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1 1 i . • matt i V, WY f . ;.„• :» k i a£ J ’ M ' , Ii " e.£L Volume I O Published by THE STUDENTS OF NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Lovingston, Virginia DIXIE PETERSON Business Manager LINDA LOVING Editor THELMA SWARTZENTRUBER Assistant Editor MRS. COLEMAN Sponsor « BOYD HUFFER Sports ' Editor THOMAS NELSON, JR. STAFF SALLY PARR Picture Editor PEGGY WRIGHT Subscription Manager BETH MASSIE Literary Editor DORIS BENNINGTON Advertising Manager x FOREWORD This is a story about us -- 600 boys and girls who have come from the four corners of our county to go to school at Nelson County High. It’s the story in picture of how we live both at work and at play. As time passes we believe that this volume will become more and more valuable to you and will serve its purpose in keeping fresh in mind events which took place during your carefree happy days at N.C.H. S. It is the sincere hope of each member of the staff and the sponsors that this, the first volume of Thos. Nelson, Jr., will perserve for you all of those fond memories of the session 1955-56. To Our Beloved Principal MR. W. L. KIRBY, JR. The 1956 Thos. Nelson, Jr. is dedicated to a man of vision, a man of accomplishment, wise in vision, diligent in duty. He has endeared himself to the heart of Nelson County High School students both for what he has done and for what he is. His dignity and straight forward sincerity demand the respect of everyone who meets him. His true friendliness has warmed our hearts. His gracious courtesy has made our principal also our friend, Mr. William L. Kirby, Jr. In M emory of MR. WINFRED E. KIDD God In his great wisdom has removed from our midst our former Superintendent. We feel most keenly the loss of our friend and leader; and we who knew him so well through the years, desire to express our love for him and our appreciation for all that he has done for Nelson County; we record our grief at his passing and our pride in his accomplishment; we pledge ourselves to carry forward the great purposes to which he gave his life. Dedication of the Nelson County High School November 18, 1955 Unveiling of the portrait of the late Winfred E. Kidd by his granddaughter, Winifree Yeatts. Acceptance of plaque by W. L. Kirby, Jr., Principal, from J. Graham Heath, Chairman of the School Board. Looking on are: J. S. Carter, Orville Karicofe, Superintendent J. B. M. Carter, and Mrs. John Seaman, members of the School Board. Our flagpole is a memorial to George D. Gordon, Jr,, a former Nelson County High School graduate and Naval Veteran who lost his life April 11, 1955. The flagpole was obtained through the efforts of Mr. James E. Cook and Mr. J. B. M. Carter from the War Surplus Agency, of whom Mr. Allyn D. Janney is head. Fellow employees of the Central Virginia Electric Co-operative donated their time and energy to the transportation and erection of the flagpole. We of the Nelson County High School think our flagpole is the most magnificent that any school ever had! SUPERINTENDENTS MESSAGE The Nelson County School Board and I wish to express to the Faculty and Students of the Nelson County High School, our sincere appreciation for the loyalty and co-oper¬ ation given us for the year 1956. We extend to you, the class of 1956, our heartiest congratulations on the publication of your first yearbook, " Thomas Nelson Jr. " The pages of this book reflect the inspiration you have received from your parents, teachers and friends. The unselfish interest and guidance given you has made the following pages a record of your wonderful school spirit and achievement. Iam confident that the classes which follow you will continue to uphold the dignity and good name of Nelson County High School. J. B. M. Carter, Superintendent MR. RICHARD MOON and MRS. REEF A McGUFFIN Visiting Teacher and General Supervisor Nelson County School Board MR. ORVILLE KARICOFE MR. J. S. CARTER SUPT., J. B. M. CARTER MR. J. GRAHAM HEATH MRS. JOHN SEAMAN - MISS FRANCES GRANT Secretary Always smiling, Always helpful— One whom we couldn ' t do without. m ■ ■ MR. J. W. HARVILLE Our assistant principal is an arduous worker. His activities are varied and numerous. He is effectively working for a system of education that will contribute to the security of our way of life. His aim is to send out of our school strong and intelli¬ gent citizens. MR. WILLIAM L. KIRBY, JR. With our principal rests the tremendous task of school administration and the exe¬ cution of all school policies. He possesses dynamic leadership and the required confi¬ dence to advance the educational needs of our youth. English Department VW ' «w MRS. FAYE RUTHERFORD, A. B. MRS. LINDA WHITEHEAD, B.S. MISS LILA SOMERVILLE, B.S. MISS EMMA F. BABER, B.S., M. A. T H E Mathematics MRS. DANNA COOK, B. S.; MISS LAURA TURNER, B. S., M. A. MR. J. W. HARVILLE, B.S., M. Ed. Social Studies MRS. ZADIE WILLIAMS, A. B. MRS. MARGARET MASSIE, A.B., MRS. LILLIAN COLEMAN, B. S. MRS. MADELINE GARDNER, A. B. fe 1 OP HEW Science MR. THOMAS EVANS, B. A. MR. WILLIAM L. KIRBY, JR., B.S., M. A. MR. M. C. DAVIS Business Education MRS. KATHERINE LINCOLN, B. S.; MRS. PAULINE HARVEY, B. S.; MRS. MARY C. ROBERTS, B.S. Home Economics MRS. NANCY THOMAS, B.S. MISS JEAN BRUMBACK, B.S. Foreign Language Physical Education MR. CHARLES McGINNIS, B.S., M. Ed. ; MRS. LOUISE O. CREWS, A. B.; MR . J. SHERMAN LEAGUE, A. B. Guidance MRS. LILLIAN COLEMAN, B. S Library Science MISS BLANCHE MAYS, B. S. Music MR. ROBERT SANGER, B.S., M. M. Agriculture MR. E. H. PUCKETT, B.S., M. Ed. NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL It has long been the dream of the people of Nelson County to provide its residents with a consolidated high school -- fully equipped --so that anyone who is willing to do so may acquire an education equal to or above that offered anywhere else. This is no longer a dream but a reality. In January 1954, the construction of this building was begun with its completion coming in the summer of 1955. The general contractor was Motley Construction, of Farmville, with the architects being Dixon and Norman. The total building expenses came to $700, 000, and this sum was derived from various sources such as the Battle Fund, State Literary Loan Fund, and the County Building Fund, which was started in 1946. On September 1, 1955, our first term of school began with an enrollment of 606 pupils and a faculty of 27 members, including the principal and the assistant principal. For the first time in the history of Nelson County the student body had the privilege of a wide choice of subjects including agriculture, home economics, music, and foreign languages. Our gymnasium, with athletic directors for both boys and girls, is something we had long dreamed of, but had hardly dared hope would come true. Our cafeteria is not only a place where we enjoy delicious lunches, but meet friends for a brief social period. In our lovely auditorium, which is furnished with elevated seats, we relax and enjoy our assembly programs and other school functions. Our school year thus far has gone smoothly. We have had good times as well as hours of hard and concentrated study. The various sports by our promising athletes and supported by our entire student body are unforgettable in our memory book of fun. A highlight of the year was Homecoming which brought us all closer together in a spirit of understanding and comradeship. The school parties, dances, and band concerts have proven most enjoyable and worthwhile. As we think of and enjoy our fine new high school with its many opportunities, we humbly acknowledge our indebtedness to our beloved superintendent, Mr. W. E. Kidd, who did not live to see the fulfillment of his dream -- a consolidated high school for Nelson County. " An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man, " was said as a tribute to Thomas Jefferson, founder of the University of Virginia, and we give the same honor and praise to Mr. Windred Kidd in his relation to the founding of the Nelson County High School. Under the able leadership of our new superintendent, Mr. J. B. M. Carter, we feel that our school will continue to maintain high standards, and to give us the best training for life. n Wrnmm mm W V " - SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President BETTY RANKIN MISS MAYS Vice President PEGGY WRIGHT Secretary and Treasurer SALLY PARR Reporter DORIS BENNINGTON JOYCE LORRAINE ADCOCK " Pete " Ambition: To be a Typist FHA, Safety Patrol General Course DORIS JEAN BENNINGTON " Bones " Ambition: Take Trip to Bermuda Annual Staff, Majorette, Choral Group General Course HERMAN WILLIAM BRADLEY " Billy " Ambition: Construction Operator General Course ALICE FAYE BRANCH " Blondie " Ambition: Secretarial Work FFA, Safety Patrol General Course DONNA BROWN " Don " Ambition: To be a Teacher General Course DORIS ANN BRYANT " Doris " Ambition: To Finish High School FHA General Course MARY LEE BRYANT " Rose " Ambition: To be a Secretary Business Course WILLIAM BRYANT " Billy " Ambition: To Work FFA, Safety Patrol General Course ELISE CALLOWAY " Elsie " Ambition: To be a Typist General Course ANNE CAMPBELL " Blondie " Ambition: Uncertain General Course JERRY CAMPBELL " Jasro " Ambition: To Finish School Annual Staff Business Course WALLACE CAMPBELL " Wallace " Ambition: To be a Chemical Engineer Beta Club Academic Course WILLIAM CAMPBELL " Willie " Ambition: To get ahead FFA (Reporter) Vocational Course KATIE MAE CARTER Ambition: To be a Stenographer Beta Club Business Course VIOLET ANNE CARTER " Shorty " Ambition: To get a Diploma Business Course MAE OLIVER CASH " Baby Doll " Ambition: To Work FHA, Safety Patrol General Course MARY COLEMAN " Milkshake " Ambition: To be a Stenographer Library Club Business Course JIMMY DAMERON BETTY LOU FALLS " Lu-Lu " Ambition: To be a Secretary or Stenographer Library Club Business Course GLEASON FERGUSON " Buddy” Ambition: To become a Truck Driver Business Course AUDREY FISHER " Brat " Ambition: To be a Secretary Library Club Business Course LLOYD FITZGERALD " Louie " Ambition: Electronic Engineer General Course WAYNE FLOYD " Jesh " Annual Staff, Football Team Academic Course BETTY SUE FOX " Susie " Ambition: To be a Typist 4-H Club, FHA PATRICIA GLYNN GENTRY " Pat” Ambition: Private Secretary Pres. 4-H Club, Cheerleader, Annual Staff Business Course RAY THOMAS GILES " Razorblade " Ambition: Store Manager General Course SHELBY JEAN GILES " Shirl " Ambition: Secretary Student Council, Safety Patrol Business Course THOMAS PARKER GILES " Tommy " Ambition: Good Job General Course WALLACE GOODE " Wallace " Ambition: Building Contractor 4-H Club, Captain of Safety Patrol Academic Course ALBERT WESLEY HAMILTON " Dickie " Ambition: President of the United States Safety Patrol, FFA General Course ELRIDGE S. HARRIS " Buck " Ambition: Navy Safety Patrol, KVG General Course ALLEN HARRIS " Tuna " Ambition: Navy Beta Club General Course RALPH OTTO HARRIS " Jack " Ambition: Career in the Army KVG General Course MINNIE JANE HIGGINBOTHAM " Hick " Ambition: Stenographer Beta Club, Safety Patrol Business Course JOHN FRANKLIN HOPKINS " Hop " Ambition: To be a Millionaire Beta Club, Annual Staff Academic Course FRANKLIN HORTON " Pete " Ambition: Mechanic General Course NANCY FAYE HUDSON " Nannie " Ambition: Secretary Choral Club General Course EUGENE BOYD HUFFER " Huff ' Ambition: Building Instructor Annual Staff, SC A Business Course BETTY HUFFMAN " Dangerous " Ambition: Secretary Annual Staff, Beta Club Business Course JOSEPH CLYDE HUGHES " Joe " Ambition: To Work 4-H Club, KVG, Beta Club General Course MARIAN JOHNSTON " Kittyo” Ambition: Waves Choral Club General Course SYLVIA JOHNSON " Sylvia " Ambition: Secretary Commercial Course BOBBY KIDD " Red " Ambition: Air Force Vocational Course MARSHALL KIDD " Fats " Ambition: Lawyer Choral General Course LINDA JEANNE LOVING " Lin " Ambition: Nurse Beta Club, Library Club, Safety Patrol, Annual Staff Academic Course WILLIE MARKS " Willie " Business Course LACY McCLAIN " Corky” Ambition: Have Success FFA (President), KVG General Course ROBERTA McDANIEL " Berta " Ambition: Telephone Operator General Course ARTHUR T. MASSIE " Tate " Ambition: To get an Education Beta Club Academic Course JAMES MAYO " Jimmy " Ambition: To Work in the American Tobacco Company KVG Business Course SAMUEL BURK LEY MILLER " Joe " Ambition: Armed Forces General Course AGNES MORRIS " Aggie- Ambition: Secretary FHA Business Course FRANCES MORRIS " Sis " Ambition: Secretary Beta Club Business Course JOYCE REBECCA MUSSER " Cookie " Ambition: Office Work General Course BARBARA LEE NELSON " Buckets " Ambition: Teacher or Secretary Beta Club (Secretary), Safety Patrol, Student Council (President) General Course MARY NELSON " Snooks " Ambition: Secretary FHA Business Course JAMES E. PENDLETON " Penn Head " Ambition: College KVG General Course DIXIE LOUISE PETERSON " Chip " Ambition: Secretary Beta Club, Dance Band, Annual Staff Business Course DONALD PONTON " Duck " Ambition: Electrician or Mechanic KVG General Course DORIS PUGH " Dori " Ambition: To Graduate Beta Club Business Course JEWELL NORVELL •• ' jin Ambition: Typist Annual Staff General Course CHARLES OLIVER " Smiley " Ambition: Finish School Safety Patrol Vocation THOMAS PAINTER " Tommy " Ambition: Air Force FFA (Treasurer) Vocational Course SALLY PARR " Sappy " Ambition: Nurse Cheerleader, Annual Staff, (Picture Editor) General Course WADE PUGH " Wade” Ambition: Get a Diploma from N. C.H. S. Business Course BETTY RANKIN " Betty " Ambition: To be a History Teacher IRVING L. ROBERTSON, JR. " Rome " Ambition: Clerk and Postmaster General Course IRVING S. ROBERTSON " Peanuts " Ambition: Air Force Firefighters General Course GERALDINE RODES " Gerry " Ambition: School Teacher Business Course LINDA MAE SAUNDERS " Sandy " Ambition: Teacher Beta Club Business Course RUTH SCRUGGS " Ruthie " Ambition: Nurse General Course VIRGINIA SCRUGGS " Ginny " Ambition: Secretary FHA, Library, 4-H Business Course REBECCA SHELOR " Becky " Ambition: Nursing Glee Club, FHA General Course BETTY JO SHAUN " Betsy " Ambition: Secretary FHA Business Course MARION D. SIMPSON " Doug " Ambition: Business Career President of Beta Club Academic Course IRENE SNEAD " Rennie " Ambition: Secretarial Work Business Club RAYMOND SPEARS " Sonny " Ambition: Army FFA, 4-H Vocational Course MARY FRANCES THAXTON " Frances " Ambition: Dancer, Singer, Majorette General Course DALE THOMPSON " Dori " Ambition: Graduate from N, C. H, S, Beta, Annual Staff Business Course ESTES THOMPSON " Luscious " Ambition: Finish School KVG Vocational Course EVELYN DALE WARE " Jap " Ambition: Women Marine Corps Choral Business Course JAMES A. WOOD " Jimmy " Ambition: To go to College Annual Staff General Course JAMES E. WOOD " Jimmy " Ambition: To Work KVG General Course JANICE LORAINE WOOD " Snooks " Ambition: To Join the Waves Choral General Course ELLA LEE WOOD " Pee Wee " Ambition: To be a Typist 4-H, FHA General Course PEGGY WRIGHT " Honey " Ambition: To be a Secretary Beta Club, Cheerleader, Annual Staff Business Course REBECCA BRYANT " Becky " Ambition: Office Work General Course FAYE PHILLIPS " Blondie " Ambition: Typist General Course PEGGY ANN NEESE " Peggy " Ambition: Nurse FHA General Course DORIS THOMPSON " Dori” Ambition: Graduate from N. C.H. S. Beta Club, Annual Staff Business Course Jimmy Wood and his date POST GRADUATES LELAND ASHLEY " Lula” Ambition: Pilot FFA Vocational Course GILMORE BRIDGWATER " Bridge " Ambition: To go to College 4-H Club, KVG Academic Course VERA MAE COFFEY " Dimples " Ambition: To become a Secretary FHA, Choral Club Business Course CHARLES GOODWIN " Charlie " Ambition: To go to College Beta Club General Course JANETT HUGHES " Jan " Ambition: To be a Secretary Beta Club, Choral Club, FHA Business Course ELIZABETH MASSIE " Beth” Ambition: To go to W, M. Beta Club, Annual Staff, Choral Club Vocational Course DOUGLAS MAYS " Sut " Ambition: To go to College Beta Club, KVG, Dance Band Academic Course CAROLYN BRENT McCLAIN " Judy " Ambition: To be a Secretary FHA Business Course iwin McClellan " C rude " Ambition: To go to South America Dance Band General Course Joseph lee McClellan MARGIE ANNE WRIGHT " Poochie” Ambition: To be a Nurse General Course Ilk fiol 1 F 4 ■ y,... ”1 iy 1. Buren and Jewell, 2. Going Places!!, 3. Ella, 4. Betty and Mary Frances, 5. Doris and Betty Sue, 6, The Gang from Rockfish Valley, 7. Doris, 8. Douglas, 9. Linda, 10. Gilmore, 11. Ella, 12. Dixie, 13. Burkley, 14 , Judy, 15. Jimmy, 16. Pat, 17, Mary, Carolyn, and Betty Jo; 18. Charles and Margie, 19. Faye and Dixie. JUNIORS . President, MIKE CAMPBELL; Reporter, CATHERINE LANGRAN Vice President, RICKEY POWELL; Secretary and Treasurer, HELEN HAMILTON. MRS. WHITEHEAD MRS. RUTHERFORD MRS. WILLIAMS MRS. CREWS MR. COCO ELIZABETH ALLEN JAMES ALLEN JANICE ALLEN JEAN BOND AUSTIN BRADLEY SHIRLEY BROOKS ROBERT BROWN JOANNE BROWNING ALICE LEE BRYANT ROBERT BRYANT SHIRLEY BRYANT SHIRLEY MAE BRYANT HAROLD BUCHANAN FRANCES DEAN BURKS JAMES BURNES ANNE CAMPBELL JAMES CAMPBELL LAVERNE CAMPBELL LILBOURNE CAMPBELL RANDOLPH (MIKE) CAMPBELL SHIRLEY E. CAMPBELL ! SHELBY CLARKSON NELLIE CLEMENTS BOYD COFFEY DIXIE COFFEY PERRY COFFEY ILEEN COSS GORDON COUPLES ASHTON CURRIER PHYLLIS DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS JOAN DRUMHELLER ALFRED DUNNING GERALD DUVAL CAROLYN FIELDS EVELYN FITZGERALD GERALDINE FITZGERALD MALCOLM FITZGERALD VIRGINIA FITZGERALD AGNES FOX ARDELL FOX BARBARA GIBSON HERMAN GILES VELMA GLASS RUTH GRANT JOAN GRAY CAROLYN GUNTER RODERICK GUNTER HELEN HAMILTON NANCY HAMNER DEAN HARRIS FRANKLIN HARVEY DEREK HARVEY JACKIE HARVEY TUCKER HILL FRANCES HUDSON JOHN HUGHES LILLIAN HUGHES THOMAS HUGHES JUNE IRVINE MARY FRANCES JOHNS BARBARA JOHNSON CATHERINE LANGRAN FAYE LAYTON WILLIS LITTLE FRANCES LOVING WILLIAM LOWE FRANCES LUNSFORD mary McCartney KATHERINE MARTIN ANN MASSIE FLOYD MASSIE PHYLLIS MAWYER REBECCA MAYS RICHARD MEEKS JAMES MILLER NORMAN NAPIER ALFRED RAY NORTH LOUISE PANNELL JOHN PARR CARRIE PARRISH SHIRLEY PHILLPS SAMUEL (RICKY) POWELL KATHERINE PUGH RUSSELL PUGH KATHLEEN PURVIS RACHEL PURVIS KEITH QUICK NINA QUICK BEATRICE RAGLAND BOZY ROBERTS JOHNNIE ROBERTS SHIRLEY ROBERTSON VIRGINIA SLOSSON BARBARA SMALL EVERETT SMITH ANNA SPENCER CAROLYN SPENCER DELMAR SPENCER JOANNE STATON KENNETH SULLIVAN THELMA SWARTZENTRUBER WILLIAM TAYLOR TOMMY TERRY LILLIAN THOMAS CLARKE THOMPSON EARLEEN THOMPSON IRIS THOMPSON CORA TINNELL DORIS TRUSLOW BETTY TYREE MARGARET VEST JAMES WADE MAUDE WARD JAMES WARE BETTY WHITE DEANNA WHITEHEAD MARY JANE WILLS H. T. WITT ALICE WOOD CLAUDE WOOD FRED WOOD HERBERT WOOD LUCILLE WOOD THOMAS WRIGHT WARREN WRIGHT RALPH WYLAND GILMER ZIRKLE CORNELIA CRAIG PEGGY SNEAD BECKY MAYS and MARY LEWIS LINCOLN LILLIAN HUGHES, JOANNE STATON, and FRANCES LUNSFORD 1 7 Nellie, 2. Gale and Shirley, 3. Sandra and Doris, 4. Nancy and Helen, 5. Carolyn, 6 . Anna, Sandra and Doris, 8. Carolyn and Betty, 9. Peggy, 10. Those Happy Days!!, 11. Barbara, 12. Velma SOPHOMORES Joan Akers - - - — - - — - - - - — - - President Helen Glass - -- -- -- - -Secretary and Treasurer Eddie Rothgeb William Banton Vice President -Reporter MRS. MASSIE ' 4|i Joan Akers Mattie Allan Ray Ashley Shirley Astroth Gene Babish Bill Banton Julian Banton Martha Booth Sarah Brown Nancy Bryant Carol Campbell Carolyn Campbell Dallas Campbell Everett Campbell Opal Campbell Shirley Campbell Harriet Carter Roger Carter Wallace Carter William Carter Wilson Carter Dorothy Cash Ronnie Clark Teressa Clarkson Helen Clay tor Betty Coffey Elizabeth Cooke Nancy Lee Cooke Betty Cox Nellie Craig Carol Critzer Barbara Cunningham Marvin Davis George Delk Dale Dodd Juliet Dodd Charlotte Drumheller Malcolm Drumheller Manley Drumheller Tilghman Drumheller Frances Duncan Charles Ellis Samantha Embrey Lucy Ewing Eugene Fitzgerald Leslie Fitzgerald Shelby Fitzgerald Thelma Fitzgerald Paul Floyd Raymond Floyd Gene Giles Myrtle Giles Helen Glass Delma Goolsby Shirley Goolsby Johnny Gowen Judy Greiner Barbara Gunter Virginia Harris Alton Hatter Austin Hatter Doris Henderson Estelle Henderson Merry Higgs Dorothy Hill Martha Hughes Peggy Hughes Sammy Hughes Carl Johnson Pauline Johnson Allen Kidd Cora Bell Lawhorne Jane Lawhorne Nell Lawhorne Rachel Lawhorne Aubrey McClain Freddie McGann Bobby Martin Jean Martin Deanna Marshall Linda Massie Patricia Massie William Massie Kermit Mawyer Phyllis Mawyer Billy Miller Kenny Mohler Ida Mae Morris Madison Morris Paul Morris Janice Neese Arvilla Norvelle Mary Frances Norvelle Eva O ' Brien Billy Pendleton Ruth-Marie Peterson Evanda Lee Powell Edith Mae Pugh Robert S. Purvis Dean Reese Judith Reese Eddie Rothgeb Joyce Seaman Dollie Sheffield Jancie Sheffield Willard Simpson Glenn Sites Imogene Small Inez Spencer Marian Stevens Paul Stevens Waller Stewart Judy Stargell Billy Tanner Ann Taylor David Taylor Arthur Thompson George Thompson Joyce Thompson Leonard Thompson Stanley Thompson Buster Thurston Wilma Towler Alvin Truslow Jean Truslow Louise Tyree Wayne Wade Ray White Barbara Whitehead Riley Wood Jane Woodson Phyllis Woody Annie Wooten Doris Weight Walter Wright SOPHOMORE AUTOGRAPH, In Loving Memory of Our Classmate WILLIAM ALLEN BANTON July 3, 1938 - February 10, 1956 Senior Class - 1958 « : : FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Mary Ann Ferguson Secretary and Treasurer Faye Ware Reporter Bonnie Hughes MR. JOHN W. HARVILLE Sponsor Home Room Teachers MRS. WELCH MR. PUCKETT MRS. LINCOLN MISS BABER MRS. GARDNER Freddie Adams Dale Anderson Barbara Ashley Doug Ashley Ted Ashley Faye Bablsh Francis Banton Rita Beale Herman Blankinship Peggy Bond Margie Bradley Harvey Odell Bragg Charles Brown Billy Brush Gloria Bryant Marian Bryant Albert Bryant Lottie Burge Lucille Calloway John Camden Earl Campbell Edward Campbell James Campbell Roy Campbell Hallie Canody Peggy Carroll Irene Carter Peggy Carter James Cash Jewell Clements David Cobb Noel Coffey Alfred Coleman Melvin Crickenburger Rose Marie Christian Peggy Ann Critizer Phyllis Critizer Douglas Dameron Margaret DeCatur Kenneth DeKay Ann Delk Darrel Drumh eller Marian Farrar Jeanette Ferguson Mary Ann Ferguson Barry Fitzgerald Bessie Mae Fitzgerald Dorothy Mae Fitzgerald Iris Anne Fitzgerald Rita Ann Fitzgerald Thurmond Fitzgerald Elizabeth Floyd Dickie Folsom Andrew Gentry Mary Maxine Giles Cyrus Giles (Soph.) Kenneth Glass Johnny Goode Ruby Goolsby Aubrey Gowen Betty Gowen Mildred Gowen Ronald King (Soph.) Mildred Hamilton Nora Hamilton Jo Ann Hamlet William Harris Richard Harvey Stanford Harvey Ted Harvey Jerry Hatter Shelby Hatter (Soph.) Alice Henderson James Higginbotham Mary Hudson Bonni e Hughes Clay Hughes Revonda Hughes Nancy Hughes Patricia Hughes Arthur Irvine Shirley Iseman Elizabeth Johnson Robert Johnson Virginia Johnson Pearl Jones Woodrow Jordon Katherine Jordon George Kidd Marian Kidd James Langran Virginia Langran Ann Lawhorne Frank Lunsford Robert McDaniel Russell McFadden James Roy McFadden Mary Alice McFadden Paul McNabb Elaine Martin Jimmie Martin Josephine Martin Buddy Martin Janet Massie Kent Massie Walter Massie Dorothy Mawyer Joyce Mawyer Shirley Mawyer Betty Mays Reba Mays J. G. Meeks Jessie Meeks Judy Miller Massie Napier Robert Napier Sonny Norvelle Frances Payne William Parr Bradford Phillips Emilie Phillips Homer Ponton Miller Ponton Tyrone Powell Talley Pugh Margie Quick Roy Ramsey Erline Rhodes Shirley Roberts Luther Robertson Raleigh Satterwhite Eugene Saunders Jerry Saunders Melvin Saunders Joyce Scruggs Linda Seaman Mary Frances Seaman Margie Sheffield Betty Shelor Bobby Simpson I Richard Simpson Peggy Sites Ronnie Sites Rebecca Slaughter Rebecca Jane Small Ann Small Jessie Smith Lester Smith Barbara Spencer Harry Spencer Betty Staples Doris Stevens L. D. Stevens Linwood Stevens Joyce Stewart Alice Swartzentruber Betty Taylor Charlotte Taylor Vernice Terry Joyce Thacker Johnnie Thaxton Bobby Thompson Bobby Thorpe Johnny Tinnell Marshall Tomlin James Truslow Carole Turner Doris Turner Joyce Tyree Ruth Tyree Elaine Waddell Herbert Walkup Faye Ware Shelby White Betty Whitehead Connie Willoughby Doris Willoughby Edwin Wood Nancy Wood Vernon Wood Nancy Woody Joe Wooten Odie Wright Avis Wyland George Zirkle Eddie Mawyer Fred Scruggs FRESHMAN AUTOGRAPHS piNgy 1. Betty, 2. Elaine, 3. Peggy, 4. Elizabeth, Charlotte, Betty and Linda; 5. Carol, 6, Anne, 7. Rita, 8. Judy, Ann, Nancy, and Becky; 9. Charlotte and Margie, 10. Frances and Friends, 11. Becky, Kenneth, and Alice. CAFETERIA WORKERS Manager MRS. SADIE BRYANT Assistants MRS. PETERSON MRS. WHITE MISS MAWYER MRS. RITTENOUR MR. MURIEL MORRIS ACTIVITIES STUDENT COUNCIL The purpose of this organization shall be to develop good citizenship in each member, to provide wholesome recreation, to furnish opportunities for self-improvement, and to promote harmony between the faculty and the student body. Sandra Davis Treasurer The Beta Club Is an organization which recognizes leadership, scholarship and character. The member¬ ship is by invitation only, and has scholarship qualifications. BETA CLUB President- Vice President Secretary - - • Treasurer - - - Reporter- Sponsor - - - - Douglas Simpson - Rebecca Mays - Barbara Nelson ■ - Joanne Staton -Mike Campbell - -Mrs. Lincoln President - - - - Vice President - Secretary - - - - Treasurer - - - - Reporter - - - - Sentinel (absent) - - Lacy McClain - - - Tucker Hill - - - Leland Ashley ■ - Thomas Painter William Campbell - - - Billy Bryant MOTTO I Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve The Future Farmers of America or F. F. A. is a national organization of, by and for boys studying vocational agriculture in public secondary schools under the provisions of the National Vocational Education Acts. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA President - - - Vice President - Secretary — - Treasurer — - Reporter - - - - Song Leader - - Historian - - - - Parliamentarian Sponsor - — - -Rebecca Mays - - - - Mary Nelson -Catherine Langran - - - - Helen Glass • - - Carolyn Fields - - Johnny Thaxton - Anna Spencer ■-Alice Bryant Miss Jean Brumback The Future Homemakers of America is an organization of girls studying home economics. Its motto, " Toward New Horizons, " expresses the purpose -- learning to live better today in order that our lives and those of our families may be better tomorrow. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 4-H CLUB Pat Gentry, President A demonstration on the proper care of clothing by Mrs. H. M. Giles, Jr., Home Demonstration Agent and Mr. Randy Wesson, Assistant County Agent. Vice President Clyde Hughes Secretary and Treasurer Becky Mays Song Leader Helen Hamilton President Pat Gentry An organization nationally sponsored by the American Automobile Association. The purpose of the Nelson County Safety Patrol is to provide a service by helping to protect the lives of students who ride the school bus. SAFETY PATROL Joyce Adcock Captain Captain Joyce Adcock Co-Captain Wallace Goode Treasurer Faye Branch Program Chairman Linda Loving President.Ruth Cox Secretary and Treasurer - - - Robert Napier Program Chairman - - - - —Martha Booth Reporter - -- -- -- -- - -Rebecca Mays LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club is made up largely of student assistants whose duty it is to aid students in research work and to carry out the daily routine work of the library. The club meets twice monthly at which time various activities such as picture tinting, operating audio-visual equipment and handicraft are carried out. President Mike Campbell Vice President ---Boyd Huffer Secretary and Treasurer-Lilbourn Campbell MONOGRAM CLUB From left to right: Malcolm Drumheller, Herb Goolsby, Austin Bradley, A1 Coleman, Wayne Floyd, Boyd Huffer, Lilbourn Campbell, Raymond Floyd, Dallas Campbell, Jimmie Wood, Shelton Stevens, Mike Campbell, Franklin Horton, Ricky Powell, James Wood, Burkley Miller, Clyde Hughes, Keith Quick, Boyd Coffey, Wayne Wade. DOUGLAS MAYS, Drum Major ■ W - ■ BAND All State Band Winners SAMANTHA EMBREY MIKE CAMPBELL These students were selected to attend the Northern Division " All State Band " held at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia on February 10, 11, 12, 1956. S S ' (V H mr, | ' Jk - PROGRAM 1955 THE NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL - MARCHING BAND [57: ' 4 - 1 - 1 y P i Jgjs •.». | W ft 1 H jj 4 v 1 From left to right: Helen Hamilton, Frances Thaxton, Arvilla Norvell, Doris Bennington. MAJORETTES NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS “DOUBLE OCTETTE” DANCE BAND f t£ 1 A THLETICS CHEERLEADERS PATRICIA GENTRY PHYLLIS MAWYER CHANCE LOVING SALLY PARR LOUISE PANNELL Crowning of the Queen, Pat Gentry, by Mr. Kirby. Attendants, Sally Parr and Frances D. Burkes. NELSON VS. GRETNA FOOTBALL — 1955 MR. CHARLES McGINNIS, Coach WE SEASON’S RECORD THEY 6 Brookville 6 0 Altavista 20 13 Natural Bridge Boys Camp 13 6 Gretna 6 7 Natural Bridge High School 34 33 Natural Bridge Boys Camp 0 0 E. C. Glass J. V. 19 6 Presbyterian 41 0 Appomattoc 33 THE ENDS Left to right: Lilbourn Campbell Mike Campbell Ricky Powell ELEVEN GOVERNOR End, Mike Campbell; Tackle, Clyde Hughes; Guard, Franklin Horton; Center, Wayne Floyd; Guard, Burkley Miller; Tackle, Boyd Coffey; End, Ricky Powell; Quarterback, Jimmy Wood; Right Halfback, Boyd Huffer; Fullback, Shelton Stevens; Left Halfback, James Wood. MIKE CAMPBELL BOYD HUFFER AUSTIN BRADLEY RICKY POWELL GENE BEARD EDDIE ROTHGEB GARLAND STRATTON JIMMY WOOD WILLARD SIMPSON JOHNNY HUGHES DERECK HARVEY SHELTON STEVENS Mr. J. Sherman League, M. Campbell, R. Powell, G. Beard, E. Rothgeb, J. Wood. BASKETBALL SEASON’S RECORD WE THEY 27 Altavista 34 23 Temperance 35 19 Shenandoah 62 37 Madison Heights 59 40 Marshall District 39 32 Altavista 68 27 V. E. S. 88 31 Marshall District 33 48 New London 54 47 Temperance 39 47 Scottsville 27 35 Appomattox 68 22 William Campbell 52 30 Brookville 68 42 Madison Heights 32 25 V. E. S. 65 MR. J. SHERMAN LEAGUE, Coach Front row: W. Towler, A. Mays, R. Peterson, T. Fitzgerald, V. Langran, A, Delk. Second row: R. Grant, B. Small, K. Martin, B. Mays, J. Irvine, L. Hughes, A. Bryant. Back row: P. Wright, Mr. Kirby, P. Gentry, B. Nelson. BASKETBALL RECORD WE THEY 16 Temperance 17 23 Madison Heights 35 43 New London 45 24 Temperance 22 36 Scottsville 34 24 Appomattox 49 35 William Campbell 55 31 Brookville 42 MR. W. L. KIRBY, JR., Coach GIRLS’ VARSITY Forward THELMA FITZGERALD Guard KATHERINE MARTIN ' . m w . J Miss Nelson County High School PAT GENTRY Si ■ . ' •m ' W, I . I I S. m " ' W ■ :.■ J i: ;... .v. . . . : Mr. Nelson County High School JIMMY WOOD " " ti, - Cutest BETTY RANKIN and TOMMY GILES Most Dependable LINDA LOVING and WALLACE GOODE SENIOR Biggest Flirt NANCY HUDSON and ESTES THOMPSON Best Looking DORIS BENNINGTON and RAY GILES i Most Likely to Succeed LINDA LOVING and ARTHUR MASSIE Chatterboxes VIOLET CARTER and JERRY CAMPBELL MIRROR Most Athletic BARBARA NELSON and BOYD HUFFER Best Dressed MARY NELSON and RAY GILES Most Intellectual DIXIE PETERSON and ARTHUR MASSIE Most School Spirit PAT GENTRY and JERRY CAMPBELL Most Talented FRANCES THAXTON and WAYNE FLOYD Class Loafers DALE WARE and IRVING ROBERTSON Most Popular PAT GENTRY and JIMMY WOOD MIRROR Miss Personality - BETTY RANKIN Mr. Personality - JIMMY WOOD Best All-Around SHIRLEY GILES BOYD HUFFER JUNIORS Most Athletic JUNE IRVIN and SHELTON STEVENS Most Intellectual MARY LEWIS LINCOLN and MIKE CAMPBELL Most Popular HARRIET CARTER CARL JOHNSON saa Best Looking ARVILLA NORVELL GENE GILES Most Intellectual JOAN AKERS WILLIAM MASSIE Most Athletic THELMA FITZGERALD EDDIE ROTHGEB FRESHMEN Best Looking MARY ANN FERGUSON and EARL CAMPBELL Most Popular MARY ANN FERGUSON and RALPH TURPIN Most Athletic ANN DELK and GENE BEARD Most Intellectual PATRICIA HUGHES and KENT MASSIE ADVERTISERS YOUNG FRIENDS-- Now is the time to dream and plan for Gracious Living DUNBRIK-The choice for distinctive living RESERVOIRS AND SEPTIC TANKS Pre-Cast, reinforced and steam cured (We increase capacity by additional length and width) SEPTIC TANK CLEANING SERVICE - most modern equipment. Waynesboro, Virginia Phone No. 5 16 1 Compliments of the WAYNESBORO AUTOMOBILE DEALERS BAUGHER MOTOR COMPANY B B BUICK BRAND CHEVROLET COMPANY BRANNOCKS, INC. DRIVERS SALES SERVICE PAUL FREED, INC. HERSH OLDSMOBILE KEISER MOTOR COMPANY Waynesboro, Virginia THE BANKS OF CHARLOTTESVILLE THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “Use Your Banks in Charlottesville ’’ Compliments of BOTTLED GAS CORPORATION of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Portrait and Commercial Photographers 304 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of AUTO AND TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION Charlottesville, Virginia - —---—---—-— —■— ---——-—■—- ——————— Watch Repair Diamonds Jewelry Repair Watches 122 Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Proprietors: D. E. MUSTAIN JAMES E. RHAMES OF NELSON COUNTY Lovingston, Virginia “The Bank for the People of Nelson County” Member of the American Bankers Association Member of the Independent Bankers Association Member of the Virginia Bankers Association Member of the Federal Reserve System Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of Compliments of CORNER CASH STORE H. M. HILBISH, Prop. BARKER- JENNINGS CORP. General Merchandise Dial 2011 Piney River, Virginia Wholesale Only Lea Brothers General Merchandise Lynchburg, Virginia Fertilizers - Spray Materials Massies Mill, Virginia CORPORATION Schuyler, Virginia NELSON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS GO BY TRAILWAYS MONTICELLO DAIRY Dial 25-123 Charlottesville, Virginia At the University Since 1875 For All Your Athletic Equipment Needs Use “Wilson” Football - Baseball - Basketball - Boxing - Track - Playground Charlottesville, Virginia • • • symbol of progress As graduation nears, let’s take a serious look at the past. We see that education has been largely responsible for the progress of our nation. Why? Education is PROGRESS. Today — more than ever before — industry, business and labor, all, know the true values of a good educational system. EDUCATION continues to stand as a true symbol of PROGRESS. ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY Compliments of LEGGETT ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Home of Better Values Waynesboro, Virginia ARRINGTON COLD STORAGE COOPERATIVE, INC. “There Is Always a Leader’’ Main Office: Shipman, Virginia - Dial 3241 Plant: Arrington, Virginia - Dial 4581 BURKHOLDER PLUMBING HEATING Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning Sheet Metal Contracting Design and Installation 252 N. Commerce Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia State Registration 1946 Telephone 9106 G LECO MILLING CORPORATION Manufacturers of Livestock and Poultry Feed Buyers of All Type Grain Grain Drying - Custom Mixed Feed Main Plant and Offices on Route 29 5 Miles South of Charlottesville, Virginia Box 3387, University Station Phone 2-6435 PONTON ' S SNACK BAR Breyer’s Ice Cream Good Sandwiches and Coffee Groceries Phone 3711 Lovingston, Virginia Bottled Under Authority of the Coca-Cola Company by ““1 LYNCHBURG COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Successor to G. H. PARR AND P. T. BRITTLE “Serving Nelson County for More Than Half a Century” PINEY ‘RIX E ' R FUNERAL HOME “A Service That Is Distinctive But Not Expensive” 24-Hour Ambulance Service Piney River-2161 Dial Piney River-216 1 Piney River-3541 C. PRESTON PARR Day or Night EDWIN M. MOORE Piney River, Virginia Your Remnant Shop STRATTONS 1 124 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Quality Fabrics of All Types Drapery Patterns by the Hundreds In Lynchburg - It’s For All Your Shopping Needs Compliments of Schewel Furniture Company 1025-1029 Main Street Lynchburg Virginia JAMES T. DAVIS Lynchburg’s Leading Paint and Wall Paper Store 122 5 Main Street Lynchburg Virginia J EWE LRY STOl E For Gifts You’ll Give With Pride” 508 West Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia KING AND ROBERTS, INC. Wholesale Confections, Food Products, etc. Distributors Wise Potato Chips Page and Shaw Box Candies Telephone 2-6945 Charlottesville, Virginia Office, School and Hobby Supplies Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of ai. Ci 07L CO., INC. Wholesale Grocers Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville’s Complete Department Store A LC O Coffee Is Purer Stronger Milder Satisfying Distributed by ALBEMARLE-MICHIE CO., INC. Charlottesville, Virginia ELECTRIC COOP. | t ! : Community Owned Community Built Community Builder Lovingston, Virginia LYNCHBURG CLOTHING CO., INC. SHEFFIELD FUNERAL HOME 919 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Va. Men and Boys’ Suits, Overcoats, Pants, Notions “Give Us a Visit’’ Ambulance Service Phone 3l6l Lovingston, Virginia Stop and Shop at PLACE SHOECENTER INC. 31 3 E. Main St. Lovingston, Virginia Charlottesville, Va. callaham GROCERY AND PRODUCE CO., INC. Wholesale Lynchburg, Virginia L-YNC H BU " R 3 JOBBING HOUSE Factory Distributor for Rubber Footwear Hosiery - Underwear - Work Clothing - Gloves We Sell the Lacrosse Rubber Footwear and Tennis to All Stores in Nelson County 918 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of INC. CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Telephone 2511 P. D. PAYNE, JR. President Lovingston, Virginia Compliments of IC.M. BAKER U12.. Heavy Contract Hauling “We Go Anywhere Anytime’’ Lovingston, Va. Pho ne 4131 Serving Central Virginia Since 1907 M.C.THOMAS FURNITURE CO. “The Price Is Less’’ 420 East Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of KM. QUICK AND FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS, INC. CALVIN JK POWELL Wholesale Food Distributors Charlottesville, Virginia VIRGINIA FINKEL ' S AUTOMATIC CAR WASH FOR FURNITURE “Quick Five Minute Service’’ 120Z West Main Street Phone 3-5253 Charlottesville, Virginia Waynesboro and Staunton M.C. THOMAS FURNITURE HEADQUARTERS J Two Stores ALL AMERICAN RESTAURANT Since 1907 For the Best in Foods 24 Hours Service Telephone 9691 420 East Main Street Dial 2-6154 Waynesboro, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia predidy ' s FUNERAL HOME J. D. AND J. S. TILMAN Superior Ambulance Service Ready-to-Wear Piece Goods Dial 2-7546 and Notions Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia A? I ? Compliments of COLEMAN ' S JEWELRY JEFFERSON SHOP “Easiest Terms in Town’’ Dial 4-2311 Charlottesville - Gordonsville 813 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Louisa - Scottesville PURVIS JOHNSON GENERAL MERCHANDISE COVESVILLE VIRGINIA Charlottesville Dial 3-1159 CITY LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING Preston and Grady Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Just Dial 29-136 Compliments of H . M . GLEASON ROBERTS CO., INC. PIANO COMPANY Charlottesville, Virginia Farm Machinery Television and Appliances Feed, Seed, Fertilizer Charlottesville, Virginia International Trucks Brown ' s Gifts Moln at Fourth Straat CAFETERIA 0 Charlottesville, Virginia 1517-19 West Main Street Charlottesville, Virginia M.C. HILL FUNERAL HOME, INC. C ' IP a. oc. nv M ' a,4 Cadillac Ambulance Service at All Hours OPTICIAN 2ZZ Jefferson Park Avenue Telephone 2-544 - 3-4758 105 North First Street Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia WAV KJE WELDING COMPANY Westinghouse Dealer Radiator Repaired Tires Recapped Dial 3491 Waynesboro, Va. Compliments of ARNOLD ' S 327 West Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia 1DEE N NY 3 Compliments of MUSIC SHOPPE HU1DSON Everything “Musical” CLEANERS AND DYERS Records - Pianos - Band Instrms. Accessories - Sheet Music 220 Commerce Avenue Radios - Phonographs 403 W. Main St. Dial 2-8792 Waynesboro, Virginia Martha-Lawrence Bldg. Waynesboro, Va. 1 Dependable Service Since 1910 HAMILTON- FLORIST COOK HARDWARE CO., INC. 319 West Main Street Paint - Appliances - Hardware Waynesboro, Virginia Household and Farm Supplies Phone 8556 145 N. Wayne Avenue Waynesboro, Va. Phone 2-8251 Compliments of CB.M- TERRY WELDING AND IRON WORK Steel Fabrication and Erection i y C risuC L CO v v ( 1 Portable Equipment Pipe Welding PLUMBING HEATING 228 Commerce Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia Dial 6616 Phone 9432 H OME HYMAN ' S FURNITURE CO. 329-331 W. Main St. lZth and Main Street Phone 4526 There ' s No Place Like Home Lynchburg, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia UNIVERSITY DRUG STORE Opposite Hospital 408 East Main Street Dial 2-4555 Charlottesville, Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of FARMERS VALLEY SEED SUPPLY CO., INC. MARKET Feed, Seed and Farm Supplies 4531 - Phone 1306 Main Street Dial 2-2522 Waynesboro, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Best Wishes for Success t EPsiJsk RESTAURANT Amherst, Virginia XicAie ' tti ieifti Established 1885 Ready-to-Wear For Men, Women, and Children MOTOR CO., INC. 1021 Main Street Phone-3-1201 Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia dSIWn JEWELRY COMPANY, INC. Lynchburg, Virginia Registered Jeweler American Gem Society wood ' s Young Men’s Clothing Head to Foot 1003 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia WILLS-CAMP CO. C.H. BEASLEY %■ T3T 0. CORPORATION “Men’s Clothing and Furnishing’’ Wholesale Grocers 819 Main St. 915-917 Commerce St. Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of SHOE CORPORATION Lynchburg, Virginia BAKERY Wedding - Party Cakes Special Orders Taken Bread - Rolls - Pastries 1110 l 2 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia PINEY RIVER MOTOR SALES Phone 3111 Owne r s W. Dale Harvey, R. Lloyd Campbell Owners Used Cars And Trucks Piney River, Virginia Compliments of Piney River Coffee Shop Phone 7821 Piney River, Virginia Compliments of AUGUSTA CLEANERS TAILORS Waynesboro’s Largest Certified Cold Fur Storage 534 West Main Street PAYNE ' S GARAGE Gulf Gas and Tires Goodrich Tires Wrecker Service Phone 2721 Compliments of MRS. R. A. MAHONE General Merchandise Phone 2455 Massies Mill Virginia Compliments of SOUTHERN RESTAURANT Waynesboro, Virginia REN NO EDS SOUTHERN ELECTRIC 227 West Main Street Telephone 3-5136 Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of DETTOR EDWARDS AND MORRIS WHOLESALE GROCERS Charlottesville, Virginia Piney River, Virginia “For All the News- When It Is News” ' WauneUo ' io NEWS-VIRGINIAN Dial - 2-8215 and 2-5151 544 W. Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia CLARKSON LOVINGSTON ESSO SERVICE MOTOR SALES, INC. Tires - Batteries Telephone 3402 Accessories Main Street Colleen, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia SUPERIOR FARRAR LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING COMPANY Amherst, Virginia ! Dial - 3011 - 4611 General Merchandise Fresh Meat - Coal Superior in Value, Fertilizer - Radios Quality and Servi ce Arrington, Virginia Phone - 7901 MCGINNIS CASH GROCERY Shipman, Virginia Phone 2671 “Store of Values’’ Compliments of DRIVE-IN R. D. HARRIS, Owner Hand Ground Coffee Lovingston, Virginia Phone 2581 Lovingston, Virginia Phone 3211 Watch - Clock and Jewelry- Repairing “All Work Guaranteed’’ 1115 1 2 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia WM.L. JONES “Most Up to Date Store in Nelson County ’ Arrington, Virginia Phone 2364 ALLEN ' S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Groceries Phone 7053 Colleen, Virginia A. Patteson Co. General Merchandise Fresh Meats Feeds Gas Oil Telephone 2491 Roseland, Virginia Steaks - Chops - Seafood - Sandwiches- You Can Always Get A Good Meal At NONNIE ' S PLACE Our Specialties Country Ham - Fried Chicken 7 Miles South of Lovingston On New Route U. S. 29 For Your Home Needs c. SUPPLY COMPANY WEBB- WHITAKBR CO., INC. Compliments of LYNCHBURG Men’s and Young Men’s Clothing TRUCK EQUIP. CO. Lynchburg, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia M.W. callaham SONS, CHARLOTTESVILLE BARBER SHOP INC. Wholesale Grocers 513 East Main Street L . W . Powell Proprietor Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of Lumber Dealer Phone 2141 M. J. PARR (TT. . (s TRUCK BODIES AND BUILDING SUPPLIES WOOD, CDAL AND HARDWARE GENERAL MERCHANDISE PINEY RIVER, VA. Phone 7851 Piney River, Virginia HARVEY ' S ANDERSON’S PIGGLY-WIGGLY CASH STORE SUPER MARKETS Fresh Meats, Groceries, Feeds Gas and Oil Dial Piney River 2477 Y7 Where you Save on low prices and Get S and H Green Stamps Lynchburg Virginia Roseland, Virginia 7 ' A cAe v GODWIN- HOLS 1 t AD ELECTRIC COMPANY GENERAL MERCHANDISE 215 Avon Street Schuyler, Virginia Charlottesville, Va. Compliments of W. R. HILL F. V. RIDDICK JEWELER INC. 0 Funeral Service J. W. DOBBINS Charlottesvil le, Va. W. C. TAYLOR Telephone 2-6148 Charlottesville, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of RAY FISHER WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Charlottesville, Virginia Scottsville, Virginia OMOHUNDRO Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted HARDWARE CO. Dr. J. T. GREENE Westinghouse Electric Appliances Myers Water System Optometrist 211 WEST MAIN STREET CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Devoe Paints - Gifts - China Hours: 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Sat. 9 A.M. - 2 P.M. Scottsville, Virginia Telephone 3-2459 Save - and Make It a Habit! FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Main Office 616 Church St. Miller Park Branch 1990 Fort Ave. Lynchburg, Virginia Me 6EHEE FURNITURE CO., INC. 920-922 Main St. Lynchburg, Virginia S .O. FISHER, INC. Sporting and Athletic Supplies Educational Toys and Games 1024 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia CHEVROLET Amherst, Virginia dUv ' iok ’ OLDSMOBILE OIL COMPANY Gulf Distributors Phone 2-5551 Charlottesville, Virginia THE 1 18 W. Main Street Telephone 2-6241 Charlottesville, Virginia Quality- Merchandise Popular Prices Leggett’s Bargain Center - Bargain Basement Values Wearing Apparel for the Entire Family Charlottesville, Virginia snow ' s TREE-SURGEONS TROPICAL FISH FLORISTS NURSERY 24 Hour Service Call Any Time Phone 2-6951 Charlottesville, Virginia INC. Visit Our Jewelry- Sporting Goods and Music Departments Class Rings 906 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of SOUTHERN PARTS AND BEARING CO. 1022 Commerce Street Lynchburg, Virginia Make Our Store Your “Meeting Place ' When You Visit Lynchburg Sni]dcr l German .. - 914 Main Street Everything for High School Students at the Prices You Want to Pay. Stop and Eat at MARY ' S LUNCH Woods Mill Faber, Virginia Phone Lovingston 3981 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Tyro, Virginia AZALEA GARDENS Roseland, Virginia Phone 3102 Operated Under Waynesboro Nurseries Representative: MRS. FRANK WOOD rrt n ' fttzgeraliV THE BUILDER, SUPPLY DEALER, REAL ESTATE Small Enough to Appreciate the Little Jobs Large Enough to Handle the Big Ones E. R. FITZGERALD, Owner E. RAY FITZGERALD, Mgr. Member Home Building Assn. Member Real Estate Assn. Dial 9586 Waynesboro, Virginia MOTORS, INC. Lovingston, Virginia MRS. LOUISE A. AMISS, Mgr. Lincoln - Mercury- Safe Buy Used Cars DAIRY Amherst, Virginia Grade A Dairy Products Visit Our Dairy Bar CO. Serving Central and Northern Virginia Charlottesville’s Leading Dep’t Store Charlottesville, Virginia CHARLOTTESVILLE LUMBER COMPANY, INC. Since 1893 Lumber - Building Material - Paint Hardware - Power Tools Wall Board - Johns-Manvilie Roofing Dial - 25135 Charlottesville, Virginia jfop ymp wood ' s v C SUPER MARKETS “One Stop - Food Shop” Quality Groceries Fresh Fruits - Vegetables Sea Food - Fresh Meats RESTAURANT Home Cooked Foods Specializing in Virginia Ham Fried Chicken and Steaks Phone 2771 Charlottesville, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia SAUNDERS GROCERY 0 i?» Fresh Meat U. S. Royal Tires New and Recap H V Schuyler, Virginia LADIES’ APPAREL 107 East Main Street Telephone 2-4340 Charlottesville, Va. S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Dollars at Compliments of JLcqqtm -ocpTV sVorc SF t d- Mvn ' Zee, BUILDER AND CONTRACTOR in Lynchburg 101 1-17 Main Street 3014 Memorial Avenue Phone 2443 Arrington, Va. Compliments of Compliments of GEORGE R. CRISWELL outfis-C ' Ma $wMm D.D.S. o Lovingston, Va. Lovingston, Va. Phone 4411 “My Bank 1 ’.for Thousands THE LYNCHBURG NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member F.D.I.C. Ninth and Main Streets Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of Qy?e viae t HARDWARE CO., INC. Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of f 14 . 14Jool WHOLESALE GROCER Distributor Pratt-Low and Pocohuntas Fine Foods Lynchburg, Virginia HAM MERSLE V PONTIAC, INC. New Car Sales and Service Fifth and Monroe Streets Used Car Center Twelfth and Clay Streets Lynchburg, Virginia ' Wood LEA BROTHERS MOTOR CO., INC. GENERAL MERCHANDISE for 38 Years Phone 2011 Faber, Virginia Lovingston, Virginia THE Where Friend Meets Friend FURNITURE mart; INC. SMITH CHEVROLET SALES, INC. Sales - Service “Where Customers Send Their Friends” 1206-08 Main Street Telephone 2-5781 Lynchburg, Virginia Telephone 2541 Scottsville, Virginia YE AT T S FURNITURE PIANO EXCHANGE Compliments WESTERN Quality Used Furniture Pianos Antiques Expert Piano Tuning and Repair 1220 Main Street Dial 3-1740 Lynchburg, Virginia AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE ROBERT D. DELLINGOR 1126 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of H. M. HUGHES GILES, JR. DRY CLEANING CORPORATION GENERAL MERCHANDISE 1601 Park Avenue We Give S H Green Stamps Phone 7-2756 TV and Radio Sales and Service Lynchburg, Virginia Roseland, Virginia The Bank That Service Built Every Banking Facility Member F. D. I. C. and Federal Reserve Waynesboro, Virginia Compliments of EARLY PAWN CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY, INC. AND DAIRY BAR Waynesboro, Virginia MAY HEATING SUPPLY Heating Equipment Jobbers Dial 4481 AL J. MAY 121 N. Commerce Ave. Waynesboro, Virginia THEATRES Waynesboro, Virginia ESSO SERVICE AND BAILEY-MORRIS FUEL COMPANY Esso Distributors Lovingston, Virginia Amherst, Virginia Phone 2031 or 3191 Phone 4366 NORVELL ' S SERVICE STATION “Your Friendly Merchant Dealer” Amoco Products Arrington, Virginia Let Us Give You a Glamorous New Hair-Do Soft Waves and Curls Easy - to - Care - for cnot u ' A BEAUTY SHOPPE Lovingston, Virginia Phone 4141 THE CITIZENS-WAYNESBORO Compliments of BANK AND TRUST COMPANY J. 1_ Member Federal Reserve System BAR KSDALE and FURNITURE CORP. F.D.I.C. “Complete Furniture Service” “There Is No Substitute for Savings” 414 West Main Street We Pay 2% Waynesboro, Virginia Waynesboro, Virginia WHITES DEPARTMENT STORE, INC. “Waynesboro’s Shopping Center’’ Waynesboro, Virginia E I SHBURNE ' S DRUG STORE “Your Drug Store Since 1878’’ Waynesboro, Virginia O ' Ms we General Merchandise Dial Greenwood 3021 Afton, Virginia ROCCO FEEDS OF AUGUSTA, INC. “Use Rocco Feeds for Bigger Profits’’ 200 S. Bayard Avenue Waynesboro, Virginia It’s Showtime in Lovingston Sunday 6:00 and 8:00 P. M. Saturday 5:30 and 8:30 P. M. Week - Days 8:00 P. M. NELSON THEATRE j. h. McClellan Lovingston, Virginia A.G. JEFFERSON Allied Art Building Lynchburg, Virginia ' W. ' 7. JTzule te gT 074 , BUILDING MATERIALS AND HARDWARE Telephone Z5Z1 Scottsville, Virginia CHARLES E. HAMNER INCORPORATED SERVICE STATION - GROCERS We Clothe the Family Route-6 Scottsville, Virginia Two Miles West of Esmont Read the Lynchburg News The newspaper for the entire family. All the news of world, happenings in your State, your community. Sports, Society, Stirring Editorials, Features, Eight Page Color Comic Supplements on Sunday. Compliments of THE RESTAURANT Woods Mill Faber, Virginia Compliments of Compliments of M OORE ' 5 O. asii ' ia STORE FLORIST Groceries - Gas - Oil Refreshments On Route 6 at Intersection Lynchburg, Virginia to Schuyler, Virginia NELSON- SEMINOLE ALBERMARLE SERVICE STATION GARAGE J. G. ROBERTS, Prop. J. M. TINNELL AND SON General Repair Work On U. S. Route 29 Route 6 Faber, Virginia Between Schuyler and Route 29 ' TMue ' ii - EQUIPMENT CO., INC. New Idea - New Holland - Oliver - Fergerson Farm Machinery McCulloch Chain Saw s Simplicity Garden Tractors 1612-14 Main Street Lynchburg, Virginia BRUCE ' S DRUG STORE Your Rexall Store JAMES S. LAMBERT • GENERAL MERCHANDISE Telephone 3881 Faber, Virginia Scottsville, Virginia BUICK CORP. Home of New Buicks GMC Trucks Sales and Service Federal St. at Fifth Lynchburg, Va. FUNERAL HOME 24 Hour Ambulance Service Phone-2791 Scottsville, Virginia Telephone 3151 MARKEl General Electric Appliances - General Merchandise We Service What We Sell Lovingston, Virginia Since 1927 - " Nelson County’s Only Hotel. " Visit Our Sandwich Bar. Compliments of MAWYER. ' S Catering to Special Dinners and Parties. " ESSO STATION Woods Mill LOVINGSTON HOTEL AND RESTAURANT Faber, Virginia KINSER’S ESSO STATION “Shoes for the Entire Family” Atlas Tires - Accessories East Main at N and W Underpass WILL WHITS SHOE CO., INC. Phone 3586 1101 Main Street Waynesboro, Virginia Lynchburg, Virginia Compliments of Eastern Branch Office STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Route 29 North Charlottesville, Va. Congratulations Graduates From THE JEFFERSON SCHOOL OF COMMERCE “Virginia’s Leading Business College’’ Career Training Courses in: Medical Secretaryship Accountacy - Business Legal Secretaryship Adminstration General Secretaryship Sales Office Management Charlottesville, Va. Phone 2-9357 Plumbing and Heating Contractors EARL H. VAUGHAN, INC. 608 Preston Avenue Charlottesville, Virginia Selectemp Heating Iron Fireman Products “Coal That Burns’’ Dial - 2-5177 Hardware All Kinds Charlottesville, Virginia The Best Yearbook Are TAYLOR MADE TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS TEXAS ‘ , 1. Helen, 2. At Holiday Lake, 3. " Babe " , Barbara, and Phyliss; 4. Betty, 5. Phyliss, 6. Marian, 7. Betty and Judy, 8. " Wib " , Harriet, Samantha, and Faye; 9. Julian and Joyce Lea, 10. Marian and Dorothy, 11. Why so sad, girls?, 12. Louise and Helen. ■ «• • • J «- 0 vf " " ... ' . , ZJZ ■ ' ’ ■ - « ■ « : ' i iJL UjM ' ,;,. f i m Z«- ■ rSlT . - ' ’• . ■ . « " » ; : T£ 0 m « M »• J Z MM » ► MM ■ " + - U .«,«. . 4P SLSjSnm ' « • ' v!U . ap i i£L « , v . •: ,.„ . «£» -, r » » r ... . « rJJS51 C -»■ „.- •»-- - «,. «

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Nelson County High School - Governor Yearbook (Lovingston, VA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


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