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MSgsi IBs 32125 mm Is I ? t i I 1 i A Vol. Ill NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Lovingston, Virginia Taylor Publishing Company I JBir M " - v ■ ' ■X V , • School days as we live them with all the activ- «» ities and personalities involved, isthe,:th|me o f our i 7- 58 Thos. Nelson, Jr. - m : ■ . The sincere wish of the staff is that the faces and events pictured herein will cause you to s remember with pride and joy your days af Nel- sou County High School. vi ■ " v- .. m % : ■ r wv ■ uj,- » • • • . •$ ■ • k , «( ' MR. J. W. HARVILLE Assistant Principal From its very beginning, September 1955, Mr. J. W. Harvillehas been a vital part of Nelson County High School. Mr. Harville, who came to Nelson from Drewyville High School, received his B. S. Degree from Hampden-Sydney and his M. Ed. Degree from University of Virginia. As Assistant Principal his duties are many and varied. He undertakes each of his tasks as though it were the most important, thereby performing all duties well. He is not only Assistant Principal and Ed¬ ucator, but a friend to all who know him. We are proud to dedicate this, our year¬ book, the 1958 Thos. Nelson Jr. to Mr. J. W. Harville. Mr. Harville as we frequently see him - as official timer. With him are Ricky Powell and Wayne Wade. 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS ■ ' TITLE PAGE Page 1 THEME PAGE Page 2 SCHOOL BUILDING Page 4 and 5 DEDICATION Page 3 HISTORY Page 6 ADMINISTRATION Page 13 FACULTY Page 18 STUDENT COUNCIL Page 24 ACTIVITIES Page 7 SENIORS Page 30 JUNIORS Page 44 SOPHOMORES Page 54 FRESHMEN Page 60 CLUBS Page 71 MUSIC ORGANIZATIONS Page 89 SPORTS Page 99 SUPERLATIVES Page 123 STATISTICS Page 134 ADVERTISING Page 139 4 , 7 THE • « ' - : ■ ■ r ’ 1 , | y t- jk k V ft pa jesjs?x?i MR. J. B. M. CARTER Superintendent One reason why we at Nel¬ son County High School have such a sense of well-being is that we know that Mr. Carter, our superintendent, is work¬ ing constantly in our behalf. It is not easy to keep teachers in the classroom, school buses running, and school children happy, but he succeeds in do¬ ing all three. We are indeed appreciative of the interest that he manifests in our ac¬ tivities and his faithful at¬ tention to the school ' s wel¬ fare. NELSON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD Left to right: Mr. Orville Karicofe, Mr. J. S. Carter, Superintendent J. B. M. Carter, Mr. J. G. Heath, and Mrs. John Seaman. OUR ALERT VISITING TEAM MRS. REEFA McGUFFIN, General Supervisor - If you need help, she ' ll heed your call. MR. RICHARD MOON, Visiting Teacher - His jobs are too numerous to mention! 15 MR. W. L. KIRBY, JR. Principal As principal, Mr. Kirby is responsible for the smooth administration of our school. It is a responsibility which he discharges with exceptional ability. In fact, things move so smoothly at Nelson that we rarely are conscious of his careful planning, watchful supervision, and firm direction. Because there is need, he has cheerfully accepted numerous assignments not normally a part of the principal ' s work. He directs both the junior and senior plays and he coaches girls ' basketball and the J. V. baseball team. If a teacher is absent and no substitute can be found, Mr. Kirby takes over the class¬ room. If there is trouble in the pump or furnace room, he becomes a mechanic. It is however, as a friend and sympathetic ad¬ visor that we value him most. He is not niggardly with praise when we have earned it; no more does he fail to reprimand when we deserve it. Mr. Kirby does his utmost to make Nelson the best school of its class. He asks the same effort of us. MISS FRANCES GRANT, Mr. Kirby’s secretary, but one who belongs to all of us. 16 m ( ■» " mg m— — 1 gf 0 $ HP - t-. » — — •NHIfl MM ■M 3 M M th «Mtt Mfr Mi MNK ■ 4m MV ■ Nl ■ MR. J. W. HARVILLE, Assistant Principal, starts the day with a smile! CLEARING HOUSE MR. B. F. ALEXANDER, JR. MISS JEAN BRUMBACK MR. ELWOOD CAMPBELL MR. R. C. COCO Physical Education Home Economics History, Business Arithmetic Spanish, Commercial Law f B ¥ v f • V XT f ‘♦•VV J Mrs. Gardner helps to lay the foundation for good citizenship. 18 Miss Brumback proves that sewing can be fun. MRS. DANNA COOK Mathematics MRS. LOUISE CREWS MR. EDWARD DARST Science - Biology Science - Physics 19 Mrs. Coleman working with college bound students. Mr. Darst supervises a Physics experiment MRS. LILLIAN COLEMAN Guidance - Geography MISS EDYTHE HESTER Physical Education MISS BEULAH FITZGERALD MRS. MADELINE GARDNER MRS. PAULINE HARVEY Mathematics Civics - English Business Education Miss Fitzgerald teaching a lesson in percentage 20 Mrs. Harvey ' s typing class at a busy moment, Mrs. Lincoln ' s bookkeeping class works with a will Miss Jennings helps to locate the right books L MISS VIRGINIA JENNINGS Librarian MR. SHERMAN LEAGUE Coach - History MRS. KATHERINE LINCOLN MRS. MARGARET MASSIE Business Education History - Latin 21 MR. E. H. PUCKETT MRS. MARY C. ROBERTS MRS. FAYE RUTHERFORD Vo-Agriculture Business Education English MR. ROBERT SANGER Music Mrs. Crews teaches Science with concrete examples. Mrs. Rutherford giving individual instruction in English. 22 The Pause that Relaxes! w Wm , i. MISS LILA SOMERVILLE English MRS. VIRGINIA TUCKER Science - Algebra MISS LAURA TURNER MRS. LINDA WHITEHEAD MRS. ZAIDEE WILLIAMS MISS JANE WOOD Algebra - English English History - Government Home Economics STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a student elected group devoted to the betterment of our school and service to the school and student body. This organization has many varied activities. Throughout the year school dances, called Sock Hops, are held. This year an award is being given to the club that has contributed most to our school. The Student Council works continually to im¬ prove the welfare and health of our school and to develop a better relationship between teachers and students. JOAN AKERS, President Seated, left to right: Delk, Henderson, Hughes, Swartzentruber, Akers, Massie, Ware, Vestal, Massie. Standing: Hamlet, Stevens, Langran, Campbell, Swartzentruber, Peterson, Wyland, Wright, Higgen- botham, Hughes, Wade, Steele, Campbell, Mr. Harville. Left to right: Patricia Hughes - Treasurer; Alice Swartzentruber - Vice President; William Massie - Par¬ liamentarian; Joan Akers - President; Faye Ware - Secretary. Mr. John Whitehead speaks to the Piedmont District S. C. A. meeting held at Nelson County High School on October 17, 1957. Left to right: Mrs. Nannie Rittenour, Mrs. Lois White, Mrs. Sadie Bryant, Mrs. Grace Mawyer. CAFETERIA STAFF MRS. SADIE BRYANT Manager Mrs. Bryant and her efficient staff prepare and serve delicious and well-balanced meals for the student body of Nelson County High School. MRS. SADIE BRYANT, Cafeteria Manager First hand inspection of our equipment and supplies is the work of Maintenance man, Muriel Morris. Mildred and Rennie Foster help keep our building spotless. Head Custodian, Preston Foster, takes pride in keeping the lawn in first-class condition. IN MEMORY BARBARA DEAN SMALL Barbara, a girl of charm and talent, spread joy to all who knew her in her own in¬ imitable way. God ' s need for her exceeded ours. 28 JOYCE sea: Vice Presi y If . . WAYNE WADE President FICERS FOR THIS YEAR ARE; ■ . ip BARBARA GUNTER HELEN GLASS Secretary-Treasurer Reporter JOAN AKERS MATTIE ALLEN RAY ASHLEY JULIAN BANTON Student Dynamo Friendly Future Farmer " Beetle " ENIQRS IN THE “HOME STRETCH” MARTHA BOOTH Future Teacher NANCY BRYANT Vivacious SHIRLEY BROOKS Always Willing CAROL CAMPBELL Love those Books SARAH BROWN " Silly " CAROLYN CAMPBELL Patience, Robert GLORIA BRYANT Basketball Guard EVERETTE CAMPBELL Still waters run deep OPAL CAMPBELL HARRIET CARTER ROGER CARTER WALLACE CARTER Pleasant " Rocky " flirtatious! Quiet and friendly Crazy man!! ONE HUNDRED SENIORS ARE Annual Staff workers, Elizabeth Coate, Dorothy Hill, and Helen Clayton, ponder over pictures. HELEN CLAYTOR ELIZABETH COOKE BETTY COX NELLIE CRAIG Devoted to shorthand " Wib " " Class Midget " Engaged MAKING PLANS FOR GRADUATION CAROL CRITZER Personality plus GEORGE DELK Cool Kat BARBARA CUNNINGHAM Good taste DALE DODD " Old flame " MARVIN DAVIS Just loves that English JULIET DODD " Champion gum chewer " PHYLLIS DAVIS Fast worker MALCOLM DRUMHELLER " Mac " Repeat MANLEY DRUMHELLER TILGHMAN DRUMHELLER FRANCES DUNCAN SAMANTHA EMBREY " Pete " " Red Sails in the Sunset " Quiet and cute Excels SENIORS GIRLS OUTNUMBER Inez Spencer, Phyllis Woody, Myrtle Giles, and Barbara Whitehead winners in the November F. B.L. A. Spelling Contest. LUCY EWING LESLIE FITZGERALD Love those fingernails Unconcerned THELMA FITZGERALD LUELLEN FLOYD Full of pep Capable SENIOR BOYS BY TWENTY-ONE PAUL FLOYD Lovable JUDY GREINER Dynamite MYRTLE GILES Chatterbox BARBARA GUNTER Class scribe HELEN GLASS " Weechie " Wow!! VIRGINIA HARRIS Hard worker VELMA GLASS Always smiling AUSTIN HATTER Tranquil DORIS HENDERSON ESTELLE HENDERSON MERRY HIGGS DOROTHY HILL " Little Sister " On with the alto Whiz in English " Dot " - live wire THIRTEEN SENIORS ARE Looking at sample graduation announcements is a thrilling experience for Marvin Davis, Dorothy Hill, Phyllis Woody, Elizabeth Cooke, and Bobby Martin. MARTHA HUGHES SAMMIE HUGHES CARL JOHNSON Calm, cool, and collected Playing the field Fun has no limits CORA LAWHORNE Serene MEMBERS OF THE CONCERT BAND JANE LAWHORNE NELL LAWHORNE AUBREY McCLAIN DEANNA MARSHALL Sweet Types with a vim " Goofy " Stars in her eyes BOBBY MARTIN JEAN MARTIN LINDA MASSIE PATRICIA MASSIE Don ' t step on my white buck shoes " Teenie Weenie " Wheels turn, grades zoom " Pat " WILLIAM MASSIE PHYLLIS MAWYER MAX MITTENDORFF IDA MORRIS " Genius at ALMOST every- " Phil " loves shorthand " Maxie " alias " Sputnik " " Blondie” thing " FOURTEEN SENIORS PLAY ON MADISON MORRIS Loaded with school spirit JANICE NEESE Measuring for caps and gowns makes Joan Akers and Dorothy Hill Jolly realize the end is near. 38 DORIS PANNELL Always smiling RUTH PETERSON Loves her basketball EVANDA POWELL Faithful band member KATHERINE PUGH Love that redhead THE VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD BOBBY PURVIS That ' s our boy " Little Sam” WILLARD SIMPSON Sheik of NCHS EDDIE ROTHGEB Thrill, chills and excite ment EVERETT SMITH What a bird JOYCE SEAMAN Cute majorette INEZ SPENCER Little but loud JANICE SHEFFIELD Quiet, thoughtful PAUL STEVENS Prefers blondes WALLER STEWART ARTHUR THOMPSON EARLEEN THOMPSON ELIZABETH TYREE Full of fun " Ozzie " Dig those brown tresses Oak Ridge Dweller Working hard to make Thos. Nelson Jr. 1958 a reality are Elizabeth Cooke, Dorothy Hill, and Helen Claytor. LOUISE TYREE A true brain WAYNE WADE There is more than one fish in the sea RAY WHITE Success bound BARBARA WHITEHEAD A Beta to the end AT SCHOOL’S FIRST COLLEGE NIGHT PHYLLIS WOODY Neat - man! ANNIE LEE WOOTEN Third finger, left hand JANE WOODSON Friend to all DORIS WRIGHT Ambitious HAROLD HARRIS RICKY POWELL Seniors Not Pictured HAROLD BUCHANAN RONALD CLARK ALTON HATTER TOMMY HUGHES RILEY WOOD THOMAS WRIGHT 41 JEAN BOND College bound post graduates, June Irvine and Johnnie Roberts on College Night. POST GRADUATES GET ADDITIONAL GERALD DUVAL KATHERINE MARTIN RUTH GRANT ALFRED RAY NORTH JUNE IRVINE JOHNNIE ROBERTS WILLIS LITTLE DEANNA WHITEHEAD w lir r ' ] » |:; .„ EM ' Freddie Adams, Dale Anderson, Barbara Ashley, Doug Ashley, Sophomore; Frances Barrentine. Rita Beale, Peggy Bond, Stuart Brandt, Charles Brown, Sophomore; Billy Brush. JUNIORS NUMBER ONE-HUNDRED THIRTY Marian Bryant, Dorothy Burge, Lottie Burge, Edward Campbell, Peggy Carter. Teressa Clarkson, Jewell Clements, Carl Coffey, Melvin Crickenberger, Phyllis Critzer. Mrs. Cook measures Alice Henderson for class ring while Lottie Burge and Ralph Turpin wait their turn. JUNIORS FEEL THEY HAVE ARRIVED DOUGLAS DAMERON CHARLES ELLIS MARGARET DECATUR MARIAN FARRAR KENNETH DEKAY JEANETTE FERGUSON ANN DELK ANN FITZGERALD BOBBY DILLARD Sophomore BARRY FITZGERALD Dorothy Fitzgerald, Gene Fitzgerald, Jean Fitzgerald, Ruby Fitzgerald, Thurmond Fitzgerald. Elizabeth Floyd, Raymond Floyd, Dickie Folsom, Andrew Gentry, Sophomore; Cyrus Giles. WHEN THEY RECEIVE THEIR CLASS RINGS Herman Giles, Maxine Giles, Kenneth Glass, Johnny Goode, Betty Gowen. Nora Hamilton, Joanne Hamlet, Stanford Harvey, Ted Harvey, Wayen Harvey. m i m d Jerry Hatter Alice Henderson One of our energetic Juniors Kent Massie Jimmy Higginbotham Clay Hughes AFTER MID-TERM, JUNIORS PLAN Nancy Hughes, Patricia Hughes, Peggy Hughes, Revonda Hughes, Shirley Iseman. Pearl Jones, Woodrow Jordon, Buddy Langran, Sophomore; James Kidd, Mary McFadden. Paul McNabb, Buddy Martin, Elaine Martin, Janet Martin, Kent Massie. Dorothy Mawyer, Anne Mays, Reba Mays, J. G. Meeks, Judy Miller. FOR JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM IN APRIL Robert Napier, Barbara Nash, Mary F. Norvelle, Sonny Norvelle, Sophomore; Eva O ' Brien. Frances Payne, Billy Pendleton, Patsy Perdue, Bradford Phillips, Emilie Phillips. All " A " students for the first six weeks - Revonda Hughes, Patricia Hughes, and Ann Delk. TEN JUNIORS ARE MEMBERS Shirley Phillips, Miller Ponton, Dean Reese, Judy Reese, Barbara Robertson. Luther Robertson, Raleigh Satterwhite, Eugene Saunders, Melvin Saunders, Joyce Scruggs. Linda Seaman, Marjorie Sheffield, Bobby Simpson, Richard Simpson, Glen Sites. Ronnie Sites, Rebecca Slaughter, Ann Small, Becky Small, Barbara Spencer. OF BETA CLUB Harry Spencer, Joyce Stewart, David Taylor, Johnnie Thaxton, Bobby Thompson. Bobby Thorpe, Johnny Tinnell, Marshall Tomlin, Ann Truslow, Alice Swartzentruber. Dress rehearsal of the Junior Play " Seventeenth Summer. " Veleta Tucker Ralph Turpin Doris Turner Gladys Tyree JUNIOR PLAY RATED A SUCCESS Joe Tyree, Joyce Tyree, Elaine Waddell, Herbert Walkup, Faye Ware. Shelby White, Doris Willoughby, Vernon Wood, Nancy Woody, Otie Wright. ' .a a »{. JfV If rc- ■ »K W| T , V ELIZABETH LANAHAN, AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT 53 WAYNE SMALL SARAH MASSIE Reporter RITA JONES Secretary-Treasurer FRANCES VESTAL President Faye Babish, Lucy Banton, Rose Barrentine, Lester Bell, Larry Boyd. Jackie Bryant, Brenda Campbell, Earl Campbell, James Campbell, W. D. Campbell. ONE-HUNDRED SEVENTEEN SOPHOMORES ON ROLL Zane Campbell, Jerry Carter, John S. Carter, Roger Cash, Joanne Christian. Barbara Clark, Freshman; Fred Clarkson, Doris Claytor, Patricia Cook, Rick Cook. Glenda Cooke, Peggy Dameron, Audrey Dodd, David Dodd, Helen Duncan. Merolene Duncan, Donald Fennell, Phyllis Fitzgerald, Jerry Floyd, Joyce Floyd. Evelina Fortune, Joan Gleason, Wayne Gormes, Neil Harvey, Ann Henderson. FIVE SOPHOMORES ON JUNIOR Some of the sophomore members of the Junior-Varsity Basketball team with Coach Alexander. Beverly Honnoll, Nancy Horsley, Betty Ann Hughes, Arthur Irvine, Carl Johnson. Ray Johnson, Phyllis Jones, Rita Jones, Jerry Jordon, Mary Frances Jordon. VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Elwood Kidd, Elizabeth Lanahan, William Lincoln, Carolyn McGann, Connie Martin. Sarah Massie, Nancy Mawyer, Stanley Mays, Phyllis Oliver, Larry Pannell. Carolyn Parrish, Shirley Patrick, Shirley Pugh, Janice Purvis, Vada Purvis. Ronnie Quick, Mary Robertson, Phillip Rodes, Ross Rodgers, Sammy Shelton. Wayne Small, Richard Sperry, Barbara Steel, James Stevens, Linda Stevens. EIGHT SOPHOMORES ARE MEMBERS Sophomores members of the annual staff, Sarah Massie, Frances Vestal, and Rita Jones, take their job seriously. Harold Saunders, Tommy Saunders, David Scruggs, Betty Taylor, Joanne Thompson. Alfred Tomlin, Billy Turner, Patsy Truslow, Frances Vestal, Mary Wade. OF THE CHORAL CLUB Doris White, Betty Whitehead, Judy Wood, Linda Wood, Browning Wooten. Doris Wooten, Howard Wright, Joyce Wright, Avis Wyland, Ray Wyland. Gene Beard Virginia Brewer Robert Fitzgerald Lillian Harris Shirley Hatter Kenneth Kidd Dan Martin Massie Napier William Parr Homer Ponton Miller Ponton Barbara Robertson Jerry Saunders Linda Seaman Rebecca Small David Taylor NOT PICTURED 59 ' WAYNE FITZGERALD .. y 0 ■ -J w Secretary-Treasurer BETTY RHEA CAMPBELL Vice President PATSY CAMPBELL President Jesse Adams, Marshall Adams, Annetta Allen, Betty Allen, Wayne Allen, Clifton Anderson. Rodger Ashley, Samuel Baber, Lucy Ballowe, Betty Banton, Sophomore; Carol Barrentine, William Beard. TWO HUNDRED-SEVENTEEN FRESHMEN BEGIN UPWARD CLIMB Mike Beasley, Janice Berry, Barbara Bond, Jane Booth, Andy Bradley, Wayne Bradley. Billy Brent, Carl Brown, Lula Brown, Claude Bryant, Earleen Bryant, Frances Bryant. Lemuel Bryant, Nancy Bryant, Samuel Bryant, Elmo Buchanan, Alvin Burnley, Reed Burnley. Barbara Campbell, Betty Campbell, Bruce Campbell, Don Campbell, Dorothy Campbell, Hugh Campbell. Mary Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Patsy Campbell, Shirley Campbell, Mamie Carpenter, Earlene Carroll. EIGHT HOMEROOM SPONSORS HELP Bobby Carter, Elinor Carter. Irene Carter, Wayne Carter. William Casey, Peggy Clarkson. Opening lockers can be difficult as Freshman Joan Newberry and Leona Hatter have found out. David Cobb, Harold Coss, Ruby Craig, Judy Curry, Betty Davis, Tracy Davis. Linda Dean, Elizabeth Dillard, Artie Drumheller, Billy Drumheller, Marvin Drumheller, Phyllis Dunning. FRESHMEN WITH THEIR PROBLEMS John Ellis, Betty Evans, Joel Falls, Diane Fitzgerald, Dillard Fitzgerald, Doris Fitzgerald. Ernest Fitzgerald, Jesse Fitzgerald, Joyce Fitzgerald, Joyce M. Fitzgerald, Joyce E, Fitzgerald, Rita Fitzgerald. Wayne Fitzgerald, Dabney Fortune, Wayne Fortune, William Fortune, Jackie Goodloe, Fannie Goolsby. Ruby Goolsby, Barbara Gordon, Joyce Gowen, Margie Gowen, Joyce Grant, R. W. Grant, Keith Gunter, Grace Haas, Mildred Haas, Jean Hall, Larry Hall, Ronny Hall. FIVE FRESHMEN BEGIN MUSIC R. D. Harlowe, Ann Harris. Anne Harris, Dorothy Harris. Henry Harris, Katie Harris. Looking hopefully from end of lunch line is Freshman, William Casey. Patricia Harris, Ray Harris, Charles Harvey, J. P. Harvey, Carl Hash, Leona Hatter. Martin Hatter, Shirley Hatter, Gloria Henderson, Linda Henderson, Nancy Henderson, MacArthur Higginbotham. CAREER IN RESERVE BAND Dickie Hill, Linda Hughes, Peggy Hughes, Lowell Humphries, Joyce Iseman, Joseph Jordon. Annie Mae Kidd, Kenneth Kidd, Patricia Kidd, Frances Kirby, Riley Kitchen, Mary Langran. Mary Bell Lawhorne, Tony Leebrick, Ashby Lincoln, Melissa Loving, George Lunsford, Lester Lyon. Barbara McFadden, James McFadden, Robert McFadden, R. B. Mann, Tony Marshall, Audrey Martin. Warren Martin, Julian Massie, Lorraine Massie, Margie Massie, Alma Mawyer, Herbert Mawyer. INTEREST TEST HELPS FRESHMEN Miss Wood lends freshman, Dorothy Harris, a helping hand with her dressmaking. Katherine Mawyer, Remona Mays, Carl Miller, Joyce Miller, Jayce Ann Miller, Madeline Miller. Sailor Mohler, Faye Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Dale Napier, Joan Newberry, Wayne Oliver. IN SELECTING A VOCATION Linda Perdue, Bruce Phillips, Gail Phillips, Ronnie Phillips, Alvin Ponton, Jimmie Powell. James Proffitt, John Proffitt, John W. Proffitt, Betty Pugh, Carlton Pugh, James Quick. Bobby Ragland, Nancy Ragland, Sonny Ragland, William Ramsey, Brenda Reese, Michael Reese. f m Of M Eugene Robertson, Richard Seaman, Harold Smith, Jerry Smith, Susan Smith, Virginia Smith. Larry Smoot, Marion Snead, Jackie Spencer, Kathleen Spencer, Lewis Spencer, James Spencer. TWENTY-SEVEN FRESHMEN ENJOY Elmo Buchanan, Freshman, demonstrates the proper method of welding to Alfred Tomlin and Joel Falls. William Sperry, Betty Stevens, Catherine Stevens, Peggy Stevens, Phyllis Stevens, Rhoda Swartzentruber. Peggy Taylor, Josephine Terry, Mary Thacker, Sophomore; Dianne Thompson, Phyllis Thompson, Raymond Thompson. AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES Roy Thompson, Rose Thorpe, Shirley Tinnell, Bobby Truslow, Paul Truslow, Janice Turner. Kenneth Tyree, Frances Via, Bland Ward, Beverly Ware, Rebecca White, Shirley White. Courtland Whitehead, Robert Wilkerson, Dorothy Williams, Eddie Witt, Kenneth Wood, Mary Wood. Myina Wood, Roger Wood, Madeline Woody, William Woody, Mary Lewis Wyland. FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Robert Butt Larry Smith Russel Ragland Ruby Truslow Carol Turner r %rfy£ ' • V. 70 Sometimes Freshmen are tempted to chew gum! Register here for the Sweetheart Dance! THE STAFF Seated, left to right: Helen Claytor, Barbara Gunter, Faye Ware, Joan Akers, Elizabeth Cook, Phyllis Mawyer, Ann Delk, Carol Critzer, Rita Jones, Frances Vestal. Standing: Revonda Hughes, Patricia Hughes, Sarah Massie, Dorothy Hill, William Massie, Eddie Rothgeb, Willard Simpson, Johnny Roberts, Carolyn Campbell, Reba Mays, Harriet Carter. Mrs. Mary Roberts Co-Sponsor 72 Joan Akers Picture Editor Barbara Gunter Business Manager Elizabeth Cooke Editor Willard Simpson Advertising Helen Claytor Business Manager Ann Delk Associate Editor Dorothy Hill Advertising Kent Massie Sports Editor Phyllis Mawyer Advertising Editor Harriet Carter Literary Editor Seated, left to right: Cooke, Mawyer, Delk, Critzer, Vestal, Hill, Massie, Ware. Standing: Rothgeb, Akers, Simpson, Roberts. BIBLE CLUB Secretary-Treasurer Doris Claytor President Phyllis Mawyer Vice President Alice Swartzentruber Truslow, Wood, Wooten, Thacker, Campbell, Dunning, Tinnell, Dameron, Woody, Brewer, Hamlet, Loving, Swartzentruber, Swartzentruber, Mawyer, Sheffield, Whitehead, Wright, Parrish, Mrs. Cook, Wooten, Hughes, Cunningham, Burge, Payne, Waddill, Giles, Duncan, Scruggs, Ferguson, Perdue. 74 LIBRARY CLUB President Frances Vestal Vice President Mary Ellen Wade Secretary Brenda Reese Treasurer Betty Whitehead [ r 1: | Pf j 1 - k A • pf ■’ j Left to right: Vestal, Wade, Reese, Whitehead, Miss Jennings, Carter, White, Steele, Woody, Ellis, Tomlin, Thompson, Woody, Leebrick, Parrish, Brown, Davis, Martin, Langran, Campbell, Campbell, Gleason, Campbell, Bryant, Barrentine, Clark. K Future teachers, Joan Akers and Elizabeth Cooke, hard at work. Martha Booth, President; Lucy Ewing, Vice President; Elizabeth Cook, Secretary-Treasurer; and Joan Akers, Reporter. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Five representatives of the club, and the sponsor, Miss Turner, attended the state F. T. A. Convention held in Richmond during the fall of ’57. In addition, the club secured Mr. Robert Whitehead as guest speaker for an assembly program celebrating American Education Week. Lucy Ewing, Joan Akers, Merry Higgs, Patsy Perdue, Helen Glass, Miss Turner, Sponsor; Rebecca Slaughter, Sarah Brown, Elizabeth Cooke, Martha Booth. Linda Massie, Reporter; Carol Critzer, President; Helen Claytor, Parliamentarian; Barbara Gunter, Treasurer; Phyllis Mawyer, Vice President; Harriet Carter, Secretary; Barbara Whitehead, Historian. Dale Dodd helps Miss Grant with office duties. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Carter, Whitehead, Massie, Critzer, Claytor, Gunter, Mawyer, R. Hughes, P. Hughes, Whitehead, Tyree, Lawhorne, Greiner, Giles, Woody, Wright, Spencer, Critzer, Norvelle, Ewing, Payne, Wooten, Ferguson, Duncan, Hughes, Cunningham, Craig, Giles, Hill, Anderson, Floyd, Campbell, Waddell, Fitzgerald, Burge. FUTURE HOMEMAKER SOME OF THE MAJOR PROJECTS FOR 1957-58 Sponsor Mother-Daughter Banquet during F. H. A. Week. Sponsor a Career Day on Home Economic careers with parents and faculty members as guests. President Myrtle Giles Vice President Mattie Allen Secretary Sarah Massie Treasurer Reba Mays Historian Faye Ware Reporter Lucy Ewing 78 i rLi i IF AMERICA Sponsor an Around the World Abroad Luncheon in honor of faculty. Present as the yearly gift to NCHS prints, matted by F. H. A. and framed by F. F. A. for teacher’s lounge and principal ' s office. Future Homemakers, Betty Taylor and Beverly Honnoll learn the art of roll making. Christmas package wrapping can be an art as demon¬ strated by Rose Barrentine, Virginia Brewer, Phyllis Woody, and Joyce M. Fitzgerald. 79 KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN First row, left to right: Mr. Puckett, Mr. Whitehead, Wood, Rothgeb, Burnley, Giles, Wood, Kidd, Ashley, Martin, Drumheller, Stevens, Dodd. Second row: Pendleton, Banton, Marshall, Sites, Folsom, Hatter, Thompson, Smith, Gentry, Napier, Norvell, Bryant, Little. Third row: Giles, Simpson, Simpson, Thompson, Pannel, Wright, Fitzgerald, Langran, Leebrick, Fitzgerald, Cash, Pugh. Fourth row: Carter, Buchanan, Coffey, McClain, Johnson, Floyd, Purvis, Crickenberger, Brush, Jordan, Bryant, Proffitt, Graves, Ramsey, Stewart. 80 F.F.A. OFFICERS Mr. Puckett, Johnny Goode, Buddy Martin, Paul Stevens, Dale Dodd, Luther Robertson, Waller Stewart. FUTURE FARMERS Mr. Puckett, Agriculture Teacher -FF ' I py « 11 « o ? -is v™ C! i4,V« 2 n! ' n AV ' UU- sM-sssiSIsv ■ ■ J. G. Meeks, Wayne Harvey and Ronnie Sites learn the fine points in corn judging. 81 BETA CLUB The Beta Club is an organization composed of Juniors and Seniors who maintain grades of " A " or " B " while enrolled at Nelson County High School. OFFICERS Barbara Whitehead Treasurer Helen Claytor Vice President Merry Higgs President Barbara Gunter Secretary Seated, left to right: Peterson, Embrey, Akers, Higgs, Claytor, Gunter, Whitehead, Cooke, Critzer, Carter. Standing: Hughes, Delk, Swartzentruber, Ware, Massie, Ferguson, Perdue, DeKay, Hamlet, Hughes. MONOGRAM CLUB Left to right: Wayne Wade, President; William Massie, Secretary. Nelson Monogram Club was started three years ago with fifteen members. It has increased to forty mem¬ bers. Its main objectives are to promote athletics, to see that monograms and sweaters are awarded and respected. Left to right: Drumheller, Drumheller, Wade, Johnson, Mr. League, Massie, Goode, Wood, Purvis, Rothgeb, Stewart, Stevens, Turpin, McClain, Beard, Lincoln, and Clark. OFFICERS Rebecca Small Secretary Joyce Seaman President Barbara Clark Vice President SENIOR -j-H Front row, left to right: Wade, White, Robertson, Robertson, Clark, Steele, Fitzgerald, Vestal, Massie, Thaxton, Parrish, Small, Dodd. Second row ; Giles, Woodson, Wooten, Slaughter, Brown, Giles, Cox, Bryant, Seaman, Mays, Campbell, Burge, Thompson, Cook, Campbell, Wyland. Third row; Carter, Oliver, Payne, Purvis, Gleason, Duncan, Reese, White, Small, Boyd, Wade, Saunders, Rogers, Massie, Langran, Carter, Tomlin. 8 4 OFFICERS Madeline Miller Reporter Beverly Ware President Eleanor Carter Song Leader Peggy Jo Taylor Secretary JUNIOR 4-H Front row, left to right: Casey, Carter, Fitzgerald, Miller, Fitzgerald, Dillard, Curry, Carter, Taylor, Brown, Massie, Wilkerson. Second row: Mays, Phillips, Thompson, Harris, Fitzgerald, Ware, Wood, Campbell, Mawyer, Campbell, Davis, Harris, Woody. Third row: McFadden, Ellis, Anderson, Truslow, Harvey, Lincoln, Bryant, Harvey, Martin, Brent, Drumheller, Kitchen, Wood, Oliver, Bryant, Harlow, Reese, Lyon. 85 Left to right: Elizabeth Cooke, Secretary; Ann Delk, President; Faye Ware, Vice President; Joan Akers, Program Chairman. FORENSIC CLUB The Forensic Club, organized in November 1957, strives to foster an interest in the field of dramatics, debate, reading, public speaking and spelling. It seeks to produce students capable of representing our school creditably in district and state competion in the above areas. IMMlMMli ■WKMMIWI Left to right: Dean, Woody, Steele, Martin, Vestal, Delk, Swartzentruber, Curry, Hughes, White, Taylor. Second row: Parish, Rutherford, Brown, Barrentine, Mays, Campbell, Cooke, Ware, Henderson, Hughes, Carpenter. Third row: Slaughter, Gleason, Jones, Ware, Massie, Akers, Swartzentruber, Glass, Embrey, Truslow. 86 Captains Madison Morris, Myrtle Giles, and Mary F. Norvell. SAFETY PATROL With the help of patrolmen, accidents are few! ! § ■■ ' A ' _ A ' A ; 1 - • • = First row, left to right: Norvell, Stevens, Seaman, Tinnell, Floyd, Brooks, Cook, Mays, McFadden, Harris, Woodson, Turner. Second row: Woody, Napier, Smith, Tomlin, Campbell, Morris, Giles, Fitz¬ gerald, Ragland, Fitzgerald, Harvey, Allen. Third row; J. W. Harville, Sponsor; Simpson, Giles, Langran, Floyd, Wood, Morris, Stewart, Massie, Banton, Giles, Kidd. 87 ACTIVITIES OF CLUB MEMBERS ARE VARIED Jerry Saunders beside a loblolly pine seedling Cyrus Giles proudly displays his blue ribbon. Faye Ware, Frances Vestal, Ann Delk, Sarah Massie at Physical Education Camp Future Teachers Conduct Assembly Program Iptti Mr. Robert Sanger, Director, instructs All-State Band Member Samantha Embrey 90 CONCERT BAND Left to right: Sarah Massie, Joyce Seaman, Peggy Dameron, Marian Bryant. I-— II MARCHING BAND 92 Front row, left to right: Jennie Brewer, Patsy Perdue, Frances Vestal, Merry Higgs. Back row: Buddy Langran, Samantha Embrey, Ann Delk, Roger Carter. ALL-STATE BAND The District " V” division of All-State Band met at Lane High School in Charlottesville, February 8, 9, and 10. The students shown above were chosen by try out to represent Nelson County High School Band. The Concert Band was directed by Mr. Lee Crissman of Boston University and the Workshop Band by Mr. J. B. Armentrout of Roanoke school system. The three day clinic was climaxed by a concert on Sunday afternoon featuring the two bands. The following were in Concert Band: Samantha Embrey, clarinet; Patsy Perdue, bassoon; Virginia Brewer, horn; Roger Carter, bass horn; Gerald Duval, snare drum; Cookie Langran, trombone. The following were in Workshop Band; Buddy Langran, bass horn; Merry Higgs, alto saxophone; Frances Vestal, baritone saxophone; and Ann Delk, clarinet. 93 TROMBONE QUARTET S Cookie Langran Rick Cook George Delk Johnnie Roberts s f I S .f CLARINET QUARTET Ann Delk, Becky Slaughter, Sarah Brown, Doris White SAXOPHONE QUARTET Frances Vestal Joyce Seaman Sarah Massie Merry Higgs 94 [ WMfW ■»» 1 JHh i H | j | 1 Wk M % j my flppSK j 1 f ; I ■ , JSmim THIRD ANNUAL BAND AND CHORUS ROBERT O. SANGER, Director NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM DECEMBER 20, 1957 8:00 P.M. PART I SECULAR Sleigh Ride-Leroy Anderson White Christmas-Berlin, Leidzen A Merry Christmas-Carl Frankkiser Winter Wonderland---arr. Bennett The Toy Shop with Narration by Bill Harville-Colby, Yoder THE BAND Silver Bells-arr. Charles Naylor Winter - text by Shakespeare-Wilson Thirty Two Feet and Eight Little Tails-arr. Frey Two Carols - - —---— - - — - - — ---- - - Alfred Burt 1. Caroling, Caroling 2. We’ll Dress The House The Chorus PART II SACRED Ave Maria — - - - ---- ______ — ___ -Schubert-Johson PAUL SANGER, Director Stage Set by Rita Jones Programs Courtesy WHITESEL MUSIC, Harrisonburg, Va. RESERVE BAND ( i TpA 9 1 P Seated, left to right: Marvin Drumheller, Linda Dean, Joyce Miller, Rhoda Swartzentruber, Judy Wood. Standing: David Dodd, Billy Turner, Wayne Small, Bobby Wilkinson. 96 Front row, left to right: Merry Higgs, Samantha Embrey, Sarah Massie, Joyce Seaman, Frances Vestal. Second row: George Delk, Johnnie Roberts, Kent Massie, Bobby Purvis, Gerald Duval. CHORUS Front row, left to right: Whitehead, Fitzgerald, Henderson, Higgs, Dameron, Duncan, Davis, Martin, Carter, Henderson, Norvell. Second row: Tyree, Barrentine, Barrentine, Hill, Giles, Fitzgerald, Tuc¬ ker,- Massie, Whitehead, Mawyer, Booth, Henderson. Third row; Harris, Morris, Mays, Thorpe, Simp¬ son, Giles, Higgenbotham, Tomlin, Norvelle, Martin, Barrentine, DeCatur. Fourth row: Simpson, Fitzgerald, Carter, Davis, Duval, Little, Wright, Roberts, Simpson, Floyd, Buchanan. Miss Carolyn Campbell Accompanist Mr. Robert Sanger Director ■ ■: ' ? 5 ‘SMS mm : SCHEDULE Coach Sherman League " The Power Behind the Team " WE THEY Sept. 13 Brookville 7 6 Sept. 20 Albermarle 0 33 Sept. 27 Brosville 20 0 Oct. 4 Appomattox 6 32 Oct. 11 Gretna 12 32 Oct. 18 Altavista IS 6 Oct. 25 Natural Bridge Camp 19 0 Nov. 1 Waynesboro 0 33 Nov. 8 Amherst 14 0 SQUAD Front row: C. Johnson, B. Purvis, J. Higgenbotham, E. Rothgeb, V. Wood, W, Wade, W. Massie, G. Beard, M. Drumheller, M. Drumheller. Second row: B. Fitzgerald, H. Wright, P. Stevens, J. Goode, R. Sperry, A. McClain, G. Delk, C. Ellis, P. Floyd, A. Irvine. Third row: W. Small, R. Seaman, E. Campbell, D. Anderson, B. Martin, S. Mohler, M. Crickenberger, C. Harvey, J. Ellis. Fourth row: Coach Sherman League, H. Campbell, B. Sperry, B. Lincoln, L. Harvey, A. Drumheller, R. Wood, B. Wilkerson. i 100 COLORS OF GOVERNORS Green and Gold Won-5 Lost-4 DISTRICT IV Won-4 Lost-2 Co-Captains Wayne Wade and William Massie OFFEN SE First row: A. McClain, V. Wood, B. Martin, W. Wade, W. Massie C. Ellis, P. Stevens. Back row: M Drumheller, J. Higgenbotham, G. Beard, M. Drumheller. 101 Ml DEFENSE ' tf- ' ' i ft. •. vSg p a t 8 ' " 1 » k. ' .L. A i v ygjte 4, " «• - ■ ». , : , r ' -. A «, y T„ .. . fc ' ? 2WkJ • -%v rv v? teX 0‘ ' ■ . % «„ fFZ’g .. . °v « l ' ? ' WILLIAM MASSIE WAYNE WADE BOBBY MARTIN f J V • Zm VERNON WOOD CHARLES ELLIS PAUL STEVENS 102 Nelson vs. Amherst JIMMY HIGGENBOTHAM MANLEY DRUMHELLER MALCOLM DRUMHELLER CARL JOHNSON BOBBY PURVIS GENE BEARD 103 MR. COOK - Timer; FRANK JOHNSON - Assistant Timer GEORGE DELK EVERETTE CAMPBELL UL FLOYD EDDIE ROTHGEB 104 AUBREY McCLAIN RONALD CLARK J. P. HARVEY MELVIN CRICKENBERGER HOWARD WRIGHT 105 Over the top! ! ! ARTIE DRUMHELLER RICHARD SEAMAN CHUCK HARVEY ROGER WOOD BOBBY WILKERSON JOHNNY ELLIS SAILOR MOHLER TONY LEEBRICK BILL SPERRY 107 1958 ALL-SPORTS BANQUET Standing: Wayne Wade, Mr. Jake Bailey. Seated: Mr. M. C. Cook, Mrs. Cook, Mr. W. L. Kirby, Mrs. Kirby. Mr. Bailey presenting award to Wayne Wade as outstanding football player. 108 Coaches Alexander and League, Wayne Wade, " Lefty " Gomez, Mr. Cook. " Lefty " Gomez congratulating Wayne Wade as the winner of the football award. EIGHT REASONS WHY NELSON WINS Joyce Seaman, Elizabeth Cooke, Joan Akers, Helen Glass, June Irvine, Faye Ware, Joyce Tyree, and Frances Vestal. 109 EDDIE ROTHGEB (F) RALPH TURPIN (F) VERNON WOOD (F) GENE BEARD (C) Dec. 3 Dec. 6 Dec. 10 Dec. 13 Dec. 17 Dec. 19 Jan. 3 Jan. 7 Jan. 10 Jan. 15 Jan. 17 Jan. 24 Jan. 28 Feb. 4 Feb. 7 Feb. 11 Feb. 14 Feb. 18 Feb. 21 SCHEDULE Scottsville Home Brookville Away New London Home Win. Campbell Away Altivista Away Buckingham Home Appomattox Away Wm. Campbell Home Rustburg Home Boonsboro Home Altavista Home Amherst Away Waynesboro Home Brookville Home New London Away Amherst Home Appomattox Home Rustburg Away Waynesboro Away I 10 GEORGE DELK (G) BOBBY PURVIS (G) CARL JOHNSON (G) Coach with Co-Captains Gene Beard, Mr. League, and Vernon Wood VARSITY SQUAD Left to right: Purvis, Delk, Wood, Satterwhite, Beard, Turpin, Rothgeb, Johnson, League, Coach; Cobb, Manager. Ill In huddle! I 12 Practice enables Governors to lead the district Left to right: Mr. Alexander, Jackie Goodloe, Jimmy Higgenbotham, Rick Cook, Bill Sperry, Bill Lincoln, Ted Harvey, Brad Phillips, Neil Harvey, Lester Bell, Barry Fitzgerald, Bill Turner. JUNIOR VARSITY SCHEDULE WE THEY Dec. 10 Brookville 20 38 Dec. 13 William Campbell 24 19 Dec. 17 Altavista 26 53 Dec. 19 Buckingham 8 19 Jan. 7 William Campbell 20 24 Jan. 10 Gretna 39 52 Jan. 14 Amherst 30 27 Jan. 15 Boonsboro 39 24 Jan. 17 E. C. Glass 21 42 Jan. 20 Waynesboro 21 34 Jan. 22 Altavista 27 26 Jan. 23 Brookville 21 31 Feb. 11 Amherst 28 17 Coach Alexander gets the team off to a good start. FAYE WARE THELMA FITZGERALD ANN DELK Forward Co-Captain Forward Forward ANN MAYS RUTH PETERSON GLORIA BRYANT Guard Co-Captain Guard Guard 114 GIRLS’ BASKETBALL Mr. Kirby and Miss Hester lead the girls through a victorious season. SCORES Scottsville 29 Here Nelson 59 Brookville 73 There Nelson 71 New London 45 Here Nelson 50 Altavista 54 There Nelson 48 Buckingham 38 Here Nelson 62 Appomattox 51 There Nelson 61 Blue Ridge 48 Here Nelson 62 Rustburg 37 Here Nelson 41 Altavista 49 Here Nelson 61 Amherst 68 There Nelson 43 Brookville 39 Here Nelson 33 Amherst 39 Here Nelson 54 Appomattox 42 Here Nelson 52 Average 26 points - Thelma Fitzgerald Front row, left to right: Sarah Massie, Phyllis Oliver, Joan Gleason, Barbara Steel, Frances Vestal, Mary F. Thacker, Beve Ware. Second row: Mr. Kirby, Faye Ware, Gloria Bryant, Thelma Fitzgerald, Ann Mays, Ruth Peterson, Ann Delk, Miss Hester. Mr. Alexander, Meeks, Carter, Johnson, Crickenberger, Wade, Irvine, Ponton Clark, Massie, Satterwhite, Rothgeb, Martin, Campbell, Higgenbotham Drumheller Stevens 116 WAYNE WADE EDDIE ROTHGEB CARL JOHNSON Left to right: Ronald Clark, William Massie, Earl Campbell, Jimmy Higgenbotham, Wayne Wade, Mr. Alexander. _ INFIELD MILLER PONTON MALCOLM DRUMHELLER RALEIGH SATTERWHITE JUNIOR VARSITY PITCHING STAFF Left to right: Lester Bell, Richard Sperry , Wayne Small, J. P. Harvey, Marshall Adams, Billy Turner, Fred Clarkson, Sailor Mohler, Howard Wright, Mr. Kirby. ’■ it • V ' ■ % ' ■■ m % • ; Pis . ■: , -»!« Mr. Alexander, Carl Johnson, Miller Ponton, Paul Stevens. 118 Front row, left to right: Mr. League, Wright, Hatter, Wood, Lincoln, Purvis, Drumheller, Oliver. Sec¬ ond row: Massie, Goode, McClain, Beard, Morris, Floyd, Clark, Wade. TRACK TEAM READY FOR ACTION Aubrey McClain, Gene Beard, Bill Lincoln Bobby Purvis, Gene Beard HIGH JUMPERS BROAD JUMPERS Jerry Floyd POLE VAULT Aubrey McClain, Vernon Wood, William Massie HURDLERS 120 Howard Wright, Jerry Hatter, Vernon Wood, Johnny Goode, Bobby Purvis. DISTANCE RUNNERS Madison Morris and Wayne Wade. DISCUS THROWER Aubrey McClain, Gene Beard, Ronald Clark, Johnny Goode, Wayne Wade, Malcolm Drumheller. SPRINTERS 121 PRACTICING! Miss Nelson County High School JOAN AKERS Qualities of leadership, excellence in scholarship, and a lively interest in the welfare of our school have made Joan our undisputed choice for the honors bestowed on her. Mr. Nelson County High School WAYNE WADE Dependability of character, interest in scholastic work, plus personal popularity and outstanding ability in the field of sports, make Wayne a natural choice for " Mr. Nelson County High School. " . 125 MOST ORIGINAL Max Mittendorff - Dot Hill SENIORS CHOOSI 126 MOST INTELLECTUAL Joan Akers - William Massie JY PRINTED BALLOT MOST INDUSTRIOUS William Massie - Samantha Embrey BIGGEST FLIRT Harriet Carter - Eddie Rothgeb 128 WITTIEST Helen Glass - Max Mittendorff MOST ATHLETIC Thelma Fitzgerald - Bobby Purvis MOST TALENTED Barbara Whit ehead - George Delk MOST FRIENDLY Myrtle Giles - Madison Morris 129 VELETA TUCKER REIGNS 130 ATTENDANTS Joyce Seaman Patsy Campbell 1957 HOMECOMING QUEEN JUNIORS MOST ATHLETIC Ann Delk - Jimmy Higgenbotham MOST POPULAR Faye Ware - Ralph Turpin BEST LOOKING Maxine Giles - Vernon Wood MOST INTELLECTUAL Revonda Hughes - Kent Massie MOST INTELLECTUAL BEST LOOKING Rita Jones - Howard Wright Zane Campbell - Jerry Floyd FRESHMEN BEST LOOKING Patsy Campbell - Ashby Lincoln MOST POPULAR Betty Rhea Campbell - Hughie Campbell MOST INTELLECTUAL Melissa Loving - Sailor Mohler SENIOR STATISTICS JOAN AKERS Gladstone, Virginia Cheerleader 2,3,4; Annual Staff 3,4, Picture Editor 4; Student Council 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; FTA 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Representative 4; Bible Club 3; Beta Club 3,4; Forensic Club 4; Class Presi¬ dent 2. MATTIE ALLEN Faber, Virginia FHA 2, 3,4, Vice President 4. RAY ASHLEY Lovingston, Virginia FFA 2,3,4; Safety Patrol 3,4; KVG 2,3,4. JULIAN BANTON Gladstone, Virginia FFA 2; Safety Patrol 3,4; Band 2,3,4; KVG 2,3,4; Class Treasurer 3. MARTHA BOOTH Piney River, Virginia Library Club 2,3; Bible Club 3; FTA 3,4, President 4; Choral Club 2,3,4. SHIRLEY BROOKS Shipman, Virginia FHA 2,3,4; Safety Patrol 3,4. SARAH BROWN Avon, Virginia 4-H Club 3,4; Bible Club 3; FBLA 3; Forensic Club 4. GLORIA BRYANT Schuyler, Virginia Basketball 3,4. NANCY BRYANT Roseland, Virginia Library Club; 4-H Club; FHA. HAROLD BUCHANAN Shipman, Virginia Choral Club 3,4; KVG 3,4. CAROL CAMPBELL Tyro, Virginia Safety Patrol 3,4; FHA 3. CAROLYN CAMPBELL Roseland, Virginia Choral Club 2, 3,4, Vice President, Pianist; Dance Band 4, Pianist; Annual Staff; FBLA 4; 4-H Club. EVERETTE CAMPBELL Greenfield, Virginia Football 2,3, 4. OPAL CAMPBELL Roseland, Virginia WALLACE CARTER Rockfish, Virginia Choral 3, 4; KVG. ROGER CARTER Afton, Virginia KVG 3,4; Band 3,4. HARRIET CARTER Lovingston, Virginia Student Council 2; Annual Staff 3,4; Choral Club 4; FBLA 3,4, Secretary; Beta Club 3,4. ELIZABETH COOKE Lovingston, Virginia Cheerleader 3,4; Student Council 3; FTA 3,4, Sec¬ retary 4; Annual Staff 2,3,4, Editor 4; Forensic 4, Secretary 4; Beta Club 3,4. RONNIE CLARK Schuyler, Virginia HELEN CLAYTOR Shipman, Virginia FHA 2; Beta Club 3,4, Vice President; FBLA 3,4, Parliamentarian; Annual Staff 3, Business Manager, 4, Assistant Business Manager. BETTY COX Arrington, Virginia Library Club 2; 4-H Club Senior. NELLIE CRAIG Shipman, Virginia FHA 2,3,4; FBLA 4. CAROL CRITZER Afton, Virginia FBLA 3,4, President; Beta Club 3,4; Library Club 2. BARBARA CUNNINGHAM Gladstone, Virginia FBLA 3,4; Bible Club 3,4; Library Club 3. MARVIN DAVIS Shipman, Virginia Choral Club 4. 134 SENIOR STATISTICS GEORGE DELK Lovingston, Virginia Band 2, 3,4; Junior Class President; Dance Band 3, 4. DALE DODD Afton, Virginia FFA 2,3,4, Sentinel 4; Football 2,3; KVG. JULIET DODD Nellysford, Virginia Safety Patrol 3. MALCOLM DRUMHELLER Schuyler, Virginia Monogram Club 2,3,4; Baseball 3,4; Football 2,3,4; Student Council 3; Choral Club 2,3. MANLEY DRUMHELLER Schuyler, Virginia Monogram Club 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Football 2,3,4; Student Council 3; Choral Club 2,3. TILGHMAN DRUMHELLER Lovingston, Virginia FFA 2,3,4; KVG 2,3,4. FRANCES DUNCAN Faber, Virginia FHA 2, 3; Library Club 2, 3; Safety Patrol 3, 4; FBLA 4. SAMANTHA EMBREY Lovingston, Virginia Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 3,4; Bible Club 3, Vice President; Beta Club 3,4; Forensic Club 4. LUCY EWING Roseland, Virginia Student Council 2; FTA 3,4; Library Club 2,3; FHA 2,3,4; FBLA 4. LESLIE FITZGERALD Afton, Virginia KVG 2,3. THELMA FITZGERALD Afton, Virginia Basketball 2,3,4; 4-H Club 2,3,4; Safety Patrol 4; FHA 4. LUELLEN FLOYD Arrington, Virginia Safety Patrol 4. PAUL FLOYD, JR. Afton, Virginia Football 2,3,4; FBLA 3,4; Safety Patrol 4; Choral Club 4. MYRTLE GILES Arrington, Virginia FHA 2,3,4; FBLA 4; Safety Patrol 3,4; Choral Club 2,3,4; Library Club 3. HELEN GLASS Afton, Virginia FHA 2; 4-H Club 2; Band 3,4; Cheerleader 3,4; FTA 4; Forensic 4; Secretary of Sophomore Class; Reporter of Senior Class. VELMA GLASS Afton, Virginia FHA 3, 4; Bible Club 3. JUDY GREINER Roseland, Virginia 4-H Club 2,3,4; Library Club 4; FBLA 4; Band 2,3,4. BARBARA GUNTER Shipman, Virginia FBLA 3,4, Treasurer; Beta Club 3,4, Secretary- Treasurer; Annual Staff 3,4, Business Manager. HAROLD HARRIS Greenfield, Virginia ALTON HATTER Faber, Virginia AUSTIN HATTER Faber, Virginia KVG. DORIS HENDERSON Afton, Virginia Choral Club 3, 4. ESTELLE HENDERSON Afton, Virginia Choral 3, 4. MERRY HIGGS Massies Mill, Virginia Beta Club 3, President 4; Choral Club 3,4; Bible Club 3; Band 2, 3, 4; Dance Band 3, 4; FTA 4. 135 SENIOR STATISTICS DOROTHY HILL Faber, Virginia FBLA 3,4; Choral Club 4; Annual Staff 4. MARTHA HUGHES Gladstone, Virginia Bible Club 3, 4; FBLA 4; Library Club 3. SAMMIE HUGHES Roseland, Virginia 4-H Club 2; Student Council 4. TOMMY HUGHES Nellysford, Virginia FFA 3. CARL JOHNSON Lovingston, Virginia Monogram Club 2,3,4; Football 2,3,4; Baseball 2,3, 4; Basketball 2,3,4. RONALD KING Faber, Virginia CORA LAWHORNE Tyro, Virginia FHA. JANE LAWHORNE Roseland, Virginia FHA 2,3; FBLA 4. NELL LAWHORNE Roseland, Virginia AUBREY McCLAIN, JR. Greenfield, Virginia Football 2,3,4; Track 3,4; FFA 2,3,4, Sentinel 3; KVG 2,3,4, Crew Leader 4; Monogram 3,4. DEANNA MARSHALL Faber, Virginia Library Club 2,3; 4-H Club 2,3; FHA 2. BOBBY MARTIN Schuyler, Virginia Football 4. JEAN MARTIN Lovingston, Virginia Choral Club 2,3; FHA 2. LINDA MASSIE Roseland, Virginia Library Club 2, 3; FBLA 3,4; Bible Club 3; Choral Club 4. PATRICIA MASSIE Piney River, Virginia Library Club 2, 4. WILLIAM MASSIE Massies Mill, Virginia Football 2,3,4; Track 2,3; Monogram Club 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Beta Club 3,4; Student Council Vice President 2,3,4, Parliamentarian 4. MAX MITTENDORFF Shipman, Virginia IDA MAE MORRIS Arrington, Virginia Choral Club 3, 4; Safety Patrol 4; FHA 2. PHYLLIS MAWYER Faber, Virginia Annual Staff-Advertising Manager 4; Choral Club 2, 4; Student Council 2; 4-H Club; Cheerleader 2; Bible Club President 4; FBLA 3, Vice President 4. MADISON MORRIS Arrington, Virginia Safety Patrol 3,4. JANICE NEESE Afton, Virginia Bible Club 4. DORIS PANNELL Afton, Virginia FHA. RUTH-MARIE PETERSON Arrington, Virginia FHA 2,3; Student Council 4; Beta Club 3,4; Basket¬ ball 2,3,4. EVANDA POWELL Rockfish, Virginia 4-H Club 2,3,4; Band 2,3,4; FHA 2; Bible Club 3. 136 SENIOR STATISTICS SAMUEL POWELL Piney River, Virginia Football 2,3, Co-Captain 4; Basketball 2,3,4; Base¬ ball 2,3,4; Monogram Club 3,4. KATHERINE PUGH Shipman, Virginia BOBBY PURVIS Lovingston, Virginia Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Track 3; Basketball 2,3,4; Football 4; Baseball 3; KVG 3,4; Monogram Club 3,4. EDDIE ROTHGEB Gladstone, Virginia Football 4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball 2,3,4; Class Vice President 2,3; Monogram Club 3,4. JOYCE SEAMAN Roseland, Virginia FHA 4; Library Club 2,3; Band 2,3,4; Dance Band 2,3,4; Student Council 3; Cheerleader 3,4; Majorette 4; 4-H Club 2,3,4, President 4. JANICE SHEFFIELD Afton, Virginia FHA; Bible Club. WILLARD SIMPSON Schuyler, Virginia Annual Staff 3,4; 4-H Club 2,3,4; Basketball 2; KVG 3,4; Choral Club 3,4. EVERETT SMITH Wingina, Virginia Safety Patrol 4; 4-H Club 3. INEZ SPENCER Shipman, Virginia FHA 2; FBLA PAUL STEVENS Lovingston, Virginia FFA 2,3,4, Secretary 3, President 4; KVG 2, 3,4, Crew Leader 4; Monogram 2, 3,4; Football 2, 3,4; Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 2,3. WALLER STEWART Lovingston, Virginia ARTHUR THOMPSON Lovingston, Virginia KVG 2,3,4. ERLEEN THOMPSON Lovingston, Virginia ELIZABETH TYREE Arrington, Virginia Choral 4; Bible Club 3; FHA 3. LOUISE TYREE Arrington, Virginia FHA 3; Bible Club 3; FBLA 4. WAYNE WADE Piney River, Virginia Student Council 3,4; 4-H Club 2,3,4; Monogram 2, 3,4; Football 2,3, 4; Baseball 2,3,4; Track 3, 4; Senior Class President. RAY WHITE Arrington, Virginia BARBARA WHITEHEAD Roseland, Virginia Choral Club 2,3,4; Bible Club; FBLA 3, Historian 4; Library Club; Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 4. RILEY WOOD Shipman, Virginia JANE WOODSON Massies Mill, Virginia 4-H Club; Safety Patrol PHYLLIS WOODY Gladstone, Virginia FBLA 3,4; FHA 3,4. ANNIE LEE WOOTEN Shipman, Virginia 4-H Club 2,3,4; Bible Club 3,4; FBLA 4. DORIS WRIGHT Faber, Virginia Bible Club 3; FBLA 3, 4. THOMAS WRIGHT Lovingston, Virginia 137 FINALE This is it, The Thos. Nelson, Jr., 1958. At last after many weeks of patience and inspiration, not to mention endurance, it has reached completion. As you rummage through the pages of the year¬ book from time to time, you will never realize how much work has gone into it. All of the job was not done by the members of the staff alone. Many others willingly gave time and effort to help. The faculty was always ready to give us a hand. Their leniency in excusing various people on the staff at practically any time was greatly appreciated. We also acknow¬ ledge the generosity of the administration with school facilities, especially those used as props in pictures. Our advertisers were wonderfully co-operative again this year. Without their continued support, this yearbook would have been impossible. Not only did they give their means, but the majority of them met us with a smile, and gave us a word of encouragement as we left their respective places of business. For these kindnesses we are very grateful. As you know, there a re two people without whom this annual would have been an even more terrific chore. These are Mrs. Lillian Coleman and Mrs. Mary Roberts. Mrs. Coleman’s Dodge has really covered territory this year not to mention Mrs. Cole¬ man, herself. Mrs. Roberts has kept accurate records of all our transactions, and either supervised or typed all of the copy. Another thing, an annual is not an annual with¬ out pictures. We give full credit to Mr. James Gra¬ ham and his photographers for the pictures taken. Several students and teachers furnished us with snap¬ shots of some of the school activities. The Amherst Publishing Company, Lynchburg News, and Waynes¬ boro News-Virginian gave us other indespensable photographs. We want to thank them for being so co-operative. This year we dedicated Thos. Nelson, Jr. to our energetic Assistant Principal, Mr. Harville. We all want this annual to be a reminder of the past that he will never forget just as we shall never forget him for his many services in our behalf. The planning and making of this book was a great experience. We hope it will always bring back mem¬ ories of this year at Nelson County High School. Elizabeth Cooke Editor 4 138 DUNBT2IK Gracious Living - Brick by DUNBRIK Reservoirs and Septic Tanks Re-enforced, Vibrated, Steam Cured With Galvanized Handles for Long Life Septic Tank Cleaning Service Most Modern Equipment BLUE RIDGE DUNBRIK COMPANY Waynesboro, Virginia Phone W Hite ha11 2-8386 The graduate today faces greater career opportunities than ever before . . . you are wise to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of every career opportunity before selecting your life’s work. We invite your attention to the opportunities afforded by the Graphic Arts Industry, both for the high school graduate and for those who go on to college or trade school. We wish for each of the graduates of 1958 a future filled with health, happiness, and prosperity. Compliments of EEAT 2L_ ' V DAWN CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. Waynesboro, Virginia 1022 W. Maine Visit Our New Address WAVNE WELDING CO. Waynesboro, Virginia hvman ' s “Where Economy Rules” 329-331 W. Main Street Waynesboro, Va. “For All the News - When It Is News’ VH2 3IMIAN1 Dial 2-8215 Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of BLUE RIDGE GROCERY CO., INC. Waynesboro, Virginia FABRICATORS WELDING IRON WORK Since 1933 G. M. TERRY Bar Joist - Steel Deck Steel and Aluminum Windows Pipe Columns - Lintels - Stairways Reinforcing Steel - Wire Mesh Structurals Phone WH. 3-9432 228 Commerce Ave. Waynesboro, Va. 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Bayard Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of FURNITURE STORES Modern Furniture Company Augusta Furniture Company Barksdale Furniture Corporation V FLORIST 319 West Main Street Waynesboro, Va, Phone WHitehall 3-8556 Compliments of POSE ' 3 5- 10-25£ STORE Waynesboro, Virginia Dependable Service Since 1910 HAVEElNl HAMILTON - BPOS. COOK GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING HARDWARE CO., INC. Sprayer Parts and Service Paint - Appliances - Hardware Household and Farm Supplies Aft on, Va. 145 N. Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Va. Dial 2641 Phone WH 2-8251 Greenwood, Va. Compliments of Meet CLARK DODD JR. ARNOLD ' S at Distinctive Women’s Apparel 327 West Main Street MAhPs SHOP Waynesboro, Va. 510 Main St. Waynesboro, Va. Compliments of Compliments of LEGGE1 T S DEPARTMENT STORE Z ELM Home of Better Values PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone 7506 Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Dial 6616 Compliments of Your Finest WAYNESBORO NURSERIES Enter tainme nt Virginia’s Largest Growers of Fruit Trees, Nut Trees, V alue and Ornamental Plant Material AM O U NIT THEATER Waynesboro, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia For Quality Shoes In Charlottesville Its S ' o THE SHOE CENTER | 313 E. Main St. In Lynchburg It’s WILL WHITE SHOE CO. fa 1101 Main St. and t diti ieb to tno totaM (fif 958 The Monticello Dairy O—lATSl—OI TESVILL-EE AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS BRADLEY PEYTON III Pontiac - Cadillac HARPER MOTORS, INC. Authorized Dealer for Fine English Cars R. M. DAVIS MOTORS, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS Ford Cars and Trucks MacGREGOR MOTORS, INC. Lincoln, Mercury, Continental RUSSELL MOONEY OLDS SALES AND SERVICE Oldsmobile CALHOUN CHEVROLET Chevrolet Cars and Trucks H, M. GLEASON AND CO., INC. 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Box 348 Dial 2-7419 Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of CHAS. KIM© S SOM WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia rvi. C MILL FUNERAL HOME 222 Jefferson Park Ave. Charlottesville, Va, In the University- Community Phones 2-5444, 3-4758 Ambulance Service at All Hours pi Hill 111 1 H x l8 J| ■1 MW ■ W ll : M8ki , _ Unexcelled Service Within the Means of All Lobby Citizens Colonial Branch - Charlottesville “Complete Office Planning Service” Furniture - Office Systems - Supplies JARMAN’S, INCORPORATED 200 E. Market St. Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTE5VI LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Since 1893 Lumber - Building Material - Paint Hardware - Power Tools Wall Board - Johns-Manville Roofing Dial - 25135 Charlottesville, Virginia Phone 2-4258 ROY P. TUEL Certified Watchmaker and Jeweler Authorized Representative for KEEPSAKE Diamond and Wedding Rings Charlottesville, Va. 104 South First Street Charlottesville, Va. THE DAILY PROGRESS Over One-Half Century of Public Service Delivered in Nelson County Each Afternoon by Carrier and Motor Route Charlottesville, Virginia VALLEY VIEW FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions 418 E. Main St. Dial 2-6141 Charlottesville, Virginia ELLIOTT ' S DAIRY, INC. So-Good Sausage Mello-Rich Ice Cream Milk and Butter Charlottesville, Virginia Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted DR. J. T. GREENE Optometrist 211 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Hours: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. - 2 P.M. Telephone 3-2459 till iani ' s H. M. GLEASON CO., INC. J. D. AND J. S. TILMAN Charlottesville, Virginia Ready-to-Wear International Farm Machinery Piece Goods and Notions Television and Appliances Charlottesville, Virginia Feed, Seed, Fertilizer International Trucks A LBE MAR LE - MIC HIE CO., INC. Wholesale Grocery Distributors Alco Foods Charlottesville, Virginia The YOUNG MEN ' S SHOP QUALITY MEN ' S WEAR CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA AW MM S’ :HAWMNS IROiiCft- BROWN GIFTS 120 East Main Street Main at Fourth Street Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of coleman ' s JEFFERSON SHOP Charlottesville - Gordonsville Louisa - Scottesville Charlottesville, Virginia THE W. J. KELLER CO. Shoes by: Andrew Geller, Mademoiselle Paradise, Capezios, Naturalizer Town Country, Bass Weejuns Sport Shoes by Spalding 404 E. Main Street Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-2915 C. H. WIL_L_l N 3 CO. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville’s Leading Dept. Store Charlottesville, Virginia Hardware All Kinds HARDWARE Charlottesville, Virginia UNIV -RSITV DRUG STORE Opposite Hospital Dial 2-4555 Charlottesville, Virginia CITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING Preston and Grady Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Just Dial 29-136 Compliments of RAY FISHER’S, INC. rvlc OTS TRACTOR CO., INC. Appliances 323 W. Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia MILLING CORPORATION Manufacturers of Livestock and Poultry Feed Buyers of All Type Grain Grain Drying - Custom Mixed Feed Main Plant and Offices on Route 29 5 Miles South of Charlottesville, Virginia Box 3387, University Station Phone 2-6435 KIMS AMID ROBERTS INC. Wholesale Confections, Feed Products, etc. Distributors Wise Potato Chips Page and Shaw Box Candies Telephone 2-6945 Charlottesville, Virginia GODW1M ELECTRIC COMPANY 215 Avon Street Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of DETTOR EDWARDS AND MORRIS WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia T T TDIDV ' 3 RENNOLDS SOUTHERN ELECTRIC FUNERAL HOME Charlottesville’s Most Complete Superior Ambulance Service Appliance Center Dial 2-7 546 227 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia W. L. 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BOOK STORE, INC. At the University Since 1875 For All Your Athletic Equipment Needs Use “Thilson’’ Football, Baseball Basketball, Boxing Track, Playground Charlottesville, Virginia ILN ICFKE MAlVtfvl INCORPORATED Furniture for the Home and Office Charlottesville, Virginia UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Opposite University of Virginia Grounds Charlottesville, Virginia Free Parking Compliments of FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, INC. Wholesale Food Distributor Charlottesville, Virginia OIL COMPANY Gulf Distributors Phone 2-5551 Charlottesville, Virginia PIEDMONT TRACTOR COMPANY, INC. Charlottesville, Virginia Dealer John Deere Farm and Industrial Equipment Willys Jeeps LYNCHBURG CLOTHING COMPANY, INC. Whole s a leVC lot hie r s Men’s and Boys’ Suits, Overcoats Pants, Hats and Caps 919 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Virginia S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Dollars at In Lynchburg 1011-17 Main Street 3014 Memorial Street WN l. O. TAVLOP Manufacturer of and Dealer in Sash - Doors - Blinds - Glass Building Material 1310-20 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia Telephone 2-1781 CANADA Compliments of c. )pm F= LOTS. I ST Lynchburg, Virginia LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF EQUIPMENT CO., INC. New Idea - New Holland - Oliver Massey-Harris - Ferguson Farm Machinery McCulloch Chain Saws Simplicity Garden Tractors 1612-14 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia REACH FOR THE BREAD YOU NEED FOR ENERGY BROWN-MORRISQN CO Portable Typewriter and Office Machine Headquarters in the Lynchburg Area Everything for Your Office at the Businessman’s Department Store BT20WN - rvlO ' BTSISOM COMPANY, INCORPORATED 718 Main Street Lynchburg, Ya. In Lynchburg - It’s For All Your Shopping Needs symbol of progress As graduation nears, let’s take a serious look at the past. We see that education has been largely responsible for the progress of our nation. Why? Education is PROGRESS. Today — more than ever before — industry, business and labor, all, know the true values of a good educational system. EDUCATION, continues to stand as a true symbol of PROGRESS. ELECTRIC POM POWER COMPANY 9)(Wue (9nc. CALLAHAM GROCERY PRODUCE CO., INC. Wholesale Lynchburg, Virginia y c. v—i. SNYDET5 BEASLEY ANIO CORPORATION INC. Wholesale Grocers 914 Main Stree t Lynchburg, Virginia 915-917 Commerce St. Visit Us Often Lynchburg, Virginia for All Your Needs THE LYNCHBURG NATIONAL Member F.D.I.C. Compliments of HARDWARE CO., INC. Lovingston, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia W1 L_LJS-CAIMP CO. LA ' “Ladies’ and Men’s Clothing and Furnishings’’ 819 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia B OWE N Jewo iy Company Lynchburg Compliments of HAR15Y BARKER- l—1ASA JENNINGS CO. CORP. 60? Main St. Wholesale Only Ward’s Road “We Back Our Sales With Lynchburg, Virginia Service’’ Save - and Make It a Habit! FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office 6 16 Church St. Miller Park Branch 1990 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Virginia Grow With Lynchburg After High School Attend PHIL-LJPS BUSINESS COLLEGE Lynchburg, Virginia couein i mn ' s Fine Footwear Since 1886 by Nehborg HO IVEE FURNITURE CO. 12th and Main Street There’s No Place Like Home Lynchburg, Virginia v JOHN FARMERS P SEED SUPPLY CO., INC. HUGHES MOTOR CO., INC. Feed, Seed and Farm Supplies 1306 Main Street Dial 2-2522 Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia For Complete Eye Care Consult Your Eye Physician Then See Your GUILD OPTICIAN A. G. JEFFERSON Ground Floor Allied Arts Building Lynchburg, Virginia Read the LYNCHBURG NEWS The Newspaper for the Entire Family All the News of the World, Happenings in Your Community Sports, Society, Stirring Editorials Features, Eight Page Color Comic Supplements on Sunday Farm Page Every Monday ■R AN IS S COMPANY WOOD S INC. Young Men’s Clothing Furniture and House Head to Foot Furnishings “Let Us Make Your House 1003 Main Street a Home 620-924 Main St. Lynchburg, Va. Lynchburg, Virginia OF LJETVIAM 825 Main Street WHITAKE15 Lynchburg, Virginia CO., INC. Jewelry - Musi c - Luggage Conn and Holton Band Men’s and Young Men’s Clothing Instruments Gibson - Martin - Fender Guitars Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of ; SCHEWEL FURNITURE COMPANY 1025-1029 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia 3 O. F= 1SHER. INC. Sporting and Athletic Supplies Educational Toys and Games 1024 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia BOTTLED GAS COMPANY DICKENSON OF LYNCHBURG, INC. BUICK CORP. 109 Thirteenth Street Sales and Service i n Telephone- 3-27 21 Federal St. at Fifth Lynchburg, Va. ‘P h-lll_1_IP 5 ' S Compliments of BROTHERS INC. HUGHES Visit Our Jewelry DRY CLEA NING CORPORATION Sporting Goods and Music Departments 1601 Park Avenue Class Rings 906 Main Street Phone 2-27 56 Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia McGEHEE FURNITURE CO., INC. 920-922 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia EDSEL, INC. Telephone 36533 or 36534 12th and Clay Street Lynchburg, Virginia The Car Ahead Is Edsel Compliments of EDWARDS INC. Men’s and Boys’ Shop CLEANERS AND Corner 8th and Main Sts, VIRGINIA LAUNDRY Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of UAIWE.S A. 5COi r CRADDOCK s: son TEE.TR TRY INC. SHOE CORPORATION Insurance and Bonds of Every Kind Since 1866 Lynchburg, Virginia 203-210 Lynch Building Lynchburg, Virginia Patterson ' s Druggists Are Trained To Serve Your Health Needs DRUG CO. 1020 MAIN STREET 7th MAIN STREETS DIAL 2-2347 DIAL 2-4573 PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED AOAN T ' S MOTOR COMPANY JULIAN ADAMS, Owner DeSoto and Plymouth Sales - Service Good and Bad Used Cars 813 Fifth Street Phones Office 2-3456 Res. 3-0509 Compliments of U. W WOOD WHOLESALE GROCER Distributor Pratt-Low and Pocohuntas Fine Foods Lynchburg, Virginia ARMY NAVY OUTLET LL ITTv Clothing - Sporting Goods . Metered Delivery War Surplus . Keep Fill Service Camping Supplies . Diesel Fuel . Gasoline . Lube Oils . Grease “Where Your Dollar " The Oil That Really Burns Cleart " Has More Sense " W. LYNN HARVEY, Distributor Call Lovingston 2392 AMERICAN OIL CO. Amherst, Virginia Arrington, Va. MIL-1_ HARDWARE CORP. Hardware - Furniture - Building Materials Hotpoint Electric Appliances Amherst, Virginia Phone WH-6-2411 Compliments of AMHERST ' P’l—lATRlN IAC ' V WAILES STOP AND SHOP Shoes for the Entire Family Work Clothes and Ladies’ W ear Amherst, Virginia MOTOR COMPANY Goodyear Tires Clifford, Virginia Route 151 Philco - Maytag Zieler Heaters APPLIANCE CO. TV Sales and Service Amherst, Virginia Phone 3381 Chevrolet SULLENDER CHEVROLET Oldsmobile Phone 62477 Amherst 2828 Read the NELSON COUNTY TIMES Every Week 19 Years Amherst Ford Dealer Compliments of j Steaks - Chops - Seafood Sandwiches ■DT U MMONDS You Can Always Get a Good Meal at Self-Service NONNIE’S PLACE Our Specialties Country Ham - Fried Chicken Amherst, Virginia 7 Miles South of Lovingston On New Route U.S. 29 Insurance HOWELLS SAM P. MASSIE, Agt, SELF SERVICE Auto - Life - Fire Fresh Meats and Groceries NATIONWIDE INSURANCE CO. Phone 4811 Amherst, Va. Main St. WHitehall 6-3791 Amherst, Va. Term 30 Days BT UCE ' 3 DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store Telephone 3881 Scottsville , Virginia W. F. PAULETT SON W. F. PAULETT F. E. PAULETT Building Materials Planing Mill and ° Cement Lime, Brick ,. , c , and Hardware , nl Woodworking Shop and Plaster Rough and Dressed Roofing Lumber, Plywood Scottsville Carpenter Tools Moldings House Hardware Windows and Doors Virginia Venetian Blinds Frames Made to Order Paints and Oils Screens Sewer Pipe Sheetrock Asbestos Sidings Rockwool. Insulation Culvert Pipe THE CHARLES HUB EE. INCORPORATED HAN INFETR SERVICE STATION - GROCERS We Clothe the Family Route 6 Scottsville, Virginia Two Miles West of Esmont Compliments of SCHUYLER WEB 1 tR-l Hd RESTAURANT AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE R. C. WALSH, Prop. Phone 2501 Scottsville, Virginia Schuyler, Virginia OF VIRGINIA Serving Nelson and Albemarle Counties Since Before 1870 Alberene Black Serpentine Facing and Outer Hearth Garden Walk and Fireplace Stone BAILEY-MORRIS ESSO SERVICE Lovingston, Virginia THE CENTRAL VIRGINIA ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE Loving ston, Virginia Organized in Nelson County in 1937 by its owners, the farmers who pledged their membership to secure the blessings of modern, dependable elective service, and have extended this service to over 30,00 persons in Nelson, Amherst, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Goochland, Cumberland, Prince Edward, Appomattox, Campbell, Buckingham, Orange and Louisa counties. The owner s of this modern electric distribution sys¬ tem are its consumers, a portion of whose electric bill retires its debt. Before another twenty years ex¬ pire, it will have retired its debt while continuing its vital service - still at the old 1937 rates. We salute the 1957-58 class, many of whom will be listed among our owners. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your heritage. Community Owned Community Built Community Builder LOVINGSTON MOTOR SALES, INC. w 9 Telephone 3402 Main Street Lovingston, Virginia THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NELSON COUNTY Lovingston, Virginia “The Bank for the People of Nelson County’’ Member of the American Bankers Association Member of the Independent Banker As sociation Member of the Virginia Bankers Association Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DOROTHY’S BEAUTY SHOP Lovingston, Virginia Phone 4141 AMISS MOTOR SALES Lovingston, Virginia Lincoln-Mercury Best Buy in Used Cars Phone 3 791 SNACK BAR Breyer’s Ice Cream Good Sandwiches and Coffee Groceries Phone 3711 Lovingston, Virginia SAUNDER’S FORD, INC. Lovingston, Virginia LOVINGSTON HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Lovingston, Virginia Since 1927 Phone Z371 generalAelectric Congratulations to the Class of 1958 M. C. FLOYD AND SONS Your New Home of Household Electric Appliances VISIBLE RECORDS, IN CROZET, VIRGINIA COVE CREEK FARM Registered Aberdeen-Angus Cattle COVE CREEK ORCHIDS Hybrid and Species Flowers and Plants COVE CREEK WOOD PRODUCTS Pressure Treated Posts and Lumber GREEN THUMB NURSERY Evergreen Foundation Planting Tii i i nrrrrXlllUliimii ms mmmmmmmmnmm mmmm nnniiinnminni J n w i w iMr i n w»www wmiiir y NELSON MOTOR COMPANY, INC. cRib4SxorM COLD STORAGE COOPERATIVE, INC. “There Is Always a Leader’ Main Office: Shipman, Virginia - Dial 3241 Plant: Arrington, Virginia - Dial 4581 Phone 2511 Lovingston, Virginia PINEY RIVER FUNERAL HOME Successor to G. H. PARR and P. T. BRITTLE “Serving Nelson County for More Than Half a Century” 24 Hour Ambulance Service Dial Piney River 2161 Day or Night Piney River 3 541 C. PRESTON PARR Piney River, Virginia EDWIN M. MOORE Compliments of Piney River, Virginia j. h. McClellan Loving ston, Virginia I EL—D HOME Phone 3161 Ambulance Service Loving ston, Virginia Compliments of WAV l_ AMID MACHINERY CO. Covesville, Virginia GENERAL MERCHANDISE Faber, Virginia Stop and Shop at SHADY ' S PLACE Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of F irsiEV " RIVEC COFFEE SHOP Phone 7821 Piney River, Virginia Compliments of GEO. E M. T. HILBISH CAMPBELL GENERAL MERCHANDISE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Fresh Meats, Produce Phone 7851 Flour Feed and Hay ) V C O ' ( Piney River, Virginia P hoTre- Piney River, Virginia THE AFT ON STOT2E GENERAL MERCHANDISE Dial Greenwood 3 021 Afton, Virginia BUILDING CONTRACTOR Remodeling and New Work Afton, Virginia Phone Glenview 6-3715 Compliments of H. N V HILJBISH GROCERY WNA L_. OOIN1ES “Most Up to Date Store in Nelson County” Arrington, Virginia Piney River Phone 2364 Compliments of FVWhslE ' S GARAGE wood ' s CAFE GMC Trucks Gulf Gas and Tires Goodrich Tires Wrecker Service Phone 2721 Piney River, Virginia Piney River, Virginia ROCl FISH MOUNTAIN ORCHARDS Fancy Mountain Apples Avon, Virginia Phone Greenwood 2005 Compliments of LOVING SIROT HEIRS Lovingston, Virginia Phone 4411 Lumber Dealer Phone 2141 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Truck Bodies and Building Supplies Wood, Coal and Hardware Piney River, Va. Tyro, Virginia Compliments of SEMINOLE SERVICE STATION | _ BT OTHE S J. G. ROBERTS, Prop. GROCERY On U. S. Route 29 Faber, Virginia Massies Mill, Virginia Compliments of K. N l. Heavy Contract Hauling “We Go Anywhere Anytime’’ Lovingston, Va Phone 4131 COMPANY General Merchandise Fresh Meat - Coal Fertilizer - Radios Arrington, Virginia Phone 7901 POCklFISH GROCERY STORE Groceries, Dry Goods, Notions Hay, Feed, Tobacco, Cigars Etc. Rockfish, Virginia GROCERY Amoco Gas and Oil Avon, Virginia Phone: Greenwood 2662 Compliments of f •RIVETS FA1212AR 3 RIVERSIDE MARKET MOTOR SALES Phone 3111 Owners W. DALE HARVEY R. LLOYD CAMPBELL Used Cars and Trucks Avon, Virginia Piney River, Virginia HEra=T= - JONES CZ OMPANV JAMES L. DECK, Representative 3110 West Marshall Street Richmond 21, Virginia Telephone 4-2246 School Jewelry Invitations Caps and Gowns Athletic Letters Medals and Trophies Compliments of ALLEN ' S N USS. 1 . A. SERVICE STATION MAHONE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Gas - Oil - Groceries Phone 2455 Phone 7 053 Massies Mill, Virginia Colleen, Virginia [VIA CD ' 3 MARKET REPUBLIC OIL REFINING CO. For the Best in Groceries We Give S H Green Stamps and Gasoline Kerosene Motor Oils Greases GILES TV SERVICE Guaranteed Service on All Makes R. C. SMITH, Agent Phone 2473 and 7 812 Roseland, Va. i Dial 2481 Arrington, Va. $.(%. ffltdwU ' AMERICAN HEALTH INSURANCE REGIONAL HAMariTDc Z 1 5 Mai: F armville, T elepho JOSTEN’S OF OWATONNA Announc ement s Engraved Cards School Jewelry Gowns Medals Trophies -RAYMOND PAGE- 1104 E. Washington Vinton, Virginia JOHN W. WHEELER A Complete Fuel Service Coal Phone 2366 Arrington, Virginia Stop and Eat at IN I XRSV ' ' 3 LUNCH Woods Mill Faber, Virginia Phone Lovingston 5183 Compliments of HARVFV ' S GROCERY N loGIMNIIS CASH GROCERY Shipman, Virginia Phone 5144 Greenfield, Virginia “Store of Values” Compliments of wood ' s GROCERY CLARKSON ESSO SERVICE Tires - Batteries Accessorie s Shipman, Virginia Colleen, Virginia For Your Home Needs B F SERVICE CENTER RUCKEU- PAYNE SUPPLY COMPANY Groceries, Meats Gas and Oil Lovingston, Virginia Massies Mills, Virginia Phone 3211 Phone Piney River 2189 WOOD ' S RESTAURANT Compliments of Home Cooked Foods Specializing in Virginia Ham Fried Chicken and Steaks kilmaptin ' s PHARMACY Phone 2771 Lovingston, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia F. R. MOON COMPANY Established 1908 We Sell Everything MARKET Telephone 3151 Shipman, Virginia Phone Livingston 5155 General Electric Appliances General Merchandise Warminster, Virginia Phone Lovingston 707 3 We Service What We Sell Lovingston, Virginia C. H. MOON CD A. Agent for NORTHERN NECK MUTUAL FIRE ASS’N OF VIRGINIA and SOUTHERN MUTUAL PATTESON CO. General Merchandise Fresh Meats, Feeds Gas and Oil Lovingston 5155 Telephone 2491 Buckingham 2561 Roseland, Virginia WAYNESBORO RETAIL JEWELERS HODGES JEWELRY STORE M R JEWELERS JEWEL BOX BAR BROS. Waynesboro, Virginia P UT VIS ts. v JOHNSON GROCERY GENERAL MERCHANDISE Covesville, Virginia Nellysford, Virginia Charlotte sville Dial 3-1159 Phone 7 061 Compliments of Gladstone, Virginia WHITESEL K IUSIC “Where Everything Is Music and Music Is Everything” 149 S. Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 43657 W U. Compliments of HEATH s; son 1—1ISSS Dealers in General Merchandise AINTD Pulp Wood Cross Ties YOUNG Norwood, Virginia INC. T elephone Massies Mill, Virginia Lovingston 2621 HHATR.VEE ' Y ' 3 C. T5. CASH STORE BROWN Fresh Meats GENERAL MERCHANDISE Groceries F eeds Gas and Oil Dial Piney River 2477 Gladstone, Virginia Roseland, Virginia Faber, Virginia LARRY McCALL Manager T elephone Loving ston 7041 JAMES T O WIS INCORPORATED Lynchburg’s Leading Paint and Wallpaper Store 122 5 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia PERSONAL AND BUSINESS PATRONSHIPS Mr. J. W. Brown Dr. G. R. Criswell Mr. B. L. McGinnis Mrs. Nellie Anderson Wyland’s Machine Shop American Cyanamid Company The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company LITHOGRAPHED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. DALLAS • TEXAS The Best Yearbooks are TAYLOR-MADE H rfH

Suggestions in the Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) collection:

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