville Louisa - Scottesville TILMAN’S J. D. AND J. S. TILMAN R eady-to-Wear Piece Goods and Notions Charlottesville, Virginia THE W. J. KELLER CO. Shoes by: Exquisite Foot Wear Andrew Geller, Mademoiselle Paradise, Capezios, Naturalizer Town Country, Bass Weejuns Sport Shoes by Spalding 404 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-2915 Compliments of HILLSIDE GAR DENS North Garden, Va. Headquarters for Fine Garden Plants and Orchid Corsages Route 29 Visitors Welcome ANDERSON BROS. BOOKSTORE, INC. At the University Since 187 5 For All Your Athletic Equipment Needs Use “Thilson” Football, Baseball Basketball, Boxing Track, Playground Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of WAYLAND MACHINERY CO. Covesville, Virginia WADDELL’S Business Systems Office Supplies - Office Furniture 308 E. Main Street For School Wear Stride Rite and Scout Shoes JARMEN’S, INC. 200 East Market Street Charlottesville, Virginia Dial - 2-5184 Charlottesville, Virginia PURVIS JOHNSON Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted GENERAL MERCHANDISE Covesville, Virginia Charlottesville Dial 3-1159 DR. J. T. GREENE Optometrist 211 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Hours: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. - 2 P.M. Telephone 3-2459 Compliments of BOTTLED GAS CORPORATION of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE Opposite Hospital Dial 2-4555 Charlottesville, Virginia S. L. THOMAS OPTICIAN 105 North First Street Charlottesville, Virginia VIRGINIA CITY AUTOMATIC CAR WASH LAUNDRY Quick Five Minute Service AND 1202 West Main Street Phone 3-5253 Charlottesville, Virginia DRY CLEANERS Preston and Grady Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Just Dial 29- 136 RAY FISHER’S, INC. RENNOLDS SOUTHERN ELECTRIC Charlottesville’s Most Complete Appliance Center Appliances y 227 West Main Street 323 W. Main Street NL Js Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia W. L. RENNOLDS Telephone 3-5136 THE CENTRAL VIRGINIA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Lovingston, Virginia Organized in Nelson County in 1937 by its own¬ ers, the farmers who pledged their membership to secure the blessings of modern, dependable elective service, and have extended this service to over 30,000 persons in Nelson, Amherst, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Goochland, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Campbell, Buckingham, Orange and Lou¬ isa counties. The owners of this modern electric distribution system are its consumers, a portion of whose elec¬ tric bill retires its debt. Before another twenty years expire, it will have retired its debt while continuing its vital service - still at the old 1937 rates. We salute the 1958-59 class, many of whomwill be listed among our owners. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your heritage. Community Owned Community Built Community Builder ALBERENE STONE CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA Serving Nelson and Albemarle Counties Since Before 1870 Alberene Black Serpentine Facing and Outer Hearth Garden Walk and Fireplace Stone PONTON’S SNACK BAR Breyer’s Ice Cream Good Sandwiches - Coffee - Groceries Lovingston, Virginia H. A. PONTON BUILDING SUPPLY Heating by Thermo Products Serving All of Nelson County and Area Telephone CO - 3-3591 Lovingston, Virginia FLOYD’S MARKET Telephone CO 3-3151 Lovingston, Virginia Congratulations to the Class of 1959 ; MIRT FLOYD’S SON’S GENERAL ELECTRIC Your New Home of Household Electric Appliances GENERAL ELECTRIC BAILEY-MORRIS ESSO SERVICE Lovingston, Virginia DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOP Lovingston, Virginia Phone Co-3-4141 NELSON MOTORCOMPANY, INC. Phone Co-3-2511 Lovingston, Virginia SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME Phone 3161 Ambulance Service Lovingston, Virginia LOVINGSTON HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Lovingston, Virginia Since 1927 Phone CO 3-2371 ■ , ; ' SAUNDER’S FORD, INC. Lovingston, Virginia THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY Lovingston, Virginia “The Bank for the People of Nelson County” Member of the American Bankers Association Member of the Independent Bankers Association Member of the Virginia Bankers Association Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ARRINGTON COLD STORAGE COOPERATIVE, INC. “There Is Always a Leader” Main Office: Shipman, Virginia - Dial CO 3-3241 Plant: Arrington, Virginia - Dial CO 3-4581 “Tells Where to Buy It” PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME Piney River Call Collect - No Toll Charge Virginia " A Service That Is Distinctive but Not Expensive " 24 Hour Ambulance Service Call CRestwood 7-4161 Day or Night C. PRESTON PARR, Piney River EDWIN M. MOORE NELSON THEATRE j. h. McClellan Lovingston, Virginia MOTOR SALES, INC. Telephone CO3-3402 Main Street Lovingston, Virginia LOVING BROS. GROCERY Our Customers, Like Our Food Are Treated With “Loving” Care i Telephone CO - 3-4411 Lovingston, Virginia CLARKSON Compliments of ESSO SERVICE LEA BROTHERS Tires - Batteries GROCERY Accessories Colleen, Virginia Massies Mill, Virginia UNIVERSITY HARVEY’S CAFETERIA CASH STORE Opposite University Fresh Meats of Virginia Grounds Groceries F eeds Charlottesville, Virginia Gas and Oil Free Parking Dial CR 7-4477 Roseland, Virginia Phone CR 7-4141 Pineij Riuer Florist Mrs. M. J. Parr, Manager Flowers For All Occasions Nights, Sundays, Holidays CR-7-442 1 . Metered Delivery . Keep Fill Service . Diesel Fuel . Gasoline . Lube Oils . Grease “The Oil That Really Burns Clean” W. LYNN HARVEY, Distributor Call CO 3-2392 AMERICAN OIL CO. Arrington, Va. Steaks - Chops - Seafood Sandwiches SEMINOLE You Can Always Get a Good SERVICE STATION Meal at NONNIE’S PLACE J. G. ROBERTS, Prop. Our Specialties Country Ham - Fried Chicken On U. S. Route 29 Call CO 3-2501 7 Miles South of Lovingston On New Route U.S. 29 Faber, Virginia B F SERVICE CENTER For Your Home Needs Groceries, Meats RUCKER-PAYNE Gas and Oil SUPPLY COMPANY Massies Mills, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia Phone Piney River CR 7-4189 Phone CO 3-3211 Compliments of HIGGS AND YOUNG INC. Massies Mill, Virginia REPUBLIC OIL REFINING CO. Gasoline Kerosene Motor Oils Greases R. C. SMITH, Agent Dial CO 3-Z481 Arrington, Virginia HARRIS’S WOOD’S RESTAURANT GULF SERVICE Home Cooked Foods Gulf Service and Fuel Oil Specializing in Virginia Ham Phone CO 3-8811 Fried Chicken and Steaks Phone CO 3-2771 Lovingston, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia WILLIAM L. JONES Compliments of SELF SERVICE STORE KILMARTIN’S Groceries Fresh Meats PHARMACY Produce Feeds Gas Oil CO 3-2364 Arrington, Va. Lovingston, Virginia JOHN W. WHEELER A Complete Fuel Service Coal Phone Co-3-2366 Arrington, Virginia JAMES S. LAMBERT GENERAL MERCHANDISE Faber, Virginia ALLEN’S M. E. MASSIE SERVICE STATION GENERAL MERCHANDISE Gas - Oil - Groceries Phone 3-8053 Colleen, Virginia Tyro, Virginia Compliments of R. V. SMALL’S WOOD’S GROCERY GROCERY Nellysford, Virginia Shipman, Virginia Phone CO 3-7061 McGinnis Stop and Shop at CASH GROCERY SHADY’S Shipman, Virginia PLACE Phone C03-5144 “Store of Values” Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of SCHUYLER MAWYER’S ESSO STATION RESTAURANT Woods Mill R. C. WALSH, Prop. Faber, Virginia Schuyler, Virginia Stop and Eat at J. B. WOOD MARY’S LUNCH GENERAL MERCHANDISE Woods Mill Faber, Virginia Faber, Virginia Phone Lovingston C03-5183 ROCKFISH THAXTON’S GARAGE GROCERY STORE Piney River, Virginia Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions Hay, Feed, Tobacco, Cigars Etc. General Auto Repairing and Contract Hauling Rockfish, Virginia Day Phone Night Phone CR 7-3221 CR 7-4697 MAC’S Compliments of MAR KET For the Best in Groceries We Give S H Green Stamps and GILES TV SERVICE Guaranteed Service on All Makes PINEY RIVER COFFEE SHOP Phone CR 7-3431 Phone Cr 7-4473 and Cr 7-8812 Roseland, Va. Piney River, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of H. T. CAMPBELL MRS. R. A. MAHONE GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Phone CR 7-3182 Phone 2455 Piney River, Virginia Massies Mill, Virginia Lumber Dealer Phone CR 7-4141 Compliments of M. J. PARR WOOD’S Truck Bodies and Building Supplies Wood, Coal and Hardware CAFE Phone CR 7-3211 Piney River, Va. Piney River, Virginia PAYNE’S Compliments of GARAGE H. M. HILBISH GMC Trucks Gulf Gas and Tires Goodrich Tires Wrecker Service GROCERY Phone CR 7-4721 Piney River, Virginia Piney River W. A. WATSON SONS AMERICAN HEALTH INSURANCE CORP. REGIONAL MANAGERS Hospitalization, Income Payments and Life Insurance 106 N. Main Street (Across From the Post Office) Farmville, Virginia Telephone: 342 GEO. F. HILBISH GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fresh Meats, Produce Flour Feed and Hay Phone Cr-7-4621 Piney River, Virginia PINEY RIVER MOTOR SALES Phone CR 7-3111 Owners W. DALE HARVEY R. LLOYD CAMPBELL Used Cars and Trucks Piney River, Virginia GARST’S C. A. PATTERSON INC. CO. Office, School and General Merchandise Hobby Supplies Fresh Meats, Feeds Gas and Oil Waynesboro, Virginia Telephone Cr-7-4491 Roseland, Virginia UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Manufacturers of Rayon and Nylon Tire Fabric Scottsville, Virginia HERFF-JONES COMPANY JAMES L. DECK, Representative P.O. Box 4735 Richmond 29, Virginia Telephone AT-23437 School Jewelry Invitations Caps and Gowns Athle tic Letters Medals and Trophies W. F. PAULETT 1870-1940 Planing Mill and Woodworking Shop Rough and Dressed Lumber, Plywood Moldings Windows and Doors Frames Made to Order Screens Sheetrock Rookwool Insulation W. F. PAULETT SON Building Materials and Hardware S cottsville Virginia F. E. PAULETT Sole Owner Cement Lime, Brick and Plaster Roofing Carpenter Tools House Hardware Venetian Blinds Paints and Oils Sewer Pipe Asbestos Sidings Culvert Pipe THACKER BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone 2791 Scottsville, Virginia WILLIAM A. DAWSON, JR. WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Grocers - Produce - Notions - Novelties Phone 2681 Scottsville, Virginia Compliments of THE HUB INCORPORATED WESTERN AUTO We Clothe the Family Scottsville, Virginia ASSOCIATE STORE Phone 2501 Scottsville, Virginia JOSTEN’S OF OWATONNA Announcements Engraved Cards School Jewelry Gowns Medals T rophies -RAYMOND PAGE --- 1104 E. Washington Vinton, Virginia BRUCE’S DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Telephone 3881 Scottsville, Virginia Compliments of HARRY HAGA CRADDOCK TERRY CO. SHOE CORPORATION 607 Main St. Ward ’s R oad “We Back Our Sales With Lynchburg, Virginia Service’ ’ Compliments of K. M. BAKER JR. Heavy Contract Hauling " We Go Anywhere Anytime " Lovingston, Va. Phone 4131 Compliments of C. R. BROWN GENERAL MERCHANDISE FARRAR’S RIVERSIDE MARKET Gladstone, Virginia Avon, Virginia PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PATRONSHIPS Dr. G. R. Criswell American Cyanamid Company The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Keller and George Jewelers Valley Bakery The staff extends its sincere thanks to the advertisers without whose support this yearbook would not have been possible. TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made "

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Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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