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9 ' ' ::! ' r I V X. A V . vi-V j,0 s (V ' v I n V - _. i tr .- J ' y. •,J .,o u u-o . i - - ■ - r hri ' " i , J , K) ' .-i ( t. A- - Dedication This year we think it no more than proper to dedicate this annual to our most faithful teacher and advisor, Mrs. Zaeske, who has set an example which we respect and admire. It is she .who has spent much of her valuable time in giving us the needful advice so we can proceed on in life as successful men and women of tomorrow Page 2 II ii 11 ' . -A .. ■J ;| ' THE BIG TOP Page 3 SUPT. D. E. PETERS As Master of Ceremonies of N. H. S. Mr. Peters has introduced us to the do-s and don ' t-s of school life. Through him we have become acquainted with the virtues of good citizenship. Master of Ceremonies f OFFICE GIRL RUTH ZIPFEL Page 4 Ringmaster MR. LAUSCHER, PRINCIPAL It is Mr. Lauscher who has cracked the whip above our heads at times when we were unruly. But even at that he has won our respect and admiration. Page 5 MR. RUEDY MR. LAUSCHER Mathematics MR. HOVEY MISS DICKOFF Science Athletics Ik Social Sciences Athleticsv Athleticsv ( Commercial a .A TRAIN MISS HEAGLE MISS VAUGHAN Music Health Biology Dramatics Page 6 MR. PERKINS Agriculture ERS MRS. BROWN MRS. ZAESKE MR. KEOHANE Latin y- " - «_- ft ' ' ' ' Dramatics, " i. s Band MR. BROWN MISS BARNES Manual Arts English Dramatics Home Economics Page? WEST SIDE FOOD MARKET Bernard Pietinpol, Proprietor Annual Roust Editor Robert Caslei Business Manager Gloria Milton Artist Dixie Cardarelle Staff Members Eileen Dahnert, Aralda Thayer, Catherine Swan, Ruth Vornholt, Velda Lewerenz, Dolores Mallory 1 ( MAIN Pages SVETLICK MOTOR COMPANY Ford Cars, Trucks, Tractors Genuine Ford Parts Made Right to Fit Right H Last Longer DEEP ROCK SERVICE STATION Fred Wall, Owner Page 9 C. E. SIEF S SONS Farm Implements B. 8 F. MACHINE SHOP Machinists, Foundry, Commercial Introduction to Performers Have you ever seen the list of performers of a circus? Every circus has many people on its payroll. If you have seen such a list you have an idea of the number of people it takes to run a circus performance and make every- thing go smoothly. Page 10 ARNOLD EBERT Deep Rock Bulk Station Phone Y3741 DR. M. E. BENNET Veterinarian Phone Res. 23-2 Office23 - r A The different classes in Neillsville High also are great factors in the smooth running of our school. Every class strive s to the utmost to become outstanding in school activities, etc. It is important that every class strives to have as many members as possible graduate. Page 11 CLARK COUNTY ELECTRIC SERVICE Al H. Schafer, Prop. Phone 261 CLARK COUNTY PLUMBING 8 HEATING Ray Olson Phone 261 SENIORS DONALD ANDERSON (Andy) " Exams are a necessary evil. aren ' t they? " Basketball 3, 4; Football 3. 4: " Peter Beware " 3; Pep Club 4. MELYIN APPLEYARD (Apple) " Why can ' t we all be angels?? " Band 1, 2, 3. 4: P. F. A. 1, 2 3. 4: F. F. A. Basketball 3 Basketball 1 ; Pep Band 3, 4 F. F. A. Vice-President 4. JEANETTE CARL (Blondie) " She has hair like a beautiful sunset. " F. H. A. 1. 2, 3, : Secretary 3: Historian 4; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Girls ' Bowling League 3, 4. ROBERT CASLER (Tommy) " He ' s the guy who runs a Ford. Keeps the gals from getting bored. " Football 1 , 1. 2, 3, 4; Board 1,2. 3. 4: Prom Committee 3 nual Editor 4. 2, 3. 4; Basketball Manager 1 ; Annual 3. 4 ; Stage Manager An- JOYCE CRUME (Curly) " She has natural wavy hair, lucky thing. " Transferred from Viroqua 3 : Glee Club 3, 4. EILEEN DAHNERT (Eileena) " A horse, a horse. My kingdom for a horse! " Band 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 1; Sec- retary 4; " Peter Beware " 3: " Huckleberry Finn " 4; Pep Club 1, 3. 4: F. H. A. 1: Forensics 1 : G. A. A. 1 : Triple Trio 4; Prom Committee 3; Annual Board 4. ELEANORE DAVIS (Lonnie) " Who listens once will listen twice. Her heart to be sure is not of ice. " Transferred from Marshfield 2 ; Chorus 3 ; Prom Committee 3 : Librarian 4; F. H. A. 4. LEWIS DURST (Lewie) " And troubled manhood fol- lows baffled youth! " Transferred from Greenwood 3 ; Band 3. 4: Pep Club 3. 4; Pep Band 4; Basketball 4. WALTER GEHRT (Walt) " What harm in drinking can there be, since punch and life so welt agree! ! " JAMES HAAS (Jim) " Disguise our bondage as you will. Woman rules us still! " Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4: Captain 4: Football Asst. Manager 2: Manager 4: Band 1, 2, 3. 4: Stage Manager 3. 4; Prom Committee 3 ; Class President 2. GORDON HAHN (Cordie) " Corde ' s p ' aying always seems, a woe to rival caging teams! " Transferred from Fairchild 4 ; Basketball 4: Football 4: Band 4. KATHLEEN HALL (Toofi ' e) " A face with gladness over- spread. Soft smiles by human kindness bred. " Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 2. 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3: Pep Club 1. 2. 3, 4: G. A. A. 1; Camera Club 1 : Girls ' Bowling League Page 12 NEILLSVILLE TIRE SHOP Goodrich Tires, Radiator Repairing Phone 237 V I FARMER ' S UNION CO-OP Flour, Feeds, Seeds SENIORS RUTH HAUGE (Deedee) " Studies are not her only wor- ries. " F. H. A. 1. 2. 3: G. A. A. 1 : Girls ' Basketball 1 ; GIcc Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Triple Trio 4: Bowling League 3. 4; Forensics 4: Prom Committee 3. HAROLD HENNINGER (Hennmg) ' He ' s saving his ambition for future use!! " CHARLOTTE HUBING (Hodda) " She ' s never too busy to be friendly. " F. H. A. L 3. 4; Vice-Pres. 3; G. A. A. 1 : Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Girls ' Bowling League 3. 4: Captain 4 ; Librarian 3 : Office Girl 2; F. F. A. Cheerleader 4. MERLIN JACOBSON (Jake) " Teachers can find out wonders when exams come on the scene! " Band 1 . 2 : F. F. A. 3. 4 : Grain Judging Team 4. ROBERT KNOOP (Bob) " A tiller of the soil. " F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; F. F. A. Basketball . 2, 3. 4; Reporter 3: President 4; Stock Judging Team 2. VELDA LEWERENZ (Jeanie) " Ah, there ' s mischief in her eye! " Band 1, 2. 3, 4: F. H. A. 1: Forensics 1, 2: " Peter Beware " 3 : Prom Committee 3 ; " Huckle- berry Finn " 4; Annual Board 4 ; Librarian 4. ADRIAN MADSEN (Bill) " What ' s he got that other guys haven ' t got . . . DIM ' PLES! " F. F. A. 3. 4. DOLORES MALLORY (DeLa) " I wonder if it isn ' t possible to study too much. " Transferred from Madison 3 ; Forensics 3. 4: Annual Board 3, 4: Pep Club 4; " Peter Beware " 3 ; Business Manager 4. DONALD MALLORY (Deacon) " Eat, drink, and be merry -for tomorrow — there may be a law against it! " Transferred from Boscobel, Wis. 4 ; Discharged from Sea Bees. ANGELINE MARG (Angle) " Friendly, domestic, and partic- ular one. ' Who ' s careful how her work is done. " Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Pep Club 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. I, 3, 4; Librarian 3, 4; Play Prompter 4. BETTY JEAN MARG (Geek) " Sometimes even a small amount of learning is dangerous! " F. H. A. 1 ; G. A. A. 1 ; Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 3, 4; Secretary and Treas. 4; Mix- ed Chorus 2 ; Class Treasurer 3 : Triple Trio 3, 4: " Peter Be- ware " 3: " Huckleberry Finn " 4; Girls ' Bowling League 3. 4: Annual Board 4. DONALD MATTSON (Don) " I peddle papers. And cut my capers! " Football 1, 2. 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball I, 2; Cheer- leader 3, 4; Class President 1; Vice-President 4; Annual Board 1, 2, 3, 4; " Peter Beware " 3; " Huckleberry Finn " 4; Pep Club 3, 4. RAY PAULSON IMPLEMENT SHOP Massy-Harris Sales and Service Page 13 9 ART CARL— CONTRACTOR For Building and Repairing SENIORS GENEVIEVE MENNING (Gen) " In her quietness there is a charm. " Pep Cl ub 1, 3: Librarian 3; " Peter Beware " 3. HAROLD MEYER (Meyer) " Brim full of fun and mis- chief — " GLORIA MILTON (Milt) " She ' d rather talk to a man than an angel! " Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 2; Triple Trio 3, 4; Forensics 1, 3. 4: F. H. A. 1 ; Girls ' Bowl- ing League 2. 3, 4; G. A. A. 1 : Vice-Pres. of Bowling League 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer- leader 3, 4; " Peter Beware " 3: " Huckleberry Finn " 4; Prom Committee 3: Annual Board 3, 4; Business Manager 4. NORMAN MOFFATT (Norm) " Clever men are good, but they are not the best! " F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4. LORAINE NOLL (Larry) " Some come to school to learn and be taught. By students like that, history is wrought. " Camera Club 1: Pep Club 1, 2. 3. 4: F. H. A. 4; G. A. A. 1; Girls ' Bowling League 3, 4: Secretary 4. EDITH PHLUGHOEFT (Edie) " The fault rests with the gods who have made her so 0fim0 ! ' ' Pep Club 2. 3. 4: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Treasurer 4; Glee Club 3. 4. ELIZABETH ANN ROSEKRANS (Liz) " If we had never met — . ' ' . ' ' . ' " ' Camera Club 1 : Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4; Pep Band 1, 2, 3. 4; Annual Board 4; F. H. A. 1. 4: Bowling League 3: Class Secretary 3; Class Treasurer 4: Pep Club President 4 ; Prom Committee 3. PHYLLIS SCHMIDT (Phil) " Her stature though measured in fractions, Is ample space for lively ac- tions! " Forensics 1 ; G. A. A. 1 : Girls ' Bowling League 3; Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Class Play Assistant 3; " Huckleberry Finn " 4. MERLON SCHOENGARTH (Schoen) " Merlon ' s a lad who ' s hale and strong, He ' ll be a farming man ere long. " F. F. A. 1, 2. 3, 4. EDNA SHAW (Dinah) " The world was made to be en- joyed. And I shall make the most of it. " G. A. A. 1: Glee Club 1. 2. 3 4; Triple Trio 3. 4: Annual Board 4; Pep Club I. 2, 3. 4: Girls ' Bowling League 3 ; Prom Committee 3; Class Treas. 1. DOROTHY SUBKE (Dotty Louise) Little bit plump, friendly, and gay . . . " Pep Club 1 : F. H. A. 1 ; Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: Chorus 3. JO ANN STAFFON (Jo) " Not frivolous, trivial, nor vain. But practical as rubbers m the rain. " Band 1. 2, 3. 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Page 14 COAST-TO-COAST Bob Riemer. Owner ' COMPLIMENTS of Kiwanis Club SENIORS m . - BERNICE STREBING (Honey) " Small in measure, but — . ' . ' " Glee Club 1, 2. 4; Pep Club 2: Girls ' Basketball 1. CALVIN STRUENSEE (Struensee) " Better late than never. " Pep Band 2, 3. 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. MILFORD TESMER (Tes) " A tall mdn is bound to rise. " ARALDA THAYER (Cookie) " When the rest of the class is merely guessin , Aralda is sure to know her les- son. " G. A. A. 1; P. H. A. 1; " Huckleberry Finn " 4: Prompt- er 3: Forensics 1, 2, 3. 4; An- nual Board 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Mixed Chorus 1. ANGELINE THOMAS (Angie) " A genial disposition brings its owner many friends. " Class Secretary 1; F. H. A. 1. JANE THOMSON (Janie) " She and Venus would make a good pair. Buxom, comely, pleasant, and fair! " Pep Club 1, 2, 3. 4: F. H. A, 1; G. A. A. 1; Band 2: Glee Club 1. 2, 3. 4; Prom Com- mittee 3; Triple Trio 4; An- nual Board 1. 2, 4: " Peter Be- ware " 3; Forensics 4: Girls ' Bowling League 2, 4. ERNEST KISSLING Not Pictured " When on the farm, do as farmers do. When in town, do as you please! " Post Graduate. RICHARD THOMPSON Not Pictured " His thoughts are not always expressed in words ! ' ' MILTON TOCK (Mick) " Did you know that quietness became a man! " Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4: Football 2. 3, 4; Vice-President 3: Prom Committee 3: " Peter Beware " 3; " Huckleberry Finn " 4; Vice- President of Pep Club 4. JAMES VAN TATENHOVE (Jim) " God ' s gift to women! " Transferred from Plymouth. Wis.; Football 3. 4; Band 3. 4; Basketball 3; Manager 4: Mixed Chorus 3: " Peter Be- ware " 3: " Huckleberry Finn " 4; F. F, A. 3: Class President 4. RUTH VORNHOLT (Ruthie) " Ruthie has a little smile. When it flashes, ' tis worth- while! " Band 2, 3, 4; Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 4; Triple Trio 4; F. H. A. 1; G. A. A. 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 4; Prom Committee 3; Prompt- er 3. 4; Annual Board 4; Forensics 4; Pep Band 4. LEONA WASSERBURGER (Lee) " Popular, bright and full of fun. She ' s a pal to every one. " Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4; G. A. A. 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Class Sec- retary 2; Triple Trio 3. 4; Glee Club President 4 ; Prom Committee 3. RAYMOND ZIPFEL (Ray) " He takes things as they come! " P. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 3, 4. LAVERN ZSCHERNITZ (Sure Nuts) " Seriousness just doesn ' t run in his family! " F. F. A. Basketball 1. 3: F. F. A. 3. 4; Prom Committee 3; " Huckleberry Finn " 4. GAMBLE STORE A. E. Russell, Owner Page 15 C. C. WASSERBURGER K COMPANY Phone 176 General Merchandise Senior Class Will The class of " 47, " in making their last will and testament, bequeath to others the following cherishable possessions. Don Anderson — Just a small part of his height to Billy Opelt. Melvin Appleyard — His place in the cornet trio to Robert Chadwick. Jeanette Carl — Her never failing smile to Arlene Carstensen. Tommy Casler — His winning ways with the girls to Roland Jenni. Joyce Grume — Her dreams of Gordon Hahn to anyone who is interested. Eileen Dahnert — Her " high heels " to Betty Sischo. Eleanor Davis — Her future to, you know who. Lewis Durst — I will anything that I " durst. " Walter Gehrt — His smooth, black hair to Chuck Swenson. James Haas — His gracefulness on the basket- ball floor to Bill Minette. Gordon Hahn — His ability to give speeches for Pep Meetings to Robert Mashin. Kathleen Hall — Her quiet ways to Ruth Kunze. Ruth Hauge — Her ability to chew gum and not get caught to Joanne Pietenpol. Harold Henninger — His sobriety to any of those noisy Freshmen. Charlotte Hubing — Her vivacity to Rose Hediger. Merlin Jacobson — His becoming shyness to Don Trewartha. Robert Knoop — His Loyal heart-throb to some boy with a changeable girl friend. (How about that Eggiman?) Velda Lewerenz — Her giggle to Jean Crocker. Adrian Madsen — His beautiful, big, dimples to a girl in need. Dolores Mallory — Her long, black, curling eyelashes to Dorothy Wilke. Donald Mallory — His blue Ford to Dick Tibbett. (Make good use of it, Dick.) Angelyn Marg — Her engagement ring to Joan Allen. Betty Jeanne Marg — Her boyfriend to!!!?? one moment please ... to Mrs. Zilk. Donald Mattson — His good physique to Glen Phillips. Page 16 Genevieve Menning — Her good marks in school to next year ' s Seniors. Harold Meyer — His curly hair to Frank Sydorowicz. Gloria Milton — Her popularity to some lucky girl. Norman Moffatt — His farming ability to some of these city slickers. Lorraine Noll — Her shorthand ability to next year ' s class. Elizabeth Rosekrans — Her speckled lens to some blind soul. Phyllis Schmidt — Her ability to go steady for four years without a fight to Francis Zilk. Edna Shaw — I ' ve got what I want and Fm going to keep him. Jo Ann Staffon — Some of her tallness to Lowell Gress. Then won ' t he be popular. Bernice Strebing — Her longing to read good literature, not comic books, to Pat Van Gordan. Calvin Struensie — His shuffle to Pat Mattsen. Dorothy Subke — Her snappy walk to Ruby Stone. Milford Tesmer — His good manners to Bob Schultz. Aralda Thayer — Her consideration to others (boys) to Shirley Haugen. Angeline Thomas — Her exposive temper to Pat Tibbett. Richard Thompson — His " danged " books to the librarian. Jane Thomsen — That man of hers to some lonely soul (now don ' t rush, Marion). Milton Tock — Ho hum!! Oh, why bother! James Van Tatenhove — His dashing manner to Danny Patey. Ruth Vornholt — She leaves a few silent moments to be used now and then to surprise her fciends, to Mokey Kintzele. Leona Wassaburger — My singing ability to Betty Larsen. Raymond Zipfel — His meek disposition to Dorothy Weiting. Lavern Zschernitz — His ability to get through high school in four years to Bob Cum- mings. KEARNS REXALL DRUG Prescriptions H. H. VAN GORDEN ELEVATOR Feed. Flour. tJ Grist Senior Prophecy Wc must take time out from this busy year to look into the future. With our magic carpet we soon find ourselves gliding through the year 1970. just 2 3 years from now. The first person we come upon is Edna Shaw. It seems that she is driving a new Buick. After being married for 1 5 years Dick finally consented to her driving it. Speaking of cars, here comes Tommy Casler. it looks as if he ' s gone in for bigger stuff than Fords, that ' s a " Rolls-Royce " he ' s driving! And look at that sophisticated man walking down the street, that ' s our mayor Don Anderson. Wc stop at Lewerenz ' s Sweet Shop and see Jeanette Carl behind that soda fountain. She sure must have taken an example from her sisters. If we stop and phone our friend Melvin Apple- yard at his huge scientifically run farm we ' ll find that Joyce Grume is still up there working at the switch board and demanding that we " Deposit a nickel, please. " As we drive out of town we see a garage with a sign reading " Haas ' Body Shop. " Haas must really love his work! A little further on we see a very beautiful farm, when we stop to inquire our way who would open the door but Charlotte Hubing, or rather, Mrs. Robert Jacob. After getting our bearings we drive on and see other farms. That one on the left is where the Bill Madsen ' s live. We hear that they have five children, two with red hair. Over there on the right is the farm belonging to Robert Knoop. He and Ruth surely have been prosperous these last few years. Just down the road where you see that red silo is where Walt Gehrt has his farm. People say he drinks just as much as ever. It ' s too bad we can ' t turn to our left here and see the various farms of other of our seniors, for down that road lie the farms of Raymond Zipfel, Milford Tesmer, Calvin Struensee, Merlon Schoengarth, Norman Moffat, Harold Henninger and Ernie Kissling. As we come into the next town we hear the fire sirens and see the fire truck go by driven by the fire-chief Gordon Hahn. He seems to have taken his nick- name seriously. Gee, there ' s an advertisement for the County Fair. They ' re featuring as special at- traction Lewie Durst and his " Hell Drivers. " As we leave this little farming community we stop to inquire at a large building and are informed that it is a skating rink belonging to a Mr. Volz. As his wife comes out to greet us we recognize our old friend, Kathleen Hall. The proprietor and his wife invite us to watch a private skating party then in session. As we walk onto the main floor we see Leona Wasserburger, oh, excuse us, Mrs. Delbert Langreck and her husband still racing around the floor as they used to twenty years ago. Of course, time does slow one down a bit, you know. Gee, there ' s Loraine Noll, too. She ' s still chasing after that red headed man. Wonder if she ' ll ever get him? Well, we ' ve had enough of this so we decide to take in a movie. As we drive through the streets we see a long line of people in front of the theater. When we finally get seats we see that the movie is entitled " Curvacious Beauty " with Page 17 Betty Marg in the leading role. Not a bad movie! After we leave the movie we see a large sign an- nouncing that Jim Van Tatenhove has become a famous lawyer. He is one of the town ' s most prominent lawyers and his wife does most of his managing. If we were to look in at one of the exclusive beauty shops in town we would see Dorothy Subke assisting her brother in making women more beautiful. There on that corner is a little radio shop where a genius is at work inspired by his faithful wife, the former Dolores Mallory. We never expected her to marry so soon! As we pass a small house we see Ruth Hauge sitting in a lighted window knitting. She has settled down to be a good faithful housewife. If we were to look into the meeting room of the local boy scout chap- ter we would see Don Mattson lecturing to his scouts on the topic. " How I Got to be a Scout Master. " On the outside of town is a beautiful plot of land surrounded by a white fence. This is Eileeii Dahnert ' s horse ranch. She has some of the finest bred horses in the country. To help her in the domestic line are Velda Lewerenz and Ruth Vorn- holt. Velda is doing the cooking and Ruth does the house work and raises dogs. Across the road we see a beautiful dairy. It is owned and operated by Harold Meyer. His good friend, Lavern Zschernitz, is a big executive in the condensery which handles his milk. You would be surprised how many of our seniors are happily married. Don and Elizabeth Mallory, about the oldest of the married crowd, have quite a nice home with a lot of little Mallorys about now. Phyllis Schmidt, another of the old married crowd, is just as full of life as she used to be. Jo Ann Staffon has married that taxi-driver and he ' s still working at his old job. Angeline Marg, too, has finally married and settled down and Gen Menning has joined the ranks of the happily married. Of course, Jan Thomsen, now Mrs. Eggiman, is still having trouble keeping her husband under control. But there seems to be one bachelor in our group. That ' s Dick Thompson. Of course. Honey Strebing is trying her best along that line. Gee. there ' s Tock, too. He isn ' t married either and he ' s still working as a waiter in one of the small restaurants in town. Angeline Thomas is still working for an insurance firm. She ' s con- sidered one of the best dressed women in town. And Gloria Milton can be found taking dictation while sitting on the knee of her handsome em- ployer. Just the other day we read in the news- paper that Miss Aralda Thayer was returning from her mission work in India and will appear in public lecturing within the next month or two. If we were to look at Merlin Jacobsen we would find him still proud of the fact that he finally graduated from High School. There you have our seniors in the year 1970. Some have become very distinguished characters. Others aren ' t so famous but at least they are happy. (We hope!) NEILLSVILLE CLINIC Dr. Overman Dr. Manz O 8 N LUMBER COMPANY Paints, Fuels, Lumber Clsiss Of cets Secte tarY Page 18 A. HAUGE SONS Coal, Wood, Gas, Oil TIBBETT ICE » FUEL CO. Coal « Ice Last Row, Left to Right: R. Eggiman. W. Kapfcr. F. Zilk, B. Chapman: W. Puttkummer. B. Minette; L. Kenz: R. Dicrcks, G. Crothcrs. F. Sydorowicz, L. Sollbcrger. Fifth Row. Left to Right: E. Metcalf. J. Hagie, D. Trewartha, B. Stucki. G. Lazot. C. Swenson. E. Wallace, E. Wagner, C. Jonkel, J. Dux, S. Haugen. Fourth Row: L Mashin, A. Bartz, R. Jenni, D. Herbel. P. Hauge, M. Kintzele, D. Weiting, D. Patey, D. Nepreud, D. Stanton, E. Cole. Third Row: R. White, M. Sonnentag, G. Kalsow, D. Marg, F. Seelow, C. Swann. R. Stone, C. Fuerstein, H. Gaier, D. Timerson, B. Holt. Second Row: L. Holub, F, Bemis, R. Florence, B. Greeler, G. Zank, P. Fahgren, A. Madsen, E. Davis, E. Krause, L. Wagner. W. Bush. First Row: E. Kroll. A. Marshall. V. Hemp, E. Bender. B. Larsen, B. Ottow, M. Neuhaus, R. Kunze. D. Cardarelle, A. Hubing, B. Van Gorden, P. Tibbett. Junior Class The Juniors were important performers in our circus this year as usual. Taking part in all the usual school activities is in itself quite a job, but with the prom and class play added it really kept us busy. We really worked hard to make both of these affairs successes which they certainly were. With all the experiences of the past year we feel confident that we can ably take over the job of being seniors. Page 19 KEUSTERS MEAT MARKET Phone Black 303 NORTHERN STATES We Satisfy iy A. ■iP ' o J - " V ,C_x =) l- yU ■1 , ■J J- gectetatV Vlatt s ScV ' Page 20 COMPLIMENTS OF Henry Thomsen SCHULTZ SALES SERVICE Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer Last Row, Left to Right: C. Seelow, B. Rude, J. Dreschcr, R. Gress, L. Schultz, L. DeMert, L Marg, K. Counsell, M. Dux, M. Bush. V. Schaeffer. Fifth Row: J, Allen, R. Moer, J. Ayres, D. Pflughoeft. G. Korth, G. Reinhardt, A. Suckow, G. Stigen, G. Winter, H. Millard, B. Hauge. Fourth Row: E. Pscheidt. B, Audorff, D. Bush, E. Kessler, F. Naedler, G. Tresmer, M. Hediger, A. Mier, R. Neuhaus, V. Bryan. Third Row: B. Galbreath, W. Elmhorst, B. Larson. R. Scoit. C. Harwick, S. Pepper, W. Genteman, E. Wall, C. Gerhardt, D. Pozambke. V. Howard. Second Row: M. Appleyard. R. Chadwick, L Schmidt, W. Stucki, D. Erpcnbach. E Paine, H. Schoengarth, R. Harder, R. Wagner. D. Volz. P. VanGorden. First Row: D. Wilke, R. Hediger, D. TuUis, F. St. Dennis, M. Metcalf, J. Baver, L. Lindner, J. Borde, M, Thompson, P. Dun, B. Sischo, D. Haus, C. Scholtz. Sophomores Amid tne hurry and hustle of classes and activities, the sophomores have never let any grass grow under their feet. Going another step up on the ladder of education gave them the comforting feeling of, " now, we are getting somewhere. " Active in almost every division and organization in school and outside of school, the sophomores proved that they are worthy of promotion. The dance we put on in October was a great suc- cess. And our little side-show! Most of us will never forget " Ziggy, " and " The Two Hairless Dogs. " I wonder wno ate one of our dogs, (Robert!!!) Page 21 NEILLSVILLE WRECKING YARD Phone Red 303 New and used parts, tires, glass, etc. Willys ' Sales 8 Service NEILLSVILLE BOTTLING WORKS Manufacturers of Soff Drinks Qfficets " pat V ° Sect etatY -fieas •O dti Page 22 MERCHANTS HOTEL Excellent Rooms ZS Food Art J Marian JENNIS SERVICE STATION Werner Jenni, Prop. Back Row; B. Rochrborn, L. Kessler. G. Gault, M. Klann, G. Phillips, E. Tresemer, D. Meihak. C. Sydorowicz. R. Bucholtz, M. Schaefer. G. Dux. Third Row: P. Mattson, C. Wang. P. Froelich, E. Thoma. R. Meisner. C. Janicki, M. J. Frei. J. Pietinpol. H. SoU- bcrgcr. J. Knoop. E. Ziegler. Second Row: F. Northup. R. Mashin, J. Dow, A. Kupke. J. Schnider. P. Mike. E. Lueck. B. Jacobs, V. Vanderberg, E. Grceler, L. Schmitt. First Row: W. Opelt, N. Dux, W. Krouse, S. Moeller, F. Wasserburger, C. Anderson, B. Hiles, D. Runge, B. Trachte, A. Miller. Back Row: G. Van Tantcnhove, J. Visicent, R. Spiegel, D. Ayers, T. Jacobs. C. Oldham, R. Wallace, K. Eddy, D. Hantke, T. Gergen, J. Cummings. Third Row: C. Lato, J. Crocker, E. Borde, G. Suckow, B. Suel, G. Lockman, C, Peterson, J. Richmond, L. Rosekrans. L. Karnitz. L. Feuerstein. Second Row: M. Hemp, M. Da Mert, R. Steimke, A. Wittekind. D. Holub, P. Hantke, J. Langreck. D. Thompson, M. Schultz, S. Diercks, D. Tibbett. First Row: S. Furgeson, J. Keuhn, N. Embke, D. Lewerenz, A. Strebing, R. Grap, H. Svirnoff, J. Walters, G. Oldhom, A. Cardarelle, A. Carstenson. Freshmen We, the class of 50, have started on ' our four year journey through high school and are led by an able group of officers, Dick Tibbett, president; Lowell Gress. vice-president: Pat Mattson, secretary and treasurer. We have among us cooperative and admirable students, especially shown in the part we played in the initiation for homecoming and also furnishing the queen, Elvira Thoma. Our class has turned out almost 100% in all the school activities, dances, etc. There prove to be very promising football and basketball players. All in all we think we have gotten off to a very successful start in High School. The class advisors are Mr. Brown, Mr. Perkins, and Miss Barnes. WARLUM - ROBINSON, INC. Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Sheet Metal QUALITY EGG CO. Cash Buyers of Eggs Poultry Musical Organi2,ations Our musical organizations are ones of which we can be justly proud. The following pages will show you our Band, Girls ' Glee Club, and Triple Trio. Page 24 DONATION Public Library CLARK COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. 1st National Bank Bldg. Neillsville, Wis. ' V ' - ( - • iri VV .. -;■ ' I.. - : ' J f- . f ' 1 I " £. - v!- " V - - t- i (? jW ,-- , g: ' 7 fr VM — ' -?i V Just as a circus is not complete without its sideshows it definitely is not complete with- out the band and other music. We of Neills- ville High School are not to be outdone. Page 25 DONATION Dr. M. K. Andreson HAIGHT 8 BEILFUS Attorneys at Law Last Row, Left to Right: D. Marg. D, Hanke, J. Haas, K. Counsdl, R. Zipfel L. Durst, J. VanTatenhovc, E. Wagner. D. Mattson. R. Scott, M. Appleyard. Fourth Row: D. Stanton. P. Hauge. L. L. Rosekrans. J, Staffon. K. Peterson C. Streunsee, D, Tibbett, J. Dux. M. Kintzele. E. Dahnert. C. Feurstein. Third Row: S, Pepper. P. Fahlgren. R. Kunzc. E. Pscheidt. R. Neuhaus. D. Thompson, B. Ottow. T, Gerhardt, G. Milton, E. A. Rosekrans. R. Vornholt. Second Row: J. Rahn. A. Wang. C. Wang. R. Chadwick. V. Leweranz. K. Hall. J. Schultz. H. Gaier. P. Froelich, B. Hiles. E. Schoengarth. B. Minette. -t- i. v First Row: P. VanGorden, M. Haas, D, Noll. D. Sief. C. Scholtz, L. Chadwick. D. Paulson, E. Gerhardt, P. Tibbett, K. Froelich, J. Dow. W. Fleugal, W. Grap, J. Wasserburger. P. Mattson. Band Band was on a somewhat different b asis this year, being held every day at a quarter to one. A full credit was given for band this year. Ah, those lucky seniors with those three subjects. Who will ever forget that racing home at noon and getting back right on the dot. And then there are those happy memories of getting back a few minutes late and going after those admit excuses. Such is life! Mr. Keohane certainly did a fine job grooming us for action at the beginning of the year. I really don ' t see how he kept his temper as well as he did. As usual we carried away many honors at the District Tournament at Eau Claire. I am sure that the seniors will look back with much pride and fond remembrance on their days as members of the Neillsville High School Band. x DONATION Parish Dime Store DRS. ROSEKRANS Physicians and Surgeons Drum Major Band Concert Vocal Solo with Band Glee Club Concert Scott - Council Page 27 Band at Homecoming EVA FASHION SHOPPE Where Quality Reigns SCHULTZ BROS. COMPANY Featuring 5c to $1 Merchandise «» s t (1 r I?- ?9 l- - li, Fifth Row: D. Wieting. B. Hauge. J. Allen. H. Millard, J. Thomsen. S. Haugen. M. Kintzlc. A. Marg. A. Madsen. E. Shaw. R. Hauge. Fourth Row: B. Rude, L. Rosekrans, J. Crume, B. Marg. E. Rosekrans, D. Bush, L. Wasserburger, E. Pflughoeft. C. Swann, P. Hauge. M. Hediger. Third Row: J. Carl. E. Dahnert. A. Thayer. J. Staffon, D. Stanton. F. Naedler. D. Subke. B. Van Gordon. G. Milton. P. Fahlgren. M. Ncuhaus. P. Van Gordon. Second Row; Miss Heagle, C. Wang, B. Roehrbom, R. Hediger. P. Tibbett, D. Thompon, P. Matt.son, D. Bush, R. Vornholt, F. St. Dennis. R. Neuhaus. J. Dow. First Row: B. Larsen, V. Schacffer, B. Strebing. Glee Club Another of the musical organizations for which Neillsville is well known is our Girls ' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Heagle. The Glee Club has made many appearances during the year which were delightfully enjoyed by the large audiences who were pleased with our efforts. Page 28 DR. E. L. LEE Neillsville Over Penney Store Phone 296 SCHUSTER W CAMPMAN Attorneys at Law ♦ . t s i 4 f f a! Bottom Row: Miss Heagle. B. Larsen, B. Marg. R. Vornholt. D. Bush. P. Fahlgren, G. Milton. Top Row: C. Wang. L. Wasserburger, E. Dahne rt, J. Thomsen, S. Haugcn. E. Shaw. R. Hauge. Triple Trio The Triple Trio is made up of nine girls, three substitutes and an accompanist. Every Tuesday and Friday we give up our precious eighth period to practise with our capable director, Miss Heagle. This year we have made many successful public appearances between acts at dassplays. concerts, and caroling at various schools at Christmas. At the Spring Music Tournament at Eau Claire we took many honors as usual. A few of the numbers we have sung this year are " Jesus, Jesus Rest Your Head, " " Children ' s Prayer, " and " ' Twas the Night Before Christmas. " Page 29 C. C. SNITEMAN David Parry, Prop. Prescription Druggists DAN ' S CLEANING SHOP Red 111 Neillsville, Wis. " Sideshow s " Just as no circus would be complete with- out its sideshows, so Neillsville High School would not be complete without its many activities. Every class is well represented in the following pages. Everyday in Neillsville High is an experience in itself. Everyday is filled with unusual events (the conduct chart, for example.) Page 30 NEILLSVILLE BANK Member of the P. D. I. C. JAMES H. FRADETTE County Treasurer But despite this, practically every student has contributed some of his or her time to the following activities. Four classes a day failed to keep most students busy which explains the many members in Pep Club, F. H. A., Forensics, etc. Page 31 OTTO ZAESKE Mutual Life Insurance Co. of N. Y. DR. SCHIELDS Dentist Last Row. Left to Right; B. Marg. E. Rosekrans, S. Pepper. D. Bush, D. Bush, A. Meier, W. Stucki. E. Pscheidt, C. Hall D. Mallory, D. Cardarelle. Fourth Row: R. Kunze, V. Schaeffer, J. Carl, Wedekind. D. Holub, E. Dahnert, R. R. Vornholt, Schultz. R. Florence, A. Suckow, B. Larsen. Third Row: A. Marshall. A. Cardarell. M. Appleyard, G. Menning. W. Bush, B. Ottow, B. Greeler, M. Damert, A. Car- stenson, P. Van Gorden. B. Van Gordon. Second Row: E. Lueck, E. Ziegler, F. Knoop, V. Hemp, B. Roehrborn, M. Hemp, J. Kuehn, Schaefer, E. Thoma, J. Borde, H. Sollberger. First Row: J. Dow. B. Jacobs, R. Hediger, F. St. Dennis, P. Schmidt, E. Bender, J. Peitenpol, P. Froelich. P. Mattson, L. Lintner. P. Dux, E. Kroll, B. Sischo. D. Wilkie. Cheerleaders — J. Beaver, M. Kintzele, D. Mattson, G. Milton. C. Wang. Pep Club As usual the Pep Club was one of the largest school organizations. The idea behind the club is to get out for the games and really get behind the team. The club ' s activities were helped along by our cheerleaders, Donald Mattson, Carol Wang, Joan Baver, Mary Ann Kintzele, and Gloria Milton. Our officers are Elizabeth Ann Rosekrans, President; Milton Tock, Vice-President; and Betty Marg, Secretary and Treasurer. We held our annual homecoming again this year. Who will ever forget that initiation. And then there were those great Freshman speeches, especially Sheldon Moeller ' s. We had a large bonfire and the senior players gave speeches. Our homecoming parade was rained out, but plenty of work was done on the floats. We did have an exciting game however. Our homecoming dance was led by our king, Milton Tock, who chose Elvira Tomah for his queen. All in all the Pep Club had a very successful year and we hope the activities of the club will continue next year. £$ Page 32 CLARK COUNTY AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of the F. D. I. C. Last Row, Left to Right: M. Dux, L. Noll, L, Durst, B, Scholtz, B. Minette, D. Anderson, B. Handke, B. Rude, A. Marg, B. Holt. Fourth Row: H. Millard, G. Reinhardt, C. Seelow, J, Ayers, L. Rosekrans, L. Karnitz, G. Winter, R, Moehr, M. Hediger, J. Allen. Third Row: F. Naedler, R. Jenni, D. Trewartha, E. Kissling, B. Stucki, C. Swenson, E. Wallace, C. Jonkel. J. Hagic, S. Haugen, B. Hauge. Second Row: D. Stanton, D. Wieting, R. Hauge, E. Shaw, E. Metcalf, J. Thomson, D. Herbel, P. Hauge, A. Bargz, C. Swann, G. Zank. First Row: V. Bryan. E. Borde, E. Davis, A. Madsen, E, Pflughoeft, R. White, G. Korth, R. Stone, C. Hubing, L Mashin, E. Cole, G. Tresmer. Cheerleaders: J. Beaver, M. Kintzele, D. Mattson, G. Milton, C. Wang. .•i t m 1 ' I Ml. Page 33 MODERNE BEAUTY SHOP " We Always Please " HAUGE FLORAL COMPANY " Say It With Flowers " Last Row, Left to Right; R. White, B, Holt, B. Rude, D. Weiting, S. Haugen, E. Metcalf, C, Seelow, J. Allen, F. Nacdler. R, Stone. C. Swann. Sixth Row: M. Damert, A. Thayer, D. Holub, L. Wagner, P, Hantke, M. Bush, J. Drescher, M. Dux. E. Bordc, L. Feuer- stein. J. Langreck. Fifth Row; A. Madsen. E. Pflughoeft. A. Suckow, D, Pflughoeft, G. Kalsow. E. Cole, R. Stiemke. J. Ayers. L. Karnitz. L. Knoll. A. Meier. Fourth Row: C. Hubing, J. Carl. M. Gunderson, A. W.cdekind, D. Bush, E. Davis, S. Diercks, V. Bryan, D. Subke, R. Florence, A. Hubing. Third Row; M. J. Frei. M. Schultz, B. Roehrborn, D. Voltz, G. Reinhardt, G. Korth, M, Hemp, A. Carderelle, G. Dux, R. Meisner. A. Carstensen. Second Row: F. Knoop. J. Borde, W. Bush. L. Linder. E. Thoma. E. Ziegler. J. Pietenpal, H. Sollberger, B. Greeler, F. St. Dennis, V. Hemp. Mrs. Brown. First Row: D. Hause. A. Kupke. E. KroU, E. Lueck. D. TuUis, P. Mike. Missing: E. A. Rosekrans. F. H. A. The Future Homemakers of America started another year as an organiza- tion of Neillsville High School, this year under the leadership of Mrs. Brown, with 78 members. The FHA is one of our school ' s most active clubs. The year started with the FHA and FFA picnic which was held in the gym because of weather conditions. Later on the FHA and FFA had a Christmas party. We also held a Christmas sale at Lewerenz ' s. Our FHA Annual Turkey Trot, which introduced the school orchestra, was one of the most successful dances ever held at school. In the second semester we had another party to initiate the Freshmen and other new members. We also had a sleigh ride in connection with the initia- tion. We closed the school year with a farewell party for our Senior members. Our FHA will extend into the summer for a camping trip and participa- tion in the fair. The officers who led us through this successful year are: President Pat Tibbet Vice-President Eileen Kroll Secretary Barbara Rude Treasurer Edith Pflougheft Historian Jeanettc Carl Page 34 CURL SHOP " Service With a Smile ' QUALITY MARKET Meats, Fruits. Vegetables Last Row, Left to Right: A. Madsen, E. Ott, G. Crothers, F. Sydorowiez, D. Thompson, L. Damert. R. Diercks, W. Kopfer, C. Jonkel. M. Appleyard, M. Jacobson. Fifth Row: M. Klann. K. Eddy, R. Spiegel, G. Phillips, L. Scholtz, R. Knoop, C. Oldham, E. Kissling, E. Tresmer, W. Genteman, D. Meihak. Fourth Row: J. Richmond, H. Henninger, R. Elmhorst, J. Cummings, J. Vincent, D. Poziombke, G. VanTatcnhove, C, Gerhardt. D. Marg. N. Motfatt. Third Row: W. Gehrt, C, Fees, D. Timerson, C, Sydorowiez, R. Buchholz, L. Zschernitz, F, Seelow, R. Harder, L. Kessler, J. Moeller, J. Walters, Mr. Perkins, Second Row: C. Scholtz, R. Wagner, R. Chadwick, G. Oldham. R. Grap. A. Strebing. R. Matuzak. L Schmidt, N. Embke, R. Mashin, F, Northrup. First Row: D. Runge, A. Miller, B. Trachte, S, Schmidt, W. Krause, S. Moeller. W. Opelt. F. F. A. Page 35 The Future Farmers of America is a nation-wide organization of boys enrolled in vocational agriculture. Our chapter has sixty-five members. Our chapter participates in many activities. We sponsor the Clark County Rural Schools Crop Judging Contest. We also have a contestant in the F.F.A. Speaking Contest. We sent stock and crop judging teams to the District Judging Contest at Owen. Our Stock Judging team consisted of Calvin Gerhardt, Rene Harder, and Robert Chadwick. Calvin Gerhardt won fifth in individual honors. Our Grain Judging team consisted of Duane Timerson, Donald Marg, and Merlin Jacobson. The team placed first. Individual honors were: Duane Timerson, second: Donald Marg, third: and Merlin Jacobson, fourth. The annual F. H. A.-F. F. A. Christmas Party was a big success, it took place in the gym on Wednesday, December 18. A large number of our members are enrolled in the Bull Project sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Neillsville. OFFICERS President Robert Knoop Vice-President Melvin Appleyard Secretary Ronald Diercks Treasurer Charles Jonkel Reporter Duane Timerson UNGER ' S SHOE STORE For the Best in Shoes THAYER ' S STUDIO Superior Photography Dramatic Gloria Milton Phyllis Hauge Edith Cole Dolores Mallory Pat Van Gordon Humorous Aralda Thayer Catherine Swan Bill Stucki Fern Naedler Shirley Diercks First Row; B. Rude. C. Wang, D. Cardarelk, D. Mallroy, A. Thayer. Last Row: Fern Naedler, Edith Cole, D. Weiting. B. Holt, D. Deircks, C. Swann. Forensics Our Forensics Contest for ' 47 was held in the assembly April 1. How many of us got " fooled " and received places? See below. Miss Barnes and the other teachers have been very helpful in listening and correcting our mistakes and we extend our thanks. Mr. Keohane and Miss Heagle entertained with a musical interlude while waiting for the judges ' decision. The following people appeared in the local contest: First Row: P. Van Gordon. G. Milton. B. Larsen. Last Row: P. Hauge, B. Stucki, M. Kintzele. R. Scott, D. Timerson. Extemp Reading Barbara Rude Carole Wang Dixie Cardarelle Barbara Holt Betty Larson Oratory Bob Scott Duane Timerson Mary Ann Kintzele Dorothy Weiting Page 36 SYDNEY G. PATEY Continental Insurance Co. 208 S. Park St. NEILLSVILLE BAKERY A. K. Dern, Proprietor Junior Prom King H. Gaier Queen P. Bemis The Junior Prom was a superb example of Junior ingenuity. Our theme, " Moonlight and Roses " was carried out effectively in the setting — a country garden with white latticework and climbing roses. A setting completed to perfection by the romantic mood of the couples as they swayed to the rhythm of the soft music. BOLLOM ' S CASH MARKET Choice Meats Phone 265 Page 37 WAGNERS The Modern Restaurant THE SENIOR CLASS PRESENTS " Huckleberry Finn " A Comedy in Three Acts CAST OF CHARACTERS Aunt Polly (Mariah Watson) — who is " so nervous " Aralda Thayer Ruth Watson — her sister Gloria Milton Mary Jane — their young niece Betty Jean Marg Fred Raymond — in love with Ruth James Van Tatenhove Melba White — colored maid at the Watson ' s Velda Lewerenz Clara Woppinger — Deaconess of the church Eileen Dahnert Amy Woppinger — her irrepressible niece Phylis Schmidt Huckleberry Finn — who loves to play pranks Don Mattson John Finn — his father Milton Tock Tom Sawyer — Huck ' s pal and comrade Lavern Zschernitz Page 38 KLECKNER ' S ELEVATOR For Better Dairy Feed BADGER STATE TELEPHONE COMPANY Wm. L. Smith, Manager " Step on it girls! " ' Curtain in five minutes! - " What are you doing under the table, -Lavern? " " Don ' t throw no water on me, please don ' t Massa Huck. Ah ain ' t recovered from de last water dat dey threw on me. It almost turn- ed me white I " NEILLSVILLE DAIRY Pasteurized Milk and Cream Page 39 ZIMMERMAN BROS. Shoes. Clothing First Row: P. Hauge. C Swann. D. Cardarelle. Last Row: B. Stucki. D. Wciting, G. Crothers, D. Trewartha. B. Holt. Junior Class Play DON ' T DARKEN MY DOOR! Cast of Characters Roger Kent — a bachelor Don Trewartha Rosemary Kent — his romantic niece Phyllis Hauge Tom Garrick — Rosemary ' s persistent suitor Ben Stucki Poppy Foster — maid-of-all-work Dorothy Weiting Alec Stubbins — Poppy ' s devoted swain George Crothers Jane Perkins — a writer of romances Dixie Cardarelle Louisa Feathersone — maiden lady Barbara Holt Susie Feathersone — maiden lady Catherine Swann Page 40 PEDERSON ELECTRIC SHOP Everything Electrical 110 West 5 th Street ADLER THEATER ENTERTAINMENT AND RELAXATION The three act comedy, " Don ' t Darken My Door, " was presented by the Junior Class. The opening scene is in the living room of Roger Kent ' s country home. Roger is a bachelor around fifty who still shows signs of romance. His niece, Rosemary, who is in her early twenties has many admirers; but refuses to weaken until she has met the perfect man of whom she has read in Jane Perkins ' novels. Accidentally, but fortunately, we meet the author of these novels. Jane manages to settle all the romantic difficulties even win- ning Roger for herself. Alec the young gardener, has never encount- ered anything as baffling as the perverseness of the de lectable Poppy. This wholesome young maid has her ideal man in mind also, but finally weakens to the persistent Alec. Jane Perkins also promotes the romantic lead when she gets Rosemary and Tom Garrick, the handsome young suitor together. The humorous touch is brought in by the two maiden ladies, Louisa and Susie Featherstone, who offer a humorous touch to the play with their contrasting personalities. Louisa, who is the precise and proper sister, whereas Susie presents a light and frivolous character. At the closing scene of the play we find the couples owing many thanks to Jane Perkins, who has given them a successful climax by helping them to understand one another. Page 41 BEN FRANTZ Clerk of Court BERNITA WASSERBURGER County Nurse Every circus has certain acts that require a great amount of brawn! (Let us not go into the brain part of that Httle saying I Neillsville High School has been outstanciing in its athletic work this year. Much credit must be given to our coaches, Mr. Hovey and Mr. Ruedy. They helped a great deal in mak- ing our spectacles run smoothly. VTJJ N Page 42 MIKE KRULTZ County Clerk JOHN M. PETERSON Attorney We held our annual homecoming in con- nection with football, which was a welcome added attraction. Last but not least is Girls ' Bowling which furnished an added spectacle for many girls of Neillsville High. Page 43 RUSSELL DRAKE County Superintendent of Schools RAY ' S SOUTH SIDE FOOD MARKET 1 1 7 E. Division Street fc 4 " ' - S » i!, ' 3 33 41 36 3ft , Last Row. Left to Right: D. Wallace. J. Hagie, C. Swenson, D, Neprud, R. Jennie, J. Vincent. D. Hurkie. F. Wasserburgcr. K. Peterson. E. Ott. Third Row: Coach A. Hovey. J. Haas. D. Meihack. C. Gerhart, J. Cummings. R. Harder. T. Gergen. M. Klann. C. Sydoro- wicz. F. Seelow. R. Tibbett. D. Ayers. Coach E. Ruedy. Second Row: G. LaZotte. T. Casler. W. Minette. G. Hahn. R. Cummings. E. Wall. D. Anderson. D. Patey. H. Swimoff. J. Moeller, R. Gress. First Row: D. Mattson. D. Trewatha, B. Larsen. W. Elmhorst. F. Sydorowicz. M. Tock. R. Eggiman, R. Schultz. B. Chapman. E. Wegner. J. Van Tatenhove. 1946 Games Sept. 27 Oct. 4 Oct. 11 Oct. 18 Oct. 24 Nov. 1 Nov. 9 Neillsville 6 Neillsville 7 Neillsville 6 Neillsville 28 Neillsville 7 Neillsville 13 Neillsville 19 Owen 13 Cadott 6 Thorp Greenwood Cornell Withee 6 Thorp 12 N. H. S. started off this year with a large group of boys out for football. Our first game with Augusta, a scrimmage game, showed that our boys had the old fightin ' spirit. Six conference games were scheduled. We knocked out five victories out of these six games. On Nov. 9 our team battled against Thorp in a game arranged for the V. F. W. Homecoming. We 19, They 12. Our percentage being high enough we took second place in the Cloverbelt Conference. Page 44 JOSEPH WIEDENHOFF, INC. Neillsville Branch ZILK VILLA Buick Sales K Service Senior Football Players T. Casler J. Van Tatenhovc . gfl? immii aM iMBMt. ' ].; M. Tock • rm: ' » ' « ' " to .■ 79S ' ■ ' -■- V wj i d B D. Mattson Pictures missing G. Hahn B. Schultz - i?- Page 45 D. Anderson GUSTMAN JACK SPRAT STORE Groceries, M ats, Sinclair Products Phone Black 220 A. KickofF against Owen B. Huddle at Owen Game C. The Trick Play D. Being told how to do it E. The Muddle F. Blocking the Passer G. Aerial attack FARMERS STORE COMPANY Neillsville, Wis. Page 46 GEORGAS FUNERAL HOME Distinctive Funeral Service Phone 22 Back Row; Manager J. Van Tatenhove, R. Scott. D. Handke, L. Durst, R. Eggiman, Coach Ruedy. Front Row: J. Moeler, D. Patcy, B. Chapman, E, Wall, D, Tibbets. COMPLIMENTS Dr. M. A. Foster B " Squad Basketball Gus — waiting Page 47 So Big McCAIN « JOHNSON The Ladies Style Shop Back Row — B. Larsen, E. Wegner. B. Puttkammer, D. Anderson, T. Casler, D. Trewatha. Coach Hovey. Front Row: G. Hahn, G. Lazotte, B. Minette, M. Tock, J. Haas. RECORD " B " Team " A ' Team We They We They Nov. 18— Loyal 7 12 19 17 Nov. 20 — Granton 10 13 40 23 Dec. 3 — Granton 12 10 34 20 Dec. 6 — Thorp 16 11 28 20 Dec. 1 3 — Stanley 15 21 30 37 Dec. 1 7 — Greenwood 24 4 24 26 Jan. 1 — Stanley 29 27 Jan. 14 Loyal 8 12 31 22 Jan. 1 7 — Owen 14 21 38 39 Jan. 24 Thorp 34 35 Jan. 28 Withee 8 9 44 26 Feb. 1 Withee 24 15 48 34 Feb. 4 — Greenwood 33 10 25 28 Feb. 6 — Owen 21 19 31 29 Feb. 1 5 Cornell 33 32 Feb. 18 Colfax 35 34 Feb. 27 — Eau Claire 27 55 Feb. 28 — Mondovi 13 29 MOLDENHAUER ' S JEWELRY Graduation Gifts Page 48 NEILLSVILLE BEAUTY SALON The Latest Hair Styles MODEL LAUNDRY Olson and Wcgncr. Props. M. Tock T. Casler iir ' J. Haas Senior Basketball Players G. Hahn Page 49 D. Anderson GASSEN AUTO BODY SHOP " Satisfaction Guaranteed " Matt J. Gassen, Prop. Back Row: J. Vincent, C. Jonkel, L. Damert, R. Dierks. H. Hennihger. Mr. Perkins. Front Row: F. Seelow, D. Marg, R. Harder, R. Knoop, D. Posiombkc. Future Farmer Basketball CLOVER FARM STORE Wayne Potter, Prop. We started out with a great handicap this year. We had only one experi- enced player, but due to Mr. Perkins fine coaching we soon got over our floor fright, got on the beam and finished the season with games won and lost. The schedule we played this year is as follows: We They Greenwood here 27 11 Marshfield there 24 15 Marshfield here 27 11 We They Regular vs. Reserves 2? 6 Loyal there 12 4 Loyal here 13 7 Greenwood there 11 10 We ' re planning on a good season next year with seven experienced players coming forward and a good squad of beginners. Page 50 NEILLSVILLE MILK PRODUCTS Pasteurized Sweet Cream Butter H. H. QUICKER Insurance and Accounting Presenting NT 6 r Bon Fire All Eyes On Jim 4 .«? ff The King and Queen Homecoming Orchestra Grand March Page 51 BENSON HARDWARE " Our Own Hardware " COLE FUNERAL HOME Neillsville, Wisconsin Girls Bow ling League M. Kintzele. J. Allen. S. Haugen. D. Weiting, G. Milton P. Tibbct, A. Meier, L. Noll. C. Fcuerstein, M. Sonnentag Three years ago the Girls ' Bowling League was organized. For many of the girls this was their first bowling experience and for others it was just a chance to improve their skill. Our officers are as follows: President — Mary Ann Kintzele: Vice President — Gloria Milton: Sec- retary — Lorraine Noll; Treasurer — Carole Wang: Shirley Haugen also assisted the treasur- er. Competition for top honors was stiff this year between Betty Jeanne Marg. Dorothy Weiting, and Mary Sonnentag, but the girls all proved to be good sports. Dorothy Weiting ' s and Pat Van Gorden ' s teams were high. BOLLOM ' S APPLIANCES Victor and Decca Records 126 W. 7th St. J. Carl, A. Suckow, D. Stanton, C. Hubing Page 52 H. Sollberger. P. Froelich. C. Wang. A. Cardarelle, J. PeitenpoU LOWE ' S FURNITURE STORE Efficient Funeral Service Phone 226 Girls Bowling League B. Larsen, D. Herbel, J. Thomson. B. Marg J. Bordc. B Rocbom. G. Korth. D. Ott. C. Late A. Marshal. P. Van Gordon, L. Rosckrans P. Mattson, B. Van Gordon Page 53 V. Bryan, C. Swann. K. Hall k Us LEWERENZ SWEET SHOP Better Meals, Frozen Foods BOWLING ALLEYS Healthful Recreation On the following pages you will find the achievement stars of the Senior Class, the calendar, and some very interesting snaps!! The achievement stars are chosen because of excellence in their studies and in school activi- ties. ' ' passing parade v . Page 54 DEVOS S SCROCH Attorneys at Law NeiHsville 8 Thorp, Wis. No school year would be complete without a calendar which brings back happy memories of our school life. Of course it is impossible to get a complete picture of the school year, but we are able to get glimpses here and there. We hope you will enjoy the calendar which is enhanced by Dixie ' s drawings which you must admit are good! Page 55 E. Dahnert — Valedictorian A.Thayer — Salutatorian Achievements Neillsville High School presents to six of the top seniors who participate in extra-curricular activities, pins in recognition of their work. These seniors are pictured below. Gloria Milton James Van Tatenhove Donald Mattson Aralda Thayer Eileen Dahnert James Haas Page 56 Milton Tock Football Sports Leading Seniors in 46-47 Sports James Haas Basketball Melvin Appleyard Agriculture Robert Knoop ' , ' Outstanding Senior Agriculture Students ul. i t V r Grain Judging Stock Judging D. Marg, M. Jacobson, D. Timcrson R. Harder, C. Gerhardt, R. Chadwick Page 57 Calendar AUGUST 29 — Freshman registration day. Our Freshmen are introduced into the do ' s and do not ' s of school life. SEPTEMBER 3 — Upperclassmen register this day. Why the grim faces, kids, this is only the enrollment. SEPTEMBER 4 — First day of school. I wonder what that freshman was doing in our U. S. History class?? SEPTEMBER 5 — " Stop that giggling!!! You were Freshmen once. " SEPTEMBER 8 — The first conduct point was taken today. Quite a privilege wasn ' t it, Harris? SEPTEMBER 1 1 — Election of our class oHicers. Kinda looks as though we have a short prom king! Watch the girls play up to that lucky guy. SEPTEMBER 20 — Our first pep meeting. I ' ll bet it ' s the longest one we ' ll have all year. SEPTEMBER 20 — We battle Owen in our first football game of the season. Ouch! That was hard to take. We lost by one touchdown. Score: They 13, We 6. SEPTEMBER 23 — Tryouts for cheerleaders. Joan Bever and Carol Wang seem to be the choice. SEPTEMBER 24 — We have our first assembly program at the theater. Remember Sally and Phyllis, kids? SEPTEMBER 26 — Some of the pictures were taken for the annual. Our fifteen minutes in the open air, free from the drudgery of classes was made the most of. SEPTEMBER 27 — Our noble Juniors come out with the first dance of the season. More fun!! SEPTEMBER 30 — We finished up the group pictures for the annual today. It was a good excuse while it lasted. OCTOBER 4 — We played another football game today. This time at Cadott. We won!!! Score, We 7, They 6. Close wasn ' t it?? OCTOBER 1 1 — Hurray! Our battling eleven go in for a victory over Thorp. An exciting game ending with a score of 6 to 0. OCTOBER 1 1 — A victory dance given by the Sophomores. Only Sophomores can turn out a dance like that one. OCTOBER 1 5 — Nominations for Homecoming King. Five of our illustrious Seniors are chosen for nominees. They are Jerold Eddie, Milton Tock? James Van Tatenhove, Don Mattson, and Don Mallory. Page 58 OCTOBER 16 — How in the world did Took get in?? Could be he has no steady girl friend, huh? OCTOBER 18 — We take Greenwood to the cleaners in their Homecoming game. Sure had a nice day and a swell turn-out. Score 26 to 0. OCTOBER 23 — Those students who got excused from school today to work on homecoming floats sure were the envy of all the rest. We all hoped the weather would be all right for the next day. OCTOBER 23 — Evening. The town was over run with the students from good old N.H.S. Hope we have as much pep tomorrow as we had for our bon fire and snake dance tonight. OCTOBER 24 — Hobo Day, the one day in the year when the students really let loose. Teachers and students put in their appearance looking like first class hobos. This day was chosen as Freshman initiation. We had an assort- ment of girls in pigtails and an unusual assortment of " girls, " who generally wear trousers. Dog-gonit no parade because of the rain. But we licked Cornell 7 to 0. OCTOBER 28-29-30— Why is everybody trying to look so studious? Could he nine weeks exams?? NOVEMBER 1 — Football game at Withee today. Rained something terrible. We won though, 13 to 7. NOVEMBER 6-7-8— Hurray!!! Teachers Convention at last. NOVEMBER 9-10-1 1— Our Band turned out for three days of parading and playing for the Veterans Home- coming. NOVEMBER 1 5 — Our inexperienced Freshmen come forth with a dance representing them. NOVEMBER 19— Our first basketball game. What a wonderful start for the season. We beat Loyal 19-17. (Whew! Close!) NOVEMBER 20 — Once again we welcome an assembly program We all got a big kick out of the speaker ' s accent. NOVEMBER 22 — We meet our old rivals, Granton, on their cracker-box of a floor. We came out with a victory 40 to 23. DECEMBER 3 — Granton comes to Neillsville for an- other licking. The score was 34 to 20. Page 59 -3 .V c r? ill DECEMBER 6 — Neillsville versus Thorp. Our illustrious teacher from the Commercial department stays over for the first time to see Neillsville crack out a victory over Thorp. Score: 28-20. DECEMBER 10 — Our Seniors come out with an all-time hit " Huckleberry Finn. " They equal their success of the previous year. DECEMBER 13 — Our players and rooters make an unforgettable trip to Stanley. Guess we ' ll learn to take our folding chairs next time and keep the stubs from our tickets. Who likes to pay twice??? Then we lost 34 to 30. DECEMBER 18 — A non-conference game with Greenwood. We lost 26-24. DECEMBER 19- JAN. 6 — Christmas Vacation — We need the relief from dreary school life. JANUARY 8, 9, 13 — Oh those head aches again!! Nine weeks exams. JANUARY 10 — Basketball game with Stanley. We won 29 to 27. What ' s all these Annual board kids primping for? Could it be ' that they ' re going to have their pictures taken for the Annual? JANUARY 14 — We play basketball at Loyal. We won 31-22. JANUARY 17 — We played at Owen. Lost by one point 38-39. JANUARY 20, 21 — By the looks of a few grinning faces exemptions for semester exams have been read. Why the down cast look, Tock? Could you have lost too many conduct points? JANUARY 21 — The same fellow who left the balls on the bus in Owen locked himself out of the locker room. Wonder who that could be, Jenny? JANUARY 22 — Mr. Lauscher has come forth with some new regulations on checking out of the assembly. JANUARY 24 — We played at Thorp and lost 34-35. JANUARY 28 — We played Withee here. We won 44-26. No wonder! Tock shaved his hair off and one look at him and the other team didn ' t have a chance. FEBRUARY 1 — We play a return engagement with Withee on their floor. Looks as though we won again. Score 39 to 34. FEBRUARY 4 — Tock ' s hair must be growing back because we lost to Gren- wood today. Score 29 to 25. FEBRUARY 6 — Had a rather interesting assembly program on Canada and its people today. Certainly was interesting. FEBRUARY 6 — Owen came to town to play basketball on our floor. We won! Score: 31 to 29. FEBRUARY 14 — Pep meeting today. Seems as though Tock was in desper- ate need of a safety pin! We really had some beautiful fashion models!!!! Page 60 FEBRUARY 15 — Saturday today and we play against Cornell at Thorp. Our battling five bring us back a victory. Score: We 33, They 32. Close vi ' asn ' t it? FEBRUARY 18 — Pep Meeting this afternoon with two new cheerleaders! Tock and Jenny need a little more practice, don ' t they? FEBRUARY 18 — We played Colfax tonight at Eau Claire. We are the victors. Score: 35 to 34. FEBRUARY 27 — We get our chance to play Eau Claire High School. All our wishing didn ' t do us any good. We lost. Score: 27 to 55. FEBRUARY 28 — Seems strange that we couldn ' t even beat Mondovi! Must be the boys had too much fun in their stay at Eau Claire. Well, anyway, we lost. Score: 13 to 29. MARCH 6 — Wonder what happened to our water supply here at school? Even chemistry students found a lack of water for their beloved experiments. MARCH 24, 25 — Ag. Contest. Sure seems funny to see all those students from the country traipsing around our beloved high school. We ' ll be seeing some of them again next year as Freshmen. MARCH 27 — The Local Speech Contest was held tonight. Aren ' t those kids lucky who got to spend a whole day in Eau Claire! Hope they enjoy it. APRIL 12 — Well, this is their day. The Eau Claire District Speech Contest is being held today. We wonder how the kids are doing. APRIL 29 — Our Band and Glee Club give out with another of their most famous concerts. Sorta like rehearsal for their Eau Claire appearance which isn ' t so far away. MAY 6 — Our Juniors come out with their annual play. Not bad at all!! Sure had a nice turn-out. May 9, 10 — Music Festival in Eau Claire. Our Band and Glee Club are sure to come out with the same high honors won in previous years. (We hope) . MAY 1 5 — The event that the whole school looks forward to all year has finally come. The Prom!! The committee surely did a wonderful job of decorat- ing which was appreciated by the large group who attended the prom. MAY 1 8 — Graduation day has arrived. The school says goodbye to her seniors. We all wonder what our seniors will be doing in the years to come! Page 61 l f« q« rj Page 64 -A ' u - j y fi ' - ' rLCLCyL .X f... ' fl J . V " -. ' - i . , } ' ■J ■ . - " ' r ■ u t-

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