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FV 5 Ei fa 11 B: 5. '47 if: QQ gag Z1 131 :W gi: 5? ai if: 23 5 VE .A E: 52 ,J be Q if F5 iT 5? :gf 5 if 5 , 3 L :ew Sli is 3 F3 E E :-5 39 MS! if ri 5. if .117-s1u,lCg.QTm,1 is-ul sr X . U 'ff 1 'JQUJE' X fjv X 'v AJ x JN fn M u ' lj N! I ' .xx I J , f, 115, . j cj n 1 Pioneer 1969 Negaunee High School Negaunee, Michigan The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Aqua and White CSenior Class Colorsj White Carnation QSenio1' Class Flowerj fSenior Class Mottoj 1, 1969 Pioneer TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU . . . . 4 SCHOOL LIFE .......... . . 8 CLUBS AND ACTIVITIES . . . 41 SPORTS ................. . . . 63 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY . . . . . 79 SENIORS ................. . . 89 UNDERCLASSMEN . . . . 113 ADVERTISEMENTS . . . . 145 2 In Dedication With honor, the 1969 Pioneer is dedicated to Mr. R. K. Richards. He served as principal of Negaunee High School for 18 years and previously taught for 21 years. The students and faculty would like to express their sincere thanks to Mr. Richards for his dedicated work and achievements during his years as principal and teacher at Ne- gaunee High School. 3 V .t...,,,n-a..,...... M.. .N .., i ,WW....,rM.,....... i ... K 1 fi, Q6 g - 1 Z Q 'T 'II v-: -2 li. '-5 --z fi '4' ,Es -' fi Q, Look around you! What do you see? A school, a town, and a lake. These are typical views of Negaunee, a place of friends, families, dreams and desires. This school year will soon be over and many seniors will scatter across the nation. P-.K 'ei ' Rkgrx W.. i N-ff' 4 Their thoughts, however, will eventually turn home. Home is the first snow fallg home is the clear blue Waters of nearby lakes or rivers and home is friends left behind. Home is and will always be Negaunee! 5 '--...Q Neg 1 H66 f..-el Q Another Leonardo! Helpful advice '1 H11 . . . n s jj, , if - 1 A L 5 -. 'S' - gf L A A ' I Q ' , A day at the ice rink! , 8 Guess Who? Hey . . Youare in the 1969 Pioneer And the snow Came! , is 3 ' K . Reading 1001 good recipes? Visiting the library. A Try Latin next year boys! What's wrong with the te am? The cheerleaders are a "knock-out" this year! f?j IO Artists? ..,,...----9-1 'ZEN lggi jaf EE ,il ji Q ' 1-12 X . sf 1 lm-, x' ,1'M.w- + ' af-53-13723 Home Ec Students! Q Q i 5 Leaving alre ady? A GREAT sound by a GREAT band! i , .-sl 14 mihwii, ,J Quiet . . . printers hard at work! Christmas Spirit anyone? Three cheers for our GREAT cheerleaders K The start of another swinging day! Tired? 4 'V' K s Swing your partner . . . 14 Us ' 0 X 1 as Our expert popcorn makers. gwjj- 'H Last year's Pioneer Banquet. P I3 What:'s this? One more time now girls rx J is-113 an Q n' . i . L E i A M.. .Q Qgfsk if SEZ . 1 FSS SX. 'N A, 1 2 tv 4 A h mmVVh:' f ?ViA' Jw A. i '13, N z l Qs K 'Wk- ixh' 2 .2 I A real busy class! . 1. u Something is going to happen What's this??? A real SWINGIN' study hall! QE 'U' F if A hard working Pioneer Staff Groovey Guys . . . and a groovey gal! The ueen and Her Court Francis Connors, Carol Pynnonen, Janet Salmer, Karen Hill, Janice Anderson, Peggy Hult. Alan Keto, Karen Hill, Loren Merrick, Janice Anderson, Jim Louma, Carol Pynnonen, Dexter Stille Peggy Hult, Dennis Partanen, Francis Connors, Harold Trewhella, janet Salmer. I8 ueen Carol .,-,..., MM. X2 f F E 1 st 9 ,J WWA 690 i Z? 1 ks? wmesfdhiix ami-,ziwm PY? vswlm 21 Homecoming 1968 - ,,.,, n1nsw:s1m:1a1:,::m:.',x ,:. ,xx ,. . " Y Prom ,68 X mv 24 bk! Prom ,68 4? f 0.5. U f. :w g 5 ,L 4 gl-4 iw gg . . M, 1. I if x A -. A ' 5 Q?-F if 1 2 ' if 2 f 7 f 3 i r A 2 Sylvia Sylvia Alban-Cascante arrived in Negaunee on August 26, 1968. She came to us under the American Field Service Program from Riobamba, Ecuador for a period of one school year. She enrolled at N.H.S. as a member of the Senior Class and will graduate with the class of 1969 in June. Her schedule is a full one, and her interests are many. Her courses at school include English, Art, French, American History, and Economics and Government Prob- lems. She is an honorary member of the Tri -Hi-Y Club, and she participates in Girls' Chorus as well as in the activities of the French Club. She loves music and sports of all types. Our American sports are a source of much enjoyment to her. When Sylvia returns to her native country in July, she will have much to take with her to her friends and family. The experiences she has had here, in the United States, will be of great value to her as she enters the university in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, next year. Sylvia has also brought many things to us here, at N.H.S Her warm personality, her friendliness, and her willing- ness to come so far from home to teach us the ways of her country will always be a valuable experience for her many friends and classmates in Negaunee. 27 You're feelin' groovey . . . Therefs the Kind of Walk You 're all upset You're so-o-o confused . . . You're in a crowd . . I . You've done you're job . . You Walk When You 're feelin' Contented You 're feelin' Proud . . ,I You're feelin' down . . . You 're in a hurry . . . Mlnlstmmmwmm-1awP-M YEARBOOK PLANNING VOTING INTERESTING DUSCUSSION ? A GREAT ASSEMBLY! V, ,. V .1 Q ,,fff.1.ssi-' I 'X GENERAL MOTORS PROGRAM FOR EIGN STUDENT DRIVE PEP BAND f Friendly Faces The Hippies of N.H.s. Secret Agents - -999 and OOOOO? H I 'Ill'-l l I , e, ee , .., ,I I :, I , .gu Y L - ? 1 - - 1 1 Something's Funny ! Future Scientists ? BIG choice! Sock it to him W-A -Y-N-E What a LIFE ! And now . . . Music to SWING to! Take five boys! That was GREAT! And the Beat Warming-up to . . . Twinkle Twinkle? just fiddling around? Goes n O O C One more time now . . . Imagine hauling that home in -300 weather! STAND Still! A cute addition! 35 Go Team Go What's this . . . a line up? Q arousing team spirit A A 1' Sore Loosers! f X ff. t '. K, the WINNER! maybe next year HON-EY! 37 Want to dance ? Freshmen Class Part Peek- a-boo! Lovely Class Queen Candidates . . . and the beat goes on . . . 38 Great Dancers' 'TG' . ,-yi' 51 fr mn -Www. I ' , ,L QQ A-4-. T dy' r rf fl Q' W 1 Remember the rousing student elections? 'gp-E. 351 I GO, Gifl, GO! A skeleton in WHOSE c1oset?! The end of another day. 40 It tickles . . ACTIVITIES Mixed Chorus TOP ROW: K. Hill, P. Neumann, C. Meli, L. Coron, J. Hooper, D. Herman, M. Wickstrorn, R. Cox, A. Sed- lock, S. Spencer, G. Larson, J. Collins, D. Argall, R. Anderson, B. Hoiem, P. Comensoli, D. Hodge, E. Marvin, R. LaMere, L. Vanni, B. Hill, L. Buck, K. Collins, L. Nurmi. THIRD: J. Salmer, J. Merrick, J. Balzarini, P. Hult, L. Mattson, R. LaMere, J. Anderson, K. Lahti, T. Swenor, I. Loy, J. Ghiardi, S. Delongchamp, A Maki P ' 1 Wertanen, B. Champman, K. Koski, N. Swanson, D. Maki, T. Bogetto. SECOND: K.Matthwes,S. Lenten, M. Reichel, L. Hautmaki, C. Abramson, B. Korpi, J. Liquia, D. Loven, D. Anderson, S. Harju, J. White, R. LaMere M. Swenor, T. St. Aubin, T. Wills, L. Howe, C. Lyons, P. Robare, J. Anderson, P. Juchemich. FIRST: M. Trewhella, J. Savolianen, G. Haight, T. Spencer, M. Collick, B. Kangas, S. Hill, J. Sharp, B. Anderson, L. Giotto, C. Stille, J. Tasson, M. Turri, S. Miljour, M. Verran, Miss Trolla. Pianist: M. Anderson. junior ophomore Ensemble ROW 1: M. Trewhella, P. Symons, M. Reichel, J. Savolinen, P. Kratz, M. Turri, J. johnson. ROW 2: R. LaMere, C. Juidici, J. Granlund, D. Maki, J. Merrick, T. Bogetto, K. Koskey. ROW 3: K. Rintamaki, C. Meli, J. Pellow, J. Hooper, L. Vanni, C. Collins, J. Tasson. Pianist: M. Wassberg. Girls Chorus f I K3 f lf 3 A A ' l i B ror. Y ,, T l A J ' EPD rl Fi 5 9!a69f95' A T.. H., ,tn ,,f3L'CE'2'0n Bdnzn q M J ff? s " .'0Q'1niflnfl"548il0 9 ' A ',. fi, , ji TOP: L. Mattson, B. Peterson, C. Kettu, D. Mager, P. Neumann, S. Melka, K. Rintamaki, D. Del Langelo, J. Pellow, M. Anderson, S. Johnson, C. Leaf, E. Rantanen, C. Pascoe, K. Numikoski, L. Coron, L. Vanni, J. Chur- rack, M. Grenier, L. Buck, J. Tasson, A. Pennala, R. Adarnini, J. Grenier, J. Maki, J. Verran. THIRD: E. Kal- lio, R. LaMere, D. Deachaine, A. LaMere, P. Hult, C. Pynnonen, J. Balzarini, S. Marjonen, B. Bennett, D. Jen- sen, K. Collins, M. Flannigan, V. Sleernan, S. Lenten, D. Maki, B. Juidici, M. Havela, R. Helgren, D. Ogea, D. Nurmi, L. LaMere, K. Evans, G. Manty, L. Anderson. SECOND: K. Nemmila, M. LaMere, C. Sarri, E. Werta- nen, S. LaFreniere, S. Moquin, L. Stanaway, C. Kosonen, M. Duquette, C. Lyons, F. Connors, L. Pellow, S. Peterson, V. Niemi, P. Kemp, M. Reichel, C. Maki, K. Gallion, B. Johnson, M. Anderson, N. Swanson, S. Mil- jour. BOTTOM: Miss Trolla, H. Brown, M. Trewhella, J. Larson, P. Symons, S. Alban, B. Jewell, K. Kantola, S Lammi, N. Kangas, L. Hautarnaki, J. Rice, C. Juidici, R. Cain, J. Grandlund, J. Brown, P. Kratz, K. Carlson, M: Turri, A. Comensoli, J. Anderson, K. Koskey, R. Keto, J. Johnson, F. Wills. Pianist: M. Wassberg. Boys Ensemble TOP ROW: M. Wickstrom, D. Herman, B. Hoiem, J. Collins, J. Cornensoli, A. Maki. BOTTOM ROW: M. Collick, D. Loven, T. St. Aubin, J. White, S. DeLongcharnp, S. Hill. Pianist: M. Reichel. Chorale TOP ROW: C. Meli, L. Coron, D. Herman, M. Wickstrom, D. Argall, B. Hoiem, S. Delongchamp, L. Buck, D. Maki, M. Turri. 2nd ROW: P. Neuman, P. I-Iult, K. Lahti, T. St. Aubin, D. Loven, S. Hill, P. Comensoli, B. Chapman, N. Swanson. lst ROW: M. Trewhella, J. Savolainen, S. Lenten, D. Anderson, R. LaMere, A. Maki, P. Wertanen, QI. Anderson, T. Bogetto. Pianist: M. Anderson. Director: Miss Trolla. Senior Ensemble ROW 1: L. Hautamaki, S. LaFreniere, C. Lyons, S. Lenten, V. Niemi, N. Swanson, J. Anderson. ROW 2: J. Salmer, C. Pynnonen, P. Newman, F. Connors, B. Chapman, K. Evans, L. LaMere. ROW 3: K. Hill, C. Abramson, K. Mathews, P. Hult, L. Coron, C. Leaf, J. Anderson, L. Buck, L. Nurmi. 44 ' enior Band Top--Bottom, Left--Right, QROW lj Wheeler D., Stille D., Olson N., Churack J., Gimse S., Hautamaki C., Collins J., Wangberg S., johnson S., Siik D., Girnse G., I-Ierrala K., Danielson D., Partanen D., Merrick, L., Leaf K., Nyman B., Sundquist R., Anderson D., Swanson V. QROW 25 DeGabriel C., Norell R., Rice J., Belrnore T., Lehto J., Kirkpatrick T., Cattron T., Peterson T., Mathews J., joupi S., Britlinger T., Poutanen R., johnson R., Spencer D., Marvin L., Kauppila D., Swanson N., Sironen J. QROW 35 Pynnonen B., Paris N., Leaf S., Sayring S., LaFreniere M., Parkkonen G., I-Iarju M., Evans K., Dunstan K., Hemrnila K., Neuman P., Erickson B., Romo C., Gallion K., Rivers P., Sundell M., Baldini K., Pellow B., Erck D., Johnson E. QROW 41 Mr. Kerranen, Erickson A., Morris S., Kantala K., Parkkonen S., Nelson K., Romo B., johnson B., jarvi C., jarvi C., Grand- lund J., Lahti K., Helgren R., Kemp P., Siik P., Hakala J., Corlet J., Hocking M., Perala B., Polini D., Kallioi- nen A. Senior rchestra nu QBACK ROW--left to rightj Reichel M., Wassberg M. QMIDDLE ROWQ Hill P., Veale L., Hosking C., Mrs. Kerranen, Juidici C., Sivula C., Gleason S., Jensen D., Anderson M., Rintamaki K., Sunne B. QFRONT ROW, Lenten S., Coron L., Savolinen J., Nurmi L., Marra K., Kuivinen S., Anderson M. 45 ,R unior Band VJ FRONT ROW: J. Tammelin, S. Hoglund, S. Hietala, E. Hill, C. Terzaghi, D. Warner, D. Reichel, K. Kimar, R. Keto, D. Pelkie, G. Mathews, B. Longtine, Mr. Keranen. 2nd ROW: B. Williams, 1. Poutanen, I. Lammi, P. La- Freniere, D. Coron, E. Rantanen, J. Lahti, R. Hill, H. johns, S. Erickson, K. Karno, K. Helgren, R. Paulson. 3rd ROW: G. Fosco, F. Kyllonen, D. jacka, B. Rivers, J. Wassberg, P. Siik, M. Gleason, T. Brintlinger, G. Koski, J. Sundberg, D. Piirto, D. Peterson. TOP ROW: T. Lehto, G. Saari, R. Hill, L. Hemmila, K. Taylor, D. Loven, S. Merrick, M. Collick, E. Kallio, C. Hemmila. Absent M. Picel and D. Collins. unior rchestra lst P ff: J. Maahs, E. Olson, P. Trewhella, T. Jennings, C. Hooper, P. Sleeman, L. Willig, and J. Kallio. 2nd RC I" .lMi1jour, R. Riberdy, D. Collins, S. Harry, Mrs. Keranen, J. Vanhala, and K. LaFreniere. 46 Beginning and FRONT ROW: Mr. Keranen, B. Wills, D. johns, J. Ellis, K. Pearce, R. Lajoie, E. Danielson, H. Brintlinger, D. Dolkey, A. Prusi, J. Larson, V. Anderson, R. Hill, P. Stagliano, and F. Johns. 2nd ROW: V. Larson, K. Talus, D. Baldini, S. Mattson, P. DeCabriele, R. Young, A. Waters, I. Garlick, G. Kellan, 1. Kaurala, S. Hal-cala, D. Hauta maki, K. Nelson, I. Pelkie, P. Hakala, W. Backlund, and D. Cox. 3rd ROW: M. Saari, S. Etelamal-ci, D. Collins B. Ostwald, K. Lenten, R. Thomas, S. Kinnunen, J. Holman, D. Moilanen, L. jarvi, L. Gero, T. Hammalainen, D. Lahti, K. Ghiringhelli, and K. Matthews. TOP ROW: R. johnson, S. Prittinen, J. Hakala, S. Lenten, S. Pyn- nonen, D. johnson, D. Hewitt, K. Swanson, M. Kosonen, R. Olson, M. Kauppila, S. Heikkinen, P. Kallioinen, A. Kallioinen. Absent: C. Wakkuri and S. Sarasin. Beginning rchestra lst ROW: J. Larson, H. Thompson, P. Paris, D. Hocking, L. Maki, D. Paris, and A. Wiig. 2nd ROW: L. V P Gibson, D. Trudell, L. Kantola, N. Koski, Mrs. Keranen, S. Mattson, L. Bourdage, M. Barabe, and M. T-we Absent: P. Hill. .H 47 Future Teachers ROW 1 L-R: Mr. Tuominen, P. Newman. ROW 2: L. Kangas, S. Kuivinen, S. jarvi. ROW 3 C. Leaf, B. Chapman, C. Pynonen, B. Bennett, L. Coron. President P. Newman Secretary J. Churack l Future Nurses 1st ROW 1-r: J. Granlund, K. Lahti, L. Marvin, P. Siik. 2nd ROW: J. Hemmila, J. Tasson, J. Kivesto, A. Erickson. 3rd ROW: M. Havela, M. Turri, C. Welch, J. Merrick, P. LaMere. 4th ROW: D. Mager, M. Sun- dell, B. Sunne, C. Renaldi, A. Kallioinen, M. Flannigan, K. Fowler. Sth ROW: K. Baldini, K. Numikoski, E. Wertanen, N. Brown. 6th ROW: C. Norris, P. Kemp, P. Flannigan, C. Pascoe. President - - Kathy Lahti Vice President- -Pam Siik Treasurer - - Lois Marvin Secretary - -Joyce Granlund 49 1,2 95 O X AA S Q I ,bow 0, Q, K '23 5 A fa " 05' 'Y 0 1, Future Homemakers of America lst ROW L-R: L. Sager, S. LaFreniere, C. Fosco, B. Juidici, 1. jenkins. 2nd ROW: C. Morin, R. Barabe, S. Miljour, M. Flannigan. 3rd ROW: C. Welch, S. Impola, E. Carlson. 4th ROW: P. Flannigan, P. Siik, L. Howe, K. Leaf. Sth ROW: B. Miljour, j. Miljour, S. jandron, S. Nicholas, K. Numikoski. Pre sident- -Candice Fosco Vic:e-President- -Sue LaFreniere Secretary - -Beverly juidici Treasurer - -Joanne jenkins MAK ERS Historian- - Lynn Sager WM. Nr W HO so Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y lst ROW--Kathy Marra, Kathy Koskey, Lynn Coron, Carol Pynnonen, Sherri Kuivinen. 2nd ROW--T. Torreano, S. Alban, M. Trewhella, L. Hautomaki, A. Commensoli, S. Gleason. 3rd ROW--J. Annear, K. Hill, J. Salmer, L. LaMere, N. Swanson, M. Reichel, B. johnson, J. Grand- lund. 4-th ROW--L. Nurrni, F. Connors, P. Neumann, V. Nieme, S. Lenton, P. Siik, R. Bennett, B. johnson. Sth ROW--B. McComber, D. De1Ange1o, K. Rintamaki, M. Tresseder, M. Wass- berg, L. Vanni, K. Collins. Mrs. Zesiger is the Advisor. lst ROW--J. Louma, N. Goethe, A. Koski, D. Partanen, Mr. Erickson, Advisor. 2nd ROW--J. White, D. Rivers, C. Stille, D. Ex-ck. 3rd ROW--C. Giotto, L. Merrick, P. Comensoli, J. Koski, D. Larson. 4th ROW--S. DeLongchamp, A. Maki, K. Wicklund, I. Matthews, M. Wickstrom, J. Manning. 5th ROW--D. Herman, B. Hoiem, M. Schemeltz, H. Trewhella, G. Taskila, J. Spelgatti, M. juchemich. I Nl-Y Pep Club , . i . .ig 3' x E 3 TOP: RIGHT TO LEFT: B. MaComber, K. Gallion, B. Johnson, M. Polinie, L. Marvin, V. Wertanen, A. Conners, K. Baldinie, T. Brission, D. De1Angelo, J. Pellow, L. Vanni, L. Corron, S. Leten, S. Kuivinen, K.-Hill, J. Marra, K. Koski, J. White. 2nd ROW: C. Hosking, M. Racheal, D. Ogea, J. Johnson, S. Sharp, B. Sunne, S. Thomas, R. Cain, A. Goodreau, J. Granlund, E. Wertanen, K. Evans, J. Tassom, S. Jandron, L. Houtamaki, J. Salmer. 3rd ROW: S. Moquin, P. Rivers, G. Manty, P. Symons, P. Kratz, P. Chapman, L. Torreano, D. Perela, S. Johnson, L. Veale, A. Maki, D. Still, L. Gitto, P. Newman. 3rd ROW: S. Perruco, T. Jennings, P. Trewella, B. Swanson, L. Kivesto, B. Pellow, M. Flanigan, A. Comin soli, L. LaMere. 4th ROW: S. Alban, S. Manning, P. Mongiat, M. Lahti, J. Kivesto, K. McDonald, S. Gleeson, K. Carlson, J. Merrie. KNEELING: Mr. Erickson, A. Cominsoli, M. Verran, B. Johnson, C. Pynnonen, M. Wassberg, J. Savolinen. 52 tudent Council 'G-3 Officers: Shirley Gleason--Treasurer, Mary Wassberg--Secretary, Bonnie johnson--V. President, Dexter Stille--President. 2nd ROW 1-r: Mr. Ghiardi, N. Paris, J. White, K. Kantola, K. Carlson. 3rd ROW: J. Marra, M. Trewhella, M. Gleason, A. Maki. 53 Varsity Cheerleaders A. Commensoli C. Pynnonen B. Johnson K. Marra F. Conners M. Wassberg M. Verran J. Savol 54 I.V. Cheerleaders J J Q 1 Varsity Debate J. Jennings S. Gimse Mrs. Holman, Advisor L. Larson K. Marta C. Judici 58 I.V. Debate SEATED left to right: B. Fellow, P. Trewhella and M. Paris. ROW 2: Mrs. B. Holman, Advi sor, T. Swenor, C. Maino and R. Helgren. ROW 3: S. Sayring, C. Pascoe, K. Baldini, P. Flanigan. ROW 4: M. Dompierre and R. Degabrielle. 59 C ess Club SEATED L-R: Mr. Touminen, E. Olson, R. Helgren. 2nd ROW: J. Dahlstrom, L. Larson, S. Gimse, R Meli. 3rd ROW: R. Degabriele, M. Dompierre, G. Rose, C. Saari, N. Olson. 4th ROW: J. Koski, S. Mager. 60 Pioneer Staff SEATED: Mr. Nurkala, Advisor, Peggy Hill, Editor, Lynne Sager, Business Manager. ROW 1: N. Brown, S. Jarvi, P. Kratz, P. Symons, S. Morris, S. Gleason, J. Merrick, K. McDonnell, J. Kivisto, V. Valenti, A. Erickson. ROW 2: C. Ost wald, P. Kemp, L. Mattson, P. Siik, L. Helstein, M. LaFreniere, B. Juidici, J. Jenkins, M. SLu1de11, K. Fowler, J. Sironen, P. Suk, C. Fosco. ROW 3: A. Kallioinen, A. Francis, L. Torreano, D. Perala, N. Leaf, L. Marvin, V. Wertanen, A. Goodreau, S. Jandron, J. Pellow, J. Tasson, J. Annear, T. Torreano, M. Havela, S. LaFreniere. ROW 4: S. Moquin, P. Rivers, C. I-Iosking, M. Reichel, D. Ogea, J. Johnson, R. Cain, S. Thomas, L. Wertanen, B. Johnson, J. Salmer, S. Kuiva nen, C. Lyons, L. Buck, K. Lahti, K. Rintarnaki, K. Renaldi, J. White. ROW 5: G. Manty, M. Leiviska, B. McComber, K. Gallion, C. Abramson, M. Polini, B. Sunne, J. Marra, K. Hill, K. Koski, D. DelAnge1o, M. Wassberg, L. Vanni, L. La Mere, A. Conners, K. Baldini, R. Bennett, E. Carlson, P. Commensoli, J. Jennings. Z f Sy X, m5 4: ,R - X f- My . f x ff 5 XL ff, X 'gas f f 6l Forensics TOP ROW L to R--jennifer Tasson, Vickie Sleeman, jonelle Savolainen, Pat Siik, Carol Pascoe, Niel Olson, Brian Stott, Marvin johns, Scott Delongchamp, Betty Walstrom, jane Pellow and Frances Conners. CENTER--Susie Sayring, Mary La Fre niere, Audrey Kallioinen, Mary Smudell, Violet Niemi, Peggy Flannigan, Kathy Baldini, Donna Wiik, Sherry Kuivinen and Theresa Bogetto. BOTTOM--Mrs. Holman, Ruth Bennett, Barbara Pellow, Tanya Jennings, Pam Trewhella, Darlene Jensen, Becky Bennett, Kathy Iuidici, Carol Pynnonen and Miss Saari. 62 , SPORTS Pxctured from left to r1ght 1n ROW 1 are ,hm Paquette, John Spelgatt1, Rodney Garbett, Dav1d R1vers, Paul Symons, Jlm Manmng, Richard Wickstrom, Bob Johnson, and Harold Trewhella ROW 2, Coach R1chard KOSk1 M1ke Schmeltz, Steve Lahtl, Dexter Stille, Kurt Wlcklund, Andy DellAngelo, Allan Makl Bob Stanaway, Loren Merr1ck, M1ke Polml, and Coach Bob Ell1s. ROW 3, Student Manager Rodney Parkkonen, Ernle Purto, Jlm Luoma, Denn1s Partanen, Wayne Cattron, jan Launla Allan Keto, Alan Heikk1la, DaV1d Turr1, Robert Boyer, and Student Manager DEHHIS Loven ROW 4, M1ke Havela, Dav1d Pen rose, Norman Goethe, jay jenmngs, Robert Mager, Gary Baldlm, Robert Treloar, R1chard Ducol1, and M11-ce La1tur1 Soo Ishperning Marquette Manisti que Munis ing Gwinn Gladstone Newberry , ,ah Lf l xr 1 :xl gd X 9 ' 1' x45 -- an Considering the season's won and lost record, we were not as successful as we had hoped to be. However, because the boys displayed a great desire, a fine at- titude and because they were a coachable group, the coaching staff enjoyed working with this team very much. We hope the fine leadership, the desire to play, and the will to win that the seniors exhibited will be maintained by next year's seniors. Without this we could not hope to improve. We wish the best to a fine group of seniors. Coaches Koski and Ellis .. 4..:-....-"""'-"ff" - ' . . Football Pictured above from left to right in ROW 1 are: Roger Hiironen, Donald Smith, Bruce Anderson, john Wassberg, William Kangas, Robert Leaf Stephen Stille, Tommy Lehto, and Student Manager David Siik. ROW 2: Coach jack Boase, Timothy' Howe, Chris DeGabrlele, David Pynnonen, Scott Koski, Louie Giotto, Craig Stille, Robert Juidici, Kurt Picel, Robert Heik- kila, and Coach Tom Neimi. ROW 3: Greg Howe, Rick johnson, Ed Marvin, Peter Boyer, Ray Wickstrom, William Hodge, Darryl Waara, Mike Wickstrom, Chuck I-lautamaki, and jim Ghiardi. SEASONS RECORD Marquette 13 Negaunee Munising 26 Negaunee Ishpeming 6 Negaunee L'Anse 7 S Negaunee Ishpeming 14 Negaunee Gwinn 47 - Negaunee Gladstone 43 ' Negaunee Won 3 Lost 3 Tied 1 67 ' 1 'Q x 4' v A W Q. amy, ,- mn ku? ,f A .,mf,, , ,. ww, L, .,.. 9 ,,aX,,3,4 imma, Q '14, -we .M S it , . k rw-W' ,W , Q 4 X 'S Hx fgxslqx ' , f AL 4 5,1 , L ,X Q., T I 1 9 X V X v N 1, SX Q8 A X 'wav' H! wp? -an Q f ff ,, Q. T Q fl, ,M W ' 7- .g.',:. M 4? was J ' Km ,jfs A wwf: My k ' Wsf QW 196 Tennis Summary Negaunee almost made it to the 500 mark in tennis for 1968, but rain washed out a scheduled match with lshpeming and thus the Miners had to settle for a two won, three loss three tied mark. The Miners scored victories over lshpeming and Marquette Baraga, both by 5--1 scores, and suffered losses at hands of Mar- quette twice, by 5--1 and 6--O counts and Stam- baugh once, 6--O. Negaunee also tied Gwinn twice, both by 3--3 scores, and Marquette Baraga once by 5--5. The Maize and Blue wound up tied for seventh and eighth in the U.P. tennis meet out of 14 schools. Dennis Partanen, a junior was the top individual per- former for Negaunee as he won eight singles matches and lost four while adding two doubles victories for a personal 10--4 record. Another junior, Bruce I-Ioiem, posted a 4--4 mark in singles and as Partanen's part- ner in doubles won both matches for a 6--4 perfor- mance. However, they were the only Negaunee players to finish above SOO. Major letter winners, in addition to Hoiem and Par- tanen, were Pete Ogea, a senior, juniors Norm Goethe, Dexter Stille, Loren Merrick, Al Keto and Rodney Parkkonen, and sophomore, Gary Pyykkonen. However, Pyykkonen moved back to Hancock following the 1967-68 school year and thus Negaunee not only lost a fine tennis player but a promising football performer. The biggest disappointment of the year was the failure of any freshmen to report for tennis for the second straight year. Results of the U.P. tennis meet at Marquette, Stambaugh ..................... 14 112 Escanaba Holy Name . . ..... 11 112 Marquette ........ . . 9 112 Crystal Falls ..... . 7 Wakefield. . . . . 7 Escanaba . . . . . 6 Menominee .... . . 5 112 Negaunee ...... . . 5 112 Marquette Baraga . . . . . 5 Gwinn ........ . . 4 112 Iron Mountain . . . . 3 Kingsford .... . . 2 Gladstone . . . . . 2 Ishpeming . . . 112 1 Golf Pictured from left to right are: ROW 1, David Kauppila, Mike Polini, Robert Stanaway, Kurt Wicklund. ROW 2, Coach Ellis, John Haupt, Ernie Piirto, and Dan Larson. Not pictured are Greg Talus, Ron Jennings, john Koski, and David Rivers 52' Y r In 1967 Negaunee athletics had an eventful year. Golf was introduced to the sports curriculum. They traveled to Marquette, Ishpeming and K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base. The team won two and lost five and was fourth in the Great Lakes Conference, which was fine considering it was the first year. 70 Cross Country SITTING: jim Hemmila, Al Lehto, Gerald LaForest, John Bleau, Steve Lahti, Tom Wills, Rich Uren, Robert DeGabriele, Scott Gleason, Michael Dompierre. KNEELING: Brian Balzarini, Scott Williams, Kenneth Field, John Koski, Art Collins, Mike Swenor, Al Koski, Jim Vtfhite, Mike McDonnell, Dennis Spencer, Tom Swenor. STANDING: Coach Dave I-Iallgren, Pete Co- mensoli, Dave Erck, Scott Wangberg, Ron Jennings, Greg Talus, Scott Robare, Louie Terzaghi, Mike juchemich, Bill Hawke Terry Cattron. , ,, M wi I. Q Twenty-nine boys took part in the cross country pro- gram this year. Our leading runners were Dennis ' Spencer, Mike McDonnell, Scott Gleason, Pete Comensoli, and Alan Koski. The team finished fourth in the Great Lakes Conference Meet and sev- enth in the U.P. Finals. 71 7 rack Pictured above from left to right are: ROW 1: Peter Wertanen, Gary Larson, Jim Paquette, John Spelgatti, Ray Wickstrom, Louie Giotto and Tom St. Aubin. ROW 2: Steve Lahti, Leroy Hill, Dave Hodge, Paul Symons, Dave Northey, Dave Penrose Dave Lukkarinen, Eric Prusi, Chuck Hautamaki, Richard Wickstrom, Dave DeGabrie1e, Mike juchemich, and Coach Rudy Johnson. . -4- Z i 72 94 37 3 9? :J -,E .h 1 4 QI A as Q.- 1,5 -f E All 31 is gl 3? 'tha xx? 1 mt' H ..- "-' L. J ..,,l.. i N -wk mm n sufi-QQ -ff! su if Sui .,-. w Si Varsity Basketball FRONT, L-R: Dennis Partanen, Michael McDonnell, john Spelgatti and Andrew DellAngelo. BACK: Student Manager Dave Rivers, James Luoma, Darryl Waara, Michael Havela, Team Captain Norman Goethe, Robert Mager Gregory Talus, Harold Trewhella, David Penrose and Coach Dave Hallgren. 1 968 -69 Schedule Opponent Negaunee Gladstone ' 69 50 Newberry 70 64 Iron Mountain 66 61 Sault St. Marie 61 57 Marquette Baraga 54 55 ls hpeming 40 36 Gwinn 73 69 Munising 53 52 Marquette 5 1 58 Gwinn 56 64 Manistique 43 64 Marquette Baraga 56 65 Marquette 62 80 Muni sing 7 1 61 Ishpeming 7 8 6 9 Newberry 48 8 6 Kingsford Tournament play not recorded The team got off to a slow start, but after the holi- days things were different. All the hustle and prac- tice improvement paid off. The second half of the season proved to be a successful one with a winning record. Norman Goethe was one of the League's top-scorers after a slow start. Norma averaged over 23 points a game. Gratitudes to Coach Hallgren for an excellent job of developing the team so well. Basketball fans enjoyed a most interesting season! Miners Iunior arsity Basketball FRONT, L-R: jim Ghiardi fCo-Captainj, Craig Stille fStudent Managerj and Terry Cattron QC0-Captainj, REAR Louis Giotto fStudent Managerj, Mike Swenor, Brian Balzarini, Ricky johnson, Scott Robare, Mike juchemich, Bill Hodge, john Wassberg, Scott Koski and Coach Thomas Niemi. Not pictured are Bob juidici and john Soder- berg. 1968 -69 Schedule Opponent Neugaunee Gladstone 58 42 Newberry 88 58 Iron Mountain 51 52 Soo 38 64 Bishop Baraga 26 50 Ishpeming 42 45 Gwinn 54 67 Munising 47 3 8 Marquette 58 42 Gwinn 3 9 60 Manistique 44 58 Marquette Baraga 29 70 Marquette 44 67 Munising 59 69 Marquette Ctournamentb 58 54 Ishpeming 57 5 5 Kingsford Because of a tremendous desire to win and to learn, this team has gained the respect of their opponents with their determination and hustle. They have developed in experience and have pro Ven to themselves, to me, and the fans that they are winners. They will surely be heard from in the near future . In appreciation, Coach Niemi MZHZ MOVED HEOHM HUPWO Zm4mw MUPWO BACK ROW, L-R: Roy Norell, Richard Uren, Larry Marta, Chris DeGabriele, Louis Ruesing, Kurt Picel, John I-Ierman, David Bennett, Scott Williams, Lee Sager, Ed Marvin and Coach Dick Carlson. FRONT are john Bleau and jeffrey Bessolo. Student Managers Bill Nyman and Frank Maki were not present for pictures. FRONT ROW: Bruce Rivers and Kevin Taylor, Student Managers. BACK ROW, L-R: Mr. Perttunen Assistant Coach, Duane Piirto, Gary Chapman, john Lahti, David Goethe, Michael Gleason, Michael Rivard, Steven Merrick, Gregg Nelson, Steven Sarasin, Michael Cardone and Coach Mr. Koski. FRONT are Student Managers Bruce Rivers and Kevin Taylor. BACK ROW L-R: Mr. Perttunen, Assistant Coach, Robert Thomas, Kim Lenten, Pete Stagliano, Scott Pynnonen, Keith Langlois, Randy Kuivanen, Michael Trewhella and Mr. Koski, Coach. Roger johnson and Mark Kauppila are absent from the picture. 76 FRESHMAN TEAM RECORD WE THEY Marquette 42 58 Ishpeming 37 41 Munising 51 21 Gwinn 43 46 Marquette Baraga 54 37 Marquette 40 75 Gwinn 45 22 Ishpeming 43 54 Minising 64 37 Ishpeming 43 41 Marquette Baraga 59 38 GLC ERESHMAN TOURNAMENT AT MARQUETTE: Marquette 59 29 GRADE EIGHT SEASON'S RECORD WE THEY Gwinn 36 21 Munising 38 18 Phelps Qlshpemingj 34 39 St. Peters 45 36 Marquette 29 34 Gwinn 49 34 Munising 69 26 St. Michael's 49 26 TOURNAMENT PLAY St. Michael's 64 22 St. Peters I 47 18 Phelps flshpemingj 31 26 TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS! GRADE SEVEN SEASON'S RECORD WE THEY Phelps 49 27 Gwinn 57 26 Munising 43 26 Phelps , 1 41 29 St. Peters 53 46 Marquette 26 24 Gwinn 57 20 Munising 34 17 UNBE ATEN! The PIONEER regrets that adequate pictures were not available showing these three fine teams in action. Negaunee is proud of their achievements, and the coaches expressed their pleas- ure knowing that the boys have a healthy, winning attitude. We think the future will continue to have great things in store for NHS! x lf i F P1 f .a Q 6 y M . . 11 5? S-J f es g' Qggu 3 5557 P ,A , . -. 1., . . ycizifvzyqfwiiwqfgzfigwfgffifrig-Q .,,, ., A J- -sm may MM, M .W--gifs A -A -.,.-. ,-1, QA A A:A,w,m A? A Awzegfwfggggf ,A 3 335 '1???Y?whk3fri E5 Skid ,M frs-I . ,X -yawn : - A A -vb 4, A . K . , 1-wi .f -:gg my A A . . 45.1. 'L-'A f, if'f,Y.-13-h,,f'V'ff"',f,y, ,A,fz,3AQlWJ1A, A17 ",, f-fvf V, L .:,,Eg. f.. guy- 11, . w"13f A 2? 'A V. f -A k K -I A I., A, Q E . .Q .A . A QA A ' 1 if A A A ,Af -. A -." -f f .. , A ffffieg . A, 333355 - .M 'E-. 5-Af QQ--2 EEA - A . fi A A gt, Cm, A2f?i1ffA,f,,- fA ,Ai,4wQA f fA 'WH .A 3 'fy :AY A An , w ?ffl?AA A- w s -, ,-f,f.nfQf,fr:r, Qc . , ,, 153 -, H g -, , A, sg. I 5-,-711m- -Aw, , 4 3 fmgf ff - :q - gen s ' .M J L. 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A .Z eg 53 .5 AA ' A-Af f'?5fWiZ?gffwAwg,?55 'i 3 2 aw 'Z??,5f:ifgf'1'?51ff Am W Q , MQ.,-5 .YQ , -gf ff Q AJ- ' 2 Aww .-sw: W QQWQQQALQEQAQS 1-A fag: f ef ,iifiwf gg i- R fi M 3 mA' zw?g-yi QKVWQ MAS? Aw QEWQEEQYQQEQ Q A AA A. m,:A,w 1 E it -A-iigfjxggigg g l h 1 2 : if 'sz A fa A kigf'Yidf-5iPfKL Ag2 A 'fig' e , ,TW-i f: 7 g K. I ff f 1, MQW Waifiw A ., H . .. 54 -g.'?AA, , 1 A. . ,. AA, , .ge AA 3521.5 ,.2.p2. Aga A -fs 53 ig:-A-Nga? Qt A wwf 3-Q gm A'g' , - Aww,-5:-A A, . Au- -3x54 A ,. Af A 531335 71 A A AWA A 1-if? :AA- fAT? A . . f 33 A mam W ,A PASS:-12-:ii?g35i,g,-+-.3'7f'ei S . MC ' A 9345 A A, ig 3 ' df A- i f ,- A f5fM,? ,?fAv3?9'f.ff3L'i'7fE 2 , S' is Af . :A5'5fl'nA1"-f A 395,553 ' L ',A ,' X, V' vx K ' I H A ' FS TA A.'L 4 A A f- - fi?-F Af .2- , ADQM AW QQWX - ww A ADMI ISTRATIO we 'f 'S Jw 5 A f MAB , M gf - an S AQ Lssusffiq I' 4 . ...W E .f g ym ,Wg ki 5.5 , gg, -S15 if Ag -,A Q A - . AA 'WgU',.f isji, if A- 5- 'Vs Mfg? if F AQ Wifi? 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SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Nicholas Ilnicky, Civics--Michigan History and World Historyg Mr. Evald Erick- son, American I-Iistoryg and Mr. Thomas Niemi, American History Grade 11 and Economics Grade. SEATED: Mr. Lowell Morris, Social Studies Grade 75 Mrs. Betty Holman, Social Studies Grade 85 and Mr Paul Meli, Government Problems. . 5 ,il SPECIAL EDUCATION: Mrs. Muriel Wills HOME ECONOMICS: Miss Elma Ranta, Homemaking Grades 7-8-93 Mrs. Gail Terres, Homemaking Grades 10-11-123 and Mrs. Grace Kukuk, I-Iomemaking Grades 7-8-9. 83 -1 i ,,,, Aff Z3 ff 'xiii "',.A! ,rg . T3 .as-.lrwg ,M ., T' ...,..,k +45 3 W ,x. ,D ' Q5 , f i' ,,.,Mf"' 1 z ,As fa' - ...w-v""'4""' 1' Mi-if .4 SCIENCE: Mr. Richard Koski, Science Grades 7-85 Mr. Robert Ellis, Science Grades 7-85 Mr. Chester Daumitz, Chemistry Grade 11, and Physics Grade 123 and Mr. Dominic Tassone, General Science Grade 9. XXX' f MATHEMATICS: Mrs. Ardes Williamson, General Mathematics and Algebra Grade 95 Mr. Leino Pynnonen, Arithmetic Grade 75 Mr. Dominic Tassone, General Mathematics Grade 105 Mrs. Mary Matthews, Advanced A1- gebra, and Advanced Mathematics and Trigonometryg Mr. Kenneth Tuominen, Arithmetic Grade 8, and General Mathematics Grade 9s and Mrs. Barbara Dulany, Arithmetic Grade 8, and Plain and Solid Geometry. 85 HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Alice Sivula, School Nui-seg Miss Sharlene Hill, Gym Grades 7-105 Mr. jack Taylor, Gym Grades 7-103 and Mrs. Kay Green, in charge of Cheerleaders and Elementary Physical Educatlon. Custodians ll W -r s. L A CUSTODLANS: Mr. Rudolph Luttinen and Mr i 5 Donald Jenkins. i we i f CUSTODIANS: Mr. George Ford, Mr. Lawrence Anderson, Mr. Gale Harry and Mr. Marvin Williamson. 86 J M Mrs. Mathilda mead and Mrs. i L 3 W si Arcand, Miss Verona Dawe, Mrs. Alice Holm, Miss Ruth Long Rose Maki. lr I Terry Talo, Orvo Krook, Francis Dighera, Theodore Heil-ckinen, Ed Marjonen and Reuben Kauppila. Not pictured are: Robert johnson, Reino Laitinen, John Lyons and Victor Tullila. -Q SCHOOL DENTIST CROSSING GUARD Dr. R. I. Sanregret Mr- Earle Allen 87 Faculty Candids ,, See that basket, See that rim Always hard at work! Tap Tap . . . Who's there? The smiling Duo ! ...a hf,P Ei '31 K -- f K3 I Swv-""""' Mr. Ghiardi? 88 Always willing to help a student! SENIORS Valedictorian alutatorian Kathleen Lois Marta Violet Ann Niemi The Class of 1969 congratulates our Valedictorian Kathy Marra and Salutatorian Violet Niemi for their outstanding scholastic achievement. They have attained this honor because they have been very conscientious and industrious in their academic goals as well as in their extra-curricular performances. We are proud of you and wish you much success in your future challenges. 90 President Dexter L. Stille Senior Class fficers 1969 Student Council Alan W. Maki ..,.,,ma gun-....,--' Vice President james R. Luoma if Treasurer 9' Secretary Violet A. Niemi Bette I. Miljour Crystal V. Abramson "Stal" Raymond F. Adamini IIRHYII Charles I-I. Aho "Chuck" Gary A. Anderson Janice R. Anderson IV-Ian!! julie A. Anderson 'K' SW Sylvia Alban David G. Anderson Robert W. Anderson lIBOblI Jeanne F. Annear lljeanll Ko Seniors William I. Arbelius llBi11Il Robert 1. Barabe III-Iobll Christine M. Bell "Chris" Daniel L. Argall llDanll Gary M. Baldini Thomas H. Belmore llTOmll Ruth C. Bennett Linda S. Bleau 1969 David P. Boyer Robert J. Boyer 6- Matthew L. Brisson llMattlI Nannette L. Brovxm llNannll Lynda L. Buck "Buckie" -H fag-'+V Wayne A. Cattxon Betsy A. Chapman "Bets" Debbie A. Chevrette Elaine M. Carlson llllainell Steven L. Carlson "Steve" Seniors JoAnn Churack IIJO Il John A . Coll ins M. Scott Delongchamp Alfred F. Denofre llA1lI 1969 Candice L. Fosco llcandyll Arthur I. Gischia llArtlI Peter M. Comensoli llPetell Frances E. Connors "Fran" Lynn M. Coron Wayne H. Erickson Kay M. Evans llEVielI Charles B. Giotto "Chuck" R. Scott Gleason Norman J. Goethe llNOrmll qv David A. Grayes llDaVelI Seniors Michael D. Grisham lIMikell Richard Gustafson Sulo J, Harju Lois E. Hautam aki ll Loll Michael A, Havela Ilmikell 1969 ww Keith B. Hemmila Kenneth A. Hemmila Karen B. Hill Peggy M. Hill Alan W. Heikkila IIAIII Henry C. Heliin llHankUl John A. Hemmila William A. Hemmila llBi11ll David A. Herman llDaVell A. Steven Hill "Steve" Bruce E. I-Ioiem "Emmett" Linda A. Howe Peggy Hult "Hu1tie" Sandra E. jarvi llsandyll Barbara A. johnson HBarbll Robert A. johnson llBObll Susan G. Impola llsuell Sharon M. jandron ll Sharll Scott L. jouppi Phyllis M. juchemich Seniors Kathleen M. Kangas llKathyll David P. Kauppila llDave ll if -Ji 1969 "'G!'92Q-. Anne R. Kivela Allan E. Kosl-ci HAI!! William D. Juchemich "Bill" David A. Jurvelin "Dave" Mary K. Kallioinen Patricia L. Kemp llPatIl Susan H. Keni "Susie" Allan E. Keto nA1u N i ,V - ,... A, gy! f r Sherry L. Kuivinen H. Paul LaForest Sue M. LaFreniere 1 David A. Laituri llDaVell Lindy M. LaMere Ray G. LaMere Kathleen E. Lahti llKathyll Susan L. Laiho llsue ll Seniors Daniel R. Larson llDanll Kristine E. Leaf lIKrisIl qu-sr 0 1969 Gerald L. Loukkala ujel-ry u Christine V. Lyons "Chris" Pauline M. Marta Karen R. Matthews Sharon A. Leaf "Sherry" Susan B. Lenten "Susie" Dennis E. Loven Thomas G. Manninen lITOmll james M. Manning ll-Iirnll Kathleen L. Marra uKathyu William L. Mattson Loren M. Merrick jean M. Miljour X Peggy A, Neumann Sandra R. Nicholas Linda L. Nurmi David A. Paquette llDaVell Constance A. Paris "Connie" Rodney A. Parkkonen llROdIl Raymond A. Peura lIRaylI Ernest E. Piirto "Ernie" Roger A. Poutanen Penny L. Pulkinen Carol A. Pynnonen Paul J. Raihala james T. Rintamaki lljim ll David I. Rivers "Dave " Kristine L. Romo llKrisll iw -Rv 'UN Jeanette K. Ranta IlBiZlI Christine M. Renaldi "Chris" Seniors t Q -ti.: 5 : Robert J. Rytkonen Ronald A. Rytkonen llRonlY t rf Susan E. Saari IIS-uell Lynne P. Sager Janet L. Salmer ll Salrnll 1969 Rita M. Salo Martin F. Schmeltz IlMartyll Susan E. Smith "Susie" Nancy L. Swanson ll Svvanyll Michael Schmeltz II ll Pamela R. Siik llparnll Paul A. Sippola Paul R. Symons llsirnsll Gregory S. Talus llcregll Duane A. Tammelin Maureen C. Tresedder Harold S. Trewhella David L. Turri "Dave" Tomaj Torreano Ton Robert J Treloar u1-key" Melanie A. Verran llMe1YI Betty J. Wahlstrom lIBetslI Seniors Kurt W. Wickl Donna E. Wiik I The Roots of Education Are Bitter but the Fruit Is Sweet. fSenior Class Motto! Aqua and White QSenior Class Colorsy White Carnation QSenior Class Flowery Alan R. Wernholm HAI!! Elizabeth A. Wertane "Lizzie Baby" james J. White llKidll I as Q we R QW iw vb ' l M n gk Egffgcwmff w f, gf. 6 S Mwjggizffafgfvm Jp5ffyj5fJl,1if3li??f85?flM G1 WN X., -957"W""Uf'y4fK?Z5i' . gbwf' ep ,-!..7,,, U 0 'ig M wwwg QW, SEWM in Q O M 3 iv 563 M + iWWfj2iNmg?2ffww M W S22 pzgja R2 ' -1 H8 3635234 9021 MM fl ,ff 0 4M7m iC?N' ?! W fa QWMKMEQE 9 5 5 .N f Q29 WQQWWWQ 94 ww 655' Wwe i Tk VH? fwM'.f+ilf?W Q Ebggvfw 3368! if Q55 EW Qiwfyfi CE, ' Wwwf 3 pg K E30 A wpf52yMffjf,f45'5 0 N G'ZCiMW,b,f 5 Bw JM, MJ MWWQ QQ My . QW Qlpjyh' Q70 ,J.1.f---.4-Af mm m ceffhfjwgyfi My J 'ef Most School Spirit Class Wolf--Flirt Sherry and Scott Dave and Karen Cutest Couple Most Likely to Succeed Jeanne and Wayne Roger and Kathy QA' Best Dressed Most Talented Norm and Crystal Dave and Sue IIO Best Dancers Most Athletic Dave and Janice jim and Melaine Senior lass Ballot H1969', Class Clowns Dan and Lizzie Best Physique--Figure Best Personality Dan and Linda Al and Carol III Quiet! Seniors at Work CJD UNDERCLASSMEN Vice President Mike Polini juniors 9 President Bonnie Johnson Secretary Jane Pellow Student Council Representatives Mary Wassberg Jean Mana 1 I4 Treasurer Brian Stott rnold Abramson avid Anderson orothy Anderson aura Asumaa raig Baldini ohn Balzarini ose Barabe herese Bogetto onnz- Collins nn Comensoli ecky Couture ebra De1Ange1o Fred Delarye Andy De11Ange1o Richard Ducoli Cathy Dunstan David Erck Dorien Filizetti Mary Flannigan Kathy Gallion Rodney Garbett Steven Gimse to Z Lunch 3 iii we WWW' 2 if ,isns , Y -J if F J . Q 2:34, 5, 1 . - 1 W' ' We , Lll'l1OI'S or-.Q ,sv fn 115 K 1 ,. f an 33 A Q Juniors ,sf-f W H6 Joyce Granlund Charles Granroth Ronald Grayes Milton Hakkarinen Michael Harju Glen Hart Roger Hart John Haupt Dale I-Ielstein Lorraine Helste in Ken Herrala Jeffrey Hiironen Reino Hintsala Michael Hocking Keith Ihamaki Chyrl Jarvi Joanne Jenkins Jay Jennings Ron Jennings Marvin Johns Barbara Johnson Bruce Johnson obert Johnson heryl Jokippi ichael Juchemich obin Wjuchemich everly Juidici atherine Iuidici hristine Kettu athy Koskey ohn Koski ale LaCosse teven Lahti andra Laitinen ichael Laituri arsha LaMere atty LaMere ichard LaMere osemary LaMere Donna Lammi Kathleen Langlois Eileen Larson Gary Larson Roland Larson Iumors K ,Sl ,'.o K ' W g 1im QL? M X W, ff E'i?,w Qs 'W Q 3' 1 yff- , H7 'Wilma V N, a,, J 1 . .X,,,. juniors un - ix un: ina QUE- 118 Chris Leanes Joseph Lehto Marsha Leiviska Kathleen Leonard Philip Luoma ' Stephen Luoma Robert Mager Debra Maki Don Maki Janice Maki Joseph Manning Lois Marvin Ricky Mattfield Jonnie Matthews Patsy Matthews Lois Mattson John McComber Michael McDonnell Carol Meli Susan Miljour David Mingori Charlotte Morin i J Mike Nelson James Paquette john Perala Toni Perry Tom Peterson Mary Polini Dorothy Polkinghorne Nancy Powers Marcia Reichel Jeffrey Ronn Michael Roose Michael Ruesing Cynthia Saari Marian Saari Jonelle Savolainen Alan Sealock Suzanne Sharp Pallicia Siik Vickie Sleeman James Solomon John Spelgatti Dennis Spencer fk'7N ua-PV' :L Juniors WG- N, , ff 253' , f ,iff J 'L Li? QT" ,......l'-' .S---.. ""---..,,s-Q- 3 II9 LlHl0I'S Cheryl Welch Peter Wertanen Vickie Wertanen Richard Wickstrom Robert: wiig William Wills 120 Kenneth Stanawa Robert Stanaway Barbara Sunne Michael Symons Gene Taskila Jennifer Tasson Louis Terzaghi Sally Thomas Marcia Trewhella Gregory Turino Mary Turri Laurel Vanni Secretary Sherry N ie mi I ophomores 3 1 President Darryl Waara V1ce Presldent Art Collins Student Council Representatives Karen Carlson Shirlie Gleason 121 Treasure r Jeanine Kivisto ophomores .g Q: .. ,,Q,z,mQ 1 "1-sg, er ff' A 3 .,f41.' .iii :TI A 122 Roberta Adamini Bruce Anderson Gordon Anderson Linda Anderson Marsha Anderson Phyllis Anderson Kathy Baldini Janice Balzarini james Barabe Delwood Bartle Peggy Bazinette Becky Bennett Allen Bossom Teresa Brisson Helene Brown Roberta Cain Terry Cattron I Peggy Chapman Fay Cody Kandace Collins 3 Ann Connors ' james Corlett y Robert Cox David Danielson Francis Dompierre Richard Durfee Anne Erickson Kenneth Field Peggy Flannigan Kathleen Fowler Amanda Francis Gregg Gimse Keith Giese Tony Giotto Louis Giotto 'Xnn Goodreau Edward Gustafson Jeffrey Hakala Karl Hansen Charles Hautamaki Marcia Havela Roger I-Ielgren james Hemmila julia I-Iernmila nnc , fy A 3 .1.1-5 xg I Sv cnnn ,f Mizz. vfefw' I U 7 ,,.riii V I Q K ophomores my-s K x ,af l' . W V- , A Ye -,IH he Ss 93 X X ophomores Janice Hooper Cheryl Hosking Gregory Howe Micheal Ilmonen Donna johnson JoAnn johnson Steven johnson Susan johnson james Joupperi Audrey Kallioinen Norman Kellan Ted Kirkpatrick Michael Korhonen Patti Kratz Gerald LaForest Mary LaFreniere Milton Lahti Donald Laine Raymond Laitinen Becky Lakanen Ann LaMere John Lammi Dean Larson Lee Larson jan Laurila Nancy Leaf Alan Lehtinen Alfred Lehto james Lehto John Loy Bernard Luokkala Nancy Luokkala Charlene Maki Gail Manty Sue Marjonen Cynthia Mattson Barbara McComber Kathleen McDonnell Rodney Meli Susan Melka jane Merrick Sharon Mo quin Susan Morris Gary Nicholas 2 , , A ,. rw , 5, 3 3'-' , in fs' - .L- ' ,T j ophomores fl -1f,, , I 'W i if Q ka 1 ' mv r - f - 'Adil 1 rv ,H , :P X I ,1 1 ' ,. .. - : ix 'f?aE'5.',if,' . fr -. , Nziif fii, n 5 4 023, .must am ophornores 5 Peter Nora Kay Numikoski Lois Nurmi Steven Nykanen Clyde Nyman Deborah Ogea Neil Olson Cynthia Ostwald Gary Parkkonen Carol Pascoe Susan Peterson Dan Prusi jeffrey Prusi David Pynnonen Eugene Quayle Karen Rintamak' Paula Rivers Scott Robare Gregory Rose Robert Rowe Thomas St. Aubi: Susan Sayring i eanne Sironen hristine Sivula aren Sleeman onald Smith ack Smith erry Spencer atricia Stanaway raig Stille ary Sundell V ay Suhdquist alqrie Swanson ichael Swenor atricia Symons aryl Tammelin Linda Torreano Linda Tousignant Valentina Valenti Linda Veale Terry Verley Judy Verran Scott Wangberg ouglas Wehmanen if fi? '-f: : Sta.: Pg - Y' iw f 2 :A q K gnc AS. ophomores I ww, 'Z , "-7 ' 'VV F"N l L e "if" ' 1 4 ' e QL CAMERA SHY Gary Hakkarinen Robert I-Ieikkila Kathleen jurvelin Debra Mager QI ophomores 9 Daniel Weisser Daniel Wheele Cheryl White Mary White Michael Widkstrom Raymond Wickstrom Roger William Frances Wills Kristine Wilso Gary Zanetti ...-A 128 Freshmen ,72 Karen K antola Secretary Vice President Treasurer A ' V ij , 3 Pamela Trewhella Tanya Jennings Susan Parkkonen Student Council Representatives Nancy Paris Jacqueline White U29 D'-1 'milk Freshmen Walter Aho james Anderson Judith Anderson Marlys Anderson Mary Anderson Marjorie Anttone Jeffrey Argall Brian Balzarini James Balzarini David Bennett jeffrey Bessolo john Bleau Duane Boyer Taylor Brintlinger Jenny Brown Douglas Carlson Mary Chapman Lynn Chevrette Michael Collick Darlene Cote ebra Croschere hris DeGabrie1e obert DeGabrie1e enise Deschaine ichael Dompierre elana Duquette ohn Elvetici lizabeth Erickson usan Erickson arolyn Foor atricia Gagnon ames Ghiardi Robert Goodreau James Greenleaf janet Grenier Judith Grenier Gregory Haight William Hawke Ruth Helgren Kathleen Hemmila John Herman Freshmen ww' gf ' - Roger Hiironen William Hodge Timothy Howe Christine jarvi Nancy jarvi Darlene Jensen Beverly Jewell Alvin johns Heather Johns Colleen johnson Donald johnson Duane johnson Eric johnson Donna juchemich Robert Juidici Eddie Kainulainen David Kallatsa Elaine Kallio Nancy Kangas William Kangas Michael Kauppinen Margaret Kecker Peggy Kemp Roberta Keto Karen Kimar Lorene Kivisto Diane Kobie Scott Koski Steven Koski Carol Kosonen Deborah LeCosse Dale LaFave Leona LaFave Mary Lahti Steven Lahti john Laitala Reino Laitinen Lee LaMere Susan Lammie Joyce Larson Freshmen Freshmen M inne wfifff . fi" Robert Leaf Tommy Lehto Alrich Leinonen George LeMaire Michael Lempinen jerry Liquia Linda Luokkala Terry Maahs Clarice Maino Frank Maki Michael Maki Sheri Manning Lawrence Marta Edward Marvin Carolyn Mattson Margaret Mongia Thomas Moore Glenn Nelson Kathy Nelson Roy Norell William Nyman Ellen Olson Mary Paris Randy Paulson Barbara Pellow Leona Pellow Deborah Perala Joseph Perrault Judy Perry Susan Perucco Billie Ann Peterson Kurt Picel Kavid Polini Bruce Pynnonen Elizabeth Rantanen Joann Rice jonny Rintala JoE11en Rowe Louis Ruesing Leland Sager Jeffrey Sharp David Siik Freshmen Freshmen Sandra Wickstrom Scott Williams Thomas Willianson Thomas Wills Thomas Spencer Linda Stanaway Stephen Stille jennifer Sundber Barbara Swanson Thomas Swenor john Torreano Edward Tresedde Richard Uren Susan Vanhala Gary Vidlund Kathleen Vienola Robert Walters john Wassberg Paul Wendt Richard White CAMERA SHY Roger Holman Bill Korpi Michael Marta Roger Melka Barbara Romo Preparing for Christmas! Busy workers! C C 6 9 , , Underclassmen 1 I- nr , If you add a little wood and Z1 little work you get a lot of woodwork! U1 The printing quartet! Eighth Grade Class Hicers President Michael Gle ason Secretary Debra Collins Vice ,President Karen LaFreniere Treasurer Christine Hooper Student Commcil Representative Dan Peterson 138 Grade Eight BOTTOM ROW: M. Rivard, D. Carlson, S. Merrick, B. Williams, E. Heikkinen, S. Heitila, and S. Hoglund. 2nd ROW: C. Karno, C. Terzaghi, R. Niemi, E. Hill, E. Warner, P. LaFreniere, and V. Nease. 3rd ROW: B. Hyttinen, M. Kinnunen, T. Letson, K. Pietila, D. Peterson, S. Turri, D. Hill, S, Herman, and D. Vallier. 4th ROW: J. Vitto M. Rosten, E. jylha, P. Gallion, D. Peura, P. Siil-4, D. Milligan, and D. Argall. 5th ROW: G. Cain, G. Nelson, I. Lahti, B. Ducoli, M. Gleason, D. Goethe, and M. Hill. P""1 BOTTOM ROW: T. Cody, R. Larson,,,M. Leivo, S. Denofre, D. Laitinen, J. Wertanen, and P. Saari. Znr ROW: R. Delarye, j. Larson, 1.7 Tammelin, Kl"Mager, L. Willig, C. Miljour, C, Connors, and D. Tammelin. 3rd ROW: B. Longtine,4'F. Newman, J. Kallio, G. Spencer, D. Leaf, E. Bjork, H. Codere, D. Marcotte, and S. Parl-ckonen. 4th ROW: jj Poutanen, J, Paris, C, Larson, P. Nicholas, I. Lammi, W. Oster, V. Maahs, and P. Sleeman. Sth ROW: T. Tasson, G. Saari, A. Reichel, D, Loven, G, Matthews, C. LaChance, J, Filizetti, M. Loy, 139 Grade Eight BOTTOM ROW: D, Cox, H. Garbett, D. Hocking, G. Chapman, T. Davey, and G. Koski. 2nd ROW: D. Coron, K. Helgren, R. Hill, j. Kyllonen, L. I-lemmila, S. Harry, I. Kallio, and R. Riberdy. 3rd ROW: B. Rivers, T. Brintlinger, J. Solomon, S. Wills, D. Pelkie, M. Cardone, D. Piirto, and R. Etelamaki. 4th ROW: D. Collins, H. Thompson, K. LaFreniere, S. Prusi, C, Hooper, J. Vanhala, S. Kantola, and I. Williamson. Sth ROW: J, LaForest S. Sarasin, D. Carlson, D. Sirtoal, D. Wiik, S. Lahti, L. Duquetzte, and K. Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: K. Lindstrom, S. Swenor, G. Foscoe, P. Mal-ci, C. Connors, C, johnson, and J. Cody. 2nd ROW: L. Waara, S. Arbelius, D. Bond, B. Hawke, K. Tammelin, V. Saari. 3rd ROW: C. Lehto, B. Stille, P. joki, C, Laituri, 1. Kallioinen, D. Laitinen, E. Anderson, and C. Uren. 4th ROW: L, Pennala, N, Wernholm, E. Leinonen A. Norie, D. Jacka, and R. Hill. Sth ROW: S. LaMere, S. Laine, T. Sundberg, M. Johnson, S. Mager, W. Larson and D. Reichel. 140 Seventh Grade Class Hieers Roger johnson Patricia Hill Student Council Representative , V ,,V. ' lar M 7 , , Michael Trewhella Secretary Treasurer M M,-5 Suzanne Halqala Heidi Brintlinger 141 Grade Seven FIRST ROW L to R: Liisa Maki, Anita Prusi, Kim Lenten, Randy Kuivinen, Tom Roose and Oliver Kainulainen. 2nd ROW: Mark Mager, Sally Kantola, Carole Kantola, Steven Etelamaki, Gary Helander, Charles Gischia and Lynn Cardone. 3rd ROW: Sherry Nyman, Pamela Kestila, jon I-lakala, john Wickstrom, Steven Heikkinen, Roger Olson, Vickie Martin, Joette Carlson. 4th ROW: Andrew Norie, Danny Kallioinen, Gerry Tammelin, Michael Sundell, Darrell Moilanen, Kurt Swanson, Bobby Thomas, Edward Hopper and Dale johnson. Sth ROW: Terry Cody, Dan Hewitt, Scott Lenten, Floyd Johns, Janet Cook, Norine Miljour, Melody Peterson and Gary Maki. FIRST ROW L to R: William LaForest, Dennis Luokkala, Carl Allen, Douglas Cox, Brian Wills, Debbie Lahti and Vickie Anderson. 2nd ROW: Robert Koski, Donald Manning, john Kimar, Linda Bourdage, Judy Pelkie, Linda K. Maki, Kathy Talus and Lois jarvi. 3rd ROW: Tim Nelson, Michael Saari, james Prittinen, David Mannila, Larry Kobie, Dennis Cox, Judy Ellis and Robin Young. 4th ROW: Alan Kallioinen, Steven Kinnunen, Bradley Ostwald, Michael Airaudi, David Wills, Vickie Larson and Marcy Finnila. Sth ROW: Jean Kaurala, Suzanne I-lakala, Diane Hautamaki, Cynthia Kellan, Patti Nelson, Ethel Danielson and Lynne Gero. 142 Grade Seven FIRST ROW L to R: Fred Brown, Bryan Herman, Donn Collins, Joe Holman, Debbie Hosking and Dorree Baldini. 2nd ROW: Dan Larson, Joanne Larson, JoAnn Dryge, Nita Koski, Ronald Kangas, Gary Carlson and Pamela Gib- son. 3rd ROW: Glenn Pizziola, Gilbert Salo, Douglas Pascoe, Fred Holmi, Lonnie Ayotte, Ronald Kangas and Debra Sleeman. 4th ROW: Don Leaf, George Savolainen, James Leaf, Peter Paris, Stuart Mattson, Philip De- Gabriele, Michael Trewhella, Cheryl Hawke and Sue Herman. Sth ROW: Jane Penrod, Ann Waters, Suzanne Mattson, Jill Spencer, Kay Marjonen, Christine Johnson, Cheryl Wickstrom, Jean Hakkarinen, Cathy Anderson, Peggy Paris. FIRST ROW L to R: Darlene Dolkey, Heidi Brintlinger, Lois Kantola, Vicky Rivard, Paul Kallioinen, Victor Tullila, Keith Langlois and Peter Stagliano. 2nd ROW: Kim Matthews, Kathy Ghiringhelli, Rebecca Hill, Rob- ert Kantola, Steven Field, Gary Williams, Wayne Backlund and Peter I-Iakala. 3rd ROW: Mark Kauppila, James Paris, John Dahlstrom, Mary Lou Kosonen, Linda J. Maki, Sheree Symons and Theresa Hamalainen. 4th ROW: Lori Nease, Kathy Pearce, Ann Wiig, Denice Trudell, Mike Legacy, Randy Harry, Scott Pynnonen and Roger Johnson. Sth ROW: Chad Little, Daryl St. Aubin, Rick Parlato, David Arbelius, Donna Taskila, Susan Carlson, Jeanette Garlick and Rose La Joie. I43 Junior High CDCDCDr-- J-nv""""'w 144 ADVERTISING wwf v-f fr .ff ' -Q. I i 13" ww. ,wg 5 A ,W ,Y ,Avi ...f Q mf.. ...Q Q. -N I 1 I 5 1 5 1 Y E l 4 4 T 5 I 1 4 Q w 4 J 1 Asumctou Sl-TOE Stan: T35 W. Washington Street Marquette, Michigan TIGER TOGS Women's Apparel Negaunee, Michigan GR 5-4441 THE HAT BOX Have an Autograph Marquette, on Us: Michigan LAURA'S BEAUTY SALON Breitung Hotel Negaunee, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of '69 UNION NATIONAL BANK Marquette, Michigan Have an Autograph on Us: Compliments of WEHMANEN,S IEWELRY AND MINERS CLOTHING STORE Negaunee, Michigan as 4 , J. I.. 4, ss. HAVE YOU BEEN TO Q.. gf F F Q V if QLQ -D My .... M .fw - ,gl ' ""'L ' . ' V , iw, . , as f ,,:- 1 ww LEEEE lil' fi if 11 F 3 li . ' . lr Q' 4: Q ' Z F if -QQ' 3 29 ' 4 A it w f xfE1'.,i'f- f Q51 i : . 35222 .-- "rf Wi' Qfilliii 5. '-,T 1' wa is 5f'll'xfi??-Xl'liK"5'35L 'L - 'Vi--'.-7 s of EEEEE QA ' ,A H E.,i3W53g,,g,gsfsfll:-fxQiivE?sfs-liffii F Pepsi Hour 2:30--4:30 All Large Drinks--lOc',: Coffee Hour 8:30--l l:30 Coffee--5C 9 9 Thrift 8. Swiff Drive-In LATELY? Hamburger . . . . . Cheeseburger . . . . Hilo ...... . . Fish Sandwich ..... Grilled Cheese .... French Fries ...... Pepsi Cola . . .l0--l5- Orange .... lO--l5- Roofbeer .... l0--l5- Milk .......... Milk Shakes ...... Special Hilo French Fries Milk Shake--794: The Mariner Fish Filef French Fries ioq Drink--55c l0l4 Wesf Washingfon Marqueffe New Hours--Open Every Day IO A.M.--ll P.M. Best Wishes to the Seniors Compliments of AHO'S SERVICE STATION EMAN'S SHOE STORE 5INCl-AIQ lshpeming' Michigan Palmer, Michigan 0,1 sum: run Cgmplimeni-5 of Negaunee, Michigan S Congratulates the Class of T969 O 9 Women's Fashions Furniture Best Wishes from the Bigelo Carpets UNIQUE SHOP Electrical Appliances Iron Street Ishpeming, Michigan Negaunee, Michigan Have an Autograph on Us: Compllmenls of HANDY sERvlcE AND GROCERY PAUL-S JEWELRY Negaunee, Michigan Ishpeming, Mich. A " ,,-- -f Besl Wlshes Best Wishes to the Class of '69 Fi: to the X. ff' ' ' KAUPPILA'S S E ,,--- Ye -J ' Class of '69 TOR f K N s Nfl Y I+' G BUNNY BREAD Teal Lake Avenue Negaunee, Michigan Marquette, Michigan NEGAUNEE MIDLAND CO-UP Grocery Store Choice Meats Cut to Perfection ,Q-J! AV .Nfl . . ..-5 Consumer Owned A Consumer Controlled if ,X x I .,r.... .. X l THE CONGRESS THE MATHER INN I h ' , M' h' lshpeming, Michigan S pemmg lc 'gon PIZZA Have an Autograph on Us: , , .-3,75 Catering for Every Occasion 'Z -'C':'g'L' - .7 . ,-Q--21' Luncheons, Dinners, Weddings, Banquets Satisfaction Guaranteed Congratulations to the Class of T969 QUALITY MARKET 224 Jackson Street Negaunee, Michigan PHOTO SHOP H5 West Have an Autograph Division St. on Us: Ishpeming, Mich. Courtesy of VIOLETTA,S MUSIC SUPPLY .l or 1s"' j'.'k i V v Iron Street Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes to the Class of T969 D 81 C SALES 81 SERVICE FUR Better Idea" 51' - "Ford has a Q Pioneer Avenue Negaunee 221 E. Pearl Street lshpeming Compliments of MORRISON MIRACLE DRUG STORE 5. XTX li!! gig Ash 8. Jopling Streets Ishpeming, Michigan Have an Autograph on Us: Negaunee, Michigan ERICKSON OIL Pellow Printing CORPORATION Company Best Wishes to the Class of 1969 Shell Products i X 3 1 -' J WW! . . . sg ' I k Creative Printing ' off-xll Kinds , i Negmmeel Michigan 318 Iron Street Phone 475-9431 Negaunee Have an Autograph on Us: Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes to the Class ot 1969 SUPERIOR KITCHENS AND FIREPLACE SUPPLY, INC. Full Line of Appliances Seventeen Styles of Cabinets to Select from . . . The Ultimate in Kitchen Design Whether Building or Remodeling See Us For Your Kitchen Needs Call: 225-1896 or Write: P.O. Box 326 Marquette, Michigan 49855 SENIORS Compliments of GOLDIE'S SMARTWEAR 212 Cleveland Street lshpeming, Michigan VALENTON E CLEAN ERS lOl6 W. Washington Street Marquette, Michigan Have an Autograph on Us: PAUL,S TEXACO SERVICE Paul Poutanen, Proprietor Firestone Tires Engine Tune-up Main Street and Pioneer Avenue and Negaunee, Michigan Congratulations Class of '69 COHODAS BROTHERS CO. lshpeming, Michigan 3l2 North First Street ARGALL'S SPORTING GOODS lshpeming, Michigan Sporting Goods ot All Kinds and Live Bait. WISCONSIN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE Serving All ofthe Upper Peninsula J.c. PENNEY Co., INC. Best Wishes to the Class of I969 -QQ lshpeming, Michigan i I - I MAUTlNO'S 5 -. 3 X DRUG sroRE A f-: X 'l Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes to the Class of '69 lron Street, Michigan TX g LEVINE BROTHERS You Conti Beat Hem! " T lron Street, Negaunee My Have an Autograph on Us: NIEMI ELECTRIC " Q Westinghouse Zenith Kelvinator lshpeming, Michigan ,f is X Have an Autograph on Us: DUBlNSKY'S lshpeming, Michigan Congratulations to the Class of ' THE CHILDRENS STORE Downtown Negaunee, Michigan LYONS BODY SHOP Pioneer Avenue RON'S STANDARD SERVICE Negaunee, Michigan Se e I ' . n iji "'.. Ron and Oliver m Negaunee, Michigan ' X u for Friendly STANDARD 3 Service N 1 Lots of Success to the Graduates of I969 LAFRENlERE'S Nationally Known Lines of Furniture, T.V., and Other Appliances Best of Luck, Seniors THE NEGAUNEE COMMUNITY CREDIT UNION The Best Place Tc Borrow and Save Membership Open to All Residents Compliments of STAM'S ELECTRIC O Dealer lshpeming, Michigan PAUL' S BARBER SHOP Haircuts by Appointment T'-V If Stop In or Call if 475-9715 I fl I ' Negaunee, Michigan KW OLSON NEWS Wishes . . . The Best of Luck to the Class of '69 lshpeming, Michigan RUSSO'S FOO DLAND The Home ofthe Famous Mamma Russo's Home Made Products Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes to the Class of '69 ASW SYMON,S HARDWARE ls l Negaunee, Michigan ijVlTH The royalty of radio and-l-E N L 'Q gf 6 " 5 " ' 'xt-M 1' L T it rx 9 Jack Taylor's A 81 W ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes, Seniors! TED'S SERVICE STATION Congratulates the Great Class of T969 Palmer, Michigan COLLINS CASH Negaunee, Michigan Have an Autograph on Us: Compliments of THE MAIN DRIFT Home Cooking and Baking Orders to Go 307 Iron Street Negaunee, Michigan Our Compliments KIRKISH BOOT SHOP I II6 S. Main St. Ren Goose SHOES Ishpeming, Mich KENNEDY AND KIDS Painting Contracting Sand Blasting Spray Painting Residential --Commercial Industrial Best Wishes to the Class ot I969 STEIN'S RELIABLE CLOTHING Ishpeming, Michigan Compliments of . . . JOHNSON'S DRUGS IIO South Main Street Ishpeming, Michigan Best Wishes, Class ot I969 NEGAUNEE PHARMACY Iron Street Negau nee, Michigan Compliments of GENE'S BARBER SHOP Negaunee, Michigan Best Wishes, Seniors LOWENSTEIN'S Negaunee, Michigan "A Department Store Where Smart Things Come from" Congratulations to the Class of '69 Best Wishes ALF? Compliments of to the JWQQ i Class of '69 ev Negaunee NEGAUNEE Home BAKERY M'Ch'9Gn ' ft: LACOSSE OIL COMPANY Negaunee, Michigan HOMBURG STUDIO T02 Euclid Street lshpeming, Michigan lllffi eil lll iilig N 2 -3 9 . V L.. 5 5.1-5 umlii rl WOLFF'S ' sti. 1. Largest Sewing Center in the U.P. 508 N. Third Street Marquette, Michigan Viking Sewing Machines Over 200 Bolts of Fabric To Choose from Best Wishes . . . Seniors Complimenfs of Compliments of NEELY LUMBER COMPANY TEEN TAP Negaunee, Michigan "For All ot Your Building Needs" Cm Negaunee, 's-s ' S ,, , , Michigan - Q-JM -i f J Congratulations to the Great Class of '69 NEGAUNEE YOUTH CENTER NORTHERN TERRAZZO AND TILE Co., INC. Sem Wishes , Best Wishes ' ICA FOODLINER ' ' 'S A ' Negaunee, Michigan A great city! - jr. High Coach "jr, " I-Iuddle Re ally? ' ' N- -1,:.:-,GL W ," , UMW 2 " 4' " .' ,nd Going about it the hard way! '61 Don't just stand there, do something Al. W"-M, Y I ,ax fa SX 15 X 2 N x I Q, Q. --ia W w , 'di 196 iamond Jubilee Scholar Pamela Darling was awarded the 1968 Diamond jubilee Scholar- ship. Pam was an active member of the Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Future Nurses, and the Pep Club. She was also the treasurer of the Tri-Hi-Y. Previous winners of this scholarship are as follows: 1955 Faith Koski 1961 Gail Vanni 1956 Marlene Hill 1962 Marilyn Pascoe 1957 Judith Thomas 1963 Barbara Roberts 1958 Daniel Maki 1964 Kristine Sunne 1959 Joellyn Vanni 1965 Janice Sivula 1960 Gordon Lyons 1966 Dennis Maki 1967 Deborah Hodge I65 ational Honor Society 196 ..-R SEATED L-R: Veneda Guizzetti, Kristine Lehto, Nancy Sivula, Lois Roti, Barbara Dahlstrom, Ann Newman, Frances Picel. ROW 2: David Juchemich, Sandi' Hemmila, Donna Jarvi, Kathleen jokipii, Lois Kangas, Gale Hietala, Pamela Darling. ROW 3: Glenn Kivela, David Northey, David Lukkarinen, Gary Wommer, Robert Koskey, Gordon Etelamaki, David DeGabrie1e, Louis Ghiringhelli. " nl' ' 'X-1 - X r 167 The above pictures show Peggy Hill, our 1969 Pioneer Editor, in her usual routine in the yearbook office. An efficient worker, leader and organizer, Peggy has spent countless hours getting the yearbook ready for publication. Through it all she kept the smile on her face as you can se e. Peggy deserves om' congratulations for a job well done. Swen Nurkala Pioneer Advisor Business Manager Lynne Sager is checking over her bookkeeping She also finds Q . . , u M ,'Vf D55 ff' QMGO ,,.vfcf'q,xs 'fm,1 NJ, LM W WS wil, f-Q. U95 ' 42,87 Q? SEV., A-A5 5 'zazzf 9-1253, Xyffxfm QQ? 56 "ij Q3 we A 2 550 QQ, X, 3 kfbibif 'QQ 419 0' -J 317 9 C X639 X952 9 afjn 'ff 6126, '27 F 4' 1 fx A 50 F 4 QF , lf' -53 - V' gg D' Quit ' xg JB bv 27 if . -sq bW 5, A Z M Sag w3Ljw3L,LWm?MjJmm,wW 'sg ko ' SAG W J Ciqtjw 'ii N 1 Jiiwfa ,- , - Q4 Ay4igg? Vwm,f 4 v y ' OQQE2 Qs. ' My p CN' ,dQX,Vm"md3CiQC? an ci A v 0 KJ I-JK an A F539 1? qw iff Q A Q3-,QQ 'faqligsdiicxxfxxgzgxjy ' A AO' if x 'V 517 yy S Wx .TB 4 W 1f7ff1?fWLQjQg4 Wgiggynjfdigfbyijddfyp apr K rl -fflffjobfrv RIMA H cg! Suu Mi,Qf W W xii wg sf-,ag My A-07532 of Q QQ' ' N 35 ywff Q f M A 5-if V 3 swmgyywjffwy " QQ Q35 43 Wf,fo.fff5-Ngfjw, Q' ,X 3135 S Qi igbifjfw' www 'Q NDR 3?-if 91?-imp ig 'Q 9' if iwxvxuf WLWQXM4 Uo6jim.9!!.WliMoWfi5i WWW Mw6P OW ' if 'L f Q! M, j17fjj'P M of U f Q U.,,, fm QM mm W W , XAOMQW W? W Vwdfzfz' W5 ,WMO bdkjfjfp' wwuv jfxfjfgf jg WA? 4' 5 wth My Q.. ,Q GJVLQ V-jjj Q,yf"' W CJJ? law' L . Sak , P P 'L Bud N SQQYQSW Hi .w,w,,J , Q:ZqB,3 , , AW?W g ,i5?93fkV f My C? XJ J x W w Q, Eb C9 pgfiigi ij?" KC? V,,4?UMi?Dp, UQMj'QVDiiJ KX ':',Q ww-W WM ik wi'-if f not ,fly L YQ 'W' .- K' w QQ 5? ' ,W 06 Www Q -T5 -2 ,P My -JC xx. Q "PY x L gp gf M CQ 1 f ', W M jail KE yJj,,VUjw My C UNM K in gfw fy WWW ffl! N bifv'q,M M Mio W , NJVW C Cc yvwfdvp Wg JWQLQZJ L QL 1,4ywf3gJXf'jM,wL?Z,, Ukjg lgff C2 A 'A 4 my Q FQ if M, M QJQQAQ aw fffw W2 W fag if Q4 wiwd QQQQYXMFKA ' , ff NPC' 22.1 ' WZ' K xi fp A .Om X066 346 Qgfififif J ff M4633 if SMG HK gf fy 'VK ' 3171 R594 p g ff' www 3 A 06 Y 1 , Kr fp a if 'il A fffig Qffffffigfe WK - 2295, " ' gg FKA 5515.2 ff ggjidf' fb ' cifqfff fa i32wbB,h 3196 nj! P 'ZJAZKQJ iff' 10 QV 93' Q ji' J Q , aff Q26 J df gg! IW 65, 86257 E365 fig? E' N E553 yxbpw YQPSSR 5 W W gWWKiwwi5fZQ Ai?WQ4MW Qvvgiyiffkgfx WMD FgwgQ?v3ljwg3FWp1w5MX wa , WN fifffw C3555 Qian :QW AE Q23 Tl E31 A2415 15 ibkgibfgfgf Q5 A 37 - xi 2 RX 695226125 Ex T is ix 2 E if 2 M buffs X21 ' 5 N Q 'SE giliqgwxdig i552 i QD " X" Q A 5 gf1aT' ?g'1 Q2 V3 :QLQICQ71 2, 'QE V92 QQ? ggi 252 ii ft A233 wb f- QB, 6' Qi fiiixggykiw 1' DDR AWMMCJUIQWMTV cf 1 if Y ,WmWwwwwwMMf AZWWWM fy MQJZWJ ,, w u ' ,ff'w'5 ' bid ' Qjifflifjjffwvwf My fy ff! MA 9 W -49,2134 ff 1 M MU! M! Viijiiiaafailnjflwijkf JM My . fu70,,JKf,2"5i-vjif M Vg! 1 52357. , fy ff! ' UM WWZMwmWWw 093 V ,ZA D if uw' J' 'WW W WWMJ Gj9J?2i?fL'Qrufffi fm jadUK6,g4f ' v7?2gfU gYLfF MD li YW WW wfiyf ff X nj peice WM jWWWffWdQ C9Auw f+eNLQ,Wf Q G C7 eoF '51 Q !?2!AG,Z,,1.f?!, . I Nt? 'L-V - 1 Q y d! ifijwwm ,Jr , M ' ff V HWNWWM Q Q Mgfffff Q . , 0 Q Uflfaadfyfwo .0 . V5 J-. .yum-, ..Q-f..!,?.-,..fN.1,:1::'W'fs- vm I .,,. ' 'firesflmg12"-EW?Z'9:75.g'ffEfSz- " af 3' H1-'if' ' - r., -,,,z.,' .wk 5143. 531243. ,:,.. 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