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 - Class of 1958

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Negaunee High School - Pioneer Yearbook (Negaunee, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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K 6 5 5 S 5 4 12 . 4 9 S 94 2 - bi bs 3 5 Z' ii Qi 55 ' vi - min V ., , , x A Y , . , , , ,. I ,H ., f ,, V -Nqr -- - S, ,mf .1 Q- Aw Y' ,www . wf A l t, we my. ,',.1c'f'?:'wLh , ' tl 1 l "1 1. w 4 W i 7 1 Y l 1 I 1 Q A f . ' N xQ:6,'1 I x 1 K Q I 1 I mi 6 L fu . ,sf QWA1 5 .' A s. A 3 - .ff wA ', Y. .6 5, i C7119 kmloncler 1958 CQCHIIICC gfzgfz Cgjcfzoof NQQCI UI188, ICA I-gd fl UIPWOI' The 1958 PIONEER has been published with but one objective to capture between its covers a year at Negaunee High School Because of our locality, we have chosen "snow" as the theme for it ' To our fellow Northerners , snow is a common sight, but when w- stop to think about it, it is in many ways like our school life There are times of trial when we feel as though we are sinking, a we would in soft snow. But there are many other instances when wi are up in spirits and no longer sinking , but walking on top onci again. Like snow, school has its times of beauty and drabness , tran quility and storms, times of excitement and times of trial. But i is in remembering these past experiences that make us ask, "Wher are the snows of yesteryear?" 1 With these thoughts, we proudly present to you, the student and faculty, your 1958 PIONEER. -- The Editors gable of Gonten ts Seniors ....... 1 ......... Page 6 Underclassmen ........ ........ P age Fine Arts ......... ......... P age Sports ......... Clubs ........ Faculty ....... Calendar Ads ........ ...... Page Page Page Page Page 30 54 72 88 114 126 138 To the students of NHS and the residents of Negaunee, the stump pictured on the cover of the PIONEER has great significance. To them it represents their very being - for without the discovery of iron ore on this overturned Stump, Negaunee would not be in existence. It was in 1844 when Marji Gesick led two men to the spot where he had seen the black magnetic ore. Not long after that, the small Chippewa Indian village at the north end of Teal Lake got its start and Negaunee was born. Kristine Phillips , '53, aptly named the annual from the Indian de- finition of Negaunee, which is "to go forward," or "pioneer. " now, visit our worfcf of cfczzzffnfg snowjpfafes ff. CNY Q Ng -L Q! X M x X ,X K xxx vs: Mft' r" 5 X 0' x 9 6 U a Q25 N xg . 9 n ,- "W 4 vxdv -X569 nl QQQQ S. Qfgcqsxx r' fa W, - K sv' ' ,af . .mm .,, y , Qa- fv r OZSGCZF 'Vx 5 .7 .3 f 2 .M -..x -, A -v 1 R . ,. ...- 85 '5Q X gk. 5-gil.-3,, -fakyffmgsg' :r59+,3,.g,s'-Q- 'A Y V k .. in '7'ie?i7i'f3?:'?l'?g1?5'g.a-Xxx -1 A X 4 . A. ,,,, A. -7 . l AQ .v .- 5 v Of. , , '4c,h1 U, ,. C .v 0 w QS, enio IAMES AIRAUDI MARY ANDREWS DOLORES ANDERSON RALPH ANNALA Q I rx., 1 K X X A, - x K W - . gg K X 5 -. wx A Vw. gg THOMAS AN DERSON NANCY ARCAND KENNETH ARMSTRONG RAYMOND BORLACE WILLIAM BOND RUTH CARLSON MARY BOG ETT O ALTON CHAPMAN FRANCIS CHETTO SANDRA COLLINS 1 PETER CHEVRETTE IAMES COLLINS MICHAEL COPE SHARON DARLING w. Sf. A I 'Yu " up BARBARA DAWE DONNA ETELAMAKI LEE ERCK IOANNE FREDRICKSON KEITH GAGNON WILLIAM GRAVEDONI DONALD GAGNON PAT RIC GORST PAUL HAKKARAINEN IAMES HIETIKKO DENNIS HARIU IEANETTE HILL ERNIE HARSILA IEAN HENDRICKSON snsusy HIMANKA roy HOLMAN IACOB HOLAPPA MARTIN ISAACSON GERALD HILL SUSAN IVES EUNICE JOHNSON :Q K KA NANCY IOHNSON E'5'??'fX F kfifflff '- G 23+ X JEAN IOHNSON KATHRYN JOHNSON . . ' - K V, xii?v.,2i5-fr - Q J. WILLIAM IOHNSON NANCY IURMU KAREN KAESEMAN DAVID KARHI LEONA KANANEN HARRIET KEMP VIRGINIA KARKI e - s t IULIE KEMP EINO KORPI MAXINE LAHTI EVELYN KENNEDY CORRINE LAAK cARoL IAFAVE FREDRICK LaMERE DONALD LARS ON DAVID LEECE NAO MA LAU RILA IEAN LEVIE LLI E KAREN LEHTO CAROL IUCHEMICH DANIEL MAKI KATHERINE MATTSON ROBERT MANSKE ,N M: ,K i - Wg V KENNETH MOILANEN MARIORIE MATTSON .T . - R ,D K . , L' ' In ia, TW , ,- Qld? EVELYN NIE MI IEAN NIEMI IOAN NIEMI RUTH NIEMI DONALD NURMI EDITH NYLANDER PET ER PAINE PATRICIA PALM IUDITH PAscoE MAR GARET PARKI N E N .uf Q . Exif? -. 1: Xw 'K ,L . A A A IOYCE PETERSON IULIA PARKKONEN KENNETH PETERSON EUGENE PEZZOTTI CARL RAISANEN WALLACE PIETALA KATHLEEN PRUSI MADGNE REPOLA ANN RICHARDS JACK RIEKKI MARILYN ROG ERS WILLIAM RICHARDS BARBARA ROBERTS IU DITH ROMBACK REUVEN ROMBACK PAUL ROSTEN GLORIA SAARI BARBARA ROOS IEANNE SAN DSTROM ILONA RUBATT JACK SIVULA GERALD SMITH CARYL SUNDINE JUDITH SMITH GWENYTH SWANSON GERALD SUNDBERG ROY SYRIAMAKI DARLENE UITTO MARION WHITFORD IOAN VIOLETTA LYNN WICKLUND xx X EUGENE WATT ERS KAREN WIGG BARBARA ROOS Valedictorian During her four years at N. H. S. , Barbara Roos majored in science, maintaining an average of 3. 967 in all of her classes. She feels that the math she took in school .will help her in her future nursing career. Barbara is going to attend Presbyter- ian St. Luke's School of Nursing in Chicago. Of the extra-curricular activities in which she participated, Barbara enjoyed Tri-Hi-Y, Horizon Club, Cheerleading and majorettes the most. She was drum majorette and student leader of the major- ettes. In out of school activities, Barbara belonged to the Luther League and taught Sunday School at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. MAXINE REPOLA Salutatorian Maxine Repola, Salutatorian of the class of 1958, enjoyed school very much, especially the science courses in which she majored. She dreaded studying but after earning an average of 3. 819 she realized it was well worth the time spent at it. Next year Maxine will attend the University of Michigan to work for her Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Of her extra-curricular activities , Maxine enjoyed being in Latin Club, junior and senior class plays, concert orchestra, and especially Tri-Hi-Y, of which she was the president during her senior year. Maxine also sang in the choir of the St. Iohn's Espiscopal Church. G!C1SS GO!Ol'S Green and White 6,6185 370 WUI' White Carnation Cfclss 772otto - Look Backward With Pridey Look Forward With Hope President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Student Council Tiff i 'K C1088 llZjCGl'S -.....-..- I am era Shy Rus sell Iacka William Hojnacki Marty Isaacson . Jerry Sundberg . . . . Bill Bond Tommy Anderson . . . Dan Maki gudy munstczn lQ4O-1956 They said that time would heal all things The day you went away. But though the months have come and gol The wound is here to stay. You were the pal of many, To everyone a friend. Your cheerful smile still clings to us, And will until the end. We long to have you near us, To share our joys and cares. But Judy till we meet again, You're with us in our prayers. A ' , ' x , mf, army . 5 is X. 5 X-57w.L'if'Pk ' .- ,M Xfff W X ff - JIS' , , ,qw 0 xi Q Ss: 1 r H 2 f g 5 KN, -X 10 no 50 50 vwnwguwv, WORK COUISS 1 RCVESEO SDHION ix R My 9,4 ew . -rw :J fr' ' , Zyfmgv ugzaqgw Q5 8 V' 33.2633 SD 31 .v .- --if' ' iw, P 'Vs 31,1 ,W in v3 -J S.. Q.. :Jw 'Af' X "fin KN sg? , .' , 24141 2 Q 3 Q32 T322 45 , Q., Z H MVS vu H .K ,W n. . .. Ni., , A Q n, fs Tf+'Zo 0 49 X ..u,,,, 'L' O ,QSWQL ,QL19 I fsffsfi' ,,S, s tl-vi T z sax 5 V -I n c!e 4fClc1,ssmen I 5 IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Cleft to Rightj Sandy Gerdnt, Treasurer: Ed Cory, Student Council Representative: Blaine Nurmi, Secretary: Rudy Iohnson, President. CAMERA SHY: Karen Annelin, Vice-President. l,M'll.OI'S 'im IESSE KATHLEEN AIRAUDI ANDERSON - ,X-,V W ,, Q, , I, ,, ,Ak A -A sg., U MICHAEL LUCILLE ASUMAA BALL Qkkgixig. .-.nga-fpyg-f. Ax A - .x,1v.Q.+ . A A V VIRGIL KAREN LETITIA I ANDERSON ANNELIN ARMSTRONG - QII' ' f we I if f' I i...,....,.,i5 I Z IOAN RICHARD !' MARY Lou DIANE BORLACE BORLACE I b zl A M DANIELSON DESCHAINE ' ' r I ' As gm PAUL PAUL ED CARILLI CAROLLO CORY KAY IOAN EMANUELS ON EWALD Sw PATRICIA IAMES SANDRA FREDRICKSON GARCEAU GERNDT 3 MARVIN II LL HARRY HEII ALAN LOIS HENDRICKSON HILL RONALD DEN NIS IAN DREAU IARVI ALBERT BRUCE IENKINS IOHNSON WAYNE EINAR KARPPINEN KEMPAINEN ROBERT DALE NORENE HILL HINTSALA HOCKING Bob shows Paul and Carol parts of the world. KEITH IOHNSON 3 fA Rei A , , 5. x W A 4 R If wi RUDOLPI-I IOHNSON DUANE KALLIONINEN IUDY WALTER LAKANEN LAKARI ELAINE KIVISTO .gp A A 9 my-1-4 s, I f , I I I V I gp ,V : i, 1 x 45 D. ' ef, Ei- W 1 5 ,a ww , 'ESE GERALD BILL KOSKI KUIALA CAROLYN LOIS IAC OBS ON IALONEN 54m-1-my W.. F' Qx K LeRoy PAUL JARVI JARVI y Q- , I 5 ' . L .,, Q'- L. lf N. g , P Nl . ROBERT MAXJNE A KANroLA KARHI FRAN DELORES IAPOREST LAHTI Un M. . DOROTHY KAREN IAMERE LARSON 33 1 1 K 'X ' MICHAEL WAYNE 1 CAROL IOHN LARSON LARSON N LEQUIA MAKELA DICK RUTH KAY LEIVISKA LEECE LEKLIN PAUL RICHARD KAREN ELAINE MATERO MATTA ' MITCHELL NURMI CAROL GRACE LOWE LL A MATTSON' MATTSON MILLER Cixi . ' 1. 1. f SHARON DENNIS IOI-IN PAUL PARKKONEN PELKI PIIRAINEN POLKINGHORNE Mr. Daumitz shows Fran and Wayne what not to do with Pvfplnsive chemirfalg. ,f BOB CAROL GEORGE ROBERT POLKINGHORNE PRUSI SIRONEN STENFORS FXR A . 'Fil I A l cARoL 1oHN CAROL1: 5 I "" RANTANEN R1-3114141 ROBERTS AQ EL. 2 1- Q55-:F1Q5hw'f,iQ xxx 1 F 1 BRUCE JAMES KAREN ALFRED STEVENS STONE TENHUNEN , Tnss MER IOELLYN BILL VANN I WAIN I O RON BILL WARREN WASS BERG CAMERA SHY Deanna Antilla Nancy Pascoe Robert Piziali' Lee Sayring Judy Sundberg Nancy Verran LARRY WENDT ERNESTINE KENNETH WILLS YOUNG Mr. Brothexton with "Rhubarb" SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FIRST ROW: lLeft to Rightl David Roos, Treasurer: Karen Stille, President. SECOND ROW: lim Harris, Vice-Pres- idemg jim Aird, Student Council Representativeg Clarice Larson , Secretary. NAN ABBOT , 5 Q' I f X -' A -ar I' w 1 t I x PETER ADAMINI KATY IIM ANNALA BAGGIORE GARY GARY CATTRON CHAMPION CSjOpllOHI7'lOI'QS A I 9- af 3, Y I- ! Q 1 A fi. FAY IANE ANDERSON ANDERSON ANNE MIKE CARILLI CARLSON IIM VIVIAN DARLENE AIRD AKEL ANDERSON ai 1 - ' Iffiw. -, gr- , ,Q do I . X E' , df? 5 'W , if 15+ SCOTT PHIL IEAN BANNON BOGETTO BOND CHRISTIE ROBERT CAROL DAHLSTROM DARLING DATSON DENNIS JIM DOBSON DOMPIERRE 119' HOWARD IOHN ENGLUND ERCH BRUCE STEVE GENSHEIMER GERVAE ISABELLE IIM HALVERSON HARRIS IUNE DANIEL HILL HINTSALA I Q ' I! I IEAN DAVID WALLACE ERICKSON ETELAMAKI ETELAMAK1 BERNARD RU DY FOSCOE GAGNON I I ,l Az A Isl.-'xA I "X- ff I X I 1 DARLENE GLORIA A S GUIZZETTI cuxzzmn BENNY JERRY NANCY GRANLUND GRAVEDON1 Gmym Mr. Wills shows the heart of Katy s mannequin to Biology students. DIANA CYNTHIA DAVID I-IINTSALA HOOPER IMPOLA MARLENE WALTER HERMAN IIERRALA BILL VIRGINIA ISAACSON IACOBSON KURT GEORGE KATHLEEN SANDRA IOHNSON IOKINEN IUI DICI KAESEMAN 37 .YP ALLAN IACK N, L, KANAN E N KE LLY i , A IUNE KORVELA " BRUCE HELEN KEMP ICIVISTO ygqf RONALD CYNTHIA KUIVINEN KURIN FLORENCE CLARICE LANGSON LARSON Iim Aird gives artificial respiration. DIANE KOKKO WILLIAM LAM MI BARBARA LEHTONEN 7 ALVIN IOHN .fl ' KAT H LEE N LUOKKOLA LUOKROLA . A MAKI Ly I A N. -1 , SALLY GORDON TOM LUOMA LYON MAKBLA RONALD RAE WILLIAM LEIVISKA MATTHEWS NICHOLAS 'T A ' A+ If 555311 T' . K f ' E? Q '- I J. as .L , Ii, HOWARD RROOK A , . I ' 4 , M I GENE LANGLOIS IERRY LEKLIN 5,41 , K ,Q -1 xg: 1, .x f w " 4 .N R' IL A THYRA MATTA ELIZABETH NICHOLLS MARTIN 1 IANICE PASCOE PETERSON A .. I 4 -V ,y V I fi Q , - I' , IOHN RICHARD RAADE RINTAMAKI bi I sf I ix ax ' K wi 5' my - , 3 L 5 Y -4 K A , A ' 4 4 u 'Q W 4 L KAREN NANCY ROBERT PETERSON PEURA PEURA LORRAINE DAVID SAVALA SAVOLAINEN A . 3 9 M S ' SY - , A I Iii -,W X' MATT LAURIS DAVID RITOLA ROMBAC K ROOS .-my CAROL WHITE Q ,A X. tvs . rlq GEORGE YOUNG DARLENE WI-IITFORD -I A' a ,I W3 13 I. 5 I Q X Y w I' 3 I LOIS KAREN STEVE ST. IOI-IN STILLE STOLL IOAN PIETILA ff I i PAT RUDNESS TERRY TALO LORETTA POSIO IEROY SALMIO ALVIN THOMAS I "nf I If CATH ERINE WIIG I 'VC 5 "QL " IANET Sophomore Class Party. VIRGINIA YOUNG NELSON KAY WILLIAMSON W 'S ' E I I, - 'x 2.5, ' n. , ' 'I ,Y ,.,,, 9 'sy rf? " X- A- IX IUDY KORPINEN 39 ARLENE MAE NIEMI NIEMI CAMERA SHY Rolfe Anderson Kay Conners Donald Holappa Bob Johnson Lorraine Ioki Betsy Loop Marcia Pascoe David Reichel. David runs lathe in machine shop. HOWARD SIGF RID PARKKONEN PARKKONEN PAUL MARIAN NUMIKOSKI NURMI Boys learn mechanics oi print shop. Home Economic girls learn to change a baby diaper. urerg Candace Prusi, Secretary: Anne Representative. C 9 l'6S men FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: lLeft to Right, Rae Warner, Treas- Kuusisto, President: IIII Hill, Vice-President. CAMERA SI-IY: David Mattson, Student Council PAUL SUSAN AHO AH O IUDY ROGER STANLEY GLENN BLAINE ANTILLA ARBELIUS AIRAU DI AN DE RS ON ANDERSON DENNIS THOMAS ARCAND BALL BARBARA GARY BUSSONE CHAPMAN CAROL GRACE ANN LOUISE BARNEY BARRY BEAN GERALDINE SHARON DONNA CHRISTY COLLINS DRYGE TOM CHARLES BEAUC HAINE BROCK ALVIN GLORIA ET E LAMAKI ET ELAMAKI CHARLES JERRY SHIRLEY CHERYL EWALD FLUUR GARC EAU GI DDINGS 4 1 MARY GUIDEBECK '! .Q N , I o':': ' ' 2' lu' 2 41.17" ' '-Agri: I ., .' '? ff, , mx II LOIS HERMAN IANICE I-IOOPER ED IUCHEMICH SHARON KANTOLA 2 X592 I ADDA HAMILTON I M A N 6 f f d' ,. 'x In 1 I lxuzx K SIX' U E tx-1 . 'ul , 1, CLAYTON HAUPT ws Eff ,L . CARLA ANDREA HEIKKINEN HEMMILA A X 3' I IX. , p..m " , PAULETTE ROY HOLAPPA HOOD KAREN GURCHINOFP .Af IULIE HAATAIA ' - I I I5 ' 'Rani Q I , IILL T, 52 HILL '33 fi". - ' 5-xii? 9' "SKA 15' 2,1-xvx -E RICHARD HILL I ,. ' ' si xxx SALLY IVES DAVID IOHNSON IOY IUTILA RUTH HILL EDEL IoHNsoN R 2 J.. X Q .X gg 4- ff SANDRA HILL DENNIS IOKI PAT SHARON 10141 IOKI WAYNE WALLIS KAMINEN KANGAS Marion does her typing assignment. BERNICE ESTER FRANCIS KAUPPILA KAUPPILA KENI Carol Harmala Sharon Hill Eugene Larson Robert Mathews Rose Nelson Marcia Oja Fred Olson Susan Oster Terry Parlato Christine Pascoe Terry Pascoe Karen Pellinen Sherrill Peterson Carol Pietila Lois Piziali Christine Pohj ala Candace Prusi Gerald Riekki Peggy Thompson Richard Trewhella Ierry Vfoletta Rae Vya -er Iames Wetton Barbara Yelland CAMERA SHY Rita Roberts Thomas Roberts Iudy Rosten Kay Rosten Iean Saari Iohn Saari Peter Schaeffer Sara Shaw Alan Sivula Paulette Smith Ronald Stenfors Alice Stone Ruth Sylvester Dale Talus Ianice Tambling Charlotte Tessmer Clifford Tessmer Iames Thomas Louise Tregonning Gail Vanni Joanne Waino Grayce Warren Iohn Wiig Freshman English Class . Mr. Ghiardl, explaining Michigan history. EIGHTH GRADE CLASS OFFICERS: Cleft to Right! Don Kauppila, Vice-President: Karen Ruokkala, Student Council Representative: Ivan Lahde, President: Dorothy Warren, Treasurer: Grace Nicholas, Rertrefarv giglz tlt Qracfe NORMAN RACHEL ABRAMSON ANTTONBN IEANETTE KEITH CARISON CARLYON ROBERT ' SUSAN DBLONGCHAMP DUCKERT SANDRA BRUCE WAYNE BALDINI BEAUCHAINE BESSOLO IUDITH IOHN MICHAEL CHAMPION CHAPMAN CHETTO JOHN ROBERT IAMES ETELAMAKI ETELAMAKI FILIZETTI RUTH CLIFFORD BORN CARISON IUDITH IUDY DAHISTROM DAVIS IOSE PH ROSAN N E FILIZETTI GAGNON , SUSAN RONALD RUESING SALMER IEAN DAVID TALUS TAMMELI N ARLIN RONALD VIOLETTA WAARA IOANNE CAROL ROBERT SALMINEN SALMIO SAVOLA What's more fun than eating? SUSAN WALI MAA KAREN - s1PPoLA PAUL SMITH IAMES THOMAS DENNIS VEALE IUDY WHITE James Ranta Ray Riberdy Mark Roberts Karen Ruokola Albert Sundine Iohn Thomas Paul Urquhart Roger Walimaa Dorthy Warren BONNIE WOODBRIDGE CAMERA SHY Mavis Anderson Roy Andrews Margaret Arm strong Charles Googren Paul Hahka Ann Hendrick son Susan Hill Paul Hill Ioan joloncn Marlene Iuichemich Gary Korby Donna Kuivinen Marie Maki William Niemi Fred Nurmi Marilyn Pascoe Dennis Prisk ' 'f 'II""U X .,..fxfSIfs2. ,-I. . SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS: QLeft to Right! James Smith, Student Council Repre- sentativeg Gary Bath, President: Karen O11ila,' Treasurer: Nancy Ford: Secretary. CAMERA SHY: Ronald Koski, Vice-President. .i I -A A ' A I X 1 '.AA EF A N s . ' 'X -Pi ' N I I N I , A STEPHEN CAROL ADAMINI AHOLA ILL BEVERLY BANNON BARNEY ' 'Sf -A 'Ii TERRY EDWIN CARLSON CHAMPION evenlfz gmc e GARY RAYMOND ALAN ANDERSON BALL EALZARINI M A ,, . ' ls! QA GARY ERNEST IUDITH BATH EORLACE BOYUM CLAYTON MICHAEL PAULETTE CODY CODY COLLICK 4MfxK 1 1 KATHERINE . BALZARINI ' -g ' 'EE A Y I, A V 4, Q. i. RICHARD BURKE 'L SA 'E-Q5 DONALD COLLINS IEANETTE BANNON A-7 1 E ft 0 , 6191 vivey E' 1, ROGER CARLSON WX DENNIS DARLING 49 DAVID LEONA j PAULETT E BRYAN DELARYE DELORENZI ETELAMAKI FARRAGH DARLA ROBERT IANE DOMPIERRE DOUCETTE ERCK NANCY MARY LOU ROBERT SUSAN FORD GAGNON GERNDT HARSILA -,... ,k,,,,fY461Wa?,g S Lynn and Gary find English books 'Ai j fy intercrstinn. QL' 1 .ea-1,3 ,sg A -ilf I DDn,DDA , O..,-,. x SUSAN TRINA BRUCE IAMES HEISKANEN HELSTEIN HILL HILL i' E RICHARD ALBERT BERNHARD 1 ' K Lf iii HEMMILA HILL HILL I ,-QQ' ax 'Y A PATRICIA SHARON IUDITH ROSE HOLMAN HOLMI IANDREAU IANDREAU PETER ROGER Dom I , Q I HONKALA Hoopsn Honsr .x . M K VERNON LYNNETTE CAROL CAROL IARVI IARVI IOHNSON JOHNSON 50 IAMES DONALD I 3 , ff MAKI MANNILA us 2 .L TIMOTHY CHRISTINA MANTY MASON 5 R .. ROY ME LKA 'Xxx 133 ALAN JOANNE NELSON NORIE L... Q 'T E 'v Map making keeps geography students busy. Liz, RUSSEL KAREN R 1 NURMI OLLILA is' KATHRYN DONALD PARTANEN PELKIE RUTH PILTO A , , KATHLEEN THOMAS RICE RICHARDS .K XX vb! BARBARA RO BE RT S S R I I Rf? M ELV1 N ROS EVEARE PATRICIA SKEWIS ef CELIA SYRIALA JANE THOMAS MERRY CAROL WIIG is 'yy I In -Q, tv ,Ji I b ig- ' '13 x ISABELLE -' IOSEPH RUBATT I Xiu" ,, SHARP ROBERT MICHAEL DENNIS RUESING RYTKONEN SALMER 'Ss i 1 f A... if A -3, 4 A I 'YQ wah. . . x JAMES A BERNARD SMITH X sTANAwAY MICHAEL PAUL SHERRIDAN SMITH SMITH SPIERS pflg. 'nv 'N-If I ' an 'Q 1- V' ELIZABETH DANIEL TAMBLIN TAMMELIN , 6. V Jane and Vernon study arithmetic. , R... Tw 4. "Y" I f . 1 U, ...R K d ROBERT 15, Q I 95' RALPH TURRI fl- I R WAINIO 5, 'W' LRE? 1' i ,. ,- ., , I SHARON CONNIE IOHN m UITTO VEALE WAINIO f N ,E .kk.' ki. 1 - 5 - . k I JOHN MICHAEL WILLIAMSON WILSON DEAN NA WOMMER SH ERRILL YELLAND 13' DANIEL SKEWIS IILL SWANSON DONALD TESSMER - Q v',1 r IOYCE WIIG f- V9' V, sk ' HOWARD WOODBRIDGE , . X .Q I 1 I X 5 1 K U ' U 'li' " ffl" ll' If V. if as -f.x ,f,. F 'ff-f, ? +15-N 3 i N 2 N. if-L. l fl f' 'Q"k ' "W mWNm'R,A'k? . 'f-- swag 1nL..::W -'Y uf wUiiiu .1 A K HM M -if Skim! ,Q fi K, . fl fp fi aw' "Wv ,,n.MwfwY,,fW . 51 ,W f Q Q A i Cgifne In ..,-,...- w"'3,Qr. mm ARB S NW .4 .,..t W i' """""' ' Q 11 Ll? - N F. ' HR1 K 'PSN' 00' DO- .ww S' ' PRONT ROW: QLeft to Rightl Barbara Roos, Head Majorettep Barbara Dawe, Ieanne Sandstrom, Karen Lehto, Marion Whltford, Loretta Etclamaki, Mary Andrews, lack Kelly, William Richards, Mr. Daley. SECOND ROW: Albert Jenkins, Janice Tamblyn, Grayce Warren Bogetto, Rita Roberts, David Savolainen, jane Anderson, Dennis Arcand, Warren Munson, Ioellyn Vanni. THIRD ROW: Sharon Darling, Alton Chapman, Edith Nylander, Barbara Yelland, Ruth Leece, Fred Olson, Nancy Arcand, Virginia Nelson. BACK ROW: Kathleen Maki Rintamaki, Michael Carlson, Ronald Warren, Evelyn Kenedy, Katy Annala, Ken Lehto, Charlette Marta. X ,. jorfnfg on Carl I z'gf1 f A A AX 3 11 'G -J-4 Iiindine, Marcia Oja, Maxine Repola, Joan Violetta, Gordon Lyon, Rae Mathews, Kay Williamson, Diane Kokko, Jean Bond, Gloria I Esther Kauppila, Sandra Gerndt, Karen Stille, Peter Adamini, Wayne Karppinen, Bill Isaacson, Fran LaForest, Steve Gervae, Philip Susan Nelson, Paulette Smith, Tom Makela, James Thomas, Cynthia Kurin, Donna Etelamaki, Sally Louma, Ann Richards, Joanne Pietila, , Gwen Swanson, Jill Heij, Carol Pietila, John Wilg, Kurt Johnson, Dale Hintsala, Dennis Jarvi, Steve Stoll, Larry Lane, Richard llc! tM'f1.K'l.fI'0S -4-a-pa-we CIHCG Qanc! FRONT ROW: CLeft to Rightl Barbara Yelland, Jeanne Sandstrom, Nancy Arcand, Mr. Daley, Edith Nylander. BACK ROW: Dale Hintsala, Wayne Karpplnen, Katy Annala, Gwen Swanson, Peter Adamini, Steve Gervae, Diane Kokko, Karen Lehto, Carol Roberts. lUflI'OI' Band FRONT ROW: KLeft to Rightl Susan Hill, Barbara Herman, Karen Sippola, Richard Jensen, Glenn Etelamaki, Iames Roberts, Ruth Born. SECOND ROW: Tony Galletto, Rosanne Gagnon, Sandra Laitala, Kenny Maki, Albert Sundine, Patty Mino, Ia mes Thomas, Robert Nylander, Keith Johnson, Robert Delongchamp Joanne Kosonen, Grace Nicholas, Peggy Thompson. THIRD ROW: Miss Mary Trolla, Robert Etelamaki, Sandra Matthews, Marie Pirlola, Paulete Nicholas, Phyllis Hin.. ala, Elizabeth Tamblyn, Danny Skewis, Ierry Violetta, Tom Richards, Kathleen Rice Iames Smith, Paul Hakka, Iames Ranta, James Hill, .uw ' ish r . . xr, FRONT ROW: fLeft to Right! Ioellyn Vannl, Barbara Roos, Marilyn Pascoe, Nancy Maki, Judy Smxth, Doris Miljour, Carol Ruokala, Judy Korplnen, Karen Gurchinoff, Ruth Sylvester. BACK ROW: Karen Annelin, Elaine Nurmi, Sandra Collins, Sharon f X ll X' s 60 Qgoafsts of 5355 Y vii an ff Q l 3 sy V . 9 R 5 " h D uw -P -t'6u,.,, " 0 I S L l 3, M , Rae Warren, Marian Nurml. SECOND ROW: Ilona Rubatt, Diane Deschalne, Marcia Pascoe, Ioanne Peterson, Iudy Markettl, Karen Ann Bean, Ioan Vloletta, Carole Roberts, Mr. Daley, Carol Barney, Susan Richards, Andrea Hemmlla, Gail Vannl. W law Jqff- Qbfrf Ql'CAQSfI'ClS O as Aob' 06 0 AA 0 v O u 'YV R 44 0 VV 4 Q 4 i i 5, Q : as Q 1 1-gf ff: ,K O - 1 it 6 O O be y ,y Z 3 h' ,gi A. .. ,., D 4' FRONT ROW. QLeft to Rightl Mr. Daley, Shirley johnson, Marie Pirkola, Francine Laitala, Crystal Lane, Karen Roukala, Grace Susan Hill, Iohn Carolyne, Bmce Iensen, Albert Sundine, Gary Kemp, Gordon Lampi, Mrs. Sundquist. SECOND ROW: Ann Marie White, Mavis Anderson, Ioanne Iuchemich, Patty Mino, Iean Talus, Karen Sippola, Susan Richards, Charles Boogren, Paul James Ranta. BACK ROW: Signi Mattson, Margaret Hoglund, Toni Galetto, Dorothy Warren, Donna Kuivinen, Ruth Bom, Margaret Marlene Neimi, Robert Etelamaki, Iimmy Roberts, Iames Thomas, Charles Prusi, james Smith, joseph Newman, Paul Hakka. even til? Quill CX? GA Ol'lIS FRONT ROW: lLeft to Right! Mr. Daley, Albert Hill, Terry Carslon, Lynn Iohnson, Mason, Beverly Barney, Nicholas Lakarl, Gary Lynette Iarvi, Celia Syrjala. BACK ROW: Roland Koski, Vemon Iarvi, John Williamson, :, his A-415. it ,i I if 1 Q, ? , gfgh th QQDFCLCA? O fl lb' Pascoe, Sandra Baldini, Barbara Herman, Susan Duckert, Phyllis Hintsala, Iudy , Paul Matthews, Fred Nurmi, Paul Iahanen, Walimaa, Ioanne Kosonen, Iean jalonen, i, Carol Ahola, Nancy Ford, Connie Veale, Jane Erck, Sherill Yelland, Isabelle Rubatt, Patty Holman, Alan Nelson, Dale Peterson, Lila Lehto, lane Thomas, Susan Roberts, Mrs. Sundquist. SECOND ROW: Catherine Luoma, Mary Wigg, Ieanette Bannon, Christin' elki, Charles Rintala, Dick Burke, Richard Hemmila, Keith Johnson, James Hill, Dennis Salmer, Susan Heiskanen, Sharon Numikoski Darla Dompierre, Iudy Boyum, Dora Horst, Pamila Ranta, Patty Pellow, Mary Ellen Rintala, Karen Olilla, Dale Kangas, Dennis Darling, Robert Lammi, James Smith, Kathleen Rice, Sharon Uitto, Barbara Roberts, Deanna Wommer. Q i fa ' "' :J , X . . I f'-' ff Q , A Q sw l,. ws., by ' . ' . fi H 2 0 i 0: Ch Y r ia 3' C Q " 1' . W , . 1 L ' i I 0 I . OIHOI' N 1130111610 iLeft to Rightl Iean johnson Alice Dompierre Karen Wigg Nancy Iurmu Sandra Collins Marian Whitford Barbara Dawe jean Sandstrom Julie Kemp Nancy Arcand X. CS-,0l70I1IfA QITICG glISOI71!J!0 FRONT ROW: 1Left to Rightl Nancy Ford, Sherrill Yelland, Darla Dompierre. SECOND ROW: lane Thomas, lane Erck, Karen Olliia. FRONI ROW: Qleft to Rlghtl Marian Whitford, I Sandstrom, lean Leveillie. SECOND ROW: Rogers, Grayce Warren, Nancy Iurmu, Peter Adamini, Donald Gaqon, Peter Paine, Romback, Terry Pascoe. Wings 221161 rlet lLeft ro Rightl David Savolainen Peter Adamini Iames Dompierre Philip Bogetto Tom Makela DI'Cl G , Sharon Parkkonen, Barbara Dawe, Ieanne ien, Tom Makela, Carol Pietila, Marilyn THIRD ROW: Mrs. Sundquist, john Erck, xmes Dompierre, William Richards, Reuven Q 1... K' in . fr n 30215 OIISUIJ ITAA' FRONT ROW: Ilefg to Rightl Wallis Kangas Iohn Erck Reuven Romaback Gerald Koski Francis Keni SECOND ROW: Donald Gagon lack Kelly Eugene Pezzotti Jerry Violetta Edward Cory Q-jl'l'K9 A 6751180111-AA' if' FRONT ROW: 1Left to Rightl Darlene Whitford, Barbara Yelland SECOND ROW: Deanna Antella, Grayce Warren, Janice Peterson, Rita Roberts, Carol Pietila. 5 oppereltes lLefr to Rightj Eunice Johnson Nancy Iohnson Donna Etelamaki Sharon Darling Naoma Laurila Karen Lehto - 4 . 3 Q r 'X 2 f. 'Uv ,L if -ul' "' -is Val, Ext, 'Eb' Sv 'M' 'r 'F FRONT ROW: Kbeft to Right! Marian Whitford, Sandra Collins, Stanley Anderson, Tom Ball, Tom Laitenen, Robert Matthews, David Sav Grayce Warren, Marilyn Rogers, Fred Langson, Gerald Koski, Francis Keni, Wallis Kangas, Tom Roberts, Paul Maki, Alton Chapman, Iohn Erck, Paul Aho, David Mattson, Edward Cory, Peter Chevrette, Donald Gagnon, Ierry Violetta, Ruth Carlson, Donna Etelamz Makela, Philip Bogetto, Dennis Iarvi, lack Kelly, Eugene Pezzotti, Dolores Anderson, Karen Lehto, Naoma Laurila, Sharon Darling, Paul Carollo Robert Racett , e, Iames Thomas, Reuven Romback, James Domplerre, Donald Nurmi, James Wetton, Karen WlQQ. Carol N. 77l21'x0c! Gfzorus :fjI'0Sl'llfS n 'Q k HQ at D Q .G Q 9 -- ' an Q.- tuxu, Deanna Antllla, Norene Hockmg, Ieanne Sandstrom, Lynn Wicklund, Barbara Yelland. SECOND ROW: Sharon Parkkonen, rgihla Karki, Jean Johnson, Iill Heij. THIRD ROW: Harriet Kemp, Kathryn Iohnson, Eunice Johnson, Ianlce Peterson, Peter Adamlni, Rita Roberts. FOURTH ROW: lean Levellle, Ioan Violetta, Susan Ives, Ruth Nicmi, Caryl Sundine, Terry Pascoe, Peter Paine, Tom arjorle Mattson. BACK ROW: Mrs. Sundquist, Ioy Holman, Evelyn Niemi, Nancy Iurmu, Maxine Repola, Alice Dompierre, Iudy Smith, Dawe, Ioanne Fredrlckson, Julie Kemp, William Richards. vw'0l.lc1 77Zfl!iCIllC'l'ClCC2 rn IOHIALCI f 67 an or 'Q' i Q .qw n wk -0 'ku R 75 K uv L' km. : 'lf , I Y' A' 4. a 1 3 4 FRONT ROW: fLeft to Right! Sally Ives, Illl Hill, Lois Pizlali, Kay Rosten, Carla Heikkinen, Kay Connors, Mary Guidebeck, Carol Pilto, Vlylan Akel, Ioan Nieml, Geraldine Christy, Ruth Sylvester, Mae Nleml, Edel Iohnson, Ann LaMere, Sharon Kantola, Patty Haataja, Sandra llill, Clarlce Larson, Bernice Kaupplla, Virginia Jacobson, Carol Liqula, Catherine Wllg, June Hill, Shirley Garceau Kaeseman, Maxine Lahti, Mary Bogetto, Donna Wilson, Karen Dryge, Marilu Dan lelson, Blanche Doucette, Ernestine Wills, Ioyce Nicholls, Carol Lafave, Kathleen Anderson, Sharon Hill, lane Anderson, Nancy Peura, Donna Dryge. ACCOMPANIST: Marcia Pa Qflrfs , glee Z, ,L lf 'fl n VO v 1 r I 1 Qt f uv UO' 'X , nw Wg, K O' ' "' W9 v ' 'F ' S X Q Ry Pe ' he D G-12 na Laiturl, Laurls Romback, Arlene Niemi, Chrlsty Dahlstrom, Judy Rosten, Betsy loop, Dorothy LaMere. SECOND ROW: Jean Saarl, Janet leen Juidlcl, Carol Datson, Nan Abbott, Joy Jutila, Lorraine Savala, Marlene Herman, Gloria Gulzzetti, Lois Herman. THIRD ROW: Julie rson, Darlene Anderson, Sandra Kaeseman, Lois St. John, Sharon Collins, Florence Langson, Joanne Walnlo. FOURTH ROW: Karen Delorme, Jeanne Nleml, Margaret Lucci, Elaine Kivisto, Delores Lahti, Maxine Karhi, Lois Jalonen, Janet Young, Jean Erickson, Elizabeth OR: Miss Mary Trolla. Uctfcfes or ncert it x' w 69 THU B be I bong Sister Sagrario . Sister Marcella . . Sister Maria Jesus . . eniors In the "farewell scene" of their play are: STANDING: Bill Bond Edith G S t Laurila, Ann Richards, Barbara Dawe, Maxine Repola, Barbara Roos Sharon Sister Ioanna of the Cross . Mistress of Novices . Mother Prioress Mother Vicaress Sister Tornera . Sister Inez . . The Doctor . . . The Countryman Teresa . . Antonio . Mother .... Poet in Interlude 70 . Caryl Sundine Ieanne Sandstrom Sharon Darling . Barbara Roos . Maxine Repola . Barbara Dawe . . Ann Richards . Sandra Collins . Naoma Laurila . Tom Anderson . . Fred LaMere . Edith Nylander . William Bond Iulia Parkkonen William Richards ,SS J I ere, Julia Parkkonen, Tom Anderson. SEATED: Sandra Collins, Naoma , andstrom, Caryl Sundlne. Director ................. Berlyene Miller Technical Director . . . . . Mr. Ronald VanTassel Musical Director . ...... William Richards Stage Crew . . . . Steven Stoll, Scott Bannon, Louise Tregonning Costumes ....... Margaret Lucci, Jeanne Niemi, Mary Bogetto, Joyce Peterson, Barbara Roberts, Corrine Laak, Judy Pascoe, Thyra Matta, Darlene Uitto, Darlene Guizzetti, Gloria Etelamaki, Rae Matthews Light Crew ..... ...... E d Cory, Steve Gervae Construction Crew . . Allan Kananen, Esther Kauppila, Pauline Lakanen, Sharon Collins, Lois Herman, Janice Peterson Publicity and Tickets . . .Judy Lakanen, Jean Johnson, Karen Wigg, Katherine Mattson, Helen Kivisto, Ruth Leece Makeup Joy Holman, Joan Violetta, Julie Kemp, ' , Diana Hintsala, Sally Luoma . Properties ....... , Marilyn Rogers, Lynn Wicklund, . Nancy Jurmu, Nancy Grayes, Sharon Melka, Sharon Hill ' Q Prompters ........ Nancy Johnson, Eunice Johnson C Technical Assistant to Mr. VanTassel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Steve Gervae 71 r F! A . mn, K 9 ,fx F I' x 'W ' S N22 ,qw ' as j. X Q 'fx Sports FRONT ROW: CLeft to Right! Ierry Sundberg, Fran Chetto, Bill Isaacson, Don Larson, Pete Paine, Captain: Bob Manske, Dan Maki Jim Garceau lim Collins, Bill Bond, Bill Wassberg. MIDDLE ROW: Pete Chevrette, Paul Carollo, Tom Anderson, Alan Hendrickson, Iohn Riekkl, jack Rlekkl, Marvin Harry, Matt Ritola, Dennis jarvi, Keith Gagnon. BACK ROW: Coach Lowell Morris, LeRoy Iarvi, Richard Ellis, Reuven Romback Rudy Iohnson, Don Gagnon, Bob Pizlali, Paul Polkinohorne. Ron Leiviska. CAMERA SHY: Leroy Salmio, Coach Jack Taylor, and Lee Sayrlng Ed Cory, Student Managers . x I 2 CQCIUHGQ gal? Ifl fllllg CCISOII Negau nee football fans had plenty to cheer about during 1957, as the Miners collected 5 wins out of a total of 8 games. It marks the first time the Miners have had a winning foot ball season since 1954. Following is a summary of Negaunee's grid season: Negaunee 0 Negaunee 19 Negaunee 32 Negaunee 32 Negaunee 13 Negaunee 14 Negaunee 7 Negaunee 14 Stambaugh Newberry Manistique Munising Ishpeming Houghton Marquette Calumet CAPTAIN BOB MANSKE This is a scene from Negaunee's Homecoming Game, which the Miners won by a score of 14-12 , over the Calumet Copper Kings. To add an extra thrill to the occasion, Calumet had been undefeated before their encounter with the Miners. The crowning of the queen took place after the burning of the "Calumet Dummy" the previous night. On the afternoon of the game, a parade was held, and the senior class took first place with their float entitled, "Gunning for Victory. " Second prize was awarded to the Masque and Gavel Club. .GB U ggfllll gilllfllflfff Cgllllllllflfy Record: 3 Wins 2 Losses l Tie. Negaunee . ...... 7 Marquette . . . 7 Negaunee Munising Negaunee Ishpeming Negaunee Munising Negaunee Marquette Negaunee Gladstone 1 Q . 4 X 1 ,- - f 4 f LH 4. '4 JFK' 2, Qllflfjll. beanies! tgcfcfs QS7JClI'A!8 to Vgnzpgofzzffzg Homecoming queen candidates for 1957 were: STANDING: lLeft to Right! Barbara Dawe, Barbara Roos, Darlene Uitto and Nancy Arcand. SITTING: Ann Richards and Iulie Kemp. This year's homecoming queen was Ann Richards. Queen Ann was crowned at the burning of the Calumet dummy by Bob Manske, captain of the football team. Barbara Dawe and Barbara Roos served as Ann's court. x 5 , . .Um gms. J 'nw , . -Agri Q K , , - Q " V . -543 W yi. l A X .ii Y Q iw Q' , 7 K K ,v u gg". ff V . lr. if x -. , ,Q , Lf. - gd if ' ' 3- fawffi A ' ' lik 'hid . X Q ,X - -.f - N glee i K W .1 K K 5 , . I Ag... 5 , .V . , v- R X ' h 1,2 it if hw km e .. K ,.V . E X V: QSL 5 .ht 4 eff, 'xv 2 Yi:-'Kg Q 9 eve. fifihjd -sr nw 5 Urn ' A r K M Q Q K, A A wie ,. N A F I wx Y . . ff- N , 55. . fwfr . Q 5, W Q , A s,.- H I ix .cy ra . 1 ' K . P K A, . Ma" 2,6322 xx 5 Q . K A W-2' V N , , Q Tk r W . , M 1 ' ' "L ' 5 Af Q. ss f 4 " ., W M - H- L- x me J' --f Q ' - . . wg, ag M .,,,m yf gpg . 1 1 - A 2 ' ,. 'Q 1. . 1 - ' .f-'-N QF' 'A t N' . .Q 5 my , , . . 1 X .Q 1 ,4 ' .. x k A swf , - , v. Y , kv' x 4 f- ...W ' Q. 'il A 4 -as H ' vi., fqgylf ,Q ff .2 YY 5:3 .fm iw! N: f. x if . QA , . A Viiisif t . A mf f , : :Ex x f5.'I X ,X 1 -fl ' -X.' Q4 J s Q, .A .KQV i Q S Eff Q wi i f + Q Tia A if . K , 1 X. '34, wif KNEELING: Cleft to Rightl Lee Sayring, Student Manager: Coach Jack Taylor, Jack Riekki, statistician. STANDING Ixm Garceau B111 Bond LeRoy Iarvi, Dan Maki, Marvin Harry, Tom Anderson, Alan Hendrickson, Iohn Riekki, Russ Iacka, Bruce Stevens, Don Larson Bob Piziali Marty Isaacson Bob Manske, Paul Rosten. Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee. Negaunee. . Negaunee .. Negaunee .. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee. Negaunee . 80 H1 Q 'FS HUG C Q18 GCISOI1 konwood .. . Bessmer. Newbeny . Soo ...... Traverse City . Ishpenung. .. hdunising .. hdarquette .. hdanistique . Soo ..... Kingsford . Stephenson . hdarquette . . Ishpenung . . hdunising . FRONT ROW: QLeft to Righty Kon ueviska, Billy Isaacson, Matt Ritola, Howard Parkkonen, Howard Krook Alvin Thomas Coach Dominic Ghlardi. SECOND ROW: David Etelamaki, Kurt Johnson, Gene Ianglois, David Impola, Terry Talo James Harris Tom Makela Iames Alrd. CAMERA SHY: Iames Domplerre. Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Negaunee Cshquacf gnjoys inning eason 54 Baraga . . Marquette . Ishpeming . hdunising . hAarquette Ishpenung Kingsford . Stephenson hdarquette. Ishpenung. hdunising FRONT ROWI iLeft to Rightj David Johnson, Allen Sivula, David Mattson, Dale Numikoski, Richard Trewhella, Gary Chapman, Terry Parlotto' TOP ROW? Dennis Afcafldl Ken I-91110, Jim Thomas, Charles Brock, Raymond Maki, Peter Chaeffer, Coach Lodie Morris. FRONT ROW: QLeft to Rightl Paul Hahka, James Ranta, Ronald Salmer, Iames Thomas, Donald Kaupplla, Dennis Veale, Ronald Hill, Dean Delongchamp, Paul Smith, Bruce Beauchaine, Daryl Robare, Ivan Lahde. TOP ROW: Iohn Williamson, Paul I-lonkola, Roy Mclka, Gary Bath, Roland Koski, Richard Kent, Nicky Lakari, Lenny Laurila, Melvin Roseveare, Coach Arthur Wassburg. CAMERA SHY: Bryon Farragh. Tom Anderson, Negaunee's star in the mile, does it agalnl '957 Doug Niemi Tom Anderson Bill Bond Iim Collins Marty Isaacson Russ Iacka Don Larson Dan Maki Bob Manske Pete Paine jack Riekki Paul Rosten Ierry Smith Jerry Sundberg Marvin Harry Rudy Johnson Bob Piziali Kurt Iohnson Alvin Thomas Lee Sayring ' Ken Armstrong Pete Chevrette Richie Ellis Cgrac C9261 In Keith Gagnon Reuven Romback Alan Hendrickso Dale Hintsala Dennis Iarvi David LaMere John Riekki Bill Wassberg Peter Adamini Scott Bannon Robert Darling Dennis Dobson Wallace Etelama Rudy Gagnon Steve Gervae Billy Isaacson Allan Kananen Bruce Kemp Michael Kempai Howard Krook Gene Langlois Ronald Leiviska LeRoy Salmio Lodie Morris, Coach Leading school cheers are the Varsity Cheerleaders. LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Levlllle, Ginger Karkl, Grace Mattson, Julia Parkkonen, Barbara Roos N. H. S. down the field Never yield, raise high your shield March on to victory For N. H. S. and the maize and blue. N. H. S. we're for you Here for you to cheer for you We have no fear for you Oh, N. H. S. Keeping a strong school spirit are "B" Team Cheerleaders: STANDING: lLeEt to Rightl Darlene Anderson, Ruth Hill. KNEELING: Clarice Larson, Jill Hill. 85 772c1jb1'0ttes f1'gf1f1'gf1.t f 'T .Ji sf an NH! 'MJ n BARBARA ROOS ? LEFT TO RIGHT: Ioan Niemi, Ilona Rubatt, Katherine v'4 Z A va A m KATHERINE MATTSON 10 at QCIIIIQS Darkkonen, Barbara Roos, Nancy Maki, jill Hill, Vivian Akel. ILONA RUBATT The Negaunee Majorettes, under the direction of Mr. Walter Daley, provided spectacular half time entertainment at the Soo, Marquette, and Ishpeming basketball games. They are composed of five senior girls, a freshman girl, a sophomore girl, and an eighth grade girl. The five seniors marched with the band for several parades and during half time at the high school football games. The majorettes sponsored rock 'n' roll dances for the junior high students in the school gymnasium. IULIA PARKKONEN 8 7 .YJ ,1 V' 311' ffl ' ,HJ 4' 4 4 1 , I fxqpi ,,f 45' 'Q,"Zq,.v K9 f H 4, K3 xxXX AUX -1 x Ynczrsque ancl Qclvepf Kas get K KBOCIFC! of QjOl70I'IlUl'S Nancy Jurmu, Delores Anderson, Ioy Holman, and Keith Gagnon evaluate the points submitted by students desiring membership in the Masque and Gavel. CAMERA SHY: Naoma Laurila. Iim, julia, lean, Ioy, and Pat model hats and masks, prepared by members, while selling tickets for the Halloween dance the Masque and Gavel sponsored for Negaunee students in the school gymnasium. Nancy Johnson, Naoma Laurila, Lois Piziali, Garceau, Loretta Posio, Paul Rosten, Bob M Helen Kivisto, Cynthia Kurin, Ierry Sundberg, Kathy Prusi, Delores Anderson, Iulie Kemp Riekki, lim Aird, Darlene Guizzetti, Donna Etl Gagnon, Marty Isaacson, Lois Herman, Fred LaMere, Karen Gurchinoff, Nancy Iurmu Kathy Mattson, Marilyn Rogers, Gloria Etlamak Parkkinen, Pat Palm Steve Stoll. 1 r Wlffll- projects ette, Dan Maki, Pete Chevrette, Shirley Elohnson, Ianice Tambling, Iudy Korpinen, ll, Richie Ellis, Ioy Holman, Sharon Darling, ickson, Sharon Melka, Nancy Grayes, Iack oilanen, Tom Anderson, Candy Prusi, Keith la, Carol Prusi, Iudy Pascoe, Ann Richards, 1, Pat Gorst, Barbara Roberts, Lynn Wicklund, Iulia Parkkinen, Rueven Romback, Margaret e and Gavel members gave to the children at 'lg them on this trip was the Chorale, which commit Presiding officers for the Masque and Gavel this year are Pete Cheverette, President: Ann Richards, Secretary and Treasurer: and Bob Manske, Student Council Representative. CAMERA SHY: Fred LaMere, Vice-President. -fl- 1. Masque and Gavel members Fred LaMere, Steven Stoll, Ann Richards, and Bob Man ke, and special guest Mr. Brotherton enjoy the delicious food prepared by Miss Mille, at the Masque and Gavel Christmas banquet. CSjfllClQIlf GOUIICI. eahks QS3fll,C!0'I1f Body an C7210-malty Student Council is shown here discussing a future project. SEATED: fLeft to Rlghtl Robert Manske, Martin lssacson, Jean Johnson, Elaine Nurmi Susan Ives, Jean Hendrickson. STANDING: Daniel Maki, Jim Aird, Alan Hendrickson, Rudy Maki and Iames Smith. CAMERA SHY: Ed Cory, Julia Parkkonen, Ioy Holman, Karen Stille, Anne Kuusisto, David Mattson, Ivan Lahde, Karen Ruokkola, Gary Bath. aw, '5 t Representatives are chosen annually from the different classes and larger school clubs to serve on the Student Council, which acts as a link between the faculty and the student body. Some of the projects which the council had part in this year were: trying for a new electric score- board for the football field through the magazine sales credit system, backing a code of dress rules for the students, sponsoring junior high dances and selecting the various programs that are presented in the assembly during the school year. kgucfie Cwtomas ante' , 1957 kguoffee In-ner Miss Judie Thomas, member of the 1957 graduating class was awarded the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. Judie was outstanding in extra-curricular activities and maintained a high scholastic record. To continue her education, Judie has enrolled in Northern Michigan College of Education in Marquette, Michigan where she is majoring in French. She was the third winner of the scholar- ship first awarded in 1955. NATIO NAL HONOR SOCIETY Mr. Tom Pellow presents Judy with a dictionary which is awarded along with the Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. fn mf Tlatfonczf gforzor Doczbty xi? ? 5 EL cgeventeen 77fZQl7'L6QI'S Seventeen members of the Class of 1957 were elected to the membership in the National Honor Society. Factors considered were scholarship, leadership, service and character. This list comprises fifteen per cent of the class. 1. Diane Kathleen Anderson 2. Rodney James Bessolo 3. Richard Charles Born 4. Florence Ann Ellis 5. Patricia Ann Hampton 6. William Toby Hyry 7. Leonard William Isaacson 8. Arlene Yvonne Kempainen 9. Carol Ann Kokko 10. June Pauline Laukka 11. Kathryn Helen MacDonald 12. Ruth Ellen Makela 13. Karen Ann Maki 14. Maila Veber Mallett 15. Anita Jane Nurmi 16. Judith Lynn Thomas 17. Edward Forrest Vanni 93 The girls learned another use for the nose besides smelling. Miss Kulju ? ? ? usy yea r or rz,-5Z6.- History has been made! For the first time the Negaunee Tri-Hi-Y has sent delegates to Tri-Hi-Y camp at Torch Lake and to Tri-Hi-Y legislature in Lansing. Both experiences were a profitable ed- ucational gain to the club and especially to the delegates. Religion has been their main project this past year. In studying the different faiths they have had speakers from different denominations and also visited many churches. In addition some of the usual activities have taken place, such as a bake sale, a world service project to help build a chapel in Korea, a homecoming float, halloween party, banquet to celebrate the end of exams, polio collection at the games and many others. This year, like all other years, the Tri-Hi-Y has been a happy and busy service organization. IZCQTS Advisor .... . . . Miss Kulju Secretary ..... . . Nancy Dobson President .... . . Maxine Repola Social Secretary . . . .Karen Annelin Vice-President . . .Edith Nylander Historian .... . Carol Rantanen Treasurer .... . . Karen Wigg Chaplain .... . Caryl Sundine Attending a worship service headed by Chaplain Caryl Sundine, are the following: FRONT ROW: CLeft to Rlghtl Mary Lou Andrews, Jean Iohnson, Carol Rantanen, Diane Deschaine, Ioellyn Vanni, Karen Annelin, Maxine Repola, Elaine Nurml. SECOND ROW: Karen Peterson, Marcia Pascoe, Judy Korpinen, Ioan Borlace, Sandra Gemdt, Karen Wigg, Ruth Niemi, Barbara Dawe. STANDING: Miss Kulju, Edith Nylander, Barbara Roos, Ilona Rubatt, Nancy Dobson. CAMERA SHY: Sandra Collins, Alice Domplerre, Kay Williamson. Nylander ln Lansing. The "Scrub 'em" theme came true. Mrs. Waters teaches SLAAMS the tricks to keep the library running smoothly. They are BACK ROW: KLeft to Right! Mrs. Waters, Evelyn Niemi, Evelyn Kennedy, Ruth Niemi, Diane Deschaine, Carol Prusi, Grace Mattson, Lois Ialonen. FRONT ROW: Harriet Kemp, Margie Mattson, Maxine Karhi, Carol Rantanen, Jean Hendrickson. CAMERA SHY: Judy Pascoe, Karen Kaseman. Sl-AAMS sfearn Lise Gare! tgncfex to fefp Cgtucfents The Student Librarian Assistant Association of Michigan members help students in using the library and assist with the circulation of books, pamphlets and magazines. The SLAAMS is not all work and no play. There is also a social side of the SLAAMS' meeting, at which the following officers preside: President, Judy Pascoe: Vice-President, Ruth Niemig Secretary, Evelyn Niemig Treasurer, Diane Deschaine, Student Council Representative, Iean Hendrickson. Mrs. Waters is their advisor. Busy wrapping Christmas gifts, the Future Nurses are LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Williams, Karen Wigg, lean Johnson, Barbara Dawe, Elizabeth Nicholls, Carol Datson, Kaye Williamson CAMERA SHY: Mary Lou Andrews, Karen Annelin, Ioan Borlace, Mariorie Mattson, Elaine Nurmi and Carole Roberts. Q9 u ture urses repare nnua. nsbmas 11 9 ets Starting their busy year, the Future Nurses Club prepared Christmas baskets. The Club's members were co-sponsors for the St. Patrick's day treats for the people at the Negaunee and Palmer con- valescent homes, made visits to local hospitals , and assisted the school nurse in testing the students' eyes and in giving T. B. tests. Members of the club also discussed numerous nursing schools they would like to attend. Presiding as this year's officers of the club are: President, Barbara Dawep Vice-President, Karen Annelin, Secretary, Karen Wiggp Treasurer, Elaine Nurmig Student Council Representative, Iean Iohnsonp Advisor, Mrs. Williams. Q LZ .gcfopts tmofnt Systenz SITTING: lLeft to Rightl Clarice Larson, Helen Klvisto, Darlene Guizzetti, Diane Hintsala, Nancy Grayes, Marsha Oja, Gearldine Christi. ING: lean Ann Bond, Carol Datson, Kay Connors, Anne Carilli, Katy Annala, Jean Erickson, Kathleen Iuidici, Alice Stone, Thyra Matta. SHY: Marsha Pascoe. The G.A.A. has adopted a point system this year so the members will be able to earn awards. A girl gets points for every sport she participates in and at the end of the year these points are compiled to see what each girl has earned. This is very well liked by the girls because never before in our school has a girl had the chance to earn her own letter. Some of the sports that are played are. . soccer, volley- ball, basketball, deck tennis, bowling, tennis and soft- ball. 98 Mrs. Peters, advisor for first half of the year. Qfjqcers Busy looking over the newly formed constitution are the officers of the G.A.A. SITTING: fLeft to Right! Iulla Parkkonen, Student Council, Ioy Holman, President: Gwen Swanson, Treasurer. STANDING: Judy Korplnen, Sandra Gerndt, 1111 Levine and Nancy Dobson, Board of Directors. CAMERA SHY: Carolyn Jacobson, Secretary. Action from a basketball game. Players are: Joy Holman, Nancy Dobson, Julia Parkkonen. STANDING: CLeft to Rightl Esther Kauppila, Shirley Johnson, Dorothy Warren, Toni Galleto. SEATED Karen Mitchell Miss Brumm, Ioanne Iuchemich, Carol Mattson. CAMERA SHY: Sara Shaw, Rae Warner. 'D Y QD at geeg O New is certainly the best word to describe the Debate Club. Miss Brumm, the leader of nine girls who were unfamiliar with debating , took the team to two debates. They came home with a 501, average. The question used to debate was, "Resolved that direct United States economic aid should be limited to technical assistants and disaster relief. " OI'QI'LSl7C CS3tU,C!QfLtS wept gusty g 772133 mfiller Under the direction of Miss Berlyene Miller, Negaunee's forensic students had a busy spring. A forensic student could always be detected in the crowd by the way he kept muttering his declamation under his breath. Giving her declamation for fellow Forensic students is Gwen Swanson. Listeners are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Connors, Karen Mitchell, Carol Mattson, Karen Stille. CAMERA SHY: Barbara Dawe, Pat Gorst, Carolyn Jacobson, Naoma Laurila, Edith Nylander, Iulia Parkkonen, Ann Richards, Bill Richards, Barbara Roos, Darlene Uitto. 101 In a joint meeting are the two Horizon Clubs with Edith Nylander presiding FIRST ROW KLeit to Rightl Lynn Wtcklund Nancy Arcand, Barbara Roos, Ilona Rubatt. SECOND ROW: Gwen Swanson, Karen Wigg Marion Whitford Barbara Dawe Ioy Holman Iulia Parkkonen, Jean Sandstrom. THIRD ROW: Julie Kemp, Jean Iohnson. CAMERA SHY Nancy Iurmu Alice Dompierre Sandra Collins 5160,-,son Cfufus ave omt meeting During the past year .the two Senior Horizon Clubs have been busy with many projects. Besides taking part in the annual Camp Fire Carnival, the girls have been frequently called upon to assist leaders with Bluebird groups. Most of the girls have been members of this fine organization for approximately ten years, so they have really earned the honor of belonging to Horizon Club. The advisors of the clubs are Mrs. Iohn H. Johnson and Mrs. Sheldon Collins. 102 ' . Q. Q5 . OIIIOI' Qtr! CSBCOUIS COCIFII Lll'SIl'lg Urs SCOUT SLOGAN: "Do A Good Turn Daily. " SCOUT MOTTO: "Be Prepared. " Each of the Senior Scouts earned their Hospital Aide Bar Pins by contributing thirty volunteer hours of service at Francis A. Bell Memorial Hospital. This was the second troop in Marquette County to earn this award. Three of the Senior Scouts, Iudy Lisa, Iudy Marketty, and Nancy Dobson earned the Forest Aide Bar by working in the school forest. Making corsages for the patients at the Negaunee Convalescent Home are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Naoma Laurila, Nancy Iohnson, Euncxe Iohnson Iudy Schelinski, Ioan Violetta, Mrs. Dobson, Sharon Darling, Nancy Dobson, Ann Richards, Geraldine Kutchie. Watching Darlene Ultto, Pat Palm, and Iulia Parkkonen type on the new electric typewriters are: STANDING: KLeft to Rlghtl Caryl Sundine, Nancy Iohnson, Kathy Mattson, Susan Ives, Kathryn Johnson, Alice Dompierre, Ruth Niemi, Gwen Swanson, Margaret Parkinen, Miss Ianlce Gibson, Ad- visor. SEATED: Karen Lehto, Ioan Niemx, Ilona Rubatt, Ieanne Sandstrom. ,S V ewfy Cgdornwcf GOITIIHQFCYTCZX ?V A S mins xperfence The newly organized Commercial Club is composed of seniors and is advised by Miss Ianice Gibson. The officers are: Darlene Uitto, President: Jeanne Sandstrom, Vice- President: Caryl Sundine, Treasurer: Nancy Johnson, Secretary: Susan Ives, Student Coun- cil Representative. During the school year, the girls put on a successful bake sale to raise funds for their future activities. Noted persons in the commercial field gave talks advising the girls on different phases of business. The club also went on some delightful and bene- ficial excursions to business places to gain some helpful tips on what to expect on their future jobs. Exams caused quite a commotion as the club planned a banquet to celebrate the end of the half by stuffing themselves with Italian spaghetti and other delectable foods. 104 X s W' , . x 5 1 1 1 Q N ff 1 Qdgsix 1 Q 2 '54 ' Y K- X N . . .f in , , V .11 ,K N 5 K -Q, g psfx 'S- Q, -. , Nun ,. N Vt1u.Gi PSI'-531 ' -. it . I X I W 4 . X, wp X 1 X ' ,WL i S - in 720ml Gfufn cQfkrs .Effort for 6'illf!IllSl.C1SfS fligf Q " kg , 1 . S - Xfelllng "trackl " are some of the members of the new Ski Club: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lou Andrews, Sue Ives, Ierry Vloletta, Leona Kananen, Ioan Vloletta, Gwen Swanson, Nancy Dobson. CAMERA SHY: Lee Erck, Jerry Sundberg, B111 Johnson, Scott Bannon, Alton ' Chapman, Tom Anderson, Ilm Harris, Joy Holman, Steve Stoll, Fritz Olson, Allan Kananen, Ilona Rubatt, Sharon Darling, Donna Etelamaki. effz-M Lee Erck ......... President Leona Kananen . Secretary-Treasurer joy Holman ..... Student Council Ierry Sundberg . . . jumping Cantaln Ilm Harris . Downhill Slalom Captain Miss Brumm ......... Advisor Miss I-llll.Downh1l1 Slalom Instructor 1959 Olympic Team ???? 107 Karen Wlgg and lean Johnson get the last issue ready. Planning for the March issue are Bob Polklnghorne and Paul Carollo. me nu. N1 Trying to meet the deadline for the paper, Johnson, Ruthie Nlemi, Ioy Holman, Iudy Iean Hendrickson, Darlene Uitto, Ca Lee Armstrong, Paul Carollo, Carolyn looking up information are Kathleengirusl and Carol Rantanen, editors of the April issue. QCOAVICJ CSD! l CCO Darlene Ultto and Katheryn Mattson plan for the September issue. Staff is: LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Wigg, lean letta, Carol Rantanen, Katherine Mattson, eschaine, Grace Mattson. CAMERA SHY: kinghorne, Kathleen Prusi. f for geotatlng gcfitors 1 aa.,-J S-f - .9 Reading the stories for the December issue are Ioan Vloletta and Lee Armstrong. Edi tors of the November issue lean Hendrickson, Judy Pascoe and Ioy Holman, make the dummy sheets. Discussing the February issue of the paper are Grace Mattson, Ruth Niemi and Carolyn Iacobson. The October issue of the paper is discussed by Carol Prusi and Diane De schaine . sing now. as the Cghenw.. With the usual hurry and scurry of annual staffs, the journalism class sent in the sixth Negaunee High School Pioneer to the printers. Heading this year's book was jean Johnson, with Grace Mattson as Iunior Editor. Both girls, along with Karen Wigg, attended the summer workshop for high school publications at Michigan State University. Their scholarships were sponsored by the V. F.W. , the B. P. O. E. , and the United Steelworkers of America, of Negaunee. 0 Planning the 1958 Pioneer are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Deschaine, Iunior BusirEssManager: Jean Hendrickson, Katheryn Mattson, Darlene Uitto, Senior Business Managers: lean Johnson, Senior Editor: Grace Mattson, Iunior Editor. Busy with last minute preparations of the Pioneer are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Prusi, Karen Wigg, Ioy Holman, Judy Pascoe, Ruthie Niemi, Ioan Violetta, Carol Rantanen. CAMERA SHY: Lee Armstrong, Carolyn Iacobson, Bob Polkinghorne, Kathleen Prusi, Paul Carollo. -Y- gj- 35' 3 V- xx the gOllIfl1G!I'Sl71 Glass resent the 1958 icpfoneer 'I N is 69 gk Cll77C'l'Cl Gfuo Cgjtucfzles tcbrofessrona WZ,-A Studying professional work are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Iulia Parkkonen, Ioyi Holman, Ilona Rubatt, Barbara Lehtonen. CAMERA SI-IY: Alan Kananen, Iim Harris, Sandra Gerdnt, Iames Stone, Karen Annelin, Diane Deschaine. ' 112 The Camera Club's main assignment is to take snapshots ofthe classrooms, parties, assemblies and other school activities during the school year for the Pioneer. Students from grades nine through twelve are able to join the Camera Club. There are no elected officers as the photographers are supervised by the Pioneer editors. 'il ann ul 'Sera ll .sts ,,,,,fQfeJ Qi.- A . s--L..., ,, . Wg, , , r-...4 mn Zmrmatiunal Bunnrarp Shrimp ti1rl5igh Smunl Zuumalisrs Discussing good points of other school papers are the members of Quill and Scroll. LEFT TO RIGHT: Iudy Pascoe, lean Johnson, Darlene Uitto, Jean Hendrickson, Katherine Mattson. , Five members of the 1958 graduating class achiev- ed recognition in journalism during their high school year. They were admitted into the Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society for High School Iournalists . The local chapter of the Quill and Scroll was established in Negaunee High School, November 25, 1953. wx K x ' I I 'S 'H x if .Q f N R AL EH ff' . ' QW , ' ...:A 'L :EE i. H N211 geiclzarcfs Lmrfncqoaf MRS. MYRTLE DeFANT Secretary To Principal MISS MARIAN ANNEAR ,Q'l'l435i?2?2 Q, ND 5. W Qofrn Qguperlnten-nczlennt A Y W K A v S cretary To Superintendent 117 MR. H. I. ANIIIRSON - Mr. H. I. Anderson fomlerly of Marquette, is the father of two girls. I-Ie attended Gustavlus Adolphus College and the University of Chicago, to gain training for his job. He teaches physics and science, and also serves as guldance counselor. MISS ARNETH - looking behind a big smile one can usually see Miss Ameth. Her smiles have been going out to her ninth grade English students and the Future Teachers Club which she heads and also to the rest of the students and faculty members of N.H.S. for more than three decades. MR. BROTHERION - Mr. Brotherton has a very remarkable talent when lt comes to teaching. He can draw the shyest students out of their shells to participate in class projects. He does this in a subtle way thus the student hardly realizes that he is no longer shy. By the way Mr. Brotherton is very fond of cats and Music- Cats Music Students. What a combination! MISS BRUMM - Among the new faces ln our school Miss Brumm appeared this year. Her cooperation ln leading Debate, Ski Club, and the Junior Class Play was certainly a blessing to many of the students. MISS DOROTHY CRASE - Miss Dorothy Crase, a newcomer to our school, teaches seventh and eighth grade social studies. Her home town is Rockland, Michigan, and her choice of col- leges, was Northem Michigan College of Education. MR. WALTER DALEY - Our very capable band instructor is Mr. Walter Daley. Mr. Daley also gives private lessons to up and coming musicians. Mr. Daley plays several instruments, in- cluding the comet, the violin and the clarinet. MR. DALLY - Mr. Dally, a father and grandfather, is originally from Natlonal Mlne. He attended hlgh school in Gwinn and college at Northern and the Unlverslty of Michigan. He feels that he is different from others ln that he tries to stay young with the students he teaches. MR. CHESTER DAUMITZ - Mr. Daumitz, teacher of chemistry and drivers' education, hails from Stambaugh. He attended Wisconsin State College, Michigan State Unlverslty, and the University of Minnesota. Mr. Daumltz's main hobby ls traveling. MRS. MARILYN PLANNIGAN - Mrs. Flannlgan, the mother of four children comes from Duluth, Minnesota, and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She has done some traveling and says, "My social security number is what makes me different from most other people. " MR. DOMINIC GHIARDI - Mr. Ghlardl teaches general business, clvlcs, and coaches basketball and football. He graduated from Northem Michigan College, and was a lieutenant in the U.S. C. G. Amphibious Corps. MISS IANICE GIBSON - Miss Gibson teaches advanced typing, stenography II, business machines, and retailing. She is a grad- uate from Northern Michigan College and was chosen as the out- standing senior woman there. She was a delegate to the Citizens' Conference on Education in Lansing. MR. EMIL GIMSE - Mr. Glmse, teacher of woodshop, art, me- chanical drawing and crafts, resides in Marquette with his wife and two children. He is a graduate of Northern Michigan College and ls formerly of Gwinn, Michigan. MR. RICHARD HEIDEMANN - Mr. Heldemann, teacher of history and social studles, attended the University of Michigan, Northam, and the University of Wisconsin. He is a natlve of Ironwood and served in the U.S. Navy during World War I, and was night ed- itor of the Michigan Daily paper for one year. Mr. Heidemann, is married and has five children. MR. KENNEIHHEIM - Mr. Helm, a graduate of Northem Michigan College, teaches metal shop, crafts, and electricity He has been to California twice and belongs to the National Guard He ls originally of Bark River. MR. RONALD HESCOTT - Mr. Hescott, of Nahma, attended the Salvation Seminary, University of Mexico, and Northem Michigan College. A teacher of Spanish ,' Latin, and world history, he left us tn February to do graduate work at the University of Mexico. MISS CHARLENE HILL - Miss Hill, our new girls' physical ed ucatlon teacher, lives in Ishpeming. She graduated from Northern Michigan College and formerly taught In Menomlnee She has worked at Champion Beach during the summer as a llfe guard MRS. MARCELLA I-IOUSEMAN - Mrs. Houseman teaches home- making to the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. She is from Palermo, Maine and she graduated from Nasson College. MISS ANNA KULJU - Miss Kulju teaches homemaking to girls of St. Pau1's school as well as Negaunee High A native of Ishpemlng , she graduated from Northern Michigan College and the University of Michigan. Miss Kulju is advisor to the Trl Hi-Y and she claims that she is breathing of the same molecules of air that Caesar breathed. MRS. MARY MATTHEWS - Mrs. Matthews, who teaches eighth grade arithmetic, is a sister of Mr. Robert Northey, another math teacher at N.H.S. She attended Northern Michigan College and the University of Michigan. MR. LOWELL MORRIS - Mr. Morris, the father of two girls is Negaunee's football coach. He was active in sports when he was attending college at Superior State, Northern State Teachers' College, and the University of Michigan. He is formerly of Rhinelander, Wisconsin. MR. PAUL MELI Mr. Meli, the government and sociology teacher, is married and has three children. He is formerly of Ishpeming,.Mlch1gan, and has attended Albion College and the University of Michigan. Mr. Meli is an athletic official, and he has served three years in the Air Force. MISS BERLYENE MILLER - Miss Miller teaches senior English and she also directed the senior class play. Her home town is Ada, Oklahoma, and she has attended East Central College, and the University of Iowa. MISS DOROTHY MILLER - Miss Miller, the eighth grade English teacher has attended Northern and Westem Michigan Colleges. She has traveled to Hawaii, Canada, New York, and California. Miss Miller is a native of Negaunee. MR. ROBERT NORTHEY - Mr. Northey, a native of Negaunee, and graduate of Northem Michigan College and the University of Michigan, teaches plane and solid geometry, advanced and college algebra, and trig. Mr. Northey served for five years in the U.S. Army and he is an athletic official. T? MR. LEINO PYNNONEN - Mr. Pynnonen, teacher of science at N. H. S. , graduated from Northern Michigan and the University of Michigan. Mr. Pynnonen is the advisor to the Hi-Y Club. He spends his spare moments with his two children. MR. AL RUDNESS - Mr. Rudness, a graduate of Northern and the University of Michigan, teaches junior high math, printing, drafting, and woodwork. Mr. Rudness has been a Boy Scout leader for 21 years with a Silver Beaver Award. He was for- merly a coach and has been an athletic official for 31 years. Mr. Rudness is married and has two children MISS IRENE RUSZKOWSK1 - Miss Ruszkowski, whose home town is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attended Duquesne University and Columbia University. In Negaunee, she teaches tenth grade English and French. Miss Ruszkowskiis also the advisor to the Nee-Hy-Nuz and Pioneer staffs. MR. JACK TAYLOR - Mr. Taylor, basketball coach, was chosen as Coach of the Year in 1957. He ls from Niagra, Wisconsin, is married and has three children. MR. VICTOR TOIVONEN - Mr. Toivonen teaches woodshop, crafts, and auto mechanics. He is a graduate of Michigan State Univer- sity, and is formerly of Iron River, Michigan. He is married and has four children. MISS MARY TROLLA - Mlss Trolla joined the N.H.S. faculty last year as a music instructor. She is from Wakefield and attended Northern. Her skill at playing the trumpet is one of her out- standing talents . MISS ELSIE TULLBERG - Miss Tullberg, a native of Negaunee, teaches art at N. H.S. .A graduate of Negaunee High and Northern Michigan College, she says lt seems as though she has helped 9,999 students in art so far in her teaching career. MR. MATT VANNI - Mr. Vanni, a native of Negaunee, teaches machine woodwork, carpentry, cablnet making, and wood finish- ing. He is married and has five children. He has attended Bradley University and the University of Michigan. MR. LAWRENCE WALLIN - Mr. Wallin is from Hibbing, Minnesota and attended Hibbing Iunlor College and the University of Minnesota. He teaches American history and world history. MR. ARTHUR WASSBERG - Mr. Wassberg is a graduate of Northern and the University of Michigan. He teaches typing and coaches the Iunlor High Basketball team. MR. OSCAR WASSBERG - Mr. Wassberg is a football coach at N.H.S. He also teaches seventh grade arithmetic. His home town is Negaunee and he is a brother to Mr. Arthur Wassberg, also a faculty member. He ls married to the former Alma Carlson and they have one son. MRS. MARGUERXTE I. WATERS - Mrs. Waters, originally from Ironwood, is the librarian. As far as she knows, she owns more cats than anyone else. . . so she says. Camera Shy 2 MRS. ARDES WILLIAMSON - Mrs. Williamson is the wife of N. H.S. 's business manager, George Williamson. Her home town is Kane, Pennsylvania, and she has attended Northwestern University and the University of Chicago. She teaches algebra, general math, arithmetic. MRS. MURIEL WILLS - Mrs. Wills jolned us at the end of the first semester to take the place of Mr. VanTassel. She ls the wife of Mr. Verl Wills, also a teacher ln N. H.S. MR. VERL WILLS - Mr. Wills, the biology, psychology, and physiology teacher has had two of his students place first ln annual Science Fair competition. Mr. Wills is from Palmer, and has attended Northern Michigan College. He served with the Army Medical Crops during World War II. MR. CHARLES WHITE - Mr. White, teacher of shorthand, typing, and drivers' education, graduated from Northem Michigan College and the University of Michigan. Mr. White served four years in World War II. He is formerly of Ishpemlng, Michigan. MRS. IEAN SUNDQUIST - Mrs. Sundquist teaches choral music, general music, and music appreciation. She graduated from Northern Michigan College and the University of Michigan and did graduate work at Yale University last year. Being very ln- terested in music, Mrs. Sundqulst says she hates to see the senior musicians leave. Mrs. Sundquist has two children, Marc and julie. Camera Shy MRS. AMANDA WILLIAMS - Mrs. Williams, the first school nurse in Negaunee, has been here for eighteen out of her forty years in the profession. Keeping the nursing profession in the family, her mother and her only daughter also attended Augustana in Chicago to become R. N. 's. OCLFC! O , Cgcfucatlon Taking time out for the camera are: LEFT TO RIGHT: Samuel M. Ford, Trustee: Mrs. Laila Rivers, Secretary, Thomas L. Collins, Trustee: Leslie W. Richards, President, Alvin C. Hampton, Treasurer, T. George Williamson, Business Manager. www SQ' ab Skigxdgwfg W2-ce' 'X W. af 1 i, f ff' I X wb 1 fs 4.3 'inks U E533 ,N 2? M ' 2925 fgmma i f H x ...- Q. Z 43.5 I, ,Lg K' .lgkk . K , ' NX Q .L A W . R ' 'Q 4 LM. as SWE .5 gdb 9' H. W X X . ,Q R my Q ' ,if .-' J 9 53 G 1- Cp. - L .K f K, wi -if A Q - -.Q if Q ' Y a, . f' X- Q t, ', r f f , Q.. 1 N ,. 3' - X ' ' 51: .f -- , I Q M X I ' ,. fig .Q hi nf glsftnili - . , X' - W, 1 g 'L Y. Wa 3 4" ,'M',Xk3kT S U Ffvi 6 1. 'L I Yu ' MM Y GCI l8ll.CllCl Sep temlner u Evelyn and Harriet, student librarians, help Mrs. Watters get the books in order for the coming year. f A 5 Shows who's got the most homework, seventh graders or seniorsl Q! Ioan and Bob distribute posters telling of the new Nee-Hy- Nuz. Cqctobefr The seniors bragged about winning first place with their float for a month after Negaunee vs. Calumet. We won! 0178471 QI' gflrs- KBUPPHB, Mrs. Ford, and Mrs. Lakari await their tum on parent's visitation ay. Nice buck , Alvarl ecem ,er The hard-working Future Teachers did a good job again this year on trimming the tree. 'P L ui Kathy, Darlene, and Ioy work on the annual tuberculosis issue ofthe Nuz. TV stars for a day! Mr. Daumltz, Mr. Anderson, Barbara, Ken, and Ed appeared on the local station to demonstrate science principles. 13 v an GTI Uafy i Tdmmy, Howard, and lim "sit one out" at the Sophomore class pany. WAV Tired of dancing , girls? Mr. Russo explains meat-cutting to the retailing class. 5? fllafy xArQ,,Vr How was the French exam, girls ? Cokes inspire the girls as they plan for the junior prom AAVLA 1 'fs QM Y L."""",.. 5 , . K Y , 7720,-C 1 Golly, what's so interesting on the bulletin board? The last minute rush ln order to get the Pioneer sent in on time. The lunch line . jzprif The Iunior Class Play was also presented this month. Sorry, no pictures. Kathryn MacDonald is shown with--Mr. Wills, after her exhibit on anatomy won first place at the Science Fair in '57. She won a trip to Los Angeles, and entered her project in the National Science Fair. l 772 fe 4 X' The ladies behind the tantalizing smells in the halls. I Clif is-. "Sloppy Joes" and Milk for lunch today. 1 3 6 .,,,k Was her suggestion really that funny, Bill? Ll HQ Iean and Karen, making preparations for the big day Farewell, N. H.S. Q' ghd' iiusvb lx A '1.Kw.,, -ask X. A n x WW? xt sgtwut 'NN"""'W S 0 Sw gwgxxnn AXMW5 x'0B CNASS ok '51 x 1 Qnsa-am' wmv' ' Q WNY ,V X K X ' ' ummm 9958011 N F x haul on 1:0 slim rlmavz-" Wdwm 4 N,,.,., .jffwf N3 ,J . g C 9 . . QQ .ad 'SXYQNKYNKSYYYXS QQQKKXY XYXY ,M frv- ,f f ! 1 53 I M6 ,ok X11 O f SXT . 0 0 Q I dxf' ,xo 0 wc' w xm- XX .W X NA 'eco If, in ff:- ,N ,I 90K 9 J Xffgg fO ,UEE,,f ' iq WV HMC IA nwrhvwi rm ff X XKoXs0w . x00k-C Iliff 'Ui C oi ons mmf, mm' 0' Sc . 'hfslfa Dfncomf UI' 6' I ii,-,fi 4. ' L,-f w fx .,,. x ,, rf X Uunnsus ,QM-A 4 A . -'Q -.1 maunocrs. war., Sixxgx , , y V . N Q..i-. .gf.f-'--W Mg i I 'A ,I Ib,,, .4 135 The Cleveland-Cliff Iron Company Salutes the class of '58 Students oi ll. ILS. , James Baggiorc and Dennis Dobson, participated in the 40 dedication ceremony ci the new marker for the Jackson Mine. ' r IIIBIIEBSCIIF WMSHHBS GJIND GIIHIHIUIEB GEIIEQASS GDIIF QEDS JIFIIRGDIM ILEEWEINI EBHQQDIHHEEHQS C O - O P S T O R E QUALITY co-oP PRODUCTS PATRON OWNED 440 Iron Street Phone GRS-4281 N egaunee, Michigan CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '58 from fm LOBE PRIIITIIG 8 OFFICE SUPPLY P M 100 Bank Street Ishpeming SHELL MART Fresh Meats and Groceries 309 Teal Lalce Avenue N M. L' Gas and Gil . A egaunee, lc lgan U. S. 41 Negaunee I CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 HOLMANS GI-iOL1I:.HY BEST QUALITY MEATS AND GROCERIES HungerfordAvenue, Negaunee, Michigan Phone GR5-444l 42 NGW SERVING THE FIFTH GENERATION ' IN NEGAUNEE LOWENSTEINS' Where "Smart Things" Come From HANDY SERVICE BEST WISHES Welding and Auto Repairs xx FROM if Negaunee NORTHERN RUSS0 BROUTEERS STATIONERS, INC. "Where Ma bu :meat t a can eat" mm Sheet Y Negaunee School Suppliers - Marquette,Micht Congratulations If You Keep and Your Open Best Wishes You Will See That It Pays To The Class of '58 To Trade with gl ' COLLINS' CASH MARKET The Up-To-Date Grocers Dealers In MAKELA FOREST PRODUCTS, INC. Fresh, Salted, Smoked Meats and Fish .I HDEEHQAILA IFEIJINIEHQAH. EIEIDMEE I Am UNMSUML mlmmmf 3 fur SEEERWHGEIE AEUWAY5 wanumu Your MEANS I. .J LLO YD'S TEXACO SER VICE Congratulations S niors CONGRATULATIONS and SUCCESS in Your Future Enterprises to the Class of '58 fjfslzun ggwgfu, flflfatclfza 3 :I'f!'if5 Balboa anal DRESSES SPORTWEAR and GIFT ITEMS THE SPECIALTY SHOP Qfiofsfia, aware E ' Suflfle MATTSCN DAIRY wma-gmWnb'JMM swam, Michigan rum als-om Usffmm Li. ... . Save For Your Future at the NEGAUNEE CO-OP FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Iron Street Phone GR 5-4281 PENN Y'S Always First Quality Shop l'enny's ln Ishpeming and Marquette Where a Bash Purchase Bannon Cleaners Approved Sanitone Service Negaunee Phone G R5-6851 Ishpeming Marquette Phone H U6-6211 CA 6-896i Congratulations from THE CITY FLOWER SHOP 11,4 Mefrm Street Phone GR 5-4071 i8 3 GUIZZETTI , HARDWARE cash Saving I Dhfseialertin Nelson Iggints fron ree egwumee IIIDAIILQJIMII iIEn1DGllfClIUIK9iIE 48183 Tappan Ranges and Stoves - Servel Refrigerators 403 Iron Street Call GRS-4144 Negaunee, Michigan Typewriters - Adding Machines - Office Equipment SOLD RENTED REPAIRED Altmann Typewriter and Adding Machine Qompany 122 North Third Street Marquette, Michigan PERALA-NEGAUNEE CONGRATULATIONS HARDEWARE - I A TO THE I 1 CLASS OF '58 I BEN FRANKLIN STORE I.. SYMON'S HARDWARE GIFTS, IIUIISEWIIIIE, ELECTRICAL and PLIIMBIIIG SUPPLIES y MOORE' SPAINTS PAINTS - GLASS HILUS GARAGE SPORTING Goons '-Yomz cunsuzn and mmouin GR56011 213 11-on st. nmsn T. L. COLLINS MEATS and GIIUGEIIIES Ilegaunee, Michigan PASCOE'S STANDARD SERVICE Corner Lincoln and Pionee Negaunee Michigan CONGRATULATIONS To The Class of '58 MILLER'S NEWS CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE GRADUIITING CLASS OF '58 TEEN TAP Bud and Joe Trotochaud, Props. legaunee Michigan CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 AN ADVERTISER Best Wishes To The Class of '58 J. G. Thomas, D.D.S R. E. Johnson, D.D.S. S. J. Bessolo, D.D.S. Mr. Aaron Lowenstein Attorney at Law Defant and Lynch Attornies at Law fTVI,ovies are the Ivest entevtainment VISTA THEATRE and AIRPORT fDRIVE-IN THEATRE 1 l The Cleveland-Glilis Iron Company land andtimber department . W ' -V f Jr? 1 N ? if: P -:. f "nh 7':' 4 9' " f ' Xi I ll' selectively out hardwood forest Negaunee Michigan GAMBLES 'THE FRIENDLY STORE ll SEXTON'S RESTAURANT and BAKERY 314 iron Street Negaunee, Michigan BEST WISNES T0 THE GLASS 0F '58 v Ti '1 Ll' ,, S I P! NORTH RANGE MINING GDMPANY e Negaunee, Michigan BEST WISH ES FROM THE lVllNER'S STORE womc ciomme and FOOTWEAR ron THE wnous FAMILY KAUPPILA'S STORE Groceries and Soft Drinks ALWAYS BETTER BUYS Teal Lake Location AT GAMBLES Negaunee, Michigan I 4 I Gongvatulations ' . ' . ' ' fo the - HEELYS LIIMBER 81 SUPPLY gmduafinlg Class 01025822 317 W. CLARK, IIEGMIIIEE I Gall GRS-9173 I WEHFHANEN JEWHEHS , , , , , , I , ROSEMARY SHOP If S Elizabeth C.Suess ' Stationery Gifts ' ' To s 'Knitting Su plies -ff95yIron Street Negaunee I DUBINSKY 'S Northern Dairy Has It Ladies'-Children Ready - to - Wear - Millinery I Always a good selection Turn Today To to choose from. . - Ishpeming, Michigan Northern Dairy Milk MAIN DRIFT -I Distinctive Catering ' Located on Iran Street I Negaunee Michigan I CONGRATULATIONS Marquette-Ishpeming-Negaunee a V fm" CRONINS PHARMACY ' Neg.: nnfe Michigan I me Gohodas Brothers Do. VIGA BDWLING wholesde ALLEYS Fruits and Vegetables iron Street Negaunee pl 0, nu lo- 352 I' ""' '--' lshpeming Michigan GUMPLIMENTS ill' - - - - - - KIISKEY FUNERAL HUM! 106 W. Main Street Negaunee, Michigan I TOMMY'S BUY RITE Groceries --- Meats - Produce l 1 BE SAFE Insure with an independent local full time agent NEGAUNEE ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE AGENTS Dighera Insurance Agency Ida M. Perkins Agency Pioneer Agency of Negaunee, Inct Sivula Insurance Agency Tamblin Insurance Agency We are QNORTHLAND Store Shop here every day Our prices are LOWER I Phone GR-5-665 1 ' IIDEPEIIEIT LIMBEIG FIIEL 60. , GEIEIII. GOITIICTOIS legannee Michigan "We will dress them from heaven to seven and on." I CHILDRENS STORE -I IIIIITIIEIII TEIIAZZO AID TILE GOMPAIIY, IIC. Telepbaae G85-6411 We specialize in eeramie tile lerrazza floors and walls, and rubbezp asphalt and liao tile. ED K M SAR S AND SI WHQQI I YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER 1 NEGAUNEE ISHPEMING I GENE-RAGIUIIQATIDN5 Robafe S GIOCGIY p Giro GJIVHJIEQ Emss on 958 IIFIIRIDIM THE Pioneer Avenue Phone GII5-6821 B EIWEE IBEHWWME Across from the F1reha11 NEGAUNEE, MIGHIGAII CONGRATULATIONS WQLFE MQTQRS from QUALITY USE'D C-SARS S. NIATTSON 8: CO BOUGHT-SOLD-EXGSHANCED DORSTE Roos, PROP. Groceries and Provisions Teal I.aIce Loc. U.S.41 BEST WISHES EROM SELIII'S TIIE IIIOII COIIIITIIY'S LEIIIIIIG HOME FIIIIIISIIIIIII STORE WAREHOUUSE STORE in NEGAUNEE MIRACLE CIRCLE STORE in NORTH ISHPEMING CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '58 VOGELER'S MANUFACTURERS OF THE FINEST SAUSAGE ISHPEMING, MICHIGAN Congratulations Class of '58 FIRST NATIONAL BANK of NEGAUNEE BRANCH BANK in REPUBLIC qOrganized 18875 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "Away il: wifff ffowsun LIITEY'S GIIEEIIIIOIISE GR5-9211 Gold Street Negaunee MAUTINO DRUG STORE SYOII F or TIIC Fastest In Prescription Service Iron Street Negaunee COMPLIMENTS OF WANGBERG ELECTRIC WITH THE BEST IN ELECTRIC APPLIANCES GRS-4871 Iron Street Negaunee COMPLIMENTS of CORNELIUSON'S BAKERY ISHPEMING MICHIGAN JOHNSON'S DRUG STORES WALGREEN AGENCY ISHPEMING MARQUETTE MIRACLE SHOPPING CENTER Seniors ? The seniors' "a1l male cabinet" plan the year's activities. Airaudi , Jim Anderson, Dolores Commercial Club, Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus. Anderson, Tom Baseball, Basketball, Class Officer, Football, Iunior Play, Masque and Gavel, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Play, Track. Andrews, Mary Lou Band, Camp Fire, Concert Orchestra, Future Nurses, G.A.A. , Masque and Gavel, Prom Committee, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Tumbling. Annala , Ralph Arcand, Nancy Band, Dance Band, G.A.A. , Homecoming Queen Candidate, Horizon Club, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Pep Band, Senior Ensemble. Arms tro ng , Ken Track. Bogetto, Mary Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. Bond, Bill Baseball, Basketball, Class Officer, Football, Hi-Y, junior Play, Mixed Chorus, Senior Play, Track. Borlace , Ray Basketball, Football. J Carlson, Ruth Camp Fire, Future Nurses, Mixed Chorus. Chapman, Alton Band, Concert Orchestra, Iunior Play, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band, Prom Committee, Ski Club. Chetto, Fran Football, Ring Committee. Chevrette, Pete Boy Scouts, Football, Iunior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Track. Collins, Iim Football, Mixed Chorus, Track. Collins, Sandra Class Officer, G.A.A. , Girls' State, Horizon Club, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Orches- tra, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Ensemble, Senior Play, Tri-Hi-Y. T Cope, Mike Darling, Sharon Band, Camp Fire, Future Nurses, G.A.A. , Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Senior Play, Ski Club. Dawe, Barbara Band, Class Officer, Concert Orchestra, Future Nurses , Forensics, G.A. A. , Home- coming Queen Candidate, Horizon Club, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Prom Com- mittee, Ring Committee, Senior Ensemble, Senior Play, Tri-Hi-Y. DeLorme, Iudy Glee Club, Tumbling. Dobson, Nancy Camera Club, Future Nurses, Future Teachers, G.A.A. , Girl Scouts, Latin Club, Prom Com- mittee, Ski Club, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Tumbling . Dompierre, Alice Commercial Club, Glee Club, Horizon Club, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Sen- ior Ensemble, Tri-Hi-Y. The winning float, belonging to the seniors. tions , Queen Ann! l It was a hard decision between Barbara Dawe, Barbara Roos, Darlene Ultto, Nancy Arcand, Ann Richards and Julie Kemp for Homecoming Queen. Congratula .Xl 4 Barbara and Gwen, CO-Chairmen forTast year's junior prom, check their list for last minute details. Ellis, Richard Basketball, Football, Future Teachers, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Track. Erck, Lee Football, Iunior Play, Prom Committee, Ring Committee, Ski Club. Etlamaki, Donna Band, Girls' Quartet, Girl Scouts, Glee Club Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Ski Club. Fredrickson, Ioanne Camp Fire, G.A.A. , Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee. Gagnon, Don Baseball, Basketball, Boy Scouts, Football, Iunior Play, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Rifle Club. Gagnon, Keith Basketball, Boy Scouts, Football, Iunior Play, Masque and Gavel, Prom Committee, Track. I Ann, Bob, Ioy, Ilona, Jerry, Dan, Don, and Barb actually working? Looks fishy. ' Gorst, Pat Forensics, Iunior Play, Masque and Gavel Mixed Chorus. Gravedoni , Bill Hakkarainen, Paul Harju, Dennis Harsila, Ernie Basketball, Boy Scouts , Football, Rifle Club Hendrickson, Jean Camera Club, Future Teachers, G.A.A. , Iun ior Play, Masque and Gavel, Nee-Hy-Nuz Pioneer, Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll SLAAM, Spanish Club, Student Council Hietikko, Iim Hill, Ieanette Hill, Jerry Himanka , Shelby G. A. A. Hojnacki, Bill Holappa, jacob Holman, Ioy Camera Club, Class Officer, Forensics, Future Teachers, G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy- Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Ring Com- mittee, Ski Club, Student Council, Tumbling, Glee Club. Isaacson, Martin Baseball, Basketball, Class Officer, Football, Hi-Y, Masque and Gavel, Student Council, Track. Ives, Susan Camp Fire, Camera Club, Commercial Club, G.A.A. , Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Student Council. Iacka, Russell Baseball, Basketball, Track. Iohnson, Eunice Camera Club, Camp Fire, Commercial Club, Future Nurses, G.A. A. , Girls' Quartet, Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Iunior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Prom Com- mittee, Spanish Club. Iohnson, lean Camera Club, Future Nurses, G.A. A. , Glee Club, Horizon Club, Iunior Play, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Com- mittee, Quill and Scroll, Senior Ensemble, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. Iohnson, Kathryn ' Camp Fire, Commercial Club, Future Nurses, G.A. A. , Glee Club, junior Play, Majorettes, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Prom Committee. johnson, Nancy Camera Club, Class Officer, Commercial Club, Future Nurses, G.A.A. , Girls' En- semble, Girls' Quartet, Girl Scouts, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Nee- Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee. Iohnson, William Junior Play. Iuchemich, Carol Camp Fire, Prom Committee. This year's seniors seem to be having a whale of a time at the "Under Water Fantasy." Iurmu, Nancy G.A.A. , Girl Scouts, Horizon Club, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Tumbling, Senior Ensemble. 94' Kaeseman, Karen Glee Club, SLAAM. Kananen, Leona Camera Club, Camp Fire, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Science Pair, Ski Club, Spanish Club. Karhi , David Mixed Chorus . Karki, Virginia Cheerleader, G.A.A. , Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus , Tumbling. Kemp, Harriet Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, SLAAM. Kemp, Julie G.A.A. , Glee Club, Homecoming Queen Can- didate, Horizon Club, Masque and Gavel I Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Senior En- semble. Kennedy, Evelyn Band, G.A.A. , Masque and Gavel, SLAAM, Tumbling. Korpi , Eino Laak, Corrine Camp Fire, Glee Club. LaFave, Carol Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus Lahti, Maxine Glee Club . LaMere, Fred Masque and Gavel, Junior Play, Senior Play, Prom Committee, Spanish Club- "Strutting Seniors " Larson, Don Basketball, Football, Hi-Y, Junior Play, Prom Committee, Track. Laurila, Naoma Camp Fire, Forensics, Future Nurses, G.A.A. , Girls' Quartet, Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Senior Play. Leece, Dave Football, Hi-Y, Junior Play, Track. Lehto, Karen Band, Commercial Club, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, Girls' Quartet, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band. Leveillie, Jean Cheerleader, Class Officer, Glee Club, G.A. A. , Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Ring Committee, Span- ish Club , Tumbling. Maki, Dan Basketball, Class Officer, Football, Hi-Y, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Student Council, Track. Manske, Bob Basketball, Football, Hi-Y, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Student Council, Track. Mattson, Marjorie Future Nurses, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, SLAAM. Mattson, Katherine Commercial Club, Glee Club, Junior Play, Majorettes , Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chor- ale, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll. Ioilanen, Ken Basketball, Boy Scouts , Hi-Y, Junior Play Masque and Gavel, Prom Committee, Track Niemi, Evelyn Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, SLAAM. Niemi, Jeanne Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Spanish Club. "GINGER" 7 Mr. Meli "c1ues in" Iulie and Nancy on the day's assignment. K Niemi, joan Commercial Club, G.A.A. , Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Majorettes, Prom Committee, Ski Club, Spanish Club. Niemi, Ruth Camp Fire, Commercial Club, Future Nurses, Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, SLAAM, Tri-Hi-Y. Nurmi, Don Mixed Chorus, Track. Nylander, Edith Band, Concert Orchestra, Dance Band, For- ensics, G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Pep Band, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Play, Tri- 50 Band, Basketball, Boy Scouts, Football, Hi-Y, Iunior Play, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Spanish Club, Track. Hi-Y. Paine , Peter Ready to blow up the physics lab, Mike? Palm, Pat Camera Club, Commercial Club, Iunior Play, G.A.A. , Masque and Gavel, Spanish Club. Parkinen, Margaret Commercial Club, Horizon Club, Masque and Gavel. Parkkonen, Iulia Camera Club, Cheerleader, Commercial Club, Forensics, Future Teachers, G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Iunior Play, Majorettes, Masque and Gavel, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Orchestra, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Play, Ski Club, String En- semble, Student Council, Tumbling. Pascoe, Iudy Masque and Gavel, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll, Science Fair, SLAAM. Peterson, Ioyce Camp Fire, G.A.A. , Glee Club, Majorettes, Prom Committee. Peterson , Ken Pezzotti , Eugene Basketball, Boy Scouts, Boys' Quartet, Foot- ball, Hi-Y, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Track. Pietila , Wallace Ring Committee. Prusi, Kathleen Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee. Raisanen, Carl Repola, Maxine Band, Class Officer, Concert Orchestra, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Future Nurses, Junior Play, Senior Play, Tri-Hi- Y. Richards , Ann Band, Concert Orchestra, Debate, Forensics Girl Scouts, Homecoming Queen, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Pep Band, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Play. Richards, Bill Band, Concert Orchestra, Forensics, Hi-Y, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band, Senior Play. Reikki, Iack ' Football, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Track. Roberts, Barbara Masque and Gavel. Rogers, Marilyn Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee, Spanish Club. Romback, Iudy Recent transfer from Gwinn, Michigan. Gwinn Prom Committee, Gwinner News Staff, Gwinn Iunior Play, Gwinn 4-H Club. Romback, Reuven Basketball, Boys' Ensemble, Boys' Quartet, Football, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Track'. Does the trig class always work this hard? Roos , Barbara Cheerleader, Class -Officer, Concert Orches- tra, Forensics, Future Nurses, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Horizon Club, G.A.A. , Junior Play, Majorettes, Prom Committee, Ring Committee, Senior Play, String Ensemble, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y. Rosten, Paul Basketball, Hi-Y, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Rifle Club, Track. Rubatt, Ilona Came la Club, Commercial Club, Future Teachers, G.A..A. , Horizon Club, Junior Play, Majorettes, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy- Nuz, Orchestra, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Science Fair, Ski Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Saari, Gloria Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Prom Committee. Sandstrom, Jeanne Band, Commercial Club, Concert Orchestra, Class Officer, Dance Band, Future Nurses, G.A.A.,, Horizon Club, Junior Play, Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorale, Pep Band, Prom Com- mittee, Senior Ensemble, Senior Play, Glee Club. ' Sivula, Jack Basketball, Rifle Club. Smith , Jerry Track . Smith , Judy Glee Club, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus, Orchestra, Prom Committee. Sundberg, Jerry Baseball, Basketball, Boy Scouts, Class Officer, Football, Junior Play, Masque and Gavel, Prom Committee, Track. Sundine, Caryl Band, Camp Fire, Class Officer, Concert Or- chestra, Commercial Club, Future Teachers, Junior Play, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Play, Student Council, Tri-H1-Y. I Congratulations, Band, for the great fommationl The final score which clinched the State Class "B" Basketball Championship for the Miners in '57 Swanson, Gwen , Band, Class Officer, Concert Orchestra, Commercial Club, Dance Band, Debate, For- ensics, Future Teachers, G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Pep Band, Prom Committee, Ring Com- mittee, Ski Club, Tumbling. Syrjamaki , Roy Uitto, Darlene Camp Fire, Commercial Club, Forensics, Girls' Ensemble, Glee Club, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy- Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Quill and Scroll. Violetta, Ioan Band, Future Teachers, Girl Scouts, Glee Club, Junior Play, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Orchestra, Pep Band, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Ski Club. Watters , Eugene Whitford, Marian Band, Concert Orchestra, Horizon Club, Mixed Chorale, Mixed Chorus, Pep Band, Senior En- semble. Wicklund , Lynn G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Majorettes, Masque and Gavel, Mixed Chorus. Wlgg, Karen Future Nurses, G.A.A. , Horizon Club, Iunlor Play, Mixed Chorus, Nee-Hy-Nuz, Pioneer, Prom Committee, Senior Ensemble, Trl-Hl- Y. Dear Friends , This page brings to a close the record of another year at Negaunee High School. We have tried to record the most important happenings throughout the year, so when you get in the rerniniscing mood you can pick up your PIONEER and view the "snows of yester- year. " But this annual would not have been possible without the help of many people. To these people we say "Thanks" --- especially to Mr. Sulo Oja, the NHS printing shop under the direction of Mr. Al Rudness, the art classes and Miss Elsie Tulberg, the Cam- era Club, Tiffany Photo Shop, and Maki Studio. Sincerely yours , The PIONEER Staff Jean Johnson, Editor kgzltographs tw' -n-r Ll WALSWORTH riff I " ga L.n.oqmPr..a 1. so-me ay wnuwomx Mm-un-. Mn.. u. s L -x 5 1 'S ' -- Ng S M. 'Ni NN' a'f""X N 4 'a K ,Q xx ' LS.. 1 f s f fx 'E L,-1 'Y A Aw J, if 4- X aff? ,W le...-Q ' ,fs 'fl K XR . 5 we iss if 5 5 J' Y? if S .gb if ,ga Q 5 ,f 5 Za., , gm , . x, ?., r ,Qs 4, Nga K v , s Y S K -1-.4 WY--ww' r .e , . 6 ." ' ' , 1 -- '- 51 T. .L : ' , ' . 3 Q vvlgfi'-1-, ,Q 1 Q 211:-A -L23 ,I . I 51.5 K -, 7 -I , ,1 . VA . X, M -, .nil V , v- , . , . ,Q H W ,nh V , W ,Q , ,., ,Au

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